Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 2, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 2, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. r^.tr ~ tj WrOLE NO. 10J.5L NEW YORK, SATURDAY, JULY 2, 1864. PRICE THREE CENTS. f OOOLIITt AID APBJBTB. p>lAF>Mli 1MPAIRKP 81QBT, NOISES IN TUB BRAD, ItlAMIiL APPBOTIQBB IN W THROAT. OH NO NIC CATARRH, CATARRH OTFtHB TTMPAB1C MUCUU8~MirM BBAN B. ?MTRU0T1GN OP THE EU8TAOB1AB TUB* CORED. CBOMKTB WTRAIOHTBNBD in onb~mTnutb, a?? ??m <idu? of it* Bar raquMaa althar medA mi m ni(Ml iM attended u? ?T DR. VOX ~R18 ENBFRO, ? I(MT of "frnrrloMi and Practical Obarrcallena on Ike Din m-M of the Bur, with Ue New Mode of Trot moot," u hie No. alS BROADWAY. No. ?I6 BROADWAY. OPINIONS np THH NRW YORK PRBBB >Pr?r.> the Journal of Comnveroo.) CATARRir~'UR8D. CATaKHK CURED catarrh "cured. ran CASK OP HUTOHINOS .TIi B "LIQHTN1NO OAlr CUI.?TOR." e>?rr waa pnbllB iril In I >?"<? covimm ? fow day8 ainoo <a? ramarkab'o cure of Hutehin a, the "Lietatnlng Calcula ?t." an well mono lo 'be public during the many yeara bo ? ?bXiilid bia wonderful arithmetical power* at Barnum'o Pmoiiio by the celebrated Oculist and Anrlat, Dr. Too taaoalmrg. of thtn f ly. Huu-blnga It repreannted to hAro Woo at the point nf death, and but for tbo timely Inter t?o*oor nf tbo d emr w?o'd now bn mating In bio grove, fit* ta o remarkable eaaa, and worthy >f tbo attention of emmne almilarly aflicied. ?*? ibin't It la but Juat to Dr. Too Blaenborg to eaH mbtte attention to ibla ?-*?. There are hundreda to the e*ae*iiinltv aufitrint fmm catarrh. who. Ilka the "Light oam Calculator." tr not actual y praying fur death, aro randy to accept of anything ibat promiaaa lo relloro tbam Irani their dUl.-eoaea To am h we would toy trifle not with iaooporw need men. but o naull. without it nanceaoary delay. Pa Ten Klaooberg, who, at Irani baa the lioneoty lo aaouro bm eaimnt* whether it I* within bia power to make them ?tola ?r ad ~ DBAP5tRH~CCRED. DIA K N Khn ~CURB D. (Perm tne Tribune. 1 EARS T<77|Fb DHAP. laao nan aod eapeclaliy every woman, boilerea In hti W act phiatelao. There are phllnaopbleal mlads wbleh MT ve ae abalract faith in Ai.opathv, or Homeopathy, or ? ?drwpaiby tr aome other form of aelantlllo rnra: but with wa world at large the bell jf to not In the e*etoin. bat In tho aww. Bepeotallv to ihto true aa regard* anrlrta and oen *bm. The pattern who hea rec veted hie otgbt or hie hear we ta euro that the bleaelag could have been reatored to htm w another praettt' - ner than thai particular one be whom j ?aa agree or ear* were otwiicd. Dr. Yon E Wen berg ta | iaw| ear beat known nuriata. He baa not teat ue eara aa a bretber prartltloner hea nyna and la wheat aklll, there tam. wa bellce* above all ot-ra. Dui we hear of htm a*r? tboee who eateem htm not merely aa a aurgeoa, hot aa a toaefartor A reranl earn ha* been rented to at, for tho w.tafnlosea of which we'-an roach, though wo eon noma no nwmea Yhe patient was n lady who bad been deaf from menacy, aa a ennaequeur* ?l noma nf the atimenla to wbleh ipmni aro liable. Latter). the di?eaae had taken an neute we. and the patient wa* e"i> r t to teens* anffer'ng. The : anwraeaa waa rapidly becoming romp em. and the general bwu down under tbe physical eibauatlon attend aw a poo cuoaiant palu Ordinary remedlna and ordinary ???vat were uaeleea. and Dr. v<in Btaenberv waa called la. j ? ?wad not repeat bia diagnu-ia; lor 'hat would bo only a tm a Oard oamea lo thr geueral reader. But be delected at a*bi the arat of diaeaae, fl,*t iu one iiortmo olthe organism, awe ao'itber. and w.tb uiaoipuiatton aa ektlful aa Ma twat/ht waa acenratr. ha removed the eauara aod aba who, mam infancy, hud hea d with difticutiy, and latterly hardly *>*R waa matured, Bret to perfect bearing nnd then to par Mat raath t>r Von bleenbcrg a advertisement remlnda ue <tAia vaat. wnich we tkue unudr relate, though not at hie atiow. Let Oim aha. bat ' not sare bear. [from lb* ' 'lii wuan Tune* 1 glOUT ~KI-STORED. RIOHT "wKSTORBa OOPCBRN'NU Bv KS AND OCULIST*. H ga In i' bnx that which ?? rail seeing U the moat j, >tr>?i and meet valued la proportion aalbtaaaoaa mem *t ?re redooed to h?lpleetne*? If entirely dealt ,m, ?r eight, bow alow would he our progreaa <a knowledge, ??i how It i 'ted our epl ere of w llao and ueafuluea* Kn nth It, the utiee h lu-eomaa a ae? arratloa clothed w<f? beeaty aad di'ereiilrd bp tnat lolialtc warlet# whleh (et* U f m *- asmomde?? -?> fade to *itreat the m ad aud heart. *m several moothe paat tble hae beoa a practical eubjeot w a* Aa la lamed condition wf the etc.. la, eemnounlcallog ~ ile the pupil roadrred Jlio discharge of dailydetiej *? <a *aiaf?l, hnt dar.ger at, Attrlbnuag It to the of met of aooid. t * endured it through the spring. with the ewwe the! alth the retura of warm woatker H would ta ttoo* dieai pear, But ta thie wa were doomed to 'dliap ewotaeent. Sam mar rota rood, bet not our wonlod eight Paat might have booe the roenlt either of farther neglect ? *f to competent treatment, we cannot say. mating onr eaeo In a (need be aoaured ugthat a etmllar eae ta hio owa an>Ur had recently bear, treated with aatlra ? mill hp Or Tea H tanhepg. ?r tliieeltr lattefyieg oar. wee by mare pertte ilar Inquiries thai tha doctor le ao am em but a erteetllo eruliei a d aurtet we eoncludpd to wai the benelHe ?i hit treatment which wo hare aow roe ma to acknowledge a vory great Though but a fow weeka oeoer hit tare, the ag>peer?i>oe of oar oyaa baa totally Oh*ited. The pupil la how fu | eed a ear. and tha llda art ?wtirey fraa fr> m loOemmaiioa. Tha doetor tart me. the op'.lo eerre bee been weakened and the ?atone teeumed a abrmi e lotammatory eta to, af. mni.ig mora or lata an tha other tlaaue* aad taraatoning if neglected, *> end .a Amaiiroala Opthalmitl* sw bailee* it the term wh oh ecu line epply to eyes affected to wore our* Hae lag obtained the much dean ed relief, wa Who great pioaawro ta arkaowledgtog our Indabtedaaat la toe ta eat af Dr. *'oe Kleaine.g, and of railing to u the at mattoa of ethoga who may be ? Pan up frnai a etmltar or mwe woree oauditloa of their oyer Tl le aold that Prowl, taoit prcwided an aatidei# far ewerr bene It le aertato h*? the eya la. In Iheea Ilet..