Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 14, 1864, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 14, 1864 Page 7
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SALES OP KEAL ESTATE. A FARM FOR KALE?. PRICK $ .MQI?OOKSIiriMO J\ 01 1U'se es of and. 7)? Ics fro n faraloge Kpr ngs, ? loo-I beaut fuI d?e u ; ?r ten rooms. nine outhouses, ?'moat new. with two young orchard* ot i ho ce fruit trees *nd Uri-en acre* of w m i land K-?r part'cu'wrs address IT. *<hLiO.l, Potter'* Coin-re, ba:*tu?.i country N. V. No ?exchange of property. A BAR.JAIN.?A FINK COUNTRY SEAT AT ME tncnn, N J, half a.bluet from den t. good home, barn anil ilru: atora; and under toe en tirat n;abun.tanoa Jl fruit; tiireo acre* o! i ne land, out $i 0 I. J. 8. KhlltUUSON. 37 street, third floor. A CHOICE KAKM AND COUNTRY SKAT FOR8ALK 1\ nn the Karitan river, Immediately opposite t e cty of Scar Prima*i-'k. aioo an de.unl Ke-lietiee. with decree, fn complete order at Mctia I iu N. J.; ami other Farme, Ar., van lug in aire and price. For p i'ticnlara luuulre of WAR ltBN 58 U'a I street. A GgOD RIGHT PRR CBtfT INVES r\! BNT.-PRO J\ perty in I e Eleventh war I, near Houston atreet feirv; at e. 03x111); lea ci| lor Ve ye.trs. Apply to JOSEPH MABGN. No. ft1, Pine street, ro >tns 10 and [l. A FIRST CLASS AND HIGHLY CULTIVATED FARM, _TV 1 I'd acres; neat l>u din * llnely ttnihered. watered, frnl'e Ac. Dari-Iihle loenilnn h ill" a mile from village and depot Northern Nevr Jersey Railroad. For sale al a bargain. W. P. SEYMOUR, 171 Broadway. A LARGE, FINK R RIDE NCR. ITALIAN STYLE, _/a onthui ding, c orre-pbnding; 111 or 7> antes of !?od, grounds till" y a ran e.i: fruit, * ale. tc.. In abundance. i o ee loeatlou, 0116 hour from eltv. in Westeh*ater county, Kor sale cneaij. W. P. SEYMOUR 171 Broadway A FINK HOUSE FOR RALE OR BXCHANGB FOR A fur ti or O'Hintrv s -at near New York, situate I in IVest TtrenUei!i tr et, hanrDwue v decorated in fresco Willi all tin d rn iiutirov enienta, uml desirable reodeu e, or will bo Oi'j'b'd for li i or*. O. A. ROBINSON A CO.. S"> Nassau st, rooms 4 and 3. A OftK VT HARG UN CAN RF. HAD ?FOR SALE. A J\ brat rln s Tenement House No. 100 East Thirty-fifth stieal lte t* |i r } An. Price vert low. Apply to JAML8 PRTTtlETOH, 2111 East Th rin ili st eet. Alar ir numiier of tknemknt iiousi s for sal", cheap, on Third and Second avenues; corner Hons*. Also ; rtv*te Hon* ? where possession can be Lad. Ai ply to IOIJN FETfllKTGlI, 413 Third avenue. AN PXTSA WIDE THRKR STORY AND ATTIC Hates, with four Lota of < iron ml, I- 8 President -t"? et, Brooklyn b lit n toe most thorough manner and having s II ilie modern lint r ivemea s; would he an d without the ah oinloL, lots if d klrro Apply to K. it. KELLOGG, No. 13' Pearl ueet. New Yo k. J F'TY* BROOKLYN PROPERTY FOR INVEST _k'x ment?Three s orv h-1 k House and Lot, beautifully Altiiatei in I-a'n.ette avniuu. No 33. Modern improve m< nl- snd ill g od c indii un. Will sell now for SH 500?uo deviation. A pri e. A GOOD INVESTMENT.?FOR SALE, LARGE, VAL uii' te do* n t ? n Tenant Properly Hoiidln :* new and in good order. Prle*$.'J no. I'nving 12 percent. Terma cary. CARTER A HKRTINB, Tlilnl avail i and Twenty tilth street, (Bull's Head dunk Building ) fAENTRAL PARK P'lOPKiTY?TWO NEW HOUSES " J at a - tcrillee. third and lourth house* ol tne row, north ' Aide of bock, between Mr-t and Second avenues; three story ah '? i seme it: ai tiie mod-rn improvements; hath rooms ilutnh wa tera. pj onsl n parlors murbte mante s, high end nely hn -"el e ms. l,o aliou dc-irahle SI 500 Oub. Appy to I'M OS. SOaNLAN, 10 West Sixtieth street. Farm for sale-prick $2,500, with crops, con si Unit or III: acres, 7'J Ie* mm Karatny? Springs, xve 1 nnmted *nd watered a I nec-xsirv biii',1 ngs. Kr o house, o ne rooms; orchard or g a ted toting fruit trees; J ra i ,n he Ithy. For particulars addreaa das H. Smith, Forter* Corner. farat >ga county, N. Y. No exchange of propii ty. TiYU'U FOR SALK O't KKCHANGE-25 MILKS FROM JU city, si st torn good bu Inn s; al Kindi of farming Implements; np-v rai ie. fowls; crops worth double the amount asked ' r n easy. WELLING x DRURY, 14 Cuamliers street. TVACTOKY IN BROOKLYN FOR SALE?A BRICK J1 B i In.', hi by It ? feel; Engine an! Engine House, chimney eevent.five fe?t big' an abundant supply of good Well water. App > to II. A WARREN, Id Old slip. I j'OR SiL> ?A FOU I ST >RY HIGH STOOP BROUN Hoc * in West Tw-ntv north street, letween Broadway and H i aven e * 'so th" four atorv and base. Tne it Mar |e iiu |d n.; -1 Liberty gireet. Apply to S. M. LEVY, 37U Broadway. a I j^O!l HALK?IN BROOK ITN? TTfB TWO 8TORY BASE ^ moiitnn l wtt'c fra ?? !!?? t* 1? (Jol l 8 r??? t between Ftn ^aii i I'rospect e B ooX yn, conveireTit to N?vr /iu- lHul terr'ftj). 'Hit. aie :*? n 'Oo:ris: p?.s and water; r?j 'ab ;? fi.r two price $2 WUU. For terms, Ac., ap jilyr on ffie j rem sen. 1 u>OU SA LE?SUITARI F, FOR A GROCERY OR PRI 1 rate re*i<t*uce. s Corner Hon o three s*orcs, built of .the beet materia!*; corhrr W the avenue and fav or street; Very uente il n*ighborho ? I. Vppy to II. KRUMMEL, No. 123 Myrtle avenue, Br aiUyn }|30R SALK-A FIRSI' CLASS FURNISHED PARLOR llou-e. In Broome stiart. with two years'lease. Ap ply at 147 We. t Broadway. T?0!t BALE?THRKR YEARS' LEASE OF FOUR Jj atory and ' ssenient Ho i e 13 Varick stroet. Reut T700. In ulreat Id atreet. 1?ORSVt,E-IN TARRYTOWN, A SUPERIOR FARM J' of Ml acres dtvl I d inm Ion of three to s*ven acres b. a new atone wall: a nremtnni farm, a p< rl'ect vardcit; ?ot th ee m les from the depot Addres* for three dava Mr. Ir!ii,.s n, lleiald o lice. I j'OR 8 A LE?ONE TRIANGULAR LOT OF GROUND, ' on the south side o' 2" a'roet, near Eleventh avenue; a!*o lliii.*? ... I ' nt 32.' Kp i i *t c -t. I'ltntou Market. A ply to W A PRKN S W 1LKKY, S3 Sp uce streeg up stair* from HI A M. to 12 VI. For oalb?the hands im-.; three sT'iry nioi *, np H >u e N ? 3. A'-st Forty uflli atieet. lot 2dx !. tn eie-ant order and immediate posnesnou Price It no ">r.csge. Apol on th* preml'e*. be-.ween 10 A. >i and o P. M., . r to J A. I'AGK, 2Js Broadway. I.AOR P Al.K ?A COTTAGE HOUSE AND '* ACRE OF 1 Land in s beautiful si'.natlnn on the F.sst river Iof an h or from N w Ynrk b- *t"?ml>oat. Near the water, fruit shite. ? snlii r. Ac., situ ? e I at C ty Is'aiid Price ?: ft*j. lii'iutro at 25 Rutgers street, of A. MASON F'OR PALE ?PALACB Its )OK. GRAPK ISLAND AND ne i l,;.dnln: land-. 7 acres n ad 5II of which are In swood. Prt e3I,T>M l.ocaiion within a rai o of the vl Inge o! Puic (gue, Lung Is and. I lie nropertv afTo'ds lin? la ?little* fo growing ?-h ami f r the c iKIvation u'ennber. !??? and gr* i.e* the'a tern whieb grow sponianeonsly on tGrspe I- and a b at of three acres In pi re of the owner, SAM"' LC. IIA V KI Nd, Pat- h igue, #u Pilk curat *, L. I., or a. K. WAKKEN PI Cat arln" str-e1.. N. Y TAOR 8.1 K-A FINE COUNTRY SKAT. NEAR KLI7.A 1 beth. V .'. con11 ri-ng a large an I One two story Ho *e hi i mat re ir barns uillnt 11 ngs Ac an I i Farm | Of 35 acres m exec lent Land wit" car en and I ruit: pi tea S o,0 a i> >rti n of wt eh n be aeeure by mortgage For i ii i lar apply tn FitKDRKI ' A. WARD 137 Broad* wrav r- mn 11. I/OR SaI.E?AT FORT I'R A NEW HOUSE. WITH ' I. .i* or in re Lots. 2As. *1, well laid ? ut. w if th fruit ru n the an ling b ey|* , of Bl<e IIlid "i river a ore v stml Will a* I or e?"hau e for asm. ! lion." md i.o ra Hi " a yn or J-raey Wly. Pr.ce ^ fiOJ Address VI. L. box ITU ller i.d o hce. |,10R HALB-A RltD'K HOUSE AND ,81 \ Lt)TS, IN I Lifae'te nilagi. Imlsons uiitf N. J., one mile and a quH'tio iroin tii' ferry; eat- leave < very twin minut"* Tro.n t i" ! .or fne b mi-" i- feet f. nt. 5 f et deep. In I -1 n L eAten* n. ten roou s with g * and water tir o: " nt. The grounds I* e o i tnree s r. et?. an i ar* well Tani o;t w I h il.osrrs an ?liru eieiv an I over . u f r t ne*#, 1 .aw ton b le.b'-rrv. toil* c. In i re ol P. F. MKS. OHUTT on tnep e i.ise* c. r"er of Washington sTenue and VtiUTT o , t ie ii e ...*??*. c r cr Ol W ashington avenue and Onminuti new Ito.d I a'aveite N J. Pr ce $l-.tXK). Ilatf Can rem *ln >n bond and mortgage. TjhOR pair-Farm o 21 acres in dutchess r amniy, good bml llB.e, fruit wai r. Ae. In view of t e find-on. A o u'J BltrS*la Ko laud cu ntr; good build (nt* Ae Good Karin* 'or fsrming initpoeea. Convenient to tail, oM'ls Ac. Pt.oe low; terms (:<?. J, K. HATCH. 373 Ninth avenue. Or 25 Pine street; room IS. T/OR 8AI.B?"0 AC(^{ FARM. TO ACRF8 UNDER Cl'L ?' t'vst on aeii frit tet and watered. Building-lair; half nil frotn ?