Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 29, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 29, 1864 Page 1
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T^JEFE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. JQj?8. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 29, 1804. PRICE THREE CENTS. 3CSS GRANT. Important Operations of Generals Wil son's and Kantz's Cavalry. What is Expeoted to Have Been Accpmpliihad. Coatlnnal fkirnrshiBg, but no Gene ral Eiigdga meats, tf, A*., te THE HERALD DESPATCHES. Mr. ltdwiiiuaer'i Oupatelt. Cut Pom, Juue 27, IMA the usr .- / bb iru or jcnk. uotbw Subb-.ui ot unbroken quiet bu paired over the amy or tbe Potomac, mud tbe Cfty-ioartb day of tbe Mta.aijn ot'.-ne as peacefully as ?? cummer m >rn" ever did. So Q> bilug b*s taken place on tbe frout for aevo rat days,exceptmg iub ue.nliory picket tiring, sklrmnb tag aud bar asking of workiug partie* that always go M when lw>> eucb arnii a aa these confront oacb olber. Tun Kh.HKL a hack Of mati'kdat Miiirr. Tbe rebels attacked a portion of our libei two eights ?go with loneidcri. bie ipiru, and raised quite an excllo a.e:.t lo front ol tn? lUuka of the Fl:tb and Ninth c-.rpa. A.- usual in eucb care., the alarm was com n-iulcuted from one division to a.iothnr, until a great p..rtmn of the whole line was vigorously loading and Q ftig to re; 61 an imaginary Daylight r?v> tied a of >ln.,d lehels, lying where thoy fell ? uJ e bernling ibe usr-auli. Our loss was inrigrlQcant, probably le.s lb in u U zen slightly wounded. Tbe general nuprer-lou 11 tuat tbe ieh? a intondod It as a reconnois tasce u> uevelop our is.Miiun. okmkkal h iekidax'h mkcknt oontb-ts and loss. Geueral berida.'s loi-i iu ills recent OsUt, aeur the Cbic?jb inioy, wide iot cmug I'ruuj Wtilte House to Jams-river. Is i ci to be lesg than two hundred *od fluy Vour corri^, undent wltti that commmd will Wt.4 )ou <he dei.ii ? ud casualties. lbo men and burses are nuw beiua ferried to the soulusidetf the Jamos river at I'ow .aian, mi i wilt i<e entire.y over by night. C.KABAAUl KAUIS'a AMI) W.UO.v'e OPEhAYlilNS. Moth ng ha* been neaid Irotn General* Wilson and tenia for several days. If their progress has not been Impeded by in amry forces on tboir line of mareh, isey <re proo-tbly near Lynchburg by this time, fee roymg tho only remaining r.iuoad that oonnects fcicb-njud with the suutn. U successful in doing this tfbeiually, it a iit be ibe hardest blow of the campaign, end niiist lead to the Immediate evacuation of Petersburg tad Richmond. It |m doubt:ul wbeth r Lee oau maintain bie pramon with even the temporary kiss of tbo road Uut its partial dcstrucl on would entail. He needs It tally and bouriy, and fares illy enough in the rebel capi Ul with lb!* couiruounutlon unoruken. tisp -nrt mi r uakmial has son a?d use. scrum. Oeorral Ransom and Mrs. General Butler leave on the ?oru ng bo*l lur the Noilti. Weather exceedingly dry TEE M1TH CORPS. Mr. Ja?. C. Fittpatrlea ? Despatch. Niitm Ami Co era, 1 Re'Okb Pktski-bcuii . Va., June 'JO?P. J. J ssmiui ui-a.vr'e cKPaTBomau that the puns a- a intentions of tieuersl Grant are sn impeuetrsbe mystery to the rebels le evidenced in many Wave, and out the lean in the successive and frequent recedboissaiiree wtii.iu 1 hey nake to feel our position, rue fcSuKL anacs urea tbs mmn come. Of sncb n en racier was :> demonstration on their part test nigin, aooul ten o'clock, when thsy pushed forward a senio.-Ii li e ricui p l\- oar breastworks. A very ?trn reivpiion greeted ibetn, however, and sufficiently taw winced thriu tout we were iu force upon that portion tf tie line, Once Mart tue bring between the combat w.?e, and it will continue fur an Indefinite time. The tMoei rnce on tnis Mca ion was a desultory discharge M evil for several b urn, oiun quickening Into heavy voeeys, ocm eying the mprestlon at limes that n erv. e moot was imi?ndiag. The brunt of tne ttuc* last n ?ni we- ui on me Filth corps; but It lapped ever e.ou a portion of our corps. I UK LOS M havlubt revetted e number of the enemy's dead In froei of our works. Our owu 1 ss was triUlugly small, aed doss not exceed six w< U ded. ins gin ox stub it. Today bis been quiet; that is In onr sense of tbe teroe. Ine ptckeie k. p: up inelr usual topping, and tbe drt tier sis o;< either sHe anruscd themselves by target pr seine on eacii other's bstteriee. ro-nigbt there baa beee some sharp muaseiry ou the front of WLleox's di vsenn CAST AI T1SS. LteuL J. L. Atwood, aciluff Adjutant of tbe 8ccond New terfc nflos, was killed in the pita I hie forenoon. Lieu v?.aai V ?orf oi the Twenty -seventh Michigan, met a' Mmdar fsle yeslm day. ru wvATntn. The weather has been ntrus-iy hot during tbe pest iw i Save. A thunder storm parsed over us this after ^ eeoe; but we uuiy received a lew drope of Uie wiebed tor an wutoh accompanied it. TOE LUBTEEIIQ CORrs. Mr, John A. Bisny'i Oeipetch. BnaisjOAirrffffs, Ennfanxn Asm Conrn,! I.v run riKLP, June 3d?A. tL J nscixvOMsancn To sewer oockt norsn. r?eterd?y Giptam HIH-pf the First New York mounted ntM, returned to Putut of Ricks, after a successful re iuMtitsMHoe aiong the south hank of the Jamos to Bur. rj ? onrt huurt. i aptain II u leit Bermuda Hundred on * U? V> b lust , with troop K or h<o reglmwut, and, taking e w ais.sirt lauded at Fort row baton after dark aud die * mi barked lis troupe. nttvpos enrnon. The ioi ce mucdi.iely moved forward, nng tn a few E Ware r-a. tied Urandoo > burch. Here It was discovered Ttk li lorie ?f rebel cavalry were suppose! to be In poo e-aeVtu .if .Surry Court Ilouae. Nothing daunted, Captain hi I puebed on lor the place, delirm'oed to flgnt If neces* ta/y. caw* rottrrs , tecum? creeks and moving along the du?ty rocds, Cap ?Bio li ii o.?itnuso bit aaro i mill be reached tbe or<es rv.4 at < abi ? P int. Here toe Information be bad h faoeivud at li nu'op ch'.rci was eoonrmod, end, with ?.?r? e\|iwc.aiu>n of a fight, tue command coalluaeJ tueir march. ?rsrv coest nncTU % raw at irpgib reached, and as soon as the distant chlm a? ? were dlsCi vercd Caputn Mil) ordered bta mm to s.aike. At a gsiiuptiiey entered the place, but ?o their ^ gfr.i diBerii otuimeui found no enemy. It war. dtewn er< d te?i lb- fufie urciipted toe tuwi , wl.ich ibape qiln a- ? 