Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 24, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 24, 1864 Page 4
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NEW YORK HERALD. ?AMM ttOMDO* Bunravm mmoa axd nanturoa. tmoa i. w. ooRMsm or roAroBu***~ r^sate. wx>?r ?? *r n**11 w? *? XI Ike rttk e( the Mater. Mcm M lul Mk ovrwl It Mew York Ulna. s IBB DAILY HERALD. tea can jar eoflT. amuse hunts this ev&juao. ' BIBLO'fi GAKJ9BN. Broadway.?Bat Durnte WALLACE'S THEATER, Broad war .-Homo A in. OLTWPtC THBATBK. Broadway.? Aladw*. NKW BOWRRT THBATBK. Bowarr ?Tinn ft Ow? Mo mar m lim- 1'aEsacuTae dice ku-Li'i Sumii BO WE BY THBATBK. Bnwt.?RarcEir M tub Wam MHuu-UAlDr Ani-Uiuiui Kmigbt?Couaur Lamcku BROADWAY THRATHE. Oi Broadway.?ToOdlm? Baaoraara. BARB CM'8 KTBBT'M. Broadway.?Two OfAMR Two PwAara. Aiaimm. ffnu la It. Miss fAVuna Cishmas ?0.. at al boum, I.ora iw Livaar? Prcnormkom U a Baooa Kaoca? At U A. M., S aad 1\ f. M. BRTANTR' MIH8TKBL8. Mechanloa' Hafl. 471 Broad. Mrar.-BTBIOPIA* Somcs, Daecm, BnuLMMcaa, Ac.? RAaiac a Uvrraan.*. * WOOD'S MINSTREL HAUL, 514 Broadway.?Bnorut Bowse Daxcm. Ac.?Camilla . AMKRICAB THKATRR. No. 444 Broadway.Allcm. rmoiiuuj, Bcautaatnta, Ac.?51* axd Kha Phtkb 1QUB. 585 Broad way?Row* ay Haixaa LL, Irrinf place.?STSREOmooa. MCfiECM OP ANATOMT. 61K Broadway.? D Laciuuaa. from 9 A. M. till IV1'. M. HOOLKT'3 OPERA H0U88. Brooklyn.?Braton an Boaaa. Dakcxa. Bc&LAiQCU. Ac. Sew York, Frltey, Jane M, 1804. THE SITUATIOJT. ' There is nothing official or otherwise concerning the Movements of the armies in Virginia yesterday. Mr. Stanton has issued no bullotin, and the telegraph Is Sliest. Despatches from headquarters, at fire o'clock on Tues day morning, state that oo the day previous artillery flrlnr on the right and plckot skirmishing was going on at various points along the line, result ing in the wounding of n few men, but causing no ehaage la ths position. A battery stationed on an ele vated piece of ground In (root of Petersburg kept annoy ing one or our batteries on the left for some time, when It opened In return, ooe of the shells exploding in the Midst of the men at the rebel guns, and causing s cassa tion of firing on tbelr part. , Oar despatches from Fortress Monroe to the 22d, de scribe the attack of the rebels, under Fttsbegh Dee and Hampton, at the White-House. The charge of the enemy was driven back by the the gunboat Commodore ?Morriseuid three others. The rebels attempted to inter cept General sftridac, but felled, as Sheridan with all bis force arrived eatniy at White House, as we before re ported. The President end Assistant Secretary of Use Very Fox returned to Washington yesterday after their visit to Oitgr Point. C0HGBX88. The proceedings of Congress yesterday were highly Impertant and interesting, comprising, among n variety of other matters, the passage by tbe Senate of the bHl repelling tbe laws for tbe rendition or fugitive sieves and Its notion on the bill amendatory of the Enrolment act, aed the pgssage in tbe House of the bill authorizing no additional loan df feor hundred millions ef dollars. In tbe Senate the House P >?'. Route bill and Um bllli remitting duties en Roods imported for the Sanitary fairs and providing oompootation to oflloers and soldiers for property saenfioed while in the dieoharge of their duties were passed. The House Join* resolution ??eking provision to fill ths deficiency in tbe appropriation for payment of eoldieis in the Western departments was adopted. A resolution re questing the President to revoke the order by which the circulation of tbe Cincinnati enquirer in Ken lucky bus Ween prohibited was submitted by Mr. Powell sad ordered ?e be printed. Bilb were reported providing tor bail to be granted by United States courts pit) certain ease ef Military arrest and prescribing the time within wbteh 1 Indiotmeou may be found in cares of persona charged with crime against the United Otoiee. Adverse reports were made en the hilts to restrict ths Jnrtediotion ef the Court ef Claims end to establish boards of corn ea toilco era to adjadkeate on claims for property destroyed by the armies in tbe prosecution of the war.. Tbe bill to repeal the Fugitive Sieve law woe then taken up. nod, after ooneidorable discussion and uneucoeeefal eflbrts on the part of the opposition to amend, was pee sod, by tweniy-Boreo 7*** twelve nays. The acts repeated by It are these of 179* end X5S0, the odos under wblch the national government has heretofore compelled the surf render to tholr ma-tars of slaves sac a; dug into tbe free Mates. Tbe bill baa already passed the House grme time wavspent, without any definite result, m e debate over a rrottim to recor.iidor tbe vote by whfeb the bi?l to prevent military interferons# in elections wan paste 1 on the procediny day, after which tbe Senate proceeded to the oonai '.oration of the bill amendatory of tbe Bnrotmeol net. Tbe debate on it cmeomed Ibi remainder or the day and tbe entire night evasion, lasting up to a late boor. The amendment authorizing the enlistment of men for one year wee adopted by twenty-fire to fourteen. The discussion ef the amendment repealing tbe three hundred dollar* draft commutation ekiune wee parttol peted in by various Senator*, and ores very leterasttag. The important feature in the prcoeedtnga of tbe Mouee or Representatives was the oon-ideraiiou and pass lug of tbe bill eutbeririog the government to contract an addi tional loan of four hundred mtiltons of doUgra, which oc cupied the greater pert of tbe id ay's eemfSo. BtUs were paasod for I Ha