Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 28, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 28, 1864 Page 3
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SITUATION! W\IITEO?rBNAIiBS. ANUMRER or WELL RECOMMENDED GRHMAN lemale* warn siiuatUiux as oo<>ki, chambermaids and lunndiessus. uurauaoj girls for general hoiisewurk, Ac., al Mrs. LOWh, S German Institute, 17 Bunion St., usar Ike Sew cry. A LADY W(SUES A SITUATION IN TilK CAPACITY of housekeeper in A bold, who liaa bad considerable experience ana thoroughly understands lh? charge of help: baa col a good sewiug msrh tie; bent references as regards character and cupab lity Cail for three days ;tl 2ol Sixth st, A SITUATION WAN TED-BY A FIRST CL 1SS COOK, in a private fa inly or in a private boaidiOK house; understands all kinds of eooitrng. <Iond <nty refcrcitc fr.nn hur last place. Cull for two dnf> ai IIJilHli at., be Isreen 71k and Sih avs., In the basement. A DRB88MAKKK, DISbNOAGED, WISHES TO EN J\ gar(? by ibe day or went. Best of reference Address Mrs. Kcegsn, 'Art rid av., coruer of 22<1 at. Address a.I Ike weea. I will call personally. A lady is desirous of procuring a situa tion ad chambermaid aud seamstress fnr a moat excel lent girl Apply lor two days at preaent employer s, 68 West Uth -t. A ME8PBCTABLB TOUNU OIRL WANTS A SITUA il tlon as chambermaid and waitress in a ptlvate family. Beat references given Call at her present pise'1 711 Cast MRb at., for two days, batween the home of 12 and S. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A MIDDLE AGED American lady, an .bou-e Keeper in a widower's family. SS2 ItKh av , llrst Poor, front room. A PROTECTANT OIRL WISHE8 A SITUATION IN city or uouuiry; it a good plain cook, wa her and htoner. Onod relerence fiorn her laat place. Cail at 91 ttreeawich ave A COMPETENT LAUNDRESS WISHES WASHING .7*. and ironing, to be done in her own hoit-e. Cail at 121 West 27th si., loom lo. A YOUNG LADY WANTS A SITUATION IN A RF apeotable fainiiv as . baiiiberinaid and waltreen: has Do abjection to ,;o a short distance into tne country. Cull at IJ9>s iiammoiid at. A SITUATION WANTED?FOR LIGHT HOUSEWORK, by an orphan girl, 17 years ut age. Call at No. :Ctl East 13th it. A SITUATION WANTED-A8 WAITRESS. IN A PRI vato family, by-a young wum-n. who thorough1* un Bor land* her business. The beat of ?: ty reference, ('all ut M7 bib av., second now. 1 RUSPBCTVilLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES V SITUA .\ t ou a clutnlwrniaid and do plain sewtug; best city referencra Call at 2917tti av., corner 2'Jtb st. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, as conk; she'.horonghl understands her business, It a* excijlcut nakcr, and has no objeclloii to assist tvitlithe Wash tig and irouiug If retiUired. Has good civ refereucn from In last place. Call at 179 7th ave., between ?d and API tlx. A SITUATION WANTRD?BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as p ain nook, washer and ironer. tu a ?mall family, t all al fu2 Atlauti' St., Brooklyn, room No 1. A COMPETENT PERSiIN WISHES A SITUATION AS chambermaid aud Waitress: the bust of oity relereuco can lw given Call at her present employer's, 30 23th sL AS WET NURSE.-WANTED. BY A YOUNG, healthy woman, a situation a wet nut-e. Call between Ae bouts of lUanu ? o'cloek, at No. 21b last 11 tn St.. for *we days. A SITUATION WANTED?A8 COOK, BY A RK spc. tab ? woman. Can bo seen thia day t Tue-day), between the hour, ut lOand 2. at ber present employer -, 27 West .13d it. A SITUATION WANTED?AS LAUNDRESS, Of! TO do ibumbertvork; no objections lo tne country. Call M211 West 2t>th ?t. SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG OIRL, AS chainbarmaid or to take care of children and to mw Appit at her present employ er e, 311 West .:3d st. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG PROTESTANT GIRL wants a situation as seamstress and nurse, or as lady's ?said. Has tne pen of city is-ft-renoe. Jlas lit ed in the best ?f famt tes, litr.dsix years in one plpcc. Apply at 14 lib ?v., lor two days. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RK8PBCTABLF. as yonn,. woman, to do llgbi cbamherwork and sewtn* or Mi take rare of children no on eciinn to the' nuotrj. Call at 392 2d av., between .2d and 23d sts, top boor. A A MIDDLE AGED PERSON W1SHFB A SITUATION si none, to take charge of an infant; she uuueratauda the care of one t rom Its bit th ; wishes to go in the country; lha best oi city reference van be given as to character; hits Bred lt> years In one family. Can be seen lor two days at 941 Madison st. COMPETENT YOUNG GIRL WISHER A SITUA tlon as nurse and asamstress; ran come welt recoup aended. would do .hainberwork and assist in washing Coll at 71 West 24th st. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WAMT8 A SITUA tlun in a private family aa chambermaid and watireaa, or would be willing to no general housework in a small fanitU ; would go to the country; city reference Call at 12b Greenwich av. R YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO DO Xk general housework; is a good waaber and ironer. Coll at24 Ludlow St., room No. 9. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL. WHO -A. la willing and obliging, to make herself generally use ful Ca). at .23 West lllh st, where she it now at service. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL. TW lake care of children, or to do pla n sewing and make horoelf generally useful; is willing aud obliging. Can be aeao fur two days at 137 29th at., beiweeu 2d uud 3d avs. A SITUATION WANTED?AS HEAD MEAT AND pastry cook; understands ice cream, jellies and all kiada ef desserts. Can be seen for three davs at 22 West Nth ac. near titn av.; no objection to a respectable boarding r?r uiii my. j m? uojvriion so ? rvapeuMi t or hotel. Can give good eity refeieaces. A YOUNG GIRL WANT8 A SITUATION A8 CHAM bormaid and waitress, or to do cbamberwork alone; Call at M pbjS' tlon to go a abort dlotanoo in the country. ISO Woet 96th -L, one door west of 7th av. A YOUNG WOMAN (PROTESTANT) WISHES A SIT. a Alton ti eham bermatd And I'tm.tri'U; beat of city reference given. Gel) at 73 Weat 17tb at., near bib av. EESI'KCTABLB WET NUK8B WANTS A BABY AT her own residence. MS 3d av., between 37th and 38th A YOUNG PKRSOB, WHO HAS NETKR LIVED OCT before, deairci a aituatioo in a firat elaaa private fnaatlv to take care of growing children: ia an>iab:e and ?bilging Can tearh the rudum uta of manic, and would are to their wardrobe. No ebiection to the country for the auinmer Call on or eddreaa No. 169 Weat 39th at, lor three daya AOOOD COOK WISHER A SITUATION IN A PHI vate family. Excellent ciiyr reference Cau be ecru far two daya at 396 6th av. A SITUATION WASTED?BY A RESPECTABLE girl, av chambermaid, and to aaalat to washing and Iroaine. Beat clt' rrfereuce. Can he aeea at preaent em player *, 143 East 18th at. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A A altnatton to do general housework in a ama'l private tanII , ia a good plain cook wvaher and roner: no ohjcc tten in to a ahort dl tanoe In ihe country. Cu d cltv rele eeaca. Can be aeen for two day* at 179 East 39ih -t., third leer, hack reum. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE A. yuuug woman, to do chamberwork and i? willing and oblmlog and very fond of chl'dren Han the heat ?f ?Hy reference. Cen be aeen ai Weat flat at A SITUATION WANTED -A Rl SI'Ei'TABLE GIRL wlahaa a situation to take care of children and aenlat In chamberwork or to take iarc ol' a baby and do Its washing. Caa be eoon for two daya at her pro-ant eutidovrr'a, No. 396 Keel loth at A LADY WISHES A SITUATION POR A GIRL, AS nurae. rhamliermaM or walurena. Apply for two daya at S3 Madiaon av. A SITUATION WANTBD-BT A RESPECTABLE OIRL, an wa.trra and to aaalat with ?; am erwork. in a email private family: ban no ob rrtiun to go a abort din lance >u the ceuotrv, caa give eight v oar a' cHi reference from her last employer. Can bo aeon for two daye at ib A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS GOOD cook, waaher and tinner. Good city references. Call for two <lare at 177 Eaat 7th at A FIRST CLASS COOK DBHIKRS a SITUATION; A no objection to a boarding or summer house, city reference Call at til 24 nr.. near Zid at., earned itoor. A RESPECTABLE TOITNO WOMAN WISHES TO OR tain a aiiaetioo as aeametreaa; und--r?Linoa cutting and BMlug ladle-'Urease#: no ohjacttda i? wait upon grown up children er yonug ladiee None need appr b .1 thorn ? be reside In the cnuntiy during the euiomer month- Can he seen all this week ai 641 oh a*., netweea 37th end 38ih str., on aeeond flour, tront room. