Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 24, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 24, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL and commercial. Tarmbat, Jud* 31?4 r. H. Tha ataok market wu verj dull thismorning, aad there ?M ft general dvoltoe tlwftftghat the IM. Ooaegered with th* blghrtt oa?h sales ftl th* flr?t board yesterday, New York (antral fell 2tft. Krk 6, Eric preferred 1 Hudson Hivftr ?, Reading 6, PrftJrlo d* Cbem ?*. Mlcbl |U Central ft, Mkhlgaa Seulber* ?X, MUunX Central ft, Cleveland and Pittsburg ft, Cleveland and Toledo 2, Chicago ftBd Rocfcv Island 4*, >'ofl *+7? *> Northwestern M*, Chicago, Burltaglou and Qdiooy 1X. *?d Marietta and Cincinnati 8. PaeiSc Mall Mid at 2T0 aad Delaware and Canal at 2*4. Cumberland Coal declined did, i Oompan> Sift, Quicksilver 6>ft, HftHpom Mtelaf 4 la the arteroooo tbe market taa better, and prieea im. proved Nee York Central aoid at lS3>ft.Brle 114X, Hudson, Elver 140X, Reading 140X, P?rt Wayne 114, Mlebieaa Southern <M, Illinois Central ISO, Cleralaad and Plttefterg 1U, North wee tern MX, Book Inland llftf, and Prairie du Cblea 68 X- OMft and Waelmippi certit oateftwereMX. Quxkailrer 74, Cumberland Coal 74 X, aad Can loo Company 40. Oorarftmecl aeeurttMe are qwoted aa fallow*:?United fltetea 6*ft, 1881, registered, 108; United State* 8'a, 1881 oonpeaa, 1)2*; United Slatee 7.30'a, 188X. United State* ft -Mi's, coupon*, 10ftXl Catted Bute* 1 pear certificates, 84*. There wag eontlderabla excitement la the 8*M market; hat the amount eft business traaeacted was soaalL So long as UM OIITaraoM between baying aad selling gold la aa great aa At* par oen'?and at iimas yesterday and to da/ It had been mora thaa that?rary little win be bought or aeld (or hustneaa purpoeea. The price tnetuatod during tbe day Jbetween 80S and'220. Hooey la tightening aad la wartb T par east on the beat aaoartties. Tbe payment! from th* Bub-Traaanry ware rary heavy yesterday aad to-day, amounting to over $27,000,000. Th* traamotloM to-day war* aa follow*;? Beeetpts 44,057,780 ?lor eubtoaas 7 08,000 r 0 par eaot hoods 638,008 Payments 18,978,398 Bataaoe... 27,876,183 Th* follawlag X a ooes para lire sUtemeot oft tha oondi 11 on oft the hanks is the three principal cities of the Unltod I* Tort, jane I" 81?5 773 Pblla,. Suaa 30. SO.lMft tOd 8.P64.S29 2.874.273 87.088,908 Boatok, June 90. 6S..S3J.SM 0,007,109 8,98.1.728 82.719,909 Sp*ai'. Oreuteri**. Tata) SM.9t9.4S8 33,887.999 14017.097 289,778,939 14M week. 306.164.650 84034001 10.898,491 ui/M.oti Pecreaee In loani $224194 peoieeee la specie 1,142 732 Inareeer iu circulation 118.CSM Decrras* In deposit* , 4 430,739 Th* Auditor of tbe New York Canal Department la now paying the canal award! oft 1882, with Interest up to th* 10th of May last Th* Michigan Central Railroad will pay, July 1, a dividend oft 0 par cent, and an extra dividend oft 8 par OM4 The July coupons of th* first, second and third mort gag* bonds of the Colombo* and Indianapolis Railroad will he paid at tha St. Nicholas Bank. Tha receipts of tbe Racine and Mtsslmlppl and North ?ra Illinois railroads, from January 1 to,Jane 14,1964, were $233,188 > time la 1883 144,898 Inereaw. $88,276 Th* earnings or the Chicago aad Northwestern Railroad tor the week ending Jane 14,1864, were $128,610 Same period last year 83,742 lMr*M* $30,868 The Marietta aad Cincinnati Railroad Company earned during the seoond week In June, 1884 $17,888 Sam* period last year 8,904 Total receipts since Jan. 1,1884 414,897 Same time, 1883 288,744 Tha Saratoga oft th* MilwaokM and Prairie da Cblea Railroad tor th* second weak m Jan* were:? Increase, 79* per cent $23,830 ?Thdtosraaa* atom lit January, 1884, la $297,062?over 06 per cant. luxk EiehMfi. ? - .. _____ Tmoridat. Jul a?JO JO A. K. 40M9U a 0%, *97. 1)0 100 ihi NV C?otRR.?IO 183* fu?0f *X *81. ooa.. 11)H SdJhrtnBR 119* 3VW III?'?. ft-Ju>a,ooa l,?* 100 do 117* i, ."i*-..?????? wo* *ao do m* >7 S lU Tr u, O A Ap 100* 000 do 11 ~ 1 tut o*r WIS " J 0 8 0'?, 1 tht cor A 40(1 do.. M4# > do 96V lit) Brie preferred Ill) >Tooo Co, "00 ttU ?Jlt?4mftltwU..140 ? 14?Om> Kwor KB.. 140 ? JIM *0 do. bW W I Coral.ood o. 00 100 do bio A Miaa cor.. 68 400 do...... do. do. ?Br>o?M m bda." '-H l5 5? Reodlo'f Br"IN jkms 4 NW lot bdi 10# 100 do 13* iiMViMo. ros ago do. its* do lot* 1100 do ...... 188)1 do. ?? ?.. HB* 300Mich Control BR.. 100 14 W lit m oi. 101 100 do v... ...blO ISO* rrnd Pitta 4lhm OS 1U0 Mich 8 Jt N I RB... 90 i Mo load ft 04 90 4o..\ MM ?uloRR I m 88 880 do 98 JB Ada-Si Book. . 118 BO$ 900 CootmiXompoaT . 40 Mj do....... ..... 9t|| loOOOumb Cool prof .. 70 100 Mich So i M 1 guar 14) 6 0 do... .. <&* 1000111 Coot BB ocrlp 139 ( DAB Mod OaaatCo M8 300 do blO 188 SWOIoto B Pitta BB... Ill id ...., 838 100 do bid 111 CoolOo -218 1000 do...... 110* 218 86?0blANWBB iB Amorlooo Cool Co. 109 S3 Obi A M W prot.. Qulokt Iror M( Co.. 71* 1? do 100 do..., 78*4 800 . do 480 do 78 SJOOlorod ToiBB 100 do PMU (0$ Gbl A?Rook I BB! OflOMortpoao Mk Cot.. 80 100 do. 470J do M 800 do ~ ~Boa do 1008 do " ;. 188* 100 Mar dWirt pro#: Id *0 4. ? gg 270 *? dr.^. fS ?r? iis 400 do >83 88* 100 Chi Bar A Q RB.. 1886 ?OPaotdcMoi; 89 Co.. 270 100 do.!...; 189* 100MY Control BB....? 132 loo Pltu, PtWBChl RB 118 SBCOND BOdBB. Hurmt Two o'Cloos F. M. aioooo p a r?^y. con, m* ion u>a gad bit rb>: iti 8000<7 8 8*0, 6-81''a, coo 106* 400 Banding BB....O10 140 6 'Wfian 0,7 910,04* 100M 800 do 148 OrtJOO do .*.... 10.,* 8000 do HQ* 1100C sr?, 1 yroer. 96* 80 do 140* OOUO M aooort ? ? 68 )00 Mich Con KB..n't! 140)4 3 OgChl^d Mlaa COT.. ? 600 PUU,rtWdChlc RB 114 do. do. 86 >4 100 H 188 ___ j* 400 100 ihaCooLooOaw L?r 40 mo MM So d If I BB . ?? Cunb Cool prof^ . 71 900 do........ A.. 100 do al9 7i* 900 do 77... ?do. 71* 1309 da 95(2 _ do 71 100 do bid 96 QliWaihriir M'g Co. 74 100IU Ccn RB aortp... 189*3 do.... nv 30 do MM 190 do ?... 78* 809 do 400 M Y Control BB. .. la 100 Cler d Pltu BBaM 1 loo do in* looo do,.w......... I 9on Br* BB 119* too Cbl 13 Y prof..,. 89 WO do 114 100 do....... 98* 300 do >. 114* 80 do.80 160 Brio prof 111$ 100 Cbl dK# BB..... V> Hadtoa River BB.. 140 1<? Cbl d Bk I BB..... , 1143 do 140)8 800 do ....... 1141 do bio 141 100 Mil d P duCh BR . 