Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 8, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 8, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL In. R9DAT, July 7? 6 P. M Tti? share market wag heavy aga n to day . and price* down fro- ha; to one and a half per cent. Compared with ibe beet cash sale* at the Aral session of tbe 1 oard of br. iters ye-ierd y, New Vork Central dec) iuad >4', Hr ? Kail way 1, Hudson Kivor IS, Reudtng 1'4, Michigsn Central >?, Michigan Southern 2 >4, Illinois Central 1, Cleveland and Pittsburg 1 Cnir go and Rock Island 1'(, t tucago and North" e-tern 1, Chicago, Burlington and Quiaoy >?,. Canton O mpany Quicksilver Mining 1H", and Mariposa 8t?. rut-burg and Fort Wayne Railroad and Cumberland Coal gold the a*raw Erie preferred stock advene <1 S . and fk law arc and Hudson Canal 1 (?overnmet't ee< .rlt'os were also weak, and sold balow the best prices obtaiued yesterday. The flve-tw enty registered b< tide declined yg, and the cou(>otis \; the re entered bordtot 18$1 were down 1>* and the coupons the same, the sewn and three tenths Treasury notes fell oft 1\, and the one year certificates 1 v^, m the alternnon stocks met with a still further deolioe New York Central closed at 133\ , Erie 114 Erie pre (erred 113\,, Hudson River 132 ^ (which is s falling oft of 3V since yesterday), Re.-dlug 137)4, Chicago and Rock Island 111*4, Michigan Southern 01V Illiuota Central 180, Cleveland and Pittsburg 110)(t Chicago and North western 51 X, Milwaukee and Prairie du Chien 68, Pitts burg and Fort W-iyno 112t?. Quicksilver Mining 74>g, Cumberland C wl 66. C nton Company 86, and Ohio and I Mississippi certificates 51. The government five twenty coupon bonds closed at 10.11*', tbe ecu ons of 1881 st 103V, and the one year cer- | titles tse at 011? There is very slight disposition manifested as yet to outer Into Hock speculaiions. All parties seem inclined to hold oil' unt 1 something is known of the future policy and intentions of Secretary Fessenden. If he decides to curtail the currency and to carry out the unperformed promises of Mr. Chase, the bulla will find some difficulty In putting up prices; but if he concludes to continue the work of czt srsi'n, stocks will rise in apparent value, aud ?peculation will again become rampant. A few days will determine 'ho designs of the government, and until they are promuig >ted we must patiently wait for an in aucuration of a speculative movement. Tbe usual go d room freaks were exhibited to-day In the buying and selling of small parcels of five sod ten thousand doiiar?. Gold opened In tba morning at 262, and Immediately commenced to advance. Between 10 20 and 10:30 it wont up from 264 V to 270, and then fell to 2bT in the succeeding fifteen minutes. During the next quarter of an boar it again rose four per cent, celling at 271, which was the highest point attnined. In tbe afternoon it declined.and went down to 266*?. The Assistant Treasurer in this city jpports to day as follows:? Receipts from customs... $303,000 Total receipts 3,355,581 Payments .% 1.898,517 Balance 21,125,179 The following comparative statement shows tbe ave rage condition or the loading items of tbe Philadelphia banks for the post and previous weeks:? Lati week. This week. Loans $42,057,758 40,918.009 Specie a,963,t>40 3.955,836 Legal Wade s 12,870,735 11,408,873 Deposits 39,122,865 87,915,305 Circulation 2,092,470 2,154,268 The above exhibit shows s wide variation from the statement of tbe previous week. Tbe decrease to loans exceeds a mill ion of dollars, and the deposits have been reduced even more largely, tbe average decline being $1,177 560. Tbe specie decreased moderately, and the legal tenders $1,461,862. Tbe Boston exports last week were $227,335, against $175,554 for the corresponding period in 1863. The im ports were $9-82,227, against $728,163 for tbe same period <0 1863 The Boneybrook Coal Company, of Pennsylvania, ban declared a dividend of tbroe per cent, free of government ; tax, out of tbe earnings of the months or May and June, payable alter tbe 19tb Inst. The American Fire Insurance Company will pay on tbe 6th inst., free or tax, a cash dividend of tea per cent; eiee, 00 the 1st or August, a scrip dividend of fifty per cent, with six per cent Intorest on outstanding scrip. The AStua Insurance Company of Hartford will pay on demand a quarterly dividend of fire per cent, free of tax. The Empire City Fir? Insurance Company will pay on demand a sem: iunual dividend of ton per cent, free of tax. The Irving Savings Institution will pay its usual in torest on tbe 1-vb of July. The Citizens' F ire Insurance Company will pay on de mand a dividend of ten per cant. Ibe Connect) ut Rat k, of Bridgeport, has made s divi dend of tour per cect,lreeof government tax, payable on and alter July 1. The 1 airfield County Hank, of N'orwalk, Conn., has de clsred a divide) d of four per cent, and an extra dividend of four per cent?in all eight per cent?payable on de mand. ?tock Eich?n|i. Tui'ispat. July 7?10:80 A. M $50ivUSCi. Si, res- MS1, 300shs Eris RR II > , 25 't0 U 8 6 s "81 -Oil.. 104ftV) do 11 IS BOUS^-.S- <reg 1"6 inn do blO 115 6 <*?) U s (?*, 5 doa.cou 104V 100 do b30 115V 35000 do 104'i 25 Erie prof 113'. 30 0) do liH ]im do 113V gVKI) Tr n, 7 3 > O.U l 5V TOilludaon KivKK bl5 135 , 5000 do 105 100 do 134 Jj 6- XI C 8 0's I v arcer 95 200 do 134 100(1 I i rou' o 55 99 ll?t do bio 1341. 11*10 Mich ?> *? .... 12 100 d > 133V &UUU0 'Humour! ( - ..... To 100 do IS3*, 6> < a Com h 7 s. .. 150 101 do 153 4000 No 6? lal s.SiJ K 9.1 300 Read log RR 137V 15000 Ohio i:.*-ccr 5tv 4'*) do 133 4514) do 51 3<t0 do 13 3 ?m(<0 Erie 3d n. Ma "9 127 20- do blO 138' :> 1W <0 Erie .31 Dm r age 12'"> 500 do. bid 1 '8'} 0)< do 125S 100 do b|'J 133'^ 10"*' Harlem 3d .nort 1-3 Ml Micbsiian Ceo RH. ? 137 50uuMiC K--o?? i.afb ltd k?i do c 1*K 2 DO Mb l. So 2 . . 194 100 do VI IS4? 110* MUh So Hd*. 1?1 5 do el# HI?10 Alt Tee H i?t m 115 25 Norwich A 33* ,r RH 114 ??? Cbie A N IV let in !i>?V M" Mich So A 14 I RH 92>4 1-0 0 do . 105 2i 0 do toll) 9.3 100 1 PUta t W .rCli 3 m 08 4'0 do 1)."; aOoM.asaoi h > 1 g.. 60 40o do 925% 9300 do ?1 15 111 Ceti RR scrip C 131 14100 Chic A tliatll 115 500 do 1 ;b)V 1IW Mn ? ?? ?1 >*.. 107 11*1 do al5 I30U 5000 Mar ],o?a et m b. 94 30 Mich S A N I RR. .. 14) 5).ha Hat. >f Coin l.*V 50o r.eve A H11IA RR 111 100 flatitou ? .3 1 MX) Ciuc.vN West'rnRK 51 ftlll* A Hail CI Co.. .43 ISO do 51V 100 Central c .* Co. ?3 nun do 51 . 10lCuuiC?8 pref .... #5 200 do 51 * * JOB do blA 87 114) do )dO 51W 100 Heun C<>?'To 215 '.MU Oblc IN W ca ern pt IS '. SO American 1* ?1 Co . In .300 do 98 1C0 yulcke *er Mog I'o 7l> 150 Chicago A K I RR . 112 100 do "3,S 100 do 112',' 100 ' opake Iron Mine* fi'I 10n do bJOllJu 2*) do b\ 100 do blO 111 100 cnartr I'i 1 Mn.* Co 12'? 100 do Ill*' 10') Mari|H>-a .tin Co 4"X TOOOhl, Bur AQtllnKR I6l 14) do 4? s*> 1.31k 25 N V Centra RR 134V l/i MilAPrduCh2dpr?f. 94 280 dn 131'; 60 Pus Pi W ACM R 113 100 d 134'a 5<i TMn ASt Intep' RR 10 109 do 1.34 J 3 0 Mar A Ctn 1.4 pref 74 lOO Erie R R b*. 1141? 50 do 7 H 10U do c 114V SBCOWn BOARD. Hatr r*?T Two o'Cinrg P. M ?won 0 R 6'k *81 ? eon 104 700 aba Roading BR.... 137V 7110 do li?V ?8 do 137 ?. 1004*1 U86 ifli'a, Cuu 114 101 do 1J7W 30500 do 105V 14) Chic A R I RR bio 112 114*1 0 8 8'a, 1 jrr cor.. 94K 25i do 1IIV loooo do .. 9i V 100 Mich RA Ml RR blO 92V MOOD Ohio Ml*s cor 51 so do 92 ton ah? Oaamn Cn 38 Ml do 91V MM Climb Coal pref . *>' 5") 111 Cent KR actip .. l'-V 12 4) Krle KR .. 114V 1(3) do 1.30, I II do .. b!5 I14T? 500 do 130 H3! )ut k lrerM?C? 71', MO ClerclaodAPUtiKR 111 21 NY Central RR .. 134)4 40o do 110V !k*i do In 10) do l>5 Mi *? do l.CV ???Chic A N W KR . 51V 2?iKrie RR pref . ... 1* 4% 100 Mil A Pr da Ch RK f>.. 31" flu Jain Rl'er RR.. 132V lin ritta. Pi W A <* RR 112V auo do iwv CITY OO .31fll BHC1A la HKPOKT. TirmiT, Juljr 7?