Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 18, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 18, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. VnPif, Jum IT?6 P. M. The shore turlLM was weak aud lrr-ig ilar to-day. ?snipstid with the s?!<'? at 10# Or?t hoard ywieMay. flew York i antral aivn o d V* per com, KrW Kai! way 1 lf , Michigan HMUxrit 1*< 4'i.ic*n<4 Nwftlrwe. tore , Mariposa *, :.nd Ohio mm! MwmsatPSl certliiealoa 3. Hudson River H.ilro.d declined I 'i Heading Tt.fnois Central %, Clex-eland and Pittsburg H? Cleveland and Toledo Vi, CBICM* Ro* H Fltteburg sod Fort Wtynrl'f. Pacific Watl 2 o?d C mberlaod Co.l 3V The market was W'lre a..rt lower to the arurnea.. New York Oi.tra -l-ed .t 1*1 T< Kr? IIS* **"> P? farred 110. Huflfoj B ver 142. Reading 139l4, Uichijtn Centra! 140 M rhtgan Sou titer.. ?V. I'1100" ' entm! 128. Chtoa/nand NorthwMte'O 53, and the pre'errod sro-k 8pV (TsveUnd and ioie'? 141, lbe?|o?l4 Rock hliBd 11SV. Milwaukee anl Pr?irlo,du ? b.ou 68, Tied" and Wut** f9 ITtteburg and >rl W. ?oe 113-a. Cumber land Coil 72, Ohio and Km Hslppl certificates 68. Frier* or r.->I road and mi-ieilaue u? ill ire* at the Aral MM* D Of tiic H'.rd or lir k.-'i to day cwtupure wtib ihe flMUOoak on Friday of ktsi w?>k aa follow.* ? Jun-10. Jun* IT. American go'd ???? ??? Altoo anil Terre Ha de Hal road 64 64* Clevelaii.l .nil Pittsburg ?14X , "~ Cleveland *od Toledo *? ] '? itaar Cbtcar> and K ck leund 1'4X Chin go ai d Nortuwea.eru M> Chi Ago and A'too 90 ? Cumberland Coal. ?' a j? Canton . our ???* ~-4 *">* Delasai o .tod tiU't* ? U?nel ... 2X4 235 * Krie IMiir a U?K 1U* Krie pre:erred J'O4* Vtn,> MiKM >n River 14" X ? Harlem Railroad '**5 Illinois ' laS^ 11#!* 1*'!? l?d Mleti'tan Aoutberu ?filk *8,? VilwaiiUeo and '?ral^te do Oh Inn 70 66 MiaaHM.ii.oi and kiteao.ri ? ~~ Marlpoea Miui-tg 41^ New Vo'k Cei'tial ,3:'^ It,4. Obi' ?nd MiMlsaipplcertllteatca Puclllc Mail V*> ^ febhoylvaala Coal ?{" ntt'b.nv. Fort Uayne and ? tilca.O.... I'd t?n J1 Raadtng lUilr.?4.l '? * ? Toledo and Wubwh 0# 69 The following were the q.totalIon? to-daj for govern Bocnt aec.irlt es-? Five twenty ooaoon honda 10d Five twenty i e, nr??l "'I't toniton ti e of 16S1, late eat <*n.......... 1 1 a Rnt.i<le-e'l 6'a of 1881 o* -n'eren 107 uoo year cut*'cy oertifl-a ea 07 4 Se.e. i. u I I hue innltM 1'roaa ry notes 10, C>iij>on .'? of 140'. .........188 State t 'Ckr were qa del oa loll ,w?:? TentH"'.ee C*a '8 Y'lrcinU fl's 61 Ml'Bouri 6'* ' J Niwth P-.roMna 6*8.. . 68 '< Indiana v.'j California 7'8 140 Kentucky Ok I'd Gold ojiebrd to-duy at 19:"^; b it a'ter the annouDou Bientcii Hie taking ?f Peterabttrf It eil to 105ig. lnere wit no cauige m H.r money mn. kot. L. am are ob niu.iula ut dig a 7 i?r ne it. Very little wa? in sterling excbangn, mid the quo tatioor?11U fvMrjppeota and 216 lur c.u, rem y?were merely nominal. The As--*.mm Treasurer re.iorta to day as follows ? Amount on b in.' $40,176,96. Roreipts ? rom .?."stoma 1 ? 7,000 From otiter 8 -Sol ,377 T.UI 857,014,8.14 1'aymeota .... 10 476.066 nalatwe ?47,ll!<?.?7h SttbsorliHicns to 10 40 lout. Only forty oae millions nr ibn ninety tnii'V.n of dollars bid for the new buudt of 1S41 we o accepted by tho Sec reiarj of ttie Treasury. All ?> lore under four per cent premium were rc.ectcd. The uvofffo preuaium uo tbo areuuet .-iWHrdrrt i? alF-ut U.e eroe t It is announced hv authority in toe Wfaahtngtou paiters that Seeroiery Chaae w ?ef?tiatinit for a foreign loan. The proposed visit of tbe S*. . eiary to tbH city uext week may bsve re ereoce to iUm muv.?ni<it Ii the term* should bo sailsifai tory. nf a bma thrro ik now very Httio donbt, and the armngementi fer the lo*n perfected, the right kind ,Y oymptthy hi ISur qn? for :bo incceis of our cause win he eiK'iu-J, and g<dd will have a dotrcwaid tendency. The Ilannrer ttonk nf thta rrtv will pay, 1st of July, a ?etal atinu'S divuieed of b per cent, free or tax. TUo Seventh Ward rUnk will pav. lat >.f July, a aeral-annuai dividend of 5 j*r oer.t. Tbo "a .k of New York wUI pay, lat of Ju'y. a dividend nf 5 tier cent, tree of Ux. The Mercantile Mutual In ur uce Comnany ,of thta city, win pay, 1st of July, a seml-annml dividend of 3% jicr cent. Tbe Rome. Wr.feriewn a. d 'lideDSburg road will pay of J ily a eemi annual divldand of 6 per coat, fruo of tax. The mnveeientf of farelgii dry gooda at this part during the week eudiag June 14 are exhibited In Mio f, 1 iowing talilfc:? ^,^rred fee art. I'QCf.ttOSk Uanul*Ct :ret i f w-r^l 214 fill 719 lint) iter tnree of ooti<? '?fl 2J.740 > ^nufacinriw ? ink 126 13n h h kianu'eui r-of Lax 226 4'.,?-'tt' Miacellm Co i 4? 8Jt?iO Total 664 827?.I A1 KT'Vt .aioof*. ttsnunei rf'i of ao"l 8 Vanu'ic: re. or c'ton 8 Vanuiai tunaiof ?<'k 8 ? 5'.V Macu'.'i" area of flax St "r?|j Misce.l t 282 M 8H811'.tt'u!. Ma&n<actutvs of wool 1.0S7 $555 417 M >D?ta, I i , of cotton 231 62 276 Man fa lures nf Bl k l '-6 207 4^4 Manu'so'ii "f e' . ax 274 80.430 78 9 0?2 Mi*ca...m< -os Total ????.. 1,7-6 ftl.5,212'9 The e.rnlnr* of the Now Y-wlt a d Krie Railway durinfi th? moot ha of Avril and Mai , in 1866 ami 1864. are us f#UvW";- Afrril. *'?>?? Iie4 81 *179 MT 1,052.'-"-'3 1S63. U*^l loer we kl.ll.449 203.511 Tbe rotid'1 I 'D of ttie bank* of Ur* three principal cities oftUel'h >a ta exhibited to ttio r??'i .wing table, which given tin I^gie.ritiw of the r las' w ?,:lt'y alttemeatS ? / 'fnf. Sftr T-. Cirrr4i Th~r t N.Terk. June 1l.8ii4.KV7 ttt 14.-II./ 4 5 (M.I. t5X 172.577.:?? PB i* Jneli tfVJ.HI 3. -4 I'd' 733 &..> ikwion. .I'li.e 13. 67/42.395 CillS? B77I.RH 33 .4^5.. <1 Tnui. UO l<*4 id) 84.6'tn.i'sJ' 15 w49. Oi ?44.2l>t.r*? La?i wrVJ.'.. ...'. Jo3.767>H3 i ali lii 16.441.686 745,5 f, ?i6 IncTWer. in loana ?' llVxx-! lneraa.a &, ?tweie ........ l.Wu SM Ile-ntu 1u 2~ 'If UrrrrM-'* in drpoaita l.alS.avn The returra of im Ran* o? Fngl md for the week end tag Jure 11 unpare with toe statrmaot of the previous week u rollowii? Alav 28 JMwe V Public CT 971 COS 8,2M,7I? ittxr det?*its 12.481 018 JM-'ilS (".overcmcnt seountiee 18.78 >.867 11,072 26. Other n-i ;irit'.p? 20 414 916 IfO.l88,854 Notee hi I'ircule'.loa.... 20.06 H<4 20.HA7.436 Specie and buiiioa t3.n3.u43 14.0?2. 0l | A Parliam-mtAnr .stnra snevs ihe eeveral Change# tn tbo Bank nf Kugi&jd rats of di.aoouat trrrni tbe bcgmnlr.? o: the year 1846 to tbe pceuent time In the eerlier yrxrs of the Koriea the ohan.e. were very #w there w.s but one la lb yeir 1846, "he i? 1442. ? in 1860 and n me In 1861. pmc? 1384 tft* fluctn ti n* have been mnch more freq ww. The rato ordis-?mi was altered ?even t-mee tu 1655,1 ;hi In 1HW. ume tlfi.oa 10 1857. all timi? h) 18^5. five |:aiw W1 laio eleven U ?ea hi 1440, eleven two** II. lkdl.iva times <? I8H. u?'? tl.noe In V*ii awl tlx t nei la Iti" ?0 >re tnaa ? tnpdef 14?t-ram"If. ep b. II. Bib nf May. rtiehlliett 'ate In the I tat *n tea par c?"t. wniob i*ev .net i"t 14 >f. The mvee. rato was ivi j#r cent, vrb ? b prer itlw' during lbs greater pa t ef th - * e,r 4 2 aud for three in mtiu oi tbe eummcr and | autumn y 1862. TYle lc)',inw;ny ttl.le shows Ihs ral to por oil Ct of CO!0 ef dlflerent nati'icailtict hi Kim and:? I * ? d. Porelvn i old In tire 3 IT 9 Foreign rllv?W In bars ,...0 ft 1 Gold cola?Fori" al 3 IT 6si Jlo. Ainerioe *>. e 3 16 '27g |K). Ikitlb rioi i. I I t 3 It 0 jto. Hwbl we, *p nish 3 17 0 lie. Na, ?>!?"?" 3 1? 2 To 10 galht-r pte< e 3 10 0 ? Silver?Mexican and ?" i'b American <!', *???. .0 6 'X Do. f| xnieti ptll.r doi'tira 0 6 2 The comparative earolrg- <f thi .'iilctgn aod North western K.llroad, inclu i ?<? l"" G'Jeui and Gh eagn, which baa been rone lld-i-d wito th? former road, durlog UK first week m June, were as fallows: ? first week In June. 8115.617 lion Him la Tl/lt 844 A A tint* I |r,.HR(i. K.i ,,T 17-10:80 A. M. SVW 8 6'* >567. cou. 1/ l ?i?h ' ot.Owi.iOu ol hd 79 wuo I) A * ' W, ?m. IHM ?? r-ag tod Ahtasra Co 4 Mki 0 H 6 a 6 .K eon s 11 ft do ? Sn do PIS, It rtlnnt t tie 810 IB IT. I in mm in iff JTi Jfe IV, en acifir Natl M Co J1" ?sl.? P #? i year lev y7 # .. I I satral kit. ltb< Sgm a^._L 97*. 28d de UK miKnivtTft.... II* ?'? |N*> True- aeei-.'IW 48 <??