Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 18, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 18, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 10,137. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, JUNE 18, 18G4.-WITH SUPPLEMENT. PRICE THREE CENTS. oonum AID ADMITS. j^lintAiA 1TA1BBP WOHT, soon M rirs rua rammiai attectioms a THROAT. ?HRON li; OA TARES, OATigEH Of Til* TTKFAX10 MUCOUg~MIIMBBAN*, rP'. OTION or TUB EUSTACHIAN TUBA CUBED. CRoneye straightened IN ON K~mTn UTK, sad ??<??-? Mm of the Rye *Hd Bar roqutrteg oiUMr aaedt MIW>u.jpMl old<l to DR. TOR EISENBERO, hsvfcar ""irrtrteal sod d'racttcal Observation# ob thwDfa imm N M bit, with the New Mode of l>aa latent," ?| hie No. 816 BEOaDWAT. No. HI6 BROaDW AT. O'WIOBf OT TUBNRW TOM PI | Tieib the lonreal of Ooramerae.) CATARRH CURED. CATARRH CORED CATARRH CURED, m, OABR Of HUTCH1nT.1TTHE 'LIGHTNING CAlv OtfljATtlR.'* Thim was pnbllRhrd In 1t ose ttiiumai ft fow tftw oIboo hiit<r.i'<ttil?ear*of Kntehtn.';#, fthe "L15I1I11IH Cftlftftlft ?e?? en well known to *<? ri.?"c daring the many years bo ^ r Bibttrd his wonderful srlr'.-netteal power# at BBrnum'a DaNOM, by the calehrai"<i 0?uUH aad Anrlat, Sr. Tow Maeaherg. of thlie ly. H.ti.dilngs la represented to baro arww at the point of daatb, and but for tbe llmely later tarreoce of the <fotor. would bow ha reeling la Mb grave, fhn to a remarkable ensa, and werthy of tba atlaatlon of psyesne ?lmll?rly afflicted. _ _ telnk II la but Anal to Dr. Ton Elamhorf to eall gaMv- tt'rutioB lo thla c ?e. There are bund rede la the e.-sM^nnltv sorterlng from catarrh, who, llko tho "LINbl Bhs; Cwleulator." I> uot wiTsly praying for doatb. aro pasty (o accept of anythlav 'hat promlate to rellaro thOM IP it w sir >11?treses* To eucb *0 rrprtld tar trine ooft with men. hut eonantt. without unaeoeeeary delay, h To . I'.taeoberg, Who. afieort. haa the honeaty to aaaure ftta p*M*cla whether tt la srithtn Ma power to mahe them fttftlr or not. DEATN RtW CORED. * DFAK>'B.S8 CURED. [Prose tne Tribune. 1 EARS TO~THB DRAT. Svwy ?- aad eapeetaliy every woman, bolleeaa In his p Aar ftti/Stclaa. There are pblleaopbleal mtada wb'.eb M<dtu ao abeirael fahb t* Allopathy, or Homeopathy, er *j4ropaah7. >/r soma rther form of aaleotMo euro; hot with to world at large tba ballot do not In the a*stem, bat la tbo Mater. Eepmtallr la this true aa regards aurteta aad ecu Mm The yattapl wha hte reeoearedbla sight or his baar Mg Is sure that the blessing oo tid bare beoa restored lo hl-n Ireoothtr prartitieaer than that particular one by wbo? M ayca or ?ears were oiamed. Dr. Yen Bleenberg to m>on? oar best known auwete. So haa no* leal ua sasa g# ? wot her pencil tlooer has eyes, and la wbooa dhlll, there Ma*, wo believe above all <?> era Hut we hear of him Mao three wboteteem hlin aotamroly oa a eurgeoa. but as ahewefertor A recent cae? haa been related is ua for tba yatbfnloew ef which wa?*n vouch, lltouah wa can oame no irn? Tba patient was a lady who had been deaf ffom Jteeney, ?? ? eoueegaeore ol tomft of the allmenta lo white ^:x?r?? are HebW. Latterf tbe dtaease had taken aa acuta term, aad the patten; waa a.brcct to teiana# suffer ng. Tbo imecreevwaa rapidly beotcn a? compete, and tbe general ter * br?n~<nf dowe under the physical elhauattOw attend ^?.?n finnita? petal Ordinary rontedira and ordinary telev ' were ttelaw. aad Dr. Vo"n Blaenherg wu called In. Ee.'rd not repeat hlc dtegno-ie; for that would be enlr a jm n herd aarnac ?o tba general ran dor. But bedetectod at Cte' it* er it ol dlneeao. fl;*t nt "ne portion 01 tb? organism, tem a another, aad wRb manipulation nc aa hta McMhbi *1 tw.rde, .ho removed the aauaeo and she who, Due.- Irut-icy. bad boa:(1 wtti .tnhculiy. and Utterly hardly tetti. ui< -eetorerl, flrct to p< r - ct bearing and thee to per |mi eca-V. Or Y?o Kteonbeiu aadTcrtiaemeot rrmtade tie M tbwi cae; ?htch tveotbua t nrll relnte. tho igb aotxt bia a.dl. ,to< <*?? Dot him tea* hath ;tot eara hrar. JPr.wn ttie t hrir lao Tirnea ] buupt "ksrtored. SliJII? "jthdfPUBSD rOAH?C.tNINl? PiKR AND OCULISTg. CWthe : renew tea tlitwWi at call aeelng l? tb? en wt teter nt amd'Jaoat valued. Jn proportion aa thla sense fat.* ua. *e ?<* *i"ieed U? aa pieaaueaa. If entlrrly de?U Wte of eight, hi ntei ~ wtMftUhconrproftete in knowledje. how If. lud odr ?pha,e~oT^?ftton aad En 4 e w lb it. toe t?n:#eraeJ?OiKi.?sanew crt-atlon clothed j,,. 1 beauty and aHvoralOed" hTthat tedoRe variety whleb 1? altase* the nial *nd it -ar*.. gagacvoral Mentha part thU Nte * prftcUeal aubject ?. ta in lafUued caoditto". f ihe oyellda. oommnnlcalHig gM.ftc the pupil, tftftadarrd an dlarhatgo of duties ?w-M v Peinfol. but *da#eer_na. Atulhuusg Ittolheaf tect.f Aiwld. we endured Vntrough tbe nrtng. with the that with tba returiw of war* wea'bar ftft woeld eo gra y tiat rear. But tn? the. we were doomed to disap ^rtuK.^.^H ??? Dhftt r 'gX tr'ew hern the ne^ift. either of farther neglect ssef tncwarpewnt trav'.iee .t. a ?teaannt Mf tev , our cnee to a frvm t. .te aeaurel uithat a almllar ,g -j, 1 e?t fanil'V bV T'J?