Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 3, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 3, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. = WHOLE NO. 10,152. NEW YORK, SUNDAY, JULY 3, 1864. PRICE TOUR CENTS. HUNTER. Additional Details of the Expedition to Lynohburg. Capture of Lexington and De struction of Rebdl Property. Seven Mil?s of Railroad and a Bridge Seven Hundred Feet Leug Destroyed at Liberty* nineteen Canal Coats Taken, With Their Valuable Contents. Iho Saval Records of the Rebels for 1861 ?Hd 1862 in Gur Possession. ??fe Arrival of the Command at Guuley. THE CASUALTIES, *?., &?., it. (Oorreepoudence or tbo Clor Innstl <la/olte.) i.ailky, West V*., Judo JS, 1884 i ox; odittnn i ? over?our work is tfnae? and lor Hie II tbo ... ni u aid is rtj-lit.p on us Tins and troubles. I learu that uoi.e of my lot tors or uespatdbc* since nit of June 8 has is yl re.cUed you, I wlil eoium ti e Mob (bat dole, aud giro u* c moiuo a bmlory as pusdble mjmr three weeks oporailnua. Qa Friday morning, June 10, tbo consolidated omn Moods 01 Crook .inn r<ulllvau~.|lie latter having tbe old Wei divisl n?nil uuuer Hauler's contra, ranched out Mtb di lug o>il< rs :-nd b a etui spirits Irotn bUuntuii, ou MO lood through Mildlolii .uk, to lexia>;K>n. Three Mil iroin tnu'U tbo rebut* were posted behind rail iteastwo. ks, apiutrenl y intending to make a se VMM opposition to our pi ogress As It was, h>w V-O', our Sisdy advance r*dislodged ibom, eme drove tbeiu be.ore us, scarcely allowing tboin to to lire us. reveuteeu runes Hon. 8 aiutoa they M*a*ged to km two und iv.uud t? o nur men, wr eu a Vlrotig force ot caval y w s sent forward to charge und Vbet tiein. wbico dune, tne.v troubled ua oo ruoie ib'>t day. Tbo iO'ce In front us wo rrcei nned to bo merely Ci ausland's brig <oe, whose < uly object seemed to bo to ey car advance as uiuob as pti'slb.e. Ou the morning V the lllb. Oeueral Cro k's divtsiou, being iu ttioad Eee, approscnod Lexington ..b?ui eleven o'clock, and a vy cloud ot stn .ke rising iu front of us revealed destruction of U.e bridge luudxg over tbe toe into tbe town. On tbe limn liauks oupo g, with gleasee. we could er. liy perceive label sharp. iters. tbe only lard is about a ml e anove tbe eile of bridge, end to Ibis ford the Sacoud tirigade tx sen:. Is tbe Thirty sixth Ohio is pieced ou '.he ui uu re id lo spy tbe rebuts there, as tne I'lilrty sixth dies near i batiks a rebel shell was sunt so exaatly m run e of lositlOB as t<> wound six sbd kill cur. C'apl Hatful tras ordered up with one seen .u uf artillery, ami pro I at once mast etlectually to silence the reels i ui tnem were ou top oi the V-r.inu Mi; ta y lu-ll ? 1 but a few shells qulakly drove laeui from the. hi b -..a .i?.( ivn n r. oes tbey, lesrmug o' tbe gywad brigade e having o.oseed tbe lord, la idle ak? ^ rV t. T "'' ,nd Go*. Latcher's y ???Jwwil, u , nw w < um-beiag given to .a ^venoy pro,,*rty fro,,, U?o lap.,, i0 tbe "ftaruoona 2S^?.u^!n f 1 *?'a lulU ?????:?? eautl buult ? b'dnao Diti# mil. * aft. d.-?,.|y i?den with dure* Ac aacuta theno iamb,,. HUzer, wub big aoouts 'was **?""*? t,lo,r "V1 "bote route, ita r.-uud (be M mea.'-hd bawled lhe"r?!i,"TU ? Ulem' 00 ^'amounted Z* wire.,, a '* ?eaudei, a..d tbree mouutnta b? ?? *W? tnousana BHtoda of ?miliary ammunition. * 1"? 8ad 8 ,ulf wf ^ow ?*7and commuHarv aaore* xr?81 wtelf aud abun ^aw. Geueral . u'll" '? o">ed >'? nam, bavl g marc bad Itoougb Wavncabo o on to tba < harioite-tvllle a. d Lyncb bwrg Rallro/id, loa-M>g "P 8 email port! t? of tba Utter ??4 capturing ? good "art oi' Jackgo .'a wagon train. (Weaday ercnmg wa ??-m; .ii at liuchanan. Avonll Eting lit before u?. ospturt-d tbu rebel navy records of 1 and '02, togevbor with twuivt mure caual bu.ti vilv laden wilb provisions. Ob ibe )6to, a bile wa were baltlog at the baia of tba <>f inter, tno riuatlne waa received ih .1 Hreckln fadga, wilb teri thousand men, w..a at ll.tcouy Kaila, to toadlug to attack ua on our n i ka. lo j goud poriti u lor tor inn (frueral Crook awaited < Huolcr'a and (ho otner divia on. Tne whole c inin uid th.-o being aa ?amb'ed, and no i?a an. earing, we oo>e more marched iwward, atonpibi; 'Or tbe ulgnl at raney farm, almost at lb* tno-e ui the ' eak? u' Otter. Thurad.y noon a# entered Lbertr. with bauds play big "H?,I I nlumbla." a kee Doodle," Ac Halting, the whole romroud i roceeded |o ta?r up and damohab iba ialir >ad, in-.i du g a b.idga eaven b ndred feet long, tar eeveu mi eg tbu worg la mai tamed, and bight blba<'d in upon a acinc of amouldarlng timbers, ilea, and bapek-srly l.ent aud twisted ralla. in l.ibrrtv were live r fix rebel b rpltnla, lo which ware a large number of alck and wounded from Lea's army. W<1 lea-u he a lb >t too rebel* are rapidly moving all tba'r store* Tom Lynchburg to Panvtlio aulicipatlbg to* at leant pn-s hit, rapture ot tbn former place tarly on the m iroui: ol lb* 17tn, h tvl ig beard from Awerlu that to* enemy ?e<e drawn tip In good numbers to front i f him at New London, we marched, ( rook's Ui rMon lu bdvanco, by * roid not laid down ou map*, Stone the norib ot the railroad, crooning at James* bbareb. I hie muvemout lending to bi log us in tba rebel ar, caured I hem io retire i-'tvards l.ynrbhurg Culling mas the country wa en ie.r uad to letercapt tbolr r* treat, but arrived juai too late on llio main road Stop rig bare lor dlom r, we were wt'hiu about seven miles the cliy on tbe r< ad to Now London. Tbo pickets of tbe two parties we o so < lore that various unooiiipluusn tory remarks wars ivsed quite ireely from on* to tba ?b*r. At four o'clock, with tbe Ntucty Orat Ohio, $*. bawd brigade of frook's dlrision, lo sdrance, ws moved ?M on tbe roed, and In about two miles tba rapid ?ring In front told ua that ws wars near tba enemy's ?rat poo it on. Titer opened en us with a vl*',,r ewa cannonade, hanug erldentiy obtained lbs nogs of ail prominent poioia in our line* by prerlous Ctice lb* I bird brigade being pluced oe tbe 1*11 of road.tbe seoood on the right, the order to charge waa ?teen Tbe aaaio opposition w?a found on owr right?the wtoetr first and Twellth Ohio S'lfTarlng tn'et severely, (to Third hr gade baring little hat aklrmlahing, si It was aw tbM Orat cnarge. the rrheia were driven hack tnily tw* ?aMee to their line ot breastworks, the Kinety-flrtt Ohio tly capiurlbg and hrlnging olT tbe field a rifled gun lu Liverpool?a I'lakeh y'? patent. I heard also that other giias wore raptured In this charge, or ratber of ehargea, but have only bran abla to verify bear br aight io ike case of tbla one During lino atttck elde* m. in tamed a furlmia droof aboil, grajie aud HScr, the rebel guunera evidently being skilful bands tbe ineuug n.eni ot their idece*. Our loss waa rattier hers, erpac.aliy In tbe Nlnety-Or?t and Twellth ')bio, 1 Tutley, of tba former baring bis rlgbt tbigb frao i ET: P.K say By the lime our ineu were aafely posted, sod reeled