> ??? Li!!., .Hiai K CarolfM ??? ??? S<14 50 ? *" ????? , , * S<iiv,? r '?? ?? 6" ? -??0 * I N> M Hi ? a to f? "K* 7'! I l> Hwdwn Ri??r Kit M ')* l?VM K IK d<> ''i ItAViiho . Kunr. t* M Knrw-h * VS or RK < l? 1 .v. i do MS ?" Rea" nsRt 14 W 4i) [II do ...... f!i 1IMJ i"> ] '! ? i K*i <i? .... ?';? d" * I* (I Oh o . Minapre cer stt .1(1 do. 140 it.i (i ,t oev do if"* >0 V v 'H7. Il l 1IKI rt.. gaW '4" I ? <i Kilo lu m'g bda . I IS luui Mum Gentia' KR .. It# SO' do,.... II' l'1" do til 149V no. do i'S ii.iki?iis?i*Hi kk. rn I 110 K'rlr tlh mte l".l? 1H S"0 do ..... #< V JCtwiPhi i bW it* lul> I<?2 V?l do ? .',?n ('hi A N V lit m HK'J l(?i do W ?. 0 do. ... Ot MO do ... 9 H 4 1HI Mtl A TdiiO IM m IH ft.HI do . #*'. M*> M'ir po?. I*i o hd I ' li 260 do W1 ?"v? 2NO> \ii>rric..B gold. ?? ' 5" Mich ? I K I ?id 14'l'4 7M do IWi4j f"" do 14" .Blah- Four h Nat It*. 99 ? 100 III On RH arrlp. Ii?'j :Vu antn'i Onmiwni.. 4i>S * " <,? 2Ni Cum ?'ool pr> f...!0 7ft M*l do .. bS W* loO do 7ft 610 Clove A Ihvs RK . Ill 1 (l d ? ?sn 7'S 8"0 Chic * V V* MR... M'{ 1.10 do. 10 75'? UN) da #tS vo do .. . b? "ft III" do _ 10) do 74 41*1 fThlromi A NW pcef ?*? 14) do 7 1# l<0 do 0 '( 100 do I.W 73* 309 d" 9>?i Sy. 74 pkMOIeve tTol R?t... 14# 2 <i C-ntrxi O ?*! Co.... 71 fid) Cat A R Island RT 1HV S?l>0 'Ti-r fr?? I/O 40 ft'*) do..... .. IMS 1,1 do 41 ?? Pitta. V? W* Chi.. 118 1"0 do.... s'W 40 6"> do 112* ft*) Ntcarauua Tran Co. 0 20 do .. 113 fto Mariirwa Minim1*" ftft ft" Ohio V ftltn* pref.. Oft Kin do I.II) ,VV I'HI Mar ATin la* p*ef. 70 90 do Mli >?> do 7ft*f IOiIJ do ft! I<**) Vftr .1 ('in 2.1 oref. ft" IV) do ins 300 II A St Jo KK pref. 00 aw do 5"S BkCOND B *<?P. Hau mji Two n'Ouxir P M BftlWI C R Ids, H"'a, 1*111 ll> U ft" -h? ftpnh Ten RR.. 14# l.;fk>4) 'lo 1011 4 ?) MRU So 1 S I RH. 0# 5000 IT 8 <r?. 1 r car #T*< W? I" W'ti 3" 410 Ohio A Miaaoer. 5f>S l''1* Ml-h Ko V "4 I did. 1?" ft'O.11) do M 7 il III Oon UR ?<i"l|i . IN li*)Otli?l?m0..a! pf ?!0 73 li?) Cbl ) Iff Ktt .. ft*S 11)0 do "3 -I' 'I" MS UK) do hid 7JS 701 do 51 I'll do ....all) 71V iW'Chi t \ W pfd. ... WJ 60 M T Coo.ral RR.. I SI"? IS) do b'(l <M l"i Erlo RR a3) ll'V 1"> do .1.10 '?"S 1 O do 1I2'< 3d) Old* ?Tol RR ... 14' 1.4) do I1JV SO. Ohic \ Ilk ra RR.. !'V{ .V Krla r.ior?rro.l ,.li0 IfO "II A P rt? Oh RR 61 Ml IIiiiIj. 'i Ritar RR. Ui 7lfl "ol V Wahaah UR . '0 I i 11* g RR i* ?>/ mi p.u? Kt\V AO i.l>10 ll'S ?MTI .In, iv 4^ win do HSii 500 do! H V 800 do. H"V Plfllt A ? eta it r Dvcnln.' Rtch#n(ca 1(14 Filth Avfano. Pninar. June 17, l<nt. *"V(W ATnarlctan gold.. ThftV 2"0?hs Pllt? KR "'3 1HV TOOVI do 105 T (WO Idcva A Tolado KR 147V KP aha N Y.CouUR... 11''i IN) Hook I aland I'.l*? 17) dr.. 131V 1"0 North Wast pref... 84V ini Kile I.K Id 112V III) Ftrl iVatna . 112^ 100 do t>:> M"Z 80*>lOhln 4 Miaaoec ftft 2?) do ?1 ll'O: 4 10 Citu.h I'aal Co...bS 71 SOI) do ?3 || v 2iK) .10 '? "" ?HO Jo...M??.IMInS 0"J d> .'?? do . ..?l!) 111V 1"0 do. IN) TTndaon Rlrar RR. Ill 100 Cnnn?H Cold.. 7"0 MlchV'sn So RR. . '7 INI Manpoaa. 4"0 do 57V 10 do 1D0 do 07V l,x" do V) 7'J .a3 7'i 72 7>!< 4 r MV M CITY COAIMEttCIAIa REPORT. Fkipay, Juno 17?6 i'. M. Ashs>.?Rocalpta, SI bbls.; ?alos ?0 bbls.,at$il 50 tor pots and f IS 50 for pea-Is. BKrurifTciTa?Hec.'ints, 21.974 hbis. flour, 404 bbls. and 110 bajg corn meal. 112,973 bishals wtooit, 29,517 do. oats. 44.200 do. o4ho and G5 da rvo. Tb? mirlcet (or flour one nod very strong at some advance in prices, but with more favor ib e rep .rlsof the military sltiiat'o# a reio'.ion lock placo aud toe Ira.irocomcttt was I oat. aid lmyera had the admotAM at tho clo-in Sales 23,000 bbls. State and iToU'."", inobiding 10.000 extra Slate, deliverable in all this month and July, cUteily at $s 10 a 25; 1.800 Sonlhorn and 1.5"0 Camdi m. Ttye flour ami corn rocsl wore stes 'v In p-ice. with saus of 503 bbts. of the former and 230 o) I he latter. We quote:? ^iilierline state and Western fluur i7 65 a 7 9" '-lute 8 40 a R 2') ? boioe Stite 8 25 a 8 35 ( oiuninti ?o ...odiitm extra Woatern 8 lu a 8 to r.itra rt>und hoop Ohio 8 4ft a 8 60 West'Tn trade bran/Is 8 65 a 9 2. Ultra St T/iulv 8 55 a 11 -5 '"ommon lo jjood ^onihnrn 8 25 a 9 '.;0 (?'"??d to chiuco axtra do 9 10 a 11 2ft OnniTi'in ''aimdlao 8 10 a 8 ''ft Go"d to cti">ic? extr* do 8 3v a 9 50 live Hour, vurwrilne 6 26 a 7 85 ''ora me*i. bbin 7 2ft a *00 com tneai. puiicheona 84 00 a.34 50 ?Tbe tvh?at marital opened firmer, bo' closed dull and fullv lc. below the prices current yiv'erdsy. 'he sales foot 175 000 bushels, oirt to arrive, at $1 "0 a *1 88 f-T spring Chicago $1 86 a $1 00 for Milwaukee omh 5191 for ambe- Jersey $] 02a$! 05 for winter red Western, and #2 n *2 "2 foe amber Mh bienu. Rye wpk nominally it ft 75 1 jj. ho. rb? co-n innrltrt was lr-e col*r. w'th *i mhrtcrnie demand; asles 45,0001bu?beln,at SI 45 a il 47 V fur Weste-11 mixed. Ji 42 T-r uowiund do., and tl 49 u f.l 50 'or yellow Huts ???'?? ? eady ?D" in good demand at 89e,. a o-v.?the 1 t'e' an extreme price at tic* clour. Rnrlov -nd h?r1ev mai' remain inactive. 1 ottos. ? IberaarVnt -emalncd" 1, aort prices were advancing, with sa'es of 600 bale*. Wo '\note:? It >/"hL Tln-i-ta. Jf'"'''. Tf.O.&Trr. Ordinary lift 136 135 187 Mld'Hfnv 148 149 141 160 CO"d Mlddllflv.... Ill 153 153 154 Oorwe ? ' he tnnrW-*t was dull for all dese-lnHon*, *od price were nominally nocoaoged; silos of 125 bugs MU Dcnnoeu at r.7c was mi!le active but firm, w'th ss'es of 350,000 lbs. Uillimve 'alto at 43 Vo. a 44c , end 290,000 lbs. Mln pes..)* ?' ?15".0. a 4 c. Kci lume were s vbsdo firmer, hut piilct. Kngaeeinents I" I.I'OrP" 1, 1 er Arne-icsn. 30 OOibb-NhM i wrticst at 3Vd ?< 3'fd . In built; 600 hbis flour *t tel.; per neural. 1,806 bb;* flour at 10V<1 a 1*.. 8" tirrr-s tl-.-d at 12-" Ad . 29 tetift snerm nil #1 29s. and t??r rtenmcr. 1.000 b>xea chtuNO at p-'s., and 40 bt!?? cotton ?s ifd. T.i Iaw4?s pr- Ati.orlcon. 1 >"0 b'"". flour tit lx 7Vil. a 1 s. 8-1., mid ;i r u- nie.', 2 fti 0 do l'.fM. Two ehips, mio f'rltish snd ibo oiber Amsricic, irom 8t. Job 1, N. It., to Liverpool, wiitl deal .st f-M. I v.t *tt> ; vrt ?.?1 .MO bo- e? * -Il ?t fl Oh ITr'x*. ?' tio nvrket v. it verv <1'Iol li t le-s refusln? lo o.'.er lh' ir stocks e-c.. t at s c 'isi 1 ;-,ib!e,*dv m ?<>ver tho ;-.te r-i'<ii, till') '?f ' 00'' Cali">>rtiit at 31c.,c.iah; ] ,MKi city slaughter nt 13c n 14c. I io"* (ju'et, with sulea of 69 bi'os at 15c. a 25c , ar( 'rdiD2 to quality. lc r-i.R -Hem! rk vvia extreme'v ac'lve at an ?d- ; \ ilir ? of fully lc per b. on ul do ?-(pilaris, uiul tb* 1 ftt ci: Is very 1,-rht 1.500 ' cot; ?? ftyero;, 23 lie- . 3 bond, at 'i.e.; f .000 Rio fir in.|e, 21 l'1*.. On prl- ! vate !? rir,' and t -vi l "i. 2u". |ln. ,t2< V I.RAP.? The Iflsrt"! at ont"' n i P'lCOS 1 llr'.e biwe-. r ,le? of 2'.f! Ions .-pa ?sli at 13"?'* , at d C5 teu? obi b- d bi 11 ',c.. c an. Mot'Sffi'. ?Tbe mark lw*s(|.i|et; ?,los 76 hhdi. To to K -,i a . 7G bid) N w Orleans at *1, and 33 libds. i < ub 1 muscovado ai hie. iijiji.?11- itred *?? qe'ct at?l r.s a$l 61; crudt w le w?s lull, with itniK cile si arovh?n* prl'rt. < '? syrm?sales of 21.0 |>M" I M 07 ouls. larJ at *1 3->, ?U'l ?00 hr>!s. red jsepa'*' d) * *1 65. I'sas ? '"urther sales of Irish" I* Canadian at fl 43 ail 43V I'a ?i .?.(>?;?.?The pork market s?? more active, bul prir S were very irrejul Ir. The s iiee on t.'in spot were 3.4(>i bhls. a?. KS or tiim, f-M 50 for ' 'd <1 |37 a t37 fi0 o'new do, clneltii, dull ai lie iu-id" price. 5'iO 75 a g ll for od ^od tie .' prime, anu $;>: a #36 25 fur prime me-y also for fktnra d.dlrorv, .'.09 bh s new bikp, b y?rt' o %i: 75. 500 bhi? do. da, buyer July, at $>h 54). and 2 000 bbi*. do. do. tor July, buyers'o)? tion, al|8? ftOaf.3* 75. Reef w ,* tlrmer and more ac I live: in Ice 1 TOO hb!?, at 86 Mi a $13 lor conotry m. Si. $0 a ?7 lar couuirv iTim", $16 50 a $19 60 f'-r re 1 packed mrf?. and * $22 a $25 "3$ mr exira mew. F line mutia f*t?f was quiet an# unchanged. Ve-" b m? were quiet, with rales of 80 barrels, at $27 for Western. Cet meat* we-* fl-m. hntO"?*,, at 12c a 12 Vc- to* sbonl 'ers and 15c. a 16>4c. for hams. I*rd was n good demand and c osed quiet at yesierdav'g prl. c - ga ui of 2.200 barrels aud lle.