Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 14, 1864, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 14, 1864 Page 6
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A1 HOriBt, ROOS1, SC.. TO * ?. ACOTTAOB HOI SB, Nli4TL Y FURN1M1KD, TO l?i for the ? mti?er mentis grrxinls In beautiful or Bar; fruitshun ant. choicest sliawbe res: water good: lo <alma hra ih?, a' d rent moderate. Fo#further iwrneiilara app y ta Miaa R. Jenkins Now S Franklin M.. Pougbkespaie. AWH I, FURNISHED ROOM. CONTAINING ALL, Uie tuo lern Impyovemenis. to let, lo agsatleman. w '?> a- t board In a private family Appl at 23 Ninth atroet, between Fifth and 8 xlh avenues. References excbauged. ,T Iiw MOMKM to hknt. in Hamilton Park several or* brtek had atana Dwel 11 aga, centals* ma ran, and ail other n.oiiru ronveutencee; particularly 14ltlfd lo mprclltntM' d ung id New Yorlu "If ftouy bea ihy. Apply to r. BOND. 132 B wad way. A PLEASANT Fl' RNIS11BD FRONT ROOM AND JY Bedroom and He I Hedsom to let, w th gas imc of bhihr?*otu h lib bot tod cold wilor. ?tc, it I'H) w ?? Tut l? fourth treel, comer of Broadway, Sixth avenue and Thirty lourth eireel A RARROPI'ORTUNlTY.-A private family will ^ 01 in, Second floor, three ruomi deop furnished with avar? esuvenienco; newly papered; au.labia for a ?aailoman and wife or a party "I getitlaiaan; no boarders or children n the hou*-'; ?o eudl-l location. only one Mock frotu Broadway. No 27 Want Fourth street. SUIT OF THREE BBAUTIFUL ROOMS TO I.ET Oh par 01 II, or in a brown atone house, r't?5 Second avenue I ' veen Ihirty er-nin nut Thiny-eighttt atreeta, ?Ith chsn'el era and g*< tillurefl. and Crotun water; rcut go or r t<> a gene nan and wife, with n it more than aoerh.J. Apply on the pramiars. or to Mr. SHAW, cd Ranee u etrret, I torn one to three o'clock An entire four story house. neatly fur tile rd an l w ell located (Itt2 ffiwt Thirty-eighth elreeti, te let. i th ciioiee Poard, to a family or a parly of friends, nquire at IS St. Mark'* p ace. AUROB FRONT ROOM AND BEDROOM, FUR nmhrd on the eoonnd iloor; also other Rooms to leL Inquire i f MhiIi ue U1LLIKR, 035 Broadway. Millinery ee ling below c .sU FiTUUMSHED COTTAGE ON THE SEASHORE. AT 1 Hock, a ?fourteen noms, atabetce hone,). filed ? to At for J.ilv and August, or longer. K. H. LUDLoW k I'O . No. 3 street or W. II. BOLTON on the promisee tjtURMSilEO HOUSE TO LET?IN BROOKLYN," 1 franklin'avenue, one door ouih of Delia b avenue; liou r hue all ihe modern Improvements; baths, hot and co d water, t an pass the house. Furnished house to let-to a private fami l> nn v conla uing twelve rooms, bath, gas hot and eold waier in i a 1 modern Improvements House elegantly fcrut ed throng out laical on vary select, near Cooper Institute., Appl;. to E. F. J. MILLER, 48 Clinton street. I^URNISHRU HOUSE TO RENT-TILL NOVEMBER " I, on West Twenty fourth street, ncsr Fifth Avenue Hotel. Kent $1,600. J. K EDWAMD8. 277 West Twenty third street. Avery convenient third floob to rent, nn I went* our hsir et, weet sMe; very pretty neigh bo I hood' three rooms; toe gentleinau and w fe onl . Rent SIS per month. J. R BDWARDS. 177 West Twenty third street. A PARLOR SUITS OF ROOM8 TO RENT-FUR. nlefied, ul;h board, to a gent einan and wife or siugle, gentle sn on West Twenty fourth street. Inquire at 277 West Twenty third street, office. MODERN STORK TO LET-WELL LIGHTED, 25x88 feet, with basement nine el/e. 81 Fourth street, Wl liatis mrg. Apply to M. SMITH, frankrott Uuuse, cor ner ol Frankfort and William street*. New York A BILLIARD, DINING AND BAR ROOM TO LET? I\ furnished, down town; Bra hnndred people to dine; good bar bn*lne?s A smart man will make money. Apply at the Frankfort lloute, corner Frankfort and William sis." IOFTS TO LET-IN THE NEW STORK, IM READE J erect. A)p y to A. SMITH, 288 Greenwich street. A IOFTS TO LET ?TWO LOFTS, 25 BY 7 >, FOR LIGHT i manufacturing purpose . Inquire on the premises, ? ?tube ist corner of Thirty-fourth street and Second avenue. PART OK A FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET.?DB tight ol locution, ve y central lieaT hroidway ecd Coupe. Institute; or would let the rooms separately: a 1 the modern iinsro c.rants* In small family or a wl ow lady. Applv at H3 St ivveiunt street, cont nuallon of Attor place. Steam power near broadway ?nos. 53 and 55 Prince sir et. To let, large Koome. with e-.tra light, Fo ?ei Bream, lloiaiway an I Heating Pthefl A large Be e aaoiit in same building, SbxbOIeet, l.ghied with skylights. Apply to K O MOORE, ou the premises. CTKADY STEAM POWER 1 TO iO IIOBSK.?A LARGE, l~ I gh Ro in and Basement on Canal street. near Broad way. Inquire of P. J. lV.BLhY, engineer, 102 Wa ker et STO I TO LET-242 CANAL 8IREET, NEAR CENTRE; luoyrais' uneiplred ease, e 7t of store and basement hfi;." in *t > e a steam power. If wanted. Counters and shelving lor su e. App y on the premises. CBOOMD FLOOR AND PART OF THIRD TO RENT i' to a snial fa nilv of adult, f. T housekeep ng. Iiocated in A nr?t class 1 .in e in We-t Th rty n nih street, near Seventh avenue. Address K R. B . bos 1,741 Post o lice. Sjtatkn island.?to lbt, past of a rviMiBn j House commanding a fine view of the bay, and only live tr.otes' wa.k from the ferry, to let to a small pnvaie fasni v. or to a party of II ? or sis gentlemen. Inquire at the Photographic Ga lery, c rncr of Bay and Grant street?, Toinpk iist lie. btaten Island. SUITE OF ROOMS TO LET-AND PART OF THE Forn tore for sale. New house, with ail ;ho modern Improvements on the Iloor. only fetnlb of adults need ap tRent low; location west side. Addres- for two days dd-r, box It- Herald o.Tlce. OV)LET-TO A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE OR A to a small family, part of a House, with all modern m ? rovemeuia; 1 aurUon very dca rable. Clinton street. Brook lyo between Third kgd Fourth places. FTM) LET-A FURNISHED COUNTRT RESIDENCE. A for ibn smnmer months, w Ih nlsntct garden, ice bouse. Jc. et Mount Kteco, Mi mice from New York, on Hudson River Railroad, for Information app'y to ISAAC CaK I'KSTi R. coal olhca, fiweond avenue, ooruer of Twenty ?lath meet ipO LKT?FaCToBT, WITH OB WITHOUT STEAM A fewer. 1?6 West Tnlrtv seventh street; first floor, 25x 111) reel, well lighted eultkble for mamifa tunng or o ther purpoeev Appl to C. PARTRIDGE 72 Front Street, or ? or erening at 3<i West Flftoenth street. rLRT-TO A SMALL RH8PKCTABLE FAMILY OF adults a: 204 Henry *ir?#-t the Hack Basement and Farlor? will tw Konm? np-lairs Tbe bouse and location I- first alaat, w.ib all the moueru 'mpr veincnt . TO LFT?Ft'RNISHED HOUSE. AT 8INO SINO; fin. view t Hurtaoo river well shaded, food garden, fruit tre-a. Ave minutes' walk from depot. ent.tslns ten vimwiis. Applv on prem ses tu M as C. A. SMITH, next house to .'is W. Robinaoo's: or to K S. POTTER, SIS Front sucet arid K. WILLIAMS, . ?. Cba .-.Iter street. N. Y. TO IHT-TO A PRIVATE FAMILY. A FURNISHED l(nu?e. with all the modern Improvements The rent wl I be nt ii o il In Board. Apply at 11 Abingdon square, from 4 to 7 P. M. n-O LE T? A MIC ELY FURNISHED SECOND STORY A iro a Room, to a gentl-mati. w Ibout hoard, or would he let to a grufleman aud wile, wit', coni for h >uae A replug W airr and ga?. Terms moder.ilc. Apply at 117 haat lwent -first street, near Third avenue. TO LET-T'IB FR >NT AND BACK PARLOR FI R. tn?? ad or nnf irnt-hed. lu a fnepeolafets boost in West Thirty nln h .tree , between Kcventb mid Eighth nvenuea. R.-Ieren es eteiianged. Apply to 8. STRAUS. 1JJChambers atrert, up stairs. r) LET-FURNISHED. A H ALL ROOM. TO A QES ? llrman with oil hoard In brown -t nn house StO We t Thlrlv a x.b st.