Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 23, 1864, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 23, 1864 Page 6
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HO*'8KB, ROUSB, SC., TO I.eT, a * (LBOS>* BOOH to LET-FURNISH l?l, WITH A private be n ,al water do et A bo oiti^r Booms, W*Mn>ut Boor?i App<? b4 4 Depau row. A gK8T CLAKS. LARu-r TH KKK PTORY FUKNIRH fV rtlloiirti? let. on Wrm a .Wui. ^0-1. ? so one ? Nineteenth street; also one below - .,irt,.oBth street. Bear Ftl'b avenue, all fullv fnrul hed. >4 posses-ion ia.BKMUai?ly. ADAMS k CO ?? r>- .dway. A GERMAN LAPT WISHES TO LET ONE OR 1*4 tiea'lv Fern hed Rooms, *MM board. Ap|d\ I8t Bast Nisei*. ath street, betwveu Second and Third A FIRST CLASS BROWN STONE HOURS TO RENT. B Kali Forty ninth tre-i. between (-coond and Third ?veu?es thr-e story hie'* stoon and ba-ement ?a the or I - ?i h Aupiy at oece to JOHN FET TRKYCH. 41* Third avenue A FfJRNIS'lED MURE TO LET? IT T4RRYTOWN A na the Radson a short distance from cars and stee o bosks haa Ofuw" roams. all the laadarB improvements and ?tx>nt me a<*rr el good land, laid out 111 garden and lawn. Bnt ha. Wilt he rented lor the summer uiontha Rent BIM per arosAh. S KMUKKSON 421 Rlgbth avenue. . HANDSOMELY FURNISHED HOUSE WITH NICE J\ garden to et, ashott distance fi-om cara and ateam Saats at Tarn town on ihe Hn.lann, house some ten room-, long pis a, well shaded, earden all ?ell planted, house fursis *9 compl ta targe 1 brarv, suitable tor a clergyman; 4a a very nr? tty place and wilt be rented to a "elect Tamil* ?or the sunnier months I'nrmitt from S. EMBKRSON, 421 Rigfcth arm 11 ft. CtOCVmv HOUSE TO LET AND FURN1TVRK FOR I sel.'.?Ho'i?* n w latof Mwv; Furniture new black walnut, tnmigiiaut; Carpets and Furniture ordered last (all at full 0 1*1 cent W as than can be Dun-based lor to 4af everything flrst elana; a 1 Be small barn on the lot; tlie krt 81x130; tqUenrt d view or the Narrows. Staten Island, ItreoAliB New York and surrounding country will sell wn-e to those wishing to pundia-e a 1; accessible by horse cars ever half hour; jbsi Ml minutes' ride from foot of t or.iauc. street Location. Claremoat, N. J. . J II. HUNTING, 15 John street. N,^. ^>HUNTRY RESIDENCE TO RENT?FURNISH BD IF \ / ?desired at West port, <V)nnecticut: two houi-s' ride from Nee Ycrk pleasant y located, near the water; house ?contains ten rooms; fine yard, garden, fruit and water; terms rcas in., r for the summer month a or year. Inquire at 256 Front -street. FX}It RUNT-AT L(t"c. BRANCH VILLAGE. A DE n rable Dwelling containing eight rooms: 9150 for the ?swas'in. For turtlier particulars apply to GILBERT "WHITE, Long Branch village N J. FURNISHED ROOMR, WITHOUT BOARD IN THE 1 wer pari of threw; three handsome single Rooms, front me via St. Jeta's Park. Also a large Room, tor two gentlemen. Home contains tne modern Improvement*. For gentlemen only. Apply at 4<> Latghl street. Furnished rooms-two booms and pantry, noatly turnisbed. with canvi'iuence for cooking, to let, log gentleman and wife, at $20 er month. Apply for two stays at 104 West Twenty-fifth street, near Seventh avenue. FURNISHED COTTAGES TO LET?AT TARRYTi IWN, ?Ome e gbt roans: aioe gardens, at cited with choice fruit. Beat RUIO per month. One of ten rooms, furnt ti ed w th garden In fruit Ac.; pleasantly located. Rent $1'i0 for the Huaiincr. Short di lance from cars and steamboats. K. KMHKRaON. 421 K ghth avenue. Furnished house to let-for the summer or for the year. located at Ta'rytown. a short distance from cars and steamboats brick hou e all modern improve BP-nta. 15 rooms pica antly o -atcd; alarm one ai re df rood land, laid oni in gar 'en . abundance ol' fruit, vegetables. Ac.; carriage h su s" stable, Ac. Rent 8200 per month. Permits from 8. KM PERSON. 421 Eighth avenue. PURNISTl FD BFDROOMS TO LET?NE AR COOPER Instl'ute a pleasantly Iocs ted Room with or w.lhnut entire or turns use of ad oining Parlor, to let cheap. Re fere ee? mutt be satisfactory. Apply at 15 Third avenue, over bookstcre. GENTE'L HOUSES IN BROOKLYN ?TO RENT. SIX of the tew new three story and basement brick Houses, with every modern convenience, corner of Park avenue and Canton street. Hrooklvn. fronting "n the Citv Park. Rent $MV Arplv from 12 to 2 at Ollice No. I, over Fulton Bank. Hew York House and store to let?59 cherry street, sn table for any wholesale or retail business. Inquire Bt 340 Water street. XJ.IAGARA FALLS?TO LET FOR THE SEASON. OR A* to the 1st ol March next, a three.story brick House, containing twelve rooms gas and water. In the best pari of Abe town near the hotel-; terms moderate. Addre-s Po-t ?tbee box 17o. Niagara Falls. New York. CTEAM rOWBR, SEAR BROADWAY -r.VOS. 53 AND O 65 Prince str. ct. To let, large Kooms, with extra light. Power Sieam, Iloistway and Heating Pipes A large lin e, snent in same budding SOxI'il leet, lighted with skylights. Apply to K C MOORE, on the premises. STORE TO LET?177 WILLIAM STREET HAS A frontage of SO feet, with basement under store. Pos sess an can be had July 15. Apply on the premises STB AM POWER. NEAR BROADWAY. A large Room, well ligliied. front and rear and neatly Belled; 1 to Id horse potver. Also the Bn-ernent. 25'. and apposite Bane's Hotel. Apply to P. J. INSLKY, Engineer, 102 Wa ker street. States island.-to let. part op a furnish ed House commanding a line v ew of -he bay. and only Ave anionics' ualk from the ferry, to rent to a small private family or to a pattv ot flve or six gentlemen Sn other fanp \ n the hnnse. Apply at iht photograph gallery cor ?er ol Bay and Grant streets. Tnmpkinsv lie, SUten Ialand. TO LET?IV WHITE PLAINS. A TWO STORY DOUBLE House furniebed: hath an" gas. and stable: within live minutes'walk of depot- wonld let fr>m Jnlv 1 to middle of August. Appl> to J. SHERMEKHORN. 130 Grand street TO LET?CARPENTER'S SHOP. TOOLS. AC. A brick aliop. 25x95 three etoriea. with engine, boiler, planing and mortis ng machines circular saws and wood splitter ail in complete running order, and good business eetabliabed. A good chance for one with small capital. Ap ply to J BENSON. Agent, Hoboken, N. J., or to S. R. BY MS. 300 Broadway. TO LET?WITH OILCLOTHS AND GAS FIXTURES, the Lowei Part of Engliah basement lionse in West Thrtv third street, near Seventh avenue. The Furniture mill alio be a > d at h reasonab e price If desired The above place I ? tve: suited for a phvslcan. as there is a private ?table adjoin ng where he rati be accommodated ? h stabling. For particular* inquire of M. DOUGHTY, 79 Nassau street TO LET-IN THIRTY-SECOND STREET. NEAR Lexington avenue a large Reception Room and Bed room, on third floor. with water and gss, together or seoa 2t" j; gliitab e for a physician. Rent low. Address A. B., tfloo F. TO LET?UNFURNISHED A SUIT OF ROOMS ON second floor. 767 Broadtvav, corner of Ninth street; suitable for office* or auv light bu-lnc** Inquire of Dr. BELMONT.las above between Id and II A. M. r LET. ?FURNISHED ROOMS. WITHOUT BOARD, to let for single gentlemen, at 15' Se-ond avenue, be tween Tenth and Eleventh streets. TO LET?FURNISHED IIOU?E. PLEASANTLY I.O caled in the city. A so several houses ou Staten Jslan 1 on the Uuds n and at Orange. N. .1. immediate pot em n Permits of A. JOURNhAY. No ? Pine street. TO LET-FURNISHED FOR THREE MONTHS OR longer, s very nice Eng'lsh basement House, contain ing twelve rooms, w-tb ail the modern improvements In a most desirable neigbborh -od. near Broadway Principals only may a.dree- N. B House statlou G. TO LET-A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED HOUSE and Grounds; shrubbery fmit. (lowers tine shade and good garden , * miles from Clt> Hall; accessible by railroad, steamboat and horse cars. JOHN POTTS BROWN. 