Newspaper of The New York Herald, 30 Haziran 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 30 Haziran 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 10,149. NEW YORK, THURSDAY, JUNE 30, 1864. PRICE THREE CENTS. GRANT! The Left Wing in Possession of the Weldon Railroad. PETERSBURG STEADILY SHELLED. Sharp Engagement Between the Rebel and Union Batteries. Hancock Again In Command of the Second Corps. ' Reinforoement of Rebel Troops in Petersburg. Ntrrow Escape of the Rebel Generals Bragg and Ewe 11. The Rebel Attach on the Second Corps. Interesting Account of the Whole Affair. ?OW WE LOST THB GUNS AND PRISONERS. Che Brilliant Achievements of Hancock and His Corps, THE HERALD'S DESPATCHES. THE SECOND CORPS. ?r. Vtaltjr A.d.rion'i Dtipatth. OiW Niua ParBFOBCM, June tl?Erasing. nCKBT BHOOTl.a SCmniD, Bnrteg the Test two day. there bee been an unusual ?title ee. prevailing le our front. Upon the oeeaatlon of SH uautl picket firing yeaterdey It wee aacertalned that Oe aoldtera oceupylog the advanced pt< ket porta on atther aide had entered Into an agreement "not teahoot Mm another," and that a the reaeon why everything to this vicinity haa been eo very quiet. Itwannlaoan ?ertatned, however, that thte convenient arrangement wan abused by too free a commingling or the picketa, end famequcotly General Blrney directed that, while the or Mfinary picket Artng ehould he nllewed to oeane, there he no communication between the opponing pickets. with the exception or an occasional shot, there been no firing in front of the Second corp. for the two days. LP raws nan unr rm nu n?w. IBs rebels have pitched their tents In fan view of oar ?eel advanced postUou on the line. It Is snld that ^ , Meet teats heloac to Bill's and Longetreot's oorpe, of Lee's army, and that Lee Is operating on oar left, while n??a i ssgsrd hwlds the town. Movma-M SHSiiis -isms A Berne die positions were suds la the Second eorps to h| to sntlelpate the operation^ of the loamy. Gtbboo's ?vision participated la a atevement for the perfect pre ' toot too of oar flank. Our troops along the established Nbm have pat up their abetter tenia, srblch In the night Moid then? front the daapnese, and tn the dap from 1 tha scorching saa. The few daps of rest which thsp base bad has dona Utem a great deal of good. rumina or oolosel pclfoed. Lieutenant Colonal Pulford, of the Fifth Michigan regi ment, returned to-day and reportad for active datp. Ha |ss been absent on account of wonnds rocelved tn battle. 1 FWst bo was wonnded at Mslvsrn HIP, where be was Shock in the head hp a spent cannon hall, tha shock of whlah rendered him Insensible. Be was taken a prisoner to Ricbm nd, and returned 10 Detroit, after the tape* of sis weeks, beiag all tha time ctt<rly naeonseloua of Ma Im ' prtsooraent. Ha waa wounded again at Fredericksburg and Gettysburg, aad last in tha battle of tha Wilderness, where It was supposed he waa mortallp wounded; for the ftkgell passed In nt hie neck, and, going through lb# body, V^SaoM oat In tbe shoulder. But he nae completely recov I wad, aad has oaua to rejoin bis command. A delightful shower of rets this evening has cooled the smsespbers, laid the daat on the ground and greatlp'coa Srtboted to the comfort and benefit of the troop-. ?anmiL haxootw mam r> mtmaiiDov ma torus ? tea ?-mw 12 * Geoeral Hancock rseemed oetamaad of hla corps this fpsa og. His wound having oloaad, ha Is raadp again foi estiva eervtc* in the d#M. Gas. Btrnep, who hae bad temporary command af the oorpa, returns to the com * of his awn division. IKS FIFTH COHF8. L. A. Handrlek's DuptMh. li? aoure wTKaa. Kimi AnuT ("oars, ) ' * Bvvoss, June 'id?10 P. M. J Moth lug ta report to-day except that while the tail In (gating eontlnuea the beat and depth of dust increases, paw aitarnoon wa looked for a good rata storm, this bstog lbs thirty-first dap without rain; but after a good deal of fust of wiad aad mattering of thunder there wee est re.ti enough to lap the duet, t tustMum. t I send with thin d Hot of casualtlee for the past two lapa, oconrrlng from sbalilng end ski m:thing, aod aa I lava bs'ors had occasion ts remark, ii i constant plckat gMtrlnu and interchange of artillery ia a. ag ? steady aud destructive effbot on oar men. " W APtimovii or vwtm m tux wtth ooww ' iwvi1 Tboehsld, ti, ?7th NY, teg, severelp;JnsOwrw, In Tib ra, thigh, neverblf; Pirn Lieut John HWilltsmf, lith it. ali'lamau, severaly; J o ^uinvto, h, :n?ih w, 'eg, a l? brtv. llemp lord, C, nHtb Pa, arm, sligbt . tp; John "rtiregpr, 0, 2d N Y art, hip, ell, ht'p Oot eib ' toker, F, I law J S, neclt, slightly Joshua Hnwkini.B, (no la, wi'iet, aevereip. David Pooem. !, iSTth la, shottldrr. savrrMf; Arthur H - pr ut. P. KWtn tUea. heed, ^severely; A W t ney, I, Pith NY, thigh, an. btly, M ?, G, Mth Uf T. MM, aityhtly; Henry Hho . rH, (*<?