Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 1, 1864, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 1, 1864 Page 7
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/? WALKS Af arCTTOK. A 1,3 V C. BAKER .3 CO., AUOTIONKFKS-A. HAY WOOD. Anillt-n or ? Ma. i.'li ent Household Furniture, Paiutm;-:., huni.irv Bron ? very tare iu-1eo-ily tVor.a of Art at uctioti, thl* dav (Friday). July I at live f or* brown atuue uiau*.. u 14 YVust Sixteenth I'rttl, tie'.t*?t ti fifth tail Sivth ave'i'in -*Ih t inn nc ug at ten <?'. ck. Iiiaw. tug Room-,?S.irerb 8 ;.t* Furniture, inven t with KietiOi bioeatvl ui ti,' ess de.cilinioit. man on! fi in * rte. main bv ?*iot?iaitd maker-; hugn-* Boot<?*?>i- ..uo uues. C'Utiu Tsld ? . Mrroik. L"> . -1 Rroc.aet a ' ' lui t i.O*. Oabt'i it, Voire-, au 1 liiu*..- ? Car lain. Va ??*. Oil PnliiMngs, by eniinticl ur 1 Br n a Statuary. OionVa. Khg-i>e. Blalll Ruom?Sldsbnuid, Extension TnMr, A rove air-, Bofas, Cluhu, D.nnor and 'h* ? .fa v. r W a/v, l ut antl Ku. gravel UUO 'UU. i? ?? Cuv.i y, Linen Ir rooms? Eosst ood an 1 wati-nt Bureau*. \Yaeh-tands, 4 ? 1*1 Commodes, U Ui and Spring Mattresses, 11 listen an I fit Iowa, RhitU, El'i'.k-l*. .'.cr. ina*. A'an ' t i-tlure "I sen aula' apart men f. 8 o i tii e nptoty. Co i.potent per. s ma lo pac- an 11 art the i;..ods. J\ UCTION SALE 01' ..... ? _ . MAr.Nlt t.E.Nl HOU8FHOLO PUKMJU.IR ELEGANT i ALP fc.T.4 A M> CU8 TL* V3 Oil Ko OF ART, COST uvjot 9.1,1: ;;l, LM.I) tSL'r THRKI-. MON 1118, this day t 1'.: I'AV). at thk EI.F.OA NT BKolPK.M Is - \V r T VV E S TV t'l HAT ST., Bii I H i.l.N SEVENTH A>D 8WH TMt AVENt-hS, COMMENCING AT 2 O'Cli 'OK 1-ltE' IiliLV Parlor, diuiug mom, drawing rooms, ale-p i.: roonw and nursery are cuu.p.eiel- a'"' eL-gently furu sjiv I :n lose wood, oak end mauogauv. I ranch Mirror* rooewuou r.ts i-rea, thive 1,11c nut 1'arl >r furn'tiire. tn srtsu rep* n?d haircloth; wa.mttloenl 7 uu ire Piauo, four round corners; Oily maker?coat SV'l: superb rosewood Centre hi,! Pier Table* lto-,s and Heddip.;. Hair and Sirring kiittrussea, vrnli handsome .uaenoud Gha iihar I' ire; rim Chum, aomule'-i sole of 1 cb Oitt f?. its, Tuula Cut ry. S'lv.-t ?, rirni fue Wnder Iron Safe. large ante. Ac. Alt to beau.d wribuut reecrrin talu or abiiic. ' II EN RV R. WESTCOTT. Auclioneor. Auction notice.-wii.liam iuyino, auction Mr. WTOONS. BUU'llES PHAETONS, AC. IIAliltV C COOKE will aell. tilts day, Julr 1. at 13 O'clock, el tl.e ??l-?r mm, 1 f)er ntreet, near Hrontway. Top Engsy, mad" br Stiver ? A S.n^ti, oe-.rly m-tr Eic-gani four un J six neat Phac.ou, with pole aud ahafta. Tineo niiartcr aeat Road Wraon. r nc nhlfUnK top Buggy. iv:iT -ortnd coroern Elej .nt rieal boa Huge-, wi'b hlftlng top. Four aval elf built Pa-k tVugona. Single aeat Koad >Vagot.a Ontmartowna, tttm' la seal Rockawayg. Small is Beat Carriage Secmidhand Depot aoil O.ial Pax Waroaa. Second baud rlugle aud double Ilaiae-n, Ad. Auction notic". VKRY ATTRACTIVE RALE OR STAPLE AND KaNCV DRY OOOD3, THIS DAY (PR I DAY), JULY I. luc'udina vrip ub e aaaui tm-'iil of F0UE1UN AND DOMESTIC MERCUAN'DISG. A so An entire ir.vo' e or SIX UUNORED PIECES SEASON. ABLE DRESS GOODS m variety. At". Pot account e! Underwriter", Colored Oob irg -.'e-nis ptene<o 33 Inc , col'd Coburgw Italian Cloths?1 ca e id pi ue> it inch Ita.iau Cloth*, f B rr'apa-S ba e? 'in pite ?S inr-b Bur'ap C'anra?a?i hale* , "d iilecca) id lu.-b Cativ iaa. SlJgi tlv dimv'-d on lb - royagv. Alao, Straw Oooda?Hi)ci'ei manufactured Snar OOona Woollen Yarn?2 eases 1 SOU ib? ) Woollen Yarn. CataluS'ica and goods now n-cdy. \\'M. TOPIMNU A CO, A'rr.tluieera, Nos. land 11 Pai k place aud '! M urray alreet. , Auction notice.-v ht elegant iioushhold Furniture, audlclent to fnrnl h a :,irj;e four story, resi dence, n rarly new, bavin# c ut the owner otcr ten tliousand dollars, a! private rale, In n hole or any part thereof, at a sreot bat-gam. either w ith or without tha Housn an-t Lot The Furniture moatlv in aoliil ruaewood, and the beat da dclption. Including two very superior c-.rvod rose vood aeren octavo Piauoturt s. Richly carved Parlor Suit", s ltd rosewoot. covered In sntlu: r- wood Etngeres. Centre and Bide Tab]*?, Carpa's. Works of Art. r.-scwool Chamber Suits, lit ds an'i 1: ddlng Chluaware, Kilvcrv.are Xn .fee. Apply from 9 to 8 1* M. a: tho re-ldeuce No. 218 West Four ieeuth street, near Eighth uveuue. a UCTION NOTICE.?FOR 8 VLB CHEAP. AT RE tall at the large auction store, 209 ?tid2Il Hudson alreet. 101 tier of Canal street, a large assortment of g-od aecond band Chi pat*, one clcy'int rr-ind c rnvied rosewood Fiauo, two or thiee 1 arlor Sum. one si leu,ill UookcaBo, and % lot of^,ii I'urultare, but little used. N. B ?Goods of all klndrljought. Adrian n. muller, wilkins a co , will pell at auclion on Wednesday, July 6, at 12ty o'c'ock, at the F.xchang.' sale room, Nu III Broadway, b; order of Hugh Rmilb. Ks i.. tru-tee, 8U.1 CO) Uiuadw'av and Seventh Arn 3'iu Kai.road 7 por coot Coupon Bonds 0! ijl.WJ each, due 1884. Auction notiok.-a puperb eevkn octave rosewood Piano, with r r,nd rorners, a' o two Bong eases, suitable for lawyers: alto several Oil Pa'ul'tv.'s an.l a large aasor'.mcnt of llou eholil Kurulture, to bo sold at unc tion, at BOLAKT 8 Aucth u Ko m, ou Saturdav. July 3, 1884. Auction by j. l. smith.?this day. at eleven o'clock, all of the elegant Furniture contained in the three |tai lorn nntl second -lorj of the house 17 8tuyvr.aut street, cousisiing lu part ol one 7 octave Pi itiuforte. cost f475; 10s-wood aud black wain ut Parlor Suits, ir.atblo top ables, Botlsteods Spring nut Hair Mtttirossca, Rockers, oommon Chairs. Dining Table A ?_ A UCTION N0T1CI5.-WH WITTER8, AUCTIONRKR. jV HENRY PALMER m i l ar'.l at austieu, t'u 'a , at the New York Taltersalla. Sixth avenue, corner of rortietn alreet, fine road and saddle J -set. Bale peretnplury, at II O'clock. "D A CHILTON AUCTIONEER JD. U. S. oOVKKNMt.NT SALE OF Sr.GAR. Will be sold at public a -elUm. on F. May. -'uly I 1814. at 11 o'clocl:. at Cutty A Sons storehouse 115 Gieenwich street, 139 barrel* {freshed Sugsr ,fauiaj;ed be water, * per. tion of which Is reduced to svrun. Sala positive. Terms cash. By orier of Colonel II E. Clirk, A. C. O. 8. DW. IVES, AUCTIONEER-D W. ITER A 00 . will sell, at their sturc. t-9 Liberie street this day, at one o'clock, Horse, Carnages and Harness- bay Puny 14 Jiauda high, war an'od sound, k'nd ami gentle in nut Har ness, anil has no superior as a saddle hoys: so d fur want of uae; ciote Cosch. ton Bvggr, three SsA-lies, one deub.e . And two slng'e sets of Harness Edward schenck, auctioneek.?nobse. kao. on an-l Harness?By h DA AUD 8C>n-N(:K, on Satur day, 3d laatapt, at one o'clock, at hIs salesroom. 6b LlUertv etreel, a black Mare, long lalb seven year* o d. 15 hands, avarranled perfectly sound, kin I and gentle In everr wav, and an excelleut aadd'e horin; also, light leather top \V?gon und light atuglu Harness, city made; to be posiltve-y sold, as the ewuer is leaving the city. fNBORGE COOK. AUCTIONKER-HORSES. WAGONS X and Harness ?This day. at I o'c ock at salesrooms 111 Ilrcadwav, superb span of dark chestnut 'Hurt-s, b veora ???!. I5S) hands high long mane* and tails, from Mo .biain 31 tie -took. Oneida county, warranted found, km 1 and II le In all harness or under saddle; due, atyilsh dnvsrs, S can trot In about four initiates. Also -he Harness and .. ? gon. which are nearly new. A'so hav Horse. 8 years ?>.-! I ti hand* h-gh, long nine *n<! tall, line trase lar, and warranted In every w.iv. A *0 Cou >e Rock a way, nesriv new: ouc balf top Phaeton, Jagger Wagou, one Trotting Wagon. Henry h. lgeps, auctionef.r.-iibnry h. LBKDS A J1IN1-.R Wil se 1 at auction on Kridar, July 1. at 10)4 o'c ock. at their -aicaroom No. 