Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 30, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 30, 1864 Page 3
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situations wahtid-fssalki. Ah NUMBBR Of WILL KKUOl MBNOED OBRMAN females want aHustieas as eoota, 'hsmbe, maids aud laundresses. nurses apJ girls fur grasra) huuaawurk, .to,, at Mr*. LOW Kb Oar man Institute, 17 Stan tou at., aaar tha AOIBL liESIKKS A SITUATION. IN CITY OK CO UN trv. aa chambermaid and to aaatai la the laundry. Oan be seen at bar praaaot plaoe, AM Woat SOth at , between &tb and kith avs. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. LATELY LAND ed, wauta a ?ituation tu do general housework, cham ber work or as laundr, as. Call at 83 West 45th at. A YOUNO LADY (GERMAN) WISHES TO FIND A situation aa vender in a fancy, dry good* or trimming More, impure at 174 Cbrjatie at., between Del&ncey and Riving* on. A YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS chambermaid and to aaaiat with the waabing and iron ing, or would do housework In a email family ? la a good washer and lroner. and understands plain cooking; no ob jection to the country. Call at 189 Waal 13th at, batween 8th and 9th avs. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A FBOTB9TANT GIRL, aa a ui ae ; no objacu un to going Into the oouniry. Call at 208 Waverley pla*. A WIDOW LADY WISHES A HOUSEKBKPBB'S aituation in a reepectable family; aone olhar meed apply. Can be seen for two days at 25 Monroe at. A RESPECTABLE OIBL WISHES THE WABHINO of a few geatlemon or lad leg. Good oity ralarenoa. Call at or addresi 3lb Bast 32d at. ABBBPBCYV^LB PERSON WIHHB8 A SITUATION as nuy"\ who baa acted in that capacity for the laat aliteen v?^efand la fully confident to take the entire charge of nr TO fan t from its birth, and has the very beet or city W-wrence. Can be aeen for two days at HiK Broadway. wet ween ad and 23d ata. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A.RESPECTABLE GIRL, aa nura and aoammreaa; no objection to the country Per the summer raoauAs; beat of oity reference. Can be ?sen for three days airier present situation, 83 Amity aL, near Thompson aL A PROTESTANT GIRL WI8HE8 A SITUATION AB chambermaid and to aaaiat with the washing or gen oral housework. Call at 236 Elisabeth aL A RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL WANTS A 8ITUA noa a-chambermaid arid waitress or to take cum of children; can do all kinds of embroidery aud Ik a go-id plain newer; can gel recommendation from her last place; can be aeen for two days at S47 East 2Utu sl, bciwcn 1st av. aud ?venue A. A SITUATION W\NTKP-RY AN AMERICAN GIRL, ae nurse: lies no ob,001100.1 to travelling. Apply at 85 Charles BL, second 'oor, back room. A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE WO. man, aa tiret talc cook; is au excellent baker of bread and pastry; the beit city reference given from her last em Gall for two (lays at 133 Weal 13ih aL, between 7th and 8th am AyOUNG ENGLISH WOMAN WANT8 A SITUATION as lady a maid: Is a lir-t class Kreuch and Spanish hair dresser and dressmaker; does up tine laces. C.-in be seen for two days at 264 East 18th at., between lat av. and av. A. A B WBT NDItBE.-WANTED, A SITUATION AS WET J\ none, by a healthy young woman. Call at 21a Eust llth at, from 3 a.m. till 5 P. M. A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AGED LADY WANTS A situation as housekeeper In a small fauiilv, where she would nave a comfortable home; la willing to make herself generally u-eful. Can give respectable reference. Call from 10 to 6 o'clock at 164 3d av., near 17th aL A COLORED WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION A8 child's nurse and seam st res < or to wait on a lady trav ailing. Apply at 2110 Madison av. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AB LAUN J% dress and to do light chamber work in a small private iamlly. City references. Call at 331 West 12tb at. A FRENCH LADY WANTS A SITUATION AS DRESS maker and children's costume and uuderclotba maker, by the oay, week or month. ApDly for a few days at 442 lih av., between 2fith and 27th ata A LADY IK RBVKR8BD CIRCUMSTANCES DESIRES a situation as reader to a lady going to Newport, or as housekeeper far a gentleman of means. Address Mrs. Alex* auder. station O Post oilier, for one week. An experienced cook wishes a situation in a pr vale family; would assist w th the washing; has excellent city reference. Call for two ua..s at 21(1 West A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do ehamberwork and walling; she vnderaianda her business; is strong and Hilling, and has 55"HO Bast 25thrst?0relltt# tT?W> her '*** P'*ce- Can be aeon A YOUNG GIRL WISHES TO GO OCT BY THE month; Is a good dressmaker. Call at 28 West 13th sU A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE youn; woman, as Urst class laundress; understands Bottng. be best of city reference given. Call for two days at 78 West 28th sL A SITUATION WANTED?BY A FIRST CLA88 COOK, in a private family or In a private boarding house; understands alt kinds or cooking: good >jtv reference from Nor last plsce. Call for two days at UU 29lli sc. between 7th hhd 8th ava., in the basement. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as chambermaid and to assist with the wishing or to take rare of children. Call ai her present employer's, 23 West33th st. A YOUNG GIRL, RECENTLY ARRIVED, DESIRES JX. a mtuaimn as housemaid J u a re* doc table family; refer ?are la perihiued to John Williams, Esq., 80 iteekman st , A YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAM bermaid or waitresa Call nntil engaged at 55 Robin son st. A SITUATION WANTED?BY AN AMERICAN PRO. teslant girl, as chambermaid snf waitress or as wail. mly. Can be seen at her present cmphncr'a, 11(1 West Sd at., between Uth and 7th ava A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL, TO do ehamberwork and waiting. Can be seen for two days at 152 East 31st sL, between 1st and 2d avs., second tloir, Iront room. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL, TO do general housework in a smalt private rami l v, no ob i to the country. Call at Mo. b Howard at. YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO COOK, waah aud iroo; would go in the country; best eit. re Call at 505 9th av.. near list St. RESrECTADLE YOUNG GIRL WISUE8 A SliUA tion as cnambermald and waitress; good city refer. l Call at no West 17th tt. A RESPECTABLE woman wants a SITUATION to mind children and lew, or to do chamUer? ork aad hewing, or would like to travel; good referenoe. Call at 201 7th av., near 2?lh et. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as wet nurse in a re*pectabie latin y; hasgooc ' *" "* ' - *" Broadway. ?be baa good freab breast of milk. Can be seeu at 92 Eyt Ah respeciable young girl wishes a si ruA tlon as chambermaid and waitress; is willing to aasiu th the washing ami Ironing If required; or would take eara ssf children. Can be seen Tor two days at 265 West 31st It., Between 9th aad Hlth evea a RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU A ationascook; is willing to aaeis in the washing and Ironing; understands paatrv, bread and biscuit; has the *?t of city references. Call at 416 7th ave., top boor, back ARB8PBCTABLE WOMAN WISHES A 8ITUATI0N as good cook; thoroughly understands her business; understands all kinds of baking, baa no objection to gu to the country for tbo summer; has the best of city reference. Call at 104 West I9th St., second floor, front rooui. A COMPETENT NURSE WISHES A SITUATION; IB well experienced in the oare of children end willing to take change of an infant can sew neatly; no ob jections to tbe country Best of city referenco Call at 210 West 25th st. A LADY WISHES TO OBTAIN A SITUATION FOR an excellent girl for general housework, in a small fa ,gaily: she I* a good cook, an excellent washer sml Iroaer, ?bliglag aud In every wa< wortbr; has lived with her pre aeni employer three - eara; has no Objections to go a short distance In the country. Call at 491 West 2M st. _____ A YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS COOK la a private fnmdy or boarding house. Oooi referenoe given. Call at 163 West 18th st. A SITUATION WANTED-BY AN AMERICAN GIRL, to do ehamberwork; lias no ob lection to go a ahort dis In the country. Call at 287 Bowery. AM OFFICER S WIDOW. ABOUT 30, WITH SOME means, desirous ol a quiet home, oilers Her services as ? oompanloa In a family or to a lady, in or near the city; aalary ao object. References exchanged. Apply at the ream's of the christian Alliance. New York L'uiversity, Washington square, room No. 3, thud floor. LADY IS DESIROUS OF PROCURING A SITUA _ tlon at seamstress and eoambermald. Apply at 112 'est u4lh st 7 RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A 8ITUAT10N AS _A chsmbermatd and seanistress; can uperate on Wheeler A Wilson's machine, or to do iioe wasbing. Can ba teen at bar pre-ent place. 