trie t of Columbia purposes end attending for six month* longer the time within wh'ch patentees may pay the final balance feet to secure their peioote, and a resolution was adopted directing tbe Military Com ? mRtee to report a bIN phrlng tbe bunnttee allowed by existing laws te men who volunteered In (be eirlier part of the war fbr leas than three years, and not laaz than nine months; end then toe Lose bill wa? c; Vc Committee of tbe Whole, and dleoqened at great tengiti. Subatltutea for tbe first and eeennd sec tion* of the hill wero adopted, which pot the interval at eight per cent and made It payable in paper currency in stead of coin, hut a'lrr the oommitlee had risen and Um toll woe rrpvrta' to the House, these amendments were releeled, sod '.I wo* nav-d, without e eat I of tbe yeas aed ?aye, nearly to the form in wtiloh It eazae from tbe Committee on Ways and Men*. It author tee* the Secretary of the Treasury te borrow from time to time four hmtd.ed million# of dollar*, tor wbloh be ?ball iasue boeda redeemable to not leae I hen fire nor mora ihae thirty year*, or, If deemed mom expedient, forty year*, and to beer an hilcreat ef tlx per cent per ?ennui, payable aemi anon illy, In eoiB. The bill makes wartoua oiUer important provision*; but tbSM are the Male foaiaree of H.' the House adjourned without trane MUag My other bunir.eeS. VUCELLAHXODS HEW8. Wn atoemeiiipa Pannaylvantaand Hanam, from Quo earn tone aed ftaatbamptw, reached this pert yesterday with oar towepean IBee te the vu> or Jane. The sows bos b"M anticipated in all Me m4i points by our telegraphic re ports frejn tbo North Am-wicj and Africa. The to'MWh steam frigate. 1 ea'ud and Carmen, which ?rrlvec mi to" filst from He van*, and have boM anchored ht Qaarantme, camo up to the city yesterday taorntngf and exchanged salutea with OaeUe W a Ham, on Governor's A qnornan ef the Roerd ef Ooa noli man act being present yesterday at tbe oall of the roll, too rreoideat ordered ?be Stark Mafia special amotieg tor tola (ft May) alter ?m, at two o'clock. la anoiMar coin ma wlfi be found perttoutam of the dfilMt of Mr. Izaac Hendorsee, pabttaher at the towifttf fmfast Nivy Agent ef the govwutoMt et toh port. He was arrest id on tbe affidavit of Joseph L. Savage, whs uhaigto tym orllh tmuMq retae eertafieaiM end peushers ae n navy agent and dtabnratog efflear of the United melee, aad appropriating etcoami fit toe emneato tonal to hta own fififi. Mf Heodepoo, previons to hlfi Ifto, re?tfA tM Nntol (MtolMl ? M fftototol frcmtoeotoMbo kiH Dm aoooaed ?m sdsnfetsfl to toil to tto sum of 110,000, Mr. Joseph Kurt, (to tofl of Kohnstamm, and Mr. fe. K. Brow, attoragy, tooatntog tor eeourittm Ito examioattea before Oommtantecar Belts I* postponed UU to .mar raw morning. Tbe special mbwUm of Ito Common Crane*! ap rftilro. cts Lcid another meeting yesterday, "anhbdartfa cumber of oomplalota from varieua parties against tto railroads. Tbara was none a present wll.tng to aperk oo behalf of the railroads, and the committee adjojrned tint die. The heat made itself most oppressively fait yaaterday. The mercury did not run quite ao btgb as on some days during tto present season, yet lbs temperature waa of a sultry, weakening character, much more difficult to bear than the hottest day* of Jaly or August. Eighty eight degrees was the highest point reached yesterday. Wa have already had the memory at eighty -tone degr without experiencing so much inrocvecleuoe A large meeting aasembiod last evening at toe Academy of Music, in response to an appeal in aid of the ladles' Home United States General Hospital tor sick and wounded soldiers. Addresses were made by Hers. Dr. Footer, Henry Ward Beeeher, James T. Brady sad others. Ex-Mayor Opdyks presided, and a number of prominent citizens and about oaa hundred and fifty to valid soldiers aoouptcii seats upon the stage. 11m Aasdamy. eras filled from pit to dome, and tto amount realised most have seached several thousand dollar*. The Committee to make arrangements tor tto oelebra tloa of the Fourth of Jaly met at Tammany Ball last night, E. F. Purdy In the chair, and A. T. Gallagher oft euting as secretary. A number of sub oommlttees were appointed, as well as an exeoutlv* com ml He# to anper visa the entim arrangements, namely :%-Douglas Taylor, D. R Pels van, Isaao Bell, M. T. Brenaan, James B. Nleh oison and Eh F. Purdy. The oeremonlee will consist of an oration by Governor Seymour, the reading of the Declara tion of Indepandenoe by Jobn Clancy, ? free feast and plenty or mnste. Tbo annual commencement of the New York Unlversltr was held In Nlblo's theatre yesterday morning, com mencing at balf.psst ten o'clock. Rev. Dr. Ferris, Chan cellor of the University, proslded, and opened the exer cises with prayer. The exercises consisted of orations end addroeses by the graduates, after which the cere mony of conferring degrees and distributing prises was performed by tbe presiding officer. In tbo case of William Wflklns vs. William P. Karle, of Enrlc s Hotel, In the Superior Court, before Judge Robert son, wbcrfitoie plaintiff sujd to recorer $21,610, whlcl^ be alc^esJPM Stolen from the defendant's safe, wlillo pl '.jsed th^^br sufa keeping, tbo Wry bremght In a ver> diet yerterday tor the plaintiff for tbe full amount. In the Superior Court, tofbre Judge MoCunn, tbe ease of Dolby vs. Williams was on trial yesterday. The plaintiff sued to rocorer a balance due oo account if several bead of cattle sold the defendant in 185T. The defence set np was that the debt bad beer forgiven, In consequooco of tht plaintiff