Newspaper of The New York Herald, 23 Haziran 1864, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 23 Haziran 1864 Page 7
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*" .. SALES A* A OCTIOL AC. BAKi R A CO., AUCTION KERB * w.ALr?fKJ 'IAVWO?I> AUCTIONEER. ?rM*.ulC8l(T household furniture, BAAL AND COSTLY WORKS OF ART. ETC.. AT PUBLIC AUCTION M THIS DAY (Thursday), June 23, At the elegant hrowu -tone resldene No 44 West Suteeuth street, between Filth aud sixth aJeuuea. Sale commencing at K)k o'clock. Drawing Room ??Superb 8uTts of Furniture, covered with brooatel >>7 r ci oat deacnpt on; ele ant rein Window Cur tatua. to mate the suite Btageres. with plate glass doors; KUoolgnurrs, Secrets > aud Bookcase. Ce tre Table*, nla tuary marble topi Hruu/e and Ormolu O uudel era, Cahl net-, to match; Ormolu and Dresden China Ornaments, Marble Statuarv, Broure Figures, Oil Paintings by emiue ut .Aitlata. MAGNIFICENT SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANO FORTE; Fuly guaranteed hy the makem; Stool. Brocade Cover, Mubic Stand Boo its Ac. Hatst&ud, Chairs tom-tcb. Oak Buffet. Exten ton Tablaa. Chairs Sofas, cut aod engraved gasswate CI iua Dinner Set imported tro u Paris for pre sent owner; Silver Dinner and Tea Service, Casters, 8|>o<>na, Forks, Urn. Cake Baa eta. Oyster Tureen, Table Cutlery, Linen, rosewood and walnut Dressing Bureaus, Bedstead-. Armotre-a-Olaoe en suite. Hair and Sprlug Mattresses, twen hy-four pairs Linen Sheet- twenty four pa rs Pillow Ca>cs, twelve pair- French Klanketa, Towel-, Counterpanes, Mar ?allies Quilts, French Toilet Seta, mahogany Sofas Bed steads. Chair*, Rockers. Ae. Also Furniture of servants Apartments Parties within? to attend this sale lake Filth or Sixth avenue cars or slagea from Aalor. St. Nicholas or Metropolitan Hotel, leaving at Sixteenth street, a few doora from house. A JOUBNEAY, AUCTIONEER-OFFICE NO. 8 PINE A. street-Sale of desirable Farm P-roperty (known ua Clouney Farm), near New Kor.helle station, Westchester county. New \ ork, ad joining ChaUwortb, at piibUe auction, ?t the Exchange aa esroom. No. Ill Broadway. N. Y , on Thursday. .I una 23, at 12 o'clock M.. by A. JOURNEAY; 62 ?Ores or superior Land, with dwelling and onlhonaeaoa same, desirably located on the White Plains road, ad oinlng Ohataworttt. Abundance or choice fruit And excellent WAter: good garden and fine -haded lawn. This place la ad mirably adapted for bul ding a tea, sloping the whole depth of the farm, and ? worthy the attention of parties seeking superior locations. Further particulars at toe office of the auctioneer. No 8 Pine street ' A JOURNEAY, AUCTIONEER, a Office Ne 8 I'ine street. AUCTION SALB OF BEAUTIFUL PROPERTY, At Chataworth, Westchester county, N. T. A. JOURNEAY ?will aAffgm Thursday. June 23. at 12 o'clock H., attheBx. change FAiesrooma, No. Ill Broadway, 400 ACRES OF LAND, looatad at Chataworth. on the line or the New Haven Rail road, between New ft-chells and Matnamneck, 20 miles from City Hall in plots of 3 to 10 acres or more. This Is a l.a- opportunity for parties desirous of securing a superior location and have control of aurrouudlug im provements. Maps and further particulars at the office of the auc tioneer, A. JOU KNEAY. No. 8 Piue street. AJOORNEaY. AUCTIONEER, OFFICE. NO. 8 PINE STREET. EXECUTOR'S SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED CITY AND BROOKLYN PROPERTY; ALSO, VACANT LOTS. by order of the eiecutors of the estate of Leah Cole, de ceased, at pub' o auction. onThurda , June 30, at 12 u'c.ock, M., at the Exchange Salesroo m 111 Broadway, KY A. JOURNEAY. Property on Eighty-fourth street and on First (avenue, New York; also, on Smith street, Brooklyn, K.D. Maps, with mil particulars, at the office or the auctioneer, No. 8 street. A J. BLKECKF.R, SON A CO WILL SELL AT AUC ? tlon. on Th -day. June 23, at 12 o'clock, at the Ex. Change Salesroom, 111 Broadway?Supreme Court, by order of P. T. Ruggles Referee on Grand street, two slo-y brick Houses and Lots, Nog. 228, 353 and 3&.'>; on Broome street, two story brink House-and Lots Nog .'IMS and 370: on Molt street, two st >ry brick Houses and Lots Nos. 174. 176 and 178; On Third avenue, two stoiy ' rick Houses and Lots, No. 306; Ou Eighty ninth street ten valuable Lots, commencing 490 feet east at Fiftb avenue. A J. L. SMITH. AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL THI8 ? dav, at II o'clock at No 1" Stu< ve-unt p<ace (Nlntb atrcet). between Bsoond and Third aven e-, one Piano, of splendid ton- and finish: cost $50; three Parlor Su is. rose wood and mahogany Bedroom Suits, Rockers, Looking Gias e<. male cam and maple Chairs, Tallies. Brussels ana Ingrain Carpets, and everything that belongs to a i.rst c.asi bouse. Auction notice.?d. d. caulkins. auctioneer, TO PURCHASERS OF KRaLLY FIRST ULA^S COSTLY FURNITURE. RICH FRENCH PIKE AND MANTEL MIRRORS. SUPERBLY CARVED ROSE WOOD PI i NOKoRTE, SILVER PLATE. AC. THIS DA* (THURSDAY). JUNE 23, at the residence 218 West Fourteenth si reel, near Eighth ?venue, commencing at 11 o c ock A. M . rain or shine. The sale compr es some of the richest and most elabo rately carved 'Br or Furniture ever ott ered at public, auc tion, and to be sold without snv reserve. An examination trill wall renay intending buyers. Parlors contain three elegant full Suits of rosewood Parlor Furniture, in rie.i cr mson and maroon, bine and gold, aud oraDge colored brocade and satin, rosewood Eisgere, splen did and costly Parian Ornaments, rich Va-es Ac. MAFNIFICENT rosewood pianoforte, srot>L AND COVER. An elegant Instrument, with round corners beautifully carved legs and case; alt modern Improvements. Also a magniiioent co lection of rare P..lutings, rosewood Turkish and Eas Una rs. in flne re|>s; rosewood Centre and 8ide marble top Tablet, richly carved; Velvet and Brussels ?Curuet*, Ac. Chamber Suits, In rosewood and mahogany; Bureaus, carve-i Be istead Wsshatand- Sofa Beds, In line hair cloth; t*n pure Hair Mattresses from 40 to 50 pounds, made to order. In exoeileni condition. Dining Room f iirnlturo. consist ng of fine oak Extension Dining Table, nek Arm ChaUs, Silver Ware, rich China, Ivory and 8 Iver Cutlery Porks. Spoons. Ac. with heavy cut and engraved Glassware of ever- description. Carmen In attendance to cart, pack or ship goods for pur chasers. Auction bale of MAGNIFICENT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. ELEGANT CARPETS AND CUSTLY WORKS OF ART, COST OVER * VO. ISKD HUT THREE MONTHS, 1HIH DAY (THURSDAYl. AT THE ELBOANT RESIDENCE 152 WEST TWENTY FIRST ST., BBTWEhM SEVENTH AND EIGHTH AVENUES, COM Ml VCiNG AT 2 O'CLOCK PRECISLl-Y. Parlor, dtning room, drawing rooms, ? leaping rooms and nursery are con pleeK and elegantly furnished in rose wood, oak and mahogauy; Freneh Mirrors, rosewood Eta garsa, three flne suit- Parlor Furniture, in green reps and haircloth; m-gnthoenl 7-octave Plane, four round corners; city maker?com $800; supern rosewood Centre and Pier TaMea Beus and Bedding. Hair and 8pnng Mattresses, with handsome rosewood Chamber Furniture; rich China, complete sets of r ch Cut Glass. Table Cutlery. Silver Ware; fine wilder Iron Safe large sixe.fAc. All to besold without A UOTION NOTICE. A SPECIAL AND ATTRACTIVE SALE of STRAW GOODS POR MEN'S. WOMEN'S AND CHIL. DRKN'S WEAK. . POOR HUNDRED CASES IN CHOICE ASSORTMENTS WILL BR SOLD . THIS DAT (THUKSDAT) JUNE 23, AT ELEVEN O'CLOCK. Catalogue! and good now ready. ffi. TOPPINO A CO. Auctioneers. Nos. a and II Park ulaee and No. H Murray street. Auction notice? special and peremptort sale op elkoant HcUM-.HtM.D PURNITURk. > magnificent parlor pur>iiurb. This dar (Thursday . une 23, at II o'clock, at No. 128 West Eighth street ne?r .Mich avenue, con-istin. of handsome Carpets, ene elegant Pailor 8 ill. richly carve I, cheered In r ch French Oil nam and gold b-ocatel; one do., covered in green and rnn-on ailk reps; otic Turkish Suit. 8 pieces, in crun-on; mam atop Tables rosewood Ku ere. 1'i-r O asses, Lace Curia n? rosewood Plan 'forte. St o Htid ("over; Pa rian and I'blua \ a ca brome Clock*, Oil Pa nling* Turk ah Baay Chair* and Lounges covered in reps; rote wood and black walnut Bedstead*, Bureau*. sprinp ami ha r Mat trentes, Lounges Chair*. Rocker*. Mirror*. Sofas, extension Table, Dining Chairs, rich Cut l) aaa. China and Sliver I Ware, Table Cutlery. Chandeliers Ac . Ac. ERNEST ROTH, An. llonesr. BA. CHILTON, AUCTIONEER. . UNITED STATES OOVKKaMKNT SALE OP ORB FN BaLTKU HIDES Will be sold at u lit sue Ion ..a Thursday. June 21. 