Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 24, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 24, 1864 Page 3
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WARTBD-PBBAMMi A NUMBER or TILL BBCOMMBNDBD OifMAW A femalaa want rttuatLoa M eooha, Ihtmbti maidl aed dr??ses nuMfi and glrla for general housework. *?,. at muadraxaaa auuaes end glrla for | |n. LOWI'l Qeruaa Institute, general I 17 Btaatoa at., near / A BE8PBOTABI.B TOUTO MARRIED WOMAN, WITH A a fraeb braaat of milk, wishes a situation aa wot nuraa m aprivate family Oe'l for t?o davaat J. Reynolds', la Radford aa.. aaa door from Pittahlng ar. Brooklyn. A aZVi'ai^rnviMarHwiy! *tt*** Am fnoliah'woman, or middle agb. d*?b*? a situation; la an aiecftaut a*em?treM: baa Maerlenoe In alaknasa and tbe aare of ehildren: la wllllttg la haMtathaeonntfy ar Irarel. Call at 220 Weat ilth at. A RESPECTABLE PBRfiON W1BHRB A SITUATION A lit respectable private family aa olilld a nurse, cham bermaid. "7 would do llgbt housework :aeven Jdara'refor gaea. Can bo aooa for two days at 10 Atlantic at., South Brooklyn. PLAIN COOK WANTS A SITUATION; IS A GOOD waaber and Ironer; a amall faintly ire erred, eaado it housework or take earn of the house for thej'ttrnmor^ boat of rofaraaoa given. Call at 78 Woat 20th at, noar k I NNAT AND HXP1RT 8BWKB WISHES TO G^OCT by tbe dav or week*to do nlatn needlework. Call at 233 am, botwooa 1Mb and l?th ata A ? COON -WANTBD. BT A COMPETENT WOMAN. A a-altuatlon aa ? >ok la all IU branc' ea; ondrrotanda KstrU ?55a j Jfioi and game. and la wllllogt. aaalat In Cashing-excellent city reference: baa no objection logon Aort dntanoa to tbe country. Call for two days at 140 East IBi at, ibtrd floor, front room. _ A M AMRBIOANWIDOWLADT WITHOUT CHILDREN A wt baa a altuatlou in a Pi ot-stant family aa lnatrnetor of ehlldren or housekeeper; a!ie can do any k nd af as wing or aat and At draaaia Inquire for Mrs. M. W. P., 16 Laight A SITUATION WANTBD-BT A RESPECTABLE A yoonc woman, to eook and assist w:tli the washing and Ironing: tbe best of olty Inference: a flrat gad a-plendld washer and ironer. is willing and obliging. Baa bo aooa at 185 West Ai at ot.. la atom. A MIDDLB AOKD WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION A aa eook. washer and Inner, lean excellent taker o. bead and biscuit san laka charge of a dairy?; no objection ?0 tbe eoualry; good elly reference. Call at 68 6th ar A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WaNTS A 8ITUA A tlnn aa ehambematd and waitress; baa no objection to & a abort di tanre In the country; has thr beat or olty re oneo. Call at 126 Greenwleb et.. eecond floor, front room. FIR8T CLASS MEAT AND PA8TRT COOK WANTS a situation In a flret class boarding house or hotel: ula nds eook lug In nil its branches; beat reference, ao Oh io the eoun try. Apply at U Oth ar. potion a SITUATION WANTBD?BT A TOCNO GIRL I8 A willing and obliging and will make herself generally Cefnl. Call at her present place, t23 West Uth d. AN OPBRATOR OP THREE TEARS' experience od Grorer A Baker's earring machine dartres employ ment; la competent to do plain or fancy aewing. Call nt 68 Sleecker ?L, for two days . TOUNO GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS CHAW bermald and waitress, or aa chambermaid and to Ukn of ebtldreo; no objactton to tbe douatyv. Best cltv re ica from her last place, 12J West 2dih at, cornar of A *< Eh; TOUNO WOMAN WANTS A MJUATION TO D? f%. general,house work. 1(0 W eat 36th *t., near flth ar. A SITUATION WANTBD-AR PLAIN COOK. WA8BBR A and ironer In a small family. Olty references. Can (a sean at bar laat employer's. 12* wast 13U? at A MIDDLB AQBD PBOTB8TANT WOMAN WANTS A n situation to eook, wash and Iron. Call at 176 Wooa> A RESPECTABLE GIBL WISHES A SITUATION AS A chambermaid and waitress. Good olty rafrrsnsOA Oah at80 Wait 17tb at, flrat floor, tor two days. A BE8PECTABLB MARRIED WOMAN WANTS A A a'tuation aa wet nurse: has a fresh braaat af milk. I& at 110 East 49th at, batwaon Lailngtan and 3d era. A TRBT RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A a situation aa chambermaid and eaanaatraaa; would Sara no objection to?o?n tbe oomtrr;can lire the best By reference. Call for two days at ICS Waat 14th at, bo twaaa 7th and 8tb ava. A RESPECTABLE PROT1STANT TOUNO WOMAN A wishes a situation aa eook and to aaslst with tbe waah i young girl, a ?Una islet with tba Can far two kg and Ironing. a respectable youngi Km to do chambarworltjk|d waiting. and aasb TTMtwft flj oonptfy praferrad. A YOUNG W0MAW WISHES ASTTUATTON TODO A ganaral haoaaWork In a small priests family. Call at II 7tb sr.. batweda 44th and 26th ata. A TOUNO OIBL WISHES A SITUATION.. AS A waaear and.lrooer-.'the beat af ?Uy rafbrenoa glean ma her laat place. Apply at HI Weat MKp at A MESPECTABLB OIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO A do house wort, la a roodptaia eook. waaber and Ironer; piod rofewmea. Call at 13? went 3?tb at. near 7th ar. A RESPECTABLE TOUNO OIRL WISHES A 81TUA A Uen aa obambormald sad to de aewing, or aa laundress, bso In tbe eountry. Can be aeon at bar present employer a, jnUatiTlb at l AMI MRS SUPPLIED WITH THE NEST BERT ANTS, aa pooas, chambermaid., lanndraejaa. nuraasi and fw FA2 a oooas, chambermaid a, laundresses, nurses and for A^lDab.^^.. i^iur Veart^ |MUte and fltaem furalehad. Addmas for oaa aranfc S. M. CRrooklyn, pdi ITU AVION WANTS B?AS POOR. WASH BE AND Ironar or ganaral Boeseworker. Clan glee bast of rafa aa front her present employer, where Mm aaa ha aooa two days at 2U Baat iOtb at OIT0AT1ONS WANTBD?NT TWO SISTERS; UBM TO D do general beusawork: Uio olbor as aarro and aaaaaa fr?r,wiswJdSirsrsL lalfal(7 Weat ISU at mwo SISTERS WISH SITUATIONS TOGETHER: ONE Tea KamdnH and waitress sad tba ether aa plain cook, waaber aedTli^r;^ rtJ^cOo" ? tba eaaatry; good ettf Mferenee. Call at 83 We*t lath at ro RESPECTABLE GIRLS WISH SITUATIONS One aa ehambermald and laondrem: the ether sAbtm Id and seamstress. Caa bo Man at their preeenl em a. 147 Eaet 13th at ?y ANTE O-L A DIKS' AND OBNTLBMBN'S[WASHING, rf by a luae woman: relarenoa glrea. Call at MS Wast Mb at. flret floor. Wanted?sA situation as wet nurse, it a young heallhv woman, wtlb a fre-Ji braaat of milk. A|?iy at So. 32 Waits at. earner of Tsrlck, eecoad floor. ANTED?A 1TUATIOV. AS CH AM BERN AID * AND waitress, or to do plain J0""* ????*?? Apply at bar pre seat employer's, 87 East 36th at ANTED?A 8ITUATI0N. BT A married woman, as wet anrea; baa a good breset of ?d. Good eitv re ereoeaa. Caa be eaea natll engaged at Elflrtdgs at, flrat door. NT A RRflPBCTABLN ' or ch M a l w n way ANTED?A SITUATION. NT A W young glH, to *?