Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 1, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 1, 1864 Page 3
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?befoment will ^ ? will not k tTBD?FEMAJ?ES> P ThOiCF-LlT RECOMMENDED GERMAN tk.HtumtmH a* oo -ke, coambei maids and lTh-h and girl* Tor gi-nerul bousewoia, .lc,. at Gci I i?,!Ute, 17 Stanton St., near the ? ildITUAT'ON WANTED?BY AX AMERICAN GIRL, X as Dinar has uu uu.,octioii* to travelling. Apply at W> at., f?jco id tluo r, bach room. ]t HCB8E.-A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN A would like t? engage with a family going to England; u I take chart.* of children, or go as nurse to a sick lady; gut o.iti'.ckQt; references exchanged. Addrt^a il. J., b<i otiice. O.iOT IBB W1SHK8 A SITUATION FOR nER , oaughtt r, fourteen > oars of ago, in a confectionery and crci.m -,&1,ipt, tue tin is suiaa and wilting. Apply at i Hue. 21 tU si. RFtPKCTABLE ENGLISH GIRL WANTS A SITU etion as chambermaid. Can give good IxnglLh refer ee. Appy at i HI Cannon st. A ^RESPECTABLE young lady wants a ritu nticu t a a neat p aln aawer, in a respect* b o family; W no ob/eolion to making herself generally useful. Can Rebven 'or two (lays at HSU 3th are.; entrance on 13th st. A H? FIRST CLASH ENGLISH NURSE (A PROTESTANT) wants i situation; a family having a country place pre d; Is a neat se.ver; ,hu best rclcrenco. Apply at 80 H illh ,t. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS jlX ehambt.r.'iaid and ntirse. Call for two days at her re. cut employer's. Hp iSas; Lib st. ?SI'- Of.'.BLr CIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS .3k; is :.u excellent washer and ironer; no objections do ji vise work in u small family it required. Gnot rote from her lad employer. Oail for two dajs at 10.1 iStll near ith av. YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS CHAM a rami and nearosti ess or nurse; haa no objection to :e. Call at 103 East 87th St., uuntry, good e.ty reference, ad l-OJr. V/Oi'NG GILT. WISHES A SITUATION AS NURSE *t-.u 1 I'.n.mtross. Can come well lreoaimet ded. Would jWiu .erwork and aari t m tlie washing. Call at Itli 7th A LADY WISHES A SITUATION FOR II EH GIRL (. t. chambermaid and seamstress. Call at her present Mojer' -5 VI est Uth - t. & V i i LADY WOULD LIRE V SITUATION TO attend a fane* or bi.nk store; would havo no objee Iui* to At.omt a bakery or cjnicttlonerj store. Ca.l at 140 iOUtl at. First class meat and pastry cooic-of ex. ftp ,lauc- ...ul itbllHr, who understands soups, jellies lima.inie . w- nts .t si I littlon in a bote! or large wi'duig ho i-*j no objC ,ons to tho country. Apply at I ah av. IN AMERICAN GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS I good plain rook: Is an excellent washer and trotter; is tog t,i go m the country. Uili ut 201 West dtStn St., near Uv., ri .. i he ; sc. "Si: .rECTABLB GERMAN QIIIL WANTS V SITU an ii,n enei at housework m a smalt family. Can seen 'or tv.- > dais ut the corner of Nostracd and i tie ??*., over the gtooery. I r LA DY 11 DESIROUS OF OBTAINING A SITUA i ti u fur ?; xiti is unslreRS ami chtt'ii'.erruald; nas ItTfcee er ,v WiLCu ? ,h:;e. Call at l id West 31th tt. * RE iPBCTABM AHBIl WANTS A SITRATIO TO k. v ,fi re, 1 iron. Can bo seen at her present tm Icjer s id? Broac.vay, between 4iih and 18th sts. Beet T ? :v reference-. RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION A8 V c ;.it i> t- i.u'd and unmet -t: Can operate on Wheeler r* ti*,,-i .ma h n:; tir ??; und Can be seen at her i'y omi oyei's, 117 ..asllTlli st. RESPECTABLE AMERICAN GIRL WANTS A SITU. Htlou to ao general lio lit work; understands washing rnronlng Br 1 , lam cooking Hue no ob , . otloa to go a crt dHlaiuo In tne country. at 237 Bowery. [ITU iTIO.NS WANT; I'-BV '1 WO RESPECTABLE ft'rl*: o.i ..s took, is wilting to i.u.Ht in thj ?? nog Ldlronlng, tan other as chambermaid and auilretu; can |vgth? b. -i i ; c ity reform ???. Can be seen for two anvs at ; ion: employer's, 73 West S ith st. krUATIOil WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG P glr . 11 do ?u 1'iiberi' Oik and sewing, or cbs-nber.voik Ld waiting. nas goo t c.iy references. Call for two dayS at DWeai Eft at., near tl h ay. IITUATICN WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GiRL. ' n nun or cham bermaid; best cltj reference. Ca:l at i Vfeat ISih t. ?? (JiTATIONS WANTED? BY TWO YOt NO WOMEN; 1 one Bj cc.ak, washer end ironer: the other as waitress: Jtib.e ii. a l? the country. Ca.i unt 1 J 1 b. at ine.r pros It employ 112 West lib st., WRsbtugton square. [ITUATION WANTED?BY a YOUNG GIRL. AS Ahaaibsrmatd and wanrecs, or enul-l do general house* r'T; it honest i.nd willing. Apply at oer lust place, where now is, Uf 'A'ctt 4'Jlh siL SITUATION WANTED?AS WET NUR^K, ONLY 23 years of age_; wilting to go in the eo.tntry, Cal.atMO between .nth an t Sjth sin. Ia? ~ wvnv IN-WASTED. A BITU \TJON TO DO f iight work and attend in a bakery or confectionery, ktly to her present employer, lii West Slid st. [0 PARTIES ABOUT VISITING SCOTLAND.-A Scot-h U :y. Intending to visit 8co and lu a few da. e, ra. i per, v-.-uid be wllllog to take charge of an Infant I *ii nva'.id liiitr. Address A M., bo* 20(1 Herald office. ANTED?SITUATIONS TOR FIRST CLASS SEIt. yi antn in ere ry capacity, for ni:y and count) > ; fanill es ?'iste.s p o ji.rnii-L sd: orders retpaoUulU aoli-ited MAiInn' si. neai Court Brook! n. jVi MNTED-A SITUATION AB COOK, BY AN* F.Xl'2. r ' rtencp ! Protestant wnmnn. In a private family, In Hrrmntrr; is willing al e t i wn?h and Iron; would go ?wll.e.,c 1. s lowed to with her t,cr little tirl, si rs o;d. Good reference, t an be seen at 115 Molt told iloor. *aNTED-A SITUATION, lit A YOUNG GIRL. AS I cook, washer and ironer; gcod reference. Otll for nil 'jo at the curuer of liicka and Am tj sts? iu the aery stoie RANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO WOMAN, ? ?e nurse; I full; c mpe'rnt io tike the ent re charge ska ant from Its birth; no objection lotruyel; be-t ?f yreferenca . Cull for two days at t) West lltb St., ho nein Mlnaiid oth ir s QUANTED?A SITUATION RY A RESPECTABLE * wn: an to cook, wash and Iron. Ca' lor two day s at Yes' 64th PANTED?A SITUATION, Afl CI!AMBEU.M VID AND ' wsitret or to lake care of obi dren. <'all at fur , for two day . [' .\JfTTD?BY HER OLD KMt L ITERS, A 8ITUA )? Hon to:- a lirst ratu waitress or cbsinberinaiJ. Ay, !j HI Iti. tv. N. Y. ANTED?BY A RESPECT ABLE OIRL, A SITUA tiou * r, i | l iin euSk, or rook wn* icr and finer, ?a t h'-r prc.-ent employer a, 155 East filth St., between ?{? n-ED-rV A YOUNG WOMAN. A SITUATION AR giamherraald artb wn'.re i; or would do the rork of a small family. Apply at 312 K**t K2a St. iNTUD?A SITUATION, 1!V A RES PE''TABLE ' widow, s* netnurne. Her ohlld is throe month- old. V, T76 ??! ?ve ccmri cf Slot tt. NTCD-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG OJRl, AS sook. Has no o'ojo' Hon to a?? *1 In tl.e wmMiiii anil i Bitbsr c tT Of country. Good rf.le.-ence Cad at Jit ?oili St. . aNTKI -BY A MIDDLE AGBD WOMAN, A KITUA i lion takeeere of ebildrsa dnlUMbeuaewnft or l? s> ug Can giro ft" d lolareuce. At pi. at 2,1 PC "f St., over the dreg nore. ) ANreo-A SITUATION AS COOK, WASHER AND Ironer, oi to do general hou-swork, In a ???< U1 prlrata keur u ie?perUb e >nn. g woiesn ?lin hns ODIY been # motit'.ii >n the counlrv. Us 1 at or address 14(5 We-1 i? third boor. HANTKD-BY an ENGLISH OIRL, A SITUATION Fl a- n> i mi or cUsmbermaid. Can ho seen for tWo ilavs Sgpaet i7tn st ANTED?BY A RRSPECTABI.E WOMAN, A RITU allon to conk wash, or do rnrsl housework; r. ft ? d Call at 71 West 20t; st. e prefcrrs.1 to h ttL w*,:es. SWaRTKD?A 8 TUATION AS CHAMOBBMAID OR rl io do h ?? -.<? fur s rmnU family bv s re.ipecla'iie n. Best of reference given. Apply at or address V] vroe * ;.T...)? IT A YOl'NCI GIRL A SITUATION TO . . ts-yel a In nr ,o (hsintx rmald mil n are*-, bn l-e res at her pre cut emp o-o. ?. 05 Kemsea si, ITANTED-A SITU ATION, RY A RESPECTABLE FY young woman, tu io icaneral bous-wor*; ro oh cc ^snf > go to the reonlry. Jlrst of cH.