Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 29, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 29, 1864 Page 3
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rOATIOHa WAiTU-FMAUia. SUMBIS 01 WELL UOOMVIIIW HUM ImiIm ?M1 ult? U?n< aa araoks. NiatlrMMl w4 , MrtM aad airla tor greorai Aa,. *1 Institute, nOMM* at. Ml the A SITUATION WANTRD? ST A RSSPBCTASLB J) jhki vami, aa B am nwi. weaker M?d ironer. la ? SMNmIi. OiUti?iAitomBooiiTa mm m I. A MIDDLB AflBD PRUBOR WISHES A SITUATION ft aa una, te take chartr *f an lnf?nl; aba ondcra'anda M? aara at sua irauUi blith; wbhaa la fa la tba country; Ha beet of aOr lefereaee <an aa glr-n aa to character : baa *a4 Id yea. a la am faanlry. Can ba mm far Iva day a at IH Madlooo at ANBW BNGL.AND WIDOW LADT OR RhPlNBMKNT aao rduc um d~*les a altna'ion aa housekeeper ? aaateei amata fanny, ar aa son.ponir.n la a lady, where Mm naaltl endeavor to make herself both aaarul aad aaraa afeta ??od reference gl an II re.iured. Addrce Mrs. T m N., Id Ohariwa ak, ar aaa ha aaaa far thraa days at the Mm# plant. N TOUNO WOMAN. LATELY LANDRD, WANTS A ft. suasion aa aeaairlrra* and eblldrea'a auraa in a ??nail ?welly. Call lar iwa dav? at No. Id Pnuoe at , ta Ina war. AOIRL WANTS a BITUATION ROB MINERAL bouaawera; haa good ally rafaraaoa. ARplyatlHLm NT* A BBSPEOTABLB PROTESTANT OIRL WISHES A ft altaaOoa aa auraa: lia? naiad la Ibal capacity for (if"I ran The ran be*t el-v reference n *aa Apply at 4110 t>th la., halwaan *7tb and Sib ale . Si a* floor, far Iwa day A A SITUATION WANTED?BY A FIRST CLASS COOKi iindrrdandn al klnda of baklar. an>l I aa aieallaal washer and Ironer. Rood city reference. Call al It7 7th ar., If aba ra, front room. ' A SITUATION WANTED? AS CHAMBBRKAlD AND ft aaamatrena, or cbatubartaald and waitress la a printte pmHj Hood city refaranca. Co.) at 147 7th ay., up stairs, iwt room. A SITUATION WANTRD-BY A BK8PECTABLR aft. Scotch Protectant L'trl, jaat arrlrad, ha chambermaid, aa a hatoL Call at IS Pall at, Bowery. A SITUATION WANTSO-BY A REMI'BCTABLK ft ynuna girl, to do ckamberwork and * o-ting or take Sane of a baby and do plain earning: orVI reference from Bar lant place. where aha bred throe year*. Call at 401 11 lb avn. A TOUNO WOMAN WISHRS A SITUATION AS chambermaid and wallreaa. or to do p'nn anwlug la a (atntt family. Call at 317 HIck* at., Brook1 >a. S ORBMiN MOT CONVRRSANT WITH ENGLISH, daaire, a ? t at oo to travel with a adv or raeiilv; no ijtri nn to co ng to Europe ar Oailfornta. Addreaa r. JR. , Harahl office | RESPECTABLE OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS ??ok. wa her aod inmer. or would do ih* housework atnall famtlv; '.n? the be*t ofcitr reference from her place Can Or ?e-n at 2U3 Mary street, babe can Bolivar Willoughby, Brooklyn. A RESPECT A11LB Q1RL WANTS A SITUATION AS ft cook, waaher an 1 lr>n?r; city reference. Chii at 22 State at.. Brook yn, top floor, front room. AOIRL, DRSIRF.8 A SITUATION, IN CITY OR CHUN trv aaohauibn meld aad to assist in the laundry. Can eon at her present plaoe. 234 Weal 30Ut al, between (felt and '.'Hi are A TOUNO GIRL, WANTS A SITUATION TO MAKR herself Utefm In n amall fatnllv; wages not no much an object aa a good home; no objection to the country. Call at MS 3d aye., in the rear, second door. TOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AH CHAM barmaid and waitre-s; haa aood city reference from her place, where she lived aeveu years. Call at Nc. 5 Mor fourth near. SSL A WOMAN, WHO AT PRESENT CAN U?B BUT ONF. ft of her eyea. o e a her *erviae# for a ?lght remuaara Mm Pianv private iamlly who wonld employ her; she run lake care or children act us nursery governess, teach the Mtdhneat? of French, the acornt of which ahe acquired lit Pan*. Sheeapahia and willing toaaal t with any other heuarV Id work that woa'd be repaired af her, except cook las, AddresaC. A. k , i20 Kail 38th street, first Uoor, lroat A SITUATION WANTED?AS NURSB AND REAM Jk stress, bv a steady person, with first class city refe Met: no objection to the country. Call for two days at 134 toot 3 at at LADY Of RKF1MSMENT AN O EDUCATION would Ilka a attention as reader to n lad ? gulag to port, or hoo ckaaper for a gentleman of I i Mra. Alexander, (latlun D, Bible iluuae. BBRPBCTARLR TOURS WOMAN WARTS TO TAKR at '-?to wet norse at her own homo. Apply for two ? at 120 ^ A ittb ft. ABITUATldR WANTED-BT A PROTECTANT GIRL, aa oaek; no objection to go la the country. Good ?MP refarecons. Call at 77 Bast Mth at., bet neon let and fiawa g"." BmHWI II AMERICAN WOMAN, AGED SO, WOULD LIKE to get a housekeeper's situation or do aewiag or ilgbt ork: abe la a trusty, bonnet person: Is a widow; no In the dty. AddreM Mra Hall, elation B. fHh ay. A SITUATION WANTED?BT A VKUT RESPFCTA A hie I'rotestant girl, to de ehamberwork aad assist In Mho washing or genera! housework ef a small family; has Mo boat cliy reference from bar last ptaaa. Apply at XB Waatllai st., top Door, front room. OBRMAN LADT WISHES A SITUATION AS housekeeper In n small family. Address T. *., Herald YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO DO etismberwork and waiting. Can be eeen for two day a I West 13th at, between Ath aad gth area SMART. 1RTRLL1GRNT LITTLH OIRL, SB. 1 tweeo 14 aad lit wlahea a sttuauou te wait on tho la l and door. Can bo oeon for on a day at I9f Wast 3Mb at PROTESTANT WOMAN WI8BBS TO OBT A CHILD to auras at bar awa heme. OaU at 43 Hiring tost ut, h baseman t, for two daye. A *K FKOTKSTANT OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS regular waltrOM or chambermaid; understands bar thoroughly. Ml West Mth at Ring bed. A PROTESTANT OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS ohamMrmakl or nurse. Oeod dty reference. Gall at What ?>th at Tho oeuatry preferred. SITUATION WANTBD-BT A BBSPECTABLB woman, a* cook; lo a good walker apd Irons.-. Coasbe . . ||#-^ r for tares day* at the beam m her present employer, "oat 24th at I SITUATION WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE WO nss. to do general housework. Apply at 71 '#0*1 30th between Mb ami 7'.h are A SITUATION WANTED-RY A TOUNG GIRL. TO A take <?*># of children and sew or to do ehamberwork ?d mw. No objection to elty or country; beet o cltyref ?rnoen. Can bo seen at 1MI 7tk avenue, near 23d St., fer ?we days, tf not engaged. 4 SITUATION WANT8D-AS NHBSE; CAN TAKR . eharge of aa Infant fram its birth; would as<1*1 wl h lldren or cbaiuberwerk. C.ty re for-nor. Call at It West ' at A* YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO DO aaril homework In a sma'l private fomtly. Call at eat auh at, between Hth and Tth at s. 8 COOK OR CHAMBRRMAID-STBADT PLACE i preferred to ktgb wages. Call at V9 lPtb etrert, betv.eoa k and Tin art OIRL WISHER A SITUATION TO DO GENERAL houseware for a snia 1 family. No objectoa to the ?try. Call at 110 Went 1Mb ?t . fa the rear A' Mr as a PROTESTANT WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS ao?k and to assist with the washing and Ironing, flocd me. Call at 127 Went 24th at RESPKt TABLE WRf NURSE w'kNTH A BART at her own residence. Call at 525 3d are., between 37th Mth at YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS nurse and seamstress: no objection te washing; the try preferred. Call at MO 12th at. est# door from gALIPORNIA.-A RRSPECTABLK AMRRICAN WO man. aged 27, would like lo make arrangenteeta with a ? ly or an laraltd lady going, a. auras. Is felly quail I. aad weull be found rery ueemi with children. OaU SM or address IL. Be. t Heath id at, WtUiamoburg. POOH SITUATION WANTBD-MT A PBOPRSSKD V eooe and ben-ex sopor; good referenee. Call at 3d4 <th ?r., oatranoe In S4?b at cn rno ? re v hunt ** " ?l'm?!n fa ? "Hw SitStiSSSTSr' -!-!M3T?!"i5S2 C?? hraao Oaritc K M SITUATION WANTRD-ST A BRSPBCT.v hie gir - understands her huaioaae thoroughly la *11 it* chat; nan giro the heat of oily nlsewaw. 