*e n' rsi, 2,' L*ir pod stty rofhrooea (bll M <43 4th or., la ANTED?NT A REgPSCTABLR T0r RO WON AN a situation aa aaraa: 1? fully emapateal to take tba ?aOra ah sr. a of a baby, and la a good seamstress; baa no ah Cation to tba aouatry; bast ally reference. Oall at 3d Waal |ju at, ha baaemeat TarrANTMD-A SITUATION. NT A OIRL 12 TBA^8 OP ,lY ago Call at Mo. 8 Oread at Wanted?a situation, nt a touhg woman, aa wet nurao either olty or aonaU) ; good re fare aoa. Ball at 183 Baat 36th at . SANTED?A SITUATION TO DO CBANBBRWOBE and waiiiag; good olty rafaraaoa. Call at 111) Waal at, to the war. W~ ANTRD-BT A NEAT, TIDT OIRL, A SITUATION for light housework or sbamberwork la a small prl rata family. Caa be sees far two days at her present am gbayor a. Mdtb at. sear ar. A. VaTANTBD-A SITUATION. BT A BINOLB WOMAN, JJ as a competent duaaaiaker. either by the d?T ? "Or. ar ta a tamlly. or a* houseaerp?r In the montrr. Wnli at m Mer*ra_st. tatwga^Hoyt and Smllb, Broehlye, ar address Herald WaNTED-A SITUATION. B* A RESPECT ABLE YY voueg woman, leiely arrived in lb a oountrj, a? rbam hermaid; Is art 1 ng to asvtat la tbe weeaiag and irtftiiug. apply ta the baaemeat, 116 Weat 1Mb at. between otli and na era. HELP WASTiuh-MALEI. A SM8TR AD'R DIRECTORT. (143 BROADW AT ?W ANT A ad to-day, hat aalaamau. three drugolerks, bookheeper, tr\ aeoda clerk, two boys iorom.-ea and three for stores, aaata'snt bookkeeper, aanwaaser. broker ? elerk, Aral rlate dry aeud" elerk. agent# with Nmll to Uous^UV a-ecerr elerk csel-.ier for a restaurant. We have to <lay Shout 'went other open n?s for rospeefa'.'e men, All eom m?nl?<t eae by mail w II reeelva prompt atteation. 643 over Clerk, a Union pboM^r.^ ^ A ORNT8CAN MAtEttAfN A PEW HOURS BNLMMG A Aiir crftk nnw ind woixkiff'il di'fi Pf| ?Ab.aMi ha Mr day ininrnM. Ew?r? dollar Inwwi'wd or* thtkft nOlh #d. A tplOii'llA WlW fold Of ollw^f iowof wateb pia?en?ed Tee lo each agent Smart ?? esaabllsh agenctSJ In??t ry l07" ConnW rtgbto Oae nam Immenarv demand Increaslag Rvaryhooy Buys C ^dfoTSrsgS newelrr^arUjAlt^u.a.nlu. actra aew premium Indneements free S. C. SIOK A RU8 A CO., MS Rases et.oet, New Terk ortgiaat. largest aad Oldest prise paoaage boats In tbe world. _________ IT COMMRRCIAL AGENCY, 49TK AND 246 NNOAD? A war, wanted, to-day, elerk for mean .'earner, betel Mark. ebAble r seleaasae. f??W per reari aae'auat booh, beeper, trave ltog awnt. ee salary: barter, barkeejwr, dry aneds ealeeo ea. ra.ry shlppdag elerk, drna elerk. oit>?e bt.y, Cdeaer. eoaehiaaa, railroad agent, other atorVone apea, Vapibegiaaud eth is nppiled with bala gratia, but m gawd la tbalr orders bafora thin P.M. fDj^ivrtd A SOT. 78 OR 17 TP a NS 04 A'iB. 18 WANTBD AS A. aomt<aa pit srd ? t-ndaav ta ? re-uwane abort piartirj ?m Ooet neat of Buropa. b oaa e*eaot isom of tbJ.rWnntrpd gganeed app y. Ga d r?frra >ee eipOctaA Addraea far three days Coolie nt. Herald el an A" STOUT 80* WANTBD-SNTWRNN Id din 18 years of age, at Waller a He dsn a las Orram Saloon. ?SB Bread way _ , LAO OR TOUNO MA* WANTED-POR RRRANDN L and an otUee: ran I wfile w?',l know the aiti, be s. leg ftrmefilv b neat, mural, and wrll rre-oamendert epsr waw psld wreai , ? idvasa, wiM spec anas ar land rafaraaoa. Imm 4,643pMtofe* A IPanthd-im a law office. apply to A J. W. A W. W. Culrer, 116 Nassau A BOY WANTED?IN AM OFPICN; WAGES AT PI EST i 1/*?dY*SockrI>1' "*71 N<MMa **"room "*? * b#" COOK WANTED-FOB A SURVEYING PARTY: A man who undsrsUa Is lbs business well: aono others need apply; a single man orsferred. Call at Heuderion's, 78 Ma-sau A, afiar 1 A. M. this day. /"YOACHMAN W*6T*D.?i BUPBRIOK R*n ti?u I j go otbar) nay spptr at M Vaaay at, between 10 and 8 Drug olbrk wanted -a oompbtknt MAN. OP good habit*, ma' Sod a desirable permanent situation In a Brat elaaa retail ?lore by arnlytng to A. W. Belt, eoraer of Pulton ar and Gold at., Brooklm. D RUG CLERK WANTED.?APPLY AT MS 1ST AVB., between 20th and Hat eta, Drug clerk wanted-one who knows thb e ty leiall and prescription bualneaa may apply for two ear a at Itl Myrtle ar , Brooklyn. fjlORRMAN W ANTED?TO TAKB CHARGE OP A r peeking her factory; muat nnderaland runnlnf ma chlasrv and hare a Thorough knowledge of the business. AMI at W Merger at , Fits parm hands wantrd?to oo a short dlalapce lathe country; warm $*>tn $26 per month and found Aloe wanted, men lately landed. Apply at the Large Employment Heuse. eornar af 8th ar. and 11th at HELP WARTRD-ST THB GREAT AMERICAN TEA Company. S3 and 3.' Yeeey at /"VYSTRR MAN WANTED-A GOOD OPRHKR. WHO \J nnderatanda hi* business. Apply At 8 o'clock at the Lira and Lai Lire, 216 Broadway. TO NEWS AGENTS AND PUBLISHERS ?A GENTLE man la d*a<rona of * culling himself of the service* of'a flrai class and raaponalbla man. to puah a work af grant la teraat. Addreaa Author, box 170 Herald oTce TWO DOLLARS POSITIVELY MADE PROM TWENTT oentn? Call and examine, or tan aamplrw aent flree by mail for twenty rent* that retail for two dollars, by R. b. WOLCOTT, 170 Chatham square. New York. -TT/ANTED-AN able and actitb young man. II a* porter In a fur atoro; mad be well recommended Per 'inne-tv and lndu?trv. Addreae. stating age, residence and amount of wage- expected, P. B.. Herald ofllce. WaNTED-FARM HANDS; TWO GOOD MEN TO work on a farm to mile* from the cite. Apply be tween S and Itla'clork to Geo C.*Mantn 161 Fulton *1. WANTED?A MAN TO OPEN OVBTBR8 AND WAIT on table. Apply at No. 3 ay. B, between 9 and 10 o'clock. WANTED-AN UNMARRIED MAN TO WORK ON A em tll farm nnd make himself useful about tho houne. Apply at 88 Roayer at., room No. I. YX7ANTED-FOR BLOOKADR SHIPS. PTPTT YOUNG " men; the lilghest bounties paid. Also for the army and abort whaling ravages to South Sea. App'y to the agents, 87 West street, eornar of Albany, ap stairs. JAMES A CO. ?fTP-ANTEO?AN B&TRT CLERK AND A PORTER, IN yy a dry goods commission house. Address box 8.619 Post office. XMTANTED-A YOUNG MAN AS pbRTBB IN A STORE; wags* $8 per week. Inquire before 10 A.M. of Bay ley A Hill, 88 John at. 1, TO WORK ON A Apply toll. - a i m ,m TXrlHTED-iA GOOD DOUBLE ENTRY BOOKMEP YY ar. for a small manafsotoria* actabllnhment la (ha Mty. Address, stating salary required, M. U, Bread way Pfat elan ? YJ7 ANTED?TOD HO MBB WISHING TO OO TO SBA; YY voyages la aahaawara, brigs, dhlpa and staatnars, to alt ask** T2feafY38rS?afrsh?,a.'a -ysnrnar of Bsqts. np stairs. fXT ANTED-A YOUNG MAN (OBBMAN OR COLORED), vY ta drive a business ooupa. Inqslre at oSlas 900 Clwt* si, eornar af 6th st. WA&YBB-Acrrva men. as agent* for thh YT Union Mutual Ufa Insurance Company, at Tankers, Sing Bins. Klagstop. Wstarford. Paugbkeepsla, Tarrrtown YET ANTED?A STOUT EOT. 17 TO IS YEARS OP AGS, YY to make himself general!* neeful an a small farm, a few miles from the etty: one who ha* coma experience sad Understand* taking oars af horses and cattle. Apply at No. 6 MurrayMt. up stairs. XCANTED-A GOOD. HONEST A*D INDUSTRIOUS TV man. aa porter ta a metal house. Apply at 138 Pearl ?tract, N. Y. WANTED? A TOUNO MAN. TO ATTEND TO AN YY office la a factory; one who has bean aeoesteraed tn looking over men prsferce t. Apply, with reference, at 80 Beulh 7th at., Williamsburg, third floor. ______ WANTED-A TOUNO MAN OF GOOD CHARACTER, *Y * ho has a part al knowledge of the drug business to attend the and* water and keroaeae departments In n retail drug store, and to make himself generally useful. Anplv ta P. A. White, wholes*!* druggist, eornar of Gold and Frank fart ate . from 12 to 1 P. M. TIT ANTED-A YOUNG MAN. AS POBTER TN A TEA YY store; alto who understands drtvloHend the care af horse*. Apply at 816 Grsaawloh st, eornerof Spring. WANTED?A ROY. FROM 16 TO 18 YEARS OLD. YY (mart and Intelligent, and witling to moke himself ?euera'ly useful. In a clothing stars Apply to White A Longtime. 