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHRS A SITUATION AS nurse, eeam-irrea. chain -ermald. fine weaker; no nit leetem to country. t> sod etty reference. Call at 211 7th are. ARP8PE0TAP.LR WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION IO mind otnldren and Mm , ?r would do rbaiubei mirk taa sewing. or would tisrel. Call at bar praaent emplo- era, >4 .lainea at A SITUATION WANTRD-BY A YOUNG GIRL, TO do general dotp-euork; a a good sm.iri alri ami good waahe.i and uoti-tr. Good r- ference Call at 118 hn?t 421 at N KNGLIBN GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO DO i houaework ; ue obiec ion te tba country. Call ai 40 tin "a SITUATION WANTRB?BY A RRSPBTTAKI.K A young utan, 13 ear- 3d age, aa <-l rk in a gne erv ior? er >n: light haaieeaa id lb- nlty; g-od n-leidnue given. As p.v for two da-e at 31 On* ?<., In the store YOUNG PHR-iON WANTS A PLACE **- SI AM ?ir? sa: can do etiamb-Twei k if PWi'1 red Wou d pi?ter tue noumry. Apply at her pre-.-n1 e ? ployrv'a. Ne h Weat 2Mb ,t, errerc alie will he well rMMMieMod. A A WIDOW. WITH HER -U)N it YO0XG MAN A hi hly recommended. we'll lake charge of a larg no: ding with odicev or a pi ivat' bouse M??t city referet.o gt?eu Add rasa a. U. ft, KM jy i i;j<i 'ie b-at-l i 2. t - m. I. urlng I. e week A YOUNG LADY WISIIKg A SITUATION IN A SA gar? or eotlSaoUooerv aaloon; ia comgeiaai and edit oaiod, willing end obliging. Cell on o- addia-> Vii? Robin sue. 10 Wr-u OUtli at. ARIYUATION WANTED -HT a YOt'Nu Gil. fa TO dnalia.'ube woe* and lake Areof ohlldiea ai d *e?,.i In the washing and Ironing Call at 49 lay St.. wreuklyo for i wo daya ABRSPRtTABLR YOUNG PERNOR (A I'RoTKMr aati wiaiie* a aituAli'iu to take charge o( aad inum t eae or two uhildr-n; rerapetdat in teach music if re pitted: ?SO-1 ettv reference. Apply at I9e Ad at., h-tweew litih ami Ttlh ata. In the lancy store A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RRBPRCTARLR WO anaa, ie a private family: I* a I rat r. e-r ook. City reference. nail at IM tec tihh at. A YOUNG OIRL WtNT* A SITUATION AS CD AM hermai' end Whllreea Tall for two lava frem It te 12, at aer present employer'*, 387 Wee* IM? at. A SITUATION WANIBD-IIY A YOUNG WOMAN, AH ?rat cla*a nook. understands all klmia of aeupa. aainf, Breed and peatrr City references. Can be aeen far twe Ays at 130 Pita> nth at. A RRSPRUTARIE YOI'MG OIRL WANTS A SIT0A A Hon aa aeamatreae and vt treaa has never lived out. Caa he -aeu .or two oay? at 1,4 >**?? 97?h at, betWff* 7th ae-> htharaa. roam IX SITUATIONS WilTSD - TOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS OOOI J\ ur lo do leuonl boumigrli, good foloreocg. Call W 375 7tfa av. A SITUATION WAN1%D-BY A TOUNO BNOLI8H J\ girl, to do rhamberworfc and waiting, or to iako car? Of children Call at '218 10th *?. _ A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN wants a situation M ?rl nurae. Her own chlldta onlv one month old. Oat I at 101 East 11 tit at., bet? eeu Ut and 3d ara (lOOK ? A HIRST CLASH COOK- THOROUGHLY J posted In evaiy branch of the art from the plaineat to an; piiar and ba iug. want) a situation In a flrnt olaaa house, best relerence Address if M.. Herald oIBoe. dlTUATION W ANTEri?ht a young protbbtant O girl, lo take care of chlM-en, to anal t with washing and ironing, or to do chaintmrwom. Apply on Monday or Tuea? d?y at 18 Waal 12fh at. SITUATION WaNTSD-BY A COMPETENT COOK, who thorough y understands her bus neaa; the country preferred; good clt\ reference* Call at 17# East 12th at. i for two d.iya. SITUATION WANTED?IN A SMALL PRIVATE lainily. br a good, hooeat girl, willing lo aaalat In washing and Ironlog. and to do general houaework; with good city reference. Call at 246 West llouaton at., Brat floor, back room. SITUATION WANTRD-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, to do I'hamberwork and washing, or wonld do houae work in a email family. Call at 306 Ham 34th si. SITUATION WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE GIRL, to do oliauiberwork and wait ng or houaework. in a small family. CUy relerence. Call at 63 East 29th at., baaemanl door. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GIRL LATBLY LAND ed. to do general bonseirork In a email family. Call at 490 6th av, second Moor, hack room, for two darn. (SITUATIONS WANTBD?BY TWO RESPECTABLE O glr!?; one ax cook; la willing to aaalat in the washing Br as chambermaid and waltreaa; can aud Iron ng. Tlieotheri... give the best of city reference. Can beseeafortwo days at 60 West !8tb at., near 0th a*. Situation wanted?bt a young girl as cham bei maid or uursi teiereiice. Call at 112 bei maid or nurse: ue objection to the country; good We?t 27tli at, between 0th and 7tb are. SITUATION WANTBD?BY A YOUNG GIRL. AB cb.imbennald and laundreax or aa waitress. Can he aeen at her last place, 132 Wed 47th at. Three rbspectable girls want situations; one ax gnnd plain cook, waaher and lroner; one aa chambermaid to aaaixi with the washing; and the other ae waltreaa and to nasi t with One washing. Good city refer ence for live year*. Call ?t ISt Mil av, between lHth and 19th its., till Weiane-dai afternoon, where thair present em ployer can be een. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG UIRL. AS lauudr? and chambermaid. Good referen e. Oall at 121 W< at 26 th at. ? YY^ANTKn?BY a REHPECTABLK YOUNG WOMAN, M a altuution sa nook. and would be willing to assist with the washing; bent city reference* can be given. Call for l*o days at 146 East 32(1 at., between Lexington and 3d Ava. WANTED?A SITUATION AS SEAMSTRESS, BT A competent young woman, to go In the country tor the summer; h.ia no ob/eiitlons to do a liule Chamberwork or to wait on a lady, Can be aeon at 111 West 16th at. Apply at the uaaouiont door. WANTED?BY A RESPECT ABLE YOUNG WOMAN. A altuallon a* ohilu'a nurse; nxa bad experience; baa no ol. Actio* to ti e country. City reference. Can be seen for two <la ? ut 210 West 26th St.. near 3th ave. WANTED-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE English girl, 17 years of age. to do general housework Oi lake care of ebi'droniaa re pertahln family. May be aeen after 7 at 417 Eulton ava, comer of Carlton ave.. iiiouk.Tu, or a uule will be promptly attended to; can wash and iron. 117ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A PLAIN COOK IN A r> Hum 11 family; 1a a go'd wash -rand lroner; ia wll ng to do light housework; the beat of retcrence can be given Gall at 78 West 20th St.. between tb and 7th av*. V17ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT WO Vy man. aa chambermaid and to do sewing: the beat city reference. Call at490 trh av.. room 13. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A PROTESTANT WO YV man, to conk, vvaxli and iron, or to do housework. Good refer-m e. Can be con at 199 West 26th at., between 8th and 9th ave-. YTTrANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE Vy girl, a- -eamatresx; would asalsi at ahamberwork; best city reference. Apply at 142 3d av. WANTKD-A 8ITUATION. BT A YOUNG WOMAN, as nurse and chambermaid; no objecthm to the conn - trv for the summer. Call at her present employer's, 17 East 24lh xt. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, aa chambermaid and waitress or assist in wa-hlng and ironing or do general houaework; good city rei erencea from last place. Call at 228 West 26ih at., second floor. WANTED?BT A PROTESTANT TOUNO WOMAN, A situation intake care of children. Apply at89 West 28th at., in the regr. WANTED?B* A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation to do general housework, or aa a first rate waitress. Bent of city reference. Call at 386 3d av. fur two days. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE TOUNO OIRL, A altuallon aa cook; no objection to assist with washing and Ironing. Bent of city relerence. Call for iwo days at and 142 Weal 1Mb at. WANTKD-BT A TOUNO PROTB8TANT WOMAN. A situation as child's nurse, to go tnloxbe country. Ap ply to M ax Kannv Vaughn, 116 West 24th wt YY WET NURSE.?A SITUATION WANTED, AS WET nurse, b. a voting married woman: ber baby la aiz week- eld: can rive ibe beat ctiy referenoe. Can be seen I'er two daya at 41! West 30tb at., near Broadway. WANTED?A .SITUATION AS WET NURSE, BT A rai-peclable married woman; I he beat of references given. ('on be seen by applying at 41ti 8th nr., second tioor, over the ? tore. ^ TITANTED-A SITUATION AS OOOD COOK. BT A W respectable woman: Is willing In a-sist with the wash ing anil Ironing: the lieat of city rarercuce. ran be seen to day only at the house of her present employer, 41 Kaat Sid at, WANTED?A SITUATION, BT A YOUNG GIRL AS niirsi- and seamstress; good references. Call at 424 Green* ci> u, nratiioor. W ANTED?BV A TOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION A8 V* nurse and seamatresa or aa chambermaid and seam stress Can do alt klml of family sewing. Baa the beat of city refnren -e<. No objection to the country. Call at d-'1. Weat Wa?blngon pl-toe. Wantku-a situation, in a hmall family. to do housework. Beat city references. Call at 44b We-t 36tb at. W'ANTI.D-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG WOMAN, in a small private faint I , to do general housework. Reference ?t required. Can be seen for t ? day* in store 118 Smith st, one door from Dean, Brooklyn. ANTED?A SITUATION, TO DO IIOUSRWORK, IN a small family; good city reference. Call atikW8ui av 11TAXTI.D-A SITUATION. BT A YOUNG GIRL, AS TV chambermaid nod .camstrove; good reference. Call at 153 r.;th at., near 2.1 ,tv. WANTI.D-A b Ally to nurse, ht a YOUNG health' woman with a fresh breast of milk; ahe lost her own bahy a few days ago. Call at Mrs. Hursan a. 249 hast 18th at., between let av. and av. A, third iloor, front. WANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A TOUNG WOMAN, to do general hou-ework; Is a good washer and ironer. Guild refeienee. Call at 878 Spring at. YET A N TP. D?BY A EKSPKCTABI.B WOMAN, A HITU. vv ation a wet nurse In n respectable private famlli. Apply at 229 7ih ave , corner of '28tli it. aeooml floor, buck room. WANTBD-BY TWO RFSl'F.urABI.F, YOUNG WO inee situations, either >i housekeepers or children's governesses, or are fully conipetoot to attend in a breed and attlte bakery; can bring teod city reler urea. Can be heard ? >f for ?ne week at 2ft) Gold at, Brooklyn. Wanted-a situation, bt a tovio woman, as nnrse and seamstress, or te attend in a bakery or I on feci loners. Call for two daye at <4 Wiuta at. Wanted?bt a middle aged protkhtant wo man. a situation as plain rook; is a good tvaaher and ironer and would vas t with the housework of eataail fami ly. Ca I at fW7 7th av., one door from the comer of 41st at., WANTED?BT A TOUNG WOMAN. WITH A FRKBR brea'tof milk, a Ira'ot to wet nurse at ber ewn real dance, hut nq lost ber own. Inquire et -29 West 21st at.. ba-ev,enl do-.r. _________ WANTED A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG KEENCIi VV glr ie a <Uv good* st ire er trimming store. Address M D.. boi 213 Herald efltee. tVANTUIt?A SITU ATI'IN, AH OH A W BRUM AID, TV waitress, carver or MBse eeper: l-esiei y relerceoet Adibees C T., 2jil Mulberry et, until sailed. YVTANVND?A HITUATiON, KT A YOUNG ? URL, Aft VV cliMrtilioi'iinld sod to a-elst with lh" w >in>d re faience. i ail at I4A IIUi av., between 'dial and '1 -'a. U'ANTED?A SITUATION BT A TOUNG GIRL, TO do oh imbeds orb and wailing In a private family, or eaiiin . he>t of city reference, t ali ?t 404 ColumbiaBt., Brooklyn U''Aft rf rt?HT A EESrB'-TABf.E YOUNG WOMAN, a sltia'tiu as tha i-oread and wailie-e or m take ci e in i hi Iren ai I Jo rhumbs w r?. Can tie seen at her la?l pia - 2f2>: Wast s'lh si. Iff ANTED?BV A YOUNG I.ADT OF EKSPECTA vv htltti. a situation ni oompamon m an e der'v or In valid Is ty. er vmhimI travel with a la lr te Europe or call tonus and he cat- of tw? children a home more do. Sired ihi n salary Address for one week Lottie, llei aid o OIW. WANTED -A SITUATION. HV A RFHPE' TABLE ypnng woman to mind ril'dr-n. be ebi-citao lo so m li e isinntrv. I nu be oeeu tor ve days at I J, W est UMi si., te ar .in av. RirUlTIDYk WtNTRD-NILRfl. ? GKRIT.Ktf AN. I OR MANY TgiIIS aotiyely kv faced m shipping and meresnllla business in the Weal Ind ea, ?Iah-S to meet with e npley-lent in this oil . he is conversant with the English. German and Scamlinai taa |mi|pis;?s and well potted In all matter* eonnertrd ?tb ahi|'|iiiig and meruai.lite aifalre. Salary not ao much an oh iriiiau go it ellimtlon The bell of leforeneo given. Ad drees C. H . *' F.aat Breadway. at Kovn'a Ho'eL a SITU ITION W.aNYKI?-AN TRAVELLING R ALRU f\ at an bv a |Wisen wheeen c unman I a good trade in ( mrv got sir oi um on ? well *c piainted wan the Wast. Best ot leier-ncet Afldr mH O., ho* 182 Herald oilier A YOUNG MAN WANTS A SITUATION IN A DRY goads s-ore sec Ifi'v given If required; good rarer enifta. Addre.a Patrick MeCaun, 883 heat 321 it., naienf I*. 'I NBhie ? YOUNG MAN. 21 tBARfl OLD, WAhTR A BITUA /\ Hon In some wholesale he iee ka un entry e'erX or as sistant Imokkeeper; bee hail *n ?r'ei?ea: s permease' sttu. alloc ?an ert. > aa iuialth glee lent rrterenoea. AJdiwsa I C C., Herald oiflee, Hilary ae oh.e-t AURNTLkNAN 09 LARGE PRACTICAL EXPB rteece in the maaufeet'ire ?' all* rih ons and ladies' it* trimmings, Is open to angarrangement with h first class house about to isiinmeace mnnuta.-tun.>* either nr bclb of the seeds above aa>**d Adtlroaa Mnhufprtorev fwv >89 ?fURI" ??ht SITUATIONS WAIITKD?WALKS. A TO UN (I MAS OF GOOD ADDRESS WISHES A situation as anlcnmao id a dry goods house. wholesale or retail, or aa light porter tg the aame. Addraaa for one week Meieauuie Agency, 266 Broadway. A YOUNG MAN OP GOOD ADDRKRB WISHES A situation aa book keeper, aaaiaiaot bookkeeper, entry or -hipping eierk ; can give the beat of reference*. Address for one work Mercantile Agency. 206 Broadway. A COLORED GENTLEMAN AND UIH WIPE WISH n situations with somebody going to the ooontry. or to travel aa servants, la a Oral Has* ooachmaa; wife is good nurse. Addreaa for one week gMereantlle Agency, 'M Broadway. A FIRST CLASH BUSINESS MAN, WELL POSTED In the Mexican trada. desires to make arrangements wltti some finnx In th's city aa travelling salesman, good reference-. Addreaa for oue week Mercantile Agency. J6i Broadway. A YOUNG man wants a situation ah coach inan and groom; no objection to the oonotry; ran apeak the French language; good c.ty reference. Call at Robert Louden'a, 79 Bieeoker at. Drug clerk.?wanted, a situation, in a first liana drug a to re. Iii New York or Hrooklxn. bv a German apothecary whoae engagement will expire in a few wreka; la fully acquainted with the German and Kngli-h trade , reference given. Addreaa 8. A. G , apothecary, lle rald oMee. CITUATION WANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN SPEAR i) Ing Kngltah, French and German, aa bookkeeper or as alataui. Can be useful in many wove. Beat of reference. Addreaa E. K. S , box 196 Ilerald ollice. SITUATION WANTED.?A RESPECTABLE TOO NO man. a short time from Ireland, wiahea a situation groom, in a private family; understand- gardening; will Ifgenerallv nseful; the country preferred Ad make himself dreaa J. W., Herald otUce. SITUATION WANTED?IN A SHIPPING OR WHOLE O eale house, aa warehouseman, by a Swede, -peaking English and Ceriftan languages; good knowledge of trasiue-s. Addreaa W. Lindstrom. 