0*4 at 43 ton nr., near Park, Brooklyn, for two In. a SITUATIONS WANTBD-BT TWO RRSPKCTABIB young gir la, one a* obambemuud aad to amul la the E <>f children, the other le do housework In a prime lly. Hare no objection to tie oeuatry Botli hare the of dty refer'woo. CaS fer two days at 120 Green wish 'ITUaTIORS WANTRD-rOB THOROUGHLY COM ) peient female help of all aatlona, lor the different ?aches of housework, la dty or country AppratUie X Employment Honao, eomet 0th or. and 11th at Alan help. SITUATION WANTBD-BT A TOUNG GIRL. PROM O IV to 15 years old. to da light h ana work or to who cam Sfhlldren. Call at 211 Kaat Mth el J ITU STION WANThD-BT A TOUR'l CIRL. FROM J 17 to 13 team #14. to de light housework or te take rare r ehlkirea. wining te te In Ms oeuatry er otg faquir* W two daya at 211 fast Mth at. 'WO GIRLS WISH SfTUATIONS, ORB AS COO*. washer and troner; the other to de ehsmbarsrerk and iwiag. Call at 90 Carl sk, Brooklyn, frect houee. WANTED-* SITUATION, BT A TOUNG KRKNOH _ gir in a dry seed* Mere et trimming store. Addrwn ? ?.. box f" - 215 Herat.) < w ANTED-BT A RRUPRCTASLR RNdL'SR WO man. est. alien a* hmiaeteopar er ?urn* ?n4 ewn?. Btrnae e bora her daughter, agsd If yearn ran be wl'h her; ?attetsetery testimonial* given , wage* aot as Imp* l heme. Ad.tress Mrs M., 12 Oeatre at. ? important id a est ANTED?A SITUATION. BT A TOITRG GIBL. 1/V ninth rook, washer and iroeer er to da housework In JVL.if nr.vat* fhmtlft <>?s the best of otiy reference. ?.an ? MMfor two days at in Wtat 10th sk. between Tth sad th evs. r ANTED-ST A IUWPBCYABLB (IPRMAN WOMAN, aaltnation a* nook, would be willing to on into the ?a try Cn I at her preseet emploj er'a, 31 # estllUh ?k W ANTED-BT A BBSPECTABLB PROTESTANT girl, a situation aa none, and win make herseir treae anliv narret: has the beat oMy reference. Call at lag Thmtp. Ma street, room 17.. WANTRD-ST A PBOTRSTANT GIRL, A SITUATION an nurse and to do )>laia er wing .good etty refer* ore, Otuntr* prefer:?d Oat st 138 West 77th st., rwees IA. thlt wore lag WANTRO-RT A BSSPRCTABLR WOtfAB, TBI ws?h'nj of a privet* 'arellr; or woa'd do goatloweo s shlng Caf at Its Thotnp'Ou s'reet, room *1 W'fsffc' ???r. irnirr ?rrVATIOM WMTBO-fUHII. TTT'ANTBB?SITUATIONS FOR nURT ALAS* SK VT rant* ? every eaparit , fer ally aad enonlr.; f*?.n and bet* e P emptly fatal-bed; order* re-pa* ralljr anllem uL7 tihiiw*., nearOnnrl Mr*, a. W. WooPWARO WASTHD-A SITUATION. BT A PROTESTANT 01RL, b eeoh ; anderwaorte oooklog la aU 'la braMki Baa the beat a* attj raferaaaa. Oaa he **** at MP Uatoa iL, Break ya. 1 TXTABfED?A S1TDATIOB AS CHAMBERMAID ABO Tf waltrea*. o-aoalaila washing. Good ettjr rarereneea. Call at 366 Broaiaa st. WANTBD?A SITDATION, BT A SBSPCCTA BLB ?nai( woman. to ii .eaeral |oia??#rl n a ema't fa ?il'y, or chatnbei work anil aaa la children, ?' to do flu# wasting; no object!, a f > go hi tb* country. Beat a/ally re farauo". Call at 1Ti Waat S2A at TJTANTBD?A SITDATION AS WAITRESS AND n chain1 armald, bv a reepertabl* yaiiac womaa with ally referwue*. Applv at bar preaent employer'*, 87 Waal 17th at. hatwaea 5th ml gthare. X\J ANTKO-A SITUATION AS HOUSRKBKPBR IN A ? small f lnliMamllv; pleasant home prefarro'l to high wage*; ao ah action to tka country; pleaae atata realdeae*. Adireaa 0 J., ctailoa B. Mew Tork. WABTBD-A SITUATION. BT A SMART, AOTIVR Toont womau out ou? In the aoontrr; woo d ilka to take wire of ehl'tlrea and do plum aowlug and embroidery ; willing to make heinell generally ueefiil. Call at UO Baet ?t ________________ WANTBD?A SITUATION AS OOOK, BT AN PXPB. reared Piot-sum woman, In a prlveto family, in etty er eounlrr; In willingal e to wash and Iron; woold go foreman wages If a lowed to bring wltb her her Httle elrl. fonr year* old. Good reference. Can ha eeen at lib Molt at. aeoond Ooor. WANTBD?A SITUATION, BT A RB8PECTABLR young woman, to cook, waab and Iron; ha* the boat ?f reference*. Call tor two daya at StO Weal lALh at., be tween 8th and 9th ??!*? . WANTED?A SITUATION, BT A RBBPKCTARLB TO'ing girl, to do embroidery Or plain Mwlngiem hrniderv on fannei or mnclin. Can ha aaca at 178 Waat 15th *h, lint door, bock room. WASTBD-A SITUATION. BT A TOUNO WOMAN, to do general housework; nnder-tand* plain nooklng, washing aud Ironing; hue good otiy refereuee If required. Cmi bo aeon for two .lavs at ltd 3d aa , third Boor. No ob jection to go a chort dllaoce iu the country. WANTEO-A STTUATTPN. BY A RESPECT A BLR girl, aa rook la a private family; oltv referon-e. Call at 232 Atlantic at, Sfth bonne from Boerum, Brooklyn. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNti GIRL. TO do chamberwork and ws tlnrt In a pr.rate family; beat of cltv referouoe. Call at 1U2 Stb ar. WANTBD?A SITDATION. BT A RKSPKOTARLR young woman w th the beat city roference. a? good plain cook, waaher and Ironer. Call for two daya at 356 7th ar., between S.'d and 'J Ma. WANTHD-BY A FESPKOTaBLB PROTESTANT girl a aftuatlnn a1 good plain cook and to attaint wltb the wishing and iromnit. or to do general boo .-work In a aiaall famllv; nool>|*otlon to go a ahort distance in the couniry City teferem* from her last place. Call at 103 7th av . between 17th aud 1 Stb ta. WANTKD-A SITUATION, BT a TOUNO WOMAN, aa chamberniaid and aeamatreaa or aa nurse and ?enm-lreae, haa no objection to go in the countrr; ba* 'he be?t of cltv reiermne 'from her laat plaro. where the h a lived tve year*. Call at Ul Weet bum at., tblid floor, back room. WANTED?BY A TODNO OIRL. A SITUATION AS nur-e and aenmatrea- or ladv'e waiting tnatd: good city reference Can be eacn for two daya at tbe bakery, Corner Jo iL ant! dth eve , between 9 and 2 o'clock. WA ANTED-A SITUATION. BY A TOUNO OlftL. AS chambermaid aud wallrr?e; or would do housework In a email r.nmily; would lalo rare of children; good city refe rence can be given. Call for ttro daya at 63 Lalgbt at., In the r tore. WANTED-BY A TOUNO OIRL, A SITUATION AS chambermaid and lo t,Mn with the washing n a pri vate family Tor refereaaa apply at her preeenl employer's, 35 East 21st at., for two day*. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE OIEL, A SITUA tlon an plain coak; ahe i > a good waaher and Ironer. Address l.'A Ludlow at. room 15. XJTANTKD-A SITUATION, BT A REBPECTABLK FF to mg worjan in a small private family to do general boner work Is a (lootlplala mok, good baker oi hread, kooJ wt,alter and Irooer Can giro good reference If required. To b? Men ior iito daja, if not engaged, at tU Caaal at. fourth floor. WANTED?IIT A RK3PBCTAHLE OTRL. A RITUA Hon as chambermaid or ohe'iibermal I and a alter la a erahll family. lias no objection to so In the country Can Jjwi at her pre* mi employers, 2tfBaat Wth at., for two WANTBD?BY A YOUNG AMERICAN OIRL, A SITU alien to Uts sire of a child, or to do chamber work Call at 2ft Wae: 33Ut at. SITCtTIOKR tVAVTKD-MALRt. An activr, steady young max desire* Ml* Mot meat la a wholeaaia boa'ne-w as porter; la not afraid of work. Raliab'a referancw and security if rent-1 red. No agrnlft>ee<l answer this edyertlaentont. Address for two data Lee. No. 5 3d at. A YOUNG KAN, WHO RPSAKR FRENCH AND F.NG llsh, and hna baea all b>e llfo in busioeatt, desires a alt ioUon in n whole ale or commixauHi hour* Good refnr enora. Ad drees W. Q? it West 11th at. No objection to YOUNG ORRMAN MERCHANT. NOT TPRT LONO JX tn ibla country. and pari.ia.iir aegoatnted with the Brig. Ilea language. 1* demrous of retaining a situation la fha ?Tiee of sonra .-.rspentabia American wboJoaaiohonoe. He is willing to aerro without rrmuuetaiioa. kin only ohieet trolne lo get a thorough knowledge of the Rngllnh language and of the Aiuertcaii routine of business. Best of rare reuoea Adlrraa German Merchant, Herald c ffl ??. SITUATION WANTED?IN A WHOLBBAI.E OR SHIP plug he it, by a /irunj man speaking the Kiench. KBgiish sad Gorman languages. or ha would take an honor able roe; Hon In an oilier Is an excellent penman and Bret rata accmin'ant. Addreta Kiaoca D'Emoniln. It av. A. SITUATION WANTED-BT A YOUBO MAN, AS POR tar iu a store or ho>el. or au'.ght witciiruan, who baa ha l considerable experience; wntea a gtvxl hand. Cat. l>e highly teeoiumendad. Addrem James Tobiii. 