-ret lietwecn Seventh and KLMh avenues. Kef ? reuoes re (Hired. Can be aeeu trom 2 to 6 o clock. TO LET?THE PARLOR FLOOR, TIIRF.F, ROOMS deep, and two front Room* on third t oor. of houae No 14 l*f.?nte place, w illiamebura. The Furn ture, which is neatly new. for sale low. Can he teen from G to 8 o'clock F. M ypo LET-ON CONEY ISLAND. A COTTAOE. WITH J Fdrnlture. for three month", within five hundred yards of tbe railroad depot, inqu Fe on the premises r LET-UN FURNISH ED APARTMENTS. SUITABLE for housekeeping: pantries. gea. wa er, Ac.; email fami t in t e bouse nc chhnrl.oed deslrab c. App y at 74 Mscdougal e reet near Bleecker. FIX) LET-PART OF A COMFOI'.TABLT FURNISHED J II" aeonHrooklm Herbs between Wall and Fulton ferries. Ad r as A B. M., Hern. 1 oil a. T? LET-TWO WELL FURNISHED ROOMS, TO gentlemen. without hoard In a private family, near ?art and stages. At, ;v at ?5.'i W'e.i 2 26 t.1 fJH) LET?FURNISHKD OR UNFURNISHED. ONB 1 nut of Furior and two s nvla Pari >ra to gentlemen, with pa tial Poind House private; laitlly Aitricnn: rooms lust r .IS. no o be h ar p rs. All the privileges of hatb room p s A .. No nutations asked T rms ri'aaona hie. Ad ires. Madame Cri ty, Rtat <>n F. New To a C ty. rpo LET-A HXALL SIORK AND ELIDIBLE F OST X Koo ii at fit an i tnj iiroadwa. corner ol Twelfth atreei. for b i. nam, ao-iet es Ae Apply to the jamlor, deurth nor. 11 lust Twelfth Street, or a. per b I:. fftOL T?A STORE. O CUI'IBD FOR THE 1,1ST FIVB 1 years a a be p a rtffef'Oi-' fbe rent of the stove haoemeni aud froot oe ir l> u $2 per etr Th< K?. ?, a * . A . fur sale Inquire in tbe p em sea. h<t At a> t e street, Hrp klyn. A fir:.', rate fur a ?dy to gut Into feus be .a TO LET?hi CORD F LOOR OF A HOUSE, WITH BATH, aC A) I ?. a 141 I fiat Twenty t.u.d at:eel. TO LET-TO ORE OR TWO (.fiSTLF.MFN AT NO. 11 W' tt F, e ? ir i street, n-,i I'r ac \ a iao a nt"ly Forms *1 Room wltfe Redro"::i sitae i d, i u the Drat Door, with all the -onvenieM ea. DO LI T-A FURN tkllRD UOTTAO . ON FORT HILL, i Platen If ind ' ?? B is t.e . t< 'i m ii if-, w It | run first an log i.ian u". A; I at llta I a Uoliei y, coruer le lb strict an'l Hrttma;. fT?0 LET?A T NO. lit IIR-I K1 KNTU s f R RT, J four floor - w of Pro Hi.?a , a ' ? i g ? I f "n1 K?o i. n hhir ? k.t, ie for one or i wu pent.t i en (furnished); ?a? , ai l ,1.1 wall r TO LEI A HaNI'HOMBLY FURNISHED HOCflR. w IP, two S'-rcs o I ali.ufehar. ower and fruits. ? poo I gar W n c in . ' r < *i It, Hal', as en pun , e? from ? ti on .ci -.? | cars, atca ib >.it aud bcr.e Ci'i. roeaeaaiob Im.ic ? . . . u n rortfi BROWN, p. Beater a rret. TO LI T IN ER "I |,\ N ? A l.t t , R )OM AM) 1IKD. rtoiii ?.l , n i. a ? . 'u-n t ,i a fir ,t nei ? ii feorbmal near tbe fcrri ! ,, fewm# ferene or twoR if mrn, - i .latUiconma ni ate with a deaira'ite pa:. . Adlroti M I' pui 2 I''oat office. q.o LF.r OR FOR sale-a Lak ir. uomFortaBLR i IfmiRf com? ninf nn?u?N; n.i ^ L w ,ai| T !i ?r? ?!*? pot b \? w 1 the M Retat P kr. ni Vernon II c , or to K I' l.?f khtl 1 H. e Rfekerv |fi Wc.l Thirty third Street, N.-W York! IMF RBNT-FURNIBHBD. 4 I.AR'JB Roriy ON #rc n ! nor in a mndorfe 1 nHt boo r. on? b s fmtn ruth Avenue lien A ? ' a aini'le Itooin fur l? o , ,.ars In lo ve at "h it cat I weaiy ?evcntb ttrce) VERY MM I.v I t'RNIRRRD ROOMS FOR SMALL fain 11 las or ttagl" g-nt emeu w th ga. I rot OB up. and a I cinrcnlen ?$ I r nuurckeep ng. at fi.1 Off! II" Hr.t ' ?oar epriag. Uf ANTED TO LFT?t m f>tl"M HiZLII MODtt RN "II ll'inse limp May I ..act bote IliM r i and Hi.iicih ?trcet. and I<e in tou an I ~i. i. ? o fifiOiilv of two no "b Id re n . >n picetiona ue roicreneea ?a la ears So. Afldrwwi H hot 1?ta p.iai n nm BOARDIRO AMD LODOISU. A~ T~TTIE FRANKFORT yOCSB, OMR BLOCK Ti AT of the Cliy Hoi I onrner of Frank'ort and Tvilhen St. ext., 2.1 neatly (iirniih?d. light Kovn* A a l<? one person. ~V 10 Ate. per list; $1 lJ to $ 1 t>sr ?er* House open oil night A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM OR se-ord llmir, to let to ? singly gentleman. with or without Hreak'sst. In a private family fit Twelfth street, bo tween Roth and Seventh irum Address C. J H.. box 113 Herald o l'co. * T 18 AND 2 ? WAHIUNtiTON FLAGS NEAR BROAD o way. in a large drat da?a ho .m, aoveral very nicely Farnlahed Parlor*, Rnomi and Hedmoma U> let, w.ih Board, at mode ate price*. Freoch spoken. AT 170. 17# AND 178 BLRKCKKR BTRRRT. BIX block* west of Broadway ? Pleasant Fnrn'shod Room-, with sxenl ant Hoard, from $5 P> $'d per week, fa nllUa ae c rd nun Alan at Ullfi'wo-id Hotel ou lluritan Hav. I>4 hour from Now Ynrh. Fine grovea aplendld tea bath ng, fishing. stabling, Ac. _____ A GENTLEMAN AND WIHE. OR TWO GENTLEMEN, oau bo pleasantly a. oommivd lad with Ron a and B>ard, in a ana l unlet fa nllv; alao a a nail hall Room, for a gentleman. The house n.ntani all the modern improve menu, and ia pleasantly located* term* moderate. Apply at 77 Thirty first street, near Fourth arenue. AT no #7 FAST TWKNTT-THIRD STUBRT?ROOMS, with Board: a few den rabbi (tenia or gentlemen end their wives. Could alao accommodate two or throe xiugle gentlemen. A FRENCH FAMILY, LIVING IN A FIR8T CLASS house will let one or two Ronma. with excellent Board, to venllemen on) . Apply at 11 West Eleventh street, ? few step* from Broadway. AT llfl ST. MARK'S PLACE (EIOIITH STREET). FOUR blocka ran of Broadwaq gentlemen and Ihe r wiie* and sin le gentlemen can obtain eioellent Board and newly Furnished Rooms. llouae Brat class, and convenient to cars and siage*. A Large, AIRY PARLOR TO LET, WITn roard, film shed or unfurnished, cheap. For fur: her par. ticu'ara call at 130 Fourth street, corner of Barrow, lor one week. All A N D80M P. FURNISHED FRONT ROOM TO LET, to genilentCB onlv. without Hoar I. Fain ly small and private Inquire at 11 West Tenth street, between Waver.ey place and Greenwich avenue, AT THE ST. DAVID'S HALL. NO. M NEW CANAL street?Board and Lodging on moderate turma. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OR A COUPLE OF single gentlemen csn find Rooms and Hoard ?l 790 Second avenue, between Forty-ninth and Fiftieth atreets. A PRIVATE FAMILY. OCCUPYINO A PIRST CLASS house will let the entire Second Floor, furnished, con sisting of Ihree large and t-.vo kihi'i rooms, together or sep arately, w th or without private table. Terms moderate. Call at 9fTClinton place. A MOST ELEGANT PARLOR AND SOME VERT fine Rooms on tlie thirl floor, to let, w th or without first class board, In French and German stvlo-. at 13 Ninth atreet. between Fifth and Sixth avenues A Gormen family of the highest respectability keeps the house. References exchanged. A PLEASANT, COOL PARLOR. ON THE FIRST floor, to let with Board oo very reasonable terms, snltab c for a gentleman and wife or two single gentlem-n Family small. Doner at 6. Apply at 213 W?-l Thirty-second atreet. between Eighth and Ninth aveuues. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OR TWO SINGLE GEN tlemen, desiring a real v pleasant and agreeable heme, can nbta lime ezant front Room, with Bedroom 'f desired (pautries, hot and col t water and gas), with first rata Board, in the fitst o-aaa br. wn s'one house 2dt> West Twen ty ninth street, opposite Laranrtlne place. Avery pleasant room to let-with board, for gentleman and wife or two s ngie gentlemen; also a Hall Bedroom. Hnnseand location verr delightful. No. S3 East Twenty-n nth streot, one block from Fifth avenue Re ferences given and expected. Terms reasonable. A HANDSOME PARLOR, BEDROOM ADJOINING, from, contains modern Improyment*. nicelv furnished, papered and | atnted. to let. with good table, to a permanent partv onl ; good location; references exchanged. Call for one week at 1S3 West E evenlh street. ALADT AND GENTLEMAN OR TWO GENTLEMEN can be accommodated w.lh a nicely furnished Parlor and Bedroom. In a private house, with full or partla' Board. App v at M We t Twenty sixth atreet, between Broadway and Sixth avenue. A DESIRABLE SUIT OF ROOMS, WITH FULL Board In the first class house No. 5 West Twentv fourtb street, near Madison park. A FINE LARGE ROOM. WITH EVERY CONVENI ?nen, to let. Furnished rir Unfurnished, in a house wnh modern Improvements A furnished Hall Room for $2 50 per week. Apply at IPS Waverley place. A LADY LIVING ALONE WOULD LIKE TO TAKE al ttie Ob id to Hoard; it wl.l have a mother's care Address Browne, station K. APARTMKNTS FOR GENTLEMAN MAY BB OB tamed ta a private bouse. Apply at 40 Irving place Unexceptionable reference required. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE. OR SINGLE GENTLE man. can lie accommodated wltn fine Rooms on second s'ory, having hot sod rod water, gas ba h and line closets and are vr 11 furnished. Dlae at six. Apply at 234 East Ninth street A LARGE AND PLEASaNT FRONT ROOM TO LET? With B ar l. In a private family, to a gentleman and wife or two gentlemen. House new. Location fur bus nets men excellent. References exchanged. Apply at 184 B1 cocker street A PRIVATE FAMILY, AT 4S west twelfth street, can accommodate a gentleman and wile, and two single gentlemen wtth pleasant furnished Rooms and first class Board. References required. Bervants and chil dren not taken. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET AN ENTIRE BE eond Floor, handsomely furnished, to a family, with private table; also several fine Rooms, oo third floor, to gentlemen, with or without Breakfast. References required Apply at 31 West Slxieeath street between Fifth aud Blxtb avenues. A FURNISHED BOOM, WITH BOARD. FOR A GEN. tleman; trim $6. Apply at 116 Charles street, comer ol Hudson, over the druggist's. A PRIVATE FAMILT HAVE A HANDSOMELY FUR nlshed Buitof Rooms, on aeoond floor, to let together or separately, to gentlemen, without board Hou-e first class. References exchanged. Call at 46 Weal Sixteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. A PLEASANT HOME-IN AN AMERICAN WIDOW lad '? family, where there ere no chltdiea Two or three Koome. furn shed or unfurnished, wtth or wttfceut Board to gertlemen on 1r . house has all the modern lm provementa. la strict v private, aud in a inlet ne ghhorhood with good air from the river. Apply for one week at 130 Monroe street, corner of Clinton, near Rutgers place. AT 47 BOND STREET?FURNISHED ROOMS TO let, with or without Board, where the (comforts of borne eau be enjoyed. Price- moderate. A FRONT ROOM AND BEDROOM ON FECOND floor, with large closet*, water, gas. Ac., to Irt. with Board, to a gentleman and wife. Call at 24 Seventh avenue between Twelfth and Thirteenth streets. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OR TWO GENTLEMEN rna find a dealrable Room, with Roard, at 4ut West Twenty third Greet, opposite Lond n tern.ce. Location fa mily sod table unexceptionable lerma $16. AN ELEGANTLY FURNISHED PARLOR AND TWO I urge Bed r Mima to let. with or without H <aril. In a first class house n?ar the Fifth Avenue Hotel. H-fcrea e? ex changed. Apply at 47 East Twenty -third street. A PRIVATE FAMILY OF TWO. OWNING AND OC cup) ing a drat cla*. bouse, .vit; all modern con eoien ces In an unsurpassed location, m- rc ro>m than tbey require, won d let a few handsornelv furnished Room* to gentlemen >;f the highest respectahl'ity only. No. 113 East Tu1 ? ' 1 h f ( ran ( Twelfth street AOENTLBMAN AND WIFB OR TWO OR THREE ? ng'e gentlemen can obtdin aeatlv Fnmlabed Rooms w tb g >od Board, either n-rouneutor trnu-ient, by ai plriiig at 71 Hia'e atreei. Bro ikljn. Dinner at ? o'clock Iters* cuc?sexchanged. A SINGLE MAN WANTS A NICE FURNISHED Krx m and partla 1 Board in a or vale fam Iv; tho*e of the Jewish peiauaalon preferred. Addrcaa AS Herald oQioe. ABINOLE MAN WOULD LIKR TO FIND A NICE furnished K oo an! pardal Hoard in the houxe of a young widow lady. Addrea-W M . Herald office. AT ?0 WHITE STREET. ONE DOOR KaPT OF BROAD, way. Rooms w ith Board, suitable for gcntlcm :u, house large and modern. Reference requited. A LARGE. HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM TO let, w ith Be ird. Alan a tingle Room Ho ise first clait and number limited. Reference required. Apply at 171 West Kourte -nt i street. A NEATLY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM TO LET-TO __ one or t.vo |>rr*oos. ultuout boaid. Appl. at No. 4 Aatm pace, below Kighih street, neer Broadwray.* PARLOR AND ADJOINING BKDIIOOM-NKATI,T fiiruikl'-ei, to let to a ladi and Kcntlnmnn; Bon-d for ladv oi,:>. Inquire at 163 Tiiompaon street, beoveen A A PRIVATE FAMILY HAVE ONE OR TWO ROOMS, /I wbic i tiiey would teul, wnli Board and ho-ne cr-m r.,rts to slime t-t n: lr men; l.onae nnl nelghh rlirr t lirst r H-x: c v eil eol to the Filth Avenue H. ie , terms tea on ab C. App I, *l 131 West Twenty.third street. He ercocea ex'hunged A ? ' , ' I' RB ROOM TO Uf.flTtl Ot VIYHflUl /V I'Oaru. C iA.l (o? oufl week At 2** li*ur? itrvet, ? FINE SUIT OF ROfrMx AND MINGLE ROOM i\ complete with ga*. bath. wa'?r e|0,PK tc rurn nr unfurnished, *ib er without t.oa d. A erne, fanny hn" I.g a vs aut suit of leoms, wld let M above Residence 7j We t Bevenleculu strocf, near Union square. \ T 13 t HARLTON BTRKF.T, NEAR MAUDOUOAL fk $11 per wr- X f..r an elegantly furn.shed Front Renin w th r*l c'a * Ru*nt. an t w.fe, neigl.bor'. hicod no xceptioaabic. t U llNISIIKO ROOM AND BEDROOM ON TI1K ' ? f.??t !l.e?r l<- let ?L icatin# g-od and cunvenlent to ear* an 1 *tnx? . Apply at Itil Fourth street, aeond door we t of 8mh avenue. A ROOM AND BEDROOM. WITH BOARD. ON BR*. VI c nd i'o't to a fain.iy or cutet gentleman; terns low. I Vs. . nu* ? U iieenB. e - eriir -elatiil A'a-r. nq. t"ii I'.irs. A live uld be soeo-mnodated who would teach a l tti- g ri tt.e F.ano in pail pay. Ki-;?renc? g.ven and re. quli ed. AV.1T? i I I RMs 11 ED APARTMENTS; v V *r.-e Room- on se-ond 11 .or, front and rear; sl*o lm* P'..m * on tfclrU A or. Loar l, A :. Bath, fa*. Ac. 47 Aunty street. * HOARD.?US TiVKLFTII BTRERT, NKAiTTbCOND ?venue.?Two lata- Ko-.-ns, on second lloor, with Bead or a pentl-inan and wife or twu gentlcnfsu. Hall Room for * sing r gnnllviiian References required. UOARD?WITH A LADY, LIVING ALONE; LARGE. J t Co nfe-t.b y*' r R >omS In lad ex and gentlemen. Fart ea v ?H,ng tl.e cit? wM tin 1 it convenient and reUiet. Ad ire** lm I u st'itkm A, Rprlng xtr"#'. Hoard?a lar iB and eigmiant parlor ? Ilk F to n-on f irrilaq* or nafurn s'ird w th "r " l"""? I'-e d at lit Weve I- v p. Jh. nmr Washlnctun s'i ixre. nti reasonable terms for the ?Shi rX'iABIi_?OOM Kl ITtBl.N FOR SINGLE GENTLE 1 ' ' , e 'ii-1 .i s. I , *e. cm vrn roll) , |UH,,q |,.r r."'?eretic aexehuiged. Api'y -JJ ? * fe^ft, ih.rd sirs-1. betwi i n Hixtb ao.t Revent i 1 ooAitoma a^o itta, Bt)*HVH**rMi.j|K > H KM I .0 "?I'M or without i?yl?? ? * u ?? in . v bf a ??t by Aiiu i mi y ?>r n,-. ^ hi**! r** v ? I * Ml * v, .*i ih- '*? e **? bouk? M Went s-vcuth street, u?ar SI jaiuct ?! <*l. BO A KU? *T MS ATI *vr (J XT BART, H'tO >K l.t N, with ? large Parlor, o t e -conl' oiw Mlkbit lorfwo genileu.en or a genf inial a d w ?. IJOARDIN A Q1IKT PK1V A1 K FA Ml I.Y. ?FURNISH > D II Knoin for tenliainen, or With R ?r4 for the lautee oaly. Inquire at I'JS B eeeker tract, west of Hroadwa.. Board wanted?a gentleman and wife a nice j Knrni? ed Room, wit i good Hoard; In a Hon above Thirteenth it reel. Ad'trc- a for three dav* stall'>g .. .. ?.... ? " a m an "t, nil 1(1 a inr lui'r ilea i n aia' a ockii. d terms, Ac , M. L , Herald adlra. Private tamily preferred. HOARD WARTKD-IN THE COUNTRY, FOR A LADY anil Itttia girl e hi years old, with 111 one or two h?u a of the eitv, where good pla n connir* living can be bed at a moderate pr OS. Adduces. with particular*, C. A. He-aid office. BOtRD WANTRO-FOR A PARTY OF TIIRKK IN A Urge boarding honae. where there are otbe board re; loci lion inuei be in the virinlty of New York. Add res*. s'al |ng terms, box finff Post office. Board wantkd-for a obntlrman, wipe, nur-e end Infani on the Sound or Hudson. within one hour's ride of New York. Ad Irese alal'nc terms and par tlculara, J. F. D., 171 West Thirty seventh street. T50AIU) WANTKD?BY A YOUNG MAN, IN TUB I) neighborhood of Forlv-third street anil Sixth avenue. Would like Crotna waior In room. Terms fh. Address J. A. B., 308 West Twenty-second street. Board wantbo-by two young ladies, in a respectable private family, where ihore ore no other hoarders. A widow lady preferred. Address 8. C., station F. N. T. Board wanted?by a todno lady in a pri vate famllgior where there r,r? but few boarders l*k. n. Op to vn, between Second and Sixth avenues, preferred. Address Miss M. Stewart, Station D. Board wanted-by a lady and child, in Brooklyn. Address Mrs. L., Herald office, stating terms. Boarding-a front parlor and bedroom communicating, o i second floor. Also two sing's Rooms, on third lloor. to let, with or without full nrpa tlal Hoard. Andy at 101 Bast Thirteenth street. Good refe rences required. ? BOARPING.-A FRONT PARLOR AND BEDROOM cominunlcat ngon the scrond lloor; also two .a1 ogle Room* on third do r. with or wthout partial Board, at 21 West Eleventh street, near Broadway. ?HOARDING?AT THE HYGIENIC INSTITUTE, ONE I > of the host p ares In the city tor boarders who w eh to live t .es not to get slok; diet free from grease and other iniurio s substances; hath, light gvmna?tics, Swedish movement ouro, and soclel amuS'mente At No. 15 Laight street, New York. Term* from $t SO In $20 Per week MILLER A BROWNING, Propriotors. Boarding.