Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 6, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 6, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL and commercial. % Xl?D4T. July 8 ?fl P. M. Tbe prevaPmg stringency to the money market teuds greatly tu retard operations Ie stocks. Wben money fori,01 be obtained, except at an advance on the 'ogal i ,.ie of tE ureal, tbe share market bee dull aud beacy.and transact tuus are limited. Notwithstanding tLia i all back, abetter feeling was mart'osled to-d.iy than waa ext>1bH*d at tbe close of last week, and It ?eeina te be arko ? lodged on all aide* tbat before Satur day next monetary aUalrs wilt assume a more quiet and Bottle 1 ad Mm. Comi>ered ?lib the quotations at tbe drat t ajrd cd Friday laat?no session having been held atnoe until to ny- New York Central advanced IX percent, Ere fU.iw >y 2'4, Rea'Df IX. Michigan Central i4 MicbH gar. St*albert) 1*?. Chicago aud Rock Island 1, Cbioago and Norttmeuern t?, Cumberland Coal 2V4, M.rlposa 2%, h'd Ohio ot.d MisHftuppl IX- Illinois Central dei Aued x jnd Clevaland and Pittsburg <f. Tbe lollowing were tbe closing quotations ?New Tork Ceotial 13*X- Fue UftX.Erle preferred 118X, Httdecn Biter 186, t leveiaud and Pittsburg 112X. Beading tin, Illinois Central 182, t u.cago and Northwestern 62X. Chicago and P.ork H and 113X, Cleveland and Toledo 144) t,, Chicago and Alton 90, C umberland Ceal e8, Quirk silver Mining TAX, Canton Company 89X, and flblonnd Mississippi certlCc.tes 62 X Government alocks improved; but tbe amount of bust neas done in thorn was not large. The live-twenty cou pons sdvanced over the qootatiooe of Saturday lj; per cent, end tbe registered bond* IX. and the one year cer tiflcatee were IX better. The five-twenty reglitered bonds closed at 104X at 1 tbe coupons at 106, tbe seven thirty tre-eurv notea at 104X, and the one year certltt Catos at 90 X The acceptance by Mr. foesenden of the office of Secr? tary of the Trenaury bae dona a groat deal towards restor ing confidence, and baa aroused a determination oo the part o the broken to shake off the lethargy which has of late pressed sc heavily upon the market. Before the end of the week we expect to see Wall street looking as cheer ful as "rer, and, with an advac-re In the prices of stocks, ? return of dealers to their acsuatorn ?d localities. A strin gent money market will no douot prevent a rapid rise; but tbe elements far an advance bare already been infused in tbe busi <-s- chsnae s, and .be boar party is bardly known t- exist Nothing is now required but a little activity on tbe part of Jobbers to make speculation u;jalo rampant. Tbe transact) us tn gold to-day were confined to a fow rales of suiaii parcels. It opened In the morning at 236, and aa soon n? the new* w?e pubilsted of the destruction ot the r. bel pirate Alabama it i<ee 16 per cent Fuch freaks ?ro beyond tne comprehension of tbe oldest sin k nod money dealers in Wall ctree', and when asi.od fur their opinion lu regard to them they merely 6h~ug theh rhouiders and turn away. ,t Is a pretty well ietiled 'or , however, tbat tbe market is controlled by ?]?cuintore, who were permitted to build up their Influence b? the late Pec.clary of the Treasury when he bad tiic menas ot chocking them. After it was too late he saw the tmtnens" power which these speculators were holding over <bu credit of the nation, and he tried to pull It di m; lit' ? so doing be only made matters worse, and . J bin mpls were ridiculed and laughed at. It is j the gener pinion In tne street that ihe act3 of tbe new 1 HocreiuTj t t ca.rim-.tiU mot? t?rtmu aviaoiioo aud be attended with more bece5cUI results. Tbe market closed ut 240 a 212. The f( llowing table rbows the totals of the statements of tbe associated bunks of this city on the first Saturday of each month during the prc.-ent year, with those of the past two weeks: ? LoXi't. Speeie. Circulation. Dry Jen ?.$114 Tl4 466 26 1.11,936 fl.103.331 14#.260,860 Feb 6 103 076 *11 24.070,791 6.974.762 133.849,042 Mar. 6. 182.2C5 4-v3 21.710.fleS 6,933,249 168.9J3.916 Ai-hl 2. 203.993 181 19 527 606 6,796,998 171 161.297 I May 7. 184.8sl.248 23 042,023 6 694 832 168.5(12 197 j ,tuns 4. 106,710 609 22,461.604 6,180 039 174.518 367 ! -tune 25 107.077 002 22,006,898 4.807.195 168,772,982 i J.. y 2. 19S 049.016 2.,206,686 4,762,917 164,989,844 ?There appearc to be no d aposlt'on on tbv part of tbe barks, notwithstanding tbe redaction in the amount of deposit', to add to the t.ghtnoes of the mor^y market, ns It will l?e sreu that they are etendliy Increasing their 1 ans aud discount*. Ihe varUtic is situ t tbe previous report are ae ollows.? lncrsHeo In loans ..." $1,012,014 Decreed# tu epocle 794.213 'Here 150 tn cir?iil>:tioc 61,278 Itorea-u tn deposits 8,783,138 The Assistant Trooso-er reports to-day as follows ? Receipts 'rain customs $79,300 Tol d receipts vk4,607.8<i2 ' ay iu en la ."XPl ,608,147 Balahce T9,219.639 The following table shows the movement of cottou in New Orleans from September 2,1363, to ?une 24;? Halts. On hand Fet'tember 1 l ,?oi Arrived smce : 116,668 EUance 8,838 Stock F.lcimntr. Ti. icj|P*r. Jnljr 5?10:80 A. IL $50000 CF6 s 5 30 * rou 1!?H 2(V sli? trie KH.i 115 60U90 do... ,-fl . lui-j 4*>J do HJ'i 25'Ai (J b G ? 6-20'a, rag 10* 7"0 dc I15't NiOnn .?? O.OAAanikll 104 25 do Ilk SfrkW U 4 o ?. 1 )t ctr.. 90 Ikj do....... . bl6 lit'. ?jkO do 94!<4> Co b 0 m?r 1 ?0 90", II*) (lo bio r.?H 2 0> N t *ro. i.a ?'?... 0' 100 do..... cl\.sn 5?4) Mi*e..ur. be '4H 100 Er?e jieaferrcl 115 11000 do 59 80 A 'OnAJ R*ate.!>r*f 7 3* it?U Virgin a O'a . .. ft* lu<VM metal? Mug Co. 4.' 2 OM'onnec lout f i.. 10S 10 do 421* 2VUI)LidA .M'M'fr A)', 1 00 HudkOA Klvar RK 138 HASH! do bid :?2V liO do biO 137 201*1 N V i>n 0 ?... 114 4 500 Jteadiog KB 1.14< flXH) Ktld 3d Uil?e 12.5 SO do IIH** 7000 Mleh So 2d i' tsro. lot 205 do...... is* <0mi Alt A rinWi.mvf yt i-oo da 13f-s Sot) flu 4\W Irttn 19.1 .3 do . I3'\ C.?0To ,? tv iihMi 105 I'M Mich Central RR . 1S8>2 lOO AltlM l?ta i/ I* I o l o d* 138 rt'>'>; Pdu ? h iMt ra lift 1200 Mich SO A M I RK. 94 XOOu PitU,K W I 24 ra ???* WW da 94? t.iiVo K4thnvevd A4 ?!*! no 03'$ r.i -h? Meoh Ran end lit) auO 11. tv.n RR. w..kl0 131 i 1(1 I ft an* Am?rii-? X d Id") 000 4l 13 i' Mi trai o nan Rnnk. 115 4 0 do I3ll? IC i Oei.tral Cna Co.... <0 10) do MS 31>? lOlCtmo cCo.pte .?>)? A7?; 3t? Cleveland*PIltaKR lB'i y I do 17', 6 Clave.) >. AC.nUK,. It* 4 ? do c:', 2' 0 t ill V .NW lilt A3 10 Mml ?? Mt-.g Co m*., so1 ct i a sVf prf, fi:? do AOVJ 10 do ,(t t't,.. 2no d 1.20 52 t 'V Chlor ga.'.ltk J KK 113 900 M V Central RK 1..4* 55) HilAPrlluC.iienRK .b\ lvO do . 134*0 2d do bit) 00 BRCOMD priA-ttr. lit) r I'?ST Two o'O-Oi'K P M ?-(mo rs? k 5 ?' ? rcg M4 50 h fine ku i.iff.. l;')( 0 00 C P '*. 1 jeercer 9' W 1 t) Hud River RK I'? H Nr.* T nntee .'.M.FtA 104 4 >^b d) I r> ? do ltt ltr '10 I 8 it A. !? 2 . coup 103 8 00 i 01il"T Ml ?? for., 80 lit) Cl"?f .t Put*'. II)). UA) all* CauI >u Co 3./ 4 0 do. li'.'Vj 100 do .H iOi? 2 0 Heading Kit .30, 1 0 d"> 8) , 2*1 ? o )55\ l'? Quick"! "r Atiiiiiig 76> II M do 140 100 do " . 60-) 111 Cent RP. ? iriu.. 131 1 > ? Climb n ai ?.rrf ... *) 4-? rhtc .?' W iUt ... . 2'J 10 do bit) 8" , 10) )'hie I N W KR pta 89 i'K) <* bid Co- it 1 KK . . . I S\ ' 5) r Crrl Kit 1 If J .*. t eve S I .! KB..., 14# , .. ilne KB JlS'a 29U Clilc A All RB n C "Tlf COnilURCldl) HBPOHT. Tkthiday, July 5?C V. kf Atmt*.?RveelpU, 242 barr?' .;?? market ta very ?tronf, At $12 50 for pot* and f 15 tor pe.r.a i KVATerrrir).?Kocoipln, 24.77# bbl* floor, Ml de. corn rr>on!, 151,165 buahai" wbuiv, 4) ,130 do. corn and 77,040 d . oat* Hi', flour tutrkot was dull and irregular for i areola on the *;xit, but firmer for future dellycry. 