Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 19, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 19, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. S?1IMT, JuM 18?? t. ?. ?e *lock market iu more active today, but price* generally were lower. Compared wiib the big beat c*eh ?ale* at the first tea*loo of the Hoard of Broker* j-eeter day, N-w York Central declined |*r cant, Erie Railway H. Hudson Liver V. Reading l*f. Milwaukee and Prairie du Chten Michigan Central nf. Michigan houlbern !?, THInol* Central , i levelled and Tol> do V. Oticifo and keck Ulead 1, ritteborjr and Kort Wayne V'. Chicago and Northwestern PjciSc Mail 10-being a decline or 32 per cent gince Tuesday, Cuml.erland Coat 2, end Canton OtmpaDy i,, Erie preferred stock, Uevelaid and Pitts hurg and llaripoe* sold the satue. Toledo and Wabash Retin a l advanced S per cent. There wa- uo second se-ai n of the Board. Gold was du I. It opened at lift, and a few small par cels were sold at 195 \ a 188 *?. It I* reported that Secretary Chase has re:used tbe applications of some of ihn rejected bidders for th* hoods of 181)1 to raise their bid* to four per cent premium. Svine of tbe new bonds sold to-day at 104. the price at whlcb tbe old ones are quoted. Tbe following were Use shipments of specie by steam art to-day Edtnborg, for Liverpool $679,574 Virginia, fori,iver)>ool 47V0o0 Bremon, for Bremen. 27,UU0 Total >1.178 574 The total value of tbe Imports, other than dry goods and specie, at the port of New York daring tbe week ending June 16, waa >2,103,100. The As.-latant Treasurer in this City reports to-day as follows:? Receipt* 1 rom customs. $108.W>0 Total receipts 2.766,264 Payments 12,006.776 Balance .... 37.898.768 Subscriptions to 10-40 loan 11.060 The Continental Bank, of this city, will pay on tbe 6lb of July a semi-annual dividend of four per cent, free of tax. The Proton Coal Company will pay on tbe 6th or July a quarterly dividend of two and otie-half per cent. The folic wing abstract of Pennsylvania company re ports shows tbe coal tonnage for tbe season, as compared wi h ibe corres.?onding time lust year:? Gomtuni*. THit Staim. last Season. Reading Railroad vv 1.667.224 1,664,341 Lehigh Navigation Company. .. 191.077 X7.S23 L"bigb Valley Railroad........ 676,830 625,370 Delaware and Lackawanna .... 546.174 61:;,Cut Delaware and Hudson 209.460 104 595 Pennsylvania Coal 211.548 129,1 "3 -ham -km 122,931 110 059 Broad lop 176.838 148,169 f.vkens Valley 45.451 82,905 Dreverton 24,693 26,507 Total 8,709,876 8,491,472 Increase th season 277,404 The following figures sbow the comparative earnings of the Ma-ietu and Cincinnati Railroad during tbe first week in Jute ? 1963. 1804. Passenger-' fS.416 .8,672 Freight. 3,468 8,122 Mails. Ac 816 1,190 Total.. ^ 87.68T 14,094 ?The receipts of the abnvo road sirce the 1st of January amount to $'197,333, against $259,839 for the same period last year. Tbe trailic on the Racino and Mississippi and Northern Illinois railroads during the week ending June 7 com pares with the receipts for the same time last year as follows ? 1803. 1864. Passengers f1,649 2 471 Freight 6 964 13,232 Malls, be 371 400 Total $8,974 16,103 ?Protu the 1st of January to June 7 the receipta of the above r od* amounted to $210,291, against $134,973 for tbe same time in 1863. Stock Ezciianc*> S?tv ;imt. Jone W?10:30 A. It. $0000 US !>??. '6S. ikii. 1J> ?1110 -In B"Cfc?Co lraa.1 1 iwo yd ?>'?. 'St. nu n:w i<?! Nnripotn m$ c* bio rw; COW w? d>, 5 J a. rig 104*? 'Kilo do 56 ;?M)U8? ?>ar*,coi?.? idi^ ?? do bid a 10W do 1<? it*i Atlaotc S? Io 129 .*<?? do lO-'i 100 do 127 ?'4> do Itttl? fr> Pnelfl'- Mel! S S Co. ?30 9<><)B8 ??. Iirrert STO 2<JU fee Tort t>o KB lS*? 'Wl M 1M0 Krie JtH... 112% ICWJ Moaoun 0 ? u9 K" do. 1121* > ? isHASiJ <12 loO do >10 112'* WO Mo U Pac K K Jo F.rte preferred 110 !i>00 do 761; SOO Cleve A HIM* Ra... 112 HMO Ohio .v Mlac ceil. .v. . 50 Hudson Blv KK .510 US !0OO .!<? Of>C loi do 11? If**"*) d<> .V. v?i do U2?? H*)0NY Central <>"? 112>. 2 ?l do ?S0 1*5 JOOM I'.rte 4th m b lJo vm Readmit Ral'road . I58?l I ?0Cl.t.BurAO S'e.lai 10 ltd do I Si ? 2000'AdooATH inoome w K* do tilt) l?*?j <11 uh c A .V IV 1 a.. HO SO' do .bS IKS'? <i -OH l St J land g Wl 200 do I*', ' MUb>i ' " 1 " '* 5 '5 2.0 (In MO IN IJMU.l IVa? I'd u <ni I il.Midh <>u HFt J4S1J t:VV 1st ii i '. d' e yr 201 Mick *? AM 1 KK. W'j MSB Sl.tV <lu ch I mm. no w do f: .be*) Mar'M A < n ? tm )?? JO, do.... eld V MO Ko r 1< Sal 1 Hit . SPk Ml III Cnn KK ?cnp.... 1 ::S? , |i*<i 1 Mer'po.a 1st in b 102 2 i do l> , ld>? d" I02tg "il do.... 128"; SO1 Ate rac . Im Min s ittRgtt !*? !<#?' do 1901, 2>? Chi A H Vf RK.. 52 \ ' ?0d k a i a . , ? 'o a ' ?i i ?> bid 5.1 1(4" I)r' A Hud Can t o 2 - 5 Clil ? Jt IV Ru pref VI 1 0 On"*. Col. (' .. 7 1 i d-i . -{I ] 20-t Ci uib i (j4 pref 71 >l di M'Vj 2*i 77', ' i Cie? - Tol KU 147 ?, i It40 do 71 2 l do bin U'1, 2d oo 7' .00 Cbl A Ii* 1 KB. 1 ?, I 2 <) do n 7? " 3?i d? li'-f; M rn >1$ 72' 4' do 11 V 1"0 m ..I 10 . Wo Mil A f dn Ch RR.. <".7'2 TOO Qui- < v.'r Mr i o i I'u1 t lV..inh UK. ' 14) do .MO 7.C. *1* !? tie. Ft WA Chi BR II?"-, ?* Mir Vc .Vi "Si do 11 Jj2 -V) Mcar*c> a It an n o 7 ? "Var etlaACIalstpref '<'?', N do 7*, UB do 7<i '.DO do 7?4 rco Mar.ettatC n2dpref -? do da, U ro 01 a K 1ft It \vtiiur " vinlnc Excfteugo, 104 Fifth Av?itar. r. r 'inar, June IS? HP m. 11'"**! Antfrl'-an ro'd . 107 !i)t iha it ? droo Kit RR Hv?d tMM nr. 1.1732 |l| do ... 11;"* 1" aba Lrie KK 111U 141 do .. l . i; 4) lb. lie- 1. . 11 in laCencal Hit 1 , do ... 11 |d-l PiMMiUfR KB 112 i n# do .b.l lilt; soil 112 4ft) do f If" do...; 113 . do 1'i 1! . I'll to)"...) Kit |U 1 >i do 1.3 n3 . I n Nor! i Western i-.K, ftt'i K.41 do . ?M u v; t" dn 53'i ||?1 dr. 11 do .VS 4t?i co 1131, 1 Mor i Woatern prt f <?? . l ?1 d.. . b'< 111, 10> or, wo , ?l)1 do H ', "0 rt H V4I do II ' . 1<" Fort W' UK... '1 , itli do "?<>? ii" d>. 112 *? do IIV . I <10 Ob. A Mi?.? eer.. ri\ ton do at ii'tij Vitin to . : *?' do I OMMMOnl.. 7". I'l Undo hirer Kit.. I'Jf. 1(W do bS 72 Tf*1 do It1. 2' Marli^na Mining Co v.i; l$0 .1 It2 6VI do V, b? do 112 . 201 do. bi'.i .Mtlltury lnuii /jence. a/i*ivai. or Tim vwciT-i'iR-r tchk siaib VOLl'MI F.ERd (KK KAI-B BE ilMKNT). Toe abote r?.ctu ot arrired ra th's city yeciorday nurumg. afler a tbree yearg .rduo .? aud honoratile ear. vied. 7 h*r nntnbrred S27 ra n. under command ? f lira following ofl.cera ?''i-ooel Leo;<otil von CiiHt: Captaina KDi|)?cb)'d, ilriorlcba, rianii and Wacnnr; Ijonl,'bantu Waroecvt Mepboi.a, Moraeiier, i'truemao and buEivleo; Hurceons Souler an 1 Urililnnlowstil. The Kn'-y-n-at we thrmurh Fr"inonl'i VirginiA eara V'lign. ar.d ?'c. toolc part in tbe battles of llud run, Cbancei (Hnvl'V ebil GoltyaDurp On Monday tJbe rr?1tnent will be leadnred a formal ra eel*** br tbetr Herman teib w cttirena. TlteH'thand Klarentl. tealmenta Wew York Mil.' Mttiwa will turn <> it ?i*n tbo ocrar'ou. A dinner will ba given at 104 ?rwary: ARRIVAt. AND PBrABTPRK OF rn* F.T.BTHKrH MAS sai HP<i;rrs lutO'MBifT. Thli regiment ;4i???d ihrough thla cifr yesterday en rrmts for n??ton. They wnpp nuder >:ommnud nf Memenant coionet Tripp. Tbey numbered two hundred end thirty, three mrn out of eve- ene thousand ntui Icfl for thceal of war three l ?ar? airue. The rieremli haefongbtln nil the battlea of the Army of the Pot onac, and belonged to flaceoclc commafd. Iticy have d<m? good acrrico ra tupficrt of the Union. BUfVFH TO 1HR N'lVTM RHCTMKWT M. T. $. M. On Tueafay arentiig h?xl a dlnuer will be clron to the Bintb regiment New York flue Mild In. which ha? re neotly re'.urued Irum ibe seal ?