Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 15, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 15, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 10,134. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 15, 1864.-WITH SUPPLEMENT. PRICE THREE CENTS. HIGHLY 1BF0RTAHT FEOI MEXICO. Arrival of the Emperor Maiimillan and the Empress Charlotte. State Ins a, AI motto, Niramtn aid Marqucz Created Grand Mar abala of tba New Empire* Manifesto of Maximilian to the Mexicans. fMgnal Defeat of the Jnarlsts Under Doblado, At* Ac,, Ao. Our n*TA*? Gvrre*pond?ae?. Havana, Juno 0,1504. Maximilian 1., Emperor of Moxlco?or of all tbo Mexi. eoo? has At length Arrived and uken possession or bis empire. This important news conies to us by the British ?learner; but, uniorlunateiy, we know nothing beyond the Arrival and rocepilon At VerA Cruz, and the sub e foent departure of the august porty for the capital, and ef these events the details are sufficiently uniulorestlug, ?sr when your correspondent says a salute or one bund. ed Md one suns was flrod, ioc ets darted an J sputtered in Ail directions, and the housetops or the "Heroic City" were crowded with curious gazers, you have at onco tho whole scene before you as vividly as if you were wit ?eastn : the triumphal entry of some Jap .ncse or greasy nigger Into New York. The arrival or an emperor for Mexico is an event too ?ementous not to be well remembered; tboreioro let us pat down the date, so that those who choose mav mark M with a wbtto Btone. At a very early hour or tbe'jsth ; ?f May the French frigate Thetis, which escorted their Imperial M jesii*'. ajmeirei ? ff V-ra Cms, having on koord a high officer of the imperial household, who an ?euncod that the Novara would mate hor appearance within a abort time, being only i fteen miles distant. Aooord.ngly, in tho afternoon tho Novara loomed np over the waste of wa ors, and the newt soon spreading, tho soak and file of Vera Cru/.l?n society rushed 4o the rf or filled the housetops. When the frigate cast anchor the Captain of the Port, Juan Lame, went on botrd, and the g> us the various batteries became eloquent. The i were soon hung with banners, tbo City Council pot en their best clothes, aud the military folks were all eotir. In due time the members or tho Cornell, acoom p*' lel by <'Jlla Highness'' (I) General Almonte, went on keerl the. Novara to pay their respects and present tho easternary address to the Emperor and Empress, ericli ef whom replied in Spanish. When retirin# finn the Imperial presonco the President of the Council received a 0spy of a proclamation from the Frnporor to the people Of Mexico, which was soon printed and distributed. At half past five o'clock In the morning of the 291 h m*tr Majestic* left the Novara iu a splendid huge, and, OBeortcd by about a hundred bouts and bnrpe?, wero sowed qeickly to the wharf, where a dense crowd waited and received them in respectful silence. The new.-p<i|)ers aaythe reception wan enthusiastic; but, now adays, no i believes what newspaper' anywhere ray, and 1 know private letters that the reception was so exceed mpir cool that tbc'.r M liestlew oompi iinM or it On tho trharr they woie reretvod by General Almonte, Lieu teeant of tho Empire, nnd the President and members or Ike City Oouu. il. The im erial party immediately walked te where a special trul i was In waiting, and, having Mfcea their places, were wbiskod oil without fnriher de Mty to the htxtorlo town of Soledad, where thov sat down te a sumptuous breakfast, which mokes one's mouth water to thick of. Thns they left Vera Cruz, without so much a? seeing Ike various triumphal srehes and othsr adomnvuits which the piety of their loya! subjects, aided by Uie da vet ma of the police, bad caused to be distributed pro fneefy throughout the city. They said they would sorely return in the winter season and give tbo Vera CruUins oa epivrtuhity of seeing them. Perhaps they will. It is said !o bo the intention of their Majesties le re ?sin nntil the lOtb Inst. in Orb-aba, where they arrived od ten minutes past one o'clock in tbo aftern ioa of the Mtb, acme delay having been caused by the breaking of one of the carriages on the load. 4>u tbt ir arrival they weal to the parish ct arch to return thanks sof their ?afcly from perils by eaarid by land. 1 ho 10th met. will ke the anniversary of tb?- entry of tnc French into the ?Vital la compliance with a jietitlon rrom tbo people of Sole Mad hi' Majesty has ordered that the name of that town ke changed lo villa de Mirocbal. Ills Majesty also ex pressed himself much pica- ?.i with the railroad, ami par ?tcaiariy with tlie splendid bridge at Ple iad. The.are all tbo details or this important event worth Clvliig you, but you have all the incidents, at least, strip ped of newspaper verb.age When his MaJ-sty was at Mart luVyuo be gave a proor Of his amiability In liberating the Mexicans who had keen taken lliero as prisoners of war; look tour oi them ea board the Novara, and gave orders to have a certain j ?ember sent homo by the next steamer going to Vera Ores, the charges to be defrayed from his private purse. Hie KkH-'ty h is appointed 8snta Anns, Almonte, M ra- j moo and Marquoz Grand Marshals of the Empire, list sat Of noun nut la my last letter 1 gavo you some account or the movements of Dob la Jo, at tbs bead of three thousand i saeo according to some? Ix thousand aocor<llng to Others?in tho neighborhood of Matahuala, a small town la th* f-'tate of Ban Hnla Potest, near the boundary line of Zacatccas. He was attacked near that town oa the 17th Of Mat month by Ibe netted forces of Mojia and Aywar.l, aed, after a rem knbiy short fight, was obliged to a ban Mso the field and a broken array, leaving ail his artillery {eighteen pieces; and over twelve hundred prisoners in M* bands of the vioiors. The town of Mochivttan has again been taken by the Vfreoch, with small loss. The satire garrison fall into their Meads There is now no doabt that Mrsga executed those gear of hi* for the atrocities committed by tlen. Oanoerniug their general. It Is an im nor brat crewman. e ?kat G'met Farias has lately left hia camp lor Mp\Ioo Oity lime will show whet ier ho goce as en emissary or ?et. It is worthy of note that the telegraph from the capi tal to V?raCrus Is In perfect working order, and baa beeu lbr tom<> time. Where are the gutrlli taf Havana, Jdua 0?8 P. M. 1 have been most ehrrkinnly j.ut out by being unable ?> get copies of Mexican newspaper* until et quite a late hear to dev. I have, therefore, been obliged to write aiy letter |na gt .at hurry, and bavo ??> tlrao whatever go iramdite Maximilian's proclamation, wblcli I find very feed and very ?eueible. THK DECEPTION AT VERA CRUZ. Co*urm4mimtMTW Addrtu of the-Attthorl tt?. lo Cite Km- p- rot and Kmapreaa?Ttte ?f tKeir lUnJitUvi, 4hr. Oa ??