Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 23, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 23, 1864 Page 3
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SITUATIONS WANTED-fBSALEI. A GERMAN WIDOW LADY WISHES A SITUATION as housekeeper u a resp^e'abl? 'a nil* of adults with do children; bait woe child a boy, 9 venra old. run be seen *t 127 Eaat 2Sth ?L. between the hours of 10 and 2 P. M. A number or well recommended obkman females want situations an cooks, cbambei maids and laundre-aoa, nurses and girls for general housework. Ac,, at Mri. LOWE'S Institute, 17 Stanton at., near the Bowery. YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS WET nutae. Ap/.t at Dr. R. K. Sbanahau's. 342 2d ave. A PROTESTANT WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS cook and to aaaist in washing; good city reference. Call at 134 7th av. AYOUHG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS cook, washer and Irouer, or to do housework in a email faintly; good city reference Call at III West 15th at., rear. A RESPECTABLE WELSH WOMAN WANTS A 8ITU at on as aoamstre-a or housekeeper; no objections to travelling. Can be aeen fur two days at 180 East 26th at, top Iloor, front room. A YOUNG GIRL WISHER A SITUATION AS FIRST class waitress or chambermaid Prefers going to a hotel In the country Good city reference. Can be seen at 416 West 35tn st., near 9th ave. A RB8PECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION it as first class conk. In a private family or ooard'tig bouse; has no objection to the country; he t of city refer ence. Call at85 West 18th st.. for two days. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS ji chambermaid and waitress or nnrae: ha-no objection to the country; has good c ty reference from her last place. Can be aeen for two days at 63 Wert 30th at., in the rear. A s SEAMSTRESS?WANTED, BT A YOUNO GIRL, A ? situation as seamstress; understands cutting and fitting i?dl a" and children's dres.-es: Isu ed to children: no objec t-on to the country; good city reference. Call at 35 Vvest 45th st A COMPETENT PERSON WISHES A SITUATION A8 nnrso. who has acted in thut cai aritv for fl<e last 16 years, and is fully competent to take the entire charge of an tnfan t from its birth. Has the verv best of oitv reference Can be seen for two days at 947J4 Broadway, between 22d and 23d st*. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WO tnati, ns a fi'rt class cook in a respectable private fa milv or a respeetab'e private boarding Home: the b-st of city reference given. Cnn be seen until suited at 140 West 29th st., between 7th and 8th ava. A YOUNG AMERICAN GIRL WISHES A SITUA t on a waitress in a saloon. Inquire at 105 3d St., near 1st ave. A SITUATION AS COOK WANTED?GO<ID CITY RE fe once given. Can he seen at 115 16th st,, between 6th and 7th avs., rear building. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WANTS A RITUA tion as seamstress, or to attend On a laby; has never lived out. Call at 134 West 27th st., room II. A HOUSEKEEPER'S SITUATION WANTEO-BY A ^ respectable middle aged Am-'rean lady; a widower's family, where there are children preferred. Apply for one week at 195 Ross at,, Willlamburg, three doors east of Lee avenue. ARKSPFCTABLE WOMAN WANTS A BABY TO WET nur?e at her own house. Call for two days at 174 Chris topher at. A DRESSMAKER WISHES A FEW MORE CU8 ? tomers. to go ont by the dav to out and lit ladles'and children s dresses. Call at 112 West 15th st. A SITUATION WANTED-RT A RESPECTABLE GIRL, as laundress and to assist with ehamberwork; good city reference. Apply at 209 West 23d st. J^ RESPECTABLE AND INDUSTRIOUS WOMAN - - wishes a situation to do a respectable family. Apply at 87 East Broadway, in the wine store. RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS ? chambermaid and to take care ot children; noohjec lion ton siting; best of city reference if required. Call at . 125 West 21st St.. for three days. A A YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS nurse and plain sewer, or as chambermaid and plain ?ewer; has five years' reference from her last situation; would prefer going a short d stance in the country for the ?ummer. Call at 276 4th av., from 10 to 3 o'clock. A YOi'NO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS J\ nurae and seamstress or chambermaid and to do fine washing. Good city reference. Call fur two days at 211 7th av. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT YOUNO WOMAN wi-hes a situation as conk and to assist w th the wash log and ronlng. Also, by a respectable young eirl. a situa tion to do ehamberwork and waiting, and assist with the washing and ironing. The country preferred. Call for two days at 201 West 20th et. A GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS COOK OR LAUN dress; no objection to the country. City references. Inquire at 357 West 16th st. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE A' young wuman. to cook, wash and Iron, or do general housework In a private family; wonld go in the country. Has the best of city reference. Call at 275 7th av., between 27th and 28tk sts. A SITUATION WANTED-AS NURSE; CAN TAKE charge of an Infant from its birth; would assist with children or ehamberwork. City reference. Call at 31 West 12th st. A GIRL, ARRIVED FROM IRELAND. IS YEARS OF age, wishes a situation to d'> housework or take care of children Can be seen Tor two days at 139 West 13th it., first Iloor, back room. A PROTESTANT WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS nurse and seamstress. Qood city reference 44 West 13lh at. J^ SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE ^ A young woman, to cook, wash and iron in a private family; no objection to the country. Good references. Ap ply at 39 5th st. A SMART. INTELLIGENT LITTLE GIRL BETWEEN 14 and 16 years old. wants a situation, to wait on table and mind children. Can be seen for one day at 303 West 19th st., top floor, front room. A YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUATION A8 NURSE and seamstress. Best of reference. Call at 115 East list st. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRL WISHES A SITUA. tlon, tn do light housework tn a imnll private family: Is a good plain coolc. and a gooil washer and ironer; the best or cllv reference given from her laet place. Call for two . a . . pjk| . days at 117 Ext Broadway, corner of Pike -t. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO OIRU TO do chamberwork. and aniet in washing and Ironing, or to do housework In a amall family. Call at 365 6th ave., second floor. A YOUNO PROTESTANT WOMAN WANTS A SITUA tion as seamstres-i; no objection to assist In chamber work: no obieevnn to the country, Loo J city reference. Call at 116 West 26th it. TOCNII LADY WANTS A SITUATION A8 COOK and to do washing and ironing In a private family: reference can be given, If required. Inquire at 22b eat 21st at. good Weal A SITUATION WANTBD-A8 CHAMBERMAID OR TO do fine washing and Ironing, or to assist in waiting; no ?bjectlou to got" theonuntry; best of city references. Ap ply for two da . a at 241 West 22.1 at., top lloor, front room. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, LATELY FROM DUBLIN, wiahea a situation aa wet nurse in a respectable faint ly. Can be seen at :26 7th av., second lloor. back room. A8ITUATION WANTED-BY A OIRL, TO COOK and as-ist in the washing and roiling; has Ted with the best families. Call In rear house 113 west 16th St. A YOUNO AMERICAN WOMAN WISHES A SITUA tlon in a nrtvste lamlly as plain conk and I- a first rate washer and Ironer. Apply at 128 Forsyth at, in the rear. A PIR8T CLA88 COOK WANTS A SITUATION; UN derstand-soup* ineate, game an I pa-try; good refe. rence. Call at 63 University place, in the store, near 12th street. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A FIRST CLASS chambermaid and waitress; good city reference. Call at 53 University place, near 12th at.. In store. AN AMERICAN OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AR nurse, to take care of a young child; Is willing to tra vet Call at 7G West 20th sL near tHh av. A YOUNO C.IRL WANTS A SITUATION AS NURSE or chambermaid; will tig to go In t >e country, flood elt> refeicnce. Call for a few days at 18 Wa?Mn(to place. