Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 23, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 23, 1864 Page 4
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jS'EAV YORK HERALD. JAM KH UUEDUN UK.NNKTfe IWWR AVI) TROVwlk'fOa, rrrti's k. w. uapna* oi icuum a? musir fits. Vi luiar XUX 174 AMISEMLH """" .ik'lSu. XtSUVS CAROLS', I'lBiet DiHOMOl w*L.Ut'KS THfcAl::e. Eioadwar.? Bacbvlor or Amt?. OLYMPIC THSATRS ) . d?tjf?At.audit. Isi;W BOW ERV THEATRE. Bow-pry ? R.-kv's Pro (,, , i-i. ..?nrti.i > . Ik u I clou. BOW KV luEAYRK. iKimery.?Ics Witch? To* Cris t, , ? ?cr ii. AH'P.-RR FROaI'WAV THRATKK. 4*r. Broadtrar.?WiPOw's VTlcria ?Pa?I -T- SB i.l'AUMAK*. 1AEN. II Kl : I. M !..?? .iIwut.?Tvo Gum, Two TvAi ? /nifoi. What la It. Ac.. a; ait Luurs. Lo t-. iK 1. i ? I'm . o*ii>u.\ is A Minn Knock?At 1> and TV t*. V. _ EETANTS' MINf 'v&lA Hi, liantcs' Hall. <7! Broad. ?aaj.-Ei. oriAH Uiact-s LuiiLtaac'Rs, Ac.? A I CTTl'HFLT WOOD'S MINSTRRli HaIX. 611 BroiUway.? Ethiopia* fW.v a, Tames. 1c.-cimh.ii. AMLRl.'AS THKATRE. He 4(1 Hron.lwAy.? Bam.*t*. TaST, i>L RL-MlLE.. Ac.?Mb and JillC PeteB V. tt.TB. BALL!' D1ABOLIQUR. 6!C Broadway.?Hoarier Hales a IRVING HALO, I it in.? nl.-.ct ?SncRROrriColf. MW YOUR Ml'SEHM Of AH ATOM*. CIS IVroaTwaj.? amp Lictui.e... trim'.'A. -M. till 101*. M HOOLFV'S OPTRA HOUSU, F< M..i, 1) ? .cu.. Bvbixsqcbs, Ac. Htu \ ink( Tltnrmla/, June U3, 1H61, rn E SITU A TION. Mr. Stontoi furnishes o35c:.?l iiiformntion frcm the ormiee to Virginia to ten o'clock la?t night, at which time he \v!> io receipt or n. ; i.tckes from City I'oint. There was uo the; ay yc-.-ti r.iay; but mivonients? ?'.ready n ysicrtousty -iliudod to?were in progress which cunn < 11 w be ch ic'nj cd. The rr;ir-:b o' the Ihchrr.oud Journal* that General Hooter was ret.ii:e<- 1 in uttack upon Lynchburg on tnturday ; - rronr.ioccd by Mr .-'tauton ar untrue?Ger. rrtii Htint'T b-.ving merely mile a roccnndssance to ds rov:*r thi! rt ngth of the or.'toy's position, after arc<>u> pl. hir.0 m i ten he Withdrew, and assa.l.-d iho cnetuy at Other po i tr. t)nr o-.itt dc-pntrho*. dated t:t t" half past ten o'clock Tuesday morntt .3, front Germed a 11 nlrod, state that no I < ..era' f 1 ? ment hes tsi ca p nee, but that the rebels have u. v> several efforts to throw up earthworks near ll.e Juuie: river, to the of Turkey Heed and Mai ver; Li 1!!. oca have be it l ofo tbelled out 1 v our-giin boats. k .j plies h ive been rent to the U hue 1U use. to General i-l.c idac, kit command Laving arrived in tiia< ?ic'.t ity o:i Mondav. Some shells were thrown Into IVfurs'.urg by tie bit te* <*??>( the .Second cerp on M ni-ay c .ruin?, not vri'h the intention o: destroying tl.o city. but to show the lonmr that wo were within sbei.icc distance or the c.ty. General Sherman rend-- a >< patch from his head tiuarter;. at k.l'-pa-t ei, hi < > i . I on "oesdav evening, atatin; that, :n spile of very In aty rains, hi (rout has been l-ushod forward, ami nu lay ortaut position gained by Get.. rJ H ? z?. A dv-j. iau attack w made by tbe enemy the n.ght pr'v..): * te r tin his old jcmliou. Seven I'isuullc mi : e in lenn General tVbilta hoi s t r. ? -tr, of trtunlejV Civ?, oh >1 -day Light, in which tb. re is lost sever, hundred ruen, two hundred toetag left do;..! 10 Wbittei.'*'? tront. A bci.vy artillery lire j.coit the att .ck, under which our pnsit^n *? fortibed r d ruade ipilte k .-. . (e r.eral Sherman reports that his cavalry i. cow acro i .V 011 ly crook, and a p r tion of In* luiictry leans Moeev err t. lie says tl ?t tte flgt.t ug wa . very severe. nu t t' e t offered by the cm my .tubborn r.nd protracted. General sh< rnian'f other laio . pcrat 1 n.? in Ccor?ia ate described it dct:r! by o .? corr.-rp:indent to-duy. Ili. nrcot. it nt :Uoi* the grand Movement of our lines en tli' I&1I1 ij..,uut, tiio capture l?r General llcrbervon of to..: hum!, pru-oters and the reporteu capture ot 11 v tnne ml. ? r gade by GeLural il< her. We give a map Jlluattuti.^ the inovein uta of v.'..rot an'a aru.y fron. the lkth to t uo 30 h iaat at. ? r trel t. utrati.A til the rnmora of a rebel raid In tbe vie. . ty f Wi cbetter. Mo.- ?y s forc.j arc not in thai direct n, as reported. EBIiOPEAN 1TEW5. Tt ? Wt??'i. !. p A: '.'?n, tr :U C,'; ??cfl*iOWD 03 the ICtb Of Jii.i . tcacti I HaiUas yesterday afternoon,on ber voya. e to Be ton. II r r.?w* is two ayv later. The less la. *LicU lo.'t V w L ? '?t 00 tbe t? of .Tone, reached Q....- .ivtnwa ? uriug t! ?? a ru.Lg or tt; Utt in c .ot. she si t*'.i'"d some altgM duaige to hertr) Cluuery on tocuip, at... used but orn engine at'tir the ctl-- r-ur - t. the Arabia w.i to like the |- mc of Iho 1 , rf u on the return v? ?e, nud sauoil iioat Liter ji on t'ji -ib of .lubu (or New ? rk. 1 Li na tcv. taken cut by ilie Portls cuu d a t ot mi' [i e ei l. 00 tbe reb c ttot. loan. *no".'. r Iro u th A1 ? ta us t b wdwl tbe British ?Lip Kciit lie in o-m-d iko c .ptaiu of tuo ICcnt tuat th. prirateer h-.d buru:d .? " real tnu.y" Atuor eiu w. ci* be mc . La* shi r.olkinvi'ant, tu t reported, and that h tnmos had a "tat number" of pri; ticnt "u ooaru tbe J. 'abauta. - ..c tofC -inrl ."i or- . 'it ft ? i-ukjact Of tub ?riipttne tf iri h omigranl' In I -rite ur. t Portlmd uocer t notice of tho He ?' J. 'i ! la a very w irtn II c ?. r, d"> %r\ >- tha: l.ut ir*'1 ha ' ?t rmse ot war .n th akecc 1 ?c-i . 11 c. the C1.1t t Stf-t. .uvcrnmoot io it.e i' tc. it'oe pnrti' iarly n arc . >nt o the nor, .tteet.un v itk ah :h tbe tat.met In W" hiLgton received lord Lyons' fn iiittr tnoes. Ir*' Ur-.ughuu Ri?t;>urtod the Ticr.softu. Marquis of Ciabr.cardt Ivarl ICb .cli c* pi -isod r? .ret at the in t.n.'r u. which Lord l.yo if' re 1 n. Ira .eft werr re * veil, b it deu, i the e\i-tct w o' 3 (Si,, in on a' .lit <*, th- oo. -li ieot.- He "adnslited" f at thee .r 1 aa "joo of a cl : wh.cb frcqu' nt'v leads go war out liuclad had ' . u-. *U rcaa u to lomi late of ?be rebel* u? of the Uui mus or toe war wit ' waged with " h f rjr and re Ale -n< - lu Atnerio:. that "wll r< mo-istrj cc.' appeared nrMin'iun." Til 1/ ??. in of the Ut'-I (. .IB ay a that If f ? ?l irratio: enu in euli 1 mints tue matter I beyond tl.o eoclr ? of ilie goreromrot i/ird fl nricardecn 'Joed that American fee: .itiag wa - iicioL 0:1 in - "otUud as wcli n io Ireiscd. Ko p-jgr. a bad ? 0 m >.. 'a the Brno lernavt C'<n fereoce. 