Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 26, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 26, 1864 Page 1
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w WHOLE NO. 10,145. NEW YORX, SUNDAY, JUNE 26, 1864. PRICE FOUR CENTS. 54.. ."1 yOUPg BTXTRACT8. BLOOD. BLOOD Mood. BLOOD. BLOOD Jlood. BROOD. BLOOD BLOOD. bSood. BLOOD Blood. BLOOD. BLOOD Blood. BLOOD. BLOOD. BLOOD. BLOOD. BLOOD Blo6d BLOOD. BLOOD. HELttBOLDB VXOM> KXTBACT BAB8AFAB1LLA. WROTJJ'l ep- _ FLUID UTBAOT Tarhaparilla, HKLMBOLD'8 nvID JUIBAOT BAR8APARILKA, HBLMBQLD'B FLUID BXTRaS? BAltBAPABILlA, jfrrjN**?ng the bleod, nmostng *H chronic eonetllutioaal imiifl erfKng from as Impure state of the hloed, and the in >7 reliable aad effectual known remedy fbr the cure ef Berefala, Beald Bead, Salt Shewn, Peine end Swellings ef We Bones, CMeretlone ef the Throat end Lege, Blotches, Pimples ob the Pace, Tetior, Arylpelae, and all Scaly Brup Sensed the Bkm, AMD BEAUTIFYING THE OOttPLBXION. ' . .... MOT A IBS 0f the wont disorder* thet afflict menklnd arls^ from the 'ganmprton thet aocnmuletee In the blood, Of all the die kmriei that bare heon ntarj.a ta purge it out, none can equal k OSeet HBLJIBOLD'B Cyil POUND EXTBAOT OP &AB uPABfLLA. ItclegPhes aad renovates the blood, Insula We tiger ef health Into the system, and purges out the ! Santera which make dieses*. IteUneuletea the healthy J Pmetions of the bed;, and expel* the disorders thet grow pad rankle la the hlood. Such a remedy, thet eould be re- 1 Bed oa, has tqgg been sought for. end now, for the Bret Bam, the public hare one on which Uiey can depend. Our S>ee beta dees not aaatt of cerltlloetee to show its effects, Sat lb atrial of a single bottle will show to the sick that It pi tes t surpass!ng anything they hare erer taken. ( tabtoepoonefUl of the Bstract of BareapariUs, added Sapxl ef water, is equal to the Lichen Diet Drink, and bottle 1a fnllr equal te a gallon ef the Byrup of Garsapn SBSt, er the deooctlon, ea usually d?i|s BKLIIBULDS FLUID EXTRACT BUCHU, jPpr IrfSatlon, Inflammation or Dee ration ef the Bladder I Kidneys, Diseases of the Prostate Gland, Stone in the r, Calculus, Gravel or Brick Duet Deposit, end all die OOMS aad affectloae of the Bladder *Dd KHneys, aad Drop koM BweUinga existing in men, women er children. BBLMBOLD'S EXTRACT* BUCHU, ?SUBBOLD'8 EXTRACT BUCHU. HBUgBOIdl'g EXTRACT BUCHU, HKLMB0LD8 BXTRACT BUCHU, |W weak usee arising from Habile ef Dissipation, attended %Mh the follewlng symptoms ?Indisposition to Exertion, JUae ef Memary, Dimcult7~ef" Breathing, Weak Nereee, Shambling, Horror ef Diseaee, Dimness ef Vision. Wake ktoem, Pala In tkefBaek, Unlrereal Lassitude ef the Mue Whr 8yetcm, Bet Baade. Flu-hlog of the Body, Dryaese ef Win, ' PALLID COUNTBBABCB. PALLID COUNTENANCE. PALLID OOUNTBNANCB. PALLID COUNTENANCE, PALLID doVNTENANCIh PALLID COUNTENANCD Vheee ermptoaw, If allowed te go ea. which this medleiae fUtdebly removes, are followed by Fatuity, Epileptic Pile. In aae of which the patient may eaplre. Who can say that Map are aot freq tently followed"by thorn ' direful diseases," "IB8AVITT ANd"cOH8UMPTIOIH" -INSANITY ANBCONSUMPTIONr' ?INSANITY AND CONGUKFTIONT" -INllANITY AMD"cONSUHPTIONf" I'IBBABITT ABD~CONeUBF?OBt" Roes in >*tn of Ik* mom ef their aaffertns. The ^peseta ef the ln*aoa a*ylunas end ike meianchetj death* IhMh eeneuMpUon heer unit wltneae ef the eeeertiee. gR??ee*tlwUon one* affected by organic vuIbw require* ^e iM ef inedietm* to etrengihen acd h>r<corat* the eretea*, BBLMBOLD 8 HXTR.ltT BUOBU RELM BOLD'R BXTRAOT BUCHU niJISOliD'H EXTRACT BUCHB Imrhtl; kw BRLMBOLD'H EXTRACT BUCHU MUtMUTI BXTRAOT BOOBP MBLMBOLD'S RXTBAOf BUCHU fcklhll'W' '? leMeead eder.aad mora Mroeetkca tvMas e?y *f the prepnratten* of IRON BR BARB. Per a*** itfirhi MOB BBOKRN BOWN OR DBLIOATB 9CRBTV TUTl'obg, Week vheterer sense, either Is HJrLB OlTpRIkALBL It wtUgtre roe A ROOD AEPBTlim wn |<T*)*n mom, bealtbt bbrvrr. Will gte* r*e BRISK AM) BRBROBT1C ?RF.LM*OR Aad will arable yea tc ?lbbVwblu MBBB BKT1UOTB Bavr SBRfr ADMITTED fO Nltl TBI uNITRD STATS* AHMT, ut >r* also In Sot general nee Si *11 the STATR HOSPITALS end ftJBUO BABITABV 1RBTITUTIOMR through ul the blA n* well ** in Bttrele practtee, end ere oonetderod BWHIh rnmedtee. See Medleel Preperiie* of Bnehn, PROM DI?rKSSATORT~oirTHR 0M1TBD SRATPR In* Ppefeotor OBWEB'8 saleable work* en the Fine Bee ef Ph *1*. See remark* made by the tele celebrated Or. Phytic, PVbtd*lpkla. Be* remark* made by Or. Bnhrelm HrDeweli, a relet) r* I ad i hr*i*tan, ami member ef the Royal College of Bmcenna. trekked, and pabllebed ta the ffanaeoUona or the K<ea aaa tpnae JenruaL See MedtraChirargieal Rrriew, publish ad by Benjamin ?niaa, PeUem ef the Bejel O'Jlepe ef He resent Bee aieat of the late BUn?u7d~VTerk# ef MedMan PBICBR, BXTRAOT BBOHB, SI pirTottlr, er Mi for ?