- rulcreuoe. C.iu be s*n for two lays at tut v, est Mb *t. DlfANTt'D?FY A YOUNG GIRI., A HI TO ATION A < ft ?< . i al- , ti I iir ep? ,, >a I en n . o a tbd r 1 dn lev I g n .hj u.jn t li.i it Ca at l V. di. In , n.i ft ? o'.-. b?WD?IT a ' th NO MARRIED WOMAN, A F? pi??ilen as ?M nurs' in r< peri?t a family; she l??tr baby. ?l v t> w ? k* r d Call at for tbise day* HO Oichatd si , ro ?n N S. UAHWp-A SITUATION AH Wir KUltli:. BY A I' it Jet*hie 1'iees'art woman h r i I u throe ? id 5LF 11 ply M 618 Urondsrav tlnr.l . oor AJf ^'?-BY A REirB'WABf.E GIRL, A RITUA *? ?? 'Hi !?" ???? n os S'-'.'o ?log , C VI ?' 4?7 col'imh * I , B . I it n, g yi. * IMT '1 SITUATION, BY A RK-PKOTABLE wot in r? ? vuth * ffesli hr*?at o' ml at res week" old C*'l s' I X W?t , 7th st. HYtTATlOW, P,Y AN AMERICAN WO to a? begsewnrk in a finall fa nily. CM) at ?M 0"?S tTATTKIVXAIiEl), i YOUNG MAN, Al-i.D 24, AT I'RKSI'.NT wvih s fUnttton a*et-rlriija laweilis'; Add' f w w ib requite meats and terms. .wsuVt, A ! YOUN'l MAR, WHO UNDYRRTANDB i 'inokkerplbg. dcitres n sunat'rui In a ag bouse. A?dies* to day A. If C., tint (? .. ' ?A EITUATTON WANTED DY A mi ,trAD ho undersiand* Dk care of lionesb Ueed Abitrsse C., boa tin hiera'.d onice. GOOD ADDRKK WISHED A SITUATION awca er for some good y**l.icuc? is a firpt cla-s (T C4> glV* the bent of refw rk|i pivs the best of refo/enre. Addre-s (or one ire* din Aftrney, 26.1 l: road war i.-JCNO MAN OP GOOD ad'dRKSH WISHES A S "tns ton io a gmd wholesale or r?Unl grocery IiOuho; ri lrSale preferred. rn.i g ve the be>.I or rifersncn. Ad i Ihr one week Mercmtl'.e, XI Broadway. I m " >7 6 OR 1 \ ? ?Ne~ * ?if oi*" ; r? <*ef * Mem YEARS EXPERIENCE IN DRY tiling tee orfc Wlsbga a travelling sEenry for a refer we flret ola * Addrnse f r two Mercantile Agency, 263 Broadway. Yl JN'.N, OT GOOD ADDRESR, WISnRS A ?IWwilk with eente good 'Uu nb,ertlon to go V\ Arurcsi for two is holeenle or retail dry goods Well steaks U'ru pn, n, wt i?v? L R . Mer sntlW Agenov, hwsy. SITUATIONS WANTBD-.MAl.lkS. A COMPETENT OBDO CLERK WI8I1E8 AN EN -TV gsgeuient. ^Address Druggist, Herald office. IjVIi LOYMRN'T WANTED?BY A SOBER, STEADY -? man, ax coachman :.a t gardener: has the best ? itv re ference. A line Lafl Tor T. 07, at T. W. Wjlgnn s livery ?taMe, 96 10th ?t.. between ft'.b a?. and University place, win be attended in. Rare chance-fob persons dbjiroub of be curing the service of one acquainted with the ahloping buiinesa, an 'Ut door clerk or any capac ty wh-ro he can he useful, having held position as hrst o'llcor on ooar.t of steam aa well as sailing vessels Keierencea good; salary moderate. Address O. F. Atkne, boa 126 Herald ofliue. QITUATION WANTED?BY a MARRIED MAN, AT O atiy work. In a clothing house, or ai light porter or any liifht employment. Address for two days J. K2u7 l ast 33d st. CJITUATION WANTrD-A8 BARTENDER. BY A young man having four years' experience; can produce first class references. Address J. Martin, box 170 Herald office. SITUATION WANTED?AS . OUTER, |BY A YOUNO uian having four years' exper ence as such in the dry goods line; oau pro dnce fir.t c ut refeienoes. Address J. M. Porter, box 170 Herald office. SITDATIONB WANTED-FOR THOROUGHLY COM peteot farm hands, coachmen, waiters, gardeners, grooms, {toners, servants, laborer*, man lately landed and he.p of every do*crlptlon. Apply at CARPENTER 3 large Employment house, earner c. 0th ave. and Utli st. Also female help. rpHE ADVERTISER. HAVINU PTX HOURS UNOCCU 1 pled during the day, to employ that time as bookkeeper, or otherwise In some mercantile establishment. Address D. F. A., Herald office. _____________ WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO MAN. well acquainted with the business, a situation as bar tender in a first class hotel or saloon; would have no objec* tlu.i to leave liia city; good references will be given. Ad dress E. R M., Hetald office. TITANTBD?A SITUATION IN BOMB ACTIVE BU8I VV ncss, by a youn; man of good business qualifications who has hud experience as a merchant In this Stale and in the West. City roiercuccs given. tAddress IS. 6. J., Ma tinn Q. . WANTBD-BY A YOUNG MAN. OF SEVERAL YEARS' experience, a nil union as cashier or bookkeeper, or ns nssislant in u wholesale house; can furnish good references; sa'ary moderate. Address for two days A. B., box 213 Heraid office. WANTED-BY A YOUNO MAN, TWENTX-EIGHT years of a;e a position In a general commission or commission provision business; he has been engaged In the same for the last two years; he '-peaks German and French, und would not object to travel W a.t for a largo house uud solicit b??'p*~ Address F. H-. Harald office. WANTED?A SITUATION, AS BARTENDER. BY A young maD who pox had several year*' experience In the business Apply a. iheooruor Adams and Plymouth ?bi., Brooklyn, for three days. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO MAN, AS ass slant clerk or porter; has hart two years experience In the traffic department poods store; Is willing to make blmst-lf generally ueefui. Address for two days J. F , No. li Nelson St., Sooth Bro.iklyu. WAN'TRO-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Proicstaut rnar. ax coachman and grooiu; perfectly understand-? his buslnc, ? I he found willing and oblig ing; no oh eclions to the country JIss firxt class refer ence. Call on or address dames, 70 Watt -in 1, st. WANTED?A SITUATION AS BARMAN OR ORO it cer'? nseiaianl In n respectable eslahliahment, by a young man, lately aril sd from Ireland; salary no object for the hrst month. Address P. K., Herald office. TXT ANTED?A SITUATION AS PURSER OR CLERK TV on a transport o: roasting suatuer, by a y utig man of much business cipc;ienee and w ho can bring the best of reference from hU last employeie. Address Hamilton, Mystic River, Conn. VyANTED-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNO MAN, WHO TT speaks the i icrman French and English language*, ar.d fcn? a lcnowle Ign of bookkeeping, a sauat m as sales man; n" obieetlon to lo South Batls'a tory references fiirnishert. jeddree- C. P. N., box 1)3 Herald olhco. the trades. r^lca^^'work'lf, 'in' '? binchVr pSntftg. paper hMiTn^Tai^n/uphol.lMlnC. Ac. Addreas for one week L>. F., br>x 109 llera'd oUce. __ ?, TinoKRiNDFns ?Wanted, a first class stami B?er-also two%I.1h; W b. M albums; those harms a knowledge of tlio b-.ivnw preferred. App y ai Greens bindery, C2 aud 6i Du-iriCtit. /YIOAK CUTTER WANTED.?AN EXPERIENCED (j dceiarncr and cutter of 1 lie*' ?!,?worr#?n ? t 8U* y employ n.edt at W llllam breodtnan t, 39 Warren t. DIB Cl'TTER.?a !? iR9T CLASS WORKMAN ^ANT. ed, by Albng, BrtPs 1 Co.. 170 Broadway. CX ARDRNEH.?WANTED. A SINGLE man, AS r LHrdcnor be most undorstmd the cave of vcpit able*, arapes umt p.aat* and lmve good city reference Apply at ?7 Ka*t u)t:'at., between lOaadJS A. M., basement door. LIT?7Na?^l[10 rBINIgM WAATBROWNPALCOAT TVattte?^""*^ofk"5.^hoAu?de??dsRSth; filtiPfl Of i:a.s vtisr.iboth for chandeliers and illumine t o"? Andrew for one week B. Pe, 35 CUntoapjMS. TO CIVIL ENGINEERS AND MACHINE WANl'FAC turera.?A vcung German f*ho hw been lor the^ papt \<nn An oM cer in the armv and i* now niuaterad <?ut of ?pi te e, on t*x).irntlon of h s term, derres fortUwlth em Kent ?i d, ..ughtsmm lie Is fwlcotly .tcqualaMMt tef5sss:-s5saiV mstenre esssA Co., 88 Bearer ft. N. Y. __________ rrt) PIANO MAKI'.RS.?WANTKD. A FINISHER AND I cac8 maker. To good workmen steady work and bifch wages, iii West Twenty eighth street, between b.nth aud Teuth'arennee. __ rnn MArFHNr KNITTERS-?WANTED. IMMEDIATE T ly. 10,Q00*palrx o: more bunds knit. U goug*> f"r?r.*r*J. bottoms ?ou will be fitmUhod. Address bo* i,8.J To*., N. v. . ? U? ANTED?A GOOD 80APMAKBB?TO A STEADY a an who tinUerstands the bueluaa.i thoroughly, the lilchest *.'?? will be <iicn. Address D. A J., OMJonnoghew, S.tap and Candle Maauftolmen. \> a Titugtun, D-_C. tlTANTKD-A CDTTSB, IN A PAPER BOX FACTORY. U Adiirces or -all on Q u.rgo Betas. 13 8o ?h ?h s'reet. Tli ade'.phit To a competent hand steady employment and thob."