*r 1 ?,lb <**? te-M. b, Dr. fat E v. l djrf *?? Su *1 ??? ?a raw fty . ore pert.c.ilaj .tt ? < hhat U'.a dcrtor 1* no om ^ but a .HICK ocu'-etjard alttlM. we concln.Ui AO eel the beneilittvef bia '.van. >rX. which we hare now rea wa p. ncJtnow'.r.lget .miyp -.t >Tb?uch be'-* few weeka 1 *<.?? ka care, the a+t<nr 1. a of our eyra baft ^sefted The | upll iaaww rn I and rear, and tba lid a are {, a j ftee frrm in'hunnialtM. The doetftr Mia tbe up-lo nerfe bee bean weakened eud lb# i , aaa'turd a nhrno e tnffamtnntiyry state, af ; awra Of lc?r? *" t.ho other Uaattea, and racing -if aejjcote.t, v en hn AmauroaU Opthaimltla , br rye. * v.a term * h ^ ?">'/ >? "rr. aCseted ,etamir?. Darin* obts '?*? hw w'tclt danra.1 rtOaf, wo |., la aaka^^lgiag ^?ur i.tdeotrdaeae 1* (t rnt f Dr Von BlMtih*. " and of cHHtg to it the r 11.nn of nt tara who way *- yugana# from a aln.Har or ,? worse road Hon of tbelr'ftea. It la add fat I'rort. loi p: t.y .Is* an antt'loia fur ?f?T ban#. It la oeiteln B *e are ta. In theae' tln.aV aT.bjact N> #"*rer nNrt. than I harlr l et uaH-eth/nkliil. ?'eu. Ihaft a? we lasrvAee the NeVvi . inch de?lio/*lN> "f. ?" *f rUloAVi ?*? pf.'tra*a a. , t.-6 h?-r? I* ?* a '.J-i v tendenrta. it.wol la ai ( heth?M. Oft'TlOS ROl Ala UAOAWSVAf. ' GRANT. decratary Stanton's Despatoh to Qonoral Dix. PETERSBURG IN OUR HANDS. The Sahel Iutrercknants At tacked and Captured. Generals Smith and Kauts in Possession of the City. Capture of Artillery and Prisoners. Six Guns, Out of the Sixteen Taken, Captured by the Colored Troops. Additional Details of Gen. Crawford^ Fight Near Long Bridge. The Crossing of the James River the Most Brilliant feceue of the War. SEE MAP 05 SUPPLEMENT SHEET. The Rebel Report of Sheri dan's Defeat, &.C., Ac. Oetpatoh tMM Becrctarx Stanton do General Dir. Wjnu.NiiTON, June IT, 18A4. ll 'jor General Dtx:? The following despatches have been received by tbta depart neat:? Citt Point, June lb, > Via Jams towi Island, June 10?6 30 A. M. J Smith, with hi teen theaeaed mao.attaebed Petersburg this morning General Butler reports from hie observatory, near Ber muda Hundred, that there baa been sharp fighting, and I that the troops aed trams of the enemy were, ae be i wrote, moving fmm Urn city acroes lb# Appomattox, as if retreating. Hancock U not near enough to render General Smith any aid. The Richmond papers bava nothing to Indicate a suspi cion of oar eraming the J imne river. Zbey expect to be attacked from the direction of Malvern Hill. ChhT I'oimt, V-., June 1?6:30 P. M. Oar latest report fuim Smith was at lour P. M. Ha hut curried a line of Intrenchmeuts at Baauy'e House, Uto-coli-red troops ssraultiiig aud carrying lbs rilie pits with great gaiiautry; but be bid not yet carried tb> main una. He deior.bas Hie rebel artillery lire a* very bcawy lie expected to atv&oult tills line just Us: ore dark. Hancock la wttbia torse miles of Smith. Citt Point, Va.. Jure lfl?7 A. Id., 1 Via Jiamiuw.v island?11:46 A- M. ) At twenty minutes paat aovea P. II yesterday Smi .h assaulted and carried Iba priuctpal line of the enemy be fore 1'etorihurg, taking t tor teen cannon. eeveral stand* of ool ire end bet men tlnee end four buudred priaoaers. ln.s line Is two miles from Petersburg. Hancock got up aod took position oo Smith's left at Ibrca o ciecJc A. M. to-dey Thais was heavy firing la thu directi >n from dvs to six o'clock. No report bos boon received yet. lie.i T Mann I.A.xnuj, Vs., June 18?1 P. If. After rending my desnaico of this m rnlng from the heights soutbe?U of i'etsrsoiirg 1 want over the ooo ijucred lines with General Grant and the engineer officers. The w ,rks are of the very strongest kind, mors difficult to take tbau was Mitwi mary Ridge, at Chattanooga. 1 he hardest fighting was dons by the black troops. Tits forts they stormed were the worst of all. After the at air wax over General .Smith weat to thank them and tell them ho was proud of their sou rage aod dash. He stj-s tbey cannot be exceeded as soldiers, and that here after ha will ran.I fiem to a difficult plaoa aa readily aa the bust white troops. They raptured six out of the slxtsea cannon which ha took. The prisoners ha took ware from Bsauragard'a com maud Boms of them raid tbsy had Just erased the .tames abort Drury's Pleff. I do not think a y of lore's stray had reached Peters bu g when Fmlth stormed H. Thoy ssera to be there this morning, however, su 1 to he -waking srrsagsmtints to bold the west ;north *) udo of the Appomattox. Ti e town th. >? cannot think of balding, for It ilex dl r? tiy ondor our guns. The weatbar cuutinuss splendid. Crrr Point, Va., June-IA?fi ll P. M. General Butler reports from Bermuda Hurdrsd that tla' snsray have abandoned the works la front of that plain His trooiw are low engaged In tearing ugi tba rail mud between Pemrsburg and Richmond. Iho tallowing d**p?teb does ant dsskoMe the boar; but J* m k'up posed to he later than ibn preceding ? JikMoww, Vs., Jone 1A, ?c?. I oeme doam from Ibe ro?i< < n shave Pert Powhatan, with deaiAirtas lor fe< r? tary ftaotoa. Just aa I left <0i a ? /'iJ. in r,y riti to s?e ttict /Virr?tvry uhu to our jeiMi <m. KotMng of recent dam has bean beard from General ?'Ho; ulun hut ttia Richmond Whip of the 1Mb ooatalns a d ?jr..11-h fr ?ni Gen. las, ststtrg thai ? berlJao had bean t> In aw wigni.onv^t witn i t;a Ice and Rrftipiorf, h-e ni- Die hurn'rwi prisoners so J leaving h's dead end wd'i id d on tbi fi. id. |m? i.'eui-isi dfietmad a deaf*,tub, djt'1 !