68) 0a......... blO 141)4 8809Yblodo d Mob RB. CITY COMIBCIU B1POBT. Tacau>at, Jodo 88?4 P. M. A nam.?Rooatpta, 79 bbla. Marbat Arm, bat gulet. at til 60 a $13 80 nominally for poU aad paarls. Baa i aaaima ?Rooatpta, 13,888 bbla. Boor, 899 bblo and m baga oarn aaOM. 196.988 boabola wheat, 98,9*7 do own, aad >6,730 do. onto. Tbo floor mark at was ua aottlad, and "at tbc alooo prloaa wars 6c. a 10c. ofl froaa tbo blaboot point toacbod yaaterday; tbo demand waa fair, bat tba ii'Ceulntlre escitomoat meeanrtbly abated: tbc a?Ira wore 80,900 bbla. But# and Weauro, 8,009 .Scathrrn, and 1,009 Canadian. Rye floor and oorn meal wont firm, -vltb saint of 400 bbla. of tba formar bad 860 cl tbo lattor. Wo quote:? BupordM ft* to im Waa torn floor *0 88 a 8 ^ EnriMaM 8 78 a CBokdbtoto.,, 8 90 a 9 00 Obutaoo u madlum extra Wwuro ? 89 a 8 10 Lxtra round bo?f flbtn 8 09 a 9 98 b aatara trado hroada 9 80 a 10 00 CttratB. Lmm 9 10 a It 00 Oxnaaalo food Hoot bora 9 00 a 0 60 ?to4H4MMnU?4l....H 9 00 a 11 6o. Oaa?dtoo....? 9 90* 9 09 ',oodtaabolocoxtra do....w 9 Od a 9 78 Ryn toor, atiiorion 7 90 * 8 99 Cora rnroi. 7 68 a 9 98 Cora 84 Ma 88 08 - Tb? wfenit nxirtat ekmad 8a. a 6c. !owor,wltha fblr bualnraa, ch ?fly |ur #*port, at inrafalor prtora. aalaa 170.000 baaUois U 84 b6 a f9 ?8 far Cbloago aprtax 32 a $3 064ar MMwankaa dub.m oe a 18 1# fornbbar aprla*? tbo n?uMa*ftMt(,amrn_aadM 10 nfls 18 for win tor jMMi . rrd Waatarn. Bye, baruy and barley malt arn laietlro "1 4MN ? aad daaMoat. Unto aro wu?i and armor la arwo: an boo ot 00c n Old for tbo wl o a rang* Cora waa wlthoat diodad cbanKo, and- qumt aSm 86.000 boahato, at * ,L?# **w and old mtxad WaTUrn, Co??wi.?Tba marBot waa fluiat, with aalaa of 664 balta Wr quote ? ?*?**. jMfu jr.o nr. & i s <nm ?'l jo* ba*a rm> wa boM at 49a. Mid '.,vd 1 ?moar? Wart * atutdo Orator, with mora doing la Ki,? iWi, ir^r-?rn. ? i,?a? M t*., and 2,000 h im dboom at ta *9 London ?or aoatral, 48 hhdr. ana t** boxw atunrnt 98a. .BM 100 C^TWTra!HWba^a^5R5ieaT3SraHiRTrad 10< t'lBaofo at 111 84 a brttlab br f waa ebartornd la. tobaraa i tciiitraMTairt at 9m. td. a*?< bbia to Harama, 93300 gold. A hark to Mntaa/aa, at a rA7M?WSr&i,,WAlS,?!' Hal. 88aw waa. laaathm. Old waa aatlraaad 8rat. owtna ta tbo Habt arrlralo. flataa 408 baloa atfl 19 a ti U pw band rod. :lue? 7.0 v ddis. , II worn lor mesa, 910 a ??u ow it . $3S*$M Idlor old Hd sew prim* and $30 * or KiM ntaaa. also, lor future do. ivory, 9 <600 ?w me<a, buyer July, at $42 Ml, and 1.000 bolt. r ww hold Badly. wHO await aaloa of Manila ?* 17*0.0 1TH? $SI6a$Sl? tor dressed Amencm, $!?$ a (1H for ruugb do.. *?d 9285 a$000 far Jiuo, omh. Houiaaaa.?Tbo marketwan inactive ana prlcaa wara teudog upward*. Small sales at $1- Porto Rico. $1 09 a $1 10; Now Orleans. $1 01 a $110. Oiu ?Sperm and whale wara ntst gad prioaa an Seined. Sales 400 bble. Urd at $1 31 a $1 40; 160 do. an Molded rtd st |1 OS. and 20 000 (allow 1 allow at 16cX. VawisHuw ? Keouipta, 1.8C9 bbie pork, 22 packages barf 24 do out mwu and 1 ,o?4 do. lard. Tba part war ft waa *'? wit* an aansa denaaad. The aaaaoa tba at><>i lacluda 7,0 0 bbla , at $89 for inaaa, $10 a $40 &? for mw do 990 60 for 1 *ia oaw 1 , tame tarma and delivery, at $49. The" beef mark -t was aotlaa, witbaaiaa 011410 bbla baaf st $11 a |ia far country aaaaa, $9 a $10 for country prime," $20 a $21 for rrpackad mean, and $27 a $29 lor antra ohms. Prima maas baaf raaaslw quial Bear kiM wara dull and komtasl. Cut maats wara decidedly draaar uadar a moderate demand, wilb 760 package* at 14a. a 15c. for aboutdera and 10 He. a lie. for h-ime. Bacos wad daH. Tbs lard market waa aotlrs and itaraidy w arm; anlaa ' *2400 bbla. and tlarcw at 1?H?- a lie. Buttar waa a trlde ftrmar, at 2dc a 31c. far tiblo and Slo. a SNo. far State. Cbaaaa waa quiet and steady at llo. a Ida. for 00 mi no 10 o im ParaetatiM.?Reoeipta, 2 397 bbla. Tba market waa Wry 1 reticular, and prlom wore wtlrely aomibaL Tba reported fatlurs of a large Pbiiadeipbia operation. aad the fact that several New York bouaaa ware wara ar law W ?a vad, raadarad tba market aemewhai shaky, aad specu lative operations wara rather small, la faot tba salaa wara altogether light. Tw aalca wara I2N bbla Crada, at too.a 40)40 , on the spot, aad Me. far Jatp.dagwt aad September, seller'a option, IjOOO da. raflaad at 70a. a 71o. far auodard white, aad Tlfta for prima white,ha tba spot; 73c. fbr July, aad Ida. a Tie far August; l,d00 da freest 80a., w tba apat,aod 70c. for July. Deuilaa wiiqatii. Suus*.?The market ww law active but Irm.wttb sales of M IMa. Porto Rtoo feommw) at 11c , aad 1$$ da. alt 10a. a dOa^ radcad ww Oraa. Ssar ?We note sales of 6,000 sacks Liverpool ground at $91 a $8110. Tallow waa Arm. Satan 91,000 Iba ?11*0. a Ida Wmasw Baoaipta. 1,197 bbla. Market Arm, with sales or 2,100 bbia. at |1 A1 a $1 TO?tba latter am outatde prioa at tba otoaa ?mien of Howl Batata. By Messrs. Mutter, Wllktoa 40o. Fialbutk Property It Iota a a Vermoa areaua, aaob 71x100 each $110 8 lots adjoining each ltd 8 Iota adjoining ? ??? each 110 8 lou adjoining each 140 10 ldu a. a. Butler street, each 100x100 aeoh 00 2 lota w. a Prospect street, each 10x100 each 13* 1 lot a. w. corner Prospect and Grant ata., 76x110.. 121 1 lowadjoining, TSxledeaoh rrr>?. ...oach ltl Halted States Circuit Court. Before Judge Shipmen. obabqi op num under tbs internal REVENUE LAW. Jew* 23.?The United Statu s*. Horatio 0. Onderdonk.? The accused in this case la a lawyer of Queens oountjr, ajr.