1JW4, ?t 12 o cock M ?t he Morenoose N ? 17 olb.tnv street. 23! Oreen Sa ted Hides, put arrived from Portress Monroe. Male positive. Terms cash. H oner of C > one II. P. CLARKE. C 0. 3 , United States Army. CORPORATION SALE Or FREE STONE CARTS. sue on f r unp iid ? orape. ? Will be so d at pub c auction on hat -day June 3 at id e'cluc* A M . at the Corporation yard, cornet or ane and Wen streets a large lei of Freestone .Vs.., old Carts. Sleigh*. Ac., which have remained in such tard for the period oi ? ver one ye*r. MATTHEW T. HRh.NN.lN. Comptroller PJ. BURKE. AUCTIONEER?OPKICK NO. 3 A8TOR , place.?will eii <>n Thursday, the 23d Inst., at hall-pa-t ten o'rlo k. the Lea-* Mioek and Fixtures of the Oiocerr snd Liquor store 96 West Twent -fourtii street; store well stocked with a general assortment, excellent Allures, Ac.; sold together or sepai.<le y. ? Edward n< mkn< k, auctioneer PEKKMPTOIIT 8A1.K OF SUPERB IMPORT'D FRENCH PaTTE.Rn BONNETS AND REAL POINT D'AI. NCON, BRUSSELS, CHaNTILLi AND TIIKKAU La. .8. By EDWARD ECII h.NCK, on Thuisdsi. 2id Instant, at 2 m'cock P. M . at hia sale room, bo Lihert street, between Broadway and Na ?? i "treat, about lift of the most s perb and French Bonnets ever shown In this city?vis: Chip, Ijare Leghorn Chan ihv Hlon i* Neapolitan, Split Str.w. Ar , all oi the finest and be i tnaierlals, real laee sc., being ?amnle* of the ur*t bouses In Pans?vis: Mmr. Vlrot Alex andrine. Dutels, Emails, M ot. Man. Laure lielage. It*, troupe. Liana B, Irot Delaporta. Uolberg, Hrle and ueofTul, and Others. ALSO. A superb assortment of Real Thread Laces?vlr Mantil las, Capes and Set*. Cm ores Handkerchief*, Flounces, Ac : also. Chant 1 v Lace b, the rard. Tue above will he on t-xh Idtton at ti.e salesroom on Mon day the .'Oth Instant, mil I the sale. 1 be above suiierb ale MMg peremptory, and thO first of thr Kind n th s countr , tallies ere particular Incited to exam no them as special arrangements have be-n made to ats-o nmodate th-m. Should the weather on fhnr da prove atormy. the sale will take place the tieit day (Friday I. at the aim* hour. Edward eohsnck, auctioneer. ELEGANT SADDLE HORSE, Hv RDWAHU Mi linNCK on Friday. June >4, atone o'clock, at hie sa.e room. No. mi Liberty street a sorrel Mare, eeven years old I6U hands high, raised at St. Albans. , Vt; m ?f Rn.liah thorough bred stock, warranted perfect y sound tn every resp.-ct, a nd end gentle. Will stand without tying. I? not afraid of anything, has been u Ad principalis as a sadd.o home will trot or canter undet the-addle and a very fine horse for a ladv. being sure foots 1 and well bit ted. Is also a foot and fraa traveller In single or doubio herns-A XI H. LUDLOW A CO.. AUCTIONEERS. JBi, LAROB LOT OF LUMBER, Ac. at AUCTION For the benellt of the United States Sanitary Com ml aton E. H. LUDLOW A CO., will sell on MONDAT, JUNK 2? Itit, at I* o'clock. at the oornar of Elavooth avonua and Twentieth street ? cviOd feel of Timber, 80 Batten Doors, ji*'Joist-. 8.(210 Dressed Board*. 100 Dressed Plank. 9 Koof Tmasca. no feat 1,1011 He-Inch Spruoe Plank, s|>an, W 4-lnch Rim Locks. 10 Hoof Trusses, 10 feat lOOWIudow Prami a and span, ?ashes. 10 casks of Naila Also. Flag Polea, Short Lumbar. Firewood, Enamelled Cloth, Hardware. Ac Terms esse Lots to suit purchs-srs. Catalogue* at thn auctioneer's oiliqo. No. 3 I'lne street HRNRT H. LEEDS. AUCTIONEER -HFNRT H. LEEDS A MINER will sell at auction, on Friday. Aune 24. at WW o'cloek. at the salesroom No ?! Liberty O'reat, Household Furniture, consist ng of Bruise s and In grain Carpets, carved rosewood Furniture in green rsps, ebony Reception chairs In orlmson figured satin, * jKire Hereon, rosewood Lounges in ilaured brocade, rose ??wood tnarbla top Centre Table, ebon- do . mahogany and >n-*wood Bedsteads gilt frame; French plats Pier Mirrors, flair Mattresses, Straw Paillasses, Bolster* ant! Pilaws, Plimpton Beeretary Bedstead. Ac. Also, at 12 o'clock, two rosewood rlano?. Also a lot of Iaw, Medical and other H ulks MpMf with a lot of Perfumery, Colognes. Ex tract*. Ac SAL.res AT ACCTIOJf.^ HENRY H. LEEDS. AUCTIONKRR. IIKNKY ft LEEDS A MINER will sell at auction uo Thursday. June XI, at 12 o'clock, itc front ol our store. Na 93 Liberty street, a very (inn pair of black Carriage Horers well matched, atyliau drivers gentle and kind in all bar neaa. 16)4 hands high and admirably adapted to city use R FARMER, AUCTIONEER?WILL SELL. Til lit KAY. . at 2 o'clock, at <44 Canal street. 3" lie* and second band Carpets. Sofa Beds, Marble Top and other Bureaus, nit a..01. mahogany and other Bedsteads, VVugh-Undx. Cbalra. Centre an i Din ng Table* H .1 lands large 1'ier and Other Mirrors, Hair. Huak and biraw Mattreaae-. Counter , lot or Dr Goods one Wheeler A Wilson Sewing Machine, in good order. J COLE, AUCTIONEER. ? ABSOLUTE KXEt'UTORB' . aale of 43 Lota. In the Ninth ward, Hrooklvn on Brook lyn and lludaona.enuea. I lean and Bergen streets.?J AMES COLE'S SON wl.l aell, on M onoay June 27. at 1} o'clock, at the Exchange No. 369 Ku.ton itreet. o"i?o* te the Cltv Hall Brooklyn, by order of the execntora of <l-o W. Folsoro, deceased under the direction of Messrs. Ilagner nnd 8m lb. Attorneys:? BROOKLYN A VI- N 'E-IO Lots, easterly side, the entire frout between Dean and Bergen streets DEAN STREET?id Lota, south aide, between Brooklyn and Hudson avennea BERGEN S I RI RT?14 Lota, north side, between Brook lyn and Hudson arenueA Hudson AVKNin-?in Lota, west side, the entire front between Dean and Bergen streets. The above property Is ellglb y located in n first eia-s neigh borhood surrounded by fine improvements, convenient tn three lines of citv rallrosds Ac.. Ac. Terms liberal. For maps and full particular* applv to the attorneys. No 9 Wit. lougbbv atreet, or to the auctioneers. No. 369 Fulton street, Brooklyn. JM. BALSBY. AUCTIONKKB. ? BY J. K. HAL8BT A CO. Hardware Trade Rales and Auction RooAs, 63 Beekinan street and 85 Ann street. FRIDAY, JUNE 24. At lot; o'clock, nt the auction rooms, by catalogues for cash a general assortment of fore ga and domestic Hardware Cutlerv, As., ens bracing Invoices of Cutlery. Shovels?600 D. handle Shovels. 600 Enamelled Kettles, ISO Cavalry Swords, 600 Fowler's patent S. P. F'lter*. 6no back notion finished nnd engraved dun Locks. 100 pairs Bronze Bra kets 60 dozen Eitenaion Laichea. Ac. Catalogues ready early on morning of anla. JOSEPH HEOBMAN.?FRIDAY, JUNB St, AT 10 o'clock. A M.. nt the Central Salesrooms, WtUoughby atreet, corner of Pearl street, Brooklyn.?Rosewood Piano, James King, maker, 1 do. do.. James Brown; Parior Suits, Centre Tables, Softs. Lounges, Ronkca-es. Bureaus, Bed steads. Hsir Mattresses, Extension Tables, Refrigerators, Carets. Oilcloths, Clothing, Ac. Also, at 1J o'clock, noon, one marble bed mahogany Billiard Table; Engravings, Paintings, Ac _ J MORI ARTY. AUCTIONRER?WILL BELL THIS ? day at 10>? o'clock, at 173 Chatham square. Furniture, from manufacturers anil famt les: also Peal her Reus and Mattresses, 8u vards Rrusss's Carpets. Lace nnd other Cur tains, a variety of Dress Hoods. Shawls, Parasols and Sun Shades. Mirrors. Lamps, noslery. 