93 Beaver street r LET?HANDSOME 3 STORY HOUSE 01 COLUM bta street, on Brooklyn Heights, overlooking the ba\; aplendld location; now being put in order; all improve asent?. possession immediately: will be painted outside, Kent $>?' Seen 12 to2. AUAM8 A CO.. 953 Broadway. TO LET-AT NO. 58 BAST TWENTY SEVENTH street, one door east ol Fourth tvenue, a Second Floor, ot three rooms, ample Closet room, bithioo i, (as Ac. Can have two more Rooms on third floor. If de Blued. Possession Immediately Inquire on the premises. IiWO FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET-i'N THIRD boor, to gentlemen, without board Family private, (Is-, ba h Ac No bill up No 4 Secood street, first h use from the Bowery r/l PER WEEK.?A FRONT ROOM. FURNISHED, S#J1 In a pri ate famby, for a -ingle gentleman, without board, at 114 Thompson street, near Prince. Of I WEST THIRTY FIRST STREET BETWEEN ^7x L I iguth and Ninth avenues ?The Upper Part of this House to let, furnished singly or in ?ii is of rooms; ho ise ?obtains ail he modern improveo-enis: privilege In the kitclD-D II required Referents exchanged H4JIMES, ROOMS, sVC., WANTED. Brooklyn -wanted in Brooklyn, furnished or |*r ially furnished, bv ? responsible party; tunilly wmall Address stating local on terms. Ac.. J. W. \V. Herald office. UOPSE WANTED?TO HIRE IMMEDIATELY: pos session ou erhyj-i ot Jnh, by s reti -snsiblo smsll private am , deve a g n1 location not too far up town . moderate ren' Please apply to ADaMS A CO 95 : Broad way. TKT ANTED?IN A MODERN BUILT HOUSE. A SUIT " of F irn'shed Ri-oms. suitsb e tor s famil of t ree m olts; all lODv- nlences tor housekeeping requited Address ? R , box 134 Herald office. Yl' 4NTED-BY A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE. A SMALL v? sired F rn shed House, untl th- l-tof Mai next or longer if set-fa lory. Up tow n preferred Addre-s stat ing terms, i cati.-n, Ac.. E . box 4 800 Post ofhee. -IYTaNTED-TWO ROOMS ON THE NORTH OR EAST y" river si w?f potslbb one above ibe.other with steam power of aboffi teti or fifteen horse Send oilers to box 254 Post office ~ vyANrED-nv a ladv, a room suitable for "v an art Is studio, on or near Broadway, between Ainliy and Twenty sixth streets, ou th.rd floor; must Intra water and gas Address box 217 Post office, stating term-, not to ex see* gu, per month. VyANTED-TWO ROOMS. ON THE NORTH OK BAST "I". "'* U possible ne above the other, w Ith 'earn Kwevo about V o or fifteen horse. Send otTers to box 254 ist o ' oe WAhTED_A Mall cot*age. R8MT ABOUT tWO; m iIhe Vie 11,1V "? M? Vernon .r on the Harem vwa?. within II mile* of *..? York Address A Z station D Fust oflioe. N T. WANTED?EOI'R OR F1VR r N FURNISHED ROOMS suitable for housekeeping f. r gentleman and ladv on. lv Address -tat ng terms tor one weex, L L F Station 0 . New York WANTED-BY A PHYSICIAN. AN OPFT' F WITH ?" UT three Bedrooms atUehed, and accommodations vers.kiwg A or would b re a small ' ottage >n Brooklyn llliams ,rg or New Tark city. Locat on u. ,e cowven ent J" terries A ddress Q. J. P . 542 Gran I street, crner of 4.??tx?a. Sew York. W ASTi;-1*- BT A RESPECTABLE PHYSICIAN, A T T . Parior Floor er Ha d Parlor and Extension Room, la ? W"-" fcu-iav m St. Mark's plsee or vlrlulty Commnnl ,n "Tlf*T ?? reeeivc attention, most state the number ?tAae amies ?ud price erpert?d. Address Physician, sta thm 0. New Terh p.wt office. ? I NNF.K It KB4IHTR. A Tt'LIPfWOOD HOTEL ON RaBITAN BAT?ONE / . k""t sod ? ha f from New York b steamboat, loot ot M'tvray street 4PM foot of Hare.ay street .V, P M fate ? flsot. fin. -sr..res. .pie,did a-a bathing. fishing, drives, ? see,,err Ac Terms moderate. Apply al 170 *?nvMi Airofc w M M Uviv , smMER bbwets. ? ?mbr j^sS 2? w"? ?dvo!!^i biUhSfc and bowlln, ?l;o?: ^,II>V uni'?| RYE ?THIS FAVORITB SUMMER C""rt ?.u "on" ^ud o. the shore Of -ho -ound. a? baihiaa. beach. full In* together ? th ampe ?' dat ?.. .01 horse- and carriage* Having changed handa since last season. it's now open for the reception of guesta ror part culai* apply awo o Great Joues street, or at the ??'? hotel. ___ fl RKEN'S HOTEL, LONG BRANCH. R. J.?THIS ^TT T lei 'nested on the finest po nt at thia olaee. h1- . , been rebuilt anil newly furnished. The chAn>heT* ? i,rlzB aud well vsntilated, while (he public room* are '.arpnrior to anything in the country. Address K. S. Grean. Proprietor. HUGUENOT SPRINGS HOTEL?FOUR MILES PROM Port .'ervle. O ranee county. K. Y ah information may be obtained at the office of tbv Everett Houae. New York. H. LIV KHMORK Proprietor. Half way "mountain 'iktrkat-' house, ktr k a lorn belrveen i'at?ki\l a ud Mountata House Reauti. tut location-, -eeoery tie-< repassed: fine mountain air. Board t# per week. Particulars af J Maeson. dentist. 1.225 Broadway. Reference, H. Diien 69 Broadway D. BLOOM, Proprietor. EATH HOC8R. SOHOOLRVS MOUNTAIN SPRINGS N. J , is now open to visiters for the reason. Reached bv Morris and E?aex Railroad, fool of Barclay street. New York, at 8K a 1L and 1 P. M. E. B. COLEMAN. Proprietor. Keyport pavillion. kbyport, new JRBSBY, lsopen for the reception of visitors Boats lesve the Toot of M urray street at 4 o'clock P.M. For further partlcu lar- apply to R S Botttiuore. 229 Fulton street, or to Com modore Jones, 140 Fulton street. Ctoremnnt Hotel GEORGE J. KIBIIER, Proprietor. H Lake houre, islip. l t . 47 mtles from nfw York via Lone Is and Railroad.?Desirable Rooms for fktailiee or gentlemen. Parties wishing Rooms reserved for Tilly 4 will address Amos R. Stellenwerf. Mansion housr, long branch, n. .1.?this noted sea hattiln.: house is now open It can accommo date six hundred gttesta. For fuither information apply to S LAIRD. Proprleior. MOllEGAN LAKE HOUSE?PTE AS ANTLY SITU ated, four miles east of Peeksklll. is now open for the ?ea-on For further psrticulars address M. A. Burdick, l'eek,*kill, Westche-ter county. New York. M ETROI'OLTTAN HOTEL. LONG BRANCH, N. J? IS now open for the reception of v s tors. J H. A T. W. COOrER, Proprietors. OCEAN nOUSE. NEWPORT. R T.. will l>e opened for the reception of guests, Monday. .Tune 27. JOS. B. WEAVER, 2D. Riverside housb. red bank, monmoutti county. N J., is now open. Address C O. ,t W A. Prench, proprietors. The la tourbtte house, bergen point?on the Kill Von Hull. N. J. This ?"leet watering place is open for the season A few choice familv Rooms may now be secured for the summer. Regular communicat on by iteamboats from pier No. 2 North river, and foot of Dev street. Steam cara hourly from Jersev City. WESLBY W. HILL. The peconic house-at orfenport, l. i., will be oDen July 1 Address A. Smith, Grecnport, L. I The undersigned bfgs leave to inform tiis friends and the pub lc lhat the Pavilion Hotel, at Port Wash ngton on (he Shrewsbury river. Is now open tor the reception of transient and permanent boarders Boats leave the foot of Murray street da ly. ANTHONY HAGGERTY, Proprietor. COUNTRY HOARD. Board at yonkkrs ? a yew gentlemen can obtain Board In a private faintly; no other boarders, ten minutes' walk from depot; pood river view. Address B. M. H.i Yonkora Poetofllce. i"tOUN'TRY BOARD?AT PLAINFIELD. N J'.. A.PRI (j vaic family haa accommodation for u few Relectboard_ era For particulars call at 17u Broadwav. runra Mo. 3. third lloor. or at Ticket Agent's efUce Plain field depot /COUNTRY BOARD?FIRFT CLASS. Jf'TH ROOMS. (y furnished or unfurnished, having a fine view of the bav and river can be obtained on reasonable terms bv ap plying to Mrs. J M. Hoisllng, Bridge street, near the steam boat landing. Flushing, L. T. /"ROl'NTRY BOARD?ON A SUPERIORLY SITUATED (y farm jri'h plentv of shade fresh water bathing, and a quiet neighborhood; vary eligible for invalids. e|thef ,'ng|c centlemen orgeniletnen and their wives. Only loose willing to pay liberally Tor good accominodalmns need address J. M . Herald oili'ce. References given and required. CIOUNTRY BOARD WANTED?FOR A GENTLEMAN. ) wife, child and nurse, either in a good fann hoii?e_or first clnss boarding house- on the Hudson preferred, not above West Point Address, giving full particulars, price of rooms, location. Ac.. B. B B.. bo? 248 Poet oflice. /"tnUNTRY BOARD WANTED?IN A FARMHOUSE C convenient to the city ihea thv "*1221'<mmedfatefv man und wire, nurse and ohlid. Addres? immed ateIt Salubrious, with particulars, terms, Ac . Herald od ce. OOCNTRY BOARD-BAY YIBW HOUSE. BTATRN C Island i. now open far thc?commod.Uonoper; manent and transient Boarders. The, A?,K? fi^e mtnntis la-ge. airy rooms; a beautiful view of the Bkjr.. five minute* from Quarantine Landing. Boats to from 6 A. M. to 9 P. M. Terms moderate sn^ple^^good CIOV^TRY BO ART*. AT MORRIBTOWN, N. J vitl famllv. without ehtldran, offer aeverai pteanant. comfo^bWurnmhM R^m?. ? *nd healthv within aevon minutes walk of the depot. *te? enmcea exchange(1 Addre-s Mrs. M. O. or apply at the village Post office. /COUNTRY BOARD CAN BE OBTAINED AT ^APLK (. i ton. Staten Island, in a privaie family, where there are hut few boarders, onlv a few nunutea walk to the ferry. The grounds are Inrge! and the situation Is one of. th?.1dne?i on 'he island, for particulars apply at 25 West Fourth street fold number 315 Fourth street). C'^\nwTRY_BOARD?IN A FARM HOUSE AT LONG -eh N 1 Bat i ng on our own ground Inquire ./w?5"jAC??6K. ? WaU.atreet, or of C. T. JACKSON. on the premises. rtOUSTRT BOARD ON THE HUMON.-APARTY Oh V.J adulta can be accommodated with ?'r-t c Boar s private famllv in Tsrrytown ; boating r.rnl bath ng. lor fur ther part culara apply at 73 Last tcwfUiUAl t. COUNTRY BOARD ? PUEAf A NT AND pltlQH TP UL Rooms can be had at Fort Hamilton; a^fine vte-w of -be tea and bav; cars pass the door; one hour s r detr m Brooklvn ferries. Inquire of Mrs. M. A. BIUfcLOW, Vni<vi square, or at M Liberty street, room 24. /tOUNTRY BOARD.?BOARD WASTED FOR A GEN Cy tleman. two lad and a little gtrl. "n J ?S' Flushing or anywhere In the ylctnlu of drea?, Ktatlng terms and locat.on, W. M? Brooklyn ro. t odce. C~~ OUNTRY BOARD-AT WILLOW PLACE. NYACK ON tbe Hudson. 2fi mllea from the city; accessible by stecmboat and railway; fruit, p re watei salt bath ? ing; no fever and ague, no mos nltoea plesssni dittos and mAitnialn ?ir A few choice rOOmK left Capt. BARNAKLf, on the preu.isea Reference T J. CROWES. 21 Broad street, r' om 65. / yOUNTRY BOARD WANTED?IN A rRIVATB FAVI t ' ly a shot! distance from tbe citv 'on tbe Hud'on pre ferrei), for five persons. and, '1? ""^ f^^^^iS'Hereld Address, with particulars and terms. J. C.. box 157 tteraia [ oilice. __ _ ffOUN'TRY BOARD?IN A FARM HOUSE ELEVEN ( ) miles 'rom Newburg. in the suburbs of the vl hige of Walden. Romns large and air. end ?r*hJd" J*" very small children or servants taken. Address K A Keats, Waeleti Orange couniv. N. Y rtOCNTRY BOARD-ON THE WESTERN SHORE OF V' the Hudson river. 25 ml'es from 'his clti. Particulars given at No 5 Fifth avenue, from Uuo 3 dally. _ /COUNTRY BOARD WANTED ?A GENTLEMAN. WIFB \J and daughter would like to have ''i 1 Board ""D1 Die It of October in a plu n. quiet family, on the line .n lb'Har lem Railroad, an-l a few mluntes t^lk fwm the depot. Address, w th full particulars, D.. 13 Bond nrtst. flODRTRY BOARD WANTRD?AT A FARM HO! SR. ( J near M?lt water by a voung married 1a ly. tor the sum mer nr longer A plain farmer s tami'v and none o her is desired. Address ?taung terms and accommodations, J Cook. 454 Canal street N. Y. /30UNTRY BO \ R D WANTED?FOR THE SUMMER, ( bv a famllv of four adu ts. two children snd'crvanUn a pleasant andliealthv lo.-al tv. the ejt nnd J" thereto Board In a private tamilv preferred. Addres , with ful particulars, O station D. New 5ork / NODE TRY BOARD.-A WW AND Jk0*J0,V'SJJ ly h" ae. at Kaiona , upon l e New York and Harem Ra lr ad and ne r Croton rlrrr, 'a now or?Mi for ?oar #? . RiiomtHrr an<1 fiirnWi'-d *? Addr#^a.l H Whlllock, Ralonah. N Y or H,d.. R'dlitno e, i, 239 P?iltnn etreet or A. a Cunie, Esq , <3 Duane st. rNOl'NTRY ROARD-FOR TWO OR THREE ADULTS .an be had a' a farmhouse about forty five miles from tbe city, on the Harlem Railroad, and one ml e from the ?lepol For particulars app y to WM. H. WILSON, No MS Bowery. ( NOOD COUNTRY BOARD-AT WHITE. PLAINS ONI ,T boor bv rail from N'-w York on the Harlem Ha lr ad. Inq 1 IV Of C. r. DUBKNBVRY, White Pla n?, Or WM. C. BARNES L> First-trcet /SO. H) COUNTRY HOARD AT THE PAVILION ll<> (, , Fort T,condero?awN FLEMING. Proprietor. 0*1*11 ISLAND.-FIRST CLAM AOCORM "DA ? TV t out can Is- obtained bv Iwo ot three gentlemen desir ing a pleasant home in a private family , fru t and vegeta bias in abundance; unexceptionable references rcjutrsd. Addres- Rtrhmoo I. box IB Hera d oilice^ rflRRRR OR FOUR GOOD PERSONS' an HE ACCOM ] m'Hlsted with Hoard at a larmhouse In a lies thv end Ideasatit locality. 25 miles from the <? ty: cnmmunleatlon bv boat and ears d'sllv Two pleasant Rooms at the disposal nr a party wishing them. Apply to or addrea? hdgarlu derhlll, 54 Beekman atreet. miAKUINU AHD IsODOIIVO. A FEW LARGE HANDFOMFI.Y FURNISHED Room- wtili commod eus closets attached, to le'. to gentlemen onlv. At It Ab ngdon ivpiare several very des - fable small (Used Roem* for single gentlemen. House first class and beautifully eHuaied. Meals mar be had on the European plan If desired. Bleeeker street stages and E ghih aveaue cars pass the doer At so NINTH RTRBRT. BETWEEN UNIVERSITY place and Fifth avenue?To lei one ItrgeRoem; a so ainglu Rooms. Dinner at six o'clock. References ex changud. _ _ __ __ __ "I PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET AN ELEGANT A Knit of Rooot. furotohed of ?infurni?h?d, parawiy or toffcthff to ft party of geBiltmii. at 2*17 Till ft y fif^t Ctreei house first class, location very desirable. Best of references required. a PRIVATE FAMILY. RESIDING AT NO. 35 RAFT A Twelfth itrttt. wUh u> l?*t the te^ona Floor, en ?ult* or eepMmtelr. to gentlemen, with or wrthtmi Boerd. a ?;w ORIfTLKMtN rAH PR lCTOIIMOf>AtlD A, frith Rotfl. on rmihtMr lermt it 21 HlriBgiou ct. AGRNTtiEM AN AND WIFE TWO SINGLE GEN ttemen rin obtain Hoard In a private famtlf, where there are hut t? w iianrdera Apfrtf at 15 A-h1?nd p ace ror n#?r Wareaiey plane. Hot and ">)<{ watof ll rt?i>01, JL>inuer at 6, Bcsivl itloitntes rtiuutic, board? _ J*0 ARD LODGI'O. A pleasant r small K#0111 >r?T OP ROOMS-AI.SO I.ror AfJn Board; locatior * tah'ely furoi -hod. to I-t, wk fir-t class tween Buiadr -Wlglble. A pnlv at 22 Fourteen ?tre?t ?*y aud Pifih atenut. ?rrot, d? A UPNT ~ ? ^ star 4Timan and wifr or two ? TRRVF Room. fn Hi" mm can ohta n -ood R?*r<t id nlaaaant alr-'ft # ^rans-ent or permanent, bv atplvin-it 7- ot?. Ch'' 4M.r0?k'"- U,DB'r " "U ^'^ RdrenU ei A TTh1!Tr01 ,R OR THOSR vivo ,v \ rRIYAJ" FAMILY FN BROOKLYN I with Board fo? R,"M"\?n ' ?"< WCOB t 'V? walk ofFoi'til a F?mt"mr0; within q, ro^t^rB^.tvn"" "treet ferri" 3 A ,hnn.10!I?iF^M,LY' UVINO !W A TtlOIASS t^lleM Hn.'rA i ?n" or tw? Furnl-hed Roots with ex Z'rtrZ-^JZ* " 11 W"< fTifw AG^^MA" A7D WIr-!LnA* BK AOOWAODAT> swa* aa^i db?,5 moo or'^trimT)? fl??r fo,,lfac"nlla' PKrVATK FAMILY WILL LET AN ElfTRF SR ?ri0Or,- h"n,is?'n?lv fn ml shod, to a 'mlr woth' Kiss.s^i.t'ssss '?