>( war, at the St. NiCbolaa Betel. Poller Intelligence. Fatrxk A*tt Bos m ( ot ir .ok?In K/nrm rAsonn. ouaiT Stai.i an,?Mr. Ji bo Hurmon, a very ngod tuiu,and hi* ?<* .lobn, forty year* old, teeldo at 1(7 Molt atrect, and for year# past ibe younger llnrtnon baa been very totem, erate lt> hit habit*. It la add that on one or leu oocaai .iia bin friend* feuod it m eerary to eouflne bra tetntiorariiy id the lainaih Aiy'ura. lAle on hridny n.ght Bimr atigry w rd* were etchan < il be tweon ibenn, wh.-n the r.m: *.-r Harmon, who la a talinr by trad*, riii?d a large jntlr of alp ra, and, g at hi* father, aiahbed bun In nearly a do zee illlVirniit p aoee a'vml lb" cho?i and abdorneo, in. flbitlng d .1 Mio aa. and It W feare.i mortal, woucda The nl>rm w *, een, when oiflce Mmtli,of tbe I nruenth pr>v ?Icot. baa ??*. d In Ui? bo.'M, and. nrrneling UN aaoal in:, tnnk bins lo the *t it.m Juatlce Ivwliuit ycat. rdav ooncnlt'.-d I'arnio'i to Ibe 7 mbe lo await the revult of $?? father'* In ur .-e. The |?U"- waaronweyed lo !'?iiet e I:(Mixta. The nttoefllni-ear. " n regarde hi* rec n r? .n being nairetaely doubt ol The aliear* with 'vhic.b lue w.. .ode ecre inllicu d aie 111 tho Iran il uf the p i on author! Ira* Aanwt ten Btiuie. "irmsa Boona?Wboiabaui Fain BA?1 aaierday afternoon < harlea Conroy, Keeping a l* "kalore at (12 Warreu atroet, was arrested by officer Tlliey. of the Third pranlr.ot, < barged with soiling obneenn bm%* and rard ptctnrna to aoldiert and >.11 otbar $e<aooa ?bp ai.plted f r tbem (Hi anarrbuig tbe premiaea offieor tm r baaa abvul one lLoaaaad duiram worta of Uta vita book*. pamphlets and several hundred card pio lute* kearned la the cellar of ht? place, aad, wmIi the pci#"?er. took thorn before .!nance Howling. at the r.irobe. Ihe eoiineet for the accused. Mr. Wo. Y How?, contended th .t b<e client bad commit led n<> nilenos h? having the tonka la hit possession, and m-kefl 'or hta difcCbargo. The magistrals, however, thought diUcreot lv. aad commuted > oornjr to tho T units for examinable, .luetic# (Vwling ?!?> issued an order that the obaoen# book* ? txj prima '>e hirned In the prutoa >ard. The or der w ill prob b y be executed to m <r o? It Is re <orted that Uoeroy baa made ooasiderable money la this unlaw* ful uafflo. Faahieai for Juna. [prtun the 1/widon aad Paris ladies' Maga/ireof Fashion.) The rich and thick corded silks, tar.ems, and the larger portion of silk* used at 'his moment for foil dree*. are { made witb a while gr uud, over which unread wide very* lug stripe*, or a peculiar patter a of various commingled shade*, bom# are tastefully ornamented (elaborated) with bouquets of brilliant colors, to resemble embroidery. The Koglish barerc has become'much in vnrue among the leaders or the Ustuonabie world. It is worn with an Immense varletv or decani trimming, r cues being freely used to Hh ornaroantatinu with great effect. The silks allll ui lav r are tboee In checks, or soma now patterns In etrinee which have just been introduced) ttie-e, of course, are merely ior morning promenade. Per haps the most prominent among the rich niitorlns are tbo elegant chines ta lataa of I/wlsXV., with ibeir broad and narrow stripes or rich looking satin. Reaottful and brilliant ponlt de scie, chequered gracefully with stripes or white tpoire: otbors in varied shades of French blue, bright orange glace, brown or green. Nor must we omit the in out ion of a meet remarkable material juat brought Into notice, called Junon : It is or a very handsome and rich malarial, and Is covered with a singular imttern, elaborately imitating the tuathaa of the peacock The small or narrow sleeve la atlll apparently the fa vorite. and there seems but little alteration in the stvla of making the dressse. The akirt ornament and trim mings are worn at tho edge, and not. as usual, above the bent. The much abused nnd laughed at basque habit is ' Bow made separately and dialiootly from the dress, and sold at the different Par la houses?at least we saw them at ona well known bouse?ao that tbey can ba used with nny description or skirt. It Is becoming much used both for aant'te and dresses, although it has, especially on abort figures, anything but a graceful appearance. The organdie muslins still retain Uietr position aa fit voritea; the beauty of the patterns, their Immense va ricty of c b>r and shade, and their extieme'lighinras and elegance, render them extremely useful at this t ine. The shades of mauve, rose and green seem the prevailing colors and those most in favor. The gray taffetas,.covered with a peculiar pattern, re sembling a small bird. in blue, is very pretty. It is made high In the body, opened a little at tbo throat, and worn with a jacket with rovers. The long basques in their trimming are made to correspond \\ ith tire skirt. The revers are black lace, as are the jackets and sleeve cuffs; these are now made very narrow. A drers ?of beautiful drab poult do sole, tastefully trim med wlihlmnds of bine glace, edged with blue Russian braiding. The trimmings are carried round the skirt, and are terminated by three bands fastened on each width with a button, and continued to the waist. A platting oT poult de soie completes the skirt. High bodice, with cent sleeve and basque habit back, trimmed to match the skirt. A dress of violet ricn poult de sole, Eio'>iy embroidered In black and white silk, covered with designs of bouquets of flowers, the usual small sleeve and high bodice to correspond; the effect very elegant. A morning dress of rich mauve glace, very handsomely embroidered in wbite?ilk, carried ou the bias entirely across earh width. This extremely effective trimming is finished by mixed fringe oi silk of mauve and white. The bodice is made high, with points, and the habit back forma a sash, and is trimmed with Rimilar fringe to the dress. 1 he sleeve is small and tastefully trimmed with fringe and embroidery. A dress of motre antique. oT a pretty blue, of a make somewhat novel and ellectlve. Nearly roaud tbo edge or tbo skirt run two rows of fringe, formed by beads end silk twined together; to this is added passe menterie ornamentation. The front of the dress left free from the rows of fringe has ktso pas sementerie trimmings; the sleeves small, and trimmed to mutch the skirt. A dre w of coir taffetas, with small white stripes, the front of the body open, and a watstcut of the same material* basques, with large but, nsa: the waistcoat buttru-e to match. ? The bonnets are worn much lower in front, and, al though sthl very much ornamented with various sty ten of trimming, are worn very uarrow at tho sidos The curtains aro now worn excec lingly large. The materials aro similar to those mentioned last month?straw, or tulle, and rloe. The beautiful and pliable Italian straws will eO 'D begin to show. Wheat ears, crape, crystal drops, all kinds of flowers, heaves and buds form ornaments now in fashion, aa a great scope is given In the variety permuted for selec tion. The crown of pliable crape ie often wora with the rice at raw bra nets. and tbe strings and bo we areas various im the colors of tbe otber trimmings. Arrest of Government Swlafftcri In Boston. Bosvoa, Jane It, IBM. Smith Brothers, hardware dealers and naval contrac ted, So. 102 Federal street, were arrested yesterday and seat to Fort Warren for swindling tbe government. Arrivals and Departures. AKHIVaLR. Kkw Out haka?R'eamiihip Evening Star?Hon L ,1 Far well and xvifa. .1 W Douglas*, Cleo F'Brott, J