160 Oil Paintings, Ac. M DOUGHTY, AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL TUI8 ? day. at 10K o'clock, at .a esrootn 71 Nav-au atreet a general assortment of Household Furniture Carpets, Far. lor Suits. Centre Tables, Bookcases, Pier Glasses, Buffets, Kvten-ion Dining Tabl"S, Dressing Bureaus, Wash stands. BedsteadMattresses, Lounges. Tete-a-tete*. Chairs, Ac.. The whole to be pereinntorilv sold for rash. House keepers will find the above sale worthy of attention. Morris wilkins, auctioneer. sale ok seized goods at auction. E. H. LUDLOW A CO. will sell at auction on Thursday, June 23, at II o'clock at No. 3 Pine street b order of Hiram Rarner, Collector, a large qunn'it of Hrandy. Wines, Whis. key, Sp r.t?. Cider, Segars. Revolvers. Boots. Caps, R bbons. Mock Jewelry, Pipes. Patent Mad rines. Ac. A list at the auctioneer's office, No. 3 Pine street. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE.?WTLLIAM WIT TERS. Atict oncer, on Tliursdav. the 23d Inst, at 1.3? Du ne street, at lOVi o'clock Household Furniture. Cloth lug, Carpenter's Tools, Jewelry, Jk., the ailecu of various mte tate e tales ROHT. B. BRADFORD, Public Administrator. PAWNBROKER'S SALE?TniS DAY, AT 11 O'CLOCK precisely. JOHN MORTIMER will sell at No. 15 East Broadway 600 lot* of (Sold and S Iver Watches. Jew-dry. O'ins, I'isto'H. Pis led Ware. Mimical Instruments, Ac : also a large ami sea ona le lot or Silk and other Dresses, Shaw s. Cloaks, Under Cinihing, Remnants Bed Clothing. Men's C othing anil other Good- too numerous to meutlOQ. By order of N. 8TICH. 297 Third avenue. RL KRW1N. AUCTIONEER-SALESROOM NO. 23 . Bowery.?Household Furniture. Redding, Ac.?JU LIUS G. 8ALIIINGKR will sell, on Thursday, June 23, at 10 A. M? in the salesroom 23 Rowary. the entire Household Furniture of a family leaving the city, comprising mahoga ny Sofas, Bedstead-. Chairs. Tables, Looking Glas-es. Ac.; Silver plated Ware. Fea'her Beds, Hair Mnttressea and Ove new Lounges, for account of whom it may concern. SA J. BOG ART, AUCTIONEERS, WILL 8BLL THIS ? da , at llo'olock. at the auction rooms. No. 1 North William street a small lot of Hardware, unclaimed Bag gage. two sets of new Harness, and sundry other artl des. SA J. BOOART WILL SELL. ON SATURDAY, JUNE ? .5 at U>X o'clock, at the auction rooms No. 1 North Wi Mam atreeet. Household Furniture, Carpets, Horses, Wa on-. Harness Ac., Ac. gCRANTON COAL AT AUCTION. Orricc or Ttta Dc: awari, Lackawanna and Wkstrrv) Raii hoap Co., Nrw York. June lfl. 1364 t Thiseompsnv wi 1 hold their seventeenth regular monthly auction, on Wednesday the 29th da of June, IH6t. at 12 o'c ock noon, at the offoe of the company. No 35 William itreet. at which time they will offer by SIMEON DRAPER, auctioneer. TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND TONS OF FRESH MINED 8CRANTON COAL, embracing all the usual sizes and deliverable at their depot. Elizabethport, N. ?).. during the month of Julv next The sale will be positive kaeh 'ot put up will lie aold to the highest bidder?no bids. In anv form whatever, being made for account of or on hehalf of the eompauv The terms and conditions wi'l he the earn- as heretofore, and will be fully made known at the time and place of sale. JOHN BRJSBTN, President. SHERIFF'S SALE. HORSES. WAGONS. HARNESS, AC. RICHARD WALTERS, AUCTIONEER, will sell, on Thursday. June 23, at II o clock, at 410 West Twentv-fifth -treat, near Ninth avenue, three very line Horses, three superior Covered Wagons, suitable for express grocery or other huslnes : three set-, Harnesa, lot of Barrels, Boxes Smokehouse Fixtures, Ac, JAMES LYNCH, Sheriff. Bkrnarp Rkili.t, Deputy bheriff. SHERIFF'S SALE.?RICHARD WALTERS. Auc tioneer will eell, on Friday. June 24. at II o'clock, at Na. 67 avenue C. a quantity of Oil Cask*. Imrd Pre* Kettles. Meat Raeka Benches. Awning. Platform Scales, a rear Building on lot, two Smokehouses. Ac. JAMES LYNCH, Shetlff. Andbiw J. Btrnk. Deputy Sheriff. RALEfi OK REAL ESTATE. Am farm of km acres, near plainftkld. in. uuWe of R. F. HAKRATT, 14 Piue street. Dirt cheap. A SPLENDID FIRST CLASS TENEMENT HOUSE? With all the modern improvements must be so'd Houae 20*51 feet: lot ''*)? four store and eel'nr Rents for ?75ff Price 65, At" Mortgage made to suit the purchaser, oration good. Apply to JA8. FKTTRETCH, 217 Bast Thir tieth street. A GOOD BUSINESS LOCATION FOR SALE?AT Craievi le depot, on the Newborn branch of the Brio Railway, consisting of slnre and dwelling, coa! house, barn, ?he is \c. and s half acre of and, building* new. Applv to or address J. E Har ng, Craigvll o. Orange cnunty. N. Y. AT SUMMIT, NEW JERSEY, FOR SaI-E UHR.p, ten acre of Land, good House, Barn, Ac.: Passaic river runs back of the house good bailiing. fishing. Ac. Inquire of K L. TILTON, 116 Fulton street. A^m TilREF STORY BRICK BUILDING, 2C FEET rront, lot SM feet deep, on Washington street near Cortlandt street, for sal at a bargain. Al?.i a frame Build ing; lot25x7t). W. P. SEYMOUR, 171 Broadway. AM FIRST CLASS GRAIN, GRAZING AND FRUIT Farm, 120 acre-, welt tlmber-'d. w-itered, A : 2l> acres yerv vnlttab e. fruit orchards, line buildings near villa, e and deuot. In Westchestercouniv, convenient to city for aale low; stock, rrops. Ac. W. I". SRTMOI'K. 171 Broadway. A ?TWO CORNER HOUSES AND LOT FOR SALE f\ . In Rlvin ttoo atreet, two In Division street, one tn last Rroa Iwat. iwo In Kor-yih street, in Moft street, one tn Rttvard sweet. One In Ninth ward, near Mleecker stree ; three In Twenlj-fourth streeL Appytel* 7. EG LI O, 12 Centre etreet. \ THREE STORY HIGH STOOP BRICK HOUSE, ALL modern improve ents, for sale chean. to close an e? tate; 1 icatcd in Fs-t Eighteenth street. ne?r Second avenue; house 25i 8, ? r e'tension; lot 25x92. Hulf tho purchaes mopev can reinstu op mortgage for five vears. Permits from 8. EMBKRSON, 421 Eighth areuiie B^BROOKLTN.? FOR sale. THE CORNER STORK OF Nineteenth street nnd F fth avenue, two elorv bnek and lot; house 21x3 >, i? xtures. stuhles; ears puss three ferries, street graded and paved, good bu Iness place; price $3. tki; ons ha t can remain nn bond. Apply on the premi es (NOUNTRY SKAT O" TnK LATE J K. PAULDING. AT J Hyde Park, for sale; one of the tnoet beautiful on the Hudson river sbuit 4" acres Large Mansion House, two routines and a actons oiitbutldln.-a. For further particulars apply to J. OHEmN PE ARSON, No. fi Wall etreet, or to J. N PAULDING, So Broadway (YOTTAOR8 SMALL FARMS AND COUNTRY SEATS ' for sue?At and near Ka-t New York. Collages at Haw. 91.400. fH.K'W ALo wn elm-ant Dwellings at 62 raw to 98,0 ?>, with 4 tn 8 lota each. Small Farms end Country Seats wllh or without Improvements, with 4. 8 or 10 arms. ('HAS It MILLKR. East New York. (30UNTRV RrtSIDKNCFK FOR SALE-WITH IMME d i e n aee?s|on on the bsnks of the Ifu lson. at Spny ten Duyvi i, K verda'e, Yooke s. Ha tinge Donlffe Ferry, Irvtiigt'on. Tsrrytowe end Ring King. First class residences, with all modern improve ents, nice grounds laid o it In gardens and inwn; stocked with choice frulie, shrubbery and forest trees, conservatories, graperies, Ao. Views of the Hudson, and neighborhood unsiu pas ed. S EMRERSON. 421 Eighth avenue. Desirable prodi . tive country seat at a bargain ?Jo us Lops Island Sound; marine pro?peet, ft?h;ng suell fleh. Ac.: 93?W. F vn hundred profitable, pro d ttlve farms and ceutitrv eets all price-, locations, sizes, qualities, near depots $10 to IJtW tier acre WALTER W WETMORE, 36 Pine atreet. 11XECUTORS HALF.?TO CLOSE AN ESTATE ?TWO | J Farms one ?-entaltilng s xt? live acre- and one thirty to res a number of etlv lota on Broadwav and other streets; aaossven acres w tn nn exce'ent spring, ad mini ng the depot?a fine location for machinists?all In the oily of Ustersen, New Jersey a so Ijiis m Newerg, New Jersey. Inquire of JOHN R VAN HOl'TON. Executor. Broadway, Paterson, N. J? or GEORGE POST, Executor. 