Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 28, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 28, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. M< *dat, June $7?6 P " \>rj iitllo Oneinea* ?ii transected tn the aloes m?rket Il ia morning. (Vmearod ? i-b tn# t)i*b"i v-v-h m!w *1 the first he rd on Saturday and to-day tbc \ ariattoca were tf follows?New York Central Railroad advaocod )g, $fite 1t*, ttrte preferred );. UuJ?oo River 1 '*', Ohio and ?Kassmppt certificate* 1, Cumberland coal Company t;, Iguickftiver >,,and Manpoas Miuiug >%. Readme Rhll toad, Delaware and HuJsou Canal aud Canton Company ?old at the same price a* on Salutday. The following WacMaad:?Mteblgaa Central Railroad V. Michigan K'uthern Illhiois Centra! );, Cleveland and Plttaburg X. Chicago aid Ivivk Inland and Northwestern %. Tut markei was better in the aflirnoan, and tbero waa ? improvement le price*. The cl"Slng quotations ?rare ?New York Central Railroad 135, Crio 117, Krle (?referred 112*;, Hudson River 141Rending 141**. Du-bigan Central 140 V. Michigan Sontbern 97*;, Illinois Central 132>%', Cleveland and Plttuburg 114 tj, North weaiero 64';. Cleveland end Toledo 146, Chicago and Book Inland 116, Milwaukee nod Prairie du Chien 69';, Pittsburg, Port Wayne and Chic age 116";, Alton and Terrw Haute 621;, Chicago, Hurlingion and Quincv 131};, Ohio and Wis-qeaippl ceriIdeates 64, Canton Company 41, Cumberland Coal 73-,, and Quicksilver Mining 76. Uovernment stocks were lower, five-twenties, coupon, helling st 104><,seven-thirties at 106); and ona year cer tlUcalee at 1?6i*. Hold sold to day aa follows-? 10 o el < k A M *2 18 a 2 20 11 15 e'clock A. M 2 23 a 2 26 II 50 o'clock A. M 2 32 A 2 36 42 35 o clock P. M 2 33 a 2 37 I 45 o'clock P. M 2 32 a 2 35 ? o'clock P. M 2 31 a 2 33 7 lie foil-wing table given the expert of specie from New 3fork siuoe January 1, 1864, and to tbs same time tn fcicb year for the previous ten years:? Total since January 1, 1864 128,708,180 Dame time io 1S63. 20,453,167 fciiue time in 1862 24,900.351 t??e time in 1861 3,247,368 f-ame time In 1866 20,060,746 rame time in 1859 3ft,061,478 ami'tune in 1?58 .. 12,504,795 6<mv time in 1857 22,152,148 me time in 1856 16,256,619 Came time In 1855 17,035,465 frame time In 1854 16,508,621 The following table shows the totals of the statements or the associated banks of this city on the first Saturday Of each month during the presont year, with those of the fast three weeks:? Loan*. Syeote. Cirrulation. Drposi's. t.o 2.*174.714 466 26 lnl.935 6.103,331 140.260,866 Eeb 6 163 076 846 24.070.791 6.974,762 133 849,042 sr. 6 1S2 265.463 21.220,668 6,933,249 158.923.846 April 2 . 203.993 I SI 19 627 665 6,795,998 171,151.297 ?lay 7.192.881,246 28.082,028 5 594 832 168,562 197 June 4. 196,740.609 22.461.604 5,180,639 174,516 367 June 11. 194 9.36.822 24.041.704 6.049,457 172.637,248 June 18. 195.773 583 22 916 291 4 959.096 169,445,767 tune 25. 197,077,002 22,000,898 4,807,195 158,772,982 The variations from the report or the previous week are 6U lollowi:? ferease tn loans $1,803,419 irsaae in specie 916.393 Decrease in circulation 161.901 Decrease to deposits. 10,672,785 It will be peroeived that the deposits have decreased Aver ten and a half million*. The line or deposits is now tower than it has before boen since February, 1864 The lollowlng it the report of the Assistant Treasurer la this city to day:? (total receipts $1,660 897 ?Of which for customs. 79,000 payments ? 7,275.468 Baiauce .22,432,083 The Nassau Bank, of this city, will pay. July 11, the Coupons of Belmont county, Muskingum county, and the gity of Ztnesvilie, Ohio. Tne Chicago and Alton Railroad Company earned tn? (bird week in June, 1864 $56,356 Same lime tn 1663 44.459 toeiOOOO $11,897 ?Cock Exchange. Mo.vniv. June 27?10.30 A.'M. ?1001)0 UB 6'e.'87. cou 120 100 aha Erie RR..,.b20 116 atomi UB 6 a. 6-ai. cou . u>4); iuo do 116'; 300 0 do 1"41? lit) Brie RK pref 112 fuwu UB 6'a 1 year cer 04 * 300 Hudson Kiver Kit. 141'; ?000 do 96 2UU do 141S |oOOOTrn.7 3-10. O A A 106', 300 do.... 141)4 WOO N Carolina 6'a.... 69 500 do. blO 142 8000 Mo 6'i is to Pa K 76 1M)U Read ng HR 141 ioine Ohio A Miss cert 54 8o0 do.... 140'. EjOM do U\ 100 Jollet A C'nlcagoKB lot'' 10000 do 68?i Sou Mi bigan Cen KK ltd $5QU0 do bSO 55 100 do M0 140K l'OO Mich So a r bds 116 30J Mich Ko A N 1 RR 97 MOO Tot A w l(tm ei 101 SOD do 97'k 3000 Chi A All. lilmg. ltl 400 ^do..^. ,*7'4 Jti aba Canton C? 89Vj 800 III Csn HH M-r.'p. ' 131 160 do 54); 160 do 111)4 60 OelAHud Canal Co 240 20J do bit) 131 100 Central Coal Co.... 72); 10 OCIev A P.twRR 114 100 Oopnk* Iron Mines. 10 900 do. IIS\ ?00 Cum Coal pref 7274 31 Clev, To..? Cln RR JOB IbO do 733* IWCblc A N W RR.... 53', $00 do 73 100 CbieA.NWRR prof 89 fmOulcka ver Mg Co. 75 10H do . .. 891. Ceatrai AmTran Oo 36 309 do . . 89x 1 Atlantic Mail 86 Oe 176 1700 Clev A Tot RR ... 14AU iMartooaaMg Co 64); 80o Chic A RI RR ... 114>; N Y Central KR . 134 200 do 1147; do 134W 2u0 Tot A Ws'asb RR.. 69 ; do . ? mi; soopuu Ft w aci.iur ns rORrte RR 115); ico do .... bis nsu do 1I5S 10 H A 8t Joa RR pref CO do bSO 116)6 lib Atlantic Mall 86 Ce 176 1700 Clev A Tot RR 144) 8KCOND BOAR*. B*Lv.r*svTwo o'Ciocm P M, aMOOO U8 6'a,5 90'acou 104't 40H aha Reading RR.... 141', UOUOTr n, 7 S iu O .t A lu6)4 liOO do 141 6jW U B 0 a. 1 year cer ?fi>, 10" Michigan Cent RR. 140 ftuouu do 9j)n 3 K) do. 140'; ? da 96'* I'M do 14t'V <0 Ob o A Miaa cer.. 64 300 Mich 8 A * I RR 97K 1 alia Canton <"0 41 5' do.... 97', I Cuanh Coo: prsf.... 73 8"0 III Ceat KR aerlp. 133 I ?? .. 73'; 100 do ) Oulckailver Mj Co 7? I6H) Cleve A Pitta K R.. lltV, I S Y Central KR ... 134\ SO0 Cbic A N W RR 54 ' do 155 *?t do , 64 * do bl5 1.18'; SO do bio 64)* do IS4't 400 Chic A N W RH pref W ? ErieRK 117 2i)0 do.. 810 SO do 115); 400 do .639 91 do II6?? 200 Clvve A Tol RR ... 146 IPJ do 111?; 100 Chicago A R I RR 114'; M do... 116*i 100 d 115 60 Brio RR pref. ...II2W 100 Mil A P du C RR C9W fro Hudaun River RR 14i{; 100 Pitta, Ft W A C RR 116% k; do 510 1121* Ral Alton A T H KB ... 82'. do blu 142H lOOCcic, Bur A Qu RR 131); Ben Hog RR 141); l4w Yerk City Benki, Jane 25,1M(. IfLoan*. Sptci*. Circulat'n. Dtpotilt Rmhrtca $10,670,956 2,106,247 6,712 11,202,069 Rmer Exchange 9,949,392 1^21,872 29.646 7.184,813 Atlantic 1,218,567 68,893 109.303 1,011,978 'roadway 6,736 004 488.331 407766 6 432,268 Dalit Head,... 808,697 2.'"03 146,879 777.689 Butch R Drov. 2,615,919 112,211 227,170 1,764,737 Chatham 1,677 028 26.465 9,606 1,436,404 Chemical 6.190.379 1*789,617 26,826 6,104,170 OUy . 4.846,US 614,473 ? 2,250,659 8III100S 1,286,781 99,090 87,101 1,167,782 oatinonul .... 4.335,618 183,316 23 Q70 2,749,148 CniMBOroo 19,067,346 1,182,$89 1,706 8 083,193 | mmoowealth. 3,184,661 66.376 187,216 8,157,984 a Exchange. 3,4*4.713 252,348 101,465 2,616,316 >y Dock .' 3*2 417 61,793 27,092 498 0?i M River 881,403 25,107 114.429 698,677 Fulton 2,279.270 456.616 41.949 2/138,983 fireeowlch 892.190 60,712 29 007 690.166 (rooera' 996,286 30,600 5,381 898.382 ftasovor 2,415,976 T53.881 100,678 1,732,010 Sup k Traders' 4,067,400 1M>,002 167,156 2,941,360 Irvlnt 1 656,060 4? 478 97,784 1,288,403 >alber Mauof. 2 281.602 292,767 38,889 2,454,735 Manhattan . 0.6*) 632 876 648 54 .'92 6,907,035 llauaf. k Merck. 1,444,767 109,754 2,111 1.13f>,3)6 Harms 1,693.491 118 964 113,854 2.161,235 Market 2,346,170 207,123 55,329 1,739.040 EledhaMee' .... 6.604,829 636,610 78.K31 4,4*?,694 Nunb Hkf Aaa'n 1,728.803 160.081 16,"60 1,600,312 (neb k Trad.. 1,753/41 141.047 209,"M 1,567^78 li-ronntile 8.840,985 374.9*8 5.264 3,561,699 frercbanu. .. 6.927,404 1 655.449 9*.215 6.330.473 gurobanta Each 2,404.003 201,222 33.980 1.590 829 htatropolilao. .8.247 040 1,0.17,916 439.492 6,106.4.4) Inasau .... 