-a binole room for one or two fj??? gentlemen, at 33 West Nioth street. Brooklyn board.?a handsome suit of Rooms to let, furnished, front. together or reunratelv also a bark Room. The house la pleasantly s'tua e I roar thet ity lla'l and c>nta ns all the improvements Apply at 10ol.awreuce street for particulars. Appiy at B?ARk?, nI!iv BROOKLVH.? A HANDSOMELY FUR. ' i. ri. T.1 f ParJ"r' Wllh extension and c ose'., In a prl a i sii * '?'* 'here are only a levy boarders. Location th?'a la within one bock of the cars, and convenient to M^ith f#nT- Clinton street. References OOARD IN RROOKLYN.?154 UNION RTRKKT SPO iP?J?"d 8 ?rr fro"' and rear Room, hall Bedroom, separate. ? Va "T 8'>l8nd,d y furnished, carpets new, gns. hut and c .Id water, bathroom and water closet aame story also rear room ih.rd story. House brown stone front, first and ferries ?n# Pr,v?t* family; conveuleut to cars Board in Brooklyn.?a large: hecond story fronths . Room and nleelr furnished att,o Room, with ooard. Apjdy at 1/7 Henry street. Board on brookiyn HEicnis -a cerntlkman and his ti e or a sing'e gentleman nan obtain Board r'"stA'e'nt '? or f?rry, by applying at 132 Hen ITkESIRABLE 8UMMKR ROOMS-WITH OR WITHOUT '' b''4'd* 8 "SI1},' ?J 8?"? 'an be found corner Broad fifth street* ' "roeL Entrance Ma 7 Weat Twenty. B1RRNOH BOARD. ? WELL FURNISHED SUIT OF floor ^5ri?tr??,V Bedroom adjoining on firat or tecond floor, to let lo de< rab,e parties with ftr?t class Board A few rooms for gentlemen References exchanged avenues' Twelfth street, between Fifth anJ Sixth FArJnL.'^lDaBS.rI*,NO ,FI?RRT CLASS ACCOMMODA in I te at HI liisi iA""'.k i Furn1'1"*1 ?Jnel.T o, en tiJiV Fifteenth street; no boarders in iho bouse. Highest references given and repaired. Furnished apartments?for families or single gentlemen loricate tables If required), at 403 "e,ii Twenty-third atreet. The loeation Is unaurpas'cdl combining the advsntages of city an 1 country. FC?LISrS.1 K?0M5_0ENTLEMEN WI8HINO ?, nee Rooms, in a private house, can applv at J72 H eecker street, its bUcks wekt of Broadwuv near ail the Rnprovem enta. tb?Blr#8< The hou? has ah the modern Tj^URNIBHED BOOMS TO LET?TO RESPECTABLE SprlSg 0r ?entlemen- APP'f ?t 210 Elm street, near l^URNISHKD ROOMS TO LET?SINOLY OR IN SUITS JiT!!7 POvata; honse has all modern improvements' n^n,?mber WO* ?,0UD<1- APP" ? 241 Fourth street, riURSHSriBD FRONT PARLOR AND BEDROOM, IN 21 Baysrd s^rw'l ?"e ?r ,wo 6,n"e,a*n- Apply at PCRNISFIFD FRONT ROOM TO LET-WITHOUT Henry Street? IM VooV ^ "atl?a Inquire at ?9 XURNIflBRD ROOMS TO LET?WITHOUT BOARD A te slngie ^eatavnea only. Nicely furnished front Broadway" *? M P" Week" Appl' 41 31 E*'1 rjENTLEMPN WILLING TO PAT A FAIR PRICE J* *rco7lm 0,0 obl? n handsomely i I? I Rooms srngly or en suits, w'th or without board. In the house of a widow, wren minutes' walk from the 8t West Twenty nTthVro^"' *' "Ppl"D? GENTLEMEN WISHINO TO OBTAIN ROOMS, WITH out board, can find rerv pleasant and deslrab'e fur n sned Rour.a at No 117 Ninth street; convemant to the Brevoort Honsa and St. Den's Ilotel. " Handsomely furnished rooms, rinqlt or In ?u>t. uu flrat and third doors, for gsntlemeD. at 29 nrth avenue Breakfast if dealred. ' ' *' a Handsomely and nf.wly furnished rooms. With or w.thout Board, lo let, at 15 Bond street. The novae has all modern improvements. H CTRL ACCOMMODATIONS AT 42 CLINTON PUCR 21 corner I n veralty place; tran-lent persons $1 fiO 22 and ?l |er dav. (-nA8 LEKI.-tK, l'ropr etor TN HARLKM-A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE CAN OB I ta n H<>ard in a blslily resprctable-amlly. House has al modera ImproTsmrnU; In the immediate vie nltr of\bo?t si^eclrs" *' '2^tb ?'?. second dour fiom 2d as , norih r ADIF.S AND GENTLEMEN CAN OBTAIN FUR Id nlshed Koima. with Board for ladles only at 47 Wist Twenty seventh a:reel, with parties not inqul.iive. V^EWLY AND Nf-ATLY KU RN jstl rn ROOMS TO ?^-enth stTeet ?" 4C" C*" ?' ?? twenty N eatly furnished rooms to lut-for sin Cls rent'emen, With or without Board, at <3G cenwleh avenue K rerenros ei.-haaged Ca'l alter H oVlock ONE OB TWO SINGLE OBNTI.EMKN CAN BF 7"b Plaaaant Rooms, furn ah.d or ,,n ?? .7 h "r \vl'"Out Iswrd. Apply at 34 .T?ra]emon fe ry Brooklyn, four mlnutea' walk from Wall street Private table-on fifth avenue for a fam. lly. Addiea, II., bo* 13 Madison square Post odlre. ROOMS TO RENT?WITH OR WITHOUT BO Alt !> ON "* na pf^eteibause. with a:! the mpn.ri ?una References re .ulreq. In ju^re at 10- Wexi Twenty second slieat, batween Rtxib and Seventh avenues. CINCLE OENTLRMKN. AND ORNTLEMTN ANO UhYbKr?.rw^^ ^TiiOy'eiAMhs^ 'reB^' -Tenth TWO GRMTLEMKN CaN BR ACCOMMODATED WITH I '. TVu." U Room 00 Cr8' "or Wtlhoui board apply at if Blxih avenue. IIARVEV MITCHELL TWO OR TftRRI', RINGLR OENTLRMKN CAN BR AC rotimolated. w|J, or without full or pa,rial BoaVd ln a private famli . at No. 9 Albion pla<e (71 Fourlh street) near Heoond avenue. ? sireex), ffiwo LAR ,R rcRNrsiiPo rooms Tf^jirlTo^nY. 1 gin geutlemeii. at IM wIllotigbby street, Brooklyn? mO LKT-UNFI RNlS'iro, WITH FIRST cl.t8.S A Iloart. alarae ban Isome ,seond slory Front Room newly pat ered and tainted. w> respectable and resuou ible', at .W Fifth s rert Also an Attic Koom P b * fpo LET? CLEG ANTLT KCRN7S1IRD ROOMS. WITH I exec lent Board, at house W West Twelfth street tuo iween Fifth and Sixth arenues. el ln ,!reel' bv TO LET?TWO OR FOUR HANDSOME COMMUNf. em ni: Rooms, to gentlemen or a gentleman and wi'e children wither ut pr.vJts is lie K eveiwi street, near Fifth avenue. Address A B , llerai'd odlce T?.fcKT,~V OBNtLEMAN AMD WIPE OB ONE OE ? -? ?" i." P 'r"' rmr r',n ?orommodated with lloar.l and e ore Room., aoslror m su'D. in a first ela,? honsa i'ost oi os osslrsbls. Address R. H, Im 2,i u T?Hor'TKTM f.w^r?yK Hl,T"OK nO'lMH AND A /nss ltofsrenore miA u ,ar"' "l no ?'??? T 'n'ee lv fT'' \ 'i i'V'' *X\* '?*" A,RT ROOM, t ?. 1 V i in s qntel house, with ? small fsm v - 10.*?..,?.?,eT; T0dV*reh^?l'sV " ' V % V ' rr HOARD, VERT first fie,/ ,Vt2 "a" rw'"i;fcM Ruoms; one on the f min Hrns?fwayb ' '' " AmU? 8,rMt' Wocks T? V;' ! ' '* ' KNISBFD ROOMR, WITH Terms ni*ler.?i'- " ** 24 W*8t *??'"" "W5 T0wJ'KT7S.KVKRAL KLBiJANTLV FURNISHED JLS WlW*' Ktnno h,se,. SSSS T?BeK.T~'" A ?R'v*TK F \ Ml LT, TO GENTLEMBN Break?. L^I ? k?'"l??mely Furnished Rooms n th Twenty^si'c.ids'reef. ,,"!r?u,:?8? AFPlf ?' 4f?l West fpo LET-A FURNISHED ROOM. WITHOUT BO4 Rf) re? '?" " "* " Hot and o d water, ?'rlk|?A"' " A up y at 221 M e t twenty* 1 > v 1.1? i p, r??f Krrcf^ii<fY < ^fjn-r* ? f 'I') I' I I.) F" i R in NI LMMNV. A |f ANPSOME ?' "r, furnished, with haih s >s , Hil at Ha f isllkl |. fit rsr ? w BOARDING AND L.OO?IjrO. M'O fiRT?4 NEAT T FURNISH -O FRONT ROOM I and bedroom 10 a ent nnao and w fe. ?' o two *<n? ' Ko Mn to vagus cnt<eti it; uui ' n*> at n > Mm iin wiv - menie. tunv en ont %<? cars and alig's; r#.'it 1'iw Ul I fcOM truant Na :tl Wmi Forty first a1 r? i, i ctw.ei Hnwmit and tiliib avenue. '!>(> LET-IN A I'RIVATE FAMILY, TWO SPACIOUS I Parlors and >? a oa I Knom. fu>n ? eand 1*? Ron > ?n wc" d "Or with <>r without H-mid mere are somber b i rl rain Hie li ni ?. a I ni? eru Improvement ; terms ?under ute 214 Ban Thirtieth street. U'KLL FURNISHED APARTMENT! TO LRT?FOR aiog'e rnileoen with nr wltnnul Board; alaoaHnlt tor a a a'l fa nil- In ? location tinroiioassed ti>r bea..ty a d beiii'iiui situation, at No. 9 Siryher'e lane, foot ot Fifty ae.-onil alreet. Nor b river. Tei tua uiodrntte, IV ANTBD-OOOD HOARD. IN A gUIKT FAMILY, for an gentleman. u hose m nd la dtaordered A kind ennalant annuitant must bn luraiabed da and night App tennis will plea ? (tract Ibe loca it accommodation nn l lernia required. Addra-a Immediately X. Y. Z., Herald office. |V ANTED?HY A RINOLK MAN, A IIOMK WITH A vv p* vale family In the eitr, not above Thirty 'oitrth ?treet, will give aa reference Hie family with whom be haa lived seven year*. Addreie .Merehant/boi 3,294 Post o lice. ANTKD?A KI'RNISHKD ROOM IN HOBOKEN, BY a a ngle gentleman. Addreas A., Herald office. 