Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 22, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 22, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 10.14L NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, JUNK 22, 1864.-WITH SUPPLEMENT. PRICE THREE CENTS. VIRGINIA. Operations Around Pe tersburg. The Herald Despatches to Monday. AM. QUIET ON SUNDAY. Appearance of the Rebel Rams on the James River. Their Disappearance After a Few Shots. htervkw of Geierals Grait aid Hit ler witk Admiral Lee. Value of Petersburg to the Rebels. NAMES OF THE KILLED AND WOUNDED, h. a. a. THE HERALD DESPATCHES. Mr. Cadwallmdar'a Oupatch. Ciit Poixt, Jane 18,1884. Within two day. a large aumoer or vaaiela Ian ar rived at oar wbarva*. Tbe usual awarma nf civilians have bean preeipliated on City Poioi?some employee of tbe CbriHiiiui mad .sanitary Commission., some antlers, auj pretended volunteer nurses, bat far more vartta . b?s greedy .if bt teert, who come for ao Mkw purpoao Man |a .ratify a morbid earloaity. mail. boat. Tie pontoon bridge at Powbataa waa takoa op night MM iant, ami a largo loot of IM bad boa. lyln. tbare for a day or tiro vara put In mot too tor tbli place. Arrangements or. bow a boat completed for a regular mom Id. mall boat A lly between tiara aad Washington. Tba boat leaving bare la iba fureoooa will oooaeet ?ltb tba HoNlascre pcoket at fartroa. Monroe la tba ore? Id., and arrtra la b aibmgtno Iba morala., making tba trip M about Iwaaty-iour bnora ?ton Barmy oa tub nrrwn hi aai aii t*moe our ?b*ndoomeat of tba north alda of Jeanne the rabaia pbuitad a taw pm oa oommaadtaf po intone anove Chariot City O?ort House, aad eonmeaoad trine oa trio, porta. Ooa abut a truck a despatch boat, goto* aatiraly through bar, Juat aboya tbe a alar llae, but gam. oo 01 bw damage. No other yaaaal waa Mruek. Our |unixia?a oooa gbaaoi tba rebel battertae, routed ftutot of mar traaoportatioa. ?p?c a' Order No M, headquarters armlet of the UaMod MtwH, auoouDceo G?a. ftufua lo.alis.Cbiaf QuartermaeUr irmy oi tbolotomac.aa Cbiaf Quartermaaier of the er ase* oporatiag la Vlrgiala; aad Lieutaaaal Ooloool If. 8^, chief O'tamiaaary of tbe Oepartmeat of Vlrgiala and North uaroltoa, aa Chief Commuaary of tba armloa .'jrrailag agali'at Richmond. I bare no eoqaatotaocy a lib Col Morgan. aad know aotbiag of fclo ofllclal stand ?ig beyond the endorsement or tkw promoltoo. but to (,-u.* mual be awarded tba palm for arorytblng pertain ng to t>ia department. Aa a department quarter, muter be elands wilhout a rival, and, with doe de er eoce to ibe i>re*eni incumbent, ahoeld be to Geo. Meige' .dal?l t*.itloo to day. ran nut oavautL bwbil. from r bei sources we also bear that Ewell'a oorpa baa bMD detacbad from Lao's army and aaat against Hunter. I this xboul i prove true eerlou. apprebanaloos will be /all for bis safely, aa Hooter cannot be adviaed of but ^jioroat.b.and miy be in fancied security. ik rauxr or raTBKaarao. Tbe lighting goes on day aad algbt with unexampled fary. We have constantly gun ad ground, and bay# d tven them from one line of Introncbmeota to aootbar, aatil we are t?. quite near the city. Tba robeta are evidently imbued wttb a aplril of desperation, and work sot f.iit wiiu ao energy diwervio. a belter oauae. Our g4-?' - bays i>eoa vary bsavy tbere. It* weather m ciwr Mid ple?a*ol, without belay vary h- v. Halo la needed to lay ibo dust. Tbe health and wurrait 01 the army remain ou impaired. m rrairr ron thb mo. Among (bo many iiddouu of brarory and parcnaal dar*n? nibibucd in atorraing (bo one my'a iatraachmoata m fninrtbnrg tbo capture ul a roool battle flag by a pri vate In me lbtrd Mow York reilaaoat, la Ceo era I Smith's aorpe, de-orvee especial