-unst whom the Grand Jury, on Wednesday laat, found a bill, charging him with perjury In >elseiy teaiilylog that be 11 id no income liable to taxation uadar tba Internal Revenue law. The accused pleaded not guilty aad was bald to bait. MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. Married. B*nr*??Horr. ?On Monday, Jane 30. el the Trinity M. K. church, by th. Rtr. Alfred Oookman, Janes M. Buna, or Troy, to Mlaa Fault B. Hott, daughter of the late Belleck O. Hoyl, of tbla oily. Bussing?Brown.?Oa Tueiday, June SI, at the reel dec o? of the'bride, by the Rer. Dr. Dowllag, Crarlks F. Bossing to Mama W. Brown. ef tbla oily. Cantisld?LuCount.?On Wedneeday evening, Jane M, by the Rev. Mr. Walker, 0. H. CaNnauo, late of Union, Broome county, N. Y., to Haammr & LaCocnt, ef thM eity. No carda. Union New., Broome county, please copy. Co m*e?0'flaLLoaa* ?On Wednesday, June S3, at the residence of I be bride's brother, by the Rev. Father Bovoe, Captain Joan Onmma to Mlaa Amu* OHallo ran. Diocis?MoeiMi. ?In Brooklyn, on Ihnrsday, June 23, by the Rev. 1>. V. M. Johnson, Jam Dickis to Lisxm, daughter of the late Joseph Palmier! and stepdaughter of Arthur ltorreU, ex United SUtee Consul at Manxanilla, Men tee. Glasgow, London and Liverpool papers please oopy. Fisusn? WmrssviLT.?in Yorkvilie, on Saturday, June 81, at the residence of the bride's sister, by the Rev. Mr. Quaskeabnsn, Jem fans to Emma Wasianvsu, both of UUn Oltf. untNBT?La Fonur.?In tnla city, on Wedneeday, Jsno 23, by Bar. Dr. Bnrohard, Mr. enoaon Oman to Mian Cassia Lb Fcrgt. both of this city. No carda Hitchoook?Fcixan.?At Graoe oburch. Jersey City, on Wodnoaday, Jane 23, tar tbe Rev. Dr. Weston, of Trinity church, N. Y., & F. HrranoicK and Mr lit sets Loom, aider daughter of Hon. 8. L. Fuller. Livingston oomty papare plaase oopy. Hcll?Ooo*.?At Saratoga Springs, on Wednesday, June 23, by tbe Rev. Mr. Woodbrtdge, Col. Harmon D. Hull, of New York, to Mies Anna C. Coon, youngest daughter of Hon. Jatnoe M. Cook, of Saratoga. Knit?Snana?la Brooklyn, B. D., N.Y., on Thureday, June 33, by tne Rev Francis Peck, reotor of Calvary church. Mr I.wen K. Kan, of Washington,D.O., to MM | Yiai.uiiA arnna, of Brooklyn, N. Y. Washington (t?. C.) papers please oopy. Maimw Qocmnw.?At Watortowo, on Wednesday, June 33, by the Rev/Theodore Babcock, Hon. Joe* C. . Matsw, of Now York, to Mm. Maim Gooummo, of the former piico. Pbabcs?Dma?On Thureday. Jane 33, Ife St. Mark's church, Williamsburg, by the Rev. Samuel M Haskms, Rev. J. SrVRUW Pbabcs, ef Pomfsrt, Q?n.. to Camus L., daschtor of ths late Charles Dyer, ef MtddMewn. una Sxium? ALSenreuN.?Co Wednesday,VJune 22, at the reeideuee of tbe bride's parents, nssr ftosi/n L. t, by ths Rev! Win. H. Moose, rector of 8t- Ooorgp's church, Hempstead, Hsusr T. SmiAm, of Now York, to Sabam Kusarniu, daughter of Richard Albertoon, Esq. SoDsaaaaT?Stms.?On Tuesday evening, June 11, at the Boreas Baptist church, by ths Rev. Dr. Dow ling, pas tor, (Mamas Gcstavos Bodxornnt to Aksua Apgubta Bras, aU of thtamty. Died. Boom?At Now Mttford, Coon., on Thureday, Jans 33, j Mrs. Walins Boors, In the 72d year of her age. Bonn?On Wednesday s gtit, June XI. Rat? Mown, I at deal son of Maria aad tbe Tate William H. Bonn. Tbe relatives and fries daof the family are respectfully Invited to attend tbe funeral, from bis late residence, No. 3M West Thirty-fifth street, this (Friday) afternoon, at three o'clock. . Blacxporo.?On Thursday, June 33, William Jams BUcuwrnn, tbe beloved eon of James sad Boos Blackford, aged 1 year, 8 mouths and 2 d?ys. Wrap lbs snow white sbeet around him, Foidf bit arms across his breast, Lay blm gently tu hie coffin, My Llti.e Willie has gone to root. I The friends and relatives :ara respectfully Invited to attend the mueral, from No. 141 Cherry street, this (Fri day) afternoon, at odo o'clock. Blaul?Killed tu battle, on Thursday, Jane 16, while storming the works before Petersburg, Va.Bati O a ... of Co. C, 139th regiment Now York Volunteers, ?on of El C. Btaks, of Brooklyn, N.T., lathe Blot year ef hM nga IMa Frenclsoo (Chi.) papers please oopy. Barbxtt.? On Thureday, June 33, Anna Barest?, tbe beloved child of John end Ann Barrett, aged 11 mouths. The frtends aad relatives of tbe family are respectful!? Invited to attend the funeral, from bar late residence, 601 West Forty -seventh street, ea Batarday after soon, at two ??clock. Bcanarr.?Oa Thursday, June 33, of membranous croup, Jonna Louisa, Infant daughter of Benjamin nod Bhaa Jaae BurdeU, aged 1 year, 8 months aad 13 days Mm relatives and friends ni% Invited to attend the fune ral, from tbe residence of ber parents, 87 West' Twenty seventh street, this (Friday) affhrnooa, a* two o'clock. Cajumia.?un Wedneeday, June 22, of oonaumptioo, Asm Drmtsbt, the beloved wife of Dead Carroll, a nallt s Sf oomty of Mocagbaa, Ireland. Tbe retatlvee ana friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend tbe funeral, from bar late residence, 2 7 Waal Twenty sixth street, this (Friday) afternoon, at ?wo o'clock. __ _ CMilda?On Thureday, June 33, BornaemA B., wire <f Casper a Chllda, in the dial year of ber ago. Dae notice of the funeral wUl be given la tomorrow's nipir. ? i ocxons.?At Dobb's Ferry, on Thureday morning, June S3 Scran Qbarlottr, wife of Matthew R. Oouxene, eldest daughter of Robert Knight, of Brooklyn, ngod 80 years sad 6 months. Ths relatives aad rrlends of the family are respectfully Invited to atUod tbe funeral, from ber late residence, l<oM>'a Ferry, on Saturday afternoon, at two o'clock Hud ?oa River Railroad train will leave Chamber* street at iwoIt* o'cluolu rc*'KV.- On Wednesday, Juno S3, Jobs Dears?, aged 38 years The relatives sad frVaods of tbe family, those ef bis brothers, Lawvssss sad William, the members of the Blghteeeih ward police, aad the deimrtiui-ot in geoerel, ere rmpcctfnlly invited to attend tne funeral from his lade residence, 133 Beet Twenty-ninth street, this (Friday) fl/tof tlOCB || ou# ?'clock Fcn* ?On Thureday morning, June 38, of dlptberla, Wilus, oa'y child of John William aad Isabella rusk, aged 4 months aad 3 days. Tbe fricam of the fhmlly, likewise ike friends of hie grandfather, Wan. Rohertsm, ass raspytfuliy requested to attend tbe funeral, this (F#day) afternoon, at three o'clock, (Tom the residence of An pareoia, No. 13 aUatou Ganr -la Jersey City, ea Thsredsy, Jmte 38, Tnceus C Oast, egad 1 yehr sad 3 mouths. Ths 'rlends of the family are respectfully lavlled to Slits tl UN funeral, oa Saturday morning, at slaves o'clock, from 173 Montgomery street, Jersoy.CH/. HantuNa.?On Wedneeday morning. June it, Jon* Caasnua, sob of Gardiner R aad KUxaaolh H. Harding, aged it months aad 11 dans. ymoral ssrvioM this (Friday) aftsrnesn, at twa o'clock, fmm No. 810 Booth Fifth street, WMlsmaburg. llanast ?KM ed, on Friday, Jaae 17, Major Jon C. Hsnesa, Fourteen la regiment artlller/, H.f. & Vols., while jaadlag his battalion la a obarge oa lbs sasaty'd works hsrore Pstsrthnrg, Fa. His remains bars Bed conveyed to DaasvlUe, Livlaf '^MSsSr?'