Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 29, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 29, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL TV 0141, J use tt?I P. M. OmI stocks ?n stead v, railroad aad wwing M?ras k?? with a declining market. Marlpoee H??l Ml at tH f*"r OMl during lb* morning ?all. Compared with lit* highest HMD ealee at lb* t)r?l board >?wi<*rday, Hud Ma Kiver Railroad dacliaad V- Cleveiaid *od Pitl* burg ??, < bioago aad Rook Island h- Pitwhurg tod tin I Wt/M 14, ("b oat* and Nerthweslarn >4, Ohio aa>i IDs* alaalppi ceruOeatM %. ywiokaiiver Mining 1, aud tUripeea H fc>l* adv.aoed V. KrU preferrad 14. Reding 14, Mlokigaa Central 14. and Can loo Com,.any >4. ImbijiI vaula Coal Co?ai**y Mid ai SIC, nod American Coal at 1M 1* the aitereoec lb* market waa depressed. The elneing quotations ??! as MIewsa?New York Central K>Uroad 133 V ffrin IUV &"!? prrfbrred 112;4, Hudson River XSWt?. Reeding 13i?V Michigan Central USJ4. NoiUiwesi ani it, MicoigM Southern 95, IIII1101# Central 1 11, ? lev* Ubd and i'lilsbocg lll\. Chicago aad Rook la aed lis, 7'ltleburg aad Fori U aju* 112'a, Cumberland Coal Cam poor 7014, 1 aatoo 39',. aod Quicksilver AHcing 74. There it a mark-d doc,In* in goreromonti, registered idiM of 1881 sol:in 1 at 193)4; dve-tweutie , coupons, at lug 14, aod on# yrnr certificate* at lid. The moinj Market Is tightening, and tonne are cbtalned with dtDceiiy at *?* wr ceut. There is very ?? uung in etcharie. Price 200. The ft u< tuata-M i^lbo 1 low of gold to day were aa foi lows ? 10 o'elock AM |2 S? a 3 i>5 lb 30 o'clock A. M 2 30 a *2 St 1.1 o'clock a. si ? 2 36 a 2 38 11 30 o'clock A. M 2 38 a 2 38 12 30 o ch-ck 11 U 30 a 2 34 1 u clock 1 9 2 36 a 2 87 2 16 o'clock P. 11 2 3? a 2 41) S 0 clock M 2 37 a 2 40 4 o'clock P u 2 3.4 a 2 ?o The Analgias t treasurer at New York roporte the bush beea at ibo office to-day m follow 1Mt?! receipts J1.W9 PCS ?Of which lor customs 21./, 000 -?For an iter cetit loau 4*7,li9 ravaieota 1.760,961) Uaia ce 21.681,Dug The aggreg <te value of produce end merchandise (ea oluaive 0 specie) exported from the port of N ow York during the pael week was ?4,170 P96. The following Miopar.aive stair moot shows the aver age coodltiou of ibe leading items of tbo I'&iladelpbia hanks for the past aod previous week:? Thi* Wt-k. lap Wtek. Loses $12 067,7.1# 40,281,488 Ibo.. $1 ,TT1.270 Spe.'ie 8,988.640 8,934 629 Deo.. 8X9 Legal lender. 12,870.736 13,173,388 Dec.. 307.8.1 J IwposiUi .... ?9,122 813 37,68m,203 inc.. 1,634,602 Circulation.. 2.092 470 2,074.273 Inc.. 18,197 The following tt a statement of the amount of coa! Iran-ported on ibo Delaware and Hudson Canal Tor the *wk eoding June 26, 1804, and for the seas; - ? For 1A? )Vrek. For Pu fttuon Daiaware and Hudson Cans; Co.. .32,218 273,820 P ebb ay I ran la Coal,032 140.647 total tona .60,861 414,167 Tor tba satae period last year ? Jbr cA' Week. For iA< .Sroaow fie'-aware and Iludsua Canal Co.. .."5.418 2S*>,05J peuusylvanla Cool Company....21,471 165,517 TOtal tine ^ .. 66 917 SKL6T9 Tbe IntereK mi (be beoda of the MleeUolppI and Mis aoarl Kailroao mauiriOK on July 1 will be paid on and alter that day at ibe Corn Exchange Bank, New York The Ouardian Life Insurance Compnuy will pay lit July oa lotoroii dirtdeod of Iper cent. Stow la Ei> Mnfa. Tuxat xr. June '.'??Il.SC A. K. $1 \>00 t h #'? -81, rei 104!. ISlV alia Brio KK. I ? Ml It* i- a. 5 *?#. ?*>u IIM no do !???? IRiifV da 104 100 00 ....04 111 auo w I'lOi. 1 tear car WO lie do o 4 II C M in <10 9l\ 10) do 1 T llitf a; uo do ??h lee do ?w ud luuult'cou bda ll?s 509 Iirte KR pre d .... II V 10*1 If iliuri ??? 6'\ Ml Uurtt 'O lllver KK.. 1' \ lUUOo ulilo a Mis* cor.. 8.7>< Son do u lOOUO do i3'4 ?? AltonA T UaulrR* 6 V tiUOo do .vvj *ai KK 1*1 tun do.... as *w do i?iv 1X0 Hud :d ua artMU. 114 100 do i UCO Cbl.llA"# ?'a im m 1.13 Ml do blO 14 \ Sn'llnco-a Ceoi Me. 125 1(41 d' 1?'-, 10 C i htclhW a f t-da III 70' Mk-h i ?iitr*l KK 14i X lifl nl"l 1 K W Id m. .OR llirh : o N I Knar Ii* v 5U0UJ*. .1 *c.v?>? Mm 119 SS'lUCn lRK K ip.. ISl' B OUCkli A aaooUtm III V 2U) <k. 121V rtvai do lit 200 do In;* I**) ? MailemCiai* ml u5', 4u' do tAiJl*. 16-b lu b a a ?i R T ilf it V 60 i Canton cou>|woy 40 400 d> Ill'; too II b:? 41 WiCUi A N >V KK ... 61'' 100 Pean Coal Oo ?i5* iO> do ai'I lit) do 2.4 2" do fti 10) Cora t" UI ie bl 71 6014 do 53V IHI r*?l Cu.. 99 50 Cble ?"> II t>.e(.. 8 ?* 101 4" liO 9 fl dn .... ... 1Mb Mar p x M>a t ?... r.4 t*? ouo * it l HB }(? do (.7 Inn d< 10 do 6-' 100 do 990 d 5 In 2l?- Cble. Iter 4 l.?.v KK 131 I DQu'elnlirr NmOa 74 !ulTnl'it?i Bkb KK . Hi 199 At ant <-M K Co... 17(1 1 "? I'ltu ho- !<r; 1'4X f(ON I < rnlia BK IMV '.MO d. nll.t UO do bS l is k-V do c It* IfcJO fcrle UK 115V 0BO4INU ROiKtl. Ilatr r??r Two o'Ci orx P. If |yW0UH6 a '01 cat 112 I ,90 aha Heading Kit.. 140 fl 0" I K ?"?.'Bl. re? |i H ??l dn IS IV (I.? 0 ?Pa 6 20*a cwu luKS 110 Mich Cea hK ttOMi jo* d iitiSi 4>i' d" 130'% TWO (I n 'a I frwr VI'* fdlllr* it N W It.. 5IIUU di> V4 9x do U! lOdtkr i .ullHI C*> .... 3'. 'a 4l*l O .... .... .<3 52', I II d S ? , 101 Dlcr .-??* > lad KK 96% lOUCuniliie ICnpref. ',i<3 2 0 dn Of 164 i. ntcamrr'- Vlu Co 7. '.<? dn 9 V MN* Ceo rat KK .. 161 * Ma) do V'.' I0U dn in ;/ l!l Ceil KR a r p ni' to do m-? aou dn 1? BUORrle I. n 116 60" dn 1 lu , M>) do a.O 115 7141 d i I! i Wi dn 116 60 C ere k f ta KK .If* 150 I 4T, 7 0 an 113 dm do . 114 ? ISiChicajn SOf I'l-ef 8 If lOtPrt'Kd r-l 1 2-, n .. e 700 lliit-0 Km Uit. )4J IK) Obi A Hi la .v.Itll 111 l at do .... i -.v>4 lowi'jtto n *Afi,iUK hi law du id.1 . loo do ... lU3i ... Il4? . li \ CIT7 C4731MK1CC1AI. HEPORT. lea cat, Jure *.8?C T. M AanM ~ neretitt, t9 libla. Tbe maik"t r.mntiril very Arm ?i |12 tnr fnda and fl4 lor t-earli, altb a dejiaud u'ij ejuaj in the receliita. Baaannri-rn ? i ec'tpla, 10.691 bl.>. ft< or, 710 bbl?i ar'l 674 baj,* corn meal t'",027 bu Iteia ahe t. 6ilXI?< fln. oorti. 85,6^4 do. nata and 040 do. au'C llio occtti'Bl'til la tbe Out r m*rkei wee uitabaiad, at.d, with c uiuud benay apuc nalive pu-Uiaxea, price* were rnri ??