-? r> witd r two at K GKN summer Fifth and FEW GENTLEMEN CAM HAVE ROAp a. * single Ronms. at $5 nor week: also, a looirto 99. at 144 Mulberry street, near Grand | AGP.NTI.KM AN AND HIS WIFE AND HIN<t t'emen mar obtain desirable Rooms f<r tht bv applying at 48 West Sixteenth street. belreenF Sixth avenuea FINK LARGE ROOM?ON FIRST FIOORSl'ITA ble for a cent'eman and wife; also one or lib Rooms for "dng'e gentl-men. to let. with Board. Looajnn very pleasant. Apply at 400 West Twenty.third sleet. A PRIVATE PAMILY. LIVING NF.AR nil? FJPTIl Avenop Hotel will 'et to rept'emen a hadsojiel fur nished Parlor aad Redroom and two single Roms.i with or Without h ard Applt at 82 West Twenty-seend sheet, be tween Filth and 8ivth avenuea HANDSOME SUIT OP LAROR RO?8 Tf> LET? With Board: alao a Room ? ultable for onor'wo gentle men. in a newly-furnished hottae Apply at 9Hintmi place. A SINGLE GENTLEMAN OR TWO ENTLRMEN . \ who would room together can have llrst'ass Roard at 110 Fourth avenue. Also Room and Board fta single ladv. A PRIVATE FAMILY. AT NO 48 WEr TWF.LFTH street, between Fifth and Sixth ayents, can .reom modate a cpnt'eman and wife and two sitio gentlemen with plensnnt Furnished Rontna ami first cla Ponrd. Re ferences required. Servants and ehl'dren nohketi. Affw vorvn gkntlkmkn can bIaocoMMO dat?d w th p'easnntlv furnished Rooms, ohout hoard. In a genteel localitv. on very reasonable tern Apply at 112 Wavne street. Jersey Cttv. AT 206 WEST FORTY SECOND 8TRFET?N OFFICE to let. with or without Roa'd; al?o Knt Room on second floor with Redroaut attached; also Ocr Rooms, With or without Board. AT 124 CHARLTON STREET?TO LET, PUNISHED, second storv Front Room and Hall Bedmntkdiolnlnc; also Hall Redroom, front, on third floor, with ,od Board. Terms moderate. SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LBTa PLEA aant fnrnLhed Front Room, without hot!. Terms moderate. Inquire at 233 West Fourteenth strce Attention is called to the wbl fur lushed Rooms, with Rosrd. at ISO AND 182 RLBKCKRR street. These bouses are well furnished and kept lithe best manner. One or two rielightfnl rooms, suitable r gentle men and their wives or single gentlemen. Ah a Halt Room. Prlee per week for hall room, $5 30. A SUIT OF ELEGANTLY FURNISHED \PART ments. on second floor, consisting of four Rods com munlcatlns. to let. with Board. Also single Roomlor gen tlemen. Anply at 33 West Twenty-second street, etween Fifth and Sixth avennes. A LADY WOULD LET A HANDSOMELY FURISHED Parlor and Redroom to a gentleman and wif or in gle gentlemen, with partial Hoard: rent 'ow to weeahle persons: house pleasant and family small. Also single Ro<<m to a lady or gentleman. Apply for three da; at 128 Sixth avenue. AT 171, 176 AND 178 BLEKOKER STRFR SIX hlocka weat of Broadway, pie own I. cool Roon. with excellent Board; terras'moderate. Also at Cllifwooilotel. on Raritan Bav, bv steamboat foot of Barclay streeat 3t? P. M. Fare in cents. Fine groves, splendid sea bbing, fishing, drives and beautiful scenery. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT AND8IDE Room fbolh on the same floor) tn let. separatelor to gether. to gentleman on second etorv of 81 Cllntorplace (Eighth street), near Hroadwav. House newlv tltV up. Cars and stages pass the door, and plea-antly hated. Terms moderate. A LARGE PLEASANT PARLOR ON FIRST FDOR to ct. with Hoard, to a gentleman and wife: alg two or three a:nxle gentlemen can be accommodated with eat ant Rooms, on reasonable terms, at 213 Bast Broadwayiear Ciinton street. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED PARLOR AND ED room on second floor to let. at 98 East Twelfth seet. near Broadway. A PARLOR AND AN ADJOIN INO REDROOM. NaT It formatted, t# let to a Indv and gentleman; Boat (or the lad-onlv. Inquire at 168 Thompson street, betecn Houston aud Bb-ecker. AT 18 AND Jfi WASHINGTON PLACE. NEAR RRM D wav. In a lar-e first clas? house nereral vcrv r*U Furnishe'l Parlor-. Rooms and Redrooma to let. with Bird, nt rtt >cferat6 prices French spoken References ex' hased A WELL FURNISHB6 LARGE ROOM. REDR041S J\ and Pantrv to let. with or without Board also a tr lor Floot. Terms moderate House and neighborhood 1st class. References etc aaged. Apply at 146 West Twe.y. fifth street. A HANDSOME UNFURNISHED PARLOR FLOORO f\ let. e'ther to gentlemen or s cent ftmn and 'adv. wh or without Board: hat all the modern improvements: an handsomely Furnl-he.i Rooms, -ingljt or in su:t. Apply h med ately at 82 Weat Twenty-ninth street. At the orant housb. 44 new bowery, b. tween Chatham square and Chambers street, lb minutes walk from Broadway, convenient to hnfTneai; Rooms 25 to 50 cents per dav, $1 23 to 81 per week, and ?. gulsr Board, House open all pi^ht, Board?to let. wr?f! roard at no. 1.37 si cond avenue, between Kiebth and Ninth streets, or nicely furn:sbed back Room, on second floor, suitable ft two per-ons. References exchanged. Roard-a gentleman, occupying (alonp 1 > urre room, first class house., wishes a gentleman of re fined Itahlts xtrllh him. Also calls attention to other v?cm Room . w-th all the Tb'.ulsites of a home. No. 7 8t Mark' pi ace NY. Board-on ehif. railroad from july i scenery among the hills delightful- spac'noa house, having ver\ 1st ge halli; parlors and rooms we I furnished. Inquire at Baker k Godwin's, over the Tribune office Board.?72 west twentieth stp.ekt a hall Room to rant, with or without Boxrd Dinner st six o'clock. -T)<>\RI> V. \vm_KY \ GFNTLFMAN AND 8<)\, I) ai.-ed In vests, in a pla'n. f?mt*s where there are hut few Mar^era: a parti' Furnished Room preferred: location west side and belnw Fourteenth atreet. terms must bo mod erate Address W. T., Broadwg) Pokt offiee. Board wanted-for a gentleman, two la d e? and a little girl, on Staien Island, Flushing, or any where In the vleinlty of New York. Address, slating terms snd location, W. M . Brooklyn Post office. Board wanted-by a young gentleman in a private family with a moderate sired room; Iocs lion between Twetitv third and Thtr'tv third streets, and Fourth and Sec ud avenues. Addres-, stating terms. H. K., p?9 East Twenty seventh atreet. Board wanted?for a gentleman, wife and child: mit't he west of ftlxth avputte and on the south sld" of Fourteenth street or below and near Sixth avenue. Address R 8. T box 130 Herald office. Board WANT1 D?PO> a young forf.h.n;h. w th an American or English fatnllr, where nothing bat Eng'ish Is M'qken. Address P. It., box 5,463 Post oloe, stating term# Board wanted-ry a votna lady, in a small qu el family, where she can en o? the comforts of a home l,o<*t on l-elow Plgttth street (ire'erred. west side. Address H. P. 45., care of box 4.4V) Post office. HOARDING ?FRONT R<tOMS TO RENT. WITH OR I? without B-iard. In a private ho- se. with all the tm provement- Reference required Inquire at Ift1- West Twenty-second stroel. between Sixth and ti venth avenues Hoarding:?ni: atly furnished kfdrooms I> for tw* voting men. a man and wife or two ladle-; Roard If dea red; with the use of a tiarlur snd piano; only two In family. Call for one week at ICt Laurens street. Board tn Brooklyn ? sufTs ok handsomely Furnished Ro main reeend floor. Location vera d< Itirhtfnt. Convenient tn ferric*. llo ae flmt?!??? Dlnnrr ?t (l n clock Apply at I'll Schermerhorn atreet. Reference exchanged. B OARD ON BROOKLYN TIEIfiHTS ?A CLBASANT hall room, with eloaet. at 177 Henry atreet. BROOKLYN HO A HP.?PA RTtB H DF.Pt RIN'l CLEAR am Rooma. with the comforts of ? genteel homo, in a first clan bouse on Hrooklyn H> gfita (splendid i lew of the l>av). may apply at 58 Columb'a alreel, near Wall anil Fu ton ferrtea. ? ^? I) EMRaRLE FURNISHED ROOMS MAY RR HAD at M 1ft e?l seventeenth atreet. Four hinolr obntlrvkn can hr acoommo dated with Hoard In a small private faintly livlnr near three ferrtea. Taruia (.1 .Via week. Referencea exchanged. Address for one week Morgan. Hrook n Coat ofTire ?WRENCH BOARD -A WELL Ft RNI8IIKD RCIT OF r Par.ore with Bedrooms adjoin nr. on first and aecond naora to let to MflMi partle. w tli flrat riaaa Hoard. A few alng e Rooma for gentlemen Referenrea eichanyed. Apptv at 47 Weat Twelfth atreet. between Fifth and Sixth eveouet. French board in a French teacher * fame ly. Rooma and Redrooma u? let. Alao