-t Wages e .nrsr,:-cd. \1T1NTEI ?OOOD TAILORS, TO WORK ON FINE \\ Ircrkcats Apply at 120 Church St., upstairs, be tween i' and Duano. ^??? nnnltn.t 1011 DYER ONE WIIO THOROUGHLY WA^ tfStTnds the binlnesS A steady. reliable roan who can <-ome well recu-r. mended, ran brat or steady work Vjadui - A. Lewam ? Waiertown. Mass. . \lT ANTED?A si 1 CATION BY A BROS/E AND SILVER W ci.a cr, In a sl.ot> whore bo can bave steady wo.*. Ad dre-s C. P., box 18* Itcr.vid otree. - TrrANTRD?A FIBflT RATS FILE ORINDEB. TO A V whom the Urn ot wane- and stendv eirploymeotwlll be given. Appli tot.e'u Sanderson, 13 Gold St.. or J. A W. Roiheny, Maiteriwan, N. Y. TO ANT sir immbdiatbly-by a PRACTICAL W rnnter a Ot'-stioant foreman of rome oinntry PJ* _ ,iiru ,,, j, ci r?rv store. tTneke?per. or snyitiln* ro r.'.f on:. - Addresi lirMiauue, box 3o5 llera.d olllcn ^yANTED-A OOOD LOCKSMITH, AT 11* *TfI AVB. HEtr w ahtbp-ham??. At tuf. commercial 2i;7t<. and lltoaiwav? Wanied. 11 da*, ptrma^er'f eerk, d ug ,.J flIO, orv e eik, drvono is sa es'pa.n, bote', clerk porter. o'nt lrio, at os-nan. roeductor, tlraekeeper_ bookkeeper, en tr? other^ ? tuft'ions open. Mcv'cbnnte supplied grM ? wjthaKkiSoIhe". Nu connection wlth^rReli^en^ tnifMTS TAN V AKR ?25 IN A FEW HOURS SELLING our areat ti?w and "mnderTu! extra large sire rnxu {sr?. H\%rciv&$ ?*tra a*v* iiremJuoi indiire.nent*, free. p. w. & CO.. I Nimau utrert, l^ork. original, iargOil find o.deet'prixo park age I?qv.n? I" ih^ world. 1 T THE MKBCANTILF. AOMNCY?WANTED, '10 I A dav b-okkrspnr. tlr goodssnletmsu. travelling tfent. ancv i '?.* snlrsimo. ttmek'-epcr. hotel clerk, sulpp'.n* ivrV -it croeeri e'"rlr. r-ip 1st. waters, bar keepers, nnd t'oii iiman - tjftv 111"11 w anted Tor the Krlr Ratlrnsd. lm roed^ely other "Rnatione open. Merchanta and mhrr, ^mMrd wIth help ?>?> s. Orders roust be sent In rule (T. lCNtb tMEUY I C > SCO Brondway, room *, up statre. . .r:. \v AN TKD -ON ! V HO 1 - V GOOD ??lon?. and amount of salary required, L O F, herald oPi e. ?. "7"man OF OOOD ADUUES-t WANTED?IN A DOWN A In* n et< re to act as raiesinan. a.-o k .young man In a . 2J V.Are > us potter In a light buelnata. and arr,.n''V.n;enrr.l\s;wtsntV\u a grnjaiJ store. Addt.M Johnston A Co., U Cbambera el., up stat.a B OY WANTED?AT I8J BROADWAT, TO Rt N EB isnde and work about the store. Boy wanteo?an honest, smart boy. aboi t to ,p,r, oM to tek'- -arc i>f a b<>r?e. Apple at the orttg et -re corner of B.oa lway and Eighteenth atieot, on Satur day, at noon "DOY WAKTBD?TO LB ARM THE JEWELLEES B tradS; AAPWM? T. II. #? l?.W ???. ?*w , vtp n ? A nrRONO. Af Tit E BOT, WHO B kn iwa how to drlre a lioise mi l will nfful In .. fartorf, and romo wall recommended. Ap ply at 41 Jay rt-? from > to I'/ A. ro Boy WANTED-IN A BROKER S OFFICE: MCST BR able to read and write and have reTsrenr^ Apply bs'wacn 9 aod Bat Bo ?> So ith William et., up stalre. C'r 1Arf<*1AN WANTF.n- vo takf. CRAROF. OF a ' I rivals csrt'a.0 ?nd nera?e; rnuat be '"her wil ng aa* evpab'e. Apply at the Morgan Iron Worka, foot of 9tn at.. Baat rt?er. Drug clerk wanted.?inquire of miller a Bead. !7a* D. DRUO CLRRE WAMTFD-IN DRfJO STORE COR nor of fhompeon on* Broome sis a young lad, ae tjualutad with Jhe b Apply ia stnre. DBY OOODB JALROMAW WAMrtiD. ALSO A BOT, at 583 dtu ar. Farm bands wanted?also mbn latblv -rtl. io tn a nTWii t dletancil lo the coantry. an ' v per ronthand found. Arnlt at the targe ffm pit.? i, ,i i il rose, corner o< f-lh are aed Ilia el. ft I ? RP.RS WANTED* TO OOOD STEADY S rtut tvaw* "i" "F P"1'1- Appl,F '"???'????'F at 4Ilia lOTtlberij el. ? tn vf an TBI) -"TO DRlfl A TWO BORIS ?a ' iHf L m ih> ?imt. onj Who t \ aI Thomtt.AJwffWi k Cog., |M t H1LF WANTBDoMALEIi WANTED?III MED IAT ELY. MEN WHO WISH TO maku fr jm $26 to AM per day. by a small mveatmen t, from $ 300 to f3?W. Important n -? w Invention, just receive J I Grest opportunity to make money, either by travelling or locating in city or country. HOWARD T1LDEN, <509 Broadway. T17ANTED?A STOUT BOY, U Oil 17 YBAR8 OLD. vf who hits been somewhat used to horses, at Wiggins* flotel. Or. enlteld. Coney Island r<>ad, Long I aland. Coney a'and ctira every fifteen minutes fiotn Fulton ferry to the door. |.VANTKD?AT THE MoDOUOAL GENERAL HOS Tl I'lta), male nurses; $21 per month will be pa'd to elllcleai men. Apply for tranaporlatioa at the Battery Hog ?1^1. WANTED?A FIRST CLASH SALESMAN, IN ANCtV ly established wholesa.e clothing houee. who ia wrll acquainted with the busints* and con Ini'usnce a e <i! country trade (Western preferred); unexceptionable reler ?noes requ red. Addreen box 0,589 Poat offer. w ANTED-FOR BLOCKADE SHIPS. FIFTY YOUNG men; the highest bounties paid: also for the anm.v and ahort whaling voyages Pi the South Hea. Apply to the agents, JAMES A CO., 137 West i .... itreet, corner of Albany, up stair;-. WANTED?A 8TRONO. ACTIVE YOUNG MAN, TO take care of b'-rses and deliver goods lor a Hour and grocery establishment. Apply at <126 9ih av,, earner of WANTED?A MAN. TO WORK ON A FARM; MUST thoroughly understand all kinds of farm work. Ap ply to William Atwuter, CI Howard alrect. TX7ANTED?A YOUNG MAN, ACQUAINTED WITH 7? the business, to attend bar. Apply at 970 Columbia it., South Brooklyn. WAITER WANTED-TO TAKE CHARGE OF A LA dies' and p'cutiemen'a supper rooms. Apply at the A-nlty House, 16 6th av. WANTED?FARM HANDS TO WORK ON A FARM 40 miles from the ally. Apply to George C. Mann, 111 Fulton at, from 9 to 12 o'clock. TITANTED-A SALESMAN IN A GENTLEMEN'S FUR. vi nViMng house. One of first rato ability and capable of takiuR the ent-re charge mny address, slating references and required (no others will bo notloea), E. O. D., Herald office. TXT AN TED?A BOY IN AN OFFICE, ONE WUO RE II sides In*parents; salary first year, $76. Ad dre.-s, la handwriting of applicant, W. A R.. Herald office. w ANTED-A YOUNG MAN TO ATTEND IN AN OF. lice. Apply at 414 Canal st, from 8 to 10 o'clock. W ANTED-A BOY, BETWEEN 12 AND 14 YBAPS OF age, who re-lde-' with his parents, to attend the door of the Barcelona Hotel, 21 and 23 Great Jones it. w ASTED-A FIRST CLASS SALESMAN, IN A FUR. nlture store. Iuqutre at 20? and 260 WestSStb st. TXT ANTED?A YOUNG MAN. WELL RECOMMENDED, it to take care oi horses, help on a farm nud make him self usclul Apply betwecu 10 and 11 o'clock at 36 Plat*, st. WANTED?A STRONG, ACTIVE BOY. FP.OM 16 TO 17 years of age, to work la a store. Apply at 76 Pul ton st. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A GOOD WAITER FOR an Ice cream i-aloou and restaurant; good wuges and constant employment; one w ho a -evks French wilt bu pra ter, vd. Apply at 227 G;h av., corner of 15th st. W ANTED-A FIRST RATE GROOM OF STABLE m. n, duglu. to look after three or lour first rate bom-B A good sober man, mutinied to lake eliurge and work, may address, with name and residence, J. V. M., Es,; , box 129 Herald office. XT/ANTED?A SITUATION AS TRAVELLING SALES* I* niau in u New York lu'lllnery goods house, by e young erperlr need In the bn6luesn, who can command o firm ohms cash country trade. Address box 1,473 Philadel phia Post o.Uce. TV ANTED?ACTIVE BUSINESS MSN, FOR LIFE IN li suraaco, foi the Unfcti Mutual Life Insurance Com pany. Permanent omplovment nod liberal commissions. Applv to J. W. A H. .11 DD, General Agents, 151 Broadwsy. WANTED?A LAD, FROM 15 TO 19 YEAR6 OF AGE. in n wholesale house; must be s fair writer, correct at figures and have good refinances; a German preferred. Applv from Id till 2 o'clock, to Geo. A. Davis A Co., No. 374 Broadway. TU ANTED?A RELIABLE. OBEDIENT OFFICE "BOY, *Y Irom 12 to 14 year* old, living witn b e parents, to whom (stead, emuloymci t and Riod wages wil .bo given. Inquire at J. T. Lloyd s map Oitauilsirment, 23 Cortlaudt at. WANTED?A SMART BOY, FROM 13 TO 15 YEARS oltl, to run errands and make himsilf general! u o fnl. Inquire at 1S3 Broadway, In the shirt etore, up stair . TVANTED-A PORTER IN AN IMPORTING METAL V V hoiiio A good, strong man not afraid of work, wh o cancomo well recommended, mar address l>ox 4,5?t Post oOco. TVANTBD?A SMART LAD IN A DOWN TOWN S/ORS f f la run of.crrands and do ?oaie collecting. Addrcus L. V., Herald o.iiec. VVANTRD.?A MAN. LATELY FROM THE COUNTRY. YY wishes a situation as bartender or to take cbary.ii o a ?aioon at n'ght; best reference* and moderate