Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 22, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 22, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL Tvboat, June 21?4 P. M. Tbe stock market was active to day, sod tbere was ? general advance throughout tbe list, wub targe trauaac ttoes Tbe tugboat cusb aalea ot yesterday aud tn-d?y at tbe flrat board com pare as follows ?New York On i rut Railroad advanced >4, trie 1%, Reading ??, Michigan Central 3, Michigan bnutbora 2ta> Illinois Central IK, Cleveland and Pittsburg 1 '4, Chicago and Kick laluod 1?%, 1'itUburg and tort Wayoe 2>?, I'bicige and North western 1, Chicago. Burlington end Quincy 2, Cumber land Goal 1%, yuicksilver Mining l{, and Delaware and lludsoo Canal 1 There was no change in Hudson River, K ie proferred and Ohio and Mississippi certificates. Canton Compiny (ell off '4 and Mariposa The follow lug were tbe 0losing quotations:?New York Contrsi Railroad 133trie 116, trie preferred 111, Hudson River 142\, Reading 143, Milwaukee and Prairie duCbleo 64, Michigan Central 166, Michigan Southern 101, Illinois Central 132H- Cloveland and Pittsburg 114 V, Cleveland and Toledo 14SA7, Cbicag) and Rock Island 116, Alton and Terra Haute 64 X, and Chicago and North western 64X. Pacific Mail told at 269?an advance of nine per oent since yesterday morning. Cumberland Coal was 73Quicks liver Mining 743d, Canton Company 40, and Ohio and Mississippi certificates 65'7. United States coupon 6's of 1831 closed at 113; five twenties, coupon, at 106% ?nd one year certificates at 97. Tbe gold market was rampant. In the morning the price was about 200; but it rone rapidly to 204, and, in deed, we beard higher, but, as there ware no sales at the Board of Brokers aud much excitement on the street, 11 was impossible to obtain reliable quotations. Brokers kept a margin ol about two per oent between baying and selling. Mr. Chase offers tbe sixes of 1881 st six per cast premium. The following Is tbe report or the Assistant Trea surer:? Receipts ?Kor customs 80.C00 Payments 3.827.0S1 I Balance 45,426,910 The sggreguie value of tbe cxporle of produce sod tner ? cbandlso (exclusive ol specie) st this port during the past week was $6,808,881. Tho following comparative statement shows the aver age cooditioo of tbe ieadiog items of the Philadelphia banks for tbe past and previous week:? Tat* IF-elr. LaH Wtek Loans $40,286,488 40.286,4Si Specie 3.964.629 3,964,768 Legal tenters .13.178,388 13,479.996 Deposits 37,388.903 ? ? 88,367,171 Circulation 2.074,278 2,077^53 ?The decrease in deposits and legal lendsrs, it will be perceived, Is quite large. Stock Exchange, Tuk.div. Jim# 21?19:80 A. M. SinOOOUSS'a '81, con. 1 ISii, 2741 absN V Ceu Kit.... 133 moo IT 8 ti'K, 5-91 N 1-eg 1 "6*4 .00 Erie KR 1114, 33.101 U S6'e, 6-20 a cou lOo 1300 do 114*8 2UOOU 88s. 1865. coo. 195 10 do.... h)0 114j? NHWlr nta.7MO.OAA 10,>4 100 do ..*! bio 11a MXM U Si)'*. 1 >ear cer 07 100 do. b30 116 2-<t) lll nolscon "da. 9 14 300 do, b30 115V 60UO Mui>:a,w?loPauKR 76 400 Kris KK pref U0K> 2u00Tonne a 1790. ... 00 760 Hud Riv RU 142 6110 California 7'? 152 700 Heading Rft 141)4 SOU)\lr laiaSs 62 400 uo 14l<?i 8i4X)0 Ohio A Mia- cer.. 66 1000 do., HI'* 10009 do 86't 100 do.. alO 141T, 80 "0 do 7.6J-* 2l>0 do 142 HOW uo hie 56 6? ? do b30 142)2 oOOUObloAMisaprrf oer 02 200 do bJJ 142 ?* 1000 AOd'al-uu 130 20' Mich On KH. J5g 10i>iMicliOen8perct.u <1 129 ]00 do 15212 SOoCbiaN W ? 1 txis UO 9o-> Mich So A N fe BR. 101 DkWCni .* N W 1st m. lurk |oU do.,. s7 101 70 0 HAbt.Tus I grunts 1?1 UW do s30 100', 61 WO Marietta.) Cmlsim 106 2iW Mick He A N la gum 142' ?20 0 Mariposa lai nibd* 102 20 111 Cen KR terip.... 131 22-ha KaukCnmmerCR 114 300 do J30V 2|).i CantnnCompauy030 40 4.JO do 130'. ?0 d.? 39)7 400 do b3 131 20) do 69* 104 do el* 13017 300 do .. . 39^ 48 III Cenlral.iull sl'a. 130 2.w Cen Am Tramrtt Co 39 loj Clov A Pitta KR.alU 114'i JUO do 40 800 do 114 110 Del A H ud Caoal Co 244 19 do .Ill 9ll0 Cumb M>al pref.... 7S{< 9.0 Chic A N W KK.... 54 200 13* 200 d<> 64'.' 460 do 74 100 da MW ?W do.' *4'{ 100 do blS 613? I'M do 74)4 RWChle AN W peef.... Ml* 7*W do blO 74.'. 400 do PO',7 loo BIO 74'7 too do 65 go\ 10* do sl6 74 l'W da.,.. 90'J 50 American 0<>al Ua. 97 300 Chic A Ruck I KM. 1I5C ?WQuicksilver MgOb.. 73? 325 da .......777.. H5tJ ?0 d? 7314 100 Milw.A Pr duObKK 69 *<M do 74 110 do bw 4917 250 Minn,?-.,!* Mg Co . 49 II Itel. Rang AW Kit 740 S? *JO'S Valley CI Co 41 100 Puts. HWACUIc KR 116V ?AW do.,. so* 100 ilfiw 100 Nicaragua Trsa tCo 9 100 do... lli>(? low do ?J)7 200 do... Ufl'J 601 Bucks Oo Lead Co. 1 100 Alt A T H KR pref 80 DM Mariposa Mg Co.... 8Jl2 450 M A Cln 1st m praf. 74 700 dn 66){ 26 do 75 0 0 do 56 50 M A Cln 2d m pref 63 100 Allan tic Mail 83 Co 176 100 Uan A Hi J KB praf 66 MtCOVO una HI). Har.r-rasv Two o'C'ors P. M. $10000 17 8 6's. '81. cou 113 30.1 shs Reading RR.blO 143 30001; 8 fi'R. 5-2n's, re* lUJH lOoo do 113 lut?w U 8 O'a, 6 20 *. cm 106V 2i0 do at'lil'i 6W) do IU6K 100 .*30 U2W Id 01 U R C's I irccnfs 97 frsi Michigan Cen KR.. 15.j? 2|W?| Ohio A Miss crifs 6517 3"" d' 126 VuOnlis Cmiin u Co 40 KM All A Ti-r H RK.b JO bo 6l>Cumb 1 oa Oo pief 74 100 Ui 64)7 300 do 7'*< 3-JO Mtcb Hot 5 I KR. 101 Si*. Quicks :ver Mg Co. 7464 4iw 111 Cen Bit serin.... 122U 801 do 74'. 3"l do 132 100 Pacific RaUSS Co 2.9 1500 do. 132?7 loo N Y Central KR.... 1.33 7 1 01 Cleve A Plt|? KR. 114'? 3iw Erie KR 115*? 13 0 do 114', 200 do 1157* 250 Cbl A N W KK .... 54!7 120"! do " 1(6 lUJ do 1)15 55'. 10' do ...610 116 6 0Chi A N W Kit prof 90V, 200 Brie ltd brs!.... Ml 20o do........ n:> 91 200 Uud Kir kk.. ..bM 111 6?) Cleve . Tulcdo RU. 118 '00 do 11*7 400 d" 148 '7 2"' Reading RU 14 lOWChldB I KR 116 400 do 142*. 1W Mil A P ,.u Oh RR. 69 200 do 142)2 10) Pine, Ft IV 4 C KR US CI I V COM.MKRCIAIa HKPOHT. Tcic-dat, June 21?0 I*. It. Ashe-.?Receipts, SI bbls.; market firm and receipt* readily nb?"i bed at $11 60 a $13 SO for poU and pearls. Biuur?Tvrrs ?Receipts, 15,180 bbls. Hour, 042 bbls and 350 bags corn moil, 00,043 bushels wheat, 82,8)9 da. corn, and 60,(09 do. o its. Tbe Hour market was fully 10c better, with a brisk borne trade, and some export iO'iuiry. Salea, 22,000 bbls. State and Western, 1,800 Southern,and 1 .00 i.nidnto. Rye fl >ur was firm, with 600 bbls cold, at full prices. Corn meal was also firm, with a uir tuqulry, and sales of 460 bbls. We quote ? Buperfloe State ana Westoro fiour $T 85 a 8 05 K.ilraState...., 8 35 a 8 46 QiuiccRlats 8 50 a 8 65 Common to medium extra Western 8 35 a 8 60 Extra round bO"|i Ohio 8 70 a 8 80 Western trado brands 8 86 a 9 30 Extra St. Louie 8 76 a 11 95 Common to good ^ontbern 8 00 a 9 20 (food to cb?lce extra do 9 26 a 11 30 Common t anediao ...*. 8 35 ? 8 45 Good tocholoe extra do 8 60 a 9 60 Rye flour, auperfine 0 50 a 8 25 Corn meal, bole 7 44 a 8 90 Corn meal, puncbeona 34 60 a 36 00 ?The wheat market was sett va, the demand being chiefly for export, and prices advanced 6c. a 2c. on prime spring. Rales 186 .000 busbels. Including parcels to ar rive, at $1 80 a $1 90 tor Infer! r to prime Ch6 ago spring: $| 85 a 81 91 for Milwaukee club; $1 94 for winter red State. $1 91 a $1 93 for amber soring: $1 90 a$2 for win ter red Western; $2 04 a 82 10 for amber do, latter price for obolce. and $2 16 for white Michigan, an oxlretno pnee Kyo was qu et, with aalee of 1,400 buabele, at $1 70 Corn waa a shade dearer for prime, with ealae of 45,000 buabeia, at $1 40 a $1 60 for Inferior to prime mixed Western, tatter price for old. $1 65 for white Western, and $i 60 for small parcels white and yetlow Binthera. <>eu were In good demand, aed tbe market was firm at Son a 91c. Barley and barley malt remained leaotire. BamwAX.-2.0nt twnnda Western sold on private terms, but understood m so me advance. ObTfna ?Ttr market waa quiet, with sales of 460 balsa We quote ? WanC. P.oritla. JfWrile. W.O.dT. Ordinary 136 136 130 187 Middllag 148 149 149 150 Good middling 162 153 163 163 Corner ?lbs market waa inactive, with aaiea of 800 bags St. Domingo at 3d (40 . ana 130 bags Rto at 43c. Coriwa.?.isIts 100,000 pounds Lake at 45c. a 40)?o , sad 200 000 pounds fiamim re at 43He , new held at 44c. Fmraim were firmer. Engagement* to Liverpool, 6,000 bushel! when, per tmcricsn packet,to nil,at 4*<d. The aakmg r.itea at tbe closo ware 6d. a 6>$d. for wheat, Is. a It. 3d. for flour and 12s. fld a ITS. 0d. for hexvy goods, per mortcao and neutral: per steamer, 1,200 bote* cheese, 80s , and ooit -a Jgd a 'Jd To leudnn. per American. 