Newspaper of The New York Herald, 25 Haziran 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 25 Haziran 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Friday, Jsne $4?0 P. M Stocks generally were bettor thU morning. an4 ad van ed S to 1X I?r oent from ywitrlt; morning's qoo Uti"UR There U an unsettled ? the market, i however, end speculators are inclined to real.xe on a al.fLl imptoieuiciil in prices. The ootai'Srlaons between | ibe highest cssb sales at the first board ycste: day and lo- i?y are a* follows:?hew Fork Ceitrel R* ad vanced IX. Erie IX. l?re?ei r?4 V. H df.m River \ 1, ltoad?nh 1, lilinete Central 1, Cleveiaed andnttaburg i, ; Tort Waywe 1, Northwestern 1, aud Ma ietts and .'inr n ; nntl 1. Cumber! nid CoaJ also soldi batter, and yulclt- j etiver Minim 1 ??'. Michigan Central sold at 140, ox divi dend. Mlchuao fo.ithcra destined t, and Clave en.I and Medn, aad CbKi.o, Burlmgt nandQuiouy net. < an ton Ssmiway ami Mtfiium Mining (ell oif '??.? The.e wore ao aala- of l'acilio lUll, Harlem or Delaware and Hudson. Bus oc-e was null at the second board, wliU liule varia tion In p l us. New York Central sold at 133, H tdson Kirer 140X, trie 114'?. Heading 140 ii, Michigan ( antral 139 Ifch an Southern 90, Illinois Ceutra! ISO, Cleveland tad i'Utebrg lU'X, Cleveland and Toledo 143, 'hit-ago and K.ok iMacd lit, -un Norm western ug. one sale of Obto and Mississippi certificates was made at f>S, and Cumberland Coal brought 72. ? Government -ecurlucr were a trifle lower, 6'a <M 1881 setting at 105X. aevcu thirties at 100, and i-20's, coa pons, st 106. lbe gold nun net is settling, although there ia still s wide between buyers and selie.e. The present high price at which gold u< quoud it brl.iging out many hoards, but it i* Impossible to aeil large am uuU to broker* at anything like the quotations nentioucd, Soles are limited, at kboui 2itl a kio. M Lev ia aastor lo d .jr. The follow log is the report of the Assistant Treasurer tn this city ? Receipts $1,263 "Ofl ?^For CUSti it i?T .t 0 ?For 6 pes oent bonds 853 tu4> Balance 37,8:9.708 The folic mg tablo exhibits the movements to f> rei?u dry t this port for the week ending /una 22 , 1864 ? Kiitrred fc co f unption. roc' tow. Pafit*. Msuulaclurt i Of wool 380 $48,974 Mauutacluu of cott.n ' 3 19(363 Man rfeclui.. o. silk ITS 307,(168 M&nutacluii of flax..... 81 14,310 MUcellaceot.i 80 fl.'.bu Tidal 61T $298,794 Wilkdrai. It. Mapuiacltir of wool 16 $7 026 Manuiactur. of cotton 6 2 7(31 Manu!actdr< oi siik V 4.634 Manuiactur. ? oi flax 87 6,734 Wlnosiiuceoc i 1 i.26 Total 02 $23,829 Wavctu.vit- i. Manulaclurei of wool 1,869 $732,416 Manurailnre i of cotton 3C3 121,373 Manufacture!of st'lc 328 375.069 Manulacturoa oi flax 1,094 207,934 Miscellaneous. 228 CO,3* Total 8.870 $1,448,240 Attentiou is cal'cd :o the " 1'r. oosale for $260,000 Riot Damages Indemnity 1 onds, Vo. 2," bids for wbleb will be oiiened ut the Comptroller's ofllce on Monday, June 87, at two o'clock P. M. These bonds ars authorised by an aol of the Legislature par >ed in 1884, and by an or'II nance of the Board of Super ,-tsors approved by tbe Mayor June 16, 1964. They bear six per cedl interest, and are payable November l, 1882 lbe Atlantic Bunk and tbe Deop'e's Bank', of th<s city, w II pay July l ? dividend of four per cent, free of tit. lbe Farmers' Loan and Trust Company will pay 2d July a semi annual dividend of four per oent, free of tax The Central American Transit Company bare called up twenty live per cent on enofe share of their capital stock. Tbe Hannibal una St. Joseph road earned for May, T884, $186,368 16?tta Increase of $73,064 61 over last year. Tbe ret urn from the Bank of England far lbs week end ing Jtue 8 gives tbe following results whea coasparsd with the previous week ? Kesl ?3.273.750 Increase.. ?19 203 Public dep .elta 6,748.610 Increase.. 401.791 Other deposits 11,906 204 Lecretee. 627,672 On the ether ells of the account:? Government securities.. ?11,072.267 No change. O.hor ec -untie* 19,142.473,881 Notes unemployed 7,732,610 Increase.. 616.023 The amount ol uoles In circulation Is ?30,272,120, bs mg a decrease ot ?616,8 lu; and I he stock of bu'.Iiuu in both dep .rim ute i? 414,043,129, sbowiaw - ?~re?re of ?9,6'o2 wbec uompaia-l with the previous rulurs. ? tcck Kxeitnng*. r?!D*T. "olIWOiK) i K. nidfti U 8 Co. '91, r*r. lUB'i iWbt line KH ....Mill'/ 1) II v ti ('?. V . coup. 113 1MI do 114.2 ?JU' 0 V & t *. 5 2'a.cou 1?S? -J Ft 1? I ? erred .. 11-'* 20 > 0 (J 9 b'O IC'i.Cou 105^ . iOiVi* i o 1 fi . M liutJ^oii R.tcr Kit. 1*1 , ?v>"e' ?" ? ? , h ,, luxx' do T 109 ?00 do pld 141*. ii?<nN I arol'n.a 6'a... <0 )"0 do 1*1 10 il:??"un t>'? t;.'34 <<J1 do.... !*?'_ 10l*MVi e?'a llAfllJBR 93 ?>' fi? ludoMo 'a.ifl'aoineRR 7:i ?*' RR. 1*0 rsTii w m * Bio i' Oh?'-> A Mia- cert ?3 SO d<> . 30 1.,.,, Z'dVZ.T. iiii loj A ton 3. T H Rll ... ? HOO i'od ?d n ? f bda 13.\? lCf do............. 61', iZ 11 t "..iral tmuda 1-4 59 Midi Cf OUR e\ iltr 14U ?U? Mloh e id m. KM 60 co alii }? llkfO * Itn*'I Hauie IB !A 100 do 131 ?>.? fbi A 9 '3 I01'- ? 1 2'... . "Jo. 19? I Too < J1. n wr bda u H Mich Su a muh us ?s JJcOoCtii 3 !? 11 ??l U? l'? 200 mi 93 .(XI :o* lf>o do bu i'\H lbo To drab .37 )0.? do b* ?.-*-4 6 U> .? lb I iWT *C m 12i 3* 6 0 do...... Wt.? 10oo I'll' I'ltlAF'.'m 112 CHJ do 91 < *0 - M A C... lat rti b- 103 MO d,? .^t* 8000 .Marl, Pa." 103 UIO ! U Ce ti f ult fttMk... 119 10 ' co' . . . 103 V000 1 1 O'er. SK crip 1? *o. iba i auton Co 3 H 6 -,i do 2di ? o bl3 U>< d?... KW do Llo *' 1 '' Oi? vl> a PiU KR. 12 M4lbNm. l i: B?uk, 1?7 lot) do 111'. lfrdCuicbl * pret... 71 ?iA' do toiO.WS -HO do 70'i fr'Cblo A ? W UK. 14 d 7(h 400 CO 63. 100 <1 .bio 7.* 100 ?i.?wVJ-> J'1* ICO American &#*) *" '.. 100 100 Ch.e A N 3V pref. ? SO'l^uU* II ?!? M Co... 731* SIM do... --li IcO do bS f4 I'd) do 9d (?0 do VSf* 10) do bSO 10) Ccntri;!.' trTimi Oo 87 1<9C!ir# A Tolsdd UK 145 l(K)Coli?*c Iiud Mlnot. iO 12)3)Cl.icA Hk I UH... 112 ?0 M .itpc.i. M CO. ... ?? 350 >1 I . 10o ?' J-MOhfa. Bnr A Qr IS" 120 .M) 1* V Cfutrtti . 18S i 13) Ml*o, Vt M A ?35??;1 ?'.i 30U do ion do . ..bis lis loo Co .... . ... . . . 13 : . U *?? RR l<j6 *2.) do 13* *0 P.'.U, K'iV A C *cnp )I0 ISioErt# RR.V.1* 130 .v.?' A C.n 1?1 7C M do Ill' ACCOM' B.'ABP. Halt rxtr i'vo o'Cro^ P M. ? 4000 C S? R f-COcou IO" *' ' sL* Ht.i Dg BR .. l*d'? BUM do lip. , ?00 d i A il l*'? 4 100 Up Oti ll X Mill c?rl. :S I'll do UO * 200 *1.? Curab i oa! prcf 72 I'll do '*) ><) oo...... 71)4 21*' Mleh Central RR... 139 AH I co 71 L 8 V 'l.l A N W prcf.... ti) Hi!* T cealr* RR.... 133 I'M do b?0 W JO 0.1 08 13* 100 Mich bo A.* 1 KK "6's 1'0 Ead River ' ...,a3J ?*9>i !0o 100 do bid 1*1 1-1 do ?? 100 d ... J*d?4 100 do *1) yd 90?i Oo 1*0 "? IilOct ?K?.r.i>.. Uf ? 8")ErleK<3 1?V l'l Cicre end Pirk Kli H2H 5"9 do 1!*!. 1C0 do 113 7)0 .'0 b.? 114 Si -It CM A N *V HH 63 iOO do ?I0 li* iJOCiev A lol RR 143 10J d" bi 11*3, *0J t U A R l. bod KU 11* diuc 11U It'"' 300 iicidiB*- UK ) to; CI f V OOaUHBUClAta REPORT. i r:i *V, JuDf '34?C P M. arrrs.?necei(ltf. 17 bOK .uisricet Irm, bat luiet, ?nd orice* uii- h iBici. RwitbBTvm ?Reeelpld, ie,S>37 lb!t. Sour, 421. b*c? Dure aeil, 139,7*8 b sbel* wbett, 32 ?' jo buWiel* corn, 45,538 bnebe'.a otts an-1 68 bueb'.'.t r; e. Tb? Sour mar tet *ai bctlve and prlace foil o!V r,--. a loc. Ibere was not limp done for expor', Ike laic advice* from abr-ied bolag cnfaVorabic, *iil:e tlio gpecalatlre demaod, lately a) brlab, ap| carr to hare reiy f.u jgided. ?a to 12,< 00 bt a. t-le and ireaierr, 1,500 bbl?. Sootborc and 701 bb.a. f'anadlan. i'.yt. Sour uud c rb W( basged wlih Bates *f 100 bbla of the former ami I , kin, of >1* 'alter. Wc<|U0tt:? 'uperhre .-taie and Western Sour .18 70 a k 6* I lira 8 78 a 8 of ',.bf"c# Mate 8 "0 l 6 0* Uiiumou to t ?dlun? extra We?iarr 8 8) a 0 ut t itra rtoud h opiihiJ 9 CO a C ,'f ?7'"Ui:i iiadi brand* C .'*0 a 10 OC R*i'? <? Uuis 9 10 a 12 OC Ctiinni'.n u> |<hhI V 00 a 6 6C Good toctiiooe extra do..... 9 <31 ? 