198 2Pth at., corner 1-t av. SITUATION WANTED-IN A WHOLESALE OR SHIP plug houan, by a young man speaking the French. English and German languages, or he would take an honor ablo position In an office. Ia an excellent penman and first rate accouniant. Address Francis D'KmoulIn, lit av. A. SITUATIONS WANTED?HELP. MALR AND FEMALE, of all nations and of svery description constantly on hand at CARPENTER 8 liirge Employment House corner ave. and ilth at. readv lo supply the wants of all faml Ilea in city and country. Also for hotels, summer resorts, watering place- and fariua. TO PROPRIETORS OF HOTELS AT WATERING place-.?The advertiser, aged ?0. active. Industrious and faithful, is anslons to get a an nation: can attend anodic* wait at the bar. or to do anv light butineas; would make himself generally useful Good reference aa lo character nud buaini a* qualifications. Hoard only compensation re ?nlred Object, to httve the privilege of baili ng. Address or one week T. W. B.. Herald ulfice. TO DOCTORS.-A YOUNG MAN AGED 2.'. WANTS A situation to study medicine, where he oniild make him self useful enough in a etore or office out. of study hours to pay his expenses. Addreaa for one week, w ith full parunu* ran aa to lerroa, looation. Ac , R. D. C., il OtoiuMttt ay., Brooklyn. N B ?Would have no objection to go in the country. WANTED?A SITUATION, AS SUPERVISOR OF public works The advertiser has been emp'oved a such for many years In the i oast ruction of toads, hr'd ;e?, Ac; ia a good accountant, and would answer us clerk in on engineer's ofll e; references. Ac., un-xcep'iouablo. Addros F. E. O'D.. Herald office. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A YOUNG MAN, AS porter in a store or to attend bar: is willing to work and make h maelf useful. Best references given as to character. Addreaa E. U. Shaw, :I4 t'athnrlnn st , N Y. WANTED?A SITUATION IN A PRODUCE COM Mis sion house, by a young man who can influence trade. Heal of reference g ven Address G. W., Herald office, for two day. WANTED?BY A YOUNG MARRIED Mil A SITUA tlou aa coachman, who thorough), understands his bn-iue-a; has no Objection* to go a short distance in the country can procure, the heat of city referent--. f ill or ad dress, for two days. li. Doly. fciS Columbia -I., South Brooklyn. YTTANTED-A SITUATION, IN SOME LIGHT BUbT nes- (grace cry preferred:, by a person l aving a slight knowledge of the same; wages no object; beat references as to honestr ana character. Addie-s P. L.. box 184 Herald office. 1ITANTED-SITUATION WANTED, BY A *> man. about 21 tears of age. who ha* been YOUNG bean In a law yer'- office for two years; write- a rood hand, and ia a com missioner of deeds. Address.). F. H? Herald office. WANTKD-BY A MARRIED MAN. AGED 27. A SIT untinn as clerk or ot erwise; would not object lo lour wagea for a month as a trial. Address W. H., IlcrnId office. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG MAN. AS 1 gbt porter in a dry goods -tore; is willing to make himself generally useful, Is well recommended. Address W. Lyons. Herald office. WANTHD-A SITUATION. AS COACHMAN OR groom, by a young man who baa hud several years practical experience: beat of city reference prod need as to character, Ac. Address T, S., Herald office. WANTED-BY A MAN. AGED TWENTY NINE, A situation : la a com! penman and quick st figures: has a good knowledge or bookkeeping and I- willing in make himself useful; .an give the best of cltv reference ns to sobriety and capacity. Address F. Ryan Hern'd office. YET ANTED?BY A MAN OP SOME YEARS'EXPERI. YT enc-e tn the business. a situation aa salesman or lo take charge ef the etnok ef a jobbing house m the hat. cap and straw goods trade Addrea* D. box 212 Ilerald office. TIIK Tit AUKS. B AKER WANTED.?a GOOD RAKER TO FILL THE po-itlon of aeeond hand, in a flr-t class bakery, a -horl dI-lance from the city For parilnular* apply this day, be of ID and 4 o clock, at the -tore of Wheeler twecn the hours i A Lawton, ISO South st CIVIL ENGINEERING. CITY SURVEYING AND Draughting ?A -oung American man married, of six years'experience in the profession ** assiaunt wishes to procure employment. Fl ret class re fare nee. Address Engi neer, Her dd office. PRAMB KNITTERS WANTED-ON SHIRTS, drawer* and stockings; men from the old country w|l' find eooilant work and good wage* at Union Adams', CS7 Broadway. F Wi KM ALB COMPOSITOR WANTED.?APPLY AT Htnadway, between the hours ol 1U ?D<! li fjlEM ALE TV I'K SETTKR.S WANTED?TO WHOM r good prices will he paid Apply at room No 3, No 9 Spruce -L, at 11 A. M. Machinists.?a STROBO MTViHMN leaky the trade In enm* country village. Appl\ to Andrew, for niie week, at 12 Clinton p ace. New Turk. SHADE PAINTER WANTED.-A STEADY AND COM pelent hand will receive good wages in Rending, Pa Address O. C., Heading, Pa. CKOAR MAKERS WANTED?AT J. HALLS M A NIT lactnry, 7t; Harris at. None but good worknu-n want ed. No landsmen need apply. rpo PIANO MAKERS-WANTED, A OOOD OA8B 1 maker: ateady work and higliert wages Call ai 246 Went 2Hth it. between 9th and 10th area TO CIVIL ENGINEERS.?A VOENO MAN .IJ'NT honorabl ? d scharged from the arm*, de Ire a position a- an assistant. ether with an exploring party or loral or Are. Best reference* given. Address Engineer, box ."MHS N. Y. Poet olllce. mo PRINTERS?WANTED. A SITUATION AS FORE 1 mail of a large job pr I nting etub lehtnen'. None bill llinae willing to pav the rery highest wage* in a drat risen man need reply. Address for iwn weeks H. W,, Herald . US. NAVY -THE YEOMAN ON ONE OF THE . Iron elada. now oil Cbarleeten, desiring in return North, offers the p nit on to anr one competent to attend in the duties required. Tlie posit na la an easy -me. renoIring nalr n few hoots attention dadr. One unlers'and tie the duties preferred. Must be a good neiiman. .-"alary 54(1 Ik) per in oath. Add rear Lehigh, Herald - TTlee. ANTED?A OOOD SOAPMAKKR -TO A STEADY man, who understands the business thorouehlr, tha highest wages wl'l be given. Address D. A .1. O'Donneghew, Soap and Candle Manufacturers, Washington, D. C. WANTED-A SITUATION AS KNOINERR. BY A young man. who has had twelve years' expeita>?. no obieetlon te C" a ahoii distance la the e?untry. Be?i e|iy reference Address far three daye B R. J., box Itgi lie ild oltli-e. WANTED?A SITUATION. BT AN BTPRNIENCHD engineer. Address or call for 'three days at l.VI Ksat Houatnn at. SrhuHx A Bro '* gold aad ailrer leaf off ? IV ANTED?A BITtTATlON AN llRAI'il It ISM AN IB A Vjy mil h ne sbop Addre<? far three days A. H . l?i 102 Herald otB e. ANTED-A GOOD FANCY HAT DYKR Ar.trltW art A Ne'-en's. 7H and SO North 3d "it., Wllllamsbiirg. Hr ANTED?A OARDRNKR. TO TAKE OHAMOK OF an orn unenlal place and complete 'ante liiubf thoroughly prececal, ei|ierleBi-eii end eompeten M-fs ren ei n-om respactabln source ae In raps'1 My required Address but l.47'l New York Post oil'ce. "W ANTED?AN EXFIRIENCRD BRANS rtNINITFR; TV a *o ahect iron worker, one aceustotnod to cut ing h-adlti. .1 ea-e* prcfer-ed. A ae an ei perlmir-I il'imnlth API 'y at 4f,i Broome street. Smith Air Light Company. Wanted?a fr nch bronier. onr who un ?Irritanda the bustnOM can obtain eonetanl employ ?pent hy applMOg to John llortou, 282 t'anal *> .inner of Elm. N. Y. Uf ANTED?A OOOD CANTER. FtlR A STEP HOTV PR HI I) n dry ; alios boy. Mi to IS ream o d. Apply at AO Oram ' St., up slalra WANTED-THREE COOD PATTERN MAKKIIS AT YY the Hut >n Iron Worka. eoroor Pr,.n- aad Pearl aw., HostTB Wanted?an assistant PHtito ikapber and |icau?r. to go a short distance into New Jersey Also a yonng man "> intend a reception room In this out. Apply *0 B Mich, I'J Bowery. WANTED -A GOOD WATCHMAKER; WAUL* $20 YY per weok; refsreuce require A Inimical tdlyy tireoa wtrh at. WANTED?A FRKSSM A N AND FOUR u I RLE TO haist and flnlah oa the beat of e-?ton? panto. aad also an operator in whoa* steady work will he given and the highest wsgas paid. Oall at *? Mulberry at., artr the groee.y ' - FKIXIH ADVERTIBEHMTIi *" MB FKANCA1SE (PROTEST ANTE), RRCKNMRNT arrive de Franra, ayatit re, a una boatta tuluealion, dealrerait te placer daitoaae famine prtvse. pourun outrage quelcon Jtie. M adreaoar a M. Heraard, ehoa M. A o?o. 80 Mores rat reel. w u HILf.INNRY. ST RECEIVED?A OASE OF THE NHWRST ROUND Hata and rwruana, at Maae. H AERIE', No. 7 Brsvoort place. Tenth streot. jri *t i (N tllillTfl MD AIIRINTN. RTIFfOlAL HUMAN RYES?M A OR TO ORDER *... and leaertod by Ot F BAUl'H A P. QOVOMLM ANN, former y empioyod hy Ntdsoonaeai. <J JPari* Jfo MS AI former y ? lmdTkj, M- T. HBLP WAHTID?HALER. AoeNTH CAM MAKE $15 IN A PEW HOURS HBLLINO our great new And wonderful eitra large tiie Prt/e Facka. f.