'S Liberty alreet, a few door* west of Broadway. Household r urnl lure, eons sting o' Rrur-e|s and Inxrain Carpet* carved rotewoo I Suit, eovnred In ilm?on reps; caned o?k Dining Room Chair* black walnut K\ten*'oi) Dining Tabic, h ack vralnnt an.1 ma ogauy Be :stead*. Centre ent Side r*hle*. elegant cr.iuaon a -l gold tVln low Curtains, carved ro-e ?rood coiner Blagers, cut frame i-ier Mlrrma elegant ent of Rronres and Marble Clock, with f und- Crja 1 inaich; Ha r Mattresaea, Bolslai.*. I'l'lewg, Ae. Al- by order of mortg.i e,-. an 1, orlmen1 ? r Hon-elu-ld Furniture, con* *t Sngei Lonrgea, Arm am! Sewing Chair* s?i'a? and labia (.hairs. Ai A ? Also at 13 o'c ock, two csski. of Jamaica Ruin of 3t) gal ons eacb. Henry n Miens, AUOTioNBRR.?henry h. LEEDS .t VINJ.'t w I aell ami on 011 Friday. July I, at I? o'clock. In front of store n 93 Libert ? street a faxt tr.-tting sorrel I' ir-e. 'years ol 1. soon : aid kind; 14V hand* b1 h, very atom i ad" an.l ran trot In v 3f; nan e*ce lent s*d l'e horse f r i.idv or gentle-nan. Ala-i a light Su iting Top Wagon, In eye! ent order. Also ft set of Slugia uartiras. sold 111 eon-?q ten of the owner lea* nj the city. Also a six aval Kr.? ay. In goxi rniin n; order. Henry h. i.ekds, a- ctiontrr -henry h. LEKD8 A MfNKK will ae.l at auction or. Friday, July 1, at 13 O'clock, at lalesr.iuni N >. F3 Liberty a.reel an Inroiia of (,'auton Crane siiawls, S cli.i do. Lia'e Thread Olovca, Dr.'.s Pattarna; also I.l ,u "?*. Ilarana Megara, Ac, Henry n. lkrdb, auctiokei r.-henry h LEF.Dm ,k MINER will *e 1 at auction, on Friday, July 1, at 12 u clock. In irout of thi r saietroom. F3 Liberty alreet a blooded four year old Slall'.on. rb. t l.V, hatidt high, got by a fu'.l bio >ded Black Hawk oi-rc nnl ihe Ver mont nor-e Columbus. He la a very free a ,d atjl all driver, la warran'ed perfectly ?n.l kind in nverr respect j ?will drive in single or double harnefi. 01 uniei the sadule, and can trot at any vluie a tulle m 3 intntite?and 1 ' aocon 1*. Alao a opur. Buggy, v. uigitlug about 150 lbs , aud a light HamesA Henry d. miner. auctunkrr-eaIiBsroom. ?7 Nauru 'street, opposite the Post ? ? MINER A NOMF.KV1LP K wlil sell at a ictn-n on Setm day, Jnly 3. at 11 o'clock In front 1 f their store. ST N?a*kit street, a ties gray Morjtr. Horsu 15,4 ban la high, warranted sound and Bind in a iv ,m harness and under ti e saddle. Fuliab'e for a gotipe ota' , use. .18 WILKINS, AUCIIONEER. FLBOABT HOUSEHOLD FUR> ITi'RK. NIIHR0U8. nOdii.VOOD IAVOFORTK, BRONZE CU AN DELI Kits. . VELVET AND BRl'SSKLS CAKI'ltN. Ac. B. B LUDLOW A CO Wit.', SEIJ, AT Al'tTION, ON FRIDAY, JULY I 114 AT II OCI.OCit lit the tesideace 14d Mad *oa avenue, bclweeu ihtrtv ootid an.l Thirty thir l ?troots hi! the ele~aut Fur i'Ii re, tr < iinlned n aald house, ranfl ff wulch was mails to order b Pa idoutneand R x.c n. latlni; In rarl of elab >ra'*l- -a: e 1 r <*ewvo.'Pa I-r Suit, u erlmann rtgured eat in; r;ehly Cuveii F, lag "tea ilt.o Freneh p.ate plor and 31* ilei Mirrors: maroie top Cruira hnd Fancy TaWea. rosa-roud aev-u 5 ta-o I ianoit-r e G 1.0 maker; vcr rich Satin an I L . a 'tin* .is, due a'n - Ft tension Tab , gjn|i In I. ? ' Yronis Figures fln* OU Paintings curve wa'utlt and ma Lagany Fiench Bodsba l :. V.' iriin l-te* Dress oi, wVaabatasi D. Sofas, Arm nil Ka-y 1 hab*. 11 in a: (bird And Work Tables, ruamellml He ,rO" .1 El Its, Pall.aua*. Fair Mattre<*ea Holsters and t'11 o? ? ' n >a audi; , ? YYIIIon, a'elveian l Biussola Carpst* oil s 0 . t g? h?? -.'ii *he Kitchen F .rnlt r?, m-n whi- ? the ale wilt commei nn. Also, all t'.;? elegant bron ?? t'l -nloi sra, Iv.tckei*, khroughout the house. The Fiirnl ure ,'.o , will bo on oaM'dtlun 00 Thursday. 8"tl. n<t , br permit, w! I li, with cat* us te, may ba Lad at tho oivc of tlia a icvlouae; *. 5 1 J :? 1 n-> street. \KAI-BTaT.'R sale "Of finOCRRIRS, LI 'UORB, C, JjL f BBRVAN A CO . ai c I t en-*, mil sen Ih <Bay, at Ld.OCi'C "t'3 Rnirr / iht:-y I JI' ? e t-a Ptmllv Suap swnnt) hart Walnuts. T?i Co -esn' Mb r <lrec. r ?? a a latct lot of Urnad ' B, Gin, llou.' ou nn 1 otb -r 3V h *ker, Ac. A l-I PP. 1 AN, Marab.tL HI HAT. ELL. AUOTIONBRR. . By WtllTTRMORR A IIAZhLL *lora 81 Lib rt at. We will Include n our ?< 0 of FRIDAY, JULY I. AMOIad'el - k at our aa'earonm. lite Flf'ur"* *rl KF?eti of a Resaaarant, 1 -nmprla'nr Ta ble*. oak Cl air*. 1 l? ?l t'r,-|.-rs, Kn ?.??* and KursA t,rr#? ey and i n'.lng I '* til*, llaiige, Slsatu Doiiera, Bleatn ble, hot Water, a-n 4m Iron Fafh. Alao, At* time and place. The ETerla of a llo'i** an t hign Painter, oonalsllng of jll Cans. Paint Ke.a, Palm-, llrusuoa, t 3 B. U0LLIN8, Ai'C TION KKK. ?FALITRROOYt 438 V Canal f#eeL-MULl.BUY A RuLI.I ,V s ? ill oil. II. a ay, at i o'c ock at 438 Caual street, a large rar'ety nf lousehold Furniture, new Par or Null, -nahoranv Che-ra, edftead*. Waahatanda; Bniaiola, Three.p'y and Ingram arpen; OHclolhs, mahogany ai d wa.nut Hofat and Fora ads, cottage and walnut Suits; Ural. I'ler and other iMMt: rneewood. aalnm an.l nuungany Bureaaa; Ward ibea. Feather Bed*. Roislereand I* Hows Maltr<aeea China danar Set;,.also two large Store Stoves and Plo?. Wooden Wale, An., from Meiropolihtu Fair. Ooodopportuait* foi ml Is IAIjEI AT ACCTIOW. Rt. HAZELL. AUOriOMKRH ? * TH,S U4V (FRIDAY), JULY 1, ?I 1JX u CiOt l Hi unr Malea.oolll. tn. LiIh-i ty ?tr?ct, UAttOKAGK A>D I't'TLLUY, u v hu? "ri BlfVbR PLATED WaRE, C pooMaud kurka. s an-.--. i-x?. Hn*k. u Oun? fte. C -.Ut >\b? !$rufir? el?hI d-tv C.u- '..v. h YTIIR i.r J*.- *21 ' i.jb Svithv Iti''**, ^ HI 1 fCilUuli A UA'.LLL, Au?Uot; ev ra 62 : ibcrty *1. S * * BOOAp. AUl/riOKESR. W(I,L 8KLL ON h.7, So, ii lay. J..U ,, nt !0t< u rtncV ag the unction rvoina S,? 1 " ?' '?"> street? KCiuoei MAuseim u Furnlluru, Piano, Oil Panting* Carp"s, tc.. crm?Utlnn of m m. A?y IcLe k'litci do i ii?iu inn it.i ? .? a nut; rountl eornered J octave roA vojd Plauoi. rt-:. lo. jJ rurl >r hu;t, hiv, vera lluolmases Tenet Car; >!?. line it J oil Paintings, Engrav ing", Bedroom en J Kach ii> Furu'tikre, Ac. ^ A J BOG.VRT, Al'C 11 >NKBRS?WILL SELL THIS ? ? ri.yat ltl-j a'ctoek, m the u iotmn room No. I berth " Uigm Ktruet Mr Fixture* n.' a Grocer, Hinn, On era Show On as. GmtnLirs, 8-ales, u 11 n *, Hnews, Snap Candle*. bashes A No e-ght casus of I'-.ot nud ti! Ocv. St. its, li u'tCciA T'nuela O t liiiu.;, Ac. C.-oUi inuoi i>c uiu.veU Im mediately Hi tot the sale. SHERIFF'? 6 A LB ?KICIIARD WALTERS. AUCTION cor will Asll mi Friday, Jnlr 1, at II o'clock, nt 31 Tompkins street utl lb? Itig'ii. Tula and Internal of Albert H U'ri.',;, which e bad on the I5'h dav of Ma.vb 14(54. or a'anyliinc th r< ufu r. of, u audio Itin Union 11 ce Mill*, situ at* an.I lioniT oti 3 i Tompkins alreet: aiso all lie Right Tl. tie an 1 i merest which ho had on thai 1Mb riav ol March, 18 D, orany- urn" tharanltcr. of, In and to ihe lease of iim premise , 0a wh.cli the at, .vo narno.l Union Rice Mil Kara ailuaud JaMK-j LYNC'tl Sharilf. D. Op tK'rtK, Deputy SlmrliT. SIIKR Fh"S 8AL8.