?Oa*"'fhuiidar; JNEg M, Jog* Human, a native of Kilimarry, eeanty OWk, parish of BeltcdsT, lrB?*'ie?ds^Jt1<Sa8d ef Msjwothars-la law, Jobs sad Michael OoUlns, art respectfully lavltsd to attend the funeral, from id Best Tfebip eighth street, ea Batarday KauA-L^Thnnday^ June 28, of a abort but severe inaeoe, M*B Kau*;lt tUfsae', county KUksany, iM^iaiia?sad, s^kind sad sdhcMai jad fHands, sad those of his wife, art ?pootfuihr lav Nod Is a?iead the feaerei, en Satoi wsmw, at BBK-aast eae o'clock, from hie late, dense, No. is waetmrtcda* street, between Fifth 8MB esse em. Kirr?At Amory Square Hospital, Wee bias tee. D. C., Ira le* d.m his 44th yoaa. I A do voted-and father,* kind I Mi rstetlvcn MM, V*. M.of ft wound received >*ft church, Mftr BiiiIot Uim kow la aAd0" ? Ul# BuMa" "Giugsum Jttjs'sssBz sri Boston 11*pen j.|-a*e onpy. ff* SLSTbE^I??1, u ^ * obur.h, sxsrsss ;?? -?.^^?ssyis "SUJ^Ti? **,M?''""??*'sTS1**. fti^rviiie ' **e<1 1 >64r' * ?"u?Mftod 27 day.. ^ZtXSZt?"?ZL t'?~* ^rrfy"' vxssjg mvssjrssi.1: j^j^LVdsaa jars sj"v Ownpeor H, Sluy-drat New York Volant!!!?? 0w"S' sSSSstS-?MWHsatf Wff&WS'JW "-"S-iiS; Jd??Sf* mlSStwSL Sti^ud ?J??amooa*Cor{* Va? Aa?'*i?? "ti g ft?bsssss Sior?S?KSi wsw*w tfS???? no??, at two o'clock. 7 ^ ?* 8ua<1*r ?"? ?SSB^sKKSfis^EL* '?* ? i?r?SlS"SJr "?? " ~?3. 5 ?^aassrsAMs tBsaasss &&&??"?-*??'? ft mftsrM |r,^w^"u^8M'jB*r,ofM??M* M| ?*PWIafcu? s^3K??SSSWs Er?1KK"~"-v^'' KM*"? w?? S'SniftSTK-S bir?? ?"""? ?sa wsy? issn^Lt'^sus; w: Fugrtk street on s?tur,i?? a Dca> ?? w?*t Rswh? SB ftffwsa asKM#""- -w*"srsfirs ?K i2LS?i2L7'^ T* hydrocephalus, S1'?D ^P. Nod Svyeft'r,and io mm'?f CU*r,ea n* o'{*rt*naoa>" - ; lbX/2?" W6r* Ukao *? O"??rt0*?Port, Mm.., oo r-7?A,a?Suiidenlr' ?? Thursday juna js yBln,HIr_ Sm'&TSn *"""," a","?^ '"??? ' .ttzws; s^l'S?0??. - ?" ft"#*"*' ""? " w?" ??ft ft?"' ftfJJZ'S ^TSttt?*^,IK,l5nE ?? "wu, tetR j?d: ^?^n?vsjn>ror^ without further notice. ?fUrn00D> al "?'?? o'clock,'. ftJSTSTftSVKS'' '"?*?"?? ?? *???, ft?Si?S13d?!n?2L,a? """' "? ~mif.ii, 29J Smith J??? thU SEEi/'S? h" Ute widdoco, Ibrwo-dook, wttUt further tttto??00*' " hM ^ Albftny>papors pleaoe copy. ^TO'T OFPICB NOTICE. P0gJOJ??B WOTICE^ - ^ Mtiaapwi ?n^HanTburi'p^'^tMnwrS* Co?UDenl' ?'? Ir^iaad, rtaQ.i?.n..*-""*-^?! y***^Buonls. and for wiu olOM at UUs offloo on'?tur^r^th?^*.h J ^VO1"*100' 10U o'clock ft. M? andat LbTu? .* of Juna. at ?aalou a and ffft.TTf. ^ toWB ?utloa? aa foiiowai? ?tatlnos C and D 10 A. M. Stations B and ? * A- M. station q ?....!"!"!!!!!"*; a. m. A BR a M WAggMAW, roatmaatcr.^' HZ POUTICAI. G"" "/iS'.Wi.VSgj.,,, mujiii^: TB?id ^m*SiaUda CAu^.CA?h.81 f" uf A jD TABLB arc sold only at our factory ^wa dl^HT cushion, manufacturer* In this o'tr atihu ? ,uPP'j them to othar tabiaa. OldaChSiMrmtMadM^Lf?. *V? or to u?? on Mdd'ayi.dbr as, awsald f^r whSnhM brtnIlCu'ilon(,? ims* bf makers of cheap tables who 2515 *' *D', m*r ??nWM coaainf from our mAn,?????, * rWft?!oo oo ein*yA!i* COLlENDBB. ' _ _ Corner Crosby and Sarins streets. W imch?*frEbi2L ,ron 8alb7 7isb Cuahloas made by U. Plielan aad"cS!Er0J*'1 Co,hlonc. and iftd Suitoa street. aa(l c?"?Qder, at his factory, ioT!'i ftftai'AV.VriIdE': ?ft MWOT?r*a Er-;"-'^?Srs tensira satabbahmaat. t0 "amlnt our sx ,,I|?!!,BIM' KAN. a CO.. ??>? Minors. Cordials Syrupo. Hitters to ^rl*n *^lr|as and ranted aa represented and delivered a?i nil*. war. 5fc2J*i ?WBBRO KA1?B A 3f tr- ?f Manufacturers, ,H> Fultoo street InjPorters and rVRNITVRX. _ An elegant assortmrn r or household fur _? allure for sale at a mcriflce ? Pianoforte, Ktarerea, Bookcase, Mirrors. Parlor Putt*. Paint ng?, Bronte*. Cur tains. rosewood sod walnut Chamber Furniture, I) ning Room Furniture, China, UUss aad barer Ware Inquire at 113.Weai Twenty-third etreet^ear SUih avenue. A BEAUTIFUL PARI,OB SUIT, COVRRBD WITH rich Preach eat In braeatel, u<Mt $400, mil be *old for $2<A): ene for $1011 Aiee. two Marble Top Table*. ro**wood eeren ertare Planhforta, Turkish Lounge and Chairs, aad one He<1 room Sulk Inquire, for three days, at 119 Weal Kig hth.stfaet, near Math avenue. FURNITURE.?FOR SALS. CHBAP, AM RLROAPT ro ewood suit ef Porallure, covered a plush, la ex cellent order; will be sold cheap. Also a marble top roee wood Chamber Sulk Call at 493 Ninth avenue le-day. TpURNITURl FOR 8ALE - A LOT OF SECOND IIAND r Furniture, oompritlns mavwd 8ora and Chairs, Bed steads. russwsod Centre Tnbte, marble top Bureaus aod Wssbslaad and Maatel Glass, Ac. M. C, BURT, 44 Cedar street, opposite Po?t Offlea. GARSHXTURER-A OOMFLETB 8ET OF OAS FIX. tup's, Chandeliers, Hall Lights. Brackau. Ae, la tip top order, for sale low. Appljr^atillllrnr.v street. IART1B8 ABOUT BREAKINO UP HOrSBKEBFINQ _ cms obtain rash merket pries* for Furniture and Car pets or any other article* by applying to or addressing M. Ll'DLAM, AM Canal street. ? EXPRBSIR9. BKuRNHAWB FURNITURE EXPRESS. BIRNHAM'9 Furniture Ktpree*. ? Pianoforte*. Painting*, M rrorm, China, 01***. bei'd and ehlpped to all part* or the world. Large wagon* for moving Furnltnre in o'ty or country. OSice 114 West Eleventh street, between FiliA and Sixth nee sate _ COAltt CHOAL.-I AM DELIVERING DIAMOND TRIM RRD *sh and Lehigh while ash, all sise*. at $10 24 per torn. Red ash nut. $A HI per ton. THOMAS STORES, Corner ef Thirty second street and Tenth avenuh TX7O0D.-FOR BALE. PINE, OAK AND HICKORY ? v Wood, br the load eovd or mrgn at the lowest mar ket prieua. ROWLAND A CO., Second aveaae, between Thirty-fifthaad Thirty tilth streets. MAI oVricu. ' = At rr -Monet Liberally adtanced* at u ON DIAMONDS, WATCW1 JEWBLftT, PIANO* FUBMftRB, AO. A ?. itiO , AT 77 PAWNBROKERS TICKETS WANTED AT 7V aa* -J . pfscwea the city, at 77 Blrs ksr street, ap sUira At a CHATHAM rrReby-Pawnbrokers1 A "ekels bought of Dtsmooda, Wstbbee, Jewelry, surer , t EE-EONBT LIBBBALLT ADTANOBD ON DIA 2B?a#?5ms^ar gussa ? kea.-Jewelry, Oaaa, PhMta. Ah, far whieh I will pay "^.'-A'SSyRHSS"!* F.S8."S?S ? ? v ? x w ? ? - ? ? i ?? AaruiWD piano rot 9339-0 a h. babmobb, manufacturer*. 940 Blinnii street?MmiM Inl. pHrs medals. warranted far fir* mrt, without esoselon lb* boat plane mat*. TMdaMitli from MM dlsBsgiitsh ad Ah CCOBDBONB, VIOLINS. OUITaRB. banjos, fine* Bum, Drama ul Mui cat 1 a*U-uaoruU and Trimmings of arery deaorlptloa. Price Bat sent on receipt of tump. Violin Strings for hot weather 13 cents, mailed. PKHDKRICC BLUMK. 