11 ft* Cokiinoti io 8 80 a 9 m O-K.d to cSvioe ?xte. do 9 Oi a 9 71 I K;e c rar, a?i*rOnc 7 00 a 8 ?! j Ofi weal, bbia 7 60 a 8 9< Corr, meni. imi ct.'' u ' 84 go ? ..if, o< ! ?Ike * heat marbet ai.a ursetlied, and clrtod jx n 3?. ] lerer, wltb a fair Aem .r l at Ibe reducll'*; a?!e? ].'u^KM9 bwabe't :>t 91 Mali M T(,r (IJiicago aj'ricf.? |: 06 f< r lll'aalike# c:nb, U (3 a |2 08 Tor amber Wd -a.*ec,$7 10 for winter r? ' iv<*..,r0 an.1 fx 16 a $2 18 fe' tmlui Vlo'i tan Tbe wrket Tor rva conttbued u 1 a 'lea; a email ea'e w*a rcportrd at ?i ;j forneatiin 1 i?ir r?s* o*t *id Ibe maiLei Orm. Ral<* l?,000 liuai ai 1 f i 45 * ri 8* fur tiorottad to ?K>dt?i un** v We.',?ru r* rare lo nttha re in??i end price* advaaoeii 2c a r0 j .io)lo| at 91* a 9 tic. fur Ike a brne ranga. Barley and 1 jarlej malt rema.nea tacu.a Ccrn**.?N? k't du'l it'd lomottbat lr;e*.i, ar, w (j, aaie* of fe'O bal?a f* nut# ? b'pAiniA f r idi/. Mobil*. A".'/ <4T. Ordteary 127 129 120 Utddimr 1 Ad 14(1 147 147 '.<ki*I middling 14* i*g 14!) Mo ti****?Ibe maiket qene iwtlee for all deer ip tiau and pri oo Ki.ued upward eaiaa were IMmCI baja ? ~ WW*? y - - ? -- - WW ?? J w?iu *F r* ie*e? nriv ti "'lb" Kl Oig'lxf.f ?r export, ataiJKc.; 75o ba*tIRimliigo, ?e r>'.e?ic te *? at d an ba?a .aau.trya a* 44 ,0 , a go 4U bag* aa-.d ia b'RAuo, It K?* at prirate terou Corras tu flnm sales. $80,000 lbs. B?lUa?oc*?? 44 Wo ? 4?WC ; 870,000 do IVrlaga lake ?t 46a e 44 Ma . ?ud Mi .000 do at 46 Ma, also $0,000 tba. UavtliBg *t 400 and (0,090 do. Detroit et 44 M* raeiuHTS wore raiher quiet, aapeotally y,M? . lb Liverpool, por American, 13,000 bushala ?heaL4d.. tlmr.lOWd ? 12d., end per steamer 3M> bwxea caaaae>. 80s To Undo*. 300 tuns aticaka. 140. bjr AaaarlMB aa4 1T? 6d. by leatral. To Havre. 600 bbl?. labile oil, W , ?i d ,S0 ions asbea, lard and UUow, 60f. To Itrvmeo 60 too* black walnut, 17a. 6d.; 130 hbds. lobaouo, **.,<* casks atdies, 15a.; 400 bblx. ShepegS. la 9d., and hhd staves $11. To Antwerp, 50 bbdv. tallow and 30 lierceg lurd.32s lid. A Prussian brig *? ibaitered to Cork far orrtr ra, 11,000 bushels wheat at 4s. 8S por quarter; aa Itvtiu bri;,. same voyage, 9.000 bo beta, 3a. 04. (abort Uy dayaj; a Norwegian bark to Bordeaux, extra boar? pips staves, $50; an italtan bark to Malaga. Ue ?vy pipe staves. $88, and extra heavy do , $45; a bark, 481 tona, b me Ir. ni Cadi/, $3,400, gold. r'mx i k.c. was ?Wa notice aalea o! 2.000 boxaa No. t Cam on ?l $8 50 a IS Mk, and ROO do at $3 45, cash Horn were Heady; sales 04 bales at IRC. a 30c. tor com mon to prime ilav waa iu fair request at $1 10 for shipping, of which iO b 'e? ware told. Hicks.?Ttoa market waa quite act lee, but flrta, with ?ale* ol R.ObO Montevideo, 23 Iba., at 33c.; 8,000 alaughtar, io: export, at 14c . cash, 8,000 Ualbwoia, tthil tl>a , oa pr vale terms; l.rOi' Liuenos Ayre?, '22 Iba , at 33c.. net cask, and 400 wet suited Kio Grands, for export, at 4**0., la gad. Ikon so firmer, especially Rcotch Tig whkh it bow be d at $65 but lue transactl ns were vary kinad. I.baiukm was id active icquo.-t at au advance of fully lo. a 2c t>ur lb. Ilomlo. k aula w.ui Urm at 30>?c. a 38a for middle, ?6o. a 3;;,a for ligbt and 85c. a 38c for heavy. Ouk sole we.- alao tlrtu at 47c. a 4?o for light, 49c. a filo tor middle aud 4Rc. a Ho tor heavy. 1.kad wbs tinner, 600 tons foreign sold at 14c., and now be d at 14>gc. ?Tba market waa Arm, witb sale* or 8T? brain Cuba muscovado at 80c. a 01c \'a\ ai. Sioaac?Spirits turpanuua was qiilat aBd|k?war. sa:a- l.'iO caeka Crouch culrly at 77 'i, and, ?S 08 a-k-d (or Aoaericao. Ko*in teat* Arm. GO oasts Froucfc No 2 sold at $42. Tar was quiet at $15 a $17. Oil,-. l,ln,-eort whs active, w ith sales of 80,000 gallous at $1 57 a$l 60. crude wbnls wits also firm; I,(>00 bbla. ?uldat$I25; red was 10 moderate demand, with sales ol 500 bit s, al $1 04*?.,844 bbte. pork, 7R do cut me,Me, aud 1,1*4 do. lard. The pork maiket was leas a .veiled, but prices were a shade Uglier. The sales on tbe si>ot 1 Include" 7,000 bids, at f-38 lor mess, $40 25 it $40 75 for bow d > , cl sing at $40 24 a $40 50; $33 a $34 50 for old nod new urinie. rrid $1>0 a $40 ior prime meaa; also 1,000 bbla. mess f?r July, buyer's option,at $41; 8,250 do. naw mess buyer July, at $42 50 a $45, and 2.500 bbls. do. for June, buyer'a option, at $40 25 a $*?; 75. Tbe beef mar ket whs quiet with sales of 850 bbls. at $15 a $10 for country mesa, $9 a $10 lor couutry prime, $21 a $22 for repacked ra as. and $38 a $29 50 for extra mass. P line niees beef waa quiet ?nd nominal. Beef hams we e quiet, with saica of 60 bbla. Waslem at $2S a $28 40. Cut meat a wore firm but quiet, with sa'ca of 104 tierci-s at 14c a l. c , and 20.000 dry salird bams at 17c. a 18 Va Bacon aide# wera dull And nominally unchanged. Tbe lord ni irket waa less active, and prices ware a little 1 <war: aalea 1.260 bbla And tiercrs at 10c. a 17*4c i * so 7(0 bbla. Tor July. Boiler's option, at 18c. a 13'g'o Puller was firmer, at 20c.. a 35c. for OMo mid 31c. a 40c. for State t h.esa waa a trtfla flrtnor, at 10c. a 19a for cone moo to pr.ue. pETRoim .* ?Receli ts, 2,647 bbla. Tha market waa very IrreguUr under the Influence of tbe failure elluded to yesterday, and but lit:le business wis done. In fact, tbe trad* w>a muatly.ruralixlng in Pniiadelpbta, end there were but few left to do business. Prude went begging at 46u. 'a 46,',e. on tha spot; but refined was beld higher, 71 Sc. oSered and 7a asked on the s|K>t. Tbe tales were 0 .nfined to about 3,000 bbla. crude at 46c. a 40>$c., but chielly for July at 50c ; 1 200 do. refined, 71 >,c. on the ?pot; 2.000 do. free, at 80c. a Slo.. on tha spot, and 93a ? 96c. for August. All kinds were nominal at these prices. B. u/ine waa nominal at 84c a Sac. Bint ?Tbe market was more active; sates since our last 76 bxga Curacao at I2>gc., and 800 bags Rangoon at 12c. t-i KARisa ? 200 packages told at 17c. SrRt.TBR was dull, with small sales of both foreign sod domestic at 16a Scuts were qniet without material change in prices. Si' jak was quiet but urm. aud prices were teuding up* ward. Tbe aaies were 534 hbds. Cuba muscovado ut 18c. a 21c , and 30 do. at 12^e.. net cash in bond, refined waa aoitvo abd firm at 20)gc. a 22c for soit yellow, 24c. a 26c. for soft while, and 24>gc. a3Co. for powdered .crushed and granulated Tai.uiw was lo good demand, but tbe market wea acaraaly se flrin; aalae 160,000 pounda at 16Mo. a 10c. Ti-j?The market waa mora aotiva, and prlcea warn a ocnslderabla hither; the sale* were 4,000 half chests un Colored Japan from second bands. 2,000 do. from Drag h*nds, 800 d<w colored Japan, 7,000 da Oolong, end 1,000 do. (i eea; aleo 176 half cheats young hysoa, all at ad vanced prices Totiatto.?Transactions comprised nearly all the Kcn iuokj |oflering,*t full prices: galea 617 hbds. at 12c. a*7>gc. Tin?The business waa very light, but Arm, at 60c. tor Strr.ite, and English &?o. Bonoa nomloal at 06c. WnisKsr?IVcelpt*, 2,102 bbls. The market was lower and dull; sales 2,000 bbla at $} 60 a $1 04. FAMIL.Y market review. Tbe price* at Washington Market have not chancel very materially since our last quotations. Some species of meats have fallen slightly In price, while other spe cies, such as bams end shoulders, have advanced. But. . ter remains about the same; but the signs are thai SB advance will jak? pi?ce shortly. Tomatoes and cuinuw- , bera are in the market: but in small supply. Tomat ?s ne 1 for i'ortv n??ta o?r ?-'"?? ruled yesterday Mi:at?.?Prime roasting naef, 20c. a 26c. per lb.; ordi nary r.ula, 10c. a 18c ; jtorterUouae atoaks, 25o. a .i'Jc.; sirloin, 20c a 25c ; Corned beef, 12c. a 18c.; veal fore qqartore. 12c. a 130 . hindquarters, 12c. a 20c.; mutton forequai tees, 0o. a 12c ; hindquarters, life a I6c . Inrnb fa.-eijuari.era, 14c.. h.ima, bicdquarters, 16c. a 18c.; shoul ders, ISc ; bacon, 20c.; pork, 16c.; sausages, 18c. ?'oiutrv and(iiss.?Prime turkeys, 28c. a 30ft. pt lb.; chickens, 24c. a 50c j ducks, 81 15 ? f? a p.ilr, bWWOg chickens, 88c. a 81 25 a |air; Unae a juabs, 84 ? , wi!! squabs, $2 50 a do;.en; wild pigeons 82 50 a dozen. Knot ?Fresh abnd arc sellmg at 30o. a 8t'& eaub; striped Iaas, 16c.? lie., ees, 12c a lio. a pound; star geon, 10c.; fresh mackerel. 