Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 23, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 23, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Wkiuowdat, June 22?# P. M Sleeks were higher this morning, and ? go si deal of bWBtneBB wne train-acted. The great excitemeul in the g< Id market and the violent fluctuations to that meui during the da;?amounting to at much aa leu or fl lean per cent in half an hour?exe- :aeJ no pore plible intlu. cute 011 the prices of Blocks, the variations during 'he call at the hrst hoard being trifling The e mpar s na he twoon the highest rash sales at the first b >a> d yesterday and to day are at foil as?New York Central Railroad advanced 1V Erie 8 Jg, Reeding 3. Mb higan Central J#, M cbigan Southern Illinois Central 2, Cleveland and Pittsburg 2, Chicago and Rock Island 1 Pittsburg and Fort Wa> ne Milwaukee and Prairie du Phien I, Chi eagoaud Northwestern 1 v and Chicago. Burlington and Qeincy 1. uhlo and Mlealaslppt certificates advanced and lanton < otnpany 2\ Cumberland Coal and Mari poea Mining each fell off At the second hoard there was a heavy decline ib prices, the highest quotations being .?New York Central Hail-oad Kidlt, brie 116i4, Erie preferred 112, Hudson River 14-. Reading 141. Michigan Central 161, Michigan Southcu K>i, Illinois Central 131, < leveland and Pittsburg 113, 1 ? -ne 115, Chicago, Burlmgion and tjuincy 132. Chic: ck Island H6}?, Northwestern 53and Prairie d bieu 69 Cumberland Coal sold at 71 Quick silver Mining 76, Ohio and Mississippi certificates 64';, and t anton at 41. Ihe market closed weak and feverish. Government securities are steady. There was no Bottled price for gold to day. It varied from 210 to 280, and sales were reported even higher Some of the heaviest bullion brokers re'used to buy or sell until the market became settled. I Ate in the after, ooon brokers were buying at 205 and selling at 210. The steamship Olymmis, for Europe, took *178,202. There was a large amount of business transacted at the Sub Treasury to-day. The Assistant Treasurer reports as follows ? Reoeipls $5,114,762 ?For customs 3.',000 ?For 6 i>er cent bunas 72 ,000 Pay mente 13,749,028 Balance 30.791,800 According to an "fflcial statement, the total debt of the United Slates, including bonds, seven and thr<?-tentb.s and Treasury Dotes, legal tender, fractional currency and tin paid requisitions, amounted, on the 14tb of June, 1864. to $1,719,395,108 The total annual interest is $71,699,730, of which amount $50,823,672 is payable in coin. The July dividends of the Chemical and Iradesmen's banks are six per cent, of the Metropolitan, Ch itham and North River, five per cent, and of the Irving, Bank of North America and Market,four percent. The Broadway Bank pays six, with an extra premium of four per cent. The Mariuers' Swing? Bank will pay, 2lst July, a semi annual dividend of six and live per cent. The coupons of the first mortgage bonds of the Mariposa Company will be paid 1st July in gold. The Micbigun Central Railroad will pay, July 1, a divi dend of six per cent, Tree of tax. The Columbian 'Marine Insurance Company of New York have declared a semi-annual dividend of three a d a h .if per cent on the cash capital of their stock, puy .ble on the 1st or July. The Washington Marine Insurance Company of New York announce that a semi-annual dividend of three and a halt per cent will be paid at their office on July 1. The earnings ol the Dubuque and Sioux City Rail road for Btoclc Exchange. Wkdskspat. J line 22?10:30 A. Jf. |lW'l'S6s 67. cou. 131 U?l shs Hudson Kiv KK 1441, 80 ' C S 6 3, '81. con.. 112 li 0 do 144VL 300 ) do 112? 200 do |?(<*' 1000 I'S 6 a.5 20's,cou s 10C ?00 do 144 4000 do IPS'. 40 Sixth Avenue HA 121 S1"00 do 105 v 5U) Beading KK 144 3 >00 do 105>, 710 do 144 V 2i*?Tr7.V'n OlAol 107 4410 do JO00 Tr 7 S? n O 4 Apl 107 400 do 144 1 2000U l," SO*. 1 yrcer.. 97 1600 do 148 mouo Ohio A ili-.s cer . 63.4 Sou do blu 145 2iXX*i do t6u 100 do 144', 10000 do bSO 57 10* Mich Central KB 155 3u 0 Brie i-t m bda... Ill )0' do 154 8000 Erie 5th tn b.ta... 121 .'<0 do l5tV 1000 Oh,B4 98 a Ut In ill 10) do bio 155 1000 Mich 8 2d m bis. 101 an do 15414 1000 Hai em 3d m bd* 108 500 Mich So A S I RR. 101V 2 ?41 111 Centra. bd? 122 100 do bl ? luTV lOOUOChle A N W -f bs 111 200 do *10 101' 14.>00 Chic A .N W Is! 111 101 MSI do blO 101', JOOllO do llOX 200 Mich So A !? I grid. 148V lutio do 104 .ai Illinois Ceu fill atk 13i 4 00 Ohio A Rk 1 bds Hi1. 61 do .. . 132 7'V>0 P Ft W A C Ut . 121 200 do 112V 50 0 Miss' Mo bind 2 63 5X1IU Oen KK scrip.... 134 V 5.KJJ A AQWln m.O 111 99W 6"" do 13491 J600O M .r.pu ,1 Mm U 102 20>l do 135 50 shs Amer Kv ilnnk. 120 so Mlimemiui Mr Co.. 47 50 K ? rth .Nat Bank . 98 IOC Clove A Pitta KK.. 116 3"o Cautun Company 42 . lnOO do bin lb 12 ?00 do 42 inn do bio 116-, 4>t Pcnti Coal Co 212 tno do 115V J ?i do 2i5 20i do a30 H5t3 l00 do 217 lino do 115 V i00 do 218 700 do til' 116 lilOO Quicksilver Mon o 78 80" do 11572 60" do ....M0 79 25 Ch cac . A NW KR 5'. 200 do b 15 7t?K .100 do WW 100 Climb Coal prafd . 74 M0 do bio 5'>V 200 do 7t'i SOI do 55", 45,' Rica Transit Co.... 9 800 Chicaco A XW pref 91 100 Wyoming 7 Oeal Co 61 40 do 90V 500 Bucks County Lead IV M0 d<> b30 81" 100 Quarts IIill v. nCo 13 10 > Chie v K I KK blO 1M?, 300 d 14 101 do lib*/ 100 Marlp-a Mm Co. 55 10) do 116'; Mo do 54V ftm co 117 64)2 1000 do W X 1001) d" 1171 IOO At anile M Ss >' 1.. 176 100 Chic. Bur A U KR. 13i" NOSY Ontiai RK . 134*; 200 do 131 MO do bS 135 4 41 Mil A PrdtiChRK 69V 100 (In I.141; fti! do 70 400 hr.c KK Ill 2oti Cleve A To BR . 147V 200 do 117',' 60" Toledo A W .b RR 69? Mo do slO 11735" Pitts. FtWAChi RR 117 100 do bit) lis 100 do 116V 1800 do 117V 101 do 116' 4'# do blO 117;. Ml Alton ATHaute RR. 65V 1100 do . 117', 100 Alton A T H pref.. 82 10 trie KK tre'erred. 113 2 " Chn-ago A Alt KK . 00 200 do 112'; S'l Chicago A Alt pref. 96 S?l d > . .. 112', 100 do 97 400 Badson River KK 145 100 H A St Jo-eph RR. 45 to do bjo 14 Stw Mari'aAC nl,t pret. 77 30.) do b!0 143 8ECOKI> HOARD. H ILV ''AkT TRaVK O'CLOCK P M, SI"00 1; P S'l, 5-2" s.reg 105V 550 -Iih Mich Ct-u RR .. 151 5 Mi's 6? 5-20 s.eou 105 s 2>" Mich So A N I RR. 99 (0000On 1'> A M seer . 54*4 4*) do 50* sCsntoeCo 41 Wi Ill>nol? Cm RK-ep ill do bSd 12_ 100 do. 1SOV .ooC'mb Oal pref. .. 7l3i IdO do IX',1 I > 9>m W-iiver A'g Co.. 76 900 do IX) 5V 50 C'levc A Pitts RK 113 2:0 75*; Bo" do 112V 500 X *0 k Central KK I < ', 500 Chicago A N W KR 53 40 d 133., 20" do 63V lb Erie KH IIS1. 10" Chi A N W RR pref 89 * ?.' I A" \j U ? tt i' n *? *? I'ici Of 1 do 11.5 100 do *9V t o P. - KH pref .... 112 2*1 d 89 400 Hudson K ? Rlt . 142 100 do. li'1 do.... . blO 112 300Chi A Rock I RR... 115 )(?> do 141 v 200 do 116', too do. 141 20oCht, Bur A 9v RR . 132 6 u . . 141 - . H? Mil A Pr d<l Ch RK 69 MO do ... Ill", MOPitts HWACniKK 115 Mi Bea 1 ng RR.... 141 XJ do,. 114V 2800 do I4?Jf (111 COMMERCIAL REPORT. WnonWDar, Juae 22?6P M. A8BV8.?Receii u, 27 bbls.; market inactive and prkca entirely nominal. Hitiui t' i s ? Receipts, 13,S?2 bbls Dour, 721 bb!?. and 87 bags corn mqa', 00,800 bushels wheat, 7,500 do rorn, and .12,3.13 do. oats. The market was ;n sympathy with tbe violent movement in gold. Price* were very i'regular, but tbe excitement bad abated some a hat ut toe c' s nd the ma-kei was loss buoyant. 'heH.les re n be ! 3' 000 bbls. Mute and Western (including 5,000 eitra .-late, deliverable in .bine and July, at ?9), 2,000 bb>- Southern. ?n0 1,200 Canadian Rye flour was tinner, wilb sales of :8)0 bbls at $7 60 a <8 30. Corn meal was ale > brroer, with sales of 1.000 bbls. at $9 for naioric, and |7 .50 Mr icr-ey. We quote ? Superb..e Man.- anu Weeurn flour |8 00 a 8 60 FxtraRtate 8 "0 a 9 <0 Choice "tat# 8 05 a 0 10 (sitnmon turned. <m ?* Western. 8 66 a 9 00 Fairs r una bo r nut. 8 70 a 0 .30 Western trade bl-Ida 9 3.6 a 10 00 Extra St. I/mis 8 ?>') a 12 00 Common 10 good southern 8 90 a 9 50 Uood to eti its extra do 9 60 a 11 .>6 Oimtiion 1 an?dtan 8 70 a 9 00 (io.,1 to choice extra do 9 lo a 0 76 flour, smerftne.. 6 .60 a 8 25 ( "Mi meal, bnis ... 7 44 a 8 90 (o?n mesi. puncheons 34 SO a 36 00 ?The w ?-at n ar^el was very much excited from tho nameraoae OtlOed with rogard to flu r, and prices were l". a 15c. hi hrr. -**( 200,000 bushels, at ,1 90 for infer, r buago spring, (1 98 a 52 05 go-.d t" pnme do., $2 lor Kanne spring. 