>' I'a. died: Jo. > J Hump, K. Mth N Y, back, aiightly; Mor r l. <i, ddth N Y, heed, eaeorslp. Her. ad Lieut gtwol Pimm, F, Mth Pennsylvania died ; Ktrst , Uaeien-xnt O H Van l?uaeo, a, U7th N i\ leg, slightly: L R M. huep, B, IS th Pa, dead, Sergi ratrlck haily, 1?, sua N Y, foOt. HIgbAty, owp Parson Mlllor, B SRih Pa, leg allghtip Jea U tClarb. F. (Sib Pa, fare, slightly, Sochi gaaahen, 1,80th Mine, thigh,severely; Pnuwaen flrsgg, IHh Pa, seek, wjghUy; Freak Higgm,, Qt tigtpa, fast, severely; WW? Beaut, I 11th Pa, migb. slightly a iteee, g, 107tb Pa.anhK severely L Bmnrnsre, B,#7ih Y, ahouidar, awvaretg; Philip king, E, 07th A V. lag severely, Jamas Bey ?r?,B, Mth Pa, arm, sever*Ir' Oorp h Ward, It, Mth N Y, log, "everalp, Barm* Amou, g Mth N Y, dead; P (Mian. G, Nth M Y\ biek, aevereip e geary Pmitb, A,M?a I!a, teg, severely; Rdtlly Witt, H, . gsth N Y, eh-mlder. Mv trelp, Joonb Shueier, K, Mth pa, luce, eMghtip. hergt R W. K, Mtb Pa, shoulder, slightly; ICS tXtatney, R, llWth N Y, leg, severely; Jan J Bower, g, tlih Pe, flnger^.tligailF; Pargl H A I ana. P, Mth Mass, aHnnider, aeveretyj Cora Jaka Rwtog.D, fbgl Pa, arm, aiightly; Joe HaAmold, 1 fid ra, arm, severely, Sergi iBadtm lievlne, OyAI ra. he.d. aevereip; Jea MedeMeo, M. Mtlile ermjwt'erety. J O He?eea. K, dTih M Y, Ohlgb, aiightly, Wm Doty, ti, let Pa, sbdamea, severely; ?eorge Nolo H. 2d I'a, arm, severely; First , gergl Jamas CMk. id Pa, hip, eligMty; ' I if Hlllett, K, S4th N V, th'oeu. Myerelp; W R R<uiera, ?, SOth Ta, thorag. SltgStlv >m J rdnionde, P.Mth Pa, Mr ee. eeverelp; lodin He' ' i IW.arm, eeveroiy ; . 'nr. ?t John rv>noity, K 0 '? arm. severely; Own Rd. wiaRBovrle, |l M'<i Be, ee, eaverely, (Wpt V R erkbsrt. H 2d Pa, m<" wen, ellgbtly s Albert Meat It, STih W Y, rwa, sflppay; Orp JO^ M PhttnBer, ?, .Wih Mess, ihlgh, ei 'ktly; Mrit ''udolpb M HraetT, , %\ Psl sBaeMSr. sightly; Bergs Oliver ?lraieh. 1,104th N Y, hip slightly: Austin Gill, F, 18th Hw, Me, slightly; Chas Bamotrg, H, ?7tb N ?, tiBser. slightly; Capt Ed A bi-eur, D, 3otb Mass thorax, aiigliliy. Jno K Puller, E, 89t'i Mass, thigh, severely David Brier, P, 97th N Y, tblgb severe y; Cleric Rosecrau* 107th Ps, snn,severely; Cerp Robt Bosl wich.D, 2d Ps, thigh, slightly ; Geo \r Lseti, A, 3d Ps; arm, severely; Jno Sepper, I), 90lh Ps, foot, slightly; Henry Rich, 1,107lh Pa, neck, severely; Win Hatler. 0, 1st Pa, srm, severely; Corp John H Good, K, 90tb Ps, srm, severely; Green Ferryman, K, 04th NY, leg, se verely; Second Lieut Ed Greenfield, B, 1st Ps, abdomen, severely; Jlo Kelly, H, 1071b Ps, leg,severely; E Ste vens, C, 1st I's, leu, severely; A Mstpey, F, 97lh NY, hip, slightly; B Oakes, A, 07 tb NY, back, sllgbtly, A n Huston, I, 3d Pennsylvania, Milgb, slightly; Isaac Cornelius, A, 2d Pennsylvania tborax. slightly; TR 8 Marrow, D, 12th Mass. face, slightly; P D Adams, 1,12th Mass, (hoe, slightly; W H Nsson, H, lfilh Maine, shoulder, sevsrely; W M Wilcox, G, 11th Pa, hand, se verely ; P W Bradley, R, 87th N Y. toe, slightly ; John Wluslow, G, Itkh Me, arm, severely; A Hornbimer, A, 104ill N Y, foul, sllgbtly; Geo S Karar, E, 38th Maaa, knee, severely; Corp Garralt B Davis, B, 2d Ps, died; Corp Theo Zlmmer, F, 07th N Y, thigh, severely; Corp Ja* Lewis, C, 97tb S Y, thorax, aoverely; Corp James C Llbbey K, 30th Mass, Anger, slightly; t-ergt J J Ran dolpb, C, 12th Mass, arm, severely; Jos Whiteiy, G,97tb NY, kuoe, severely ; B Watros, E, 97th NY.foot, severely; Ifi N Howard, 1,1st Ps, leg, slightly: Wm McKlsstelc, D, 11th Pa., thigh, slightly ; Henry F. Smith. E, 12th Mas*, bead, slightly; Peter Dents, It. 11th Ps, back, slightly; Wm J Flniew, K, 8dth Ps, shoulder, sllgtitly; Corp A Ijs throp, G, 107th Pa, ankle, slightiv; ( apt I< P Ward, 1,1st Pa, thorax, slightly; Robt McClellen, H, 07th N Y, bead, severely ; Corp P B Roath, E, 107th Pa, shoulder, slightly; Corp Lewis Champney, H. 12th Mass, abdomen, slightly , Corp F M Roberts, 1), 97th NY, arm, severely; USpooner, D, IStb Mass, face, slightly: Corp Jno Ronald, A, 07tb N Y, leg, severely; Corp Patrick.Hovooven, G, 97th N Y, shoulder, severely: Serp J .1 Allison, B, 39th Mass, thigh, severely; Corp Jos Weaver, I. 2d Ps, arm, slightly; Orloo Wilson, E, 13lb Mass, shoulder, slightly ; 1-evi Penny, A, 94th N Y, eh iulder, slightly. Wm H Bartoll, K, 12th Mass, shoulder, severely; P Warren, II, 97th N Y, tbtgh, severely F P Morton, 2d Pa, thigh,Slightly; J J Blealcr, E, 13th Mass, hip, slightly THE HIAiTH CORPS. James C. Fltzpatrtck'e Despatches. Nimu auky CoSi'r, Bnou Pk-tckswkg, V?.,\ ?' " " J Jiine 26?Noon. The position of affairs on our front has undergone no very material change within the past lew days. Both sides oonfront each other with heavy lines of breast works, well supplied with artillery. The intermediate space la occupied by tbo pickets in their little pits, which bold from one to a dozen soldiers, wbose sole aim, object and ambition for the time being are the obtaining of a shot at a vit-a-vii in the pits opposite. To effect tbis tbey resort to all manner of devices. One watches with bis rilie aimed at tbe rebels while a comrade draws Are by showing his hat or a part of his cluthiug. Iho "reb" Ares; but simultaneously with tbe shot comess discbarge aud a bullet from an unexpected quarter. INDIAN STRATEGY. A very curious piece ol strategy which took place the I other day thrws that tbe wonders of Cooper's Indian I heroes have not cowed, one of tbe Fonrtoentb New York I artillery?a Seueca Indian, I believe, from the Western part of tbo State?undertook on a wager to bring In