1! c low* r m Fu'o-c wna regarded witb mora favor, and tha n.arket cloaad witb rutber more toaa. The eulee loot up 27,000 bt)? ^late and Woaiera, Including 18,000 bb e. oatii Ktau, deliverable last ten Baye n Juljar.l nil August, at fit 26 a $11 50; clto 3 500 bula boutb rrn and 1,000 do. < anadiun fli'Bf. ltye flour and c rn nioai were <iuK"t, but firm. We i?oio:? 3 I" rflna Ktau $6 75 a 1$ 00 Filra-Ute 10 50 a 10 95 ibw'i' dute. li 00*1115 t oinu't't) to medium extra V'eeierc. ...10 50 all .4) *v'ta rt'Jtid ho p Ohi 11 00 a 11 A* w -eteiti trade breoda 11 66 a 12 00 HI. (suite 11 04 a 15 CO I ..rrortnti d .uthern 11 t>0 a 11 bd Mir ? *? id laney d > II 60 a 19 65 ( "inn. 'ti (aii 'tliao 10 CO a 10 u( i h-ncu tnexira dn 11 (*) a 11 76 five irmr. auiuiinie 7 On a 8 84 (V"S ireal, t'ais ,.... 8 40 a B 40 ) orv mam, pour net ne ..... .. 34 IM) a 84 5C P? wheat market Oi*ned dull, but closed 3c. a Cc. t? .bar uo iar IL-o iltf it Oxch*'ge and IriiprovcJ adr tree iron atwrad exae 175,000 bueht'.S, a' $3 20**2 28 foi tblr-'gn ?,>')? * $8 2A a 32 80 for eint-w a|>r>tg.$2 '6 t 31 *!? Ini v "rr red Weaiern, and $2 45 a }2 60 foi at .bar Menu n. H> ? was nom oa'ly $1 VO a $1 96. Ill* rn merket da. imed lo a 2o., w lll> e?|e? of 76,(84 i iii"?, ?t f: 4-t a "1 Ao for tuieontid and $1 82c 51 ..!)# 'of 1 i .d tt'e'-(eru n.ltnd Data wera dell and linavi, w)tb a rr. fle ate hue tte ? at tMb a P?e., tbe iut tar an axtrarue prh e, et the cio?e. ?p|..y ??i luacttrt l or A iLe inetkei ><as oid<:di> b*leaf, aito ealu ?: WOOoaiu*. WO nuMe.? Tp'<u"f. Jfijjrida. MtiMfit. ft. O <t Jjz. Oritnary ....1.38 ixt )?? "Til Middling 184 184 1 ><f j . ?*ud ujidrtiiog ....158 164 |>*) jtc, (At., ea?-e ,e? $??)/?% t?anids lata at 44*., 2A.OOO do. Poruge Uk kl 44c. a 44 oOo da tiatteaoreat 5Vc **i 1,600 Detr .It at 4*^0. , '*")<? waa )? moderate ra<|nest with aiw af 5$ hate Bin at 43c and lot f^aueyra ? i $ a. four arotfe* we fcrde -Km prima. 5$e , p?o, |(k<1 4?c. a 45He . Rio, fldr, 44*. A 44H? : RM, ordinary. 43<' . Rtn, ratr ta gaatl t?1SSl, 44a. $ 44H*.; data, mat* atstf ba$e, 60e ; Marth ?. it*. * 4to.; UfMfr*, 44* * 46c , *11 at four mui'lD*. K Hum 10(0. 80c. ? 40o , cut. oalbo, lbs follow tat 1* tb* Mook 4C oodee o* baud July ft, 1804:? Raat. j Bio andSantos 168,510 Java .................. 1,1*5 8.613 17,276 latuiyra. ........... 16,394 St. IHmuago 6,370 oilier descriptions 10,054 Total 220,862 IIswi were without material variation a* regar a ra'es wtto a moderate busness doing, lo Liverpool, CO.000 bushels wheat at 81,(1. a id, by Anienean. aid it.d.. In bags, by neutral; si.o 10 loot oil. par neutral, 21*. 6d., and by tM.myr 6 500 boxes cheese. 40*., Suo bales cation. I.J., ami 100 boxes bacon, 26s To I^'Ddou, fcy aeo'r&l, fnil 5oo bbls. dour, la ?d A ship trow the India rioe ;oi u to a port lo Great Britain ftt -0s. Furir.?XVe quote a.laa of 2^0 hox?e raiams *1 $6 a $5 16 tor layers, and 200 bag* shelled almonds 0* P- t Hav was IB lair demand, with sales of 826 biles si $110 a fl 26 for Bblji; lug, and $1 86 s fl *6 lor retail lots. H i'XS ?'The msrlret was doll and but little animation wns manifested by either buyer or seller to oi eraie, the blab rates of so'd and exchange checking operations. The sales Include 1,000 Ceuiral Auierioan 201b. at '20, .t., and 100 Klo Grande on private terms. Hops were ste .dy, with sales of 200 bales at 8c. a 28c. for mouldy to prima. I initio was vsry Arm. with ?stiles of 75 chests Madrr.s st $1 31 ? $1 40,25 do. st $1 36and 16 oeroous Guate mala at $2 26, J.< m<hit.?mere w?s a fair demand for Eastern spruce mud plus timber, with s .lea of 260.000 feel at $21 88 a $26, at cording lo lengths and sizes. I.kxtbxb was in active request, and some grades ware ?old at Improved prices. We quote:?Heml-ck, Bueu<<a Ay ret and ltlo Grande, light weight, 4IV40. a 42'4c , middle do. 41o. a 42c., heavy d . 4bJac. a42c , Calhoruia light 41o a iao., beavv do. 41 He. a 42. lbe market for 1- ranch and American calf skins rsmalns quiet and nom inal. I.iud.?We notice sales of 600 tons foreign at 16c , and with am ill sales at 15*40 MoijtBSRs. The market was dull, but Arm, with small sales at 90c a 02c. for Cuba muscavado, $1 10)4 for Porto Rtoo, 4 mod., aud 25 bbls. Now Oriea'na 00 private terms. Oils.? Linseed was firmly held at $1 TO., crude wnale ftud sperm wore quiet, but firm, with small sales at pre vious rata* peric market was quiet sad without maierlal change, with sales of 4.000 bbls at $41 for nieas, $44 25 a $45 for new do., $34 a $37 for old and new prime, anil $42 a $43 for prime mess, abo 3,u00 bbls. new meet for July, buyers' option, at $48, sad 2,000 bbls. do. for August, same terms, at $60. The beef market was quiet but firm: the sales were 26 bbls. at $lti a $18 for oount-y moss. $0 a #10 for country prime, $20 a $25 for repacked mess, and $28 a $20 50 for extra mess Prime miss boo was quel and unchanged. Beef hums were dull and nominal. Cut meats were quiet una unchanged at 15c. a 15 *40. for shoulders, and 17lie. a 18c. lor hams. 1-he lard market w?s dull, with sales sf tOO bbls and tierces at lOlgc a. 19J4C for family to oh >ice, and 20),c for August, Ruitor was q dot and pi iicl y at 39c. a 38c. for Ohio, and 36c a 40c for ft a to. Cheese was unchanged at 16c. a 22c. for common to prime. FBtBOLtrc.?Becelpta, 3,737 bbls. Tbers was not much change in the market to-day as compared witu Sat. unlay. Gol 1 was butier; there was, nevertheless, no im portant ju prices of oil. The business done latterly has been for speculation chiefly, yery llttie being taken for shipment, owing to the high prices demanded. The market to day was very dull, and pi fees were entirely nominal at 60c. for crude, 88c. a 89c. for rellned in bond, and 97c. a $1 for do. free. There were sales of l,60o bbls crude at 60c. a 52),c. on the g ot and for all this month. Rim was quiet ?t 12c. a 127ic. for Rangoon. Sviisk v>> in fair request, with sales 01 726 hbds. of Cuba at 20 l4c. a 21c, and 26 do. New Orleans at 2 >c : ? ne prices were firmly held at 22 He. a 25c. for sou yel low , 27 He. a 29c. for soft whites, and 29 Ho. a 30c. lor powdered, cruahed and granulated. Pains ?'ltae market (or goat and deer was Inactive, but prices were very firm. Si'ii.tih was Urm and qulto active; the sales include 100 tons Sileslan at 16)4c. a 16c., and 200 do. Sleibay on p. t. L 'hlgh whs quiet at 17c. Spicks wore quiet aod lower; Bales 3.226 mats cassia nl 80c. a 82c.. 200 cases nutmegs at $1 75, 25 bales < lovos at 69c. able., 2/0 bags pepper at 46c., and 100 do pi mento at 360. a 39c. Tobacco was le.-s active, but prloes were cenerally higher; the sales Include 160 hbds. Kentucky from 14)fc. to 86c. Tat.low wis without decided change la prices; agios 200,000 pounds at 17)4c., a 17)4c., the latter on extreme prico or choice. Tim?Toe business whs very light and the market was quite dull. Wo notice sa es, however, of 53 half chests young hyson, 250 do. greeo, 75 do. Oolong and 26 do. guu powder. T1.1.?Straits pig was In fair demand at a decline of >40. per lb.: salos 2.000 slabs at 59Hc., small lot3 do. atOPc. afllHc.; Kngiisb was quiet at 60c.; Baucit m mi us); piafob we e active; 2/0 boxes 1. C. charcoal sold at la I. C. $45, and 100 da I. C. Coke st $22. Whskf.v ?Kecdbts, 3.216 bbls. The market was uo S'tiled though a shade flrmer; sales 1,600 bbls. at $1 70, with email parcels reported at $1 75 for Slate aud TVettorn. N A FINANOiilr... OUCH -TREASURY DEPARTMENT, JULT t, ML TAB Rulu-ii for proposal* for loan, dated J no- 28. 1864, lor Ihe tblrly-Ahree millions of dotlm**. being the amount ? f nnn o'olo.l o'er* nmler the notice dated Oth of J nr. Is ber-by withdrawn. All proposal* at the Drsnitmevt will i>e Immediately returned t? the ollierrs with the proper order ue-.n which the two (2) per ceut depe-lt will be re tun led. OhORGH HARRINGTON, Acting Secreury of the Treasury. TI.ANTIO SAVINGS BANK. No. 184 CHATHAM SQUARE, open daily. RfX PER OHNT INTBRKST allowed, DEC as 118 MADE NOW, OR ON OR BKKORB JULY VO, WILL DKAVV INTEREST FROM .TI LT I. M. D. VAN PELT. President. OlUKl.ig D. B At LEX, Treasurer. Jnssrii P. GooryR. Secretary. Baltimore and m aril and funds wanted at low ratej. New Orleans hsnlt note* alee purchased at best pr oe. WM. H. MAB3TON A CO., Banters. 