having signed, with other creditors, a composition deed. Tbe jury brought In a verdict for tbe plaintiff, assessing the damages at $10,000, and tbe Ooart allowed $800 counsel fee, Henry Hornstein, proprietor of a millinery store in Grand street, obtained a verdict of $2,500 against the city yesterday, la tbe Superior Court, before Judge Mc'Tmn, for Injuries suttab ed by tbe July rioters break ing Into bis place and carrying off hie g- ods Thomas Thatcher, a provision merchant, who was ex polled from tbe New York Commercial Association In cresequence of a certain transaction In bams, applied to Judgo Miller, of tbe Supreme Court, yesterday, tor a mandamus compelling tbe Btfard of Managers to restore him to membership. Tto Judge took Use papers and re served tils decision. H?ratlo G. Onderdwnk, a lawyer of Queens county, was Indicted and held to ball In the United States Circuit G urt, before Judge Rhtpmnn, yesterday, on a charge cf having falsely testified that ho bad no income liable to taxation under tbo loternal Revenue law. In United States CommlssiroerXofflce yesterday, Mr. Os born presiding, the famuus opera singer Madame Henrietta Biaohl, nit Seizor, *?' charged with having made a false return or the amount of her Inoome to tbe assessor?fix ing R at $900, when It was claimed she drew over $4,000. Tbe lady said that though she might have received more, ber actual Income Id tbe aggregate did not exceed that amount. Tbe Commissioner, to enable ber to come to to arrangement #ith the Collector, postponed tbo exami nation till this morning. Thomas Ilaaley waa yesterday committed by Commie tloaer On born, accused of pass ins counterfeit currency. When searched some tea dollars of counterfeit currency was found upon him. An interesting suit about a torn waa decided In the Ceart of Common Pleas on Wednesday. Peter Cummins purchased from Lorenzo Higgles, grocer, a bam, purport ing to weigh eleven pound*, which, npoa being taken borne by tbe buyer, proved to have a ponderosity of only eight pounds. Cummk.s demanded the missing pounds of flesh or bis money, and tto grocer refusing, a salt was commenced against blm, which resulted hi a verdict far tto plaintiff for tbe full amount claimed. Everything in oommerdal clrelet was enrttament sad bustle yesterday, yet but little bostaeee waa done. Tbe excitement In gold, and the great differences from bonr te hour, rendered every deecripMan of merchandise, foreign and domestic, wholly nominal. Chttna waa heavy, petroleum was Irregular, wbtta grocer lea, An., were wholly nominal. At tbe Produce Exchange tbe excite ment noticed on Wednesday waa succeeded by compara tive quiet, and a decline took piaoe In toe prices af wheat and floor. Pork was upward and active, bat In other loaiW tog commodities tbars waa not much change. Freights wars firm, with a brisk business In wheat engagements. lilt Ptaet Party Prrpartng to Lobby tit* Chletgo Convention. Having Bucceoded In their efforts to postpone tbe Chicago Convention, so as to break up tbe democratic party and throw the coming election into the bonds of tbe republicans, the peace patriots are now trying to make a show of strength, in erder to drive as good a bargain aa possible with tbe managers of tbe Cenvcntion. The articles of tbe Daily Acte?, tbe meeting of Fernando Wood's committee at tbe Astor House on Tuesday, tbe oall fbr a peace mass meeting, the appointment of a committee to lobby the Chicago Convention, and Fernando's peace speech at Mozart Hall, mean simply (bat the peace faction is hi this market for the highest bidder. Doubtless they have already effected a secret sale of themselves to the shoddy republicans; bnt if tboy can get any thing out of tbe .democrats besides, why so much the better for tbe Wood Brothers and tbeir understrappers. Of all tbe small, kssigniQcant, contemptible cliques that have ever diegr&oed tbe politics of this country the peace clique is tbe worst It is equally despised by honest Union men and honest rebels. Some Northern politicians make use of It, as tbey do of other dirty tools, to aid their schemes; but Jeff. Davis makes use of it for the same purpose. It has no popularity, no force, no power. The notse rahod about it In tbe Nats and by tbe peaoe orators is ail humbug. It baa no effect, except upon those silly persons who mistake the sound of a tin kettle at a dog's tail fbr tbe thunder of an approaching army. When thlfc war began with the attack upon Fort Sumter, there was no peace party at the North. Fernando Wood, who now professee to be an apostle of peaee then made a strong war speech at Union square] More than this: be acted with tbe Union Defbnoe Committee, for motives that have been vn i iously represented, and helped them fill np enr armies. Mozart Hall, which now pretends to be a peace concern, then raised a regiment, and named it tbe Mozart ifegimonk We care not whether this waa done for the purpose of making money or from patriotism^ bnt tbe fhcta of Wood*! war speech and tha Mozart regiment art on record, and oannot be denied. Sd?tf the peace faction la right now, why was it not right tbeaf And what did Fbraando Wood mean by advocating WW when ho bo lisvad in peoof la 1M1 tbe denooratks party waa praott oelly annihilated. Breeklarldga, Bbe. Wood, go*. Vallaadltiw* cpd * ttUvf to* 8,PP* ??? all that were left of tt In Oeo g?". Breckinridge and tba Mississippi man joined tba rebel ranks. Oox, Ben. Wood and Vallandigham had not the courage to do that, but remained in Congress and voted nreVVefi' i?8?r"swftr'biv^u?i?