|l age, achno . ch'ir. h p >?t o bco, Ac ; 20 miles weal 'if Nowbnrg 11 tnllee from M dd elown. O od farm ingeoiin rt. J. k. hatch, 376 Ninth avenue, or 25 Pine street, room IX J R Sa LE?IN CLINTON AVENUE. BROOKLYN m witP O ,h'~l ' od'l"^'!*:r' l!"' av''n.u"' " I'welllng Honae, ?wiiar if)' O'T rn ?onven an! two Lot* of nrA.t?a?? *?, "i glrrh in: . ecludel.. AI'jil? to GEO w H\Ll' Ell ?tre-t, IIroo* ,n over City Bank. ' T7TOR sai.e?a beautiful country seat, with J1 at.out in *cr*e of land located on the R.otawav mad, fkr,.itli Jamaica L. I., two mile-from the depot The Man ?ten, wh en la elegantly ftni*h".l contain, every eonrenl ?n ? of a cliv re- d-nc*. Th* grounds hand omelv laid out (an l the land wel rnliivated, with all the n*ce*ear? out b< lid ng* Price $1 '.?*>?. Terms to eull. Apply to J09EPB JU A SUN, No. >s Fine alreet. stre t.'u No"k^r?rik!D, "i81" TOl,RTH Biouae an I |,?( jys l0 w L near Broadway, and ?lonue. Apply,, No lb E*., Ho.tnieenth"^^"''*' Kl,lfc For hale-vt mokristownaW j, a beauti ftiit? M-ated Oounir. Heat. conaislTng of a good houso *rol oulbu Id ngs, twenty acres of Isnd, e o ce fruit, Ac ; dl-tant about |Aj; ml os from depot; also a large modern Flense an i three acrea, H. BDDT, Ne. 8 Fine street. T7IOR RALE-IN LLEWELLYN PARK, NORTH J? O *n e. the Res dence ..f the late R eS.mond W. JslTra., ?vitiun on* hour'* ride ol the eltv; a hand ome and well Cut i house w th ever oone nl*nee; 13 acres of lend well let.1 o f la lawn bower sn.l k tchsn gartlen; abundance of fi ol sill >e U lea m their >???)?. Stable I- ef at n?; Urse and commod uns Altocstlicr a ver desirable gentle man's nce Apply to K H. LUDLOW A CO . Ro. 3 Pine street near Broadway. TIOR S VLE?IN HOnOKEN, SEVERAL FIRST CLASH P Houses wuh modern mprovements, r-nted for the sit yea- ie good tensnli. psv ng from nine to eleven per cut a g.rn i investment. JamK8 hk.nsoN, Real B-tate ?nni. I a WaehiBhton stroet, Hoboken N. J. J'OR Sa\,R-IN BROOKLYN, CORNER OF LAFAY ette and Mare aven ie? a Grocery Store and Dwelling; also two Lots adioinlli , 3*75, e'ore leased l-r four year, to B good tenant. 1'av s over 11 per "ant A good Investment Apply to JAMBS BKNKON. IH2 Washington street, Hobo k -n, N. J. Jj'OR SALE-TWO HOUSES AND LOTH ON FOURTH l* street, ne*r S tih avenue now renting fnf $1 ,H2A per annum, I'rlre tlfi.OS). Apply to JOHN McCLAYE. 44 |P nc street. TJIOR RALE AT A bargain-building loth at r Y o kers. 'rum one miarter to a full a m. or more if desire apply to PA IE A B it AG EN. Ms Broadway Jj'lHd s LP. CHKAP-TIIRKR LpTR and BRICK art v t U A SUN, No. 5fy I'lnc stmet. Houses (ool'eg" -tvlm, hci **ad lobe the cheapest prop .os liberal. Apply to JOSEPH srtr on Murray Mill* Tern 2ft OR HVl.K. ( )! AP-A RUPERIOR BROWN HTONB " front House, situated on siitletb sue-t, ne ir Leslngtop renua, the man entrauoe to the Central Park; Belgian Eavement and cut ciirh In the street all mode, n Imtirave; t.vir story, ha ernePt and tin'er cellar; i art of ,mr gbus" monev nan" lematn on boud and mortgnge at sit p er pent, tnniire of A. KENNEDY A SON, Iluildc e on the kromleo or al their o lice, 12(1 Bast Thlrly-IUtl -treet C/OR SALK OR EXCHANGE-EXTRA LARGE HI7.F. JT llnely situated House 131 rttttoenlh eirpel between ir wing b ice and T .lrd avenue Prico (o; son Posse-Ion st any t me Te rn* **sv. Would eiehange for oountry pro perty Ai.p'y nn the premises, I/OR ETCHANGR TWO HTORV HIGII HTOOP Ifonse, in Brooklyn, fur a larger houso or house with B*tra Ims, or small country plane, within one hour of Now work Prnc pate address Smith. Herald eoiee. airtps < uM ?Mttonlara ?AlilCH or BXUi bstatb. F OR BALK AMI) KXCIIANGH.-A NUMBER ON _ i arm?, Country Se*U an 1 Sum 1 PianM. w Itniu on? or t-oloica of tbe c>4/. to oiler ea low ?? l'-'"*'*?* "P 1? fctU.OoO. J. K IR LAND A DO.. No. 1 Tryon row. corner Centre nwl. nOUBK WANTED TO PURCHASE FDR 0AHA1 ? tnranor four atory high ?tooi?, modern, 2') to & fwt front. 6 to ft& feet dwp Fourth to Hiitn ??'?'??, Thirtys ?th to Fori/ieventh streets. Apply to ADAMS A CO., 'JflS Broad way. I WILL SELL, ON FAIRVIKW AVBNUR. HKROKN H it, N. J., a I'iot of CJround 10Hi47 fret The situ atmu le near lb* Rev Mr French ? c'lU'Ch, and lu one of the moat eligib '* stliiaMnna known nllhla e nil I tine im provements on oiihor aid ? nndoppesl'e. The groun l? are handsomely Improved ami contain *e eoilonaof elm oe lmil. grapes. flowers. evergreens Ac , of anreral years' arowih. Distance ahool two tin ea from the Cnrtiendt or P*s bro ea street fernea. by home rara every ten m nutea Pr ee low and term" easy. Inquire of MOORB A CO , 75 Broad street. New York. RAVBSBWOOD PKOPERTf AT A BaKiIAIM.-A Cottage llouae. coiilaininr nine rno na wnb Carriage IImic nnd three Lot* no ler fine riiltirat on; situation per fectly healthy and easy of acoas pi the n ty with tunned ate poa-nsntno. Will sell or exchange. Apply to W. H. RaY NOK, No. 6 Plus street. SACIIEM'S HEaD-AT CLfNTON, ON TUB ROt'ND. Ill in lea eoat of Sachem a Head, are three beautiful re deuces for sale one $1,4 11; one$1,800; one$4,001, new; ee ebrsted for mire air. aea food and sea bathing. Particu lars of U. B. STEVENS, tODey street. rrmiBl) AVENUE LOTS FOR 8ALB.-TWO FULL LOT8 I. on the cast site of third avenue flit feet north of Fifty third atrret; a One bnaine-' location. Also four full Lota on the north aide of Fifty tilth street, one hundred feet west nf Second avenue: three fourllia may remain on ntort ga;? for a term of years. Apply to K. H. LUDLOW A CO., No. 3 Pino street. . ALUaBLK WATER POWER AND BUILDINHS FOR sale clman, lioore from New York city 7 acres of Mrtli go d I,and; the b Tlldlng is HKU4U, and fnur > orles high; with the capa it of 2 W horae power, never falling w .ter power. acveral dr inn liou-es, bai ns she Is, and other liullriincB: operutlvoa io the Immediate ne ghhorhond fur any business: churches, schools academies, Ac.' situated In the county o O-anga N. Y. Will be anl t on very favorable terms. Ad re a N. K. ltecdo. Newburg, Orange county, N. Y, or 102 Water street. WANTED TO PURCHASE?A LOT IN ORCBBWOOD. Addi'R.s staling location and terms, Greenwood, box 3,274 Post office. N. Y. 7TH AND I0TH WARD PROPERTY WANTED.? Houses and Lots In either of the above wards. Apply to JOHN McCLAVK 41 Pine street Cil <) nnn F0R a SPLENDID country seat on ?l fliWUl" I.onylsan tnd, three and a half miles front the terry; 7 acres of pood land, elegant house, lodge and out buildings; all in good order; terms easy. CHAM. E MILLS, 34 Cedar street. SO Q/tfJ WILL RUT A FARM OF FIFTY ACRES, O.Ou'/ with the growing crops of wheat, r>e,corn, beans, peas, oata, apples tears, sc., near the village or Kariiiingdale. L. I : house In good order; also b .i n snd nut buildings und excellent water: a | leasant locatiou on the main Apply at 170 Chatham stieet. roo n No. 3. S^) 000 ~?M T|,K 8AST BANK ?r THf? from thn city; lirai class gtj a'oiy Residence: 12 rooms; neut outbuildings, acre of choice gar den; tru t. shade, Ac.; a bargain. W. P. SEYMOUR. 171 Broadway. SO 000 ~tKaRM 10' ACRES" 25 MII-KS from new irk; -hi acr-'s wood, the balance good arable land; mock and crops Inc uded; 2 acres n ?, 10 In winter grain, 10 In corn, 8 in oats and 2 In potatoes; buildings good. WELLING A DRURY, 14 Chambers street. A FOR SAI.K. A FIRST RATE PAYING ESTABLISHED BUSINESS lor sale. ?AH the Interest, Stock, Too a. Ac., f'>r aale In the celebrated Ktcliaria A Co.?a Cement; best Cement lor china Ac . in the market. Huh been larsely advertised and se ll rapl'ily at a Rood proht. I'arllus will he learned how to n.ake and put up the article for market Price, eveiy. thing complete $ iiW. Ait energetic man can eat Ijr make $7,000 per vear. We have more business than tve can attend to w itito .t lb a. RICHARDS A CO., 97 William at. A FIRST RATI LIQUOR BAR. Ll'NCH COUNT BR ant Liquor more lor ale.?The hest location 011 South ?treet, ? ntm*lie femes and ateainboat landings. Cheap rent. Lea-e ten jreara. tl A. RoBIN'SON A CO., 85 Nassau street, rooms No. 4 and 5. A FINK DININO AN"D LODGING HOUSE FOR SALE ? J\. One of the be t locations: handsomely lined up and turn she I; all In complete order; doing nn eicolleut busl U0-8. a. A. ROBINSON A CO . 85 Nassau street, rooms N >. 4 and 8. A CLOAK AND MANTILLA STORE FOR SALK-NOW doing a good business and caoable of being attended to any amount. Owner baying business In another State the cause for telling. For particulars addreaa Mantilla, Hera d odlce. AORFSAT BARGAIN IN AN ICE CREAM SALOON a:. I Fruit Store, on ono of the be t avenues. In per feet runn tig order, completely furnished. Fine opening, with small capital, for widow lady or \ounz man. RICHARDSON A PLaTI, leu Broadway. A NICK 8BOAR STORB, OLD STAND, NIWLY T ainted an I lilted, doing a good business. Stock, Ft*, turns and all pertaining, for #."