17. Wall street. CCITIZENS' SAVINGS RANK. J Bowery, corner or Canal street. Assets $1 073.668 64 Ail money deposited on or before July 20 will bear Inter* eet (rem July t ?!i per cent Interest allowed, tree of government tax. on ail -urn* of $400 and under, and five per cent on larger an ma H.inlt open dally from 0 to 3 and on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening* from 5 t* 7. Bank books In Bqf'iah. German and French. BroocR A. Dtntca, see. OKO. FOLSoM, President. (1H vTIf t U BANK ruriDKND.-TIlE BOtni) OF or. > rerlor* have this daf declared * dir dend of Are (5) J ?er cent, fi'* of go', er imerii tax, ua ?b a on let Jul nc t, . ho transfer book will remain clo.ed from ltd Instant to 2d July. O. II. KCBRRINKR, Cashier. I New York, J ana 22. 1864. JOLiKT AND CHICAGO RAILROAD COMPANY'S buck. We Oder for aale a Itml ed amount of Ike above sock. The rord is37 miles long, cimm-'netng at Juliet, In Illinois, an -i terminating at Chicago. The total Ro onnt o' the stoc ; of the Company I* SI.Ng) 8(1, thegres er rart of *U h hat already been p ucb .*?-] by catdtaliets ?- a permanent laveetmcnl. The ma I bus b*en leaned in parpetnltv by the Chisago and A't >u R.< lfoad Co*.pany. as required by the charier obtalu e ! from t ,e t.e 'elati re of IMnol*. ut ler v.hlch that Com pany mto gaiilx* 1, and Is Irrevocable.? Tlie ii ase reonire- the payment of n rent, monthly, to th# United Bute* 1rn?t Company. In the dty of New York, soft c em ta pay a <[ arierh dividend of IV. of 7 per <eat per nnnu n fieeof Unite] Nta ej government tax. .mpored or to ?e tmpo'ed. An an ndd ttooal Motility for the payment of the rent. 37 2\"ms of the i rosa rece'pta of the Chicago aud Allot Rail ro*' are rrevoeeblr pledged for that purpose We recommond t ils stock to parties -reklng a safe inreit* mFor further particulars apply to M. K JE8UP A Co.. 88 Exchange p'v?. Mariners savings bank. no. i tu:ki> avenue. Ntw York. June 3P, 1481. Drymnire ?Tha eeml ar.rual dividend. fr*e from govern ment t*-, at the ra'e of sir per rent per annum on aU sums from *4 to 130" and fire per rent on mm* over $V0 wtl! be nevai-le on and arter the 'ilst of July. IhiM. l'atk opea dal y from 9 a. M. to 2 P, M , an 1 ou Monday. Wednesday and Saturday even from Ado Do't'ock TTlOB H STrLLMAN. Pr#*ld*nl. Isaac T. Smith, Becreury. MONFT TO LOAN ON BOND AND MORIflA&h ON Biooklya property Apply U> HAONlCR A SMITH, attorneys at law. Mo. SWlls.igLby strep , Brooklyn. MAkVbT NAVINOS BANK. NO. Ill NABeAC 81 REF.f. open - allr from 10 A. M to S P.M., aud oa Monde-a and Tbureda s from 8 t? 7 P. M s x pc,* cent Interest a owed oa all snaas ef B560 sad un der. Deposits made bow will draw tntarest from July 1. The Jiriy d.v.<i?nd (frea I root government tat/ wi.I he rsM on and after JuW 18 LUTHER 0, CARTER. Pre* deot. WRS? I Taowta W Cowpbh. Treeaurhr. Hcirer H CoixxLia, Secretary. -RfARINHKS SAVINGS RANI. M NO. ITH RD AVBWUR Deposit* received to the llth of July; #11' drew Intersil frem the t*t *f July. BANK OPBN DAILY fr-m 9 lo 2 P. and or. MON* D'Y. WEDNESDAY and SA1URDAY EVENINGS, from 8 to 8 o'clock. THCRAI B. STILLMAN, fl-UtU. latlOT 3 WITH B*crel?ry. J^OTId TO KTOOR HOLDERS. Omca D.'i.awabb AMI> Hcptny Pint four it, I Nxw Yon*, June 2.1 1864 1 ' jlw pn- isrne of anlbflrttv given at a me?t'ei of It ? Stock bolder* of 'I ? Dai* ?ntts?il lludroa Csosl (mmi any, bet] en it.* ! *1 of At rfl *st there wjii be amMiU'iMd among au U p-ie-yn as s' sn ha ?R?5iboN1ora fa Mia aemi.eny on ???? ivth de? of Julv port, twelve thaoaaad fv#hu? !-ea ?h*r"* ol tl*w e'OOk ID th* ratio of On* *',?r? to everr *|f *>.?><-?? rf 00* then he d by e*eh Itookholdff. fltrt'flestes 0 'rtaok *0 neporilor.i'd w'll be res ly for *- llrer. In | -an r Kij'i ' ? - - le ou hod sf cr the 1 t of A'ltuef next. v? * ie bai led f ir fractions of a share; kill the n p ber nfvi re -epre e-u'na th* saw- rate of gach frart'on* Wli b# so d ?t p I lia alt"! jn on lh<- 2fRh rtav if Jit'y and the , pr?pla Olll bo pafd In t e -i-.?v he dor* on i nd fi?r i| ? Wysf ? gu*', scco-.'ioiT to thoir rv. te'iilrf iRt'^irt, g.,,.. rn mt fa on ibe limn lusal'.'jtn' a'-- y ipeut will ba i i'd by ih-> company. n ? R i order o' tha II-a. d, ISAAC?* BEYEOUR, _ _ Iiaa4.Hr. YORE A*V HASLBK Ra I LRf'iAD COVPANY, l!n*,ir,*nT ? OFnra N-wYoav Jaly I. W?A SECOND MOl'TGAGE RUN lib (ll.Wm.'/C , Hue initial I l**4 Notlo? lahereb, given the' the Hondu of (he above lisuo W|il be paid at <he r maturity, Annu l I, 1*8* at the odlc* of t*# di 'ffsav, cofner of Fuurm avanne sa I Teenti *i?ih a'east sad dial tbe Interest on the same rill cease from tbat Safsu WM. H. VANDERB/LT Vice ProaMeel. QFPIORCITIXf NR' PIRK INRI'RANCR COMPANY, Ma '17 Wa' wreet, Ne v Vnrk Jn ? 2 M->4 ? Dlrtdeod. ? A Air dend ot tea per oeat (free of gor..i nm?-ii tes - l? psv IMe on de ?ae I R A WAl.I 'N SeciOlaf '. FINANCIAL. ! /\FFICB OF THK HARMONY FIRE AND UAR'NB v" Insurance Company. I SO Wall aT'tmrv. i N*w Yokk, July I. 1864 I fH>' dividend. The Roard of Direct ra h we ihl rl?v de c's r?,i ? sein annual d vidand of Ave p-r cent. p*y?b;a on ) demand. free of income tax. B? order of th. H"?rd DANIEL D Ga6?:. hk, Kecietary. 0 FFIOK OF TUB ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD J Company, New Vo A. June 14, IN 4. In ace- rdanca Ith a re olulloa or the Roard of Pireid.r* 1 Of ihr I I n'le Cenirat Railroad ('uinpanr notice in hereby riven to 'ha ho dera o u,s cancelled bonds scrip to present their certificates ai t''e of the company, 31 Nsa?kt? ..reel, for converaioa into the a-itp stock of the ttompkiiv. L. A. Cad LIN, Secretary. OFFICE OF TUB MARIPOSA COMPANY, 54 WALL aireel.?Nonce Is ha eby frail that at the (trauma this dav had ol twentv rive B.uida of lb<a cninpan* lor redeuip lion out of the sinking fund, the following were draw n, v|. -N ?. IS, 03, *S. 83. S3, #5, Oil. 12.1 JiW. 216, 231 4*1, 45#, 4#4. 5M. OH"' 773. SIS. KUl. 1,0.*. 1187. 1.325. 1.157, 1.SS4. I 4s;l. and thai the aenie will be nald in gold on the I*t day of July uaxi on pre*enlaDon at the oil ce of the company. Honda in net be presented for payment within ten days alter (be 1st day of July next, under penalty of for ellure of the right of i ademption under this drawing. Ntw York, June o. 1864. JOHN WATT, Secroiary. OFFH K OFADR JERSEY CITY INSURANCE COM panT, No. T Montgomery street rlFTBBNTH RKMl 1-84 ? The Board of Director* of this C mpany hare tlilji da; de clared a vend-annual dividend of ten < lOi-per neat, free from c.-vsrumerit tax, payable ou and after J uly L J. PAULMIKK, Secretary. ?R08PBCTUS , or thr ?* COLUMBIA OOT.D M1NIN0 COMPAh OP COLORADO. CAPITAL 1*1.000 BIIAR.ES. nominal pah, $io each. SUBSCRIPTION PRIOR, $5 PER SHARE. Stock full paid, and not 'table to assessment. TRUSTEES JAMES W ELVYBLL, Kan., or tits firm of Jame* W. Elwell A Co . No. S7 Beuth street JOHN P. YKLVEBTON, Esq., Presllaut of the Bank of North America. TIMMas R. POSTER, Esq., late of the Arm of Foster k Stephen*,,n. JAM I S D. FISH. Esq., President of the Marine Bank. J A.MRS L HATHAWAY, ESI., Merchant, No. 171 Peer! streei. ROBERT P. PRRRIE, Esq., Cashier of the Butcher's anil Drover's Bank. Rp.MSHK APPLEBY, Esq , Tobacconist, No. 133 Water street. President, THOMAS It. KoBIER. Bat*. Hankers. MARINE HANK. Si'cretart, SAMUEL K HKYMOUR. Esq. Mining Superintendent. HENRY A. COOK, Es?., Cuutra City, Colorado. Solicitor*. Meaara LORD, DAY A LORD New York. Me era. W ABELF.Y A KKAD, Cential Citr, Cn'madn MINES?The celebrated Rnbia Fl,k. and other well known L"dea; Including also a 'Tunnel C alm ' oi .VI' con eciitiTc luat or neur y a mile u enrlli. d- eotly on me Flak Lode, commencing immedl telv opp<>elte B ach llswk Point. SI Black Hawk City. The whole pro pert eriih-.