*>? arrival of Uo Novara In the harbor of Vorn <Ynr. thii Kmperor MuimlltM addreeeed the follow leg ftvnun tc tbo people:? MAflMirVAN'n PROVTTMCf*lfT?!?rO. gmcawt I?Yon ?? re longed 'or affMNM 7 one tob'o e uiM, l>y ? mrieureei rota, ha? cl?e:wi mo hence lotiii the tuardlati 01 y?.tir daetHilee. i gimiiy obey jour vi'i Painful rr It tier Ixf'i for me to iu.1 i?re*eii for to my own, my nun** country, 1 have <l?n?t ho, fceitu ooDvlneed th.u tb?? jtimlphiy bun pointed out to mo through you the great Rod wool* daty of doroiing ell my might and heart to the Aire of a people who, at lint tired of war aid ill-ant rone con teste, elrceroly viah for pea-o and pr eperity?a people who, havinu fioriouely obtam?d their ludepondeaodt deelre to reep the tr i le of chrllitatlnn and ot true progieee only to be riuiI'mvI tbro ifh a atable cnoetltmlnaal g?>?eri>mon?. I ho reiiau 0Ihtt yon pleco lo mo, and 1 id yon, will ho (rnwned trf ? trrHlmt triumph if we remit In alwaye tte?ri.?niy oniiod Iti coor?ace i?ly d'f.'nrtinf thoec iro.l ?rmri''rm ?h;-h sro u>a on'? truo end liuiiag beret of Bt'xinio *o?ainnwn?t?flu we prineiplee of toe lot? bk ud i*mutaUe juaViBe-the aoneUtv af ail i men before the Iww-equa! to all in attaining positions o( truet and honor, so dally and poliiicaily-oonapiels ana wall defined personal liberty, constating la protection to the individual and the protect loo ol Ma properly?eoeouragemenl to the national wealth, Improvements in agriculture, mining anil Bannfacturea, the estu'lishment or now lines of com munication tor an ex tcaMye ooinmeroe?and, laatly, the free development ef Intelligence la all that relates to pub lic we I rare. The blessing or (tod, and with li progress, and liberty, will not aurely be wanting If all parties,, under the guidance of a strong national roverament, units together to aocompiiah what Ihave jut Indicated, and If we oontinne to be animated by that raiigiona aenllment wfclen has made our beautiful country so prominent even tn tbe moat troublnua periods. The civilizing flag of France, raised to such a high poet tlon by her noble Kmpcror, to whom you owe the new birth of order and peace, represents those principles. Hear what, In sincere and disinterested arords, the chier of his army told yon a low months smoe. being the mes senger of a new era of happiness:?"Kverjr country which bas wished for a great future has become great and powerful." Following in this course, It we are uuiied, loyal and ilrni, God will grant us strength to reach tbat degree of prosperity which is the object of our ambition. Mexicans!?The future of your beautiful country ie con trolled by yourselves?its future Is yours. In all thut r? laUe to tnyreif,! oflv-r you a sincere will, a hearty loy alty uiul a firm determination to rosp-ct the laws, and cau-e thi-rn to bo resiwcted by an undeviatiug and ail elll cient authority. My strength rests in <:od Mid In your loyal oonfldence. The banner of in lepoi'denco Is my symbol; my motto you know already?"Iqual justlco to all." 1 will be faithful totb.s trust through all my lit?. It is my duty couseiuutiously to wield the scmuro "f autliority, and with tii muesa the word of honor. To the Fnaprct" is confided the tacred trust 01 devoting to the country all the noble rentimont.s of christian virtue and all the teachings or a letnior neither. Let us unite to roach the goal of our common desires?let us lorgct jwst sorrows?lot us lay aside parly DUrodi, and the bright morning of oeace and ol well di-tervod happiness will dawn gktrionsiy on our new empire. MAXIMILIAN. Vi.ra t kuz, May 29,1804. TUB IlKCETTION OB THit StJTBORITiSS OB YKRA CRU/. . The Einjieror, after having a private conference with General Almonte, was pleased to receive the uit'll autho rities and public functionaries of the city. The groat retinue thus assembled was marshalled by tbe Bistrict Prefect, I). Domingo Bureau. His Imperial Majesty stood during the reception at the farther end of the so loon. He was dre-sed in a black frock coat, white pan's and vest, and a, the same stylo of dre^s being woi it by the gentlemen of his suite. The author!) i"B wero introduced to his Imperial ,M jisty by bis Excellency, IMuHtar Velasque* do J>oon. ADBRSSS OB TUB AUrHOJUTHU TO TUB PJfPBROR. After tlic Introduction tbs Marshal, in a ua!m but some what moved voice, spoUuua HhUski:? Sihb?Truly memorahla will be forever the day on whicrt your imperial Maj-aty arrived In Mexico, as the w mhed-l'or suvi or, for the establishment of an empire? an cmt.ire which bus been proclaimed under such fevora ble (lrr.mnst.uices; for 1 believe that alt those who poe vrs a good heart and reli.'io is boliRf wi.l not fail to recognize the hand of i'rovidouco in the wccd'ulul oveote witioh have shaped the regeneration of this beautiful but dusoloied country?opening to It, under your Imperial Majority, u fut' re of enviable groituess. 1'fie now era that for the Mexicans begins today is full o." hope, based on the wisdom sua nubia intentions that im pel your Imperial .Majesty to mmo Hits dis heartened nut in to a high position and a rros perous destiny May your Imperial Majesty's welcome, than, to the new country witu v hi eh jo" have iifiDtlUtd your destiny, be tin earnest of the since*, which will attend your M ijOstiy's roign. lliy t-'od bless the noble determination that guides your imperial ii. esty to there Shores!, nod may He crown with deserving success your groat Civ illy tog and Christian enterprise. As a picfet t of this dlstrlc, ar.d iii the uatto of the authorities and inhabit uit-? oi tbe mdki, i have tbo honor Had pleasure at the -.mi# lime to cougrutulnlo your Impel ai Majesty and hor Jt.i ,3iy tbo Empress otyyonr g?f ? arrival on Me.yonn soil, oflerug you our most. eir csre attachment ana enr mou buinbic respect. TH* JiWJ'BltOR'fl RRPLV. The 1 mperor then read a short sfieech in .cpnni?h, in n ciear, sonorous and sympathetic voice, which creaked in all breasts those emotions that are ever caused by a welcome mon,r h. A? scon as this speech was ended bis MaJ*rty addrecsed tho.-e nre?cnt in kind words, and announced tbat he wan golrg to introduce her M.- Je ty th* K upress. INTRODtJCTlPN TO IKS F.:fPB?.iR. Hor Majesty then euinrged froman u Joining :.partn!ent, leaning upon tho firm of the Kjiperor, adorned wHh the cbarn.s o< beauty, grace, virtue and clemency. Honor Velas-jue ,te Leon then came forward to officially intro dticc to tbo empress tbe Prefect o tbe district and oiber officials pre: cut. A DPr.KSf TO Till RtirrtBSA. Tbe Prefect tbeu addressed himself to ber li?ler,ty in tbe luIluM iug terms: ? Maivtii?Ite pleesod to receive the moat elocere con gratulations and tnont courteous horn i?n of the authori ties and Inhabitant* of the dvtri t, on having the honor of tb:s introduction to your Majesty on your prosjiercue arrival Tbey adin're "the virtue and accomplishments thilehne ho brichtlv in your n?