4 OR 5 ORNTLRMF.N OR TWO OENTLKMEN Wl'H r their w vee can tlnd well Furirehed Ronnie and good Rnar.t at'304 Washington avenue, between Greene and Galea aveuuea <i>e to ana per wkek for board, with rooms, ?Pt7 at the Dnpont Hoiae. llili Hudson street, nppm '? RL Johu'a Hark; $t w thout Room* Lortgingi al ream n a take ralea Transient j eranna $2 per day. Watchman all nighft t)Q WEST TWRLKTH STREET.?PLKASA NTLY FIIR Zd(j iilshed front aud hack Konina, on second and third Hours, to let (o single gentlemen or gentlemen and tneir wives, with Oral Hoard. Dinner at 6 o'clock, ltelo rences exchanged. I CIO NINTH* 6PRBKT, A PRW POORS WEST OF Lv'O Brnadwav.?Umdaomely Fnrn abed Kootna to rent, to gentlemen, with or without Hoard. II f \ M tCDOU 'AL STREET. NEAR BLKKCKKR, JS llw now opened as a private family Hotel, for the rerFb tlnn of single gent Amen or small fain lies tired of boarding. Parties rteslronaof hnuaekeep ng can And every convenience at the above establishment. lOQ BAST SIXTEENTH 8TRRET, NEAR IRYINO I. jO puce?Furul-bed Uoome to let. with Hoard. Refe rence required. "I CD PRINCE STREET, ST. CLAIR HOUSE.? ELB jL>'v) grimly furnished Koeme, with lied rooms attached, with all the ennvru encea for hnuaekeep ng co "plete In cluding gus and Croion water, to let, to respectable or single geutiemen. COUNTRY BOARD. /Country board.-first ci.ass hoard, wmi 0 Rooms, for adu is can be obulnod at W estpnr* Station. roui>o. Ucit. two horns' ride from NewJfnrk. via _ New York audlNew Haven Railroad, good '?? J ' and boating Terms $10 to $15 per week. Address bo? K.JitJ New York Post olllue. ? an? "sv "if f ? r n 'sh e<L** Fnqu I re* 7or''Mrc "llh. 'd'ea" or" ad'dre ss box 29t> Jer ey City Po toi'.icc. Re.erctKes e.cliung d. C^nrvTrtY HOARD?NKAR ORlsKSWOOl) ?A 1 Ht vile fain lr will leC will. Hoard, a large front Room . firm i.oor. furni-bcd or unfornWhed. to tsut wife or two sinitle gentlemen; also a srna " h door suitable fora gentleman; ocatlon per'ectiy nea tn>, fine harden; shade and fruit unsurpassed; refo-ence fiDe? and required . Addrea. B. V. Wliltncy. Twenty Ural street. Brooklyn. /nountry board.?w anted, two or thrbkokn G t ernon to Hnard In a genteel private la nlly, no ol ier lUarlers on Hercen hill New Jersey. w to breakfa t and ma tin mln.ilcs from Uoboken Cars pass the door on Pa 1-ade avenue. Inquire at 265 B ghth ax rtiue. CanrVTRY HOARD-A FEW PERSONS DBSYRINO j rA-e ;,?r good hoard and pleasant 1 cation, good b*tb" in?? fFahin^ ami boating, can b? accomrnodA rd at th* Irving ton'House? I rvbutton 25 mllee from New York. Car. and steamboat from the door. ? COUNTRY BOARD-NEAR PBEKSKILL. ONLY TWO ho.r? from the cltv .a splendid location on the mar gin of a beautiful lake, with fine fishing and batk uj. J'""* n,"derate. For further Information inquire ef Dr. JOHN COLLKTT, S.'6 Sixth avenue, New York. r?;.rjSf sr mi i: a?.6 tweS^ri^'; short d stance from Mount St. Vincent depot. __ Crxt vTRV HOARD-IN MOUNT VERNON, WES* che-iter count ?A few families can bo a? ouimndaled With ?Sd Board at $7 per week for adults; forty-live inin utea from the^nti' and t-*n from the depot. For pa.t.cularo apply at 2?3 Bowisry, In the store. . /COUNTRY B0ARD.-IN M0RRI9ANIA SIX M1 CJ walk frotn steam cars, fifteen intnutes from Ilarlem boat; house pier 1 tut 7 "llu*l?.d;Mf?rbl^? 33 uVrald^nice Price $16 per week. Address 11. M.. box 223 aerata oince. /10UNTRY BOARD?-POR FAMILIES AND SINGLE C/ cent'emcn; the house is large and pleasantly loo ted, ahniif half a mile from Annandale atat on. Waten Island ?Railroad. For lull particulars apply at 1:9 and 121 Nassau street, room $2. CorNTRY BOARD AT CORNWALL?LOCATION healthy end pleasant; house five minutes from the landing; communication by host morning y' Address Nalhsuiel Houston, Cornwall. Oran .e county. N.T. Refers 10 A. Headden. 591 Grand street. N. T. nfTKTRY BOARD MAY BB OBTAINBD AT A FARM House, south side of Long leiand. two bo,'r* from the clt/; large mansion, shsdy grounds bathing, fishing. Ac., on (ireal South Bay: good stabling. Inquire of 11. LIV INGS TON. 24 Ana street. Now fork. References required. COUNTRY BOARD ON STATE* ISLAND FOR KAMI l.esur single gentlemen ?Huguenot Hall, near Anna da'e railroad depot. Fine fishing and bathing near. About one hour from the city House delightfully JKIPS,1!? large: good, wholesome fare and One uea air. Apply to Mra; lit?WARD. Annadale .Trains, connect with boeUJool^of Whitehall street at 7 and 9 A. M., and 1,4 and ? r. U ?e turne five tiroes dallju . /NOCNTRT AND CITY BOARD WANT ED-TO MRBT t/ dally calls at the Hoard Bureau, 713 Broil ear Free directions to desirable Boarding, city or country, for faml ,,MOr ?'^Ve^AOO 'S Board Bureau. T13 Broadway. COUNTRY BOARD WANTED.?TO PRIVAT* lies.?A gen;lcman wishes drat ola-s Couutry Board, In a strictly private family living In tbo neighborhood of New York. To a suitable party a liberal price would be paid. Ad dreas, with ful' particulars Fulton. Herald office. /-COUNTRY BOARDS WANTED-FOR A SMALL G family within about an hour a rlde by railroad of New York. Address, with locatioa and terms, hoi 3,5.0 New York Post offioe. _ 7n6uNTBY~B0ARD wantrd.-a family. consist G mgof two isdieesnd three children .desire la n uln Sh ar I within 20 miles of New York, aroessihlo by railroad or tait Mint be In a bealthv and p easant location fur ntsblog all the oooforti of a horn*. Only print* families needatpli Address Mating particulars, Including terms, H l>.. 128 Water strecl. N. Y. Country board wantbd-for'thrf.b or four Cj month*. for a eeatlemsn wife and two children aged five an 1 thrre and nurse, on the 1 ue of the Now Haven Railroad tieiween aod Souihport: wou dp refer, to be near the water; plain Board bui *?? dress, with full particulars, J. B., box 3,701 New York Post office. TToon country board at white plains, one It hour b. rail froin New York, on the llar.em Rail ed inquire"' r C DI'SENHCRY. While Plains, or V\ M 0. BARNES, 12 Front atrewt CNOOD OOUNTRT BOARD-AT WHITF, PLAINS ONE T bourbv ra'l from Nrw York, on Ihe Harlem Rallriad. .inn reef DUSENBCRY. White Plans, or WM. C. BARNES 12 Flrai sln-Ot. _? OUI'KRIOIU OrNlKY HOARD ON STATKMKLAND ? A lady, karlng la-elv taken a fits rnuntrv rrs dsnre on Btateu Is and ten minutes walk from yusrantlne landing, offers superbir accommodations to a few first class boarders. The h'liiss Is situated on high ground, commanding a fine view of the hay and has s arge carden altache-l Good stablmg for luur horses on the promises. Address H l .J , bo* 4,9*1 Pest office. WANTHD-C UNTRY BOARD BY A FRENCH QBM? tleman. Best of relerenoes given. Terms not to ei eeed $5 a week. Address J. B.. Herald office. HiHNER RKIORTS. AT CL1FFWO0D HOTRL. OS RARITAN FAT. 1*4 hour Irom New Yoik by teatnero. foot of Murray and rtarclav slreels St S.H P. M. Fine groves, srlendtd -ea bach ing. fishing, snl goo l table. Term moderate. A pply at 176 Bleinckrr street, or at the botch Belmont hall. . Hchooley's Monata'O. N. J., Wlh be o,wt,ed for visitor.J one ?-;ROWELTj /lBOFT HOUSE?HIGHLANDS, OARRISON STATION, (.7 Hudson Ri-cr 11a'road, opposite West PomJj minute-' from depot; carr ages lor 10 A. M^snd 4 r si. e*. press traina flSSlMMleffi claY "roirmbm. GRBEN'H IlOri.L LONG BRANCH. N. J -THIS HO tel. locaisd on the finest po nt at this p acc, has juvt been rebnl t and newlv furnlsned. Thn chambers are large and well ventilated, while the public rooms aro sii|>srlor to anything In the country. Address K. S. (Irseti, Proprietor. T AKI! PEtlQUtNNAKONCK HOUSE?WRAR CRO I J ton Fa! ? on the I'arlem Railroad. Country hilly and lies'tby House a Hinted ri'ca.anlly on high sroiinda oier looking the tare. Ro^ms large and alr>\ latnllles wish In" Ro.ird for the se,i?on may Inquire#! S H. Co'lauiore's ?79 Rroadwafl BAKER * TAIL. 1-2 .?Mat n?- B,l,l i-aaa tha nrnerlfttor. f, (v. VAIL, Norin Mountain house, south oranok. n. j.. near Llew. llyn Purk.-Th1s dellghiful summer re ort bav. Ink changed bands hst been tborougli v re nor at-d and nc.vl Mirnehcl. hatli l" every room, til lard end bowling rooms: goul 'ah lug. Will te opened June fi-for reception ?r rc s t fnnilliee I ralne leave Barclay street * Hillroid Almost liouriy. ?? A. TALIArB'lliil. National hotel, long branch n. j. "ill open Sfcturday. June 26. upon the Kitropean tdan. Tule hoitae has be. n newly furnished. Those desiring good ro,,ins. with i-lmlce tsb e. can procure Ihe same by earl* ap rim?' n. Address Pi t?r- A Co.. MadtSOk Square Hotel, Twcirv-first street snd Broadway. Oystf.r Rvy m proadway-form' rlt under the of thn Y^railOi Krothrrw, ha* rfWinllf b$?