-e tig 8.7U0 leet. o which I 9 ? are developed c aunand 1 .iM.e.t opene and S3 ?<) IWI T nnel claim, witn u yilntka quarts mill now running and u aucoe aful opera'.! n. fLi - Bo till and Kisk Lodes are considered the richest and bos' In tne Territory h ieing yielded larger am.Mills0 gold than Uf other in Coiorad >. wuioi the follow log usa iv i .w? made by K ward N. Kent, E*q.t Chemist, Unite I S'ut?? A** >y oitice. New York:?Vict value per t >tt "f f.Ml.i-o in dr. Mob tad Lode $744 46, Is euiial to $5 715 08 per cord: >' ?'( Lo !e, $',41 21. la equal to $2,7.'# 08 | or ooid Pe-in-a th- above, the company owe 467 leet of valuable watc power, having 21 f-ei fall, on North Clear oreek. half a mile below Black Hawk Cltv. , 'Il.e great advantage poaaraacd by t'-ia company is In having a mill now In successful operation, nod in a abort time (lie company will have additional Improved ma chinory. capab e of working forty eight tons or si t cords , f ore per day. fro ? tba Hob to 1 an i Fl k Lode.v, which ate yleullug from $300 to $!,2UU per cord uniformly. The c>.,. pany confidently expect to commence pav nc at so e-.r;y day a monthly dlvli.end of one per cent In gold. T e t r W i can onlr be for a limited period at the firei ?ubacnp':,.n | pr ce and lodging f nm the constant demand to obtain It I for Investment, It inn t rapidly rae Invadi-. llieati ,i;*on ' of capitalist* and other# is ca'led to tills eo npsny, believing tliul no sto-k has been ere,I In liie market that possesses mo e luatrinaic merit or la entitled to grca'er c nf.-vn o in the community for a pro' table, -afe and perm uent i t .-at mailt. Hubacriptton books of the companr for only a Ion'ted number of shares, are now open at the odlc> of ALIILIIT U. NICOLA Y Beq.,93 Wllllain street. at the prim ol A3 per al are. $3 to be |>a d at the time of biiHsci-p-: n ,1 the ? $2) pa na'ance $3) pa able on oall. when (ho cerUBcntca of stock are r ad' to be delivered bv the eoiiipxn.. or tiie v ,i-.'e ainouut can be paid at the lime of subscription, at the ouilon of the subscriber to the stock Hart es who are rte* rou of securing anr o' the rtoek r.t the above low pr'ce are Informed that the nmpxnr iu:?bd closing ih" books shortlv, after which Mnie no rtock vvi l b.i sold less than par. Twenty.fourth divdend-hanoyer mkii in C? nioany.?The Posr.l of Dire-tors of t ? Ce-.i pany have <le<!ar?d a seml aanual Dividend e slxffnier cent fcee Irom rove.nment tax, | arab'e on demand a' tlieu ofllce, 45 Wall street B S. WALCOTT, Secretary. Nkw York", July 1. 19-14. Third ayhniie sayings bank. Corner Third avenue and Twenty aivth .street. (fllARTKKED 1854 BANK OH BE dallf from lrt A. M to 3 l?. M.. anl en MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY EVENINGS, from ti lo 8 H. M. SIX PER CENT Interest allowed on all snn.3 fro i $1 to $1,1*10. All motsvi deposited on or before July 10 wld draw ini?r S?i from the 1st. 8HKNCKR K. URKEN. H.o id. uL Kic.iard Ksllt. Seaietnry. THE MEETING ADYEKTIKED FOR FRIDAY L\8f. and po'tpoiied on acao mt of the exritui imt In t a money market, will be he il on Thursday, at U. V . ?l ? e old Gold lOnin. No. 18 tVllliain street, Ourner of li ?ver. wh?u an address will be delivered by-Mr J D H i Ig km On the "Union, Gold curreuoy and Do d Tux A "C uiioii.'i TIIF. TRU8TRK8 OK THK CONSOLIDATED Pl'.TRO. j leum Oil Company have this d y Ore ar- J s Hv don,I of one and one-fmiitb prrccnt (l1.) on t'.e cap :al ?'o k pir i value $1 per snare) from the net' a (>i the eoiupany i for the eolith of June pevable ai the o ' es of the company, ; 4 I I'.rnad street, ?n and after the rub m-t Nkw Yokie, July 5, 1?64 C. K GRIFFIN, Frer""ry. UNION DIME SAVINGS BANK. . NOJ 4C7 AND 43-.I CANAL STREET, COR yarici; ASSET8 ...$!,2 :>,"-75 ? OH. N DAILY, from 10 A. M. t, 3 p. v., and <>u ,11 : uav, Wednesday an-l Saturday F.vminga fro n5ti7. Six per mot Interest allowed ou sums of $ 0 > and uu-V-r. and Five per cenL on arger anma Money dcpOided on or l bt I ore July at will b-a-- Interest from In v I. IS OR It V HAlGHWULI, rr-llleilL OaauitEK S Ohaciw, Sccietary. i ItXTH DIVIDEND?THE N'-TIDNAL FIRE IF UK >'J anoe tbuMiieny has de.'ared a Born .annual d vl lend af eight ]a-r rent, pa able on and alter hxiu j-ir, Jn y y, Ila I'Uice. 62 Wa.l street. HKNRY T. DROWNK Socret.n' Naw York, July 1, 114,l. $300 ?T"K ADVflK.T';,,BR (HIGHLY ha sin "ant of t. G ud -eaur.t gl.en, . n i wi.uld pay a "o4 b n .s coaaidor It a favor. Ad tress C lai'-n, llrrrvt.i ofic 4? IIQIj SCARES UF A GOOD MINING ' OMPANY , lo trailo ur i.g |i, w le /dar aa, lor? week, A A iv.. 13 Meccrr (WW) -vancr ntfivart tiouk oil< om vGl'UtVy"* pa",., .ucipurau-d June 2.i 1 t. C v HI r Al.. $?*("? 0..O..-I MIaRL.. ..$5 A >11 1 RL. PAR. Hiib-crl|,l on A! >?' U h?ie lo cr.ginai ?'? r: rrs f.,r II a'aaros, pit .eble $1 c t ? i d >wn uyou * ril ug. an t two ol.iar loata.u.enta of SI e:. ii, p.tyah'u on t.,e 2.'u t July and 2 th Atigusl 1*6|, res,. c vrly. Tun ;h<> .-.and snai u? re .rrvc.l tar brnr .t of the r unrany. Ti.o laud purcba ed li? ti 1 rm e l*lew.,i t RockOUt'i i panv coattt.Hk one hundred and tl.iriy one n i?? n the very c.i e of the <>! ragt n c a ihourand i. rve hund ed and ten fr I till tut Al'r.i any r rr in I ia \1? II> tun I ? h |I I x t-mling a i.ouLiderab.a I Jati-em i ti th ? dot ,i the I on r T*o MHe Run. a ? nup e ol i l'e* -low 'ravklin i> Yenan go county Peiinsi'vana ThoAiiwa a.iyrtver tcirll uy is fl*'diug an ab'.in, eat r.lnl |-i mam lit hat ?e?t r)f an ovtd !lti qua! l? of ml. the miner,,u? ntii* bordciliig tts t an' a t,?p<1 udng ' ilwi.h even iillil gr a'?r rcgu ai. y Ihau the vrel a a'oug Oti - r vk. II s ? eliercd tho how of oil br ow be borough of F ant lln. p n tua Ailrghxu rivi r. wl, |r Y abl ri'1.!,. bacon.e eiheualcd. bees' s< the stru if lot. m \' u-antr dwnp ir.u 01 ro-'kt dips in a ? onuiweatwar lie d .m.t:ou; cnn-equeo'l v the I eda of nil ttou d Lb noni'" the " r are at ti c end, tay of Od , r-'k, *i d wrlla wouM're AUra lo be t>"ed rl-ep -r In lower do?n l .e dur I-re h w. mer titer# noil)! ieces*ul.- bi the mokt | er:. sntti1, Mid a murh grsal?r snpp y an.l ' l jln u ..uiil l>o l> nr >, e , f < n. it is ccrta n th .1 acuraa of we'ls ou tl rlv. r In the lm- I i rdialo vicinity of tii'a Irnl hn u ron Lined proloelng I du'liig (he oast three er lour jcara an utu.tav. ring and I st'ady dally yaid Of oik AgiaDr-a' the mail will demonstrate the fart that the I IiOWcr l wo Mile Kui, andOllcTi k . ,- on the tame s ralght j lino, and un'i d 'ant ou a continuation "f the Identical ; eatue org# brlwe-n the rang" of hi from ?ach oil er a.itmt linen nines rperi, In pi u ? >y I a sine You It si.. ' il.i-rlnr- r..t ' ? U > ? ring wel a "n .In' traet of -u :tr ol aapth^of perhaps 35 eat-that I " aai|e. 'a WSl an..v too., r , ' 'hose of Oi ortab in the r suppliks of hundreds "f leu els of oil ? gib . ?r.?t -ror mens prui'ts niiiM thus be t e full una o reau t i-s the share holdara of tbie rompany. On this pantn: er .rai ( o lend th' re 1 e i been let on lea*# . foi twenty yesrs n well row pumping ?* f .-1 o-tl n i f gno 1 ; cl1 nithougn IIS depth ol h ue ? nan*l i r-d pi'te li.sut clei.t to Insure a lent# i ew. ldlty per jent of th ? oil ai this wei s I in# ilh was res' rred as n rr . a ty to thr lot mrr owner of the j len t *? <1 wi , it sine cnuie IS Iliabrna ii of the company. I Ther" are a:*o two olh ir Weill bond a t. w hun iied leet 1 dee; eecli, out not yet tuhe I bnl ln lK'ai ng a first rale show ( of oil. A laurel e uer tan genera v he sooo| ed out of tlitni, ? and no doubl e-ama to etUt that tb?< wii prove highly i r|?an*raliba wrd* wi.en i' red nrcasonaMe depth Another I 'Ma 1* hall bored and p on.isea a aatla.actnry yield. Ram pie* >t oil procured fr.itn these wells can be seen al 1 l .e o l,re ai I. B Pngu. 86 Maiden Ian.