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO do chamberwork and sewing or waiting, or ft" nursery governess; no objection to ge In the country. Call for two days at 310 Molt St.. room No. 5. Avery respectable oerman woman who understands all k nd" of housew ork. want n I.nation in a private family, where there wo > Id be no objection to having her child three years old, with her. Inquire at 22 Cathartic at., in the tobacco store No ob etlion logo n the country. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECT ABLE yming w -man, a* I rst ratccook. washer and Ironer with the MM of city reference. Can be seen at 31 Amity at., 8. sitb HrookL n. arc. tid floor. CITY ANI> COUNTRY LADIES, WHO WISH TO economize by emp.ovlng good, faithful woman and Kris, at moderate waged can be nicely suited at K. CAR DLL'S Asenov, (19 rtth av. HOUSEKEEPER'S SITUATION WANTED.?A LADY who, though young, has had consider* le experience In housekeeping, wi-hea a situation In t *i capacity ; In the country preferred The very best of reierenr a for rr-|?ct. ability and fitness furnished. Address for one week S. H. B.. Brooklyn. Post ofllce. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN. AS rook, sud wntilo assist In the washing; good reference. Call at No. 7 Uttn st. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE Wo man. at laundrea-. in a private family, has the best of city reference from her la-t place. Call at IS Kaat 24th at. Situation wanted?by a younu oirl. to do housework, or aa book, w asher and Ironer; good refer enre. Call at ftt West 30th st., between 6th and 7U\ av*. s situation wanted-bt a respectable mar rted woman, at wet nurse. Atyily for two days at 17 ghertfl at. WANTED-BY A COMPETENT OIRL, A SITUATION a* wok, washer and ironer; Is a good baksr and can give good reference. Call atM West nth st.. in tha rear. "11/ ANTED?A BITUATION. BY AN AMERICAN YT widow, as housekeeper for a widower; no object,>n to the country. Call on or address Mrs. Kitaber, 240 We-t Stub at., -erohd lloor. WANTED-A hituation AH CHAMBERMAID AMD wallres-, or to take care of children; no objections to the country for the summer months; good slty reference. Call at 146 Pacific st., Rrooklyh. WANTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN, Of LONG RXPE rlcace, a situation aa nurse and seamstress or cham bermaid and seamstress; a place in the country preferred: satisfactory reference can be glren. Call at or address SB Hamilton sr., Brooklyn. yy ANTED?A SITUATION,. BY A REHI'RCTAIILB . . young girl, aa waitress and to assist in ? hamberwork : no objection to the country. beet city relerense. Call at I.W Ba-t IIIh st.. sfcond floor. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE Oerman girl. In a private family, as ehanihermatd and wallres- or chambermaid nnd to assist In the washing and ironing! has good references; seven yenre in her Inst place. Call at 396 Hudson av.. corner of DeKaub st.. Brooklyn, SITUATIONS WANTKD?FEMAL.BS. \\7ANTRD? BY A YOCNQ ENGLISH GIRL. A 8IYUA YY liou to travel with a lady or (mall family, or as stew ardess. ("aii be wen at Mr. Henderson s, 73 Nwniu it., any time between 10 and 2 o'clock. Tl/ANTKD-A SITUATION. BT A YOUNG GIRL. AS YY chambermaid and waitress; no obiection to help with the washing if required. Apply at 313 Hicks it,, Brooklyn, second floor, front room, for two days. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A TOT NO GIRL, lately arrived front Nora Scotia, as chambermaid or Waitreaa. Cult he -ten at 106 Si. Mark'* place, WANTPD-A SITUATION BY A YOUNG WOMAN, aa ehamhermalil and waitress: has three rears refe rence from her last place. Call at 3lO West 2K'h at 11TANTED?A SITUATION. TO COOK, WASH AND f Y iron; good clt* reference. Call at 104 Weal ItKh si WANTED?THE WORK OF A FRW PRIVATE FAMI lies, by the day; understands all k'nds of family new-. In?; haa a knowledge of dressmaking; understand! operat ing on Wheeler and Wilson's sewing machine; has first ilass city reference. Applv si 76 3d av., between 11th end l?th sta., first Boor, front room. w ANTED-A SITUATION. BT A YOUNG WOMAN, as fir-t rote nura*; U a *ood a?wer. Best of city re ference. Can be t?een at 29 West S2d at. . W W ANTED?BY A PROTESTANT OIRL. A SITUA tlon as seamstress. Can come well recommended. Can be seen for two days at No. 446 West 2Mb st WANTED-A SITUATION, AS WBT NURSE. BY A re-pectab'e married woman, who lost her baby two weeks ago. Address Trace*, 115 State rt, South Brooklyn. CTTANTED-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG WOMAN, YY as wet nurse. Call on or address Catharine Tracey, 15 State ft. Brfbklyn. TYTANTED?A *ITU^TION, AS CHAMBERMAID AND YY waitress, or to do p'nln sewing, by a voting woman. Apply at her present employer's, 87 East .'15th st. TtTANTED-A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID; CAN YY do' rst rate sewing. Call at 116 East 32d St., second floor, front room. IIT"ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A SITU. YY atmn a* an'experieneed cook In a private family; can be seen at her present employer's; understands soups', pnul. try, game and meats; I* a good pastry and bread baker: has no objection to go a .short distance In the country ; has the best of cltv reference. Call at 218 Madison av.. between 39th snd 40th sts. WANTED-A SITUATION. AS CHAMBERMAID AND waitress, or to do fine washing; best of city reference. Call at 355 Broome st. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE married woman, as wet nurse; has a good breast of mi k. Good citv references. Can be seen until engaged at 72 Eldridge st, first lloor. It/-ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A NF.AT. CAPABLE YY girl, to do cooking or general housework: Iseeonomi ral and trustworthy, an excellent washrt1 and Ironer. willing snd respectful. Best references. Apply at 121 Atlantic St., Brooklyn. City or country. ANTED?A SITUATION TO COOK, WASn AND Iron; no objection to the country. Call at 407 2d av. TTTANTED-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG OIRL. WHO YY understands all kinds of sewing and is wl ling to as sist In the rare of children, or else ohsmberwork and wait ing: lias good reference. Call at 185 West 31st st. corner of 8th av. WANTED-A 8TTUATION. BY A REST'EOTA BLR WO man. as first clasa cook: one who thoroughly under stands her business: has noohiectlons to a private board ing house er to go a short distance In the country. Has the best of cltv reference. Call for two days at 323 1st av., second floor, front room. WANTED-BY A RESPECT A RLE YOUNG MARRIED woman, a situation as wet nurse tn a family ; no ob jections to the country. Call lor two days at 139 3d ar. WANTRD-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG WOMAN, as chambermaid and waitress In a private family, or wou'd do general housework in a small private family. Call At 329 East I6ih st.. between 1st and 2d avg. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do general housework: 1s a good plain cook, first rate washer and Ironer. and an excellent baker; has beet of city reference. Call at 623 2d av., be twran 29th and 30th sts . over the store. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG GIRL. AS cong, washer and Ironer. or to do general housework. No objection to the country. Call at 409 West 44th it., third floor. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY AN AMERICAN TRO testant young girl, as nurse and seamstress; under stands cutting and fitting children's clothes; would like to go In the eountrr for the summer; the best of city refe rence gtren. Call at 62 Weal 18th St., near 6th ar. fJITANTED?A SITUATION. BY A REBPRUTARLB YY girl, aa cook, washer and ironer Seven years' reference from her last place. Ca'l at 173 West 31st street, between 7*h and 8lh avg.. third floor, front room. WANTRD-A BABY. TO NURSE, BY A YOUNG, healthy woman. w>th a fresh breast of milk: she lost li'er sivn hab" two data since. Call at 249 East 16th St., third floor, front, for Mrs. Hudson. TTTANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, THR YY washing of a family or gentlemen. Call at 15 East 11th st, tn the basement. WANTED?A SITUATION IN A SMALL FAMILY for a good, faithful, honest girl, as plain cook; Is an excellent washer and Ironer. Can be seen for two daya at her present employer's, 291 Atlantic st , Brooklyn. w ANTED-A SITUATION. BY A PROTESTANT WO si man. as cook and to assiai with the washing and Ironing; no objections to going a ahort distance In the coun try; good referents. Call at 220 West 25th st. 117ANTKD?A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG OIRL. TO YY do general housework; has no object'on to go In the coniury; be t city referenoc. Can be seen for twn days at 124 West 26th at. WANTED BY A LADY-A PROTESTANT WOMAN, YY who Is a good seamstress and who ean read and write none others need apply. Call at 33 St. Mark's place. 8th at.I YXTANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG OIRL. TO YY cook, waah and .ron. Good reference. Can he seen for two day . at 128 East '.'2d st TXTASTr.V-A SITUATION AS PLAIN COOK AND TO YY do washing and Ironing, uood city reference. Call at 103 West 26th it, In the rear. HELP WA\TED-MALES. AT THE COMMERCIAL AGENCY. 297t< AND 299 Broad wav?Wanted gth la da*, clerk for ocean steamer, hotel clerk, clerk In llvcrv stuhle. entrv and shipping clerk for commits on house, clothing sa'esman. grocery clerk man lor Chicago as correspondent, light porter, traveller for dry goods house assistant bookkeeper. Other situations open. Call and see list of varanctea. Established, under exclusive patronage of merchant*, for protection of eterka No connectl'-n with Intelligence offices and employment certain to respectable men. Organized 185'.. OSCAR A CO. AT THE MERCANTILE AGENCY?WANTED, TO day. two travelling agent* to go We?t. oookseeper. as sistant bookkee|>er. entry clerk, shipping clerk. li.i|?l clerk, drv goods salesmen, drug clerk, light porter, waiters, grocery clerk ; other situation* open. Respectable men can always find alluatlnns bv railing early; merchant* nnd other- supplied with heln free of charge Owing m the in rrearlng demands on us for help, orders -hould he sent tn hefo'e 3 T*. M. to receive prompt ailentlen M i i.n GMM KKT.y Co.. 266 Baoadway. room No. 4. up ala r*. Agents can makk ssoo a month BY SELLING OL'R GRE AT PRIZE PAOKETS. ALSO SPLENDID STEKL ENGRAVINGS, AND THE PORTRAIT OF general grant. SPLENDID GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES given lo onr agents free. Full particulars in circular, mailed free. O. R. II ASKIN8 A CO.. 36 Heekman st, N. Y. AOF.NTR CAN MAKK *23 IN A FEW HOURS SELLING our great new and wonderful extra large ?lre Prize Packages. $15 per day guaranteed. Every dollar Invested more than dntib ed A splendid solid gold or Sliver lever watch pre?ented free to each agent. Smart men wanted to establish agcnelei In every town and village. Cnuotv rtghta free Sale Immense; demand lucrea*ing Everybody buys them. Send for our great new circular for 1864. containing extra now premium inducement*, free S. C. RICHARDS A CO., M12 Na***n street. New York, original, largest and oldest prize package house in the world. Agents and dealers call or send stamp for circular* ?SO centa for sample of Album Gem Parkage 30ceat?for p.'kind* of A'hum Card* In aaven ?i: color*. NEW YORK AGENCY, Not. 37 and 39 Nassau street, N. I. A WAITER WANTED?ONE WHO CAN OPEN ovatera; no work nn Saturday nlgh'a or Sunday niehia; ynnd wages paid. Apply to H. Herm, No. 3 Fulton Market, Fulton at A COMPETENT MAN, WHO CAN tfili V. (IRKING drawing*, and who la a practical cah'rct maker, can find a situation to art aa foreman and superintendent of a large manufactory. Addrei-s Manufacturer, box 143 Hera d t.filce. A LARGE NUMBER OF YOUNO OR AGRD M I-N wanted, aa ntiraa- and assistants In m lltary hoepl'ala ?mar the cltr. Gnod wage* given. Long and eaiy employ ment. Applv at 14 6th av. \DVRRTIS1NG AGENTS.-TilREE MKN OF GOOD address, wh . have eiiwrlenre In eanvas-lng for adver tisement . wanted at 34 Piatt at. None hut first ela?a agents need apply. Call from 10 to 12. * BOY ABOUT 12 OB U YEtns OLD w\\tkii-to j \ work in a butcher shop. Inquire at 39 6th av., corner ef 4th at. A BOOKKEEPER WANTED?WHO IS WELL PORTED in aecuint* and can furnl?h satisfactory teatimnn ial* of good character, honastv and capability . a young man pre ferred. Apply to Wood Brothers, carriage manufacturers, 696 Broadway. Bell roy wanted-atswebnys hotel, call afier 10 o'clock A. M. BOY WANTKD-A UMARf Ai 'Tit E AND TRUSTY hov, from 16 to 17 years sf age. to lake home parcel* and learn lo sell goods. Call at the furnl-hing store No. 697 Broadway. Boy wantbd-in an importing house, onr who reside* with hi* parent*. Address box 4,892 Pott | office Boy ok young man wanted-in a retail drug store. one having a little knowledge of the bust I ne?? pre'erred. Address, staling age and amount of wages [ required, Chemist, Herald odtce. OY WANTRD-A SMART, HONEST EOT. TO AS .J atst In a liquor at"re. Apply to Jnbo T, Slene. <27 Front t , Brooklyn. B IIOYH WANTED?TWO BOYS FROM 18 TO *9 TEAKS JL? or oge to work in a flat Iwioe factory. Appiy at 388 Bleecker at., fourth floor. UOOK KEEPER WANTRD-IN A COMMISSION JJ house, one of etpariem-a. Address bet 5.095 Poet eflloe. Mating tenae, refereacee. Ac. Coachman wanted-* colored man prefer. red. One who underslan is hit business and ran "nine well recommended ean hear of a situation Iit calling at room No. 12. No, 6 Pino at., from tit lo l2o'clo?. A3LRKKH WANTED?FOR A HOSPITAL: GOOD >' wages paid and everything found. Alan wanled a num. hernf men as nurses. An excellent nppoi limit* for Heady employment. Applr al the Large Emptormcnt House, cor ner of 6th av. and llth st. DRI O CLERK WAN |"KD - APPLY AT 3M '?T WE , and 21at mi% ( HELP WA\TBO.HALEI. I 1XRUO CLERK WANTED -ONE THOROUGHLY COM mJ petent In a Aral daaa retail drug store may find a good situation by applying at the corner of Court and Joraletnon its , Brooklyn, Immed atelv. Alto a boy wanted. Drug clerk WANTED?WITH OOOD REFER eute APP'y for throe day a at 407 4th ay. pdOKEMAN WANTED?TO TAKE CHaROR OK A ? ' parking box factory ; ni'mt iiiid^rstund running ran* ohinfry and have a thorough knowledge, of the buaiDOHA. ( all at 91 Mercer at. Mam wanteo-to go in the coumtkt. most understand gardening. the care of horses and driving. Apply to Weller A Hudson, AW Broadway. TO PHOTOGRAPHERS.?WANTED. A YOUNO MAN or Ctrl to varalah negatives and print proofs; wages $5 P*1" : A'e? ? Ctrl to mount oarda Inquire between 8 and 9 o'clock at Bogardus' 363 Broadway. rpwo DOLLARS POSITIVELY MADE FROM TWENTY J ..7nt? -C?nand examine, or ten samples seDt free by wnrr-TVv,5 th*C r'u'' for two dollars, by R. L WOLCWTT, 1/0 Chatham squire. New York. fTEE FARM HANDS WANTRD?TO ~00 A SHORT 1 distance in the couutrv. Wages $20 to $25 per month of 6th?av and m'h sV the Ur|' EmPlovmeut House, corner HH'AITBR WANTED?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY ONE " ,w?? c?n oome well recommended mar find a steady places a small family. Apply at No. 89 Front at bifoVe 12 THANTED?A BOOKKEEPER AND HNTRY CLRRK ...laromJTt'nt ln *verT resjiect; aticb only needapph. Address Dry Goods, Herald office, with refer WANTED -IN A WHOLESALE JOBBING BOOT AND ?fi?n 4.a" 4 i ?u? 'wo or tbrt? competent Htlrsmin. who ?7S???t oBc? DOne ?lher ne8d *PP'T' Art(lre,s bo* Wantrd-immbdiatelt, MEN who WISH TO *2V? ?*? f*1' hy ? small Investment, from JAW to $.?XL Important new Invent on. iust received to ,make noney. either by travelling or locating in city or country. HOWARD TILDBN*. 