> W; rent $ -a e* #b) to $t$ per day. KI'JHaKDSON A FLATr, ISO Broadway? A liquor stork for sai e at a LOW PRICE. It is In a good business lucat uu: also a Stationery cot News Depot which dues a fine business; al-o a Lunch ant Barroom, Bakeries, Groceries rnrnei Liquor Stores Men' Markets, bol-ls. W. H. MITCHELL, 77 Cedar aticel^ A PARTY WANTED?TO PURCHASE THE MOST I pro tnble bit Ineas in thla city, established permanent. ' without rlas. For particulars apply to J. T. STANLY, 4i Chatham circot, room No. 3. I AVKRY GOOD CHANCE -A CORNER LIQUOR Stare for sale, doing a line paying business and must be edd ahmi as the owner la going to the old country. Any , one that wants It iray a|ip ? at the corner of 11 c .? and At- i lant.c alroeta two blocks from tbe South ferry, Brooklyn^ j A RARE CHANCE?FOR K A LB. THE I,RASE AND Fixtures o' House and Store 41 Centre aiieet; has been oecunicd for the past IS years a anew an I Ocond j ban I e ntiling end lurulture at?re; will be sold with or w lllimit fixture* cheap. ' A RARE OH ANCE.-FOR 8 ALR. A BARROOM. DOING a good cash bit-In--* and we I fitted Hp; to be sold cheap as tin-proprietor If garni to retire from business. Can lie s-en for one week at t34 Cro by atreet, irom SAM. to CP M. ? WN1NG FOR SALE?IN COMPLETE ORDBR. AP pb'at tbe wh ileaale Ice cream depot, 299 Fourth are. RAKEKY.-A rare chance, for sale, to a rash cn-l imer, a we > esiablithed Bread and 0 ke H.k# \ Confectioner, and Ire Cream SVnon. Or.e of the b.--t stand* in the city; doing a lar.n bi (no s o er the counter: with a Ion* lease, c r further t annular* Inquire on the p emlsea, No. Ill .M j i Ic avenue, corner of Gold strr-t Brooklyn. BUSINESS ATA B A RO AIN.-AN OLD F.STA BI.I3 'f KD cash mannfaetuilitg buauiras, coe? tmgof Hqi dings, Engine. Mils livens. A .. will he sold for $2 54)0; no brokers need apply. Address t)., Ilrrald ofbee. /"IANADA lumber yard, lumber district. AL \i bniiy N. Y ?The aubfcrihera are ti"*v r eivlog Inrze lota of Pine and llaidwood Lumber, which Kiev arc i re pared to sell to ti e trade at market puce.'. Fire i i-r rent olT '#r _ JDNE8 A CO. DBl'O STORK FOR 8ALB.-A CENTRALLY RITU. Ulei! and well lltted up Drug Store, doing a good cash bus;nosa in No.xb ,rg, a thriving town on the Hudson. Ad drcas Druggist, box SSU, Newburg, N. Y^ _____ DP.UG 8TORE FOR SALE-VERY CHEAP; GOOD *to?k snd nr ghborhoo I Will be so d for n ?lf >ls real y*lue. An extraurd narr cnance for a physician or druggist. Call at 20 Seventh avenue. Drug store for balk-on account ok ill health; establlahed over IS years and doing a large bu tties*, tloot opimrtnnlt' for a druggist or ph'iclan. Addrcas Druggist, llcrald odlce. - VDIRRT CLASS CORNER LIQUOR STORF FOR S ALE ? P Also a beautifully titled up Saloon or Shade", d'wn town; both well known and pa. lug the heat of any In the c:t>, and can l>e largely Increased bv a smart attire man. No res-one given for selling. Appli at the li ,n r store c .rner ol How. nnl and Cro b? streets Forsale-a desirvble, large AND OLD K8 tabltahed Gioeery Bualne 4. a tua'ed In one of the largest Western cities. It has tieen eatabll hed over twenty years s doings very extensive and satisfactory trade, being done 'exclusively for cash. For one nr two energetic young men who wish to go Into a business already mndc, this Is mi opportunity -eldom o fared. Fur part enlara appyte BARCLAY A LIVINGSTON. Beaver street. New York. FfOR SALE?SCHOONER WM MAXTOR. SHE CAR 1 tie I'M tens enal; has a centre board; waa built at Northuort L. I., In I9w; le 05 feet keet. 8k feet beam, feel hold; copi er fastened; draws 7W feet xyster when deeply loaded, is well found In sails, r Ming, anchors, cha'na. Ac. Apply to COLlI8 A M ITCIIlLL. \6l South at FAOR HALK-A PHOTOGRAPHIC GALLERY, FIRST 1 diss. In Broadwav, N Y., cheap for cash, Keaaxn for ?e'tlng tne nr iprleter Is going tn tha country. Apply to J. Of. BUHULS A CO , No 4 New Chambers -".reel, N. Y. FOR 8ALE-ARECOND HAND ENGINE LATHE, WITH screw about 6 feet long; oan he used bv font or power; aino. a new Platform Brat#, weighs 4<>0 pounds, at SO Woet Broadway, N. Y. OR 8ALB-Tn B 8TOGK AND FIXTURES OF A WELL _ established and Ifgitlmato business, now tak'ng dally from $50 to $75, and e?n be tnrreaaed Beat loontion In the city. Apply to MILTON A CO., 208 Broadway. _ For sale?a rinsT class groorrt and liquor (It re, with a good stock of Liquors and oyer sixty barrels or Ale. There la a good lea e and over ninety faml Hot nn the premier a The ahore would nnl be es d on any terms only tne present owner kaa other and more important business in attend in For further parttonlara address, until sold, W M , box 127 Hrmld olHoe. FOR SALE-OWEN COLLINS1 PATENT DEFENSIVE Iron Clad Armor, for vessels o" war and fnrtldcatlona or met can M e pursuits Liberal terms made to ahlnbul dera and lion makera Address Owen Collins, 73 Mutt street,N. Y. For saLe-a pirst class corner liquor Store with long lease handsomely (Hied tip and do ng a large business, on faror.ible term*; also a tp.ondld now Hbggy. Apply at 452 Hudson street. P>ORHALK-A GROCERY AND LIQUOR STORB. WITH Stock. Fixture* and a three years' Lease, now doing a good bualne a; will be sol I at a great bargain: aaMefactory reasons given for telling out Inquire at 96 West Twenty fourth street. FXOR SALB-A DESIRABLE LARGE AND Ol,D FS tab it ed Roardiiot House In Spring street, opposite the market together wnh ihe Stock and P xtures of the dining an I ba room undernealh. Rent ef the whole house very rheap Inquire of P. UaFFNKY, Auctioneer, 28 Cham I be IS at reel, room No 5. FNOR SALE?WtTfT tMMRDtAfl Possession, a I Aral c a*< v?i'>r stand nn ler one Of the beft hotels la thts eitr doing a good I nattiest; only aniall capital required. Address box ft.fu'7 New York feat odlce. For sale?the stock and fixtures of thr M lllnery Store 4 s? Third avenue (with lease for nine tnnnthej. doing a very good business. Alio, a cam of ladles' nalmoral Bonis. _ IVOR sai.k -? l ixi: NBW RT1AM VDRJMfM J1 tneasipomen'; desirable engine. Apply to WILLIAMS, 1BF, A CO., 25 William atreet. , tuSOR RALB-THK STOCK, FIXTURES LEASE, AC, V of the Rar and Lunch Room, known aa lb# Kldorado, No. 5 Centre atr ei nppuaiie the Park, For halr-lrarn. rtoce, fixtures and oood will of an old e-tau lahed retail Hoot and Shoe Store, doing a pro'.table cash hualneoa. For oartleulara iqoulre at, xop Court a treat Bruxtkivo, F FOR BALK. ^ IfOR 8AT,K-0,XK Half IN I KKKHT IN A LaBUK ? And 'Til Ha Patent Med no v drntij ? bu -I*' M 4mm m o I ? three tmii Ira i Mm is(n4 s pur '?"?r line ?oil lop wi*hin * to * tir* fro ,i pk-? him* im on lo bnah.e-s. Api> / at 675 Hnad vai, up selra, luaHo. I Irom * tu ? P M. L'OR 8M.K-TWO SECONDHAND BIL.LIAK < TA. r !)>? nearly ne v, mar.he beds Apn > ?< '27 to ith at If )R 8ALK?THR STOCK rtXIURKB AND LKsNR of a down town Lunch Room mil ha atrt.t c?'?|i lo a cash ooetomer. For particulars Inquire at M. LUUdd 212 P.ilton street. L?t?R HALB CHKAP-RO.nun RRCOVn HAND BRIO* I At 84 Va try street. A up y ou ina preiuura. If OR RALR OR TK AD' ? A HOMKOPA TWO RPBOI I1 Ho annueln, convlslns of Tincture, P.llets. MorUra, Ac. Apply At 60 White street, up stA r?. IfIRR AND RII KOLA R PROOF fi t FRS POR RA AT " '.'5 percent less iIiah iiiaiiu a'to Pars' prices. in dose an e t le ? lleiTtng's, VAlentlne A Butlar'i malt's?in store 82 Maiden ane. HOTEL FOR HALF.-CHEAP AND Oft RASV TRRMR, one of tha beat, moat dreirably located and mnoe? mat Inn, fully and bunIsomely furn abed, faruruble lease and doing a lull imi men 80UTIIWI0K * WOOD. We. 18 Plna street. ONR OF THIS ltKST OVHTRR AND DRINKING 8A loons an Siath avenue. with simper rooms 11 ached for an.a; a bargain; it bus lieen carried on succ-ssl ul y lir the ? resent' ruprtrlnr for nearly liveiaaia doina an excellent ii In-as Ca ! and see. 807 Rlsth arenuo corner of Nine toenih etraet. satisfactory reason given fur *e Img. No agent need imply. PATENT FOR SALE?OK AN KXTRRMXLY VALU ab e Invent nn. ve v c aap'v made and iiiror line large profits. or w II t ike a partner or merge In a obartered com - patty to manu'acture. SOUTH WIOK A WOOD. No. 18 Pine street' rnu PRINTKI18.-KOH RALE. A RMALL WKRKLY 1 Near paper and Job O'fice, near this oily Price $1 000. For partle ilars address Newspaper, hok tit Herald o I ce. TOBACCONISTS, ATTENTION?TOR SALE ONE OK Rogers' Cutting Machines, in onmp'ete order, together with Ave Press Hnrra. Maoh ne ean he run by band or steam power. Apply at 2 >7 and 202 Water street. CLOTHING. A SURER PLACE.?AT 28,'f SIXTH AVENUE, LADIK8 and gentlemen tvill find the fair nnd h ne t d'airr II. MINTZ, to whom th ?