# P. M. Annas ? Receipts 71 bbl*. baiall sale* al (12 60 ? $12 02 X for poll, and 116 for pearls.* 13,700 bbl*. flour. 292 bblg. and 189 bags com meal, and 6,753 bnabels oats The Hour market was again eirltad. and with on active ap?* illative demand. and prubible decrease of receipts Tor some daps, in consequence of a break lb tbe canal, wbicb, It is slated, will not be compleied tilt Saturday, prices advanced 25c n 60o. Tbo sales comprise 45,000 bbln. Bute nnd West era, Including 22.000 extraState at $12 ? 112 26 lor July and August delivery, $13 fur fancy do., and (12 75 a $13 fur round hoop Ohio. Of Southern flour Sou bbls. changed hand*, and of Canadian 1,600, the market cl-eing heavy, with the slight reaction in gold Rye flour and corn meal were ais- dearer, with a moderate demand. Halea 350 bbls. of tbe former and 1,000 of the latter We juote ? StinerQee 8iaie and Western 810 AO a 11 00 BsiraflUte 11 25 a 11 70 Cbmosfliaie 11 75 all ao (tanmoi lo m?o im extra Weelern 10 76 a 12 00 Ettra round bo p nbi 11 50 a 12 00 Wentern Uade brands 12 lo a 13 00 ?lira 86. I/Mb) 12 00 a 16 6 > Cnmston Biuibern 11 .50 a 12 26 ?lira aad fancy do 12 30 a 14 00 Common Uaoed an jl 26 a 11 60 $?ond le choice extra da 11 00 a 12 76 ?ye fleer. snper8ne T 76 a 8 76 thru meai, bbie 7 60 n 8 60 fhri mea . mtnebenne 50 a 3# 00 ?The wheat market wan irregular, and prtcea hdvanoed ]o a 16-., tb-ugb at tbi cioee the extreme prices 1* d during the aarly pari qf tbe day were nut maintained Tbe demand was 8?eflr 00 specula' ou and fur ex-nri, lbs sales reach ng 6 000 buahele r&rt lo "IrrTel, at 89 ?o t ** 66 for iduoaeo spriug. $2 43 a Bg 68 !?* MtlwauMu oiub. $2 5j ? j $2 A5 for *mb?r spring, $2 80 a 12 6ft Tor red Jersey, IT (or wu/i'r ret W'oalem, ?2 $6 e $2 8a (or ember Michigan, ?ud $1 85 for while Weeiero. Rye was inactive and nominally fl v0 a (I $f, t orn wee in brisk il cm and, and the market tinner, with ee ee ol 8$,000 liu-liela, at >1 0 for uus?unii, fl 00 e f 1 A3 lot S<"iud Western mixed, and $1 66 for white Western to errtvo. Cats were (inner and lo good demand at 98c e f 1 Notb mg transpired in barley. Umbwak ?The uieiket wee flrao, with smell teles et 80c , i-eah Uuu ? foreign wee scarce Herd wag higher, with smell Silos ai $11 60 for leoltawanna, Scranton a'd Tehlgb; til for Pittston, and $7 60 for Cumberland, f. o b., at Georgetown and Baltimore. Co >u was i|inet. but Itrm. Cotiow.?Ttie markrt was leae active, but very firm, with sales or 1,000 bale*. Wo quote:? I'jxinJ. Korida. Mobile Tf. O. <f T. Ordinary 147 147 148 148 Middling 103 183 164 1?4 Good middling. 165 186 167 100 Kkkioiits.? There was a brisk movement in grain freights, otherwise the market was quiet and ratea with out important change. To Liverpool, per Amorican ?osa.'ls, the engagement* Included 40,000 bushels wheat ut 3\d. a 4d , in hulk and hags. 6,000 do. corn, 4d., in bags and per neutral. 25,000 bushels wheat, 4d a 4 t^d., In bulk and bags. .'>00 bbls. Hour. Is., and 800 tierces lard, 14s. 6d To London, per American, 2,000 bbla. Hour, p. t.; |>*r neutral, 100 tieroea bee', 3a. 6d , and |>er steamer, 7 000 bushels wheat, 6d.; 1,000 bags gambier, 2 >s.. and 100 tierces beer, 44. To Glasgow, per steamer, 7,000 bushels wheat. Ad., and 4.000 boxes clte-MO, 30s. To Antwerp, 9,000 busnels wheat, 7<1, in ship's bags. 500 bags ooiree and 100 tiercee lard, 32s 6d. To Marseilles, 800 tierces lard. 66 franca. To Bordeaux, 200 tierces lard and 50 bhrts tallow, 65 francs. To Hamburg, 3 i.OCO feet black walnut, $11 per M. To Rotterdam, 40,000 pipe staves, p t A British brig was chartered to Marseilles, 1,500 bbls. petroleum, 6s , and a British brm, 260 tons, to I Falmouth, for orders; sugar 22s. 6d., and 10 per cent additional If to the Continent Hoes.?The market was steady, with sales of 276 ba'es at 20 '4c. a 28 '{c, for fair to good, and 30c. a 32c. for choice and (ancy. Molassbs was more active and higher, with sales of 281 hhds . 60 tierces and 40 bbla. Cuba muscovado at fl, and 275 tihds. New Orleans at $1 18H a >1 16 PR'iviskwb.?Receipts, 607 bbls. i>ork. 128 packages beef, 78 do. cut meats and 062 do. lard. The pork mar kel was less active, but higher, with sales of 4,5uO bbls., at $42 for mess, $45 50 a $46 26 for now do., $34 a $37 for old and new prime, and $41 a $42 for prime moss, Also 1,500 bids, new mess, for July, buyers' option, at $50 1,600 do. for August, same option, at $51 50, and 4.000 bbls., same terms sad delivery, at $52 50 The beer market was moro active and; the sales include 500 bbls. at $16a$lHior country mess; $9 a $10 for ordinary tnoss; $20 a $25 for repacked moss, and $28 a $30 for extra do. > Prime mess beef was also in fair demand, with sales or 1,000 tieroea on private terms Beef bams were dull and nominal. Cut meats were quiet bat firm, at 15c. a 18>4c. for shoulders, and 17%c a 18)?n. for bams The lard market was active and a shade higher, sales 6.000 bbls. and tierces at 19ijc a 20tio. Butter was quiet but firm, at 31c. a 87c. (orOblo, and 36c a 44c. for State. Cheese was in fair requast at 16c. u 23c for common to prime. Pxtrolktm ?Receipts 5,531 bbls. The market was greatly excited, and both crude and refined?bond and free?were entirely nominal. One or two of the largest speculators were buying all that coulfl be got, almost irre spective of prices naked. The example set by tbe Phila delphia speculator, who recently tailed so badly, is being followed too closely, so many think. "Get from under" is tbe motto. Tbe sales were at all sorts of prices; but many prices were reported which were flctitious. "Settle ments" were currently quoted as sales. Tbe ac tual sales were 3,000 bbls. crude, at 62c. a 64c., on tbe spot, 65c. a 57c., for July and August, settlements for crudo all this month at 68c. were report ed as sales; 8,000 do. refined. In bond, at S8c. a 92c., on tbe spot; 02i4c. a 06H?-? a" tt>0 month; $1 a $1 05 for August; 6,000 do. free, 98c. a $1, on the spot, and $110 a $1 12 54 for July and August. Benzine was nominal. Si-oar was in good request, and prices advanced; sates of 1,600 hhds. Cuba muscovado at 12o. a 13c., net cash, in bond; 200 do. do. on private terms, and 76 hhds. Cuba at 21KC- cash. Refloed was firmer and more active. Tsluiw was quiet but firm, with sales at 17Xc. a 18>4c. for ordinary to prime. WniSRkv.?Receipts, 1,236 bbls. The market was without decided change, and the demand fair; sales 4,000 bbls at $1 73 a $1 76 for State, and $1 76 a$l 60 for Wostera Chamber of Commerce. Tbo regular monthly meeting of the Chamber of Com merce took place yoeterday, Mr. Jonathan Sturges In the chair. The following new members were admitted, by ballot, to the Chamoer:?John Ballard, C. J. Warren and H. E Brown. The special committee appointed to make arrangements for paying the Interest on the State debt due to foreign creditor* in coin reported thai they had an interview with the Comptroller of the State and other gentlemen Interested Ibey stated that the amount to be paid be fore tbe next meeting ot the Legislature la $104,000, which would require $2;.0,000 in currency, and that to pay tbe whole amount of principal and interest coming due tn that time would required $7.10,000 in currency. Tbe report of the committee was received, and they were discharged, as they were unable to raise money to pay principal and interest. Captain Nrs moved that a committee be appointed to recommend that some suitable action he taken by ihe < number in ruforeuceto the brilliant achievements of the Kearsarge in sinking the Alabama. Mr Humumjoop seconded tbo motion, and charac terized tbo triumph of the Kearsarge as that of an Ana rlcan abip of war over an English war ship commanded hy a rebel ofllcer. Ha considered it a double triumph. The motion waa carried, and Messrs. Howe, Nye, Mar shall, Blunt nnd Urinncll were at pointed a special com mittee to recommend what actiou tbe Chamber ought to take In the mat >er. A eommun lent too was received from E Hall Covin, asking tbe Chamber to take some action relative to puri fying ships arriving here with yellow fever or other In tocti -us diseases. Reiorrod to a committee. Tbe i hamher then adjourned. MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. TilarrTeJi. Brtx?Toyjrri.a.?On Thursday, Jolv 7, at Washington Heights, by the Kev. J. HownrJ Smith, Mr. Auun M. Bcu. to Miss Macao! R, daughter cf the late Peter L. Tounele, all of this city. IVasiksroi lira?Hunan.?On Thursday, July 7, la Trinity parish, In tins city, by the Kev. W. T. Webler, Mr. F. L. D'A.msknoc nit/., of 1. ckport, N. Y., to Miss Ansa Htxnue, of Elizabeth City, N. J. Dkdkricx?Kharxon ?On Tuesday, July 6. by the Itov. If. Jiunbar, We. H. I'mna' K.' f Storm viile, Dutchess county, N. Y , to Mrs Aamu 11. Shakrox, of tLis city Gasps.R?SrrpAJi ?At Yenkcrs, on Thursday, May 20, by the Kev. J. C. C. Clark, Warsjcr A. Gaxdmh, Kaq , of Texas Valley, CortlaoJt oomty, V Y . to Miss Eijka St'TLAU. datgnter i f wiu. ". Suydam, Esq , of this city L'psnra? 