wages. Ad dre.i> lor lour daya George Valentine, 112 Henry at tear. WANTED?YOUNG MEN WISI1JNO TO QO ON SPA voyages In schooners, brigs, skips and atesmrr? to all parts of the world. Seamen, green hands, cooks and stew ards RANDALL A COURTNEY, 133 West St., corner of Reade, up stairs. f*T ANTED IMMEDIATELY?A STABLEMAN: ONE YY wba tinde:stands the care of horses, and who can coins well recommended. Apply In the forenoon at 235 West IS:h St. JIT ANTED?AN EXPERIENCED HAND TO ATTEND bar, at 41 Catharine at. Call from 3 to 9 o'clock. YJ|TANTED?A YOUNG MAN. AS GENERAL ASSIST > T sat In a first ctass oyster saloon and bur; one having about |l50lu cash as securltv can moot with a good situa tion. Apply tft day, after 13 o'rlook. at 171 Spring at. WAN 1'ED?A STEADY MAN, TO WORE, REPAIR AND keep clean tea ait houses and tnlixl an o.lioe; steady filaec and fair wages given. Inquire lu front bascmont at 90 Bleecker st , from 7 to 10 A M., for three days. ANTED?A YOUNG MAN AS WAITER; ONE WHO understands the business. Apply at Sweeny's Hotel. w w WANTED-AN ASSISTANT BOOKKEEPER; ONE who thoroughly understands double entry and can coinc <*e,i ie=o amended. A^ldross, staling eal n j oryectod, box 4,974 Post odice. I AM QUOD LABORERS WANTBD FOR THE SEA Av/V so i.?L: cril wsji'spuM. Single men preferred. None but tho?e seci stomaT to work need svply ? Cull a' t' e odlce of John li. Robertson. 229 Broadwpy, corner of Bar oiar sirret. room 81. C>0|W1 WANTED -KANTED IMMEDIATELY. A V?fAr'T smart sctive men to travel an ! at; ain.cnlfar areiv popular exh bp on now ab nit to tnako I' fourth a-i ueal visit to the West. Inquire of lue pioprletcr. No. 53 West Forty-flrat street. HELP MAYTED-FE.HALE$. Alt. summer houses, watbrfno places. boarding houses and families w anting cnmpelent house keepers, cooka. chamberinalris, si.tresses, lauudrrsscs. scam stresses, nurses or other help are promptl' supplied at Eniplo?.i.fnt House, corner of fitb sve. and Uth st. Also male kelp. /"MKL3 WANTED?ACCUSTOMED TO I f'TTINO I'P VT per urr.ory ; on y those familiar with s'ddlngand label ing bolt c? need apply. Call al 713 Broadway, up stairs. in the foroBOon. Girls wanted this day.-two ironers. three pau'rr maids, four dish washers and two osi-cr. enced hotel c.-oV s and one to cook for the he'p, al for one place, 40 miles in the couutry; good wages. Appiy at 107 Dowei. . Girl wantrd.-onb who is a oood plain rook and j first rate washer anil troner. and can rnme well recommended, may apply immediately al 69 hsst 29th street. Housekeeper wanted?to takb oh a rob o? store*. help, Ac., lu a small hotel aid suppenrocms. Apply at the Acuity House, corner Sth sr. and Amllf at. ATI USE .?WANTBD. A NEAT PROTESTANT GIRL. AS AN Inmnt e nurse and to doplvn ?ev.dng; good city rein retire required. Call at 131 West !!tb st., from 10 to 12 A. M XV ANTED?A FIRST CLASS COOK. IN A PRIVATE YY family, for the sumtuei on Stalen Is'and, w.nterln town Riie mu t rorne well recommended and apply per serially at 43 West 9ih st, between 11 and 1 o'clock on Thurs day or Friday of this week. WANTKO-A GOOD Nl'P.SR. CAPABLE OP TAKING r.ue of an infant from l a birth: between 30 snd 4" yours of a;e Auiersn English or (lorn an; best of refer ences rentlred. Applv st 30 Ciiuton St., Brooklyn, from 10 It 1 o'c.ocg. \V ANTED?A ('.IRL TO TAKE CARS OF A BABY. Y Y sew niid do tine washing snd Ironing; must come weli rocnmiiiended. Cell between 11 m t 2 o'clock at 37 Usui Dion I st. TV ST NT-rrr WANTED IM MEDIATELY-FOR AN YY Infant one m< atli old. The very best of references re quired. Apply at 29 Union square, coiner ot tSlh St. Iff ANTF.D?AN EXPERIRNCED PBRRON. TO M ARB v Y up lace good*, at 137 F liton >t , Brooklyn; good refsr Slice required, and steady ?mptoyiBeOt given. BABRR A CO. WANTED-A COLORED GIRL. AS CHAMRRRMAID aud waltross; must uodeieLoi her business; pay good. Ca 1 at 1S5 Lcrinyton are. VTTANTRD-A GOOD COOK. WANHRE AND IRONER; Y Y must no lei i ard eoukiag sll kinds of moats and ps* try. and cnine well rC.vmmfBdsd; tiermnn, English er Bcotch piwcirsd. Cal. at at) Ohnrlion s'rset. WANTFD-A COMPETENT NURSE AND SP\M YY stress most hare good city reference. Apply after W A. M. at 12 West 47th st WANTED?A OIEL FOR OBNBRAL HOCSEWORK, washing and Ironing; goo l waxes given. Apply Fri day or Saturday, after lOo c'.nek, at 53 Boud it. IVANTBD-AN FLDF.RLY WOMAN, TO DO THE YY washing, Iron ng snd cooking of a family of five; a nice lamidrvs* indispensable. To such a good home will bo oiieted. Address for two or throe days 192 2d av., corner of l?th st, any time a'ttr 11 o'clock. _________ -UTAITKq-A FROTBSTANT 01RL, FOR GENERAL ?v housework lu a private family. Onewhais a good plain coak. washer end Ironer, andean coma wall rerun mended, may apply at 418 West 23d st. WANTED?A COMPETENT FIRST CLA88 TRIMMER lotto to I'hiiadnluht*. Httiielloo permansnt. Ad dress t,0M Chestnut sk, Philadelphia, for reference, Ac , appiy to Hants A LaRnse, 444 Brooms at., New fork. ANTF.D?A GIRL A3 I.AUNDRRB8 AND CRAM bermaid; must bring good relsrrnoes end be wtlliBg to go a short distance in the twuntry for the s timer. Apply tht* day from 10 to 12 o'clock nl I2r West 33th st. ?11'ANTF.n A WOMAN OR OIRL, FOR OBNBTt kL YY honsework; mn?t understand her business and be Wilting to go s slu ri d swneelu the cMntepi Protnstaot pre. feVred; no objertlou to oolor; reference re qui red. Inquire afpet 8 A. M. at No * Allen at., for Mrs Browcr. WyANfRD-A TOUNO GERMAN OIRI^ OOMPETl'NT ,*? tsae eare of a ehlld one year o d Inquire at 831 West MtMel between Mth and Pth SV". WANTB."^-A I-ROTRSTANT OIRL MUBT RE A goo l ci"4a and a good hakef of bread rnd nlee'ilt, asd willing to asels.t with the washing snd iroaing. Best of re fcrsncet rennliwuV Call at 64 EMI 341 h st. w HELP WANTED?FEMALJi" titarted-a well recommended oirl FOR TT geti-nl housework; mutt be a kjod waaber and Iruner. Call at 315 Washington av., Brooklyn, II ' ANTED?TO GO IN TIIB COUNTRY AS COOK. A ?r middle a;;ed or mm; rr. -nt understand making but ter and bread; iu family waaLiug. Apply at 51 Curt audi at., from 10 to 12 a dock. WANTED-A WOMAN; ONE WHO IS A FIRST RATE w?ab?r and iro.ier and fio.xl cook. Alas a chamber maid and to a-?isi in the washing At p r at 138 Tenth av., between 22 1 and 2:1.1 aw. fANTRO-A FIRST RATE GIRL TO DO GENERAL housc-voilc. Apply at 151 Dean at , BiooKlyn. v\ W AN rCD-THIS DAY, AN ENGLISH OR LOOTCH ?? Protestant cirl, to do general housework. Apply at W Not lit Moura st. V\7*ANTED?A STRONG. WILLINO GIRL, FOR THE ?T general housework of a private family; must be a good washer and irocor an 1 base bread. Apply, vvtih good l jfe.oucu, at 211 West -'filli at., bi t reon 0th ana l ib |ta. WANTBD-A WOMAN, TO WA8H AND I Ti. > M FOR A small family; she must be very neat, t oy and u Ural rate wr.aher; noon other need apply; come well recom mended. Apply at 61 Bast S5th at. ANTED-Of JD DRESSMAKERS, AT 777 BROAD way. App'v all thin week. w w WANTED-AT THE WESTCHESTER HOUSE, COR V* ner Broome st. and Bowery, oue head ir ner ami two dining room waiter.*, aecastoinad to the use of checks. ANTED-A YOUNG OIRL. TO COOK , GOOD wagos. Cat: at 10 West st. TV ET NURSE.?A HEALTHY YOUNO LADY. 1IAV. it Ins lost her baby, w.ahor a ft id sit .niton as wet noise; this was her ttr*t oaby: was boru this week. Ap ply at 114 West 161b at. to 1/r. Bone (torn 1 to 4 F. M. WANTED-A YOUNO GIRL, FOR GENERAL HOUSE worn; one who can cook wash and (fun, city refer ence required. Call at 31.' Broome at., near Forsrth. XX/ ANTED?A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSBW. RK, Jf for the country; Protestant preferred. Apply at Dr. Johnson's. In Theological 8cm nary, east end, 20iu?t., be tween lib and 10th nvs., from 11 to 12 o'clock. FINANCIAL. Proposals for loan. ToKijrr.Y Drr.' ptc*!?t, June 25, 1364. Scaled offcre wtl'be race-vd at ti h Department titular the net of March S !313, until noon oi Wednesday the 6l!i of July, 1361, for bonds of lbe United Ktat--s to the amount of thirty three millions, being the amount of unaivei tc i o.l'eis under the not. e of Proposals for I,"an. dated 6th tiu'ant. The bonds will bear an anuria' Intr re.