E their arduous three hours' work, the moon hid long ehi .tun sad the tbics dark'-srs ol the woods Is oi<r M and (be uoknown character or the giounri, forbids ?By f. riher oyerailnns for the nitrht. Hy this lltoe the three brigades of Crook's dlvielnu, being sucamped In lloe at be die, in the ndvauoo. wer? relieved by the Klret divl btee, and the m. n camped end passed the bight .pitoUy aaeu.b five aooaatonel ehota, as some Incautious man of ?Alt r party ax pored blmaelt too open!?. Altb igh hut two reglraonta of our comm.1)4, the ffweluh end Ninety-flrel Ohio, bnd boon eupMgcd to any great extent, the tlvhtli.s thla first dtv wae seas rk l'le, n ib ror the rapidity of Brio* and the ?Mady perscvernci of our turn, u wee cnB Beany believed tnst. had we arrived but e lew ftaura earner, we wood have driven the enemy lb re gb i.yucliburg tbat olsbi. As It eat ws wsre win* veiled to belt, and during the whole ol*lit the I'd ni tlve whistle tol.i tia or ibe rapid artle>l of heavy rulu'oroe yrslH tb'l wore steeled with cmtlnual cheers of wet Cm- by the toe in our front Bstordny morning rem# gtit end clear, and titer an early breekreat I rode out .Be a temporary hue dial <>u tba roadside, exuertieg evaiy WMnute to he tr a rcuew || ol the bailie. While talking to Ibe wounded, Hie battery right In front 01 the boepitel beet * lew shell over tito the rebel lloe, that were Imtue Aietel> reidledto, their shell gewg orar sud around the ?slldiui, though Lime ilrunk It. Cave tble no ? teg pf any omisetuecoe bad happened during She air,'Ire morning. the I'm* being ooeupioa In ehangitw the positi n of onr various brigades so aa Ml to ned t>em agelnrt the eoer.iy'a rapidly exteudtog m? All Bhkv time a ubarp aklr mtshipg lire waa kept ay la eur tmmedtate front and oentrs, while a louder re S^Hn, followed b>" the emiooue whistle, told of the rapid {hi of slrat dr dbelt. ibe Urst division occupied tlm Hraaoe Hue, wtule General < r? 'lis' division wan scut la taa r'i ht, haOetnrned alkiust luiincd.a'eiy. Aa that flenrral's prncliarM eye a?W that the cueirv were mass lay for an ett"t& on eur oenire, he advised r.s coiara-rud lal seerrsl or V1* Act, slid reckllrd b|t diets on. Mar Bleed n la trtlKU'c1* lot soon. Uavp g Been tun weaken tag sf our ctntt4f and not ka.iwuig el the re tor* of OH Kuttfta llrlMt, M i?Mi ?MM o* la par'M* eonfideoee of Ttotorv. Ikm MuT oocm?old veteraoa of U>? faaaoos twoli aarpa, practiced la Uie hundred battles of tbo Potomac army -rank aiior rank. Will our mb roaiai aad roi?l lb* almost trreeistl bio torrent of steel, load and Iron, ruehlog ?? I* over whelm Ukomt Wo waM bat a ferntalnutee. Crape, can later, aboil, art burlod on them ffom oar baltorloa, while regiment aflor regiment poura ta Ma aflbotlra tire at abort range. They waver?hall?turn?when, ?Mb a ebeer, our men are up aud after tbem, driving tbem olaar into and beyond tbalr breastworks. Tbaaa being completely oommandad by worka la tba roar, our nan reluctantly retired, bringing with tbem numeroua (una, dropped by tba rebate lo their hurried flight. Id tbta charge tbo Fifth Virginia infantry, by acme ralaundareianding, got Into the front ranka, although tbey. with the whole Peeoad division, were only used aa reaervaa. As It waa. tbey ruabod > n with the ?urauoo, occupying tba iaft, and eulfered aoverely, losing about thirty men. Wub tbla charge, repute aud charge ended the second day'e work before Lyucbburg. We bad tented the ene my* position and numbers, and found both too great lor our army, wub limited eationa, to overcome. Before ua was a etrongl? lortided town, which, If taken by ua at all, could only be takeo by ttur.Tiee. Id M were tr< ope far sur, aasing oura in numbera and freshness, ttghtlug behind worka. fo, quiet y, on the night of the 18tb, the wagon and ambuiance trams wuro started: In Ibe afternoon and about nine o'clock tDo troupe were withdrawn, and our Journey heme was common cd, Gen. Crook a division g up and gu?rdtu)i the rear. (OUKXl. PoWaiL's Hi arrnon. On Saturday event'g colonel t'owell, Feoond Virginia cavalry, with tbo First and Second Vpglttla cavalry roglmeuts and two gung,imarched around (bo r;gbt by to cat the railroad est of Lynchburg, and surprise a fort about two mlios from the city Hy soino overnight the guide mmsed the road and led tbem ten miles out ol tbe way to Campbell Court limine After a slight skirmish, In which tbev killed two and captured six, a messenger aritved from Averill, Informing tbo Colonel of our with drawal. aud he wea compelled 10 rejoin tbe main eoluniD without doing mucb Injury to the railroad. UOMXWaKU mak> n. Ply tug rumors, nod wise rumors, too, pasted from one end ><f our column I* tbe other, as to tbe number and de ?igus 01 the ei'rmy foil wing In our rear. ibe event prov.'U i heir only object to be lo harass as mueb us one tbou-aud live hundred men could our army and pick up stragglers. Kurly'n divsi o could not be spared from Ricliin *d loo, er lhau absolutely ueressary .or Lynch burg s raiofy^o Mc nusl.ind followed us with tils brigs le. Ii was ga liug 10 our bruve a Idierg to retire thus In tbo guise o retreat before tbe men tbey bad so often over come and routed. 'lo give them a bmle If they really wiahe.l it at Buford's Gap, Go oral Crook drew up Ids division pi lino and awaited tbeir < met. Ibe mob were Tair y longing f r one more chauce lo punish me wolves hovering in our rear, but tbey came noi, and alter wait ing a coup ? o' hours we unrolled on, and once more tbey followed All night of the '201b we maiched along tbe line of tbo railroad, and every bridge or oulveri ibet was burnaide vv a burnt, so ih?t 'brougb tbe whole country for mlie.< shone the light of theso traces of our devastat ing march. . A DISGMArSFI L I OSS. As tbe command waa at breakfast on tbe morning of (be '21st. in and hround -alum, ibe rebels made a fierce attack on tbo rear, with b lb musketry and tbeils, A brigade boing Hi-nt hack to usfiti in covering tbo reireit Into tbe valley at me loot of tbe Culawba Moun'aln, (he fr Ins were hurried on. For a few moments it was very difficult lu decioe wbeiber we were Dot gotug to bave a regular slam. one, such a panic seemed to possess the to evit. ble teamsters. J lie tmios passed on tn safety, and were followed by Carliu's and Stone's batteries, thai, by soine strange iiegiect, were left unguarded by :uiy except tbe irMlleriste, 'hev having i.enber revolver-, nor s brss i' ssu g into a dciile, a p rty of oue buudrod and ll:ty t> two b< ndred rebels rusned down on Uicm, drove tbem oil, and proceeded leisurely to chop up the spokes of ?he uheels end cut tne trace*, and lead oil' the horses. aud all, too, without bring a single shot. 31 quiet y was It all done that your correspondent and a irieuu, quietly, retting In a wood near by. beard or kuew nothing of it, until a score or two of it tgbtened armieri.