-'wi democratic politicians then. The democratic papers, like tho Day Boole and JTcai, were suppressed. The Journal qf Commerce was denied the mails. The independent press, led by the Hebald, managed the conservative party and supported the war, while condemn ing the radical tendencies of the adtnlnlutra- j tioa. When the elections of 18152 came off the independent press controlled them aud rebuked ' the administration by carrying ail the Cen tral States by large conservative majorities. The Tlnairj) forced Governor Seymour to stand upon a war platform, and he was elected as a candidate. Fernando Wood then owned part of the World, which waa at that time a war paper. Knowing that be would be defeat ed in bis own district, be changed his residenoe to the Metropolitan Hotel, and ran for Con gress In a strong democratic diatriot, having bought off aH opposition. Ben. Wood put his peace principles in his pocket and took his oheck book ont of his pocket, and so secured a place on the conservative ticket That ticket was elected throughout, and the two Woods went in with it, as the scum sweeps along with the current There were no peaoe candidates then, for all tho sacoessful men were chosen as war men. In the faoe of those facts the Daily News has the impudence to claim that election as a triumph of the peace party. A* soon as the election of 18G2 was over the democratic politicians began to sneak out of thek b^ee. They knew that the independent press Wul gained tho election; but this did not prevent their boasting that it was the work of their own hands. The usual bargaining and selling at once began. The cry of peace commenced to be beard Fernando Wood sold out of the World and revived the Daily News. Trace candidates were put In tho field for 1863. Pre dictions were loudly uttered that they would succeed, because the conservatives had suc ceeded In 1862. What was the resnlt? Tho peace candidates were everywhere defeated. "V aHandigtmm, tho leader of the gang, received an especial quietus, although the misconduct of the administration towards him had secured him the sympathy of many who detested his principles. Now, what record could be clearer than that of these two elections? Is it not plain that if the Woods bad run as peace men in 1862 they would have been as badly whip ped as Vallandigham was in 1863? Is it not plain also that they dodged the peace ques | tion In 1862, In order to get elected to Con gress ? By what stretch of imagination, then, can they now assert that their election was an endorsement by the people of the peace plat form? Yet this is the assertion which they have made sinoe that time, and which they took advantage of at our last munjeipal election to drive bargains with the democratic leaders and crowd their hangers-on into offiees in this city. Tli? game which paid so well in Now York they are going to repeat at Chicago. The Woods have nothing to do with that Conven tion. Mo/.ait Hall repudiated them and sent other delegates from the State Convention at Albany. They are not even tho alternates of tho regular delegates. The Dally News seeks to disgaise this fact by assuming a sort of guardianship over the Convention; but the bit ter fact remains nevertheless. The Wood Brothers want to go to Congress again. It is even said that Fernando has his single eye upon some higher office, although we scarcely think that his vaulting am bition could again o'erleap itself, as it did in 1860 at Charleston. This desire to go back to Congress is the secret of all the fuss abont the peace party; but the bargain between Cbnee and Fernando Wood, which was rep<#ted some time ago, may also have had something to do with it But if enough dis play can be made by the Astor Honse confab the contemplated mass meeting and the opera tions of the lobby committee at Chicago to induce the democratic leaders to give the Woods another nomination in good, safe democratic districts, we imagine that this par nobile fratrum will be very well satisfied with the result of their political speculations this year. At any rate, we know that they ought to be satisfied. They have absolutely no claim upon any party Ibr a nomination. - They have ao political principles to recommend tbem. They can refer to no J?ast services to the country. They havo no popularity In the best sense of that much abased word. Whenever tbey have been elected to any offices it has been because tbey have bargained or bonght themselves places upon the machine ticket, and so tbey have been ground ont with tho rest If, by their shrewdness, their petty in trigues or their money, such persons as these can be sent to Co*gress>to misrepresent the great cdty of New York, of course they ought to be satisfied; but nobody alse is. We advise the Chicago Convention to have nothing to do with tbem or their lobby committee. Turn the cold shoulder upon them, and the peace faction is annihilated. In a word, this pcaoe party, of which so much is sdN North and South, con sists simply of a parool of political cowboys or bushwhackers, of whom Fernando Wood is the captain and the Daily News the trumpeter, and the sooner tbey meet toe fate of bush whackers the better. This Wobld Expects "Somktittnq to Turn Dp."