>? can dlspoae of their Ouai Olf Cloth ing, Carpets, Kurnlture and .lawelry, at f>0 per cent more than hy n'her dr-tlers in the cltv, I promise io pay the fol lowing prices ?Slk Dresses from JUS to $4f>. Omits. ?4 to $18; PaiPS $.'tn$7. Alan for Woolen, Delaine and Muslin Dresses the h gbest '-ash priee will be i aid A ca I nr h note by post will he punctually attended In. I,adi"K attended to b.v M a Mintt Kerne nher the original It. Mln'x and Ihe number, 2-3 Sixth avenue, near Kijhteenth street. Orders from Hronklvn and Jers -y Cliy ponetnal y alt-nded to Attention.?at 222 seventh avenue, near Twenty-tlflii street. Ladice and gentlemen. I have tho pleasure to aunnunre again tbat I have reco vnd a large Ordegfrnm Ca iforn a and the Western markets to pay the highest prices for ladles' and gentlemen's Wearing Apparel, Carpets. Furniture Jewelry. Ac., bi paving .'?i p-r cent more tban anv other deaht' In Hie city. We guarantee to pay for ladies'Silk Dresses from S9to$i>; Woolen, from $1 to $10; also Calico. Delaine, Muslin, te. Gent ?'n-n s Coats. from $.'> to $20; Pants, from $2 lo $7. Ac Ladies and gentlemen, don't forget tin right number. M MAltCKri. 222 SoynpIh avenun. near Twenlv-Hflb street. Itv ca llngnn or .'idarnsslng me you will be dealt with honestly. Orders will be a tended to from Ilrooklvn New Jersey, Hoboken, Rtalnn Is and, Ac. Ladies punctually attended lo by Mrs. Marcka. Attention.?at 212 bkvbntii avenue, b ro 8ENBEKG. the Call ornlaand We-tetn agency "lore, received large orders to pit chase $7S.G*> worth of Cn Off Clotting. Tlu'sn O'rtrrs must tie filled In ? rer ?? s tort time Lsdles ami gentlemen I wish ' oil would lake par tieu ar notice and <>o't over your war Irobe . ami s-e if you have anv clothing you do nol need. Kor your satlstactlnn I w II nv ntion -ome of the prices ?Silk Dresses from $? to avV Coats from to $2'., Pants from *3 to $7: a so. Wolillen ami Mt.s in Dress-a. Carpels. Enr.,iiure. ;lewe;rr, Jkc bv c tHin : on or addre*s?tnr H. ROdKN BfSRtl* 212 Seventh avenue. L&dlfts attended to bj Mrs Rosenberg, in and out of the city. Attention?at tub new stork, iu third avenue. lailies ami gentlemen arc guaranteed tore celve the htghe-t pr ces for e ich article o' caal o'l Wear ag Apparel. Furniture, Carpets, Ac. for t?Ri South a en and Western market'. I'lcase remember. and try C. MISH. IU Third avenue, near Fourteenth Ladles attended to bT .Mr-.Mish. Orders from Brooklyn and vicinity attend ed to. ? ATTENTfON.?M. ABRAHAMS, 292 SEVENTH AVB n ie between Twenty-fifth and Twent -X:tli streets has an order In hand I mm the Western and California markets for 320.1)0 worth of Cast Off Clothing. whloh he wl-hcs to till up immediately; therefore ho will pur more liberally than any other ilea'er Address or call on Mr. or Mrs. Abra ham* 2.19 Seventh avenue. At sm bovykry.-h. Rosenthal has a or rat desire to purchase a large quantity of Cast Olf Wearing Appsrel. Kiiruiiiire, Carpets, Jnwelry. Ac. H ca I ns on or addressing h in la.l es and gsotleim n can obta'n the ul mo?t vn lie for each article. Lad e-attended to by Mr* Rosen thai, fleam remember, and try 351) Bowery, oppos te fireat Jones street. i GREAT demand for clothing.-ladies and A pu'iHlorren can H?? h ghost pr co for their t.aHt Off Cloth eg Kuril tore, Carpets, Ac , by eal lug on .t ad dressing II OOHN.240 Seventh a>enne, next to tnc drug store. Lad e* attended to by Mrs Colin. AT 242 SEVENTH AVENUE. CORNER OF TWENTV. sixth a;ipet, E. HART wl I pav the highest prices for l?ll"s and gentlemen's ("a t Oir Clothing, Carpets, furnl tare Ae.. hi or addressing a note. attended to br Mrs. Ilark ATTF.NTION.-5M THIRD A VF.NUF.-L A D! ES AN D centlemau ran receive the blithest price for Cast Off CiOihlng Carpets, Jewelry. Ae.. hv calling at the sddreas of M. LEON, at the above number. I.a lies attended by Mia. MM. Bat Man Thirty eighth aad fnlrty-alnth st-. Ae TIIP, NEW RTOKK. fl*? CARMINE STREET.?LA dies an I gentlemen can receive 50 per cent mere foe Cast Oir Clothing, furniture. Carpel* and Jewelry by calllug on or addressing H. H ART. at the above "umber, will be punctually attended to. Ladies attended toby Mrs. Bart. A T 134 SEVENTH AVENUE, BETWEEN NINETEENTH A and Twentieth street . la lies an1 gentlemen wl . ro reive the highest pr re for their Cast llilb "thing i ?n*'* Kurniture. Ar., by hilling on or addressing b MILLER. Ladies attended by Mrs. Miller. . a T 137 HIXIII AVENUE - LADIES AND OF.NTI.K A men. if ion ? si to re eive it e highest price for vour Cast Oil CI ithtng. Ca pets, KurtillureAc the best yoii-an do is to ca I on or send a note to h M I NT A. at No 1 u Bivth avenue, two donra I rout Tenth street. Ladles attended by M a. Mint'. Tiae, you will ha dealt with to your satisfac tion a nu benefit. t TTF.NTI0N ?Til K ONLY PLACE WHERE VOU C AN A get the worth or your money and the ful value for our Cast o I Clothing. Can eta Euro lure and Jewe ry is t ? ap i Iv toor address LKWI8 MadRK My Mn'h a?enue. La d ca ntien led to by Mrs Marer. N. 1) -Ad orders promj lly attended to. pnKAP AND FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. I J 51.'Broadwav C othlng stjre. O,. LKVTE Bus nesa Coats. English and oiher styles *I to 15 Black rroek Cost-, line ? '2? A pais and Lineu Coats f ?? ? Cs-a'mere fan's an 1 \ est to match J> to 16 Satinet sad Linen 1 t? 6 Ves t a yarleiy GENTLEMEN'S NEW AND LEFT OFF CLOTHING pureba*'d for the Weet The in I value wil he paid without seeking to inros- Ca'l at the su.rr or addreas THOM AS D CON HOY, 601 l'esr! street, between Centre and Chatham e'reete. 1 CASH BE RO PATS THE_ HIGHEST PRICB FOE 1 J, la lira' and gentle sen's Cast O'l Clothing J *r,Vo? waited upon h addie- lug L. Casbnerg. IS Ea-l T?elflh street, near Broadwav. Ls lies waited upon by Mia c. rriJE OLD STAND REVIVED?SIS SEVENTH AVE J nue Having ml returned froin the West with large orders we re-pe tful ? annunnce to our ol , customers sod the pub'Ic general'y thatweaie still psylngthehl he i rash prices for ladies a d gents' Cast (XT Clnt tig Cir|U>a fur nuure and Jewelr-'. Please call on or addreas a not- per post to J. HKKXBAUM A CO . and you ?l I be sure to be prompt y and to your n?n aatisfactlon attended to. N. Ladles attended to bv a lady. Clio Ann WORTH OF CLOTHING WANTKO MD.WOO I Will nav the hlvhe.t pfiee f r last Off Clothing. Carretsand Furniture Call on or addr ? s If w STRAUSS, 3d.i Seventh avenue, between Thirty third and Thirty-fourth streets. Lad ea attends 1 bv Mrs Str*u-?. PERRONAL. a p X.-IF TUB PERSONS WHO WROTB TO Till A. man at the gaa house, and signing thnnselves A D. X wll' give more Information concming the partv ln?y wrote about, and alaie where an Int-rview can be nad. they will oblige *? "? T > ?** . /9AIITK DB VISITK I3TII J ORB, 9 JO A. M. AU8 tri'aalan, 15th June V 91A.M. INFORMATION WANTED-or MICHAEL LKAllf, 1 who eamn t ? thle country almnt four years a.nce frmn Ar 1o ennntv Walerford, Ireland, hv his sl-ter, Bridget I,-shy. Addreae fa?r ok (Juln, H87 Third arenus, corner of Ft: ty seventh streak IF EDWTrD CUTHRERT IS IM THIS CtTT. BT ? IB 1 Railing at West Fifty tlfth street, west caraer of B ghlh avenue, he can hear from h ssi-ter. ^ I IF A. MONTGOMERY. BELONGING To PWRDEN IS 1 in New York, bv applying at Jd Market street, he will ?ee his friend, (H?or?a Llvermhre. Csll for three dsva TF~TIII8 SHOULD MRBT TUB EVR OF THE BOT I who left Al'e.-anv College. In the oompany of aoother, named David Uord >n. In October last, he wl l hear of some thing very mnsii to hl? advantage by addressing II S , Her ild oflid. I y THIS BIIOl I.d' MF.RT THE RYE OF CAPTAIN 1 Bennett or either of his bothers (paper gliders) who resided on the se ond door of 101 Broadway In the year IW. bv calling at 40 Trinity place, in the rear, they will hear of a friend. _ I~OfHAH.?TilI'lRF. IB A LBTTRR IB TIIK BROAD wav foal ofTics for you from URRTY. M" IKING SINCE TUESDAY LAST. A BOY. NAMED Gilbert Lawrence, light hair, tear on the forehead aged abont ten vear . had dark suit of clothes, light Beolefi can black velvet around It. Any Information of him will be thankfully received hjf his atlllcted parents at 171 Bast Twenty ninth street. coilM "OR COHNK. WHO FORMERLY KEPT A ? furniture store in Augusta. Georgia, and recently re turned from Enrepe. w II hear of someUlnetehlaadysn^ Use hy sending his address to L. J. K . box f.KU New \ ork foal oillee. . ||s RcntrAhRR OR MR HARR1B FUM AR IB RE jNl qtiealed to -end word to Mr. George Muller, at Jegel ( Hotel. Barclay street. f> r r-Al.L YOUR TRRSONALS NOTICED. I . II nlTord#?l much napi-lne > to "far from you. and io know a I Is wel'. Mv (ove to wife T'B her T sm well, sn I e*trsmelv antlous to see Iter, "er father so I al.tera are well and semi their lnv* Tell her to Inform sister T tile that loe Is well, and that be received Ihs letters and picture .and that he wrote to her. I ?sw M se I w She was de' gMed to h- ar from yun She re<|tie<ts nt# to send lota ol love le ton. and ap ke ol the man* t nrptr hours passed '?