% $1} per day guaranteed Every doT ar Inve-usd more then douh ed. A *p eudid solid (Old or (Over lever watch pi'arnted free to each agent Smart men waated te establish agendas 10 even town mud r Matte Cunntv rights ? h" Sale Immenoe, demand Increasing. Ever; body burs ? hem Send for our great new circular tar 1H<>4, containing '"'J'" premium inducements, free. P. C HlCKARDs A t o., ui2 Nassau street, New York original. Urgent aod Oideai prue package uou-e lu the world. AT T11K COMMERCIAL AGENCY, 11171a AND ** as- Bro?l'?av, wanted, this day. paymaster s clerk, man to drive tjprvva wagou, clerk lor furniture ?toi# Hire keeper for factory. mau to cheek fre gbt, assistant book keeper for a oroduae coiuui aaiou bnuae, shipping cjei a. m rv elerk, i-oadii.itnr for railroad. Insurance nick dry goods ealeaiuau. -rorerjr elerk. o ?rk for hotel, porer iit ?lore. These s| nations are open ior respectable meu, and "**>' ?e had by cailmg early. Thiv establishment noon ducted under the pctrouage ef merchants. aud Is uoi oon aeoted with intelligence ofMn-s. We rr'rr to and supply over one thouaand first class lu this cltv. OSCAR A CO. ARMSTKAD'8 DIRECTORY, IMS BROADWAY, COR uorof Bleccker street. Today sua have openings lor a hai salesman, dry goods clerk. Iiertcuder. leu waiters, .voungiiinn lor country, furnishing goods sum-msn. coadi inan, grocery elerk, insurance clerk, and many other moan cles PHJ numerous to mention. Merchants and others throughout the I'nltcd States in want of men tor t'mmt aa> service nan be readly supplied at our olllce. Situation ehtalned in New York for men wishing to come here !rum the country. All c4?mmtiiilc*Uoa-. with stamp enclosed by post will receive immediate attention. A situation ts wanted bv a man In the grocerv or liquor business; he has $100 to loan his employer. H. H. ARMSTEAD.oter Clarke's Union photograph gallery. AT THE MERCANTILE agency?wanted, to day. travelling agent, bookkeeper, timekeeper, fancy goods salesmen, dry goods salesmen, ahlppinz clerk, hotel rlerk, barkeeper, clerk In liquor store, three brakesmen, oouduc tor, light porter, coachman and gardener, waiters, grnoer.v clerk, copyist, fifty men for New York and Erie railroid, wanted at once; other situations opeo. Merchants ami others supp led with help gratis Orders shoo I<1 be sent in before t P. M. <J. MONUOMBRY A CO.. 266 Broadway, soom No. 4. up stairs, Agents-10.0HO agents VANTED; grand in dticeniems: profits large: greatest noveitv of the age. Call on or addrcjs S. W. Rice A Co., ?H Nassuu St., N. V . Atoiino man wanted-to oo a short nis tain e into the country, who ran drive and take rare of two horses. milk .own and make h m-elf generally useful about a small plic u; return to ibo ??ilv In the .'all. App y to Oliver bryaa, 29 Souih st. ASTi'UT EOT WANTBD-BKTWEKN 16 AND IS, AS light poi >ei In a dry goods Incise Apply belw eeu 10 and II o'eloi k this day to P if, :Ukl Broadway, lirst i our A GOOD DRIVER AND TEAMSTER WANTED? j\ Hu I lie capable and eiperienced in the care of linrsos, und mint he iib e t<> read and write. Apply to MocPhercon Smith A Dona.d Smith, brewers. 102 West Ititli st. AN OYSTKR man WANTED?AT MI CHATHAM ST Call at Id o'clock. OY WANTED?IN A PRODUCE COMMISSION honer. Tonne who can be on hand si 7 o'clock In ihe iiiorning it salary o( $3 per week will be pad. Apply to Scott A I<"inarest. No. It Erie buildings. Reade st. OY WANTED.?A HOY. A ROUT 15 YEARS OK ACE, in a c,<al office. Annly at 21(5 West 18th st. Boy wanted?a stout, active boy. krom i? to IS years old. to are st in a bar, light porterage, and make himself generally tuefu'. Apply at tbe Ore dental Boom 622 Broadway, up stairs. BOY WANTED?TO OO A SHORT DISTANCE IV the ronuirv; ijunl know how to take care nf i horse and cow and d<> pla u gardening Apply, with teference, at. 2153 Front st,. between 12 and I. TJOY WANTED?15 OR 18 YEARS OF AGE. ONE WHO ? I can drive a team of horses preferred. Apply at 119 Weal Ikth st. Boy wanted?m to 17 years ok age, who u riles a good ham! and has a rood English education. None h it 1I1 Ore wil ing to devote their whole attention to business ue?il apple. An enterpiisuir trov may find a good al!a?tt?n. A^'drees M. H. S.. stnlton 15, in own usndwtittaq. glvl' u ???. residence and sularv desired. Barkeeper wanted?one who understands his business: to such a man a liberal salary win he raid; no one else need apply. Inquire on tbe premises. B? West Humton st. Dltld: CLERK WANTED?A YOUNG MAN. THO rmighlv qualified, can proc ire a good situation, ?s a? sist nil clerk, hv at'plvtnii at the drug store 'VS'bli sv . eor. nerlttld st. References ?s to Integrity sod capacity required. RUG CLERK WANTED?APPLY AT 183 BOWERY. B B D Drug clerk wantrd?immediately, with satisfactory references as to capacilv, sobriety, polite ne>s and e*neri"uc?. In the city retail drug business In 3uire of P. K. at McKesson A Bobbins' wkolesa'e rug store, Fulton M. , N. Y. DRUO CLERK' WANTED?A YOUNG MAN HAVING s good general knowledge of Hie retail und pro rr p tion business ma. hear of a com fort able and permanent situation by addressingfSloane, Herald olllce, tor three day-', IklVfl CLERK Wanted.?a RHIAUT, ACTIVE MMis J ' ness young man having a thornsgh kiton ledg" of ihe retail trade and prescription bnsino-- A permanent s tint tion and good wace< is o lered to a steady young mau. Ap p'y. with references, at 4B5|Col)inal<ta st.. corner of Union, Boutb Brooklyn. Drug clerk wanted-one who understands the oliy retail business: a young man preferred; to one who suds steady employment and good -a ary vvih be glien. Apply to.I. M. Handle 177 av. C, corner of llih st Farm handr wasted-also mp.n lately tended, to lie a $mt distance in ttie country : wages -VM to $150 nor month and found Apply at the Laige Employ. inenl Homa. corner of fltb av. and 11th st. (TRADUATK Of THE FREB ACADEMY WANTED? X To ell the position of bookkeeiier; must he a rapid pen man, correct at figures anil have a kpowledge of bookkeoo lug. To s i"h a liberal compensation whl be pa d. Address for three days H. K.. Herald olhee. Groom wanted?a man thoroughly acoUmn led with (be care of nurses, who is out afraid of work, can read and write and docs nut drink, mar find sleadi am phivmeut br sddiessittc (I. A . station B, In his own hand writing statin ; wsges required and giving copy of recom mendations he has to nfTer. Hospital men attendants wantko-wacbs f :4 icr monih ami found; ail mcrlieut npperuiniir lo geteuip|..yrnent and a good home. Apply at the Large Km plivmei'i House, rumor of 6th *v. ml 1 Itti *1. tAIIOKKKS-'VAimA VIVE Oti SIX SORER. J steady. Induatri'nia inen. None other* need apply: and to ancb if suiting, steady employ mm! will tie glren at I Id Wa er tt. Mils WYNTKD-POR TilK NAVY. ARMY. 81l'<rT tvhallnt: voyages, inn hint and Itsnin.: voyage*. T " hivlieet ho :utiea paid. Call at S7 Weal itrrel. corner Al liauy. and ee# tor .ruurselree before "ngat'inu daewhern. jAMliS 1 ?"t>.. Agent*. Man crok wanted-kor a military iiohpi talma' New York; lint rale ware* and found to a competent hand Apply at the Lame Employineol lloo-e, corner of O'h ar and I Ith rt OKK1IT HOY' WANTKD-IN A lTARDWa RE COM. rut