-ce*. at 15>40. a 16s fur K). 1 and 16'ic. a i7c. lor lair w? prime steam and Kettle rendered and 3,0?K) barrwi* da. (or Joly. buyeri' and Orliers' oplcn, at 17e. Pniier was a skide flrraer. at 25c. a 34c for Ohio, and 29c a 40a lor .*tete Cbeaee wse fl-m, with a fair rejuevt, at lOe. a 19c. for common to priiae l* ? neeelou. 3.431 bble. Tbe activity aad wcitwt copUmuNt brn ?I? wer? m?4# at the udvanoe quute<l vesirrday Tbe receipt a were fair but while the speciiiaiive e-ctietseet is oa the recemie exort au lafluroce. lh* sales wore about 9,006 naie.; crude at 41c. on the iis??. and 46 V a 47 V? 'or **? month, the loweei rmee for *o?itrActs. with bla diHbrenoee to be nald. ?,lJ0U d? r-Oned. In bond. "8a a 69c. oo tbe epot; 79c. f"r prime wbua 71 o. a 71 'jc. for July. 6.000 da.. free, 77,'jr. a 7sc. na tb- -not ?"<; for all June 87e. a tie Tor *j| July ?oa 90c. * 9lc. for all August. 200 bbls. braxtna, 60 a 65 gravity, sold at 36r. Re S-- -lb? market wna sir idy, with aalsaof 1,666 baga Kasl India on [Vivalc t -r ns. :fatv cobtmuM tery iluo bat qoet, tta* bu* of tbe ar riv\,? foing into store |ieedi g the len ioo) the tarntf iri-"t8di. Tbcte I- a f*l- i'lbuiug trnde at $3 for IJver pool ground. (4 40 I *4 M 'or debtor's. $4 a $4 lft 'or taeurv bi d. 70c tor lu-ka Island and $2MOa$2 87>* for -y rat-ir e Id bbls anil $ < 50 to fitka. 8v*j?n n has aifived to I'm a 16'4e. for No. 1 to iiritar. but i uerc was n t much dme. Bi oai; wtw uuet b t a trlfl ? firmer, with s-les of 189 hh l au1 l'tfi Uo*"? f Tuba. < t 17 Ve olh^e rcflned was In fair at H Vc a 21 Sc. for soft veRow. 22'<c. a i?*c. f. r ef t wimu, ai d 24\o. lor poun led, cru-hed and granulated. Hxm-.? m i! Mu'e* at ndvenend price#. 9e,u rva a a* without msterlal cba ife *Wi *a)ea of 126 t "?* ni es m, at 5 ,r , euld In leuid, for July delivery. Tj,i w,w ?"lie in rK"t r -is quile active end firmer, w ith sa'cs o lh" 0 0 pounds, at 16c. s for lVeat#rn. and 1' o. u 16 'ji-- '?r city Tki ?I o i"? ke< - is unite active 'or all d"?crli'li n*. Wltbs i e*! I iue-I, ,lf r,be-e new Js| an, 717 from fl-et ban's, ft-u) du. m ' wit tl or"#', do. col 'red. 3 '5 lu, t*>! t,'. 3'uO d ? vouug hya n and 169 da gunposrgvf. a^" * i p v 'oo <4 l.8ii h?if cU -sis ""loag, at full rates Tohsi <?.?Ino-s "?r i- * ? lucky ?re firm ai higher r?te? Willi large t-s-e"ttiotis te'cs 1.117 blida. at $11 35; J8 eo-e* ?< "?1 lev . f 2a 46. lis.--Market q<tet. with sul aof $-0 aiabe Straits nt 65 e loOdo. do. i -j>0do. b .tic. 66c, (none li. ) I i.y'l*li was steads m I VC- " '? ?'? ??* ?ere l.?s arltve, " lib sufa'l salts Of I. *' C"Ke 1" Vr-. %l7c Wsis - v Receipts, 1.114 bb *. Tbe tnarkei was de rid -P) tattler nod tl.e (|e??i.H >(H?? *aiee 3 500 bolt at $1 42 a $4 47, ? hlefly at $1 45 ? $1 4'i. p\!mi)V NAHKK T ItRVIRlV. Wte fw."wing prices prevailed yesterday at "Ta-u rtoo m irkec? Mens ?Pr me beef, 2#e. e HOo. o-r lb.; ordmnrv s ee. 23c. a36c ?.mp and ?)ewm/pieces. |4c * l*' irwrhmiat Uleax, J0r a 35r . 'urlnm 28c a 2 o ; r ? nul, r a 23e mutton, (? re lUirp-r,'.. m loo ? i quarter, Ifto , l"c r.n 1N'< lamb, for- quir. r, 22c. e .vt. Iiiod uuarter. 26c ? yOc. lamb chum. fe. ? *#? , *<?*! tor - ??? ,rw, 14k. ? 18*.; hmg quarter, | ? a -< ; i ? ni <u : e:-. 2 *. ? Mr; fresh :*?rk lr? . Ciwrfl p rk. li e > '* . otiiM h>-"'. fumo. It"'. -.'Ok . -m ka; bant*. '.On. a ?6o.; smoked i> coo i'-o , ehev d?r?, ISO : l?e. ( ih* ton.; I* ?l ?n art. 18c. ? 30". Pmi tmv >*p 'i<?* -?i,wi.,.i obi' k-m?, ? 1 l 60 tor p ir if H'?k, ?!?> f w*. T5e * Wo. P*' Ik.; m do ; ?'? k<30c a Wo.. i est, 18c a kOc.; pigeon*. *1 60 pe' 4 i -e.i. FlM' ? Mmi dft. ?n. per lb.; eel*. !3c a ISe.; afHned ha**, Isr.. t -jib-. Who tleit 10c; bin k. do . trrtk II-"'. ?u? ; iihI but. I5c ? l*r ; turtdneg, 80 fnenecncut ?nad *-?! a . rt-irge.n, tOr Nov i Sc'i* *?'-,,oo. 8'Je. ? 7 c ; THsr.k'r?l. IV ; brisk trout, 60c. a T3o . iobaleia, So ; oysters fl i *2 orr b ndrog. Va<.Kr? i?-. ?' mat an, I'arm ml a*. f ? $1 9ft pt? b?l' (W"k me" 2f". a 3W. ;!?<???>*. SOo. a AO'. ""i"??. 10c ? I?><?_ |>ar hui'i'ti; no* iurnit*. Oc. a 10a ; cabbages, 15c N t cauliflower*. Jtf.n. ?6'fa Miser tax'S fo ?' rim# butter, 38c. a 38c par lb.; cbe at, lOo. a 1 n.; e.g*, 11 fnr 8V>. THE HULTH OrTHE METROPOLIS. A Drive Th.ovfh tlic City?Incidents of tl?t Trlp-tn?prOior Bnnit M Work-" Condition of the Street?? Central Cletan ltn?a?, Ar., At Tbo beslthru-' c-rd tion of a large and pofvn'on* city l? certainly odduf ihoftrvt and chti'fesf b'eei-lnss with which 't could be visited. New York is dauy becoming more and tore extended. hmh a* regard* limit* and popu'e i.*t| in. The noce??|tjr, therefore, fnr a tt-nroegh and rao-t elt'.clent t-anlliry svet-tii among us i* apparent. Warm watt her t? upon u*. O'd *?>! easts d"wr hi* burn lug rav# on our pavement*, and whatever In the shape of refuse matter remains u;to,i Hu tu become? rank ?Dd t-olsowui*. "?sting forth naueem* snmMs and breeding pestilential disease*. Siiaam'd.c eTorta will not sustain n cltv *? 'ora'd* Its Mnltsr # est-mi; these ettnrta mu=t be con l nunu* and well dlscipl nod. Always on the w.tco whwe work la to tie d--ne. and where work ia meet ro ilod. those a*e the dispositions which characterize the fa'thlu! servants of 'tie [ioojiIo In this Important branch of pnhitn dotv. t?nt the citizen* or New \ ork may com parti lively eliwpat "no as r--f*rd? 'he to dc ' itv Inspect r lino-e le Htlilhi the flefd armed mp-".r>ir. H's forces are wed ni irfihallrd, his artHlcy well posted: he l? himself nt 'ha front, and the result ft'"* i> v'e* Y"'k rit* I*as clean as can bo evi^-ft ni'd r 'h-nir cni=taecos. oi cmi'so the'e ;,ro tome ti'iirh *o is elite' nii/bt bo Improved; but these we will speak of by and by A THIb TftRurdH TH?. OITY. Pv Invijati'in or Mr. Il-^ole several tnombers of Ihr P'pj?, acnnmpanlel by "fixers of tne inrm-ntor's Po art ?reni, toot: a ride throurh thn cltv vostcrdav, in "nlrr to eNumlno the conillti >n nr the ptroats 'in tig the airtv tvero the fn lowine ronil uiien:?t|r, 1, H. Pocte (brother of the City lnspeotor) r'n-erintendent of Penl-arr I s'-en tlon ex A!dormin Pradr. Mr. T. H WalurvM. Mr vt'. Moi'anler. Mr Cbumbo-r nil two or tb'f-m re Hir C.liy ln*|tei't?r did n"t eccomfanv the psrtr in the car rlages. ow ing to s ellilit ln<ii-no*ltlon under v h -i li? Is at t?ro?- nt hhorii g. Ii?, however, met tbem at a later period of the ilar at dinner. *? ?liiir'lv a'ler nl.-a-en nVl r'? the oartr p-'H ''om the rn?- ecb r's nfnee. In three carriages, unit proceeded to the lower port |an ,.f the ciT v. H t an Ctsy I five, ,lr vtu ' -los n Cort'andt freet t? Wn'shiugt n. The inrHttlo* here, o c uirs", ranked 'WT t;? worst I1- the ejty as ro-.'-ris clo"i'lne a It I* alm.-st an impossibility to keep them to 'hat s's'0 so tle.1 >.ei,ni!ivc pertnne may walk thr-nph them wI hint having llp'ir 0-Strlls In-5 led wllh dun gr >i-nhl" odors. ! re-v on" '8 awaro of ilie Taet thn' the thn first w wd does imt rORse-s n verv ho-h repoiati ?, ? - rd i we ill h or olosnliress i lie ' ixtii wnd - D4 "r ' other w the citv are em,fed to the svne repute ? ion 1'nt thoro are except on? t> every ??"'-? Manv re s eetablo rnpts n ?d ?"'?t m- ahit these l-mabtie*: but H in to he rcrreitod that* thov are poor. In tnmv houses nn nhtt's of ? families reside, nnd in IT-nt of e*-h of th ??? houso?. despite ib> la vs in lo'ce re-'s-dtng nuisances, 111th and gtrbaar wpl anoe-" n> a em a'I extent, notwitbstamlin - ihat the dirt cartmeo call evory morning on tlm on cnRion lit"!' ur-ial opirnh-ilatinns. Most uf tbe-o poor pw olo .1-e c .roless end flit'iv In ilu'ir h-r- ts.nori tt wr-n rt h" com nraOvely as eaev at -sk to prnvent onr wor'!,v friMiiI'mt crtckin-' ? inks *s lo'mrodnoe roiorui- tt'n into i h->tr rank* in conn"i "l">n with 11'* sob ect. The e Is C"r Ul' ty* smell pt lie 'onml in eliu vtnn street?there arc cert Only ame'ls: hut ht wh t city through "t the wo- ld ? III you dad everyihin.