& AAMAP AS1LLA, SI parjtouie, or ,ia for $& Mhsil te any eddraaa. seen* sly parked. ASdrea* letter* far tnfermatten to fltMOlDT DRUG ABO UKSMIOAL WAR!HOURS, BRLMBOLO'B ORUO ARB UHBMIOAL WaBRBOVIB, ?RIMBOMl'S DRUB AMD ONRMIOAL WARBBOUSM, Be, ast BROAUWaT, R To at BR IM BROAD WAT, B. T? or ** m bboaTwat, b. t., ** RBLMBOVD'R MEINCAL OR POT, ? BUIBOLD ft'ViolCAL OBTOT, BKLMBOLD'R~m1TdiOAL DEPOT. Be. IM BOBTR nAhVlim, Philadelphia Be. m SOUTH TBBfH RTRPBT. Phtledeiphte mWAAM 99 WPS.RC1 _ who ee'trarer te ?ppee jf TRete own and "ether ill ORB. PETERSBURG Another FJjtnk Movement on the Left. The March of the Second* ?|fth and Bixth Carpi* w>^ww^r?-vvvn y Additional Detalla of the Ope vat ion. Cutting of the Railroads Lead to?; to Weldon and Lynchburg. 'THE FIGHT ON WEDNESDAY How the Gap Between Wright and Bir ney Occurred, and the Result. The Rebel Corps of A. P. Hill ' Pieroe Our Lines. Reinforcements of tlie Ene my from the Southwest. The Amtont ef Damage I ? flic ted Upon Our Treepi. Repulse of a Second Attempt to Break Our Front THE GAP FILLED BT THE RE8EHVE. Genera) Advance of the Whole Force Afler the Fight. Operations of the Gunboate on the Appomattox. Bereism ef the Daien Officer* Re leased hem Richmond. " Death Bather than the Idbby Priaon," THE HERALD DESPATCHES. ?PKRiTMMS ?r THE SECOND COEFfW A*. Vlmloy Anttrm'i Dupatdii. Bern* Fhld, Nmi Pitwipm, 1 Jin* U-ll P. U. J MAJIODFO ITT m FLAWI?TUB BAIL10AI*. A f OBCld?r?ble portion of (br army baa boon on tbe march today to exrcato aaotber flank movement. The ind object h> view Moma to bo to opera to agalnat tbo enemy's ecmmunieattma from tbo aouth of Petersburg and Richmond. ?booM wo go Id pooa?too of all tbo rail roada ruling northward Into Petersburg wo would Inflict Incalcuufbto injury on tbo onomy, and porbapn no aaaitato Bin 1 named lata abandonment of Richmond. Of tbo four rallroado oonvorglag at Potorabnrg, and theneo branching off la dtftorenl dtroctloM aoutbward, tbo City Point and tbo Norfolk roada are alroady In oar bonds. Only thou two rallroado bare boon inelnded in tbo tine onr army baa bitborto bold In front of Potora bnrg, nod for aome time past they bare boon of bat little oonroqneneo to tbo onomy. Two others are still open, id are of grantor service to him, namely, tbo Weidon aod tbo Danville rallroado. H tbo present operations? daslgnod to give op permanent poaseaalon of Imoo roads likewise are entirely aooeoosfai, tbe dbet will be to pro ? vent aoppHee from roasting Richmond. ran oacom coare is ran anvjiwm. Tbo Reoond eorpo baa led tbo advanoe In tbla Important lovoment. Laot night Bur as Ida's eorpo relieved It from I to former poo It ion lo tbo lino, and taw morning general Biraoy commenced moving towards tbe Jerusa lem plonk road and tbo Weidon Railroad. Tbo move ment lo participated to by other portions of tbo army. Tbo troops hero boon marohtng all day In tbo scorching sua, and tbla evening the Reonod eorpo w to lino of battle to Ipo new posit too to which General Hondo aoslgnod it cavAiav eooonno ihtw?a ami. none* currimso Tiunng tbo morning detachment# of aovolry end nmafl footing parties were sent ont abend to discover tbo bear logs of rerUio farm and foroat roada, and to learn lha location and oeoervs tbo movemcnta of tb? onomy, Om of theee pastiea cnaehtsd of Usatenmt Colonel Mor. gaa, Maior Angel and Uaptala Wilson, of Ctaeral nan nook'a a la f, and Captain MeMiebaal, of general Rtrsay'a. Aci unposted by some arderlteo, they rede ont in front for tha parpoae of obtatolng Information with a vb>w to tbe formation of the new torn of batUo, when they auddanly oame open a small paly of tbe enetny and oaptarad every one ef them. Tbe robots wera vory anob chagrined when they fraud tbo pooillen they worn to, and bow anally tbsy bad been septum! They belonged to Hill's onr pa of Ioo'a army. two seowr?rot s's ooMMAon .foiwrso um. Tbo general imorenolno Is that tbe mam body of tbo rebel Amy of Tiagu la la optxwhif we in onr immediate front largo bodies of rebel tmosa have been moving fW oor loft, ead tbo result or raenonoloeaorae made to-day m tbto d raetlon drnwrnatraten tbo fact that that port Ira of' tbo enter Una of the Petersburg defeases not to oar pea mm tea has roooally nosn Mronglbohod, and to sow irmly bold by the (iririr. Tim dirt*too formerly nnmmanded by tbo latw Reverend r?bel General RMtnp loon id at Pelb arrived to Polorahnrg, it to mid, on xatmrday, from Joba mmrt army to tbo Wsot. Tbla divtokva, > food to at least itwo eorpo od Loa n army, Hlllto and Iragatroot o, Wtoe's brtoodo and tbo rotaftoreomonto foa North end latdb ftoroltoo, nnosr Boo* regard. will nagaoaltoaably swell tbo for os op pes ad to aa to omelderablo umbers. Ih? the slab hem roolotarae abown thta aftarnrah to th* ml oonos of oar oblrnaiohf a, a bh><dr baltlo on this mme dtolegrensd In not a| all Improbable) and tn,ii l.o no ?uteri* sibootod. T55j CONTEST ON WEDNESDAY. The 6cm of the Recent Flank Movement?The Weldtn Railroad Cut Where the Fight Teok Place?The