Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 4, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 4, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 10,153. NEW YORK, MONDAY, JULY 4, 1864. PRICE THREE CENTS. GRANT! Official Despatch from Secre tary Stanton. Additional Da tails of the Ops rations of the Cavalry Under Gen. Wilson. The TVork They Accomplished Before Their Attempt to Return. Sixty Miles ef Railrcai Track Destroyed. Large 9fambers of H^groes, Horses mad l&nles Qathe red by ZXis Force. The Rebels All the Time Harassing Their Si car. Several Engagements with tlie Enemy. Hew They were Cut Off on Their Return. larioDi Fight and Escane of General Eaatz and liis Command, At, As., Aa THE OFFICIAL DESPATCH. iHHUry HanWii to JUJur Ueneral Dtx. Wax nsFABTXCNT, Washington. Jul/ 3, 1864. mar Genoral Dix:? A da-patch from General Grant'* headquarter*, dated G^lne o'clock this morning, gives the followtne result ef General Wilson's operation*:?"Sixty mile* of railroad ?er? thoroughly destroyed, tho Danville road, General WUaoo reporta, could not he repaired in leea than forty Gays, even If all the material* were on hand. Be baa destroyed all the blacksmith'* shoos where the rail* might be straightened, and all the mule wbero scantllugs tm aleeper* oould be sawed. Thirty miles el the South tots road were destroy* I. Wli*on brought In about (oar hmsdred negroea and many of the vast number of horsee ?Bd mule* gathered bv hi* fore*. He reporu that the mbeta slaughtered without mercy the negroes they retook Wueen'i ice* of property is * small wagon train used to mrry ammunition, nieambnlance train and twelve cannon, m horsee or lb* artillery aau wagons were generally femaghi off. Of the cannon two www removed from ?Mir carriages, the wbeeto of which ware broken and rn into the water, and one ether gnn had been dis hy s rebel shot breaking its trantone before It wm abandoned. He estimates his total loss at seven bun tend and ttfty to one thousand men, Including those Ism from Kaulz'rt division.*' A rebel force mad* lis appearance near Mtrttnsbnrg tow morning, and were at last accounts destroying the (?dreed and advancing on Httrtlnshurg. The reporu re ?airad as yet are loo confused sad conflicting to deter mtot tne magnitude of the force <>r the exie it of Its ope EDWIN 41. Si AS TON, Secretary of War. THE HERALD DESPATCHES. dr. I. CsdwallaSer's Despatch. ?Ttv Point, July 3. 1864 SanTT o* OEVVKAT. WONO* AND HI* COXMAND. the ai prehensions entertained for the safety or General Whs.'* and bis cavalry command were relieved laat evening bv the arrivsl ol Captain Beaumont and a lisu toon, who left him mar Cabin I oiut, on the Surrey Omirt House rond, at eleveu a. M. ycsicd.iy. The trope ?re hack within supporting d HI of this army, and General * llaon is expected to report In person at h ail ??arte ? to day. last the IIKhai.o corroepondent, mho Bec<>OT|i?tili'd it'di', thnild fail lo get blades palettes ofl by this m .rning'e mailbust, 1 send s few Grief scrspn or information. TUB a TART. The command left cam pin the 23d, and rode upwards of hrtf uiiii-s. striking the Petersburg and Lynchburg Rail iwnd at t-ord'a Mai ton late !u tb* evening. Both c m ?sandt commenced the Immediate destruction of the *ullr<>?d and all public pruiwrty within reach. Two iooo SMtlvee ami ten cars wore osplured sod immediately destroyed. gam's mo'toixnt and what as run. Ob the 23d Hunt/ w?s pushed ahead to nurkesvllle, tbe ti>>ii oi the Petersburg and Lvncbburg and Uirhra nd lianvi'.lo railroads. Tbe rebels were apprised or the i e destination of tbe rxi?ditloa, and a considerable torse of oar dry appeared en the rear early In the Gay. Ry takUig advuntag* of u snort out aorews the hen I of the main road, ^liey reached the oro.'sing *n Mvauce of Wilson, At "Rlncke and W line," and dig ested bis lurtber progress until attacked and routed. We captured lour guus in the tight, but were unable to pel Hum orr. Tho halt of It e rear UuU utght was near Watt iwsy I hurt House. TH Won* O* CVNTUrCTON was prosecuted vigorously all day. Wilson worked cn Me Petersburg and I.yncDburg road, nud Kautz un the Pniivhla rosd, South B. the.iuiictl n. At night the rear jBtnBd ti e advanre at tl"horrli:'B Glutton. CM ihs 2&t h tne entire force a as at work, sod ? icceeded Gi eeeim *ng tracks, lie*, rails ami Ireatiework to teGb m three be idrod yards cf Roanoke river. wrjv roanokk naiixi* was not taxtch. IV bridge eAsdsfrrdrd bv Iniantry, with artillery, In tomtit*, car in? orgs on tbe right bank of the river, and a Mae oi hieasiworks and rifle pita at its bead on the lelt Ivit I be cat rtry wore unable to dislodge tbem, as the souptry was an open one, end contested them tc * rner Bdess lire at lout range, Up to this lime the work of Gwrc'og evil destroying had be-n carried on day and Bight, with littie interruption from tho enemy. Their toroe w is constantly hovering around and skirmishing, Gut woe not la'ge enough to vrrest the work, by etigaguig to* iroo|ie. ttik RBnrr.s Rumrtmotn. Pwt reto rrrrnoiiis w*r*0"i?i latiliy arriving, and the (Whole becsave formidable, wiib in faulty and cavalry, Ae the furtlier progrec* of 'he command in that dirsctloo wee arrested,and their retraat threatened, it was thought advisable to start on the return trip. rut nnvux A stop was made on tb* night if the 3fltli rear Meher rto river, and the men and animals tltowed s few hours' rest. The rebel* began to iwcm tround the gallant IMtle command on the 27>h, sad were liter eflr hd'ore, bohlnd, S?1 on every etde of ?hoi, vid constant fighting was curried on all day The rwnte wes ecnwe to tha Hove on plonk read, and ibene* ep R, towards L?wreno?