->st right alpine/-toe*, has be en r-cai?#j. Jt only states tSa THE TOWN OF PETERSBURG. | |_J [l|| JMP faoGP corro^r^T Fl l~l Cafe f"'-J^TS R. R. .ffiJP'Hi*y- *-" .'T^l^jtWC.-f )U!!i <* ill t POuNl " re ZZ'1?1Z ; ?... .^ww^^v^rwigaMARXEr,, u?lim r^rr? --??? mar;<?T nwn WM; u S,1 STREET WP?*>4HHB1 F"! S^saJLw*' M&i&zm/M Isd JEii! I li?i t^/jr SOLINGBROKE STREET ? . ,--.<? .: rnssm: r5gxxm Fsi;I f3^ F:' BACK. STREET |L_ ^fi toracc - ? Kt->L"0U5? >Ml?iHl o ' - .s?gCaun r House 'M >? r -tM & aM/on v . s co t ??"?? j. , , ?' . I .il'ti I i I 1"! 1J <r~*r re J A 7.74 7 r S NO TtCl. ?^fpF3ig ??F.TERSB. St Vf EL DON RAIL ROAD Dp*OT See Supplement Sheet, or Msth Page* SKETCH OF THE TOWN. Petersburg. which hi an evooeihngly handsome and po-ti town, as >vel! aa port ol' entrv, of Ihowtd die county, Virginia, ts sltuatod on the right or south bank of the apnomattox river, at tho orouitDg o tbt freat Southern Railroad, at a diet.nee of twontv two m>le* south of Richmond a.'d ten mi'e? from .lames river, at f'tijr "(not. in latitude '7 14 north, longltmle 77 20 wwt In nwwct of population and commercial advan tages, with facilities for a rapidly increasing business, It rank* aa the third town In Virginia. Toe ten displays moth architectural taste tn the m unar tn whieh it is budt, and a>so posee*?c* seve-al important pubite -buildings It coutalns numerous churches, in wbtch several dcnonaiojtions aro represented, via:?Two of tbe Muho dl*t, 'wo of tbe Kptseopaltan, two of tbe Presbyterian, one of the 1'.aptwt and one of the Catholic, beanies othor place of Worship, prlnol,wily for colored jwop.a. With those It baa a number of cotton factories, throe bar Its, two rope vaIks, one woollen factory, ^sne iron forntce, and ujtllt for almost every purpose of trade It h-'S also ?durational est'ibli-thineotM, and, hofora the can lure of the place, pub] <hod three newspapers. Tee borough limits extend :?t far as the decayed village o' Bmndford, in Prtrce Georges county, whirl] la stated to bive beou superior lo many respect* to Petersburg, wbt<-h bus quickly grown up, m It were, alongside or It. Among tbe exceeding1? interesting and pleisingly T?ict' resque ruins Mattered over Virginia ttie remulm of R'mdfnrd'n once impnelng church attract tbe attention of the traveller. A destructive cnnfl?gra>loo occurred here V' II15, by which a mat deal of property, Including four hundred h->u-os, was consumed. There la unlirn ted water power about Petersburg, as the ascent of the ttdo, becoming arretted by Iba falls directly ub've the town. affords extensive supply, flume enterprise ha-: also been manifested bv tho conatructloa of a canal around the falls, by whtcb busts of a light draught cm ascend tho river for a dlst inoe of nearly one hundred miles, the town ean be approached by v-ssols of one hundred tons ascending tbe rtver, while those<>f a lir?sr size are obliged to discharge at Walt ham's lauding, about six miles below, where the Sooth S'de Railroad has Its eastern terminus, connected by the Apiiomattox Railroad with tbe mouth of the river and City Point, where vessels of lu-g# stse are chiefly discharged 8>me idea may he formed or tta trade and industrial re sources from tbe faet that from ten thousand to Alteon thousand bogsheudH of tobaceo are exported annually. The population of tbe place is about sixteen thousand. relative poeitlon *>t the fore**. No aerlou* engagement ted yet occurred EHWJN M. STANTON, Seovetery of War. THE HERALD DESPATCHES. Mr. S. Cadwalladcr't Owpatrh. ?.*!>* Cirr Gopkt Horn, June 16?8 A M. TM activity of tbe mmy hM been unpera'leled far three iIht* nam. H mannhrd from Com) liar1 or to ibta poiut over narrow an ! torluniia road* that needed murk rerwiriog, and too* fu'hr bait over tte Janiee river, and moving toward* i ity iwaint. tho nooth of the Ap pooku*t?x. Tho general headquarters of tho army ar* breaking up ?? 1 write, eed tho train* will proceed to that point by night. 'ie i?r?l (.rant vIMtod Bermuda Hundred y**terdar, had a ln"g c-ulareuce with * eoeral Butter in regirdto milll-try *?hi,r*, end return** in the evenlii,;, apparently well pie with the ooudltion of uflairaon tho anuth aide. 1 t>o work in that quarter will probably bcanarp or a 't'w rtnyo, ai d d claivo In-<" urlug eerta n air itegiral point* fr> tn which to c ndijct the work of the rncci-ediog week or in -nth THE IP?KKT FTZ7T.IT1 Tbe army I* in flue be.lib enn apirita, and *i?m* to bn well fed and well clothed. Iho enemy appear to barn been ooinp'. ie y mi allSed by mir left tn 'vernent, and were toeirly four hours in occupying the ground we left at Coal H<o-bor. He h i* *lo<-n ma le a rorceil mveh tor M iivern Hdl, in expectitioii of our attempting to nrcupr It: but it sew Iranrplre* that thl? w.iano part of i moral (Irani'* pleo. t.eieral Warren warn thrown out t* that' directlou to orrrer the (link nl thn main army on 119 m rch, but baa been amcedrawn In U> ihla poiut,aud will Iran-port hie oorp* arroee ihe river to ib.y. Tbe weather c >ntlnue* pie eant and tbe road- got"! Tbe d.iya are warm, with the night* cool, and often very chilly. THE SECOND CORPS. Mr. Franeli C. bong'! Drapairh. P*ooivo sun* Corp*, r th* i-hid, j Ntel CrrT ?