3 000 bbia. flour la. 9d.: 100 tons ell cake. 17*. 0 1.. 21.000 bushels wheat, 6Hd a 0d.,ln bulk and bar*; per nvutrai, Hour is lui,d. a 2S Te Glasgow, 20 ?no b .ahels wheat, 6'fd. a ?d An Italian bark was ?bartered to Peoarth Loads lor orders at 3t 0d , or if to a direct port in Rrltleh Cb-nfisi, 3s 3d.; one to Rristol < Tunnel direst. 3s. fifed.; another reported at 3a. 3d. A British brig to Umdoh, 2.400 bbia. flour, Is 9d . a Nor wegian bark, 320 hhda. tobacco, to All'ante, 40s,1 another, 260 tons, to Cadiz, light pipe nave*. $28 a British brig, 2,200 bbia , to M<u?BT>ro*,$l HOO gold. Fhi'it?160 bbls currants so d at 19c.; also by auction 746 buses Sicily ofmige* at $2 00 a $5 05.1,000 boxe l-m-as (mm $6 20 to $0 85, and 1,800 do at $2 26 a $4 80. Hay wa? In fair demand at $1 30 for shipping. Horn were wllbout decided cbauee, with sales of 12C bale-at 8c a 20c., according to quality. Him*.?Tbe market was firm: saleg were 6 000 Rio Cnnde. 21 Ins , at SI \c., rash 4.000 Montevideo at 33c . 1.600 Huenoa Ayrea, 22 lbs., at 29c , in bond, and 4,600 Laguayra, 22 lbs,, (rum second lianda, OB p. t I,SAD waa quiet at 14c. LaATer.s.? lbcre was no decided change, find lbs but! ?ess wsa wry small Moi.Assan.j-lhe market was firmer, with a little mort doing, saewaf 100 hhos. lltrbsduea at 95c ,830 hhds 1 o?u. Rico at 99c. a$l 02, 48 do clayed Cubs at 78c , and 830 do, C ibn muse rjd" at 82c a OOo Naval H ome* were du I with salea of 260 bbls com tn<*i r<?in at $31 a $32 an 1 20 ctska French el $37 Alsc ?mall * 4o? of .American aplrita of turpentine were made at $8 orK * $3 10, and $3 r <r French. Oils were in moderate reque't with sale* of 1 200 lib's, sperm 11 v ear 1 art for export,at $1 95 a $1 97. 890 bblt. c ude. lor in mi J?eturing, at ft 96 200 bb's. *0. at $1 91, aad 1.000 do.. for export, at $1 96; alto 18 bbia. lart at $1 32* a|l S3, and 60 oaaes otlre, la pints, at $8 Krothk**.?Receipt*. 358 bbls. port. 66 pack igea beef, 65 da oul mo <?. ml ays bbls. nod 517 icons lard. Tue , pork market ?u still exoliel, and o e ed f 1 f5 higher, bat closed with le-s firmness: the 8*l?w on the bpot were 7.006 bbls. at *::# 37 t, u fc.'J 7b for new mm. $11 a $. ",1 .'<0 (or old and new prima, and $39 SO lor |>rtm? mess; alao, lor future delivery , a 000 bbia. am. fur July, buyer's opt on, at $40. 1,500 lib e. do., for nine, buyer's option, at $0 la 00 do., do., buyer's ipti n, llie Urulbalf of July, atf41 $5;I 000bid* do .deiirerm beoaorba'oreJsljr 10, buyer's optioo. at $11; 1,000 bbls. do., deliverable the tlrst bait if June. b>)er'a opt'on^" at |gt; 1410 do. t> Ime dps-, for June, buyer'a optloti. at $30 and 763 bbls n w mess, to arrive, at (40. The brof market ua-miro 'Clve and decidedly higher; salve of 2 4C0 hb*, at $16 n $16 or country m-M, $0 a $10 ler country prime, |&> a $2$ fair repacked mess and $27 a $2$ fur e*. tia moss Prune mess beoi was quiet at urerioua prtcne. Peel hams were du i and unchai ned. I'aeon sides were d ill sod nomtual, with sa,e< oi 80 boxes UimberNnd out, at l*iv,c. a litfc. (ut me It were firmer, wtth a >los of 60 packages, at 13c. a 13to. lor shoulders.and 16Sc. a 16c. fur turns. The laid market was firmer, with sales of 3.600 bbls. and Heroes, at lStfo. ,a 17o., and 760 do. tor July, seller's option, at 17c. Pitrapiktm.?Rcc It4*. 6,789 bbls The market was very irregular. The advance in guM alone prevented a decline imsd yesterday s figures, lbe specdl dion hue been carried so isr that the cootrsctr <>r some staunch houses were toddling at from 6c a 10c. beiow the twice of fresh contracts, made by well known dealers. There was a very feverish feeling, and manifest desire to get fr?m under belore th? crash comas, and unless it does come, certain parties who so d largely lor this and next month, at low figures, mast be driven to the wnll. The biles and resales were about T 500 bbls . Including all kinds, at 46t$c. a 4C>^c. for crude on tbe spot; 60c for July. 08c. a 6i?Xc lor rellucd. oo tbe spot; 71c. a 76c. for iuly. 7He a SOc. for free S4C. a 92)4C. lor August. :ie cording to the character of the contracts Contracts with large margins were placed at very low figures. 260 bbia. benzine sold at 35c. lor refined. Kics.?Tbe market was quiet and prioos were n mtnal. SrnAtt was more active and p' leer were a Utile firmer; Mies tve-s 966 hbds < ?ib i mu<COf?do. in bond, at 11c. a 11 t?e.; 5ft obd*. do at lHJfc . 80 hbds. I'ortn Rico at 19sc.: also 116 hbds New Orleans at li)*fo , and 300 b is- Havana on p. t. Refilled was urchinmd. >pbi.tkr remains quiet, with sales of 60 tons Silesiaa, to arrive, at 5 Sc. gold, In bond ftpicts.? Sales 75 'isgs aloos at 65c. a 67c.; 2ft cases nuimegs at$i 66a$l 06, and 125 d? on private terms. Tobacco.?1'bore was a fair derafnd for all descrip tion. but the market w is firm; sales 976 bhds. Ken tucky at 10c. a 47o. lumv was in active demand, at an advance, with salea of 200.000 lbs: at lft'^o. el5'tc ;Jaiter price forTity. Tea was dull. We only beard of an invoice of 44)* chests green at full prices. Tib was nominal; sales of 600 slabs Strait at 65XC., and 140 do at 56c.: Knglisb, 56c. Itanoa was firm at 6?r., with sales of 75 Blabs. There were small salee of plates at the rate of $19 cash for 1 C. charcoal. Wbisekt?Receipts, 1,548 bbls. Market 6c. a 7c. bet ter, and actlre: sales of 4,500 bbls., closing at$l 60 a $1 00. Salti of Real Estate. Ry IV Warn Kennedy. Lot a. a corner of 10th are and 61st at $1,375 House and lot n. side o( 32d st, 690 ft w. of 9th ar. 3,000 Thro* lota corner of Bloomingdale road and 131st at. 4,600 IMPORTANT SALVAGE DECISION. United Ntntes District Court. Before Judge Sbiptnan. In tbe cue of Charles Hjrgiit, muter of the steamship Labuan, in behalfof himself, owners and crew, vs. tbe steam propeller Tbomu A. Scott, her machinery, tackle, ka., Judge SDipmau on Monday rendered tbe following OPINION. This libel in ran, |g filed to recorer salvage against tbe steam propeller Tnomns A. 8cott, and alleges that the steamship Labuan, belonging to Hull, England, sailed from New York on tbe 26th of March, I set, bound for Liverpool: that soon after leaving the former port she encountered a series of heavy gales from the eastward and after weathering them for fifteen days, during which l.oet ber b*u. consumed nearly all her ooalt and had her poop bouu stove Id, her muter log It imprudent If no, imp^lw. to her voyage scroga tbe ocean In the condition eho then wu, determined to run back to the nnvi ?r New York; that while ehe wu u ret^in^ and at about twelve o'clock M. en tbe ltth of April when' about eight miles to the outward of Barnegat light thou ?P .b?y* ?'????? ?uns 01 distress. aod ai about two o clockmade a vessel,and bore away for her and found b?'b0 propeller Tbomu A/Scott, bound from New Orleans lo New \ ork: that u soon u the lehn.n n? ? . within balling distance of the Scott the muter of tbe lat ter requested to be takes in tow; that the Seott was tben completely disabled by tbe lou of her rudaerai?nropll lor, and her provisions ail consumed; that the Labuan thereupon took her In low and proceeded with her oo the way to New * ork, towing her from three o'cluck in the afternoon of April 14 till about nine o'clock toe following morning, and to a point off tbe Woodlands, about four IDtlM tMlfW SftDdy llOOk| VbQrO ft 8Uitlt Rttimtiiir CAm* alongsldo or the Labuaa with orders from the muter of Y Scot% to toko from btr tho bftwicr hv mkink she had been towing the latter; Sat Ue Ebw w, able to cootlnue to tew, and take her safely into port re fused to give up the hawser, whereupon tlie same was cot 2? tba Scott, and the steamtiig took ber in tow. That tbe Soott did not, after she wu taken la tow br the tag, pus ahead of tbe Labuau, and that Ibe latter reached tbe Battery at New York at about bslf-imst one o clock on the game day. The libel al.wi allege* that Ibe Thomas A. Scow Is or the value of two hundred thousand o? ,ntf P1"*?8 for 80 allowance of salvage to the llbellants to tbo amount ol taeuty thousand dollars. The Attorney of the Untied Stales for tbe Southern district of New York hu appeared on bebalf of tbo government nied s claim and Interposed a plea to tbo Jurisdiction