117 Bast I7lh at. HOUSEKEEPER'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A steady and Industrious middle aged woman; is not afraid el work, Is competent, and can give good reference; would prefer a small fainny. Call on or address Mrs. Rob, 247 West ?7th st. % Paoiue K. ITI'ATTON WANTED?BAT A RESPECTABLE. TIDY girl as chambermaid and waitress: will assist In wash aad ironing, or will do boiiarwark In a small fbnillv; a to be I present employer. 1(15 Cliutoa st, Brooklyn, shr on he seen for a few days. ATION WAKTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL AS < HAM dd end waitress; good references. Call at No. I JMooklya. g,Ti^I101! TANTED-HY A PROTESTANT TOUNG ^clty reference, aoply at 190 Oi herd street, near iioua SA-1?I?i5f !L!!l tllTiZVP* WANTBD-OR SOME ??*!??:lb"X*"-t?.,-'-^r_*twiy. who has had fen rears' OITUATtON WANTED-BY AN AttaRtp.. WOMAN f> as hoeeekeeper, la a widower*! Or ?"Iw w.emtl fimtiw Call for three daya at .in UMh av. ?*lralo ???"* fpwo RESPECTABLE GIRLS WISM SmjATVown A. Oaa as eook. washer and Irnaar la a aasalUbsaityvSi? wtbrr to do up stairs work: have aoahjaeuaa to go roll' wo no try; ntt? refrrenee Oall at 87 Pitt st, between Rroew.r and Delaaeev its., oecoud floor, back room. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A TOUNG ERENGIf vv girl, la a drv poode store ar trlmnslag store. Add rem M D.. box 113 Herald office. _____ WANTBD-BT A RE9P3CT4RLR GERMAN WOMAK asltustiea as cook; would be willing to as into tin eoon'ry t's hai her present employer's, SI West 34th >t Wf aNTED?A SITUATION, AS SERVANT IN ARK VT speeisble Ainertesn family, H\ a voting reap* table Oermsa girl; apeak* Raglisti flaenttv. Inquire at EH Grand r<. V\il lafllslitirg, up stairs. WANTED-A SITUATION. NY A REdl'KCTA BLS yonag woman to travel with a lady In Ca'lfamls . is will ng In take rare of children and make hereel: jfSn. rally oselul Best r tv re'rirm ? Call for leoduy lai 41 IStl st, corn*) uf Uiii vcu?lv plate from ? A. M. until I f, HITVATIOia WMTl^rMAUa^ WANTED-SITUATIONa FOR FIRST CLASS SER vv viuii in every cai-aulty, fur city and couutrv, famll es nod hotels promptly furnished: order* rsspeot fully solicited at til Atlantic su. Mtr Court, Brookly n. TtTANTBD-BY A YOUNG GIRL. A 8ITUATION AS IF nurse nud aeeusetreas or ladv'a waiting maid; good aity reference. Can ha aeen for two days at the bakery, corner 33a at and 6th ate., between ? and ? o'alock. tXTANTBD-BT A RBSPRCTABLK GIRL, A SITU A ? tlon a* chani herns aid or chamb rinald and waiter In a email family. Ilaa no objection to go in the country Can be aeea at bar present employers, X Bast 28th at, for two TBTABTKD?A 8ITUATION, BT A MUKBB. COMPB VV tent to take tbe entire charge of a bab?: ae objection to the country. Can be aeea for two daya at tbe residence of her late employer. 128 We?t 46th st WANTKD?A SITUATION, BT A FIRST CLASS cook; underataads all kinds of seujps and tame: Is a good baker; good otty reference. Call fer two daya at 71 West 90th st. WANTED?BY A MOST RE8PECTABLE YOUNG WO TV man, a situation aa chambermaid and to do fine wash ing or as laumlreas alone. In a gentleman's family s no ob jection to the eeahtry. Best of city reference. Can be seen at 060 Broadway. ANTED?A SITUATION TO COOK, WASH AND Iron. Good city references. Call at 86 West 10th at. w WANTBD-A SITUATION, BT A BK8PRCTABLE TT Scotch woman, aa nursa and seamstress or obamber maid lu a gentleman s family; no objection to go in the country. Good reference. Apply at 127 Bleeoker at., room No. 8. WANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE WQ. man. who is a good p ain cook, washer and ironer, in a small private family; no objection to go a abort distance in tbe country. Good oily reference. Call lor two daya at 86 Main sc., Brooklyn. WANTED?A SITUATION Afi COOK, WASHER AND ironer, or to do the general housework of a small family. Can be aeen at her preeent place, in Monroe St., second house west of Bedford av., Brooklyn. WANTED?SITUATIONS. BT TWO TOUNO LADIES TV (sisiers). lately arrived; one to sew tor nnd teach children; tbe other as milliner. Call at Castle Garden, up stairs. WANTED-A SITUATION AS WET NURSE, BT A respectable Piotcstaot woman: her ebild la three months old. Call at 638 Broadway, third door. WANTBD-A SITUATION. BT A RKSPBCTABLB young woman, as seamstress; can do all kinds of family sewing and einbro dering; knows something of dress making: would go by tb? week or month. Call for two days at 27 6tn su, near the Bowery. WANTBD-A SITUATION FOR WAITING, CHAM. VT berwork and sowing, by a young girl who has lived five years at her la-t plac -; ?he Is a good cook. Apply at 126 Henry at., near State, Brooklyn. WANTBD-BY AN ENGLISH GIRL, A SITUATION it a* nurse or chambermaid. Can be aeen for two days at 84 East 17 th st. WANTBD-A SITUATION AS COOK, BY A GERMAN girl, wi;h the best of refereuoea Apply to John Sal tig, 204 Broadway. WANTBD-A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE young girl, to do general housework for a small family; is a good washer and ironer; city roferenoe given. Call at Hudson st. WAN'TED-BY A NICE TOCNG GIRL, A 81TUA V* tlon us chambermaid and waitress; can be wed re commended by her present employer. Call lor two days at 64 West SUth st. TVASTBD-a" SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE VT young woman who can give the best city reference. Call for two days at 136 uutler st.. Brooklyn. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, lately lauded, a situation to take care of children and do plain swing, or would do generate housework in a small family; Is willing to learn. Apply at the corner of Dean st. and /latbush av., Brooklyn, in tbe rear. WANTBD-A SITUATION. BT A YOUNG WOMAN. as cook and toassiat with the warning and ironing; good releretice. Also a situation wanted, by a smart wo man. as waitress and chambermaid; good reference. Call at 133 Bast 12lh st. WANTED-A SITUATION, AS CHAMBERMAID OS laundress. Inquire at bar present place, 322 6th ave., for three days. TIT ANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE GIRL. A SITUA TE tion to do general housework. Call at 447 Columbia at., Brooklyn. "117ANTED?A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE T r young glrL aa chambermaid and waitress or aa laun dress. Has the best of city ref erence. Call at 194 East 19tb st. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation as narae and seamstress; Is capable of tak ing the entire cuarge of a baby from its birth. No objeetiotf to the country. The best city reference. Call at ltd West 19th st., in basement. ~ WANTED-A SITUATION AS FIRST RATE SEA*, stress; has no objection to the country. Good city retoreaces. Cull at 192 7th av., between 23d and 24th sis., <*r l-.lm WANTBD-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG GIRL. TO do up stairs or general housework: Is willing to make herself uselu.; good raierencea. Call at 93 Division St., up stairs. Wanted? by a respectable woman, a few gentlemen's and ladtea' washing at herown house. Has the best of relerenae for honesty aadcapability. Call at 26; 7th av., third t'.oor, front room. Wantkd-by a young PBOTBSTANT woman. lately landed, a situation to do general housework: le willing and obliging. Can be seen at 09 West 23th st., in the rear. WANTED-A SITUATION. BT A TOUNG WOMAN, to do general housework in a small private familv. Best of reference' given. Call for two daya at 413 West 26th st.. between 9th and 10th avs. WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A 8ITUA tion as cork and to assist in the washing and ironing. Cull lor two days at her present employer's, 67 London Ter. inee, 23d at, between 9th and 10th avs. SITUATIONS WANTED?MALES. A SITUATION WANTED-AH PORTER, BY AN BonI est, sober and industrious young man, 24 years of age. Can give toe best of retorence. Address for two days T. K., Herald office. ATTORNEY.-A YOUNU MAN. AGED 24, AT PRESENT in the West, wauls a situation as clerk in a law oiliee; has ezperlrnce, Ac. Address, with requirements and terms, 11. O.. box 994, Milwaukee, Wis. A GENTLEMAN. FORMERLY A CAVALRY OFFICER In tbr German regular army, offers his services to uny onelnneed of n person perfectly underslaud.og horses, either to break tliem tor the saddle or superintend their care. Will call aud furnish good city references If desired. Address B? bos 3.809 Post once, N. Y. AN ITALIAN, SPEAKING A LITTLE ENGLISH AND French, wishes to procure n situation tn a wiue mer chant'- < r some other office, e.thei at the desk or where he ro id make himself otherwise useful; salary oot so much of an object as the prospect of a permanent situation, with a chance of advancement; good reference can bs given. Address B. A B , llerald office.^ Farmers and others in want of reliable male help, -nch aa rarm hands, eoaehmea, grooms. gardeners, servants, Ac., will And a large supply at the large Implement Bouse, corner 6th av. and Ilih st. Also fe male help. SITUATION WANTED-BY A Sfftas COACHMAN, Ac.; a young man. with good references; can a-slst tha Rrdener or drive a wagon in the city. Apply at the German rvants' Institute. No 6 Clinton Hall, Aator place. rU CHEMISTS, DRUOIHTS, AO.-WANTED. BT AN ? Englishman (married, but without encumbtanoci a situation, aged 23, height, 6 feet 6 moms, nine year-ex perience, accustomed to dispensing, prescribing, general retail and surgical danlstry. Address H. J. T.. Herald office. W?? ANTED?BT A r.KSPEOTABLE TOUNG MAN. well ae pialnicd with the bosinass. a situation as bar tender In n first class hotel or saloon; would have no oblec tion to leave the city: good references will be given. Ad< dress E. R. M.. llerald WOd. [ WANTED?BY A 8INOLR MAN, 24 YEARS OLD. A vf situatiou to make himself generally useful. In a segar store In aome oert or the country; is a good angar maker, and speaks German and English. Can give the best refer ences. Addresc L. L., care of M. Manus, 116 Spring st. XXI ANTBD?BY A GOOD WBITER AND ACCOUNT. TV ant, recently srTired from England, either permanent or temporary employment in n law or Other office. Address Lex. Herald office. Wanted?a situation, by a youno man. as coachman In a private family; has no objectlou to go tn the country; best cltv reference as to houe-ly. sobriety aad capability. Appi\ at Wilson's stables. 87 and 8!) 19th St., near University plaon. YITANTED-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG MAN. AS Tf assistant clerk or ported; hts had two yen re o. >er ence in the traffic department goods store, is w tiling to make liimaelr generally useful Address for two days J. F. 0., Nelson St.. South Brooklyn. WANTED-A SITUATION AS BARTENDRR. BT A vouug man; will bs unemployed in n few dn.vs: tinder stands his bus ness well. G "d recou m*.,damns given from his preseni employer. Call at or addi *-a tor tea days, 63 b nivorsity place, corner Uth at., In the store. VV ANTBD-A SITUATION IN HOME ACTIVE BUht vT neas. bv a yutiug man of good business qualification., who has had experience as a merchant tn inie State aad la the Weak City reiarences givou. ,Address R. 3. J., sis liou U THK TRADKN. Booybind'W-wanted, afirstui.iss stanf er: also two girls; to build albums those haying a knowledge or the buetti a* preferred. Apply at Gieba's bioderv, 62 aa^fit Doaoest /TARUENTEUS OR FRAMBRS WANTBD-AT THR v7 foot of Fourteenth St.. North river, N T. Nona out good framers will bo emplnvod. Tha bast wares paid. /lOOFERH.?WANTED, IMMEDIATELY. FIFTEEN V/ eonpera. to work on provUien barrels Apply to John Betlly, Columbia ?l.. corner of Cols. Brooklyn T\IK OUTTRB.-A FIRST UI.A88 WORKMAN WANT. X.f ed. by Ailing. Bro's A Co., ITu Broadway. flNOINBFR -WANTBD. A ftlTDATION, BT A TOUNG J man. to run a steam engine or take charge of -team; no objection te go to sea having been assistant engineer oh ocean steamers; good refersnon given. Adrtre-s for thiaa days, W. S. 0., Herald office IEWBLLF.R WANTBD-A TOUNO MAN ARLB TO ?v repair clocks and jewelry In first clans trrtar may ap. Ntf wjWdtti av. CHAllh OAINTIR WANTED -A STRAWY AND NO M kddC5tytovI'itCT> ,0*d *?" " r CITIL RNHInNKRH. ?A YOUgfl MAN. JUST honnrahl v discharges from tha army, de-ire- a position as aa gMatent. nlthnr wtu. an exploring petty sr local of. 8PV relit7j6ee!lleee , n' Naglntsr box aim TO JBWFLLBRS -WANTED. TWO OR THREE WOOD diamond mounters. Tn such steed? work and goad ware- will he given. Also a hoy 4MK Broadway, up stairs. rpo GA4 i IfAWDM.tKR FITTRBR ANO OTHKFS - I Wanted a flr-t class workman, who undersiands tka filling of (loss prisms, both for chandelier* and tllumloa. t.oua Addrfifd f?r lit week 4, D? Frits. H Clinton gist* TUB TRiDEI. ^ frO CIVIl, ENGINEERS AND MACHINE HAEUVAC A tu rem ?A vouug German who kit I eeii for the i>.?c two vears u otlloer tu tiie army and u bow muaierad ?ttt Of service, OB eiptration of h.s term, dsa.res forthwith em plovniont aa draughtsman He ta perfectly acquainted with topographical dramas toil surveying. as well aa witb lech Bloat drawing. Address H. Ulmiy. care of II. 0. Schmidt A Co.. 3d Bearer ?t, N. Y. Tl/ANTKD-A GOOD SOAPMAKKK ?TO A STBADT " man, who understands the business thoroughly, the highest wages will be gi >ea. Address D. A J. O'Douaoghew, Soap and Candle Maautacturem, Washington, O. 0. WANTED?A CUTTER, IR A PA PER BOX FACTORY. Address or cult on Oeorge Bates, 13 South 4th street, Philadelphia. To a competent hand steady employment and the best wages guaranteed. _____ WANTKD IMMEDIATELY?A GOOD PLOORMaN, AT horseshoeing; a smart boy who has had some peaouce would answer: none but a sober, steady pel won need apply. Apply to Franeher A Valentine, India at , Creenpuint. WANTED?PRINTER AND TONER, FOR A FIRST class photographic gallery. WILLaBP A CO.. 621 Broadway. "WrARTBD?OOOD TAILQR9, TO WORK ON FINE TV frock coata. Apply at 120 Church at, up stain, be tween Thomas and Dunne. TDANTED?A JOB DTBR; ONE WHO THOROUGHLY Vv understands thw business A steady, reliable man, I who can com* well recommended, ran hear of steady work by addressing A- Lewendo, Watertowu, Mass XT7ANTKD-A FIRST CLARS DESIGNER AND CUT 1 vv ter of cloaks and mantillas Apply at 39 Warren at., , second loft , XT/ANTED?A GOOD BLACKSMITH: ONE ACCU8 YY toined to work on a drop press. Apply to Metropolitan Arms Company, corner of Centre rnd Franklin ?t?. ^ HELP WASTED-MALES. ~ AT THE MERCANTILE AGENCY?WANTED. TO day, dry good* Bailsman, travelling agent, book, keeper, fanct goods salesman, timekeeper, betel clerk, ship ping clerk. light porter, grocery clerk, copyist waiters, bar keeper, coachman, gardener, clerk in liquir store. 3 brake, men conductor. Flfiv men for the Erie Its iroad wanted im mediately. Other situation i open. Merchant* and other* supplied pith help gratis Orders must bs sent in early. 