*. H., June 13,1864, aoaim otr th* uew-n. AH tb* neremary ar-angement* hiving been made for another rapid movement beyond tba rigbt of I**'* army, the Scoond oorp* left Ita po*|t|nn neir Coal Harbor, where tt baa faced the enemy ao heroically alnoe the 3d loot, and at nightfall on Sunday evening. 12th. tok up a lln#of march toward* Long bridge, on tbe fatlekahomlny. Tb* oorp* followed n narrow and winding rood, wblcb doubled and twlated among tba awampn, foreat* and hill*'between Coal Harbor and; Despatch Station, en tba Richmond and York Rivar Railroad. Tte *vrala* waa remarkably cold for tbe oil mat* and aoeaon. and tb* chill*, dump daw* ttmt aettie In vapory maaata on tte low. ?wampy region* of the Chirkahomloy dampened our olotblng and made u* ahndder with an ague Ilka nhlllnem. wHvas waa th* smtnv? Tte enemy In front of ua yaatnrday waa remnrkaMv quiet, end had It not been ror an oreaatonal abell ha threw from bla baiter ice w* would bard y have been aware of bte preaaooe. Ab oplnieo prevailed araoe* la tell'gent officer* that I tee bad remove I tb* bulk of ma army from tte vlcmlty of C?al Harbor and Mechanic* villa to a point fnribar dovntb* river, anticipating an other flank moT?m-?t hy Oraot. Had there been any noniideraMe body of tbo enemy In tbo earth work* lu tront of our lata poeltlen. Hiey would moat certainly tev* attacked tour rear, alnoe eur withdrawal could act bav* failed to attract their attenlK n. i.eeertl Hancock m.rcbed bla oolnma nil night, with a* much rapidity aa tbe nalnraof tte country and thadiaer dered condition of tbe rwda would admit only helling for a lew brtal momenta at long Intervale. AS daybreak the o lumo wae balled a abo-t dtataoo* ir >a? New I revMei.e# Church. There th* troop* regaled IfbMMelve* with warm olfte and bard ta.-h, antU tun cattiea camu to nova roawann. fn.alopf, denae column th* Peeond enrpa wended H* way, wblle tbe itetdy tramp f tbonaand* of foot ithrad up cloodp ef reddiah duet. which floated laaily away oa tbe taUry-nta' api ere, (bowing at ? dlataee* the oourae tte oolumn puraned. to# rwrvrmv aaorn. In the tow ground and nrir i**ea, th'rlreta nf iwtmp ma,oclia* in full bl >nm peri^u*"! tho air with itielr a ft Preathmg frr.graooe, wbtie ih<4dW'Chtemem:d enama Img of ibelt te*v*? a."iied ?i |er>.1 i\jH/*r wh't <n? ? to mnr sdowy blo**ome> tbo 'ntr*t tree* t r..wi?,r nh ?? ?*? nrl.irtpany y?/ uy pi. e*. en tbei * aru n?.w> of oak, bat they do not floaruiu In euch abundance m lhe pine. There ere plonty of prr-immun, holly and em Her treee growing to ail the wooded district* to tbta perl of THVieie There ie oomperativwly little end erf row tb, however, In (bo tores'*, what there m being principally dwarf oak, laurel eud ehinqtiapln eh rubs. The further aoutb we proceed the riob r the cell becomes, as the Immense size of the forest trees attest. The soil Is not on If darker lo color, but ireer from stones, sand and clay tban It is around .?'pottseleaota Court Bouse and nlneg the llatupooy, sad cereal crape ef every description grow with greater lozorl no* na rvnasrrasr*. Tbe citizens wa encounter claim te he "ef the maner horn," and bare always associated with nothing but the ??prime mesa, A No. 1's", ef the -Maie But ea far aa our observation intend* lb* F. F. V.'a as a d.ias are net to be compared with tbe former* and mechanics of some of our Northern fciates to point of Intelligence and general Information. Tbe truth obliges ua to state that we oc caslonaUy meet ao educated or woman; but for one that con bo.uH o; any amount of intellectual acquirement s? god a score that cannot decipher (bo Itogltsh alpha bet, or tell tba difference between an almanac and a child's primer. a sat vat. at tore hrioo*?tics rnincaitonnrT asp sra ?OFRhUfto. We roacbed bridge at nb' tt ton o'clock this morn log (tbe 13thj, and found that the Fi tb army corpt was already iron the rlrer. Wa b id to halt fur a aburt tima b I'ore er Ming; the wagon trains of tbe gee rtl trmy Doulfp artors being In front of us, sntl In poeseesimn of the porno 'n bridge and the road leading 11 It. Ixxw bridge te situated about etgb'een miles from Coal If.irbor, snd It Is rsiher less tbaa half that distance below Bottom's bridge. Ihe < hlckahomlny, as It his frequently been sta'wl, Is a sluggish and mnddy stream, resembling a Louisiana li you more than a river, la width at the point wa ciwaod Is about thirty yards. It run* la tbe midst of a moras* almost as 1eo*e aa aa Indian ,un ?'