2.-63.M7 184.743 6,749 2,104.244 km local 2 760.733 415.3B7 20,843 1.006,8s8 ?low Y-rk. ... 7,612.458 1,212,849 68,000 6.099,234 York County. 728 432 21,254 98,701 779,063 rib America 3 *0" 531 64,662 129.V16 2,966,449 ribKlve-.... 1.874 071 64 774 82,195 l?#W one 2.496.358 163.097 106.979 1,673,961 t ISO Ml 849,568 82.416 15.5,279 881 677 "aelO. 1.871 300 114.751 6 ,22? 1 040,68* iars 10^49,833 1,125.460 3*4 A12 0^00 165 to-plet 1 390,?22 08 426 16,140 1.106 940 ?ken 11 4.338446 864,882 $4,640 3,876.638 fe.wb ie .. 4.444 772 271.209 27.167 8.2t8.781 Mlcbulsa 1.72'. 142 122 608 46.046 1.237.780 eoiii Wari 1,848436 880,841 38.966 1,842,504 bue fc Lawlhot 4 111 830 16*.380 I24/M6 3466,656 tate 5,274.811 603401 40,777 4,616,014 ?adesmeo 0.2 '4*.621 130,630 843 159 2,011,088 wluc 4.590.619 592,278 $8,744 4,288,794 Totei $107 07 7 ,00123.000 408 4 .107,106 148,772 48$ Twi B vnrem at Tm ctsABwo Bncra. Qti-arloga for work Sliding June 18 $431,153,4$7 $9 B ? ring* for week ending June 25 442,840,201 90 fratnsi e (or wo k ocdiug Jeu* it 11,773,571 10 palancoe lor week ending Jupe 25 19,629.119 06 CITY OOMHIRCIAL REPORT. Motrnat. Juno 17?0 P M Aenas ? Receipts, 44 hble. Tke merkot was firm but uies nt $11 sod $14 for pots and pearlR aiwrovw ? Receipts, $9,011 bble kowr, 800 bMe. I $60 tones torn men), 186,940 bushels wheat, 76,600 oern nod 10440 4e. oata Tke Soar Market waa rhat esottod, and prions advanced lie. a 23d , lefts I by tke vlelect Movemoot is geld, with aa Marmot! ehlety ea epeoalatkm. far eapert there wet 1 or eeihtng done, aetwttbetaadkg tke eatrsaae rater 1 sad the low rates of rvelgM, ealse 94,001 5M Mete ao4 Western, looludMg 7,000 eatra Mam, fht llf and Aagaal $0et0M, ajtOOkoulhen urn (Mow* lu^w wm mm ?* with 260 bbi?. of tbe former and 1,900 of the Uttor told We quote ? superfine SUM Mfi Wdfitem Boar M 10 I 8 00 r*tra 9 *0* * 0? ("boice Mote... 9 10 0 ? 26 I'viiimoi is medium extra Western 8 74 ? 9 20 Kxtrs round h >oo Ohio #11' 9 26 Wniern (rede breeds. 9 30 s 10 00 Extra St Louis 9 26 e 12 00 Oiuiuoo to good Southern V 00 a 0 60 Good to choice extra do 9 70s 11 50 Common <"anadiao 8 80 a 9 10 flood to choice extra do 9 70 ell 50 Kye flour, 7 00 a 8 85 Corn meal, bbig 7 50 a 8 00 lorn rooal, punrbeooa 84 50 a 85 00 ? Toe whe.t markot was also excited, and price? advanced 6c. a 10c. with very heavy sale*, amounting to 500.000 busbelg, including anou'. 200,000 busbeta spring to arrive, at $2 0< a $2 16. The bi'Siueea waa chiefly on specula tion, with noma little ei|<ort movement, at f 1 00 a $2 00 tor l bicago spring, $1 06 a |2 05 for Milwaukee club; $2 96 a $2 16 for amber Milwaukee. $2 05 a $2 14 for winter red Western: $2 15 a $2 25 for ainbor Michigan - $2 26 a $2 85 for wblte do.; closing with no aellera at anything like the iurido prices. Kye waaalao higher, w ith sales of 1,600 bushels at $1 80. The corn market was dull and depressed, with sales of 36.000 bushels at $1 64 a $1 66 for new mixed Western. 0>U continued in active request, and the market waa higher with Urge sales at 95c. a 98c. Barley and barley malt were wholly nominal. ! skiuiits were without decided change. To Liverpool, l*r American, 37.000 buehela wUeat at 4d. a 4tgd..ln bulk and bags: 200 bbls. flour at 0d.; per ueutral. 50 hhdr. tallow and 100 Heroes lard at 15a , 10 tons sperm oil at 20s., and per steamer, 47,000 bushels wheat at 5d. a 5l,d., 290 bbls. pork at 3s. 3d., and 76 th rees beef at 4s. 6d. To London, per American, 850 bbls flour at It. 7K'1 ; 30 tons lard at 17s. ?d., 7,000 bushels whoat at 6>,d., In bags: 10 tons sperm oil at 22a 6d . and 1.000 - ? - ? __ ...I ?Uhl.l, bblt. oil cake at 2s. _To Glaagow.jier ,neutrail. 200 bbUc flour at Is. 9d., and 35 tons ^jierm oil at 22s. 61 Bristol, 500 bbls. flour at la. 6d To Antwerp, 125 hogs h?ads tallow at 25s. A Hanoverian brig was chartered to 0;?rto, with Canada butt slaves at $166, and heavy barrel at $20. Mola-ashs.?Tbe markot was dull, with sales of 20 bbls. New ( rlexus at $1 01. Oils ?Crude whale was a shade higher, with salos of 1.000 bblt ordinary Month Sea at $1 25)4 tgl'K..' isionh.?Receipts. 3,333 bbts. jiork, 127 do. cut mens and 815 do. lard. The pork market was a shade higher, with a fair demand. sales 7,000 bbls., at $38 a $39 for old mess, $41 a $41 60 for new do., $33 60 a $35 lor old and aew prime, and $39 for prime me?s; also 2,000 bbls. new mess, buyer, duly, at $44 a $46 2.000 bbls. do., same terms aud delivery .on private terms. 500 do. do . buter's option, July, at $44 50, and 200 bbla. do , deliverable the first week In July, at $42. Toe beef market was firmer, with n fair demand, sales of 750 bbls, at $15 a $16 for country mess, and $9 nnd $10 for country prime; $21 a $26 50 for re packed mess, and $28 a $29 50 Nr extra mess Prime mess bee: wss quiet, with sales of 300 tierces common on p. t. Beet hams were dull and nominal Cut meats were lent active, but Arm: sales of 75 packages at 14c. a 14 ^c. for shoulders, and 17 tic, a 17?4'c. for hams. Bacon was dull and nominal. The lard market was quite active, with sales of 2,560 bbls. and tiorces at 16c. a 17 t,o. Flutter wxs tlrm, but less active, at 26c. a 3dc. for Ohio, and 81c. a 40c. for State. Cheese was In fair request at 11c. a 20c. for common to prime. I KtKOLStiit Receipts. 2,779 bbls. Hie market was a'tli unsettled, but altogether firmer thau on Saturday, owing to tbe great advance in gold, and both crude ard refined sold at higher prices. The trade were mostly returned from Philadelphia, having loft tbe prob lem which called them there In tbe bands of the 1'bila delphlu lawyers, who will have all they can do to solve it if half we hoar be truo. Acoording to gonoral re port. some of tbe New York brokers bid fair to be ruled out of this market henceforth. Tbe sales to day were about 6,000 bbls., all told, at 40^c. a 47c. (or crude, 72 He i 75c. lor refined, in bond?tbe latter price for white?81c. a 83c. for free, on the epot; 91c. a 92Hc. for July, and 94c. for August. 100 hhds benzine sold at 30c. Kirs ?The market was quiet, with sales of 190 bags Rangoon nt 117?c. CorrsE.?The market was qulst, but very flrtu. SrGAK was quite active, but Arm, with sales of 300 hhds Cuba muscovado, part at 19c. a 20Sc., 297 do.. In boud, at 12c., and 6.000 bags Manila at llJic, 10 bond. Spirits?We notice galoe of 1,300 cases No. 1 nutmegs at $1 65 , 200 bags pepper at 43){c. a 4Ci$c., and 1,500 mats cassia at 80\c. Taliow ? Market firmer, wltb sales of 50,000 lbs. at 10c a 16>,c for Eastern ard Western. Whiskkt.?Market unsettled, but closed firm at $1 75 a $1 80 for Stnto and Western, wltb silta of 4,000 bbls., in cludiog 1,000 bbls. Western, reported nt $1 56?an ex treme price FINANCIAL.. Proposals for loan. Treasury Dspaktsxist. June 75. 1664. Sealed offers will be re -eived at ihi? Depariment. under tbe act of March 3. 18J3 until uoon of Wednesday the 6th of July. 1864. for bonds of tbe United State* to the emount of thirty three millions, being the amount of nnac-epted offers under the notice of Proposals for Loan, dated 6tb instant. The bond* will besr an aDnnal iDteros: of six per centum, payable eeml annually In coin, on the flrst davs of July and January of each year, aod redeemable after the Srth of June. 1881 Each offer must be for fifty or ooe hundred dol lars. or some multiple of one hundred dol.ars, and most state the sum. including premium, offered for each hun dred dollar- In bonds, or for flfti. when the offer Is for no mors than fifty. Two per cent of the principal, excluding premium, of the who e amount offered mnil be deposited, as guarantee for payment of subscription f accepted, with the Treasurer of the United States at Washington, or with the As-lstsnt Treasurer at New York. Boeton Philadelphia or St. Louie, or with the designated deposttarv at Baltimore, Pittsburg. Cincinnati, Lou sviUe. Chtcasn. Detroit, or Buf falo; or with any national hanking association authorized to receive deposits which msy consent to trsn-act the busi ness without charge. Duplicate oertiOoates of deposit wlU be issued to depositors by the officer or aseooiation reeslrfng them the originals of which must be forwarded with tbe offers lo the department All deposits should be aisd? In thus for sdrlce of offers with certificates to roach Washing ton not later than the morning of July 6. No offer not ac companied by Us proper oertlfleoM of deposit will bo con oiderod. The coupon and registered bends Issued will bo of the deuominations of $?'