Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 6, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 6, 1864 Page 3
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SITUATIONS WABTID-FKMALSI. ^ A NUMBER ok WELL RBCOMMKNDItT) GERMAN f?ru?i?s waul amiaiiou" M i?.a. ob?a?bermaid? and leundi< ?>?? u ra?a and aula for bou-^.verk- l0-> Alt. LOME'S institute 17 Stanton at., near tha Bowery. A MIDDLE AGED WOMAN WlSHK.S KMPL->Y M LNT J\ ? * pilvate r?ntl'*, to do *> lung and timing 0> tha day or Wrek or iu a lauadrv ; can gt>e the best city rel'er e. ('all at 14 K.-'i at., m mid ffui r. iu the rear. ?nee. AMITUATION WASTED - TO COOK, W A Hit AN D Iron, in a small pr va a family, or to do ehamberwu It and walilng; pood city releience. Call at 4-1 Htti iv?., ner.r M r at at AS T"ATK>.V WANTED?BY A BKftPBCTABLPI v ? u? w in ta. lately landed. to du barai.erwork ami M .all vaih'u. "r wi Id <io fenera! housework lor a private u'n iy. Iu |Uira at Hi 7ib av. * bit Cation wants ?as plain cook and J\ washer a id iro ?r, .n a -mall lain iy. Oilr icleiince. Can be .-eee ai l.h V t?t IV.b it. A BRSI'F.OTAULK Cl'tL WANTS A SITUATION AS J\ nurt i and .e.m-d-ea?, good e ly .efeieucca t an I'C M<-a at tier pres.-ui ...p o. er a, at 2(50 Stb av.. corner S.dh it A TOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION TO DO J% general Louaetvork; undvialanda plain cooaln? wash. In* and iroa ug and milk and bolter; ran no object on lo the country; cdv references can be given. Call at HUH Last rath il. lop lioor, baok room. A TOUNO 01RL WISHES A RltUATION, AS SEAM si! sir^Mi: ha.-> lio objection to do ttht chimwrworlt. Ti o keat city reference giveu. (Jail lor inn day* at (4 Went loth it , naar 6ih ar A SITUATION WANTED-B* A tOURQ WOMAN AS A children a nura< : no objection to go a short distance m tbaootinny. can be aoeu tor two days at 4J Rank at., between Bleecker and ttli ate. GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS COOK, WASHER and troner. Can be seen for two day:, at 2d'1 13th at. A SITUATION WANTED?AS GOOD COOK. BAKER, wa-ber and Irouer; no o -.fiction to go to the country. Hood city references Call at 300 Weat 16lh at.. b. ttveen Slh ?nil 9lb era. A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A TOUNO OIRL, TO lake care of children: can embroider. Can be eeeu from id mi 4 o'c ock at ber last place. A] Went llitli at. A RKSPKCTAUI.E TOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SIT A nt.:ion to cook waah and Iron; no objection lo go a anort diautuee in the country. Call for two days at 412 7th avenue. APROTE8TANT TOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUA tlon to do p .In work; la a very go >d washer and iron' ar Applv at h.-r present situation, No. 9 Madison square, for two da a A TO UNO OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS COOK, washer and Ironer in a ataall family: haa good eitv reference. Call at 16-. Atlantic Brooklyn, second iloor, rear ruom, for two davs. ARR8PECTABI E OIBL WJP': a SITUATION TO do general b i-ework; I? . rate washer and iron ar ana plain co ? has goo reierenoe from her last place. Call at No. 8 Vundev er i., I?- two day a. A N AMERICAN WOM I WOULD LI KB A SITUA. ?A t on as housekropci .or a fainil thai would like to Mace tlie clt lor a >.? mnutha. or to take care of an Inva lid; taeve-y ray worthy of tea tuat on Inquire for Mrs. Seiyer. 117 Pth av., between 43lh and 49th sty.. In the rear. A SITUATION WaNIED-BY A PI K8T CLASS cook; underatan :a raak'1 kinds of aoutia, jelllea ?nd pastry iu ail their bran . ob ectlons to the eoon ' rv; best of city refer trv; heat of city referencea v. ?;? at AW 6th a between *Jth and .'k tli sty, A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS ^ norm- and chamber maid In A private family. Cnu be eeeaalher last amp,oyer's, 13 Weat Slat sL A RESPECTABLE OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS A firs: class cook, and la willing to assist In the plain part ?f the washing If ruqu red; cau give the tie t ot city refe rence. Can he seen at 192 7vh are. A CAPABLE TOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITl'A tion ax Mn.ii stress; can do all kinds of faurl r sewing; eroold do el. ?m ber work; prefers tbe country; beat city referen-e. Call at or address IZD Weat 26th n A N HXl'HRIRNCKD COOK WISHES a SITUATION ? in a prl ate family; good city reference. Call at 137 feat 13th si, between 7lh and 8th are. i respectable widow lady wishes a situ A tlen ua housekeeper, nurre or seamstress or to tiarel With a lady. Address or call en M. L., 1.6 av, C A OIRL, JUST COME FROM IRELAND, 18 YKaHH of age, wishes a situation to do 1' hi housework or (a hike carc o! children. Cm be getn for two days at 28 Tbomas sL, la Ide grooerv store. AN OF1IOER 8 WIDOW, DESIROUS OF A DOME, JfV about 30. a means and poaitinn, oil ts her servlcen tn a ?dy as compAnl in, In or m nr tile < Ity; yghirj no .bjeef tbn beat of references given and re jnlre <,?:f a: !he n oma >' tbe CbriaUan Alliance, l1 u.very.ty btilldiif, Waautagtvn ?qua re. A SITUATION WaN'TFD-AS COOK, BY AN ETPB rleuced young t- o ..Uei Sl nd? her 1 a . Ir. ?11 Its bran.-bes; bay no ob> tlon to ar?'-t In o &, inaarnl Cn Itvg; bed ef clkf r< f I'fmcea. C?il aid! tit-lust., in i rear. A fOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS NUU8B J.1 and scan a'r- ae, or would dochamberw r-; and --.? n washing. Can coma well recoMoecded. Call ful twoda.a ft 2117th ar. YOUNG OIBL, NOT LONG FROM THE OLD emihtrr, wania a situation In ar-m abl : fiytultv to lo chain tie -vork rmnl uhlldren. Ua en ;i gutted M9S Weat Houetoo at., room No. 9. A TOUNO WIDOW DEdlRUS A IIULIWKKI- KI'HX'| y-t 'slion In a widower's fs , y. Good f.iiiTVKScA Address M. E II., New.Xork Poet office. a FROTPSTANT OIRL A SITU ATI ON AS J\ waitress or ouambcr tin I- Jltyoreo.ii rv He t ra fsrsneea Can he urn lor two days v. 2m bth li d the fauey (tore. X TOUNO OIPL WISHES A 81 i CATION To D ) J\ chainbei work aad walling or to take oart of children vail at 43 Sullivan at. A OIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO DO GENERAL housework; nr face Irom her last housework; n<> objec.ion to the emntrv; gr:-d refer last pl-.ce. Call at lit Weal 18th at A TOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION, TO DO t housework. Call at 193 Weat 40th at, between itbkfo Pth av*. A BITfA TON WAN TIT) -BY A YOUNO UIRU I# .-urn oi 13c, to nlod ilHicn ordo llfhi work. Oood Rtforenco. Call at 210 #a?l JJlu at. SITUATION \TAVTKn_BY A YOUNO GIRL. TO PO ttn-ral bonacwotk, in ft ?ir?' rr4 vr family: no oh Jom'lnfi to , i i<< the 0'iu y foi i?i, t m -r, b-M rltr r> i"e Jon. o. Call M her laat (la? SI Ni>'1 - i -oe, near 2d ar C1ALTYORNIA-A Bi-ISPKOYAlLB AMEBIC a N wo. > man. ?gad 27 wiio'd ;r 10 p- :o oilf -nta ?Uh ftuillv ?a 'i in.*, wo 1 ne fjuui l*J I " with children. A<tdrr?ft K, N i 9 Smith M at., tV4' tinibiwi. F V1 T.I ,n hlTPi Mt.P WITH IIIft i h-HVA-JTS. a* oerr-'tld., lwundr-aaei, untKi wud fur Lhi -rft: bi n. ?-?ork, ftl Mr?. dl'k'W lai-lp -atftmlabad Uorm ii aarv.nU' oflUo, '."vt Klltnbe'.li St.. near Honalon. HOUKBlKfcr ?W\NTRP. by a MIDDLE AOED lid . of eipi'rii-nce a altuniloa an kcuMk-ep-r ?r ?overn-aa in ao-ra hrlallan family. A Mreaa L. M. O,, Brooa'vn Boat alUro, .or on# weak. T aUNDRKSR.?A SITUATION WANTED. AS LaUN. 1j drc??, by a renpectwhl- and art'ee onn; r omii. Can 00 ao-n at AM or., bolweeo S?'h and 83th ata. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RUSPBiTTABLR YOUNO ? rl tu do cbnmbarirork and walilnp la a priaoto family. Boob reference glran. Call "t 2M Spring at. SITUATION WASTED.-A LADY IB PES I ROUS OF . i.ulu n; a altnalloa lor a ftlrl aa rKftnberm.l' and aoa-r a or a" nii'w and nwaniati-aa > en rocnmn.-nr hep ?ar? i.ighly n elthe - reuaetty Appiy at 11/ Went JSlU n. SITUATION WANT1D-BY A TO- NO V OMAN, AS noatn'ornill 1 end wnltr-e fn * pr'.raie family, '"ft" at bi? jima* il ?? v;i>i ?, ft Eaal kclli at. SITUATiC * W AN i .)-f?V A pi BpECTAEIMt GIRL, ?- nm e and A* r -ana.. ?i 1 refertnner ai jrty be.wc J and b, al 12 4? il lr e: SITUATION WANJRD-PV A V . ABT.ETOUNO girl ?? wai?r-a?; no obi-' ? U ' efcambar* rk, aad fa * I4'ng lo go In tha ? f>i< rrcr n.opfla heiiofcll, . ? -jncr. Can on < ra t - '.yae.d'l Tth eaeoue. gITUATION WAN'Ii 4 -? v A tfi'Tieo %trl, to d" gei ? . ? > . -r Ca. ?.1 A aat 3td at, tr tb<> ba?einent, for .?? ? ? ? SITUATIONS WANTED Ttv TV ft1 T TftO "A HI B rouiiggirW. Iba flral a"cwn'ai" a t and to ? ?*>? In -ft'iiugioi Ironing; lUe n:ir?c -o.l cV.n 0-. roaid; tne third aa lann trea" ?? '1 r~.j; pood ;a.".i-nc? If m,inr-i' Can'i? aetiii for wo i'*'i* ?' '23 llt'j rl , he* twaen a-a P ftnd C, Ural floor. VlTUATHlN WANTBD-^Y .. il . i ar "oo|, <-a*h-r and Ir-not; hai i t mrlr <>11 0- "fail ur..l cu.ngi I ft atwern fth ta J 7*h arc. OfTCAl ION W,?NTRD-B." A HE I-AfBCY T-AND. O sd lo do i,i t rral hiiiiaav or'? In i ?mt.i ' min, call ai gW'Miin , a co'd Moor, hai 4> ro in ' r n Mil kT US WANTRI1?BV t lOUPO WOMAN LAtB y4?|?dil, t do p iioiwi bi"?i?-ork. I On i'tn ?t 13i la *'. ? SITUATION WANTro ?" AN I* Y' TB' EN'fKD ?7 ?oi 3| ? -I, In a ii'kwhi * 11 da ihwm bat" work and cat li.y. or u do pli nv np .? .. ?' c 1/ ? ?f. f.n .1 h ' 'all 401. tin ba a . till fna*f* ' atb-IMYftl* a?., Brookipu. SITUATION WANTUO-RV A RSEPB' AI?L* YOUNO wo.nan or lai ndr-alj i n >T't*ail* l.rr liotlnoi w-rffu'lp; haaiftc b- ?? f c .. rr ri'i e ?<-be to- i lor tw j L;i at ?9 Wad Wi at. ?no PUBT'TBHBRA -A PI PAT . f.AI.S BNQLf dN fcaDY J ariiai w< old liat to .moi i.'ioio fot - aohl'Sbar. R at rofwunc-n ?id. Addraa-. U. O M., b..t I.Mi TliMlt ofll. o TE J YC4'N(J Ol U,rt WANT HI f I'AHOKh?CNR AR ?' i an 1th'' olb-r an tin etira <r?ltr U: boa's rp ra>-raco Call for day* ai lift f aat ' Id rf. "tWO EIP.TRRS Err?H S1TUATI'lNS?CNK AH PLAIN 1 Mok ?ft"her'iid iroaii or w idd Utfca Ril ?n b>fwork i.i.d waitlna. tin v r a> ft chl d a nu-ar; la a in- g ril rold ? ?f cr l .'idlpo. ilftfa lb- t aai of <f'/ ninniw. |. fori ' 0 ftjaa-i'S Eftd Ho"iiitoii-I lap loir. A'- A4 HRTCAN WIDUW URT Of m l ra abti.ty, .wlthoi.l a home, a (ml r i ft " iiioiT-r a A?m l?, or wwold a i a* ? lft.lj;rn )h atloua to -rare I'm, o fftmll) ftUri" my wort wn :i hr n ,i?rd. rv- i .rt>i'r larilmiaiaad l ' . ' . bo: I'-d l'a. ..i'4 "Bon. *. IE PR T t Rf N iV.jl'AN, AFlkf - ,.?? .. -? idm m lia r-oon - rofoi,.-or. ' -i 9V ?? ,ac>.on li m -aii r-fti ?i? i4--. Cm iw wrft Kaar .i it ' 's4 Ho r, ;"oo< | A"!., > r'irUAflON T A I |||| CTATT.E " ft ?n. ft o fa nil. j do gitni; ' ? rt ' n co r. ?ond I- at"' f e ? ? ? i i n giro I -nfai mr* if r" >"0 .!? ?, li ? ot au. . kt IU y, H fE?.'9#?r#T A NIGH. TiDV. nr h<*nw#Wor* ? ? i'h r 4 if.n ?; nr w Uo 51V0 ?? SITI'ATIUU WA5ITEO-FEW ALES. ^ NTTANTED-TO TAKE IN LADIES' ANU J'**1j-*' VV men'a washing. bv a respertqbla w":n*j'' *?.h ' the dev. Coll Hi 2.4 steal *Xh ?'?? b?t*?*a *tU *uJ ttUi *" ' fl-at luior, front room. _ _ __ W'ANTKD-A SITUATION. JJT AkT?UJ,t'i Vebeic. ce W ehambermad and laundreaa. B?l c ty releie. to Call at 177 ta t iilb at. UriNTRri-BV A VOHN't WIDOW LAUV. A SITU A \V ucn L uaf *ling w?:?? 47'"-. ?*?. ' hkI'bTWgoM at., near Mi ???a- i ???... n vv day* at 161 7m av.. betweeu l'.t'i * I -> b <?? VV fANTKO-HY a TOt NO ?U WITH A r' U F8H In... i of nilik, u i>a )>? t) ?t u -rse a. It r - n i a: ilame. Can be Been lor two eya a 69 East at. 117 ANTED?BY A PROTESTANT GIRL M TKaRd W oT. a situation to do housework or to n eisi o il-e earr Of children. Karelleui c ly r. feruiicta. Call a 3. h?n WANTFD-A HITUATfON AS COOK, BV A RR3PKC tabio girl: referI'UO-a Irom present ain|.lover; is will ing to a.-e'siTn tl.e w..?li ng. Apply at 3d !*asl itltli at. ^ WANTED?A BIT CATION. BV A KKSI'ROrABLB Prulestuut woman, ns eliamh.iruiaid or nurse. In quire lor Mia. A. Miller, at o*7 Madison at., up amirs. TV'ANTED?A BITUATION, BV A TOUNG GIRL. AS V* cook to go Id the countrv ami take rb-uge of and butter. Cau be seeu at 26U Weal Stub au tu iue rear Wanted?a child to wet nurse at iikr own res'deuce. 212 East gist at., by a young, bealmy woutau, who has lost her baby. WANTED?A BITUATION. BV AN BXPERIENLBD woman, as cook; one who tborouably understands her buslnc *. Csn furnl-li the best of city refer-nee from families with whom she has benu leaving with. Alan be seeu for two days et 131 East 2dd at., near 3d a v. WANTED?BY A YOUNG. HEALTHY MARRIED Wo man, a baby to wet nurse at her owu res 2e Franklin av., Brooklyn; nous but those of rcapec'i N' ty need app'.y. Call from tl A. M. to 4 P. M , for three day WANTED?A BITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE jouny glf, lately lauded aa plain eo"k. wash, r and Loner. Has the beat of references Trota her last employer, 2(10 Weal 28th at ___ Ur ANTED? BY A RKSTECTABLE YOUNGIOIRL, A siiustlou as scan at.era, or seamstress and to assist In ahamht-rwork; has good cliy references. Can be aeeu at her present employer's, 30 Wist dial at. _____ WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A 81TUA tlon to do general housework; has lived three y ears In her la t place. Cail for two days at 193 7th at'., between 23d and 21th si a. ___ WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young women, as chambermaid end fine washer euu Ironer or hs cli am barmaid <*nd to euro of children; can procure five ynata city re' re nee irom her la t place. Ap pl? for two days at 141 Weat I'Jth et., 'etween 7th and 8th ava ,'.third l'o..r, WANTP.D-BY A OOOD COOK, A SITUATION; IS w iling to make herself generally useful. Call at 11)3 East I4tll st. WaNFKD-A SITUATION BV A RESPECTABLE TV young girl, sb Ural run laundress; i ierstaiicls all k nd< of line w'.abiu* and I'renrh lluting: has ?> objection to ilie eouulry; lias the very beat of city reierei -t. Cail at 94 . u ut.. near Uith at. IT, ANTED -A SITUATION BV A RESPECTABLE VV girl, as fir't rate colt; ha-, no ub.ect.nn to do tlie oar e washing; the beat of city reference. Call at 394 3d av., near 30th at. VA7 ANl ED-A SITUATION, BY A 8TEADY GIRL, AS V| w aitress and chambeiin tld. Can be seen at her last place, 61 is; place, Brooklyn. 117 ANTFD?A SITUATION, BY A KKSPECTABLR VV glr', us good plain cook, washer and-Ironer. Can he eeen for two days at ?t'7 8tb av.. between 34tb and 3?h ats. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a a tuutien aa v-ei uuiae. Apply atij Henry st.. froi.t room, second door. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A TRUSTWORTHY glil, as good plain cook, washer and irunrr. Cau b. seen at 139 'Hilary at., near Stanton *, Pro >klyn. WANTBD-B* A STBAffV OIRL. A SITUATION AS waitress or chambermaid. Con be eecn at her pre lent employer's, No. 6 Weal Slib at. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, lately lendrJ from the old eenntry, to do house work er lake cafe of children ant) do plain sewing in some respectable private family, where ?' ?