4itui oe nei m ser'mi lutn a large detachraei.t of , raewi rav iiry, was re-tllv only e party of guerlllat. L'pon toe v-rmg Ca,taiu Hill s euvanoe, they bad left pre ?. luteiy ^ rasiso Tire oath ? r amw.iasc*. r-ueibere f tbe ii.babi ems, who bad been met with se Hie < u aud si ibu didereut nlncee where tbe cavalry * ?a4 tiii|i|anl, croa <lvd hOMilg kmptaln Hill, and begged ? cave him kdmlnmiet' IMhmM of siiegiai.oe aed give ^ ie?e? ??'egiiarde. The f'apiaia. however, had oo eutho my l a< t to this matter, and relerred ihein ell to dene, ?at p?ii?-r. Hnw they were te reach the latter was not a |M ewesiio . ibat be etplalu d ^ Bi'fsi i ?s ?s ev ins surni row. The oiler bcpe'sMneee < f Ibe rebel sense seemed to fc' h.?e titered the minds of therarnier* Is tbls ueighbi r bwd. end (real anxiety was manifested to be again e n stdsreu cilitens oi the I mou ts it was or ss It is. tils snruv. After rrmslnit g s eh rt time and accomplishing the e?-ec ? I Hie eg e.iifmi ?n im ly . finding out whether ?a? |?M forts wen >o ibe ?icinitr?'be cavalry set qnt ob their return, and readied Fort Powhatan la tune to b# loaded y Bermuda yesterday at nooa. AceoarANYiNU orncaas. Major Hamilton, of tbe first Now York mounted rlOeo, ocooaopooled the command as o rolanteer. Caputs Blur tor, of General Butler's staff, also west along, with the orders of the general guiding tbetr movemeats. OPERATIONS ON THE APPOHATTOXt Mr. Charles H. Banasna's Deipateh, On *hb ArroMATioz Rim, Juno 20,1800. ONS or l HO SIGNAL OORPS DUOWNBD. Henderson E. Martin, of tba Signal Corps, Headquarter a of the Army of the Potomac, and formerly a member of Co. O, One Hundred and fortieth Pennsylvania Volun teers, was acoldenUlly drowned lu the Appomattox rlvef, on Thursday last, whilst endeavoring to water hta horse. The horse reared and fell back on Martin, who, not beta.' a swimmer, waa unable to extricate bimsalf. .He entered the service in August, 18S2, and was transferred to tba Signal corps In April, 1804. Hta body has net yet beeu recovered, although Acting Master's MaU Gregg, ot the United States sto .mer General Putnam, with a boat's crew, dragged tbe river for several hours. KKBBL PaiSOVKRS A large nnmber of rebil prisoners crossed tbe pontooo bridge over tbe Appomattox river this afternoon, on tbetr way to Major General Butler's headquarters Where tbey wore captured you will learn through your correspondents with tbe artny. BKAVY FIRING was beard for a short time this morning In tbe direction or Petersburg. The rotela also threw u few shells across the river into Major General Butler?a lines about the aame time. ntK gunboats qcrer. Poring tbe day the gunboats have been remarkably quiet, l'bey have not fired a t-bot. Tbe Chamberlain, General Graham's Hag.-hip, has occasionally changed her position, but otherwise everything naval has remained quiet and uncnanged. INTENSE HCAT h?a prevailed throughout the day, and to-night there la but little perceptible difference in tbe temperature. BEBHl'OA CINE RED? Mr. 'William 11. Blerrlam'o Deipntchei. Bxrmcda Hcmdkkd, June 26, 1804. ADMIRAL LXB AND THS JaMKS RIVIB. A very considerable excitement baa been created In both tbe army and navy of the department by tbe ap pearance of your article lu tbe Hkrald of the 23d Inst., upon the "Operations on Jauies River?The Failure of Our Iron clad Navy " mere are those, and amon.t them the commanding general o( the department, who feel that the Admiral's reputation end efficiency have been unjustly assailed. It la claimed that, while the old Admi ral may have mncb to answer (or, be should not be , harshly criticised tor failing to counteract obstructions that have their ortem with the Almighty, woe alone can remove them. General Butler has personally oailed my attention to a chart of the Jamea river chan nel, officially authorized by the government, which plainly Indicates that the Admiral's ves sels cannot proceed to Richmond, for tno reason that they draw twelve feet of water, end the channel lor half a mile above Trent Reacb oontalne only eleven feet of water Beyond this point there Is ptenty of water, at d the iron-dads could easily contest the matter with the rebel rants and sail Richmond wards If this point of Trent Reach In the river could bo overcome. Then, again, the Iron-clsds, it is et utly asserted, cannot be lightened sufficiently to accomplish the desired object. Take every thing out of them and they would only Itgbteit six Inches out ot the water. No one here questions Lee's bravery, tie to universally credited with being a brave old sea dog. The obstructions wsre placed In the James by the express order of Geneva) Grant, which fact tends In a great meas ure to exonerate the Admiral. awiML a. a poem's xxrenmow. The situation ef the enemy to-day in relation to Gene ral R. s. toster'e position at Junes' Neck is somewhat menacing, though quiet. Captain Cornelius llsstsa, of the First New York mounted rifles, reports them developed in line of bailie, with e heavy skirmish line at a point , a mtlo and a half from Jones' Neck. There are several regiments of the enemy and a battery at Ruffln's house. The picket line was advanced this afternoon under com mand of the officer of the day, Mq|or Bill, of the Eleventh Maine. The reeonnuiesance resulted in some picket flrtog. Just now the Hunchbick, gnnbost, opened on the enemy, who were discovered throwing up earthworks at the bead of Four Mile creek. After eevcral rouuda the enemy left. rcaeoitsi. Captain Beaumont, of the United States gnnbost Mack Inaw, and Cs;U)n Nichols, of the Mendots, paid their resiocts to General Foster, commanding, at bis head quarters this evening. Hbai>qcartbu, Njur Point ov Rocxs, Ya., T June 20, lt>64. / cikihai, mm, SB'S narAanuxT. The Washington correspondent of the New York Tfeies, under date of the 24th inst., assorts on alleged "high authority" that the department of General Bailer has been merged in that of the Army of tho Potomac. I am enabled to refute what the Tinirj correspondent has as sertrd. Major General Butler's department still con tinues, both nominally and veritably, a separate and dis tinct organisation, over whicb the great Massachusetts aneian exercises supreme control, at all other depart mental commanders rule their organizations, In general subordination to the