? > $100 $500 and fit 000 Registered bonds of $6,000 snd $10 ISXI will n'so be Issued if requ red. All offers reoelved will be opened on Wednesday, the 6*.b of Jul v, by the 8ecretarv or one of the asstslsnt secretaries. Tbe awards wl'l be mads by the Secretarr to the hlgho-l offerers, nnd notice of socepunoe or dec ination will be immediately ciren to the rospeotire offerers: and. In case of acceptance, bonds of the descriptions and denominations preierred will be ssnt to tho subscribe'* at the cost of lbs depa-tnenl on flnal pa ment of instalments The original depos i of :wo per cent will be reckoned in thftlaat instal ment pad by successful offerers, snd will be Immediately returned to those whose offers may not be awpted 7 he amount of accepted offer* m??t b? deposited with the Treasurer or other officer or association authorized to ac: under this notice on advice of acceptance of offer, or ss fellows ?One third on or before the 10th : one third on or before the 15th . nnd the halence Including the premium nd original two per cent deposit on or before the 20th of Julv. Interest on b<<nda will begin with the dele of deposit. Par ties preferring mar per the accrued Interest from date of I bond, Julv I. to dsie of deposit. Offers under t'ua notice shouH be endorsed "Offer for Loan." and addressed (c th? Secr etary of the Treasury No offer will be considered at a less rate of premium than ? feur per cent 8. P CHASE, Secretary of the Treasury. Notice to offloers receiving depotks under this Meet ? . The pre'lmltary >ort flcate of deposit of two per cent must I not be credited upon vour accojote current, at it U to be in cluded In the final deposit. Atlantic savings bank. ru* NO. 166 CHATHAM SQPARB OPEN DAILY MONEY DEPOSITED NOW WILL DRAW INTEREST FRMM JULY I. ? , M D VAN PELT, President. CHAS D. BAILEY, Treasurer ?\P-&T?he alterations In the Banking Room are oomple'ed the Bang w.U occupy the bawm.ot of the .oov. premises. ? "'"VVhaKW&D i CO.. M Broadway k"" *WM B. MARRTON A CO . Bankers. 17 Wall street TTZBN8' BAVTNOS BANK. Bowery, comer ("anal street IBTS-ONB MILLION 1WF.gTY-THREF THOU9AND BIZ HUNDRED AND SIXTY-hlGRT DOLLAR* AND 81TTY-FOUB CF.NTB 1NTERRBT ("OMMfigrgk JULY I 1864 tnk open dell* from 9 to S. and on M< ndny. Wednesday Friday eramngs. from 5 to 7 ank books In English. German and French, amors A. Bnscr be; ..KO POLSOM. Pre-ide-it HATHAM BANK PfYtDEND -TflE BOARD OF DI re' tora hare this day declared s dlv tend of five (5) cent, free of government tax. pavsh e on let Julv next, i transfer book will reman el used from ."Iff instant to Jd y. O. 11. 4'HRKINKK, Caslnar sw Yoas. June 22 1664 HEM1CAL BANK. NEW YORK. JUNE T< 1464 -THE President End Direotors ef this bank hsr# this dsv dr red s quarterlv dlviffenff of six per cent pavsblr to stock ders on and after Friday, the 1st day or July ueit Ry lerof the Board. tt. <). WILLI4MB. Cashier. ,vipgsp ?TbO semi annual dividend, free from ?te at the rate of six \?r cent per snnnm on''Il s .ms nn and afior tbe Ylst of Julv. 1864. Bank open dady i?AMIf'*P M, and on Monday Wsffnssdsy and irday even ng> from^to 8 0^ *gftLLMAN. President. aacT. Bwitii Secretary IMINO STOCK8? Afi WELL A9 ALL OTHRR KINDfi zwrracTI'RFBS AND WRRCHANT61 BAN* NBW y or' Ju n.l I Id I ? A dividend of four (4, perce* this day beau Jer:ar"d^foavahls to n,^ss wlR SsT?r,mfth?rth of Mfil - ( ifv 1 on Dh WA8HV1LL* CITY SriUd bjr w a VtAliTOWs flu ?TS rt?.?,; ????,? ?trts o,m?co?^%%p'o,ts.MTo?T. ?!;: i?v.f"rr??Mro?T. joftra rRANcii. Roq. BOdV/b'h. bVi.' Coorsdo. rnxtipttxr, HON. JOBN A D1X. tntAimsn, JOBBPH FRaNCIB, Esq. CHARLHB0OP"VtABB Esq property of this com pas y ooaslsts of 1.231M feet ea around Hot " "Gregory, No J " "Blmmool." ??Con ned ether oslebrated developed gold beaneg lode# to ?si mining district ef Colorado >. the Henderson Mill, new roan log gad in excellent Hal fiSnok. $1,901,000 ejt:3 ft iWriptton Books ore i?ow opeo ? _W.-TVlimited ny, No ?? Boavor street. New Tort. Where s mlteo ir ef shares eon bo s<iberrtbed for at par bv appirlng Treaeerer of tbe company, between the 6#ur? af l^ ?nd 1 T M foptee oftM fi??sg>ns mot fig tWUfid riHAROlAb NOTICE TO BONDHOLDERS. Inlmm on H >nds of tbe city of Marvevflle, Tuba 0" u n ly C?1 . due .lull I 1864, pa^abla n the clt of Nr* York, will he paid on and after iliat dam in currani fund#, m an presentat.on at the American Kxihange Bank In eaid ellr DKUKKK A JKWETT. M ?rn* Yuaa County, Cat , May. 1864. T^OTICR TO BONDHOLDERS IS Interest on bond* of th<* county of Tuba. California, due July I. Itvi4, payable in the city of New York, will be paid on end after that ri.ite in United Stale* gold coin, upon preaentaliuo at tbe American Exchange Hank In said citr. DECKER A .IF.W Is IT. Matsvillb. Yuba county. California, May, 1K64 N OTICB TO 8TOOK.HOLDBR3. Orrica Dbi.awarb a?" Hupsoir Ctmt co?"vn Nkw York, June 23, 1864 In purauanoe of authority given at a meet ng of tbe Slock hnldera ol the De aware and Hudson Oaaal Company, held onlhe?luol April am. there wtll be appoilioned among sueh persons as shall be stockholders 'n thn anid company on tlie I tli dnv of July nasi, twelve 'housaad Ore hundred shares of new stock, in the ratio of n,ie Share to avery an shares of ock then held by eeoh stockholder, rertlfleaiea of at iek ao ap|>ortlooed will be ready for deliver* to those entn cd to the snmn on and after the 1-t ol August neat. No scrip wil! be Istued Tor fraction* of a ahare; but the nutnlier of hit-e* repie en'.iri*'he aRiregate of such fractious will ha sold at public auction on the 26'h day of July and the net pro.-.-ede will be i?M to t e atockho'dere on and after the let of 4uguai. according to their re pective Interests. The government tnt on tlie above mentioned apportion ment wlU Iw paid by ihe oouipanf. Bv order of the Board, ISAAC N. SEYMOUR. Treasurer. NOTIOB.-MILWAUKRE AMD PRA1RIK DU CIIIEN Railway Oonipanv ?The annual meeting of Stocknold ere or aU classes adjourned to a|iecially meet again at New York on theSOth (lay of June Instant, at one o'clock P M . at the company's otliee, 46 and 48 Exchange plaee. on bu gin ess of impoitanoe. A fall attendance ia earnest! re quested. L. If. MkYSR. President. MiI.WAPKBK, June 10, 1864. 0 FPICB OK THB COLUMBIA* (MARINE! INSURANCE COMPAN". corner op wall and nasha ?thbets. Four hundred and thirty eight (4381 shares of the s.rftff tional one million dollars of captU! at -ck remaining unta'sen by alockholdera under the noilee heretofore given will be dis|K>*eri of lo tha highest bidder at par or upward, the whole parable on tha 1st day of July next, at the time of subscription. Bi-aled proposals for the aarae will lie received at the office of the company until the 28th day of June Inst, at twelve o'olock M. The bide must be in the form prescribed by the under signed. to be had al the office of Ihe enmpany. The awards of the stock can be ascertained at the office of the company on or after the 28th of June inat. ho other Dot ice w .1 be given . and the person to whom slock is award ed will be required to subscribe and pav for the name before three o'clock on the 1st day of July next, or the privilege wi;i be forfeited. ?. 