#vWe. Tho rsbole *,M moving ao-oas Iba eostttry an ibo l?ri flank, oa tbe Inakla lb", pat<rmUia>i W eat aff tbs retreat. On tbe 48m IM Itvita Nottoway was crossed eight mtiaa from J?r riu's Htaitoe. and an aiumpl mads t? cruas tbe wuoiry directly to Ream S Station. At Rorky oreea the rstw-j m ar try wan mat m lu.ce, and our cavalry turned bark. The 0 j hi lam was sow continuous day and night, and ao rest a Iiowad our men at any point. in >KJtrr st uia'' sranon. The next day?iba jotb?tha battle began soar Ream's. K?utt struck the onamy in fores, st sight o'clock, la the moi uii:, and fought them Ml four in tha afternoon. The rc?r ?aa also hardly pressed, and floally a flank attack made, that cut the column in two, and Anally separated Eaulz nd Wiljno. The former came In with his e-.mmaud and a part or Wilson's that was cut off w ih flhm. The letter was foroed to make a wide detour through tbocountry, anl only arrived last evening, res onus AiuvnosBD During the 28'h and 29lb It became sppsrenl that the snnmy moved with too much celerity, and in too gwat fbree, to admit of hrle.nug off our guns and wagon trains. All the former, excepting two pieces, were spiked, run tnte the rtvor, and abandoned. The wheel* and wood work were sawed and destroyed. The wagons wrro Siuii larly destroyed or burned. No part of either was cap tured. Tbo ambtPau'cs coutalumg tho wounded, who couid not he brought off. wore abandoned in gocd order, with the sick and wounded in them. ^ Tfl'C luncm OK TH1J EX!,Kl>mO!l are a probable lo?s of one thousand men to killed wounded aud prisoners, and the abandonment and de? atmctiou or twelve guns, four tiniall raounUIn how it. era and a light train of wagons. This is counterbalanced mm e than tenfold by tho amount of damage inflicted. The Petersburg a-id Lynchburg Railroad Is utterly da strnyed for twenty-six miles, and tho Richmond and Danville Railroad for thirty mile, including the juno tlou at Burkesvillc, connecting Richmond and Lynch burg. No such complete demolition of a road has ever been made. Not a single rail was leU Id all that distance. Part of the distance was the old flat rail. The strlm-cra and ties or theuo were alj burned, and the mill consumed that sawed them out. Excepting Ine last d iy's light, tho raid was successful and victorious ovorywberc. It is considnrod inoro than successful >.o It is. even brilliant, by our highest military authorities Not a single railroad now connects Rich mond with the confederacy. All arc badly destroyed They cannot be rebuilt to thirty dsy*, and possibly not to sixty, by the whole rohel army. Leo can illy afford to lose tbolr dally use. Wo can also threaten aud harass their workiug part <58 at present, and hope lo command the entire, long before the rebels can rebuild It The pi Ice paid for the destruction of these important railroads is considered an exceedingly small one. what tuu RKitina sat shout rr. The rebel papers admit a aerious destruction of their roads, iiud that much time and labor will be needed to repair them. Li Tin. Tbe follow lag data were furnished by on officer who tho expedition:? Cavalry Camt. Near Johxb' N?ck, July I, 1884 I am enabled to give you a lull report of the part taken by Colonel Spoar's oommand In the late expedition. On tbe morning of the 21<t of Juue they broke oamp, and proceeded to Mount Rinal church. There they joined the rest of tho command. under General Wilson. At two o'clock they took up Ikeir 'In# of march towards the Poiersburg and Weldou Railroad. Tbe Oral station reached was Ream's, where they destroyed thirteen cars, two water tanks and all publio properly. They report that there has no train passed over this road for throe weeks, our guus being in a position to command the road. Resum ing their march they passed through Dinwiddle Court House, reaching Ford's station at ibirty-flvc minutes past (Its P. M. At ibis place they destroyed Urge quanti ties of commissary stores, cotton snd tobacoo. Working here until twelve o'clock, they succeeded In effectually doHtroylng aix miles of track. Renting hero until morn ing ou the iOd. al half-puR one o'clock, they proceeded up South Side Railroad, to the jnnetloa of the Peters burg and Weldon Railroad, passing through, oa their way. Wilson s station at four o'clock, aud "blacks and Whites" at bsl-past fix. At tble placa they de stroyed cars and railroad buildings, and reached Notto way at half past eleven A. M. Here they captured a large rebel moll and destroyed the station. Here the expedhiou also destroyed ten miles of track. At thia place they also found a rebel hospital, containing fifteen wounded "robs," who ate Uncle Han't rations with a gusto. Tne expedition left tho place on the morning of the 24'h at four o'clock, Colonel Ppear'e brigado being left In tbe rear to bum depot and stores. From tho Junction they m->de up along tho Danville road, reached Metterrln at nine o'clock A M. and Koysvtlle at ball-past one r. M. Here ther worked until three o'clock, deotroyiug eighteen mllee of track ?>? ihoy went. The men then Intd down to eltep for a few hours. At five o'clock they resumed their march. p*?s?d Drake's Branch at eight o'olock A. M and re >ohed Roanoke Station at Ave o'clock T. M. Here they found I be eoemy strongly Intrenched. The enemy also had a large gun mounted on a car and containing sharpshooters. This oar was protectod by plates of Iron. Tb- enemy opened with grape and canister. The First District of Colombia and F.leventh Pennsylvania cavalry, deployed as skirmishers on tho left of tbe mala^oad, Colonel fpear'e brigade, the Third New York and Fifth Fonusylvsnla cavalry, deploying on the right of the road, and the advance to within good rifle rsngo, aDd held the position until nearly out of ammunition. Thoy taeo fell back to the dop >t to get a frash supply. After do ng this they marched back, took tbo morning line, formerly occupied, and held it until night, lhey did not sip reed in burning tbe bridge over the Staunton rtrer, bnt burned tbe depot and destroyed tbe track. Hare Captain Reynolds, of the Eleventh Pennsylvania cavalry, wis killed, while loading his men gallantly nu the bridge. Colonel fongor and Major Curtis, of the First District of Columbia cavalry, are supposed to have been killed In this engagement. At daylight the aext morning the iroops withdrew. Colonel Spear pro ceeded along the Christian vllle ro<d. Here be ex|>ected to cr?