W Vlnal, A WyrholT, W Jackson, D M Pilch and ladv, MraO H Wll'er, Mis Ool Moron, Ml*a M It llotebkt-a. 0 H Chase, 11 Flin man, W II lllnsnau and wife, Mr* Harrison. Mrtie San Ka ntian, J Wnteruian, wife and phild. M1 ? W. >rm?n, Mr* Cat'-r, Ur Po-ler Mr Aclc and and servant, F Van 15?n thitvaen. wlie, 4 children nod servant: C Motie. H Thorns*. Jr. tr.fe, children and servant- Mrs Holmes, Mrs Click,>n dall and <?'i Id. Mrs Clifton, in K re. Mrs 8 Le-ke nnd ehSHI Mr B K Marf'n, N Hendricks, O 8 Burhank. wife, two chil dren i.n'1 rprrniit: Mrs (i tV I'O'Ch', MDS.M Bowman, W H Kell.. Mr* Fox. Mlas QuallT# Miss C-nn* I' Wliee'sn. Miss W island, l? < > Famrn. Mu or R P U Ha. her, .1 II Field. W Y ?lack on, CI W H i d C*| t Duifltdd. F If A!d>n. I, H Hunt, wife and soryont: W i" f?nher?v, B ? Ilymes.P Tulaine M Ai l' 8) and daughter. K < Phelps. M Loci, C H'ggnrtv. Mrs C'hotrau. J 11 C'ahn J San-'er and lady, II C Dnheriy. .1 B 8,-billcr nnd son, Mra J,,ties, Mr* H Hatch and child, Mr- Ttber. K L NotCe and wife B F Green, K A Wltiers. wife and two children, Mrs Jln NH l an I oirild, Mrs h Ku'.ti, Mrs Dorsev and two ch Mi-en; J I. V. stts, l>r CI H Eland, F P ITelfin an. CI R a ?>. Mrjl II F I l? F l-.n ers, Mr- CI 1C Keryuson, Mrs BrrkteA ant. Vr-i'l Vi:1 u'.d. Mr "nl KU born and mtmL 1" ..Iroac. W B On ? ?r. Mrs H H T water. child and -rtvsnt Mre 8 B It*v*u*. cnl l and acrvn't; Dr Shaw, *dv, fn i children and ? rr nt: Mrs I" Cl'Donnel', thref child -n and sccvsn": B -M leans, wife, two ohl'd en and ?er> ant; B I. Hritlon, <1 Be' mat an. 1,?IrKlln. Mr Qllhcr*.. C Smith, P. Ktrkpalr ek a <1 daughter, C I. ,g r and 'adv. J set- ?,o,: ,i 1'I'cily K 1 i p ai. I Hmfmsn AY F 'la on anil two dangli t- rs f I, K Li'dnrlg en, H It dcnhelm, 1 Pigeon. <'T 8w?rn?. K AVegmii'.n. \V C' nphe'l wife end thr.-c eM'dren; II rli.Wer wi! ? and on: i: F Mead, \t II Arh'l. wife, rh Id nil- riant'J Stewart. !?d-.-. tiiree children and errant: J Hoc? tni, > i Irrn and * - rani VI Ha,--. tint' Levi . nd daughter. T Koh n-on Vra M Volwn. Mrs M Horsey an *t ? n <?; i .'-en ,1 S Wilann ard aer' ml: K Rlntnut', M Mcl til. lmtch. II I?o-v -n \ P Tca/ar-ih-. .1 F Rnsael . L Parsons. ,1 J Howard,.! ' P> r too ? V. sgner. fl K.uuad.invi ,cU. J M Murphy, II Bou imr?and J in t',e steerage. THCPAItTUHRR. Rrw Out- AH?cte'i n-' lp '1'orae Wf.sMrgt n?M ? ? r ?! M Mn-'O ', I.ouia 8c l, Mta Letcher. Mr* 8 I. Mead and child M'? t . a> H D y,. .! .i elm: and wife, A Lira . . \ i ported*. .1 K Flanc d, F d mas and wtf-. Mrs Mnrt Rttn 1 ton. F M Dip bene. Wt. Mil er 'tswi " C) I e; t, Mlas Lafn-g- (l o i I' well, Mlas I.afarge, Mrs It- har ?nd ae-vimt Wm fl Vine' stl Thus Caitmnn. wl*e and fw sons; J.T ft s. .1 CI argue-,e. W I) Mil er, J A Miller. Wi'liani 9 Wl te an c Tne'-er. R s -fe rm, P F Pen lteton, ("apt Etll , ' B Knssei:, Ilenrjr Taylor Mra Wuukh, R W Tal alaro. Kr-r Oi-i.y. ? St- -h p Va/oo? Mrs Pro ,>nr. Mrs I,e n-ns Vila- Ayeua M - h ? C Cheater, C'apl W Valrnrr, T 8 Kchough. Henry .teen n.;s. f.ivt m-eei ?Steamship Kdlntinrg?Mr Mch'ee. Torerit,,; M : its. eta ', .1 I ?r lg- liui-ns Bron urn-e, I", vdel Mnj P VI S<- f .1 A i h imhm -. Hrtt oo 1 e. C^tieiiee; W L Means ?? Rnadlan, ?' I.ehim v, Jo-e-nn s Havana: R<-c VT Cean, - He an 1 three ? hi Ire ; vii?. |,ticy Wright. Fey , A,let n It Wright. Charles Pariclnsnn, E A .1 B t-c! anil t - re? children. T Hasa. E H Osgood. Or O Pbe'tn, Brown, , F W It,innd, ITm flol Is worth. W .1 Wl ton. W .1 Thompson, ?Inhn 1 on>, eon and wife Msdam Bnlason, Pmlir Hrnnta. grove. Philadelphia; *f .1 Turio r H I urner, <i If Tl'lerr, B 8 Tnrkey, James Toung ?nd Wife J II Orgoo I. Mr Isa - ? on. It. J, Walker Km! wife Toronto; 8 A Draper and wi'e. Rev Wm Johnston, Mr Potce .lame* Purte and ladr, ThnniaaHrnltb and lad? I'.?? Kr Hulllrati and lady. Jon.e* h Row and ladr. Rleba-d (Jumdna and In ly foh-i F HeiJ., I*,It and three, hi dreti; J. Levey, A Rannder*. Oharl,-* Abhott, la'ne* V?ir* ladf and Innr children: Mr U W PriV -ard w feand 'hPd; Mr Kn ob and lads MIsn Diinlop, Ml a It 11 Monevueni y. Mrs H Crabtroe, Mrs R Wyiey .? M 8a , -do, J?hii Thorroaen, PRCirteoia. Partus F Oarbtso, Juan ArmengfJ. A Mai n, Joe A Orllr.. Louis and Peaiall Oollogg, N c;?rard. J II ?vmahoitom, J Armengof. Sao Cnr rera. Joan C->lou. Jane lla-giicngsitau, Joso Dlar?with ofhera In the steerage. Specig. 8 '.,11.4*4. llATaaa a an Nass ip.?Ste .mahlo Corsica?Mr' Wk", nephew gad servant, has an; Mr IIV Murphy. Havana ft 0 Hlaeneve ?, T Rasa Hanson, Mlddloton Del; ("harlcg Msnyeu Nasssn: A Tfcarson. Liverpool; /'hat ?I_K Bight, Matnga: Vr Kntcht. Mr RaMia. Mr Larktn. 1? Preuden . u-rger, Hermans; P M Baxter, Rssaau; I 11 lnsen, .Nev ( YnrV. .1 t? i?-a, Cob* A. P?in. !to**an: f) W lHaga. Ra* It Weber, I> Honaton lATerpool; F Andrews, Hnuth i enajiot, C;hs? Penr on. Mr* Fnrie, Row York; Oeorga I Ft* k, New York: Mr. A Doerntr. LITerpool; Mrs E l??r , gent, >???* ; c'??t Ro?,-',i Kng'and; R Crv *. England; I Wm W t|;ivins. Re? York; ,i*? Kr*ington. A J Clark, I Chat Whittakrr, .'a? Pnvev. .'?s Hlover. L Ciiapin O 11 ! Miller. K W AliS'ahe, ,I?rrea MoKell, .tax RinfMi, fjene^-o liar, llt -n, Wm McCourtnav, Re|i Catupbelt, Jno MsOall, 1 r-nn, M Lynn*. F. Jenkins, R Rl?1ey, J V ICItiieT, M y,t'arwell, 0 I! large, W R draco, Wtn Fttrplif. Hpeclc, , $l.'l 'VW?i SITI ATlOiR WAITED?FB5HALRM. BITU ATTf'If WARTP.n-lS A KBRPEQTABLM A PitUATIOR WAISTBD?IR a RBRPKCTTABbB If faint V *s wet n? *e. by o healthr. r-sp-, ia d.-Totng Woman ?bo ha* o t her own hahy. caa mm, well reio.n ic/n'ed A ldre*. oi ?pplv io_Mi*. A lio, SCO Fifth s;? i Williamsburg. Mm n nth and 7lb ata. A NFMnKB OF WKLfc RFCOMMRNDED ORKMAH ,'\ lema'n* want kit,letlmi a* co-.k*, sh?n,he,inn d* and lanrolre nnt*-? *n,i tr'? for genera1 h?nM#ork. Ae,?at Mrs. I.OWL8 Cler ,1*11 lustFute, 17 hlan on at., near tha Bowery. ZiOIhO TOCAl IKORMA -A RBSPn'lTABLR PP.RAON 17 w,, ? *? n-irse or In any other capacity that aha would lie m ? el; la ,-*p bit and willing; would ant- r the ae-ii eti -v time bn-re l?av ng. *nd al?o retnsln nfter wa*da If lo-e.ied; ri" ? ;,n oie-it re-pilre I for pa *-ige good rrf< rwn-e on. Fall at ItU Spring at, III Uie shoe ? ore, or ad Ire** Fall i > ia. ffit's; JCFFPBR -A t,adt of oood rtviidtno in I a is e -;re*an e,-agement to tench ntuMo an I mad rilan., ves wo ild t avel or a :p?rinlend a ?ou?aho d. dress immediate r M, I KO fiiate at , Brooklyn. II OCbBFBEFF.B'B SITCATION WANTED? RY A RA h r wo-, an oar Hied a e; or w,> id take ebarga *utl ?l Room* los gent'emea; Jh* can irmluoe the he t ' er Wat | lerencpa frmi, her nvat place. Oali for threa daya at llS hast g. - at near i av Sr, 'RVANTS WANT FI.AFKS-A LABOR Rl'MBFR OF el' select' d a, rvsn s for h lr a. tcsrdlna housea and l>< 1 ate faml let to be had at lha New York F.mpIavmeot o'l c, 420 Hr ume *t O. WALTOM A CO. WANTKD?BY A RFSPl'.FTABl/B OIRL, A RTTOA r T ti n i? cnam'?rma d and wa tre-a. or In a*alst in the f are of ,-h, dreg. On lie -a n ai ler present emplayer'a, S.'l hs-t .1 U, at. for i wo daya. or until nulled. $IT0ATlOlt AS WMT BUMF. II* A ?? rea,?eiaWle :a nl y. Ila* na ohjrctlon to go to tbd countr. A-dre-a < . T.. Harald.olllca, for two daya. Wantfd-a situation, nr a youmo womaw. to do ptaio aaw mg, by the ikj or "AM. Apply at fl I M ar. SITUATIONS WANTED?HILBS? AT TUB LARGE KMM.OTWIINT HOUSE. CORNER Sixth aremic ami K evealh MNM cae aa found mill Ing situations, In ct nn'd onuotry. ? fu I supply of well rs commen i< d m i'i and lainala balp of awry description ; also, balp lutelj landed. Ant paymaster or a record or thibd rate <"??e .supply exuepted) eii'tAnd to aa erk. under f<a act o'~ kl-<y !