moo don. While tbo coatoat waa 'at ita be.kin, and tbo udo of bottle awaying to aad fro, be Mined the flag, borne by a rebel captain, who picked M ap aa Ha former nearer fell at bla aide. Tbe gallant Mew Yoiker slagiod bim oat for pemoool eooouator, OLd, after ? hard bond to bead Qgtt, aoocoodod In ea turrog the flag aad Ma bearer, aad aaiargod from Ibe dnat and ainoae of the oo fl?ct rkstorloooly boar tag tbe banner aad drlriag tbo Captata boforc htm. General Mlt board of tbo iactdoat, oeat for tbo dart^ taaa. aocertoined that bo woo formerly a mechanic, but bow a tuaii o private la the raaks; obtained a apeclmcn of bta handwriting; f?0'id by ooovoraottoa that bo was aeaolbla ?i Intelllgeot, aad commissioned him a I leu tec ant of hmtoera oo tbe spot, Tbe buitle flag la of blew boating, .?bout four feet hguare with wbli# blading, two locbea wide, around tbo edges; baa e white diagonal oroaa, all chen wide, wlh thirteen blue sun no both arms, founding from corner to eorner, and la well mounted oo ?. staff about teu fe?*t in length? the whole prnnontlng no jehsgsni and well toMhed ?ppe?r?rre though a mewbet Ciled and worn. 1 regret eg eedmjrly that tbe name of i gallant captor cannot at present he ancortained. The banner waa aaatly folded around tbe staff aad I given in ch.irge ?f l.ieuletiunt Colonel Hahcock. or General | Grant ? suir. to eocvoy to headquarters. On tbe way from fatemberg Ibo ooldlera bo ponoed la tbo road warn nnasually uemuasirativo aad exultant, which ocoaatoo. | alir brofei out la vweUaroua cheering aa be peaaed along i itne. Tbo Colonel woo nnobln to ocoount for bin and I dan popularity?,nnm ha^ineoietnd fata or uriy had un I furled tbe rebel oolorn, and waa explaining ita capture to I all toe MWpi P?1*rt? bf grlmacoa aad pantomime oca ansa. Hera, as orory whore else that my obaarvattow baa < l^p : the women of the t-outb are oar nw |pr< w"< ? (<?*? The intensity of thctr hatred b ml* II rag oca nana tsoTaaavt. Tbo Xlrbmond Amamv tr of tbo 1Kb loot, nsiifmaas to ooo occupation of car old position ad OnI Harbor, li,l too o'clock oa Monday forenoon, which Dveo oonsiuslvely that the transfer of tbo ny from there to tbo James river loek tbo rwboi srinea by surprloe, aad that tbo robola bad not eu?led their works at tbe tlma of car leering, baa been asserted by aae or two bral' all 'n the fleU'. Resides this, they made a feeble atorapt lo haras* onr rear guard Monday afternoon and tight, tnd at one tlw-* serl>u* stuck on deneral Wit. diriclon of eavolry, that e >*er>-d the rear and flank I the army wbiie creasing Jbe Cbtuksbomiar and the PETERSBURG. m swamp* and Inwlands that skirt Its oourse. Skirmishing was oooatoat by ths cavalry for thirty-six hours, Is which we probably lost fifty nee !? killed sod wounded, sue nearly as equal number of horses. ass. siuht's van rus. For the first time si son orosstcg the Rnptdan the real plan of General Grant (br reducing Richmond is growing manifest. It was never bis Intention to enter Richmond from the north, aniens the nnforeseen chances aod contingencies of battle should make It on easy con quest. Nature and art have exhausted themselves in making It tmpregoable from that direction, aod General Grant waa well advised of this at the outset. But the army waa on the Rappahannock when be assumed the general command, confronted by General lee To hare withdrawn from there, ana transported his army by walar from Washington to this place, would have given Lee time and opportunity, whlab be rarely wasted, to have made counter demonstrations on Washington and the Uppsr Potomac. It waa considered beat to drive the rebel army before us to Richmond, if it could not bo destroyed sooner; for Us destruction, losteid