*, or of La Farce. ! Lower A Do , Wruk rs, No I Weil tract, ?*' ?nd floor. Tiie frr of ihls valuable oil i*nd, coi oua hundrtd I and thlrlvKine antes Innl idlng ti?e ro?a ty ol fl'ty per cut Of oil IJO'ii lh# laaevdvell, i.oj| pumping, and th# entire i Igbt of the three well* r at ial^ dara ope I. le piiiuha-ea bv thr corneal j direct 1mm the #wn?r, for : .o moderate pri ? o'$II7,fw, w .b a Grist M 'I, In line ai'.Jr a anug Honsa, 4o.; aJao patcba* af umliar. ^? h m The -a'n ol au. k " i'l pes ce h far lha 'and In full a id laava lbs turn or tU.iy c?Sb w >rkiug ie.n tai on hand wh r h tn comp.ate lh< tl.rea o d, en I a'?o to bera two r,7w wall*, with flro ataam ongiD?* Ac. to b* in running orqer wlth n a few inunth*! ariengrwtenM will be ma-'eto sccoiaplleh these obieeL wltho tee iy. No a.bx.ilptt. n* W..I he accegtod for so fan llftv ?h?e?t The vast roruirma reaped by r* * ul, e'inpan'a# eaiab'la'i- i ed here end elaawhera ara notor nu?. l e ol. trade Is yvt in i lie l: fancy, ard the demand eoaetxrr'y iprrraelng. lie | ?rine la now $12 p*>r barrel al (lo wei. g mouth, exclusive f [ the cash large well# wfl! Jnl Urea be etr rk at 'he Jep*h of WO , fact ?? M (ha l.rd send e'ei.e ioc?. Walls have bv ?' ?? nfotO pi tl'f dapii, ?f oal -bnislWOfeet '.n th'avii?piey it is jrop.a>! t* dj r tsventy well* on th * prcpefty fluycg Hie present ear. the e is room ior one h"u!i J write. A , rint tile'ear Sf Ski eistunihratOeO, l? ooniliqis'iv a??iirea lo th#'Oinianv. ? -<??? L .taofauWtiptloti ar . i.ow are M .ar.Me ii ~ ugtll lh. M.CTO .bare. t-?ii i.e oi the ,a.r-- skerr. to tha oruar of the JJi .ee 1 . *nv. at Uo odlct af L B PAOB. 81 ? la JaRgk, Gdwek* No. rv V w.r1' b'1 tddr, Naw lT,rk. f t: i bile ar# luvifod to call for a proapanlno $HOO.O()0 *" > _ ? *? ? F'rcnnlfor five rears, on NRiY YORK CITY PROPERTY. fiORP.PH MASON. Mo. 6H Pis* street, rnewta Id and 11. OC t'MMTN AMD AVII1ST*. A RTIFKHAL RYS8 -tub IMPROVED ARTlV'xC ? \ llninsn I yes, mada and Inserted only by TMO DAVIS. 4*1 Broadway, near Hrsem# atreel. A RTIFK'ML Till MAN KVK8 MADE TO ORDER and nsenel br Dr F. NaUCHEP OOUGSI'MANN of Paris). 0V$ ErSad "cw leel( ? v. Nv iniPFina, ST AU* n*oVn^rkTh, &!\K*POOI^TOnCBI!?<rAT c^rrs ,r?5 "tvV.kVo^^;;"1"-- - d 6ut" CITY OP B 4I.TI work* Saturday. July ? tn juw in ? nd every aucoecdiue *"*?'. ....-Saturday. Jul* 23 mer. ' s Hktu,"'?y. at uoon, from pier 44. Nor k i.. u, . RATt? OP Pass,..?. FIRST r* mi* * 0r?t "P?,v?l'*nt In currency. nl. .7. i* ?*? i30 1) " in p.''20n ** I'", to London......... M Do 94 "?? to f-rlB ........... *i sSS-:?S??? Fo. further InfovmetlOBijr.,I, M the company'. o<Tlo.. ? ?* PALB, Agrnit. 15 ft rotdvc ay, K T. rPHB BBTTT8fY AND NORT?FT AWBHTOAW ?* Royal mail .^tka\iipy caluw" BOOT! A AT halt' a^"anoNrnr.K K>?a RBofcCALU *? MV-? ??? 42= ft-? Ch'ef Oahl? p"^VKW TOR" TO "vrRiooL. Seoond Cabin Paa<lee 80 ? ??? Mi) on ! Ch ef Cabin l'aa.P?*??"~ ?'"? ???- " Second Ctbin Fan-ag*.. ???*??. ?...f II 50 An experienced Surgeon on board.' i ?n?P-?, **?!! net be a oeo tin table for I tjpeo'a or \ a uabma uuleas bill.i of lading havina the ?.l... erpreiiaed ?re signed therefor. ^ ^ | For freight or pontage anpiy to I E. UPWARD, -Ho. 4 Bowling Oreen. T*? ?VT&iVSVt&liSSa. BnuK.AsNTAA p* w'n <?? 1 86? 50* ??Vi Zl V n> Macond cnnin, For f*PAi .1 ? \ / * P*r*b'o in go! 1 or its equivalent ! place " ' apply Ilo KINHARDT A CO., 45 Exchange ! BroM,*W,e arP'T ,0 C- B r'"HARD A BOAb, '31 1 F0nRrI,v,E1t(ro,,)If DjRBCT.-cr'NARD steamship '2th ln?ta!i? rib?. .? Ma''*" ?1- w" "ail on TUESDAY, F r fr- l /hf ftf n i pt8?tge, tn void or Its equivalent ! Orwn. P'tasag- aplpjr to I>. CUNAKD. No. I Bowling TH?oW ^TfTTmS^IpVr* States i'i.!n J? oonjmaadar. carrying the tilled atieet. Hub k n on' ' Bremen P'er, loot of Tb rd Saturday, jdit ib at ig o'clock m., taking na.een^.^1 ^"SOUTHAMPTON, It? hie*?; ?AVRR. RftTTHAMPTON AVO BRPVrnv ciirr*iicv'lirr ra'M' Parable to gold or it. eqalralenVli B37 >-V"' 6ril cabin' ?'118: ??coBd cabin, $62 50; .teenge. 3o7"'"* "N KV(r y<)RK "riU 1,8 followed by in? AMERICA July For freight or pausa^ anpiv to ORLkionS A CO., 68 Broad etreei. QTEAM FROM AND to Qt'KENSTOtVR AND LIVER. .. ? ^ . cr.vAnn i.ins. ^.i^len?7nTnrr?,o.y.?"rr8nCT; '? Nl!W Vork' ^Sgold, or Stnov sniU Wednesday, .fob It "COLA sal g luesdav, ,/nif to ' For pasaage apply to ?' ? - WTLI.IAM3 t or FOR. 29 Broadway. CRLIi ,V'r ;' SA"| KROM PIER LOWLAND A ASPINWALL. Agente. LONDON AND NEW TORK STEAMSHIP COM. i-i ,m nTii-U' ,,n'c 1 ?8'n[ monihly tbe r nr.- and r.rlt U'M But If on e'eamablos OMLLA KFITliV i it coi.aly led to tlio^'do ! a reals."'"' m"'fl ,n'ri haud ?* HOWLA.NO A ASPiNWALI., A rente M - 41-, r,~v *l " "",1 *"0; nwr 1 edrate. ?|eer. DDNaLdVoo:. No.*5 BowUng O^e'n KRANCrS M ]S ATtov\r. stkam navigation company. - !? I ''eai^ KKNStOWJI AND t I VI' It POOL f IHI^ANa' K : "'"""P* ?'8- prv.ble in currency. W r .S I'M I NSTKIt f.aU BUnrija , duly 18. For paMage apply to Jnly 3d. WILLIAMS t: OUIOW. 29 Broadway. QTI'IMTO LONDON D! Rh C 2.?THE FIRST Cr.VtS be '"! IM ni;1 aa!U fro n n-e- ?>' ;.i"' P?-*b|.'? d P!-.r .. I f '- J r 1 : PafMCi;. rj f .nrari.d to H?-.-r? |?,. , A Oi'lON.fO'RmVlwT^ Wr""'' VV,Lr'T i" noHPNF ?:,7. ? 11 rrtTTr,,H RTRA8f?HIP MEL nor I. I n fch. V ' 'T1" 1 ,vin *'?,! r ,r ?h-ab"T<! aifl'^te- rl-.- ?> -.dat'ona for Oabn i . r Ate p ^"njprn Ha'o> of i)..i**cr? -Onbin in rencr Ko* <f?"iffbi01'' lo. p"rr,?n.-.-: Stoerae, $t< In eor MiSrns*ooyWu^r^y* "pp,/ ,0 ??"?**&?. ?nr?QK KUNTRBAL O CO'S ~ ~~ 10 LiVerP001 br.neb'a In ^nndTMlre*anTl! pl7aH!' M a" ?? For pa sape apply lo SARKL A SEA RLE, 23 . roadway, >vw York. UNITED STATES MAIL LINK , FOR QALlFDR.Nf A via PANAMA repi'v hen j''. ,l~M '%iW " 1 nf ''art moolh. ex pai'nr- ?? II be tbVMnn'i*v',|'ol."vieg5"' W Uc# of d#" 'he llr t olaa? sleamabln OrK AN cCKhN, w 'l .ail from , e;\l! Hkv"'ah-ermnmMer J5# S f? ror freight or p'*sak-e ajipi to P. B AI.LKN. . _ . No. 6 Bowling Green. 0. RORFPTS t ink ' TVe,?ne VewVcVl;RU^,:IHC0 AND PANAMA. U-- .air, ,(' M'l.R. WEDNESDAY. .IT'I.Y"' tT NGOV ftZKV^'Mv-rr! pan.,,, M CARRjNtJTtiN. ' stre-et. corner o.' Warren to D. P'JR NEW ORLEANS, DIRECT." T? ?ai! on RATI RDAY, JULY 9 A r 3 O'CLOCK p. M. P'" "? 'NorOi' rt?er*^bird p er abora Ff>r frebhi or ? n (if* tr ruj to N n ? T ? ihb'-1 V" ^ o?.?\^^0 Hirc\f itmit sail on' Saiurdnv, !? y'Ix ' STA.R will fotiom-, ani F OR KKW OR' r.A.vs DiRRCT. The '' i l il Ruim mail 'camihlp Ya\ >0, i o ? "7, i OPORGr W rOlV'H Commander, will lea" pi"- il No-th r'r'i-. f< r ?.v Or' in* <1 ree', on I Wedo'?dn- p'nlf 1'' ?.t. three o'clock P. M. precisely. No fro _*ht. re mil *d or bill# < l .?Hng m? .oj on the day of ' Mil Inf. I oi freight ?r passage arc ? to bl'OLAM HMXKS KM A 00.. 113 Broadway. | F" OP. U AV \N V DI RECT. | Tho t ihcd ?'??-? tnkll (teamshlp ROANOKE, F1UKCfS t. Onnmandv. will leare pier 13. North river, for II?.v?i>a dlrec, on Satnr- ! da*. July If. nt .1 o'clock I' M. r r*c selv. No ?_ paired o' bm? ot lading signed on the dny of set leu. h er f might or p* ?*;? apply to TiTHl! . . NKKKN A CO.. US Broadway. V, *;.VANA DIRECT. P To Mil on Tueedav, Julr 12, ?t T o'clock preoliMy, Th* splendid new Unl'ed tna'l s'soualilp MEXICO. Flit* master. Maielogant accomn od*t on* for |>*a?eugtre. Fltre of I assail* *7o. No freight reee.rel or bill* of ledum s.gned on day of nil* ink. Letter* mint p??? through the Po?t ofhoe J A* K. WARD A CO., ljd Wall street. T.POR I'ORT ROVAL AND BEAUFORT, H. C.-T1TE J1 now nnd flret o'.ftii ? toarruUln TRADK WFND. B. K. Bthhl lge, cjmi'is*n tor, will IA?re pier 4 North river, for at.ove p > ??, (.ii Wedec'day .Inly ft, ISM At throe o'ot.jok P. M preoleelr Cor frr ifM or pes'Sfr. imrloe eicslont A?v cfl ii(iiodAtion?. Apply to P. N. 8PUFF0RD, IT Breed wey. tcor LivRftPfioL nirp'? t.