Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 27, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 27, 1864 Page 3
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nVVATIOJU WAITTE r>xr>niLBs. a BITUATION WANTED?BT in AMERICAN PRO Jk testant young girl, m chambermaid and waitress; would go a-hori distant* ta fkn country for tba luinmer; tafermoe tram bar ittueMou Can be aeen oa Monday Md Tuesday at 111 Sthat #Tth at., from 9 till 4 o'clock. k NUMBS* op WELL RECOMMENDED GBKMA.N XjL famalaa a an I altuatlone as cooks, chambermaids and Sandreasee, nurses and girl* for grneral housework, Ac,, at jn^LOWA'S Gorman Institute, 17 bun ton at. near the A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH WOMAN DESIRES A __ altualion aa chambermaid and weures?; Is a good uee M Woman. flood references. v'alt at 111 Jay at., Brooklyn. 4 LADY WISHES TO PROCURE A 8ITUATION FOR * a middle agad woman, a-' aeamdtrvsa; <*n recommend ar in the highest inair < i . wi!1 go ta 'he country fur a short me. Apply at 3d Bast 25ih tt. Cur two days. A BB8PBCTABLB OIBL WANTS TO OBTAIN A A auuatloa as nurse and seamstress. Inquire at 17 Weet at., third floor, for two day s. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MARRIED WOMAN wishee a baby to wet nuis? at bar own re-ldeime. Ap Ely to-Mrs. Riley, 174 flberig st. A N ENQLI8II WOMAN OF M1DDLB AOB DKSIRBP A a situation; Is a competent seauisties*. muub uxpe Monaed In alokness ana care of children. Call at S20 West 144b a L Would go to the oouutry or travel. _ A LADY WISHES TO PROCURE A SITUATION FOR a very excellent girl, edber aa chambermaid anil wait none or chambermaid and line washer. Call for two daya at 117 Eaat 17th at. A PROTESTANT WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION as rook and to a ant in iba nasbufg. Good city ruler ? dace. Call at No..94 West 2 ib et. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A atluatlon aa chambermaid and waitress. and to assist ttaking care of oli ldren. Oa-1 at No 112 Hammond St. it of eity references. No objection to the country. ARBSPBOTABLB PRKKON WJ8UB8 a situation aa nurse, who acted In that capacity far a good asany years, and is fully competent to laku entire charge of tai Inlattt from its blrtb. llsa the very best of olty refer ence*. Can be seen for two days at No. 017^ Broadway, between 22d and 23d at*. A RESPECT All LB WOMAN WANTS TO DO FINB A washing and Ironing. P ease call ai c07 West 2dt-h si., between 8th and 9tb ava. Inquire iu the baker's store. Can be seen lor thiee days. , A RK8PECTABLB OlftL WISHES A 8ITUATION AS A cti'.inbcruiald and to do plain sewing, or take cam ol a baby: good city refcreuue. Can be seen at 26b West 27th St., tar two day*. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A BF.SPEOTAi?LB young woman, aa nurse and seamstress: bas no objec tion 10 the country; beat or eity reference. Can be seen for two days at 34 Whitehall st. J SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE l giil. as chi.dren'a nurse or lady'a maid; she is capable taking charge of an iniant fr >m its nil th; has lived eight years In bar last place Call at 103 West 2titb st. A COMPETENT LAUNDRESS WISIIE3 WASHING and Iron ng to be doue in her own house. Call at 121 West 22d st.. room Id. A SITUATION WANTED-HY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa good plain cook; good biead and irlt manor; Urst rate washer and ironer; good city rcicr aneea. Coll lor two day- at 143 Ebm Slat tt-> betwaeu 1st aad 2d ava, ? SITUATION WANTED?IN CITT OR COUNTRY, by a willing younir woman, aa down a'airs servant. no ejection to do genaral work; ia a good cook and ba?er, nurt ? Aral rate waaber and trouer, bat good reference!. Call at E78 Uh av. A SITUATION WANTED-AS LAUNDRESS, AND TO A aadat In cbamberwork; good city reference. A'pplyat EM West Aid st. A SITUATION WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED person, aa ebildja nurse, and to do plain sewing; best ef eity relerance. Call at her present employers', 143 West did at, between 7th and 8th svea. A SITUATION WANTBD-TO DO HOUSEWORK, OR XL to do ohamberwurk and saalst in waaidng and Ironing; ?Mr references. Call at 110 Weat 18th at., in ui rear, 4 SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG GIRL, AS Jk. nurse; no objection to tbe oouulry. Call at 413 7th ava. k GIRL, JUST ARR1VRD PROM IRELAND, 18 Jk. yeara of age, wt-hes a "it'iston to do light bouaework ta mind children. Can be seen for two days at*28 Thomas sfcbet, In' the grocery stoic. I GBRMAN COOK WANTS A 8ITUATION IN A A fl??t class family; baa beat oity relerance; no objection Inqo n abort distance In tbe country. Call at candy store 8thave., between 47th and 48ih ate., from t to8, fur two 8 COOK.?WANTED, BY A COMPETENT WOMAN, , a situation aa cook In all Its branche*; understands tries soups jellies and game, end is willing to assist in ~*~lng; excellent reference; baa na o < lection to go a short noe in the country. Call for two days at 140 Bast 29th k, third floer, front room. SITUATION WANTED?AM NURSE AND BEAMS L tress, by a steady person, with first class city reference; ? tahe anUie charge of au Infant er older children , can irk on Grever A Baker's sewing machine. Can be teen t two day* at 38 Weil 13th at., ntar'Mb nr. 4 PBOXH3TANT WOMAN WfUlfBS A SITUATION aa housekeeper. Can be irbn for two day* at 149 ?Bm! SITUATION WANTED-BY A TOUNO OIRL. 14 _ years of age. to do cbamberwork or take care ef iidren. Onll at 132 Weet 15th at LADY WISHES A SITUATION IN THB CAPACITY I of housekeeper in a hotel, who has had considerable fcrlenoe eu<i thoroughly understands tliecbargo of help; | i got a good nvIsi mach.nn; best references as regsrua ^bter and capability. Cn-'l for three daya at sol Sixth st. A TOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION IN THE PL city or country, as cook, wavher and Ironer. er would m housework Inn email private tamily; boat of eity or sun try references. Call at 901 East 13th et., top Boer, bach A' Km 11 S3 SITUATION WANTBD-BY A FROTRSTANT OIRL, to do light ehamberwork or malting in a smell pi Irate lly; no objection to go a short distance In the country. references can be given Call for two (lays at 933 3d a 37tb and B8th at*, flrst floor, front root*. 8ITDATIOH WANTED?It Y A LADY, TO TAE? charge of a (tore or as bousekeep-r at a summer re I fo%lbe season. Ca 1 on Mr- Bennett, 21 Orand at. k RBSPRCTABLK PROTESTANT WOMAN WANTS a Situation aa first rate coos, washer and troner^he of city reference* given. Cal I at 73 West 17th St., Bear 4 SITUATION WANTBD-A8 CHAMBERMAID AND wattre s or to do housework In a email private family; oil} referenoe. Ca 1 at l!H Id sv. ST***! YOUNQ WOMAN. A PROTESTANT, W18H33 A situation a* nurw and ploin *" .ver. ran be well rerora ? from her last situation. Call at 731 2d av., corner A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RKSPBOTABLB young girl, to do geutial ho nework; I* ? go d waabrr aad Iroaor, plain cook and a go?<l baiter '? ? At 79 Leigh t eg. aeeuud Eoor, Baca room aad Iron or, plain cot and a goad baiter. Call Tor two days SITUATION WANTHO-BY A OIRL OF IB, TO mind children or make bet self "nepit. Call st 210 West k st BJATION8 wantbd-for thoroughly com. etvut fcmals b'lp dl ail nationa. Cot the different QIT1 fcL ?ran. I he* of homework, in 'dty or conflt.r;. A poly at the large Employment coiner of 6th av. sua 11th si. Also male help. SITUATION WANTBD-ltY A YOUNU PROTECTANT girl, io take care of children, 'a asel-t with washing and Weeing, or to do obainbeawrrg. Apply on Monday or Tuesa day at 16 West 12th tt. Situations wantrd-bt two respectable girls, letelv landed, one for general homework, the ~ ir to take sere of a be r Call el 79 7 "have, for two gITOATION WANl'KD?BY A BBAPBCTAULB TOl'NO woman, to do chamlmrwork and wa*bing, aod would housework In e una il family. Call at ,103 hart 24th si. EO YOUNfl QIKLB WISH SITUATIONS IN ONE house, one ee cook the other e* dhamutrmoMt heve no lllon to <lo housework n a a nail lauiUf. iinve tho be*t elty reference irom 'neir iiut pleoo. Osn bo e'en for two days st 161 Lefevotio av., llroonlve. rWO QIRL8 WISH SITUATIONS -QNB A3 PLAIN oook, waehrr and iioner; tb mh-r a* huml'-rmald and lain sewer tn e priveie family, the b??t sttf refhrence. 