Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 21, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 21, 1864 Page 3
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IE. jr ether Wants u^Htath P*?*' ? GOOD COOK WISHmTjTBITUATIOM INAMU A fkmllr; la willing to wtol to tot washing aud ^toT^aa no ob /ill oa to go a abort distaste In the eoun 5?%? * 2? tor two "day a at 148 Waat 17th at. near TUtar. ^ A P1R8T 0LAS8 PROTBOTANT COOK WANT8 A MT A uauen; oan urate good brand, pastry and soup*. will do witoA Oou atttl lib ay.. to lb* fancy store. A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN WE***. A A situation aa wal nurao. Uood city references. Call at MO Baal lltb at __ RBdPBCTABLB GERMAN GIRL ^J**8 A. ?IT<Y^i" Ilan aa nurse In an American or KngHeh faaal'f? C*11 a .. at Vmi moan Vranlrforl Kltil DllBDS. 1-TBl tiO >F? in aa nnraa m ?? ?nren?ii ? r - baa at., between Frankfort aad Duane. Crat floor. A BITUATlON WANTED-BY A MAN AND A with one obIM, to go In the ^'^^^. "aU at tRW^VbT My roierenoea vau a? a BKBPfeOTABLB YOUNO ^ ?" beet A tfnn as ueok and !?"n.dr8,,w;.0rrtll ^U^ divi aA 110 ?T referenoa from her last place. Call lor two daya aa ?u Mth at, between 6th and 7th ava. __ a nHFR4HAK6R< WISHRR TOGO OUT BT Till A di, * understands cutting and fltt'ng to all branches; & operate on Wheeler A WW" sewing ntaeblne Can fa MtD fpr two daye at 81 hd ate., over tnc ahoe atore. ~A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, PERFECT IN CUTTING A and rea<ty making of wblto oloih- nnd lady a and ehUdrens dreaeea; alao embroidery of idl htode. wnnU employ me nl io a respectable family. Inqnlraat 66 Alton at . between Grand and neater ata. A COOK'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A^ROTBBT A ant woman: underatanda oooklng, bajrtrrg and pajtrr. In a private family, or a reapeeta de ooardlngAouse. A Op J ?t 186 Bast Slat at., between let anil id uvea. ARB8PB0TABLB GIRL WANT8 A SITUATION TO do general honsework; la a good plain cook. Apply at 170 Smith m.r Brooklyn. . A RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIEL WAKT8 * tlnn aa aeamalresa or laundrees and wa'UAgS j. ha* never lived ont. Can bo seen for two day A at room 11134 Srth at. between 7th and Sth ave. A SITUATION WANTED?IS A Q,99T\.PLAI N?.?(>r !,Tr' excellent washer and Ironer: would do housework, four years In her last place. Call at 116 Weat 36th at A' RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SIT u at ton a* chambermaid ormirao; beat of city xclcr igco. Apply for two days?al 138 XV cit 30ih nt, rear. A" SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE uomnn. aa aeamalresa. Would have r.o objoo. Hons to lake care of grown elilJren. Can cut and flt ?Shea and children', dresses Would like to go to the ?ouetrv for the summer months. Onll ut?411 ?u ave., oe tween -Bd and 2Uh eta., first lloor, back room. ^ RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS oook andtJ nasiet In the waelilng. Has good cllv rele_ anoce. Private family preferred. Can he seen for two daje at 1/ Kaat lltb at. between 3d end 4th *?c^__ YOUNG WOMAN WISRES, A SITUATION AS , oook. washer and ironer. Ts willing to go a thortd a ce in the country. Ha* tlio best of cfy and country rela tentes. Call at 203 Ea-USth -1. top floor, back room. A~ SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, aa plain cook, washer and Iron"; B??"l ref" ?reneen..- Call at *71 'Jth avenue, corner of 4fth a RVSPFCTABIiE YOL'NO WOMAN WANTS A SXaTXJ k atlou M cb.n.bermaId and .Uundges. Call at her ent employer'". 147 Kaat 18th ?t A. ^lURSlt AND SEAMSTRESS.?TIIU FPIRNDS OF A ytMWg girl, but latelv toaded, wlrt io proonro her n altiiatfon in ?om? reaireetabto place as unrae and where there would ho but oue or two ohildreni age 18 l? kind and obliging, wages not ao much *? ut?ject?aJJK? Snrne; lirat ulssa reference if required, call on oraddieea Annie, StiTjd Grand tl.. for a few daya SITUATIONS W ANTED?BY SEVERAL SWISS GIRLS, aa seamstresses chambermaids or nur es: two or them we jutt over.. The heatehauoe to get jo. d Prote-.tant glrla At the German Servants' Institute. Jto. 6 Cl-nton Hall. Aator yUce. OITUATION WANTED-AS WV.SK AND 8E AMSTRBS8; O la capable or taking charge or a ?-oung Infant ; the Mat ?f city reference given; has been four rears iu lastplaoe; no objections lo ino oountry. Call at 611 1(1 av., between jib aud 28th sta. WO BE8PBCTABLE YOUNO GIRLS WAN* BITUA tlons; one aa chambermaid And tbe other as wai treai -f w?uld mAke themselves useful^ Call at 296 Rivhagton'at. ANTED?A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE vnungzlrl. aa cook, washer and Ironer: .thai beat cMy teferenw can be given. Call at T? West 28th el WET ANTED?A BITUATTOW. BT A BESPKcAbLB n young woman, to do general bonsework. Good refer SMa Apply to M'r. Lee. 10 Pell at. i WANTED?A SITUATION. BY X RESPECTABLE young woman, aa cook, washer and kroner, in a rj Meetahln faintly, fleyen years reference from her lna* Sace Can be seen at 178 West Slat at., top floor, front WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A SITU, at on aa laundress. Good otty rafereuee Can be yaen tor two daya at 48>< Prince sC . wh,S"Ts SfS Si Maeekec ata. ^ GIRL. A 8ITUA. . ?. In the washing; referenoa l'rom her last r two daya tiiy place, etween 11th and 12th ?ta _ waraNTBD?A BITUATlON, BT A COMPETENT W nurse, to Uhe care of children; een take ?b Babe from lis birth: beat of eltv reference rrom hcr prweol Mstoyer tor the past four yearn Call at 57 Weat aid at. WANTED-BY A RBBPECTABLB MARRIED WOMAN. Tl With good reference, a baby to wet nuiaa. Apply foe three dare At Mrs. Cavonder ?, 106 Cedar at SrAN TED?IN TUB COUNTRY. A SITUATION AS , J^dsWtSS:H.iliSSSrSSK8SI5 Tartek at, up atalra Wanted?bt a widow lady, a few obildbe*. of tender aae, to Board; will hare all the care ef a ?Other; can giveWe leaV of reference. Inquire in Flra; Sffftue, tbric doort ibore Slit) -flirt ttreti. ? m YlTiNTED?A BITUATlON. BY A OOIiORRD liADYt lHr lo go troTollIng ?? o lody'o inald. V** roforoncoo coo gtven. Apply ftt'I Tlllopy itt BftoHyn. mittiD-BY jfllEEPEOTABLB YOUNG WOM AN. A W sltnatloe tAohambermald and toaaeiat tn*h? waahuic Md Ironing. .* general host'e work la a small family; has Cad dto reference; no obiee'lon to go to the country. Cali Sit Beat Warren at, Brooklyn. - Wanted?a situation ab first class cook?, perfectly undereianda *11 hlnde of oooklog. amine. Mdtry 'elllea and linking. Ceil be aoen at bet present Vuc Beyer'*; 56 WeetT7lh at. for two daya WET ANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE Tf girl ai nurae snd p'aln aewer. or to taketbe eptiie rr' SB Infant; U willing to make heraelf neefnl.and to ?a eho t dleUnco In the country; beat of otty reference en. Call at I IB West IBd at. near 8th av., third floor, ?t room, for two daya WANTRD-BT A REBPECTABLB YOUNG WOMAN with a fresh bre??t of milk, a ValiTlo a-ber Apply at ?7 Broome at, aaooBd floor, back room WANTED?A BITUATlON, BT A RESPECTABLE young girl, as chambermaid or waitress or ?Aid and io a?a at In the weshlng and Ironing; has no ob lactlcD to Uie country fer the anmmer montha; good orty re Srmfbe from her laet place. Call at 234 7th a-'. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG AMD hralthr woman. >? wet ntirr-e: ba? loat her baby Can bo tarn f?r or a wank ol Mi Lown at, YETANTBD-aBY A YOUNO GIRL, A SITUATION AS m chainbarmaid ud waitrcta; good city r>ferrnc* ghm. Call at or addrea -.16 Weal 16th at., uatwean 7th ?aid Nth are. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITU A. won aa anrea of rhambcrmeld: br?tollY rcfranra giron. Call at 31 Woat lStli at., (roatbaaemeni, lortwoda a I*/ANTED?A 8ITUATIO* AS XUrgB. BY A TOUNO Y? perron lain y IT? >111 London. To be artu for two daya at Si 6tu ?? , between 10th and llth ma. TirAtfTEn?BY A RESPSCTABLB YOUNO OIRL. A YY altxiation to do genera' hivmework: u a Pre'. in r ? 001 aad 0100110111 waahrr ami Ironar: baa elty reference flrvra Mr laat place Call at tM 3d a*., near fotb at, aaot>ad i.oor. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RLM'fcCrABI.2 married woman, aa wot niiraa; baa a good br.