a baek Parlor tinfnrmaheii. with or without Board. Apply at PR Kaat Twenty aeront atreet French roaud-no. io cnion retake ?cari.or and Bedr' otn; alao a single large Room rarant. Refer eneea etchanye t. Furnished room* to lf.t-to obntlemfn only, by a private famllv, with gaa arid use of bath, Without board Local on of hour# eery cential. and eonvn nlent to rara and atages. Call at SI Raat Twenty Ofth street. Reference* required. F CRN 18II ED HOOMM TO LET-TO OBNTLRMEN only, at ?0 Weil Honatnn atre#l. FURNISHED ROOM8 TO LET-To BINOLR ORNTLE men. ai 45 East Thirteenth atreet, between Hrnadwaf and University place. Rooms nnd altuation pleasant IWURNISHKD APARTMBNTN TO LET?WITn OR r without Hoard at 11 Uramt atreet, .leraey City In an excellent n<dghhorhood and pleasant location, within fire minutes' walk of Cortlandlstreet ferry. Uoaiurullonahle I rc.erru?c reunited. boaruiho a*d i*d?WO. JWrRN18HED ROOMS TO ^?T~*J?hMdsom?dy^n^ H Board, to single gentlemen. Atse * r nt.hed fr?nt Room aud Bedroom, at 191 Wwt Tweu gentlemen or genUemau and wtfe. van a. ?? " tietb atraot. front and \?ack Rooms and wry pleasa ga*-, bate, Ac. 47 Amivj street. f ':;;i ? ?"V;? S?3 pit at SO Norfolk. etree l, * few door, from Grand. Term. vary moderate. ? ?*? pURNISHED ROOMS TO L^-TO "ESTLBMKN F only. Apply at 99 seventh street. ESkSw? I/5BS jar^asaraa.-swt ?r?s2& street, near Grand. GHESaSRa fourth etreet. ? _ nR xwn nPNTLEMKI* CAN BE AOCOMMODA O^e<Pwith ntceVy fiirni-bed Room., in a private family. 21 Renwlck street, uear Canal. _ SsrfcWKS SSWaS' r?. V street ferry. ? 'ti?&S3&S?ESBS& Hall Bedroom to let. mo LET-TWO OB THREE LARGE ROOMS. WELL ihe^"h^Vn^l%dWrrUAeBfS.e exchanged. Ap ply at *2 Lexington avenue. T^^^?BoardT oLET;r^d Roome. References required. r.aL^r.c^Ki?|EsrS'S plv at 166 East Eighteenth street. isssss dren or nurses takers ? direct, corner of Clinton. Brooalytt' ???-? mo LBT-A FRONT AND 1 nlatiod. waahMom and gas at ache^ ,rom ,0 rnPllMm.'or to^WM JACKSON/ 441 Canal street Refer ences exchanged. amis mo I BT?WITH BOARD. ON BROOKLYN HEIGHT8, 1 two Rooms: one on flr.t floor and one on the third Ad dress 8. R. T . Brooklyn. . . T poR THE SUMMER MONTHS. A SPACIOUS, KSs,? pa's? Her, ?89 Broadway, near Amity treet. floor, suitable for one or two gentlemen, l.irnisbed, ga* hol and cold water. ? _ T ... A FURNISHED ROOM FOR A SlNOLR T gentleman. Ip^at"^- 7 Amity pace (Lauren, street). rwa slfSEHS Sg=?sag" Ap>1^ ?Ta t ,niM PIN BR ACCOMMODATED WITH WO UDIKI '.""X whore there .re no JTi&i'WW??i?i ,?.?? MSfK'WSTiJKifiJ #?*?&. ?exchanged. ssivs sss, wsvsss s?* >?5 ? Herald offlco, stating terms. mWO GENTLEMEN OR A GENTLEMAN Jo f'h" bylpplylniat 99 East Twenty eighth-treet^ TRANrdNTSnKeANfi?,t oSH MS Ls^WSsr^sr sr&sr&sz BSSMfc^JSWa receive ai^ immediate 4p.y a. t. location, address, Ac. ? ?? ? ODV nyfllRlBLE ROOMS. WITH GOOD HOARD, first erect. -? W^^ne^Uba K^dre.^Nu^^K U rand at. . WA^.heV^mAwT,KdMm 'a testK^family. Address box 641 Post ollicn. SRent low. ... . PPTVTE STREET. NEAR BROADWAY?A FEW 104" gentlemen can be accoi^at^ with good Board rndiltcca.ry Rooms Ga. and hath. Dinner at 6. PRTNf'E STREET. ST. CLAIR HOUSE ? ELE 1 "?(-? ?!(' furnUhed Room-, with H.dmom. attached, i.i.iPthe convenienca for housekeeping complete to SltdlnSg? au4 ttSJO" "aler- 10 K'1 10 r#'p"cuble ,aral or single ftutlcnttn. 210 [ng?^hb\ddi'ng0fi^nniiafeland0c.oking utensil.; gat and Crotoii. ? itn a E *ST TENTH STREET.?A OBNTLKMAN AND his wile or iwrxVingle gentlemen, can have Board or reasonable terms. HOTELS. Atlantic hotel Chatham bqcarr?nbw lion'*; one hundred One Furnished Rooms; Payne * patent spring leather bed*; by the dav. week or month! open day and night. B BRRDER. Proprietor. (YONORESS HALL. 47 MERCER STREET. BETWEEN > Orsnd am] Broome -treeta, late 102 Orand street, New York. Choice Wine-. Liquors, If. rillLII'E WOLFE, Superintendent. Devos horse. io< BlMn street -looa tton tnoat desirable; only two bocks from Broadway, on the European p an Furnished Ro >ras, singly or in suits, for gentlemen and families. TO LET-PARLOR. THREE BEDROOMS AND BASE ment. with water gas A ., in a nire respeeUhle house; rent flfl per month; furnl?he<i If desired. Rood reference required. Call at 419 81 ?th menu* gentlemen's furnishng store Also a basement adjoining tbe St. James Hotel, 1,129 Broadway. PHOPOHAL.Be OFFICE OF THE STREET COMMIilONBR. 237 Broadway. TO CONTRACTORS. ?Proposals etielosed in a scaled eft. veh'peil, endorsed w th the title of the work, and witti the name of the bidder written thereon, will he received at this ulbre litilli Tueadav. June 2S IRII4 at II o'clock A M I ndetpuinlng side wsils and excavating and fitting up lellarof non?? o: hose Company No. 21. For rrgtil.itiug and grading Eighty-sixth street, between tvetitte A an l East river. For regntstlng and grading corner Fifly-elghth street, be ween Semnd arenas and Ka?t river. For regulating anil grading. Ac.. Kitty -ninth street, betwetfn bird and Fourth avenues. Foi regulating and grading. Ac., Fourth avenue, between tilth and Idtth streets. For reg" at ng and grading. Ac., Slatlcth street, between .Iglilh arenue and Broadway. For curs, gutter ai d flag First avenue, between Ulth and 1Mb sireeie. For curb, gutter and (lag Twenty-third street, between tenue H and East r ver For Tagging Forty fourth street, between Sixth avenue aal Broadway. 'or (lagging One Hundred and Thirtieth street, between flith avenue and Hudson river, or Magging Manhattan street, between Ninth avenue and H 4sim river. ler new team lire engine and tender for Company num lux Forty. kr lire alarm bell for the Thirty third street bed tewer fa hu ding sheds and put'lng new roof on country mar ket md for oi er repairs to Jefferson Market. Hank tortus of proposals, together with thu specifications amercements ran be obtained at ilils ofllce . Dird-Rrsi t I'vimhtsi-vt New Tour, .tune 17. ISM. (Has (l CORNELL, Street Commissioner. 1>WPOSALR FOR $280,01)0 OF "RIOT DAMA0B8 J Indemnity Bond* No. 2" of the county ol New York. Setlid proposals will he received at the Comptroller's oBleemtll Mondav, the 27th day of dune Ism. at t'Vo o'eloek P. M When the mine will oe publico ofieaed. fe the rnir chaaee the who'e or any part of the sum of t? . hundred and lifar thou and do lara i$ (1) of " Riot Dni.iagea In denmt Bonds No. 2" of the county of New York, au thor ne by < bapter 7. anil as amended b' chapter SPdof the laws r.f HM4. and by an ordinance of the Board of Super vianra, ?proved hi the Mayor. June IS. ISM. The and bonds wt I hear Interest at the rate of sit per cent peiannnm. payable half yearly, on the first dav of May art Novamiier in eai h year, and the principal will be redeen *>le on ihe ttrst dav of November, 1W2. ' The ropoaals will stale the amount of bonds desired and the prhsper one hundred dollars thereof?and tho persona whose i t<po?als are accepted will thereupon be required to deposit With tb? County Treasurer (at the Broadway Bank) the aumeawanled uithetn re?