Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 28, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 28, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALl). WHOLE NO. 10,147. NEW YORK, TUESDAY, JUNE 28, 1864. PRICE THREE CENTS. GRANT. Met; of General Sheridan's Cavalry. They Cross the James with All Their Trains. Gradual but Sure Advance of General Grant's Circumvallating Lines. Picket Shotting and Artillery Firing, hot No Severe Contests. Fierce Assaults by the Rebels on Saturday Night Re pulsed by Our Forces. ADDITIONAL REBEL ACCOUNTS, m.i a?.? m. THE HERALD DESPATCHES. ?r. S. CtdwnlUder*. Deipktch. Cri'T Point, June 26, 1864. TBB ASSAULT ON TUB FIFTH ABO NIMH t'ORI 8. The H bralo mceseiiger from in front of Petersburg (Ma morning at dayllgbt reports a fierce assault by the winy on a part of tbs Fifth and Ninth corps at ten ?tolock last night. The attack was made suddenly with great impetuosity; but was met with undaunted firm MM and repulsed. TBI RBFEl LOtM ?M yery severe for tbs number engaged, and soldiers Morning from the field report the ground covered with (Mr dead and wounded in front of our lines. The gene ral opinion Ib that the rebels intended it more as a re nonoiesanoe, to foel our position, and leans whether or ?at we were actually present in force. Our flauk move ?eats for a month have rendered them very suspicious. If the silence of our lines is unbroken a lew hours they Mar we have abandoned our works, and are moving on (heir flank. In this caso they paid dearly, for a very tlsfaotory piece of information. THE 8EC0SD CORPS. Mr. Flniey Andtrion'i Despatches. Battlseield, N'bar PrrxBsnuaa, June 24?10 P. M. nnisn ox tbs Eiatrr and cbntrs Everybody was enlivened this morning by tbe sodden, Sharp and heavy firing on the right or our army lines, when the rebels made tbe assault on General Smith's po sition and were so handsomely repulsed. The artillery Bring seemed to be contagious,'tor almost simultaneously svKh the opening of Smith's artillery the enemy blared away with some of bis balterios In front of the Second ?orye, and eoatmuod the cannonade for upwards oi an Bear. A rew of oar guns replied. Although the rebel Mens missiles oeme over thick end test very lew of our SMB were Injured by them. lanirrsRSNce or tbi moors. The troops In the intrenchments laugh ai there murder sss messengers, ss they go singing past above tb'eir heads; but occasionally some unfortunate person further IS the rear, yet still within artillery range, gets killed or weoodsd by tbem. lhat was the case in several in stances to-day, asm lbs or as jnmxtrv attack?tits artilliry cbass tlBINO?CAFTURSn OrHCERA A Slight Infantry demonstration on General Birney's Rsss was Immediately repulsed. The artillery firing seared almost as suddenly as It had commenced, and dur feg the remainder or the day everything has been re markably quiet on our front. Among the prisoners captured by tbe enemy the other 4Sy was Colonel Frazer, of tbe One Hundred and Fortieth Munsylvanla Volunteers, and Captains Derrick son and Brady, of General Barlow's staff. DEATB or OSNRKAI. BlRSSV'8 BROTHER. ?eneral Birney has received the sad intelligence of the Math of his brother, Major Birney, who was Assistant Ad>tnnl General on his staff. Tbn Major died In Wnsti *?*??, of fever contracted by exposure in tbe earlier Asps of the present remarkable campaign. am una or terrais mowsMs. Captain Brown eon, of General Hancock's staff, who was amended Is :be battle of Ibo Wlldornrsn, bavtng entirely yssovered front his wound, has relurnsd to duly in tbe MBd. Captain Conrad, who has bean discharging Captain Brswnson's duties, bas been appointed a colonel of an artillery regiment. wavn?wavss. Oar soldiers have suffered considerably from the lark Sf water. Tbere are no streams or springs la this vt ?tty. and many of tho wells are dry. On tne front line < Ms soldiers have dug wslls/sll along the outside of their totrssebmesta, from which they are sow enabled to apply themselves with water. l.RN'RAL HANCOCK. sl Hancock, though remaining In the field, has not rsd sufficiently to be able to resume command of MM corps There is s magnetism infused into tho aol dtsrs hy General Hancock's personal presence on tbe field, and there Is an abiding confidence exhibited hy every one Ml hie generalship, which renders It exceedingly desirable that he should speedily return to bis command. CBKKRAI. BlHNTV. Poring General Hancock's ab-enoe, however, General ?rney has very eificlenily discharged tbe dm tea or corps ?smmandsr. General Birney la cool sad careful, and at the same lime hold when there Is an opportunity to so aampltsh any thing; and thee wlio ba?o witnessed his movements in tbe front durng tbe past few d-iys bare wttbM tbem the aeeurance lhat tbe recent unfortunate messier*. which have east a paaetng shadow over the hrMiiant rei otaiioo of the oorpe, are In no way attribute Ms to hi* adminlairatlow a. a.iatrs. a wr?Vila wiATitra?mvt. IMe troops are now oh'.'tntug a Utile needed rest. The weather at pre? -nt ?c very hot, tho ground dry and parched, and the dun ao thick that troo|<* or trains pass MM along lbs roads nau?"M It to tise in deu-e and aotf'-ca Msg cloud*. Tbere m a longing desire for tbe refreshing raffuesce of a?boeerot rain. run worvnrn, the sain would he aiost gra?efullv welcomnd hy tho sreundod soldiers. Wneu they sro carried from the field ?e the dlHorsnt division hospitals everything thai can be gene to contribute t > their comfort is done hy the sur geons and attendants, until they oan be removed te mure comfortable hospitals. Notwithstanding the k tid effeea of the surgeons, their efforts to save itfs and limb, aad the ears with whlfih they perform difficult opera Stone, tho poor wounded leilows suffer much, atid hear it all with the enblimesl patl -noe. The boat and dual are exceedingly unpleasant to tbem, and a refreshing shower * mm would be greeted as s gralafu) rsmrmbranee from rut em n.sua or vira ark v. Tba deeds of tie soldiers of the Army ?f the Potnmso are traly marveilons. One woald think lhat forty days <M forty nights sf oonttnuous service of the hard sat. kind, such as our troops hava gona through during bble ' wonderful campaign, would he aa ?won ae human nature could endure; but they ham h. en marching ami flrhllng far fifty three ?osaenultve days aad nights, aad always at a dwadvau tags. They bars fought with a pertinacity and valor whioh ?