of the capture of one or many rebel capitals Is the grand objective purpose. To do this effectually, by compelling It to retreat from Rich mood on a lias of our owa aoieo ttoo, the destruction of the railroad through Gor donsville to the wotlward become an Important eomtdaratlon. For this purpose tbo army lay in fbo vicinity of Batheoda oho re h aad Coal Harbor a full waek kmgar tbaa It would otherwise bar a done, but the rail, rend waa finally not only destroyed for miles, hot com piatsly fhr as ths term is ap pi lea bis to mat tor Our mission m that look was then accomplished. Wear*now bar*. veum or mama With ths eaptura of Petersburg as ah accomplished fbet, lb* Daavtil* Railroad la the only on* that connects the rebel capital with the Southern confederacy, The width ef track oa tils road Is ssid to dliTbr rrcra all other Panthers railroads, and will prevent ths withdrawal of roll log stock. This road can be easily threatened, or svaa destroyed, from Potoreburg, so that tbo rebel govaramaot will foe! that Richmond la hold by a vory alight tea ore. theism if l'ttrrtbur$ u tk* etrwrfi A g lanes at the map will eon vines ths mast unbelieving of this. Oor oommumcsllcDi will bo matchless; theirs bcpslam. Let the timid, wbo scant disss tar la every bream and borrow trouble from all oor movements, ha assured that the glorious campaign of Vlckaborg will find a parallel here. There Is somsthlag vary greed and Imposing In the slow and steady advance of this army on Rlchawad. It reminds oae of the mountains aiming to oe lbs three brothers la the fairy tela. m tccosD coirs. Mr, Flalsy Aadertsa'i Despatch. Rama fian a Fas** or Pmraasrao, 1 June JO, ISM. J Yesterday waa one of the most paaoerul Hen days this army baa bad stone the campaign oommsaoed. Scarcely a shot was fired during Its gay. Most of ths day wad mm devoted to rserganlxiag ths troupe and Strang then tog the boss. The soldiers wars vary much exhausted With continued marching aad lighting, aad needed a Hill* a rtao or varus?ns oajsrr. Taster day afternoon a flag of tram was ami out from ear aide, and arrangement* wave effected for ooMectmg tbo worn*id sod burying tb* dead that lie between tbo Nnss, la whleh plans duty working perils* war* en gaged. Tbo torn to front of Petersburg bar* been esrsr# on both stdm, hut our Hit of oaaualtlm has evidently be so greater than the ensmv's, because ws have mads repealed charges on hi* fortified Hum. vav same stivsoa ki>. When the principal (oris to tbo ontsr lino of work* wore taken it was ?apposed ti nt we would soon he in possession of tb* city; bul the re bale hat* been pouring is raiti icotuTm j,u groat number* irouj North and South Carolina, aa wall as (tan Laa'a army, and ovary root of ground over which wa have advanced alaoa tbo fighting eomaaenoad in thia Jrtolnlty has boon vigorously disputed by the enemy. satcbdat's chams ami why it vaiud. Tho charge made on Saturday aftorobon at oao point of the lino by tho storming column In the Second corps was a magnificent affklr, nod the universal oplnioo la that it would have boen succemrut if tbo troops had only bad tbo advantage of the presence of their old officers to lead them. But many of the valuable officers bavo been either killed or wounded, and of oourse tbo efficiency of tbe troops,as a necessary consequence, baa been considerably Impaired. THE FIFTH CORPS. no. V. A. Henstrlck's Despatch. HRAnut euTxns. Fifth Aawv roars, \ In raowr or 1'nsmat so, Juno 19?11 P. H. f A good deal of*active ekirmisniog, intermingled with occasional severe caosonadtng, made up today'a pro gramme. There bits liecn so change is tbo position of tbo liass on either side. a rbtkl aasaoLT. This evening the enemy again made an