Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 27, 1864, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 27, 1864 Page 7
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? *- itui ' ?? <"' .'?-'^*vvwvWwvvW\/www?^AA^' T1,ff* C 8 A Kelt A CO., AUOTro?BE??.-f HAT WOOD, lu denser ? Manntloeni Household 'Turntturw, Piano one, tulotugs. Statuary, Bronea, <-?.na, BImi ut Bflyer War* at publ e auct on. 011 thta da* (Von Any). J>>M 27. at the tlv* atorv brown atune residauee H wast Stileeuth street, betweea Fifth and Sixth aveaoes, dale ooinmeacing at 1>, o clock A. M. Parlor. mperk. Suit* Of Furo tore, covered with brooatel of ridheat dearript on; Window Ourtaiu* to iraieh, Kiagerea, richly carved Seen, tart and Bo<>k**aa, Cabluet*. Ccalre Tabid*. Sbadaa. Velret and EruiA i Carpet*. Kncelgnuras. Oil Painting', bv em! aral artiata; ro?*.?ood Pianoforte (richest instrument of. Cared at auotloa tbi? aeaaea). Stool, Cover, Canterbury proaatac bureau". Wardrobe*, Bedsteads en ami* (stylo l>O ta XIV ); a -p ilor Hair Mattresses. 24 pa ra lloee Sheet*, If palre Bel-tera and Pillowa, II-p?lra B auksta, Conn itarpaaea, eak Buffet,' Extension Table. Sofaa. Armohai a, ?evrea china D inner Seta. Silver Warn. Casters, Spoon. 'CofT? Urn. Dinner end Te* Service Table Cutlery. Alao .-?,11 Furniture of aervant*' apartments. Partiea wiablug to rettaod Ihte sale wilt taka Fifth or 6lxiii sreuue cars or stages, from Aa or Houao. St. Nicholas and Metropolitan HhoUta. laavlng at Sixteenth street, a law do in from . A UOTION SALE OF Jk MAGNIFICENT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, iLKOANT CARPltT.S ASU COSTLY WORKS OF ABT, COST OYER $9.0J0. USED BUT THREE MONTHS, THIS DAY (MONDAY l, AT THS 'BLBOAJtT RRHIDKhCB 162 W B8T TWENTY FIRST ST., BETWKKN 8F.VKNTH AND EIGHTH AVBNUK8, COMMENCING AT 2 O'CLOCK PRECISELY. : Parlor, dining room, drawing rooma. aleep'ni; room a and tiauraery aro completely and elegantlv furnlahed In rona wood, oak and maliogauy; Krenoh Mlrrora, roaewood Eta .Meraa, threo One (ml I'arlor Furniture, tn green rope and ?iialreioth; magnificent 7 octavo Piano, four round corners; ? ally maker?coat S300; nuperb roaewood Ceuiro and Pier 'Tables. Beda and Bedding. Hair and Spring Mattresses, , with hand seme roaewood Chamber. Furniture: rich Ch)aa, Oomplete aets of r ch Cut Olaaa, Table Cutlery. Silver Ware; Alne Wilder Iron Safe, large six*,'Ac. All te beaold wlthnnt - reserve, rain or ablnc. HENRY B. W18TC0TT. Auctioneer. Auction notice. , BOOTS AND SHOES. WM. M. I10LLINGSH8AD. Auctioneer. By J. T. WHITBKOUSB, aalearonm 2.1 Cortlandt Street. Awlil sell ou "Wednesday, June 29, at 10)i o'clock A. M,, about ?.000 ease* of alricily prime and *ea*onab)e Boot*, Shoo*, Bruges*, Qalter-i, Balmoral*, Ac.,direct from manufactnrea. Ala* a lot or Stoek Goo da In good order. Catalogue* rnady on mora'ng of ante. Auction notice. EXTRA AND SPECIAL 8ALH TWO HUNDRED OASES STRAW QOODH FOR MENS' WOMBNS' AND CHILD KENS' WEAR, THIS DAY (MONDAY), June 27, at 11 o'clock. C*tal<g{uoa and good- now randy. WM. TOPPING A CO., Auctioneers, , No*. 9 and 11 Park piacn, and No. 8 Mnrray street. A UOTION NOTICE.?CROCKERT. OLASS. CHINA ?a. and Fancy Ware ?WM. W. SHIRLEY, auotlooeer. Tuesday. Juue 28, 10 o c ook, at 281 Pearl atroet, by D BM BURY, Jr., extra large catalogue. Sale of bes< and aeronda YJooda, In lot* for cltv and oountrr dealers Sales free for on h, and gooda well packed for ahlpptng. _ UOTION NOTICE.-H. WILSON. AUCTIONEER.? & By A. D. GALE, at 44 Dey street. Special aaie of iooti find Shoe*, .te. About 7M cases, comprising & prime nd freah aaaortment of gonda of nearly every variety, 1his la a clearing out s*le of Invoices, to which we invito the attention of tne trade. A. D. GALE, 44 Dey at. Auction notice.?for bade cheap, at re. tall, at the large an. tlnn store, 209 and 211 Hudson Wtreel, corner of Canal etreet, a large assortment of good Wecond hand Carpets one elegant round c-u-nered rosewood Wlsno, two or three bandaomn Parlor Suits, one splendid apookcseA and a lot of other Furniture, but little uaed. N. p ?Goods of all kluds bought, \ A UOTION 8ALE O? CROCKERY, AC -HENRY O. tfl. EVANS, Auctioneer, will sell, iu lota to suii dealers, no Tuesdiiv, June 28 at 10 o'clock A. M.. at 18 Barclay ?treeLla general assortment of best White Oran te and Com* ?son Ware. Glass Ware, fancy Toilet Bet*. Ac . Ac. Sale positive and goods carefully repaoked for sblpplog. ET JAMBS M. MILLER?OFFICE 28 PINE STREET; Wednesday, Juue 29. !8?>4. at 10 o'clock A. M at 1-7 it Tenth street ell the Household Furniture contained tn (the above house. Catalogues morning of sale. |W\ B. TAYLOR A BROTHER, AUCTIONKRRS-W1LL liJ. sell at auction, on Monday.'June 27. at 12 o cloak, at the Franklin Hou**, corner of Brdadway an I Myrtle ave ? ue). six desirable Building Lot*, situated on Brohdwav and mosoiusko place. In tne Klgbtoenth ward: a:-? four desirable Malts on Montrose avenue, corner of Lorimer ?treei. and AwoLoWon Koeruui street, in tho Slxteen'h warn of Brook lyn, Sale positive without regard to weather. Title indis putable Nans and term* at the office of the auctioneers, IB Nassau atreet, New York. BURKE, AUCTIONEER-OFFICE NO. 8 ASTOR OLJ? place, wilt sell ?? Monday. June 27. at II o clock, the 8took or the Millinery and Fancy Uoeda Store. 4M l'h rd ?venue; also the Lease and Fixtures. Sal* positive; no yoatpeaement. Dealer* attend. g-Kt H. LUDLOW A CO.. AUCTIONEERS. VCi. LARGE LUT OF LUMBER, Ac. AT AUHTION, Vor the beneflt of the United States San tarr Commi aion. K. H. LUDLOW A CO.. wlU sell on MONDAY, JUNE 27. 1864, at II o'clock, at the corner of Eleventh avenue and twentieth street ? ?,<J(W feet of Timber, 60 Batten Do-tre, Wb J01*". .. S.000 Dreeeei Board* ' , ?? ^re."*e,d rUnlt' ?. 9 11001 Trusses, 10 feet 1,203 IVIncli Spruce Plank, spaa, ,52iiBch "'m 10 Roof Truaeea, 10 feet 100 Window Frames and span, "Bathe*- 20 c*"ka of Nails. ^Also, Flag Po.lea, Short Lumber. Firewood, Bnatnelled 'Cloth, Hardware, Ac. Terms case. Lota to suit purchasers. Catalogues at th* Auctioneer's office. No. 3 Pine street. tfjl COLTON, AUCTIONEER.-LARUE 8AI.R OF V? . Houaetflild Furniture, Carpet*. Mirror*. Parlor and Xedrooin Purn ture. Ac., Ac ?On Tn?slav. dune Zi. at lnj< ?'clock, at 734 Broadwa . opposite New York Hotel, the en wire Furolturo of a family r moving frcm the citv. It will ?omprta* almost every deacrlptlon of Heuachold Furniture, *runi*p*rlor to attic, including rnMwuod, mahoganv. black Twalnut and oak: alao French plate Mirrora with thirty or jfoKr Oarpeta; al*o a quantlti of Boots and Hhoea. to close a ?uoocrn. More full partiou ara of Wedna-dav. Also, by or sd?r of^Internal Barenue Collector, eevcral Counters, ?1 O. HOETON, AUCTIONEER, MO. 6 GREENWICH r, avenue, will sell oa Monday, 27th Inatant. at t o'clock, 38 Carmine street, the Stock aad Fixtures of a nice Faml Jy Orooerv. vlx:?Sugar, Teas, Caff**, Rice, Soap, Starch, fjaadiaa, Pleur, As. ' MORI ARTY, AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL AT 173 I ? Chatham eiyiare. this dar, at 10o'clock. Furniture. Car; ' , Feather Bed*. Mattresses Lace and other Curtains, fainting-, Mlrrora. Clocks, Glass t? are, Dress Goods, ?Is. shawl*. Shirts, and numerous other goods. Mo lament ?ELDNRR. AUCTIONBRR ?8. W. 8KLDNEK, 1? New Canal street, will >e 1 on Monday, June 27, at IU)t >'e|eck, at 488 Broome *treet, near Wuo?fer llousehold Fur iture. Piano, mahogany Prench Bedsaads, Bureau*, eta a-Tetes, Parlor and Easy Chairs, llruase'a, Three-ply ltd Ing'aln Carpets. OUclolb. Hair *ud Husk Mattresses. Jullta, Shssta, B anketa, Ac Alao one Counter. Barioom ?md Kltoheu Furniture, la>oklux Glasse*. Crockery Wa re, ?c. Tuasdsy. June 28, Furniture at th# *t#r?. Morris wilkins, auctionbkr. VALUABLE HOUSK AND LOT 234 WEST FIFTY Fpl'krH STREET AT AUCWON 1 R. H. LUDLOW A CO. will -oil at auction, enTueaday, if una 28, 18-14 at If o'clock, at t1 e Kxuhauge Salesroom, 111 Ihoedway (Trinity Butldins.) New York. FIPTY.FOURTH STK^P-T.