~e7b.tol to eereror trtata thea taewierly. Lot as bo thankful than, that ee we iner?o?e >he mmdondee wblob dettiey the ortaa of wlelee the pref r.?e 11 uUkie keeps pore with thus <oodnr.<wea. if aui la ad* OPTICR TO Jtl?rSROA^t*/ f. EURO P E. Arrival of the Arabia with Two Days Later News. iFrtocb Hepsrt of Trlaaphf Utile* ood tko Hopofol Prti? pccti of HaiiBlllOB* Til llitaBi Sails from Cherbourg loping to Fight the leortargo. Heavy Cannonading Heard Soon Afterwards. The Danish, Polish, Italian and Hun garian Questions Points of Great Difficulty to the Monarch* Denmark Preparing to Bo no w the War. The Zhnperors of ILnssia and Aus tria and the Sing of Prussia in Council. The Bace and Cobnrn Hatch and Dace's Approaching Retirement from the Prize Ring. DEATH OP WILLIAM 8HITH Q'BBIEIV, Tkfl Canard steamship Arabia, Captain Hartley, wblch left Liverpool at balf-paet eight on tbe morning of the 18ib and Queeretonn on tbe evening of tbe lOtb of June, arrived at tbla port yeaterday afternoon. Her rews la two daya later than tbe telegrapble report of tbe Hibernian, off Cape Raoe, published in tbe Huuld last Wednesday. Tbe Cuoard steamship Heeia left Liverpool almoltane onely with the Arabia, for New York direct, aa an extra boat to acoommodate the cargo offering. In tbe House of Commons, on tbe IStb of June, Mr. miner Gtbaon, In reply to Mr. Horafall, aaid government did n< t Intend to blast or piece a lighthouse on Dannt'a rock, where the steamer City of Now York was wrecked ; hot n bell buoy would bo placed on tbe rock and tbe ligbt at Roche's Point la to be Improved. In the English House of Commons, on the 10th of Jane, Sir J. Hay moved e resolution censuring the government for having landed troops on tbe Gold coast to wegs war against the King of Ashantee, wttnout having made suf ?oleat provision for tbe presorvatlen or tbe bealtb of ancb troupe. The resolution wa* lost bye vote of yeas 220, nays 288?a majority of seven for the government?wblch was received with great cheering from tbe ministerial benches, end eonnter-cbeere from tbe opposition, woo regarded tbe vote as a virtual defeat of tbo government A Cabinet Council was bald In London on tbe aftetnoon of tbe 18th of June. General DembinSkl, tbe Polish patriot leader (a soldier of tbe French army under Napoleon the First, and Kos suth's commander In-chief of tbe Hungarian revolu tionary foroce) baa Just bean burled at Parle. Bo was e ighty years of ego. Smith O'Brien died on tbe 17th of Jane. Tbe Peris MoniUur announces a series of French ano in Mexico, and claims that the Emperor Maximilian will Sod tbe pacification of tbo couotrF almost complete, Juarez being unable to form any centre ef resistance In any of tbe towns. In Paris domtolllnry visits bad been made to tbe houses ef about twenty advocates, Including MM..Carnot, Gamier Pages and others. They were suspected of having been members of an Illegal association at tbe late elections. Tbe Parts Bourse was firmer. Tbe Spanl?h Minister at Parla has declared that Spain has no idea of tbo conquest ef Peru. The news rrom other parts of tbe continent Is unim portant. Tbe steamship Asia, from Boeteo, arrived at Queens town on the lltb of June. Her news was received too late to develop Its effect on tbe cotton market. Tbe Kedar, from New York, arrived at Qneenstowa en tbe lOtb of June. The Alabama. REPORTED ATTEMPT OR KBUUES TO FIRHT TBI KRAR'AHOR. Liverpool, Jane 18? Midnight It to reported that the Alabama left Cherbourg thia morning to fight the Kearaargr. Heavy cannonading wae going on at the lateat report; but the result la unknown, [from GaMgnanl'a Messenger, June IB. 1 Advices from Cherbourg atale that the federal oorvetta Kearaarge baa appeared In the roadstead of that place, and tuteoda to wall for the departure of the Alabama, in order to engage bar when beyond tbe limit of the French watera. The Danish War. In the House of I/'rda, on tbe 17th of June, tbe Karl of Ellen borough nrged that, aa tbe treaty of 1852 appeared t<> have been abandoned br Knaland and the other I'ow era, It waa incumbent on England to maintain Iba prnpo anion aba bad made for the aettlement of the Danish question, and insist upon Its adoption. Ha wished to know If tbe Drltlab fleet wee Id a state to proceed at ooce to blockade tbe German porta. Karl Rnaseil regretted It waa not In hla power pending tbe elttinga of the Conference to give aucb explanation aa be Oould wlah.aod dispose of the grlevoua misrepresen tation* afloat In regard to iba onuduct of tba British gov ernment. Karl Darby deprecated any Interference with govern ment during the progress of the Conference: but be tbougbt If negotiations were unduly pretracted Parlia ment must take care not to allow its volee to be (tilled. Earl Russell said a raw dayn would decide whether peace would bs re eeUblisbed or tbe negotiations be Woo off and war recommenced Tbe subject tben dropped * Tbe Conn erance would aateroble In Tendon on the 1Mb of Juno?tbo day tbe ateamer aalted. Its proceedings ware awaited wtih great Intaraat, tbo armistice extend ing only another week. . v. Ln yy*r>t' of PArU tald the Conference would not moot on the 1Mb of Juoo, bin would bo atlll further poetpooed. Advices from Bylt auto that tbat island bad been occu. pled by Danish troops; that a flotilla 0f gun boa u had ar rived off Keiturn, landed e detacbrannl and aurrounded tbe town which h. d been declared lu a state of siege. Sevan persona known of carman sympathies aero ar retted and sent to Copenhagen. The Mayor waa sus pended fo- not having displayed sufflolent energy. Ibe Danish Ambassador to-1. Petersburg had arrlvsd at i openl sgen. ami WRR NpRfMl to be tbo bearer otk Rua* ao pr poasis for ibe aeltieinenl of the dispute. The Condon journals oolnt to the debate In tbo House of lords on the 17th of .lone ao sn indication of possible war by England ?n behalf of Denmark. 