Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 1, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 1, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. TiiCMMY, Juno 30?8 P. M. The reported ?Munition of Secretary thaie created some sen.sat! a iu Wall etrvct to-day; but pricce or stocks were tut Idflutnced tin (l> to ai.y jtreal exletit ilie market opened with a "> etter feeiirg than was d sp ayed yeeterdiy, and a ma) city 0( the slates represented ra (lie lUt advanced. C pared with Us; h(ft)est cash sates on Vcc--day. Nc.\ Y- -k Central advnncod '? per cen'.l.iio i .ilway )i, liio i r-derred >4, Eer.dirg >4, Mich... u Co. tr .1 1,11 cblgan ontbera >4, Illinola Cen tral )l,l ittabur^ and F? 11 V ayr.e ^.("Tixago acd North wester! Cliicsge, Burli'i >a and Qulncy V, Quick silver Mining 1, ' iltt 'tro ana Huds?a t'unal 1, and Peon sylvan.1 C ul Company 1, tiovelind and PUt-bu'g, Chic gn and rrd. Is >od and Maripot 1 Company sold the same, l sonKiver declined ?<, Clt-vclard and Toledo 6,Cumberland Coil 8.14,Cantos Con.i?uy >4, and Ohio and Mitsieslppl certificate: >4. "the 11 a: .etwes heavy In the afternoon, end price' generally declined. Theci sing quotations were as fol tows:?New Y ;lt Central 131, Trie lll^, and the pre f rrcd 61 -k 112>4. Hudson ItiVer 13S, Heading 13?, Michigan Central 118, M hhin ?? uthcrn 94Illinois Central 130, lovelaad and Pittsburg 111^, Chicago and K< rthw extern 02. < level nd end Toledo ISO, t hlcago and Rock Island lll\J, Pittsburg nud Fort Wayne 112.S*? Pacific Mr.II 28?, Canton C-wi any 88V, Cumberland Coal 66 l.i, and Ohio and 111 sissir; eortlSoatra 61. The United States coupon b inds Oi 1681 closed at 111, Interest on. the ro.. lele-cd five twenties at 100}{. a'd the coupons at 10' *4; the rcven thirties at 101, and the one year cert'.ficat"s at OS"', The operations in gi ld t ?-1 v v.c-ro extremely wild, and bo fixed price cotv.d bo settled upon by regular dealers. It ran/el 1 .tureen 240 snd 210; but the principal sales vroro made at 247 to 213. Sterling exchange is quoted at 2-15 a 267 for currency end 103 a 110 for gold. It is announced that the .Assist ant Trii-.surcr will commence to draw bills to-iu .n-.iv. Tbo government has negotiated a l-nn, which report places as high as ono hundred millions, with German bankers The terms have not transpired. The July Interest on the IJS1 b ?ads will be payable to morrow at tho Fub-Treasury, in coin. To-day closes the fiscal year of the United Slates gov crnine:t,and If rumor proves trie, the function* of Sal mon T Chase, of Ohio, a? ?e rotary cf tho Treasury, rill pass c !1 v. ith It A report 1* a= current in Wall stiei t ih it the Secretary had already real ned or was about to res ,;a, and that the President would cot hesitate to grant Ins dosire We could not tries the rumor to any reliable atarti'.ip polot; bet we are 11 vorthelc-s unwilling to doubt Its authenticity. Mr. Chase is noltba man for the pool tint, and we have, stoco his inaaguratiou, contio ally urged upon the President the nr.e3sity of placin.; at tho ,Load of the mot.-tary affairs of the nation aoaie person who had tbo ability to cope with the exigencies that tho troubled condition cr tho country would be likely to produce, and wo have as often told blm that that posit km required a mau who had sufficient kuovrlorfgo of tho financial history if other nations to enable h n to avoid the difficulties and dan gers which tboy encountered during times of monetary distress. We have a so told Mr I luc lu that Mr. Cfcaso was Ignorant of tho duties of the station over which bo bad given lx in supreme c utr i; and tho stubbr ru ci-urso tbo latter has pursue 1, h.s reekle.-s disregard of the ad vice and. admonitions of his ba-d frie is, and tno steady decline of the government credit under hl3 administra tion, nj'i3t havo convinced tbe Pr indent, tig they hive satisfied us, as well as the pub'.!- ,eaoraliy, that wo were right One mouth ago the pew five per cent loan wns being absorbed &t the rate of Fix millions ; er woek, the bonds of 1831 were worth fourteen per c-r.t premium, the five-twenties were aellirg nt thirteen per cent above par, end tho seven and three tenths Treru urj notes c uid not ho obtained at a less rate thru 112, while gold was quoted at 1S7. Hark tho di.Toreiice Cold to day i3 worth 210, the subscriptions to tho ten-forty loan have censod entirely, the bunds of 1S31 are down to 1C2, at d tho Dve-twccties arc selling at par. No bettor argument than the e figure# furnish is required to conv nee the people th .t-the time for a chutg- iu the ad mi clrtiati-n of financial i fT-trs at tVashlngton has ar rived , nod tli t tho resignation of Mr. Chase w 111 produce a genera! rejoicing. It ie also reported that tho President bos appointed ox Governor David Tod, cf Ohio, at the successor of Mr, Chase In the treasury Departme .t. If this sb uld prove true the movement wpuld be gelna from bad to worse Mr Tod, no daubt, is a highly respectable broken down politician, and. In the position of head of tho Paailary Commlss'on of tho.'"os tern States, Is fully able to accom plUh all that tho du:ie3 of such a station demand; hut be is not the person calculated to restore the confidence of the people or to etay tb-.< rapid progress we are making towards financial rulu. We want some man whose abb lity to manage the monetary affaire of tho country is unquestioned, and in wbcm the people can repose tho faith w hich is necessary te ro establish tho government crodit. Such a man is General John A. Pix, of New York, who is known to every capitalist in the country, mud who has been tried and found equal to theiequire roonts of the station. Yet it uppoars that the superior koowieJge of Mr. Dlx has^een overlooked by the Presi dent, and his attention attracted towards a Western poli ti lin, who Is entirely unknown in monetary circles, and wh sc idea' or finance are probably even more limited than th' .e of Mr. Chose. The report of tho AsFlstaut Treasurer to-day is as fol tows: ? Kocoipt3 from customs $398 WW 00 Total rece ipts 6.7'7,375 35 Payments 4.627.0-13 64 balance 17,799,CM 34 Tho condition of the bank* ?>f the three principal cities of the I nie-n Is exhibited tu the foil-wing table, which gives the aggregates of their last woekly stkt.>mants ? JToan*. Specif. Circulation, t< K York. June 13.$197"7T.0W 4 riiy.ij)# 153 TTi.Vl I'blla.. J ue 27. 42 O57.76o 9,'. 3.-40 2,0.2.170 SJ.I.'i.piS bostuu, J une 27. 09,931,036 6,170,773 9,098,718 30,806,183 Total SV9.KI5 ? 18 3*2.436.113 lN'JocCiJl 22 ;.7S",fH0 Diet week 304.01 -,*50 S3.3-i7.020 16,0i7,097 133.773,930 Increase in loans $4,155 312 Decrease in ape--e 062.516 Deere is- in eirc ilallon 48.706 Decrrase in drp.j.lts tl.0t2.060 Th; Hanover fire Cor.ii any of this cl; has declared its usual semi-annual d ?id-nd of six per cent, freo of government tax, payable on demand. Tbr 'I ? .unttan l ire Insurance,Company will pay on the 1st of July a dividend of Yen per cent. Th? earnings of the Racine and Mississippi and Northern Tiling* isilroads during tho week ending June 21, In 1833 and 1864, were as follows:? ISM. 19C4. 1'issengers $2,116 2-07 Freight 0,718 ll.slfl Mails, &c 371 400 Total $0,232 16,023 lucre no $6,701 ?The roeelpta of the above roads since the first of u-.ry an.-ntut to $249,193, against $194,126 during thi Buuac time. ???} tar. Stock Gfrhangi. Tui liSi-AT. June 80?10:80 A. 14. R10000 C 5 8V, 'bl, con 11 ?4 sou .Us Jirte RE . Hi',' lO.iki do 110'i 18 u do Ill , r 0 V 8 C. -.5 20 ?. reg 102 Tiro da 1M), !(?<?) do.. 10 100 da bi II4K fid,-J J I' 8 ti v. 5-2 d's.cou 1 1 2i?) da b*) IP ? 