308 Bowery. 4 L4DT WISHES TO OITB LESSONS IN MUSIC, A I* ano, trench (which aha ap aha) aod the Knsuob br.nchai, in aiohaogo for Board. Address W. T.. fiwbeooad arose*. Am] oood bass toici wantso-ros an bpisoo ? pal quartette ohotr. Addraaa Ohotr, bos 9JU Boat #01 c*. AM MAJfO SOB BALB?PRICB BM9; A POWBBPVL looo . In good ordoc. una J* by He?iri Firth, Ilall A Pood, New York. Can no seen at 471 Bigtith aranua, aoar Thirty-fifth atraoi, aaoaud floor. AmIbPLRNDID ROSEWOOD PIANO NOB SALB CHEAP for oath ?Th* owaor io oMlgod to roaaovo from thia eity Immediately, and can ha aeeo between th* houra of 10 A. H. aod 9 P. M. at realdeaa* 94 Baaoh a treat. Am! MAONIPICBNT ROSEWOOD PIANOPORTB FOB rale?coal ShAb?for 9S1A. laaluding 8*eoi and Ooror, Parlor Butt* 00at fitM?for 9123 Blegorea, Bin ore, Paint in go. Rroaaea. Statuary, Chamber Furniture; la uaa but aeroa na >nti>a to b* aoM at aaorileo. Inquire *4 IM Waal Twenty third street. aoar fPith aroua. A MAONIPICBNT TON BO SEVEN OCT AT? ROSE wood Planoforta for aale at a great sacrifice for eaah. Baa ail the modern lmpror omenta, Iron frame, Proa ah grand aotioo, *a j flrat olae* olty maker. Apply at 10 Allen ItrOOt, Mftf ^fflHlli T P. RBWHBNBAOB, PIANOPORTB TONRR AND el* repairer, 19 Want Ho net on atraat, near Broadway, New lark. New aad aeoand hand Plaaaa far aala aad te tat. PANO POB SALB?OITT KADB, PODB BOUND corner*. 7 octara, aad rich too a; alaa a hiadaoM* ram wood Parlor Bait, aorerol good "Carpet*, aad a lot of other Furniture but little uaad, for half the oaat of aew, at BBS CALL'S. 309 aad 311 Hudaoa atreot, eoraar Canal. PIANOPORTB POB BALB.?-A TINS 9* OCTATB roaewood Pianoforte, la ateallant order; priaa $190. aa It must be disponed of tb.s weak; has sweat and powerful tons, Iran frame, handsome style at oeee, Ac , Act Apply this day at 129X1 Twentieth atreot, aaar Third areaao. OK PIANOFOBTBS FOB BALB AT A OBBAT ZnJ sacrifice; muet be sola be fere tbs 1st of July. Persona la want of first class Pianos at moderate prime aaa be supplied at tho manufactory 149 Beat Tweaty-tblrd street, near Third avsQus. Every Instrument warranted far three yearn ' E Attention, hxprkssmkn -ip thb express. man all'), about t o'clock.'!*, M. < U the 12th of Mar, conducted a traveller from Cafa Auloiirtetb, 8b aid 87 Chaihain street. with hla tiank to Nnw Herea Badr-ad depot, Twrn y seventh (treat, will dellvar tha Urabralla will h ba kept oa hla wagoa at Gale Autaaarleth, ha w II racalre $2 reward. CLBM. Clereland will ha la town to-morrow. T-VARBT A JONES?JONES BAB BBTUBNBD. RB ] J would Ilka to tea hla friend Darby. Address jeoea. Herald o.Uoe. MSA L. W.?THRBB IS A NOTB FOB TOO AT THB Union square Poet office. luICLK, GO. GASCON-CARGO KILB TO TOO AS R8QPB8T ed, care Hurlbut. Bomb on receipt?Blah. Card and how. H. B H. Latter at V. to day, Card, Ac.; alio Bags. Are you going Want or Home? Tour latter SI recalled. All right P. TN FORMATION WANTED?OF THOMAS BTRNBS, OF 1 county Louth. Ireland. When laat heard tram wad In Clinton county. Iowa; auppoaad to be la Chicago. Any In formation of him will be thankfully reealred by addreatlag Bridget Byrnea, 299 Wait Twenty fifth (treat. INFORMATION WANTED?OF OWEN BAG AN. WHO landed at Castle Garden June lk 1854, by hla brother, Michael Kagan Any lnroraall?a will ba thankfully re celyed by Michael haigan, pare of M. L. FlWayVTruy, N. T. INFORMATION WANTBD-OP JAMBS BANNA. When last beard of wac living a the auburbe of Phila delphia Addreaa J. H.. Herald office. INFORMATION WANTED?OF MARTHA DAROON. who came to thta country, from Ireland, Ion oreleren years ago, by her coneln, John Cbareltoo, who Juat oacna from Irelead, and la now flopping at Cactie Garden. TAMB-i MoBBIBTT LEFT HI8 HOMB, JUNB S2, ISM, ?l aged 95. Aay information regarding him will bo thank fully received nl M Jay etraek S.Y LM. -IF BBTURNBD, WBITB IMMBDfATBLT; IF . not. write to ma from Philadapbla, aad aay whan yea will ba hare. rag. JOHN OB ART WILL PLBABB CALL AT L A daw's Express office, for (omathing la her adraa taga. ' M1 M. M.?TIIB BXCUB8ION WILL OOMB OPF THIS morning. N BW YORK?I AM ANXIOUS TO BBS TOU. PLBABB mo J. H. B.?PERSONAL.?HaVB KBOBIVBD ALL X' your latter A hut clrermetanee. will prevent my atten tion to your commission a. Tour draft haa been paid. Aflar deduoiitvg expenses for eolleotlon, and tha amount due me, AM to (gold), at present equtraleot te what yeu berre wed, there will be to your credit in New York $21)2 28. 1 bare aeen Meeere. H. A Oa, and am now reotding In thn mine city with them. Q. L. M. T"! B STAR8 MBT e e e nod am agreed. TUB LONDON LADY, WHO U8BD TO OALL FOB her lettere nt the stationer'. near to tbe.Angel, will find a letter ng elation B, 388 Eighth arenue, addressed to the aauio name as formerly. w ILL HARRT R. GITB THB PART? TO WHOM he addreaaed a note an interview. ZULIU8 POLLACK, BORN IN WISHKOLZ. HUNGA rTj la requeated to aend hla add rem at 251 Centra street, DRY GOODS. SXCLU8IVBLT FRHNCH FLUTING, ORB TO TW1NTT inchea wide. All materials fluted Id en unaurpaaaed nner at Mm OOLDRM'S French K'etlng Eatahllahmente, 18 Amity ttreet (one block and a he f from Broadway), 127 BTeecker street, be:ow?Wooaler street, and Nil Fulton at reel. Brooklyn. N. ?.?No machinery need In thn genuine FrtnchJIullng. Jl'ST RECEfTED?A GARB OF THB NBWB8T ROUND Ha la and Turbans, at Mine. HARRIS,'No. 7 Brevoort place, Tenth .treel MILLINERY. TDOR BALE?A FIRST CLASS MILLINERY B8TAB r lisbment, la the beet avenue in the city. Addmm Millinery, box 153 Herald office. DENTISTRY. Am sbt of teetb MADB IN THRBB HOl'RR-BN llre satisfaction or n.