-an ntmol'delv clean that (be e are out nemo portions of tt whi-r- the wires ? ill not Oe disnisted wh'le t nvotllng t'ircu-.'h Ihetn H- t to ip? ree'-rd n' this |K.rt|oti O' t'm jo rtier, tt is inlr to r *?n >k that Washing" n s'ree'. r.reen wt s'reet. and oth?r loe.l-tiM of the vest ward fhrough which the ex ptcp-g rartv yestordsv passed, were much cteauer than tbey hive been for years past. TirVTVIJ OROtTVTvr, A"nr p.svlug thmuvh the Immediate down town locali ties the pnriy proceeded to tho east stdo of the town to the 'o"t of 'looeevnll street, which is onn of the city d.imn'ng gro inds. Hern ? hall wa? mad", and *11 I't hted tjtako a view of the "rortlDcations" of thin pla-- Ttirre is nothing pectiiiir or interesting in the ect-n t|nn of ih|s ceienrated lia-nlity, so I hem I* no nece-aity of ir? log Into minute deeariot've detail*. Here a few statistics w-re c-eane-1 relative to "dumping grounds' wh'ch may prove ot lutoro*'-. There ere sev enteen o' nine p'area in the i'i! y. At 11m Roosevelt street one th?re ere. on an averaao. *.600 '"d* reeotvi d d*1v. One won'd imagine by th.a that a new world, quite a* large as the sphere wc at presed' inhabit. tnK-hl be c. metriii'W en* of all the rnfu-e material wldnh New Y'?rk cPv cs-t* from her b-worn yearly. If she could on'v f ike a ,'eesop by Hue and also raft from her b>'.*'im nil (be refuse ''h-.-tnari" malerril which d.idy Is devouring he' very vllsls. what ? paragon metropnli-. wnnld ahe not brc "ie. phll -sophv aiu! dirt uurta will not a,-roc n ii t? here hotter to w ntiuuo the statistical lino ot urgu mm l. with reference to the organisation and government or ?h>-8" dmt carl* s word tr.glit he Slid. Kaoli ward bu * > m ny I censed cart* the prniwietpr of whtch receive Tom ibl'tv to fhrtv-flve ccnta for losd In onp r to nr.-vi.tii nn nsitien n check 14 given to the cartman by tn w -"i mi ?i-tor, wntvh be prc*?n?* at the dumping jro'sro and llmra obtains a receipt. rhrfn'e in o"era?l*-n ar present one hundred nnd rii<>?t? seven **h oatta, one hundred sod I'-fly-lhree dirt , si la an i tour hundred anil Rixty sw eepers. Tltv. PtXI'H 'VPtn \N'l? Five ril'N 'S. I eav-t?K the c iiaic locality of tl-r ll's-^cvclt street d m ic.v I.T nnd h- hind. Hie explorer* next veered their course in", ib?- no less r.tnsvm 1 .calltv of the Sixth ward ? pf c or*? i:.kP v * toek in at tho rom letlc heiui'. * of the Five'??-l it*. ?? t-i'ti 11*11. tho Arctic explorer, in spue ,,f p-? c est ,bj 'tt"* ns a nnviv iter would h?v? con sidemnle trmhiA in si?-ering thrmvU noine placon into w In" n th? i rvtu' pi open titles of our oa'*v loroed t i i-Tiihy-'b'm u?tio'.3 crrtal'ly ah- :nd h-re;but ?"ero ptaees cv ti-e i'o keut c'enn unles* every hoi se tn tp<- mcautv is r?- d to the S-pii'-'l t> vi"(y. h o -n? prime, ho-s?lv iinrn-ir.. ilv. Stare ttie visitor in t i" 'ic? ns he p s-es along. It was shrrtlv njt-r w> -n th? e.irrla.'us reiehed tlm Five Points, and one would think that the blatn of Heaven's d \ I gl)t w'tild c'i i-e?w.iv ihose deformsd creatures of crinn ?u : iuim >? rs't'y win' ha'int nnd live In the sbantle arott <1. Iltid women and worse nvm lav huddled I ther at the door* nnd In t e hid Of the inlserab e ho i en gome were en -kmr.yom" dflt king,other* blaspheming, hut all woro tp? ...*1?. n .rdet el lolqnlty *nTni>?l upon the'r fcat.;res And now th *ri-1* n i roneenlinc tt, inn place ts adisg am nn-' a pollution t > the city. 1 lie nmoll Hi -re m tniolnrnhle. Mr ?? le I* i.ol Pj hi tne. for he due* ill that lie* In hi* po-.ref to renovate nnd k'*ep clwati this hetbirl of crime and pestilence. If Ilia strei ts, ullevv.uts and lines were *1 reni'.ved a'-d th* mhnbiiaul* allowed to remain, the cause* "I t*e?tl ence and tilth would still remain, instead ot Improvt'ig snu building upon other rortlcns of the cltv, it would l>? far belter for our public men to exert them.elves nnd do awey wltb this central potnt or eor mptl -n and pe-tllence. It in true ronae good work turn hen sccorrp.tsbel in this direction, but a great deal m >r# vet r?m m?. . . The otaer portion* of the flith wsrd are in excellent condt ioo. They hava nevar bean battar than at present. Tf1K SICVgWTB wAttn. A 1.1 ureiy 4rlva ihrudgh I be Seventh ward was next Ukwti. tills w rd co-ild n-it well be cleaner. East Rramdwav. KiMtrer* street. Henry street. Madwoa street and other thnroiithf*r?ta are aa smooth and cteaa a* a drawini roon*. Er ra Inhabitant* of th# Seveatb ward, ho i ever, a statement ha* been mad* that the diet cart men are not verv regular In their call* Probably him ?r H?e gentlemen of the leepeclur'e Dapartineot can reme dy thm. From the Seventh ward the party went ta the Stenton atrewt dumping ground, nod after a raw minute# delay to taking another view of "lorUOceliona," the roote waa again taken op A WAIT AT WW. winwe'8 FK8IDKHCW. la Seventh atrert. where Mr. Boole residue, a halt waa made. Mr. Fine's wis not at home, but the booora were very *gr**ibtr done by the brother of that gentleman. He'rrahmeate warn anrved np. ?no Mr Hoola'a Malta di**t<k In ? wlag humberaof sparkling wine. Ahent an hour'a *tay waa made whan tne geatieman again look ta the tarria***. rrrnm ?awt8 of tit* orrr. ?ome of (be up lawo localities were then visited, sod *11 round to come up te the moat agr*eabla autic.i atlon* wllh rega-d te elaaaUntwa. The party fr ue u ? Second avaaue to Thlrty-fnurtb atraet, ant ih?uce to the North river, tn order tn ? *t-h * gilmpaa of one of the bone holitng ortahHah m-'i.t*. rut it waa mily a gHmp*". and the expreaatoa ? d 1*1 tne* lend* oinhanlmoM to the view" will bold ernt eo'lv g<w>d In this connection, a* cletsnce oot only lest rn h?rtme?t to tt?? v *w but te the s neti. Oae .< nt a "th- r w .fted lie-N la the dire. Hon of the party, h**rm? npna lie w-og* ?emMhitig rather aironrer than ? It o-iorr dsrtvsrt rrtvn a Charnel hou*e. which had the a -*.# f ntacnig the driver* ib their ioaU ?nd seadtDg th- h'-rre* on a fast trot. 'h* t-Hity then returned sn^ put op at Wjnduet'a. wh> rs a ?timi'i'lO i? dlonrr w** pfFVIdcd. alilrh reerlred a ru shar* of atteotioo. Mr. Baola Ulmse f was bare iwo-ent (jvv?t *!, API'rAI'ATg OF TI1K CPT. tin th? whole. Hi.-cm may he *"t down a* In a clean om d 'H.n d ith iiioae few #jcepll"n* ae mentlooail e. ilie net*hl>'vbond* through the ?>irty pasted -*-? ? rem. k-Uiv de*n, aid the puhdc may ooagratulat* Ihem-wlrn* on tills h*|-,>> *tate of alTMra Obituary. HCnUhLL. M.nrWiierm Huhbell. of the Andereon Touave*, w killed dm In, ibe reroni Mtt'e of Ci-al FFurbor, by i eheil trom it e reb.?l II ee. At the outbreak of the war, el though a n?ilve of ltrh'f"nort, roonecttcit. he |uiue4 ill- itty-aanmd New York Volaoteera ?nd w ,a emto ctii* 'a sa the senior captain. Fhorily before th* battle i ii?->xe- I'lne*. and oo 'he same day M,y1l.ltd3, ri- w ? i'f--rn'd?d maior. and ia that oapncliy h ? I iken part w ail the battles of the I'er-tns ila and P?0|iieDt I " ail?,,-ot tne -my of the fowimae, egfept -ring i ih" V *? < ' nd cam 'an, w hen lie w ia p?t ? * i-d hv ; cam ? kie-a i;* hi? pert.,rmed b's d i 'r ut i wl'hsa'i-i Cih? t" hi* sn;idficr oflinare. and ? ?*?! *"h bku to ya* ?>av* it* raaoeci ?na mom ? f t;* ? ' ?' MOKUrAZNT TO SHAKSPERL ??Vow, br ?t Pool: U? Work Qom Erootrljr Oa,M OI&CPUUL The Oommiexloner. of ibe Park havtog imM lb* southeast ooi oer of the Mall, cn* or tn* mwtbea.iU fa.' spots lo tb# I'ark, for tb* erectioa or a mom. met t to Sb:iit!!;>cro, a fo ml at ion of none eight foot square and six feet deep waa bunt, and oa the 23J of Api i! lost. the three b'ir.dredtU uuolveraary of tbe birthday of Sboktjcre, the c rtier stone of the monument waa publicly laid in |> oxmro of alai^a oambtr of persons. 1,'pwi ibe afler otHHi And evening of tlie tame day public enter tola men la 10 aid of the muniment fund, from which $1,976 84 woro ro.iiia'd, wore given by lUx Maieteek, at the Aoadomy o: Music; by William 6tuart. Faq.. at tba Wicter Garden, Mis* Avon In Jones and F.lwln Booth ao'itribuilog their nervli oa: and by Wm. Wheat lay, Faq., at Klblo'a, Mr ro'vmea Uackeitand Mr. W heatley volunteering ibeir tnc mpieie what wa? thua begun an exeuuttve ccta mittoe *a< formed,cm sr-ed of the gentlemen nanna accompany this clrcu'ar. A aobecrli imo haa just b.'eu commenced, wni.n his -t.rr.idv augm-nt-1 tbe fuoda ?o over )? OuO. Jo'in K. Wil l ms, Fsq.. 1'iesi lent of Itae Vhiroti litau Bank, haa beer, ai po nted T-e surer, and a . ommutee will bj added, embracing mi who de aire to i i> ouurate. Th? undertaking h?? met with sub general sppproval as to warrant the asstwit' ire that a muuiime .t will l?e erepted rre.lltab'e l? th <t*ie or the arte in (hie country, ard nt.rnly ornamental to (he Park, hr n9 efforts oi onruwn cillzer a; l w n ample oppnr?u''ttv will be a1 o-o -d to all tu the United Si en whn dc Ire in on te lu a wurir an n.