-aat of gallk; hsr own h?bv la fo'ir memlM old. Can l a area until anga nod at 3lb>t Bait I81I1 at.. betwrrn 1st av. and*ar. A. ANTED-A SITUATION. BY a* KESt'KCT A RLE woman, an; nndorotando all kli<d? of 000k ? and baalotux oh jrrtlon to a hoardln-t lionaa or pr,> ata Br: all vna rl brat cHi' rmareuoa Call at b'1.1 ab tu Uib 11 ii.. kaa ? ? ? 1 1 mac w &I L, Mia Hurhre. aacend i.oor WANTf D-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, aa plain eook. waafearand iraoer; beat ciuria(< ranea. OaM at 80.. 7tb_Btr. ti/anird-by a young woman, a situation YV aa pialo oaok, and irnu?r; good iorera. .n. Call at 131 AdheL W"~ ANTKU-A SITUATION. AS CII tMBtiWISI) t.VD waltriaa In a rrlaatn family br n scat trilaty ?.'rl. If at bar irrr<->xt cmplojer'a, 48 Sl.lntjr pace fortwadava, " reen Sand IDA. M. fANlED-A hlti ATION, BY A rkoTKSTAMTOlnU aa chambermaid and to da ima waabing, or aa leixm Call at ltd 4/tli at. HELP XV ANTED?M A LION. ~3IZT, CENTS CAN MAKB IN A FEW HOURS SELLING our grrat nr* aan<l wnnuriT il ai ra lafkO ?I#A Prlta f lo pay day guar a 11 trad. Rvrr* dollar torr* c,i 1 a than doob'ed. A aplamlid eUld gold or Mix rr lorer thpreoea teg free to each agrnt. Bru xrt men wanted te ibltah agrnrta* In nrrrf texyn and vt lagx. County right* a. fuie Inimanr*; d"taBn<t Inrrraalng J&vanbady b'iyn in. Sand rnrnnr giwalWinwelrcxi!?r for JIW4 ontaiiilng ltt?n*wp^lum ladmwente. free h. C. UIUKAMIH 4 I6B Naaaan apart. Haw talk, original laraaat aa<l I prim package hoaoa In the world. ' * At tub mebcantii.b aokncy -wanted, a trayrning agent, bookkeeper. eaalatant Hpokkaonor. dry aalaaaian. dragaterk, hotrl olark,atitrj clerk, whipping tlmakarprr,roaanotor. light porvr, coachman, traltnra? ?nan" foranbatltntra; other al?iai> iwdt-tabie gar a aan glwaya binl employment bv casing on u?. ,w?r gbantnandothara will And H to tbrlr fnterett to a nd In their g'dma oarlr, am tbar will ba fnrnlahrd with helix gratia MONOOMBHY A CO.. SCI Broad any, room 4, up atalrn. ?Ntg WaNTID?flRST .CLAgS, ? XPBRIBROB0 an, of good addrem aad eo> natomed to tha nw of To ?ii?ih, tuparior ladflcemenle ara o*?r?d. An r gg.?r addrata Itpwlar Adding Maohtna On , SIS Broadway, gram No. A Stale, oonnty and town right* for Mil Com patent yerUaa ran make man ay faau ayjthb oomm s BctAirAoi ncy. " aw nTabd^ ?? A EaainywYtthd ithla Ctt.olark fnremae atyamar, fatal olork. olxrk In bvarr auhlo, entry gnd abfjxpleg ,-larli tar ramnxlan no houaa, <d >tMng Mlaaibgn, gmrrry rlrrk. ?Ha h>t tlhtango aa oorrrapnndrit, light BOrtni , travrllnr for dry gaoda hanar aydaiant booktrrner. Otlxnr aitnntlnna #prn Till and aeo Ilat of taranntna Ralabbahad. nndrr gtabialra palraaaga of, m*rrhant?, for prmaailnn o? rlerka W?.rpnnnotl<>n with Intolligonrn affima, and nmplayraaat pnru'b W rrrnaaublt man Orgaoiiad M06. D*ca| k CO. HBLP WMTUMUUH. A LARGE NUMBER 0? YOUNG OB AGED ItifiT exnsrtenned or not. wasted as nurses and assistants la military asar tbs> c.t... Good wageaglrsn. Alio I firm bonda woutad. Apply it It 61b or. A young ma* wanted-to learn to cot ouitoui shtria; ooo baring o alight kuowlsdga of ihlrt cutting preferred. Muatrroduoe tlrftelaas reference and bo willing to work for ? moderate oompsuidUoa. Toenails, person s'eady employment ond go id Inatruotioaa will bo given. Addrooi Joqy. Mx IIP Herald offlea. A GENTS AND DBA LRU CALL OR SEND STAMP A for elreularr - SO cants for temple of Album Gem Package. 30 cents Mr 13 blade of Album Cord*, lo nm oil colon. NEW YORK AGENCY, Noi. 17 and 38 Nassau street. _ AOOOb WAITER WANTED?LI RURAL WAGES; AT 645 Broadway. K. MKNDB8. Cbosohtiler. TJOY WANTED?14 TO 10 YEARS OP AGE. WHO JjciD ronide with tils usrouts apd near Fifth Aveu us Iloial. Apply lo Caswell, Mtt*ky A Co , under Fifth Avenue Hotol. Boy wanted?a lad about it yearn of aob. Id run of errguds and idake himself generally useful: one residing with his parents preferred. Addrooa box 0,534 Poot ofllce, N. Y. BOY WANTED-!* A MERCHANT* OFFICE, FROM 14 to 15 y?.m of a?e,? uu,?l write well; aalary flrat year $10?. Apply, between 10 and 13 A. V., at 63 Duane at, aeoond loft. Boy wan .'ER?in a lawyer's office, apply at 50 truIUm at, seeond I'oor, front room. Applioaat laurt w rile a go -d udpy i ng band. Bartender wanted.?inquire at 139 madieun bt, from 8 to 12 o'clock; city reference required COACHMAN I. aNTED?NY A EAMILY ON STATE* Ialand; will bare tan hones to take charge of. and will be expected to make himself generally iiasful. Apply between tne hours of 9 and 10 A. It., or or 8>? and 6 P. M., at 20 lii oad at., room No. 2. CtOLORED MAN AND WH'E WANTED?TO ACT A8 /.cook, housekeeper end take charge "f & hmve of about nd070a peraona, to go to Pennsylvania. Apply at W W. Ciarke A Co.'a,'10 J'.uo It., front 4 lo 3 o'clock P. M., with good references. * Drug ?lhbk wanted?a young or middle aged man. thorough!) competent to take chnrae of a Orel class retail drug rtore. To an agreeable and obliging person the boat of wages will be given. Must bring goi.d re fer euce as to houeoty and capability, (tall at 49 4th at., Wil laniaburg, N. Y. Drug clerk wantkd.-onk who understands the city retail business and can come well recom mended aa to honosty, sobriety, Ac. Apply st 269 3d avc., corner of 22d St. DAPPLETONftCO nAVE THIS DAY PUBLISHED ? a new aud very valuable work, sold bv subacr ption onlr, for which they wsut a first i:la?i crept for this city. Apply at 443 and 415 Broadway Exclusive rale given to an . exiicrleuccd and competent hand. N Fimplormf.nt.?a"*oompktent MAN|W\NTED as J deliverer, ur country agent. 27 Boekuian St., third boor. Farmer wanted -a steady and industrious man who understands farm'n r. can hate a good situa tion by applying to B. Van Wickle, 44 Trinity building, 111 Broadway. Z |7>ARMER AND WIFE WANTED?ON A FARM'A r short distance iu thecouniry. Call at 318 Broadway, seeoud Hour. 7URM HANDS WANTED-TO GO A SHORT DI8 J* tance In the country j traces 520 lo $1.1 per month and found Also wanted, men lately lauded. App'y at the Large Employment Houso corner of 6th av. and 11 tU it. JEWELRY SALESMAN.?1WANTED, A FIRST CT.ARB salesman. To one thoroughly experienced a perma nent situation and lib--r?l atnry mil bo paid. Address, with refoxencer. N. O. A Co- Herald olBhe. VTEN WANTED FOR THE NAVY. AHMT, SHORT Jvl whaHng voyages, merchant end fUhTig vovagee. The higheet bounties paid. Call :>t 87 Weyt st.. corner of Albauy, and -80 for your,circa beforo engajlnt elsewhere. __ JAMES A CtA, Agents^ PERMANENT SITUATIONS WILL BE GIVEN TO two active young lode. Irom It to 16 years of age. who ere smart ?pd ,ndu?ttlon? and who reside with the r parents. Mu-t write good handv. Apply at Na 4 Beck man street, at 9 oeloek A. M. SALESMAN WANTF.D?IN X FISHING TACKLE AND iswelr .' store; situation permanent to one wh > can give his whole time, at a mofierate ss'sr.-. Unquestionable refm euce required. Apply to J Little dale, 19.1)4 Bowery. Salesman.?wanted, a salesman in a fur. nishtng goods store, from If! to 20 yeartWif age;.must be a good penman and come well raoonunended. Call atC07 Broadway, X. Y. TO DRU.OGI8TE?WANTHD, FOR A RETAIL DRUG and prescriptlsa business, a wall qnalliled clerk, of good character and city experience. Apply till the 1st of July, lo Gorrtage A Kennedy.313 Bowery. WAITERS WANTED?IN A LAMBS.' RESTAURANT and lee cream saloon None need app'y but these who here a perfect knowledge of their business. Apply at >64 Broadway. WANTED-A YOUNG MAN TO ASSIST Af THE books, la a dry goods commUilon houso. One having soma oxner'oacs and lbs beat of rafersnoea:can address box 410 general Post o files. F WASTED?IN A STOCK COMMISSION HOUSE. A TV young man 13 to 90 veers of ago. ai ssalalant book keeper Address, stating aalary required, reference-, Ac., T. ILflwx 3 061 Postaofllre. WANTED?A GOOD AND ACTIYE ERRAND ROT; mast live with hi* parents. Apply to William Eylo. Jr.. 197 Broadway. WANTED-A LAID ABOUT 15 YEARS OF AGE. TO II a 'mat In a gsnUomea's furnishing store; be must re side with b's parents and furnish good references. Apply el 316 8th are. WANTED-A COMPETENT YOUNG MAN TO ATTEND IV first else- retail grocerv. In Brooklyn. Address for one woe* JAM , box 205 Herald oBee. Owe froui tb# country preferred. WANTED?YOUNG MEN WISHING TO OO TO 8EA. tt Tot ages In schooners, brigs and ships to all parts of the world. Bagmen, green hands, cooks and stewards. RANDALL A COURTNEY, !?6 West street, corner of Reads, up sialrs. TTT ANTED?TO DAY, MBN FOR VOYAGES TO CALI TV fnrnlaand Europe: vamrn. grcenban e?oka And ?toward*. in aatlla;;ehlp?and staa?nir*. R/WDALL, M COURTNEY. 