561 Broad way. N V Fmjm arm for rale-with buildinos. crops. stock, farm tn a men us suitable lor dairy or market rirdeit. to cl se ati estat *; 100Or 60 acre*. Apptv tn R VAN B.GHTKN. Hlcksvlll*. L. I , or J. WELLING 14 Cnambors street N. t. . _____ rARM FOR r ALt-PRlUB $2,500. WITH CROrs, CON I el ting Of hki at res, 7miles rum Saratoga Springs, well wooded and watered all necessary buildings, lar ;e bouse, nine rooms; o,chard oi (tailed young fruit trees; l->cation heilthj. For particulars .xdilress .las H Smith, Porters Corner, Saratoga county, N V, No exchange of property. Farm for sale-on staten island, kkar Roeavllle. eonlalt <nc 30 acres, under a good state of cultivation. cf G R WIN ANTS. 464 West Twenty thtrd street. For balk-in llrwkllvn park, north Orange, the Residence of the laW R chmonrt W Jeffrey, within one hn ir'e ride of the Htv; a handsome and well hut t house Withe er eenycnience; 13 acres of land, well laid out In Inwu. "ower end kitc hen garden: abundance of frutt and vegetautcs In thetr season. Htahls |c sf spine, large and enmmod ons. Altogether a tery desirable gentle man's resldenre Apply to R H. LUDt.OW A c'O No. 3 Piueetract nnag Brnnntva* SAL.ICS OF RCAL ESTATE. F1ARM W ANTED?ABOUT 40 Av^RRS. FOB CASH; OT easy iw?m to the cftjr. Fol< pari,"ul?r? ton I be given of . r?i>? Iwatmn. building* and price. Address W M. J., 1(K? Wot Eleventh street. Tj*>K SALE? A PLI A8ANTLY SITUATED KABM I eon istlng of over 81 acres. located In Clarkstnwn, about one and a half miles from Bockland lake, and three idles from Hie village of Vvac. It ta under * coo ! mate of cu ('ration, and well watered; it has a good double bouse w'th nmule out buildings, all in tine order Ik well atiMiked with o nice fruit tries vino ard. Ae ; will be sold cheap; term! made eaatr. Ft further parlieularv in iu re of or ad dresa JOHN STORMS Clarkatowa, or STORMS HRO TURKS. Nya'k. on the Hudson. IjTOR SAI.K?COUNTRY STORK AND DWELIfNO F Hou*" attached, situated at Scotch Plain*. N J. on the New .terser Central; shout one-fourth of an acre of land, good garden, with Irult trees. An.; house ia in good repair and contains seven rooms, parlors w th sliding doors, cellar and attic; abundance of soft watei and ever* conve nience; poasea Ion immediately. Inquire of A. J. BLEKCK. ER, SON A CO., 77 Cedar street. FOR SALE?A NEAT COTTaQK. WITH ALL THE m idem Improvements, and surrounded by a-plenditl garden, containing a fountain, rosa l.ushea and other How era: alao several line cherry trees in the garden: the said house Is ituated In Fifty-seventh at eel. between Third and Lenugtoo avenues. For further particulars applv on the premises. L<'OR SALE-TWO FRAME DWELLINGS. SITUATED I on Wyckoir street, near Vanderbill avenue, Brooklyn. For Information inquire of THOS. H A RORA VE. BIOR 8 A LB?TWO LOTS, 60X100 BACH; SITUATED P in West Mount Vernon about four blocks from rail road denot suitable for or factory, as a spring of water runs alongside of them; will be sold cheap. Address or apply to K. H Uellmer, lap Water street. U?OR SALE?A COUNTRY RESIDENCE AT FLAT L1 bu-h Long T'land. Gothic bouse, with all the modern improvements, together with 14 acres of tend, ornamental and fruit trees, grsperv, greenhouse, Ac. The above named property Is very desirable, being only SVf mi'es from Fulton ferry, Brooklyn city railroad cars passing the prem aes; also haying a front on the new City Park. For partloulara inquire of JOHN LEFPERTS, Flatbush. IJIOR SALE-THE THREB STORY HOUSE, WITH " Baseieentand Cellar, known a* the Woodbine Hotel, at Weehawken, N. J. The house was built In IBR2. and con tains 111 rooms: Is well suited for a factory or hotel, being w thin three minutes' walk of the ferry, aad conven ent and roomy; a good we'l, stable and horse shed are on the pre mise*. F r further particulars applv to A. M. VAN NOB TRAND, Weehawken ferry, or on the premises. For sale?two cottaoes, centrally lo. rated In "r okhn; would take a small place at Mount Vernon or on New Haven Railroad lu exchange. J. E. IRELAND A CO , No. 1 Tryon row. corner of Centre street, or 274 Bowerr. IjtOR SALE?A SUPERIOR MODERN BUILT HOUSE, F Outhouse, Ac . delight full V located at Clifton, Stateu I-'and. with two acres of Ground, handsomely laid out; abundance of choice fruit. Permits of A. JOURNEAY. No. 8 P'ne street. POR SALE-HOUSE AND LOT; also vacant lots, In Brookh n; cheap, and terms easy. Apply at No. 84 Nassau street, room 29, N. Y. FOR 8ALR?well adapted for a winter and summer revi tence, a new House, filled In wtth brick; ten ronms and two acre* of land finelv laid out. new fence, barn and hennerv; nine miles (thirtv-flve minutes) from New York, via Er ? Railroad: twelve trains each wav dally. W. R CRANE. 48 WaHter street, " or C. BLAKISTON. 2(1.". Washington street. For exchange-several parcels of land In Wisconsin for a House in Brooklvn. or a Countrv Place near the cltv. Some cash given in the trade. Apply to 8 S. HASKELL. 28 Whitehall street. For sale-a farm of so acres of land, N"ar t he Tillage of Hemp-lead, L. I., nu? mile from depot, with Houae. Rsrn and other improvement*, and all In a good atate of cultivation. For particulars apply to JOHN M "CLAVE, 44 Pine street. ffOR SALE-A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY SEAT. WITH about 40 acres ot land, located on the Knckaway road, South Jamaica. L. I., two miles trom the depot. The man sion, which is elegantly finished, contains everv conveni ence nf a cltv re*idence.fthe grounds handsomely laid out and'he and well cultivated, wth all the necessary out buildings. Price $10 000. Terms to suit. Apnlv to JOSEPH MASON, No. 5% Pine street, rooms 10 and 11. For sale-or would trade for a farm in the countrv, one Lot near Central Park, 2.11100.11. In qu re at the corner of Morgan and Washington streets, Jer any City, of P. McCARK ER. For sale a splendid farm, with crops and 8t"Ck, 21 mi e- from here. In Westchester county, near the New Haven Railroad, and onlv 2 miles from Long Island Sound. It cntains 9fi acres of excellent land. 80 acres of it In brush and heavv timber, the rest, fib acres in bigb culil vatl m. rich aoll. Crops consist of oat , pota to-*, tc. a <*rge orchard with Old bearing fruit trees The Stock (* beautiful and complete; the buildings are large and In good repair. Prlc" #15.000, half cash. Apnlv to J. H. SCHULZ A CO., No. 4 New Chambers street. N.-Y. For salb?TH2 modern brown stone front Owe! ing Hnu*c, with bay window, situated on the northwest corner of Forty seventh street and Sixth avenue; lot 2IK80; w1V be sold to a pr'vate fa'ntlv on reasonable term*: i>o*?e*sinn given Mav t, 188.1. Price $15.0iM?. Apply lo RICHARD PATRICK. 5i Cedar street. 1750R SALE?THE MODERN RE OWN STONE FRONT r Dwelling House 214 West Tvealletil street, south side; lot 2'xOO. and 30 feet eaat of Ninth avenue: will be sold to a privat" famll ? on accommodating terms: the premises sre unoccupied and pos*c?*lon can be given Immediate!v. Price >11.000 Apply to RICHARD PATRICK. .13 Cedsr street. POR SALE?TO CLOSE AN ESTATE. THE MO'<KR* " brick nwe)1 ing House 115 Pacific -ireet Brooklyn : 'ot 22xlW; will be sold to a private faml'v on *ccnmmodsttng terms. Price $3,fk)U. Apply to KICHaRD PATRICK, 63 Cedar street. For sale?a three story brick house and basement, two lots of ground and stable, with Stock of bar and Fixtures up talr-and grocerv- In b??emcnt: one of the best stands for business: or would 'ease Inmilre on the premises, opposite the Coney Island Railroad depot, city line. 113011 SALE?TWO FOUR STORY HIGH BASEMENT 1 brown stone Houses, Nos I3> West Fortv-fifth street and 144 Went Fortv.sixth street, neat Broadway; rented to unexceptional! e tenant*: hit! t about three years and just pnt fn perfact condition. For particulars apply to Dr. IIEATH. 173 Broadway, from 12 to S. For sai.f?one or four stores and trne roent Houses, on the Ninth avenue, will be sold the cheapest of anv in thecUv; must be sold. Aoply to 8. W. CRONK, 741 Klanth avenue. For sale?a large number of lots stti/a. te I on and adjoining Ja-kson aventie (the new road fro-o Thlrtv fourth street ferry to Flushing ; thev wi'l he Mold in parents to suit purchaser", at prices from $200 to $',40 per lot; they are near the ferrv and very access'ble to nny part of the citv of New York. The terms ran he made vcrv ea?'