-iiona> and i> munita. The . hie' iciimwo* the m-mimo it i> lo bo a mil lengiu r.-prwien ta mn of Sbatoiero; t'e luce ami ?i.r?* ronfdrm. inj.aeiHP ". -waible. ('? .h? post ,eli ihle Huih-Titiw? the Sirmfnrd roonurren a <1 he Br eahout print. it wli heeatruated ton. me An.erii-m sc-iutor, btiinoda m a I.I b" adopted unlit the (urn or SiiO.OOO in ..aid in'o the h ied* of tbe Treasurer. wtarn it will be the d..t* <>? -be Executive Commut e to demmiue uaon ihe and se ect the artut, subset to the approval of the (.'en e. hi 1 o rt'jil'.tee. tie oilmen of every iH-raon contributing will be en .T'lrgud u;nmi larrtiuient, a.oic.h will bo dep . I -d within the m mqment: and when ah- requisite amour has been blame.*, no further subscript!-na will be rec-U'od. A i -t oi n * or gentlem.-u seiecl-<d lor the i;on Com m'fee tun bet a priutod, to which will br *i <d?'d tiic "i all who gli..'l ltrrrsiinr a ib?erihe; an-l Ije name ?' srr genl email wbo dims nt>i iieatrn to ni. c ty||| he rimtioit upon his exi'rrw-tn^ hi? tviah ie the bahman. Secretary, or to any nn-moer ot the Exncutive < mmittea. KXSttTIYg C<??IMITTRi?. \\ M. rv f FV HR , AM, H ll.l l.t M 1(. Dt' CAV ' VN IV. W4I.LV K, El .'A IS I'OtirM. rn in.t-1 p. h.i'irr?v. n^'.tCNr" u m 11 r,'R ? h ap i>ion, tvr.i.iAM whi: JtlHN JAOit ASTOR, CilARI.ES P. ImLV, .I?\| s n. IlACICETr, \vt; r. It: Olv;> IT tfAVIl K. I. M BARLOW, l.l 'Ti'S TI'^KERilAN I.K <1K\N'i? CANNON, '?EOR;}F G:.TstV0L'> ' WM If. WEBB, r v. lufOin ? . ? ,, ? 07ARf.Es p. DAI.V, Chilrtnan. J aMtf* H. RamcktTj Sii-r-t- ry. J ui \ K. WiixiAnn, Pro. hfmit of tbe Metropolitan Bank Trencurer. OKNXKtl. C'lWXITTRR. .?. W. A'fop.W. H. A4v)i?>. .1,1, As ia>?a'I. W.R. Aator ". Ati'c i. in. Ceo. Banaro t. I. |.- "?|/. im, Oelc'* mail. ti. Rarro.', Vngiist IVlm it ina.c IV. |, Edward oil. He-? y W. RallowM. ... G Krat?, .ii>?r, nier m dt. U, K. il I'laicbi, rd, (j tv. b or, i eorgo '"'.leer, A. f r-,;er Rrait'nrd. r, Amur !tri?.ed, Alex. W. Hrail md. T. Jrlfersou err ?o. Jon.. Hrvw, Stwarart P.M wn. Jain"* T I rudy a Hmndt. U. > Ho. cl?. John R. r ld.v, If. Bro-.n, <'bar'?a? Ri,l icr, G tv. t.irnham u.-ic Kerul omer, J. Wi. turo . Cli.. ler. \V. S f! Mvre.i' <;. W. CarluTi. Jceei h II. iliuc-e. P. L I lw l-on, FrrdarnJ Church, M. C o ?, Abraham M i nrzene F ed. 'o/xene, *obn ,T. ' non. W T. Ci leman, Edwnrl Co-mer ?e:"' luo-ce, J m-er K. Cmivov. p. \ 'o'lt'in-' loi.rg W Curne, "? n -y F, C| William K C irlla T* ? r.x .? C. Barley. J i^viu! Cin'-f's , ?t*\vI # rn-j oj frlm, .Inho K. j.eviin. V. H. <is)ano, tv. ;?<>. om. i| i1. pe'ahi'i.i John A. ? ix, r jr. I'ickare n, ?v|| am lv> sbeii-'T m neon I r.ner. A. B. Curand, K- A. Day. klucl.. (h-uniiig fiunr, Willi m M Kvarta F J. Ce P ytor, <or..? i u;. ,n, p <r. Foa'er. .1 .ot.Ii F ulk- K-niWi.. J'. Field ITimlt." 'oi. Fish, Ibnl ey ! . Kol'e t.ei?..?rd 'an v..\. i ? -nh/'idt "VeoM <; i, .,,s K. (iiij, rd. K-c (J. u c:.\, [,0 s j,.f, a] At G iswolil, A. S. Gre?0.i > GouM, 'o m H Gmt !io Is Urn im .ir.,o g (Jr v. si ii i.rhine'l Jl.' re i-v ?' (I'slfrey limi'Cor. tJ. E. Uab'-'M. J, K. Huokeit. t Oakey Ggil. il i ngrorty, Willi Iin .1 Hays. t\ ill.anj % ill rc Tine, 1'r.wr.eend arrla. hrah .r.t S. m ! h..rna Ili'lr*, llenrv ril'tnn, rhamna tlitch<jnck Fit* ."'eeoe Uacerg, | lemh. r, VV. .1 , oi.pio, O. ?. Ho< ui Rl'.bor,) m. Huct.E IIud=on. !>ai iel Jluull'iv'.oj, l.'l.-arlcn I limit, B. 'TT'lt'Or. , tv, i1, ||:|rlrR.-T, || TTnicblnira, John .lay. \?lli?h|el .T.,rvl*. Wt Mam Eaaiinaii JohtiH n. ??. JoGioab .us. I. K J,ir. *,<in .r*r.' Iinur Ke.nlilrt, WiUiiim Kemble. IF bart I. r.'i nri .iy aino P. Konnoiiy. K. Ra ii. Job'i K. Kon .ntt. Clia-lo* f>'K'irlr Hoo.Shepuerit Knapp, Inntai, n?. a o Klnvem-d p and Ghteou lee G. lev. H. Eayarux F |.bh|;? f! I.-, t o. A, iR-ary. Franc.* I.w.h9r, K VI. h-mrr C. H. LmllPfftoo, C II. D.vev. A. K. t?o'V.??.u.h M-Uble Mamoij, W. P T. V It. Pole. Marl- Max*, VVm. S. lay i, Innrc P. Martin G. U re, I M E-iee B. K, Jamee \l McLean, It It ?t,jrn ,)r ' j^' win B. Morgan, T evi P. Mnr-iin. T IIhIioi Mvert. \V.*Cijr tiR V'lvct, S-e.dien P, K.l'h. C.l. Ina O'Vniwir, VI It Ourhani. Wto. B. Osden. -'aniiiol Os*o.<d Qcr, iin.iv'se' W ...rfin., Henry P. Pmrrorv.nt, ller.rv I,. J,ion,..B' Rd* wardn Pierrcjunl, Cla karm |, Potmr' A Pen loh. Priest-y. J. v. I, ITuvn i.e.,. p p.-t. am O. ff. purer 1 eo. 'urg?.F.T. R.ndo'Db.chs a. Rappei o. He r* J Ri-J mo d. Wm Rrmsen. <lro. .x. t.hnns. tv c .'tbin..,tuder' Msr.-i ;iu o Roberta, jrimea J. K us rqii, N|tj, -y. Hu,Je#.? volt. It. P. Etui nveU, I e* a M. p.i.t . rinrd. I'h.t* (|. i;.,s f^ll, ArchthuM Kiis?5 ll. Snnuj*?f T? r, M <nni2errOnl ,1-b i k nr,? ?#?, M, ^nt. lerlen.C W. Fa uHurd. Auytisica sci,. j'j \y cc(j".n. Gen r ;| Wit flrl i It. VV i fin j x. s ' E. Sehell, H. Sim .bins F. ,\. -t.tib.'v.S mo*! '? o.'i'a F. A. Pt "Tit, F. Tielannio -m-tli, if n Se4-Wrlt C. S. Fs-vinn, J, -h* rwiod Fr.incii hg ,| is Edward* -eon. George T. htr-ng. Berry . fKcne! Rn'..ri T.. ^Hi irt, IV Stuxri. A^x mder i Stn.v ,-t Join A. St. y.-ns. .Hnethsn Stnree.-, ir-n^a \4 ' I oxter s.% t, 1. ylor F. Trrry, vi... , 'avlor' I.aiJtit 's. .i. ,itdrh. Cb-i'lra iru'v y h t,,'-c eriu n, ll-i y F Vail, Caiv it ' x r. \'?tioe-h'l t A audermml. Ed a' A Van " ink a. r. p \- rn,!m v?V, d-rt Van b | Jr. Guthn ? \vr? irck. Egbert l.. Vw>ie J. i', Wi, axruhl, J. 0. \ v.rd, !?...? .s ?? r.r(| y' V.'alkoc, tVp., .1 I.os'er tv l'.ir* " i. ".. i,i, * head. VV. v h-irtve, V. !'. Wnl s p. t{. w;n.h-"p, l.din n. Wore. s. If. Wo it 4. V,. a, 1M, ^,!;,u , Butler WrlfH, Htniy C. Watn ., iticbar l Grant Wbite' Kdm .nd Jl, V oong. SIIAK-P" ' ?1' 'It JPPlJ"-'NT ??P TRICXlt Crix'iT.Ipit [.Ills; e in laif.o> t . ,10-ml If Ic i ! om , d ? . ., , , '?? ot sf >t-,r f.M'l. JOTS. I mP r II I: carvel : i.trlib- m .... oivn. Sleep, v re iragedun.-sbiks ..vo ? *.;?aione. ? . . T "' tm vtx. , He aw not ol an go, but :o- ill tune. i-tit .'"Jl' ,71 blin tain aucla;ai-4,a?^l if ih nv i donntl lce him -urely j. u re in r mir|t? l .inuger not to un. dormant) him. ? I'rrfnr? . ' 'A - /? ,j ,r, i 03. (Shale sue rj sepulclie-. d in xucb onto p dot Ii lie, Ibat kiutf# lor rucU tcuib wot, .1 wish to die He waa the men of *11 modern it d p-rb*p? vein punt* who bad 11 e largest end tno- i c mitr.nier.atvn ro it It teaimusi a mi ac'n that ho hae , c u. d ?o 111 uh that In a maimer he I aj'left no praise f r ai ) wh.. came mter bim.?/'rvttr?. loss. He si'Mttix to have rv.d bia mmd Ihoro ivbly seasoned wltb rehnk'n. a? t? evident v msoy pa'-.i ,i in nut ,. .,y that Would n l h? audered ny m, darU andlmce. m d aro therefore iasUncae that tbe ace bo livd m bad a mucb greater sense of virtue than the preset,! ir.'Urr 170V. ' If any atilbov ever deserved tbe name of original. It woa ? ? He eeenn lo bare knoea tho warld by Inimtioo, at.dJte have looked through human naiare al on* glaoc-t ?1'npt. 1720. Fhakspore hot wrote the plays tbe Almighty made ? Dr. Toum, 1740. Tbe stream of time, which t> eontinually wasblag away tbe diasolabrs taork-s of otber po-ts, paeeea wltboui in Jurmg tbe sdamint of i?bakspcre.?tfr 17?S Hia fame will bat In urease with the Increase of time.? Sekl gel. 1808. If what it indelicate to modern ear* In found In Shake par*, lot it bo r^turmt>?rM ttml It wui the ItflruifP of tbe time. *0.1 if we make the dMitncdoe between moral a and maaecra, be wkU be foaod te be as pure aa hi* in. teHect w*e extraordinary. ? ? * lis bs* uo iaa joeot adulterers no interestlag Inceeta, no virtnett* vion ho ?ever render* that amiable which religion and rwmim alike teach u? to detest, or olothno impurity la the garb * ' Make oot yonr oompleiost catalogue of all the human fasnlliee. and then e >mp re rnikspere under each with ail Mm writer* that have ever ilrrd, and who Ibat m ..ompeient to Judge wUl doubt the reaoit l? CW'TMli?', 1814 .md ijog The grea'est .sirs in all literature ?rja'lam. 1839 ' "*r* r"d 8h"k*pero aa a tourhor of moraia?aa n atadent af human natere??? n pn of lie and dim Bare?aa an ankirmioal diaaactor ut I bo pactu >n? as an artificer of im-iyP arr worlile-aa at once th* rnb'ir, eat and moat pkllumri 1 te of poets.?j?Mn (juiney A .Jam,, 1.