anault, but they aooc fell beok before our volleys of musketry aad batter iss. ma caacaigm Iaead wltb this a complete list of the wounded, in cluding those of yesterday and to-day. The general character of the wound* are much eeveror than usual, owing to a much larger per centage than ordinary bolag caused by (belling. All that oould bo removed have boon aent to day to City point, tbence to go to Washington, namamsa oe.vsaat. tut. aavss again in ran mu. Brigadier General Reyes, wounded Ip tbe WI Werners, and for his gallantry tboro promoted from a colonel to a brigadier general, returned to-day aad re ported for duty. It la enpnnoed be will be eeslgned to the oommend of the first brigade, Flrst'dlvlalon, lately commanded by Colonel' lumber lain, who waa wounded in yesterday's Dgbtlng. He has had charge of this brigade several months during ths past year. Color*1 Welch, of tho (ttxteeath Michigan regiment, who has been absent on recraitleg sew**, also returned to-day. obath or ootostt. uaoaoa a. nuwgott. Col D*l Preecutt, of the Thirty .second M.ssnohuostU regiment, died this morning, from the wound received yeaterday. The b- dy bas been embalmed, pratlmlaary to being sent home to hie family. Hie death la greatly lamented, end bla less Irreparable to the army. He wee aa breve la death aa la hauls, and bla only regret waa that he oca Id not live to see tbe end of the war aad tbe Union restored. He setered the service aa a captain, aad roee to tba colonelcy of bla reglmoat by virtue of bis merits as aa officer sad gallantry la battle. COVONSt. GBA mSSLAfN, Among tbsec etartiag for Washington to-day waa Col Chamber la la. Ha waa oooveyed no a stretcher to Oily Point, aa tba nature aad seventy of hie wound would not admit Ida riding m ea ambnlaaee. It la new Relieved that be will recover. fas rot rnt aitmuAN ateiwsvt left to day for borne, Its three years terra of enlistment having otptred. There baa been no better regimes! In the service. It bee lest three oolooela aad a large pro portion of Its field aod staff officers to battles. H gees home aader oommaad of Cept. Marshall, who bva lad It la every fight atnee Col. Lombard waa killed m the five Seye fight In tbe Wilderness. Only shout on# hundred ? tbe original regiment go borne. THE SIXTH CORPS. Mr. Oeeur Q. sawyer's Ue.paieh. HnAinji Aerwis, Purs Akvv rosea. I N'SAU I'STlsenftO, Vu., June'20, I HrVt } Ths besdousriers of the .hath crua wero moved yes terdey ifum es flrom nete Harbors, ?o the Ih rmoda lined;ml Sid* of tlS A: ?watlOX rlvpr. (o wperjlthe oorpe now Um. Aa yet 11 baa not participated la U>? se vere conflict* before Petersburg, bat It M likely to take a band In abortly. Tba Eighteenth oorpa baa rajotoad General BuUar'a ootamaad, and rollerm tba Slztb, wbiah la now with the Anay of tba Potomac, wao aas rocavr mtobb raraaaaoao?ma anm. worn. Tboa far tba flghtlng before Pturaborg baa bean par* tlcl|iatad In by tba Pecond, Ninth and Elgbtaaatb oorpa, tba Fifth balng In reeorr*. Tour rorraapondanta wltb tboea oorpa bare already forwarded fall detalia of tba conflicts, which bare bean bloody and adraatageoua to as. Tba ? orka are of great strength and well defended. A largo work on a bill to tba north of tba river oorera the city and tbelr lne of war ha, and a lea beara upon our Hook. Tba flring from thla work, called Port Cll ton, baa bean very baavy and ear ere, and baa not yet bean atloacad by oar guna. Meana will be foand are long to rrmove tbl* obetacle and occupy tba city, wblob la now covered by our guna. TIB 1U.YTI CORPS. Mr. Jotmaa C. Cttxpatrlola'a Oeapateb. Ni.ttii abut Corn, Barona ParnaaaDRn, Va.,1 June 30?A. If. J Teatardty our corpe enjoyed a a pall of reat. There waa no gooaral engagement, bat tha plckata kept up an incaoaant interchange of shots. The rebate opened from one of their betterlee aeveral tlmoa durtag the day; bet Captain Roe mar, chief af artillery on General Wtlcon'n ataff, brought hie guna to bear, and allenced tbea with b few ehota. math or major Bsnomi la tha ebarge of Friday wo loot a moat gallant affloor In Major Hedgen, of tho Fourteenth New York heavy artil lery. A grapeenot perforated hta breaet, near the heart, while other portion* of bie body wore wounded by Mlale ball*. Be waa literally riddled with bullet*. <??