61 Fulton at. W ANTED-A YOUNG MAN. IN A* GROCERY STORE; one aoqnstnteipwith the business; aJao on* la set aa porter. Apply at 81 Hammond st. RANTED?A DRUG CLERK, AT 881 PEARL 8TRSKT. WANTED IN A WHOLESALE JOBBING BOOT AND shoe bouse two or three com octant naWtsmen, who ma eontml trade; none ether need apply. Addraaa box 8,739 Past office. WANTED?IMMRDUTBLY. MEN-WHO WISH TO make from 823 to 936 per day. by ? small Investment, from $800 to E8"0. Important new Invention. jo*t received. Great epnortunity to make money, eltber by travelling or locating in city or eounfrv. HOWARD TILDEN, ?09 BroadwatA_ W*'fT,,;D-A* EFFICIENT ASSISTANT ROOKKERP YY er: a young men having flrai class habits and refer ence*, and with experience. To sueb a one a permanent sitnat'on 1 open, and nona other need apnly. Address Lard A T?- lor. Broadway, comer of Grand at. WANTRD-TN A COMMISSION HOUSE, A TOUNO man. from 18 ta 20 years af age, aeqaaintad with tha Spanish language and willlag to make himself generally nsefnl. Add re e. with reference*. Foreign, Herald eflle*. WANTED-FOR A TRMPORART PERIOD. FROM July 1. a clerk; ma*t ha a good and mold penman, sorffsrt and relable: ea npenmtlon $33 per month. Addre-S, gtvlag references, box 6,863 Po-I offlee. ? WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A SMART. AOTIVH young man as belabor; aons ether need epoly. N. $.?An BngTlsbman preferred. JOHN M. HOLDER. Navy Market, 161 York at. Brooklyn. ANTED-A TOUNO MAN. TO ATTEND AN EATING counter. Apply al >3 Caen He* aliy. w SITUATION 19 WANTBD?MAIsBS. A TOUNO MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS eoarhmee la a private family; understands bis bos neea Can be ?eea aa Frldar, la the livery >table 100 East I3tb street, fram 8 A^M. Ull 6 P. N. A MIDDLE AGED MAN. OP GOOD MORAL CHAR eeter. went* a silnttloa, in the city er country, to drive a carriage and mba care of a small gardea; goad refers sea a given. Addics# T. C., Ilnnter's Palat AS RNGLISHMAE AND HIE WIPE WISH SITUA. ttans; tba man a* coachman; nailarstands the care of beraca sad las good driver sad the woman lesgondaoeh and laundress.| Address, Man and Wife, Baraid afflca. AN ACTTYE INTELLIGENT. ENERGETIC AND hawexlgentlemaa, of 27 year*, eftara his service* aa bookkeeper. French correspondent or In whatever capaeitri twould go anywhaie Be-1 city raferencsa. Address uniil employed J. Gerard, atailun D. A YOUNG MAN D f'.g IR KR KM PLOY M KS T IN A whn rasle and retail -lore: nader*isnd* bookkraptgr; Is not sfeald of hard work to *u't his employe-; rellshl* re ference from hie 1st' emp1'>y*r. Addrese. for two day*. Lee, Ea. 8 Second el, Ne-.y York. BUE1NE88 WANTED?TO BRGAR MtRERR AND nihere.?A man of family I* <le?lron* Of getting Into a msnafa Uurlag h-n?e Is leeru the bn*hicsa; a hou?r who. a hw m> dd get employment for three of Ma children pieferred* would fnucf the -egar making; the'fsthei l? ranng aet ve aadag 'Od hnelnes* man. ha*a knowledge of bipune*' in general; ages or rhUdren are 9. II and 13 year*. Address ror ano week bo* 181 Uera'd oMee. T> ARKRKPI.R.?A R1TI1ATION WANTBD. NY A D young man, tu tan J bar in a hotel er.lluuor store; be ft** * per^eei know'edfe of tbe buslnes*. Sjiplr ?t or a'dreaa Mr. Melner's I-| ior ator*. 34 fouoties slip, far tws day* Tbe best *f elty reference* a 1)1 b* given /lOACIIMAN -WANfRD. A HITUAYION. BY A FIRST \ J else man. who thnr->a|hly nnderstand* hie hnstn-** an ] It a (owl, ??arefnl drive*, (fan give tbe vary best af taa tlmon als from his last employer. B27 Ith ar. w ALE AND PRMALH HELP OP EYKRT NATION eoii*tantly*nn hand at Rmploymsat House, orner of 8th sr. and 11 ta st.; ready to tnpp'y families, ho WW# and hoarding houses la elty or country; als farms, Ac SB ITUATIOV WANTED ?A OBNTLHMAN OP POUR taaa yasro atpertaasa. a bis to Uka charge af aliaoat say bind #f buslnaas, Is spaa for aa eagagemant; bsahtag ?r stock bratsraga uraferrad; Is aa axcsllaat penman and flr-t rale ar.ionaUnI Bent reference* an regard* ohsrsatar sad daanbltttr. Addraaa P. A A. ? . box l32BaraM affns. CIT1IATIOH WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN, Afl teamster; Is well asonatnied with the managerreat of nrsaa; hs* J net returned Irons the army, after tbraa years' s*r< Ice. f'i"'t refersni#* give*. Apply at619 96th Si, ftrst floor, for two day* mo DRUORIETS -A FIRST OLAEE DRUG CLRRE, JL whaao sugagainsnt will expire In the aauroe nf n few da- a da*Ira* a re easagrmanl In a Brut etna* estsbl shment. Apply at lbs earner of uaurt and Joralsmon Ms., Brooklyn, fPO PROPRIETOR! OP HOTELS AT WATERING J Means?The sdyerttser. aged 30, srUva, Indnslrlmi'sad fsttbfni. ta antleu* to get a auaat aa; eaa attend an ?Asa, wait at tba bar. vr !?> do spy light hue ties*; wan d make himself gattsially useful, woud rafsreaca aa ta ehersetsr and basMieaa aiutlMestio-i* $<>?rd only rompsnwit on rn oniral. <>b sat. to h*<* be nilrllega af bathutp Address fry on* wees T. W. B , lltrnfd oflles. WANTED -Rf A Hioni.v RRflrECT A W L 8 TOI NO I men, a ilmatioa a* butler In a ,;#niiam*'i's fWmltr, Where timet nnd lOntidettce are retpilrod thormtguiy itndar atend* hie dmla<; no eh.erllou to the sounlry; Toil ly enma from Eny gnd; age. 84, Adtlroaa B. W. Na 4 Ta.npafhnsn EaU, dui Groee elah ?h SITUATIONS WAHTBP-WItM. _ ?\I7antkd-ritu1itionb in THS OOUNTBY. bt l" two men (one marrled), late'y arrtTed from the Old country. Coll at Lh< ooruar of 89lh ?t- j gpu ay nrtKTRD-IT A BBNPECTABLB YOUNG MAW <AMB rr rfeoo). a stiualion oo porter or to make himae.fuesfui In oar woltwlt store. Address B. D. W.. 277 Waat9?th at WANTED-* SITUATION. BY A YOUNG MAW OP .... JttSKSlJM'MieViiw %? induatrlon*. Herald office. HELP WAITED-BBMALK8. AFORBWOMAN WAHTED-IN A W HOLKS ALK Hook and montllle-hoeee. capable of taking oharge ef the manufacturiD* department. oae who eon get up ?tj lea Apply to A. M. A B. Parle'. 608 Broadway. A LADY, WnOflB HEALTH II KOT VRRY OOOD, wishes a young lady companion; one of ^d address, who eaa (lag antfaplay piano, preferred. Call at IBS taxing " ? are. ?. L young girl wawtrd-to takb cark of a ch'ld. Apply at Mo. 3 Neat 10th ?1, bakery. A girl wantbd-to do qrnbbal hamtbework. CaW at 97 FnMon it. tblrd Boor o?cr the Fulton Bona. Mono need apply without a recommendation from her lael TvRBftflMAKEBB. LA DTE 8' LIRE* M*N'FAOTl?l IJ are eiubrotderere end braider*, can eat boat wage* for beat work and ateadr employment at the new house. BW Broadway. All manufacturing an Bret floor. Cell Imme diately. -A ... WILLING ehemberwork. GIRL WANTED? A8 COOB, WASHER AND I RON BR, te ?e to Staten tflood. Apply to A. Journeay, No. 8 Ploo at., near Broadway. German cooe, washer and trowrr -wanted Immediately. A flret elaaa German or Swiss o?ok. wash arandlroner To ono wko fully nnder?tande her business and has good cits referoucee. the highest wear* will be g'ree. Apply thlf'dny (Friday), between S end A o'clock, at 94 east 17th st., between 9d av. and Trying place, north aide. CRKB WANTED?FOB A BABY BIGHT MONTHS old; must be ob'lging end kind, nent and tldv, and knee good eitr rcfereaeea; muat not be nrcr thirty T**rsof age: to a suitable person eitra rood wages will be paid Apply At WO #th OT., between 96th and .19th ate , after 10 o'clock. TWO YOUNG LADTEB WANTED TO ATTEND A ?ftto iti To on# who can play the rl#nofort#?tn# hltnoiit ?alary telll ?