79 fast J7th et. WANTRD-BY A KRSFKCTABLK YOUNG WOMAN, a situation as ? ?hamlieinisid and laundress >n a private Mntty . best of reference from nor , 'reseat ewplejer tell 91331 west 12th st, corner ef Ureeatmh, w ANTED-A SITUATION, BY V FIRST GLASS cook, in a high y i wn*. luck* private fam I ft esn pro fuse the most Mtlefart^ from -Jie first c ase In the city. Can he Men fob iSsdayW a> 346 ?h ST9-, beowoa list aad 23d et*. WANTAH-A SITUATION, BY AN AMERICAN VSUM girl, ei ae.aiiunier* and ,'adv a maid; under stand* ha rTrissl'sg: WfuM M? logl in the do.iatrj for the immrr; boa of ill? refSMttgh " ia b9 itvgll, CHllltf Ttli lBdu st between .lb aud TIN a*0* WANTPD-BY A TOUNO WOMAN' A SJTUATfON to d> general bonesworv; is a tood ufa n eon'i, washer and Iroa-r , u?e good rele' rn"- vAi be seen for two days at itd 31 ave . n sr lb;ii 'i. tuird devr. Moobjoctluni togu a short dtsiauce in W * co..n<i?. ir-ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH WOMAN. Yv aeitu.ill .n Ssc'Vfi -nWd 'tr?ei> ohiuiHcrrnAld end laundreia In e gentle men's tartly; ho .uecton* to goto fits eouo'ry; g'<od refcrei?*? given. ON fOY Iwo day* at 127 peeoker st, room IT ...... WABTKD-A situation, by a bkspictablr v Y girl, to do ohauiberwrtik and waiting and *?a ?l In ?aehias and ironing >u a'l .an y Would nevi nnob toolloni to going in tile aorntrv. tMd refSn nree gl?rd. Apple (ernerof Smith and Borgun atrenia Brooklvn. ?YX7ANTBD-A HITI'ATluN,' BY A RBSPHCTABLR YY young Qtrman girl to <i, i,0?s? work in a taia'l private fhtn lT ; Use a good recommend r,?tn her last p ace. Cat be SMnatM 'id el, near the Kowery. WANTED-A SITUATION AN OOOK, BY A RBkPBC Uhte young girl, wbo perfectly underetenda Che bif ?see In alt fig branches, an i I* a ire* oiaee washer end iroti m. Oan prod use the be A of d'y refereoeea. No ob isotlon to the country. Cell et 131 Butfer street. Brooklyn WANTKD-BT AW KLDEP.r.T WOMAN, A SITU A tlon MlMUMi MHiy OMfl In e no el or boarding ; beet of dty refGrenoe Cell s; W Bayard e?. M?f ANTElk-^Y A PROTEST ANT TOUNO WOMAN, A TT iHuatlon eg laily l nrald end plain eea-usircea; la Willing te t?ko care of bhlldraw, no ub-eetiAn tb travel. Bofereno* given. Call at ?V career of 91st el. IM 4th av. XKTANTBD--BT A RBBPEt TAB I Jt P1R90N OPSOC yt tleh Mrtu. a situation la a Uret viats family, la M' Kstvy.Mo da 'ight up Maira work sTe take cai* of el Haufaciory refpraaeee can be fnrglshed Address b?ae oatee. rANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RF.NPMf TABLR TVefWli M vhanibermaldt the best rRy reference . f'?'' Monday and Tneeiiay at 996 5U av, eoruetof SIM ei, rceond foor, beak room. WBHANritp-BYA RRSPKOTABLB OlUIj, a situa I Hon M r'v'h ?f?ei c?n wa?h and Irpnt would B( nre^et lo hoiieewerk; beef ?iv u iuwi vivea. 1*1 w* ea srst fleer SITUATIONS WANTED? TBI dv'i or n WANTED?A SITUATION AS HOUSBKEBPSR QJ* Wt'i maid, or to wait on ra Invalid. bj ?? Eek?sh wtilow. or raiddla iige, ban no ineuiubrnaoe; 1? fj"v cntnpe tent to the sarn of a gentleman's hoassw.'S enaiady; U highly re-pec tnbls; a member of tUa M. B. Churbh, and a pracllea1 ana economical bouarkeaper: unexceptionable re ferences in Brcukljn. Apply at 10Til.nry at., Brooklyn, SITUATIONS WANTED? MALB8. An honorably discharged soldier, a na tlve of Germany, married, wants a situation aa watchman, tal car driver, or In a coal or lumberyard, or aa gmdoner. Call an or addraaa Htolz. 16 Spring at. All families and others in want or rblia ble male help, such aaTfarm hand*, coachmen, grooms, gardeners, servants, Ac , Ac , will Unit a large supply at the Employment Houso, corner of Cth ar. and litb at. Also female help. A young van wantb a situation in a grocer; at ore or to lend bar, beat of clt; rgfeienoe. Apply at 4J-S 6th ov. ? YOUNO ENGLISHMAN. RECENTLY! A'IRIYED, ri seeks einpluj moot aa store elerk, or lu uuy opacity where ab litv is required; an experienced talesman: Ural class city reference. Address T. U., Herald oUioe. IP M PLOW EXT WANTKD?BY A GB.NTLBMAN OP !l biiness rxiereuce; is a good bookkeeper and ac conntaiu, strictly isiuyeiate and reliable, and capable of at tending to almoci any kind of bualneaa. Addreaa 0. H. J., boi U, KeiaM oMloe. G! HOUR its.?A YOUNQ MAX, WRIT-ING A RAPID T hand, quick and correct at figure', an l who ia diligent and attentive to the Interest of bin employer, wishes a situa tion as au assistant In a grocery or feed store; Is acquainted with New York. Jer?oy City and Brooklyn, can give the best of reference as to capacity, honesty, Ac. ; no ob.ecltens to a recpectabto country store. Address for one week Gro cer, Herald ollleo. 110 PROPRIETORS OK HOTELS AT WATERINO . places.?The advertiser, aged dO, active, Industrious and faithful, is anxloim to get a altuatlon; can attend au office, wait at the bur. or to do any light bualneaa; would mako himself generally useful. Good reference as to character and business quali,rations. Board only compensation re quired. Object, to havo llio privilege m balhiog. Address lor one weak T. \Y. B.. Ilcrald office. TO TR IVRLLERS,?A YOUNO MAN OP GOOD AD ilrc-sand educa'lou, acquainted with sevurul modern languages, withes to engage with.'soma pkrtv ab.ut to travel ?a ooinpantou. or would lake an engagement lu the coun try; sa'.Hi y secondary to ft cood situat on. Best of references. Address K. i> , Herald oillce. VU ANTED?A SITUATION, IN A WHOLESALE >T watch nod jewelry house, by a youag man, 21 years of age, u it'.i Cve yearn' rftpcrieuce. References givon If re quired. Address L. II, B Curtis, St. Nicholas Hotel, X. Y. TV* ANTED?BY A MAN OF SOME YEARS'KXPERI M nin a iii the business, a altuatlon as salesman or to take charge ef the sto h of a jobbing bouse in the hat, cap and straw goods trade. Address I)., box 212 Herald oillce. WANTED?A SITUATION, AS Sl'PERVIHOR OP Ty public works. The advertiser has been emploved as such for many vears In the construction of roads, bridges. Ac; is a good accountant, and would answer as clerk in an engineer'!'. oCl o; ref rcuces, Ac., unexceptionable. Addres K. li. O'D., Herald office. WANTED-BY A REBPP.CTABLB AGED MAN. steady and temperate in habt's. and a good penman, a si tun! ion as porter In n hank oe to drive a wagon, eipress or ptherwlee. Good references furnished. Address H. II. J., Herald ulllce. w ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG MAN, AS porter in a store or to attend bar; Is willing to work and niaka bin self useful. Best references given aa to flven ? N. Y. WANTED-A SITUATION IN SOME LIGHT BUST neat, grocery preferred, by a person having a slight knowledge of the same; wages no object; best of reference as to honesty and character. Address P. L , box 164 Herald office. WANTBD-A 8ITUATION AS ENTRY CLERK OB asshtant bookkeeper, by a young Englishman of good addreaa, lately arrived Speaks ac eral languages. First efaaa relerences. Address J. U. G., Herald office. HELP WANTED?FEMALES. AX THE FRENCH INSTITUTE OF M. C. OAILLARD, 61 4th ave.. two doors above #ih at., late 149 Bast Uth at., authorized bv the government, families can find, by ap plying tmmedia'elv, entirely first cast Irish servants for all capacities. Two yount French glrla to play with children; a Frenchman as first c ass cook; also a Spanish man as eook; also a middle aged French nurse, German nurse and French gardener. Warned at the sainc place, a first class French woman as cook for Newport, at $36 per month, and two other French cooks at $IS and $20. AN OPERATOR ON WHBBLBR A WILSON'S 8RW ing ivachlne wauled to do ladles' undergarments, at 22b Grand at. A LARGE NUMBER OF EXPERIENCED AND other servants wanted Immediately, chambermaids, wailre-eea, nurse-', professed cooks, ami othar cooks, laundresses, 20 for housework', and thoae lately landed for privnte families, hotel*, summer houses, at