General Advance, &?. jtjxctww op m neon win txn at tbs rims in sixtb CORPS. Toward evening the lines In front of onr now posi tion were formed by Major General Biroey, and tbo skir mishers of General Gibbon's division of the Second oorps were connected with those of General Griffin's, of the fifth, which had marched from Its former position, ox tending to the left of the Fifth corps lino, and wbihh moved into position aboot tbo same time as Gen Gib bon's. General Griffin's division is formed on the right of the Jerusalem plank road, and the whole of the Second corps, temporarily commanded b/Major General Blraey, Is In position on the Aft. Gibbon's division holds the right of the Second oorps lino, Mott's the cen tre and Barlow's the left. While the dispositions wore being made Barlow's lino was somewhat ahortoned In order to leave room for the Sixth corps to come in be tween his left and the Weldon railroad. Rlckett's divi sion of the Sixth corps is now taking np Its position on the left of Barlow's, and the remainder of the 8ixth corps will probably have extended the line still further at an early hour to-mornew. Thus, while our line baa been prolonged to the left, the right of the army will be protected by Smith's corps and other trope which are taking tbo place* of those that have just assumed the new poet of honor In this latest flank offensive move ment. two nwnsi woaxs is oca raosi?m country skocwo Tbo rebel works directly In our front extend along the crest from Gregory's to Elves' Residence, and form a pari Of thet seal-circular ebatn of fortification* tbat appear in front of Petersburg, from the Appomattox on the right to the Appomattox on tho loft. This section of tho country is varied with wood end meadow, end fine fields of grain; bnt there are not so many streams as In other portions of Virginia. We esn distinctly see U>* rebel works from some poktts, although at present out lines ere formed for the most pert In thick end heavy timber. As e general rule the works ere con structed oo eotnmanding placet, where extensive open lelde spread out >c front of them, end over which an at tacking force moat necessarily advance. Several hun dred yards in front of the main defensive line the rebels have skirmisher* end sharpshooters concealed in rifle pits tbs crops awn tutor msrosai. It has been particularly noticed In this vicinity tbat while there ere occasional corn fields to be seen, the princi pal erep this year la oats. Inqnbles concerning tberea. eon why there is each e email amount of corn and tnch e largo amount of oats have elicited the a newer, that the eats have bene sown by order of tho rebel governmeot, so thet there would be en abundance of forage this sea son for the rebel cavalry horses. Te the same anthorlty la attributed the fagt that the ice honses which we find throughout this portion of the country have been filled, probabW in anticipation of nalog tho Ice for tho comfort of tho robot wounded. But the oats are eaten by our horaeo, and, la torn# instance*, the lee to appropriated and relished by our seldlers. vim corwTRT rbrdwrcsn r-wnmr. Almost tt?j bonsn we come to Is entirely deserted. There are many elegant reaideneee in thte aection of country, end some beer the internal evidence of hasty evaenaiton. From totelllgence Juat received from retere bnrg we teem that the former eecupante of throe coun try places have gone Into the city, where, in rome in ?tencee, several famines are crowded mte one bouse. H la a lac said that the threatening peaitlen of oar army. the arrival ef large reinforcements of rebel troops, and the Influx of those mral refugees, have greatly cootribeted to the scarcity ef food, and living on half rations rraatet considerable consternation In Fetershnrg. sam nan nra. When the lines #f tbs different dkelstona of the Second sorps were formed this sftersoso, ear skirmishers were thrown forward to within n few hundred yards of the enemy's skirmish line, outside has works, and r oes that time, for several boors, the skirmishers on b."b ?Mra have been exchanging abate. Geo. Harlow met whh considerable) resistance from dismounted rebel cavalry la advancing his line He won cam# In sontact with the infantry. Artillery and musketry war# teed on both sides, and the eklrm letting was vary spirited for some lime, After Barlow's line bad strsck the enemy's Infantry im further advance wm checked, Subsequently the enemy made an attack on that portion of our front and was baedsomely repulsed.' The enemy a lose was con siderable. That In tbs 8#cond carps will pnbnbty not amount te more than e hundred killed and wounded among them M Lieutenant niaeb, one of General Barlow's aids-do camgi, wbo was slightly wouadsd In thaabooldar. A fow prisoner* wars captured, Inoladlng the rebel Colo eel Baker sad his adjntaat, of the Third North Corollas regtmeai Csiessl Baker was drsassd la a new sad slo gan! rebel