>,ae<l* the examples of history and ohallengot ?he a<UniraiMM of tte worw if oapsu he asoected that troops, after having pawed through *uch a fiery ordeal aa they have pawed through?after having repeatedly stormed the euemy'e hrtrencbmeots, lost niSny of their valuable officers, and bocome so much fatigued by the in cessant labors of such arduous service?can accomplish as much now as they could when the campaign eom paiitn oommenced. A few days of rest and recuperation, however, will restore their efficiency and prove of great advantage. Movmmrra or tub bkbmt. The enemy has been moving troops to our left to day, and some demonstrations may he expected la that direc tion; but ample provisions have been made to meet them wherever they may appear. Everything is remarkably quiet along the linee to night. II kadqv abtrrb, in Frost, 1 Pstbrsbcmu, June 26, 1864. ( There has been very little change In tha situation of affair* since my last despatch. Sklrmlahlng baa bean kept up all along the lines, with occasional demonstration by artillery, but no heavy fighting has occurred. TBS UKB ADVANCKD. The line baa been somewhat advanced on the left, to aa to more effectually envelope the rebel works. Tbe lines of botn armies are very close to eacb other in some places, and that ia the cause of so much picket firing. As tbe line pushed forward to-day we captured a few prisoners, moat of whom belonged to difisrent divisions of HiH'g corps of tbe rebel army. THS KKKMV. Flnnegau'e Florida troops are in our front and have been attached to Hill's command. The whole of Lee's and Beauregard's armies appear to be opposed to ns? operating on the right of the rebel line, and Beaure gard holding the left, -including Petersburg. OCR DKAD. Many of our dead, who remained for a time on the field after tbe affair of the 22d lost, were found to be stripped u:,keu by tbe rebels. When we retook the pool Hon, and the spot on which they lay was thus brought within onr lines, it was found that in many Instances every particle of clothing had been taken trom off the bodies. This would indicate that the rebels must be rather destitute of clothing. There is nothing of importance to commuDlcite to night. THE FIFTH CORPS. nr. I.. A. HrmlrlclL's Despatches. Ukadquartcrs, Fifth Army Conn>, 1 Bivohk Pvtkk&mlro, June 25?10 P. M. J Nothing transpired of interest in the Fifth corps to-day beyond tho usual firing between the pickets and occa* 8ioual cannonading. General Warren moved his bead, quarters eo as to occupy a position more central to his troops. A scries of shells came tumbling about General Griffin's headquarters In a rather lively and disagreeable manner this morning. BARROW ?8' APS OF CAPTAW TRBMBLT. As Captain Trembly, one Hundred and Fourth New Tork, and Acting Ordnance Officer of tbe Third division, was riding by the headquarters, a solid shot pasted over the back of his horse, taking off the heads of two soldiers on either side of him, and scattering the brains of one over himself and boree. The names of the persons killed were Sergeant Henry P.unyon, Company D, One Hundred and Fourth New York, and private Smith, Eighth New. Jersey. After killing those two men the ball passed through two tents near by, In which, fortunately, there was no person at the time. nKADQCAHIBRS, FlPTB ARMT CORPS, 1 Bkforb PriFRSBLBO, June 26?11 P. il. j not smart. Some further changes were made to-day in the dispo sition of the troops of this corps. Aside from this, eve rylblng remained the same as daring the past three days. Brisk firing took place at intervals from behind tbe coun ter breastworks and occasional cannonading. ill wr Lt.. How long this state of things will continue so one can say, or venture a conjecture; but everybody believes that everything la workiag well. There 1s no complaint at tha seaming slow itrogrcss made. Every officer and soldier appreciates tbe difficulties besetting their path, and know that time, patience, and a good deal of persistent bsrd fighting are requisite to overcome those obstacles. It will be no surprise to any one here if wc should remain a month longer as far from Biehmoud aa we are now. It Is hero we are fighting the battles of Richmond, and the enemy, conquered and routed here, the rebel capital must fall Into our bnads. ' TBI ATTACK 0!f OCR L1X1. About an hour ago the enemy attacked our Hoe and a portion of tbe Ninth corps on our right. H waa a vary determined attack ; but met with speedy and decisive repulse. Our losses are reported light. Our musketry not only drovo back the enemy; but tbe loud roar of our Parrutt guns, in addition to awakening their fearful echoes all about us, awakened tbe peoplo of Petersburg, not alone from their slumbers, but also to a painful sense of our preeence. THE IHMH CORPS. ]llr. ilamti C. Fitrparr lefc's Diipatek. Nurni Arkt Corps, I Brpom PrrrRgncnG, Vt,, Juuo 26?A. M. J The past two days here been very quiet on our front. Operations have been confined to skirmishing between the pickets and an occasional Interchange of shots be tween the batteries. BERfllDl HUD RED. Mr. William H. lllerrlam's Despatch. Ginnui Brnnn'a Ursnqraimns, Jane 24,1*64 XJTBLT Aixma TUB PBOST. TThile the weather centimes so hot military aflalra under General Butler do not lose their animation In this department. The Idea conveyed la "ail quiet along the lines" never prevstle here. There la always something going forward to interest both the immediate sbserver and the far ofT renter. Throughout this foronoou the enemy shelled our batterlee Not. g, 4 and 6 with consid erable spirit, their batteries being concealed In opposite woods, and moved about .rum time te time. Ko damage resulted from the firing. Nothing of Interest has transpired to-day with General R. S. Poster'* force on the north side of tho James, above Jonsa' sad Aiken's landings. to mounts?mm mtturrnm. A large number of rebel prisoners were broogbt in to day fr ui tho front (X Petersburg. They were mostly South Gar llntans. having left Charleston about a month since. For 8?nth Carolinians they were low spirited