RAYMOND'S, No. 01 BI cocker at. A YOUNG LADY OF GOOD APPEARANCE AND AD dress wanted, to travel With a photographer and aaalst In general In the gallery. Address J. F. G., box 116 Herald office. A WET NURSE WANTED-TO TAKE A BABY TO her own reatdenoe; no objection to one who llvee out ef (heeity Call in poison or addreaa Dr. Grlndle, No. 6 Amity place, N. Y. A YOUNG LADY WAMTED-A8 SALESWOMAN IN a baker* and confectionery store. Apply at No. 820 6tk av., corner of 40th at. A GOOD PLAIN COOK WANTED-AS A* ASSls-rawe A to a head cook; on* who u willing, good natured and obliging; also a good waitress, Apply at & Uth sL, be tween Broadway Ind 5ih ar. Bookkeeper.?a young woman is wanted in a first etnas dressmaking establishment, who Is eapable of keeping plain accounts; she must bequck and correct at figures and write A good hand; one who la a good sewer pre /~100JC WANTBD.?A PR0TB8TANT WOMAN. WHO \J understand* taking and can bring good city refer ence. Apply at No. 46 west '-'3d ?t TTtOB OKNKHAL HOUSEWORK.?WANTED, A NJtAT t1 and well tempered woman, who la a good baker, plain cook and washer and ironer. A Scotch, Welsh, or Geruian woman preferred. The beat ef referencea re quired. Apply at No. 237 Weet loth alreet. Girls, if you want thb best situations for any branch of housework yon like. In tlret ctaaa faml Ilea, hotels or boarding houaea. with good wager and oom fcrtab e homea, in city or country, call Immediately at the Large Employment Ilouae. corner and 11th at. Girls wanted-to make flags, at powbll a Loakainp'a United States Flag Depot, 163 South at., near Feck alip None but good eewere need apt>ly, for none othera will be employed. Girl wantbd-fob a small family, to do general borne wore. Ca'l at 69 Groat Juaea -t. corner Bowery. Men wantbd-for the navt, army, short whaling royage-, merchant and Uahiog vo>ag??; the hliiheat bountiee paid. Ca 1 at 87 Weet street, corner ef Albany, and aec for youreelToa before en rag ur elsewhere. JAM KB A CO , Agent*. SPANGLE RS WANTED-TO WORK ON HOOP SKIRtS; hghcat wage* raid end eteady employment guaranteed. Apply th Austin, Kelley A Co., at aew factory corner of 33d at. and 8lh nv. SOMR GOOD DRESSMAKERS WANTED.?APPLY AT 176 East 9th e?. QRRVANTS WANTBD?AT 10 TILLARY BTKKET, k!r Brooklyn. Cooks, chambermaid* and girls for house work. Abo respectable girls, lately landed, for tlto b-*t families hi Hr >oklvn and iho oountry. Wages go and $10. Without waiting five mtnutee. Apply to Mr. CHR18TO Fll KR. The most ai'eet and rospactab'e agency In the city. WANTBD-A NlPRRE FOR A BABY OF A WRT nurse to be brought up by the braagl or bottle. Apply, With recommendation*, at lit Kaat 13thfl>t. The child to be taken care or at tbc roaidrnca ef the nurle. WANTED-A FEW YOUNO LADIES, TO UNIT tephrr Worsted goods: can lake the work home and ra tnrn it when tint-died. Apply to Jeba McCreary. 33 Mur ray -I. WANTRD-A FOREWOMAN IN A WHOLES ALB cloak honsn, must be competent to take charge of the rnaniiran'.nriiig department and to get up alylea. Apply to S. I1K1NKM AN A CO., 3rt3 Broadway. WANTED?A LADY TO LRARN THB ART OF eaioring photograph*. After two weak* Instruction, of one hour per day, work will be given out or a alt nap on will be given. Call at 713 Broadway, room 19. G. KONIGSBBWG. WANTBD-A WRT NDRSB, A STRONG, HBALTHY woman, with milk about three month* old; on* woo ha* lot her own child urefcrreit. OnoA reference will be required. Apply immediately at MOIarRat., Brooklyn. WANTED-AN AMERICAN WOMAN THAT WOULD prefer a good home to hlrh wage*, to a family of four, o, ply tor tw.< days at .03 Grand at., Williamsburg. TD-ANTFD-YOR A GENTLEMAN S FA MILT. THRBR It female servant*and a s- acanikn and cirdener. no ea rook, the ?titer a* chambermaid and the third to be gene rally ueefni. Apply at 918 dth av. . WANTED?IN A PRIVATF. FAMILY, A FIRST CLASS laundress Apply at 36 Bond at. TlTAitSD-RT A SMALL PRIVATE FAM^Lt UF VV town, a girl; mud be a good ?wk, washer and 14>ner, Good wage* wi i b# paid. For Uformation apply from il A M. to J P. M. at 269 Canal at. WANTED-A GIRL; MUST BR A GOOD COCK, washer and Ironor, and hare good raference; wage* $io per mouth. laquira at 146 heat muii at. WANTBD-A COON, CHAMBERMAID, WAITRESS, Wtundr***. nuran and aea natrea*. fur a private fanilly, win* pay good wage*. Apply at No. 7 Weal llth at., between Roadway nnd University place. fro?9to ?o'clock. WANTED-TWO CCMTE TENT GIRLS, TO OO INTO the country with a private family for the summer; one ns a ivaium-e ?>??' "? " uh chamberwert; the ether a* inundreie.^lpply at U Baat 36th el, WANTRD-A GIRL TO ATTEND AN ENGLISH FLT frame spoeder lo a cotton mill. Apply at 76 Beaver ?k, tret Soon WANTED?A GOOD DRBSSMAKBR, ALSO AN AB e'staat t# a dressmaker, at 1177th are,, betweea Slat and lid at*. __ __________ WANTBD?16 YOUNG LADIES TO WORK ON JKT bead gimp. Call at IS Ahingdoa place. Weet llth el, between th* hours of 9 end 12, basement dear. Wdrk will be given out. A small deposit required. ?YTTANTRD?A OIRL TO WASH AND IRON. IN A IT email private family, with (tod eity refer*ace. As P}y.*140 Clarkeou it. * TU-ANTBD-TWO OR THBRB GIRLS, FOB SCRUB YT blngau4 gear|*1 bonatwprk; also a daa porter weal William ate. ' rank fort Houee. earner ofPraakfcrt aad rtTANTBD?A MIDDL* AORD ANBRICAN WOMAN, TY aa aRsiaUnt uoueekeepar In a bote). Oae who la will ing to devote nkiMlai* to the iaterest of ker employer aad Is not afraid is wort Kereair, may nddruee G.. hot MM New Tork Feet oGee. M7ANTRD-A THOROUGHLY COMPETENT IBONNR, YY capable of tek na charge of a hotel laundry; must ho able to read wrjllag and willing ta attend to her btwtaaan wltr AM CanaTgv Bene*, earner tf Broad HELP WANTED?PEHAX.KS. YVANTED?260 MACHINE RaNDB ON SHELTER TV tenia; steady work end the beet pvtees paid. Apply tn mediately to J. Harrtauo. !? Mercer et, corner of Canal. IV AM TED?A FKMALK. WHO UNDERSTANDS TBI vf straw or for business, as a companion, to leave the city and (unlet in that business. Address John Thomas, 32a Oreenwlch it WANTED-TWO TOCNO WOMBN; ONB TO COOK and assist with washing; lbs ether as chambermaid and waitress. Both must ham good references and be neat and tidy. Apply at W3 West 36th St.. uear 6th av. WANTBD-A NEAT, TIDY GIRL, TO DO GENERAL housework In a private family: must oook. wa-h and iron; English or German preferred. Apply At 219 West 80th St.. between 8th end 1Mb are. WANTED-A FIRST OLABS DRESSMAKER. ONE who understand* cutting and fitting perfectly, to go out by the day. Call for two nays at 206 Blm at HELP WANTED?MALES. A GB.N 18 CAN MAKB $900 A MONTH -to. By seltlug our PRIZlTF GREAT PitI2S PACKETS. AIM BPLHNDID 8TUBL BNUBAVTNu*, And tho Portrait of OBNKRAL ORANT. PPLENDID GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES |lren to our agents, freo. Full particular* In circular, mal'ed free. U. 8. HASKINS A CO.. 34 Bookman street, N. Y. At the mercantile agency.?wanted, TO <" - day, a travelling agent, bookkeeper, assistant book keeper, drr goods salesman, drug clerk, hotel clerk, entry clerk, shipping clerk, timekeeper, oonductor, light porter, ?tiler" ? coachman, wallers. Fifty laborers wanted at onoe Other situations open. Respectable men can always find employ ment bv calling on us early. Merchants, and others want lng male help of any kind, will And it to tbsir advantage to > call at our oiliee and select, free of charge, and sere them selves the annoyance and wxpeute of advertising. U. MONGOMERY A CO., ? 