?The wlaeacrea of the World, who conld believe Mbe other day that nothing bat mischief to the party conld follow the postponement of the Chicago Democratic Presidential Conven tion, now, that the thing has been done, dis cover a world of wisdom in it In regard te Old Abe, they aay that "events my trans plte before September which will sweep away his proepecfci as with a whirlwind of fire." Ia other wards, In the Interval to September "something may tarn np." Who knowsf Set down Mr. Micawber,(or rather Mr! August Belmont, am cog the "wise men of the Bast" What Will Givmul Fremont Do??The postponement of the Chicago Democratic Con vention till the end of Angoet interferes some what with tbe programme and calculations of Geo. Fremont, Gen. Cochrane end the "radi cal democracy." What art they to do? Let them keep up their lire and wait patianity. General Fremont, the "Pathfinder" of tbe re publican party, may also prove the Pathfinder to tbe bewildered demoosSoy. Let the "radl dbl democsacy" stkfc to their guna. A Pdbun Qcsaas -The prion of (Oil jffter^r to Wailstr^nf apMmlaliM-Tlu PftH ?t ????? Congress recently gave the world the mea rare of its wisdom by passing a bill to prevent flueiuutfoa In the priee of gold and exchange. From the augment that this bill 'became a law and went into affect there were the most re seen. The law, Intended to fix and bold gold at its natural relation with the national cur rency, set it loose at onco from every possiblo relation, and no one knew where It was. Gold was worth any price a broker chose to put npon his bulletin, and of course had no price. When a man started from Trinity chnroh he did not know what gold might get to before he should reach Pearl street, and was afraid to buy at any price; for In ten minutes more it might fall flat If any accident should sud denly nullify and destroy the centre of gravity, the confusion in the world of artioles flylBg hither and thither and fragmenta of matter going In unaccustomed directions would not be greater than waethe confusion made by the | Gold fill in Wall street And this sudden ohange was .entirely due to that very speculation which the bill aimed to destroy. Brought to a dis tinct and practloal test, the price of gold had really suffered no change. On yoster day two gentlemen, the Messrs. Blankman, holders or a large amount of gold, desi rous to take advantage of the supposed high prices, went to Wall street to sell. They found that only two brokers were disposed to operate in the precious metal at all. They called upon one of these. He was buying golrf in small amounts at 210 and selling it at 210. What was the price of gold at that establishment? Oar travellers announced that they had gold to sell. "How much?" "Two hundred and eighty thousand dollars." "Tbcy would have to see the head of the house," and were shown to his private room. Informed of the state of the case, the head of tho house admitted that he was paying 210, but could not pny it for that amount. He "was sure that gold couldn't keep up, that it would certainly be below two hundred to morrow," and, in fact, this good natnrod tradesman preferred, rather than buy the gold, to recommend his customers to his neighbor. So the two gentlemen weat to the other broker. He also was buying at 210 and selling at 216, and was as little anxious to buy a large snm at his own price as his neighbor had been. He "knew that gold would be below two hundred to-morrow." Well, if it was to fall, the two gentlemen would like to sell now on the best torms they could get. "What would he give T?? He "didn't know. He would prefer not to buy it at ail." As there was no third broker for the gentleman to be commended to, they were merely bowed out, and left Wall street some what enlightened as to what la not the price of *?If'speculation ic tc be stopped some other plan must be tried; but perhaps it would be better for Mr. Chaso to admit that he cannot stop it; to admit that speculation is so Inevita ble a rart of trade that the blow that will kill it will kill trade too. Gold is, lu this market, and more especially under present circum stances, aa much a commodity as cotton or sugar; something that Is sold lu the shops, and that we want and must have for given pur penes, just aa we want and must have those articles. It must, therefore, be subject to the same laws; and who would dream of legisla tion to prevent speculation In general trade? Gold is even one of the crops of the country. Mr. Welles has permitted the rebels to land their gold, in the shape of cotton, in London, for three years past, with comparatively little trouble, and Mr. Cfcase ought to permit us to export one of our orops with at least as little embarrassment as the rebels can export theirs. It is to be boped that this experience will teach the wise men at Washington that the laws of trade are too real and Imperative to be suspended at tbeir pleasure. Galllleo, when required under pain of punishment by a council of cardinals to recant bis astronomi cal theories, sod to declare that the impious doctrine that tho earth revolved around the sun was not true, did so, Yet, looking fondly upon hla diagrams, be said, as he rose from his knees?"But it turns still." And Mr. Cbase, however disagreeable tho laws of trode may be, and however inconvenient to him, must by this time that it would be wiser to recogntfee their existence'than to declare by his little gold bills that trade baa no laws that he ought to respect. Thb Jambs Rivku Hi.nTii.LA?We hare re oelvod tho following note, In reply to eur strictures upon Admiral Lee for tbe obstruotion of tbe Junes river, which we supposed to bo bis act*? re n mrros ?r m hkra'.p. Sir?n>e vessels sunk In Jsmes river ware sank by order or General Grant. Aespeotfully, GEORGE W. BLUNT. This relieves Admiral Loe, and gives as General Grant's opinion of that officer's effi ciency. General Grant evidently supposes that tbe James rivor fleet, with fonr