<: ui> 16o a 30c. U .i ll? iJ pnraly apei ulattre iranAociinoa, lite bn itica: wee nuioerate. and at the eJ<e<* the n.?rU-t mi cot en atroiiy an ?i tbe npeoirr, o* In*- re a siighl iwartl n In gold and e<rb a*r. Ibe e>iet of Matt r. d\'oa :,n I o ,r io*'o 7,oofl bnia , inePidmjf extra Mate, or Jolr and Auau tinlTerr, a; $u 76 e tin. <r?o? beai, 4,600 t'bia.. a <1 of (Anadiao l,ac>0 dn. rh inrml f, ?nds, nt on advance c iriwpniidmg wi'h thai on M a. ,.ud We t Hje ilout at d Curu meal wme eery Urm, erub a moiler to bi ame-* Me quote*? rtir.e ?''ate and Ueatert floor f* ?T a 6 90 Frl-r ?'tela 9 16 a V -0 Chmi-late 0 34 a 0 60 Coiumno l. it Mi Mr extra Weeleri V li a 0 44* Prirm r > 0 la a i ?i 0 si' a B 7 > Weetrm 1'inla p a* a 10 'Jd Uxira.wt, l/o,.a W 23 a 14 70 (tKi'iuon to ( sal -raibM^ W V) 6 1010 Co.d II. rti iro/.Ira dc^l^, jt| it a 12 0J Omnjom tau.'diaa v !.'? a 0 .10 Co* ? lorbo.: .cure ? W ?>. a In 46 Lye Octir . 7 0'. * H ?.'? C'een mi" , uMa. 7 60 e .4 90 (on. n?*', pwucbau .a 74 :>< a. x o I ? the i ti'a.i ? ui?t m*nt lti a* iu ?ot?|tine*l, a'M! f?ric?a '.let' rata he #v*. h.iac'i tie ?? rr/aia l?.-x ?*a w j a-'l an i->rg' aa tr 4 >4 y outer day lo ? *? i??<? ran/e ttaol W/I at. u. rail, n* v -'n artt> I.. di.'*e I'll IK *> onanye, I ad ?'a at** .?.( tip x.6,(kMI b -hoi- ill M i ti ) h*'l u *? 1 ? Vh Ign h-rtr* 42 2 a f3 J> far ?.?b rod 42 11 n , J .3 r ? ra .ra In iifor p.* I. i4> * p; tie t." ?ri i*. , '!.? nr atniaf i?d ' :?*?? i rod i2 i'd fw ?!"' * ? In. n . i "u 1 * <' '! .i ? 41 7f Whwa '..??<?/ 4i . . V .0 . ... 11 ) ?? r' t| I' I.' I $.w ifv ????? ? ? U r ? ?.,(?' i a* t ?' a |. K in ' > ' -a. ? i. ? / M. . ' J *7 ?? <?1 i va ? <y. I* i?.. y , ?? V.? / r 'l t*i o ..*4 dm- f a i i r. C-. a wa ?; .a i'.. lyviik ?*' ? of . lieiiV*. M'e n/it-o:? ' ?' ' \ P t"'1'\ At-' ?. . .V, 4 7i"~ flril t-a-r....... , 1", I ? 1.. Middi' ... Ml i flood I' .0 i? ? l? f, t K? (on r ? a < - iw (?.??*?. ?.!t i a ?f ' 6 , i .4 ?*.?. .a i i|. i.i |V >'? w K.'t. |W ?' Jt .i <u' ?, , aj, ?2t a 44H4.K no o P ,| r, a# ... e > I I ., o cio-t -o * , t ??, ' ar/oaa IDd. / t '? ? i .if, n ?'i 4 b w 2/ ? '! .. . I t> , *r. ?.? ..i 4 , four (?? it f- ' - ? o u' if- t . ? i? i. i ? . ., _ '?? ? 4 8 . J ? i. (r ,i, ? ?? i, :. .. I*' . h da -? ??, |r. ... *. ' 9 ?.l !*? .1, I M. hi Jl'O i . if I '? t Iw II 'V 'w. t. ' , a r* ?> at i i i.i , a 11 11 ,i b -ii?. I* a h ? i w 4 to ?? i i. . ? ,i l| loe tll'ikilK. ilv iW/uaoa u $4?; I ?M to Mmm MWfM at HMtftft, m4 6,3oH !.<>?? M047 km?Nia si $a 40 ? $* IV aw- tba market ?u active ?o4 irtoea war# a4 vanolus Ma as of O.oeo Muoieudeo ??< Hueo<* 4yrea a* 9 ft a Mo. H.i 00 .oaraub ni,sel pe?i> private leraM; 1,1/ Oil) naiad 4o., 341 puuud*, for Miant, w |?ivala la? iuO; 4.000 Ri? Cramie, H2 |o>.u4a, ai Mo., aad ?J0M Uriauo", m |kiud4o, on private terms horn were in f<w demaau, Ml kaiee a?U at Lis. a M for PMiim * l>? loo L*atwmi ? Willi aa active Inqolrr aoi a light atnck ir oak have adrajiord <ailjr ic. a He. par 10 oa all deeer'p tl< on. II# sales in. lute H.000 Call or ma at 84)60 . 401 Orinoco ai *?c.. and ? Ml Uueooa Arise ai m.a. Inan ?Saiea oi loo lima i-pan tab at prtvata terms MiMA-aw.? ihe market rulod quiet Out Urra, with aalas af 76 UtidN. Porto Kion at |1, ao4 HO do. Bai bad>d at $1. Kit ai. rWrwae were quiet, wi'tumi Material change In Da tea #a i#a 'M blila. at rail.oil cntaaton roln at $30. JPn.x.?iSuioa 4,000 galiuua lard at $1 40, and 900 bbla? lip atiUod, to arrive, at $1 IIH. ?Mnao.ota? Itecoii' a. 41 bote port, ISO packages boef, 4s ui>. o?t iiiaaia and 131 do. lard. I lie p?rk market traa sc- lie aoa Or in Tbe hi lab uc tbo apt ware i,00o bbls., at MO fur did iDOhk. 142141& ? I'3 '66 lor aew dn., ol rata* at 441 a 143 16 and $33 a $31 for old aod new prima, and $4(1 a $11 lor 14-iate meat; ato K4 bbia. new maaa deny arable?? or before the 16th of July, at$11.9,000 MK do., buyer Juiy , at 46c. a ditto., and 1,000 do., aama to roa and delivery, at $40. The boaf mtritai ?? quiet but aria, ?tin atiea ef 1,600 bbta., at $16 a $11 fur c no try mere, $? a $10 for aontry prime, $21 a $36 in for repacked mew, and $J8 a $20 M lor extra mens. Crime mean beat waa quiot and no imnv.ed beef bams w ere dull kt>d nomwikl. Cut un aia were .inlet, but thrm, with aaiee of 60 pack Mies at 14c a 141(1 ior shoulders, aud 17c. a 17\c for bam*. Hsoou ?i (Ml. I'ue l?rd market wai more active and hluhar; a ilea 2 *00 blur, at 101,'e. a 16e.; aim 250 bbls. fur July, velioi's opium, at 17)40. Butter waa lu f.ilr re pieat aad a ibade 0. inar, at 27c a 36c. for Ohio, and Sue. a 41c for .-Late. Cheese waa Arm aod acttra at 13o. a 20c. lor e n. ainn to prime. Pbi i oi Bra.?Receipts. H.761 bbls Tba market waa miioo excited,and all kinds were higher 7bo antes lor forward delivery In partlcai.r were al much bigber pricea Tne 1 hiladel|.b'e'-swindle," at It ie called, will not prove r? trial a disaster a tar.all. The New York dealer* prob?bly will not lose m<-re about $300,<M) direct/y. be ea ef, to-day were 3,000 bbl*. crude, at 47c. a 4m i 62t?n. a 66c. tor August; 8,800 do refined, at 7-e. a 77o ,.oi. me aiotr, 70c. for July, seller's option; 7Tc. for Autu-t, buyer's optioa; 4 600 <lo free,ut 66c a 90c. <m cue h)mit the latter an extreme rate, 90c. for July, and 06c a 08o. f r Aucusf. Reurlne waa <iu,et. Rnu.- Itie mai-fcet win firmer, wild a moderate de mand Nile# 160 hags Rangoon al , and 160 do., la bond, lor export, at 7){o. a Sc. H-oti ??u in mo/crate repeat, and a shade, firmer, aalo< 2.10 biidc. parte Itiou al 21)40., 876 do. Cuba tuusc i vado at 19j.,c a 20c , and 200 boxes M.uii*. on p. t. Sub*.?I hire w?a a fait iniiuiry for aH discretions from manutsctu era and dealers but operations wfi somewhat limited, owing to tb* extreme pricea uemauuoj by itie hnldasa Mrat.iwa waa Arm, with aaise of 26 too* Milesian at 16 Kc a I Ac,, and 200 tnus .-tolberg oo [irlvata tertna. ^?