lode d, and teemed tired of the war. The number of young boys among them rang lug from fourteen to sixteen years of *ge was really remarkable One young lad, not yot sixteen, had, he s ild. been in the service nearly three years, bearing a musket all tho lime. These younglings seemed appa rontly the n oat unconcerned of suy of the prisooore In relation to the duration of the war. Of course, at their age it could not well bo otherwise. To# p'itoners gave expression very generally to tbe view that a great and terrific battle must very shortly ensue between tho two m'ghty ?o?,centre.I srralos in front of Petersburg. They represent that Ime does not attach much importance to holding tbe city . but be la bound, uevsrtholees, to oom mend the chalice of e bloody battle over it to the Union III* They earnestly asaevervate that this straggle may he soon looked for. They seemed to think the war would last three years yet. There were oh# hundred and sixty seven of them in ell. How they w?re taken will he de scribed hy tbe correspondent with the army la front of Petersburg ? ?,?Nva?i aawsoM'e visit to nssmii nun. This forenoon Brigadier General T. F. G. Ransom enwte ever to Point of Rocks ha a despatch boat from General Or int's hsadqnarters to pay a visit to General Butler and staff, with moat of tho latter of whom General Ransom la on Int'tnoU termg of friendship. General Ransom, though a very young, in also a very gallant soldier. He is still ?ottering from a wound received at Sabine Cross Roads lis was wounded at Donelsoo and dhllob, and severely la the leg, Just under the knee Joint, in tbe Banks' expedl glen. He wee tenderly and elegantly received by General Hntlsr, and was accompanied by t, lout. Colonel Raw ley, private secretary to Oon. Grant; Captain Janges, quarter Saratov, e? General Great's euJ; Colonel Hlllyer, a mem ber of the ataiT of Uonoral Grant while In the Mlsal?elpp| yallev ev>d Provost Marshal of tho Department of Taiwan ese; Mr K Oadwsilader, and Mr. Brady, tho New York artist. The distinguished party returned to City foiht Is **? nfiusooa, 1 A DCKRTTR. A deserter came lo Oeutral Brooks, corm ndlag the Tenlh corps, thle afternoon, and reporUt ib it there is littl*or so force Id front of these inirencbmenis, sod that the rebels supposed wo had retired irom hoi a alto gether. He takes the oath of allegiance, and is to be re turned to bis home In Memphis, leoo. narrow narare or u?i ibnaht sawver. Lieutenant Fred. Sawyer, of General Terry's staff, narrowly escaped being kilted to-day by a shell from the enemy. He was passing along the front, In the fortifi cations, when a heavy missile coming through an em brasure exploded on a spot which he bad but a moment before left. The lieutenant verifies In bis own person the adage," A miss is as good as a mile." SHERIDAl'8 CAVALRY. Mr. 8. Cadwallader's Despatch. Crn Poist, June 20,1804. TBS ATTIC* UPON BBSBmAN. The attack on 8heridan's cavalry, day before yester day, wbile marching from White House to James river, was a very determined and bloody aflair. When the news of his fighting was first received at this place it was thought to be a weak attempt to annoy and harass his march; but subsequent accounts magnified it into a serious engagement. The enemy knew of his presence at White House, suspected his intention of marching a< roes to the James, and made, what they considered, ample arrangements to capture his guns, trains, and most of his j command. The detaila of the affair have not yot transpired hero up to the departure of the mail boat; but It is known that the enemy fell upon the brigade, composing the rear guard, with great fury, and at first threw them into much confusion. the n?HT. They Immediately rallied to cover the movemeot of the j train, and held the enemv'a cavalry and Infantry In check,< until the balance of the command could be brought to ' their support, when a general battle ensued between our mounted and dismounted cavalry and the cavalry, In- j fantry and artillery on the part of the enemy. Sheridan acted on the defensive, and repelled several of the most desperate assaults that could possibly be made. His ligbt artillery was brought into piay, sod was admire- j bly served. The fighting was at short range, and grape | and canister were used with terrible effect. At the and of the conflict ho succeeded In beating them off, though | geaity superior In number, and resumed his march to James rivar without the loss of a gun ar a wagon. this Loasss. ?is killed, wounded and missing may reach five bua dred, among whom are four colonels. 'Ibe names of the killed and wounded cannot be obtained to-day. Mr. S. T. BnlUley"a Despatch. Fortress Moeroe, June 26,1864. eiFITT or OfNICRAl SHERIDAN'S COMMAND?(BOSSING TUB JAMBS. Sheridan's cavalry sueceded lo safely effecting a cress ing of the James river during the afternoon and night of yesterday. Tho spot selected for the purpose was, per haps, the bo3t on the river, being about five miles above Fort Powhatan, whsra the river Is vety narrow, and the land so situated aa to be commanded by tho gun boats. Two gunboats were In position on either side of the bridge, and the wholo Toroe, together with the trains, are now In safety. The wagon train alone was six tnlloe la length, which, added to our force of cavalry, comprising some six thousand horsemen, made a line of about twenty^miles, marching two abreast. To accomplish this, with 'a large force of rebels In the rear, required great skill and cool ness onthe part of General Pheridan and the officers and men under his command; but with the aid of the gun. boats the affair was accomplished. The erosaing was made on pontoon bridges. No definite news has as yot been received or the engagement between Sheridan and the rebels up to tba time of writing. AFFAIRS IT FORTRESS UOMIOE. Oar fortress Monroe Correspondence. Fortrkrs Monbob, June 26,1834. IIBKIADIRR GBNkMAl J. M. CAHR, who has for some months past been In command of lbs District of Yorktown and Williamsburg, bis turned over his command to tho senior officer under bim, aud to-day proceeds to the front, acoorapanied by bis staff, to report to Major General Builer. Tho administration of General Parr wbile lo this department has boon highly success