Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 8, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 8, 1864 Page 3
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yrrrATioBn WAiirap-ftiiALM. CMBEK Ok WELL RECOMMENDED GERMAN ' imules want situation* as cooks, chambermaids And 9UM. nurees and girl* for general housework. Ac., at lOwK'S Uarman Ineuiuie. 17 fliauton at, near the A IE Smnl Mil LO Iia?ay. A WBLL EDUCATED GERMAN LADY, JUST All rlv?d end having been for several years governess In ana of the ilrst Inatltutlons in ML Petersburg. Ruasle, de ?tras a a tuatmo as governess with en Americau family; she apeak- Fren h grammatically and fluently, and can teaoh music Beet references. In iutre at No. 1 Whitehall at., Mew York, or ai No. 6 Verandah place, near Ueniyst., Brooklyn. A RKflrRATABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION IN A email private family aa plain cook, waaher and irouer. Apply at IH4 Henry at. ARK8PRC TA BLfi MIDDLE AGBD LADY, WITHOUT any Incumbrance, wants a situation a housekeeper In A small rami v where she vll! have a comfortable home; la willing to make nersolf genera lAiseiul. Can give respeo table reference. Can be aeeu at'ldJ 3d a*., near 17th at. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT girt, IIS ears of age, aa aurae, to go In the oouutry <lur tig the summer menths. Can tie emit her leal em j>lo>er'a, 137 Bast 21 at at., front 9 to 5 o'clock. A respectable girl WOULD GO OUT TO BO family sewing b> the day or week. Afply at No. 6 6ih ?L, second floor, back room. A SITUATION WANTED?BY TWO Rh 8PECTABLK girls, in a pr v.tie family, to do clamber" ork. n a n ?ewltig. or nursing. Call on or addre-s for two weeks I.ll/a bcth Dies sou, 22'J Soutll 2d St., Williamsburg. In ihe rear. A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AGBD LADY WANTS A -A aitUiitiua in a small family. Cull at 169 Jay at., Brook lyn. in the rear. A YOUNG RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SIT nut on as chambermaid or waiter, or is willing to as 1st wIlIi thu waiting Apply for two days at 321 3d av., near 23th at Uuiid city reference given. A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID AND WAITRESS wanted- Ity a young girl. Can be seen at 120 West lHu si., for two days. A RESPECTABLE, PLEASANT OIRL, OK GOOD education latelv arrived from Germany, wishes a sit uat on in a small pv vatc family undersinude housekeep ing and*!' One ladies' work: cannot speak English. The best nl references own be given. Imp ureal the drug store, 446 2d av , between 23th and 20th sis. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young girl to take Care of chl dren and 1o light Ohuni berwork; no h ecilons to go a slioi t distance into the conn try; best city relerence. Can be seen at 130 East 23th at, top ileor, back room. A GOOD GOOK WISHES A SITUATION IN A PRI vale fa oil' : Is willing to assist in washing and ironing; the best ol city reference. Cad at C8 bast 31-tat A WOMAN WISHES TO GO OUT BY THE DAY; thoroughly un lei-isn la and can do up oiiildrea's clotiica. Apiuy at 113 3isV at., betweeu ot u and 7th avg. ' A YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO DO housework; good city references. Cad at 200 West 13Ui M. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION; ih ii go"<1 cook, excellent nasher ard Ironer; o ty refer ence. full of bug 2311. -I., ooiunrol 'id av., for two daya, eecjiju floor, front room. A SITUATION WANTED-A8 PLa IN COOK, WASHER an i i ronur .n a uuull family; cflv reioreu Call at 317 Hicks st. Brooklyn. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS WET nurse, with u fresh breu t of toi K: giod city infer ences Call at iij oui av., lop iloor, buck room, from <J A.M. to 3 P. M A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT OIRL WANTS A sit tat n use imiibcrmuiil and wit tress or to ilo gene ral lin w work in a small private family. Csl for two bays at 137 West 77111 st, between 7th and Sth Ares. Kufcrence If required A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, io do general housework lur a small laint ly, or to d i cbkioberwork and sowing. Good reference from her la-1 place. Cad at 322 2d av., between 22u and 23d us., top four. A GOOD OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS GOOD cook, was er and lrbner. Has good city reference front tier lust place. Cau bo .seen for two day a ui 2-3 West 27th st , first lioor, front room. A SITUATION WANTKO-BY a OIRL LATELY landed, to do general housework in a smut lainily. Call at 122 bast .324. -f. t SITUATION WANTED-UY A RESPECTABLE J\ young woman, to .oos, wash and Iron, or would do the hmi Rw'orn oi a small family. Good reference. Gull at 121 West kittle at. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE yonng woman. latelv landed, as chainbermaid. Is a f;uod wK.dier and iruner. Cau be seen at 113 Wost 13ih at., n the rear. a LADY WISHES A SITUATION IN A HOTEL AR J\ housekeeper; Ins had cnnsldeiable exp.