* the river; but there being no bridgo to last than eighty mllos distant, be was compelled to fkll back towards Rouin'p, the rebole hanging on tbe flank sad rear. This wao cavalry, supposed to be from tbe command of Fitxbngb I#e They marched until two o'clock on the morning of the 27th, and at half-past six on the morning of lite 2Tlb took up their line of march. They arrived at Meherrln's at lorty five minutes past fight A. M. No fighting to day. We camped at Price's farm. On Tuesday morning, the fl8tb, at half past lira, we proceeded towarde tbe Petersburg and Weldon Railnad, paired through Liberty chnrch at forty-fivo minutes past nine, Snaky Ordway, on tbe Petersburg plank road, Nut to way bridge and Stony Creek Station on the Petersburg and Waldos Railroad, about aleven o'clock. At si* o'olock to tbe evening arrived to the vicinity of Ream's and marched to within about flva hundred yardi <?f Ibe enemy, when thoy opened on the cavalry with artillery, masked, while Hampton at this time was In the rear driving In our rear guard The Pleven lb Ponnsylrmila etvalry were ordered lo tne rear, aud the carbiniers to dismount, about twenty to a com pany The remainder, moested, wsd kept la position, re .dy for a charge should the enemy advance. The First District ol Columbia cavalry, batog all armed with sixteen shooting carbine*, demounted, excepting every fourth mnu who held the liorsee, and advanced. Ae the First District of Columbia cavalry got into position, ao Ala bams brigade, commanded by Colonel J. J- C. baundere, in idc up by the Ktghth, Ninth,Tenth. Devenlh end Four teenth Alabama regiments, charged upon the sktrmisherv when 'he mounted portionof the Eleventh Pennsylvania and First District of Colombia cavalry met them In the ebarge, driving them hack under the onver of tbe woods. In this charge *? captured about aev nty-Ave prisoners Col. Wost In the moaoMme hold our position on the right, wlucb be succeeded lo doing for two boors, and also getting our wounded to the rear. At this time we were surrounded on sides. Then loose from the wogums snd artillery. Hero we loet four piece, of Captain Alder ? battery, First I'niied States artillery. Tbe only pwWlhie way for ne to escape at this time was through what was supposed to be impenetra ble sonde and swsmp. I? Ibit Colonel hpear should make lb* attempt to break tor nrh, the firing being very heavy at this tluie, the sh'H making sad bovoe among Hi# horses, wounding as many ae IKteeii at a lima The wa? formed, and wiib<m<>osl spror ?d<I Vajnr dti ait '0 ai their heod. they wars fed valiantly towns0. These vei.t.emeu are <ie serving of a great deal of credit, so also la Lieutenant Curumiugs, Assistant AdpiUut General on the staff of Oolooel tfpear. Ou theevening of the 8Uih we rex-bed our picket reserve, In of espials Crowub g shield, nod oamped all olgbt. dome of the mac bad no Wept before In seventy-six boar*. We arrived at the old oarup on the evening of the aom. THE KCOittt COEPK. Br. flolsg AaAereea't Despatch. Oitr Nnaa Pvthskscso, July 1, 1804. asusi. iiksbri cits, Nothing of epeetal interest has < eourreJ In front of tbe Second oorpe to-day. Three deeeriere from a Mlvsfcalppl regiment, wbo came Into our llnea tblx morning, renre aent that many more would gladly abandon tbe rebel cans# ir they bad an opportunity of doing so, or bad any where to go. A flowrLt<i*?TtON jn rimnrn. There seemed to be a largo Ore In Petersburg laat night. We oould see a brilliant light, like that of an aumra, illu minating tbe horizon, and oould hoar the Bound of the Are tells pealing through tbe midnight air. thb asacie strurvosoiso. The enemy ia etlll concentrating troops In oor front, Tt If said that tho rebel General fwell'a corps, wbleh had been onposed to Hunter, arrived in I'oterehnrg laat night, and this morning moved out to a position on tbe right of tbe rebel army lino opposite our left. Thus Beauregard holds tbe city and tbe extreme left of tho rebel line. Neil corns A. P. Hill's and Ixrogstroet'a oorps. and then cornea R well'a, which, It la aaid, took up pocltkia on their ex treme right this morning. wmson anii nit cxvitRT s.tvm Information was received from General Wilson and his cavalry to-day. A scout came Into nur lines with tbe Intelligence that when he toft tbe eolumn this morning It was on the Suffolk ami Prince George Conrt House mad ; that Wilson had croasod tbe Blackwater and waa march* log to our lines with hie commend. Later intelligence from Wilson left blm at Oabln Point. He ia expected to arrive safely at City Point to-uigbL THE SIXTH CORPS. Nr. Charles fl. Herman's Despatch. HaAtxiuAiuBRs, Sixth Ar*v Cobpp.I - l. / Jrrusaijch PLABKBo'aD, Juos SO, 1684. what we on> st nsam's wr avion. * Beam's atation Is a plane about ten miles south of Petersburg, on the Petersburg and Woldon Railroad. It bad evidently been a place of ooneiderable importance to the rebels. The station was of largo size, and substan tially built. We here round large quantities of stores. The principal articles were rails and car wbeels, articles st this time of almost priceless value to the rebels. Several miles of track were thoroughly destroyed. The Fourteenth Vow Jersey and other regiments, belonging to the First brigade of General Pickett's division, went into the