-is rushed up to tell of their lues. Tbe tettisiutug command emnlng up, were astonished loliud the ruins of two splendid batteries standing la tbe road, a deaoiiilo monument to somebody's loefDci -uoy and guilt. An I'llou was made to haul ott tbe pieces to wagons, but it whs found impossible to carry but fbur?tbe re malnlng s x, spiked, and with trunnions knocked off, were bidden, lue ten carriages and ten caissons were tbeu. by some brilliuut order, fired and left to burn by lite ro.dtldo, over wbtcb almost our whole column b<s still to pais. Th.< ro*ui. may easily be imagined, and tbe folly and stupidity of the morning's work culminated in the killing of six men and wouudtng ten of the bcoond Virgiuta cavalry. Our luaa, then, by tbla sola disaster of six canuous, ten carriages, ten caissons, one hundred and twenty borsos, six men killed and ten wounded. 10 u,# maintained in the Him dlvisi n 01 carrying the b>ilories as tr>iaiMMr*Md t om id* ooiumu. Unarmed as iDe men ere we cm ln*?r fr,P?rC#'Ve rh:lKn ?My 11 would be for toy en erpriMue reoel with ? euuil commend u> dash In nod f.TlV?*.,"i M "M don* Tueedey morning. At . B"lda 10 ln<luo* Geuerel Crook to plae* MaaShiirl?*. 'V :al?8 P??"i'? 'a our columns bit he bt^me { **1004 r<*ulU of W? persistence utcenie evident ou lueaday when a* elmiier aliaca wee wade ui>uu Ceptala llciluueu's battery, wheu tbe rebate were driven oiT, with a number killed and wounded _ . . >'UtLI WIT. Jteaplta *ur abort rat too* and eiDauetiru march. I1 ~ -Jte-S'ra^ftwrr'ttee or tne men bad tbe following utile passjga with a lady, viowmg our pussing columu:? Sounaa?-<Wbat place la thta?" "Big Lick." "Bow far la it to Little Lick'" ?'Just about two milea from this ride of Lynchburg." Tbe soldier tbougbt.ully pained, and dually went on, fully eetiaOed. Ou mo evening of tbo 21sl General Crook, growing tired or tbe looeeaant skirmishing in our rear, determined to give the rebels a icssun, and. cmeoaltog the Thirty third regiment on each side of the road, marched ou. Tbe over confident bushwhackers?(or sucb alone may are?followed, at usuil, di ed on our rear. A return fire from the Infantry from tbe road-ude greeted them and killed drtoi-n nud wounded several, fcinoe tbeu they have boon very cautious of any too near approacb to our ooiumue. At Saiein we turned north on tbe road over Catawba Moun'ain to NcwciStle, acd on tue ntgbt of tbe 23d we camped at Sweat cpnugs, In wb se bca iliful grounds of old the chivalry were woul toeasembfe and distort them selves. 1'aasiug the uight of tho 24th at White sulphur, we reached Meadow If luffs ou the 2Mb. without Incident, stvo the greil need of rations tbat began to be foil ao presslngly In the ranks On the 2Mb and 27lb the march couituuod; oo ibe lauor day tbe command moeliog wa gons w lib ah mdaui rations. Oi ce more rest anJ uulM await as, acd In a short lime tbe srmy will be ready for another expedition, with, lot us hope, better auspices. Tho Casualties. PARTIAL LIST OP CASU1LTIR8 IN OKNBRAL CROOK'S DIVISION, PROM JCNB 17, BBPOHR LYNCHCCKO, to knd op nam, jrnn 34. riturr aRiosna, kxoond division?colovki a a. bat? oom ma.m'ino TWfcirrt-TUiaD own. Killed?Alon/o backer, h'ewndsd?Slmini Tanner, TUIKTT HIXTB OBia KiU-d?Wm Tbornbnrg. IFotindvd?seigt W K Johnson, leg: John Gartoy, band. F. I lium, fleeh, thigh; J MoGondsr, arm and band; ITu man Hay, thigh, J Vauderort, contused, breast. Total, 0. TBiRTsurrn v. v. l grilled?None. Wounded?Trltt Allngar, tog amputated; L R Johnson, fleah, WJ Dillon, slightly; B H < landeain, flesh, Philip W luce, severely; M W May bra, sllgbtly. Total, 0. nets v. v. i. gild-Iient D J Thomas, Hani Far bee, J F Bare*. Wm, l arion, 8 Harris, Jna Fauroot, Geo Parker, Henry Steele, Orderly Pergt C B Waller, John Kelisy, Geo Crooks. Total, 11. Wsunded?Tho*Faulkner, severely; Silas Hall, stlfblly: W Myers, Ely Rolleff, Jamas Pullen, H Spiers, D Klley, J Arba~ugb,~DClark, J C Miller, A Parsley, severely; W Elietl, R Marcum, A K Peck, D N Hutchinson, P Sex too. C Rurch, Severely; R fnbura, W T Justice, Dent Samuel Jones, siigbtly; A Bailey, Jaa Johnson, hoed, W Lew el ton. Totsl, flfl SSOORD BMasoa, BBCOIRI BITMOW?COL. WB1TB COMMA NDINO. NUnrrv fisdt o. v. t. Killrd? I lent O b Rtroap, J Swenner, John Bell,W nicer k, ion no Straurbaugb, L Oraham, W W Randall, S McKee, Rargt Calvin Styles. Total,9. WswMM?Co'.onal .i?hn A Turley, thigh fraeturad; rant J Caldwell, slightly, Lieut I, Kstroup,slightly; Sergt L S Stevenson. slightly: W II Bennett, left long; Jm Kr rrnberg, Richd Young. slightly; a FSbrorer, slightly; H I. Orarre, aligbliy; u w owuzer, Aaron tiraay, u a nam, arm off; J I ought, slightly; Q (Hlowajr, R 8 Moore, eererely; 0 Curry, J W Hays. C W Rose, e'lghtly; Jtrok Marble, T toaierling, O W Taylor, tllghtiy. Nay lor Danny, Henry Grove, J Holobaugb, Anoe Oooo. Total, 2ft. Twtt.rm omo?rmtT. oowmn. eiraa oomtivrcra. KmUU? Adjutant t I Turrenoe, fall from bora*. Her gem! T M Ooweo, t'pbralui Haim, Ibtvid Meebone, C Vownaend, Cor|H>ral Vf M .'bltldi, Jamoa MaUon. Total, It, WtivmUd? I.leut W filatfallor, John Paltom bead; Jaa R Mnlth, hand; James I. Willla lag; A T Loyd, arm, Pa gan# Mailer, foot; J unea AumIIo, both arma broken; 8 fl. udpaeture arm, Braoonl J A Meldron, arm; 11 Bar birl, alightly. J mas D Counsel, Wm W Moraa, Cbarlea Critar. lol l, It mirni ?. ? t?rxnoaai nrrau KOt'd? N. ue. H'ran 'al?Corporal David Rhafer, Pliant Cobb, Hiram Ifaori, J M Romma, \Mt> Bonneti, W H Pe?ra<>na, DRnaa non, J Millar. W H Oa, neuter, all slightly, Tboaaa Bonnatc aarerely; H Trnmao, J naa Caotar, J walker, A Mama, all a Ighlly. Total, 14. roi maa.nn t. ?. i?couwai Killed?lobu K Prince. R'.'Madni?lamea Ruteet, Harry Wratfall, J Porter, Joeepb Ka|iey, Iiealn IUiaet. Total, ft. tHiao Munana, atman riuni voicirriin nNim i? u.nii rnuer. Killei.? Tjlentonant Jamoa Barr, Morgan Putroad, I M Bin lib, J L Mattbeiva, T MePbaraoi).?Total ft. H'lund d ?o Bevariio, W H Vaientioa, both (lightly; O M Darnell, aavaraiy: .'aapar Rand, L Wgglnb"tb?m, a'lgblly ; H RnaMatt, C Mean, eererely, 0 W N?n~t*r,l> Wiw ?on. T Frond root, Lewie Klatin, ?llebily: Har'lt?o llont, J Towraand, Cbarlea Matox, J liowea, J M Ilall, A (liana, Robert Maxwell, J Rowley, R Neteon ?Total. 10 vinauru rminirxn rvvAtrraT?uaoiwanT own er i ?oaam. Xiilri.?J Hill, n tie'aney, j a Klter, P Koona, D Doug+ieny.?Total, ft, If. vndaj. ?Thomaa Powlet' W K Bi?r, M W Wrbrbi. J W Pr et^ii Ail ternreiy; <? w R"hiti?ob, p o'Pri"#, W Rereett, H i-haran, ft Mlctine'i, H Mr*rrer, C Horn, l> Ram ble. U4 Ua-Mf. Hut Tarnew. A WeUine. Job Read. J UKknn, J Campbell, D W Gamble, D Goddnrd, 0 DV vsre, W strasaeer, 8 Taylor, If H Nalr, J J Eckel*, 0 Bloke, 0 B Towaoa, D W Gragg, 0 N Howard, 0 W ETatier, Peel Irvine, L T Gladweli, J Jeflbrs, J W Menklne, W Plum, J P rbarpe, J D Weaver, Geo Keener, W B Jackeoo, W Wgley, B latter, B 8 Weaver, Nath Wtlllama. w V Ca> ?erj, A M Carter, 8 Garter, D W Clark, 0 D Rowe, J P William*, O W CaetreU, T Fllton, J Mlaoox,J Kenedy, G M Ewlna.?Total, >4 YRIRTT* FOURTH OHIO VOLORTRBRS, MOUKTRD IBVAaTttT, DIO MOVMTHD. KOUd-Bvp ? Moot, Oo K, David Oam, George Doway.?Total, a. Wuunded?A M Ropp, W D Ptcklebelmer, W A Blcke, Lieut ? A Derr, thigh fractured; Van i'elt, fleeh, E Hettdarbam, lea; Mm Lewis, slightly; Geo Walt, slightly; J ttewart, sltgntly, Pal Welch, leg amputated; K Roberta, Ileal); E Townaler. P Lawler, P TodId, both slightly; John Beevea, Tbomss Sultan, tblgb.?Total, Id. BBtBMTH VIRGIBIA CAVALRV, PISHOCSIBD DBYAOBXBH*. Killed? P Butlard, Abner Uouk. Total, 2 Wounded?V W Alexander, Samuel Sturgeon, flesh ? Total, % TUIRD V1RG1R1A CAVALRY, DI8H0C.VTKB DRTACHMXjrr. Kill*UWn Wenti, Lieut J P Johnson, W B Byler.? Total. 