< wi'l be kindly treated. Add i ass Sii Pi eel-lent st.. South Brooklyn, cottage house. U, AKTEii-BI A RESPECT ABT.B YOUNG WOMAN, VV a e 'uat en as enhk oi washer and iicr-er; city teic rence. Ai p y at 114 West lYth ?t. Wanted?bv a respectable girl, a sfruA Uon io wait on a'a iy oi take 'he ektrge of growing cbli-reu. no ob ecu-a to t.svsi, good relereares given. Apply at 12 West i, th et, TlflKTIO-l BlfUATtON, BX A WOthAK, TO h j VV genmal hoiDeior, a ..n.H privalt. iat>I1ti no "n Jvett. n to the country C-.-b at Wflvl 1 si:, near Klllougbby, BiuOklgu, for two Aa-s. TIT ANT F D? B V A RFSPEl fvPI.n OIRL. A RffUA VV tion h- lHUhd>e.s ? t?e wvsblng and Ciitln -. (lit ra.'rr-nrs fmud l.w ...U ? ace. Cal for two daya at No. IiS 7'fc hkL * * *~ ' UlANTED?BY A TIDY, f-MAit- OIPL. LATELY landed, an" natl a ?? lie ib-im-ld or to take eare or chi'dren or n-.r ta ??<? ?. Hn no ejection te ge a short d.^ arti Tr. e v.i.nitry. iyi / '"rT two day* at No. 282 C ur; sk, Brooklyn. IV aNT! 1>- BY ? Itl'.d! r.CTAST.B OIRL, A BITBA Vt tlontnn- gereral l.u.)Sewoi? oi alaiuberwcrk. Cail a'. <47Cfrlunibla St., South Rrooi'iyo. * t AN.TD-A SITUATION. BY A RESPRCrxBLE girl, to do genrral bouiework, er ts chambermaid. Ca 1 fur te n d?js nt 151 Degrv * ?! , South Brooklyn. V'AN 1Kb- el' A VURt REMPBCTABLE, CONIC lent Rugl ah women a s'fistiow aa fadr'e maid or ?ekw pre; nnderatanda d-e wr-u'. oe 1 - '* "- ' tv-antei ?a Situation, rt a young omil. es VV r .atnbernrlw and seametreea; iwe use YVtiertvr .? Wtl eon s ee-v ipg luachme; beetr ty reference, l aa ne object'ou to the cw'.ntr ?. t^t.l at 884 So kv., near 30?L at. \\f ANTBP?BY AN ENGLISH OIBL. LATELY LAND W ed a site* ion es nurse or chambermaid, t an be eeen for two days at 112 mb et, between 2d and 3d ava: W ANTHD-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL. A SITU A Ho . to do general housework. Beet of n ference from ber last place. Apply at 24 Beckett St.. neer \en Brunt, Brook yn. _____ ANTED?BY A YOUNG AMERICAN GIRL, A SITU a t on do watting and light charoberwork. Beet of relerrnre given. Inquire at 168 Weqt 2t)th at. I1-ANIF.D-A SITUATION. BY A EBAPECTA VV bis - omen, a* good C""h In a private family ; w<>uni itit'ct wiih tn wiiMor. ftood rtlwenct. Cm M n it 117 Fac tic urert.,Brook\ym. riyANTED?BV A AE-TECTABLK TOUNG AMERICAN iv girl a situation wRh a rvapeiUbie ami.v. Mav be -eea ai >h? h"u?r ol l.vr narvnta, 147 1st -te , third door. Nona but h pvraou of reepectablllly need Inqulie. TITaNTPD-A SITUATION. i'.T A ItBtirECTABLB VV girl as eve ns'reee or chambermaid. Beat of cHy re ferenee. Callut 142 l ??. TV'ANTED? Y * P PR'TTABIJI GIRL. A 8 ITU A t* tion o to bous- ..,) 'or S ? nan pr vete tamily. Beat of citJ reiT-nc-. " ' ? \ uih nr., roemKo. %. i ,'tnTKD-m * C '4PRTBNT WOMAN, A B1TUA I VV tion aa nurs' er e?i| rp-a en Invellj lady. The I > -st of '"ly referee te. apoly et1,233 Broadway, '.n the etoie. it *Nl ED?BY A YCLKO MARRIED 3V OMAN. A \l aituatlou aa we' nurse, 1w- enlid having d ed when only four days ?uf: Is 22 peare <it eae Calllaf AS KiAnklfa av betwe?a Park and Piuehiai Bast Breoh.yn, l?f ANfKD-BY AK AMERICAN OIRL. A SITUATION \V ?s child ? nurse end eseioairees would do grurral nVieew.rk '?r . ? aeli family , no ohieetioa to go to the co airy; g 'O 1 tcftrauoe. Call at ?37 )i)th qv. . *Tpr>?A SITUATION. BT A OIBL. TO DO CN AM VV Ueiwoik ADd plain sewing er nurauiE Oal. at dial it., ?* end door f mm i.roadway. **ta <T. Cr,Y A OIRL. A BITUATION AF CHAM Yl ,a<d or ruree O" honeeworker in a small family; good re'r r P.O. Qq',1 a' 98 Vawdam atrcet. ts-ANTBD?A S IUATION, BY A ItRHPF.' Is Si b VV yo. eg vom in to eo?k wsal and D m or to .1" nous# work; city refaran-i-. Cail at 73 fi-l lEPb A. t'iNiro-4 FITUA1ION, AS NURFk AND TD A8 (V atsi 111 har-i woik aud sewing, h ? s young |irl, "J O in come well rs'ou.mei.deA apply at her employer's, 617 r eel 23d st. ____________________ if ANrrU?A SlfUATION. IN A PR1VATR fAll'f Vl hv I lrl es una nbar-mld and wsltresa r to sew eel cllv te *re:i?s Ce 11 S70 7:ft ay., bctwe, a I d sed 64 k is , llirt i ? ' out it* t \ r' Ca'IiTOATION. AN SPA'V'TRN.-d rt? TO Vi ?,.,i on a ?dj toil children kOlna to l alifornp or "rops iwHi r ty, uGl at tre 1- arge Mo. a*, auies' eai'taca ? H' ANT- D-A BITUATION. BV A VC NO OIKL, VV ia e r land id Ui do l'ghl fliumuenrotk .nd Iskt rare .1 ehtldAn ? ? HI >ve no '? \ f> k" t" tie rot itrt or trr iuioier. G. . ?> 228 ft" A?e? eeeo- 1 Poor, aek A* ANTED?A STUATHlN. CY A Ii I'NG r.IRU n ate v Up ed. ode I l-erv oi k and .v alll-g oh K-tlesa I.) laks ea'4 of rl 111 ICO. fail el 21( Weat tub at, Btwe n 3t i and ittt a es. ? ?? tsTKD -BY A hPSI'f tAI'LR VOUNd WOMAN, |l ' ? s| instion as nuiae sr ,t . ??ama'ri -s; la oumi lent to ;J.s sr-i '? s haby 'mm lt?lis?li,.r ev'd Datel w-th iady" ii' 'he b-at c t.f nit'.' Ua-i be aecn for two ays al I1--) West 2"U a', . . ??? ? rer T* i.n.t airutTlu?' i> a pimtatr Family iV 4 a' i ,|7l to eooh. "" II sed Don , best ylly refer, ore tail at 3,9 ith as., hei.aean 140 and lltb at# , rrst uoer rot room. , nty#MTh.n?A ftlNATICF IN A Pf.lVATF, FAMfLV, W a fret class .ok. Best city 'el rerue# Can te WMSlfl'J? av. _____ tlf aWTLD-A .-ITU Al ION, BI A WOMAN, AT W washer and ihnari " a g od co*k; . eMertlon to he oonntry Call #t 2<' W?et list It _ _ Wi an ED?4 SITU A11 N ro DO Ml IN a sir al' familj- Gu'?d city iefeir?t?< Is i , >21 t'e-t 5k,-b st. ? _ Hxa"ntFd-by A si^fFCV MILE * It alti-ation in a re p# bio piiv ? fami . e sin 4 r cbamterniaid; has n, rbjectwn logo u tnc e u si' I : . 6kU s for ?w. ile.y >? jLlMiT-A S1TCAU01 h'^ownr ' retaS tu gias *rtrt-' i eiaim ooinlry tlair A'"?J 14 v . i,rA' , for w6 1 aya ' A NT l*?.t ? A FiTUATIOA'. BV '? v Vl aa nitrar. Is ed i . ? ' T* ' ?Inyseddl' kleis-.f fin vv'' L l' "1 regard in iiliurH'>r *ni gen*ml _ toft AmioUas t>?n ,? . liMrttn Alpi or I nji-n: \.ouU o? *.iti it i ?.u!eiu? s?'4rv u A ? SITUATIONS M Wl!STEn-MVI.K1. A YOUNG "iliXri.l JdAN. 00 * KAI18 ( V AGK WOULD ilk* a a: mat n a oi rk or* si?iant bookkeeper; beat ie sieuoea gi\ en. Lima ko Prank 11., Herald oflice. 4 YOUNO OENTLSMAN. THOROUGHLY EDUCATED Y\ end f-mls&ed with u-e?c I oun t<- i-nbil- in i * >1.nation or lmi ogling ry uni.l rally i ?ni ?ltd the dmi- ? ha n. ij ? i . wired to perform. 1 ?????? rev i.r loo dai*. U. S., Iletaid o.i ??. i ? i'Rirr.STANT siviilk ham h ams \oy .'V rui n* < oucu, he I LI11V i.ul 'ra ?n.i, ?i uu i .c. ! in ? o. v rA.'-ct Very best re.ereuce alien. A . i< *i I . j h. . .. J 11-rulJ oTee. An f n t lk m a n from kngi ? vn. wro I'lShr- w ?wper'e afll . r ? uimI I e nk ,ir . o; ?i t ?r,.n agocl' i-,, t i i... > i . .,u on. r -t ;| a,i emolument. A-ldrwa 1 \! .., eta,ton IC, Mb a. I A GKHMAN' WHO SPEAK* He il AN WRITES 4 t' f English In ;gn l'u> >i. ' ?'??. i ti.?"t with mi ? in n.' nam. would prefer a wh?.'uea'? or retail h-"' an I ?*'<?<? ?'nie. be a'of tnftti i-ncea. AUiiieas 11. t , Washing.ou i iwile House, 27 Xieluucey at. \ YOUNO M \N WANTS A SITUATION AS PAIt tellder with city refr, nci: will work Ht moderate wegea. Apply lor one week nt 5 .6 filh ?v.tcur?er of 8.'tl at. VOUNO MAN. WELL RDUCATKD, A BLE TO Kilt nlHb the best of references, anil of considerable expo, rirnee In Keeping aeeounta. would like sanitation In a ? rat clae." broker' o re. Salary noi#k much an object a? a ?tt n.