rail twisting business con amor*. The station houso, a small machine shop, and several other buildings, were tired and completely oou.sumod. The telegraph wires and poles were also tors down aud rendered uas leas. THE PK?KRaKOtJ!tr RKSJU. ttlscrafh. One of our men found oa tho edge of the lino and bid den away In the grass another telegraph line. It waa a very ingenious and cute device, and was evidently in tended by the rebels to be used In cats wn should succeed to destroying tbs old line. The wire was well made, and av ideally of recent make. This underground telegraph was also destroyed, and our men carried long lengths of the wire away, to use In place or ropes for drawing watar. Be. foru wa left this important line It was rendered entirely useless to the rebels for at least some ssooibs to corns. all orrrr. The work of destroying the railroad was carried on un disturbed by the rebels. Strong pickets wore thrown out, both up and down tho track. Occasionally a rebel emvalry man showod himself on the ndgn of the woods., and after satisfying himself thai General Wright's corps had not been withdrawn, pnt spurs to his horse and gal lopped off. o.uoub nwronm came into onr lines In considerable numbers. They were taken to General Wright's headquarters, and on being interrogated aatd there was no rebel force of any strength in our vlolnlty, but that yeetsrday, the 29th, there wad a right smart lot of them. This was doubt less the fores that fought, and afterwards wont off In pursuit of General Wilson's cavalry, wblob, 1 learned, bad been confronted at this plsoe by three thousand colored cavalry and a division of iarantry. I bavo been unable to learn anything doOnito In relation to the result of the contest, except that General Wilson waa unablo to force bla way through, and fell hack wltb the rebels in hot pursuit. Several or bis wounded managed to b>de themselves, and reached General Wright's head quarters to day. A few caisson, abandoned in the pur suit. were found iu a marsh to the southwest of our posi tion, and were reenvrrod today. Info, inatlon was re ceived this morning that General KauU, and the regl mruta under his command, had made their wey back la safety to our lines. <3C)rKRit SHFRIUAB IV TIIS MP.'T.R. About one o'clock one of Grneral Sheridan's aids ar rived at tbe little church where General Wrignt had bis bendquarlera, and reported that General-Sheridm, with a largo force of cavalry, waa tti rout* for Ream's station; that be bad already mart bed bin troops twelve miles, and would be up during the after noon. The Inference toRtodrawo from this information waa, that General WHffftt, with tbe -Bixtb corps, would unit* wltb Geu'ual .Sbrndan, for the put pons of relieving General Wilson. oxmctls to nova. About an boor afterwards orders were Issued for the Sixth corps to move. General Russell, with the First division, moved lirst,General Rickets, with lheThtrd,had the centre of tbe line, and Geoeral Getty, wltb tbe Hecond division, brought up tbe roar. Tbe Mae af inarch was along the same road wa bad traversed twenty-four hours before, and towards our old campiog ground oca frrsttt roam on. When tbe head sf tbs column resobsd tho Jerusalem turnpike, orders were received from Geoeral Movie for the corpa to bait there. Geneva! Wright astsbltshed bis headquarter* in a small farm bona* on tbs road side, rbis division want Into position massed la lino of baltfc am*! saws. A Richmond paper of tbs 29th tost, waa brought to General Wright's headquarters to-day. Tbey claim that Sherman ha* been defeated by Jos John ston, which, tboy contend, proves tbs wisdom at tbs remark attributed to the veteran Wtofleld Foott, "Beware of Johnson on a retreat." The editor Is also at soma |i*ln* to Impress on General Grant the necessity of exercising great vigilance, or be may wake np soma One morning and And bis army In a tight place. riamn os thb riudt. Tory heavy firing Is beard on onr right to night. The pieces are apparsolly worked rapidly, and tbs reports Indicate that heavy guns are bring wed. Fbjdai, July 1?10 A. M. am. qrtat Rvarytblog Is qnlst to frost of lbs Stifh corps this morning. THE 1VIXTH CORPS. Mr. James C. Fittpstrlck's Despatches. Norm Abut Goers, Karnes ivnmesrsn, Vs.,) Jon* 30, 1804. | m oca frost. Operations daring tho past week have boon of tho most monotonous eb? racier. Of cours* I eitoek of mi tier son ear Immediate front only. The ether corps and the cavalry have bed some hard work and shiru 0.tiling, but the Moth onrpe has remained aim st Inactive in their lino of IntroDchtsents, with tbe enrtnv less than a hundred yards to front, hvn picket firing he* been ie?* brisk than ueoal. rtnr mso bare loetrticilona not to Ore unless tbs enemy advance, s> the musketry * oonfltu'd to a few Straggling sbots from tbe ran#:*, who, liko tbe Irishman at Donueybrook Fair, seek to hit a bead *h?rever they can. la addltlou to line, they keen up an incessant 11; e upon tbe new w rks In process ot ooustructiun for our ?let* baiteriss. The artillery or. both autre embrace every opimrtntiny for a eiww at w.iaiever nb.ccl p omnia a rood mark?ench as a man on e white horse, a ?<?