Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 29, 1864, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 29, 1864 Page 6
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*9J, ?pWWMHRVWi' *"**1 - ik.SD^r>t*r lli* i ??m: feu i-la. ? r"**1' V.' MM A .mm ?->*'.ca 'm a ?we I ?? a*1^ 'ONMlMasi MUlM IMIMK. Ad) Mrmtewa. -'?* ?*? AmiBoom. rknilt ^V*niH~R?hFR? ?? *i2?*5 f Mi UM? O* ?? r iMTWitl. *? Ml '?* l""?} ?? A FRIT ATE FAMILY O' ?2" A OM> DJ I Dr%A Q|?| |OUM| ??4b Ail Ifc* IIK>AAirA #M IM>I; Furnished Noam*. "'?* MdjAdN.Ng ? 1 Ap m ll? t?<l Twain* atrael. FRONT ATTIC RNDROOM. FORMS HID. TO IM. ?> Wf Mrart. mat fATtaR. a e C? (TORN TO LIT-VxU FKKT, BIOH CKII.INO, wn.-nl vmf l>ze; evool'-Bl Kialt.?*1 Ko> ?i i 0 Appi* U> M SMITH, Frueklart mr?tr k'nrtiw *u I William Mrow N T. f%OV tTN V HOt'MK TO LRT AND FCliNITBRK FOB 1 i --Hon ? new lua! Ma Para lura ???. Mack hv??l.; Q.iry. U nod Fur*.tub* ordered kest ?,! aifa I ?? percent lea* Hun aid ba pin-hated lor to dev; e? *r A" g Itm c aaa. a Dor .mill bars o* t-.a Al; the to-9U.!M; a-I o<tid tV-w At t .a Nsvmwa IaNa Ia>aai>, inr' I a N n Vara And a.irreandlag country; aeanaathko L? Mrv CAra rvryy Half bOi.r. U?l At itllA'llca' iNl frees Met of Our Jandt si reel Luaai' -n ?! are unnt, N J. J. a. MUMIKij. 1A Job A .-kraal, *. T. c?v 'NTNT FLACK ft) KENT? TBB " ROLMKA la F u-hr d. BerkeHuv eouatv. Maaa.. will OA meted v? a (o?' lei aul lor onooi it*? inam. furaiabed. hi garden ia in a Roe state oi aulilvaDon. aud tbA loo fceAAA. gnapar and aiablm ura IN A g M<i eoodhlea TkA ha *? M readv for m-ue I at? ne--uiMstioa. IA i atm mm lb A Beamier*. ot At W. ? Cl-UN Ed-rr A nor say at Law, Fnto fhOUNTRt BBSIOhUCB ?A HANDSOME OOTrAOK AV l>> ol tor lbs tav-.m. a tua'A I at Far KftOkawa., <oaa jAAml a. a flew I.f u.A oCAaa, wit.i n ton mlni.taa' wal, of ?abeaUi rant *K>. Apply to U? W OKEbN, lit) Kg IjkOR RKNT IN HlLFORD. OONN.-THB FBOPBRTT C known a- Mart* in'a Hoio , with a do urn or It* Fural In > A To Iiaruoa ao m prion I and dearmg A i-Auatry kotal aa tba Ron nil this plana iffrra g< od uidiKiAiuente. Apply to too. A. MF.RWIN in Waablagton atraat FDRM-MBl) MOL'RK to lrt-at oranqb h J., A tar yaar ar aa?aon A aiono Maaalon t raa alary Aad harc nani A"iiuiamg aIat-n OAdrO'iina. :iaa adiaan1 | anatl* of aoout -rrrn >n raa. anundanoo of fruit and iitada IrAAa *ublr and rar annr'a houar, Ac. Apply ta HOkRI ?OKUAN, No 2 Flue alreai. FUKNISHRD HOUSE TO LUT?ST REVRNTn 8TREET. near neco.d arm,ie, tor una nai t.i a prlvaia I'amilf Aati ; onia nlng Imlrc laonia. gaa, baib. "alrr itad ai Fid m Iinnro' imral ; bou*A ?A Aomp rln oroAr AAil rlchlr ml i^o ibroi ghout App J on tna prnuilaoa frunt If M. to ?CMIRVIHHKD BO''RK or PART OF A FCR5I8IMD r Ho AM) to lai ?Honor ndO'ty nra- and oar thing in Aaod ar or. III M Irt xiw lu agood raapon IbJe |tarly and tbr ott n'*r nrlll It ard witb tb? Ao upaai Addrraa Uf Woat Thlrt lb rd airart FVRNIRHP.I) ROOM TO LHT-WITH MODERN IM prn'r-Birnia. tn ?n? or two initlrmrn, without Bca-d. ?rat m-i'raw. Apply at i?s Bat Tnlrty loi.rib atracL Fourth avouuc car* pitaa ibr door. F UJOPS OF FIVR BOOMS RICH, TO IrET?TN THB or* b. lidlitga M U; Jdudiaon atiecl. near bvajt 1. T TOI'RES IN PROOKLTN TO RENT.?FOUR OF THE J 1 bait ibire ati.ry and brica H..ii*r? wjtl. o?err Aiodi i n rniimii rnv, cororr ol Park arauor and I'ltnton ftrAri. rent to pnrato uml l-'D r>al> A'?1, tyit at ai..c? gt 1 over Ku ion UoDk. New York, uboui IS o cock. n i?ni, in iciiBtr iruiALsni'iji Kitru. my {J i * w? iiihi i-n djrlhvlrtll o.l and tt> D iane aimet, or M IfAebtngtoa Atret-t HoUikrn. QFriCB TO LET. At S3 BroAdway. er-ond atory. Dlmen? na? 1 j by 10. TRAM POWER. NRAR BROADWaT. A lrrgr Knout, wnO tlgbind. iroot ond roar aa-t noatly lod. I i# |ll hnrae DOW nr. A!ao the Hrtyimrnl. 2V'. and poslla Bar.P'a Hotel. Apply to P. J INkDBT, Engineer, !Wa kar atrecL gTE tM rOWKR AND R0OV8 TO LKT.-A NUMBER of brl \ Botkl ng arairlv. oornc* 1 Boil.! Age with Pleara Power ta let, topetbrr In jutre on lk? Arrmiera, Kact Flftv third Pmtgv?nn?. CflRjHTIAN NCH1FABTZ. QTEAM POVVRK TO J.ET? BOOMS, WITB 8TBAM ?v powrr,- wet', lighted; the Aower rteadv. To real in %NflCng< W and lib FID.aboth ttrret, corn." of Heeler An] Nt* to ihe engineer on the r.reutiaaa or to TBOM A8 MOR mo LET-A FIRHT CLASB STORE, EPARLY OPTO. A Atie Ra:l. BPieN A Co.. 338 Rroadwoy. Apnly to Meeart. ?ARDHAN A 08BOR.V, 133 Giaad ditmL RD LBT-MCPLT FCREIBBBD. TWO PARLORS AND X two BedTiKMat lo .be hnnao with a ama!. fantUr; gaa bath oonvrB'eat In i?w?urmau and all parte nf tat Oir mr r etage; rent modArute to a roapooatNr jetny. jlp at !3I Pot rib avawno. s? T? LET-A FURNISnRD HOUSE. AT SIN'O STRU; go-Hi gardtn. bar view of H .dit ? rivrr, p4 Jtaantty n'.u WAAd; will be let tow for eniumer or eeaoou Apply to R. R. TOTTfcR. !t8 >root Mrret, or R. WILLLAlU. 192 i atfArl. N T, Chain ?00 I.KT-A SMALL BROWN STONR HOUSB. NEWLT X furctibed a'lnatrd in a plonmut ne'gbbo.-uood, wis br Nonled to a reape> tao:a party ca >anwoab,* Mrnu, aa the Nraoept omscaai ta dr? r.?e o learg the city for a ai.irt Sua Addiaaa J. 0.. ?tet'.oc 0. tTHi tRT-A HNhLT LOCATRD COUNTRY SNAT. AT X Ftdeblcgi flee garter., largo will of fruit. ch>.*aai M to boat tod car*. W.U br rented lew 1-+ the eea-oe. a. F. IRKLAND, No S)g Pin* *Vre?d, re., r 11. SO LET?9T0RB AW THIRD ATBNUB, AND ITX tore* for law. Poaoeoatan lwiHit'r. Sevan rooma. tat S'jo. lag aire at 191 Kaa Thirty -taird 4re?L LBT-TRK DiVgg FART OF A HOUSE?SEVEN rovnii, real $3C per awraib. A eo Upp^r port, four ?a; real $10 p*r aronUt. A-laatw' at TT9 Adolphi it ?L i Ftilten areaoo. RreAlyn Hae gas z c LET?SBTBN ROOMS IN THE UPPER rAP.T OF ho.we Tit Third arrnue. l> a faintly of gr iwa partoa*. i. gaa. Ac Baal $17 per otec'b rl LBT?FRONT ROL1M AND BEDROOM WITH back Pier.nei.l and Bedroom, water up tiairo an 1 a, rent$16 per mouth Ck-od referrooa re-iutred Ay fly at Mr hutn a?e ju*. m gent ( fvtlit o* "Mr*. r) LET?IN A FRIVATB HOUSE, KLBUANTLT VLT. elite ! front Roorjn, ? Pdaoc itrttt ooa block we*l lna.1 war r LRT-TBR HBCOM) STORT OF A FIRST ULt?