'VI IMr-RISL NEF.TINU AT RIRB1I-.ORK. The mealing i f tba Kmperora of Russia and Austria and the K lag el Prorata, at Ktoseogeo, was watched with soma intaraat, under tba impraesIon tbat It moot bavg ?erne iioorlng ut>on tbo political situation. Tbe Lend ? Tim-i saya It would bo sorry to tblnk tbat iba meeting of the ?"yereigna would produce any Ktju.ttcmi effect upon the debated of the Dano-German nfrroneo hut one European question la Inextricably linked with another, and tbe jungeo of Demark'a rights and Germany's maims are distracted by though s of Hunger v. 'taly anil Poland It la avtdantly conaldared not iminMlbla tbat tba Polish question may govara tba Danish THE LATEST HITS. lam no*, Juna Ik, 1804. Tba Conferasce met yesterday sad adjourned to Iba 13d. Nothing t rnepired. II la reported that Franca deoHnad io ao-operata with England ? the aavr. demiH.rtrat isn In the Baitio A latter was sent to ' lord's from tbe Rngliab f oreign Off. a ?ts'in. mat her l'a|?ety a Minister at t?penb?(en has rep. ried that tha Damah government he a an> i*t intern,Incd oa tbe length of notice to ha tires to Let , n -bio, ng >n the eveut of the aaubliahmant M a bi .'kedi el the Oarmae ports, but that aoma de.ay will be i nruiair alios ad. tgiNCoa. June I*. 1IT4. t%a ' ? fsreuee mat yaatarday afterooou, all tba mem here w< ra present. 1 ??? I*i lae fling the tmrar IBIltflls I uni 11 match 'srukg mace I ?Ht p.lSU*N (f rom the lrr><uin ?i?-* t.g ,'e, June If I A# we autS'i a our Sati < tisf * iu>. -uaa^s, Ui-jm g teal ?uimin, the NfrwMUilTM af Iber respective anwa Irln, are it length mulched, Ii4, f>om what ma h# gleaned lh<<s early, each ta vary iwnI no btn chanoe. ?M a ?We baa been slaked, and articles drawn ap, and iha second deposit, of ?ftO aside, haa to ka staned at Nat Lsngham's, tbo Mitre, m. Mart la's taaa, am Teeeday nut, June 31 JOB OOBPIIN STARRING IT lit THR FROTINOkG. (from Boil's LlTa la Ismdan. .(ana 13.) Tbo nail deposit of ?6# a alda fur thla Important mateh la to ba poatad on Tuesday aranlng, Jim 31. at Nat Lang bam*a. Mttra, Upper ft. Muslin's laoa. Jea Ceburn Is starring U In tbe provinces, and when wa board from him last was In Liverpool, wltb Cuslck, kto matter. Mane la at present In London, and wa are glad la hear that ba baa eoncloded satisfactory arrangement* wltb Harry Brnnlon, of tba George and Dragon. Reeeb struct. Barbican, one of tba moat civil, reepeotable men of hta alasa, for carrying out tbe maten an bio bobaif. Harry was one efThm flayers'favorite seonnds, and is one on wboro any ana can depend for carrying out bis onder taking in a proper manner. Jem Mace requests na to state Ibat be eaa always be beard of at tba City Mo*le Ball, and will be obliged to thn?e who bare promised to assist blm In bis battle money If tbey will ferward ihelr aaoirlbutlons either ta Hirry Tlrunton or to our office. Harry Broome informs na that aaveral of bis friends also bare promised to stand money with Mace, and ba wishes them to send it to Rrnnton. who guarantees to ba re* sponsible for nil sums left In bla bands. JIM MAC! TO RRTIRE FROM THR RING AFTER BIS FIOHT W1TFI JO? COBURN. (From Rail's I.lfa In london, .Tuna 8.1 Jem Mace requests ns to "late that aa he oannot e'alm tbe belt uniess he ngalo lights for and win* It, and then holds it tbrse years, be must give op all bnpe or retain ing it. He cannot (he says) expect to remain a* fresh as erer for another thres years, and will, therefore, resign bis claims In favor of younger men. His battle with Cohnrn will be hi* last appearance, and all challenges will tn rotors ba useless. Ocatb of William Smith O'Brlem, the Irish Patriot Lradsr, [From the linden Post, June 18.1 Mr. William Smith O'Rrlen died on Thnrnday at Ran ger. His name was first ridiculous as a prisoner of the coal hole o' tho Mouse of Commons; next, notorious as the leader of the Irish rebels of 1848: again, ridiculous whon be fought and was captured In Widow Welsh's cabbage garden and, dually, simply obscure. Mr. William Smith O'Brien was horn In 1803. He was tbe second son of Sir Edward O'Brien, fourth baronet, of Dromoiand, in tbe county of Clare, by the eldest daughter and eo-bolress of Mr. William Smith, of Cab'rmoyle, Limerick. His elder brother (better known ns Sir Lucius O'Brien, long the conservative M. P. for Olnrel succeeded his father as fifth hnronet Id 1837, and bpcnme thir teenth Baron Innhlquin in 1886. Mr. O'Brien, a'ter an education at Harrow, and Trinity College, Cambridge, entered Parliament In 18211 as the tory M P. for Ennts, an<l opposed Mr. O'Connell at. the famous Clara election. He wan member for Limerick from 1836 to 1849, and this was tbe important part of his senatorial career?the'position of a Protestant Irish county member being his Arehlmedean stand point, whence he could, as be thought, move the Irish world to O'Connenism. It woold not be of any use, and It would be certainly of little Interest, to mention the honorable gentleman's speeches, and the little skirmishes which wore perpetu ally taking place In consequence, preliminary to that In the-cabbage garden. But the month of Anrll, 1848. pro duced a terrible outburst of Otitic indignation en the part of the.member for Limerick county, which ended In a coal hole. The general election released Mr. O'Brien: bnt his confinement had not brought bim wisdom. Tbe revolution of February In Paris, and tbe general upheaving or the Continent of Europe seemed to produce a kind of echo In Ireland O'Connell had been dead n year, or fine fun he would have made of Mr. flraitb O'Brien's ridiculous depu tation to Paris with Meagher of tbe sword. O'Gorman and othere, who are Immortalized by Mr. Thackerav. M lam artlne waa good eoougb to let the treason mongers down easily; bnt be flatly told them that the republic "would net commit an act, would not utter a word, would not bseatbe an Insinuation" against tbe "inviolability of nations," which grand phrase merely meant doing Eng land tbe kindness to let her mind her own business The British government did not seem to appreciate Mr. O'Brien's love for French fashions and tried him for sedi tion. He was defended bv Mr Isaac Butt tn the Hall of Four Courts, and tba jury did oot agree, and tbe matter came to an eDd, though similar luck did oot befall John Mltchel. Nothing daunted, Mr. Smith O'Brien, bvvtng been negatively successful at sedition, resolved to make a direct attempt at "high treason. Towards the end of July he attempted to get up an Irish rebellion cn a small scale: troops were sent off" to Ireland, and lord Clarendon issued proclamations. He gathered a lot of people togetber by flliovenamon Mountains, and It was rumored of blm that "If an attempt was made to take bim there would be fighting." The fighting may have taken place, bnt tbe proceedings of " the Giant O'Brien," as be was called, were more like skulktog He was ar rested at Tburlea on (he 6th of August, and so the silly insnrrectioo came to an end. Mr O'Brien was tried for bigb treason and condemned to death. Her Majesty was advised to oommnte tbe denth penalty: bnt Mr. O'Brien? tbe ruling passion strong even to death?refused tbe prof fered boon, which, however, tbe bigotry and intolerance of tbe odious English government oompelled blm to ac cept. He was sent to Bermuda, and refused to join Mlt cbel In forfeiting bla word and escaping. He was ulti mately pardoned (1866), and bas been only lately favor ably known by a moat sensible and judicious letter against enlistment In Ireland for tbe federal American party. Commercial Intelligence. Ill I.OND >N It ON IT MARK FT. [From the Manchester Guardian (City Article), Jane 14.] All the markets bare been very gloomy to day, sod In foreign stocks the state of prices shows almost a panto. Consols for money opened at the flat quotation of yaefar day, 00 a 90%, and a fall soon occurred to 89%. the flnal bargains being st 10% a 90 for monev, and 90% a 00% for the 8th of July. The reasons for tbla adverse state of affairs were partly political and partly from tbs rapid contraction of all kinds or speculative business. There was a full discount demand to day, and In tbo open market the minimum was within one eighth of the hank rate. No geld was taken to the bank to day. The oontldental exchanges this afternoon, owing to tho reduction yeaterdav In tbo bank rate, presented a loss favorable appearance than on last post dny. Foreign securities show an average further fall of near ly one per cent. Mexican is at 44%, The Confederate loon remains at 84. Shares b;?ve all been heavy, bat railway stocks era onmparntlvely Arm. Cons Is, for money, 89% a 00; consols, for aecennt, 90% a 90%; Consols, new throes, 88% a 89%; fndlan loan. 104% a 104%; exchequer bills 8, 3 discount for March; 6 discount, par for June, The weekly back returns show an Increase of ?281,076 In the bullion Daring Bros. * Co. say ? American stocks continue to bo neglected, and all quotations would be nominal. [By Floe trie Telegraph ] Consols after ofllclcal hours (June 17) closed easier, at 90% a 90%. TWR LIT Kit FOOI. COTTON M ARKKT. [Tbo weekly report of the cotton market was received by the Hibernian and published in the Bmsald last Wed nesday.?F.p. Hkkald.j LIVERPOOL BKIATtSTrOFFfl MARX ITT. Iavsrpooi., June 18?A M. Flour Inactive bnt steady. Wheat In Tair demand at about former rates; winter red, As. a 8s. 4d. per rontal; white. 8s. nd. s 9s. Pd. Corn rather firmer; mixed, 97s. 94. a 28s 3d par 480 lbs.; white oominsl. T.IVKRPOOI# PROVISION MARXST. Messrs. Gordon, Prune k On., Roult, Fngllsh % Brandon and others report?Brer very dull and partially a abide easier. I'ork quiet and unchanged. Bacon to fine de mand and prices are sustained. Lard sliw of sols at 40s. a 41s. for floe. Tallow ouil, but unchanged. UVIRPOOL PRODt'CB MARXST. The Brokers' Circular reports ?Ashes qnlet at 81s. fbr pole. and 39s. 6d. a 84s. for pearls. Sugar steady, closing quiet. Coffee Inactive Rice quiet but steady. Bark? Salea of Ralllmore at 6e. id a Re.: Philadelphia Te. Lin seed?Higher priees are demanded. Llsseed oil Steady at 40s. (Id. a 41a Flab otla Inactive. Rosin in flair demand for French. Rplrlts of turpentine quite nominal uo sales. Petroleum continueqB%I; Wined, 2s. 2d.a 2S. 3d. TBM Iatbat mabbbta. . ? - - - - Xeiroos, June 13,1M4. Consols, for money, 89% n 9a Ifrle shares, i2 a 64. Illinois Oentral shares, 88 n 88 discount. I/nrnoN, June 18, 1AM. Onnsols, after official hours yesterday, closed st 88 118 | a 80 6 18 _ ' The markets generally ware firm. i American securities were nominal, without salsa. On the ParisBnuran rentes closed doll at RRf. 10c. LivnarooL, Juoe 18?P. It. Cotton.?Tbo tales of entton today are 7,000 boles. The market IS irregular sad easier, but quolstloss rsmaln an changed. Speculators sod exporters look 2,000 baleo. Hi*as, June 17.1884. Cotton qniet bnt Srmer "ales of the week 8,000 ha ion; New Orleans tree ordinaire, 8831.; bos, Bftif. Block 68,000 oolea. Lrvxarooi, June 18?P. M. Rreadstuflh.?Flour qnlet ai d steady. Wheat stoody. Oorn firmer; oolea of mned at 27s. Wd. a 28s. Provisions.?Beef vary dull, sad partially easier. Pork quiet and steady. Raonn stoody. Lord dull ot 400. a 410 Tallow dull, bnt steady. Produce Ashes quiet and steady. Roger steady. Coffee inactive. Kioe quiet and ateadv. Linseed oil tends upwards. Unseed standi. Ond ell inactive. Rosin steady. Spirits of turpentine?No salsa. Lownoa Miasm. I >ow'>os, Juris 18. Is84 Messrs. Baring Brqhsrs' circular reports wBrsoJstuffii Steady lroa doll and unchanged. Sugar a#tev. Cnfle# qnlet and steady Tea firm but qutat. Pice steady. ffplr|ts o? Uirtieoiln# atili declining. Preach* 88s 3d. eROs. Petroleum flrmer retired, 2? 