>. 18'A, ran hear of ona who baa had thraa years' a* oerteixce. aud who wi-lie* to zo to aaa, by addrsas iagCt arle-i Uen'drtckaoa Posto ice Haiilmote, Md. AMaKRIP.d GERMtN WISHES A SITUATION IN the country aa coachman ha understands h* busi ness perfectly; four sears refer*ona fr<xa hia lait place. Addreaa for two daya A. B. 0.. Herald ottos. BAKTftSDERE.?TWO TOUNU MEN WANT 6ITUA. tiana aa bartattdera; understand the bus neaa and will give good r, terencs*. Address J. C.w et y 8 Herald ofllca. SITUATION WANTED?RT A PHYSICIAN (FORMER It surgeon of a favorite regiment), whose health wan >0 much impaired whim in the held aa to leader bun unahle ta pi hotter hia nrofeastoa; will aooenl any pod I a ia an . bu-T neaa where he een earn a fair aalarv and can da the work ia the ordinary business hours. Addraaa A. J. W? Brooklyn Post oflice. TO HOTEL PEOPRTBTORS AND SAtOON KEEP are.?The advertiser aged SO a thoroughly reliable. eom|>etant aud trustwnrt'iy nun who ha* had extm-iee experience hi ti*e business, want" an engagement ?a bar keeper, or tix-tahe the entire charge of a bar and restaurant. R. frret.ce* Drat Addrca? for ona week J. P., Uartld TO DENTISTS.?A YOUNG MAN HAYINO A OOOD expcricn e In vuleanln and metallic work, aa well ai other branches of the profession. ia desirous of meeting ulth an engagement Addreaa for three daya Masonic, llcreld oflioe. til ANTED-A SITUATION A8 COPYIST OR ASSIST *? ant boo kener. bye young man who writes a itood ban l and urd"r*tanda bookkeeping perfectly. Haa gnnd re ference- not a'raid of work and moderate eatery expected. Addreaa (1. II. M., Herald olllce. nr ANTI'D?A SITUATION, AS BOOKKEEPER OB TV aaala'ant, by a peraon who haa had neven yea-?'expe rience in one of the lirat bouses n this city: salsir 9Y7M per annum. Addiesa Richards, box II it Herald o'.lice. WANTRD-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNO ENGLISH, man. from Sheffield, aged 21 years, a* packer or porter In ? hardware, cutlery ur metal gooda rtore. Ha* -been br-night up In the business. First class reference gleen. Audrcss J. M.. Herald office. WANTED-A SITUATION TN A WRITING OEPICB. by a young man who writes a good plain band and can giro ceeurily. Address T. 8., Hera'dkullco. WANTED?A SITUATION AS RARKBKPBR, BY ONB who has experience in the business; bestof refe rences s;iven Address L U. G.. Herald office. Wanted-a situation as coaohjian and v ? groom, bv an Englishman: is a good groom and care ful driver: I* willing to make hlmaelf generally useful. Can glee good clUr reference Address A. U., at Mr. SttlUug's harness store, 1,160 Broadway. | WANTED?BY A STEADY, ACTIVE MAN, A 8ITUA Ion nr. as-l-danl bookkeeper or timekeeper: Inn been accustomed to keep the nccounu of a large eatabilskmunt; would make him*e f generally useful. Good chvvreieronoe. Addreaa .1. B . care of Counsellor Sheehan.iStl Nassau at WANTED?BY A YOUNO MAN. A SITUATION Afi clerk, in nn io-uranoo office; ha* been in the business four years, aud is well acquainted with it; or n situation aa Bale titan In * smre- siwaks Engl sh. K cnch. Oermtin. Hoi landish and a little Spanish. Addreaa s. If., Hera il office. HBLP WASTED-MALES. A LARGE NUMBER OV YOUNO OR A OK n vi.w farm kinds wanted. Ap.dy at 14 flth nr. b * A ssihtant cashier wanteo-mcrt be a noon Hewlll offuSf rele'eEi. 11??,? C?f.(;""Ay v^antbd-by a family on statbn win b- 8T^edMtoh^;.tTnih ?t T ???*?3? ?fcw-ttSisi"*'4 ? rjOPYIST -WA NTliD IMMEDIATELY "a BOY TO ,W1'' "t : b? must write plainly an I accurately App to a .luui-oa. .'m l/nlon square, before 9}-j[ a. M. DF.UO PT.RHK W ANTRD. ? AfPPI.Y at NO 428 W7fl* Houatou St., corner ay. D. for two da . A LAST FA~c haj*ds.?wanted. two single men is ni .es on Lone IAaisI; ifoc.l wages and olraaAni 'A I. ? ^To''ontf TE'>' A FIKST C^8 asasM^SSW. -ssa CittFsM AK WANTED?TN A CLOTH IRK AND TAFFOR ^AITERS WaKTED.-aPPLY AT A55 BROADWAY ? _ VP*. TAYLOR. "1A- AN1BD?A FIRST CLASS SALRSUaN iv a ences. lloi u*HeraM JO? ?""*? wV2f.? j I aassar?"-- Ad? foru wSsftM^jsa TTf ANTED?A YOUNd VAN AOOUSTOMRD TO e.rr?^.'T,^p%ait^V"e^^hVLUa<U ?li?- I"" \YANTED?A 8ERYANT. TO ARCOVPAHf a gpv XT55? *5 WESTS' !?&??/& w 'se^r r?snwii.?SK!2!isus dry Rood, I acking estaM.shmrnt. 159 Iliiane'st. S*'isbur' ? WA\TF.D-TWO TO! no MRV. TO LBARN A LUJHT l"h ars. APP ' "l -7j W8,t Mth between 9tJ> and WA*rED_AN OFFICE BOY. W no WRITES A GOOD *Y linnd. Apply a?,ft8 Ifeaverbit, room No. I. WANTED?A FIRST CLASS PACKER AND PORTCR the >? " ''at and car. henae One .?b.? nodrri^mU the Hns :,^;an can c|r.. ::. 0, referenda may a , ' ,t"1J Bt ... IBM, on stair* before 11 A. M or aftrr 4 1* \t N,,?. n-?d apply v.-bo are hot ac ;tulnied wlla tbe budness, WAKTRO.A coi/LtEO BO*. ABOUT 15 "vKARS o d to ....end In ,i d-ieter aolhca ('all at 2< West 4ti> '* 1 w ?*'? ' Im4 10 o'et iok A. X. ANTBP?AK BLORRLY MAN To |VKKf ig per wc: n*d z:a ^ four ** WAiS?Tn\J? " ^^T'./V:-To^hJ!J1f S?WW ? , ?; *2 wl I**** ?.J?S ?ty ANTED IMMEDIATELY?200 A RLE RODIRD LA VI_ torers n go to (111ion Mead s a. W?crsS<5ner ricnlb a I ?t. on . .4 ? r ? at I'd v. <-?. i V 7 .. J I twet, in.ton and lir-en wicb ?V?. t, ** W YY ANTED?AN liny K.ST, RESPECTABLE RINm R in- fad ?""J'" ' T??? """? beslness; no t h,"' $vf J \ K a' M ? ? >' r, 1 ' * E.,1 I ii iMire alter J A. M. at I i>j JNth at., orncr ?tb av.^over fsnov -tor J. T. LLol l). Amerlcsn Map Publisher, 23 Cnrtlandt st TUB TRAOBI. Jj'NAMELLED. .IAPANNRD AND OILED CLOTllfl \ o1id,? ,n'n.',"h?" A- TApr? m?i^bor..u?h J"Jl h' y lit?'1 with the rnnofa<-?>.n ?>( tb- abnrr miods and L^'.J ZTIZ* ' H*r'" 'f "-oufaetan^^ loy - n-ss r.n M oo """icementswith some party in tots -. ii ? ,..P ""?"hinery ir r^itiir# . Amu p>t a( Wtll be glfwi W ability. Address ixts .?] j?..y, p0?i o;il0# pISfOL TOOLMAICERS WANTED _ _ AKMR CO.. 4*4 Broadway. To photographers.?Wanted, an BZOKIXKm operator who.understands the Le SMto idlodion ,r. eewi of iiho og-aphlris. Wages ?V)0 n-r month. TF^oe! man preferred. Call for :?n days at 178 Pr nee at. top door Tin and nitert iron workmen wanted-to to n short dl iau e In the oountry: one used l - shls wor*: a yr^-l man tc.y hare a ?teedjr job and good wanna Apply lo Packard A Htll. I9.i Waisr st * WANTED?A C'.RRIACK OLACK.SMITH to isaa luht buttles by tboRdcre; a year , -mnlerieni -.7 be rlyeu io? fins rale aad coaipsi-nt -orkmsa Si rths ?ff&Sga&'3Sfau *&??% rale aad compnlent man Ibe hhbeet wages will h? .J I?! none others,.reapply. Addr^ LecS Bo^^c.n^.t,1 "\\r a NTED?AT TUB NOV El.TT IRON WORK* 7m 1,. ? lu ??ke charge of Ih.UpJJ shop; services to eo-nm-noe mi later than October I IMA n^'worti; N. Yh r*f"r",tM' l? ^ ?? NiyJlii YYANTKD-A GOOD TINHMITII; ONB DMD TO^ITr" .?.:, S'S 55? J?.rK; w ywsVpswiiiSyyiLi'Stl York market and who ha- enon?b enp ta! to sarry n.. ,v! I.M-lne-s to t-ke a place within (en mV. ?f ^yi?. tb? shares, for a term of years; orlne prop-rty wou'd fJ! l.ldt None .. It tnoae fuHr romprtent need apply A.ldreiT ?m? reference, Imi 3 71?New York Poet oiliee or R ?' ? . low A Co., No. S Pine street. 1W * H' Lui~ VU ASThT)-A GOOD MACHINIST: ONE |!CEn~i^ per week. Apply ,e E. K. Tower. !Wft Breadwa^. ' WANTED-A GOOD LITHOGRAPHIC PRINVWn Apply at Wm. O. Roberlaoo's, No. 12 Ann WANTED?A PRACTICAL HOCSB PAINTER. i> quire at IIS Nassau at., third flow, bJk. ",* WANTED IMMBIHaTKLT-A FIRST OLASS~nniJ eral upholsterer, who thoroughly nndee-tand- the m?r#,sdd,^#:>!:Vr*\',f 8 ,arK* nfdnuf^iuTi,.;" c jrhr ment. Address, with rsferenee, 0. A. *., Herald oflloe WANTED?A BRASS MOCLDBB; ALSO A CORB maker for brass work, at 114 Cannon st. WIMBI, LI41VORI, AO. ^ IJIJCCRSIONIKTS -ROCRHON AND < LA KF r rilRiP !a E.oo lent Bourh n fre-n $ to ?3 nf a. on be Bottle and O arm ai $ , DO a eaU: A c "' K.w iaT.! MfML l>.VIU<'1*AHA<< * b"'""** ?AoiDtd Boo n. IS Aon HELP WASTED-r?KAlll. m^amkrican tocno lady waBT*?