uniform. eon uwr rum TwauTswno The position of affairs at this time oompelled General Biraey te reaaane the line he had occupied in the morn ing, and throw hit left a little to the rear In order to pro toot tbo lank. Hk bell's eivielon, ef the Sink enrpo, and Oowolnahield's rquadreoa of oovelry, worn at tbo aamo time piaeed In poaMtea, an aa to aim farther cover the Wt leak and rear oalll the other divisions ef ike ninth corps should have taken their pnattkma In the tsteodlag llaa. Thin wan Um paaltlcn of the 8enmd eorpa wbee the eperalleee elosed far the eight. The demoeairatloee to day are only pretmiaary to the eleaer sen SMI which we aalleipete te morrow, I Baffin Ftm.n Naaa Fvrw*<wao, 1 Jaws Si?U so P. H. J Jn the sparatkois ef sir army aronsd Fettrshnrg thin mi bean a strange and eventful day. Daring all this alter seem and avsatsg there has been eenitaaoao Sfhitog an ii'issn1 portion ef the Noes. Night hen elwed span e day M Str ang endeevor and of settee, and yet N Is wtab great istusMnaa that we ON era forced to the eoaekwSw that aotstog vtf ptoatMai miwrtaaee haa been areeaepliebed. Tha hwirtnae nf war, however, awe eseeedtogly preen rtaea,snd'lf It happens MM to-day the advantage may bean the mrnaay e aldo, it ?quiteas prehekle thai to mewrew is ?B ho en corn. TBI WMLDO* RAILROAD COT?BOW nil GAP OCCCUBD BS !?n Buunr amd weighs. During laat night the Sixth corps bad moved to the left and massed at the Williams House. This morning Wilson's and Kauts's cavalry had oat the Weldon railroad, so that orders were at onoe given to snsnend the demonstration in that direction and swing the left of the Second corps round, bo as to develop the enemy's works in front of Petersburg, without regard to the cennection of the Sixth corps upon the left. The prine pal portion of the corps was soon moving further to the front. Gibbon was already in po sition and Intrenched, for laat night be had advanced as near the enemy's intrenchraents as he ooold get wllhoet bringing on a heavy fight Mott and Barlow pnabed for ward their linea of battle, with a heavy skirmish line tn front. tub anviscn or tbb bwsmv. Ifott was partly In position and intrenching, and Bar low was nearlng the creet in front of the rebel works, when he encountered a heavy force of the enemy march ing down io column by brigades, with the evident inten tion or piercing our position at the interval which now ex isted between the left of the Second corps and the right of the Sixth. The Second, Third and Fourth bri gades of Biriow's division formed hs front line; the First brigade, under General Miter, being held lu rear as a reserve. In thia assault by the enemy the rebel Genera) WHmi'i tirKlon, marching la three brigade li-'OS behind a heavy cloud or skirmishers, led the advance of Hill's veteran corps. It was early In the afternoon when the head of (be rebel oolnran struck at onoe the right of the Sixth end the left of the Second corps. The rebels pushed on with characteristic perti nacity, and the shock was soon fell on the flanks of both these corps, The position which they oacupied rendered it imperatively noc-saury that tbey should immediately withdraw the flanks that were thus exposed, and fill op the existing gap by making a connection with each other along the line or intrenebmentq in the rear. tub uamaob lanicTxn ht Tits fa SHY. While this was being done, however, the enemy lofiiet ed considerable damage on our men by his murderous Ore, and captured several bnndred prisoners from ua. Tbo assaulting oeiumn csme down in a diagonal direction, and, as it happened, struek the flanks of the divisions, which were disconnected, and hence the disastrous consequences which enseed. These were the forced retirement of Barlow, the hasty withdrawal of Mott and of part of the left of Gibbon, and the loss of Ibur guns. The enemy swept down oyer the ground our troops hsd left, taking quite a number of prisoners as be advanced. Pressing on still In a diagonal direction, the column soon came to Glbban's line, the left of which suffered somewhat from the shock. The right neld Its poaMDu with determined courage, and poured a murderous fire M> the advanclog force. The musketry was terrific on both sides. TBB CArTTKBI) OCRS?S1UTBRT OF TBB OrnCRRS. As the enemy swept over the aogle which marked the I?rt of Ibe division tin*-, lie eaveloped a battery of four three inch guns, which occupied as advaacsd position behind the parapet, and almost before tha officers vara aware of the ell nation of affairs the artillery waa practi cally la the enemy's hands. It was Captain McKnlgbt's Twelfth New Tork battery. The moment the rebels appeared ta eight Captain McK night opened on them with canister. They eeffa rated in froat, and, coming In cm the right aad left, coatpleielv surrounded the gone. A rebel ooior hearer Immediately mounted and planted hia colors on the parapet Captain MeKnlgbt and Lieutenant Bull both