of this Court. Ibis rloa alleges that tbe Tbomu A 8cott to a large steamer belonging wholly to and In the exclusive of the United State at tbo time or her Se.rure by tbo Marshal under tbe process la this suit that rbe to of the value of more than two bun' dred thousand dollars, and that she was our rb.u-ed by the War' Department thrm.'h The bureau of tbe Quartermaster tieoeral, and wu nsld 7 rt?lb! al'ProPr'alloDS for tbo support of tbo armv lb? United Mates, rbe pica rurtber alleges that, tbinigh she is not in commission In the navy, yet that ehe be longs to a litrge class o' vessels owied, armed, supplied and manned by tbeUnltedStatU. and under tbe dircct on and control ol tbe Secretary oi War, and employed by bun lor various purposes connected with the operations or the army; that some are employed for waritk* purposes only, aucn as keeping rivers clear or enemies'batteries and co operating with land forces In attacks on lortlfiod towns, that others are engaged in the transanal P>n of troope comm. iary, quarte mister and ordosnce hub. P?r is . y ?rmwl for ,helr own der, nee and for offensive operations against privateers anij TPSSP|. .K0t ^,u*..a,the bl ,ck,ule 01 toe Southern ports, that tbe ibeniu A bcott wu at ih,. time she wag fallen In with by ilia i,h?ii bound for New York trom New' OrtSJ^JSw fIio had bet*n with ft loud of nbot shall end powder lor tbe aapply or tbe army of tbe United Statu in that quarter, that she wu armed with two thirty two ponod brass guns sod ono thirty pound I'arrott gun that she was In charge or civilians employed eoMy by the ni^? ?n<1 lnat Iter business ainou the has been owned by tbe latter bu been that of transporting troops,commissary, quartermaster and ordnance supplies rue plea oesoludes by alleging that tbe stesmerin ? puhllo armed vessel of the Uulted states ind denying the jurisdiction of tbe Court of this suit It ? s well known rule of law that tbe Judicial tribunals'of a ? xHintry cannot entertain sella in which th? uveTeiu iwwer of thst country is nought to ho made a party spondeot. Neither can the property of tbe state or nation, en n general rule'be proeeeded uateX lit lie court*. In oueformtty with thin rule n *** held la tbe Court of Admiralty in Ens lied to 1816, In tbe cane or tbe Cxmius. cltod oo the discuwlon la the case of the Pries Fedsrlck?2 Dodaon, db4?that n libel far selvage woeld net lie aoaiset a ?hk He armed shipe of that natioa. After e somewhat diligent search, no ooeehu been foeed where e public S vessel, or any other public property, the title and noe . "J?" ^ "bl0b wm exctoslvely vested in the sovereign huibeen held amenable to Judicial preesee, en leu ?' deed, cwsee of srtae may heaeid to nartakes w?kT?b rector. 1. hu toS? he??E ?r Jo^ average the mooter or owners may retain all goou m ?heir poeeessioiTuatli their ?hereof the coatributton ? either paid or secured. TTte l^lt^Ht^ ? t^il Wilder,1 Bum tier'a R., 308, Tbe ftleconiOQ to tbe odId Iff Ml ibte caee. delivered by Mr?jStk*;8lor* u2l1 aar. ?f the salvage m tt>MT Vr?P"rtto* mifsss tr ?? ???-?,?. rsd overage, where goods of the mnmm?, form perl of the cargo on hoard ?r . ?rermeeot sel. Still, It most be Admitted that a oase of uivura SI private ship, where pert of the cargo beloomd^L' /ai Sovereign power, eould not he vorywell irom tbe one decided by Judge story' tacmiTSuJmS average nod salvage, the master or ownVrThLv. t^ oe the rw salved, bet the learned Judge, la thT?eo fcu f ?'. rcmarka that "In such cases ths nsture and uaeof the articles, as the means of military and naval ttons, may repel any motion ef any Ilea white*?r grounded en the obvious Intention of the parties " ThaSI remarks were made with reference to arma, artillery camp equipage and such like materials of war beiV*,teJ to urn government, as might be shipped with other car*! swaMr* ?sp r:; Br tended to military stores in time of war, and designed for use in active military nperait >ns the Court huTne means of determining Certainly IS?.r?w.i ?i r 0 e-ruewlt ageinst the '..ver.-ign imwer ury material., - avoidable delays of md.dal uibunaln to w forl^!l3I' "V1" hrgument applies wiih as much foroe te ST^rf Judloiai proceeding, against transport , ? tTl^ cargoes, consisting of supplies and muu tToJ? i? ledeedyhoth tbe transport^ghltTand S Involved lu tbe delay consequent u|ion any nroceedmr m 1777 .and related to the recapture by one 01 tbe King's of a vessel which bad fal'eo Into the bands of iha or tb^ou"- Th#, that t^e demand 01 tbe otiners of tbe king's ship of i>ne-eighis salru, was not wiibin lbs set of I'srllameot, as that sxtemtMi """ *T* 01 bm "Sw.rS itoS mi,.^r?.r , 11 ih# ,Co"rl h*4'1 that Of comm m i. - T, I' . ,J y" tnr recapture, and, there ore It ?*''Pld be Illiberal to construe tbe act of Parliament narrowly The cast Is not very fully reported but I Inter ,7hluh'1 >:,0r l" ** b^B' un,1?r "O?* fw" of nroceedlsc. custon vy fbr tbe Admiralty Courts to decree Mir ge to the n .vol officers of the king's aMpe litrnnatil to the recapture of ve&seis take* by the Mtm;, * tuai m? custom in ml wee expiees'y meogalwd and implicitly Mucfloaed by *c?. of rprltsaaen* the* to force The sad c.tee ettrd that ef the Hirvri' of Huntley (deoided is 1H35. and reported to t Hies.. MSI. obaricreJ ' y (lie govuraaeut, a d barter gnvbrnaaent novel rud <>?. uanoc a lores together with e Itoetoedbt aed Mvnral lor slid eoidiera ou bard, (to her yayagsirusa I.oith to Leudon she pet on UuUe Middle eaDd.otf tSwi, w time ehe e*pnri*ncad very bed weather, bad So ally wee ro'ioeeJ Irom (treat peril by several private vessel*. Ae act mm (?? salvage w to entered against the eh In o?rgo and I'eight, and an ap;jesrueoe catered und bail ill vea for the ebip aud l/eight cuiy W lieu Uto otto-wea ready for bearing, the Court, having ascertained that no ealvace bad been |<aid op tbe More*. Bor any account furnished or their value, expressed iu oplnl >n that to a cake of eucb groat merit, aed where three llvee hod beca lost, tbere ought to be a remuneration in respect to tbe stores, and directed tba oaee to stand over that the mat tor might be represented to tbe Admiralty. This was done, The King's advocate ap I wared, and. a: tor staling tbe value or the stores, and that the govern meet was anxious that the salvers thu Id he rewarded liberally, left the amount o' tbst rtorard to tha judgmeut ot tbe court. The c >se then prooeeded. The oaac of the Athoi (i Wei. Robinson, Rep. 3H|, decided by l>r I.ue-'ungton to 1K42, was iusutnted for damages caused by s coliiskw The facts were these ?A brig wse run down to tbe channel by her Majesty's troop ship Athoi, sod was totally lest. A memorial having bees presented to tbe lords of tbe Admiralty praying compen sation , or o( ber wise that tbe Admiralty proctor might tie instructed to appear to answer to a sg't to be commenced to the court, a totter was addressed to the proctor and ow uera of the last brig br the Seoretary of tbe Admiralty, stating that the Lord Commissioner* declined to interiere. A motion was than made before Dr. Luehiugloa fbr * monition againfat rhq Lords of the Admiralty, carting upoa them to show cause why tbe damage should not he prwtounced tor nn'd.pompeasitinu awarded to tbe owners of the ship , and cargo, and w> the winter sod crew for the toes of. their ?flbcis. The Judge declined to grant the motion, fofr the very good re iscn tb it he bod no pober lo coip> oe au oppc& the payment of damages asagainst them. Iu tbe course ol bis otduiooabs toys " In caaegef kings ships, loaded with cargo or treasure, salvage bos been awarded; but no caso has occurred within way reoollec tio u to which the ciowu alone was onoeraed.M Tbe moiino bivlogjieeu refused, on application by the proc tor lor tbo Athoi, the oourt directed that a commu nication should he nlude by the register to tbe Lords of tbe Admiralty, stating that tbe motion for a moeiti 'U bad been tnado to the court,.and tbe Lords of tbe Admiralty sti nhoquently direoted tbat aa appearance eboiihl he given by' tbe Admiralty proctor for the Atbol, in order tbat tho court might adjudicate upon the ques tion. Two other cases were olted on the argument?tbat or the Swallow and the Inflexible, both her Majesty's sblpe (1 Rwabey, 30 and 32) These, however, were suits against tbe commanders of these vessels and not in re. against the ships. It