ful, and he is now probably about to renew hit duties in the field, where he has heretofore ren. dered valuablo services while In the old Third corps d'armre. He takes with him the woll wishes of the officers aud men of h?s recent command, as well aa the host of friends be baa made while on duty ber?. I understand lie u U> take command of the division of colored troops in the Ktg'UcnlU corps recently com manded by General Hinck. who is locapaciUted for duly In conaeqnonue of wounds received in battle. blocks nans. The United State* steamer Futaw I at received orders to report for blockade duty off Wilmington. She last present at Norfolk, for the purpose of exchauglug ber heavy gens for some of smaller calibre, and will proceed to *ra as soon aa she is In readiness, trbe has bltncrto beou at tached to the James river tleel, and waa relieved by tba Untied Plates steamer Sara icus. The Iron-clad Monitor Tecumtcb baa been ordered for duly off Mobile. The Preee Despatches. WamiNGTOjr, June 27,1864. The United States steamer Highland lagbt armed here from City Point at half ;<aet eleven o'clock, wblrb'place ahe left at ten o'clock yesterday morning. The Highland Light brought up the 1'ighth Ohio Volun teers, commanded by Major Wlnalow, whose term of aer Tlce baa expired. The regiment numbers one hundred and flfty-ene officers and men. There has been no very heavy fighting within the past few days, hat skirmishes are kept up nil along the line and the cannonading at times Is heavy. Firing was heard about Ave miles from Bermuda Hun dred on -?t 'day, where Ueueral Butler la Intr act ing. The ret e ? made an ettaek upon Holler's intrenchments, but did not suectcd in effecting anything, and they we e driven off. On Saturday the rebels attacked Gaaeral Sheridan's rear at Wilcox's landing and captured a few of hi* men A brigade of infantry was at once despatched to protect Sheridan's rear force, and the rebels were kopl been nod bheridan made for the Janice rlrer, crossing It kSccaxM fully with his entire train. The railroad Is advaneed five m<las from City Point to wards Petersburg. Yesterday, lust before tba Highland Light l?rt, beaiy firing was heard In the direction of Petersburg. On Katnrday night the rebels made an attack on our pickets, at about the eeetre of our line, ae thay were being relieved, hat wore repuiaed with little or no loan to our troupe. On the heights beyond Feterabnrg the rebels have an eighteen gnn battery hearing upon the centre of our lines In front of ibet place. This battery has been very troublesome, and no far bee proved too heavy for any sr. Hilary that we have brought against It. General Wllsoa bes gone on another cavalry expedition, and good newa may he expected from him icon A rebel captain and fnnr privates earns into Conors I Butler's Hn?s on Friday and took the oath of allegiance Two hundred rebel prisoners were at City PoiDt yeater day morn ug. Fob ran* Movant, Jnne 73, 1IM. it navrn o'clock yesterday morning the rebels charged ?a the First division of the eighteenth army corps, and were defeated wtth great loss, our batteries opening el good range on the charging parties. About fear hundred deeeried from the rebel ranha end came into our Unas during the actios. Generals Sheridan tad Gatty, with their eniumenda, left the White House yesterday. The following deaths have occurred is the Hampton Hospital:? lis m W fiwlft, 40tb MaasHuhoestts, Jane 2fl * h irisa loots, nun New Hanap*hire, June 23 John P. Clay, 13th New Hampshire, Jnas 29 Rtchird Poharty, 18th New Hampshire, Jane29 Geo. law, 2d New Hampshire, Juan 24. John Brown, l.lih New llahipanire, June 24. Anu s Frego, 10th New Hampahirn, June M RsnJ. Itobarty, 2d I'snnsylvanla, June 2.1. Henry A. Allen, Alh Connecticut, Jnne 20 Geo. II Combs, 10th Vermont, Juue 23. Gen J. Wood. 34th Massachusetts, Jnne 24. TheffiJMwinfl wars admitted ink the cmaaieeat Dot j pital June 'J>, m> stly wounded from Point of Rockji ? Mvr Thomus , 139tu New York. Capt J. a Y 8mttb, 30lti New York. Cap! Alficd Atktna, !>8th New York. Lieut F. U Jobuaon, loth New York. 1-ieul J. N. Garrett, U81U New York. dept. C. H 1 awrence, Amu tutu Adjutant Genera), 18Ut armv corps. Capt. A. K Fuller, 7tb Pennsylvania artillery. I.ieut. Jas. (Sewer, 188th 1'cnusylvsuia. l.tuut. U W. Shrppard, 21st Connecticut. Lieut. U. Churchill, 13th New Hampshire. Lieut. J. Dentin, 13th New iJampehlre. Lieut. G. C. Perkiua, ltftb Wieoonaln. Lieut. A. J. Porter, 66th lenusy Ivania. The voters of Norfolk yesterday decided, by 31# to V, tkat they preferred ''militaiy" to "civil" government. Jfim 25?4 P. a The weather Is excessively hot. At Did I'olnt the ther mometer stands 06 in the shade. Fortrrm Morros, June 20,1804. The mall steamer Ixmisiana, Captain Porter, from Bal timore, arrived at alx A. M., with the following diatln gulshcd passengers:?Gen. Wallace and lady, Col. Wooley, wife and daughter; Ckpt, Baldwin and wlfo, Oapt. Smith and wife, and Majors Rose and Yaudynft. Mr. Wilcox, army correspondent of the New York IVi bune, arrived at Chesapeake Hospital yesterday, sick with typhoid fever. The Fifty-eighth Pennsylvania Regiment left for home on thirty days furlough this morning. James 0. Melie, or tho Tenth Now Hampshire, died in the Chesapeake Hospital on the .'6th. The fokowiug have been aikntttod in Hampton Hoe pltel Captain Johu F. Kerrinpton, 117th New York, June 26. Lieut. F. P. Johnson, 10th New Y'ork, June 26. I.ieut. J. W. .Shnuleef, 6th I'nitod .states cav., wounded. Lieut. Thos Muiehay, 130th Now York, wouuded. Captain J. H. B. Smith, 130th New York, wounded. I.ieut. Henry Churchill, 13th New Hampshire, wounded. Captain t). J. Cary, 160ib New York, wounded. Captain C. H. Lawrence, 160th New York, wounded. The following deaths occurred in Haraplon Hospital, June 28:? J W. Mitchell, 11th Pennsylvania cavalry. Henry T. Marsh, Peterboro battery (rebel). H. H. llarcy, 11th I'euosy 1 vania cavalry. R. Robinson,civilian. George Granger, 6th l'nlted states cavalry. Gsorge W. Hayes. 