>ble Character Provi dence has conceded to tbe iteu.oiu nation ihetiupblo benell' oi in ejillgbtctisd moriarcb united in destiny to your if.iie-ty. tae ibjict .?l our uMicuan and Ibe allection ut ail bcne.-t nearts who VeeigBiirt In year Majesty the worthy siammm o. cur electcd 1 mpcr r. Midum. the Moxiuatia have high hopes in vnur beacitcent inTuence towaiu- nil tbat i, great and nob's, alt that relates to these enii^htcn'-d sentiment* of religion uud love or country. tbey bice, the instant of your Majesty'r arrival fcore, unJ tlr y cry unanlmotosiy l/iug Hvo the JBmpreas. IbeJnipre .v icpllcd In ? few wotds iu good vita great grace audi amiability, and walking around those present add.eased> separately in the mo;t courteous t rn ?>. We ?rc .s--:.roJ i at at that moment ni ne would have boa.tilled to 1 y his lite at toe feet if s ich a polled sovereign ? M>9B OP THIS CWUMCONIES. Their llajes .os toon retiring. accompanied by Genera) Almonte. tUc ? fl'i i ?!p i etnrncd ou shorn, ckiqueol in their term? of admiration for the aunu-t aov ro gnw of Moxio.t. TUK KMl'GltOll ANO KM Pit KB* AbXIOVS TO <K? AKHOIIB, El r PtSSCADMi PROM IKHNM ??. Their Major:: ?r* desirou to go on shore as **>? ?? the Nova ra anchored They wished to i ay a visit to tbe eby, muke themselves known to the InlnbiUuts, tind mil and re Here lb ir wauls, and, in a word, t" d<> all in Ihi.r pownr for the well arc of Ycrn Crur- Aaiuiated by eucli noble Intenliovi, they wished to remain two or throe days in tbnt city, not caring (or the advanced stale of the seaaoa nor of ihe dangers from sickuesa. In mx.ii coura^eone and noble heai te liiero Is no room Tor fear. It became necessary, in r'>nsrqueoce of thia desire on the port of tbelr Majaaties, to employ evory persuasive argument to prevail on lliem without further delay to continue their Journey, to as to get clear of this sickly region; but tLey have repeatedly av erted that they will return tn tbe winter to receive tbe homage of tbe inhabit? tie. The Fmpwror it nil Km pre as rat Jamaica, tit t'Bl'Tt'lN BY I UK BHITMH Al'i nOMTIM. [Frta tue K i as (loo (Jaina.ea. HlltUH, Hay 'Jti.) The Island, on Sunday last, received tbo uupree ?d- ntM honor of a visit troat their Imnerial Majesties the bm pcror uini Km press of Mexico, on tbelr way to take pee sosNion oi their new aniplro. The.r M.?ji rtlea arrlv ed no Saturday even lag in tho Aim triau war steamer M?vara, escorted by the French steamer Tli"tt?,and on Sunday morning in r Majesty's si earner Barracoota r'.eimrd up tbe harbor with the iBl irr ? visitors on bonid. Very few por knew of the aurptclona circumstance, and their Imporbil M.-ijaatio* having taken evory pre caution to preearve sarin incognito, were free from tbe prewnre of the crowd tbnt would have otherwise asseniNed to greet thnu. After paying e visit to M.ijof Oanerel Asbmore end to hie I'AChlcLcy the L' Ouvernor, tbe imperial |wtrty nturlMx! to tl.u Ordnance whirl, where lbey took host for the Berraonuta, and were conveyed by that y -rol lack to Perl Kogal.wbiub ibey list late in the aJtornocn. lna unit; fonet'ted of Ibo Ktnnaror and Fmiiress, Me dome d i on.-' s o .ih.liy, i.rawdo M iiirch-* of the .mi era trice, ttmi.iino la loiuleasn main ich, Hume d'honueur, stiit Nona. J. Yelosqiic? do icon, Mexican It tn .star of State. fhev were rein'rot hy his excellency tb" Covernor, Admiral rlrJa'..cs Ho|?e, K. l\ ii, Me,ori?eo?ral Ash more, Commodore Ur.iurofl, It., hie lordship, the Htehop,hie tloiiortbe t'ustos, Hugh w. tu*tin, i so.,nml other notables. ibe lavoied lew who bail Iran.e.t the con' attended at Ihe Ordnance and ttio next wharf to witness the embarkation id Dm Kmistror nod i mpress, and worn honored by them with a gramme bow nl pert lug. Iter peat ""I.* fw the strict privm y wht? h ihslr ms jcsilos b <1 d"Sired. prorrnieii the outburst of a w ringing cheer, which uung upon ibe tpe of tbe epa latere, end was wltb diilteuliy kept d wn Tat Navy. Tbo ninted States ??earner Bermuda will sail from the Navy Yard, Philadelphia, for Ibe West Gulf squadron, on Saturday, Juuo 18. I'cron* bavlng botes, packages or letters for oftloere, eeaineti, Arc., belonging to tlw (Jailed eutee Navy, cm bav i thorn delivered froa of charge, tf went on board prior to the day of sailing. Caktaim I. vows' Lmx or a?'ibo lecture of Captain Lyons at tha Lyceum, in Jeracy City, last night, waa attended by a large, welvet and apprroisilva aodteaew, numbering among them many of the eliy cOletals and clergy. Us was liurodn-ied ny jloB Bernard MuAsaHy, SherlfT of Hudson county, Ruhwrunenl to tbo Ifcmre a r?'|U sltitm W,it elide upon Captain l yons to rrjwsi it, in n I recr hail, which was im'tntou-ly isndoreu to hint by tho Fov. Mr ho ly ,p.|tor ol tM. BateVw sen waxworadsd to b> pi< taciuree ' i NEWS FROM NEW ORLEANS. G?nboa(l Injured toy Rebel BnUeflee? A Henry Borne leal tn Oliled|? tton Rebels, An. By the arrival of lb. steamship DnaM Webster we hove a New Orleans paper of the eih iuat. Tbesleaaaer Creole, from New York, arrived there en the 6th. The steamers BrUltaat and Mississippi had arrived from the Ohio river, hayidf run the rebel batteries at Colum bia, Mississippi. The gunboats Inolvvllle and Fxchango were somewhat Isjared by the Ore or the rebel batteries, and the captain of the latter seriously though not mortally wounaed. General Can by has sent a heavy force of Infantry and cavalry to driva the rebels ewsy. The New Orleans markets were dull and unchanged an tbo fltb. Cotton 76c. a J2c. No raise of sugar or molas ses. Gold $1 90 a $101. The Tmrf. UNION CO I'll HE, 1,. I.?TP.OTT1 NO. Tiomiav, Jane 14, 8wcepdtakce $400, nine beats, best thee In 11 v* D. 1'Oier named b. m. Lady Blako, to wa gon 18 3 11 li. Wood'-ulTnamed br. m. Sally Ome Up, to wagon 3 3 13 2 J. I). McMnnn named b. g. Jimmy Lynch, to v. agon 3 13 3 3 Mr. W alters >u named b. p. Patrick Ilcnry, in harnopii dr. film. Quarttr. Half. Mile. First beat 40 1:20 2 42 Seootd beat 40 1:20 2.43 Tlilrd heat 40 1:20 2 44j; Fourth heat 40 122 2:44 Tilth heat 41.1:22 >{ 2 44 f-'rsl Patrick Henry did not make his amiear ancn at the time apimlnted. Uf the.other three, Jimmy Lynch was the favorite previous to tho start at about one hundred to seventy against the ileld. rfaliy''ouie Up was the next favorite, one buudrnd to eigtatv being wagered that she would beat lady Make, tho latter tint being so tit'O as her driver desired, ealiy Ootne Up was looked lor as the winner in case the boa's were split, as she was in capital order, und, being by lilrnin Drew, it was supposed she would stay longer than any of me others. Jimmy Lynch, although ilia iavoritc, was not in condition ior a hard rece. He was too kts'i in UeSh, and showed stillness hi front. The horses had a gov! .tart,ladv Ulal.e, on the in.side, leading Im'f * Icnrth around the turn, . ally aecond, Jimmy till and llnuuder ing badly. T.ady 'Lake