186 We?t at. comec-of Read#. apatalra Alt TED?AN OFFIOR BOY. IN THB DRY GOODS bualneaa. Apply at 69 Murray at w WANTED?A STOUT XOUNO MAN. TO TACK CARS orhnrMr. help to kill and make liitnaelf jrenrralty raeful. Apply to F. A. Lancaahlre, butcher. AiWnt. la tbo ?riTno'.u. WANTRD-A GOOD MAN. TO TEND BAR. ADDRESS, witii real uan.e, J. O , Hera d oiilea. aMt'.ng where last employed nod what wage*. WVfNTKO?A CLERIC. IN AN OFFICE; WRITE A (food baud and be liitellgeat. Acfdre** Georgn S<h sa fer, ataltou D, stating amuuot of pay *ipeeled. r TXTANTBD-A TOUNO MAN TO ASStST AT TUB YY book* In a dry cn?d* ewtntnlaal.-wi hotr?e. One barring emne experience aad the betl of reference* can adilreaa box <46 general F<>at ollloe. WANTED-A BOY Id TO 18 YBARS OLD. ONE WHO on write a good hand and cuiie wall reenrnineodetl may apply at the oflica, 71.: Water at. fT/ANTED-A NAN I'O WOltb A TWO COLOR SATI YY not printing tnaohinr. Apply to l|. Ready, Union Print JYorke, 64 th at. and Sd^ir. ^ TX7ANTED?A E1RST CLASS BARKEEPER W A YY conntry hotel: nine', he a |tlea*?at. neat and obliging it j between 9 and 12 o'ulock Wedneiday unrakag ? yarn! rot-t of Morton atrect. Williauitb'ir*. WANTED-A BOY 17 TEARS OF AGE. TO LEARN the hnl bualnaaa; one who ha* been at the trade pre ferred. Apply at Darid'n, 299'; Broadway, near D-uinc at. WANTED-TWO SMART BOYS TO BELTVRR MPS sages: none need apnlr but time ? well *i-|ii*l?t*.l witb the l ity. Ai ; ly to C. 0. h u.ii-kll, Pi th A veaue Hotel. WANTED-A COMPBTl.NT RETAIL pBUU CLERK m agnn l aiuiakoa; salary good. Addraee R S. Caa well, llera d ofllee. ANTED-A SMART BOY. APPLY BRi ORB ? a'.doelc to A. L. Owihelitt, plnmber, 34d Ri joma at. Appy 1 l lntubar w yyANTED-AN OYSXJBRKAN, AT 141 Oil AIM AM ST. WANTRD-A MAN, IVHO UNDERSTANDS WAITING on tiibte and opeolng uyat ra. ?i the In. :y lion*-, ?lerarr City. POST A MlNAND. \YTANTED?AN 1'XPF.RIRNCI'P RETAIL R AT SALES Ty man Apply at J. D. Bird's Hi Mmadw.-.y. WANTRD-A ROY WHO ? NDKRHTANDSt III ?< GRO .ary and lli-ior buain*?a Mone wpbont r- id dltjr rerearncs nO'd tail. App y ?l *W 7 h ate, comer cf 37th aU WANTRD?IN A COaT. OrrlCK. AN INTELLIGENT boy. from 1 > to 17 year* of air. who wilira a m od hand ami i? cOTiWt at ngmee; miial haif the l-t.t of Thy reference; so other ii??d apply. Apnly et A0 Weal .Hat at WANTED-* V??l Ntl MAN IN A CI STOW HOI l> brfrler'a om?*t imiat write a g.xvd bead and lie oonvor. eant with figure*; h.-,l or r :y rafaranoe reo'dred. AdUiata K. B. M.. Herald ofHoe._ WANtr.D-lMMRDlArWY, MKN WHO WISH TO make from $76 fft f Oner day. by a small Iputtvaot, from $7-4? to $.'? A Important new In rent i n 1'irt renrlrad, Uieat opportunity to inak* money, el thai by travelling or locating In city er country. HOWARD TILDE?', dp!) Broadway. WANTRD-A HANDY MAN TO MEND ROOTS; GOOD tracer; II he haa a " kit ' of tool* of If* nag* will b* allowed. Apply to W in. Mnntslnrm, 16 Maaeau at., room 9. WANTBH-A TOtNO MAN IN A OtlAL OFFIOR, between 13 and 26 year* ft eg*; ner?,a'n*nt elHratuin. Addrcav itating leiatecce aad salary, J. W. R.. no* itn Hetaid odiae. WH ANTBD-A GOOD STOUT ROT OR MAN, ?nk who iindrra.aada grooming tior**?, to work in,* atalda aad male himself rrn-refty <tar-fr?l; wage* fa par week, In quire at th* feed at ore, 126 Mb at, heme.a 1*1 and 2d ara W??ANTED? BOVR, FROM Id TO Id TEARS OLD. TO mark the genie or billiards Call for two ditfa en Capiat* ?' T. llocrcE ?I4 Broadway. fVANTRD-A fOUMG MAM, IN A OROCKIIT STOKB. TV w bo e*a come well rem in mended; al*e a boy wb<. no dwraiand* how la taha care of a hoiae and dsi Var goeda, >..?e aead appty eiaepl wait leaemmnnded. apply el 616 Pearlai, bitaewi 13 and l^a'clnek. , U7AMTRD?FIVH OR SIX BOTS, TO LBARM THB ?? vlaaefnila ad'on trail*; tboaa who lira with tbalr pa re*!* prefei-aed Nna* but auudf bn?a need apply. 4'aU ?6 VSMMat., nam Id aw., mar. ?> ARrilD-A POOD FIRRMANt OMR WHO UMDEB " ttende bi- aoaiuna. AmmIIJI Waat at. tl/AMTBO-A TODRO MAN TO ATTKRO MAR. AP J?" r'F at H* Rneeeaelt al. tomei of Ratarla. WBHANTRO-A GOOD WAi IKHMAN. MUST RE USID to iho aaiTiae . t ajflm ei.aa* ladloa' saloon and restau rant. Arpif at i?4 Hroadwa,. * 1\' AN TED?A COMPRTRNT DR.'.OOOOS 3ALR8MAM, J' at MoKlhinaey A Stewart'a 192 /olten *i, Prcnkly*. R? other jteedaarie, HKIeF WAWTED-IUMIj^^., WaNTKO-AN HpMBKt, REaPBCTABLB BIN0LIS man. In a pleasant oui bosioeas; moat bar* ?wWi ??? Inducement* ottered to a worthy man. Inquire aitee 9 A. at. at 49jd 19th at, oornar ?th a*., ova* faney store. QC ACTIVE AGE UTS WANTED?IMMEDIATELY. &<) for iha city and country, t-. call Ike moat poMtar "or* In tho United State* Rare Inducements offered. Call on Or addreaa N. M. Shaft: A Co.. 78 Cedar at . raa a No- 3. Innn agents wahtkD-eor the balb or an .UUU autlraly now and almost lndlaponaabla irttcU, juat patented; very light and easily carried: sayy saleable, tad large_i>rofltj to dealora and agent*. (tingle Am plea ten! by madon receipt of 2# routs. Full eeta Of sample* sent bjr express on receipt of 91 4V which retail* for |S 9?. Addraoa Rouser A Co., Peeksklli. K. V. siTCAjnojfi v. a nt ko? n*uiin. A NAN AND WIFE WANT A SITUATIONS AS MEJ& J\ aad pastry nooks: hare had loug experience ta tho buei tieaa. Addreaa II. K , box 169 Herald office. A GOOD NAN COOK WISHES A SITUATION TW A hotel or ree'aurant. Apply at 180 Sand* hl. fcrookl* a.-. Am TTORNEY.?WANTED. A LAW CLERK SHIP. BY A yoqng man. sled 94, at preoent In tho West: hat ok perlenoe and city references Addreaa M. 0., boa 991, Mil waukoe, Wisconsin^ Ahk aotivk, intelligent, snbrgs?ic and honest yonog gentleman oli'ern hia aa book keeper, French cr.rrcspondent" or to do any thins, for a email aalarf; rltv roiererices. Address, till employed, J. Gerard, elation D, Now York. A YOUNG MAN, WITH SOME EXPBRIKNOR IN hue'nee A wishes a altuaiiuu In dry good*. grocery, or anv other brauck of trade whore Industry it required; re epectablo city reference. Addreaa M. U., baa 170 Herald o/Oce. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A PORTER: BEST OP oltr reference! i.-lreo from former and pre aunt employ - ore. Addreaa G. H , box 3,3118 Poet office. - A YOUNG MAN OF INTEGRITY AND RRRPBOT.A btllty, hnTlnx a good addrors and buiiuos* habits, with the beat irforeurea, and who is not afraid to work, wants a altuatlen as clerk or salesman In a whn'esalo or retail store. Address lor two day? Olout..Herald, Any qi?artrrmastbb ob other officer kn tlllcu to a clerk run hoar of one who li'es had three E'ttre' exmTlr.noe by addressing L. K ,?are Ulricb Stotr, si]., 417 Broome ktreel, N. Y. 1 GOOD COACHMAN CAN BE OBTAINED AT P. J\ Traluor'e saddlery twlabhthment. 744 Broadway, cururr of Aator place. Good references will be given if required. Addreaa P. H. Am young man who understands thr drt goods business wlalies a aituallon In th* above capacity as assistant bookkeeper or salesman; nlary no objection. Addreaa for alt days .1. D., box 120 Herald ofllcc. A SITUATION AH WAREHOUSEMAN OR PORTER In a whole said lio.iap In won ten or carpets yvautcd, by a leepeclable and honest man. wbo lias pond and rcspeclK lilo'roicraocea. Ad.'.rovs W. II. W., box -??() H< oUicy. A YOUNG MAN OP SOHKR HABITS. LATELY landed, wants a s tuition vrl h a pr>\ste-durniiy; uu ileratanda Hie care of horaca. gardening, am: can w? ton tatilo. Has a good tecnmuieudation from bis last p'.acn. Call for two days at 81 .8'h st, bitweeu 6th and 7th rti. in. quire for R. D. A YOUNG MAN WISHES A SITUATION AS COACTT man: understand* his business Can bo seen at P. Trainer's harness store, corner Broadway And Aator place. Has t lie beat of city reference front his last employer. Can be seen for two dayo. A YOUNG M AN. 13 YB Alls OLD. WANTS A RITUA t'on to learn the moehlnis' Address C. W. P., Ill North iith at,, Brooklyn. E. 1). CLERK.