>? p??d. Apple from 2 to 9 o'clock P. M. at th# fcttlonal Siiloen. 70 Weti Houston strcst. noar Woostcr. TtTANTED?SPANGLERfl AND TRIMMERS FOR HOOP VV aklrU: blglieat wages paid and steady Bmoloymeat rjnrant?ed Apply-in Austin, Kollcy A Co., at new factory, ?orner ?' 83*1 at. in 8th aye. WANTED?FOUR OR FTYB SMART GIRLS, TO yralt on tablet. CA11 at 2d Bowery, up stairs. TT7A.NTKD IMMEDIATELY?TWO OB THREE FIRST W elaaa draaamakera. Thoea wbo understand working an walata and operallnr on a lowing maohlna preferred. Apply at 2010th at. noar 8th a*. Y17ANTED?A SMART, TIDY; WILLING GIRL, TO DO W general housework; Is e first rate washer and Ironer. good eook and baker; has flret rate city referenoe. Call at 40 Hammond et TIf ANTED?A OIBL, ABOUT 16 YEARS OF AGE, TO W do chsmberworV and take of ehtldron. References. Oall at 90 Harrison et. Immediately. WANTED?A WET NURSE. INQUIRE AT W Greene et, room 10. wttMMavWjg and the either usual branches To sere trouble none but un. doubtedlv qualified Parties need apply. Address.with full particulars. Mm W. M. ?., 97 Canaon street, roughkeepsle. lew York. ______ TTTANTBD-A GOOD COOK IN A PRIVATE FAMILY; V* abe must thoroughly understand bar buslnaas and coma well recommended. Apply at 17 Boat 97th at, belwaea I Madleon pad Ith ays., bofore 1 o'clock. _ fXTANTED IMMBDIATRLT?A STRONG, 9T girl to lake care ofsohlldren and do et l^ctesUat Wages 98. 0allatl94?8U?st ' WTTANTED?AN EXPERIENCED OOOK. WITH GOOD W etty NfarsMM. Call at 49 Wei 1 at. office of Watton A Mash, or after! P. M. at 99 East 19th et YX7AKTBD?A GOOD PROTECTANT COOK,.TO AMI8T W in washing and ironing. Apply at 79 Baal Mtb st, ho. Iwsea to and 12 o'eioek. WlSSteS. Jr*5!81 To n competent person Situation permanent and good salary. Apply at P. De PereeraT'a, W Broadway. s WANTED?A GOOD OIBL. TO DO GBNBRAL HOU8B work. at 66 Orchard at., In the stem. ?fTTANTED-A PROTECTANT GIRL TO DO THB TV housework of a email famlly,'who reside 1In ike coun lry daring Ih# iumni#r m+nin?. Apply #1 3*3 Water it c YET ANTED?FOR A * SUMMER HOU8B, A PA8TBT W en <k. a baker, two lanndr*s?ee. two kitchen gtrle a porter, a fireman, and a eoaehmaa and gardener. Arply at 878 6th ar. W~ ANTED?A OIBL TO DO GENERAL BOUBBWORK. Apply at 99 Douglass at, Brooklyn. TETANTBD?A OOOD CHAMBRRMAlty. WHO 18 W wMtng to make hereelf MusrsUy nbsful and oVWn|; with good etty referanoaa nrefarrad. Apply betwaan 9 A. It. and 11 M.. at 168 Wast 44th st. TTTaNTBD?A RBSPBCTABLE WOMAN, WHO IB A W Orel rat# soak, for a first claas prime family: tha bast waoas giran. Also wanted, an ?snerlsnead chambermaid, ZZZXaJd-a-maunajt end JTrwrT'^ Conrt'lt for housework. Apply to Mr. MANNING, 16 Court et, Brooklyn WANTED?A CHAMBERMAID, WAITRESS. COOK, W laundress, nurae and scamatrssa. for efir.t class nrL yate family, who pay good wages Apply at No 7 Weal llth at., betssaen Broadway and Unlyerslty place, from 9 to 4 o'clock. VxTANTED-A PROTECTANT GIRL: MHST BE AjOOOD \V eook and good baker of begad and btacult and Metst In the washing and Ironing. Also a Pn>^'caUnt ?jsman t? take 6na aawlag to bar own homo to make op. Call at 44 Baat 14th st. AN CRD?A TOUNG LADT. QUICK AND NEAT with the needle, good In penmsnehlp and flguree, with refer.noa. Address R. X, Herald oifioa. slating whare an inters lew may be had. T17ANTED?IN A~ 8MALL PRIVATE ' AMILY. A W youn?g1rl to do cbamberwork and walllnr, and to as s'elwlih the washing: city referenoe required. Apply et 848 West 19th at, near 8th _?a W~" ANTBD-A PIMBT CLASS LAUNf>R"88. WHO understands French flut nc; none nse,l apply u good elts reference from her last place. Apply to No 16 West 17th st, between II and 12 o'clooh. WANTED?A RESPECTABLE LADY, TO ADOPT A W 1 trie gtrl for one year, aa her father Is M the war. ah# la a smart girt, and t* enly 8 yours of age. Inquire at No. 7 Ham titan et. In tha stare. WANTKD-A PBOTBBTANT COOK. WA8HKR AND Ironer, for Brldseport, Genu. Apply at 16 Leilngton ar.. from 9 to 11 o'cleek. W' ANTBD-A PROTESTANT 8R.11 I^ TO DO ebainberwerk and osaist to the care of children. Ap ply at 266,4th ay. WANTRD-A OIRL TO DO OENETIAL n >U8E work; muet be a good e w?k. washer and honor, and hare good atty referenoa Apply at 82 Lsight ?t WANTBD-A BEAT AND TIOT AMERICAN OR OER W man glrVte attend a retrsshment .land. Nona but hon??t onus need apply this day at 9U Cth av. W'^ TnTBD^AITKR 01RL8- AT THE CORNER OF Paarl and Chatham sireeta, Orphans HsM, wages $6 a WANTBD-A YOUNG LADT OF RBF1|FMENT, TO assist la a phrnnologlcd and paynho'ot'esl o' c* .Ap ply at Professor Lope's Photographic GeKery, 190 Cbelham street for three days. THK TRA DKN. a*SITUATION WANTBD-BT AN FXPERIFNCRD A ws'shmsker; no objeetlens to go Hon?h ; good referenes gtyee Address Watehmeker, Herald office. , "aMSROTTPB OPERATOR WANTED ? * "F A god addraas. who can make good work, will find a stand i aituallon at Ne. 7*3 Broadway. /tOOPhRS WANTED?TO MAKE NEW WORK; GOOB \J nates and sieady eniplnymeat Lodl Nsunfaoiurlng Company, 86 CorUandi A, Raw Iwfc 4 /1ARPBNTER8 W AN rED. IMMEDIATELY TfRNTT grod eamenier" None others need apply et 14 and 18 Bread at. Highest warti paid. __,j nUTTl BS B ANTED?At nflLL'S, 90 ?1II \ ) mllllao Come prepared to work this(lrtday) morning . _____ ABINRT MAKERS WANTBD-AT 198 EA?T 4ATII gt? user 2d are.. steady employment; American* pre ferred. __ _ - . rOMPOWlTOR W ANTED.?AFPLY AT BERutN A Trlpp'e. IU beseau st, this morning. 1,811 A kl R KNITTBR8 WaNTBD-ON SHIRTS, r dnwers aed Stocking*! men from th* old country * I.. flnds rnstanl work and good wagasal Uama Adams , R17 Broadway. ?_~? /"f OBDON I'BESB FBEPKR WARTED-AT Alt BROAD qjf way. _____ Moulders wanted-at TnB new excelsior Iron Works, ttth st. East rt?#r. Apply at lk? 16th ??.. one ooor b?l*w **. 0. rBOOKI maker; I BIT to Alt* Phtladeipbla. rLm ItOOIBINDBRS-WANTED, 4 1UTIM0MI maker; a'so a pcr??n to ooree line Tnrksr ?ib?S**. *P* BIT i* Altemaa li Cm, eernar #f Ath and laeeeta., Pklladalphla. . Ih* mistkssm Apply alV* aSTst. h*teeen 9th ?l Mtb sea gj, New YerB. , W~" ANTBD?19P GOOD YB8T AND PANT HAND#. ON ?hep wert, at R. L. Rmlth't, MBFaltoft st, third ?wr. WLmHABTED?A PRACTICAL WfTCHX?KRR WAONB ?*) p*r wf*k, and a ?teady elioeHee. Refereaoae re i?tred Apply at 161H Grwawleket W AnVkD-BI.X N0N-80011TY COOPER", AT THR I ,ooperag* in 16th st, between Wth *ee llth eta Ae fpiftek. B wefea f_ A|\ GOOD GRANITE CUTTBBS WANTED?At THB vrinfiE iStT Bfts trs. iera pgiiaeelshia, R">? ""i'" Hf'JCu..?* ?'?!?" . uK CITY Of MANCHESTER. ?alurdav.Ju y t CITY OF LONDON. Saturday, July* . ?-^h and every succeeding Haturdiy, at boob, from pier 44 North river. RATES or PASSAQR (pavabla ta goto, or Its equivalent la eurrenoy 1. _ M "fltf. 'l? Ylrl-4.. *96 I" Do to Par!*....' 40 Do. to Hamburg 90 I D*. to Hantftmi* ? ? 87 Passenger* a!