niaipta.ood the 'ead all the way ?round to the end, winning by tour lengths. Jimmy Lynch was as far behind Haily. Time. 2:42. : Ufat.?I atiy Blake was now the favorite agaip-t tlio Hold, t.yr :li took the lead at the eiart and went four ! lengths in front of lady Ulnae to the u'lerior polo in rorty I snronds II. kept the gap open and pa. aed the half mile hole in 1 -20 On the lower turn Sally closed up to Lady Rt 'ks, bu', s-)ou nfierwarde broke up and fell off a couple of Worths, i.ynch was loor T-nptna tn front when he oumo on the homestretch;but then be began to unit, aud the others gradually gained on him. nutil. at ttiedisianca aland, they wero v. ilhtD half a length of him. Then there weid all kinds of driving aci-mce put in practice, lady Bhiko and sally wore forced to n lire k and ran up to the s -oro, both,resa?lcj their trot is they crossed the lire. Lynch broke up within s Icegth of the murk and ran over. The lodges, liou-evor, soon decolnd thai Lynch wi u (lie, Sally Come Up geouud and I.?dy Make laet. Ike 2:43. nirit Sally Come Up now became the favorite seninm the d?ld at one hundred to eighty. Sally took the loan i,n-i held it to the end, eV'eely followed by Jj?dy Ttlnko. Jimmy Lynch broke soon after leaving the ,s< ore, and again on the ba.ckvtrut' h. where lie tried to tabu tho polo fioui Sally Come Up; hut, getting in the pocket, ho broke uud fell o!f badly. Ilia heat was closely contested by tho two mares. 'I'ur.e 2:44 H J-'o trtk H?<i.?Jams* KofT now took 1 yneh is band in place of Mr. Mc'fsnn. -'try was the favorite at five to one. j.ynch took tho led with tne word, and went to the ?inarter pole about three oi>en length* ahead or the two mares, who were clone together?time forty seconds, lie oi.ened the gap down the backtd retch, Sally Itavnw brol eu up about hair way dow n, and lust three or four lengths ihcreti'y. Time in t.alf mile jiole 1:22. It *"on became evidcul that Jimmy had enough, aud Irtdy l'.laho carried him to a br- xk on the lower turn, and, leaving him, came ou the lioineali-etuh three ieuiuha ahead of Sally. A spirited oontr.o between the inures was k'-pt "P to the end of ttie heat, 1 sdy Blik" winning by a length in 2:44, Jimmy Lynch je?t faslde tVe distance rtand. TV' fc Kofi rota rued Lynch to McManii, saving thet lie had bad euongh of 1ms. Betting even between BI .k ? and Sai.y, l.acv I-.lakn lud a length tn the unarter pale nbead of Lynrh,'Sally close up, in forty one an-i a half ?< conds. Samo at the half mile pole in 1:22,'?. On tb Inwr turn isally cloved up well, posing Lynch and getting within a>o'?!p)e of lengths of Lady Blake aa she came <>n the bomsstrotoh?limmy all to pieces. A Dae con teat ended with Lady Blake coming in a winner by a length In 2:14 The inn. h talked of trot between fillingb.-im, John Morgan *? id O'oral But'nr will come olf thi? afternoon over the Faebiou t'ourse. 1'1'ltugbam was the lavorlte yetlsrU-ty agilnst the field at oude. Cricket Match. NRW TOKE CLUB VS. UNION Ct-VB, OP NNWABE. lb" match between the abova two celebrated clubs, wblcb was commenced <u Monday, on the new ground of the Now York Club, at Bedford, I.. 1., was < oncluded yes isrd.iv, the lotal scores standing?New York. CPS; New ark. 90. The match turned out nntte a one-sided afi'alr, al'hnugh at tbo ,-iUrt it promised to be very interc.tmg. On the part of New York, thev were exceedingly strung, while the Nowarkers d;d not appear to bo at all up to the i murk, notwithstand:Dg their Indomitable poiseverance and courage. Appended is the lull score:? .VKW YORK fur' Innif'ir Hunt. Hu^md Iitmnyi. Sunt. Hlgh-im. to Harebell, b. Waiters 10 rim nut iu Hud-<?n, b Hal!ic !t3 c. WaHers, b. Khun.... 2i Marcii, runout 0 b. kuiu u6 Uimtnond, p.. Kid. b. ! Walters 13 e. Mlddlebm, b Hallis.. 14 Badlor, b. Hallis 12 b. flallis !i jfvrnn.b. Jlailt? 16 c. K'suu. b. Hunter 33 Sharp, e. Kldd,b. Wal ters 1 b. Hallis 24 Crowley, not out 22 b. Armttage 1J t Suydum, b. Hallis 2 absent 0 Lester, U. Walters Ob. Armttcge 0 Tyler, h Hallis 1 not out II liyes. 7, L byes, 3; Byes. 11. I. byes, 3; wulea, 4 1A wide*,24 4T Total 134 Total 2?5 rxro* m.ns, Nswiar. f(rtl /finings- A toot. ?c<md fnningt. JHierson, b. .-ndlsr 1 e. March, b. Hammond... 0 Kisun, b. Sadler 1 b. loster 0 Walters, b. lis win rd.. .21 o. lltgbam, b Walton,.., S Kord, b Mar.rh 3 e. Hudson, b. Meter ... S Hslilt, b Marsh o c. Higham.b. T<ester ... 3 Kldd. b. Marsh 16 e. lector, b. Hammond.. 1 Armitigs, b Marsh .3 b. Hammond 1 Dnnter. b. llammond.... 3 runout 0 Elpbicko, c. At b. 11am. not out 1 mniid 2 Middl'Hon, b. Hammond.. 0 e Tyler, b. Hammond . 0 Uurcholl, n?t onl. 3 run ont 2 Byes, 4.1.byes,2, wide, 1 7 Byes,l,l.tiys,l;widsr,13 lii Total 68 Total 32 I'm rtrps?Meosra. Hall and Gariido. fm Wednesday and Thursday next, the 22d and frf iDst., tbs grand mutch between Philadelphia and New York olubo will be played omtbe same ground at Bedford Curoaers* Inqvsesta. A San Ac Bar-sit's So* Rr* ftrr* A*t> Kn.'tn.?Ctiarloi II. Barn or, a l-iit nine year* of ago. aon of Hiram Barney. Collector of the Port, wa* ran over and instantly killed yealerday by stage No. 971. or the Madison avsnuo Hue The accident occurred in Madison aeonue, ?< ar Twenty-fourth street. Officer Ken oedy, of the Twenty-ninth precinct, arrested the drlvr, Patrick McVay. The hody of the lad waa taken to the residence of his father, Mo. 30 t'nton square. Coroner Ranney hold an tuqoeal on lae body, and from all the ?oatlmouy thai could be elicited It waa abown thai tha occurrence waa purely accidental. A verdict to that of lect was rendered, and tba driver exbonerated from all Maine lu the matter. He waa accordingly released from custody. Tau RwmrrPnoonjf. Ooctmnmicn in Mssna Pmsrr? 1'*atii or T*n tVn* ? flnronar Nsnmann was yesterday notliled to bold an Inquest st the New Turk Hospital on tho b?idy of John Muldooc, a young man eighteen yeara of nge, who died lata an Monday night. Mnldnou la the Individual who was shot In the breast nr aide by a pistol In tho bands of a str?uyor. about two o'clock on Sunday morning, during a quarrel which they had in tba drink Itig placo No. K.f,l< Marcer eueel. The partlea, who worn nnicnown to each other, became Involved in an aliena tion concerning some trlvlsl matter, during which a lew blows ware atruck; hot which of them commenced tho assault has uot jet transpired. The not with tha pistol backad outside tha door, and wheo on the sidewuik discharged the revolver, the bullet taking clfect as slated abort. The unknown man then rna off, end la mill at large. It has beau Iniimalod that the fugitive and seinn other iueploKuw chsrar.icrs endeavored to get deceased Into a tight, an that they might rob him Several persona wbo wttneavad the "c onrraaca win he examined bciore tba Coroner, who w ill hold an Inqaeel t?