-The valuable three story and Basement high atuop br ck House and b >1 2)1 West Fifty, 'fourth atreet, south side, between Broadway and Eighth Kua Hou-e le 23 feet S inches front and rear, by 61 fret . Ha- all the modern Improvement.-'. Lot 26 feet ti aa front and rear, by 100 f*?t deep. Msna. Ac., at the o2io* or the auctioneer-, No. 3 Pine at., ?'aw Yoik. _ ? f DOUGHTY, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL ON Wf. Wednosda , June 23, at l?)t o'clock at 73 Leonard ?troet. tho Furniture ceulalm-d In the abnve houM. conslst ?agefBar. Bar Future* (llasNWsre. Ta dr*. Carpets, Oil ?loth, flair Mattr >?<?<?" Haddlnz, Bolstera and Pillows. Bed ?leads. Aa. Ac , oumpGsing the u-ual asaoitment found In a Bearding house. ^ Xi ARSHAL'S SALE.?RICHARD WALTERS, iU 8l>erlir a alietioener. will sell ael. on Monday, June 77. gtl II o'clock, at foot 01 Forty a-ooud street. North river, Banal boat Mary T-clx J0uf) r ,TBWARr UAWNBROKRKS H 8 \LK?THIS DAY AT 10>{ A. M, x BELL k INGKAHAM'S. 38 New Bower .-3m Ens Remnants. 811k Dresaea, B00U and Shoes; a>0 Watubea and Jewalrv. By order. W. GOODWIN, 83 Naw Canal street PAWNBROKER'S SALE?J AGAR. ?l NEW BOWKKY, will sell this day. at II o'oluck. a wry large *nd fin# ^saortment of eaaonsb e Ladle*' Wearing Am *' ' 8 ! Ms* velalne and alaig* variety of other Dreve*. Shawls Btsoic pilk and other Cloak*. Sheets, Un ler.dntlilng end o.her Roeds too numero 1- to mention This *ale Is tvertuy the at Rantion of dealers and housekeepers, liy ordar of John ??ynch, 78 Grand street "PAWNBROKERS 8ALR-W N. LEWIS AUO J tloneer w ll sell, to morrow, at 10 n 1 le. k, at 193 fiowery, a large aesmment of Gold nnd Silver tva'.nhe*, Jewelry, Qune, I'l-toii Mu-tral and Mathematical lostru gnent*. Ac., Ac. B; orde-of W. A R. SUnp on. ?p It ROLLINS, AUCTIONEEK-SALMSROOM 433 JV. Canal .Greet Mt LLh.UY A KOLLINih w.ll .ell % I ? day at 2 oclock at 488 Canal street the entire Furni lure of a hou -e, reu oved for eon v#i?len<.t> o> t.a'e Hi-u>"?!?, Three-ply and-ln.ra n Curpei#; nile' dh, mahogany, walnut ?od rosewood Prca?l g Itureaui: Waahatard-, mahov.inv, walnut and CottagJ *V'l*!es tn; FeaGiei B*-l*. Bo *ierr a-tii Pdlowa; Hair and H ek Matiresse*, Catiire Dining nod T'-a Tables; Wardrobe-, Bo- kea-ee. ro?ewooJ and mahova iv Baav and Rocking ( half < I'arlor aud Conking 8tuvr>, one China Dinner Het, I run, Crorkert and Wood Ware, Couch ?e, Sofaa, Ac. A line h .11 e for u?aleri and ethers.. PICHARD WALTERS SHERIFF H AUCTIONEER.? JV Liquor Slot.- and BliParl Tables? WIL *oll on We lore 2ar,June 29. at II o'clock, at the l ull Hon??, earner of Twenty tlfth -treet and Ki-blh avi-nue. feur superior jb-iil.ird Tables, Bails and CU'-a (Lenard *ud Hsujainln miakat"). lu g od order. Also French Plate Mirror. 13 feel Song, French Clock, l a?w. Hi atand Casks und K< gs, I'aiU ?ion. Plate Gla ?. d tru n top Ta! I( 1, "P F. KEw IN. AUCTIONRKR-9ALUSROOM 23 WOtT. JV, ery. Large ash- of CI tinny. C.uihs. Furutali ug <5ood?, Aa.. by JOl.l 1 8 G. SALHI."GKn. Will sell th * 4ay (Monday). Jrnie 27. at Itl A. N., ill aa'eareom 23 Itu.-erv, She entire stock of a de ?lor givlnx np business, comprising ? large assortment ol" 4Ladv Mad* clo'bing. Cloth*. 1 nasi mora* , Furut.hlag do I*, Ac. Sals positive; terms cash. Sherman a co . auctioneers, will sell on ? Monday. June 27. at 10 o'cltxjk, at No. t! Ludlow atra.'t, n ?dmlnlatraior'a rnlc of ILuischold Furniture, vh ?Ohstra, Tables, Sofas, Hcda'eada, Bedding, carpets, and ail othw Furniture and PeveonAl Fropet tv tie using to John Han, Jeceaasd. Q. \y. Oil. MO HE, Itxeoo'er. SHERMAN A CijT A UCTIONE K RS. WILL FELL ON . Mouda) , Jnu? 27. at m?< o'clock, at IS Bowery mar ?hat's sale of Fumitoro, viaSofas, ntahoisnv Chair-. Lounge-, Mirror#, tlarpet, Baddlng, Ac. A Ho a lot of Li enors, Groceries, Ao JACOB KOitLKR, Marshal ib HERMAN A CO. AUCTION F.KRS, WILL SELL ON p. Moedif, Jtine 27 at II o'elork, at 1.3 Howerr a Mrge lot Of Ororerle# and Lluuare, Vlxr?48 bote- Fa-I Tie 8n*n Tea, Oolfee. Ao.; also 24 hbl*. Bourbon 8* bi-*ey. a large 1.4 ?f Brand lea. Gin. Rum, Port and Khe ry Wlnoa, Cham. ?*gu"a. Ac ^ <^0R AN TO N 35 A L A T A I' OTI ON. Omoi or Tne DicuAWiHk, LicgtWimt* and Wnnrgn* ] Rait *o*n t'o , Nrw Yone. June 16 188A f Thlg company will hold thefr seventeenth regular monthly ?notion, on Wednesday the Fhh da- of June, 18(11. nt 19 w'eloek noon, at the otfiee of the company. No .33 Wtuiam ?treet, at whleh time they will offer, by sIMKON DR APRR, jHniirfrVlVB THOUSAND TONS OF FRK8H MINRD ^ SORANTON COAL, ?mbracing all th* uioai si sea and daltversvM* at thole depot, ?UeabethporV N. J., during the month of Jnlp neat The tale win b* poeiUv* Bach lot pet np ??Ri Be Mid to ike hWbeet htdder? no hide. In any form whatever, being ?tad* r*r aeoouni of or en behalf nf th* company. " oondlllons will be the earn" aa hpretnfore. litBI AT ACCTIO#. ,?f *??' Relate.?382 Building; Lota au? 1*?lo,t?V public auouou. at hirnimui. lu Ike u*> at .[)*.? ?ou louniy, Mew Jersey. on Mooter. ?bc 2/th.eacfTtt?..^V; 18tb day or June, 1304. oomnunoiBM at I o'alock eaoh day, me orcmlM*. This property l? beautifully situated on Wed llrtd f?'r mount end Pare avenues between the New Jer ot RaiMped ?M and Newark uiank r?ad. near the reatdence of Peter Bent ley, Esq , aad oouvement to several other first clans root dence* and improvement*. distant lire minutes' walk from Went End depot of the Now Jersey Rallr>ad, traloa running Sixty Mines a day to New Ynrk. oomruutatlun *'0 per year. Likewise within tnaee minutes' walklnf thefjcraey City and South Barren linrae railroad eara. every Hfte-u mlnutaa to the ferries, Term a of aale.?10 per cent and auctioneer a fees on day of aale: 40 percent In thirty days, when war ran tee deeda will bo given; (he balance can remain on bond and mortgage for tlree yeara. For further particulars In quire at Charlee Ludnn'i land office, ooruar of Pallaade avenue and Warren afreet Hudann Ottr. N J.; of 8 FOR. INSOM. anottonaer, IIIH Washington alreet, Hobakaa. or at hi? residence, Stone House, Palisade avenue, near warren street. Ifudnon City, N J. STB AM BOAT AT AUOTION-8 A J. BOO ART, Auc tioneers, wilt *ell on Tburaday, June 80, at 11 o'rloex, at the foot Of Ler"jr street. North river, tee Sldewheel Steamer U. B. Wmanta. together wltnlher Fixtures. Aa For further particulars apply at the euotion room a, No. 1 North William street. SA J. BOOART, AUCTIONEERS.?SHERIFF'S ? sale?By virtue of several warrants of attachments, and by virtue of an order Issued out of the Supreme Oonrt by the Hon. Wm. 11 Leonard. I will expose to aale on Mon day, June 17, at 11 o'clook. at No 1 North WiUtam atrei . . - - ___ street IS boxes of manufactured Tobacco. JAMBS LYNCH, Sheriff. Sk J. BOOART. AUCTIONBBR8. WILL SELL THIS . day. at U o'clock, at the auction room. No 1 North William street, Marshal's salo of SO boxos Brat quality Soap, 1 Iron Safe, lot of Oroseriaa, Aa JOHN H. HILLIER, Marshal. TOAFPNBY, AUCTIONBBR?SALESROOM SM ? Eighth avaono? will sell on Tueedav, the 88th, at 10)4 o'clock, the F.xturea of tbo Oriental Dining Saloon. 611 OrM ??H strnul a n /> w na 1 !?