3d. Linseed dll londa 4swn> ward, tallow steady. Arrlvbt ofttte Third Rxrolslsr Reflmesas, Tbs Third Fjeolslor regiment, Llentenant Oulonsl Leooard, commanding, arrived In this city last evening from Washington, tnelr term of service having expired. This regiment started for the Peninsula with sine eat ers d and eighty flv* man, and subsequently reornttod ?it bundren more. Of this auasoer one hundred and i?em ?w 11' led lean tad fifteen officers returned, Muring APtee t'indeed recruit* behind, wan hove heen irsnatar red o lb# 'his It'tiiit? sit and Twentieth regiment New Toih *nluu'?*r? nam 1'ieir term nf service anu O*. The ?bt*?S l?" ??latoi parllyipsted to ail tbs ?' e< q ai beltlao 'O Vt;gtab* *"d s'lrr-'mt ??? erst? at fnooi storevile and ie tystn rg (be vei?rnnB8cunld hav* a nubile rocat ton mat II 111 laht Sueodtlr. GRANT. Tie Eifmy's Communications South ?f Petersburg Stopped. Twenty Httei tf the Dinville Rail road Destroyed. Wilson's Cavalry Force Inter cepted by the Rebels. The Sixth Corps Sent to Their Assistance* As. As.. 4i THE HERALD DESPATCHES. THE SECOND CORPS. Sir. Flalrjr Anderson's D?.pstch. Camp Nur I'mtSPRiiRO, June 39?Kvrotng. ILL IHI RAILROADS HOUTB OP PSTIRRHURO CUT. From Petersburg we h*ve Information to the effect that, sll the railroads running southward from the city having been out by our troops, there la no regular mall commit nlcatlon with tbo South, In proof of which It Is said tbat the Postmaster In Petersburg refused to receive lettors addressed to places furlhor South. At the surae time It Is stated that the enemy have had a largo force employed !? repairing the damage done to the Danville road, and expected to have it In o|ierstlon again to-morrow or next day. Our reports from the cavalry operating io that direction, however, ndlcate tbat the damage done can not be eo easily repaired. Wilson's cavai rt in a ncBT n.ici? assistant* b?i*t on To-day General Wilson, who has had bis cavalry out to the Danvlllo Railroad, In attempting to return, finds force of the enemy between him and the main body of tbls army. There bad been no fighting further than skirmishing this afternoon, when the Sixtb corpe moved from its po sition and marebed out to the assistance of Wilson, Movinmm op tbs armt. Gibbon's division, of the Second corpe, has just taken position In the line vacated by the Sixth. The counter marching of the troops was ? splendid spectacle. KOVKxcrm or m dut. Nothing tn the way of hostilities has occurred to dsy oo this portion of tbs lino. The enemy appears to be strengthening his line on the left of the Fifth and right of the Second corps. In some places the eatablisbed lines are comparatively close together, eo tbat It la certain death for a bead to appear above the parapet. BANCO CX A MONO BIN TROOPS AGAIN. General Hanoock rode along the lines of hie oorps to day, after reassumlDf command. The soldiers seemed glad to see bis familiar face again. Their condition has been greatly Improved by the recent rest and ralo. BWKLL NSTALLED PROM TUB PURSUIT OP BUNTBB. It Is said that the rebel General Swell's corpe, whleh baa beea lighting Hunter, has been ordered to rejoin Lee's army in Petersburg as speedily as poastbls. All Is quiet along the lines to night. BERRIDA HUNDRED. Br. William H. Herri am'a De.pateh. Hcsdbrs, June 39?7 A. M. PRXPARAHONS. While nothing of extraordinary public Interest has transpired since Inditing my last despatch, yet ens riding to the front will not fall ta clearly see the Indu bitable Indications of approaching conflict. The respec tive armies seem only to be taking thai last, long, free and unrestrained breath previous to girding sp for lbs battle, doubtless to be this time the deadliest one of the war. Within the last few hours the artillery has been placcd^n a positloa to shell Petersburg, and the city Is liable to be opened upon st any moment. rrra op iNSPscnos. Yesterday, the 28th, General Butler and a portion of tne tuff made a loar of Impaction on the Greyhound, rey turning to headquarter* by way af Point or Rock* at night fait. death or itvrrrzvAOT miawm. The chief casualty at the front yeeterday, *o far aa I learn, waa the killing of l ieutenant Pamuel K. Rherwtn, of the On# Hundred and Twelfth New York Volunteer* White atandmg, Siring directione to aomn of hi* men, near the breastwork*, a rebel bullet paeeed dire lly tbreugb bl* heart, exacting hi* young and manly llf*. Lieutenant Sberwin was, aa la often said of the fallen?let us hope ever truthfully?an ardent soldier, a gene rously Impulsed youth, aad an honor to his regiment and the eerrlce. His memory will bo sainted by reason of hi* bravery, and hi* nam* will find ? fitting place on that national tablet at whoee top stand Ibe name* ?r Ellsworth, Grebie and Wlatbrop?the flrst fallen?ind to which mournful In ?criptlons hare Ireshly been added in the names of the pure, brars and lovely Mr.roihe, the devoted, patriotic Drake, aad new the lamented Sherwin. CEtERIL FOSTER'S EXPEDITION. Mr. William H. Merrlam'e Despatch. HaiDoraams, Txvm Coniw, I At Hatchkb's Hoots, Va., June 29?Evening. J ran roKrrios at near bottom. The more the enemy speculate upon the probable char acter of General R. & Foster's Important