1'hixkas ? On Wedr.esd.y, July tf, oy the Rev. Mr. Leakey, Mr. THkODORR I.iisnrrx to MtssGta ikcI'K Puusas, only daughter of Mycr Pbinots, of this city. N; Hot.LS?Roarp.?On Thurrday, .lune 23, at St. Tliom as'chapel, by the Rev. Frederick SIM, A. IIaiiit Kxe> MM, o! Obi>>, to Maroaiutia, Oldest daughter of the late Joseph toard, Esq., of this city. S'au?Palmcr.?<1 m Thursday, July 7. by tbe Rev. SaiMuel B?kpr,.ioiiN II. Sr>\i, of New York, to M>ss Has kikita Paluku, of Williamsburg, L. 1. No cards. filed. Baicosuir.?tin Tuesday, July 5, after a brief illness, ('hakim J., son of Charles BaicbeP.-r, in the 21st year of his age. Ills funeral will take place from 104 Joralemon strcol, Brooklyn, this (Friday) afternoon. ai two o'clock. FTia remaua will be taken to Greenwood for intenncul. Washington I) C.) papers ploaee < Of y. Bai etikK.?(to Wednesday evening, July 6, after a short lllnew, Jons Bac-mak, a?ud <f- yours. The rulatives and friend* oi the family nre respectfully invited to stnnd the fuoerkl, from the residence of hi. brother, Jacob Bomber, UP East Nineteenth street, near Third avenue. this (Friday) afternoon, at two o'clock, wtboht further notice Bnom?On Wednesday, July 8, RoBanr Charhm. young- si son of John and the isle Anne Maria Uerglo, aged n month, and 6 days. The funeral will take place from tbe rosidenee of bit aunt, Maria Evens, 110 Raymond street, Brooklyn, tbis (Ertday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Hons.? On Wednesday, July 9, In tbe 24tb yesr of her age, Aot-is Bowxk, daughter of Robert and I,etty Ann Howd*. The relative* and frleuds of the family aro respectfully InvlUd to attend the luoeral, from tbe Lexington ave uue Meth-dl-t Episcopal churoh, corner of laxlnglon avenue end Fifty second stieel, this (Friday) afuiruoon, at ne o'clock, without lurthar invitation. Casi-rrll.?W. J. Cami'rii.i . ouly son of Patrick* and Luclnda M A. Campbell, aged 15 months and lOdavs. The frn-nds of the family aro respc-ctfuily Invited to at tend tbe funeral, from bte parents' residence, No. 310 W est ^veoteeatb street, tbts (Friday) afternooD, at two o'clock. Ct ? ww ? On Thursday, July 7, Jobaxsr Classoh, daughter of J-hunee and LRWreoo* Claason, aged 26 yoara. The friends and relatives of tbo family are invited to , stietul tbo fu ersi from Nn 341 East Nlatb stroet. or - Saturday atternoon, at half past four o'clock. , ObCafolik ?On W'ednee-Uy, (iclober 14, 1693. on tba Wuosung river, cbtaa, of wntida reoelved by the eipio. slon of a gunbo it, Captalo Euorxr F. I (euro ire, aged 27 years. M n gesi ?oij ol the lata F A. IviaioMe. of Trance. He distinguished himself !u tbe Chinese war as a breve and gallant soldier His loaa la deopiy fall by bis afflicted i family and numerous admiring friends, to whom be was i endeared by bis many noble qualities. Watertown, Jefternoo county, N. Y., papers plsase copy. DsBrrorun ?Go Wednesday, July 9, at Newtosrn, L. I., Jaoor I's'isroies, aged 72 years. Tbe relatives aod friends of the family are respectfully | invite-l to attend tbe tuueral, from tbe Imtcn Reiormed I church, en .Saturday si tern on, at two o'clock. DktsGiU, ?At bis reanfema. No 19 Cherry street, < or. 1 esi i s lin Kfoi.L, a native of Tluilaae, county Cork, Irs | land ag d 2.1 years. Hi relatives aud friends aro respectfully requested to attend tbe lunerai. wbicb wilt take place from hie late I residence, this (Friday) afternoou,at two o'clock I Lemur - Killed, near Petersburg, Va., on Wednesday, June 22, Lieutenant Aiuwst BiviniRtARn. Gompeey K, One Hundred and Fifty-tilth regiment, N. V. 8. V , eldest son of Timothy C. Bwighl, ol ibis city, la tbe 23d year of bis age Elkir ?On Thursday, Jely 7, at bit resldeaoe, 149 Adams street, Brooklyn, alter a brief lllneea. llagar Ei sir, formerly of Mat-mzss,Cuba. Notice ol funeral beraaltsr. Oisorp ?to this ctly ort Thursday, July 7, of scarlet fever, Wai.trr J., vouogesi cblid ef Victor aud Harab UP rou I agist 1 yqar. 3 months and 24 days The re!*tlv?. sod irbinds of ibe family are roepectfUlly inylSAd to attend the fanerai, this (Friday) alternono, at ideooe of half peel one o'olock, from tba realdeooe of his parsnts, No 9 Columbia street O isor ? In Naugei ties, on Wednesday morning, July 9. at tbe residence of hsr husband, Mr*. Jars, wife or Ibomas uiIrou, aged 80 years. Har fuda.-'pJ will lake otaoe $4sU f rrtday | afterneosu AS I two o'clock from tbo residence of her brother. Miotaael \TSrr jL H2 A Horn# v el ect The relative* and frienda XK *d -too those ot ber ?? ? lew, John Brady, are moat respectiully 10 J"*11d' D it >*??? ? lu this city. on Monday, July 4, Jo* u. H >?ss, son of Elisabeth and tba lata Davtd liowse, iu the tiv^"anEd frietida o' tUe family ara respectfully inv tl io attend hi# (aoeral.thls (> afternoo^ at two o'clock from the re* dence of hi* mother, Broad way between FVty-fourth and Fifly-ftilh street* "K* -From woutida received on Saturday. June is In the battles before Petersburg, Lieutenant M. N*w_ LmsHis^'t son of the late FaaeliDo and Forciosnd Hleakeli, <?t Philadelphia. Rrandaoa of the lata Dr. John I. Harrison, of SUteu 'Bland, N. Y dU,t.ktAr of Hauook ? On Thursday, July T, Aopra, daughter of Iahk witeof Peter Hayes, and oldest daughter of ft il Bam Sf?ncw, ot England, aged 48 years, 2 months and 8 daTt*e relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, at bar brother's residence, lu Brooklyn, this (Friday) alter noon, nt two o clock. JH^r?&"a3* N. T.. on Wednesday July 6, Maav I.cpiot, daughter of George B. and Susanna J,Tba'fr?n<l? amfraUtlvee of the family ara Invited to attend the funeral, from No. 305 Bean street, near Fourth avenue, Brooklyn, this (Friday) morning, nt eleven ? Moittie.?On Wedneaday. July 6, General Otoaaa P. Mourn*, in the 63d year or bla ago The relatives and friends of the family, and the mem bora of tbe press generally, are raepectfully invito? to at tend the funeral. ?hm (Frid*) noon, at twe ve o clock, at Trinity church, West Tweoty-tlftb street, w'^out further notice. The remains will bn taken to Gold Spring for 10 McKvKmr ?On Thursday, July J, 'J2' Charles S. MoKnlght and daughter of the Into Captain H. Mm "Viral Presbyterian church, In Fifth avenue, between Eleventh and Tweirth streets, on Saturday afternoon, at three o'clock. Connecticut papers please copy. O'liOCQHUR.?On Thursday, July T, ' \ tedious illness, Jci.u, tho beloved wire of Thomas O'l otiahlin. In the 2?th year of her age_ The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully inviwd to attend tbe funeral, this (Friday) atteruoom at balf-paat one o'clock, from her late residence, 27J West Thp?^HA?!