|iectlvely. On inaent lig to the (fomntroller the receipt* of lb# County %eusurer for such deposits, the parties will be on. tilled to ?eelve bonds for equal amounts of the per value of ihe sumsawarded to thein. bearing Interest ftein the dates of paynwts Ear pibposal should be sealed and endorsed " Proposals for Kb t I a in ag*a Indemnity Bonds No. 2." and the same enclosed le a Beeosd envelope, addressed to the Comptroller. The 1104 la reserved to re 'Set any or all of the bide if con sidered assessor' to protest or promote the Interests of the count* MATTHEW t' bRENNAN. Comptroller. Cit* ovNew Yobs nrnirsnsT or Fikasc*. i 0>nrT*oi.i.?R's Orrtcc, Inns 17, ISM. I 1YBPAUS to street pavements. XV To Contractors.?Sealed proposals will be received at t ? is ofllccintll 11 o'clock a M. of Wednoaday, June 29, IN 4. for l?pav!ng and rs|?iring and In good repair during tkeeertaln period of sit months ending December Si. I DM. tb) carriage ways of all paved srenties, afreets. aqusMSMl thoroughfares In the ctty of New York, ex cept ng onV *o mui h of the esrrtage way of Broadway as fa nn? pavcrl with the Rosa pavement It e bide anat lie in the form prescribed and furnished by thli Board. . PieeifloatMitd, form of the agreement and blank pro posala will te furnished at this niiice. TflOS. STEPHENS. ROHT L DA It HA (in. A W. CRAVEN, Croton Aqiiednel BoariL Orric* Cwitov Agp*Dtfcr DitrABrgiiir iKoiundft, Pars, June II. IBM. _ THE TTRF^ ?0 MR88RS f.KACY, STOCK WELL A CO , IN RELA tlon to their trot In Cortland county, who claim a right to hold our money, on the ground that J. H Powers, of Weatlev. Long Island, is a horseman and a driver; if be was not. whv let him wait ill Riowo Harry was beaten the first two heats, and then let Powers take the ribbons and the wlnthree last heats* We will trot vou over the Can trev lle track. Long Island. In September, for $1 U00; let owners drive; but fn no case shall Mr. Powers drive this mateh. WHITE, TUBNBULL & CO., Cortland county, N. T. UNION COORSK. LONG I BLAND.-TROTTING ON Prtdav Jnne 24. at S o'clock P. M Sweepstakes of #k00 two miles and repeat H Woodruff names b'k. s St. Lawrence to wagon. Mr. Walker names r. m Lady Gaffney In harness. Mr. Rowlv names b. g. Napoleon IT., Jr., to wagon. Cars leave South Forrv at one o'clock. SHAW A WHITE, Proprietors. UNION COURSE, L I ?TROTTING.?ON SATURDAY. Jnne 23. at three o'clock P. M.. Match of $1,1100. mile heats, beat three In live. In harness Hiram Woodruff names n. g. Brother Jonathan; Thomas Creean names g. m. Nellie Holcomb. Cars leare South farrv at ona o'clock. SHAW A WHITE, Proprietors. STALLIONS. TUPTTRR. TROTTING STALLION. WILL STAND AT el Snedlker's. near (inlno Course. Long Island, at $!kt the season In advance. Jupiter is the sire ef Ladv Emma, Ma jor Anderson, Jupiter, Jr.. the Pesrsall Coll, Ac. SPOKT1EG. A SLOOP TAOIIT FOR SALE?36 FEET LONG. 13 feet beam, built to order and in perfect condition; fast, safe and beautiful model. P. MrGKEHAN. foot of Van Vorat street Jersey City. -TVOGS?THOROUGHBRED?FOR SALE.?ITALIAN I" Ore-hounds, trained; Black and Tans. Poedles Also Siberian Bloodhound Pups, spotted; one smalt pair of Ital ians four months old. Apply at 174)? Thompson street, near Bleecker. until t.old< TkOGS FOR BALE.?ONE NEWFOUNDLAND ST. IF Bernard Dog, Newfoundland Pupa, a pair of Italian Greyhounds, Black and Tan Puna. D'ark and Tan Terriers, Scotch and Sk e Terriers, and one Spttz Dog Apolv at 11 Roosevelt street, first floor. JOHN GRAY. Francis butler, no. 3 peck slip, has all the choice breeds for sale and stock. Butler's Infallible Mange Cure and Flea Bvtermtnatnr. 75 cents per bottle. Butler's new Work, $1. Dogs boarded, trained, Ac. Medi cines for all diseases. For salb-the jib and mainsail yacht blue Wing, built fn the best manner; I- one vear old and in first rale irder; HO feet keel, 33 feet 8 Inches on top, counter stern. 12 feet 8 Inches wide. Cnn be S"en at Ere ba=in. South Brooklyn. For lerma. Ac., Inquire of GEORGE BENNETT, Ktre BrickWorks, Tan Dyke sL. near Van Brunt, Brooklyn. B.OR SALE OR FXCHANGK-A SUPERIOR AMI'HI can made Telescopic Rllle. with three sets of sights; can he used for target or hunting; was madeexpreasl for the present owner and gained the first prl'e at a shooting mateh for first class rifles. Will be sold for half cost, or exchanged for a first olass doubie shot gun. Address box 5.(144 Post Ollice. FOR SALE-A GOOD HOUSE DOG. CALL ALL THE week Apply to FRANCIS BENT, U Rlvington street, rear. N. T. O All, n to Mocking birds.-just arrived, a choice lot of Mocking Birds. Kvery bird warranted, at CHaS. RKICI1R A BRO.'S Bird store. 5i Chatham street. >1,8. ?FOR SALE. CHEAP. A RUTT OP RAILS PIT foravschtof ?8or 36 feet length, nearl* new. Also a Yacht of 23 feet length. Applv to JOHN P. CRL'CER, Cru. gers, Westchester Bounty, N. Y. qloop yacht ospret por sale ?12 tons, si p feet long, good cabin and furniture; newly painted and In perfect order; will be Fold at a bargain. Apply at 98 James street. WANTED TO CHARTER?A YACHT OP ABOUT twentv tons, for six weeks, commencing on the 20th ofJulv. Address, stating terms and description of vessel. N. B., box 8,122 New York Poet office. Yacht wanted-of from 20 to 40 tons bur then; schooner preferred. Address, with all particu lars and lowest cash price. L . box 1.311 Post ofllee. HORSES. CARRIAGES. dsC. An assortment or fink carriaoes-compris ing Phsetons. Brett-. Coaches, Rockawavs, Wagons. Ac : one second hand Phaeton, two Caleches. one Coach and Coach Rockawav, one top Wagon. MOTT ft CO.. 16 West Fourth street, one block from Broadway. AT THE METROPOLITAN BTABLER. ?FOR SALE, ju tfrom Dntshasa countv, a Bay Gelding. IS hands high, five years old this spring, very handsome and stylish, and without a fault or blemish, andean trot in 2:38. Ant person wishing a verv fine road horse had better call and nee the above described horse Also tor sale, bv the same person, a bay Horse. IV, hands high, fi years old, kind and sound and hi a very good business horse. An elrgant pair of dark brown horreh, 6 years old, to exchange for a smaller pair, or one tingle Horse. Anv private gentlemen, wishing the above, mav correspond with W. B. Corey, box 22 Herald office, for two dava only. A SPLENDID PAIR OF CARRIAGE UORSE8 FOR sale. These horses are of the Messenger breed, both sired bv the "Old Eaton horse -and raised In Maine. Thev stand seventeen hands high and are well proportioned; are very chselv matched, atvllsh and natural irnltera?one of them having trotted In 2 57 without any training. Applv for three days to JOHN REARS. Tattsrsall's stahles. Fortieth street and Sixth avenue. Avery superior bay horse for hale? about Ifi hands high, long tail and mane, coming six vears old, black points, und warranted sound, honest and reliable; would make a sp'endld coupe or carriage animal. Apply to the ticket agent atlrvington station. Hudson River Railroad. A TROTTING HOUSE FOR RALE-AND A NEW light Wagon and ,1 new set of llarnes-. Also 'a Busi ness Wagon and a set of Harness goes with the business wagon Call at 141 Chatham street. AN ASSORTMENT OF VEIIICLBR?TOP AND NO TOP Buggies. Bu-ine.- Wagon- and Carriages, suitable for phvsb-lans' use. for sale by WM KLANDR.AU, coach maker, 138 Eli ahcth stioet. nnd i's) and 282 Ninth avenue. C1ARRTAOES FOR SALE ?A LARGE AND FINE A8 J sortment of Barouche-. Brett*, l'haeions. Rockawav, top and open Buggies and 80 second band Wagon- and Car riages; also Harness. Selling oil at lo * prices, at 10 Nevms street Brooklyn. Carriages.?for rale, two second hand no top bnlf spring Wagons; one Phaeton, top on front seat, but little used; one extension top Phaeton, nearly new. BREWSTER ft CO., 372 Broome -treet. /xAHItfOLET oft vTCTORlA-MADE BYE M STRAT. V' ton; never used; for sale by BREWSTER ft CO., S72 Broome -treeL rtOVRRED WAGON FOR RALE-SUITABLE FOR AN " 1 express >>r groo ty wagon, or for s pedlar, ftc.; will ho sold for $x<) ca-h. Apply lo Mr. HARTIG, in the basement of 680 Hudson street. BEVON BULL FOR SAI.E-TWO YEARS OLD. OP Exeter-lock. Rvetcr having taken man- nrires h' F.D. O. FAILE, Esq. Price Ok). Inquire at 16 and 18 Cham Iters - treet. For sale-one second hand open barouche, in excellent order; price $131. One C nipe for two Iturses, *8 tl. One Dog Cart Phaeton, the most fashionable and stylish pattern made. $4 0 Can be seen at WOOD BROTHERS' Workshop. 865 Broadway, near Eighteenth st. For sale-a second hand brett. in good order; alto one second hand Coach, in rood order: also several new I ght Wagons, city make, with and without tops. Inquire at COOPER S carnage factory, 103 Charles street. 