movement at Deep Bottom,or Jonea' Neck, and hie Inexplicable designs, the mor* do they threaten to make a vigorous effort to ac oomplleh the Impoaalbility of bis dlclodgment. His troop* are veterans, and be la a moil accomplished and W?ry general. You msy therefor* rely upon It that this Im portent position will be held beyond n doubt, mn uriMT ont on tun rtmasona an m mmrra To-day th* mail tng to Admiral Ice's fleet?the Hy dranges?on her return from Bermuda Hundred, was Bred upon hy a rebel battery of four rifled guns, situated o* lb* bank of Fear Mil* creek, at a d lata ace of flfteetAundrrd yard* from tb* river, which passes by a ravine through which the oreek runs. The Cnlled 8late* gunboat Hunch back, Captain Fife commanding, aaalsted by tb* Monitor 8anfua,botb stationed at thl* point, nllenord th* battery. The situation of thl* battery I* In close proximity to th* pontoons of General Foatar. on each aide of the mouth of Four Mil* creek, and euggeste that bin batteries may control the rebel guns and the position. I believe th* engineer of th* Rescue, which was also flred upon whll* towing up a schooner aad a barge, waa the oaly on* wounded by th* r*b%l pieces. m a wen a. Admiral loo baa bceiidfficially Informed hy th* army folks at Curtis Nefk leading that n large fore* ef the enemy appeared on the shore opposite lb* lending on th* night ef lb* 28th Inst. Th* high land on ear *td* of the river at thin point control* lb* opposite hank, which la fat and low, aad -eoatldarably wcoded near Um river eon ten. at mm a a ainxa a rnwowna or waa Captain Famuel I. Elder, of Rettery R, First mite#! Btstaa regular artillery, ha* been take* prisoner by lb* , enemy, and l? new onflned In Rlehmond. While reoonnol taring to flod a posit inn for hi* battery, be waodernd ante d* our tinea, It la eatd, and waa in this way c-ught Captain Elder ha* bean modi * otter my owe oheorvsitea during this campaign, and be la trorywbor* recounted a* n moat act it*, seeioos and uaefal (idnw, sad oi? tem porary eevorance from km battery will be a ma* to euf. aa***. TRR PRESS Rl Ha*a Pwrmmirao, Va., Jnne 28?11 F. M. A large body of rebel earalry, that moved er ond ?nr left, 1* *?>w *t Ream's nation, on the Peier.noig and felilns Railroad. tJefh rsi flb'ti't Third division or cavalry t>ts??d the pUon a row d tys a*o. m retee far the Dan viae ?ad JUah noad Ralireed. Tbe rebe ? ears tea alow n tbelr aora Mill Ui h<*Hd bun ??T ?enersl Wueoa rear bed lb* road, aw; ?hi of tbe track before ba rilratal bis steps. (la ? ?lib aa oppoettioe until ba oeered uta pa tat rroaa abicb to alerted AU tba iraak waa ccmpr>aa<l of simp Iron p'aced apaa wooeea supports 1 ba de-trud! >n of tba ooa waa tba ?e atroattuD or tba oibar. Aa tba tr*e* waa tarn op li <aaa pl teed upon tba wo.dan sleepers tad buraad aotil II waa bant and uaairaa. A Incomntlaa and a train of aam moot anrprlaad at oaa eUtion. aad bafora tba angina could motion all aara la tba banda of oar man. Tba cara aara crowded altb refu |aaa itoaa Petersburg. All tba rara, atlb tba locomotive, ware destroyed. fl. se si Wilson, having accompli bed bis work In tba ?mat aucaesful manorr, aod destroved nvar turnip mllaa of tba railroad, raadrriug II complataly uaalaaa, com ma no td bta ratnra. Wbao bla adpanoa guard reaehad Ream'a a tat Ion tba rabata vara discovered in forca. They had baen patient ly waiting for bia return. At thia atatlon all the eapalrp the rabala cnnld mnatev was apread out between our gallant raidarg and their Infantry gopnorta. All nlgbt I bay fought, nod during tba morning of till* day. General Wilson could not puab bla way tbrongb the rebel forca, and ? onaequently most fight on until rain forcamrot* reach blm. An officer succeeded In reaching General Meade's head quarters wltb Intelligence W Wilson's awkward poaiiion. Tbe 81x1b corps, being on the extreme left, and neirrst to the scene of strife, was instantly despatched Ibere to divert tbn attention or the rebels. A division of the Second corps ao?n 'ollowed, sup ported by Colonel Coins' provisional brlcade. It was thought that tho rebe's in our Immediate front would have opened upon us savagely wtien (bay noticed our movement: hut we were disappointed, tbelr troops having been moving all tbe afternoon In the direction of our rear sad left. On General Rurnslde's line tbe rebels ara now using their mortars nightly, throwing shall witb more accuracy than Is their usual bablt. Generals Grant, Meade and Rutler met at General Burn side'a headquarters to day. Ibis meeting was unofficial, being of a purely acclden tal character. Vegetables for the Troops. Ai.bany, July 1, ISM. Tbe Governor baa authorised tbe General Agent to ex pend $6,000 in the purchase or vagetables for tbe soldiers of tbe State In tbe Armv of tbe Potomao. Tbo purchases will be madennder tbe advlca of Frederick 8. Winston, of New Tork, who bits boon of much service to tbe ageney. Tbe articles purchased will be sent wltb a special agent, for distribution through tbe Saaitary Com mission. THE FOURTH OF JULY. Frogvnmme of Arraageaasatk tor Cele brating tbe Approaching Anniver sary of Oar National Independence, Jaly 4, 1804, Under tho Amnpleen of tho Municipal Authorities of tba City of IVew-Tork. Tbe Job! special committee appointed to mafea ar. rangements for celebrating tbe approaching anniversary of our National Independence, bars tba honor to submit tbe following:? There will ba a military parade of tba First division, | New Tork National Ouard. L Tnder command of Major General Charles W. Randford, they will be reviewed by his Honor tho Mayor and Com mon Council, b front of the City HaM,at ten o'clock ? M. In tba eveotag fireworks will be exhibited at tbe fc|. lowing placet, and In tba order of the programme. The displays will ba prepared aad furnlebad by tba