-r.en e. and thorough i uu mi stun Is t!.e charge of help; has a good sew lug mschii e. Best reference us regards cusracler and ctpa bilitv. Call for three days at 2(11 bth sL . PROTESTANT OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS cook and luundress. Call at 25'J West 32th st. ^ N AMERICAN GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS JX nurse or to do genera: lii.utework, in a small private family. Call ni her mat employer's, ltd East iuiD >U, be tweeu Irving place and 3d ave. A COMPETENT WOMAN WOULD LIKE TO GET washing at her own residence Inquire for Mrs. Jonea, corner ol Lucoy and Washington sis. A situation wanted?by a young woman, as first cuius lanndieas. Go .d c-ty refereuce. Call si 100 ?38th su, lirst door west of Sth nr. Nice tidy girl, lately landed, wants a situation to inki-<a?re of coldr.-n or would no c.iim berwork in a priv -?<; lam ty Call at 33 King at., real. SITUATION Wa.NTED-BY A REBPBOrABLE OIRL O as oliiiinl-ei'Uialil and waitress: would a sist Willi fine washing tf re utred; would go a horl di-tance m the coun try. Good city reloreuce. Ca.. at 120 Bast Itfiti st WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do the housework ol a small family. Meet city reference Call at 113 liasl 23th st. a RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES A 8ITU A ation ns chamucrmaid and sewer, or is wil.tng to assist n anything has no oh ection to the co nti ; r. feren.n from last p ace Cad for two days at II West 3'td St., between 5th and bth a vs., between tue hours ol 2 a. M. and 2 I'. M. A SITUATION WAN TED-AS HOUSEKEEPER FOR a si n?cr or bauhelor, by aa American widow. < all At 1DV West list si. Arebpkctable woman wants a situation to coi k ?r to do general hou ework; -teady place pre ferred to high Wages. Call at 2. West I nth st Tailored.?wanted, employment by the dny, u> cut and make hoys' c.otbea ai?o ladles' cloaics And laiuius Address Mrs. A. E. W? 131 3-lu si., betweou 2<i and ~d uvs. Yl/ANT D-B* A EE 8PKCTA BLE YOUNG AND Yv lieu,t y w unan. w lli a fresh brcs-f ol milk a situs tlon a- wet nurse; the lies: of references furnished Api ly Imniediaiely to Mrs. Msry Itysu, Ma uson. S.J.. ueai rail road depot. Ml ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RKSl'ECfAHLK Y? ynun, woman as ch.iui'-eruTii.l and seamstress, or as oeamstreus and nurse; can cut and i.t children a drcs-es. Got d cfly relir.ue ?? Ca.l lor two days at dthj East 32d st. WANTED-A SITUATION. ,10 A RESPECTABLE woui .u, P< do ("in-ra housework. Go 11 c t reler-uex from h r a.l place, can be cen for two ds-? a; 43 Willowr el., Mouth BrO kkyti. El/ANTED-* MTU ATION. BY A RESPECTABLE 11 o ng gut. to do general hou ewoik in a mull ?fvsie family, lias the best of city reference. Call at 72 est 2Sth si. WAVt KD?RITl ATION8 I OR A COOK, LAt'NDl! !? SB mil waller, who perfect l? under find their buslnes . Tliey will u high I recommended by their tre?onl em( ? or. At whose house they may be seen for two days. 233 Madison g rl. to do O'.okiughd" general housework. is s deaf, willing and trust s rvant ami an excel.ent - usher and Ironer, e. onnmlenl and respectful. Best r- lerrnee giy u. City oi country. Apply at l.'l Atlantic St., Brooklyn. MfAMBH-A SITUATION BY A HIK4DY GIRL AS yy chambermaid am! waltre.-s. Cau bo seeu for two day* At her >?st p a e. SI 1st place, itro iklvn. **TANTED-A R'TUA HON. BY A KMART GIRL, AS yy c a"il<erma'1. t-: .MI s nur e and plain sswrr. t an b? well recom ended. May be seen for tin ce day a at 39 Doug at. Brookly n. w /ANTED?A SITUATION TO DO HOI-8 WORK Has good city reference. Call at 113 Mo t su WE7ANTED-BY A VERY RESPECTABLE Hi It L, A Y? SKilali ni c.iok n I ?M'A??P-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN. Yf sOlJC Slid w "11' ANTED?A St* UATION. f" A YOUNO WOMAN, it aa coo I-, ?ak'io aud ruier Is a small private if. _ id rc.eronca Ca. at 421 7th av., Nfth sta. w ANTI-.D?A C-III1 M rO WET NURSE, BY A RE -pecnu e, I, v m rson. I', tt o; cltv reforen e a. Apply a; ISt Bast th st. w TIIJC LEITURR ?RAIOIt. J t, '' :h* DAILY?ROR Gb'xT'.Rtfpjf oiemto*"**?ihetsvy;r'.?m. Vorl Muscunl ,r Antony '* to do leucral hou court. sll for two ill \ s ai Iter late employer s, 12 South Oxford St., Brook - n. snd laundress is nets the cutintr . Ow l re- 1 fereucegRCtdi at 110 West I2ik ,t., between bth and 7:ti av?. | li; ANTED -A SITUATION HY A RUNPEOTABLE Yf y ng woman, as c u wpshrr end Ironsr In i prl rate family To lie seen at 23d Jluilsnn st. until engaged. ET NrP.Yt -A KKM'KC rABLL MARRIED YOUNO woman v. ha has lost her baby, wishes a s tua-luu sa nur-e. c <11 st lit'- VYe t 13th st , leuviti n 7th and 3:h , from I do 4 p. M. Best of tfsrencYs given / A NT!' D - BY A VEIL RRUOM v P. $ DEO GIRL, A ni ns chsrn . u i-ia d wmtirss, nurse and ssnm I, -f sthe i-oii ;? Apply fur tw?- da)s ?i tier pre ' oyer s. No 3 Bast ,'2tn ?t. V A RE: T "Ct TABLE GJR/?, A K1TUA I ' S i. , he Iisld; I: ?? gee I t ml h i last p^ice. Gall lor I wo days at B, iG-t I*/ AN, I.D-P.Y A (Vl'A.'LL I.IRL. A SITUATION IV Yf n I I 11 I..g.