16c. a 20c. each poretoi, 8e. a pound; *ca base, 12c; coiltlsb,8c a 10c.; ireehstl iiv n 4Cc a pound; ilo md rs.l - ; blue tlsli. 10c ; b-li bst, 18c.; 1 b-tors, 8c.; oysiers. T5c. a $1 60 a bond rod; p<kled ytiers, $2 a hundred; soft ciains, 40c. a $1, b id cIstus, 7 be Vk iSTAnLKs.?Green pess. 25c a quart, hbslleda in the psd, 60c. a M'k; common potatoes ('?*><?.. a peck: new onl' t.s, 20c. a quart, 10c. a bunch; lu'uips, 8c. a bum h:, .Sc. a bunch, parsley. 6c a bunch radish*" 80 al uccb. aa, tragus, 2t c. a 26c. a bunch, rhubarb, 10c. a b inch; cnuitf! wars, 2'-C. a 60c ; lettuce, 3c. a 6c a bunch, string beans, 80c. a peck; 6<*>seberi tee, 18c. a quart, bet>t t matoes, 40c a qurrt; cuciimborit. lie. < ach. Jit, best quality, 32c. a 38c. a pound; cheese,-0c a25c.; eggs, 12 for 25c. Itonrtl of Aldermen. Th' Hoard of Aidnrmen met yo.-ierday afternoon, Alder. Mastersoa in the chair. A o mrounication was received from the City Inspector In relation to an increased appropriation for the payment of the clerks and men in hie employ. Mr. Boole claims that the amount necessary to defray the expenses of his department was cot down from $.:o,000 to $15,000. and petitions the Common Council to nuke some provision lor the ; ay meat of his employe*. The communication nas rolemd. THE PAT BOILING NTI8AKCK8. City Inspector Bo ile sent In a communication in refe . once to the subject of fat boiling nuisances, and sug gests) that there should be immediate steps taken to ?bate the evil, lie hoped tbe Board of Health would be coSveMd, and that no time would be lost in attending to tbe ma tor. Alderman regretted that tbe Mayor bad not thought prnju>r to couvene tbe Hoard of U'-alih ihrre wan no doubt but tbat his lienor felt tbe Imp run. e of tbe sublet or be would not have bro'.gbl the matter up in tbe Health Commissioners. He moved that the communicatl. n be referred to tbe committee on Public Health, with ln-truciioce to report at the i.ext meeting Motion agreed to. M LITA .T 8TATIST16 ? OJIUU.tlCATIO* FROM Till MAYUK. Ti e following communication was received from bin Honor the Mayor ? Matoti's Otic*. V*W loae, June 24, 1*64. To -ran TTnxORArt t Till Cnsvur Consult.:? OB ivmkn I tr?D* 1 er*with to ymtr honorable body a en.iy ef a form coniatmna tbe heads el n r'a n items of informs'! II ties ird by V. I. holy, L? j., Uliiel of tbe Hu r-au n' v iti'sry Si ?i - * te-- evab fabed iy iljAplerhl of lie la " ? of ibe l?(a session o' the Legist iiure. In 'lie m usiof t'.ie re arkstre - venta sew te*ln* piece It I* of tiie utmost imp r'.i.i -e tbe btstorlral records of the-e ir.u Buttons ahoVd i a i>r?*?r*ed tuM aad clear, aad, as far ? pnaslb'e. nndehled by ermrs an I unperrerted by faleeaeed. I earueatlv reemi nsnii tha' ihe Ho-nnion t'ottn ctl t*kr early u lion for ? a oon p ets statement of the I atno'ir.te oi irib'tted In men and money by this city since ihe break i.g >ut of hnatll tlea. and ihut the members uw I all :he;r ' ? hoih i ff.. i4 ana pcr^nal, tu collectiny I all o Vr iBform?t;"n r? elrwe I la aim -e| o th>? upper tilty to rail the attention of the ill! em. uf Nets Vol tn tie *..h set. and wl I aflord aOery laetll v le -ny oowrln forwsrdln*, te 'he t roper i n reeu ich rotnibuiiunt te'^ls it (.ureal and .unsure re c rj ;ha. ih v :i.ay think proper to snlru>' In my carr. V. IHiDritf.T 1;UNTH KH, Mnyor. H.e pa; ar was referred to the ? num.(tee on National A'fairs Alderman I.oiro offered a resolution granting tbe Ir,stt. leted f <q ttr .pa ' "ntpany the ;Tit 'leg" or pia. lug p sts in .' all ne 1 oth'-r sl eet-. Befrrrrd. il-e Hoard then jauscd tijron a large batch of p.|Hr.n I: m the hoard of Co ioclln.en. C iMPII Ivq TRR I'KBAThS. A'.'rrmiti Rvima mured to take rom the tah'e fbe ] rr "li.U u .utbm I utig th ! t lr-k of the Common Council le r-nj |ny t suiliblu pena m to cotnpile the debates la tbe two II ind't "f die f iiiiboi tjou' c 11 for 1 jc.l, aid aj t ro ffi .!r 1 ?1,640 tbe'cfer A d rtnan Fox mnved that the resolution be rw erred Aide-man Rvim hoped th i the leroluiiou woo d br at!' ?>!"?). If Ihe 1'oartl wanirn tn hivt Ibt ie dehelos c m piled they * '?!?* nrt ?n rerar tbe mailer. AIU< .-tiibo Knx?If it is all right I am wililni (o w;ih draw my m< t < a. I only wanted tbe Btelter relet red so tbat I eoa d vu'n onderst indingiy. A d- tin in Omwru des rrd to know from what toorce these denaies were to be oemplled Aide, man'Tbe gentleman wbo prey red l hem iaat teat will db Sn this time; and I believe we i an all testify lo the tmrrecioese of Ibe work. Aldermen (>n:wnx?That is not answer!** my qnes tlou I ileHlie to .now from what source Ibtsc dcbaios are to be emptied. Jf they ere tn b? takon frmn the Trntwrip'I would nut vnW for the re-..lutl"n, bitMttse tbe debates, aa published to tbat Mwepaper, arc not re lialih). The q.te?il'?t> on tbe adrtptfnn of the resolution was then P it, and Sri't, f?? went or a r.imatituiinoai vote Aft#' ti e traoe.r ti ? of eowie unim|W)rt*nt bnwtneea th^ ?>ard ?if,i> irned until Tnandaf next, at two o cluck Ur' tbe afteru<4io. BANKS. NEWS FROM NEW ORLEANS. Eirby Smith Reported Cross ing the Red River. IMPORTANT CAPTURE OF REBELS. BURNING OF THE STEAMIER PR0GRE8S. Nival EipedltUu sad Destruction of Rebel Property. SEIZORS or SUSPICIOUS STEAMBOATS. Arrival of General Sickles and Staff, All# Ac.. As Tue steamship Columbia, Captain Barton, from New Or leu., urn red yesterday morning, bringing ad rice, from ttut city to the 18th tout. W. or. under obligation, to tho puri.r for tho prompt dolirory of our 01m. nr. H.arjr Thompwi'i D.ipttck. New Oauuae,* La., Jon. 13, lbSt ARKIVAI. or U.9AKAI SICC1.KS. Ma!or General Mekloa end bis staff arrived In tbi. city between Or. and six o'clock last ereuing. H. wti| re ceired at the andlng by representative, from the depart mental bcHdnuarters, and honored with a lull major gene, ral'a salute. A squadron of cavalry, assigned for the pur pose by tb. commander ef the department, escorted the oarriagM containing the General and bin suite to the St. Charles Motel, ? here rooms bad been provided. Great embaii.ism was manifested by the populscs, end the crowd wbo greeted bis arrival were intensely persevering in their efforts to catch s glimpse of the hero of Gettys. burg. Tbs General's stay In this city will bo protracted, probably two or three weeks. utroBTAwr asanas* or acsmuiA is tns nira stmcvt or thi ortr. Major G.neral J. J Reynolds, who for soma tlm. past bss been in command of the defences of New Orleans, will take tbs field immediately as commaudsr of the Nineteenth corps. Brigadier General Sherman, wbo bad cbsrge of tbe defences before General Reynolds, will resume his eld posltoa. Brigadier Genera! Ullmino, now commanding at Port llndson, is transferred to Morganzta. Brigadier General James bowen and Brigadier General Emory proceed North to-day on tbe Columbia, on a leave of absence. Brigadier General f it: Henry Warrea has been relieved of bis command at Baton Rouge, end Brigadier General Benton assigned there. It is .eld that General Warren will take command of Browusvtlle. Brigadier General Bailey (the great dam builder) hag gone to Vlckaburg with an engineer brigade, Tor tbe pur poee of completing tbe Kbreveport and Vicksburg Rail road. General dauby la now busily engaged tn collecting add forward'ng railroad material to Vicksburg. The completing of tble road will add new luelre and glory to Bailey's name, es it will enable our iroopa te advance into tbc Bed river country by rail. jgaj ?* ocvuaj. oaxkt visits Aujuxit. sanaa?t r. On IfcttVed?y eveeieg (ant Major Oegeiwi (>?*? la?JU New Orlrxua lor the JMKHM* ?r Admire* l arra uo ta now o(T Mobile vsifb Ule flag*bip. tbe Hart lord 1 may tier* mention tbe fact tbat a magi lllceut sword, raunuiai turrd by nflany 1 Co., of New York, has been presented In Admiral I an up tit by tbe l.ulon league Club of that city. it aceu.a tbat it was de'ermined to present him with a finer sword thau lliat which was voted to Commodore Rowan. The eword presorted to Admiral Fsrragat Is said to bo tbe nv ?! n.MntOcent one ever made or presented to any tnab In this country. It is iulabl wiib dianaotida and pearls, and is accompanied by a spieadid belt. Ti.e swrd !? now. in the hands of Commodore Rainier. It was forw itded from New Turk tbrougb I'rov. st Mar rliul Central B'tven. IMVORTANT CAITYXR. (>n Thursday raomioy I ist (euf rebel private" and two (dtcara ioa plains) were captured by a s-piad of toe Nine tint a No a York, oear Tigorvll'e. ibe utght previous, while patrolling, ilia sauie party war .