-J i f a.* per oon turn, payable soml aunually In c >io. on tliu first dav - of July ana January of ca-;h year, and redeouiabte after the 1Mb of June, 1381 Haoli offer mu?t be for fifty or one hundred dol lars, or 8on..i multiple of one hundred dol'srs, nil must y'ute ihn sum. in-lodiog premium, o lereu for each huti died dollars in builds, or for lift -, when the offer Is for r.o more than fifty. Two p-r cent ol Ida principal, excL.-nug premium, of tho vrho'e an nil offered mini be deposited, as guarantee for payment of etibrcripion if accepted, With tne Treasurer of the United ?u"o- ,t Washington, or .vito tho Assi t nt Treasurer at Ntw York. Boston rhlladelph.a or St. Lo'ils, or u :t'i the designated depos tsn at Baliiin<u*, Flushing, 0 ncinuati, Ia-n Hvillp. Oh't-i-n, D.-trod, or Buf falo; or with any nalional biaMnp association a. 11.or 1 to receive deposits whlcb nny ecu' nt to Iran act the bus noes without charys. Doplii-te c 11!.- tit-1 of ilopos'' will be issued to depositors by V e off-cm e.- arsouiat on rea i-lnj them, the originals of which mil l he forw arded with tne offers to tho die; r-riment, All dep. should bo made li time for advice of oilers r 1th ccnlli an ?> to .each Washing ton not later than the morning of Jul.- >? No offer n -t a coin: acted by Us proper certificate of deposit will bacon a.dered. Tho coupon and registered bond Issued will be of the danomlnatiotis of ?.'?-> $100. $500 and 51 120 Registered bonis of $5 MO at: d $10 (r 31 will also be ls- nod If required. AP offers reoelved will he opened on WeJu isday, the fit It of July, by the feet clary or one of the ass! sti. .it secret.-- r en 1'iie awards wlil he made by the 8acr.tnr) to the hi d.e. t oleierH, and not ee of s-tjcplsnce or dee'lnatloti will be immedltle'.y given to the i??p< ot-.e o 'erers: and, in esse of acceptance, bonds of tho des-mlpilons and denom nations pre (erred will ha ?< nt to the ?u sii-lbe. ? at the co.t of ibe aeparfveat on ilna'. pa-.-ment of Instalments The orig'nal deposit of two per ccct wilt be reckoned in the last Instal ment pa d by successful offerer-, and will be Immediately returned to tbnse whose offers may not ha accepted IT-' amount of accepted o"crs hun t be d-poaHu-d with the Treasurer or idbor officer or i.a"tciutiou authorised to act under this nolh-. 0n adrlco o' acocpion -s of offer, or as foil iwa ?One third on or before the 10th ; on- thjr-1 on or beforotho h'-ih: and tho balance. Including the iuc id j-n and original two per centMsp -sit, on or before tho foi July. Interest on b- nds wll begin with the da-e of deposit. Par ties preferring mar pay the accrued lu'oreat from dtlo of bona, July 1, to date of deposit. Offers tinder this noiicn should to endorsed "Offer for Losnand fl Idrcsf i In tho nocrelary of tbn Treasury N offer w:L be couJidercd at a los< rale of pre' than four perocnt. S. P. t ilAHE, Fecre'ary of the Treasury. Notice to oTcers recelTiug deposits under Ibis advert se m.ont ? 1 ho pre'imitary cert ficate of deposit of two per cant must nit he cr; Jitcd upon jo :r accounts curreui.ais it i- to he In cluded in the final deposit. Baltimore and Maryland funds wantbd at lor, rates. New Orleans bank notes alio purchase 1 at best pr'cc. \VM. n. MAR,'TON A CO.. Bsukere, 17. Wall s'rcat. /HTIZES3' SAVINGS BAN ITT ' \ Botvcrr. corner t'ana', street. ASKIiTS?ONE MILLION TYVBF rY-tilRttE IFJOUa tND StX HUNDRED AND PIXTY.fc (T;nT DOLLAR-* AND HHtTT-POUa 'CUNTS. INTEREST COMMENCES JULY I. 1BA4. Eink opoD dg<'y from 0 to 3 i.r.d on M nday, Wednesday and Friday evenings. Irom 5 to 7. Bank bojkft In Ed-;'i!iIi, Ucrman and French. Brraooit A. Oaxcz. See. GEO F0L80M, rretldsnt. pHATHAM BANK DIVIDEND.?THE BOARD OK DI \J renors here this day declared a dlT'dend of lira (5) percent, fr.e o! go-eminent tn ; pay n bo on lit July next. Tlie tranafor ba.i will rum*!a cIimhw frc. 23,1 Instant to 2d Jn'r. o. J. SCHLEINER. Cashier. N*w Yobs June 22, Ig J (AfiKMtCAL BANK, NEW YORE. JUNE 2J ISO?THE J President ana Direct .n or .thin bnak hare this day de clared a <ji. trier v dlvijau i of six per oeut. parable to stock holders ou and i.ttor Frl lay, lb a lit dsy of July next By order of the Board. 0. O, WILLIAMS. Cashier. Hudson cocsty bank.-the board ok dikbc tars haro ihis dar declared a eemi annual dlvhleu I of four iter eeut. and an extm d vidend of sir per cent, payable on actc] after July 5, free from government ux. A A lURDENBEIlOH, Cashier, JlnsET City. June 21. l&K. MEW YOBS AND UARLEM RAILROAD COMPANY, X* Pi upaxra Ornc . nfw y.iuk Jatr I idOA. SECOND MORTGAGE BONDS (f.l.OW.WO;, Due August I. 1S'>4. Native is herobv given that the Bands of tho abore Issue Wtll be paid at tbeir maturity, August I, isrft. at the oflice of the company, corn# of Fourth avenue tnd Twenty iluli street, and that the tn'meyt on the same wili raise from that dale. WM. II VANDEE81LT. Vice President. >fIMNO STOCKS?A8 WELL AS ALL OTIIBR KINDS I'c cf securities booglit and sold at all the stark Boards lu New To;k, JJoaiiu, Philadelphia, Ac., or otherwise oa c I .1.3V, n. br ALBERT it. NICOLA Y. No. WW. I am .. MARINERS' SAVINGS BANK. NO 1 THIRD AYR NUB. Deposits wilt draw interest from the let of JulY. BANK OPEN DAILY from P to 2 P. M . and on SrOlf. DAY. WEDNESDAY and BATURDAY EVENINGS, from e to s cvicck. THOMAS B. 8TILLMAN, President. Isn't T exirr Sc.rotary. XrOBTH CLEAR CREEK AN GOLD AjfD SILVER M?NINtT COMPANY. flTLPTN COUNTY. COLOltADO TERRITORY rat FTRrs. HON. JOHN A. DIX. HON EDWARDS PfERREPONT. JOHEI'H FRANCIS, Eat T. B. BUNTINO, Eki . A. O. BODYIBIl, Rsij. Colorado; ruMingfcr HON. JOHN A DIX. TRrAfcnvn, JOSEPH PKANCIS, Eto. CofNsrt. t, ? . CHARLES F. BLAKE K?r,. .a! .M r>*??,of eon,P"?? rousts!* of 2.'?*t:jd fee* on the 'ground H"*.' '?Gregory, No. 2 " "Rimmon. 'i on. cord, and Other celebrated Vreloped paid bcinug ladsi In the best mining d.Mr a ir Colorado. ?"nu? io lea in eA .o. the Hende^o Mill, now running and In cxcoileut Capital Stack, (1,000,090. Who.# number of shares 100 000 Par $10. DJffH?0 Ofthc rUKk lias aires It been takes br p-i sale ?Tucr. pi ton ^ Bnbks arc u?w open at the olhe# of the eomyiny. No. (10 Reiser street. New York, where a limited ?? !! J R*,ar"# ?ubtcrlbtNl for at par. br r,j plvinc s ?c.T,5 V:'?rc.r,of,t.he,r',r'r"nL hetwe'n The hour* of 1(1 A M. and . P. At, copies of tue Prospect, a may bs obtained at the of the company. ' lu kj"AriONAL MFL AND LIMB INSURANCE COMPANY. Organized undor a epcclal charter CAPITAL STOCK ONR Ut NDUED THOUSAND dollars. ^ ? Hi the ri l'-lleg" of Increasing it io fi \ e iiurdrkdThousand dollars This company jwwses-rg all the powors and pil nlagea of any lite ins irarre co nrany, with the additions! f urors of Josurlng the II? e* and limbs of oiflcer., soldiers saUera In the army acd navy of the United States, and ell other per?oui. Bcoka are now open for IMO.OCJ. Additional atock at the otike or ibe eawnenr, 2(3 Broad tsav. ORISON BLUNT Pre.tfont ? R- PRINCE, Vice President. Ti.Oxax D Y it* Bnrs, Tfeaourer John L. Citvv. 8, cieiary. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT THE INTEREST on oil the nonda of tho Mlaslaslppi and M'.aonrl Rail ?old Cera pens umt irinh on the lei (lay of .tiny, lias, wll: be paid on au t a.'tei- that day, on pn sanation of the coupons at the Corn Eichanqo .'tank. Now fork GBO Y M. DaYIB, Treasurer. Notice to holders or covinoton and lex. Inston Rain ad Company b inds guaranteed bs the ells of Co/nfton. Kentyeks.?llold rs ef coupons from above bones d ir ?in<-" the l?t nf B.ptsmber, IPi", .an make an sr. ramemenl for their co le, t an br tod.* nf thsm with the uu de-Jlgued. J_A fl^FKROl. BON. Sil P ne street. OFFICH OF TUB COLUMBIAN (MARINE) INSURANCE COMPANY, 1 CORNER OF WALL AND NABsaU STRhKTS. Four hundred end th rts'elght M.tO) shares nf Ibe addl tlnnsl Ota million duller* of capital at?-k remaining nnlsken bi ?t>k nil jars under the nrtiee heretofore g.rrn wilt be diepnaed nf to the highest bidder at per or upward, the whoie psishle on the 1st dar of July next, at the lira, of iubserrftlii. Peal, d ridDOSO's Lw the same will be reee'red at th# oTeo r' tint company until the 2Alh day of Jims tost., ot Iwelrs o'.