> sour oompany, and is most en Gnu to -ee voo w N requests Fted to give love to his wife; he a in business in Montioal, Canada. Let me hi ar from you often. Jo SB It, 19N> ? 5 ( X17ILL YOU DO MR A FAVORt"?THE PARTT w *\ who asked ?hte question last Friday f M erne' of Bsrelav -treel and Broad wav, ran Itear of semethlnf to fheir ad'antage lit a ldreesmg H. J. 0., Ilera J ort ce, stating where a note sea he sank * WILLIAM L. 11 UNTK.R AND IBABKLI.A M ? HUN. lor will ftml letters from England at 17 Nassa t ? '"1 r,,. MRS. V M. n. CALL AT Till' OI NFRaL root ofhee this fo- eaeon sod get a letter f TA/ANTED-TG ADOPT. A riNE MBALtilY FKMAl.R W Infant. Beren months old; dark uile ferred. Aoniv for IsndsoRW Thomnso" ?? H0D"? w TVHf? LUSHI'it PL-Tabu! m'4>U '> . i"T J? lAI'KK" I) n t K < t 1) '? ? K- I K OK i'*ih mod iti. iitr?!'ri . ( ifitp. ON WP..INX- ?\Y. ?? V N K I -. ? lid M KDNKSilV, JUNK '' ?'UK iw<> /*?>ra OFIlltif UUN, of i I.K lihANGN. BKTWBKN TL'O-K WJKL'J t \MKI? I ifrr . I'HAMPtiNB aNil m, ... K^'^O <* St KK.V.AOV. BOBKKT FILLINGII A.M J'JH.i MOl'OAN AND GB.NB'i, ' TLBS. For $1,500. kor ?;/,<? P-k t T..,n. ?Mile h*at>, thr- In tire iu iia-un-? fkco-n 'I'uot.?Mt hi-rt'i . in live, to wa;-en. T'IKBK ? re known tn hire i-r.-red lhi the fmtest puWIs tri iter* now living n thu or mit other country, and m~ leu-a niririt it nut.iniiy mini ,-gte l In toelr meeting id lb<?>e ten GRAND DEOISIVK CONTESTS. There mate ,es sre a In plav or oa , l.enoe itaejr mil t tint or In |.< t, which neither o the thee wi.l do. end ill three ?( tlu-a- ,re*i trn Hog chainpl >ns -d u donbtedly be In iiiil 11 the ae -re on 'lie die. IlQUhllf FILLINGIIAM J UN MORGAN, GENERAL HUTI.BR The mo l u p e j?r -visions will b" mide for Ihe neenmmo dit-nn III the rrowda of visitors who ire eviw led |o be prcoeui on -hese two great o wwni A large polio- lor. e wl I mil I .10 or nr. in I ?l the mat reioiiro-i o> (he Fashion U v?rt1' i-e einplo ed in administer Ilia to the conriirl ?>! toe visitors The bom ? ill | nee h: I'd r h airert ferry, Rial rlrer. every lire minuter l ran ho-R the torounno mid afternoon Speriii iralm will be run at ll>. nod I'J, Iroiu llimier'i Point, and THE LAST SPECIAL Tit* IN, In time to ren h the cour e in a 'iron for the trot, will leave James' t ill, font ot Ne V Guam era atieet it'J P. M . con neeun- v?li i the train d rent to the eo T?e, at "? P. M , front IIuoier'i Point nitmedi it Iv ai ter tho trot JG.-lie.PII i ltUl'llKIt >N. Vain er. CUSHION COURSE.?POOLS WILL IlK 8t?LD AT P L'ifa elte Ha l on Mi'iiae and foe?day orenlni(ion the irot of the lOth tost. lietvre -n I-" litugham, Morgan and Biitltir. Si )M K It IN 1J i K hi A JOHNSON. fMROTTI.VO-TIOKBTS FOR 8ALR AT COOKE'S SUN I tiyi de llote . Ila f vai Home lor the Uuilnr. Filling ham ami Mo man race and a Grand llall at the Siinuyaiie Hotel, after the race la over. JOE COOKE, Propr elor. UNION COURSE, LONG ISLAND.?TROTTING.?ON Tuesday J one 11. At 3 O'clock P. M Sweep.tike, of $iOO Mile heals; i eat three In live. II. Woiili-ul names r. in. Sa r Come Up, to wagon; D. Pilfer names Km. Lad. Wane, t- wag?u; James |J. MM -nn nam -s li. a Jimmy L ncii, to wairon; Mr. Watler-on nunei . g Pair ck Henry, in baru'is. Can leave S mm ferry at I o'clock. biiaw | WHITE, Propria tow. UNION COURSE, LONG ISLAND-TROTTING, ON Thursday, June |8, al J o'clu k 1". M.?Pur-si and stake of $30'. mile heats best three in live, n hurness. I) Ma o entera h g Shark; II Woodruff nni-Ts h. p?. Dexlir l>. Pilfer enteri br. a Toronto Chief. Oirs leave South ferry it 1 o'clock BIIAW A WIIITK, Proprietor!. SPOUT1IIO. ENRAN'TS NO. 3 PECK BLIP. HAS ALL F tne choice nreoda for sale an l Mnvk. Butler's Inlal cue and Klna Eiturmnistor. 75 centi per bottle. Butler's new W ork. $1. Dogs boarded trained, nr. Medi cines tor all diseases. For sale-a fink double barreled wood cock Gun by Win. Moore, Lnn Inn. lainliia ad still) liar* r Is. 2.4 inches by 12 gauge. App y at No. 1 WIl.ougbby it., Brooklyn. Iff OR SALE-ONE HANDSOME NEWFOUNDLAND Dog, wed irained and a good ivalch dog; handsome Bull Terr ? rs, Newfotin land Pupi. ainal H ack an 1 Ian Pups, one hs'iulmaut Dog, Black ami Ian Terriers, Scotch an'd Skve Ivrr ers, a pair of Black ami Tan Dogs, not exceeding live pound- ea-di. Apply to JOHN UKAK, No. 11 Itooseve t alre-t. first flour. ROW BOAT FOR SALE.?SIXTEEN FEET, NEARLT new, with sprnsal! and uwnuig -ompieie; brass row In ks; can row mree pairs of oars. All will bo s 4 J lor less than ilie original c ist of boat alone. Address E. B., box Ji'3 Yurkvll e Post ofiite. UOW I OAT FOR SALE ?A TWENTV-8IX FOOT BOAT. i nearly n-w. m bait condition with neret Mulls, ac., complete. Will bo sold rhcaii. Address Charon, box 120 Herald olhce. WANTED?\ OAT RIGGED HAIL BOAT, FROM 18 TO 2>i leet nog. Any one having a b-iat of tb i km I for which he lias no u-e can 11 ud a rash customer by aildreas ibg, statiug lowest price, 0. K. H , Herald olllce. iinnsKs. cARKiAors. *c. FAST TROTTER FOR SALE?CUKAP: COLOR BAT. ... IS hands. tall, stjlish driver; seven years old, Miutid %n<! Hid; will iqow 2 ? ugle or double. To be A K'ill itvl lill'l niu, w ??? ?????'? ? - - seen nt ! :13'J Hr -ad-.vsy, near Thirty-seventh street. ji'OR 8ALR-A LIGHT AND STYLISH BRRVfiiTBB * I1 Baldwin Gcrinautown. in complete order, at 1W Bast Twoutytblrd sire-d LfOR SALE?A BAT MARK, IS HANDS HIGH; SOUND r and gentle; would make a good Uily 'a saddle horse. Apply at 155 Chatham street. tjlOR SALE-TWO CANADIAN PONIKH. FROM IS TO 1 IS hands bidu. from four to live year-old; warranted .otto I soil kind to an harness; will he sold cheap, Cal. for three days or li I so d at No. II MacdottaS slteet ftaOR RALE-A PAIR OP 8TYLISII BRIGHT BAT P Carriage Horses, llsmhlet itilan stock. six years old. sixteen hand* high : long blsck manes and ta Is; sind In (tout) e and stogie harness; liavo never been oil the arm; dtivon tithe ;? t tiilsdiv. Con he seen tor two ua. s at roai's st.ihlea Twenty fourth atrect ? ?T<OR SALE?A PAIR OK CALIFORNIA BLACK STAL r I on ? a tie: feet match, 14t< hand'. high, warranted Round and gentle; tine trotters, and 111 apiiearance ami ai, le are wilhoui uxcapll ?? toe beat in ihe city Alao a com pieie Turnout, almost new and of Hie best quality. Tney can b ? -em at King s It er, stab e, Forty-hrst street be (ween Madiaon an I Fourth avenues, and the owner at 88 Maiden lane, up ataira. P. D. C. LiOR R t LE?A FINK BOBTAIL GRAY IIORSK, I9l? P_ huh 8 voars old; wouid, h very IIU e iralnliig, (r* In 11 To l?e' seen St the Metropolitan stabl-., corner of Pr lice and Crosby street. In juire for Mr. Lewis. ^ TjAOR RALE?A BLACK HAWK COLT. 14V HASfDR. 5 r years o d, broke this ?|irltiit and ran trot in Iftn by title training, warranter! smind and kind. Alao anew Sulky and Itoad Wagon, Harness and Blankets. Inquire at tfd JatneM lliwt. . ' 1, OR RALE?A ROAD WA'ION, WEIGHT I Ad LBS; Id will be an'l cheap a* the owner ha< no use for It. In quire for two days at 575 Hudson -treat, N T. For rale-a lady h hay saddle pony, 8 ?. are o d, Id ban I. high, long natural tail and mane, of t-oadtifuls vie and action Kant-11 ig itul), purled y kind, ?ent e and so ml C.n be seen at the private stable In Thirty third street, first door es.t of Madison avenue. TAOR RALE-A SPLRNDIDT tear OLD DARK (.RAT r Horse; stands to hands nigh sunn I and geoi-e. caps li a of taking 'M cwt A so s ? ry go-?J Usrt an I llsriie.s. ?Imoat new. W 11 he a Id togeth r or separate! Tin-re can t-e col reference given with re-yard to the horse. In* -pine lor Mrs KKNNI. 