0. MORRIS, President. BDW'D ROWK. ) JOSEPH MORRISON, ^Finance ALRKRT O. I.KK. f Committee. DANIEL VY. TELLER, j Nnw York. June 23. IK64. OFFICR OF TUB MARIPOSA COMPANY. NO. 31 Wall atreet. New York ?Notice is hereby given that the couoons of the first mortgage bondi of the Mariposa Company falling due oo the lirai day of July neat will be paid In gold on and after said day on presentation at the office of the company. Dated June 20, 1861. JOHN WATT. Secretory. OFFICE OF THB MARIP08A COMPANY. 34 WALL hi reel.?Notice Is heiebv given that at the drawing till* dav hud of twenty five Bond* of this company for redemp tion ont of the sinking fond, the following were drawn, viz:?Noa. 13. fit, 68. 81 88. 94. 99. 129. 1?8. 216. 234 429. 459, 494. 594. 637. 772. 816. 891. 1,325. I.S57, 1.364. 1 4<9. and that the same will be paid m gold no thn l*t day of July next, on presentation at the office of the company. Bonds must be presented for payment within ten dava after the lat day of July next, under penaltv of forfeiture of the lighl of redemption under this drawing. Naw YoRg. June 6,1864. JOHN WATT, Secretory. OFFICE OF TUB MARIPOSA COMPANY, NO. 34 Wall street. New York.?Notice It hereby given that the annual meeting of the Stock holders of the Maripiae Com pany for the election of five trustees for the ensuing yew, and for <uch other busmen* as may come before the meet log will he held al ihe office of tha Company. 34 Wall street. New York city, on the fifth davaf July next, at noon of said day. The transfer b.ioks of tbe company will close with tha business hours of tbe 27th inat., and remain Cosed until tbe xth day of July next. JOHN WATT, Secretary June 23.1864. OFFICE WELLS. FAROO X CO . 84 BROADWAY. > New Yore, June 20. 1864. I We are prepared to cash. In Cold. July cunrons of bonds of Slate of California and ot olty of San Francisco at rea sonable rates; or, If preferred, will collect on favorable terms. WELLS, FAROO X CO. OFFICE OF THB JERSEY CITY INSURANCE COM pany.No. 1 Monttomcrv street. FlfrTEBNTH 8E.Hl ANNUAL DIMDBMD. Jkbsky Citt. June 21, 1864. The Board of Directors of this C?mpanv have this da- de clared a eeml-aunual dividend of ten < 10; per cenl. free fri.m government lax, payable oo and after July I. J. PaULMIBR, Secretarr. OFFICE OF THE AMERICAN CALSININO COM panv, 41 Liberty street. New York. June 2d. 1864 - The company ace now ready to make terms with those who are deair.iuaof working go!,Hand silrer ores In a very eheap and expeditious manner, without ihe u?e of any kind of amal gamating pan or Hie use of uulcksltver. Me also invite the attention of thoee whe work quicksilver and copper ores. OFFICE OF THE AMERICAN RBFTNINQ. COMPART. 33 William street, room No. 10. Nkw Yobs, Juna 9, 186* NOTICE ?TO HOLD MINING COMPANIES AND MANL'PACTCRRRg OP MINING M ACUIM*RY.-Tbe American KaftntnR t;om|)??T her?i>y aire* notice that it la the owner of certain patents for tha amalgamation and re dncVon or void and ailvar ores: and that tha pana beiog uuil under tba name's! Freiberg Pana. and olber* of eim'Iar character. are Infrlngemente of aald patents. Tba Company Is prepared to makallbaral arrangements with anah organ I rations or parties aa max have purchased or ordered aucb macbinerr; and It trill bo round to the interest of such par. ties to give this matter prompt attantloa, aa as to present any detention ofltbetr mining npemtiona. OFFIOM MARIETTA AND CINCINNATI R. R CO. Cnti.LicoTitn. Onto. June 13. I8H4. To Stockholders ?The transfer books of this Company will be closed from the 1st to the 1Mb of July, inelustre, at this o lice and at tbe .-genov (the Parruers Loan and Truat Company. In New York) preparatory to the eeml annual dirtdends W. R. WATSON, 8 acre tars. OCTLAWBD CLAIMS PI RCHASBD AGAINST PAR ties who are now resimiiatbie. itriag la any portion of th* United States or Cansdaa. Apply te LYMAN C. DAY TON, 3D Wall street, launeey court. PUBLIC NOTICE IB HEREBY GIVEN?THAT THE Treasurer of tbe State of Illinois will, on and after the first Mondar of July neiL until lbs 20th day of said month, be ready. at the Amftl -au Exchange Bsnk, In the eltr ot New Tork, to par the interest maturing on tbe first Mondar of Julv 1484, on the public debt of the State of lilt, pola. The interest then due. and not called for prior to the 2t'th day of Julv, will thereafter be paid only at tbe oYire of 'he Treasurer of the State of IIHr.ol-, In the cltv of Spring field. Holders of Illinois and Michigan Canal Bonds, whose coupon" are eihausted. are requested to presrnt the bonds. ALEXANDER BTAUN. Treasurer Btstr "f Illinois. CJACP.AMENTO VALLET RAILROAD COMPANY.?THE u coupena of the first mortgsge bonds of this company, due Jul) 1 l?4, will he paid on and after that date in gold coin (les* three per cent United States tast), at tbo omee of BCHUCIIARDT A GEBHARD. STOCKS?PARTIES WHO HAYR LOST IN STOCKS ran obtain raiuable Informal on wherebr tbsr may un. | der a me circa malnncea regain thalr loaaes. br nddrcaiug. witli particular*. Hamilton. Herald odloe. TRAVSKKR OPETCB Of THR NBW JERSEY ZINC Company. 10H Liberie atreet. New York, June Ifi. 1H64.? The annual Interval on th" acrip 'ssued by the New .lernev Zinc Company will he due and parable on the 1st ot Jtile n?it at th'a office The acrip transfer heoka will be closed from the Tint to tbe 30?b Inst., both dars inctualre. A H. PARLIN. Treasurer. The interest due to boluses of Indiana 5 and Hi p--r cent Stale stock* on the 1st pr.ulmo will he advanced, aa heretofore, hy the iiDder-trned. at their bank ing bouse. No. 52 Wall street, on and after that dar. WINHLOW, LANIER A CO. New York, June 27. 1884. fJYHE NINTH NATIONAL RANK New Yorr.JuItJS 1884 *i the Ninth National Bank, bids for the loan of 18SI will be received up w> Jule 5 Secure at once some of these gol I beamg bunds. ITNION DIME SAVINGS BANK. > Noa. 427 and 129 Canal atreet, corner Var ek Aeseta?$ I If 5 275 40 Open dally from 10 A M. to 3 P. M . an I on Mont*.. W?d ea oar and Sa'irday evening*. 'rum S ti 7. Siv ,>er cent interest a ow?d on ? ra? of $400 and under, and fire per , aent or larger sums | FDRR V HAUGHW0UT PreeUent 0*nn*rn S Cnari*. Secretary. $30,000 TO L0AW _ . at <li per cent, tor fire rear*, oa ? NEW YORK CITY PROPERTY JOSEPH MASON. Bo. 5H Pin* street, room* 10 and It. NEW PUBLICATIONS. Avaluarle work for sale-six volumes ot the "Illustrated London New*." from Julv, 1349, to June. isfiJ; ihree volume* bound In library atrl# and ibroe nn'unnd. with twenty two large colored rnararlnga In et eeilent order for framing Price $80 Tb" engravings alone are worth the price, aa manv ef thsm are out of print. Ad dress C Mil er. 134 A len street. Books -thi highest pricbs paid for books and Libraries. Apply immadistaly. at tba old eatab llabed Book Emporium. 110 Fu ton street, corner of Dutch 1KTTBR OP ADYICI POR LA DIRS. J FIVE ANATOMICAL ENGRAVINGS. Has Information never been published. Bent free. In a scaled envelope, for 10 cents Address Dr. Sanferd. boa 4 6K New York Post office. To a Im A FLORK DBS SBRRRS ET DEd JARDINS DB L'BU 2 rope -Una copy. eompirie (14 veara) of this anleadld illustrated work just imported aid for sale, prise $300, by C RAOUX. H8 cedar atreet. ATRIMONY.?WHY EVERY MAN SHOULD MARRY. Wbyarerv woman aaould marrv. All may marry, aaow. read I'laatrated Marriage fluid* and Med leal Ad Mr. by Win Rarl. M. D 340 page* Mai ad everywhere double wrapper for 38 cents. Address No, 13 While atreet. New Tork. NWO OROPINO IN THE DARK.?RVRRTTNINO AS clear ea tha sun at noonday, on reading that popular Itluatratad medical work, "Human Frailty." by Dr. H. A. BARROW, i#4 Rlaecker street, four doors from Maednngal el rest. New fork. Price SS cents. Helled free every where, NHBRW BOOKS. NBW SUBJECTS IN CARTES DB ?) site, end Sporting Goods ef every deenrlpttoa Tmde auppUad Sead for catalogue to D. J. OOMPBRTB' Par chasing Agency. 