#n had a lhofott?h r?nr>y*t<njr ind h ?? been filte 1 up In a ny e U> suit the local ly; will be opened on Wcdn' s lay hino 6, under the mans jement of CH AS. SWIFT, for the lau tlx tear, at Washington lla I Hotel, lllffb Bridge. From his long enwrlcnce In Hotel and resla-i. rantkren'nghe stt-r himself that he can suit -eve* tha m .st fastidious In the new p'aoe where he will be happy to me ?I1 old and new Irlen la and aoqualnlances,^ T lift LATOIJRErrE IHlUSR. BERGEN POINT ON ? tl c Iti I Vnn K N I.I- "iien fur the rason. Rests fr> m p or No. 2 North river snl root of Dav street: lime .16 m mi-cs Gesmra rual hourly from Jersey Citv A few tssxr* K",,,v n ' IIOTKI.A. 4 MEniOAV IIOTETd, MHOADWaT AUD EIGHTH Utrcrt N>*r Y f*.-On th? Kor )|MB plAfl. liooiiii Oil an te and xlngii. fit ? 11 all nt-r t. ? v; vig 11 m k, nit 14$ kec > Krt srii'.E r, in v I ? tw?> b whs H ???? Br ?? ?? -r' ? I I mi 1 s ?, ? ai.d In s He f -r s Mllfuirn Slid leml' es ..y ? ? 1? ?? . ?r m.mth I- ? ?? t.rai - 1? HOUSES^ ROO/lis. XV., W ANTIC f>. AP.4RI.OR. XIT'VAkN AND IIKDHOOM, U.N PUR n<? oil. on ih<v first or second i'aor. by s man unit win withouufchiidren Kent not to e-oeed $J??? j ear. Adureet, sta.iiit^ location uuJ terms, 0. M. 8.. Herald offica. F RHISUKn ROOMS WANTED-IN HOHOKRN, JKR "??? Oil , or Hudson; heiioon, sitting r?o >? and k trhno; most be In a guod situation and well fiirnl>hed. Address, Wilb location, terms, Ao., Herald office. nOIJSli ?iRTIB TO RKNT.-WANT! D. A ?OOB House, turnoihrd or itnf irn-he l in any eligible situ all n In New York c tr. Kent ral*d in advance If domed end rood references given. Address Mre. W. II. llojt, eta t on U, Poet office. ORANOB, new JERSEY?WANTKD, FOR THRF.8 year-, a rood Ilou**, wilb a fo r acre of land, amide, A . J. HM I I'll IK)HUB, 10 Bail Seventeenth sneet Room8 wanted.?wantkd. tiireb to fivb e ltab n lor housekeeping for a email American family. Address stating torme and other particulars, W. N. U.. box 13.1 Uarald office. WANTED?BY A OBNTLBMAN. WIFE. TWO WELL behaved Utile gl la (the oldest liner years) anil er. vanl, part of a inn lorn house, uniurnisbi-d. for I ousrkeep In : firm class halation and convenient to Broadway and Twenty eighth street; liberal pay for Hauler! accommoda tions snd n reen'de family; have sufficient elegant fnrn ilire for a mediiiin sized house. Addre s llonradez, statou (1. WAN'TKD-IN NEW YORK Oil BROOKLYN. A TIJRKE story basement llo iae, wltli all the modern murine nients snd in a respectable neighborhood. Address, with particulars, immediately, It. It., box 3,15- Post office WANTED-RY A SfNOLK GENTLEMAN A PAKT.OR, Bedroom and Bathroom In a unlet and nice neigh, borhool. not auove Fourteenth street; private family pre ferred. Address box 2,943 Post office. WANTED-A SMALL COTTAOB, OR PART OF A House furnished, In the immediate rlctnltv of the clt ; won tl noi ob ect to furnished Rooms in a aict locality In the city. Address, for three days, M. O., station C. WANTED-A SUIT OF UNKURNISHIID APART VI nients for one or more years, ivlth private table for a small (ami y. Address D., llera'.d office. TVr ANTED?WITHOUT ROARD, I1Y A LADY A P I R '? or and Itedroom or one lar:e, han<lsomel? Furnished Koom. Terms, tncludtWc gas and -ervant's attendance, $5 per week Location Iroui Second to 8 xtli a venues and Twenty filth to E ghih streets. Address Permanent, Madi son square Post oillce. tlf ANTED?FOR A &BNTLKMAN. L ADY AND THREE "I ctnl iren either a Furnished Cottage o ? three K ,oms. and good Hoard, mi iheno-ih shore of S'nten Island with accommodation for sea bathing. Address D. 0., box 2,.e,4 1'ost oillce. WrANTKD TO HIRE?'A KM ALL THRKB STORY V V br ek II ii e or two-ami a hall story Cott-ge, In the neighborhood of Yorkville. with all the modern Improve ments, between second and l'lfth avenues. Address J. K. K.. Herald office. VX7ANTED TO RENT?A SMALL FURNISHED COT ii lage. for a f la ly of three adults. In thn vie nlty of New York Addio a. tia lug price and location, L. it, Hers d o ce. MUNICIIm A GREAT BARGAIN.-* SUPERB ERVEN OCTAVE rosewood I'auofoito for sa e nearly near, rchly n tsl.ed, w ih round corners, elegant cn veil le^s, dout'le mnl.l tn^a serpen "ne aork. overstrung ha?? fn 1 ir n plate. ric y In.aid. full rtcn tune; makers of the higlieet celebrity, witn two .erne' narianire; rich fit I tone; c.n be fnl y fisted; w ill I e so d at a b irga n fur cash, nnd la well worth the at leallon of th e n search of a itlltbl Piano at a bargain. Apply at i>"6 Sixth avenue, between Thirty ninth and l or tiel. atreela IB ABKVEN (iCTAVR rosewood pianoforte koh ale at a great bargain for cash; prlen 82IK): hu iron frame. French gren I action, round corners. brlllinut and powerful tune. Ac,; first class city maker. Apply at Mo. 1(1 Allen aireet. ACCORDEONS, violins. GUITARS. banjos. Flutes Files Drams and Muscal Instruments and Trtenmln^a or cverv description. I'rloo list ernt on receipt of slam p. Violin String* lor hot weather 25 cent", mailed. ggRPBBICR 111.I'M k, aw Bowery. APAMILY HAVING NO pdrthsb uii portheir Pianoforte, will dispose o It for $20i, original price I ?I00- all modem linproveinents, Iron frame, rosewood case, round corners, goo 1 as new. Apply at the residence 2d j Third street, near Second avenue. A MAGNIFICENT ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE TOR ' sa'e-Oost $830. for $'t'H) Including Stool and Cover. Parlor Su is, cost $ 50 for $'25 Ktageree, Mirrors. l'a'ni Ings. 8'stva y, Chamber furniture In use but. seven months. To be so d it i sacrifice. Inquire at 113 West Twenty third street, near Sixth aveuue. At private 6alk?magnificent household Furniture the property of a gen'lcmsn eavlng the city; Pianoforte F.tag-res Bookcase, Centre fab es; Draw Ing Room Fornltiiie. covereit w th brocadv Curtilns tn match. Bronzes Pa n'.luga. Staioar . Cbamb. r and Dining Room Fa u Hire Cn'na. Olass and Silver Inquue at 113 West Twenty third treet, near Sixth avenue. BARGATNM FOR CASH?MAGNIFICENT 7 OCTAVP. roeewojd Pianoforte, full tr ? frame, overa'rnng ha s, a $4-5 insirninent: ha been hired out; for nearly half price Al o ro ewood. round corneie I Pianoforte for $150. Apply atMcDONALt) A CO. B. 35.4 Bowery. L'OR SALE-A HANDSOME ROSEWOOD PIANO, IN A1 perfect order, and has been but little uicd, 6>? ociave; A. II Gale A Co . makers. Price $175. Apply at 105 Last Thirty nin;b street MUSIC-WANTED, TO MAKE ARRANGEMENTS with a first class professor to devote four h mr- in a' week In eirhairfce for da. board; foreigner preferred. Ad areas A. B. C., statins D. W II be aoswrred I in med ate y. New mupic.-runlight within hi heart a gem of ?ong Faust March. "I Love That Dear Old Flag the Be t." "The soldier's Hsppy Return." Ma. surka. each .TOoenta Kxre)sl<<r Music Boos ?l.ateat popu lar muate for vl-.lin. duie or cornet, viz ?Faust March. "Fin san's Wake." "I"ne." "The Last Day* of Pom pod" Blumlier Polka, Kiss Waltr. ? Lannigan ? Hall," "No frl-h Need Apply." Act Price. 2 Noa 25cents; A different Kos. AS cents. Muitcl?nf* Omnibus ?700 tunes for rlo In. flute or cornet, $1. Complete Omnibus. ?A musical llhiarvof 1,5*0 tune-. $>. New Concertina Book.?Full Instruction and over t.lf) tunes. 5u cent*. New Aceordeon and Fluttna Book?Instruction and ortr 200 tunes. Ail rents. Any mimic Or book mailed Postpaid. Musical Instrument?Every de scrlptton. Price fist sent on receipt of s amp. FREDERICK BLUMK. 203 Bowery. W. T. ORGANIST. ?A LADY DESIRES THE POSITION OF organist tn some church Address Organist, station B Post o nee. PIANOFORTE POR SALE-PRICE $110 APPLY THIS day as it must be removed immediately. IIa" sweet and powerful tone. French acton. handsome style f c???, lO'fe tinted legs. Iron frame, Ac. Can be seen during the day or rven ng, al 1291. Twentieth street, near Third ava. PIANO WANTED-T1IB ADVERTISER WILL OIVR from $1 vi to $.T0ii. cash, for a good seven octave Piano, with rosewood ease Iron frame. Ac. Anv private fa-oiiv having such an fnstrumeul to "Oil can find a cash customer by addresi tag Plane. Herald oftlco. No broker or ageni need WANTED-* P11SCENTOR, TO LEAD A CONOR?., gat on n singing n an Ki I -copal char h In the ne ck boi hood of New Yorg. Apply to A. II Sloven*, 158 Pearl St.. between 12 and I n'c'ock. -inn NEW AND sRcond hand pianos. meiTT lVyv/ deons. Alexandre and Cabinet Organs to let and rent allowed If purchased. Monthly payments received for the same. Second hand Pianos at great bargains for rash; price from $f>0'o $.'01 New -even "Slave Piano* at J2J.V $250. $175 and $ KXl. I0.OK) sheets of music, a little soiled, at Ic. per page. HORACE WATERS. 