was sought only to sub.ect the officers personally, though tbe I/irds ef tbe Admiralty, In ooe case at least, directed an appearance in behalf o' the officer In none of tbe cases referred to, all of which I bave noticed, has tbe English court attempted to deal adversely with tbe public property or tbo sovereign, eloept where there has been a voluntary ap pearance on Its boaalf and a submission or tbe esse to tbe judgment of the oourt, unless it be the ca^ of thy Beier, to yh'Ch 1 thick the action of the couf t must bavs ("SlioXtiT?" bduielW of It Is un necessary to remark that tbere is no act of Congress con ferring 8|>cc<al jurisdiction upon our courts In cases like tbe present. On the whole, therefore, I conoludo that tie Court has no jurisdiction over (he Thomas A. Scott, even assuming her to he merely a transport, she is ex clusively owned by tbe sovereign powerfcacd therefore is not amenable to tbe judioial tribunals at tbe suit of pri vate parties. The libel must therefore b? dismissed as tbe cause now stands. BUt, inasmuch as the government may bo desirous or making compensation to the salvors, iu ease they are able to prove a meritorious claim for salvage, 1 will withhold the decree for the presont until the attorney can Aviso with tbe proi>er department and take its direction to the matter. 1'lly Ial?Hl(cBe?. Tin FtrimAi. or a Book.?In obedience te lime honored custom, the members of CU? '66, of Columbia College, performed on Monday evening last tbe solemnly ludicrous ceremony of burying the book. The volume consigned to the tomb was an ancient geography, which was laid In the grave with becoming pomp and humouggery. The rlass formed In procession Corner of Fortieth street and Filth avenue, about nine o'clock-In the evening, and marched up the avenue to tbe colteRS- grounds in the following order.?Pol loo, Undertaker and Assistant, Heim3muller'a Band. President, Vice PreaMeot, orator add i oei, Crave nigger's, lUcr, f'aiihearors, Ctass of'66 nod Students generally. Arrived en tbe college green, the burial services were opened by a chorus, or which the following verse may be takna as a specimen.? Blow the loud joyous horn; Our foe bos psamd away; To Hades he was quickly borne For flunking ns each day. Mr. G. P. Smith delivered a luneral oration lifter which a Are waa made and the booic cast into it. and burned up, while an appropriate song wen chanted at tbe same time. This was rollowed by an elegy by Mr. J. W.Thompson, and, laet of all, tha asbea were garnered up, placed iu a coffin anjl buried. After thee# core monies the procession had a speech from tbe President, and the farce waa over. Bnoocira Crrv DtaarronT.?The new Brooklyn City Di rectory has made its annual appearance sbaty en the heels of the New Turk one. It possesses about the seme merits end the earns faults which we had occasion to point out In the New York Dirootory. Tbe publishers slate that the draft oocasieoed such a scare amongst tbe good people of the City of Churches that tbe work or getting names was rendered extromoly difficult Another diffi culty complained of is the necessity to renumber and rename the streets sod avenues. Since tbo cooeollda lion ot old Brooklyn with Williamsburg, (ireeupolut, lie.. most of tbe streets nsvfl been unchanged in name, and the conee pience is, to dozens ot cases, there are two difleronl streets with tbe same name. This difficulty should be attended to by immediate renumbering and renaming. ? Straw lusitRT F'xuibitio.v at Cooran IwrfmtTs.?Tbe Horticultural Association of tbe Amerioan Institute gave an sxhibitiou yesterday arterueou. In one of ibe email rooms of Cooper Institute, of a selected variety of straw berries and flowers. For some reasen tbe attendance was very slim, although tbe specimens on exhibition deserved s better fata. Some of tbe berries were as large a* hens' oggs. and looked as luscious and inviting as any Trail we bare over seen. The Iota of llr. Brill, of Newark. Mr. E. Williams, of Moaot tiair. N. V.. and Mr. Thus. Kava nagb.ot llrooklyu, were i?riicularly remarked as extra ordiuary specimens of Hie strawberry both is, size and flavor. Beside* the strawberries there wen* -everal species oftgrope* and rare flowers exhibited. Thb Scmwkr Ni'imt FmrtVAi. os ius I.isukrkrix* will lake place at .lon*s' Wood to-morrow n ght. If the weather prove favorable. It la experted tbtt the enter tainment will he more than usually pietaiog, as tbe pre psrations have been on a vast scale. Accidsrt ? John Hamlet, a painter, residing at 53u Tearl street, while at work at No. 4 Brood street, fell from an upper window to the ground, a distance of twenty-five feet, spraining both ankles and receiving internal injuries. He was taken to tha hospital. Tlao Now York Light Uuard. Tha thirty-sixth anniversary dinner of tbe Now York Light Board, Company A, Seventy Brst regiment, New Yerk State National Guard, cama off last eventog at the headquarters of tbe company, Lafayette Hall. This torn I peoy is now historically Identified with the city of New | York. They have held their preeent headquarters for over a score of yeers. The dinner, which was prepired by Wm. Hutchison, of Brooklyn, coosistea or tha meet delicious viands, delicately prepared, and alt tbe frnlta of the seeeoa. The wtae flowed In pro. ruslon. Tbe company who ant down number** upwards of one hand rod, among whom wee Major General Baadlhrd. Captain Tompkins presided. After ample at tention had been paid to tbe dinner by all prawni, Cap tain Tompkl ha announced the flrat toast te he "The day we celebrate.'' It wae repaired with throe cheers by the company. The nest toast waa "Our Country?in peace we love bar. la war wa honor bar"?which was honored with three liaae throe, la the meantime Captain Hart, who led the company through Bull run, and received a wound in the battle, from which be baa not yet re covered, entered the room and waa raceived with krad cboora. The nett least waa '-Ceoare! flaadford," which was also honored wttn cheer lag. General-SAinifono responded, saying that tha thirty ?ixtk anniversary included a geeeratton, and that during that gtoeraiion he had known the company, and teetiaed to Ita patriotism and subordination. General Spioer waa naxt toasted, and responded in a fbw neat worda. Tbo health of "Oaptaia Smith, tha chaplain of tha roeiment," waa than given. He replied, ? hew ing how the country was iadebted to the vol unteer militia for the safety of the capital. Ha th>n spoke of the nobis conduct of the volunteer army, which was cheered; bat when be mentioned the name of tbe Commander In-Chief, General Great, the en tboetaam of the oompaay knew no bounds, end load cheers for Grant oootlaoeri for a considerable time. He concluded by an appeal to all tbe young meo of tbe whole nation to stand by tbe conntry to tbe leat, to that If she perishes she may go down as the Cumberland went down lo Hsmpton Roads?with every rope la Its piece, tbe orew at their abutted guns end the American flag floating at tbe mainmast, the peak and tbe foremast. (l/>ud eheors.) ??the memory of their noble oomradet fallen In battle" was next drank, solemnly, standing, the band playing e dirge. "Tbe post officers of the corps" was drank In foil bumpers, with nine cheers. Harry Henderson, ooo of the members of the oura pony, treated them to some artistic musk; on e pianoforte. Captain Hart being toasted, responded In e brief speech, In which he made many hippy allusions to tha honorable social end military position tha corps noids through out the whole Union. He then proposed the health of Captain Tompkiar, the present commander, end son of the officer who organized the company. This waa hon ored with eatbuslesiie cbe -ring. captain Tourams tbaaked the company for the warm manner in which they booored his name He proposed tbe health of tha old mem bers of the company, and called upon Joss B Phillips to respond, whirb the; gentleman did lo grace ful terms. Thus tbe evening passed away in the moat social, cordial and delightful Interchange of sentiment and I reeling, with many references to the happy reminiscences of tbe peaceful past nnd as many expreeemna of hope in the bright (olds of the unrolled future Tim proceedings we-a enlivened by the rnuaw of the regimental bead from beginning to end. Toe following ore the names of tbe offlcerd of the oom