82 I. $2 "8 for Milwaukee club. ?2 10 a $2 lit f..r u?b,r M iwaukee. 82 07 a $2 15 for winter red \\ eater u. anj $2U a $2 281> r a-nber Mu buvi. Rye wn* insi iiv, and pr(c?s nominally $1 80 a $1 86. Rariey and bnrlsy 1 a t scarce tout live and nominal TWe corn market adt' nci-d ic a JOc , with sales of 46,000 busliels, at 81 62?lLt>6for new Western mixed and $168 for W'setern y 1 w '*a s w pre active, and 1c. a 2c. dearer, aeiiing at H9. a VX "r the rar gs. (oi*rK ?The mark. 1 was quiet and steady at prevleua pr ? es ?The market was qu el * lib sales of TOO bales. We quote ? Cp iod Pmidi MntnU Jf.O 4T. (irdlnary 135 1.5 l.A 136 Middliny 146 147 147 148 ?bi .d middling 146 149 ]M) 150 Moid o.' f sir 162 168 154 155 (as 1 >bp?Tbe market wan flrm b tie., acllrs with ?a;?* i4 4.00 boxes 't-iiern sfeurlne ai22i,r u 24c , .1)4 botes par ittlue at 3Ao.. and 2,'HtO do. ad m ntme at JS ?C. a '261 , 1 ash. Sperm 40c.. and p .lent Mx. 1*'' ? am. ''trs - tin ma net was dul1, arm we note r#lve '* 10 < asee ea<lor oil at 82 66 a $2 60. O one CfU(is &rg<"9 31?i. Trieste muHt.ird ?eed 16c., 15<Ktasks bleach ing i?wu"rg g ?,c a ?>,c , and 16,000 lbs Ameriran white sugar lead 3' Fsiii-hts wer#ecarcely eo firm, with s limned busi ness To Liverpool P?f Ameman. 10.006 bushels wheal, 4d . in 4np i bags IC totis on ake at 10s_ 70 bbds. ink at 14 , 120 baes g it)) el tt n; 2f>s , : 01 "i? bletk waisut at iTe. Ad.. and per reutral 7,(810 bushels wheat Of 4 vd in Ship ? baft 10 t OS u1"1 1?? 1 ercee iar.1 at 16e. To biaagow, la (t>? ??-' 'ver seed at ? id, 1o Antwerp, li*> tierces lard on vfjvate terms a- ' mi bbds oibacee at 35s, Tu Havre 300 Vie* ?ug .r ? ? I 1241 lard at 5'M. 1o Bordeaux. *0 cbde tal l>.w at .f late* 10 ( al.'r.rnia advanced to 060. t ger v.i 4*4 1 Vg i~: lb. (or wei^bt, 0/ medium, aiu 76c a ?ik and 1 Vc. per lb. by extreme clippers. owing to 'he n*e in gold a Hanoverian ship w is chartered to Roche le at $36 for besvv pine Slave- The ^Kwinp List iviMir e the following additional charter*-?A Danish btrlc, ! 82 t 'Us. irom Hie to Hull, deals at 90* ; a British bark, , tkKI Ion*, irrnn ''oft Neuf iUiw r St. I A* iodic to Dublin or riangow, MA*, a Bremen bark, 38' ton*, to Cork and a market, oak timber, 27*. 6 i. a Norwegian brig, 260 ton*, ; Mme vnyaga, wheal, 4b. Od.; one, 2^7 tone, to IJanellv, | 12 oon wheat, .'is 1 ',d , a Norwegian bark. 426 t"n?, and [ a Bremen bark. 730 ton*, to Dordoaux. ?"d a Prussian i bark, 420 tnae, to Kochelle, each extra heavy pine stave*, j $."> i. a ilamb r brig, 3UK tons, and a Norwegian bark. : 60 ton*, to radix, light pipe stavee, $26 (gold): a "ritish sehoo nr. the Windward and back. $2,000, ; Pali cold a Brittah brig. 200 tons, to the Windward, J $1 600, gold; a British bark. 229 tons, to Matanzas. $1 ,",00. geld; a British Dark. 29 t in, same voyage, 2,200 bbls., j $1 860, gold; an Austrian brig, to South sid# Tuba and bark $2,600 a brig ioo tons, same voyage, a round sum; oae. 264 tons, from Knadout to I'ort Royal, coal.$6 60. Fi H ?In v cod wmre tirm, with galea of 2,0<i0 quintal* reorgeaat $7 a $7 60. Mackerel were tirnter, with rather tpo-e inquiry. Herrinc and sa'mon were unlet Fm? Utuntias.?12,000 boxes sold at $3 60 a $3 05. F in'.?The m rket was quiet and price* were without material change sains of 1,200 box** raisins, at $4 90 a $6 for 1-yer. and *4 25 a $4 30 tor bunch, losa 2'< per cent; 60,000 F.lou'hea pineapple*, $16, cash; also 300 bbls. dried anples *t 10V;c. a 11'4c K auction, 1,200 boxes lemons, $3 a $6 60, and 3,638 boxes oranges at $6 I'6a $7 76 Grvtfv Cioth ?350 bale* sold at 17c., CiBh If v* ?11 bb s Cnba sold for export at $1 20, cash in bond. Iwp'lio was firm, with sales of 10chests Bengal and Kue r*h at $1 80 a $2 60; 40 ceroons Guatemala at $2 10 a $2 16. l.rwiutK.?There was a fair demand for home u*e, with aMes o' 60(>,000 teet spruce at $21 60 a $26 for ordinary to large sizes Mm asskb.?The market was firm, with a good demand; SHles 126 hhda. f'uba at 85c. a 88., 140 do. Mew Orleans at $1 i $1 17, and 76 hhda. Barbados* at 96}?c. Naval P'orb*.?Spirit* turpentine was in fair request at *2 90 a $3 'or French, and $3 07H a $3 >0 for American. Rnsm active and 6rmer. Tar wag unchanged; sales 36 bbls at $16, 60 do. Stockholm at $16 a $18. Provisions.?The pork market at the opening advanced $1 75 er bbl., hut closed dull and drooping a' about yes. terdav'a prima; ga'e* 7.000 bbls. pork, ?t $38 for mess $39 60 a$40 for n?w do., c'oging at the inside price: $30 a $32 for old and t ew prime and $.38 60 a $89 for prime mess, also 4,600 bbl*. new mess buyer July, at $42; 1,100 bbls do., buyer the balance of thl* month, at $41, and 600 bbls. do. for July, seller's option, at $42 60 The heei market was m re active and higher, with sales of 3.000 bbl*, at $16 a $16 for Country mess, $9 n $10 f r country prime, $20 a $26 for re ' arked mess and $27 a $29 50 for extra mess. Prime mess beef wa* firm but quiet. ''eet hams w ere qu el and without decided chance. Cut meats were quiet at 13c. a 13HC. for shoulders and 15}?o. a 16c. for ham*. Bacon sides were dull and nominal. The lard market was more active, chiefly f r future delivery, and price* wore decidedly higher: sales 4,000 bbls. at 16J^c. a 18c . also 2,000, deliverable ? n or be'ore July 10, buy. er'.* option, at 18c a 18 ',c.; 1,000 bbl*., deliverable sel ler's option to August 16. at 18H Butter?The market was unsettled and prices were higher, nt 26c. a 36c for Ohio and 31c. n 39c or state. Cheese was firmer, at 11c. a 19c. for common to prime Pktkol'-t-m ?Receipts, 2,808 bbls The market was very irregular, ow in: to t' e continued advance in gold, which completely unsettled prices. The demand was fair, but scarc ly any one would sell, except at enor mously high prices The difference between the views o buyers and sellers was in pom* cases 6c a gallon. The bulk of tb business was in contracts made at low prices, at all sorts or priceR, according to the degree of coofld nee the b ;ver* h id In the issues The sales were 4,0C'0 bbls. crude, at 46c. a 46 'ac. on the si>ot and for all ii i* month, and 49c. a 50c. for inly and august; 4,600 do refined, at 70c a 72c for bonded on the wot, 72He. a 73c. fir duly, 75c. 'or August, 80c lor free, 90c. for Au net, se ler's option. Ben-'ine wag nominal Kick.?The market was Arm, with gales of 10 bags Rnngo to at 11 \c Spoar wa* in fair request, and price* wer# a trifle hi: her; sales 760 hnds. Cuba at 19Hc. a 21 He , 36 hhds. New Orleans at 1HHP , and 48 boxes do. 18He. Talc w w s decidedly hi her and active; sales 300,000 lbs. nt 16'4'c ? lfl'.c. 'or fair and prime. Whiskit ?Receipts 1,477 bbls. Market excited and higher saes 6,000 bbls at $\ 68 a $1 75, closing at $1 66. FiNAmriAi*. Baltimore and Maryland funds wanted at low rates. New Orleans bank notes also purchased at best pr re. WM. H. MARSTON A CO.. Bankers, 17.Wall street. /UTIZENS' SAVINGS BANK. Bowery, corner ''ana! street. ASSETS-ONE MILLION TWENTV-THRBE THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED AND SIXTY'-EIGHT DOLLARS AND SIXTY-FOUR CKNT8. INTEREST COMMKNORS JULY I. 1864. Bank open daih from 9 to 3, and on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening*. 'Torn S to 7. Hank bonks in English, German and French. 8':t*0''b A. Buses, Sec. GEO FoLSOM, President. rlliKMICAL HANK. NEW YORK. JUNE 20. 1864.?THE ' President and Director* of this hank have this day de clared a quarterly riinden I of six per cent. parable to stock holdera on and after Friday, the 1st day of July next Br order of the Roa d. O. G, WILLIAMS. Cashier. (CONTINENTAL BANK.?NBW YORK. JUNE 18, 1864. J t> videml.? I he Board of Directors hare this day de c are.l a semiannual dividend of rour (4) per cent on the capital stock, free of government tar. payable on and after Tuesday, July 8. The transfer books will be co-ed from the 25tta instant until the 6th day of July. C. F. T1MPBON, Cashier. CCHATHAM BANK DIVIDEND.?THE HOARD OF DI J m-tors have this day declared a dividend of lire (5) ?er rent, free Of government tax, pa ah e on 1st Julv nevt. he transfer book will reinstn closed from J3J Instant to 2a July. O. H. 8CHKKINKR, Cashier. N*w York, June 22. I8J4. Doubloons, FRENCH GOLD, COPPER CENTS of all kinds bought, and best prces paid for them, by NICHOLAS A CO., 68 Wall street. Dividend notice-new york. junb 20. i8?4.? The Trustee- of the I-anc* Harbor Gold Company of Nova Scotia have thi? dav declared a monthly div.dendof one per cent on the capital stock for the month of June, pa - pole to stockholders of record July 1, at the oilice of the company, 137 Broadway, nm No. 7. IW. F. SHIRLEY. Treasurer and Secretary. TN.VST RIVER BANK.?DIVIDEND ?THE BOARD OF Fi Directors have declared a semi annual dlridend of four percent, free of government tat. from the nroiita of the laat alt months, pa* stile on nod aft?r July I. 18*4. The transfer books w ll be closed from Jane St, ln?t.. to Julv I Inclusive. W S CARMAN, Cashier. Globe mutual life insurance compant. Corner of Broadway and Fulton street, Nsw York. Authorized capital $600,000 Pa d tn and deposited with Stele Department $11X1,000 TRUSTEES. LORING ARDRBWS, Lonng Andrews A Son, leathsr dealers. 