* n a r*-*prrieb> neiytberbood. witb mode u ia. ? wci ia to a aoael! emuy. App.y at 71) Tul.d aver e O LET-THF. UPFBR FART OF MOUKR SO. ? A?. bar plan, an labia 'or a t' all faailiy or ? .. ? light total. i>, rtot i.f, ptaaaaweo ta<ir> sx. r ten win OBOKEV-TOLBT THR FIRST CLASS DWKT.Te ?log lioiiar, 11 t* aahinsian To'iaea. ooa block from tba moiediate po**v?l'm given. Apple lo .lULlFSf IN BROOKLTN (Rd RANDS RTRRKT). FROM ? TO 7 wnnira,' * k'mm Fulton ferry in a cool, airw iltuitt on, Aevrr* haiidminelw Furn * md Koonis to Irt, dngly or In autt. toaiual. ratollirs, or gent.aniea aad tbetr wivaa. with aut board. kOOMS TO LBT?FOR STORAGE OF FUBMTTURB OR b aib-r llyht gaoda a so a Rasemant; will be let . heap to iprfMihle t arne*. Apply at Employment Uouaa. corner alb Beeaue end ElATeath street. kOOVS. WITH KTRAM POWER, TO LBT?AT 71 L> Dunham place, Wllilamabuig, L. I , aear tbe feme LET?CO IT AO B ON I19TH FTRBST. RETW7BN Third aad Fenweb avenue-, Harieto. lagutre 'if Nr. kUSR tOPth atroet aad Third a?-Ni-?. IOLRT-THRRB ROOMS. ON SECOND FLOOR, AT S3 A eat Fourth ek-ect Bra: Fact **"' W ?P0 LET-A FTNR BASRMRNT OFFICE. SCITAR! H A far a pbrw>rt?B; rotranoa na lbs aol:?rl; alee a utrga riw Ruo-n, on Ui.rA Hour, furnWhed, at No, to Wan J.lev. NNAb etrvet. four aeete west of Broadway. ITN) LIT?THE LOWr.B FAST Of HOcSB 1*7 AM.TY X ?tf'w?. tear H <U avoou.'. woat $I7f. po*?iaai<i? iu.,v ?at. uu nitu-eo ai*o ian ei i-nruiture ran o? seiiai tr t artl. Appi er. the pramMAA (W kn H. A bRLYiLlK. J?w ti er, 71 Bl'sakar aue*a. ?DO LET ON RUIX8 FRRRT NILU A ROOM if) X two H?d? H> a eeaweelsut far bo iMkAegaag. w*tk NluA asra l fannigr ooty Alan ivn'r erri lie see ehrep In. atrv te B..BAAMIM JUNES ? N, Bioadwar end Ferbv third atreet ELET-W1TH POSthWtloN JITLT U. A THRP.?! eiur ? blgb ateop een* He".r, near Usm eptsre Rent per aa a era. <7MAK..MaM N> 1,1V. M Cedar at LET?RBCOSR BTORT, WITH SACR RARRM8NT, tea (in ty whom 'ktMrwa. .raw at ar Ji> )a. i or. Ike nremae* IM Hart Fl/h-tb ?*. ??,. r.*>*? ir<. an.. L*iUgtea evaaaea. IO LET TO RMAU. FAMILHS?TWO PIAkORK IN Brw *???*?*? -at Kit! t# M-ied Iir?e*, bale -At. ??nr.d And Irtf avea da, AONWda the re.narw Imywarmu and In. " Airt. AAA. Apety *' Wgar Were. nirv.erAaaa.aa4t .ar ?Dt T r4 ?v-et ^Tl ^ r /f dte k JAf-wRK 91 A ' 1 ^ illtj 'PT| la. po RRNT-PART or A FIRST OT.ASS H'HWF WTTil ? hot a*d n* d <?*<?? gaa Mbrww, Ad ; I Mated H k am Fair y r. h i .-aw a abert *1tease wet dnalsti *t tamal ftm'.. o' ad dt. the r*ot *M be reeaaMtow At keaas i.. X B , bra 1,711 N"? 1 "?rt F>? aSior L'e. ) RENT?SIT B>1<IM* FN A R AMDS')*? THREW I rf . -> .**, ? reawUv la Feerta t aaa, B m i*i 'ir $? r*r ?' il aw* *o l. j Sonnet, ft my ALTHAt, haw I art ? THOSE TIRED NOARDTNA.-TO L* t. FUR nabal, * Fion; l-srer it- rer and Faatr. aa th* mad fane. ovary eoe'talww far h?t'ii?rt,, md A?tt a SAStMSbSN wad etia ueU MMlaa Him? art nt; 1.agree. MA1.KB OF RRAIt At'iTF FFL?*DtD NAJf*FACTtJRrNG FRUFBRTT Riwarr. .?rge b-ifldlage Td waiar sever iter... eewt' dtiieivH af land, foe tale vary aad lime) 11 f ?ws?tt a. >ee J S Naeaaa ttrwak. arm loi OBKAT IIB11 IN OAS SB HA > -FOR RALE. d araau# aud - ? ha * maul, noa: U>t?itr?- ?. ? * an *i rent ioi " ?a Jolt b FRTTBRTim. tie Thick avaoaa. L t. * apiaad . ee Hem* a third areaue auu rty aiilb at.est -saw fai HtW, nil CTr varv tew If Sate at earn: M??Aui7?- Rve a*ar* aad neat, belli an a e*w a >s ?4 rent lar ? M Apidf A FOLK MTORT AN') BAS iNRNT TIMSIOT fa Be aa tor sate: sue ! Ik. *?> ?a te*> a , en Is 'or E?, nl In I be oaH, prvw I .K) |f as d Ibis vM; aaa-d set b? nai | far ?a*a tb?>< ti.vbl Oigtat . m IL If to JANR1 FRTTARTOH. tl> taM Thiruaib atrct. 4 Ftr.M or 10 ACRSS. OFPOiilTR TONKNRS FOR mi* , 1'* ?;.? from Cieatar.depot *e iha Mirt ,?ra ?aiw.Md fevd a.., 4 uga aad frufl; aa* boar from ya* ?*?k FH-e gi he a ma a Farm ?f ftl ..nt, f-at rival. Tv ?a IT ? BBuypR. *? Beaadway S LkflS tlb FINNF RATE HOTRL FRSPRETT ?** aa.* tn **a tba getaMpaJ to was a* tba beck* of SAHaSaan and svambaet load.of M ail 10* frvm. Naw Wart; ba)nti*(* ta brat -at* ordar, M bow dated a Aaa twain aaa Tb? ?w?w aod agawfaat lAead* to ram era >ifa?! D.V'arat Will b* aatd ai a sawi )-w FrtoO SR.MU. Trim* ?b7 W R NSUCI. M. fcraadwv t. FARM FOR SAI.F -0OE9I9TIN0 OF M AC] aftead M iiadeva.Md ooiNnUev. wavered baa for ai.n rreut lb* kai* ,a I fena Canal Sa> ranfdia tea: EM be told -true a my famUy am g ?? ualli^teNlai a Furivan e-.anty. Stat* nf lie tark. y.i m.'.i ????hty, *?al# nt Ntw Tart. V ' If^k'fwRa'S, mv kgdu-i aueat ftga Yvih VAImMP 7.-T-_n - -*- 1 a~wahd?mh?b ooobtey scat ro? *xu^-n??*TT A m toe from New To* aMr ~Tt ?* Nni M?M: JUI?kWI "^yliVnn r?o-nt h'gb nwWtoMM. MupMi i <rtu ???* muim ?^vl"^}*J* 22^rJT5bJ2: are oampleto and ?ar Dead. "? ww^ganma^ wuwm. MA Mr. ^fta iviU'mnl I mi. til ? Urjl ?niiro ?' 12. Um NiyiAii Srill U1M, l? fttl yr'BM f r,i.r^w^rtaTSL T^ir-WbrKS to a ??!? . rar a railroad J 1, Iu, i, m ? d'trtoy lb* Mbar nn gten? B **U*bU.,, *^T to aa 1 b Be a. ritoe fis ?; tof ??>. -?? ?? U A 0 J , Mo. 4 New Obnmbarg atreo*.E. T. rt . bCHULZ 4 flMT CLASS Fill IN fBTOItofH OOV> ?T, tun water i roat. near depot aaJ *?**.?. ?'*"**?*' rm Irt mi m a New Jeree<, ? >" ?!': ??"???!&? f?^J2?n^I?2 If, t\'\ # ** * r*? lUekiaml ??oalj.i V?* Tlw abu^ we ?ood boi ding* ?a.t abntee fralta; orrUtnly weribi af attea I an. Mam wtbar fame. all ?rtora aad onatoona, mm* ?Mild ba aaabaagad tor BgaaWra jL^fc.'TTllt^W. 4 VIII FRBTTY OOURTBY A* ??|Br5id *M to A tor?nle?no e by taadepataftba Harlem Ml1 NMi"J* wall enat-d wllb traaa. and baa ??torn into lb* bailee and groande Af* ?T ii ?,id at a bnr lar a email lam l?; l? applied tor i^to w .1 to addM a war p.. Call aa or addreaa a H. HAiWABD. fnomd.lW Broad near a SOUNTBU RBNIDRBOB KOR *A>K~|V JLI^ut A hrtdfM. MiUiDtnc 'JM iffM #f JhiiiI, wl I ly'f ' ^ birtldiatafwater fruit and ontantoiiial traaa aae nMto from K lto?5m m Hndaoa Blear Railroad, laqoira at W. ? BEKBIAN. B aaabrtdga. M. t. a T 738 THIRD AVBMUK?ORBBNHACBS JFABBJI^ AT A to in tba dollar la a.ahange for good * ?? ? ??JJJ ?ton- A.ho a number of ?atont Lorn witn ? goao bunding toaa. Far full pariwulara apply to Jid ww*' a atoUeattoa. ant S^bU^rUWlOiC a WOOD. 18 Plao Bitot mm ? lam STORY BltlCI HOUSE AND LOT? with ilea Ft,terse and two Urge elnganl Bag'iab Mlr tollgbt?!llr .dieted, No. 31 Laf?yeue aeaaua, Brook Ija.'w^eiTd far $8J0U; no barter toea.Uaaat. . Ataluahlb PROPERTY FOR 8ALB CBBAP-LO ?etotab(i within tW rntl?s of car? tlcfcwHoftl *1 Yon k*rs ?.a th? Hu.iwn oonimtntof 80 *rr*m of iw rin5 ktrb elate of culttoaltna; 13 ar.ree timber land, wllb a line bi?mk 'oanief thro igh the oautx<'. Biealtoni e^ewa of ihe Hndana. KadRleer and eurm.tnd igconntrr Th.e p. o er ? t, n"e-?d ebeiip. to r!n?i an aetata. Uaaaena iroot on tba Highland A NBAT (-OTTMTRT RK81DBNCB FOR 8AI.R AT A A i-anjaln?Loomed wltblu a abort dtotanne of depot at Dosb e Ferry, oeer ooklng the lladeon. Kir W^TlLlSi ^a^SoaC wtfVfiti for Heppttod lor . A TlOOD FARM. OONTATNINfl 43 ACRES OF EXCEL A tont land V^ted Jt< from oara and ? J?ml?toto, at rarrv- -wd; abundaoec nf (nut, good Fat-d Hoaee. lne. oeaatr ' ouiP i d n?