69 (M do 101 '4 an Erie J:K pref. ... IP. , 4 "O d> 101 , 60 do ill 2d . lull, 4.10 B?d Kir RM ISj 8 > o Tr ti 7 3 10. OA A P>"H H*i do. bS J39?i lf> 0 da P3 J-<?J do. i:i8i7 run d- f eh A Aug JOS'; so do i : l?J0#t78< s. 1 year or P2 4 2 0 do 13-u ID 0 do 98 91 do Me rtv" 4>"U do 93'i 86 Ckte .4 A tprrr .... 07 f'"?l do 93j? It*. V s* I . Ak .... 41 2 0 Ill< up 6'?, '70.. 103 7'I0 K?a 'lug UK lit) JO' ' V I'sio'lua 6 s .. 54 1*1 k' <lo 130K f?'>? > Ohio A Miea cer.. 52 I'o Michigan Cent Kit. 1i? lOftN do f.?>4 3d! do. 138*4 2 ) r.t> Sets 72'. bO c'o 115 13*-2 41 "J da 82'* 4 ? Mich So A N la RR 96 luuOM V Cee'rwiOa.. 114 IO) do "5, 8 'Buff. lAKre 1 m 112 10J do ,.blO 99 60 ' l-.r - Jib m bda , 12) loo Mlci So.t N lastd III 16*? T!t CtnTra: bd4... 124W 2.h II. Csnl HB ser p 11IM fu 0 Mich Si 4 f b' ?... 117 f. 0 do Hit? fi rt? Alt .4 Ter H let m 112 im da fSI', ?:> >J All AT II lor bda. 14 fAiO do blO 11214 ti ?>.- U .14 94 1st m. IPI 9 'Clev A Pitts RR .112 14 -W Cev A Ts! ? I bds U6 2(0 do II.'K ft 0 I'.Us F ?V A 0 3d m 08'^ 5 0 do 112 ? 10-0 Ml s A Mn lsad gt #1 Iti do sowk in1? 1'->j0 <hc A Alt 1st m. 115 11 no o- ......... 1I2-. limbs Psu'ialiww git. 134 5 o OP le .A ft \V HR.,,. M'f <V> Mfch mics Rink. , 100 2 o do ft.', 23 Octen Hank 97 W Ciik A * W prsf .... 88 U Ain I ich Bank ... 119 22 do ?t? Canton Cau. pat.r . S?'$ KOOtCv ATol RR ISO 10 Del A Had Can Co. 73 < 400 d> IJBW 6? do 2.U .*>1 do 133', H renn I ??l i 211 KhOChlc A Rk RR. e 112^ OjCuiab Cealpref ... 2 0 d 112 f?> Jo WH 50 da.. bin M? 800 Qolckki rer Mjj 5ds 76 , 79 Chic. Bur A KB. 132 150 Slime ota MgOo.. 40 WO oo 131*4 190 Pucka County Lewd X H M A PdnO RR M pf W Nli Damp A Malt Cos!.. 164 85 New Jsree* RK ... 170 ?800 Marlpora Kg Co ... 61 2o. P lis, ft IT A C KR 11$ do M 3uo do llfV S Y Central lift " rib? t^) A t klttWvnt 'H ?? IHH 9W Mar A Ola RK lsipf it . SROORT) SDABD. n^4SlS?aftt.Pft f in ft?a i? do WIS 200 oo i)H 13114 Tr nu.7 8 10,OA i iwt 100 de..,,...Viblo iSl do . y2i........ jojrf On M .eh ffeatml kit... ift*} do rebAAuglmk lot) 4m |S |0W) .1000 do sr. 001 do MV .r . ... ? - -- lp jJojJ bOOOOble A Mto. cer 51'? 100 IlliuoUOooRU-crip 4iA?X) do 51', 1.00 do 6o(X? do 51 200 do.MHMHl ljO ?b? Cum t'ual pn T.. fifiU S00 do ISO 6 K) do fifit, TOO C'cve A flit a KB.. Ill* ?OooBKaorip IS 4* ? I *>* IMS'-? 100 Cdotou Co.iip-uy.. SOU do 111.4 1 <) till aCr i'DPhir .1 N IV RH M 1 <1 do :.8<i d'K> Chic 1NWKR... , ?5 racldr Mail BS Co.. CO WiOCIeve ATolKK... lS Ml" N V CVu KR. lit 500 Obu- A Rk I KB.... 11? 500 Krie KK Il4li 100 do 1U?< . - - ? i.iic ivi. ii,'. 11vi in KVW do .i 1U?J 200 do Ill 2on do *16 114 in) do ..1)10 1I3S Id'EHe Bii nref.... . 1R2U 'A>) M lAPuii ORR snwk 68 2X> U^lion Blv BR bI5 1(0 Wl'Uta, FlWiCUKKR 112J4 W" .do 131K CITY COJIMK11CIA1, RfflPDRT. Tlcrsd/y, June 80?8 P. M. Asm* ? Receipt*, 165 bbls. Market Crm, with suits of 50 obis, at f 12 for po'.s end $14 00 a $11 02.4 for pearls, which, for tho lattor, Ve hlg'.v. BnsADerriT?1.?Uccelpta, 18,400 bbls. (lour, 1,058 do., and 550 b?gs corn meal, 02,541 bushels wheat, 15,777 do. corn, and 890 do. oits. Tho flour market was more steady to-oay. and at the close sc ireoly o ntrong for imtnedielo ds.iveiy. l or July and Aijust, however, very lull priors were demanded and |?n: 1 Salon 18,000 bbls. Sts'e and Western, Including 4,()0C extra s.Ue for July and August, at J10 75 a $11: also, 200 bbl*. Southern and 1,000 do Ca nrid n at lull prices. Rye floor w ig (lrm, with sale., of 150 bo s. Corn meal was fl.nn, with s .los ot 7,500 bbls , Including 1,500 llraudywico to arrive, at $8. We quote:? 8tip?r(lue State aua Western flour $0 70 a 10 00 Fxtr? state 10 30 a 10 CO Cbeico state 10 05 a 10 80 Common to medium extra Western..., 1" 00 a 10 90 Extra round ho.ip OUj i 10 75 a 10 90 Western trade brands ...10 05 a 11 50 Extra St. Itotis 11 25 a 12 60 Common to god son'bero 10 so n If. 86 (toed to choice extra do 11 00 a 12 50 Common Canadian 10 CO a 10 CO Good to cholm extra do 10 70 a 11 00 Rye Hour, sr. per fine. 7 00 a b 35 (torn meal, buis 7 5o a f 00 Corr meat, puncheons 84 50 a 35 00 ?The wheit marl; t w s irregular, but the clo'in? rdicate ne imc rt mt cbanKO, atid tho demand wan tees active : sale" '3 i.' OO bushels st J-2 82 a $2 85 fur Ctah teo spring. #2 30 ;i j ' 35 fur Milwaukee r.'nb, $2 35 a $2 40 for amber Milwaukee, SI 89 a $2 42 for winter red West ern. $2 46 a *2 50 lor amber Michigan, and $2 5s for while Western, Including cVctp spring, to arrlvo, at $1 30. and No. I Milwaukee club at ?1 37 a $1 40. Rye was scaret nnd firm at ?1 85 n*l 00. Parley and barley mall worn quiet and mercurial. Tho corn market opened linn and cliwe.i 2o. a 3c. higher: sales RO.OH) bushels at ?1 54 ajl 53 frrnow mixed Woslern. Oats were mot o active at Ode. a 93c. forCittada and Stale, 98c. a 93'jC. for Western. aff>nt and in eh re. Coiton.?tfce mukot w is moro active and prices were higher, with sales of nearly 2 000 ? 'eg. t'pWr.d, I'lcr, a M bite. N O.itT. Ordinary 130 130 131 132 Middling 153 150 161 152 Good middling 154 151 150 156 Covk"?The market was firm, with nothing of mo ment doing. Mot, srs ?The n,e-lcct continued quiet, witlioalsnof 175 btvls. Porto Rico en p. t. f RFtfuiTs v ere without decided change and dull. To I.iv erpo I per American, T or0 t nshols wheat at 4d..n:id 200 b ite? b:i ging at 12a. fid., wouhl; nor noutrat, 40,000 b :.die's wheat at 4J. it 4}, '.. IcO hhris. anger nt2'H?., 10 tons 8perm oil at 20s. a 22i. fid., 200 tons tallow nnd grease at 16-., and, per steamer, 2.000 boxes cheese at 3 >*. T. London, prr neutral, 700 hhds. sugar at 2fs and 60 tons sperm "il at 22s. ed. To cins.'ow, rer steamer, 50 tons srerm oi! at 80s. To Antwerp. 1,500 bags coffee nnd 100 tieif 's lard it 22s. 6d.. 200 barrels petroleum at os. 3d and 20 hbds. tobacco at 35s. An Italian brig with 0,000 biiKh-us to Rristul Channel at 3a , or, i' to Antwerp, 4a , i iip JO.000 bu-hels to ''nnnr'b Roads for orders at 2s. I0>ad a 8s. 1 t,d , according to port, an Italian bark noru Bangor U Bristol < baiinet, d?nis. at 67s. fid., end a? '?rnnrican baric to a nort in tho Mediterranean, tobacco, P t. Provisions Receipts, 53fibids. Doric, 17ddo. cut moats. and 1.221 do lard The pork market was leas active and puces v?re a sh do lower. Tim rales wore 2,000 bbla. at 841 s $P2 for old mess, 844 37l; a |I5 121{ ( r new do., j33 60 a $8fi for old tn imo, and $42 50 a 144 tor prims mess; also 500 bids new moss for Julr. buyers tion, at $49, nnd 1,000 do. Co. game time nnd delivery at $40. The beef market was firm, but qulot, with ga'os of 500 bbls. at $l'l a $18 for country mess, $4 a $10 for country prime, $'.0 a $25 (or repacked mess aDd $28 a *29 50 for extra mess. Prltno mops beef was quiet and uncbaifed Beef boms wore dull and nominal. Cut mo.tR were timet, but firmer sales 290 packnces at 14Uc? a 15 > ;c lor shoulders. and 17;jo. a 18c. for hams. Karon I Hi!- , ?orair'a'- '?"'I w'? t r uer and hluho-: sale3 2.000 bli s. at 16 >,c. a 18%c.; also 500 bbis. for .July anil, er g option, at 19?ic. Halter was firmer, at 28c. a 36c. for Ohio, and :.2c a 42c. for State Cheese was In fair request at 14c. a 21c. for common to prime, rxTKOLKCH:?Receipts, 2.111 bbls. Tbo market con tinned very Irregular for all kinds, and It w s difficult to arrive at any correct conclusion with regard t<< tbo actual va.ue. Crude sold at a dlderenco of lc. a 2c, ti e higher prices for lai.e lets. The sales were 2.2?"0 bbls. crude"at 4>o. a 50 <,e. on the spot. 51c. asked at tco close, 57'-fc. lor August: 1,200 do . refined at 82jje. a 85c.; 3,500 do., free, at i?0c. a 93c. for light straw; 95c a 97c for light straw m white on the spot, and $1 o $1 05 a $110 for Juijr. Fenxlre was nominally the samo. HiCkwasm ro active, wlib sales of 275 bags Rangoon. l2V4o. auu 175 do , In b nd, nt !fc. a 8)/". Strain was le-s active, b t firmer, with sales of 190 hbds. at 19 t<r. a 20?. for Cuba, and 12>,'c. al2'jC i'o in bond: refined vis quiet at 22,'ic. a26>je forroit yellow 2. >ic. a 29c. foreott wbite. and 29',c. a 30c. for powdered crushed and granulated. ' Tallow was Armor. Sales 110,000 lbs city, at 17c. a 11 Jfc. Whi?kkt??Receipts, 1,T10 bhls. The market was scarcely so firm. Sales 2,500 bblf. at $1 75 a $L 90 for Slate and Western. Grwve Charges Agalmt a Trustee. 