-46. He waa in nxwc tba.. aa orukiary < egree a d and devout reodsr 01 k. Word of Hod, o? 4 baa inroad this reading to m re *1 d far better eceoeot tb ui any of hie eriucs bare snap* < tad or iwmted out. e * No prof.weed divine ever una. ? tond the doctrine <>l reoeotene- better "'P** 1,1 ?* more cleariy? thr. Hr.,d?mrtk. Jl&lSte ?" I nruarra' laqurttt. rnt lat? ptahuko arrAin ow rint jro. j, jionm "'**??I.KXTH "g TIIH VTi;riK. Ceroner Wildev was yesterday afternoon notified of 'he deotb of John Ibennan, the young m..n whn we* s?xhh"d late 00 Tuesday nfternnon laat on pier No. 8, Norm ilver, ny a knife in iiw hau ls of Henry Hawker, reeentiy steward en board thn slea.nsblp No-iliern An I qu-st wa* held 01 tlie body, when several wit mew e? were etsmlned, the tretlmrmy going (?> Show that Bron nsa *i.a ii*w*er h.d g dlflle iltv at rea. while raak *g for I hi* P"rt Ueio-o coming as'i ra II was decided between tbem to have ? fighi; but it V a* exprea*ly node-stood thai ??> weaisMts ab.m'd be uaed. On 'saving ihe ship, hnweier, ll,sker ran up aud subbsd Hre .oan in lha left sldo ? lib a long hlaried po. art knifa, Inflict pig a mor'si wound. A* he wae Is.ring ibr pirr Hawker w,s arre*ten by olTcer Tncmiwon. of the Twerty levrmh preeinnt. and bmr; cne'gsd with the 1 bnin , i.e aonfeaved tb" deed When a.k><d whe-e lbs k He wna the pris ner pnhed it i-om his tvwt pockn end gave 11 te ihe <4i|re lis m d# na sxpiai'illon 11 r nulla me conoeet, sud s. b?e pien 41 do tiled aiehblnv 11. 1. res*, d r> m -rlem eg mins'l a showed that the sit el pen.-l H u.s vlo"m'a heart t# the depth ?' I ?e teoba* 'si in teo-m s v adduced I! e jury found iimI "J dm Hiau>.n c.pie 1 nyide.ihbva s tb Woijad at the lands of ' enry Hswger, Ju?s It |8At.",.sed ens iheii o- niuiiytod, in in* I'M!)* latwilMilrW. Ha li twenty sight rear*of spa, aad a ulur ?r Ireland. BtMM ?? M?tUM aud ? half Mrs oid, sod also bora la taaiand. WUaa la the oky be uvea will bis parents at No. 6 VM street. Young Braenaa had beeo In the government service far nearly eighteen mouths. He ??? on board Ita gaoooal Cp-emneti when ?ba sank onrV(c??lMtrf ,ao<l snheeqweBtiy ka vM<a the aiaa-n gunboat > In claw. up tha Red river. Ida Id aaM la bar a boon a quiet and inoffensive young man. Mn(i? la (ka Park. 11m Park CommMieoera anoouaoe that them will be ains'.o at th? Park, oa tUa Mill, ibis afioruotin, at foar o'clock, by tha Park Band, under the dlreptio aat H. B. Oodnr >rtb,iribe woaiher Is Qao, TUa foBowlif la the progriniiwe.?a' ran 1. .1. Parle M^reb. H. B. Dodworth a. Overture?La Pal Masque Anber >8. Pallart?-Mr Hark, wlilrb v'ar tbe ridn" . H ill'r 4. Ma/u;k?Tba Ball ..'.'.Hitmpel rear 4 8. Rise Quick March B Dodworth a. Overture to Day Frevaohutx ...,fVVoa Weber 7. ttrand selecitea from Faest.. W uount 8. Zerlina Polka .V.'.EUIUg raw 8. ? . 0. Merch from the FnchnntrtT??."Fvor be Hippy'' THlre 10. Duo freto SemirMBis h' mwt 11. iMylsn MiloHeg / ubt." 12. Weird Pflka.... "a 'a Uod worth National pot Pourrl. The visitors to the p .: k tp-d >y ato-jld not for-ret tbai (he rosary la now In Ml M om. end they there ore about 1 devote a abort tune befuie ana alter tba concert to vtalt-tha Ramble. The otlowiag k tba list of plant* . tow flowering hi tbr Park:? Atllrml.'i ctrh'm (limbing fumitory. Amorphi fruitcc*.. 1 a'?e Pir'tgo, A manna t tbrruivroont aa,... Am-onia. Anet".o?*.-\ Halle t Anchors. AnMrrhlnum m ijna ^uapilrigon. Apbyjioi ?mlfli-rqnt One flowered cancer root. A-Tpurniir< olVoloolls annr.racis, Ava'tt vi-o- ei Wiii'e rmunp honeysuckle. Chelt no b -rhua T-trtie tie id. C"!< to crnentii O'iantal hi adder?sen aa. lorl arts toyrtii i'a t'yrtin le-ved conarla. Prat t-giis crux palli ... .f'o.-kepur thorn. Cr?l .-(ri,e pvr&caiittm I iery inorn Deytzin cuieneena <"nacacaot Deutcla. Pent. ui Ron h reutzla. Diantbot ha. hates Ho act V.'llllem. I) ptun.iri-is Keatbe o l pink Pierv.ll ? trill.-la ...Bush ten,, y suckle. Digitalis purpurea vt alb-t.. ..Purple and whlic fox gloyo, Vrymrmro {varum snake root. Fscbecboltzia f'alPoriilca QaJToriiisn eachsch -Itv'a. Fuonyitp.s iinif'diua Narrow Iwivea col ml hi tree. tir.uuiijian.'lxa.. Fraiish wo,I- v.. xon. (ion'st* Vlneluria Dyer's procn wr-td. (lledlnlua communis Common corn flag. .-tr'ne'eum RiL'i loom. II Hi It CJW i-urbuip, t'esr-uris matri'inii- Docket. Hler olum aurantlicuffl Kirn hawkwoed. Iris xvphi' ido- Nynhus like li st. I ai'ivus latl'bitii* Kireri.'iitin( pea. I.l-iris I setii Tweyblada I Irmdrndrnn tuiipiferi 'llMp -r*>. 1 ohciia crinoldfs Brlmm like lobelia. Ixtun-era bi?ohvpo<ta i- bite hoaiyir rkie. 1. nii-era lironcs Ia> en ho- cyw-c'tia. f.ycitna'-bia n m ominrU i'r. couig toneoKtri'e. I,i pin us pol 11 Mnov lei ved I miuu. I.vriuiis viMiaru flmnn,' ivcltnla. Knsluriliim pn'riiinlc Wetci- 1-rg.j, Kycsi mnnflora Pe-iiieri-lse. f?never bi-act'-Kt up Hr -nci p ppy. f ftnnvcr nrleniHia flricnth) poppy, Pennine*, yr t ch I'eriptoca. Prtnnla eii-taviniflnra PcinniA Ptol'-i trl'oi'ara. ."thr bby trefoil. RwMCd'i iniei ia. liver's weop. Riiuncdflnllf-in p Kititium..... P?i tie rhododendron. Rhu? vfpcnala T'o'ifii Rnniaeh. I!iihtn-h pseud -cacia ..'VlliimO'i Incuct. I'obinia !?> -nirtplain p, r -nUlal Incuat pnO'Uia v|-c(..,i rjimmv Incest. Uori HirrP nil Hurrlmn's voilow roue. If s hviii ! Hybrid rose. I,' ? ?'a mttsya RpmcI's rortire rose. , K-ea b!?- d ..- f-nr;v wi d rrcm. 8iibus ndor >tn* I'-'-me fln-veriuj; raspborry. *nm>oeiiu unr; iirua jjuli-Haddk- p ant. Sod nip More W ult ocpiicr. -miUi-i-s hit.otio Two le-nrc,t -nillirina. ^inli-i^ herbsrea. ..f .......Cirrlon Mower. .-tpl-u-a hvorrv-tfolttt Ilyoeririim ic ivcd snirala. t-ji -ns-ll-if lia. i.Viiioiv .envqd spirals. ,-tjiiin-a ?nrh|f.->tta Mount t'-n iaOde^v??d sn rala. olr?-a ul.ut*Is ...^ii-ir Ish m-iidow?swast. Hull trijir. dioirum Pei :y meadow?rue. Verbena hybrids .Verb.-tin. Caart or Hraerai c-??ieaii llelnre Judge Uua-ol. rittsuvaus hk>t \-o-tn. T" the Generil Pcssinns ye'terdsy, Judqe Ruasel scntonoed the prisoners who were c--nvlcK-d durin/ the week. Henry tiltmon, who plenleit yulltv to killing I'eior McAr-ile, wi:t aeutenced to the SU-ite Prtsnn for lour vesre Wpti .m I'atters-iii. aUaa I'afl Cherry, the noted bur. (Bar, wnn apot Mr Voners in rl'th avctiue. and wb" war convicted of a leUniiou a-ruult wis root to tha State I'rhura for ten years, boinfptho highest term the law al 'ywod i.ollfletd and Rosa Miller, wbn pleaded guilty to aa at tempt ut prand Inroriiy, were Nnni lo tlio Penitentiary for oi.o year, that bring their ft ret nlTenon. I hn flrand .fury are working Induatrfnnaly to dispone of the papers bn'ore them. Yc*:e--d >y iho/presented an. o*her batch or Indictuieats. l > which many of lira priaon ars on belt c irntL'iitii tdnadi-d nut pntltv. dward (Itllmi-re, an old oITVoder, pleaded guilty to lar ceny In pttlt'nj the socket of Miry Dwyer , on a Jersey t.llr lerrviMwt. an the 20th nf July, l.tnt, snd was sent io the .-"-late Prta m lor two years .nd s-ren montha. Piti.a m Kit-t hem a spi n r ut mcntbsce. Wilit'im K'-eley, i-hirRcyq w|Ci burgitirv in the second deerO". p'esd -d guilty to an attempt at the thl-d grade o' e -enre, he having enteie l tb? stible of Antnooy trnoux, No. 9i West Twenty e'yhih rtieet, and i-lole two foil tela of b .'r.ess at d three pa-ra of lirldlns, worth 10. voon after the bcrctary ti e pi ircoer was arrested -ii ? hi'sdeitihia wi'n n tiortmn of Hie ?t -lea properly lo his p ss-e'-.on, wnei, he ilmi'te.l his ^.ilit. i r-il :et Fi ion i P- >d -d r ,ttiv to an Indictment, for <r;u,,| ,-,r. e.,y in so- .ons. od Up- 4lb nf Juno. Irem the r-io.u ot Mrs. Jo'e binn H Cohan lac. No. lit West IVneti I'SCO. H ro >1 watch, worth $. 