>b-forw*r4*d to Havre, Bremen, Rotterdam, Antirerp. Ac. At equally low rotes. From LWeimool or Queenstown?First-cabin, 973, fefl, $108. Iioerege, $35. Those who wish to send for their friends can hoy tickets here at th*so raise. Those steamer* have superior ao-ommodatioa* for passen ger*, are strongly built In water tisht iron seeilons and sarry patent Fire Annlhl'aters. Experienced surgeons are attached to each steamer. For further Information apply la Liverpool to WILLI AH JNMAN agent,D3 Water street; In Glasgow to ALBX. H AL IO I, M. No A at Enoch square; In Queontnwn to C. A W. ). SBYMOUR A OO.; in London to RlVRR A MACRY, #1 flag William street: la Parts to JULES DROOHE, 4$ Boo Rotas Dame dna Vlelnlree Plaeo do la Bourse) In Philadel phia to JOHN 0. DALE, 111 Walnut stressor at the osm paay's ?mcwjoHW 0 D4LBi Agent, 18 Broaaway, N. T. TUB BRITISH AND NORTIJAMBRICAN ROYAL HAIL BTKAMSH1PB BSTWBRN NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL, CALLING AT CORK HARBOR. AND BETWEEN HOBTON AND LI V BR POOL, CALLING AT HALIFAX AND CORK HARBOR. ASIA leaves Boston We<ino?day, June8. - AOSTMALAH1AN loaves New Y"rtt Wednesday, June IX CHINA leaves Bo-t.m Wednesday, June 82. SCOTIA leave* New Tork Wedoendav, June If. AFRICA leave Boston Wsduesdav, July A rnon raw yonn to uvnnrooi. Chief cabin M llecond cabin passage bow mo* bostok to LivnnroOL. Chief cabin passage ?> Second cabin poaaage so 00 pat able in gold or III equivalent In United State* currency. Berth* not secured until paid for. An experience,I surgeon on bnard. The owner* of these ship* will not be aeeountablo for ape eta or valuables unless bills of lading having the value on pressed are (Pined I hero for. rorfrc"ht 0r """"aTlft&B, No. d Bowling green. BRIT1BI1 AND AMHRD'AN BTBAlf NAVIGATION COMPANY., BTFAM TO LONDON DIRECT. The first clas* iron steamship NEW YORK will sail Jnly 9. Passage payable In currency. ... ? s ***?**????* s ***** a ?**??* ? .,i?*n ????"" Pas-en cars forwarded to Havre, Paris and German ports, St very low rats*, A qPTON, 99 Broadway. STEAM FROM AND TO QCBKN8TOWN ANB LIVER POOL. CTTNARD LfNR. From New York. $45 currency; to New York, $35 gold, or equivalent In currency. ..... - FlUON sails July 5. M IIBCLA, July 21) # For passage ?PI,,TvJralliHAM8 k QUION. 29 Broadway. THB MONTREAL OCEAN STEAMSHIP COMPANY'S sieamthfp BE MM AH, From Quebec to LlY*riH?o1. June 25. Kates of passage. $15. $M. $30. Slsht draft* 0:1 the National Bank, payable at all its hrsnchet In England an J Ireland. ? _ . For par age apply to 8ABEL A 8EARLE, 23 Broadway, Row York. THE HAMBURG AMERICAN PACKET COMPANY'S IRON MAIL STEAMSHIPS. From So'ilhampt'in. From New York. BAVA^uvr.v.v.v.jSn'eiV. Sg 1oru8?aa ftS?S ^ at the following rate* ?Firat cabin. $185'. second capln, 961 60' steerage, $37 50, payable In gold or He equivalent. For freight apply Ito KUNHaHDT A CO.. 46 Eichange P'fot passage apply to C. B. RICHARD A BOAS, in Broadway. The north oerman lloyds steamship II ANSA. H. J. Van Pan lea commander, envvlngthe Un tod State# mall, will sail from the Bremen pier, Toot or third Greet Hoboken on SATURDAY, JULY 2. AT 19 O'CLOCK H? ron BREMEN, VIA SOUTHAMPTON, &OSniS(fA ?outhampt(In and brf.mrn, at the following ratoa, peyable In gold or lto eqolvnlent la ,U?r*t2e7r?t cabin. $106; second cabin, $62 50; iteernge, ^The TIaKSA will bo fo'lowed by the NEW YORK July 1A For freight orp.?.?lg ngflyto A qo w Broad stoeet^ The londun and new yorr steamship com penv will doapatch tenil monthly their new aod first 9 OfJG tons burthen, between London and Mew York, calling at Havfl? en the voyage frem London navablo la United Stale# enrrencyFrom New York. First Osbln. $100; Second Cahln. $70;-"teeijue, $40. Feom Lon den or Havre. Flret Cabin. glOU. For paaaage apoly to cuis a WHITNEY, at No. 2$ Broadway. For f&ICht Lpty at M f^ulb st* et. Advance* mad. en merchAdlto eene gned to to* Leodrm jgedto. ^ AgpjKWALL, Agents. National steam navigation company TO QURBNSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL I'abto. $AV gold; Steerage. $48?payab'e In enrrenoy. PENNSYLVANIA ??? ? "J" ! 18 LOUISFANA Saturday, July W For pnsaage apply^toLMA1|g A GUTON, 99 Broadway. gTEAlURI Tc?^g^rwj?RlB<MAILA The flr-t five -plendld ve-ools Intended to be put upon thin favorite rente for the,CooLnen! are the fenawlng - WASHINGTON 9.704 tons 9U| horse jmjw. LAKATKTTB ?S harS nST??' FRA^CR,^'^^^^^^^".^^'/*',,M,??>?' *n? hor* power! *t'nii^'llh^c#rapielVon o^thc^enfSre'YuVlie^etie^mwVlU be montlilr. beginning with the _ WARfUNGTON. Cnptsin A. pUCHESNR. From HAVRE-On VVediiewlay. lfith Lis From NEW YOBK-On Wedneadnv, 6th Jnly. jtatea of Dassag* including fable wine>? rso? mavkb TO saw *onn. Flret cabin ?? Second cabin moM wnw *onn to.Harm. rivtesbln ' l?iS Second c.ililn ? or WW Pa il>'* In god. or its euulrsleni ^Waited Stotosmrrenw. MRDICAL ATTe.NDaNCR FREE OF CIIABOB. For freUbt^ Ag-L Ne^rmdway. At Parin. 12 Beulevai d dee Cepnclties (Grand Hotel}. At Havre. WILLIAM ISKLIN A CO. ^ UNITED STATES MAILLINB FOR CALIFORNI \ VIA FANAMA. Itegiilir .n'lui* d.*^--.d I'th snd 7?d Ofearh month, en eept when l hens dale* fall on Sunday, when the day of de paitmo will he Ute Monday follpwlng. The first claw stesmrh'p COSTA K'V rj'oWES Commander, will sail from Pier No. 3 North rlv.-r. MONOAY . JULY 4. at 12 ?el?? ?. TheOCRAN Ql.'EEN. CafU.n K. L. Tinklepaugh, will euceee-1 the Curt* file* and sail July IS. For freight or passage apply to r AbMIN No. i Howling Green. MO ROBERTS' I.TNK TO , SAN FRANGlICO, VIA PANAMA. 'Iho *i?am-h!p ILLINOIS OR GOLDEN RUI.R, SAT' R'MY. JUNR V>. atno-m. from pier 79 North rlvc. to n of Warren street. Fur pee ss^e aim y at the ,>nie l<7 Wen, corner of Aarren etreet, to D. N. CaRRINGTOI. For Havana uiRiior. . To tall on TUESDAY. Juno II. at 3o c'oek P. M., The new and Urate s** sttamehip liberty. THOMAS W WILCOY Commsndor. will sail as shove, from p cr 43 North river. For freighter passage apply 0 HABGGUR A CO., IS South street All letter* must pa** through the Pool olllee. For havana DiRE<rr. ? Tue United SUtes Mall steam slip HAVANA, Greene wnmander, will le?-e, irom pier N? 4 North river, for the shore port_n? W *d n e*,lay. Ji n; 2 hat 8 o cl? kl y Far freight or pa?*a^c anply to TIIOB. A8KNOIO A CO., 1/ Bread a1 ay. FOR NEW OBLEAN8JI1RKCT R RATURDAV, JUNK 28. AT S O'CIAXJR P. M. The United States W. R Heil. C. moian 'er, | will sail a* above 'roin pier *6 North ruer, ihlrd pier abut* , the 'uet of Canal ntrc. t. F,.r freight ot P*?*a*<" applv to ,1AM Kb A KAY >DR. 10 Barclay ?ireet. N. B ?The ELECTRIC SPARK wld foPow and sail en iatu day, July ?? " . I^OTt NEW ORLEANS DIHEi'r.-ri'F. FIRy CLtSS r Lnlted Mate* i all stramslilp L''LUST Ftil NT. '?*!". MoWman w.II leave pier ho 9 North river on Thursday, V.,.1 ?l at $ F M V* **?. dr .I.'#*e $Vl. For i retght or p,; "a?e apply to^ A. N CROMWELL A t'O., 16 West street. X'gl'tRtL FLAG. ?AUSTRALIAN PIONEER WW, ^1 ^arr > on the Un'iod Slet-s mail* The AI at l.loyd a for 70 ??ar*. Itrftlsh lr?B clipper bar* SANTON Otna?wu.ll nil ter Is new raptnij loe?tiiig at Pier 10 >i*t river, aud having the greater raTt of her o /go nlrjjdy V'di^L* Fw &. 4xrbjsvt w.r w ? 