115 Last leuth s.recl. lor one week, tf not sooner so d _ LPOR SALE ? KI V K HORSES AMI TURK OOAOIIKg r on - It,lit Wt.on. A s , one under sker's VA'ayo-1 Sold separat-- 01 tog-i- er, IncluJ ng llarueas. No. Ill Couse^et atieet, Williamsburg FV)R RALE-TWO HORSES STRONG AND SOUND Apply IOC SCIIhLLE.NBKIlOr.R i: avenue II. t, OR SALK-A SUPERIOR PAIR OF BAY IIOB8KS. 7 P v-ssod 16 hands h gh. ongia-iK kind bog wr syliah. Can he s en at Mr Ma-on'a sutbles. Uieat nn-a street be twe-ii liroolwav sod H--wery. A pi. for further particu lars si "? I'esrl street, first story, front ollire. (NOR SALB-A BREWSTER LEATHER TOP W AGON, r m i ooi s. new. price SI<0 lop vt scoo. $16 Wagon $>si. Light Harness from $10 to $3j. Apply at III Wouster streot V.AOR SALE?AN EXPRESS WAGON. NEARLY NF.W, r with and llsr-e?. Will be a?ld together or sepa rately. Inquire at stable 57 Irving piece. (/OR RALE-A KINK BAT RADDLE PONT, FIVE r year <dd 14 hands high, war-anted sound and Kind. To be seen at stable ai 5. Irving place. __________ tnOR SALK-A LIGHT BU81NF.SB WAOON; ALSO A P ierv light set of H irnest. all In period oi der To be sold at s bargain as the owner ba no lurthrr ns- for them. Price $du. App y at 32 Sixth avenue, in the basement. (.TOR SALK-A FULL BRED BAT HORSE. I? HANDS r high and very fast; tine for sad.lie or harness single or double. Can i e seen at 40 Oliver street. For salk-a handsome bat mare six years old. fifteen hands high, sound, and kind; $150. In quire at 370 Hudson St. FOR SALK-A YF.RV HANDSOME NO TOP WAOON, made by one of Ihe beet oily makers, and bn? little I used Will be so d reasonably, as the owner h?s no further nee for-t. Csn be seen at at. Nicholas stables, ?7 and M Mercer street For RALK-A BIT HORSE, H OR 9 YEARS OLD. IS bands: e safe family h?r<e; can trot In three nsinutee: I sound, elcept tender fore leet, pries $45; also two good farm Horses; prloe $?& Apply at 115 Bast Twenty-seventh street. _ LMNRRtDDI.R AND DRIVING P>NY;HA8 BRRN US ED P bv a la r lor two ear, past, kind and gentle. Apply at Bel don s stable. 8J West Twenty-fourth street, this day. berore II: must be sold. U ORB i.8, HARNESS AND BDOOT FOB SALE rheap?Horses Ik , bends high, ft year* old. verv -tyl tah s?d g-m-t roadsters; Will 0? sold cheap as the owner has no use lor them In aire at Gedney'a stable. No. 8t Second avenue. W arranted In every res, ecu 1U4T rpcbivkd-from the west, thr finest ?J Horse of his site n the o-untry. (7 bands high, tin# #. Hon. Also one ,orr?i Mare si \#srs old. line at) le. and |i hands high; exeelleut sad le mar* One Ana bay Mare, IftV hands, very mooih. and a Ans traveller all toons and tout id. Can 1>p *f??n until Mlrt at b??ni UadiI MA* bis, Not. band II Uoyt street, srsr Fulton avenue^ or-k lyn. I F.FT AT MY HTARLR, JI NK II?A BAT IIOR-H. \j about 141. hand. r-scb bark, wl lte strip tn t a f,,re, whste spots under t e sa-ld'e, wh te o-r hbid leg and si-sv n <>n the nluh one; tang la I. The owner can '-aw inin b? p-ov ng props ty and pa tng ei| ensea Country papete P "TaMM LAWRENCE, 144 East Twenty fourth street. s "iphKD.? A KOAN IIORMR. |. H A M>H HIGH. HRIEI* icars l-t: sound, kind and > try fast, sl?o a t?l H-t?'*y and l.lstit Harness; In good order. Will be sold repar P-ly or together. Can be seen at lift and LI 7 Wast Tuea.y third si reel s HIFTIN't TOP BtiUARR BOX WAGON POR Btl B Wilh pole and sha'ts; got op In the ini?*i ele ant oian ner l-v hei-liv n. cost lee-titlv $4 1); been ua? I three tlnm ; will sell ehenp Ai ply at prlvsW stable 10 Bast Twentieth sues- near Broadway. f|'0 PHVNICI ANB-A HOVE W AGON AND II ARNKS8, 1 ta, lor ?a>. The o ?-ie ? svlnR nofurhe ua- f -r th m; will e mii.i sue.p ii spuiied fee imwn-uatat.: al I in Arte r ier. fvsgon * kihsI as new tBrewst--r . ftadwtn's make). Add e-s I'hysjglso box V-m Herald odlce. Ill F. NEW YnR$ RiiRR' ha/. iaR OOM1B OF th vty s<-v. nifq vitre-i anl hr-wdway ? Peva-n n .v-ng g.ol Hor-es bv impose ot sal isoihv leg H-ns sr o i? tun-t? tue-nse va*. wil tin I l to ? >etr alvailta ,e I ? send them to me aSove estan ish it*n . P irlie re pitri-v* ??t and u<ernl mw-ws will bod them thev?. No ttilw?|-rs?tU tlons mad a. U WILLS, Pr- pfletof. I rrwo J.EAT 80UARR BOX WAOON FOR S>"; I 4'rte $ 15it. Also It# seeond head no top Hitgg si 1,1 I ' .it-d avenue. _ ANTED-* MAT' 11 TO A CANADIAN PONY NOT ,, over 1 vs fe-l high \d ra?*. with nil ns tie oars, I. P. St.. Lot tft) uatsiif uiflre. w lltlHStfe, C4U 'IA(*?Q4, AO. iyanted-for i s kkkr, run run humnkk . , '' "l"'14 ? "I ?*|| tin llorso. The b O'T* |Vl I be h?Pt , T> 1 " 14>i)r one bn.'ff* such i< I , ' 1 'l"r? well kept w * pleas ( '?>irr?? |.u? y/4 l*u New Vork. \AN TKD- AiNKi' >ND HAND ONE HOH-Ut KiK'K *?' or 1 *r '? ?? '<>" l be I'l good < der >Ml mT, ? i *"h ru!l desoilpUon ?u J price, i o? Jil Fo.?i ii ce Ne.< V(ir?. ^ 84I.K8 AT AUUTIOH. A r'r'7.?'v?K\?.u } ? auctioneer?-albert niinveA, -IM i- V A/?: ?'?'"?r ?Suporb iinu.seho d Kur " . Tl r Ur ' ?' * ???'" re.I deuce .".ni.n'.L .r .T'n' *hlr'? ?Coet. nc?r 8 ?(h avenue. sole |, . . ^ ??n avenue. i ue Ar" U^,V.n|'?Y,,n;r.n"d Tea Hats M,.r. ..... vT. 7 A"'i Dinner and ^ h,l" Glsxsw ,r-, lit'111 Culler, Si vrr pir nr vLV.. R'HWb. Par r?rs-ros? woo I and 'walnut t. n '? Urn?lels II* pets, t',iai!iTi'? Huukrnsn I'm. b'.s. Pto, and Maul,., M Irn.i , /at ek?. Sevres and Dresden China ???, Knaray! Lod''rsl1*"'i"1, "Men octave r<! ew , .d Pianoforte. Hiool aid (.|ivnr Muslo Hland, Enoolgnurea, R 'cklue Chair lln'lT ?*!? "*f'"4n '? Oliblra l'? nian-h. H-droutns Bureaus.' lib la pad*. W a hstant , Commodes Hair and Hprlng Mai irn a *, Bolters Pillows. i.a e Curtains. Shades Ac Alto Basement and Kitchen Furniture. ' A 9 A Uom*. B*KR* * 00" AUO"IONKBR8.?A. IIaY t.iie i. , . 1 1 "??""?''?-Maaiillicani Hon-em,Id Furnl SUI"* "? *?"?*?. "nd n.anv ...her cosily It aT n?. ,* 'V"" *'icl1 ,D. ""'hicda (Toes lay), June et.'vet briwelw^"r:,w,> ?!""" "?n?"?n. ? VVeai Suteeiuh a I iii ..-riiJIk?'.J"h anil 8l*ih avauuea. aa e co.n n. noini covered w lit1,, Superb Sulla Kuril lure, "OOI Planofnr,- 1 '."'f"" 1f r,"n" 1 deacriptlon, ro-o ?..okra-e Kn.:uign J, ' T IhTiS'1 Mitr?? 1 (Urp'lM a'e""<>'l"j*a?i?t' 0linh,Df * Vrlve'l l"r'l'i'a"", Slii/uarv ('la k. KhldJi "li" .b ""r'1"'4. ?'un e a 'uiTaTie/A0, Ma'^No aT'J'lf,,1 Silverware, i>,,l and Ungrate | .ilataaX la" l n,S' Linen. Budiooina-K aewo d and aalnut llureai.a 'w Jh stand*. B'lln>?daf rommodns, flair hi. 1 Snr.n ? MaitrlM. B'tiitia h. riilovra 8h'at*. UUnlc?'U Count?rpan?M al^J all Ki.rul'ure of Horvanla' apirlineula. Hiin |iera.nplorv Onfupeteut perse i? to pack nn.l ovrl the food* ' DW IVK8 A CO..|AlfCriONKKRS?SALESROOM IHd . Broadway-will hH| t l? day. at) I OH o'clock. ;it No. I'j " e l Ti.irtv hr-t aireei, botwe a Broadway and fil th nve nue, t e entire Furniture of a f.iuulv leavink lor Riirnpe. cnnalst ng of one elegant rnenwood .even ociave, round onrn-r I'.nnnfurle. Stoo and Umar; two plegant 1'ier Uia-?rs Slabs and Braoiota to match; hearr Lac Curtalna. Lornieea, do Iteoa, (Ihandeliera. t'e vol. Bru.srela and In grain i.arpeta. ro.ew.ioil Su t. in green aaun broialel; one roaewood Bint In red, (II Hnlntlnga an t Eugiuvlng., i ne French Bronke Candelabra. Frennu rtoek. Bedroom ami Joining llooin Fornlture. oak Chain. Kktcnalon labie, i.laas I. ma and Nllrer Fiatnd Warn, two ver? lioavv sit. er plaird piahM.' miking ra;|r p??c6h; U?ret., , Wunh Hian is. f.linl.R fine fT.*tp e* liot tern, Pil low*. Urm Frathrr B ?d?, Hl.inkoM Comformb ri. \c : ono rot**wood Kfaicoro. mirror b*-k and Unora; on?* l{ookca*ft? ro*ewoo l Hookruite. Ilali Huind. Stair Car net. Rods. toirHth or vv th a larije lot o! Kitchen Fnrni nrf, with wbio'i the ?ale wi.l comineuce. Hepotita re juired from a I purchaseri. HKNHY If. LKKD0. ATJCTIONRRR. SPBj'I \ u salr ok winks. AO. liENRY H. LKEOH^^juN hit wdl sell at auction on at I o'clock, at our lue^rooin. No. 93 Libert/ street, a few ? ... - door* wo t of Broadway. Special *nle or 2,73d cases llr^t vUm Olaret, Ao., w\7 ??HOO e%MOi (lodJird Krere ordinary table Olaret. 100 ca *m Haut H Miterne. l.9^ ca-4es Keclc-naiier. Hen c*.- A Co.'* flr?t rlaaa triar la and 1 0 case* Ol re Oil. flmt quality The above wines and oil are so d bv order of the agent, for respective nouaes, Mr Jamea Mueyer, Jr., 43 Heaver a'reet, New York. Said merith.indise hav ng ?)een s ig tl, damaged on the voyage of importation p^?r LArtnnot and Alma, both veasel* having sweated their cargoe* The darns e in confined to the label? and envelope* of the bottle* only, the content* of same quality and aoundnea* as that so'd fro n aaent'* stock The first. cla** Clarets consist of Hxiflac. M?*doc. St. Jullen, 8r. K>tephe, a perlor La Rose nnd Haut Pa tierne all of the v ntsge of lv?8 making a veiy deairal le assortment of Wii.ea r<>r the trade or private purchaser*; and the entire w li be disposed of in'lots uceess ble to everv one. The goo Is will be readv for inapenioo and aa-uples will be opened on I hura lav. the Kith ln-t . from I to I o'clock, and on the dav ofa ilo^ro u II to I o'clock, at our *alc*'<>otn. We e*|?eciail r^com uend the attention of the trade and !(? !/? In (TO nnra I In * 1% i u aula r. . k.l.. .. _ r ... a ...? ?|r-ia.i rccurn uen t IP.? aicntion or ihs traJe and public In general to thia sale, as being of ccnuluu Ural class article. T ITI1AI. Kit A CRISTALAR AUCTtONERR8. 17 PARK J pla-'fl and 11 Murray street, will aell this morning, at ill ov oca, a general ss-ortmeut r.f dry (l?od.. rnn< Mine of Cloths. Cas.lmeies C otliing. I'r-ss (,'o ,<K 8u.pen.lers, Hosiery, 8blrU an.l Drawers; I'rjn's. Muslins an.I l)om.