8UFREMK COURT?CmUHKRS. Be'ore Judge Leonard. 80 ?dpyVfcA.'ion of X'ortimer and TTcnry W. Liv. inyiton for (he Femora! of DanH C. Dirdxall from the Office of TVvrfee,?In February. 1863, Gabriel Winter, a well known and highly respectable lawyer of fitly years' practice, died, leaving property situated in New York and Queens c unty valued at fino.OnO, besides $25.000 worth of nci -onsl est-'.e. He le t surviving, as next, of k.n and heirs at law, his widow, Jane Winter (Since de ceasedi, William Winter, bis son, and Mortimer vd Henry W. Livingston, children of bis daughter Hare Jane, wb .di.-d in 1858. " *,ar' Wl.liam wt- tar, it w?s claimed, was not a person of very sound mind, and the father of Mortimer and Henry W. Livingston fearing that he wculd squander the pro. pertv awi.y and thus doprlve the children of tholr rigt ?? applied >or"a com m 1st Km to inquire tr.t > L'r I' ;v>cy T a order for the inquiry was niado by .ludge Sutherland and nmc o. the moat eminent meo of the bar were em-aged In the case. The inrtRtig.HKa las t i 1 several months, and forty.tune wiine-scs were examined ! among whom tvere scxr.c of the fir t no dies, prai tit! tiers In the country, and recn'ted In a v-rd ct to the die. t th ? Mr. Winter was not a person of unsound mind. N, sou J Waterbury, the law commissioner, ami I>r II ti,a;:iin W McCfeady, ttie medical commissioner, dissented from the verdict ol he ury, however, and certified to the c u:? their be.icf 1'iai ?\ nter>as a pe- on o. unsoui d mind Among 11 inter's frl'nds was a lawyer n imed Pan!"! C Rlrdeall, residing at No. 224 ICsst Thirtieth rfynct, to whom on the 23d of December, 18''.3, h,. executed a trust dee.i o' all bis real estc.te during bis life, and upon I is death to apply the rente and profit a oi the eatate to tho support an 1 education of the Lmrs at law?Mortimer and Henry w. I Ivlog'.ton?and that upon their becoming ot are to assiyn and transfer the property to thorn tor their exclusive benefit At the time if the dosth of Gobrlel Winter llicro were no claims or demands whatever agaiost deceased bat since Bir.lsail lias bad cha-ce of the estate, it is alicaod he bas periui't.-d judgments to be recovered'against it to tbo amount' f over $13,poo, all of which bas a tendency to Injure the pros|? of the heirs presumptive Besides this Il ls also claimed by Mr. Joho Livingston, father of loe Dclrs, ? nut tho tru?tot Is an irresiorflbie and iotol ?ent p^rpon, and wholly lncompoUnt to execute the Important trim, confided 10 Ms care. 4 An up neat iou was made yesterday hsfqre Judge Leonard to rim ve Mr nirdsall from the office of trustee, by ex-./UdgH Edmonds and John Livingston, on the part of the children Ex Jnng# Allen appeared for Mr. Wrdsull, and produced affidavits to ci.oiruvert tbo statement of the petitioner. The Court took the papers and reserved its decision. i oroneri' Inquests. 'UC'D* BT 51100 i INt. Coroner Ra. .iey held an inquest on the body of Mr. John c. Morrison, Jr., who committed sulcids at bis reM denco, 63 V.est Twenty second alreal, by shooting himself rhs evidence tsV?n not to ?how that deceased bad ?.th|. blted symptoms of derangement of mind for several days previous to committing tbo doed, aud as ho had bocn ex posed to li.e beat while on a fishing excursion n?arly two w**ks since, It w is thought by the fsm ly physician, Dr. T.M Halsie ., that bw oraln might bavo been arre ted by it. Party last Monday morning Mr. Morrison, ahlio mono in bis room, ail tbs other members of the rsmtly being asleep, placed a pistol abovo his right e?r and discharged It, the ball en tering Ins bram. He fell fcsarily to the floor, where upon bis mtuber, who had baou swskened by Iho n Ise rao to hi' room *nd fuusd b|m blending on the floor, and the dt'cba'gad (,1'tol partially under the bjUter of lbs bed. Death s ib oqucutly oiisucd from the elTcct'of the ??b"<v fhe JII y rendered a verdict that ? Jieonaind cam# to bis doatti oy a pistol ?hot wound, Indicted by bis own hand, tbo night of the 2Tlh of Jut e. H94, durii g a tempo'a y 0t >< insanity." Mr. Morrison was thirty two years o' age ud a native of New York. tub rhootiho or i db'ehter. Coroner Naarisnn yesterday bold an Inquest atBollevus Hooplta' ii the bod. of Frank Butler, the dossrior who tsas sbot dsad in Morris street, near (Greenwich, late on Tuesday afternoon, as p-ovlously rep rled In Iba Ha. ald Tbs testimony of two wltnsssss, living at No. lig Ureeu srlch street. ?howed deceased to hive been a bounty Jumper. i?ro months since, whlis In tbs lager beer saloon of l.lrrte Ml.ler, No. 159 Greenwich slreei, Butlsr spoke of lisvl g received bounty money. I*si Friday even log deeeisod returned lo the same saloon sad re marks* to Ross Rmith, ons of tbs Inmatss. that bs was going to taks tbs bounty again, fie did so, and, Is al tempting to ths guard nmminil J?',t,lled h,,J. bS falling to Stop St the ?f.ll?* *"*riJ wl!0 ^ h?n> ?nd other recruits laehargs It also appeared Is svidutios that tbs guard tad received positive orders lo shoot dsaortsrs If tbay rwm,UJd" w bslt Tbejory repoered tba following v or (Hot "That Freak Butler earns U ?1S *?"b by a gunshot wound at tba beads A ?? Watson 4?" Noyse, United Statsa Army guards Tbsy be'lsvs tbs ibu^UQf to bars bean Justine Ms on tba part of said guards, but &.B?Mer that tbs pas sage ol troops through the streets of tils C'ty should be so ooA-iiicts i as not to endanger tkt llras of ei,."",W-" J?jtejd sa sm rsaoi of sas ZTbtaiifbtf THE CASUALTIES IN VIRGINIA. The Slxty-NiiitU Mew torn Volunteers. TO THE EDITOR OF TBS HIULD. IIkad^oartiua, SsittNimts IUl-'t , K. Y. N. G., Awr.,) Recoup Army Coins, V Ntir. reTRsanRO, Vr., June 26,1864. J I Ugrowltb send you & Hat of the casuallloa which oc curred in tbe Sixty.,]tilth regimcol, Mew York National Guard, Corcoran Leglou, in ttij engagement or June 22, near Petersburg, Va. By publishing the same In your journal you wit; confer a groat la. or on the officers and men of the regiment and their friends In Now York. Yery respectfully, your obedien' sorvaut, ROBERT HKGGAHT. Captain commanding Sixty-ninth reg't., M. Y. N. G. oomnatHOMRD orrams. Rilled?Lieutenant M. W. Redmond, Regimental Adju taut. Woundod?I.iccterani Christopher J Pell, Co B; Lleutonant John Owens, Co 1); Lieutenant Tl.amat, M.ioa han, Co H; Captain Chna Glynn, Co K. Missing? Liou l. nant Wnt H. Canuey, Co A, supposed a prisoner. I NMBTitP I K.V. Co. A?John KilduO, wo 'dot. Ja*. Loonev, missing. Co. B?f.'oo. Nelsui, wounded. Co C?Sergt John Ratters bury Jam* 3 Kelly, wonuded. Co. D?P?t.ick Dohurty, \ killed; Michael Holland, wounded. Co. E?Milton Gor don, killed; 1). Mahler, Phillip Griffin, Patrick Powers, wounded. Co B?Corp'Daniel F. Hcgirty, killed. Henry Robinson, Joseph MeCabe, wounded. Co. G?Corp Francis Woods, killed; Michael Gorman, Corrcliiw Farmer, wounu ad; ffra. Hays, missing. Co. H?Timothy Daly, Patrick Malono, killed. Frederick Caaburg. Thomas flotlund, Chae Lnby, Geo Mravisoo, .lobn Marksman, Thoroaa Uegi.u, Lawrence Rollloy, wounded; ChasGavioe, missing, Co. f?Patrick Hand, Patrick O. Donnoll, John O'Neill, wound ed. Co. K?Patrick Durham, John Rolson, 'arues Hag