President and the Lieutenant General ol the armies. nix raw*. There IB no trans tollable news to-night from either these headquarters or tho Tenth corps. This to Intended to cover a quiet day so far as coniraoand intelligence to concerned; but tbe greatest activity bas prevailed, throughout tbe past twenty-four hours, in relation to tho consummation of the great movement now being per Acted. , easiest, ov eaunut rostra n. eras xnv stats. General Joseph B. Csir, accompanied by Captalu John son and Lieutenant Carr, of bis staff, arrived at General Butler's tent this evening, from the command of Y<<rk town, Gloucester and adjacent potnta. General Carr and stalT will return to Yorktown, for a few days, previous to taking up bto new cjmmind. The Press Despatches. Baanqt-ABTaaa, Abut or nix rorovAr, 1 June 27?4 A. M. J An attack was made oo Burnside'a line at about eleven o'clock oo Saturday night, with the intention of driving back a working party who were engaged In digging In trenebmeots toward tbe oneiny'e front, eo aa to galu a b -iter position In wblcb to place guns to mors effectually cover tbe rebel works. The Bring was very brisk for about an hour, resulting In our men boldlug their ground and continuing their labors without any losa of con ?eqoeuoe. Tbe usual amount or picket Bring took place yesterday, it being a little more persistant In front of tbe Ninth corps than at any other print It to usual to relieve picket lines shortly after dsrk, and the rebels, being generally on tbe alert at tbo least noise, Invariably open Are, in hope of being able to pick olf eomo men while the change is being made. It is seldom any harm results trotn tb--ae attacks, as the men have become so earerul to screen themselves that It to next to impossible for the rebel sharpebootere to get s range oo ttn-m. Tbe health of the troops to In the main good, consider lug tbo oppressively hot weather they have had to endure sine their arrival bote, and lbs scarcity of water In this section. 7he Eighteenth oorpe seem to have the greatest number ef men In the hospital from the eifecte of tbe weather. The oolored troops are reported as being unaffected by tho heal. Burgeon Jack-on, iu Charge of ttie Fourth division hospital, Moth corps, roorls that In that div.eioa only forty men ml of four tooussud were uoltt tor da y when they were pot In front on Tuesday last to relieve tbe Second corps. This tends te show bow much baiter they c?n endure tbe eoorcbteg rave Of the sun than white troops. Appearances yesterday afternoon led lotted that we ehoaid hsee a shower ot ram, black cloud* apieaiieg In lb-* West, accompanied with a god deal of thunder, hut we w*re disappointed. Tbe storm passed off to the northeast, oniy a lew drops fm tog iu this vicinity. Foutrkmi Mownoa, June 27,18B4. Tbe steamer B gblsnd l.igbt arrived here at ids o'<v< ck from ' it) point bhs renoi te Mat all ia agist ia ft out. General Sheridan's command met with a aught toes la an engagement with the euemy's loroea at Wilson's land tog, but pnmshed the eusmy to a greater exteut than our General SherkJaa will oomplete bla eroaalag over the Jim river at sundown to-night, which le being accom pli* ned entirely by tranap >ria, and ant by poatooue, aa heretofore erroneously reported. Oaiaaltlea la the Twelfth Reg alar Infantry. tO HI K91TOK OP TUB HIRALD. Gear Twaum Umnro Mtatbs Ixraktut, | Near l'naMBVuo, Va., June 36, i*M. Having never aeen a published list of the killed and wounded officers of the Twelfth regiment of tnianiry, and as tbey have frienda la common with other oBloers, yon Kill pblige the writer, and doubtless oonfer a favor upon many of your readera^aad friends of the parhes, by giving the following a place in your oolumna:? Major L. B. Bruen, leg amputated above tuvo joint. Captain T. M. Anderson, wouuded iu right leg. Captain P. 8. Duuu, wounded in right arm. Captain C. L. King, wounded In leu leg. Captaiu H. C. Morgan, leg amputxted. First Lieut. D. D. V..u Vunii, killed. First Lieut. August Ihiemaun, wounded In left aide oad also ou i Ight thigh. First Lieut. II. C. Kgbert, painful wound in le't leg. Fbst Lieut. W. UcNettorvilie, wuuuded and taken pris oner. First Lieut. Jean P. Wagner, killed. (apt. T M. Hu ingR, killed by musket ball In left eye. Second Lieut. A. Meyers, woutidod, tiuue dead. .--eoourt Liuul A. Kggeraeyer, killed Second Lieut. J. E. l'ui nam, wounded In foot. It will be seen that the casualties havo been very great. In Ibe aager hope of conquest and victory for their coun try and a speedy close of the war, many doubtless un necessarily exposed themselves to danger. Out of some sixteen or eighteen oflicers who broke camp with the regiment on the 30tb oi April last and eutered on the present campaign, only two are now re maining, and one of them, Lieut. Thiemann, has been twice wounded, but still remains >n command of bis company, buviug never left it, although one of his wounds was very painful. Too mueb caunot be said In praise of the brave vete rans wbo, having braved tne battles of tbe wbole war, bave at last fallen?-at a time, too, when they were most joyful In the hope that they had antercd upon Uteir lost campaign. NEWS IR9M THE SOUTHWEST. Fight Near the Mouth of White River. DEFEAT OF THE BEBEL3, Cairo, Jane 30, IBM. Memphis paper* say tbat on the morning of Ibo 22d Inst, e detachment of General Magruder's command, alx hundred atroug, at lacked two companies of tb* Twelfth Iowa infantry, stationed near tbe mouth of tb* Whit* river. Alter severe lighting tbe rebels were repulsed, with a less of twenty-four killed and wounded. Our loss was one killed aud Ave wounded. Tbe removal of toe gunboat Tyler from tbat station probably emboldened the rob ?!*, and but (or the fortu nate arrival of tbe gunboat Lexington the result might have been unfavorable to as. Our forces lougbt desperately, repulsing several charges of tbe rebels, end drove them from tbe Uotd. Gen. ?armaduhs Keportod Mevlag on Little fUck, ArJs. Uisrus, dune 28,1864. Rebel deserters who have surrendered to our gun boa to below say mat Gen. Murmaduka la moving on Little Rock, Ark., to attack Gen. Steele and oapture tbat city if pos sible. Hews from New Orleans. Caibo, June 97, 18(14. Tbe atcamer Sultana baa arrived from Now Or icons 21st. Ttere has been a alight advance in augar and molasses. Operations in eottou are limited and quota tions are nominal. The Btosmrt Regiment and Fernando Wood, TO TBI EDITOR OF TJTT HERALD. Bhwklym, June 26. If64. 