-WANTED. A YOUNG MAW HAVING BO ME knowledge nf the stationery sua prmtinit business, who In tho hop can make himself generally netful State uunll flcationa and ralary expected. Address Hunter, Herald of fice. SITUATION WANTED?AS TRAVELLING SALESMAN. by a person who command aijoo.l radoln notion- and faney goods. Has travall-d tour \ -ais Wear. Best of refe. rences. Addrc s 8. O.. box 132 Uernldjoiiiee. QTTUATION WANTED?IN A DRY GOODS SC.ORE. O. by n \otiiur man who speaks T French, English. Spa.ilrh ^ . reference Adurf one week 5. 8., r.t \l?rcantlle Agency, Tfl'J Brcadvray. and Cerniau: can five the host of reference Address for itM-r OTTUATION WANTED?BY A MAP.PTKO MAN OF KY O peri en re, as bookkeeper.or entry clerk. Ueferan e will be satisfactory. Addreaa Bulce. hot l. ibS Tost o.l'.it. (jituXtions wanted?for thoroughly com C5 patent farm hsnda coachmen, waiters, cii'-euers. grnmna po tera, sennuta, laborer , men lutcli l?n<ie<i. and helpmfevery description. Apply at. CARPKhTEK'N La-ge Employment Bouse, corner bUi av. and lllh et. Alan female help. TO HOTEL PROPRIETORS AND 8ALO!)N KKF.P ers.?Tl-e advertiser, pged 30. a thoroughly reliable, competent and trustworthy man. who lias hud extNi .va experience In tee bnsuisaa, wants ap eugsxement aa.ber keeper, or to take the e.-nlr/char<e of a liar and restaurant. Reference* i.rat class. Address for oaa week J. P.. Herald office. ?\kiant6d? i SITUATION, ry a toung MAN. AS ? barkeeper or grocery clerk. Understands I lie bnsl neaa In all Its branches. The be-t of refcrenooygirta. Ap ply to A. Dully, 62 Pitt rt. ?YSTAMTRD?RY AW AOTWE YOUKO MAN, A SlVtlA 11 Hon that may prove permanent; was employed two years In a broker's office, and over two years si salesman And bookkeeper In a large retail dry goods bouse- hit correct at flgnres and writes well. Cau come well endorsed by all Kst emptor era Try me. Address Always, rare nf J. B. raoas. 10 Aator House. ? TTTANTBD-BT A KB8PECTABLB TOUNO MAN TV fWolshy, a situation as; is wl ling to make himself useful: eountr.- prefensd; thoroughly understonds too msnacement ef horses. Ac ; or as porter In a store In tiiejciiy. Goo.I reMrenoes. Call for- two ddrs on Mr. John F. Idoyd. 963 West 98th at. from 10 to 9. or address C. E. Jonvw, ears of Br J. P. Lloyd. 233 Wast 98th st. WANTKD-BT A TOUNG MAN. ABOUT 99, A RITCA. tlon with some good house; oas bad experience as hook keeper and some as talesman. The best of relerenoe. Address G. R. D.. box MfttHcrahl office. ? ? WANTPD-A SITUATION A8 OOAOHMAN BY ONR who has had oxneiianea Can fnrnleh the bast of eity reference, dpply at 79 Bleeeker street lor J. M. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG MAN. A8 I Shipping or renere I hardwire clerk. Understand* hi* bu ine a ami is williei: to work. Good refeieme* given. Address for two days H. A. R , statlon^A . New Tot k < I. WANTED?A SITUATION A3 F.NTRT CLERK, BYT young man fully competent; salary not t.0jnnc i of an object as a permanent a'luatibn. Addreaa W. 1*7, No. 4 William st. South Urmkijn. TirANTRD?A PRRMANRMT SITUATION. BY a'tOUNG TV Engllahinan of wood oh iractcr, se ch>rk or ass slnnt bookkeeper: would make himself generally useful. Address W. C., 683 Brooniii st. WANTEO-A SITUATION. AS PORTER OR OTHER wl*?, by a young man wliolai enort wr tar, qtimk and correct at llgurea, and of strictly sober habitf. Cai at 76 Abu at WANTED-BY A STNOI.E VAN OP EXPERIENCE la the business. n alHiat'oa In some ax'*nilve iiry goods Importing hon?> In this cltr, to sell gcodeSro commie alan. by ?ample or otherwiai; Ibe nop) leant haaa perfect knowledge or the trade of the cit* and Stale of New York, ai?o Boston and a I Ibe New England ntaies together with Philadelphia and all tlie leading !o*i.? In the State of Penn I Irani*. Can glee the i xvt unexreptlnnsbld reference, ridrrss H.wrarit, box 119 Herald olllce, wbleb shall bo puno tualli attended to. A TIIK THADKB. GOOD BRAS* OOOK MAktR WANTKD-AT D. Wright's. raar of 191 Veroar ?t. A GERMAN OARDENKR AND FARMER WANTS A Klfi.n'on: ran take eollre charge oi a gen! em.m's p ane. Address German Oootman, Morns'.ov. n Peal oJIloo, N. J. A* bnoussmman. a thorough prai.ticau farmer and gardener le ati dons to aec ire a tltnaltoa. Reference* uooxoepilonable. Address P.. :>l 4.h ar. Abtist.-wantrp, a situation, py A yquno man 21 y?ara old a*n*ststant phctnxrap'ior; se glee goo.) sitl*far:<>ry refeieo e from laet ernph er; no ohjeo Bon to leave lb# city. Addre** for on# steak B. P., No. 78 Yonrtli pse*. south Brooklyn. _____ AN ARCHITKOTI.'RATi DRAUGHTSMAN WANTED ? fall al the cilice. t.?i Broad i as, i o u !? t i 1-77. at 12 o'clock, w'.ih apec men of trorkm?,i*hir. a photographic cbrrator wawwd-onSJ J\. who ilmroufhly understand* too b i* eras ta ell Hi bran .hex; Bo other need apple at MSI irantl ?t Br A99 WO'TDRR WANTED?ONI *r'.'UdTONKD J In (ton Win It. to nht.oi Memlv "nip o tent * I I be gi and llcotd n a?re paid. Cell at 7B Pike all p. /aomp 'f=iT"ng WANTrn-T?tNfy itvo riitRMiRg \ ) end female*, on eteedr fat book wrnk. Apt'/ tmnir ll. ately at 19 Ann tt, third floor. Curpbntbbs wanied.-twknty rivf oarpen. / tere wante I Tall between 7 Bud 8 A. M. on A. Apple, (nte, IM Be tSBIbet. /'ARVRR AND WAITER FOR A RENT ill it ANT " f nentnl. I'oih tunst understand thi |ahii?lne?*. Gecd ware* Ateae men or a itr< i( boy to M*wt in ? hotel ia the cenotry. Apply at Hie Rmpio- mer.t Oft oe, 117 Bowr, y. CV\RI>EXER WANTED-ON BTATBN 19EAND; A MAB T rietl i* m who foNt understand" the taJreflMee or a an.'tleioan'e place, with sn ail prerohonaa. H? mum bare rai'ersni ' a? io?ha*art?r and ca;s?all!tle. end he willing 'o work, himself. Apply name Its let y at 12 )"?>* at., arat tluor. AN PS WANTED-AT TUJt giiilOi EBB PAINT Wnrka. 77 Munity st. JOB COMPOSITOR WANTEO-A PA PA BLR HAND, good at f?r.oy or fine work. in*. ?ce ne i? pdrwten?til situation hy art IretMo;;, with reOience, Joo rr.utcr, Uetaid ?dre. _ __ KNCIE OASE MAKERS.?WAN I P. TWO Oft TURKE hinds fo make b: A*# work, and OBS lopoliih. App T le d. M. Clnrt, Ur euall'a lIuHdlng. rarnei t orh andOrcue jia, Jersey (fltr. QAWTKR WANTED?TO WORK A C'RGt'EAB PAW; 0 innst be ooiap"iqnt*,ates(lx emuim. mint Apply Iteme d eUly to Wm. Mure4 Co., Nawaia Hub MMtMTi Newark, g|AWYEB WANTED-a THOROl ilflt.Y COMPETENT ) man aa boa I oawy?n p, i..^, nhaiK 'af Jt.eaw mill ia nnrtorae. Apply to H. B. Browne A Ho . 17t Pasrl at. TO PUGTOgRaI'llBR8L--WANTED, A FIRST GLAgg opereter to take card plotnrna: oae who thoroughly understands his business, none other aead apply; tea Leurtoa Rteraneeepl* t'ompaity, (70 Broadway. flVJ PHOTO?BAPIIE|(tt-WANTRD. A FIRRT CEASE 1 operator, to jp. ia BloomtagUin. Idlnelm a good en ai j to ? ramie-tent man Appl* Ew thr?s day# at Hopa't gal lerj, 2S3 Grsen*tab at,, aaraar of Baiciay, Now York. PntlTOOBAPRRRA.-A PRINThB AND TONRR _ wanted Imuiadkately at IluDi'*pholi>i{raphiefeo<ns 82J ?th ar. ? BMANOroRYN MaNEIW.?WANtKO, riNIBHRRE, tswmaUie, and belly men. loyo to Cenedet htghesA patdead paid la gold. All Mpeaeee paid. Apply at or. H P T?i WAETRD?AT TtIR NOYEETT IRON WOBER, AN eipevleneed roreinen, to take charge of the holler ehnp; eervtoee in MMnmenOe not.later than October >. tfcM. ApphMtien, wtth references, to N Bade at the Resti?y Oaa Wrrsa jr. f, THB TBADBI. WANTED?A GOOD PRESSMAN, FOR JOB AND eolornd work. Call on Alex. Ostraader, >o. 1 l ark place, room 12. w ANTED-A PANT8MAK1R, TO WORK ON jOUS tam work, to go Into the country; a rood workman can find sisudy einnieymeat at good pay, for iMUtiouAra require at M Dey at., up Italy. TMJ ANTED?a BCTCnRR WHO'THOROUGHLY UN .. Je '?tftDda tha boalaeaa In all ita branches. Apply ta me-Lately at 148 Frlaee st., coruer*of .Lauretta. IVANTED?A GARDENER, COMPETEBT TO TAKB " charge of a boner anil regriaU'o garden, also a gr".'a house. Address, with rafaranoaa, A. 8. P., Herald o&lao. Ifl noon GRANITE Cl'TTBRS WANTRD-AT THR' jl'i Cl.ostnut street bridge; ?s;>i Sd per d?r;lp*y every twewsi ks. App v (o Clark, McGraun A K.euuedy, con. tractors, Philadelphia. HRM> WASTED?FEMALES. AT RAYMOND'.:*, ?1'J?LEBCKBR8TRLKT.