ehin hint*" Addreee l ot 1,8W Po-t, id hand. writing M 'lie appllcaut. PORTER WANTKD-IN A CARRIAGE WYREHOI SK ; on" ii-rt to the handling of "arrlagi"* preferred. April at Wood Br .there, fttW Broad a ay PORTRR WANYED-IN AN AUCTION MOUSC. A Or. ma t preferred . most |oe etinug and active and w ill llnu In work, alao able to read and write. Add e?? l>o? .Vo Post ofl'.ee. CLOAK SALESMAN WANTED?ONE WHO UNDRR. in ainnda t e biialne* and i* nulling to 'ell on eoimn aalbn. Addrea* boi .1,877 Poet "llire. TWO KAKM HANDS WANTED??I'ST THOROUGHLY under nmd al! kind* of larm work. Apply u> Wil liam Atwaler, M Howard ?lreet. TO COACHMEN -WANTED, A COA'II DRIVRR; ai*o a tva?her: none but ntrietip aobor and ?:* .dr men ! n*e<1 apply. Inpuireof P. A. Knot'*, ul Chnaioplier at. WANTED?A MAN OR BOY TO ASSIST A COOK, ?vhitr or rol"r"d \nplr nn boa.! of the trainer Martian '. for the flublng banka'hia moruing. at 8 e cluck , font of lie? a"., of Captmn Yeraoee. WANTED IN A WHOLESALE JOBBING BOOf AND ?hoe tiou*e. two or litre" rmnpeteu' ealeHtnrn. who caa control irade, unoe oilier need apply. Addrea* boi 7.73*11'ort o III re. ANTED?A OOOO PIANO PLAYER. APPLY AT II Oierue atreet. aft?r 10 o Wo k A ,M. Wanted?immediately, men who wish to i iak" Tom fk'.ln$.MI iier Ja* bT a amall .n e?tni?ot from $3-10 to $ ton Imp'Danl new invention inat re. ?i?? if Oreat opportunity to m ik" money, either br ttme'.llng or lorn On : la city or country. HOWARD T1LDEN 609 Broadway. J AN ri'D -POR A HRHAR RTORI? I I TOWN. A BOY rea-teriable appearance and . ounce' I to . oa- w h" reetdea with I I* iiir iiu preferre.1 Call at .Taffe'a Scgar Emporium, 1.1*1 Broadway. Wanted- a competent vol no man, to bell liquor*: llqO'ita, A o b- ?*. ip >? on c.tmmiaa nu. Ad. drra*. with reftjren -*a, O It . Ileraht ottfne. ANTBD-ltlOOOD WAITERS POR THE COUNTRY Apply at Aft 3<l a e , ihi* ,la Iroin J W'anted-a ooon man, accustomed to Y? bo an and gar teniae t ? take rare of a amall I m-n near the c ly. A Idma* W . boi IV, Hera J o l ee WANTED-A YOUNO MAN. 17 OR I* *R\F? AtP AOS, | aa elar< In a botanic drug -" having *O'D0 ' kno h 'R" of tba buainona prelerra.l. Apply at 1*1 Knitua ar.. Brooklyn. TP-ANTRD-A RTBADY EOT. IN LAW orrtcus 3 ? Y and t. TJ Court ?!., Brookltn. who ran trad and ? rile well. w YV w w WANTED-THRRR or POUR YOl'NO MEN, AT A light, h.u orah e b.-.araa Addrea* lor two waeka J. M Bar uw, Vernua. N .(. WtKI-KU-iM OKKICE HOV.-INQI I RR AT NO. IU Broadway, room No. 1 WANTBD-A YOI NO MAN. BETWEEN IS AND If ?ear a of age. good refer* neea required. Apply. be. iween II aad It o'clock, at 12 Old allp, fourth floor. ANTKD-A TOfTNO MAN TO WORE IN A QRO eery afore Apply at If King al. N Y. WAITER TAKE CI1AROR Or LADIES' aad gentlemen a aonper room", none aeod apply no lea* folly rem potent. Apnir at the A tally Uouee. earner 4th a*, aad Amity al. between 9 and 12 A. u. WANTKD-A FIRST RATE MAN. TO TEND BAR from It o'aleek at niitt until tto'elook neat daw. Ad dreea, with reference, II. I* . Herald W ANTKD-A COACHMAN. WHO M A OOOO driver aad (room; muot be a aingle man, of aober habue. Apply toMr. Tracy, dot Rraadwav. to day, after II WANTED-A TIDY YOUNO MAB OR BOY TO OPEN at Mere aad wake klmaolf floneraUy uaafai Apply for throe daja at 170 Etilton ?V. Bronklya. WANTRD-A fTOPtIRT; ONR POBBERsR D OE A an,>d engr .aatng hand 'an be (applied with a de?b and the ordinary engruaiwng work of an nillce ia large practtae: 10 he rnmpruaatad hy the fclle and hare pr rMeilpe of taking eulaide wilrk. Atltlreaa. ?ilb name r%Sr rrae* and ^tUMIfldwrtltRfl P. W.t ReraH AftPft HELP WAHT1P.BJII.EI. WANTED?THREE GOOD STEADY YOUNG RE!*, to go a abort distance In the country . sw-ad. cnn I' 7 meni and good wages. Apply at 15a Front street, to Ford M Co. WANTED?A SINGLE YOUNG MA!*. AS BARKKEP. er, wlio liaa soma knowledge of the iirwrv business, can keep accounts and U willing to make himself genera ly useful; also a boy from 1* years upwards; can come we 1 recommended Apply for two day* to J. L Cobb, 10 and 11 Fulton Market, Front st , near Fulton. WANTED-AN ACTIVE AND INPU-ITRIOUS YOUNO man. in a wholesale fancy goods busmen, to sail goods by sample n the city; must ouuc wed recommended. Ad dres- H AO. Herald oflh e. TVANTFD-A ^MAH r. ACT1VB M AN. AS POltTBR; Tr one who understands hi work and ran come well rucO'i mended Apptv m Austin boll) A Co., -5* Canal at., altar J1 o clonk A. M WANTED-A PORTER IN AN IMPORT1NO DRY good a house One ? bo iindeiataii.Is his business can address box 1,131 Post odiee. with references. fX' ANTED -A N ACTIVE. INTELLIGENT LAP IN A M real estate aud auction bou>e: most be a good lien man: oue who res ties with ins parents preferred. Apply to A .lont-iiesy, No. 8 Pine st AITKR WANTED-AT THE RKHTAURANT COR ner of h'rsnklin st. and West Broadway. w w 'r?XJw"'? miustr.el iroupo Apply betweeu 10 A. M and 4 ' M. st ens 6th av., hull door. MTANTED-a, strong BOY. WKLL ACQl with the low*,- p%rt ?f tho cliy, in n comnil* ll?U l!n J )l<>I WAAIl 1 > i l _ . _ a si ? it. ANTED-AN IIONKKT AND INDUSTRIOUS MAN, with $1A0 to k'.'iti to Act as treasurer to a llrtt class 1UAINTKD ? .., - __ - ? . _ ission busi nesa. Cad between 11 and 1 o clock at <16 Libert watt., third tluor. rear TIT-ANTED-THRUE or four STBADT BOYS. AP TT pi- to Wm. Kara*. -'96 Pear sc WANTED IMMEDIATELY?TIVO OOOli COPYISTS, who write a plain, rapid hand. To such as suit good wages and smady work will be siren. Address Cuyier, ma lum D. T\rANTED?I'OR BLOCKADE SHIPS, FIFTY TOUNG ft ni ii. the highest bouoilea paid. Also i?r the army, and short whaling voyage-to the South Sea Apply to the agents, .lames A Co., 87 West st., corner of Albany, up ?lairs, i YY \irANTKD-THE PIHKNIX MUTUAL LI FK-1NSITRAN. ii ce - Company want live active bu inesa men to solicit Insurances To -ucli liberal commlsslona will be paid ami immanent eniploi ment given. Apply to John E. Hewitt, Agent, 161 Broadway, ntTMIBDwII A OKOCERY AND COMMISSION m bouse an j oung man to make hinised useful; also a i oung man in I lie' foiiraml feed bmdna s. and a voting men for a wholesale liquor store down tovvu Apply to Johmon A Co , 11 Chambers at., up stairs. WANTED-A YOUNG MAN, TO WORK IN A MAR kct. deliver order-, take care of horses and dn general work Apply at 444 tith ave. IV ANTED?AN I VII: I.Li GENT BOY, IN A BOOK ? ? and stationery store: one who Is active anil .an si' ", g-iod rctereneca . wa'gea $3 per week. Apply after lOo'rlo k 11 A. Howling, 63 Nassau at. IS ANTED?IN A WHOLESALE DRY GOODS STORK. *T a smart l id who w-i (tea well. Address boi 1,918, Post oilic". In tbrvvrning ol the ajiplh ant WANTED A 8TOPT, ACTIYB YOUNG MAN. TO * * work in a vvholeaa e store; wage* >."? per week Apply at ?2 Fulton St., before 10 o'clock to-day. nTANTBH-MEN FOR ALL KINDS OF VOYAGES TO " aea In skins and steamers and the navy: ul-o -ubstltu tas for the srmv. Tbe blghcst bounties paid. RANDALL A i ClURl N-'.v 108 West -a.. aoraer ol Naailn, up stairs. WANTED-A YOUNG MAN IN A CLOTHING STORE: to one who understands the business and s willing to make I generally ireful, a permanent situation will be given Apply to J. K Fraiikl.n. 846 Broadway. TV ANTED?ACTIVE BUSINESS MEN, FOR LIKE IN Vf stirance, tor the L'num Mutual Life Insurance Com pany. Permanent employment and liberal ciimmlK-dons App!y to J. W. ,v H. dudii. general agents, 151 Hroadway. I ANTED?TWO FIRST CLASS WAITERS, AT NOS. 1 and I Exchange place. dor-ey City. WANTED-A FEW MORE HANDS, TIIOSK OF SOME, know-edge in olienii try preferred. Inquire at 194 Fulton st.. between I and 3 o c.ock. WANTED?A YOUNG MAN. TO WORK A FACING machine. Only those who cnu |nge correctly and on stand the inaebiue need apply. Address box 3,914, New York Pest ottloo. 3,1/ANTED- A FIRST cuss BARKEEPER; ALSO A ?T smart lad to be generally useful; must be well rcconi ni'nded. Call at Lee's Oyster House, 1111 Spring st. ANTED-FIVE GOOD WAITERS (COLORED); -teamtioaimen preferred. Anplr to ward ruoin stew ard U nlted Slates auppl steamer Admiral, Brooklyn Navy A ard. Mom Li A !? and 2 P. M. TV A ITERS WANTED.? APPLY THIS DAY. BETWEEN V* the hours ol 7 and 10 A. M., at Conklin a Codec House. 