3. Wounded?Charles King, A Moloban, severely; J A Smallbridge, tleeb, lea; J II Rorougb, ilesb, leg: P Chld eater, severely; H Estis, P Walton, Sergt G W Wilson. riRir divisor?Finer wist virhiria. Lieut Joseph Gordon, leg off; J A Wallaca, Cspt J W Dougherty, R J Slmi'son, H Harris, John Boly. twiuth wast viftciau infantry. E. K Sturm, F, lot A shoulder; F M Welby, J Knlpple, O W Harris, J V Plluer, Csptain J B Jester, II Randall, alight!/. VOCRTH VIHOIRIA. Wn M Shannon, thigh. axunEavTii cornsctiou*. Reward B Wood, leg off below Knee; 0 A Tourtellotta, las oil; Alb Ulbbard, kueea; Colonel V? E Ely, contused; ti J Lee, Amos Q Crandali. SECOND RAHYLAND HQ3TC BR1GAML W M Metz, John Garletz, I; John Hay, Orderly Ser geant S W Davis. ORB HCNDRRD ARB ilXTKURTH OHIO. Captoin Edwin heyes, elbow and thigh; Corporal J no B Miller, nuKie: Sergeant T A Humphrey, neck, Royal Gains, cheat; Berry Gardner, A. Straight, A J Myers, Sergeant J W Levore, Wm Hunter, 1? P Hubbard, John Higgler, tblgb; 8 H Hamilton, Serco.ini J G Rusbmuller, Joseph Oonror, J W Harrison, J Galton, Wm Allen?17. ORB HDKDUD AND IWKNTT TUtKD OHIO. P Alternator, side; D Uowaher, J H Miller, W Spencer, S Uufiuiau?6. FIFTH RKW TORE ARTil LRRT. It Miliibaugh, P Murry, J B Vaulwran, J W Steven, H Burhenne,C U Angus. F1FTBKRiH NSW YORK CAVALRY. Charles Fabrenwald, leg; Richard Conine, Dav Hunter, George Martin, head, O W Williams, Ride; Patrick Kane. EIOHTi;".Vm VIRUI1IA CAT ALKY. Isaac Haynes, J B Uyer, slightly .SIVKNIB VIRGINIA CAVALRY. Charles McNeil, slightly. THIRTY-FOURTH OHIO CAVALRY. Robt Mcllwain. Co E, right arm; Alfred Ewlng, breast. J* BRt.OND VirtUlNU CAVALRY. Sam I Hill, slightly; Thomas Williams, slightly; J Trax, slightly; James Livingstone, face; Alexander Oliver, baud; Tbos Hoes, slightly; Lvan Evans, Co B, left arm. MORTALITY OF THI8 CITY. Efforts of tlte Phllartelplilans to Tra* dace This City?Comparison of Deaths In the Metropolis with Those of Bos ton, Philadelphia and Baltimore?In crease or El migrants, <ks. The hungry, mousing office seekers and tha place ?erk ng doctors or this city, who are running the Citizens' Reform Association In order to work Ibotuselves Into power, have found a willing co-operator In the publisher of a small and Insignificant me:;ioal paper In Philadelphia. The managers of Ibis association, ascertaining that no paper will give credence enough to their libels upoa this elty to publish them, have enlisted the Philadelphia editor to bring thorn beforo the publio, that they may earry on their work and prevent all their acberaea from ending In a fizzle. Tbry are just now engaged lu trying to prove that tha official records of the mortality of this elty are not oorract; and that there are mora deaths than are recorded. But In doing this they eontlue themselves to random aaaerttona, based upon no fact, and, although cballeaged to bring proof of a single omission la the raoords, have not been able to do It. Tb. follow lac tablet .bow ibt mortality tf tb. four jmdiog cities or lb. Union from the let or January to the iLVTa JZ" ?' lbe ral* *? ??<"? one bandr* thousand inbtbiUou In each city. These me4!0*' *urn*l P-bllthed lo Philadelphia. Tboy .bow the death rate daring this period to bo tbe lowwu ia New York tod tbe bigbet lot 1".^?'. Tb* H**Uh 0fflC'r * a"?llno?'?' "eye their rtgfc defective. Thrne figure., therefore .re ttfitfj'was *"ong, notwithstanding every tvldeuot of tbe eorreetnete of tbe .erne having been furnished him upon a rormer oecetion. Although be wot offered .very oppor tunity, end, la fact, challenged to prove the Orel error or omission, be bts refused to do It, but gives authority to tbe statement of a few office.seeking doctors, who bsvs boon trying to foist themselves upon tbe city by special legislation at Albany, as bemg the aoereet correct. nsATHK m 100,000 re* vnt is tub emit or skw toss, rHIl AI'BLI'IIM, HCSTOS ASD BAI.T1MOSS K)H 180*. Wte\ hiding. Iftw I'ork. /'mta. BosUni. Ball. Jan. S 60.03 48.82 81.66 41.26 Jan. 9 80.10 8189 68.88 38.75 Jan. 16 61.26 63 t.U 71.11 43.38 ?J?n. 23 60.74 6d.89 67 21 45.83 Jan. 30 62.06 66.37 64.44 65.66 Fob. 6 48 80 62 74 46 67 49 68 leb. 13 49.60 65.00 68.38 4S.76 Feb. 20 44.70 61 73 67 77 46 00 Feb. 27 44 70 62.90 65.00 60.48 March 5 .65.80 60 16 6.1.23 60.00 March 12 43.60 67.26 68 08 82.01 March 19 44 90 69 67 60.00 84.54 I March 20 49.60 62.90 46 66 63.00 April 2 48.60 62 09 66.66 60.83 April 9 48.10 60.90 69 44 60.00 April 10 47.20 64.67 71 11 68 36 1 April 23 44 10 66 93 65.00 49.16 April 30 44 CO 45 48 61.11 *8.33 May 7 46.80 68 64 67.28 46.00 Muy 14 50 90 63.04 63.88 47.08 May 21..., 48.30 66 48 80 11 46.00 Mry 28 41.40 46 77 49 44 85 41 Total 48.47 66 84 87.86 48 00 Tbe follow log Is tb# number of emigrants landed at New York, elca In tbe Emigrant Hospital, and deaths lo the sams, during 1802,1863 sad 1864, from Jtnusry 1 to June 16 in etch yttr^w 1162. 1883. 1864. Emigration 41,802 86,427 81.129 Hick It botplUI 002 702 1,040 Deaths In Emigrant Hospital. 18 100 828 Within lbs last tws weeks thirty dsatbs srs reported ef persons who bed been In lbs United Blaise lees than ens month, twenty-Ova under Ofltan Beys end Its under two dsye, and twalvs from wounds received Is recent battles in Virginia. All of (be above died In IhM city, and art Included In our bills of mortality. Vila Bftxty-altotlh *m 0arrim Duty* iraOIAL ORPEBS?NO. 167. HlAIXiCiRntRS. DHTARTMRirT OF Twn I ANT, \ New Yore Crrr, July 1, IMA. / a. hmul to eetborlty received from the Prealdetil to tb? United Eta tee, Ibe Btitr-ntotb regiment New Tort Stole Mllltle, Colonel Jamae Sagley commanding, will be ?ueiered Into the United Stotee eervtoe ter ninety day#. from Jnly 6, I net , tor duty Istke harbor defeecee to York ef Stele Ml The regiment will be reeeived ud moetered with lie New York city, relieving tbe FtftoeaUi raciuaeot New York Stole Militie, which will be mueUred oul meat will regimen tot orgenlMtkw. Brigadier Oenerel Hnyn, chief mustering efllcer, will detail en offloer to reeke the muetere. Brigadier General De Trrbrlsnd, command In r troop* In New York city end berbur, will eesigu tbe SUty-ulntta to duty. By oemeeend to Major General DIX. D T. Van IU'men, Ae* latentAdjutant General, colonel Jans* Baulst, Na eg Pike street, New York toty. Mew Telegmyh Line, (nivptmo Hoc is, N. 11 .Jane W, 1RM. Tbe American Ve eg re oh Compcnr hare completed their ?bite Mountain line orer M?not weablngtua It works de?iy Tbe olfoee et ell tbo mrmulnio bouses will bs opened tor publio beeinem on Friday, July 1. Arrlvsls end Depnrtwren. WtrAHruREH. l,i'?s*root--Bt?ani?ti'p Oily of Munc'.eetrr?Ml** R Hale. Ml** 1.1.11a, Mrs I'rron, M? ? H Wood. Hamilton, O W : Miat Button t ar.aln Oil l?i> ? J J Harbor, Mr f-.u *n l, Mr I ng Ian.I MnaUVul, 0 R: Or Mil e, Juan SabaUia, li..a J^Mion, Jnmrr Uosrln, MM* Dnbhin. Mr Mt*:idbury, I'oreMo, t! W; A Rnralet. Mr IlottaaaR. Pbl'adolpliia; U?o Por?