73 Naaann street. QHUBSTIONS ASSWIRBP ?who was ths wira of Cain? Matrimony, Dreaming, Color of Krea Bath. id u. Where la Hail Locate<f What Can I Da Beeif Tight Bats, Self-Rtteem. A Natural Bom Tbelf. Tha Shell and Brain. Convolution* Death. Mortality. In the Jala Double Me PH HRNOLOGIf A A JOCRN AS 20 cent* or Rl a yamL Newsdealers here It FOWLER S WILLS. SrtBren* wag. N. t. ffRAVRLLBRS TO BUROPM SHOULD PROYIDB le tha only complete gnMe in IwroM snMlabed In onn rofc MILITARY AND NAVAL. A T NO S PAKE PLaCK-ONR HONDRKD DOLLARS bounty paid ti> so'dler* dterharged for wound- received la battle. a'io to ibooo urr uij in three <eor* regmeula BROWN A SHELDON. Mllitarv and NataI Basking Office. AN ALIEN LAN HAV B $450. CASH DOWN, tO DAT, to ?o aa a a ibstuute in ui- pare. also. two more can receive the eame for two friends of niina drafted. t'all heivvteii 7 AUd It A M . at No 40K Moaignnieiv street, Jersey City, iu sugar atorp, two ana a Uaf blookt abo.o the ferry. All! AND NAVV B(!BSTITUTH8 FURNISHED fllH) money and h uh-si boitntle* paid. United Stales Recruiting Olllcea. ti' Broadway. room 25 and No. 7 Exchange place, Jersey City. Coiorcd recruits warned.. ATTRNTION. VOLUNTEERS AND SUBSTITUTES I ? A550 bounty. Men wanted for tha array and navy^ Appl at "nop at the Mtlitar Law oITioe of WASHBURN A WOKKALL No. NIC Broadway. near Chamnerastreet. ABNT AND NAVV V.tMJNTKr.RB ?HIGH CASH Bouotiea paid ? Flue chance for prite money la tha nn v ?Several nub lltulea wniitpd. to whom good ca-h boiinne. wl I lie paid. Call thm day at the Bounty, Pay. Aruiv nod Nary Agency. Ill Nuiaau atraet. A SPLENDID OH AN OK FOR THOSB WHO WISH to enlist?We are pay ng Loan ftM) to $>00 for good sound men. and JltlS to brokers, at IOC Chatham at, corner ol Pearl, In basement. W K. JOHNSON A CO. ATTENTION. VOLUNTEERS -147# CA8H IN HAND and J.Vj premium for voluateera. Choice of heavy artillery (tor garrison duty), cavalry. Infantry or tha nary. The rery i Ighest bounty to lac 11 ah. Irtah, Bootch orOer iii an a to go aa mi halt I tea for merchanla lu thi* city. Ap ply early at the U. S. Army and Nary Ageney, No. 93 Wast atraat. ?? of Cedar, an ataira. Bureau or surgical examination, No. 9 Chamber* street. Dr. J. W. POWELL, formerly of the army, late Sxamla tag Surgeon Board of Enrolment. Surgeon in charge. CITIZENS subject to draft will be examined, and In formed if they have any dlaab lite that exempts, or II liable to be held for aerrlce. SUBSTITUTES can learn tor what branch of the eervioe they are best adapted BROKERS, heioro (pending time and money on a recruit, nan ascertain with certainty if he la a sound, good man. Examination* -trictlv private, Experienced surgeons constantly on duty. Refer,"b* permission, to MsyortOunthar. ek Mayor Opdyke, P. I. A. Boole, City InspnetOr, nod s hundred other*. (1 ALL ON DRAFTED MEN.?TWO BROTHERS WISH ) to re-enlist aa substitutes. P'eaae atate price. No broker or runner need apply to JOE. JEAN DK BAURK, saloon 14 itud 16 Ann street. (NASH DOWN.?EXTRA LARGE BOUNTIB8 WILL J be paid to twogoid men this day. Agent* will receive the highest premiums by appti ng at 428 Broadway. Drafted men furnished with substitutes at short notiee and on the mod reasonable terms Sub stitute* will be credited by the Provost Marshal to any towa or district of t Die stale. Part let be sure to brtngtholr n tints of being drafted and the monev. Appl ? to J. WAR KEN l-'LINN, No. 2 Warren Btreet, near Broadway. DRAFTED MEN FURNISHED WITH SUBSTITUTES. Town quotas filled. All parties treated Ilka gentle men. Reference* of tha highest character given. Appeal the Bounty, Pay, Army and Navy Agency. Ill Naoaau street, up mair*. Drafted men purnishbd with substitutes ?nu Exemptions procured for those enrolled, not draft ed. Contract* with town* promptly' filled. Relerenoes to merchant* of standing. Address Captain Camb*, #0 Lispcuard alreet, near Broadway. IRON-CLAD WREHAWKBN.? HEIRS OP THOSB LOST in the above named vessel, can receive the prize money due them in one dav after fi'lng c aim with WALDEN A WJLLABD, l.-.s Yurk streat. Brooklyn. Recruits and substitutes wantkd.-high est cash and government bounties paid aa soon as pisa ed by the doctor $hXi hand money paid to those bringing recruit*, by Captain COMBS, 50 Lispenard street. Substitutes, substitutes, substitutes.?the Inchest premium* paid for alien* or discharged veto ran- to go kb substitutes. Alto invalids can get a large bounty by calling at oiHce 12 Chambers atreeL Captain D. P. OUBSTITUTES NOW ON HAND FOR GBNTLBMBN lA w ho have been drafted in New York Stale Addreaa Johnson A Colman. 1.1 Grand street. Williamsburg. QUBSTITUTB8 WaNTBD-FOB GENTLEMEN WHO if hare been drafted In Hrooklyn; they can go in the army ornsv. ami receive a laige bounty by calling at IS Grand street. Willamabiirg. Supervisors and town committees fur. nithed wltb Substitutes for $509. Apply immediataly at No. 170 Chatham street, room 3, rpHB LARGEST AMOUNT OF HAND MONEY TO _l Brokers and the largest bounties to recruits, cash In band, at43 Fulton street. Braoklvn, near the ferry. W. H. MCDONALD, Government Recruiting Officer. VOLUNTEERS WANTED-FOR TWO RBOIMRNT8 detailed for special -ervice. As these are choice regi ments none but good sound men need call. The hfheat bounties raid. Agents iiberallv dealt with Apply to Cap tain WELLS, 130 Centre street, corner of Walker. "ITOLUNTBBB* AND SUBSTITUTES ?IRISH, GER V trum and Englishmen wanted. Highest cash and gov ernm-nt bount es paid Broken and others paid $Sx.' for bringing men. CAPTAIN COMBS. 3d Lispenard at. Mir anted imuediately-s.oo; oood men foe V* the arm? and navy, who will receive the highest cash bounties paid. Now is your time. boys, before the bounties stop. For information call at OEOROK H. SMITH'S law o ' oe. No. 4 New Chambers street, room* Noe. 3 and 6, up amirs WANTED?IRISHMEN, ENGLISHMEN. SCOTCH, Carman*. French, and men o! all oat onall lies. to ea It-1 ** volunteer* The highest bounty paid a ah In hand on passing ih<* doctor Relief ticket* to ramttte*. Agents will receive the highest premiums Apply at 42F llroadway. 9TH REGIMBNT, N. T. 8. M.?A MEETING FOR THE reerifanlration of Commnv G. of thli veteran regiment, wi I be held on Tue?dav evening lunc JS, at 8 o'clock, at the Mercer Honae. corner Kroonie and Mercer streets. Toung men wlehing to join a urate:*** uillttia company trill And here an egcellen! chance ror adran-eniont. "?A MEN WMMMTO FILL A TOWNSHIF QUOTA, 1U ion bom the blgheat honniv a ill be paid caah In hand. Apply to tbc Committee 36 Newark *k. corner or Washing ton. Hoboken. N. J. (lfin PAID RUNNBRS FOR SUBSTFTUTKS. JIIvm Three wanted to day. We pay the largest boua tie* Noar'a your time to gel your greenback*. Applv at 170 Chatham atreet, room S old No. inn men wantkd-for the army oe navt. 1UW High caah bounties paid Old Engliah. Iriah or German soldier* accepted. Flft- men wanted to-day. $3,000 baa been made by one man, prlre moner. Apply at the Bountv. Pay. Army and Navy Agency, ill Naaaau atreet, up el.ur*. JOC CASH FOR FORTY VOLUNTEERS FOR THE ?J1*X ??