gerty, Wm. Harrigoo, wounded. The Plfty-aoventU (few York Regis meat. TO THE EDITOR OF THE HEUALD. Hk'uqi'ARtrrs, Fipty-Sbvkntd N. Y. V., 1 N i,\n Pnrx*SB0R?, Vs., Juuo 24, 1804. j As numerous mistakes have occurred in the lists of casualties of this regtineut, I herewith send you a cor rect list, by inserting which in your valuable paper, you will confer a favor or the many anxious friend hi h -iuo. 0 ir loss in offi '.era bk-i beou heavy?ten out of twelve? onl, a second lieutenant and dive* if remaining. Yours respectfully, WILLIAM RKII), Captain Commanding Fi.ty-seveuth N. Y. V. orncicnH. Major William A. Kirk, It lied, June 17; Adjutant Geo. C. Case, wounded, June 16; Captain Augustus M. Wright, severely, (foot amput.uod), June 17; Captain Josiah M. Kariil, slightly, June 17; Oaptatn Orlando P. Mlddlston, slightly, June 16; Captain OeargeW Jones,slightly, June 17, Capta u Richard R. Alcokc, severely, June 10; First Lieutenant Tnomaa Ilritton, severely, June 16; Second Lieutenant Mai in V. 11 Prower severely, Jtrie Id; Second Lieutenant Cornelius I,. Moo e, slightly, Juue 16, E' TIRIKP V.r.N. Co A?"orp William Marlio, killed, .Tune 10; Corp An. drew Miller, wounded, severely, Jdno 16, Charles Hag. gerty, slightly, Jul e 1G. Co It?Andrew Hobermauo. killed, June 16. Notion L mcbock, wounded, severely, June 10. Co C?Frank Higb'e, sllcliily, June 1G: Ludwig Srhuit7, slightly, .l ino 16. Co D?Sergt Lorenzo Russell, severely, Juno 16; James Ca*sey, severely, June 10; Daniel i.cnnfdy,sevoreiv,.I-'nc 16;Frederick Woliman, severely, June 21. Co E?Matthew Iliuos, slightly , June it-, James B Mauley, slightly, Juuolfl; Hugh O'Connell, slightly. Jure 18; John Riley, killed, June 21. Co F?Sergt John Sim*, wounded, slightly, June 16. Corp Charle-Reed, severely, Juno 16. Co G?Charlox Armstrong, hilled, Juno 16; James William? >n. wounds I, slightly, June 18; B F Oliver, severely. Juu" 21. J Glynn, slightly, Juno 1C; Co II?First aerist Wm II N'ichol.i, slightly, Juno 16; Sergt ThnnuiR U Sherman, mUstag. Juue 21; Edward Hugh, wcuodod,severely, June 16; Wesley Howard, se verely, Juoc IS; Ai'on w furner, severely. June 16. Co f?First Sergt Dudley Ourti-', wounded,severely, June 10; Sergt John E Mllierd, slightly, .Tuna 16; Theodoro Batch r, slightly, Juno Id. Patrick Barrett, slightly, June 13; ? Church.aoveroly, June 16, James Cofahan, s ightly, Juuo 16; John Daly, slirhtly, Jnno 18; Peter Gallagher, severely. Juno 10; Patrick Morgan, seven ly, Juno 19; John McElwer,slightly. Jure 16. "William Par a: us, severely,Muno 16; Ic'w.?rd Welch, severely, Juno 16; lhoRias Ward, killed, Juno 23. Jamos Tanzey, killed, Juue21; Anthony McLaughlin, killed, Juno 21; James Dixon, kilted, June 21; Corp! George. Jepsun, wounded, si ghtly, June 21. Co K?Korgt. William W Oaboruc, woundoo, severely, .luce 16; Sorvt John MoCarlhy, Slightia, June 1G; Corpl William McDowell, severely, June id; William II Moshicr. rligh'.ly, Juno 16; Miobael O'Kosfe, sliilitly, Juno 10, Thomas' Tieruey, 6evoroly, Juno 16. [ P:i wtfnl ^ntelllijraePi I Admiral Guldst oroin h and t?mmodore lireeso, United State* Navy, are si tbo Aitor Hoik \ Judi-e Thompron, of Wheeling, Va., oLd N'icho'as Oppen he.jn, of Phi'.udsipbla, are at French's Hotel. MARRtAQEB AND DEATHS* flu rrleilt Good?Oar auk vjrt.?A; Columbia Morris county, N. J., on v. odr.6id.iy, Juce 2J, by tbo Rev. John M. Jobneoo, Lavid Dodo t > Miss C Virhxia Garabraxt, of tbo former place. PbUiit?'Trofor.?Oa Thursday, Junr 30, at tb? re sidence of t.o bride's father, Geo. Tustuot, Esq., No. 167 Last Kourtoontb sttoct, .No v York, br Rev. II. P Crozler, or Huntington. S. I., Mr IBivrt It LlMilt to Miss Mart E. Tcoxor, both or New York. Powi/'p?I: v.?Oa Thursday, Juce 30, nt the residence of the bride'' father, by the Rev. Pr Crane, Mr. Jambs I)us./)r, of Ne# Y"ri, to Miss Anxa M. Roy, of Water vilie, N.J. No cards. Other papers please c 'py. Mrkksc.?C -am?At Bridgeport, on Tiic?Jov, June 23, at the rosidence rf the bride's father, hy R-v,*. J. F. Blake, Mr. Isaao K. Mkkjbs, of this city, to Miss Faxxia L., daughter of Copt. K. F Curtis, of Bridgeport. Norma*?Opsll.?On Wednesday, jure 29, at the resi dence of the bride's father, Lake M vhopac, N. Y., by tlie Rev. Mr. Alley, Joux A. Norma*, of this city, to Scsis, daughter of N. L. OJell, Faq. of the former place. Ouvvr?Bore.?On Wednesday, June 2f?, nt the resi dence of tho brldo's father, Fraxu W. .Olh lb to Euia Ja.vk, daughter of Qsorge Boyd, Esq , nil of tins city. Rcpdkll?BaatcoxsHZ. ? On Wednesday, June 2'.), at the of tbo bride's sisters, nt Brooklyn. by tl.o Rev. Jume* Alter,Oapt, Chaii. bs fl. I'um'm.l, United Stites army, Axxts Lot ha Bcaaaaias; all of this city. No cards. Fit-'fA*?ItEY*OT.r= ?In Brooklyn, on Wednesday, June 2.1, at the residence of the bride's fattier, by the Rev M. Rt'b aion, Ilr jav:u F. FitWMJ.x to Krrig Ktv tvotn . 'aughier of James C. St mall, all of Brooklyn. r'NYnra?G'trm.? On Twtday, June 21, at the ros'ideree of the h.-ida's parents, hy the K.-v P K. Hollar, of West Camp, G son .k M. S.w, .: to Axxr E. G un , daughter of Captain J. Gould, all of Greene county, N. Y. STAjrrosr-sQcinr.?-Ob Thursday, .Pino 30, at the resi dence o' (be?dim ting clergyman. Bey. Wm. H Penrtie tor. P.i hardFtartox t > Mabv IC QoiCR, both of this ti?y. Nee-burg pa; erg plei<-- - i y. Woon?liic.'i?ij; Wed"' fir afternoon, Jcne #9, at St. Paul's church, Railway, N J., by thu-Rcv Mr. Abcr crumble, Tn; ? :*>??? a. Wood, of Wast gton, D. C.,to a? Na A. Hi-Oar,of Rahrsy. lii.U # AtvoRP,?Cn Wednesday even inf. Jane 29, Jonx N. An K' ion of the late Aloaao A Alvord, tu the 20th yci- of Ins age. relatives and fri' ads of tl.e fatiaily are rcpoitfully Invited ti nttoud the funeral, front the Church of too Iran ..curatput, rweoty ninth sweet, near FHth arooue, oo 'at trday ujurciuy, ul half-put ten O'clock, without furlher notice. Akixs.?On vrc<l esday, June 29, Ft ar :Atisr Axx, daughter of William and Isabella Akhis, aged 6 weeks. Tbo trends of the (am.iy aro respectfully li vited to at tend the funeral, from tlie rcslda.xe of h ir ; a > tils, 211 bixth s'.ree', this (PriJ\j) afternoon, at ona n cloak Blaxkjjan.?<i;i Wed red.y mornisp, Juno 29, Ipa;ii BuiaKAII, daughter of Dr. William and F.lizn both F. Ri^tikman, aped 5 years, 2 months and 20 days. Ilor relatives and friends, and those of the family, .ire respectfully iuvied in attend the funeral, frAm the rest deuce ot h ir f itbcr, 42 Great Jouos street, this (Frl .ay) alterrooo, r.t t'iren o'clock. Pun- ?On tv loesday, June 29, Jon* Hevry rF*u, bkl'irnd h skanl of Mary Bond, aged'39 years, 4 montuS and 5 dsya The relatives ard trlesda o' the family aro rospectfuPy Invited to attend U ! funeral, lb a Frlday) nfternoon, at two o'clock, f'cro hit late reaideace, No. 70 Vaadam etrcet. Itr xxa.?Or. Welnotday, Jane 2), Sanaa Matilda B*' art, ."died 67 years. flor friet) Is are rei ici'ed to a'.tin I the funeral, at her late rc?i lenoe, ^trikerM itiy Hotel, Ninety seventh street, on Saturday morning, at e'even o'clock. Brow*.?tin Ti. r..; .y, June 30. after n ?hort an I pain ful Wn?e?, lieMT Or: tho beloved wife of Charles Urowo, ag t 31 years. The friend, and reln'.lros of the family are respectfully Invited to attend tho funeral, from 333 West twenty sixth street. between Tenth and Eleventh avenues, on Matertey afteraooo. Rt half-past one < 'c.uch. Casidt.?Ou Wednesdsy, June 29, artor a short Illness, Av*. wife of Ptvii CaEily and daughter of Jobo dtoker, 8r , aged 44 year*. lbs funeral w.ll take place from her lale real ience. 