28th Virginia (rebel). W. Thompson, 100th Pennsylvania. H Johuson, 7th New Hampahire. R. M Aldon, 134th Ohio. J. N. Leonard, let Maryland artillery. P. IieboigDe, 2d I'eoueylvanla (bronght in (lead). Onr Losses on TVofnetday, Bosro.v, June 27,1844. Colonel Wast, of tbe Nineteenth Massachusetts regi ment, who reached mime to-day on sick leave, states that among our men captured by the rebels In the affair or Wednesday was the entire brigade comprising the Fif teenth and Nineteenth Massachusetts and the Forty sec ond and Eighty-second New York regiments. Bartow's and Gibbon's divisions being formed inline of battle, Bar low precipitately fell bnek on receiving the attack of the enemy. From the nature or the ground, which waa un even and covered with a thick undergrowth, this move ment was not perceived by Gibbon, who stood his ground, end before be was aware of it the bayonets of the enemy were nt hie bank. Colonel WasB bad been for some time qnlte ill, but was riding up to the front in en ambnlenco to rejoin his regi went, and arrived just In time to aee it gobbled up. Largs Arrivals of Prisoners. Bai.tirofi, June 27,1884. A correspondent at Point Lookout, Md., writing on Saturday, saya that daring the past ten days over two thousand rebol prisoners have been received, a large number of whom were captured in the recent attack on Petersburg. Over six hundred rebel officers bave been sent during the past week to Port Delaware. REBEL ACCOUNTS. Sliertdnn's Movements. I From the Richmond Examiner, June 23.) We remain without later intelligence of Sheridan than that published yesterday. He is believed to be resting bis weary and battered regiments on the Peninsula, be tween tbe Maltapony and Pamnnkey rivers, with a part of his force in his intreochraents at lbs White H uso, on the south bank or tbe latter stream. It was told on the streets yesterday that be bed set out or another raid towards Charlottesville, but the report attracted no notice. An entire new supply of horses would be iieeei-sary to make such a trip possible to him. Wo it: ink he will be glad lo remain quiet where be la lor some time to come, and as be can do*no barm by such Inactivity we are content to let bim alone. Kama's Cavalry. [From the Richmond Examiner, June 23.] A RAID ON CURKI>8VI1.(.K. Information was received bore la?t evening tbat the Yankee German Kautz bad crossed the Petersburg and IVeldon Railroad south of Petersburg, and was supposed to bo making his way to iiurkesvllle, the junction of the FouthSlde and Danville Railroads. OI'FRATIONB AT REAMS' STATION. Fktk**m ri., June 22,1884. The Yankee raiding i?rty, alter c.niiiug Hie Weldon road at Reams' station, ppceed-d towards Pinwirtdte Court House for tbe purpose of cutting the South*ule road at tbat point, and telegraphic communication has already been interrupted there. The water tank ami depot were burned at Reams' and one hundred aod fifty yards of the track lorn up, hut It will be repaired to lugkl. A force of ours baa been sent In pursuit. Affaire at Petersburg. From the I eterabtirg papers, June 22?) INCESSANT PtatNO PPRINO MONDAT SlUlfT. Front ten o'clock until day dawn around tbe entire line tbe popping of musketry was distinctly heard through, out the city. It was luccssant, not u second s time elaps ing between tbe discharges of the pieces, and si ihe dis tance wn occupied resembled more the irregular oxplo a ion of lire crackers than anything to whiob we can liken it. mit BT AKI MCT Ol'Jt?J>IIKI.I.IX1 THI CITY. Toe*day morning early that ??me "Id thirty two pounder ttlakelcy or tbe raomv, nlilch h:ta now become co mini lutr lo Ibe ear* of Petersburg people, commenced it* daily btinne**, and at Lh? usual interval* ol tlve minute* i ib revrberutiog uoico would lira .It upon Ibe ear. Thia gun la ami ioned at or near Pace's (arm, na tho City Point road, and bun thrown many sheila into tbe low or part ol tba oily, but ao far hi* caused no doatruc tmnof Ida. I >u Monday even lug one ol lira inl-'rilu fell near tbe market home, entering one of the rmali brick building* to the weri of the market, occupied by Mr. Prank Petltme, cutting a girder in two an) a, stirring tbe plastering In all directum*. Another *cra|a.-d the tin roof of the Sontheldn defiot tmtlillug, wtan ? -d oter tne depot yard, rloncn tod, and finally brought up at ihe but torn in tbe Ap.xitnaito*. VUR KH MT OPkNCU ON PROM Tlllt CWTt RPIBLD ttllt*. About ten o'clock a couple of our baitene*, eccuiiylng an advantageous poeltlon ou Ibe CMaterftald a do or the Anpi muttot, paid llieir reepecla to Ibe enemy* g'tlia n the vicinity nt .lufdan'a fartn, Mieppmg the thntidi ra of the It ukaley monaitr for a while, and canting the gun nara to learo, a drat in lwo?, and then, ne the le ility becamehotter, ma<tuada 01 lire, eight, ten and fifteen, ttilr baltcrlex were a i poted to hare disarranged ma Urn n that I ralltv oonatderabiy, ae we did ool h ar from the Hlakeley for aeveral houra. A hoi A ?even laM evening alie onened Rgain and coutiu'ied her drug at ti e usual intervale th* ?>k?iT rrt?t.iN? on r.umr. About eleven o clock yevtcrda? a movement war mn<t" by a portion uftirant'e army, on our liner near Hit .leru aoieui plttok road, in the yiclnlty of the re?'d"n.:? ot Mr William A. Gregory, but ht? advance guard only novo tu our ptr*et*. Itr he rim, .v?rr.| .1 i.?|y ? tr- 0| - wk, had they continued thnlr advance, would bare udinlnl* tnred to them e terrible ea* Inia eatnc body, which chad hern be n in- leva, baa already roi doted not le*? than twenty thousand of Gram a armv ?h< ily unser viceable elnce tl>e preaei.l catoratgn con.loomed. A movb n* tiii fii.not tttiLit tn. Ahcnt two o'clock our mounted v die covered the ene.ny lt> much for-e moving amend toward* the We don Railroad, on a road wh!"h croaaea tba rata at a point about ten to <?? from Hutlarwertb'a bridge, and In the imme llnie ? c nl y 01 William M. Ihtvl*' place, *1 tbe tork* of the if it and Yaogben roed.a. The V anker* e gated In thi i in v* meul were encountered by a l? dy of North I'arnitnt cevalry, who held Uiein in check until retoforoemeota catue up, both of cavalry and Imantry, wln n the enituy wereapeadily driven back?tbe cavalry a.'one becoon ng engaged. gtttit aitt'i ntOMWO Tim APrnMAirng. large hodiee of troope, supposed to be atlvch-d to Reldy Mnilh'a klgliteoutb army eorp*. were observed croaalng the pnntoou* on tbe lower Apt*>mattox. and it le not Improbable that t.