*. line epilog water, aolendl t tnterlor riewe; (mhii ?n 'he bigbwa- ? 1< wa-l worth allIthat te aim ed Tor it. Prier (9,(10, or with n't tba eropa, $9,-i,0. Paa aeaaton Immadlatoi.T. & Bm,Eg3oM. 431 E ghtb aveo.ie_^ 7 FITV T CLASS ur.'iWN "TONE FRONT tUH'SK TO A lev tn Thirty (lret etraed, n-ar and weal of Fifth a.a nne- ?leet wlde'aud four iterlre, high ataop and ba? mVbi. Id eplrn 11 order and a ?'?!? ^eetrablo navrr tiafere been ufaiet t<> rent. ipM to B. u. LAW BBNt'K. 4 i7eat Thirty-third atraeL COUNTRY PLACE WANTED?OM THE BAST BANK oi the Hud?on. In mine About ?iO.OOl'; good ? tew wanted A prompt pjirehaeer for a '-a 'yd airit >le In7JSSS^umnSS to had. Addraw ho, 3,3og New York Poet oil'oe. with fn'J daarrlptlan. /Cottages at bbrokn and 0 oral Honeoa for n-?:e. two miles ro?i Jeisey It/ trrrr b hum- o,to A.?> at "ouokeu aud dcrwy C;ty. Plioe $l,oO) :o $o,'J00. PARSONS A WARD. 81 O-Jar street^ rTOTVTRV REatDENCR FOR SALE?LcCATBD f ' within ltf mile# of nor* and aieamb -ate at Tonkers, oa ? >,* Vega t\f viifl Ilodion 25 mcr*n oi 2ch.n1 lti 1 iiotrtc* diatel? upon the rlrgr hank and f^run:ing ou the Highiand tnrnplhe The ylewa of the Hud*?u and neigaborhobrt'tn ,u ruwl le Terr vali abla lor building altee. T*ie deal - tolmTSaa hia 15 roome: e-mpll-d with a, elient earing w^ter resesMiw outbililltbgr; abusdauee o. irnll. plenty af shade 1m a good in*ee'metii. lBiinadiata poaaaaeloat Prra.ow. S.EMBKKSON. 421 Mlghth annua Desirable pbopdctive country skat on Lone Irian J Sa-.tid. Kr-rr ad'Mi. age of pr>ep-cl, n.h ihrd fib: twi water frout; new Imi nr?ne?l?. Mifa't eeU Ba^ala. i J pn'ftutble Farma. Ac., arery proe. bmntto., .u4 te^R W: wiTMOEE. v.'" R SALE-ONE OP TiA BEBT ANDHANPSOMFSf Uv'med Farrne in New .laraey, eonu'nliig 14) a- rea; pn? ?2!o?k Addtoae W. V. boi 4.SV Le# Tore Pom off or ?LmTr aiLK A BEaCTIFUL FIRN18HED HOHSE, with haereeof gymnd. under ' 01 culara apply at A. Ltilto Rutei. unwnr of Hanem am and ltOth atraot. day from the 'nr-t of Spring ntroeV landto* n' utre- walk o' the property. V$waY lPpa-A pjato' NblL on the pramltee, or JOHN < ONWAT, i? rb.-? pw?. For sat.b?a coontry kesidexce. at FLif hueh Long lUand?Ootblc haase. with all Ibei ? ad-to Imprr rmr^T-uether with touT-mm aareii >f UaU. orna mental and fruit res,. Ae, The abora L-.^eJ-3%\ nawlag^a "tonl mt tha new dl-y v-ark. For g^^?leVuletM5oH bU^rFXPTB^Fto* l^ah. 1 ZZnn a*tlk_IM TilB TILLAGE OF S'h'G SING. A ^Bafa-r^hMkVrwA Iforee and ' :^T.^Vr' aeoeunt of Tatoll.r go.tig to Euiopa. Cal? on or ad .. em E r. Downey, blng Sicg. N. i. . . . . . FOR SALT ?HOCFE AND LOr MT NORFOLE ?***??: An eiorllecl U/to'-'on fur a leu^m-at oouta l??i JtxlOi. Appi) on the pr-ealkCit.fartorA P a C*0R a ALE?ONE OF THE F1N1.SV FIMI FN JW H ek?,te-"onsty, d o?er i.,'5 arre, s.via.ed a Fnti >#? r. F. 1RELANDJM Pi'to etraet. room II. TDOE EALB-HOCBSAlip T/VT to D'-.iN Sa^emrmntsstx S-w 1 wfc. ? F1 ~ nn g A LB?HOUSE A bOT. * WEST TWENTY iiw'. prl:e?-.reo'ed u. me pre Mat to I imi''' T."j>ai^e?''0 AUo II Mtoa . * Wa.t rhlr- . -lb rl etreM. at ?3,<W'. K poND ^ wuh m|M, F .55^?Sgi~H7 new abau'. I. -re. e' rptr if land; Mif^a afew mlmtea' walk of raibrard depot and el earn boa -landing" abundMM tf. cn<' * f ' hod ? re ens, lb H mi mil aod eunouiidmg rouritrj : .? ' e ? : uO .ur. -ae rwmalii on morlgago. rarniiw < K JOllB NKaT. No. 8 r'me atreet. 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B. * da., bai S.UO Maw Tark Fart ofltea. o WANTKD?A BARM OB FROM ISO TO ISO ACRED, wltb fiol tmirrrircmaaia, or burd bi.lldmfi*, Ao., and running watar aa ar naar It, loauto < w.tbio a kuodrad nallra and ou tha hud af some railroad leading lato Naw i ork, an I aaar a depot. Addraaa 8., box 6,348 Foal ofltoa, atatlns prloa, location. Ac. $450 A1tD *460^ HOUSE AMD LOT, pay aiila $f Bttl'.WB, ? It 4 nr\ WILL BUT A LA BOB FAMILY QROCBRY, ?PtuW dalat; a rasb trad* of SVa)u weak: law arm; food p aM for b .allies*. Apply la J. F. iBAflid A OO., 70 Chatham at root, room 3. . _ $d&0; iloun* aad Lot, *7<?.: Lola. *'i0to$2U0, nay alii* $6 monihh, at WluOald. lnqnlra of Q O, AM* bttt.WH, Ma. 4 Chumbara atnat. FOR SALE. BLATBORM SUA LB BOB 8ALB? HAS MRBB USED atrwet"* ' Pr'W ** App? * A CORN BR BAKERY AND CONNECTION BUY BOB ^ deafnl bnslnara of 91 tlperdsr with iinrve, and Wagons and all l* and ateuaui A loot laaaa. Apply to A. F.M. MOO MB. la Bownr^ A FIRST CLAB8 OORNKR OROi'BRV AND LTUUOR inr ak.7'"' ,nc,?<1,B? ^I nhn n'?c* and flitnrra; da 25,? bc? neas Kraann for (Mining ia alckuca* Kar Klmdway' *PP' " *l?"AKOHON A FLA IT. 180 ABpSlN?8S Oil A NOB FOR 8ALE "dTHR FIPF IT i mJom^b0^11 bttlldlui? In of it)? mod lu. ir" fortnl hJJJSSJP? f * lb*1 '*rl M ?' "? rr>uiSi?tr of piuf W? t Cr V ^ ?'ra ?r"1 dancr houaa,, AC. Ac Fmr hargea rnn on tftr tih to tbin rroro. RICHARDSON A FLATT, 180 Broadway. A CLASS HOTKL BOB B ALE?FINEJf LO ? "??," l,r"1 c:i";? linuro, V) town, , . , ? Uoitfl on Oort'nndt ??' ???; a m an ex' ??n.irnt Ilotnl oo Fsarl atrcot. and a a -all Holei In Rtbio aon atP'Ot. t) A. KOBlNSdN .1 ' ? Nnas... .l,,> I AttEBTAURAVT AND OKI\l.'V. SALOON FO1 ?b (} t'h^Hp?'JlJ A lO^utlOQ; hIs'i b K?rn tf2ne Oil Route; tiak-<r en. lio'eia. Liquor Storen Oroo* rmi anoldMU*iisu?tj4;,>ai Bufid&tib J'; MITCUBLL, 77 Oedar itreeL A J^ABOR MAN 0 KACTUKTNO K1NDLIV(J XVOOT) Hau ulo-Oonsl-unr of Boiler.. Knyin-,. Miwaioi'n.i ! 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R., atatloii D " S^gbtb atrrrt, tfo a?nott c?-d apply. fyOiL YARU Oil BALB?ON T1IK LEADINil RV^T V. ??-?* nv*oiia. lias tarn to atiroa'sfttl otrrrai #i, i..r a.rlrwo years: a .l^a .cca'Jnn an.! (retaining natrbbcrlKxr 'T ,eus Id.luiraoJ 1. SIMPHO.t, icon. >o. i? Tr.Uty B ud nga No. Ill Broadway, Tram n i> .? o'clock, T\RUO NTURB FOR AAf.K? OMR OF THE ilEsT l.O as?r'vi J^?* "*> 4 ?nJ '"ibfia g<v,<l ')U. ;'me " Ea 1 AKI1,,U' DRrO sr?BF.-LONO BSTABLTA11BD. DOING QOOD bnsln.aa; wl., Unsold for R'ffd. Aa UM rtwnor is snr CbOb la tba.araiy ?tcru. back atl-r a law days. ?, ? ar.. Int|. ie a. HI Trntb arennr, coiner Twenty-nth ?t, D^l.r' ^ORK rOP- NALB-DOWN DlWH; 18 WELL 1 etoekod: mu*t be aoid tb . rtt'i. Rua.oos n?u 'or < ardinr. Add rye. Herald o?tw n-??