43 Prim* ac rrto PROPRIETORS OP HOTEL* AT WATERING*!r"?rh" aged 3?, active, indoauiooi and far hi til, la anxioue to ge! a aliuatkm: nan attend an office, wait at the bar. or to do in light htiainess; woolu make himself generally oaei'til. tJ.iod reiareooear to nhara'ler and b'tai.'irta ijuali icnitea*. Hoard onir <.,otapci,aati"n ra XutreJ. Objeet, to hare the prinlege qs be'hleg. Adtlrwss ir one week T. W K.. Herald o;bce. TO NEWSPAPER PROPRIETORS.?* T(V .Vfl VAX who has had soroe exneCenoe hi the eowrrJper busl. ?ess wi?hrs s sltua'lou ta so trio news-taper o'iee aac erk or compos,lor. It..' ii le.emv r'.-rn. Neohie-tlen ,a go ojt o the cits. A Jd.-ees 44. T M.. hoi Ylti Herald oToe. rpo OBOUPRS AND BP PIT BBDRB RERPPR-J ?AN J. hunih e totr.g riau. of !<ng eiperieuee, -ratil* a situs? lion In the shore business, address It. M. C.. Ileiald odi.-o. for two d?-e. WANTRD?SITUATIONS. BT A MAN AND IlTs wife; tie man ?? osehmaner to work on e farm, sail h i wife to do i(e:t?eal housework; understands making butter: thee are r III eg to make themselres geaeiojl. use ful. Gallon or edire's Campbell, harness maker VJ4lit eve. apposite '.be Hlble House. Wanted?a situation, in a wholbbalbTu. cinor store, be a man who thoroaglilT under, ttards bottling w! r?' klns Ifquora. Heed oitr refeteace* Addieas fur :hr?e dare I? 0. I., Heraid niHre. WANTED?A SITITATiON AS LIGHT PORTER, BT a mid J!e a<sd Protestant man. who haa heon 14 rears Inhisl iatp.ii*. Th-b- 'of i-tr refrreuces g.vea. taqui.-o far-laiuea Nuhlo, at lid West ltith st. WANTED?RY A TOrNO MAN. S2 TEARH OP ACE. a alu-ation a aa uflise or stiw* where be ean mahe himself T?r.eia.|* i-ru;, wri'ee a good hauitand la well recommended br hlaTormer eeipiogers. Address, qntll on sacrsl. A. f. W., 4th sea., between U7th sad lMith sta. llarlrtn. * ?WTAKTED-A SITUATION AS PORTBR AND PACK. FF er, in a * hulcsaie heooe. U/ a utaa who is axperieaced In park nq fane? goods ami tore; anaieeiHtoaabb refe. rrmsia given. Address C., Heraid offio*. 1*7 ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECT A BLR J ** ?,jrv* m ?*"?* ?**?- Addreaa C. B., b>i lit Herald oaae W*STKD-?v a TOrNO KAN. A S1TCA nON~tis gr a ii u ero ighly ? ad'cafands bla buaiaeaa. AM4r to .I. Crarcn, saddler, rneaof tTth al. and BU av. TIIK TRADRS. A N AR( mTBCWRAIi DRAUGHTSMAN WAVTSBl US (sill a> tse efflne tfir Hrruuiwaf. raeuia IB and t<". at t a'daot, null pectmern. ef work. IAKBS WANTED.-A GOOD BAKER tp FILL THE > Hlon Of seooeid haad. "i a Best suae tfrrerr a aBort di-tauee (rim the ettf. For oartlovlara appig Una dp*, be tween the h-rns of n end 4 o'dook, at the store ?r YWter A Lawtrn. isu (tenth at. 1TTIL ENGINBtCRTNO. OITT BURVEYWO AND KJ Draughting.? A yoaog Ameisoan maa, married, of e?i paars errwrlenes in Us arnfoaafna aa aedataat. wlsbeg e pr <mre 'runic-,treat. Pleat <iaaa ref?raw* Atitrww Kant ?eer. Hers.d o.Tvje. CARPKNTERg OR PRAHRR* WANTRD?AY YFIR toot of ko irteenth at. North Hear, N Y. Noaa sal goad frimera will be amp -wed The beat wagea paid DIK CUTTRR.-A EIR3T CLASS WORKMAN WANT, ed. by Bra's A Oe . ITS Breaaw" _ Gordon press fender wantid?and g o wags# gives, at Praaic M AIiwt's. 11$ IFasaaa U PRINTERS -WABTHD. A PIBgT CLASS BOOK AND Job pressman competent to take charge of a preee mom. with one Adanae' sad fmtr Hoa'a evlfader in wm steed r sr utttoa sad geod aatarv tea sapaMe aMa mlM ^ Fettrg man tlrsn-ed to run a ataUoaarr eagtae A note at Clay too A Me,toot, prtatlag afflea Re. 4 Yblwsa MmJc TriaHy bul'.diag s??? "??? PAI'KB HO* M ARRRS?WANTHO~ONR RXPR rle-?? I msis to re' naper. twe amai-t. active bews. mens 1(1 te Id ?'?-? -td; teeHrl., who an lerstaad glue aed naare work. Apptf to A G D A FIN M E,iu>s sa. rSavth BomT CRADR PAINTBR WARTRD.-A STEt OF tin ,>> M 0 patent head wtM rooetva good waau Hi IrnNiw P a Addma* OjO Readfag. Pa. * * To cifil ergibebsb.Ia you*a~Ran /ubv honerahlv d anharged fram the army, (tdrvi a poeitp.p an an aaiittaot, either with aa etplortag party sr Ismii it flea. Ss? rsferennaa givsa. AMrwas iagtaadv, bog B,tA| M. Y. Peat oTne, NO PHOTOtlB 4PHBBN -A PROTOGBAPBBR, WHO J. Ihoro- qllv aniisewsaAsevery part of tbebeainesa. re dealro-ta ol ebrilniog a Ntaatlim ta a flral si see ga'tery ae obie?':eo to geng Waet. Addreaa fie earn week bee A 8pv 0(t1eld. Mass fTH) JBWCf.T.RRd -WtNTBD TWO OB THRRB BOOD 1 dlaraead mounter# Tn aeea etesdy wark and gaed wages will begieon A sea bey 4?S Broadway, upataisa. ^0 PRINTERS.?W tNTRD TWO PIBST CLASS JOB oamposttotb C d WHBTOOTT A CO , fY Joke sA. rOAB CHANDELIER PTTfRRS AND OTHRRN Wantisd a ttr-t mats workman, who un terstnn la tka Biting of alas in,buh foe chsnlellnre ant (li tmlao. ? one AdJrexi far one week N. De Priea SB t'hnten place IVtMRp.A OOOD RRLIABLR ANI1 iiOllER EN FF gioref; mutf ?u ?e Ytli rseeramtndFit deulr ?t lf> ?fiber ah TUB TBAOU. UK ROMRRB RSTRaNJENO FINTOR M OOCIIKftL 4mm imhaier ?? iiua ?mM 'MCM* M gr nor . iwm 4m mm m Br mum. DiiijIjm ? B. ft O., Merit Id -*?? t\> ANTED?A GOOD AOAPMARKR -TO A 8T1ABT ** >iih, wko un1trti?M( lit* iNnlatM IMnntlll, ibO Itat'A wa-.-aa erill be i ae. Addree* O. A J. U'l)onM|kte, Snap and Ceadie VMirfMiiiirM 0 0. WANTEO-A GARDENER. TO TAKB Of! A ROB Of an DiMinoBUl piaee end Moanlele eene Moat be thorough)* pr-et'eai esiwr'eoeed and eompetenl Heflft ronrea from reapeuiabla anun-e en in aapabllt; rOROlred Addiaaa boa 1.47" New York Poet aUlae. WARTRD-A FRENCH HRONZkR. ONE WHO DR. dr-leada Ike huouaaa ran obtain aoeaiaat enaplov meni bp appljrieg to Jake Hertoa, MB Cen?) at., earner of Elm, M. fT YXXANTRD-TRRFE GOOD FATTFBW MARKER AT TV ?hn Bnrdao Iron Work*, eon ..rni I'root atad Pear) aia., Broekiya. WANTED-A CUTTER. IT A FA PER BOX FACTORY. A. hires or rail on 0 ore* Ralea, 13 South Alb atrrrl, Fh'edelphla T<? a ainia teal band a la ad; employ nfeal aod lb# kanl wage# (tiaramard. WANTED IMMRDI ATRLY?A GOOD FLOORMaN. AT hnraasbM'a <i aaniart bar who hea )>ad wm? p-a-oioe WO 'Id ana. ar nnoa but a dbar wandr prrton nrad apply. Apply lo Kianaiiar A Yalani an, India al. Ureeapoluk WANTRD-A FIRRT CLASS PHOTOGRAPHIC OPE raior. for a watering plara during tka anaaott Ad. drraa D. 0. J., liareUl ofkca, wlU ralaranaaa aad aelacy as. peeled. WANTE D?IMMRDIATELT, BENCH AND H,nOR tnnnl era, in i ? new Iran foundry 43 and <4 Marlon it, Williamsburg. Liberal wagea pa d. fR&NCU AO V BRT1I BUSRTIa UNE PARI8HIPNNK PAT8R0BK OR ROBPS RT OOTF. frit-a A la tout -a l*e nreml rr mod#. I'adrOKaorao 1M 6me mo. deui portoe da Ik Cme ae. HELP WAHTED-NALER. At tub mercantile agency.?wanted to day, bookkrrarr, fanny >o?da aa raman, lime arprr, travelling a rnt, dry goole raleaiaan, lolcl cler< abipnlng dark, light lortrr, rardrnar. ooaraman, grocer' c ork. eoi'Tiat. waiter, hnrkeeper clerk In a 11<ja?r tlorr. tbrre b'tikemen, ?>ndii"tar, flftr m?n for I a Kne K.l road wanted Immedln'el - Other silnalnna open. Merc ama and nthe*e a ipiilied with help gratia. Orders should he aout In bafo.e 3 P. M. G MONOOMKRY A t'O.. 201 Broadway, rootn No. A, up atairg. AGENTS DAN MARE $23 IN A FEW HOURS SELLING our great new and wonder til eitra large al/e Prlta Pack ft e . $ 5 per day rnnmntee 1 Every dot ar Invented mere than toiih e l. A aulend d olid gold or ailrer lever watch presented free to. each a^ent P "art men wan-ed to establish agent-Ira Id everv town and v I lace. Cniintv rlghta free. Sale Immenna; demattil increaslm.'. Evert b x|r hurt them. Send for mir great new circular for 11(11, contain ng extra new praml- m 'n iitcement', free. P. O RICHARDS A CO.. UI2 Nassau Htrc-t. New York original, largest and otdeat prl-o package hon-e In the world. At the commercial agency, and , Br.alwny, wants! to-day. pun.lastor a clerk. caa'-tKr \ for rc-lanrant, a ipplng elt-rk. enfr? e'erk drv foeda sales man, porter, hotel c erk. timekeeper tor factory. Ito-ik ke-per, but keeper, hardware ?