270 Innth a vents, this (Pul.vy) afternoon, at two o'clock. The relative: and friends of Hie family are respectfully in Tlmd to attend, with out further noi'ce. C.Uii-s.? Killed, on 1 rlday, June 3, while in a pollaot charge upen a rebel batfry, ul the U.ttie near Coal Har bor, Tii^lnia, Corporal Witutn F. pruii*, sou of Bonja miii F. Cr?gtn, in the 2I?l year of his age. ComsA*.?Kidedat tbe bvltle of I'lue Mountain,Ga., on Tni-rsdsy, ju :e 10, Ciptaln* H CccKi<i*,Com pany O, Thirty third re^ n.ont New Jsr^ey Volunteors, youngest mc of th< late Rer Thomas Cochran, aged 20 ye ira?.d 3 months CouiiR ? On Thursday, June 30, after a rhort Illness, C'kr.s, daughter of Augustus and Barah Collier, aged 1 year, 7 months and 0 days, The reltt vee RUd frler.ds of the family, also the members of Perry Hose Or>mp.iny No 23. are respectfully invited Uf attend the funeral, from her late residence, 62 Ganae ycort street, Hue | rlday) evening, at hai'past ssven o'clock. Ucr rcmaiui wilt be taken to Peekaklu for later ment. ? < KA*a ? On Thurs lay, June .0, after a long and pal*, ful lllnees, which he bore will Chrt|lian furtituoe, William Chars, a i,alive of tue parish of Killooletnan. CltremcrrU, county Mayo, Ireland, in the both year of bis age. Ihu re atives and friends of lbs family are reepectfullr Invited to attend tbo funeral, on Saturday afternoon, a! two o'clock, frota hi? late reaidence, 109 Broome street. iRiKKtiri.?id Brooklyn, on wsdnenJay, Jab* 29, tbo Rev D. Dobbmvs, or Lpper New Rochehe, Westchester county, N. Y.. ago 29 years. The funeral will uka place et Trinity (Raw. Dr. Morgan'*) chirch, New Rocbelle, N. Y.. on Saturday afteruoo;, at half-past twelve o'clock. A eerviee will also take place el the residence of bis brother, B. D. Dorem?s, 13 Douflase street, South Broeklya, this (Friday) afternoon, at four o'olock. The rolatives and frleeda ere laviled to attend. Dcrlap.?On Wednesday afternoon, June M, eflsr b lingering tllnese, Madia, wife of the late Sea (Ml Den lap, aged 53 yean. The relatives and friends of tbe family ere reepeotfully i InvIWd to i^dbd the (unwai. from tlM iiMporial abvob^ Hammond street, corner Wavariey place, morning, et ten o'oloek. Eimua and Boston papers plaaae copy. Emus.? In r.rookire. on Mouday, June tl, (i oldest daughter of John and Cathsrina Kbcs, / 0 months aud 10 ua\a. Also,on Tuesday, JuatT A youngest daughter, tged 18 monlba and 18 d'.ys. ^ ' Fox.?Ob Fourth day (Wodueeday), June 20, Gtatax 8. Fox , in the 6Mh year of his age. The relatives ana iriondg of t^e family ere lonled tcrJ attend the funeral, from his late residence, No. 0 East Thirty seventh street, on thxtb day (Friday), at ton o'clock A. M., without further invitation. The remount will be takon to Westchester rer Interment. Ki.ynk.?On Thursday morning, Juno 80, at the ro?L donee of her mother, 60 Hott struct, Mxmukit FlvkSi aged 23 years. Her romaine will bo taken this (Friday) morning, at nine o'clock, to Transfiguration church, coiner of Mutt and Park streets, where a eolomu requiem mass will be ofTorod for the repose of hor soul, and from thnuce to Cal vary Oemetory, in the afternoon, at one o'clock. Tho re latives and trio lids of th i family are invited to atlond. Orange county papers ploai. c py. Fnrco.?At I'eeUsUll, on Monday, June 2T, Kins, only child of Natbau and Maurlconc Finch, aged 3 months and 11 days. CiifOKP.?At Newark, N. J., on Thursday, Juno 30, Ciumovnt Louisa, daughter of John A. and Marv A CVif ford, aged 6 months. Gkartv.?Go Thursday, Juno 30, arter a short but pain ful illness, MiitY, the boluved wife of Owen tiearty, In the 33ii your of hor age Iter relatives and Mends, and those of hor husband, are ipvitod to attend tho funeral, from hor late rosideooe, No. 555 First avenue, this (Friday) afternoon, et two o'clook. Hott.?In Baltimore, at five o'clock on Friday morning, June 21, Srifi-LA, in'ant daughter ot William tL and Mar gnreita Hoyt, aged C months and 1 day. Jobwson ? Suddenly, on Thursday, June 30, Id Morris town, N. J., Caroubs M., wile of Samuel W. Johnson, and daughter of Tho*. Garner, Kaq. Carriages will bo in waiting at tbo foot of Barclay streol, on Saturday morning, at haif-p.isi nine o'clock. Her remains will bo taken to Greenwood Ocuietory. Kskiav?lu the city ol Brooklyn, on Wednesday, June 20. P. J?. K?biky, aged 76 years, a native of the county of [ G*l way. The lunerel will take place this (Friday) morning, at half-past eight o'clock, from h s Into residouco, Ofl Front street, and thence to the Church ol the Assumption, onr of York streets, where a requi.'ia moss will bo offered for the rei ost> of lib soul. KifirSthd.?On Thursday afioriioon, June 30, Man snow Bborll, Infant sou of J. it. and Auuie Kicrsudf aged 1 year and 25 days. The relatives And friends of the family are Invited to attend the funeral, without further invitation, from 183 Hast Nineteenth street, on Saturday aiteruoon, at two o'clock. liUXRt.? On Tlx rsduy morning, Juue 30, afier a long and painful Illness, Dux jib Lkakv, la the 62d year of hiu age Tho fi lends end rolatlvos of tho family, and thoso of his son, Dennis, and his son in law, Francis Scllas, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, thi? (Friday) afternoon, frotn No. 167 hast Twenty -first street. Mckiikix.?On Thursday atternoon, June 30, at half pan si x'o'clock, Mrs. Catharins F. Moimbix, wue of Tunis Morrell. aged 63 years, fi mouths mid 6 days. The relatives aud friouds of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, on Sunday afternoon, at two o'clook, from the chspel or the Greenwich Reformed Dutch church, No. C06 Sixth avenue, without further in vitMh n Mokahan.?On Thursday, June 30, William Mootauan, In the 60lb year ol hi. ago. a native of the town of Bun labay, county Longford, parish ot Grunard, Ireland. The funeral will ti ke place from his late residence, 2S0 Fi; st avenue, on Saturday afternoon. <1 one o'clock. Mis brotb?M-in law, J nines Salmon and Michael O'Urien, and the friend* of the family iu general, arc respectfully Invited to attend. McBaimt ?(?n Thursday, Juno 30, Mr. Gbokcib McBripk, In the 7610 year of his igo The funeral will take place, from tho rosiUcnco of his son-In law, Wm. Bogtou, No. 4 itarshilold row, corner ot Secoud sirc:t and Drendway, Willlainsburg, this (Fri day) afternoon, at three o'oloek. Tho relatives and friends of the family arc invited to an nd. M- Jkuahv. -0.1 Thursday, Juue 30, Ipa Apblia, only daughter or James A. and Hannah M. McUreary, aged 2 years urd f? ctavs. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to allc..d tho funeral, from 3i Hamilton place, Brooklyn, K. D., thin (Fi Iday) afternoon, at butt pa3t three o'clock. Niokirsom.?In Brooklyn, on Thursday, Juno 30, Cap tain Crokor R. Nickklcin, aged 43 years, formerly of Yarmouth. Pue iietloo will bo given of the funeral. Barnstable papers ploase copy. Driohard?On Thursday, June 30, Marr Pkiohard, In, the 42d year of her ago. The friends nnd relative* are respectfully invited to attend tbc funeral, from linr late residence, 300 Delaccey street, on Saturday a ter. oou, at two o oiock. Quivtis*.?On Thursday, Juno 3J, IUniju, J. QriKLWK, In the :101b ye ir o' his ago, a native of Ncnaugb, county lT,>|.er?ry, Ireland. Tlio relative * and f.-lends are respectrully invited to at tend the ftinor il, frorr. bis Into ros leace, 229 Mulberry Btroot. on Snluid&v arteruocn, at ball past one o'clock. ItvoKOPf ?At the residence ol her daughter, Kichty ulr.tb street, uoar Flglitb avenue, on Weduei-lay, Jure 20, Mary ask, re.lot of Captain John Rycroft, in tne 70th year of ht.r nje. The relative and friends or the family are Invited to attend the funeral, without further notice, from St. Michael'* church, corner of Broadway end Ninety-ainih stroet. ibis (Frl lay) afternoon, at throe o'clock. Rykr.? On Wedaeslsy evening, Jnne2f), of consump tion, Lucilla, wi e of Alfred Ryer, aud eldest daughter of Edivin and Martha Paddon. The friend 1 of the family a-e respectfully requested to attend the funeral, on Saturday a ternoiu, at two o'clock, from the residence of ho- father, No. izi Ninth *treot. R 'orbs.?