-.eeii upon the railroad tiack au<l commanded to half. lUey Pod into ihe brush and escaped. th"iigu lUed upon by "be patrol. Tbe crush wan searched, and Hois for d"?. Iroymg railroad track' ar.d telegraph wires were disc covered. These cot'S'sied of a amal I now bar, hatchet, wrrurii, ai d a rope with weight attached?tbc lailer for the purp se of pulling down the telegraph wire. (>u examination of the railroad track it w .a found Hint the rebels had a''eu j been at work and Iw-ened soveial of tho ir u r'oa- wincb rvoMct Hie tin fc together. Ihtrly the Col low, tig ncrdo; two poiiea ol the Nino tie in, of sb u' fl ty mon each, stirted out for the purpose of scour lug the count; y and capturing thum it potibie. The force, uudor Captain He la I'atoure'le, after con ?ideruble d-''cnlty, at ce-c led In reaching liayou Mack, about four tndc (roin tigs-rvlile, and here tho rebels were disc ver^d In a bo it, palling dow n stream as if lor dour life, they having beou unearthed by the party who took the opposite direr lion to f>e la I'atourelle's. Ibe usual command "halt" wss giv n as coon as the party wore discovered, when one of the rebel officers threw op hie arms in astoiilibinent uud exciaiuied, '-la God's r.atuo, b< w came you there " Well might Hie rahels be eurprlsed. for onr ga' fel lows bad been hours wading and flound.nog niter them, most of the tine up to tlHir brcaets m tbe swarnpa id Lontalsnn. The boat way rowed k> the shore and the prrly mide prisoners One of tbe captniua had written instruction* to ? destroy railroad tracks and telegraph wires, bum cars, loc mctivos sod bridges." and do all in bis power to prevent tba transportation of troops. Captain lie la I'atourelle deserves promotion lor this I iaely capture. J (o is an old 1reuca /onvre nfllcer, having served fourteen ycurs He is the senior c.ptsm ol the regiment, and, at there Is a4 vacancy in I he ma jorlty, It It to be bn|icd that be will rtceixe tbe appoint meet. nravtxo or ma stiasikx i xocnaea. The Missisi ppl sto mcr Rrcgrc a was lecently destroy, ed by ftrn a few mile* b*'ow M tcbe/. 8iio wag laden with ooiton, nearly all of which was nitirely conmtred. Between set1 n and eight b jndred bales are tald Hi have lieen horned. It wae marked "William Butler V Co. Cairo." 1 be lire bioLe out about eight o'clock on the evemng of the II lb met., ..?d is said to have been oauaed by the ex plosion ol aval oil lamp. No lives were loac I ho Proaresg was insured in St. Louis. Tbe cotton cam .' from tbe Keu river. .NAVAL r.xexiiinox. The Hilled Ktat?s guoboatl r'owslip and Narcissus, blockading on Mobile, recutly went on an expedition up tho huculiuulf river. Kelt works, boats, terries, &c., were dcetroyed SUty pleasure ya< we.e captured, and two rebel i ftjccrw? Major l'oby ?n?l Lieutenant Wiikinaon. A seb'oeer whieb was in Port Bayou w?e d?stroyod by the rebels to p uvent ber falling into our bands. Toe Era, to giving an a count of Ibe < apeduIon. lays;?"lha inhalniai ta en lbs river banks rcoolvtd ua with joy, aod at si'tne p.acea (he I dies serenaded us " Our fl^ei are c instsntly cspturlug blncka Is ruboera at- ! tetapting t i outer Mubiie hai bor tii ( ov tsi wia?i-s rn. The sHsm l.sudls w.ia lired into on Thursday ' light, 'mm a rebel br? terr ?u the eu.t nuie t.f ihu river, | just above Water iniot. jbe was struck several timfn ' and is much >n urtst. Ye tci'i yi' Ullm ihu '*bl oni a force for the i pnrpuaeof dlw<Hering me atrci,,ih and position uf the enemy. Heavy #rmg wae h- ard at Purt iiudano during j the day, and u a au| p led Uial an ei gag< mant bad taken ph-ce. Ihe . e?e, h ! c ce waa aho fl ed u: ?>n tic same dev. Aiiatla<Uw i als<i m de at Im.ica Hei (1 nn the gunbnat Fragg. I also i<a n thai In t No 4 w?? Ured p. n | t n a ItV nalb t si? < Ar. I ha. our raralry in tne ne eblNwbood of Mor^auria are lonatihtiy scouring ihe <t-tiufsjr aud pieklcg up i-rnail , parties of Hbe ; The ft ic cay ibcy u ?de a rail on 1 lirease I ate, and va t iel ((.)obel Ibir. de, burg us ' i ell and aunt' er oitioer l?ei nging to the rebel army. im mi.iaai amii hi ,m saw oairaM lbs larg? rug store <.f M 1 ra. Abiama ha? iteen sei/ed 1 by ah e ? of the authorities here, it i? saiu tb.t la pa . q of I'liniae and Olher uial ahowRhste : bean sen; bey ,i,d .in Iiucn, and ibul there ta decotueu i lary uvldenes fiotit Geo. Klrliy Mnulb, bia urgeoo (>ene. | rsl nod otlure coanented wbh idis afair, which will I probably com ii t the kldAeie. Abrems and result in the ? uhHealidn of their il ni and two] ei ly. Mr. n'm, leung'i Urtpntth. New (ini.SA.NM, iuuo, IS, 1S94. coiost i. CHXiarian rtusaaNiM a muoioe. In tbe ft'Orgsnlr.siion of the cavalry, lbs Xenoad New Voek veteran regiment haa been atta< h?d to the Third brigade, and Uoieuel Obryatler aptioii.ied to ibe omn.nej J. orsira ml ?'argn. imorium to roar u, nnow. Bgnerel John MoNeii bae bees erdeftd to lege etnsgM j! at Port Hudson, relieving General Uilmann, who has boon la coot maud there during Uu nboonco of ti Moral Andre wo. General God by regards this aa a Tory Important and re epooolblo petition, mure so than an active command in the Held. the administration of General Mo.Vail, during the brief lime bo has had the direction of affairs In the Lalourcbe district, was so Judicious and popular that General Rey nolds, who has just boon assigned to duty In (he Hold, offered him the command of n dlviams. General Can by, however, thought ho could bo mors useful it Port Hud- | son, end (hither he goes Geoeral McNeil has established the mist perfect system of polios on tbo railroad between Algiers and Brarhier. | At every stallon be b j placed o strong guard, and men constantly patrol tbe road In hand ears. The General was j determined that the road should net be Interfered with If be had to fbrm a Due of battle extending its entire length. A OIU.AST MAT. A few dsysngo Captain l>a la Patonre"e, of tbs Vlcetl 1 oth New Yoik Volunteer?, reoently appointed by General McNeil Inspector of military guards along the Opelousne Railroad, learning that a force of about two hundred of tbe enemy bad crossed Grand I uke, with tbe Intention of making a descent on the railroad?, started from Tlgers vltie with a force of sixty men to interrept them. He marehed all night through a sr amp. knee deep In water, auprisod the rebels, drove them hack, killed aud wounded some and captured a captain, lieutenant aud six men. (iKXSRAI CAWCHOS COMMA*1>S mi I AlOl H' HB 1)131 H.OT General Oaar-nroa, of the Thirteenth army corps, suc ceeds McNeil as commander of the Lafourche d'striet. lie is an able and energetlo officer. VEICRASS GO WO HOME. Tbe First New Hampshire cavalry arrived from Mor g.ian-t yesterday. The* have re-enlisted as veterans, and will leave for houio Immediately on furlough. Two or three New York batteries have also rs enlisted, and may be expected borne soon. CATTCita or a is.i.v,.?ORr It Is rumored in town that the (nlied States steam tronsp'-rt St. Mary, from Brownsville to New Orleans, was captured a few days ego by soma persons who, upon taking passage, reprofcuted themselves aa Texas reiu roes I rum the persecutions of rebel barbarians. Whsti the vessel got to sea it was discovered they were rebel soldiers in disguise. They raptured tbe vessel end r,.n her into Gal voaloo. No particulars received. The rebel strategy In capturing tbla vcasct is equalled by their enlisting as t'nlon soldiers at C !ca?inu river and capturing two tin olflds. a lieutenant and twenty-five me-), who went down tboreon recruiting service. Military operations are unimportant. Ao occasional cavalrv racornowaance s made, which generally results in tha