-t Mtnan, drng olerk, illwyd for farm, trave'llne arent out dorw a'ea nnn, e'erk for I a "or, grocery salesman, cllv collector clerk for furniture ?tare Other altnait ita open Merchnma end others >np plied wlih comietenl clerks, Ac , free of ehwrge,'out must pcaltlvelv eend In ord'-re be'ore .7 n'r ort Organi. ed In 183d. No oonuactiuti with Intelligence oflioefi. 08CAR A CO. Agents can make $wo a month by engaging in the a.t'e of our GREAT NOVELTY PRIZE PACKET A NO SPLENDID RTI' K'. KNilIlAVINOS. Wa offer f]:0 jrre.atea! chnnce lo make monev evor known, and pre-irritC-vprr a ent with a splendid go' 1 or vllrer wat-h ft eo Only $ 9 cap !al-wniired. KttU i>vrt!rulnr? In ctrcit lata trial ed fren. O. S. H A1SKINM A CO , 3? Beekua t airret. New York. The o'de.t and'only original Prlro Pack. a;l Hatue in tha United State-'. ARTOUT, GOOD SIZED BOY WANTED TO WOllIC In a cake hakerv; board, lodging aud .'air wages given. Apply at 8D3 Broadway. ALL YOUNG AND AGED MRN WTIO WANT PLHAS ant and etendT oinploy-nent at t'it and board per month In hoop'tala nrv the ctv. can obtain atrcb by apply ing at 14 6th are., near Amity st. B Boy wanted?abour 17 tbabb old, in the tot and fanuraood* Kiel nets. Appeal 4496th are., ba tweau 37Lh and 38th tin. OT WANTRD-IN AN OFFTOB. ADDRE8R, WITH refeietioes. bos 5,320 Posterns. Ror wanted?in a dry ooods importing and controls* laa house; on# who reside- wiii. his parent* and ?m cotoe well recommended. Atidioa* b?j i.-'4S I*.>it oflloe. Boy wawtbd-tn a lawyer's officii: one tvho has boen in an office before preferred, Audrrn. in l audwr Unj of iha applicant, bos I,MS Now York f?l (30 ACHM AN.?WANTED. A KINOfcE MAN AS ?"!OACH i man; mutt node ward the eare of horara and he ?? good drlrer: mutt bring tha beat ohr trfereno* Apply at 47 I'stet Twentieth st.. between It) and (2 A. M. Bin* at baaameut door. DROO CLERK WANTBD?IMWETITATK.J.T, WITH aai)afae',irT refart.neee a? to capacity, aobrioty. P"file mei* and exuei-isoce, in'tbe it.y re e l dn.c fiosiars* )? quire o: P. F Moron, at McEeaaon A Rotoblaa' w.wvloeala drugator-, FuHoa ?.. N. Y. BUUi? CLERK WANTEP.-WANTRD, IN A FIRST class drug atere. a ronrg man who i.. aoiuauit*: with U.e cSty reta'l sad prescription besmes*. Salary $10 la $12 per week, w th petiaaaam altuatioa. Ad.ireaa for throe daja, with refersnoe. ApaiLeeary. Herald ofUrs. Druo clkbk wanted?in a rbtail etobb. a youns man with good references. who 1e oapehle of putting up pre*cr1|. lions, may apply at W. ?. Orlasy A Co.*a. Slid Greenwich street. Dry ooods salesman wantsd-ax 288 kulton at.. Lrooklyn. Ii?MPJX)TMBNT.-A COMPUTENT MAN WANTED. A8 J deliverer or eojotrr au;ent. Apply al 27 Becitsoc *L, third floor. Farm hands wanted-* lho men latbly landed, to yo a abort Jitinoe in the .? .mntry, w*e? $? to $Tb per rnonlh aud found. Apply at thn Largo Bin ployiaetil whim, corner dlh are. and 11 tit et. FARMRRB ARD^MIIBRS IN WART OF F.RLIACLK male help, s-?h as far-., band', ooarbrnen, r. noma gardeueis. rer/aota, An., will Cod a large -upnly at th* ia ;e Kttip'nyiient Ilo-oec. awner'th at aod llth at. Alt. fe male be.p. (3RADUATK OF THE FRBB ACADEMY WANKSP T To fll toe poailieu of book.etper: mnsi ? ? a ? ? ?ut man, correct at ftaures. and hare a knowledge x't > Ing. To simh a lio-'ral eompenna: ion will ?? pa-d. A . 'tu tor three lays II. K.. Herald nftjue. /"I BOOM WANTED?A MAN THOROi'O'.M ? ' ' *?' AT *eit with the oarn of horses, who is urn .i ? s < ' - ten read and write and d?as not di luk. ? -k 1 ? * pl-ivrrerl br add'r??ln* (I. A . a'atlor. u. (r ; >s ? ? ? ? >? . writing .stating wage* required ami giving c-py ot *? ?..!? mendallnns he has to offer. LABORBRN-WANTBD. FIVE OR SI ? 01 ? . steady, indnsirloua men. Nana other* nr. * Mr. < ?<: to each If tolling, ne.vJy ampl iyr.mat nil. m gi. tn et * id Water at Salesman wanted?in a lablr tanker no. tlon and faaoy t wit hrmxe. To a m*u > f ti e > xtil atamp who can o-.atml a reod rneh an) abort time 'rede, llt.eru'srrenreiaenta will oa made. Address O. P. i., h i* 5.471 Pot office. SIX OR BRYBN AOKD FRC* TWB1.TE TO fourteen, wanted at 534 Hndaon at. Call for twu days, ia the kaanneaL THKKB OR FOUR BT?)UT TOPN'J mkn wartrd Ta do fcoeral work at the l/atou Hotel. 73d it. aed Biootnlnsda.e road. TT R. NAVY -TUB YP.OMAN ON 0>R OF THE I/. Iron rlada. tee oB Char.eetaa, deelrlnf tnretirn North offers tne V *1' an to tiy oue nuupefnt to ai.en.i u? the duties iwqnired. T'mposition ia an easy inr rei'.lrlrj oairafaw hours altontMB dalle. One ssdrrr and n* ?h? duties prsfarred. Mi.sti?e a te*l o?r,r ?s. balaiy $4 20 par rnoaih. A idroas Lehi|h. H-rsld odtaa. TyANTBD?IMMRDfATFLY. MBW Wnc WISH TO VF msk* from $75 to Bid per day by a srr.?J investment, from 5*>0 to f.100 Imr> rtaet now mrrnUoa just reelred | Dreat oppor'nntty to muke sec as. either by ' %? ei'.int ar taoaUaa (a dlty orooootry. HOWARD TIIJtRN. to* B-oa4sray. IA/antfd-thbkb or rocR votno hen. at a " llrht. hrmnra* o hi siaasa. Ad ireua for tiro ??ru J. M irnriow, ><mn*. N. i. WANTBD-A OOFYIST; 0N? RORSRShK D OF A ?pwt oner aolo( hand ma he supplied with a de- i ?it the ordinary sugis^aind work nf an oOoe in iaria praceioa; to be ermponeate<t by the folio and have jirlOdge of tnkirtoiitalde w< rlL Addreaa. with name, m/T?aoes as4 ape?n?en of wrtttuf. D. W , Horn'4 o9k?. WADTPO-A tocno MAN. TO work 5 FAnINO T? msoulne. Only those who aan page eorrsotty and an ataad the maciilno weed apply. Addraaa hot LrtA, haw York Pert oftiee. WANTRO-A ROT IN AN OFFICII. APDP.KM. WITH refaieaces. bat 5410 Foot oOce. WANTBD-A TF.A OLBRN, AT BALDWIN'S, Strt 3D a*., earner of 77tL et (Wl this da N>i?*?n P and b). W4NTRD?BT A YOl'Vltttv OFSRT'RALVKA PS' aiperlenoa. a sttesUoo as eashlar er hookteeper, ar aa aealitaot la a whoieaaie hmtsa. tea furnish ? ?t raferetirne: aanry moderate Addrnoa for two days A. B? has H5 Qarai t oibea. _ \?7ANTFD-A ROT rN A DOCTOR'S OFFtCR; ONI TF aamstoased m dHCnf peafarrad Appi* wits refer raaf, as IH Bs. t l.uh st. Daaa 4 to 5 A.M.. K elaraday aad Tus " WANTM5?TWO SMART TOORil MR*, AS WAITWBSL Apptf ?t St Nioholaa n Mam ant. eorear Broadws# aad Apr ag .st WtNTMD IN MFOIAYRLY ?A flOOD BlfcLjABO player, lotwtke thsrta at thraa tahlm Ml l*? alleys Addraaa B. R SarsMtaa, Sacboni't B iad Hatai, Oed ford. Cone WANTRD-A TDPNO MAN TO ATTBND BAB. WHO thiwoadhly us .ar.tends tha bnataeaoi reed ?<y rojee oaaa raoulrad Arik at IS Lerap ptaao, earadr of MNMf aad Qraeaodta T1TARTBD?SBTRBAL OOOD WAITSRS. IN A BIN If taurant Ooad wawsa paid ta iap5rlaate< taada. Apply at (SI Breadwaf, aflart A. M. WANTBD-A 0RNTLBMAN OT AOTIT? HABI aad good, addraaa, with 5100 ta RSBO, b> traset It plsaaant aapa.dty. Addraaa S B T., bat sit Harald ?Sn WAMTBD-IN A LAW OTFIC*. A I 14 aad IT yearn af a?e. aaa with prof erred. Addraaa has 1*1 Poal efl LAD BITWIRW _j aaa a Mm. TXTANTBDsmAN INDURTBIOPB and stbad* man. ff w ill |IN M1*"), ta set as ue tieasarer with a mat a aaa loa'r. batsroan " ~ 5th ar.. hall door. ?fnsfrel twijw Apply, batsroan f A. ML aad S T. M SM WANTRO-A TOUN0 MAN, OF NICB AWRAB anno, ahonl 15 t<> It yeara of ar*. 4o be lldM purle* Mid mats hlnaalf utalal in ibe shirt b'sfeaaaA Before ace Fit > bt riiuutd, djtfty Al ?9? Brndwut w w *NTBD-A RUT AND MOV BUT. WHO OAK wrtta * good hand and nai wall rMMHKi Iti Ar ply DIM IraMtip. Nov RoA ARTID-A WOO* ?UUI ADD TWO FORTBM, at S Uey at. IVANTE!)?TO-DAY, FIFTY MM. SBANBR ABO " graeo haada, for a ship aad a booaer going on * *ay avaia Hud. or, Hit of ha #? ?>< moalha; tha rayaga viB W aao |aM to $700; aoifll found. AANDAEL A COURTNEY. W Waal at, Ooraar of Bead* at., u? otalra, WABTRO-TOCNO MBit WIBHINQ TO OO TO BRAs ray if*. ta nhooMro brim, oh I pa and atoamer- to all paha of tha world; .reman, air,?n haada, rooka and stew ard*, RANDALL 4 COURTNEY. IMWaatil, . Ooraar of Haada at., ap atalra. eat bono!aa pat I. Ala* for tha amir an" u tha Aauth Baa. Apply to lb* ? 