<*> ng waron iruin or a body of tmi* ?, mlng from Ibo r? .r. The whistling Vme- sin-: ih-ou n the lire* at al In ?si and in mcny case* " I.e ifmart-era" bits bait Vi erect st- Ckadus la irwnt o| t o- out. rill- roe ai ill t meotioosd iu e brsvr t?? oner ibs fart thai iiiiuv o our m?n bi?J tuniced wound! upon UniMlfM In order lo got to th? rear, with tbe bo|? of hen g lent North. The r.llowlug leiier ab.iws tbo slope taken to remedy tbn ?Til ? Jt'ifF. 28 > 18A4. Docroa?Agreeably to Information received rrout ?ove ral surgeons In tne first division hospital, that there wm re uu>n to sum, -?ct quite! large number of aoi dlera hid designedly wnmiUod themselves, I have uiade a report to Gensrai nuruaide. lie ileelrea that the matt- r ?hall no. I>e poshed over, but that every effort be uiade to obtainevidouoe In particular ca-es with a view to uamg tbe aaine on trim by court martial. The General suggests that ibe surgeons of tho regiments wherein auch o?sea occur are tbe proper persona to collect the evidence^ Very reepucUully , your obedient servant, J.iUlri HARRIS, Ved. Ins. Mutb Army' orps. I>r. H'uucs Lt biMiTON, Surgeon iu ciiaige t int divlalua boapltal. a viair to ram** uamioa nopwr novnm In cotnpat^ with a party of o'llcers 1 yesterday visited Prince George Court Houae?a spot 01' cneiderabie Interest fur Its many vrnarabie associations. After a aubatontlal dinner with Captain Wr>ght, of tbo Four teenth Massachusetts bitlory, we proceeded on a tour of Inspection. Some vandals, however, bad been ber<<re ua, and the documents stored at the Court House, many of tbam dating back beyond the Revolution, were strewn about In evary direction. Registers, wllla, Indentures, marriage licenses and other papers?some of Uiem 011 parchment, and beginning In the olden style, "By tho Grace of God and our sovereigns Quiene Anne"?were smoug thepo d.momenta thus rutblna. ly scattered to the winds. After an Inspection of the Jail, tbe Court Ilnuse, with lta atone floor and ancient prisoners' dock, tbe old Inn on tbe opposite side of the mud, and the Masonic lodge room, and a call upon General l'errero, who la In position with Mryilored troo|?, tho party returned. th* urn* b<T"R noerrrst.. Tbe works earrled by tbo colored troops on the IStb hist. Immediately surround tbe Dunn House, as it Is knowu?a mansion of the usual Virginia pattern. Dr. Prince, aurgeonin-cblef of tbe Fourth d virion, baa located bla hospital bere, and lias boon complimented very highly for tbe admirable manner In which It :s laid out. Rutin Amur Corps, Bwouk PanmsnrHo, Vs., July 2?A. M. a VJCITT ATtAOK. last night Ju"t at tsn o'clock tbe rebola mads a deter uiln'.d and andden charge upon tbe linee of Generals lad llo and Wilcox, with a view to driving hack tbe men and guttling possession of tbe fort or wbteli I spoke In my last letters, and which tbe rebels evidently dread, situated, as it la. In on angle of our position and commanding several of their batteries. Work on tbe fort waa begun n few nights since In the daytime tba rebels played upon It with srtillery, but with little effect. Tho next night re paired all tbe damage In fact, ao far bad tbe work preceded that our men, by mesas of a covered way, continued tbeir labors In tho daytime yet.lenluy afternoon. It gave Indications of oompletlon, and the rebels wore driven to tbe necessity of making a desperate charge to uudo what their artillery and musketry could act. Perhaps they were stimulated, too, by the hops Uial the guns would ho hi position and become a prize. At tba time mentioned thoy jumped over tbolr Intrenc.liments and came at a run, firing one or two vulloys as they advanced. They were met by n tTbmend'ius Are from our works, and wars driven back bo;on, in feet, they bad entirely disar ranged our picket l,ne. the short and almost blood leva conflict was a grand arena. At tbe cutset the ertiUeruta on both sides remained ns if watch ing with breath leas Interest for Um result. At length it earns, and then tbe harsher notes of cannon ware com mingled with tbe more musical rattle of small arms. Tbo fikht did not end w ben tba rebate retreated, but continned during tbe greater portion or tbe ntgbl,at first in sharp, rolliug volleys, then dying away to tbo straggling shots batwaan tba skirmish Unas, both aides fired from tbeir intreochmsnta at tba flashes of tbeir antagonist's pieces. The loss, though small on either ride, was necessarily greater with the enemy. Our loan will not exceed twenty, all wound*!, it la quiet again tbie morning. CASVAI.ItaS. The following are additional casualties:? t art, rarke, flftth Mass., arm, slightly; J. H. Eddy, C, 37! h R. I., left leg flavin Williams, F, 17th Vt., bend. J. ft. Wbirte, B. Sib R 1., wrlat: Lie-it. ft serge Hoaee. 2d N. T. rifles, arm; .Taa. O'Mealy, fid W. Y. rifles, lag Iluail too Bouse, F, 4Mb Pa., leg; M. D. White, ft, 17th Vt., face: 3. P. Come! Sua, A. 2d N. Y. rifles, ecalp; J. f*. Hart, II, 21st Mass., head; Win. Brown, C, 47th Mean., left wrist; J. O; Brown, t4th N. V.. letl foot David Bisbsp K, 14ib IT. Y., right aids, George McClure, 8, 100th Pa., aoalp. THE CAVALRY* Nr. WtUUm H. YIerrtam'o Dtipaieb. Gnrnui. Hrnn'i HBAnqniBTBaa,) - - - ? ?j, f I* tbi FiBJ.n, June 1664. .1BMUUI. UCR'I OAVgLBT HW l"OlBT Of kH'U. A part of General Wlleca's gall not and bard-worked cavalry oommai d, under General KanM, pamed down the main roe J to day running by theae headquarter! and leading to the Richmond and Petersburg turnpike. They were returning from iho linpcrlant expedition U|xm which they est out nome days elnce, under General Wilaon, and the details of which wtfl be furnished by your accom panying e tre pondeat. I shall venture to atate only two or ibree of the more salient results of an expedition that has been both nm.-soally surer eful and exbauetlre, but In some reepe< U unfortunate. The cat of and most de eirabie rerun accroip.iehed wan the permanent and tho rough destruction of many tulles of the Danville and Richmond Railroad from the Junction to a point cillod Roanoke, in the direction of Renville. The rail.*, which were of indifferent iron, were completely destroyed by /Ire, together with depots and other similar property. At Roanoke the ex edition found two large bridge*, the K.