0. MONGOMKRY A CO , 266 Broad'.vuy, room No. 4, up ikaire. A GRNT* CAN MAKE $95 IN A FEW HOURS SELLING J\ our great uew and wonderful extra large sire True Packages. $ 5 per day guaranteed Every dollar 1nve?ind more than doub ed. A splendid solid gold or silver lever watch presented free to eac'n agent Smart men wanted to establish agencies in every town and village. County rights free. Sale Immense; demand Increasing. Everybody buva them. Send for our great new circular for 1864, containing extra new premium inducements, free. P. 0 RICKARDS A CO.. 102 Nassau street New York, original, largeet and ohlest prl/.e package hou-ie In the world. AT THE COMMERCIAL AGENCY, 297V AND 299 Broadway.?Wanted to-day. paymaster's clerks, dry goods salesman, hotel clerk, porter, bartender, grocery clerk, insurance clerk, drug clerk, timekeeper for factory, citv collector, agent for Insurance company, conductor, en try clerk, shipping clerk, clerk for rnrnltum store. Other situations open. Merchants supplied with be'poi all kinds. OSCAR A CO. ALLTOUNO ANB AGED MEN WIIO WANT PLBAS ant and steady employment at $24 and board per month In hospitals near the city, cau obtain such by apply ing at 14 (Itb ave.. near Amltv at. A MAM WANTBD-TN A GROCERY HOUSE, TO J\ make himself useful; a porter for a dry goods house, and a man who understands the fruit business, and a man to go in the country to superintend a large business. Apply to JOHNSTON & CO., 11 Chambers St., up stairs. A OOOD WAITER WANTED-AT C45 BROADWAY. Boy wanted-in a dry goods importing and commission house; one who resiilss with hta parents and can come well recommended. Address box 1,466 Poet office. Boy wanted-m to 17 years of agb, who writes a good band and has a good English education. None but thoss willing to devote thetr whole attention to business need applv. An enterprising boy may And a good situation. Address M. B. S., sia'.ion B, in own handwriting, giving age. residence and salary desired. BOY WANTED?IN AN OFFICE, FROM 14 TO 16 years old. who writes a good hand. correct in figures and reside! with his psrents. Compensation first year $IIK). Address in own handwriting, giving residence, box 4,761 Post eifice. B'KKSh:" SWEENY'S HO TEL. CALL Coachman and oeoom wanted?a steady yoona msn, for one horse snd coupe; to board bun. I self. Apply, with reference*, at 167 Pearl street, Coachman wanyed-one who perfectly ?n deretauds his business and the care of horses; moat bring good city reference* A single man preferred. Ap ply this dav, before 12 o'clock, at 166 Wem 23th *L, between 7th and 8tb are. Drug clerk wanted?immediately, with satisfactory reference* aa to capacity, sobriety, polite netsand experience. In the city retail drug business In quire of P. P. Moran. at McKesson A Bobbins' wholesale 1 ??*??? Pnltun ?t., It. Y. li'ARM HANDS WANTED?AES?r MEN V landed, to go a short distance in the country: wages $20 to $30 and found. Apply at the Large Employment House, corner of 6lh nr. and Utb st Hospital mrn attendants wanted.-wageb $24 per month and found; an excellent npp,>rlunil* to get employment and a good home. Appiv at tbe Large Em ployment House, corner of 6th at. and 11th st. Laborers wanted.?forty good laborers wanted, lor the season, to whom liberal wages will be paid: on!- lire hours' ride front the elty; start to-day at 4 P. M.: single men praferred. Appiv at the o:!lce of John M. Robertson, 229 Broadwsy. corner of Barclay sL, room 31, between the hours ef H and 11 A. M. Man wanted?ro work on a small farm near New York. Appiv In the grocery store. 100 Hud a in st. corner of Franklin st, between 8 and 12 o'clock this inorntng. OFFICE BOY WANTED?ONE WHO LIVES WITH bis parents. Apply to Palmer A Smith, 43 Spruce st PORTBK WANTED?IN AN AUCTION HOUSK, A German preferred; must the strong and actire and will ling to work, also able to read and write. Address box 390 Post office. QALRHMAN WANTED-IN A LARGE YANKEE SO 17 tlon and faney goods house. To a man of the right stamp who can control a good cash and short time trade, libera'arrangements will be mad*. Address G. B. R., box 0,171 Post office. CPICE PACKERS WANTED-TO GOOD STEADY i7 bands Grst rale wares will be paid. Apply Immediately at the Hudson Mills, 193 Chenj st. Salesman wanted -wanted, a man who has cot acquaintance* in the trade, to sell men's furnish ing goods on commission Address bo , 6,747 Post odlce. The PHfFNix Muri'AL life insurance comi?a ? ny want- three acilre business inen, to solicit insu rances. To such liberal commissions will be paid and per manent employment given. Appli to Jno. E. Drwlti, agent, 131 Broadway. TWO ABLE BODIED PORTERS WANTED-IN A DRY roods commission hou*e. Apply at Jordan, Marsh A Co.'*, Cu and 82 Murray it, lor three days. WANTED?IMMEDIATELY, MEN WHO WISE TO make from $23 to $30 per day. by a small in - estment. from $?I0 to $300. Important new Invention, just rcoetvedt Great opportunity te make seeney, either by trarelllog or locating in city or country. HOWARD T1LDEN, 809 Broadway. YKT ANTED?A STOUT BOY, 18 OR 17 YBARS OLD, TV who has been sotnewbel used to horses, at Wiggins' Hotel. Greenfield, Coney Island road. Long Island. Coney Island cats every fifteen minutes from Fnlton ferry to the door. la; ANTED?A BOY'. 18 OR 17 TEAKS OF AGB, IN A vv wholesale grocery house; one quick et figure* and e good penman. Address, own handwriting. B. B., Herald ofllee. WANTBD-A YOUNG MAN. TO OPEN OYSTERS and attend on table. Inquire of J. McLaughlin, 286 Broadway. WANTBD-A GOOD CANVASSER, TO SELL A NEW publication. In great demand with merchants. $3 a day guaranteed to a man familiar with the business. Apply at room No fi. No. 3 State st. WANTED?A TOONO MAN, AR GROOM AND DRI var; one wbe understands the care oi horses and can c075 ' ff^n'tnded. Apply at 120 9th St.. between I and'2 o'clock r. M fTTANTED-AT THE McDOUGAL GENERAL HOS Vf pttal, male nuree : $2t per month will be paid to nine lent men. Apply tor transportation at the Battery Hoa Pit* * WMBaKTED-20 ACTIVE YOUNG MEN. TO ACT AS travelling agent- tor the sale of a new article of nnl versal uemand; $45 per month and expenses will be paid. A temple ef the goods, which will retell for $1 sent, post paid, to any address, on receipt of 4 tliroe rent stomps. Ad dress II. O. B. Mortimer, Herald ofllee. W^HANTED-A FIRST CLASH SALESMAN, IN A NEW It established who'esaie dot, in? heote. who -s wen Oc iiialnted with the buslnes. an i Influence a g..oJ country trade (Western prafenedi. ueeseenwenahle refer ence-1 inquired. Adore-. box 6,3*$ Post efltoe. W ANTED?AN OFFICE BOV, FROM 12 TO It YRARfl f? oi age who P- willing to make htm *cto general r use. fnl. ^Applv Bit day at 93 Neater st on rta'rs WANTED?AS AHRlflTANT pOKi'l It. A YOUNG, quick. Inie mat . willing ?? iwaen himself grue rally ushuL Apply si$27 sod xeg tih sv. NEY, 136 West St.. soreer of WANTED?YOUNG MEN WI8IIIM1 IQUOl RA ? rat ages in Kchooner-. hr ta ship* *a I *t*?m*r* to an pan* of the wvtd. Senm- 'i. green 5 u'*.uo??l* and t*w aids HANIMLL ACOUKTNRT, |A> West s-. ,?r**T ef Mode, up ?i*ir*. WANTED-IN A i OMMIMION ? N t? -ntl'HbG OF flee, ahoy fr?n It I* 18 vetr* -W . nee <? b# re* qe* with hit parent* and nan < omt wail reeommeaAed. Ad drees box 3.H.VI New Tort Fast ofllne. WA.triU>-A HAT AALBAM AN APPLY TO JAMRd. | St. Nicholas Hotel. WANTED?FOR BLOCKADE HHlFfl. FlIfTV YOUNG men ; ihe highest bounties i?'d: slaa far the arm and Short whaling voyage* to the fleuth Neb Apply to the agents. JAMES A CO.. 137 Waal street, corner of Albany, up mates. WANTED-A RI RFLCT A iti.R BOY. IN A IIOL'PK furnishing ?tory| (1*11 si Ntf *h ty. yy ANTED-AE OYSTERMAN AT 48t 3D AV. WANTED IEMEIHATRLY-REVRRaLOOOD HANBN. to go a sftirt diets-,re in ihe rminir, Unit those who iiaderatsad milking aa,I Aim wark need apply to A. ? . Dniiev, 124 Grand si W"ij*m?t)nrg, L. I WANTBD-A BOY. IVITU i.DOD CITY RKVRRFNt ?. te assist In tendi.ig bsr. Apply tkls dav el Clarke's Hatel, 1)0 CBalham a*. WANTED-AE OFFICE ?OY; ONE WHO RBHIDB8 with his perron ir. 