world renowned py rot echo late, Joeeph G. and Isaac Edge, of Jersey City, N. J. During tbe Interlude between tba pieces as rial dm wot xa will be displayed in rapid aocoeasioa. City Hail, Grafulla'a Band. East Broadway and Grand street, Rubel'a Band, lladtson square. Eighty fourth regiment Band. Tompkins square, Oecllian Band. Waal Broadway and Franklb atreel, Wannemaker*a Band. flrcadway and Forty-third street, Mueller'a Band, nckson square, Scheneller'a Band. Battery, Wanoeiatker'a Band. Mount Morris square, Robna'o Band. Tenth avenue and Klogabrldge ltond. Robae'a Band. Marlon and Spring streets, Hill'a Band. Thirty fourth atraet, betwaan Elgbtb aad Nlnlb ave nues, I'ltad Band. Houston street square, Rubel'a Band. Market and Monro# streets, Wanoemaker's Band. it of firework! wlD off, eonsisling of tbo following pteoagysa At the City Hall a fine display of firework! wiB he Ml "pl low log place CITT BALI. 1?Mbute of Caret 2?r-bteld of oar Union. 8?Fames' Fro le. 4?Hcroll Quadrille. 6?Sstoro end hie Satellited. 0?star of Independence. 7? Fountain of Fiie. 8?Illuminated Yew Tree. 0?.Star of America. 10?Kaleidoscope. 11? Psbsiob Flower. 12?Folks Pence and Colored Better?# 13?Zsnla Perurla. 14 ?Mexican ?uo. 16?Combination of Saxons, in - .m t(ir Stor 17?American Coat of Arms. , 18?fettle pleoe. Naval Hugos em tnt. At Madison square the following piece* WM fee die played:? MiDIRON SQDAU. 1?Star or America. 2?folks Usnre and Colored Bel (dry. 3?Star of lndeneedencs. ? 4?Tribute o! Ceres. 6?Vulrsn's I alight. ??Illuminated Yew Tree. 7?7.suIn I'rruvie. 8?Shield of Our Union. 0?Mas in Star. 10?Kaleidoscope. 11?Farlee' Krolle. 12?Portion Flower. 13?Cascade 14?Fcytisn I.yre. 15? Premium Temple, with appropriate flgures and mottoes. At tbe Cattery there will aleo bee lee duple/, tens let ! log of the foilowlog piecee:? IATTUT. 1?Thunder Wheel. 2?Kaleldoerope 8?Hcroll yuodrille. 4?Vulcan's Delight. A?Cascade. 8?Star of America. 7?Persian R?ee 8? Star of Independence. 0?Zen 11 Peru via M>?Tribute of Caret. 11?Yew Tree. 12?Polka I ance and Cslared Battery. 13?Qraod Moaelo Battery. 14?American Coat of Arms. At the other piecee above designated wtl fecetoiler dteplayc, The ownori Ihd masters ef veeeele lying m port, and proprietors of botsts and pnhllo buildings are requested to display their eoiort on tbet dey. The sex mas are re quested to ring tbe bells ef their respective eharcbse fer en hoar at sunrise, noon and suoeet. Dritem of vefelciee are reqnested to avoid the Una of pruoeeaioo. The elvlc eecieties ore invited to eo operate with the enmmltlee in furtheraeoe ef the celebration, ?y ordar ef the Osmmiuee. perm m arterrom , JOHN FOX. john u. trrnwEix, JtWKt'H SHANNON, LEWW R RYKRR, Oommlltee Hoard of Aldarmaa. WM. J<>TCP. CHAR KOHTKR. DAVID Fir/i.KRAI.D, JOHN II FA I. Y, ' char ecuAF.FF.R. Oommttiee Hoard of CeascUmca. Mails In tlse Park. The fart Commissioners seeeunos Met there will fee ?stole et ibs rerk. en the Mali, this feelf past four e'aiech. fey ths Perk Qsadglfesder tbe lesdertbrr' of H. B Dodworth, t the weather le >oe. The follow is? Is tbe program me ? rsav t r 1. Part Merck ... B.H Dodworth 2. Overture?"The Oallph ofWegd sd '? .. Hoi idles 8. Song?"Tbe (Mortous Via tags ef Champagne," < frees aatanelie Baife 4. Tewer Seeee Music, from II trevatore Vsfdl rsar u. ?. March, from the ballet efUrlelle" ?..Adam 6. Overture to "Weveriey* t.Berliet 7 Murra'su* sad ohltast" for the oornet..........Hnppe 8. Orsnd selection from 'la Dame Btanrbs".... nolldien rsar tti. 4. Mock'iig ftlrdymrk?tep H. R. f'odworth le. W.tlir?' le Knm*uiH)ue"...? Luster 11. Koos of the I'uet dt.ui Adam 12. ?'l/mroideilo M*?i rk?" Keer tw.a | National Potpourri SHERMAN. Suceesftftil Mnnoeuvrn mi Our Forces. Another Fight &ad Repulse of the Rebels. DEATH OF GENERAL MARKER, Afc| li?i Im. fpicltl Dctpuitli to (tie Rcralil. Njniiviixa, July 1,1.<64. Y?nr ivrreepondent with lha Fifteenth uor s, aide* dBto of Jan. 24, rays:? <in the 22d General flood'* robe aorp*, In Gonerel Mcl'linrsnn* front, wis wtthdr an, The mov. mrat leonir to hare h?'eti commtocnt "D tb flat. General Scbum-id, on eur rigot, forward after the capture of 1'lne Mountain, and cr? red the Si HaJ.rR creek, followed by General FTnoger. TberoGnu/rat f-ber man found htm at a right nngle to the rebel lice or. Ran., ?aw Mountain. Jobnuton waa oomnolled by thle move. ben* north end suitl^ and atill covering Marietta. Gen. Sherman, tr waver, kept moving bin right southward tier ct?i?llug rebo'i tu abandou Kouesaw and li-ngii.mfoelr ilnr tout ward. Tbe nhleet of the mano orr'ng on e ir part wan to e? m pel .lobneton to occupy urn i d wh irr natural advantage# for defetialvu battle would ?? t oa mi /re t aa at Kenavaw. Our efforts are ?o far ncrrh?'V ; bet (Lo .orny (till bo^ high ground about the ti-*' aatare or *ba omierewn atreame rising near Marietta Ibolr lino ta ?uppor?.t to a tb. .ame assaulted by flow ? ard and Hooker, parallel wltn ?nrt onitwnat wed if tb* railroad, tbe right oovei in Martens. Tour corree|H)Ddent with G?ne?nl Hooker, m' the earn* date, reporta that on t' a 231 'br rat-el* made an at real* on the left of Gencrel Sehotleid ?ad tbe right of Geneml Hooker, end were repaired with a-rct slaughter, lielng three hundred killed, fol-iel llartheiann, of the Oi.o Buodredth llllnole, and Ugo-r Puly.of the Thirty flfUt Indiana, were killed. (Jo tho 24ib Gen. Fwell waa reported to have relieved Geif. Johnston, wuo goee to command at Richmond. Tho truth of tbla report la not known; but Ewell la believed to be at Marietta. The Indications era that e battle win take plane nee/ where the armies are maeaed, oe Jobuetoa lino -Intely preaaed that be cannot get away beyond the river in'ely We have nothing lelrr by mad. A gentleman who left the front on the 27th reports heavy firing oa Saturday, Futday and Monday. Ho known nothing of the detail* of the battler, Dm reporta large number* of weunded rent to tM rear, Geo. C. C. Barker died of his wonndn on Taorday. Can. Hoekar waa raported wounded: Tat It M thooglit bio name baa bono eonfouadad with Barker's. X Tlia Raw 'iarllf>latar?atlag to Import era. The foVowlag tnatrnctlooa hava been knead by tha Oil lector ef the Port:? ATKBAQB bOTT TO ?? 