/?./ couniry; alao one hundred substitutes, to whom the high-?t price- will be paid, at the General Agencv odli-e. 13>H Greene atreet. corner of Prince. New Tort Branch A.ency. 5)5 Prune street. Philadelphia. cash in hand for substitutes ? "J Choice of regiment. Snbatltute* furniahed for drnfied men or men liable to be drafted, at abort notice. Apulv ioC. M NOONAN eoroer of Rower/ and Canal atr-el, under the Citizen*' Saving* Rank. AE/tA CASH BOUNTY WILL BE PAID FOR TEN Ov'"' goot men for a regiment doing provnat guard duty Light work Noflghtlng. Monthly relief ($12) sent to tarn lio*. Apply at U S.ilh avenue, near Amity atreet. ?irg? cash in h and for substitutes, army or navy, choice of regiment and aa?l*tance fdr famlliev pr cured We pay all we advertiae *ud no deduc tion Call early at 230 Grand atreet near Bowery. NICHOLS A CO. CASH DOWN FOR TWO SUBSTITUTES: ?t"i)'l alao htgbe-i bountiea fur Volunteer* and Sol der* lor the Invalid coru- Re: ef Ticket* to famlliaa. Ad ply at l'atteia.n Uouae. !i Cortlandl atreet. ?QQ7 ?? MEN WANTED t* VOLUNTEERS; $#M jPe/e/ I ? caah Cavalry, infantry, artlllerv. Furlough* guaranteed lor 48 hour* Applv at the ofllce. 34 Welker street. hetw-'-en Broedwa and Church street. Premiums paid for men. 1(1/WI MEN WANTED FOR THE ARMT AND MATT, .Will/ At No. 17 Broadway. $400 bountv rven, PAID IN GOLD OR GREENBACKS, At No 17 Broadway. $400 bountv given, PAID IN GOLD OR ORBBNBACKK At No 17 Broadway. $400 bounty given. PAID IN GOLD OR ORBRNBACK8. All tnen waet ng to enll*t will pleaae call at thia oflloe Ton will tlnd reliable men to deal with. No delay. No humbug No Imposition. You can secure your bounty m nev In gold at the current ralea Offlca open from 7 A. M. to ? P. M. _ ?1 Ann F0R TWO ?OOD SUBSTITUTES.?$100 Jpi.UUU for Volnnlaera Colored men receive the ?ame bount e*. Alio men wanted (or the navy. Army and Navy Agency. 17 North William street. A' NAVAL PRIZE NOSEY, AC. HOT '-PRIZE MONEY TO SAILORS ?BOUNTY MONEY TO BOLD IK R8 discharged lor wound* received In battle. Ac Discharged Navy or Array Oflleera, Sailors or Solders, thetr Widow* or Heira. PROMPTLY PAID their PR1/.K and BOUNTY MONEYS. BACK PaY, Ac., by BDWARD BI8SBLL. Army and Navy Banker, and late Purser V. 8. Ntvy, 271 Broadway, corner Chamber* atreet. New York. All prize moneys collected, and advancbb made on elama at BROWN A SHSLlKlN'B Military and Naval Haaktog Office* .No. 2 Park plaoa. Now York, and 18ft York street. Brooklyn A LL PRISE MONEY NOW PAYABLE CAN BE OBTAINED AT ONCE BY APPLTINO, IE PBRKON OR Bf LETTBR. TO WALDBN A W1LLARD. LATE U | IM YORK 8TRRKT BR BOUNTIES, BACK Pay and all other elatma | NAVt. BROOKLYN and all other elatma ADJUSTED WITHOUT DBlaAY. ALL THE OFFICERS AND CREW OP THB DS SOTO ana obtain thalr prize monrv in one da^,ajjplrly to lljfork atreet, Brook I A LL PRISE MONET NOW PAYABLE A CAN BE OBTAINED AT ONCE, Byepplyl^tg diokET A OO.. ?* 11$ Broadway, Naw York. Compensation foe olothing loet on the Governor. Monitor, farga Da Kalb. tea ha obtained by ?rwh?* to #ALDBJf A WilLaED, 188 ~Y art airaat, TTBIRE OP ?1AMBM OP THB DB EOTO II aaa i aooln th* gay and prtoa money Am thorn. Ha ira ef aaa seta kuied or died la the saw tea ptaaa* tail on EKATMaED A ROWING, 1$ Naaaaa airaat PHB1XS mombt-for ? ealtaelad at oaea. $ aatdlar*. and prompt m WSit*. WTOSrVSiSy1"!! *1. HA2LaT!aiW3 daaaaaad aatdler* aaa have lha pay tad boaatv aeOaalad aad aiait? praaurad: mlleraaan raaalve thairprfaa seaway. AH jftsfo; raasn7?saac aisSu ? AVAL. PRIM RURKT.AC, <Ki Ann nnn pR,/'B mohky will ?r r?D ? I'l/UU.UUU without 1'ia usual delay of twenty days by thr Seamen's Kauk, IWS York street, Bro k.yu, au.l byKEUBKN VOSE.69 Wail street ? SHl-PPinn. ~ NOTICE?THF STEAMSHIP CITY OK CORK, OP this line, will sail as soiextre steamer on Thursday. June 10 cairying a limited uumher of cabin and nit. iik' passengers at redueed rains, parable in United States rip reacy. JOHN O. DALE, Agent, la Broadway STKoiUl WEEKLY TO LIVERPOOL, TOUCHINO AT Queen-town (Uork Harbori.?The Liverpool, hew York and Pbllatlelph.a Steamship Company (Iiittiva ilust. earry lug the United States mails, intend desnalchiog their full poaered t'l>de bunt iron steam hips aa follows ? CITY rtr MANCHESTER. Saturday. Juty t. CITY OK LONDON Saturday July# CITY OK BALTIMORE. Hatuid-.y. .Tub IB. and a vary sucooedtng Saturday, at noon. front pier 44 North river. RATK8 Or PA9BAOK, (payable In gold, or its r'tuivaieni in currency). PI ret cabin $<tu | Steerage $10 Do. to Lundon pa | Do. to London .14 IV. to Car s ....... 911 lio. to I'ar a. 40 Do. to Hamburg iki I Do. to Hamburg 17 Pasaangera a ao forwarded lo Havre Bremen Rotterdam, Antwerp Ac., at equallr low rates Kroni Llyerpoo! or Queenatown ? Klrat cabin. |$75, $85, $105. Sietrage, $15 Those who wish lo aend for their friends can buy tlcketa here at these rales These steamers hare superior ace ?mmodatlona for paaacn ? gera. are strongly built In water tight Iron sections, and earrr patent Hire Annib laiors. Kxpsrlanoad aurgeooa ara altach-d to each steamer For rurtber IBformat'on apply in Liverpool to WILLIAM INM AN. agent. Zl Water street; in Glasgow in ALEX. MAL COLM. No. 5 HI. Enoch square, In Quesnatown to C. A W. I). SRYMOUR A CO.; In London Is KIVKS A M AC KY. 61 King William street, in Paris to JULBS DBCOI'E 46 Rue Notre Dame dea Ylotoires Place de la Bourse: in Phlladel. phia to JOHN a. DALE, lil Walnut street, or at the com pany's otlicea JOHN O. DALB. hgont, 15 Broadway, N. T. ROTAL MAIL 8TBAMSHIP ICOTrA.-FOR LITER pool.?The 8COTIA, C H. K Judklns commander, will sail Irom the company's dock, at Jersey Oltv with the mails and passengers, for Europe, on Wednesday, the 29lh inatant. Passengers are requested ts be on oosrd by one o'clock P. M The ARABIA will call on the 13th of July. B. CUNARD, No 4 Bowling Oreen. British and American steam navigation COMPANY. STEAM TO LONDON DIRBCT. The first class iron steamship NBW YORK will soil July 9. Passage payable in currency. Steerage $46 Passeneera forwarded to Havre. Paris and German porta, at rarv low rales. Anply to WILLIAMS A OUION, 29 Broadway. STEAM FROM AND TO QC BKN8TOWN AND LITER POOL. CUNARD LINE. From New York. $41 currency; to New Turk, $.15 gold, or equivalent in cummer. rflHON sails July A HBCLA. July 20 lor passage apply to WILLIAMS A OUION. 29 Broadway. The north oerman lloyd-s steamship IIANSA. H. J..Van Santea commander, carrying the United States mall, will sail from the Bremen pier, foot of Third street Hoboken. on SATURDAY. JULY 2. AT 12 O'CLOCK M.. roit BREMEN, VIA SOUTHAMPTON, taking passenger* to LONDON. HAVRE. SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN, at the following rates, payable in gold or its equtvaleui iu currency:? Fur the first cabin. $106; second cabin, $62 50; stearage, $17 61. The HANSA will be followed by the NEW YORK July 16. For freight or passage apply to OELRICHS A CO., 66 Broad street. THB HAMBURG AMERICAN PACKET COMPANY'S IRON MAIL STEAMSHIPS. From Southampton. From New York. BAVARIA Tune 14. IK64 July 9 1861 GKRXANIA Tuue 28, 1864 Inly Zi 1'64 BORrSSI A Inly 12. l??l Aug. C. 1804 Fiom Hamburg pier, foot of Third street. Hoboken. taking passengers for Hamburg Havre. London and Southampton at the following rales ?First cabin. $105; second capio, $ti2 50: s'eerage. $37 80, parable In cold or Ite equivalent. For freight apply (to Ki'NHARDT A CO.. 45 Exchange 1 For paaaage apply to C. B. RICHARB A BOAS, 181 Broadway. THE LONDON AND NEW YORK 8TEAM81IIP COM panv will despatch xeml nr.onthlv their new and first clssa British iron xteameblpa CHLLA, BELLONA, ATALANTA. IOWA. INDIANA and MANHATTAN, each 3 OOi tons burthen, between Ixtndnn and New York, calling at Havre ?o the v-iyage from Loudon. Rates of passage, uavabln in United sums currency:?From New York. First Cabin. $115; Second Cabin. $85: Steerage. $40. From Lou don or Havre. First Cabin. $10o. For paaaage apply to CHAS A. WHITNEY, at No. 26 Broadway. For freight applv at 59 South street. Advance* made on merchandise consigned to the London agents. ' HOWLAND A A8PINWALL, Agents. National steam navigation compant TO QCRKNSTOWN AND LIVBRPOOL Cabin $65. gold; Steerage $45? payable .n currency. PENNSYLVANIA Sal e Saturday. Jnlv 2 LOUISIANA Saila Saturday, Juiy 16 Kor pa-sage apply t? WILLIAMS A OUION. 