100P. 8IIANOHAE. TtlUoniNU AT 1 HE CAP% PR P Yirde Islands, Cape of Oood Hope, "" and Hong Kon*-th* new (IrU clam FtearosWpHRR Ol'K.Rll H. W. Mlfm, WlM b? M ahove on or about In* 1st ol Jufv Rrortmw F r pwe*ge. barng superior eoeommedstlene, apply to AYMARA CO, 14 and 86 Boulh street. , mo LIVERPOOL AND LOSDON.-FOE LIVERPOOL? 1 the paeket shin AUSTRALIA *eH# on the 97? of June; tha HKMlSPHirRR seiks M *( Jnly. For London-the LONDON en lb* M of July. For passage apply to WIL LI A M6 A QUION, to Fulton stmeM M. R. ?hi n ?hip NOUTHaMPTON, *W JnwY7. SSHlSai' 'O . to South street. _ u u TKAmtasr oriDii. YTTTDOON kivbb RAILROAD.-TRAINS Tt 7>*r the Mortb ud VM, Imx Ctaemb* Hi'Jvi/' J* ???? !" ?> r. JLi And aa I FOR At. ibam (treat _r _, _ , __ oh BuadAii *U:? F. M.t fnm ThtrUiih Hr?L NBW VORK, UaRLRM ABO ALBART RAILROAD? For Albany, Trer, North mod Rul. Ibn Twenty. Al"V"it*1 ** * * A. M. and ? P. M. Sunday trnfa .J_ "otrtitaiun ?. I NBW AMD BIAUTIFUL BARGE FOR PXOrt F^*11 ??4 th# VnHe^Sfilt!5?7ii it* w,iho"f ?l'd?"A with Firamnt ?io?oniL?Siwr.r-TTriv*? ?^FOwUtoiet E*cur. ? onioo Ku woat straet, corner of Bar-on H. B. CBOSSKTT. A * r^Tl?*,-P'i?TIB8 TORINO FOR FLKASt'RH ? J\ Company F. Eighty-fourth regiment N. Y ? M Caul. jLr., bomM" a:mo4t ,v,r' *? "? *?' *?. tTHBHIRQ BANKS. AHOY I " A Tho foot eeagoln* steamer *11 mAko a trip to th? . ? a # FIRhInO BANKS. FRIDAY, JOHN $4. A fr?A showier erred on hoard. . FARE 7? CENTS. pM^tet'r* "? ?'oloc't' -A F?tMT,?,*iiABT?VNn V1!118?THB WKLL KNOWN did iSff-halt's boon milled wlthasplen tha ???!,? J* ?l" ?omrnanca bar regu ar dally tripe for ???*?/. June 2d under command of aSStr&ni atT i i^ '-Broome street, ; EKok ?F EasLrlver. 8 A. MA toy atfeet, d.aO A. M.; ptar No, 4 North rtrer. 8:4.1 A. if. "piCNIC NEAR JERSEY CITY, JULY I ? RFFKKRIT. ^L^ILST#' m2rnl"?> ? rerun o'clock, land u - at "T* (Ncr,W ^O'k). vonkrra. Haatnga, Dobl.'e Pech'a dock (Heating*), West bnrg at one ?'H <*"*??? *?<ir?ing loaraa New RUS2.mT J..*0??"".,0?? *0 OtBN COYR. REV RO nl. r ?' l y |,?rt Schuvlr and College Point.? On And afror Juno M the.learner POHT ROYAL Captain Oimn.BlllfiiiiH [o'lowa.-taarlng Jereey City. Morrta P#ok ?'<?? Broome at root, 8:15; nTi^A.5!?^H?*'"? ?t*'h ~,,rMl' Returning, Ulan Corn at l.R), and make all the above landings. SI ?R?Ja"0j*J^'i,JSlARLRM -STEAMERS STI.VAN 0 '?y? or'SYLVAM STKRAM will ruu ov. ry plraaant ?.. SvS too aummar, a? folloxa ennuoctlnir with boat hSCiVa ur ?5 "I1?- L? V. -? * ?"<> ^ P ?'?= Hur .A1'" 1?nJln? ut KldMh and IWtb atroela oacb way. Faro 10 (u-nta No tl kola tak -n. C. B. LONQSTKIiKT, Kiiprrlnlondont. ylllNDAY BOAT FOB WBST POINT. OOT.D PPKINd. ? <??r,?wa11 k"A Nowhlira, landing at Yonkara, Ha.llnia Dohb a Forr\\ Tarrvtown, Sun R ng .mi Hararatraw, Tha ' ?toamor BROADWAY will Itare plor foot of day atroat, ^.ng at Tbirtladb atront, ovary Sunday uioruulg at 7 OUNDAY BOAT FOR KRYPORT, ROSSVILI-W TOT J-7 ton* and Perth Ambo. .?Rtoaniboat D. It. MARTIN will hare pier foot or Rarelar atrceiat 81? A. M June 28. CTK AM BOATS-WITH OR WITHOUT SALOONS THR ?7. c,^.di', ?'"r bjw< ORRAtDlNK and BTKLLA. with ? Mt le a Grove and Woo.lbrldae Park, to let for etouralon . Apply to R. V. iiONN K[,I, A CO , 1,'iQ Front atruei. TO I'RT?FOR EXCURSIONS AND PICNIC PARTFES, alarceand commndiona Steamer, capable of earrrinii i.otIO |ieranna; alan. a aplendid Grove, fnrn ?hrd with plat" rorm, awltiaa. tables enmmor honaea and two good anrlnaa RApP'y " th# of "? ?? s'*t*n Island M??T AlIO KHIIIVD. rvoo LOST r?10 REWARD ?A ~Sl7\7tk' INo" T~AW I' Terrier Slut, wearing a red and white leitlior collar. -.i!^^.-,ikr#tKrn^'tbcaamoio 32 Weat Fittoonth atreot will receive the ftbovn reward. rhOO IiOfiT. ?$3 RKVYARD WILL BR PAID FOR THR .' ' return of a otnall while curly halrod Blut, with light orown otrs. to 174 Wiferley place. POIND-AT EIGHTT-FOITRTli RTRFBT AND 127 F"'*latrooA* * TravoUIng Raj- Apply to J. Mcttee. tVlllND-A LADY'S GOLD WATCH AND| CHAIN. 1' Apply at ISd haat Thirty n>ntli atreel. TiOSf7tn>t T;,R8t>AP RYBMINO. JUNF, 21. IN TIIF, * J Jciiiltir or Greeowich and Murray fltrepti, a Hlacic ,n5 f? D"S: Mr'' ,nd ,OM? Ukil : balr worn ofT uoo^r hie neck, wh?#e cellar rubbed: had on a fancy leather col ar, with four or lire little he |? on It: aoawer* totho name of Harry. At he is a pet of an Inralld child whoever rnturno htm to J. II Ulr.ln. pier,No. 9 North rlrcr. will bo bnndeomely rewarded and receive the thank - ol the owner. J. II. OIRVfN. T.ier Mn O V?11. ... i . c 11"" ??I il?w riwnci J. II. OIRVIN. pier No. 9 North rivnr. 08T-IN A FOURTH AVKNUX CAR. BBTWEKN _iJ Twenlv-aeventh and Tanth air eta, en Wedneaday eyen Ing, aboiit 9W o'c ook, nlady'a 0ol.| Watch, marked-flion. na A MOrrla. Oencrn," Irfred lettO 'l on the face, and a small . 5f tb* *?**? I*nwnnrokera are ro-iueat d to wA f1u,"fbl? reward will bo paid on return. Ing It to ISI Rn-t Tenth atrent. ' T OST-ON MONDAY BYRNINO LAST. AT CRNTRAL 1J Park, or Ita rlclnltv. or In one of the! Eighth avenue tare, e Ladv'e Hair Chain, with Lefcet attached. Thu nder will he suitably rewarded by leaving It nt lit Wall Ureal, in % nt store. L?"T_:,,ANICm B0.0K NO- 1,0,0 .JOHN HAULTON. with the Broadway Havlnga Inatltntlon. The finder will be rewardnd by leaving it at the bank, No. 4 Park pla?n. T OST-ON THR NIGHT OF THB 22D, A MEEB. &*nWlr,'4$0PL'rr, tOnmtf'rnom "" LOST-ON TIIB CORNER OF BLERCKER AND HI D . renwreeu two Keye, ene'rerv large the other email. IJti.!0!?. *'? P*T,,a ret.irnlng tnem to IS Bethunn atreel. between Orecnwleh and WMhlngton. will he reward, ed and receive the tbanke of n poor man. T.0!?"^ WD JN8T., A HAIR BRACELET. ' TO ?.i !l engraved on the elaap. Bi1 returning it to >05 SUlh avenue a suitable raward will be paid. LO?t-ON WBDNBSDAT. 78? INST.. AT OR NBAB ViVrt * flock*'bo?k containinR >D toS3U lu money, a flTnall Memorandum Book aod rriVRto Papsrn The finder ean retain Mm money nod will pleaae return the book and pnpornlu Mo. 4 Weat Sixteenth etrret. T OST-FROM HOU8B NO.' Ill EAST NINETRKNTH JJ atreot. a Brown Mocking Bird. A eulUble reward wtu be paid for Ita recovery. T OST-ON TUESDAY EVININO, A POCKET, WITH LJ Portemonnaie. Handkerchief and Letler. The porte. monnale contained a locket a $3 bill and two ?h King* In ?tlrer. If tht Under wl I return 111<> No. 143 Eaat Houston atreei iher will be llherallr rewarded, aa the tblnge are prir.ed, i-elng glfta from a deceased friend. T,<^~0!f?WJSDN,?"I,AT,' ,JV"* ?. SOMKWnRRR J J between Budeen City nod the foot of Cliambera atreet n Ilalr Rrerelet, with the Inlt aln E. B. A. on lb" daap. It jo re'nnhle aa a rnemento, and n liberal reward Is offered. In quire et 7y<oblnson atreet. # T.?2l^Pn TnnR8DAT, JUNE t\ IN PARSING FROM ?/ ??xlb arcmie through Fortieth or Four firrl rtreet lo Eighth arrnoe a dr?h colored Purae (w th dark st.ilue and a hrosen chain), cin'alninr nearl ? 