< I Hit I> a? C.I bill ua I and sec-p p ? ,s ,r lot ' C C ni l. c I u; >0 object on iu Wivlsg ?ho oil i/li't] if I - ?it?d. Ctk At or address tue ad rertlee,-. (l We?t Iith si. U' t.v; o-iiy t N m: iTui/'Nur.D fRurxrrANT ft w . i, ? ? t s ne 'ne'e tvonld 'vaah and lioi for a *m?t| fs dv r ild work f.r sr *11 wa,.i a If tli?ie,it(t brin# lire lutle glpl, four vi sis old) good Hs'orcuco Uau be ?em at 113 >i i | st . seuOJJ unr. rRRNCH ADVRItl'MBMkJfS, )v "r R AI am. use NaMVLLK alie",-i '''i""i Wi"* rf-tn-sisw, held lure a la ner' III ... \ J uenp an aogaein dn Guru ly ,k (i ,.r, SITUATION! WA*Tm^llAL??^ A GKNT8 (JAN MAKE t? I*'** t"0U?8*ieVrUe A our great new and Everv d<Slar Invested ?.tXo Jtta^ratr^HsSsJars I-r^C teWo^ laTgeOt M! JidoS"fri? pSKs? hous. In th. worid. ~" wl* AND HI* WIPE, WOULD LI KB TO GET A Situations In alaundry, the* have been In lire bust A f ... u.t ntni vearr. and know ll thoroughly In all tu'brauobee, aud are willing to make them ueetuT?the niau le a good driver and hat no ob e^Don to do the outdoor work. Addree* for two day* Laundry, bo* 120 Herald office. a yoDNO MAN SEEKS EMPLOYMENT WITH A A first clare stork broker ae .treet buyer Md mil door clerk. Can give good refnreircee and $4,000 security. AO drnea B. A B . Herald s lice. ______ A ~~YOUNG MAN WISHB8 A SITUATION AS BALES men In a notion or grate' f u r n I eh I n I house; baa a large 30 daye trade. Addreee Leroy. Herald oOtoe. a SITUATION WANTED?AS POBTBB; THB 'BEST A of reference given; oon.mteelon houee preferred. Ad drcaa C. H. B., boi 4,937 Post office. . SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN AS A barkeeper or grooery clerk; understands the business In all lie branches. Beet of reference given. Apply to Alexander, 62 ritt et. A CHEMIST. WHO 18 PERPEOTlY ACQUAINTED ( A with the raanufaeture of all artificial ntlteral ??'?'J and e* arkllng wines, wiehea a situationbaa beea engaged tor the Ivjt six vcara in tbe builecrt in Germany, Ybe best of can bo given from the largest *^b'ehmente n uermany. lie will eocept the position of analytical chena ' jet also, a cldreeaO. ^G., 62 Oliver at., New York. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A SOBER, INDU8TR1 o b young man. a* clerk in a wholesale *r^ery''t'w' la willing to make himself generally useful. Addreee T. W. K.. Poet ofllce. Newark, N. J. - A YOUlfO MAN, WHO HAS A THOROUGH KNOWL edge of the liquor bueinoss, at present In charge of a store and has the reputation of a firel class bartender, is open'to make an engagement tu at tbe store 3*7 Bowery, comer of Third cL. for two daye. A YOUNO MAN WANTS A SITUATION IN AORO .A cory or liquor store?writes a injj b'tnd; can Irtep ac counts Best of oUv reference given. Call at or address for ?wo dava betwien il A. M. smd 1 P. M. drug store, 92 ? est Ith st., corner of Thompson. ? TAKL'GS ?WANTED A SITUATION, IN EITHER A D wholesale or retail store, by ^^^'"^S^raid druggist. Address, for two days, Drugs, box 13* Jleiaia O.l'CC. niTUiTIONS WANTED?BY A MAN AND HTC WIFE. S tire man Is a first class meat eook, and the wife a go^ laundress, or cau a.sist in the kitchen. Addrenn. Inquire of Win. Smalts, in the basetneut, rear of 111 Qreone Bt. CITUATION WANTED.?A YOUNG MAN (OER ^ man) 23 years of ate, wlt't fha best of city references, aud understanding tlie handling of horses, wishes a situation as coachtnan or in some ether capacity, In or out of the olij. Address O. H . box 14fc Herald office. __ Situations wanted?foe thoroughly com pelent farm hands, coachmen, waiters, gardeners, grsoms. porters, servants, 'jborero. men lately Uuded and he p of every description. Apply at C AR PEN PE It S large employment house, corner offith ave and litis st. Also, te male help. _ ? TO WOOLLEN MANUFACTURERS.?THB ADVER 11sec wishes a situation as manager; lias veur-' experience in that capacity; can furnfsh the best of reference from hi-, former employers. Address N. E., 682 Sub post oillce. Phi'adelphla^ a. _ fPO MANUFACTURERS.?AN AGENT, ABOUT 6TART 1 ing on a Western Ivip. will undertake O"* ?'1"0 agencies for manufactured goods in any line. Address J. M., to* 2011 Ilerald office WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN, OP STEADY AND sober habits, a situation; nor Particular m to what, nnd no objection to go out of the city : s quick and correct at figures. Address, as soon as po -sible, C. W. B., Herald otlice. tit i vtfd y SITUATION, BY A YOUNO MAN (COL AA oVeJi. ,-.'110. to on a 1 "gI;,UVt.5!"c?n Staplcton Fost o.'ttce, S. U . \1V AN I CD-A SITUATION, IN A ORBAlrtL VY inc house, bv a renins mnn who has had four y.ars experience lu n ill? Hank, and who has Just ?t?mjo.l from a three years' service 111 the a' utv; the J'0*1 of reference given Address B. . box 142 Herald oillce. WANTED?A 8ITUATION IN A FIRST ULA68 CON_ fecti inerv and ice cream store . In French style No nbiecti'in to the oountry. lteit of reference given. Address L.' G-. box 127 Herald office, for ouo weak. Air ANTED?BY A YOUNG M AN, AGED 17. FROM W Chicago, who has beevt in (he drv goods business two yea-s. a sulfation ns etocfc keeper. Good reference g.ven. Ad ireas F. B . station G. _ -II - an TED?A SITUATION 48 CLERK OR ASSIH \V iii a grocery or spirit si.ire. References froim a first class Dublin house Addre-s F. M., grocer. Herald ofine. SAT ANTED?A SITUATION AS PORTER, BY A MAR Y\ ' ,iat| man. in some rexpeciable establishment. Has g" I rcfereirce^is to character and i* handv carpenter's tools. Address P. P . box H4 Hcrald otfioo. tar ASTFD?A MTUATIOV. BY A MARRIED MAN. AS \V '^toian Is a ote.uly and ul drher a^ a ro.n. potent ur> in Mas tho best of retcrences. Address C. C., box 147 Herald Oihce. TI1K TRAOB9, A DIAMOND MOl'NTEK AND SETTER. <iOI.D A smith in general line, wants employmeut a. FLEIDEN. 