paay at present ? captain, W.O. Tompkins, First I Jen tenant, D H Harden. Second lieutenant, O P. Sm th Tbe members of tha compeay are merchaata, and ail " - -? r""? ? r??,ww"' ? "w w^? ana/ matlimsa. Ww<i ?t tt? latin towards tao later porttoa of ttotfataf a INNk, Mi 4 aaibawaetli patrtottma, wag Wnm ky V. V. Ma ting*. eronaad tbe aid spirit of tha aarpa. IBTERE8TIH0 FROM HAVAHA. Oat Carmyainaaa. Hiftn, Juae 11. ISM. Mmtofwa**? Byi ii to 3a#arf Maktwf Afe Jtorv Ma wii 1%* Bmpsrmr imwflm ^>ml mi Creole C^toaa of Awasi toa. to , to. Mat tat fitaua gleam of news oaa 1 dtaaever Oram say qaastor wtthto'my sphere Fram to. Domingo, aethtag bar?ad aoma vary toalgntOcaal details of tat flgtt on the Saetiagaraad, a few miles Trom Moata Orisli, af which you hare already mob informed. Neither haa aaythiag of oata ooaaa la my knowledge la regard to areata oa this iataod. The goad paoyta afSautiagada Cuffs have had another of thoae aoarm to tShioh they ought to be wed acouttomed. coaaldaring the frequency with which earth quakes visit them; and the mora surprising Is K that they should go off into spasms of terror whan It la known that they hare philosophically made up their minds la be swallowed up some day or other without o moment's not toe. The vialtatlon to which I am now allu diog occurred at tour o'clock in the afternoon of tbe 2d ieet., hurting no one, foriuuatoly. but alarming the whole population immensely. 1 trust I shall never be called oa tp ohreoMo Urn fata which nil suppose Santiago Is doomed to uodsrgc. Mr. Reyooso, the distinguished Cuban oh em 1st, left on the 7th lust, tor Europe, on the British steamer, to perfoot! a diapovary of his whwh will work a revolution la the msnufaotare of sugar The-prob lent which Mr. Reyuoao tbtoks ha has solved is one that has Oooupied the at tea. tioo of chemists for years, sad consists to as treating tha fresh cans Juioe that there shall he ne resi due, but all be ooo verted into sugar of equal quality and Oneness. Suoh is the coaldence to Mr. Reypooe's skill, and so great the value of bia discovery, that bis friends hero bavt subscribed tbe sum of thirty Ove thousand dollars to enable him to prosecute his re searches and experiments in Europe. Of tbla sum Do a Miguel Aldama alone gave twelve thousand dollars. Mr. Keyngao. therefore, goes to Kurope well provided Should he succeed, as is expected, all sugar planters will coo form to the new system, and you will have ne mare quo ? tatinns Of sduecovado in your prloes ourroot. Of courso you kuow, tbougb somo of your readers may not, tbnt ac cording as each pan of bolted cana juice crystaiises, there are formed.successive layers of sugar of varying color and quality, and, therefore of varying value. Ilia top layer is tbe whitest and best, tbe next interior, and soon till you come \o tbe bottom of tbe pan, which is found to cootalo tbe black uocryttalisable residue known as molasses, or tfQiQjs. Mr. Reynoso intends coaverMog fill H" a MigAVor ublTorm color and quality,ao that (nerd snail be none to he had, for love or money, but that or tbe beat kind, at a roduced price F'.'or people will bave to put up with good sugar, and do the bast they Ah until Ibey get used to it; for 1 expeot nothing less than a grand row to ba made about it, such as invariably fol lows on tbe heels of every great Improvement In fact, 1 expect to sec New England swarm with "Poor man's sugar" aegociatious and clubs or indignant pie bakers. Nevertheless tbe world must move, and good white sugar must be crammea down tbe throats ?f the oppressed masses, unless In their blindness tbey choose to abandon It for molasses, for, after all, who knows what mysteri ous connection there may be between long suffering and "long sweetning." From Mexico nothing, tbougb n ootiple of French trans porle have just srrived from Vera Cruz. There Is natu rally muob anxiety to learn what the Drst steps or the new imperial government will be. Maximilian aas to make !r lends for himself, not only in bis new omplre, but all around him, let him torn which way ba. will In Cuba bo has fdsr. If any. among Spaniards or Creoles. Tbe rormer are jealous of France, whose Inllaence has reared a thrope which must still lesu upon her (or sup port, and placed upon tbe incumbent's bead a crown wbich Spanish vish uaries foqdiy draamt might one day coma to he ao appanage of that of Castile. This vision, therefore, has not only been dissipated, but Freucli Influ ence threatens le supplant forever tbat of Spain in tbe countries where she'once ruled and her language even still prevails. Tbe Creoles dislike the new empire, beesnso tbey are Intensely American in feeling, and look at tha qoestion from an American standpoint, and because they bave, or affect to have, a hatred, not only for the race from which tbey spring, but for alt European nations. Everything which passes on tne neighboring continent claims tbelr closest attention, and tbe Monroe doctrine is as much ohorished as if tbelr own most vital interest* depended on Its conservation. On the quantum* which bave produced tbe great Civil war tbey are fltvided, fol lowing, with tbelr sympathies, tbe fortunes of tho mighty combatants; but that does not lessen tbeir veneration for tbe American people, nor for tbe principles of Iran gov ernment wbich bnve made America so great. It ouly suffice* for tbem to know tbat the interference of Franoe In Mexico In disliked and condemned in tbe States to eulist tbelr sympathies against tbe "invader;" lor Ameri ca whether Nurtn, South or united, is tbeir social and Dolltical apotheosis. Kvea la tbo midst of bis new subjects Maximilian will Bad it difficult to make friends, not because tbe rooting out or old evils and auuses?many or tbem, iilen tiled with tba character of the people, will be a long, painful and even dangeroua mailer?but from the dlfleient and oon (licling elements of which tbe population of the country is made up. Here will be the great dlfficuity. The Mexl caus of Kuropeitn blood never harmonized with the abo riginal natives, who are five sixths of the population, except when tbey wanted them to light their battles for them. These (>eous, these dve millions of rreemeo, tbe bulk or tbe Mexican nan n.aro a conquered race, and have always been treated as such by the whites. Naturally indolent, they are ignorant, thriftless and iuditiereut; while contact with their white ennquorors and rulers baa not improved them for, like all op pressed people, they have learned to be as cunning as tbey are faithless. I do not think the two races can ever he made to assimilate, either under a republican or im perial form or government; lor they are not sufficiently enlightened tor tl* former, while under the latter there is still lesa chance of that equality which is the perlec lion o( social Institutions. I?tussce, however, what the young I injmror will do; aud the experiment is really worth trying. Kor my part I am glad if the work of mur der and devastation be at an end, and If a quiet traveller can go troiu Vera Cruz to the capital without being rob bed aud iwbaps assassinated on the road. CKVISSII TOflNAUK I "If I S. Knclosed you wilt llod the new regulations for tonnage due- at this port, though I cannot see any benefit to ship owners therein In regard to the sums charged, which are wbout the same as boi>re:? Tbe following is a (tree) translation or tbe order Issued by our Intendeut (lenrrul, under dalo of the 2d-lnst;? Ills Kxcelleucy the Intnndent (lenerul of the Treasury, by virtue of royal authorization d ited '21st of December last, has been pleased to resolve that, from the 1st or ?luty next, tbe different port charges at preseul in force on 'all vessels arriving at this island Shall be substituted by one sole duty, as follows ? foreign. A'aiional. I.?All vessels entering with cargo aud clearing witb cargo shall pay per ten i 'measurement %2 35 $1 36 All vessels entering with cargo and leaving In ballast 2 TO 1 30 3. ?All vessels arriving in ballast nod clear log loaded 2 00 1 00 1 4.?All vessel" with coals, to the extent of or exeeeding the Dumber er their regis I tered tons, oven when loaded with other cargo 0 60 I All vessels with soal only, but lesa tban their register tonnage, shall pay on the quantity of ooels tbey carry 0 50 and for every ton unoccupied 150 0 02 All vessels with less coal than their regts ister toon see. and moreover other goods, wMtever the extent thereof, shall pay on ttmumberof toot of coals 1 33 0 73 [ ana on the rest of the cargo 2 35 1 30 6. ?All vessels esterlsg In ballast and clear ing loaded with a full cargo of molaaots. 