ironclads under Admiral Lee, is not a sufficient protec tion for bis transports, and so be takes the pro tection of the transports into his own bands and obstructs tbo channel. lie feels some cer tainty that a sunken ship will stop the rtfbel rams, Hut he evidently docs not foel the same certainty that Admiral Leq will. TOR AnouKLT.ES Cask.?To-day the ease of Senor Argucllos, who was delivered up by our fovornment to the Cuban authorities and taken aok to Ilavnsa, will be called before Judge Kuasel and Recorder Uoffinan, in the Oourt of ' General Sessions. We understand that James T. Brady, Esq., will make a motion to quash tbe Indictment againet Marshal Murray in this Case, and that Attorney General Bates, who 'comes from Washington for ths purpose, will assist hfr. Brady in his" argument. This is n vary ftnporUnt case, as ths deoialon of tbo Court will folg to establish whether our gov ernment oon, at the demand of a Power with whom we have po extradition treaty, surrender alleged criminal?, against ths rights of the State wheroin tbo^may be reeldlng. fa Rats Dmnotno rn Sinking Smr.? Some time since we stated that ere long the rebel leaden would be deserting the con federacy, and wool a fly to Borope with what booty tfley could gather. We see by the Eng lish Journals that ex-Senator 0. C. Clay, of Alabama, and Jacob Thompson, of Mississippi, Secretary of tbe Ihterlor under Buohaaan, bad arrived at Bermuda, m route for Halifax. TOMe person* are reported to be In the oeeret service of tbe rebel government; but we do net doubt that they are abandoning the ounae of Davie, having fir* mads ?? Uqp 4 hflul as i vMMpaihJ* or Nirr CaanuoroM amp A< But u few d?7* ?lno? the United Stetee Xv Mud of Boston* u^Nted two or throe aery con tractors. Marshal j&uray, night before last, In order that.New Yor? might keep paoe with Boston In the eventful deeds of the times, .priotora of the Evening Post, and Nary Agent of this port, under arrest. TLds, ws under stand, is only the commeucemont'pf this kind ef work that is to be done. Other iuiportnnt personages, we are informed, are soon to fol low their fate. All this Is but the reiult <>f the Cabinet quarrel that Las been going ou-fbr the lost two years. It likewise throws addi tional light npon th^ recent spicy commualsa tions between Thurlow Weed and the radioafr, and leaved Mr. Weed, at the present oondition of affaire, master of the Bold. It is somewhat amuMng to teee the dif ferent factions in the republican party showing each other up just now, and ex hibiting their dirty linen to the gaze of the publio, and that loo .In advance of the bling of the Chicago Convention. The usual course has been for the parties to wait until after both sides have nominated their candi dates, and then for each side to show up the (deformities of their opponents. But it seems that the republican party could not wait for the democrats to nominate their candidate, but have come out with their family matters beforehand. They have thus saved the democracy the trouble of searching out the faots and bringing them to light The fact of this matter is, the incoherent elements of Presi dent Lincoln's Cabinet have worked the affairs of the party into such a state that even the oohesive power of publio plunder no longer holds them together. Each faction is deter mined to have all the fat pickings or noBe. Ilence the grnnd expose that is going on jast now. Each member of the Cabinet is endeavor ing to run the party team to suit.bimself, and they are all, therefore, quarrelling like cats and dogs over an old bone already stripped of the meat. Baoh Cabinet minister is doing all that 1 be oan to bring some other member into bad repute, and that is taken up by the followers, adherents and friends of the respective Cabinet ministers. The wrangle aad fight are daily extend ing and becoming more bitter. Arrests have already commeoced, and as some of the fruits retaliation is threatened, and will no doubt be carried out to the fullest extent Thus far the State Department bas got the upper band of all the other bureaus. But these acts are nothing compared with the important and deoidedly interesting developments of the rottenness of the administration. If the oppo site party hod made these statements they would have bad but little effect upon the rank and file of the republican party. But now that they are being brought out by the leaders and en dorsed officially, eveu the most blind partisan of the so-called Honest Old Abe's adminis tration cannot but believe them, and if he votes to oontinne Mr. Linooln in office be votes knowingly for the extension of a corrupt ad ministration." t Tux Hon. Bkn Wood Rkjoices.?TLe Hon. Ben Wood, of the Daily Netos, has certainly been invested by Mr. August Belmont with the magle shirt of the happy man. Listen to what the Hon Ben says of the postponement ef the National Democratio Convention from July 4 to August 29:?"The postponement will give ample time to shape the platform of the Convention in such a manner as to secure the best results to the country at large." This "glittering generality," however, is all gam mon, and dues not cover the case. What the Hon. Ben Wood intended to say, we have no doubt, was this:?"This postponement will give ample time to ns (the Hon. Fernando and the Hon. Ben Wood) to get np a peace party which will command anything we may choose to ask in the way of a bargain and sale at Chicago, at Albany and with Tammany Hall." Henoe the rejoicings of the Hon. Ben Wood. PotTFoeuuxT or ras Unrrs or im Pumja*.?Tbo Pa rttMi r&JV'd