< pay, at 239 No advance it required at 239. and no person la required tn take or pay lor anything un'eaa f ully satisfied. The best of materia, u-ed. and evervthlng warranted, and warranted to be cheaper than at any other plaA The onlv place tor eham front# that do not project tha Bp too much la at 230. - R*member, 299. the place where not only teeth, but the whole faaeoan ba effectually changed In a youthful ap pearance. Hee other dentlata' weighted lower aata Brat, than,call and aea ours, and learn the price. For fine g dd or platfna work, find It If yeu aan In any other plaor. then call nere and judge ye. TKBTH EXTRACTED. WITHOUT FAIN, from eight le ene e'et?ck, every day; hnt net later In tha day. unleea by apppolntasenl. All ether work at all hours, at 239 Sixth avenue, between Fifteenth and Sixteenth streets. A|. FACT TOO PLAIN TO CONTRADICT.?THB finest and moat durable set,of Teetb In the city, tbnae which will give to the Tare the moot natural expres ton. In serted without pain, end supplied at half the nana1 cost, at 379 Sixth aveuue, between Twenty third end Twenty fourth street*. Particular attention given te the comfort aad con* venlence of patlenta.mTeeth extracted poe lively without pn-e. or no charge, an<T ell other operations performed nt equnliv moderate rales. Onlv one visit rpqutred from eoUa tty patients. Satisfaction guaranteed. J. 0 ABRAM8, Surgeon Dentist PIOLTON DENTAL ASSOCIATION HAVE EXTRACT \J ed teeth dally for one veer by the Nitroua Oxide Gas, wltheul a single Instance or failure or unpleasant elfeets. Dr. COLTON inhales every fresh supply firvt hlmaelf, to teat Its purity. Ofilce No. 22 Bond streak /\8TBOPI.ARTIO OR ARTIFICIAL BONE FILLING \/ fur 'le- a yen teeth; old roots lull up: mere ahel ? ah Inn leet' and every cleaa ef cavity filled without |<atn. I the discoverer, at hia roums. removed 'o29 East Fourteen! street, one dour weal of Unloe square. watches, JEWELRY, 4tC. A" r NU-WATCHES, DIAMONDS, JEWELRY, SILVER plate. Guns, Pistols. Ac., bought.?I will pay 200 per rent more thao ran he obtained nt any other piece In the city. N. B ?Also Pawnbroker.' Tickets wanted for the above a rile let. at the same rate. 80S Broadway, enrner of Houston .tr et, tip stairs, room A A T 218 BBOADWAF?PRIMOUS JBWBLS, WATCH IB, J\ Plata fie.?The highest nrl e paid for Diamond*, watches. Plate. Fa we la. Optical TnvtrnmeaU, fie . Mr, at his private reoma Ln ,rai a ivaeeee nam twkeia of dia monds, we tehee, fie., bought. J. W. BARRINOBR, 212 Broadway, room IS, ?p autre, corner Fulton. Am watch -a orntlbman wishes to sill a magnifl ent English Geld llunter. by French: la new, coat $13ole gold end will be sold for thai arsenal la greea backa Addreaa Henry, box ldOBarald ofilse. A DVANCB8 MADB OH WATCHES. DIAMOND* J\. Jewelry. Dry Goods aad Pereonel Property, of every deeWtpbee. J OH BP H A. JAOKBOB. Broker and Ooveatn ^"y.^bUm rgva ire o< Bro^ DUMOKOlId GOLD AND NILVYB. vuomu)"o<\d AND SiLTIB. fill Diamond* eM QMf Sliver, or -IN Broadway, nnder the New York Hotel eaeh. Amateurs are requested te ami' far tbn <ilament r'PVi.qffih.'Wfj'ri'iKaS i i i ? j^y, . ;.t MI'MA -wimzt-rz?- js-: tag *?!: ?? IKGARS AND TOBACCO, MMMIGNBD BR Lb* RBWABB CHBAP1 lie glW a call bafopa Uiytng any Where atee. L No. I Day etreet, near Rr a-iwemmmMaDbm Day etreet, near Rr edway, up etaflp^ BE l IBS FOR BALB-AT TUB NB txiwM&tM'Xvsxt * well to oall at this agency. J. W. C AKr.B. tgeai 'S#l rauKtit. A TLAjrnO SATINOS nil A. Bt. 186 CBATHA* SQUABS. OPttN DAILY. KOMT DEPOSITBD HOW WILL DRAW 1H1SE&ST PROM JULY L M. D TaH PBLT. rmatdont CHAS D. BAlLBT, Trtuurtr, Joa. P. CtOfll. Secretary. _ H B.?Uatil tba alteration* la Ih* Banking Room or* aotnpeled tfao Bank will occupy the basement of tbe abort pro utceq T> ALTIHORB AHD MARYLAND PUNBd WaNTBD AT i> low rates. New Orleans btak oolea alaa purchased at *WtL A MABHTOH A OO. Bankers. IT.WaM gtreat. piTIZBMr SAVINGS BANK. JfSSKTS-C)*lZ}ON<TWSXT B THOCNAHD SIX UBNDRKD AND AIXfT-MOHT DOLLARS AM> 81XTY-POUK CENTS. thtbrkrt oommbhcrn jtrLr 1. iw*. Bank open dally from ? to S, ut oa Monday, Wednesday aad Pridar evenings. irom > to?f. Bank books In English. German and Preach. Samoua A. Boxen, Baa OKO POLSoM, Pmetdonl CBBMIOAL BANK, HBW YORK, JUNB *>. USA?THB President aad Plraata elarad a quarterly dlrideod bolder* cm and artor Plrtdai order of the Board. 1884. POMTTHBHTAL BANK.?HBW YORE. JURB IS, 1 \J Dirldead.?The Board of Olroctora bars UtU dar e'arad a aeml annual dirldead of roar (4) par aeat on tba capital atook, fraa of go rem man t tat. payable an aad after Tueadar, July A The traaafer books will ae aiaead fraaa W Mn-SJBSyfTg,,^ PBATBAK BARE DITIDBND.?TBI BOARD OP Dt. \j raataaa bars tbla day dee la red a dirldead of tre (6) par erat, free of ga vara man t tat. parab'a on lat July aait. Tba traaafbr boat will ramala closed from tSd tnatant to St Palp- w . , ?. B. SOHBBIMBB, Oaabiar. Naw Yoaa, J una B, 1864. EIYIDBHD BOTieB,?HBW TORE. JDHB SO, 18N - Tba Trusts** of ih* Lanes Harbor Oold.Cancaay af ?SooUa hart this day daetarad a motfthly dividend of oo* par eant on Oa aapltal atook for tba atoatb of Jaae, par* abto to atookboldora pf reoo-d July 1, at lb# oSloa of tba pTw Broadway, room H*"7: |W. P. SHIBLBY. Trea TMPOBTANT TO CAPITALISTS. 1 GOLD MINING CLAIMS FOB SALE. Tbo aabacribora bare fer salo a few choloe Mlniag Claim*, located la 1M0. oa soma of the richest lodas lu Colorado tarritory. Bo parooat or iwaHaibna wishing to oagage ia . uroeiatm* mining oparatloaa thia la a rare opportunity to secure el of unquestionable raluo. KIRTLAND A CO., ^ Bankers, Ho. 9 Wall air street. m/IHINa STOCKS?AS WBLL AS ALL OTHBB KINDS IY1 of aocarltina bought and sold at all lbs Stock Btarda ta Haw Park. Boston. Philadelphia, Aa., or otherwise oa oom mission, by ALBERT H. BIOOLAT. Ho. M WillUmat BS ANDPA0TCRBB8' AHD MERCHANTS' BANK, HBW JM York, Juno 14, IftfL?A dlrideod of four (4) par cant haa this day bean declared, parable to stockholder*, free of Krernmeat tat. oa and after Jnlr I. Transfer Bonks will Comd from tba 17tb of MABIHBB.' BAVIHO. Niv Tots, Jaao B. 1884. Ditippvp. ?Tba aaml-annnkl Dirldend, at the ra t of alt par uanl per annum on all sum* from SS to fHlO, and flva Ser cent oo sume'orer $6 kX will be yai able oa and after tba lat of July, 1.164. Bask open datlv from 9 A. M. to 1 P. M , and on Monday, Wednesday aad Saturday evening*. from S to 8^'elock. THUS. & 8TILLMAN. PrealdonL Iiaao T. Bum, Secretary. STORM oisas^ssm,,, TO,? oirte coA'trfcoLoRjAK^ Ibswtort. TtOSTfW. , HON. JOHN A. HON. EDWARDS PIERBRFONT, JOSEPH FRANCIS. Bsq., rumiNT, HON. JOHN A. DIX. JOBBpSTViANotB. Esq. OHARLB8?K',BIjABB. r of tbUcompuf oonetsUof ba bast minimi district or Coiaraoo. . Also, the Henderson Milt, now runolag and in