0 00 0 37 6.? All vessels arriving In ballast and only loading produce or the oounlry, per too of cargo 2 00 1 00 and for every too unoccupied O OA 0 OA 7.?All vessels coming and leaving In bal last 0 00 0 00 AH vessels arriving in transit, or la d is tress 0 00 On# 9.?All Manners engaged la the regular trade with this island, of whatever flag or place of departure, shall be exempt from all does, provided they neither brhig nor take away more than nix tone of cargo; end, whan carry ing n mall, they are to have all preference In clearance. 10 ?All steamers under tbe foregoing circumstances, but brleglag or taking away carno exceed lag tbe pre scribed etx tone, shau pay per foreign Aag |100 and daifc. national flag. 11.?The Spanish man steamers shall pay tonnage la accordance wMh their special contracts with tbe govern ment. 12.? All nleamert net coming within schedule g, 10 end 11. shall pay toaaago according to flag and place of departure, dednctlag the nam bar of tens occupied by the tag ino and coal buskers from the total tonnage. Base Ball. QRAMB MATCH ItTWIlM Til MMPIM ARB I AO LI OLCBd. Teeter day the first match between tbe Empire tad Eagle clubs wse played et the Ktysisn Fields, Hoboken, In the presents or n I urge orowd of spectators. The game was of the moat lively character, and assumed en even appearance twill tbe seventh Innings, when the Empires went abend. The fleidiag on both sldee was very good; bat II wad tbe opinion tbst tbe Ragles might have Im proved their nine. Altogether the match was of tbe most agreeable'kind, ami the spectators were loud In their praise of the smusetasat aflbrded. Boors ? O. M. mania. O. it Rvdor, 2d b 2 4 Tales..1st b 1 3 Dr. Ml, p ft Hcbaffor, a. a ft 2 Weetervelt, t.1 ft 8 Ciarke, ftd b 4 0 Renson, s. S ft 0 Simmons, I. f 4 1 Wilson, 3d b 2 1 Chichester, 2d b ft 1 jswett, 4 0 fbapln, r. f 3 0 Ruxeell, r. f.. 4 1 Salisbury, ft 1 Miller, 1st b 1 d Rogsrt, o. f 4 0 Bnow.c. f. 2 ft Slots, 3 3 Total 37 ? Total 37 10 mrurae. 1st. 3d. 3d 4th. ftth Oth. 7th. Slh. 0th Empire3 3 3 1 0 4 4 ft?10 fegle .3 3 1 0 1 0 0 ft 0-10 I mplre?Mr. Korsyth. (Jotham Club. The Tnrf. The three leading trotters In tbe country contend for n purse and stake, to wagons, this afternoon, at tbe Fashion Course. MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. Married. . )a Tuesday, J?n It, *11 ?C IM bride* father, k| the Iter. N. A. TMMU, Mr. fa H fevTH, of Am, M. Y., to Ami B., daughter of ?I??I MlkertMg.,of Bedford, Wsalehaalar Oiiml#, M. Y. i Died. AiiOook. ?Iq Washington, D. a, oa Thursday. Juoo 1?, fbem do niMiod ol the battle of Loorot Hdi, Va? Aasara O. Aloucu, formerly of the First Fire Zouaves, Md lote of (fee Tbnth regiment Now York Volooieero. Hie friends and relatives, aio follow prisoners to Klch asead, the Officers and members of the Tooth regiment New York Voluateera, aow to the city, the offioero cad members of CL V. Andoraou Hook end Udder Com pour, No. 10, ohd the fire Department Id general, ore invited to etteod the foe oral, from hta late reeideooe, Eighty third street, betweeo fourth aad Flftu avenues, oo Thursday afternoon, at one o'clock, funeral services will bo bold la the Churob of the Kodeeoeer. la Blghlytrth street, be tween Seoood sad Third avenges. Monmouthshire Md Carmarthenshire (Eng.) popera please copy. Bakbb ?On Tuesday, Jane 21, of dysentery, Oath aju sis D.. wife of John H. Baker, aged 63 years. Tbe funeral to take place at half-past two o'atonic, from her late rosidenoe, oorner of Smith and Wyokoff streets, Brooklyn, K 0. KelaUree Mi acqualntaneee are reepect ttily Invited to attend. Beats.?On Sunday, May 29, of wounds received by the explosion of a torpedo at Newborn, N. 0., Joesra 3 Bsals, Of Company K, One Hundred ?ud Hfty eighth regiment New York Volunteers, aged 3d years, 4 months Md 4 days. The remains wars interred In the Soldiers' Cemetery, Mew her a. N. a Hartford Md California papers please oopy. Bunco.?On Monday evening,aJune 20, after a long and severe illness, leaam. Con as, of Valencia dst Cld, Spata, la thn 27 th year of her age. The funeral wilt take piaoa from her lata residence. No. 6dT Second aveuue, near Ihirly-oiktii street, this (Wednesday^ nfteraeon. at oooO'etock. Her friends and the theatrical and musical prolessiona are iavited to at* tend without further notice. Basra.?On hugday, June II, lis Bad wo, agad 47 Philadelphia papers please copy. Qamvbbu,?Oa Monday, June 20, Oatbssm. wife of Berqard Campbell, in tbe SMb year of ber age Tbe funeral trill take place from her lata residence, 02 Carlton avenue, Brooklyn, oa Thursday morning, at ball-past nine o'clock; Her remains wilt ho taken to St. James' Cathedral, where o solemn requiem high mars will bo oftered tor the repose of-her soul. Tty# r#le lives aad irionds of Urn family are reopeotiuily invited to attend. Caarrau. ?On Tuesday, .Tune 21, the ado of Edward sod Elisabeth Chmppoil, aged two years, 9 months and 1 day. l he relatives and friends of the ramlly are respectfully levlted to attend the funeral, from the residence of his parents, No. 69 Portland avenlie, near Park, Brooklyn, L. 1., this (Wednesday) afternoon, at three o'clock. ConsTook.?<?u Monday, June 29, of consumption, Him-bma A , wife or Walter B. Cumstock, la the 22d year of hor age. The relative! Md frienda or the ramlly are respectfully invited to attend tho futferal, irom her late roaldenoa, at Knst Cheater, oa -Thursday aflernoon, at one o'clock, without further Invitation. Carriages will be in waiting at the Mt. Vernon depot to meet the half-pwt eleven Now Haven train Irom New York. / Eob?ST?In Brooklyn, On Tuesday, June 21, Walts* Clark, only sen of Henry and Julia A. Egbert, aged 14 years and 3 months. Notice of funeral in to-morrow's papers. Kbaseb.?On Tuesday, June 21, HsxaiCTA, wife of John H. Eraser, The friends and acquaintances of the family, and of ber sons. Alfred W., Edwin aud Cbarl&i, are resi>ectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from her late residence, 116 Varlck street, on Thursday altera urn, at two o'clock. Kerneing will be Interred In Trinity Cemetery. Germ ST.?In Brooklyn, on Monday evening, June 20, Eowasd Ovfkkkt. in the 64th year o- bis age. The relatives and Irienda or ine family ere respectfully invited to etteod tbe tuners!, without further notice, from the Elm place Congregational churob, this (Wednes day I ai ternoon, at three o'cluck Hbwdkbson ?On Saturday, June 11, at tbe Firth corps hospital, White Houso, Va . of a wound received in battle, near Coal Barber, June 2, W*. Hbsdkksiml, First Sergeant Company K, Ninth New York State Militia, aged 26 yearn. He left Now York with tne regiment May 27,1661, and bad never been absent Irom it a day, but participated in every maroh and engagement for three years, coming through all unharmed, nntd wounded la this tbe last action in which tbe regiment took part. He died aa ha lived, a noble Christian soldier. So toiled be on till his work was dona; Mow tbe pearly gates unfold. And be dads bis rest on his Saviour's breast, At home In tbe city of gold. Bkxkmb ?CM Monday, June 20, after' a abort bat aavaro Illness, Mjchaki. Hkkmns, aged 73 years. The reloads aud ?e.juaiuiaocee ot the family, also those of bis sods in-law, Michael Feely and Cbristophsr Mo Donald, are respectfully Invited 10allend the ruueral, this (Wednesday) morning,.at nine o'clock, from bis late resi dence, No 24 Henry street, tost .lamea'cbnrcb, dames street, whore a solemn high mass of requiem will be celebrated for the repose of his soul, and from thence to Calvary Cemetery for interment. Hatmbs.?On Monday, June 20,at half past fonr o'clock, of inflammation of the lungs. Mrs. Anas Hamas, former ly Nugent, widow or Jobo Haynea, of the law exchequer uiflce, Four Courts, Dublin, Ireland. l'be friends and relatives of the ramlly are respectfully Invited to attend tbe funeral, from her late residence, No. 270 Fast tenth street, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Tbe remains will be taken to Calvary Cometery. Incram. ? In Brooklyn, on Monday, June 20, Gnoses Imuran, ?ge<f%3 years sod 4 months, a