-WANTP.P, to day, six 20od lattndresees, fnur Itoners, who can do fluting; also profeaied c>ok?. cooke lo wash and Iron, chain bonus.R muses, waitresses, girls tor hoiiseworc and those lauy.v landed, tor situations la prtsato families, hotels and summer houses. A CQOK WANTED.?ONE WHO THOROUGHLY UN. d"r?tands her business and I* willing to a-sisi In wash lug;; wti! i>?required ;ogo lutlie couany during the summer, end must hare pood rereretioe. flucli a one will hear of A go kI a t.iatlou by applying at 219 Madison at., toll day. AWuMAN TO GO 13 MILES ON LONG ISLAND. !T0 cook and take rare af a small dairy; good wages and a permanent situation to the right kind of a woman. Apply between 9 ami 11 tbi-. morning nt No. WSdav. Inquire 10 the brorer'i oftce fir Mr. Campbell. POOR WANTED?OMR EXPERIENCED. NEAT AND V?t wil ing, and a good, washer and ltouer, lu a small fn vrfto faintly. Weres $8. Apply, with city referenoe. at 19 West.loth st., from 10 till 12 o'clock. COOK AND WAITRESS WANTED?IN A SMALL family of three t ars .us. an excellent cook: must wash Andiron. Also a competent wailrcs- and chambermaid: must be wlllincto do tine yra.hlng and honing None uoed apply who er ? not civil. obliging understand their business and l .i ro cxoelleut reference*. Cad iLl.^ morning between 10 and 12 o'clock, at 42 West lldth hp "10O. WANfKD.?WAN rBD, A GOOD COOK. FOR A J private family. Apply Immediately at 13 Division .? t. HOI'SB.KEB 1'FPS.?MRP. LOVy.'S AGENCT FOR house. uepm> el all ci; nellies. 17 Stanton st.. bettvoen tlie Bo.verv .itirt Chrystle et., basement. Hours from 10 A. M. to 5 P. M. JAUNDRESS-A GOOD WASllER AND IFONER; J I'tio ao-iuto; ;ted to bundles; also a nut to work In the hitch-u. Apply at the Mercantile Hotel, IdS Duane st. NfRKE WANTED.?A COMPETENT NUR8E, TO TAKB ibnrroofan Invalid a y In W lll.iusblirg. Address, with'references. A G. B.. box 144 Herald olfice. Ori.K.'.TGR WANTED-ON WHEELER A; WILSON -? ? ".ji it, to work In ihe shop on fnctfcuttoni sIBrts. A rooJ hand, with rofermioe. will bud steady employment by apphlng to I', i-Ihort. "18 Hrba-iway. QERVANT8 WANTED IN BHOOKLYN.-W ANTKD C5 immediately, fifty experienced pin* for botuewi.rkftn email first rin^n private families. Highest wage- snndx oelici-l situations. Also several cooks, aliamheiuuilds, waiters rmd children's nurses. Apply tr Mr. MANNING, 13 c nrt s;re' t, ILooklyn. Excellent places ready without wa.ting one moment. Servants wantld-at io tillary street, Brooklyn. 1" -orvants wenied thts'weefc?cooks, cham bermaids and fill ? for housework. In gentlemen's families. '?OritUMK HUil i in > t ur DUUlK'nDIK, ill Bfllilttiuru r? i .? .. 11 irgv. In Hro; klyn end tlie country: wares $8 and without waiting five minutes Apply to Mr. oil KI.IfOrllKR, the inoit select sud re^pects'ile s,:eney in the cltr. WANTED-.G'ANGLERS AND TRIMMERS FOR HOOP skirts; highest ways i.aid nnil st' idy employment guaranteed. Apply to A.istiu, Kellcy A Co., at new factory, corner ??' 't3d t'? and 8th avo. TY? ANTED?IN A WHOLESALE CLOAK HOUSE, A II person to take charged'the mnnuliicturing depart ment: one competent to get up styles. Appiy to A. M. A R. Davlea, 60S Broadway. \VT ANTKD?IN A SMALL PR! V STii FAMILY, TWO vv girls; one tooaok. wash and Iron, ai:done for ebam berwouk and to assist in washing end Ironing; good refer enre required. Inquire nt 41 Illeeuker st. WANTED?A OTRL TO DO GENERAL HOUBBWORK for a Cam'ly of two persous. Apply to Mrs. John Ulll, 4 3 West 44th it. WANTED?A YOUNG WOMAN, ABLE AND WILL ing to do the cooking washing and Ironing for a email family. Apply at 20 Livingston ??., Brooklyn, Goodreier eoco rgquiied. WANThD-A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL IIOU8B wotk. in a private family: one who is n aood plain cook, warper aniFironer and can oorne well recommended tuny apply, at 4 IS West kid st. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE ><o?k; innst bn a good wsslier end ironer and have good o ty referenoe. Inquire between the hours of 3 and 8 nt t to East 1Mb st. WANTED-A COOK, WHO WILL ASSIST IN WASH lag and ttoning; also, n chambermnl d and laundress. Apply at MO Bsst 33d street. WANTBD-A GOOD COOK, AND ONE WHO WOULD be willing to as,1st in washing. Apply at 107 West tlttuat. WANTED?LADIES TO LEARN ALL STYLES OF coloring photographs, cartea-de visile, ivorvtvpes, his torical. IsudaraM and Bower i.alntiog. Everything found. Apply et 28 East Slth nt. aeer 4th ay. Boys taught also. At Anted?a good cook, in a privatb faki Yv ly; also a chambermaid and aaatmnresa. Both must thoroughly understand their business and oomo wall recoiH mended. Apply at 17 Bast 37th at, between XadLon and " store o Stb ave . before one o'cloek. WaNTRD-AS NURSE AND REAUSTHR88, A PRO te.unt woman, not under 24 rears of age; must be nest In appearan a and willing lo leave the city this day. Applr at 44 tth nr. between II and 12 o'clock. WANT BO-TWO GIRLS: ONE TO DO GENERAL VV betf-work in a small family of four; must bn,e good cook, washer sod Ironer; the other at seamstress, who ran cut sad rtt ladies'drosses. U >?d wages given. Call at SOU 2d ar , between 50th and Slat sts , fifth hon e above 80th at. w ANTED-A YOUHO LADY TO WORE AT DRR88 making; alao two to learn. Apptaat.171 Broome it, r Varlck. WANThD?A GOOD LAUNDRESS AND CHAMBER maid to gu Into the own try for the summer. Apply at t) Second at, between the hours of 11 an 1 3. TirAKTKD-A GIRL, AS LAUNDRESS AND CHAM TV beimaiU: good vago* iiald Oftiy ihotr who are ftiltv competent resd apply at 17d Weal 14th at., between 7th anil 8th ava. Wanted-a woman, to cook wash and uiok: must lie willing and obliging, in a small family. In quire at 1.12 Weat 29th at., between 0 and II A. M. Wanted-a first class drkssmakkr by the dir; a Cue I uiabar; French preferred. Apply at 79 Weat 12tb si., immediately. WANTED?A COOK. WASHER AND I RON B Ft. TOR A email family tn the country. Apply thta day (Tuea day) at It East 10th at, frutn 3 tn A w ANTBD-A GOOD COOK. AffLY AT TUB RES tanrant, 889 Broadway, corner of 19th at. WANTBD-A OEIIMAN, ENGLISH OR AMERICAN Protestant girl, to do general Imnrework. ercepteonk I erg. Call on the aubecrliier YVeduestav. Friday or Satur day,frouiTt* IDA. M.,at8dAnu at., aec?ml floor. L. B. PERT. ANTED?A CAPABLE GIRL, TO HELP TAKE nave <>f two snia'1 cti"dfwu and <lo the washing of a email family; must go in the country during warm weather; best clly.referenoe rroiilied. Call at 105 Liberty at, Pro Tost Merit) al*a uhlee. ' It/ ANTED- A YOUNG GIRL FROM 14 TO 17 YEARB VV of I need app between o'o'ock age, to take rare of a hsbr and ro on ei rands None ptV but Amerieans or ling lab. Call at 418 2d sr.. Jltn and I13lh us., between the hours of 10 and 0 til ANTBD-A OUAMHF.P.MAID AND WAITRESS; VV one wli > ran < ouia * oil re .umtnended. App'y at S"<4 5th ay. w 'ANTED?A GIRL TO OOOK, WASH AND IROB. Apply at hi Las' 24th at., bcDre 12 <>cbMr. rANTED?A TRUTHFUL AND fcnLTART F. GIRL AS laundress; one Eh rAkderstnada ber bhamc-s and ran lira g od city reirreuie;Wa.ea id purusostli. Apply be F-rreaPsutf 12 n'al" k .It 119 Wm erlve r'iiO". UTANTEO-FOI* CLIFTON, STAT FN ISLAND. A GIRL |r na wattiesa and i.hnmbermii'd and oa-;?lin wash ng id iroalne. Good reference reunited. Apply after nlna M. ut 72 Hast 2t'.th si. I' ANTED ? IN A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILVJA NICE. ttdy gtrl, to dr> peti> rsl housework. Aprh' at 917 Waal With ri* 52d at., briwccn J'tuadwsy and 8tb ar., with reference. Wagsa $9 per month WANTED?A.WOMAN TO COOK. W\SH AND IRON luaprhata family; none nned arid? Imithne ml o tindei aland thnlr huKlnc-?, and nan giro jord rltv referee.,-a. I t let VI Weal 23d at, U twcen the hours of 11 and 12, WANTBD-A COOK, CHAMBERMAID. WAITRESS, lanadrevo, nur?e and ?eira<trr??, loraflr tca^ai ri vste family who i>av pM wat?"?. Apply st No, 7 Wrst llth s:.. hetweaa Broadway and Culrera'ty place, from I till 4 o'clock WANTED?ft It WINO MACHINE OPERATORS, BANT ?ra nod f iilsWe oojloe ahtrte. Only first rises hand* used apply at 70(1 Broadway, third door. No work gir?n out s \VA*Trn-TWO OR THRRR SMART GIRLS. rOR TT duet,n., cleaning and sombbliiK. Apply st the Fraas fwt House, earner of Frankfurt and WlMam its. WANTED-A LADY TO LEARN TUB ART OP VP eelorlng phatrgiapha. After two waaka Inatruatl'in. of ana hour per day, work will beglran out or a will be gtree. CaM at 718 Breadway. roam 19. O. MoMCRBKRO WANTRD-A 01HL TO ATTBND A BAKERY; ONE who understands the business. Hose other need ap ply. Oall at 21 Atlantic St. fl/AMTMD?A, 01 HL TO DO GENERAL HOU8KWORK VT m a small family; a good plain cook, weaker and trnaer. Apply at N8 Wvat 43d at. U/ANTBP-TWO EXPERIRNCMD OtRLSi ONR TO VV roak, wash ead Ir4n; tuo> other to ea- at, and who ae drrsUnda the cam of aMldiaa. Apply at 140 WeatAfthal for two days "W ANTED-iEVERAL 00*W? DRENSM tKRlK Ar. ply at 7P7 Broadw* r, earner #f 9th at., roam No. A flf ANTID?INA SM kt.Ir ERITATR FAMILY. ACAPA VV b'e girl f#r car.eml hnnsework; wlr cl?M. aw* 'V and well rreanimahdoit girls m-M apply fret* M MM at IM MM w Wesl 44th st WANJKD?A COMPETBNT CtlAMflRRMAID AND watti waitrees. Apply at 243 tltnka at, Brooklyn. WAN1RD?TWO GOOD DRRRNM AKKRA, AND AL-O sn apprratlce to ram the dressmaking Apply after ? o'clock, at 27 Raat ID union ah, between CVaabr sad Mul Hoy. ? > P ? I? HnBFrtfDLicirloii.