alive a rebel sharpshooter, who was perched In a tree in front , of our Hne, considerably In advance of his own. His I manner of accomplishing this was as ingenious as suo cessfui, and rivals the ''deviltry" of any of Iho Leather stocking redskins. Procuring a quantity of pine boughs, he enveloped himself with them from bead to foot, at tuching them securely to a branch, which he lashed lengthwise of his body. When completed, be was Indistinguishable to a casual observer from tbe surround log foliage, and resembled a tree as closely as it was possible for his really artistic efforts to render him. Ibus prepared, and with masket In band, concealed like wise, be stole by almost imperespUble movements to be neath tbe tree where the sharpshooter was lodged. Here he patiently waited until bis prey bad emptied his piece at one of our meo, whoa be suddenly brought his musket to bear upon tbo "ret^" giving him no time to reload. Tbe sharpshooter was taken at a disadvantage. To tbe demand to oome down he readily assented, when the In dian triumphantly marched him a prisoner Into camp and won his wager. trp and now*. IMe struggle for the upper bend between the pickets ia meat amusing, despite Its ofttlme sanguinary character. If our hoys have the "rebsH under subjection they, of oouree, strive to keep thorn so. Some cbauoe la the gems ban given ih?m ?>?? ?* low." Hence, while they can look oyer the breastwork* with Impunity, no rebel dare show his head. Some turn la the wheel of chance, or perhaps a vigorous ?helling from the rebel batteries, drives them to cover again, when up spring tbe rebels and resume the mastery. Our batte ries now shell the rebel*, compelling them to "duck," when the vigilant ''Yank" Is np again and the "rah" is down. 80 the struggle goes on from hoar to hoar and day to day. cirram M'anwu wonrosn. Chptaln McKlbboe, of General Potter's staff, while In specting the lines lest Wednesday, was shot by a sharp shooter, tbe ball passing through the lower part of his f*oe, Inflicting a most painful, but wa sincerely hope not a dangerous, wound. I would have recorded the fact be fore, bnt on learning that Captain McKibben was wounded supposed that reference was bad to an officer of General T.edlie'e staff or tbe some name, who had been wounded a few days previously. It Is a singular coincidence that two staff officers of the same name and same corps should have been wounded, and In the face In both mstnncea Captain MrKlbbon gradnated at tbe Now York free Academy, and on the breaking out of tbe war changed from the Seventh regiment National Guard to the Fifty first Yclunteers, wttb whloh be served until after tbe battle of Newborn. He rose to the rank of papain, served as std-de camp on tfaa ataff of General Yerrero until be was appointed assistant adjutant gene ral of volunteers by tbe President, when* be was as signed to th# Second division of the Ninth oorps. He bas served with this division ever since. Cool and courareuns, he v as an Invaluable aid upon tbe battle field. Tbe atmy does not contain an officer more gal Innt?-and I use the term In Its fun asm#-?than Captain ?cKtbbea. We all wish blm a speedy recovery from his severe bnt honorab'e wound. aavuw os ths coiorto moors. This afternoon Genera! Burnslde reviewed the colored division of General Perrero. Tbe troops want through ths evolution* In a most creditable manner and evlaoed a high degree of discipline. Tbetr marching was particu larly noticeable for Its regularity and precision. General Bnmslde, nfter the review, visited the boept ta's and went through the dlffhrant wards, hsatowlng s cheering word at be passed along to the wounded heroes who have delighted to bleed under his leadership. Nivm Akmt ('oars, Basons rsrawmnm, Va., > June 29?A. M. ) ma onb sraoasB-rorvosns nrsx nam Tha mnalo of ths liege Is bow enlivened by ths mors ?eiioroua votoea or some hoadi ad-pounaers, which were put In peettlou yasterdey. Ho far they have beea fired hut eeldom, and that with tbe object of obtaining range and elevation. Last night they burst a shell over the e>ty every fifteen minutes, with' the Intention, no doubt, of disturb ng tha alumbers of the garrison of Potarsburg. an aariu.NBY rs? inssv. You may form an idea of the lively nature of the artlt lery tiring from the following incident. During the gale which accompanied the rain a large number of tree* were blown down. On eiaminatioii it was observed that ?sob one had been perforated, or honeycombed, by shot and shall. Bancs their foe Me resistance Is ths fores of ths wind. QTTST a?r> root,. With the eiosption of a datu'lovy cannonade II Is unlet this morn lag. We are sfooylng some dellolouaiy eosi weather this mining, than ha u ? rein storm yes terday sftsrsosa and leal evening. WOOJI USD l.lsutensM RMdsll, Second New York rifles, wag ?1# Mly wooaisi oa the skirmish line yesterday. rac Kimmirri curt ?fir. daks A. Brady's Oespatshes. ?Sao?oesTm. Kissrsnns gant Ce?rg,1 la tub Yrat.p, June flfi? Mtdatghl | J far ths last film days aething St mores*! has parted ths mossumsM a tot* of Ullage in SsMtenos as say froat. Ptsfeet firing eeettaaes, of course, oacastoaally tarmtaat ?ag In a general dtetbnvgt