-to person" deslrinq to huiljl. For particulars apply to .lOITN MrCLAVK, 44 Ptne street. For sale-a house and lot on elm street. between Rpr nr end Broome streets, at a low price. .Applv to .IOHN McCLAVE. 44 Pine street. F40R RALF-ON THIRD AVENUE WELL RENTED Store Propertv. in ?eversl locations. For particulars applv to .IOHN McCLAVE. 41 Pine street. FOR SAI.F?A * FARM IN THE TOWN OF HYDE Park. Dutches- county. 11, mi >s from Staataburg sta tion One v e\v of the river from the hou-e. For sale low and on aepommo atlng terms Will cut 60 tons of li ? t' is sea?on. "osaession ran he had Immediately. Al o Dairy Firm in Orante county, of 147 acres: three orchards: -Hen. did farm tn tine order: all k tide ef fruit; farm lies "tj miles from Newhnre. A ?o two Farms, near rrucer's sis tion: tine buildings plentv ot the choicest frn't; view of the Hudson river; one farm (10 acres, the other 1"0 stress. In. olitre of .IOHN E. HATCH. 26 Pine street, room 18 snd 375 Nint avenue. FriOR 8AI.K?AT A QBE AT SACRIFICE. ONE OF TflK 1 nest Tenement Houses up town, 20x5 ?. four story and basement, trimmed with hi own stone; l't ICO feet; title per fert, mnriffsgp of V. f00 cab remain or be paid "U- rei tt or $760 cer ear Price. If purchased this week. $6.9.30; after that S7.0CO ?nrt no >S". Apply to JAR. FETTRKTCH, 217 East Thirtieth street. For sale?the handsome three story high ato.iti br'rk H -use No. 36 West t'orty-fifth street (lot "fx lifl feeO, in elepmt or ler Immediate possession. Apply on the premises, between Id A M. snd 6 P, M.f or to J. A. PAGE, 2# Broadway FiR RALE-TUP. HOUSE AND LOT II FRANKFORT ?Ircet. Lot lflSx.TO; house (new* covers the whole si/c of lot; t ve stories high, Apply to J. T PRESTON, on the premises. I3')E SALE-BROWN STONE FRONT HOUSE ON Thirty sevntli street, east of Sixth avenue; oontalns c- eri convenience and ? In e e -nnl order; el e -Jltvfltt Ap ple to JOSEPH MASON. No. fi?< Ploe street, rcoms 10 and H. For sale chkap-the three story bbtcK Honae No. s Mansfield place. F'ft -first street between Ei((hth and Ninth avenues. Apply on the premises. fj30R S VLB C1IEAP-ONK OF TIIF BEST CORNER r Lota on Grand streci. Brooklyn: 26xltiO feet, with lot adiolu ne if dcslrcil; lo. at on for business ts unsurpassed Will trade for sevar- or liuiiors, or a baker's eaiabll-hmcn' Apply to WALTER DI'RAC.K. No 9 C archers street, New York, or at 353 Grand street. Williamsburg. For rale cheap?a superior high stoop brown stone f ont House, four story basement and un der ret nr; Eels an pavement and cut curb n street: stius'e tn b'x' eth street, near Lexington avenue Pari of purehaM ?none can rnirsin on bond and mortgage at 6 percent in quire of A KENNEDY ,t SON. builders on the premises, or of 11. M. WHITEHEAD. 35 Wu'l street. fOK PALE OR EXCHANGE?A COTTAGT HOUSE IN r Twenty-ninth street near Tenth avenue, with a fine fell lot, for a bouse in Hr Hiklrn. about $3.Ani to $4 (1(10: the dir. levenee to be paid in cash. AppytoC. SCHUMANN. 38 ll?>t street. Brooklyn. F30K SALB OR EXCHANGE?A FARM. CONTAINING 1 3fifi acres of good tan ', with all necss ar bull lings. ?Hunted I', ml'e from RaM Otis In Berkshire county. Mass. For particulars ln.|Uireof T R. B. DK GROOT. 142 Fulton street. 1J30R RALE OR EXCHANGE?A VALUABLE MARKET Farm of 25acr. s one milefri m a ferry to New York, on Stat n Island The land i* all first quart?. p'entv of manure on the place and ran be worked with creat pvofil for market gardening or will make a splendid country residence, as It Is well located. Applv attfl Murray atrcst. For sale or exchange for ciTg properiv One of the most valuable Hotele In the Eta'* f ?-w Jersey, situated In East Market street, near Bresu Newark. Inquire of A. KKNNKOT A SON. I2A Ea-t fh r?v-fifth street. H M. WHITEHEAD. 36 Wall street, nr Of KING A BOND, Broad at reel, Newark. FOR hALK-TIIR THREE AND A HALF STOUT hrlnk House snd Lot 176 Monro? street- let JAxbXI. Terms - ?sv. Inquire of JOHN HVER, I6B Rldridge sleet T"t ' SALE?A AIIOK FARM OF 16 ACRES IN A I .ery prettv vlRhge; train passes sit Urnea a dev. Ti it ??'<:? ruder cultivation, balance wood. Apply at fits Wash ing: street. IIMiR SALE?WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, A 1 first c ass English basement House, en West Twen'f second street. Van be bought alow Its value. Alan several others. CHARLES K. MILLS, 34 Cedar etrret hpOR SAI.R OR TO LET?FOR THE SEASON OR 1 year?A llou-e on the r:dge. In West Morrl an a 13 rooms) furnlsl ed n. niiftirulahed Terms moderate. Ad dress Home. Mnrrlsanis. Westchester county, N. V nOTEL KSRl'KRN.?SUMMER HI- AORTH.?IXPGR tunt?A good Investment?I haver U iua in Ilnnt Ington harbor. 1. I., beaut'fully situated, snd adapted r . Summer resort, with 'V?i k uh that beattllfnl hs'hoi. I be house has is rooms, stto ns t ?m oi.g\ ed In business li N?w I York. will rent or sci to tag right man on gno ternia As 1 w'y to or address UBNRt !y N'J, 6i William ure't, N, I. IBiLKB OF UAl. ESTAT.' CAOR Hit IN BROOKLYN?A NEAT OOTTA (,B 9* r John n street; two iter* and ait r trie iifftnarv'M "** turps n! clth In ha 1. heater, At-, in perfer #M?" lent to thee Una*of street railways; within ?ftee? ?'J "W " Apply lo J. r. DK SILVER, 7M New JRSKY COUNTRY 8KATN FOR SALE?ONE tte?? f"r *lfl "0; ?' Kant Newark, $10 00); Bull'* "err.' .* , ? K"*' Brunswick, *,*??, llaughtnnrtlle. 9~ OS) OoS *,'!?? ?A.OiO; Mad son, $3 600, and other Country s*aa ??" Farina B. E.ILK NT, 37 Naasatt -treel. fTHE UKb' CO?^N' K hoosr and LOT ON THIRD Avenur?Must h' .so1'1- Keula Cor $3,WW. Urico $24,. 000. A; lytt 418 Th. o naaur, OIX I.< T8POR SALE- T"1- CORNER OF THIRTY I' etghitl feet and PI,*' avenue also, 'I Int. 25 Oat from the user of 125th on Fourth avanua, and 2 lot' on 1 2i m rent, be i wen it UiraiaiMl second avenues. Will besoJInw. 8. EDDY, No 8 Pine street TO OWNMtSOF REAL ESTATE IN YfJ E COUNTRY.? It I* did red to aecure a larg# substantial and well finished llaell tig House. with a goo 't>' number or apart nienta bet wen 86 anil Ik) mtlaa I rora tbn CHy of New York, within tba Pate and not distant from a atAlidC on tha Hud Bun Rnar. o H rla or Erie Kailr ad. bar'ng attached to It several acaa of n ltlvated g'ound. The location must be In a r? nn kn#-n o be healthv atrart've in pomt of scenery, attdad imn ng to land of which t? the extant of ene hundred or nore acre. the refusal at a oerta1 n once c>ol d be had foi cne year. Answer describing premises, giving addressed te A. R , care of the su6? terms, Ac n?T be _ scribcr, not >t?r then nee wee' from the present date. THOMAS WHITTA VRR. Nn. 3 Bible House. Jess $3. IMi. Fourth avenue, New York. WB8TERI LANDS WANTED-I WIHH TO FUR chase, for cash, thirty ihouaand acres1 nf Land in Ohio. Mich linn and Indiana. Persons owning lands In tha above namet States and wishing to soil, will please give the location and price of their land. Address J. Rennett bon 6. 194 New York Psst oihce. H B. ? No agents need apply. WESTERN LANDS.?PARTI FN HAYINO OLD, UN recorded dseds for Western lends can have the denda recorded, letm the value of their land end have the same old, for a reasonable commission. Address A. L. Bliss A Co , box 6,410 Nee York Post office or at Brian, Ohio. w ANTED TO PURCHASE-TOR CASH. A PAR* near New York, of from 60 to 300 acres; must be In a good locality and productive. Address, giving price and Ail the pnrticllar-. box 4,732 Foot office, N. Y. $500 f?R * ^A^lf 0F 26 *CR?8. ALSO one of acres for $300, near the depot 40 mllee on Long Island. Good lege! loam ?nll, excellent dairy laud, and well adapted to ralalag grain, fruit, market truck. Ac. 8. A. BUNCE, No. 7 Chambers street. 660 ACRES OP WESTERN LAND FOB SALE OR exrban|e, carefully selected, near a thriving cite, three miles front 8:ate College; healthy location, near ralL road. Title pcrftrt. Latitude of Poughkeepsle, N _ v. Apply to JACOB MILLKK, 3!fi Second avenue (new nnmber). ei TO$2.600.?WILL PAY THR ABOVE PRICB ?P L .O' t U fi>r a small Karm, from 10 to 201 acres of land, within 2:i miles ,( Hen York. Address C. S., Herald office, describing place, <j>S -FARM OF FORTY ACRE8. STOCR AND crops (g In wood), good house, barn, sheds, Ac ; variety of fruit. 