<? I Ortii nlov loerrn Vpnnoh nil. IS Ml? Grand atreot?an excellent Counter, large French plate Mir ror, Range, Boiler, large Ice (fbeat, Be. WILLIAM ABBOTT, AUCTION REM?OFFICE MO. 4 Beat Broadway?anils on this dev. at 10)4 o'oleok. the Block and Fixture* of the Qrocery end Liquor Store, Bo 181 Ludlaw street. Flour, Boer Pumpa. Glass Case, Ao. WM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL, THIS day. at 1 o'olock, at 464 Canal street, the enttra Ren* tael Furniture, Ac., of a three story house. Parlor Suit In *? * vaa iiivutn, tav.. i?i m nilco sn'i T uuunD. J teaavs fiutfc m brocate! and hair cloth. Pier, and other Mirrors, Curtains, fine velvet and three ply Carpeta. Sheets, Oilcloth, Centre and Dining Tables, black walnut Bedsteads, Hair Mat tresses. Feather Beds, marble ton Pressing Bureaus, Wash stands. China. Glass and Silver Were, Stoves. Ac.; a'en one fine Gold Watoh. also Wheeler A Wilson's Sewing Machine, also 4 Refrigerators, together with other Goods, U hand some Carpets. XKl M, WITTRR8, AUOTIONBKR, WILL SELL THIS f 7 day. at 10*4 o'clock, at 60)4 Fourteenth street. Union square, the Stock and Fixtures of a Saloon. Also the Household Furniture Sofaa, Beds, Bedding, Carpets OU cloioa, Bar and Bar Fum'ture, Pumps, Mirrors and Glass ware. They are all on the premises. SPECIAL NOTICES. SBIGNKE'S FINAL NOTICE ?ALL PERSONS HAV Ing claims against John McKewan, merchant, of this eit.v, are required to produoe tnein, properly ver Sod. to the or heft undersigned, at No. 66 Maiden lano. ou or before the 10th day of July next. Dated New York. June 26,1834. GEORGE L. SHAW. Assignee. A MEETING OF THE CARTMBN AND WORKING Men's Association of the City and County of. Neur York will be held at 12 Prince street, on Sunday evening, June 2f>. at 4 o'clock. All members are requested to attend, aa bunlneas Of importance will be transacted. By order of JOHN GALLAGHER. President. Francis McOa.vna, Secretary. A MEETING OF THE 'LONGSHORE SniP PAINTER8' Assocla'lon will be held at Military Hall, 193 Bowffry, this (Monday) evening. June 87, at 7)4 o'clock. All mem bam are reipie ted to he punctual, as business of the utmost Importance will be transacted. R. Thaic.iKg, Secretary. R. BRADSE^iL. President. (NARD TO MY FRIENDS.?I, THE UNDERSIGNED, J having been accidentally run over bv Steam F re Endue Company No. 12. while preeed ng la charge of my company to the (Ire In Wait street, on Saturday evenln.', take this means to make known to my friends that my phvaiciaa in form-ma that, although severely injured, there ii no 1m we.liate danger of my oaae proving fatal, hut that with proper care 1 Will soon bs enabled to atrend to mv bus nesa as usual. CHARGES H DBNMAN, Foreman Hose Company 38, No. 813 Spring street. IjlARLY CLOSING MOVB.-GROCERY AND TEA J clerks attention.?A meeting of the Grocers' Clerks Early Closing Ass c alion will Ire held 1b Mil iary Hal), 103 Bowery, on Monday evening next. June 87, at 8)4 o'clock. All those having the cause at heart are earnestly Invited to attend. By order, JAMES CU8ICK, President. John D. Luplxt. Seoretary. "piaRLY CLOSING MOVEMKNT.-tJOURNEYMBN AND Sli Boas Barbers, aiteotloo ?A meeting of the barters and hairdressers will Ire held in the Union Assembly Rooms, ill Orsnd street, on Thursday evening. June 88, at9W o'clock. All those l aying the Interest of the rauss at heart ere ear nestly larlted to attend. J. C. GRAHA'M, President. N'OTIOR.-TIIB REGULAR WEEKLY MEETING OF -?the Clothing Clerks end Cutters' Early Clothing Associ ation, will be held on thla (Monday) evening, at'room 84, Cooper Institute. A large attendance la moat earnestly re quested. iJ.M. HARMED. Secretary. J PRENTICE BOYS' LODGE. NO. 7, A. P. A. A The members of the above lodge are hereby summoned to nltend In full regalia, at their hall, corner of Twenty ninth street and Eighth arenue, this day (Monday), at 12)^ P. M. precisely, for the purpose of pnyliig the last tribute i resiMict to our deceased brother, Wm Thompson. Mem Den of the fraternity are Invited to attend. Bv order of WM. LAMBERT, W. M. J. B. Tookbk, Rocordlng Secretary. PAINTERS CENTRAL UNION ?AT A RKGUAB meeting of the Union, the following resolution was adopted unanimouslyThat the 'Longshore Painters are hereby ordered to doraand S3 per day for nlue hours' work, and tr not compiled with they shall strike; and It Is further ordered that all pafntgr* shall refrain from any Interference with said strike And carefully avoid all shops whore it does eclat. By oidcr, Aa PRE UK. A. SEYMOUR, President. Jaubs PiTXPAtuicc, Secretary, pro tabs. POLITICAL. Fourth ward citizkni' association.?rk. ductfon of Taxation. Reform Of. City OoreramenL Clean Street! and We.I Ventilated Douses, A public inert log or the ciU ae* of the Fourth ward, without distinction of party, will be held In Hon man'a Hall, corner of Oliver and Henry street*. on Monday evening. ,lnne 27, Itdl. at 8 o'clock. C. Hooter Ka.j , (Union Stern. Esq.. and sereral Other popular *p*a ere will address the meeting. Detail* will be given regarding the mismanagement and cerrapllon connected with our Pubi c So ools to this ward and elae where, and the Infamous system of robbery rifa in all de partment! of our olty government. M. O. DUIGNAN. President. L. K. O'Brvak, Secretary. ^ CDPAHTNKR8HIP, AN AOTIVR AND INFLUENTIAL PKR80N WANT el?to take an interest In a 4th of .July excursion Ad dress J. F. P. P..-Herald office, before A o clock thia day. Partnrr wante;>-i want a man to JOIN MB who ts all.tog to work like tuvse'l.jrllh from $3.OuO to JS.iho, to start a j;?meriil c<imni:**'on business. Address, with fnl. confidence, C. H. L, box 3.2l>4 Post ollice. PARTNER WaNTFD-KOR AN ESTABLISHED AND w II paylag bnaineaa. giving large frottta. Capital re quired Al noil. Address 119 Nassau street, room 14. PARTNER WANTED?WITH fftOO, TO ACT AH rail ler In a bo-lno-a well known In this city, a d wbfc i will bear II ? sirt-'ieat lorestigit'Oa. No one nerd answer this unless thev >a i furn'ah good re'ercaue*. which the advertiser also will do, beAh aa regards tending and the nature of the Ltiaamsa. A aires* Partner. Herald odlua. PARTNER WANTED?IN A LONO KSTARLI8IIRD cash business. paring over RA.'sSI per aninim A guo I man with ij,l4kl lu cash, wanted. Man mora than money wanted. J. B. IHRLA Nl> A to.. No. 1 Tryon row, comer of Centre at Partner wantrd-with twelve hundred dollars ren tal lo Join the advertiser in open ng a first c'asi t a su1 roller sloie. Store all ready. In good central HllHIOI Address W. W , rtntlon A. App roarly. WAN1K ?-A PARTNER. TOTAKR entire charge of btistness n tills o.C ; he must hare good qua llica tlon? mr pushing bustne ?, also undoubted reference. Ad dross I run, box lift Herald once. -AN ACTIVE PARTNER WANTBD, WITH JJUiv'" the above nun. In a light, lucrative busluess. Aa irssa D. N H.. box 'Jut) Herald office (J?er/\/\ -WANTED, A MAN. IN THE STEAM BOX ?TtUMF, manufaeturlng lm Iness as pat liter; ran sel a I te i m-i nan ioa<? onn tsritlr emn'oted, to ca?h c a tamer <; i a easws, lea Ins, biting, mschtacry. Ac ; horse en i wagon. Low nut. Apply on premises, I(j7 West Thirty nooM sttoei irrwk to ft'oorT?a orntlrman Wanted, in itn ngrei-ahle cash bos nasi, paving 2D0 per rent p off! and no risk. Add ass, with reel name, II. T. Moore, cox I Id lleru.d ollloo. Agents need net apply. C!l Q/\n ?WANTED. A PARTNER WITH THIS SUM iflJsOVJV/. lo travel with the advertiser In Europe. (Itest pin ts within six mouths will be nsallred Address Surety, station D. when an Interview will be ap, olnud. NlSCBLLANEiniH. Artificial human f.tes made io order and Inserted by lira. P. HAUCH A P. (JOUUBI.MANN (for nterlv empire ed by Rnlseonnsau. of Paris). NJ Broad vay, New Tork. ARTlCi.ES FOR TRAVELLERS ?SOLE LEATHER Trunks, Rajja, Ac, Ladles' Dress and Bonnet Trneke, elegant French ami Alti'r rxti morocco Travel! n? snl Ahon. pin I'aos JOHN CATTNAt'll, Msnufaet treraud Importer. W Broadway, coraet of Wall street, and 701 Lraadway, near Imirth ? real ____ Uiv6ri? ic?h a v7no~ madb tTus a "aFactal stilly diiidps many veers' practice, the undersigns i holds private consultations on the subject, eithsr personally or by lette". F. I KINO, Conas' llor 11 Ur, MS Broadway. I" MMRNBR t'ltifJE S PAID Kim OLD rooks I,PC Pn in IJhrart. rerr cheap. He K an lard Works. H calf. at nur t rice. intMyfi Wnrk?, Trsrals Selene*. Medlelns, Ac.. a4 your price llW.'Jie Pheltgrap . >.? Card Pictures al an, prie<\ LEOGA f A BROS., 119 Nastn t atreet, near Reekman. IF VOIT 7NIH TO BAVR COAL AND EXPENSE IN I the IIS" of grate* get W. W. TOPPER CO.'It Patent Improved urates for steamships, locomotives stationary furnace". T1 est grains are lighter, more d<trah e an I effect art- ta* sarin* of fuel than any other state la ut. OffloeblWeet a'root, between Coder and AJ bat* y PR MKTAI. AND OLD LEAD WANTED.