609 Broadway. WANTED-TWENTY-FIVE OOOD MEN, TO WORK wages,,"rom?XoV2^rrd<Uy".nUe' corner ?f,25th WANTFD-GOOD SALOON WAITERS. L'SFD TO ehi. C?.1?2v at Bp|ch?r * Co '" 431 Chestnut St., Phlladel. phia. Pay $7 per week. XJU ANTED?A MIDDLE AGED MAN. OK GENTLEMAN ,* 1,v,!,.Df*?nce address, to act a- steward ot a large b"u'?ho'd,'?'ne country; he must furnish the most tine", reptlnnahle reference-as lo moral character and en parity be ah e to keen a set of books, superintend the pnrehnse of supplies and make himself generally useful Address in the handwriting of the applicant. J. W. B.. box 140 Herald oilice. giving name, address and references. WANTED-A SMART. INDUSTRIOUS MAN ANlMVa * , ,m?". to tto in the country; the man to do farm work; must be a good mower: the woman to do general house. ?Ki2iiTn . tt good washer and Ironer. and milker; no ob ectlon toa woman with a ehlld fmm two in six vsara of V"^ reference required. Ad.lress Home, Herald ofllctn stating where to he seen. YX^ ANTED?A PROTESTANT COACHMAN TO GO A . , short distance In the country; must understand his business and also the rate of a oow. Good rel'ereneo re - quired. Apply at 79 and 81 Leouard st. \TfANTED?TEN EXPERIKNCED WAITER MEN FOR ,kl * . r ?"""'""""it. ? coachman and a -table man for the county; also a boy for a billiard room. Apply at 2^4 4th *v- A M. SEE. TXT ANTED?AN EFFICIENT ASSISTANT BOOKKEEP M er: a young man having first class haldts and refer h ""'HoH'nee. To such a one n Permanent sitnation Is open, and none other need apuly. Address Lord It Ta1. lor, Rroadway, corner of Grand Bt. WANTRD-HY A WHOLESALE CLOTHING HOUSE yy a_competent foreman. An experienced and caDahln K'J*..0 occupied a similarpos tfon required Address "1 1 Piftlculars, M. II. D., Herald oflire ' WANTRD-TN A COMMISSION HOUSE. A YOUNG n?.r,i.C,*in? from'R'"/fy^hrs of age, acquainted " Ith the Spanish language and willing to make himself genera ly useful. Addre-s. with references. Foreign. Herald othce Ylf ANTED?A YOUNG MAN, IN A GROCERY AND FY flour store. Apply at 426 9th st. corner of 37th -t. WANTED-IMMRDTATELY. TWO SMART MEN TO yy sail two pleasure boats from Johnson's Hotel Sheep's nlf? u*.V'i 8 Island. Those fully eomi/eient can applv Immediately as above Take the Coney Island cars from Fulton ferry, Brooklyn, to Sheep's Head Bay road, TITAN-TED-A MARRIED COUPLE. SCOTCH OR TV German, to occupy a lodge in the country; theman to under-tand gardening and the eare ,,f horses; the woman to be a good washer ami Ironer; must also take charge or a ??*,, A steady. Industrious eounle would find this a desira ble situation Inquire of L. A. Sprague. 195 Broadway. 1X7ANTED?IN A LAWYER'S OFFICE, A BOY TO GO Post office ' Wages $2 5.) a week. Address box 3,639 YyANTED?FOR A TEMPORARY PERIOD. FROM Vf July 1. a clerk; must* be a good and ranid penman, korrect and relable; oomnensallon 835 per month. Addre-s giving references, box 4,853 Pn-t oilice. 1X7ANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO MAN. A yy good penman and correct at figures, as a-sl-tant book keeper: has been accustomed to the routine or office busl. ness for the past live years; would be willing to commence it a moderate salary. Address 7.. A II . Herald TIT ANTED?A RAILROAD ADVERTISER, SALES , ughtnorler and assistant bookkeeper, at Com nercla! Odlce. 29# Broadway. ' VTT ANTED?A TIDY YOUNG MAN OR BOY. TO OPEN YV oysters and make himself generally useful. Aim v or fbree days at 170 Fulton if.. Brooklyn. II^AN'TED-A SMART BOY. TO ATTEND BAR; MUST TV come well recommended. Apply at 15 Carroll place Jleecker street. | IX*ANTED?20 HEALTHY YOUNG MEN. TO WHOM yy I'beral pay will be given, outfit furnished and cask paid in advance. Inquire nf W. 8 King, Dev Street House j6 Dev at. ANTED-A BOY. BRTWREN 16 AND 18 YEARS OK age. Apply at 16 Warren ?t. w YITANTED?A BOY, ABOUT 16 YEARS OF AGE TO y y attend In a book store and make lilmsclf generallv'use ful; one who nan write a good hand. Applv from 9 till 10 o clock only, at 18 Ann at. TXTANTED-A COMPETENT MAN. AS COACHMAN yy for a gentleman In Brooklvn. Must fu'lv understand nl? huflinrns and brln? fir*t claim rrcnmnien.lntionfc : x\a r>n ?H?^ioTiU%trisik'i;*?n-A,,pi> ,u Mr n,u^? WANTED?ACTIVE BUSINESS MEN. FOR LIFE insurance, for the Untna Mutual l.l'e Insurance Com. panv: permanent emplovmcnt and liberal rommfsshuis. Apply tOtJ. W A II. Judii, General A^fnm. 151 Broadway. TV ANTED ? A YOUNO MARRIBD MAN. WHO IS IN yy every wav coui|>eient. wants a situation a- cleikor bookkeeper In a country hotel; can rlee best of reference Address for two days W. R. M.. Brooklyn Post ofllce Board f-r hlnnelf and wire In part pay. T47ANTED-A SALESMAN. WHO CAN UOMK WELL yy recommended from bis Inst employer; honesty and >o brlety essential, also a thorough knowledge of his buslne-. Apply before 9 A. M. at 235 West IHth -t. VITANTED-A WELL RECOMMENDED MAN. TO . ?.,'lrlve1 ??mor r-rnnd. Appiy at the corner of Carlton and Flstbosh avs . Brooklyn, alter 9 o'clock A. M. XLT ANTED IMMEDIATELY ?AN INTELLIGENT yy salesman, who Is aruualnted with grocers in tlie city; also a smart bov, who la uulck at flr irlng and a good wm *' t!ie Dl"cl' Hast India C 'Tee Company's office. IfiS Reade at. 1 TV ANTE I)-YOU NO MEN. WISHING TO GO ON SEA yy vorages In schoonara, brig-. ah p? und st-ainer- to all parts or the world, a- seamen, green hands rook and stewards. RANDALL \ COURTNEY. IS6 West st corner of Reade. up siaira. WANTF.D-A STRONG BOY OR MAN TO MAKE fires go uf errands an.1 make hlmaeir general!' use rill; a German preferred, wage. $iu per month, with board. Applv at 75 Mercer at , for three days. Y17ANTKD-A YOUNG MAN; ONR HAYING $.VI IN yy oaih rill meet with a pleasant and e?s\ sitnailon and C<ot pa- Tlds Is no humbug. Comeand judke for vmir set fall af 10 o'clock on J. II., Franklin House, Cort itttaut st. \T7 ANTED?IN AN OFFICE, A COLORED MAIL TO yy ai l as messenger and porter: mint write a goo/I h ind have aome knowledge of figures and furnish the best tes timonials as regaids character Addresa in handwrit n ? of applicant, box 4,331 New York Post uffiee. WAITERS WANTED?IN A LADIES' RESTAURANT and ice cream fahi-n. None need aiiply but those ho hAve a perfeil knowledge of the business, aiu hi, S64 Broadway, corner of 17th at. MTANTED?A STEADY (UNMARRIED) MAN KItoM " 25 to 30 veara of age. to assist in tending bar Tonne will ng fo work liberal wage- w ill be given ; one used t" (lie hu? ne-s preferred. Beat of reference required Ad irese A. It. C., box 127 Herald office. IIRI.P WAHTED?FEMAIiRft A FOREWOMAN W ANTEO?IV A WHOLESALE cloak an 1 mantilla house capable of taking charge nf Ihe inn mi r artti rl nc department nun who can get nji ?? Ic?. Apply to A. M A K. naeica, 90S Broadway. (lOOKH AN1> LAONORBMBS.-W\NTED. TWO J llrat clan* pa?trr rooka. aian ntperlanrad Ian ndro ?<. for a en miner boitae Id mile* In the country good wand w!|t be paid. Apply at 167 Bowery, Eicotalnr Employmerit Office. BRERBM AK ERA, LADIES' LINEN MANt'FACTt' R era etnbrol lerera and braider*. can get heat w*gc? for t work and ateady employment at the now hi ~r, 'si# Hroa.lway. All manufacturing on drat Hour. Call Imme diately. Dltl SSM AKKRA WANTED.-ALSO OPERATORS ON ItVheeler A Wllaon'a and llmver A * machine*, and a girl to do light hOu?ework. at 410 4th av., in the .tore PLUSH SEWERS WANTED.-IHKID HANDS CAN have ?t.-ady work. Apply to Geo. S. Coi, at", Leo nitr(' CBRVANT WANTED-TO DO DOWN STAIRS WORK; k? mnat be a good plain cook, waahar and ironcr, and b" willing to go with the famllv In the country for the agnnrer. Such a one. with good reference, cau apply at 216 l> an it., Brooklyn, SERVANTS WANTBD-AT 10 TILLARY STREET. Brooklyn.?Cooka, chain hermalda, and gir;.? for houanwnrk tn gentlemen'a famillea In Brooklyn and the country; wage* ?1 and f 10; without waiting Are mi""i*?. AI?o wanted, glrla lately landed. Apply to Mr. fit BIS TOPHBR. The moet eoleet and reapeotable agency in the clly. WANTED?S PANGLKR8 AND TRIMMERS FOR H'?<?P aklrta, htgheat wagea paid and ateady employment guaranteed Apply to Auatin, Kelley A Co., al new factory, corner nf 4Sd at. and Ath are. WANTED?A LADY TO LEARN THE ART OF oalorlng photograph*. After two weak* iaatrtieUiiti. of one hour par day. work will bo gtvon nut or a epilation will be glrea. Coll at 711 Broadway, room 19. <J KONinSRKRI WANTED?TWO PROTESTANT GIRLS; ONE TO rook, waah anil iron ; tha other to do chamberwnrfc and waiting. City reference required. Apply at 107 Let tngmn ar. ANTED?FOUR OR PtYR SMART (IIRL8, TO wall on table*. Call M 2J Bowery, ud ataira. w w HELP WANTED?FEMALES. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A RESPECTABLE GIRL, as chambermaid anil laundress. good city reference re quiroti, Call from 10 A M to I- *1 at 141 Kant lTtli ?L TtTAMTKU-.A COMPETENT WA8HBR AND IRONER; YY i?? who ia also a good |ilalt> cook with goud city re ferenoe Apply a: 194 Waaiiingl<>n at . Brooklyn. WANTKK-A SMART, T1DV GIRL. TO DO THE gen -*l hnu ewnrk of a small famllv; best of refer ence required Call for two days at 167 West Houston tt. WANTRD-AN HONEST, WILMNU GIRL. TO DO the housework of a small famt v Using In the conntry during the auminer She must understand baking and havn Kind etijr reference Wages $8. Apply at 126 2d av., before o'clock. WANTED-A TIDY GIRL FOR GENERAL BOUSE, work. Oneal.oia kind and obliging. and t nderstantle her busine*s without Instructions, may call at 142 West 37th St., with reference from last place. WANTED-A STRONG. TIDV, OBLIGING GIRL, TO ? ook, wash ?nd Iron; city refereme required. Apply At 326 Lexington av. WANTED-k GERMAN WOMAN, A8 COOK AND TT laundress, to go s short distance ID the country; also a boy. Inquire at 101 West 20th st. WANTKD-A STOUT, WILLING YOONO GIRL, about 14 years of axe, for uhatnberwork, to go of or rands. Ac. Must hare good cltv references. Apply at 80 West 13th St., Thursday and Friday, after 10 o'clock, base meat ANTED IMMEDIATELY?A GOOD, NEAT, PLAIN sener Apply at Mrs Bull's, 15 West 27th St. WANTRD-a FINE GOOD DRR88MAKBR; ALSO A fine good plala sewer None but good hands need ap ply at 5 5 ilth av., near 31th st. WANTED-A YOUNG LADY. OF GOOD APPEAR anre, to attend In a segar tore. Anplvat 218 Wous ter St., to Mrs. Brown. Also a Stcre, 218ll Woostor, to l?t_ WANTED-A COOK. WAITRESS, CHAMBERMAID, laundress, nurse anil seamstress. for a first elas? prl rate famllv. who pav goo I wages. Apnlv at No 7 West Eleventh street, between Broadway and Univeralty place, from 9 to 1 o'oloek. Wanted?a young girl, as chambermaid and waitress. In a small private family Reference! required. Apply the day (Thursda;. ), at 382 Pacific st, Brooklyn, between 9 and 12 A. M. WANTED?IMMEDIATELY. FOUR OOOKR. FOR (irst class taml les in "Brook!'n; also aeveal good rook" for country boarding houses. Wages from $10 to $15 Situntious without delav at HENDERSON'S Intelligence Office, No. 6 Court St.. Brooklyn. _ Wanted--immediately. a smart tidy girl. as chambermaid aod waitress, In a small private boarding lions**; none but those who understand their busi uess need apply at UN) East 22d it. WANTED-A STRONG, WILLING GIRL TO ATTEND children and assist in chamberwork; Protestant pre ferred- wsgeH $8: the family reside lit the conntr during the summer months. Apply at 31 Boorman place. West 3.'ld st, near 9th av. WANTED?FOR T1IE COUNTRY, A GIRL AS COOK and to assist In washing and Ironing: good reference required Call between 10 and I o'clock at the office of M. C. RodrlRuex, 96 Wall at, up stalra. WANTHD-A (liRL. TO TAKE CARE OF CHILDREN and do chamberwork. References required. Call at 10 Mansfield place. West Disk St., between 8th and 9th ave?. WANTED?IN A LARGE FAMILY, A LAUNDRESS, who tinder-lands pla n washing and Ironing, and is not afraid of w..rk Good reference required. Apply nt 225 West 27d si , between ?tl> and nth avs. WANTED-A WF1T NURSE, TO TAKE a BABY TO ber own residence; i-hc most be healthv. and have a good brea-t or milk. For particulars apply at Dr. GrindleG, No. 6 Amity place. WANTED-A YOUNG T.ADY OF REFINEMENT, TO assist in a tihrenologicid and mo etiological office. Ap ply at Professor Laps a Photographic Gallery, 130 Chatham street, for three days. WANTED-A GIRL. TO COOK, WASH AND IRON. Apply at 243 West 21st st. _ WANTED?A FIRST RATE COOK. IN A PRIVATE boarding house. Apply at 32 Varlck St.. opposite St John * Park. WANTED?A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK; miisi lie a good washer and irnner, and tdaln conk ; good cltv reference required. Call at '58 West S'"h at, be. tween Broadway and 8lh av. Coll between 10 and 3 o'clock^ WANTED?A PROTESTANT WOMAN, A THOROUGH Ivcimpetent plain cook, washer nnd trotter Applv at 113 EusDWth St., near Lexington av., to-day, between 2 and 4 o'clock. WANTED-AN AMERICAN OR GERMAN GIRL, living near'lie corner pf Broadway and Blccker St., who can hoard and lo a* homo, to attorn! an Infant and make honwdf Amemllr mufti I. One In errry wiv niifUble can obtain liberal wage* at 108 Bleeoker St.. room No. 0. fXTAinrBD?A KCJRIft AJIO SB All STRESS. TO ONK V? who can iflve iro??d cltv re fare nee gooil ^vagaa will be paid. Apply at 47ft Went 22d 8t . from 9 to 10 thin morning. WANTED?A WOMAN TO COOK WASH aNi> TKON: *he must be able to read and write and brine good ritv refe once Apply at 80 ftth ave.. thi? day, betwteu 12 and i o'clock. . WAN*' ED?AN EXPERIENCED LADY'S MAID, TO nccompam aladv to Ch na: most know bow to dress hair and lit dress s. Apply at 9fi East I9tb st. WANTED?A GIRL, FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK. One wh" la ? g!?"d Cout washer snd Ironcr mnv apply at 210 West 29th St.. south side, between 8th and 0th aves. SITUATION'S W ANTED?MALES. J TTENDANT OR NURSE?WANTED. BY A RE8PEC J\ table man, a situation as above. Address C. L., Her ald office. __ Any qvxktermaster or other officer en tilled to a clerk can hear of one who has had three years' experience by Hddrr.sing L. R., care Ulricb Stotz, Esq.. 417 Broome ?treat. N. Y. An activr MVN, WHO has had a thorough hu -ines- training and several Tears' experience In bird - ncsa In this State and In the West, want- a dtua'inn ill some nctlve bustnes where a man of soiuo experience il re quired; best of references given Addre-s F. 8. II., sta lion D. A YOUNG MAX AGED lk, WHO HAS JUST BEEN discharged from the United States scrvlre. wishes to learn some ie*t>eetabla business Address for two days only 0. K. MoCutly, 8?;7 8th av. A RESPECTABLE P ROTP.R CANT YOUNG MAN from Ireland, ?tab*, a situation as groom In a prlvats farnllv: understands training r ice horse -; has ridden many flat rices snl steeple r bases; country prelened Address II. H., Herald office. A GENTLEMAN. LATELY ARRIVED FROM THE West Indies wishes to | romre employment as steward on a country ?eat. He combines, with activity, a rood know ?dge of buslne-s and ha- thi highest r.f,.rence fr on his late imp overs Address S. P. O., box 129 Heiald office I A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MAN WANTS A SITDA tion at the butcher business; one wlio thoroughly tin* derslatids it in all Its branches, t all at 41 Spring St., In the rear, first floor. a YOUNG MAN WISHES A SITUATION AS CI.FRK !\ In a wholesale grocery down town: refereme from present and past employer. Addie s D ltarlng, 200 Scher mcrhorn at,, ltrnoklvn. AN EDUCATED GENTLEMAN. AOF.D ML MARRIED formerly a cavalry officer >n the regular German armv, desires so ne suitable occupation. a nstriirlor st a military school tor ruvalrv. or superlnt-ndenll of a gentleman'- ea Isle or roiintrv estab l-hu ent: salarv not -o much an oboct us a comfortable home: good city reference. Adare-s R., box S,8i 5 Poel office, N. Y. Barkeeper.?wanted, a SITUATION by a ioune man. to tend bur In a hotel or liquor store; per fect know'<-dge of the business The best of r ty leferet.ct wl'l be 'iven. Apply at or address for two days 245 Bowery. lor V. II. _____________ Hosiery, notions and furnishing goods An exprr epeed sslesmsn. who has lived in the Wc?t and South est en > ears. and lia? a larva ncquaintanc*. ? anis an cogs cou nt from July I. Be-t of references. Addicts Spencer ILdhrook, Brti >k!jn Post office. OR ctnrer, ??r on i otnmlssion or salar., b s nun- man of expert r-n"*. Refers to present einnluycr?. Address Salesman. Hera d o i ce. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN AND ^ li s wife (have no children), w th some farmer; lie un derstands farm nc snd can do all kinds of farm work; she ran milk cows and do general hou-ework. Apply at 116th s'reet. ITt'ATION WANTED?AS GENERAL CLERK ?alesmsn In a wholesale house, or with a msnmai ti w SMITUaTIONS WANTKD-FOR THOROUGHLY COMPR tent farm hands, enn'htnen. waiters gardeners, grooms, imrters sefsnt". laborcrt, men lately anded and hetn if ever) de?'rlptl n Apply at CARPI NTF.R'H Lar.c Em jjltjytn-nt Hons -, corner of 6th av and Ulh st. A1 o, fe-nsle TO MANUFACTURERS ?A TOUNO SCOTCHMAN, poste-alng practical experience in w irkfne with woollen and cotton, wishes to meet with an engagement in any branch m conneet'on with weaving snd dressing cloth. Ad dress. for three da- a. J. C., box 4.9M New York Post office fftO HOTEL PROPRIETORS AND SALOON RF.F.P .I er?.?The advertiser aged 30. a thoroughly reliah e, cotn|>eient and trustworthy man. who has had extensive experien e In Hie business, wants an engagement as bar keeper, or to lake the entire charge of a bar and restaurant. References first c'ass. Address for one week J P.. Hera d office. TO STOCK BROKERS.? WANTF.D, A SITUATION IN a stuck broker's olfior, by s hoy 15 res-* of nge to !e rn the business; no salary required Ad iresa box 4.0 I Post office WHMANTRD-A 8ITI \ rios V- ENTRT CLERK, It) A voting msn fully competent; sa'ary not ?o much of an ob ect as a permanent situation. Address W. P., No. 4 Wi lain st. South Brooklyn. 'ANTBD-A SITUATION, Bt AN AMI R t'AN EOT, IS vears of age as light porter In a wholesale store or to lesrn some light trade: has good city reference Address R V.. hoi 4.<Wt New York Poet office WANTKD-BY a YOUNG man A SITUATION IX some buelt ess where he can make himself generally neefnl. its write a good hand; well recommended by his former employ re. Address A. F. Walnwitghl. 4th av., be tween liitli snd 128th sts . Ilsrlem WANTKD-BY A STEADY, HANDY MaMTwHO CAN ? do alt kinds or Jobbing work bImhiI houses, employ ment from a landlord or agent Applv to or eddreaa George A. Wood. 123 8th St., rear heuer. WdjST|N I I ti_,v SITUATION RV A YOUNG MAN '73 year* of age. In ao office or store; Is a good pen ma n and quick at figures. Oo<>d references tlvee. Has an at tenaive aequaltiianre la California. Address W. P. H., box 3,841 New York Peal elite*. ' WANTED?A SITUATION AS BOOKKEEPER, bt a young man who has had s?*vcrBl rearx' rxi*r?ene* In that position. References unexceptlouab a. Address II B. T . Newer*, N. J. WANTED.?A MUDDLE AGED GENTLEMAN, FROM theeountry, want 'o travel s i it ho ew. eu er on salarv or commits oo Hattefariorv references glteu. Address, for two days, H. F., Creok a Hotel, 74 Chalkam st. W ANTBD-A SITUATION. BT A YOUNG MAN. AS ? ler* or bookkeeper, writing a geod baud and qnh k and corrwet st acounts; ha no nbTectfotis to make hlms?1f generally nscfnl. Address I'ereeveraare. Herald office. TITANTHD?BT A GF.NTLBMAN, A YOUNG MAN. IO YT drive a pair or horse- snd ae?lst In waiting at table. Apply gt 19 7th sr., anrtbeaji corner of Mm st. J TMK TRADE*. YOUNG MAN WOULD GO UNDER IN8TRI*CTIOM9 engineer e uili. e. K?ftiemws from !ut ontpleyer. Terms uuderate. Address Draughtsman. box 140 Herald otfl' e. Brass moulder wanted-onb accustomf.d t>i fine work, to whom steady emploi menl will be given sad highest wages paid. Caii at 75 Elba slip. Ctoofkrs wanted?to hake new work; good J wages and steady employment. Lodl Manufacturing Company, 66 Cortlaudt ?t, New Turk. DENTIST.-A YOUNG MAN, 23 tears of aoe. fully competent. Is desirous of learning the dentistry business. Addie a A. B. C., No. 9 Spruce St.. room No X Harness makers and stitchers wantbd?at No 4 Kssi Brwalway. Moulders wanted?at the new excelsior Iroa Works, 14th St.. Raat river. Apply at the oBce, 1 :tih at., one door below av. C. Machinists wanted.?a frw good machinists can base immediate employment byapplvinc at the ofllca of the Miles Manufacturing Company, No. 39 Lewis at PRINTER WANTED.?A FIRST RATE HAND. TO work on a Gordon press; one who can make his own forms ready. FRANCIS A LOUTRKL. 49 Maiden lent CAWY1 Li in, i ...YER WANTED-A THOROUGHLY COMPETENT man as head sgwver. to take charge of a saw mill in Honduraa. Apply to H. E Browne A Co., 178 Pearl st. TO BOOKBINDERS -WANTED, A LBATTTRR CASK maker; also a pemon to oovar line Turkey album-. Ap ply to Altemus A Co., corner of 4th and Raceata., Philadelphia. WANTED?A POLISHER TO TAKE CHARGR OF picture, pier and oval frame polishing In Roston: to a steady, reliable man who thoroughly understands the bu sinesa and la capable of taktnglcharge of other workmen, ?;ond wages and conatant employment will tte given. Arp y or further particulare to John Sparry, 191 and 193 Christie st.. Now York. WANTED?FIVE VICE HANDS AND FINISHERS; v* also one brass moulder. None hut first class workman need apply to Wm H. Van Ness, 149 and 191 Essex St.. N. Y. WANTED-A MIDDLE AGED DRAUGHTSMAN, with some experience ns engineer, to work in sn of. fee. Address for a few days, stating where an Interview mat he had, J. V. Nichols, Newark fN. .1.) Post office. w antkd-an assistant bread baker at tay lor's Saloon, 365 Broadway. Apply from 6 to 9 A. M. WANTED?A GOOD AND STEADY WOOD ENilRAV or likewise an apprentice, at Chas Sears', No. 66 Fulton st. w ANTED-GOOD MARRI.E CUTTERS AND POLISH Apply to T. it Stewart, 274 Canal si. WANTP.D?TWO FIRST CLASS CUTTERS ON lenther work (military accoutrements). To such rteadv work will la- given by applying to Hoover, Calhoun A Co., 362 Broadway A A GOOD ORANITF, CUTTERS WANTED?AT THE t:U c estnut street bridge; wages S3 per day; pav everv two week". App y lo Clark, McUrann k Kenuedy, con tractors, Philadelphia. FRB.NCII ADVERTISEHSNTIa ON DKMANDF.?UNK PERSONNR FRANCAIHR POUR rolgner one jeune demo sella de Mans. II fant qn'elle nacbe hien coudre, <-t qu'elle soil munle de bonnes recorn inandations S'adreaser au No. 2 West 29th at., entre les hemes de 9 a II. FDR SALE. A N EXTENSIVE, FASHIONABLE, FIRST CLARE JX Hniel - ? - j\. Hotel for ssle-finely located on Broadway, handsomely deeorsled In fi'i seo and elegantly furnDhed in modern atv'e, with lmnrnvements Alsn a first rate business Hotel: one of the beet local ons down town furnished in complete order. (1 A. ROBINSON A CO., S5 Nassau street, rooms Noe. 4 and 5. A LARGE OYSTER. DRINKING AND BILLIARD Saloon, with ten finely furnished Supper Rooms, for sale at about half Ita value; corner basement, two fine en trances: Broadway, opposite theatres. Ac. Real sickness cause of sale. RICHARDSON A PLATT, 180 Broadway. A RETAIL GROCERY AND LIQUOR STORB?EAST solo, well located, cornrr store; rent $31) per month; well stocked. Will sell all, including stock, fixtures ant) fur nllure, for $1,030: business cash RICHARDSON A PLATT, 180 Broadway. AN OPENING IN A LARGE RETAIL. ALL CASH, i\ corner Grocery seldom met with, located among a fir-t class custom, doing $.800 per week. Can be bought for about $2,900; ea?v terms RICHARDSON A PLATT, 180 Broadway. A DRUG STORE FOR SALE.?A GOOD STAND FOR a phvrlctsn. Price $230. Apply to O II WHEELER, 112 Cherry street, or at the store, 179 avenue B. A BAKERY FOR SALE?AT A LOW PRICE: IS IN A good locution and does a good business. Also a Lunch and Barroom. Liquor Stores, Drug Stores. Groceries. Meat Markets. Stationer* and News Dermis Hotel*, Restaurants, Ac., Ac. W. II. MITCHELL, 77 Cedar street. A WELL FITTED UP NEAT LIQUOR AND GROCERY Store fur sale at 277 We-t TwenU-fourth Greet Will sell chetin; In con equence of having other bu.-lnese on band cannot attend to l?. BOOT AND SHOE STORE FOR SALE?WITH A GOOD good "took of Pools and Shoes, and everything In good order Anv one w ishing to purchase can do so bv applvlng at 37!) Sixth avenue. The present parlies giving up on ac count of ill liaaUh. CANADA LUMBER YARD, LUMBER DISTRICT, AL bany N. Y ?The subscribers are now receiving large lots of Pine and Hardwood Lumber. wh)ch thev are pre pared to sell to the trade at market prices. Five per cent off lor ca-h. . JONES A CO CYHEESE FOR SALE AT LOW PRICES.