-*1" ? E," keeper du lag the summer: moat. Iwwnni ii?d af.a* amiable dfspositlou; no ehildrea In the bou?e. Taaoa that ?uuia permanent and pleasant borne will be gl en. A dress C bar lee R. Foster. Herald ofllea. TOUNO LADT. IS TO 17 YEARS Of AQB, W1ICT ad, ae oompaulen to a young widow Uvl n ?ral arran made with an agreeable person. Ad die. Lonely, care Mr. Uo4lre>>dSf Broadway. A WIDOW OF MIDDLE AQE. WHO WOULD LIM a good borne and kind treatment, and 1?' a iltuatloD to loo. alter eervants and act aa housekeeper, can call upon Mm., 180 Bleeoker et. CXLOAK BANDS WANTED.?OLD HANDB FRB / ferred. 8. D. BCHl'VdJB. 68 Worth ak CTORSKT HANDS WANTED?OPERATORS ON SINQ J er a machine: barter, and bo ? for cutting and hon In*. Anplv to H. Carpenter A Co., 640 Fearl at, 1? doom ?ant of Broadway. _____ DRB881IAKBRS WANTED?141 WB8T SIXTEENTH atreat Good wasea - Dressmakers wantrd.-nonb but b""1* enond ban do Alao an errand girl, at US Clinton place. Four small girls wanted-in a I?'a*BB?rR factory. 82 P'r week paid whlla learning. Apply at 137 B.eeoker at, room 18. Farm house-wanted, a woman of on* And eleanly bnb ts, In a fnkm house. IS Long Island: mail be a good plain cook end undeetand how to look a' ler a enia l dairy. Apply u>-dAy or to morrow (Monday) to Mr". Campbell, SuS 1-ackcU at. Brooklyn. Good wages and a good home.-a piRL OF American parents from la to 17 years of i."^1: bra \onng married coop e: one who could be treated aa one of the family; rould aucnd nehool If desired, muij be nenl aad hone-t Such a one may hear of a good home and good wags, by addre*etn?J. R. I'reecott Herald o lice. WANTED?A GIRL TO DO QENBBAL HOU8BWOBK. Apply ut 154 Grand afreet WANTED?A LADY. THOROUGHLY ACQCAINTRD and skilful In tha art of retouching aad finishing photograph! In India Ink. To one who desires to make Dial a hnslueas I can give uteady employment The beat re'e rence as to ability and character required, rinaee Mate traces per week. Aa 0 ty roferenoe. J. H- John ton A CO , 150 Bnwery. Address Q. W. Wntera. Artist Klmlra. N. T. WANTUD-A PROTESTANT WOMAN, TO GO A short dittanoo In the country, to do general hoiisework. Must be neat and tidy, n good wisher and ironer and n good plntn cook. Apply on Monday, at 13 Joka ?t WANTED?A LADT'S MAID AND SEAMSTRESS (French, or understanding Freneh) If with sond iw forencea, and willing to go to Europo, apply to t'7 New rnik Hotr.L ? ? WANTED?A GOOD LAUNDRESS AND CHAMBER nihil. to co Into t # county for the rummer. Apply at SO 2d st, between the houreof 11 kudJI; WANTED?TWO TOUNO LADIES TO LEARN TO AT, tend in a first class saloon, where a good home is ?sen. In'pilr? for two days at 109 Greene street, between unsion and Bleeciter streets. WANTEl>-IN a PRIVATE FAMILY. PON ONE month, a nrat rate seam?ires?. who understands all kinds of family aewlnc; one who csn operate on Wheeler A Wilson's sewing machine preferred. Call nl *76 Bloomllcld atreet, Hohoken. WANTED?A GIRL. TO CUT CARDS; OOOO WAOM Vy and steady employment. Apply to W. M., 34 Vesey st. , Wanted?a lady-s maid; one wno under stand* hairdre??ini? and Is thoroughly competent , French or KnglUU: reference required. Apply at Orainoixy Park House, room 143. Wanted?two smart girls; one as cook andlnundre's: the other as chamb?rmald and wait ress. Brine good referencea. an I auply at 73 Clmton'place. near 5th av?., ou Mou lay at 10 o c.odk A. M? anted-spanglkrs and trimmers FOR hoop skins; highest wa^es paid anil steudy ?mploymenl guaranteed. Apply to Audita, Kelley k Co., at n?w factory, corner of 33d st. and 8th avc. Wanted?a woman <protestant preferred), a. cook and laundress, for a yery am nil family. Nona need applv with ml the h-st of city references W.yas *10. Apply, from 10 to 3 o'clock, on Mnndiw. at 3d West 3.,d at._ \\l ANTED?A LADY'S MAID OK SEAMSTRESS WHO V thoroughly understands hairdresain^. Apply at 16 Warenev place, from lu to 11 A. M. ^ WANTED?A GIRL TO DO PLAIN COOKING AND gencrHl housework. No washing or lr"l,'0*'_"0<',i referencs wanted. Aupir at 31 West 4ib ?U, corner of Greene st. - WANTED?BK<TRAT, FIRST CLASS DRIv3fiM AUEH L on* or two apprrnt. uia and an errand hoy. Apply at 1:5 9th St., near Broadway. _ WANTED?MACHINE HANDS, TO MAKE DRAWEES and llannel shirts. Apply at C. Taylor a, 713 Broad way WANTED-SETERAL EXPERIENCED dress nrnkera!* Apply to Madam Collins. 2J West lith at.. twelve door* irota Broadway. . PBASONAL. -GOOD BYE. SHALL RETURN TO-NIGHT . What jrou anhad me Is true. Shall 1 never see you more? Answer to-mr ofllne: AN4EL COTT. SUPPOSED TO HAVE RESIDED IN or near New York in i*?7. A liberal raward will be paid for any Information of him or hla heirs. Addrea# J. Bennett. New York Post olfiee. FOR ADOPTION?A BEAUTIFUL NEW BORN MALE child, ?lih black lialr uud black eyes, to nircctiouale porsooa. For parllculara apply to Dr. Coi, U7 t annine street. _ _ fABRY H . TORKVILLB?COME HOME AT on ow nt mother. Harry h . yorkvillk-comb home at once, or write where you are. All is forgiven. You know not how Inexpressibly dear you are to your aoriowmg H 1 IS ANXIOUS TO HEAR FROM NEW YEAR'S .-friend. _ INFORMATION WANTED?OF MICHAEL. WILLIAM. 1 Dennis md I laiinril Kelr Ion, who lelt Ireland about .4 \ears ago, from the oonnlr Ltinerlck. town of.Abhle Kail. Last plsoe liea-d from was llvinr in 1'ljl a p da a id Si?ie of obio ir t lib should meet tb. ir not ce tney will p ??? write to ihelr iht-r lUon. wno is lat-ly landed fro n Ire land, and is an Mens to hear from them. Address l.ana Helrdon. carc of Mra 1'. Mehally. 43d Grand sireel. New York. INFORMATION WANTED -OF da-id burns. A MA. I chmKt iiailv? nl sterllniDhire. beotland; landed m New York June't. I-HS Irom thn ship Hdinhnre, from I/Teri<.ml. All. oers m who V. 11 |vi irilonnatlon of him in his w fe, Mra Hum., vl) 1. rd aven-.e. will be rewarded Canada and Ca ilornla papers please copy. IK THE PERSON WHO LEFT A PRESS TO BR | 1 madeyit 467 S xth *veou? does not call lor It in t n days ehiold to pay e ':p n es | NFORMATION WANTED?OF MARY KAHILI, BY x J/aowd ('.MIL ! t S-or a: u O-olane, liemnd. ten je?rs n.o. Address Daniel Cai.Hi, lookers, .N. Y. TonN BPUROEON BAXTER.?INFORMATiOM OF ?J h rn desired by hi hinde r. \Y Mood, IPwI-r. S Faster wa a mernhnr of the IVa dnnrton re.npeianee H n nlil l-'Muet in 4, ard In- ?nl:e?-i a: th .i time was to P man ml Sm l . Haw ..tret. New ?ork Addiosa B Ueopnr, can of i: .roi ?A Ruck, :i < Fo dli str-et. Mai d ? received tour ordkks; will send as ? rderod Wed ail tv nnlo s bj the lour J*- " ** press Mocday As ever, ifnly. _ . MRS J I) -CALL AT STATION A. 8PRINO STREET, a* 111., eai" let'ers f, r you from W. ?t. I hare not heard s.nne I left Ito.ton Flea-n an-worlthpMigh I er-mnala. an i you will immediately alheiwarda find letters lor jo t at Station A, H|,rtu? street. Mr BRORTKR?WHO, IN J ANUABT, 1MB, WAS COR; uected with (he "Pierr.-|.,.nl HI In this city, will corner n favur ?n n Irteui ini>?r of In? * R''"4? wn iinx hi? addlXJS to K. W. F., MTI of box 084 New N 0:K POOl o;: 00. IR 1A19BTT. nmtMn coxfoiitoi. ft VVTTTSD "to imiued fttclr !??? f r . or lo^doono. csorticr K'.tn ond Cooftl oa thero i* just now ihc opportu ty wUhcd ft?r by hia? rOTICF..