1 tie L ndoti ^jri,a'? n 'rate Lag'nnd may ?ool t ?turn- a ti f dfi od r'.titcds 00 t'r que t c i. It wa< tbmt bt th 1 It ntio did r.ot do ?o Mr Dtsrneli weuld Ou tuit a tii-Jiioi. 11 i arliaoiei.t wb ;biri|;ht have the c*"* ;t of os?i tig the I'a'ifteratnn < al'iret. Toe Bjntah Vlenipo t?: ttariOo w.'.e .a full a rd w to ihe te it. ai l' c , nrcsptl p thaw propoaK 0 of the II* eof the -s fiiey fhr a fr aber. it wski (.Id ihrt the FrcucL Plenipotentiary bac imwh to.tcieu as iho leader of the tie Aral raprotsota tnes it * upoBiag a ptau o' lett cmru'.. Tea 1 rp or aid I npre>*? of ItnssiO bad srriTed at pLlsdnm ? a \ 1 hit to tu Krg of I'i assii. It ts and Uaviht C>*t wi" ooi .-iccnviit ? now h i?bier |e R 1 re Artmtrai Pe"r t? tn rep'aee Admiral Pltii.OC In com* 0i?nd o' tbe Spaiiiih (twt in ib? paeiUo. The G.rcac -an omig a iG tj lurhoy wero dying by th? kundrsd. Trade was feoemllv dill at tbe Capo of Oocd nop*. la kuuLiva-paoi noltoa tnaik?tt gu thcllthof Juno, tie rule * >re low ttio'ieaod bu??. The orvevet was Brmor and a illtlw higtcuwi. Ainv no nrosdntuffa wer# dull ai <1 aieidy. ' I rot i? n? Lull arid m? ,so,:e-l. Cols is c 0*01 in l/> /ion, on tU illh of J*oe| at t lor money CON 0BB8I. In tbe MmaU yMtordav a re?"li;tioo was pr*iect?1, ??0 la'd ovor, inr tru' tlot tbe toreigo ReiatioriC mmlt |m torepon 00 ilw eipw'iencT of or tending the pr on ftnng of tbe' nnadtan Kocl)i"*itf tiostytto the rtne*^ (hay Mrritory ard thu regt'b north of Miunnsct ' . nw tbn Fetair* Huttl*mwet Mr JohDsen prve -ted a ^tateuwuvt nnd petlilon of '*? '*b realm wa ot thla oonntry bapeeqpniiwg ibat Boles who hsva dwcried from the f'ne mi near * ?v wv. u#r? kw by torn* of our offloon to tbo Rusatea autbilttem and praying that such uuradllisa shall b* ^ffa"**'."1 In future. lb* Bona* bill authorizing negotla tlona with tb? Indiib tnoes of Oregon toe r ItnquUhroeot of roriato privileges *? passed. Mr Moliougall introduced a rcROluli u in e'ereuce t tba establishment of aonarcbita governments on tbla t-ou ticent. The bill to prevont military interference lr lions ma debated at much length, >ud, afte* reoeicixg amerdm-ut aliotvloc the presence of tu'.lit?ir lr 1 nitT ol the i?ll8 ? hen such Is oeves-u'y pi repel ai^?ed eui.uules o: tlie United States <>r to pros rvo the pen. o, II was passed. Tlie following bills wvio a'so passed:?Au tbori/lrg continuel tnnsfers of men fron tbe arm y to the navy; giving twenty Qva thousand duliate at compenEitfon to the officers ond crev. of the gun boat Fssex for destroying the rebel ram Arkansas; appro propriatiug two bund ed ih'><isand dollars for the Mlab lisbment of a navy yard and drool at Cairo, withholding the appropriation heretofore trade, of twenty-five thou Bind dollars, for a naval bof . tal at Kiltery, Maine; assimilating the rank cf wa r ut officers In the navy; providing for the punlthtasci 'f thug# who aid reame* to do-erl, and for the eltef o' officers and crows of vessels wrecked or last in the service. The Douse yoint resolution reloask g Captain Ericsson from part or his contract for building the lron-cluds Puritan and Dictator was, a'tf - ome debate, adopted without amendment. ResoUMous were also adopted <a?ting on the President for the report of the Commis sioner of Emigration and for papers relating to the expor tation of arms. The bill Tor the relief of the ccfactors for the doubio-ender gun touts' machinery was debated for some time, when it was agreed to refer these cases to the Court of Claims. After considerable filibustering over a motion to proceed to tbe consideration of the bill for the repeal of all laws tor lbe roturn of-fugitive x, the bill was finally allowed to be reported to the ate as from the Committee of the Whole, when an executive session was h> in which some nominations were confirmed, and the > -ate adjourned. 1 In the House of Represen tee# a resolution to close the session on Thursday next, tbe 30tb instant, was utoptod A re art was made from the Commmee on Elections in reference to the recent elections in Arkansas, accompanied by a resolution providing for tho appoint meat of a oommisMon of three to visit such f .tee as ba\o been declared in rebellion by proclamation of the Preside1 t, ard which have already talcu. or shall take before tbi c tnmen. -mont of the next ossinn of Congrosr. men-urea fur re < .tl lisblng loyal vtme gov ernmenta, and collect ct Idt ncc as to the diet > sHion and ability of tbe people of said States to sustain such co\ crnmcnts. ibe resolution eoncludee with un expression ol the opinion that until these governments shall be shown to be fully able lo niviotitln themselves the States in which they exist sh'olt' not ho ndmiticito representation In Concres* After 'be re ! tip of a counter report ne?t tome dlictixslOli of the rer lo tion it was laid over till Saturday next. Some tino waa aper.t, witliout any deli ite result, over tho Pacific Railt ?d bill and so -,o cases of contested aea's, and 'hen the bill to sntrnrize -n additional loar. of four h ndre'l milllont or do "<rs < us t ken up in Commit toe or the Whole Ar:er a 'one a animated debate the section of the bin oxem 'iu ? mo bend- Issued undo- it iron. State and muni. ' -a! tv ' whs stricken out, bva vote of aixtv-one to fori' tn< r The disctnsion o' the bill, w'thout Buy further amend mcnt being adopted, whs continued upti tho adjournment of the Douse. BTIFCTXLANT'-OtJS WFWS. , The exeo itve cmtni'tee nf the "Vat Jf-rit PoTpcc-Btic rotnmifteo he'il a'itc yesterday, and decided to poatpone tho time of the riecili,.: of thf Hvcieo "ies. (let tia! N'omlnatin-? Cnnvet ti?e from the 4th of July xt to Monday, the 25<'b of Augw-t A aieetli c of hanke-t. and merchants wan h>'M ut the rooioe of thf (Ti tmher of Cmvmeroe at noon yectTffnv, to cooeldor the course of actio.: to talcc In relation to 'Uc opemlion of the Gold bill on the tr.ido am. coramo'ce of tliio city. There vre'c different op nicus expres'-cJ aa to tti effect on Wall timet?game bftUMec !t up &i; a voces tarv measure to check the yxrcblinc tu the uroci us metal, tvbi'-h w?a drrangtnR the bde'aesr ?f the country, t' the (letrimetit of tho credit of the government. It v. ?6 asserted by Fome that tbo sieit nan ia the price of re'd war to b< tttdbiitsd to tbo a (tic; of rebel sympathizers. at d sin. old bo met bj oromot ler- dative action. It wee ns o? * ?ary to put down rebel sympathizer* or, ' t.aoce a; t* wae to c.r.ich th?ir triet.dson thebttxl full Alter a ductis>-i ?