71 Murray at. M IVANTKI)?A TORINO MAN AS GENERAL ASSIST TT snt in a III at class oyaier saloon ind bar; one having about $15(1 in cash as security can meet with a good alius lion. Apply to dav. altar 12 o'clock, at 171 Spring at. WANTED?A SMART. HONEST BOY, A-BOUT 15 OR 16 rrara ..f ag \ to leant to attend bar. Apply at 315 IUceckcr si.. toJanir- Paulmler. WANTED?A YOUNG MAN TO ASSIST IN TENDING bar; none need appiv wiihnul the beat c ly releicu e, specially from dieir nat place. A note addreaaed to M 1! , Herald <? t.ce. aiatmr where i?n interview can be had, will meet with punctual attention. antkd-a dry goods salesman. AI'PLT at 3911 Bowery. WANTED TO DAY. EARLY-TEN SKA MEN, TRUNK ordinary seamen, five fir men, one captain's st. wild and a purser a clerk, full bounties and prlre money, for one of the Hwlfteat ateamera in the American Nuv (t> gun piete tlie crew ). theieby giving ettranrditiarr chancna lor prize inonry. Applv earlv at Ihe United Stale* Amy sad Navv Agency, 93 West t tree.t, corner of uu aiairs WANTED-A PMART BOT, 13 TO 15 YEARS OF AGE, I i run errand - and make lilmrcll geneially useful. Ap ply at 469 Broadway, up-lairs, In the ahiit itore. WANTED-THRKE YOUNG MEN, AT THE UNION Hotel, 72d a', and Bloouilngdale road, lo lake eburge of horaea and make theto elves geneially useful w w WANtKD-A VAN CAP A BLR OK DOING THE YY |!' n r* work 01 a saloon He muil '? willing to ? ork an.I of an "1)1 >ng dlapoaiUon. Rcferencea M hom-ov and vohr eL. from ,a?t empt oyer will be required, lis da ~ A married man preferred. Apply this day from I (ill 3 P.M., at the Reveille sao >n. 5S)i Uroelway W American agents wani-rd?op coon ai? drr??, in -ell an artir'e by Which the/can clear Irani SAO to $50 per week. Call iro n I till 4 n'clone at 1ST lirnail way, hut uoor, up Italia 2r ACTIVE AOKM'S tVANTKO-IMM'.DlArn.V. ? Itur.ic Mv end country, to wit the mart popuiet wrl n the United Stat.ia lUrc ill K omenta oft'icd. lal on or aildrc-- N M. Sbafer A t'o <4 Ceiar atreet, ronn .No. HELP WAKTKU-KEMAI.E*. A IRAMgTRKM WAN FBI!?AT 147 WRST I4TII ST.; J\ nni! who i-laiiil- miking alt : i?. Io'tiire between 8 and <1 A NURSE WANTED?WHO HAS T1TK I XKKKIKNCK. 01 a Hid c una rimaii in moihm a n?nt thlrtv -trio! w I i iiuod health, pitnorc aniraklil In the ear aye w t i knoll health, p.iticorc aiuraklil In 'tie rare <>r little children, in aiokueaa or health, ami whore blgheel motive would l>e the il?aire to (In good to the inotherleae. Apply at No t' l.aei .tilth at., altar 10 A. M. A COOK WANrKO.-ONK WFIO THOROUGHLY UN derating me born-ee and t* willing to go in 'lie. onn tr> during Hie anutmer; inuai have good reieren -e Apply at l!ftf Mad ton at. 4 GERMAN I.ADT'S MAID WaNTRD-BY A PRI j\ yate famltv; etie rnuiK be thoroughly competent and wel aoquanted vrtlli all kind* of fami i aew.r.g. App'j et 151 '.eel 14th it., near 2d a* * PKW GOOD DRKBKMAEP.RR W ANTKD.-COMK J\ prepare I to worh. Aloo an apprentice. Apply at 21 I lb it. between .Vh and Dili eve*. a KORLWOMAN WANTSD-IR A WHOLESALE J\ e <>uk and n.anlilta li.i tae. One raruli ? of taking en tire chari.e of a wni a room and ot geltln up ?tj|e?. Andy to A M. A R. Davlea. It 8 Broadway. A L4ROB NUMBER OK EXPERIENCED AMD OTBKR ?errant- wanted ImaMdlately. Chembrrmr. d- wait rc.-eea onrae'. jirote-aed nouka and other eooka. ami entv fo itr ??e. twenty fo housework, and thnae lately anded for priva-e fatnlllee, hoteia, anntmer houiei. Ait, at RAY MONO'S, M B'?e Wer at CITY AND OOt'NTRY t.ADIKS WHO WfSH TO BOOM atoll h etnpl |(ui): ? od, faithful wnrn-n and girla, at inoierate w agei. r nT^e nice y aulted at E OAKKOLI.S Agrn y. A i ti n I D KKSO V A K KRS W ANTED AT ?22 6TH AV ALSO A girt to >ara. tlNOR GENERAL HoUSI.WOKK.-WANTKIl. A N RAT 1 and we'l tempered women, who le e good halter, planroikeed w.aher end lron?r. A Rootv.h, Wel li. or German woman prclorred. The b?at of raferetp ea r# q tire. I. Apply at No. 437 Weal t lh atreot. CtAMir IKS Sl!Pl'l.tRJi \VI fit TUB REST NllRYANM. P ?? .'?u'. chambermalda, laondrcakr . nurfv and far genera hua?-?ork. at Mrs hi ItZTs' 'eielr rataMinhed Genu in acrvanU' olflue, 763 Kltvalwh at . n"ar llonaton rriRLs wvNiKn ?pok hotels, boarding IT no'tae*. reatauranta end private ram Ilea, n city ?ml "muolrj ?? New Verk Einp oyment OtBue, 42" Hroooc ?k Apply t.' O. WALTON A CIO. ( WANTED?ROB B KCELLBN'T ?ITtTATIONH, Wl T nay aud countryaa ? ham onm-ida, waltr*a?c?, laundreaeea. eeamiire* ma. bO'taeworkerr Alao snail girla and glrii laic?> laaded. Antny at the Large Ktv pc tn?nt lloiae, corner of 6th at. and tub t. IWABT TWO TIRBT class SERVANTS. ONE AH ??ook. watber and roaep: the ether a* lanndre*. tor hrat elaea lanillieaon Hrooklvn lloighty wage- S101 AI<o wanted, ? limed uelr. tweai'. eiperleured gir ? for hHjeework; w?r?i As aad lit), without wettlny Apply to Mr. CHR1HTO PHHR, lomierrit.. Brooklyn. SPAN'.I.RRS WANTRD-TgWOIIBOR HOOK SKIRfS; k gheat wagon paid and atea.iy emplnyuieai gnaraaioed. Apply to auMIu. Ktllry A Oa, at new fhctorv eeruer ef 3M et ead Mb at. AWO LAD* BARTENOKBS WAN TBD?AT SO WB6T Breed way THRBR GOOD DRRMMARKR* WANTRD APPLY at 373 Sth ar. WAMTRD-A KKW YOIJIKI LADlBH.* TO BNIT Mphvr woiated gaoda; can take the work home and re tarn It when lalvhed. Apply to John MoCrtery, 33 K nr. ray ah WARTRP-A riMT RATI OPBRATOt OR Whee'W A WllaoaA tewtag maehtne; ane wha caa kalab her awn wark aad le a nice Bee (ewer be hand. with or wlthent tnaehiaa. Apply at 3915th ava.aetweea the baurtef II aadf 13. ^antbd-36 Tocrjro .LADTRN TO. WORN QX HI bead ginip Call et It Ah'ngdon place Wa?t ilih et , between Ihe henry of ? aad II. baee nast doar. Wark will beglreaoel, A email depoeil eaqn'rad. w AWTKD BY A GENTLEMAN WITH TWO Clttt dren, a re p'cuhie la !v, *? kou ekefper; one wh ? le at preeeet ?aepinc h.-e preferred a lady of good w lal ai?.i? ST/enra e' aa?? u.av and rata a. Haarr be> i|>iai tme ai idfBarnM oihta 1 HELP XVA HTCIV-rCMALBA Wanted-a fbbalb. who pmorrbtan dm thn ?J**". ? f"r buitneaa. aa a omnpaoton. lo leave th?? city and a*>dit IB that boslaeaa. Addraa* Jotin Tboma* SMt (Greenwich at. TI'ANTED?A GIRL TO ATTEND AN RNGLISH TUT *" Irama speeder in a anion mill. Apply at 76 Beaver ?L, drat floor. TAr A NTBD?200 MACHINB ft ANDR ON HHBbTEK Tf ifila, steady work and the u*at pri.paid Apply mroedialely to J. Ilarriaoa, IS Marcar at., corner of Can ah \lr ANTED?AN KXPr.BIKNCKD COOR r()R A FBI " rate fauii'y. Apply at No. 41 We<t >9it at., between St.i and ilth aica Mual have food refereme \\T ANTED?AN AMERICAN OB OBIIIAK GIRL, TO V* do general housework for a private foudij >a ika country. App y at 263 South 2d at , wil.Uunkburi!. IjlfAN'TBD-A CHAMBERMAID AND LAUNDRIES: t? one who can coom wall recommended from bar laal place any apply at 61 West 35 th at. WANTED -A UOMPBrKNT HKAWHTRRSS AND nurse to go ? abort distance In 'lie oouatry, moat corn* wall te. omuicnded. App y at Sti 7th at. bat. 2 aad tf,H WANTED-TWO SERVANTS: ONE AH FIRST CLAH8 Uundraaa the other aa nor a and ana iiatmaa- mint ba able to out and ill laniao' and children'a draaaaa. Apply ad Bedford are , romrr Madlaon at, Brooklvn WANTED?FIRKT CLASS COOB. ONE WHO CAN make all diahea and bate well: nana otnar need apply ; to go a law nillaa op tba Hmla. n river. Apply Toeaday, ba twemi Id ami I O'clock, at No. d Kael Fourteenth atraet WANTBD-A GOOD. TRUSTY COOK TO TABB care ol' a houae d ring the summer, aad to rental* wltb the family In the fall. The very heat etty referenew re in red. Apply at 74 Weet doth at., between 'J and 12 o'clo k A. M. WANTED?IN A SPANISH PRIVATB PAMILT. IN Hmoklyn, a good cook. Apply at Hre atore l .,0 Water at.. New York WANTED-A SEAMSTRESS. WHO IS WILLING TO do ahauiberwork and underatanda lo cutting and Siting laillaa' draaaaa. Call for one a rat at Mra. Foa'a, 143 Waal 13th at. VV7ANTED-A NBAT. TIDY