fc> so off yesterday at Mm appointed time, al though a large hydraulic ram of Ore hundred tons power and two crabs arid a bettering ram were brought into requisition. It la I he geuoret Impression that If'the work so Wednesday had not been suspended she woe Id have gone off at that time. As It Is, shs will not bs launched far two weeks or mors?so Mis builders say. The Br Iff Vision. THE tlVTLS ORAVT'OLRARSD AT TBS CUSTOM HOUSE? SHS WILL SAIL ON SATURDAY, ETC. Ths Mr Vision bas otsnred from tits Custom Bouss tor London, aad will sail sa Saturday. Captain Donovan looks a compass and a few pounds of preserved meats, and K Is to bs hoped some ooo will donate these sr. tides to him. Be eon be seen at the brig, tost of Crsnd stneet, today, from two to Its Clock P. M. (the will sail from the Battery so Saturday the 39th Inst., at about one o'clock. Captain Donovan desires us Is asknowiedge the kindness of ths tottov/ing gentlemen In Mdtngbtm In getting bis outfit:?Annlo ft do , No. 09 Fulton street; K. Oorurtta, of No OOi (fraud street I'ottee SUfion & Co., Nos. 228 and 229 South street, John a rill, Newdanoro' Home, Cherry street; Jem sa Davy. No. 89 Cherry street. '' fht ?tmtClasnlag Difficulty?Flic Most on a ftrlka. A mealing ef tha eartmea and laborers employed wider the City Inspector, la cleaning tho streets or the city, was held last eraaing at Hibernian Ball, 42 Prince street, to take actios In relation to the oondoot of the mugiotpal authorities, who, it appears, bare failed to pay thorn ?Kioe ths 2Sd -if April last. A resolution was noanlmouffy passed that no member or ffte association will go to work until the swears now' due shall bo paid and a guarantee given tor the Nature that tboy shall be paid regularly every two weeks. The men will moot In front or the City Bali this morn, log, at ten o'clnoa, ro present their olatms to the Comp. trollor and City Inspector, and Is domand the money now doe thsm Tbny ooraphin that their families are suffering severely in conscience or not getting their money regewrly; and it Is to bo hoped that some means may Be adopted to prevent the necessity of having ths rtroet cloaning aaspehded at this hot season of the year, when sanitary m?a.-ur?s are so necessary to ensure ths health of ths city. Asrtval or ths Demurs or OOunvw. re mains of Gofonel Patrick Kelly, of the Dghty-elghth New York Volunteers, late la command ef Urn Irish Brigade, who fell while bravely leading his troops against tha tortl Deal loo a of Petersburg, ted Washington last Bight, trad will roach this city early this morales, Colonel Kelly was a brave and oourteoni o floor, aad shared the glorias and dangers ef the Irish Brigade since Its fonAttloa. Ills remains, on arriving In this ffty, wtlt be taken to ths i residence of his brother-in-law, Patrick Barks, 171 Rut [ Twentieth street, where ths? win remold antU arrange j meals tor the funeral ceo be made. Bale ef Attra ?t Cairo. Quito, Jane SB. IBM. | At ths government sale of sot ten here to-day of MB balu. good Brought $1 98 a 91 IB, aad.damaffsd, MM*? t all soM subject CD the six per out ten. .?SS23^^^S??**"S!9 day. rnrt??gfcort open causoeV?Nob. f? ,?Mt Mot, 1S48,184B, 2880 Number* on seperal "airh'aA'iJKjsjyfc. ?. Cnact off Appear In. Alimtt, Jnns<28, MBA OowH Of Appeal* calendar for Friday, June 24, 18KPW. 4Mb Ut. US. lOglAa, lU. U6.121, WL VM. UV :hpobtir run vunKTOi' Return of (he President from General Grant's Headquarters. Passage of tie Fonr Hundred million Loea BIB by (he House. The Fugitive Slave Xaws Appealed by OcagTvMS. Kapertaat Iciien tf lie Senile ea .the Draft Question The Government Authorized! to ityraft for One- Tear's Service, WjuMmraiw.amr ?, 1804. unn? of m rmn rDBNT from too amct 00 ram fotomao. President Lioooln, accompanied by Asslatant'Seervtary of the Nary fox, returned to-day from GookIU Or oat's headquarters 00 James rivA". FASSAOS OF TBR FOCM HTTh DEED MILLION 80AN Bit* ?T THE JIOUaR. The Hons* spent nearly the who)# of today'entiling on the Loan hill, which was Qoalljr passed pretty natch an n came from the Committee of Ways and Moans. A euhstW lute to the first sect ion, presented by Mr. Slovens, having beeu adopted In oommltlee, though rejeoiid afterward? in the House, nullified the action yesterday striking o?8 the exemption from Stato and municipal taxation, and no vote was taken on It la the House. The new bonds, lite the others, are not subject to local taxation. Tte speech of Mr. Pomeroy, of New York, m support or his substitute for the second section, which looked to ao early return to a specie boat*) attracted much attention, and was an aM? eflbri. On the other band Mr. 31 ovens contends that there is too much specie In the present system, and desires that no more securities with interest payable in gold shall he issued. The committee favored both, and ton Bouse concurred with neither. THB RIVAL DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTERS. It apjoars that there are two democratic national committee* the one or which Mr. neinwnt is chairman, and another Of which Tbos. B. Florence, of this city, la obalrman, both claiming to he the legitimate represents Uve? of the nat-onal democracy. The latter has called ? meeting of his committee in this city os> the 30th lost., as the oaf! says, to ooosldar matters of Importance to Uw welfare of the party. It is understood that it istbo In tention of the Florence oonamittoh to-try to hsrmonisn tho disoordaut elements of which the party la composed, ao as to scours combined action In tho peaA-tag 1'residen. tial election. POSTPONEMENT