'yt Itsvert, /.(gonial* $ Co., 31 Ktfidg s|. ATTEND cluck. TI7ANTBD-AM EXPERIENCED HAND TO ^Tr bar, au 44 Catharine ?t. Call from 8 to B 0 t .1A7ANTBD?AN ASSISTANT CLERK AND AM AS TT Blatant barkeeper at French's Hotel. Appljr at 2 o'clock. w TV ANTED?TKN GOOD MALE NUR8K8. WELL 11 ^huuondad. at Ladies' Home, Hulled States G?n< ANTED A HALL BOT, AT THE ST. GERMAIN Hotel, corner of Broadway and 2. J at. Waiters wantbd.-apply this day between * the hours of 7 and 10 A. M. at Coukl n'a Coffee House, 71 Murray st. RE. ? , , - _ General Hospital, a^ruer of 4l*t at. and Leilugion *v. Wages $24 autl found. VApply taiiwm 11 4 and ? P. M. WANTED?A YOUNG man, AS ORNP.RAL ASSIST. aut in a Itrat sins-i oyetei saloon and oar; sua navtug a nut $14tHn ess 1 us eeuitrltr can meet wlto a good situa tion. Appiy to-day, after 12 o clock, at 171 8pnug at WANTKD-FOK A CLUE, a waitkrman, who understands the business thoroughly. Apply at MM Broadway, in lha confectionery store. WANTED?A YOUNG MAN AS WAITER; ONK WHO understands the busman. Apply at Bwoeay's Hotel, from 9 to 10 A. M. WANTED?POUR OR FIVE MEN AND BOYS IN * aada factory. Apply to Taylor A Wilson, IDS and Ul franklin st Yf/ ANTED?A YOUNG MAN TO MtKK PIRBS AND W help generally in the kitchen. Apply at lha Waverley Restaurant, 097 Broad a ay, comer of 4th - t. 1 fl ANRRTCAN AGENTS WANTBD-OP GOOD AD. XV/ dress, to ?ell an article by winch they can clear from $39 to 340 ner week. Cat! front 1 till 4 o'clock at 180 liroaA way, first door, tip stairs. HELP WANTED.; SHALES. A FOREWOMAN WANTBD-JN A WHOLESALER c oak and msntllln hoimo. Cue capable of taking en tire charge of a work room and 01 ..oUiuz up style*. Apply to A. M. ii & Davlcs. 4 '8 Broadway. A NCRSR WANTED?WHO HAH THE EXPERIENCE. of a jud c on* Christian mother, about t Arty vcnrsof age. with good health, patience ana skill In tha care of llltlo children, in sicaness or hcaitli, and who** hi,: host motive would lie tue desire to du good to the motherless. Apply at No. H2 East 30th st.. after 10 A. M. AT RAYMOND S. 01 HLKKCHKK ST.-tV ANTRD THIS d.iy for hotel., summer houses, Ac., 10 waitresses, 3 chambermaids, girls to wash and Iron; a'so a urst class laundress, a cook for a private faintly and 20for house work. A FIRST RATE OOOK AND CHAMBERMAID WANT ed for a Hummer boarding house, twelve utilet from the oily. Apply at Mr tl. Breeze's Suikerv, corner cj .-Ah av. and I8111 st., from 9 A. M. till 12o'clock M. A NEAT AND COMPETENT LADY'S MAID WANTED ? By a private family; she mu-t be thoroughly au<|uulnt* ed with all kinds ol family sea tug and have city relereuce. Apply at I61 East 14th st, near 2d u v. All summer houses, watering placer. boarding SiouseH and famlOet wnuting oompelent hou-e kee)?rH, c< oks, cliamberinaids, waitresses, laund rus ies, seamstresses, nurses or other l.nlp are promptly supplied at Employment Mouse, corner of iilh nr. and 11th st Also male lieln. All WISHING to employ experienced copy Ists, house keepers, eiubioiderers. governesses, typeset, ters, telegraph nnerntom, saleswomen, inep and photograph color; sis, anil ladies sticking such and other positions can t>e suited by addressing the Ladies' Employment Association, 713 Broadway. CIOOK AND WAITRESS WANTED.?TO GO FIFTEEN J miles from New York In New Jersey; two competent girls; one as cook, washer and ironer; the other u" waitress sod chambermaid, to assist With the waahiog. None used ap ply unless willing and obliging, and wtih eompetuit refer ence. Apply Thursday inornlug, between 9 and 12 o'clock, at 24 Union square. DKEHRMAKBR8 AND SEAMSTRESSES WANTED? At Mrs. Leva 's dress and cloak making establishment, 215 Clh av. _ Dresses and cloaks-27 bond stkeet.-mrs PARRAIN, from Paris. aWantedtimmcdiately, good seam stre use < FAM1 LIES SUPPLIED WITH THE BEST 8" RVANTS, as coos*, cbsmbermalds, laundresses, nurses and for general housework, st Mrs. Kl'RiSTS1 lately established German servants' oilice, 283 Rllzabeth St.. near Houston. Help wanted in bxooklyn.-wantkd. imme dlntely, a good cook, for a summer hotel: wages $16; 12 smart, centeel girls, as wa trasses: wages $1(1. Abo seve ral ?imd plain eooks and cirls for housework m small (ami lies; wages $8 and $9. Apply to Mr. MANNING, 14 Court >1.. Brooklyn. TNho.TAJ"P 0F TI,RRE-A 0,RL ''OR general iruneriT?i? t. niust be a good coos, w isher and i~"4tVe?t ?tbTSl.Une*Ce^ * Ci'T ref,re?<:?. aPPU I TnrN?T?Hl^ RAY. A "KST '"LASB WAWKR GIRL lr??L?r d" K^r^o HrillbtZ Cud ? T^re^^n. AMV 10 jyiarsk.-wantkd, a neat protestant girl,, ab rence ftftfiirMVSRiriM'.tA HTblth'ft.,Tfl?Vl?;j;opd city re-fj qalbswoman -wanted. a situation TO DO i . work utrt uiinn.i :i bskerv or eoule'-ttonery Ad ply to her pre,-;ut employe,-. 142 West 34tli at r book polders -wasted, bix oood fold. ?rR,ul ^ aud 1* Uuade Bt. G. GLDNfcY. \Af AKTKD?A VIR8T GLASS COOK. IN A PiUVAT* town '*??:? L"r. ,h" HU'-u ls.uud 'vfnler i0 (own. She ruiM ''oran well recommended trni ?ppiv per "1 ?'o,o,'t ?n r,,,,w AyANTRD-A GOOD NURSE. CAPABLE OK TAKINU "f *" '"faot from tia blrih; t.-etween 30 and 40 years ot aire American, English or German best ol rete*- i to i'o'ctoell! Applr at SO Ciiatou st? Brooklyn, from "(I W A-7KnrA "IRL, TO DO THE KITTEN WORK ??i. a family; she must be a goud t>..iln <-ook mid washer and ironsr; reference required. Appl. at 46n 7th sr. WA'aTE,P~1A COMPETENT BDAMBTRLSS TO WORK by the day. Inquire of Mra. Mottet. 1.190 Broadway. YtyANTED-.t HEALTHY WET NURSE FOR A Wty. " ,aU"1- Apply at 45 Sussex St., Jersey rifANTED?a girl TO TaKB CARR OP A BaRV recom.^lidai mm?'ewasbing aud Ironing: must come well monTst. between21 and 2 o'clock at 37 Ham WAaiLF;?,IAwlIuD'H, ?U,R8R' WHO CAN SPEAK TT Spanish. for a Spanish 'amily In Saratoga, through romfhTo Di'y'^./Ur i1"!* davk ttl IS William st., N. V. room lo. iroui 10 to 12 o'clock. 1 TTTAKTItlD-THIS DAY, AN ENGLISH OR SCOTCH ? Nassau ra7^bsT^A?^^ w??K U. KOMGSBERO. WET NURSE WANTED IMWEDIATBLY-POR aR ipflDt ona month old. The verv best (if re'ercm* r quired. Apply at 29 Union square, corner 01 Ifltl, si. ' ' j WANTKD-A CAPABLE LAUNDRESS one who I vlj?? T?fw ."?!? ,T*<h'?* <???' tind a 'food place by ?Fl int *'j? West .lltn SL. between 9 and 10 o'clock A M.g \tTANTKD?A VOL'Nt. GIltL FOR GENERAL HOUSE ?? work; goad ooelr. wasbar and ironert reus: hnva rnd ln,4Ure ?l Wast S2d at. WANTKD-AN RXPERTBNCED PERSON TO 1UAKH up I see goods, at 157 Pulton st.. Brooktvu; rood i-e'-f ence required, aud steady employment given. BAERB A CO. WANTF.D-~A LAUNDRESS. COOK. CHAMBERW 4 ID waitress, nurse and se.vosi:ess. for a Uw"claw prVam family, who pay good Gages Aoply at No 7 Wen l-jth st ' srol University >>liur, from 9 144, WAcJSi5l>w.^ro i!l.?I.'S: 0NE PLAIN COOK A\n l.ood wmber and ironer; another ar- child's n?n?.. ? i2ar 7iluirWeI1 **'0fnmendea- Apply at IU Wen 25th ?tt' ANTED?TWO COLORED GIRLS; ONE TO DO 117ANTED? A NURSE AND HBAXISlRRss, ONE COW ISth stTbefora ?P* M 4"" 0f *? 'nf#nt Apply ?? Kti Bast fVA.NTED-TWO GIRLS; ONE TO COOK WASH Fr*nk"uak**: " ?U"r ** c,l*mt>ern.*ld. Apply at';" WANTKD-A NEAT ANI> TrDT^^L^niTDO Lloill t-hambarwork and lake csre of a child in h ur.rat.. ramily. Apply at 3MS Greeawlch St., oaar Braeh W5SJIDpIMV::0LATRLT 0000 *fcAM frRK,:*^ I? at Wra Pariam ?. drew and cloak maker, 27 Bond flf Wanted-a capablb girl POR oevf.rai housework; also an exnerieacoJ Dtrnn n ?' m7 . . dran sod ssslst In ebambarwork. Apply ti i 12 n cluck a\ Il< \\f ANTED?SKVRKAL ENPERILNt ED fluirnu JY mskcrs st IE) Writ (|th st. *knl4">* DRESS WANTED-A THOKOCOHLY CfniPKIENI ...Rt" <tsr>s ..a of doing all kiada of work except rooking shi muw ha willing to level rkc count, r w?hP' JTe,.S* and W aeuiMtoinad to the care of chitdrea. HbeTi^S ?