scorned the sammoos to surrender, and fired several rounds of canister at the enemy, with the rebel flag float lag by tbatr battery. Both thoso young ofleers dis tinguished themselves by the bravery they displayed aud the exertions they put forth to save their pieces. But It was Impossible to take them off the field. The horses had been sent to the rear, tho advanced position which the battery occujrled, and the open ground behind It. rendered it Impossible for horses to live amid the deadly fire to which In an engagement the battery would be exposed. Rut although Captain MeKnlgbt had apeken about the danger of the location, It was a spleu dki position for artillery, and the battery wouul have dne great damage te the encny had It been pvperly espported. But there is wliere the trouble llee? the infantry failed to support It, and ?o we lost lbs guns. Two sergeants of tt>e hatierv wore Shot In assisting Lieutenant Bull to haul efTonoofihe pieces. Ihe officers were then compelled to abandon it, and, jumping oyer the breastwork, the captain and Ileutonnnl beth miraculously managed to creep air ng on the eotalde towards the right of Ribbon's line, and thus escaped being killed or ceptured by Ihe enemy. These gallant officers are In groat grief at the lots of their bettery, but the clroomataooeafully exonerate them from all censure eoneernlng It. Captain MeKnlgbt offered to lead a foroeof Infantry to retake them. me arum cms class's iattsst. In the meantime oapuin (Task's first New Jersey bat tery, which wee pealed in the breastwork to the right, epeeed oe the ensmy end ceatrtbeted considerably to check ate farther advaaoe. The rebels quickly turned upon ns lbs ceptured guns, and at the same tuna esecsntreied as infernal Ore of sesss twsety ether pieces on Captain (lark's ?lag Is bettery, The epeuimsnt In ssblch this bettery wee placed wee well battered by ibe solid ebot wbleh came penrtng ever l? <rdch eeeorseloa from the fertfesttses af the eeeasy. The air was Hied with buret leg shells, and death wee dans lag wMdly every where ta that vMatty. Corporal Melt, of Clark's battery, M aatoag the hiked, he waa a galteat fellow. ?BaDqessnNi susujoo. Rsneral Rtrasy waa aet ea ike freat liaee at Ik Is tlsss; bat the eorpe headquarters had bees established a hills to Ike seer, ta aa open field, behied a ekhdef woods, nd dtreetly la raage of the enemy's artillery. flvesr-i Mesde waa tkere, aeeempaalsd by bM staff, and se was Ceasral tlsncuek, who In rapidly recovering 'rim the eeermdery symptoms si bis WSWWd. The shot sad shell te I feet snout them, .n thai prudence readered neeefiaery the im ssedtuie res* v?l of ihe headquarters* in emMhor point. Buries thai I are ma ana annate n aelld shot as seed tasspe dlateiy la front of one of the order)l?? it headquarters, and carried iwi; 1 tie csnleeo which (U fastened on hit ?addle. osxmui nut vo thi assert? ini kick. xdtiikk cooud. Wbllet thla active work wee going on at the right of the corps, part of the rebel attaching column, which h/ this time had bean deployed in llae of battle, was still preaaing down upon the left. The Interval between the right of the Sixth oorpa and the left of the Second waa gradually growing greater, from the fact that the im perilled flanka thna axpeaad to the enemy were tlowiy melting away, when General Miioa' brigade, of Barlow's division, which wan in reserve, oame up on tbo doublo quick, and one regiment was teat forward through the woods to eheck tba enemy's advance, while! the remain der of the brigade was formed behind the breastworks to fill op the interval n* question. At the same time Un tenant Roder'a baitery K, Fourth Onlled States artillery, wheeled Into position with camiaoudable celerity, and the infantry and artillery soon checked the further pro. greet of the enemy at that point. a ssaown usiun srracx xtruissb. Scarcely had these dispositions been effeetad, however, bofoqs tUh rebeta mads another at tempt to pierce our Unea a little to the right of that locality; but tho attack was saccesafally r e pulaed. We took a few prisoners at this time, and among them several wounded. Tbo casualties were not heavy, however, on either side, because the rebels did not at tempt to arose tbo open Held in front of the breastworks behind which our men were posted. About seven o'clock in tho evening an effort was mode by General Gibbon,jwith one of bis own brigades, sup ported by ono from General Griffin's, of the Fifth corps, to retake he lost guns of the Twelfth New York. The attack was very sharp and spirited, but failed to occotn plish tho desired object. Another elibrt was attended ' with a similar result. ova LINKS fVSHINO ON. T-ater In the evening General Meade ordered an ad vance of the Sixth and Second corps, for be was evident ly exceedingly org irons of developing the continuation of the chain of fortifications Tor the defence of retoriDurg. The Sixth corps swung