-ni ral Iflyrtea, rbating nnder the reetratnt Mnpoaed bf our well mawed linea armind the city, will repeat hi* often tiled prnceea of hurling largo column* *gatuat our inlrenrhmenta. They will h* wel corned a* they ware at Sjwttayivaoia Court llo ae and Coal Harbor. ?H*WT'(l T?ittTtTICATtOt?n !W fttlPO* OFOKO*. A gentleman wbo Inlt Prince George a d?y or twoawee, aay* tbat Grant ha* aprarenily a very large force be twren the defence* of P#ter*burg and City Point fie ta heavily fortified, hi* line of airinwork* eit*ading from the Appomattox, at a poiat a ahort rtiatauce bo ow Peter*, burg, to and beyond tne farm of Ttmnthy Rl???, in frinoe George, in a aouibevatorly direction. Here It ttnlim with another hne. which stretches otT io?*ida the J*me* river In a eortheaeturly direction -tbe two <orm tng an acute ang-o, or, In tuner word*, a very hr>'*ri killer T J'he nurthoMVeaU' Ikto Wt., ?t wuri* ?tended u auard ags'nt an y movement which may be made to strike the eocmy from his dank from the eastern side. OPERATIONS OP TUB RNKMT. Tho people of Prince George, ae every wliere else where thimarmy ot Van data has visited, are suffering greatly flow their depredations. Crops of wheat, corn aud outs have been destroyed, and every garden has been stripped. As confirmation of this last meotloned fact, we would slate that mauy of the prisoners brought in last week, upon being searched at the Provost Marshal's office, wers found well supplied with fresh onions, which some of the rascals si steil that they had taken from the gardens of the Prince George people to keep them from ' spiling." LATMT. We learned last night that our troops engaged the ene my yesterday afternoon near the Wuldon road, and after a sharp but short fight repulsed them handsomely. The enemy'a movement wm watched by a,party of our scouts, who tirst discovered them snout twelve o'clock, near Ifr. Richard Williams' farm In Diuwtddls, half a mile west of the Jerusalem plank road, and some throe rails* from the Weldon road. Tbey consisted of Hancock's Second corps nod n brigade of cavalry. We captured Lieutenant Colonel Homer B. Plough too, of the Second United Slates sharpshooters, a captain and some ten or twelve privates. Colonel Stougbton was wounded in lbs Wilderness fights, but has recovered. ARRIVAL OF TUB rRIriONRU. A batch of prisoners, takon near the Wniden Railroad yesterday afternoon, were brought In and turned over to Provost Marshal liawes. they state that they belong to the Second array oorps (Hancock's), and had beeu In the trencbes around Petersburg up to Monday night I bey were then relieved by a new army corps, the number of which tbey did not learu. It only arrived on Monday bight, and was lour bourn in.panung Au Intelligent sergeant, from Philadelphia, attached to the Second United States sharpshooters, states that it was reported in.cnmp tbat a very boevy body of cavalry had gone down to the rear of Petersburg, and Intended to cut the rai)road at some point between Petersburg and W'eldon. The priv tea In Ibis batch aro all foreigners, sod the most ordinary, Illiterate, ragged, dirty, cut throat look ing creatures we have ever seen. One, a raw Patlander, says he only landed in this country last February, when he was immediately well piled with whiskey, enlisted to light under the Mais and glrlpes, ami tbuu scut to the army. INDIANS OAPrtntKD AMONG THRYANKKR PRINONRRN. The following is a partial list of the names of tho In dians captured near Petersburg ? Jacks l'enaseuorqnad, I.ouis Mi-kequat, William Mo Surraw, Michael Johnny, Jackson Warglshwebher, Adain Pcobboquabeom, Peter Feuarroqusqusw, John Niche raw. These names were taken down letter by letter,as the In terpreter would spell them. The Provost Marshal, or the commanding ollicar at Abdorsoiiville, Georgia, wbithrr the prisoners are uow going, will hare a sweet time in getting a list of theui. THE LATEST FROM GRANT'S ARMY. The latest from Grant's army, Tuesday night, now around Petersburg, at eleven o'clock, was a villainous shell. This uoisy missile fell on Bank street, striking the large mulberry tree in front of tho old InteUiytncer build ing, and cutting oil'a limb some night inches in diameter. Nobody hurt. TKLEOKAFniC DESPATCHES. [Prom the Richmond Examiner, Jane 23.J Pkttfski'ku, June 22?10 A. M. Hancock's Yankee corps yesterday mads an attempt to strike the Weldon road, but alter getting within half a mile of It, on Davis' farm, two miles below the city, our artillery opened upon tbera.ond at the same time our Infantry came into action, driving the enemy bark, cap turing some dozen prisoners, and killing aud wound lug a number of the enemy. Our lues is small. The gallant Colonel Harris, of the Twelfth Mississippi, was severely wounded yesterday by a straggling shot. Grant's whole a-my Is now In our frout, on ihe south sldo of tho Appomattox. Nothing exciting is trsntpirlng th < mor i'ng. SKftlKU nUSVATUI. PrrgRiuuTju;, June 22?7 P. II. Two brigades of our army attacked and banked Han cock's second srmy corps this evening, about two miles south or this place. The figbl began at two o'clock. The enemy made considerable resistance, but were driven back fully two miles. Our men captured sixteen hun dred prisoners, Including fifty .seven commissioned ortl oera, four pieces of artillery,(eight stand of colors and two Hoes of breoatworus. The enemy made an effort to re capture the breastworks, but were repulsed. Another attack on the enoray at some point Is now progressing, ami is succeeding most admirably Our l> ss is very light. The enemy have cut the Weldon road ten miles below here, but It will soon be repairer^ it is supposed. Accounts Vront James River. [From the Richmond Kxuintoer, Juns 23.] During the whole of yesterday there was no news of importance from sny part oi our lines south of James river. About one o'clock P. M.a report was put In circu lation that a small body of our troops had been surround ed and capiure.d near Deep Roitoin. The story origi nated In a l?olt?h brain, and Sad but a short run. It was soon contradicted by persona arriving from the totality where the disaster is said to have occurred. DEEP BOTTOM. The fores thrown across the rlvsr at Deep Bottom by. the enemy would seem to be keeping quid. They are believod to he still at work