1 yoke of oxen, 2 cowi, 1 horse, hogs, fowls, Ac.; 20 'tiles in Jersey. I from atatlon. WELLING a DRUKY. M Chambers street. D1I8CELLAIVEOIIS. A RARE OPPORTUNITY FOR CONSUMPTIVE AND other s nkiy persons.?'Two able physicians from En rope who speak all the modern languages, are about to travel through tropical climates, and would be glad to make arrangements with two or three gentlemen, who may he de Biroiir o uva 1 ng themselves of so desirable an opportunity of travelling with the privilege* of the liest medical attend ance. For parltm ars apply for ten davs to Dr GRAND. 24 Wem Eleventh itreet, New York, between 1.'and 3 o'elock P M. The vert best citj-references will he given. A LOVE AMULET.?TURK.I81I PERFUMED LOVR Mo Ever fascinates and secure* the affection* of the opoosiles^x. Unsurpassed perfume and cosmetic. Prtcefl. Send stamp for circular to Madame MARRA, box 6.730 New York Post o'lioa Artificial human eyes made to ordkr and Inserted by Drs. F. BAUCH A P. UOUGBLMANN (for merlv employed by Bolssonneau, of Paris), 509 Broadway, New York. A LOVE i'MULET.?TURKISH PERFUMED LOVE Me Ever fascinates and secures the affections of the oppositeaex. Unstirpea en perfume and cosmetic. Pricefl. Send stamp for circular to Madame MARRA. box 6,730 Post office, New- York. T\I\ OR('E.?HAVING MADE THIS A SPPOTAT K- 1 KINO. Counsellor at Law. 3.13 Broadway. D1 CR--H*v 1 NO BEElTuirAVOIDAHLT j. de^med. the undersigned will positively start for In dlanapolia on the 27th Instant. Clienta arc hereby notified. ^ t. KINO, 33ft Broadway. Hay made solid.?the undersigned ake the a?, HR<>nt? _unfl receivers of the celebrated Sealer n?rw";,11"ly au,d8lr?w- One of thceefamon. pre,?e *m" Twelfth?nH ikLOP"ik' ?n Ten,b * venue, between f Thirteenth streets, compression for gorern ment Account looMtilvpreKAArl hav. Fn ten minute-* 4.V) pounds of hav or straw la put Into the same "pace rTw iplid b? two barrels of flow, and the same rendered w?or proof ind without? csHrhtect Injurv to the materia' Thls presS la also ei|iiall.v tve'l adapted to cotton, woo), tow llax hemn i'lsn w? mln *nd ?,ne ,p*n or horses, with a t>re?s *<T"e. '?? " rM"lt Orders rece.ved and further information supplied at our ofllee. fl3X I'earl street . CORNISH 4 CONGDON, ?\|ARBLE MANTKU5._THE BK9T PLACE IN THE A KI *BFlt'Rril!??.|l'aP "7'1 weU fln'?*"'d Mantets Is at. ?iwi i 5?. Mantel liantifactory. 100 Kant Riuhtcenth Street, near ThirdI avenue. Mew Tori Cut this out. ^ 'v.?"i;trc;3 Ot IUT Aj?YfnRSVV"5A ??C" piLLs'd Th?,10^fcfej many yearn with the greatest success 7 Euro|>e fer land llna* la1*!01",* "??"'?nt. 22S Strand. London. Eng Strl'M Ke^TorP ,r WKI'L'' * CO.. lheP^minSMrnsB0VerBme?' ,U,np to none but Prlre 3# and 7fl cents per box. TYPE METAL AND OLD LEAD WANrrn eiati dolrf'lJwa f?r * f*"r hundred weight of Type Metal .mlold Lead. Apply at the desk of this odice. . HTANTED TO PURCHASE?A NEW OR ARcnvn d>ametiSllf!,0",'J'?n p?rfect order, about 22 feet long 4 feet Wj^Wr"?"*0" ''LiT'add*s^ VVAA.!'Th.I),rA HA*P PLANING MACHINE; ALSO A I,_ 'wy.medla?o1M Call en or address J. Mas ' Rlx0 ??Wood street, nesr Lexington avenue. os" " ',a8 VyANTKI?_A 25 HOME POWER TC HI LAR BoTlER Mound and in good order. Wanted a nnrt?*r in a -re; one widtug to ^ WA^T'i n?7? PURCHASE A NEW OR SECOND ?3.000 -nV',-U'f ,IALI'?THE ADVERTISER tioinir a ^ i k i J1J ^0r Ct"h ftn eitabiiahed Music Ha 1. ooinja a coo l hiiRin^RH (on Broadunv nra crm<!> nr win ness ??'ia1 n?1' ' well e.tvhir,Ld??d paying hw ' week . Add?.' ftArt?n''? a " Vm ^l,>w h"din one D C. ? H v-box l3? Po*? ofllee, Waahlngton, DHf GOODS. C^Jt^OS^/WSgPtJii 'K grace.ulneeo. Manufactory 327 Slghtu aveSWe * "V "d - ?? J?* ^^08, PiUcntcc. /lORINKA! SKIRT ESTABLISHMKNT, 1.182 BROAD V.' way.-New Patent Self Ad mating Former Bv this new pro.e . of manufacturing skirts ladles tnay command I r "ct cocformjiy ro the r own i loan of caw* llenbilitv ami grarefu n<e?. Manufactory 327 Eighth avJUuie " l> 4 - J- A Mos1 Patentee /ft'HINaAC SKIRT ESTABLISHMENT. 1,182 BROAD 3' wax.-New Patent Se f Adjusting former Hvtht. new prKCPRof manufacturing *k rt? ladies m??v comma..? rr it rrf?rn?",o ?w" ? ,m,,s ???".?*iiwHt?and ?racefttlr,#sa. Manufactory 3.7 Buhth avenue ' - J. AMDS. Patentee. gracefulless. Manufactory 327 Eight It a\ **n'e. """ ""d J- AMOS, Patentee. T^XCU SIVELY PRENCH FLUTING, ONE TO TWENTY S "7: se!" ?met hrwklin N h' loos er street, and Jul Hilton E.rn. hVluTm; " ~N? n,"<,hln?'rv ",e,) '? '?>? genutns areitu# ivear 1w? n t aorentn atrert. nmn*u*n' m Third I rsf K b i'V M E D?A CARS OF Til R NKWEfiT Rnrvn place 'fent"h sTree't*"*1 M""" "AWC - , , ^ miluneky. A T 12 WAVRHLBY PTiACR?MADAME RFVRnrrTto l>ri' #ra made on the shortest notice t?.^ wiiVi - v .* sell -K s, half the cost to < Iotas ?he wasoV!* *""uer' ,loek Mr.SDAMI ? K A VAN AO H A LATTa HAVE itt7( earnest so Icitatlon of their A merman n?t "5 a bt tneli ol the r 1 a tslan Dr u-m ikiui an i iftn? ?P"ne<t dshttent n New York, fhi Kwd m"t I* n? cx ?arr.ftJKvXT' - T""J" ?iS; mends. We-. Feathers R.Ik and Cloth Cloaks HrUo T.t^ ?l??a. Ae in test variety and best .|..alit a'ddn^oiT twenty per cent nwer than can be found elsewhem Tk. htdte are rt speetfully Invited to eall and siaUitnr' N.? stire At s nh avenue. ???mine. New TO MIL.UNGU AND COUNTRY STOREKEEPERS ~ a I i.RAND STRkbT CHEAP STORK ^ Exutn ne STtAW GOODS srOKt. Bl .in ne BONNET SILKS. Examine KilRONS, RIBBONS. *<anilne MllLINREY LACEsand TRIMMINr.s r>r;i,t:;:::;^,AwVK^KA*'f ,d^'nVar^ch^ri',nd"TVw:nRi^f7,r:-h(>1' NO. SllMdSIIJCGrnnd. and Z*SA*J?.L^ rifth bloek east frr-m the Eowerv. COAL. V^'OOD-FPR SALE, PINE. OAK AND HD tffiav kiTtrc.i^'RowV's1^ r." :r 1 rt* hlthMt Thuu ?uth ?vettur >>**??* INCREnKVTH. VT IBLO'8 GARDEN A* Commences 7\; coucludei 10 tO. Lessee and Manager WM WHEATLEY , THIl ?l MVtitt THEATRE OK THK CITf. The ILLUMINATED HARDEN n|*i EVEUT EVENING LAST NIGHTS of the celebrated iyrl<* artimt. Mile. V ESTV4Lf ml J NOBLO, with the mu? HVnu are the Star" (word* by S. R Pv''''1', K-eq. i and "The Hi are Marco," In John Brougham', grand ?otnanllc dram*. In Ore tableaux, entitled B^L DEMOMO. which has Fu'cited the ADMIRATION op pull and fashionable audiences, for the last FIVE WEEKS, stamping the EXCELLENT ACTING. SPLENDID SCENERY. GRAND BALLET. BEAUTIFUL OOSTUMK.S, ORIGINAL MUSIC. SUPERB Fl'KNITURX AND APPOINTMENTS. A MOST DECIDED SUCCESS, but which In a .-hurt time inuet giro place to OTHER NOVELTIES. Seat. necured *lx day* n advahee. New rowkny theatre. Sole proprietor Mr. J. W. Llogard THURSDAY EVENING June IS. 1**. THE RAKE'S PROGRESS. Mr. O. C. BONIFACE. Mre. W. O. JONES, M u KATE NEWTON, GEO. BROOK i i. Mr HARDEN, Mr. G. LINGARD. ROBBERS OF Tli K PYRENEES. G. W. THOMPSON. GEO. BROOKES, Mr*. G. W. JONR8. The IRI8H TUTOM. To-morrow evening. benefit or Mr O. W. THOMPSON. OLYMPIC THEATKK. lessee and Directress Mr* John Wood stage Huwr V-Vn.