1 notice In yonr Issue of this morning an account of tbt debate In the House In wliicb tbe Hon. Fernando Wood repudiates tbe object of tbo organization of the Fortieth New York Volunteers, generally known ea tbe Uo/aft regiment. Tbe Hon. Hoses F. Odell accuses Mr. Wood of having raised a regiment at tbe commencement of tbe war lor tbe purpose of putting down tbe rebellion. Mr. Wood denies that tbe regiment wae organized for any oil.or purpose than tbe defence of Washington. Sir, tny object In malting this communication Is, that tbe public may understand this matter In Its proper tight. I claim ibis privilege as one of tbe original oSlccts of tbe regiment (there are but three left). Tbe regiment w?e organized aa the Constitution Guard, In April of 1n)|. Ibis was el a tlma wneu troops were enrolled much faster than they were required oy the general roirru meiit. ibereloie we leltoonaidrrabie anxiety about bring recognized and sent Into the ee d. We were wining to adopt any bonorabie course to accomplish tbls ob.ccl. In tbo innntb 01 May a proposition came to us ibat If we would consent to a consolidation wuh tbo Mozart regt mem we were secured or Mr. Wood's Influence as a member of the Union I'e.etica Committee. Alter waiting a reasonable length of lime for the ?!o/art regiment to repoil to Uh, or orders to was Sscer tamed tbat Hie Mozart regiment was a myth All lust o< uli. be found of tl.em were u Dumber of Mr. Wood's friends, purporting to be officers? more than sufficient for a lull regiment?but no enlisted ruea. Of course we wou.d have nothing to do Willi Mr. Wood's friends as officers, without tbe men. Ho (Mr. Wood) then welted upon us, aud said, ''if we would take bis mn? (Mozait) it was nil tbat be required, end lie would assist us in geittug to tbo seat of war.*' It is hardly neccreery to nay that, bad we waited a week or two longer, tbe ) real dent ? proclamation calling for m?re troops would hu-.e obviated tbe necessity of Mr. Wood's patronage, lie never raleed a single officer or man >or tbe PenoM of n.e regiment. n?r was there, dura g II.e w hole common no il n witb Mr. w nod, a single word breailied about the regiment going mer sly for the do.'ence of War hlogiun. The regiment entered the service tor three years, end many ol Ita members bave re enlisted for tbree >eara more, lbs psison to whose indeiatlgabie euurgj and parroveraate much more is due tban any other one m?u tor the raising and equipping tbe regiment tor service, and also for its re eiilietuient, Is tol net tboraaa W fata, who baa been actlug as brigadier general at sod smoe lbs battle of Cbameliorsvnle, in 1863, and Is at present severely wouodad In tbe elds. Thus you see bow much eredlt Mr. Wood la enti tled to U|K>B bis vaunted boasting of having raised atid equipped the Fortieth (M'zaity regiment New York Vut?r.<u Volunteers. Also u|niii Mr Udell's erroneous ac cusation tbat Mr. Wood had rent a regiment into the Held at tbo commrnienjeut of the war 1 brio take (be opportunity oi correcting any false Ira predion tool may be current relative to ibn political c m ploxion ut tbe regiment In consequence of lu count" Ik o with Mr Wood Ibere m not and eeTer has been In the regiment a ''cor perhead," a "aocetaiuulal," a ".-w noe a sympathizer," or tbat moat abominable of all |Hilulcal nondescripts. S "peace democrat;" but, on tbe contrary, the K>yai>y to the llag, tbe government, tbe aduiniairaiion, wild per alsieni determination to retiore taw aud qydoi to the govcrnmei t, at whatever co t ji human ll:e, are maiteie ot record w .its the ie?l thr e years Mr Wond's com ectl u with the regiment was fully <ei forth lo a aeries ot resn uttons a gned by all the otticcri 01 the regiment, and puoikbr I lu the Spring of 18t trusting itiai you will see ibc yuet ce ?i giving the let ter publichy, 1 asa, sir, very resian tfully, your cteduui sorvaai, ALU. J. HAKci.R, Lieut. Colonel commaodiag fortieth N. Y. V. V. Police Intelligence. A EURO I AM CALOIIT IN THR ACT?MM II RBI ASP BT A DOaBtll , ?TC. Late on Monday afternouu a man, twenty Ave ye rs ot age, giving nis name as William Morum, buraiaileusly entered tba bouee of Mrs. funny Levy, 17o West wei lb street, by means of false keys, end, proceeding up -lair* un bseived, brt ke opea smie bureau drawers, end ?t<de four gold watcbes, two diamond breaatp as, six cbtine, silver table and teaspoons, gnld and silver coin, Ac .Ac., valued in ail at 81 AiCO (Hi inraing down stairs with his plunder I he wo* difoiS ed by N.ia-, levy, who screamed lur belli. Tbe s- ri ><ut girl instantly rrsinuided I" the cail, sad. oieellug the r.;?oal id the hall, cauahs bim by ths n liar. A struct e then ei<sn>d between tin-in, during which M< Inn b. Ire k<oe* sou ran to' lev Sfrfot He whs ptiieiK ' r several b oak-, ebd flnr y arrested h? officer t? a o thn l to rer.nci is, ae ebtni ih' prts'inn * itu-nf'Urrty tt fr> tn *l s 1st w iW I mid in bis nuawvs-,.. , lf<lH>- teniae yi'?i? ?n l td Mr m ;? pfiewa Ui tfi. I. u indsu t ?. i It.' C0 HUHTER. Success of the Expedition Up the She naodoah Valley to Lynchburg. " Great Injury Inflicted Upon the Enemy." Die Fercti "Victerione in Every Engagement." The Withdrawal Effected With out Serious Loss. Operations of the Cavalry Under General Wilson. All of the Railroads Leading Into Rich mond Destroyed, fell, *?.. M. Secretary Stanton to General Dir. Wahiiimiton, Juno 29, 1804. Major General Dix:? A despatch from Lieutenant Gencal Grant, dated yes terdoy, the 27tb, at 3:80 P. M., at hU headquartors, re ports no operation! in front except irom our hwuuubh, which tiro into tbo bridge at Petersburg from a distance of two thousand yards The despatch gives tbo followlug Intelligence from rebol papers-? A l'etorsbnrg paper of tbo 25tb Inst, states tbat Gen. Hunter 1b sinking for Jackson rlvor depot, about forty miles north of Salem, and save tbat If be reaches Gov Irgton, which they suppose be will do with most of his forcer, but with lose of material, be will be safe. The name- paper accuses Gen. Hunter of destroying a great amount of private property, and atculiDg a