-TFnit cuna rft stbT*. J1 * lp SI DON CoiS*ln Wot'irn, will Mil from Ctinard whorf. Je-tsey (lie on trednseduy, Jul* A 0*b'D ps*-*go. fV' ??M, or te equivalent, Kor freight or enhln ravage apply to B CL'KARD, No. t Bowling Green. Fob ? vnrti ntu..-TAP?tct>TTS MSB. Ship MONARCH OP TUP. SB A tntl* IhlA d*f. Blila we TapbcOTT ?a it to-morrow. B..lp BENJAMIN ADAMS eaileJulyl for London -x ltnb Attn SOUTHA MPTON ?*i * tbl> liny. For pee-age to or from ' he. Old Country, or dra"i A veil A b!" in all re. n of Keg.and, I ret And, Sootinn I or tv?le? at the lo*e?f poselbfe rates, appl* to TAFNCOTT BROTHERS 2_C0., iffontb str-eL INOJt* MFPRFOOb AM) I ON DON ?FOR LIVRJl pool?The packet ehLp (Jl LTlvATOR Mile jp'r II; the TUOhMOil on J'lj Id for f,ou -on-The WUlNP. on Jul. II For | V?Age erply to WILLIAMS A OllIO:* /n F.dtoalUMt. __ _ _ l^OR iWiiRI'OOL.-OI.D II I.AC c JlflV-* r ehlo lIAUVEr I MIIBRN - -- ?*?'L MNi.. T?3 r 4. .-. fflP' ?"*C>?ttiy pn >Ve .i ep. ?*-TT' r reV* .? Otl ??M, ffl 't if ?p'?'t. ek le^npAli'S Otto* ? COrruv. OH Booth street. NRUTPAL rr.AO.-AUSTRALIA VjO^RRn LlNp? tarry I ua the L tided fit*tr* Men.?The new flrluth fa'tMyAlBililyillE ol.n er her/ K\"AWav, nuinge mte let, la now at ner berth, and. having got a imya isirilon of her carAO elready engAged wilt have iinneaoU enlok de? pAteh for Malboirne iir?o). For freight apply lo K W. CAMERON, M ReererBMh onCR.-THR RTRAMfflir WABIIINOTOR. FOR "^avre, nil' leave pl?r No. AO No lb rivet (foot - f atreet), en Wetnatda, ii.?tiilt>r. fih ioaunt. At ? p'eloek prnaieelr. Pne*en*er* Art te creittd tn '.>? on f?,.ed it I eVoee. ?HfPFIWW. N?,tomTwbm; 11 " commune* discharging lla' ,fro"? L??4on vl* Bim mm North river, ou Tuf i ? Jfjw general order,*' at pier II nowEMlbu??.4?il ocUk- v Asaau. NOTICE.?THE STEAMER ORLLA, CAPTAIN EDK.t. Hiliinkc wlli eava plar 21 North rlv?r on Wednesday, Jul/ IB. ut 2 P. U. precisely la. Loadon a rack IT TUAVBLLERI' Ol'IDB. ^ FDSON HIVfcH RAILKHAD ?TRAINS FOR Ala XI bauy, Troy, the North ami Ws?h laav* Clumber* itraat *t7 an I 19 A. M. and 4, <> and lu;4U P. M., and oa Sunday* *16:23 P. M., 11 qui Thirtieth street. VTEW TOHK, HARLEM AND ALBANY RAILROAD? X* Por Albany, Troy, North and leave Twenty* elzth street depot *i 1U So A. M. and 4 P. M. Sunday train *13 P. M. Afternoon boat for nkwrfro?tub new steamer THOMAS COLLY KM earea Jay street pier everv alt'onoon, at 4 eYInak. fur New burg, land na at Thirtieth street New York, Oraaay Point, O West Po nt. Cold sprint? and Cornwall. Returning? [wares New burg every morning at7 o'clock; Cornwall, 7:10; Cold Siiiing. 7 33; Weak Point, 7:33; Cozzans, 7:49; Grassy Point, 6:30; New York. 10:30. Afternoon boat for west point and new BURG, PARK FIFTY CENTS. Landing at Thirtieth street. N Y., Oraa y Point. Cozzene, Wen Poiut, Cold Spring and haw Cornwall. The u-w and fait eteamboat TIIOS. COLLY KB will leave j the pier foot of lay s i art etery aiternoon at 3:30 o'clock, lannlng at Thlrt etc street at 3:40. Returning, wilt leave I Newborn every morning for New York at 7 o clock I Weet Point at....7.33 o'olock Cornwall at 7 10 '? I Cozzena at 7 40 " Cold Spring at 7:23 " | Oraa y Po nt at 8:23 ?? Arriving In New Yor* at 10 30 A. M. /TONEY ISLAND FERRY LANDS AT FORT BAMIL l v t in. The NAU8HON leaves:? Christopher street Ht 9:3d, 12 3d, 3 30. 8CJ Street at 9:45. 12 43, 3;46. orrlg street, pier 4, at 10,1, A Day line for Albany-change of pier.? Ploa-ure travel to Cntaklll Mnnnialn House. Lebanon Spring*, Mars toga, Montreal, anil all points North and West, v(.-. the Unison river. Tne new eteainoat C.VirtltARD, Captain D. H Hllohcook, and the DAN 1 KL DIt'i'.V, Cap lain J. F. Taitui.-in. fotra a daily 1 ne for Albany, front Dee bruises street, at 7 A. M.,nnd Thlrtietn atreet at 7:1.1. land ing at Cozzens' Hotel Dock. Went Po ut, Newburg, Dough kurpate. -Rblnebeck, Catuklll and Hudson. Tickets sold on board and ba 'gage decked west an ! north. I LOST A3IJ F"U3I). APOCKKTnnoK STOLEN?CONTAIN I NO A CHECK an l a small amount of money; ntimo-r of oheck Jul, I of the 1'acltlc Bank. Any person found with tt will he held. ; WILLIAM KATCKl. Boat lost ?drifted, from mam.ykonkck harbor, on Wednesda .June 2' a 14 t ot Sell I Boat, painted giceti with red and while en-pa A I he al ? eward will Repaid for Its recovery. Any InL r mat Ion vlli I I e thankfully receive 1 by T. B S epherd, either at .Mama. I roncck. or -3 Ceu ra sheet, New York. DOG LOST.?S O REWARD.?A BLACK ffEWPOUND I nd Dog. with white hrca i on tbn Pier i-ign .Inly 4. Wi o ver returns the name to if W??, Kortv.liftb street will r celve the above reward and no quest !o iJ aiknd. TDOOND-IN FOURTH AVKNTJE, A WtTCH-TJlR 1 owner can have P hv app y ng at 10 Thompson atreet, d ng the waioh and paying for tnis advertisement. T v)ST?IT IS SUPPOSED, IN THE FOURTH Ave. JJ nan car* on Satnr lay a smnl Dock-ibm,, contain, iin ab nit eights-Rye de'lars in hl'ls and c irrenc . The I nner will bo satia: tatorily rewarded by returning the aamr to bd Second uveuua. IOST?BANK BOOK NO. I,27? OF 0NT <f DIME J Savings Bank, 437 and 429 Canal etreeh Any uue liud ing the siinie will please leturu t' to said hint. LOST-ON THE 4TII OF JL'LY, FROM 151 WKSTFIF tecnth atreet, a xmall Black and Tanslnk vtlh a eai.her collar; ai o rather a gray spot under I r inouih: ans.ver to the name of "Dot." A liberal rewaid will bo paid f'ir the return of the game to tl. O'r ounor, 6daud f>2 East Four teenth street. IOST-ON THURSDAY. THE SOTl! INST, TN BROAD. J oa , nesr fri ome street, a dark, curly Wig, 'Ihe tind. rr will be Iherallv rewarded by leaving It at the store of K. H. Hand, 31 Pars row. TOST.-HTRAYED FROM 177 WILLIAM STREET, A J small blaolt and tan Terrier Dog. Ten dollars re nrd w ill be paid for his return to Dm suhsoriber an t no i|ue? tlons aski'd. J. H. WES l EKFIELD. 170 \V ma n at. Y OS."?AT THE FIKB IN BROOMK STREET. ON SUN 1 IJ day morning, .lone i'tl. Sireman's fi., Igo ol Rnglra ' Company 22, register No 13, The finder will po-ase leave It ' at the ftng me house, corner if Chamber* and Oenne e:s. IOST-ON THE RTF,NINO OF TUL* 4, IN THE J south part of tho c ty. a Hold W uoh. hunting case, ) without crystal; small flower on one sole, with io g ; art ot n i la ics no d guard chain attached. Any one returning the I kaiiid to 43 I each stun t will be libera ly rewarded, and na questions asked. j I OST-AROUT A WKE?'AGO, SUPPOSED WHILE I Id shoppius In Broadway, a dnotch Agate shawl Pin set ' In s Iver, with s scroll. The Im'inr will be rewarded by re. tin nnig It, or Address a note to Mrs. K? 16o Wost Sistcertb | sire.I J I OST?.lUt.Y 4T1I, A SMALL MOURN!NO PIN SET I; w, th pea'Is. Tee finder wiil >m sultahly rewarded by return nglt to Mrs. Tomllr.son, 24 Greenwich cvacuo | 1 OST-AT HOBOKRN FERRY, JULY 4, AT H P. B? A ' J J silver Hunting 1'ateni L.-v.:r M'ato.i. w th roIiJ Cham I ails hcl to it; No. of watctl l.'X'> with tnakai' * na ne I (Joseph Johnsonj on dial plate. 'In- Cndur w 1 roc-ire $7.1 by leaving watch nu.l ch.t u at SO Fegrsiv atreet lien* tan Brunt Ho itb Rronklyn, And no I'u'silon* as e l Ihe re ' w ard Is 3.'VI over and above l e value. It being the girt of a deer frlrn.1 and highly ; r zed r oht-a pomtrmonnaie. containino bkvfral I Id dollars In I < and a gold piece, on Satur .ay a-t, sup j oscd inaclly. .. ?ictr. The ooclenis were t e rtsralngt of a work n; g rl w ,o will be glad in fairly reward the finder. Please addre s b >x *07 New York Do*t oairc. Lost?ooinq from fifttskybnth street. Fourth avenue, to Bitty third sirret. Fifth avenue a Bat conta nine three dozen pair i un imdei panis fho flnd 'r I will be eutt-ibly rcwauled by renirnlog them 4o n hard I work'ng woman at tne corner of Fitly-Hereotlf rtrcit ai. l ' is nli uienue. T|10 PA WN KROKh RH?TWO HOLD WATCHES STOLEN X from 63 A nlt. M eet. Kr;d?v night, Jul 3 one ? smalt e./e hunt ug case, wtlh o''aiu, round pin w'th shu Id n con ire. and ? Kid slonn sesl at'iicussl The oilier i. mediuui ei o while fioed watch, <v th hi'n key and h cket attiehed* Anv parties hsvmg rec-'vel sue i will receive $2'', sod ai, eipmsea paid by notifying Mr Chester Orig^a, 681 Uioadl W|V. UEWAHOS. &<) RB WARD.