-HI011 VBD WALTl'.KS. AL'CTION e< r, will *eii on Ft I la , Jul I. 1JCt. at ll o'oh e.k, nt J9 To.npiii' A stronl. all the ki ;ht, Tl la nn 1 Jrtcrest ot Albert H. which lie had o.i the Iftth da?' of March, 18 at. or '' "" '* o H ereafter, of, in and to the Union lltca Mills tltnatoatld beint: on No. 38 l ixnpk'n* atreet. Also all Ihe Kialit. Ttt'e a id Internal whioh he had on the liih ilav of March l.cCt. or at anv Imp thcra*fiar, or, In and to'the Lea?c of the Premises on which ti.A ahove named Union Rice Mills a-o A tuatert. JAMKS LYNCH, Sheriff. Lan.kl arLKsriB, Deputy Bheritt'. SA1.K OF RRANDTRS. WH18KRY AND OTHKR LliiiO"? ?8 1IICRMAN A (K) , Auctinceore, wol sell tld* day, J ily 1. nt l'Jjf o'cliaik, at 13 Homicy, at public utiction voceivcr'a *ale of '11 reiki finn Ijraudhis, 'J3 liv rule ciodc* oil Itourliou and Rye Whiskey, l'jrl and Sh?rrv Win i, plpei end harm:, of Oln Rum. Irish and Kooteh Wilekrv, ifi ti iskcls aud c.t*cs Chainpafno and a large lol ef otnorWInns and Liquors to i tuiinoroua lo mcnlioa.' Uy older of John If. WcMahou, lisq., Beooiver. WILLIAM ABBOTT. AUOTIONEBR?OFFTCK NO 4 llasi .toadway, wl'l sell, this day, at 10 o'clock, the content, of the L i,nor Store No. 75 Mulberry i-treM ?Stand Casks, Headers, Km*, with bra a faucets; three line Bear I'?mi?, one splendid Con ter, Copp< r Measure* and Dr.liner, A.c.0 a good uJaorliniitit of Liquor*, Ales, Una Mix tures AC "TTTILLI.VM ABBOTT AUOTIONEBR?OKKIOR NO. 4 It lia i lipoidwav, will aell, tic's day, nt i! o'clo-k. the Furniture and P.eddlnk of liomdinq linuss ?d Roosevelt street?Nine Cottage Hudileads, llaa.c, Urocitory, MsltreSi es Tatiien. Ac. WM. WITTEBR. AqOTIONKER-WILL SELL 'i'Hlfl day ni i o'clock, nt 45J Canal street, tl.o Furniture of a family caving for Europe, v./ ?Two Parlor Suits n.arbio top mid other Tabled, Dressing Bureau*, Waebalands Wardrobes, loitho.any and oihor Derlstcads, curled hair Mattresses. Spreads, \ civet, Brussels and dlicr Carrot-; O Iclol s. Bo a Bn la. mahoeany Parlor Chairs, Cooking Sieves, Ranges, ouo S nger'* Hewing Ma-.ditne, Kltrhcn Pur Dlture, Ac. Ais# ono Bagatelle Table, Champagne. Ac. MIlCBLLAgBOQ. g Divorce- HAYINO made this a RPBOIAL study dminj many ream' practice, the undersinnci holds private consultslious o.i the sab.ect, c;thor sa;r*onally or by letter. ' !'? I KINO. Couuscllor nt La y, 3.35 Broadway. I MOLE WRINOER?NEW PATENT.?NO LICENSE !i or tariffs to pav the monopMr. Th's Wrinqcr Is dura bin. cheap and effis-iive Manufacturers n e Invlte l to ex ?ml. o H. Patent and Wringer at the Inventors' Agency, lib Nassau street. LISTINO WANTED-.FIFTEEN TONR OF TAILORS' Lcsg Lifting f,.r which the hlgho 1 cash price will l,? WvJa ?1 *"ly <P'?nttty bought. Apply k3 J. OONK LINO, 33 Curdandt street. PATENTED INVENTIONS IV EUROPE.?A ORNTL8 p au of fO'iie year,' anoce sful exporlcn -o in E irope is d'svose l t ? make a' rsngenacnts for the tio i el one or more approved Invention! (particularly those r?'atlag to maritime im irnvemeuti) In England or on the ''oatiae'ut. Owners of good Inventions, des rous of taking alvaange of juch en opportunity, will please aup'y at the oITlce or Mr. Hamilton K Towfo. 0. E.. 78 Cecar street, bot.veeu tho of eleven aud two o'clock. PEACHES.?FOR H\LP. 2,801 TREES, WELL LOAD e.1 with the choicest punches crown In New Jersey; located neir a railroad For sale by A. D. MEKLICIC, Jr. t!6 Fine street. STBFL COLLARS REDUCED TO 50 CENTS EACn (pos'ege 15 cents extra 1, at OTTO ERNST'S shirt factory and gent.cmen's furnishlna store. No 62 Bowerr corner of Canal street. The trade invited to send for circulars. Ttfb Metal and old lead Wanted.?cash w III be paid fora few hundred weight of Type Metal and old Lead. App'y at the disk of this o"ice. WANTKD-TVVO thousand tons of BTON-B, for In bc'khead and dock. Appl et the cUloe of the Morgan Iron Works, Toot of Vlh St., East river, AA' ANTED?TO PURCHAK3, ENGINE. SCREW CUTT " ug Lath .cngth of bed eliht fe d and upwards, lo ?w ng from 12 to :4 inches; new or second baud, la good con ?lllon. Address Andrew Brown, 411 West^wib ?treei. between Tenth and E.eventh avenues, slating nrlco and description of Lithe. * VVrANTFDrA SECOND HAND SKWINO MAcllNE Y? of the Ijest pattern. Addio-s Mr. Lovera, No. 7 Droad way'(Lallan Coasu a;e), atat ug the price and other Infer matlon. \\7ANTED?A STOCK OF BOOKS, STATIONERY. PA ?? teat Mc licine*. Fancy Goods or salable goo is of any kind, to p..t with tock on band and >ol! nn ' Omml slon in an of reference giren. Address BuierprUa. box 130 Herald odice. VO ANTRD-AN ENGINE OF 15 TO 25 HORSE POST. working order Addreas TV/ ANTED TO PURCnA5E-A NEW OS SECOND /' hand Boiler, In perfuct older, 22 feet by 4. with II Inch flues Address box 67d Teat or D. W. Talcott, No. 142 I e%r\ etri'ct. 71 TO 8 CENTS PER POUND PAID FOR OLD BOOKS. I - newspaper-, Ac.?Call before vou -ell eLcwhcro, for we ronnnue to pay (as w* alwara have done, regardless of ad verilsenie. 's) 11101c than any other biuss In the city. Per ? ns r-rding from the eouniry msy relv urea an Immediate remittance, l ull value weight Ac MAN.VHAN ft MIL LA It, 10 Spruce street, N. Y., wholesale paper warehouse. [ COPARTNERSHIP^ AN RXfRAORDINARr CHANCE TO MAKIl MONRY Is offered us Par.ner In a new ca-b enterprise: outy fd.liO-J rni ir. J. a laic Oeport nlly. In ;uire from 10 A. M. till 3 1*. N. at 5< 3 Brcadeay, ro. :u No. 6, up .'.lairs. AN EXPERIENCED PHYSICIAN. WiflHlN.; TO RK I *??"? private practice doles to negotiate wtth a re [ sprctabl-! party, either In city or country, with an eyo to y arcl.aaiog or ixr,. in, a co|...rlneralup .r. such term a* w?u.d prvv:- mutually advsutiaaoua Being iu gocd stniid Itif wl h Is prof.- lip*' brr h en. the w rl er cau onl. t un n.ur aatr those occ :r" in? a terrc(pending po-ltlon. Address rtejivtatlon, box !6d llorsld o ice. a PARTNER WANTED?IN A* ESTABLISHED ** !l?t ? ar.d money inakli.g business AP snoralother excellent tbinces f? r parties having a little capital to ;o In.o a good *?:e buaincss for litem .c uv. MtLTuN A CO., 208 Broadway, /30I*ART NF.R8HIP NOriCR ?THE FIRM Ok BENK J J srd A H utl-in was dissolved ! y the death or Mr. J?u es Beokard on the 21s'.da. of April lust The business of the firm wt.. be continued by the surviving partner under the s-me firm na- ic of lieukard A Hutt n. July I. 1861 BENJAMIN H. HUTTON. NOTICB OF LIMITED PA RTNKR8HIP.?NOTICE l- htrst v given that Thomas T. K.-ad and Matthew P. R -a l. WHO rf -j, c ol.-rri dc in the d y, cmiut.v an4 Slate ol Now xnr* I ,ve f.-rmtdn luilte I copsrineiahlu, tu.ivu. ant t 1 t! e ( rovi Ion of the Revised Statutes of the Slate of New > Of,, under the firm unnie of T 1 Reed, for the hual n.-ss 01 brew ? n and ma'lln?. and the burleg and selling of tuch -n.-.tet'a'1 onl ot cr articles aa arc nana, y dca'i In liy f anuf* turei ? of malt liquor's; In which s ! Hi- parties in" Invested art i. e raid Thomas T. Read who U the general partner, sad the said Matthew T. head, who Is ihe ai*clel p.'.vttier. The.', the and Matthew P. Read has conirFuted tieMim ol thirtv tlm'issn.l do'lars In o**), a* ca; l-n! to wards the coin it on stock, and that the aid ry.par nerablp is lo comm 1111 day or July, A. D. 1854, and Is to l-rin nat 01 ihe !1r*t day of July. A. D 1387. Dal d ;hii 3nh day of Jttcc. A. D 18 1 THOMAS T. READ. M.VTTBBW P. BRAD. PARTN Kl:-?. 0 > IO i Ml, 0 -A SPECIAL PARTNER vanied in a V. ho: sale Grocery House, established ind doing n protlLb'a btt-lnr-a To one h?vi:,g t e green ha, Aw, this Is a favorai ie mcortnalty. First class refarcnc a ox changed A gents need not answer Nn communication no. tired unless In rvsl num.?, and with cash on hand A 1 ;rv*a Groceriea, box I'd Hera d olllc*. PARTNER WVVITD-IN A FA*CY Hllip AND PER. fu ror;, manufactory, wl'b ft,i?0 to Bl,5.<0eash a-d'v at 172 Grand street " ' fpiii-: CNDERSHiNKD l\V| THII PAT PORMRO A J ikitiartnerahip uu.levthe lir.n or Bonn ng a Ituth- n I), rg, for tho ivanhaetion of aget?ri Jeuni ul?s on Lu' neaa In hater a. u tor's aud ladies' triutin ng* Ar at No l o Dian" street. LO! IS c. VVOhFiNllSiJ Nsw York. July 1, 1-4 llr.ItMaN l.o 4IIENBURG. IV ANTED?A M AN wVtII 15,000. TO TAKE AN IN v? t< rest In a stock cmnpan . Oi.od security given for n dSj adianccd to get the company i:nd<-r wa) If. re me pn-en Noun n.