-CASH _ will he paid for a few htm tred weight ef Type Metal and aid Lead. Apply at the desk ef ihte onto#. rtlll B ORRAT RNOLlRh RKMEDT FOR OOUT AND J Rh, iitnaUnm.?All autteror* from ihe above complaints, either uf recent or long ttandlna. uv advised to use HLAlK'R OOUT AND RHKURATIO FlLLP Ther can he raited ni-nn as the moat safa and eflesanai remedy ever offered lo the eubllo. and have ha?n unlvrraal v used m Europe for many veatre with (he srentdat aneoeaa ... ? Prei?arad bv Prmti A Har?ent Ktras^l, Lend on, Kn? land, and ?etd hy their agent*. WELL* A 00., Franklin atreet. New fork. . Rer Wairmys i emsnlaalaoraa have eutbor wwl the nami and address of "Themes l*rout, 21? Btrand, London.'' ta be Impioeeod upon the government stamp affixed la aaoa but the genuine msdmln* Frtre M and 7? seats par bos. 7i T# I (TINTS PER FO'IND PAtD POR OLD BOOKR, 3 newepap?r?, An.?Call befaro vou sell ebewbard, for we coatinns to pay (aa we always hare dene, regardless ef ad rertiaemeata) more than any other house In Che eitr. Per son* sanding from the neaeiry may rely upon an Immediate remittnoee. Full value, weight Ac MAN AH AN A MIL LAS, 10 Sorudb atreet, If, xM whniagnle smw T THh rvnf^ C"TRViwLL?KicDj?>>N? 555KT wi^a? t&dUSj. t-l-UB KiOII. Kiaap luy jUMK^r,! mm tor all Olul ?. ur** ?t $200, gtfli heal*, far g| im club Weigh li . ? A Handles? Stake (ft J1'"He and * quarter, for all Ogee, 21i>eaon, and the club to ??d *'<Hl H two or more Mart iMHJune Oth SECOND DAT. JUifl WTH. * eweanatetrte for loree year aide, nil's heels. $50 eg:k. P at or aav, aod %S s) added h. the club if two or more etart, I?hr ?J* JTTitihte. The have entered:? * Morris b. e. by Imp. biollpee, dam Etiquette by Mariner. * jjbrrta, b. f by Imp. licupse. dam Ksta by Bolivar. j ?? ?"*"? b f burllne, by imp. Knignt oi At. George, dam by Imp. Trustee. T. O. Moore b o by Lexington, dam lilorlana by Atne rl?n ' ollpw g d. Trl ? by Sir Charles. T. (J. Moore, hi. o. by Kmgbtef Si George, dam Ada Tevl* by Imp Albion. A Jocnay t,tub Puree of $100, duab of two miles, for all a*e? c.lub weights, aad the winner of the three mile dash ou the first da- 7 r?, extra. . _ _ THIllDDAY, JOEY L A Jockey Club I'urae of $80J, daab of four miloa, far all Ofea, oluh no uhts A Handicap slake of $5) oaob, with $208 added, half for fait, cash of a mile aad a balf. Eire to till and closes June sjin. Entries for the Hsodloaps to be idd rested to the Sec re lory, offioe Wilkes' Spirit of the Times. AdmtMlon to Course aud Public Stand $1. Ko gambling allowed en the Course. The oars br the Jamaiaa Railroad will leave South ferry for the Course hs follows ?At 1 o'clock P. M ; at 2 P. M a sweoial Iraiai at 3.26 P. M. From Fulton ferry and lJtvi ?lou avenue, Williamsburg erery Ave minutes, cars to East New York, and thencs by steam on Jamaica Kallroad to tha Coiirxe. JOHN A. MOKKiS, President. Casttas J. Poeran, Secretary. CBNTRKV1LLE 00UR8B?FOOLS WILL BR BOLD at L-ifayetle Hall, on Monday evening and every even - log daring the races, and at Walker's Hotel. OentrevlUe Course, every day, at 11 e olock A. M.. T. B. JOHNSON. C* AS HI ON PLEASURE GROUND, r TROTTING. Monday. June 37. at S o'clock P. M. Match for $$l>0, rone beats. he,.t 3 In 9. T. Oragoa name-, Ra . 'Mare, to wag >a. H. Woodruff names e. m. Lixrie So-n-wndike, In harness. JOSEPH CHOCUKBUN, Manager. ptASHION PLBASURB GROUND. TROTTING. TUBS RAT. JUNE 28. AT 8 O'CLOCK P. M. Puree and Stake of $NW, p.'p. ;hnile heats, best three in fire, to wagons J. S. Turner names a. g. Dan Mace. W. Irving natnet br. g. Tartar, D. Pilfer namee br. ra. Empress. Boats will leave Thirty-fourth street ferry every five mln utes, end .Tames slip every half hour The laatbnat In time to reach the oourse will leave James slip at 2 o'clock P. M., connecting with the train from Hunter's Point at 2U P M. JOSEPH CROC HURON, Manager. UNION OOUR8B. LONG ISLAND.-TROTTING.-ON Monday. June 27 at St. o lock P. M , match of $1,900, ml'e heats, heat three In live, in harness II. VVaodiuT names b g. Cardinal; D. Mace names e. m. IIinuie. Cars leave South ferry at one o'clock 8HAW A WHITE, Proprietors. TTNION COURSB. LONG ISLAND ?TROTTINO.-ON U Tuesday, June T8, at 4 o'clo k, sweepstakes of $300. mile heats, three lu Ave. Own-r names s g. SanJy Hill to wagon- ownor names g. m Sarah Jane to wagon; owner names blk. g. Black Dan In hartia-s. The above arc Brook lyn road horses. Cars leave South fern at 1 o'clock. 8UAW A WHITE, Proprietors, TTNION COURBK. LONO ISLAND-TROTTINO-ON \J Wednesday, June at four o'clocs. purse and slake of $909, mile heals, beat three In Ave, to wagon. Dan Waco entersb g. Shark; II. Woodruff enters br, g. Dexter; D PAfor enters br. 0. Toronto Chief. Cars leave South ferry at one o'olock. SHAW ,t WHITS, Proprietor*. SPOATMG. A GRAND SPARRING EXHIBITION WILL TAKE plaoe at the Stuyveeant Institute. 65V Broadway, en Tuesday evening June 28, when all tbe pugilistic talent of thn country will display their skill. The feature of the evening will be a glove-Aght between Tbe BeneQciary and Terrible Gardner. Dogs for balk.?one Newfoundland st. Bernard Dog, Newfoundland Pups, a pair of Italian Greyhounds, Black and Taa Pups. Black mid Tan Terriers, Bcotcn and Skre Torrlert. and one Spitz Dog Apply nt 11 ? ------- GRAY. Itoo oveli street. Oral floor. JOHN F OR RALR-A GOOD AND REUSABLE WATCH DOG. of the Newfoundland and MastlT breed; will be sold cheap; the dog^ 2^4 ^ycarv old Inquire of tlic Rnglnoetv, at Messrs Jane* 4 smith's, oorner of Forty second street end Tenth avenue. SLOOP TaOBT OSPRKT FOR SALR.-12 TONS. 81 feet long, good oabta and furniture; newly painted and In perleict order; will be sold at a bargain. Apply at 98 James street. HORSES, CARRIAGriS, AC. A SPLENDID LIGHT ROAD, OOAL BOX, NO TOF Wagon, ent rely new; one recond hand light Road Wagon, weight 170 pouuds: one fine Slnit'e Harness one Saddle aud Bridle. Tbe sb ire la line order. Will be an d at low prices. Call at thn Metropolitan Hotel stables, oorner of Frlnoe and Crosby streets. A BROWN MARE FOR SALfc-19 HANDS HTGII. 7 years old, perfectly kind aud a gool worker. in line con dltion Will sell cheap, for want of use. Apply at stables next lo 298 Pacific street, Brooklyn. AN ASSORTMRNT of vehiclhs-topand no top Buggies Bu iness Wsgons and Carriages, suitable for physicians'use. for sale by VVM FLANDKAU, coach maker, 133 Eli. aboth struel, and 2110 and 232 Ninth avenue. Fine saddlb horrr for balb.-a o.knti, leaving town wants to dispose of a vary pretty Mare, well breken for saddle, trotting very well, with an elegant action. She Is about 15 hand* 1 Inch high, light bay and about 7 years old; prtco $400. Can be seen at Ryerson A " " ifty place. 9 Brswa'^n University pmce. [NOR SALR-A FINE BAT HORSE. 16W HANDS f high, suitable for a single coupe ?r double harness; warranted sound. Can '?? seen at Ine northeast comer of Thirty-eighth street aud Fifth arenu*. Price $9(10 ?piOB SALB-A?GKNTLBMAN'S TURNOUT, IN PER _ feel erder; Horse, Watpm, Names*, Ac., eomplete; horse warranted sound and kind. Will be so <1 st a very low pi lee, a* the owner is going to leave for the country iu a few fiaya. May be see* at Mm* stable. 