>'*at. nor wcudbd. 1 em happy to make eurrectloc of the aPi tern eat that Colocal Pleaaanta, of UM Forty-eighth Penney Ivaala, waa wounded. Ho la unharmed, and In command of the bri gade to which hie regiment belong The ml elan * aroee from the feet, probably, that hie predaceaaor, Colon at Cur Ua, waa wouaded. ewiut raenano'a oni out taeora. Geeeral Ferrer*, with the colored division of our oorre, oeme lute position on the front yesterday after none. He will be heard from In the nest encounter. By the way, wa have a eamp story about one of three darkey*, lb* colored enidier had e rebel prieoeer under guard for eome time, and waa afterward* aaktd bow tbo rebel liked It '?Ok, be acted berry nice, and sailed m* Mister," was the response, with a grin wbmb showed hie evident appre ciation of the dignity to which he bed rieee b the rebel's estimation. Wbaa BoetRernor* begin to eaU darkaya ? Mister," It evinoee a program la refiaemaet on tbelr part wblob canaot bet be vary grstfflrag to tboee who are afflicted wltb Etblopocepbale. vna WrAnaa It quite warm agalo. Tbo aoenea lb tbo boapital* are all tb* more terrible la oooeequeeoa. HE TENTH CORPS. Ma. William H. M.rrlam'i Deipatel. Tasnn Goers, la vwa Pibld, Jobs 19, IBM, TUB BBBBt. ATVACB. On tbe morning of the lTib luet., about balf-pant three, the enemy with tafaatry at larked Genera) ft ? Footer's division of tba Tenth corps. Their Inlantry consisted of Field'* end I'lekelt't dlvtelonn of Loogetreet'e oorpa. The attack was kept up during the day, end only reused alter dark. Oeneral rosier'e right reeled on Ware Bottom clBtdb. near Jamea river, esiendtng to wards the AppomaiPr* a distance of n mile and a half, lb# enemy extended from Dr. Hewlett's bonne, on the James river, Inwards tha Appomattox, tha wh<da being In tbo Immrdlaie front ef General Foster, At law n?. p?ht|n* was also aoimr w w lie flroala of General Am ud Gmril Turner, la the direc tion of lb* Appomattox. At about two o'clock P. M. tbo enemy for mod I tod of battle and charted General Footer'a Una, driving bla loft and oeotre back about two hundred Tarda, they being ropniaed on every other portion of our line. Subsequently a port of the original line loot waa regained, Utua leaving tbo relative poeitiooa of the two oppoeiog araaiea the aame as on the lfltb, aavo on General Toeter'a left, where we retired ! aome two hundred yard a, and wblob they bold To-day, the 10th, at three o'clock P. If., Ute came troupe made another attack upon Foster'* right and centre with infantry and artillery. A portion of our centre waa drives btok. An advance waa ordered and the enemy were driven back irom the pee It ion gained by them In thia attack, and we now triumphantly bold the line. An 1 write conatant attacke are being made upon the linra of Antes and Turner, but they bare not auceeeded In driving ua back Jfn.m our poaittoo, having been repulaed lo every attempt. A number of prleonere were taken on Toeter'a line from Pickett * and Field'* division*. Pickett'* division oouaiela of four brigades, each numbering about twenty Ave hundred men. Among the brigades o( Pick ett's division ara AyleM's, Ha* tar'a and Barton's