491 Broadway. ItSIKl ( I IOff. AT MANCIIA'S 413 CANAL STRKKT-STI'DFNTS RE c-ive thurodgh Instruct on In Bookkeeping and Com lucrolal Arithmetic, for $4 per quarter; Writing, 12 lesson, $1; Reading, Spelling. Ac., tsu "it private'* Individual In struction given. Separate apartment for ladloa Open day and evening. A THOROUGH COURSE OP INRTKUCTlON IN PBN man h p. Hookkeeping. At Ihmrtlc t'o.v sinndcn e, Ac., i*y be obtained at Uoldsmlta * Institute, 751 Broad* way. corner of Eighth street. Instruction private. If de sired. 8< parate rooms for ladles OLIVBR B. GOLDSMITH. At townsend's academy, 20, bowery, in ?trnctlon is given dar and aventng. In Hook keep ng. Commercial Correspondence, Arl:h oetlc. Algebra. Grain ?rsr w th Ana'ysls. Ac. Persons prepar ng to teach arc qualified for any grade. Rooms for ladlea and for private lastrtiction. Terms moderate Addressed to ladibb of neglected f.duua lion ?Private n.? ruction given In tho Kngllth branch as. by a comjietent yonng ladv teacher, at her ie-1 lence or that of the pupil, ir desired. Careful attention paid to pen mansh ji and Coinpoattl >n Call on or address Miss DRVE KEAUa, 77 Thirt>-Urst street near Fourth avenue. A LADY WISHES THE SITUATION OF TEACHER te a family going tn Europe The beet recommendations as to ohsracteraod eb iltr given. Address Teacher, car a of Fowler A Welle, ad.) Broadway, New York AN ENGLISH LADY, WHO HAS RESIDED FIFTEBN <eers In Paris and who posseoes considerable ri perlenec In teaching, dealree to procure a few hours' | r rate tuition dallv; besldea the different nranrhas of instruction the ladr instrncia in music end un leratanda several European languages, would have ne object no to attend In the counlrv during the summer months. A line addressed 8 II . Herald oilice, will met with attention. A LADY. ACCUSTOMED TO TEACHING MU8I0, t\ Kioucn (spoken 1 Lailn and Rng1i?h, desires an en gsgemeni as ree dent tea her In a faml y or school; refe rences given and required. Address Tu.lfon, box 1,5<M Post oilice. New York. A YOUNG LADT OF F.XPF.RIRNOt AS TEACHER. It de 'roue of a position aa governess In some farm y; or assistant matron In some In dilution; either Immed atelr or on the let of Hentember; no obleclion 10 loea Ion. Un eiorptlonsb e referencos given. Address M. E. H., bot 220 Herald o lice. ABPANI8I1 LADT. A NATIVE OF MADRID. HAV Ing some experience n teaching bf native tongue also the French. Italian and English languages. In one of the best schools ,n this c tv. wool i like a few inure pupils. Ad dresa <dentine, *31 Broadway. N. T. A URUN \N LADY. OF OOOD SOCIAL POSITION, de Ires sn engagement as resident teacher In a famitr, to teach German, Kr> nob. English and Mtis o, or to euperl'n tend a widuwer'e hon eheld where there are children. Ke fercnees from present employers Address Home, Union squire I'oel ortwo, N. T. AT $l > ? T AIN F. 8 EXPERIMENT OF GIVING Til RR E month'' InsUuetlon In Bookke"|>ing, Writing Arith metic Ac for $10 or Iwentv four Wrilln ' Lessens $2, In duces hundreds to attend 2A1 Fulton Street, Brooklyn; Now York Oo lege. 62 Bowery, ooiner of Canal atrael UMNKftB WRITING, BOORKRRP1RG. ARITIIMR lie, .40.?DOLBBR'B Co nmorotal Aeademy. $W Hioad way w II be kept span all summer, to prepare boy a practi cally fur fall business. Those who enter bow can aoeuro good places in stores, ofleee or banka. ______ ? RECARI AND HOHACCO. CPANISH RIBBON* TO HIND BF.GARP?RED AND t"> yellow?from $1 6U to $5 per plrye. Cigarettes, Oarcla, Figaro and Masonic Begaie and Loaf Tobaooo for sale at time 130 Water street. 12ROARS AT TIIR LOWKbT POSRIBLR PUIOF8-AT i> the New York Seger Manufacturing Com pans a. a CHRB68, agent. T< Mtirrar "theet llarana Seed and Ha vana and head 8 gars of desirable brands In the sloek. KXI'KF.MRH, ?HlH'S PWBNII V FXPRN8N?rDRNHAM't ere ' ? Pienn'uru s I'elntlags. Mirrors, ?iti'l 1 i? is" psr ? ni the woild. ? 1 . ? .ii e it or e untrv Of. hi. si n i 1 .1? . i. i ,ii< ami Hixib avs t'? K' all'i 8PRCIAL. NOTICES. fioRN EXCHaNOB INBI'KA.NCK OOsTfANf ?K? \J York. June 13. ltM.?At a regular meeting'ef tbg Board of Diructoig of Ihta Company, held at thatg ortice till* dav, A. li. Loaerrle was unanimously e'eo.rA President. to till tha vacancy roused by the death or the President, Joseph Ketuhuur. My or.lar, _ W. H. W INDSOR. Secretary. I A DIES' ENTERTAINMENT IN BKHALF OFWHITB J Ketug es?City Assemb y Ko wm on 13th, Uth uu<j 15th mat. Ticket*. inclining Strawberries and Ice Cream, flue. Music by Dodwurth's baud. " OWN KRS AND MA8TEKS OF STEAMBOATS AND barge* are forbl I Ian linn any e-c-iraion partiea at Dudlev'a Orovu without written permission of W. A E. Myeia A 0.. who are the only persona autlmrl ed to let tha tame. G1LLMAN DUDLEY. Nr.w Vohk, June 7, 1801. Sienrnlioat". barges, Dud'ey'a, Newark Bar and New Grove. nea- ' beLua, to let to e\ urs'un partiea Apply to W. A E. MYURS A CO., foot.if Morion aneet. STRAW BE It IM US, ICR CREAM AND MUSIC.?A Sir* v l.erry Feat val. for the hsneilt of the BabbatR, wt be given hi tbe lecture mom of th'-Rpr ng atrert church (near Varick alneO.oit Wednesday evening neit, June l.\ Music ta il form one of the attraction* nf ihe o-ea. aloo. Ticket*, 60 cent ; children 1 alf pr.ce?ratresbineuU inelnded. "ITT I11TK HKFUCEES AND FKKKDM' N ?A 8TRAW* Vy berry Festival will be held bv the ladles of New York,. In aid of the deauiute refuse1* and freedmen, In the City A'aeuihly Knoina. 410 Br .ad way, the 13th. 41th an.I lStft Inst. Open Irom 3 to 10 1*. M. 1 icketa at ?l and Water a niuaic store* i.n.i at tl\r door. Donaitona e money. Ac., sent to the Treaainer. No I Mercer atrcet. MlSCELLAri'EOUS. A GOOD CHANCE TO MAKE MONEY?PICNICR everv dav ? For aale, the l.eitae, St'ick nnd Flxtnieiof the Bill!'* Ferry Dotal, aituate.l on the Hudson. In New Jersey, a mile and a baif from We"hawken ferrv. Tha steamboat Tlioa. Hul e leaves foot of Spring street nt 10, 'J and 4 daily. Good reasons given fur selling. Inquire oo the premises. Artificial human ryb* made to ordkh ano Inserted b I)r?. F. Bniteh .1 Goug'lman (fcrinerbf employed by Boiasanneau of Paris), ft.r.l Itmudwar. N. Y. A LOVE AMULET.?TURKISH PRRFUMBD LOVE Me Ever tase.inatea and np-'ir-s t e a'Teetlnn of Iht nppnatle set. Fro-SI. Send tHmn for circular to Mine.. Malta, box 5,730 Post olTlee, New York. /"1AMP KNIVES?100 GROSS KNIFB FORK A NO I ) Spoon K-ivc. at manufacturer'* prices by J. IS. HAL SKY A CO.. street (YARM PAID FOR RAGS AND OU> MBTALS.?WHITR J Itaca. It) cents per pound; Co or* and Woollen* t rents; Hooka and Newspaper*. -J tenia; Old Br .as. Jf Bent* pey pound: cooper and Pewter. 28 cm1' per ti'uind: lead,! emu er pound, at No. 15 New Bowery, corner nf Roose velt street. Divorce?having made tuts a breoiaIi ?tu lv dtt ins many vests' practice the nnderslgntvl holds private consultations 0:1 the sub,not, either por-tonally or by let er. F. I. KINO, Counsellor ,.t Law, 335 Bro tdwajr. 1 \IVORCKS LEGALLY PROCURED PORPEIMONS I / fro." inv Stm? or country, w in >nt publicity o. :'hk;? of residence. Ineomratihillt-,, desertion, n?n support, drunkenness. Ac., anil ent oanae S tccess ruarin'cd. Advice free and con'tnetitirl. Apply to II, HATE M AN, Counsellor at Law, 37 Nassau atre -i opnoxlte.the P ikt tfllw. FiLU ! INO. -i'RKN'Tf FLUTING MOVR AT 4 C KSTtI per vard: over four loch-a I cent per Inch extra, bv the French Fining Compaqx. ?7I Bur tig street, Iw ioeen Varlcfc ur.d Ilndann. Agent. Mr'. SHANAHAN, V>1 Third nuenuc, near Twenty seventh street. /N RE AT VICTORY.