-.tlc Condi g<-ner >11 /. Alsu Fancy Goods, Stocks from retail Slnres, Ac , Ao., Ac. PAWNBROKRlt'S BALK.-THIS DAY, AT CI NEW Bowery, JAMRS AGAR wit sell, lit 1IIH o'clo k a Isrje assortment of Men s and Women's <'loifiln ?, .Skirls. She ts, Underclothes. tiUt<. Blankels. Coats Pints, Ve^ti, Bnois Shoes. Watcl es and Jewe ry: n large lot of co da worihv the attention of de.-i'ers anJ housekeepers Bv or der of Ezekiel, 312 Sixth avenue. PAWNBROKERS'8 SaLR-TUIS DAY o clock, at UI.LL t INK X AIIA M S Haleiroom68 New Bowery? Clothing, Balding. Silk Dree es, Ac. By Cudlip & De Long 29J East Broadway. R FARMER, AUCriONF.KR, WILL SELL THIS . .. day, at 2o'clock, at 411 Canal street, a g.e.u variety of new and aeenud hand Carpets. Bureaus. So;a Beds, Chairs. Tables. Washi-andi. Wardrobes t'arior Suit. Ha rand other Mattresses, Ollclntti, Matting. Mirrors. Cut lery, I lated Ware, Mantel Ornaments, Ac.. Ac. c HBRMAN A CO., AUCriO.NF.KR8. 8ELLTRCR8 CJ. dav. Juan 1(1 at II 0 0 ook, at 111! Waelilngtmi slr et Assignee s aale of tlio entire stock of W nes an I l.luuors Offli-e Fiirntture. Ac formerly u e.| in t n trade bv Her< berg A K rst'-ln. vtr -A large lot of llrandl?s O n. Bourbon and other M hlskey, and Rum. Also a atge lot of the rele brat-d ller/.be'g a Stomach Bitters, Ofll e Furniture empty Cailcs, and all other Tools and Fixtures of said establish inenl By order of E. DEVI US, Assignee. * V5 *,.CO ' AUCTIONRKUS -8ALF.8ROOM O. 16 Bowery. \Ae lites lav, June 16 at Ult4 iCciock. I .A r"ll ut .'.oig >.f T | .,ll,.aa n, ... ~ - ?'* .... .. . J, ?i r.imtjs >??v, >l Hlic lis II fc ITCIOCK. I.nrce at.tck of LI piors (Irocerio-, Champ.ianes, Tea, Cof. fee, Soap and other Groceries, vl/ ? 60 bbla. Uourbne Whtikry. choice brands, pipes and barrels Gin. Rnrn. Port and Sherrv Wines. 24 casks Pale and Uailc Pr todies, fi . bb's. cases and df*trilfohns t ai terns Lfoiiora. Baakr's an I cases I 'hsmpayne, Segara, Ae. Also one llorao, Wagon and Harness. ?,IV,wl" slways find an excellent assortment o w Ines and Liquors at our regular We Ine-day and Friday W' fM. WITTRR8, AUCTIONRRR, WTLL SELL THIS dar, at II o'clock, at 19' Limens street, all the genteel r urniturff. .%c., oi a faiullr leav o^ the rpy, rarlor Kurnl lur-. Tafwatr? ani othar (*arp#ta, Oi clot'n Centra Tai?i#'? rr^nch and <'o ratje Hedst^adi. Hair Mattrr*g?fl, Bureau* hou'??Krip *!gT Silvtr Ware, 8loves, and t^srylhiug for W TM WITTRRS. ACCTIOVRER WILL 8KLL TIIT8 .. day, at 10 n clo k, at 81 Fourth avenue, the Furnituie nl a lam I., ronsiailng of Sofa , Mirrors. Centre Tables, Brussels Carpels, Oilcloths, China. Glass, Store*. Ac. 'IRAViaLKIIS' CI IDK. CONKT ISLAND FERRY, LANDING AT FORT Hamilton ?The NAI S? I - >N wi I eo.n*n- -nee her r-'g'i lar trips to Coney Island on W - ln -, i?y, tfl8 13l!l |n4Unt. Leaving Chr sm; her stre tail ',12 4,3'.. L-avIng l?ey street el 'J\, Iff, 3'^. Leaving pier No. 4 Nurth rireir at 10, I and 4 o'clock. VOPARTHBRIII1P. A LADY, WHO DOES ALL KINIIB OF PLAIN SEW l"t, *i?li ?( i pttin-r - in American Isdv) svho i a? a is nee cr A W its n sewing u ? hinc. Call on or addrisa M,a K mght. No 9 llleeuker treel AN EXTRAORDINARY OPPORTUNITY A8 PARTNER with $!,Wd in $d UOciptil. Hu Iue s In full op. ra lion, perfeetlv safe, and pulng not ?s, man $ t' '?i. annu d p out Apply at 5j9 Broadway, room 32. Asa >cia Ion, first AOKNTLEMAN WaNTKD-WITH 860) TO 81 (Et) IN a cssh business pa Ing 2 k) per cent prom and ao risk. A litre-*. W th real name. It Mssuo. box 105 lle.nld o.lice Agents need not appl . A RARE Cll ANCR -WANTED. A PARTNER WIT a ca h .apital uf rrutn $2,isW to 8. **'. to lake naif Ii t'-rest In a Intra I ng business |.av ng Irom 160 to .ton p. cent. For particulars inquire at Torr> Bros , No. 13 hnrut alreet. New Voi k, fioin 9 A M to 3 P. M. to-day. A PARTNER WANTED ? WIT!? ABOUT 8300. IN A very pretty, genteel and money makng budn?a Any young man with this amount nisv lea n a* t?er atmve bv is plying to KIUHARDSON A'PL ATT, ISO Broadwey 7 * ONR OF TUB FEW OPPORTUNITIES Of A LIF3 Time.?An party who will nvest 8I.HI0 In a legit rnita enterprise can secure at least $I0,IMI> per annum wl I re qu re no lime on their part. Address Wasblngtou, Sta WANTED?8700?IN A PROFITABLE well estab'lshed cash manufacturing business. To an actlvs person th a Is s neod opening. J. K. IRELAND A CO., No I Tryon , - ? row. Corner Cen ire street. PARTNER WANTBD?IN A PROFITABLE CASH bu-tness up town; good reference an I a cap tat of 8buO to$9ttt required. J. K IRELAND a CO No 1 Tryon row, corner ef Centre street PARTNER WANTRD-IN A NEAT, PROFITABLE nnd hunorable business. Anr good man with from 8tu0 te 8>o. w 11lag to work stg hours a day. may eal. at iA) Broadway, ronui No I. PARTNER WANTED?$2.,609?IN A PROKITaBLK cm i business long an t w#l establl hed. A rare chance tor aa acilye person. Kelerenoes and every sal sfscimn givco Address, with real name. Bxteud, box 131 Herald MRTNRR WANTED?IN AN B8TARI.ISHED 1CA8H business. To n party seeking a reliable business this i" * rare chanee Orders on hand, and busine -s established seven years PsrDt dart of MILTON A CO , 293 Broadway. P' PARTNER WANTED?ACT!YK OR SILENT. LaDTOR geuileman. to Invest from $2.?? to 840<W In rash In a gcai. el, safe, sad very profitable business in this e tr. He specta le reference given and repirel. Ai p.v all week, between lUo'eock '. N. snd 7ec oc? I' M . to IHO* td B. ROGERS, No. S3 G ?r< k streri s.-c.iid story, betwevo Hrosmr and Deltncej sirreis, K. It . N. Y. 16ii k undersionrd h trp. th id day forme -j a copartnership an ler the title or Kei'er, Deriillt A Co, for I'm men ifeeiureof Ameriesa east "(eel, at the smrlia knows m East River Steel -oiks. AUSTIN kKLLI'.T HENRY R T)l PJLT. JkMK-8 P. Mi IRAN, Nswr*ei. May* 1864. JOHN 0. KEL'.KY. TO DRNTISTR -A PARTNER WANTED; ONI, WIIO 18 e tabu bed preferred, must be well sciue-ated with mechanical work; highest rcferen es given and re.|iilred; or if the hus o ss is toy sa e. a pood opportu ult may be heard ?> b? audrvaaieg, stating real name and full lattice. Inr-. fur lour day Confidence Herald olllce. IV* ANTED? A BU9INE88 MAN Wl I f 815. SJO VT 8*h<*u ca Ital a partner fur the r, anuractnre j? unusually pr ? table ataide article ? deniaiUinti imilfsS; 1 as h; pr.- e*a sec ired by letters patea\ Addresr. fl, drag S '.re, \ a len at. UW aNTED-A PARTNER. WITH *4t.'M > TO 8l?. U 8 to invest In tho w o cs*lr. Litiuor ni,-.n#.s large tra> ut?w cstauilsli?d; or woul<\ ake a aim ion w th a food b .use as travelling agent h a. 1 a I e get years' evpert. and thoroughly under ?t vw?* Ui ? uossasas. The bees reierea< e given. Art l ess M , Mbraid o bee. ~WA"rKP '* T!,K "TEAM BOX ,Is.#tFty, a-r fs'-tu- tog b'n'ncss as lertm-r; sc'lal ?en nlvl .*.w. hV?.hiI "1" ?o cash eusiomarsi have bench-., beltmy, inschmer, and hnra and W eV ihiAy .AUd"?reeAt, P ' ?? ,U6"i 197 *<AMTNRR ,WA!*TR0-Tv ** R?tab f.hanp* * * f n,*^ts Yh a M an *nl ^?.Ma^ifmdluc^d^tT'' A*"1' Betd 091 ?P',/ M' A!fru^K!n?sirr*. ... w .. ,y .n 10 n?*w oil ? M ma 11 it -m tf**.b?i"f* Bold.* IN lim U .h ?T r<<At IIKAL Kk i rc Drawing cr ?? le.| h..ii?-s ? H KTDOV' TMB OKKAT AM* I'KKKKi "1 8 71 iviim w HBYdo*. THE KINO or kmibm'.7oD* Beside* ffc? oatial eompanv in tt.eir u,i ..lUMa lottM. du?tt. quartets, aOOgf. gee*. nlaolaUou .r,,,.. d.nses IT IhlrW ladles In llirioriii slid halb-t mrps. -..loiime i li-? Bar In Savers. if ?? fit. Clair, liaute Price, Miss A ico Ferry an<l tw- ntv others. Wanlatl seventy Utdloo to serve refreshment*. ORO. H UKYixiN.Ltrasloc. NATURE UNVKILKD AT THK . new rnttc MUSEUM or ANATOMY. 618 BROADWAY > AT1I0L0UI CAIe WONDERS AT rilB NEW YORK MUftBUM or anaTOM*. 018 BROADWAY. w under or wondkrs TO UK SKKN ONLY A1 THB NKW YORK M03KII.M UK ANATOMY. 01.1 BROADWAY. I^At.t,"N HTI'.RKOITIOON AT IRYlNQ IIALU r Piri ?I * ??<-lt hi (bin irul grant MAOIOAL ANI) Mill' NTIFIO WONDER. Flftb eimro new p <? ramn.r ? <{ ALL 1'IIB WOULD AM) ITS BEAUTIES. Til 15 HOVI K OK .HI AKSl'KUR reproduced with stereoscopic effect, cover ug a surface ?# GOu suusre feel. KV'RIIY NIOIIT AT 8 O'CLOCK. Tamil/ llckbw, admitting alt persons, tl l -lu4!e ticket*, tSo. For Amuionrno' and Otiior A'lvrrtlM* mtiili Hto Nintb unit Italli Piigrt. IHIPPINO. Neutral pionker linb, carrying the United 8'ates mails. Tlin A1 at l.inyd'a for twcnt yeirs British c ippor bar's 8AMTON, Cre-*wsll. master. l.ihsi tun* capac ty, 1* now raptdlv load tig at p rr IE lin tr rcr an I baring tbo greater part of her cargo engaged, will ham quick desna'ch I t Hydner. N fl. W. hirect. Kor freight apply to R. W CAMERON, 88 Beavar street FINANCIAL. FFIOR OK THE MARIPOSA COMPANY. St WALL Hirect. ?Notice Is lie cby given that at the draw n* tula da- hail of twain. Ilvo H ml* of this com pan torrcdemp l on nut of tho .Inking fund, tbe fol owing were drawn, vL :?Ni k. 13, M. 03. H.I. 8,8. 