^H HHHHHRuT tikw JV maehiHU^^^I ?UIdIiit nearly I'W MM nod loO nno pUMi and en ^ PHYSIOLOGICAL YIKY dV MABljrAOB-OON GS plot _ _ I author's plan at treatmaat?the only rational and sue eseful ?Tarings of the anatomy o??the human omens la health lad disease, with a treaties on early erroi plorable oonmqtieneea ui>oa the mind and body, na In a elate o< errors, tu te with the atodo ofrcnre. aa rhotvQ by the report of cases treaty). A truthful adviser te the marrtel and thoea eonUniipIallac marriage who would know their physical, rendition ?'?[ free of postage to fur address on receipt of *. oenu in ?^?peor poaijldurreney. Address Dr. LaCroU. U MaUeo B OOKB FOB THOSB WHO NBBD THKM. OHAHTITT?Lectures to Indi^rreet Young Men, Intended also for the Serious m na'derul un of I'arente and Guar dinna Bv Sylvester Graham. M. D. I'rl'a. M rent. CHRONIC DIRF AJh s, especially th* Barrou* Dtaaaoee Of tt'o.aeu. Beslgue l fur inai riod I eopla. Price. 40 i < ut-. INFANCY ; er. The Phv dnloglcal and Moral Management Of Children. Illustrated. By Ur. Ouoaibe. Prtoe, B| .9. . .. - ? ? * Sent by flrat poet by FOWLER W WILL* M Bruadwav. N. Y. N. B.?Send fer Special List, embracing other phyvologt cal worhe. ntasNcu dancing girls in character-iho I' different sules; <-i?--lcal hnd graceful P'-t iree. over | lk-? kinds: 6.UM uilaoeiiarieoua P. una-. Baaid lor Card Pholr.graphaaof an' of the principal Gemtrals Statesmen, Divines, Actors, Actresses, An.; eao fnrtilsli all: peke!""?, eoUH-euhdo. c*cb, by mall to nor eddre-e. An Album, wish one dozen Picture* of your own selection, for B3 ? ? w. C. WHMYPU. 97(1 Broadway. New Torh. N. B.?-Photographs beautifully entered io e.der. Bend ?lampa forCartalogukt of pictures, books Ae G RANT'S CAMPAIGN WAR MAP. LATEST AND BIST WA^MAP^g^PCBL.Sn.O. SHOWING XUH BEAT Or WaU in VIRGINIA. BUPPLKMRNT GRANTS' CAMPAIGN WAR MAP. eomjTrlsia!; TWIeNTY-FIVK MILBS AROUND RICHMOND, showing all tbc furilOoat'one, inouatalu b rlvere, towne and railroad connection? .te.. >c. ONLY TEN CENTS. The two Vape sent per mall, postage paid, fer twenty-Ore ccuia, or singly for the advnilee.l o oes. For aula by all the principal dwalerf. Liberal dlae iuatf to trade and agent* BDKFORIVS PTTIH.tfmWq 1T1ITBR. bid Washington afreet. Boston, Male. ^REAT MEN LIVING AND DP A It?IIANOOCR, 7 bb-dgu-ick, Wadaworth, llawth >rne. M.irlilo. I'ro.ldeiit of,Oo'ouiTiia, S, A . and the Dying Olid ater. Who shall be " ,lt?, Clin our nett President' Porlralta, Character end Rtngrai hieo. in the July I LLC ST It AT lilt I'll UKNOI.OGIOAL JOUR NAL. All newsdealer* have It. Double number; 30 cents, or $2 a year. FOWLEB A WELL". No. 983 Broa-lway. N. T. JUST PUBLISHBD?THB LITTLB JOKER. FULL OP Wit and llumor. Seat iu eenled en< rlope on i? ? >11 of five cents, or with an ecinlsite Puotocraph tor V by F. G. WATaON. Publiiiicr. X. t. TETTBR OF \I)VTCK FOB LAIHP.S. j nvs anatomical km; rati Nob. Hue Information never b-vn publtOied fl let free, trs a soa'Ll enrel. no. for 10 cent! Address Dr. S .ri oi .l, boz-4 6U New York i o?t oil! e. 1 IEUTBNANT GENERAL U. S GRANT. GENERA LB IJ Sherman, Meade, Hitler, Hancock Waro-n. Hnm. nide, Bedcwletc Wrghi, Sheridan Hooker. Bawling*, Thomas, lluuter, lilrney. Augur and all other Generate. Actri-s ei?Mi?i Kate nan, Macule Mltr'iel. V<-aiy?li. Susan and Kale Dcnln. Ada and Emma Webb. IkM llinlaop, Kate fisher, ti poaltinns cacti as Kreon hpy and Ma/.?iiisr: Marietta Hovel aa Greek flov 6 imsitions W C. WKMYSB.Wa Broadway, N. Y. Matrimony.?why kVkky man should marry. Why every woman alioutd marrr. All may marry. To know, rea l 'Illuatrated Marriiiyu Guide and Vijllcal Adviser." IIv Win. Karl, m D .AO i>a-ea. Mul ed evory tvhere In scaled envelopes for 29 vents. Address No. 13 White tract, New York. NOGROP1NO IN THB DARK-EVBRYTII1NO A9 <h-ara^ihe auri at noonday. 4Pi read hid tint popular tlluatiau d medical work. Human KradW." by Dr. II. A. B VRKOW, 114 B.eecker rtreet four doort frtm Mardwugal, New York. Price 39 centa Mailed froe every where. NEW BOOKS. NP.W rubjeoTS in cartes dk vi alio, and Spoi ling Goods of every deacnpAon Trade Supplied. Rend for cntn'ogue to D.J. GO.MPEHT&' Pur chesine Agency. 73 Nassau street NEW YORK MONTHLY GIVES A TRUE HTATHMKNT how Lincoln. Jolm-on and Grant are going to unito the (forth anil South. For proof lmy tt of the newadealera. Sold whole,ale by American News Company, 1IH Na.tuau street, and DuDD BROTHERS, newaayente. K8 Nas ait street, N. Y. N BW PUBLICATIONS, new BOOKS.?JUST out, latest novelties in Cartes de Visile aud Venot. Fresh importation^ Send for nnr_naw catalog dee (o tbe trade and others. Address box 3.336 Po t oilice, *: Y. CHA8. K. ATTWOOD A CO. Travellers to buroi-e should providr themselves with IIARl'KR'S HANDBOOK FOR RU. ROPE AND THE BART: by Vt Pembroke Felrldge Thle Kill i? the orilv complete gnldeUo Kliropo published In ona vol ume. Prion $3 30. For gale bv D. APPLRTGN A CO . tit Proa 1 war.and WALTER LOW,-tit llroadwsy. or IIARPER A HKOTIl ERR will send tbe work by mail, postage free, on receipt of $S 60. UORFORATIO.1 NOTICKS. M AtOR'dOFFICE. NEW YORK, JUNE 1. 1884. NortcB to owners or ooon. Notion la hereby given that on ami after MONDAY. JUNB 10. IdH, thn nrdtnanoa respecting Dogs^found_runulnf lcosa or, at lsrgetu any street tn the city of New York, without being I'ltil ' ? of properly in-irzled, will Ik> strictly enfnrocdC The aunt o* FIFTY CHINTS will be paid for every dug brought aTlve to the Pound, at tb? foot of Twentyflfih street. Fast rtrer, which shall ham been lwand in the streets, running loom erst large, Without being pruporly muz/leg. Owners of doge mar reclaim them at the Pouad on tbo ds^ Miev aro roccired oii payinont of espop No-dogs will be received Irom bom. By order of the Mayor. GEO. VY. MORTON, First MarabaL CLOTHING. ATTENTION.?AT 22.' SEVRNT1I AVENUE, NEAR Tsrenty-flfth street. Ladle* and gentlemen, I 1 Tsrenty-flfth street. Ladle* and gentlemen. I liase the pleasure to aonouaca again that I uit received a large order fr<>tn Cairorn'a and the Western market* to pay the highest prices for ladies' snU gentlemen's Wearing Apparel, Carpets, Kuril.turn. Jewelry. Ac., b. paying 90 per cent more than ant other dealer In the etty. We guarantee to gy for ladles' Hilk Preasea trnin *5 to $4'); Wool en, from to $10; also t'allco, Delaine. Mualln. Ac. Oenl"men a ate, from $9 to ??; Panta from $2 to $7. Ac. ladies and gentlemen, don } forget the right number. M MARCKM. 224 Seventh avenue, near Twenty-fifth street. By ce'llnc on or addressing me^ott will be dealt with honestly^ Orders will be ai tended to from Brooklvn New Jersey, Hoheken, Rtaten Island, Ac. Ladle* punctually attended to by Mrs. Mnrcka. a SURER PL\CB.-AT ?ffl SIXTH ATE BUR, LADIES i\ and gentle turn will tint! tba fair and h'>mn,t dealer H. StlNTX, to whoin th*t ran dl?|??se of their Caat Od' Cloth log.'Carpete, Furniture and Jewelry, at 50 per crnt more than by u'bc r dealeratii the citv. I promUe to pay the fol lowing prices - -SI 'tc Drrsse* from $4 to 415; Chat*, ft to SIB; Pan Is. 12 to $7. Also for Woolen. Delaine and Muslin fire*. e? the h ghnst raeli price w!l> be paid A ca l or a note hg poet will be punctually attended to. Ladies attended to by lira Mint; Kameniber iha original It. Mint/ and the number. 