-<turn In a r.ood house. Adilrnaa for two uaia W. 11., Unl'eit State* Hotel. A81NOLE VOCNQ MAN. a FBW MONTHS IN THIS country, war la a situation aa groom and cM'hmin; steady ilrlver, and well acquainted with therlty; un o''iee Hunt to the country; good reterenofl. Call at or address lt3H 7tb av , betwern iSth atul loth ma. ATOUNQ MAN OF STEADY IIA HITS. GOOD Will ler. willing to make himself uneml wl-o reside* with Ills parent*. ran obtain ? | ernmneat at'nation at Woicotl'a Pain AnnthllaUir oflice. 171 Chatham square, New York. PiARMKRS AND OTHRH8 IN WANT OF RBI.I ABLE male help, atith as fr.rm hands, onachmen, grooms, rnrlenor . serianls Ac., will 0nd a full aupplv at the Large hmplT merit House, corner of Ctb ar. and lltb St. Also female help. MARINK TNSITRANOB-A Y- UNO MAN FROM Lloyds, London, w elfins ' ilrefthe Amartcan sys tem, nlTirs hia servicca on ? ir <?? ., ua lerma. Keforeucea auhalautial. A Idreas A Jai man. New Urtghtnn, S. I QITCTATION VYANTED-BY a t'OUN'l MAN. AS BOOK. 0 kreyer; >a acquainted wih *11 the dntlr* of the office, ami in conversant .with the ?inrman language; salary email; best of references glteo. Addresa B U , box 400 New York i'oat SITUATION WANTED-RY A TOUNO MAN (ENO lla'j i to travel with a gent eman or as waiter In a. prl rain family; has the b hi rerarenoe iu this city, addraas for two daya B. O., 43 3d ar. TO rHOTOOKAPnF.RS?WANTED. RV A YO'INO fcotekman. energelle and of .ood uddiiua, a p?al'lon In a Drat clans photographic slmllo to unit upon cuabniiera and attend to the general business; is a good landscape diaughtaman. Addreas I). K F.. IN -n dotl ,e. rro tradesmb: and others-a youno man, 1 having live lioura' leisure time during the day would ht g'ad i# Improve the aame n writing, copying or arrang Ing tradesmen'* books; l* an eipericnced bookkeeper. Aa drees J. W., Herald odice WANTPiD-BY A YOUNO MAN, A SITUATION AS cos hman Can be seen at lbs Herald oQlce for two day*, from lu to 4 o'clock, WANTRD-A RITUATIOV. BT A YOUNO MAN. IS tea'* of age, a* waiter In a botel, In city or country, or as porter In a dry goods stoic- la n l afr*l I to work; la a Pio'estaut, and a native of Belfast, It-eland; on v a few months In the country. Address 8. G\, Herald olllce. WANTRD-A 8TTUATION AS BOOCKEErSB IN A wholesale amid' atid to' erco mnuufactory; hey loo. eroeylenoo: or n a wholeaa'r ho'tae aa manager. Addiess for th ee dare. A. B , Hera d nil re. VX7 ANTPD?A SITUATION AS COACHMAN AND TT groor.i by a t nung man is a first rsie groom and can 'ake thi entir. rhergr of harness and carriage", ran produce the very be?t ol references a* to character and sobriety. Ad dreas F D., boa -.'11 Herald e.'Ve. WA*TEn-BY A YOUNO MAN. A SITUATION TO y .rkln a wholesale atore. Apply at fjfi Columbia street, flouth Brooklyn. WANTED-A IM ITATION Afl BOOKKEEPER IN ANY mercantile onjlucta; good refeience. Addresa R. D. R.. Hcraid on e vv ANTED-A Ci.RP.K8tl IP IN THE PA'MASTRR R. t^uarterii aster's or Adjutant Geueral'a Depaitn-ent of the army, by a youny man who has nerved a f ill nf aervlee. two yeare of * hlch wa? aa clerk In the Quartermaa tei a and Adjnfart Oeneral'e departmenle; Is a graduate of ll.iT'a Coiumereial ' q-mg?, and can produce testimonials as to ckaraotee, oH' tv Ae. \ddreaa, staling term*. I>. J)., box 7d Post otTice. Cum hat land, Md. VL AHltO-A M fUATION, BY A YOUNO MAN WHO baa gra b ste.' ,.i the Netv Y.trk frcr A'tdeinv. Ad d #?s Jam . C*no er, Ne> York Free Academy, corner or Lcr tytuu ate end i it WAN"FD-FY AN l'NOLIBnMAN, A 8ITUATI0N an In do. r sen ant ; thoroughly understa.- V> ids Ilutles: Is willing to mrke himself generally rueful-no oh jetton to u,? country | age 34. Address W. P., 07 West Ifith ?i, usar Mb ar. WANT3D-FY A YOUNO MAN FROM SCOTLAND. A iHualleo as In door servant: thoioughly understands bi - dut>e , no tbn ct-on to make htmsell gensralty uae.hil; and n ai d slogla. Address R. J., 07 West lltb at., near 6tb or*. WAN-TED-BY A MAN. 18 TEARB OK ACK. A BITU TT aiioa a* a hover tn a yobblag straw goods hones; bra had seven ?.-?.? experlrnca In manufacturing straw goods, an J facia eon* lent of hla ability to buy flrgw <ti? si 'he Icwst prices; or would act as Agent !q bliyTnf Tof ag'N.I Western bouse, e'ther oo a ealar> ?>r on e-snt'cisslou Ad dreas for three d*j a Q. H W.. ifersld i Oce. TXT ANTED?A 3ITUATION A 8 SALhRMAk' OR OEVP. TT ral business maa. In some good Jobbing diy go .i?nr Tanks* noiirn house, by an aciir# w-au of lenc e?p.-rlen e In the dry jtnod* hasinese iu ll is State and tbe West; would not oVact <o :r??e'. p?rl of the Uma, city reference given. Aud-eee k. H , statmn Bh * \\rANTF.5-A eWUlfli? AS T*ATF.LLIN(I OR ?T lorai salrauisD, to eell any patented or eg pr arttclea, by aamt/.e er <>'ber? taa. that in. merit, by one who baa l>?d twelve rams'experience. Andreas for one week, staling where an interview can be bad, W. R.. bo* 118 Herald oflice WANTED?A FITCATION. BY A YOl'NQ MAN AS ooachmsn And groewt, In a private family; eity cafe rrnoes l an be seeu fer two d .vs at Mi. Water's harness ?tore, oraer of I ah et. and Bros sway. WANTED?tT A RESPECTABLE YOUNO MAN. A ?in.alien as (renin: thoroughly understands hit busi ness Best city ieferec. es. Apply at 400 Clb av. THa Tn AUKS. AP!?.?' r;i ,L MECHANIC IB OPEN FOR AN KN ? ? rt.avha' J the poaitioc ef chief eny:netr on ocr- - , aiao sti|ier:nteaded the electing of n ? chiner * countries. Has ne objection* to go abroad again add -? M. D. R., Hnrald oflice. AND FHOTOORA 'HIC OPERATOR A? Ri 'ji AND P w ? ted at 087 Bowery Baker at 10 Dumlnlck et Apply beta ecu 10 and la u clock BKAF8 FINIHH KBR.?SEVERAL GOOD PRsdB FIN Uhert and tuiueia wanted by B. C W mi. 179 -tURKiEKB wanted ? apply to hoy tbhoi herb, .J 210 Elilfldge at. First cla38 watchmaker r ?.ntt d-oxb who ea.i bring tbe beat re.-omi.-iendatl - *. can p.ocute a good iltuatlon by applying this dav at No . Maiden l?ne. d wo it\:ra between 10 A. M. and 0 K. M., lo E. fc. Young. To ge io ? booth", n eltv. Four firft clupb rnoTO'iRApflic operators, aiC'istoeiod to "elu work, wantej, *0 xo Houtii. Appj on y 8 bstwesa h ant 4 P. M., st -hn of -a or IcovtU Mannfauliteii.g Co . No. 4'Icrkniaii 41. U?od . ??. will he glrea to ihevrnghly reliable man. GARDKNUR ?WANTTD, A klTUAl ION. BY A VOUNO man ae gardener b*? h-d ten ? eare' exrei|e' e In a Lrat < .aa* fiower. vegetab.i an ' fruit gsrtlen la i'utoie; t? willing to make hftnaelf gararhlly tt.orul. Call or, < ? ad tirssa Air broee J'lte, 49 Fast I coadway N. Y., for two days CNARDKNEK'B FltC/TION W?N ED BY AN B\ f nerlsnced inon, wit . goo .I referun n. * note ad tressed to C.V. M . Btarleton, Htalen island. 111 bo attended to AltliRNHP. AND A8B18T CiTW ANTF. i>?ON A 8M4I T. T p!s< ? uear the City jiuvt thoroughly understand the: r business and coins wet', re omme tded. App ytoM. C. H. irlg.te*. No t . 'Tan St.. between i ami J O clock. GArDENER WANTF.D-ONE JW1IC IB FBRFBOTLY espsb'e o' m.snagin; hot and ooi , graperies, and out 4 or rapss. l? its tio.verk ?o. The he t recommends! nn requ i cd. 4d -se B. W.. Dot ji.v F?-.