These prisoners state that we are throwing shell Into Petersburg, end that a large portion of General Lee's army Is at Petersburg and la Ballet's front, some portion of It hav ing remained on the north side of the James. ogasasL snoots aanoima oommso. Major General Glllmore, accompanied by Major T. B. Brooks, Cbptaln Bragg and Captain Frotblngbam, of his personal ate If, havs been ordered by Lleotenaot General Grant lo report lo tbo Adjutant General m Washington, and have left for that point. The following la the as sum pi Ion order of the new oommaader of the corps:? General Order*?A'a I. Hk4Dqtt*btbks. Tavrn Abut Poors. June II, 1MM. la oooordaaoe with special orders headquarters Do pert meat of Vlrsleia sad North Carolina, June IT, MM, the undersigned hereby aaaames command or the troops of this corps W. T. H HR0OK8, Brigadier UeaereL Knw 8mm, A. A. General. not taiaiaaaia mouse voixrrssns, of the Eighteenth army oorpa. and eommaaded by Ool Cyrus J. Dob ha, te-day received Its orders from Major General W. T. (Baidy) Smith to report to hie Eiceiieooy Governor Morton, at Indtaaapallo, iU period of Honorable service having eiplred. The history of this reg(meet In brief in op to this date a history of the war. Katerlng the service on tbo 4th of Jely, 1M1, Its career of eoofuloena to the Union armo ban Indeed been a brilliant nan. For oourngo, fortitude and nil Mm quail ties that make n rag intent an ornament to Um service, tbo retiring Thirteenth fndl an* may bo safely said to rank among lb* cboieaat of the soloot rag In ante! oommand* that form tain vast army. Tbo ooontry North ban of lata moatha boon doiugad with valoraon returning to nod fro, and It In more than probe bin that this mags I Been t oommand will return to Its Indi ana homo nnovatmnod. I will not deny M before tbo world this simple tribute la this aorraapondaneo. 1st ua hope that chivalrous, opulent and proud Indiana will reeoire lie noble none returning to Ita bosom with batt ling and generous honors. TIE KMBTEEim COtPD. ?v. Achn A* Iredy'i DmpnWh. Bnanovanw, Kiss i mho amrr Const, 1 In nm Fmaa, June IB, IMA J The nemmand of Major General Health la nil aooamped to the neghborhood of Port Walthall, with the eieepsAnn of Martindale'a division, which hat not yet roturaed from ? the front. esvnui. naansTMUi ewuese. fa tha fighting yesterday Martlndale waa angagad and lost * me men. How many la ant yet known hare. Ilia woended wore nomine In through the day yeateruay. ? twk mow* rnoH to* raovr le very. Dietjfe. It appear* that llenoock charged the works on tile front yesterday afternoon, but wae re putaod. BurMiea. later to the dev. alau advanced opoo the Maray, u4 mnihl la drtvlo* them from tha Intra ocomsnta along bia froot. The enemy, being Banked, were compel aJ to fall heck along their entire Ilea, end Haeoock waa enabled to occupy the Mae from which he had haaa rvpuwad. At a Mae hear laat eight Oeaerel Smith waa aotil>d that Martiedate weuld eat pet be renewed, aa hta withdrawal waald make a gap le the llee. and aa a groorai assault waa intended la the mora lag their pretence woo Id he required. eaarauL ?*??? la Ink lag oomatand or the Tenth oerpa, haa iaeued the tallow lag order tahla eld dlvlan>?? General Grdars? Vn. 11 Bumotinaa, Tnar Divanon, hinnrnairTw Otero, I June IS. 1864. f The Rrigadler Oaneral commanding the di via ion her* hp relinquishes tha command, lu obedience to apecial oadan from headquarters, Deparim>-at of Virginia and Nona Carol na, aaaigaiag him to the command of tha lea lb oorpa d armes. la taking leave of tha dwtaioa be daalrea to txpreaa the aattafhailen be haa derive from a command which during the period be haa been with it. baa no svery ecen ?km, aocraditablv acquitted it ai fix ofikc*ra aad enlMtad ?an he tendera bis Heartfelt than he for the earn rat asp port thap bare ever rendered Mm. and for the faithful aaaaaer in which the* bare par tinned tha duly 01 good aad tree aoldiera, and bra re and acetous defenders of their cnuotrpi cause By order uf Brig. (lea. W. T. U. BROOKS. Than. Kaan.capt. and Asst. Adi Gaa. IFFilftl OR THE Jiir. i Elf El. Mr. Onnmr G. lawper'i Dripateh J*a a irra, June 20. 