> day. Captain Do Camp, of the Klghtb praclaot, Is aesjrehing for tha murderer, Fatai. Ram. swow a Wmnow.?Corner Ranney ywisr day bald laquaai at 20 Jonaa atrsat an tba body of Mr. Abraham Bassford, seventy one years of ags, who died from tha effects of Injuries received by felling from ibo ih'rd story wladnw of the above named prom Pea while In the act of closies the blinde. The jury rendered a vcr ?<lot Of '?dpn'deni I deaih " Msny years since the ite ce-i ed was q'uitp nelohraivd as a aiiiUrg mcr msaufkc sard*. BOARD Of SUPERVISORS. Appropriation o( $4,000,000 JBoro far Boantlen?Their Payment la Commoner immediately?Veto from the Mayor He part from the Comptroller, 1M. The Boarl of Hopervisers net yesterday afternoon, Sopor visor Tweed presiding. Mporvisor Purdt moved tint Uie Commutes oo ('osnty Officers report tba number of clerka employed by the Board, tad Uie remuneration received by them for their service*, In order lo ascertain whether they are entitled to higher salaries. Adopted. Tho Comptroller reported the present eosdillon of the riot Indemnity food to he Fur bonds issued in 1804, in pursuance of ordi nance approved by ihc Mayor, August 30. 1N8.$ 138,700 for bonds ixsued in lH64,per ordinance approved IfsrehT, 1H04 200.000 Balanceonetpendod l)oc. 31, IX63, 147,733 Total $4S0.433 Amount paid for riot c airns 440,099 Balance unexpended June 14,1804; $40,333 Supervisor 1'itkdv offered tbe following, which was adopted ? Whereas, It appears evident that the President of tho United Htates has determined to make a further call for troo|>H to (111 up i he thinned ninlt* of the gallant Army of the Potomac now investing Richmond, the rebel capital; and whereas, tho patriotic oily ol Mew York has here tofore and will promptly respond with oieu and means to defend, sustain and preserve the Colon, tne constitution arid laws of our country: and whereas, il is deemed vitaliy important that the great Union army should know and be assured that the ureal city of New York? this groat heart-of tho nation?will ever xnslaiu thom till Bucisexa is compete and tha rebellion Is suppressed, there fore be it Resolved, Tbat tbe Hoard of Supervisors will continue to pay tbe nsual bounty lor the enlistment of volunteers v> till up tbe quota tbat may be requ red from ibis county Hie County Vrdunteer Committee presented a lengthy report showing tbat the elty has already tlt'ed tier quota under all former calls, and has oven furnished men in excess of tbe calls made upon her: how much uio.e dc su able it is to (ill the quota by volunteering, or at least reduce the number subject to drart. than it is to have tbe wh ite number drafted: that our uuuU will probably be ten thousand or more, aud oontuuiug an ordinate e ap propriating two million dollars for the payment of bonn tics, In addition to the balance of live hundred thousand dollars now on hand, the report was unanimous^ adopted. The following cnmmiini'Htion wax received from the Mayor, nod lock the usual course:? Mavoit's Orncs, New Fork,June 14,1994. To mr Hokokahiji ma Btuao or Sopi hvisobs:? Qisvn.ritKit?I return herewith, without my approval, a resolution auditing a bid of Messrs. J. B. A. w. W. Cor nell At Co. for iron tarnished for the construction of the drill rooms, for military purposes, on Palace Cardan grounds, atuounting to$337 04. Jty objection to mis resolution is that the price charged io the bill, as I have stated in a nicsnago previously sent toyoiir rablo body, is exorbitant. that the iron u?nl is not wurtb mure than flflS n ton, and ibat, allow ing as ranch moro for labor and profit, under any ctroum st..nest, it would leave] not more than sixteen cents per pound, as a re.ivonnble price t? he paid to the contractor. 1 a:n by no means satisfied with tbe eviuenoe taken be fore tbe special Committee on Armories and Drill Rooms, on the subject of the price or tlia Iron furuithed, which ?vMocco la embraced in their report, contained in the pro,, sdings of your Board of the 17tli May I art I regret that your committee did not give me an opp rt unity to have laid before them such testimony ?s 1 possessed on tho subject: and I now give notion to your nonorsbis body that the lolormatioa on J proceeded was giver, me by the representative* of the firms of James L. J auk ?0u A Brother, Jane*, Fowler, Kirtlatnrfc Co., sod tire Architectural Iron Works, all prominent and well known iron nouses of tins city. (1. GtJDKBir Gt'N'I'HKR, Major. Ilia Board then adjourned lor two weeks. Our West Point Correspondence* Xtrst Tom, S. Y., June 14,1894. Ibe fto'U* Monument CirrmaniaL?A rriaa 1 of General M Cl-''a??fri' Kn'biuicutlc Reap'i"n by the Military fwte'-?-A Serenade and ttriet Atl<trei?--Great Interat Mart 'cfttd in Jo-moerew'a Proceeding!?A I.arf AT? tit 6-j- if tn- Rtr,'(!n ? Army and of the United Slates 19a ry fa-fitted to tr. Rresent?lkt Hate1* J'dtt Pilling Ufh? Open-nyof 'K Summer Heat on, Jr. 1 he opening of tee summer tea no of 1884 at this favorite reeorl fio>u tbe cabined, cabled, oonQned purlieus of ibe i ;tr ?'*? boen expedited to almost the extent of a rush by the anticipated cwromoniel tomorrow. The lately aliest and solitary drives and walks, pleasant in tbrmaeirss as easy for locoaotioa, bnt which deriro their great obarm from the beautiful and romantic views which from avery tnro and angle und vista present scenes of surpassing loveliness, are once agan enlivened by ttieny groups and parties determined on enjoying themselves to the top of their bout. Among the visitors who arrived yesterday wore Ken. McCMlan and lady, who later In the day wera serenaded by the cadets, with Chair (pleaded band. Titer# w.ia quits a time of it on the occasion. The cadets,fresh fr.-tn their lata triumphant exsuilaation, many of them with blushing honors thick upon them, were anxio-it to testify their appreciation of the high honor* won by a former graduate of their academy, on* who, tn conierrinf services upon the couniri . had coaierred honor upon them. After eeveral 1 a uitifii! an t patriotic airs were per.ornv il by the ba d. tie mdst* cheered lustily for <;eneral McCiahan In,* brought tho General on' the babi'Wiy, who was yrretsd with renewed Cheering lie brieiiv addressed tbem. revert in* te toe days when he bad boeu a graduate of I ho academy, lie bad visited it to-day for the first time after an abacrc* ot twenty tear*, 'fie return to it sow was rather under painful than pirttParabl* clrcnmstan' is it was to be present at ralsiu^ a midiuinont to cnmiu?uiorAle the glorions deaths and glorious deeds of the brave ineu of the rag'dnr aruvwhobad f.illon In the wsr ior the rteienc of the Union? a war which ail din-t h<4.e mar !