-ed apt,.;, units- mcj nu:an business, and cm show Hie money. Addrc-s K. C? boa 27 11,-ral 1 0 1 co. TV ANTED?A PARTY. WITH FROM $iun TO f 1 14KI TO iT c uerln n a business In which the advertl-vr will elearly ?how a pr ,8? or over per m >oth; eier thuif eau h?tn .he tame <>r the par-y Inreailiic if reuuls f. the g. . la being tol l exc m vel v for < a?h au,l in wl.otesa e h .i.svv ..lily. The pari, emcrli.g Inlu the bu-lm-ss need 011 y one h -ur uer day o hi lime. Good reference? gfv, n Address B O Z, Q1 ,T'2 A PARTNER^ TO O L- *U" take the p.see of one retiring from ihe tin d-'MsSin.: bmmeaa, of 16 veers' standing, In Bronklvn Ad dress Fet'lun*. bus Itl 11 -r* d nltloe. T0 >'5,"ho ?a partner wanted. ?TIH.UUm e.tber acttve or aiivDi, with the a nve a nun'. In an r tahll he I msnufartmlne hnsmrs- In < c r-ssf l ?l au "ii. The dvmand is nnlimk.'d the iirrfll? lurgt). ao l the . is nvsi Is au exoius ve monopoly. To s? lire ? ii inves Igli. >u >?iy pxi lies with real name end re'erenre? aa to t?<|-e la'nllt). Ac. w II be notice I Addrcg-Fartur. t. x 132 Hera d o"ice, for thfc? day*. BiLUAaoi. POR SALE-A NUMHFU OF RPLENDID, FULL SISBD r H'.'.llarl T?li'e?; also a French I'late O'as- Partition, thirty fe' t ,01 g. a numbei of f-neKtaml Cask* ami Kega. F r penleiiiar- a; pi'- ai th ? I'la'a llouet, eortier ol Twenty fifth urcct and bigh b arnauc. T>!LtrARF3 -W. H G ti FFITH OFFERS FOR S t LE .IJ at h ? factory, 111 Fulton drect. a tin? suck wth his Improved Combination Cushion, and Cushions made by Fhnlan 2k Co. an ler. Oail and ?xamlae, or sand your or tiara b mail. Tiib standard American biluard table and fomhiniMIOD Cushions These table? and euah ons am ??ld oali at our factory^ we do not anpplr them to other nihniiractoies* in ihiseiiv, either far sale or to use no tehioe. Old euahloos replaced bv nur O-unbinat nn Cniblona, and diwurdv.l by us, am (o d for what they bring and niay be n ed by osakera n', eh.-ap tables, who seek a reputation on anytbl^F eomin^from our manufheiory. "11RLAN ft COLLRNDRR, Corner Croobv sad torlpg strwla thk Timr, /IKNTRFtlLtaE RACKS.?I? OONHHQUPNOB OP THE v J ItuniiH ?i Paul Hie four eillt> reta at .i iwn for ikU dav la ?MMpooed, bp c-ui*<ei of ii p uriles, nul l the ir?i weak it Kfiirnler. Tina ? I . lb- -f ? u ? 1a> on thi; c. iui-o. JuUN A. jiORHId, l*f6S ti J. l-i - r?t 8< era'sry fTI'.uT ON II B UNION HALF MILS TRACK, 8EVKN I tv-uerocd vtree'. and Fm i i mgili-le i a* I at ? e .: ic , a Salurdu Jaly R far f 109 a side |i!:iv Or pay ben ilirei n : ye, 10 40' pound wagons hi. Jr'ruu li namos Uv6? of lirouklyn, driver uamt* Mi.c* It;, ey. UNION t'Ol IltBE, LONG 181, AND.?TROTIINO.?Til E proj rielora In rt by after 4 purse of $ I'd) url ti an instda fake or - Aft. all foi felt, lor hor ea that ue er troll, d bailer th'tn 2...I iu IsarnaaA I'll* above t ur.' to rinse at IItrain Woodruff* on rri-iajr eronltu;, Jul? 1, at 7 r, 3!., an J wl'l be Uuiieu lor one da? ucat week 811 AW A WHITE. Frontlet >ra SFOKTlfrG. A regatta, at berth ambot, N WILL iii 11! pi too on the Ith of I !y ? Sin spr'a' t?. Bntraaoa fee $!??. Hint, ivy o if cht f. t hi' uml?f All los , muni l e * cro I ly 3 P. M on Rntnrday, in New Yo't, on tin rounds by 8 > 'aloe!; Monday moral' % Addim .1. M S m l id < I aitm in of Commit:'*, lo 0- New Yoi I'oi! i(lice; or, for poraooal Interview, at tl.s ol.ra of f-t Chap no. N". 12 Wall an eat, Saturday, at 12 e*clbok. Tima ot starting 9 A. lit. TDRANCia BUfLRR. NO. 3 PKGK SLIP. IMS AT.L I the cholca breed* for aala and stock But'er'* TnTalllb! Man.o Cure and Flea Exterminator, 75 r*i>'* per b t ie Pi"V? new Work, $t. Dujs boarded, tre'.ocl. Ac. Me'.t slue-. for al: diseases. For sale-thk new anp bbautipol stp\m Ya"ht Kairle. b.illt for and contributed to the Ore u Central I a'r by Messrs. Cramp it Son?; and Neafle ft Levy; dimension* 58 feet long. 14 feet rod 8 feet hold , * nr. 1 about tun kno's. To bo aeon at the vard of Crump A .3 >n*. foot of Palmer street Philadelphia. Apply to J. V. MRU RICK. Cliatrman of Commtiteo on Mochanle Arts, or to CHARLES II. CUAltr, On urinin of Committee on Ship* aud Ship Bttlldlt g. F at the Pork four or Ave dava last week Can be seen at the 8!xtb AVonun Ratlro* 1 st iblo Inqu re for the fore. man of the stable. They will bo sold separately or together. For sale-a jib and mainsail boat, nine teen feet long an I eight feet b-ttn copper fasiene I and perfectly new; iai'8 nod ngcing new and in good order; will be i i'.d reoa,cable, <v< the owner ha* no u-e for her Also a new four oared llowboat for sale Can ba soen a'.Stog Slug. Apply to D. T. RUGGLK8, Kills place. For r*le?one nbwfoundland and rt ber nard Dog, one Bull Terrier, one Faqoiutftux Dog; one smell Bli k and Tan, fl?e toonlha eld. weighs IW pound; a pair of Ne .. '"undlaiid Pups, lil iek and tau, Su tuh and Skv e Terrien, nil of the purest breed aud gocd ratters. Ann'.v at II Roosevoit street, flr*t floor. JOHN GRAY. Grand STHF.P3TAKE for cat.rtgord boat"? To take place on Wednesday. Julv 0, IS I. from t ie foot of Conrl street, flowimus bay. ? 103 entrance, ijpvoio beiiwanle I to t'.n secon I boat. Free to ail boils m : ev needing thlrs feel in length The dtstance to be ground Jinny No H and back. Ttaco to commence at 12 o'c'ork at noon precisely. The L Hawing entries have already been tnado ?The Uachsel, the Laura, Fleetwood, Quickstep, Non par ol end Partridge Additional entries mav lie made on application to THOMAS IVORY, adjoining the Club House. HOH8KS, CARBIAGrS, &V. Any gentleman going to tub coutey, wish Ing an ' a:rs fine pair of bav Ilor. es, wili do well h. railing at BROWN'S, corner or S'ate ?nd Bocrutn streets, Brooklyn. A'."0, two very fine r.lngio llor-eA A VERY SUPERIOR PAIR OF VVBLI, MATCHED FA niHy Ilorcsa for sale?Bavs; l>'i hands high, 6 years old, long tail*, perfectly broken for lam It driving, and can go twelve mile an hour. Address, with name, bog 4,2,',7 Peat oll'.ce. For sa'e low. A BARE CHANCE?FOR SALE THREE TROTTING Horses and one near y tmiv Shifting Top Wagon, c !y made; one set ol Doub e and Single Harness, the property of n private gentleman about leaving town; ran ho semi at the Metropolitan Stablos, oomer Prince and Crosby streets, for one weak on y. ir ce ri4"T ?^cheV A?So ;"r J "eh*nr" for , I r ce $1.5 Apply at 4t'2 Pearl street CoU'e Rockawav; A FINE PAIR OF BAY MAKE3, LONG TAILS, 1314 hands high a xvearsoll, aouud and kind am good traveller*. Wdlbssold together or seperately. Also a top Wagon and single and double Harness. Apply yt 211 Wooa ter street. ^ LIGHT ROAD. WAGON .WANTED?CITY MAKE. i lth or without shifting leather top, In porfect order Address S T Vartan, Plalnflcld, N. J. A FINE ASSORTMENT OF LIGHT FAMILY CAR rlagos, Boronohns, Bret'*, Ph i tons, Rortway*. .Tsc K?'rs and O'-p >t Wayomt and Buggle*. Also, aeveral seoond hand Wa^onj aud several Horses, at No. 10 Ncvlns street, Erooxb n. ? A WAGON FOR SALE-SQUARE BOX TOP WAGON; Brewster's make, In good order also Ono half spring I ghl road B ag in, b>:c little used: will be sold cheap. Apply at J II Arm Id's feed store. 156 West Twenty-seventh st. A FINE TOP BUGGY, AND SUPERIOR LIGHT ROAD Waiton for sale; also, n stylish and powerful Hors-, Kind In a I harness and under so,Idle, 7 years old Call at private s.ablo 30 East Fifteenth street, corner Broadway. A LIGHT. THRF.E PEAT, NEARLY NEW ROCK A. away, built by Wood Br ?>., for safe. JI3'. Stable to let, three stalls No. 137 F.ast Thirty-fourth street. A TlfO SEAT DOUBLE PnAF.TON, WITH TOP. wit! be a >ld for $13il; worth double that sum Ca'l on J. M TAYLOR 112 Liberty street. New York, or on M. WILLIAMS X CO., corner of Court aud Union streets; Bro'oklyn. A N ASSORTMENT OF FINE CARRIAGES SUITaRnr MUTT A CO., Manufacturers, 16 West Fourth street. Avert stylish turnout for sale cheap A very line D"g Cart, with two reats, a very hand-nine dapple gray Mare, seven years old, anuniLand kill; can trot inS 15; a hay flora*, eight rears o d, roind and kind ran trot in 7 45, or 3:15 together; IS# hards high; alroavery f nn Double Harneta Can be teen, from 9 A. M. to 3 P. M.. at I.S39 Broadway, near Thirty seventh street. "j^AT MARK. FQR 8ALE?16#.HANDS HIGH. LONG tail, very hanttvome and stylish driver, sound and kind in harness and In *rerv resnoct; ova trot In three minute?. Also Wagon and Ilarneas if required. Can be seen at the lumber yard In East street, near foot ol Broeme street. East Blver. Bat noRRE ron sale chhap is Hon; sound and kind I'd' h.m. at J 8 CONDf. carriage single or doubln- 8 vb'sV. r, ' ?"liable for ?tneet. In co!?,e and .plce'store ld' C,lT " u "arrlwn riARRIAORS.