*kfxa aar. ad v to lot^c a 17c. for No ltd prima, but there ie tittle or uotbicK d"tng Tba?Ibo markot whs active lor all (tetcrlptloaa, and piluea were higher; the ealee were S 000 bait coesta of ooloi-ft aud 2.000 do. green, both from first buude, 760 do. ?oucbovg, 00 do. (tunpowdar'-end 600 do. ycun< byson. waa active ana dearer; tales 260,000 pounda at Idc. a 18J(C. tor Bastern and Western, sod 10\o lor oity. Teniooo ?Karitucky was la fair demand at advanced prices; caler 800 ba ns al from 12c. to 40c. Tin.?Rmall aMlea of eltraita ware tnadr at 61c. Mulish ae d at 00c.. aad faucu at 00 tic. Hates wire liiTber and qulto active, with aalM of 200 bexca 1. C. Coke oo private terms. WniMHBY.? Receipts, 1,713 bbls, Market unsettled, with ?ale* of 9,600 bk s. at $1 70 k $1 80; the latter above the market at the close. Sale) of Real KiUte at Aaetlea? By A. Fl. Muller, T. Ik V. i kins i Co. 1 lots, a Olat su. 27* ft. w. at let ?v ,26xlti0 6...$1 226 2 lou adjoining, each 26sl00.6, each 1200 KIN Aft CI AU. _ j, PROPOSALS FOR LOAN. . .... T eisiiKT DiifitTiiM. June 26 Sealed offera will be reread at ihja '*4*rf the act of March S, 16 ill, until iioen ??f *rdnrauay. the o h 01 Jul, 1$- ?> l-onde J the United Stele* to theemo ml of thirty UiP ?? million*. I*t?u the emomit of* undefTbe noli e ef F.wpn-Ail <* Cth ia.mM. ? The ><>iid will bear an annnal ir.teroti of a * per cetiiiin., payable ae nl annually In <v.ln, mi the rat daya of 3n?r ?n .lanuwrv of oaon year, and redeemable aftor tua Ria Ci ^* Keoh ?(T?r miiat be for 6"/ or one hundred dot lara or enrae multiple of one hunurrd do. tr? and ' ?laio ih- sum. m hiding premium. ?? T0^? ?a.. ^32:"?i?it di-ed dollar ?a boirli or Inr ttfte. when the offer la in? no more than flftj. Two per rent nf the principal, oictnuina prroi urn. of the who e *mnantoO-T^i.iue^de|?rttrd. m pi irnniM (or fmymcHit of iubMTip 'O* ? accepted. Wiu the Treaa'irei of Untied ??*? el til. i, laiiiii TrfAnnro* at Naw Tort * I. or B? Louie, or will* Ihl <1ofcii<nAtc.d drpofc lar^ al T.eluriior#. Mlwbu* O ne onate Lou e.l!!?. Chtoaao. Detroit, or Buf falo i or irll any aallr.nal bun tint! a?v>rl?tlreai!ihniliei: te receive dfpo?u? which may conoent to tran#art th bi?i. V.lho?il clmr** l> 'ttllcalo of dftifonK will l>* iatuM to <t?i> ?>' S*re bv t * ofllofir or MW'etljn recrj*in| tbum th? original# of which maH to imwiurd*d w.;b to# eVrtto ihr j#*?rim-ifti. 411 fcUo-ibi J*?*?/?? time for adrlr.e of off' ra with eenlfioa ?? to ton not tairr than the morn'mr of Jul, ?- *" ? ??'?<; earn -anted oy tu proper oertlfloaie ot dsnotit rill heota * rnernnnon aad rrttufred bond, taeiusd ?H be of tl-o deoomlnaOona at |7' ???? ? *? and $1 (W? Ref'.ied tou?'^'ortr? m0?r4$1^ a'<#? bp ut*l If requ w4. ai ofl' r^o**lvti'l wtU bRorw*ol ou Wo 1u"?i<Ia*. tbo t tk of Jul- l>? the Secretary or one at the eminent aoereUr ea. The awards wl I be made bv the BatfUf ' itii vi e errrx a d em re o! eooepUaee or dao luei imnn-.hate'r el- en to the re?t>eof*0oCm-era. and. In rear of aivep 'anoe bond* o' the deecr a. and doaewrn.tln.a Dre.errort w. I te: ?'nl to the ausocribo * at the r on of 'be 6( ra 1 #nt nn ;nal pa man t of in*t*laiefit? Tb^pp? tir iia! ItiJL.t flf t wo t>*r c'*oi will b- r*c on^ (q lh? lOt to?MU mfnt P* 6 be aurreaaf >i o ferer-. au < win b? tmmedmtely returned to Ihnae whrne nffera mer not be ??f*,,tr'l ... y;,.^ron.rriHo,n^fo0r. the^o". one-third.'"h l-aianr* ton hotlfiR t^'l! boffin ?plfH ibo dal* d#*p?itte "ATa P" ibt ?orr.iti lnlt-Ml from <Uto of four per oenL fiaeratarr Of U" Treaiurr. Noilr# to ofllnerk redeirie* depoeiU under thia a lr. n-e 1,1 Tue pre Unitary 'Ort flsate. nf depotit o' twr. per e?M rnnat not Ur cr dite-l >uk?i yeur ?p.:oiit<te curron., o? It U to l?o tu c '<de. i in the Boai dnpoait _ -ra 11 T \?r>R.I tKU ??y.KtV.tVD FtrVlUl WaNTRII 4T IVJrl ^ New Oclito. bant u.tee oito purch^ at b**lPW?. II U A RATON * CO . Rank era, 17 Wali / MTI7,r.NS' Ji.^' n eet. .u*t'T1?lihl' M I I.LlOh 'i \V RWI V-TUr.F.B TfltiUttWD BIT HI K!'h I' AbD MXTV-Ki.HtT DOLLARS BIX HI RIMlsn 8,xxv.wu:k CI.MIH IMTFRlyS r COfMRIIChi. Jt L- I loj*. R.nkop ndalL fm-nSto* ?nd oc Mv,a ay, VTadueaday and K'ida. eo n f> 'o ?. i*"5oKVV. V?ci!?' olo' y-otsokf. Pmldent /Ml TIIAV R A K l?IVlDRND.-TH?t HO ARD OP? ( ' le 'nra ihla Oaf dec' a d.r.dead of I to (61 I err III fre' of an '.at pa'.'h ? or 'at J i ?" L Vho .ranrfer book will rammn ^ j 'jiVr Vow*, Juno 32. IM4, __ /at.FMIOtf RAN/. KRT Y?R57'iOMR t', D t .id-et am. tb^TbK of th haohh.rathl. da;'do elerei a lua-teiiv d|e,de,,. efatt r'J"V,1fP\X?Mt%? tawRfiifr""*' ?4W'S?v? o?g?j?;?^VKams^]teg*A'S gip.'nu ,4- ?'h thttd f? yeara Audrey hot 6.3?? Jtew Vork Poat a " or. ?n afew d.v.forU. , UV' o? eer*.*.a; nr(lara c?. trom Udie. to Wl Ln'.le^wTo wlah u, ?"? t'.r.c auare ?,,,?? in a, xmlatln* IBb"orr. raa ow ttaiaon of smngao T ? f^e II tea of tbo a lvertlao' for apetAllaa lt? the etork lo'-Uyt Mad. md Ha w,fi ?.>.rantoo aotlaf^ ti..' ? ? a : lad Ira wo ov aim A mat din <>r ley. r ernrton.y * A' rOiiiii'.m'cal one etriet y .<>oB'.?"'lal. ._,Ar,i. XddtMAf.. 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MM. 0 rnoa or ra* Colombia* (MARIN*] IHII0RANOK COMrANT, . ^ CORN** or WALL AND NABdAu STBRSffe. Benr ho ad rod And U rt* eirht (AN) ^areeof Ui?edd|. tlnnal nor n (IIion dollorr of oapttal at ?k remaining unta en by etockhnldem ue 'or the notice ha row roro given w| I ho dwoonod trf (o the htfhoet bidder <1 far or upward, (ho who'e parnWe on Ike la dar oT July unt, at the time of iulaer'ptinn. Honied i.reneea'a for the ntnaa *IU da received at the n?ra or the company until the ?hh day of June loot, at teniae O'clnak M. the bid* aauat he la the form preecrtbea by tha under digued. to he had at lh? ?"><* af the company. . The awards of the atoek can ha aaocrtnlncd at tha olAoo or Uir vaiyany na ar After the 2Mb ef Juno Inel. ho other no poo w I ho a"*n. nod the nrem to whom ainok la award, ed will ho regulred ta nuberrtb* and pnv for the aamo hef..r* throe. e'cl? * on the M da; ef July nail, or the prlvi Age wtil he forfeited. R. O. MORRI I, f'raaidant. II'WD ROW K. I JOMhPH MORKIION. I Tinanea A Lit PUT O. LKR, f Com mil lee. DANIKL W. TBLLBR.J Raw Tone. June 21. MM. PICK or Till? MAW COS A OOVtTANT. N'?. SI Wnli etrcot. Now To k --Motion ia he oh; giv-nihil theoom-ona of the flrat mi Igage bond* c' the Marlpona tlomnant falline due m. tha Arm day of Jnly ue*t wilt bo paid In cold on and nfler aaid da* on pmaontuten at the eAiee of tho company. Dated Jime 10, I33t JOHN WATT. Secretary. OrriOR OP THR MAKIPONA COMPANY. St WALL anccl.?Norm ia he tin given that a! ihe dm-.