large number of wagoos, horses and cattle. The fame paper also states that General Wilson do stroyed a train of care loaded with cotton and furniture, burned the depot buildings,-Ac., at Burkcavillo, and do atroyed some of the track, and wns still pushing aontb. All the railroads leading Into Richmond are now de stroyed, and tome of them badly. EDWIN M. STANTON', Secretary of War. 8KCOND DBSPAfCn. Washington, Juno 28?4 P. M. ' Mi>r General Jlix:? The follow tog despatch baa just been received from General Hunter:? ?'1 b?ve the honor to report that onr expedition has beon extremely aHcceesrul, Inflicting great injury upon the enemy and victorious in every engagement. Kunntng thort of ammunition, and Undine It Impossible to collect supplies while In the presenco of an er.emy believed to be superior to our force In numbers and constantly re ceiving reinforcements from Richmond and other points, I deemed it beet to withdraw and have succeeded In doiug so without serious loss to thta point, wliero we hav- tret with Abundant supplies ef Coml. A detailed re port of our operations will be forwardod immediately. The command la in excellent heart aua health, and roudy, after a tew days rest, for service In any direction." Nothing later tbau my telegram of this morning has been received from General Grant or General Hbormun. KUWIN M. STANTON. Secretary of War. Exltlblttom of Grammar School So. 11. A splendid exhibition by the female department of Grammar School No. 11 was given in one of the large rooms of the scboolbouse kg West Sevcuteeuth street, near Eighth nvnnuo, yesterdiy aitemoon. The attend ance of ladies and gentlemen was very considerable, and the exercises ?vflurded a high degree of satisfaction. The exhibition r<om was neaiiy decorated, and tho pupils wore de. kod In spotless white dresses, with bluo sllic bands across their bosoms, and wroatbs of flowers around their hoid?. On tho ilago were tbe luvlied guests, amoug whom our reporter noticed tho fcflowing:?Messrs James W. Gorard. S. V nor, 0. Pmith, B. 0. Waodell, Milton St. Jobn, J. I eUu', L A. Ko-onrailler. If. C. Van Vorst, N. Jarvis, Jr , I*. C impbrll and J. It Leaning. The exhi bitlnn column red at two o'clock P. M., with a grand chorus, after which some reading from the Scriptures took place, and then tbe following programme was goue through with ? Chorus?"O, be joyfnl to the Ixird." Composition?"American Women" Kete Welsh Glee?"Wblleail la hushed." Compoaltlon?"Truthand Ueauty" Mary,Clark thorns?"Tho Mayfly." Tiuett?" Wander'ng stare".. .til.??oa Jaock* and Mlckele Comporllloe?"My Grandmother's Soliloquy." Liarhara F.vans Polo (piano)?"Yc liunks and Braes ' f lieu Kelly Song?lbs star of 1-ove. Dialogue?"L'A vare," from Mnllere. Trio?"I'alx du Oeur".Ml6ses Wcl h, Mlckels and Bayard RooUtlon?"Re eulifted" Jn-ephtne Eisanprlce (home?"Search through tho Wldo World " Compoeitu n?"A V|?ion of the f uture'' Lizzie Reed '<fhoo art so fevur, end yat so lar". .Carrie Jaoecks luicii (piauoj?"TraviuU"....Misses Welsh and Shepherd C*llei lien ice ChoruH?"Gtad Notes of Joy." Presentation of diplonias. Valedleiory?"Our Purpose In Life" Fannie Mitchell Purling it-iiig. Addres* to grodnetee. Addroases to the school. Doxology??"Praise God, from whom ell bleadings flow." Itened'ctioa. Tho young ladles upon whom diplomas were conferred were Mi? following-?Martha Holle*. Chit Horns, Marga ret Fell, Fanny Mitchell, Emma Kichsida, Suia i Biyard, Mary Clark. Barbara Evans, C-rrle Mitchell, kuio Wel?h, f mily Barter, Ifelicy Carver, Maria Eerie, Jena Pratt and Anelo Wltherall. rou e of the recitations and all of the mnale were s.den dldlv re idi'ed, end tbo exhibition altogether lurntHhed another remarkable Illustration of the exoellent educa tion wtuch tho children receive at this admirable tohc-ol It Is not long since ws had occeeho to epe.ik ui the profi ciency of the aclvdare in the male do: arlmont, which is provided over hv Mr. AIouh Ifoptier Tbe e\erc'S?s y*s t?rdav prove that Hehool No. II, In all Its departments, is ooe of the best, If not the very best, of the pnhilo schoo's oi this metropolis. The principal of tho faiualc depart ment Is Mary A. Slmms. Personal Intellligriace. Major Lorell Purdy, Jr.. Firth Excelsior (Second oorps) who was shot through the body and leit arm, on ths loth Instant, before PeterMiur.1, V.., arrived in the State of B.luelrora City Folol, and Is oow at bis father's real donee In this city. IDs ir.ends will be pleased to learn that, although badly,he is not seriously wounded. Amons tbe peageogors by tbe steamer Havens Is Mme. Uu/io <>111, the prima donna, who is to m ike her enpear anco In this city next October, and who is eng*g-d by Mart iieui in hie opera troupe, to perform in Mriloo bofoie tbe Emperor Maximilian. The remit Joieset tnni mvtrsr. SLt'HI It 's COURT?CflAMHtkKA. Before Judge Moncrief, J< *s 58.?Tliis nmrn.tig Judge Moucrief rendered the dectstn of the Court lu the cato of Count Jeannes against liursoe H. Day and others. An application had be o made by tbe defend oils for security for costs to the action pending bet aero the paities on the a legation that tbe plaiatlfl was not a citizen of the Mats. Tl.e follow log is the ruling ?t tbe Court in the eaee:?''The application must be detiivd. with seven dollars costs. Tbu aileg* ttoo of tbe de Sudanis H upon iniormailon and hcilef, wht e the of rem Val to this eitv m piuuuKT, and hero, as well as the 'act o In* hug a ? eatdeul, are distinctly and tmalHvely a>-serie.l and alib mod by nin.,aud are cotroboraieu by tacts sod cir tumsutaoet uar'Sted bj bira " < rtcket. BBW tori ??. BATII.LITI, or srtttiitrevrRO. The match between the second eievee of the New Vork 'Mob and the strength of tbe satellites terminated in a vnr of the Wiiitameburgere by a total -core nf If.', to 114, with els wiekete to iaP. A geoo aseembtage of a ec latere were praeent t? wttnr** the contest, ttudle so ed 8f (i iil nut) lor Hit stel, as.aud ti o e 41 inul nut) l>r ilia N?? 1 ufke-e II r ark air ti.-ldti.g ?nd general?' p ui ihsuiililt ? ?? Hunt cm'. 1 i . til !'