-JAMBS WHITWORTH. STONE _M*RORy 4 furntcr v of Well'.eld. Rochdale. Enz'and. will henr of methlmr to bis advantage If ho ?? 11 Irora'*?fA? event address Immediately to Henr Taylor. Albert st act. t etadale. ore of the exeeutor* under the will of the late imuei Whllworth. of Wellue d afore-aid. > A. C.?1789. CASH ON HAND. 9871. n ^ ^ Robert wiiitb. of silciibstkr ROAp. KKN Slnsion l ark. Lon ion. Kngland. who arrlTed In this rountrv about April i? 3. w II bear of somethlog to h.a ad. rmnttgo by ?PP'ying ot.43 Firit N. Y. ? Ran away from iiomb-huoii macklb aokd ten raara stout built. Ilghi complexion an J blue nres. Any InformstPin regarding Iilrn will be thankfully reee red he hla fataer, Frank Macule 261 Tenth atenua, between Ywenty^slith and Twenty seventh streetn. Tub idiot nov. cobnelius oarvin. who mas brought from the Truy Poorkenee end wne eold in thie eRr n.n-nhstl'nte, fer jaWi?The>Preelden^t?f tbo Uelted gra ss aiys there Is rea?on to bellare ihls Cornellna Oarrln I. an liilot. and that he Is kept In the Fifty second N. T. F. V. me reeled and dniled. to avoid the exposure of guUtypar fili. Will tha Hecretary of War hava the thing prebod? jT BUFFAM, EX-UNITED STATES CONSUL AT . Trh ste. will hear of something to his advantage by ?ending his address to De A.. New York Hotel. IuTbIRS B. LBWT8 PLKASR CALL AT BROAD war Cost oOoe, near Canal airnot, and get n letter di rected in hort -aj _ _ riiRHITUUt _ AT PRIVATE 8ALB-MAONIF1CBNT HOUSEHOLD FanHture, the property of a gentleman leaelng t .0 eitr. Planoforla, Blageres Sookoasa, Centre Tables. Draw mg Room Furn lure corered with br.wade; Lurtein" i? match, Bronre* rain tings hiatnary, Cham bar and, D1 n1?? Room Furnltura, Chlaa. Glass Slifer, Inquire nl 113 WnM Twanty-thlrd street, near Sixth avenue. FBRNITCR* for BALI.?ONE RORBWOOD BURBAU, one very line Cln k anil Mantel Ornemnnts, IHU yards Valvnt Oar net I ng. Must he eold. Apply nl or addraen fouodry oil) on, 19 Greene etreea ' 4 OA Is. WOOD-FOR SALE. TINE, OA* AND HICKORf Wood, by the load cord or ??*" ?? 1>>* 'owssl mar_. ket prle.-a RuWLAND A CO. Second pvenan, between Thirty -filth end Thirty sixth streets. OCLM4TII ANDjdURHITI. Mrs. dr. w- son, oculist and aurirt, wr? French dlMomas, laid of U,a A tor H#"*5'?nd i.a ticaled traeje lor t ,e l??t el.-ht yara wlih markedan^ fsx'H n* seccesa .uarsaisa. to iia discs #S o; the eve am lids t hni h.v. bj-sn, found^neuraPinj al any Incnrshle nature or h-ny b of nf|.,v bf |0-o. In then d or yount permnnentlt cured 'm7jJ!,11na.|ons be crnt remedies Ample elty miarencea L^suliViews oj twean II and A nl ?M (nnw number) Went Thirty tonriw ?i rent ^ . BILLIARDS. FOR SALE-TWO BILLIARD TARLBS, WITH CUES, Aa. all in ucod order; l'h?Un A Col ?" qiiire of .lollN K KIKAHS. NRwkirk Houee. Flya t.ornem, Hudson City. N. J. riVARCUL. A"*?0 .Wife open daily. MONEY DEPOSITED NOW WILL DRAW 1NTEBK8T FROM JDLT L M. D. YAK PBLf. President. CHaM. D. BA1LIY, Tnuirw. Jo A P. Cooes*. Secretary. N B.?Until thn alterations In ths Banking Boom nm oosnpistad ths Bank will occupy tbn basomsnt of lbs abort promt?a ?. "BALTIMORE AND MARYLAND FUNDS WANTED AT X> low rates. Now Orloana bank notaa alao purokaaod at *WM. H. MAR9TON A CO.. Bankers. lT.WaB street. fNONTINRNTAL BANK.-NBW YORK, JUNE 18, 1844. KJ Dividend.? i ho Board of Directors havo this day do cared a an ml annual dividend of four (4) per oent on tho oapltsl stock, free of government tax, parable on and after Tuesday, July A The transfer books wl.l bo s.o^od froaa tho 2ttk instant nntll ihe.dth day of July. 0. F. TIMPSON, Cashier. TYOUBLOONS, JJ FRENCH GOLD, COPPEB OBNTB of all kinds bought, and best pr'cea paid for them, by NICHOLAS A CO., M WsJlstrest. Globe mutual life insurance company, Corner of Broadway aud Fulton street. Now York. Authorised oapltal 8800,100 Paid lu and deposited with State Department 8108,800 TRUSTEES. LOSING ANDREWS, Lonug Andrews A Son, leather doelera. 72 Gold street. CHARLES KNhULAND, Bogert A Koeelaod, bankers, 49 William street. JOHN TANNEST, Yanosst A Hay den, hardware, 79 Beekmsn street. JOHN BUri ERFIELU, Wells, Battertleld A Co., Ameri can Express Com pan v. JOHN K. 1'RIJYN. Presdent Central Bank. Brooklyn. 8AMUBL R PLaTT, Adrlanoe A Plait, hardware, ld8 Green tv <:h street. WiLLIaM HaRSBLL, corner Maiden lane and Water GEORGE LORILLARD. New York, SI LAS U DUTCH KR, Duicher A EUerby, merchants, 68 Pearl street JOHN MAlBS, wall paper manufacturer, Bror.klvn PLINY KRBKMAN, President B. O. BLOBS, Vice President. H. O. Frakman, Seoretary. O. P. Firi.o. ) B. R., > General Agents. B D. Gar, ) X. Fssj.ioif, Medloal Examiner. MARINERS' SAVINGS BANK. NO. 1 THIRD aVRNUB. Deposit* will draw Interest from I be 1st Of July. jroN ?ate&iKPii'aAs.iV&taaa.'SSi I to ? o'clock. THOMAS B. 8TILLMAN, President. IrAAO T. Suini, Secretary. VeiNlNQ STOCKS? AS-WELL A8 ALL OT1I8R \| of'securities bought end s?!d at oil ihe Block Board* sres&g \t'^|30 shares Cleveland Trm Mining Company. 300 shares Marquette Iron Min na Lonijiany. 200 sberee Black Hawk Gold Mining Company, Ac., An, Ac., APP'f*0 qico. C. DUNffiAR. 46 Pine street, corner Willioiu street. * rnid'T TO LOAN-ON BOND AND nbRTQAQE. IS Broadway. N. V., room 27? ? ATATIONAL ITFR AND LIMB "?Tr'S^jSSs" O.OAKlZSDCHDEB^.JB^lLOH.mS With the privilege of Increasing it w? $.t) ms)0. Jblsoemp*'"y M^C^inany'^ihe'^nl'teJ^Sinle*.^ ^^ihcsrTs^l'iierl ^rsUnorr'nraVmVlnTl^oT'the United States, and flonal stock on and after ihe^yUy ^^."p^Msnt John I. Cii.L?r, Srcrrtarv. . ES&KWi fsSir^B^as MsrsvfciJ*. Yubaoousty. California, May, 1 PCA , vvwWTCW of rilK CHICAGO AND NORTHWRSTKRN ChKO-Oaml h<*tn .i>n Chicago and North v?c?l?rn to b< o rhun :ed to. MOC. w tm ~e. .. ,. ,u,icairo ^"VU^^'n^ . rred^stock and sharcAif tbft Ch'V?r.,vl NoTlbwoMeVn'^om'on. with three do lor. In ?*!>? '?'?"?? "A" mJdi"wii'tbamoiVp wired" ^nce at STEMr' S pan/. rvPPIOR OF THR ILLINOIS CNNTBAL RAILROAD I I romnftflv. NCtv Yoirt. Junil 14. I The Asartr^ ce?.;r"" ASSTri.wn5Sut"a^5. the stock end cau^t ed that ila. and epeu on ?' VaLKKR, PvrrICS OF THK MARIPOSA COMPANY. 34 WALL sr??? i'M 301 1217*772'Bid. 91- I ."68- 1.187, l.d-'l, 1.387,1 -ftO *&? Ind^hattie same will be ould m gold on the l>-t (1st of July next on pretrial on at ihe oToe of the fO'?P??r Vlni. mmibe nresmted for p? meet wlthm ten d* carter the 1st ?iv" f UCyMies*. under ie.n?iw of for e.ture of the right of redemption under th.s dr*wln-:. Naw Toaa. June 3. !;>>?. JOHN WAIT, ?eae.?ry._ ThUHLIC NOTION IB HEREBY GIVEN?'THAT 111K P Trea^nrcrof HieStaieof lllnols will, on and after the Jet Motldac of j.tly next until the 'J in -Ht > 1 .L ?1 r I* n- il'n t inert en E ichntife B ub. <"? eiTv"*?'V?? V 't. wp" 'the matnrtns on L?r Cjjst tpws: ? K*t* Held Ho! tare of mill Is n <1 V. .? I on i anal Bond*. I ??ee ^^ALKXABD: r'mW. T eaaurer WM-miI HljlW sovTr;^t7.o"ANKso-,MKJ;; Tonnes, e, Kentucky and New Orleans k,,t. Bankers and ltroeera, 19 Wall street. TF.LF.GK tPH STOCK 4. 'I || ?!,tir?" Western L nion r,.r sale. 150 al.aiiM I'niud Stat'-" lor ale. Ac., Ac., Ac. API'lJ 1? ORO. C. DUNBAR, 111 Blue, corner Willis o street. mrv sn.R ovrici; of thk new jersey ring I .. .. in-- i n>?riv .tr .??. Nfv Mirk, June 11 A? ; I ! from '.be 3 i* to the ..J.h^o-... Nu!M's^b^[ ^ .|.|fMarvr, I TTNION PIMP. NAVINGH HANK. Var ok \ ) s-m. i?7 and 429 Canal stnet. r urner of V* M ^^fpiiPda'lV Vrili tenA.B. to ti.r^V'M jaVt ^ Monday, ,t mn<\ Smurn*y rr?nioi!< frftm \q n. r? * ?Mir t?"* v in'e*est w'owed on siv.-s ?r ?M?. and undo . a?d tire per oont ou HAfGDWOUT, PieeldonL OsnnM.K S. Cnsrl>, Hcerswry. 1 i\i\WANTKP.