29 Broadway. OTEAMERS TO PRANCE DIRECT O CARRYING TUB MAILS. THF. OF.NFRAL TRANSATLANTIC COMPANY'S NEW LINK OK FIRST ? LASS SIDEWHRBL mTKAMSHIPS BETWEEN NEW YORK AND HAVRF The fir-i I've -Piendld vr-sels intended to be put upon this favori ? route for rhs Continent are the following ? WASHINGTON . .1.204 lone OuO burae power. LAFATKTTK 3.204 tons 91 m horse power. Kt'flF.NIE (Aloat) 900 horse power. FRANCE (Bnlldlmg) fioo hor?r power. MAPOLKON III (Building) 1.100 horse power. Until the completion of th? enuro list the dooarturos will be monthly, beginning with tho WASHINGTON. <'amain A. DUCHESNE. From HAVRE?On Wednesday. ISth June. From NEW YOBK-On Wednesday, dth July. Bates of paaaage. including table wlne:-? FROM Hkrita TO FEW TOHg. PI rat cabin 700f. Second cabin..,.. 400f. rnon new tore TO bitke. Ftr*t cabin $118 Socond cabin .... $70 or.$80 Pavnble in go'd, or iu equlvaloni '?t Untied States currency. MKDICAL ATTENDANCE FREE OP CHARGE. For freight or passage app'v 'o (JRO MACKENZIE. Agent, No. 7 Broadway. At Paris. 12 Boulevard des Capnoiiies (Grand Hotel). At Havre WILLIAM I8ELIM A CO. UNITED BTATKH MAIL LI SB rOR CALIFORNIA VIA PANAMA. Regular sailing davs?3d 1.3th and 23d of each month, ex cept when these dates fall on Sunday, when the day of do paruire will be the Mod<1?t following. The Bret clan- atesmshtp COSTA RICA tnew). A O. JONES Commander,? will sail from Pier No. 3 North river. MONDAY, JULY ?. at 12 o'cloet M The OCEAN QUKP.N. Captain B L Ttnkiepaugh, will aurc?e<t the Costa Rica, ami astl July 13 For freight or passage apply to D. B. ALLVN, No. 3 Bowling Orten. FOR HAVANA DIRECT. The rolled States Mall nteamahlp HAVANA. M. R. Greene commander, will leave, from pier No. 4 North river, for the abora i>ort. on Wednesday, tune 2?. at 3 o'clock P. M. For freight or passage aoply to THOS. ASENCIO A CO., IT Broadway. FOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT.?THE FIRST CLASS United States mall stearuchtp LOCUST POINT. Capt. HofTman. will leave pier No. 0 North river oe Thursday, .lune 3u. st 3 P. M I'assaga. first rises. 930. Por freight or passage apply to A. R. CROMWELL A CO.. 83 West street. F OR NEW ORLEANS. DIRRCT. To sail on SATURDAY, JULY 9. AT 3 O'CLOCK P. M. The United Steles Mall steamship ELECTRIC SPARK. John C. Graham commander, will sail as shore from pier 46 North nrer. third plnr above Toot of Canal street. For freight or peassge arply to JAMES A. RAYNOR. 10 Barclav street N R.?The -teamsli'p EVENING STAR will follow, and ?all on Saturday, July 23. FOR LIVERPOOL-OLD BLACK BALL LINK. TH8 ship HAKVRST QUERN will sail punctually on Fri day, Jnlv I. Por pissaia apply ou hoard, fed of Reekmao ?treat, or to ROCflK BROS. A COPPEY. 69 South street. EH)R LIVERPOOL?THB CILP.BRATRD SHIP NRW r WORLD will go to sea direct irom pier tl Raet river, Tueadsv. June 28, at II o'clook Pare, eeeond eahin. $28 currency aod found. Apply on board, or to P. M. DEM A REST. 40 South street. For liverpool-tapscott s linb. Shji OUY MANNRRINO sail, this day Rhlp ROBERT L l.ANK. sails .(una SI. Ship WM. TAPRcOTr. July I POR LONDON-! LIN*. Ship SOUTHAMPTON sails June 30 Por pas a,i> to or from the Old Country, or drafts avail able In all parts of England. Ireland. Hco'lsnd or Wales at the lowest possible rates, apply to TAPSCoTT BROS. A CO , 86 South street. F OB PORT MOTAL AND SRAUPORT, R. fl.-THJ new end first class stesmshlp TRADB WIND. B. K. Bsbhldge. commsnder, will lesee ptsr 4 North r ear, for . . ^ 0 - - - - shove porta, on Wednesday, July 6, 1804 at three o'clock P. I. yrsclssly. For fre ghl or_paMage_^v:ng^ so oemreodslions Apply to P. N. SPi way, JUNB 28, I8A4 -SIR-WB, THE PAMKNflP.RS OP THM North Amsnoan, having observed all ysur aetisas dar lag ths voyage, and beheld the same with sdmlratlon, eon elder H our duty to thaah you most heartily for ths Impar tial and gaallemaaly manner in which you save sondarted yourself toward na. Above all. aad before all. we thank the Great DLpenaer of all Oood, and you. air. for having iudl etonsly osndnctad ths good ship to the free and keopttabls shores of the great republic, where the sons of Ml Are duly appreciated. Resolve' " do I tesolved. That we, the passengers of the North American, hereby testify our sincere gratitude In a stme'e manner, for the impartial and gentlemanly eoadaet which yen have town us |f ? - - inr family * Dr. E?l _ quired his medical or surgical assistance. shown as during our vovags, and we hesrtll? wish yen end your family health and prosperity. We cannot emit thank- | lag Dr. Kenaady fat his hlndoaoa towards those who re quired his medical or surglral assistance. Universally signed by the passengers. Hseav Cerr 1*0, Captain North Amarteaa.^^^^^^H TRAVBLI.ERI' OlllDK. a HUDSON RIVRR RAILROAD-TRAINS FORBH ? banr. Troy. ths North end Wast. Isava Cham hem street Hand 14a M and 4 t and Ml st 6 22 P M tram Thirtieth street ?? NEW. YORK, HAHLRM AMD ALBANY RAILROAD? For Albany, Trey. North and Wsec leave Tweelr ?tvth street depot at M A. M. and I PM ?unday trala Mi P. M. AHFTBRNOO* BOAT FOR WB8T POINT AND NEW seen morning at nT a'ataah. Ooenwall at 6 48. Cold eei morning at fK a smaa. wnwsu at a gntirwB Pelet at 7A Oassens at T 10, Grassy ear fork at 19 Celeeh C02T-?iVAHS,C^"M " ro,T feu n*r-? I iToeae* street, U ' t M.. and Thlrticth atreul a' f :in, '?ud | rag at (Imzcm1 Hotel l>o<-k. W'-?l Point, NewSurg. Po I k-epate, Khleebe'-k, ('etakili sud ilmliin. Tickets sold s% | ixsu'd sad ba/gaxe chalked west and north. BXCI RDIUNN. LUSHING BANKM ?FaMIIJFX AND PAKTlUd CAB P eiijj th? ki air by gouts u> the Fish ug i-?u.a -.a thn srggouig siraturr M AKV LaNI). which leaves ev ry morn lug, .Seturoays tzcrpiod. foot of Brooms all t ot Kasi inn it 7 o'clock; Peck slit', Kae- river, 8 10 A M . Dor sirma^ .Virtu rivar, 8 SUA. M.. uu'. Pier No 4. North river d 45 A. M 1 ire $1. Dinner, Rei reshmeuts ?ud good music en bunrtl. / ' U A NT AND I.KK OUTFLANK? D?BT 8T COLl'H \ JT kills s Monster Ezcui *tou to Jones Wood on Thursday next, the '10th of J me The draft poalponrd till alter tne I icnreioix. Tiekels only 25 cents. Toute le tuonde in vited. Grand picnic and cotillion excursion or the Independent Literary Union to S rails' Point, L. I., on Thursday June SO. 1S64. The splendid steamer Port nnd the eoiiimodlouii bares Mav.lower bara bean chartered for the occae oo. A full baud of cnusle will be in attendance. Tickets50 cents; rh Idren tinder II years, 28 cents, which mar be procured at the bout on lbs day ot thn aversion The boat w II leave foot of Aiuos street. North rtver. at 7 A. v : T nth at set, East river, at 7\ A. M , end Thirty seventh street at 8 i clock A. M. VTOTIOK. ?8 ABB AT H SCHOOL PIC NIC OF TWB is Thlrt.v-ibird alrcet Presbyterian church, Eighth avenue. Rev. K. (' Shitieall. minuter, on Wednesday morning. June it1.'. at Rellevue Garden, Eightieth street and Bast rive*. Tickets'16 oenls. To be had en the ground. A BEAUTIFUL NEW BARGE poll EXCURHIONB. The Harvest Home end the Bbtuebrek steainboaleu w th or without saloons. Also St. Rouau't W ell. Pleasant Valley end other Groves to Ink Excursion office. 