^.t :lf.a n' M ",W?,"re'"IWA Apply at No J WANTED-TWO GOOD HBAMSTR I- ME .4 Anr,.," "*? -* \\ AN I ED IMMBDT ATBI.V - liRf .sSM A HERE AND .. n ' App.7 at Msd.m Bull k L% Wa?2fti st. Oiiue prepared to sew. l" WANTBD-A WOMAN ACQUAINTED WITlTcoLOU mg |w ?t. ta rawurk carte, da ,?lle To a gtmd b?Kl ES55ir,"{uf" \\ AX ILD?A SERVANT, TO DO DOWN STAIRfl ? ta .TU2.L?"" . ?f0?4, r'atn coat, wa-ber and i.ooar ,th k^tdariar references, and willing p?g>? wits the fWm* ll? In tM re is try f,.r the snmm-r; good wJU. wHI ^22" Ai l at.TdOeau st . Brooklyo. M "c pAld' l?^JK LAUNDRESS; ONE WHO in? i the business; must understsnd polish ing shirts; good wages gives. Apply at Hwaesy'a Hat" UTillTRD-FtllfR YOUNG LADIES WITH qRtrtwn a!k,T;"r.;eM,,u" tISK wmivch aovbrtinhmrmts. 1 ]FRA5CHIH DF.SIRE 8K FIjAOKH tOMlf X i Sr..| WIMBR, LIQUORR, AO. j 0LZ '\*tJ<Z SALE ?25 RARRKL8 OF A NO. I ' N. T, AFPlr to J. MCLAUGHLIN. ?, ! MIUiTART A SID NAVAL. 11KO I PARK PLACE-ONK HUNDRED DOLLARS A bounty paid to no'dieix discharged for wounds roc nod I* battle. Also to those erring lu three tears regiments. BROWN k SHELDON. Military and Naval banking OSlce. AN ALIEN CAM HAVE (450. CASH DOWN, Til DAY, to .'OU> subst'tute in my p ocu. also, two more can revolve the a.toe for iwo Irian la of mine drafted. Call between 7 and II A.M. at lo. 1U>? Moalgiincrr street, Jersey City, in eegar store, two and a ba.l blocks abot* the ferry. Army and navy.-wantsd, five good bom ? titutes for the Navv. 9'aJO oash in band. Also two eolo ej meu. App.y at the Couiinrre'a Hotel. I5'> Cedar street, near West. II P.NIt t H SMITH. Attention. volunteer- cash in h aid and $50 promli nl for vol'ioterrs. Cholee of heavy artillery (lor garrison duty), cu a ry, luf-tnirv or the navy. The eery Pthest bounty to English Irish, Munich or Oer ?nana to go as subs tlin lee for n.rcUsuta In tl>i < itf. Vp ply aur'v at the H, Army anil Navy Ag.iuc.v, No. 9.1 West street, airier ol Cedar, up stairs Attention, volunteers \ni> substitutes ? he iabie Informstion l orn.shed lo persona about initi. ing the military or naval service. Where an < h?tv in art ire the largest ca?h bounties offered, at tbe Milliary Law olllce 01 WAhUhUKN Si W OUR ALL, iltai Broadway Attention, volunteers.-?.v*i bopvty.-men wanted, lor heavy artillery. cavalry, inisntry and the UnlteJ liuii'i Marine corps. Apnlv at the M 'Itary Law ontee of WAHllBUKN k WORRALL, Hfifl broad tray, uear Lhauihere alt eel. AHIOll prick will be paid for two hood men, to go ss suhatltulae; vaah dutra as smut an passe I; House."?' ?F "** '? Aub'f ?l 1H2 West street, Pavonla Army and navy volunteers and substt uiea furnished Any person bringing a recruit to tins office twl 1 receive (idU. Apply at No. i> East Broadway, corner Catharine. Cupula NOLAN. Lieutenant LANIOAN. Army and navy -tew tbous.vnt> recruits wuuted. A70D bounty. (150 hand mooev. Un Put States Recruiting o lie - No. -47 Hroadway, room 25, and *n. 1 Kx ehsuge place. Jersey City. Colored recruits taken. Substi tutes fur $300. A SUBSTITUTE. FOR THE ARMY, WANTED.?A J\ gi/od nuu will be liberally dealt with. Apply at No. 141 Maiden lane, uu >!.ilrs. Bureau ok surgical examination. No. ;i Otiambers street. Dr. J. W. POWELL, formerly of Hi umtv latn Eiamlu ing Surgeon BtVird o: I nro'mont. S -rpnort in charge. CITlV.T'.NS subject to Ct'ifl wi'l b- eiaminrd, ind i:i. formatl I* n".v tin e ant dlsablltv tV. it exempts, or d liable to be held lor s o vii e. SlJBSTIPf'TI.S inn I ? tro lor vhnt hrancb Of the service the. aro best ada'ded BROKERS, b lore sprout in: ? In.o and money on a reor'dt, e ,n - - nun with certain! if he la a -n.niil, good man. E animations strictly prirate. hxi erieeeed surgeons eonat ml v oil Inly. Refer, bv permission, to Mayortdniher. <-.\ M.nor Opdyke, V. I. A. Boole, City Inspector, nod a hundred others. DKAFTLD MEN KIIUN"I{!'IM? W.IU Its fIT I I' MR ai short notice ami on the most rc.isonehlo term* Sub. etitutKH will be credited by the Provost Mm h I to my town r.r district of this Slulu. I'arnur must he sur t to bring Mieir nntices of fining dratted and the inonn tp;.i lo J. WAR REN KLINN. No. 2 Warren street, near Broadway. DHAKTKI) MEIf FURNISHED WITH SUBSTITUTES and Bxemplious procured for tho-.i ? aro.lerl, not draft ed. Contractu with towns promptly fll.'d. Roter.oices lo inernhani of high standing. Au hess (taptnii Combs, 50 Llspi nard street, urnr broudwav. I EXTRAORDINARY NOTICE- -r'E RSONS DRAFTRD '2 or liable to draft can uavc allou i. mutilates Turn i?oed on the most reasonable terms Apply to A. LYONS A CO., 50 Chatham street. TTBADQUARTKRR, NINKTT-NINTH KBOIMENT N M a. S. N. v., New York, Juno M.1 !H/H.?Special Orders, No. IS.?This regiment is bert h ordered to nshciiible at the. State Arsenal, corner of Thirty-fifth street and Seventh avenue, on Friday. July 1, at 7!? o'clock P. M , lor Ium?'c Hon. Line at H o'clock preel ely. The non-eom missioned stall', band uad drum cori>a will report to tbe Adjutant at a quarter before 9. By ordar. P.J H ANMAN, Mgjor Coiuinanding. Ricraro Nonius, Adjutant Marines wantkd-to whom high cash bouiil es paid; 10 men wanted today. 1'nrtto* bring ing men for service treated liberally. Applv at the Bounty, Pay, Army and Navy Agency, 111 Nassau street. Recruits and substitutes wanted.?high est cash and govern me ut bounties paid us soon as pa -ti ed by tbe doctor (lull hand money paid to those bringing recruits, by Captain COMH8, 50 Llspeiiaril street Substitutes, at 17 bkoadway. near battery, UBSTITUTK-S, AT 17 BROADWAY, NEAR BAITKKY, 1 BUMNTiTUlhS, AT 17 BROADWAY, NEAR BATTERY, furnished for any district, bv honorable and reliable parties. Apply from 7 A.'M. UU <1 P. M. S' UB8TITUTE8, SUBSTITUTES, SUBSTITUTES ?THE highest prices paid for alletia or discharged veteraus to go as siihatliutes. Also invalids can get a large iKJuntv by catling at nllice, 12 Chambers street. Captain D. P The oKriCB for substtutkh in the navy ud irmv Is st 87 Writ street corner of Albany. 'I'lis hl.hi'-t bounties p<it<1. Call and -ee Imtoro enraging else, wlnn*. Alao wanted men for whaling, merchant and Psh. iue ?o*age?. JAMES Jt t'O. Y OH/NT KERR ~AN~D"~BUi8T ITl'TES ? IRISH* GER man uud Englishmen wnuled. Highest unNli and uov ernnient boinities piid Brokers and other* paid I for v., ?- Tyni COMBS, .VI Ltspeuard at. VOLUNTEERS WANTED?VOLINTKKRR WANTED? Kor army and navy. $900 cash will bct|raid for two good men fun.' lor substitutes. Apply at the Army and Navy Agencv, 17 North WIDIain street. Y'lI.tTNTEl RB AND SUBSTITUTES WANTKD,?THE h ghest bount- i ild In eaab as Boon n? pi??ea tov the doctor, at the corner of New Bowery and Olu er street, in the baaement. 11/ANTED?-IRISHMEN, FNGLISHMR.V. SCOTCH, Germans. Fr?i" b. and men of all toil onalltlne. (o en Mat aa volunteers The highest bounty paid 'nab In hand on pan*init the doctor. Itellef ticket* to fsinllfe-. Agents will receive the highest promlutne. Apply at 453 Broadway. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?6.001 GOOD MEN FOR the army and navy, who wt I receive llio highest cash bounties paid. Now la your time. bore, before tbe bounties stop For informal! n car. ai GEORGE H. SMITH'S law, No 4 New Chambers rrcet, room* Nos. 8 and 6, up ?talra. $475 MEN WANThD-TO KIM, A TOWNSHIP <$l'OTA, AVf to whom the hi/Ires; bono'.* will bo paid cash In hand. Apply to the Committee, Ml Newark sU. corner of Washing ton, Hohoken. N. .1. QQTH NF.W YORK VOLUNTEERS.?THE .NUMBERS iji' of C.uupany 11 o! this regiment, will as-eioble ou the lower end of the Pink hurra |t?, tela day (Thursday), June ?i at K o'eliit, to turn In their equipments, preparatory to belug mii-ietT I out. Every one U expected to come pre cise y at 2 o'clock, so a. to cause no dela-. PATRICK KELLY, Second Lieut., Mtk X. T. Vats . commanding Co. IT. inn WANTED?FOR THE ARMY OR NAVY. Iwu Hith easli ho intles paid. Old English. Irish or German sol tiers accepted. Klltv men wauled to-dar. Sd.OIQ baa la-en 'r nil hjr one man. prDe money. Apply at the Bounty. Fa,. Army aud Navy Agency, 111 Nassau street, up stair* <?irWk TO '1V) handmonby ;paid-agents or Jpl'/U Runner* for vomoteers for thlacitv. 