97 Irving placa FWR SALE-A? BEAUTIFUL YOUNO JBT BLACK Blank Ha'in Stallion, nv?r 16 hands h gh, perfectly broken to drive or rlda; raised by ths present owner out of fine btnoded stock. Sold for want of use Apn'r to Mr. WALDRON. at dub stables U and 24 West Thirteenth street < here the horse can be seen at any time. Also same plane) a nine light Buggr. a light Do,' Carl, nod a good road Bulkay. All Terr cheap. For bale-a sorrel, short tail, ibj< hands high pent! at le, suitable for a coupe. To l>e seen at Rverson A Brown's livery stable*, corner Thir teenth Street and University place. E>OR RALE?FOR WAJtT OK USE. A OR AY. NORSK, P 18 hands high, sultab'e for herd work. Price $113. Apply at '.'3U Fifth street. To he a en until sold, For salb?a pplkndid saddle horse, siiita b!e for a lady or gentleman; mah<> nnv bay, 7 years old. will either trot or center under lha eadtlle: can trot in har ness In't minutes, either single or double; -nan in led sous I sn I kind . a Jupiter oolL Can bo seen lor two days at 193 Mercer street, at tbe feed ?tore. For salk-a beautiful five TRAMP old Colt, full 18 handa. a perfect beauty, for a cenOomsn or lad-: handsome for the park. Price $4-0, worth $*U0. To ha sold lor want of uw; wl I take a low priced one in ei ntiange. Also, three large, line, young Mures for sale su'ta ble ror farmers or any business, aM over Id hands: between 4 and 7 years old. Apply at SI New Chambers street For kalb-a full assortment of carriaors and Wagons, consisting of Rretts. Park Phartona, Ri'Vswava, top and no top Buggies. Road and Kiprcas Wagons: an Harness, Saddles and liridles, bv D. W. IVEH A CO . $9,Liberty street. IT OR BALK?A FINE COACH ROCKAWAY, BI T LIT I1 tla used, just thoroughly repaired and painted, and nearly aa good as new. Alx>, a aet of Double Harness, la in ra at 408 Hroadwav. FOR 8ALR-AN 0PF.N COACH. AR GOOD A3 NKW; bid it lav Wood A Bros. To be seen at the Union atahies, I,<39 Broadway, between Thirtieth and Thirty-first streets. For salk-a park phaeton, built by wood Rrnthrrs. Also a pair of Horsea. 14', hands high; a Rot-knway end a Light Wiwon. with a double and tingle set of Ilsrne e All poo l ae ne#. To be seen at ths private stsble 387 Carlton avenue, nesr Fulton avenue. Brooklyn. tfOR RALE?'TWO ONE BOB8E BOCKAWAYB. TWO I" s- nod han I Light Wagon*. one new T. n Wajoo. one ?econdhsnd Hub her s Cart. Call at 12 Rail Eleventh elteet, nesr 1 hlrd avcuue IFOR 8 A LB <*HEAP-A FONT, WAGON AND H 4R ' ne-e, ro'i'i le'? o tlrst rati order, suitable for children'i nee. Appl- at SI Ra t g.ighlconih street HORRK for StLR.-A coon DRIVE P., Ti THER TO a ro ipe or wat-m; over 18 head* high snd a good tra veller bold fur want of use. Apply at IS* West Twenty eighth street 1 IOHT DOUBLE IIARNEAB FOR RtLB-MA'aF THIS Id spring b. La wry; has been usod but a few I up-e anil te ss goad as naw. Can be seen at No 9 La-t N ivteenth atraet, NEW YORK' TATTKtlSA LT.R?SIXTH AVRNL'l, COR. _ ncr Fortieth--tr ot?Auction >aic of Ilnri.-e, Wa.BUl s id !!nri" w-un Tuesday June 23, st II o'tieek. three I no Ho-'i s. Rtng a anil Double Harueat, K< ??,ra. s end V aSale | ereruplur r. NOW R -ONE HUNDRKO AND BITTY ACRKI OF pasture ground. Fifty horses can b-t arcoonn'dated with i-as'nre at *i? dnllars per month. Apply to It C Pt-Y, un tbe fir-lulsss, three miles fr-it Forty ?e "i I ltreet and H'srihc Ha ken*ack junoA' n Northern Railroad station. Post e lite ad Iters-R. 13. Dey, English Neigubo: boo 1. Ber gen oouuty, N. J. rKDDLINO WAGONS I OR fl.l LK-OlfK ONE HORSE ahd una two horse. W. M. fr)WF, powder sg"iu. eoruer of ?b b st and Id av. SMaddt.h hovte tor rale?a iPIlUrKD THOR .1 oughbre I sorrel Mare 18 bands high >ear? old. has OiarinD Mood, is perfectly MMtaJ au-t gentle. <au trot and earner, ami s In every r>- jfet a round laddie horse. Apply to THRU. RRKVI-.P 14 f'sst Nineteenth Street yORRKL MAKE FDR SALK?18\ HAMD", 7 YEARS P o'd, long tall, vei y handsome, perfect .tv'.e, sound and kind In ha-nswe and In e< err rsepect; dun drirer sn I eten iter; esnnot be surpsseed under the saddle Apply to GEO. W. BROWN, No. 9 Flat street, eeonarl door WAriiKU?A ?i 7 lui.t. i, r nnr iiru v 1 <* vt. nu1 n w and kind bar Horse, not under 16 hands bleb, long tail; must sb?w a who o mils la %H intmu*e; *;?-> balwren A and 8 year*. Addreaa. -tatlng i rwe, %*hielt .u*e4 ba mo derate, ros 1.2S4 New York Poefogiee. WACONR FOR MLF.-ONB SQUARE WO* AND one ooal boa Wagon for Ml# cheap; dtv hutII. Dsn he eeon at 19 South Wllllain street Wanted to purchabb-a light two rrat Wa-toa. to oarry two or tnw p**teu?. with p-"e and efcafu. In geed order. Addrnee J. V. R lirrttluu'l e Alin WILL BDT TMI8 PAT A BPl ENDIH LHillT IU Re ail Wagrui; latest etyte; slip made; ooet owner f$BJ; haa been run thrne times. Also a Depot Wagon, for $78. with top. Aiml? at 100 WeM 41st et . near At* av. ?1 *)l\ WILL BUT THIN DAt A FINE TOP WAGON, 3) LZilr elly mada. la fine order Sold as the awn-r leave* the city thle evening. Apply at No. U* Aevew'h aagauc. twe doore above PorU MAth aknai, lVUuI. .gn*. Mr K. I.A.MB, OB which ^ ast^n^lH ba^> resented 'CO NJ U<J AL LESSOR hurt tho YOUNG WIDOW, with the tallowing (* <iutod artists, who have kindly volttu ?? 'isd ? *"'? Ada Ollkjon, Mr* W. O. Jones, Mia* Kat* Newton, ? T Hind, P Morrtaunt Maria Hon'raoa; ?Mar*, o C Bob.'fsoo A U Davenport Prank MonUuut, w BlaMeil (ly panutaalou of W. Whsetley. Esq.), J. r Cooke Ac Ooor* opnn at 7H; ooramenae at 8 o'clock. POST OFFICE NOTICE. Post OFFJCR. NSW YORK.?TIME OK TBI cLOSIKO of the Mail* North Hail ?la rtudson R vw RR.) -Through Mall and for Pecksklliand Hudson & A M and 4:14 P. M. North Mall Way Mail. (except 1'eckaklU and Hudson?6 i ?. and 3 1*. M. P EMrt **"' (*tlk N,W H,T,n R- E -fi A- 1:? and ?:!? East Mali (New Hiven ?u)-| SO J 20 and 6:15P. *. Kaat Ma I (via Newport and Fall River)?4 p. U. Booth Matt-8 a. M.. 4 80, 6 and 10 30 P. M. Eri* R. K Mall?? A. M , 4 45 P. M. Brie K R. Mall , Wayi-5 A. M , 8 P. M. New York Central R R Mail?4 P.M. I-nug Island Mai'?5 A. M. I.nng li'and Mali (to Minaola, Hempstead, Jamaica am* Synas-tt)?5 A. M.. 2 SO P. M. Harlem U R Mall?5 30 A. M. New dorser Central Mall-5*A. M , 2 P. W. Morris and K sex Mall-5 AM, I SO P. M. Northera R. R. of N. J. Mall-3 P. M. Brooklyn Mail -6 and 0 A. M , 2 and 4 30 P. M. Astoria Mall?9 A. M.. 4 P. M. Ilohokeu Mall-5 A. M . 2 P. M. Btaian Ialanil Ma!l-5 A. M., 2 P. M. ? Freehold ana Report Mail?'I P. M. Canada (East) Mail?0 A. M. and A:ll P. H., except Fridays. Canada 'West! Mall-5 A. M. and 4:15 P. M. Canada (East) on Friday*?5 A. M. and 0:15 P. If. LOAN OFFICES. ATT7.-MONKY LIBERALLY ADVANCED AT 77 ON DIAMONDS. WATCHES, JEWELRY, PIANOS, FURNITURE, AC. ALSO, /? AT TT PAWNBROKERS* TlfcCBTS WANTED AT 77 Of Diamond*, Watches, Jewelry, Ac., and 225 per cent more paid than can be obtained at any other place la the city, at 77 Bleeckar street, up stairs. AT 503?MONRY LIBERALLY ADVANCED ON DIA. mends Watches. Jewelry, Sliver Plata. Onns, Plato!*, Ac. Also Pawnbrokers' Ticket* wanted of Diamonds. Watches, Jewelry, Ouus, Pistols, Ac., for which I will pay 200 per cent more than can be obtained at anv other place In the dir. M Broadway, corner of Houston street, up atalra, room 5. Money to loan on diamonds, watches, jew. elry, SMver. Dry Goods ami personal property of all descriptions; article* can bo redeemed at any time within one year; private oOlce entrance, hall door H. BARNARD, 21 Third avenue, MIISICAIi. A SPLENDID PIANO FOR $2.15-0 A H. BAR MORE, manifsrlurer*. 348 Bleecker ilreet?seventeen first prl/e medal*, warranted for fir# year*, without exception the heat piano made Testimonials from most distinguished artists. GREAT BARGAIN -SPLENDID OARVBD R088. wood Piano; seven octave, overstrung bass. Jo. Co*t $430; If snid tin < week, prion $251). Also Prince A Co.'