72 Gold street CHARLES KNEELAND. Bogert A Kneelsnd. hankers, 49 W ill m street. JOHN V ANN EST, Vsnnest A f!ayden, hardware, 79 Becsiusn street. JOHN BUTTERFIELil, Wells. Butterfleld A Co., Ameri can Kitiress Cnmpsn . JOHN K I'RUYN Pres dent Central Bank. Brooklyn 8AMUBL R PLATT, Adriance A Piatt, hardware. 165 Greenw ch .treat. WILLIAM IIaRSRLL. corner Maiden lane and Water GEORGE LORILLaRD. New York. SILAS H DUTCHER. Dumber A EDerby, merchants, 63 Pearl Htreet JOHN MAIBS, wall paper manufacturer. Brooklvn " PLINY FREEMAN. President. B. G. BLOSS, Vice President. H. C. Fr*x*ai?, Secretary. C. P. Fiki.d . B R., . Ueaeral Agents. 8 D. Oar. \ M hum, Medical Eianuner. MININO STOCKS?A8 WELL A8 ALL OTHER KINDS of securities bought and sold at all the stock Boards in Nsw York. Boston, Philadelphia, Ac., or otherwise oo commission, by ALBERT H. N1COLAY, No. 62 William si. Manufacturers- and merchant-:' rank, new York. June 14. 1*6* ?A dividend of four (4) per cent lies this dar been declared, oax able to stockholders free of gny, rument tax on and after Julv 1. Transfer Book" will be Closed from the 27th of June to 1st of JiaIj. Inclusive. A. MA8TKR TON. Cashier MARINERS' SAVINGS BANK. NO. I THIRD AVENUE Deposits will draw Interest 'rem the 1st of Julr. BANK OI RN DATLV from 9 to 2 P. M and osi MOM DAT WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY EVENINGS, from 6 to 8 o'clock. THOMAS B. 8T1LLMAN. President. Isaac T 8*irH. Secretary. North clear creek GOLD AND 8ILVRR MINING COMPANY. GILPIN COUNTY. COLORADO TERRITORY. TROstrks. hon. John a. nix HON'. EDWARDS PILRREPONT, JOSEPH FRANCIS. Kaq., T. B BUNTING. Esq., A. G. BODPIRH Esq.. Co ore do i-Ri.aipr.NT. HON. JOHN A DIX. TKFAXl RI R. JOSEPH FRANCIS, Esq. COVRSRL. CHARLES F. BLAKE Esq Tim property of thl* company constats of 2.23,'Xg (eet on the "Ground Hog.' "Gregory, No 2," "Simmons," -'Con cord. and other oclebrated developed gold heartna lodca. In the bey mining dotrict of Colorado. A so. the Henderson Mill, now running end tn excellent order. Capital Stock. $1.(00.000 Whole number Of shares 100 COO Par $10 A large portion of the stock hat already beep Uken by pri rate subscription Books are new imeo at the o!I,ce of ihs company. No *9 Bearer atroet. New York, where a limited number of shares ran be subacid bed for at par. I?y applying to the Treasure' of the company. between the hours or in A M and 2 P M. Copies of the Pro-peotns may be obtained ai the on ce of thecompouy. NOTICE TO BONDHOLDERS. _ Interest on Bunds of the city of Mary*rflle, Yuha county Csl . due Julv I. Devt. patable n the cRv pi New York, will be paid on and alter that date In current fund*. ui>oo presentation at the America* Exchange Bank in said city DECKER A JRWKTT "i atr rfi.LV, Yeas Corrrr. C$1.. Mai. 18*4. NfiOTlCR TO RONDMOLDRRR. IIII area i on bond- ef the neunty of Yuba. California, pine July I. 1864, payable in the eitr r.f New York, will be paid on and alter that date In United State- gold coin, upon presentation at the American Exchange Hank, in ?a(d city. DECKER A JRWBTT. Mativiu.*. Vuliacounty California. May. 1864. NMOTICR.? M1LWAUKRR AMD PRAIR1R DV CUIEN Railway Company ? Theanaual masting of 8to>kheld era of all classes adjourned to specially meet again at New Turk on the 80th day of June instant at one o clork F M , at the company a office, 46 and 48 Kirnaoge pla<e on bu siness of importance. A full attendance I* earnestly re quested. L H. METER, President. Mi wsuxrp, June 10. 1864. O^HPPICR OF TIIR MARIPOSA COMPANY, NO 86 Walt street, Nsw York ?Nstice Is hereby given that the annual meet ngsf the Slnckh Iders of the Mariposa Gam I P*"y far the eleei on ef Are trustees tor the eesuing year, i nod for such other cosines- as nit cetne tiefore the meet Ipg will he h?tn at 'he office of the < ompsny 34 Wall street, , w -7* r,t7' "" 'he 6'th dar of July next, ai noon of said day The transfer bibs or the compuny wilt nose with the Dual ties* hours ?f the 27th Inst and remain rinsed until the t ?'? ktAC JOHN WATT 8e'retair L June 22. lAbo, riKAHGUL. ^ OFFICH OF TUB CHICAGO AND viMTH* ' ' ! ? > M*?' Couipam, No. 8 Wall street, Now Yuri Juue 5, 1NM?Holder* <>i the capital Mock of lh? (i? ?t aad Chicagi Union Railroad Company are herebi n* "1 D ot bv th* terms of consolidation of that con p4n> mt Chtm o and Northwestern Ral'wav Company, i^er stork i to b ? exchanged for stoc, of the Chicago m l Nor'.!. western Railway < 'ompiu V, a- follows?Our share of tirOoicU* and NoriOw i'?rn preferred stock and one share of the Chicago and Northwestern common with tline- d - lar? in caah for each share ol the Galena and Chicago Union Fx changea i?av he made and the money receive t *t mire at the o ticc of the Chicago and Northweatern Kallwav I'om l?Qv. _ 11. H. HOODY. Agent. OFFICB OF TUB MARIP08A COMPANY. 34 WALL aireet.?Notice Is he ebv given that at the drawuis tui* day had of twent five B uds of this company for redetnp t.ou ait of the sinking fund the following were drawn, vl ? N..e. 13, S3, 63, 83, 8.S, 9S. M. 109 169. 216. 254. 429. 159. ?"4. 594. 637. 770 816. 891. 1,1168. 1 187. 1.325. 1.357. 1 364. 1 489. end that the same will he oald in (old on the I 1 day of July next on pre-entntlon at the office of the company Honda must be presented for payment within ten daia after the lat dav of July next, under penalty of for etture of the right of redemption under this drawing Nkw York,.!nne 6 1864. JOHN WATT, Secretary. Office wells, faroo a co , si broadway. > llxw VnRit, June 20. 1864. 1 We are prepared to caah. In Cold, July coupons of bond* Of State of California and ot city of San Francisco at rea sonable rates; or, if preferred, will collect on favorable terms. WELLS. FARGO A CD. OFFICE OK THK NEW YORK MAPLE SHADE OIL Company. June 20 1864 ?A dividend or three per cent, free o' gor rnment tax, for the month ending June 15, has been declared, payable on the 1st dsv o " July next, at the other of Quackenboas, Bros . No 67 Well street. A SMITH, Treasurer. OFFICE OF THB JERSEY ?ITY INSURAKpR COM pany, No. 1 Montgomery street _ .laaasrCrrr. June 21.18M The Board of Directors of this oempany have this da de clared a semiannual dividend of ten (10) percent, payable on and after July1. J. PAULMIRR, Secretary. PUBLIC NOTICE II HBBBVY QIYEN-THAT THE Tree urer of the Slate of III.nola will, on and after the first Mondav of July next, until the 30th day or said month, be ready, at the Ameri an Exchange Bank. In the ?tty of New Tork, to pav the interest maturing on the first Mondav of July 1864, on the publie debt of the Stata of 1111. nola. The Intertist then due. antl not called for prior to the 2uth day of Julv, will thereafter be paid only at the o"'ce of the Trea -urer of the State of Illinol-, In the cltv of Spring field. Holders of Illinois end Michigan Canal Bonds, u hose coupons are exhausted, are requested to present the bonds. ALEXANDER BTAUN . Treasurer State of Illinois. PENNIES WANTED-AT TWBLYR FEB CENT PRE. mlum, and $1 OS per hundred allowed for all spurious Copper Coins of thr size of the old United Slates copper eer.ts.jAlso Revenue Stamps bought at the best nrices, st the Exchange ofiio \ 27 Nassau street, corner of Cedar street. COUTHERN BANK NOTES WANTED.?VIRGINIA, n North Carolina, South Carolina Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee. Kentucky and New Orleans hank notes, bv MANNINO A DE FOREST, Bankers and Brokers, 19 Wall street. THB