native of Hightoa sbire, Scotland. Tbe friends and relatives of tbe family, also tbe mem bers of .Star of Bethlehem Lodge No. 322 F and A. 11., are respectfully invited to stteod tbo lunoral, from his law residence. Twenty-fifth street, near Fifth avenue, on Thursday afternoon, at two o'clock. Jack/?on.? on Sunday, June ID, at her daughter's resi dence, No. 0 Mercy avenue. Brooklyn, Mrs. KusASSta Jackson, aged HA years and 0 months. Nova Scotia and California pipers please copy. La Roy.?In West Mount Vernon, on Monday, June 20, Edward I Ik Witt, second son of Wiiltum and tbe late Har riet A. I* Roy, aged 4 years, 3 months and 8 days. Suiter lit tie children to come unto me, and forbid tbem not. lor of such is the kingdom of Heaven. The relatives and friends of the family are most re spectfully invited to attend tbe funeral, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at ha If-past two o'clock, from his late resi dence, White Flams road, West Mount Vernon, or st three 0 clock, trom the Protestant Kpiscopal church la Mount Vernon. Ohio papers please copy. Iam kwood ?On sixth day, six month, 17th, Abbanaii Lot kwoou, io the oath year of his age. Tbe relatives and friends aro respectfully Invited to at tond tbe funeral, without further notice, on fifth day (Thursday) afternoon, at balf-past three o'clock, From bta luie residence, 21 Coucord street, Brooklyn. Lobstsin.?On Sunday,.Tuns 10, at Sag Harbor, L. 1, of consumption, Hknrt K. Lormtbim. aged 29 years. Mnri.HR ?on Monday, Juno 20, Madame Adklk Obb incus Mkysks. ller friends are Invited to attecd the funorsl, this 1 Wedne.-tlay) morning, at nine o'clock, from bar late rest donee. No. 67 Bieecker street, at which hour carriages wilLstart for tit. Stephen's cburon, Twenty eighth street, and tnenco to Calvary Cemetery. MrMaitcs ? On Tuesday, June 21, Thomas McMahts, after a loog and pauuui illness. In tbe 71st year or his age His reloads and relatives are respentrnlly Invited to at tend tbe tunsral, from bis lata residence, 134 Rest Twen ty -secoad street, on Thursday afternoon, at ooe o'clock. Mojss.?At Newburg, on Monday, June 20. Habrt Imiirksol, youngest eon of David and Elisabeth Moore, aged S years and 6 montbs Tbe funeral will take place from Bt. George's church, Nawburg, on Thursday afternoon, at four o'clock. I bo frieods of tbo family aro invited to attend without fur ther notice. Mathkwss ?Ob Sunday, Juno 19, at Tllton General Hospital, Wilmington. Del., Sergeant Akihuk Mathkwss, Company F, Second regiment New York State Militia, or Eighty-second Now York Volunteers, aged 36 years. Tbe friends sod acquaintances of tbo deceased, also tbs members of tbs Secoad regiment N. V It K . or Um Ktgiub second N. T. V., also tbe friends of bis brother, William Matbewea and brotber-lo laws, Ctaaa A. Wolfs snd George W. remarest, are reopectfufly Invited to attend tbofsaoral, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from tbo residence of bis brother In law, Beojamla Tufta, No. 164 Lewis street. McCums ?the funeral of Captain Alcxammb M. MoCom will take plsoo this (Wednesday) afternoon, si three o'clock, at Dr. Cbapla's church. Tbe reiatlvso sad friends of tbo ramlly am invited ta attend. Nsriw.?On Tuesday. Jaas 21, Mart Nsvra, tbo bolovod wife of John Nsvio, aged 63 years and 0 months. Notloe of the funeral hereafter. Pi uses.?On fssday, Jaas 21, of consumption, Bbidobt A. Pisses, aged 17 years and 4 months. May hoc soul rest in peace. The funeral will take place this (Wednesday) afternoon, nt half-past two o'clock, from tbo residence or her mo tear, No. 264 Bowery. CaMferaia papers please oopy. Saunas.?On Sunday, Jans It, Abrabam F. Sao urn, agad 38 yearn. Tbs relatives snd friends are Invited ta attend tbo funeral, from St. Stephen's church, corner of Broome and Cbrystw streets, on Wednesday morning, at tea o'clock, without farther invitation Tbe members of Metropolitan Lodge, No 278, Free and Accepted Maoona, aro hereby summoned to attend a special communication, to be bald at their rooms, 117 sad 019 Broadway, tela (Wednesday) morning, at nine o'clock, for the purpose ot attending tbs faaeral of their late brother, A. Begreo. JOHN E. DAVIDSON, Secretary. Tbs mem bora of Metropolitan Chapter, No. 140, R. A. M? are hereby summoned to attend a special com municstioa, to be held at their rooms, corner of Grand and Centra streets, on Wednesday morning, at alas o'clock, for the purpose of attending tbs rnseral of their late companion, A. V. Bsgree. H. C. GILBERT, H. P. Brow. Suddenly, on Sunday, Joss 21, Gap tela Isaac y. Brow, ib the 83d year of bis ago. Notioe of tbo ranoral will be given hereafter. Vam Tamil.?At fori Schuyler, on Buaday,Jane 19, of wounds received In batuo on May 30, Uorporal John J. Vam Tambi., of Company A, Sixth Now York heavy artil I try, aged <io yptii. His remains will its taken to Pooksklll for In term en I on Thnreday morning The fnnorsl services will take place In tbs Methodist abnrch (Rev Dr Praitb's), on Friday morning, st Ms o'clock. n? friends of the family ere requested to attend without further notice. vam Vmira*.?On Tuesdsy morning, Junetl, at bar reoldenoe In Brooklyn, Hsirn C., wife of Junius R. Van Vschten, and daughter of the late O. A Roorbacb. Notice will be gives of the funeral is to morrow's pa pers. Wumms*n.?Suddenly, oa Monday, June 20, Mait, wife or Thomas Whitehead and daughter of tbo late James Hincbltflo, in tbs 37tb year of her age. The friends aud relatives of the family era respectfully Invited to attend the fnneral, from ber late residence, 100 Hullivan street, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Tbo remains will be taken to Cypress Hill for interment Winnhmtsom.?Suddenly, oa Monday afternoon, June Si.of iiagiatHa it the broke, A. P. ?*" **w* r1? *?,w~?utiM ^ it OMMd, No. 131 Weei Ki/hleeaia itrtM. this (WntuMui (TMrMoa, at Mf-fM oh o'oHok, which ike frieati* *t ike family ere invited M aueed. SHIPPING NEWS. sraoiAt. notiob. Att trtitT' and fchasrn intended forth* RlV Teal iktmid 6##mM Pert Of Veer York, Jaee II, 18U. CLEANS IX Steamship Talisman (Br). Orampton, Kingston rioTute lalatuls? Booth AC-. Btamahtp Charles 0 Leery. D'Of ly, Mew Orleans?N X Brlghatn. > Ship California. Barker. Han Fmee'aoo?K M Cooler. Kbtp Henry, Rob.naoa. London?OrteneU, IUe tura A Qo Ship Ad lor (Rua), Wenke, London?Unkart A Co. Bole Mary Dondaa iBr), Martin. Quebec?B Canard. Bark Annie W Lewis, Lombard, Ltveroool Bark 0<?aa (Br). Stan wood. Cork?Kdmlaton Broa. Bark Theodor (Prueaiao). Steffen. Queenstown?FunOh. Melooke A WaodL Bark Rliae A Mathllde (Baa), Mardaaboldt, Bremea?Bn kart A Co. Bark Jobaaaa Louiae (Bremea), Quick, Moatevidao aad Bueooe Ayrea. Bark Zlagarella (Br), Stereo a, Fere Crui?F Aleiandre A Bod. Berk Iuternatlnual (Br). Haiti, Curaeoe?J Foulkes' Son* Bark Damoa. Orowell, Port Hoyal?Van Brunt A Miaiiui. Bark Florence Peter*, Hooper. Blizabethport?C ABA Peter*. Brig Alma (Pre*), Boheran, Antwerp?Punch, Meioeke A Brig A Weudt. Bng Mount Vernon (Br). Warner. Vera Crux?B F Small A Co. Brig Hannah Hick* (Br), Hick*, Matamore* B A Burner A Co. Brig George Laldlaw (Br). Wilooa. Haraaa?Jan B Ward A Co. > . Brig LomaBUa. Wallace. MaeeanlHa-0 A B J Peter*. Brig Lily (Br). Hobba. St John, N B?'1'rnes A Smith. Brig Hrnny (Olden) Ueer*. Baltimore?Oai In' A Cuuck. Brig Stella, Gooding, Blizabethport? Brett,Son AC#. Bohr Eleanor (Br), Flake, Mayaguez and Poooe?A ? OodeFrv. ttchr Howard Putnam (Br), W)taaa, St John*, Aatlgaa? O Srhr Hob (Br), Bethel. Bleuthera?J il Bethel. Schr Paeny Fem.-Raiipdera Washington?L Kennjr. Schr H U-Pitta. Perter, Berlin. Md?A C Cat ena. Schr Petrel, Se<h , Philadelphia?J W Mcl.i-e. Schr A Simpeno. Churn, Philadelphia?.V J Haven*. Schr George B Lorlng, DeAsey, Gloucester?Thoaspoon A Hunter * Hchr Idaho. Lambert. Salem?R W Rope* A Co. Schr II Glbb*. Snow, New Bedford?Ferguaon A Wood. Schr Stranger. Hortnn, Promt en oe?H H Kackett A Son. Schr Id* K Vail. Vail. Providence?H S Kackett A Ben. Simmer Artiaan. Kl-k. Baltimore nclir S Moore, llerrick. Bangor. d day*, fiohr Challenge, Tapley. Ban tor, 7 day*. ARRIVKU Spanish frigate German, Commodore Den Jam Pale do Bernabe, fiarana, June 15. Sid in oo with 8p frigate Leal sad. Cap! D?n Cosuie Verlarde Frenohataam goo boat Klecha, Cspt Lamothe, Havana, 10 data . Steamship Carellna. RuUclev. Beaufort. NO, 60 hours, wttk mdae and paaaeogera. to Murray A Nephew. ?, Ship Alt jferklenb irg (Meek), Korlf, Shangha*. Yah & pas ed Ae iter March 0, Cape of Good Hope April 25, wii tea, to Olypbant A Co. . Ship P.lleu Austin, Kenoedr, Liverpool. SO dave, with mdae and 777 passenger*, to KpoQord. Tilestrm A Co. 2thh Inst, spoke bark Lady franklin, 31 day* from. Cioufusgna for Boston. ... . - Ship Qtteea (Br), and 31 paasengera, to Ion *5, saw Bretn bark. George* ah:p F A Palmer, let 43: p:ui-ed.large quantities of ice, the weather very thick with denar fog. Ship Victory. Them as, Liverpool, May 17. with mdae and 857 passeag^r*. t# D Ogiieu ^3d inat, let 4* t7. loa 47 60, mm sfi pDCon*te!latioa, Mulllner. Lverpool, 30 day*. With mdst- and 753paaaenKera, to C Carow. One death. Ship Wild Hunter (of Ko?'oni. Baldrey, Loudon. 