^os g.r.u or j Druo ntorr pdb sall'.?tT.KRtr ? 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IttLK STUB*, L with Future*, with or without *!<?!*'. Idqurff ?a tbd pre to ?r? ?|M bUU araatt., until d-all i. p?*. BAUL-TO PMT06>trtll?-A ao?M ?T 'Mite A Dtrlri Tlaw CMmIIm Tab*, with Bimti lu am* Mui AMnm Uam Biaahian Feet i*m cx>? iau nntp-m ntu iron or a II * aimm ****** M "? Uu*M mw r? ?*** OBBAT FOR CARB?OMR OF HI IWI Idawrlbw Ml prominent earner la the KlgMh warn. This la a cbaaea far a ?aalaea- maa aaldeta aal with. WIJUUAB ABBOTT. Aaelleaear. Nn. 4 Baal L>OR BALM IMMEDIATELY?A MARKBT, DOIRO '' biaaa ?f froai $8Up i# 4IJ.OO par a ark; aailifaa gT-J'!?!'.'. (?? ""M Ml pn-aaaatoo glvao Jaly I. Inquire al IM Frtaea street, aaraar of Lauretta. HOTML FOB BALR OHMAP-ON LIBERAL TKHMS, em-tag the boat, mast desirable leeatWaa ia iba city, aaadaoma ? faralrbad, 'averabla lea a. la geed arlcr, and detng a lull, aaaaay making baaiaaaa. WJUTHw ICE A WOOD.M PtMMreet. L" ,MM *?" AALR?A* It* BOW VTA CHI NUTS TOOLS FOR SAJUB. uU. J^wSSd'SdSJi ** U ** ?WlM ""*W **1 } Rug ne Laths, IS foal bad, M haab dst An. } *?? >0 do. ? Ao. Ao. * 6 4o. 20 io in ?Ha^l Lalk^ ** da. % o! ' *?. J I f* '? w,U| bMfc m'??. i ? *]?? 15 oa ba k gearing. 1 do. 0 do 10 do l 4 foot Vartlda Car Wheal Borer wllk spi nine etierbmeaL aluTVn* at*^** 9WV Borlloara. wAh wbaal bob J J A. Pay A Oo.*a Fool Moid leer. 1 Woad frame Tenoning Maolilaa I C B. Roger a A Co.'a Bllad Rial and Door Borar. j^ai'aeramiUi'o Rolla for rolling gold, ahw aad othi S largo ef*o Portable Rand Hheare for eutliag 5)6 to tt Iron P'o'S, 2 "??ll ana Pnrtab a Uaad Sheer*. 1 MoCormioa'a Reaper. 1 Slavs Baablao. . ? . . . 1 Scro'l Bawa. I small Hand Lathe 3U fool bed. 12 tnah awing. Alan Ariel Si* Badei. Bpltilng Raw Blades. Laths Chucks, Plauer Jam*. Salter** Balaucee, As. BBW TOKK 8TK AM KRUl.Npi WORKS, ?**B CASH.- Foot of Kaat Twan tj third street, R. T. SHAFTINGS, ... Bellows, four fa<A r> .. ' , i, ? - Hellloga, Moulding Ma-hue and Cutters, and Hand P arma, Apply at its Baat Uoaaloo street, of OHAS. JORDAN. MACH1NRRT POR ha lb?lathes. Pulleys Hangers, An Vila Vle?a, Bell B ower, Circular .-ia - a. Ileltlnga. Mouidln PA TEN IB.-VALUABLE ENGLISH AMD AMRRICAN ratenta Introduced manufactured, or sold for ca*h, on row w.alen.Cpotl,omenta resi>ecifnlly aollciiad. Re fertoH. L>. 8inllh, Kt-|. Cbewleal Bank; J. W. Klrby, Ba j., Metropolitan Bunk, R. V. SNYDBR A WALTER. 129 Broadway, N. T. RARB OHANCB.?POR RALR, THE STOCK AND FIX tores oi a Fatter Store, now dolna a good bu-ine-a; la eae ol liio hot Kw-aiitlea in the eitp; reason lor selling eat wl I be explained by calllug at 2o9 Suth arenua, near 8u teeutn aueet. OCRAP IRON POR BALE.?A LOT OP SO RAP IRON O for -ale at a l.*r;- -in Address John D. Ketcbum, ear# of Jan ea W. fairy, New York. CCUOONH* POR BALK-CARRIES EIGHTY TONS; '? ^'imderand light draught. Apply to B. BEN Jn V* I 11 3U4 WUbl Itlllt. QWIMMINO BATH POR SALE-FOOT OP WKST THIR O tleihatr et. otabargnln: aow delng an oxtcn.lre biiKt neea. Satiefacwry reaa ?ns glvea for aalllng. Apply on the preiulaos, to U. C. DBXfEK. Tobacconists. ATTB.NTTON'-KOR SALE.^HnSOP ROfera* Tobacco Cutting klaoliinee, In complete order; (can be rua by baud an.I steam power), together wRb dro press Boron. Apply at 207 and 202 Watar etreet. fHI i;rpatrst chance bvbr bp.iobk opcer. L ed ?Pur aa>e, :ho tun -land an I handnomelr fltted up M l.inerv Store on B.xlh avenue, inquire oi ar addreaa Mil liner, ltd k ghtb avenue. fro PHOTOGRAPHERS.?MUST BB BOLD THIS A week, the tiallary .writer South Seventh and Fir t streets. Brook'yn, B L?.; o irbt rooms. Annual rant RIDi. Tbe bedt location for trude work In the United Stniee. The owner a now in the government employ. W1J1 be sold low. TO 1'RINTBRS.?A LOT OP CASUS, UPPRR AND lower (abo- l -00three or four Double Frames; fo r Bark*, holding &< usees -ai-b; n Ha? Card Pre*a old etvle, and a l.nvr.ver or Clnuineati Joh Pruee, urcoud condition now running. BALDWIN A JONRB, Hd Fulton etreet. smiwo-rsrss?^^"^ tun*, all new, for -ale cbattp or will trade for Western Lards and eooie ra?i. Bnslneaa now. aa alwava. In >im ?*avful ''pt.-atium: lomtlon In tbe heart or the city: rent low; W*?a ludeiln.tA, frnlf a rarecban e.' Keasaai?Preferring to mann.aj'ure fur tl.a trade. Address or uall on J. B. W.. 109 Bp. .Us atreei, N. T. BOAKmNO AND LOD6ISO, AT 174, >75 AND ITS Bf.BFOKF.R ATREBT. BIX n hltek* west of Rri?dw*y, p>aaani, cool Rooms, whh ei ?.)en Board; termaVrjujaia-e, Alao At CIHTwood Hotel, "n wdan May, by ?taamhoal foot ef Ber-iar auoet at SW iV.' ,*!* oe?t?. Pin* gTorea. aulend.d sea balking, Ashing, drives and beautiful acenery. AT THE GRANT iloUSK. ti NKW HOWF.RY, BR tween Chatham a ,uare and (.Tiambeia etreet. Ave tnir.Uica wait front Broadway, ooavenient to bosmnaa ; RoneisCS loSb eeriU pw day. $1 23 to *3 4>ar week, and ro Hoard. Hotrae open ail n'g.'it. AT rHK FRANKFORT HOUSE. ON HI BLOCK BAST A A ,S? kity Ha 1, coroar of Franklork nod Wllliant uettiT ftttuiihc'). (i|lt Ro;hi\f, A room to om pTaott, ^5Ce tt' 50b. jper $1 i5 to $6 per weelL Roum 0^1 el1, a let. AT NO 19 ABINGDON SQUARE?SPLBVDTDLT FUR. ? y nlehod Room, forgentiemen. Roema Utge and alr?. wlt i Urge c eerie, Ae. K>?ok*e street stage* end E'g.hth nveuue oaia paa- iba danr. A f f"< ST M.1RK 8 PLACE. EWIITH BfRRRT, POUR -it- Mo " ? e .il ?f Hruaoway, fcint ? men and their wives aa I ?.a.> gentieiaea uat obtain et-^'leni Hoard am! aawly fumU.ed Roo-na. Home Stat .data and .on relent la cars and * ages. A PLEASANT SUIT OF ROOVN-Af.SO BICE i.'.-o'uwtu let, wnu r.rot r ae. Len d, at No. 52 Four (cento vtc-t beteee., Proadwa- and, avnnaa Slranger vivlLng h? .<tr will find this a coo', sad boalthy. luowr'i.i J or the ?11? ^ %' tBI-Bcn AMII.V, LIVING IN A FIRST CLASS -y *i 1 let me nr two Vnrn .he) Rooms. With ?i a lent ?->???, *p-> j at 11 Was; Klavemb avreet, a few steps front Brjolw ay, k LhTIt'E VXD IIANDSOMBf.T FURIUHITED ROO/C *? i? *'* !'i? ?r;-. e tat- lly. togar.Octen. wt;b ot wit* O Jt ori l: iu ? ne . ; I a'-ou rar l>" a""? /n?a ejc? j.,, :tef-(?o -rn ej. b.ngtd Apply a; KM R)ee?ker ?<r.M * rsiVArx ; cui.t can aocommcda rs a~ukjT. fa v?n ?n .itJ wife or two xe'iliricen w.ta ae.Cy *"ar n hen . .. Boavl, on .odv.a'.r te.*-?a or ;'ae jrn a- '.e h if,- ii. t i mod. -n m.-t ? -en.