Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 16, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 16, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Wznv.?t??v June 16?"> P. M. Continued inactivity prev?r,? m ibr stock market, and, although prices were ir trltte up to-day. there was realty no iodicaiMW that the rise would t c likely t 'coinleua. Ke great change la antlrfiatad ouiU altar Hecrotary ("b?se lis* settled ui <Ht i in ?'?j tthci l? likely to be rern'* Brut, and the wacM of the govcr ir ul can oe ru p ted without tb* necessity of making su-ldeo dem&ads ujon the hank* and capitalist*. <0 p rd w itu the a .tee at tlie first hot'd > estsrday, E l< R I >*d advanced J4 |ier cent, Hod-on R e: 2 *1 chl an C< tral 214 Michigan Boulhorn >4, inn.oe Cc' u 1, C.etwlmd and Pittsburg m, Ctevetandad fotadi ;J4 ?: ..ago and Roek island f,, t umbo -i d C ? .la.sndtlarp 1 It Ka* York Cm, tral, Erie i-refe-r?d aiook, Ral a; Railroad, Milwaukee und Prattie da C-s v? and CMc . o u Northwestern sold the same. !'<? Ma decUii T or cent,O.nton Oom j-,(, ,y if, ,nd Quick*tleer Mini) >4 fhr n aiket it. ibe afternoon wua not bj buoyant, and juices generally gi.v w y a f t;on. Nor Y k Centra1 g ocod at 181)4. l r <e 1I2.H-Hudson JLves 146)4. Reading MichiganCouirai 48 Michigan Suu.bern 86;,, 11 tin. is Central |81, CJavnind anJ P.tubu g 118)4, Chi cago and Northwestern 6 % Cleveland and Toledo 151, CMC'S" and Keck la,and UCJ4 Q icksilver Mining TS\, Cumberland Cuai 78X, Hnd Chio and Mtasissippi certlfl Cites 63 Q. Cor eminent coupon bonds of 1881 closed at 112)4, coupon five-twenties at 106% and one year certificate* at 91 hi Prices of railroad and mlacellineous ah area at the firat ?rssien of the Board ot Brokers to-day cum par# With th* quotations en Wednesday of last weak aa loflow*? Julit 8. Jura 15. American cold 194 vf 197)4 Allen and Torre Haul* Railroad ? 63 Cleveland and Pittsburg 112 US'* Cleveland and Toledo 148 V 161M Chicago and R -ck island Ill >4 118 Chicago and Northwestern 54 64 Cumberland Coal 80 78 * Caaloo Company 41 41)4 Delaware aud Hudaou Canal 23G 236)6 Brie Railroad . 111?4 112)4 Erie preferred 109 "4 HO Hudson Klvar 148 148 Harlem Railroad 284 286 Illinois Central 128 130>i (fictalgan < eotral 141 14'-)4 Michigantfentbern 94)4 08)4 hlilwaukee and 1'rairie du Cblaa 07 08 litssissippi and Missouri ? ? hUrlpoaa Mining 47)4 60*4 *r?w York Coutral 131)4 132 >4 r -01 lie Mail 2u0 2.'5 J'onuaylvatil* Coal ? 210 Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and Chicago.... 118 116)4 Quicksilver Mining. 71)4 73)4 Heading Railroad 139)4 141 Toledo aud Wabaeb 69 89 The following were the quotations to-day for govern tcent securities:? Five twenty coupon bonds, interest on 105)4 Five-twenty registered b4PU* 106 f-even and three tenths Treasury notes 107)4 registered 6's of 1851, interest off 107 Coupon 6's of 1881, Interest on 112)4 Cue year currency certificates 97)4 hum stocks were qooted to-day as follows:? Missouri sixes . 68 Tennessee sixes 68 ludtana flv 88*4 Virginia ai s 51 Korth Carolina sizes 68 Calif rniaweveaa lad Ohio sizes. 1881... 108 Th* passage of the Gold hill seemed to produce very (ittie efleet on the market to-day. It opened In the Churning at 196)4, went up one per cent, and afterwards Sold on the fractions bordering 197. The law, as baa fre quently been stated, will check the operations or a class of speculators wbo buy and sell on time, and render the quotations often merely nominal. All those who have berotofo:* boon dealing ostensibly In gold, with hardly a dollar to pay with and not an ounce to deltvor, will find their occupation gone, and the premium which will hence forth be .announced may be regarded aa being based upon actual sales, and whatever U may be It will show the In trinsic value of ooin as compared with the currency. Money continues easy at 8 a 7 per cent; tout the demand Is light aad tba market unsettled. Exchange is dull at 109)4 a 110 for gold and 216)4 a 217 for cur.eocy. There la ne disposition to purchase ster ling bills uulil it is known what effect th* Gold bill will hire on the market The steamship Australasian, for Liverpool to day,took oui (674,717 in specie. Tb* following Is the report of Ute Assistant Trea surer:? Amount on hand (45,340,827 Receipts from customs 56,090 From other sources 4,824,942 Total (50.250.289 Payments 2,396,837 Balaoca $47,8*4,433 Bubscripltotu to 10-40 loan 7,*00 W? learn from Washington that tbo bids for tha cow binds of 1S81 averaged from four and * half to Ovs per cent premium, lbs offeri ranging between per and eight par cent. The reoeoi demand