PROTK8TAMT WOMAN, TV p. rook, wa hand iron f r a ama I A merlnan family; liberal wtrrn paid and a good home off. rnl tonne under standing her hnaitiraa Well: must come Wall recommended. Apply at bin Broome at, near Vturiek, , WAN TED-A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. IT/ (JO INTO the can n try a- wet nure.' Appiv the day at the Lying in-Aayluaa, 116 Marlon atreet. between tbe hoi.raol IS and '( o'i lock. 117 ANTED ?A CHAMBERMAID, WMTKESS, COOB, TY laundra-N. nurse and -eametrce*. for a re paatablrt private fauily who pay good wage. App at No.7Wea( IIth 5L. between Broadway and Univers.ty place, from 9 to 4 o'clock. IJITANTED-J^EBW HOOD BOSOM HANDS. GO<)D Vv etiichcre; none but flrrt rate hand* need apply at 268 Bn ad ' ay. WANTIJ I-A FIRST CLASS COOK, TO OO WITH A private fam ty to Statnn Inland app'v before Iff o'clock ibis morning at '.13 Port flreen place, Brooklyn. \\* a.STED--A SBaMSTBBSS, WHO ('AN Cijt AND Vv lit and sew well on Wheeler A Wllaon'a machine ami willing in go In tbe country for the summer month , and at-, tend lo children above aix yeare of age. Apply for two dayff at 17.1 West .'ll#rIt it. WANTED?A PERSON TO TAKE CHARGE OR A, male Infant, ten months, old, at har own borne. Charges inil?t be moderate. Call at 124 H udaou at., Jersey, City, top Poor, front roam. TIT ANTED V MIDDLE A Q I'D PROTESTANT WO H man, lor general houwew rk in a family of two: moal, understand wmhing and ironing be clean, and well recora memt' d. Apply at 421 Caaul st , tit the gallery. 1KTANTI n-A LADY TO LI ARN THE ART OP TT r lonng photographs Altar two week-' Inntr ctlon , of i na hour per da work will be given out or a alioat on. will bo given Call at 713 Broadway, room 19. II. KONKJ8BKKG. Q7ANTND?'TWO GOOD GIRLS; ONE AB GOOD TV cosik. un l the uther for washing and to make herself peiieraliy useful; middle aged per-oni preferred. Apply, with r*f<reupra, at WJ Wert S2d at , to Mra Curran. nr ANTED?A PBOTKSTANT WOMAN. AS NORSK vv for a young baby; aba mirst perfectly understand It* c .re and bring it up bv the bottle, and barn good city refer ence. Apply a1 44 I' th el., between Mb and 6tb ava., for two da;, a. U ANTED?A GIRL TO ATTEND A Y01'NO BA3Y AND lo as, ?t in sewinc. One having l ad eiperience rata apply for three day a at No. b Willow at., Brooklyn. TITANTi D-A I.ArNDRRS8 W HO THOROUQHLY UN TV deraikiide h?'r luiein<-se. parienlnrlv Breach llollffg, and Is wilting in go lo Newport fur the aiitnmer. Apply Im rnedlatelv. before 2 o'clock, inr two daye at No. 2 Eaat KM la at., coi ner of Madison av. M'ANTED?A SMART GIRL, TO DO ulnp.raL, TV housework in a small Hnl rcfarraoa ra qn red. Cell at 17 Ciarkron at , attar 'Jo ck, yneadiw. \\f ANTE D? A PRirrrSTANt WOMAN. TO DD THB ' Vv geuarai h . of I. ui'i y.- m oo weeblng or ironing, il'vrefyia ?? wqnli d A|u ot 9 (If ford place, 4'dh st , between . anuvLexiogtuu a- - .. at ba?emenl door. af tcr 9 o'clock. . ? , j EB' .4 WANTED-A RK'-.PEU i'ABLE WOMAN. AH COOK, audio as ivt ui D - m.'iervaork of a email family; louat have good refereuceA Ap ply at I'h Beat ISlh at. WANTED ? A GIRL. TO COOK, WASH AND IBOM. and good liaker; muet bring good ru' omineinlatiaoe. Applv a No. 7 Murray litll Park.wbetwoeu 34tk and Mlh a.a , i roiu '.I to 1 o'clo k. r W ANTED?A EORKWOMAN IN A WllOLP.BALH V v a nah LOutr, muMi bs coinprtenl la ta ?? eharga of th? manufacturing department and to gal up atylaa Apply at 263 Hioadoay, upatalra. UrANTED?A LAUNDRBSS; NONE BUT A FIRST rate waaber and iruncr need apply; corns with pood rlty rr<oinmemlaliou. Apply at 61 Boat 3Ath at. WANTED-A nan CLAHR COOK. IN A I'RITATH fiiuiiv. in the viclniiT nt New York Call at 49 E.aai 2 W| *1. not, 1th ev..on Wedneadas . tbe 29th lail. between P and .2 oV ock ? WANTED-l* BROOKLYN, A WRT NURSE, WHO TN willing la fake loneh'.ld to bar own home Apply %m II .nnah ! ole , I'Jt Ciiut.ui a!., between Amity and 4jor giraa. Wanted-a middle aokd American, scotch or Kngdali I'roieetABt woman, a mot icy, nmtabie aad gout; raferaurr rcqulretl; wages moderate. Call at <Utl* at., ? orurr of 6th a . i w antrd?three experiencedservants po* a gentleman'* f:?t>iI> : good cook, an eiporlen ail hambormaid -< nd nnrar anil aaatastrena; the nl.brai waaati gr m to oompetanl, *? I recommended girls. Apply IA Mr. MANNISH. I.t Con it at.. Heaokly*. W lkTKU-t Ulllf. TO <OOK, WASH AND IRON li.r three In ? f.,mlly and make heree I atherwla# >iad< Oils A> iht month; beat lelervnte required. <"-ill iron, v t" l<x-k to the morning at .lid East Kite at, u. twer.o -d and '.rl av.-. A Pret-ataat pralerrrd. 11/ANTED?TWO RESPECTABLE WAITER GIRLE, tV in tiip Itcatauranl norilieaat rornar at Canal eh and Uioednar. M. UfcRNHARO. TV ANTED-IE AMERICAN WOMAN, TO ASSIST IN IV do tit the housework of a am a! I Ainariian laimly, I ru?atat>nf of man. wife and child. A gend home and t rnl <sonipan>atioii to one w bo auita. App y lor two days al HH FlatbnMi a>., Hrenklja. Wanted?a okrman oirl, to do general liu'i>,'??t k i',iv k prtrale farony Iii Orange, N .1. One j competent and willing mk apply at baoemeat ate<e, 17V I It road war ' tlTANTED-A NORSE. CAPABLE OT TAEINO RN < vv ? Ire char <? ol an Im?at tuna inont a old. I'roteitaat prafrriad. Ueo?l city lei/iamea required. Apply at Iff hart Mill at. UP ANTED?A FIRST CLANS MOTEL HEAD COOK. !?r a summer hotel, nam* th? cur. Either a while or n mail man will do li ther ate <01111 eteni. Call al IBS Neat ^.th at., h-tw, an tlth air. an I Broadway. Wavti d?a young oirl to take caeb or <1,1 Uian aa<l do < haml rrwort. flood reference re quired. t| !< ? at 177 Waat l:th at. DENTISTRY. A BET O* TEETH MADE IN TIIKF.B HOURS-EN* V tire -atUiw n?n or n< l|>ay. at XW SiltIt armor Setauf T'aib aa low u* flit, aad no adrauoe re quired; and par-end not required to uk<* or par or aurddni; ualeae entire f aultad. Seta of Teeth with iham fronia. ?hlrh preserve tea natural v.,1 of the lip, are made hata. and at no outer plaaa in New Yo-k. Weighted Lower Seta were Inyented here, i~l art aaaila at no athar ! ? ? Tbara are many imliatino- of Wegt>?e,| Bet*. Plumper Heu and Seta o ar rimmed, to All ont lha face, a-e m?l? hare, ? ntirely different aad anperlorle what can ba ha I at any other attahiiahmcat XITROUd OXIDE CAB haa Von given hnra for oter ?"<en ihotiaand raaa*, and T-etli extra'ted without pnin. No a Ident or-irkneea 1 aa ?r irred Intm IM tier here. We g!?? it <? vary dev. Between Fifteenth hud Sixteenth atreota. No. 23B \IRT Ol TKETM MADB ftV HTRAM-dOU, TIllNO new tor BIO All rer<ona tn wane of Artldrta' Te< tn ran now be a ?otuinodittad on aliart uutnr. Teeth exlraeiad without rain hi my chemically purlliod oh or,,form lir B A IT, 9*1 fourth aven ,0 opp tula Eleventh ureal t FIRST CLASS BROADWAY riKNlIsim EHTAB i\ llrliu ant. largeal mo-t r?nlete. I.Til Hroa.l < ny, near Th rtieti, aireei II treorslnary pnc-<. Heap llul Vrilltr <1 Tee" aet?$l't, fl.l t'JO, worrauted. Pllllhi teeth, geld, ft. Uxtractinu withutil pain. F to pietnliiata awarded _ UK. Ma.nkON. Denual An kbtbktic nitroi * oxidb. Teeth intra, e l durijf a < aleep. poad'eoly with out int n or lajurinna reaulta To acee nmodata iha larae 1111 ? bi rm perx,na retittlring hta profe>a|,,nat aerviaa*, |kr 1IOV r It in remOTed to iha foe, atary huildiac No. i*?S Urn ,]??' near Elgbtaeath ttrael. COMB AND BE RATI SKI f, D?IV WILL COin YOlf oothliK Teeth esttai'ted tMnitlvely nnhont pain and without 1 harae natll Augu 1. tu ordar to afford an enportn oltr to all tnttgflU of the fan aad make t tnowo. call on the Aateihwn faeth > ompaay Deaaieia. raarth aire#l, oarnar Bowery. /NOLTON rtUNTAL ASSOCI \TION.-f t Id UN W HO V have a large number of tooth ta ntrert wamd rare the aeaoaeti t of waiting hy ,wiling and ee, irlng an appoint Utenl We mate iha *ea rrnah aaly, and hare never had a faliuie era otdent with it Offoa 12 H <nd atrael, ktwlori. Dr. wnrrh'N*NRw and imibofsda rtificui* Teeth. Whole aata BA $T (A and $10. 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