<?. It Is a very onlienltby neighborhood, owing to tbo poisonous miasms It cmstnai y exha: _?*. Tbe swamp sad river are iofrsted with venomous ran tiles, p.rllcuUry water moccsroos, several ef which wri t bisslcg sed writhing across the road as we paired Abont three-fonrlbs of a mile from the rlrer tbe ground gradually grows blsber, and cultivated telda can at times be teen. Still the meet of the land lor soma a is lance Is wet and marshy, not improving much be'ore we rsaohed St Mary's church, which stands soma tlx mPaa from Charles City Court House. na cnors sen son.. A rural New Torker or Yerraonter will ecsrcely believe that tbe cherry tress that wars In bloom en the ICtb of May bare ripened their Irnlt by tbe lOtu of Jeuo Nevertheless such la tba case. The cherry aeasm la al must over, as well aa the etrnwborry. Wo aleo aaw a field <>r wbeat to-day that bad boen harvested. Tbls looks rather Ilk* naafamg tb* season. As w* approach Charles city Ourt House the duality of the cell Improve* very much: lb* land becowi dryer ?nd less sneven. Poms of tbe finest wbeilfields I have teen In the Pule are growing around our proaont temporary headquarters. wtia opr HtacR an nwrrrsof There Is no doubt that onr ultimate destination will be James river; but I hardly think lee will leave tbe way anstsputed. Tbe fact that he withdrew bl* picket* this miming as anon aa we dpi ourt proves find naively that be has an Inkling *f tb* movement now on foot and be will doubtless strain avary nerve to bead ua oft Whether be la ontganoi ailed or not a few days will tall. CPEHATI0N8 OP THE FIFTH COUPS. Mr. I.. A. Ilestdrlek's Despatch. I'sifxjugSTrM. hirtn Aawr ( "are, > Ousts* fit* Cot at 11' pas, June U?(t P. M. f wasna wt ass?rat wnas* wc ariu. tin I give our present locality, is before this can reach you (he position of the army will be wholly ebfiiveL Where the nest change w.'ll take us, and * hit is li?.be the nert move In tbe programme, are (acts, of course, f Cannot make knowa, Aa 1 wrt * tbe abrlll wlueite* of eir gunhosts and transp rts in tb# James river break tb* aileiof th ? gtlllnlshi *|r. For sts week* cut otf Ocun faiir?tds and s'eimh an, the-e snuMa are agrees Me, Rot < i!y as memobt'ies of rlvi1lr.dtl.iu, but na proof af Uto pre*?rne Mar of .?i tbdt and Imp >rtint auvilinry p.-wpr toad ta forth#'c rfflng o the g oat nt^cst f the pre? nt vtm algn?.Ike la nse of "tolmteuil, Ok* a ire '.,1011! 11 i-? lame ? I r m two .-v *. d a hl'l Ol Qr if* cotni..indg 1 a&? Vtcr 01 t pfl Vi W tbe nvat ?nd lbs movlo .* ft tills of gunboats and miin u4 sloops Uiltug IU wttlora. wnn.v wi iritra?m Mpurmi or two nn. Forty-e%ht b xiri .ago. the tkmo u* sending my iMt drensSsh, toft tue Fifth corps In nsIIim to mots. The.* forty efebt boars have been important ones - n't UuU we bees performed miracles of marching, n t that we bavo undergone any unusual htrd*hi;>s. n< t tbet any greet bwtilee bevo b?m lovifi'ii or grout vtc-ortas won?but to ibe results gained, to tne entire success of our tblrd great flunk movement, end in the compete be wilder moot of too euemy by ibe i ohtnoss sad sud tolly of Its eonc<v>* too and ezetvoiinn. Id this lime we have omened the Clucks hominy, thrown onraclvee aloof from Ibe hase we had occur led. an i e labliahed a new one The euetnr bu t Dot molested us to any extent; for be baa not known bow to do it. ass tVTH ooars m iDvunt To the Fifth corps nu belno ;.-.| th? honor of the ad va co. ihiac p w is the i.rut of our la'sotrv to cross the CI tekahomluy, ss tt was the first to cries the Rapldun an 1 In i N tii A i>u. lu <.roTnl'>g -.lie ? htcaa biminr, witch we did at Long bridge,General Crawford t division had the advance. His divunu cruescd at mid night, following ili.tpin.ui's brigade of the cavmlry. He si noco poshed forward to tbo heights tbla side, by ibo Mtttox Uruine, twu miles to ibe right, firmly estab Inbing hinirolt, a.hi there remained nil daylight, when the utbor divisioua took positions near bv. O' SBIllL CSAWIOKU'S ROUT. Here the corps remaned all day, hut not wlthon' sn Ir,dependent aud most hrlllitut flirht by 0 .twfu'd'a divi sion. Ihocvulry were still lu nis ndeunoet A porti n was sent In the direction of Turns: 's lord, across the Cblckalicminy, and somo towards the vvhiiu Ok aw mm crushing. At'ho latter crowing the cavalry oimo up>u tlie First and 8>cuo'l Son'h Carolina reyimems, or riirnp tou's brigade, mid, being inferior in nuiooers, s*>nt bacic for Infantry rapports. General Craw lord rent Gs'.ora. Rites'brigade, con-dst ng of the Twelfth Uaasanhuaet's, Major Cook;Ninety seventh N w Y irk.Co'one! IVheelock. eleventh Pennsylvania. Canton Harris; Eighty eighth Pennsylvania, Captain Ph-sidea, and Ninth New York, Lieutenant Colonel Moilatt, with Instruc tions to aid the cavalry, gnt po:s;tMon of tuo mad and Intrench Very shortly after, I.yle.i brigade, comprising the Thirty-ninth M >3?aohusotta, Col. Hmw; One Hundred and Seventh New York, Cdonel McCoy; Ninetieth Punnsyltaui i, Captain liivls; Sixteenth Maine, CoWDol