'fen men wanted i->day; the highest bouotv ca-h down as aoon aa passed b> the doctor. Apply at 423 Broadway. Oil in HAND money, to runners and bro ?P-L I kers, for autietltutey, to wlioin the highest bnuutv will l>0 paid. Drafted men supplied at short notice, at the Substitute Agency. 29 Centre, street, New York. (JIDtl CASH BOUNTY-KOR 10 VOLUNTEERS ipTUrJ to llll the quota of a country town; alse English, Irtah. Fcjti h and German* for substitutes. for whom the highest price will he paid. Apply to Captain KINQ.Dey Street House, 86 Doy street. d>f7C C\SH BODNTyT?VOLl'NTKEKS~W ANTED, iJt t t) not substitutes. Aa this regiment Is particularly detailed for s|jec si serrii-e none hut sound men need ap ply. Two sorgesats wanted for this roglmeat, who will be mu-tered in a- aueh Immediate!,'. Apply to Captain WELLS. 180 Centre street, corner of Walker. -WANTED. TWENTY MEN, AH VOLUN. , _ . _ . t -ers to (111 a town quota, to whom $ 478 cash Will be given *' ISA Hpr.og street, basement <>rnA-CA8R DOWN, TO SUBSTITUTES; $4.'J) TO CvvM/ vo unteers: clioloe of syrjfea. army or nary. Ap ply at 67 Cort andt -treet. enroer of Washlngtom. ??-/in C4SH IN HAND I0R 8UB8TrTUTR8 Ohoioe of regliaents. Alaa two aheos wiah to s-rve as aubotttute- for a nrlcs Drafted men or men lia'l? ta b* dr*'t*d aea fnru.'MM with substitutes. Apply to C. M NOONAN, corner of Canal street and tha Bowery, unuer CH/ens' ?a-. lags Bank ?enn -ARMY NAVY and maicN'E COBPS.'VOL. notes-? and substitutes wanted. ra-h Isi inty paid; three suhrtudie* wanted <s dayf $4(kt and $fiOd rash given Parties brtuging men trent-d literally. Appiv at the Bounty. Pay, Army and Navy Agency, III Maasnu street, up sta rs. 0 "fir, CAfHl IN HAND FOR SUHST.TUTKS. ) Chotce or service and relief to families procured. \Te pav a!' we advertise and no deduction. Must cat1 early at ?14 Grand -treet, near Bowery, NICHOLS A CO. ?MEN WAN Tin FOR INFANTRY AND CAV ? P I ?)?". alr? ; choice of company oud r??:insai ? 1 iti/ens Bounty $4tll Government Bount' and one mouth's advance pay 118 Htatu pav to married men tor three years 216 ? $731 Barb rr?rul? po? lively revolves cash In hand before I ear log Trunin, $I4S $i< pretu urn will bo paid (or *11 a-eept ed recTUltO presented at the old Recruiting Office Id Mouigo* mery street. Jer ? Cuy. N. J. Recruits ate-uld by all means npply themselves. E C HOPPER. Us--tain Filth N. .1. Vols., Recrutilug Officer. CASH BOUNTV.?WANTKD, TWO GOOD sJKjI 'U rnra for ?n? branch of the land service, u.' foi ti.e navy, tha best chance ever otfered. Call aad see for yourselves at the Pearl Street Home, 311 l'ear. street. ?Qcn OA?H BOUNTY FOR VOLUNTEERS. ?J)oOU Local bounty $401) H.a.c pnv to fam! y tntm MO Government be .nty.. . ... KW-0861 l'*i mrn wanted for cavalry, doing proroat guard duty. IV) men wanted fer anhlery, doing gerreon duty. ;us> men wain*.! i*r infantry, provost guard duly. AMI men wants,I far . bate* regiment* In the Pe'if Th-?a men are wauled k* volunteers. not substltatM; art mus'ered In tire reg'meni- they < booae and ore (iiaranteed 0' erytlung prom ?*d as above. Apply at M Klllhareaua, near Ami r streei. (tonn 1,0,1 TWO ROUND MEN.-$900 CASH DOWN VcuD Apply i aimed lately at Army and Navy Claim OTce. 03 Fnlti.n siraet. anon WILL BR PAID FOR TWO VOLUNTBRRS ?rs/Ult For the country, choice of cava ry. lafantry er artfl.'err. Go.?l treaimcnf. and relief sent to ramilloa. Ap pi) at the Franklin House. M Portland! street. tnnn RBOBUIT8 wantrd-for tub army, .VUU AT 17 BROADWAY. $40 ) caah la hoa>. pa d eaeh man. l.iU) Voi-raos wanted 'or tha army. AT ?7 BROADWAY. $460 caah In hand paid each man. tMR) Baarnsn wanted for the nary, AT 17 BROADWAY. $400 cask in hand paid eaeh mat. l,i?/ Loads man wanted In tb* nary, AT F BROADWAY. $40D aaah In hand paul aach man I ifcOFIrvmen wanted for the navy, AT 17 BROADWAY. $4(10eash la hand pnid each pi m. l.'OO c.-a4paseers wanted for llm navr. ? ? AT 17 BRUADWAY {400sash m hand paid each m*n Man eumlng In this nmve to enlist can relv upon obtaining the meat honorable treatment? "pun lecetrine the moeey offered In full, witho it delay, with.? it humbug or Imposition. Come and ?ea for TonrKlvea. Office epen from 7 A. M. to ? P. M. MILITARY AWO NAVAt. <CQf|rt CASH DOWN FOR TWO SUBSTITUTES J uPc/LAVr a ?o blg.ieat bountle* for volunteer* ?a 1 soldier* lor the Invalid earn*. r.-i ?f ticket* f*r families. Apply at Pat lemon Jd oust, 7j CortUndt -treat. <5QQ7 ?28 J"*?. WANTED AS VOLUNTEERS; IMS U>00 t ? ummb if, .iifantrv. artll cry. Furlough* guar .11 teed fer id hour* Apply el tb? udloe. 34 Walker ?'reel, between Broedw*, ?Uvi Church street. Premium* paid for men. NAVAL PRIZE NONKY.AC. A HOT'-PRIZE M'JNEY TO SAILORS ? BOUNTY MONEY TO SOLIiiKRS discharged for *ouad* rerelvert in battle. Ac. Discharged Navy or Armv Officers. Sailors or sol i era, iheir Widows or Heiri. PROMPTLY PAID their PRIZE and BOUNTY MONEYS. BACK PA*. Ac., by EDWARD Ui tSKLL, Army and Nary Banker, and late Purser u. s Nary. .71 Broadway, corner Ouambsir* a tree Neva York. All prize moneys collected, and advance* inane on claim* at HKOW N A Sll ELDoN H Military an,l Naval Banking Office* No. 2 Park place. New York, and IK! York xtreel. iirooklyn. ALL PRIZE MONEY NOW payable can be obtained AT ONCE BY APPLYING. IN PERRON OK BY LETTER. TO WALDBM A WILLaKD. LATE U ? NAT*. IBrt YORK STREET. BROOKLYN. BOUNTIES, BACK. Pay and all other claims ADJUSTED WITHOUT DEL AT. All the officers and crew up the IIE SOTO _ can obtain tbelr prize mooer in one #.y, by applying U WaLDef, A WILLaRD, IS8 Turk street, Brooklyn. LL PRIZE MONEY NOW PATABLE L CAN BE OBTAIN ED AT ONCE, By upplving to J C. DICCET A CO., Ra 112 Breed way, New York. B OCNTY. PRIZE MONHT, ARREARS OK PAT AND PENSIONS PROCURED AND CABHKD BY ALLEN, VaN BU'ltKN A LUCKEY, 243 Broadway. CLAIMS OP DISCHARGED SOLDIERS AND OPPI cera for $100 bounty, pension* and arrear- of pay, and of w hom and hetra ol deceased ntticer* aud soldiers, col> lenu-d ut the Military Ijtw oifce of WABIIBUUN A WOR* RAM., 'fid Broadway. "/TONNBCTICUT." \J M. SNYDER, Jr. (late of United State* Traaanry Department), it'J Nu-suu Kirn"!, comer ot Liberty And oppo site 'rie k*e?t oil-ec, New "V rk. I ' collortliic *nd paying th? !'r., i! Money for nl \ lur.-g; made by United Stalea alearoer ?Connecticut." n.? by mull will receive prompt at lentlon. Heirs ok skamen of the db soto can receive the pay and prize tonnev due them. Heir* ut *eauieu killed or died n the service please call on HRAYNARD A ROWING, It! Naa?.tn Kiruat PKI/.K MONEY?KOR KVERT VESSEL CAPTURED? collected at once. SKY) Bounty obtained for wounded soldier . am! prompt collection uf all tall tarv and naval Cialui guaranteed by SAMUEL M. CLARKE. $4 Pine street. N. Y. rrtHB CREW OK THE r>E SOTO CAN OBTAIN THEIR J. prize money at once by apfilv lug to .M. L. T\BB A CO. Army and Navy Claim Amenta, DO York alreet, Brooklyn. u NITED STATES NA?Y. PRIZE MONEY OKFICB. HRAYNARD A ROWING. 16 N ansa it alreet ?1 /inn flrtll prikb money will be paid ?y l.UUw.l III' I without the usual delay of twenty daya. by the Seamen'* Hank, I'.?.'! York alreet, Brooklyn, and by REUBEN VOSK, ti'.f Wall atreet. CLOTHINQ. A'surer PLACE.?AT 2 S3 HIXTII AVENUE LADIES and gentlemen will lind the tair and honest dealer, B. Mi NT/., to whom Ihev can ilisi use of their Cast Off Cloth ing Carpet*. Furniture and Jewelry, at flftv per cent more than bv other dealers in the oit\. 1 proinlHe to pay the fol lowing i>ree* ?SUk DreKfO", fiom $S to $415: Coat*. $4 to $ A; Pauls, i- to $7 Aim for Woollen, Deiame and MtiS llu Dre*?es 'ne highest cash price* will be paid. A call or a note by pot will be puin dually attended to. Ladies at tended to bv Mrs. Mint'. l'l*?