&, in wbioh die erg v?i wb re edvanced, a committee ol live wat. ar pc. i tod t( visit tVasUii<t;toti, in whose bands the v?.'.e mutter rests. Tbe soreiitb annual recattr. of the Krook'yn Yacht Huh took place yeeterdar nrternoci, end excited a cecal deal 0 intorttt .tnimg tbe sport It community, wb > attended in larjo numbers to witness the contest. The prizes wrere aw inlod to the fcdns C., of tho srvoocer class; the Motlie. Of tba Crat class sloops; tbo xk lUwk, of ths second class (drop*, and ?h Laura, of the rat rlr diet. The rare was from a stake boat in Cowaaoa bay to In oy No. :< in the lowe r bay and back distance twor.ty mi>o It v&s perlormcd in three hoars and tweaty-elx trinutea by tiie head boat, and passed off to the entire sat'g ar..ion ot all concerned. The marline at Mo? irt naff or. Tuesday nlahl d'd not go on as the r ace men dec t ed. Form.ndo Wood olle f-4 two pear(j resolutions, nod urged their edoplin. Mr Uarriagten, formerly tn tho for: ,retloB Counsel'* otic?, too;, -erosion to assail Mr Wood In a vcrv bitter iff -h, ?bowit up bin operations, wC'Ch was loudly cbeernd by those present. This er> convinced Mr. Wo >d that the td*, < i or .n " fr? art llali. aass npaiot t Mm, that be wit xtn w 1 ro? " t. :i- <o pre ver t tbetr l clng v ted oewn, is h? i aw they i art be If he prtrstd them. Wood's pcica f.uj t> n is cvid nth fen ? r ' 11>e r:! ,ricfld c eralv otsetllnd tbe v.twee of nil binds o' m ?retend , fc d demcrir, and c very, the g At tb < lose \ as re*, rely nominal. t'etro'euni was trregniiu a*, t closed ??.?'. At the Prodico Kxctian re tb< i.nrkf were \r: much e :.t?.', at i>ric' - ma term: > nl an id, th gh i- ? lly eh . it. Urne v uitd n litre off f err the bh v " * . IS to ,cbe L I'?" k ' 'n-rd ;t r.b out yi tcrday's f.rc y. fruris weul m -t tnt?tucc( : Ucr, tboegt the amount of t> one > vrat rot t try largo. Prt( rtburg ami I'.ii hinoml. Sine.- Stt i(lav morning la t there aripf ? to have been .othing more going on bctwoe.. tbe oppoinj: armies in front of P< tersburg tbau defultoiy viriTiishiug, the rcbulla of ul.'cb rnnv be win med up ns sr.iounting to little or nothing. Ions or pun. Ac tire sknni.hing, however. ?? ves. to develop tbe positions and dispositions tbo strong and the weak points of the enemy, nd ronuc rs it difucult for biin to s ml n marc upon us or away from lis .rilh out clet'-fftion acd n severe puni'huient. It ap p'u.rp, fiirth'T, tbnt v; fier cover of th-s busy Skirmishing our army has teen steadily w.irk ing nemtor ad nearer the enemyV, until, le ? than a ntilo, our moat advanced batteries command the little citjr, and bate oomtronce 1 throwing tlirir mlss.les ialo tho ' heart c.r it. 'Ibis sinply Tneftn" that, if tbe rebels per , sri-t in holding awl <1.1 ling 'or 4 e town it , will be knocked to pieces about tbe r cats, nmi made tbe scone of ft cotit fration tvbicb will I compel tbom to evacuate tbo premisea. We havt reason to bc'.icvc that I'ctersbu g Is or has been n sort of half-way hoiiNC of deposit of I considerable quantities of ammunition, shot atili shell, oorn tint! bacon, clotbinjr, Fhoo?, Ac., Intended tor I/ce'i army, In the event of his being driven out of Richmond from 'be n Jttb ward. AMacked from tbe south Ride, it at I Petersburg as the initial point, Leo and ' Iteauregard have, donhtlest,, Industriously em 1 ployed the last two or three days in removing their supplies from tho immediate danger of a fire against which ti" y enn find no place of In surance. While, therefore, we may hear at any mo rocnt that Petersburg, a compact and cwobttt tible city, baa been reduced to a boap of ashes (such is war), aid racalcd ia consequence by the eacmy, we do not suppose that General Grant has beso Idle, " '-""'roe, in refsreice to other and grander Uadgns. On tbe other baud, we guess that bis late conference with Admiral Lee means some thing; and that, while apparently consenting te I fcfce hJfrwOUq 4 I KfDtlH wild TtVoriR burn, he Is perfecting some otber move moat wuicu will briag bis adversary to m open field flgbt, or ""rive him beck over the river behind the defences of Richmond, and thence for the nearest available road for North Carolina. This may all be done within n few days; but it may i be the work yet of several weeks. Let our readers remember their anxieties for many d-iya and weeks concerning Vlcksburg, but that Vieksburg succumbed at last, and they will feel easy in reference to Lichiuoud, of which Petersburg ie the buck door. St tlae Bptg got?Opeulufr the Baafi We have received a pa: 'blot and a very Well written communication favoring the idea of the "Women's Patriotic Association for Di minishing the Use of Imported Luxuries." The communication is accompanied with a polite request that we shall publish the same in "the Hkkald, as it will do more good than fn any other paper." We Lavo no doubt of that. But let these patriotic ladies consider for a mom c it the Hkkat.o's position. It is not a vehicle for the transmission of intelligence that may lead in any manner toward the im pairment of the government credit, much less to give aid and encouragement to the enciny. By publishing the communication, and giving even an abstract of the pamphlet accompany ng it, we should do both. The ladies of New York, in their very praise worthy efforts to assist the government in this awful contest, have been strangely misled. They have been too dupes of interested poli ticians, whose ambition is to secure the favor of the ladies, presuming upon their smiles to win partisan distinction. They should not allow themselves to be thus hoodwinked. The ladies of our country are too sensible to be capable of u political indiscretion, when guided bv proper counsels. It is true they do not vole; but they command votes, and if we are not much deceived uianv of theiu bm e been shrewd political managers. This cla->s p. re sometime? sagacious; but their gentle spirits and noble souls are better attuned to the cultivation of those arts which captivate mankind than ia meddling with the political afl'iirs of tlio day. We do not pretend to lecture the ladies of New York who have selected the Hkrai.d as t' eir especial champion io this mutter of di minishing the use of imported luxuries. Wo simply wish to retnuul tfcom kindly of a few stubborn facts. They are briefly as follows:? 