-u a: 'a. i iy irnad. Apply at ?f Tl.lnf first auoet. near Fo'-rth avetf w. A I.AIKIR VI'RN'.uflKri DOM T?? f.PT-W.'TH xA. drv a-? ?'oar'* to two pcr-ona. at 170 I exlngian are n is. Term* modeivi -. ?iefei -ncea eicbauge ;. t i - ? '. ff: s . -t v. ,T eaJ< e'y Ig i u ined *oc? rd vtory Room, with ample pf lrta.e., wuit Hom l. alao several p'eaaar,!* ;t?-m* .-l ta'/i-for au-l-nen. A TfP.NTIOK IS CALLED T+W, WILL AND i iewlf y.tiniMied d-mn a. wttb Board, a! Iau ind li?i Hi'v.;-et Tue im> a* .a Ibea* bo., -e, *r> large aad i ?>:. .?? * i* for 'a n- >? ur alug.e ural'.aiM-u A ao a Lla 1 Kut-.i T?rro? mo '-ra ? a ?1 A' ION !? CALLED OP THOHF. LIV1VO IN .A n t u laar 'in* nou??- to an eate' i ?b eol or-ennd at ll i Ma tertal *vi"r<. and f'jrnal.ed w'ah e em thing oe *"?' *>'-u??k?'ptt^ I,-, at let that a f*re..v me- aavg a. jni . wis him*a. a T 11? Wi ,r PHTPTT-RllHTW ITREBT.?THE Ul. f* Nve loerth an I th rd Poiin w -Ji ? ih?r I* art or en t"S aejonn r.e. r. a.! f .Uy ar.d bar ra me / rwvi.e.;, t. ima, with Ron 4 -e? lu!y i, oe wl h ei.-le ?? ?;*? of Dlninf lleoii' aa ?l a Set Hear aa-' inl-ile^a ia k toiiea stt Mm. i PR ir.R*i;?, a. the be.ea at TALt.MALUP. ? At Mark ? plane a ATP./CTf.T VHt; T CLAMS PBHf AfB FkWlI.T, RR. . ? ? ?tna io * -en'.ral ' -n't a, have ae ?"evantiv furefahe l fret" R o.. on w*; c,>or ran 'Aer ue faurtb), tu rent te aingl- leaUeuie*. AdlreaeD 11 bet t?d Her?! I o*>re. a T hi FOURTH STRIIRT, MMGOND BLOCK A UkT i)F '* A. ad -?? wrga a.ry Roma with gaed It -are or lia?? ?'il ?f iwmnaoe" l>o*rdera-in aa Aomrlcae larattr. Al e ma., d'-o.-si. H rise llr-e ktuai. . Dinner at 4 At HaRLFN -a URNTIBIMAN and WIPE CAN OB* ?jMa toard In a ht^ly reap- itaMe family; h.ate- baa all 'he uo-iora Oauru-v aewle In the tiainedlaw vialnttf of 'wada-ul tar* -an at i S9ti. tareet. aemnd neaae fn^i ion end a ??hue, a.web aJ Asmi OJ R iMDhONELT rDRNTSHLD R<V?NI-<>N Uie m"i I eear. alee ae entire xaneod F.eor rowta. eonfuanbm.ieg: R-ioiwI'ir Magle welltaira. Doartl. at 7*1 at I V. Weat r*lr?? e gmh *tr*rl AT 16- ?!1ST TWRLFTH STRRBT, A PRONT ROOM, an the th pi loir for wve ar iwu gsoueteea, wtth Boa l Ternui caaaatiakle A T V NINTH -n*R?T, RUTWIMTN ONfTRRBITV l*ae- and t Ah ?venue.?Te 1st, a Suit <4f Rauom en asewvwl r'.oer, alto aagte Rooms. Dinner at ( o tioafe. Re. fw*? eitRaaged. ( APIU' ATR PAMfLT. RRBIDINO FKAR H 1MII.TRN ferry, woalt et 'o e slegle gewileisaa a on 'eat Parnlaiia>l R aa. for |A per moo Hi, a back ene for $*, ar ? hail Bedroom '?r $4 Refereaasa eaahangiul A Idee a for three day f. K M., ere J. W A 8., lei M7> I'aet edice \FLRiSA N T A' IT OP ROOMS TO RRNT. WITH Board, at At Weat Twaatg UUrd street. R lfataaiea eg. uaaaged. \PR|V,TR '4MI1.T, AT aS WKHT TWSf pTT( street, oeiw-en Plf*h aad Milk awnuea, tan aeaaeinae data a eeaileruaaand wife ar two alagle genlieataa with furntakwi g.ewus aad iret kia Hoard, iteferwaoa ran aired. itar?BW?e a?d aMIdrew net takaa. A LARGE BBtOTrPUL FRONT ROOM. ON dRCOMM ii-w with three windows alagle bed* asttaaia far tw? f**tteta Tenaa fl Niaa stogie Reoeaa on ?oer at laws* a Ms Apply at 11* Wast Tenth streak ATOUVG ORNTLRMAN AND WIFR DBBIRR IOARM wttb t garet sited Room, la a small. oheerfal faemy. lo-e'ed oa Ute week aide a Bora Thirty foerth stww* Free tn -at a-t .reed fit par wee*. Adtreea. with fat! partioo lar* Maw i, has ?,T? fm* eBlce ?WUOWD FLOOR AlP'Okl) FLOOR RARMUMILf PBRRIBHRR. bavwg a-tpoi or aaoaeaeaadaiieaa, e let, te ?satiem-w; nieelalf -itairwd A liberal prica required. Uart-mjH-aaa Hle relam*?f ?(changed. Aun'f at tg lb eat Flfieenth atreet, aetweea I. th aad Atith ? yea-ten * room and bedroom, with roard, on sr. eoad Oner, lo I?t te a faaalv er ealet genttearaa. ubaaa pvtfarre-l. |t?r M a weak aeek. laquua at IX) Maodouge- -iraet hatwsaa Biaackar -Araat Mid Waaluagtea Park. Ref?rna- aa given and isquired. A LABOR PRONT ROOM, NIORLT FTTRNTRHHB. IN aNawhegiend family, ko he let te a ganiMman aad wife er two single g-atlemsn. Kaferanaaa ate banged, ga. lb far aa* wast at Mi Beet rifteaath atraat. A LARIIK. HANDSOME PRONT ROOM ON RR-IONR A door. A.M a Ream aa tb id fuor Private labiat If desired Apply at M Neat F fteeath street, hetweea Nftk *ad tilth area una A FMITATR FAMILY. RESIDING OONYNNIBNT TO J\ Fifth Avsaue Hotal, aan aaaommcdaM oae or two nan H-u--* mth p'eamet large or a ngle Hmet with Beae-i and all ) om" amliM t. I u? lev ma wll he raamaal la. Applj at ill *mi Tn cut/ iblrt FUM> ?U(?r?h?? fic-andtd. | wi?On? jura AHT M AND m WASHINGTON PLAOB. NRAR BROAD ? war. tea nrwt, ?r ? ate* ten* ?'tn ninety f?r ?ten firm Me., ma ate ball Mm ta at. with jten A. 1 aitelM |MU. fRMk epetab Imimm A I PRIVAY PA HILT OPPBH SUPERIOR ACCOM ? jteGMteMn, with full i pa'La Board' oaatioa vllg.tile. ** H *aat faunas* tb airaat, opposite llama ?|un. A SMALL PA MIL! CAB AOCOMMODATB A ARB Lemaa and alio, or single goailem-a. with ptea-bat Rooaia aad board mi luodrnia lamia fur ti a ?i.aiinar. Ap B7MH Wart Twelfth street, belwaea Fiftb aa.t Milt a??. RMBTBAD'S DIRRCTOBY. H9 BROADWAY. C??rt A aar of Hlarekrr eireai.?Riwina wasted and Ruaaaa la let. with or wltU'iat Buard, *umi? . ..._i?he<l or aaruritabed. >a all part of tbo oil; Oor raglatvr ta at tte- arvieoof rubor thooa having H.oms la tel or tbaoa wt U; ta biro Ra amamisaton a required of atlbor |iarly until after the aarataa la rsudarad H. H. aRMSTKaD Orar Clarke's Dalaa rUot"gra|>b Uollary. A rSW QBBTRRL YOUflf* LADIBN CAR RI ACCOM A modeled w>|h furaiabad Rooms, with Board at 4' Waal Ywmilyaarentb a'raat, or bp oddrpeeleg Madam Ba t ora, at the above number BOARD?149 TWELFTH BTRBRT, RRAR BBCONO avenue.?Lao.a and small Rooia no parotid floor, with Board. sttteb<* for J. wo gentleman or ^nilamcn and wife; alao a MaU Baoat. moderate. Refer e re require !. BBARD.-ORH OR TWO HANDSOMB roomh TO lot, with Board, la aaeaUamaa and bia wife ar single entloinoD. Inquire at 3d East Twelfth airaal, a fa* doora waat of Bread wap. Board.?mb blrecerr btrrkt. waat of Hr-wdwar, Knrniabed Roona fur gtutlaionu, or with full Board far tha ted tea only Alvu a front Baaamont ta lat Board?to let with board, roomh por pam Il ea an.I single jtpullamva at 17 Weal Twenty aiith street, apposite tbe at Jamee Hutel, three doora weal of Broadway. B OARD-A SMALL PRIVATB PAMTLT, OCCUPYING a Aral ? ace i.nnao and bicat nm, w 11 let an entire K wr. ha. daomelp furnished. w lb private tenia ta -or.-ptabe par ? - fifth Dee. loumieet M WaalTwenty seventh street, boot Fifth Aranuo Hotel. SOARD.