--<er one of whlen wan burned, the other being protected by too large a force of the enemy Yesterday, the 28th, a very large force of the enemy engaged General Wile n's force, rue of the command in forming me that we seventeen pieces of artillery, In cluding four bowttser*, together with a large number of men. General Wilson belrg among tbe captured. The en - gagement took place at a point soma three miles from tbe railroad, and my informant thick* about titeen miles In ? direct line from General Butler'o headquarters. Among tbe casualties 1 bear that Colonel r-pear a Eleventh t-enn sylvanla cavalry tost four captain* killed. The Third New York cavalry was badly out up, ond lost ore entire company <E;,lt being raptured. Mr. Flulejr Anderson's Despatch. Cixr Xata rrrxnmv'Bo, Jnn# 30,1(164. wtuoN'* asn s*rr/'e Wo bavo just rsooivtd very unpleasant Intelligence from General Wilson * cavalry command. H to to the effect that, alter eUtii g all the railroads connecting Pe tertburg with tbe .^outh.and while returning to our lines, be encountered overwhelming nimberi of the enemy, sad In tbe fl^bt which followed ble command wae worst >1; that bis columns separated, Wilson him** f going in one direction and Kautr in another; that qu t# a number of the cavalry were captured, and that be lact all ble artil lery, numbering cixtccn gunc, which bad to be spikod and abandoned. ami;vat er wm> eovmxn. General Rantx'e ooinmn has com* intoc-ump, but no offlciel Mfbrmattoa h.i been received from Wlla n. As lb* Hnuuv correspondent with the oommand pro b.ibly went with Wlisoo't minmn, and as there m*y be ?< me uncertainty as to ble whereabouts, I have written tbe follcwiag areount of the affair from the statements of officer* wno accompanied the otpedit on, aud wb >. after tbe dlaesier, out their way tbrougn the *oamy's in* and retort cd safely into en a. roe btsbt?conroen'os or 'ir eoa-w It was inst eight daya ago, on tbe flit inst , that General Wlla n started ou a raid, lito object of which w?e to fleetro? It# enemy's railroad e-'mmentcalbiue bntw-?n tne Vooth and I'aterehurg. )he com need run 'Sted if hi* own dlvislou of cavalry, tcup-irariiy coqemt ded ly Cotonel Mclaiusb, and nan. mug * m? ffva th laand men. General Ka il/. ? brigade, uumbsriru; aho-it thousand lour bsiter'e* of regular United .'-'tales erlil lerv, neniidy, Ratterles C and E, Fourth artlltgrp, under Lieutenant Fltghagh; flattery ft, Fir*t ertt'lery, under Lieu1 enent i en, sud tiattory K, Fi st artillery, under I.l*uirn*nt Muyeadier, togetlmr w th four >m*ll tnoun tain howitxers, all undor command of Gn>,er.<i W , ecu. iSHivit ar ana's tTiTtnv. On the Prat day they marched about thirty wttre, tskitig s very elrrnttons nt-, to Ream'* Ut lun, ou the lvier?hiirg and Weidon Railroad. They effect ia"y de proved ib<mt n iv settes e th<> rallrosd track. NmM| lh? sleep >? uid bending His r ids. About tin? t me the enemv eiim fcetl I nam -n t: e r ir.iid scmf sbirwmfcleg Wniliii'i e I. Our re airv e nll'iiuei until tuey r ached the min t in if tun I'eie- tlrCMs and l.vnciiburg uid tue Petersburg and Danville railroads, at ? point eat'ed Rurk'a Rial ion. Rare they tore up lbs track a dintance of gome night or ten miles. The nuemj waa lolluwlng and narassmg their raar continually. a ?k.iit. On the evening of the 24th Colonel Chapman'a brigade, two regiments of Colonel Mcintosh's brigade and Mayna dler's battery bad a aptrlted engagement with ib enemy, In which we gained a (ein|>orary advantage, wnb a loat of about sixty in Kilted nod wounded. Our troupe remained In tbat vicinity all nlgbt. AKNIVAL AT nOAPOKI?tlClrr AT B1.KHOS* <VOTK. Next morning the comniaj. I continued al< ng the Wel d<m Kailroad, destroying it a* they went, until tbey ap proached Ronnoko Blatton?so etyled because of Its o "to proximity to the river of that name, at the bridge on the opposite aide of the river the enemy was found in considerable force, advantageously posted. A rebel battery of half a dozen guna waa planted beblud a breastwork and rebel Infantry supports wern formod Inline. l.teuleiuuitH Ftl/hugh aod Loe opeued w 1th tbolr batteries, which soon sileured the enemy's artillery. An attempt was then made by General Kautz to born thebrldgo. but the deadly flro from tbo oueiny's iulontry at close range proven ted the execution of that design. At the sume tlino tbat Kautz was flgbtlng at tba Roa noke rivor bridge, Colonel Mcintosh, with Ifaynadier'e battery, was engaging the enemy In Wilson's rear at Elkborn crock. Oue of the guos of tbat battery wue die abled by a solid sbot from tbe enemy. At about ten o'clock that mgbt tbe oolnmu moved towards Christiana vllle, and. after a rour. h of some twenty live miles, en camped next day at Elkborn creek. 110ut at smnv ckxek. On tbe 27th, following tbe course o< that stream, even ing found them at Stony croek. Bore tbe euemy ap peared In numbers, and a stubborn flgbt ensued. During tbo night the enemy made three attacks, which Colonel Mcintosh's cavalry handsomely repulsed. TUB Kisiuau? WILSUlf CtTT OlT?IlgSTKtTOTION OF AKJfr?in.W. Wilson's command bad cut all tbe railroads, accom plished tbe purpose of the raid, end wsi roturamg, wben yesterday afternoon tbey came on a large force of tbe enemy at Roams' Station, on tbo Woldon Railroad, be tween blm and our lines. Wilson determined to cut bis wayont, and, baiting big troops, made dispositions ac oordlugly. He ordered the battery commanders to destroy tbeir caissons, and to be prepared to cut ibeir way through the rebel Uses. All tbe caissons, save three of iiD.hugh s, were immediately destroyed. ran xhxmt?tub tight at xiahb' statioh. The force of tbo enemy was said to consist of three brigades of Infantry, two of cavalry and two tlx gun batteries or artillery. Peventoen battle dags were counted In the rebel column wben it was seen moving from tbe Vicinity of Petersburg to Intercept eur cavalry. At Reams' elation a desporate tight occurred, resulting in a victory