>e npeedily brought to a successful tersainatl- n. He mid the young cadet- that the ilwt of premise wars before them, but that ibe ?uy to mete, the promises of the future fructify w?? l>> Strict attention to their *:tidies. On concluding his tew remaiks the ueuural *?? again enthusiastically cheered The veteran Gsnaral yentt ts here, and still able to mat;*occasional vi?tt< to the A- nde iny. speaking of the cadet* and the examination just passed, tt I* bet right to notice a lact which. If ileitb >ratcd on in the rigtit auartera.atid more generally acted upon hereafter, would redound to the credit of the actors therein, to the honor n{ the Academy and lb* glory of ibe oountry. II is tbi-c When Ooo. i-ickiea was In the Thirty-sixth Fhniirt'**, in pursuanc* of biaprtvl lexe as a member to recomn.end a young pupil to be adu e.ated in the Academy, Instead of *uy political favoritism or party part aansbip influanclog hw selection of youths to exrrrite hi* patronage upon ho wrote to ihe 8chnn| Commissioners, requesting them to -elect from the schools a worthy lad, who rave promise or improvement and emulation. The Gnmmtssloaers did select one, who subaequently rntered the Academy. Ibe eele< tian was a great ssoocsa, the lad proving in every re.pen worthy of the choice of the OmmUalonurs, and nt the last examination he graduated at the bead of his clans?the ei.finearing class?and wus one of eight who - nice then have received tlwir ccmn lfssiou* and b-wii ordered to the front. The lad'a name is Leldeek* or. 1 he plan of <'m ural fc.cklas ts worth trying on a mora general scale. Iho preparations fbr the nere?no*H*>? to ra rrow are nearly c uiplaied. A stand is arwiled in ihe trophy ground?the site choaeo fdl the monnmctit?which is iieiiiilftiUy decked with flag*, lb* dedicatory orstlor will Vm> delivered br fie-erai Me< leiian, the marshal of iwremnoles being General Robert Anderson, of Fort Sum ter fame Visitor* here ara all agog la ru.ticipuilou of the ceremony awl tho military display which will form a part oi it. TMontrlc*!. M 1st Jane Cootnhs take* bar benefit at W? I lack'a tbig evening, playing in tbe Hunchback for the brat tlm# at thi* theatre. Mr. A. II. Davenport takes hi* annual benefit at the Winter Garden s me time next week, and will pr'aeat on exceedingly strong bill. * Mr. I tan Bryant, whose recent benefit at the Academy of Mure was s great success. I* engaged to play Handy Andy at Buffalo during the summer, Annes t* Gallettl, tho danseiise, is danrirg at the Olympic, In the apectacle sf Aladdin, which boa drawn crowded bouses every night. Mr*. J. H. Allen goes to Saw Orleans shortly, to Dilfll a very flattering engagement Utera, Mwa Kmdy Ihorne goes to California, we understand. Court Csimdnr-Thla Day. Prrnnsu ? ftnci it.?Part 1,?No*. jtifB, irt* ???, 2011,sou,fH6, -mi, an<i, 9021, s?3,202a. 3047, 2081, 2080,90)0, 20.17, 9TO9, 12041, SOU. 20*5 I Art U ? NoS. f 02, WO, 1742. 171,2, 1774. 17H0, 17d"l, 1784.17*0 17x8, 17t'4. I7VX, IHOO. HW'.f. 1800. 18oS, 1H10, ldlf, tslfl. Part 8- 73 l>u?re street?Nov. 1#P|, 1117, logo, *41, 1?S2, 1110. 1878. 1KKA, 1340, 008. *53, 1422, 1897, 1312. 404, 467, 201. 607. t26, UW7. All |i*rU tbe Circuit open at t-"i C\ l< ck 8. M. rtN'ogCot hi r*i?'. rtgw.?Part 1 ?a..7186,agon 2990, U43. 3420,V 2240, U8i9. 22?7, 4018,744. 8931,r-6un. 88*8, 3dtii)J4. -1621. ?' art 9.? Net. 3t> 8, 8391, 84'4, 82.76, :i(WU, .17.10. .*Wi8, .,344, Oiiefl, lOJo, 3til6 ,1979, 2682, 34X8. '400, JM4, d7f 4. tVaiRis Pt-aas Own? T*t*i Tamc?raM 1?Fame ca lendar as ysxterdsy Tart 1 ?260, 810, 688 , 684, 400, lfll, 1840, 694 . 613,97 ,'88, 414, 82, 887, ISO. Daw York Court of Appeals. Iu?if, June 14,19)4. In the Court of Appeal* the day 1 il?u ;ar for Wedn* dny, Jure 16, W M MttNwNv 9 7.8,9.10,11,1 M. 1) and 17. GENERAL BUTLER'S^DEPARTMEMT. |*?r. Charles II. D?sps?eh. Hradquartb*. I" Ft?-?! Jan\H, IWC inothkh quisr scruat has been enjoyed by mis army. The rebels occasionally fired a shell at our Blgnal stsilon, alias Wcltxei'a tnowa meal, bol failed to bU it. With that exception no warlike sounds bare disturbed tbe quiet of our camps. The (fortress lltinroe Despatch. yoorwm Moskob, June 18?4 1*. M. Tbe steamer John A. Warner, from Bermuda Ilundrad, reports no uewufroui that immediate vicinity, but heavy firing was heard this morning in tbe direction ot Kich aaoud last Saturday's llk.uui.jod Jummmmbv reporls lbs foU lowtng federal arrivals at the t.lbhy Prison ? I Captain II. H MeC.Dhm, If lb United Flatex regulars. Cap tain Ohas. C. Dodge. JOih Michigan. | Canutn Henry lu Ktiley, 11 Tib PenDnylvauia. Captain Gilbert Pel I, !2Uli No* York. Lieutenant E. ft Huntington, 1Kb 1 nilod states regulars. Cliarti.s U N'ugglo, 2d 1'nltod Stx'-os inlantiy. Henry Gtbbou, 140lh .Vow Turk. 8v vector <'ruorley, llllh Pennsylvania. George M Curtis, lifith New York. H. 14 Wontwortfi, 14th New York artillery. Captain W B. 17th Unltod i-tatoa rHgu.ars. DEATHS IN Tin: lUMFIOI IIOOPlTAl., JI'NIt 1-. Win. Backus, 142rt N. V.; Wm. Mickall, 8lh pWI., Richard William*, 4th II. 4 cavalry, K 1 arwell. loin N. II.; T.J Brown, 7th V 11.; 1> C. sbuklev, 11th In.. J. Illiianl, limb l'a.; K Da-oy, 48th N. Y.; ft <. lo';-or?. Kith N. Y. battery ; Thou. T. Jones, 97th I t.; J <?*'Pl?. 7tli Conn.; J. Hainan, 7ih Codo.; J Grltflth, J?tU 1 As General bongstreet * Lvxcmxao, May IS, 1884, To Judge A. B. I/iNtwmKkT:? My wound Is severe, but not dangerous. It is through tho uerk ?nd shoulder. 1 iim lmpfovi"^'j oN( ,1REKf City Intelligence. A Grand Sirkwadb.?The deni/ens of Ninth street were aroused on Monday night, or rather on Tnoed yy morning, | by the grand and harmonious tomw of an immense tul 1 tnry band, consisting of seventy piece*. This was round to bo in front of tho resl.lonco of Supervisor Orison lllunt, j certain gentlemen liaVtng taken thin ?? harmonious" mornod of testifying th'ir upproclailon or that gentleman both aa a cil'/en and a man. A large crowd, attracted by the charming music, soon withered In the niroot, and for sn bmr the still, cloar nlgbt was disturbed only by this conoord of sweet ionuds The last piece pnrlormt .1 was of course, the' Htur bpanplod Banner," and on the brut noto being struck tho glorious Star^ end .Strip ?? Suddenly BDrune from Mr Blunfs window anil foil in graceful folds over the crowd boiow. Niuo Hir'-uul/ rent t.i? air for Mr. Blunt, for tho t1a5 and for the Union ; after which the party and tbe gathcroil tnrung quietly retired. BCHOoi. Erin?it:o.NS ?The opening exorcises of gram mar school No. 8, In Grand street, between Woosttr and f.?urens streets, took place at ten o'clock yesterday morning, nnd were atiended by a Urge audience, coin pec 1 of the school officers and mauy Invited guests. The exorcises were mort tnteroc'.iog. Mr. Wlldain II. Mie.dou delivered an open Ins address, which wn? listened to with groat attention bv tbe audience. Tt o primary depart ment of school No. 11 also gave Its annual reception, which, as usual, was of a most attractive cb ir.icter The escrcis'S commenced at two P. M., in tho * vary uumerotis auilicnoe. Tho ?Festival of t UeK?