* Me lodcon at $45. Call at <13 Broadway, opposite Asior plaoo. N. P. B. CURTIS8. A MAGNIFICENT R08BW00D PIANOFORTE FOR sale?cost $63). for $325. Including Stool and Cover; Parlor Suiis: cost $150 for $225; Ktapsrss. Mirrors. Paint Ings, Bronzes. Htaluary. Chamber Furniture, in una seven mouths, to b? sold at a sscri.lce Inquire at 113 West Twen ty-tMrd street, ntsr Sixth avenue. A MAGNIFICENT TONED SEVEN OOTAVE ROSE, wood Pianoforte for sate at a great bargain, for cab; lies iron frame, round corners, French grand action, fine rosewood cas?; celebrated c.ty maker, Ac. Price $203. Oall a: 10 Allen||treet. near Canal. ?J^EK A WALKER. 722 CHTWTNOT STREET,_PH1LA. m.J, have just pibllchoil, "Walt, Love, Until the War Is Over." song and chorus, by T. M Todd? 30 cents? err.ujf.ed also for guitar; "Memory's Golden Chain," bal lad. wrltlen and co up sed by H.'Millard?30 cents; "Me pbietopnsieg Gallop." arranged on motives from Gounod's Faust, br J. A. Ootve?iO cents. To be obtained also from HORACE WATERS. 4111 Broadway, N. Y. QUNLIOHT WITHIN MY HEART, BONO; WAIT, t) Love, until the War is Over, with picture; Eph's Lament; FaHst's March; Boldler'gtflapnv Return Mazourka, 30 oe?4a appv Return Mazourka, eaoh. New Aocordeon Instructor, new Ooncortlua Instruc tor, over UK) tunes, each W cent", mailed. S FREDERICK BLUMB, 208,Bowery. QHODDT. 8HODDY, SHODDY I?TIIK SHODDY POL O ka Is just out, price 25 ocnts; a fast polka In every sense: jost the thin ; for the times. Published at DALY'S mualo ?tore, 419 Grand street. INSTRUCTION. AT MANCIlA'S, 413 CANAL 8TREKT?STUDENTS receive prar'lcsl Instructloa In Bookkeeping and Com muic'al Arithmetic inr$8per quarter. Writ ug, 121es.*ons, $1. Resiling, 8p dllng, Ac., taught. Individual lustructlon given. Upcn day and evening. AFRM ALE TEACHER, OF OOOD NATURAL TALENTS and thorough education, would like a situation as pro eeplress or teacher in tome academy or hlxhlBhool. Best of references given and required. Audreys Anna T. Bernard, 11 nghatnton. N. Y. f" A YOUNG LADY OF CONSIDERABLK EXPERIENCE in teaching Is duairoug of a iiostilon as governess, to teach the English branches; would superintend too hoc se tt.) d or a* 1st with the sewing If require! of her; no ob;,ec tlon to location; unexceptionable references. Address B. A., station D. At townsend-s acadbmt, ido bowbbt. bblow Houston street, ladles and gentlemen are thoroughly instructed In English branches. Qent'eincn are qualified for the counting room, and Ifaoaa wishing to teach are pre pared for any grade. Open day and evening. Terms mode rate. - , A BUSINESS COURBE-BOOKKEEPINO, WRITING, Arithmetic Punctuation, Ac., taught, $10 per quarter; twenty-four Writing Lessens. $2. At No. 283 V ulton street, Brooklyn; New York College. 62 Bowery. "As a splendid penman and skilful teacher Colonel Paine ha* no superior." Newport News. A LADY, DBfllMKG TO OO TO CALIFORNIA A3 A t?ach?*, wlshee to form an engagement hero with lomt famih sall'ng Imniedlaloly Can teach music, French, Carman, Italian und higher English hrauche-. Salary bo great object. but heat references required. Address box 10 Mad *on square I'ost o lice. BOORZltl'INO, BIT8INBS8 WRITING, ARTHMETIC, Ac, DOLBKAll 3 Commercial Academy, 609 Broadway, wilt be kept open all summer Gentleman nr ton will h? prepared practically for any business Mr. D. will remove stiffness a. trembling from bad hand. INSrRI ci KW.-AM ACCOMPLISHED AND TAL* opted Parisian ladv deflres to clve le?i.ona In French, on the piano sod In singing Part cular aiten'ion given >o y< ling Indies who desire to heeome leaders Address Mine. Angela do Stoppe eire, 235 Btats stresl, corner of Hoyt, Brooklyn. TO SEMINARIES AND SCHOOLS.?A THOROUGH teacher, spearing the English, German end French lan guage- and competent to teach a.l higher branches, would like an engagement from the let of September; could take charge of the musical department as teacher of piano, Me lodeon or Organ an 1 Singing The hast of reference giran. Addre a L. Si. Char ca. box 210 Herald orTtoe. WANTED?BY A FtMILY 001NU WR3T. A LADY from the old country, to lake charge of the education ol two vounz ladiea. yonngrat aged feuileon. She moat be thorough'.v compneni to instruct In Music, French, Draw ing. and the nlhnr usual branches. To aavc trouMe. nona b'W ondouhtedly qualified parties need app'y. Addeeaa. with full particulars. Mrs. W. M. 8., No. 27 cannon street, Pooghkoepaie.lN. Y. PUOPOIAlJa 5 OFI'ICR OF THE STREET OOMAUSIUNRR. 2"'7 B, cartway. TO CONTRACTORS.?Proposals enclosed in a sealed en vel"ped, endorsed with ihe title of ibo work and with I'm name of the bidder wr Hen tbercon. will he rcenived at iht* ofl're unit' TuegrlAV. June 26 lets at 11 C'daakA. M I'nderpiniili g aide walls and eieavatlng and fitting tip oellsrof house of Hose Compete N" 2" For regulating and grading Eighty-sixth street, between nvenue A and Real river. For regulailng and grading corner Fiff y-elghlh atreet. be tween Sec >ud avenue and Ka"t river. For p-gulatlng ami grading. Ac., Fifty-ninth atreet, between Wind and I mirth arMiinea. For regulating and grading, Ac.. Fourth avenue, between 116th and 12-Hh streets. Fn leguiat ng and grading, Ac., Hlgtlrth atreet, between Riglilh avenue and llruadwar. Ir'nr curb, gurer and flag First avanne, between 111th and 12.ilh streets. curb gutter and flag Twenty-third atreet. between avenue H and F.ast r-ver F. r l agging Forty-fourth street, between Slith avenue nod Broadway. Ppr flagging tine Hundred and Thirtieth street, between Truth avenue an,1 Hudson river. For Magging Manhattan atreet, between Ninth aveuua and lin l- n river. For new -mam fire engine end tender fur Company uum bar Forty. For lire alarm bell for tho Thirty third strec be'l tawer For 1>n ding ahede and ptit'lng new rupf on cotifitrv mar ket. and fur tit or repairs tu .lefTnisun Market. Blank lorms ol pr-'i o-aia, toget or ivit'd t ie ipeclficailone and agreement* can be ulna ne t at tills office. Dated?8 ttrrv DgraaTjsksr N*w York, .1 ntic 17. ISM. O. CORNELL, Street Conin iiiion-r. Proposals for of '? riot damagrs Indem.tMv Roods No. 2,'' of the oouit'.v -f New Ynrg. Re ,ip,| propoe; Is wl.l re received at the Co notrolsr'a ofll-e iihl I HieiiUv, the 27tli day ofunr, I I. a I vn o'clock r, M. w ceil satin- will he public') O'-ecc I, for Ihe p ir cliusc of the Who o or any pari i-f the nisi m two hundred ai 1 11 fly t! lit cr-vl do lara (JJflU if I , of ?' P.iot Donate) In demnity Boadi No. 2" of cm. y ol New York, au thor zed ?>v 'hat ? r 7. ?ed as ac -nded h , chapter Ah inf the laweof It'll, and bv an of the Boaid of Super viaore app.uved h the Many, Jims 15, 1- 4. Tb* aa.n bonds wl'l bev- lH'"iest at the rut* of *1* par cent per annuo pnyah'e hair yearly, r,n the first dav of Mnv ard Ncvcinl'cr >? ca h yen* and lbs pili cl.sU will be rc Icomebie or, "he first day of Nove nbsr If.'. Hie propoaaln art 11 a ale the r mount of tmnds ''-valrod and the prlca per one hundred dollars r.u ieof?and ihe p-'raons whoso pr no- 1 are ac ep'ed vv.ll tl 'rrupon he required to deposit W illi the County Tr -asu op (at tho Broadway Bank) the sutus awa: de-I to t! c d M-pecUv ? y. On pr- ml hg to thw Comrtro lef the receipts of the Ci vmty Trcn utrcr for anch deima te. ?he partlre will lie ert ,Hilc I to rrc b e bin Is for e iiial emounSs ef Ihe par vaiue of 'the sum? avvsided to them, heai ng intered fro u tbe dates Of payment* j. In protiisa' ahoufil be sealed and endorsed " Proposals fur I4.ll Iiniusges ludnmuity Bonds Nil. 2," and the same enclose I In a second envelope, addressed to the romp roller. The right is reserved to re ,ert snv ?-? e 1 of the lode if <*n eMeri-d neres>arv to pr l< <u or promote the Interests of the bounty. MATTHEW T. FRI-.NN tN, Comptroller. Oitt or N*w Yors. Dt.i SR -tig- or Fitssom ( CiutrrRuLLKt:> Orrn r. Line 17. 