266 Broadway, room No. A, tip stairs. At commbbcial agency, 297s and 209 Broadway.?Wanted, -this day, Paymaster's clerk, man to 'drira express wagon, clerk for furni ture store, timekeeper for factory, man to rherfc freight, assistant bookkeeper for produce commission house, shipping clerk, entry olork, oonductor for railroad, Insurance e'erk, dry goods salesman, grocery clerk, cl erk for hotel, porter in store. Throe situations are open for respectable men. and muv be had by calling early. This es tablishment 1* conducted under patrona'te of merchants, and Is not oonnected with Intelligence uffloes. We refer to and supply over ouo thousand first olsas bouses In this citv. OSCAR ft CO. AGPNTR OAN MAKE $25 IN A FEW HOURS 3ELLINO our great new and wonderful extra large aizo 1'rtz# Packages. $16 per day guaranteed. Every dollar Invented more than doubled. A sp endid olid gold ... ^ - . l<* or silver lever watch presented free to each agent. Bui art men wanted to establish agencies in every town and village. County rights free. Sale Immense; demand Increasing. Everybody buys tliem. Bond for our great new- circular for 1864, containing extra new premium Inducements, free. 8,0 RICHARDS ft CO., 102 Nassau street. New York, original, largest and o'dest prize package hon-e In the world. Boy wanted?in a LINEN IMPORTING HOUSE, to learn the business; must be respectable, have good references, and bo quick sad correct At figures Address box 4.498 Post ofllee. BOT WANTED-ABOUT 17 OR is years of AGE. who re-idrs with his parents: one who can write a good hand, ia quick and correct at fig ires aud can bring good re fereco Hours from 7 A. M. 10 6)4 P. M. None need apply onless willing to make themselves generally useful In a factory. Address box 3,063 Post ottloe. "DOY WANTED?A RESPECTABLE TOUTH. OF GOOD D address, between tbe ate* of 14 and 17, to travel with a first elasa entertainment. Apply between 10 and 12 t'clock at 108 Laurens st, near CARVER AND WAITER WANTED-FOR A LUNCH eounter In a restaurant; both must be experienced and not afra d to work. Applv at the Excelsior Employment Office to day (Monday), 167 Bowery. D RUG CLERK WANTBD-A WBLL QUALIFIED drug clerk. Apply at 229 Court at., Brooklyn. TVRUQ OLERK-OR ONB HAVING SOME KNOWL 1J odge of tho proscription business. Apply at 43 East Broad way. Farm hands wanted?also men lately landed, to go a short distance In the>oountrv: wages 920 to $30 per month and found, Applv at tbe large' employ, ment house corner 6th av., nod 11th st. CTRADUATE OF -THE FREE ACADEMY WANTED? Y To All the position of bookkeeper; must be s rapid pen man, correct at flguran. and have a knowledge of bookkeep ing. To such a liberal compensation wtU be paid. Address for three days H. K.. Herald office. TIT ANTED-IN A WHOLESALE JOBBING BOOT AND T* iboe bouse, two or three competent salesmen, who can control trade; none ether need apply. Addres* bex 2.739 Poet office. WANTRD-A YOUNG MAN. TO ASSIST IN TIIB Or flce of a dry goods commission house; must have some gexperienc and good reforonces. Address box 444 Post office TV ANTED?AT THE WASHINGTON HOTEL. A GOOD vf fireman; one well acquainted with taking care of iteam. J. B. MERRILL, Proprietor. TV ANTED?AN ACTIVE, STEADY TOUNG MAN, TV about 18 years of age, as elerk In a wlae store. Apply at 389 4th av., corner 24th st. w ANTED?A FIRST CLASS PASTRY OOOK. APPLY at the Plerrepont House, Brooklyn. TVANTED?IMMEDIATELY. MEN WHO WISH TO TV make from $23 to $30 per day. by a small I investment. from $200 to $300. Important new Invention, just'received| ~ ?? ?vfwtnnltv to make money, ?i?u? ar ??tailing or .ting In ally or oouHlW ' " HOWARD T1LDEN, 609 Broadway. w ANTBD-KOR BLOCK KDR SHIPS, FIFTY YOUNG men; the highest oeontles wtW. Also, for the army and short whaling voyages to south flea. Apply to tho sgems. 87 West street, corner of?Albsny. up ataH-s. ?IAMBS A CO., WANTED-A BOY, 16 OR 17 TEARS OF AGE. TO AS atst in a bar. Apply at 88 Soeth street, corner Bur ling slip, between 9 and 12 o'clock A. M. WANTED-A COMPETENT snOWCARD WRITER: steady employment and good salary. Apply at No. 1)4 Plna St.. room 14. from to to 12 A. M. WANTBD-A YOUNQ MAW, A GOOD AND RAPID writer, aacopylat Compenaatlon 924 > month, ration* Ud quartern. Addreaa In-own band writing, wlthwecotu mentation*, R., box 4,949 Poet office. w ANTED?10 OB 13 MEN, AT 102 WATER ST. WANTED?TWO SALESMEN. IN A BAT, CAP AND atraw good* jobbing houae. Partita with a good trade will be liberally dealt with. Addreaa box 4,129 New York Poet office. TTTANTED?YODNO MEN, WISHING TO GO TO SEA. VT xo\ age* in -chooncra, brlga and ah ipa end eteamera to all parta of the world. Seamen, green hand* rook* and ate ward a. RANDALL A COURTNEY. 186 Weat elreet. eorner of Reade. op rtaira WANTED-A BOY. TO WORK A GORDON PRESS; one who can make ready hia own forma Apply to Fraacia A Lontrel, 45 Maiden lane. WANTED?AN OFFICE BOY, FROM 12 TO 14 YEARS xx of age. Apply to Roblntoa A Wolcott, 903 Broadway, up eiaira TY7ANTBD?A STRONG BOY, ABOUT 10 YBAR8 OF fx age. with good roferenoca, in a no-nnilta'cn buaineae. Apply at 65 Liberty at, third floor, back ollloe at 10 A. M. WANTED-A MAN. ACCUSTOMED TO TAKING CARE of horaea, to drtxe a builder'* wagon. Inquire of J. Van Riper, 261 und 266 Par I lie at , Brooklyn. w AiTBRSwanted.-applt at42whitest. WANTKn?THUER XOUNO MEN, TO WORK AT OE XX neial work In a mineral w.itor manufactory. Apply to Rolert Roblnnon, 976 Bowery. RANTED-4 GOOD BARTENDER, APPLY AT Urecna at., between 1U A. M. and 12 M. WANTED?A BOY FROM 16 TO 17 YEARS OF AOR, to attend bar; rafarenco required. Call at 2U6 Weat Houaton at. WANTED?A YOUNG MAN. TO ATTEND A LUNCH XX counter; one who ran five gi>od reference*. Call at 119 Broadwax, be* ween 7 and 8 o'c.ock A. M. ____ WBNTBD-A SMART YOU NO MAN AS BARTENDER. TV with good city reference. Call at No. 166 Chat ry at . coroer of Maikct at. Call between !) nod lft _____ WANTED-A ROY TO WORK IN A BRASS FOUN XX dry. Apply to Wm. II. Van Nraa, 149 and 151 Kate I tt, WANTED-A FIRST OLASB MAN COOK FOR A yacht Nooretcnders need call. Apply cmly tkia forenoon at 169 West if tit at t>C ACTIVR AGENTS WANTED -1MMRDIATELY, ?i*J for tho rlix and country, to anil th* moat popular work in the United Statee Rare Inducement* offered. Call on *r addraaa N. M. Sbafar A Co., 78 Codar atreat, rem No. 8, T|tAI>~HS( ASTRONO ROV, tfl YBARS OF AGS, LATELY landed, want* 10 b arn a good trade. Addreaa L X., box 18B Herald office, thla day, from 2 to 8 P. M.. elating w here employment can bo found. A FIRST CLASS PHOTOGRAPHER WANTED?TO travel with a tent; muat lake a ahare of b .aim a* aa remuneration. Addreaa/. P. O., box 118 Herald office. ECaXB KNITTERS WANTBD-ON SHIRTS, drairerf and atoiklnga; men from the aid country will loonatant WOfK esd good wage*at Unloa Adam*', 6J7 tad way. # OLD AND SILVER CUTTBRS WANTED; ALSO A young man orbox, who haa bad eoma experience at tfea trade. Apply at Ward"*, 242 Weet 17lh at., N. x. OIANOMAKBRS WANTBD-A GOOD TONS rkou A lalor wanted. Apply at Ha?*ltoa Broe'., 99 rrlaeo at. C?lAbB PAlNTKR WAnTSB!-X St' A* COM patent hand will raeal*# geod wage* in Reediag, Pa Addraea (A 0., Raaeing, Pa. WANTBD-A GOOD spAPMAERR.?TO A STBAVF xf maa, who aaderatlhda tlw buelneae thoroughly, tbd high act wegda will be glean. Addreaa p, A J. tFltonnoghew, ?oap and Candle Maanfacturera, Waahlnglon, D C. wASTRD-TEN CAR1NBTMAKRR9 AMD FIVE UP 901 Broad *i. Newark, N. I. Wiatim wanted?fob a MANUFACTORY of woollen goadA Apply M Sullixan, Raudo pb * Budd, N Park ptaee. WANTRD-TWO LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTERS; OBI xx eompetent en Wnntfer; te go in Cktaago. U?. Bntra Induetmente offered. Addreee, immediately Hoffman A ?roe.. no* 4.011 Chicago, Til, or apply far a Taw fail to W. Rowland, wood aneraxtr, 199 Braedwey, N. V. ANTED?A SITUATION AS BROINBRS. RT A young man. who baa had Iwatx* year*' aiperince; no TVTKi iSMi XXJ ANTED?TAILORS, OPERATORS, ROTTONHOLB SmSVssSamSiwe^ riBidouiii. PROPOSALS FOE LOAN. -A ThaAai'HT OiPimtn. Jiim 29. 