capture of somo few rebel officerx and men, but no sei ious flyhiiug. Major lTit?.'bertyf the Flshtesntb Now York cavalry, [ has usJh Appointed nty Trorost Marsh '!. ISXfsrRC or frflAMRfutK Major Pitcher, of the Proms'. M inimi's department, a ' . few days ago seized the Mississippi ftieiuiers Arizona and f Illinois, loaded with art I !es contraband 01 war, evidently I intended to bo landed at different points up the river, str i ng or a ? hoo.nsti About a week ago Ma,or I'ltcher, having occasion to suspect the schooner Planet of Illegal practices, ssUed , her and placed a guard on board. No evidence could be ; adduced sufficient to warrant her detention, acil tbe 1 guai d wis removed, a detcotive having previously ship ! ped as a "hand*-" on-board tbe ve?se). The guard bad . scarcely been removed ere several mysterious cases of | gooda were brought on board The new hand watched ! closely, saw the goods go into the held and ' the pai era into tbe captain's desk. In a very I short time thereafter tbe papers were in the hands of Maior Pilcjier, the vessel rcseizod, and tbe captain placed in close confnoroont. The cases were round to contain a very large quantity of drugs nod medicine?, including 0,000 ounces of quinine aud titty pouods of opium. The Planet was e'enred for Matamoros, but doubtless would have run Into G.-t'.vcston or gome other rebel port, as her cargo was intended for the use of the enomy. The custom bouse officials do not seem to have exercised ! thorough vigilance in tills ca-e, as the vensel was fur nished with a proper clearance. By this capture the author;! ;es got track of parties who have been selling for a long time to rebels along tbe river powder, lead, cap?, Ac., and in consequence several large houses have been closed, and their stocks wilt undoubt edly he confiscated a united stair- o*ri< iai. engaged in swindling thb OOYERNMCW. Major Pitcher has been exrroisicg great vigilance in the recovery o.' properly stolen from the government. Me baa taken in tha last two month? from obscure swin dlers and thieves upwards of four hundred and eighty hmses nod mules oiitemed in some surreptitious manner from Incle Ham-, and ho recently discovered that a in m in an olfclsl position was also encaged in the vary dis reputable business of stealing mutes belonging to govern meot. This man bad employed another to do ibe dirtier part of tbe work, while he pocketed tbe largest share of tbe spoils. Major 1'ltchor recovered from Ibis very up right gentleman forty-one mates. Flag Presentation In .few Otleant? ftpterU ? t General Bank*, ?We. [From tbe Now Orleans Tliueg, Judo 18 J Avery large audience assembled last evening at tbe ''ifrliwi sweet church to witness tbe ceremony of e (lag presentation Pom tbe ilotnodllts of New York t<? tboee of Be# Orlesiia. Tbe exorcises were opened l.y ;nt in T i nrr [j?lyT-fT'^'n" l-rayerby Rev. Mr. ttaae. The flag wa? then prosented. it bears ibis inscription:? //////?////? //'/// /^//'/ ////// { New York to New Orleans, J ; Hireling: ? J From the tVa'hingtrn Square 1 X M. K. Cnureb. J It was received by Judge Howell, wbo. In slew terse remarks and It. appropriate language, tcstiiied to tbe value 01 the cherished ;;|ft At Ibn cauclueion of Judge Howell's aJd-O'* Oneral Basics was loud'y ce'ted tor, had Governor llahn, Jaego lHirrcll nod fotnmi 't oner Shannon were api-olnledacom Diittea to rccor'. bim to the chancel, lUu band playing "Hall to the Chief." APDKK6H OK MAJOR orvfttA'. BAVgS. I am sure, Mr. Preside d, 'adiea end gooremen, that I ahou'd not have required ihe invitation with which 1 hive been honored had I felt, tbat I could rdrt nugnt to the eloquence o: too evening. Hut I c,n'e** itml I ;ecl * deep interest in H?e ympnlhy manireatod h.' the Metlio dbleofNow York lor tbe Methodists of New orients. 1 remember when twenty four year- ago. J h-a d Mr. Cal houn say tb?t th- th'Ui lies had bcon fevered, at <1 tbat it" further us. uranre was tended of tbe severance of the vtaii s. 1 wi.s glad to hear the ornt r of tbe evening say that thcro wits no animosity or malevolence in tbe min is of the North to tbe people ot Hie . outh. It is do voti in to a principle nd not malignity to a .-fate or to n people that animates ibem in tlii.- unhappy war. We are mlsuksa M wssnp ? e tbat kindness of bsarl Ies4a sn one iota from the rulo of right. This strife ran have but one end?the maintenance < f the Colon of these Slates and the perpet nation ol the principles on which that Union is founded. When tienor-l Hanks bad concluded the corgregitlbm w?a dismissed with the benediction, pronounced by Kcv Mi. blrong. The Murder of Officer Dnryss. f't'RlHER HE811MONT IK THK CASK?CAHILL COM* Mil IBP TO lite TOMBS. , For tbs last two Oava Coioner Xnumnnn bat been en gaged in taking testimony in tbe cafe of John Cabtll alia* "Nugs" Call ill, the young man recently arrested by officers Harris epd Yci miiyea, of tbe Eighteenth precinct, Ob Suspicion of tbe murder of officer George W. Dnryca, late of tbe Nineteenth precinct, by shoot ing, on the evening of tbe IStb ultimo. Nearly twenty witnesses were examined, among wbom wu John Con noli, tbe man arretted at the time of the murder. Pevd rat of tbe witnesses testified to aeeng the man who fired tbe pletol: but they were aneble (or unwilling) to Idcuti y the prisoner, Cehlll, as (bat man. Conneli voluntarily cod fai-aed to Captain Porter, afier three or four days Incarceration, that ?'Nitge" Cablll wu tbe man who shot tbe officer, but Conneli swore yrnterdsy before tbe Coroner tbat Cablll was not tbe man who oommltted tbe murder, although this prisoner is tbe only man known es ?*N"uge" tablii the oaly testimony of importance elicited during tbe invest |. gaticn, was that of Captain l'orter, late of tbe Ninet entb precinct, and Jobu Conneli, arrested at tb? time as an ac cessory to the murder. j<ub|n|ned will be found tho teeU mony of there two witneseee:? (ju i-o f Porter, being sworn, says ?I em captain of polios of the thirtieth precinct, on the IOth of May and to the 23d of tbat month I wu captain of tbe Nineteenth precinct; at the time of the abooting of Ihiryea I w >? in cixtb avenue, and until about three quarters of an it >ur afterwards when I arrived at tba station h? ;se I .'o u.d that Conneli bed been arrested, be woe detained at the ?tali >n bouse, by order of tbe < orcner, P?r sbmit s week, during tbe loauen. i bad several couvertaiiona with bim in that time tie appeared anxious to get bit liberty, end asked tne If tnare was no way te gain bis liberty. I told him lis wu m lbs hands ol tbe Coroner. woo until some thing occurred to bring lor ward tbr right man, I saw no probability el bit be ng released be nt first declined to tell me wbo the right man we*, he admitted th t he wae of a party in Jonee Wood, that lbs* leit the woods, and got into B"me trouble with a man ?ot the way to the cars; thai be bid a pistol, which had been given him bv one of the pai'r J.mniv Kiley, and was only h. nded to hipi to defend iiinf.elf with tbte atateirent, t believe, wee on the Brai or re r-nd day of bis being locked up Hcltooeld -nd my*elf went to eee bim about ibeion tb d r ol his cm fit.-ment at bieewn rep te?t he then elated that I: ifuwe anew of bis la ling, li would vet bun hi* life, that he did n't wst.t to be a wttr.eaa and known as *n<: i I told bim tbat 1 did n. t kn w ihat it would follow lb. t be wripd be required to teat'y tie th n tool me that "Nuge 1 Oth ill was the man mat shot t ot officer be gave' me hi* whereat,ot,tt ui Smauenib street, near First ave nue. nd described hie to.a and general sp, earai.oc. and tSi.t be wa< povkmirkod I believe this ataiemert wm made about the fourth day after hie arr et; I directed lio indrraua nctiufield to eoe t aptatn Cameron, of the It uieeutli t re. act. and bate one or two of his m<e i-it on the traok of (Mltiil tin Conned, rem'tag al '232 Mast Nineteen!! street, tulng aworo, sa>a ? up the lffih of May hit, the day that officer Purjea was -hot, I was at Jones' Wood, there wu? a young i?dy wtib rne. I dii'i Vaow her name: I left tba woods about els o'etaui P. M.; there wae ne one *Hb me al the time except tbe young lady : after I left the en d f got in tbe car, and obnerv lug a eiowd I got out to see what the muna was I saw a po'komin taking a prisoner away, end naked him If he wu going to take the prisoner In; he told nee to clear away, and I eta. led to catch lite car 1 had left; aa I wae going I bevrd two shots fired and sew tbe officer fall; I looked a little while before I fee for tbe car; theieepte ran after too when I mate away to tbe place wbare I wm ar oiled. I dnu't know whether they aonuae me ef *hf) ting any one or rot, I heard tbe potioeuira wm !