18<H. lb# gnnhoet ffutaw, Lieutenant Cnmmander Blake, haa far the peat three or flour dope been shelling the enemp'n forcee no Malvern Hill, near which a largo force of reeele am rocamped. Tha practio - wtib her nlue Inch ?hell nod heavy rile guns bee been beautiful and u credmgip effective. The rebels have been driven from tbair poaitieo, end are located nut of -h?II range, watch ing tha approaches to Richmond on the north aid# of the James, over these fellows Caput a Biaka maintains a vtgiltat watch, to prevent ifrm from putting ap works no tha river between this end French's Rated, where the Mositort and double-ender K-. covering our right, ran nun nam assip. Three of tha rebel rams came dowa tba river nearly to Dutch (Jap, end ware Brad on hp ear Monitors serosa the wooded o>-ck bet wean ear vweeln sad the rebel tron-c a 'a. it la eat known whether asp of them were struck or not, aa tha Bring was eot ao accurate aa it might bava bean soald our gunners bava aaaa them. Aa ti waa, tba ahou worn directed bp signal. Afur having raooanottared and found our sqotdi on in IU proper piece, the run steamed ?lowly up the river again. It la berdlp possible that tha rune nbeuie come dawn In the fees of our Monitors; hat U ihep do tbare will ha ooc of the liveliest and moat ex traordinary oo tit sat a on record. Tne river is so narrow at that part that the vessels will have an opportunity of manoeuvring, aad bard knocks will only decide the light. Our cneers court the trial, conbdent of their ahUllptn soma off viator*. LtonUaaot Geoeral Grant aod Major General Butler war* on the A pa warn, having aa interview with Rear Admiral Lee, at the limn of tha appmaco of the rams, and witnessed tha Bring of tba heavy guns from the M setter. IUKSAET OF EVERTIa Mr. William H. Marrtaua'a Dtipatik. In tau, iui Pom w Rncn, Ve., 1 June 111?A M. J wmnrr wuhii ?muu wurr, nrva ud uiuut LCT US UNI ?AN4 Art An Hm absorbing restart of Ik* p*?? twantp-foer Mara ta Ik* alail of LMuiaaaat 0*Mr?l Gran* aad Major Oanaral Bailor I* Admiral Leu, *<>mmandlag lb* United Slatdk Mval fareoa oo lb* Jaaaa and ippmilta rlror* Tb* Lteutaeaet Goaerai waa aecomp ?<?* bp Ootoaal (mo* ?lock, Cklof tB|lba*r a bM staff. and several alban of hi* alak o(Bc*ra. Tb*r* aiuaM time General Bal Mr Brigadier Ornaral Oodlrap Want*!, Chief K?|t b**r; C'Wooal ?bsflsr, Cbt*f af SUIT ; Major Lad low, aad others. Tb* visit had It* Important objects sad bear tafi; bal a* detailed allaataaa ana b* aafalp mod* to tbaa natapailbta am lb* pablta mtareat. White lb* dm ilngumbad partp were at luocb a* edteer araa aNimil, wb* daairad t* aa* lb* Admiral imnodtatoly. Tb* Admiral ram aad aaaahdad to Iba daok ar tba k? ?hip. lb* offloar Informed lb# Admiral tbal Iba rahal ram# war* coming dawa tb.- Jtoia rlror, aad Ibaiobaarrattoo woaid dmoloaa that three boallte craft bad alraadp reached a point known aa Dutch Gap, aod that a force *f rabal abarpnbuotara war* protending dawn tb* abor* lead. Admiral La* at once communi cated Ibaoa facta to General* <? rant aad Butter, ?%|, with tb* aararal gentlemen of ilia naff. proceeded to InvMtl |*t* tba (acta. It waa true tbal a ho-til* float wa* ap proacblng, but lb* abarpaboolera could ant ha ae?