lildon. One Hundred and Fourth New York Colonel Prey, aud Thirteenth M'ssach reds. Major i'iorce, weut to the assistance of the F'lrsl brigade, fol lowed by Celouel Carle's brigade or the Flrit and second voteran Pennsylvania reserve regltn tile, General i raw lord accompanied the two hitler brlgndoe, aud directed mibefijnont movements tu peraon. In ?? me redoubts thrown up by McClodan in bis campaign ibe enemy had placed three cannon,from which tbey kopt up a vigorous ?belliug of our iroons. Three objects were to be gained? holding the Long bridge road, upon which were all our trams, silenciug the guns In tbeso redoubts, and keep log possession of the White Oak swamp bridge. Captain Barnes' battery. First Now York, was located so an to command tbe bridge and prevent the enemy from crossing over from that direction, tn h? Idlng this bridge sotne sharpshooters In Bates' brigade did excellent service. Meantime other batioriea directed their tire on tnese redoubts, and tbe counter cannonading was heavy and furious for a while. Our cavalry got out of ammunition, and at this time were heavily prettied and eomi?lled to fall back, which they did In considerable ooof.ision, working through the Infantry Hues. Ibe In rantry, notwithstanding this cavalry panic, stood their ground, and punished the pursuing cavalry severely as they came up within musket range. Tbe eoemv's cav ?try, numbering at least three thousand, fell back fall welt, aad did not show themselves again. From thfr time tbe fighting was between Crawford's division end the enemy's Infantry, which wo discovered, from prisoners captured, to constat of Wilson's, Mo Gowau's and Scales' brigades, ot A. P. Hill's corps, na the right, and Andersen's division, on the long bridge or New Market read. It was half past three P. M. when tbe enemy's Infantry arrived. Brisk sklrrolsbt^Msaed, sad lbs enemy mads so etuak; bet be was so gsotstvsiy ro puleed that he Sid not venture to repent It. 8MUUI CK-lWrOKK, by bin skilful handling of bis troops, completely de ceived the enemy as to the number be bad, and by fir ing them to believe that be designed attacking thorn. That tbey were deceived was sbowa by their aa-ikmf only one attack, and by their anting on the defensive and throwing up earthworks, which ihsy dm with lug rapidity. ran casuiLviBS. Tbe following a n list of the casualties In General Craw ford's division ? Km*. Captain Rhodot, Figbty eighth Pennavlvanto. I.ieirt. Daniel Layton, Co. O. twenty second New York. Bergt Jos. E Fairbanks, Co. A, N'lnaiy-fnurth New York. Francis P. Pryor, Co. U, Tweoty second New York. Wewri'f.d John McLarney, CM C, Ninety fourth Now York, lenic Flippet, ( o. D. Kiev, ntb Pennsylvania. I orp. Jsmea -mllli.Cn. I, Ninety ?eventb New York. Henry Jewell, Co C, Ninety-fourth New York. Henry Morner, Co. G, Nin?iy fourth New York. W. H. r ocovcr, Co. 1), N nety.fourth New York. Pe'rr Crawiord. Co D, Ninety fourth New Y rk. Henrv Drum. Co. A, F.ighly eighth Pennsylvania, lliriun Thornton. Co. I, Nuietv-fourth N'ew York. Jacob Meyers, Co. F. N i sty-fourth New York. Krsd R atine, Co. F, Ftghty eighth Pennsylvania, file- hen >lxbury,C. Nln- ty-iourtb New Vork. A. J. Gregory. A Sixteenth Mmna. l'avhl M. freer, A. Nineiy-spven'h N'ew York. Peier I.aenor,F. Ninety seventh New Yc?k Fergt J un P. Ward. V, One f| udred and >'orenth Pfc Geo W. i ole. , First Pe rnytvanta vef?ran volunteers. David Kirkpstrivlr. K. First I'cni. yIvanl i veteran vols. Isaic I". Tayfor, H, First Pennsylvania veteran vols. | Geo. Crane. (', Nir Sty-fourth N'ew York. I R bt. F. t-b.ade. g. First Pennsylvania veteran vole. f>irp. Paml. Pnl.w, H. recond Pennsylvania voter n vols. Jacob II gen, A, file vent li pohnsv'vui'n vrternn vols, A. A. Buriiiigam", K, Vo-ir'h t'niteJ HI ales .artillery. .'tejihen Rayniond, I, First New llaiup-hl 'e c.vairy. A. Brewster, |, Firs! New Ham -rtiirr rivalry, j-iroe- Dennell, Y, lblr?e?nth Star aehusutts G?<<rg? W. Hsirh. F. Slxtrsnh Maus l>w ght Ftsnna>d, A, Ninety seventh New Yo-k I'.rbt E. Pee's. A, First I'eimsylvsr'a r etS'sn volunteers. Wm. Wall, A,Se 'uod I'ennsylvan a veteran volunteers. ?KSrca or carrais snoji.tx?oonvuviorr to oaarsasL cttaaronii. Cspta n Rhodes entered the serrtes ss s private, and achieved tbe position he occupied by bis merits and rouragn alone. He lived ui I h.iadelj bis. Uewoeki.led by a piece of sh?tl. C reral Crawford has been highly complimented fov the b r.dr -me mincer la wtucti he cb< eked the curmy is tue above affair. ran cixt covroTTTnen rr o*irr> ?oi rvi.xn. It teems fr'm prisoners that the enrtnv was taken wiiuily bv Ay eur w tbdrnwnl trom the othe ? tde of tbs cb ckabomioy snd crunslng of tbe river at the p< iota we d d. Tbey hurried en. and their toter tlon wan to oceupy tbe line from White Oak swamp to Jone* Neck, west of Paliern Hills. sad which is the narrows t p.tnl on the Pst: Irsula this side or P.lcl'inona, and t lie most defensible lire again*! sn advance upon their capital. As It Is they are c iiupletely noupluased, end will hove to dovlae some sew plan to resist our onwsrd march to Richmond. vir* wirrirm ov era srss'-s from Matto* Reura lo this place ean be aammed op iti a few w rds. Weetartfd at seven P. M. sad marched till after m dcigbt, g"tng through weeds a-d every imagin able sort of rcsd, with phaieers In advance to cut down trees and clear tbs way, sr.1 net knowing but at any moment we might stumble upon tbe ene-ny and have the eiclt'ment of a mid night battle. Mot we we-e not int-vrurtod In tbla way. A bHef sleep snd rest u 8t. Mary's nbttreh.and our march was rekumrd, wi loh terminated In our arrival hero at tin e'cio k this morning. cavai.av ssrsvTsntvo nsAnqr?