- n* tun da* had of twentv five B.mda of thta company (or rcdoir.p tlon mil of tho tinkled fund. tho fallowing were (lra-m. rt/.:?Ni*. IS, IIS, US. S*. SH, 95, 99. I8J MS. 7U-. 2St 489. 459. fH, m. (W7. 7T>. 8l?. W l.iYA. 1 INT. 1.M6. I.S57. 1 Sdt, I t-l and thai tho en me wilt be paid In gold ot, ton I t da* ef July n-it on prevent atleo at tho o'fiee of tht> compeer Ro'ida muat ho rrwil'd fur payment wtthle ton ilava aler the let dav of July pan. nndor yetsult? of foretime of the rtgni of re.le.rapt on under thla drawinf. St* YiutE.Juail, INK. JOHN WATT, Secretary. Ornct? or ti<* maktvoha company, no. st Wall Mreet, New York.?Nmioa la hereby given t at thr annual meet nj of tho Ktoekboldere of the Marlpua Com pany for the cieclii.n of Ave truatoca [or tho ananlng yoap. nnd'fnr nch nihcr him nc* at may oeuie befor4! the meet !ng will he hold at'hn ofdcaof the Company, S4 Well at-eet. New Vnrk cl?y, on the fifth <!a? of July noil, at noon of aal.l dat Th- trannfor hooka or Iho oon-.oan* will e o?c with t'e ouelncaB bnnra of tho 87th Inal and remain e'e?ed until tho Hh ii?* of ?>ulr na?t JOHN WATT, Secretary June 22, 1X64. OFFICB WKLIA FAHOO A CO , 81 BROADWAT. 1 Now ypga, June 80 1A04. | Wc are prepared to cash. Id (}n'd, July cuimna of butida ef Stale.u' < nlifurcl* and ot city of Sar Franelaco at rei aonahla ralea; op, If preferred, will collect on fat arable tarnaa. _ WBLI.S, PARlSO A CO. OPPTCE OK TPS JP.RRBT CITY IN8I RANCR OOM par.v. No. 1 Mootoorrrrv ai-.ect. FtFTKENTH HPMl ANNVAt. PITIDKHD. .tiiHRsr Orrr. Juno 21, IDol. The Hoard of I>tre<'tnra o' thl;. Company ha?? thla da da c'arcd a ten I annual dividend of tons Id' pr - oant, frto fr e? giirernment tax, payable ou am. aft.-r.! I. , * J. rATlLMIKR, Rogreur*. OPKICB OP THR AMBRfCAN CALSIN1NO COM p?ny, 41 L'bort ??atrest. New York, Jur,a 2A. I8d4 Tha contpatiy are now ready to make, tor ulib th..aa who are dos'toptof workiitt goij, and jllverorca iu a vary eh??p uud orpe TTifov.a manner. wTtofiut i ua nta or aaj kind of auial (on Ainjia or the 'inof >(itf -aallrar/ W,. auo -lie the attenilun of thuaa who work quloha'.lra: And cqppaj en. _ OTPTCB-CP THK ILLINOIS ClfNTRAL RAILROAD Con ntnr, New York. June 14. MM. It> neoi-i lance ilt'i a re-ulutlon of the Board of Diroct"rf et th? ll liiia Central Ital'road Company not.ea la horob> eivr nto a ho'dera o' Hi* raucslliid t-ou ta wnp to prevent their <ei ,.f ?atei at the cflle.-, of the aim.; any, St Nnvrait atnet. f * ooRi-oraloit Into the r'Mp atoek of (h* oomoanv. L A. CAtLIh, Seoreia.-y. r\fuck or thk chic*?o and koethwestbrK1 ^ or leaikAnd . h>^ Cot*. *ki~^?CrTTdr* Oo Kl^ ? UDO.I v rA'uULOO At :t?? office or N h . B. >S* ? W> . i>o. ? Will ?ir?eh No* fork. ooood YOUVCJ. 8e r?u-y. p^ivs'a a ??S:sS?^5 eOUpOUAL.r.XANOI.if STACK. 1 oMurof Bt*w "f IHteoiA.^ iiii SSaiil V o ? ih-w ceo I ?? ???? Pl?W? Ut>. ?l U.. office or SCHCOilARDT It CiEHAUD. _ liwtvwfUl ftW?ni ;?: Ml ?** 'ISSiBl? r|>KA " ?r tiv ti** York, JuBA U 19C?4.~* I 10* (.1 ? *H ? . a wv mcw .i0r?*\ Thr annnA'- inlornnt ??? IK- SC"P " J", 1 ,wh ot Jut* *t?o o Vu*u'*?n 5;X?.o uiVJflr TUV-Vi bt ?.?ed ?,tvtn?-d ?Vhf^'vVrr Vy -ho nnrtr r?l nod At their bAuk .?? *??. No. At ?... CO. Knrr To?*. .Time TT, 1W?. rrilR ISIl PfG*N ROUTHSRN AND 1NPRT'J"*.!,N"L I A..h?RKi'mad Comnuif offloe 18 WlllUm AtrOel New >r,rk .Jill" R'.'lM* ? A <1 v -lend vet!', ho psld on '*?* r^Pj^ M..ek or cWI.^'oponv ou ito l? dtp of , *. , n iheV'- OP^'' ,l "*? ??* Vhi ?eck IT" ,?/bXh uV^V v.MlI * Jw* :,:flh?. tith .' rwil.m ? r *.. And ^ roopeood ?i,lh*td Auinet noivAl ? HKNRT KRRP. Tr?j? /e.-iva\ wATrito~*'OR tnttfcR tram i *?? T ?h.">v)0 c on 'sO *<.'?N ''tuiwdtn WmIjI?'?* ^ one hour ? ride from tLi? city. Addroso A. d P.. Iter* d J'c*. ?rvA WANTRT>- OS A NOTK 8RO0UKD M * $?)00 rhol'ftl mnrw?C0 for 6?? Mao* iho Amount. A4 d-r*. U A , bo* l.?? I"o?' oti.ce. C*1 t"l\i\ WAXTRO-FOTl TNRRR MOMTHS ON S 1 .5l)U m... Utrxe on ho .echold /??'?"? ***** Goo I .uiereet wtli b? peid Addrow I. T . no rnld 'iltiCV. ..I i S30 000 l?S?A.Lftriwwj "? KifW TOHIi ftTV PKOPBKIT JOBPPH *AHUN. NO 1>V, Pine Or?l. reon.M m_??4 il^ ^ . yviv/ATri LOAN ON RONl) A K 1? tioKT.AO*. >11.000 r, pe r n ? C?m'r ?*IM? 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V aiao And K.ng1t?h>nen wanted. Ml beat oath and mv ernm?ul ba tallaa Bald Kmiera aad othara paid $6' far briogiag nioo. Captain COR us, .mi Uapeuari at. \/OI.UN1?RIUI WtNTRD VOIaUNl KKRH WANTKD. $971 lor l?a aOod lima; chol r ar retiinenl Al?a maa ortntrA for ths navy. Call at iba A nay and Mary Ageaey, 17 North William alieel WANTKD IMMRDI ATRI.Y?4 MM OOOD MRN POS iba <rmy and uarr, who w II i-noatva hba big heat oaok boontie* nai l. Nn* U tmir limn. b?ri before ilia Ixuiailee "lop. Fur 'itf irm? Ina oall at OKUKUK N. SMITH'S law a ica, Na. A Maw Cham bars mraac room a Maa. A aad A, lip otalra. WARTRit?TRISUURN, KKOMflHMRM, RO 'TCH, Qa' initna, Branch aud rnru oi all aat naallHi-o. la en II I ao ?ol nt ro I ho higheal tuuinly paid rusk to i and on paoamj ih? lnetnr Ha lor iiokela i? lamllla , Agenle wi.I reoelva the hl?heat premium*. Apply at CIS IIroadway. "|f\ MB" WANTBD-TO FIIX A TOWNSHIP QUOTA, JLly in vikan Om hltrbest liouair willbn paid ceab In bond. Aoplr la thmComniitea, U Newark oU ooruorof Waabiog lou, Uubokau, N. J. ? QQTH NKW YORK ?OI.UNrBKRS.