1 he politicians who have offered them their pretentions aid have neglected to inform the that the credit of the government is based upov its ability to pay it? debts, or the interest of its debts, in gold. Upon this basis tho credit of the government tests, at homo and abroad. IV itDont a solid basis of this sort the rorcnue of tho country would be in a worse condition than that of ?re.\ oo when tho French fleet, under I'rince <ie Joinville, bombarded the chief maritime Vie\icau city* Deprive the govern ment or its revenues fr0nn impel-to. which are payable in go'd, u*d the Treasury is thus far deprived of u v>*ry solid source of credit. JJx Ceptiag from our mine., the only material source from which the government receives gold i. from the custom?. Reduce the customs, and you reduce the receipt., of gold from that channel. Surely the ladies who huve thi? mat ter in hand do not wish to embarrass the gov ernment in its receipts of gold? They ca.-.nct desire to close an avenue through which this golden tribute flow*. By stooping their pur chases of foreign goods, our American ladies, however well meaning their in tentions. have innocently made an effort to do an injury to the credit ol the countrv which, in their calmer anil pleasauter moods, tbey wouid hesitate to do. Now, what do these estimable ladies of New York know about political economy? Do (hev not know moie about domestic economv? Would they not better adorn thei* station by examining into the economy of tleir kitchen than by dabbling in a matter which politicians, and many of tbem of the worst sort, make an especial hobby ? Politics, at best, Is a polluted pool, and no lady can safely approach it with out depriving horsolf of many of those rharms which all men delight to honor: and ;n thin case they should be careful to notice that ac ? orapanyinp theii Intentionally patriotic efforts is an underlying ucheme for some idle mule vagabonds to make money. Iu auy event, they mn?t i-ee that pre-ur ing they succeed, all they save by not purchasing foreign fabrics tliev keep in gold from the oi tionul treasury, the ba--is of tho nation's wealth and credit. In the spirit of kindness \.r n imnni-h then* ladles to look a little deeper into the merits of the enterprise they have undertaken, and etop bef. re the vile current ??r politics leads them toward worse and more unwomanly ends. It is a bad principle in either political or domes tic economy to "lei iu at the spiggot and out ut the bung." (.(?oti t\ *aij ctukkj. Since the parage cf the Gold bill by Gongress, bu ing and bell ing the precious mr l bav< cea-ed in the Mock Exchange. Th'-r? are no longer any official quo tations or It? price A few reckte?j ."peculate.'*, many or tl em with m re sympathy with JrfT. Davis than the Union cause, have taken advan tage oft i. is con (.it on of uffi<iis, und ere announc ing gold at all prices from two hundred to two hundred and thirty. Others hare increased the <x ilement for the purpose of ac complishing the rejeal ?r a modifica tion of (he new law. The copperhead press j yesterday morning quoted it as high as two hundred and ten, and endeavored to ma?.e the public believe that the rise was can? d by I lie failure of Genera! Grunt in his 0j ora tk-nr on Petersburg. The efTcd of the Gold bill ha- furnished the Foeesh sympathiser! with a splendid opportunity to rush th-ongh the streets and keep up a clamor and bluster, an nouncing gold at any pric* flmycbooie. That is the business that they are engaged ia just uow, which explal;.? the whole affair. one of our merrban'f vi.dt WaM airoot with tea thousand dollars of gold to sell, and ho will very soon nneertah that gold is not bringing any such price as Urn ?eoe?h street brawlers quote It nl. 'i he sb'urd leyi*i??ion o Congress hes surely Interfered with the legitimate busis**. of etir merchants. Importers are enable to pitrohase foreign exchange to meet their debt* abroad Those who have been dealing in that artlcln reft-e to sell; for they are unable to tell bow thoy can meat their obligations in gold. The foreign axrhange dwaict., Li fact, declare that their occupation, like Othello's, Is gone Rven If there was any foreign ex change to be had, tbe Importers would be com pelled to take a basket of greenbacks through tti. etcoet to cttrohgM H wUUi tot *e Oolf N* prohibits their using their own checks to purchase exchange. This has had such a serious effect upon the business and commerce of the city that the merchants ard bankers call< d a meeting j ecterday to take such action would secure u modilicauou of the bill by Congress. For the details of thic meeting we refer our readers to the report in auothi column. It is to be boju?d that sorue action will be immediately taken by Coo gross which will relieve the legitimate business of tic country from the ruinous embarrassment, and that hereafter it will be allowed to proceed without any further clogs of the kind. Operations on Jawn itlvr-Tht t'stlsr* Of Oar Iron-flact navy. It is announced in the ry w* from the .Tames river that Generals Grant and Butler visited Admiral Lee, on one of the gunboats, on Satur? day last. What took place at this Interview between the Lieut* nant General and the com mander of the James river flotilla we of course do not know; but we know very well wbat ought to have taken place; and we can only hope that the presence and the words of the victorious commander of our armies may have stirred up Admiral Lee to a sense of his posi tion, and inspired him to make some attempt, even though a lame one, to go forward to the performance of his plain duty in opening the James river, aud taking his iron-clads to the wharves of Richmond city. There Is no disguising the fact that, under their present commander, the James river gunboats are haviug a shamefully easy time of it. They are ignominious ly compelled to look on in idleness, while the army loses eight or ten thousand men in a glorious struggle that they should hare rendered unnecessary, ft is reported that even Commodore Goldsborough has growled at the inactivity of the guubonts on the James river. But, as it' mere idleness were not enough. Admiral Lee has just performed an act that, wo doubt not, has called nn honor able blush to the cheek of every officer in his fleet. He has sunk boats in the l'ver?ob structed the channel?to prevent the rebel rams from getting out at his ships. He has iron clad vessel' enough to blow every ram "n the confederacy to atoms; but he is a "raid of the trial. If he fears to meet those vessels uown the river where hi? own beats lie. when may we expect that he will go up the river and. tight them where they are supported by batteries on shore? If it bo urged against his advance up the Ja1 cs that the obstructions are dangerous end th; U e firo of the forts is too severe, it must v n be admitted that iron-clad vessels are a failure, and that the immense sums spent ia ' ioir construction have been thrown away, liarlv in the war Admiral Dupont silenced shore batteries under a terrible fire with rnly wooden ship'. Admiral Farragut went to Now Orleans despite obstructions in the river. uid running the fire of perfectly constructed !