MICHIGAN SOUTHERN AND NORTHERN IN d'ana Railroad Company, office 18 W lllxm street New York, June 33, 1864 ?A dividend will be paid on the capital stock of this company on the 1st day of August next, as fol lows. viz:?Five (5) per cent, less the government tax. 00 the guaranteed stock, and three and a half (3J^) per opnt, free of e venment tax. on the common Rtoek The stock hooks for hmh the common and guaranteed stock will be closed on fhe 11th of July next, at 2 P. M., and be reopened on the 2d August next at 10 A. M. HENRt KEEP, Treasurer. Transfer office of the new jeraey zinc Com"snv 108 Liberty street, New York, June 16 ISo4 ? The annual Interest on the scrip Issued by the New Jersev Elnc Company will be due and payable on the 1st ot Julv next at this office. The scrip transfer books will be closed front the 2 at to the 30th Inst., both dav* Inclusive. A. H. F Alt LIN Treasurer. UNION DIME SAYINGS BANK. Nos. 427 and 429 Canal street, oorner of Vorick. AS8ETS $1,175,275 59 Open datlv from ten A. M. to three P. M . and on Monday, Wednesday and-Saturday evenings from five to seven. Six per cent intereat allowed on suma of $WtO and under, and five per cent on larger suma. BDRR V. HAUQHWOUT, President, Gskdhxr 8. Cnapi*. Secretary, ODD DIVIDEND?THE KNICKERBOCKER STAGE Company has this 20th day of June dec'ared a d I dend of two per cent out of the earnings, ratable to stock, holders on and after July 1, 1864. until which date the trans fer books will be closed. GEO. C. PBTBBS. Treasurer. q?19 nnn -SEVEN PER CBNT FIRST MORTGAGE ?P J Jj,' " "If. for sale on a first class Farm, situated on the North river, valued at $30.fib'. Four years t? run. Apply to 8 F. IRELAND, No. 5S Pine street, room 11. <?1 nflfl WANTED-ON BOND AND MORTGAGE, "/U for a term of years, on first class Improwl Real Bstate, in the city of Brooklyn, worth more than double the amount; rate of Interest not over six percent: no brokerage. Address J. 8. B . Herald office. (J?Kn nnn T? LOAN ON BOND AND MGRTGAOE NPtJU." ' F rat class city propertv. Intereg' at 6 per ri-nt. No commission charged. Apply to CRAM A ROBIN SON. 69 Wall Street. N. Y. $300,000 *2 M>Ar ctx per cent, for five rears, on NEW YORK CITY PROPERTY. / JOBEPH MASON, No. 5VJ Pine street, rooms 10 and II. COPARTNERSHIP. AN EX'TRAORDINART OP?ORTUNITT FOR in vestment. as partner or otherwise In manufacturing a staple article In unlimited demand, costlr machinery and evervth ne complete for operation; yearly profits not less than $10.' 00; only $U',t*10 required Apply to ORORGB P. OVERIN, No. S East Houston street, near Headway. A PARTNER WANTED?WITH A SMALL CAPITAL, in a pleasaat. cash business $l.nOn profit aaale per month. Will hear the strictest Investigation Inquire st 49H Twenty e ehth street, corner of Sixth avenue, over fancy store, entrance on Twenty-e'gblh street. PARTNER WANTED?WITH FROM $.300 TO $fln0. IN a neat honorable and profitable business Anv good man can call and eiamine at 68 ? II road way. ronm No. I. PARTNER WANTED?IN A WHOLESALE AND RE tail grocery A stead---. Industrious yeung man with $4,0(>i to $5 000, may hear of a One opportunity in get into a piaying business. Address Grocer, bos 110 Herald office. PARTNER WANTED?WITH ABOUT $1,400. IN A good business an Broadway One capable of taking charge of the cash and ealea department; hew of reference required. Addrete O. B H.. Herald ofllee. Partner wantbd-with $400. in a business already tried and found snsoesafitl. The advertiser so 11c ts investigation, as this Is no humbug The best of refer ence given and required. Address Partner. Herald office. ARTY HA VIVO $300 TO INVEST IN ROME PAYINO _ legitimate business that will stand inveatlgali n; no agents or humbugs need apply. Address, for one week, W. C., Newark Poat office, N. J. T\TANTED-A PARTNER. FOR A RETAIL GROCRRY Tv trade, now established In RrookKn, and doing a good trade. Address H. T. J.. N. Y. Post office. d?;rrvfk -wanted, a maw in the steam box CtJl't'i manufacturing buslines aa partner; ael' a" ten men can make, constantly employed to cash customers; have saws. 1 enchns. belting machinery. Ac.; horse and wagon. Apply on premises IU7 West Thirty second ntreet. dbCfin -WANTED. A YOCNO MAN OF BUSINESS JPtJtFl". rapacity, with ths above amoun', to join the advertiser In the prosecution of a mechanical business that he understands, and from which a reasonable return may be expected. Address, with name and residence. D., Herald office <CI nnn -A GENTLEMAN HAVING AN ESTAI! ?P1?"i/"s l'shed well located and Increasing business, requiring the attention of two. will take a good man aa partner on very liberal terms An extraordinary nppor. tuntty. MILTON A CO., 208 Broadway. qbQ n/\n ?partner wanted, in the cloak vpO.x FxFU. and shawl business, on a leading thorough fare In this city, business well established, with a rapidly inrteasng trade. Address Cloaks and Shawls box 19$ Herald office. P rVRNITURB. i BCAUTIFI L PARLOR 8UIT. COVBRED WITH t\ re h Free h satin broca'el, cost $400. w II be -old for $200; eue $100. Also, two Marble Top Tables, rosewood seven #? tire Pianoforte. Turkish Lounge and Chairs, and one Bedroom Suit. Inquire, for three days, et 119 West Eighth street, near sixth avenue. ? N ELEGANT ASSORTMENT OF HOUSEHOLD FUR J\ nlture lor sale at a eocrlfice?Pianoforte. Etagerea. llonkcaar. Mirror*. Parlor Suits. Paintings. Statuary. Brnn res, Lace Curtains, rosewood and walnut Ohamher Furni ture. Dtninc Room Furniture. Chlna.Glaas and 81 ver Ware. Inquire at 118 Wed Twenty third street, near Sltth avenue MATR1MONIA1*. A YOUNG southern widow lady, having LOST most of her near friends, would liks to meet with a liberal minded gentleman, with hnnorshle intentions to matrimony. Please enclose number of Po?t office hot and stamped envelope to Insure prompt attention. Address. In OonBdenoe. Eugenia, station D. * AN AMERICAN, _>#. AMIABLE AND KIND, called supremely handsnma, who Is well olf. desires a wife from 17 to 2S. who s accomplished, artless, pure One w Itlng to give In exchange for a life of deyctlen and love her womanly aympathv and love, may address CUve New ? o ? tan 146 Herald office. A LADY 25 V salts OF AGB. A STRANGER IN THIS c tv, solicits the acquaintance of a gent'e-nan who la advanced la vears and hasipleaty of mean-, with a view to matrimony. Address L.. Union Square Po-t office. youro oimnuv. w thr jewish per" auasiun. a stranger In the city, and noose ?lng consider b!e meunt. Is ileslroiis of corresponding with a voung lady of his o? n faith, of re.pectable social position, eduos ,lton and rednement. with an ultimate view to inatrtmonv, C uum no teat ions addressed Clarence New Yark Post offi'-e, will be treated confidentially and meet with prompt re aiieaae TWO YOUNG SOLDIEBbT OF OUOD FAMILIES AND respocable enne<-tlons. now doing garrison duty at Hart s Island. New York harbor wish to open a correspon deme with two young ladles Oh ed, mutual benefit, an d with a vcw te matrimony. Address Thomas Hawlev, or George Wells Unmpauy A. Becood Bulla ion. Hart's Island. Naw Tnrk barber. L.OAM OFFICE*. AT 77-MONEY LIBERALLY ADVANCED at 7T ON DIAMONDS. WATCHEB, JEW'SLRT. PI A NOB, FURNITURE. AC AT 77 PAWNBROKF-RB* TICKETS WANTED AT 77 Of Diemoeds. Watches .lewelrv, Ac., and HO per rent inure paid than can be obtained at any other pfacs in the city, at 77 Blaecker street, up stairs At henry htman'b, ?8 broadwat, corner of Bond street, room Ne ft, np stairs, will be paid the highest oash price for Diamond*, set or unset; Watches and Silver Waie. or advances made oe lha same, aed niao on EL anoa dM Broadway. AT ffnW-MONKT LIBERALLY ADVANCED ON DIA mond?. Watches .lewciry Silver Plate. Ouna, Pistols, Ac. Alsfl Pawnbrokers' Tickets wanted of Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry. Gue*. Pistol*. Ac., for which I will tay till per eent mere than -an be obtained at aay other place ?e the city. ffOP Broadway, corner of Houatea street, up em to, ream I. _____ AT ?? CHATHAM STREET ? PAWNBROKERS' ticket* bought of Diamond*. Wattphea, Jewelry, Silver Plate. Guns. Pistols. Silks, Ac., and the full value paid for all tlck*ta bought *1 43 Chatham street, reoro Ne. 3, over the bat etore. PAWNBROKERS' Tit KRIS PURCHASED OF CLOTH leg. Ac. A large lot of Clothing <n hand. Bovine** Unata. $3 to $19 Slack Frocks. $5 Ifl $7"; l.lnen and Al paca. $Ilo $4; Ca*?tm*re Pant*. $3 to $|n, Ve*ts. $1 to $4. OM>. LuHt.iii ilttiowe ?k ? Ad 113 Biondwgj. ?u| ."PUB. QTEAM WEEKLY TO Ll\ ?RJ*.0{i? 