39 dare, with iron, Ac, to Ba eett A Nicker or. In Ion 41, saw large qnatiiiiiea of ice; 21st n it, 60 miles Sli of Sandy Hook, aaw ship Themis. hence for Quebec. Ship I*Tour du Pin (Fr), Galliot, Harre,33day*, wMh mdae, to Boyd A Hlncken. Bark Laura .v Gertrude (Run), Poppelbaum. London. d? day*, with mdsr, tp Kretnolherg A Co In lat 42 24, ton B 84 aaw a quHBtitv Of lee and 2 large Icebergs. Hark Auguat (Prusy, Waake, Cardiff, 58 day*, with ooal. B Ordar. Bark Phoenlr (Nor), Christiansen. Bordeaux. 57 dan, with wine, to HolmbneA Balobeo. May 90. kpoke fiablng achr Rdw Krerett. of rrorlncelown, with 2000 (lab Bark Kannv Hami'ton (Br), Dyer, lieaalna. 58daye. peep ed Gibraltar May A with rrult. to Moore A Henry. Bark Barlow (Br), Bulmer, St Ann's, Ja, May wMh coffer to J Leayerail. Bark Martin W BreU. 6taptes, Glace Bay, OB, 11 dsn with ooal, to Brett, Sun A Co BarkOenrBiaddl-B transport N Beecae. Waahiagtoa, DO, A da ? a, to If S Qiiarlertna-ter. Brig Rla (Hal). Simile, Palermo, <0 day*, with frtiM, Bet I* order. Br'g Prudentla (Rita), Brudenitr. Leghorn, 70 daya, wMh msrhte, rags. Ac, to Fuoch, Melock- A Wendl. Brig But ma Deaa fBr). Mount Matamoros. May 24. with b Idea, to Smith A Dunning, lith Inat, lat 2501, Ion 83 23, ?polio brig Adelaide, MatheWs, from Matamoros for Mow Vork. lirlg Wovent* (Br), Roberts, Port Spain, 18 days, wth ?* gar. Ml)| DetroW. ? Hrl? 1 ooe Star (-Br), Keoemly, Swuu, 9 day*. In bellato, to Kdmlston liroi Brig Sea Bli? (Br). , Illlisboro, 18 day*. with plaata* to D K Dewolf. . Rrig Experiment, Biggins, Calais, 8 days, with linbw, to John Buvaton's Son-. Brie Alamo. Steele, Maehiaa, 7 dare, wlte lumber, to Simpson ft Clapp. Brig Maty l.o<vell, Hilton, Maehiaa, 8 days, with lumbar, to Hoivnke ft Murray. _ Sohr Blur Jacket (Br), Arery, Elrer Gambia, April3h with nut*, loll f Hmley. _ Hchr Almnth Ukens (flano), Wumkea, Rio Grande, to day a, with hides, to order. Helir Belie (lir). Walker, Peraambuoo. SI dar?. with ea ger. to order. When T dnya out bad a terete B8B pale with heavy aea, during watch loot deck load of rags, atove water OotKjCH, AC. Bchrlndua (Br), Turner. Baracoa. June 9 with fruit, to W Kowe. 19th Intt. o(t Kgs Harbor, saw a ship's deeg house, also a an nber nt b<>xes, apparently oranges. t-ctar Mary Clavniand Adams, Prince Edward I aland. IB data, with oats to H I* Buck ft Co. Hchr Lewiarille (Br), Taylor, Hillaboro, 19 daya, wMh plaater, for Newark. . . _ _ _ Sour E i ma Painbeaton (Br), Brett, 8t Andrews. NR, B daya, wtih pickets, to J ed Frye t Co 8rhr Watchful (of Huron). Wilbur, Sandusky, Ohio, ton Qucliec U daya. with atari a, to R H Post. Schr J Mct'loaker, Crowell, Ell'abethnort for Bath. Rchr llep/.ibah, Hunt, Elizabeth port for Salem. Schr J I* Bern, Foster, hlizelwthport for Boatoa. Schr Angler. Bes--e. Rl zabethport for Wsreham. Rchr 8 Wright. Hesman. Kllzabethpnrt for ProvldegOB. 8chr Henrietta, Miner. Kilzabethport for Hartford. 8chr Cynthia .lane, Bennett, Elizabeth port for HitlfM Bchr Seven HI -tare, Crowley. Caia a. 19 dare. He r Willow, Smal, Calais 8 dava. Schr Oatharine. Moore Calais, 8 dayg. Bchr Franklin, A! en, Calale Hdava Br-tir Ocn Mar on, Piirintttou. Freepqrt. So. r Marcelliia, Perry, Macula# Hdava SehrJohn. Palkenliurg. Maehiaa, 8 daya Schr Champion. Clark, Maehiaa. Schr U Kulier, Hamilton, Portland, 6 daya Bchr Virginia. Ilearae Boston. 3 daya Schr Deluuice. Hammond, Boston Kcltr Beticea, Finniv Uosto i (or Albany. Hchr Arabella Fresbr. New Beorerd. bchr M colcao, BaunUfr# New Bedford. BchrT It Smith. Kelley, New Bedford. Hchr 8 Waterman. Chaw. New Bedford. Schr Elizabeth, Crosby, Orleans. Bchr A I* ft <1 W, Christy, Wareham. Schr K Fa O'incr, Nelson. High ton for Albany. Bchr Sallle Smith, Chase, Fall Riser. Bchr Pavilion, Auburn, Fall R)rer. Bear Hiidaun. Warren, FhllBiver for 1 Schr Antelope, Jones. Providence. Schr Suwassett, Roper. Providence. Bchr R B l'Hta Mills, Providence. 8chr H Croebv, Smith, Providence. Schr Meilco. Rurdick, Provldenc. Schr K Holmes, Ho mes, Providence. Schr W Stevens. MeweU. Providence fer I Schr Ceunenllor, Whitmore, Providence fer I Schr T P Cooper. Allen. Newport. Bchr A Weld, Hutehints. New London. Schr Treasure, Wymaa, New Loudon. Schr B Wadsworth, Re eley. New Hares. Schr I. I>antela Smith. Hartford. Hchr Boxer, arnte, Norwich. Schr Bangor. Jordan, Norwloh for Bllzahethpoil Bchr Katarprlaa . Mlddletown. Hchr O Y Hnwler, Morre'l Green port for PhUadg Schr Eclipse. ?. Huntington. Schr E Height, Baker. Handout for Boston. Schr Trident, Rich. Port Kweo for Portsmouth. Steamer Thames (US transport), Arey. Washington. Mk 18 honrn, In baflaHt, to OS Quartermaster, Steamer 9 Cadwmllader, Paaraoa. Baltimore Steamer Emma Dunp. Burton. Philadelphia. Steamer P Comstock. Drake, Phlladhiuhla Steamer Mob nor. Jonea Phlladelpam. Steamer Fannie, Fenlea, Philadelphia. Steamer Concord. No man. Philadelphia. Bieamer Hope. Warren. Philadelphia Steamer Delaware, Ash mora T rentes. Steamer kingfisher. Nye. Preeldenca SAILED. 10th?Steamer Constitution; ships Glad Tidings. Tfcwtoh ?I Oeerpe. Nando, Jupiter, Vanguard; hark# Prim Albaxh Cosmopolite; beige 79m Schemlneh. Harmoele, Rtcnrda I Trbwbridge, Henry, KUsa, Magnet; safari Engtn, 8 M lining. W O TnftA list?Steamer Talisman. Wind at sanest BR. ?loco I lnmeoai. Itunmy Tauuun, Onpt Orampton, sailed jtotirdog ?? Kingston. Ja Ac, Anvnipaiv Llotui' Racirrvm or Annieaa airs Ponsagw Bnirrnro?Supplement for June IB. containing additions nag oor rest lone to the above work, bos boon received from tog Association, 94 Wall street. Tfale ngmber ban 9 steamers, to ships, to ber*e, 99 brtge gad to Mboenern, making 141 now nam eg, besides reaurveya. The now voimno of the Regtmor for IBM is now being delivered to subscribers. AU hoeooa engaged In shipping pursuiu should hare a copy of this In valuable work. Bnir AnoonavT, Norton, from Manila for Row York, pwt Into Mauri tine April 99, leaking badly In lb# upperwotfag. Would repair and mil In about three week*. ?f? ft!"?"- Providence, *) torn, built et Newport Ig 1MB. fan* boat sold to Capt J N Dayton (who will oommand her) and T ? Hawkins, of Brookbnven, tl, nod wiU have after ball from that plaee. Laohcwxd?At Calais, dth Inst, from the yard to Oban M Keller, schr John Beyotoa. 135 tone. At Wasterly, RI, totfa ln*t, from the yard of 8 Oreennmg ft Son. schr I H Uordy, 299 tons, intended fer the null of trade, owned and to be commanded by Cspt P CroweU, par ties la Yarmouth, Mann, and Providence, sad will hall from the latter part A clipper eolir of 915 tons burthen was to be launched to Hewhuryport 30th last, owned by California parties and de signed for ths Par15c coasting tiade. Not toe l# Hnrlnsrs. HesLtn Ovrtrn DsrtnTmnrr, > Qcansansa. ftriTss I si ten, Jane IB, IBM. f potion to pilots. Pilots will please ehaerve that ah ring the time the hiiaglto ship is at snshnr Iq the lower boy. all vessel* from Key West Nassau. all the porta la the Gulf of Mexico, the Bps* Ish Main. Northern Brazil, all the Weet India Islands below Is dogmas north latitude, and from the Weal Canal of AM. on, will bo boarded from the hospital ship JOHN aWINBURNB, M 0. Health OOeer. Whalemen. Bark Vigilant, Cole, sit at New Bedford 18th laol ft am Pariftc Ocean, Taleabiisuo March 27, with MtO sp ?*> wh; veto home and aeM Ok) sp 9NM) wh. GIT River Plata loot boat MM davits In a gale: in the Guir lost for* ? ?nsa<l. i Ship Com Morris (of Pelmmsih i J ? ?>?. srr at do Itol fteaa 1 * net uc Ocosg, tmoshuaae one Chile i.eund, with Isto MP

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