382 We* street, corner of Bartow. H. B. CROSSBTT. A LARGE STEAMER, WITS SALOONS, ALSO small sldswheel steamers.?Tb* splendid new double deck barons Oernldine end Stella, with Kiddle's Urevg And Woodbridge Park to lei for excn'Sions B. V. BUNNELL A CO.. ISP Front streak. TO LET?FOR EXCURSIONS AND PICNIC PARTIES* a large and commodious Steamer, capable of carry rag 1.000 iiereons; also, n splendid Grove, furn shed with pink form, swinge, tables, summer houses and ttve good auringa on the premises. Apply at thn oQloa of M. 8. States I el an* ferry, pier IP, N. R. DRY GOODS. At GRAND STREET CHEAP STORK. NEW STYLES IN PLAID SILK VELVETS. Scarlet. White. Pink. Bkv and Rovsl K uc Silk Velvet*. Pull line o: Bonnet Silks: no advance in price vet. BLACK AND WHITE M ALINE AND ILLUSION LACES. CHBAP MILLINERY LACKS VEILS, EM BROIDE RIES, GLOVES, HOSIERY. AC., AO. EDWARD RIDLEY. Nov. 3H and 311% Grand and ' 8 Allen streets. Pllth block east from the Bowery. AT GRAND STREET CHBAP STORE. NEW STYLES IN DP.KKH TRIM VINOS. CLOAK, HAT AND DRESS OKNaMKNTS. 100 Cartons of French Plowcri and Feathers, readv Monday. EDWARD KIDLBT. Nos. 8U And 3' 1H Grand and liC Al eu ntreeU. Fifth block east from the Bowery, AT GRAND STREET CHEAP STORE. Milliners and country storekeepers will dud It greatly to their adv an In ??? to inspi-ct RIBBONS. SI'UaW GOODS. SILK MALINK and Other laces before purchasing We sell rut lengths ckaaper than down town jobbers sett whole pieces. EDWARD RIDLRT, Nos. 311 and 311% Grand end (id Allen streets, F fth block east from the Bowery. AT GRAND 8TRBET CHEAP.STORB. STRAW GOODS FULLY ONK THIRD BELOW LAST WEEK'S PRICES. Orioles. Waterfalls, Ententes Imperials, Madonnas, and every other desuab.e abspe, In Bloomers. Ladles'Gray Hair and Cactus Bonnets, from 75 eeetn Flue Split Straws, at $1, $1 60. 82, $2 50. Examine cepa cia y three lots, at $3 83 5t) aud $ I each. Black and Colored Bloomers, at nnv price, from 25 cent* each. Large lines of Children's and Boya' Hats, all new this week, and unusuallv cheap Shaker.-, every -l/e and prtoe, from 12 cenu each. EDWABD RIDLKT, , 111 and Slit.' Grand and 66 Allen eirenta. Fifth block east irom the Bowery. At grand street cheap store. RIBBONS FROM AUCTION. TARTAN PLAID RIBBONS EVBRY WIDTH. DRABS. TANS. CUIRS AND ALL THR FASHIONABLE COLORS AND SHADES. RBADV MONDAY MORNING. No advance In prices, although t^i^cl^'^ne*rl^r^3^0. ^ ^ SII and 311)4 Grand and (id Allen street^ Finn block east from the Bowery. AT 471 BROADWAY, _ ON MONDAY, JUNE 27. 1868, POPULAR TRADE. 200 Pieces SILK FIGURED GRENADINES, At Me.; cost to Import $1 12. 3l)0 Pisco-' SILK FIGURED GRBNADINES, At (iflc ; coat to Import $1 30. And the whole i-eiance of our stock of 8UMMER DRRSS GOODS will be offered at proportionately LOW PRICES. LtKB A MoORBERY. Successors to L'bedell, Pelrson A Lake, 471 BROADWAY At the new drt goods house. 76* Broadway, between Eighth end Ninth streets. By .f. A'C. JOHNSTON, long connected with I'hsdell A Pelrson. who recently retired. Will be offered ibis week, et a greet reduction, their sails* ?toak of suratnsr goods. At the eixth aveeur chbap store?wb brle> fully twenty five per cent under Broadway price*. Ladl**. we have large iota of cheep goods from the lots auction -ale. which vau houldcall ana examine. A lar ' * * " * * >oua, s - ? * very handsome Orenadlne 8hawp $3 and 84. worth"87 anS tot nf rich Scutch P:aid Rib bun a, al law prices. Silt iS Seutch plaid barege Shawls, large eDe 84. worth $8. SOS ?3.' Great rarlelv of genta' fancv wool Shlrta^from $ I up, adies', children'-' nod genta* large merino Vesta, at eiw price* Straw Hate, of every klmf ladles , genta' and chil dren's. Large assortment of Hats for the country, from : up. Bonnet end trimming Ribbons, all styles end oulara, cheep. In smell wares, trimming*. Ac. we keep the largaei end cheapest stork In the city. Best Pins, nil sizes, 5 cents. Spool 811k. 3 cecu per spool. 30.000 dozen Clerk's CotUMt rood arllrl*. 3 reuta, block, white and colored, dorp a. Fan*. Perfumery, Buttons. Braids, Combs Brushes end every thing in our line, at the lowest prices Linings, Papa* Muslins, Buckrams, Ac., oh rap RONALDSON A MKARES. corner of Sizth avenue and Nineteenth street QOTTON GOODS. SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT FOB TI1IS WEEK. IMPORTANT T0~H01_'8K KEEPERS. Notwithstanding the eilraorLnary eicliemeot md kn advance in the priori of *11 klnde of COTTON FABRICS, wn ihnil Mil our pretool lArge etock (ourchAie J month) e#e) ai a fair profit on the eon of tho goodi then, without ME reference tn present ei tier agent prlcee. Our price). In many rosea, ? II be found TWENTT-FIYH Ui FIFTT I'KR CRN r lower then ike wholesale itorei; how ever we ehAll reetr ct our iaIoo to boiA fide ooneumeN W the ABtlro eiclueton of epeculatora. We will aIao offer for the prt*eat our Urge Block of Bankets. Flannels, Clothe end Oa-eimero*. etUet winter* price- end hnueekeepere will do well to tneke their our cliAene In Adveoce At three goode ere oerutin to he tanelk higher lo price In ihe fell end winter PEYTON k JOHNSON. mi c NLOSING SALE OP DRESS OOODB FOR THE SEASON. EXTRAORDINARY BARGAINS IN 0I7R DRESS GOODS DEPARTMENT WWY. BE OFFERED FOR THE BALANCE I ? ? I 8F THE SEASON. Ui POPLINS, MOZAMBIUUE8, CliALURB, ALPACAS. VELOUftS. DAKROES. Ao.. Ac.. AT THE PRICES OF PRINTS, AND IN SOME INSTANCES AT LOWER PRICES. THIS IS A VKBY FAVORABLE OPPORTUNITY TOR LADIES TO PURCHASE THEIR DRESS GOODS AT REMARKABLY LOW PRtORfL PEYTON k JOHNSTON. _ re BOWERY. ClORINN-R SKIRT ESTABLISHMENT, 1.182 RROAD J WAT.?New Patent Self Adjusting Former. B; thm new process of manufacturing aklrte Indlee me; command perfect ronformitv to their own Idnne of cam. flailbtilty end gTAoefnlneBA Manufactory 337 Eighth Avenue. J. AMOS. Pateatoo. DRESSMAKING.?MRS FARNSWOETH, FRENCH Dressmaker. 127 Ninth etreot. IN* duo re owl of Broadway. N B ?Perle (eehione for June just received. The rlchaat dre-eee tnede la e ghl houre. BXCLOSIYKLT FRI.NCH FLUTING. ONE TO TWENTY inchre w de A I materials fluted la an naitrpaaeod manner at Mrs GOLDRN SFrench Fluting It? tabltahmenia? No. IS Amite street (one block and a half Irom Broadway), 137 Blronker street. below Wooeter .treat, and 241 Fultoa street Rrooklya. N B ? Na machinery need IN the grnulaw Frenok Outing. IjlLCTINO.?FRENCH FLUTTNO DONE FOR FOUR r oeut* per yard; over four iachee ouh cent per v ard nitre, by the French Fluting Company. 771 Soring ureal* batweea Varlrk and Hndeoa streets. Agent, Mm. SHANA IKAN. Ml Third arenue, near Twenty seventh etreet. ?WORQItlTO SHIELD OE GUARD?J H A V R V S PAT 1Y1 eat?Everybodv went* it la By or mosquito time. Price SI. J HAVEN A CO., ?ele manufaetnrara. ?? War. ran eireet. up itatre. Agente wanted lo all porta. A liberal dlacount to the trada. rmm milliners and country store keepers. at GRAND .it It BET CHEAP STORE. Baamloa STRAW GOODS! ??amine BOSNKT SILKS' __ Beaoitae RIBBONS' RIHSONS! I Miaailao MILLINERY. LACKS and TRIMMINGS' I wY"eal"lengthi"ckeeper t0??Jobb*re aaB whole nleoae Call. RDWaRD R1DLRT. P Ml and SI IK Grand, and M Allen .iree'a lamina our FLOWERSI I I Examine aur srBAWjtnd FANCY ORNAMRNTSI I t " ? IIIK G ?fth block eeat from the Severe. c CORPORATION NOTICES. _ ROTON AQUEDUCT DEPARTMENT -TO CON ? tractor* ?Sealed proposals. encloeed In (Operate en eelopee. each rndoreed with the title of the work for whtah II may ha nffered, the name of the paroea presenting the tame and the data of lu praaantatloa. will be reooleed at thle oMee until II o'Moek A. M. af Saturday. July ?. ISS?. for the eeaatrncttea of eaware la tha following etreete. I* wM,?Fifth aeeane, between Seventy ninth and Ruhty alalh eteeete; Morton etreet, betweoa Badaoa and Waae iagten rtreete; Oltnloa etreet, between Rlvlngton and On. laaeay etreeu. Oread etreet. botwaae Oraaae and Merer etreet* ; Eighth araaaa. batwoaa Mitatnth and Seventeenth ?tree*,; and Elghtyaaeond Wreav betweao Third a*d Fourth aveauaa. BpeeiHealloa* for the above work* and atari ha for tha hid# eaa ha obtained aa application M Ihe Coat,*. Cork, .lib U&a cr#fw| iRRAOH, J Ayvlncg T HI UMDBRSIBNBD Utea any etkwiMM par thoaeaad Wbol

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