Intrenching, and there was s?me talk or their laying pontoon biidges across the - river This locality takes Its name, not from the character of the ground, which is Id fast a brail*, bnt from the great depth of the river In this vicinity, it Is twelve mites from Richmond by the New Market or Charles City road, which leaves Richmond through Rockets. Immediately east of this hill Four Mile creek nod Ralley's ere k come together and llow Into the river. Malvurn BUI H four miles further dewh the New Market road. CbafllD's bluil is three miles nearer the city. Our ranis are lying on the west side or Dutch Gap, not more tbau two and a hair miles ims side of lioep Bottom. Hewlett's battery, on tho Chostertliod sale of the river, south of Dutch trap, is distant front the point at Deep Bottom, held by tne Yaukees, about six mih-o. NAVAL OPBUATfONR. It was expected that our rams and the battery at ITow toll's would, on yesterday morning, renew thefr lire upon the Yankee Monitors Ivlug east of Dutch Gap; but no cannon wore henrd hi that direction up to a late hour last evening, and there were no rumors of an engage ment. Our people bare learned to export lit Ho from cur ironclads, and naval allairs occupy very little of public attention. From dnsk until Bine o'clock last m?ht the sound of heavy guns was brard In the direction of the hostile fleets in Jamee river. REBEL ACCOUMTS FROM GEORQIA. Aeronati from the Front? I hi- Sltnn t ion Why Sherman Dues Not Move, Nra (Correspondence or the Atlanta Appeal.] The grcst battle for I be possenston of Atlanta and (or the severance or that part of the confederacy bordering on the oust bunt of the til n. sippl from the .State* b r during on tbo Atlantic la still pending?hinging Ore. Many conjectured reason* are given lor the lurressod cantleosoesa exhibited t.y the enemy. It is raid that they aro awaiting reuiiorccmenta; that the*/are only delaying until tbo rallr ad bridge over the IClowab shall he completed and that the severe repulsei met In the assaults on Stewart, at New Hope ( hlirch, nnd on our right, composed of Graubury's and Govan'a brigade*, bare taltcn the edge from their courage The enemy are evidently harked, and are not no bold ?nd doaby a* when they lira! attacked ns at i.eaeacca. Whatever the reason may be, tbia Is the f.>ot. I ver since the ttgnt at New Dope church the enemy have been tnamcnvrrlngtio outIiank us oa the right. tv> fa- they have found t.eneral Jrhnston always confronting them, iud I doubt nnt the Yankees aie beginning we have > moat overanolming ( roe, or ibal < ur lroo|* move with wonderful celerity. imr men are ?i|:l enecrlui ai d conAdeot. and an order to advance on the enemy would mase them more happy than an mvltnlon to an old time din >er. It would take the o deal Inhabitant to read the signs in this d rectlon. To day the enemy aro ro,>orted advat c in? slowly n'siOBt our iront. ldgbt rkuuiMhi g, with occasional cann nad'ng. may he heard all along lb* ilnee. A ai. h of nrisncera (roni tbe front hit* jnm pai ? I me. Kv.dcnlly the two armies are necr enough together to make a (utile in t unexpected at any hour And yot It It not our policy to attack, and the eiicny beeltato to do s \ An opiD'on is prevalent with some intelligent iwirsona that the enemy will try to pass mound our right, towards ]!oaw? II, n?te<l (or its feel iry, alining to ero-s the Chat tanooga In that aeigbb >rh.sid Tbi gltlltHryr I'rovprrt-lprrulatluns aa to stiri ??? i it vVtll lie. 11 rom the Atlautii Appeal | chertnao, bavin* been 101 ed In tils anempfs to flank ii" at lutHs*, retraced his wav back to the rallro d, and is sow endeavor lug to mska a flank ruovouv nt on or rtcht. Ml* "Irre istlole h dy ' has a wholesome fear "f John ?ton's veleraus "at rosi." Uke Grant's, -herman's army mot Johnston's 'orcee only to rehoni'd after gruel toss and try the flanking prueee?. Hi hn* mad ? not a sing e movement which has But been divined hv I hn alon and as pioiuptly m?l (he ' irriet t"i> pressure of i hi" uur> tenting adram e" h t" not been I a " Irresistible" and ' unrelenting" aa his e tr.floneering d ?i?tchcs to the War (Vpartmant would luiltcsie. There moat he aunie excuse for the daisy In their \ promNe to the Northern pablio to c osh the rebellion apeeddy by the capture of hichraund and Atlanta the j ren'irt of il' inl tost, "Having ? nee got t.eo safely en *ci n<md In bts works, away we go swiftly to Uls rear." "Ih" ei amy were repmeed in svsry asns'ilt; all g.*a well and lie " *? '? 'elegram that ho ht* rout" d the reir atmg vi 1 em - si i sad fores* of J' host on, and to Ids pumesslou of ho diroid with n a mde 01 Marietta, hive been fere led lo by them to revive and keen up the diooi ing spirits of the Northern cause Thay expect lb" falsity of their repotU to ho dl-. sored afler a while, hut tliey srrg temporary relief at the expense ut their A nor and liufhridne-.*. The spring c..miitt>Kn wa* commenced by tne North bv ? f >rre of aome fonr hundred end flity thousand men. their loaand :rum ad 0*0*41 can ot hats been far abort of ouw hundred end Ifly l nu' ?nd T* a leaves ih?'n ? for. s in I he present, sf threu hundred thousand mv i.ntlly about twice lbs Bum b?o of men lost The armies of both G?oeraU fee snd Johnston remain Intact IB numbers and morale. Tie y have mabstod on ftdsnre In the ability of their ehlelutnn, whose modesty and worth are acgu iwledg-il by all n> it. Tb# eneiny bays brought nut their utmost strength In the prwcnl cainftalgii. and the re: anted on la for reinlorcoruenW show desoi'H of their braggadocio oespauaea, their waning strength. I'nlos Attack ft ?pulsed. I Correspondence ef the RUttmond i saminnr. June 28.] M is ma, June 91. I9M IU toothy ? I gbl atUwAsd e?t left tsnldrdajr, seder - ITT* Omirtl Mardee, and were repulsed with greet slaugbtefL We caplured slity prltonore, among tbem Lieutenant Colonel WiUm, of Ibe forlHlb Ohio Three If sorter a, oho dunned w> be ouiployed in any capacity, also cam* General Johnatoo, aa well aa Ibe whole army, la sniioeti for aa engagement. EUROPE. The Bavaria Off Cape Race with Tw* Days Later New*. Effect of the High Prioo of Gold in New York. THE ALABAMA AT CHERBOURG# I Difficulties of the DanlsH Question. A Changs of MinUtry Expected Is England, &o.. &o. Car# lUcn, June 27, 1M4. The stenmship Bavaria, from Southampton 16U? mst. writ boarded off Cape Race at two P. M. on Sunday, lh? 20lb Instant Her adviccn urn two dnyn later. 