*t , .uce, N. Y. MAuiiimrrt wanted?two iteady danin rq ,.o a ebirt n thi o-t nt v, on lathe v. ork ,' rpvkiug fine ti aU. Ap.i, to C. E. V bile A Co., f7 Nassau St., Kse.i^nt NtiTIO'4 TO flTRBf. T KAlLKOaD COMPANION. Y atliec hv an expnitencid n sn. a position t< ? iperi tea taut or i pslr* o-i cars; Is oractloally aequn-ttid Witn . li? duieren . tsni t ea: also <-?n petent ,o auper-nte 1 t roaving mora ef a ru-td Addie-s L. ll.,.Uera'u i .,cn, lei OTOOKPHIO PRINTFR AND TONLE TTtNfKP, Y nl T* t ,Aller7,'oriier Corlardt and Or <,?. ? P|i } b. f e lO A M. rpo bob? faKft i?want n. rv a ft iam* msN. i t al'n ttmn to t?ke char.e ? a b; f*d, oaks .oh f e bake ty. Call at tit Fulton av., f r- ilyn. rO MIMNG COMPANIF 4 AND OTIIB' 8 ?A FIH^T 0 ,,i ? .etptliirgtral ehem' .1 \nrt nsaayer wiebs- a povition as e'inoritii -n en or others u r; L'allfurnla Merlco or comb A it fries peferred. Address d ? ng tbe acnk R. A. M , BUttua O, l.l. ? Hroedwe/. ffiO OlTIKRd ?WAN"KD, A FIRST CLANS C TTE t. I to o t ? noe of ' e nr?? Maae homes In the Weil, ftp ply tn .V'm ti.sui rove .11 ' a-i ?? ?? sjyo i-TTotoiHi\77Tt ? -Eur: h 4*.~vWeotti*r I J opefa'.or Oniy ?? see we i 11a need epply et I Mrs Mout-'e ,te,,e.y, v.l -i?i et rPHOTOOioU'i ERN IN NRW ToRK.?FOR BALR. ibe feor- elbuuie eper p?-eee of Au'onv, Kuni t, Krederlov sun L-'tanr: also, the iiinet aupcr'ative procee* of Ue is gun co!l< i. Pi re (>r the five pro-ttsei fiS, on h, Juqulre .? 170 I rlur v at , top tlocr To no<iq cAnrrNTina-v youno Man frcv tii ; cx'talry > li 11 aa'?<?? kei. three years at the busi r le.iev ? a tustlen <v|tfitbe oen finish bis trade. Addica* tiarpeoier 0ti I'rtnce si. 1 ItOflfl POOKRIM'F.Rf-A SITUATION waN 1 f D, ? - k . ner-be '? n rnnog t-.vti Who under semis'. ret.- hee of l -,, would go 'rs. I' -ar.l-ten ank. i r.r.te.' e i, AddjOi-s O. ' It N' rb.e- If. r i od e rj'O 11 Y NO MAKE US r.HrBHRR AND 0481 MAKE'! T ?pi) Ht ffn. HV ^ MAP HI I. X U ' ? nn Cf #*rvrH>nv io t*k? or<lfr# ?n.| n?-fco ? \\ 4Nr?n-A rw* f T M , l t pt . ^ ffh fi) A | 'M. Oft, 1* yiHn:. At?iiftftft' b THIS TRADGI. \\" ANTf T)?OOOD TAI LOR4. TO WORK V* frock come App e ai 120 Obnreh at, up a'Alra, be (wees Tbooiii and Uuaue. U'AJiT-D IMM' DIATELY?10 OR MORE COOPERS t.i mak* ? r?ip r?ari*i ; n'^Mv Ptnp o\m^nt ?treita. 11, .c ? a sou 1 Job MMflS ,>V . 1 tXTAHTFD-A MTITAT10M AS WXH'R, B% A V t y ,i|i,r? mm ; ait Uoeu in t?ie pluiAOiug buaiutsiMi. Au r9*s J, H . too* 1 >7 Herald oftlte. n.T AHTRD?A man to cobblb AMI) ATTHKD RHOB li ?t >re J n ,ulre al A IS tmi.l a: , r rati of buHlrau is-ANTED?A 0UTTRR F?.R A OUSTOM SlIO", TO * ? go a ?tioi'J distance ii ti e ro'lDirr. Apple at SI and ui Mi.nay at.., up ?lair?. toeivrt eu the houra of 12 and 2. U* ANTf D-A nu;ss. SECOND HAND. INQl'lUK AT 2.1 Krnlil St.. bu-a utllce, brl.vaen 2 ami 4 o'clock P. M. U7ANTBD?A YOUNG MAN, AS PAN TA LOONS A NO vt euU?r One who his hsl gome e* j erlence In tn? b -.Hiurss zuay *|>pl>r to 11 raU;ea Jt Doufuerly, 2W lir au way. rv anted? a i"rai? nt'af vimng to 7! a ipei iaicnd ibe o(M!tiinu ??f aulpburefc copper veins. Call on or adore ft M Nelson, Ht Broome si. f*7 ANT CD?A GOOD FOftBMAV OB BREAD AND VV ekes. None need appiv unlaai they tuoronghly un derstand their bnalneia. Apply at 703 Green* ich at _ on CAKPRN IK1.S WAN 1 I'D.-TO FIR-iT CLASS ?>U workmen a lung job nil tie given, on Inside work. Inquire of J. Vau Riper, 201 and 20u PacB- at, Brooklyn. A IIF.I.P WAMKD-FEMtLES. STEAL'?. RESPECTABLE WOMAN WlNTRD-FOll _ general housework; must be ngnod, plain cook, wash ?r and Iron* r. to Atioh a una good wage*; would have no objection i a widow with a daughter of 12 or 14 to watt; German Eogl ab or American pre erred Inquire for two day a, or until a'uited, to IS. K.ui bales, 41# 4lh nr., between 2'jtli and SOth eta. t LARGE NUMBER OR OH AM BBRM AIDS. WAIT 21 ressoa girls to w**n, clean. Ac . for botele and aninmer I...usee ttlwi for private families professed cooks and oriler cooks chambermaid*. glrla for btnuework and thoae lately landed, at SI Hieeoerat. A good ami. wanted-to do the housework A for II family of. two persons; m ist, be a good waaiter and In ner and come well recommended. Apply at 1J7 Madison *t., between Mnrket and Pike ata. . WET NURSE WANTED?MUST BE WILLING TO A take the child to her own re?ldeuce. Call at 111? Wash ington at., Brooklyn. BOARIHVO HOUSES. SUMMER HOUSES WATERING plates mid famHei, w-intlng coinneteni housekeepers, coolca. chain! crma'da. walire-aoa, lanndreaao-. aeaitis'.r a?ea, uuraea or other lie',', are pr-mint ' supplied at Employment Home corner or 6th ave. anil llth sL Also male help. /NOOK W\XTKD-T" GO A SHORT DISTANCE IN \J tboconntri; mttai he m-st, tidy and Induatrtoua under aland mPkin.'. and assist In the washing and ironing; good ref rercea required. Apply at 207 Wesi 20th at., niter 10 o'clock. ________________________ /1 IRL8 WANTED?FOR THR BEST SITUATIONS IN XJT private famllle< nnd aummer houaea. aa cooka. cltam bermnld*. wallre s?a laundresaea. nurses and seamstresses; alao gtr a mtely lanJod. Apply at the Binployinent House, corner of t'th ave. and I lib at. HOJ'hEKEliPKR WANTED ON8 OK SOME AGE n le.pci.ue by a gentleman with four children in a vl'lai.e on the Hudson river Address stating qnal tlca tlouanud toruis desired. K, H. B., Herald olllce. Bei.p wanted -wanted, immediately, three cook, for aummer wages $2') to #25: also rlgut lirat c aa cooka tor prl a'e la nhlrk, excellcui wages; ?ig wailrraaeit nn.1 two eaperlencad chambermaids Applj to Mr MANNING, l?C"uii at .IBrooklyn, Places ready, W tit" .1 waiting oue taoment. _________________ Housekeeper wanted a young widow preferred, without Incumbrance; must be willing to work and lake full charge of a a nAli bonae A person with toed ref*ram* can find a Cfmlorttblf hotnc by adarebiing Iio?ue, no.T 13 ' Herald uillce, T WANT THIS DAY A COOK FOR A S?A BIDE HO. 1 tel waLes from * 16 to SH: also a wattraa. for the same It w r n so wanted aevtrM cooka, wasliara and KonorJ. ana ?;rV for houaowovk, in iina'l families; wages nnd $lu. Anpl. to Mr. flllUaTOrHBR 1U Tibarv at. Brooklyii. Nurse wanted.?am experienced nurse to t ke eare of .voting eht dren: must be a good teams I'saa; best of roiorence required. Apply at 86 Ramnen sL, rooklyn, this day, from lu to 2 o clock. OPERATORS WANTED-ON WHEELER A WILBON'S machine, to work on blouaca. call all toe week at 478 Atlantl' at., Brooklyn^ .. rro THE PUBLIC.?I HAVE CLASSES OF LADIES L who haw ...H Oti.a artlaU. By th ? meana I take orders cud gno iaiikt'aciion. Lao.-a can procure work at oolorlng nhoioaraD >a a 'er iwo we#?n?i inatructien. O. KONIGSBERU, 713 llreadwav, room 19 \X'A-TEI)-^8!MRT hands and machine opera W lorv atoaly work the yenr roil n4: fit at fllase work and good prices paid. Apply to Edw. H. I ttrdy, #47 Rroatlwat. ?TANTFD-AN EXPERIENCED FKMALB <'?f>Kt ??' or a ptiblio .natllutlon of ahout P)0 pets ,n? Good v u eo will ue gNcn to a c xipetent person Inquire of the b ? r-a oi t'harlty, nt Et. Joseph a Hospital, Central Park ami l'-k'th ?t. rx; ANTED.-A YOUNG LADY IR WANTED TO Bl PER \ i IntHiin tbc houieheid of a wldowar, one who oomb era vr\ib a prtii appearance the advanUgea of attar, compltabed editesiion. Addreaa, Mat ng pnriunlnra nnd place o: int?;v!ow, Mr. B. B , bog 14b Herald otlicc. TITANTBD-A PROTRSTANT WAITRESS- SUE MUBT th roughly UBilerstnnil her liu luehia and eeiac well rer 'm-uendfd. Applt at 17 Kaat 57th *t. betweou Madlaon and tub nrn^ b#tyrf | o'clock. tfTANTED-A COOK, WHO UNDI'RST AN OS HER >Y bus'nesa and li s go d cltf referenoea; German pro fei p. d innst be willing to go n short diatanoe in the country tor the aummer. App" thU day. from 10 to 12o'clock, at 127 W . at 38tli st. tlf ANTED?A WET NURSE; A RKSPEC TABLE VV healthy w oman can h*?e a good home ?ntt good watoe bf atp )lng to Dr. H. SenlT, 10!i Cllatou place, 8th at, be twrcn I and It) A, M, - WANTRJJ-IMMKMATRLY, A BUITABLE PERSON to lafc charge of a pi I rate house tn the eon id rj and boa-d ti e family, house lurnUhtd. Addreaa r.. bo* 120 He rald "Bice. TlTANTKn^IMMKDIATELY, A SMART. FIRST CLASS VV girl as Chambermaid and waitress. Noue bul thoae thoroughly competent need apply at 100 East 22d at., near 3d uremia. _____ r?7AarRD-A WKT NURSE. CALL FOR TWO DAYS VV at 246 Weal 3>nh ?t., near 9th ar. rt ANTBdItWO YOUNG PROITSTaNT WOMEN; VV < p.