0 ?one ?.Vi pi|i t vo $7-1 bl'lr, two $10Ml a. one Gold Pieoe^nd I think the .nherS were all five,- two Letter SMmpe. a ttecelot and noma email obange If Ihe finder will leare It with John P Collars) 218 Wert Th rtr fifth airw-t. or bim where and when to eill fo It, he or ahe will receive $2.1 rewar I for their troub e 2?dr,?u^7C<??ke for their h?ne-ty Call before 7 A. M or Memorandum book lost-on tub"ho inst" eonta'nlng peuers of no raloe to any enw bnt the' owner; Among oti.ere, n Brit ah peaeport. A amiable re. w?rd will i.e paid for .u return to In. II. Smith 119 Ful. leu etreot s TBAYW-FBOB FLATBUSH. ON THURSDAY, JUNK - 1 1?. a 'ergo emitted l ow, heavy with eaH: has a piece of her ho.n broken off and a rot* round Iter borne Whneeer wilt return the aald cow to Thorns* Fr neb Clove road loB. Rnpnet. tbeowner, will receive $10 reward. ' STRAYED OR STOBEN?FROM THR FRRMISFS OF the euhecriber, on ibe 16th nf June, a bar Hovae Ifl hand* high, Ifght mane and tall A reward of til wl i be paid for the return of ea.d borae JOHN HUE SON, Fe. aucua. KKWABDK (L'J REWARD.-LOST ON FRIDAY, JUNB 17. AO RE <??.? man bite Bp'tx Dog: long hair. Answers to tbe name of Ion la. Any ore reinrniag the dog lo stable 120 Ea-t rennevoth elrcel wli: the above reward. (D?J H'tWAHD -LOST. THLRSHAY. 2W, AT MIDDAY ?c?I a e.t ah te ow Rroieh Terrier Rlul, eera end tail ?riianed, about n>Mr etd. Any peuon returning tbe mm* to vfffl Recond avenue, near Nineteenth atreet, will reerivn tbe reward. J|? REWARD.-STRAYKD. FROM THB HOUSE Of " ' No 4U II .00 I.omiiaoy. on R. ndny nlrl t, a large b a. k nwfo'.indl >||,I Dog; enswere to H.c name of Ja? k or Dun w o. ver will return tbe (ame to 87 Weat atreet win receive "?? reward. A. J. BEKLBT. f- REWARD -LOST. OW WRDNRRDAT. IN FOUR. , teemti alreeL or in the ema going ..n the eaat aide or " town, a lady'a (lol l Ifin, wDh a amal e ml head in ibe r!lr.h- Jhn IfL**1'.1 re"?'** ehora reward by leaving ll at tbe Board of Foreign Mlas one, 23 Centre etrrot. REWARD.?1AI8T, ON BOARD JBRREY CITY y&if ferry b-et foe * e'oloek train to Fbiln clphla, en Friday evening. inat. a Leather Vallee, marked W H. H. The abe- e rewa d wli. be paid en delivery of tbe tame nt 112 Malar street, N. Y. ? in RBWABD.-I.OST. 0* THR 21ST INSTANT, A qplkf ema l alre.l 6 a< k and tan D ar. No ineatiene asked en returning I In 17 En I Twenty eighth atreet. ?in -vonr. ON TURSDAT BYRNINO. AN ITAUAN villi orerbeund, wblt' and meuee oo or; bad on a bine leather collar, w th Pel engrared thereon. Tha aba re r*. word will bejmld ea return Ig bim le Me. 12$ Front street, wbll eed tnetiaa oe or; Jkad op a blue ?l Break lya^ ? * r OBSTDLBM, ON TIB BYBN* lb# Fourth avenoe mn, na eeea meSsr. Fee Dir. Keel Ntaeteonlk AND?FOB Ml iROOTRRV QP A SAT v? ? ? abeqt Ukbsgdebtabi bndanrrtag belt is us Med leg. baA apteeqdr ski a t^rffffST frtpst^e bind mmmammiw Olirer Look we nil Oreenwi ami atr $200 JKKC'Kt ??? d *??!. Fur any authentic nlormhtlon about hie pre. EXTKtOftr.'WaBr CHANCE TO MB N A\ ottered aa **rtn?r fa ? sew <m| eaUrpttoe: n? patent right, or other knmli'ia, but 4 ?uretainp?a fee<UB# la Anal a. Oair nr. una required Addraaa, appoint!M ? plans ef katarrtow V 0., tat 144 Msgnld ?a. AFARTNRS ^FAB TBD?TO TaBB CHAROB Of TMf ratal! branch of a wttniaaaie <?sb maaufarturtag bam oaaa 1/ eslahllshe# reputation To tHa right part/ Ikh h aa u a usual efpwtuah/. laveauastinn toritad. _ MILTON A CO . 204 Broadwa/. AF?>BTUNB.-FYm DA?- ! ? tiriag part oar; reasons uiTIUt/itlft OR A *h> faotuMpg articles la aaaarat uaa, raylniTWrge' dMfaJR*"*L larifBI wholesale alt eensuna of th? 'rar Onf? Ujoi J $d.t)1IQ capital required. Apple At WW 8 road ?ev, room 33. _ O. OROBas. A PARTNER WANTBD?-IN A BAPB BUfUJfRHS' with a capital# of $800 to >1 000. Than will he atarw than double the loreetim nt cleared aa the 4(8 of Jul* alone, i-d at leaat fS.UOO in tinea Months. Apply to FORD A CO ? M Front at real. A PARTNER WANTED?TIF A OOMMI88ION BUB I ne?s. with $4,000. and no riaa. aa the prooaade wHI ta lo htwown possession i wilt double m ana yeast #Mbul ear/ little time required. Addraaa H. B 1., hot 128 BaitU odlaa 1 reqnfjjed. PARTNBB WANTED?$3.000-IN A oaah bueineea, wall eelabitohad. Ta a smart aw thla I* a good, aafa Investment Addraaa, with real nnata. Piatt. box lit Harold emea. PROFIT a PARTNER WANTED-WITH ABOUT $1,600. IN A go d business en Broad war One capable #f Utlag eharg# or the ca-h and'alea department: baet of rafaranaw required. Addreea IT. R II., Herald omen. _ THE COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORB BXI8TINW between the undersigned, under Ilia firm af ftaanad A Cooke, iaihl day dissolved by mutna' aaneanl. The beelnce# will ha continued b/ Harry C, Cooke an bla own aroonal, aA the atore 1? Dejr afreet CLINTON B. fMOOOD. New lou, JansJ?, 1844. HAERT C. COOBB. WANTBD-A PARTNER IN A PANCT BOAP AND perfumery mannfuotory. Apply at 179 Orand street ?OAA IS ALL TIIB MONET I HATH: WOULD L1HB vpjfivrVr to join a par* with tbe tame amottnl In seen# light manufacturing buslue-s. Addraaa Dig, 10 Leigh k ?treat N. *. ' _ $500, ?WANTED. A MAN 1* THB STEAM BO* men ran make, constantly emplnred. to aaeb enatomaray litre saw*. henebae, beltlny. mnobln?ry, Ac , and bona and wagon. Apply on I ha pramieee, 107 went Thirty eecoad at. #Wm -PARTNER WANTBD. TO BUT OUT THB ?PX.'/'/U. Interest uf a retiring partner, wia bap u> leave the city. In a ne* Improved oil raflaery. now eolnlag innnav, A rare cliatx-e lor lnreitioant, Addraaa Benja min, boi 189 Harald office. SPECIAL NOTICKS. 114 ARLY CLOSING MOTR.-OROrRRY AND TEA If clerks attention.?A meeting of the Orocem' Clerks Early Closing As? elation will be held In Mil tary Hall, I9B Bowery, on Monday evening neit, Juan 27, at hii o'clock All those baring the Mnae at heart are earneatlv Invited to attend. By order, ? JAB KB CUBIC*. President. Jonn D Lt'uutv. Secretary. MANAU ATTA LODOB NO. 449, P. a A. M.-BROTHBRfl, yen are hereby notified tota'tend a apaaml eomnsunk ent'on. to be held at the Masonic Temple, rornar of Broome and Crosby atreeta. thin (Friday) evening, JBha $4. at $ o'clock precisely. By order of HKNRT W. HIBBARD, W. M. Omar, B. C**ti a, Reeretary. A 'OTIOK TO THB BO88 BLUR* RTONB CUTTERB.? On and after Tueeday. July 5. the members of the Bio# Btone Cutters and F aggers Aaaaolatloa hava agreed 1# da mn n! $3 per day. Bv order of Joskpii MoxataoH, Sac. J. J. BERGKN, Chairmen. Nc MEDICAL. A CARD TO TUB LADIKB.?CHARLES LUTZB, V. A, rrolen.ur <7 Obmalrlea and Surgery, and over 17 year# ar aiioce*?ru| practice In this ally, guarantees a positive aura to any lady requiring special medical or surgical treatment in twenty-four hours' time, no matter how com plicated the cue ma/ be. Can be consulted at hi* old established ptrl vatv office, 6l4)f Broadway, and whara his nwr faltlag fcmale'iuedlcliiei can be obtained, or sent by letter to any part 01 the United Rtstea: price $3. N R.?Tbe Dooter, baa elcgaot r iami??nd the best accommodations and attaadaaaa In the city for patient* who wish to remain during treat ment. All communication' strictly Ail bom# all hours of the day and ercnln? ADTIUB TO MARRIED LA DIRS.?WADAM2 BBS TELL. Female Fhyalolan and ''rofrieor of RHdwIfery. esn be oooaulied aa uanalat 162 Chambers streak Bat one Interview will he neoeaaarv No charge for advice. Her In fallible medicinal can also be ebtalaad at 127 If , a a _ , . Jl a has. 1 No. 8, which are foar dagroea at run ear than No. I, Bad ei ?