of the government for e lean of ?eveotydlvs ncihions on the bonds or 1881 baring been ell bid for, and no doubt accepted, tbe ten-forty loan will ?f cures aow attract, with more inducement* (ben belore, tbe popular favor. It la the'only receptacle for oepltal which pays Interest la cola, and which la thus gendered the moat profitable investment, safety con ?tdered. that has been offered since the five-twenty loan was on tbe mar get. Tbe latter bonds command a pre-, gmum of Are to six per oeat, and are subject to call within lour years from tbe present time, while inoee of tbe new loan can be bad at par In k me as low as fifty dki.ara, and cannot be called for in less tban ten years, and must then be redeemed iu gold. The interest under tbe preeent premium on gold U nearly ten per cent, while money in tbe New York market la liarely worth six. Tbod are lnduoemen'.e which the j ubhc cannot of course be blind to, and are such as will cause the loan, no doabt, to be spedlly absorbed. Tbe Manufacturer*' and Merchants' Bank of this city wtlljiay July 1, a dividend of four per cent, free of tax, tbe last River Savings Bunk will pay, 18th July, tbelr ?usual semi-annual dividends; tbe Chemung Railroad will $>ay on demand a quarterly dividend of two per cent, free of government tax. Tbo earnings of the Pittsburg, fort Wayne and Ch^mgo fUilroed during May compare with the receipts for The p .tne month last year as follows ? 1883 1884 freight fKlJItl 328,788 inasei.pere 123,388 ISO.884 1 vtiress 3.757 6.300 ft en I 7,083 7.083 M lis 7.826 7,835 Visoellaneous 061 1,OT.*> T >tal $427,003 43'.? 645 looraaae 72,462 ?Tbe earnings of tbe above road for tbe first five months of tbo year amounted to $2,424,718, which Is $3*4,724 In ?xooa* of the receipts for tbe same period In 1888. ?Tli. receipts of tbe Milwaukee and Prairie da Cbien Railroad dut lug tbe first week In June, 1804, were.$67,808 Cam* tlfce last year.... 88,324 Increase (73 per oent) $24,284 Tb'< incroae* in the traffic of tbe above road since Janu ury 1 over the receipts for tbe same time lest year in P juai to 66 >* (<ar cent ? lock Bxrkeng*. WsosasDaV.'Juae 1*?10 30 A. M n itPit(3iiA7, ti '!?" ip?iu irt m, m ?MbHJGa 81. reg... 107 I3'?f ?hr Kric HK 1I2>< t tV V 88. '81. eou .. II.H SOU do 40" |j ? i,'a ft 10 a ef 1 if. 2 0 do bJOI12*J _ . do b? 112 V 110*51 4 *'*, 64fcrs,mu !0S , 37 Erie KR pref |ir><4 1 'Ul So 10514 liw d* I lu ' i 1' S ??? '4; 120 1200 Hudson Kiv KR 148 _?"4 Ti n, 7 5 I t OA*. 11)7M 10U do ? 3 r ia>.<? ?70? U a 4 e. t yr uer.. 97 #w do .bio It* 10" to ??V 20.) do ..b 0 148 10 *V 1.1 War Inn OK 2?) do I4VV \ ?W Mot's la oH'.K 77 2181 do 1461. .. ?'? .... 1?-'^ rnJOIuo 4 Miaa oei 63 100 Ml AH do Chioa It'll do 53^ 2><i Reading RK 141 ? _ do 63'a 9H1 dr. 14 >\ IUOO Rrle 4iU mt4t f"ta l*i sou do bin 141 I <? Hug. RISK latin no 7uu do.'.'.!'./.!" U3 141 p>*? Hudaeo bda'<7 |<? ??<? Mich <!en'. KB 14 MKW Cbtefi HW afMs III iiu de. . iivi mmm-hr a Itw lua I.ov; pHi do!!!!..;;;:"! uy! Pi WO do l";i, do.... no ? 0X0 do tilt SOl do 1401 W*4 tolitfaWet in *X luo 26 do Ui u ?OgO FtifeWiWA CI m f,4'% Mleh MAM I rr V>. ail) till CM Ma, Ii? do w. i I j*0rt A-i/erkmn gold l. i\ HA) IU '"en RK acr'ln"' lavl* HaliaHl hi. liota* lit lf>< *d de ... lit (l.-a A its I'mjiu t)ii A. f ll A/. L-a.1 .a. * 6 n 0-a Am j'mua do *1 I" do bWlRi' fOO '.'"trkMlTSf M'.ieg , S |M) do ...... J3i! >i' ? Cameo on pa kf. 41 4 2*1) do I %uv L: ft ::rr: i4 fill !!L Pa' do 41 ?n do. IV 63 Toon i oai Co 2.0 80> Chicago A If W All UV |t*l Ooutre! Con'<?.... 76 Vm fo blO M'7 Ifl An T* Oak a. * ? COnmgrdto.;^ *0 Chie?* W l^i/! g* M8 Paw fie Mail fid Ca? fan oi*< otaad A To) rM ua I'm $? 5? ion do.. ......... 16! u ?? is a*0 3lfi Mil Ohleaoo A Bk I Rk lii\ ic^YM'simlf 8 T::;::::;:::-. HP do in do t.V) li H ?* Itioarspnatr Co ... 6 jk" do M6 llow J? _ 8#,....1 ?6 ion a h?- U*v "V "'" ka Oe Laad ... 1 114 4 ? 1'Uta riWacbRHllst ? Hari?M tgca... p. !?? d9 n4S BewlE^uy-." f"H | IBM fie R V < ontrai KR.... 13. ,4 1 Al do b30 118fi _ do 132^ 8 do.'.".'.'.','.'..... lit K"d ?* fTf* ? Mar A Clo lei pref 7-t M <?...? ius am do ni4 GRANT CROSSING THE JAMES. The New Field of Operations?1The Roadi Leading to the James Itiver?U Mres Crossed. ' K I fi X7*D!.O^of \ ?*;& I ?4 s ,.#/ NcvnmmDez\ J - Xj^7 X^mJ0WN Wmma^mrz y^*7*^70^ <w.m?T. ?? mODBU?^^"lo^^f&s^%^;s!S=^^>ZlMJMHHT TO _L SCALE^pjM EFT^ ^ "^\\M\|iK,u W ~i? \ ** r\=? )* MEw KfcNT COURTHOUSE SEVEN PINES' "^=====^j^^nrlZ,.M COODESK WsON \ ^ V*. ^J^'Tr0,V'8 BR,DG& Y &?W?Jf I W wDC^'^Uto ^lli. \W^ailiS^AVW/A &&&' t?ii |/W/tfDO?PW\, \ 7*^.^1uuAW'i \\ <&\iUi. f IA-?x;l??Eev riMtuT^L ?