13UL ) BFAtHB TO 8TBRET l'AVEMFNTS. " To Conli sotoia ?Sva ?e proposnte srlR he received at thle cNbee uniU II o'clock A M. of Weslnes'lay. .fune 29, ISM for rer aving and reiscrlnc and keeping fn geo.l iepa!r iftirlng the certain i-ertod of six months ending Decrmnoc 81, Hot, tha carrlogn wavs of all oared av -siiiea, stysieia, sqnarvsand tlnwurchfares In tho altv of New Yo k ?* cepliag only so much of the carriage way ef Hroodway aa is now pavad with U>? lluas pavement Tho bids must be In lie r?rm prescribed end fimtehed by this Board. . Rove r.aallone, form of Die agreement and blaak pro coaSt's will be fnmtebed at thte - aiue. TIIOR. 8TKP1IBNS. R'lHT L DAKKAOIt, A. W. CRAtRN, Croten Aqueduct Board Ovrioe Caotow Aqcnesot Darrtuiii ^tetunda). laan, June 17. IdtA. B . 4M?I1WTI. ^ \ri?Co'? OABDBN-QOMMil0RB aT~7X; . i-" dudes ti idea. Vu?Mco^IVrr THBATilrf'ii tH *cirV^ ma illuminated garden ui-bh evert evening ? MONDaY. junk 3?. _ BoaiTfviLv lsst niuht but fife of the oetobreted lyno artist. MLLK VRSTVALI, as A NOKLO. . _ _ _ ? with the songs "Ton ate the Htar" (word* by B. B. Flsho, Bxi ), and "The Bravo Marco ' Mr. John Brougham a grant Jruiua la ttro table* j?. oa< tilled BBL OK HON 10, wbloh heaatlraoted large and discriminating audleuoea. who for v'ni last THIRTY BIX NIGHTS hava at ib# ,n Wt,0hTni8 GRAND SPECTACULAR DRAMA bu bMa produoftdg bui which ruual poalUTtty b* With drawn on baTHBDAT *11 XT, JUL* f. SPECIAL NOTICE. a... lnauirlM having boon made for a repotiUen or the q DUX E d MOTTO) . 4i tha manare-neot boga leave to amiotiuce its ropieduction M * Monday, jhi.t a for POSITIVELY BIX NIGHTS ONLY, IN ALL !T? ORIGINAL SPLENDOR Captain HHnIi OR LaQARDKRK (his In preparation?THE 8RA OF ICE. Brata aacurod all days In advance. FOX'O old bowbrt. _ ? _ Leasee, Director and Manager. ........Q. L. Foi last week or thr season. MOMDaT. jum* v, tha grant tragio drama ?r THE hrIdR OF TRHICE: OR, THE cotJBClL or TRN. Guard do Oourcy J. B Studiey Catarln* Mies K Deuvll Guy, the Gascon Mr. II Chapman ?aooa br Vile. Marttnatll. THB FLYINO DUTCHMAN. ?anderdeaken ? ? _ Caotaln of tha Phantom Ship, > Miaa Fanny Honing the riytng Dutchmen ) , _ _ Peter Von L. Fo* Toby Yarnlah. THE SPIRIT or BKVINTY BIX. fc TUESDAY. J UN B 38, BBNBFIT OF MISS FANNY HBBRIWO. ROADWAY THEATRE ? (Late Wallaok's), m_ .. Broadway, corner of R room a street. LAST WKEIC OK THE BBAHON. SIXTH WEEK OF MR. F. 8. OHANFRAU, who WlU appear In his great Impersonation or wnowm appear g^jfj^u nCUDDBR riR? APPRARANOR or the boantlful and talented artlato ____ KISS JKNNIB PARKCB, who will appear m Tng 0CT0R00N oiRL. Ww'bcknWa^mkchanical effbctb. THI8 AND EVERY EVENING. untU rurthor notice *00^01100d?'^ " Salem Bendder uftJlruuie Parker Zoa (an Octoroon) d*1** *euule 1 orkor HELLER'S 6ALLE DIABOLIQUE. VIb a-vi* to Niblo's Garden. THB EXTRAORDINARY DRAMA OF ILLUSION AND TUB LIVE OIIOST. To sm th^llfoat,'living. breathing and moving, aoouro tpi. near the front a day beforehand. Broadway acadbmt of music. " grand testimonial brnrfit TO MBS. HARRIBT HOLMAN, 1 THURSDAY BVBNING. JUNE 80, 1804. A GREAT MILL. j WOODS MINSTRBLS. 514 BBOADWAT. Oppoaite St. Nlohalaa Hotel, Henry Wood. Propria. | tor Ac .Xa BEST VENTILATED HALLdn the City. MONDAY JUNE 37. and ever* evening dor ni the weak, RUNNING THB BLOCKADE, GlMSlPltlS. HISTORICAL RKMlMbCKNTES^ NAPOLEON AND THB OLD MAID'S LAMENT, HURRY UP. Ac., by ltrower J.T. Bo oe, Frank Moran. and the enure trown Poor* open at 7; oorrfbieaca at 8 o'clock. TtcfcoU 2Ao. Or'aND MATINKR IIONDAY. JULY A at ?g o'o o.k. mHB CAMPBBLL8 IIAYK COMB. OAMPBBLL'S MINSTRELS wiU poeltlve^o^tn ibe4r iCircR((T HA 199 AND 3UI BOWhRY. OpDoeito Sprinr atroel, ? M C Cemp0b2^./0AY "J?"1-^ ? W*?s?W ^rdVavib!4 arti,u~ M0aTn*LK*8?OTT, N W GOULD J**? T GULIOK. w.hodokVns. a^lpiinicgi.b, foB^IVINGSTOW, FRACIBOO BBKN, iriii.r COLLINB and M. 0. OAMPBKI.L, the whole constituting a gelasy Of Oomio. Vooal and lashru mental talent, to approaon which tha Maaegameot emphali "-ljr CHALLBNGRS THB WORLD. A novel and entire rhange of programme once 0 week. T , ,y.. ,h|S week will oonelet ??r the following IBTlStlC AND HUMOROUS OLIO. PROGRAMMR ?PART FIRST. Grand Instrumental Overture (composed? br ^"J^choatra ^H^EwirG^WlVhtaW^ Whrn lVhnn, nomwiMarphmg Hour. ... .Ho* Pavt. I DuV1^ 0M F0end. ......... Atnm-v^ I W 8 Bud worth T?pl>ce Frank LealM 19&SS^SJ1S: '^Sxv&cUSS!' "cou ?nd CompM' ^D1^0oUuGA0r,A^N..r ind Ye. So r^FrJ^^ SPRING CI BLD MOUNTAIN BOYS (with 1 37*1 original varao*). aune anly by Budwonh. Davis. G .dok and Hodoklno. Ye^' durl Kphlu Bull and GafferOrceoU.LoMla^andBOOM btbancw^Scenes from the stranube (an oriK nal travoaue)? Ned Da via and John Whlilng. The Two affemlnam^ hjldran^. X>6tL6? lo hlaClaulcal Btatuea. ptctnre. of^ A)n ^ V W. 8. Hudworth Banjo ?^^,??gioiioHKANCLOUFBDALlTV, End worth jnd.Mrt/airo. j,kl Whiting Song and Danoa-l ncle Sam. To ooncludo with Dan Em'^s'tA P antaUon Scans, Charactara by lha ^ooUrc "Sl'S'iNCFd TWO GRAND ?'BRFOR|fcANCEBTH Qr JULT . , . _ 75 rente Probe'' -ra seals 6' rents | Private botao *t Orone ? .?n#?u at 7 oc'.ock , to com mm ? at 6. Oejttlemanly 'nbe.s are In attendance, under the direction ol ^ a I lie Edwards R Carlan* Janitor " ,(,.v PO'IHI -IHK UNDKB8IGNRD BE118 TO AN. M SicnTe Wmroaae;. throiigi, -it the United ?UW?1 fsusdas that this dlatingu A ed O ,l5.?iion>FIn sddlUoo lo't'ie Nhiiksii 'Uau and Macd^d drama. H S STS.S& " R? r?M't W?* Trtfic. A A A ?AMERICAN THEATRE. Urt't JIROADWaT. LAST WEEK UK Til K'SBA*ON. af'er one of the tuoet i id ekaful leanoua on .record. BRILLI ANT A ITUACTIONS THIS WEEK BRILLIANT AlTRA'TIONS THIS WEEK. THr UREAT COMBINATION TROUPE, compqeed o; nil Hie fir t cle? ?r> *i? in tha profeanien, IN A OH AS I) A NO VARIED I'ROOIt A VIM b, El BRY NIOIIT. The lA.ighgble Tame ?ntlil-d JENN* LIND AT LA?X Granny (Tug, a manner Iii a- truli ol novelty.. ...T, 8. M%fll I Heron SwIgttnT Berr.. a itudrnt J. Wmnbold Old I,eiiheriMiiiO, a mi ner W Burka Jaunt Leathering*. a i*a Liu 1 Mi-e LUeia Boliull.e Other ehariovcr* bT the company. TOST PASTOR, tbe noiId reutwned Cour.lo Yecnliat, In a variety of new aonga CHARLEY WRITR. .IA8 WAMBOLD, MoANDRIiWB. PIKRCR. KI'RKK, MURRAY. WINBUIP. Maetar TOMMY, tue ar lebraled Neiro Centedlena, In th*lr ahle aplittlng acta. TIIK MAUNIFICKST BA1.LKT TROUPE, compoeod of tii- inoet Kn.?lied dancer* BHK SMALL HILLS OF THE DAY. Notice,?Matinee on Saturday auanmon. Two i erforiuan ea 011 the Fourth of July H KLLER. Bel iiiaootiu ?, Ad;. Broadway. \KF.VY OP FAIR MAtDBNB. CLAD IN TUN hillliant eoatune of tlieOnant. and rarMal.y aelaciad lor ti.eir beautj and Intellectual oapaoltv, now n glitly a'.trud ipon the want* ot the tamiu ?f THE ORIENTAL MP >10 HALL, ?61 BHOADWaV, MJ. Above Mloeckor Ila anecaea la unprecedented. for It ia rlalled Br the "allto" of the c ty. Uentlemen feel ae tnncii at home In thin hou o'r of do'ight a* iu their own drawing reoni. l)wi.-o ;t eocalily ia the grea: aecrel of ita aivoeae Tha lady waiiert f'.rui ihe praltieat comblralloa of lemiulna bea ny on the* ?"nUP"nt. Aitni <a el 11*e FRANK HVRN8. VA anted? Twenty lady waitera Highest wn,e*gtan It ON W LPKFIBrtWFLL-MANAOBRS WIftHINfr to < n?i?e ilte of ihi ?? ebramd v rr .title actor far leal" 4 t id M? wtf* I i. i nt walking lair or amibietie I..0 cnntlim-oeaao pioaae addreaa M if. Lading wall. <" nclnnati, ___________ Hells't s last wrrk or theskabon \V"1 1'loilJu.Vt, IIIA NP.W vPISRKR BI'IRITL alibm Outrival BplritualiaiiA'teeU. w B ANIO INSTRUCTION-AYR OUARANI'"* ANY > pera?n to i"'a peri?. I perforinai on the bmjoln ma uraa of leaenne, .