>tb A 1'laa Mir uw J Martina/ da Val Ulrlfw. Ooorg* M llaiv-roft and aon, wire, nine eMldn-ti and Margl B "ancroft, bug land--* lib ether* In th*a retege. Specie, gS't.ftA liragrooi?Rl*aniahlr> Pennajtranla?Prof 0 W Ihop ?ard, U A Hodman and lady. Mr and Mr? Ki<g*ne Botroa, Mr* Geo Knwi Oe|<i Rob: P*nrn*. Mr .1 W Tat cm, uao i li|. ton. Wm K*m edr. Jiuni tpratt, Mr* Cafon and ranmy; Mr* Taoey, A a* Pratt. ?< tfnrrle, Mr* Piptn*. MraildXrt n*.IU*r, Mr aad Mr* Jcl ? no-tad a number In Ik* alcarag*. Shaw OaurANi?Stea n tip l.ocutt? Mr Pnlu Larmi. Or A Rlake, Mr* l.atrratn, Mlas Mamnrl* W L Sunn 'la ra P-rruaon, J Ilo/man, Mr* l>?tn?rm. Mr and Mia J P 7. n tr. ri. an, J Booab **4 two friandt, Mr* J BVir-k, J Buatidee New t)?Lr Aim? Rteaaiahlp Pnng Rbnoy? ) r luillWan, J ? rtiomaa, llanrj hen*, 1. II hdward*. Mis* M A Mar, *'?** a?nt aerranl; M-* ItnlM 1'imaer, V Pot ft ? ok and leti Tooaaa., M ,r, nenOT. Janto ? rati.a t>l >, t- I. n,*,d KAIrbanWa J M '?to ,1, ( hM Ft rr, Cbto M I?t*d. J JacnO*. M'n *'*.!*. ,wta J P b> //toad. U JL amitii ?aad other* .n tbe aiaar ?**. GRANT. Demonstration Made by General Smith. What Waa Accomplished by the Movement. Terriflo Artillery Firing on Both Sidos. SKIRMISHING ALONG THE LINES, fen 4?i THE HERALD DESPATCHES. TIIE NINTH CORPS. Sir. Jnraes C. Fitsputrick'a Dcipatohi Nisru Armt Cobps, 1 Book* Par wast) so, Vs., July l?Morning. j Teeter day the rebels kept up ? brisk Ore with artillery end musketry upon the slegQ batteries which Geoerel Ledlie is constructing Id front of hie position. The work la neeessarily slow, owing to the obetaoles which the rebels luteipose, but night after night it goes steadily on. Perhaps to-day, at furthest to-morrow, they will hear from our hundred-pounders. IJBUTH or C'sFTilS UNDKHIILL. Captain N. Underbill, of the Fourteenth Sew Yorh artillery, was killed on the skirmish line on Wednesday, lie had bsea wounded previously in tba scalp, and was advised by the surgeons to remain at the hospital; but ha preferred to remain with his company In the front Una, where he met hie death. ill quia*. The rebels ehelled ledlle's position this morning again for a short time; but, falling to make any Impression, Anally ceased. All quiet at seven A. 11. THE EIGHTEENTH CORPS. Mr. John A. Brady's Deipsteh. HSalHiCARTKRS, KlliHllENTH AKMT CORrf, 1 In rnu Field, Juno 30,1664. J The dull quiet reigning along our lino was destroyed to-day by the volleys or musketry and the rapid dis charges of shell, resulting from an attempt on the part of General Smith to take the position eocuplod by tba famous White House, bo well known from tno freqooot mention of It since the army has bseu In front or RMtro burg. FOIUMTION OF THE IINB. The attack having been decided upon, General Stan, nard was ordered to reluforoe Turner, on wbooe front the brunt of the Ught would naturally fall. Htok's division of negroes was also puehed to tlie front, and ooenpiod the roar liua of r'.Ae pits?no opportunity for using thorn occurring. The orders wart most explicit. The column of attack was to be I)eased oy Barton's brigade, and full instruc tions hud been forwarded to that cokmal to advance his brigade Into a favorable position for charging, by passing through the rille pita, company by ooiudsd v. ao am to escape the attention of tha enemy. Tha great Ida* wm to save the loaa of Ufa by making tba whole thing * tar prist. Unfortunately, however, tha ardtra were not ex ecuted. Btr ton's brlgada waa marched terms an opto plain in solid oolama, In full view of the enemy, drawing a musketry and shall tire OCf"Ai<jtrrtir. it wonS'?r ji " m" roughly atoutea by thlt aemoofltrailou. Tiuopt were at oooa m*Mou on their front, and every prepars'lon waa made to girt at * warns reception. Whet had been intended for a surprise end douly degenerated into what would moat certainly hive pr< ved a slough ter-peu had not Oenaral Smith, aw era of tba condition of bis troops, draws them inside our worka. P.ogtmentB and brig idea ware counter marched, and in * abort lima nothing was laft along tlis extreme advance but tba division of Turner. Tbo looming hundreds who had, a moment before, filled every brent work hid eu tiroly disappeared. 1IK 1RT.I LEBY r.!'.? upon the enemy's line was exceedingly good. T.udlow'a buttery lu posltian, in front of Turner ?paade msgnlflceat ?h otlng, at the expooieof the 9ii*mft that Hue-. Not s shot was wasted. L'vory s'icll went wbistltng through their iblren. braeuts with su accuracy go remarksblo as to attract universal attention. Tna mortars another feature of this fight was the preseuce of the mortars. These oertructive eighth-inch arrangements suddenly opened Ui<oa tba enemy 'a line, and made des perate efiorts to equal the fine shooting of Ludlow. ins KXEXY XRTCR* OUR FIRE. is ioob ta the enemy became conscious that s m've ment was in view and was being gradually developed by General Smith, they opened, with every battery at tbeir command upon our^ine. The heavy pieces on the north aids of the Appomattox threw shell to Turner's extreme left. One unoccupied field near friend's home was, snmahow or other, tba sapacle! mark of theancmy's at tanlioa. Tbay apparently seemed to think that they were doing us some damage, aa they dropped shell after ?hell, once In ten seconds, Into a spacs of not more then half an acre. Not a human being, however, was within half a mils of this spot, and, although tba ground waa tboronghlj ploughed up, not a bmbVm hit. uaxasat. an!tu n m vsovt. Aa toon as tha movamsnt commenced, General Smith, with bis staff, paaaed along tba wboia front of Turner's division, saved from the aaemy's fire by oaly the alight biaastwork that atopped tha rata! bullets. Occasional ?hails from tha hasvy rebel batteries on tha apposlta alda of tha Appomattox enfiladed the lino, and rebel mor tars dropped their projectiles in all direct! na. a saunrt omen wormian. Captain Butler, aid da-aamp, oa tha ataff of doooral Pmith, waa struok aw tha xoee by a muakst ball while with la W fisw foot of the General. The Cap tain was tmmadlalaly rescued from bis portions position sad oarrtad from tba field by stretcher bearers. This event boa oaat a gloom over tba wboia staff. Aa a daring, dashing