0 : he wae em ployed ns Co- ? In ih?i house, and wih-d cn>rneU ivitb tba o:r--ucc she ad'pitied that ?bo to- <k the watch. 1-imcl K. Parr.bnrg. ni'alnat whrnn nn Indlrtment wss fcupj ror graipt larjanv, ple.doil g .ilty t i tbr r.hnrge. The rornplalu-int Ad -lph Rcrnbard, No loo Hrnadwsy, chanruil tb it the prt?oucr i wbn was in tils em >l?y) oo ihe l.'th last., stole lr"in bis est loi?l mei t n g id ws-ch, a -pi.ictltv of gold chains and imccis, val ird nt -JKiifl. Immediately at er iha property was ioi-.-ed the accused Ift;t He la twenty two yours nf ago, and Ian native of Germ joy, James Joyce, charged with stealing a sl!v?r wstch, W'Wiu*2a. riom j oa .-miIIivhd, plradeJ guilty to potty la-icoy Tlx prusounttng wftoe--s deponed ti.m virito oe was lit a store In Kroadway.on the 7th of June, he felt somebody at h s vest pocket, and. mining qun-kiy nronnd, he canght Joyce wi.h the?*atcb ia ban.I. All Hjcho prisoners were rsmaadod till rext week for aentoaoo. ASH AI LT UPON AN OPPltaA. The day was si?-nt in the trial of Timothy Coaklay. In dlcied foe a feloruou* assault upon oUlcer Gayuor, In ilia Koorth ward, on suodav sight. Mav 2J. Gaynur teatirii -1 thst when he waa patrolling hit beat he aaw a crowd or men >M tba corner of Jumna and Haiovfa atreels bsisaw two ram engaged in a tight, be ti ied to stop them, and whi n doing nu tba prisoner, who wan behind, m idea remark th-t be would attend to the either. The pitiiccni?a mid him to go along about his bualnesa, and not interfere, and moved towards Dim, w be re ripen the prisoner caught bun around hte body, a tussle ensued and resulted In their faiuap, tha officer on top of him Somebody In tba or wd said tbai Coaklay had a knife, and a-xm after be was out with a knife la the back of the neck. Rla coat and pantaloons were also out. Officer Lsary thea came op and found a knife aloog aids of tba prisoner, whom be arrmtad aad took to Iha atathw boaaa Th* eompiatotay witness was aobiaciad to a lengthy and rlald cr-.-ai-axKtDloailoa by Mr. H|<etu-nr. who eitcited the fact that coaklay waa hasten and ohoked by Um ofllcar; that O'Brlea, Bowers uud Mwrtta, who warn his witnesses, waro frtaoda; that be often drank with aad talked to them about tba ocourrsnae. Tries. H Martm mad# a similar statement of tba aiTair and denied that tba odcar struck Coakley before be waa down on the ground tba witnrsads for tba (U feeca proved a vary diflbrttU ataui nf facts. Dennis l nnovaa laatiilad that Timothy Coskley and Riahard Rafly wera walking along, be be hind them, wbeo a man came np and struek mm, who, when asked the rasaon why ha did so. at id ha wanted to hi; (bare was a ar .wd of tea, and be turned to tba poiicaman (Gaynor) and told blm that tba man atruck blm wHbout rsaaoa, but the ofli. car said naming, be aid not see bow <oakiey Interfered with the officer : bet wbeo the prisoner waa down tba crowd klcced bun, and (kaiklay bsHood " Mur der;'' tbewltnam waa afraid, and wont away; when tba officer was told that iha man atruck Hooovan ha made no atumpt lo arrest blm, and did not prevent the crowd from be.itiDg their partv. Richard Kelly conilrmed this statament, and-aald wboa be asked for tba prlvilagaof lighting a rasa who ?iru<-k b'.m ofll ar Uajmnr did not object until be aaw Ilia man was gelling toe better of him. The crowd got around tin prwoner and beat him. Rffen I ooovan testified that tba prisoner wan horribly beaten when aba aaw him lonr darn srtar at the T-mbs. J "be Aaderaon, tba employer of Co. k ley, gave til in a good character. The Jury rendered s verdict of simple assault and bet tary, and reconiiusiided htm to mercy, lie win be nasi tent'ed ru Saturday. MARRIAGES AND DEATHS, Vlsrrhd, Amjis?Psmvcsii.?(hi Friday. June IT, by Rev Hen ry J. Fox, Ciuklw f~ Alim aad MM F has cm m. Ryrrui OSLI both of New Yorlt. Caaa-iaw?Pirvom..? At Tremout, Waatnbaater bounty. N. Y . by tha Uav. Mr. Nasbilt,, Atrsan tax asm* of Broefclyn, N. If., to MM ffuaAiwra H Ptiror.p, of tba former plaoa. b DsviBs --osiwiim*.?fa Wedna?dsy June IB, at tha raalden'-aof the bride's parens, No. IB Wn>A Ihtrtasnth street, by iha Rrv 8. J. Kramer, Mr BartkT Davins to Mira I on a Joa< etnas*, all of this city l? awav? Wisesa. lei rhursday, Jftn# 18, at tna br'de s "?l'ance. by ttie Rev i harles ifeieey, Mr Itou s t 1 n?? -r to ?s *x**e Iavwu, aidBstdaughter of tba tats Allen Warner, alt of tics cltr. IA ia-?T->i???At HiUlk o. N T- on Tbaradav ??J tm? 1?. by Ute Henry Smith. 0 RHBaro Ufi ? D*n*t of ? bleagn, m., to Arocme UsjBpanoit^Baaghter of, William 0. Young, Kb*.,* tea Hen*?Ovum ?On VMtaday, June IS. at St. Tim othy'a oh arch, by the Bar. Ur. finer, IUjlybi W. Uah* u OwtntoM CL, daughter of tra Debute, Raq. CKoara?(iriaeirr.?On Tosvday, M?t St, at St. Bar van. Kranoa, J A' m %. O'l'WKt.of Maw York. tan>? Mathttjia f'Ynwen. youn-eeMaugbter cdtha lateMafc?rw Gulbert, fcfaq., of St. Servan. Suioicoa?Lna.?la Breaklva, m Tburaday ?vealngr lha reatdaroe or lb- bride's parents, by th* Kav. Henry fumMMl. jiiam 1L Sinodsow, Jr., to Sanaa K., daughter or John F. Lea. ;Fm kri?Turn ?A' Astoria, L. I., on Thursday, Jnu M, at tba rivodenco or tbo'* father, by the Rev. K. % Faster. K?? **t> snvaaa, of New Yo'k to Ra not A., daughter of D. M. l iar, Bag.. of lha fnrtnf piece. ? " ? ' vr ?1 ? ? 11 ' D<<-a> Adams?On Friday, June IT. Jawb Arams, a native aff P->rt?lf>non?, county Antrim, Iral-nA, u-ed .18 year* The friend* and nouoatntanaas of tba fami'y. and those of III* uncle, Samuel Abbott, am reaneeVuMr l?vllRil la 'f .-ltd tbe 'oiior^Llriim lilt 'h'O re*Hl"tioe. 2-<l W?at Slk taautb streal, on Mtadi? kflsrooon, at two o'clock, with apt further notice. *. j? .. . Rcamrrr. ?On Thursday, Juno IS, Jons Bourn, In tta 4Mb year or bur ada. Relatives aud ft ieuda of tie family are resoectfully tn vdtod to attend'be <neural. <r-m hta late re'i'ieore. ldT (feet Twelfth atrofh ttal< {Saturday) a umwooo. at ivt njrirtctf. His remains will ee taken to tbe Cemetery ef tpe Kvergreens for interment. Baiow/x.-tiUubob K Bm.dWtr, a red 23 yearn, lata iReniOur or C>mfisny B, Pou't.-enth r?glm.'ut V. Y. S. M, IThe funeral will tnk" nioen on Snodu* m"..Int, ?t ten of clock from the "antist rhureh, Hedrnrd .venue. Ilrok lfu. The reliti'-e'end'riendn o* the 1 nuiy. *l?o the frioi-da nr fc|. rubor. D It St?eoee. and the memher? af lb'- Fourteenth reri r.ent. N. Y. S. M ., are respectfully in vited tout loud. Hie remains, will he taken to Woomdold^ N. J. Notice of d'">lh iva- given .n Wed . .d iy'g tuiltloa. CniiKnr.?<m Friday, .rune IT, Mm. 0*trT?oi>a Maoaa*, la tho 8!)th yeir nf her ?go. , Thh relative* end fi-tend" of tbe family ere renfteet ulty Itvltrd til tho fuiinrul, tilts. (Saturday) aftrrhOOO, at twoo'clnrk. fr m her taie roelde t.o .'?? 'Cloir afreet I Hi'it.t.?At Ruer, Fyntl on -turdsv . \i?v 22. rq r. uta Iimeward trom I'ttlnn. FnunW R>'iiut, i%io of Bmltb, Ti ber .V lit., nf Unity ICone. In tho 2!>lh veor of his h. t 'The remetna. wi'l ho hroiir'hi hnme for interment, aad dbo notice rlreo of f.inerji Aervlcn. Ilrii.vwt,?<M Mutiduy, .Tone 13, of vonab nHvM )? action at Coat Harbor on the Sd, Colonel l'.ion*Hr>t? ska, Twentv eieh'b r.'e?eechn?iHt? Yetoataera, occaujot;cicj I^i.?h, i Iret divlgtoo. Wenond eori a. , f he re'nt tea a d fr'aid." of ihRfnte' v and ?!i of? era !?>? In the p.ltv alen the meroWita ead .tx.inemb -r? f the "fl'h h'le tt'o, are Invited to attend tb? funeral, from hi? late roatdenco. No. s?#Otvtveateeat; J? *ov Clly, or Sic ilnv afiernuofi, st one o'cluok. Tlu rRiusina will hr ru li'rmd In re'v\rv rem^fery. The Sixi*-nliitb refrthieoa Now York State MHIda will perform esuort duty on tbe occasion i 'i^ta?f|n Friday, June IT, after a short I'.lnflfie, .'oaa llt.AKr. ? nntlvo rf Stony Ford, eouutv I tlk. nny, Irclaod, 8t.'R'l A3 ye not. Tho rien'ls md ralstiveR of the fsnaity. also those of hl? Irothf-r In I iw. I'dward O'nrlne, ore reynectfn'ly Ihvl ed to 'liend'he fiireal. ir-m the residence of hi a brother. Hurt,ui Httake, "1 Hrldire at reel, Brooklyn, on Sunday af ternoon st turn o'Miwlr. iituenx-rDa ? l Imv tnornln?, June IT, Jot^s, eldest son of Patrick and Vary Rrennin. a native of tho hirisb of Knrty, county ltoaooinuxui, Ireland, lr> the 10th year 01 Ills ft CO. The friend* i?r the femily are respectfully Invb 'd to ntttd ihu 'nnyril. on suuday after'oRfi. "tune o'c'omu from the rn'Mence of b's nari'D'P. Vo. 6 West .