*es was performed in n nio?tcre iltablo manner, lbo rest ?f Uie i rogranftne wus aa follow:!?Itoailing of Scriptures, chant, " lbo Lord is my *hep). rdebon,a, ? Oh wtat joy and Pleasure," Upcntog Address, by a little giih. chorus, ? O-nfe away! I he sunny bo irs;" c. aeludiDg hymn; chorus, "Good night. ' Bsmemt or a Ijvkparv Madman.?Mr. Wm. A. Purdeit, a restored lunatic, announces that he will give a musical, floral nnd literary festival to-morrow afternoon at Ra voiww.kmI 1? raiae monoy wherewith to defray his expenses on a trip to Europe for the benefit of hie health. ! Kmc in Howard Hot*!-?Betwten Ave and six o'clock on Tuesday morning a flro w discovered In the laundry on the top floor of Howard Hotel, No. 170 Brottdwsy kept bv Undo fr Lamb. It originated from the A hole was burned through the flooring, and had It not been so ?wm discovered a dlwurtrona tire might liavo bo. n tho 1 riv- ih. The damage will be about ono hundred doi'.arss tully Insured. Fust in Sotth ?iT.*gr.? l ast evening the alarm of lire for ihe seventh district, between six and aeven o'clock, was caused by tbe discovery of a Are In the second story of "00 couth stroof. Ihepremii-e were unocouplod. A hole wasbiirood In tbe floor, suppeeed to have been cauyrd by the heal of the chimney flue of tbe ad'olning house. 1 la mace m building about |loo. Mr. Hunt is the owner of the building, and tbe loss is covered by Insurance. Kirs in East Tw*t,*tb Struct.-- At three o'clock on Tu> rday niornms a lira ooenrred lu a stablo at No _li l'*at Twelfth street, owned by El ward Murthn. Hie da iu ice will amount to about thi -e hundnd dollars; in sured for eignt bnudred dollar* to the * Inau rance Company. The premises were no doubt ael on ere by an Incendiary. Eirc in Wm nyrurs stub..-Retwasn nine and ten o'clock on Monday night a Ore originated in the teuo-nmt hocse No. 2?9 West Elftletb slreet, and extend'd to No ?">7 Bo?b buildings *re owr.od by John Flsab. wb" rxNtu Diss liio stora of No. 2f?7 for storage of pottery, nnd ha* hi* fa. t rv . n the row of tbe lot. Tho damage to tbe buildinr.* will b? about f 1.000; insured for in the Manhattan Insurance Company. Firs :x Avlxtc A ?About half-past twelve o'clock on Monday night a fro brcke out In a frame stable on the re .r of $i No. avenue A, corner of Fifteenth street. Kama** abnnl $M) Inured for t?00 In tbe Jellereon In suraii.e company, and own?d by Charles Kardle It was no doubt the work of an incetdury. 1 oliit latelllgeaet. A?"mrv rat P" cvc. Nricixoi?Arprs." o? rns pROfRis ] tor? Henrv Flsnsr, proprietor <?f the fat and tallow twdiiog eatablishmsnt No*. 2 acd 0 Abattoir plrce, Went Thi ty ninth street, between Eleventh svecae and tbs r,vrr. was arraigned betore Ju*ti. e Howling ya-terdny afleruoun, he hm1nggd>een arreted by Captain Lord, or the Xantsry Polios. The t apUIn uuikcsaflidavit that on outerink, tbe defendant's prsmIre*, a few day* since, hs found a cuantttyof raw or untried fat oranimile.^rnouec in. to six or eight barrel* full, which sp pen red to be nrii J v decoTiipoeibf, sod seme of it far ndvarced in de oomp/sitkm; thst s very oflenelve steuch wa* arlxmg from It, rendering th? atmosphere impure; that theie th-ui was in srtlve operation a large kstt e or, ioflkfl^t to contain sis or seven tho.mnd 1 poupils of fat, usrvl lor boiling *nd trying fat. At tbst rui s the boiler contained betwecu one sod two thousand pounds of fat, anil during the boTlng h^ieee de eies mua and unhealiby pasres sud vapors ars generate4, and a very "fionslvo mlov arises from tbe ksttle and fills the sorrontdinc atmoapbare for the d.sunce of tn,,"T tb'''' ??id f?et ier>n?otinif? in the directkm towards whichi toe wind ia blowing to tba distance ot a mile ot? more) with a vwv o^n?'YO ttracb ?u<l mnd mail! thrt at mo sphere Injurious and do!et?r;ou? to tho benlih and ^lives ot tbope within lis Inf.notice Mr. lifner. lbo accused, de^ manded an ,.*amianlioo on tbe Ooruplajt>"*"9* J""1 ?vBtttAd him lo-morrotr. Th? nn!?^nco? which It 1 li fog .Ml tho defendant maintains, will nrohahlv be abated M the health of tha citizens of that p.n?oo of the City demands It. Btakbino AvrRAt ON Fb-.i-roard.?Two men nrttned Bcnry Uswkca and John Rroonsn, who arrived In tills etty )csterdsy tntrning in tbe itoam-r Northern Mght, bad sa altercation on board the steatuer at pier No. 4 North river, when Iltwkes drew a knife and stabbed Rrenn in in th* left breest, looting a very *evrrc M crobably mortal wound. Officer Coyle, or tne iwensv ?oventb precinct, took the woundsd man to tbs Uty Hoe r'tnl Hawka* ws* promptly arrested sod K>:ked tip in the station boose 11* will be committed to await the result of Brsnoan'a ipjurks. Krsiai..? Mr. J. McCutcheon has addrosaed a note to tola office denying that on tbe ntght of tbe 7th inak f?. KwZy and J. Wsey were e gaged in an il.eged robbery. .J. Who I* Rropomlhlo! TO THE EPTTOE OP 1D( K8IIALD. Now Your, Julia in. 11*4. Tb? lol'owlnf Hi Vob an editorial in yesterday'? T?o?'# I rora the eery reliable computations of our cotm P?rary It appears that In 1*0.1 one hundred ai>d thirty thousand ItiiN of n. ttoii were available In llujlmd l?>r Ibe confederate goeerrimmit or it* supporters lor the pur c>i*n,< of auogjli*?* or munition* of war Ibis C"U<n ?u sold for Rolii at a rat* not I'' * than tern hundred <1 Hurl per hale, producing at loist (28.000,000. ibe roi>?l government, erlth lie share, doubt:*** pod 'b* Internal open it* t> nds, and recruited lie credit ?o lar a* to moke tt ? $.'0 000.COO equal 10 'nub a It* amount In purrh g arm* tu t aui'pufa. l'eed In thia effective tnannar the ?-otton ?ra? "Ufii tent to arm, olotbn and aet lu the tieid an army of lour hundred thousand men. Who, then, W raaponrlbl* for thus lo tlrectly fnrnhsblcf the rebel* menu* to prosecute tba war? I* It not the present administration, that baa widely retained in bis present position, against the ramonatrnoore of the whole country, a ni in every .ray unqualified, and wbo, with all bis t the -nimii iaiiy of our navy, it amble tuber to make the binckide tflbrttre or atop 'he ravages of s lew rebel priva'eersr ts It not time that amns presinee was bronght to bear that shall rid ne of this ?? Old Man 01 the *te," and slb>w bim to reeupnrnte In the qoist nteoi^Ut'on of colon patches n b e u.itito \Y-.uhcr-flcid? TRUTH, Mn.a. Cusaiasu, reemt y arrived front fcurepe, fct plying conceits sith sneers* .in tlx r>en Uburlnr towns ?ad eit-ea. THE Ham OF IOESAI U KESTuCKY The Bebel Baidere Scattered, Demoralized and Out of Ammunition. Recapture of General Ilobson and His Command, to* to.. LauviTO*. Kjr , June 13,1S84. Captain rhekaon telegraph* to Uonoral Onrrlogton ** follow*:? Oenoral Burbrtdge ??'<> the rebel* * total de'sat ?