? ha ii11 r v d in I .1 etftw ?? r, i).. a. W.. sell THE PRESIDENCY. Correspondence Between the Mows mitten of the Bnltlmore Convention nnd President L>lncoln. ? New You, Jnoe 14, 1844. Hon. t uim Lmooi.v:? Bis?Tbe National Uulon Convention which assembled to Baltimore on June T, 1844, bu inttracted ox to Inform you that >ou were nominated with enthusiastic unanimi ty <or the Presidency or the United Stales for four yeara from the tth of March next. The resolutions of the Convention, which we have already nad tbe bon?r of placing lu your band^ aro a fhll and claar statement, of the principles wbtcti Inspired Its setion, and which, its we uob?Vnt the ureal body of Union men in the country heartily approve. Whether those resolutions express the national gratitude to our soldiers and sailors; or tbs national acorn of com promise with rebols, and nonsequeot dishonor; or ? he patriotic duty of union and success; wt ether tboy Approve tbe oroclamullon of emancipation, tbe con siltiitloual amend moot, the employment of former slaves as Union soldiers, or the solemn obligation of the govern ment promptly to redress tbe wruues of every soldier oi luo Union, of whatever color or race: whether they declare the Inviolability of the pledged faith of the na t'on, or offer the national hospitality to too oppressed a>f every bind,or ur?'e the uiiioo by railroad of the At lantic and Pacilic oc'aus, whether they locoinint hd pub lic economy and vigorous taxation, or. assert the tlxod popular optNMition to the estabiislimeut by armed I'oree of foteigu mousivbloH in tbe luuuediate uulgbbortwod uf tbe Utiiied-tales, or derUo (but those only are wort by of official trust who approve unreservedly tbe views and policy indicated in tbe resolutions? ihey were equally hailed with tbe heartiness ot profound conviction. Believing with you, sir, that this Is the pvuule's war for the maintenance of a government which yqp have justly described us "ol tbn people, by tlm people, (or the people," we ate very sure that yen will bo gl?d to know, not only from the resolutions themselves, nut liom ibe singular harmony and onthusiasm with which ihoy were adopted, bow warm is the popular welcome ul every muusuro in the prosecutiou of tbe war, which is as vigor ous, unmistakable and unfaltering us tbe national pur pose it-elf. N" right, for instant*, M so preeiotM and sscred to the American heart us that uf liberty, its violatiou Is regarded with just, lusiani and iiuiver-al jealousy. Yet in ibis hour oi peril every faithful Clilz n couocdes thai, for the sake of n iliouni existence and tbe con.mou welfare, Individual liosrty may, as ihe v.ouetl tui ion provides lu case of rebellion, bo sometimes sum marily cous'.rulned, asking only with puiulul uuxietc that In every roet.tuce, and to the least dc'vni, absolutely uecer-ary power shall not be hastily or unwisely exor ctscd. We believe, sk, that the honest will of the Union men of the country was never more truly represented than In this Convention. Their purposo wo beuevo to be tho overthrow of armed ruliols-iu the lleid, and the see irtly ol permanent |ieaco and union by liberty and justice under tho constitution. That these results are to be achieved umnl cr .nl perplexities they are fully uwoc. That they are to be reached only by cordia1 uaauluuty of c unset is undeniable. Unit good men may sometimes dillcr ns to tbe moans mid the time tbey know. That lu the conduct ot all Unman ufairs the nichost duty is to determine, lu the angry coullict of pussiou. bow much g->od may bo practically accomplished. In their sincere pcrsuusion. Tbey have, watched your officlil course, therelore, with on,lagging attention; and armd tho biltur taunts o' eager friends and tue florcs denjincmtion ot ene mies, now moving too rust for some, now loo slowly for others, tbey liuve seen you throughout this tremendous contest patient, sagt< |Ojjg, fsitblul, Just, leaning upon ; |ho he if( iJ'Jfje gi'it Vau.-s of the people, and satibucd to bo mbvea bf its'roighiy pulsations. It Is for ibis reason that, long before the Convection met. the popular instinct bail plainly iudlcated you as its candidate; and tho Cooveulkin, therefore, merely record ed the popular will. Your character and career provo your unswerving fidelity to the carditis! principles of American liberty and of tbe American constitution In tbe i.aiue of that liberty and constitution, sir, we ourncstiy request your|uccepiaiice of this nominal) m. Reverently com mending our beloved en niry, and you, its Chief Magistrate, with all Its brave sons who, on sea nnd land, aro failbliilly defending tbe good old American cause of equ d rights, to the lues, dig of Almighty tied, wu are, sir, very rest octlully, your friends und ieJow-citizeus. William Do a u moo, Ohio, I huirman J'Biah Drummond, Maine; Thomas K. Sawyer, New Hampshire; Bradley Barlow, Vermont: A. M. Itulluelc, Massachusetts; a. Si. Camrocll. Rhode Island: C. S. Bunluiell, Connecticut; <J. W ? urlls.Ncw York; W. A. Newell, New Jersey; Henry J htmou, Pennsylvania; N. H. Stun hers, Pniaware; W. ll W. Seabroo* Maryland: John K. Hume. Missouri; 0. W. i flue, Kentucky. If. P Tyffis. Ohio; Cvrua M. Allen, lndl ana; W Rushnell, Illinois, I,. I'. Alexander, Michigan. A. Ljv. Randall, Wiaciisin; A. Oliver, Iowa; Thomas Simp Ton, tlionesota; John Bid well, California; lhomas H. Penrne, Oregon; f.erov Kramer, Wsal Virginia: A C Wilder, Kansas; M. M. Brlen, Tennessee; J. P. (,reeves, Nevada; A. A. Alocha, Loulsi<na; A. S Paddock, Ne braska; Valentine Dell, Arkansas, Jehu A. Nye, Colorado; A. B. bloanaker, Utah. MB. LINCOLN'S ACCEPTANCE. Executive Mansion, Washington, June 27, 1894. H n. Wii.uam Drnnmon and others, a Committee of the Nutioual Union Convention:? Ubntlbmln?Ycnr letter of the 14th inst, formally noti fying me that I have been aoratDaied by ite Convention you represent Tor the Prosldeucy of the United states for four years from the 4lh of March next,h e ueen received. The nomination Is gratefully accepted, a the resolutions of the Convention?called the platform?are heartily ap proved. WLnle the resolution in regard to the supplanting of republican government upon the Western Continent is fully concurred in, ttie e might be misutnlere'andiiig wore I not to ray that the p sitl-n of the govcruuitut iu relation to the action of trance ill Mexico, as assumed tbiough the Mate Department and endorsed by the Con volition, among the measures end acta ol toe executive, will be faithfully maioiaiood ho long as the stale of facts shall leave that fxgitinn pertinent and applicabhi 1 am especially grutithd that the soldier and tho sea man were not forgotten by the Convection, as to y ior ever must and will be rem-mbered by tho grateful coun try for whose -al vat ion they duv-lo their lives. I honking you for tho kind ai dcompiim nta y terms in whii'ii you bsvo cumuutiicated the uounnatlnn and o'her pr- reading* of the Cobveullun, 1 subt-ci ibe myself, your obedient servant, ABRAHAM LINCOLN. The 1 srf, NEW YOU JOCKEY CLUB BACKS, CINTKIVII.LI COURSE, L. 1. First Pat, Tteeiiat, .Dine 28.? Firft Rati?Jcckey Club Purse, for ell agon, $400, dash o: three miles. Mr. Wilkes entered b. h. Pane, by imp. Ulonooe, dam sally Morgan, by Imp. Kmaoclpallou, aged, 120 lbs Newe l 1 Mr. Mc-nth eulrrrd ch. c. Ragle, by Vandal, dam by imiu .