-ATTRNTION, ?r?7 iba m*nihera at Comiai no U, K, PtudO. Ninety nlnlb Nr. > York Matna Vulun e?r?, are beraby ordered 10 report al lb* ewere.udaf Park llarrnrka lo-dar (Wndnno day). June 91, ai two P M , to turn In lb' noutuaov p operly in (heir paou-Mian, pieparainr? Tor miioter out and par. A protupi atleudenne lo it m.'otn I. I1KNKT MosulttUN, Pirai Clem. BVth N. V. V. ffjlAO PAID Rl'NNKRS FOR gr?lTlTl)TRS. iPlU" Throe wanted to dae. W* na? lUo (arc at lion a lira Kow'a lime tn gel to .r greenback*. Apply at 170 Chatham atreot, room S. old No. lftftMKM WANTKD-POR TflK A It It T OR NAVY. JL""" High caoh lx> mtlea pall Old Itngl ?li. irlah or (inrmtu aooi-i* -d. Si'l1' ram w iuel t<i- lay. S .1100 Imt b*?n made r one maa p t r innne ?. ApidT at Uie Knulitv Pay, Army aud Nary Agency, 111 Maaaau otreat, up Llalra $100 TO 8169 H%NUMU!*R7 rAiD AllBNTR or Hnnnert f r yolutu-era for Tru m< a v. antra today; the hutheai biiuntr c? fa I'nwa ao ooon aa paaood by lbs doe tar. Apply at 418 llrnad ?> ay. 200 RRORUrTB AMU BURSTtTUTBR WANTKD.?IT ynu want Iba vary bouut monry now b-ln{ gl an Oi l At (he SuniiUttiln Alienor. 2) ~ in "" Caul re atiwat. New York. W. BONN A CO. $10"^ ^A6H BOUNTT *?B 10 TOI.UNTSB?B,YO rti: tK#aunta o aeonntry town. Al o KnqP.b, Irir!:, B-.otoi a;:* "irrmano ao i ibmit tao f"r the army or navy, lor which lie hi heat <rtoe will fan pnPl. Inquire of Captain KINO, Day *; oet Uottae, 66 Dey alieet. flilTC CASH ItOCNTY,?VOLUNTRKIlk WANTKD. p r| (I not ?i bsUmtaa Ao ihlo rajlmontieparliciilariy delailei! for ?|mciol errncr none but O'uia I men nrnil ap p y. l'wa Mti'iioooik wanlad lor this ragimnni, who will be tu -tared ? a kiion 1 iimnnlatel Apply lo Captain WKCl.t', 160 Centra ureal, corner of Walker ?-Art CtF.Il TN HAND FOR SUBSTITU1RB Choice of regiment. Submlliile.i fu niobed far d'Rf>l mm or men Viable to be dntfied, at abort police. Ac,i! ioC. M NOOMAN cnriier ?f Bo .ary aud Canal (treet under the diluent' Savingo Hank. t $500 PaM?H'1 P0K ,B T^^v'NTRKRS FOB ,, . _ _ country; choice of Intunirv, eavalrv or arlli lory; provo t anard, field or garrtonn du-y Belief to fami lies. Apply al PKKSCort S otore, KS Onamberautreet, be low Qirard Uouee, $00 CASH I'AID BOOM AS ACORPTRU T"> VOC unteoro and tubo llulr? u .on e of a ra ce. Api> y at Ilia ofllie or the Kaotern Hotel ot Whitehall ore t, near Smith l'srrr. u^ona Cl^lit of otairo. Aek for 8PK.MCSR. rr>r\_ctaa down, to stbstitutks; $i o to ?P?7lT\y *0 ur.teere: choice of o>-rv ce, armr or nary. Ap. nl| (t ft Cort audi -treat, oorner of Wathlugtoa. <S?COK CASH IM HAND POR RUBHTITUTBS. ARMY ior navy, cnnf of reciraent end as*l*tanoi' for (amlUes pron.ured. VVr p ir all wo adrertisn sou nn dsdtlO liuD. Gail early al ilk. i.-rand street nea- Itowery. NICBOL9 * 00. 4i7*-iG ~mpn wantkd pop jni> mtry anocav. ?P I Ot/? a rr; chofnc of comimov a i<$ retftmflru ? ("it! ens lloun(% 94(0 Government Kouiuv and ono month a advanoe par ' IS Slate pai to married men for <hroo yearn .... ..... SIS P7S9 Bach resritlt pncll rely rncsDesoath tn hand before lea.. In* Trenton, gttd 93 pre mi' in will be nsld lor alt accept Ml recruit* pri-nonled at ibo old Reorutttug tMKv, Ifl Moms*, inory olreot. Jer or City, N. J. Eoormin oVuil I 1 v all nieas* applr lUeuiitoUna. 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ALI. rprzit NONFYR CiiT.I.Ri'Tr.l) AND ADVANCES iu*dc mi nlam.a el BROWN A Nil flalNiN ti VII tlsrv Mf Neva; Banani; O'l'C's .No. 8 Part p nor, Now York, and 1 S3 I cm a rtrc'-t It rook I vt. All. prizr monry rhw PVYARGP CAS rtB OBTAINED AT ONOK RV Al Pl.t iirt,' IB FBKHON OK Ht laCTTBR TO WALIiPN A W IMrvKJk f.aTR U 8. NAVY, Hi VOHK MRU'-I BROOKLYN. BOUNTIRS. BACK PaVri d all ntln r . lanxa AIMU.-lfi O WITH OUT DKliA T. AUrTtlB OPPfCBK^ AK't; tMir** O* THB ok si no eaa obtain Ikclr prlte taouri m one dav, '.r.anp'y n; is WaI.Ii- H A V,liLAKl), 1X9 York rlreet, Bri'Shlrn. A hit PUT.K MONKV NOW PAT ARI.R A OAM BKOBTVINKH AT ONCB, By *pp< iok to / 15. DICK BY A CO., No III Broadway, New York. OONTY. PRI/.K MOHRY. ABRKAHA of PAY AMD PNNOIIINH PROtD RKII tVIl CARUP.H BY A l.i,K.a, Van UUkBN * LUCRE V. 744 Broad way. /lOVPBMRATtOM POK CL'ITHINO LOfT OM TUB \ ' Osvernor. Men tor Itsrr.n l>e Kath. crnn he obtained hy spn'riuy li WALDRN A Wll.l.AKB, MS York atreev jjronkti it. Hmra op bkamkm or thu ur huto ran r -oeire the pay sad prlrs nnmsr d is ilient. Ueira m seamm k;'led or died In tbn nrrn ? p.eaan call ?u BRAYNARD S ROAlMtJ, IS HlNM Sireek IRON-CLAD WRKB AWKRN-HKIkll OP T1IOHR 108T u Ike abnre name . \eaiel, can rece vr tus pn e mnnoy due them In one dav after 11 Ink calm Wlik WALDKM A WILLAItl), IU8 York streot Mrnoalye. IyRI/.R MOBI1T?FOB BVKRY VRltPRL OAPTIIR <D - I. co Isot'd si onea. 9UH Ho islr ? italo' d in. whihx*! as dler-, and promjit cnl erilm, of o?( mil UeFsad naval olatm. guaranteed by HAMlfitl. M. OLaBRK. 94 Pine atreot NY UNITED BTaTPS BAtY. ritUH MO.YRY OFriOB. _ RKAYKARD A KOWINO. Id Naasnu street WOlTwitKD htil.DlFIN CAM "llAYR THKIR 9IH0 bsnntr pr . pi paid them: i? idsn-a and beim of dsneaa- a. drricm, bavetnr nay *n1 bounty m i?d and p?M?l<?ni p rem ted' asiluraRali receive tbeirprian muaer. All ran re-e "e lafO' n,?n>MV and laatrurtiOKS Ur ap: 'vln ' IS ItlCM AP.t <1 I 1.1.1 ti FT. Usiled gtataa Army and Nary Oft ??, ft'/ Mtoeekar at net. C?T (tnfl imil FRISK MOYKY WILL IIR PAID CM 'HmF.'mHF wlthnitl t s esnsl ilslav ?f twenty tees ?.* tbr Ms men * Bank, Id' Vork strsrt, Hro Aiyn, sad kytkl ARt V-ittlt, t.t K al ttrw I. ?* ' LIMB OFFItlM. II ?;~wr?v.v? Mit'kiH.r auvaNCPn At 77 ON D' ' B'vNI t WAfctlKb, dKWBLHt, PI/.NftB. rCBMfTVRR uO . . so AT 7Y pAWC RuKfchit r cKUlfl W aNTRO at 77 fi? D't ubd Wati-bec. ,'*a?iPa, ??., SB I i mn 11 . e -v?M tftvs ran'lenMstoe 1 *-anr stnsr ,i. t i? be, fcl 77 Dl'-e. ^er atrrrt, np stsds ? | ("a-rbvpt |.*ttt P tf.l.Y ADVANCFD ON DI* i- v'sc .ft i eel v -tnvec p ?n tlui t fn in t eo I# ??? i -it-r. 'ctets nniitei of ulaii ?Mi -,i , a ' ?? n, i| ; . f - Vit. f'-r which 1 w| run Ja c., ?, ? >1 h%.: i ri otH-vloed , ? HI i rltli'f a -r in ? o.itf- ?, or ai it Ue.isa n ?tr St. upsulta, Ma- ?? ? a. "r ru It itfil F.tWMMIDKFF" ? i,- V? i Vi> / nrnnda RgMhe-Je. i r? dl rr I.a,. Ilai i ??( i ? f.?lt < :.,il vatv ps I T .r .? ? ? ? l? 