$f M \ IMir. *\\ yz^&mr?/jrK b? ^DARLING ZfW/f /2<Z Jh.s/jjuuu-"- I ^i/ffMil*. I ..W.IIHN. ?"// fj ^^|^?l?fz^vid ODS^ // Jl CHURCH ' ,^/V? , A'/tE .a^ V ^dWs^ar Jftl "/^y/ A '/ff ^pj .OHHaKSU // ? / Fi=!p \ y /SLA/ 1ESTER ^ ? SHIRLEY FE?HY#/;r \^ // > r*?e ,icharles City MiSSSsS^WttWiaw ^mlm /I **??? ?=^# -y^m: H ?& W3&* ?svv*tjrMif? // a<j AjF ^V .\\N \ ^/r H ' I^ORI rPOWHATtAJVl yurriE&tANooN % r \' # ^ t"** v ??r SSVWifnK !iX^z%, ^/^mccgwceI courthouse Lay/PClN7l SECOND BOA"IU. llALr-fit.iT Tiro o?C:> r P. v. ?WOO 0 8 'SI. con.. 113 MX) aha Reading RK 4 17'Wi do II.X ltW do I* 4 141 MOO V 8 5 Ju'*,cou 1'5H SSO Mich Cen'rul HR . 148 6O10 do 105 , 100 Mich So A M I It It. 06" 80*00 D8 6'i, lyrcru.. 97W 2un do % A.I.. A IfU. I AM 1 ' lfti 111 TAn* UR .Mr-it. Itl JKW tl Bill. Ijrtfll., V. V, MM uu :d , 10KWC Oblo A Mla? cerl KS'? 10> IU Cont KH scrip 12D7, SOU aba Curab Cool pref 7?M \4) do 130 1IJ0 do blO 79 BUI Clare A Pitta RJt. 112V .'45 (juiotailrer Mining. 74 90 do 112', 100 do 73X 80U Chicago A N W BR bi% ltd M T Central KB.... 132 20o do 5V, 100 do 131\ 100 Cblc A * W pref yo'i PihrtoRR lii soo do ?.*o so BO do 112V 100 Cleve A Toledo HR. 151 200 do 11312 l'O Chicago A HI RH.. ll? ?X> Hudson River RR. 115)4 h?? d* 116 a CITY COBMBROUL RBP0RT. Wednkspat, Jm>e 16?8 P. M. Aann ? Receipts, 7# bblB. Market firm, with galea of BO bbla at $11 50 for pole and $13 50 for pearl*. Ba*AT>NTrws?Receipts, 8,374 bbla. flour, 1 867 bbla. and 478 bag* corn meal, 108.542 bushels wbeat, 21,217 buabela corn, 40,000 bnahel* onta. Tbe mar ket for flour was about five cents better under llgbt receipts and a continued good borne trade and speculative demand. Tbe Bales foot np 22,000 bble. State and Western, including 7,000 extra State to arrive la June, July and Angn<t at |Saf8 05; aleo, 1,200 Southern flour and 800 Canadian. Rye flour was quiet and steady. Corn meal was without decided change, with 500 bbla sold. We quote:? Superfine SUM and Western flour |T ?0 a 7 75 Extra State 7 90 a 7 05 Choice State 8 00 a 8 05 Common to medium extra Western 7 95 a 8 25 Extra round ho i "bio 8 85 a 8 45 Western trade brands 8 50 a 9 25 Extra St. Louie 8 45 a 11 50 Cod moo to good Southern 8 10 a 8 85 Good to choice extra do 8 90 a 11 00 Common Canadian 7 90 a 8 00 Good to choice extra do....IT 8 10 a 9 25 Rye floor, superfine 0 25 a 7 *j Orn meal, Bole 7 25 a 8 00 Corn meal, puncheons ..84 00 a 34 60 ?Wbeat oontlnood in active request and prime spring ad vanced fully one oout. Inferior natriple* were without ma teria', change In prion Tbe day's saios comprise 175/100 bushels, part to arrive, at $1 75 a Si 84 for Chicago spring, $1 80 a (1 55 for Milwaukee club, fl 86 a $1 87 (or umber Milwaukee, $1 85 a ft 92 for winter red r.d n r " Western, 81 90 for red State, ar.d fl 93 for amber Mlebl gan. Rve was held firm at 81 71 a SI 75. 0>rn con tinued dull fialee 26,000 b she a at f 1 45 a (1 47 fur mixed Western. Oate were about one cent bettor. Sales at 90c. a 91)4o., with sale* as blgh aa 94i , payable in certiOoatee. Barley w is dull. Barley ma t was quiet, with ealee of 1.400 bethels at $1 00 Man wax?It,000 lbs. Wettern sold at 02 X*- a 83c., OSrih. CANitAe?AdamantIne were Arm. with sates of 700 boxes Wot tarn and city, 14 ox., at 23c. a 24c., and 300 case* Eastern patent Sperm at 45c. a 48c., oneb. city ?perm, 40c , and patent, 50c., oaah. Chi. oat.?Tbe demand wm fair, mostly B>r tbe Wcet orn irnde; sale* 75 caaka g-?d to prim* granulated Ger man at 10c. a ITXr., cash 80 cask* prime iHncb at 14c , and 10 do prima Belgian at 13Xc. oaeh. C <rnm was lirtner. with ? le- of 250 begs St. Domingo at 3oXc. a 37a . and 8,700 baf? Rib on pri?ate terms. Corner.?Tt?e market was flrm, with cakw of 2,000 baiea. Wo quote:? L'vkxnJ. Florida. JfcMI*. 2V. 0. d Tor.. ordinary fl 16 fl 16 |1 18 |1 18 Mkliiiing I 88 1 38 1 1 39 Good middling.. 1 40 1 41 1 41 1 42 Ultras Aim I tea ?Tbe market was dull (or ail descrip tions. tVe n< If rales of 1,000 ooncae ,ulnf'.ie, at *'? 25 2o0carb-y* oil vitrl ?l, 8,V-: WO* a*h,4X0. a 5c , sal Mula, 8 ,o a 384C-: cwwtie is 'la, ll'tc.; 200 kegs hi carbonae soda, e,?,a a 8 ll-16r., 125 casks bioacblng powdete. 8XC- ? ijtc-. and 10,(00 lbs. hi ohromau |K>laab,2dc cash. . ,f ma mamma.?Mates of 1,800 boxes, 40 pack* '? lata, at |3 50 tE 00 cash. Kasnaus were dull. Engagements to Liverpool, per Aim-ri'*n, 35,000 bnsba's wheat at 2,Yd. a 3d.; per nei. trsl.M.OCO do wheat at 3d. m bulk,and per ste*B"-r,l IKI3 Inge boxes olteeee, 30*. T> Uu.don, p*r American. 250 eloper eeed at IBs., nnd 600 bhK flonr, leo. 4)|d. To DrH tol, per neutral, 800 tons pemrietntia, Ac., ?? 