-THE MEgT WEAVERS' RBSML \T It' as been prove I by a 1 the principal manufacturer* lathe I'n le I Mates arc made and warranted by 9. A. 0RO881iA.N0. r .tin-son. I J. INTERESTING TO PF.A"H DEALERS AND CAW r.cra ?For -ale, the i*c tehee i mm an orchard con aln Ing 10 hi) l ee?, four years old, o' tho i-hnloest varictieg of fruit, from e trlv to'ste This oilers a tine opportunity for any onem-jnge t In the fruit or cm ion ? hueinev*. at cerp ronven e-ice ma be '-a I for cannm : the fruit In the om ,ard. Water conimimtcfttloii ivltli Baltl o e. Apply to T. tV. HVKKR, 7.1 Che-tnut sn-oat, I'hl'a le'nhia: or ti K. D. RKII) Pr n-etg Anne M l Anpi'ottlon ; will alto ba re ceiyed lor thn purmuse of the abov-* peoch farm. KENTLEGE.?1"0 TONS FOR SALS BY WM. D. AN DREWS d BUO.,4t4 Water street. TETTi'R WRITING AGENCV AND CONFfDKNTI VL? J Cortenuoridonre OT.ce, 1 -9 B ce iter street.?Prlv.itw Letters, Advertisements and Documents of all kind* otit ic n to order. Spirited Olty Co 're noudepee furntsned tr> newspapers el?e'vhere and Campaign ArOelet prepared. Coming done. Manuscript- reused, Trsnsiatb n? made. Leorrs wrltn n hv n adv nf cvper enred 1 terarv nunH1 ca tions. Cnn? i tatlnna upon personal oorre- pondenca antk l'lerart ali.'r. Charges momiate. N B? Letter boned for cor frpnudonta. Manhood and the vigor of youth restored In four wre^s It" Dr. IlIOfiRD'S Kasem-e of Life. This wonderful intent will re-tore ma hood to tha most shat tered constitution* ss- r her srstng ftom eire??e* self abuse the iR'tMof iBntllt -r natural cnuses The t:m* required to en e the mo?t invete ve easels four weeks. Failure Is impossible. Dr. Rlc .rd's Ksrenoe of Life Is sold In ras-s with Instructions for use. for (S. or four qusntitiew in one for $1. Kent carefully pscte I. mi recelnt of remit tance bv his a"cre.1tte | agent. Circular sent free m receipt of four s-amp*. PHILIP ROLAND. Wo. 447 Broome street. New T"rk nne d mr west of "road ear. Marble mawtkls.-thk best place in tub cit. to purchase cheap and well finished Mantels ie at A KLaRFRS Mantel Manufactory. 109 East F.lght'-OOltX streat. near Third svenue. Naw York. Cut this out. XTOYE B BUFFALO MILL FURNISHING RSTABLISII 1 s rnent ?Mill Stone* and Mil) Marh nery; Turhine Water Wheels, of the most spprny d pa'iern, made entlrelv of Iron; portah'e Fbuwiiig and Plantation Mi l* The Brook'vn Cits Mill, of Rinlth A Jewell, was furnished entire from thlw establishment. For Information or catalogues address J do. T Nove Buffalo. N. V. TYPK metal AND OLD LEAD WaNTFD.-OAR'S will he p?ld for a few huodrel weight of Type Metal and old Lead. Appiy at the desk of this odice. TO ALL WHO I'KK EYRLF.TS.?LI I'M AN'8 Till PA tent Eyelet Machine The on y Eve et Machine thaV la necollsr y adapted for Inserting ryetcta Into cloth, ar other textile fahrma: Is f irroalo-i llai "Ifh extra pnii'"he j ml fsstcn'ut, adapting It'for ever var ety of meter a . For air by K C. PKATf A HRO , IIP Chambcra treet. N. Y. TO PHOTOGRAPIIBRS ? LB -XACTO. HEW ?LflU men f'ap-r, Imp-ulnf fr -m Paris. Tone n five minutes. This Alhumen ts ma le on the no v-rsal Bsie paper, ea led' Btelnbsch Maimed.' P IrefVlp-r rea n ot ten sheets for 81. Strong plain paper 85 sheets foe $1. Depot 331 IInd son street. >.l Mrs. Oros' aegar sto-e. \lfOOD.-WE ARB DELIVRItrwa WOOD AT THE fl fnl owing pricee ner load: ?Beat Virginia I'lne, St; Maryland I'lne, 75; Oak. $!*nd $1 30 Orders hy noilt prunnt y Id ed Yard Bocood arcane, between Th rty 'I th and 1'iirtv -lnh streeii ROWLAND -. CO. ANTKD-SRVKRAL 6ECOND HAND TABLE Counters. 8 J 1" box 557 Post office WANTED-AN !R>N SAFE LARGE SIZE, DOUBLE doom- also a complete suit Of OBefl Future nod Furniture. In good older, tu.table for a email otBce Ad dr.; a I7u Front street. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A GOOD 8KCOND HANIT Sod* Water Fountain. A ld e-s J. J. Lawience, bojr 130 11" a u office. 71 CRNTB A POUND PAID FOR OLD N F'.V?f'APER8 2 and 04 Books. 10 cents a p oind lor It h t ' Bugs. 9 cent* a pound for Mixed and Woo loo llag-: also ~*?h palD for all kinds ot Old Metals at 23 him street, near Dnana. 71 CENTS PEE POUND PAID FOR OLD BOOKS, 2 Newsjiap? rs. Pamphlets, Ac Call before you eell elsewhere, for wicsilll contlnu- to ray more ise we a esya have don?, ic. ar less of adverilscments I than any ? Iher house in this rit-. Parlies sending front the country may re y on an tmmedis'e rem'lino e full weight-, valu" Ac MAN AII AN A MILLAR, vvholc-ale paper warehouse. Mo 10 Spruce street. New Yo'k DANCIEO ACADBEIBfi ROOKES' DANi'ING ACADEMY 5<5I BROOME ST. GLOBING SOIREE FOR THE HKAB'IN, WEDNESDAY KVKNINU. JUNK 13. w B DKNTISTIIY, ANEW AND IMPORTANT IMPROVKM NT IN \KTt flc si lei th ? One et tans a lifeline. Supplied -T half tha us ,ai cost. Ne ther springs, wire* or f*sf"nlnge rojulrel, therefore avoo'ing all shirn edges. At 319 Slxtb ayenue, between Twenty <htrd and Twenty-lourth streeis. single Teeth and Partial Knta Inserted ad equally mo le rate charges Only one vls't required from country patients pain aod nl?Mos oxltMh gas given at 379 Sixth avenue, between Twenty third autk Twsnly-fourth street* Consultatioua irne. A SET OF TEETH MADE IN TURKS HOURS; KN tire satisfaction or no pay. at 2d). Very cheap. Every thing Id dentistry dene according to the most tbarough ln_ ?truction, n theory and practice, at the deula an I ire -l-ah col cues In Ain-rlca an ! Europe together with an eiperl en. e of sixteen years. We sre pra ilcsl. sod mean what we ?av?to put up cheaper an I teller wnrk lhan ainiw.u elee. In all case* where |?-op'e a-e not satisfied with whs* we .ie their money will b? refunded m demand, llhinpor very fine Set* of Teeth, with ??r without plumpert. to i? no e the natural or lic*t looking express on of the ra e al 2 111 No advance ts required at 231 Niiroua oxldegss rhloro o'in. andeiliersre g ren here and teeth extracted wlth-mi pain. The very best gn'd fllllngs ever Ins -riel at 2'1-J, Te th I *V do not project too mu. h, and anv other style Insrnlrd sir 23V Sixth avenue, betweoo Fifteenth and Sixteenth streets. Artificial tf.rtii-only beautiful seta" on lino Go'd and Plstins. pure Bilrer, and Vul.auii* Rubber, from $3 >o f.M, and Warranto I. Single Teeth 81. iecth filled end extrsried wiihont the i?ast ps'n Hold. Platlns nod Hone Fillings hdr. to ft. sod warranted foe life. Olllce l.'IS Hlvlh *> enitc, between Tenth and K rreuUi streets. Dr. LUTHER. Dentist, ?lxi?en jearses ahneheJ. Artificial bonr fillings for decaveiv teeth? O'd roots built up; mere sheds, aehlng teeth, and ever* rsrletv of eavity fl le t. without pain, bv the dis rorerer. at h;s roomx. removed IJ 2V Ksst Fourteenth oirecf. one door west of Umoa square. Orcr ten thousand testt moolai* ADAMANTINB WHITE FILt.INO FOR HENKITIVF teethf Entirely p-il-i ess Had.y detayed am st-hlns teeth preserved for yvar* without eitraetlng. Hcaiiti'iil sod durable as gold. *t half the eitiens . lilt. I.Uihkk. Hr. Invcator. Also, superior gold filings; beautiful, tin or pe-sed rets of teellv n\ err *H |e. (Ill upwards Kx-ra. Ins wlthmil pain. LUTHHK A UNDEItvlGOD Dental- 4 Bast Twenty second street, two b -ic?- front liroadwa . C10LTON DENTAL ASSOCIATION -1VIIKRM fBBRt J has nsrer been an accident, or fal u e to produce n senslbllltv to pain* The perform*nce fulfil* tha promise. Dr. COLTON admlalstsrs the gaaf OtOee JJ Bond street Vf ARTELL, DENTIST, JYI Tweuty third street. , Hit SIXTH ATRNUB. BELOW 2'. cents Rubber aad Hirer sets nf teeth, IM. I'srt sett, fl Gold filling. (I; silver, f) cent* Gleaning teeth, 31 cents. Olllue hones J A. M. until 10 P. M. M b, oRirrm * ?rob., im grand strert, new An s Tork, sad 757 Fulton street, Brooklyn, sre extracting Teeth positively without pain by the use of nitrons oxide ga* No charge for eilraotfag when artldclal teeth are t" b.r Inserted They are aleo tneerUog full Beu of Teeth on gold, $28; platlna, f28: stiver, f 10; rnhber, f 10; partial aeta o? gold, fl; silver, il. Rxtraetlog 23 oeat* SIXTH AVBNUB DFNTIBTRT -NBARLY ALL T!I? most practical denilsta hav - losated on the B-tth sve nu* Bverr few doore I* a dentist, feme are rteh. some are wealty; some are eoodlooklng and rarv p*.lite, end some ere more so. Some are quick and peaftieat, and ?ome ar? regular old dregs, t'ereone in need ef artlAeial Teeth end not pleased wlih on* dentist, htve but to gn a few doors os th s avenue and <r> an-"h?r. Nearly ?' ery one goes to K I'M svenue now for Teeth, beglnnin- et ri teepih street, go fj npwsid* trying t e first ilentist theyeoms to. whets H do'd not c-o l thnn a ueunr If that are nnt eaUrelT sntsa* Mas s* ie

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