(>n Thursday aiterooon, June 3u, Eubabbtii C.. v fe of William M Rogers. The relatives and friends of tbo family are respectfully invited to attend the fun-rat, on Saturday morning, at ten o'clock, from St. Stephen's cburcb, Cast Twenty etgbib sU MisitMA.v? On Wednesday, June 29, William, son of W'm. F. and Emma Shormnn, in the Tth year of bis ago The relativos end frlondaof the family are Invited to attend the funeral, from 2ol South First street, Williams burg, this (Friday) afternoon, at two o'clock T.iBavoR.?On Wednesday Juno ?9, Willmk Trmaxob, a native of Mohitl, county Loltrlm, Irelaui, in the 55th year of his age. Ilia friends and relatives, end those of his brother-in law, Francis flillon, aro respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from hi*, late rosidonce, No. 158 Yorlc street, Brooklyn, this (Friday 1 afternoon, at two o'clock. Taavu.?At, N V., on U- nday, June 2T, Josh:n Trlvis formerly of PookskKl,of dropsy, la the 63J year of bis ego. 1'ceksKill pipers please copy. W'Hrrii.?In tliuctly, on Thu-sday, June 30, Iurblla A , widow of This. White acd daughter of the late Wm Mavweil, ngod 30 years. I ds relatives and Meeds of the family are requested to all- ud ibe funeral, from bor late residence, No. 251 Ka>l Houston street. on Fundty afternoon, at two o'olcck, without further notice. NEW PIDIACATIONS. Apiiv3iol(>3Ii: vl riKW of marriage-con lainlDa nearly Jtf) partus and 150 t-ne plans and en cravings ; t ie nr,atomy cf II e human oritaua In a state o hca th and disease, with a tre.itiae on eariv errors. Its -lo plorabla coossqucucas upon the uumt and hody, with the ?' Hi ir s plan of t: atm-nt- the only rational aa'4 *nr.-a*?ful mo le of cure, as shown by the rep .rl of eases tra.-uod \ truthful advlaer to the married at.d eoatamplatlnt in-irrlaire who would know Ihetr physical con lltlon Srnl Ir e of pos'n e to any address on' re.-elpl of 2.1 cents In atamp* or postal ourreucy. Addro-aDr. LaCioiOl aUtden lane, Albany. N. V riU'N FOR THE N '.TION IN } TANKBfc NOTIONS FOR AUGUST. NOW READY. 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OOMi'KRfk' Pur chasing Agency. 73 Nassau street. THE ILLUSTRATED PHRENOLOGICAL JOURNAL.? A new volume f40> begins wtth the July double num ber new ready containing Portraits. Characters and Bio grspFtea ofleadlny men ; Ethnology, or the Kaoea: Physiol ogy, F ? Laws of Life ot.d Health. I'hrenuligy, with eaolce cf Pursu ir. Phjslognniuy, or 'Ali;ns of Character." Fay choicer. Pie Relcom of Ike Soul, and inuoh other important matter, to l-e found in no other pa I) he .tl on It Is a hand ?omsly illu irated quart'-, monthly, w-th ninety-sis onlutnas of rleh readlni matterIn each number. Sow' at 20 cents, or $j a year, by FOWLER A W ELLS, 389 Broadway, N Y. FIRRWOKKI, RBKGFAL BXiiPLNinR FIREWORKS. FLAO and LANTBRN DEPor, funhtoN k BCOFIKLD, removed from John Street to No. 9 Dey street, noar Bread way. FINK ARTS. QABD DE VIS8ITE. BEST THING OUT. JUST ISSUED. U FRENCH OK1BBTTE8. 12 FRENCH GRISITTMS. 11 FRENCH QRISBTTBA 12 FRENCH ORI8BTTE& pensentpost raid on rsce~,tof75cents. Liberal d eObpthy the lib). Address Okas. Manny, 0-)Nassau street. PHOTOGRAPHIC MEDALLIONS Of all candidates for President and Ytoa Prasldanl; oepte each, f 1 M per doaen. Manufaatun-d aud for sals by ' jonsr OAULT. No. I Park ptaos, Mow fork ^^O^tHTS A SO ALRISTB. formerly employed by Belssonnsaoy or rartai Mo. #99 Broadway, I, T. 4 N BLROANT ABRORTMBNTOF HOrflRIIOf-D FI R. A man tor aala at a aaartdaa.?rianoforta. Bugnrae, Bookoaae, Mirrors. Parlor Bolts, Painting*, BrOoios. Our. ulna, re as wood and wa.nut Okambsr FiiraRuro, Dining Room Vuralinro. China, Olaae and Htlvw war*. Iaqttjra ?t Ul tan Tvesir third aimv MM Mill ?**?* ?KLPruro. weekly to livebpool. toochibq at -O Queenstown (Cork Harbor ) Tbo L rerpool, Haw York and Philadelphia Steamship Oirupttr (lumau Liu*), oarrylng the United States maila. Inland daaput hlof tfccfr full powerud. CI) dc built, iron steamships aa follows:? Butt pnwtJU, Viiui- utim, 'IVH B?o?uiaaipti u I CiTV or MANCHESTER. Saturday July I. CITY Ok LONDON, Saturday. July 9. CITY or BALT! M()Rri Saturday. July 18. and every suoceediag Saturday, at noon, from pier 44 NortU river. - . BATES or PASSAGE, Vavable In fold or Us equivalent In eurreney. Firft cablo"?. $901 Steerage ,...$30 l>e. tf hap don B!> Do. to London 81 Do. Ii Bona 951 Do. to Paris 40 Do. * Hamburg.. 90 | Do to Hamburg 87 Fos^engef ?1'<> forwarded to Havre, Bremen, Rotterdam, Antwerp. ,tt at equally low rales from Llr rpool or llueenstownl?First cabin $75, %R5. lino. Rtegrtse $S4. Those who wish to sand for their ir'.enda ess buy tickets here at these rates. These stf.mers have superior accommodations for p ssen gers, are/strongly Unlit in water tight iron se^t'ons end carry Patent Fire Annlhllatora. Experienced surgeons are aliached j each steamer. For fitn er Information apply In Liverpool to WILLTAM 1 N.1I A N, Apent, 22 Water street; in Git',sow to ALEX. MALCOlM. No. 5 St. Enoch a tuare; In Quern -town to 0. A W. D. 8BVMOUR A CO.: In London to EtVES A MACKY. 61 King Vllllam Street; In Paris to JULES DEOOUB. 43 Hue Notia Damn des V ctolres, Place fle la Bourse; In Phila delphia U JOHN G. DALK, 111 Walnut street, or at the oompsntfso'lices. JOHN 0, DALB, Agent, 13 Broadwiy, New York. THE BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN BOYAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS, BETWBIN NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL, CALLING AT CORK HARBOR AND BEfWEEN BOSTON AND LIVERPOOL, CALLING AT HALIFAX AND CORK HARBOR. SCOT! A ..Leaves New York Wednesday, June 21 AFRICA Leaves Boston Wednesday, July 6. ARABIA Leaves New York Wc Ineaday, July 13. ASIA Leaves Ro?ton Wednesday, July 2(1 AULTKaLASIAN.Leaves New York Wednesday, July 27. BUROPA Leaves Boston Wednesday, Augusts. VUOM NEW VOItK TO I.IVfhl'OOb. Chief Cahln Passage $132 60 Second Cabin Passage 80 00 ? raou boston to Livanrooi.. Oh'ef Cablu Passage $112 50 Second Cabin Passage 08 00 payable In gold, or Ha equivalent In Uuited States currency. B'-rths not secured until paid for. An experienced Surgeon on ' oard. The owne-a of thcae aqlpa will net be accountable for Specie or Va'uablos unless bills of lading having the va!ue expressed are signed therefor. For freight or passage aonly to E. cunARD, No. 4 Bowling Green. STEAM FROM AND TO QUEENSTOWN AND LIVER POOL. ? - OIINARD LINE. From New York, $45 011- 'ency; to New York, $35 gold, or equivalent in curri-ur.r, SI DON sails JulvS. . UECI.A, July 2J. For passage apply to WILLIAMS A GCION. 29Broadway. THR NORTH GERMAN LLOYD'S STEAMSHIP 1IANSA, II. J. Van Hanlen commander, carrying the Un ted Si itcs in-iii, will sail from the Bremen pier, foot of Third street Hobokan. on SATURDAY, JULY 2 AT 12 O'CLOCK M., ron BREMEN, VIA SOUTHAMPTON, taking passenger; to LONDON. HAVRE. SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN, at tho following rates, payable in gold or lis equivalent in currency : ? For tbo first cabin, $105; second cabin, $02 50; steerage, Ih 5 I. The II ANSA will be followed by the NEW YORK July 16. For freight or passage apnlv to OELR1CHS A CO., 6S Broad street. The uambuvg American packf.t compaky'i J RON MAIL STEAMSHIPS. From Southampton. From New York. BAVARIA .Tune II. 1864 July 9. 