'ph Te Bre men 500 bble. slice pug" ?* 2a. Bordeaux SO kbde tallow 66 trance; to.Rotterdam, 764' bble. ll<?r at 2s. .'Id., to Amsterdam, at 2a. id,; ae Italian brig, 18,000 hneb Is of wheal was recbartered to Cnrk, for ordo*s, at 4a 7X0-; a Kuselan ship toCedit, t be?oc, p. t , a British bark, 621 tons, from Mlramlcbl, N. I) , to Bristol Channel, denls, at |70; a brig, 252 tone, to Venice, 250 Ihde. Kentucky at ?1e Sd. a schooner, 160tons, to Toil Rtoo and back, 01.600, half (old; a British brig, 2M lose, to Ha vans, 88,400 Dry Odd *ns tabeMer demand and prices were firmer sales 8,000 qtts flBorgec, Including all, (0 87X * (7. Mackerel doll, but the market iirm *Sr?c' tjf ring were 6rm and la food demand; #0 bbts. pMtied and snaled Bold at 88 andfd 24, owh Esrrr.?flalee T60 b i*?s Tayer raisin*, in lot*, at 8400; 0?O de. bench. f4 40,1see 11 3 per eent, cash, 850 bblB. currants, 19c. a 10a Bah?m* rod pine apples, 818, Ha racrtt banana*,|1 25 ail 02W; Rnriooa c?o?a nute,In lot*, 846 ; 800 bbla. dried apples, 10Va iwr lb By aactlon 2^77 betes nelly creases. 84 a 84 46. and 1,148 do. at |4 a |6 80. Gc.nxY CIot" wn s steady, Willi sales of 260 biles at 17c. cu'b. liar was lower, with sales of shipping at $1 30 and Tor city use SI 40 a -I oO ctuh. Hair.?Ws colics sale., la Boston, of 600 bales ai 8390 5 f.'iO. cisli. Homrt was Arm; 31 Heroes and 34 bbls. Cuba sold, part at $1 for inferior, and $1 60, canb, for prime. Xnoiuo was <iuiet bat Arm. with sales of 13 cbests Madras at $1 37K, and 11 csioods Spanish. afloat, at $1 <0. Incut ?We notice sales of 300 tons Scotch pig at $60 a 803; 1.000 tons No. 2 sold at $60. delivered at Elizabeth p< rt. and subsequently at $76. do.; No. 1, 840, cash. l.tNK -ales 0,000 bbls. common Rockland at 81 16, and 2.000 do. lump at 81 SO, og?b. Latu were lower, with s ties of 400,000 at $1 55. Ltrirmat was a shade higher, with Bales oi 460,000 foci Eastern spruce and plus at 823 a 835. Molaksks.?The market was dull, wl'b sales of 124 bbda. Cuba muscovado at 80c. a 20 bbls. Now Orleans at 31. Nlvai. s:im-Spirits turpentine was quiet, and prises were uccta itsra; eules 100 bids , ;it83 ior French, amrf.7 10 for American, stock 2 400 bbls. Koetns quiet; sales 70 bb e., at $30 for common and |S2 for strained, up to M3 lor No. 1, per 2M) :bs. inr was firm, with sales oT 2"0 bbls. .-t' kholm at 310, stock 6,000 bbls. City pitch, 822 a|23 60 Oils ?Tbe market was firm at 82 and 81 25 for sparm and wh ile; bleached winter whale, 81 00 a 81 32, and winter sperm, 82 05, C.ty Unseed was quoted at $1 67 a |1 00; hqijed do ,81 '& w'e also notice 50 cases ollre at (>! 25 2,000 gallons Menbaion st $1 1S,*150 bbls. No. 1 Pes I cm lard at |1 22H a f 1 25, part to arrive; 100 disti led red at 85c , now beid at $1 and saponihed at |! 06, ard 10,000 lbs. tallow at 13>?c. 1'xovnjonr.?Receipts, 1.640 bbl* pork, 20 packages beef, SO do. cut meats, and 003 do. iard. Tbe speculative - ovcttemeot is the pork market continued, and a further material advance was established to day, with an active busint. ? The gales on tbe soot include 8.460 bhls., st >834 a < 4 SO fur n>< ?? 834 .or old do., $36 76 a $36 27>? for new do., $20 *3o 76 for o <l and new prime, and 8 5 a$3S fOforprlo j icesa also, for future delivery, bb.o. old mess, buyer June, at (35 75 a $36. 1,600 bbla. new do , same do very and optf n, at |37 50, Mid 600 bb s. do. for July, buyers' option. at 837. Beef was firm, witb salon of 460 hb." st $8 60 a 813 for country moss. 86 a 17 tor coutitry pi lam, 116 50 a 818 60 for repacked mens and $22 a 823 75 for extr i mesa. Prime nee beef was quiet and unobangod. Boef hams were steady, with sales of 200 bbls., at $27 a $27 26 for Western. Cut meats were quite active, with sales of 190 packages, at 12c. a 12 'jC. for shoulder? and 15c. a 15 He. tor nama. IU< en sides were quiet, wif% sales of 06 boxes rough si das st 12>4o. 1 h? iard market was m>m active sud firmer; sales 3,700 bbls and ticrocs, at 15H& a 16 tjc. Butter was quiet. nt 26c. a .'-to. for Ohio, nod 60c a 59c. for State. Cheese was la lair request at 10c. a 18c. ior com moo to prime. Psas were firm; ral< a 6 C00 b ?he's Canadian at $1 40 pKrnohXcM.?Rcee!| is, 3.174 bids. The market for crude w is excited and prices ago in advanced lc. a l .tgc. Refined was loss excited, but irregular. Tbe sales Wire 0,000 bbls. crnds, at 4flc. on thetspoi, ??Hc. for nil tho month, and 48c. a 46c. for July; 4.600 do. ref.ued, at 06 '?c a 07c. on the spot, 70c a 71c far July act! August, 4,000 do free, ?t 7.6 ? a 78c. on the tpot, 77c. a T^c for all tbe month, Me. for Juty, and 85c. a 87e. for August also 12,000?alk>oe, in tin ems, at 93c. 200 bbls. benzine eold et dc Kit.?The m 'iltet wes higher, with ? steady demand. Sales 76 bble. farm M 13c., a?.I 20r begs Kai.goon at lifco kat.t ?