-TO BOVTHERNER8 AND OTIIRRS. Rlcgaoik Furnished Rooms, to A Hi t alas* private ao with n larea uor.lon aiel lonuiwn Private table, if demred. Betnoen Eighth aad Punrieontb airaetn a ear Beoond avenue, Addroao 8. T. &, atatiuo D. HOARD AND ROOMS TO BUIT ALL-LABOR AND 13 small, separately or In auita, to gentlemen aa 1 w rea end aingla grat siueo. hew houao, nat o|>eiie<r, both, gar and avert nmreutenco. Moderate charges 161 Weal Tuir f eighth street Board wanted.-a gentleman and his two ?I..11 .liters desire Board In a private anally, or where there are but few boa dera; local on muai be lietwsen Pour toe nth and I'h rt .fourth aireeia and Th.r.l and Bixtb ave nues. Addroao M.. boi 3.7.-18 Pest Board wanted-in Brooklyn. pqR a youbo gentleman, III a quiet, re pvaiah e fainiL , rw liu within lea minium' walk of Pulton ferry; dinner at Bat.aracio y referenoea given aod re Hired. Addreaa. wit.? full parllcu era, Day d on boi 374 Fo?t olttre. N. Y. Board wanted-in the country in thh vi einitr of Riverdalfl. MountSl. Vincent or spuylen Dny v bv a lady, -on and dung irr. Term* m-demle. Addreaa. with full particulars and price. C. A B . llt-rald office. Board wantp.o-by a gentleman and son (9 vaaiai In a private <n ndy, with children of *aine ana, in lha neighborhood of Central Park if woa* mo. wem ahle 01 B ii h avenue or in the ooiinlrv, about 10 inllea froui the city. Terms r> .t to exceed $4 to $8 per week for both. Addiwn John Herald oitloe. Board in broorlyn.-isa union stkbrt-nk cond store front an I rear Rooms, separate.v or to gether >plen Idlv furn shed, carpets new gas boi and cold water, bath, an same story ; ho i?e brown none ' r m lirst class. Terms seasonable. Convenient to ears and lei rlea Board in Brooklyn.-a >plfasant suit op Rooms to let, with Buard. Apply at H9 Henry elreeL teferonoeu exchanged. pOARD JB SOUTH BROOKLYN.-LA ROB, HANI). i-mne Rooms, for pentlemeu or famll as: honee deil.hl fully ? lusted; plsasant mrro ndltigs; well spre d table, good sarv.inls and every requisite of a first rlaas home. Ap ply at southwest eurasr of Clinton and Carro 1 streets. BOAnD on BROOKLYN H RIGHTS.?TIT BBS DRBI ra?1s Reera* at 1 K i'lerrepont street, corner of 0 inlon, are being vacated to-day by a gen le.nan going to Europe BKRHEN POINT HOTEL (PORMKRLY RINGGOLD House), N. J.?A few delightful. Rooms to let. with good Board, good batbiag ana flsbinu wltblo one bandred yards of tlig house; boats from pier No 2 and foot af Dey street; steam cars tram Jersev CUy every hour; aarnage on tie srrval at the boats. For particulars In inrs oa the premises or at BBLL'rt, 20 Fourth avenue, N. Y. oily. Families desiring pir9t clarb accommoda Hoea will dnd e egantly turn.shed Rooms, single or en snlta. at Ifil Kan Fifteenth street Ne boarders la tbo bona*. Highest reftranoM g.van and rwqnirsd. FURNI8HRT> ROOMS TO LEY?WITH GOOD BOARD. Call at 44 Market street. FDRNISIIRD PARf/OR AND BBDBOOM. ON THIRD floar: also a single Room ea sea nd f.oor to let. with Board, lu an American family, at Mu. 44 West WasJMagton p aoe. Dinner at one e clack. YTHTRNISHBD ROOMS TO LET-IN THE VICINITY f of Washlnfton ?|usre; two roon.s, with new furniture, bedd nr. An.: for geoUamea only. Addreaa H., box S,iai Sew York Pest odi e. FURNISHED ROOM TO LET-TO SINGLE GENTLE, men; also, an unfurnished Boost. Apptg at U Hon roe .treet, near Catbar ne. FOR a PHYSICIAN?A VERY DESIRABLE PUB nlshed front Tailor, Ic a small family, <a reasonaelv terrua; water, gas. Ac., tn houae. Inquire at 96 St. Mark's plaor, Eighth street. ARLEM.?L'NPURNIAHED BOOM AND PANTRIES. with Board, wanted bv a nntii-nisa aad wifat esst aide, near 12tMh street ; Th'rd avem-e preferrad. Ad dress, with leeatlen and trims wnieb teuat be good and derate,| modefaie, M 8. atntlnn 0, aad reoeiva prompt attention and beat of reference*. Hoboxrn-a private family, occupying a fira' clast bouM. wltbla tan miuutea' walk of the ferry, wculrt hkr one r two t*m ? ram or gentlemaa and wife to Board wrb tl.rm. Apply at fO7 Bio mfield street HOBOKEN?PURNISHKD ROOMS TO LET. FOR'r gabt.e.uen at M rieoond stroat, ooruar of Hud aos. N *0. jf' UNION SQl'ARB?PURNISHKD BOOMS TO rent, with Boxrd. PP.U.SONS DF.b'RING HANDSOMELY FURNISHED t,'s 't email Rooms, can bare the tatae la a first uta-a pr'v* e I a ml ir, by applvlug at t> West )3th vtraat. between Vlith ar i Siitb even tea IN SUITS, HANDBOMBLT FURNTSHRO. ,1 A'.si sill 1* Rooms, to let to gentleman, with ut hoird. In the coavculcntiy loaat-sd hoi^a 2t West Kteveatb street, aea.- Broadway. IIOOM TO I KT.-A WF.LL FUHN18HED SF.COND L atorv fron' Room wi ba let. to a 'ady qad gentlemua. Bc.arl for '.be lady aud partial Nutrd for t e qeotlrman If rr ,i;ired; good nelghln>-b>atl. Apply at 77 Waat Rtne tecuin St.cet. UT. JOHN'S PARR. M 'v A RICK 8t2eBT ?TO LET. ? tobfaaltv, furhtsbisl ftaim. tt(Uh first clasq Board, a Hail Ro rn tor a geutlauao. and day Board given. CINULS OKNTLKM8N OK GSNfLEMBN AND THRIR t r i.e. cau '<e r cum medals J with finely ftrnlshv i Koo t.e ?n?1 Hoard n a urotral i> cation, within una block of Brtvtvay. Add raw W.. box Jit Ii> raid e.tlae. TWO OK Til HICK OKNTrRMRN CAN BF tOi"< MVO. dated w.tb Boaid aad can! itorms, ta aa Amei.uan family, reddltu at IU Grau.) street, east of and roar Brnad way A few day i<?j-dera will also be taken. TWO LARGR ROOMS TO LET. WWII BOARD, AT tin. U Hammond auert; t labls for gautlem.T and w. ma or *.W') *iig!e (entlrrrea; the house baa all modern Imp-ovemanl*. and it coateuieu' lu both oara a'.d Wmree. ?ro UR?'WITH BOARD. 4 NEATLY FURNISHED 1 Uoa u. tu.tabJ* for tv?o A.itrl? gSHUcvsou or a cwntle evte and wife. Rs'sartoeaa af tennfud. Apply at (a Mas 4* ijfO< at-wet. . TO Llf?TO SINGLE GENTUtffRN. TWO FINE ''arfprs. no first sr, atao Parlart with Redroo-ns, on nerval ac l tb rd Il-v>r? all NanrtsnreGy lurrtaeal. with, st 3) i a?t !">> rteenrli street, near rtfth ??es'ii. ft* r.c . jj'.ea aad rer.uire.1. rpo Lkf?AT M BUI IWRNTY FIFTH STREET. OvR I large *t>jare fto-ir- with Lad -iwtn attachod if required: aaao Had poors ran third too*, wttb Board. House baa 0)1 mud" t vmprWVMMMt. rLRT -AtUT OF PARLORS. OR S1HOLR PARTjyR uBfttrnlat'ed, with or wttboat Beard, ta gant eivuvn 'only r irat cilawe with naodern Imp-wverneai* T ar n* raawonabie Apply at tft East Thirty third tte'rt rpo LET-LARGE AND SMALL. 