rouud to the left, pusbiog back a line of rebet skirmishers, but apparently not meeting with any formidable force, fer tho llriog soon ceased in that dlreotl m. Simultaneously with the movement of tha Sixth a heavy line of skirmish ers poshed forward In front of the Second corps. In the thick woods through which the linee had to ad vawe, this heavy olond of skirmishers is more desirable than a close lice of battle, because It at once gives room for the men to move, and exposes fewer troops to the bullets of the enemy. And thus our lines advanced this evening, meeting with a stubborn resistance, but still pressing onward, until most of tbo ground which we lost has been regained and reeccupled. Onr lines are now being strengthened by tbe construction of breastworks and the planting of several batteries or artillery. The skirmish ers on both sides, however, are firing away at eaoh other St this late hour, and the music of their missiles Is heard In the tent in which I write. Tbe oesualtles in the Kecood corps throughout the day will nnmber oply a few hundred; but the loss by prisoners captured by tbe enemy will, I fear, exceed perhaps a thousand. THE TEITH CORPS. flfe. James O. Fltxpatrle*'" Despatch. j Nnrrn Arsit ('oars, 1 ? Bsfobs PsriWHBijso, Va , June 23?Noon. { oonnxm BkiMnsnmo. Oar corps lias not generally engaged since the battle of , Friday. Constent skirmishing, however, hse beeo In process. with once In a while a brier artillery duel, in | which the greater number of the shots Is from our aid-, | for our sharpshooters are so dangerously near that the rebel artillerists seldom venture to use their gime. At night It ie more difficult to "draw bead" on tbem. They therefore then vent their wrath by miscellaneously ?helling our oamp*. last night wee a particularly Uvaly one between our pickets and the enemy. TBI ATTACK pro* T1IE E1ETH OCEP9. After the eiteck upon the Second corps the rebels swung around upon our cerpe, bnt either were not In fores or were eetlefled with the warm reception which our skirmishers gave their advance. It was, however, ono incessant "Fourth of Jnly hanging ' ofsmall arms for sevsral hours during the night?not frequent enough for volley firing, nor straggling enough for the usual picket shoetlng, bnt lively enough te create considerable sensa tion. The artillery on both sides took part now aid then, sad awskeaM the solemn echoes of the night, j tbb bath* ar Miuar. Noltaiog Is grander than a battle at nlgbt, every shot, every sound, Ie so fearfully distinct. Yet withal there la something so Impressive in the stillness which inter venae, as the fight lain, to which the darkness adds a pe culiar feeling of awe sjuLmystery. You do not seo your foe. Naught but a flashed the whta of the death shot telle yon that be ie In proslmity. x (unions lEduews. During the fight on Friday one of our boys, sltber be coming ehort of ammunition or In the hurry of theeu gigement, fired the ramrod of hie gin from hit mnaket. On the subsequent capture of the works two rebels were found dead and completely transfixed with the troa shait. as 01 d mst. We leant that of the force opposed to na for the defence of Petersburg e portion le the command of fitnsrai W if. Burnrtdo and Wise are old antagonists, as tboaewbo re member Roanoke Island are aware. Wise's legion #as captured on that occasion. Who knows but that "Baraie," as the boys delight to call hien, will do so some more. phomotioB or colossi, uiumi, or esw iivrtrnia Colonel Griffin .of the ffivtb New Hampshire Volunteers, commanding Hie Second brigade of Potter's division, has been promoted to a brigadier generalship. Congress Is at IcBfti} beginning to do justice to our meritorl ue ofll ears. None has been eo worthy of. Dor has So long deserved, the promotion so General Griffin. He has been Identified wltn the Ninth corps, and all its brilliant campaigns, froan Newbern to Petersburg. If Congrsde bee any mors xtars to distrlbuto there are plenty of shoulders here worthy of bearing them. let the mem bers not forget Curtin, Christ, 1-eieuro, eeigfried end others who have been acting brigadier generals for nearly tores yeare. OPEK iTIOf8 01 THE APPOliTTO*. sir. Charles II. Hanaaia's DeiphUh. O* Boa to TO* 1J errs i> Ntatsb rtraABsn AfpaBattos Runs, July 3-, 1*64. J rmu KnUBT. For about fourteen mi Irs from the James river the Ap p'.mettox pursues "its muddy, a Indlog way" to the city of Pr era burg. I hevs lbs word of several pMcde to effhet, aed presume the statement to be oorrect. The river i* in ne plane over one hundred and thirty yarda wide. Point of Bocks, a place so often mentioned In dee ps tobee from thai dsnutment, Is abeol tlx miles from tha month of the river?Pilot's statmrenl again. The harks on either sido aro h*h and precipitous. Marws of rock, i<atebee of rteb, loamy soil, In which are growing oek, pine oeder and other trsee, wbue the surface In earpeted with a