-h -a M. Tne b ds usust be in th# form rretcnited by th# noder st.Tr.erl to be bad at the iillca nf thorompany. T he award* nf the stock ran b? aeeartalned at th* o(Pe# or the com mm? tm or after tho IMh of Juno Ingt. No other not t> w 'I be gtrep and the person to whom stock is sward ed will lut reqiitrtd to sub< :rir>? on>l pay for th# name before three o'clock o# the 1st day of July next, or ih?prlri:o?e will be forfolUd, r ?d.,? ?<>??'?? owini Flnauoe Conimi'tee. Kl.'WD row k, 1 JOMRpn Morrison, i A Ml F NT 0. LEB, | 1)\NIRL W. TELIpER, J W?w Votta, Juno 23 ISM, ' OwISV.III. 11 oM^"'I?8A COMTANY,' NO 2( Wad ?tt*el, Now York. ?Notice la hereby siren t' at the annual mseting of .ha Rtomh,,Mer? of the Virlp"as Com pany.for tho election of tiro trustees lor the ensuing i-ar ?n;' f;.r?*"rt'hrnf]'" 15 m*r, KC \hSL*l ttf-TS'Li*ill! .5^ nflse of the Compatir. M Wall street Tif* e"Y' J" Sfth dav of July next, at noon of lalii day. The transfer h'lekif of ' he com nan v will rim,e with the ,nrt' W ? ? ? tny II I 1 _ OFFICE OP THE MARIPOSA COMPANY, 84 WALL street.? Notice Is be.qby given that *1 the drawing thin tlav bad of twenty flvo C nde of tbui < ompanv for redemp tion out of the linking fund, the following were drawn, vizKoa. IS, 53, <13. 83, 83, 129, 168. 210, 234. 429. 459, 494, 594. 637, 772. 816, MlTl.MB. 1 197. 1X26, 1.387, 1 364. 1.4 "9. and that the aame will oo paid .u sold on the 1st daf of July next, on pre --entstloo at the office of the company. Bo:8U tnu4t be presented for payment within ten dayi after the 1st day nf July next, under penalty of foricitutaof the right of re leutpllon molar Ibis drawing. Kiw York, June 8,1884. JOHN WATT, Socre'ury. OFFICE OF TUB MABIP03A COMPANY, NO. St Well street. Nf* To It?Notice It beretf given the oonpona of the Orat mortgage bond* of the Mariposa Company falling doc on the first day o: Jolynei twill he paid In gold on aad after eetd day. on i reseutatlou at the office of the company. Dated Tone 20 1864. ' JOHN WATT, Secretary. OFFICE OF THE AMERICAN CALSTNINO COM pany, 11 Liberty ilreet. Hew York, June 2d. 1364.-The Company a--e how ready to make terms with those who are deeironi - I working gold and Hirer ores In a very cheap and expeditions n anner. without' - use of any kind of amal gamating pin or the its-' of qui"*!liver. A'.- also Invite the attention of tl Jan who work quicksilver and copper ore*. OFFICE WELLS, FARC ) A CO , ?i BROADWAY. 1 N? ? York, June 70, H I. i Wo are prepared to eatb. In Gold, Jul; coupons of bonde of State i-l California and ot city of Ban Kr. nclsoo at rea sonable rates: or, If preferred, wl'.l collect on favi rabie terms. WKLL3. KAKOO A CO. OFFICE OF TTIR JBRBBT CITY INSURANCE COM 1 any. No. 1 Montgomery s'reet. FIFTEENTH BE Ml AN UAL DIVIDEND .) kskt Cur, June 21, 1864 The Hoard of Directors of this Company (tare this .U de clared a semi annual dividend nf ten (101 per cent, fr-a from government tax, payable on an i after 'my I. J. l'AULMlER, Secretary. OFFICE OF THE CHICAGO AI D NORTHWESTLUN Hnil .'uv Company. Jut e 25 1864. Coupons due J ill v I, !V>4 from ' ondi lamed by the Ga lena and Chicago ( uion it i lroail Company, will be pa: I upon p.esintr.f.Toont ihe office of H H Boody A Co., No. 8 wail etree , New York, on and .tiler that dote. JAMES R. YOUNG. 8c. retary. PUBLIC NOTICE 18 HEREBY GJYEN?THAT THE Treasurer of tbe State of Illiuol will, on nnd after the flret Monday of July next, until Gib 20tlt day of enl i month, be rendy. at tbo Amerl an Exchange Bank, In Ihe eltv ot New York, to piv Ihe latercat maturing on the first Monday of July I < If, on tho public d< bt of the : 'ale of Illi nois 'l'h? interest tmm due. and not culled for prior to i in 2Uth day of July, will thereafter be paid only it the office of t!i? Treat urer of the State of IlViol -, in the citv of :? prlng field. Holders of Illinois and Mtfiitgau ''anal H in J*, whose coupon ire exhausted, are rc inested to present tbe bonds, ALFXaNDE it ST a UN, Treaaurer Btate of miopia. SACRAMENTO VALLEY R lILBOAf) CO M FA NY.?TUB cou|mns of the first mortgage bond : of tbl" company, due July 1,1864 tv 11 be paid on end tfter that d-ite In geld coin (li>- throe |->r cent Unite i -Rate.- tax), at the otileu of SCHUOHARDT A GEItH \RD. rr.HK MICHIGAN SOUTHERN AN ^NORTHERN IN JL d una Railroad Company, office !8 IV Plant street. New York, Juno 23, 1864.?A dividend will be paid > u the capital r't of th1a i ompan . on tbo Iti ,l?j of August next. a? fob Iowa, v /:? Five (b) per cent, less the poyt rnment la*, on tbo guaranteed stock, and three and a half (344) l,nr cent, free of s ivorntpent tux. on the common sfiick The stock hooks .or both the common ar yuarameed stock will be closed on tho 11th of Julv next, at 2 1*. M , and be reopoucd on tbo 2d August next at Id A. M. 1IF.NRY KEEP, Treasurer.^ mWENTY-FOURTH DTVDE>77)-HANOVER-FIRE IN A surance Company,?The Board of Dlre< tois nf tnis Com i any havo d( iored a semi-annual Dividend of six (C) pier ocut. free Hum porernr.ieot tax, i ava'- e on demand at their oflio 45 Wall street. 13 S. Yr'ALCOlT, Secretary. Nrw Yorr, July 1, 18j4. " IVANTED?ON A 1NOTE "SECURED BY A OtJUU chattel mortgage for five times the amount. Ad dress L. A,, box 1,925 Post office. HIli.IT A It Y AND NAVAL. i T NO 2 P Alt It PLACE?ONE HUNDRED D.OLLAHS J\ I 'unty pa d to soldier.- discharged for v.ounas received In battle. A so to those tervlngln ibro* (cars regiments, BllOWN ,i SHELDON. Military and Naval Ronktng Office. AN ALIEN CAN HAVE $150. CASH DOWN, TO DAY, to tout S'lbntUi te In in; place; Mso. two more can receive tbe lanio lor two fiTeuds of mine drafted. Call between 7 and 11 A.M. at No. 40K Montgomery street. Jersey City, In segar store, two ana a ha f blocks abo e lb l'?rr>\ Army and navy.-wanted, five good pub sututeg for tho Nu y, $W0 sash in hand. Also two oo'o:ed man. App'y at tito Conimerria. Iiote'. 155 Cedar street, near Wcsi. llt'.NRl fl. SMITH. ATTENTION, VOLUNTEERS -t?475 tiARU IN IIAMD and #01 premium for volunteers. Choice of heavy a-tillrry (tor rarrisot, riutv), cjra'rv, Infantry or the t'avy The very highest bounty to Engllslt, Irish, Bcotob or Ger mane to t;o us substitutes for morohinla lit thla citv. A;> ply carlv at tho U. S. A'any and Navy Agency, No. 93 We >t street, corner of Cedar, up stairs. Attention, voluntberb and substitutes ? Ke.fub.e Inlormation furnished to persona about ioin log tbe mllltarv'or naval aervlce. Where as I how to seVm-e the laigest veah bounties o'Jvred, at tbo Military Law oflloo Ot WASHBURN -V WORUALL, 860 Broadway. ATTENTION, VOLUNTEERS.?*50") BOUNTY.?MEN J&. wanted, for heavy artillery, cavalry, infantry unn tho United State* Marine corps. Apply Ht ilia Miliary Law office ot' WASHBURN & WQRRALL, 2G(i Broadway, near Chamber* street. Army and navy and substi ti'os furnished Any person bringing a rerr.ilt to thl* oXce twi:l receive #1W. Apply at No. ft East Broadway, c'orncr Catharine. Captain NOLAN. Lieutenant LANIGAN. ArABD.-TIinF.E ALIEN SUBSTITUTES. ALREADY accepted. w it ttits d?v oxemj t three principals en r died or drafted. Inquire at tnc law ollioe of ifEST BROOK A OSBORNE. Jtfb Broadway. AS SUPSTITUTB-AN ABLEBODIBD YOUNO MAN will pi as substitute. Adfre ?. stating amount of bounty ; a'd, until A 1'. M , A. 8. B. llcrald oili,.o. Iluuneri will cot be J 'alt with. Bureau op surgical examination, No. J Chambers street. Dr. J. W POWELL, formerly of the a-my, late Examin ing Suraoeu Board oi Enrolment, rfuigpon In charge t'UlZRNS subiect to draft tvlll be examined, an I In formed If They hate snv dt.inb lltr that exempts, or il liable to be held for agtvi s. SUBSTITUTES ran learn tor what branch of th? eertrice they aru best adapted BROKERS, before (pending time and money on a recruit, ran ascertain with certainty li ho la a sound. good man. Eiittidnationa etrlatly private. hx; erlenrol surgeons constant:* on duty. Itr'cr, bv ; ermisr! >n to MayorJGiiather. ci-Maror Opdylcc. K. I A. Bojile City inspector, r.nd a hundred otner,'. CIOMPANY K, SIXTY NINTH REGIMENT N. O P. N. J Y.?The at ove named regiment being ordered to garri son (lie forts ot New torh harbor, a low leepcctable young men Will be taken in Company K. Tho-* wishing to join w 11 apple at the Armory. Essex Market, between the hours of Gaud 10 P. M , or at Lie ut. Co'. JA3 CaVANaOH S. iuS Cedar street. T1IOS. P. POWERS, Captain. CAOMB TO TUB RESCUE.