8/ Waal at, corner af Albany, up WANTBD-A STOUT ROT, Id OB 17 TBAR* OLD, who haa beep anmawhit uaed to bar***, at WUtgln*' R*el. Oreevtlahl, Caaey Ulead road. Long Inland. Coney la ??d ear* arary ftfldaa minute* from Fulioti ferry to tba door. WANTBD-FOB BLOOKADB RHIVH FIFTT TOONO man Tha blgheat bonotaa pat | and hort whaling rnv aurnta, J AM KB A OO. autre. WANTBD-A ROT, IB TO 18 TEARS OLn, m Aa o Ilea dawn town. Addraan T. W. R.. notald oftoe. WARTBD?AT MR. WM. TAN DYKB'S MOTEL, U Catharine all p. threw good waller*. WANTEO-A BOT. TO OPEN OVSTtiRB ARD WAIT oo tab!*; *!ao a girl, for houaawork. Apply at 307 Bo? ery to Ilia reaiaurant after 9 o'clock A. M. WANTED?A BOT, 16 OB 17 TEARS O* A(1B, IR A whnlnaal* grocery homo oneuniok at figure* and a gaod penman. Add roe* own bandwrlting, B. B., Uarald often _ WANTED?A SMART. INDUSTRIOUS MAN TOR farm (fork; he a goo I mnwrr and unda'itaad m'tblnr. Aim a woman for general houeewor't In th? <oeu irr; ninatknow how tamlik; good eft* refeenoe renal red. Appirnt I,Vi Broadway, between 371b mad 38th m , uail to lb? alnble. WARTBD-IM A furnitu re store, two young men: onl tho'i who understand tba buaiuasa n*ed apply, at No. tl BaM Broad way. WANTED?A CLERK IN A GROCERY STORE, WHO ui.der-iande tha butlne** and con come reooiAmendud by tile tact employer. Aupty At 7'18d av., coiner of 52d at. WiNTKD?ACTIVE BUSINESS MEN Afl AOFNTH lor the Mutual Life lumranoo Cooipuny; liberal eommiar'op*. Aeaei an let of January, HUM >iSl,0flS ji L"*ari paid to wldnwu and orphan.* 70d,'"ftU 1*1 Dlrluctids pn Id In cash MO, 336 U0 Apply al tha often of the Company, 151 Broa leer. tV ANTED?A MAN IN A BUTTER AND CHEK8K ?T home to rroelv- and Bell good.v. eltsn * uiir ar.juai Iliad with t>i* frnlt and veK*'tabla hnnlre??. snd a man an porter In a v.-lio i'ia house down town, and in eery ? !?ik. Ap ply to . obnit in Si On. IX Chamber! itreat. up atalra. WANTED-A YOUNG MaN FR(>M 18 TO 18 YEARS of age In an uflice; mm' write a ;.uo.i hand,* we I room mended, App'v ?t 343 llruadway. pnom I. WANTED?A YOUNG MAN TO ATTI ND A LUN01I counter one who understand* .he bnalt cue ; referred, and wbo ran coma well reoO'Crucnd, d. Noun other nerd npplr to Aohoe'a Houm. corner h' D'.'.m' an I Greenwich strr.v*. F K EtiOK. Fi opr'.#U>r. WANTKD-A MAR TO WAIT ON TABLES. AND AN oystermau ttlno, at 31d Broadway, tan .Nause'i da lean. VV ANTED?A STOUT, ACTIVE YOUBO MAN, TO r? work !n a whole otlrMt.irc; w. ijcg $S ,ar waaW. Apply at 23 Fulton it, before iO o'clock to-day. WAN'TBD?A LAD. IN A BOVB' CLOTIHNI1 EST AF lirhment, to ruike hitnee'f ..vnerailr naetul: one who rea u'ei with hi* parental uoo ! referent"* ri'doired. Apply a'. loJ Canai -t.. corner (jr ena. 7ARTKD?A YOUNG MAR, TO TEND BAR. CALL at the Fulton llotu!, 8d nre., 18th at. Wanted?a young man, as qbnbral assist ant Ip a tlrel olaaaoyatc ?tlonn and t)?.r; as" having a' out $I0U In rati. ?? uemilty rm meet with a ycod ? u-a tlan. Apply today, after id o'clock, at 171 Soring at WANTED?A YOUNG MAN AS BOOKKBBPEB IN a who'emla houie. Add: ??*, In hand iritlag, T. B. A Co.. Herald often. w ANTKD-IS A CJ.OTH rfTOV.K. 4 TOCNO MAW OF . , torn-e'.ydri ncr, ;'">m 17 :i 50 rears <>r ?tiarjr a'* do. lam i-ir week A HrMi tLoJt Store, lie/aid o;T.oe. w w /AWTKD?.4 WAfTRR tT I.KOOEJT'f* HOTEL&5D Dining Roe .t, V. AU-i OS i.'hc'.hann tV WAJilKD?AN lMEM.'QBNT LID, WIT'l GOOD celrrercca, n a eo* oiw*. 1?P7 ut J. O. K*f4 No. A Lcdlev* w AN TED?A STOUT HOT, IN A KOKNUUBB STORK. App!;- at AZ1 3d a?. WAKTED-A MAS. l\4VA3l.JI OF AX ?I??? tn? 'general work ot a nOuno: h* must So willing to work and of ao chit-tug dl?p w>:>on. lSef*r*ueeo u to honesty and ?obii"ty will b<* r*'iol.'*<l friti Lar-t ousptoeer A titu' rl* 1 man iyl Aptuy vhD .lay, fr >m t UU 3 t*. !#., at U>? ?**e'.l> ?.?! or., 5Vt hi.utd *?-?. WANTED -A MAN. TO OVBS OTSVFSi?; MCHTCOMR well recauier. I'd. Joqa.'.w t' *tt Third ?*. TV'ANYXD-A VOUSO MAS OB WTOUT HOT. IV) At TT lei.! a grow.-. M-re; none need 1^117 go-d I )'.* re firmine, Gut. at .tk J or mi nt. WANTED?A rt'f AHLKM AN. WHO CAN COM* WKLL orouir er.tlrd fr>,m J*' employer; Loneet* ?.ia ?*> brWy essential. wither with * th rOugU kunwleiliw of th* uu-tt a( horses Apply at CO We it t.Sl'i ?s., in the I< iriif'? tf>1 A A DAT TO A'lRNttl??1', MAI'S JT>? ?|. THB vl "" ? i. ?.! ?'????? . Ofw-Jvi, from virreri Itld i mj?ot?i' and 'in.iidt.1, ?>: th Vnr?, U ? **t li-cie, colored. In J,{?'?J ?j..o- ??, ai.owtr.y NkV.fM ?fwra, iioet otflern aid rt !i-u.i sio.iona: th* whole eagrare.1 on steel. At a et?*f. of RlOO.fsu and iwo yesre' lime?Ail f>r 01. or in ?beet* at ao .?nu. SliT* day in man or woman. Printed Initrnetlou* ',ow f., mnns. ?rri; rwaito r,\r ep'uts. K'n'l for -ample copy fce.ore rirJerlpg la, ?*???. Money returned if ?ot snte'inloiy. I/ovd'n M?p of lie V>sie lpii R.rnr, firing efirr r.utn'- . lar.iatlon asit b?ir.a: Map of he 16 So Hire a Htalaa. e -o.-'.e Vap* of Vlrntrl*. Ken liKiitf and inm'iv, ar .l ldu-d'e moat Military Man of Ooorg:*, o.t (a.-t e Wt f>otmrttuont, eho vine every bill; eacae ei.o iu.,i jir;? Ho l.'-iyd'e inieArr-pli, fci pm?? ?cd R?l)*>vi Mao is aire rnat:?: h>* lee. iarjw Price A1 MewuelOl or anont e .it.oe, !? -enia. Mf ooe oalllagtboalto e IkH Iia'-a .-. .a- lo Iki . who wtil a-r\ *?. afe.T. ? ji eer'iro a f it) a *, of mi mart ml 1. 'or wr! m-j t.?. wanted, wholesale uagit with a lew b'-u-li ?;! ool rn .-a ital, sto H P r.a'" ./lia. Oh I or>, fMa -i. Bo-ioi., riesd-i snl Haitfomia. n-i' in ?-.err Slate ttfo so ?-? ofhrw and ant as wholsii s nj. tits, (lau make r?'-i'.. J f. '..Lf>Yl?. 'inerleat. M.r Tuhli'-her J ?? ( ' . i atirri N-w t.ff. j?i.I No. I - -and. lon'on, tn i 'if' nr. lug m OaH/iu-.'a with tha iMtHet! ? ? ' id/?'?"!? **? I'> a co ?. An erint- mtn m, ? ? i?* , n Canada hr whoie*i?i og to ?uh a ? . ?? u il ?/.o-ie? i i to* ?? ea. ? i3 loeu mora *.lr ..1# O'i I e /? ?u,c; lo ot'iAf worla, ytnpi lor leap tnan uovh ug. ? ?? r I, i. ' K tee.? . anw f.ap Ida 1 nrt ? tea. . ilod An ft ira ? -.1 , i i, i.r the ??.)* M*i of our P'. > ever nub seed for so lu.i a-j!'?a?AI II ? 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Hon" o?\A.*"20.'fSALK te a!^w SJ ? 4?"" * ?'?'! '.I g- iia ,i ^fi ** "g rn ?o a. M. A R. Dariee. e>R BrnoCway * * **' x Ar"a>y ATOUNO UIRL WANTKO?.'B'Oi It TO Id VP.AB.d iw a.*, to as in th* aare of ?.ro ???.*'! ukL.lren; aeuatbe wlliino to toll) th* notia'rr. tesvlreattas uorth moid I w*ot n ner of i Rh at. a?.. 1.1 e? , tcvj.i l loo. Ai..a?t wantbd?c ixpRii nt ro makr up**' -feww rati and b-vt .?es-e. and 'e ar! its ?eleewoman la ? ft ret llaw* ?d*-o etfiollon iwrotaneot. Rfftre".vec a* '.o uia'Jftroi'oat wlh he r?q?tred. Add.-o*a M W .. Herald efle?. TOUNO WOMAN wambd-TO OOOU AND do federal bountiwoek S) OHeor i'. AhOl'dKEKBTKR W ANTED?POR THN liOWKR pan of a Urpe ooar' ux house; also a yotuur lade, who coo hoop aecouuts, *lt. w ro -. id An. App'r at tit Hleeohee id , it htovh* west of Broadwuf, 0C?O* TOR ORtMOK. M J-WANTBD TOR TUB duoitaer, a frss-i < as 1 to do p.a'.a .eaah'AK a id ire,fl ing. 0?od tweomo eada .hh rer'Ured Apt iy at SJ West ldth *t.. after J A. M. CviRi. wantkd?ro C'h?a wash, ibom and do T ------ . ,T general housew^rft f r a ?null fi d ly. wLHai: te ?o late the oetotry for a few wMiu Apply At ?<4 W*Ot 3fld Dear tUi ae. ?. W AMI RD ?TO oo R*KANI>? and I.TARN TO sew. Bust hate ?Md refaeeu.-eo ao to h -wesqr. Ac. t at 113 Cllnuru p^ce. Idl W AN Tit D?4 81.1 OtT, TO A A StlMMIfR wottoe In ih? noaotrr !we nAmhee-w?Ma, four v*?. ?. Iv a*aletont ?>ilt sad too ecrub *.rl. Apple at srfe RiitfiiO) neat ituuar. ?jro*r of *.h ??. and I Ita st IRA WANTKO-TO WORK ON HltOl' HKlRrM; SB PaNBR-RKa wantro-B ? e fh?