< ts. all with wooden ships. lie ran the lire of the Port Hudson batteries with wooden ships: and Porter ran past the formidable and well served Vieks'ourg batteries with even the army trans ports. If 60 much n ore can be done by some commanders with wooden ships than can bo by others with iron ones, we ought -itber to waste no more money in the const ?-tion of iron ships, or wcon 'htlo change c? m inters. "We do not object to Admiral Lee because he is ar relation of Mr. Blair, nor ye', because be is tfVirgiriian: but we do object to hixu because he lias no energy in the discharge of his most obvious duty, and becous<? he is for that simple reasor palpably unfit for tie im portant position he now occupies. NEWS FR1M NORTH CAROLINA* & The Prtwe dimmer Hrvrnaey?A Rrltlah Kebel Privateer of Sixteen Gun? Pit find Ont at H?rm??l??The Blockade and the Blort aders, &r. MR. GKOdWU II. HART'S Pf.gratch. ICTiR'fi ov North <'Arc it*, "J Bsarro.n, June 9, t^?"4. ) The pri.'e Prven* , captured* this point, if found to contain a fa mure valuable cargo than wtu at firat supposed. Hie vessel ar.d cargo cost originally at It iff h itf r mil ? Jioo of dollurs. Much of U ? g< Ods and stores hart Ik eo so seriously damn 'd ss t0 ,ip rendered worthless. C?p ta.n I've, acting cosstt.auder In Ibis port, bat detailed detacln&ci.t*' "rorn seven*: vessels to unlo- : her On Sunday tho ; booirr Fforr.*, Gt'bcrt, master. I>*,> . ht stray sc. en tbrusar.d pairs of shoos. Tl en. were aovenly-fire thousand pairs In a!', on board tho prir.e. Her plain, patmeDgsrs nad crenr. I rty h\t In number, who h:id attempted tooeespc to the rebel lines, had boen ca; ursri l>y Colonel HcChesoov, In i nemand of Fort Mac. n. An nnjr tbca are bo'level tn bo un-im rf *lM|M'i oTicers who a* ?p?d fr^rn Northern prisons to Canada. The enrlne-r held formerly Ibe s?me runic lit the English navy. It was through his determined conduct that the vot-eel was sacrificed. A tier al ofiuer war like wise captured, at <1 It is stated that one oocon pmiug avery Woe Wade fwoer. I learn that lie re are upwards of fifty teasels on the Clyde dcaigoed to rnn the blockade, and upward! ef twonly at liertnada. There la a large de-nhor! steamer now Gtt'rig oof at a privateer at I'f rm .da. i-'hele'l Pr-gland as -. blockade runner, aud ha! h nee mounted ats'een guns, Pbe Is rt>p reaenti d to be \ e: raft. There is a piatt en fed for tb vessel, (be Florida and h-vs oir or two others o. I .Pa Character t" oeut at s> me point oo the r.<>r,.t art! e.. deavor to drb,? n-vay or de-troy mr blockading Seek;. The rani., i.r tt ,lm n:tor are de-icned toco Operate. Comonnnder Bnv.uipurt, in charge for som" Cms i . tof the nttvul Qotlllaabout Kewliern. has boon rotl?veu .row thin po*- and ordered to the lbn-uc. l'r '"deltm ly cabbo out with the Burnslds expedition, and has dote good Service Thu'Ugh tb- eoorgatic I'toni of T/eut-.-nant Oer ?rd, Quartern ,aater of lb# sub district of nctiu'url, am .* and comfortable i commndattati it he In it provided f . th" refnpee furoiMe-;. Much trsdlt Udtio the Ouertermvtter fbe the nt management ol uii department, and hi wi I merits tbi promotion he li al. ni t<> receive. tlijr latelligruce. Tnr Wit DsrirmfX]rrQtv*<rs ( urnit The excess of eotne tlilrtee- or fourteen hur Irod volunteer* v. n Mr. IVunt, ehalrn.en of tbe Supervisors' Committee, ctaPcd over the guoU re<|ulicd of na, has, we loam, bet n mo viy allowed When toe comrnittoe, on tho Oct o' tho month, mode ib-ir r<;art, tbe War Fvpartmnt would al ow au excess of aeiy slxlv-sii r ones; but after looking ai all the facts, as preeentnd to rbe Hepartment by p, Blunt ?nd (teneral Maya, it has now ecknn? lrdr?n and credited toMbttOxr.t of OVOT one thousand mor>, urblrlt, w ih tbe fl?l 'X eire*rfy Tedded, givre u" an r.x.-evi of electa hvndiod or ? thirty-Sevan, t?. be credited on our next quo a. ihe s pervtiirg ou'ro for Cue nbtr two or throe bund-ed hi rqual'y good, and will doubttrm, afrr due i inndei alien, b' sll wert. Title aets no well on to wards fl'.l ng our next quota, ami Mr. B'urt flrter.r-. mnel' pral<e (or hla Indefatlgabillty tn seciiMna their credit. Tlia Kl'tPC'arif tbla was p '?raj t y u?m.. ted, cc le-re by Prevent varohal (Jeoeral Havi *ni the rnuater. tug officer, i.letitenant R. C. Farter, wiwi matarl Itv atdi d in srittflog fita act or juaMce to .'ow Tmk Why, wo woe! 1 ask, do not. the oorrmlftee go on with tlv- work of vohmmnetn*' Mom men wiltoertnta'y he odtrd for, and this delay orly maker It mow dldWult In aeoere votun rears, and fb" m-re osrtetn that a draft *11 be en'orcd. Ont" wort, Mr. Bloat and gentlemen of tne commiCee. The t Join pi isr. who tennwg well how le ralwi funds, wnlsopplr you the iMioeaaary means, and nil that tn wanted thsrofrrs u to opoo jmr becks acdl bid the vol antears te eome in. Acxxeawi to a Coero* Uciuw Wwosna.?*r, W. A. Beeeher, a ceualn of tba Per, Henry Ward Beeches, and fbrtha l&?* two yaarn or mora n weigher In the Cue teen pones, met <-tth a tnoat aerioun accident about eleven o'etock yeetcr lay mo nmg, hy fatting down tba area out si Is Ibe doorway of the Custom House, a rtti-aoce ?f aotne ?p ? Itiralvn fbob Rla bead struck be vlly upon the ??remeat, awn it t? fmred hta tnjuriea will te n uass fi taMf i as toe li over sixty kve years of age, aa>< bad if Skin to sustain such e severe sh<?k to Itls system, Ha mm M m air mm?? THE GOLD EXCITEMEHT. Meeting ?f Baukcri and Mereknnte t? the Chamber of Coir mfre?-The (Void Bill Denounced wnf Deiendt d?Ap fplntipcnf of a Committee to Go to WenhluKtoe, ?i<> An extraordinary meeiinT of banker*, broker*, mer cbuute ami otb-r money changer* took placo yesterday ie the Chamber of Gommrce. liiu ^ulUeriug *a ? pursu 'ance o' tha following call:? Tbe ractchari* and backer* of New York ere re os'ted to at ona a niuitUig, to Uo he'd at the rooms of tua Chain b.