2S8 Slith aveuna, near Blgnteentb street. Crdars from Brooklyn and Jersey City pnnatually attended to. ATTENTION.?AT 21? SEVENTH AVENUE. H. lib 8KNIIP.RO, tbe Californiaan t SVeatoui agency store, received large orders to tuitchtsc S7o.iM0 winch of Cael Off Clothing These orders must lie tilled in a very ah?rl time. Ladle* and gentlenva. I wish \ou would lake per ticu'ar noil* and look over your war Irobc, and See If you hava any clothing you do not need. Per ymr satisfaction I will mi-nllon *omeof the prior* ?Silk Dresses from $4 to fVt, Costs from ft to Pants from $0 to 17; also. Woollen and Muslin Drew***. Carpets, Furniture, Jewelry, Ac., bv onlllnr on or addressing II. HOttf NBl'.RO, 214 AC., bv caliili; no or addressing II. UOMCSBKRO, 214 Seventh avenue. Ledie* attended to by Mrs. Rosenberg, la and out of tbe <ity. AT MS KOWFRT.-H. ROSENTHAL HAS A GREAT dvalie to pnrubaae a lar,;u juautlty of Oaf! Otf We?rTng Apparel. Furniture. Osrpeis. ,le relry, Ac. Hy caring ?n or nddiesatag hint lailles and gentlemen out. obtain tha utmost value for each art c o. Ladles alien.te l to by Mrs. Rosen thai Pleaw remember, and try S5'" Bo,eery, opposite Great J one* atreet. AT 1ST SIXTH AVKNUR.-LADIES AND GENTLE "irn, to re -cIV" the highest prle" fur sour Cast Off tJlnthlng Capets, Furniture A<*.. tha 1-est vo-i "a.i do is to call on or vend a note to K MIR r/.. at No. Ii7 Sltilt avenue, two doors from T< nth *'reet. Ladle* rttendett by Mrs. Mint/. Tine, yos will l>e dealt with to Jour sstisfac tlon ana benefit. AGBEAT DEMAND POR CLOTHING -LADIES AND gentle -, cn can receive ilio h'gheat i r'ee for ih?lr Cael Off Clothing Purniure, Caipe'.a, Ae. b cai i?g on ur ad dressing H. toll N, 2IP de-.'-uth avauoe, aast to the drug atoic. Lad'es .-.ttend'd W?yWrd Oulin. A TTKNTlON.-M. LHU.N HAS A GREAT DEMAND i\ f u Cast Off Clothing. Ladles and eent'rmen. ? ur ?"ve Will re elve the hei' price fur I'ast iI Clothing, t ern* ?. Fumttnre. Jeweirv. Ac., cn calling at or a..dressing 551 Third avenue. Ui eg nil be at ended by Mia Leon AT TUP. NBW hTORE, 42 CARMINE RTRl'.B*. I.L <? e* and centlemea . an reeelv? di pe ? -set in .? tor Cast Off Clothing. By calling eu or ad dressing s. till 11. HER" I at the above number, Ui*y Wl t hep i .1" ,*!<? at tend e.l to. A T ?42 RRVCNTI1 AVENUE, DORRSII OP TWKNTT sis.hfioei, j;, iiakt wl i pa-- the highest prig ladles and gaaUeuieu's t'atuif Ctotuln,', Carpets, Pnmi turn. A?.. or bulling ar addre?*ni a unto Radian site ltd to hv Mrs. Mart. ? A T 13t KtiVEN III tVBNI'R. BBTVBB* NINETEENTH so l Twentieth *ireetr, HCt < mi *? tie men w II re. . e va ti.e hi,in ? p. p .r t.e/t ?).l Olotl11?a,t?(?U Furniture, Ae . br .-elilno on ar addressing B MlLLEIl. Igtdiaafittrnded bv Mi*. Rl-ll- '? A t TUB NCff dfOBIV0* CARRIMR PTRPCT, LA die*-en 1 (p n'letr.en ?*?! re i*. VI p-r c> r.t mora f. r CostO.l ? .nlhliig, P and de*e|ry. R, call l>m Oh or *l!rr*stn?! It. nART, at the above m.tbr, they w|,| be no actual y at'eadost to* Ladles atiandsd to by Mrs. Ilitt. A TfENTIGS! ?AT'TUB NEWrTORE. 114 THIRD AVR. it*ie, 'Si S sod gentlemen aie gufs teid "o fere, . the hleheat pr.eei for es b aruele'Of Cast Off Wear ng Ap psreh Purnituro. Carpet* Ah, for the Momharn and W e*. MPn market*, pies** remember and try C MtHT. lit Third a enn ?, near FourtcsnihfVtreeL Lsd ea attendee to by Mm Misb. SllfBAP AND KARHIONABLE CLOTHING \y 512 Broad .*y, Cloibio^it .e. 0. LEVIS. \J 512 Rroa l v?v. CiotblnriP .O. O. LEWB. Bnidna s C?*t*. Knglmli and other alfl?e M to lk Black Krack Coat*, liue 4 to U Alpaea and L oen Costa 2 to S t.'as-imer i J' nta and Taat* to matah 4 to 14 Ration and MnaR Panta 1 to ?ttta, a variety 1 to * CARHBBRO PAtR TR B. HIOHK8T fBIOB ?0R .u, Lac,**- aed OeMtleir.eo-a Cast Off 'lothin?, Tartlea Smiled on by addreaMng L Onsbtiorg, 48 Rsit Twelfth atroat, near Bi-cSdwuv. I..sdi?? wslted upon by Mrs. 0. ?1A (Win WORTH OF CLOTHING WANTED 1 5)l\f.V/wl/ will pay the highest ptico fur caat Ot Clothlnt, i'idTOt*, and FumltiiN. jChll en or s.Ureas U. B RTHAtlRR, Mi Revsnlh avsnua, hossvnan ThiHv third Mi Thirty t uirth streets. Ladles attended by Mrs. Himwg * rRRNLU ADVRMlMialtl. /AN ORMtNDll IMMRDIAtRMRNT UNR PBMMR V" Francalsc, qui *aehe oudre at colder pdnr aotgneraaa pollta 4110. Baleisnaea eilgans. B'nffaesser a I spporle. |/tnitN |l ? iw, M?fl tnl V gi?l. ? Si at ? S?' s W Hw^nNNf R I R meal No. "0 Breyoml House, da Sb 4 henrsa dn aolr. ON DEMANDi-A L'HOTBL DR L'BtTBOPB. 11 IIOU8. ton st , une femme dt chamhm sapnblo; la pmfsrsacn aarn doanee a una par ant tram ale & N DRMANPK?UN R rn.NNB FBaNCAIRB FOUR ao'gner <m eufant de c.n.i ana at d?mi atpooraandm ?draaanr nit NW iaaa 4?.? 4M*m Nt Mm* ?* 4i?a rnM arncuM I XgUrttuzsrzsLXsjsz swxsa 4 HANDSOME WYEN OCT AYE HO KWOOD PIANO foil# lor sal# for $178 ea.h down; oily maker*, too*, round conacre. eonuiB? e'l nn'.irn locroft nianle. U in 9m order and U the greatest bargain in tbia ytjr. Apply at ?76 Sixth ITUUt, hatweon Thirt/.nlntb sa4 Fortieth street*. AruWWft'tt AND BRILLIANT TnN'fD ROSE, wood Pi?n .fori# for rile?at a crea tarea I i f?r msb. Price $100. Han Iron frame, French g in I ?? ling, Ac la perfect qrd?r. Call at No. U Alias aireei, near Caaai. Hla'rkkm. PRACTICAL PIANOFORTE MAKER. . A3 Walter street, K Y., offer* for mm well mad* Pian ?, with all the modern Improvement*. at prn e?to defy ? >mpetition. Dealer! and the muaical nubile In particular era respectfully Invite 1 to give him a gall. Also second hand fftsuo at tew pre e? Cad aa above. ,\f AGNIiilCENT 7 OCTAVE ROflFWOOD PI ABO *VI fori" for sale; four round cornera, carred b-geaod caae: m.t la to order for prevent owner: In u a fitcht month*; f illy coaraotoed; <~oet ? -ft.i, for $.'12.' in< lajinir stool and Cover. Also Pa-lor Polls, anst B44U, for B?*l; Klagerea, Hookote Mirrors, do., at sacrliloe. Impure a t 119 Weet t wel l/ third street, near Sixth avenue. Of. OAR FOR 8 A LP,?A GOOD BBOf'ND HAND Oman, with 12 stoi * osrttv ne?*. 2 oeiire*. rertats; re belli and rsvUfd. p. U. ESUBLFRIED, organ hutlder. 23 While slreet, N. f. Ptahnfbrtbb otevKrt variety ok style abd paitem. warrantal of the beat materia! and workman ship. and un'tirpsased In strength and de'ieaoy of lone or a aslh'ltv of touch Appl' at the inaaufactory of JAMBft VAN RIPER. 17!) Wooster street, betweea Houston anil ille?ra^%treeta, PIANO FOR SALE-CITY MADE. FOUR ROUND cornera. 7 octave, and rich tana; also a handsome ro?o v?ood Parlor Sul\ severat'gond Carpels, and a lot of other Fcvwiture. but little us'-d. tor half the oast i?f new, at BBN Dai.i.'S, 201 and HI Hudson street. Corner Canal. WANTED TO RIIV-1N OOOO ORIiKH, A RECORD hand rcscw.cod Piano, at not over flSd, Adilraas C. Ptroiibla. 1JB Blvington .treet in'n N,:w ASD second hand pianoh. mkia> JLUlf droua. Aleviudre and Cabiuo' Oram* to lei end rent allowed If purchased. M nthly payments received foe Ihdaamai Boenndhand I'luuoe at great bargain* for oaah ; price from $80 io 9-b l New seven "otave Pianos at $228, I BtM). $278 and 930). 10.IIKI sheets of music, a little soiled, at Ic. per page. UURaCK WATERS, 481 llroodway "mbtrictios," A THOROUGH COURSE OF INSTRUCTION IN Pl'.N? o suslilp Hooekeeplne. Arltiiniellc, Oorr yurj lence, Ac . n.av lie obtslned at Goldsmith's Institute, TAXI Broad wa/ ? rnar of Eighth street instruction private If de sired. Separate roams for ladles. OLIVBR B. (jjOLDHMITH. Addressed to ladies of nbgleftf.d kduca t.ou ?Private Ins rtr ilon rtvnn In the English branch c? by a couipet. nt v.iuns 'adv teacher, at her reMdoaee or that of the pupil, lr deGred. Carefnl attention paid to Pen ui..n*'.i p and Cuiiipositlun. Call on or addreai Ms* UBVB RKAOX. 77 Thirty.first street, near Fourth Avenue. AYOf'NO FRENCH LADY, WELL ACCOMPLISHED, wishes to obtain a situation as guvtrnea*. Can be aeeu at 124 Fois/th sL _____ A FRENCH LADY, LATELY ARRIVED FROM PA rl?, tvi-hes to give les--nn* in Franeh Mil conversation to a tow penile men. Call from 9 A. M. toll P. M .atblB Broadway, corner or Twelfth atreet, over tho store. MADAME DIANE. AT (9 IIOWERY I PA INli'S)?8TCDENT8 CAN BE cure strictly prhwte rooms, dav or ereiAnc. nn,l be free from Inlruaioa. Brooklyn rno ns 2-3 Fulton atr mi. Tei ma lt ookkir;rng. Writing, ArAliirette. Bpelllng, .to., 310 per qitarter. Ladles, 24 Wrlliug 1ub?oui,_$2._ HOYS PREPARED FOR FALL BUSINESS -MR. DOL EE AR, *509 Froadway, will keen hla COicoioiolal \cad emv open all summer. Pupil* w.ll boenmn quick ut (Titure<, rapid bus!ii?