-ONK SECOND HAND DOG CART. \J on* ball'top Park I'haeton on* extension top Ph-ieton, on* Cahrlo'.ot, made by S:ration, never used. For *n'e by BREWSTER A CO., ceruer of Broome an.l Moit vtreels. /"lARRIkGFS FOR RALE ? A LIGHT SECOND nAND \J Coop Coop* R-ekaway, two l'ght Phaeton*, top on baok aeats; two leather t"P Buggies a'rm it new. and two light is, at R. M. STIVERS. 9' ti 1U2 East Thirty ? Road V agon-* f.rst street. /?"URRI*r"3 WANTED-A LIGHT, HALF TOP. TWO i e.-at Phseton or Wagon, ma-'e hr Bi ?w*ter A Co., Broonir street. Alust bo very stvllsh. In election! ortl with lantern*, pu'.e and shafis. Ad.tie s. glvin c lowest pi Ice snl dos-.itpUon, A. II B., box 83 Walpo's. N IL Devon bull tor svle?two year* old vera t n* o it ;f Rxuter, who belonged to Edward G Fall* F? j., and who took o number or < ryt prizes Price $2 '0 Inquire at 16 and 13 Chambers street. Donkeys for saLp.-male and female, well broken to single snd double harness and ra tdle: very at 'l*b and docile; hive been me! by children: also double lUrm-ss At-dress bo* 2; Tarry town Post otlioo. Ii*OR SALE-A VERY FINF. PAIR OF B AY C ARRI. 1 ago Ho- es, si'toen hlg'-, flro end s * years old, of great *tyl? ant beauty; ihay wiil ba told for lea-than their value. If applied for Immediately, as the owner bn mora horses than b* wl?bae to take to the country To ba *oen ?t the prlv*'* viable, 121 West TWi uty sixth atreet, near Screnth avenue .. SALE?V BUY STYLISH TWO SEAT. S JU ARK Box, Top and no Ton Wagtn*; r.lso, Cos' Box. Hqitare Bo*, Top and no T"P Wagon*; *l?o. lerrt.d har.-l as-"-' Rocksway and Light wagons, b-i West Twaaty f.iurtl F'OR SALF.-A 8TTLISH BLACK MARE, THAT CAN trot in 2 50 to a r ad varc;, to .-ether with a new city mad* Wagon acd nearly n?'g ?"t of tlnylo llarn***. Whip Blanket*. AC., the ..hue oompriki t * neat turnout for Cjt!*m*n, wh'c i will he s i ! I w for c.iCi C'?n tie ?een at <-d's r*rpe;,ter's shop. 102 Helauct. struct, from 7 A. M. till 4 T. M. iR RALE-A BTF.EL GRAY MARK, 15# HAND3 high, 5 rears old; warranted so inid aud A nd: we.I ; hi* uevcr hron trained nod travels Una. So 1 for t of use. Csll at 3.? Foursh avou ie piOR BALE-THREE BOBBER; ONE IS A SPLENDID six year old hersc, 16# hands l lgh, s .lta'i e for ? tart truck or any purpose, one is a tdaek mare. Bte year* old, 15# hands hlgli, suitable for a dor; ir. groc-r o- any ; u-pose A i Round - ? - - and kind lu every respect Apply at 27i Molt stroet. A trial g.ven. . For rale?seven horses, among them are one ralr of dtptdn gravA of flr.o style and action, and one vert h?iid*ime fing t*l ed blsck hort*. of MM styl* and action, also o?e beautiful s.?ld e pour for eh'.' Iron Tli-v are allWHrrsnted I* everr resuert A!*' on* s?t of I'hyt Douhlr-ilaineis, *llv*r pl .t* I nx good as new. All to ba ?aen at No. 14 Greenwich avenue. FOR BALK-\ FAST BAT MARE, 14# H AN D.I HIGH , warranto I so,in,I and kind In sing e cr double harnes'i al*nd* tn tha street without tying, $175 will buy ber. tn-? q ire at 36 Cbany *treet. TOO B a A LB-A FINE. STTLIBH TOUNO BAt^HOP jtg, r wt'h tOli Butgy Sad U mas- ail tb-mpletn The ,lrl out Wl 1 ! (.? told c' '??!'. a 'he "Wn*.- hi r.a f r'.'ier n ? f',r it Arr'y *t 87 E:-si Thirteenth street, letwe-m 8 #ri I Hi JjlGR 8ALV.-AN ABGALT.AIJ CHIEF 8GRRF |, COLT, ?plendl ' *-tton, kind In *11 harness su 1 srarrant* I . und AUo a 8'lveis A Bmlth shifting top Wr ,,n k|.| Ringla Haraasa made ty Lowdea- both good t J , 4 be seen ?t Mc ord's stable, 93 Atlantic avenu?A Brooklyn TOOR RALE-IT tinBSF, CART AN fj HARNP30 r cheap all In good nrd*r: It is a eon t rhsn-e for snv pee ?l, wants to go in the busmes . crfJViwo day sat lu Tel sTaeA ^ |?OB BALE?A CHEAP WORK HORSE, SUITABLE r or*!i) Und n. Tr.?rK, bj i Tor of ua# r* at the rorner of Lent and Welt s'.reeta, for Losey, wV ro Ol* horse mn bo seen. ^ " tsoR RAI.E-IIOR.8B. WAOCyaf XVD (1ARNF.33, at r *hl*_tpT_joMagoe pt lliu j Prlc*, all cojtpieta, $ Appl; at 713 Water it. I NOR SALE-A HORRE#, HORSK. 7 TEARS OLD FIT for a ra'l or i*press. or *,. tsb|* for s c<- ipa; warranted sound and kiml, and ?o / ouly for want of use. Apply la the coal oflloe 19 Ro y^r?lt street. ?R balf.-a 'jDv? tailed r, tear old ham biatonlan 'je/-t, | hands, flnt tale traveller; *arrmn ed la every war. Apply at third stable south side of Blgh Iceutb *?rott,) west of Bltth srenua. PGR %ALB?A SPLENDID BLACK MABB, FIVE year* old: trots inside of throe mlautea. Apply M139 ?PrtBI WMt, Wsewoat. IlOHSrs, CiWIRlAQE?t &C, li'OR fULL ANf> OOHPM'.TK ESr.ilJU-H t' m nt. ? tlti*' ?n1 v te iro* in 2 " t'? i?* e nr. rur-.4 ii 'V.f? war r'. pn? * v ry li :1 p ?: ? r t * Ft ? Ilor i, M ' 1 :i M ih, rtve in ! ??f*4e?? > ??? ?* >'I ,n . *'?>' i*ht? w h ? v%''.;rnn ? t ? ? iu ?. ?*? mil klu n ei- y r? ?? j t .? I c.m tr>4 n nbt-re. a t r ?? <|ii rpr sc a4 ri ? ?ft ? tiif Wu "w I'M pen i?*?, j?t t Don''? Hr?.r j ?> ? lot . i t ?'! nc<\ r. i- ?? R >l! eta ? !:l|* *n y 11 ' ii. *f?r- r'it'nln? .in. c? ? ' Mini, at o: t'? %u*nri? iftwjrip . I lion nr;'l nr*? fur BBrc* rr -1 ' Any r-iVle nan UHlng j t? ,.?t n lu-iu i .. i . or fo. *n> ?>fl?ir. w. 1 ftn.l bit ?.u 0? j i?"i ? i ; . r ? [,* . i. r* t n?? ^ i' It . I !i ? t IiO i1 o I a '.iHJu .n t i i i'T Munifli4 ? mi' *. and ? ?* I o?* .tire W!*ed?*t? /?,?'> ul Ii ? -lie .irv-' Si ? n r N Y TitOS. B >hH N B ?Any gentlftm&n wiaMn'j to par i aae vr II p ea.' in j ipeat tl.e aMjf# t- ?r* puruh** U| e!*o\r;iore. i CpOR SALK?A tIANlisO IK ^TEHTa (iBAYPO V.C " jci .iW, li . i . ?. .? i : i ? ii ei tp tad* 4ft Of I .*ii n ts; would ana n guutlin . n or lady for the a&d I die. Oar b? nfftii far thr* laynai ii<d Fuur.h .treet, in lbr? rear, iu the Olnok alih ? fiiop. tpoK BALE?A BAY MARK in nAKT>8 llHiH. TP r \ nc ltd i?t; 1 kind (u i 14U oi Wari;uit? T perfectly soun l in r.nry h i*|)3 Alto a now city made Wa.onnnd H*?*u.To ?>?? hoM either lo^jiher 1 or-eparaiftlv. CAllAltfOihnr MNil b not SALE?HOR3B, HARNESS AND SINCI.K ^ Truck with tho work of a store Apply at 4ji Uruua Hi!. 8iLE?A HRAUTIFUL KlVF, V K A R ULD Mare o- IShanl' .!<?: For atria aui I os.itjr ouiiioA Iv'C'iut Md ? Ri<nti?'Tian <>r i?'1)r can rt 14 her I'r ce J t^'i. \> ill lake a w?i? liairo i. ri ih to (A Ai?o t h a u [C yo ing Mam for alp. Apply at W Nr? Coamberi h reot. pOR 8ALR?TilT.KR LOW l'RICEO IIORSEB. KIT L f.r sin of v. orl, price fruit war rsotfd t-ottnd it I kind. AI one s r.'. I Horse, lit lor llio coiiutry. To I. tioid ohe^u. lor want of too. lu<tuir? kl -t Chrtkt.iphcr sUttt'i, iu tks 'ulaiksmlih's shop. F strict. bfOrt 8ALR-ONE ROCK ?.'.VVY, Ofl. UOCrOR'SOlO, oua top .yin, one sttt of doubla un 1 oo.i set of ? o Kle flurttre. AUn otta ndiitti Sadilo an t Hrldlr Intuitd at 157 AYe.t Tn cnly-eightli Ktrcel. CAOU 8AL1'.?A VERY FINE HCQtiY WAQON; ALSO, I our hal y's VYagop. both inaJr of the bc>t stouk, eiitlro It now, warrants I (or ons year. C?o ho aoeo at the corner of lit ks and ilcn Uon streets. South Brooklyn, untf cold. IfOR salt;-a t;iub;- BViins Mil BOOOf Wuyon riparlv nsw; tvlll bp Hold roMoaably, foi want of use. Appjy to C.. 34 Harrison street. fjAOit sal::?a ?PUUTOID WAQON TOP To FAI.L II buck, two noatsand four cushion*pole nnd sbuits all co-np ere (has bsan used but very Utile}, fcr>10 '. Inquire ut the office, 2 : Baal fenlh Rml Horse aki> top wagon fob sale ?a sorrf.l llorse, 15 hands hijjh. kind In uliKio end doob p hur new., only 0 yr .rs old- cm trot hi 'J tt>. WaRon -hlft nj ten, lu Arte order.'