-r oj Commerce, in.(lay (Wednet .icy), the 2-d tost., at t.eivo o'clock M.. for the uarnose ot urging trie reiieM or nodulcattou of the (fool bill recto'lv ce'^rd by Congres*, which ha* iifcretyveil the busltiee* f,f the ooaut-j, and forced boa est uieti, alio il?tire boncBi'y to obey the laws, either to ab .ndoc tbelr l>"*lt.e*s or to do ? bat is rcpag uiuit to them?report to axpodtcnts to evad" tlte taw. BIUJIYN" HROVTIUK* A CO., IlUNCAWHHt RMAN A CO , .1 A.T STUART It CO., J O. KING'S RONS, l'.UGKNK KW.LY *CO., BALUN ft SANDKK, MAUPCK A ItFiym, l? VON HO! HON At 10 , ftchard nn,i,, r.. r fargcrson, SCftCfiH '.COT ftG1CRTI AFP, rHlL. SREYKK & CO. Tnowgb tiie hoar wa-early at which tba tnoeticg was called, the tnoneyeu poured in steadily till the room was fulei' snJ the easterner and antmatioe displayed iu their conversation evinced a spirit of sincerity and earn either,* rarely wltuessea in any gathering. The'ng was cal'eU to order by Mr. Mafci'SK, who nominated Jurors Browu for chairman. IU also elated that the meotlGg ha<l Lcen caJed to obLiia the repeal or modi Heat ion of the Gold bill, which recently passed Con gress, and htu since become a law, K. B. CHinsvDi.N considered any action that might be taken to that eflicl premature. Tbe bl'l had not yet bad a fair trial. It was not knowu whether it would diiarrani'o businc*' The advance in gold he considered tho result of tbe refusal of apicttlufora to sell it. Tbe enemies of tbe government, be con- ' sitlercd. were endeavor,og to create a fictitious nod ex aggerated demand for it. Ycstorday three men entcrc-d a broker's office and inquired if he had po'd to sell. These throe mon evidently did cot want to buy gold, but were emissaries of Jell. Iisvie or other enemies of tbe Dolled Stulos, who desire to brenlc down the finances of the government, seeing that It is invincible io other respects Mr Clut'en.len corclcdoa by oRc "tig a rosolution to tbe offiect thai acouimittre of fivo ba appointed to corsider too subject in every aspect, and correroond with the VVrshiDuton authorities, lor the purpose of having curb n.oewlm?n;* mFde to the Hold bill r CC'.tly inn-sod bv (V?.gross, and sicked bv the I'-es dcnt, m they tp'-y consider tirop-r and judicious lb bonci'i int white coo t-l'lering bis nuilo n every gentleman sonU do b utmost to tie ct tho measures which tlirloval men had c >tn inoiicei to break down the rational finances and eiubir rtv-B the government in this crisis. Mr VD'tcir* renlled lint the Odd bill injured bill buyers rn"ri Hint bill poPcrr. !! Intention ?'?'* to pre vent cntuhlinn and snoculati n In po'd | nt its nnlv efl <ot would be to trek the t ??? !-?. No one knew the roal value of gold under this b it. Ore ni?n might pay more than another 'or cold He bolieved it to be a- itle"?l to buy checks for oschapyn as to buy gold. Tie poped Mr Chittenden would net acensc. him of belt"'a gec"*stnpi?t. It?< acaic c rued the necessity of a in difl calion of the b'il ureed it nw Hie meeting. Jamsa Iptowj*. et th - firm <>t Hrown Brothers, conside'od the Ixnks coultl n <l stut d n rt n on tficm tor twenty ' nr i hours, end that, in tho epi ilon of law; ere, tbe purchase of etrchanee by cheeks i ificr-l. ' Mr f mrrsM kn con'enrtcd (bat the nnblcn'ty of the | h''t v-as ontv tin oversight. Iu pare ->? w?- only to | chc-k spce-.l-itfivj in cold. Ho d'd pot think that't titer I torch with lo^itiiUHto truilic hut It stopped iro"roper I Street trnlhc. I s I Tiiom wok, of the Virst Nut end Brink, sntd thit 1 ipniaw would not b1' repealed It would o-dv ho made tno-e 1 strtnemt and rffiective, sad ih'-t ;i!l Irnnsic.Lions would borecuired to be made lit turner. There is a ts.wer h? hiiid she tinanoisl circles of New York city, and many gentlemen would soon Ite .tiuiie to vol it. Mr. t.n >vr moved that tlie chalrmin he empowo-ed to appoint the commltteo rroi*?sed in the motion of f (.hittcti 'on. Mid tiie motion prevM'rd a' 'or being ai'Pnd ed po as to confer power en tbe committee to go to "Vash iDgb'U TheCufP.wav stated tint he wopl'i rcfire tlm'tooi pouit the eomrutttee, nnd the m?e tng then ad.tounied. 3?lr. Plrlrt's llrplv to THarlnw Wrrli. TO TPS POTTO"P Of Tltv KVSMN) POKT. A Irtterof Mr Tlittrlow Weed aiyeari in tbn Krtnvna JiiVf p i of SAtiintsy. and Is opted in the W'.r'd of this rnoru iug. with fitting comment in the fiasii style of the t ri/e rhig. That eminent pitr td ?m'e,-taT-e<' to prove that the odi'or* efthe Kruina !'? ' ore wrong bci anco somebodv else is not right And with 1>t* abtfe of be*tor tii*ti nro intermingled some egpo-s-'ons reapeelit.i tnvself, tbu burtlen of which apfs'tirs to be that I r. reivotl from Heo? val IVeiriaf.t A r uipsel fee if two hrndred tfiousind de' 'er* pot tor rrsl and reepvinrv loy*l *rrr!e?i, but as part n rrutuUv 'or uremotl'ig his m ?tl"al ve-vs. This is the S"h?t*Pep. for I for hoar tc copv the coarse e'nr? In which ffi? meaning if cinveyod. In ail this tin re I: unt a word of truth, except Ihe fnct that flopped Kre ; pi>rM ixs bmi and at'll is my clton*: that he. end noil, ?? ".vlit tlm eel'itioti, anu thnt as mi enmjte"?*t!Oti for Ic | gat nerviouc incA""?p? srd m -t embsrrsswlr.t and dlff | cull the va'ne nf which T leaveblm to'xuresp, 1 ireeived not two hundred tbintc nd iiolnrs, hut two thnnsand ; s'i*ri>* of stock, the par v iltie or which wax one b'tndrf d ('.:|tn'? a Hh?rt<. but which 1 could luivn hout'ht at ea.j jteio .or twenli (Ivn dolfnre. and c. uld now bur for (i'ty-ftve. And even these shares ttt reality came net from Gwral Trctnonl; for I had ne ver evenanced a wo?' with b'm on 'b'- sub ?ect hut from another iwrann, tt> whom ttiev had been cuesgcd by 1 n, and through whi m 1 h ?'! been originally retafiii d. t tlioi'cht then, and still rh'?k thitlwsaen tit! t to n'l that I received, and in rbt* f'er.erat Fremont Agrees art'h rue, *o far as 1 have ever known or bad rea *ep io believe But whether it ve-e Wi or pot t^ermt tor was otic of private hn<uposv w oh ?li oh "tbors Irue tiocorcer-i. 1 must ir.