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Ao eittrt'iMd burgeon on Hoord. The awoera of lhe<* eqtpa trill not (at aer-oaataWe fur (Inertia or Va'nah'iea u ilea" bill, of lading baring ths solas Oxpreaeod are signed "-ei gfM. Par Height or Manage aufcy to W. Cl'NARO, Mo. 4 Rowltnr flreeo. QTBAM WEEKLY TO LIVKRPOOL. TOUCHING AT O ("uoenatown (A'-rk Ha-Sor i The Liverpool, Metr York and Philadelph ia Hieaaiaalp Coupon) (Inioan Lino), carrying the United Atotes mai'a. lute id despot h ng their full nowered i''ydn lit iron ?t?am?bp? aa follows: ? C.TT OK MAMOHKHTEB Saturday July A CITT OK LONDON. Saturday. lily 9. CiTT OK BALTIMORE Saturday. July 14 and erary auqpasliag Saturday, at uoon, from pier Ad North river. RATED OK PARftAOB. PayuMetB gold or Ha equivalent In ear re nor. PI ret eoblu I .,$90 I Sleeros* ?* Do. to London..... 81*I Do. to London 64 Do. to Pari* 961 Do. to Pari* 40 Oo. to Hamburg.. SO | Du to Himir {.... 67 Pun on ers al o forwarded to Havre, Bruuiea Rotterdam, Aurwerp. ?c. at equailv low rate* from Yilrrri'ool or Queenot mo:-Klrot eobla $76, BAT. $'06. Hirers -<? ft A Those trho wish to aonA for their tr enda can huv llokota here at tbeae ra'ea These steamer* hove auperlor avomruo<lationi for piaeen g?ra a s* air.'ingty but'i In water tig t iron aectioos. and carry Patent Piro iWm I dilator a Isipo. ienccd surgeons ore atlarhed to each atKamer. for further informal ion applv In Llvornnol to WILLI A* IN M IN, Agent 23 Water atruet; In Olangow to ALKX. M ALC'iLV, ho. f. Bt. fcnoo1' eruu-e: lo Q.i"?o town to C, A W. (>. fe'KY MO UK A CO.: In I*)ndon to F.ITKS A MAi'KY, PI Ring William atrret; la Paris lo .TULK8 DMOOUB 46 Bne Notre llama dea V ctolrea, P.a".r delo Bourse; In Phlla drln'il* to JOHN a. DALK. Ill Wo'nut atrret, or at the company'a oflceu. OHN a. DALB, Agent. 15 Brutvdway. New York. ROTAL MAIL HTKAMRH1P SCOTIA.?FOR LT7BR poo'.?TheHCOTIA, O If. k. Jndklna uominandar, will nail from the company'* ditrk, at Jv?r OUv with the ma I la and tiaaeongera, lor Eur pe. on Wedneadar, the Z.'th Inauot. Passengers ore raqursted to be ou hoard by ana o'clock P M Tha ARABIA wtU aa'l on the 13th of .Tu'jr. K. CUNARD, No 4 Bowling O-ren British and American steam maviqation COMPANY. 8TRAM TO LONDON DIKKCT. Tt.e (Iret o'aas 'ror. staaeishlp NSW TORK wlB aott Jnly 9. Passage par able in currenry. Steera.-o $45 Paosenceri forwarded to Havre. Paris and Harmon porta, at rarv low rates. A nn'y to WILLIAMS A OtJION. IfBroodway._ gTEAM PROM AMD TO^C BKN3T0WN AND LIT KB CUNARD LIMB Prom New Tork, $41 ourreocy. to Now Turk, $31 gold, or equivalent in currency. M DON Bella July A HBCLA. July 3d For passage apply to WILLIAMS A (lUt(jN, 29 Broadway THR NORTH HERMAN LLOYD'S STKAMSIIIP HANSA, II. .I. Van Hasten coirimerdee, ramlng the lln'tod Stdn mall, wli! aall from Aha Bremen pier, loot of Third street Hnhokon. 0" SATURDAY. JULT 3. AT 12 O'CLOCK M., row BRKMBN, TIA SOUTHAMPTON, taking nasaeo*rr< to LONDON HAVItR, BOUTHAMPTON AND BRKMEN, at Ibe following rataa, payable In gold or It* equivalent la currency:? for the first cabin. $103; second cabla, $03 M; atoeroga, $37 3 >. The II ANSA will be followed by (bo NEW TORK July 14 For freight or pau^agn apply to .. _ OKLRIOUH A CO., 6A Broad street. HE HAMBURG AMERICAN PACKET COMPANY'S IRON MAIL BTLAHJHIi'S. From So'ithamr.'iop. From Now Y?wfc, BAVARIA June II. lAht July ? *A Qi'R V.ANI A Juno IS, I ar> 1 July K, ltd BORUKHIA Julv It. 1*84 4"g. d I3?4 Fmm Hamburg pier, loot of Third atreet. Hoboken. tokinit uu en rem fur llnuiburg Havre. I.untlen and Southampton al the following ralea ? Piret clbln. $103: second capta, $fi' 60: aieeragn. $37 60, mvali'e Ir. gnld or ita oquivolent. t W freight apply (to KIINI'A RDT A CO., 46 Enci'onge P>P<fr paaaoge apply to 0. B. R10HABD A BOAS. 181 Broadway T V0It? HTEAMSIlrr COM I pan' will drnpfttoh ?*nt r.ionthlv thntr now *?.1 ftrat ctaao Rrit.ifi Iron ???m> ibi C8I.La WKf7S\w? AT4MN . A. IOWA. IW.I ANA r.d MAVllAt?a J. .. t"n' b'irthan UA'wrrn Lfc>'..n and V?w T.irfc ratlin* tTT7 *V3 ' T"r"c* from Tnnftnn. Ra'aa of mkv.? oilvf Mrrmrr:_Prom Wow Yo-k firm Wokln. Jl A; 8r-?nd CaWii. ?<<-,; ?t,,-,, a4,. Vrnm r ,rr ch as' a * w'rif??Rv5*hi?,?i*1 Hi ?v<,r ?n.V u> Vfi o- .iTN.R-1 **.?" % "r<.Ada-a- >?rfrr1??J| _ HOWL A l?P * A KM H WALL, Aceufv. National stham navioaiiov covpavt .... .to qpwhcktow/;;d mV RP* OnV PRMNHVf ^Tv71: H6-P*Yohia t? rurronnr. Lonima** u 5"1." ??tiN??, Jnt? * FoVpa^iVplV l, M U JuiT * . WIM.IAMR A QIITOJI. 8.t Eroadwar. OTP.AMITUI TO PR ANCR IH Kla.'T ? CARRY INC! THg MA 11*9. T 11 r. OT'NKItAll TRANFA'IJ. * !?TI() m?l<i MV*U n tr rT' J*IN1 OP FIRST ObllgM smRWIIRKf* 'IT* I mom Tim. Rl.Twp.KW NEW YORK A NO ft A VHP f'" I , ? ?r-t JiVft inlf'n^Rrf i? hi* nut ^ iwi* yra-iii.vol!tv, Pa,: ir. I'lirnsii*, I E"!* HAVKR-On IS.f, l'm?T I Prow NI W TORK-On W-dnra i.r, ?iij?|r Ka'.esof pAMacr inrlwltnt lab ? w'u? ? ' Pi?te5M?. v:.,v | tiasond c?bia ...I",'"' W' f P'f'llMrt. .. '"** TOftl TO r.vnK. N?? nd naMn "*A t"V UNITED RTATKS MAIf, UVK FOR < A 1,1 P#?'J VI \ Vf A n I x . M . | orpT"* "tiT11? riatVTfai! o54bj*a"- ''r <*?'? nnnlh, ot ?>" !urr ' ? ?!<?? *?r..U, foUowl.t 7* ,,e j i i.? r?t olfettf si^-'ro-.h p OOS5TA RT45A (r%*w\ w H ?All frtit flrr No. S Npril*rirW"'*M Tha OCT;**0 oV w?'??,,rA'T 4 M U M will For frciglii or p?am^? ?ppif to " B. ALLRV. ! ... No 5 Horllne flrora. I P10? ".V PTRr.trr 1 "nllr.l Rtattr Mai' itrpraatdp ITAVANA M R Orrrnar .'nmralor, ?di ru m itmr Wo 4 Wm,,1* Hi.*!. y" p?' OMtrhi'or'li "" al j o'tlorY p' I IT (trood?? THOH. Afll NOJO A CO . I 4 J^OR NEW ORI.BAN8, DtRKCT. ?ATUSUAT, ,IOLV t? at"s O'OLOOIT P M. Th? Doltad ?tram,i,|, , , KOKCTItlO h' OiK. i ?iii ...I .. ,n " O'AI'k'i, (,(i'nii -ti.lf ? P'"r 41 Sn'lh rir"' """? P'Of Aborr j Por frali,hi or Arplr to m T, -V JAWRg A K k VWOR. 10 R.m'. KV1'm"?? ?** *>" foiled F^?? BiHEOT.^rnn fiprt n ?ca <r, ?n m,ia,r'1 a,V! Mh'Ukt roirn ."ulv i <a?V r ir# V- No * ?""* n^r on pa?^r A|'p'r t? A. 8. CKOVWKLL a Ca, P*2eJ?J7 4*.D "NADpqn. h. c-THt M.Kk!T Bi "OA'i hlri traoTi wiw:? ? ir tpOR LIIRRPCKjl^'r^PSO.OT" H IJtTd "*x **"*"* **?"?? S?S&\i,TOW'.-S>?,r nrp*i-n.j>e I ? or from 'hr ?> d r,inrtrV or Itru / ? ,,,trt "f ' r.olAAA --- ? "* ?"?** lh? *??