-.freet. ""'o> sta?t m??fin Friday morning, Juno 17, TaotCAA W. Or'JtSTAHT'va. ne?it 4" vrnrs. Kr en san-l rid .lives nr* tr?i,sc''uIIv Iny'ted to altosd U:e tutierHl from the residence If his brut nor. 1";:'! U u*0 oue. eorher t.n I ntrent Harloai, on Sflnduy mornltr,', ?l tliuo O rlOolt tJmr.vsit?lb Jersey Cltv, on Thnrsday, June 16, fa Maw f'nit.van. In thA 4Sth ve?r of his a. o. Tho rel itiycs ,vui friAiids of 'OR ore rerpuctfuPy lev tied to ntte- o the ftthcral. fr "11 hi* 1?'" r?sl t-nod. 144 (1'aiui rircvt. on "^nndav fdiflfoooti. ut two o'clock. ; oi'tfjer.?(m Friday, lu e 17. his hir'bday. Oeohob iblart'ff n-af fbarins V ant Roillv "vim.. t he rejat i.-ps ..pd r. .if ays invited to attend tbo '"?a ral. 'f. m ? *Y" vftsidenun of hi-; p- rents. 23 PewnlDK StrsRl, 111Ir (is (urila-.) e 'e-'i'OO", at twv u'c-.) -k, Cn-irs..- At l'iiicn Pitt, Now Jon-ay. an Friday, Jupa 17, hula M (1 .Hirs, In tho 24Ui viinr ot his ace. The rei iti'os ami fr emls of the 'amllv, aljo tb.-s? M b's - no's, J-hn Ctislmf oT New York. ?re resueciful'y (hv tod to attend tie funeral, i n F ndny. at. twelve uVlook. ihc reM-1?nce of bs tni'Mrr. Cslun lliil. Tlie remama wilt be taken In ruiy.trjr t*metnry lor ih tiermont ?(tn Friday. June IT after a lingering illneaa, Or TSiiii. a- ?d about 70 yours 'Dio relnt rn an I 'rktids nf tbo (WnMv are nw*R'trB,fy Invited to attend tho tune-at, trom bin lato rosldonoa, north wet rorpor n* Forty fourth strrrt :iBd Vtntb avW Uuo, uu Nuud iv efturuiain. at half-wtat i.t?R ojclock. One.?f>n Tnur-'lav. .f-no 16. at Ills residence. 12711 st'eet.n*ar "awid nvnmm. Harloin, Fjjwi so O., boo m The I its Joseph (Vr?. The relatives nnd friends nf the family nre rRS'ieRtfiiHy invited to aitc>ul tbe tui^r '.on Sunday ultornocn, at oaic n'n'is'k, tiohPFT.?Killed, oa Thoreday, dime 5f. tn the h?ttl? ?< i"V>ai, wi.l o r. tho disc.n?R?B of hi< duly, .'nspy H. (Joii.BT, bob of William and Julia A. Gnldvy.ef BrveC lyn Hatkr.?At ITnuHlla, Ot-ero oouu'y N. Y..on Toonday, J'.uell.of dt rim' o tbo lie.trt, Hsmhy It Havbb, o tkB late II' in of Vdllrr. lisym .v ''o . of th'S lllll* H'itt.?'? Jer-arr 'htv, en Thunrlnv -n >r ilnv, June IS, Nbi.-os War at Hoi r l? 'he Mlb yea qt In- u r?. 'Ihe friend nf Ihn ami y urn roRue '.lfully lavlled to at tend Iho funnr I, up - nnfnr m >rning ai ten n' drelc, Iran blr lulc rnsideni'O, 2K Wiiynoairw-t. rsey City, No'vten fN J.T nanera rlea-m eoov Ukn,r.r-on WcduoB'Uy. June . 1?, at hi* rAghlenCBs Wuodr w, 8. I , Caul. f.w.auB JIbki.v, in Ihc 44th ye.r or his nee. Thn Irlenrts ard re'stlves .if the family nrc res- octfoify Invite* to Httoi.d llm funeral with-"It firmer mile# vB Buuday no train u, at to.. o'i;)< ilk. st ibo nrtiit aud at hall fisst mn o'clock at the Methodist Kpiscopal church, WocA row, 8. i. Albiav piuer* nloaae nmy. Krjf'ivL ?On Tbursnv, .lone 16. ?'iddert?T. Ohabtjw Ha i , youngest is'di of Henry I, .uul Kurmnat, ape l !< v ? -1. 1 ha ml 'liven niirt iriends m the f 'toil arc Invl'cd m ?i tend tbe l\iBrri|, fr to ? is laiuec a rou'dric Hnt '# i> line. Il tli boson niwir?irt ..i tfyrt" on 'iridiv al.s* ifK-ii. ?l u"r o'c.' ck. ?< l' i iitttir'hi c u t ?. f/KTtroop. ? On -btfi il*iv. sixth umtb, I7'k, Ahbaua* Ixi KWO..O In trwAm ven d till iigi-. Nniicn r t bi> fun-r-I will bo h. ""i i ? clven. I.AR'srvn ?(mi Friday, J>?'0 17, Jsikk au LAtthimr., aysj 37 VP rs. !hn rtMrrlP"* and fr'- ds nf the r,"o; v "8 -fisoec.tfrt'y invited to a'.lmid tin* (sunn, >u> (fund <- alu-ruoon, si two oYh'.'d. nsnt'S'-a-t ipieenth- ? - Galw v mm I KiHtnasloe nvisirt I "S? coyv. l owntv.?On iT'dsv, ,Tnn* 17 IVO'. I < vrroT remnd Toiin,!.-! son nf i"hu nnd Mary Ixiwcry. sen t ? yevm, f. inunlhi end II The frlc ds n; ihs 'smdy nrd thiwe of his relatives ara rcsoi .'lfu l? invited to mtei d tr e funeral, from inn wit iU'iiir of hi- peri'O' ?. 17- S. -th ' c "tld street. Jersey Olty. wttbont fnrthe not lee, trom then oe to 8t. I'eiuiW Oemrtary, Jerei'jr ibtv. Maksii On Tltttrsd ty, JtJfn 16 ,,r tePammaMnn cf tba bowe'.a, IIaiibt Makjii,8uu of C W, and Lioolmo Vtsrad, uf pd years. Tn? III'lid* nnd a o rciue?tcd to .attend tho inner?t, from the re I ieitc-? o' h;- oirems, v?t r .bta ayiMiiiu, Hiik (Saturday! m- rnu'v, at ripvao o'clock M,?On Th rndny, Juoa M, BuWapii MiKbiwi, aje-1 IS vc rs and 1 m s Mi. I lie relative*; and trlaods o' the 'mntlv are rvyi-ect n!ly Invited to attocd the fnne-si, from bw IsIr rmi lorea, 18 ! r'n-t Thirty flret street, oo Batnrriny aftcrmvm. ad oue n'cliadc. fn Thursday,.TuneH.of coruuiiiaptkui, OAMm Mf''OCA. need ID vers and ti nuuitlm. Tlie reiatlvoe snd iri'-ndti nf the 'auiily are reape#1fbf*y invited to attend th* funeral on J urdus .fternor.u, -t t*?e o'cl ck. from the rurlduoce of bis n renin, Jfu 12 Islmab atreet, Brooklyn. The rrmi??na wb! he t i*cn to Mathusb. MnisKimcT.?In Brooklyn, on Tbnrrda*. Juae IS, Ja.vb, Wlfb of Jnme* Mcflreevey, after a abort illness. The relative# sod rhmOe of lh? 'smliy a-e Invited M attend tba runeral, fram her late re* turn re No. M lisak ten amnite, Brooklyn, on Sunday afterno e, at owa o'clock. O'Rkaruow.?Oo Friday, Juae IT, Mra. Marnw IFRbab pov, aged 2i> rear a. The frieuds aad relatives of tbe family art rmpecttaDr Invited to aUund the funernt, on Kitnuiy sftumnna ad twn o'clock. fr<on Iter 1st* restdeiwo, 104 l**laee sireak Tbe tunttmonisl for Mr O'Reardaq will be pnatponed am til further not toe Cork |st(M>ra ploaee copy, Oiiwmiw Ob Friday Morntof. J?ne IT, Mra. Mar L. ? m.dbrsh a w. Tbe romaina will he taken to ibnomfletd. N. J., for te tertneut. from IS Ixtfsyatta place, on ruwdty mnmiog. ad nlneo'clnclc Foocral rervlooa at the tlethc-ilsi cr. wch, BhxmiScM, m Bundav a'tcrbouo, at bak-pasl one o'ektrk PfAmmmn.-IIB Friday, JnaelT, JouAivtts Ninot.A'W octy child o' Joba a-d ''aroltaa Pfaandttcbaa, aged 9 yesrs, 0 months and 2H d tyi. Thf relatives and frleod* are respeetfoHy Invited to attend tt?o fanerai.irum Ibd Greenwich atreel, 'bla |8aA unlay) afternoon, at butt (vi?t one o'olocic. Hrwttswvt _On Friday, June IT, l>erioR?n, wire Of Jo> ?enh Ho Mason, aged 20 vast#. The tvltuivea and irlcnd* of the fsm?y are re-vested to nttnid tbe rimer tl, from h?r "ale re-t le-u-e, 4:t aigib street, Wllllamuhnrg, on Huntley ittierootui, at twe o'c If iL Rutin? hi roll River, Mam., en Frld'V.June S, An* ijuorF., wl'e of J'ha A. Ksed of Now Y rg daughter of OapUIn Wlilntn Bruwn. Fall R.vor, ager SI yesr*. . Htaii ?On FVIdiy, June 17. Pinriurs lfu. Rtam, mrvd JO years and 3 months, eldnet s u uf tie lata S B et. Ryan, af the cltv uf Cork. Irel'.ad, The fttlvral will luke |du< a from 131 Bank *trect, tLld day (Saturday), at Twelve o'oloek. Cork |tais>ni ptnatie ccfty, . Rnew ?On Vbaradbf moralug. June id, Brse* y. Hmaw, In tbo niat yaer ol her nge, relict of Anil, cty F. Hhnw. Iho relatives and frlenda. and alaotb s a c bsi hr oher In l?w, peter Nayktr. ara raspeelfuliy Invited tn oil cud lite Minernl. this ^sturdny) ?fiern"<>n, at dve o'clock, from No. * I'oat Thlrt> al*th street, without farther nut tea. Tna remaloa wilt ha t-ken tn the seounti 81 reel < aiuetrry. StAiK.?lo Ur nklyfl,na Thursday, June Id, ,l'?r- ft , fid nit sun of Jaoeeaand Ann F. Slack, la Tbe 'jt,tb year Of hit age. The irinnda and relatives of the family are invited te ntteod tbe fane.-ai, trom the iTi'trch uf mn Holy trinity, 00 Sunday hair imst three j'olock.' d> Utaraday, June Id, Wuxta, son of Ri bnrb M. Tuylor. Aged 8 yeare. the rie<id 1 of tbe ismtly are rnaistntfully Invited to al? tend tba iitucritl, <r >m No ftd Hanond avanuo, ou Sunday aitent'itfit. at one o'clock Troy patunt please copy. Vav Una Kara.?On Sattrnday, June 11, arter an tllneai of eleven d*y?, i-bair f , nge.i ft ye>re and 6 mnatbag daught'T of si mm A nnd Marv M. Van ttoakerok, futei mnriv of filonviile V, Y. Rubenoctadf aid Bomy paver* olneaa us

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