12U.'y Greene st- corner of Prtnco. t MOULDER WANTED?ONE WHO IB THOROUGHLY A an planned with tasking moulds of plaster of Paris ford es. Apply at 241 Broadway, up stair-. T>OY wantbd-to lfabn tiir house and bhh; I> painting business aad at lend a paint s*>re: one who has some kuovvledge <>f the husloest preferred; a good op i ortuultv to le.n n the s;gn and ornamental painting. Ap ply to J. H. Vim Orden. 37 0th av\ riVUIIU wasted ?APPLY TO HOYT BRO I HERS \j C|U Eidridgc St nxlPKHTBt OR FRAME R VA ANTED?AT Till FOOT C of 14th St. North nver. None but good workmen will be employed; the liest wages paid. T-tOUR FIR8T t I.AS8 PIIOTOGRAPHIU OPERATORS, F sc' ti uned lo tleld work wanted to go South App^f on I'r d%f si*i v S A 4 I . M.% at tne oru * oi bciv ill Manufacturing U ? . N-.t Brekm.n St. Good wages will be : Ivcii to thoroughly r liable men. _ I \* S POf MAKERS.?M ANTED, A POTMAN WHO ' thoroughly kn..w? Ins bu-ine-. A . umpetent man ran c?- of sieady work at good wages b> addirsslng 8.. box 1.3 'est ufDoc. KtUalieth, N. ?L Gr Inquire at 174 Prince St., top fiuor mo pi ruuMkr8 ?Wanted, a perfumer, or a T man who piactlcali.r nude, .?and. making t ? nades. A dri s? lor mi' week. O. W H.. Post olhce. ^ mrt PRINTERS-PRESSMAN WANTED: ONE WHO T u familtlr with m-r.' work on cylinder press. Nonebutagoo l,h.ndm-iA?PPlv:TKrti MMd,n ?ne. *Y'A>TbD-A YOUNG man AS PANTALOONS AND YY V". cutter oivewri," has ha some exiwriencc In the bistnra* may apply to Br.late I <t Dougherty. 290 Ur ad way. ?! fkTANTED?OoOD MAUUINISTS, HOILF.R ^ YY Ynd l>lacu.?,|.h.i " -a I e,,Md0Vb.'"tand 2?od w. ces even It) A. M. until 1 P. M. to B. McMurray. 229 Broadway. ? arXfCHMAUUI WANTED -INQUIRE * r ?s W otlice ot w-?iehe,:er Hoo-e, corner Hrooms st an?i Bowery, TorU. H. . . ? k*r ANTED -FILE GUTTERS. AT THE Cf.F.YELANI) YY P tc Works, Clr ctoud. Ohio: two !"i?iard ^lltrl, a'.n I - in c>11 iiiillraw*. iowliies an 1 * ? nth work 1 lie fk- r cc fiatd aou f'll vork guaranteed. To marr ed men the it'Cve la a go? I op: ortunity to a' all thcmselvr. of men the auove isagwr i, A wilh t|,r same wac-s reah'red A Park n. File Works, Clove and, O. kX'ATCrl MAKER WANTID-TO GOTO AN F.APT Y> crn Stat* a good worainan may apply 10 Cooper A Fellowa II M .l ien lane. help 11 tMEn-FEMALEk. s forewoman w vntkd-to take entire o\>\rzn. ol d worVroim in a iik adu iinin idia'io - 4 com] went P'TSnn wr' be liberally treated w.tii. a. p'.y to A M. Alt Hav.fS, son Broadway. _____ . raon ? un i imah waited?who under A na-- la < o'.in. wastihi an l ironing, and to aaaiat ,n ? ?enora h , ,<?wori Apply at No. 1:'7 Lcxinglnn avenue, bi.ruieiit door, from H to ll Ihia molding. AVagoa$9 |ier icon None need ?p;.ly ? ltout rotcrouce from last em pl??> ?r? . W 'MAN WANTED?TO COOK. WASH AND IRON, A iHtkobioad .? . iu a.private family. ?'al at '28 \\ e,t ! * ,tlx t?.'dtweon 5tU and Oth ova x COOK. HOUSEKEEPER TWO WAITRESSES AND \ , iuii'*i iii '? -Is wsnied f> i a hotel. Apr y at 17 ? I RiewW ?1 between l'< and 12 A. M V l ll'U SI 8. SI MMFK HOUSES. WATERING I | e., wanting ' oinp?i"nt boii*f kc n-'r-. , .i. - waitr-'-sr ndr s? . seaui.'.r r- *. , . *? ? r id p| '? d :?? l'i i| ? Hit-' llonae nici cl 1 lh "ve. and Il'h at. A ao male hi lp. .VII OUN RY L V DIP.8 WHO WISH TO [ ;ITT , e vie* TX-. a.' ,:?! wo c , and , r,. " . ' lie l at . c \ll W)l!l, S Aten . '.O'tiav. _ _ , ; \ \ PRI'.'ATt r\MILV. t.TEtDT IV EM lull). H'Oiu bK I? HANDS. ACCU8 r.'ld a Tux I j". NKA1, SPRIGHtLV. il '.I N BST one whet-at'f-I t'atiietraao and V"?nL "rTonlrel u'emlwar IMI ap ice, li(fa s to ' A. M. BANDER! D t :nk 10 C. ' iS* 1 1 patent nerd ar dv: . ' |da r-li tl ?!*?? tvllt T HANDS WANTKH-UOL1 A'l F A NI ".PS J S . nivbe ?! Million . .h- n).. .er. an* a ac ? e makers, s:- a y .mlhlilistllis vear round, and the bit >:lce?p?l' Apply foEdxVard If. I'uily. <HT Hecsdwoy. M\'4WTKO-.gPANor.RRS TO WORK ON H'l'P AY kil ls A,,plT IO Auk inKelidy A uo , atAcwfO' torp, coi Her iki l st, xiWt 3'h av. _ W'ETNUKSI 'WANTED.-* WfT NPK?< Wt.TII * ??.isJ4^i .1 faotM mo?.t om "iMer'n. Address K. N I f'Ov l.'.'W ^'MI' 1* *rh' H1LP WAIVTKD?FEMALBS. WANTBD-OPBRATOR8 ON WHHELKR A Wile sou's machine. Only tboe aeeusto usd ly shirt front and Am white work nook apply at Lord A Taylor's, corner of Oiwad and ChrvaUe ata. m m m m WANTBO-A FRENCH LADTSMAIDi one WHO II TT willing to travel; luuat l>? a good hairdresser, rate rawea required. lauulro at 07 Woat 27th at., betwaea tba houra of l aad 9. ANTED?A COMPETENT, WELL RECOMMENDED Dtiraa. to travel with a family la Europe. Call this ob (iaorga Mania;, Cramercy Park Hotel. 