-A IItOHLT RKAPKCTAIILK LADY S[00 who has become |ioouniar'H embsrress-d wi ? if oioi nd a friend a llllns to imm ?die'eli ?*-i?l ber. isod lakes itee upon ao..- bandso. .e furn.tinj ..-Htthr Ime "' ?n"?^ con.p .bid. and would also ba u'a l to nejir j^r If fro', r liable pariles. will be prompt./ answered. <s?l r l\f\r\ WtNTFD-ON BONO AND MORTOAOB, Svl 5 000 for a ter n or urnse. on '.r? Class Real Estate, in thecltf of Brooklyn worth "?*? nt- nt She imouni; rale of not .-or SI* oeroent, no brokerage. Address J. 8. B.. H?riw eAse. SPECIAL kotk bs. ?rsnitv BXCBABoi DISCBANCB COMFAN*. BRW Is v??fc June 13 ISfel ? At e regular nieetlnf of the V.rd oV Tiirrciors of this Company, held at their B?" . ,!?\ T n. Lowbrrle was uaanlmouslr eleciod 1're.ident, to nil the vaoaasp caused by the death of the late l'reaideat, Jeeeph Bslchoea ^^'^obor, Becrelswy irar aWTItn?FURNACE MANAGER; A THOROUGH 1?T W inmi^leiiiand well tried 'urneee m toke the ft':S? of thla mad'"whiTion advantaire for tha sieeteet prodinittoe of hot blast coke metal a good po-Hlon is sow offerel. whsre a liberal ^'ary rsrtw'?*ssr>w,ih f*" " rslurvaoea, bosii.-Wl M. T. I net oti.ea. NI7K CAUTION ANY ONR AOtlNRT NEGOTIATING " 'ft""!'Jo'IiSftd Maw Yoh?, Juee 18, IW. B1 PINB ABTS. IBAL'X ARTR?BKAl.'X ARTft.?LR NACTO, LUN -J des mil s leventeurs d'on nou wish perfsotloaneinsnt do a deeoiiyerts de noire immortsl Dacnerrs. vleat d'liniisrtsr am Ital Uala un asuveau preoe.lh sibumeaiuee ou II ae mauque que la reproduction des oeuieurs. Tons lee pspiers eibuinines employes tm Rlas Unli eel ?ent hlen reenmmaads* ttls que e.-rix de MM. Lslonr, An ton*. Kunhn. Krerterlek. Ae., Ae.. no reprodslseat que dee portraits lilkoertnhies eom)iares arse lee .jtrsnres oei tor tent des chesel. phopigrsphl'iuea do peplsr Le Name. Cemmn ce psplsr as rend a Parte nl en proviues 2Au franae le rente, II sera rend ie lei le memo prt*, end fAVsn or ou ergeut. Depot :C4 Hudeua street, obex Madame UKOI. Secar Store, New Tork. TUBT OUT?THE "DRFAM," A RAKDNOMN LAnOR ?l fancy Fleture. ISild, free by mall for $!? Al-o new card I'tiototraphs. from Hie, if cents each or 81 l? rer doreo. plain; oolored. 25 rents, or |J A'psr doisn. Rtereo. soepia views. To cents each, or $7 AO per detea. Adraalasa Flaying Carls, 73 cents a psch, or $8 per detsn. Hand yeur orders to WALFIRH. Rook Agent, boa 8,388 Poet emce. pHOTOORArniO MBDALMON8 FOB TBB PRLSL dsatlel aampelgn. with see urate photographs of Prest dent and Vice Pree'dtnt of sash partr, enclosed in neat and aievea! mstalllacoast Koch rase wnlsin? the llkrnrs of both Pree dent end P.ssldenl. The style ls>ntlre|y ne w end different from aa) thins her. lofore mede. Nprriniegis eent to any addreee, hv msll, el IS rents eaeh, $1 80 per doren. Liberal dlerouet to the Imda. Manufa. tared and ?eld wbeteoate aed rstaN by JOHN OAUi.T. Nix 1 Park place, m, t. RK MOV A LB. MOTAL.-DR. GIBSO.N I1AH RRMOYRD TO ? VE*A Fourth streel, near Hroa>lw\. (old Ns. hit rthsi-eet ) N B.?A mrdlea' studen< re-rlred; an odloe boy, oolored, about hftdsn rears eld wanted. ?onc4u A "UfiSOTSX S*oofr**oroETi rom A *!? Ooat I6M, S* $3jA. Including stool and aovar; Parlor Bull, oust 8490. for $tt?; Bisgerva. Mirrors, fam ing*, Ithm tttatuarv. Chamber Furniture; la uaa but ? *aa moalhe Ta ba sold at a eecrthoe. Inquire at llg Meet Twewty-third street,ajarBlith aranua H LAM KM. PRACTICAL PIANOFORTE MaKEB. ? H Walker street, N. T., offer* for aala well at?da Piano*, with all tha modern improvements. at price-* la defy eompetlUoa. Dea era and the musical nubile In particular are respectfully Invited to ?!?? him a call. Also aeooad hand Plaaoa at law price*. Pallas above. VfUBIC? INSTRUCTION OB TUB PI ABO, ATM PES JVl manth. with nrtvllsee of dallr praot ee. at 744 Waeh. Ingloa street, near fault, and JM ThlrtJ-aUth street, third doorjrest of fferenth avenue. MUSIC.?INSTRUCTION ON THR PIANO. AT $? M per month; long leasona with privilege of da lr prad lice, at 189 Hudson street, near Canal street. NSW MUSIC IB CHEAP FORM -"HAPPY. HAPPT festal Ere." "fourth of July" and "The Ualoa Moat Stand," ror atrawberrr festivals and fourth of Jalr ee'w bration* Price So; SOc. per dozeu; $3 per hundred. Mailed it.the ratal! price. h6raOB WATBB8, 481 Broadway. PnbUahor. T>IANOPORTBS TO LET?AT S7 Bn, $X S3 00. $4. tl J and $8 a month, or for rale at SU. $85. $lu0 $128, <1?JL STF). $4i?), and one white and go <1 $480. Mualc taught aad I'lanoa tuned, by Prof. DUM3JDAY, 188 Oraod atreel. PIANOFORTES OPBTERT VARIF.TY OF STYLE ABD pettern. warranto I of the best material and workman* ship, and un in passed in un couth an.l dehcaev of lone ot s'aatlclt' of touch Applr at the manufactory of JAMBS FAN RIPER, l7d Wooster street, between Houston and Ulrecker streets, SKTPRAL BOYS. HOT OVER FIFTEEN YEARS OF age. are wanted for Trinity choir. Positive:; no app'k ration rnterP.lue I nulesa accompanied with some expert, ence In miiaio. falarle - from $80 to jiJOO per nnuuni, accord ing to proOclnnry. Address Trinity, lleraid ollloe, gl. lug name, residence, da. VOSR PIANOS.?A PEW OP THE8B Cl.KBHATED Pianos are now on exhibition at WATERS' niu-lo store, 181 Broedivay. They are among the beat manufactured In ltest >u. being Holland powerful In tone, and seldom require tun ng. Call and aee thein 5> new and second hand Pia nos and Melodeon-- to let, and rent allowed it purcha-ed; monthly payment! recoil ed for the same. Prices reasonable. inn A*D 8BCOND HAND PIANOS. MELO* i'UU deona. Alexandra and Organ* to let and rent allowed if purchased. Monthly payment* reoeived for Ihe same. Secondhand Planoa at great hargiinx fur cash j price from $?>U lo $.'tW New -even oetave Piano* at f.22\ |2WI, $273 aod gJOU. I0.0>*> sheet* of mnato. a little soiled, tt let per pego. HORACE WATERS. 481 Broadway. INSTRUCTION. All.-bookkebpino. writing. arithmetic. Spelling, a? , taught for Rid *1 PaINE'S. 23.5 Fulton street, Brooklyn. N'-w Yorlt Collar U2 Bower/ A lt? ral I' lliirtlon made to returned anil disabled S"l,l inrs. and to the families of soldlcra geuerally. In-truotion day u4 ?veiling. A MARRIED GENTLEMAN. WfTH THB HIGHEST ItfMMM, |bo?| to depart tor Europe. would lake sluirg,. o pupils Intending to travel or finish theireducation. Address Tutor, ox lltt Mora d oiliee. A COMPETENT YOUNG LADY DE8IREB A SITUA. lion a? day governess to teach a few sc-hrlar* several hour* each day al ter Be; tember I. in all English branches oi n uucl.on. Address Olio, Herald oiliee. BOYS PREPARED POR FALL BUSINESS ?MB. DOL HEAR. tUr.l Broadway, writt keep his Cainnierelal Acad smr open :i I summer. Pupils wo! become quick at Usurer, rapid bualiirss writers and practical bookkeeper* Uentlo 11 en and ladier eau secure pr.rute room*. INSTRUCTION.?A LADY WISHES TO OITB LBS. sons lu MusK I'i ino. French (w blah she epeaks) Bad me Engl sli hrsnohes. m exchange for board. Ad drear If, f, 089 Second avenue. INSTRUCTION.-AN accomplished and tal. ented Parisian lady dee res to give lessons In French, on the Piano sod In Sluging. Particular utientloo given la youd? ladles who desire t" become twiehers. Iler method of teaching is ani-ertor. Ad.Ires* Madam Anuria de Btop pelelre, 2.15 Stale street, corner of Hoyt, Brooklyn, TO TEACH Kits.-WANTED. A PERSON COMPETENT to Instruct n lady in thn common English branches, miiMC and the rudiments of French and drawing; no ob jtdion to where private nstrucdon inav be had. AiHre'S. ?tnting lowest-term* and refereace as to cspabllliy, A. A. A.,statiou ii. VITANTED-DY A LADY, A SITUATION AR RR4DER M to an tova id. or to direct the studies and res tine of voting ladles about l'-ar ng or bavins left school. Address R. II.?B . 