^-Suddeniy,at Yonkers, on Tuesday, July 5, Lizr.ia second daughter of Elizabeth and tbe late Al fred G. Beckham, aged 22 years. ... Her young friends and those of the family ore respect fullv invited to attend the funeral, nt St. John a church, Yonkers this (Friday) morning, at half-past nine o chicle. Carriages wifl be in waiting the arrival of the twenty-two minutes after eight train from Thirtieth street. Providence papers pleaao copy. Rooans-?On Wedneaday, July 6, at hla roeidenca. al Peihsm Westchester couety.N. Y.. P. L. Rooai.s. from injuries'sustalned by being thrown from hla carriage, on tb^fulnTal*wgmukopl^from St. Stephen', church, JoeVUo7 TwenPty eighth ^d ^ avenue on Saturday morning, at half-put tan o cioca. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, without turther notice. It it ky At BergeD. N. J , on Thursday, July T, Laura, infant daughter ot Johu A. and Josephine L. Riley, aged 15Th7relatives and friends of the family are requested to thefuneral, thi. (Friday) afternoon, at two o'clock from her late residence, Bergen, N. J. R^ow-4)7Thursday. July 7, Her Agmrs, wife of Frank A. Ransom, and daughter of the late Judkins, of Susses county, Va., In the oOth year ol "'?The relatives and friend, or the ramllv are respoctrully invited to attend the funeral, at the residence of Jamas Butler, Esq., N'o. 31T West Twenty-fourth street, this (Friday) afternoon, at tWo o'clock. Peteraburg (Va.) papers please copy. RsrsOLns.?la Harlem.od Wednesday, July 6, J turn B., late of Newburg. N. Y., for an active and honored member ot tbe Masonic fraternity, in tho 88th year of his age. M His friends, and the members of Harlem Lodge, ? 437, and the fraternity In geuerel, are inv'tod to attend the funeral, Irom his late residence, Third avenue, tween 125tband 128th streets, this (Friday) live o'clock, without further invitation. Newbury papers please cony- . Miiawoon.?on Thursday, July 7, Catttarinr, relict at Seth Shirwood, in the 82d year of hor age. Tbe relatives and friends of the family are J"*"** *? attend tbe funeral, thU day (Friday), from 161 South Eighth street, Brooklyn, E. D. om n ... Mt? Sunn.?Cirri* T-, daughter of William H. and Mary C. Fmith, aged 3 years, 11 months and _2 days Tho remains will be taken to Orange county Rw lot*r ment. this (Friday) afternoon, at tour o clock, frem tbe residence of her parents, 807 Wash"*KO>n *,![ aijio'clock Ttckrr. ?On Wednesday morning. July 6'at^v* f r'l^ Miss Hann ah Tcckwr, youngest daughter of the late John and Ann Tucker, n native of the parish of Drumcliff, 81 The w?ds of tbe family and those of hor bro^ John,.lames and Joseph J. Tucker, alsotboes<< her brothers in-law, Mr. Pcior Hunt and Michael Martin, are Invited to uttend tbo funeral. H?r,hron|*l?* w?r Peter moved from the residence of her brother in-law,.Mr. Pete Hunt 04 Mulberry frtreot. ibis (Vnday) moruiog si ten 0 ckJck, to the Churcb of tbe TrU^kia cornw of Molt and Park streets, where a requiem massI will be offered for the repose ot hor soul, thence to Calvary etn eterv at one o'clock P. M. ? ? nr Wfl. VvsK?fm Wednesday, -Inly 6. Mary Ann, relict or w 1 lam B. Vyse, in the 64th year of her age The friends of the farriily ?ro reepectrully attend flio funeral, from ihe residence ?jf Is-.n 1.1 law. Jacob Nlshwlls, 112 Second street, 'hl8 (Friday) arternojn, at one o'clock, wiiboul further iuv WWRi'oHT.-On Wednesday, July 6. Martha Wrioht relict of John Wright, aged 89 years, 1 month dlF'u'nerai services from her late residence, corner of Flflleih etroet and Broadway, tbi6 (Friday) mornl g, u Watson.?In Brooklyn, on Thursday morning Mart !.ovb, daughter of Ihe lato Major Josiab W atson, tt <5 M r in the 2d yftar of hor a?:o. The relative* and triends of th?-? family aro attend the luneral.frotn the rcsldenre of bar gr Wnrren Murdock, 26 Garden street, Brooklyn, on Satur day afternoon, at half past three o clook. Atlantic swrNiis bank. No. 183 CHATHAM SfJUARE. OP IN DATI.V. SIX PF.R CUNT INTEKI'St ALLOWED. DEPOSITS MADS NOW. OB ON OB BEFORE Jt'LY to. WILL ni?AW INTEREST FROM JULY I V D. VAN PELT. Presldcut. OHAKLI'S I>. BAILEY, Trfanurtr. Jnturtt P COOPKB. See. clary. Baltimore and mart land funds wantbd at low rites. Now Orleans bunk. notes alio purchase 1 at b?>t price. WM. II. MAK8TON A CO.. Banker*. IT.Wall aireet. FT COS GOLD COMPANY. NOTICB OF DIVIDEND. NO 3 Nrn- Yob*. July 6. 1F??. A dividend of nno per een', for t'.c mor.Hi of June, bit been declared. parable at the office of thr company. 81 lolin atreei New York, oo and after July id, |4>,| to ttoekholdere ol' record at the c oe? of business tin- dar. WALTER B LAWTON. Treaaurer. CHTIZENB' SAVINGS BANK. ' Bowery, corner of Canal (treat. ASSETS $1'S f4 A 1 motley deposited on or before .July 20 will bear ;nler. eel from July I Kl? per ceut Inter**'allowed, tree of covornmeot tai, on nil M>m? of AfitlO und tinder, and five p?. cent on larger aunt*. Bank open dally from 9 to 3 anion Monday, Wedneeday end Frldsv evening* from 5 te 7 Bank books In Eng ish (Icrntn and Freocb. (l?:TN0cn A. Hi-urn, Sec. OEO. FOLSOM, President. jyVIDEND NOTICE. J aiKASANT VALLEY TOLD COMPANT. A dividend of one per oent upon the capital etoek of thla Company baa been ihi* dar deelared by the Trtie'eei ont of the net earning* of the month of June. 1964. payable on tbe iOth July at of Meeate, M. K Jeiup A Co , 59 Bt change place, Mew York. ~ A. U PCTRVE.N. Secretary. N?w Yo*b, July 6,18S4. Eighth dividend -obrmakia fire inbcr. ance Company?The Board of Dlreclora of thlaeom pane have deelared a aeml annual dividend of lie# (9) per cent, free from government tai. navshle on demand at their office. No. 4 Wall etr**t JOHN MDW. KaHL, fleoretary. Good amd safe investment-for sale, part of the Stock of a eawly opened Minn, turning on I a ready orei in large quanlllle*. Can easily be etatnte d. a* the mine It within thirty mllea of New York. Vety 'a -go return* to be depended upon on a amall outlay. Addreet hot 4.697 Peat office for full explanation*. HONEY RHOOR OOAI, COMPANY?AT A MEETING of tb* b. ar.d of dlre-.lort ef the Honey Brook Coal Cm pany. hel l at tbelr oSice 2<>9 Walnut tireel. Philadelphia, on the 9th met. a dividend of ihrte per cent clear of all teiee. wa declared out of th* earning* of tho eompanv for the month* of May and June, payable en or after the 19th of July et the efflce of the company JNO B M. CRSABY, President The Honev Brook Conl Compsnv wan organlred br the election of lha following officer* end board of director* ? _ Pree'denb Vice Prealdeot Jno. B M Cre*r?. Lewlt Audenrted. _ . _ Treeeurer. Secretary. Davis Pearson g V Henry. Dlrectnra Jno. B. M. Crenry, Lewlt Audaniied, Dae!* Pearson Jaroh a Myere. Thomas A. Eeeees. TOLiKT AND CHICAOO RAILROAD OOMPANY'S O Stock. We oTer tor sale a limbed amonnt of tbe aber* etoek. Th* read It 17 mllea long, oewtmencing at Jollet, In lUiaele, and terminattng at Chlrago. Tbe total amount ef tbe etaok of the Company le ? 1.901) ono, the greater part of which baa already been puroaaaed by oapifalist* a* a peiWianaot Inraatmeat The road hat been leeaed In perpetuity by the Chiang* and Alton Railroad Company, a* required by ((.? charter obtain, ed from th* Legislature of minds, under whlob that Com pany waaorganned, and la Irrevocable t The leaa* requires the payment of n rent monthly, to tha Dnltrd NUlea Trust Company, In the city of New Tart, tu fficieot t* par a quarterly dividend of IK, or 7 par eent e^r annum free or united State* gov em men t tat, lespuee.d or to be Impoeed. Aa an additional security for the payment lha renL J7 I57tn* of the gmae re-elpts of the Chlengo >?; .ii-- w.