^telss 2 000 sacks Mverpool ground at |2 76, Mid lA.OoO bushels Turks Island at 05c 8km*? fbe business in timothy and clorer was very small, at previous rates. Sales 0,000 tmshels rough flu ei $3 46, cash. Soar.?400 bozo* oastlle, pert at 31 He a 22c , cash. SccaX was qetet, but prices were S'rn. The *ei?* were 400 Mid*. Cub* at 17HO. a 18c., 100 do Porto itkro on private terms, and 100 On. in bond. ? 11c. a 11 He. Re fl .ed was dull, with sales of 2ft bh.e. soft whits* st 22c Knead?We notice sales of MB <**#?, hbl* and kegs No. 1 nutmegs at $1 06 S $1 70, 16 caries mtci at $1 .50, 6 500 Imgs i>epper, part at 4?e. a 4flc., now held higher 110 do., in l?ori<t. at .700., 60 do. ptfncolo at 40c , 150 do. K ?e and African ginger at 4.V a 44c..3,600 mate ra>sia nt Kb . a 82 Sic *, and 560 bale* el-ire* at COc a 03c.. cash. RyUnm ?The sales were 667 hbds , at lO^c. a 23c. a 84c.. eash IaluW -further sates of kfiO 40 pounds at lie. a 10 ,c for country and c>ty, wWAMtnove was held firmly, 2.6C0 pour,ds South Pee hi ought fl 66 cash, for heme use The stock to lbs oountry is about 100.000 pounds. Wool Is firmer and mure ecttve, St mi sdveoce ef 2e s 8c <? domestic, Miss of 450,000 ihs fleece at 80c a ?7X?: 78,000 do pulltd at 7?c. a$7If.,an I small parcels of California st 40c e 66c for half to good conditioned fall clip, foreign sain* Mitt, the extreme prices de manded pre-ludtng buslceas to euv cotieidsrab'e extent for the momert. fMlee .78 be'et Cape st 6'JHd-176do. from second hands at 60s. a 66^1-., sol 40,000 lbs. l'ro vencsst about 38o. WRMRBT.?Ftecetpte, 827 bbls. The market advanced fie a 6c , with an Increased business; sales <>f 8J>po phis , cloelnj st 81 M a $l M formula end Weetern. OwbUi f'SAST'e R*< vwen-m-lAw Ronsar> sv OtrxMitc ias.?Judge imnt, brother-in-law of General Grant, htq for fome time past been cultivating a plantation, ten ratlM b?? of fiklpwllh's Imndtng, on the Mlsstp*lppf * guerilla party entered the neighborhood on the 7th Inst., ?tola sixty males end carried away all tbe negroee em ployed on the plentatiooe aed everything else that culd be removed. Tbe Judge Mmabl' left Bblpwttb's iMidlug, aud Que up 6e Memo hie BANKS. The Rebel General Walker's Division 9 Sent to Lee or Johnston. Important Arreit of Recruiting Cffl * cert for Cortinas' Army in Mexico. * ?? '! I A Regiment Being Raised in New Orleans. A Filibuster Expedition Nipped in tlia Bud, fts* Sao.. Mr. William Young'* Dctpttchei. Naw Olsaxs, Jung S, 1804. BBiKFoaaunm fob the rkssli nto* ma TK.tffg-KiMrpinm. It Is not Improbable thai Walker's division of Infantry, which was known to fee encamped In the rear of Alexan dria B weok or ten days since, bag crossed tbe Mississippi abovo hatches, for the purpose of ralnforclng Loo or Johnston. If Kirby Smith has weak ened bis forest In Che district of Western Louisi ana, It has been dote with the expectation that no demonstration will be mado at present by the l*nton commanders on or towards Texas. The temporary blockade of tbe Mississippi at Greenville might have been for tbe purpose of diverting the gun boots, so that a crossing twenty milsi above Natcbes might hsva boen ?Tbetod, and for this purpose aiso the dash across tbe Atehafalaya by three thousand rebels against Emory's Nineteenth corps Unas might have been made. ennui, caxbt. The lew oommander of tbe Pepartments of Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi, is expected to arrive here In two or three days. It ts intimated that Goneral Urovsr will be selected as his chief of staff. usssxii mckLsa Is dally and hourly expected here, at I Issrn from Mr. W. B. fuller, tbo purveyor of the Third army corps while It Was under General Ntctle*' ootnmaod, who came out >.n tbe George Washington. Ntw Out bass, June 6, 1684. mroBTiirr samara wore made yeetertiy through the Instrumentality of Ma|or Pitcher, of the Provost Marshal's department, who M detailed from tbe Ootineritcul light cavalry. The partleo arretted are Llentwiant Ooicnel Jamea lingan, of tbe Mexican army; Cbarloa A, Grovanor, Captain and Aaaletaiit Adjutant General <>a Pogan'a stair; W. R Belby, Major In the First regiment Mexican Volunteers; Quartermaster Maury, ol ibe same regiment; William Miller, keeper of the Union Restaurant, who harbored aomo of the enlbud men, and nine others who bars on Haled as privates In that r-yiment. About thirty thou sand dollars worth of amler'e and quartermaster's