excellent order. Capital Stock, 81,0001000. Whole number ? aharea 100.000 Per 910. A large portiaa of the stack bee already base taksa by prl ?ata subscription Books are now open at the office of the , company. No. 00 Boarer street. New York. where a limited number of shares oan be subscribed for at per, by applying to the Treasurer of tbs company, between the hour* ef 10 A. M. and 1 P. M. Copiee of tbs Piuspeeaus may be obtained nl the oiEce ef theoontpnny. NOTICB TO BONDHOLDERS. Intei eat on Bonda or the city of MaryarUle, 1 county. Oel, doc July I. 1884. payable in the cilv of . Tork, will be paid on end nfter that dew ia current fns npen presentation at the American Rsohamge Bank In mm city. DBCKBR A JBWBTT. ? ArnsriLue Toba Oouxwr. Col, May. 1B0*. NOTIOB TO BONDHOLDBNB. . ^ , Intarest on bonds or tbe county of Tube, California, duo July I. 1864. payable la tbo city of New York, will bo paid no and aftor that daw ta United flute, gold coin, upon premutation at tbs America. Matstillb, Yuba county. California. May, 18AA. QFFIOB OF THB AMERICAN REFINING COMPA1UT, H William street, room No, 10. % Nnw Tone, Juno 8, 1804, NOTICE -TO OOLD MInTnO COMPANIES AND MANUFACTURERS OF MINING MACHINERT.?Tbo American Refining Ooapnay hereby glees notion that It IS the owner of oerUtn petenis tar tbo amalgamation and re duction of gold and silenr ores; sad that tbo penRbalag need uader the nams^f Freiberg Fans, end ethers ef similar nbareowr, en tofrtagomonta ef said patents. -The Company Is prsparsd to maks liberal arrangements with such organi sations or parties ss may bars purcbaasd or ordased susk maehtssry; sad It will ba fount W tan Interest ef soeh per Mas W giro this metier prompt atundota so eateprerent any detention of tkoir mining ' peratlgpa OFF1CB MARIETTA ABD CINCINNATI B. R CO. CnTLLieom. Onto. June IS. 1844. Te Stockholders:? Tbe transfer books of tkta CV rneeny will be ctoeed from the 1st to the 15th of July, inelnatrr, at Uitaoillee, and at tbe Money (the Farmers Loss and Trust Company, in Nsw Yorhj preparatory W tbs asm t annual diTluenda. W. B. WATSON, Bscrstary. OFP1CB OF THB MARlPOSA COMPANY, WO. M Wall street. New T#k.?Neitoe la hereby siren that tbs annual meeting of tbe Btockbuldsrs of the Mariposa Com pany for tbe election ef Are trustees for the ensuing year. end for such other business as may cents before tbe meet ing. wilt be held at the eOeeof tbe Otnpaay, 54 Well street, New Tork city, on the fifth dav ef July next, at noon of said day. The transfer books of the company will eiose wltk the Duslnssrboura oMha 27th Inst., and remain closed until the gtb day of July next. JOHN WAFT, Secretary June 22,1854. OFFICE OF TH8 MARIPOSA COMPANY, NO. 84 U Wall street, New fork ?Nottoe Is hereto gtren that tbs coupons of tha first mortgage bonds of tbo Mariposa Company falling due on tbe first day or July bait srfll bo paid In gold on and altar aald day. ?n presentation at tbs allies of tbs company. Itatto Secretary, OFFICB OF THB CHICAGO AND BORTHWBSTBRN Railway Company, No. 8 Wall street. New Turk, Jone R 1864.?Holders "f the snplUI aloek of the Galena and Chicago Union Railroad Company are hereby aotiged that br the terms ef ooasotldstlon of that company with tbe Cblonce end Northwestern Railway Company, their atoeh la to ba exchanged for stocX of tbe Chicago and NorthwesWrn Railway Coaapear, a? fnll rws-?One share of the Chicago ami Northwestern preferred awek. and one share of the Chteaeo eel Northwestern eommea. with three do'lart In cash, foresoh share el tbe Galena and <*hleago Union. Fx changes mar be wade and tbe money reeelred at ease at the ollee or tbe Chicago end Northwestern Railway tint, pony. B. H. BOOPT. Agent. OPPICA OF THR MARIPOBA COMPANT. 84 WALL street.?.Notice ta betsby gtren that el the drawing Ibis dar bad of twenty Ave Bond* ef tbw company tar redemp, - '?M f,iu.laa *?? Srawn. Bends" tist be preaent'dfor pa J ""^^'e^rL^^^'the the 1st day of Jnly twit, under nennlty ef forfeiture of tbe ^^OWATT, Becretary. ? QPK1CB WELL., FABOO 9,00. MjBROADWAT.I We are prepared to cash In OeMb J-Oy ef SUte >f ca'lforn ta and of etly of BanfraMl anoat rea arms!* ?terms. OFFICE OF THB NEW TORE MAPLE BWADB OIL Company, lone 20. 1854 ?A dlrldeed of MPJJM? COM. free of goy-rnmsei ?ax, for the month ending Juto 15,.has been declared, payable on the 1st dacorJuly next, at tha sfflcs ef yuackeaboes, Brea. Na 57 Trsetnm. OFFICE OF THB JBBBBT CITT INSURANCE COM. pany, Na 1 Montgomery dr.^ ^ JntW t?. 18AA The Boara ef Directors of this smpany bare>thl? dny dared e eamlsneuel dPrldeed of toni'JutxH ? on sad after July L J. PAUCMIBR, Beereury. d?.7nd nM^Wd f^TfW u 'the Fnh defef July, wltf thereafter hepaid eslyst tbs strrssSnuSesn {.oy.sss s.slt ^ssngsssa, Eontsok. on sad after dtlly 1. rouwia. Ann wantkd?om iood aid HOITOAQL ?pijA'xJKr en Aral class'Improved rail aaiaia is ia ? hi? wertb doubU the amount ; nlersat.1i par rani . H?- Address J. D R.. 101 We.t Forty eighth slra-i. ?">7M;s;;rr^?.!2ooi3! .."fvr.tuay,r.y;"'. .asis;ii'"1-??? $300,000-2 ? WBtr TOKK CITf ^ROPBRtY JOSKfll MAI40V, Na. 6X tms street. roams 10 and IL R ROYAliHAYAMA LO'l'TKH Y, OYAL BAUIA LOTTErT^ ^ OFFICIAL, DRAW IN 1 OP JUNR li. 1864. I Woe. Prizes. ? Nes. Prizes. I Noa. Prists. I Ho. Prima UToa.PllUR I .. ...... - -? ?'1 ijiM...$600 J ijjuu.' !.'!mm ]mvr4....40u 11 UUU...4M naiv....sou UIU....RP 11100... 400 iiSi ^looj 11643 .500 nil.... 180 !&;{? IB 13001...1000 ItSBu. jE1 moor..,.4oo i7?iJr..!*lj 75*....300 10100....400 278HU...100 ' 7428...W"0 13340....000 17910....400 ygpsaiasfei?* 7371....100 13170....300 >0407..,.60n 2403#. 2894....0UU 8014....100 1.3638....400 18743...1000l24188... ?S::::S>S).:::Si!?::? SfcJtet:: 3019....8UU 8323....HO 1107.1....400 1?W..?art) 34288.. ., 3^0. .. 40 I 8238. ...300 14000....HA? j?J?t....3oO 34246....1 SW4....40O 8294....?? 11374....440 10141.... " ^ 1 B'Bd..26060 3434....40 14400 300 10173 ... 31.3 .. .2m 8-43....400 14437 ..?)> 10191... .2011,21308 ,'g A._ M6a...Jart|9als ...SS 2440fc 33 14543....30 19448....300 34409 8 14578....30 9542 ... As, 14 41.. ..208 14404 ...400 10743....300 21702...