*i wa?sajiAld aisd_*Uafte aoaploetaw.ii faaeonteod. Apply ht Aaadn. Kettoy A f Apr y tn Aaedn. aetioy A Co at aew flaw* ?c> roruai of Ud ea and MA Af. . _ rBOOK toi.brbt.-wantfo. 3ix o??on ror.D ere, at l?aod U Keade ?t. O. i.KDNAT. WA?TBD-A TIBNT BATB OTBRATOB OR Wbeetwe A WHaoa'e eowia* otaolnae; osa who e*o toleh her owe wo t ?<t la a air* ftn* aower hr hand, with or wttbeot maeh oo. Apply at MM Mb a?o . fteftveen h* houre of II end IS. fABTBD?BO MAUniBR BAUD* ON SBP-bTBR loots, ?t**itr wnrk and <ho heat prtcos paid Apply mediae* r to J. BarrtoeA. IS Meroar st.eornov of ','anoL WAWTRD-A FOREWOMAN IN A WH0LR8ALB eioak kcato, Most ho oooipntoot to take charpa at (ho maaafaeturtaf department AAA to Rot or stylo* Apply at Ml Broadway, npotatra Or AJfTRD-A FIRST CLAM COOK. IB A TRITATB TT family, la tbo eMtnltr of Now fork. CoU at ?? Part rt- M WsilaoeAey. thoSVtit toot, hotweoa EM at, ooor ftih t tad it o'oioefe. ?7ANTBD-fWO BINPRCTARLB WATTRR OIRLN, i! S35r *?* WANTPD-A OflOO PROTINTANT OIRT-. TO DO I the ??nsral haiwrwork fer a family or *ljkt orrsons, I sh* mutt ko a eoud washer aad Ironer and must ua**r*o"m mendAtlnn t. Inuulre, between the hours of I and t T M, at Nu Si# WMhiattea ?T? fonfUUvor uocth ?f tloto* ?r., ? Jirooldisu i MMWUWUW W AHTKI^r _ fWAWTBD-A ?KU^ TO TANN~OARi~3P TWO | ?? ohtldrto (too am* ??? ?aar-) *nd do tawing ?ud ba WHMI *?a<?irsaa. Apply it la marn ag hetwaea ? aad 1. ai ? Kaa? 17th Raferaaeaa WANTRD?APPRRNTIOB OIRLN AT TUB DN 'B ambia* boatneaa: reeampaaaad whlla iearalag. Apply at Sit Bleaetar at, far Iwa day a. WANTKD-A FIRST CLANS OOOB If* A PKIYaTB baar'ing baaaa: alan a lanndra** Mara bin eapahl# pnrvma, with good wftmiu, aaad apply, at *00 Waal 23d Aiaat WANTNO?A CONPNTRNT LAUNDRNSN TO OO IN Iba canty, one who ma do up Baa th ai* aad Bui ?a* Apply Wedoaaday, between 12 aad 3 a'eloch, at (M WANTBD-A TIDT SIRL TO OO MOD* HOUSE work ; moat ha aMa la waab aad iraa. Apply at M haul SHih aL WANTBD?A YOURQ PBOfBNTAWT GIRL (IA <?R IB iaar? a 4) to lake e*re af uhildran. to "oa thori dlu tana* in tha countr*. Oil* mfnrenona return 1 Apply at 144 Waal SBtb at., aaar Broadway, froat 9 to li. WANTBD?A SRAMSTRtyB: ONK WHO ? UNDER ?Unda mlllaiand pranjjVng work and who mo ope rate on Wheelar A w>U(>n'a aewlng machine Nona boi a thoroughly eawpaieat peraoa need apply at 124 Lai log to a avoaua. WANTBD?A PROTB8TANT OIRU TO DO THR (IB iirral hnuaework of a faml ? af three p?raon?. lira ml)?? fro',1 tbr cP* St'.at eome well rwiemrnen 1a<l Wj!?a ?7 a m"aiti. Apply aftar ton o dock at IBB Chamber a aL, third Bear. tyfANTED?A MUST RATR OPRRATOR ON WIIKKf, " ar A Wl'aon'a m oa machine. to maka up "n* aor ?ia AppIv ai Iba aaat corner af 33d at aad Broadway, in tho fruit atom WANTBD-A fOVHO OIRU AMERICAN OR OUR man. II* ng near Bleacher who ran Imard and lodge ai homo aa uiiraa and general iwuuai; bl/hmt wawa glTon. Nona a?d apply but t'loae bringing the boat rafa rancaa. at lo8 blaaokar m, groom No. 0. nTA}ITKD~A UKAMSTKRRS WHO CAN It 4KB (1HIL *V orrn'a drraam and do all kind* ?r rnmll- anwlnu; ?>?* who can ro no wall r amiruandad may apply at 283 Mb ar., bat >t arn 3?tb and Slat ata. WANTKD-A FIRST CLASS COOK. IN A PRIftrB faml It, for the cummer on flta'rn Inland, wlntarla lown, She rnil't roir.a wall re-ommended and apnl* par annaliy ai i3 Writ 'Ith at, between II aad 1 o clock no Thura day or P- Jay of tbla week. w ANTRD?PINB SHIRT 8BWKR.S, AT 1?7 STB AT., up au ra. W.lNTEl>?A COOK. WAITRESS, CHAMRKRMATD launiir*aa. n'lr a and "eumotrcc . for a flrat o'aai prl rale frnilb)- who par :;o?d wapan Apply at No. 7 Wan lllh ii., j?tw?an iJrcadway and l'iii*era!ty plaoo, from 9 to B a', look. WAKTBD-.A COOK, WASHER AND IRONRR. TO OO * ? ? abort dlatanna in ihr country with a o !?nln family, anly tlio a bavin* ?ood city refere-ior need apply at 4<K I*aal I.-1 at., between 9 and It A M. Wage< $8. Vtf 4 STi'D?IN a small eamilt, a girl to do *? aannrtl h.inaftworr. ? iliort dl-tance in tha aountry; inn at be willing And obliging. Apply at ill) Kaal 23d at., unar Id a*. WANTED?TWO GIRLS; ONE PIRST CLASS COOK, mid la williii* in auaiat with the waaiiuitr, and a good ihambarinald and waUraaa. Call ai .'4 '.Ve-t 12tb at. VtJ ANTED?GIRLS TO OLF. I '.i VKUETABLRrt A P. li pt at tha factory, foot of l'aarlat., U.ooklyn, froiu 7 to DA. M. \\? ANTED?A OtUI, TO COOK, WASH AND IRON, f* our who ran rra I -nd wrttn and haa good city re^ur ?v. -a Appl. botoi ' 2 o'clock to day at 36 Atb or. TV* ANTPD -Ap.IRL WHO UNDRMSTANDS WASHING ?? and ii nlug aad can Jake der'n.f u?c i., uatt tad good employment iu a ama'l I' tnslly at W X .it 6th id. \ir *nt::d-a neat, tidt young girl, as nuksb V? and <?im?'.i<pi nai '<> tate'charge of u child; muat be a ?r y "t atr.araad bava good city toferenca. Call at BB Woe' 14 b it. WANTBD-EXPERIENCED ORE-S*AKKRS; ALSO a few .:, oii workrrt. who nnderaiaad worLiug aa iinon an'crgormnnln, at No. '> Clinton plarc. TXT ANTED?A GIRL. 13 OK IS YUARS OP AGE, TO ? ? do llgi t bouaawerk. Apply at B7B Brojiaa at., noar Var'.ck. w A* rFD-8XI'KRIRN?7ED Llt'E BANDS, RITPPLB pre-rtaM and aa c,taud 'jaj, ai SU3 Lmad way, Ulird YJL'ANfED-A PROTESTANT ENGLISH OB OBRMAW it gtrl. aaaea: mi*w nod to do IOi't* ehaatberwork. Otui having g?jd refaroi.Ma way ap,-ly M It Ki.^ lAUi at., ba tvci'i 10 ?nd ! (Miek. WANTKD-1 aO?? COOK, IN A DINING SALOON. No e need arn'r r, \- ih ,i w'o ubdemtoad Uie traai diw. ln i'- .e si <"4) W i li* a nt. n;iNT8D-A NEW (^Vtuo,' I-OS * TV. P. TJS.ENYINB. WAXI?I>-fK? FIRST CLA3S WAITER GIRLS: alio ciiavibanua: !? and latmdrMM*. for lumrnrr b-'?i*, > ehorl .,!*t#a*n In tee wintry : alio ea< ka and U-tu dreares and general bos?*afo-.-!t xirlm. I or prNata famt ira, for cU7 ar J country. Ayr y it 3M tik ar. A. M. LIaR. w ANTED?4 01BL. TO COOK, WASH AND IRON. Iu<;ul!8 for two nan at 32 Loo t at TIT ANTED-LA DIRS TO LEARN ALL STYLBS Of IT nolonnc ;H lOiTAp1.! carle* d* rl-'.tc, limylypes, hl? tortoal audi cape* ?ad lowr paln'tni*. Gartei da it tie L-o-.i to to ULunnt* aaoh; photograph* train 00 aaata la $9. A pfj'T a: 29 Xu; iitb at. career of AIL ar. WANTED-A COMI'Kri.'NT NIR.sK AND SKA If. itrrw*. to aa a abort dlataoce in Uia country tor ilia aii'uaxr; uiuat coma well rocoinmuadad. duply to-day (We<*liy). In tbo mottling, at CO Union place, betweaa 18th aud ItlttJ a(A PKHSOtAL. A SPANISH KtMlLY, JUST ARRIVED FF.OM ffm ana. rrin ' .'ii'^t j.r??ant at l'-e TTiftii Avenue Ho tel, ruo-li No. !T pl?b*au> ?** Kl tasaili Gardner. or bar alitor, lltta Hunanaa. Theat lad ec tire 1 with'tie,r mother to Lieiea'h *tr*et. be:wt*ei. IY.'tb aud Hrreottijtva nuea in tb? autumn of Uin year j.nd at thai time Mr. Rafa'i tta: ulnex and hit danuhtor, native* of Coal a Hi-a, Ward ad wt-h Ihetn. A DOPTION ?A HlilIfLT RKHPBCTABLE AND ,/x wealthy family, without rhlJdreii, I*-ie?lr wofad-pf ieg, a* the r awn. a iltiln girt from oao u> tli-? -year* old. Andrea* for twoPjeg* Mr- h U. A lata*, atatloa A, Spring a' ra?|. f 1U AN, KLY. OF CANADA, F011M ItRLT UNCI I.N Kit It IV In m> eoabli-.htacn: I* r- irn'od to .sail an I *?* ma at ruo-. lit. MaILLaKI*. lirniuiway. DR JOHN Si OAT HAN RKtl/KsnD T-ROM THS a- ,-nv with ;,ii woonuad friend, and may be found at lis Gardaa e'.-eel, B. lok.jii. INFORMATION WANTISD?OF APBI? GHAT'PBLL, OF !j.'S SV, 'i: ?? x I.W7 Pout ot c*. New York?01 J<" wil#roA?oula, adcinna Til FORMATION WANTED OP MIOOL BRUNO. ALIAS I Crupona, an I'a Ian i'j Irth. lately a prlrala in t.'oinp.a ny A Src-: Rltodd 11land TnAdBteari. was trar.afcrrad w? tin* Mir 'if "orpa about the ?nldatrtf Arrtl U-t, arrwcuid la Waa ncnton n a Iraorter and laiian tn ?m,i b?iwean W aah. tnz'. hi sii i Aiakandria. Any p?r?o , barlnj inforiRaUoii aa InnliprMdnl wharras 'ilfi will gr-?tlroh b;? bit mlatlva S uoamualeattng Ut? aauia to|K Barlwlter, box 7od. Maw Yorx pout Oi 'ce. f NFOBMA riON WANTED OP MK<. MARY Mi'h A Y. I who, w.-.jTi ar.i Itaar l "rom. ran d'.l in New Yorkoltv, APT latsllti.