-lfh or without a preetoo* knowledge of tke loatrament. Banjo* furnlahed for rrarth a M. 0? DoBSON 4 BRo Ull Broadway. f t BLLER'H CflOBT. # # % a ? ? ? a Salle Di*bo! nua. 88i Broadway. BANfft INSTRUCTION-A 8CIKNTIPIC KNOW, ledge oT n>l> Itntru -.ani guaramaad In one eour?e of throe mooth* inatreoilon, by tir new and ple??lug mat od. I Brilliant toped n irumenta fmnlalird for |.rae>lo*. USO. 0. IIOBSON 4 BBO., (01 Broadway, near Amiy a treat. VT'oTJCR-ALL LETTERS AND BUSINBSB CO* MR. IN n'catien* intioded for Mr. W.J. Flpranoe. aheuid M direr tad oare of W. II. Bewdltoh, Agent Oretdantal Alotel. Mo?oxv. *tt*M?eatn?o ALADDIN. Dramatic instruction.-v riRirr classic tor will receive private P"P??>i4 iNMdor thwra *omp?tao? to fill the high eat mMa a^ rmmmo. Afidroaf Maaagar. alattoo U insinin. I W^uoT*-^- - fani'WffAfflSfc^" _ . ?L??t .una. lk? ?, bachelor or art* Wltu ** ARM of cb*r?c'.*ra ffmrrr /mp*r (en. '^"r Acted br bin; Mr L*?iar WaUedR Mr. Thornton Mr i kir'M F aha* Audrew Wylia Mr Job* 0il***t Meibew Mr. George Hu *m A'l'i ph'H...... Mr. florl Fredarlrk Addarl/ Mr Dnlf Wi-i ?ot - Mr Qn'glW Iniut Tbrulon ... Mm I >*? BurlM Mi* THixnUi* K?SOT MuTRRA Tuesday (Ml Ume), AMlilCibH IN fABIl m4 RURAL FELICITY Wednesday (In o< mpl anoe with R imsrous -equeeld Rt <W boi ofli...), (.ONDON ASSURANCE. Tburtdir lul n iriit of lb* a*aa*?. sul I?>b And lead r*p'rMliUI 1.0 ?f HOSED ALB. tfe* RM> RUrMtir* play MR* ulrJ in America W BOWKBY THBATSB. ? _ ? Hoi* Proprietor Mr. /. W NE _ Mood*; OV*R u(, J no* n UM4. A Nlw SCOTCH DRAMA. KLSriR. Tri Wkahd or th* M k>r. Mr. 0. C. BONIFACE. - , Mr*, w a. jonev. wu? katb mswto< OBO. BROOKES, Mr. HARDEN. O. LINO A** *ad lb* whol* company. . MY YOUNG Wiri AMD OLD UMBRBbLi* ? nd tb* SCAMPS OP NEW YORK. Tuesday evening?Orand Testimonial Ban* St I* Mr. J. W. LINUARD. Boi sheet op# a. OLYMPIC THKATRE. ? . w Le***raud Dlrocveae Mr*. J?bR ?Ml Stag* Manager ... J. H. iBlWW LAST WBBK or ALADDIN. Id oonsequenoe o f arraugemen u previously ? It 1* absolutely occ*?s?rv on til* termination 0* TH K t'KKHKNT WBBK to withdrew, In th* zenith of II* _ POPULARITY AND 8U00BBB. TU? Roman t to Spectacular ?nd __ OOROBOUS EA8TRRN PAOBABt or , _ ALADIMM, wbloh h*e, with Mrs. Jobn Wood TUB MAiynrfOBNT SCKNBBY, BuauriiruL kkfkctr, BNTIRRLY NKW MUSIC. PICTURESQUE COSTUMBk. AND EL4BORATM MACUINBRT. DRAWN KOfl TIIR LABT TllltKB WRBKR. CROWDED HOUSES. Thoraforo It to respectfully Annouooad IbRt MONDAY EVENING, JUNE 27, wilt b* moat poeltlrei? THE LAST NIOHT BUT FITM ?f Ma rapraaontatioa, and *ia? or TUB PBBSKNT SEASON, M Mr*. John Wood has Sir acted an engagement wRR MADAMS COMTS LURCHARD. MB. WILLIAM CASTLE aim MSB C. CAMPBELL, with A powerful Company nod et11o(ant|Orcbe*tr%? undo* direction or _ _ MR. ANTHONY RBI PP. for i short M&ion of ENGLISH OPERA, commencing MONDAY, JULY ?. Doors open at 7Hi performances oommeoo# At 8 R Seats for the last performances of Aladdin can now I urod. JJARNUM'S AMBEICAN MUBBUM. STUPENDOUS ATTRAOTIONB. MISS MAJOR ??&"iMuaTlKn COLLINB. THB-01 TIIR TRUE HEABTED AND PaTBIOTIO MISS MAJOR PAULINE CUHUMAN. MISS MAJOR PAULINK CU8HMAM. TIIR FAMOUS UNION SPY AND SCOUT, ?MVifii. u?? o'oLooa. 5tlK"Y?TiRY?TSSMwSW.KT.? MK'ftKT KKRVICX OP THK 0 NITKO HTATI* RECRKT BMRVlOK OF THE ONITBD STAT.i: AVOID THB CROWDS. AVOID TH* OROwPA by attending UjJOR?IR(} APPBARANCE AT 11 O CUMM| wben tb* LECTURE BOOM will l>? opened WITBOWM bTABA CHARGE THK BEAUTIFUL AND FASCINATUfO MLLE BBBBSTINB. IM NKW AND ORAOHFUL DAMOBB, FOUNTAIN OF PRISMATIC WATER. BE ENGAGEMENT FOR ONE WBBK. "??!?8ffilToSKiMA WOEL. CB'l?a n'ifo 4 TUETLA AKD th* leagbabl* Fare*, ,mAg , Afterao*n *ad Kr*nlng Rt Band' TH T* b. ae.n at ^V^RKAT 07aHT GIRL. from MeraSc^ and OI ANT THE TWO BMALLbST DWARFS Jtfnifc THE THREE ALBINO CHILDBBM. HE A l.TI PUL AQUARIA. Phrenological Elimination* . ?..K tTaifflVor-KlKS -W[i8{?a Til It M US. c a lly k o u ?;atbd Admlaalon XI oanU. Children under t#a 15 oantA- TMM TUKHDAT. JUNE JS. AFTERNOON AND KVENlMMk U. N.uMcalidrAm^^ R?.RD gVBA? _ . William..."!.. rr ^ * <UU flr.t a*d only appear*no* b*r?.) BBTANTR'. MECHANICS Monday. Jun* IT. NICS' HALL. 471 BROADWAY. IT, and ar*r> nlant daring tb* wnfe. BkTANTS' MlWsTRKLS _ SOIRBS D ETHIOPB. iotar?p*r**d wtlb JOKBB rbB comicalitibs. misbbabilbb, ?uc,5eCTr?#r.t.ii8s.s8mir1?* ..nasaito?. "? KuJuMto'*!.'''' .!*- B*ym*ur'|"ifirunt japT... .D. I^'r<Jp.n at7; cnrUin rlam at 8 a'etoeh. New bowery theatre. - Sol* Ptoffumt.......^..r^:rViV.UrJ- w. 11 a im ONI - BBNbPiT MR. J. W. LINOARD. MANAORR AND PROPBlBTOB. on whlcb occasion the aommllta* baa IB# honor I* the yoHinloar aid of the full*WtRC dlatlngulobnd ortUMb WW bare volnnt**r*d U?air old:? The *mln*Rt actor, ^ g bddt The world rwownjd 4BT (| H,?<aTR|L.| conaletlngof pAJ| BRTAIfw MR NKIL SHY ANT SJ'r.m?R8KTjJbl Bl ifr" ^ (v teh?i!1it?#. Mr J. W. HILTON. _ I. ITT LB MAO. A o?i th# Bnilr# Troop#. Th. lnlmltahla C by parmlaeio* of Robert Bullar, Eaq., Manager of la* Anw icon Theatre. _ ... The wonAarful^emUenYmiaUM^^. I. hW greet H" '7iTOBT1ffR0iJiVriNTYBTAINME*T. ? a* Bill* of tb* Dey. B?i sheet ROW <RW HIPTOTH EATROE?FOURTEENTH STREET, Rawly rami la ted The -oo!e?t p,*aa I* Ik* ailr. TUB "OLUBTER NtAUH" Appaar h?i# no FRIDAY. JULY I, AM) KVHRT EVEN 1MB. ?ALAMaNDROO V V(u rt AHTICODKROB ENTERTAINMENT, I X NEW AND DAIUNU FEATE OF 3TKKNGTH AND GRACE. HUCH AS HAYR NEVER RRFOBB HKRN ATTKMrTRD. R ?AD THE HERALD ON HKLI.F.R, HATU RDA V'S PAPER. IF TOU HAVE NOT H'-KN 1IELLEB, YOU WILL LEARN WHAT HLLIKII. M RS JOHN WOOD WILL APPEAR AN ALADDM*. THE LAST TIMB HUT KITE, MONDAY. JUNB 27. w AR IN IRVING HALL. ILLUSTRATIONS OK THE ARMT OF TBI POTOMaO, at irvino hall evert night. FOR THIS WKKK ONLY, RT FALLON H * TKN FOP 11' Off. Prom original photo raphe taken in the A?Id durfagtba IM thiea yaara bp Air. A aa?n>1?r i.ard -nar. photographer nf lit Arni?i?f Hi# P' Ui.nac, arid I) a eorp# of celebrated irilda Tlia vfawi iilmtra r tin ar nr from the '.rat battle ef HaR run up to He pnalt on order the ??omtuan.le of 0?aara: Mw Do?a I. Oeuetai Me la'Un. General Hnruaidn. General Ifonter, Ganarai tisane an t Lieutenant Gaoaral Grant an mocked fr.r In *1 onr I-nrrele ant br tig the haul* (laid* their Incident" and loea!li>??. kefer* ua la <ha am falthfnl and Tin 1 manner each new bemg rnitrudured on a oaiireaa covering * aorfa e of teer t?*)?|"are ?eet Among others, tha fMowlag riawa wtll ka ahowu ? Resel Daad at Alba lam, PirnnJc a Ilrll*? at Anvtaia-n. Inah Brgale at Aatt* tarn. I'on'uon Ihfkt at 'i#l a Plain. Battle at Aat'elaat view in Frndar ekaknrg. View la Cuipej-par Wounded In Vrertclcka'iorg. Genera! Patrick and Staff. Vtawt of Aanfe Creak and Bui rnn Urn House taken he tha Irl-h Bri rad*. I.W1; ihe Kirat Contraband* flying to lire Union Una*. Grant a rontnoo" on >ha 'aoiae nerr. Aa Ttota'a 28 cant*. Diota open at 71? . commence al 8 o Cor* ELODEON. f'l IIHOAPWaT ac.1 kfSLODKOM. j\l t'N PA P. ALLRLKO ATTRACTION* THIA BVBNlia n??'ilr< t is 'Tiwderiul enterna'nmant off Nagre Mei'ittea, Bong- Plantation ibwnen. Ibtnnsa, Bur eeonr Oporen. D? eta. Quartet*. Cnnile, Ir ?b end Yankee Soma tilaee. Aa_ tun propitator uaa niUlod to Ma orttlnet or ailracAtoa* OLOO'N MIYPTIAN KAN8, IMPORTED BT HIM AT A "NT OF ?IVW _ render ng tht* lha c oltn place i the ounlrr, as [hey kana a n i irot of oo?l air onnunnalir i-aaelo* through tbo rtaow, ami t'lhT are operated be ??? of the Orlentato, who aion* ara capable nf keeploa toe motion. Ala*. MM General Anna Senile., tha a KKNtUCM OIANTEB*, . . . w' 0 *M no eihiMtloo a? '7. t ja laat battle, wtll np**ar ahlralrr, a< sb* haa tram *h* eeuntry MrlngtM* ieMe%'!e7l!C "?mB SSm!T?K.i{~^ v. ??"? '?!ii,'o-r?r??,EiTay 0"1,n"""W AT rtri OLTMPIO. Law iKWf ?.... ? m? fitn of iB?R EAEJO AMD JIO DAMOINO TAUOIIT BY JOTI* * BOOaN, tb* oldest teaaber of tha Nanjd 'n tjjjt ojtjj ma madaraw Ban* papil taught aaparat*?ff. 0%R mr ? . ? MNflMlk MMllMBlBiMllftntalW

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