'XSJANTED?AN OPBKATOR ON SINGER'S MACtllNB. * " Nona hut Urat olaaa handa need apply at MM Paarl at., top floor. WANTED? IMMBD1ATELY, A SUITABLE PERSON to take charge of a pi I vale house In the oountry and board tlm family, nouae luralakad. Add rasa P., boa 120 He rald oBce. WANTED?A8 SALESWOMAN, A LADT OP GOOD TV addrraa and familiar wkh the Broadway faacy goods retail business; she can And employment by addressing for Ma " - - - - 0(Uo0i stating particulars as to three days P. A. ? . Herali _ . ? ? previous employers, experience, references end salary ai pected. No one need apply who Is not prepared to labor for the Interest of the business end who is not competent to flu the position of a first olaaa eaperleaoed saleswoman. WAKTED-AT THE HAT MANUFACTORY CORNEB TV of Raymond and Wiilougkby ' ~ j ate., Brooklyn, six good operators on Singer's machine. WANTBD-A BBAMBTRK88 WHO UNDERSTANDS all kinds of sewing; one who can operate en a sewing machine. Call this day at 760 Broadway, up stairs. WANTED?A LADT TO LEABN THE ART OP coloring photographs After two weeks' Instruction of one hourper day, work will bo given out or a siluatioa procured. Call at 713 Broadway, room IS. . 0. KONIOSBERO. WANTED?A PROTESTANT GIRL; MUST BR A good cook and a good baker of bread and biscuit, and wHUng to assist with the washing and inning. Best of in ferences required. Call at 44 East 94th at. WAITRESS, LAUNDRESS TV wanted-At 147 Waat 14th at None but first class need apply betweenS and 10 A. M. WANTED?TWO YOUNG LADTEft. TO ATTEND IN A saloon. Address J. G. 8., Williamsburg (L. 1.) Post ofllce, stating wliore en interview can be had. WANTED?A GIRL TO DO HOUSEWORK AND TO make herself useful about a millinery store; can learn the business if she desires; good wages will be paid. Anply to Madame Delova, 211 6lb av. WANTED?A WOMAN TO ASSIST IN DOING THE work of a small family, and competent to tako charge, during the absence of the lady, of the house for a few weeka. Address H. B. H.. Herald oflloe. WANTBD?THIS DAY, TWO GOOD COOKS, FOR TV private families up North river; high wages; also several other cooks, ehamberinaids aud girls for housework. Apply early at Mr. HENDERSON'S Servaut's eflice, No. 0 Court street, Brooklyn. WANTED?A OIRLTODOOKNKRAL HOUSEWORK, for a family of two person*. Apply ?ti 433 West tllb st, "\ITANTED?A GOOD GIRL;! ONE WIK> UNDER tt stand* taking care of children and doing plain sewing; good city reference. Inquire at 46 Clarkson ?t. WANTED?TO TRAVEL TO EUROPE, WITH A famllv. a neat and orderly girl, to take care of chil dren. She must be well recommended. Inquire immediately at Oarelljr A Geer's, 48 Howard si. WANTED-A LADY OK TASTE. AND WELL Ac quainted with the manufacture of corsets. Address, for four days, H. C., Herald oOlce, stating where to be seen. WANTED?A FIRST RATE COOK. WASHER AND ironer; good references required as to capability and character. Apply Immediately at No. 7 Pierrepont St., Brooklyn. WANTBD-A SMART. TIDY GIRL. TO DO GENERAL housework; one who Is a good plain cook, washer and ironer and good baker, with city reference. Apply at 139 8lh av. _ ' WANTED-A GIRL. TO TAKE CARE OF CHILDREN and to do rharaberwork; one with good reference may apply at liu Cheever place. South Brooklyn. WANTED?A GIRL FOB GENERAL nOUSRWORK, In a family of two iiersons; German preferred. Ap ply at 11 3d sr. WANTED-A STRONG. TIDY GIRL. FOR GENERAL housework; one who cau cook, wash and iron. Ap. ply tot two days, with good references, at 913 Henry st. WANTED?IN A FRENCH FAMILY. KEEPING hoarders, two good girls; one as chambermaid, the other as cook. Apply st 93 East 23d st. WANTED-A WOMAN TO SEW AND ASSIST IN housekeeping; also a girl to wash and assist in wait ing. Apply st Duponl House, corner of Hudson and Lalgbt stat WANTED-A GOOD LAUNDRESS; A GIRL TO DO ironing, and a girl for house cleaning. 139 Cham - bersst. HELP WANTED?MALES. AIOPSO MAN WANTRD?TO WORK IN A RES taurant; one able to oocn eyteo, clean knives and make himaelf generally useful. Apply at dining sa'.oon toot of South 7th st. Williamsburg. A N ACTIVE YOUNG MAN WANTED IN A GROCERY A ami comml-siou store; also, a man to do the heavy work In a dry goods store, a man for a Uonr and feed store, and a man for a liquor store. Address John son A Co., It Chambers St., up stairs. A COMPETENT DKUiTTlERK WANIED-BY DR. -V HI-'op, cornet ot loth st and Istar. Apply early. AT TIIF. COMMERCIAL AGENCY, 297* AND 299 Broadway, wanted to-day?Purser's clerk, hotel c rrk, dry goods salesman, porter, gardener, coachman, grocer, clerk, drug clerk, bartender. Other situations alwa's open. No counccliuo with Intelligence' offices. Merchant* and others supplied with help gratis If orders ato s-nt before 3 oYlo V OSCAR A CO AT THE MERCANTILE AGENCY?WANTED TO DAY. dry g<>od talesman, bookkeeper, assise.nt bookkeeper, fancy goods aslesmait, travelling ageot. tune keeper hotel clerk, grocerv talesman, shipping c erk. entry clers bar keeper, copyist, coachtnsn. gardener, porter, drug clerk. Other situationa open 30 men for Erie Katlr ad. Mer chant* snd others ? tpplied grstls. Orders should be sent to ear.y. G MONUOMKRT A CO.. 166 Broadway, room No. 4. t.p stairs. 