|l road are irreroeebly pledged for that purpoaa We reoemmend Mile stock te patties seek' . mta tnreat. meat- .age WW srwi Per fnrUgr enrtlnular* apply H. R, iigup ft O*. ft FINANCIAL. Manhattan bavin is institution. ?m hroad ? *?. corner of H reckvr-iraet.?Twenty ecveath nw annual dividend ?The tru-teea of this liiailtiitloa bar* di recte.1 (hot interest be paid oa all drpoalta (by the rules en titled thereto) at the tolluirng rale* ? Five per rent par an Duin (or $5 0 and all amounta under; four per cent per an iitun for all euma exceeding $A'H. Alao an eitra dividend at the rate of one per cent pa aiiouin free of government tat paynble On an J after Julv 18. Iotercet will be credited under date of July I, and if not withdrawn ?ll' race v# tntereat the name a-a depoait. K. J. BROWN, Preeldeut. Bpwann Bi'holi.. Trea-urer. C. P. Ai.voap, Secretary. Market saving* bank, mo. 82 Nassau htrkkt Open daily from 10 A. M to J P. U., and on Monday* and Thursdays. from 5 to 7 P. M. Si* per oeul intereat a', owed on all auma of $500 and un der. Depoaili mode now will draw Intereat from July 1 The July dividend (fr.-e front government tax) Will be paid on nnd after Julv 18. LUTHER 0. CARTER, President JAM Kg 0. HTONBiLL, I V1- pPMld.?t. 0HARLK8 COOPER, i Vi0# Thomai W. Cowdbm. Treasurer. Rihkt R. Conblip, Secretary. Notice.?a mbbtino op the btgukholdbrb of the International Sold Amalgamating Company will be held at the ofllce of the company. 137 Broadway, room No. 7, on Monday, tha lllh Inxt., ai I o'clock P. M. A puno tual attendance la requested. Per order. SAMUEL COOPER, Secretary. VIEW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD COMPANY, XY PttxsinxifT's Orrio*. N*w Yon*. Julv 1, 1664. SECOND MORTGAGE BONDS (fl.OOu.OiMi, Due \ugnat I. 1864. Notice la hereby given that the Bouda of the above tsaus will be paid at their maturity, Austin I, 1404. at the ofllre of the company, corner of fourth avenue and Twenty sixth street, and that the Intereat on the name will cease from that data. WM. II. VaNDKKHILT Vloe P evident. OFflCK CITIZENS' FIRE INSURANTS COMPANY, No. 67 Wall street, New York. Julv 2, IS ',4.?D'vldend.? A dividend of ten per oent (free of government tax) U pay. able on demand. E Aw ALTON, Secretary. OFFICE OP THF. HARMONY FIRE AND MARINE Iniurance Company. #0 Watt, XTREKf. > New Yoke. July I. 1864 ( 20t'i dividend. Tha Board of Directors have thl< dav de clared a sem-annual dividend of live per cent, payable on demand, free of income tax. By order of the Board. DANIEL D. GASSNER, Secretary. OFFICE OF TIIR MARIPOSA COMPANY. 54 WALL street. ? Notice, Is hereby given that at tho drawinxthU dav bad of twenty Ave Bonds of this company for redemp tion out of the sinking fund, tba following went drawn, vO -Noa. 13, 55, 6.3,83. 88, 95, 99. 129. 168. 216. 254. 429, 459, 494, 594, 657. 772. 816, 891. 1,068.1.187. 1,325. 1.357. 1.561. 1 489. and tbat the same will be paid in gold on the 1st day of July next, on presentation at the oltloe of the company. Bonds must be presented for payment within ten days after the 1st day of July next, under penalty of forfeiture of the right of redemption under this drawing. Nsnv Yoke, June6.1864. JOHN WATT. Secretary. Third avenue savings bank. Corner Third avenue anil Twenty-sixth xtreei. CHARTERED 1854. BANK OPEN dslly from 10~A. M. to.$ P. M.. nnd op MONDAY, WEDNESDAY And SATURDAY BVENINGS, from 6 to 8 P. M. SIX PER CENT interest allowed on all sura* from $1 to $1,000. All money* deposited on or before July 10 will draw inter est from this 1st. SPENCER K. GREEN. President. Richard Kelly, Secretary. THE TRUSTEES OF THE SEAMEN'S BANK FOR sarlng. bava ordered that interest (free ot govern ment tax) be paid to depositors entitled thereto. fur the six months ending June 3d. as follows^On sums of Five Hun ? dred dollars and under, at the rate of five per cent per an num; and on sums exceeding Five Hundred dollars, at the rate of four per cent per annum, payable on and after Mon day. 18th Inst. The Intereat will be tplaoed to the credit or depositors aa principal. WM. H. MACY, President. William Nklsok, Secretary. New York. July 6. 1864. PROSPECTUS OF TUB COLUMBIA OOLD MlNINd COMPANY OP COLORADO. ? CAPITAL 120.000 SHARES. NOMINAL PAR, $10 EACH. SUBSCRIPTION PRIOR, $5 PER SHADE. Stock full paid, and hot liable to assessment. TRUSTBBS' JAME8 W. ELWBLL, Esq., or tha firm of James W. El well .t Co.. No. 07 South street JOHN P. YKLVBRTON, Esq.. President of the Bank of North America. THOMAS R. FOSTER, Esq., late of tho firm of Footer A Stephenson. JAMES D. FISH, Esq., President of the Marine Bank. JAMBS L. HATHAWAY. Esq., Merchant, No. 171 Pearl llR$BKRT p. PBRRIN, Esq.. Caakier of tho Batcher a and Drover's Bank. President. THOMAS R. FOSTER. Esq. Bankers. MARINE HANK. Secretary. SAMUEL B. SBYMOUE, Esq. Mining Superintendent, HENRY A. COOK, Esq., Central City. Colored* Solicitor', Messrs LORD, DAY A LORD New Yorx. Messrs. WAKRLKY A READ. Central City, Colerado. MINKS?The celebrated Bohis' Flak, and other well known Lodes; Including alHO a "Tunnel Claim" of S.itOJ con-ecutive leet. or nearly a mile in eugtb. diieotly on the Flsk Lode, commencing immediately opposite Black llawk Point, at Black Hawk City. The whole property embracing I 8,700 leet. or which 1 9 'I are developed claim-, and 1.600 feet oyned. and &.i no leet Tunnel claim, with a valuable quart* mill now running suit u aucce sful operation. <Th Bobtail and Flak Lodes are considered the richest and beat In tha Territory, h iving yielded larger amounts of gold than any other In Colorado, which the following assay shows, made hr E Iward N Kent, Esq. Chemist. Unite 1 8iat.-s Asasy oH'ce. New York ?Mint va ne per ton nf 2,000 pounds. Bob tail Lode 6741 46. la e ;ual to 65.7U 68 per cord' Ftgk Lode, $*14l 21. is equal to $7,729 08 per cord Besides the above, the company own 467 feet of valuable water power, having 21 fee: fall, on North Cleur creek, half a mile below Black Hawk City. 1 he ;:rr?t advantage possessed by this company Is in having a mill now in succe-sfnl operation, and In a short time the company will ha.e additional Improve I ma chinery. capab e of working forty eight tons, or six cords nf ore per dav. fro - the Hnbta 1 ami Kl k Lodes, which are yielding from $8U0 to 200 per cord uniformly. The com. pany confidently expect to commence pay ng at an early da> a monthly dividend of one per cent Iri gold T e -tuck can onli be had lor a limited period at the drat aubsei iption price, and imlglngfiom the oonatunt demand to obtain it for Investment. It mu-t rapidly r s?- In ra'us. The attention of capitalists and others la railed to this company, believing that no -tock has h-en ottered In the murks' ihat i>o*?e?ue* mo e instrinslu merit or Is entitled to grea-er c nfldenre In j the community for a pro.itable, -afeaod permanent tuveat Pubscriplion book" of the company for only a limited cumber of sharea. are now open at the odice of ALHRRT II. NICOLAY Eaq , 52 William atreet. at the price of 65 uer s! are >3 10 be ca cl at the ilnie of mtbecr ption and the 1 a ance $2) payable on call, when the certificates of atoek ate r-adv to be delivred by the company, or the whole amount can be paid at the time of subscription, St the option of the subs-n'-er to the stock I'ait'e- who ere des'ron of securing any of the stock at the above low pr ee, are Informed that the company intend cb.aiug :l.e book* shortly, after which time no stock will be sold lesa than par THE BANK OF C A LI FOR VTA. 1 8 AN FRANCISCO. Incorporated under the law* of the State of California. CAPITAL, two millions of dollars. Tald in Ful . in Gold Coin of the United States. D O. MILLS. President WILLIAM O. K4LHTON. Cashier. I.BF8 A WALLER. Agent*. Now Y'ork City. Oflicea No. 38 Pino street Thin bank, having been organl e-1 under the laws?( the Stale of C-.tforma a prepared, with a capital of two mil lion* nf dollar*. 10 ir?n act a genera bank ng hu?tne?