*o remember the original B. Mini - and the number. IMS Suth avenue, near Eighteenth street. Orders from Brook! vn and Jersey City punctually attended to. Attention.?at 222 seventh avenue, near Twenty fifth -treet. L idle* and gentlemen, I have thn pleaaure to annoutiee again that I have received a large or do from California and the Western market* to pay thn lughe t prices for ladle*' and gentlemen's Wearing Apparel, Carpet*, Furniture, Jewelrv. Ac., bv paying ftli per cent morn tbnn am-other dealer In the city. We guarantee la pav for Indie* Silk Drove-, from $b to $10; Woollen, from $i to $10; al<o Calico. Delaine Mitalln. Ac. Gentlemen'* Coat*, trom $.6 to $,'0. Pent*, from $2 to $7. An. Ladle*sad gentlemen, don't forget the right number M. MAROKS, ?2 Seventh avenue, near Twoty-lifth street. By culling on or addre**liig me vou iv II be dealt with honeatly. Order* will be attended to from Brooklyn. New Jersey, Hohoken. St*ten Island, Ac. Ladies punctually attended to by Bra. Marck*. _____ ATTENTION.?AT 212 SEVENTH AVBNUB. H. RO SEN HERO. the California and Western agency store, received large order* to pitichane $7o 'wf> worth of Ca?t Off Clothing These order* must be filled In n very abort tune. Ladle* aud gentlemen I wish vou would lake par ticular notice and look over votir war'robe*, and see If you have anv clothing vou do not need. Eor your satisfaction I will mention "ome of the prloe* ?Silk Dresees from $6 to fiSli,.ifll*'l?froni $.'> to $2.. Pant* from $3 to $7: aiso. Woollen *nu n-??e** Carpel*, Fnrnlinre, Jewelry. A"., bv calling on or anon-..,,... u boannDKno sia Seventh avenue. Ladte* attended totfy Mrs. Rosenberg, in and out uf the city. APO*rTIVE FACT ?H. HARRIS, OF 1?4 SEVENTH avmue, take* ih>* opportunity w onnonnee to tbc rom munt'.v hat lie li,u. advanced 4J percent <.n the tnuel prices ! for c*et off Wearing Appa-el, Carpets, Furniture. Jewelrv, Diamond.*. Ac Am Ik- hu a itrrtu demand for the** article* 1 fill tbc Sr.xf Orleun market. ladle end ^euilenen hiring ntiv or tot! entne to dtKpobe of cannot fall by ca:ilog on or adurrsatng II. llxrrU. N Seventh aveane. sear Twentj jc 'i t alivot, hIn*? e yon can depend upon receiving a he her price rti?n ??!**?? core n the rttr. We guarantee to pai the it noat value for ei li article and no humbugging, a- n u t ai d by a good many Mner high offerers and then tiemli me to gut them for half tbc amine. Laill o waned upon by Mr*. U. liarrii, at their own rcaidcncea. in and oat of the cltv. AT 137 SIXTH AVEN UK.?LADIES AND URNTLB men, if you wish to reretv# the hi-hem price lor your Coat (id t.'iutbiug, Carpel*. Kuruilaio, Ac., the beat von cut do in to imll on or renil a note to K. M1NTX. at No. 137 Suth avenue, two doora from Tenth atrwt Ladiea attctnle.l by Mra. Mini;:. True, you will bo dealt with to your aatiafno tion and benefit. ATTBBT1UNI?AT TUB NBW STOKE. 114 THIRD AVR duo. "ladle* and gentlemen are guaranteed to receive the blgheat prtcaa f<w each artlrle of Cart Off Wear,tig Ap parel. Furniture. Carpet*. Ac., tor tbc .Southern ami Wan. torn inarkela. Flc.iae remember and try C MIS HI It Third avenue, near Fouiteenth street. Itadieeattended to by Mra. Mull. A T 242 SEVENTH AVENUE CORNER OF TWBNTT J.X *utih ?:ieet, B. HART wilt pev the blgheat price* fer ladiea and gentlemen'* Ca?t Off Clothing, Carpeta. Furni ture Ac., be calling or addreaning a note. Ladie* attended to bv tin. Hart. t Attention.-ladies and gentlemen. DON'T let the inotiia deatroy your clothe*. sell them to me; 1 will pay ton what they fire worth i all on oraddrea* MR or MRS. H. OOtlB. 240 Seveutb avenue, near the drug atore. Attention.?v. lbon has a ijkkat dkmand tor Cant tiff clothing Ladiea and gentlemen, your aur? wll' receive the hlghcit price forCua: OB Clothing, Carpel*. Furniture. Jewelry. Ac., on calling at or addressing ?i Third avenue. Ladle* will bo attended by Mr*. Leon A GREAT DKMANl) I Oil CLOTII ING.-LADI KS AND gentlemen wi l receive the hlghee' price lor their Ca?t Off Clothing. Carpet*. |t? by cadlug on or nddre?*inR E. MILLER. 134 Sen nth avenue, b tweon Nine ?enth and Twentieth atroete. Ladle* attended by Mr*. Miller AT THB NKW HTOItR. M CARMINE STRKHT-LA dle* and Kenlloniea eao receive 80 per cent mere for Coat Off Clothing Furniture Carpet* and Jewelry. Uy cal'tai ?n or addrcs.eiog U. HART, at tli# above nun her. wi 1 be cum tnally attended to. Ladle* attended to by Mr*. Hart. AT V3 BOWKRT -M. ROSENTHAL 1IAS A GREAT de?ire to purehaar a l*rg* <|uuutlty of Coal Of! Wearing Apparel Furniture. Carpet*, Jewelry. Ac. By calling on or ?A IteMinv him ladle* and gentlemen Can obtain the ulmoet value t 'r each art>c e. Ignite* attended to br Mr* Kiweo llial P)"a*e remember, and try 333 Bowery, appu*tte Great Joneattreaa. ICASHHERG PATS THE HIGH EST PRICR FOR J. Ladle*' and Oe*Getnen * Cast Off <Nothlne Partte* waited on by addr**sioc L toahberg. ?H Boat Twelfth street, near Broadway. -Ladle* watted upon by Mra C. ?i fi nnn worth of ottonma wantrd.?i JplU.UUU will pay taa b gbeat price tor Ca*t Off Clothing Carp*U. Furniture, t'a'l en or addrc** H. B. STRAUSS. 98# Savonth aveouo. between Thlrl> third and Thirty fourth atract*. Lad es attendc 1 by Mr* Slraiiat DENTIHTRV. A BET OF TEETH MADE IN THREE HOURM-BN J\ tire rati*!action or notpay. at 2.;'> Suth avenue Seta of Teeth a* iow a* $1U, and no advance required; and ptr*?oa not roqulred to lake or par tor auyihlng utile*- entirely ?uited. Net* of Teeth Willi abain front*, wbleh preserve tne natural euri of the Dp, are made here, and at uo ether place in New York. Weljutod Lower Beta were Invented here, and are made at hoptt er p ace. There are many imitation* ol We.ghted 804*. Plumper Seta and Seta over rimmed to fill out the face, are tuade here, entirely different and superior to what can be had at any other eeiabltRhment. NITROlT!M)x"lDE OAS ha* bean given here tor over *ev*n thousand canoe, and Te*th eitracted without pain. No accident or <dckoe*a baa occurred from Its u*e here. We give it every dav. Between Fiftaentb aud SiileentU atresia, No. 299. A8F.T OF TBBTH MADR BT BTEAH-SOMi rillNU new?for $10. All pereon* In want of Aril beta. lortn can now bo accommodated oh *hot l notice. Teeth oiiraeted wlthoutpatn. by my chemically purified ehhiroforna Dr. WAIT, III Fourth arcana, opposite Eleventh street. A FIRST CLASS BROAD WAV DENTISTRY ESTAB J\ I -hment, large*A miel rtpMA 1.2*3 Broadeay. near Thirtieth street. KilraorSlnary p^P* Heautllul Artincml Tooth, eete $10, $14, $20, wimaiel Filling teoUt. gold, $1. Attracting tooth without pal*. Five premium* award .-d DR MAN SON. DeetlaL An esthetic nitrois oxidi. Teeth Bitrarted during a ouiel *leep. poeltively with ?tripsin or tnyurtoo* reeulia ^ To Mommodote the largo number of pereon* reqolring bi* profeeatooai *ervioo*. Dr HOTT boa removed ? ?b# fnnr e>#ry bolldlng No S7B Broadway, near Eighteenth itraoA AT VAN JMplt'Si tt BOND STRUT, TRRTH BE trai led without pain. F AN V LBCK, 47 Bowl itrwt, the cheapest and hoet Dentl*t la New Torh. V*n Vleeb'a now c*ntionene Gum fboth are now oil the rap*, and very cheap __________ OJ.TON DBNTAL ASSOCIATION.?PATIRNTH WHOi btvo a large number of te*th ?o extract wo rd aovoi the eerewlty or wa ling bv calling and *er dug *? appoint; mrot. We make the fa* (re*ti dailv, *n<l have never had vi failure or arridont with It. Ofllo* 22 liond Street. Sew Vort 1 HA ART ELL. DENTIST. 46U SIXTH AVBNUB. RBLO JH Twen'v ninth ?tr?#t Po??u!i*i en free. RitracUi 2b cent* Rubber and ellvor vote nf teeth fi t Part a $1 Gold (tiling, $|, Silver Sc' Mat*. Oib * hour* 7 A. M. uatll _____ \T $. GRIFFIN A BROS . 13* URAND 8TRF.BT 11 . Tnrk nod 237 Fultoa ?tr*e?, Rrtmktvn ?re ffbtn Teeth Milttvolv without pain hv the n*e of nurea* gsa No eliargo for eitr ioting when artlfi.u*! teeth * Inyried Tb>'V are ,vl*o Inserting full Set* o| r.-eih $23 plat'lifl. $23; Oliver. $h . rubber, $hl. purlin gold. $S; Oliver. $1. Iilrutix J$ cent* 0'

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