*-?? m,, ?r>. ?ia- ?? W? oc ?i TAP8COTT ?BOTH Ir C? . W ?o^ For mtrrpoou?or*n ri,a nttr... ?hip ha n\ wrp* -.iii?? . ' ???, Jill' ?. P'rp..t%7;,r7,ri,IllllhTi. - '1 ?? ?trrrt, or I., KOCUIC .-.rim"'* ,;o ? M Ji* o.^'* For i.tvprpooi,_ut|r? ?*...... rh. ?^m. .. U iH. do' lvC! ol?^V . ' r* rrio?) ?"d t.inad. R iorn ?'<*? * ? ?*'"? pit ><? p m UK:apvv n? * *? H*0?. TJWnXttbtT?Vr *'?* 'l'- * K for IM.OO M??* .01?,:^ ohW TM!. . " aod will ro . ,, 0 (1- ? ? ^ ? ?W.F Ti . ???? M-P " Of r. I W?0 ngioti W ,f ^V., '.k ;n' ? *?.?>?' A l'.t W |>AMV?p f,\ R8KOPR . mr ?4t> , , wtrwas?j.r * "?/ :? ~ ?" -v. 1 UAJon. A|.py nl.DI'l ?r, ? ft. AT?,^\r'; ,' ? HM'O ?*. P. C A U* I /iT, ??.,?? u '?fi ooi Hi it rr't I hail . .in ? ? ?t fc ?.? ???? a?? Ifa mpratod to Ok. ,i* ,2 'I' , *. no1 - a MWl" u""d ?.K? s niu. cti. 1 to a ? '<HAVI*iM{itAi n |tt4. l' "" IP r>'.0N tut KR ,4,1V., , ' A , ' I hMat f"*'# tl}'* M ,, f f It . J, MM a *" ? IfoF ?IT kn I ill A. || an- 4 ,? ."2 '. -I i "* th "? ""I ?lb.ft- ? M? l,??Ta,nlot> *. ot i.?t?i???AM Nrr.irlAIRl*?' "?' ??PllaH'? VIV'S." " V'X^'iV. ^VTKRNOOW B'?at y. 8 f't V IHrnT A?* VtV ^"I^^TJ.m.;,, fNT ' -<, (>a,rM. ?> r V.,1. r.? V "? V. 'i*"" ' f ' Vli ? ?: t,Ml I '' " ? 8 VI ? ? Mf? I. T* ( / ^ ?' > /.run?. u, .w?r t(ull 4 M 1 '?" f AW" . i C - ..I A pom mw.-tMM ?ta^ ltr*. um?th* maubiiom laaeaa "* OkrUt ftarMiwdt f %. |A .2 ?> !?? Tut UlTidl ALB 4*T-CM A?o* or riiii^ / riw-urilrwti M CiukV Mn* aii Hmui, UktM j 1 Bnrtaga nar.l'iga, Montreal. aad all p >tnl? North u< WeeL rh Im liu.lnu rirar. Toe m* aua n <?l C.vikbaBOl Capialu D. H Hliencerk, and the Difcl Kl. DRRW, Da* lata J. F. Tollman. farm a da I* l aa for Atnaay, '"?? Dew broaaaa .treat, at 7 A M.. and Thlrtet i a|t?M at T l?. laai' lag at Uorteoa' Hatal Dork. Waat Po lit, Nawbmng, f??|h keep.m, Khiaeberk, Cataklll and lluda<n. Ttokan aatd aa board aad bajgnxn anaclad vw aad north. Fishing banks ?families and partirb caw aajay the aaa air ha go'aa la tha Ftah ag Kaaka aa tha aragalagataamai MARYLAND, ahicb leave* aa ry oi?aa log, Saturday* aiaratad footnr Broovna an net but rlna at 7 o'clock; Feci aTiu. Boat river. 8 10 A M , Dev arrant North rtvcr. 8:30 A. fa., and Plnr No 4. North river. 1.41 A M. Kara |L Dtaaar Hniraahmaatn aad goad muMa m beard. GBt NT AND LBN OI'TKI, AN K It I ??II f IT. COLD* ktlie a Monatar Kxnuretea 10 Jnnea, ?n T inra-lay nait, tha SOtb af J aa Tha draft poat tamed till after tha Mouraioa. Tlckota oaly H eaata. Touta la mo a da l? vited. Grand picnic and cotillion kxcursion of tha 1 bdeptmdeal Literary Union toS.wida' Petal UL on Thursdav. June *1. li*A4. Tea ei.rii id kieamnr IM Royal and comrruxitou. larna Ma1, near hare hoe* chartered f?. a ocnvr on. A full band uf tr i*>(. will ha It attendance ti crtaiO canta; eh Idren nnder tt years, W cents, which may be procured at lb? it ?? ma da? at the excursion. The boat w 1 leave foot af Am<w "treat, North, at Ti. k.; Troth at eat. Baal river, at 7)A A. M , aai Thirlr aarenth atraat at 8 e'glock A. M. ST. COLUMKILLR'S MONSTER EXCURSION M Jones' Wood oa Thursday. June T' with lu unriaal led attractIntia, hlrta fair la atirpaa* an ? tr'n ? of the ktnA ever witnessed oo Manhattan I lard. Tin msealv 2Soeot% a cirourrstanee tho publ.e will not fail ta a puree ate Ike droit poatp mad till after tha excuiatoa. boaarved >aaOa f# everybody aterpt ahodujitoa. ABGdCTlKUL KKW BAROR PUP. KXOPRYIDMD? The Horrent Hume. and the Rhlnebeek Also Strata* hoata, tvlth or tr th >iit >al'Mtn i. Pleasant Vnllev St A naa'd Well and at or Graves to let. Apply at Hi# Kxcuratae nf^ flee, 389 We?t street, corner Harrow. B B CttO&ShTf. LARCH BTRAMER, WITH BkLOONS. ALSO atnal aldewheol stroma's ?The nrlenri'd now d<*v" Oeraldlns and Stela, with Bldd'e'a Wr k to let I for nxcu aluna BONNKLL A CO., IM front i atnal aldewheal stroma's.?The arlend'rf now donWd I rove and Woodbrtdpo Park ta ten for nxcu dime M._V^ " TO LBT-FOR BXCURRIONH and PICNIC f-AUTIBB, a largo end cammed oua Steamer. capable o" cjrrvtng 1.508 persons; alan a aoleo lid drove fu u ahad with ptak form, owlnza, table*, summer hnoaa* and tee civd anrtngB on the prontla'H. Apply at the ollloa of M. 8. bulaa lalaai ferry, pier IV, N. R. A DRY BOODS. T QRAND STttKKT OH 1A I* STORH. STRAW OillDd Fl.'LLT OXB TIIIKD BKbtlW LAST WRRY'S PRTCMB. Otlulea, Water'oilA Kit-enms Itnper otx, Mad'tnnoa m ?rnrr other drairaba ihape, in Bloomer . latdiea' Qray llair aud Couta* B mnnta, frotn 78 ooMB iioh. Ktne Spill Straws at 81, |l 80. U $7 U. Examine f ?M tiaily ibree loia, at f? ft hit and ft cacti. Blaek and Cellared lUoaiaera at any prloa. fro n 88 eestn ear ?. Large linea or Children'a aad Bo n' Kata, all new MMB wrek. and nniimai'v cheap Shakora, every t/-e anl prion, from It cent a each. KB f '.Rll RML 'f, tit and 3ll1^ Oetntt and lift A lea trwr-'a, Klftli h *;k a at Irtna the H' weey. At orand btrrct chkap stoke. KIHttONN KltOM AUCriOX, TARTAN I'LAID Kl RONS KVKRV WIDTH. DRABS, TANS. CUIIH and Aid. Til K FAJiUluSABtM OULOKS AND AMI t DEN, KRAIIV TO He Y NnadvMOeln prlcea although ga d I nearly jnn I'.HWARD RIULKY. Ill and 811 "-i Orand und 4 i Al rn ?lw?lA KHllt hlook ca?t I rem tha Bowary. At ORAND RTRKKT CHEAP 8T0RR NKW STVi.K.S IN I'LAID SIl.K VRLVKTB, Bcariel. While, Pink Sk< and Itoyal Hue Silk VelvaM Full line o honnel Sitka; no arteanco in price pt. BLACK AND WHIIK MALiKB AND ILLUSIDX I.AC td. CHEAP MILLINKRY LaCRH VKILB, EMBROTM. 1111.4, OLOVNm, BIIK.SUi, A' ., A". K -WAHI) PIOLRT No . 841 and XIlkc <>rat..l iu" J Allcu itrv-eta. htitn bloc* rati ,'ro n the llnwery. AT ORAND RTRVRT CHKAP HIORR. NBA STYLES IN DttB.SS TXIMYIXOl CMIaE. HA? AND DKK8.S OKNaMKVTS lOOearlooaof Preach Fbtwera and P'al era read Hit W A It 11 HIDLK.T Noe 9l| and 9 IH Orand ua I <14 At el. atreraa. Filth h.ook aad from Cto Horn off, AT0R*NDftTRPIITCII^APfiT6uB. Mill nera an I cnuntrr morekeauora wili And It truly t-. their yd anut c to ii.?9-<u K1BHONS, 8lKa? tKioDX MLI1 MALINK aad olhat laoea heinra pur. haunc We ae'l rut length* c.ieapar tana down tawa jobber* saH whole piocoa. ROW YftD RIDLKT, Noe. 5U aad ^1114 Orand and fit; A Irn *tr??ta, F.fth Wook eai.t iron, Uie bowery. At TUB HIXTH AVKKUR Oil K At* SI (>HH?W i. BfeJufc fully tw.