along oar whole Una of but* At I'mot the ariBety Joiaa la ibe fight, nod, after lbs discharge sf a fow sheila fmm Parrotta, brass pieese sad mortars, ilieuae agaia retgas ssgrsme. ?muM rarssstsau. Ths SBly sxrtptlmr IS ibis stale sf things Is tbe regular five mianteadterhargMBf a tMMy-poHMer Psrrott. whose demoralising content* ifoplde, with whSIWMet we know not in the street* of hatm*uered Pelarfibars, The rebel THE REBEL ATTACK ON THE SECOND CORPS. The Fight oil Wednesday, June 22, When the Second Corps was Flanked. r t> /L^nr . \ \ ^ * CHA1BL3 S-^W \ cneVys*'^^ {ADVANCES f ? papers bar* spoken In terms of merriment of the appear ance of these destructive missiles; hut It la exceed in ply probable that tbeir tone has by this time chanted, and will probably be still farther chanced, aa our gunners have now a perfect range, and the ojienlng or our splen did and numerous guns, when they commence a bom bardment, will prove to be anything bat e subject of mirth. ni?THWORM cover our entire front, no as to render It utterly Impossi ble for the rebels, by massing troops on our front, to carry our lines. The scientific skill of Copt. Farqnhar baa rov ered our advance with n line of eerthworka Impregnable to any attack, and even our field batteries are enabled te advance almost to the extreme front. Lieutenant Reecher ban run bis battery almost up to the rebel Use, and the bnl'ats of the sharpshooter* are constantly striking lbs parapet that prelects his guns; but be has been enabled to bold his position and Inflict serious damage on the enemy. For the 'sot tbrca dare be haa been occasionally dropping bis (bails Into the city, and In llkay before loss te make himself as disagreeable te our misguided brethren of the fioutb In the Aeld as bla father baa al ready done Is the pulpit. mr eMail ocmre, The services of the signal corps at preaeet are eureme ly arduous. The constant fluttering of flags by day and the waving of torches by nigbt are toe monotonous a labor te continue day and night without exhausting nil en gaged. Lieutenant Theodore V. Patterson, chief algnal officer of Uecorps, bea made bla arrangements te ad , mlrably that the slightest movement of the enemy on any pert of the front of this rerpa w communicated te General Smith witu remarkable rapidity. Toarccm pllab this It baa become nereasary is aetabitab every algnal ninttso of the corps under fire of tbe enemy , but k far no casualties have occurred, and tba rebels have be come tired of shelling and ahootlng at them. w<mwi*e rinwan. ft la atwaya ensy when a working party haa been sent to the front to make eome alterations and Improvements on our woiks to discover tbe fact by the sodden volleys of musketry that startls the soldier* from their heda at midnight. As noon as s party Is discovered working tbe rebels open on Ibem without hesitation. vr:a nssxi. womu on ma ram*. The rebel worie that lie between tntn corpe and Peters burg hardly deserve a mora alevated title than rifle pile fntrenebmenta la almost ton largo a name to apply to I he piled op earth tbey have been enabled to place before them so tbe level country tbey sow occupy. Only one elevation of gronad now remetaa In IbeW pnesaeelmt, aid that la far enengb to the Ml of General Smith's com ?and to enable tbe letter in mercb ever every wen tbey bold lete tbe alty were It net for their numereae better is* end lotrearhmeata that Mne tbe belgbm en tbe appetite aide ef tbe Appomattox, which aetlrely ennmsnd the ally. When Beldy flmtlb carried tbe works defending Petersburg nothing remained between bim end tbe elty, and has he then hnd sufficient troops at k? son mead he weald have had IttUe or no diAcolty In ee ?spying the elty nod carrying the works that nanuses A ad It en Ue earth tide of the Appomattox. He view ef Ue elty ef Pelesabasg from the heights *e cnplsd by General flesliK In probe My see ef the Unset te theSrmU. The hills M the rear ef Mi poeiUcn toner seventyflv* feet shave the level anno try that admtrbee an Us right without a stogie obstruction to the Ihiite ef the oily, three gnnriere ef this Intel doeef mnhpbwele hi ear pssmhikm, hot so admirably em ear bnpi sou seeled that ana might stand and view the gronad from the bGltepe for heart ingeUer wnbent dtse- Too eg any thing that scold crsate the aUghlant euaptelen that ee army wee before bun, Rvery gaily, even einmpo ef Irran or busbae, and every passible fresh ef nature, are tab on advening* ef. The sudden discharge ef ? rifle, howevor, chasten the whole aprroranee ef agbirs; both atdse tmmrdiataly awake from their ?poorest letkergy, and th* ran .it v>ls?s of wuehstrv, the thnndar of tbo artillery, and tbe volume* of ar-oke that mark the line of either army, change wnat but a moment bafor# waa a peaceful landscape Into "auch as may not find Comparison on earth." three evidences of the presence of war?the aoddon starting into existence of ao many grim warriors?bring forcibly to mind the lines or Scott:? And ever* bracken bush gave life To plaided warrior armed for strife ?rangy. Tbe rebel* bave always made it a point to evince a pecnltar reepect for the Sabbath. It perhaps seemed necessary to their leaders to bolster up a bad cause with