0D0Ta AWT ROOMS, newly and banrtaemely f-wntebed, with etcedent Beerd or without it. to sale miteaiu. Apply M IA Bond ViiY PLMASA^T ifKtfi M r.PT-tr MM Totrte von at rent, to slagta gsnMataeo ar reattaiuea and Direr w-.taa, with ev wttb oat Board, forwnmed or aafar W ANTED- ?r A WIDOW LA?r, A PLEANXNT Uf ferti'abcd Room with Hoard, tn a SAcI-; f pr!?* i* family lit *r>* klya nsar the Ifalghta; a plaaaant h wn? tea ahta'se-iuirwmeat. Baal af refer to eaa. A it drat W. B.. Srooklya Fsstadbw. WAMTRD^III .A. PEfVATR FALII.T, _F"I,T. OR ,, partial ll'verd, far a atrgta'grwt *m*n the enmatv af Udlaa t rafarTsd Wuntd atar prefer Iba hnns* of a wtdaw lartr. tba emr farts of a bawve. Na boarding honor need anawar. lareaAlsn above Biaaokar street, between Seaeid aad S#w*rit* evaava*. For goad aocwmwrtatiaaaa libami pr as would Befte-eaiw awabangaC Addvaaa m. 4 H., Hera;4 < ANTED?WtK A OEITfJIM^N AND WIFB. TWO TV aaatl* Furetehad ftaewta vm tb* prlvHoga of bite) ea. IB the saatral part m the wqy. Addraae immedtetatg W 0., Bead lM'? ?1 1 PRE WSBK FOR A PRBTTT FURNIBMPD Vi a tut Faster. ? tb* trot fiaer, With full beard, t* a rewetemae and wtf# ala* aa* far $11 and war far BA Ap ply at let* Waal Twenty alt lb street, eaar Btghlb sveaea 28 ntebed freat aad tut Rasma ta lak wttb Drat Waat R.'drd, ta Maw* ganbamea or ta a (eabawaaa aad wtf a Irtaaar at 4 a dee* Itafsvaasaa siehaaged. WBifl TWULVTH BTRBRT PLEASANT FUR atebsd freat aad baeb Ream* ta 93 GARRNl UTRBRT. ABOVE SPRING BTRBRT. Ntewkatly Para lab ad Bate* at Bum*, ana, Oratab and evry canvseteaoe far beuaabniptag aoaaomlaaWy. bar* ll raapwubte f?mtMa* Rant law Itebteriy aetmbta Mr small j|<) WtVRRLYT PLAOR HAB BERN TAKBN BY A twee" of a hi?. _ flaw Ranm. tedy fr-sns 'ub*u.]*ea. A gaaMatnsa aw l wife, ar i lebaemeet* aad t*aregie gaattemaa. w ahtagtba rwbaemaau aad comfort* of a bouse, can 147 aat'irntebad t?iai. wtah foN ar partted Beard, to gaattamaa aad teafr wivea. ar ategl* geaMwiaea; laeauia aaaarpaasad baaaa with aM th* atedara b^nuatau aad eaa * sates t ta saaa aad alb|ea. | - ^s PP1N' R 8TRRRT ST. OLA I a ?Dr ft* -11 Jl WbHT PGURTM BTRMMV.-FURNTBIWID OB 1 ? )I) gsutly Par a tab e? Ban ma. wttb Redroeeaa aMaehed. with all th* ? anveneoad* faw hoaaekeaptaf nampleta, la ? etni*lag go* aad Oretwa Water, to tet la nap ialabla fimbtea ar aterie peat, am la 210 cAtd^r **mSksraafrrgss WAM. Ah mapbctaslb family woolu lui tctak* f*ur llulc ktrla. under 11, t? HaarA u< leash Yam* t> a week. li is a ?ar; feaa iky aad p a* aal I smiles ii a? >?? A. Ml. >a> MA D??Nn, Caaa. Board ix abtohia.-a family or two oa tnraa single g-atlamca aaa ba aeonmoa Misled with uiaaaant Ooomi aad Board h nppl. <a( At tba auraar si Beta aaa aad Wei lias atresia, Astoria. B| OARD WAN TBD?NT A LADT AMD TWO OBlk draa. lar three inoathe la a proata la th* mam try. aa tbejtar ot too Hudson n*er. out ever aa hour's rtdd from How Tort. Addrooa J. R. B., Herald oiAee, Mai too ler.i.a, Aa Board tr the country ? a frw fine rooms, alibceod Board, can bn assured to too aioaoooiir ai? oatad tariu bou-e of WILLIAM U. DIBBLRB. kirew harry Mill. Stamford. Ooao. CIOUNTRY BOARD.?KXi'H ANUS HOTRL AT / F.uighkaepMe. iao..tod aoaa by 'bo Madam. Airy Raama aod ral Hoard at mol'rtu tarato Kino views, yresaeS dries#. seating aod ftahing. far partioukara address j. Luck weed. Proprietor. CIOI'SYRT BOARD?ON TRR ? RIB RAH.ROAD, ID J orsageeoubty, m a Bret else* bo ma. baring opaala t* holla pam-ni aod rooiai. wa I ruralaaad. Locaren delight* Iol aad hratlhy. For particulars naulra at OODW1B A RARBR8 over lbs Tilbuue oiBoa fYOCNTRY BOARD?A HI* A NO COMMODIOUS' " ? bo ao at Ka-eaa ?, u|i m t ? Now York aod Harlan Ra road and near i'reion Hoar, '? now epcn lor hoarder*. R.-om* Inrg" and well furnished. R" armrn ev-atmsged.. At discs J. H Whithnk, Ks.oaah N. Y . or R. J. Rotllmoiaw beq., CIS Pulton etrnvt, or A. A Ourtia. lit, 7B Duene *C / TOO NTH Y HOARD.?A I.ADY, HtVIHO A L.AROR \J h .no-, daolraoly located ou iho Ha'1? Railroad. iaa nwnmmedstr a few boariinro, Situs'lm unsurpassed fn# health aod beauty of lo-at no. fniu. shade seal fine drives A ldrom Mra. L Balding. Dover Plains, Dutch aaaooaaly, N Y. CVOUNTRY BOARD-AT RTRAWBKRRY YALLKY, If, J i ; 31b frotn North Oranto deiml in a urwlr bnllt honea with n largo mtna on three anion, adjoining a farm. Vega laliloa, Tint' An Jo all n health v. ? one y beanliruL atnuli'a for thoan lratruit- to rastinio. A "plr at AS Amity ttre-L oa Wrdne-dny and Ttanrauar. (rota 101 k. tod F. M. Re.eienoes exchanged. COUNTRY ROARD AT CORNWALL.?Ff YE OR SIX iwraotiarao be accommodated with Hoard at a tirnJ rla-a farm b-mac, three mrn? front Corneal landing. Rooms targe ami alfv. health/ and t> en-autly lorated plea tyi I fni t. milk. vegetub em. la. f,.r pa iicu'ar- In ittire oil S. J. RUN YON. fin Dp* kirrt'. or a Mrea* ho 27 Canleit bur*. <irange count*. N Y Terms $7 for ado to and SB lea children and nuraeit, stabling for horara if desired. (YOUNTRY BOARD AT l'LAIN PI KLD, M. J.-A TRI J *al? lamllt. occupy)!.*- a ban la me gotta e la a bee tl. fni and h.nlili* location, onlh a own minute-' walk et tba depot, nam two Rooms to let together or separatolv, with t nt rliaa I'-'-arApply for parimlwr to l>. Di MACCAR. TV Ea<|., 12 P ae atoeet, S ORuf 31,1 ,, V'S Hontb a ro t orodiireoa box til* Past ntbco, P oinneld, N. J. Kef. erenoee io <u.ri d. / Klt'NTKY BOARD ON RTATRN INLAND FOR PAMf. " pea or o ngle geatitmien. II gueaot Hell, near Anna dale railroad depot. Ftae flahlng ait 1 Imthlng near. Ab-m-J one hour trnm tbe ell* TTonoa deilghtrull* a.mated rooms larg-; go,Ml. whole- - ? ??*'? - nud floe see air. App v to Mra. I IjWaKD, tans "ale traiaa onnuect w tb home loot ol Wh tehall Ntroei. at 7 aad ? A. M., aod 1, t and Of. b. B? turuo Bee tlmee dolly. / 1O0NTRY BOARD WARTKD?A BCSINRSS MAIS ' ) menu e largo <-o?l Room, in a go-id local on near ths water, aod not morn lhau oun bO'tr from I a Aator Houas, for htmae f aad tr fe Moat b-so aluiateI that he cas reai h the oil* holora A. M. and leave after 6 P. M. Private faniil* prelorrei. Prton no object. Audi aaa C. B. W, boa lit Herald ollcj CtOUNTRT BOARD W*BTED-FOR A I.ADY AND TWO ) entail children, within a moderate dlHanoe of tbo city. AAdrera Q. U. H., lleralu orbee. POUNTRY BOARD WtNTP.D?WITHIN BAST ACCRA0 \J of tbo (PtT, b* e femilr of four ado'te and one cnild, ea the Uedwin rt*er; th s aide uf bing -tog prelerrud. Ad? dreae Bruekkyntve, Herald otlioe, with full porttcalara aad lowaat Prat GOOD BOARD. WASHING, I RON I *0 AND KIND care glvea to children, who wltl atteml echool. for 82 fis per week. Kefereauae exebaugnd. Addrraa L. J. L, South Salem. N. Y. STATRN IHbA N D.