stores have been sciied, bet'ogtog to ihoae parties, on ship board aud In store. Dugsn was formerly captain in the Pourtesutfc Illlnele Infantry, sfterwards a antler, more recently a writer of biographies of distinguished Union generals, and a good ^biographer be Is, though bis work appears to be all on hand. Ha bad latter* fr?m General* Grant. Sherman, Bursal its, 1 looker and other prominent gene rale, and Admiral Forter recommending htm aa an officer and a geatlem an. tv Rh these tatters be procured passes and transportation on the governance t iransport^teeroer breeoent, and was to smhsrk this morning for Mexico. Various method* hare bees adopted fbr rooralting, some by the pretenoe that lucrative employment was to he gives In herding cattle, constructing railroads and telegraph llnea, he. . . . Dugan's office was Nd. 183 Julia atreet. ae? the boa Suarters of tlia Department of lt>o Gulf, where important ocumeau a ere loiud. * p.rt of wiilch are as follows:? RcrtoagYObS?) FiK.1T Bh.ukst M xicax VolomMMS, > :.HW On. xa* . June 1. 1804. } To <tV tehom thet pr< mnt? ,wty t mt, orsCfay.-? Know you tbai Frank Hamilton Uonpland. hsv'ng beau ?Inly examined, and found quail Aod. I, Jainaa Dugan, by authority vested in me by hta Kieellaaey Juan N. Cortinaa. Governor of the State of Temaulipe*. Republic of Mexloo, for an I lu behalf of the people or Mtnc". do commlaaloa Frank..Hamilton Coupland ta rank Captain Flrel regiment Mexican Volunteer* He la therefore rarefullv to discharge the dutiee of aal.1 o(tl. e by performing all thtnes thereunto be origin*; an J ba la to obav all ?uib orders and direction* aa lie >haU receive from Mine to Mine from hie commanding officer In teat moay whereof, I have beeeunto set my head and caused tba great seal of State to be affixed. J A MBS DtlOAlf, L eup nant Co nnei Mexican A roar. Done at (be city of New Orleans. latnlaana, tbla ? day of ?. In the year of oar Lord one thousaud eight hun dred and sixty Tour. r?>Ka or xi? oath. v New oat rAta. .1864. Do yon aolemnly ??>xr that you nlil never bt rathe a word of the ??. .versatun that o.-cura between u* in this ini* vlewf And fin tiier, tbai you will n?rer speak, write or print any thing that would indict, or caaae io be luillcted. an> person thatla going to Mexico la this expedition? Bo help you God. < ue hundred and nine privates are known to bees been enlisted here, about twathird* of wb m are deeertere from tbe (.'Dion army. Some u( them bave been enlisted with ibe federal unlfortn on. Fifty men are exported down fr. m Virksburg to Wo the expedition, who will bo arresle. on or before tbeir arrival hero. Ibe doetlnutlon was to bo Biownavltle, Gonzales or Malatnnros, Irom whence they wera to proceed an miles into the Mexican linen, and there wfurnished with trans poriettoo by Cortinas l iigsn is repress: ted to be s man of tbe same general traits of character aa were possessed by the filibuster Walter. Capt. Co.ipland Is supposed to bare embarked for Mexico. ras viotrrwa annon to na sajrr oca or in* cirrrvp it at** Mr. Condon. editor of tbe I'icavtme, has been ordered to be Sent notouly out of tbe lep.rwnsnt of the Gnu, but out of the United Statue. He was directed to leave tbe day alter tbe order was served upon him, bnt he has ariuoged lor a rew days delay to arrange be business affairs. It Is lett for him to determine to wlist foreign country be would prefer to be sent axuuas o* tub turn a tu iam ? **>.. The cite of tbi nr William Peel, of la-ndon, tbe steam er owned by Drlilsh subjects, captured by the Seminole off the Rio Grande last .September and alleged to have been In American waters In violation of ttie blockade, kadlog eott?i?? baa been decided by Judge Doell, of tbe United States favor of tbe claim, nia (her owners), and ngalnst tbe United States (tbe libel lants). Tne agent, Mr. Gerard, bee been eugaged In the o<se sines tbe capture, and returns on the steamer Mis BiMlppI, wbicb loaves for St. Louis to day. The flawy. Mannas Ooara.?The following officers are honorably retired-?Toloudt William Dnlaney, Lieutenant Colonel Ward Marstoo, Lieutenant Colonel John George Reynolds, Major Isaac T. Doughty. Captain P. 11. M. Fontane baa resigned. These chances place Major Jacob Zeilln tbdoolonel com* mandast of tbd corps. Colonel Zellin entered the marine o .rpe Oetobsr,l, 1831, was promoted a Drat lleutanant Sep lembnr 1?, 18".,i. i.ud reached tbe rank of captain Septem liar 2T, 1847. He served with dletinollon In the Mexican war, aod waa breveted n major for gallaot and men to rio<is conduct Jai.usry 0, 1847, and wits ronde a full major, 2flih July, 1801. Colonel