-MERt HANTS ANDCAFI J tallats wishing to be ropreaouted In the army or navy ran procure alien suUtliutei by ceding at 171 Broadway, room No A Drafted ken furnished with substitutes ai short notice and o:i tha most roasoneblo terms S ;b atltule.i will be irsditsd by the Pro-oat to any town or district nf ihl- State. Pariiei must bo sure to bring the!. n.tice* of being Jrafte 1 aul the money. Apply to J. WAR RUN i LINN, No 2 \Yarreti street, near Broadway. Drafted men furnished with bubstitutes und F.xempt.ons proi ired fo- those enrolled, not draft ed. Contractli with towns pro-np'ty fil ed. References lo merchants of b gu standing. Address Cepta n Combs, fa) Llepenard etreel, near Broadway. Extraordinary notice.-persons drafted or liable to draft can have alien sabatitutoa furn nhed on the n osi raaaonab c terms. Apply to A. LYONS ACQ.. SO Chatham street. Headquarter*, twenty-second regiment Nut'onnl Guar! 8 N V. New York. June 30, le'ib ? General Older, No. IN.?fn qhedlenee to orders from division and hr gede beadiiuarters, tots regiment will pirade July 4. Regimental line will be formed at A. M , precl-ely. Tho stall will repm t to tho r mmandsnt and ibe drum corps to tho Adjutant at 7-.i o'c'.oek By order. .'AMES P. CO*, Lieutenant eo'onel Commanding Twenty-second N. O. 8. N. V. J. T. Baldwix, A-ting Adjutant. XIbadquartbrs. COMPANY e, AJ. d-ivr tsifrrn KjcissHT, N Y. S, N. G., I June M. 1-04. t Thl-r regiment being crlerel on jptrtlson dn'y for short service to fori Richmond, stilei I-dand, on the Bth day of July uext, ten member* of the company are absent from the city on lur o igh an e ua! number of respectable youn [ mea w llht-e ateepM-d to fll; their ptoses, by applying to Cnp'aln Thomas Dernpsey, No. 41 Centre atreet, or on aov of the member of the company Tho members of Ihieeompony and thofa wishing to uln arc Lcrcbv < rderc 'to a. amble. In cHUens' dress, on Run-lay. IhoSd of .1 ily. a! the regimen 1 jl armcy. F ssex Market,?' 't o'clock P M., as husl.icss of gieai i i.poitan-? lo the comrany will belmnwcted Every inem1. cr of tb'< command is expected to be present. Bv order of THOMAS DEMP3EY, Captain. E t DUUARTB - is, THIRTY-SEVENTH REGIMENT N 0. 8 N Y. Now Y.ik, July I, 1KW. General Orders No. 7.?Id compliance with division nrd brigade ci dors, this regiment will aisomble al tbr Armor., t'.m Bioad way, July 4. a* Toriook A. M. precisely, Tho field and daft win report ID the Colons', dismounted an.I the drum corps to the Adjutant. ?' Ue same time and place Captain* of companies trill i ro ure no l>ody h-!t, cartridge box and bayonet sheath of the Rtnie equipment*. Three wl I be I .i nished at lbs Armory ou Friday an I Saturday. II order of Coi nil o d. Ashley. A. O. MoNT00*vnr. Jr.. Adjutant. ___ I WH.T, SECURE A r031ft0N FOR A MAN NOT liable lo the draft to go In my p a s. Yhe party mo t have some km wtedge of military mattors, as n.e poaltlon I wib secure to h in will rojutre bint to tw a man nml a soldier Address V. 0. M . Bi jokly u Post oT' e, and it will be Immellat'dj attended to. M" AR1NRS "WANTEO-TO WUOM~ "niGli cTsS bo'int as i>ala: 10 men wealed lo d. r. I'miles Ing men for .'orvlce Ircsied llbe!allT. Apply at the Bouuty, Pay, Army and Navy Agency, III Nassau street. H 1* ret its o' I rssa-s i u<unui ujum ipi | i?i I ny r ' n I? - W by the doctor SI -i iiqnd m 'ir-jr paid to tbose br.nging rrults, by Capttlu ("OHRA, 80 Llepenara -tract. RBURl'ITS AND BUBSTTTllTBS WANTED.?HI on > est cash and gerororaent bounties paid as snun as pv.s. ed by " ? recr.i S' UBST1TUTES PROM T't'LY FUltNlBHED?PORIRRW York dts and Brooklyn merohsnts, and on rea>onshle terms. Ad tress or apply to J. W Ml It Its' FLINN, Mo. I Wsrrcn street, near Rroa Iway, before 12 W. SUBBTITCTEB FURNISHED?IN ANY NUMBER, BY honorable and reliable pa'tle*, ant at a reasbuable price. Apply at 26 Chambers atreet, room No. V, th rd Iloor. S'. B ?A number of good men (alt-nsi now ..n hand, S^UDS>itu rRs. 6ulfcrffutkb. sfrnsriryfua -TrWi highest nrmes p*'e for aMens or discharged vrtersos to gons stibsilfutea. Alan Inyallda can get s larje . ourls by calling at Oiflce, 12 Chambers atreet. Captain D. P Ql'PNTIT^TEE, AT 17 PROADWAY, NRAR RATTERY*. DURSTITI'TRN, AT 17 BROADWAY. KB AK BATTERr,* iURRYITUTRR, AT 17.BROADWAY, NEAR BATTERY, furnished for ?n\ district, bv huuorable and reliabio parties. Apply from 7 A M till 6 P. M. rptlB 0FPIC8 FOR BUBSTlTUTrg IN TIIB NAAY *. ged army U jd *7 Wset stre. t, eeruer of A baoy. Th# hl.hest Munties psld. Call and see t troio ant.aa.i-q else where Also nanted melt for wballag, mrf?.bnnrarid ilsh leg voyages. J AM J8 A Co. VOLl'NTRFRl AND Rl'BRTITUTKS WANTED -1 HR h gheet henQti paid In rash ss srxm : s L -sen bv '.he doctor, at the corner of Now Bowr-y and Oliver at, in the baeement. VOLUNyRRRg and 8UB8TITUTR8 ?IRIBH, ORB Y men and Enllshmcn want. 1. HYihost cash and .nr. ernment bounties pvt.I llroscra and othois paid 86! for Brlaatng men. psBTain COMBS. 3d Uapenord Ik 'P -11 MILITARY AID NAVAL WATTED IMMEDIATELY?5. OOI GOOD MBK FOR tho army and navv. who will recelva lb? highest cash bounties paid. Now Isyourtlma, boys. bsfore ?' o bnuntfea tcp. For in format lou call at GEORGE H. SMITH 8 law ol ce. No. 4 Now Chambeia street, rooms Nor 3 and 0, up ataira. \%T ANTED?IRISHMEN, ENGLI3HMKN, SCOTCH, ?" German X, Frjucli, and men ol u.11 oat onalliias, to e? II t as volunteers The I 'sliest bounty paid cash In Laud on i suing iho doctor Relief tickets (o Ism lie-. Agents wl i receive the highest premiums. Apply at 4db Broadway. ID MEN WANTED?TO FILL A TOWNSHIP QlTOtA, .LU to whom the hlghee' bounty will be paid cash In hand. Apply to the Committee, 3fi Newark ?U, corner of Washing ton, llobohsn, S. J. REGIMENT N. G. 8. N. T.-TIII8 REGIMENT U(/ being ordered to ?i?rr?nn tbn forts of New York har bor, a few mcrulls will bo accepted In Oo. J to fill up iho ranks to t! e number. Aptdy ?t the Armory. Ra sex Mark t. liom 9 A. M. to1.' i'. M. until Saturday evsu Ing July 2. By order JOHN J. FOSTER, Captain. /iOTII REGIMENT, N. O S N. T.?THIS REGIMENT BK l)?? in.; ordered to urrl-.m the fort* ol Now York harbor, a f-t? recruits wi.; In-1 hod .n Co. D to ill! up vacancies. Apply at tli ? Aimmy, Glu t Market, fr >m 9 A M. to 9 P. M , tlD'il Satnnl-.y. Jul* 2 Men:'! .r* will meet as above on Sunday, July 3, at 3 O'Olock P. M. Hy order y. (i Ili'YLE. ('af.a'n.Rl DIGD TO $U0 HAND VON.: V PAID AGENTS OH 01'.'"/ Runners fer volunteers for thlic.ty. Ten men wanted today, ihn highest b'.untv ca*h down as soon aa passed b. the .motor. Apply at 4.8 Broadway. Km MI'.N WA'ITUD?FOR THE ARMY OR NAVY. *U Ulgit ash oo inn ; paid Uid Engl xh, Irish or German told I rs accepted. Filly men wan tad to-day. S.1.IIOO lias bee.i made by cue man, pit e mood,-, to ly at tho Bounty, l'ay, Army and Navy Agency, ill N.msau street, up stairs. ? I 7 k ?WANTBD, TWENTY MB!*, AS VOLUN rD'xT I ?) t ur* to till n town i iota, t > wlioin $170 cash wrnl be given at 13J Spring street,ha..? ucnt. <D I 7 CA8T1 HOVNTY.?VOLUNTRKR8 WANTBD, r I ') not I'ttli "ex. tlitx is. i lent ix i.urtic.itarly detailed for ape als rv.-u noi.o but u.un I n en need ap ply. Two sergounW w mted for this regiment, who wtll be in . tered n a sua.i iuimedlxttd Apply to Captain WELI.3,160 Centre s'root, corner of WaLtnr. ?EDD CASH IN HAND FOR 8UB8T1TOTBB-. iPtluu Cholm of regiments. Airo two a enx wish lo servo ? ; substitute, foi a lair price Draftc 1 men or wen lni' 1c to be drafted nro lum lied with < ib.xtltiitc.4. Apply to C. M. NUDN.VN, eorper ol Canal street a id t'.e Bowery, umijrCii /ens' Satlu.,< Rank ? ARMY. NAVY AND MARINE CORPS, VOL . unt'.-e s uu I substitutes wanted, i 103 ra it nty paid; thn ib IKutes wrantcd to ilavj jrxi ami Jmh) cash ii.v-u. Par t ex b.i icmg men tivited liberally. Apply r?t tho P i i v. Pay, Army and *avy Agency, III Nassau ati cot, up sta rs. APtipr OA II IN HAND FOB SCTBBT1TCTBB.? **?)