94. 99. 129, I 8, git.. 2;u 4 :139^ 494, 694. Ii:i7. 772. 8lii, B9I. I .mat. 1 18/. 1,324. 1.457, 1 .61. I iff. and that the same will he pnld in gold on the I I .lay at July next on pre<entnt'on at the oflice pi the company. Hoods mum be presented fur pa\ir.ent wltn'n ten da.s after the 1st 11 tiy of July nexi. under peimttv of for eiftne of tha right of redempi>on under this drawing. New Yonit, JunoS. 186i. JOHN WATT. Secretary. DIILITAHY AND NAVAL. ATTENTION, UROOKLYNI ONK THOUSAND DRAFTED MRlf WANTED KOtt SUBSTITUTES AT TnE UNITED STATES KKUKUITINU OFFICE 12 CHAMBER* STREET. N. Y. N. B.?We do the fair thing All hands a hot ?sailors and soldiers wanle I for the navy. Cash in hand $tiH for ubie? ea. men. also | rl/e money. $100 bund money paid to runner*, brokers or emigrant boarding house keepers who bring w> emit* Apply t u day at the United States Recruiting and Substitute Agency, 347 Broadway, room 26 Drafted persons in ant ok the states will b' Utrtilshe' Substitutes and certificates of exempt! ? procured lor tbe drafted parti"* from the United States au thorlt es here an I duly reported to thn Provost Mar hai of the ili*tilet where the d afte 1 parties reside. Applv at thn United state Recruiting and Substitute Agency, 217 Broad wa>, room 24. by mall or otherwise. OLD BNOLI8H SOLDI ERE.?TO DAY TITO OOOD men. who liavo seen foreign service, can hear of ? ohanre seldom offered to Jo n the army here, by calling at the Bmmtv and Fay Agency HI Nassau street. SUBSTITUTES OR VOLUNTEERS BEWARE OW O bouniy ewind e-s. If vi.ii w l?h to en 1st in the army or navy, rail at (he old eataoll-bed recmltlnc agennv No. ? East Brralwav, corner of Catharine street, where tho highest bnuntlo am paid Tweiny live dollar, hand money paid to any person bringing a recruit. Csplaln NOLAN. Lieut-nant LA N Id AN. ?(rnn cash in hand fdr good men?suits it sD'M/l1 Intra furnished for drafted m?n in thin State, at shor! noil n Aptilv ?t tho coinrr m llowerv and Canal ?(., under tba Citizens' Rank, to 0 M. NOON AN. AQFA BOUNTY. ?WANTED, 90 MEN TO FILE THR ip./s/if uuota of a countf tovn; ?l o 10 tubal! lira for whom the t Igiifil i.rlro will t>? paid! Apply to Capiat* K1NU Dey Street House 5 i Dey street. NAVAL. PIUZK ItillAUV.AC. A LI. PRIZE MONET, NOW PAYABLE, ran he obtained Immediately by applying In person or h? letier to M. SNYDER, JR., S9 Nassau street, opposite the P?'t o hce, hew Ynrlt e tf. Claim* agitn-t the government of svery drsi ripilou promptly collected. MEDICAL. A CARD TO THE LA Dl R8.?CH AHLBS LUIZR. M. p.. late profeisorof sud surge y In the New York Medical Collage, and over acreuteen tear, of ucca-e ftl! pm dice In this city, guarantees a p sltive cure to an? lady re pi r ng si lal niedieal or aorglttal treat nent. In twenty four hours t me, no matter how esunp h ated lie , nso may he Can bo none ilted at Ids old e.tahllaheil pri vate n 'ce, idlt, Uroatoav. and where his never falling female medicines ran he obtained, or aent hv letter to any part of the United states, price $.V N B ?The Doctor haa elegant room* and th" beat accommodations and alien 'anew lit th* Cllv jfor patients who wish to remain during treat ment. All co mm it ul eat nas strictly confident at. At homo all hours of the day and evening. DYICK TO LADIES.?THK FRIEND IN NEED. DR. POWERS. (31 Frtnklin.atreet, the never-fading doctor. Anxious patients. Im nadi iel, me lit. French Drops. lie I lot sure In twentv-fonr hours lleware of Imitations. Advice to makkikd ladif.r-madam t rhs tki.l Fenatle PhyaletM and I rof.-saor of Midwifery, can he con an ted as usual at II if Chambers street. Kilt >iaa Interview will lie iie.-c.v iry No charge for advice: Her In. lalnbl" inert,cines ten nso be otitalaed at 1271l.ibwrtp street, or ny insll: fcric- St. Lit Ilea who rte?ir? boar I and the bes' medical attendance during confinement can he as* rommoleted. Her Kreneh I'll'a No I. I nee ft a box. or No. 2. which are four rie wees stronger than No. I, and <nn nevrr all are safe and Itealt iv; prle-$5 a b -s Can h- sent by mall w lb full d'rrrttons. N K ?Madame Rested deems It ber duly to caution ladles against Imitators ef her elver, tlse cnta, who not only rob thorn of their means, but their health. RE WISE IN TIME-APPLY TO TUB SURE PLACE for a vpeely cure without mercu v. t n'ori ones will ltn-1 it to thmr advantcje before aunlvlng any wheis else. Advice free, at Df AAR.i H u iiite 01 Fruiklin at. T\R. WATSON. AN OLD AND EXPERIENCED PBaC lf ttlioner, la enahie l to guarantee a cure In all cases ny safe remedies, and without change of diet ur rtma from business. I>t Watson a boox. the "i'ius and Cert '* Illustrated throughout by an no,un a; plates. Ae. contains valued e Infor nation for aoch as are suhetitig f out el h?r disease or debility. <w who contcmpl.le marriaxe. Pries H Aol'l by Miller A Co., Post ofilce, 422t{ Broa I way. an4 by the author, 6J0 Br adway. nan block above the Metro pollLs Hotel. DR LEWIS' CELEBRATED REMEDIED ARB MILD and e lective In their operatlune. re pilre no reeti ilnt In diet loss of time or bin iranco n bnaliie s poor, tag the power of emdi- atlug every s rnp ora of the disease la its worst stage. One tr.a w d SOS* nee ihe mml akS| t al of their sur,-r sing ur ,parties N ight ases real la two da a. or prevented If app Icatinn is ma le In time Oibcs No. 7 Beach street, between Varlck an! West H mad way. Rooms arranged an that the patient ae;s soon* but Mas Doctor Established In 1840. Dr. GRINDLE, FEMALE PIITSICIAN AND AC. courtier Nad Amity p.ace three doors from Amir street make* It his special tractice to treat all feuuuo oomplalnta, from whatever cause produced la aure is give re lelT-i the mnet envious patieot in twenty four hours Elegant rooms for repining nursing. DR. WHST, NO. 27 DUANE 8TRRRT, CORKER ON Cllr Halt place, can be consulted on all die-ases with unparalleled success. A permanent and apeaUr cura guar anteed In ait cases. 1 vR RILL CAN PK CONSULTED ON ELL DISEASES \t of fema ?s. with uapare.leled success, al No. 7 Beach ?treat, three doora from We t Broadway. New York civ. DR. M. I'RISTKR ?I ilRAND strebt.-dbar sir? I few it mv duly to tell on and the public what rotav tnedcal -k I he*done for ma For a-versl years I have entered what a medically termed disease of ibe rectum, an l Ihoiigh having tried several very eminent phvs clans and an endb-s. variety of loea e as not In the -,at relieved b> them cons de Ing then my case beyond th* iv* * ?< ine I cioe Al last I had the furtuno of entpoying as asm phi aclsn and duly a> wed a* gramule compe,* m# to say thai, ne.t to I'rovldenee, you hav* cured and iev nest ma from long >od painful suuermg. I am respectfully yours, L. ZGRkOWSKI. 742 Ma.1 ion eiieet DR TOWERS. Al TRANKLIN 81 REEr. CAN RE COM su tod g'St-a with unparalleled aucceae on ml female rmm pla ma Ilia Per od rai Drops J.' |,er butt s, *?press.y for obati .alo cave.. Beware of Imitations. |S\R. COOPER, H DUANE STRKF.T, MAY (| fi?|g J Is ielvna'1 Ms. asei. Thirty years exclusively ip *,,le,| to diseases *nan ?? Him t ' warrant a cure In al1 cases The vicuna of m sp arad eon !4ence in niwioal preiandeeage* sail with ncertatni* of being m l.eally cured, o* no ywy DR. COBBKTT. NO. 211 ( KNTRK BTRERT. HF.rttKE* Uhamhera anl Ken,le streets, can be oeneu.led with o?nfi en-eon sea-ea of a private character A pre*' ce of Unrtr-foiir soars, three of which haee been in the h. sidisls ?f New York and London, enables him W> treax wllh su.-ceas nervous and general itabdUi The victims of impjemon can rail on hits with the certainty of bei*g radios iv an red or no chnrgo. N. B. ?See Df. U 'a dlpl m a? In hla >11 e. as memlieroE thsNaw York Cntreraiv/ MaJicaA CN> e^e and tiodcgb-./ Burgeons, Lend -u. Good news for the apfuctro.-dr. wardb spec nc and Preventive ceru* ihs wcrei casss w tboul m -e.wry or chana* of diet. He Va? tal .or g rating I'd a. $2 :sr na. kaga. air a aure aura where aSAahnod has bees txxgmired. Madame parrrlles. fbmaen fiiTgictAN ano midwife, la now vea ly k? ra> ?>ve all ladv nvallde. U unforta* leroo c? aipreea j fur laie. during comma i.anh 741 Or^Miw < h Madame okindlr. fbmalb PRYstcTAN. no a Am if piece, tbrne door* from street, -ea bs consulted oil a.i dises-ea of I- males Her medicines are ssfu led "ertam U-owelest r,?ma for ladles who dee.ra esrs ?nd medical ai'emlanou during conflnemant. rcmed? TilR I.ADIEE' FRIEND IN NEED-PR Reach etrtft. three doswa frow Weai BfORdWRT. R9NP terkwu.

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