*r?n? woveatvra. Toert baa been sotne cavalry akittrwhlog; but other. w'se it has been gutct all day. Our corps h?sd (uartere are at Oak and, tie former country rasidtrce of Judge f' are, The hradifuarter* of tbe a: my ate near us. The aspeet of tbe ?nity/7 has cot changed mctertary since our army msreltsd doVti "early two y?crs ago, m rotas to Join the army fl?b:tc/ nndsr Goneral ^v;a. Br. 19. T. nrtlkley-'s neapittrh. Fonigrrs Mosses, Vn., Jtme 16, 1894 ONAtn'S a it it v. From arrivals 'rota Be. muds ilnndred we harn that tt a hulk of Grant s arm? stuv rsfdly rrt >,-d the J utss r ver yesterday, aril 'hat Ibe hiia re, together with lb-' ti ill*,would lie on th'Sr'itm St'.0 to d if. Iho Or> xiPir r as ' -et"d St revei ,I A >ren| |s?irsts b?'< w To .k v Rsug. ?nd the v.hufc n. vvmuiii has bum a g a*,d sucusvs. m stars kt of oounni lotmnaM. A eorrssiMJodeut Wra baa ftm im ar ?au of Um sa^> Mi* of a place ?T aitlUsry, saving the vacant ra a ?f ??w cavalry la retamnurg, la ths KtfUi Panaaylvaata cavalry, when. In fact, iba credit bslsaga la Iba Viral Dteirtntof Odumbia Voiuotaar cavalry, aad Iba piaoa la fuaatlaa la oow Id ID*It camp, wltb Iba parmlastun af Haior?l datior to take U will) tbem to VVavbington upon ibair ralura. I make ih? correction tbat a regiment wdich baa always doue lea duly may bar# Iba eradll wblrn la dua H. ?HKiADiaa anasani. o*>?, of Oibboa'a di?mion, Hetond corps, Army af Iba Fotouaaa, la now Uara uuder arraal fur aliased disobedience of orders Tho frieDda o Geuoral Owea need lira do 'ear af Iba re^ud of in? eout or inquiry In his ease, m ha baa nliowa bla ability, bravery and otiedieuce to the urdoia af bM superiors upon 100 many hard .ought bill.a be Ida to bo louit kept Inactive In oonae |iiei,ce or active unnrillono lo the Held, it m y be tome weiti before action can h# Inked in ho iuje, und bo bo relieved from bla uiiploss.uit pOKll OU Fiti e'Curi P U. k?wm rnon i i TFRf nrnr, hkvorb rna rnri > rk. The R'i port ban Jont nrrlvd, huving ieft W on'o lmduig, mi the Jamei rnor, ut eieveu ? 'clock tins morn.i p. hae on bourd the Feventb Ma?^.tcu?a>-lto VoloD(eer8. Colonel Johns, whose term of service hie ex pired. When the heat left he >vy caounuadtug wan heard in the direction ot Petersburg; but no uewa bad bueu re ceived Tba Second and flxlh corn* worn on the sooth aide of the Jatuea river, and the Kl'tb corps wan then c oseing. carraiM sik-amuk m'kwfk. of General Hancock's staff, who was severely weunded ? few duya since, and suilored an ainuutatlou of the log, wan removed to Washington on Sunday last Mr. if. V. Powers of New fork, arrived bere today a tor bM body, bis friends baying received intelligence of bis death. Oar Army Cmrespnnil'iirr. < nis: sh Crrr ? o"ir II one. June IS, Jgfld. The t'hicuhominy b s been n?fely crossed. 'irPfln'a (II inlou of ths i bird corps. prooeied by i brigado of cavalry, advanced from Providence church lo Long bridge oo Sunday eight. Alter a brief -kirmlsh our ad vuDi o gu .rd drove oil tbe few rebel picket* guarding this place The bridge bad been destroyed by the rebels Pol we-aid tain toons across the river. A aolumn moved up the aouib side of tbe river InwarOa Uotloin's bridge and drove every rebel eut of night. On the margin of White Oik swamp oar cavtlrymw eg ltnnt s c mnldorablo nnmbor of tbo enemy For a few minuies tbers won a sharp skirmish, tn whtc.h a number i.f c inn. n aaero freely used on both sides, and two regt mcntn of Infantry were deployed an skirmishers About twenty men were killed and wounded In tble short aifalr. Some of the"rebels were made prisooern IbeyreporS tbat lee was mtssng hia troops at Bottom's bridge, nut ha wan too slow. Our sdvance along tbe rosd lo Got t m'a bridge kept the enemy beck end gave the i-ecor.d corps ample uppoitnnltv to pnns over Ihe rhickahoroiny. Tbe Sixth and Second corps crossed lower down at .loner' bridge. Oa Sunday the Eighteenth ?rpe em barked on treunporta at Wblia House, and have atr>oe moved pant tbts place en the James river, going towards Bar mud i Hundred. 'I ho .