-- Hr-AAK J? ??'"Y" Mr*. JOHN WOOD regret* oxoeedlugly thaiprerious arraugament* oompel h*i to anuounoe THE LAST NIGHTS of the ? ,. , GORGEOUS EASTERN PaGEANT. entitled ALADDIN; or. the U. U _,.k .. WONDHRFUL- LAMP, whteh with it* Magnificent Scents Effects, Entirely New Mu* c, Picturesque sti<i Superb Costumes, Elaborate Machinery, Beautlful Properties sad Appointment* AND POWERFUL CAST, Including the celebrated artiste, A UN ETTA OALLBTTI and Mone. TOPHOFF, has proved euch a BRILLIANT SUCCESS, but whleh must soon BE WITHDRAWN. Therefore, to prevent disappointment In obtaining seat*, it is rospeotfudy suggested that they may be secured THREE DATS IN ADVANCE. Doors open at 7k; performances eommeuoe at 8 and ter< minate at ten minutes past 10. WOOD'S MINSTRBLS, 814 BROADWAT. Tf Opposite St. Nicholas Hotel. Henry Wood, Proprietor. THE BEST VENTILATED HALL IN THE CITY. Monday. June 20, and every evening during the week. CAMILLK, THE GOBBLE FAMILY, JEEMES THE l'ORT, ROBISON CRUSOE. FLAT FOOT JAKE. POMPEY MOORE. COMIC BANJO 80LO8, Ac., by Brower, Fox, Bovce, Moran and the entire troupe. Doors open at 7; oommencc at 8 o'clock. Tickets 26 cents. FALLON'S STBREOPTICON AT IRVING HALL. EVERY NIGHT AT 8 O'CLOCK. AND SATURDAY AFTERNOON AT 3 O'CLOCK. New and beautiful programmes of SCENERY and statuary, covering a surface of 600 square feet. Tickets 26cents. Family tickets, admitting six, $1. HBLLE R'S-H K LLE R'H SALLE DIABOLIQUE, 585 BROADWAY. LAST NIGHTS. WILL GLOSK JULY 4. ROBERT HELLER. ENTIRELY NEW PROGRAMME. NEW PIANOFORTE SOLOS. THE SPIRITUALISTIC CABINET is the Davenport trtok falrlv out-Davenported. It you have the slightest belief In Splrituatlstn, see it Every evening at A. Doors open at 7>4 Matinee on Saturday at a quarter before two P. M. HON. N. G. TAYLOR SPEAKS TO-NIGHT AT THE Academy of Music. II A THING OF BEAUTY 18 A JOY FOREVER."? O. And well ha* the poet's dream been realised; for In ORIENTAL MUSIC HALL, G82 Broadway 652, above Bleecker ktreet, are assembled the most beautiful females in the world. Intellectual and reiined. lovely and conversational, dis coursing In many ditT-rent lanuuagts. they astonish all who view, and one appreciative "savant" holding a high position in the country's councils, truthfully named the Oreat Orien tal "The Bower of Reautv." Strangers In the city would do well to cut out this advertisement, show it to their friends, and preserve a souvenir of the wonder of the sg?. Admission free. FRANK BURNS. Wan ed?20 genteel lady waiter*. Apply from II to I. CvHARLEY BUCKLEY'S / Minstrels Are Coming. Look out fur the Clads MELODKON. 663 BROADWAY. 663. MBLODEON. UNPARALLELED ATTRACTIONS THIS BVBNING. Besides the wonderful entertainment ol'Negro Melodies, Songs. Plantation Scanes Dances, Burlesque Opera*. Du els, Quartets. Comic. Irish and Yankee Songs. Glees, Ac., the proprietor has added to his cabinet of attractions OLOO'S EGYPTIAN FANS. IMPORTED BY HIM AT A COST OF render ng this the coolest place in the country, at Ihev keep a current ot cool air continually passing through the place, and they are operated bv one of the Egyptian Oriental*, who alone are capable of keeping the motion. AIM, Mia* General Anna Sco les, the KENTUCKY GIANTESS, who was on exhibition at Petersburg, and escaped during the last battle, will appearand give her version of Southern chlvalrv. a- she has travelled tbe whole country during tbl* rel>e>!inn, in variou* costumes and rbaraoters. Admission, free, admission free. Wanted. 100 young 'adies to serve r*- I freshments, and 60 in the ballet corps: costumes furnished GEO. B. HEY DON. Director. Thomas baker's new polka-the irving pol ku. played nightly at the Olympic theatre, published for Slant). with a vignette portrait of th* popular comedienne, llaa Henrlet'a Irving W. TOND A CO.. 847 Broadway. PARSON BROWNLOW SPEAK8 TO-NIGHT AT THE Academy of Mu?lr. ATURB UNVEILED AT Tit* NEW YORK MUSEUM OF ANATOMY, 618 BROADWAY. N ?ATHOLOOICAL WOMpRRg AT t"K..k MUSEUM1^ anatomt.broaoWaY w ONDBR OF WONDERS TO BE SEEN ONLY AT TBS NEW VORK MUSMUM OF ANATOMY 618 BROADWAY. " NEW PUBLHATIOBI. J AFHYSIOLOOICAL VIEW OF MARRIAGE?COM taining nearly :*H) pages and 160 tine plates and en gravinga of the anatomy of the human organs In a stats ot health and disease, with a treatise oo eany errors, its M plorable consequences upon the mind and body, with the author's plan of treatment?th* only rational sad Mtccaasful mode of pure, as shown by the report of eases treated. A trnthfql adviser to the married and those contempla'lag marriage who would know their physical rendition Sent irea of postage to on* address on receipt of 26 cents In erainpe or postal currency. Address Dr. La Croix, Jl Maiden lane, Albauy. N. Y French dancing girls in character?inn different sulcs; classical aud graceful pictures, over 800 kind--: 6,nuo mlecellaiieous Picture*. Send for Card Photographs of an> ot the principal Genera a. Statesman, Divines. Actors, Actresses, Ac.; can furnish nil: prlco 26c , colored 60c each, bv mai' to anv address. An Album, with one doren Pictures of vonr own selection, for $3 W. C. WRMYR8. 575 Brwadwav. New York. N. B.?Photographs beautiful!* coloitd to order, fiend stamp" for catalogue*of pictures hooks Ac GRANT'S CAMPAIGN WAR MAT. LATEST AND BEST WAR MAP 1 RT PUBLISHED. ONLY FIFTEEN CENTS 8HOW1NO THE SEAT OF WAR IN VIRGINIA. SUPPLEMENT GRANTS' CAMPAIGN WAR MAP. comprising TWENTY-FIVE MILKS AROUND RICHMOND, showing all the fortiflcat one, mountain-,, rivers, towns and railroad connections. Ac.. Ac. . ONLY TEN CENTS. The two Maps eeni ner mall, postage |>atd, for twenty five cents, or singly for ths a Ivortleed p ices. For sale by all the principal dealer. Liberal discounts to trade and agenta. BUFFORD'8 PUBLISHING HOUSE. SI3 Washington street. Boston. Maa*. 1111 TENANT GENERAL U. I GRANT GENERALS J Sherman, Meade, Butler. Hancock. Warren. Bum aide. Sedgwuk Wrght, Sheridan. Hooker. Rawlloge. Thomas. Hunter, Blrnev Augur aud all other General-). Arlr"?-.ea?Mies Hatnman, Maggie Mllchn I. Veslvall. Susan and Kate Damn. Ads and Emma Webb. Leo Hudson. Kata Fielier. 6 position* each as French Spy snd Ma/eppa; Marietta Ravel aa Greek Bov 6 posltlens W C. W F.MTSB, 678 Brosdwsv. N_T;_ IETTRR OF ADVICE FOR LADIES. J FIVE ANATOMICAL ENGRAVINGS. Has Information never been pablt-hed Sent free. In a sealed en**l no. for Id cent* Address Dr. Sanford. hot 4 652 New York Lost office. MATRIMONY.-WHY EVERY MAN SHOULD MARRY. Why ever* woman should marrv. AH mac marry. To know read ''Illuetratrd Marriage Guide and Medical Adviser." B, Win Karl. M D 210 pa-es. Mailed every, where lo sealed envelopes for 26 ceala Address No. 12 White tre?t. New York. NEW PUBLICATIONS. NEW BOOKS-JUST OUT, latest novelties in Carton de Visile and Venn- Fresh importation Send for our new catalogues to the trade sod Others. Address hot 5.235 Po-t office. N. Y CH AS. F. ATTWOOD A CO. NOOROFING IN THE PABK ?EVERYTHING AE clear a* the tun at noondav. on reading that popular illustrated medical sort. "Iluraao Frailtv.'' by Dr. (I. A. HtRKOW, lot H seeker street, four doors from Maoriougal. New York. Pi-toe 25 cento, Mailed free everywhere. NEW BOOKS NEW SUBJECTS IN CARTER DB VI. ti to, and Eport ng Oovals of every de*rilplion Trade supalled. Send for catalogue to D. J. GOM HERTS. Pur. clias os A ivory 73 Nassau street. N. Y. TRAVELLERS TO El Rol'E SHOULD PROVIDE' themselves with HARPER'S HANDBOOK FOR KU ROPK AND THE EAST bv W. Pembroke Fetrldge Title Is the onlv complete guide to Europe published in tine vol ?me. Price $3 80. Foi sale bv D IpPLEToN A CO . 413 Broadwav.and WALTER LOW, *23 Broadway, or HARPER A BROTH ERR will send the work by raail, pottage free, en receipt of $3 60i 1 Those peculiar hooke? pubushed at w anr sireet, New York, by Calvin Rl.ANCHARD. Bend address <>n * s'amped euve i pe for catalogue. Ton ran get the books by mall or bv express payable on doiivery. BILLIARD*, it II GRIFFITH OFFERS FOR BALE A FINE fv stock o1 T ? tiles, with his Improved Cushions, and Cushions made bv M PUelan aud Coliauder. at hit tactOl'J, - ltd Fuitdtt stmt. f AHI IEMBRTI. CADEUT or AID FOB SICK ANb *,>UNDBD SOLDIKBB THURSDAY EVKNIKu, JUNE A3, 1384. ORATORICAL AND MUSICAL ENTER! A INMF.NT, IN AID OF TrKS BELIEF FUND OF THE LADIES' HOME UNITEu' STATES GF.NRRaL UOB i'IT.?l. Cornei or Lexlnfltea avenue And f HON. OEOUOE OPDVKK WAX l> PRESIDE. Addreaeea by the following eminent aen*Xeneei:?? REV DT< FOSTPft _ REV HENRY WAkA ttUBCHE*, ?ON. JAMES T BRA f*Y, RKV. K II. CITAPIN PROF K. D. HWHUOcr. HON A. 8. TAYLOR, PAR-iON RROWNLOW. The aufferioge of ourieiurnpd aoldlera from Belter fete AW# Llbby Prison will be alluded to during the evening MUSICBTORAFULLA'6 SRVKNTH REGIMENT SAND. COMMITTRK OF SpTTTaL RBLIRF FUND. MRS. GFOROE OPT>YKK, S MRS VAT.PNTINR MOTT MRS EDWARD VAVOI R"OEL. BOMMITTEF OF A RR A NG