all tbe outward observance* of religion. Thoroughly ao quite lad with this lect by experience, we always feel per fectly satisfied bore that there will be oo action oo that day, ualasa it becomes necessary for us to lsaugurate proceeding*. To-day ban been oo rxoepthm to (be gen* ral rule. Picket firing lb roughen t tbe day almost ra in-sly ceased, and the silence was osly broken by tbe five minntes discharge of our tbirty-pounder. ansmtraaa arc constantly smvlng within our lines. Ooe came in this morning free* Hoke's division, ssd another reached us to sight. Prom the stories of these deserters it sp pears tbst Hill Isat Richmond with his corps, Kwell in front of the line ef works drawn around Roller, while Longetreet sad tha Third corps of tbe rebel army have reinforced Beauregard within tbe laat two days. Ibey etate that the ftrlag of our artillery Is remarkably accu rata, and great astonishment Is caused ko lb* rebel army by lb* unasnal number of their men killed by our shells Tha greater part of tbo deserters arriving over to u* are from Georgia and .-tooth Carolina regiments. Corn meal aad bacon are issued without allot, sad occasionally coffee end fljur. Htiiiji nim. Eiowiganm Asar rosea, 1 Is tea Knrt.o, June 37,1864. J tss mrssm This morning opened with ever* ladtcaMoa of a quiet day along the lines. Tbers seemed to be a tacit under ?landing between tbe tklrtnfsb lines on tbs front of tha rorfw not to lire ee each other; and la fact throughout tbe whoa day Ihle implied agreement waa religiously oh served, save wbeo e motnled offlrtr or ordtrly prsreeted too lomptlng a mark td be resitted. Through the ?any part ef the meralng oe sound breka tha moootouooa silence,[esoepr.lhe thirty pounder Psrrott shells that regu larly every flee mloutee speed oo their miesion of do atructina to the city. fo regular has this flrlagbeee car ried out thai the gua esscuttag It haa race I ted the same of the Potaraburg Kxpraaa. tea aamanaa rsuow, About eleven ? dock lb* rebels, tired ef wltneeelng thaae dlechargaa, sodoeniy opened oa this battery with their heavy gaaa oa the other tide of tbe Appomattox. The firM shell fired attack tha parapat of our battery. Tba rebels, however, had |>alcalatad without their boat. Tha heavy thtrtlaa were Immediately turned upon it, end ?owall, Rages aad James epeaed, foiiuwed la a fbw annates by fiShly with hla twaaiy ponadm la tha wkdet fif the firing Baactowr eemsneneed a furlooe ?helling ef the any with hla taa-poaadar Psrrott, st sheet eesfO, stepping only oc aaionelly to pear abowara of eaaa shot late lie robai ek'rmieh pita, la aveaga the per pet eel pew lag ef muakel halls threagh the amhra ?urea ef bin battery. nm mmav ?n an ceo. After many recede ?r smmoaiiMo had haea apart the ?nenay waa eflMtually silenced rar tha Uasa haiag, aad quiet agala reigaad aapraas. siunun at aaasm raonea iwto isi?ana Cloud* ef duet were observed rising from the Peters burg and Richmond turnpike, giving lacoetroverllble proof af lbs movement of rabel troops into U>a farmer wtajp. A train of cars waa eaa obaervad to be Id a state of considerable anllvliy. ran ?? nun re axsasii tsna-rws was*. Geaeral Bt<tl?* aad stag vtailed the headquarters of ?aV r Uaaeral Smith to da* aad r? waits# afiveraJ hours. 1 Geaeral Batter enjoyed the opportunity, for tbe first time, ot thoroughly examining the rebel works oarrled by tbe klghtoeotb corps. Ho bad a Fog conference with Gene rat Smith, and aet out on hia return jnat aa tbe Drat abower we have bad for a month come to modify the woaderfully bot and duRty weather which we bare been aoouatomed to. At one time tbla morning tbe thermome ter stood one hundred and tre in tbe shade. HroDooiKTnar, EiowitrwiH Abut Com*, T la ibb Kibld, June 28?Daybreak. > A VA1MB ALARM. Tbla morning, at a boat one o'clock, a courier from the river reported that the rebate were crossing, and bad driven In our pickets. Tbe cor pa was instantly under arms, the guns double ehotted, and everything prepared to give the rebela|a reception that would have made man y desolate bomes in tbe confederacy. Thai report, howoyer, proved untrue, and tbe men were again dismissed to their slumbers. AFFAIRS OH THE APPOMATTOX. Mm. Cliarlrs H. Haw nam's Despatch. A rroMATTOX JUvin, On- Pom Walthall, I June 20, 1184. $ TBI SITUATION. The United'Stetee gunboat Ootnmodore Perry, Captain Amos P. Foster commanding, Is tbo advance guard of tbo gunboats on tbo Appomattox river. She has occupied tbe same honorable position since ber arrival. Tbe place wbero we now lie at anchor in in tbe right branch of tbe Appomattox, about oue hundred yards below l'ort Wal thall. A few turns of her wheels and we should be under the Are or the rebel Fort Ciit ton. The rebel pickets are in their pits, shout tbree quarters of a mile away, to our rigbt. The battery of light guns with which tboy throw ?bells into General Uutler'B lines is about one mile and a half away. TUB riiRHT'S SHRVKWB. Since tbe bursting of ber heavy gun na Bring has been dona by either the Perry or any other guuboat on this river. General Grant's forces are cloaiog around the rebel lines, and tboy have but little lime end less incli nation to draw the fire of