*.! 1 i. ? of sen ee and relief to faml ea prscnnd. We pay nil we ad'-cri ixc, and no deduction. Must call early at Grand street, i. nr Bowery. NICHOLS A CO. OQii(\ Cash liOI'MI FOR VOLl'NTBEU3. !?(?OU Loeil bounty ....$*?) Slats pay to faml y men "til Gnvei nme"ut bounty I(K>?$SC0 100 men wante 11".- .""'rv. d dag proves! g >r<l duty. Irsl men wante 1 fo srt'liary,hib g'"' uu d .ty n.."ti vtauted I or n, i .,nt; . do m. pr - .uxt guard duty. 8. d men wanted for . hole i rai n ntx lu the li, id These n ou an; wanted as v. Inutiterx, net s'ibitlt .tes; are muster I iu th.. re into - li ny ha in an I ate "u?r*nteed everything promised as RJorr.* Apply at 14 Sixth av nue, near Amity str< ct. mnnn ?wanted . i: or two alibns ok rxn. sou i i. '. it:i' In to tl. ? draft, to ;.o .? ,ul "lllutcs, I > v.h ch the high at r n r ;i l.e pal I Apply fur three days, lroi i 11 to 1 o'eluct.. ' I kl Fine room No. 19. AQAA YYlf.L BB PA D FOR TWO V0LDNTB8R8 b '"UU for i..a oo ntry. t'" of cavalry, infuntrv or nrt ller-. Good treat.s uit, and ictlef seat to families. Ap pi. ut the Franklm Hon n 57 CortL.ndt > iroet. ?(iffA CASH I) ? FOR TWO BlTBiTlTOTBB; ?!?? ?J* ' a *o highest boutithm for v. iunteers and soidiera hlglu . imli straet. lor the Invalid coiju. R ?. el t itet for tumlilis. Apply at Patter on Lioi.a ?. 75 Colli i ' ?(>417" ?25 MEN WANTED AS VOLUNTEERS; $3(55 ?4?t7</4 ? ee. h (etyslry, Inisntry artillery. Furloughs guar nte "d fo- 4' li. rx Ap;. y thu olllec, 14 Walker street, between Bro idwa; aud Church street. Premiums paid for men. 1 t\(\(\ RECRUir? WANTKli-FOR THB ARMT, l.UliVf AT 17 BIIUAIIWA*. 3100 cash in linn I pu detteli 1. an. 1.0J0 Vet. raus wants 1 for the nrmy, A'l :: BROADWAY. $429 each In hand paid each man. 1,009 tea" i'n want"d f r the nnvy, AT i, BROADWAY. 3400 cash In hand pai l each man 1,1101 Landsmen wanted In the navy, AT 17 BROADWAY, f 1j3 cash In linn ! paid each man. I,VJ0 Fire nit wants I for the navy, AT 17 BROADWAY. {400 Cash lu hand pa: I e?'h m m. 1,(09 Coalp*?s<ws * .nt-d Mr "he navy, AT 17 BROADWAY. 3409 cash 'n hand |iald each man Men coming to tiit? oiil-e ta en'.l-t can relv upon obtaining the moat honorable f raiment ? up n receiving th.t money ( Mad In 1 ul), witho u data*, n 1 bout hnmbug it in., oatt n. 1 rur.e Mid seo for yourselves. Od ce open from 7 A. M. to 6 P.M. Ci'l nnn F0!l TW0 volunteers, to fill, a ?Pl.'/UU countrr .in t?: ai io Substitutes, either army 01 navy. Apply at 1SS Wfit street, Pavonla Ho ?e. CI lk?r?0 CASH DOWN ON Till? HPOf-SOON AR paused bv t!i > h urgeon. Ten hundred and fifty dollars cash i?r live nund men at the Arrnv ami Navy Clin in oT.ce 88 rnlton (treat CI r,7 K "bo UN TT~- VOLUNTf' R RS, A TIE tTION. 01.(1 I ?./ A splendid chnn ??. 1 lire* good men .vantail, for cavalry, this (lav, nt W AHHBURN A WOIUlALL'S of tice, liuo Broadway. near Chamber* street. NAVAL. FIMZK MUflKT, *C. ALL, rr.lZE MONEY NOW ratable can be obtained AT ONCE nv APPLYINO IN PERSON OR BY LETTER TO WALL EN A WILL* HO, 1.ATK U S. NAVY. is? yortc si-rent, Brooklyn. BOUNTIES, BACK 1'AY gr.d all other rlatpia ADJUSTED without delay. A LL Till? OFPirrRR ANI) CREWS ON HIE A CONNS ': iCltf AND HE SC'rO c.iu obtain l!:tlr ; : i. i.ey In one .lay, y app'yin; to V/ALDIsN awillrd, 188 York atrccl, Bioeklyn. AIIOV?PKIRF. MONEY TO 8 t1LO RS ?BOON TY MONEY TO SOLDIERS .livj.ryl It wounda received In ' alUe, \c. 1)1- -urged httfi or Ar ..y Ofllceie, Balb.ra or lolrt ere, tUc r Wilnvra o lJ"rs. PROMPTLY PAID their PRIZE and BOUNTY MONEYS, RV'K PAY, Ac., by FDWMID iilMSKI.L. Arms and Navy Bit.Iter, and late Punur U s Navy, b', I Br .idw.ty, mrncr Chambers street. f.'e.v Ynrlt. a 1.1, PRIZE MONEYS (N-I.L! J'F.D AND ADVANCER A made no claim" .,1 DROWN AHIKLDoN S Ml.'.are an l Naval Banking O " cea No. 2 Park p.ace, Now V. rk aui 133 Yotk meet. Brooklyn. ALL PRIZE MONEY NOW PAYABLE CAN UK OBTAINED AT ONCE, 8y uppl .lod to .?. C. DICKRY A CO,, No lib Broadway, Nr-v York. A TUKTA.?WE PAY THE PRIZE MONEY FOHTHB above ve* ei the du afie'r tlie . l.iim la iilcd WAI.DUfl A WII.LVRD, !?- YoiLstrecl IN oklvtl. A CARD?T1IE FOLLOW INO TERSONE WILL please call and algr v others for their bounty ?Wni. N. Trat nor, Daniel Lane Janes Haves, Patrick Cas-lty. Lawrence Curtis Jani"i (iraham, Jnion Tavior Samuel Sbtppsn, llenr; II- Dorr. Russell W Bennett, John Me Onw.m. Richard l> her, finnrie Ulcer. John C >:>kla; also John White, JebnQalleher, M chad Donohue. Ororgo it. Ue;.kln.< llcnrv Pop p. G oorf a W. Dingwall lle.iry Brcver, Danle. 8 ighno, CI ar.e. L Miller, Richard Ne .rb . iru, John Mag! nr. Michael Melntvrn .lobn MctL vera James Mc Quade. John McOulre lobn Ocrrr, John H"'>, Leo cold Hlnn'onlnng. C nt.:d llviwn. Jaine* Lee * a 1 It D. WE8TBROOK. Attorney, 103 Broad war. OUNTY. PRIZE MONEY, ARREARS OF PAY AND PENSIONS PROCURED AND CASHED BY ALLEN, van BUP.K.N A Lt'CKKY, :?.l Broadway. CLAIMS OF DISCI! ARCD SOLDIERS AND OFFI. eeri for S'O'i, f e.ialona i nd arrcar of pay, art! of tv .Iowa and heirsoTdr cve> I e" cer* qid.ere, ccl ieotrd at the Military Law ollice OfWASIIUURN A '.VUK* KALL, koti Broadway. H El 118 OK SBAMRN OF THE DK SOTO i an receive the pa, and i rlre morev J. i them. Helra of seamen killed or le i in the service please call on BRAYNARD A ROWIM'. i8 Nan u alrcet. B 1JHI/.Z M''NEY?FDR EVERY VESSEL <' VPTI'R :?. > - co lcet. d at out ? $101 B . tn'.v obialrcd for wou.vled eo.dl. r , ami prompt toi.ecr. ,u f nil i.utirv mj nival clai nv guaranteed by 8AM0EL M. CLAUSE. II Pmo struct. N. Y. TltP CREW OF IDE DL SOTO CUM OHT.vIN Til FIR prl e money at oben hy appl? inii to M L CABB .% CO. Army and Navy Claim Ageota. lid. York atiect, Brooklyn. LTNITED STATES NAVY. ) PRIZE MONEY OFTJCE. BHAANAHD A tOWIVO. Id Naaa.i'1 street. $1,000,000 ?? ^ day a, by the Seamen's Itnrik, ".0 Yr rk atr?"t, Uro klyn. an t by REUBEN VOSH, W Wall airtcl. DKNTISTIIV. A PET Of TP.ETII MADE IN THREE HOURS-BE tire "at'sfac u or m l .ay. at 2 ? ? .It* i it.n ft?t? of Teeth *? low aa JKk and M advance re pi rod; and p<ti HI not raqnirct to take ,r pur m ,n yt1 n . unit ? ??litre y sul ed. 8( tv of Teeth with ?h*ni fienta, w hh b i rt-.erve tha natural cur! of the lip aro luailc l.e.e, n.ui nt tt outer t id* In New Yo-k, Weighted Lower Poll wera lnrenl>! hi re an I ne mado nt no oil er place, rbere ate r.aay tm tvn.ti ? nt W? ghted Set '. Plumper Sets and Seta r er rirnmol, lo Atl mit tbn face are made here, entirely d. 'crent and snpci:or to what can be had at any other es:ahlirl.ment NITRCUS OXIDE OAS ha? been given here for o-.-cr seven thousand ca.ea, and Teeth estrii' ta.l vithonl )asln No accident nr ?lekaea? naa ooenrred from its use hero. Wc give it t \er? Itv. Between Fifteenth and dltteeoth streets No '/TO. A BbT OF TEETH HADE BY RTF.AM-80M r IISH nav.-?fur $10. All persons In waul of Artificial Teulla ran now I e a comniD'l ited on short nothe. leeth aiiracted without pain, by my trttr nlcnlly purlflc l ch or?form. Dr. WAIT,?? Fourth avenue opposite l.ierentli street. CNOI.TON DENTAL ASSOCIATION.-PATIBflTR WHO J have a large number of te -th lo eXIrtcl wo i I <avs the nocesslty of ?? Hng l?v eaHiug and see irlnf an aptHsiai merit. We nmke the g,e fiesh sahr, an I hare never bad a far te or a'c.den'. withiL Ok e It load etreet. Bow fork. /NOME AND BR SATI8FIBD?IT WILL COST YOtf VJ lothlrg. Teeth estraeti-1 positively w tbout pain and wllho it charge un.ll Augu t. In order to afford an oppor liuiliy lo *11 to he suls e I of the lael and ir ake it known. Amrrlrm Tee h Co. Deutiels, Fourth street, co. rer of Bowery. MARTELL, DKNTI3T, <M1 SIXTH AVENUN OW fweni/ ninth trret Coii ultat n fr*e. r, 'A'eeoi* Rubhor aad silver ?efsnt teeth. I ? s, $1 O.ld fllllny. f; "IDor 6' ?nt*. Clean k) eente, Olive hours ; A. ,d. until 10 P .4. at p. nRtrriN a bkos . sjs grand s v a v , Yi.r's, and k.i7 Fulton street, Brooklyn tg Teelh tofitirelr witl,out pain by thh use . * le in* Nor urge for eatracluig when arlllir ) hik.srted. They are also I.HCr'Ing full Act. ?' h fid, p at im. $2.',. stiver $h); rtiDbac. $i CU Mid. $3. atlver, $1. Balract'Od ? (aula.

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