- to oo'k, wash and Iron; the "iher to do the ho te w A .if ihree per* ns: goo.: H;r reference^ Api >j ft aae >r t d.i r of No. o Gilford p ace. Bast 45th at,. t;t .ween 3d uDd t*' *lu? ion (a AN F.D-TWO COLORED WOMEN; ONE AS COOK Vy ar aundteas; the other as chambermaid end wait r-? ? In a arnai t? u 1) Apoi at 111 rt?i 21 at at. Yl'AN fED-A LI TILS GIRL TO ATTEND ON A LA VV Innu're al 416 8th ar. t .TthuIa YOUNG AMERICAN PROTEHTANT VY io ta.-.p csre of chtlcrm aaaiai In uo stairs work and uiane"heisell generally uaelul. Apply at 35 De> at., to L. Baa.'.rkaf. XXI ANTF.II?A KMART GERMAN GIRL FOR GEN? W ral b".i - ? woi k. wages #7. Auply tn tho eottaae, cot? ner of 4ith at and 6th ar. ANTED?A GIRO TO DO CIIAMBKRWOrVc AND Uki?ca e?ef chtldre?. App.y at 263 Weal 220 at., bettvc1"!! itb nod 81. " . \\-ANTED?A GYRL TO T ) OENERAL HOUSEWORK, \ VV win. ulti reforonto. A iply at No. 3 Madison at IV?\4BD-A I'ASTRT t-OOK. A LAUNDRBBB. A | VV ti i ' ir au Infant, ? id a girl to be gencrn ly useful. | Apply at 878 6tn ?" MX'ANTED?A NEAT TIDY YOUNG GIRL, TO OO TN VV ire cuiintry and tak earn of an inlant. Apply In bt. Fell* "i.. tl? thiiteenth touao northeast of I u.ion are., i r ikl, c "kV aNTKD-TWO young lapiks TO IN A \V taloon Al l iy at lu7 o.and at. \ ' ET Nl'ILkl- WAMKD.-A WET NUR. P, WITH A V'V , i : ...i bcal'h. htnaet of milk, Is Immediately _ 1#I> ,,f ,.j ii fnui y ; r o itin old; refaret requiica. f , i, t .I . oi ? ...l ve. New Yerk.^ tu ANTED IMMF ThLY-A FIRST ATF W AIT V iwo d:.h at.d a waanirwo.ifa .or.i a iRi- .er >v ; go. I wares wl.l be paid; ere also | aid Cell at Its Acs', dtih ti, ie?r 6th ere. V" , ig'i'- D? A K M 4 R f, TiDd. WII.LINi Ul.tL IO DO I * ., w and hoi p t.'kc cam oi ohildirn; i "ivo < ,.r?h. Ua'fRr apply nt>e4P. j edwea lar and Friday. , NURFK-A HRAi.THT ,Y . . - a,* > i nui ae lor a child el. .1 da yd old t in *4 K... ,.. t, e, t .f and be wel r jonitnen led. 'n i L. t Jhth at., near Madl on vr., brtw. on 1 ?i' 8 O'cli* S. ant"k"i.?a young oi <L. FOUIirEEN VJ4ARS OF 1\*U, Ul|.fia hi ma in rotne reapc-tablk'smllr " -re i,? . id sati*i in Ughl woik ? r take care of a b.m ; the uVri T. i"u, peiv.d end loid of child row and bs- a k.niw Sdge ol i aitlng. A..pi, at 160 Kaat Lib ag. ?l M O , ,v d 4 OlEft YO DO ORNRRAb HOOtRR >R W I i *l coinn * ell r-comtuonde I. Ap ? y at I'ur t and av.. nf>b house from M) rt e. aVriF.D?AFsR'iI BR#, to WO" K ON HOOP r trie. A' -if I" gutl.ii Xelley ? l.o at n*? fr.oiy, t aT, [ED?A NURRM! IN A SMALL INkTrrtJlIvhN ? 1,1 ? ,r '*|s>r' K-e ; m car, b it mu. ? m, to t.tar ler, wages ?W Ar" y *t 1 I f<l ar , befi I'll. w; w c?tn?r V V' * ner 7 i ? f' I' ?A 1' L WHO U NpFRBf ANDB i OOKIr3 I * I I ?di a l? aa?'?? l wa.' ing App'y al 10/ W?S' . ' ?. TiTr A-s I dll - A ART I ' ?>Y OIKL f(i DO " RNBRAL VV h" ?era and urn, Call at if Pea, t.hfeir dcorn ,r '-n ' if. w In n t i o ' b'r o ??? ' W | W.a. v\ t ponnsi fgnniy. 4 I t y i ? ft n m y high St rsa . a I fi i i: r.NDHii VT NL'l'.SF, A , wtlh ? frrth trraG . .?idreJ. 1' I \Y I D?L.gPlFN TO LB.4RN ALL I TYI.F.S i nig pi oio-raphs enrtea d? rleits hi*i"rtc?-, i In wev (>elntt?fi e ef'tblo* f mnd '.'aj ' ! pbotograi) ? colored reij rbaaoualif. Apple ti ^?r?ci ot ttfe ?r,^ h (| ?A VII! Nil YYDV *N TO pi Of. M agwntik. A , e ? ?t t'.A t*rdnef Tqf bc^ pf ri :?Adir?i w HELP WAHTBO?PENALBL "B0IIO. WILLING CJ1KL TO DO w.?? housework; mult IV a food washer and iroo?r. MATii. "ft: M.16 r%fer"-'41 *> ?44tlfilb VVA^T/.r>1A T?rNO LA? T ATTEND A BAKRUT tfnoH rp^rirm00? *? ^tc lk4V3a good reference from her la.) ,or#- Anply at !>? rita av VVA^?-A."U' ,??^ T.u ?0 r'G?T HUU9*. VV ,'anted-a GOOD OIKL IN A bMAI L ptti va tr In. mr 1 n iy,' r?l? was ir All'l I , ter w 1 ? ? ^,nK'- Arf|i thU i*-% wi?b e lm r?rD .n.B ft M liMHi wik ?( # third door from Brood w*y. Wa"T"Ta. LAO?i. TO learn the art or nr nn. i ""* Ponographs. Alter Itwtw-es*' |B> rurt.nn "I oni hour pe. day, wurk tv'll lie given ml or a .it, ?, ?!? procured. Ceil at 713 Br. adway, room 1# ?? a. KOKiusukro HEUP WAyron-MA MCI. A ?Alitorilf*" MAK* ???" IN A FEW floURS R8i.i,ino SSS??fvr" ?-/ I.,,.., ..a A0BNT9 CAN MAKB ?VN> A MONTH by s* ling our ORBaT I'KI/.P, PaCIv ft.r .nd,h?p8ou,AWND,D 8TEBI' *"0*'W*OS, GENERAL GRANT ?'^BNnro GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES given to our autnu fr??. ? Full |ArtlouUr? in circular mailed free. P HASKINS A CO., JWV Heck man street, H, T. at TI1K 0-lMMEROIAL AGENCY. J97U AND 299 liifcL 1 *v? anted to dot , purser'* clerk assistant bdfckkevper. t.mekeeper for factory, mtn to check freight ? b np ng clerk, grocery salesmen. entry e'erk, porter dry goods salesman. oooduclor for ral road. collector, clerk lor 5r,,iai..LI'. co"ch"\?n. g? rile tier, three m/ichlnst*. drug clerk, fourteen cha'r makers and tea clerk. Tlicae ?liiiHt on* are open for ?e?ne tahle men and may he had by Calling early. Th ? cgtab'lshuieiit la conducted under pa tin.nace of merchant*, and not connected ur'lh Intelligence fei In^Vi'clty10 ?Ud "UrP17 ?T#r 006 U?oVcARr;tC^ A , " r ?\iGj?ui.?n/iiiirij, io /? J"*?. bookkeeper, dry good* salesman, traveling agent. m?? KOOdH "?'"'-'n?n, tlmek*et?er, hotel clerk, shipping clerk, porter, grocery c erk. copyist, waiters, barkeeper c??chman gardener. <0 me . for the Erie Railroad limned).' aleli. Other ? tuatloni open Merehao ? and other* sud pl^dJI.V',.~.9i.'l'!ri ?ho"!d be *-nt In e,rk P O. MONGO.MKRY A CO.. lldfi Rro*divay, room A, up ftalr A GENTS WANTKD-TO SF.I.L PINB CRAYON Po? X\ trnit of I.ieutenanl General U.S.Grant aid twenty more noyel ?ud uacful artlclea Protile large, Call on r W. R:ce A Co , 81 Nn??au *t., N. y. u AOENT WANTED?A GENTLEMAN OP GOOD kJ /!.. K?"d rBroi''n c?, we I aci|tiaint d In thi* and ^rrMe'n""! ""'olbo prominent nen of m. nemo. f,f ihe ?rir^? naPva,V for * 'Ul"l about 10 be r.laod for one Broadway. ?om 7? Srw YoT' ^ '? L"UU I'h,"Pl 609 A I?yU:i? ?rCRMAN MA.N WANTED?POR A ORG ?n ?l?urm sure*tcao'a'porter' ^;n.:thirdAri5,,oJ0HNSoN'4 co ?" - A TOT NO MAN WANTED AS BOOKKEEPER; STATE AddtM* W. 'HiraMc^"- refe'enC# 8nd -'"ry 81pcrt^' B or WANTRD?ONE WHO HAS BERN IN A DRUG store. Appljr At Oil Hroadway. R?N?^r.Ni?1^ii~rw THK APFRKNTIOKS librart. No. 47. Broadway: one who la acooainted with book* write.* a twJ hand and lire* with hi* parent* AppI r between 111 and U o'clock A M. ?aPI'i/ Boy wanted?an errand boy in a fancy ?tore, a go id, hone*t, willing boy, living with hi* eMB d "" * Bood !''??? will be given Apply at No R0T WAb'TED-ONE WHO WRITES A GOOD HAND hi SatdWu'w orcT"- APP" "l 10 ' ?nlf* room. B OY WANTBD-A SMART, ACTIVE BOY, ABOUT 1A ? yvArioid, fo run tif erianrVi In a inrrclimnt tA>'#r a atore. atPPAJator Hn*!*?006* t0 tlewleU k w,udi?ch, Ho. 3 Veaey B OY WANTED.?APPLY AT S79 BROADWAY. 