RMP.NTS. Hob. Qeorxe Opdvke, Or Vailntme Molt. Hon. nen ry /. Raymond. Geo. II. Broadhead. Ban.. Hon. Henrr Hilton, Wm CJtlen Bryant. Esq.. Dr Edward Vandarpoal, Thomas Chriaty Esq.. Bl aha R m. Paq , Rev O H. Honghton, D. D . Cof John H. Wilcox. Hvlve-ter R. Comateck, Ban., Hon B. W. Bonny. A. H Oardo/a Rii] . Angnstna Whit lock. Ran., F. J. DeOordowa. Eaq. Oen. Robert Anderson. Rev J. M Malthewa. D I>. Joseph Hov e R-n flew. Wm. Hall. Leonard W. r?rymr. Eaq,. Phltetua W Holt. Eaq., B. Nathan Ken.. Wm A Darling Pao., William Allen Buttnr. Kaq_, Chan. r. Kirk land. E*\. Henry J. Hull. Rao.. Wit' laae B. Watt. RafT. A eiander Holland, Rao., Walter S Stare. Kan., Hon. Horace Greeley, Samuel 8. OonatADt Ran., Hew Sr A-Moti. Eaq.. Char'ea R. Jenklna. Rao.. A'>ner Mel lew. r.. , Moaea M, Tail. Kao? Eugene km'th, Eaq.. JohM Sedgwick. Ban ,F. W Ballard. Bin.. Waahlngton Murray. Rail.. Parke Goodwin, Eao., B A penedlet, Esq , JonsthaW Marahall. Eeo., Wm. 8. Ondvke Eaq . Joseph M. Ward. Esq.. A W aabaudao. Esq, Jeaee Heligman Faq., Oew. Chartaa W. Rsndford. Rev D. C. Van Norman, Ovrua f!nr tla. Ran., Denwr A. Ifawkina. Esq., Edward S. Vanderooal. Ban., Worrle Franklin Rao.. D B.yrtnett, Faq., W R Tr? yera, Beq.. John H. Dnvckieck. R q.. Jamee It Fiord, Paq., Silaa Herring. Kaq.. Rev. M. Bnrllweham John M. Kong, Eaq.. Alfred Roe. Ren.. Andrew Roardman, Baq., J W. Benedict. Req.. Wnr F. Allen, Rao.. Rdwnrd R Cew'en. Req., John Vanderooel. Ran . Mam'IW Leferls, Raq.. Rey. K P. Rogers, Chartea Hubbard. Eaq., Henry fiteinway, B*<,? TICKETS. ONE DOLLAR. (No Reserred Seatot, For anient WM HaLL a SON'S, mi Broadway. end attho principal hnte'a. music and book atoren Door* open at 7 o'clock; entertalnmewt to commence nt TH o'clock. fXT ALL A CK' S. THfTRBD AT. yy Doors open nt half-paat 7; Overture commeneeaat* quarter to 8. Curtain r - ea at its conclusion. LAST NIGHT BUT SIX or tub FALL AND WINTER SEASON. This evening. Ilrat time thla seeaon, the very popular Comedv, In three acts, A BACHELOR OF ARTS, with an excellent ca?t of charartera ? Harrv Jasper (origlually acted by him). .Mr Lester Walleelr Mr Thornton Mr. Cliarlea "(ahe* Andrew Wylle Mr lohn Gilbert Mathew Mr. Oeorire Finland Adolphna Mr. Floy# Frederick Adderly Mr Daly William Mr. Onie'en Emma Thornton Wta* lone Pork Mrs. Thornton Mlaa Fanny Moraat FRIDAY. I tilth night of Rnsedale. SATURDAY?T-e Hunchback MONDAY?The Bachelor of Arta. TUESDAY, laat time AMERICANS IN PARIS Attn RURAL FBLICITY. T> ROADWAY THEATHB. X> (Late 1 (Lata Waliaek's) Rrnttdwav. corner of Broome street. FIFTH WBEK of the engagement or Mr f h chanfrau, who will appear in TWO CHARACTERS? MASTER WADDILOVK THE EAT BOY, and JERRY CLIP, THE 8TAOR STRUCK BARBER, in which latter character he will aire h i CKLBBRaTED IMITATIONS or DISTINGUISHED ACTORS. THI8 EVENING, TO PARENT8 AND GUARDIANS. ffaddllore Mr. Chaafrwe THE WIDOW'S VICTIM. Jerry Clip Mr. Chaafraw B ARNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM. STILL GREATER ATTRACTIONS. THE TRUE HEARTED AND PATRIOTIC MISS MAJOR PAULINE CC8HMAN, TIIR FAMOUS UNION 8rT AND SCOUT, appears utton the stage DAILY ATM. 3. AND 7\ O'CLOCK, THE BEAUTIFUL AND FASCINATING MLLR. ERNESTINE. IN NEW AND GRACEFUL DANCES. FOUNTAIN OF PRISMATIC WATRR. ENGAGED FORGONE WEEK ONLY, AT ORF.AT EXPENSE. MR. CHARLF.8 B. COLLINS. WORLD RENOWNED ' AND ORIGINAL "CURE,** TBI ELKO ANT PETITE COMEDIES, LOVB IN LIVERY, and PHENOMENON IN A SMOCK FROCK. Afternoon and evening, at 3 and 7\ o'clock. To be ?een at all honra, COLLOSSAL GIANTS AND DIMINUTIVR DWARFEL THK THREE ALBINO CHILDREN. Phrenological Examinations hr Prof. LIVINGSTON. MINIATURB SKATING POND. Three tableaux of MOVING WAX FIGURES. THE GENERAL TOM THUMB RRIOAL GROUP. THK MnsiOALLY EDUCATED SEAL. MONSTER SERPENTS AND OTHER CURtOSITIBB. Admiaaion 29 cento. Children under ten 19 oenta. BRYANTS' MECHANICS' HALL. 472 BROADWAY. Monday. June 2i), and ever* night during the week, BRYANTS' MINSTRELS. SOIREE D'BTHIOPB, Interspersed with JOKES aaA' COMICALITIES. LBS MI8BRARILBR BLACKSMITH'S JUBtl.RK. HOPE I DONT INTRUDK. DUOTKRPSICttORRANCLOOPBDALITV. Polly Ann. Mac'* Eaaence. On to Richmond, BEL DBLMONICO. Angey Weft-ally Dan Rrraak Runfaato N. Seymour | Count Revenup D. Reed Door* open at 7; curtain rlees at 8 o'clock. Ticket* 29 ceata Mfjl RE CAMPBSLL8 ARE COMING.' CAMPBELL'S MINSTRELS will poeltlrrlr oiieu their NBW AND MAGNIFICENT HALL, 199 AND ?'l BOWERY, Opnoa te Spring st, ON MONDAY EVENING, JUNE 77. Which, for sound, sight and ventilation. Excel* anv ?tmtlar place of umueeinent in America. The Companr emprise* the following TALENTED ARTISTS. which combine ALL THE ELEMENTS KNOWN IN ETHIOPIAN MINSTRELSY. AUKAT Or ABTHT*. W. S. Rudworth. Neil. Davis John Whiting R Mac* ire Frank Leslie. M Aius ev Scott. N. W. Gou'd. J. T. Oullek. Ado'ph N'ehole. W. Hodgkin-. Rnbl. Nichols. .loaenh Ra'lrv J. Livingston. Augt. Elwn Master Collin*. The whole constituting a gtlaiv of COMIC, MUSICAL AND INSTRUMENTAL TALENT, to approach which the Mana omen' emphatically CHALLENGE TIIS WORLD. Ticket* 1*5 cent*. Orchestra aeat* cent*. M. C. CAMPBELL, Proprietor. ROADWAY ACADEMY OF MUSIC, Late Hope Chapel. op"oa|te the N?w York Hotel. LAST WEEK OF TIIK SEASON BEAUTY AND THB BP.AST. WANTED. A FAMILY. LAST CINDERELLA MATINKR ON SATURDAY. Saturday?Last night of the season and beneSt of Mi** SA ' LIE HOI.MAN. A GREAT BILL. Rev. e. h. chapin speaks tonight at thb Academy of Maalc National academy of design-the for neth annual exhibition of th" Nation il Aritdemv will close at the gallerle*. 916 Hroai'wav, on --iturd* evening. June 29. T. ADDISON RICH ARDM. Corresponding Secretary National Academy. B H CTHABLEY BUCKLEY'S J Minstrel* Are Coming Loot, out for the Clada. IMPORTANT TO PROPRIETORS OF MRNAOF.RJK8. museum*. clreuaea. Ac.? A vessel |u I arrived fr m Ike West Coaat of Afrlra haa on board a co leoilon ot animate, among which are 'Inn* boa roos'returs, eag'a*. monkey*, jackal*, parrot* rare and eurlou* bird* kr Fur part culare a* todisposal Inquire of ADO. BIRGIIAM, 19 South Wil liam atreet. ENRY WARD BBEPHKB SPEAKS TO-NIGHT AT the Academy of Mnile. Banjo instructions -we gpaeint-b any person to be a pei feet performer on the Pan o In threw mnntna' time, wllh or nrlthmtl a previous kn>w ed e of t ie Instrument. Rsnjos f urtilshed tor prar"re. CIIARI.K* B. and II C DOB80N. 748 Hroaduaj . between Actor place ami Eighth street. /TjiaRLEY BUCKLEY S \J Mineirele Are Cnmlnr. Imok out for the Cadg. BOWERS a PRENDKRGART fl MULIANS will perform on Thunder, June ?1 at Odd Fellow*1 Hall, Bobnkea. Tue?d*v*nd Wedne-dar June 21 and 22, Union Ha'l, norneW of Dvlslon nvenue ari l Olymer street. Wi 'Hamburg. Friday and Satudajr, June 24 and 26, Lyceum Hall. Jersey Cdy RV. DR. FOSTER SPEAKS TO-NIGHT AT TB? Academy of Music. R fpilE < GREAT COMBINATION ? ? ? e e ? ? HAS BEEN EFFECTS!*. TIT GOD'S TIIBATRB. CINCINNATI ?WOOD'S TIIEA yf tre. ig>til*vl|io. (> , and Nttahrll'e Theatre, ha-hn le. Tenn ? Messrs Dnfflrld A FIvnn. Msnsr; ? -O. T COL LI N8 I* now at the Lafarge House New York, and will hw pleased to arrange with "first ela** tar* for time, in either or all of the above named tbeetrea durng the coming fait and winter xassuh*. 700 BROADWAY- THE PARLOR Rl LLIARtk I AiAt Room," opposite the N*w York lintel artn?w lodged by hundreds to be the mnsr m* nPieen'ly furnisheit Room In the etty, with e *ht of Sharp's superior Table*. The proprietor ha* regarded no evpen-r to reader It thw moat comfortable reaoit for levere of the game, aad gnarsa taes 1 hey will always fled polltoand oh lis toy stiendsnla JAMES T READY SPEAKS TO RIGHT AT THB ACA leuiv * >1 *1' . , IF YOU HAVE SELIRF IN SPIRITUALISM 8KK HELLERS VERSION OF THE GREAT DAVENPORT TltTUK. YOU WILL SB CURED?t" Kb MWVi FARRF.N IS PRRPARRD TO *.R 'TI A TV W.T ' manager* for the fall and winter <?*?<* -?? L ???-!'? be addressed 27 (flag* piece, b*tw ea Re.stoa tuR ^.eevker Hrea-a.

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