-ovoretgu. 3 years, 'J3 lbs. Abe 2 Time?Fust utile, I 63 second mile, l:62)? tn.rd mllo, Total, 6.37\. Panic went off with the lead of a length, which be msdt tuto two on the turn and to the quarter pole shoot one on 1 a hall". He kept to front without a change bet weeo him and Kagle lor more tbuu two inilee. but gol-g int: tlio third tune Kigle made a run for the lead, when be was at onre sbsekn o!T aod the gau opened. Kagle b ?em to quit ou the baclutretcli of ihe last mil-, and 1 ante w?e Ave lengths ahead of bun at the half mile pole. Ilie coll struggled on nobly : tun his chances were out, the old burse be.og tou rt. Vr for turn. Panic won by ab'-H six lengths, m king tne time as store 1'rovicis to me ?tart ibu he'ting was two in one in favor Of l ame- Tbe race was very exciting throughout. ibono sacs. Jockey "'ib Purse, $2u0; mile bents, for all ares. John A Morris entered b. h Reporter, by Lexing ton, dam by Aire icon Eclipse, ? years. 120 lbs. I 1 P. (. llusb ei teres b. c. D< n Itruco. by Lexiugion, dam by Alton, 4 107 lbs. 2 3 lir Weldoo entered b. f. Charlotte F., bv imp Rcvttiian, dam by Imp Amoastuwlor, 3 years, bo lbs die. Time?1:48, 1 4?"4 Fi'tt II fU ?Re oner was n great favorite, bringing In some of the pools Ore to oi e ags nst the Ueld. im oie tl.eeiari. however, tbe betting rhai gad. ai d Itepm ter brought $120 I'en Hrnc-< $lui. and Charlotte K. I'<). lien Bruce ioi g the ietd, the Oily strand, Rep rter well u|?. The two I exiugtoi a rao aw.y from the llily before they reached the quarter i?ve, Ik s Bruce | aseiug Brat, a length ahead if Reporter. m tysaty iev- o and a ba>f e-conde Mown tti? b.ckmrefeh Woe race was very pretty, Pro Bruce leading past the hall ml'o poie two length* in fltj.ibrre seciude. I be i Si e w as loo sharp lor ? baruitte ami ?i e was icc lengths lu me rear Qoh g round the lower torn. Reporter ins e bis r in or ihe land, led was c ore on to Ben ai the three quarter imie. I .e aooD overtook i eu on the u niestrcD h, and be it him to tbest-rd inur leogtba in 1 4R. Ihe nlly disc-need *e<i"d Urtu.?I tie hundred to ten on Reporter. Ben got .way wtih the i-?d again, ar d *m? length and a hai annul at the qiiaiter poiote tr eaty -even not a half aecoada On the hacksireirh Ben roainiau ed ihe lead, going to tbe had mile p la two engilts In from :n hi ty live seconds He tit i leu k lb ahead iliUeihao quarts isile but from ?b? e to the stand Rep rlor bc?t Into every no b ol the way, wiuumg the heal by tbiee length* in 1.48,'v nun sa'S. A handicap (take of a mne sad a quarter, fin each and $100 all' I d Mr Hues ei tere I hr. m. <even Oaks, by Vandal, dam by ' P niiugbani, A years, 1.2 lbs 1 Mr. K. ll-rrt? tulered n I. by imp Eclipse, dam an Arab more, S yesra, Bo lb* 2 l)r w union Ricered c.b. f. by Reveno', dsm M Vic tune, by Imp Belsbazzar, out ol hup. Brilaouia, 8 years. 86 3 lttntv?2 I h *4 IV Afar*.?tbe betting was eve- al tbe start, Mr, Mor ris Ally Sg'trwl the tb-ld lbs 0" ?'? rem sti.1 ted si tbo three-quarter |a?i , Slid they i arue ii ihe linnie?iretmt at a tren.ei dons raiBot siwed, -even Daks leading three h-oglba In twto ? four seconds, MorrW tiny setdwd, Weldoi.1 entry ten lengths behind. Seven links made ilie dista< ce gieater lo toe quarter p' I", which n ude the nJit m ? In h ti - e aid iliree-qnai ler sec-ids. one era back M tneeU'ii g pmei eigut lengths b-sd oi Morris'miry in t Mi n nhu g her a on at doiitite. slid came home the ? a- i k tut o .ami i, hi teeive Iniiglb. the 1 cli| ?e ?ci. o i o i 'math** ti f 'hi P the other l ine, 2 I eel t-e l * ? races to d v, n lie b oid two rot eg ,u to* altar IL- Wild and KOovriCf c-tllcod. SHERMAN. Attack rp n the Rebel Position at Kenesaw Mountain. The Union Troops Rracb the Ennny's Works, but Could Not Carry Them. 1 Heavy Loss Among General and Field Oilicers. General Charles Q. Earker Mortally Wounded, do., &c., do. Secretary Stentun ta n?ii?r il QIt. Wasuisotiw, Juue 21, lo'i4. Major General Dix:? A de^pilch irora General Sborni in , r?mivod this morn, lag, reports ttiut yexterdiy, June 27, uo unsurconul stuck was mude by our forces on theeorii<y'H position, which resulted 111 s Ions to us ol betwoen two ?ud threo thousand TBo following particulars art giren:? Pursuant to ray orders of run J4 ill '.list, ,a diversion wis ma le oa eacn rlisDic o the emnny, n";Mlslly down tin* Sandman road. At eiaht a vl, General Mo 'liurson at tscked at tho s ulhwest eml of Keno-isw, sod General Thomas at a i>oint about u in I In furlber south. At IIm! S'ims lime tho sk runsbsrs sou arlille-y along the wbo s line kept up a mi u p lira. Neither alls It sua ccedod, though both columns reached tbu o ieiny'8 vvoriie, which are very strong. > General Mo hereon reports his Iofs about live hundred and General Thomaa ab ut two thousand. Tbe lots 13 ptrticulurlv heavy in genoral sdJ fleld otTl ecrs General Marker Is rejM. teJ m ruiiy wounded, al-t, Col Pan. Mc 'oolc, c mm Hiding a brigade; ( olmiei Itiro, Flay seventh Ohio, very seriuusly; Colonels Hsmnell, Furtletb Illinois, and Auguatiue, Fifty-Ufth Illinois, aie killed. General McPhersoo took one hundred prsooefs end General Thomas about as many; but 1 do not suppo o we Indicted a heavy loss un the enemy, as he kept clear be hind bis parapots. No other military intelligence has been received by the Department. EDWIN M. STAN FUN, secretary of War. Rebel Aeeeenti. Mkmcbis, June 21, 1804. A rebel despatch, received at Holly springs yesterday, announces tbe repuire