8MI I'll A BLAKE. D RUG CLERK WANTED-A COMPETENT, RRlIA.ILB I ' man Apply to R. H. Thayer, corner Snuia and Deun Its., Brooklyn. D Rl'O CLERK W A NTED?IM M liDI ATE L V. IN A B'*t CUM dlapemlng eeiabli?bnicnt; a Oniipt ten' .. oug man. He piuji oouie well rceommeinled for hon ? v an 1 oapabillty. A(>ply peraonally to R. .1 D.vica A Co., Corner of Clinton and Fultoh *t*., Brooklyn. 1) RUG CLERK WANTED,?APPLY AT NO. 3c9 HUD ton *t. D RUGQlnT WANTED?ONE QUALIFIED TO TAKE y oharge of a retail store In thl* city. Apply to Fraier A Lee, No. 21) lleekman it. F'NTKY CLERK WANTRD-IN A DRY OOODH Cf M ) mi'slou houre. Address, with refetence. b <* l.gMB Post OiliikC, F'armrhs wanted.?two or three uoid handt to work on a farm forty mile* from New Yo.k. App.y to Geo. C. M?on. Ill KuHou it. ARMER ?A MARRIED MAN, WHO UNDPR8T \ NI.H ..ll a ?"' farming, and ha* a wife who would n.pj.i her self generally useful, ean dad a good piace by ca.i ag atatk Canal tt, second ileor. Farm hands wan?ed-to go a short dis tance in the country. Wage* $*) to $1U per month and round Aleo, wanted, men lately landed. Apply at the lane Emp.oimetil lleuae, corner of tlth av. and llik et. G OOD WAITERS WANTF.D-AT (M3 BROADWAY, who understand the buslneaa; good wage* glvan. G ROOM WANTRD-IN A PRIVATE STABLE; MUST * good (tableinan and harncai *.eaoer. Adp? at 117 Meotlt ugyl tj. TT08PITAL MKN ATTENDANTS WANTED.?WAGES XI 924 per month and found: an *xe*lleu op, sou , get einpUyment and a good horn* Apply *e*ry <|,i? *i the large Employment H?iDw, corner of 6th it. *ud lltk at Light porter wanted?at -the pharmacy,' corner MruaiVway and Skd *t. M AN NEltSK WANTED-TO aTTHND ON AN .'1VV. ltd young Addres* hoi 1,810 i'okl oJ .e. [ALES AND FKMALBS WANTED-T'. OAN.A'6 L the clt* with ticket* for ? pub l? enterl \'w u.eti 4ti h? balf ol a benevolent and patriotie object- lit. /_| coi-o.le ?ion. AppI. at com No. S, third door. University bui Jin?, Washington *<|tinre. PORTER WANTED-IN A WHOLBMi I,R SOFT HAT bene*; Oral of reference required. apply to Naeoi tnenlo, f'vtl A Co., 201 Broadway 'TEAMBOAT HANDS WANTED.-APPLY TO THE ; Scperlntendant of lha Perry Cot t;t*nv on pier 10 N R Tb o silk manufacturers.- a man, having had Intern years' e*per ence a? foreman tn a*i-<maau factory In Germany. Is desirous to obtain a situation "f the same kind; ran sneak German. Ilalum and a ilti e English. All perrons dr* roue of cotnmunica ing with blm wl'.l please address P. K., boi let Herald office. TB O WOOLLEN MANUFACTURERS.-THE ADVP.R. brer wishr* a ll uatiou ?* win sp-r; hs* had many year* ?iperie?ce n that capscltv. can furnlab th* best of reference frotn hit fm iner erupi >y*r* A tidies* N. E.. 882 Sub |tosl olllce. Pbladelpbta Fa. understands the business. AppI *t s?>t iv's Hole from V to 10 A.M. w XVANt&P -A PfirTER IN A VaNKKE NOTTON h**?S^ Dw?t^citp reference required. Apply to Jonti --u, Meter A Co., tA Murray st. w aNTED-A GOOD STRONG II >7 TO WORK IN A filn'n. ealoon. Apply*! 2ill Wssiitngtoa *t. w ? ANTED-SEVKRaL ACTIVE YOUNG MEN TO IT ten J nod* water stand*. AppI. beiwie > << M. at 140 ?m *L J I B \ HI n. w ANTRD-A BOY, 18 TO 10 TEARS OLD in make himself generally useful In the ftoie. a , at 474 Broadway, *. ond floor. ?IVANTED-A RUPRCTABtR MAN TO TAKE C ' ?' of a hortu. cnw g. -d'-u, and lo make himself eaner ! a 1> ns-ful. It .jiilre ceiweeu 9 snd 3 o'clock, et A3 C,.a bar* at., np stair* VT'ANTBD-A COMI'KTFNT BOOKKEFFP.R, IV *? retail gr, or;- stire ll Brocklt* N*neneedsp|l ? ?.i,ly wl-o'-ave n. h?d eiperlrnce In h hu*<ue**. Addr*? 'n two hunda r.i'ug, bo* n r>?-l. Trr. Rr.i.-ki s. k \f AN I ED?A SMART, AGTIi'B LtD, ABOUT 11 T? years i.f age in so tlhce: must wtItc ?"ell. Apply nt 52 and 54 Will sm st, roooi 13, alter ;ii j'eioc t Y1' ANTED - A YOUVO MAN. :R A OAL C l t fv rd'n id n .'1 yr - if *g?: pi >. -nert n. Add ?**, itatlog refsreu- ? an. stay, uc.i, ltd >'? a-rriev I idee. w A' TbD?A ROT, TO ORBS OVSTRKi ANt A A i n table ilsn a girl fur huu*< <v rk. Ap' I ai 35: Ttwr:. It. in* t .tanrant, afiei HAM. 4NTI.D?AdPffrR TO PFLL T1IR WKPI ir'Pr*. ? T Mai Cur sr, Waritrdsd to unrl t: e n.i *i ?<r? hi ?-td ?111 h. I ?t the IIr t a, I -?ii>p Adt.caa Maud (I. ue Lron, lta< 5.;5l Naw Te.. Fuel u.flee. WA". A .1 )t AT lUl 14 TR.*RN OP 4 IP,. A <10 > <!i his psrtnta. lu a h-uist f.i'nLbmy .r-t Ajply te . an.?i 11. Disk ,314th s ., Cc. uer "tl/ANTTD-AT VAN DYKF ? IIOT8L, I* CATIIA ?f L* till), two i ro or th *e waiter* and , a a* .nlflre.i j. I t IT if TFII ? A MA T V J UN'(J V f, ro 'AG' v | | ?i iijtb * uah.i'iat .ten, apply tu U. u Coptioi t-, i and it 8 .1 Itth *t VV r '*t ? ' - A WIul, i-kPevtGNPI,! ?OPNG MAN. t ? ? " ? - ' a*gi * her ? st.d make "?r? *??' A ' ? It) end 1. e .AC? J w w W I'.MKD-IN ? GOVMlhgft ' rr U ? ptutse wf? ;if. ya. eitj.e, b tt.Abl Foot C" e, ?<? Ib M<.? st, a GOOD ' * '? ' Adi -?*, with * as waje. ??. r<. i 'a,-tV>Ro*-eyi'tlfa U ' If" D BAb AJ'i'LY J W< >RK J.N * LIVRn* n Ao : v h^rj ?.? 9 i tlfKU-k VOl'N 1 M?N T( ?ki*t i' % rn.i CRi 0. r * >?* 1 tr? ft, Ap.'y at l I Hiring stre ' ^ r ( 01' >'riUI ''l b p gov I \j i' * V *?'7Af* T.n *!,R* " * n*9' , "? 'C< hA4 "AM, .tSGL.iRh I.t A I'ittpi' A<4i?*#ki t, j . uVahl'e* <-'?' 1 MLP WAWTBO-MALEI, TyiHTFP?A TANKER NOTION ?T |CK OUU " and ? rung i??o not oyer I jwri ur ag?. a* ?JOhi keeper Address box W>w I'M ultce. ANTf'D-A OOOD HACK DRIVRB; ONB WELL " erquaieted with the boa ueia. Id d Mi Morrison. ettbeGlrarJ House WAITER WANTED.?A 8INOLR KiN, AS WAITER 111 a prifale (emlly out who thoroughly uu !? ?tapis hi* ba-li'ra* hk- good clt relerentes and willing u. if\ ihort die naee .n the country may apply at IS and 18 Ch<un ben *t. w AITKR8 WANTED J M M BDI ATE1.T -THK8R KIR JT rla<a walleia, who unnefiisnd thalr business Good wsgei g.veu. Alao two girls to scrub wanted. Ca'.l early at the omca of the illrerd lloua?. AITERH WANTKD-AT Tfl E Sti .f YORK EMPLOY ment Ollloa. 420 Uroomn at A numrier of vv w ]r ted euryanie want place* In BO'.ala. bearding houaaa ana private families. O. WALTON A CO. 7ANTKD-AT KWBENY'i HO TBI,. A SMART BOY to answer belie. Apply baiateu Hand . i A. R. WANTKM?IIIM BD1 ATS LY, MBM WHO W18H TO make tr i o i .f to $60 nrr day by a wnaM Inn-etrrent, from $2MJ to $flH) Important u>-w In van ion, ju?t ncalral. Great opportun tv to uiuka money, uitber liy tiave ling or locaUng In city or country. UPWARD TILDBK, 6u0 Broadway. flT ANTED?TH RBB ACTIVE YOUNO MEM AO ?? qnalnted with tha city, aa i-ao*r*-era. to whom lllx ra] hifliic niroia wl.l be given. Apply at 42V Broadway, rooiu WANTED-A COACHMAN WHO UNDBRBTANDN hla buslines and l a - good reference. Call between 12 and 1 o'clock at 47 Eaai 20th at., basement doer ANTRD-A BOY TO ASSIST IN THE CUSTOM bnuae bualne a. Apply at No. 18 Liberty at. WANTED? 1 WAITER S?N. APPLY AT NO. 79 *? before 4 P. M. TIT ANTED-A Oil ACHM A N, A SINGLE MAN, TO GO rr to Kordfcam, tweivB mua< iroin the Citv fiall. to take care of a iwtlr of horna- anil m&k? \timiwlf useful; none hut B competent man need aptly to J. Hartley, 844 and 810 Broadway, from 3 to 6 I'. It. *?' AH TED-TWO SMART YOUNO WA1TEHB TO ' wake themaeires useful In a restaurant. Apply at the St. Nlcholae Restaurant, corner of Broadway and Spring at. IV ANTED?A BOY ABOUT PIFTRRR, TO HUN ON rf errands; on? residing with hi* p?rentaln tills eliy: mustcoiue well recommended; wagei s2 3D t *r week. In Huh# at 33 De; eyater at., up stalra, fioin 10 to 12. ANTEP-A BOT TO ATTEND BAR. APPLY AT 366 Hudson at., corner of King at. ANTED-TWO WAITERS AT THE SINCLAIR liouae, corner of 6th at. and Broadway. w w \l'ANTED?A SMART BOY. Id YEARS OP AGE, TO If wat on table. Apply at ':0 William at. WANTED-A I.AD (GERMAN) Or IOD III OR 18 year* of ace. to assist at a bar: ? it have been In the hnilne a before. Apply ?t he P- dvray Garden. 