-2UO BOXES. J consigned lo us, and for sale at 10 to 12 cents per pound. MILLRK A CARR. 35 Pearl street. flOAL YARD FOR SALE?YARD WELL LOCATED / and doing a Inrce business; been established a number nf rear-. Address H. S , Herald olliee. Drug store for bale-exceedingly well storked w ith German and general drugs- storked only last winter bv n German, lately deceased; every drawer and bottle nearly full: mux- he sold If sacrificed Clerk wanted. ?32 Eighth avenue, near Thirty third street. Drug storb for sale-excellent location, large stack, deing a imod biisineas; price $2,000cash. Address Druggist. Herald oflh-e. FOR 8ALE?FOR $6.1100. A NEW FIRST CLASS SIDE wheel Steamboat a; leet deck snd It feet besm. su la hie fur a pa? en ?r. frrlg it or tug boa' Far particulars la '(Lire of DAVID II. SEaMON. IPS Main street, Norwich. Conn For balk-tiik sloop eliza ann. of hunt fla ton. seventy tons burthen, well found with new sails, rigging. A Anplr In I'll AH. M WEEKS. Fnllon lerrv. or GEO M KI.OTTS. corner Delancev and East streets, or lo the Captain, on bosrd. foot of Hrnnma street TflOR RALE?THE GOOD WILL. LEASE AND FIX I lures <>' a Day,Grain and ami Feed Si (lore, on Vt o.t otree:; cheap rent; good I ration an 1 adapted fo- a flour trade a so Inquire of O. F. COMPTON.33 Whitehall street. frtOR SALE?A FIRST CLASS GROCRRY AND LI ' ipier Store, with a good stock of liquors and ale There Is a good len?e and over one hundred familrs living en the premi es, For further particu'ar* inquire at 71 Henry street, in the liquor store. T.30R SALK-A KINDLING WOOD YARD. AN OLD P established stand one of the best plates of the kind tl Die city; in complete order, with steam en -ine. machinery, hor?es. wagon . wood and everyihin ? complete to carry oa the busines Address J. C. box 123 Herald office F OH. RALB-THK SASHES OF A LARGE SHOW rase Inquire at 31 Han-la' si reel, up stairs. FOR HALE-ONE OF now s m.\rhlk ice cream sotla Water Machine-, but Utile used. Address hex :.46fl New Vors I'o-i ofil -e. {DOR SALE-ONE URGE CART IRON STILL. ONE D Copper Kettle, I.ixii gallons capacltv; one Agistor. IS bsrrela. two Ca t Iron K<-t |e- fo ir large Wouden Tanks. Apply 10 H. A. ffsKRI'V 12 Old slip. Brum SALE-A GORDON ALLIGATOR PRESS, IN 1 good orter. Wll' be sold extremely cheap for cash. Address X Y. /., b x 109 Herald o I w FOR KALE?A FROBPBROU8 PHOTOGRAPHIC BUSI pees In a flourishing an I elegant nty. nnd'sshtonah e watering place, seas ri now commencing; must be snlrt by Ihe Is of In y, ai tM owner is going to Europe Ti-r->s stmut $ ."'ill; a line op; mtnnltv for a good artist ilnvestlga l on sol.cited A I ires* box 550 Post office. New I. ndon, COr.n, CAOR SALE?TWELVE 250 GALLON OIL CANS IN r first rate-nder (rood ss new). by WM. D. ANDREWS A BRO., 414 Water Street. N. Y TJIiiR SALE-TWO STEAM ENGINES, SIX AND ONR r h-rse powet Screw Press, lot Tank", Mi 's, Bhafilng, Belting Ac. AppU at 217 Canal street, sei ontl llnor. FOR SAI.E-THE FURNITURE. BAH FIXTURES Gas Fix lures *?? . together with a well establish"'! 8a o n. aiiltahle fur a lady or g nt'rman. Price *4<ki. Ap ply ai flP'k Ka-l Fourteenth street. Union square, near Fourth avenue, from ID to 4 o'clock. For sale?a hank counter and railing cheap. Apply at the Atlantic havings Hank. 185 chat, ham atreei. For sale?a splendid uorniiR liquor store op First avenue. A long lea?e at :< cheap rent. Ai |>Iv to JAM Kg MiCORMICK .A CO., 29 Heaver itrect, from Jti to 3 o'clock. F 0Hs?nowBm?.f!R ?,RIRNTAL DINING AND OYSTER tii'.a m. vi. ,wl- '""A eoiahl-shed an I new y ao'd It Va'wJeV P7"rnl ?""-f '? ">">* (" Ruope. Must b" ?oia ihui week. Inquire on th? pre ml-en. Fior haie-a millinery store, p.htarlishkd h years and doing a fair bus n.n; will he sold chear to a cash customer. Apply an tha premises, Ail Alluntir st" at. nr oiiyn, ? Cor BALE?A 13 HOUSE LOCOMOTIVE ROILER. IN r good order; al-o a 13 feel Lathe, with waoden -hears. Inquire st 38 John street. BAYLBY A HILL. L30R SAI.R-ONR BAGATELLE TABLE. THREE r Beer I'umpe, Newman's patent; one large Mirror six feet lane, on" Barroetn Counter stxteenfeet lone, with back closets. Inquire of B. HOnKBR. 216 Wooster street. Also Store 219)4 Wooster street to let. L30R SALK-A PATENT KKF.NCH PORTABLE BAKE L. ln5-4.^:^L^l^Ut1e^o^,0cif e'ir.r^^ar', wood or coah Appl* to P. H. HOPKINS, lit White etrae" F OR SALE?AT A BARGAIN. THE LEASE. STOCK sad Futures of a well established L qu?r Store In the best location In the Sixteenth ward. Apply at Ho. f>2 West "llxtn av Eighteenth street, one door weet of Sixth avenue. For sale?an old established meat mar Net; will be sold cheap, as the owner is goingln ihe country. For particulars inquire at 222 third avenue until s ild. F30R SALE-A FIRST CLASS PROVISION STORK IN a gnu I neighborhood, now doing a good hu'lnes.. well esisht'shed and growing raptdly; or will ctehange for a av.,' firm near he city. Sat sfactorj reasons glu-njor a'lhng None but prtnc puis need applr. B. W. OltRKNE. 247 Broadway, so nnd ttowr, between the hourt of 9 and Id A M and 4 and 9 P. M. F'OR SALE CHEAP?ONR KTOHT HORSE UPRIGHT Boiler With engine attached; one two-horse fancy En gine sullahle for * gr iierj ; one Urge Roll Cutting Machine, large and small Lathes, Pnlleva, Shafting, Lever Pre se and a large assortrm-nt of Tools .also a tine lot of gear pat ?eens. Inquireof W. II. SMITH. 276 rear) attest. VOR IALKi Fob a w*u, fitted up liquor store, northeast oomr of Eighth tttoui and Twaaly-aavenln ?treet. Apply on the premiaas. For bale?cheap, a pkopellbb, partially con*lrue?d for carrying pw-*??g,.rt ,nd rr?ight of I9t tons custom house measurement. will carry 20(1 tone a 73 heme power ene-tia; light draught of water Apply at JOIIB C. BAXTERS RUNS. 3U8 *?*' street. * For sale or to rbnt?a larok lot ok kbit Imported Tenia, accommodating twraiv f v* parsons; thU lot ia worthy the attention of all lent ,, I ,ni1 nln? maker* For further particular* Inquire of B A DICK I 8 SON, 194 William atreat. HOPS KOR SALE ?3fk) RALES AT Tin LOWEST market price* for caah Hrawer* and dealer* x*,u And a de* raid* st ick to make ?.election* from, at nrl e? ranging from ftc to 16c. per lb Tlia cheapen! art de In market for larastmeaL MILLER t CARB. Commls'lou Merchant* S3 Paarl street HOTKL FOR SILK CHE.tP-ON BAST TERMS, among the hut and mo?t dealrahlv located In thaeltr; hnndnom* v furnished farorahl* leaae in good ordar, aad doing a full and inonev makine business. SOUTH WICK A WOOD, IS Tina *treaf. KENTLEOE.-IW TONS KOR SALS Bf WM. D. AN DREWS & HKO.,414 Walar atraat. MACHINERY FOR SALB-LATHES SHAFTINGS, Piillev* Hangers, Anvil* Vl*e*. Bellow*, four faot B'ower. Circular Saw* Reltlng*. Moulding Machtna and Clutter*, and Hand Planea, Apply at ltd Baal Houston street, of OH AS JORDAN Machinery -one second hand lathe, io fact led "Win* 20 ineh*? foy sale chean Also an 18 feet bad. 30 Inche* awing. Twoaig feet bed IS Incheaawing. AI?o one Planer. piano* 12 r*et by 8 feet aquara Alao Chuck*, Drill*, Belting, Ac., at No. 8 D*v ,.treet PAIRMAN A WILLARD. QTE AMROAT FOR HA LB ?THR'HIDR Wfl KB L RTKAM i* er Washington Irving, 127 f?et Inn* 18 feet boam. SI leet overall: drawa when loaded 4lf rest: capnhle of ear rvine ISO passengers: ha* etcallent cabin aernntmodatlona. nnd I* In thorough order for passengers, tranaportlng or freighting bualnee* on anv route. Eor Inventory and par ticular* apply to MrLRAN A LINTZ, No. 1SB Maiden lane. TO PRTVTRRR -for sale. A PART OR ALL OE A ?mall Neivennpcr nnd Jnb ofllce near Mil* cltv. For par tlculai* atidre** Nnw*pap?r. bo* ISt Herald oltlce. TO BR SOLD CTTRAP-A IX HORSE STEAM BN. glnc. highly finished and new. Apply at fill Maiden .ana, It. Y. TO RUfLDKRS?FOR SALE. TKRT CIlEaE FIVR Iron Store Front*, with return corner*, making II] feet lone: with e?* and ton*ue cornice ard lintel*. ?qua>a moulded column* 12 feet long; never t* en used Inquire next door to Atlantic Foundry, Imlay street, Atlantic dock*, Brooklyn. TO BREWERS AND DISTILLERS?FOR RALE. THR Fixture*, including Roller, Engine. Pump*, Vat*. Ac., of the Rreu-erv now occun ed by Howard A PuPer, corner of.Invaud I'lvmnnth utreet*. Rrooklvn. There Ran uney. Hired lea.e of the prrm'se* of flvo year* from the l*t of Mav, |S64 The above artlclea will be *uld very eheap. nntl c??t? r*<i"lred fo the ?tme Ion or the ntemiae* In given, which will he on or before the 1*1 of next November, 18B4. The above I* believed tn be a rare ehnnre for a brewer m a peraon wl?Mne to commence the buslne**. a. no dear w'll be eiperlanaed In starting Everything will be left If required In cumn'ete xvork'ng order Inquire on the pre m acs a* above. of HOWARD A FULLER. TO DRUGGISTS ?FOR SALE. A DRUO STORE, WELL stocked and dolnga good hn?lne'.: price about g|,n00. Applv to N EU8TACB. 817 (Ireetiwlch -treet. iid alalra. Tools of a brass foundry for salb?apply at 2-to Hrand street. Brooklyn. E. D. TWO STFAM BOILERS FOR 3ALB CHEAP ?APPLY toT. W MOORE. 