1IM. Sealed offers will he reiwived at this PwtrtiaMl. under the ael of March 5, 1863. until noon of Wednesday, tha (lib of July. 19*4. for bonds of the United Mateo, to lha amount of thirty throe million*, being the amount of nnaooepted offers under the notice of Proposals for Loan, dated olh Instant. The bonds will hear an annual latere*! of ax per senium, parable Mini annually In onin, on the flrsl day* of July sod January of each year, anl redeemable after the doth of Juno. liJSi Eaab offer must he for fifty or oaa hundred dol ?are, or some multiple of one Manured dollar*, and nitiel ?tale tba sum. in ludL.g premium, oTored foreaohhr.n dred dollar* in bonds, or for lifts", when the offai 1* for no mora than fifty. Two per cent of the principal, axoiudiug premium, of the who a amount olfereu inns ho deposited, a? guarantee for payment of *nbserip''On If accepted, with tha Treasure*' of the Uuusd States at Washington. or with the A**tatant Treasurer at Sew York Boston Philadelphia ar 8U Lome, or with tho designated depositor. at Baltimore, Pittsburg, Cincinpati, Lou avllte, Chicago. DWrolt, or Buf falo; or with any national banhttig association aulhorlre.1 to receive depoalts which may consent to trau-a"4 tho burl ?see without iTiarge. Duplicate cert tlcates of deposit will be leaned to dsp'Sttors by the nflleer or association receiving them, the originals of which must be forwarded with the offers to the dei artment. All de.h-a.i i shonl I be nud* in time for advice of offers with caruilcate* to resell Washing toa aot later than the morning of July tv NoSiffer not ae eompantcd by it* proper oertlfleat# of depoelt will be con sidered. _ The coupon an ~registered bonds Issued will he *f the denomination* of $&l $100. $ 00 and $1 OUO Registered bonds of $3 UUO and $10 tag) will also be Issued If reqntrail. Ell offers 'eoel ed will be ufi.sne.l o*i Wednesday, the fith af Julv, by the Sernvtarr or one #f the assistant secretaries. Th# awards will ba made lit the Secretary to the hlghe-t offerers, end uot'ce or acceptance or dcollnstion will be Immediately given to the ra-pectue o'l orris; and, in caee of .aoceplance, bonds of the de?r:ptloui and denominations preferred will be sent to the suhsonibsi* nt the cost of ibe dspait-nent on final pawn ant of Instalments The original depositor two per cent will be rechonod in the last Instal ment paid br soccessftil offerer -, and^wtll be Immediately returned to those w hose offers may not ba accepted. The amount of accepted offera must be deposited with the Treasurer or other olllcer or association authsrixed to aot nndar this uoiico on advice of acceplauje >f offer, or aa follows:?One third ou or before the lOili; one-third on or before the 13th; and tha balance. Including the premium end orlglaal two per i-eul deposit on or before lha 20tli of July. Interest on 1>. nds trill begin with tho date of deposit. Par ties preferring mav pay the aecr red in Is rest front date of bond, Julv I, to date of deposit. ? Offers under this notice should be endorsed "Offer for Loan," and addressed to the Sesretery of the Treasury. No offer will be considered at a leas rate of premium than four per ccug. 8- P. (Ml ASK, Fecrntary of the Treasure. Nolle* to officers rcoelving deposits under this bient ? The prehmltery certificate of depoelt of,two percent must not beert dlted upon vonr accounts current, as It Is to be lib eluded la the Anal deposit. Baltimore and Maryland funds wanted at low rates. New Orleans bank notes also purchased at bast price. WM. n. MAR8TON A CO., Banker*. 17.Wall street. /"UTIZENS' SAVINGS BANK, Bowery, corner i 'anal street. ASSETS-ONE MILLION rWENTY-THRKF. THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED AND SIXTY-EIGHT DOLLARS AND 8IXTY-FOUR CRM'S INTEREST C9MMRNCKN JULY I. ISM. Rank open daily from 9 to 3. und ou Men ay, Wcdnetdsy And Frlduv evenings, from 5 to 7. Bank books In English, German and French. SsTMOiut A. Buscf, Sec. GEO FOLSOM, Pre-idmtt. CHATHAM BANK DIVIDEND.?THE BOARD OF DT rector* have this day declared a dividend of fire (5) par cent, free of government mx. pavsb e on 1st July soil. Tha transfer book will remain closed from "23.1 instant to 2d July. O. II. SCHRKINKK, Cashlir. New Yoiik, June 22, 18u4. Chemical bank, new york. june *\ wot.?the Prealdeut and Directors of this bank have this day do c'ared a quarterly dividend of six per cent, pavablo to stock holders on xnd after Friday, the 1st dav o| .July next. By order of the Board. G. (1, WILLIAMS. Cashier. "IBAST RIVER BANK.? D1VIDBND.-THE BOARD OF Directors have declared a semi annual dividend of four ptir cent, free of government, lav, from Ihe profits of the last six month*, payable on and after July I. 18<Vt. The transfer books w il be elusod from June 21, Imt., to Julc 1 Inclusive. W. 8. CARMAN. Cashier. [INING STOCKS?AS WELL AS ALL OTHER KINDS of securities bought and sold at all the Stock Boards In Nsw York, Boston, Philadelphia, Ac., or otherwise on commission, by ALBERT H. NICOLAY. No. 32 WilliamsL MANUFACTURERS' AND MERCMANTV BANK, NEW York. June II, 1-64.? A dividend of four (4) per cent has this dav been declared, pavable to stockholder*, free of foverunieot tax. on and after Julv I. Trausfer Book* will e closed from the 27th of Juue to 1*1 of July. Inclusive. A. MA8TERTON, Cashier. MARINERS' SAVINGS BANK. NO. 1 THIRD AVENUE. Deposits will draw interest from the 1st of July. BANK OPEN DAILY I'rom 9 to 2 P. M . and on MON DAY, WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY EVENINGS, from 6 to 8 o'clock. THOMAS B. 8T1LLMAN, President. IsAac T. Smith, Secretary. OFFICE OF Tni JERSEY CITY INSURANCE COM pany. No. 1 Montgomery street. FIFTEENTH SEMI ANNUAL DIVIDEND. Jsrsst C'rrr, June 21, 1S04. The Board of Directors of this C mpsny have tUI* dav de slarad'a faint annual dividend often (l#i por cen', free from government tax, payable on and after J my I. J. PAULMIEH, Secretary. ORTH CLEAR CREEK GOLD AND SILVRR MINING COMPANY. GILPIN COUNTY, COLORADO i ERRITORT. TRI'fl K.V. HON. JOHN A. DIX. HON. EDWARDS PIF.ItREPONT, JORSI'll FRANCIS, K* |? V. It. BUNTING. Esq.. A. a. MUDFISH. ?Vq.. Colorado. mrsiDvar, HON^JOHN A. DIX. JOSEPH FRANoiS, Esq. eouvsRi. ^ CHARLES F. BLAKE. Esq. The property or thl* company consist* of 2.J32U feet on tho "Ground llog," "Gregory, No. 2," "Munmuna." "Coo cord,"' and other celebrated 'Niveloped gold bearing lodes, In the best mining district of Colorado. Also, the Henderson MIR, now running and in axoollant order. Capital Stock, $1,000,00(1 Whola number of share* 100.000. Par $10. A large portion of the rtock has already been taken by pri vate subscription Book* are now open at the office of th* company. No. H9 Beaver street. New York, where a limited number of shares can bo subscribed for at par, br applying to the Treasurer of the company, between the hours of 10 A. It. and 2 P. .4, Copies of the Prospectus may be obtained at tha utl'ce of the company. M1 N XTOTICR TO BONDHOLDERS. IN Intele. _ eat r,a Ronde of tlie cltv of Marysvllle, Tub* county. Cal, due Jnlr I. 18454. pa-able in the cltv of New York, will lie paid "U and after liial .lain In i.urrent inu la, upon nmsentatlou at the American Exchange Bank In raid city. DECK BR A JKWETT M avrsvii.lx, Yea* CorNVT, CaV May, 1804. OTICB TO BONDUOLDURS. Nc Intereat on bond* of the connty of Tuba. California, due July I. 1864, payable in ihe citv of New York. w.U be paid >>n and after tbat data in United Slate- gold coin, upon precentallnu at the American Bichanre Hank. In said oily. DECKER A JEWfcTT. M*vstiii?, Yuba county, California, May. I86i. 0 KFICB OK T8B COf.UMfll AN (MARINB) INSURANCECOMPANY, CORN BR OP WALL AND NASSAU STREETS, Pour hundred and th'rty eight <4381 shares of the addi tional one million dollar* or capital ab ek remaining uotaken by stockholders under the notice heretofore given wt I be deposed of to the highest blddor at par or upward, the whole payable on ll>a let dav af July next, at ihe time of subscription. Sealed nronoiaia for the aame will be received at the oflloa of tfaccninpany until thctbth day of June mat., at twelve o'clock M. The blda enuat be in the form imoecrlbml by Ihe inder sltrned. to be had at the <a! re of the eduipanr. The award* of ihe stock ? an be ascertained at the ohoe of ?be company on or after the ?JRb of June Insi. lso other notice wdl be glrcn and the person to whom *t?wk !? award ed will be ?quired to eubacribo and pay fur the umn before three o'c'.ok on the' let da y of ,'ufy net*, or ihe privilege wl 1 be foi-feited B. C MORRIS, I'reauleat. RDW'D ROWK. | A JOSBP11 MORRISON, l Finance ALBERT q. LKR, f Committee. DANIKL w. tkllbr, ; N?w Toaa. ne X't. 1864. , .. ?, 0" mOfl OP TIIK MARIPOSA COMPANY, W0.