-enoo of bar wtl' be thaakfuUy re rlvwi bv b'-r brolhar, loiin ul<mt 1} uinaity It. Hlity t ird Now York -or. ward D, Kmonr Iloapl'.al, Wrxhlu^tu-i O O. TN FORMATION WANTED?OF JAMBS Q AI < L AO 11R B I an I Eotrr Ntora. br Dantol M " ? end Mart M- F'i Umv. who arritad In tbla ocontry on Sunday. In the North Anu'.lta. Any In.', rnu i <v? wtll be thankfu l/recotrad by ail li-ea*!nir Daalrl MeKmity. OaMln Garden, R Y. INFORM ATION WANTED?OP P.A fKICK HBNAItr, I now !a tb* State of New Fork. Aav ,nfor-ation wtll tw rec'-tied by hit ? on. Mtokaol and JoLa Uemary, at ?'a at la Uardea. Netv Tork. IF MR. KDWAIID LKROY WILL CALL IMMBDTATI*. Iv he will ob' ft hi* ftlend A. O.. aa lb?y wtll leare ior Waef.lux*-oo ai^tn tb * week. CRRBN. MtS9:Ka-IT' EMIL MAJOR. WHO LFIT HIS ca-t-re eo'1-1 rr (Nnrwayl eorae Tear* ago. wit. apply al f2R*i.e he will haur ot mmetul.-i* to -iia adraiilas#. Aaytb'ti knowing hu pre i nl -ehereaLiuii wilf be ry wa-Tinl for gtrtag the aweaaary laforoMiloa. M KB. FBAEOIS a. robhims, formbuly of kos tno, wto adiii'.i-d a boy oa 'be I nth of Oetoi w. IP" fr. ai.-.a'Lytaf n Bo-p tal. 'naw Are yeraf* of ace. ... - tG boon lm. Arltiur Riibt.ins, la iwiuaotad to eall aa Jaraaai ttiliftiWiy VTIPS JPNNir. SOUTriEBLAKI*. THERE IS A LET IVi tar in V, ntrn vtuara Poat oBica for you. M. C. M KS. PRNEST 8IIONF.INO?THERE IB A LETTER ear yau at the aearral Poat office OTRATLO FROM TtOKK-A ROY, AM ITAIJAK YIO I'll plaia* aced abnat t?n yrara. Fire datar* rer ard will be paid to any lerwti wko '-aa aim In'oraiaboa ooaoata* Lng bim. ai ??. 11 Croaby atreot. mar bulldtug. r? ADOPT-A PRKYTY PBMALE CHILD. THRTR iO'>otl.a end. to a ? -si>oi table farulbr. Rpoi a fed frwat birth, inply at any a nor to Mra. boxtoa. SW KwatTbLty awnad a'rewt. HEW fVBLICATIOIIE. PHf?IOWMJlCAL YIRW OF M AIIRIAOP-COS u olr nnany *oo -a?" i and 'Ml fne ptatea aai aet grai'ng" of the ana rrni of the he-nao anrart* o a aUlo ot health and dieoaaa, rtlh a traatiao oa a* _trlf ai-roca. ? __ rtor-abin innewteenoe* area 'he ali4 and body, with the pataoo'a pwa of trea wwtat?tbii oaly raitoaal and aawaafl noile of <r rn. aa ,hnT>a b* tba rapo-t of wnwe traalAl A tr-ithful adnaar to tba married and tb-i?a eaati truthful adrtaar to the marre-t and th-iio e?w empta'iaa ma i:u< Win wenlJ knew thatr Iky Ilea: roo ' sen d?at too af pMtaye to anf adiireea on ro-wlpt a" W. reata In aaan or iwotal norrnoay Addraaa Dr. Iaitii. a! MaUna laeo Aibhay. N. t T RTTBR OF ADTICM FOR LA'TtKR li rn K ANATOMICAL RNtiUAYIMOS. Baa tafermatioa t-.orar sonn pul "<hnd So at fmw. la a aaeiw. e ami op* for 11 .w*t* Addrana Dr. Saaiord. bat A dM Naw Yark 1'aat dl.dL ?WATNIMONT.-WHT BYBRY MAN SHOULD MiRRf. It1 Wbytwarr woman aaoa.4 taarr. All may team, fa taow, mad Illaatraie t Merrtaga Guide aad Medloal At rtatr. br Wm. Eart. M. D. Ud ?u**e Mai ed aoorrwbnra la doubt* w-eppa* fa* W mot* Addraaa Ka, U Whito M*w ' - . Raio'>2id'a*w,?l%tu^lT/^rCTH f" 0 ARTKS ON rt tRSRs N1 ?CWS OF CMARACTKE."?FHYSIOONOMT, tT, & liabfi Ktrateit wttb Id Iforei, la-lut.rig ???. had ant na *. runethhianaraiu took* and la eharmdar. lo rn ? hr?*ofn*mv, by the Rnr. O W. H inner |T l? Cor r-ii it iarn bdAwaen tbe ehaeaeier of a enuntry an t tftM , *'?of OliO't la li? I'lljy Doulili ILLCS TC TRi) rHRKNULOGKiAL JOUhM tLt WaaawacP attat. Klfw rat Sabk' rtbwanw. See-amea harn A. IGHLSN A WlkLflt NSW l*fti < QilM M visits. ??*? thiso ot r jvtr imvwo. ? VRRNOU tlMIBBTTRR, m VSSWCH OrtlflBTTB*. * WUWCH URlftBTTRS. IS 7RBNCH OttUirm Tha If "ml pnat m'd m jraoalpt of 7? oaat*. Ubaral ff? ?MM by the ItU Addrena Chaa. Mana*. on Hamu HiMi /UKI'II'IN mkiulh or LIMOOLH Ann jokwuh - \> I1. inco dameuw, wall eitcutad. ?*ni i* any i||m ?I 79oaaw each. S3 IS par doiea. A law. la ?iivW.'tt $4 ?anti. A liberal dl?oouot la IM trad*. Addraaa larfM A Cot, boi 19 9tJ Broadway. _____ Protoosaphio medallions Of all atnai lacaa for President aad Tlaa Praattanl; 10 ?au aarh. f I M par da ten. Manufactured and fur aaio by JOIfW OAULT. fa i Para place, Mew ftrt. MILLITKHT. J17RT RFrFTVRD-AOAHK or THK NRWBST ROUND Haft and Tariiana, at Hot. HARRIS . No. 7 Breveort placa. Tenth air at PRICKS REDUCED AT All SIXTR AVRRUR.-STRAIT Hon not' and If at a. Hike, Klhbona. Clower*. Koe>>eH Blond*. Laoat. feather* KlU and <!lnta Claafea, Raad Trim ming*. Ac , in groat variety and bent ipiabt. , aellln* alf at twanlr per cent low?r than. au bo found alwwbnra. Tha ladle* ai* r?*j>eetfii!ty la* &J to eail and tiamioe. Maw ? Una JJI HI I til ava'i'ia. OCIIMSTd AND A I HIST*. ARTIFICIAL BUM AM RTRN-MADR TO OROKR and Inicrted b? Dr. V. BAldf A I' QOUOKLMANN, former* employed by OoUaonaaan, of Pari* Ha 90S Broauwar, N. T. MEDICAL. AOAKD to THR LADIRR-CH ARLEB LUTZR, M. D., Prate*.-.* >f obmatri.-a and Hiirc?r*. an.l mer 17 yearn of Biiori"-?> il prai'i.tcn In thl* ?tv. x ua.a.ilee* a |Kialil?a enrs tunny lad* requiring Mwctat medical or i>urgtr*l treatment in t vraiy.four hour* time no oiatiar how complicated thw | tare may be. Cau ba cneanlted at bin old eaUnllabad pri vate mite*. rtldt' Rr< ad war. and where hi ne? r falling female ii 'l .-t ier <-?n l>? oblaln nl, or annl b? letter to any part of the tin tad Ptatea; print? $\ N It.?The Doctor ban elegant room* and the .eat aeeommodatlnn t and a'tendinr# In the city for p tiles'* who wish to remain dutius treat ment. All onn nunkabant a'riot'y oon i.lent *1 At boo n all boar> af tha day an J e*eoin,t. A lit ICR TO IfARRIKD I.ATJIRS -MADAM RRH 1a ThDIj, V innta Ph/alclan a I i rnfesair of Midwifery, can be o^natt >ed At ninal al IH3 ? Itaniliera aitwai. Hut una Interrtew will ho uetccaar*. ha rltorae for advice. Her In fallible medicine* ran a>ae be alitd*?d at ITT1.: Libert* ?treat. nr by mall: prioe gj. Lndlea who d-wlre board an<4 the beat medical attendance during oonTi.einent ran be <to eoin nailiited. Her French Pill*. No I nnre tl a bot. or ho. which are four de/raae *fron :*r than No. I, and an ne*er all tr- aafa aad liealthy; orloe $A a h-nt Can be aent Iit nial'. w:th full direction*. N H ? lladama l>?te I dee-ni II h*r duty lo cantlan ladl-a aculnat Imlfatnra af her a Irer ilea neoiu, who nut only rob tbnm of their inaaoa. but their health. APFLIOTKD RR VORKD ?TflNORAVf'K irPfMCD!? Pa buca I'm. a-?ml ?lllthif Imiaiitaat to h"th aexaa, married or aiii*la, in health or dueae.? Dr. LARMONrR Parle, L inden and i*e,T Vorlt M"iieil Ad*l*er and Marrlam Oulde (dOth ed tinb. tlhl imyea litO tlluafrational upon De bility, I'rltiarr ASccttoua, Bht lrter and Kidney*, the umhor n nneunaltnd Pari* and laiulon rra.ltin?nt. Ae. All ahonltl purc'ie-a .hla work of B. VVAIIhglt, No. I Vn*e atreat. for IMor eneaop the Doctor. 173 Mr oil war. nn alalea, New A'nrk, from Id A M to 5 P. ol. "Re eonunr with other paper* in reomimendln* Dr. Larnmni and hid work. ' Courrlrr de* K'.ala I'o t. Oeroian die Ref irm. Dlapateh, Htaaia Zal'nne. Alia*. M dical Rerlow. Ac. ADVICP. TO LADIPd ?THR PRIRRO IN MR VOL OR POWERS, al Krxnkliu street, the nerer faring dselor Amlonat.' tlent* ahonld Immadtatalv una hla French Orope. Sure relief (uarnntead In twenty four bourn. Beware of imitation*. A i IRD TO LATI1KS.-DR. POWKRH. Al FRANKLIN a at. wairanta ap*ady relief in a>l dl.llnili ea. whether r*. ulr.uu medical or annilcal treatment. CammurrhMttlonn aa red!r confidential. Oumu'.Utilon gratis at all houra. Advtci: to tub afflicted.-madame dbil PARIVR Vamala PHIaaro the only medicine India* cam nrpcad on w th aafeiy and certainty Can be aent bv mall. N. it ?Ladiaa who daa re to avail thcmaclve* of Madam* Doiwrd c alnatde certain and aafa m->do of treatment can do an at one jnlc>-ylew. Belief warranted la 3d hour*. Kanidvace lot Slith ayanua. appoalte Eighth atreat. Ladlea taken dunny condncincnt. with th* beat inedloa! attandanca. Ofi'oe Iiaura frotu 9 A. M. to d P. M. ___________ Be wire in time?remembbr the surb placr for a *ie*tljr cure wHbont nlercllrT? unfortunate? w II find It tn their advantage. Dr. WARD'S old aambllahetk ol io*, til fitakLn atreat. Adytee free and email charge for medietas*. ("lONSULT OR. WARD, ? PRAMKLIN STREET PROW ) the h.