'roUCHINQ_AT O U eeustuwii (Cork Harbor; rh* Uyerpofl. New York and Philadelphia Steamship Con. l"">y Jut??d despatching their full pow rod Clyde built lrou st?,a,,,''"R* ** follow* ? CITY OK WASHINGTON. Satrm'*!-?]une.,'48 CITV OK MANCHESTER. Satunla.1'-'u ' 2 CITV OK LONDON. Saturday, Julyx- , .. m ,, and ever; succeeding Saturday, at uoon, frowQ P'er " HOrtn river. RATES OF PASSAGE (pa able In gold, or us equh uleut in currency*. First Cabin $80 Da to London 85 Do. to t'art- 95 Do. to Hamburg 90 Steerage .*30 Do. to London ? Do to l'aris 4u 1)0. to Hamourg. 37 Passengers also forwarded to Ha, re, Bremen. Rotterdam, Antwerp. Ac., at equally low rates. Krom Liverpool or Queenstown?First cabin, $75, $85, $105 Steerage. $35. Those who wish to send for their friend* can buy tickets here at the?? rates. These steamers have superior accommodations for pa seen gers, are strangle built in watertight iron -ecnons and ca r.v patent K re Annlhi ators. Experienced surgeons are attached to each steamer. For further Information apply in Liverpool to WILLIAM 1NMAN agentlJ'2 Water street; in Olstgnw to ALEX. MAL COLM No 5 RL Fnoch aqnare; In Otieen town to C. A W. D. HE) MOtTR A CO ; in London to EIVE8 A MACRY. 61 King Wil'iam street; In Paris to JULES DF.OOUB. 49 Rue Notre Dam? des Vintotres Place de la Bnnrae; In Phtlartel phiatoJOHN O. DALE, 111 Walnut streat. or at the com pany's offices JOHN G. DALE, Agent, IS Broadway. N. T. British and American steam navigation COMPANY. STEAM TO LONDON DIRECT. The first elata iron steamship NEW TORE will eatl July i 9. Passage payable in currency. Steerage $43 Pas en cere forwarded to Havre. Paris and German ports, at very low rates Ano'y to WILLIAMS A OUION, 29 Broadway. STEAM FBOM AND TO OUKEN8TOWN AND UVKB POOL. 1 CONaRO LIME. Prom New Torlc, $45 currency; to New Tork, $35 (Old, or equivalent In currency. OLYMPUS anils June tl. SIDON, July 6. Por passage apply to _____ WILLIAMS k GUION, 19 Bros W?jh_ THE MONTREAL OCEAN STEAMSHIP COMPANY'S steamship BELGIAN, Prom Quebec to Liverpool. June 25. Rates of passage. $85. $70, $30. Sight drafts on the National Bank, payable al all ita branches in England and Ireland. For passage apply to SABEL A 8BARLE, 33 Broadway, Now York. THB HAMBURG AMERICAN PACKET COMPANY'S IRON MAIL STEAMSHIPS. Krom Southampton. From Now York. SAXONIA MavSI, IV4 June25, 1964 RAVARrA June 14. 1864 July 9 1861 O' KM AN'I A June 28, 1804 Inly 23, 1 ?4 BORUSSIA Tul.v 12. 1-61 Aug. 6. 1RIU From Hamburg pier, foot of Third atreet, Hnhoken. taking pas ameers for Hamburg Havre. London and Southampton at the following rates ?First cabin. $105. second canln, 60: steerage. $37 60, ravahle in gold or Its equivalent. For freight apply Ito Kl'NIIARDT A CO., 46 Eichange ^ For passage apply to C. B. RICHARD A BOAS, 181 Broadway. The north german lloyd'8 steamship II ANSA. H. J. Van Santen comniander, carr ing the Un'ted State* mall, will sail from the Bremen pier, foot of Third street Hoboken. on SATURDAY. JULY 2. AT 12 O'CLOCK M., FOR BREMEN, VIA SOUTHAMPTON, taking passengers to LONDON HAVRE. SOUTHAMPTON AND RREMEN, at the fo'lowing rates, payable in gold or Its equivalent in eurrency : ? For the first cabin, $105; second cabin, $62 50; steerage, $37 5 >. The HANSA will be followed by tbe NEW YORK July 16. For freight or passage apply to OKLRICHS A CO., 68 Broad street. THE LONDON AND NEW YOBK STEAMSHIP COM pan will despatch semi monthly their new and first Clasa Kritlsh iron steams dp* CHI.LA, BELLONA, ATALANTA. IOWA. INDIANA and MANHATTAN, each 3 OH ' tons burthen between IiODd'n and New York, calling nt Havre on the voyage from London. Kates of passage. Pa able in United States currencyFrom New York. First Cabin. $100: Second Cabin. $70: ;teera.*e, $40. From Lon don nr Havre. First Cabin, $101). For passage apn'v to CH 48 A. WHITNEY, at No 26 Broadwav. For freight apply at 54 South street. Advances made on merchandise consigned to the London agents. HOWLaND k ASPINWALL, Agents. National steam navigation company TO QUBEN8TOWN AND LIVERPOOL Cabin. $65. gold; Steerage $48-payali'e u currency PENNSYLVANIA Sat a Saturday, Jnlv 2 LOUISIANA Sails Saturday, Juiv 16 For pa-sage apply to WILLIAMS A QUION. 23 Broadway. OTEAMERS TO FRANCE DIRECT O CARRYING TBE M AILS. THE OFNRRAL TRANRATL \ NTIC COMPANY'S NEW LINK OF FIRST CLASS 8IDEWHKKL STEAMSHIPS BETWEEN NEW YORK AND HAVRE The fir t live - plendld vessels intended to be put upon this favorite route for the Continent are the followiug ? Washington 3,204 tons 9<w horsepower. LAFATI'TTE 3.204 t-ns D00 horse power. EUGENIE (A '"oat). 900 horse power. FRANCE (Building1 900 hor e power. NAPOLEON III (Building) 1.100 horse power. Until the completion of the entire list tbe departures will be montblv, beginning with the WASHINGTON. Captain A. DUCHESNE. From HAVRE?On Wednesday, 16th June. From NEW YORK?On Wedneadav, fith July Rates of passage including table wine-? FRO* HAVRK TO NKW TORK. First cabin 700 f. Becond cabin... 400 f. FROM NEW TORE TO HAVRE. First cabin $135 Lecond cabin $70 or $80 Pa ahle in gold, or Us equivalent in United Htates currency. MKD1CAL ATTKNDaNCR FREE OF CHARGE. For freight or pa-sage app v to GEO. MACKENZIE, Agetrt, No 7 Broadway. At Paris. 12 Boulevard des Capucines (Grand Hotel). At Havre. WILLIAM ISBLIN * CO. FOR CALIFORNIA VIA PANAMA. A first class steamer will leave New York on Ibe 3d, 13th and 23d of esch month, except when these dates fall on Sun day, when the day of departure will be on the Monday fol lowing. For freight or paaaage apply si the only office. No. 6 Bowl ing Green v D. B. ALLEN, Agent. MO. ROBERTS' LINK TO . SAN FRANCISCO. VIA PANAMA 1he steam-hip ILLINOIS OR GOLD8N RULK. SATURDAY. JUNE 25. at mmo. from pier 29 North rlve?. foot of Warren street. For pas esse apt) r at the utile, 177 West, corner of Warren street, to D. N. OARRINOTON. ' FOR HAVANA DIRRCT, To -all on TUESDAY. Jane 28. st So'clock P. M., The new and first c'ss* steamship LIBERTY. THOMAS W WILCOX Commander, will salt a* above, from p er 43 North river. For freight or passage apply to HaRGOUS A CO., 33 South street. All letter* must pass through the Post office FOR HAVANA DIRECT. The Untied State* Mall steamship HAVANA, M R. Oreene e >mmander, will leave, from pier No. 4 North river, for the above port o Wednesday, .tun" 29. at 3 o'clock p. M. For It-eight or passage apply to TtlOS. ASKNCIO A CO., IT Broadway. FOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT TO SAIL ON SATURDAY, JUNE 25, AT 3 O'CLOCK P. M. The United States ma l aide wheel s eamshtp evening star. W, R. Hell. Commander, will aall ai above trom pier 46 North river, third pier above the foot of Canal atrect. For freight or passage applv to JAMES A KM NOR U> Rarclav street N. B -The ELECTRIC SPARK will follow .ind aall on Satuiday. July 9. FOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT?THE UNITED State* instil atcn , *hlp CREOLE, John Tnlmpaou. Com mender, will leave pier 13 North river, for New Orleans direct, on Thur* lay, J ne 23. nt three o'clock p M. prerlsely. No freight received or bills of lading aigned on the day of billing. For freight or passacc gppiT L, LUDLAM. HEINKKEN A CO , 115 Broadway. FOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT.-THE FIRST CLlSS United States mail steamship LOCUST POINT, ('apt. Hodman, will leave ptor No 9 North river on Thursday, June 3o. at 5 P. M I'aasac*. (!r?t naaa $5t>. For freight or passage apply to A. B. CROMWELL A CO., S6 Wrat street. NRUTRAL FLAG.?AUSTRALIAN PIONEER LINE, carrying the United States mails WieAl at Lloyd's fur 20 years. British Iron c.ipper l>arK SAN'ToN Creaawell mas ter. la n?is rapidly oading at Pier 10 E.uat river, and having the creater pari of her c.rgo alreadi engaged will, have un usually quick despatch for Hydnev, N. S W.. direct. For freight. Ac., apply to R W. CAMERON. 