officer, famous through tba aorpa far his oeurage and ooolnaas aa tha battle field, there la bob# perhaps whose loss will be more lameoled. Captain Butter waa earned lu aa ambulant* to Point of Rocks tonight, sad will bt Immadiataiy shipped for For trees Monroe sad thaooa to his hems la New U?mp shire. Although seriously, ho !? not dsugcrousiy wounded, and every hope remains of hie leg being saved. When leaving hoed |usrters this nflemoos be promised to return within twooty days to bis dutlaa car ram njamira woi'mn Captain Jemea E. rieminlog, lbs well known Provost Marshal of the Eighteenth oorps, while at tba rroat, was struck on the breast by a piece of (-bell sod knocked ?Iowa; yet,strange to my, bo escaped with only a eligut bruise. tna rameipn oa run aivra. The b titer tea < ? the Appumailov have been badly en gage<l (or *ome time past u *Ue ling the enemy out of their poetioM Howell's batlery baa ba?a sdaanced almost to lbs water's edge. Ho shell are couiisi.tly falling in(<> the rebel bat let Irs opposite, whtlo he himself b< Ids e p- uikm almost Impregnable to their fire. refers taking lb s position Howell waa badly shelled by ths enmny, who dreppod several emp'y shells io bla bs-'rfy. the other day, not receiving any answer M pis fire. Sm rttMTDid ou| of those sheila, which srourutaiy fitlod the bora of bla goo, wltb the big loiter oncl sod ? n?arx}riR-vRs, flow;u.'a Pdirnr, h'eoolved yesterday at two p. it Returned ihia tm-rn leg lu know why tu bell you d<>n't answer my (he. Noinswr hsapg been r?<M*vsd,il is iiobable tbo on my * ve permanently ?b>inleced the battery Into which ho d opprd t'ie sbrlk ibe uu< * to day waa t<d bv anv nictua s repulse II was Intended m a surprise, and, through the dtsobedl enoo of orders by a subordinate, the rebels were ooviled of our intentions and General duilth waa oompelled 10 countermand the orders for attack. Raw* from Portreu Monro*. Fon-Riwai Mosans, June 28,1M4. The following named botuurs dio<l in Hampton Iloapiual June 27:? David Johnson, TOIb Pennsylvania; Jsmes Oougb, I18lh New York. James Wtlnoo, 2<1 PenneyIvania; Jonu Urn ney,4tb United 8 la tee (colored); S. VI. Pennington, Mb United stales (colored), William Wright, Hih Cunnecll oiil. J. Jackson, ??? l'timaa MoKune, 2fllti M ih?h eiiuxetta; Uoorge Risley, Tdib I'enuaylv.mia. H. Phlibrkk, 117th New York; D. W. Ptersaa. 27ib south Carolina (rebel!; JVrrU Strange, let Virginia artillery; Charles Near, 116th Now York. The f Mowing wera admitted Into tbe Ilampton Hospi tal, June 27:? B. Brandt, 188th Pennsylvania; O. K Cllflord, I4tb .Veer Hampshire, tV. If Shea, 4*lli I'onnsy Ivania; J. R. Herri aon, lav Kbode lalsnrt O. S Vuu Ktuaaeu, lif.ih New York; J. I>. Undlay, 112ii> New York; N. iteughmau, 18HtU Pounaylvnnia: 0. P. >u, '11 ft Connerlleul; John W. lm Tin, Olh Maine: Michael I.oalUi.n, 47lb New York; R. It Hyerg, 9lh New Jersey; J. B Mylanoo, 18th Indiana, 8 l/ozway. 118th New York; Llpury Walker, 117th New Yoik; James Quinn, 117th New York; Daniel Setvau, let Connecticut; II Karly, 112th Pennsylvania; J. I) .Touos, 112th Pennsylvania. P. H. Mt-srer, 2d New liuuipsbire. r. O'Neill, 9tlth New York; Goo H. Weeks, 1.1th New iiump thlra; I,. BnrnaliaD, 117th Now York: 11. liolman, 2. lh Maesacbuaatt*' J. ]{. Millar, 4th New Hampshire, Michael Ke ly, 116tb New York O. M. Flngar, 148th New York; R. I). Monro, 4th New fltiniiwhlro; Win. 0 Woodbrldge, 4th New Humpnhlro: J. it Wetbcy, 160th New York; l'.J. Mooney, 4th New Y6rk. ' All of the above named were wounded In front of Peters burg, and oome down the James river In charge o( Sur goon lewis, of the Eighty.fifth New York Volunteers, in tbe steamer Monitor. Tbe following wounded arrived at tbe Hampton Hospi tal to-day:? Jamoa l/itt, 97th Peuosylvsnla; Jacob I'bl'er, 2d Penn sylvania artillery ; P. Murtaln, ,9th New Jersey: Jinnee Greden, 68th PenneyIvania; T. O. Doll, ?7tb I'euu-yi rania; J. 11. France, lbbtti PenneyIvnula. i.eorge Vvtl llaine, 07th Pennsylvania; W K. Shear, 48lh l'eui eyl vuuia; A. Lanegar, 116lD Now York; A H. Kolhiirn, lUib New York artillery. W. Al en, P7th Pennsylvania, P. Mc Gulra,8d New York: J. M. Russell, 40th Massachusetts; D. Freeman, 27tb Massachusetts; W. T. Pav)e. 2d Penn sylvania; T. Fltzpatrlck; <3. F. Morgan, 1st Connecticut: Gonrge Hill J. I.abardee, l42d Now York; J. QiRnu, 117th Now York, W. Wobh, 0Ctb New York; G. il. Wlldey, lloth New York; William Boswell, 117th Now York. Fonnucw Monhoe, July 1, 1804. M^jor General Butler and staff arrived at soven o'oleck last evening from Bermuda Hundred. The body of an unkuown man was picked up in Ilamp ton Roads to day. lie evidently belonged to some guu boat, and had boon shot. A prize atouiaer cauao in this afternoon in charge of a prize crew. No parlicn'ars yet obtained. Otir Iron fladi. SUCCI58FUL LAUNCH OF TUB PURITAN?TnE LAST OP TUB UIG MONOTOltS?TUB MONITOR SUN SINK ING TO K1SE NO MOKE?DBSCHlPflON OP TUB ARMOBBD RAH', ETC. At eight o'clock yesterday morning tbo big Monitor battery Puritan was launchod from tho yard of T. F. Rowland, Continental Iron Works, Greenpolnt, success fully and without any extra force being applied to ber? la fact, golug off before all tbe blocks were split out from under ber. During tbe Interim between tbe lirst attempt to launch her aud tbe successful Issue of yesterday only the sliding waya have been removed and fresh lubricat ing material applied, proving oar assertion at that timo, 11 persons who kaew nothing sbout launching bad minded their own legitimate business, and allowed those who understood tbo science of launching to attend to theirs, she would have been launched at that it me. Mia* Uregbry, the daughter of Admiral Gregory, obrta ten ad the vsaaal as aha glided off the ways, say tog "In tbe name of Neptune, 1 christen thee Puritan." Tbe num ber of spectators present was aot largerearias to tte ear)y Boor uid the proa 1m or rata, as well MUM decline of interest ta anjUiU^cooaooUd with lb* ?Witt la tact tie American public are otoyad wttb tnt aiuM of Monitor, aa In every Due of society tbsy feel thai SC "H." Pay,n* d?ari? for these Swedish wbMtlee. i bo Poi liau )? called an ocean iron-clad, and, all ho nab on lit according lo ibe pinna of ma Dictator, aba le 8f?ESSS/ft wijw.h way she will never do. The hall and frame are constructed of Iron. The armor rhetf, or "overhang." extends outaldeof the hull four feet and eleven 1 no Pea It le iW feet tu depth, and when the vre?ol I . is b?r irmarceni on board (be water line will be above Ibe o-ntre of the abelr, leaving two or three feet of armor above water and tbree or four reot below. Ibe bull ta formed of anglo Iron, covered wtm oue-lnvh plates, above t? the armor abeif, tbo wboie forming ibe moil impenetrable covering ever plaoed on any Iron-clad. The armor of Ibe Puritan ceniprl?ee on the outside of tbe ebelr six* no inch plate' of iron tben there aref rty tnchoe of > ak baoklug, and on Ibe loeide le a seven eirhtbe plate or Irun Platan lour and a half o. five luchea in tblckneea are set iulo tba oak backlog from above to th? p-.lnt which will bo tbe water Iiufe of tbe PutHau. ? Her deck is twelve tncbea th'ck, laid on beam* eighteen inches square covered with two plate* of armor, eacb three quarters of an lurb thick. ihia le the heaviest plating yet given to the deck* i;f any ot our Iron vessels Ibe largeei istrt of Iter inacb'mery, with tbe exception of ber boilers, la already In 1 wo soglnea. eacb buying a cylinder of on* hundred :n, b"S in diameter and six leet stroke o' piston, will be employed to drive tbe pro peller, wbicb Is twenty two feet and a half lu diameter. "lne Purltau will have six bolters, wbicb ought to give ber an Immense steam power. Her run. which !? very sharp, la nlnateen feet long, and la solid 'Iff" -o feet froui ber bow. She has also a ram at ber etera, which in not ao slurp. This U solid teu f?