Zeilin has taken an active and distinguished part dnrog tbe present rebellion, and waa severely wounded in lbs battle at Manasaaa (or BuH run). Subsequently he was appointed to command tbe baUaltoo of aoarlBSe sent to sid^Tn tbe redaction of Charleston. He bss soso thirteen years and elevon months of ess service and seventeen years and eight months ef Shore duty, and he? boon, during a service of Ihlrty-lour years in the oerps, bnt sight months unom ployed. The United States screw stesm sloop Lancaster, (.torn modern Lanmsn, and bearing the flag of Acting Roar Admiral Bed, arrived at Catlao on the 20th of May from Panama. Tba Caltad States ship 81. Marys was at Panama oa tbatilh ult. The United Platen steamer Pow'iattan srrlvsd at SI. Thomas on tbe td Inst, from a orules. On tbe 0tb the stonebiii Oemsbok arrived, aod will tail for New York In s few days. PtrMasI latsIHgtars. General KUpetrkk k ? Nswbnrg, M. r., snffhrlng from wounds rsosivsd la Georgia. Be walks with crutches. Hon. John P. Hals, H la said, k a candidate for the ofbee ef Gnaul Osussel at Mtetrsal, vloe Joshua R. Old. dings, d. reaead. The Bhdiiiw twine are Mtttl living In North Ovollna One baa nlas and the other baa ksbt children, one of the kite* la in tea rebel am* EUROPE. Thi Olympus, City of Washington and Scotia at. New York. French Commissioners to Report en Grant's Campaign. Another Intervention Offer to England by Napoleon. Search of lire SsoJla by Onion Officer* for the Howard froelawation. Opinion of' the Battles In Virginia. haotlier Attempt at English Official Cemmanlcatisn with Jeff. Davis. No Progress Towards Peace In Denmark. Joe Ootrarn and Jem ST ice in Conference, The Cuoard steamship Olympus, Captain McMloken, whieh I aft Liverpool at two o'clock P. M. on the Slat ult., and on the afternoon of tba lat Inst., arrlvsd at tbla port yesterday morning. Tbe Inman eteamsbip City ef Washington, Captain Brooks, which left Liverpool at four o'cloek on tba alto*, noon of tba 1st and Queanatown on tba 2d of June, at' rived at tbla port yeeterday. - TheCnnnrd steamship Scotia, Captain Judklna, which loft IJvarpool at balf.paat nine o'clock on tba morning of tbe 4th and Qteenatown on tbe evening of the Slhof June, arrived at this port yesterday evening. Tbe news by tbe Scotia Is two day* later than tbe tola graphic report of tbe Belgian off Cape Race. Tbe City of Washington brought eight hundred and ?Ixty-slx passengers, the Olympae five hundred and twenty-nine, and the Seotia one hundred and eeranty one?making a total ef fifteen hundred and sixty-six from tbe three steamera alone. Tbe London Timet says intelligence Prom Madrid war rants a hope that tba dispute with Peru will soon be honorably settled, tbe Spaotsh government ha via g en tirely disapproved tbe recent oonduot of their Admiral ad Lima. A despatch from Madrid, of May 81, saye the Spanish ministry have received news announcing that the govern ment of Pern was disposed to eatiary the demandant Spain. A Cabinet council was bald (May 80) at Araqjoea, At which tha question came under discussion. Advloes from Alexandria state that favorable anticipa tions wars entertained regarding tbe next Egyptian oottoa erop, a largely Increased yield being expected. Tne Parts Momitemr publishes tba details of tha French victories over tba Insurgents In Algeria, indicating thai tba Insurrectionists must soon be forced to disperse. Advices from Shanghai, of April 22, say that Geoeral Gordon defeated tba Chinese rebels at Waleoo, and ata pected an early surrender of Nanking and Loocbusnf. New 7ealand advioos by way of Melbourne, April 28, report two severe engagements, In one of wbtab t ? English troops sudored a reverse. There was no imme diate prospect of a close of tbe campaign. A report bad beea currant that arrangements were la progress for aa amalgamation of Uta Liverpool, New York sad Philadelphia Steamship Company (Inman line) and the National Sloem Navigation Company; but both cosa peniee publish an emphatic denial sad pronounce tba re port without the slightest foundation la fad. South Amerioaa mails had leeohed log land. The commercial news has bean general]/ anticipated by tha telegrams via Llaboa. Tba civil war In Montevideo cow t toned without any prospect of a terminal loo, Tbe at earner North American, from Quebec, arrived M Que endow n abort of coal oa tba afternoon of tbe lad of June, sad reached Liverpool on Uta evening of Ilia Id of Jane. Tba Sanaa reached Southampton on tba evaeIng of tha 3d of June. Tba City of Manchester was off Cape Clear at alx A. M. on tba 4th of June Tbe Africa, from Boston .arrived