..eon used but little, built by Brewaiei C?u bt seeu bv appiyin* st TitUESL>KLl.'S st'.hles, llruhdws/ be'ween Foiiy .erond aud Kurty third streets. House halp strinh cart anm ii\ru; i??.?,; .a e cheap, separately or toy.:.her. luquiro at 670 Oroentv ch street, before U A M. or aftsrO P M. VTBW YORK TATTBB8ALL8->8IXTil AVBffUE, COR is nerof Forttnth sm et. Tills ley, July I. at It o'o'oek, rnhtable sad lie and road Hor-es at section, tnelu linj two of the imeat horse* in thoclty. hai* p rouiptory. E -j suc tion head. [>i:Df)LINO YfAOONR FOR SALE -ONE ONE IlORtE L and one two horse. W. M. HOWE, powder ntjent ooruer of both at. and Sd nr. QTX BEATEO BOCK A WAT. THAT HAS him OSKO ? ^ but a few times wi 1 be sold for less than half its cost. Can be aoen at Hodwtn's carries* factory, lit Klirabi th at. EVER AL 8RCOND RAND OOAOHBS, TWO Ca echo ?. ono light si* seat R -eltaway va? lire" S1 I'hnf?tnu. t.vo top Wa^o'if. two Icht curtain 0Q0 with o i di Lcatiy new*. Will sell client) one Cabriolet, wuu pcTvU, upi..j 4 on iitiVpit Fourth street. MOTT i CO , i'l West Fourth street. t VTFD ? \ SECOND HAND CAS'CFT WAOOX Address, ytatl-t price, T M. C , boa 636 P' nt otllee. \TtrA?ON FOR S.YLE.?A BEAUTIFUL SQUARE BOX \\ t'gbt Wav in, for tale cheap; city built. Lau ba aeon at 12 South William street. w LOST AND FOUND. CORAL PIN LOST-ON WRD.NE DAY EVEN ISO. about elx o'eke'i. >n the rlclnlty of Prlncn aud Sulli van at "eels s lady* Cora; l'ln The tinder will he nberall/ rewarded by leaving it with li. Tate, 3d: Canal struct. /"10W STRAY ED-FROM THE RESIDENCE OF P. \J Brixuer, corner of Spr nt place and llostou mad, M r. risanta. oi a vcl ow colur, with wh le star on forehead, brass Hps on horns, white around Hie hoofs and a lung white-alb &j ro.vtTd ivlii be paid for tn format ion ot her wluTi'abouta. DOO LOST-STRAYED FROM NO 50 LIBERTY ntrrct cn Wedneiday, the 8'lth ult.. a lnr?e white and liver co ored Pointer Dog. Auatvers to the name of Poutn. The lindnr will be reasonably rewarded by leturalag hint to the above number. ? j DOD LOST.?ON THURSDAY, A WHITE POODLE, tvllh biaclt eves; answers to tho nan.e or Prince. Whoever will return him to 131 A.leu street wll receive two doliars rownriL fAOl'ND?NEAR THIRD ARENUE, ON WldDNESDAY forenoon, a small -um of M >uey. The owner can have k by di-scribi ng Ii and pay log for this advertiaeuteuk Call at 173 East Thlr oenth street. IjlOL'ND?A SMALL SUM OF MOMEY, WHICH TilE r o-vner can ha-e by proving property and paying tor this advertisement WILLIAM f. McCORMICK. 127 Allen street. IOST?A DAY MAKE. ABOUT EIUHT TEARS OLD, J IV'i hand, high, a little lame behind, cats straight and pointed. Any per-oa brin .lng said mare to Harlem Ra iroad Company s, curnur of t hirty second strrel and Fourth avenue, will be suitably rewarded. IDST-IN TUB BUSINESS PART OF TOWN, ON J Thursday U<t, Drawings of Part of an Knslnj, tO?*'.htr with som* Frenoi Doeum*'* on .tampe 1 piper, whlcn aan r, Hie finder. $3 reward for return ng same to Jfeasrt. Hausien A Aatolae. 43 Exchange place. JOST-ON TI1R MTH INST., A OOLD BRACELET. J marked on the Insid* II. P. Rust. The finder will con far aTavor by lcav,ug tt at 31 Nassau street. Life Insurance Company T OST-ON WBDNE8DAY. JUNE 29. AN ONYX JJ 8!cove Button, ornamented with steal. The finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving It at 134 West Four leeutb street. IOST?A 61 HOSE RADOE. NO. 2d. THE FINDER J w ill receive tho thanks of the own -r by leering tl at the carriage house. 379 Fourth avenue, or at bis place of busl uess. 117 Broadway. IOST?IN GOINO FROM CHRY8TIR STREET TO J Second and the Bowery, ab uck Lace Ve,i The finder WUt bo rewarded by leaving the same at Nj. I Thlid IOST-A FIREMAN'S EXEMPT BADHB OF HOSE j Comnany No. 2d. Whoever wt.l return tt to lys Warren sireot will be euitah y re-.varde I. SaM W EASON. Lost?on tuf.sday, a wal.let. containing a suial! s mi of money, a eertliica'a of pat meal for a ten forty ).ond, and seme papers. The f.ndcr wn' he suitably r warded by leaving it with D. B. 3!e!li?h, stenographer, at I' tec Headquarters, 500 Mulberry ?:reet Lost oi; vlu.tin.-this is to give notice thai three tot forty Ponds, for f.ldOti ea .h. date l Mereti 1, ISt)|, and numbered 17,d28. 17.62' and 17.C30 bare o.uu e ther lost or mislaid, uitJ all rnrtl?s arc warned ag.Dr.sf no gotlailnx the ? .me A suitable tew?rd f ir their re- overr wll! 1m- i aid on a, [ I catl. a to Mrs. T. D SVinco, 43 Cute ?r p are. Brooklyn. T OST OR STOLEN?YESTERDAY AFTERNOON. ON Id eteainloat Francis bkidJy. a Promtaow co -, drawn by Horace Oreea, lurj! b-Xk Intel Jauttary I, l-vlt tayable January I lftU A IpflMoni are cautioned *i,?ln t rscetv. lug or negotiating the ante. M layutest has been .t ipped, JU.VK 3d. 1'tD. FESKIKI. RAND. STB AYE D?FROM THE PREMISES OF TUB NDRR. * i nod, on the 2rth in?t., two red Cow*, ou t a spttngwr thi otner a nil ,!) c v. with ntto hntn slight!} crntu;!cd. Any ittfo-tr.o tott of Ftctr wIitmIwc'.' will be ittllaldT re we ' by A. v.andervoort Flush 'as avenue, near Croat I j.tus, Brooklyn. B D, HMWAIUML 7 r It > -I )-l IN NVS.4AU OR SPPIt'E Via ettesi a Buncli o: Kays. The Under wtll plea e .eavc tnsni at No. 7 Syr j 9 street. ??: REWARP-LOPT, JA-SE it. A BLACK POCKET ocJ hook. ro(tt.i!u,tg?mc /i? other pa; era a Lease of bouse 157 Est Th'rt ?th treei. Apply to lltratu'Lttukin, lib Last 1'wsuty lourth ttre ', JYin REWARD ?" y.pSTZED OFF U03HIN A REP.F, VlvA en Monday, t 4e 27th Inst, .tit!! cat rigged Jail P at ps ute ! green c t'ae Outstd.- S P.tos I to liavs been plckeJ up hy a echo at- bound to Phi a-lelohiaor Klitabeth port The above re riel ?!': v pi 'I tt re ttr:t!uj eat t !>oat to ,tIrian ler Ko sy ,j, (y v.'a-uiiig on ush market, X. Y. CI n RRwrdR D-AND N" lA KSTI INS ASKRD rOR ?y'l." * the toco f .r, ?f a . nsli w , te Poidle Siut S ears o,i lost on \\ cJ itisedsy. Answa.i f> the name of' Fanny. " 53 Br uJ street. , CI 'A R, rYAR:?-DOa LOST.?8TRTED PR03I TT1E ?rLiJ r"' n srs of the suoirrlber. yesterday, a i,mail ft male lilticr ; , fun, nr.swertng 'o thr nen e of L' h. a on w,.en ,(,s lei; a r? I fr.rcy leutberc dlar. with rr.y i amo atil real ), n rn insert bad thctson. Any one returning her to me wi, recidvs ihu a. ova rrwaH. tr I .vl i pay a s ttiable rtwaru ivl ?uj pr jrtuitl' ii that w.U lead to her tfcovsry, W. S. UOVE, I J Amity streot, Druok.yn. CI nn REWARD-STOLEN FP.OM THE SAFE OP v'J.t'U P. A. II iriliug A Co., 4'3 Arch slreet, Phla Le .phla. on the n'ght o: March 4 1351 tv pelces of Btlrar " are. The shore rewa'1 will be jw'I for the return of the ' ,f?j l? and no q- eell n? s?:'Cd. r A HARDING % (!0 Cinn REW ARD-THE l'liPSON WHO TOOK A t?l''v Go ,t Wauh inn < italn out of Stmpson'*. piwn broker. In Hie B r?r , or Titrelay uiornti g. wiF retei.'s th ? ah-re rrwsr I bv r.1 Ir-'stng W. M. C., Herald ofll c, in rrrstee e to res orlng (he s .ms, WATCKEiS. MWiUlf, kSsC. At 8)6?WATOBBS, DIAMONDS IBWRLRT, 8ILVRR piate Gnus, Puto.s, Ac., bought ?T will pay ajo par cant mere t' an can be ohtn.ned at any otner p,acu in the cl y N II.?A,so Pawnbrokers ticke a wanted for the shot# arttcias. at the same rate. 0 } Ui adway, ouruer of It , I,: j 'n et. sia i? r vm 5 AT IIBNRY HYM '.N'S. "4 BROADWAY CORKER OF Rend sir el, r r N? 5. .p stalra, wl 1 be | ?i I tie ! ig!u st sh pr!<-? r r .? amends, aet or utt'et, Watnhasand 8 .ver War*, ar a Iva.. res mils on lbs same, and a'.aooa ?"AlAiToND ?TUB LARGR8T AND HANDgOM EST I J li,*mend In the Unitrd Slates it now for snla ohi ap for ea.h A.nswura *4 re uestad t* out for lbs diamond; muai he sold weuht 12 < atais. and handsome.y mounted, must h? SOW. we'jn ^ ^ |< uo>, Brokar tt.