-LOST, LAST EVENING, IX rARK 5P ?i row u Photograph of h jo.ina irau. au; paraon briii>! ng the Mm to UO Ntv?a*u ?tret, havuneni, ? rail rc i #it i the above reward, $?> BKWARD.?LOST ON T1IK MORNING or TUB ?J Fourth, from No. J Moorman p nee. Wert Tnir'.*-tl irca abed, between Eighth and Kudu arenase a < ?n-.ry, The butter ? til po:s.r n turn it to vtto ? ??ove uumuer tun rpvi/n the reward. <J> i ft REWARD-LOST, ON MONDAY", JUNK 2*. Bti ?F I * * I Ml t o'clock in the even tar, in a N't n t ?valuta car. a ?nlt of ( lotbc.a. Any one retun ln? toe *?.-?) t" Mr. H11.V LOCK. 8^ Lent.** -.tract, will the kbure reward. $it(\ HE WARD.-LOST Jt'NF. M, BKT vV i'.KN gaff Mouth l-crry kbit twelfth street, ? pocket book, c n taluing a a on o: t iortajr; al , a rod or cot eric- ata ? ?mounting to tWBMty dollars The ilader will receive in above reward t v return eg the aauie to No. 23 Soui i vv |. Umi street. H. tip III No. CD OI\ REWARD.?MTOLBN PROM 8l!)(i Si.X'J. ON i?Zi' " t e night of July I. s Row oat, I&tg l-el long, o.v n'ed white with a dish "In-ak around t; ecf and hwk hoard ot b ao* wa.nut; I?? de bottom hoarj p 'oted lead colrr. t3U ?. lit be ; a'd lor ci.'i lufnrn atlon mm will u a . io the rco >vei > o't .a I'Oat. An !te*a E. II., Slog S ng. N. *., or box 1*3 >a?r Tork fed n,;?:o. ?r;n RRWARD ? STOLEN PROM TUB STABLE OF ?P'/'J tlbarloa Ring, at Cornwall, Orange eon at , N Y, ou the night of the lib of 'nt . dneaetof l?r,:? t?l? liarncva, but bill i iiard; ornaments silver plated llora. tnc... . ;1>a O'ti arid witli leather. The a bora re vard wtll He pvi t .? any I ef.-oo in ndtn.i 'aid hirnM In the above plane, or dc iref* 1'.; list 11 kaat Thirty eighth street, or at the Kullou iron W ork -, NewTork. . ?Kit RE.W\RD.-LObT. ON SATURDAY NIOI1T, July 2. a PooketbOBk, containing $12: a? fob >u ? ? One $50, two $ .0, three $10. one $5 an lone $2 Al-nona Ticket for ode los t of g'aae from Hentral Par*, for which Inn a'mre reward will be paid on return to 5') Ea.l Twenty aercnth klreob <Ti/?C BKWABD ?I OST. ON SL'NDAT. ON TUB <"ONKT VU?) Iviaun aoa., a S >pr Watch and a largo go'd t'hiun Slid Key. atone ol Eet arid Chanter No 141, K, A.M.. alia, h cd to 1i 1 he a' o-a reward will be paid and no uneatlne* a ked by leSTlng il e aacn. at Mre. Toetbol era, idd Bower* ?7C REWARD.?8TOLEM PROM TUB SUBSORIHMI Pit* o i lite lua.'of the 30t,h af June, a florae sod BugRV Wagon: home a light aerrel, all raan old. about l&la hand* high, wclghi I.'MID Iba.. ha* m email w lilta atrlpe Is the forehead. a little wht-e on tbe hind leg not the hoo'. lang tall, thin main; wv;..e with enetaalied lee'lier shifting ton, pntent leather body end daeti; maker*. DtHeohury S Vstidu ec. J. DAOOKTT, Port Cheater, N. T ^"" ~ i>?.vTisTitlr^ ^ ..IT /TDMP AND BR 8ATrsPlKI?-tr WILL COST YOC \J nothing. Treth eXra. ted poeitlrely w thout pain and wltho'it charge nntll Aoeu t, in order to adord an oppor tunii* to al! to be aailadcd af tli# fact and make H known. fmerican Tcnn Co. DeiiUklt, Fourth atraei, comer of owery. ________ Dr. whitrs rrw and improfro artifidul Teeth?Whole bote. ?>. tSond $!<?? knpoHor In twautr and tt?ofiiin"ao to all other* A grea\ V*,p -t on to thr.?a whohata had tlolr teeth evtraotcd^ All wor't at hall the lir cea clmrg.-d by otbw daullata. gOP Fourth atreet, bot.teea Harrow and Uran. VfARTfcLL, UBNTIMT. ^ MIXTH AVKNCi? ftBMI# Jvl Teen'y uinlb atmet 0*n'u'*dt>oM fr.- BWlfaTlfni ' 2'. cent*. Ro'li'or Jind ?Lwe> ?? p.rtfc j;* i $1 t?,m flMtp* ellrer. Wt .eat* Ulesu uf teeth, B) oaonraT A. M. MntH l(>r. M. vi R. ORIFPIN A IIRUd , Ut DllANU ATRRtCT, KT W IN ? Fori, and*'./ I uiUiM utreni. - ?' ' ' Mr?' t -?( Teeth poaitl*el? ivlthout iwln bv the n," <f n I . n* oi il? uu No aharga for et trading when artlHo *1 !? cth ere tw rrTtrte 1. Thd? me al?k InWrtltig "ill Set" of T-etb os gold. ittrelr without Odin be the ti," of n t . n* oiulf liiargd for ertrartlng when artl.' Th'ty are al?o Inherfli gftriBnt |rs;? at na. $tfli Wle r, fill! fiibbwr. (Ill; partlk NX 00 JdiJ, fl; dlleer, $1. hrtmcang 26 oent* ?M-dw i?*??' w*?-" ' 'fMEf-TT- 7r; - KT" J ?*" "JBHIQBSBC3HI ^DltiroR 4TIO.N lOTItEI. CROTOR A?UKI>t'0'l DKPAItTMP.S - I'O CON tiaotertl?fledled praiio.kt.. etio "red In eri"r/iic r>|. ?CloneI cnrli-n' ' f'tld of the ere?? t wh'nh ft Shi ^l? otfered, |h* n?Td of the Hereon m recrillug the same ahd the dote of tu pr??en ?ip.n wln he recited[ at lht? oWoa until II 'J'aloc* A. M of Ja'y ?. IHM, for the eooatructlon in i.ewer? In tha fol owing <ir. nta, to Wit-?Fifth avenue, between Seventy nlntb and Rtahty sint'h etieetP: Morton ?treet. between llmn-na and W?an. Iiiktnn .tree'*; It Intnn arwet. between RI\lt ?ton Mil lie. lancet ipreetd: ritdart atieet. between (Ir-wtlw and Merodr ?tinetat Blrhth atenuo. Iwtween Mlii-miii and Stctaulaenih atreei*; and >.ta"t.i aacoutl aifcet, between Third and Fourth a ran una. MpectroatlW* for the bIhit# woria and b ank* for tha b'd* ran he obtelned ?n application to the. SmUwaM ?rKHRN|. , ) < roton KIMIKHI L. UA RR Aflll, i dotted'lift A W. CftkVFN, ) Rcard. FT, HALKS. A T|-r-?801 ?rrUATJOMTO DOOUa? A ^"BOT^BL* OIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO touMwurk, .? a flrai rate waaber *od iron ? 9**i pij,u cvokj beat wuj rcUmuot. Call for iw# AYOVSO BCOWfc lug a aiiuaUon to trarol with a latm j. outer To tkie 2^?/T?0I at>'0#d,; *?"??' cxcc.ihto cd to ibt coie ?f ehd Hath do I11*1? ?**!&*; aatlafa. tor reference giraa &*?c%'rSXtmW* *bu"J' **????*????**??* A SEW" WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS *** oook, understands ATI kind* ol snupa nod Cull ?,' . ?l,?F"0u 10 lh* o-n?atr? , beat ouy reletcouas can At ltd Weal Ulb iL tol flour, back room A wo^k" ?u'?L *AXT8 A SITUATION TO DO HOI 88 au Brooklyn r*f?'???o. Can ba aeea at iC ilamaoa A wanU^?.Ttu?.LJ!l tLOCN<? OI8L-NBWDY LANDKD. <TTto .??i.i M h ln ? P'lvata mil;; *a eba herutali far abom ia?a "'flnn lo .emu; not p.., turn dYva ??" ??? ?? Ila ? ?r*' month. Can be seen lor i?t at* I re. IS ' Ureeuwlch at, Hrat itoor, ap A YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO DO HUUPS? work in u au.atl imitate family, liaauood city ralar anue. Call lor two daya at 3B7 tith at. AN AMERICAN GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS JX good pi am cook; i? a good washer and tr.mer; would like to so a abort duiaaoe to tbe oountry Call ai All Waal 2Mb at. tear basement. A SITUATION WANTED, BY A YOUNO OIRL AS 2T chambermaid and wa:treat or lake care ol gruya children and do plain aawlng; good references froin bar last Place. Call for J wo daya at 19 Madison at., hetweaa 24lh aud 23th ata. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A PROTESTANT WO. ,f? man aa lira- olaaa cook; understands cooelug nail Iti bran bea thoroughly; alto honing of fowl*. all tin la of pastry aud jellies, Ac.; good city reteranc* given Call at 73 Weat 19th at.. 11 rat Door, front room. ? A respectable young WOMAN WISHES a situation a< g. od plain ooak; la willing to a-a:at In tbo waabing and Ironing; ban the best oi city reieren a Iroaa her lam place Call for two dart at 123 Watt 33(1 at A A situation wantbd-by a YOUNO woman as wet nurse; city reference Apply nt 244 Molt at. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO AMERICAN girl, aged 14 to take care ot a child, or to do i-haiiib'* work. Call at 264 Weat .<310 at. FIRST CLASS COOK WANTS A PLACE IN A RES taur&ntor hotel. Addreaa 187 Fulton at., Brooklyn. A RESPECTABLE GERMAN GIRL WANTS A 8ITU4. tlon aa chambermaid, would also aa*! t in gene at hoiiauwork; Am.