7 bo steamship City of Limerick from New York, aP? rived at Queenstown on ibe 12th Instant. Tbo nteamRbip Peruvian, from Quebec, arrived nl low. donderry on tho 13th Instant. The steamship City of Baltimore, from New York, k?? rived nt Queenstown on the 13th instant. The American ftne*tloa> grrroT ok thr high fhicb ok gold in n?w TO**. The Ioudon Times says the comparative oase of M French discount market and satisfactory recovery in tbm stock of gold in the Bank of France fail to counter act tba chronic distrust of tbo financial and oominerclal olnnseh in Nanoleon's foreign policy. , The high price of gold 1c New York aecms to IndrcAlA that the position of the,army In Virginia in regarded by the public wltb increased donbt. NAVAI, MOVEMENT#. The plrato Alabama waa reported at Cherbourg on th? 1 Tbo United States corvette iiearsage was In FlaaDlng Bonds on the 14lb. The Dfinlnh War. i The Yogllsh troncasod corvette Wolverine tad tb# steam ruma l?ntorprUe und Research have arrived an Yarmouth. f? route for the norib. The l.oodon Tint/i Bays a rumor of the possible bream up of the Cabinet on tho Daolsh question it talked ef eon fl,TcopcuhagenDdivipatch says:?The Danish notables. I. an address to the King, intimate that the personal u#?m of Schleswig and llolsieln with the kingdom wontdjjs tall the lose of Pchleswlg, while the looorporatlon erthh constitution of Hchleewlg with that of the would cudaoger the independence or Denmark. The eon tlnued. prolongation of the armistice is Impossible nnleefl the basis of a sntlsfnciory peace la proposed A telegram from Fraukfort states that the pleolpetM tiarvof the Germanic Oonledoratioa made a dectaratM* at Thursday's sitting of the Conference, In wblcbbeiam down the principle that no part of Hchlanwlg can beeeoem lu Denmark without tho conaeut of the population^ The Memorial Oirl?mafque iitserW that I nrl Rnmeil communicated to Count Apponyuol the llaolsb onto an nouncing the roeumptlon of hitetU'lies on Uie llthj should the belligerents not previously cornelo aninder eiandtng. Karl Ruasoll iutlroalcd that should the AUitrlaii heel pp reed to the Baltic when hostilities were renamed, tugvatid woaUi be compelled u* eend a Meet also. Auntr.a will uul send a lleet II vUe vruce d ??* ' '""ibe sitting of ibe London Conference had been ad journed until the loth of J una. France. Advices from Algorla state that the tribe# are making overt eras for peace. The French harvest Is not equal to that of lant y#nr. Commercial In tell 1 grner. TDK LONDON MUNKV MARKET, f ocs.'ls were quoted at the close ol businesaon the 141. Uie breech "rentes were quoted st 86f. 80o. on III# same <iay. Iho rebel loiin was quoted A3 a GO in London. I'eu nsylvnuts Railroad mortgage bonds bad Improve. 1 per cent . . . . I Illinois ( entrsl ordinary shares bad receded J per cent, und lb- paid np rbares 2 ior cent. Virginia sixeu were 1 per cent lower on the 14th 04 [No commercial intolllgence received by the Bavarln^ except tho brief monetary Items contained in the (Of#, going.?kn. HssaldJ IMPORTANT FROM NORTH CAROLINA. General Palmer's Expedition Into the Heart of the State. fcCCCESS QF THE MOVEMKHT. Dcatruction of the Rebel Dine of Railroad, In, '*??# Oar Fartros# Monro# Correspondence. KosTiun* Vfossos, Juno 34, 1M4. News from the eipeditlou under the comrannd ef ties#, rat L N Palmer, which leit Newbern some days store, Lax been received. The commend consisted of Infantry, cavalry and artillery, and was sent out to penetrate h?? Ibe interior of North Carolina, aud to destroy theWil inlngton and Wold n Railroad, as well aa other govern, meat property. The most unlooked for ancceae attend#* ibelr eiforts. The command went as far an Kins loo?. Probably thu should be iioldsboro.?An. HsaaU)]?de stroyed the railroad and an Immense quantity of govorn. m"iil sues., captured a Urge number of prisoners soil inflicted great daiuagt upon the rsoel cause, sod returned In safety. Tboy found the whole completely stripped of wbltn mac inhabitante. there b log only a small f uard left us protect the ra rood, wno were eeeily eaptured. The mil purlieu lure have not yet been received, se when my informant left only the advance guerd u vd arrive I. i.? igh la known, however, to Justify me m eaylng lh*l tverytbing ioiemle<l bee heeo acempltthed. REBEL ACCOUNTS OF HUNTER'S OPERATIONS. llnnrer Rrpnrtnl lirlrritilng to fvrom ilio Richmond fcsamioer, Juno 33 ( TrifOrr.iatlou, believed to (>? authentic, waa received bere yee'erday, ehich Induce# the bo tot thai Hunter, att?r being driven through I.ihertv, toob tho road laud ing toward* selem, an t that lie ts eodeuvnriog In esrApw Into lire "Obltr O'untv hy no roots pursued hy Avenll n bm retrout. Tlio tact* that our fnrcce la pnrawli 01 lb* snoinf aie hourly moving (urthar from Lynchburg, that 0 >lh railroad and le.egre It common lent, u are taanth rartly loterruptad, audlc'toily account for our nut boar* It It tnaro frequently and tally of tbe pregrsaa uf affairs ta tuts i|ti irti-r Authentic Intelligence was received bsra last night Jul Mantsr bid reached Salem, ataty miles smi'hweat o( Lyncbbnrg. lu the light at Fancy farm, near the Pent a of tutor, h< waa sadly beater but no particulars Suva baeo laa. .ad. L.?ter Areaant*. I From tba Klcbmood Mammer, Jnna M J General Hunter has retreated, with great lose, to Fla castle. We have rs(lured thirteen of bte moo. Ha Iff probably retreating t?werd Slstinlon Tor a Supply of am monition Vtaoast'e la a maaufaaiuriag town of consid erable Importance, and allows him to select cna a* two at three good liaa? ?f retreat to a bate af toppites Pe? tonal lutrlllgeaee, Colmel Cleveland Wlualow, Fiftb New Torb Folnatatrff (7nua*t*l, wounded during the roceat campaign, la rd> ported fmm Washington In be much worse, wttb but hills hoi e uf bit final recovery. Ibn ball by wblch h? wee wounded peered through bte shoulder blade, eun>h>g a so -'us lu|t>'T fi?o ?sl r. K be ''nriith te at presaat on a beta* vtMfi milt I) *1 - tail, v at Yol'ow Mpringa, out*

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