lu*orlanl growth of undrrbroeh. Posh am Urn banks of this somewhat muddy and now historic river. Within eight of Hi waters is being e.?lved the great problem ef lbs age. On Uie west bank are the strung werk# defending Me^r General Boiler's position. Above tbem rises lbs s.gna) ?le>Ion, from which at ell bourn of the day the flage of the signal oorps may be som waving frenlianlly te etd fro. At some points on tbe eaelerly bank, however, tfce rebel works are vlnbte. Tbe stroagoet work they have le Fort niflon One of tbelr gene fa Blnkeiay) has sent many shells Into our works and at our gunboats In some instances they tame a little too close to be agree able Pert (Hilton m sweated:** tke top of ? high bluf, about nine miles from the mouth of tbe rhrer, enxaoAT orsuAnouA Ou the dtb ef Key last Ue Unites matoe eteemsr Ceseral mtnem, Acting Baetor Bavege eommatidlng, ?r r tved off the meet h ef the A p poena Ho i. genets) Hutl?r waa Ihea just about to eeeupy fcrmeda Hundred, and it wee n-ceeeary thai gaahoeU ebould proceed up the Jamee and ai p>imattei flvare fe? the purpose ef SMurlag hta tenk* from aay demoa.tratloue the rebe* might feel m dined to make, snber with their rams or lend forces. <m the morning >A tbe Mh ef May the General Putnam proceeded eeottongly ep the rtver. Nhortly afterwards the g' Sboboekee, Aatlag Haeter Sheldon coin mending. followed fiheile were ?eoMfc>Mlly thrown m?o wm weede aah the kuhl ewFubed fui tgrpwdeee beheld sad torpedo#* were lAvlaible. Neither ?tr, tg be Wen. They lay ortfolal of Hock* far several days, tip Med tbe Oounlry, and found gulte a sambo* of with, won derful lo relate, 'strong Union oenttiyma.'' At boot uld fern Ills* solemnly sectored thatsuch was tba ease, and strongly petitioned I bat their houses should oat k? demolished by I be Union abella. I be pat It lea wee granted an condition of their preserving a strict aau. trality. Up to data tba onmpact baa been mutually eb lerved?at least I can positively atata tbat tba baaaao remain Intact. m inw inuB. Tba quiet did not remain long unbroken. On May ? the rebels appeared, agly in small loree, however, and were oasily driven off by mean* of a few abetta 4m creetly thrown Into thotr midst. It had been pre vie sal* reported tbat the rebels were coming down from Fatara* burg with several pieces of artillery. Tba rebela who did appear, it was afterwards aacertaiaed, bad bean left behind as a guard to protect the (takermen. attack on sort <rums. Vent day (tba Otb) Ibe General Putnam and Btaohoekee, in company with the army gunboata Chamber lain M Brewster, Generals Jeeanp and Parks, slaamad ap tbo river to test tba strength or tbo rebel Port CI*ton. fhb army gunboats wore under tbo command ef Briga dier General Graham. The Brewster took up an ad vanced position, and otter hotly engaging the robot fort for tome fluie a shot panned through bar stern, post, and she became unmanageable and fell baetr. The engagement lasted aboat one boor, wboa all tba boats dropped out of action. Tbo Brewster wan found to bo so badly imured tbat everything or value was taken out of her and the remains or tbe ball set on flro to prevent bor failing Into toe bonds uf tbe enemy. Tbe objoirt (or wbicb tbe recounolssance was made dfen satisfactorily ascertained. Tbo fort had evidently been built many months since, and an accurate range ob talucd of every part of tbe river commanded by ita guns. Tbe rebol artillery practice m sold lo bave been remark ably good. Tbo Brewster was under command of Cap tain Bludenirazer, and, after she bad been dismantled of bor nrmamcnt and other things, several boats' crew voluntoered to go and bring off the ball, bot tbo enter prise wns deemed too hazardous. During this fight the Phohocken was engaged alone, while lying In tbe right branch of the Appomattox, above Tort Walthall. A FitSB BSFORT * Three days atterwards, May 11, a report was resolved tbat tbe rebels were coming down In force with e bat tery of light artillery. The doners! Putnam went np tbo river alone for tbe porpoao of meeting the rebels. It Id an easy thing to write that a vessel "wont ap alone." But every foot of the watery way baa to bo traversed slowly. PbellB bave to bo throws ksto tba woods on either side. Sot a minute passes bat sbelh mey bs ex pected In return. This was lbs sass with tbe General Putnam. She went far enough up tbo river tA see tbe rebels in Fort Clifton, wiio Immediately opened Ore on ber, which she returned, and snscasdsd In silencing one of their heaviest guns. Vlfty-flv# rounds o( ammunition were expended on board tbo General Putnam. attack on annaa mix ran. On tbe 18th Inst, tbe rebels came down In strong force on the left bans of tbe Appomattex and attacked 8prlag mil Fort, a strong fort which baa been thrown ap by General Butler on the easterly side of tbe viyer, and gar risonad by tba colorad troops under command ef General Blocks. Tbe Sbobocken and