4 BOY WANTED-IN A LAW OFFICE; ONE WHO A writes well and de trea to learn the prueti e preferred; wages id per week. Address for two days Edward I>. James, 16 i I niton st , corner of Broadway, Nf. Y. ' A LL Wll'i CIIOOAR CAN MAKE $2 FROM 20CENTR; I A something urgently needed b 'ev?ry family. ('nil and I examine, ur ihe sample* scut I ee.ltn mail, forth) cent*. tlint ) retail for $2, ly K. L WOLUOTT, 170 Chatham square, .New York. A FIRS'. nation in a hot"! may sppl. at the Northern Hotel. Bookkeeper wanted in an importing and o'.lnng ho i-o: most be a thorough acr-ountnii, a good penman att l correspond* nt. Addre-s, with reicrettce, stat ,ng sahny e?peeled (none others will be not red) Book keeper, Hera .i Office. YIOT WANfED-IN Till; apprentices library, J) N". 472 Broadway; one who is acquainted with books, writes a good hand an I lives with lit* | arenls Apply between In and 12 oYlo:K A M. / 10ACIIM \N WANTKD-ONF. WHO IS A FIRST ? i isle driv. r and groom. Apply at 4<F> Br auwav. to Mr. i ggt) ; ioat WtsilA. M. /YOAOifWAN WANTED.?WANTED AN BXPUf. AV "lited e. a lttt'.an. who csn bring rs'isfst nry testtnin. nls.s a- to t u?r~ ter. eapa diy, Ac. Addte.s M. H. W., lie raid ? dee, wt h rsfssWssa /'OA IIMAN AND GROOM WANTED?SCOTCH o.l \J English: must be a single man ami witling to make l.lins.-lf useful around the house: good rec mm nlailnu te quired Apply bciwcn 12 ami 2 o'clock at 17 Albativ st. Drug clerk wanted-a you no man. who thoroughly unlets: and* hlsbn lne ? and :*ed t<> the prest i ipt on trade Apply at 941 Broadway, after I) A. M. Drug clerk wanted -one who knows the city retail and prescription business well. Apply for iw .lays at I'Jl Myrt.ear. Brookiy.t. PRL'G CI.Er.K WANTED. ?A SINGLE man APPLY it store. 3d ay., vomer of 21st st. Hrookhn, lor one week. nRDO CLEKK-WANTED. A JUNIOR as N1 or strong b iy, who ran speak both German and Eng. li?h. Permanent ?utp "t tnent. and a goo I qipot mlty to t>? tsugltt bv a regit!. r qnalltleU physician Call al the drug store corner o: Broome and Thompson sis, from 10 to 1 and fr >m 3 to 6 o'elo. k. TjlXTRY CLERK WANTED-IN A MOOT AND SHOE Jli Ishmi must be a good penman and quick *i tea Addte* K C , '??. I.IMS New A ork Post oil ce st* ing t ?r> eipeete.l ifleien'-es. Ac. T^NTP.t CLI RK WANTRD?IN A DRY GOODS JOB Cy hingliouse: ono experienced ami well retotnm n i l ran ?e ? rs * rermsnmt situ.lion. Ad'.rest, wit' rrfe renees stating views In regard to alary, in ap| ilcatf w. t Ing, A. H , IK is t other. (DARM I1AND8 VANTBD-NTKADY. lNiH'STRfnUft r m-n. w n understand farm wnt k cen.*rallr, , n a ;arm forty miles Lorn lit# city Apply at Its Fulton st. IP AII Ml R AND GARDRNER WANTED.?A MIDDLE I" aged man perfectly understanding Ills huone.* m*. rle t and without ullrtrvn. mat ap:.:v* In 'lie flank, co: uer of Mlt sv and Waverlry n'ace, ' r, n 9 to 12 o'dn. * Hospital male ni rst s a inn!" ??unit w thaut sncumbraB ? Slid Ihie* isur clerks: all fa the lies; wines Apply to day and to nt trrow at I'AMPRNrER'B large employment house, room, of nth sv. ami It'll * I)ORTKR WANTED?IN A T'OOT t N D KltOI IOC Idng house; hnnesi Scarlett and Industry re dllslie to nbta n the *ltiiAlh>n. App'y ..t ier II o oloelt P. M. to Win. P v. Srwm I W W 1 fr?m I on??i | ,11 c hmm akip tit nHK. r ^ *!*?( vv wanted?in a grocery ani> i'i'og. ?rt; a see i* "me 1 to the business. App'y ni I. AND ANTED?A Act N'. 'IAN AS WATER: ONE WHO understand* tie business. Apph ut sweeny's llotid i from J to in A M. ?Y ANTED?AGENTS TO SELL TDK WEST ..MilAN * ' I,'air ?',irier, warianted tn curl the un < ?*r.?anil Still halro'iEe . r -1 ap| ralb-n Addrtsa Wand tlilbe. t Lyon, hot A I Men ink I'o-t o. " I WAStBn-A VOUNO MAN AH AhSlrtTANT BOOK , ? ? keeper and corresponding fjefk In < fact or?, a ? ,<irt , distance from the eby; must be eannbte, of te p. raie br.h'ts sod d to insks him elf can r i.iy useful: *a <?< ry Mrst tear f <? Address, In b indwriiltls of a|p leant, wrth refer. m,e?. Factor. , b"\ 141 llerabl mil. e. 11' ANTED- t ROY FROM 17 I ? ? ei psble nt dr p. , a to I .r e '""it Ing tn o a'ton table an i to ma A? nlv *1 I IP * (Jill st , near 'Id i 20 VP ?P8 ?K?LP wantbd-malki. u XTT ANTIfD?A WAN WHO THOROUGHLY ONDIKB TV ?u.'hU Iiitii.ii.o.iiiini .ola water >0 all ita branches, maklne, k, bou nig, Ac. will b? rointrod to go a abort dUtami) Sou h; mustproduce the boat city reference. Ap ply bwtwcea 10 A. M. and 2 P If. at 171 Pearl at. W. HIOUIK SMITH DL'ANTRD-A HOT. 18 TO 1? TRlRH OLD. WILLI NO " to make himself generally useful id the (tore. Apply at 474 Broadway, second loor. WANTI-D?A 8TOUT. AOTIVB BOT. 10 TO 18 TRAR8 old. In agenliemen'a furnishing (tore. Apply at 878 Broadway, WANTRD-A MAN AND WIFE; THR MAM TO WORK oo a farm, drive horses. Ac.; the wife to cook, waeti and Iron; healthy location. Addraaa H. Thornton, Wnlte Lake, Bullivon county, N. Y, ?