88 Pearl street. F-iOP. RIIANOIIAE TOUCHING AT THE CAPE PE Verde Ia'ands, Cape of Good Hope. Mauritius. Hlngapor*. and Iteng Kong?the new first class steamship FIRE OUF.KN, H. W. Johnson. Master, will be despatched as above on or about the 1st of July proilmo F r passage, having super or accommodations, apply to AYMA R A Oil , 34 and Si South alien FOR LIVERPOOL-the magnificent ship new WORLD. Captain Knight po-ittve ?? sails Saturday, June 26. See >nc cabin. (currency, and found. Apply on hoard p er 21 East river, or to P. M. DEMAREST, 40 South etreet. TO LIVERPOOL AND LONDON -FOR LIVERPOOL? the packet ship AUSTRALIA sails on the 27th of June; the HEMISPHERE on the 2d of July. For London?The LONDON on the 2d of July. For passage apply to WIL LIAMS A OUION. 4J Fulton street ! FOR LIVERPOOL POSITIVELY rlRST SHIP THE celebrated ship NEW WORLD, Captain Kn ght. post livelv satis Salurdsv, June 25. Second cabin. $20 currency and found. Apply on board, p er 21 East river, or to P. M. DEM ARRET, ?0 south street. FOR LIVERPOOL-NF.UTRAL FLAG. The magnificent RrMlsh clipper ship PERSEVERANCE, pier No. 8 North river. wi I aall June 2t. For cabin passage, having unsurpassed see mmodatiop. apply to TAPSCOTf, BROS. A CO. 8(1 Booth gtreet L OR LIVERPOOL?TAPSCOTT 9 LINE, r Ship UNDBRWRII KR, all* this dav. HhtpGUT M ANNERING, sails June 2.-,. Ship BENJAMIN AIM -ID ??lls Juae 29 Ft < K LONDON-* LI NR. Ship SOUTHAMPTON, sails June 27. Fur passage to or from the old country, or drafts, availa ble in a I pariaot England Ireland SroMand and Wale*, st the lowest poealhle rates, applv to TAPfiCOTT, BROTHERS A CO.. 86 South street. w* K. THR UNDKR8IONKD PASSENGERS BY TIIR e.iip Vli tory from Liverpool to New York, number ing upward* of seven hundred anal*. ling to espress our rraletul acknowledgement* to Dr. Edward O'Brien, for hie general, kind and professional care evinced to euch and all ot as, during ? passage of thirty fire davs. No matter what caae <vaa brought to hla nniire It alwavg received hi* kind and hearty oo-operatlon. whether for comfort or profe* alonal attendance; and now. In parting from hi*care we alnnarely and reapeettully wl-h every success In his future professional underlakings Higued on behalf of all the passenger* AUOUiT MAUTRR, Chairman. kVXZi??* TRAVELLRRW GliDR HCDNON river RAILROAD-TRAINS FOR AL bany, Troy, the North aad West, leave Chamber* street atTand 10A. M. and 1 fi and I" 40 P. M.. and en Suadays ?ti ll P. IT, from Thirtieth street NEW YORK. HARLEM AND ALBAN1 RAILROAD? For Albany, Trey. North and Wast, leave Tweatv alxth street depot at IU A. U. autl 5 P, *1 Huu'Ut trail ?Ail'. M. ? XC CRM IONS. LjHbHlSG BAN KB, AHOY I X The last seageinc steamer _ MAGNOLIA Will make a trip to the FISHING BANKS, FRIDAY. JUNE zt A free chowder will ne served on hoard. FARE 76 CKNTS. landings?Spring street at 8 o'clock; Peck eiip at 8}?, And Pier 1 North river at 0. For the fishing banks-the well known steamer MARYLAND, having b.'en retitted with a splendid ladies' cabin, will rqiumence her regular trip* for the entire season on Sunday, June 26 under command of Captain P. V. Yeranee. leaving as follows?Broome street, East river, at 7 A. M.: Peek slip East river, 8 a. M.; Dey street, 8 10 A. M.; pihr No 4 North river. 8:18 A. M. YDISHBRMFH, ON DECK?SAMUEL H KLINCH. AT r the Bav View House. Fort Hamilton. L. I. All the Infor mation respecting the Fishing Grounds furnished to parties; oarsmen In attendance: bait and fishing tackle e.instantly on hand. Sam. w tb his crew, is alwavs on deck to furnish all the information that is re';uir<jd. His Boats are ready, and his crew Is willing Grand pleasure excursions TO LAKE SUPERIOR. One of the following splendid tir-t class steamers, rlz ?? CLEVELAND. ILLINOIS NORTHERN LIGHT. IRON CITY, TRAVELLER, METEOR, IRON8IDE8, LAS LA BI'LLB and PEWABIC, will leave Clevetand, Ohio, at 8 o'clock P. M. each day of the week, except Saturday and Sunday, and Detroit. Michigan, on tko following day*, at 2 o'clock P. M., through the mouths of July aud August, making GRAND EXCURSION TRIPS to the many points of interest on the great inland seas of America, which, for utility, pie. and health, are unsur pa sed by any other on the c . i~ t. Ths trip, or over onethoueam n. ten. embraces six degrees of latitude and eleven of longitude, and includes in its cir cuit Lakes Erie St. Clair, Huron and Sunerior, with the beautiful rivers Detroit. St. Clatr aud 8t Maire. The many and evtenslve mines of iron and copper, une* quailed by any In the world, with the newlv discovered andts Inviting deposits of silver and lead, wild and romant e seene rv, combined with its pure and bracing climate render the Lake Superior rip one of far more than oidinarv attrac tlon* to ton capitalist, the student, the pleasure seeker or the invalid. The aho^e named steamers are elegantly fitted up with large, airy cabins and staterooms, while every pecAution hae been taken to provide for the safety and comfort of passen g'Ti. Pare, including 'taterooms aud meals, about ?.1'2 cents per mile. Time occupied In making the round trip, from etcht to ten d?ys. Rooms secured and further information Obta n"d bv apol cation to RO. HANNA A CO GARRET RON. HOWE A CO.. and flUPKY A McRRIDE. C eve. Ian I. Ohio; or to 8. P. BRADY A CO , JOHN HUTCH 1NG8. BUCKLEY A CO. and J. T. WHITING A CO., De tro t, M chigao. QUNDAY EXCURSIONS TO OLBN COVE, NEW RO cbeile, Cltv Island Fort Schuyler and College Point.? On and after June 26. the steamer POUT ROYAL, Captain Oaruin. will run as follows:?Leaving Jeraev City. Morris street wharf, at 7:38; Peck slip. R; Broome street, 8:15; Tenth street. 8:3d; Twenty-sixth street. 8 45. Returning, leave Glen Cove at 4:30, and make all the above landings. CJTEAMERS?WITH OR WITHOUT SALOONS; ALSO the splendid new badges Geraldine and Stella with Blddle's grove an i Woodbrldce park, to let *'or excursions. Apply to R V BONNELL A CO., 169 Front street. TO LBT-FOR EXCURSIONS AND PICNIC PARTIES, a large and commodnus Steamer, oapable Of carrying 1 600 oe'H'.ns; also, a splendid Grove, furntehed with plat form, swings, tables summer house* and two good snrtngs nn the premises. Apply at the office of N. S. Staten Island ferry, pier If, N. R POLITICAL.. GRAND RATIFICATION MEETING. FREMONT AND COCHRANE, COOPER INSTITUTE, MONDAY EVENING, JUNE Z7. A TH WARD M' 7LELLAN UNION CLUB MEET AT T their Hall, corner of Oliver aud Henry streets, this evening, a eight o'clock. Business in regard" to the Chicago Convention will be brought forward. P. CURTIS ACKEBMAN. President. O. SCHWtP, (,?riM A. E. Marsh, ) secretaries. INSTRUCTION. A THOROUGH COURSE OP INSTRUCTION IN PEN maosbip HooKkeeplns, Arithmetic, Correspondence, Ac., may be obtained at Gold-mith's Institute. 766 Broad way corner of Eighth street Instruction private If de sired, Separate rooms for ladies. OLIVER B. GOLDSMITH. AT HANCHt'S, 413 CANAL STREET. STl'DENTS re vp nraet cal In -traction In Bookkeeping nnd Arith metic tor $9 per quarter. Writing. 12 lessons. #1. Read ing Spelline, Ac., wuijlii. Individual Instructl-m given. Separate apartments for ladles. Open day and evening. AT 62 BOWERY (PAINE'8)?STUDENTS CAN SR. pure strictly pr.vate rooms dav or evening, and tip free from Intrusion Brooklyn rooms 2<l Pultun street. Terms? Bookkeeping Writing. Ar thmetlc. Spelling, Ac., $10 per quarter. Ladles, 24 Writing lessons. $2. A GERMAN LADY-A 8UPERIOR TEACHER OP nm-ic snd languages?desires an engage.t.pnt in a pri vate fatnlty: ootiritrv preferred So lclts ai o the attention of schools for next fall. Address L. E? 44 West Washlngtan place. New York. Evening lessons in portugi:eseiwanted-by a yming gentleman e' it hlc own or te.iphe 's resi dence. None lint those whose nallve language it * need reply. Address, slating terms, i'ernamliuco, Hern'd olliee. WANTED?A GERMAN LADY, AS RESIDENT GOV 'S einess; one eompetent to teach German, English snd music Apply cm Thursday. June 23, at 69 West 2.1th St.. between 10 A. 11. and 2 P. 31. WANTED?IN A FIRST CLASS LADIES SCHOOL, a short distance from New York, a highly educated lady, to tear It Latin. Mathematics and the higher English studies. A lady of eip rlence tn teaching and of executive ability In the direction of a school would And this an excel lent position. Apply in person at 11 East Thirtieth street, on Saturday, the 26th Inst,, between the hours of 9 snd 3 o clock. CLOTHING. A TTENTIOJI.