~3t Wall Mreet. New To k?Notice la heiiby given tbnt the eoin ooa of the first mi I gas o bunds of :he Afaripoaa Company falling due on the l.ra' day of July next will be paid in gold on and after aald day. on presentitlon at ihe oftlca of the company. Dated June 20, 1364 JOHN WAIT. Secretary. OFVICB OP TIIK M AM 11" IHACOMPANY, M~WALL aireet.?Notice I* hereby given tbat al the draw ng this dav had of twentv five Bond* of thi* com pen? for re lemp Hon out of the linking fond, 'he following *?r? dr?Vn, vlt.?Noa l\W. AS. M. 9P.9H. Yd IJS MR 216. m. dlRJMBR. 404, MM, ?S7.772.81#, 8?1. I .IMS. 1.1 BL 1.326. US7, 1.344. I ISO. and that the same will be wud In cold on the l't day of July next on pre?enUMon at the otllce of lee company. Bonds be presented for payment within ten days after Ihe 1st dtv of July nsxl. under penalty of for elture of the light of rsdsmptien uodsr this drawing. lfiwr YettS, J una 4. ISM, JOHN W ATT Secretory.^ OFTIOK OF TUB MARIPOSA COMPANY, NO. 34 Wall street, Naw Turk. ?Neil e is l.?reby given that the annus! meeting of tbs Stookh dders of the Marlp iaa Corn Wall street, Naw York.?Wetl e is l.?rsby given that the mat meeting of the Stookb dders of ihe Mariposa Com pany lor the nlect.on of five trustees lor the enttnaayear, and for such other bus nes* as -nav come before Ing wIM lie hrld at Ihsofileeof ths Company M Vt^Hlro*t, New V. rk city, on the fibh dav of July nest, st noHHf said day. The transfer books of ths company will i-'oeaWlh the Business boms of the 27th Inst , and remain c o?c I until the ith day ofJulyaaxl. JOHN WATT, He rotary June 23, IW4. _________ Officb wells, WMMOO a CO. ?w BBOADV tr. i Naw Yua*. Jupp M 1804. I We are prepared to cash, In (lolil, July coupons of bonds af Blsie of ( attfornla and oi city of Ran Fronoisfti si rea sonable rales; or, If preferred, wt'i eolksut on- favorable terms. WKI.IJt, KAROO A Co. OPTIDB or TUB NEW YORE MAPLK SHADS OIL Company, June 20. 1844 ? A dividend of three per eeni, free of government tor, for the endlo* June id. ban been declared, payable on the 1st dav of July noxt. nt ths alike of Quackrnboss, free . Ns 47 Wall" tree t. A. SMITH. Treasnrer. rrtoN or thb amrrican calrinino pom pany, 41 Libertv street. New York, June i><. I8M. The oomnonr are now ready to make terms with thooo who or# iMrnsi f working gold and albrrr ores la a very cheap srul sxpeaUmub innttQpr. without the ne# af any bind of erosY Mmtirny nan ar 164 use of quicksilver. "*5r* rtee^nvitf the stteotlo* sf tbooe wbo work suWmIItw and copper orSA ? Jt PVBL1C NOTTOR 1? HIJtlRY OJVBN?THAT THB Troasurer af lhe State of Illinois will en and after the first Mon.flr of July next, until the 20th day ol1 said manth, bo ready, at I ho Amertran Biehanas Baok. Tniho S&ajW#'AC K m? u W JflBB V1QT1IOAN B01TTIIBRN ARD WORTHBRN1W L dinna Railroad Company. oMso 18 William street New erk, June W, ISM -A dtofdlend will to nald on iko -apliol stock of this company on tha 1st day ef hogust nasi, as f?i i-twa vis;?KIT* (h) par oent. Uas the govsrnment tax. on ts guarmeteedStnei Sod thf?s aad a half ?3)d) ernl. ree of g rommspt tax, on tbe eommon etoek^ nm^'^ek woa on'ihVffth^,?.??,tat WA. jfkn%l skbP. Treasurer. $300.< HsMH r?ANCIAL._ SACRAMENTO VALI.ET RAILROAD COMPANT.-TI1M coupons of tha flirt mortgage bonds of 1AM company, due July 1. 1804, Will ba paid olan J after that date In gM coin (lass three par cent Hatted Stales ISA), At tha offloA of St'HPCHARDT JQBBHARD. qtRAVSKKR OFFICE OF THE NEW JERSEY ZINC L Company. 106 Liberty atrar'. Maw York, Juno 16. IKSi? The annual Interest aa the scrip laauod by tba NewJersev lltne Company will hp <lua and payabla oo thn lat of July next at this office. The scrip transfer houka will ba Oioaaa from tha 21* to the JOtU Inst., boih days Inclualra. A II FARLIN, Treasurer $1 r)0 000 T,? LOAV AT 8nc PKB CRNT '** . _ reat. on bond and mortgage >0 raal estate inthiacity or Brooklyn. Appiy In the nlUca of tho People's Fire Insurance Company to JOHN P. CONRET, 66 Wa'i street $500 000 WA(,Tl:l>~BV rHK ,HT moveii bar nmt, at.six par eaat. for ten years, on improvetLNew York olty proparty. Capitalists disponed to iBveit catntddreaa A. A., Herald office iillLlTAItY AND NAVAL. AM ALIEN CAN IIAVK $490 CAHll DOWN TO ]>AY to go a* a substitute In inv pinna. Also two mors can receive the tame for friends of mino drafted. A twa years' ?a'sHgllshmtm 'flite?VsB,TICith ""If41" ?' Parents or half Blocks above ferry. ,u ***** ?'ora two and a A 1 NO J PARK PLACES-ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS bounty paid to soldter<rrtl?rbai ?ed for woundsreceived In battle. A'ao to thosu serving in three * curs regiments. 'flROWN A SHELDON. Military and Naval Banking Office. Ami drafted wn in the state wanting an alien aa a substitute. wlr address, stating the price they will pay, C- W. K. \. Cruui, 7* Obat.iatn street. Avoid the draft.?voluhtbers wanted im. mediately; choice of regiments aoa ie'i?f to famd'es; ?6.10 to throe good men. Inquire In tba outre of WASH. BURN A WOBRALL. 366 Broadway, near Chambers atreel. Army and navy substitutes furnibhiwx. $190 band money, and htghfnl bounties paid. United Slates Recruiting OAl ea. 247 Broadway, room 29. and No. 7 Evchange place, Jersey City. Colored recutita wanked.. BURHAU OF SURGICAL HXAMINATION, No. 9 Chambers street. Dr. J. W. POWELL, rormeriy nf iIia army, late Bxatnln lug Surgeon Board of Enrolment, Surgeon In chigoe CITIZENS subject to draft tviil bo examined, and In formed if they have any dtsab lity t'>at exeinpta, or II lis'do to be held for service. SUBSTITUTES <an learn for what branch Of the service tliev are boat adapted. BROKERS, bet ore spending time and money on a recruit, can ascc. lain wliti certainty if he is a sound, good man. Examinations strictly private. Experienced surgeons conataut'v on duty KCcr," by i er.nlsainn to MayurlGunlher r x Mayor Opdyke, P. I. A. Boole, City Inspector, and a hundred o'ners. fUMi ON DRAFTED MEN ?TWO BROTHERS WISH XJ to re-enlist aa substitutes. I' '-aso state price. No saloon 14 and 16 Ann street. Drafted men furnirhed with scBRTyuTEs and Exemptions procured for those enrolled, not draft* ed. Contraels with town i promptl rtl *d. Iletorencos io merchant" of h gh standing. Andreas CaptaIR Combs, 90 Llspenard street, near Broadway. Drafted men furnished with substitutes. Town quotas filled. All partes treated I'lte gentle, men. References of the highe-t character given. App v at tho BountulPay.iAmy and Navy Agency, IM Nassau street, up stairs. Drafted men furnished w.itii substitutes at shorttuoirce and on thn mo t reasonable terms Sub stitutes will be'credlted by the Provost Marshal to any town or district of ihi.? State. Vaniev must be sure to bring their n. llcea of being drafted an'd the moner. Apptv to J. WAR REN FLINN, No. 2 Warren street, near Br'uad street, near Br'uad way. Hurraii for the sons of Aerdom.-rally hove to the old establishment, where the highest boun ties arc paid to volunteers and substitutes for the army and navy, $90 cash down will be pnld to anv person bringing a recruit to this office, No. 6 East Broadway, corner of Oaths riue street. Substitutes furn abed. Drafted men please give us a call. Cnpt NOLAN, Lieut. LANAOAN. Heavy artillery.?voLUNTEtiRR wanted for a heavy artillery regiment, do ng garrl-on duty in forts n?nr Baltimore and Harper's Kerry. The highest bounties paid. Apply to Captain WELLS, ISO Centre street, corner of Wnlker. "RECRUITS AND SUBSTITUTES WANTED.?HIGH XV eat caih and government bounties paid as sconce pars ed hy the doctor $1"" hand money paid to those bringing recruits, by Captain COMBS, 60 Llspenard street. TURNtlALLE, 37?.".3 ORCHARD STREET, NEW YORK, June2l, 1861.?Headquarters, Ve'erans. Twentieth regi ment New York Bute Volumeere. To the Commandant of Ninety-ninth reg ment. N. Y. S. Y. .