our gunboats. Tbo Perry lies now another gun mounted, similar in size to oue wbicb hurst on the 17th inet. LlIX ABOARD is now very monotonous. Occasionally a shell whistles through tbe air, and a cloud of duet tolls where It baa ?truck. Capi. Foster la-1 night received information that the rebels bod got pnttession of a dugout, and intended to come down nrtor dark and endeavor to seize bis ve*sel. Proper precautions were taken to preveut anything of tbo kind, and tbe ntgbt passed over In quiet This morulng the men were all mustered aft, and, in accordance with the regulations of tbe Navy Department, Captain Foster read tbe Articles of War. Tbe men presented a line, sailorlike appearance, and their admirable stale of efficiency and discipline reflects tbe greatest credit on Captain Foster and tbe other offi cers on board tbo Perry. TOR WALTHALL was at one time the great distribntlng depot for coal. A ?ingle line of rails ran down to the river. There are now about balf a dozen dilapidated and ruined bouses. Tbe piers where coal vessels were loadud are wormeaten and fast falling to decay. Tbo rails have long since disap peered, and the bouses or* inhabited by a Tew colored people who are now employed doing washing for our sol diers. BKRMIDA HIKDRED. Mr. Wm. H. Marrlam'a Deepest*la. Gknbnal Bcri.aa's Hrackjvartbm, \ Nkar Point or Rooks, Vs., Juno 27,1884. J a lood call roe two nuns rbuua. Two distinguished end relentless rebate cams near to their final doom on tbo 2Sth Inst., from tbo Bring of tbo gunboats Hunchback aid Metidota?so ws are reli ably informed. While shelling the enemy on that day, la tbe direction or Four Mile creek, one of our shot landed near the persons of Gene ral Bragg and staff, whe were accompanied by a ooe lagged general, supposed to be T.ieiitensnt General Fwell. Tbo shot went no umio.T.tortably near tbo arch reoeis aa to caune mem and their staif officers to asaitsr to all points of tbe compass. Tbe Hunchback has been vigorously absiling tbe enemy, in the same direction, ail ibis afternoon. TUB SITUATION AND SrVrnKR* OF TUB KSBMY ON ORN. R. S. wn inn's raoRT. Some important changes have taken place In tbe move ments and numbers of tbo enemy oa General R. S. Fos ter's front witbla the past twenty-fear hours. They are now In Increased force Immediately oa bis froot, on tbe Una of the Newmarket road, and an uncommonly intelli gent and earnest deserter?earnest to gat away from tbe rebel thraldom?reports them to be under commend of the rebel General Kiniim, end tbat they consist of three large brigade', end or command of Oracle, Crooks and An derson, together with a tarfe force of cavalry, supposed u> tie a portion of Tilth ugh f/ee's force*. Grace's bri gade bis lately arrived from Tennessee, leaving there some four woeks since. It Ib a very large brigade, owing to tbe tact tbat, though It has been a long time in tbe ser vice, it has seen hot little lighting. The enemy are be yood all donbt ex'remely purged to know what roster's movement mean*. I cue astture them tbat they will flnd out In due limn to their sorrow. It Is really one of tbe most elgtilArant movement* of tbe campaign, ami Foe ter'e forces know no such word a* "dielodgement'' from their atroog position on tbe James. (iKN??i!. cars'* saw General Joseph a tiair'e command upon bis return from York'own will consist of the negro troop* now under command ef General flbiks, who retires from tbe field on account of tbe nature and continued severity of tbe several wounds be has received in battle. General Carr will certainly nuke an appropriate nee of tbi* new element of tbe service. cottiti *r> SHtLivn. The usual Bring in Trout of Petersburg and elsewhere has been kept up since my last. 1'b!* feature of war life in tbe field la as common to us as tbe eeaseleu omnl bus din on Broadway is te you of the metropolis. It Is never remarked, unless by eome eit/eu fresh from Northern quiet, who h'-sri It for (be flret time, and, with a ebudder, think* be is bit. "TWO* At. Major i.eneral Butler *nd a large potilon of bla staff hive been absent et the front to day since early In tbe mnrrtng. THE ATTACK 01 THE OECOTD COftPfl. Mr. Ptmlcjr Aadenon'a Oripalek. Cimp wvar PnrKsanuso, June 2ft, lrAt. There Is a good deal of interct still manifested through i out the army concern ng the reverse sustained by tbe -soot d r?rpn on tbe 23d lust. The number of men re I ported misitng la gradually growing lees by tbe arrival | of seld era who became separated Irum their regiments to the confusion of the hour. Tbo number reported ea ! prisoners Is consequently materially reduced, and, while some who were eup|?aed to ba\e beau captured allre | have been found among the dead, other* who were marked as missing were scattered through tbe woods, end have now joined tbetr several commands. Tbe reason the affair creel-d eo much Interest le 1 rbuse the honor of tbe ?cond o dps Is Inllmalnly Involved. Before netting out on ibie eampalgn It wen its proud distinction end lis Nasi tbat lo all the bloody bellies which It had fought en I In which It won It* honorable name It never loet a color ev e gun. Ileooe tbe recent un fortunate engagement, lo which It loet both some enters