-u jr v? per cool nuuer Kr>?nwav lertceo. Lidtar wo hate lame at of i-hcup ton-la the eea> amnion alas, ulita.voa has deal and eaa iue. a Ursa ot of r-ch So tib Pinhl Bii bona, ai low priae-i S si rtrt SenUih part bareie Rlw la la gi si * (4 worth Art Si# very handsome (Iron .d uo Hr.aivia, ?1 ami 91 weeitti i'i aaa# fS (Ileal va. iriv of tp-o'a taie-.-y wool hktila, frn-n 9' adlea', children'- aid cento1 arte iu. rum Vaete at ?*# privet Straw llaia nf overt kind lart ea genu and eMI area'a. I>ar ;e aa art neat nf H'.la (m t e i.e>-intrv, from la up. Hnonet and irtinuuo ? Kliitenne all ?li la* and o .'Oew cheap In a na I wares irm.n.lteaa do. we keen the largest aa I ohenpeai aln k In the <Uy Heal Mm, al -l-e . twria K|.? ,i SIU >(fnU|i"? on'. 30'?i dm n i-lsra i CnUoa. roo t article 9 tenia Mark, tv tie and cm nr-d ivs a Faa% Pri fmnerv, Hut'onei llralrt > Onmba Krua ?a and ever*, tb lit In our Ine al (hi <0 eat prioet Llnniue. Papas Uucliua, buokrama. k ..?liean. KONAl.UHOti 9 klUARKh. corner ot Bl-th avenue end h nrlereU alraat, RAlMeKV'fi KI.r.'PTIC FK1RT, icr ''aalh n fi. ded easily when e iiho in ooeupr ? email'apace, making the most an-crab-e a i ri warn. Pad aala ?/ I, ii i ,? 'I t V l.dR, Nov lul to * ? bniaiwat. h.'s to o'! <lr ml "feet. R(?. 47 and 4a Ow.barlue a.roat Ii I "\U Plil. It M.I.I CI 10 9rRlN0 SKlHT v 1.' tm f: MOST I'o/'UUll ANl? NLbklHbK Ik USB a. T. STrwAsr ? on Henartwav ;?nrt 1-n'b firaeA IAXCWJSm l.V PR son ki.u/iho ON R to ?wrmtt .Ml nrhre *r dc Alroateuaa . ut -d le an ns-rrpaawa# uiaant*al Miv UOI.Mii N Pienrb Kliiiinii r .l?, No 1.1 1 -:itv nlie?-l (ono blu k and a hall it .rr. 3. ned-i eyV iS7 I: eeekcr ei.-reu i-ei-i-v Wuoetn irw. m I Ml r .M*a ?lr 'a:. Hro..k /a. tl ? Na m*-..ioa jr Used 'o (lie ceualM Preach IHltltlg Hi'MITINO.-VnPNOH Kbl TINd r>ONK TOR POOR P rant per inrl i.ver faur ie?' e? n,.r eenl oec tar# ?tlrn. hr the Krem-bd* n nn ? nniputiv. t.'l Rpitnc misH, liaiHrrti t art< k ami fill uu-n streets. Aueut. \tr? RHiNA II Aft, ?.,.l Third tvnum , noar T>.euiy aercaih atraet, N h? NKIKT HIH I am. A uew end meat Invention III |lt>()'- HKIRfs. 1411 IlUrieBX bid li'T ' (OH bOPKLKi SI'ltlNO. .1. I. t I. II R-KSr, Na P7('hsn.'e' dr-et Neve %nrk. Are the owners nl ilia Patent and einluslve m<snfeef.uwara nf th'k, .1. W H ? tOl.hT S rATBNTRR DVKI.lik i I MP 10 HI KM, F f UJTO Ml 111 Is. Thl? It,vi ntloo mnalstHn' Onp'ec (or twm Ultnrie Htaal Spr iiRt n ,en .)> ?.? M a .let: ? iai.tlT and llea,l> (..(a.> d e fe in e ice ii-akl If the iiwsheai, mo l e a-ttc, Hei.b a ao4 t ?-fcli.a epr ar. uvvi ? id erunlin* He we..rtrr le(s?vtr? ?,iieiioo n( is xinai ea ? 'it end 'I I ene ? u in mil ?old tin S irtsn's in uae as eaaln and wlih thn ? cma rsiilencc n a stlk or muslin 'ires It nnlirel i hviata# ami ailroiva tb* t!K oh e<-?niii t. honp aklru. vtr alie Ma nn anoe to ihr weeper ea W- l ea 'he |>nS,c. e?ime-*li? aa erow.iai asa-'tiUl ea, r?>r,a e- re irtul rar rhitrui eei, or >0 any enmded P a e. fi -aa t ie .lilflculty of e'olraab iu( than to nr.Ml- I a vniad ayiynw This e-iureir ri'm,i??? the dull .i'i?, wriic it ii -li e m ri ibe usual full and # m metrical fmr , ?n ' le the Hgliieat and mo I ?nr 'si? wad (raw III aptieaiaiu-* Inr (ka atrrat, o?- ra, proiner.ada a# hntMe dre A lady bar na ea a rrt the |fea i re cwmrort and craak c?or snleo. ? of aecr-akibv Ii p-ci K Ii;>* o tprirg Sk ii far nstrjjailsv will to err situ wrrtl v ill aply 1 |veay ?Itia ?lie a?e m tbeia. They are 'he he t new I y lu ?v?rv teek aud h Inr the I ebseet, n oil tin ?k a. ooani'neiab'.a aaa anonOMteet aknd riadn baerehenta will l? atipp' ad a* shove nud ad-ea i.- emat 6r-t i-:? a- retail alorca n iMa oit and the dlif' n n' K. tae-. fnqu'ra 'or Ue nurmx r uurose smuxti scim OATRirr oorteRX rt' iPTto Fvrr.r V Vofuaialwc KhKiHM >' bl'ltirMSHS COMION and leCoNtVV. an-t uo ;n-:.l owab!.r lea %.wtde?lr. b a ante* bmspi Hot ?aJ? u/ aKM..?,V. COMfvRLR t Ot . (,nrt-' r ?> < at al -net ??r?i el re at w him ills iHH??ia. .tr., u an rr,T. AFT?fHM'- (.? TURSb OS ?ll i. <t1ii?l Til lR N. P- s e l i fa:ni.r ' r Vui avrptng iiI'smS 9^ He a i an it Ufl'I-'l fbAbr-o Is) .IIPt-H'iS r-A.l)i?t? r-ss.-et.! .. a I will .?tn..a r ' irn. aeef- t r?-h, r-i M ? imn .1 a.s turns el.-r ?o?d l-ieaP-H. b? el?* t ?' met. at, tee i-r i-Mtlhlf i*(H?" Jed'a Ai-'if In 1' lb' ?(? ?f, At ate.ey. Y<l 'tfa'e t'TflN 'O..FfS A O-tn KP.ew 1 Wav t ?? -e. a 'it', e kt.ii ' r. e? f?i?W ??t iN. ? .Id i i b , |i siwrtn. (,.ee, Is 1. 1 ? * iex t L? ? rt i tt a m taoko 9i?? a I t>wr? n l?.-ee# ' eon in t. ? Votr a. \\ IS''..' ? A >N*. ,'(> tr l S .'.If)"., I|1'> '? fto I?e ?t A fs?(,w ?? P ,W> r. m-ji ? ? K'ef? * fnev A C !. " I N It."" >t> ? ' e ?' ?rs.i' a Rj. a Pa i "el i ~ - rt ?' "1 ef v I I n'? # er a..., ... ? ?' d*i -A - V. wi ..I ye l( 4-> 1 -vHs A-k. a-a y I)., !e ? k t% ?<,. t.? "i, n, i:, i . t?i . *? ?r?' ? 11 ? .- "Is H( ?t I It J -l? t t II la'ti ,- a> iii e a ? e? (<-u o?, a * dr aw auk' . .- n-w, p'u . '/ ?? ? yoik- p-a, i fMvj i\ C f7 , ?. |> A' * aa; T!*'.;. ,'i S pertNt v .- t ' fi? 0 a. a ,- I ? b, :a-. t u i PI ley '???( ar. iv'n . ., . .ahi drai a.p? ? v. ", ? ?: f 'i ke< y,-i . I IV * 'If* * 'f N <?T yH /VP- 'A ??. )?v-at ** - Us. I e ' ' ' ? ?? ' . I - , - ea . At N .a f I, . at ? Meant-- v -l . s-?r IT y? A, s'.r't I ? W*s" b-.f ?)? it idt. . s nif j ?? ii u' ' a | ?? : ai i-e |-%iI it' II. i i - l ei ? It n ii . . H ? era I Ii fal a?'l P.iaa. ? w * . ..m . C- - V.,f t. ?-i i t ' rt eei I'viiij ilrwi. I He t lis .1. u-ft .tee ?? .-eh v4 (te' k \17 A' Tltll Tit nf:.+ -< -It (-. ees,e4 ( , p,,* 4 -vNu ea* e acg*.'u is rt, ? , el >1 . .. ee P.* J Hem atreel Adilrcae %a. ?, ,? si , , . t 1 I" e? ?t'.cf | iv a^Tk-I Tit iti- Ita (??/ e.R? ra r.3 | ? la-ii? ?,? Hanai 'Par ? s e .? -,1 /an H rie-'d' I Arevt* A#.'|* e 9., ? t ?,(*.' r--^ mil- licet eeirrrnf ? -jive ? t\ i iP.le TO UK- 1 -a I a >K SOA "I i .lOT'neb., J t? i e.ri.ivfi, rt er i? ? IU-hlak.-fL addptsl!, w.lh en. -IJ?. adhe . km a An. Toil out ...

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