-?Sir?The members of the twentieth regiment hcrebv respectful. InrBe the of Jeers end men of the Nlnet- -ninth regiment N. Y S. V. to a collation, respectfully tendered to you as a token of re spect and former recollections and urgently desire your ac ceptance. Respeeiru'ly yours, OTTO HOYM. Ohairman. CsDlaln Company H. O. Rtrippel, E. Unger. J. AUhof, F. Drol e Reception Committee. New York, June 27, 1864 ?The members or the Ninety ninth regiment N. Y. V will as emble. In fatigue uniform, at the So (tiers' Home, coruerof Howard and Mercer etreets, this (Mondavi evening, at 7 o'clock, to accept the above In vltation By order of L>eul. Co; NIXON. K. H. LtWRRscK, Lieut, and Acting Adjutant. THE MERCHANTS', BANKERS' AND GENERAL Volunteer and Substitute Association.?From the New York Evening Express. Juno 17, 1861 ? "Local Intelligence.?Procuring Substitutes in Advance ? It Is stated that a large number of down town merchants and bankers are qnieilv availing themselves of tbe provl sinns of the conscription law. which permits persons who are liable to exempt themselves bv procuring substitutes In advance. If this movement could only be made geneial among our wealthy merchants, it w ould considerably lessen the burthens of the coming draft. Probably our next quota >?>'???* ?? niuxj up In advance. What sav onr public spfrtte.d merchants? N. m ?tx- ..I,r,..\ u, havo been and are being procured through the Merchants', Bankers' and General Volunteer and Substitute Ae?ec auon, oilloe 426 Broadway. N. Y. Tremendous bounties offersd to volun teers.?Wanted, three men. this day, for the Arm? of the Southwest; $93(J, $490 e?"h'hiwn; relief to families Inquire In tbe office of W \SIIBURN A WORItALL, 206 Broadway, near Cbambera >tree|. Tub largest amount of hand money to Brokers and the largest bounties to recruits, cash in hand, at 49?Fulton-street llrookhn. near the ferry. W. U. McDONaLD, Government Recruiting Officer. "\TOlVUNTBRR8 AND SUBSTITUTES ?IRISH, OF.R V man and l.ngllehmo ngltshmcn wanted. Highest cash and gov ernment bounrtes psid. Brokers and other* paid $.V for bringing men. CAPTAIN COMBS, .90 1 st. 9TI1 REGIMENT, N. Y. S. M.-A MEETING FOR THE reorganisation of Cumpenv O o' this vet-ran regiment, will lie held on Tuesday evening June 2S, ai 8 o'clock. ?l the M-roer House corner Broome ant \D rer streeta Young men wiehluz to j-dn a I ret cues militia comi any here an excellent chanoe for advancement. f\?1 romnty w;r nr: imip roc :i,.v good ii.mi for a rfui i.rDi doing nroroe' guard work, no Sibling; irnmi'ilr m ie>'. $? *. ? nt fo App y ei 14 ftmtti syenite. hum Am t swet. 1A MEN WANTED?TO FILf< A roWVSHTP Ql'OTt iU to whom the largest bounty will he pud, eaah 'n hand. Apply to the eniomittee, At Otto Miera', No. H Eirh?nke place. Jersey City. lOTH SBW YORK HEAVY AND W A R ? N K ART1I.. i?A len.? t.Vh) pall to ilav for enhetM'tea. amj film lor volunteers. cash down, lor this splendid regiment. <tnlrg (farrl on rtiiir. by applying to Ltenfa. I\AUL and HLl'.NT, corner of H id-on and [Inane atrecta inn MEN WANTKD-rOR THB ARMY OR NAVY, lu" High caak In intlea paid Old Engl sh. Irish nr OerinanaoldliTsae- Kill* men w.nte I to-day. t'. Kin haabcen made l y one nap. pi I o mener Apply at tin Bounty. Pay, Army and Navy Agency, ill Naom i atr< e> up atalra. q> lOft CASH ['OR KuRTY voiaintp.ers for flip, ?P YAl) counirr: aleo One hundred siibat tntes 10 wlmni (lie highest price wl't 'ie paid, a' the tlenernl igcr,,. r. e llklj^ Urei ue ?i|-eet, corn, r of incc Srt.v York. H;uim:!i Apei, y ft ft Finn J at reel. Pblledetp'i a $500 dngy: light families. A| it rnit Car[I DOWs to rithrtiti r ?.-tr.o ro iJP'JlMf volunteers. (1 elrr of s"rvl e. ltelie- m f,mi procu.ed. Apply at *7 Cortmndl a rret, ooruer u ? ? h ngton. . ? Cim CASH fAID, ROOM AS ACCEITKD TO VO liieterra arid ins'l Mrs; ehn'ee .if eerrlee Ap. ply at the office of the i'as'r.i Motel, ni vvii t , i s -> near Mouth fArry. tip oua llnht hf ataiia. Aak for Mpen or. *r,nn CARIT IN MAM) FOR SCBRT1TU1 PS ?D?JU" Choice of rogue out, 8 tr.ite f mushed for drafted men or men Tialile to he rtrafh d, at ?? or? not? Appl 'or M nOonan oorne of So ery and t'aoal street, tinder the Cltueuy' Savniga 1'sct tfi CilX CASH IN H An T1-SM nSTiri'TRS ARMY ?fl')?') or oavy eiin.-e -r(lv nl,j a"l-ta,w? for families procured We piv n< .? advert?? enu on deduc tion. Call early at 2M tirand atrc t nra Vcyery NICHOLS A CO. dJ.ecn BOUNTY TO Vol,ON rjiK:t? WHO will p in the Army nf fie Ri \ i tire hn-ie diaieiy hi the miltarv Uwrtl ?' V. tNilBUR.N .1 WoR It A 1,1,. !?t Broadway near t haul i htrct. iatfg CASH WILL MR PAID ro* A PI MNBR iPUmi) to ga as a iiintji e fur a a ?oo le this nty, <4fft caah for vnlnnt?r? and |Vlp.ep> rmi oheh e of heavy artillery, a-aloar mfaeny. Apidv at the llnl'ed States Army end Navy AgrtP'.t 93 West Street, corner t'o lar. &OiWl <;A8" PRKM" I "? MUliiTBBH VOI.OM. ?PfMMJ to is f r oenonn" itio s. flVvce nt Infant y, y or artuiary. provost ,-,rr...... n. .f arnt to famt'lee i icnihlv. $l- Aptly at l're-(V/ira atom, I to Cnambera street, below 'lira' I lloute $000 m $1)50 <:ASH IN ,IAND-rwo MKN 48 81B -CASH DOWN, F'l i TVtO S'lI NO MEN. Ca ll on the sjhi . a hoi as paaaoit bv the enrgood Inuii! Iia'.e i at the Armyeud Rery Clalui Oih e, M ton ttreet. atMntee, ale h gh-? ho- a'les mr v..;. nteera; ret'ef tnketa to launl es Appiy ai 7ft Corileti It street. ?QQ7 -MMtK W t NT ED ts VOt.MPTHRRBl fPtjt/i . cash fnralrr. infantry ?r?!l ers Furloughs guarsI ieed for tA hours APP'f ?l the iffloe. 54 Waikor street, botweau MroadwavanJ Oli ir-h a.ratt. Pieotiuma paid fo.- man. 1/\g Vd V URN W I'llkl) FOR THF \ M V AND NAVY. .UUll At No. 17 Broadway. ?490 bounty A t#,,j rAfb Mr oold or orrenbacbs, AI No 17 Rrna lway fpiO'io.ioD^vsn, ORBRKBACBf. At No. 17 Miwadway. ?tWbtrtbiy^ Ob. ooL|) oR All men want py W btiUat wljl D ceao c?JJ at tlili oYOd. Tan will And reliable mea te deal with No delay. No humbug No Imposition. You con aaemo your bonotr mowey Tn Mid 01 tbe enrrrat ratao Office open from 7 A. If. M Oil iU\l\ fDn TWO OOOD ?0BSTIT0TB8. JI.UUU tMO^for two good lelsnteoro Appl# ^at the Arm"and%ary Agonty No I Qreenwh b at. $1,000 others Drln?l_ ^ , . ? , .. ReferOTHW <?f tnO hlghe t ipam. lability A "Oly to J. WAlt KKN f LINN, N?. 3 Wanon street, near Broadvoy. CASn Wtl.L nB PAID FOR TWO OOOD _ ?abatiliilos thle day. Urea ore, ranurreoad others hrln.jng men a?I'l be jutOnrab'T aod 'alrU^deait^ry^iV ?r-r IXPIUB94B9. TJUBRI1 AM'B YCRNltCRK BIPRl SS?B0RNBAM N Jj Pttrti'lure Biprota -Plenofortaa. i'a.ntlnge. M"-rorg, China and Otooa toted end abltmod toall po?i e( the* orld. bhumisaaKwPis;; ?V5msst?r RATAL PUiAl MOR^JW. ^ A" SS7..J. OA? n OltlMD AT OKOK BV AFFLUNO, IN PBRJHTN OR B* LKTTRR.TO W\!.t?EN A WILL * KD, I,ATB 0 3. NAVf ?-1 YORK STKKliT BROOKLYN. rdi'S'TIBS. BACA PAY ?nd ?u ,,ih-r dAkng _ . _ 8UlM AD J f AT ID WITHOUT DKLaT_ BOUNVVwM-?(B,?roK PAT. 4 ll the orriCEiWpAirooMW or tie .? <?>t?ln their ptDe mm,?v ? $ lRlRD* 161 York ?treel, Broosiyg. 7ll ?m ? ?""" ft'iJS' i 5? ? "?. ^S'AK! A aaSSTo iUT3'"i???????'?? ??' IAS Voru ?tr< ?t Brooklyn /NONPEN8ATI0N TOR CliOTlIINO kOBT ON THE c;r-rv?K Praia "&W?* Brooklyn. __ . . ,. nP bRAMBN <>'p TI,B D? ?PTO H "an r.!Li?e it* P?v ?nd i rl*? money Hair* o! MameD kt|M or <H?<* ?n ti^e icrvLe pieoto call yn UR9YNAKD A kOWINU, 16 Naa.ut .irst*. __ Tpnu el All WBRHAWKEN ? HKIRBOF THOHM LOhX IROnMth. abovo named.ican recgiv. the prl/o montf,em In o?i> day after ttiing ? ?Am with WALDBlt a WILLAItU, lhd 1 I rk Mrael ? >-*?"_ __ _? 4, ntnu so NABS AD BTRHIT. NEW TOR? M. " P * M P'i?'?om!y ,or -u rhtt uow puy* Communication' rooeivo promt 1 attnnt.ou. ? ratii7V MONEY?FOR EVERY VESSEL CAPTORR^T PB!$? clad at once. $1? ?? <?? and ntJSft ^??g?tf.iWy^ASo??.'m^CLAkK. 36 P?* street, N. Y. ? C"OLDIEhb' pay bounty and rBS2,10*J-1?!!"',iiJ O eoHocled. Money a.lvanre.1 on ?PWr;?v?a "? (,harK? made until the money la reeoyers I. ApplyJ? i. UUtllli s. Atioruey, 711 0?4?r street, near the Foal o?