> Waiaor sireot. T)IA.M0K^ ?u giLvr.B. LJ wwuw DIAMOND'S, I oLii oolo at^d Silver, j Poranns who w'sh to so I Diamonds old Gel J. 3tlvari.or anr kind 01 old fusitened Jswa.ry go to LO' A3 ARRICII. 721 Broadway A positive fs 't, he )>*v# 30 wtr teat more than an other pen m Bstabl ahed jo N*.v Yor* since he sdm nliitasion ortc ?V?a W l a kr v mistake?723 Broadwav, nndsr tho Now fork Hotel k.\prrrs?s. lJURNn AM'd Fl'IsMf UhK BXPRMH-OKFICK IU 15 We ,1 hleventh street between Ft Ih so* Sn'h , Plartr.iortee, l alnttnge. in iror-, oina ?' t ?' ' ?ost to al, li.ta of tic* world U*g" wa? u. t?. ma^af I rp'nlinrois ciiy wt u.trj s __ AMr?KWKI?Tt? NIBLO'S GARDEN -CO H M EN'ISS AT TV: CON c'u t"? a' 10 41. Lessee land M.uiig.-r Wits WtinaCe/ - Tlah CI) G,K,I thi atbi IN TUB > ITV. MIL ILLUMINATED <1A R, > h..\ OPEN M'LttY EVEN ING rPlDAT EVENING. July I. FAItKWi 1,1, I i.NKMT ,.l. . L 4*0 LAST NIUHT BUT ON? or the celebrated L no artlclo , MLgi . vhstvalx. who w in ?i ( eer as ..... ANOKLO. with he eon, ''You Are the Stay" (w-r'e by ft It. Kis!.o. ? ?l in.,' rap liram Karoo." .n Jo n l ruug'.aia'H gran-' drama irj f.vo tableaux, ont,tie I GiTi'nnit IG-L DI1MONIO eATL RPA Y, Isatm.btof I1BL DEMONIC). On MO \!)a V I | l ANNIVERSARY of C?U It N ATI' A I, I h'DBi'KNDriNU'K, ?v I'-L BK It I'.PRO ?l'CKr>, IQK PUS] 11VI* LV 81 \ NIGII I'M ONLY. , . . 1HK DUbbbM MOli'O In a ! It? orl^j nal anieu tor. 1 O 'PtAin Henri do Lag* rd ore, Mi origins' char In orei tanoti-riifc SKA 01' ic;B.""W ^ n?ATt,ET Seals ? cured its days In advance. T5 ItOAUTA V THE AT.IE, " late vvalhok-b, Mauauer "road a-ay, curlier "f Dro mo itrapt ' Ti.'intHOAV. Friday* and aatuk'oaV WooJ' iuiTBSUAY. Y Kill AY AND - A 7 L" It DAY* LAAT I UK iK nights LAST i HRRR NlLU 18 o/ tun OcrohODN. Ofi I'D AGO N. LAST NIGHTS DC rill; reason 1'. S till AN Kit AH, In hi* gre.t of ?. . SALEM MODbl'.K MIm Jennie P.rkor a-.... :toe. the Ootorost. (mahU pttrforuiMtic? on MONDAY EVENING. JULY I, And mod po lilrotv the LAST NI(1IIT OK THE SEASON. FOX'S OLD J50WBRY. Lcsjpo, Director end Manager.. o r, ???. IIBNKI'IT * MR. J. n.'siUDLEY. Ftudav Even.lie. July |. NKW' ' SAVAGE OK CHAKBONNIERE. vi?,7.7' ? ^ r n C^<11"7 njilpJ""' i Miss It Dr.nrll irii'n ... MLLE. KAETINETTI flie i'etllo Comody. ? *** ? fc w , PICKET OUAKD. ;??: g*?? GLANCE AT NEW YORE. Lt%% dh 'V'"'.'-.Mr H.^' I be Farce of* Fttun' ?Jftl'r,u* . . ' joiin wr ^rs. Rvn,n^M5,pi n Chapman ?irT I^, J MtC oikey Mrs. John V.opp Mr*. U. Chapman WOODS MINSTRELS, BI4 BROADWAY^ *? Opposlto bt Nijh'iln Hotel, llenry Wood. Peoprlo M ri Slh rr vSJ TtK Nt IE A T r. I. hall In the city. toONDAV J l .rE ,7; and every evuiliu '.bo weolc, L NMNG fij<; HL'irKADE. IlfsSIPIT'S niSTOltlt'AL HUM IX' ii'ENGES, NAT0L30N AND THE OLD MAID'S LAMkVt!''l/flBRV UP. Ac., by Frank I .rower I. T. llovcp I'rank Mnntn, and the entire lip . Jn?S.;7; c''n''1 oc at H o'clock Tloketn f5c. GRAND MATTNEK MONDAY, JULY 4. at 2>^ o'clo'k. Mll.,,xp MRS. HERMANN VEZIN (LATE MRS. ( lur c? iouna). from tiv. prlncljial London (hentien, inippit vipfUng the L ta'to 1 States In the autumn, and would be ffiaa to hoar from American managers. Addrcas, care ot A Nimai ), 6j Wlgmo a -treet. Loudon \V. Mrefi KATK FI8HRR HAS ARRIVED IS TOWN AND is prepared to arranrje with tnanaye.-s for the oniulnij ?!!2ne C ai!i bS^eSP al lho Ltfarge House dally for oil# waek. rrorn i ' ? o p. M. A luERICAN THEATRE, " LAST TnilF.E NIOnTSnPTnEllSEASONDTA,r' aRlLLlANT AND VARIKoltrrIoTIONS THE MAMMOTH IlTlilOPtAN TP.nUPB. T'IE OKEaT pantomimb troupe n.iy,K?8PLBNDl? BALLET Tito UP 3. TONY PASTOR, ID NY PA3TOR The World Renowned Oomlo Vocalist. ' Th' beautiful Spanish Difortlvomcnt. br MonA Oroasl. entitled ? ? , THE FESTIVAL OP CADIZ. By *'??? Scbulur, Mill e Ptota, Annetta Lft Point, Mnry Blake. Emma fichell.ilda How, K nuia Rosa. Lb ue Whe'plcy, Fiorciieo Wells I.cttle La Point, J is It ,Melvil>, Jenn e terrain e, and Corns dn Ballot. SDARLEY WHITE. WAMBOLD. PIERCE,'MURRAY, and Corps of Ethioi e in thmr elrto ipllt'lns arti J A MRS 3 MAKFI'f, * ... ___ Great Pinfomlmlit. ALL THE PROMINENT ARTISTS WILL APPEAR, Norn-Special Performance on Saturday afternoon, iwo reiformancei on MonJty, the Fourth of July, MEn1?P/l?.N,', l?H,?B0ADW'Ar' mVlodeon. UNPARALLhLED ATTRACTIONS THIS EVENING, iiea.dej the wonderful cuterUlnmout oi" NV,to Melodies Songs, Plantation Dances, Rur.esuuo Operas, Du. ns Quartets, Con,!o, Irish and Yankee bonts. Glees, ic.. the proprietor has added to his cabinet of attractions OW3 EGYPTIAN PAJIS, IMPORTED RY UIM AT A COST OF 315,01*1, rendering this the coolest plaoo in the country, as thev keep a currant of cool air continually passing ihroujb the place, and they are operated by one of the Egyptian OrleuUle, who are capable or keeping the motion. Also, Miss uonera! Anna Sco lei, the . KENTUCKY GIANTESS, who was rn exhibition at i'etersbing, and escaped during ine last ba'.ll?. wni apoear and give her reralju of Southern i''?. * V 8 '14i lrare'le.1 Use whole counlry durlrg this rebellion, In various costumes and rharacteri. Admlssien free admission Tree. Wasted Iiw young la Ilea to serve re freshments. and 60 In the ballet corns; cosuimos furnished GEO E. IIEVDON. Director. ^?ATUKE UNVEILED As 4T ttk new YORK MUSEUM OF ANATOMY. 618 BROADWAY. PATHOLOOICAL ft WONDER9 ar rue MEW YORK mctsbum or anatomy, Old BROADWAY. VKTOMOBR OF WONDERS. " *1 TO BE BEEN ONLY ?* Till! NEW YORK MUSEUM OP ANATOMY, 018 BROADWAY. POST OFF1CE1 N.OTICB. POST OKFICB MOWCP..-THE MAILS rOl URKAT Britain and the Continent via Routhamp'on and Bre men. per attamcr Hansa and for Ireland via Ouseoatown, Per ai-amer Cltr of Manchester, trill dose at Ibis ofllca on Saturday, the Id day of Jul., at tow o'clock A.M.. and at the uptown station*. n?follows ? Stations A an 1 B. 10 A. V. St clout C and D. '.)t< A. M. Stations E and F, 9S. A. M. fetation G. D A. M AilitAM WAKE.MAN, Postmaster. MUUCAtk a maunificf.nt rosewood Tianofortb for f\ n e? roi,'. ffiJO for 3115, lau'tiding stoo ant Corer Parlor Sous, coat SlfO. for #'25: Elagerea. Mirnia, ralntl h'ga. feronres, Hiai'iary, Chamber Furr.ltiire; In u?e but ven mon'01; 10 be s dd at a aacrifice. Inoulie at 113 West Iwenty tlilrd street, near bixlh avenue. A 8AORIFICR FOB. CASH-PRICK |?16S.-8PLK>*. S\ did rosewood round curn red Planolorte. qearlv n?v, inoJera Improvementa, In perfect order, Mdeudid toss nianufacl ,/ed by old ecabl shad city makers. Apply at ihj prrldente 18 Third atrast. uear S*conJ aronue. AR'.RI CHANPH-tins-FULL SEVEN OCTAVE ? raa onl F anuforta. lias full Iron frame, ovrstrung base. Krene 1 trand asi'on. In good order, powei fal <vnc round corp. ra. llnlshe 1 haok; made by celebrated oakcrs' Call at 7V Hiviugton strset. ? UARGAINd FOR CASH-VIZ-ONE RPiENDID IT roeearooi 7 octave Pianofjrte. modern Imrror itnenU 2I5!8lri''> ,?8.8' ,le ? f"r j nearly nev; urig ml p.-ko ?879. 8p'?n.Ud a? ortmenl of new i'lanoforlee fully war. ranted, at manufaetuiera pri"c?. McDonald a CO , Sfd Bowery. NF.W SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD riANOFORTBft ?t |C i?flr month; one at $5 Aha, five cetav? rosewood MeMdaon. p.l per month. O. P. BENJAMIN'S Music Rourn# corner of Llgbtli avenue and Forty-fourth street. Open da* and uvcni.ig. r ' OUN LIGHT WITHIN MY HEART. SONG; WAIT. O Loveuntil thn War Is Over, wl'h pt rc; E.b's Lament Kaust'e March; Nddter'a Hapr?y Return Marourks. 50 cenlA each. New Atyirde-.n Inatrnctor, new Coacertlna Instruc tor, over 200 tuuos, each n) cut ', mallei FRKDKKICK 8LUME, 203 tasrwy. | vwmaM r? aid also, aou.e ox .rem ly .ant Pa ier FunUtdrT i, sol" I ru?e?ujd. Parti-s In want will aopiy from j to 0 I* X at the residence, No 218 Fourteenth treet, r est of Eighth sr. fy ANTI'D?A OOOD TENOR 8INGEL FUR AN Bl'Id. c" e!T1. ',hTh uuartette. Sais'y liberal. AJdre.s Tenor, Hr.atd uttlce. 