#sd after 1 got to tbe atattoe bouM, 1 wm looked I ?p In tbe station house from that afternoon till tbn Satur day ? week after ti nt, 1 had ? conversation with tbn On# Uio thorn; I told blm that John Cab 111 wan tha man thai shot oiiicor Duryea; I don't ram mo bar whathar I told him I waa In tha party or not; t told him CahtU ahot tha sffl oar aa I axpm tod to gat out ;1 told him bo waa around tha First avenue, but I raid nothing about Kaiataantb atraet that I remember, I don't Know whetbar I raw Oahill that day or not; I dou t recognize the prisoner aa tba man that shot tba policeman;I know tha pnaoner?his name la John (Jobill; 1 belteva I called blm "Nogs" C'ahill to Captain Porter. I base known blm noma sli srslgbt m mu*: I think I should know tba mm who abot tba pol.ceman; 1 don't think 1 aaw that man before {meaning tba priaouari; I don't know whether?! eald I waa afraid of uiy life or not; tba man who ebot Dnryes was pretty tall, some five feat seven or flva feat eight; ha waa full found and pretty sluqt; I did not *ea whether ha bad wbitkera or not; bo nag a black Kossuth bat, hlaok frouk coat; 1 do out remember bis pasts. At tba eloeaet the investigation (ah IK was committed to tba Tombs. Hi* MMdo pteroeed to eater into bond* for bis future appearaitie to anst?er sny indictment which tba ' rand Jury may und again? I blm; but Coroner Nautnann reftined to libeiute Lira i n bail without first consulting with District Attorney Hall, lbs prisoner Conned wtd be hold-us a-wUuaaa. THE ARGUELLES CASE IN COURT. Hotion to Remove Indictment! Againit far ?hal Murray and Otheri from tb? ? General Sensioui to the United States Circuit Court. Argument of AKessrs. Svarts and Brady for the Defendants. Reply if Messrs. A. Oakey Ball and Judge Parker far the Peoples DECISION RESERVED. DISCHARGE OF JgE GRMD fVRY, No Action on the Suppression of the World and Journal of Commeroe, *?., *o.. Aa Before Judge r.ussei and Recorder HoRbtsn. ?Trim 24.?Ibis court was crowded this morning by members of tba bar and other citizens to bear the argu ment on tha motion to remove tba Indictments against Marshal Murray and others from ibe General Sessions to the United States Circuit Court. Mr. Murray was ropre sonted by (be following eminent counsel:?Messrs. Ja-t" T. Urady, Wm. F. fcvarta and C. J. Seward, son of Secre tary Seward. A. Oakey U ill, ks'j , was assisted by Hon. Araasa J. l'arkor in opposing the motions. Mr. Seward inquired i( It was agreeable to (he Court to have the motions to remove aud to quash tbe indictments made together. Mr. Hall stated that so far as be waa concerned he de sired to have both motions argued together. ' Judge Kuosol replied that the two questions bad better bi argued together. Mr. William M Everts then proceeded to open the argu ment on a motion to remove ibe indictments against Robert Murray and others, found nt tbe May term, charg ing them with kidnapping Don Joe# August In Arguelles to send him out of tbe State of New York. Mr. Everts' first point was tbat tbe application was made under tbe provisions of the fifth section of tbe act of Congress, passed M-irch 3,1SC3. entitled "An act relating to habeas corpus, and rszul&iing judicial proceedings in certain Ci?es." Ibe papers upon which the motion is made show tbe case to be within Ibe purview of that section The counsel spoke ot the ex'raoidinary powers which were ezercined by the federal government, occasioned by the existence of the rebellion. Ilia tecond point was that ''as It Is conceded that the laws of the United States witbiu and conformed to the authority of lb.- constitution of the Polled Stales are p?ram<>uut Ui nil oourts aud jurisdictions. tbe mot tea must ' <> granted, unlet? the sec t on f the set la question I* void lor repugnance u> the ooadtttMiimi." Third -That no such rapugnanoe exists, and tbat tbe aot o: Congress la vi id, so far a? ti rallies to the re m '?al ol n tivrt suit from the .-'tale . curt to ihe Coifed ftt-itct < ire-Jit Court, ha. been adjudged, u;ou g:rat cou side anon, by the geuarnl terra of il-r >uprenio Court of this di?trins. It ia reapeci'ully aubmltted that the ques tion with.ri the promis e of that de.-itnon sbrMd not bo j doomed an 0!><s!i cue in this o nit, I F?>i:th?The prctHiltl'ni up !i which act, the in tie appli cation t<> c vtl lulls, wai uphtid ns u nsntuti ml by tfin ; Hupreme Court of tbls state, w? that laid tl wo" ami I always adhered to hi* ibe fuprou e Court of the United Stat a In the rise of tklmrne ve. th? Hank of the I tilled 1 htaies?(9, t hlef .'us lice M r-li?ll, In de | llverlug the optuton o: Court, tuyt "'do pe.-ceire no ground up"b which the pi o, ostium ciu bo tnitntaincd that Congr-f* ts locapibia of giving the Cltcuit C"urt? orurintl jm i.-dictio i in any o<-o to which the appellate jurisdiction ectcudg." Ff!h?}a tbo Recti n of tho act la quc*t1on, In terms, provides M r the rcmnva; of crime* I pr ?crutl ms Horn tne St to to the V nited . late' (v.rts, the nly quo*tl? < h, whether n;t h pruvist it ;? wltrtu the iuttin-ity ;? tb-c n ?titntloB0t" the Cnlt'd Stttcy Hot noon the adjudlCMi ti j of the -uprente Uo 11 of ihe T till-d .Mate*, the answer to i that u'le-tlnn is to be sought In tne ?r to the ptes Mob^betber criminal pro cotillons iu the tatoc .ir.s, within t' e par?ir-,v id" this s-ctlon ol the u,-t o' istvr, a ? subject to'the appellate jurisdiciloa c! the t'ede-at judicial y. .S'>- A that crihnnal pneecut'.oos, wbe em iho lUM'leu of k'ttlity or not g'.lily turns up; n an ?? 'hutltr, right In jii'lltlcation, under a law in the com .! Mutton of tho Cinlod State*, aru within toe anpnilete juri diction, cannot bo doubled, oitiier u,>ou reason or autli olty 1 Nothing can ho m r? at v r ance with the para mount authority of tho federal gnvrrnrtiBnt than tbit it should he pog Hue that u man should he pun ished by a Mat- t 'ljrt a* a c.ruinil for an act o . joined, pervilttel or itstlll.-d si h duty or a right atirter the laws or constitution of the Co led State* 'to guard this pj.-aibili y the oppet! ?'? jaiheuictloa of the forte'??iI .jtidi'M ry is ie lulsitc, nr.d bag been ostab liihed. 'J. Ihe'-yercie o, this appellate urlsJtCltnn is frtnlltar, and Its const lutlouaiity has never boen jadi cUlly doubtea ?r discredited. ,s> ? n'*,?As. then, it cannot be doubled that a writ of errhr tr/lt! iw f? r?Yif<j b?*' re the sojreine court of the United SJat ??, the tin?1*iiid.iuotii of tne niplioat ?-/SiTrI Tn this ?'.tote, lu the ca? ? in which the present application li rnad ?, so it > ctabll-hed. by the de-islon of the para mount tribunal, that origin il Jurisdiction tray fie confer red by Ooogrnr< In the (ircuit Court tn sne.b r? e, !ty the act ot Congress of March r;, each jurlsatc tion lias brer c'tife rcJ on the Lotted Stales (droult jourtr, and the matt per and ?!>ot of a transfer to their jurlfdictlea provided. Mr. A. Oek?/ Hall, the Tdstrict Attorney, on behalf of the pcop'o, te-j ended in au able and learned argument. Subjoined are mo points which wercsubmlucd to and ar gued before he Court, not, howeeer,t-riatim, Mr Hall foil wmg the argument of Mr. Evatts tu tbe order bejire sea ted it;? Bnrrr or argi mie'st fob ritort.*. Tfit of flf .i'alr of At>" J'ofk v*. Nof tri Mnrreji and b.'t-rr.?tbo dependent, who Is Lnued Mute* Marshal bas been indicted tor tie forcible sci/ure and conOnemeut of one Argueiles, to. fbe alleged oifence is one eg?in?t the statutes of the State of Sew V^rli, end la not against any ledsral statute. A motion Is msdo to remove the Indict ment rom tbe .