-i*t uiX/n ndiusting my'ce? w'!h tnv clients t.s th?y ami I nc 11. *"d t''? Intervontlop o< a s'rar.rcr, I td-e imre to say. is sheer ImoertinrBre. Whet one , ha I ivo or n . ve for ah ouinlon. or an argu 1 mrnt. '??' a t?c lc or A hou?e,bA? not vot come to b* es'ocnicd ? pr?rer *ub cct for tiio ptjOBc to rcu'ate. I do net think we em oven go ?o far as to Inn-ire what Mr Wood refrlvct f r hi' Inst nrticlc, or in wh t i isii rr the wfitrea of flip editor* o' tfi" lYort.' arc dietr|'.c,ted ? how n.ur.b goes to the l.tieiler and how much to the pedant. vrtth tte re'atlont belwefn General V'temo t s d my *?K no t'?r? ?? pf.t'tt-a t>a* c irkMn nktiMi I Invt pi ee *fiih Into or for htm. t'.i visaed hi* timninatlnn, pn icnt or prospective. Indeed. I da not cvor to have st hen o' e word w :th hm dr. 'he vol. t t)" the HVrld I tia' e. onlv lliiv now to nav . that If apv tb'.m tint Id instirv sue', a a u.l dlon of fin and so dan. gc ie* a precedent s the sno ot anion of a t-rwr. *iu?r bv n Hit tv tore, or ;wpu' r n|rl?n. c. wh'cfi by tfic iwy . T think nothing can jut'lfv, tbe scdofiir. ai* cahtmnv w ntch(fit) by dav rivo'tfio. It* chimo* would tnake the, jt! ll'e-kt! iu the en til a,.outt.8l ho luittltil 10 lCedPDC> a:td *'? tv cited In mat've. .# for Mr, Thurlow "'foul, b" bad hetler Dsv? mv reis te n', v. ,tli him to ?tao>d whore 1 1 -ft tnero in lSf'.fi bv a cm ft of'tide: ee of wf'.ch ! t.tin ?* ' t tpj , Of.ft which, for t'.a i ' -ent. 1 leave t r.po ik lor It-el' liAVll) ftl DIiKY FIKI.D, Nrv- VticK, .Tunc l!0. lk&4 N. ? Y ?k .Tone '."l R Vfr. THre-e p?rr i-r i,'orti,rd '' >' f no'nt; ll'al a OU led do ere'' tu b'n , a ?? !v oft'r t1" ? b ' 'Vt? tfitn- en l?n. that I w i-lntrres ed t,i ll.r N-w York t'tt - Rallrnud *-t- i-nd not o?'-that, but that I had demamtrd a lar,,er sliar.- th.<a ' had rere've f. \> III vuu fie aou , io Info-tn me. at roar earllral ron ren'ri i*. Wfieiher M?? ttarrrv undeistoct ou rorr and If a?. i.fieifier vi u ev t board a .cord *rokrn h? or to ma on th" auhieot of tarie ana el If nr? lie' .uthnr ti vou fiad'tof rout-daelaratlor to him. P"tn ,-'fnl y .oorg, Ac. D'.VID DUDLEY HELD. THXtKtow Wmtt), F.-tj.. ? batty. a t ainv, July a mm. D. D. F - i n. Raf? S i ?fo i? recent coat t - atlou v tlTl If win r arnet h a t.. 1 stated that, from mv tar est tmu-. o d?e of the ttroadwnv lt.i i 'a ' l-t >.?? t. '00 li'.d .oonericd > it h it: lliai vo'T partner, Mr Slovlrr, | and o t ol tin. LegUiatnre, had ad vtcftiel i-lv' rallros l?: that U? .* one ?' the ticraou* ta wliiun ai: tv lailrMd ? f m od b* the |,rr.,nl Ic-ro a fil.-r hlld t.lAI I "U VI " 'J .dr.stO' d to l.e Ir.'erct.iet tu tha i-Ua r wh cL s'.inda in hie t. .e Kc> '' '? !l *''lire THi'RLCtr W EBD. Nk* Tors .Tu'y? tydU. P. T), Fism. Rau 1, an?ilevr ??ri r Thur'ow V.rrc'a letter to ou of tbe VI, in* riiit t'di A w u'. ta atat- IIiaviii late to vr. 111 r,Jr. tfi or ,u ? rr teen inferatlrd In ft# r? .Co.- I 'I: lit |?Mte ul I Hit Ufa ten -'at ne, In w .iioh my panic ai?peare. A vou wrll krow It w .? a Uiattrr nfretv mv oi n. and I don't think 1 'Of t nrw > ien I ' tin I'l Utlcr-y of th. bill until ll wasaououn d iu th public ?* r 'ridv miiu. J A V, IvS a SI,! \ 1 KF,. a ? w Vons. Juiv t,, t ? . gm_Of e utr a I Am to nr dent' c i jour letter in*. r? eali eil a? o drnl.ii of vour haviat a?'d to Mr. Ri.raav mar* than juu admit to me, and, :b' fore, f ccnfine ti.y rt.rly to llmii 'id o' two i .en> r-lMlng to myself?one. that I h, I firen "runne -?rt"w h IhaFroedwr i l-'tiitr* i t [i otewt fin, yvir ex iniw'rd..,- of It. ?.id the <?? mr that I was ' nndore'oad" to I . In ? ?'< In tt. tfc irr or otic at Ihe N? ? Vors nty tAilroa ' grai Is, rtau ilng in Mr lluytar a "A1I1B. , m# Tt r eelite of whnl w o " in f r Jcod' may I e .aeri hv 'fr. Utovter'a le'ter. of whlr'i t eackiaayou ? c pv. With the Rroadwav Railroad I uf ha.1 nd rther crnneoilon than thrt of ?? r !' Ink vou ire* Auo ivlial relal'on tfiath'S talhu miam ,i? li.?lai?ttan of la" w ntar t am at a lose m nndarstand. If an C of mioo ha? cer id me i n spnro-er anologte' or witn??e of br.lteri, I give li t* fi ero to think m? u( ' ava as lie o'esae* Upon em ifieorv or the re'-.tlon fi,'wern oounncl and ellrrt which f hei e ever li"*rd. fi ??m? tncrodlfile thai man of ci nan ?fiott d In ac no far un l?-taul. that on env?r^ w.?nt aa ro in-el ehmild pre?eoi to* tcefinr and etures^fiif lu.fifi'iAlfiin win n told that the laws of New Vork had heea so'.; or V Mi.-, e* far a* I anisble.taj nl both Uie i at |rr< eud ihe mtrrhaeer* Yonra rA?t?-c'fii]lv, _ Tnfi.i/iv hiw. B'?l- DAVID DUDLEY FULDe Am rum Hi -g sun Wurvprr Sounrtak?The (fr*n4 orat<>" rical r.nd mnrlcal wtertahMI la aid of tha roltaf fund of the l /idiei' D ime Unl'ed Nate* HoopiMd t?k?* r?^* *l the Aoedcmy of Muala to night. It Is ooneoeeasr y to do mom tho. than simply to remind tb? public' <* thta fnot ta order to ?*care a crowded tiU*nd*oo? ? e e AdaMaaloo sro one dollar eeolk _ . AM tor tha CDrf-emwtMleR; puaeoa'm*. June tT, 1W4. A, rmvn Hn.ina to tho Pfdideot the Chrla ...? autno th*' ??>? "A**1 *?* C,T" afl etpp'oyer. at tha ChaHca fa^avT^rd-hnva contrihntod lour thoussnd aJI hundred doliorn t? "?? Christlaa Oomtnl* i ft. N?n?, rriooe or lldooi* farmers Iw laehMumllla Rea o mred to cot.tribute too thon I ?~e fhrtetlen t'omailMton, pmvtdod 'Ret 1 !?!T?,ouaend dollar* mure e?a he rateed In Morgan cum. ilt! ? r M rasides Tho rh vllenge ha* l?c? aW?*pVM l^alg OM J-iTtrf *tu OMlkUM^^i rMtwA, MEADE. Shell* TFrown Into the Street* of Petersburg. WARNINGS TO THE REBELS. CAVALRY SKIRMISH AT WHITE U0U8L Additional List* of th* Eill j and Wounded, **, Mh m. THE HERALD DESPATCHED. Br* S. C.dw.ll.d<r'i Deip.tck. HSADQUARTKM, A KMT OF THR POTOMML \ June 111, 1401 f attack oral warn sons*, yesterday morning at four o'clock Tbompaoa'a nM cavalry, with artillery, attacked White House, and ocm tlnued the asaau. HI half-past four la the afteraooa, the date of tbo la; .cb from there. Our lose had not ezoeeded two or t a In killed end wounded. The i.t plosion of?a rebel oaieson put a number o? the* cavalry hors du comb*.. Sborldan was arriving and i partlcipata in tba engagamanl THE SEfOlVD CORPS. Mr* Fin ley Anderion'i D^npntrfi. Battle KiWJ), ipf Ff<!f(fT of PtvrnitFpi'iia 1 JliWK 80?10 P. M. ') BKIRMIFHI SO. Fvervthlng has remained comparatively qu lot lr ??m rront elnce tho data of ins last despatch. A lltt'e fun.ode last oveuiug enlivened a portion of tbo linos; hut it last* n few minutes on'y, and was occasioned by an alarm among the pickets. rrrsasnr'RO pnin.i,tn>. During the night Colonel Tldbull, chief or the P-eoood corps artillery, having previously examined tho ground in front, posted several baiterlosat favorable paints some even In advnnco of the in'nntry llue-aod thi3 morujng they shelled the town. Hie object of (be shelling was uot to destroy the city, but to show ths t roe [is, which we understood wore missed in the streets of Petersburg, that we cnuld reach them wiib ou> gun# "ho enemy did not open on us with their battel las nppo. site our front, perhaps partly, ir uot wliol'v, for the rt* sot; that onr sharpshooters are so advantageously located as to tns'te It vory Inconvonieot for the robot artiiloriau to work thajr pieces a faw shuts wcto fir d at ns from the rebel batteriaa on the height* boyoDd the Appovafe tox, and the CHnuonndlng reared altogether. OUBT.