* at San Francisco Wl'l r celve Deposits, buy and sell Foreign and Domestic Exchange ai San Frencacn nod New Tork: will mnhe CO le, lions throughout the mate* of Call forn a and Oregon and the Territories nf Washington and r"e a la OoonooaOl the siat- of California and o! counties anil cities, will be nailed or col lee lei at current ra'es. HILLS OF hXUIIAN'iE ON THE BANK OF LONDON, for amount* to suit purcba en, wil be issued al San Fran ctscn and New York A so, Exchange bought and sold <n the leading cltlo nf the United States STOCKHOLDERS IN THR HANK OF CALIFORNIA, each liable in hta Indi tduel property for an amount equal to stock In this bank. D. O. Mills. Wm. Norrlt, Mores Bills Wm. C. Kalalon, J Whitney. Jr.. A. B. MeOreery, R. S. Fret'. O. F. Otllln, R. M. Jeaup. J R Thomaa. ' 'A J. Popo. Samuel Knight, Louis ilrLann, Herman M lei-els, A. C. Henry. Asa T. Law ton. Frederick Billings, J C. Wl merdlog. Wm E. Barron, Georga II. Ho ard, Wm. Alvord. Thomaa Hell, H. T Teach-nacher, All of John O Rari. A Hay ward. San Francseo. Jacob Kamm of Portland. Oregon The operations nf the Hank of California w II be upon a specie basis. Oold and ? Ivor Bullion bought and sold. The trustees of thm consolidated pbtro letim Oil Company bava this day declared a dividend of one and one-f-urth per cent (1'.,) on the capital stock I par value $l> per share) from the net earnings of the company for the month of Jnne payable at the odice of the company, Ai Broad atreet, on and after the 15th tO't. New Vox*. July 5. 1864 C. ft GRIFFIN, Secretary. The trubtbeb of thm crntral prtrolrum Company hara this day declared a dividend of one per rent upon 'heir capital of $5 OUP.OuO, for the in nth of Juao, pa<ah a on the 15th Inst at their oBtce, No. 10 Pine street. New Yoaa, July 7. 1864. WED. W. CLARKE Bee j. TO SMALL CAPITALISTS.-* LADY WISHES TO borrow $160 or $200. for a limited time, le enable her extend her business, for which good aeurtty will be given and liberal Interest paid. Address for three days, with ad dress. Julia hex l.SV. Poet olDae. New York. NION DIME SAVINGS BANK. NOS. 427 AMD 429 CANAL STREET, COR VABICK ASSETS....,..,.., , $1,215,276 59 OPEN DAILY, from 10 A. M. to 8 P. M., and on Monday, Wedneedav and Salnrdsy Evenings from 6 to 7. Eli per oent Interest allowed oa sums of $300 and under, and Five per rent on larger snroa Money deposited en or before July 10 will hear intereat from Jmy I. 7 MDIR V HAUOHWOUT, President. OAannaa S Caartx, Secretary Q JTTH DIVIDEND-THE NATIOMAL FIRM INBUR. Oil anee Company has der ared a semi-annual dividend ef eight per rent, paiable an and after Raturday, July 9, al It* oBce, 62 Wall *tre*l. HENRY *. DROWNE. Secretary New Yoat, July 1. HEM. ?A nnn -^OR sale, for investment, pat VTiuUv. In* 12 ptr cent yearly a Rmadway Lease held, retaining $1.0HU in quarter yearly payment*; I* re. eorded and In* ired a first claas aecurlly and will bear lb* olnaest lnv*ttlg*tion. A-ldrw* box 705 Pest office. AOfin TO I'0A,, nM B0ND Af,|) mort. IOUu-UvV rag*, n! Mt per oent term of ye*re, on New York city property. JOSEPH MASON, 6H I*l?* htreet, ro- m? lu and II. POIslTICAb. McOLELLAN AND UNION.-TRB CITIZENS OF 1 HI Teeth ward are invited to meet at Smith's Saloon cor nor of Delanoey and Orchard streets, this (Friday> evanlae at 8 o elaeh. to organ I ?e a MeOleHan Club. Herr Max Han* geaaeh warts la Invited. By order of A. JAOOBA. WATOHSI, JBWBLRT, *C. AT 606-WATCHB8, DIAMONDS. JEWELRY. RILVBR Ca plate, Guns, Plsto s, Aa. bought ?1 will pay MO pev oeel more than can ha obtained al any ether pteee la the city. N. B.?Aleo Pawnbruksrv Tickets wanted far the above artlstee, al the same rata, 696 BroadwaF, eoraer ef Houston street, up statra roam 6. OOAIa WOOD. WOOD -THE BEST QUALITIES OF FIRM, Vv Oak aad Htekery Weed for gale, by Ue lead, eerd of cargo, at the lowest market prteea BOW LAND A CO., Second Aveaea between Tblrtr liuM^milT MkUMSeia iHimio. _ STB AH WEEKLY TO LI YKRPOOL-TOUOHINO AT Aueaaalown iCark harbor I. Tue wall known Meamara ?f Ihe Uxrpool. New Tort and Philadelphia Steamship Oompanv tinman Una), carrying the V a Had Stale* mal'a, era intended to aall at lollowa ? CITY or I/)NDON Sat trday. July 9 CITY or BALTIMORE Saturday, JulrlA BTNA Saturday. July 2$ and every succeeding Saturday, at noon, from plar At. North rlvar. BATES Of PASSAGE, Payable In gold or fu equivalent In currency. PIRST CABIN ... $80 IrTBRKAGK Do. to L >ndou 85 Do. to London 54 Do. to Pane 95 Do. to Parla AO Do to Hamburg. 90 Do. to Hamburg W Paaaangera alao forwarded to Havre, Itreiuen, Kotterdaiu, Antwerp. An . at equally low rates. Fares irom Liverpool or Queenstowu ? Klral Cabin. $75. $85, $105. Steerage, $<5. Tho?e who wl-li to seud for their friend* oao hut tickets here at thoae rataa. Por further Information ?p:>ly at the ctmpanv'1 ofllo?. JOHN O. DALE, Agent. 15 Broadway. N Y. THE BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS, BETWEEN NRW YORK AMD LIVERPOOL, CALLING AT CORK HARBOR AND BETWEEN BOSTON AND LIVERPOOL, CALLING AT HALIFAX AND CORK IIARBOR SCOTIA ..Leaves New Yorlc Wednesday, June 29 AKRICA Leavne Boston Wednesday, July S. ARABIA Leaven New Vork Wedneeday, July IS. ASIA Leavne Boston Wednesday, July 20 Al'LTR ALASI AN . Leavee New York Wednesday, July 27. EUROPA Leave* Button Wedu.-sday, Augusts. MOM Hit YORK TO LIVKKMOL. Chief CAhln Paeaage $15? 50 Second Cabin Paa-fge. : 90 00 FROM BO.HTON TO LIVKKrOOL. Ch ef Cabin Parage $112 50 Secnnd Cabin Pan-age M ft) payable In gold, or itx equivalent In CulteJ Stales currency. Berths not secured until pa'dfor. An experienced Surgeon on board. The owners of these aqlpa will net be eocnuntaMe for Specie or Valuables unleaa bills of lading hevlng lha value expressed are eigne I therefor. For freight or passage anply to E. CUNARD, No. 4 Bowling Green. TUB HAMBURG AMERICAN PACKET COMPANY'S IRON MAIL STEAMSHIPS. Front Southampton. From New York. BAVARIA June 14. 1864 July 9. 1S54 OKRMANIA June 28, 1854 July 25, 19(14 RORUSSIA July 12. 1854 Aug. 6. 1864 From Hamburg pier, foot of Third atreet. Hohoken. taking paaseneers for Hamburg Havre. London and Southampton at the following ratee First cabin. $105; second canln, $62 50: steerage. $67 50, payable In gold or !t( equivalent. For freight apply Ro KL'NHARDT A CO.. 45 Exchange place. For passage apply to C. B. RICHARD A BOAS, 181 Brood way. IPOR LIVERPOOL DIRECT CUNARO STEAMSHIP P IIP.OLA, Captain Mseau'ev, wl'l Nail on TUESDAY, I2th Inatant Cabin pamaipv $Ao In cold or its equivalent. For freight or passage aplpy to E. CUNARD. No. 4 Bowling Oreen. STEAK FROM AND TO QUEBNSTOWN AND LIVES POOL. CUNARD LINE. From New York, $15 currencr; to New York, $35 gold, or equivalent In currency. ? HE (.'La ealle Tuesday, July II. Por passage apply to WILLIAMS A QUION. 29 Broadwar _ The north oerman Lloyd's steamship nrw YORK. O. Wenke commander, carrying the United States mail, will sat .from the Bremen pier, foot of Third Street. Hobo ken. on SATURDAY. JULY 15. AT 12 O'CLOCK K., BREMEN, VIa'SoUTHaMPTON, taking passengers to LONDON. HAVRE. SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN, at the following ratee, payable in gold or ita equivalent In currency ? For the flrst cabin, $105; second csbln. $62 60; steerage, $37 60. The NEW YOBK will be followed by the AMERICA July For freight or passage_ap g OBLRtCHS A CO., 68Broad etreet. THE STEAMSHIP CRLLA WILL BAIT. FROM PIER No. 21 North river, on Wednesday, the ISth Inst., at 2 P. M., for London direct. HOWLAND A ASPINWALL, Agents. THE LONDON AND NEW *YORK 8TEAM8HIP COM. psny will despatch aeml-montbly their new aufl flrst class British iron steamship* CRLLA. BK1.I.ONA, ATA LANTA. IOWA. INDIANA and MANHATTAN, each 3,00 tons burthen, between London and New York. celling at Havre on the voyage from London. Rates of na sage, pay able In United States currencr:?From New York, Hrst Cabin $125; Second Cabin $85; Steerage, $40 From Lon don or Havre. First Cab n, $ino. For passage anplv to CHAR A WHITN'-'Y. at No 26 BrnadwaT. For freight apply at 54 South street Advanoss made on merchendiae consigned to the London agents. HOWLAND A ASPIN WALL. Agente. Anchor . link -steam to Liverpool and Glasgow, Dublin. ReKast and Londonderry ?The line, fast aal'lng A I Clyde built steamship 1IRITIVNIA, Captain Ferrler. Is intended to sail on Baturdsv July 9 from pier 3d North river. This stea'Pshlo is fitted In the most approved etrle to Insure the romfort and safety of passengers Rates of nasaage including an ahundsnt supply of wall conked provisions ? Cabins. $ loo and $85; intermediate. lU; steer agr. $46; payable In c itrene?. Apply to FRANCIS MAC DONALD A CO.. No. 6 Bowling Oreen. Mail stramrrs to francr direct. THE OKNKRAL TRANSATLANTIC COMPANY'S NEW LINK OF FIRST CLASS SIDEWHEKL STEAMSHIPS BETWEEN NEW YORK AND HAVRE. The flrst Ave splendid vessels Intended to be put upon this favoulte route for the Continent, are the following ? WASHINGTON. 