-'tale Court Into tbe I'tiitea Maici ('ircjii Court 'or trial: snd the app'lcatiob U haaod upon section h, chapter #1, ol the taws of the Thirty seventh Congress (March, The suppo-ed spidioeble irotlslons are as loliows:? ?re 3 And be It f rther ennctc-1, That If any salt or |n oitcctlun, cl>il or orluunil. ha* been or shall he cam msnced in any 8ta a eouit a^alimt eay, coll or mili tary. or againet any older p< iron, for nuy arre-t or Irnprls utiaiBt made er other trctpasaes or wr.maa dona or com mitted, or an* ect uiiilttad to ha dona, at aor time d urlug tn- i : ? *ent re he'lien, br ?Irtne or > nrtei eoiot >.f mr am nor ty dfrteed from ur eierciaed by or under tbe I'resmmit of the tin led Fiatae, or any act of tlougtcaa. anu the dalt iid act ehali, at the tine of entering hit appearam-e in *u- h court, or if ? icb appearance shall hat ? Pecs entered before the passage of tiila act, then at the nest ?? ?4?<>u of beemrt in a hi h aiich ami otpneeentlea la ponding (i e a pe't .ten, atatlng the ra ta. and rsr It- U t?jr ain<lat it. 101 tha remoral of the-viae for P 1*1 et the nest ?Hrettlt Ouitrt of ih I need Ntaies. tu be louden in ue dlatildl where tba suit Is teadin ?, and am r. al and au h m I lie | foi bla ing ta a .It court, on tbr f rat dat of Its aeaaton, cepteo of audi erereta and oiuar pruoaej ugkB<aia*t ft m, and a *o for at* ip.-wir log in uob ourt and rm-imi afeulal hail In the wait* If aperla' all wa o'ig nally ra pilred ibeiein. It ahal tt-ei, u the dut, of the Sta c tourt to a capt t .e aurrlr and pru?"ed no futther In 'he cause or 'i i<e<e.iiii.n. ' aBd iho l-ati thai ?ha 1 hevs l sen orhunnliy taken ahail he (t>* barged ami a el, copra heme lib >1, a a af<reg*ht. In ?u h uonrt at the L'n t?d State*, the cause annll prmeed therein in the aa e luant.ei as if it bad b? en nroagiit ib anhl ceatrt by or ginal proo-aa, wlia ever ma be in* Bninuot In dl*p out tba daumgf s e aimed, or whatev-r the eltl enshtt .,f tr* parlies. any fointer .aw to the tonvrai.r nBtwlinauied'im. ? ? ? ? rent in. Pirt'?This m'-tiun can he grimed oo'y through an ua eonstitntier al m pitcnit. a of (he toreg tng prr>?Isiona. I if the prayer of the peiitl- nor she uld he srsnted. e Btate will originally M?nd in tho Lmiert Metee tb suit* Coutt at piaipt.C. wilb one of her own c tiaans aa de fendant. X AuuKn ptlmary ?teto? of pertiee, eltbor In n c m or criminal contr ivers/, tn hoyuud the juOn itl/?r>*dii nor. granted By the tedernt uonstituM -n . B the oonetitutlrfinl teU In an appllcattoo'Prem e * ooiitreyorgy : rem a state to e federal J niton the latter original jurisdiction, b: oould tiie ooBtro verity romore?t^ ?ye been twtglnaliy ?'^*nc^ ;u U?e laltor trlbunalt (TCurlls- tXmrrwntar^ oB ^urWlnti r^ eee. Hi t onkiiug'e Treat lee ea '.1li* dtrtlon and Praotlce ol the Called 8Ulrt Loarte, 84 ed.# P' 4 ^ l et im rarer Ms the ronitllatiotial pMylaloos. Art Icle Z!? VSa ssvnd to an cue la law aaj aaolla arliitaa iinder this roastduUOn. tbs laws of Hw- I't iled ilalee shall be a part#; U eoetrav antes bet area twee* z^^a^Tus^rt^'a:^ srr.rsi same Stale efe co ngUoda under greau or dtfTei aaaaeStele eta a ?| lands under frenu of dlfTereal Stains. ?? Barn lat II ba conceded by tw that wherever (Ms oontrorsisy between tbe Stale and Murray Involves a 4e termluatluu of ooaatltutlooal questions adssraa ta Murray la tba Stats trlbuua! of last resort, then tba appellate Ja rtsdictton ot tba national Supreme Court may ba invoke* by writ of error. But tbia dtecusaloa solely relates tea claim of original Jurisdiction of the United Statan Cinema Oourt. e. Under whlcb aT the foregoing prorlrloaa or tba ana aiitullon could the State of New York have entered tbla Matter oourt, and have indicted Murray, bar own citizen, tor a state offence? 7. Whatever Judicial Jurisdiction to not granted by tba federal constitution rapreesiy, or by oeceawrf applioa tioo to tba federal courta, ezcluatraly belonga to tba Stat* courts. (1 Kent, 324.) S. The relation of tba States and the federal govern meat oa this subteet of Judicial Jurisdiction la, aader tba theory of our institutions, necessarily reciprocal. The forms* oaonot proavcuta for offence* against federal atatuioa, an* tbe latter cannot proaecuta lor offences against Slate sta tu tea. la cases "arising undsr tbs Iswa of tba United Mites" must ba originally litigated In national tribunal^ so those arising under Stalo law raii-t be o; lglualiy contro verted iu Stale tribunals. Tbe national aorernmeut la protected from State usurpation, and tba States are made recurs against I'adural Uomiuallon. Tba Supremo Court of tbe United Statos may be appealed lo by tbe national, or tbe State governments whenever either lufringe upas lbs cousti tut it net end approprlsto funottooa or tbe otbar. 9. It is evident, from considering tbe theory of tbis re lation. that, even when a constitutional status of parties exist, there may be no standing lor tbem In tbe federal oourls for want or jurisdiction over tbe subject matter. 10. ilence, although a State sup an alien, tbe latins cauoot always transfer the sub ect matter from tbe irtata to tbe federal tribunal. Yet, in that case, there would be an apparent right of removal under tbe constitution, be cause of a proper conjunction o.' parlies. 11. Ihn latter proportion was established In RespuM Ilea va. Cob belt, 3 Dell if, 470, and the subject tnaitaa of lbs Bull merely savored of criminality. William Cob batt bad been sued in as action of debt by tba .stale at Pennsylvania, npon a broken recognizance for good be havior He petitioned to bava it removed fur trial lata the United States Circuit Court, on tbe ground thai be was an alien, and, under tbe concluding sentence of sew 2, art 8, supra. Tbe removal was objected to. Mesarft lllgbinan, lewis & Kawle, of Pennsylvania, and Harper, or Mouth Carolina, argued In favor of tbe removat Messrs Iogersoll and ! alias argued agafojt It. Xberi UQB. 6t<cau4e Cobbett was a was color for tba appjtcaitq 'foreign jjylpaji,*1 and because be was defendant i* fui of debt, the Court, per McKean, Ch J., c< ilOlfm of debt, the Court, per McKean, Ch J., cn? eludes Its opinion aa followa;?'? But that neither the constitution uor Congress ever contemplated that ~ "* U ?T any court undsr tbe United States sboubl cognizance of asytblng savoring of criminality against a State; that the action before tbe court isoy a criDiinnl nature, and tor the punlsbmmit or a orlloe against the State, th it yielding to the prayer of the put turner would be highly lnrnv. u.eut In Itself, and in.iwt ous in tba precedent; and tbe rec. gnlr.acce of It wo?14 not bo accepted by (lie Circuit Court, if sent totbora, for even oouoe: i oannot con or Jui'isdlctlun. for those reg ions, and others, omitted for tbo sake of brevity, I conclude the prwycr of \\ Hilhut Cobbett oannot b4 granted " 12. Ting lib examination of the case of Cobbett showy that the court, although satisfied of the general rights <f ? an alien to force bl3 State antagonists Into the Inderal court, doubted bis constitutional right so lo do when tba subject matter ot the suit was an oiteoce against State law. How much more should tlits Oourt doubt the cow sitiutiooality oi uov removing a controversy whorela there is a defect of parties, with also a delect of autyeol matter f feccwif?So far as this State is concerned the question Is an 'original one, nndaracei.t decision of tbe Supreme Court In this district, approving a removal of an aotkaa from tbe Male C urt Into the Culled States Ctrentt Court, under the cited la tv of 1303, does not bind this Co art against entert ilclug the question. 1. The case of Jones ve. coward, wherein that decision was rendered (26 How. Pr. Hep. 433), was one which could have been originally brought in tbe oourt to which It wis removed, bec.iuse there an Individual plaintiffss4 an ind.vidua! defendant isina, and eirh wuro citlzeusof different States. Ilence It Tell wltblu tbo provision of tfew ConstHuti n allow Ir g a citizen of one State to sue a citisaa of another Btate In tho Colled States Court. 