tor tba enemy. TUX TXWJSS. Tba enemy's loss was great, however, for when bis forces, la three imposing lines of battle, emerged from a belt of woods into an open field, Pltzbugb's battery, wblcb waa placed t? tcMlon on an adjacent bill, threw showers of canister Into their midst, and caused tham to precipitately retire Into the woods. Afterwards they ratne round on tbe Sank and in tbe ra&r. It seems tbat by the ultimate success of the enemy tbe two columns of eur cavalry became separate-! from each other, and the artillery from both, Wilson following tbe road leadlug southward and Kautz coming over fields and fences, and through forests, bearing more to tbe northeast. Tbe artillery, It teems, was left entirely unprotected. It ? said tbat the reason why tba guns war# mat Is because, being cloeeiy enveloped by tbe enemy, and unable to haul them over dttrhea and fauces and tbrougb tba woods wttb the required celerity, tbetr officers wars com palled to spike tbetr piece# and leave tliem to tbe enemy. One ot Fttxbngh'a cannoniers waa killed wblla engaged In spiking one of tbe guns. Then tbe cannoniers, outing tho traces, mo anted the artillery horses, and, picking up dome of tbe arms scattered by the cavalry, eot their way into our lines, (leu. Kautz, with bis com mand and a number of tbese artillerists, arrived In this vicinity Inst night. cattaih wum an. o? mw. wmaow's stats, dlstingnigbed himself yesterday by nutting through tbo enemy's lines wltb a small escort, lowing more than half In the attempt, and bringing to General Meads Information of tbo situation of rr, which enabled htm to make dispositions of other troops ae oordlngly. Lia;te..ant Maynadier is supposed to have been captnred. One of Die Ohio cavalrymen, who came Into our Hues this evening, wye that Genet at Wilton, with a portion of bis command, surrendered to the enemy this morning; but there is l.ttie reliance placed in Die statement. CI f K TBO SATTLS AT SCAMS' STAT70V. Yesterday ullernoon, niter the arrival of Captain WbiiUker, General Meade ordered tbe Sixth corps to Reams' Station, a here It was to be Joined by Sberidao'a and Kauti's cavblry lo usy, aod where another engage maul is antic.patod speedily. Division* of tba Slslb aod Ninth corps have taken th? place vacated by tbe Ruth, and thus preserve tba connection in th* general line. nr. *. DsTldMa'a Daipatek, HKil?gri"'m'B. CivaijiT Conra, July 2, 1861. rcti'uh oa two orrwicns Captain Adam*, signal othcer upon the atari'of General Gragg. and Adjutant Reed, of the s*p?4 HennaylvauW, noied an among tb? ra:ea)ng In my ac-ounl o( tba battle of St. Mary's church, haTe rata rood safely to camp, srtvupas's ?OTa*ir.tTB Oa the 29th General Sheridan havlug cm#?ed tba Jaiaa*. advanced wltb Torbert's and (! reg?'s dirt-lona to tba extreme Isrt or tba array, naar tba Petersburg ul Roanoka Railroad t'p to tweh# o'clock yesterday be had seen nothing of tbo enemy. Tba weather being bot In tba extreme and still without rala. the dust was blinding and nearly eufTboated oar poor boraea. Tba grass la all part-had. *nd or course graxing to any extent la imiaasibia L'CR^II Pi lilTDRED. Mr. W>u. H. hlarrlatm'a Despatch. WsnwruA Hi tnrcn. June 30,1864 tus a East, ismti tyro fia Twentr imxrm auia on tot glTH ? >1 BTBIPt rxHTM ISBS. At hair-past Ave o'clock P. M. or tba 29th tba tog Pruncls King, Captain Shaw, wbowaa on board tba Titan whan she was seized by the rebels st Cherrystone s raw month's since, and rent to Rlchmood artar the rebels bad murdered his engineer, pa-wad up the .laroee, baring <n tow a barge aod a aulioonar. On uearlng T our Mile orsak she wm fired into by a ratal battery three-fourths of a mile distant from th? tug. Tba drat abot passed by the tow ana struck a Mnitor, doing bar no damage. lie engineer, Mr John Ootuteo, s Pulacder, was altttng iust outside tba engine room doow Tba anrond shell flrad ax. ploded juat be. *ath the ubalr In which be waa sitting, nearly severlnr the left loot irons tba ankle, a aerood piec -of shell "ulerlug tha gr lti. and a third tba neck He was tl re tbia morning, hat cannot surrtva. ]he tug King wnllnj until after dark, retumad to Rermuda land leg, whence the angln'er was tra s'erred to the limine HesptUl at Norfolk. 1 bo flr<man, .lobs 3. Ncrtbm>>rs, who in the flrer ?>m st the time, ascs; ed natnju.ed. "oa of tba shots passed orer tha plhd batiao, within a raw Inches of Capt. hhsw's head. In montioolng this crcorrenca t. mv despatch or yesterday I gave too name of lbs tug aa tba lirncue. It Waa the Kris. > King wis rj rental em. I learn from letersburg to nip',t thai Gar- era: "-"tnllh Bi dertook to cs rr a ridge itrnmdiat-'.y In iron* or be works; but, owing to a w-v t ?>! .io-opeisti-n, wbiob bad bt-ei, d-ily pi-.Bbct. an w?? - p-il. ed * th sroull k-S. Ibo artillory flring, e blub **s d strictly betrd .it tlce head,tuartrrs, ev lb - I ei '<??? ever h ?rd by nix. y ? I oHcera here b uta -ut-oo w? in thir ?-i?r?a- .ig him?u t baa t-etn In'.be f-'dar 'rr ,-i Tor lb- past thirt. f i.r yca-s. The tif.-i still o.-itlnuis at t o n-iiiuir-* to twelve p. y t,ow< art'? ro'sr. Admiral Lea r Kris tot'ener?| Weiixel thai ibo aran.t a n wtilt pareMcut'; workug ?1 - n their now a-, i i- s lug *vat? ry nt Ihu IJowIett It. u -, an ' when t ay open it It la avpp sed their lire will n. <lir"Ct<-.l it the l\et. nsjoa uMttxt Brii'~, accompanied by t ol- nol 8 afar, Chief of rtnl, -in I several , of hit vids left point? f li ke 'n the f-r yl> m l tor To lre?* Mooroe ilili m-ru'tir. fh? t.euer.-il ar,d part* will i rolirn i-n-svurdvy in. rnlug The ?e*lber ban inod-r , ftiod. a id wa ere again nine-anii irtoaliv ocauorislde. TilK W\U11L rttF.SS DESP4TCWEB. _ . . n?,ur? of ornarati* W llnon'i Reported R'turn of anil Kauu'f Hultlers. Pai July 3,18*4. A letter dated Permed. Hundred, July 1, P M., *.'