< Cynthiana yesterday morning. The rebel In** '? throe hundred killed and four hundred prls >ner \ bisldea the wounds 1. Their forco ex-'cedod our*. Morgan's com mmd Is divided and utterly demoralised, They am try ing to get oil In small 3quvis. Colonels Hansen and Gar rard are pursuing. Morgan himself, with a few hundred mon. la northeast of i yulbisoa. General Burbridge, with part of bis form, has returned hero. A telegram from Governor Braralette to Gen. Carrlng too, riitod the 18m, says:?- 'No robels lu foice are mor ing towards Louisville." A gentleman from Georgetown reports that a few hours alter Hobson surrendered at Cynthiana Oeiie ral Burbridge attacked the enemy, killing and eap lwlf the force. The romaindor fl >d in groat confo tlon, crossing the railroad yesterday at PayncariHe. We bad repulsed the enemy before our reinforcements ar rived, but felt insoouro uniil their arrival. CAL'TAIN lflOKSOS TO OKVBRAt, CAWHNOTOW. LKXinirroT, Juno 13, HUM. ilsneral Burbridge is now hero, and reports the rohol forco to bo out of ammunition They woe scattered aud utterly demoralized in the fight at f ynthinna. A despatch from Falmouth, Ky., this aiternoon, aaye that after the Cynthiana defeat (Jen. Ilibson and [>artof his staff were sent under guard te Falmouth; but the whole wore recaptured by a scouting party, and are now at lalmoutb. _ DISASTER IN TENNESSEE. I>efv?t of General Stnrgli t?y V.lie Ktbell After a Unperate Plglit. MsnrHis,.ifiue 13, Via Caiho, June 14,1134 The expedition of Cohorat dtargU, which left Mciupble Jane 1, Is coming in. W-i loarn Irom an ofllcer that they met a large forco of robo.a at Cuctowu, said to consist of ten thousand In fantry and cavalry, Cmler command of Generals Forrest, Loeahl Rcddy. lhlf large force attacked th?tn sudden ly, end a most dc?porate fight ensued, result lag in the defeat or Sturgis, with the loM of his wagon train and ammunition. The last was a most savore loss, ss Sturgis had runout of ammunition and was obliged to destroy and abandon his artillery. iUny of his iniantry wore captured; but the exact num ber la not known. General Sturgis' force consisted or throe thousand cavalry ami tlve thousand Infantry. The largo rebel torce which attacked him i? supposed to have been en vui* to Sherman's rear, to interfere with his communications. latsMlcinc* from ?? Prisoner of War. TO 1HK EDITOR OF 1HK HERALD. Custom Hours, District or Kkts. 1 Coi.txtor's Ovrtcs, Fair, Fa , June 12, 1384. j nbe enclosed slip was received in a letter from one of oar prisoners at Lynchburg, Va., with a request that It he forwarded to you for publication ? rritc.nrr of TFar?Henry Hoglan. One Hundred and Twenty-seoeod Ohio Volunteers, t-lxth army corps. The Pbllsdelphla H?ntt?ry F*lr. Puij.adkij"hu, June Id. MM. The representatives of the tobacco trade from New York and Baltimore are expected to arrive hers on Thursday morning, to be enter talced by tho members of the trade in this city. Tboy will visit the Sanitary Fair iu the afternoon, and dine there. A grand banquet will be given them at the Continental Hctal on Friday evening. The grand regatta of tho Philadelphia Yacht Club takew place to-morrow. It is expected that several New York yachts will participate, by invitation of Commodore Hyatt. ihr committee appointed ?o invite President Lincoln to visit tho Fair hive re elve i a telegraphic answer that ??ihu 1're deot expects to be able to visit the Fair en Thursday." It Is estimated that the rec'tpt* of the fair amount to one hundred thousand dollars per day. To this may bo added Ave hundred thousand dollars in cash contri butions previously received, making the total receipts already fully one million dollars. Twenty thousand persons were congregated '*> the building lMl evening. The railroads are bringing thou sand* from tho interior by extra train. New Jereey and Delaware are alto adding to tho throng. i'muaLiEMHu, June 14? Fvening. The receipts at tho great .Sanitary Fair now amount to nearly 11,100,000, tho cash receipts in the building being ever 000. The average daily attendance of visitors is over thirty thousand. At ten F. M. to-night the vote on the Colon silver veee itocd Union League, 240. A. Lincoln, 144; John Welsh, M: Admiral Forragnt. 43; Oenoral Meade, 30, (Jeeerel Hancock, i?: H. W. Bollowa, 14; & P. Chase, 12; Geoerel Grant, 11; Bishop Wood, 11; Bishop Siai[?ou, 10; General Sherman, ?; General Mm lei I an, 6; John Bright, 0: Gov ernor Curtln, 20; Union Volrnteer Relief "aloon, 3; Bishop Potter,*; Commodore I?npont,2; K. M. Stanton, 2. The vote en the f J.600 sword at tec o'clock stood ? Hancock, 1.172; Moado. 1,829; McflelJan, 1M; Grant, 04; scattering, ok ToUl, 2,7S?. President Llaioln'i Vlalt to Phlltd?l pfclo. Pmt.AnwT.rwT a, .Tune 14, 1S64. President Lincoln will reach thte city on Wednesday evening, at n'ne o'clock, by a special train from Watfe. lopt-n. lie will be escorted to tbo Continental Dotel by tbe First city troop of cavalry an?l various civic aesoria lltme. On Thursday morning he will visit the yanttary Ka'r, ant, after tbe ceremonies there, will receive hie friends and tbe public ^eaereily In a chamber net apart ? for the purpose. He propose* to return to the capital on Thur ay evening. Meetings are being held in various parte of the city tbla evening for the purpose of ametiog tn fviog a welcome to the Chief Magi-irate of the milM. Tlie ITlcClellan Swerd. TO THE EDITOR OF i ilM H&itA'D. BrR'ifDA IJrivtiRRD, Va., Jane P. tM4. Enclosed please fled one dollar, which I offer, with my ?ympatbles, as my mite towards buying oor noble and brave ticr?, fleorg" R. McClellan a eword. Kr una soldier who served ucder him all tUiough the r?n<rs i>ar cam paign. Gl.oi;i;s K carkitk. Lata a member of Co. A, Thirty-eighth N. Y. V, The Looking Olais the fleet Rllt Poster. TO TDK EDITOR OE Tit* HltKALD. Will yon allow tun space to maheasngge-tion to steam boat owuere? It Is th s?That the? place a notice on ell tho . Ailtlng glasses on board, statics where Ibe n rk* or floats are to be frnod in cesa of accident. It la heart rending to thtuk of p?v>ple being drowned by dropping off a vessel teto tbo water when the re must have been plenty cf moons to have kept thorn above water forgo abort a ditlacee as the length of a steamboat. The*? thing* are so oflm shoved under tbe ber <)is ?nd pnt la out o' tbo way pla. e* only per* ns wite great pree on< e 01 mind ever tblnk of locking tor tiiem WiiXlaaeicRO, June 9, H?t. TRAVELLER. Captain Italia New Aratir Rtpedltlon. New Lowdow, Conn. .June 14, ld#4. Tbe ablp Moutlcello, of this place, which Is to take out Hall'i new Arctic Raped It ion, will not be ready before the iath lust. I Railroad Caiaalty. Pbii aoet-rau, June 14,1804. The tlx o'clock treln 'rota Vew Tork had a collision last evening at Tyburn <Irene Roads, two miles helow MorrlgvHIe, oe tht Trenton road, with a wagon driven by lames he,il ???. The care wrrs thrown off th? trsok and d utined several h un, and arrived at Kensington vt four e'cl ok ib tnv rninff, M Hem w? k> ?L tbe oaaaea ? cn RRaau uyarjr.

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