-rl an fmudv pr-ferred; satiafaciory refer ences ,.ii-un. Addreaa r. It. M., Herald 01 00. APESPRCTaKLB YOUNO WOMAN WISH'S A altuatlon a? conk, washer and lnuter; good re oreneei no ob rrtlona to a boat ding houae. Call for two dm a ?l Na 3 Vau.iam at. A RI SPROTA HI R (jfRL WISHES A SITUA HON AS V chambermaid und waltrn.a, or lo do line washing auj ironing. Can be aern fur two daya at ber p.caem em ployer a, 17 i'.aat 3id at. A SITUATION WANTED-AR CO OK. WASHER AND -1 lruner; n<> ob . cuon to go lo the uuutiy; gu ,d re e roue p. C i 1 nt 278 1st Ave., third "oor backroom, he.wren 17 h anu I8tu sis A SITUATION WANT D-BY A YOUNG WOMAN AS r\ lady's maul; can out, lit. hair dr?*a. and operate na er A Wilauii's oiachlnra; no object Q to take care of c lluren or to go 1.1 too oouutry; beat city reference. Call at 3b hast l.-w. at. Afirst class seamstress wants employ iiii-nt by the w-oek' can cul arid I'tci.l dren's oioih -a; 21 rood nhlit hnnd. m an excol'eut operator 011 a Wnee er * ? il-o 1 mnchlua. Cad at 15S 3d av., near loth at., In Uia la uy store. A SITUATION WANTRD-BY A RESI'BCTA KL8 2k woman, an brsi rate 000k la a good baker of bren i and bl-cnlt, aud an eveel'.-nt cvaalier and lrouer. t.aa no ob ho tion to a an art distance in ibt .ouuiry, good city re.eronoa. Con be neen for two days at 181 C.inton at., near Grand, rear house, room No. 4. A GERMAN OIKL WISHES A SITUATION TO DO the washing, mm nj and conking in a mall, gouiooi Aiiietican tu'iiiiy. Can be -een at No. !) Cliarlea -I. YOUNG (Hi... WISHES A FITUATION KOK HEN. _ ara! hoiiMtwo. 2 >n a small prival family; bait city re. fcrence. Call at tlj East 41at at,, for mo daya. A BITUATTON WANTED?TO CitOE Wa>U AND 2a Iron, or as cbauta.'ruia d, lit a small fa ill Call at 3'2 8 J av , til.( r.oor. A AREFPRCTABLB GIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO do general I.oum-wo k 111 a eiunll'e family, or to lave csie 0 cl.i dren do line wat'ilng. no ob eotion to " " "ntr good piiy r. l'ereuee. Apply at 172 W est iigd t 11M KG M fit., lu tUe 10 15. A VCUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO COOK. ix wa.1.1 ?nd iron; da ohjovii'ius to d i th? lioust'wo la of ; * : ll! '? -">?><! re I er en ceo. ( all ai 225 Weat 21at ai.. b- twern Mlb m;d An ?va. ? A YOUNO O^RL WANTS A BITUATION TO DO ho..Be c ork u, n ?mill |,rvate family; g.g?d lefercaooa Co 1 at 11- \\ fHt 2i ih at., top itoor. ? RhopEl fARLH YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A BITUA . \ l ot ai a ly's m.i.1 and eeji' .aire->?; is a lO".| drem innrer and. family acwer, t all at 740 3d av., near 40 h ek. for two days. ' a YOlNO WOMAN LATELY LANDBD WANTS ? Z\ r Ma w>'i to d?> housdnrork in a private latnuj Call nt 124 ileury nt. A SITUat )S WANTKD-BY A PROTESTANT GBR. in 11 '-'.rt, to mind chil.lien nnd to do obatnberworfci understands sewing lagttir. at IW Bt'i art. A RESPECT AW LB YOUNO GERMAN GIRL WANTS aslt iation .n a lamdy to do general h.uaework, wliee. the Lei man language la spoken. Good taiarences Call at 13 nth nr. ARirSPKCfABLK U1TIL WISHES A BITUATION AS chamber.naid and wadreaa. Caa glv# tb. I.e-t ot stt* referunca. t an be aeea for two daya at W Vfait tbta at., urar oth ave. ? RESPECT A BF.K YOUNO OIRL WISH'S A Sl'UA Hon t a good family to taae care of oli.ldren. or to d . I ;b> I ou ework. ia very obliging, km I to children t all at 5u2 2d ave., eoi oer of J tb at., se.bnd , cor. front room. Caa be aeea Iwruvoila a APF.iPKnfAPLR YOUNG GIRL WISHES A 8ITOA Unn at it.l ami do plain sew a*, ar do ctaa barwora ami * l *a oe seen * i ? ?? fi?'ia wvrvf m nt tin gi I whUih^. Uo ?a mtr nfereiiod caa t>* g\ f-.r tno days at N.6 We?t Slat at. t RESPECT A SLR OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS .'V u 1.1. id and wnroeaa, or aa laundress. Can ba yeen at bar oraaeul emp.ojer'*, 117 Kaat I7tb an \ Rlt?PKCTAMLB OIRL WANTS A SITUaliONTO \ do the pla.n o^king. waibing and Ir'-olng o: a ?stall fa* ; Lias good Uy refrietica ? i:a I for two daya at M TVo?. Uth at , between bth and 7th ava A KF.srn.CT\HLD! WOMAN WANTS A SI40 atmu h oli'in ormald and ?> tress; In 8 nu ob e< i oa to go a sit. rt dstance in li e ronnirv has ,<e>n city ref? frmn iter lad mace. Can ior tw i day ai 333 bbt.i al_ be-.tareeu tb and ink a a., flrai Uo. r, aack room. AI!i..BI'KCTABLE YOUNO WO.MtN W ISH .'.H A SI TU ?? un tooook. wash and iron In a small e lvate tamliv; good ruferance can be g.vea Call ai 113 It rat 20tb au a BKAPECrAllLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU 7k ati ui to <1. cl.a nbernork and waninuand pan #ew t SirUAIlON WANTBD-BY A YOUNG OlKl, 13 2V je ua ol age I*, t .ke ciire of children in I mn'.e her-eif u cful I ail nt 2io Ae?t L.tti at., between out and 7ili a.a A COMPETENT W 1N t N P'MRIOA RWATION AS tcod pain e >ok au'i r and miner; ra.i l? -ve.i rt coinnieniie.i iron, pr.-.vtQt einp.uyrr'a. 47 W. -tJ .1st * HI.SPKCTAP'.K YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUA. 2\ lion aa hou?.'keei rr. or chamberms'd or wn i.r?8 oe carver; good lefercn a t all until suited at 231 / ak A SITUATION WANTKD-BY A YOUNO Wi.MAN AS lai.ndie?? in.i c i*inbernta'd; can do up :>ne mnaliM and Fr-net llut ng; be.t ol city r.;.reaga Call at No. I fcaat -8t.i at, o or tbc atvb o. * SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN. AS ? i nuiae r.nj seam tr-aa or ol.amtveimai I and ?v,.itre*a, h*? n i o:r e it. ii ?. h. ro .i.try. Cail oo or ad. ra*j 1..2 jtk at, betw een 3d and 4ib ava A SITUATION WANIKD-BY A RIBPKCTAHLB glr., to do g' o -r*i ta k. Call at 3.9 8ih *v . bw t ?. n 32d aa.l Aid -ta ' . AEESPECTA Rt.R MARRIED WOMAN WANT^ a aitiiallou aa nrt niiiib. Apply corner I.Hal at. and Ilk sr.. Ha> le,i. tor two day < ASiritATtON W A NTK I)?TO COOK, WASH AND irou fur a a ?>rU pnvnto la illy; ban K<Hiacttv rvari'nc# rrom ber la-t placa. t'ail lor ttv daya at l;4 West/tfih-a A ?BAMHTRKSH WOULD LIES TO BNOAOK WITH 2k aotne lad ea to ?< w by the day or week; undcraiaud* all kiadaof famny tawiuf Can ??'k .>n ladies .tre-a. ?; caw do bra ding and am broidery. Call at 120 Weal Jbtti at., so* ond tloor, rrool romn. A PROTESTANT GIRL WISHBB A SITUATION IS a stit8II farnl y. to do housework; no object.oa logo in tbe count.y. Oaii at .03 7lh av. ARESPKC T A BLR YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITU, atl.'a aa eba.oner uald and waitress or to teke ef children; no objection to the country. Cel. at 132 11am mond si A RESPECTABLE GIRL DERISEE A SITUATION, IN cttr er ? niintty. aa dnwrn stairs domestic: vvm.i base n>> ob t ct.ou to uo ctiamoerwork and waann.a or no.ia* work Good references Ceil a' .178 8th av a so,ui eient fiH either of t ie atgiye rapMOlita Ileal ol city rtletcr^jig. Xpp y at I li Weal S'.th at. cln.oaefe wAabtng. ?>U 8A94I bth ar? In the Ian, t ili'k ARShpkciANlTh WhL. irwty.M >f7 |T"? ? I a in ? in n aa v >ok In a ft rat c hat honrd ntf h'euae or to a prl vale family; la a Drat rata nae..r. call atWest li t at., n'ar mh ar. APRENUH PI RRoN WISHES TO GO WI Tit A . Umliy t*> llavan 1, h* lu iy a maid. It a yo .il dv ?? B.ak?r. Good refi ren-ea Addreaa M. M. L . No li West It'tIt at., betwaen fltti ami 4th ava. AYGUND GIRT, WaNTi A SITUATION To TAKB ear# or e I dren *>r a ai t In light Ui>'iie.?.irs. n .. leoUon Hi g# a abort dl utAo* In the rrtuatfy. l.eai tit,, r# leinmei. Call at 23Coniuiai.a at. la tbe ba r . art Ml TUATION WANTI O-BY A I'ROTI'M I AN f GIRL. Id yea a ot age. aa nursn, In go In lite ni-intry during the summer nion.ha Can Ik- aeeu at bar last empl..ver a 77 Ceotia et., Irotw 9 to 3 o'nl. e*. A HIGHLY RSHPCCTA RLE PERSON WiSHIS A atluat'on aa seamairaa*. la a rompeient draaamaiteri can d" ell tlnii af plain an I laaoa ernrfyag braiding e n. b.-olderiea. An. Good reeouiiueadalloii. Ai>p!y at 193 M ar.. batweta 1Mb and Iwl eta , la tbafltaap store Af REM AN COOK WANTS A SITUATION IN A Hrat Haas fa-nUy; baa ao ob aeiloa to going a short dla. A ?suae In the eottulpr Ha ct4y raferaai a. Arp v (?' !"?? daya allA Waanington at, *>mar Sprlag. from I to ? o'c oek Nle'ih avaatta ears paea ??e deot,

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