<. i writers and pract'?al h'?okkeeper* Gent's men anil adlr.? can secure private rooma French andohrman LANouAars.-pnoFKHsoR K. TELLBKLNG, No 819 Rrondwny, corner of Twellth street, will leoelvepar! appltcatlon i for private lessons In'thc aforcsahl iangiiMftcs. as hI-o in Latin, and l'Angla a Kit stranger*. Establl .bed since 1832. IN8TROPTION.?A LA!>T WIBHE8 BO GIVE LEB sons in Mnalc.tPlano. French (which she speak*! end the. I.nzl ih branchea. In srehange for board. Aildrest W. Y, Of J SeconJ avcnuA TO LADIES OF f< KOLECTED RDDCATION AND young elrls ? Clasees'or private lessons in ibo Engl eh branches. French end .Music. Terms, from 98 to $16. ac cordlng tu arranrement". Apply at M WIH*w place, Brook lyn, or at ATiC Su' ing street, New York. WANTED?A GERMAN LADT, AB RBF'DBN T GOV crness; one coxni>etrnt to taach Oertrian, English and music AppI.-'on Thursday. Juno 23, at 99 west atih at., between 10 A. M. end 2 P. M. ITANTRD?A HIGHLY RESPECT*RLE PERSON AS . V nursery governess to three children, aged from 8 to 7 years: must ent andllt childven'a clothes end tome highly recoinnfnndad. GcrFian or Englteh preferred Call at fl Washington temco, Hohokan, between 9^aad 3 o'eiock. ANTED-A TEACHER OF HNGURlT PHO.V UNoT atlont' lad.v or aentlrman. Address, with nrmo, Al fred, station D. Bible Hoaoe. w w WATCy ES. JBWBIiRT, AC. AT W8-W ATOUK8, DIAMOND*. JEWELRT, SILVBB plate. Guns, rttto'.s. Ac.. bought.?I'wi'l prI#.200 per rent more then ran bo nbtMued at nay other plare In lbs city X B:? Also Pawnbroker!1 Tickets waned for lh? above artlr.ea, al tbn i?m? rate, #09 Broadway, corset of Houston street, up stairs. room 8. DUM01OU> GOLD ABO snvii A diamonuh. OI.D oofco AND Sil.TBR. Tarson* who wish to te'J Diamond* old Gold, Mirer, or any klilM orAold fashioned Jewelry, go to L/OUI8 ANKJCIJ, 72) Broadway. A pasture pays JO ner seat more than*#'* other prre >n. Entabllshed In Bow for* ?lnre the a dui situation of tbn late Martin Van Biiftin. Make no nil'takR?725 Broadwar, under the New Tort Hotel. TVAMOXH RTNO WANTBO?WTtfOJ? I WILL PA* IJ the uaah lur. Ldlon .Mr STB A VENA. K2 Mnldea lane. VIONBT TO (LOAN?Of DIAMONDS.' WaTCHBH. IH Jewelry, Rl'fftf. Dry Go >ds. and per*oaa' property of a>I d?.? nptiona. Article* can be redeemed at an# time wl.hin ona year. Trivet# nltloe entranoe, ball door _ M* DAVlAfW. U T I')r.' avenue. O HEILBCTH, DIAMOND BROKER, 710 Broedwaf. Wateaoa aud Jewelry b- tight. A'lee noua on Diamonds and WaXohca. ARTHVLOSt. ~~ AH MA0BIOB. GREAT AMI) READ ASTRO) OOBK. * Tug advise ef tins rual Astrologer, a. b. MaUkicb, is bawl wholly on act-nti! e principle*. and wis never kuown t?. rail. Tbo band of fata hat marked out the path of each Ian it tibial, and the I auct* ate bourl/.p.'luting out the des tine of mmkln I. Prof. Maurice ha* a profoiuiiljmowledae of the rules of the science of the star*, and en beat the world in the above notrace la regard to an tbatre ime* fo the hanpinettior mleery of ime'i whale life; and with several secrets that no living mortal ever fi* before, he will bring eucee-v out of almost any Undertaking. In ewiaMB ..poedApnartlajea he ncrer fails. He deerrlbM the Intended husband or wtia; tails the very dav you will marry tuil 'hows a likeness reprrr-ntir e the tfn.i .?orr pleilen of th* Intended. He describee yeur friends. points out year rnemie. and yttni you or all latuie danger; good luek la oMelulnewitnetions or la travelling hy aea or lau t. nnd the bect'of health, long Me and looapentr to all wb > consort him, Tloae at a dl-d-we mar tend th-ir use nnd tl, and edtlrer* A. B Mamie - bo* 5.5 % New Torfc Po*t nOlee, and fljB^reltira the eutdniM of your whole life, All hours until 7 la the evening. OMce V*6 Bleceker itr-et. near Wood ier. Ladies, U) oenlA HWMjl - * AHTONfARTNO. ?MADAM MOBROjT. RBVRNTH Oa-igiW'-r. wl'li a nucral girt ef fufe-ighA tei's how icon and oiteu Too wnl unit, even yo.:r th ual,is Mau d Image in fell op?eliou. Her equal IB tot lo be found, bhuiee a hkeecae of your lnicade-l hatona l and abseet Dirndl, No. 164 Ludtoir Street, ncal1 Hotatna- Denis not ftdlQIttM. 1 BE rTl-.R ABTRflLDaWV 18 NO* to BE POURD . 1 la th- ' uIE t Mate# than nr. L. U and Mrs 8, D. BROl/flflT'iN. Titer Buooeei in giving eaiisfaril n when e'l nih-re tail J her e?u he eoeeuhed oa-a>l eilsir* of h >., a.ttb ?? tout rip. umrriage. travelling, removals, ThWsdltn, oblanthv .I'uarlune, w# far* df absent fi .--nda* Ac.: A'ao i ' he ?>?. it th - a# < party ? ill recover or die of the mtarnt si knee*, ti r*< >ver. lb' Hue they will he. n to ?e?n ': what e?n of the body I* atryu**], ann what treat men' etui medletne* a.n y t au-pted i? the ?lo* per vna. I .a e n.a. keutl-meti $1 QuvMlnps aosv-r. <1 by let ter etc lfleti g $1 and time <tf bhrth. Al*n, fhrenolMtoklet sviUMiUoca made C '.. e. 1 A' Qrtcuc street, below Eriucet AUVNA riDK AM'KOLniiUr. TH to' F.VKHT OMR can d?|e.?i J on la Made its W ILSON. lella the oittecl ef yew ? yit.l. an-! h~r.*e *?< -.'?s it ef lie meet pen'one ?nd-itastnge At I'W A!.> . * tee1 ? 1 ?? daitioi. atrec a. o>et - > > ake y. ? BBOOKLVN n.tVK.OVJ A Ef)Rl;. tl # filing A It sin--? t' ? r c an'. ?? Allan: eryenr yiew, an-i onage en -? ?* ut er to-- mn>t pet rr>ns ?nd-tlahtnge At lid AUru a reel, l-stwe-'u Ho..-ton ant (tauten Mrec a, ever lit* ekery. i'rlee l>0 <cnu. ANT-M AD AM K ri.IT n?r! an E."tr, dedical and Atlantic streat. Broutiyn. MADAM nsT IS f)TR RRiT CLSIRVOVANT AMD A-trn ngtsf >a IA.S stty. the tails ywtr yi ry tiioun.,1s, eat "j *iee ly .ut i ag's. giv#? !-j<'kv u jmb?u a MlBey- >ti> S--I U-. n *r %vaaty->*'-uib stiect. Ladles. Uc., ge nit rated, <#*>. MR" VARIflX .IAMRS INDRPRMMNT CLSIRtflT. ant, l"t Ea I eetrnU ulu attest, cuci t r of 1 h rd s '# tin-. !ra -a ? si t *' un pro.eitv. k-ghnt frWeds, law. sans aed tot..a#?a B'taly gr.-tereliv; dete-ua an I treat- sil fein-e d.Mt .svs. Heic.slices glran. UenHeinan n. t ,d mtti ? d. Madam wiltpr.thr wori.d Rn^owsEn clair viiiu.' hsa ra ??v | to tip ,!sngi eReret, Where aha U titers row bt tostol te mvaisri sol the pati, prr?nt se.l f . te witbs.icb ac tire, y that It will es'ouisit evai: ua to !ev#y* VTO IVTHfllTION-THR RRTRR fllLlNO MADAM i* HTAKK. ft em Km ? pe. was wee bera with e netttrel slit, the g>eat interna* aed Medical Claliyoyant Eha ?o ?-li? you en th# tta" present and niters, btintie togrthcr thea- long separated, eaaaes eg? ty marrtac-a shows ton e ourteci likaneas t f your future J|it?!'and or sbw-it ftseoila Her eqnel Is wet to he round t)|uUoo.-?8 msi re ward w any one who aa Surpass her Is ber p utesdon or ?kJll. 6h? fe,rii yut the nauie of tbo person tbsl yon marry. TBI* ie no humbug fa SIS Fourth erwee-. be w?n Ten. u tb"tt -ad Twenty fcttrtik atrecu. Name oo the do- r. tfenM' men ant admitted. NP -WHO HAS VOT HKARf) OFT!IK fRLBBEA ? t-d Madame TRBWWTB. 44T S1*th evanun, uornur aL>we*ty-aeyenlb Uwet. irbaee abe eaa be e. na i led *>lk lbs en W-test eeaOdence. so oil afMre ef Iffwf IIIB GREAT, ORIGINAL MADAMS BTRON HAS BR turned from I as a ? utTfcan be aonsultgd oa all air alia nf I. 6he I* Hie grentett s-lretog1*t that ever was know o. 8be tads the present, past sad future; cures all di-em- ? brings together those long separated, and has the ntrsr foil lag aeeref of making yea Belnred bp year heart's Weal. No satisfaction, an pa?. vNBee 116 Peurtb arenne, above Twenty ibird rtreet. ^ ^ Tub BBAUiiroi* madams db oora. a?t?om> gist sad Spiritual Medium, ean be'onauitrd en ife? ?eel aad firtara at ?T weal Vwegly-ereeib street. Bees from II A. M. to 11 P. M. idtdled apt adwiu-d. WHO WOll-D ROT OO WRWRR f*?BTrNR"I?)-4IO ya, see Mtea WBLLINGTAM. the great Baglisk Pro phetess, (be he?t of all, snd caantn be sieei'-' l ran he con suited, pet sou ally ay Br letter, nn ell ega fe of If-, cuemTa In* laws nit. in jino.' a, alta-al Irteadc. lev#, ceuiiablp, mat rlsge, hea'tb, weaini and wieeal raelkhB drunken ami tin fnuhf tl hushande Ml-a W Is the anlv person In Ihla ally who has the genuine Kr nn and Arabian talisman for lore good luck and all bovine a eftulrs, and tre guni-anteee for life- Deiky aol to cou-uit th a naturally Wfted and beewlifet toung lady. Lucby numbers glren. Highly reefoembta #Uy referene* Cau_^ aaea at tor reads*** ? are***. #ngo*iie Rbf* ktre**

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