\VANTKD- a BOY. BETWEEN M AND 14 YEARS OF TT age, who la willing to make hlmaelf generally u?efuL Apply at 96 Heaver at, up .talrs, to day. July & WANTRD-A MAN ACQUAINTED WITH HAY I NO TT and plain gardening, to work on a farm uear the citr. Apply to Nottbrup, at tne office of Benday Mercury, 113 Fulton at, at f0)4 o'clock this day. WANTED?AN AGBNT ON BOARD TUB BOAT FOR the National Hotel, Long Rranch, N. J ; e'ao a raahier. Apply at the hotel. PETERS A CO., pruorletora. Wanted?a young man acquainted with the fancy dry guoda business. Apply to W. D Love, 201 WANTED?A BOT, ABOUT 18 YEARS OLD. WHfi TT write* a good band and can bring uuexeuptionable reference*. Address, In handwriting of the appltoaut. en CIO; log reference*, box 2.940 Poet office. WANTED?IN A COAL OFFICE, AN INTELLIGENT boy, from 10 to 17 year* of age. who writes a good band and Is correct at figures. Mast have the best of city reference*. No otbera need apply al 60 Weal Slat at. WANTED-A TO UNO MAN TO TBND BAR ONE VV who can apeak German preferred. Apply before 9 o'clock at the norlbnuat corner of 48th at. and Lexington av WANTED-A FIRST CLASS SALESMAN; NONE need apply un" box 4,424 Poat office. rn-ANTED-A MAN AND HIS WIFE, TO GO A SHORT TT distance In New Jersey. The man muat be accustomed to all kinds of farm work, and his wife to milking and mak ing butler. The dtuatlnnn are desirable, and will be perma nent to the right kind of persons. Apply In the afternoon, at 217 Dean street. Brooklyn. WANTED-TWO MEN AS CANVA8SER8. TO MEN of good address liberal terms will be given. Apply at 429 Broadway, room No. l}j. WANTBD-A BOT TO TAKE CARE OF A HORSE and cow a ahort distance In the country. Inquire at 2C3 Washington et. WANTED-A SALESMAN FOR MEN'S FURNISH Inge, cttv retail trade. Applicants must state rel'er euces and salary wanted to Insure atieutlou. Address Far rlngton, Herald office. need apply unless ,thoroughly experienced. Address WANTED-A CLERK IN A LAWYER'S OFFICE; FAIR wages, and a good opportunity to study and acquire the profeaalon. may be had by one who baa had some expe rience. write* a good band and resides with his parents. Address, slating wages expected, in handwriting of appli cant, box 1,998 T'oat office, ANTED-A HOT FOR AN OFFICE. ADDRESS box 104 Urrald office. w WAITER MEN AND COACHMEN WANTED?WANT ed three experienced young men as waiter*; wage* $25 to $30 per mouth ; also two capable respectable men as coachmen; good wages; no objection to resectable parlies lately arrived. Apply to Mr. MANNING, 18 Court st., Brooklyn. WANTED?YOUNG MEN WISHING TO GO TO SUA vo;. ages to all parts of the world. In ahips and steam erd: also men lor whaling voyages and the navy. Seameu. green bauds, cooks una stewards. RANDALL A COURTNEY, 18'i West st, corner of Reade, up stairs. TlrANTFD-AN ACTIVE YOUNG MAN. WITH $300, TV to lake half interest In a good cash business. No ob jection to let a portion remain. Apply to U. A. ROBINSON A CO.. 88 Nasaau street ^ WANTED?AN EXPERIENCED PAYMASTER'S steward for the Susquehanna. Apply to Charles F. Float. 180 York at., Brooklyn. ANTED?AT M. M. VANDYKE S HOTEL. CATIIA riuc slip, a waiter. WANTED?A CANVASSER FOR A PROFITABLE basinets: also a smart boy for an office; both muat be well acquainted with the city. Address D. A., Herald office. IVANTBD-AN EXPERIENCED-BOOKKEEPER^}! Tv a few weeks. Address L. H., box 1,4(13 New York Post office, stating salary expected per week. A ITERS WANTED-APPLT AT "cONKLJlFe Coffee House, 71 Murray st. ANTED?A YOUNG MAN, AS ASSISTANT AND cssfiter In a first class oyster saloon and bar; one hav ing $160 la cash, as security, ran meet with a good, steady situation. Apply to day at 171 Spring st. POST OFFICE NOTICE. ~~ POST OFFICE NOTICE.-THE MAILS FOR THE United Kingdom and the Continent, via Queenaton n and Liverpool, per -learner City of London, and lor the German States, via Uamb-iri! per steamer Havana will eloso at this office on Saturday. July 9. at 10}* o'clock A M., and at the uptown Gallons n? follows;? Station. A and B. It) A M Stations r. and U. 9% A M. Stations E and F, 9'4 A. M. Station G, 9 A. M. ABRAM WAKEMAN, Postmaster w w w HOl'SKS, ROOMS. ?C? WANTED. Apartments wanted immbdiately-for a (?mail family, cm.vea.eul to Fulton and William streets not ovei ton hlot ks either way Rent col to exceed $150 per annum. Address M. .1. G., box 101 lleral ! oflleo. AOUTUMD wants to lease a commodious Residence. with a little Ground attached, In a healthful locality, from about l?t of September, within an hour'* rlcte or sail of Wall street Apply to WATSON A SMITH, 24 PJM street. * AT ORANGE, MADISON OR MORRI8TOWN, N. J ? Wanted "n a lease for three rears, or in exchange for a hou e In Fourth street, a good Place worth $I!f.t>ll io $15.00. J. SMITH DODGE. 10 Kaei Seventeenth street FURNISHED HOUSE WANTED.?WANTED, A COM plete.y furnished three or four store House * tuated between Fourth and S.xth avenues and Fourth and Twenty, thirl stieeie The house uiutt be provided with limn, Silver ware, Ac. Address, with tornie, licatiun.Ac, X. Y. X , Herald ufllee. LU'RNIKiiED HOIRE WANTED.?MUST BE IN GOOD r order, well located nn l neailv furni-he I. Addre-% ?tiling loeathin and terms. S.. box l.'.'.V. Post ultlee House wanted-wanted immki>iatkly, ok \v tnln a ui'iuth or so, a small House or half or oi.e, with all the improvements, on the west side Of the town, no! below Canal nor above Christopher -ireet. Address, stat ng fell particulars. D. N.. Herald office. TXT ANTED ?BY A FAMILY OK TI1RKB PERSONS. T? Fart ol a House or Floor, furnished, suitable for house keeping; location and house first class; references ex ? banged. Address bux X OS-1 Post otliee, staling full pari cn lars.To ailon, terms. Ac. New York, Brooklyn, or Jersey O.ty. 