7'1 Second avenue, between Forty ninth and Fiftieth streets. ANTED?A MALB TKACTIKR. TO TAKE CHARON ? ? of a public school at IVi-.'u vxen, New .Jersey. Ap ply to Cornelius Henlv. near the ferry. w BATRIJHONIAL, A LADY. AS YEARS OK AGE WOULD LIKE TO meet with some wealthy gentleman, lit .idle aged Of e'derlv, who la desirous ot finding un Indigent, ntniablp ai-d toeon p'l-hed woman ? itli a vlow to mstr mony Thp adiertiscr an widow iwduped in ctiWhBaMssJtd aeslreP limned ntr aanlstaoe* pecuniarily. She Is sincere, and nnpp bi,t*reim rle parties are invited to respond. Address Mrs. Francis. Camden, N. J. A LADY O ' RKKINKMRNT AND PHBPOSSESSINO unpp-tmnee. aj"d thirty, fee tug must loueiy in n strange city, eo'leit- the ae-io.tntanee of a m ddle aged yen* Un I lion, with a sincere view to matrimony; age not under tiftv. Answer* are requested fiton those w!>o are honorublw and sincere. R.-ier-n es ot the higliost c arart?r elren The *oe and oc cupa'lon must be -let- d. slso an enclosed stamps to secure an .nswer. A id res. for teu days stranger, station 0, New York. TWO WIDOWERS AND TWO YOUNG MEN WITH nmp o means desiro . eorre?-?Jnd the -n oe num ber ?f young la llrs or wldO' S wuliavlew to m i t t un on Y. Ad 'reaa Genres T bo* 19rt Gem d nifiee. V M.?None need apply but sincere, intelligent au'd good looking ladies. MKDIOL. A CARD TO THE LADIES.?CIURLE3 LUiZR. X. !>.. hi " profe-ewof obstetric* and surge y In the New York Medics. Coiicg . "'ml over seventeen years of-niooe*p? fit' practice In thl* city, guarsatcea ? p sittve euro to any lady reqn r ng so elai medical or suiglcal treat cent, in twenty tour hours, no matter how cmnp tested he tav mav be Can he cms lied *t !iis old eitsltli-:ie I pri vate ofhoe. '-Iltj Brondivav. and where' Is never failing medicines can ?" ob'ai:i"d, or seot tut latter i> any psrtof'.hs Ciiit?d Sia'cs price $5. N It ?The Doctor hap ei-gaut ravni and tint b'*t aciu "it no 1st on* and slten mi* in inw clt ? |for pat ins who w ?h to te.ii.iln durlBd IreaV moot. All contuiuiu -at ons strict I v confident oi. At home all hours of tup Uav and avening. ADTICB TO MARRIED LA "'ES.-MADAME RRR. fKI.L. I'et.ial. Pli sic m an Pro <-s?or of MlU'viler*, can b* i insulted a? c i ,1 l v.! <'liambrt street. Hut one lu'.erYtew v. i t t.e necosoarv. No chsr-o for advloe. Iter n fslilbe indict r* rm a.-o oe o ? mile I at iitf1, Libcrtv street, ?.r bv ? all: ire J\ LtI ft lid destre board and t!,? loisi me.lica1 attend i i e during coaitaement can he oc cuitim o ialed II r I ench Pi 1 No l.tric<'$l | cr b >i. ?>? N" 2. whh-b are four He rces ?tron ;?r than No I, and cau fall, are safe and he, ley, price $.'? a hot. i an he rent I. ma I with full dTectopo. N. II. ?Ma in r e licjt-i 1 deems I cr dill to earn Ion ladles a ulnsi l uitntocs m net ad veil sciioute, wo i uoi ou.j rob tiieai of tba.r uieaas, but theli health. Advice to ladie-i?thf. friend in need, dr POlt KKS, h Frvn'i in sirc"t. lh? never ful n g d eior Ann ?iisp.ueais slin.tht bnno-d'.ts'i use hi* French D'ope. Sine rel -i gosruu Id in IWCIII) four hours. Beware of .tn la'tous. HE WISE In TIME?KSMEMBSR TUB BL'RK PEA ? for a ac"0 ty rut" mIUiohi in -r rv: untortn sir w i| find 11 1 . I i. civ i.itlage. Dr. IV 111,S ol i oatiAti-SiieR o.iic- 61 I ranslin sural. Advice tree aud i tual charge fee men. ones. PR. WATRON. AN OLD and RXPI RIkfrai D PlttO utM'nsr, is eaah e.l to gii raciiee a cure in all r?? i nf SSI" r-n tillr-snd w",iom clntig. | do' ur rrsrntow fro a husllirso. Dr Watson J hi?>k. the "ilause and llnre." Ilii.a.. u.<d ttir:iU| tqr nn.uo meal fdatee. te. v:i ah e tnior "stlon for such s sr- suiT-ring fmui ebhrir discs ..- oi deiituiy, or who coniein-d marriaru. Prlrw 81 iso d by Mill.. A tia. Post oil,.-.. 4ID< U-oaieaV. n.A by the auliio.', C-h) Itr art way, next b ock sbors th" metrw politro Hotel. DR. LEW IS' CELEBRATED REMEDIES AltK MILD sndje-'ortl' e I<| their ope atluna re inlre no restraint in diet lo.sof itine or hln ranee n bnaloo ?. |s)??e? iug the la.wei ot eraci-811112 every s of 'be disease la its worst ateen. One trial wilt eonv nee tlist most 'kept -at of their ?uri r sing nrnperttea R ight 'Aaea cured In two da s, or prev?nte | If app tcatlon is made In tune Oil OP No. 7 Hearh attvet, between Yarlelt an I Weal I'.r adway. Knoins ariatigrd so that the paliani sees no one but ttve D. eior. Eatablished to IHtO. Dr. coRbniT. no. 21 cs.ntbe stref.t, brtwern Chainhers and Ren'ln streets, can be conau ted w ih eon denrn 00 dlaoaans of a private rhai aeler A prartl e of Uilrtv four years, ihraa of whirh here henn In ihe hoapltalp nf Now York an 1 London, ensbtna him to treat with succesp nervoua and aeoersl dnblllty. The victims ot tmpoaitt-iw . an call "0 blm with thn rertalnti 1 of tiring radlen ly cured, or noeharsn. N, H ?Sea Dr. C.'s dtp'oinas. In Hits o lien, np member of the New York University Medical ( oliege swd College of Rurgeoas, London. Dr. grindlk, femalr physician and ao conchitr. No, 6 Amtly piaoe. throe tioora from Am ty etteet. makes It his special prtuqh o to treat all irptalp eemploinlA from whatever rense produaed. It sore IP give relief to the most anxious patient in twenty four boaiPk Kleeoni rooms fur Iodine requiring nursing. DR. COOPF.R. 14 DCANS 8TKKBT. MAY BR CON. suited on ill dlseaaes. Thlrtv years exclusively de toted 10 dl eases enables him to wsrrnnl a cure In all e?s?k Tbe victim# of mlspla-ed coiindenee lt> medical pr len 'OfP can mil with s eertslnty of being rndianlly cured or no ony. DR. JOHNSTON. M DI ANE BTRRRT. B*H TOR THN lost tli.rkv years der >tci hi < olientimi le so cltlee pr ac tum. Cures guarasteed In 11 rosea or no charge made. DR. WR8T, NO. 27 Dt'ANR btrrbt. corner of City Hall plaee, enn be sonsnlted 00 e l d's.-aaes with nnppralleled'sureee* A psmsoni and speedy cure guar anteed in a I oases DK HILL CANllR OOMtmLTBD O* ALL DIHl'AHRR of females, with nnivarallsled s i.toosv at No / ItepeR sijeei Ihiee doors from We l Broadway. .Sett Tot* OR. I'OWRRR, 61 FRANKLIN BTRRRT CAN BE COR. stilled grails, with nnparalleled sate, as on all feruslp complaints. Ills Periodical Dew. t'i pnr bottle, ex pveeeiy for obstinateaasee Heware ol Imlta' ons. Dr. WESTS FF.MALK TONIC-TIIB ONLY MRDI etne in the cllr thai ladies ran d"tv>ad en for seedy raHsf in nil ease* no mallei of how long Handing. O1L0P 27 Dnaaa street, corner el City Mai. pla, a. Good nrwr ? tohng man'B frievd dr. W.ARD'R Ni erifie and Preventive rurea n C wo, I w thoul tnvrt ury or ehsngn o( dp t Wa-d t Msg: si tuvi^a rating Pills, f2 por package A sure tor# whe 0 niauuooR ha- been Imnalrvd, UaUAMR QRINDLR. PRMALR FUTBICIAN, NOR IY1 Amity plaae, Ibree doors from Au iiv sirrrt. etn hp eopsnlted on all disease* of D-tflVlea Her mediclpet are sate andeertaln Convenient rwttu for la<lie* wlm desire earn and medical attendance during confinement. M RS MUNROB, FF.MALB PHYSICIAN, REMOVED TO IAS Tbunspeuu street. MRS. BRVMOITRB. MEDICAL AND BCHINIiNR Clnlrvnynnl. All dlseaaes dlsenrered.and cured, If eurable, at Mil Waal Flllaamh street, cornerof Hlxlb avenue. SHATTERED CONSTITUTION* RESTORED BY THR gusranieed remedy. Dr. Power*' Rs*en<? of IJfe^ef. flee (I Franklin street?In lean time than anv other medioina. All those con'emplatlng marrlaga should take Ihla llie rm tiering remedy. Tub laoirb' friend in nrbd-dr lrwib. no.* Rceoh ttreet, three floor* from Weil Broadway, NtW York oily.

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