-AT 222 SEVENTH AVENUE. NEAR .a Twenty-fifth street Ladies and gentlemen. I have the pleasure to announce again that I have received a large order from Ca ifornia end the Western markets to pav the highest prices for ladles and gentlemen's Wearing Apparel Carpets, Furniture. Jewelry. Ac., by paying 50 per cent more than any other dealer In the city. We guarantee te pay.for ladies' Hi I k Dresses from $5 to $40; Woollen, from |S to $10; also Calico. Delaine. Muslin. Ac. Gent em.n a Coats, from $5 to $20; Pants, from $2 to $7. Ac. Ladles and fenUemen. don't forget the right number. M. MARCKS 22 Seventh avenue, near Twenty.fifth street. By calling on or addressing me you will be dealt with honestly. Orders will be attended to from Brooklvn New Jersey, Hoboken Marcks *c- La<lle? punctually attended to by Mrs! Apositive pact.?h. Harris, op i?4 seventh I avenue, lakes this opportunity to announce to the com. I rniinity that he has advanced 40 ner cent on the usual prices for Cast OH Wearing Apnarel, Carpets. Furniture, Jewelry, Diamonds, Ac. As he has a great demand for these articles for the New Orleans market ladles ?nd gentlemen having any of the same to dispose of caunot fail by calling on or addressing H. Harris. I?4 Sevsnth nvenue. near Twenty second street, where you can depend upon rewiring a higher price than elsewhere in the eltv. We guarantee to pay the utmost va ne for each article, and not liumbugirine as practised by a good many other high offerers, and then trembling to get them for hair the value Lndies walled upon bv Mrs. fi. Harris at their own residences tn and out or the city. ATTENTION.-AT 212 8EVRNTII AVENUE. H. RO SEN BERG, the Caliiorutn and Western agency store received large orders to purchase $75 ooo worth of Pa<t Off 1'lothIBB These orders must be filled In a verv short time. Ladies and gentlemen. I wish von would take par ticular notice and look over your wardrobes, and see If vou have anv clothing you do not need For your satisfaction I will mention some of the prices ?8llk Dresses from 8>; to $M>, Coats from $5 to $2.i. Pants from to $7: also. Woollen and Mus ID Dresses, Carpets, Furniture, Jewelry Ac., bv calling on or addressing II. ROSENBERG 2i2 Seventh avenue. Ladie attended to by Mrs. R ?enberg,"in una out of the city. A SURER PLACE ?AT 283 SIXTH AVENUE, LADIES iO ?.,od gentlemen will find the fair and h most d-a rr B. MINT/,, to whom they can dispose of their Cast Off Cloth ?'>?. Carpets, Furniture and Jewelry, at 50 per ceut more than by other dealers In the cltv, I promi-e to pay the fob L?.?,n.e Pr|ces ?Silk Dr>sees from $3 to $15; Costs. $4 to $18; I ants $2 to $7. Also for Woolen, Delaine nt.d Muslin I Dresses the highest cash prlre will he paid A e.a'1 or a no'? by nost will be punctually attended to. Ladies attended to bv Mrs. Mints Remember the original B. Mints and the number. 2\3 Sixth avenue, near Klghteenth street, orders . from Brooklyn and Jeisey City punctually attended to. A n,fJ?Eo T,? T".E afklioteii.-mai.amk DES | 1 AKDS hern* e Pills arc the onh medicine tdlesran depend on with sal. ty and certainty. Can bo -ent bv mail N. H ? Ladles who desire to aval themselves of Madame Despxrd s isluable, certain and -are mode of treatment can do so at one interview. Relief warranted in 24 hours. Residence 101 8 glh avenue, opposite Eighth street. Ladies taken during; confinement, with the best medical attendance. Oitice hours from 9 A. M. to 6 P M. AT THE NEW STOKE. 56 CARMINE STREET. LA dles and gentlemen can receive 50 per i ent more for ' as) Off < isthing, Piirtiltiire, Carpets and Jewelry. B\ call. Ing on or addressing H. IIARt. at tie abioc number, I Mrs Hart" puncl"aUy attended to. Ladies attended to by AT SfiS BOWERY.-II. ROSENTHAL HAS A GREAT desire to purchase a Urge <|unntlly <-t Cast Oil Wearing APpatel, Furniture. Carpels, Jewelry, Ac. itv eal'lng on or addiesslm, him ladles and genilemen can obtain iheutmoai value for each artic e. Ladles attended to bv Mrs. Rosen ' /one s're?t"* rtmf,|nW'r' ""''Uy 353 Bowery, opposite Great Attention?s. Harrison, t<? seventh ate. nue. between Thirty lifth and Thirty sixth streets, will ' pay Hie highest price for Ca t Oil Clothing Carpets, Fnrni j lure csding or ad dressing a uote Ladles attended | by Mrs. Harrison. AT 137 81X111 AVENUE?LADIES AND GENTLE ifi ?!??'? Cr*/?" "2? to roceivo the highest price tor vonr Cast 'Kl Clothing (,ar|>ets. Furniture Ac., the best yon' can dots to call on or send a not to E M IN fZ. at No. M7 Ruth avenue, two doors from Tenth R'rect. Lndies attended by Hon vuu'benef I'?U W"' b* dralt *,th 10 ,0ur 4 GREAT DEMAND PGR CLOTHING-LADIES AND rv gentlemen can receive the highest price for their Cast Off Clothing. Furniture, Carpets, Ac, hi ashing on < r ad dre?slng H. COHN. 2in Kevenili avenue, next to the drug store l,ad es attended to by Mrs Colin. Attention -m. leon hah a great demand for i asi Off Clothing. Ladios and gentlemen, voiir sure will receive ?h.. highest price for Oast Oil Olothlng, Carpets, Furniture, Jewelry, Ac., on calling nt or addressing wi Third avenue. Lsdles will be attended by Mrs. Leon. . T 242 SRVKNTE AVENUE CORNER OF TWENTY L sixth street. E. HART will pay the highest prices for ladies and gentlemen's Ca?t Off Clothlng.T'arpets, Purnl Jure, Ac., by casting or addressing s noto. Lndies attended to by Mrs Hart. AT 134 SEVENTH AVENUE. BETWEEN NINETEENTH and Ji-rriieth streets, ladles and gentlemen will re ceive the h , best price for their Cast Off Olothlng, Oanwto, Piirnti rr, <u , by calling on or addressing B. MILLER. Ladles iltended bv Mrs. flllkr. __________ ATTENTIONI-ATTHE NEW STORE. U4 THIRD AVE nun, ladles and gentlemen are guaranteed lo ruralve the highest price* for each an tele of Cast Off Wearing Ap parel, Furniture Carpels. Ac., lor 'be Seuthern and wee tern markets. Please remember and uy C. MI8H. II4 Third ?venue, near Fourteenth street. Ladies attended te by Mm. Mtsh. _ CASH RF.Rll PAYS THE IUOIIEHT PRICE FOR ? Ladles' and Gentlemen's Cast Off Clothing, Parties waited en by addressing la Onehberg, 48 East Twelfth street, near Broadway. Ladles walled upon by Mrs. C. <kin nnn worth op clothing wanted i fiV.wUU will pay 1 be hlgnt-u prise fur cast Off Clothing, Carpets, snd Furniture call on m address It. B. 8TRAUNS, 369 Seventh avenue, between Thirtv third nnd Thuiy-fourth streets. La.Uo attonagj by Met. Birauaa. MILITARY AND tfAYAL. AM ET GOOD BOUND FOREIGNER?kVv>LI8H, IRISH, Scotch or German. cap get f 6UU cash. logout substi tute for * merchant in this city, try miplviug early ?i tne United Stale* Army aud Navy Agency, 'M West si'seet, fcor ner of Cedar. Ah n alien can have 9401 cash down to d1** to go at a substitute In inv place. A'.au two uiure ca^t rocelve the same for friends of iulue drafted. A two year*' veteran, or t>oy 17 year* of agwith eonaeut of parents. ot an Kii|.'laliinan. Scudiman Herman or any for eigner wil do as well Call between 7 and 11 A M at 4<>i{ Montgomery street, Jersey City, in aegar atore two and a half blocks above ferry. AT NO 2 PARK PLACE-ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS bounty pa d to go diets- discharged for wounds revived la battle. Alio to thoee serving in three - ears regiments. BROWN A SHELDON. Military and Naval Hanking Ofltoe. AH LIENS. ALIENS, ALIENS -WANTED THIS MOKN tiig. aliens a* substitutes The principals arerealvto pay the h ghest cash bounties. Call a t once Discharged soldiers will be paid cas in band 9400 to do garrison duty. Caii at 12 Chambers street. D. P.. CapL A TTENTION, SUB3T TUTE8.-9550 BOUNTY. TWO J\. guars' veterans and aliens wautod. We pav the highest bounties. Choice of rerlinenl an I branch of service Ap Bly to W ASH BURN A WoKltALL, military law office. 266 roadway, near Chambers street. Attention, volunteer*.?tsoo bounty, th reb goo I men, non resi b-nts of this State, wanted for the army (the oe of regiments, mfautrv. artilery r>r cavalry, at ibe military law odice ot WA8HBURNE A WORBALL. 200 Broadway. AH RMV AND NAVY.-SOLDIERS AND 8AILOR8. $400 ? bount ; $lt>i hand m niey paid in cash at the United States Recruiting and substitute Agency, 217 Broadway, roam 25. N. B.?Substitutes furnished. Colored recruits paid the same price. AH TTENTION I CONSCRIPTS.?MEN DRAPTED IB this State oan be turn shed with reliable substitutes at $550. at the Military Law oi:os et WASHBURN A WOE BALL, 268 Broadway, near Chambers street. AM RtfY AND NAVT RECRUITS FOB NEW JERSEY.? $400 hooniv; 9 KM band inonev paid to recruits et the New Jersey Recruiting end Substitute Agency, Ne. 7 Ex change p ace, Jersey City. N. B.? Substitutes furnished et CASH DOWN. NO HUMBUG.?