-stS BTESIfCTIiaYBD?OS4TH OF CAPTAIX WOOM1T U>' nis wit a. Gcnora) Birner baa etrengthc "d and improved the haes In front of the Second corps, nnd made (he pnultiet perfectly eecure. Captain Wootscy, who commanded the' Fifth New Jersey regiment In the assault on Saturday morning, and who was wounded at that time, died r? tcday. In the afternoon :i telegraphic despatch came addressed to him. stating that his wire h id died that morning; but be never new it, for about the time of tte arrival the Captain died himself. tua mux porch is nmatsnuso, Tho cnotriy If ovidcntly endeavoring to decclra us grestly with reference to the force in Petersburg, for Eome of tbo prisoners captured yestcruay belong to nta. and > ngstreet'a corps or s a-my, b th or which db visions, it lb scald, arrived in Petersburg on Friday; but those prisoners, as well as others, say they wore In a?ractad that, In case they should be taken prisoner*, they roust amy they belonged to Wise's brigade, or Beak regard's command. Tim Fiaar maixp heavt artu.lbrt euflfered severeiv in the assault on Saturday, as will be ae*n by the long list of wounded, ft wo-: the loading re *f rnei.t of the storming column, and bohaved In a mna g?i last manner. aitcswr psitti? n irosrrrAt. ? Ttie following is a list of wounded men died In r lrft i division, -second corns hospital, Jure 19 and IP, is?: ? ntPlni:hr.m. D 2d Del A McCarthy O. rer'm^n' a.1 T. Duckori. F ? rt N V known ' B *?' .1 Co in, II, tilth N V John Ketca'f, Itth NT U I) I -phani, rooii any and re- .1 Tfulllnliower R lUt'p. gir.<ent not known W Snilih, K. f,Sd pa Wm Wood*. O. N FT K Barrett. C, 4?h F V rrl , (ha* Katon, II. Otti KB b Holme*. C. 37th Wis wouaraD m hofhtai.. I Tno following Is a (*?? of wounded in the Plrat dlrlatw hos'dtal of the Second corps, June CO: Jaa Wats-son, i IdOth P* Jo* Miller B 7S.I N T ? ? " -d N v art J T B vine. ri, ;oxii a A ltldoledo A, /sjh Mass Ttios fiords It opt* ft r John K?l v, A 2d N Y art Jolm Johnson, it, 2<[ V|u John Clark. V. '4ih K Y C. W M?f ? j ul, V y ??* D Hrrm^ llm'W "rt M V Ct'*v- 28'1 M,u,? D N I r*v, II I'll N \ ,ioa A Furre-' |> tcoh ha Jsrob kna'aboll*. K. 7lh N T Tt.o. Leon.-irrt 7(S x T art "rtl'iery C Halt. K, 7th K V art Tbo folowing Is a list of wounded In lb# Kit at 'i-leita hihpital, Second corn*, .Tunc ]?>: ^tSeWe'v?* hMHH Ketiham. n. Mlk Kra-'k f?. 14 '|| Pa ,T f> Hern. ? ?<t M V nrt Fen Whltyri If. MM, Mm.' " *''> f "" ??lhNp* Kyty:*?: 2: ? * > WvC'srsn A "AN V art ft Thorn yon. < *t t V i ',a' oTf- ? '&S2 , 11 '? w.iimm C, :s.h M f ij is a i/Or'i, U -fl i? Y nrt cavvry Jersmlah Hartenliaier, K, W |r|in*n D. 7" v y ast K Li as . M. id K " a- l .1.1 K lllllf:, P f ill 'a A'- I N V ?rt Cant NeUon PenfieM. l?."ith Lt C . ,l P* it oar r0 ?,>*?* 4. N Y ins ?d ft Y aid f-ttldlisev w ?d N V art John R tllidiisri ** i""hP? H Dave*. II istip* John Terviii. u. cW, I VV l/One.kt. I!, "d N V art ft II .no. rn. M lu Kt, art ? ; H K'lit firdr II.1BMI1 Pe K ko-t, p, | ,M f* ?Too Johnson. II, k'o N Y art J I o-m . tui n i artltlery J . arv, K,2'1 J? V ?'t Mc Ii 1* (I. A. S.I N V art J Can . V 7th S V M-t It r> C inuoll, K ' Tih N T (hE'l; S-rar K.. ltd N V art lisu tin, a, IHn pa T ' 01? r. r.fiih M v h vrKuoon, K h <h Pa I. sriartoek. h. 2d N V art /. |. it i>, flm N y K'l V "irc.h. I). 2.I K V nrt A Fluc'i, L, 7t!i N V art W W alters H, 2d N T a-t 'apt. Chua Bird, vonond l?alaww?, Phlrf Fngtomr First division, Bee.und corps, ts ol-o rounded TRE FIFTH CORP*. Mr. I*. A. He net 1 ielt's Deapetrh. ni:4T.fir Minor', FrTif APMV r, nrs ? Bsi.or.K PrruWiHi acj, Juno 20 IR04. ' f ona rosmotv. Th?re has hoen no deviutlon to-dny from yoht.erday'i progrsmme, and no change in pi aition In our frout, either of our ntt lint or that "f the enemy. ?KlI.Ml.intgn?Tlfs Tiwrrs r?T>.tt|*TW Actlvs ftkirmi hlng nnd orcasioinl cannonading baa been the order of the div. but no attempt at chsrpins ne oil her side, or show of diat, allien 'nhrlng on a goner -I en gncement Thr njrfi the proxlm ;ty ol the opposing ilntc o' battle, lhl> skirmish In ontt.iia 1 n.tty <evore I '?ae . / lari:? number have liner sdnilt'ed to the hi spha's tn-dar I will tend an sddli looal and noirplcte list of our wound<M nlnnaarriving here. THE CAIALRT. Mr. Frsntlr C. Long's neapsr?e1i. I? rna Itiaji, Nuaa Mnrsr Zrs* Cnpat o, Va., T June 20, 1KII4. / At duak no the aften non of the 19th IrStscit the pich ?is of the Pfird division of cavalry, iperi.ilng with GttL Gr'nt, ware drawn in, and we fell hsnk to the James river The o"emy did not follow us up, 11* had been ari ripited but he allowed ua to withdraw without making nuy aimrt to annoy ua. rtti c?''?r.ry 'wo*'an nrs i*.prw Antra The head of the column e wmenred ernsaing tlicJamsa at Wlloo?'a ferry, at three n einrk the following rncrning and nt daybreak the column was all over the river. Tka division war marched to little itraudon (a mile or as from the Terry), and received a anpply of rt.tiom. erd for ago, which both liorsee and nu s w? r?> grnst'j |r ,t eg an their suppliea wore svhoiiy eyhsusted. At twelv* o'eloi k M. cm the I7ih lastsnt wo mn iheP to I rince '<eorga Cottrl Bouse, and bivouacked la thai vicinity for the ttlght. Heavy oannoandlng ?u heas* during Um night In ths direction of releiahurg. ST MOTWT tnv* monets ffegt morning (the Hth) General Wilson was aaad aheut three miles south of Prince utorge Court House in Mount Zoos cbtieob. on the Dlaokwater conk, to aajey * brlof aeaeon of rn-f nruteot tha left dank and roar ?f the army In ft 1.4* or Petersburg. Our pickets attended from the left of the infantry Hot of butle to Biaokwalae oreek. cia.vstiAC wiieon's omittunmnur oamm. i MamUiig 41^^ ^ 0M?kA hdAUaaa

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