6.204 tons 900 horse power. LAFAVKTTR, 3,204 tons W Imrse power. EUGENIE (a'loat) !*n hot j.e power. FRANCF, i building). 900 horse power. NAPOLEON III (building) 1,100 norse power. Until tV.e completion of the entire tint the service will he Serformed by the WASHINGTON A. Duchesne; LAFAY iTTK, A Borande. as follows ? FROM NRW YORK TO HAVRR WASHINGTON Wednesday, rth August LAFAYETTE Wednesday. 1 'th September. WASHINGTON W dreads flh October. LlFAYETTK Wednesday, 9th November. WASHINGTON W dnesdav. 7th December. First Canin (including tab'e wine). $136 Second Cabin (innlndine tatde wine), $fOor $8) rayabis In gold or its equlvali nt In United States currency Medical attendance f-ee or charge. For freight or pas-age arptv to OROROK MacKRNTIK. Agent. No. 7 ''roadway, New Vork At Tarls?No. 12 Boulevard des Cap iclnei (Grind Hotel). At Havre?William laclin A ("o. National steam navigation company. TO Ql'RKNST'iWN AND L!V 1 SPOOL. Cabin, $65 gold; Steerage. $45 pavshle In c"rrener. LOUISIANA Sai'. Saturday, Julv 16. WESTMINSTER Soils Saturday, Julv 30. For paaaage apply to WILLIAMS .t OUION. 29 Broadway. FOR LIVERPOOL -THE ELLEN AUSTIN. AT PIFR No. 6 North river, sill- llth July The CITV OF NEW YORK, at Pier No. 6. on the I3;h. Apply at Thompson's Pas-age o.llce. 275 Prsr s'reet. AM TO LONDON D1RFCT.-THR FIRST CLASS iron atestrshlp MELBOURNE <a Is from plnr 21 t'ast river on the 18th JitIv. cabin $66, pava'd* in g1d Stoer age $45, enrrenev Passengers forwar led to Havre Paris an 1 O-rm in t>. rt? si very low rates Applvto WILLIAMS A OUION, 29 Broadway. THE MONTREAL OSS CO'R. steamship KinKRNIAN from Quebec to Liverpool, July 9. Rates of passage 581. $70 end $10. .SIGHT drafts on the National BnnV. payable at all Its branches In Fn dand and Ireland For pa sage apply to SAB EL A SPARER. 23 Broadway, New York. UNITED 8TATE8 MAIL LISE FOR CALIFORNIA VTA PANAMA. Regular sal Hog da- a? Id, I5thand?8d of each month ei cept when theae dates fall on Sunday, when the day of de parture w II he the Monday following The flrst class steamship OCEAN QUERN, E L. Tlrk'eraugn Commander, will sail from pier No. 3 No th r|rer WEDNESDAY, JULY 18 si 12 o'e'ork M The NORTHRHN LIGHT. Capt David Wileoo. will sue oeed the Ocean Queen. and sail July 24 For freight or passage appiv to D. B. ALLEN, No. b Bowling Oreen. MO. ROBERTS' LINK TO SAN FRANCISCO AND PANAMA. The fins new steamship GOLDEN RULE, WEDNESDAY. JULY 27. AT NOON, from pier 29 North river, foot of Warren street. For paseage applv at the office 177 West street, corner of Warren, to D. N. CARR1NOTON. CJTR ~ ll F OR NEW ORLEANS. DIRECT. To sail on 8ATCRDAT, JULY ? AT 3 O CLOCK P. V. The United States Mail steamship ELECTRIC SPARK. John C. Orsham commander, will sail as above from pier 46 North river, third above foot of Canal etreet For freight or paaaage apply to JAMES a. RaTNOR, 10 Barelav atreat. N B.-The stoamship EVENING STAB will follow, and sail on Saturday, July 23. ________________ FOE NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. The United Steles mail staamehip YaZoO. OROROR W COUCH. Commander, will leave pier 13. Earth river, for New Orieaes d reel, on Wedneedav, July IS. at three o'clock P. M preolenly No freight received or bills of lading signed oa the day of ?ailing ailing. For freight or passage applv to LUDLaM ll EINKK EN A CO.. U$ Broadway. r)R NEW ORLEANS DIRECT The new aad flrst elan- United States mail steam ship GEORGE WASHINGTON. Capt. B V Geger. wilt leave pier No. t North rtvar, on Saturday, July 16, at S P M. Passage (first class) $At No freight received er bills ef lading signed on the day Of sailing. Per I nl,in* >or Height M Weal street. po R BAYANA DIRECT. Th* United States mall stoamship ROANOKE, FRANCIS A. DREW, Commander. will loars plsr IS, North rlrer, for tlsrana direct, on Satnr dar. July ft, at S o'clock F M. pree ?"ly No freight received or bitls of lading signed oa the day ef ?co.. us FOB HAVANA DIRECT. The splendid Un ted Ste'ea mail staamshlp MEXICO, Rills, commander, will sail from Pier IE East river, ee Thursday. July 14, at S a tinea F. M. This steamer baa elegant noeommodalions far paesen ?ere. No freight received or bill* of lading slgaad an day of nailing. Foe freight or postage . Apply to JAMES B WARD A CO , 11$ Wall i I Street. FOR LIVERPOOL ARD LONDON -FOE LIVER, pool?The peckel ship CULTIVATOR sells July 11: the THORNTON on July 16. Per London?The RHINE, on Jnl' If Por passage apply to WILLIAMS A OUION, 40 Pultoa street. FOE LtVRRPOOL?TAPBCOTTR' line. Rhii. MONARCH OP THE 8KA, .alls this der. Ship KM. TAPHCOTT, sell* to morrow. Ship BENJAMIN ADAMS, sail- to morrow. POR LONDON-! LINR. SHIPPING. FOS MELBOURNE. AUSTRALIA -KANGAROO LI N K. neutral Hag.?Positively brat retool. The lieautlfut little ctipp?r bark JUAN RaTTRaV. William* master, will c ntuiue to receive reicht uutil lhe9tb of July. Can liu xJ comely accommodate a raw Aral cabin i>a-.*>-ni:er*_ Arpijr oc board, juer III Ka-u r'ver, ot to MaILLRR, LORD ?JUEKRAC. IBS Wall atreet. CTEAMRHIP hkcla will discharge, under I' geneial orler, thia dcy (Thursday), July 7. at Cunard wharf, Jersey City. All good* landed under general order will be sent to Wheeler's store, Atlantie dock. Brook'yu. E. CUNAKD, No. 4 Bowling Grren. I'll AV KLLEKS' GllDE. JJUDRON RIVER RAILROAD??THAI N8 FOB AL ?Li baiir, Troy, the North and, leave Chamber* street ?t7 wiad 10 A. M. aud 4, 6 and 1M AU F. M., and on Sundaye at 6:23 P. M., from Thirtieth street. N ew I ORE, hauler and albant railroad? ?. For Albany, Troy, North and West. leave Twenty 'Uth atreet depot nt 10 Jo A. M. and t P. id. Sunday train at 5 P. M. A FTBRNOOV BOAT FOR NBWBURG?PARE 6# o> nt-.?The new summer THOMAS CULLYKll leaven Jay street pier every afternoon at 4 o clock. landing at Tdirileth atreet, New York, <Jra-sy Point, Cor.zene', West Po at. Cold Spring end Cornwall. Returning, leaves New brig ever* morning at 7 o'olock; Cornwall. 710; ColB Spring. 7:28; West Point, 7:88; Coazena', 7 *0; Grassy Point. 8 25; arriving In New Yorg at 10 30. D AT LINK FOR ALBANY-CHANGE OF PIER ? Pleasure travel to Catsklll Mouuain Huusa, Lebanon Spring., Saratoga, Montreal, aud nil point* North and West, via the Hudson i river. Tne new eteamiioat C. V lit BARD, Captain D. H Hitchcock. and the DANIEL DRRW, Cap tain J. K. Tallman. form a da ly l:ne lor Albany, from Den grosses street, at 7 A. M., and Thirtieth street at 7:10. and log at Uozzens' Hotel Dock West Fo nt, Ne-wborg, Pough keepete. Khiuebeck, Catsklll and Hudson. Tickets sold on board and baggage checked west and north. SUNDAY BOAT FOR WEST POINT, COLD SPRING. Cornwall and Newburg, landing at Tonkers, Hastings, Dobb's Fairy, Tarrytown. Sing Sing and Haverstraw. Steamer BROADWAY will leave pier font of Jay street overs Sunday morning at 7 o'clock, touching at Thirtieth street. gUNDAY BOAT FOR KEY PORT. LANDING AT UNION, _ Rossv lie, Oottenvllle and Perth Ambov. 