-PARTIHS WISH I N<I FIRST 0LA3W Hour I and aei-ommndat oo< can be aocom nodated In s beautiful fami rtMldeatte. In ated at Weet 'eld. 8. I. Hon-a a i .au>d on elcrated grounA cmmandlng dne view ol thg Soadi and aurroundtug fl> intry. T roe Snc Urge airp Run - a. Good bahtng boating aal gnnala-; spleudlB drlrea; r- d eorcuiinodatloni for hnr ea Coininuntcailoo Willi New York by boat aad can; lime to New York. ))& boor; die aire rroru home to and'ng quarter of a mlMu Portna Dim' evr.iythlng oomfortahle and p e? ant will ho ?nttml with aboro. Wbntd Ilka to bare two or four boarder* f?'tbe year, with whom a liberal arrangement would l>W ma le. T-rmnglU. Adtlreaa for two days J. H. H? boa IBS Herald oOea. _ ANTRD-Ar OR WITHIN HALF A MILS OF AN* ?f lbs landings between New Brighton sad Clifton. R. I , Apartment* and Board f?r a gentlemen, w Is, and sew elcht yean old A genteel prlrate faml'y preferred. Hegg of referenoee gi?en aad required. Ad trees box i.9M Poak a'hee, or call at room Na 3, 64 William ttreat, for lhr?M duya. YORKVTLLR " BOARD?IN A PRITATR FAMILY ? fruit aad 'loweri. tar ns moderate 'oeantiful air: with ? In a ? h.irt dlrtanre of the rleer. Armly >t the House, eighty fourth street. U rd house east of Pirat arenas, sooth elda * ^ t cu,,,"-,* S;,'11 e,? * T?,_ T)3LNONT HALU _ . 1) Hchocley-e Mouetaln N. J.. Will be opened for rlsiton J una 1. a A. CROWWLI* Rbtfort pavilion. KEYPORT, N. J.-1S NOlT open for the reception of boar-lent. Splendid bathtang Bahtag. Ae Boat learea foot or Bar lar street at P. M. and kfurrar street at i P. M. Steamer D R. Martin learaM Proprietor. Mansion housb. long branch, n. j.-thim noted sea bathing hcn-c la now onett 11 can aceommow flat* six hundred rue-la. Per farther informsuoe apply tM 8. LAIRD. Proprietor. MOHP.OAN LAKR HOl'SF -PLEASANTLY SITD-. air J. four intlee east ef Peekakttl. la sow open far thW era-oe For further partlou'ar- eldrres M. A. Burdlak. Peer skill, Weatuhe-ter eoanty. New York. Mohboan lark-mount pleasant not flM. near PeekakUl. M bow open. Add re a Was. JestR Peek-kill. N. V. Mountain hottrr south orange, n. j.. rraw |,lewei|*n Park. -Th ede ighiTnt -ummer retort bar htg changed band* has been ihoro-tghl* r-novated and new ly fuialeoed: bath to erery room MI'iard aad howlinM rncr>.e; gnr>d -tab ng Will be ot>-n June t for receptloa of telct famille-. Tra n? !?*?? Bar-, a* (tr-el h* Ma- r's saw Re-ex Railroad almost hourly. 8. A TALIAPBRRO National hotrl long branch, v. j.. ir how open <>? the K-ripean plan: Rooms $1 to $3 per day 1 Mrele and all the delicacies ?f the season oMatnable at Ml bourn. RRMONP'8 HI-TEL AND PRRNOri RESTAURANT-" L-ng Branch. N. J., P. RKMONt), Proeiietor.?Th* aboie hotel w l| be onmed for the recept oa of vsllore o* hautrday, June 2.Y Tht- e-tab lthmeel wl'l be kepi as ftr-8 rlean A superior Frc aeh oo-vk he* been employed. P rtie* dertrtac private dinners can he accommodated with all Ito del wee a* ef tbe aeaaon R*er* effort wtU bamade te plaaOT all who win faror ug with patreoage. C2CSP HOTEL, O RURF HOTEL SIR F HOTP.L rtHX ISLAND, I- caw anon with eitoeslve Impr weiocnta. Oara barf Aaliw Jamc olipat 8 A. M and 3 S> P M. D. B R. RAM MIS, Proprietor. QUMMKR RFHORT.?V ANDRKLIP'S HOTRL MA*, tl cfaeeter, Vermoail.?Tbia oomo odlo_a and well known bete' la new oven for the hoc mmodatlou of rtgttora. Theea -cealegrettelry beard during tba anmmer months win flaw this <o?* or the stoM de Arable In New Rng and Reautlfal mo-intaln aoenerr. pl?a*enl driest end preiae ?a,lea aad reed trout Bahiag ore among te eltractlen*. H M YANdIkLIP Froprleter. OUMMRR RRNORYR.-THOMPSON'S ATLANTIC PL t* vllloa. Hlghiaaieof Nerar Ink, N J., Is now open fee the reretAlan ?i t,an* eat aad permanent hoar-lere. These wul ing to pet-eair.e th<e healthy seas de resort ean take thb steamboats Meta aad H*l?? from <be foot of Mn re* street iww e daily. THOMPSON, Propn*t.w. SRA N ? THING-CORGRRSS H?I.TS LONO BRANCH. New Jereer, is new epea for the eeaaao*. Peroeae w idling to *sg*gi Ream* will p-aage ad Or see Weoimai* Hi.Ac*, prapriaaer. BOTBIA A MEXICAN HOTRL BROADWAY AND KtOHTB akreci, Ne-g York, oa the K*repeat! plan. Reoma aw suits aad singly Op*o all night. Atlantic hgtf.l, oh at*am bouarr-nrw houae?Pine Fkrelahed RoS uv with Payaa'a patent spring feather beds, bp Mia day. week or mouth. Open day and aijjRt. X. BNBDRX, Proprietor. UNION rtiiUARR TiOTRL. (Vmurof riDc?ttb etieet aad Union sqaara, FonrtX a*aa?e side, New York A- J DaM. preprle-er The loea Uon or ihle koaee u owe of the mo?t pleasant la tbe elty. Flneeattaaf Rmwea heade-imely furnished for the aoeoin mnda'.lcn of tranatewt aa well a* permanent boardara Gear o*. te-Xeltfi Urn hotel la a Iret dam reatsurant. HITNBT HOUSB?RDtTTMK ART trDRNER ON Bread way and TweMUt street 'entrane en Twctfik street), ea tee Rueepeaa plan. for trea ?teet aa sell *a per wanent boardara Men's furnt.hed te arder Hy tbe Any ar walk, at tba Ttioe of the guest H <>-. ta agma all atgbt H. B. MEAD. WATCHI*. JKWKLRT, M. 4 Apr A NCR* MADS OV WaTCHP.H. DIaAONDN Jewelry. Dry Seeks aad Personal Property of every Aemrlnt ea. JD8KPU A. JACKSON, Broker and Cnmmly Maa Mernhaatill Oread street two doors want ot Bread way. OAlea hear* fro* t A. M be AS P. M. Ann. tr HTMAN H Km ?ROADWAY.'OORNRR <)? beak street, reore Ho. A, up rtolra, will be i?ld th* high aal 'ask rvlaa far Damasks, eel or aaset; Welshes and Surer War*, er ad ran age made oa tba aama, aod alas ox w AT MS-WATOEM, DIAMONDS. JBWBLRY, 8ILYRX plate. H??t Pleteia, *e Sought ?I will pay 70U ear seat mere thee ana be a stained at nay other plane ta hm .. J etty. M. X.? Alaa Pawnbrokers' Tlekeia wasted for th abo*a arita'ca. at the same rata. M Broadway, corner Maaeaea streea, ap ekaire. ream A GOUB AND SILYRR. 0Uonk.DmMm t'msoaa wba wiab la eed Dleenoada aid Oald. Sliver, ar' any klad ef eid faehlooad Jewelry ge to LOUIR ARRIi'lt. ID Broadway A yaeAtiva fart, ba para B par neat mor* than any eaher parena. XaUMiabad fn New Tori since tha admiaiawattoa of tbe late Mertla van Ruma. Make as ?tielake?TBI Bread war, seder the New York llmel. / 1 RRAT PRICRH PAID FDR DIAMOND*. JRWKI.RY \T and 8ae Isvgs I'eetla A Rrliilantof tueutr gra aa?? perlcvigeta far (ale Ifaera 9 nil 1U and Ttlll } cnh-. X. W, PLbltB, Diamond Nrvsar, kit Broadway,

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