0*LCTL lT*D FOB PKrOSIT OK TH# rOI.I.?W*JIO. ??T fl .M. Cotlona?nnbleeched, Meacb'd, eon-red >r prfbtsd, average percent (lb Balmoral aklrta, woratad drear goo.'a 90 Bonk clothe, except Btenloes 60 Delaines... 60 Qullllnga 46 Cerpetlog?Kelt, velvet, aaedHllion aei Aubueeon.AA 76 Carpeting?Hemo 10 Carpeting?*11 other* 79> Hearth rug. and doc mulcf ew??M (10 pruggst and bookings SO Blankeia 76 Flannel. 60 File. 66 Wearing apparal ( wool lent) HO Wooilena?One SO Woollen*?heavy HO Phswl*?wool 70 Wool and cotton eloth 76 Lineo piece rood*, coating ender 30 oenta per itinera yard, width and <ju?lltr to be ela'ed in eutry 86 Linen piece goods, coat lag aver 30 cents r#r *i|nera yard 49 Bilks?ell SB bospa- Fancy of toilet 66 Mil velvets, costing un-'er 67 oar square yard, width and qaalliy to be staled In entry .. so Sogers, coating from 62 to 66 \*r thousand ib>> Segsrs, coating over 66 and ?<>* over 610 per thou asad 109 8a*era,co*ti*g over |10 per thousand 100 Begara, of pe|wr....; 100 Brandy,,.. per gallon |3 16 Rum end wbl.kay ?..6? 2 FA Rlrchenweeaer and similar bereri./en 2 20 Oliit tin ? jr. MR. JOHN CLANCT, kX-COCNTT OI.IRE. Mr. John Clancy. lb* wail known democratic poldteub and tdllor of tbn Stw York I^udrr, expired at four o'clock yesterday mnrnlnir. at hi* reaidmr* In Nlrcteenlh it'Ml. Ha had boon suffering frr aonis limn back from rirtgm'e disease of tb? kidney*, aod on Thu-aday renrulog laat bla Ufa *n deapmr*d of. On Thursday evening, however, be aproarrd to be a Utile enr'ar; b-it toward* morning yesterday the fatal *7.11 doraa wl lo, and ba breathed hla 1**1 at tba hour menllosad above. Mr. Claory waa emphatically a self-mad* m-m, and roaa by the mrca of hla o rn nailre energy of obaracter and anma conalderahie naturRl ability from a vary bumble position to ha one of trie moat influential democrat* In thia State He ?a* bou in (hi* any, end In the old With ward, which na? tut birth to a-> many prominent polltlrlana, o?. tbe 4lh of March, )83o. f a served twp terme In the t'aard G'unelln en, represent tn* the Eleventh diatrict m IS'4 rod i*V5. The year alter retiring fromthte Ho.rrt he we* elect d to tho pcwl tlo* nf Aldcrmauof bla naMr* ward, ami held thai nth' a for three year*, pan at winch time ba served a* Presi dent of the Hoard'. ?nd t nfrin acted aa .Mayor of tho city during the abaroceof Mia r..grur mean, ban t. In lfttP be waachiaten Oiuniy ' lera, and .ervvd not tb? regular term nf three year*. Prevail* logobg loto y Ittiov* ba waa engaged at tba law In th? oflira of Mr. Pater B. Sweeney, and alao uccupltd Dim*e:f wtih coirn rrcial puisutM of varbui* deacrlplluna. It tb u d h* mentioned also that ha waa an active (Iranian for aavent year*, and waa fore man o' Hnao companies Nos is aod 00. He wu not a ?tarried man, hot leave* behind two abater* and en* br iter. "A* * politician he waa aspiring, extremely active and energetic, scarcely ever giving upaey p anion ha aimed for without eci-omi il?bjig jc a nj*n ha was very generally salaamed by 11B .?*#n< itu-*. ami as a member of the press, ad. ?> I* apeak, bred re the pro.'aaaton, h* ashibllad untMoal ability end Jud.-mail. "* TOLONBl. '?PT.t.T" W LM?W. ?'% Colonel William Wllaon.of the W'.laoo Zouave*, w*a killed by a fan from hi* tame, on Tborwday afternoon, while riding through hi* farm, n Waetrhestar county. Deceased waa an aetiva politic** and *ervwd a* Aldar i man of tha Plrat ward Tor several ear*, it the break lag oat *f the reb-Mon be rs Wed * /egimeii of valuntrer* and served bla enaairv me two r.-an in th* Department of Uiettulf. Muring lb* stay of be regimmt on Mil* Roe* Island the rebel* *urpfi*?d WHana? raasp, and It was only by dint of a?a?* te-riMe Aght ng thai tba Zouave* a*c*|ied being raptured. M* rs.imcnt subv*. quently *e ved In Igtiiistnn >, and ? tar *1 ah#*r.ce of two years, retnrnad to tbo my wub the 'oea of abaut fear bandrad man. Pallta InicUl' **'*? T?? M'CRtM* mCWBiSR C?bR. Th* oaaa af Chart** Van ^eon, h* -nan ro en tty arr**', ad charged wtih the minder of Hugh McCrow, m too Mrnt" Crtalo, Bro> me street, ovai- a /ear atrco, wit* oar ttally aaamlnad bafere Ju?tlca imdga, *1 tha Jeffbrein folic* Court, yaaterday afternoon. Ml ihggl Drady mado aalb that th* pcteooer admit to I to him ?o4#** ?? a wo man named Kllaa ftruwn tbai tw bat ahot MtWan, aod that tb* pistol wllb *?? b Mot .row w?? abut he bed {all with one Mrs Procgbuitl. lua laltar taMltad that Tan Rann came into hi* p er* of dt* hn?ioaaa, POP Hmail way, daring the meoth of June, 14*3. and left with hint a Pistol, saying.?* ha d'd *n, "I have 1t*d II two or tbiaa time*, afoued tbwecraer. aad sea two or thrte rren rail bull dot*'I know how many I hava ebot." Tbid witness locked th# i ten 1 up, but alt*,'WwrtJa da'tvered l? ever to a man named farcer, who rami nto bla placd" with Bredy and ''en- d It Th# matter will ha furl*#!* examined oaror* Juul - a |vdg* to dap. Brady o?4 Bruokhurat wee* **oi to tb* Ht'Ota of Deiaaltoo aw wttoaaae* Thr iftvwvir. ? This ie tho last otghlnf theap'sndlJ aeenery, the wonderful machinery, tha forgaeoa ? ?-* mine* and t'ugyol'ic fin fnn.if Aladdin ard bla lamp Mrs. John .* i ott aod ail the reel of the tn?m;l<i anmpanf. R?ervb *ly ah.mid go w? av? tb- , *>.*( icr Miawti-br'rt mi* itk* a* to i hi# cm Hf. Neat w#?? an ftci'la* 'para troupe tji eare at thlk itiMira.

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