(rest, or by mall, price $4. Ladles who daaira board ana tbe beat medical atientawce during conflaamaal ?mAa aa riiinmodntnd. Her French Pllla, No. I. price $1 a I ???n. w SfaW&ffiS^cc AHPVICI: TO THE AFFLICTED.?MA DAMH DBS ? Fa HII R Fema e I'lHa are the onlv wedlolna ladies can dep-nd 011 with aafeiy aod certainty. Can be sent br mall. N. N.-La tias who desire to arail tbemaelvea at MaBam# Despsnl's valuable, certain and ate tnode.of treatment, caw do so at ene interview. Relief warranted In M boors. Residence 101 8 lib avenuo. opposite Rlghth ? treat Ladle# Liken during .-onflnetnent, with the bedl medical attendants. Offioe.hours fn>m 9 A.M. to ? P. M. AMDVTCK TO TUB AFFLICTED.? MABARI DBB ? t-Alios Female I'Ula are the only medicine lad tea aan depend on w th wifely and cerialntjr Cata be aeot by mall. N. B -Laillea who deal re to arafi themselves of Madam# Heaps rd a valuable, certain and aafa mode of treatroaol ea? do so at one interview Relief warrantel. In 24 loom Residence lot Sixth avenue, apposite Eighth street. Ladle# taken during confinement, with the beat mcdloal att#n$MM#. Odice hours from 9 A, H to 6 P. M. * A DT1CR TO I.aBtER ?TUB FRIRND IN NBED. DR A POWKRP, f,l Franklin street, the never fatting Abater Antloua pitianta should tmmediately?nsa bis PranaS Drops. Sure relief guaranteed. to tweaty-four hour*. Beware of Im latitat ? _____ Bmrna wire ih"tine?rrubnbrr thb Burb placb ? for a speedy cure without mercury: u#factaeailaa w a ftnd it to their advantage. Dr. WARD'S old eetabHsheB offlou 81 Franklin afreat. Advice free ana small ibarji fa# madid uaa. DHR. LEW 18' CELEBRATED RHMEDIRB ARB MILD ? and a .Active in their opaiallona, require no restrain! in diet, loss of lima or hindrance in bualn#?a: pagodas In# tne power af arndhailng every xmp'ona of the 4 la east la its wors. stage. Ooa trial wit) convmoa tbe most akantlaiw or thalr surpr alng prupartlas BMght imaas cnr#B H two days, or prevented If apR leatbm 1a made in Usee. jOmee No. 7 ll'S'h street, beiv.ean Varlrk and Weal Broadway 6Booms arranted ?> that tbe patient aaaa naa##bUtb# ? .10. Kauthllaiied lu 1HIU, DHK. WaTRDN. AN OLD AMD KJtPKKIRNCKD PRaV | liliuner, is enabled tu guarantee a cure in all eaaea. by aafa remedies and without change of diet ar raetrietiaa from business. Dr. Watson's boos.,tbe "Causa and Cora,** Illustrated throughout by anatomical plates. Ad! eenlaina valuable Information for sueh aa are salfevtiiB fien eltber disease or debility, or wbo contemplate ma "rings. Price ft. bold by MMler A Co., Port ollre. 47]t{ Braalwaff, and by tbe author, ?*) Bewdway. next blook a have tba Matre pollun Howl. DHR. COUBRTT. NO ?l OKNTBR STRBET, BBTWBRfl ? Chambers snil Keadn aireeis. ean M ooasull#d with! confidence on dls<-?saa of a private character A prneNoa or D thirty four year*, three of which hava heoo In the hemrilnlh of New Ynrk.amf London, enable* htm to treat with taeaaaa nervous and general debility. Tba victims ef las#aaltion rau call on blui with the certnlnt od brine radka ly cura^ or nui'barca. N. H ? Bee Dr. C.'a diplomas. In hie alBea, ta meuibar,it too New Vork Unlraralty Medical College an* CuLege of Burgeons, London DR. GRINDLK, PEMALR P1IT8ICIAN AMD AO coucher. No. 4 Amity plaee three doors from Andy street. msk'S it hie special practice to treat all femahs eeuipUints. from whatever cauvu produced. Is sura to ?ra relief i" the most anxious pstl?nt In twenty four heura. ietsat rooms for ladies raquiriu : nursing. D'n RALPH AUTHOR OF THR PBITaT* TRBA Use. Hi Amity street. These who apoly in tba early alage of iHaeand will b.- surprised at the i-ase and -apldttv of the cure Those, however, wno have anlisred Ion# Will beet at prec' te hi* serrLiea DR. COOPivR. 14 DUANB RTRB8T, MAT BB COR ?ulied on *11 dlec.iaaa Tblrf, year* osalusiyely da voted to ill eaaas eaablc* him to warrant a cure,In all cases. The vii lima ol misplaced aonddanoa in medleal prelandare can call with a certainty of being radically curedTor a# pay. R. WBRT. NO. 27"bUANE 8TRBRT7 CqKT?R~W _ City M?'l place, oan beeousuited"on e l dmeaasa with unparalleled siieueaa, A pai nsanent and speedy aura guar aataad in all casaa. DR. POWBRR, 41 FRANKLIN RTREET. CAN BE CON ?ailed grs'is, wub un paralleled success, an aR fhuiale eouipla'Bta. ills Paria>lleal Dr us. 82 par bottle, aapreaaly for ubetinata casee Beware af fmlta' ona Dr. lr*i$> medical and BURGICAL IRSTITUTK. No. 7 Beach street three duera ram West Hyowdway, la the onlv pleas where you will reerive reper asedteal treat ment and a speedy csta. Rsiablishad i$4D. CTO"D NEWS. - TOUHO MAN'S PRIBND. DR. * NAM)'* Bpeeiffu aod i'rt'aaUve auras tne worst eases, w ibenl mer urv nrebange ef diet tt g'd a Magical Invigo rating pills, 93 per i a a# eg# A sura aura whara seen heed ba. been Impaired. TJUNDRBD8 ARE RU1KRD BEYOND REDEMPTION jl In thla ills by uolaa.Hnj on f)r IU'NTmR at Aral; he has for thirty fears candqed ils attention to di eaeasof a certain oln whleh ha haaeured aa leev th.n fl.ty thou aan; ussaa His reins'ka are mild and there la no inter rupt) d> ta horIne? ar change of 4uv Dr. Huniar I# In so#, sisiit atteodancs frmu 4 la the mnrniiig till 9 at nlghl, at hie ad ""floe. NaTs Dlv vlue elreei. New TnHi erty. slpaa 1BJ4 Charges mode'ate sad a cure guaranteed Reparale rsoUKg aa that tbe peUent sees ao one but the Dealer blmee'f Hi# W 'Bderfei seedkal discovery, known as Dr. Huawsria Red Brags auras certain disease- what regular treatment sad al atner r?ma l?e fait: > ura> wlihont dinting or rtMnct on la Iks habits af the patient; earea witaout the dtagasltRg aad sickening affects of all other remedies, nurse hi new aaaa* In lees than stabom, auraa without the dreadful aan eases |n las* ihaa atahe ire; auras without lbs taiUrnl efleal" af m$r jrr and aaaaaaana lha loalla p. apcrtr ofanniblUting lio rank and coteaaoua taint that ibibtaud la eura le abwrrb, oa'ees bis raaosdy ta asad. This ta what be rial ma for it. aad what ao other will tecum pllab. R1 cents will secure ?y return mall hla medical work bio pa ea, 48 oalored pictures. Worth |#R tb# slbhli pal agetbor. .. HAN HOOD AND THB TIUOB OP TOUTH RBSTURED 111 in fear weeks by Dr. Rl OOBD'S Base nee of Life. Thla waadarfui agaat will raateva ?ahe#d ta Mm an# ?bettered eeaetd'iUena, whether arista# from aiaeaaee, self ebuee. the eCaeu af atim#*# .?? aaAaral aauaaa The time ?giipiiai W ears the a *1 In rata rats ease to fear weeks Rtkfhra to toapsaslga. V Btoavd'a Baseaee af U/s is saM I# eaaaa, witb laPTihlMilN age. far Ik ar laur qusoiit as hi awe foe M Bant, carafhiy paiakad aa recalpl af remit tn~rn T1 "~tt' TT' cireator seat free aw racatps e/ravabuapa PBlLIFIIQLaNI) Na.447BreanaaatowM. ^^?Br^gtig rffTMnAi iTo. * rrem Amity atraat, eaa ta ^^^^^^^^^^^?ywpatoek Bar ma' lesaes are aa/e IONWJI Fawara' Basaera af Ufh-ef l#?p-_ - 3"PrR LaDIBS1 FRIRND IN NBNB-DR. LHWTB, NO fRoaeh street, ibyaa ilaara fran West Broadway ?ts ark ally, tits otoathly rehsedU* are eceer kacwa t# fall /YN DBBANDB?Ul?i*^BANOAINN P A ALA NT L' A N LV " I M' glgto. paur acaaMPagW ?"/ fcSLifi?'S6Mta d? fumm# d* cHim >rt. m M ?otf%r ??MHrMNMmil

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