1AOR SALE?AT THE NEW YORK TATTERS A ELS, r 8 xlh avenue, corner of Fortieth -treet a pair 01 dark prat Carriage Horse- l?k} hands h ch 6 \ eara o d, sound and kind; can imt in 3), mluuiea together. FjkoR RALE-A HANDSOME BAY IIORHK. 1SW HANDS 1 lilgb. ,ong tad. eight years old, sound and kind In all harness, and can trot fast. Can he seen at the stable corner of Seventh avenue and Twenty aerond street. For salk-a pair of closely m itched voung hav Horsca. 4 and 6 ye irs old, I.V4 hands high, perfectly sound and kind; will drtye single or douhle. sn.l god travel era. Apply at 26 sliest, between 10 and I g'elock. FHOR SALE.-THE OWNER HAVING NO FURTHER use for them, will sell a c- an of Horses, with a no tup Cauda.e Harses-. Ac . all complete. This is an opportunt !v ilint seldom occurs to obtain a Itrat .lass Park turn'M. The horse-are 18)} hands; one grav, Clay storv ; one dark bsv. Hamhl.-Ionian slock, sound kind an I without n fault. Aii' person w sning such will address Uealral Park. Hera .1 o'lice. For sale-one top bi ggv wagon, one open Wagon, one strong Coach, in good r inning order; one light set of Double Harness. Csn be seen at Uverttl a I verv stable. 33 Hamilton avenue. South Brooklyn. FHoR sale-a VaLUBI.E SADDLE M ARE. 6 VRARS Old, I '1} hands high: she also drives well in single or double harness ; will be sold cheap, as ihs owner has 110 u-e for her. Price $218. Apply at 99 West Twenty-ninth street. FiloK SALE-A FAST AND PRETTY BLACK MARE. 8 years old. 14 hands high. trots well and pices in thee minutes Prlc- $231). Also a rnn I W'ngon, In good order Price $60. Inquire al the owner s odire, fit Liberty-treet or at Mr Murray's h'a-k?mdh shop 129 East Twentv third street, near Third avenue, where the horse can be seen FtOR 8ALE-A LIGHT TWO SEATED. SHIFTING TOP Wagon, tup overTiont seat nack seat turns out. lias pole and -hslts Will he sold very cheap. Apply at TILTON'8. 614 Headway. L'Olt IALB?A MODERN LIOHTSIX SEAT GFRMAN r town Rockaway In good order, also a new shifting Top Huge,. Apply at the red brick stable In a.ley No .11 East Thirty seventh street, between Madison and Fourth avenues. For sale-a horse, gart and harness, cheap, suitable for anv husine-s: Horse sound nod k nd. Aopl' In Nie b a. k-mltb's ?h .p?2rt Psll street IjlOR RALK-TU CLOSE AN ESTATE. AN ELEGANT ' team of Grav Mures Thev are fall a sters, 16 hands high, with long tails that reach the ground, tine style and nctloo, and can (rot in three m.nuiei together perfectly of Brown's snfs In single end double harness Also, one Bitent Boston Wagons Anply at the pr.vate stable, lit) West Ivvenlh street, near Fifth avenue. L30KSALB?A LIGHT COAL BOX WAGON. BUILT bT * c-7 ^?'"r Pr.,a* ?119 Inquire at Mur ray Hill stables, on Sixth avenue between Thirty.sixth aad tturtr.seventh streets. Ask for Larry. IjtOR SALI-A PARK PIIARTON TO CAR** $1*. I without top; seats to shift city m?de and In good order, b^rlv nsw Also a saoond hand top Wagnn. App v to EDWARD $EfTH, ?Rest Twta ty.ptnth st.cet LIOR SALE?THI It TT TOP AM) NO TOP WAGONS, r 1 s i -eat Phaeton. I four aeat do . i Jaegers, I Dso tor's, 3 Business Waguns. 3 Rockaways, 2 Hretts. Also a variety of single and double ll..rnrss. Saddle*. Bridles, Whip*, fte. Apply at 1.401 Broadway, between Fortieth and Forty first street. LIOR SAI.E-A VERY FINB PAIR or DARK BAY r Mere* 1 sister-.) 7 aad 8 years old full blooded just arrived from Virginia Can he eeenfct the Cluh slahles. In First plane, between Clinton and Henry streets. South Brooklyn. F'OKHALK? a SPLENDID, DARK IKuN GRAY AHA Men Stallion. 16 heeds high, six years old. warranted sound and kind in alt harness; he I- ene of the noblest sad ? die horses ever brought to litis city, prion $NH); alee a beautiful span nf ernss matched rnad or family Horse*, Macs and gray, fire and seyen tears old. 13 hand's; a lady car drive them with safely; prica ?A3il Can lie seeo at the Club etable. 21 Bowery. RORBE8, CARRUOEH, AC. inOR SALE-A PAIR OP LIGHT BAY CARRIAGE r Horses. suitable for city and Hark driving; gotule and kind: ?oid because tlx owner has no further uaa for them. Apply at the private atable No. 3 Weat 30th at. FOR 8ALE-A VERT PINE PAIR OP FANCY matched Horses, with Harneaa. three paira BUokcta. Ac ; can tmt together in three minutea; alao a One. nearly new very light four aeated Wagon, with light shifting top. All can be aeen at Nodlne'a atable. Plerrepont .treat, Brack. lyu. ? For salr-a full blooded young guernsey Bull, three years old: alao hia mother al*o full blooded; !<oth In good health. Inquire of ALBX B. ALLAIRE. Lari mer atreet, batween Wyckolf and Reuisen, Williamsburg. For balk-two second hand top and no Top Wagon*. Will be eold cheap for caah, at the car riage factory, 129 Croaby alreai. YD OR SALE-A TRAM OP BLACK PONIES. 13* BANDS P high, sound and kind in aingla or double harneaa or uader the aaddle; can trot a mile ia three minutea Can not be outatyied. Can be aeen at 88 Eaat Nineteenth atreet until aold. . UtOR SALE?FIRST CLA88 TWO BEAT TOP AND NO P top Wasent; alao ooa< hoi, square bo*, top and no top Wagon". Second band Wagons. Call on WIEOBL A CAREY, Carriage Makers, 86 Weat Twenty fourth atreet. T710R SALE?A BAY STAR MARE. SIX YEARS OLD P IShanda high; can trot In three minute*! well broken to double and single harneaa and a perfect sad(}le mare; very atyliah aud haudaeme. Apply at 165 lit av. TOOR BALK?A NEW MILCHINO OOAT THREE DAYS P after kidding. Inquire of J. LANDERS, between Forty-fourth and Forty -fifth atreeta and Third avenue. For sale?a roan pony, six tears old, 14^ hands high; a sp'endid cuddle Pony for n gentleman or lady; will breik te saddle and harneaa. To be aean at D6 Fourth street, in the blacksmith's ahop, In the rear. For sale?four HORSES ; ONR A LARGE 80 B rel Mare price $125: one nice black Horse, sir years old; price $12-1 A large cart Mor e; price $50. A gray Horso; price $1d. Thev are all warranted sound and kind. Inquire at 86 Marion street. For sale-elrven horses-, among them in a beautiful Saddle Puny, for children; would exchange any one of the above horaes for lower priced ones. Also a aei of light doub'e harness, plated, as good as new. All to be -een at 76 Greenwich avenue. IDOR SALE?A SPLENDID PAIR OP BRIGHT BAY F Horses, lOhanri* high, b'ark point*, flowing tall" and manes, 6 years old. and cannot he surpassed for style and action; would suit u gentleman fnrfamil ? use These horaes am jn.t from Middlesex county. N. .1 , and will be warranted to any one who purchases tbem. both for soundness and kindness Apply at stable 35 West Twenty ninth street, near Dnad way. ljlOR SALE-A SADDLE HORSE, THOROUGHLY P trained for a gentleman or lady, verv handsome, !5J? hands h gh. chestnut color and thoroughbred, six years old. just arrived from Genesee Valle- . Price $425. Kind In all harness. Also two fine maicbpd Pairs Apply at the Metropolitan Stables, corner of Prince and Crosby streets, to Alwai*d. 1DOR SALE-A HANDSOME BLACK CARRIAGE OR r express Hor e, 16 hand- high; pr re$200. Sold for want of use. Inquire at 131 Monroe street. For sale-a bay horse, fifteen hands hl-h. (It for any kind of work; price $95. Also one Canadian Pony. 14 hands high. 8 veurs o'd pries $55; fit for any light business. Inquire at 22 Christopher street For sale-three or four very fine saddle Homes. 