*483 14779.. ..200 19774 4.0-34744... .301 3823....100 8914...lOaJO] 3 63,...0)0 9010 ...300 8824,...200 9140....30-, 3028.. ..400 9197....400) 3033....200 9243....2U" 3945...1000 9.68 ..400 3168... .6*1 9468... RV 4121....300 9613....200 < 14963....400 ? 0464.. 100 4268....400 063.3...,400.15001....2(0 19013....200 4401....200 9538....200 15026....400 200A....200 4426....400 06 3... .400 IS Of.., .40." 3nSU....400 4>97...1000 9635....600,I.V>62....500 2030....200 4t?>... .400 9648....000 LW76.. .10U0 .'"4I0....2W) 4703...foul 0668....200 4707....200 9704....20' 4804....410 0661...1000 4339....Sort 9803...1000 i860...1000 9911....200 1883... .400 10103^.200 6118... 2O0J1014477..400 6241....000110301.,..500 038... OCO'l 10348....2W 15154 ...IOO W 74....20 15388.... 400!H>610.. 10 0 16373... .200.20641.. .1000116.47. 24703... ion 84316....2f 24400....401 21860....300 |34O'7....303 4083 ...M0 .31970... .8(3 28091... 400 25 00. 15387... '.IS 200 18706....too' .10737.... 200 118837....300 15397!!! !auol 20744!!! !?Yi ioimo....0oo 20656....200 !21903... .40^ ,21046....400 ISUOi... .400 3 20461....I 26592....303 , 20721;... ?? 25769....483 25836....Q 28373. Seventy oar cent pramlum paid for Prize*. Information fan. nished. Tha highest raiea paid for Doubloon* and-all ktnda of Gold Ml Bllrar. TAYLOR A CO.. Baakara. 16 Wahntreel, Raw York. PROPOIAU raiopan. auaoraea aim Iba title of tba work, and with aaiaa of tba bidder written thereae, will ba received at l? offloe until Tuesday, June 83. 106A at U o'clock A. M. Underpinning Aia wait* and azoavniiag and fitting ap aellar of house or Hoaa Company No. 38. Par regulating and grading Rtghty-sUtt atraat, batwaaa arenue a and Baal river.. _ . .Par roguiallng-and grading corner Fifty-eighth atraat, 3m twean Seeoad avenue and Raat nrar. Par regulating and grading,die., Fifty-ninth atraat, talmw Third and Ponrtb avenues. _ For reguleiloc and grading, At* Fourth araaua, batwaaa 116th and 124th ?tree la. Far rtgalat ng and grading, Ac., Sixtieth atraat, batwaaa BighthavaaaaaadBraadwar. For curb, fuller and Sad Pva* araaua, batwaaa Ulth aai 136th atresia. For Otirb. gutter and Bag Twaalgdhlrd atraat, batwaM .araoua B and Bast nrar. 1 For (lagging Fartj-taurth street, lilwaaa BUth araaaw and Broadway. For flagging Own Haadrad and Thirtieth atraat, batwaaa Tenth avenue and Hudson Hear. Far flagging Manhattan street, batwaaa Ninth araana and Hudson river. ? Far aew stenpe Bra angina and tender Bar Company W?aa> b*Fpr^ra alara ball for tha TWrtyteird atraat ban taws*. Far building sbeda nod putting new roof on country MM hat. and for other repairs to JeAraoa Market Blank forma at proposals, together with tha apaolfiaaMaM I,, im CHAB. O. CORNELL, Street Commtmloacn, . T>BOPOSAL8 FOB 8260,000 OP -RIOT DAMAQBt 1 ladamnitr Bonds No. 2," of tha ootinty of Maw York. Saalad proposals win ba reoeived at tba ComDtrollar*b ofllae until Monday, tha 27th day of June. 1964. at two o'eloob P. M.. whan tba same will ba nubliely opsaad, far tha oar abase of lbs whole or any part of tba earn ot two huadrad and fl fty thousand do'lars (3300.000) af "Blot Damages Im defltnlty Bonds No. 1" of the county of Raw York, as tboriied by chapter 7. aad ai emnaded by abaptar 396 of the laws of 1864. aad by an nrdlaaaoe af the Board of flopaa Tlsars, approved by tba Mayor. Jun# 10. 1064. Thami<f band* wi l baar Interest at the rate af all pan aval par annum, payable half yearly, oa Iba Brat day ai May and November in each year, and the principal will ba redeemable ea tba 4ml day of November. IM. Tfce proposals will siate tba amoaat of beads daalrad aad the price per oaa hundred dollars thereof?aad tha persona whose proposals aro ae wpied will thtrrupea be required B deposit with the County Treasurer (at the Broadway Baaf) tha sums awarded to tham respectively. On peasant! hg to tba Gamut roller tba raeatate at Iba County Treasurer for such deposit*, the partis* will ba am. titled to reaalva baud* for equal *mo#aU af tba par valaaw tha anas awarded U them, haarlag la Wrest f ram tba 4am of payments Kar'i proposal Aaall ba seated Bad endorsed - fTnjinmBa for A tut Damages I ode malty Bonds Ma. 3," aad tba sead saotesad In a aseoad envelbpe, addrasaad la tba OoinplroDate Tba right la reserved to rejam aay <>r ail af tba bids if aqM atdmad aeoasaaryJo pj^mu aiJNmmautb*i IntaraMa af Ba county. MATTHB1F T. BRB1YNAN, OMdnllM Orrr or Naw You. Dsromn or Fiugaoa, i CourraoLL**'* Ornca, June 17,1864. ( PBPAIB8 BO 8TBBBT PAYBMBNTM IV To Uaatractara?Saalad proposals will bareoalvwdaB tblcomee naill II o'clock A M/of Wednesday, June 3A 1861 for re paring and repairing aad keeping In'gaad rapatf dnrlsg tba certain period of sfr aantha ending Daoambafl 81, 1864. tba carriage ways of all paved a venose. atreoIR sqr.araa aad Uarmwbfaras la tba sKy af Itew York, an eeptlng only as mufli of tba carriage way af Broadway aa M now paved wltb tha Bnaa pavement The bids must ba la tha form praacriaad aad famished kf this Beard. ?1 ? THC8. 3TBFHBNR. Wc^aHVn^0"* _ i _ Oratea Aqueduct Board. OMica Oapvpiv Antra son Daraaniajn (BataadaK Pint, daws 17, 183A f, : . , r. ... ' 1 u 11 ? ni ^ ClsOTHlITB. 4 TTT.NTIO*.'?AT la IRVBNTH AVRNt A * ee,w ?. - aaa tba t taqm aytSa . Ywcaty iflh street. Ladles and gsattemaa 332 I create araaua. aaar Twwaty^ltk atraat. By ewriavm ,, d?Alt with honestly. Orders & fl"a Rroaklvn New Jersey; hobofcea? mka '*"? paaatmdiy aUamted ta byBhi wlllH BiaienB Mardka A PTENTTON.?AT 313 SRVBNTH AYBNDR R ia. -c,"h,n^hS^TrwW. wm tha^iiyanj h*n^^ daala?? Srfi^VTrn'ASa^SK. Tio?? than by hh.r dealers In tba city. I promUa te pS teTfM? lowln. ortoee ?811k Btemee from fc to 34A; gMtTtt M ImJes^h'. Ssif.m iaah1*^' and MuaMn Dresses tba h'gheat rash price win ba imld A call or a net* peat will ba puaetnaffy attended te. 1^i.'. aHeadedte b' *1- "J.l'i. Ramambar tha original B. Mint* aid iba number 8l?th aveno*. near Rtahteen'h street. Ordeu sr?.*SdSs fram Braaklya aad Janay City paaataally attended te? A T 903 BOWMAT.-H, RWU1BAL MAS A ORB AT ^"rSffliEafva-rsaw.t'issisrs's thai P lease remember, aad try #W bowery, appeal te Oread Jeneeetraal A T 187 Bimv AYMMTB -LADIBB AND OBMTLB. A. da la te sail af er mwd a aate te M MINT8. at Na 1I7 BMA s7SB,r5!55i5at"a .{s-^sritS ? "?>?r r??. ?J^ftke prtsa for Cast iffl^ku^g, UBSSSOk

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