OF TBI NEW TORS DBMOCRATI# FRACS MEBTTNG, On consul lation, the leading peace democrats here sag la Congress have determined to postpone the prupoead peace meeting in Now York anUL August, in aoosequeooR of the prolonged silting of the present. Congress and tte postponement of the Chicago Convention. REPUBLICAN CONGRESSIONAL CAUCUS. An adjourned caucus of the repubiicaji members af ? Obngrem was held this evening to ooosldar the Consorty. tlon bill, the consideration of which was not concluded ah Mm meeting last night. ARRIVAL OF THB REMAINS OF OFFICERS. The remains of the follow log officers, killed at Peters burg, arrived here to-day:?Colonels Koily, Eighty eighth New Fork; I'resoott, Twenty-second Massachusetts; IJen lenanl Colonel Darrell, Third Dels were; Majsrs Blake, Eighth New York srtllery; 8loan, Thirty-eighth New York; Captains Rhinos, First Michigan sharpshooters; Stevens, Thirty-seventh Wisconsin ; Enabriok, Sixteenth Maine; Stevens, Sixloestb Mama; Buffum, Thirty sixtfc Massachusetts; Mumford, Fiftieth Pennsylvania; Lieut. McDonald, Sixty-third New York; ClnLsoa, First Mlofafe gan sharpshooters; Wingate, Bgbty-fourth Pennsylvania; HalskeU, Eiskty third Pennsylvania; P. W. mate. New York; Groves, First Delaware; Russell. Eighty-fourth Pennsylvania, and Lyons, Firty-seveoh Pennsylvania. OO NFC RIFTS DROWNED. The stoamar OonstitniWn, which arrived hem to-day from New Ycgk, brought up s number of ooaserlpts wte had Jumped overboard oa their way to City Point. Eevaa are reported to have been drowned. ARRIVAL OF GENERAL ABEBOROMBH. General Abercromftie, lately oonsmanding ad WMM House, arrived here to-div, acoompst-iad hyhiastaft The poet at White House has been broken up. A WHI8KKT RATION FOR SOLDIRKS IN TBR FOUR It has been determined to add whiskey to the ration off our soldiers la the field during the summer and entente INCREASE OF GENERAL AVOCR's DKPARTMBWT. The oemp of rebel prisoners Ml Point Lookout, sod Mr oavMry depot at GlesborJ, have been added by MR Secretary of War to the Peparivnont of Washington, under General Augur. These are important enlargements of Jurisdiction, and render Mils department one of tte moet extensive la the country. Tho system adopted by General Augur, and carried out by Colonel Greene, D? pertment Quartermaster, renders the transaction iff department business prompt and efficient. THB ATT WITH THE DXI.AWARR INDIANS. An important treaty baa been negotiated by SanMl Hallett. for the Union Pacific Railroad Company, wMM the Delaware Indians, and U has been confirmed by tte government. It secures tho construction of s railroad from Leavenworth to Eaossa City, and effects the ito mo vol of these Indians from Kat.sus. HON. BIN. WOOD AT HIS POST. Representative Ben. Wood, of Now York, appeared M hh seat in the House to-day, having partially recovered Mom his protracted Indisposition. HOMESTEADS FOR SOLDIERS AND SAILOR*, representative Julian's hill, which has already passed the Howe, extending the homestead principle to ttie for feited or confiscated lands of Southern rebels, baa beea reported from the Senate Commllteo on Pubile without amendment. Till AT Y-KIOHTH COIGR1 riltST SBMIOX. lMUtU| Wawiji itox, June 28, IMC MtAMTKATTOJI OV CMRTAI.V ARMY OIUCMKS. Mr. Wilson, (rop.) of Mrm., reported from tho MBttanp Committee the bill Tor Iho examination of certain niHoM Hi tho army, rooommaodiog a non concurrence In lb* lioaae amendments. Agreed to. nm rear apiTi bill. Mr. Collamrr, (rop.) of Yk, front tho root Offloo Ctwk taltiae, reported back the Boom Poet Root# bill, wttM various amendments, and II waa paaaed. fatmrvt roa raoraan naarnoT -:t> bt m Aaarr Mr. Wiww, from the MlHtary Commutes, reported book tbo Hour* bin to amend the aet to provide for Mm payment for houses and otbeg property destroyed In Um military service. It atloea pay to oiDoers and rJdieap for horses belonging to them wboo oepturei from them by the enemy while la tbe discharge of Uiclr d ,ty. was poseed.^ Dlr|CIjejroT >rraoraiAnoK bili. Mr Small as. (rep.) of Ohio, from the Commute# am Flnanoe, reported book the Btouae lolat resoluAleo nmiah i lory of I Km Ml to prorlrto Cor tho d?*Actoooy In proprlatkm to pay the men actually employed fn tM Western pepsrtmsot. Poaeod. m sornraeaioa or tub oxcixxati angnann. Mr. Powaw, (opp.) of Ky., eebmiltod the follow toga which Iraa ordered to bo printed:? IT*areas a military onlrr bee been reeently leaned la tha Btate ef Kentucky providing that the droolelltu in mil Btale of tbe Cincinnati Hnawtrtr?a newspaper printed ?J pnMMkad la Omeln naM, oSlo?shall he sufhped; rnd ? harem a free pre*# la earns llal to mat a lata tbo rights ilberttm ?he people: therefore, seolved. That the Preside el be requested, to mum Urn amid military order to be revoked, and r?at the PreZ ; be farther rsqieeleil to fesue eneh order* a# will pew. i the miliary antherlUae from enoreaealag upon the ireedea of tho press la future. ?amainia m mil? iia doom uarnarac ana ?aktarv aam tmanun connnaiow raiaa.? Mr. Oowab, (ten) of Pa... ftom tbe/ComraUtee a* Finance, reported UN bin to remit tbe daiiae cm good* Imported tor the sanNery and Christian Umi minion fairs, with a mbrttteta remtuieg the dutlea etoakr for tM m POMMe AAA U CMtm m MlJtMKV ATM Mr. TmmauLL, (tan.) of III reported abfll fbr baU l| certain eseea of military arrests, Wib aa amend meM MmiMBg tbe takta of bail to the SMerat eoena af tM QHtod Mates. the erlgtealWin tosrfMed Mats ooerto claim roa pnotwv tmkujrm bt am abmv, |MBMr^?rtota4T?a4ntoMlltilNfMtfcrWH|

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