18IH D' RM ANl A June 28, ISAt July 23, TOi BORUSSIA July ill 1?KI Aug. fi. 186t From Hamburg pier, font or Third aireet, lloboken. taking passengers lor Hamburg Havre, London ami Southampton or the following rat< i First cabin, $105-. srroo-l cspln, $52 59: steerage $37 60, pavable In cold or !:s equivalent. For freight arp'.J tto KUMIARDT A CO., 45 Exchange place. For passage apply te C. B. RICHARD A BOAS, 181 Broadway Tnr. LONDON AND NRW YORK BTRkMSTIlP COM panv will despatch semi monthlv tbele and firat class British uon steemsblpg CELI.A, JU ELLON A, ATALANTA, IOWA, INDIANA and MANHATTAN, each ? ?limn Ka' iv a Art T in and Now Vltrk. nel'ln.-? 3 onn tons burthen between London and New York, calling at Havre on the voyage from London. Kales of passage, pavable in United States currency;? From New York. K1r?t ? Cabin. $126; 8eco id Cabin, $85: steerage, $10. From Lon don or Havre. Firat Cabin. $IC>. For passage apply to (ill AS. A WHITNEY, at No. 26 Broadway. For freight imply at 51 South street. Advances made on merchandise consumed to thb London agents. HOWLAND A ASPINWALL, Agents. ST RAM TO LONDON D1REGT.-TIIE IMRST CLASS iron steamship MELBOURNE sails from pier 20 Fast river, on the 13th July. Cabin $80, pavable In gold Steur ? to Ha are .?i.5, currency lorwnrdcd to Havre Paris end O'-rmsn u >rts at very low rates. Apply to WILLIAMS A GUION, 29 Broadway. ITtOR LONDON.?THE BRTTI8II RTRAMSHIi' MEL P BOURNE, Oxpt. A O. Fren l. will sail for th" above pert July IS. She has superior accmnmedat ons for Cabin and Rlse'raga pr.xsengers. Rates of passage: -Cabin, $'M, In gold or its equivalent to currency; Steerage. #f4. In cur rencr For fnuyht or passage apply to QR1NNKLL Ml.N TURN A CO., 73 South s'.re?t. Nationai. steam navigation company TO QUKENSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL t!?Wn. $65. eo'd; Steerage. $15?pavah<e in eurrenev. PENNSYLVANIA Sala Saturday, Julv 2 LOUISIANA Ball* Saturday. Juiy 16 ^'^'^ILLIAMS A QUION, 21 Broadway. UNITED STATES MAIL LINE FOR CALIFORNIA VIA PANAMA Regular nailing day*?3d 13th and 2Sil of eaeh month. ex erpt wbeu these date* fall on Sunday, when the day of de pa ' lure will be the Monday following. The lirat class ?losmnh'p COSTA RICA fnewl, A O. JONES Commander, will tail from Pier No. 8 North river. MONOAT, JULY 1. at 12 o'clock M The OCEAN QUEEN, Captain E L. Ttokiepaugb, will luceeed the Costa It If a and eall Jul; 13. For freight or paeaage apply to D. XI- ALLK.i, No. 5 Bowling Qrcen. M O. KOBERTS' LINE TO SAN FRANCISCO AND PANAMA. The fine new a team-hip "OLDEN OOLDBN RULE. WBDNK8DAY. JULY 27. AT NOON, from p'.er 29 North Hear, foot of Warren etrect. For p*?axe apply at the nm-e 177 Weat street, corner of Warren, to D. N. CARRINOTON. F OR NEW ORLEANS, DIRECT. To aail on SATURDAY, JULT #. AT 3 O'CLOCK P. M. The United Stai-ia Mall eteamihlp ? ELKOTllIC SPARK, John P. Graham com nander. will aal! af above from pier 46 North rirer, tliiiJ pier above foot of Canal atreet. For freight Ob paasiae arpl.y to .1AMF.S a Itt YNOR, 10 Barclayatreot. N B -The steamship KYENINO STAR wi',; follow, and - " - " - dy {g. en1: on Saturday. Jul: FOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT.-THE FIRST CLASS United State* mail atoamalilo LOCUST POINT, ('apt. Hoffman. will leave pier No 9 Nortti river on Saturday, Jul 2. at S P. M Passage, firit c asa. g.VV, For froigl.i or p.?* apply to A B. CROMWELL A CO., 86 Woat street. FOR NEW ORLEANS DIP.UCT?CARRYING THE Ur.i'ed State* Mali, t" aail on Aat tnlav July 2. at SP M. The ?' pcrlor new A1 New York hu It in aiuthlD "FUNO 8HUKY " i(l'>on LUCK), J II. Hlldreth. en mauler, will anil aa above from pier 13 North river Take* freight tin tit Satunta- noon. Una nee imuiodauon* for piasengere unfrpaased by any ?'.earner in the trade For freight, at favorable rate*, or p i??ape a >plv to WILLIAM H It OB SON, 119 Front street. FOR PORT ROYAL AND BEAUFORT. S. C.-TUE new and firs' clam -teamahlp TRADE WIND. B. K. Babbi Ige, commander, will tear) pier 4 N< rtb r v rr for shave port*, on Wednesday. July 6. 19ol at ihre . slack p. M preo eelv. For fre g it or parage having excellent ar. rominodallont. Apply to P. N. hPOFFOHD, 17 Broad way. FOR LIVERPOOL.? OLD BLACK BALL LINK. THE ahIp HARVEST QUIBN wilt tall punctually on Frl dav, Julv 1. For pi range apply on board, foot of Bookman . t ^...t .. t DAnU I# LD AC L nAldPU U ATI Q?,.lL Hreet, or to ROCHE BROS. A COFFEY. Cj South street FOR LIVERPOOL DIRECT.?THE CCVARD STEAM a ip 81DON Captain Martyn, will tall Ir m Cunard wharf, Jersey Cl'y. on Welnea 1 ry, Jo'y fi Cabin pasaase, $?*') gold, or tie equivalent. For freight or cabin raaaage apply to J CUNARD, No. 4 Bowling Greeu. FOR LIVERPOOL.?TArsoOTT'8 LINE. Ship ROnT. L LANE aal<l thi* day, Ship WM. TAP.SCOTT tall* Jul. 2. Ship BENJAMIN ADAMS aail* .July A FOR LONDON?X LINK. Ship SOUTHAMPTON taIN thi* day. Forpai age lo or from the O'd Country or "draf travail able In any part of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, at the loweat poaaihle riten, apply to TATat'OTT BRO TH MRS A CO., M South atreet. xjbotral flao.-australia pioneer line. iN carrying tho United Stat,-a Malta.?The new Brltlab Ottllt, A1 At Lloyd's, clipper bark FARAWAY, I).Hinge, ma*, ter, la now at her b"rtn. an I. having got a large portion of .her cargo alieady engaged, will have unusually quick de* patch tor Melbourne direct. For frolght apply to B. W. CAM EdlON, 88 Beaver atreet. AJKUTRAL VBH3KL,?THI At BRITISH EXTREME u- e ipp?r bark SANTOn, Crease II. matter. now on th* berth for Sydnev. New South Wales, baa lino aooiimmada , I,,, bj\mim, l(1,u eocomnanoji. Hon for a few flrat rabln pasacngf-a; price ?80 aterilng Arr'v to the captatn, on board, at pier M Bait river. mur, SUBSCRIBER WISHES TO CONTRACT WITH eome ve*ael going South to bring a cargo of wool from a - " " ** * Ranufort. N 0. Addreaa Wm. T. N. Ripley, American Ho tel, Jeraey City. TRAVELLEH8' GLIDE. Hudson river railroad.-trains" foe ai hany, Troy, the North aed Weat, leave Chambers etree at 7 an t 1u A. H. and 4, 6 and 10 40 P. M., and on Sunday at 5 23 P. IT, from Thlrtloth street. 7 VB!T YORK. HARLEM AND ALBANY RAILROAD JLl L For Albany. Troy. North and Writ, leave Twenty *'*5 P*M**' dep^ gi ** *? *Qj 5 F' Sunday trelc CTATEN ISLAND RAILROAD.-LKAVi NSW YORK O at Whitehall slip at 7 and 9 A. M , I, 4 and 6 P. M. for Totlenvllle. the terminus of the rood opposite Perth Am hoy Leave TotteuviHoet 7 10, 8 Id A. M , 1310, 5:10 end 6 r M, A oteam ferry beat connect* with every train, and take* tbe railroad neeseagera to and from Perth Amboy free of charge. Fere through Jtoent*. when Urktta are bought at the ferry. 4th July.?The trameon thla day will make hourly tripe enoh way fretn f A. ?. to 7 P. U. A FTRRNOOM BOAT FORWR8T POINT AND N1W FAR! FlfTT'ORNTS, Lendlag at Thlrttoth atroe^H Woat Point, Cold^i ? The new and feet a team boat ?ripf o N. T., Oreeay Point, Coxieni, Cold Spring and New Oornwall team boat Til OS. COLLYER w 1 letoo the piar foot of Jay atreet every afternoon at 4 o'eiec land, las at Thlrtloth -treat at 4 10, BoturnlnA Will .t.. . New burg every morning far New Vorx at. f o'clock I Weet Poind e*>.,.7 It o'clock al V lfl ??. I Pnavaate et ?.*n I. tm&iKzm ??JsssR&tfia Arriving Ut NewTorgat lDN A, M. TRAVELLERS' CUID1 nu LIMB FOB ALBANY?OU AKUEj J J Pleasure travel to OattklU Moun'aln ?ogn, Merstogs, Montreal, and all poiuta 1 hi Huuaoii i li'i-r. Tue new ei.,am bout Capialn D. 11 lilicacock, and the DANIEI. tkiii J. F. Tall:..un. form a daily line Tor AIM ? - - Thirl ' broesei street, at 7 A. K., end Thirtieth str?i I lug at Cmumiin' Hotel Doci*. West Po ut, NeJ keepeie, Khlnebccr, Catt,Kill and Hudson, board and baggage cheeked treat and north. NLW TERRY -THE BOATS ON THE at James street, East river, to Bridge stre Will comraeuco running on Thursday, Jure!" SUNDAY BOAT FOR NKWHURO.