8'eamer D. R MARTIN leave* Barclay street at 8)5 A. M. and Keyport at SH P. M. niSCELLASEODS. A LOVE A MULHT?TURKISH I'KKKUMBD LOTS me Ever, fascinates and secures the al.ectlone ot the opposite ses. Unsurpassed perfume and oo-metle. Prme $1 Fend stamp for circular to Madsme Marra, box 6.730 New York Post Olllce. Boiler wantbd ? ant one having a small cvllnder boiler may addicie box *,618 Post olllce, stal ing price and where to be seen. 13IOHT CENTS PER POUND PAID FOR OLD BOOKS. "A Newspaper!, Pamphlets. Ac. Call before von eel) elaa rhere. for we still continue to pay (as we always have done. regardless of advertisements) more thsn any other house In the city. Parties sending from the country may rely upon an Immediate remittance?full weight, vaiue, Ac. M AN A1! AN A MILLAR, Wholesale Paper Warehouse, 111 Spruce street. IfAOLB CLOTHES WRINGER, NEW I'ATRNT; NO 'J license or tariff to pay the monopo'y; cheap, edeotlvo and durable. Manufacturers are Invited to examine it. Patent and Wr nger at the Inventors' Arcucy, 116 Nassau street, room lu. Marble mantkls.-the bk,st place in thr city to purchase cheap and well finished Mantels Is at A KLABER'S Mantel Mtnulanlory. I<*9 East Eighteenth street, near Third nvenne. Now York. Cut this out. gAW MILL?WANTED TO PURCHASE. A GOOD second hsnd Saw Mill, with -team power engine to nm It. Address Jose Bsbstls. box 5.131 Post oltice. TTPB METAL AND OLD LEAD WANTED.?CASH will he psidforsfew hundred weight ofTypeMetst snd old Lead. Apply st the desk of this oltice. WANTED-A SECOND HAND SASH AND BLIND Sticking and Moulding Machine. Apply at 88 Cler mont avenue. Brooklyn. WANTED-A GOOD SECOND HAND PLANINO MA chlne, bed three to four feet long, with Tools; also Shear for sheet steel, 20 Inches wide by 1.3 gear. Apply to HENRY SEYMOUR, 52 Bcekman tree:, N Y WANTED-A RELIABLE MAN, WITH SOME MEANS, to purchase produce 'n the country, with whom ? lib eral arrangement will he made. F. BOUCHER A CO., 175 Chambers street. w ANTBD?A LARGE PATBNT FIRB AND RURGLAft proof Rafc, second band, made bv Herring, or soma other good maker! Address J. B , Herald offlo*. WANTBD TO PURCHASR-A STEAM ENGINE OP from eight to ten hone power Must be in perfect working order. SPKYERB A DUPRB, 29 Pine street. Scents per pound paid cash for old books. Newspaper* and Pamphlets St THOMAS C. BEN NETT'S Paper Stock Warehouse. No. <9 Ann streot, near 1 O nnn btrel collars, all styles, PIPTT liS.UuU cents each. Inducements jo the trade. Sta pes mailed free. OTTO RRNST. ? Corner of Bowery snd Canal street. DRV GOODS. AT THE HIXTII AVENUE CHEAP STORE LADIES can buy Small Wares, Trimmings. Buttons, Braids, Soaps, Combs, Brushes, Hosiery. Under Garments and ever, thing in our line. FULLY 25 PER CENT UNDER BROADWAY PRICKS. 3i)0 yeryrich Scotch Plaid JJerepa Shawl*, Jt! woith ^8. 50* hsudsome Grenadine Shawls, $3 and 8* worth 87 and 88. Tsper Muallng, Linens, Buckrams, Dress Trlmmlnvs, Ac cheap. KONALDSON A MEAKE8, corner Sixth avenue and Nineteenth street. Exclusively trench flutimo. one to twenty inches wide. All materials punctually fluted. In an un aurpa-sed manner at Mrs. GOLDEN 8 Frenrh "mine estab lishments, 13 Amity street (one block nnd a half from Broad w?f|, 127 Bleecker street, below Wooster, and 281 Fulton atreet. Brooklyn. N B ?No mtchtocry used In tbegea ilno French Fluting I^LUTIMO.?FRENCH FLUTING DONE AT FOUR _ cents per yard; over four tnehe*. one cent per vard ex tra. bf :he French Fluting t'nn|>any, 271 Spring street, be tween Vnri' k and Hudson. Agent. Mrs. SiIANAII AN, 851 Third avenue, near Twenty-fourth street. LOAN OFFICES. At 77-MONRY LIBKK.II.LY advanced AT 77 ON DIAMONDS. WATCHES. JK.WBLKT, PIANOS, FURNITURE. AO Alio AT 77 PAWNBROKERS' TICKETS WANTED AT 7T Of Diamonds, W atrho*. Jewelry, Ac., and 226 per cent more paid than oau he obtained at any othe place in the city, at 77 B>itcker street, up stairs AT HENRY UYMAN'S CM BROADWAY. CORNER OP H nd street, room No. 5, up stairs will lie paid the highest .'ash p Ice for Diamonds, sot or unset. Watche- and Silver Ware, or advances made on the same, and a'.eo on Piunos. AT 186 BROADW AT. ROOM NO 5-CASH ADVANCED on Diamonds Watches, Jewelry, Guns. Plsiola Ac. Also Pawnbrokers' I IckoU bought for the above articles at *06 Broadway room 5. A os i?, wv,.t. ??Per cent more than *n beTw!ln<!?i'/,(>r wh*? 1 will pay the citr (ha Broadway coruar ?r 72 ,n' ot**r Plane In room No. 6 "'"?""?I- corner of Hou.ton ,lreet, up eUlre. 8EGARI AND TOBACCO. AORFAT BAROAIN?FOR 8ALR, 2Y1 000 CHIROOT S.-gnr., 6rst quality Dealer* Wishing a large amount will send for prle* and samplt. Address A. Lory, bos 1.C8S Post olllce. Boston. Mass f|3HB UNDP.HHIONED JtP.LLff KKGA R8_('II B ATBK 1 than any other house, from 81s, 89'. 825, 8*1, up i per thousand. Wholesalers, speculators and retailer* are ro ouee-ed to glre a call before buying anywhere nise. L. MILLER. No. * Day streot. near Broadway, up stairs. 1 000 000 9ROAR8 roR 9ALR AT THR RRW FRPDRICK8 A CO , PHOTOORAPHER*. 179 FIFTH avenue, between Tweatr second aud Twenty ihird ?troeta Our workcaonot be excelled. PROPVIAL8, Board op hupkrvisor*, officr no. r city Had, New Tork. July <i, 1844.? Seated proposal* wlK be rec?-lved at thieot ce until ihe l.'ih day of Julv. at 12 M.. tor 2*0 to 300 tonr ef Ihe best Anthracite Coel for the use of the courts and oillces of the county, the ton to be calculated at 2..-Ot) p'uiods. also proposals for 50 corda of kindling wood (pine), cut and spill for nee Th? said coal and wood to b? delivered at such times *n4 plaees as the rommlltee may deeiguaug The eommittee leeerys the right tn reject any and all pro posals HMiril ELY. .In , SHERIDAN SHOOK, ELI)All t. FURDY, ORIBON BLUNT. Special Unmmtttoe on Fuel. CROTON AQUEDUCT DKI'ARTMFNT, TO TRAP BLOCK PAYRitN. Heparato sealed pr<>p?*ais em h eadnrsod with the title of the worh fur wh en Ihe tr.d may he offered, the name of th? person ollertng the same, sod tn* date of Its present*Mod, will he renolVed at this oR)n* until II o'etork A. M on Thiiro dav. July I*. 1*64, for the onnatrnetlnn of trap block pay* mrnl- Is the following atreoie. to wit ? Houston street, from avenue D to the Bowrry, Pu'lj third ?treet, from fifth te Nlxth sreo -e; fortv eighth street frnea E ghln to Ninth avenue. Thirty eecon I atreet. from BeoonA loThli xlrd avenue, and William street, from John to Fulton "The fovtn of tlto propoead agreernenl and blank* for tho hid* can he obtained on spoils it.en In the Contract Clerk oh thto omon THOMAS NTKTRNNk ? Croton ROBERT L DARRAOH. > AuuedUO* A. W CRAVEfi ^ BosrrL Onici CaoTo.a A?t;sDD(T B<>*an. July 2, H4*. PROPORALB WILL BE RKU.ETVED AT THE KINGS County Treasurer s Ofllce, Nm 1.3 Court atreet. Brooklyn, until two o'clock P. M cn Fr dr.. j?ir *, jget, el which Urn* and plaro they will he epenerj, for furn ehing for the ensu lug year for the Almshouse Department of raid oounty etreut ten ibouanrid pound , 0f hard Snen and about thirty flva hundred barrel* of Aoft R- ap. Primed forma of pro pr>eal?. containing all th'/ ner-easerv information, can ho hail at thO omr* of the Rnp erlntendenta of the Poor at <he OMO Hall. No otber forma will be a.reeuled WILLIAM BENNETT, JOHN DKLANY, Cora, on Vuppllea of Ruperlnten'lonta of the Poor. ooiroftAfioa rotickk. (NROTON AQUEDUCT OKPARTMRNT.-TO CON J Wnr'Ara ?Mealed propoeala, enclosed in separate en velopee, eoch nndoreed with the title of the work lor which It may be offered, the name of the person presenting tho JfffbO and the date of Its presentation will he received a* ofloo until II o'elock A. M of Natur lay. .In y 9, 186*. /Or the bonatrortlon of newcre In the fol owing eti roG, to wit:?lOfth avenoe, between Seventy ninth and Fdphty ? ? . . . niat'j etroota; Morton streot, between llu>l?on and waarx In- ton alreet*; Clinton -treet, between Klvlng'on nnd Do '.anror street*. Grand itreet. between Greene and Mercer atresia; Eighth avenue, between Rliteenib and Ruventeen'V street*; and Eighty aeeon.l street, between Third Fourth avenues. M|.eolflaatlon* for the above work', ,n* h ank* for the hid* can !m obtained on appllcatlrw ut tho Con tract dork, at Ihl* orboe, ' ,M THOMAS 8TEPHRNR. \ U rot on

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