*. Aa tba rabal foobnata oama to lb* head In the rlrar, oar gun# opened on tbara acrooa lb* neck of land; wh*reu|>on tb* anamp apeadllp retired, after Tour -bole (ram tba Ad miral, wblob elicited ho reapoaaa. W? ehali hear mora M oonnactlon with and resulting I rum tble affair noonar or latnr. Shortly aflar quint wan reniornd tbn dlntlngainbod partp separated oau-aaT rxmorr or ooi.n- at mn.L'e angina. Tb* Tbird brgade, Third dleieloa (General Amen), Klghtaonlh aim? corps, comm ad# I bp Colonel I .out# Ball.of tba Fowttb New Himtiatiire Volunte ra, and oooatatlng of tb- Third N-w Tor*, Goioarl Mam in* Hundred and Seventeenth New Y r*. Colonel White; On* Hundred aad forti -soond N?w Yob, Lieutenant Co local liar nap, coiuual O irti# being In cam mand of tba lata Cataual J. C, Drake'# brigade; fourth Now Hampahlr* Volunteara, l.iauteuant Colonel Drew, and tba Nleetp.vevonlb I'eanayl ranla. Captain Prion, did a gaiiaal to lug bsfor* Pntaraburg hi tb* action of tba 11th. At nix o'clock P. M of tbnt bard fought dap Ibts brigade occupied tb* rtgbt nan Ira of tb* enemy's work*. Una compaap of tb* Oua Hundred and forty-aaoood New Tork.ea* bundrod meo of tb* Ob* Huodred and Seventeenth and th* Una of tba Tblrd New Tork nbaiged npeo and look th* saamy's balterp No. I, capturing a stand of colors, four gun*, two hundred and eleven prisoner#. Including ? nontenant eateasl, foar septals* and oi-ht hautao nnu of each grade. Tba left of tba brigade Una struck no hnttarp No. T Maiultaaaoaaip with General Mines a Ilea af aalorad troapa, capturing flrs gnan and manp prtsonnrs. Tba colored troapa rushed In o* lbs rohcla, wb#n lbs rabal Lteutenant Colonel surrendered to aur force*, and actually had to ba knocked down la order ta ear* lbs Uvea of tb* captured rebate. Colonel *. R. Cartte, commanding Second brigade, Tblrd dlvtetow, bold hte ootnmaad la Una durtag tbte a bar go, occpyleg tb* muna pcaitton In roearraon tba night of tb* Ifltb lost, prow raraaaau. I teara that ear forces, at twslva o'clock oa Batarday, bald tba Una of tb* Patarnhurg ua Waldoa Bailwap. Tb* lighting ta front of the oitv con tin see night nod dap, and rotarana of th* Potomac armr svy thop aavar wit a as aad nnyiblog Ilk* It fbr desperation sad rater. I think tbap must waot to eteoo thia tbmg ap and f* bom*. The loaaa* oo both aids* ar* onormoe#. raa exit or tbb t#ibt**jit* i*niixi voipmaan waa mad# tba eccaaloa by tbn troop# of a parfeet ova Honary alorm. Tba gallant Indian la** were cbaared, oommancing with tb* brigade of Colonel Curtte, bp bat taitoas, and all along tba rout# to Bermuda Hundred fiWiaai Dobbs' retiring commend ?? mmt aatbualaaM oallp greet*I. Tbap ar* ladaed a lasa i? tba aerate* a# 4MVTAW naunaaa opt run ouw tatuca. A mournful soaua transpired bare yaatordap, lb* Oral of tba bind during lb* war, no f?r aa mp kaowladg* ?# taoda, la tba dramming out of tba serrton of First ; i?u taaaat Matthew K-ck. Adjut m? of tb* Oa* Hundred and Eighty algbtb Paanaplraala Ynluataora, for cowardice at Drury'a Bluff, la tb* actlao of tba nth af Map. Tba aa tura of tbtecaa* would aaam ta Jaatlfp, did nasa sad spnc* permit, tb* pablteattea la fall af lb* proceed aga of tb* Court Martial, whoa* aaataaaa was laiihfuiiy executed pastor dap, at no**. THE CASUALTIES. ddltlwmml List wf Wounded *f tb# Be*. end Carps. -Iww# M? IJ ,l8,_ I lent Michael K>M..ner. 0. ?W H T, #evarelp, I human ng, R, 7lh N T art. ?lurhlir, O rp D jtnebanae, F llllk Y allublly CorpL 1 rulher#, I, lilth N Y, #11*tellyj rgt Will Wood#, fl. ?ih N H, eev-roljr. Ctte# 8pt'ng.r, Tth V Y #rl, #ev#relp; H>nt Oofle*, L. Tib N Y art, kbily J Hranhp, K, Tib N V art, ?Ugbtly ? foha l -r ar. 0,"I44IC I'a. m ?Mif; Hai,k?, G, folk Mae COITZHVXO Olt WORTH *101,

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