*t aft. She bar ca< irltyto dairy one thousand tons of coal, wblrb wtll be p*4wed lnlBp?rnte water tight tanks. Tbsse are eo arrai .?rttat tbry can be filled with water, aa tbe ami M on. 'timed, to keep the ve*scl low In the waier. It le expected that ebs will conaume one hundred toes of coal a day Work nan been commenced on b?r two turrets. They will be arranged for four guns, which will be of ttalrtosu incb calibre, ibey are of Krtaeeun'n design, made of wrought iron. It In claimed that they are tbe most pow erful guns ever statement wbicb remains to be proved by actual test It will probably be toe year before the Puritan can be placed In oommlaaloD, should ebe be Cnished acua-diug to tbe designs. It is utidsrskod that tbe government Is to purcbase the vesseel of Mr. Ericsson in hor present state, and make Important Improvements. Tbe cooatrucllou of tblc vassal was commenced ta 1*62, and abe le ao douht tbe last of ber class or ktad wbten will erer be constructed It is time tbe >'evy Depart ment built eonie seagoing ironclads. As yet our lroe. clad eevy oonsiste ot, with one exoepuoe, e targe fleet of miserable armored rafts. Per eon at Intelligence. ? The Empress Eagente, paeeiog lately through Thimery during a drive le the environs of Koaiataebieea, stopped at the revidence of Mile. Rosa Ooubeur, and requested to mt ber studio. The artist st once acceded to ber Majea ty's Mm, and showed ber tbe different paintings on which she la at present engaged, as well aa many floe ?todies of animals. A painting, representing a stag le.d tag a herd or binds along tbe aummit of a rocky ami nance, eepecKliy ettrectert tbe eotloe of her Majesty. After pasnleg en hour In tbe el ml to tbe Etnpeeee t ok leave, having first obtained a promise that hor private oolleetion should be enriched by e picture by Mile. Bon* bear. List of Americana registered at V?adenbro"ck Brothers, Mo. 00 Rue Cbaussee d'Aotin: UterbsMo, Kane k Co.'a, No. tt Place de IsTJourse, and John Monroe k Co.'e, No. 5 Has dele I'ata Carl*, f r tbe week en.ilng June 17 ? Edward T. Kiiey, Mrs. Mercy. Mr. nod Mra Pendleton, James u iwy, lieorge H. English, L D. Newell. W. H. rearing and William ItavlJsoe, fiotn New Tork city; Dr. gdward ( lark *nd wife. A. A. Eraser, Augustus B. Brad street, Ft *nc? Warn, 1 geoei. i'.ifllaton aod Mies Dan.els, U? Charles VMkm.r, E B. Mayer, Baltimore; Wm. Granam. Nan I raocioco; E. C. Honker, Newbury pert, Mass.; Mentg^mery Hamilton, ludtaee; He-try Olm sted,; Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Davis, Washington; h. w. key, I biases N'uvy, Edward Harris, Cox bury, Muse.. Wnt E. Paeon. Clltefle d. Mass : Mr and \lra. E. tarter, Wnterburr. tons.; U. J. M. K#ll"|a and Mtas king' bery, Nt. Loom., Mo. 1 he Naval Academy* t nx ctWTNti or iMx anwd at* ix t mix at ion? rami** ' r ma ustut'tist, arc. tlie examinnti.'O tuat " Deluded at tbe Navel Academy at \?W|>"rt *#*> very tboroigfe, and tbe number leuod to be deleted a- d ji"rs?ltted u> rsatgn. or subset tube ur-pped ii om the Itat of ruidsbipmsn In the naval ear vi?e. wo? tweuty nine. The bul iwiug are tbo nan*a .rf the Ave most diattng.nabcd and tbe istul nnmher ta each Clar ai riest tairrr roc* wramus. 1 Albert ?} twin well, Indiana. S. Clutper E. Oocdrmb, Connecticut ft. Rhsnnel 11. Dakar. Artai.aae. d. Donr nian 11. McCatla, New Jermy. 6. Jbotnae B Wilson, (m llorn la. ?so an i use?rr?TT men irgnM 1 George A. Converse, Vermont. 2. Krrmont M F?sn. ?rix. a. ' 'Bue!.* M. Oii?e. i RoyaJ H. UraliotTl, Maine. ? tpirrates Mubbard, Miss. <,71. as nivtmov, aer. xn cr_vsa?tsiarr rb s naMimxe, 1 Albert I.. !?;>rng o.New Y rk. 2. Hi.-h'rd M C lite, District i p imbla. 3. bHmuel N. Kane, Khcde I aland. A Wil a?n T. Dura<11. Miae-ruri. 6. Waabbmn May card, Tesieaeeee. vwran sun oxTT-tni w*? :v?a. I William M. L.ttl", New Vt.rk 8 Ersnklln Ha,if. rd, Nf* York. 3 Mawivll B. ftcld, >sw Yerk 4 John M. Ten, Hhikle island A. .tante* K. Adams, New Yttik. SHERMAN. Additional Details of the En* fakement of the 25th ult. CUM IRE OF ALABAMA TROOPS. The First Line ef the Rrbel Works Carried by Osterliaiu, _ ^ ^ , H U ?' ^ Reinforcement of Johnston's Rebel Army. THE ASSAULT OH KENLSAW MOUNTAIN, Ac.i Ac., Ac. Dm Huurr, Co., Jnn. 3d, ISto Uflitary mMters were u, cu more active y uMord.y at da>li lit. our bulieiiae aloug ino wbole lino oiien.d a brtak llro up< o lb? renel p-anion, anil our skirmishers p.euued up ak cl'.ue a. possible to the shelter occupied by tlio eui-my About eleven o'clock U autre I Logiu took Hai row's divi-.ou ibd formed it upou the evlremn leit ami at m oo moved I .-rwerd ucruas open luwarde the ptisitio i ol cue eoemy tbe a skirmishers were em oonlcred iu about Hair a uille. Alter Uie lli.o bud l.eeu developed iimrow balled but men upon udvuntagcuus ground, wbe.e they moulded over ball an boor, m.i.n, which nine ti.v woods id irocl were vigor ously aliened by Is,yam a ubd ill Ir'a butteries. Del ween one and t*0 o'o ock Hu/r wa division aga'n adV'boeU. Wwlcotl a bruauo charged down a Old across ft huFiOw va ley, iu wuicu the rcbei udv.,uce ski' inieber. wain pouted, Ui> a bill .