<4pltaU ef London, the discoverer of th? only !?? liab ? recr^itr* for dlaeaae* of ? private character. _____ /NHRONIC DIABRHIKA CURRD. UNA IT'S SWRRT * J KaJtam our*. lllnrh'rt, Dveentery And Rowel com plaint* generally. A mod* relief for paou. end for chltdrew trcthlrg it aliiada unrivalled. For rale al the drug more*, aad by the proprietor, 21. Knepp, IH Weal Thirty third el TlR. WATSON, AN OLD AND &XPKRIENCRD PRAO J 9 Utiotier, Is enabled lo guarantee a cure lo all oaeee bp aafe retuedle*. and without change of diet or reelrlction from bintr.oe*. Dr Wateon'e hook, the "Caura and Car#.'* iliiieirated tr,roughent by anatoneloal plaice. An. contain* valuable Information for each or are (offering from either dleoaee or debility, or who oontcmolite marriage. Prluw 01. Sold by Miller A Co., Poet office. 422A< Broalwaf. an* by the aalhor, ?JQ Broadway, next block above ike Metro politan Hotai. _ Dti. TAI.BOrm. ? WHITE STRP.FT, K. Y., CAR BW eiuMiUel free. ?iv* lb peraon or it letter, oa dUeaae* of operate nature. DebUHr, laailtude. Indigeetion. narvnai ne?* and all dlaaaiee ar.alng from aiuera Dr. T. being a regular traduale. and having bed a Bomber of year*' eipo rlenoe, will guarantees aefe and apeeip cure. Medici no a sent secure ft-om prying eheervstlon. All eommualcationa elrlrtly confidential. Da 1'OWRKJt, fl FRtSKUk STREBT.CAN NKCOffl enlted gratia, with an paralleled sucneas. en all female eempUletg. HI* Periodical Dr pa, 02 per bottl*. Mpraaaly for obetina!* caeee. Beware of imitations. DR RALPH. AUTHOR OP TUB PRIVATE TRBA liae, hi) Arnltv afreet. Tboee who apply In Iho early ?U;? ?f dlaeaie will be eurprieed at the COM end raptdttr off the imre Thoee, however, who have auBered long will boa! ai'prernata h a eervloee. Da okindm; kbmalb phtsdtan abd a<7 oouco-t No o Amity plaoe. three door* from Amity etrect. m?Ic* It hla apeclal practice te treat all frmaM ee-uplalu'*. from wban-ver came produced, lo anro to ire relief to the moat on iloua pellaat ta twenty four he urn. ' ogaot reome for lediea requiring unrelag. I 13. OOOPRM. 14 DUANB STREET, MAY BR CON J 1 enlted on ail dleeiuwa Thtrtr yeam exeloervely de viled to dl -euea enVulce liau to warrant a cure lo all caeca. The vu -.iena of cue, lied non'ldeno# in medical prrleo ler* ?an rail with a certainty of brlug radeaily cured or no pay DR JOilNKOV, It Dl" A VK STUIIKT, MAY BR COlf (ulted en all diane***. Thirty yrare eti?rlcu*e eoablea him to tpeedy oaiva to all who oomo under hlo ehargc. na OORBP.T. MEMBEEOPTHi: HEWYORE CHI V*MtJ > iledl nl OdllS0*) and Collage ef Surgeons. Loo ? don, ceo be oomatt'.'ed pvi7utaiyat hia conveniently arranged euit of oltleon, i? Centre atrort. between Chamber* end Korulo (treat*, having a private entrance at No. ? Oltv Hall rlaoe A prwt re of Si je?r?. thra ? of which have been !? be honidul* til Now York aod London, enable* him to treat with * uues* tierveue and ,-eaeruI debll.ty. The victims of lnioo*ltion can cell oa him with the certainty of being radt -? - - ired, or a# change. Da LEWIS' MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTItrTB, Bo 7 Ileacb treat, three doora trout WmI Hroadwav, Rew York, l< the poly plaoe where the eftllcted will receive priner mtd uei treutmaat aud a xpoody eure. Batabllahad In 184ft Good new*. ? youmo mass fkibnd. dr. WARD'S Sreolflr and Preventive euree the worst canes w iheut mercury or change ef diet. Ward a Magical Invigo rating Pi;:*. $2 nor paakage. A sure euro wbera ma a hood ^ ha heca Impaired. UINDRP.DS ARE RUINED BBTOND REDEMPTION lo IM* life by not calling en Dr HUNTMR at flrat: ho ha* for thirtv year* coutiued hn atienlion to dl-ea*eeof n certain dtia m vhlrb h* bur'ml M lera than Bfty thoa aau<lc*?* Hi* rtm?ll?? are mild. and there la ae Inter ruption to hnainc** or change of diev Dr. Hnaier la la eoa cteat attendance t row 3 In the morning till ? at nlgbl at bla old office. An. 3 IMviMm etraO*. New York elty. sine* 1834. Oli.irgee m<?4?.ete an 1 A cur* guaranteed Separate room*, ko that the patina: w< oo one hut '.he Doc<Or hlmeelf Hie wuodcrftil me.!bmi 01-cuvery. known ae Dr. Ilnaler'e Red Drore cure* oertelo dleraaet when regular treatment aad ail other ramot'b'w fan; a, without dletlog or roatridoa In the habit* of Uie patient; curee without the dleguatlag and Wouenlo* elf ft* of all utbor remediee; cure* In now rate* In lev* 'haa ill hour*; earea wlthenl the dreadful con *#<|U d! *!fer1v ef mer irv. *od po*?e**ee Ih# pecollarly va luable proper?- of aaalnliatiog the rank and polaoaoua taint that iho hio>, | |* -lire to ?l~or'". no>?? hta ramedv I* o?o1. Thl* M what he claim* for ll aad wka't do othor will aocorn. piltb. 3d vnu wkl aoeni* bp return n ail hi* medical work A*n na ;eo. 40 ooiored plutore*. Worth |all the other* pat ogetber MARnoon and thb yiiwr op youth restored la rour week< by Dr. Hli ORD'H Keeeuoa of Llfo. THI* wendorf il agent will rt?toro tnanboo'l ta Iho mnel otialiored <*motiiution*. whether arletag from eieomee, ralf ab'iee. the elect* of vliinhto or aaturel eauma Tbo time required to '-ore the ant Inveterate neaa la fear week*. Failure u ire??>??!bl*. Dr. Rieerd'e Raeeaee of Life le aold in me-'., w h in*u -etllaefor uae. for 3d, or tour quaetlt ca ta ope for 39 den:, -arefelly pecked oo receipt of remll Knee, by hi* aoervellted tgeot. Circular eeol free en reeelpi or lo-ie .'n-epe PIIILIr RUL4ND. No. 447 Bftmme etreet. N?w koik, oae door wait ef Hroedwer. Madame orisdlb. prmalk phtrician, NO. I Am ir pU-c. three doore from Arally atreel one bo oenwltiul on e>! 4. *a*c* ef lemelee. Her medicine# ere rafo end eenele Oo?r?i cat room* rar ladle* who daelre rare ee l laeduai atteodaaca durteg noeiaemeel MBOirYL ?LAD10S RRVUIRING MRDIOINES ()R cen'-lcntial medical advice *h*uld rail at once oa Madauic DK LUCR No. I.ttf Broadway, whererbey wilt aol he d.-elrejptr miotel ntwa. Dnbolae i Kernel* ranee**, rale end certain |l xa l 0.1 Relief guaranteed. PILRS. PILES ?PIRTi; LAS, PI ST C TA0.-T HO USA NDS neve '*?* wired hv ?h? remedy eeld at N* n Sonne rail ?i -et aad tho*mol* labor noaer tkla dlae***. thai artae* Iron elmple c*.*e?. Order* rant to any part of tho Untoa. CHATTRRRD rONSTITUTlONi RE4TORBD BY THH n gitraaiaed -omedr. I?r. Power*' R?*ence of Life?*f 3o# *1 PrankliB otreet?lo lee# time then aer other medicine. ?M ihoee iwniaiaplatlag gaarnagsmheuld take Ihl* life re el on* | remedy. ~ w Thousands are bodily rctbed by rot com auiueg Dr. WARD, 31 Pr*a?lle Mreet. Ward'* ape e'*. without * particle of mere n. ere the ealy remediee which i*u ?unn*?tf>i lv r?c: o ll isom llaeaeee. The iilost or man is rtrenoth-thrrbporb ? he eervettaaod aebiliuted*hi>e dliamedtelelv uae Dr. POWBBA' lavtgeeatlat Kveeo# of Life. OMoetl Praakiia etrc.A A permaevii of* I* i??r?atee-L Thousands amm disappointro or a curb by eolehl'lncoe Dr. LEWIS at Aral. Ill* remedi*. art* mild aad et'wd'4 i* their operation* require ne re tialnt lb diet loee ef bme or hladraeo* i* b<u>.ncae, poneeee ee the power ef eradlcatl-'f even eymptom nf the dleeaae a Ita went -?**?? <*'? "'Ai will eonvlec* the moot eheptlo*! er the'r *urprleins properties Slight face* cured la two day v. ar yccr*et*d ir ape laaH m la mad* In time OMee N? f grech *treet, between Varteh aad Waal Broedwgv. Rtmtag err*a e l m ibei the paiieal *ee* a* en* hut (ho Dovter. get*bli4bOd lo IMS. ? TO ?HB LADIES.?DR. HILL h'AN BR OORSULTMB ?e en 4 ***** of fenta!** with aamreii*>?d enema* si N* 7 Re*uk *ti**i three door* frem Wool Broadway, Raw York. ________ THE LA DIM' FRIEND INNRBD-DB. LEWIS, NO. 7 Be* h uaoi. Ihrcarfor* ffom W*?l Srendway, New TsrkiiBr. Musihir ra?4dlc? an S3VW f OttTfc S|

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