-EXTRA LAROB bounties will be paid for two good men this day. Agents and runners liberally peld. Apply at 428 Broadway. Drafted mrn and hbn enrolled but no* -et drafted, furnished with acoeptable substitutes, el low rates and ou the eh. rtest notice. Long experience and a thorough knowledge of military matters render this one of the best In the Uuited Stales. Apply at 428 Broad way, jn.JT Drafted men fukktrhrd with substitute.? and exemptions procured for those enrolled not draft ed. Contracts with towns promptly filled. Referen'-es to merchants of high Li penard street, near Broadway. Drafted men furnished with substitutes at short notioe and on the moat reasonable terms. Substitutes now on hand. I'rlncipa'a wanted immediately. A p'y be ore 10, to J. WARREN FLINN, No. 2 Warren St., hoar Broadway. For sale-at one half its cost-an invalid line otlicer s Dress Coat has been worn bu< once. Ap ply at f>4 l-.a-t Thirty-second atreet, between Ponrth and Lexington avenues. CGENTLEMEN WHO HAVE BEEN DRAFTED SUP T plied with Sub tltutes; town quotas tilled. All parlies enrolled can also be .up ted. Cat- at the Bounty and l'ay Agency. Ill Nassau street Highest bounties paid to volunteers and sub mutes for armv and nav . Principals furn sued substitutes at the -honest notice. Any person bring ing recruits to this otllce will be paid the highest premium. Apply at No. t> East Broadway, corner of Catharine street. < NOLAN A LAMGAN. Highest price givf.n por substitutes, and ou- hundred dollars hand money to those whobrla$ them to No. 46 Fn.ton street. Brooklyn. W. H. Mcdonald, Recruiting Offles, Third district IRISHMEN ENGLISHMEN. SCOTCH. GERMANS, Prenoli end men et all nationalities, wanted Immediate ly. l-i enlist a> volunteers and substitutes for drafted men. Large bounties will be paid and the men will be honorably treated. Agents and ruuner* bringing men will be liberally and promptly paid. Appl - at 428 Broadway. MEN WANTED FOP. THE NAVY. ARMY, 8HORT whaling voyages. merchant and fishing voyages. The kvbest bount es paid. Call at 87 West street, corner ot Albany, and hee for yourseivec before engaging elsewhere. JAMES A CO., Agenta. Recruits and substitutes wanted.-high cm cash sod government bounties paid as anon as p*es> ed by the doctor $1 u mud money paid to those bringing recruits, by captain COMBS, 80 Ltapenard street. OUB8TITUTK8, AT 17 BROADWAY, NEAR BATTEST, OU..HTMUTB8, AT 17 BROADWAY, NEAR BATTERY. gUBsmrrRB, at 17 bkoadway near battery. furnished for any district, by honorable and reliable par ties. Apply from 7 A. M to 5 P. M. TWO GOOD MBN CAN GET A HIGH FIGURE TO GO as substitutes for drafted parties?either army or navy. No brokers need apply at 182 west street, Pavonte House. VOLUNTEERS AND SUBSTITUTES?IRISH, OER mau aud t-.ugltshmen wanted. Highest cash and got ernment bounties paid. Brokers and others paid $8.' for bringing men. CAPTAIN COMBS, 30 Llspcnurd at. WANT8D?FOR THE UNITED STATES NAVT-A captain's steward. Must understand his business. Liberal wages. Alan, nine men to cotnp ete a swift going steamer's crew. Full bounties and prl/.e m >ney Apply at tne United states Army and Navy Agency, 93 west at., cor ner of Cedar. QAA RECRUITS AND SUBSTITUTES WANTED FOR ?/\ 'U the army and navy ?If you want the vary idgbect bount- and hand monev call at the Substitute Agencv. 29 Centre street, New York. Drafted men supplied on ahort not toe A <>C CASH FOR FORTY VOLUNTEERS FOR THE irvA country; also one hundred subttitutes, to whom In# highest prb-e wi I tie pent, at the General Agencv ofllne, 121Hi Greene street, corner of Prince, New York. Branch Agency. 808 Prune street, Philadelphia. (PCllACAfill IN HAND FOR SUBSTITUTES; CHOICE ipiJuU of regiments. Substitutes furoithed for drafted men or men liable to draft at short notice. Apply at the corner of the Bowery end Canal atreet to 0. M. NOON AN. QQfin CASH FOR SIXTEEN VOLUNTEERS FOB A ipOuw country quota; choice of cavalry, artillery, in fantr- or navy, aud $12 per month relief sent to families. N. H.? Agents paid 900 for bringing men. Apply et 14 Sixth aveuue tihQCn CAHU DOWN WILL BE PAID TO TWO nMJyjU volunteers w th choice of regiments, infantry, cavalry or artillery; go->d. square treatment, and relief sent to families Apply at Franklin Hotel bar, 57 Cortland t sL $900~(:ASn D0WN' FOR TWO SOUND MEN. Apply i Fulton a-li on fie spot, soon as passed by the surgeon, mine lately st tue Army and Navy Claim OQlce, 69 COnn CAlllJ FOR EIGHTEEN RECRUITS.?CHOICE Jjpt/U'J o- mil ier , oavairv. infantry or navv; garrison, provo t guard o-field duty. 912 a month; relief sent any where 10 -es Apply at Prrscott's Saloon, 148 Cham bers street. it.-O for bringing men. G>071\ CA8II IN HAND. FOR TWO GOOD MBN, ?E!i7 I and ?>J pi emlu u end choice of heavy artillery (for gun ison dutvi, caval y or Infantry. Also a company r erk. Must coon-well recommended Apuly at the United Stale- Army and Nary Agency, No. 93 West street, corner oi Cedar. ?25 MB" WANTED AS VOLUNTEERS; 9MS ? cash; oavsry, artillery. Infantry; furlouuhs guarantee! for 4-> h mrs. Apply to the Captain, 34 Walker street, between Broadway and Church street. Premiums pa<d Innn MEN WANTED FOR THE ARMY AND NAVT. lUWU At No. 17 BroedwAy. 94UU bount given, PAID IN GOLD OR ORRKNBACKS, At Ne. 17 Broedway. 9460 bounty given, Paid in gold or GREENBACKS. At Nu. 17 Broadway. 9401) bountv given. PAID IN GOLD OR GREENBACKS All men wanting to enlist will please call at thiaoffion. You will tlnd reliable men to deal with. No delay. Ne buDi'uig No imposition. You can secure your bounty. Money Tn geld at the current rate. Olllee open from 7 A. M. to 6 P. M. CI flQO 0Af,H DOWN for three OOOD MB*. *PI .UOt7 for auv branch of the service, with State aid to fami'ira. Also $,00 raan for twn men for the navy? elihnr seamen or nndsmen. Money ready as won aa passed I y the docior. Apply at the Pearl Street Uenae. 311 Peeit street. ___ WILL BE PAID FOB TWO 8UB8TITUTB8, CI fjnft'.WILL BE PAID F< tpl.siv"' $4M) for volunteers. Call at United States Uencral Recruiting nfllce. No. 1 ureenwieh street. miL PH1/.R MONXBT. AC. All prize money now PAYABLE CAN BE OBTAINED AT ONCE BY APPLYING, IN PARSON OK BY LETTER. TO WALDBN A W1LLAKD. LATE U 8. NAVt, 188 YORK STRUCT, BROOKLYN. BOUNTIES, BACK PAY and all other claims ADJUSTED WITHOUT DELAY. Ahoy -prize money to sailors?bounty MONEY TO SOLDIERS dlacharifed tor wound* received In battle. Ac. Disherited Nasi or Army Officers. Hnihirs or Sold crs, ihelr Widows or Heir a, PROMPTLY PAID their PRIZE and BOUNTY MONEYS, BACK PAY. ac |,y EDWARD BI88KLL, 'Armv and Nary Banker, aud lata Porter U. 8. Navy, 271 Broadway, corner Chambers street, New York. ALT, PRIZE MONEYS COLLECTED, AND ADVANCES made 'in olio ma ?t BROW N I Nt Military end Navai Banking Odlces ,No. 2 Park placa. New York, and 183 tors street, Brooklyn. LL PRIZE MONEY NOW PAYABLE CAN BE OB talned at once by applying te J C. DICKEY A CU? Broadway. New Yerk. M. ^Uteo^Unluid States Treasury Department) Army and Navy Agency and Collection Office, 39 Nassau atreel. corner Of Llbeny, Opposite the Poet office, New York attv. Prize Money, Arrears of ray and Bounties Collected and Paid, aad Oovarnmant Claims ot every description promptly adjusted. All communications by meil will receiveprempt attentlen. SOLDIER8' PAT. BOUNTY AND PENSION MONEY promptly collected; money advanced on approved elalms. No charge made until the money le obtained. Ap ply to thus. I. HUGHES, Attorney, 79 Cedar street, near the Post oace, N. Y. WOUNDED SOLDIERS CAN HAVE THEIR $100 bounty promptly paid thetn: widows and heirs of deesaeed soldiers can have the pay end bounty collected end pension* procured: sailors can receive their prise money. All can receive Information and Instructions by applying M RICHARD O- ELLIOTT, United Btetea Army end Navy Office, tft Bleecker street. d>1 f)A BOUNTY FOR WOUNDED SOLDIERS, AND 91UU ell prise money now payable MOO prise.) collected In a few day* or caahed. Pav and bounty due widows and heirs and all war claim* collected. ,1. F. HUNT, 247 Broadway. si 7 (inn nnn prize money was cap. ? I | .UHu.UOO lured lo June: one-half belong, to seamen, and Is paable by ua Our official list la ready. llLl'UKN VOHK, 59 Wall, and at Seamen's Bank, UB Vwk suacl. Brooklgn.

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