494 Broadway. (CO fMlft ?FOR SALR, A SPDRNDTD SADDLERY ?IP?and Harnass Maker*1 Shop-, old eatablah ed: 29n:ll*ifrt>m ellv; doing a large and auperloe bualneu; *11 elegantly arranged . rare opening Apply fur five day* at No. fit Chatham ?treel. room No. 3, or at 6? South Seventh street. Williamsburg. G?fT /inn ?ROR RALE, SPLKNDTD DRUO STORE. vD I -T"' f. near Fifth avenue; one of the most elegant store* and dock* of goods In the city, doing a magnificent prescription buiine-a Rar* opening. Apply at fil Chatham utreet. room No 3, for three day*. SPECIAL NOTICEfi. At a meeting of tub 'LOHOSHOBR ship Painter*1 Association, he'd at Military Hall an Tneadar gventnJune 10 It wa? resolved. that In consequence of the continued advance In all the ner***arien of life anil In accordance with the rate- received bv nil other branohew of Ihe trade, we are oompa'led to demand on and after Men tlav. June 27, S3 per day of nine h "tin' duration. R. Thati'ukk, Secretary. R. BRADSELL. President Abbey-aoatb air eye-anvil fabric bill aickle at limit of Ohio fade New York State fabric . P. J. *. Fourth jui,v. ism-tammany sooiett-aw adjourned meeting of the Committee of ArraDcement* forth* ensuing anniversary will be held *t Tamilian* Hall Ihl-eveulng. at 8 o'clock. B. F. PUBDY. Chairman A. T. 0?i.i.?*B, Secretary. CNRRF.NWICir AND WASHINGTON STRERTS RAIL T road ?Owner* of property, storekeeper-, cartmen. and all other* apposed to the very In Inrlnus description of rail road tra -k laid In tlieie streets nelnw Canal street, are re que.te l tn meet at Ihe Committee Room of the Common Council, City Hall, on Thursday afternoon. June 28, at 3 0 clock. N'OTICP. IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT TnR TRADE ma-k of the undersigned on all Ale and Porter cask* t Is D JON' 8 New York. All person* are cautioned agatnat 1 altering, defacing or removing the same DAT ID .IONKS. Blgth street, N. T. VJ-OTIOE TD THR BOSS BLUE STONK CUTTERS.? iv On *nd after Tneadar. Jntv ? the members of the B'ue Stone Cutter* and F aggers Association have agreed lo de mand $8 per day. Hv order of Josvrii MoitRt.-ON. Ser. J.J. BERGEN, Chairman. N'OTICE TO THE CLOTHING CUTTERS -A RBOU Isr meeting of ihe Clothing Cutter.' Protective Union trill he held no Thursd*' June 28. at half past seven o'clock In th* evening. *t 182 Heater street. All members are re quested to attend for the purpose of nominating oUlcers for the next teini. By order of the President. JULIUS DIBGKLMANW. J n o* Daxton. Secretary. fPO TH E PUBLIC. 1 As a mstlrr of Importance to thn pnhllc we takn this method of nfortnlug thetn that, while In every other department of labor wagea have hern rat ed proportionate to tlm nerrssltous demand* of the time*, there Is at least one class of our fellow eltl/ens xx hose Interests have not been ron?id*red by those ever - - "Ing a supervisor! control < r management over them. .. e ? lid* to the ahnrer* on the Central Park. Thla tale of th ngs Stio ltd not he *n(Tered to rem.ilo ouger: for while n eyerv other department of our cltv government laborers ae rec. Iv ng from $' to $7 fltt per day three men, tnanx of thein bavin.' large f*-n I es. hre roni|>ellcd to work ten hour* per dav for the vorv small um of $| A3. VYhv thus* men a-r not xvorttiv of receiving an "lually arge amount of wage* * other laluxrers on ir jmhllc work* I* only perhnps known in tko Bo.irJ of t'snirtl Park Commls* oner Al al'events met, * wide .Matin tinn shoq'd not for a moment I e norm it d to evi't The. onl ask th?t their w ajes should he nereased to two do act per day The justice and o tultv > f this in rrea-c m be . ? pa-enl to nil Many dars are necessarily loat In exch b ii hv reason of ra'nc "either, as work t* lhenet| trl>* ust -mel and at Ihe best the wsatber erl I not no-mit <o nv?r* ?? ol more t'au ttv< at wor?'ng dava* loca h rrinnth I'o aupport a latmlv, to even amp v them with t't' a ? 'it'* n-ceasii-jes of life. |t * . vldenl Ihl* de maud -h til t e atv-eded to. We there1 tr rail on ttie t'om. ml*?|ut e S of ft. ? t'entr.l ' a'k to ?c e e to the re met of these hum t n I hardw rklng men Let the n ?ct u-> ?" the pr nc ii p.* iu these irn ig t'fie. "the laborer is worthy of nlslilr* ' ' "C'lur tn gi-e full e'eet to this at p. ?l * meefin-of the a o-e-? of tli-Central Park will be lieht on Von.', y 11.1 , Ik'l, it fi o do "k A. M,,onthecqrrirrnf F ft i n t an I I-Ighlx-nlni a reet, un ra i',eir b nisnd la ?oon"r ro idle I wth. Let there be a large attendance THE CENTRAL PARK LABORERS ri'HE under rr.vrn tnvorms tiif, public that I according to art'ele* of agreement nn*-ert on ihe i.8th day ?.f Janu. r . I-I'd. t-etween Her and Petar b'< ?sun of St Etlenne Fraoee now a resident n' Naw Tork elty. the fa the ow er o" half of a patent for the msnufactor ng of an Artl ral Fuel *od tlint ?he |s entlt'eil lo ha'f "f the proreej. of sotd patent, the af ie- **!d S'ltele* nr agreemen' h?vtng been a knoxxl Iced tiefore the proper ofllrer* and recorded In the Patent (i'ire at Washington, S*id' ?tcnl wa* taken under No I ' 1I"7 tiv Pi?rre Holssnn on the 3th day or April Vr* MARIE t-OLOM BIER wifeofJ F Badoye 272 Kpriug street Now York. NOMCAti* A SPLENDID PIANO FOR 8223-G AH. RaRMORE. man faittlrers. ,84. Hleeckcr alroel?seventeen Aret prlre medals war>anted for five rears, witliniit eyrept on the heat piano triad# Testlmon a a from moat dlallngitr?hed art na \ SPLENDID TONED HARP FOR S\LK?ORIGINAL co t f 0 The owner tiavlng no further use tor the taine nil ' e if It for ? '.t A pply at 221 Weal Twenty. eight atreut h-tween III and ,8o ch tk. A It ARE CHANCE IF APPLIED FOR IM MEDIATE LT. fur e? than J 't?i ? Matnihcent iiiaewood 7 crura Plna.',"* f Iron a otlgnal WW A851 short tl no tiled. In io: t rri?r Its a round corners, Ac. Applv at thn rvsHeat - ; h r I aire t. A FINK \dS< tRTVIKNT OF ROSEWOOD SEVEN o t ive Pianoforte* with full Iron frames, over trung bass, curved eg*. Ac., at m inufacturer's price*, ?nlly war ranted Ala .vxeral ?econd hand PI* ofurtea, one seven netara for f I sc. ovoratrung. full iron frame, rosewood esse. M. DONALD A CO 238 Power*. 4 MA0N1FICBNT ROSEWOOD PIANOEOBYI FOR f\ sale?flu t $AV), lor >873. Inrhiding Rlon and Coy r: Parlor Suits, rust |4S", lor tfA: E tag* rev Mirrur* Pant Ing-. Brori'es, statuary, Cbam'ter Furnltnre; In nse hut M' en month" Tn l>e sold at a sacrifice. Inquire at 113 West Twenty-thir l street, near Bivth avenue. A SWFFT AND BRILLIANT TONED ROSEWOOD Pianoforte for a/xle far #100 mah: has iron frame, French gran I actlun Ac.. and In perfect order. Call at IU Allen-treet ueart'anal Asplbndid romewood piano for sale cneap for cash The owner la ithdyed to remove from thla HIV Immcd al'dv and c*u he seen between the hour- of Id A. M. and A P. M.. at residence No. 34 Beach street. F'OBSAlK ? SEVEN OCTAVE ROSRWOOD PIANt' forte, in good nrxler. Aoply In Eaat Furly-fifth street, second hou-e from First avenue. PIANO FOR SALE-CITY MADE. FOUR ROUND corner*. 7 nctav* and rich tone, alao a handsome rw*e | wood Ptrlor Suit, several good Carpet*, and a lot of other Furn.tnre hut Itfile need, for half the ca*t of new, at BKN? CALL'S. Kit aad III Hudtan atraei. .-urnar Canal. PIANOf ORTR AND HARMOMUM FOR SALR IMME medlstalv.?Planofurtu la Stndart. Wuroealer A Una. ham's make. In per'eci order prlre |I2U, fine Cover and Stool Included. The llarmnou m la suitable for a rhnreh or parlor; price $60. 129', Twentieth street, near Third nr. Tenor ringer wantbd.-onb to go a short dlstanre from the cltr oo R indavs; salary and eipea aes paid. Apply to C H. Oaks*. <UI Broadway. 2r piaN('Ft)RTBS FOR BALK AT A tUIMf iJ sacrlfi e mo-t he sold before the 1st of July. Persons In wsnt of flr?l ' lass P anos st mod >r*te pi I .-a ran ha supplied at the manufmuory 118 East Tweaiy third streei. ? near Third avenue. Every Instrument wan anted far thrsa I years. ? ? 1 inn sit'oND hand pianos, mklo lull deona, Alavsndre and I'ahlnat Organ* to let and rent allowed If purx haaexl. Monthly payment* received far theaame. Second hand Planoa at grem bargain a for eash ; Jirti-e fro n Rikt to fiTtk' New "even ucta' e rlanrx# at $22A, I2.NI ?27.'. and MOU. I'A.OoO sheet* of music. * little aoileil, at la. par page. UORACI WAIBRA at Broadway

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