643 Br Adway, betweeu 2 and S o'clock ' WANTED-A LAD, ABOUT 18 i K Kg -I), ff) WAl | on tab'e In an Kiiglbm Shndai; good wacea and .. on fortable iionie; closed cn Lundajs. Apr!) at the De f . j, 71 Bleeuker at. WANTED?A BTOt'r, A ' K BOY. !o TO 18 ^oAKB o d, in a genllemt'i t f ' lug store: one ".cqualnteil with tlie bug ness pre.c re : -ipply etiveei. 9 and 10 o'o ock' at 673 Broauway. 7 ANTED?Til 18 DA V. A M AN, WHO UNDERSTANDS naatr* cooking an i > < , -ig; alao a good. -ieat con*, fer a hotel a abort distance In i lie country. Apply at H KNOKR SON S oilice. this day (Wednesday,, at id o'clock, wbtte (ha employer can bo -eeu. \v w AIT' 48 WANTED.-APPLY AT 42 WHITE ST. w WANTKD-A COMPETENT DRi GOOD! SALESMAN at MeKlhloney A Stewart's, IJ? Pulton at., Brooklyn, No others need apply. WANTED? ASM ART. llRttPEUTAaLB *OUNO tR'R ,i. mar, to asslat lu a liquor a lore. None other need ap ply at 2i)? 7th av. AITERS ?TWO GO <D WAITER! ARE WANTED at 20 Dey alreet, WANTED?A rilt?T T.A88 GERMAN R4KKBEPER. Apply at the Broadway Garden, 646 i.roadway, be tween <0 and 1 o'clock. y l/ANTRD-IN A BUMMER HO, BL, N?AH THE CITY ?F a oon-pe;ent .? la ' * ?* c, eud ?o a.ake hlmaalf genera, ly usclul Add, aM . C L'ur aid o Ilea. ro INTO Til K CO'"*. i--r.? * -on 'ol and furni-A 1 e-.1 ? i^twsen I eud 11 WANT I '.-A WAT); U; er ii ? !*?? 1 ? Apply frcun ' t ? 10 A. ' Bit GOOD8. At. bt- w u't v. c >. Wll -r I u, g'h' re . ?>.? w.-k Aloli. Ira in1 ?HI, a ii ii.- ear turllf and Ihe ' :gh -1 if HI I.K S 'IRIA .UIKH MOD All Poi'I f'li ? C.OODfi LAC 1 H, Cp up r 1 liHI ,.r CMMV.l HIJAWI.S COTTON 8HNI.T1NUB, IIKE ri NO Ht'OSEREM'- N'1 AND PUR '< *? < 10 .90., prior to e r.g their be ( tea In' 10 oiy. BRv' V A Y AN .' TUN! NTH I I.T. A 1 THE NEW DK" <P>ODfl HOI'S a. Wo. "67 Broadway, iu;.' in B'ir'it1. and Blntb e'reete, J. * O. JUHESMIh, long tonaoctod with Ubednil A Picn who moaatiy rot rod, ARE OFFERING TIIBIH RNiiRh St A HER HTOCK AT A ORP > r duotion. POEIKRR HEIKT METABLINIfrgNT I.1SJ BROAD \J Hew I'?'*Dt Half A '.r ag "trmnr. By thfa isc?r I) .*?<??? at mnii'aoiiirlni ? Ir't !??!Mn may nimmip J P?<-r*o( oonfor.nlly la tbni.- ou o Idhaa of *??'. Poilbiliiy aid c me'o'nrea. Afrnufaot >ry S27 Blghlii e .1 ' J. AMOS. Patentee. T/XOLl'bl VF.LY CRUNCH ILI'TINO, ONE TO TWHBTT I j *1 hn wtie. A'.' rprt?rU ? <nrtiiai? Puted, In an in ? or tea' r,i?aner at lira Ai.t.i.t; I I Km. h mlng MUb ltar> jjiiu. r' Aipltv rlrnnt (nn? Uriels ? *d a half from Hi oaJ. cuf 1. KZ7 NiercVor i-tro", brio y V.'ooeter, and Ml Futlon hirr- 1 n h, P ? Mo ma. Lorry noil ia Ihi genuine Francii Pl'?L>g. 1 iT CXli'i.?FP-ENOII J RCTIRI DONE AT POO* i ? I'1 vard: o? r lo jr ln< oni nut par tard eg lr? , ? Pi. t* 'I'tiaf Compu 11 Boring alrret '>0 ! wei i' A ?ri**k aii I iju cn A-n SriAN All AN, SSI Vnlrd aTejHio, ntar Tnrenlj ???n.rthlnr t. niliLINKH V. MIIMNRRY-A PE.'ON HAVISii A "IR8T OI.ASB p.-oat* Mi llo#r\ hua!..eai, of ?? ?r?l yinr. a'andinf, ? him to rotlra, w u'.il at ? i tt a ts?> i> >mar 01 fa rorab a term a. A Iraaa Milliner. ?? ? I ratlorca. CLDTTIIITO. ATI KNTiON . ?A r 91 SKt NTH A o N AMIS a> 1 laaopportunity to inn in ? 0 Ma <ma;ontM (bat l>" ha? advami.l forty per r- ,1 01 <e i?. .? ,,r rer far Cut O if Wearing Appar. C-nt-etr K 1 1 r? .Tewr'r/, Ac aa ? ? hurt a rr >al ? ' o <?r b'-c cm *a Sot New hrl'Ml ant ClIlfT an .a at Iran. '?ii.rihar? In* ant of lha -art' lo ill pnatc ar.not 'Bl> b> eg ua nra'.Jr-icig M. MARKS. 6* ? tc ateii ia. r oar I Went/? Br o aire'l. IakHih wall- f . ?? i'ti Marka. T Vt EOWKH -II. lv P.?lHt U AS A ORB AT ilea tin] ir.nne. ?a or Caal I 'IT W ? ring A _ . . . Anparal, Piirnltar?. Oaun 'i. 'a.. 1-7 re. Bv aal'ln; an or a. rik...1 jiCii? ?ui *?. ' a' in ob'ali t?f ulnioal 11 a r >r'aeN art. - L\'li? a'tenlad lo by ki i Rraan Ola. P. ? a ram 1 be , and I t l' i s.,warr. oppi/iito Oroal J<<n" atrael. T nr.ERO PAVP *IIR HfOIIERT price po.t 1 , and Oi-nil-'oa 1 a <"a?i Oil CI iiblrv Pariloa 1 a m.?air* I I'ni.bcif. ?A P.aat Tweirih alroal, c - way. Lad *a 1 aiiad .an bj Mra C. A ftXi ' H?IIIA ?!. a ? "T?: BAEiM BXCmsio* S? PHI A >? . 'I'lJIA ?''d lh? ItHINR RCK ? I'iIiti , 111.. 1 ??loo: ?. / J' e.; ?nl \'...ley dl. It?nAn a 1 oHim , "o i-l Ricura' >n a".i7Woot 1 rar . cniiai of na m?r. H H. f'I'OSabrT. I'.R MTAAA. ".K. AVITH PAl/ NS -ALRO ?ill hicamrra Tl. ?> ' |..nit nf* b'.'a - lifaldlna ic ' . .1 h ' t Hr ?? f and '.Vf.nbrli*co I'Ark to t\ fdi "AvlialOba K. v BONN !>L A CO , IM* Pi ml itiaei H. "Id r-)K 1., - a 'AOD1.T'l DEC! PAlt' P. <*?il ruin-l mi ?p , I or irr. 11 ?? ud" ? go..' ch?i la. i * 1 Ik 1"''1 ??:.ta,. fui ? , ?:'?! ll a 011. >or. AdJreai I fa tai a day? A. t. ? I N Herald 1'? a. T.'ISl P.lNKA. ??. '"Ltf- ' ? D I tTICR CAM I ?n >y Aha o? a ttr ba salt' r 11 l'ia li i'.>? Ban ka on 1 no naa so< ?!? m. * li.A NO, "bi I, team a ovary ourn "na. Re ?"ii.?? e nr '!?.). f? o' Pro ; . i.r> at, Kaal rlrar 't tela" !'> * *' p. tAf! |I rr, A 1 A i ; I>av alr*?> Not h ut 8 1 ... N . an 1 I'll 1 N -, I, Ncr?a r r-r 8 li A. M F.ra II. Mr.acr, roi rcabcst.iU ir.' gno.' man ur hoard F0I? n art it?the rvi uT''' VT < M\etland jr mcnl'^ and Nitirda '?di ?">?', Win inmr.1110 ?'dc .111 -hoifi on "r? n . Alp , t? M ? f I. a oil on V r t hoi :. rlrt.\ r nl f Oer ilt'?l tr l.'AA tl J Slaj. CNRJION AljCBDfT" f H' I'A ? ? M - NT J If TB a r BL'?C* ? \V R P.-; ?iaic ?n tr j >? la raih ?i H'tb l. ? Ulte ai lb? ?i k 1 r h *h lh. bid may bo n ' . i. ts* n?ir? .f ti# pern n idlerti g ue at to, ?n.' 'na da. o' (? ar*aooiatloa a I. '?? reca toil at '.b'r odloo ini ll 'ol'.cO A M. t 1 Tlanfi da . . ly I I for iug c ? latr -oj c ?. trap * yarO .uiic 10111 r?ai?}L*rTr^ ;,r:: * ?* ? ? - ? I u aton .1 A- rri. 11 a t lie n to ? ",o ? rT P*ty Ihlrd ? "** 'roni ifrt m amg iranna. ?'o'| e ihth ai.-oet fio:ri a' Sh h l'i S 1 ovanna I .rty ?r. an a\ran , urtdal IT o ,rU **"* ,ul W 'I'A'n Hi Ml, f.orn lubo lo Fa,tea Tno form of On prip.>a" I i.-raaT?ni a I ban a for tba ' Ma eao 1 01 t. ined on * . die illon t.> laa Caairt si O'arh al IhU oSlre. flloM aH STSYthO . CrAon R|)P 8H I I. D.lRhilin, AuOOOuat A. W crater I lii^rd. 'PtriCnotnir Aournrnr Hoa*", dull Ifat. ]>ROPi)?AI.d IP ILL BR RE< P.TVEP ?T TUP VfNOP I Co Hi J f'l'iatiro'a OXra. No IS Co.n 1 atio*t, brjoti' ? until n o p' xbl' M on h ' day, July s, in j, at ?hieb una a Ij a< a.he nil. ? opofcad. f->r fntnlahtui 'oi ha'-in >?.- ,r C'e llnnhi; ira L.% art .noiii of ,mi.| a ?bt leu ihjtxMtd po indaor ba-d Rian tad about l>. rt fl?o ' rod Hrnl. o( jofl R. ap. Prm-r forima of pre ; I in it ? .g a!l tba narMear* tnfopi .0 an 4 bad ,. , ? o' ho o orliiiandae a .? t'<- fir iba CIO 'Ia. . No .<?' forma 81., a a>xey ?' d "?;r t \a. 1 h?nnhtr, i ? ? Jr t' f'a JU T, Clf ? ?a II'? 0' . Ollnlr loenir rf tet I'doo. rtP'! C, 0 a K1. I? I'EN It tM' < ? 11 th , ' Rr.SSOPfici rife1' * I? Rio .1 11 layyrg rink BtiH Siatb <*?? ?i r*?.. pa n m*r 1 ? "h'nu, v ., hoiaoaad aim r" I 1 a ? i?r no word' I ar*? <Tag"iia Pr RtOTlnl f in. >iro, e 7 or swuAtry. Paraltura ?wr? t.

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