- ? New York. - u? '"vaS&spT Id Nasaau atrael. rgToUVOED SOLDIEBB C\M 11AVK THEIR ?t<? W bounty promptly paid Diem. wlijowa andheilWml , . aniiii^r?! can hava tbo pay m\4 bounty oo l^ct^d Pf* nceudon^t procured: Bailorsean wilve theirprfa* money. All penniona pnw , |n*tructloiui by app'vtna t# RICHARD O FLLIOTT. Unite.l Slate. Army and Ofllce, 67 Bleeo?.er *t,ect. " B1LLIAEP*? all to??'hrr. wltU the room. Apply at M Bowery, orer .u fa, Itlo OarJeu. ? air I ?HARP'SFATBNT CO*BINATION OOiHJONS^ < acknowledged by all Ma .am^ the ino?t ao.'Mi ?te and relU m. ? ( of aliy ?uBb tlme the moit durabl lit awl aatl.raCusb,0|l n<,adi no Ion now In use. leharp * ,4??? nrofe?4lonal or wonltl reou'timend.lion from *"J ? merely bought for oeeaalona, R.TSrSff.1 S? !?fSSi'Sf fffiftffiS isrs. .RSTJ^asftnTSo???? Ing room* for exainlnailon? 2.16 Broadway, three table* Mi Broadway, el* tablee. \ AM Broadway, eight lab ??. ?Khifhhl."r.nd Broadway three tab.". ? ? ?i>i.? i?t. ?iTtfi st.r?^t an?l Broadway, n.n? i&wifli srs.sfSR-?,?. Aifhor,Ierakfbv' maH punctually attended to by W., J. SHARPXI^"he manufactory, lid Fulton .treel, near Broad way. " NsbicAt. CARD TO THE LADIKS.? OHARLH8 bBKRR/R. jT Prol>?? r of Ob.ietrto. and Surgery, and *?v?r 17 y?Mar? otancena.^1 practice kt tbla cdty g>|a:ante..a po.tUre e^ to any lady reautriug special medical or .urNbAl treain In "'veniy-four hour*' time no matter how comp eaWd ?? may bo. Can be conaullnd at bio old eatabllabed ^rt rate offlce. 611W Broadwer. and where bla new Tainey female medicine can be obtained, or *ent bylotler to any part Of the United Btatut; price $9. N B.?The pockwr nee elegant room, and the beat accomnfodatlon ? and attendea to the cfty lor patient, who wl.H to remain dnrtnt UWM ment. All cummuolcatiens f rtoUy conltdential. A1 home all hoar, of the day and erenlng. - A FFL1CTED KBBTORRD ? TONORANCB bili.y! Crinaiy AITectlon., Bffider^d IKidney* the au?ore V ?or fc?u4, |', rJ*g"5 p1.7^ wl'wwmr%?Sm> paper, 'in re?>mntendlng Dr Larmont an<1Ible wnrt."? (lourri'T de. Et?t. Un a Herman die R.form, Dl.pateh. Siaata Zeltung. Atlaa, M-dlcal Review, It - ? nvii'R TO TUB AFFLICTED.?MADAME DEE A PaRD'8 Fetnal. Fill* are the only medicine lad^a oali d?rend on wYth iafetr and certainty Can be aent by mtfl. oepena on w ill . ? &vall thcm.clre i of Madam* vio?tH%r<V RYBVtttViUt. eiiHElQ anA nafi mudft of irettiMnl CM do ??> ut on.' intorvlHw. Re\Uf ^J.I. Jjffl Po? dpn-o m S'ftb ?vonne. oppwitj token <itjrin4 egndncineot* with the be?i medical aiiandanc#. O lice hottra from 9 A. M too r. m. Advice to married la pies.-m a p a M3 EES TELL. Female I'hyelclan and I'rofeMor of Midwifery, c.n be eootuTed a* Jtoal at lf.J Chamber. ?D?eL Bnl <m* Interview will bo necciwary. No charge for adrtoe. Her In fallible matpelnee can aiao be ebufaed at 137^ Liberty .ireet, or By m.iil; price $a.'lc who deal re boardaa* the beat medical .tier,lance doringj onlinement <*? be commodiitert. Her French Pill*. No 1. prioj Si a boKTW No. 2, which .re four decree, .tronger than No. I. and at? never rail. *re nafe and h-alttiy; price $9 a b >*?' aenl by mall, with full d'reetlon.. N B'?Ma lame Eeitall iMmi It herdutv io caution ladle, againstJuailalor* of her adrer fi??i nut?i who not only rob toon) of ttiflr mfao", out tncir hr nb. A DV1CK TO LaDIF.S-TUR FRIEND IN NP.BD. D* A POW r.KS. 1.1 Fruukltn ?treet. tue ggver falhag 6<ieMr Anxinud pmaou ?honld lmm?diat?W *m bU . 8nr? r<3lief jjuarariteod in twenty tour hour*. Beware of tm tatienti a caRD TO LADIES.?OR- PO\Tt?R8. 01 FRARKWIf 1 ?Y gtrem wa mtiU rfiedy re lef 1 n .t'l dutlcuUleg, whether r^uirm m 'calm- iurgteal treatment. Cemmnnlegtlong "A Jdiy^^d'icntlal. Cun ulUilo i gratl* at all houre. I iTi-Tvisi.' rTTIME?REMEMBER TUB BURB PLACE 15 'for g a'peedy cure without mcrmiry: nnfortunate. WH : tied It t' l'iclr advaauge. Dr. WARD'S ob emabUahed n.ii* "1 K.auklin street. Adrlce free and .mab charge for medicine'. .. _ y-IONMI'LT DR. W *RD. 81 FRANKl.fN STREET, PEOM ( ) the h. hp si, ol Lit,den. the uiau,rarer of the only re liablc remedte* lot dlac.nes of a prira'.e character. DR. LKWIS OELKBRATKD KK'.IbDIBS ARB MILD an I a le' tive I i i ,rtr on>"-niloua. reunlre no reatralnt in illrt lo * of Um? ur IIIn Irauro Hi bn*tne?a. poeeeestog Im powe: ol ciali -ling ererr .. mp can of the dl*ea?e to t? ion (>?? trie1 will cone new the inoiit -kepUaal of their un-reing pi.panic. might ? aaea eurnd la Iwo tin a. or pre earned if 111 ridcatlon i* made |o tlmn. OfflM N 1 7 li-n h ' eat, l"? noi Varlck and Weat Rriitdwif. 1.1 u in *i . .ui .. a ?i i.'.i i 'he p.nicnt ?acn ao onn but thn 0 ii KaianliH m l I i 131" IV I / au ro'ril (c with 'in paralleled ?u.ce??, on all fem*lo ? H par Ootiie. aapraaslf I\l' WATSON, AN OLD AND KXPI.RIKNCHD PRAO J * i t on*i, it rna iir.t to gtiaran'** a cure in all oa*oa by a 11? if medie* kiol wliliout chang* ?>( dial ar raairlcliaM lion b 'lluca*. Dr Watenn'a boon. Utn "Cauna and Cora." ()lu< i tie I fhreuahnh' by anwiomtoal plate*. Ae. oontama re ii o infor ?tff)n for auch aa ara i.ufenng from allbcr d b'? n. d<M.| If or who ronton, marriage. Price J! s0 'I bf Ml." A ill.. Po*l oflbrr. 4J2tg Browtlwa/. and by Uia author, 00 Ur Jmr, '""Jt Idoult thorn Uia Melro poiit u flotal. MR. OIIBRT, MRMRKlCor fhp, NEW TORII OBI ? reran? iMr i tl llo l?g-i ami Do, lege af Sirtoona Lon I d.ut, r*n U" o< n uliril |U Irately at lua conveniently errnnged m i of o co?. M ''antra ?tra ' ?tween Chamber* and Kr*'*e etrreus a? ou a pr.rste *1 No. t i;it? li?ii pis C A pi*i ? rr of 'f y**r*. of which hare b-?a< to lit* * o?rl'*l* of Maw fork vml London, enable* him to Iraat with * -em uoieou* ami general debit It. Tha rletima of I'.ino'. ' n can call on htui with Ilia certainty of being radi al, v cud or no c harge DIP. TAI.BOTTB. WHITE STREET, If. T., CAN BB I niiiMote i Ire. either in pernon or b. letter, on itUoaeoh Ofapr * - ual ire. Deb III., la?altii.]o. Indtgeitlon. nervoua nei* nod al1 ilii*,iar* ir'*ln< from eiccea Dr. T. being a limnNi- raduate. and baring had a niiiiiharof jreara' axpn rtan ? w guarantM .? mfn and ?p?e y earn. MndMoeo ? eor *en,rr ri-oui orylng oboerrallOM. All coram ud lea Oona | ?irt?'lly -anfilentlal. HOOP I R. If DOAWB SfRBBT, MAT BB COB ?..Hod au all d'?e. xa*. T'nlit. yaara eicluairely da> I to ti r .'*et on*' l*? him to warrant a cert In all eraem. The i wniM* of nuapla ed confidence m medlonl prrten tro an call tti.b it certainty of being lad oally cured or no pay rvR. PDW'BRS, 01 FRANKLIN RTHRBT. CAB BB.COWM J r lUilad grat,*, wlih unp?rallcle<l 0On.pla.ate, Hla Perto-lleai Dr pa, $ - for ibotlaawoaaeo. Maivare of fmltat ona. DBA LEWIS' MKIHCAL AND Sl'ROlCAL INSTITUTB, No. J b-arli Hirenl. thrcail -or* irom West Hrood? ae, ?? th? ou't p ace where you will racelra i ropar medical treat ment and a aueedy cure. ?'?ad 184b. DBr ralph. Acrimn or the private trea liar, A> Amity itrrat. Thorn who apply in the early ? 'age nf die*** will be ?urprleed al lha eaaa and rapidity ol tbr cure l'tiv?* however, who bam mllarad long will tggb a] prnol.-tto hit garrloan ? rio no NRA'B. ? TOHBO mane pribnd. dm. Ur WARD'S s,,eciR.i and rrnvaaiivt curea lha worel entoe, w haul nirr iry or change Of dlei Waid ? Mag Veal lowlff rating 1'ilK ti par package A euro cum what* taaahood ba? barn Impair*^ . MBIanhoud *bd thr viaoR or toutb rkstobrd o four weokx by Dr. RIOORD'B kaeenoe of Lift, Tbla wondnrf'ti agent will raetom manbo<vl to ifeo n?M ahatltre i nnnatiintlona. whathar arletog from eioemaa, anif ?Imae Ih# alfacte of cllmaio n? natural oatt#e? , The Hran re. o'r-d lo euro 1Kb tooat In'etoraln ca?e N lMr ff*** Pal um h IrinoealWd. Dr. Jtloord n Eraeocb of Ufa l? lu caae?. wlih ineirugtlnnam nna, for or four qitanttfiog in on* for ?? Soul, onmfuliy pnakril on rocnlpl of ramil ra.'iui/.'^TiViKh.WKs i^xw New Tork, ona door woal nf Broadwne. S'iJSJS ?&'?.">' E}2? eiorlng remedy. ?Hy. fdririCt ?'?monthly mtnodlae ara oreer *?"?? ?? BiiD by NOT OoB ?treat. Wnrd'e nil en without a onnm ? "r rnarwory, am thnj? IrVcb rnn ?u.ea*>fn?ly real out thoea I limp. rssKswianWUjs** iitckTlln ou'c0*wfuVrMlMlttOM "'M*' IH Ti DLORt OP the aareona aixt annin

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