the army gunboat General Jeesup threw In a number of shells, whlob, together wltts similar compliments from tbe fort, bad tbe eflbet ol driving them back. ABN1VAL or TSX COMVODORX rsssv. On the 20th of Ray tbe Unhed Si tes gunboat Commo dore Perry, Captain Amoe P. Foster commanding, arrived la tbe Appomattox river. Cap tali foe tor, being tbo senior ofllcer, assumed command ot tbe United States gunboata on tbe river. Tbey were at that time engaged ehelMng the woods near Port Walthall, where tbo robots were ro> ported to be massed In strong foroe. Tbe Oommodore Perry tmineetauty steamed np and took on Important part in the notion. Naxt day they wero engaged la abett ing Fort Cliflun, sad also tbe woods Ua tbo vicinity of thai , place. , J mOHT ACTA OS. The nine night the rebel* attempted te break through Ibe lines on the right of General Butter's position. 11m services of ibe gunboats were bronght Into requisition, and for several hours the darkness teas illuminated wltt) the Rtkht or their shells. In this engagement M ban ergo nlouety been stated that the General Putnam bred bet n few shots wbicb fell short. Seveotyfour shells wore llrsd by Ibe General putnam on tblt oesaalon, aB el which fell wltbintee enemy's lines. She only fell been out of act ion in ooo sequence of Ibe breaking ef the pivot shackle o( bor forward gun. On thie occasion James Cornell, tne captain's coxswain, Bad bin root erushed by the gun. His foot waa am putt lad at tee nukie joint by Dr. Gregory, of the Commodore Pecrjs and be now lies at tba Naval Hoa,nt.ii at Norfolk. Hb In very highly spoknn of by bis superior officers for kin tee sea man like qualities. tsi amen ok 'snmsnuso. On the 9th Inst, the Coran.odoar Perry and the General Pa to am engaged the rebel Wort CI# ton, for the purpose ee protecting the rear of Gen. Gtllmore'S column an he march to I'otersburg. The Perry was In the right breach and the General Putnam m the left branch of the Appooant tox. During the alternoea the position of tan Giber a! Putnam was changed by order or Cnpt, tester, of Ibe Parry. The Perry coattneed firing during the whole day j but the General Putnam waa oumpelled to fall hash Ml of action at an rarly hour In coDaequenoc of bar Tunas gttea out. miPTOK or thx rssnr'n utnr. On the 1 Tth last. Ibe oao- hundred pounder Parrett gen on board the Commodore Per y, with whisk she had done so much good service, exploded, hiking and wonad lug six of bar crew. Ike particulars thin aesident have alrendy been forwarded in yen. The above eutement gives, to e brief form, an aesoaab of what our gunboala bava done on this river for the lent six weeks. They are now Irlrg quietly at an eh or, and any future eer vices they amy render will be Immediately communicated to the readers ef tba IImjijk The following Is e Hot of tba officers of tee United Stales steamer General Putnam ? Acting .Waiter CimmantHtt' ?H. H. Havage. Acting Kmign abd IbrWiv it/Hr-r- H R Towle. flirisvri bflt?:.n-lnowd Asstatan te, John Unary and A. V. Kockefnilar; Third Awls' n?, Wm. P. Htgglns Acting's Haiti -Wm V Gngg J. LL Glllfy and B. H. ~pear. P,?v??ort/o-'? Atnesnf? Mortimer Douglas, Marcus [lowers. Mr. A. Oavldion'i Dsspalsb. I'sewt'OA Lawwu, Ja.waa ftnaa, Ya.,1 June 2d-? A.M. J "? loatoov euincs runrr> crow runs a ssswl lAmat, several thole were yiotorday ired from a rebel battery ?Heated oa the toft bank of the Appomattox, about en* ami a self nilln above I'olut of iioeke, at Ibe pontoon bridge, te"eral Bntler's (>gnal station, and the earn pa hi the vi laity, lite only damage done w -a to the teat ef an effi er of the -firth ff?w York mmwited rtlton, wbtab temp-r?*y reslCm e woe hadiv torn by a shell. Ike ap yeraive of a gurkut at the bridge towards dfcht m lenoed the battery. irvAVT nsieo cr ma taw. Tlrsvf (Mag up the Jams* river continued until a lale hour las' olgbt, *npp< eod to ha onr yu' boats abeiflog the woods. The Trees Psapnisboe. RaAoqcsAiat#, Aim Or us Powhac, I J use te?P. W. J The attack npoa tbe Second sbrp "t W-4<*ee<tof, near the vfehloo Railroad, did net fVMult *o d aietrouefy as at first supposed. The Una was formed br * dtfRMh bo'eg on tko left, illroey's (tlotf It *"?" an i m the enotre, and Gibboe'a on tbe right. It waaexrected tb-d the "1st a-nut would hare oom neinod on tbe left w?h to?ricw hot l? keitae gaits a gap wnsle't. lain eblch A. P Hill's rebel corps entered, sod be'ore our msn wars aware ef It tbay rooetved ? volley frotn the rsor, "blob crented a -onto In our ranks sad caused a rapid retrsat to tin woods in tbe rear of the Third divblon. This t#t tbe Sank flf th ? ru t division aeproieetad, ?ad tbe enemy, laklag edvaatago of H, nbarged tbroegb and fairly late our pNe, ordering th t men to surrender. The troops, hewevsr, left the lr*i ? bee *nd fbt back rapidly, but maay of Ibsm wrrs esptured end qebe i% CeiTlIV? QH ilOWB VAOE

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