at Liverpool on June f. Intervention. TWO FRENCH COMMISSIONERS SAID TO HATH BKMH despatched to amrptoa to rsport on ru WAR PROGRESS?ANOTHER APPLICATION FROM NAPOLRON TO KNOLAND. . The Hurt* correspondent of the I/in don Timrt beers tbst two delegate*??n* civil tti* otber military?have bent sent by the l'r*ncb government m America for the per pen of ascertaining tbe reel stele end prospect* of the belligerent*, and to report thereof to the Km ooror. It U aJho Kt ited tb.'t overtures have again been made on tbo part of Franca to tbe l ugll^h government, with ? view to device mean* of putting a stop to tbe rrlgbtfel end useless carnage between the federals and Confede rate#. The Howard Proclamation Hons. MARCH or THK BMTIdH MAIL BIUAMRHIP SCOTIA IT PhPHKAL UFPIl'KRB AT NBW TORK?TT81T OP THB HUNCH APMIRAI. TO CAPTAIN JLDK1NE, AND HAS REPORT TO NllOLKOM. fVY^ra the ! lverpoot Courier, Jane 1.) The Cunard steamship bcotia, while lying In the streash at New York, abort to sail for Liverpool, was boarded hf federal police, eearcbed throughout, aud the psaeengere and owners plundered of copies of two Now Y'urk jowrnalB Which had fallen under the ban of tbe Wa-h!ogtot) Fines ttve. It wee s on known In the city that this outrage bed beeiieomtnttl'd. and Intense exrltbment prevailed. The fact tint a Brit lab mail steamer I, id bton searched for po litical documents was a subject of considerable an* sly among tbe more d ecreet New Y'orkerst but to the tbooghllras pert of the community It era* regarded as a ptece of during braggadocio Everybody know of the oo currrnce, and tbe general kuowiodfce waa of ooaise ooae muulc.iied to the men of war In the harbor The French Admiral Immediately went no hoard the Boot la, and In ,uired tbo full particular* of the police visi tation. Th->y were of course explained by Capt. Ju-lkiae, the Command? ol too veeae.. ami ?err* (m/?. (?.??! by (Ae A im*rat Ml u dr.; aU h <?< Aif poe-miuct '? This despatch ops brought by the No-tla, and by thl* time has ne doeht, been disoussod by tbo Emperor Napeleon and his Cabinet. The 1 ronch Admiral we* nrnmpt end attentive to Ms duties, although the vessel did not belong to ble country. But whore were the Hrtlish otIirer.-? They made no In quiries ns to the Insult oflkred. to the tlrlilsb Hag, and British In tores to were left to the pretention of Mwrrbeal seamen and tbe French Admiral The Higllab govere n<g ut, we all know, can now do nothing if I thou t the caw tonnunc and co operation of Lents hai-oteoo. but ibmgR have come to a pretty pass when our flag In fnrelgh wateie must rely for protection apoo French men-ef-wa*. THK SEARCH OP THB HOOT I A. In the Rosea of Commons on the 3d of June. Mr T*yard said be bad rweired no intimation that e British steam packet hid boon searched In e federal harbor by federal oihcers, and the newspapers contained among U? private luggage removed. Brant'* Csmpslge. Bill rIEH OPINION OF THB PROSPSOTg OF THE ML* I.IOSRBNTH IN VtROINIA. The Lnedon Timn. ffter reviewing the leteet phase of the campaign iu Virginia, as indicated lu the adviooe par the Borti Ameitoen, wye It li prepared to bear of the onmpKMo laiiur* of flrsnt's expedition. It thinks unto* Orant u?n maintain a superb rlty la th* field It I* a que* tfrni whether lie will be able to rerrMs tbe I'otomec with more ton a remnant of hie three, the Londou 7?m*e I isn't" re whother Uie war party of tbe Norlh will be Mate ?> my longer M Grant rail* 1 no Ldhdoo .sirtr regards tb? mlHtary pwapectt ee n,i?r ? ('ivrrabtn for tbe North, ami denounces the pro. Hi ti em r iiorlng given to the elate of umbra oy the l-MOiicR Tun it. I he T, anion dmty oml fftmg (JmmtU meat Itulkte* the eVeuf! of lite campaign, amVaeye that Re far It has pro duced no raenlt otameeaoahie ?lth the bopee and aaork floes of the Northern Mates. It ihtftk* lee s retread looks very like the ritreet ef Weilingteh at Waterloo, and that SpotCeytvaulaMaay yet beoome th* Waterloo of the Ooniederetas. % flrltllll OaipetehM t? the Rebel*. ?A'AL SI'SSBLL'S KheOND FAII.ORS TO COUMOTH* NIC ATS OFFMIAVLT WltH J P P. DAVIS. [From the Loodoe Index (Aeg!n rabel organ), Jane fc] We have to shrnetcle a second abortive attempt on tbe part of tbe Foreign Offloe to rommusteate wltb tbe One. fe-lerata government. It will be remembered that lb* petrel, having on hoard tbe doaoeloh with which My. CraWTord, her MRjeRlp'e Oontnl (,'enernl at Havens, via Aiarged. was peremptorily refuted edmleelna into the port of OharlsMnn by the <* mmander ?( the federal blooktdins auuedron Che thereupon returaed

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