6 vcars old. fast and prnml-dng great speed. Also a black Poor. 14l; hands high. 5 vears old. can tret square in about 3 minute*. Alao avorvflie famllv Horse, 6 years old, stylish, fast and very gentle Also a few nice huslne-s Horses and a very fine ssrt-C* Mare, very gentle and well broken to harness. The shore will he sold cheep, and warranted as represented In every respect. Apply to J DRAKE 166 Bast Twenty-fifth street, near First avenue, private stable. For sale cheap-four good work horses. k<nd In all harness, 15 and 16 bands- suitable for any business or farm work: price from $5(1 to $75 Also light Wa-on and Harness, $45. Apply at 115 Ea-t Twenty seventh street till sold. For sale cnKap?a good black horse, 17 bands high with Harness, and ? foil famllv Rocka way with shifting sides snd in good order Price $400 To be seen at 8 Lowrv* ridingac ademy. corner of Thirty-ninth street and Fifth avenue. For sale cnEAP?a splendid lady's sad die Pony. 15 hsnds high, easv ranterer. very gentle and k'nd: will he sold for half his va'ue. Also a new Jageer Wagon: been used but enpe- built h-.- Wood. New York; weighs shout 2<vi pounds: will be sold at a sacrifice. Apply at 34 Fulton street, Brooklyn. Fast horse for sale ?sorrel horse, i?v hands high, nine year* old, heavv mane and tall, sound and kind, and tro's in 2-50. Alao black Mare forsale. same size, and trot* In 3 30. Can be seen at wooden stable, he. tween Party-fifth and Forty sixth streets, on Fifth avenue Fast double tram?aged seven tears: mid die sine, gentle In and nut of harness; lowest price $2.50n: one Is quite worth the mnnev. Apply at private stable 202 Clinton street from 12 to 2 o'clock. Fast team for sale.-one pair bayhamble. Ionian*. 16 bands high. 7 vears old, can trot In 2 50 sure, verv cioselv mstched. black points, lowest price $3,600. war ranted sound ant kind in all respects will be sold singly or together. Can he seen at Washington Hall stables. 1.951 and 1 953 Third avenue (Harlem), between 125th and l$6th streets. FOUR CARRIAGES FOR ralr-onk top wagon, Pole and Shafts, built bv Rrewrier A Ce., of Broom? street one Germsntown Ho -kswav. with Pole and Shafts, built In Pnllade'nhla; Top Wa-on. built bv J. Goodwin; Side Bar Rond Wagon, built bv Watson, of Philadelphia. These carriages are but little worn and are In fine order. To be seen at 101 Grand street, corner of Mcrerr. Horses.-for-sale, a vf.rv fine paYr or b ack Alarcs. 15t? hand" high, quite faai and perfectly sound. at the third new stable aouth side of Eighteenth street, west of 8lxth avenue. Horses for sale?a matched span of blaok Horses six rears old. 15'. hand" high, stvllnb driver*, well broken to double or a ngle harness; sound and kind, without a blemish. C. H. OLIVER. No. 7 Beekman street JU8T FROM THE COUNTRY-A BLOODED BAY Horse, (5 vesrs old, IMS hand* nigh, a verv stxllsta driver and aadd'e horse. Can be seen at 192 Church atreet, corner or White. New York. Notice ?onk hundred and fifty acres op pasture ground. Fiftv horses can be accommodated with pasture at s i ilollara par month. Apply to R C DKT, on the premises, three mil a front F?rtr second atreet. and nesrthe Hacken-ack junction. Northern Ralroad station. I'ost office nddrets?R C. Dey, English Neighborhood. Ber gen county, V. J PFDDL1NO WAOONB FOR BALE -ONE ONE HORSE and one two home. W. M HOWE, powder agent. corner of SOt h at and 3d ae. Road wagon for sal'" cheap?city made, > half sprng: weight ahetit 115 pounds: In perfect order. Appb At the atahles of Cassin A Teanney, 45 Bait Fifteenth, street. CJADDLR HORSF.S ? FOUR FIRST CLASS, THOR i' otghly trained. well hred Badd'e Horses for sale; guar anteed In every particu'ar. In ulre at Central Park Sta bles, Eighth avenue and Fifty-ninth street. OIX OOOD STRONG HORSBS. IN KXCFLLENT COB t> dltl >n, for sale; price* from >209 to $1 1 00 each. Ap ple at Tlvy's Hotel, cornor of Fifth street. Hoboken. N J. 0 LET-A STAPLE WITH STALLS FOR FOUR horses, carriage room and hay loft, at 127 West Thirty. fifth stieet. Inquire on the premises ANTED-A SECOND HAND ONE HORSE ROCKA way. Address H.. ho* 17fi Herald office. WAGON FOR SALE?A NFW COAL BOX ROA!> Wngo'i. c ty built, will be sold low If applied for Imme diately, at 19 booth William street. w DRNT1STKY. A SET OF TEETH MADE IN THREE HOURS?EN tlre satis'in tlon or n ? |iav. at 239 No advance la required at 239. nod no person is required to take or pay for anvthlng tin e?? fully siulafied. The best of material used, and everything warranted and warranted to lie cheap* r than atany other p are ThironP place for sham fronts that do not project the lip lo" much Is dt 239. Remember, 239. the place where not only teeth, but the whole face can he effectual y changed to a youthful ap pearance See other dentists' weighted lower aeta Brst, then call and see ours, and learo the price For fine g Id or nlalitta work, find it if toucan In any Other place, then call nere and Judge ye. TEETH EXTRACTED WITHOUT PAIN from eight to one o'clock, every lav; hut not later In tha day. unless to a'ppt ointment. All other work it all hours at 239 stui, avenuo. between Fifteenth and Sixteenth streets. A FACT TOO PLAIN TO CONTRADICT.?THE finest and most durable set of Teeth in the rltv. those which will give to the face the mo?t natural expression. In serted without pain and supplied at half the u*ua< cost, at 379 Sixth avenue, between Twenlv third and Twenty fourth S'reit?. Particular attcnt on given to the comfort and con venience Of patients qreeth extra'ted poa tlyely without pain, or no charge, and nit other operations performed at oi|nally moderate rates. Onlv one visit required from coun try patienta. Satis: action guaranteed. J. C ABKAMs, Surgeon Dentist. Artificial teeth?only $a; beautiful sets ? ?n line go d and plntlna: silver and vulcanite rubber, front $8 to $2.*i warranted equal to any work in New York ; single teeth, $1; teeth filled and extracted without the least pain; gold, platlna and bane fillings. .Atl cent-to 91, and war ranted lor life. Od ce 13S Sixth avenue, between Tenth and Eleventh str-ets. Dr. LUTHER Dentist, sixteen years es tablished A SET OF TFKTII MADIf BY BTBAM?SOMETHING new?for Bid A I persons in want of Arttflrlsl Teeth can now be aci ommndsted on short notice Teeth -xtracteil without pa n, by tttr 'hemtnallv purlfled chloreform war ranted harmless Dr. WAIT. 98 Fourth avenue, oppuslm Eleventh Street ; ^ COLTON DENTAL ASSOCIATION AaVR KXTRACT ed teeth daily for one vear by the Nitrous Oxide Gee, without a single Instance of failure or unpleasant effects. Dr. COLTON tnhsies event fresh enpply first himself, In taut its purity. Qfflc# lfo. 8 Bond ttrrrt. MARTBLL. DENTIST. I*. SIXTH AVENUE, BELOW Twenty ninth street t onsiillatlon free. Extracting. 2Ac?nts Rubber awl silver sets or teeth, flO Part sets. ?1 Gold filling 91; silver. fin renU. Cleaning teeth. VI oents. office hours 7 A. M. until 10 P M. ' Osteoplastic or artificial bone filling for decayed teeth; old rools bxplt up; mareahells. aching teeth and ever? elate ef caxlty tilled without pain, by ? he discoverer, at his rooms, removed to 29 Bast Fourteenth street, one door weal of Union square H ATCHB8.JBWBLRT, HlO, ' ~ At ??-watcher, diamonds, jewelry, silver piste. Guns, Pistol*. *c.. bought.?I will pay 2UG par cent more than can be obtained at any ether place In The JZ N^ B ?Alao Pawnbrokers' Tlekete wanted for the above articles, at the same rate. BW Broadway, tornar of Houston street, up stairs, room S. TVAMONDS, ~ U OLD GOLD AND BILYER. , diamondb, ? . old gold and Silver. mJl Ima\7ith7 Ji!S . Diamonds, old OoltL Bllver, or any Jlndefold fashioned Jewelry, go to LOUIS anrich, 72t Broadway A positive fart, he nara 30 per oent more than any other person. Established In New York since the adm n 1st ration of the late Martin Van Buren. Make no mistake?729 Broedwar, under (he New York Hotel DIAMOND-THE LARGEBT AND HANDSOMEST Diamond in toe United stales is now for eale cheap fop rs?h Amateurs nre requested to onll for the diamond; mua| be sold: weight 12 caraie, end handsomely mounted. A, J. jAvKbCN. Bivkey. to Walker wecfe

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