1IIB OWNER OP T.VOVF.RY ELEGANT RO-tP.WCOP bo a or tare I'unofot-ee. doing abj it d:sp.rtili g of his sldeuue ofera th~m at prirate .??, at a great bares in IffSTHLCTlOlT. ACCOUNTS. Af.-iNSTRUCTrON IN PENMANSHIP, Buikkeepln ?n l Ilnxlneaa ACatrs. at Oo'dsnitr * fo itliul#, ?5S Broad way. rornor Kii/hth stfast, Ivranlj' ifirs eaUbllahed. Pnpt's (titjM in llvldially. Hr para to rooms for ladle*. Circulars on app K-at.oti OLIVER D. 00LD8MITU. ABU8INK8S HANDWItlTIN ?, roOEKERFfNQ AS ua-ri I > o tr he.t himsec an-1 Com ner lal Art Vnrtto lanslit t<w fit' pee rpiar'rr or lie n?.- f-mr 'vrlt'ny leiaa-na ??' at VA5 Knlion street R-ooxlyn I'AINBS' Y.-rk G.itlege, tJ Mowety, c- ruer of Cauai attest. Dpeti every day an* ovenmg AOOVKRNIS9 WANTED-WANTED RY A fAM'LY In low.., a b'gbly quail .tJ guvurnss for a yo "ig g.rl of ttgM yea. s of ape She tnust he a-p.anted with the French language and cenat'le of teacblngm'ttic bout ne?d app'y without good raji.i.meolatlona. Aidresa, win. rcfe rt*n ? . X T., b^?t I.ti Hera.d ortJca. A LtD* WANTS ro MEET WITH A I'NtVATgVlMt. iy In New York ell* where Instruction in mooicort j Unguage ? t.ud be taken n r? bauge for board. Ad >1* s Anallta, Kadltiin * pi are lu-it ullicu. % x RPOKATIUS ioTIVMi ("I lUfflR AJUKilUCY DEFARTTSVN f._Tq' coN V/ tra t rrs ?Sea . d propraa's. encv .^d e,. STrTTT'^nh "?*??'.-Mile t;i, W-rk f?r wl.teh LlTanA . rreaertihg tho enteenth ?an.l atr-ol, be-neen Third an) '? N e*t'caliona for tUe abot e work# ar a 'l ih?"fei &TeJ* the TIIGMAS STFPHeNS. I f AMVOKWHTI. W^Va'daT. .ATUBBAt A?n nomdat TasraaArtti. willii ^VokViuakiulk o the nkw plat. n vep actkd is a>b?ic1 AMD WHICH WILL BE PKOnC C.D jLLy t i rei ?u.h hereof the em.noM ai ?' K1 od A 1 O NIA iU ?*?" who ban boot: os ' *'r ee-rs.'-d. and v.!. a; p?ar lit f? inoiu ? ne* play ?'?,(- '"SING if IT T' ~ >"owtn : '?.????? tf > . ?' ? Mr C|l ?'UI i EI-MIP.K JrI I ? Mr <?;???? H"LLANU, I1"' .1'.' ' Mr NIlRT >M *'r- ? Mr BKOWKF V? I, mi. .otit ei ^ oL^:;^,TMrv W*** ""iilb BYEnVnO I FBI DAT >. JI uV I. TUfc 1-Aol NKJIii CUT NE OK . 4 o^A.iOM. rosi'mi-Lt LAST N ". ?l r f t ONE LAST K'un 1 r ?'or. LaSP N J O H T u I T OA A of llie roment c ?l'#c,ahl^"<lAr)r,IN ALADDIN ALaDI I". Mr*. JOHN WOOD a'* " ....? r.-. .ALADDIN 5K.S# "? tar*?qt?r Co*tame*. ?flt Kabori? ^a on account f en engagement having beta e.a us. ?.?> in A Powerful Company lU* * for Aihorl *e,\son 0 OPERA, omiueuctng 0WDAf hVBNINO. JCLT 4. Poor md ?t 7H; "10* Imi M Beiin fOf lh* lA?? performances o. Al*du"? ?-*" cure 1. ' New bowf.rt ti.eater t w uugard Tli'H'T srXGPT nfforniii a'MsiisEw?ss" Pii?EtE"u ru. r""j^SJ5S? TutjoaoLst, Mr* W f? JONKBl,rin ? KATE NFKWToNL Mr, aROR Jl | ailOOKEB, Mrr?I A^nEN^r. U. LISOAI.D, j 8 fi TU B tADsi j I Sir. 0. C. BonlfiflO us ? fj,tctnlivi Mr. Brookes ^LL TURN HIM OCT ^ Mr. Brookes House Miss Kale Newton as^ \|.]>y' OAfl! V.' Great preparation! (or the Fourth or J\ iy- ? T>ARNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM. STUPBNDOUB ATTRACTION* DAILY. AT II. 3 ANPTIAO CLOCK Mih : MAJOR PAUl.INK Ctf.HM x.?. THE FAMOUS PSION St'V AND rttO.IT Every afternoon one owning. At ?>_and 7 . THE BEaUTIFPL AND FAS' INAT.NG MT.LK EH ST'". STINK. IS NEW AND GRACEFUL PANCES. Mr. CHARLES E COLLINS (Positively lit" 'Ml wc-91). WORLDIIRNOWNEd'aVD OR 10IN' At. " CURE.' AND 11 IS GREAT JIO DANCE. FOUNTAIN OF PRISMATIC WATER. Th. elegant Poiite Corned,^ TDRTLB To be eccn at ^Ve^orbIJ OIANT OIRL. t Till' COLORS A Ti HlKNCH ^IAICT. XIJE TWO ft*ALLERT * TIJE THREE ALBINO CHILDREN, BEAUTIFUL AOITARIA. TIT" LIVING KAVOAtOOS, These enrlou* fsh w.-rn tak.? ?hrea huo-lre I tad nn| MiUa nn tho river Oai \bin in >' -itr u a.. ?? ??? funndab?.t sit teen no b!''?.T J"bVe*r " rftcf r S'ry? t ,".br e rn"n\bVum Vu'? ? hen h. unfold themselres ?nd ^h"^rp ,k< ? ,j for fus Arr'fft an?i ar - r. -v k\?-u n % >? ' , llf Air.La. ', yl * am Mn n,lt. (,r ihMMi ftah Id lie be seen In the sarr. from to* bottom of tlie r'?i Furnhi? This pae*a5* bo moistened| .n 1 the ?*M few? nt{ .-t jodagedn the Lee TH ECM L^IC aALLTY?Rd'C ATE D' HE AL. XomNSK AfmrOTlONrFOR'EOfEHl 'of jSl Vd*ilssion centr TVl.lrrn under 1-n H en . BRYA?HANIOB' hall. 47J ntOAD/.TAT Monday. June 80IKHU IVETHIOPE. tntorr,ers?<l n th JLAHB comicalities mirkba biles. Polly Ana. BEL DELM0N1C0. pan Br* Angey West ally ? ? :VKV,t?VAey'anV?.' ?1> r Uonrat'p.B .it T""""' "AV*ri" ?.aU! ,?J th. M^fHUKPSItSo'.'llOST. "spirit ml" won .erA ? Erarr eyenlna at *. Daora open *t ' MATINEE on WadneS'tey ?' Boa OfUoa open dally from lotl.l 3. JJIPPOTIIEATRON, FOP8TE3NTH STREET. THE COOLEST PLACE IN THE OUT. Tna cn-Trfit stabs an aneiualled eonib'naPon of srpstlo i? ir.t intsetfl tlrely new BALAMAMDRO'ITMNASTICOAERON 1 e.vt Bfrr AlN 3 bnT. FBI DAT. JPLT I AND rtT.BV fVKNINO. This nnrlyaliad trorp* U c<nopo'?i! of M U Vbarbcee. the Aerial Oyronsst ol th' W .r. t, in hi? reno-yacd "C!? Leapt," Elyiof Trspeis an J "Dru n Act*." THE KAIllNI HKOTHE .S. RICN'OK FAHI.NI. , the "Hem of Niagara." in his new act*; the MireeR! liars In tho Air. the 0 !Uth Swing. Giant Lear sad nel Wire Fucabul sm. I CARLO FARINt, the nercul'en' an 1 Great IndLa Cub SwlB using clubs weighing fs> u "incl> earh. ENRICO FaRIKI, the Athlete of the Arena. In novel Acts of Strength l Urus; lua Will Cosu'k Atblefs, by Carlo and Eaj larlui. CBWTOfORO BPONO CORE, The FaiamaDOriae Herouf the tLirer e, M bis parilooa feat of me 'vaRKu-HYDR >GEN OBDEAL." !a uhlrh he will and. wf. Lt bATCKATED WITH INFLAMMABLE PLl'ID, lO the tnliD' of ON K TUOPSaND FLAMING IF.TS OF OAS. Ihecemra: heal of wiiicu it terrlda, o:r? n >! eonvenlonee to the sp?,-tA!ors f.'he/ and astonishing feats by this unrlvnlltd tron; srtisu. Do,in open at 7V. P M. Comtr?nee at 4 P M Ad/ul sion ki an a 30 couU. Re.orred ?vr? "Jcj.iU, BATPHD.t Y, JPLV 2 MATINEE A I *1 U. TIIKl.e PERFORMaNCES JPLT 1. at 11 All.,]h M. auJ : P. M. TUE CAMPBELLS AH HHRB MONT L NK gl. I VOCAL SUCCESS OF CAMPBELL'S MINilTUE At their new an I tragi , o ut ilal!, 1U9 and Ml hOWiaY, (ipno't's 8'rlra fcireet. if URGE WINDOWS K'iR Vl.sTfLAT'GN THE Mob 1 TALENTED fRUPPE IN "UK t/NlV Depicting the -!:?!? en> rha e? ia OARKBY LIFE Wlt'i the fiJel tr of N.a'.nre :p.??lf Adtnlselon to all parts of the house, id cast*; boxes C ?nirnen-e at ? oVoeV. Box oili.-e n:j*n d?F ?. frnm 10 I'll III when sex's can aecuic'l without estra (baree. M C. CAMPBELL Pr p lot< THE ARCADE. I &G1 an 113d BROAD'TAT, flat! Corner of Prince street. GREAT ATTRACTION GI'R T AlTRACTl T1URTV HLAPTIFPL SPRITES, d lo fan '? ' ' ? i . ?rat ?? , ? i -J e's plays, v.lil wait upon th* jatrer. of ti. ? tllal ,nU FITF THOUSAND DOLLAR* . ,ve hedn axpyn Isd In e nbe 'Jg ? It I liO'V 1'" AU" f|?" III .Is v.' rne* i/ th* i?'?f ?' Ala 1 liu. Tne ptopr.?tr*s* tuai ;; c^r.lwenre lobDre IE l'RRTTlKdTTLVfc0T WAITJBA piTL IF. FINEST SHOOTING U*!frECH&!CEAT U ,p d th* tsit con,I icted n ac* X-'ar SdTt' V'aV 0 H b . I ? . . I iimfn-ir attractions for the por*ra Jmy. *ud ?^;^VaIViVc liVtl"11' rsj Proadv *'?bW-nh^YJ ?] Tlie fairy waiter* 01 thle esta ills me t w 11. '. ? tr ai l hrlllls it eoammex fir the tcoa.lon, 1 ' ?* at*of Mm1 In.puftaal 10 Amer'can .>1 n?.e lad'"-, th.rtr six la V. imber ar- deotUedly lb :Uai!,U,r?rVV?n,.r 2sr,sM?Tr9*-'rw?^?w rand aata. ^''YV^.trs Slootiug Galteff H per lor W nes LI u -r* an 1 Hs**1 ?? . Meat oaft.rallog Lady Watwia In tlv. ??*? . A din D Hon fr*o i aasu w *r IB' INO HALL. ? ""a'lBI' RTvlp Til R Fl!T.BHR^FD^i or ha, sn.saJsTddSI ian?fW?A ol n "i t h? ' 1 el i-.poBt Ho sc I' ' Ho ?~0 -f alb ant AC ADBMT of H ^ ih# sl oswil for dratrat e paruwmJW , ^0t til HVh of ?"V'sm'er Pa-'-r beJ I mu.t po;, i'ar plaee of * n ? * t ?,ber 8w >. ?or n ?? JaI elements. e?n do so ',y a.pi L k*r inirT -252 nted-a ftrpt CL*sa ^jy. tbesaaarn owe>n?*a?ag wrtf ^JUllaJf*' t.TdAMBHdbBMa fa As MAArtW^a

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