/? IhelUeoerata w ilium's end KanII * cavalry hav J ist fa turned trorn Ihrlr recent f id Tbey hive destr yed from l*Mlf "* l*"!?'?" mlleu ?( 'he I'auvtHe 1 eilrimd i ery efleel'taHf <)u their ret ro they encountered 16" eu?my 1? ""?1 force, and ? hoavv fight ??? the renull. Ill" !<>es ?? eonstuarubk) ou botb rides, with tsotne capture# of men, borne* and gutia. The an mo teller Mates lhal "heavy Arm wna heard la the dtieetteo of Petersburg l?ai night. The roauli ? not yet known." July 1,1S? General Kauts has returned with h<? cavalry. The rebels gathered even mounted ma.. In th.dr com mand. and. using advantage of tno ?h?e.,ce of hendan e command, throw Ihe.r whole force updo Wnwi ami Rautx; hut. with nurrlotu' gallantry, the latter suc ceeded Id cutting h.a way through T7t" '<>*? ts set are to artillery and men. Wil o t has not yet returned. Thed mage Inflicted on the Weldon and r>at.vllle Raff, rnad IB thorough. One bridge, over throe hundred feet long, was burned. The rebel- will he obliged to haul th-ir supplies <rum Hlckaiord, a distance or thirty tlve mitre from Petersburg AWUl'I.T nw TH* FVSMT'S WOt"**T. About Si* o'e'ork ye-terdav nv rnlng the Figbteantb enrpj was expected to charge H e enemy's work* ?? their front, llartlndale and Turner had advanced the r forti fied line on the right to the place previously occurled by the skirmishers At tho tlmo the contemplated assault wa- to he made, Barton's brigade, on the left of the Fight-nth corps, lying along tho Prince Oonme canty road, began to more from their breastworks to the rltle pits. The enemy seemed to unneratand that the Intention waa to advance our lire by the onoapafOt. of his Intrench. ?onts. and a emrm of shot and .hail from rifled ?.,ns end mortars was poured into our troops before tbey bad formed. Two or three volleye ?f musketry wore excn.unged. Soon the Item* over the breastworks became heavr and r gu ar. although 'sw men were ln_ Jnred. The rebel* showed thetn'e'vee we Strang at tble point to warrant an a* auH. , Tho Second and Ninth corps bod each m - d- l?u> ?? tempt- to take these very w.irks when the army first SSsasesasg Cll mort.r. adn.,r.hly. yj ennoyed the enemy very much hv the e rreclness <>T hl? aim. , RmK|,?a jsssz twvsar^rKr.* ?? *^ptmn<Btdher'?nd I.lentrmw^Fle^lngy sdtli^tu^ Geweral *?" b,r.Vci,;,rre)Irsb?,rJaod|.m thought Vat soroe of our shells set flrs to tbe and caused ? conflagration. Yetfetmbies for tb. A. .?r ?* tb. WaMWMIW* . Jtlt? 1864. The rolled Ftatwr Baultary Commleeton yesterday die partmenU of the Kusl end boulh. REBEL ACCOUNTS. ?-? K..W. .From tbe Petersburg Expreea, June 27.] TPS KAIPKH*. , . km the raiders sdvanee oi>?n ?helr line ef contemplate? I As tne rsiaers honriv futiher removed irom us, operations, aud be. orne nouny lunner ?' ' ... hear lees o! their movetne is. There te no d uni in.. Lhev contemplatsd tbe el'.eciuat destruction miles trora tne Juucilon. labored ondrr serktss V^.Tmdem, n "w? the Start. stole all tba dlcadvantage _ ? ? while onr men were emu fresh horses *J,rt ,d w(lb the horses a (torn ?a vMdais**reai^ boi^gbi^eutttsS^ Immediately |^ o'clock unt.ijdark, ?hs? which w?? coutinued tr m i etl#nlv was severely night closed lite coolest, ,..,var ?? d .rkio-ae. ? ? f* rAtifldtCfi liortc iDf 0?'V?s ?wr-"J At ?.?.?? -?? oess of lb.- justice o if . nug# BB(1 m.d |>os cs tbat the cnemv r? but t otonel Barrm ine emergency, and by a bold ch ,rge ctKf ^ ^ ^ |f We killed an t w",,n'1*d * ^cv. d and oeptu rd th.rty |,rl<"iners tasen aro t< >? r,.,7lved In Petersburg. T?u,r; re ires'Bt i'he Third New Vork. Tw.uty g.cood New was hotly eogag^, and sort lined lite following c.??ualnee ? ssipmsm msskimsm Sdif. J'bn W. I ay lor. in let. David W. cvory. I s I Ihr cut in tb? yzfi's: ^SSasrursus. :r,r Mf&SUtt-i.. mom ss*x? TM ro idt.? no g a lorg-./'iasWjr ?'"?? M , ? S'mhV^rcd'TtbeV^tme... who remain mined m do the tlgbtl g. while 1 b" ^""'"ii'mit.fHia*work. iu wuh.b ?te ding bun..?) ?d " have k.ded tbey SO much delight. >or the nrsi i.m , j tB. ?p^rrj-iTs ? "ffS...... -?? rein, and producing In every eaee a speedy death. Ccnetbl Ie?.'? The following offlslal desp.un bae bsen r^e.vwl el tbe VI ar Department - ogVU.RT. nkAPQCAStaas, A.?t o, Honorable ^"A"T ?r J*"0mued tbe enemy's cavalry ?'*: r r ,i , .? ^iii.i.ii. Retimed He bed . which edi o. da oug iu c?ur, ,?mg- Me sk rmub cu tbe .Uiik| DW Sack e tk? next d..y etrwik the ( a|)ll goUlug posscssi-n of *nd ite -rnrm'mofiui towards Noitowsjr iht ri4i(1 by *bicb tbsy wsrs mo? iug anVr.-Tise held art? an engagement Il'v T"*1 ? . ,1, .k. ?ei gsinv mtkiOK ro(Ollvi uod irmn I'J ^ 66''' ? . .n. ,(n bi* eilvauce lie t'StWiK:1StS "nr.1!*"'.''* an! ,7f'?? K.y^ellle. tienerel lee .a Bttu fellow iDg I hem. Very respectfu.^. ^ 0an#r,,_ n?noon's en tfMJS A..TWJs-yrs;*-} ,I.n.T.h:. .?.?*?! "'.r.*.., ... BIO-'.' nn,u-1 ",i ni ml'-ing. ^ rr. i 11 it ronttellnoe Nut em of imo r.vnre b .* or * ' rtb r In '."lit o' ll"rm'. '? "" ;r" ? " U- ,.tC -tal *?? ' 1V.4' *? Vr v n-AMib/e sM. >? ,.V l.O P.ff '1^ lU ... ? ,, t u iii. ? o itralry ( p ?ia H ^ 4 m4 mi ?ucus tb*m. e Bs.ced yeriere ij se ( m ar?, Jr ye tl.em re ? ... , I"\u ~ uutll an e P. M.. to ? in d onthelblJ md ?i"' f ?e. t.r* >? ? ,M. Vtisy ?: u tr.mstlor the,, be- asou.s i it or tw. rm-'i oolonsl kW'';<" ?. in ti.e p. te* bu?* FSt reus. Jese *7.1 , ,, u 1 w ? ? ! ?? ne" ?. leterted thW ' *?' ?V ?. tne nt.McVvil bar 0. scr eir reech.^ ' V ? . . ? ,'V tie,.. I we I ktiuwu tn -wee ae fvC fv.ty hvciTi r , u, relet, -?' *? 'J. ,r# ffa, the cute* "ly :* ;' .:r 1 '? ; w?ew,.n a, I , , II. IP* It Alt reyft ' ?' T ' ??'I h " !' c *' jOMiuetrtiy apiotetcd at'it- of Mat "< ' y , >\r the rorpe co ft of l.'.' .i'' "aeuro* '. I . to

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