-THE boat THOMAS COLL* EB leave* Ja'- Mr. Bupday morning at 7 o'clock, for Mawborc, lan tleth street, Ntsv Fork; Yonkert,, i T'arrjtowu, Sing Slog, Haveratraw West I'olnl and Cornwall. Returning, leaves New burg at j EXCUKHItiNb. Excursion to nbvt haykn, july 4.--; cl;,*s steamer CONTINENTAL will leavt Raat river, at 8 o'clock A. M., for New Haves. Elms, ono of the pleaaaniast p'aees in the Un ia-sengera will spend the afternoon and eveuln have sinn'e time to see the disnlav of Ore ortcj leans New Haven ai U p. M. for New York, daylight nest morning. DUDLLY'3 GKOTE.?CORPORAL TIION forms Ma frlsndt and the pub ic that ha lit (?(elusive right and pr vl'ere of all the refrobm above Grove, and all part ea ire forbid ..'lling a moots on the grounds. Pinole part e-, evan-in before engaging elsewhere. For_ engaging t;.e quire of w. ,t E. MY RHP A CO., barge street, or Corporal THOMPSON, oo the XjlOURTH OK JULY RXCCBJION,. ing t:.e. arge. taj ground! The splendid steamer T. Y. ARROWFlf Poet, master, will leave pier 21 East rive Moutav, July 4, at 9 A. M. for Koslrn. tnuc of Eighth street, East river, making the fol on each trip ? WHITBSTONF. P BAYLIS' DOCK, GLEN COVE, Ml GREAT NECK, <1 Retiimlag will leave Roelyn at 3 P. V. and N P. M. Fare 4" coins to each landing, e u ; IJTIBHINO BANK'S ?FAMILIES AND Pf r enjoy the sea air by go'ne 'o t'.c F'lshli g acagolngstemner MARYLAND. which lo?v s u seagoing steamer MAitYI,AN!l. which lo?v s" I Ing, Saturdaye excepted fool of Troon") Stress at 7 o'clock; Puck ?lin. East peer 8.10 A M| North river, 8;"0 A. M., end Tier No 4, Norlh;1 M. Fare 91. Dinner, Kefreihrienta and hoard. Fob excursion part rr.-a sohooI She can aooo nmoilate went - persons the dav or week. Inquire 4 JOHN DOCKS. Van Brunt street, South Hrtoklyn, lu front of E Grand ocban fourth of july bxo The large and fast *"*mhoat D. R. MA muke a trip down th? hay, Blowing the fortify harbor giving the passenad?) a line view of Jin Nandr Ho,,k, Lorn; Mrancli,"c. Leaving pUrl A. M. Fare for the excursiqt 7S cents. UNDAY EXCURSIONS ',0 OLHN 00 VI* el.o'l", Cu* I-iend Fort Schuyler a- d Co The steamer PORT ROYAL will run as ! T:Ki Jersey City, Morris street wnv-f, at i:Ki; l'ec Broome Blreet nt R.15; Nlghth I'raet 1 8 80: ' street at 8; 4 6. Ko tarn Ing, leave il'.en Care at t THK-STEAMEK c. VANDkRTLl will make a leaving foot Thirtieth*;??, n?\ aiidf"' ' WU'''?on board.aodo'o ? op WSl! f"?l or J-'bor ty street l'P J 81 ?*?& d orj 8. Plj :ixqi! A BEAUTIFUL NEW BARGE KO:tu?--. The Harvest Home, and the Rhin.flc M boats, vrllh or w thoutaalnoue. Pleasant Iley. | Well ard ot'or Orr ves to let. Aptily a;j? tfic, fioe, 882 West street, corner Barrow." If CRf a I,ARGE BTRAMER. b*g?t?LLA ALWrTwR?''Blue s' Grove and Y pd let forexcursiob" y BONNELL A CO .flFrfl mo LET-FOR EXCURSIONS AND PfgioJ i n targe and coinmod ous Bleamer. ? ijl I yo.-soua; al^o, a sph'tid-d Gr^ve. frfched form. Mvlnga. table), summer houses andfo gL ?n the piemls's. Apply at the olUce ofStat ferry, ptci !9, fv. R. ? J POLITICAL. A MEETING OF THE SIXTH WAEBBlb (McKeOn) Aa'nclatlon (vill tie hold thaA Hotel eo-ner of Cer.'.ri- and D ine etl evening, duly 1, a; 8 o'clock. IIv order. . MICHAEL l>\ Ecwabd B. Ctwwros, SeeretKry. Kt>K r M'OLELLAN ?THE FRIENDS OF (| in t'-.e Bever.te, nth war 1 are Invltei tag, at 8 o'clock, at 85 Third avenue fsifBi, Izc the Scveutetiiih Wari MeCie' an CIjI M Ri ECIAL OTIC 1-4 A PUBLIC MEETING WILL RE Hi<> tl at 3 P. M., at the old Stock room, i TV T corner of Reaver, to hear an ad it e?s b ' 1 J.' on ' The Gold Ourreoc- and Gold Ta* AAiatJ porter of the Government." T?ARLY CLOSING -THE REGULAR f i inc or the Grocers' and Te* C'erks' L elstton wjH be held In Mllltarv tin I, 1031 day evening, July 8. at if o clock. A f members and those Wishing to become ft to >*lt?d. si but.nets ot tmporUnno Willi the association. By ofjir, .1AME5 CU| John o. LtnnLkr, Secretary. NHOTICK TO TUB BOSS BLUB _ On and after Tuesday, July ft. tha ! Olton# Cutiert and V";aggers Avcoclatlon utsni! $1 per day. Bv order Of . JotKFH MORHl^OJf, See. J. J- PP?j N OTICE.-ALL PERSONS nAVlNoj j.s be repaired at Harold Lewis , No. rj third at eet sod Third avenue, are berrbA... said furniture within three days, wltho art NEW YORK STATE SOCIETY 0ftE M.?Genera! Order New. York. M 3 Society will meet at the rooms of the Nifof brary. Uuveralty plan- near Thlr eenthfcet July J. HUM. Members of other Statelet elnnati who mav be in the clt> are tnvttao unite with ut In reie. rating the anniver Independence. The Standing Cominllt' netting at 10>s? A. M. By orf.r MmtNtM WiLUrrr, Secretary. Itul SPECIAL NOTICE -TO TUB LIQHT York. Brookiyn end ylciuity.?At a the Lightermen's Union Benevolent A1 June 10. at their rooms, corner o' Pin strcen. Brooklyn. It was unanimously s employers for an Inerra e of wage; rn tows ? Captoina, *IS l>er week; mates, ?1 J fusalon ih?ir p irt wn will dlsaontluue w.< e We re?m Ctfiilly SS' rigs.-rs ail 1 ' o.-r n.u ?>> ra i io "ny lUhter while we are <!" ermeu who have rr" ved ihe ajove * Tun i.isy afieruoon, at two o'clock. at t P ? of the soretv. "? PE??" VP. Flyns, Secretary. ipIIE UNDER SI INBD IIBRBBt OK 1 thnlrAle and Porter Casks are li s' tber. New York, or Me loiersno Bndlu N. w York, and coinUlei -.i, their lrsi.f r alter'ng. defsolr.g or removing 'he at ?; himself liable to tine and Imp riant m* Intel enai tod by tka LeglsUiir*. piol?etir loss of cark*. maCTHBBIO DONA LP Ntw Yen*. July 1,13ft. Brewed. DRY BOODf. J ORADLI.Y 8 DUPLEX KLLII'IICNK/BTI H Ver" fleilble faded caa'ly ?? ml2Vr"e mUing Ue lUO? uVf ' Nos. 4Gt tolfr Nos 2ft. to Ill Nut. 47 aui J Catng E EW SKIRT FOR A new andI Gi T^UrLKX ELLIPTIC SPRING tjLn^^g! AND flk#blb in rst.t , 1 ilroajik sld Tei( fclXCLUSlTRLY FRENCH PLUW't ONE T Pi inches wide. A'l materia a tlw'hn an J manner at Mrs. GOLDEN 9 "l No. li Anilty street (one bitrk emitd/frol 127 Biee-ker stieat. hsl iw Wooetw. eh aj street, Brooklyn. N D ?No tnachitml^lj Frouch Cutlog. |n| tHE DUPLEX BlSS.J J T. A J. O WESj _i , No. 97 cbamlwrs street, IW ?l Are the Owners of the Patent and eafudvi of thla. j ? J W. BEADLE?? PATENTED DUPLEX^ ElXlPTlfc * Thla invention consists of Dun'e*Iorti Bprlngt, ingeniously braidad tightly a-is aige to edge, making tha tough cat. i?> t I durable going ever used, enabllry \h*P nuance of its great elan city and 'ei'b. told tha Iklrt when In use at east# an I? renttnee as a silk or muslin ditsa. I* and allances the only objection Vi hoop bO-ance to the wearer ss wrllaath erowda 1 ee, carriages r*Hr ar in auy crowded p ace, from I ing them to oerupy a ama'l spac. the dim-iiity, while giving Ue Sk r metricai form, an! it the ilghtes. grace;hi appearance for tha etre. bouaa drae*. . _ m A lady baring anjorod Tie ntaa M aonvsnlance of waaring the Duplet I. .p? a alngle day. will norer aflerwa ' tba use ot them. are the ? * . ,'v and bv far the Itgbieat, most dd-'' e-onomlial tkirt male. Mera'. a above, and ladiaa In mnat flrat eltv and throughout the dlflToraM T ^""?^""duplbxilli PATRNT DUPLEX BLLfPTic Oomhlnlog BLEOANCE. J. rMj BVUp"3 anfl unnuestlonably the most detlr^. Tor sale oy ABkoLD, CO?. ? Corner of U1' HIIiLlNf... J'UJT RKCRIVBIY-A CASE dVjTi data and Tarbana, ht Matt. Hi r plaoe. Tenth atrtat. JII?AM WDlw A OREAT BARGAIN -FOR SALE, iV. Segars, irst quality. Deator* wia? Will send for prtoa and aampla. Addreaa Poet olBee, Boston, Mate. CtBOARg OA* BE HAD-EOTW TBI two. nog in't^e'stoek! fWUf M ?agar Maaafaetuitpg Oampany. n i rftHH UNDIRBIONRD 8BLLI 1 than any eihar heat* from gj* per theuennd. wholesaler*, speeu'-a

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