2. And cases from other States, which may be cited aw arts!-, g between Individuals, full wilhlu the same tb tlsction. 3. Om'ttlug tbe momentous and lutorestlng oonslderw tloog which a; Ise from tbis attoinrt of the general gov ernment to control, If not to subvert, State sovereignty, there was a bare legal apology for asking that .lone* ve. Seward should be removed b,-cause (edoral legUlatinw amply secured to the piaintlil bia rights of procedure against the defendunt, and there was In the court no dm fact of power to determine the controversy. Put the aol ef ltfl.t, under which this claim of removal l< made, doaff not?to bridge a long chasm or intermediate di Honitlea? provide how tbe offender against a State statute sball I sentenced If convicted. Iu short, whilst tlio analogies led 14 of Htate procedure have been legislatively appiie ! civil suits when removed from Mate to federal tribunal^ n no such bare bom applied to criminal proaeoutleas. And who cotild pardon? | ThtrA?but. if there was not a failure of constitutional 1 power respecting ttila motion, It should be denied for waul of the nooeesary eoabiiog legislation by Congreah 1. Recanee, even If a Stale may constitutionally few i allowed to sue Its own citizen civilly or criminally la ? ' led-rni court, as a matter of jurisdiction, Iks j Btste must, nevrrthn'oss, ho expressly authorized and en ' ab'ed, by an actor Congress, to commence swab salt. ! (I or W-o-bliurlon. .1.. fialo vs Pnboook. 4 Wash. 0. C. Rep.. p. 200. Mid 3. p. 845.) 2. C'.-ug ws mi ay have Intended, hy tbo Invoked itotML ' to r'?rco a trIn! hy n federal court. of ?tate mdlclmooU I agaicgt 'edorai ?tbcUla, Ac. Tioubties. such n guardlea ' *)i |i edtcal tre.-pa-sera might prove agreeable and Mr . vtccaMe to the administration. Rut tho Intentles it not I on ried ill by Ibo ; revisions. To effectuate it somatbiag ; in ro of legislation Is needed than do onnctinent to re j ra ve iin> criminal pgnaooaHQB against an iHepI federal 1 wrong tlner. 1 here must be enabling legislation wble* I ih.ll i r vide for the anomalous stoma of a State prose | catln ? n title oftondsr In a national court. Had this beea dene, ilion there must havo b'eo further kvisluttoa Which should irovtdo lor prams* to cnmpol tbe ofktnder'a appearance, end also Tor an application of tbo .-tale pua i inlir.ietr. by toe lertsral.iungo to t lie o- nrtc'Ion In n fe4? oral o.iurt not permitted without expree legislation tr notice Alto pr ccdtire 3. i'ho rtutmry of 18W, as well as prior r.talutoe, prr i side for tii I'e'i. iTilualli i. of private controversies, hat 0 t lor ihr lirterminatioo of finch ,t controversy as la row al t! e ti ir of th r court 4. is It not clear thai, should this Indictment be r? nnired into ttio tinted >ikIia Circuit Court, the latter mu t ram i. t It for want of there very provisional I'vrtk.- rturefore, waiving all tbo inlercatli g toplCT of and ill miration v. blub nre suggested by the lur.i'y startling provisi-naof the federal st.itute id quaa tIon, the concl sinos ot the court should bn:_ 1 Th*t the motion miint tie denied, to grut it would be to make ..a unooutlitutional application of the clte.1 ? '(;l (13. :l ih-1 it no aucb ooaslltnllona] barrier exist*, the eeo tl n 1. e.s not aa runt tbo mutton in inch a case as Is rear betura tbe ronrt C. Ttmt defendant mutt answer the Indictment. Atllatuf llii-: Indictment uppropi rifely raises, in SB Spliropt i ile tribunal, this question:?'Tan Congress allow a federal official I jus'.i y tils iinconKUutloD'iltrespass by pkl.'iDg uncooslltlitlopal losl'uctl ns of tbs f'ranidentr" SO d'spassioDate citizen wtil doubt that this momi ousts 1 c .uiHi'd'.e ini|.sriially d.sjus'od and dec.ded la iCc-o time* or exocotlve luii iem e at tbo hsr of a Stale [ r Ui'l rut tier linn it Hie bar ? a l Jeral tribunal. | lion, '.m-st J. Parker then addressed tbo court as length, the points of hi? orgauieot being, t rsf, that re cane tins yet url eo under a law of vli# Tolled Staler j wkbin "hj third srtlo'e of tbs ooMtltuttor by winch this apple" i mil is lv''1 tested. Pecond?That It the set as J 813 g e-heyoncf tnit cpf'tllntlonal provision It Is voM. Third?That the only rem?'.'.- el Jh* ^J'^Mit. If bs baa aoy.U a*,-?l!ate, lifter a decision In ibs State eoarfc I'ourtb?That the act of 18M s ertlrefy inapplicable ?e luls eve, because, flrst, it did not costtinpiais acaMsi (rial of an ind>otmenl. Pecood?No Jurisdiction to try aa offence created by a Htste Hat'.to could possibly be glvea to a ('sited Ruts* court. Third?The act of (Yngraar was framed only with referees to the inbelllon,and lbe set of tbs dsiendHDt complained of bag no corrsctfee with that matter Ur ilvaris replied, sod to tbeccnrM of bis rsirrrtr aa *l that It was Important fhat thn federal govornroeal, du: log the pendemy of the rebellion, should dieara and displace the interfarencs or foreign gevernmsaia lh? integrity and power of this country, sod thai (be mstntoaanee of such reiatlons as ahaii preclude evea 111 sircctfon and ruptures of reiailons was purely a quar tern <f sxecutlva discretion. At the conclusion of Mr. Urnrt's argaaent Mr. Bardr. In rsi>l r to a su.'gMilon thrown out by Recorder Hods man, said that the rule in federal courts was in variably to recosoixe tbe constitutionality of tbs decisions of IM btale courts opuB label questions. .fudge Ru??cl announced that bs wo dd confer wtlfe hl? sesoolatdnnd render a decision on ibis motloa aa Vi cdnes iay, the dub of July, If the dsclsioa were favors abla to lb' II at motion, bo - aid It would bs unnecessary to urgue the motloa to quash the indictment. ri'jcrrosiMXNr or thk cuxor usbl stnr. At tbo onerIny of the court this morning Dletrtol Afe toruey Hall stated that the caes which was set dewsi especially tor Tuesdny rtbe indictircnl against Mr. J"ba * Ian- y lor an alleged linel on the Oouat Jobanara) ceaM rot be tried to ounae ntencs of the llineae of Mr. Claaey. < cunl J- bamne remarked that It was not Mr. Claeey thai waa to be tried So rati b ss him; Its further posa rooen.ent would Infii t an Injury uMa himself and famlty. ? Ld ir be had any newer aa a cltlxee In tbb cotirl be aekea that the rase *h uid t roceed. Mr. Hall replied that his rstlon?* wss tried in eerertl w?vs, and he was ibe best Judge of when the ea*e sheeM be nr'oiighl to trial. judge Buasel anteust ed that be did not Inland to try any bail >-aa?? during tbe nxmihs of July and August, aaA tbe i as- weald tlirrerors go over till H,s Rcpiemher term. Tbe petty .,?ry werediscberged for tbe teitn. H4)?n?HT I* A Jrwat.hv nruns. Rerauel >. nsieborg s gont'wl :-<< kina young rasa, pleaded guilty to gr ind l .rceoy. in stealing user lw* tb<uissod dollars' worth of '.ewelty from his wmployer, Mr Ail >iph Bainsrd, who keens a store in ttroudway. ih.- the t was commuted over n roar sgo, hut la* prisoner eluded tbe uTi-ort of the law unit! recently. .Indie r.u-.ol sei.t f aibherg to the tftate Prison for three yrare and six tnnnlbs. kaie in the afterm-en the Grand Jury presented a batch of lUdiotratals, and wsr* d>?caargrd tu rn further at letdance Mr Hall ataie.l that at the oenineotement of the terat the sttoidion of tbe Orai d Jury war called by the Coart m ill'- ct-iniouBioaliou of tbe chief Vxecutlrs oi the Stela rel it.vr to the suppreee-on of certain newspapers, tnosg ihe hills and actions winch wers returned islo eoerl this merning wse a resolution by th# Grand Jury whleh ra.rbt or might net be baaed uuoa ?<ich dltfersaess of opinion as did sot render it advisable or possible to sot ah thia term definitely upon tbe tuggastlons of the Court. He (Mr Hell) bed nothing to do with that; fee whatever tbev did short of their punlie setton he ossld not speefee but In regard to the resolution (whlub be thee reed) ha des'red to say that he would, at the opealam of the eeert on tbe next Grand Jury, respectfully again nail the mm tlon of whionever of their boners sslght he Sitttag, m? again lay the matter hefere the GrMd Jgry. Tbe roiewicd la Nr. M i eowatsalaatl4 ta Ike

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