<ud imo the woods, In whtcb a reoel briye.i w?ai lying Kuirow s men advanced ho ra pidly ti.ut ilie reusis, occupy log a poaitiou tu aav.iuoo of tbe woods, did not dare .cave tbelr abetter, ami were all captured, :ie were a great uuny of tboae woo were ported In tbe timoer, a boot Dill tlio thirtieth and Fortieth Alabama regimeuls were captured, witli taoat of tbelr oUkere, inr ludibg 'be colonel <>| tbe lormer regiment. lbo iiiniilie. ol prWoio-ra tukon by Harrow wag threw houdred ami lliieeu. Log .u brought up Morkao I., draith's divitiou aud too* up u poaitun v.r a mile aud a ball la udVAiiceoi lue ground ujon which he Ural tormed hlf? linos. Ihere be lutrenclied biuis.ll laat ulgbl, uad re inaiurt to-day. Oalei bxUH advi.uted by tbe left at about six o'clock ubd carried tbe Ural Hue ol the enemy'a rllio pus a few hucdred yai rla in his front iila men iay bobiml tbem during tbe reuiulode of Ibe day, with a strong lino ol Kkiruil.boiH wen advanced. Hid batlorleft w ore ad - vaoced aoo vtupt Uo a v...or ua abai.lug of tbe rebel matu woiks, wliicn were pamly lu sight. Ustertiuiis'aklriuis bcr w ere eo lar advanced ?r to ex cbiiigo shuts a lib ibe rebel umiu Hue. blatr, wlxwe corps uca liotwee Osicruans' div.saun unit tbe oilier two divisions ol Luzon's coi pa, udviiucuiSLis rlgbl far enough to cooiioole tne line to uslt-rh-us a advuueed pouituX' i odge, wboue corps Itoa up u Mcl'beieon's right. pnabed (oiw.ird. nprague s brigade, oi reach's division, ad vanced iicrosa an open Held, driving tlio enemy Irons a lino ol rille pits ob tbo ed.o of an orchard iu bia frouI, cap luring uonte twenty llveoi thirty prisoners (leueral Pul ler, i niuiiiaoding auot or biigatle iu ibe saiue division, ia position to tbe i tghl ol Sprajue, pushed forward hi* okir inUboro to jierleet and covor the nunk ol ibe new llus. iiodue attempted lo bulnl u lorl upon a bill to bis I rout, which was held by skiriiiisoe.-e ol both sides, which re sulted In un nil eight's n<bt, r suiting to liodge con structing bis fort, which will be oooupied by a battery to ulgbl Harrow loet tifty killed eud wounded, Osterbeus twenty-ttve, and Ik.dge. twenty Ave. Among tbe kilted are Lieutenant Heury t.rimee, adjutant of tbe sixth Iowa: Lieutenant UrunoOgb, Acting Provout Idartlial wVuuial of tbe forco. Skirmishing Is quite brlek this morning ell along tbw whole line, but I do net think anything coo be done to. dhj. Today and lo-etgbt will P. Spent In ds?tog?> tbe real position ef the nwhy, Mf to ikraglbtoto mm own. weather to clear sod warm. tbli morulng I rout below Atlanta staled tbab . to Mrcbd tale.lobusiea'e army, awu <Uui Jab*. Rtab te rcoeiviog leisTerceateaie ef Ueorgta, Buuia carw ilea end Alabama miillta. It Is believed by tbe peOHe Ibe* Jon?ton Mb to,?* veterans aud 70,00* mditie. Bis tow aepesre to be as ItlRMf filflLlli JUl/lrwii wherever ws bave tried to me Assnutt OS the Kenuaw Noantslm CinciHiuTi, July 2,1IM. A despeleb fr< m Sbermao's headquarters, dated June elates that an unsuce estul aouault wae mode on lb# wiitun of the reben at Keneaaw Uountam on tbe morn g of that day, at eight o'ci .ok. Seleoled portl ns of the Fourth, Fourteenth and Login e rpe moved to the etlsck la it ree o-lumne, striking the ibel intreucbmonui on the right, tbe left and ihe centre. Alter a fierce light, tasting between ooe and two hours, r troops were compelled to fell beek everywhere. Dud I It Impoesibie to cerry tbe creel of tbe bill la the taee such S destructive tire. General Harker fell In tbe seeauU on the right and jlonel Dsn. HcCook, both eeverely wounded. Our position >? now considerably to advance of Utah :cupled before lbs sesault. Our lose is sstimsted st sbout two thousand. Trials at Folic* Headquarters* AN INIgKkSIINU CAfcK PKOM TUt PUUR1H AN KX-ri'LJCkMAN ON TUB KAMfAQB?TBOUBLS aduuT "COR.vgRS" .a UinilN COMPLAIN* OF VM< JUST ARNKSr. KTC., ETC. 1 be cue of .Str{aioti Rod* ?nd Pelaney and officer lr vie, all of the Kourlh precinct, war* rstber *a mtersai log one. It appeared from the statement made by the complainant that a gross outrage bad been committed on him, but tbe evidence for lb* defense, showed en en tirely diflbroot etau of affairs. ClUasn Doyle, an ex podceman, but wbo now keepe a liquor establishment In tbe lourtb ward, stated that be went Into tbe Fourth precinct alatioo bouse oe Saturday aigbt, and Inquired of Sergeant Delaaey, wbo wee behind tbe desk, what lbs polios intended to do wttb tbe rumsellers ea tbe fellow leg day (Sunday}; I bet Sergeant Hade end officer Irvln wore steediog on lbs floor el tbe time, end tbet tbe former aaeauUed bine, knocked blm down, end finally lock ad blm up over nlgbt; teat Rode was assisted la bis operations by Irvln, and that DaJaoey was sitting behind tbe desk end per mi ted the eatrage to be oommlited. This looked rather serloas until Sergeant Rode bad as opportunity to apeak. He then stated that oltl/en Doyle came into tbe station bouse at tbe time alluded to in n ?tale of Intoxieatloo, aad asked Sergeant Delsney If be waegolog lo arrest ruma client To wbicb tbe sergeant re plied no, ont tbet If tbey caught them selling on Sunday tb<y should report them; tbet upon tbla Doyle aeM be would Ilk# to eon any blaok republican eon of a ? come teto bis place to erreat blm?be would shoot him; that upon tbte bo fi-Wrgeaat Rode) ordered blm out, when Doyle said be would not go, aad that be would as soon ?boot him as any other nigger; that upon tbla be weut to pot citizen Doyle out. wbcu tb" tailor grappled with bun and tors off bla shield. Bo tbsa locked blm up, and tbe next morning to?k him to court, wbere be was held IS bail to keep the leace. The aiatament of Sergeant R da was subs'unlisted hy evidence lb l showed It to be truth ful end lbs complaint was promptly dismissed. Citizen Hugbes, wbo Is proprietor of e Itqoor store, corner of Npring and kiercer atr-ets, eomnlaiaed of being unjustly arreaied by officer Wash, of tbo Eighth precinct, under the following cimnmatanooe:- It aniwera that while citi en Hugbes k*m* a very quiot drinking pier*, tb* oorner Is a ooteriensly bad ooe for Insulting hangers on, and toal be has beeu as anxious as any one to have II kept clear. <>? the evening of the arrest he seated blm-tlf on lbs hydrant, oo tbe corner fronting b e own do r, when WaDb came ale g In cltlseu's dress, and ordered tbe crowd to move on. Tbey did so. but aek.-d blm why tbet man (meaning Hughes) should bo allowed to (It tbere Offiiwr Walsh not knowing cill/*n Hugbag personally, ordered blm aw*y with the rest, ?sd be dcclmed t? gn he t-*>k blm to toe sistion bouse, t Hire* Hogtws did not mak? himself koown to tbe oifcer until a'ter ?ha arrest end lino II w?s fc>o late. Upon arriving at the station house, however, ho was let go. It appeared that the olPcer was acting rigntly sooiigb. ana that all trouble lolgbl have been saved uy cltlsea Hughes making himself knowa el oeoe Pi?tenet Actoni rem rkeJ to liimthnt It would have been better and that It sit really hie duty to have assisted the officer Instead of em barras lng him Id tbn poriormaoco of kta duty. Tee Rate Bmwsw Hassnx ani> Wian-Hsmmiu a Soul roar.?Mr Stephen Roberta brought to our office law < a Friday efierenoe tbe stuU boat la wbkU Jstn'-e Hen. mill I* lo row at We apnroeehieg coetaet with Ward u? t'oi tfttL Inst, oS ?ha Monuegahete river J Ptnue;(. vsnta. K was constricted by Mr. jamea NOftay, wb' IS in tl>a employ maot of bar. Robsrl* at Har,?m. Tne b at m a me. a shall, weighing o*iy thirty-saves pounds, at ?H'u h ttouriy thirty lust hug it IB built of P" osdar, :i d fore and aft >s covered with oil eilk, i.t ? , *maii place o>r Bemmiii ti ell la. The soul* niuo ?nd a It lit teat ieug, aad buib Ugelher emr ?? s four i metlc

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