-ecoud corps ta now being ferried to-day from WHoog's wharf to Wlnrtmi'l Point Our prenout position ot> tbo banks of tbe Jamea Is much healib>sr*tbao that 10 tbe Chinkanorolny awampd, whern maoy of our moa commoner d to ruCer from favor and ague, and are oow rapidly recovering. The Fortress Monroe Despatch. FortRSSS MOWBOR, Joss Id, 1W4 Yesterday morslBi si (osr o'clock Iks Klghtesnlb army corps, under the command of General W. Y. Hinllb, left City Foist end me ched into ratoi abur*. General Kama's cavalry, coin pot In* Ms fifth and Eleventh Pennsylvania and District of Columbia regl mente, attacked tba Intrenr.bmenta of the rebel* onteido of Petersburg, and at eleven A. M yesterday ancceeded In eapteriati tbom, sad eaterad tba city. They were supported by the advance guard of General Smith's foroes. * The tm?(tt ware at last seoooats mureblag la the di rection of Petervburg as fast as they landed. The orossiag of the James river br IMsrmy Is de scribed by those who had tba good fortune of viewing It I as one of the most brilliant scenes of the war, ' An eudlese stream of transports, barges and sebnoaers bas bean making Its way up the James river to tba saw | boss of supplies all day to-day. Kohtsbw Mobhob, Jane is. IMA The following wounded, from Point of Rocks, wars ad mitted Into the boep'tal oo the 13tb Instant George A. Kotztlne, Ilia Pennsylvania cavalry, wrist. J.T. Roberts, Sib i'toDsylr-uia csv Iry. tbieh. Win P'storms, Jtb l>Dn*vlvania cavalry, Dc?d. i-rcenfleld Ely.fith Pennsylvania eayalry, heck. Jacob .-uydsm, "-I Pennsylvania artillery, thigh. H. in Coilsver, BTih Penney Ivuula, band. Johu J. Purr is. ;ni .New York, thigh. (J. Olson. 4Mb New York, knee A lam Crin.DD. Tib couoeeticiit, breast. Bom Wslk, 1st Oonnactinut, toot. A. eukine, 6M Maine, snnuldor. FeintsHyuss, 4ih New Ilatni shire, shoulder. J. d. Fermi'd. 3<1 New Hampshire, shorn dir. J.iiuae Morris. 7'h Sew II mpebire mot. C. K. Chat-in..':9th Illinois, in the side. II. T. < orwm, CUtli Mm is, in His eg. Francis Poor, 11th Mamo, in the foot. J on I sy. 47ih New York, In the foot. P. K Small, 2tib Psasschusetls. in tbs bresst. H P. tt'ioroe (isbel), In the baud. The fol'osrtag deaths bave taken place In tbs Hampton Hospital:? Wm. R Groom, llkth Now York, Jane 13.] Vf. H. Cr s-nsn, .'Oik New York. June 14. Andrrw Hell, I(K'tU Now York. June 14. C. J Cbaptn.Sbth Illinois, Juno 1.1. J. W. hue, .ifti h Pennsylvania, Juns 14. Geo. i.'liden, 40<i> Massachusetts, Juns Id Bam. Wilson, 6th Maine, .'nue 14. Ins simmer Exi reas arrived morning frost Port Walthall, with soldiers for the Hamptoo Hospimk 1 lie lYsahlnfjIou Despatch. Wssm.M'aTov, Jane 17, DM. A despatch dated Headquarters, Army of tbs Potonme, June 10. says:? The srmy ts now crossing lbs James rieer at two ,'lsres?one from Wile i s wli rl to WiuJmill Point, and ? be other ub ul two miles btlnw. lhe -ec nd corps crossed yesterday at the flrst men tioned place The Fifth corps starts at ten o'clock this morning. Boron rein I infantry wi re foun I u the way, supporting rebel cavalry; but n |<arl of the Fifth oort* ca no up and drove them (rum the position to Whtteuok bridge. At this place the rsbo'.a were founl in strong i oeitioo, with their artillery posted and General Hill's ccrpa sup porting them. Sklinu. bing commenced, and was rentlnued until dark ness set to. Our forces with Irew towards Rsrrlsen's landing. Our loee wis a' nut one hundred In klllol and wounded, wbi'e that of the rebels was Verier. f;.v oral Greet rsturnsd fr m his vis I to General Puller Ibis evening, baying found e??-yt'tlrig satisfactory. ' Another Gold Model. Tt|| STI4 V. KB COMMONW K A I.TH MI'DSf T,*D IM PBSCIOI'S Mrrsi.s. Ifr J. Peen Res too, the build-r of the gold models of tbe iron- lens Monitor and Roam ke, h id ?u nxblhtOM ? few beur* yesterday a gold an I silver model of tbs steamer Common w?? lib, Captain Williams, of the Atoning. t -n line. This elegsot model Is mads from 73 ounces ot I a oarit r-'d aid nunc* or coin sliver, end la valui d at "hn a in-de to the scale of 3 I Yds. nt a-' ii.Ch to the foot, and is 31 Inches n length. 'lg[ tn-ut < bcim sn-i t}( Inches deep from the l?i of the sit-on down to th.r ks>il. The hurricane deck i* of g< id, o-?t - g ?t er $40(1 fhe d -no is of the s*m?, cost - v $ 1*7. Uhe has I,ACS u- Id panels, 124 gold blinds and ! '4 win d sa lbs cs'lns are c.tepeiOti, mishioied, *o-i cortsln chsirs and tubles, uptn wbicb are told pile* ore and gt hiote. . , iu?? ?-schlnrry U propel'sd by e m ? :to hot . w' hj \ia Are national *lr?. i-he I* < Blflete In every rasped*, I'osls I ? gr-divli* and In Iset sverythtig whleh ceti b- seen on 'he origins cr til ?? t' be lout d oa tbo ??>?- a tursoi n t.e bu< bevo built ty u rar y uf gn 'Gnion who will pre'cm h? r ts f'aptaln " "'Bts sa s tokeh of t Ate rw, -i ai d sat'-'ul. H" ??u'oo lakes hsr ts Phi sftalphis Ul S rj-rung to eihfbM her at the rVnitarf 1 SB his retu'S hi wi!< pl-tcn her en ?gMbJtchJf tlnaiuK. Htwll ab'.'iphnPd e n ? d?'of tho VandeP hilt tar Mr C i? d?f!>)-?. Sr d Mere tg ?o?ie talk 4 b, klM ?uole. O' li-C-stdU. tt W-slit- sttM., The ?J*l3 rant,.>*'?e?l' i w triu.i-'i h in iht Way af model mskiog Hi| least hhl MAt'baBHBW ^ Court of ApP'alG ? .... AUK-vT jBBhlt, ISwds - , e, t 'sr e' Ibe ( sitfl ef AH^Is ? 4,^{ , *'f { ^ V< * tl,P. ?, IT, W, U|Ui ?N i'mm, 4,6,1 ^

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