aed some guns, mvItea a careful review of the eircum stance* under which, with tbe loea of them, tbe eorpe be* leal a portion of tbe prestige Inseparably aaan elated with lie Dame, Tbe Hewed corps ban Jnatly enjoyed the reputation of being tbe Kneel In tbe army. It* her" c achieve meat* will be tmmorUltred I* history. It would bo do ing lotoetleo te the gallant men In other eorpe to ateame that they are Inferior a* mea to tboee la tbe Second corps. But the brtlllant successes of tbe oorpe are In e great measnre doe te lbs labors of it* valuable efttcers, who ooforeed strict obedieeee aad dteolpltee among tbe naea dad chief ef all the officer* isHem orh bimeeif. tbe popular eommander of the eorpe. He bee eontrlbnted much to Meaoooess end repatatlea. I have often mm toed lo tfao g#niu?, eiittUoe, wstchfnintse end heroism of it ,n c?ek 'e bearing en the told whet ee 'aspiring lefli set Ml Infu ed into eo diem, espectelly le e trying mooieut, by the |>termor of e man la wh?m they have lull eueMsace 1 bare re?a tbe earn* to tcme ea tent in the conduct of division, brigahs and regim> ul?l officers. When the campaign commenced this corps was onnnentiy fortunate in Its ptnonmti, in cluding t>o(h officer* end men. But ATtf days hen wrought a surprising change. In levon week* the corpg has experienced a change something similar to (hnl wtBel) we arc told Is wrought In th" human body in seven years. In many Instances where the Held officers are gone, regi ments arse ommsnded by capialos aid brigades by regt. mental officers of the field and line. Tbta was th* condition of the corps when it armed In the vicinity of Petersburg oo the evening of th* day on which General Smith carried some of the forts no the eaemy'a outer defensive line. But, notwithstanding these internal disadvantage*, it has repelled repeated aaaauliaoftbe enemy, stormed his intreuebmonts ami carried port one of his line. General Ilancock, being disabled by bis wound, and having, at his own request, been temporarily relieved, Major General Birney wax an algned to the command. In Hancock's absence Birney Das judiciously discharged tbo duties of corps com mander. While the fact that tbe corps has happened 19 be unsuccessful under bis direction Is an unfortunatw ctrcumstauce, I know from personal observation?and il i> hut justice to an efficient officer to say?that no blima can possibly attach to bim. I was on the field during tna progress of those operations, the facte concerning ibnix bav* received my careful consideration, and heme, though the main facts were stated In my first despatch, the Interest In tbo subject i duces me to more critic .1 y review them here. The corps bad withdrawn from Its position near tho-9 of the main works of the enemy In cur possum.on, and, marching by tho dank, took up a new posliiiu on tbo left of the Je. usVom pi ink r ad, with the F fth corps on it* right and the Sixth corjw oo lta left. ..a the lice of the Second corps was thou established tne See ml div stmt, uurier General Gibbon, tho right reeling on the Jerusalem plank road, was close to th? enomv, act could out advance any further without bringing on ? general engagement. Tho Third ar.d First divisions^ under Generals Mott and Barlow, extended tbo tins further to the loft and rear. On the morning of the fikd Inst. General Meade ordered Ceoeral Birney to advance the left centre of his coriw s0 us to envelop the enemy's position. Birney accordingly ordered the advance of the First and Third divisions. AS the Sixth corps, under General Wright, was to move US conjunction with the Second, General Birney, at half pang four lu the morning, informed General Barlow that tho Sixth curio was about to move forward on his left, aud ordered htra to conform to tne movement, advancing bid lino as Wright pushed forward his, and at tbe same time?* as In the advance the line would be considerahiv conJ tructed?closing in to the right, lu order to give General Mott an opportunity to contrast his line also and gel some of his troops In reserve. General Mott was likewise requested to move forward to tbe position pointed out id bini. Though early in tbe morning a note wee received from Gen. Wright, and aent by Birney to Barlow, atattug tbut be was about to advance, and tbat Ibe connection bei twees Uie corps could easily be made, it soeins thet the Sixth corps did not advance, and consequently noitbeg did the Seoond. It appears tbat tbe one was waiting M tbe otber. At length Geo. Mead", who displayed great energy lof pushing forward tile invivilng movement, directed tbat tbe Second and Sixth corps should advance independently of each other. Accordingly Birney ordered Barlow t9 move his division forward, connecting with Gen. Mott oof the right, and twlug forward bia line until it came la oloae proximity to tbat of tbe enemy. He said to Barlow, ?' You will not be dependent on any movement of lbs Sixth corps." and " if General Wright ia not able to ooa nect with you you will have to look out for your loft " In tbo meantime Gen. Meade himself bad bean to Bar low and glvan btm a similar order. In obedience to these orders, Gee. Gibbon's Use re maining la th* intreochmeats, Gen. Mott advanced