of Sberman by Jobnsiou, wlib tbe losa of lorty-llve hundred men, and also claims a victory at Petersburg, alter the severest engagement or tbs cam paign. Attack and Repulse of ttse Rebels at Lafayette. Cn*iT*i?ooaA. Jane 26, 1864. Yesterday, at Ave o'clock In tbe morning, a nag of truco was sunt Into I,af lyoite in the name o Gen Pillow, demanding the itntneduie surrender of the town, and threatening to burn It if the demand was not complied with. Tho rebels wero three thousand strong, snd had com pletely surrounded tbs town, and on tbo refusal of Colo isl Welkins, wU ? lud ouly t ur h imlr d men, to surreuUer, tho rebels advanced (MB all directions. At nine o'clock they occupied ttiree-fourths of the town, when Colonel John r. Crnim, of the Fourth Kea tbeky, osrao up snd cap ured shout aevnniy rebols. Colonel Watkins lost shout llfly killed and aa many wounded. General l'lllow left one hundred dead and wonnded oo the Held. Colonel Faulkner, of the Seventh Kentucky, was cap tured In an attempt to mike a ch irgo upon tbe reoela. 8kel(b of Gratral llarktr. F.rigsdler General Charles U. H irker, reiwirted mortally wounded la Georgia, was lu New .'ormiy about tbo year 1837, entered Weft Polni during 1>M ami graduated in 18.f>8. iie colored the In (ted State* Army . a a brevet second lleuleo-tnt of the Second infantry op July 1, ISM, be atne full ? eennd lieutenant o: ibe Ntolb lufuntry on Auguat 15,1848, and Unit lleiiteu nt on 'lay 14. t-61. He was appointed second sou or lio tenant o the Fifteenth lotted States .ofautry during Angii?t, 1881, with a notn misaiou dating from May 14, aod promoted to on October 24, 1801. Ho was selected j* lieutenant co'ooal o: the oluy-dftk Ohio Volunleoia In the fall of 1841, and afterwards became Its colonel, with a nuiinnifs'ou d ting from November 11, 1811. He joined General Hut-lln Army ot tbo Ohio, h?l ed to build the military road In iuuuern Kentucky, participated io the battle ot Shi inn end the siege of Corinth, and command-id a brigade of the fores llut chared Cragg out of Keutucgy. Hie origud" Joined Gen. Kosccruns' Army oi the Cumborlaiid, io jht bravely at Stone river, and ho w?a rwommroded m the ofTcial report Tor promuti -n, which be, however, d d not tecoira. He to"lr part In the T*nnes.?ee campaign of 1863 ai d us der Thorn is, heli-ed to s ire thejar-nr it i hick iman/a "i? September 20. Gen. I'boniae earneetiy re< nuirnei d'-d blm lor promotion f- r his conduct ou tnat any, and alter be bad again distinguished lilm?ell under Grn. Gr ot at Chattanooga, he was appointed a Brigadier General of Volunteers, to date from September 30, ISda, his appoint ment iie-ng contli-med a* recently aa April 7, 1804. He couitnand'-d a brigade under Howard during the recent Ge rgia campaign. and he'd the peak of Korkv lacs Klaus on May 7, 1804, in (pi's > f ihs nllorts nf lbs e- ?my to I'lslodg" lilm. His brsv*ry tiring the war lima bees characteristic, and has t?My been excelled by his eitrsms j modeaty. Three mt Iloigan't Oltl Hu liters Caplsred on Don d s Prlae. Testordny thirty one persons found osboard the prloo steamer Tbik'.le, captureii hy the f'mt^pttatoe steamer Newborn, wore dtilrered oyer to lotted States Mar thai Murray by th<- captors. The Marshal proceeded al once to Interrogate tbetn, end ilnally accepted the afflda rlis and explanation! of iwaniy-eighi of tbsm to the eflcet that tbey were foreign subjects, amenable only as far as violating ibe blockade was concerned From the original number, however, the Marshal (elected three wbcBe representations and ths bearing of englishman which thry simulated ?o i erfsctly aould not deceive aa to their real eharart ?r? national at least. Tbo names of lb ?o men ar? J W. Croa der, Charles Drake ?ud J. Is. Allison, with regard to whose oiti.sneblp the Marshal wae not mis'atoi). lh-ugh decn.rtog tnatiisnKes t? be llritnh sub ecu, tie charged incut eiln bi rig ?>- -ulbsrnsrs, and until lh*y to k lbs naili of allegiance bs wouul ho d them in custody. It oeing hot mo aiuwrsnt lo mem innt this whs the detsrmiuatkHi m <he Marshal, una ot them tlnaby avpiessed himself discoSt-d with iduying the i ng lisnman and at once deoiar- o himacU and o>-m anions Krnim kites, Interslc* a in the is m.-ars of lb* notorioud Morgan. Tfiev then st ted lbat ilisy ind been p?iw tiers In Cau,p Chase. Irom which uti-y bad esoa.rd inu> Cansd ? mat thsy wont from t ero i-> Keriuuda, itienco lo Bass u, whuft th?v emlii keo on board t s Tblstls, In the hops of running the blockade into Wilmington, and whence they stpce?*d to go in so rch of tbei oia c -mm n der, ''to do a it'le bit mors lighting." Ihev #*? jan led tout the M irshsl would paro s If,em; but *n?o Ihoy i un-l Mil bow murk Ihey w* s mis akeo in thai iprja-rl aud when fiirihu Informed III it th lr flgu-ing days .?*'* ver lor the ??r. th*y memo as cr**ifilirw a* some -?( f> tr bounty In .?* a would las -I o?der- d . i ins front lo l ike I aw piac" f s->n-s <* tbeif vlctiais the bru*e but demddd M >rg inli*s are wsSplug tttslr rjotHfijr ioactivity iu Kurt oafsjeuo. \Vb|lcan 1# Shooting. A DFBEflTIR SHOT IND IN-H^iT IIlbkD?TWh CITIZtN- WOl'ADiD. A very serious affair oe#irred last evening, In wblek a d-sericr was ?bot and instantly killed and two mtizene seriously wounded It apjatars that a detaebment of Company K tenth regiment veteran reserve oorps, of Ibe prorost'gusfd. were sseortlng some rscrnlU to plo? No 1 North riser, shout dee o slock yesterday alterm-oo, aud that wh?a user ths c rnsr of Vlnrrw and Wash ogu-w streets on* of His resrults, named Irank Huliur, at tempted to de?erl from to* ran*? He ran down the ?treei, pursued by the guard . who bred at h m as bs ran, kiiiins him instaell*. Mr. 1 empssy, w t?-> r?ald*s at No. ]S M-<rrii stroet, stid wh ? wae passing at tbo nine w-tw wound- d lt? the arm. Mr. John J. J > no, rO?!do>g ?& No. 10 Gonaer'ntrt a|c*o?,who was also passing at ItiW tiO>e, w.s sbol in I lie neck i d D to logs, suotaiomji aevo e wounds Ali"?:'-ii>?r it ap| o ci to b re beso vet#? careless Hnd steck.eas tr'tig ? ts too part i f the mA An inqi eti will i?e iie-'t ? me body of ihs de-ert*r ihi? n,->rn i-t when all the facts wdi api?" r mord m dotal! loa wouudod men *?.? taut to uta be*vital, . I ,

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