to tbe post ikon shown blra, connecting with Gibbon on tbw right, sod Barlow, following tbo movement of Mott, wheeled bis line for ware. The order of formation ia tuw advaaco was two brigades In lias and two in reserve. Barlow's division advanced through tbe dene# woods la bis front, completely severing bis o nneotloo with tba Sixth corps. Tba left of his line was thus entirely ex* posed, ana inoran wo p.u??? t, |,B Y9TT Judiciously bad two small brigades follow tbe moveincut, matching not. in line, but by tbe dank. Con. Mott bod taken bis position and Intrenched It, aad Gen. Barlow bad commeuued intrenching his line, wblcM nearly conformed to tbo enemy's position, when a largo body of tba eoemy cam* sweeping through tbo woods, preceded by a heavy cloud of skirmishers, who Im mediately opened a brisk Ore on tba left aad rear of tbo troops tbat were marching by tbo flank.' It aaems tbat Hiil'a corps, or Lea's army, had been marching oat to turn tbe left flank of our army, and by mistake bed aoree into tbe Interval between tbw Sixth and Second corps. Tbat space bad become so large to corvoqunca of th.> wheeling round of Bartow's divi-! ?k?n thai there was ruoui lor oos division of the enemy to come In without the Wxlh corps knowing anything shout It. The aktrtniebern on Harlow's front ware checked at Oral; but the Bra ex tending to the left and rear, and com ing, aa it did, no sudden and unexpected, end from an enemy whom they cuald not see, our troops in that por tion of tha llna speedily gave way and rapidly retired to the rear, Host of them rallied In the breastworks, and showed a dlop< aitlon to gallantly defeod them. General Miles' brigade, which wm In reserve, was orderod by General Barlow on too double quick hack to tba breast works to rc-eaUbltab the connection with tba Sixth corps. This movement on tha douhte quick, although executed finely, may have created an erroneous Impression on tbo miods of tha scattered soldiers of other brigades, and led them to be'leva that it waa In retreat. Tbo so Id tan ot both armies have recently acquired the habit of lighting under oover. Their strong desire to do ao is aptly Illus trated by Uie fbi-t tbat as toon aa Barlow'i division waa thus struck in fl ok by the enemy the troops mads tor their breastworks, and Just as aeon aa tba rebels took tba the new I ns of rifle pits that Mott was digging they commerced reversing them ao aa to uae them aa a cover for tbe'i aelvea. Barlow loat several hundred prlaoaerai Tha enemy came sweeping on, and, when Barlow fat) hack, >? I rock tho left and front ofGanaral Mott'a dtvletoa, which also fall back rapidly la considerable 00011*100, wilb a lose or a few hundred prisoners. Other divisions or Hill's corps, aa Indicated la the map, praasad down on General Gibbon's Una, on tba left and front. The mora* merit of ee< h of tha divisions of Hill's corpa etruok tba whole of tbn Second corpa In flank ; end everybody know# tbat a flanking lira la deadly sad diss"roue, ft waa al ibis time that tba attack waa made on Gib, bon a front. Tha sti'my ware repulsed on iba right; but tba left of Gibbon's division, coexisting of lbs 'V - I brigade, under Mijor U'Br en, which was ei; ill >|s>rt Caplii 11 McKnlght's battery of four ihrce-luch 1 ? '. Ending a Ore la front and rear, fait hack aed left the guua < xposed. M. Knight fought bm battery in tba nvM gallaai manner, not only In replying la th? rebel batteries which In the meantime bad opened cm bun, hut te tufin^ bis left piece and throwing oinlator Into the rabai infantry that was fast dosing la upuw his flank. Tha left piece was tba only ens ha oonld turn upon the Infantry, baouiaa the embrasuras ta tus lunette hid beau eouairoeted with a view to meeting tha enemy la the (root. His lleuiananta and canaoaaora worked tbe guns with groat eolerlty, throwing eanlsier into tl c rebel ranks, av. n afUr being re; ealedly sum mooi-u in surrender, and tha re' flag had bean planted on tb?t learned; >te porMoo of our works. Finding It lm poaalbie to haul off tba guns? the battery being ie aa -Ivancod position and tba horses In the rear -tbe arii'lerf otnoera tecsped, with many af thciv men. The aaemy gat tba four guns, but d?d not g?l asy horses or oalsaaca. Captaia Clark's bet ery, aa '*bl lk? pianb road, replied wltk effect ta tba saem/a muskaUf and arHilary. But tba disorder af the troop# about Ma lt night's was an great tba' many werecepiurwg,and tbrea ^ ar four arnall rogimai ta unmed'staly dnrrendeeed. at this pn'nt. b iwavar, the ode waa luraail in our flaytp by tba oooloeda, courage and skill of a g> ad line c^flear, 11 waa tbpaein B. I, Fettae, eamm ading tba Waaiiatk Marae. buaaita regiment, wba. Ubiag advantage of aw angle in tha il??*? 1?' .brexatwerka, executed w change of frost. poured asms well dwelled vcltaya hrtw the enemy aed checked hie tanker progress. It in a prevalent opinion tbet be# ether commandant acted as be did tha enemy woeid have bare repulsed la the eommeecen sot, sad a targe lumber if ptisan era have been onrs. But Hat was Joat the lima, at mat er it leal ; erlxi tie troops required the pviasea* CQJTI.HTJf OB riFTH

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