'ANTED IMMEDIATELY-BT A SMALT, GENTEEL . ( family, or six Rooms, in a pr vate huu e. with niole.n uvprovemeula. Address M. D., Herald ultise. "|V'A>TKD-A THREE OR FOUR 6TORY HOUSE, \V unfurnished nr partly furnished, at n rent ol from $l.u*l I" $1.2 d. must he in a rood nelgbhorhoud and con lain modern In.pi ov einent* Aildresa H., Hera d office. TV ANTED TO HIRE?A 8M VLL COTTAGE. WITH Tr garden, oi ?Third Floor, for a geoteiuun and wife. In New York or Yorkvllic. Address, slating terms, Juucs, Broadway Po t eiliee. ' ? <" WANTED TO BENT?A HOUSE. TWO STORIES high suitable for a furniture business, either la Bow ery or ( anal sireet. In pilr# at "J Wa-t etreet. In the cil.oe. FlHMll'HE." ??? Mirrors.-'two finr French plvtr pier Mlrrora (plate lOHxHO for ?a'o low by HARRY C. COOKE IC De sireet. near liroa.way l>K.\TISTlt Y. I UKRAT IMPROVEMENT IN DENTISTRY?SETS >V of Ieeth, lis I Hie weight and at half Hie usual cos of the n d fashioned ours, and Imerted without the least pain, can he I md ai Si* Sivtn avenue, between Twenty third an ' I'w cnty I "in ih stipet?. Oome and gee lor vim se res. ? Operations performed In a lirat class manner an I at the lowest tl, lire. J. C. AURA MB, Dentist A MOST WONDERFUL DISUOV KRY.-TEETH EX treeled wi U.ttil pain.' or no charge. BeautDnl Teeth Inserted m $| e.t- Teeth laser ed wlffi i r without extra i. lag the rams. All oiteratloas warranted. J JaY VILI.ERS, I ;? Grand street, two blocks fiom Broadway / 10LTON DENT VL ABBOCIATION. Kj 'Thismay < citify t tsi the vhiLTON DENTAL ASSO CIATION o. tna citr ol New York tunc, after a tmloiiter. in, to u? the \ 11 itut/H ox I OK (? as extracted for u* with out pam, the number of 'eeth and at the dales opposite our respective names. lhogaawas pleasant and the operation ?a i isiastorv. 'i ?<? ah< ve . erl ate h*i been signed by four hundred and ih.i iy patients ? lute the llh ol Kebraary sal (Mean he stu n s- ur o * embracing many dl tin, ushe I ladies and geiMieaaen. No pat It ui uaa it er hesitated to sign d. i i.l ? e 2J Boii J sited, New York. MF. AM? BE SATIHFlltn-l f WILL COST YOU nothing. Teeth attracted positively w l imit pain and out arge until Augu-t ti order t> afford an oppor ity to all ui Im siilaile l nf the la t and make it known. si lean Tot .< u < o. Dentists rourtu sine , co. uer of r#rv. WHITE T NEW AND IMPROTID ARTIFICIAL efh?Who'e sets $ ? ? i'i i V , 'r;o in beant iiesv o a.I others a great ra h" turn to limsa t c lit! til ii tenth cutis ' A woi t at half 'tie elii's .I b oenusis Jou Fourth ? reel, bnwoen c D' \' B. GRIt EI N V IlilUR \ . York, and .'*7 Fu I >n 1 th I nailirelv ithonl pall H \\ l> ,s i III LT, Mi\V icial lewi'i si " In ?>? llu; partial seta on F.XUI II 'sic ? N. I I ItflF. t RstMF.R M'TH BALOCN."; 3M A LL V sieuntci p' I 1? T !>*?;?? GlRtLDIM'. id Ai''lvLI, t, with It on i r vc sad Hoc.bridge far., i even r i >us. I, V 110N N KLL A GO , I V,t Front it i',|UII.V(i Bv.NK.4.- FA iiLIi.S A v I' PtRTIRd CAN mi in* the , en sir hv goto i ? t1 a El?h ng t .ink* on the a ."iiii. st,. ,ni."r m vHxIsAND which leaves every mott?. ., He tirdtya excepted. foot.. Rrootuc " fee East FWer, 7 i> close Peck slip. I ns t sr. A M Dey st'cel, oflh river, 8 *1 v VI. and Pier N >. 4, Ni th r v-r 8-45 A. i are $1, D .Bcr, rt is... nenta and good music on L'uR UllAin Kit?I'lIK SKA srt'VVII k MvkYLaND, r fo'ever, nj and ftitudn vteerstons; will g. commn* dsn oiictho i i, t purs ., .Vji v to Mi. SVUbUt, St the cfh- e on p|er I.l North rivt r, rcot (if Dey street Ql'SDAV RV I'PT; 4?0?,o TO fl!,l:V COTE. NI VY PO * c. Mh.tiul Island Fori r nny er and College roni' The am e rOltf RflT A1, n i I run i lOTlttWs: ? l.eav i.g Jei-ty . M .n!? sit get whs f. at , . leva N,|p al ?; H R|i? - t at 3I"> , i. ' tit sireet st ? .!?> Tw nt) mih Hrfc! ft 8 'A. Ret rniof leave it. 'ii ?'o?# at 4 o'clock. MIL. IT ART AID IAVAU 4 T NO 2 I'AIIK PLaOB-ONK "4Qdfrw'atved A I'otiniv paid to soldier* discharged for "?"ort"'"?lveit Id battle. Aifeo 10 those *r^"|'?0%rS,4V^,K7,T,ON* Military and Na*?l Banking <Dilcc. ? M ALIEN CYN HAVE ?4S) C A 8 U DOWi* TO-.DAl A to no am lufc tltu'a Id ray piwc; ftlM two "J?"; c receive tbe aim- for Ir ends at mine drafted. or aveter of two year* or more will do a- well. Call m the store. IfM, Montgomery sliset, Jemey Cltv two ud.a bail block* above lb* ferry, betweeu lb* hours of 7 ami li ?? " Attention, imanoa-iUlM. vole nti bus. bow I* your time I olTer the largest cash money in hand lo aubslliutee; having made arrangement* w lib prim clpala to meei the expected droit. Apply ai No. 14 ? aam ber* street, Capt. J. I>. P. A CARD -THREE ALIEN SUBSTITUTES, ALRSADT accepted. will this day exempt thm*1' w'l-otr?ook*! or dratted In inirn at the law oBice of WhSTHRO JK A OSUORNK. IE6 Broadway. i RMY NAVT AND MARINE CORPS.? $.100. VOL A unt'eer* and ? ib tttutna wanted. YuM^nd paid. Three substitutes wanted to day . * t . ??>'. ?nd ?VW rj*Mh invert Partiaa ? >rln : ns ro?n tr?*t*d liberal y. Apply aTbhe Bounty, Pay, Army and Navy Agency, ill Na*?au street, up stair*. _ a riHitiKR ny a HANK IN BROOKLYN 18 DRAFT A #d and requires a substitute, to wl">m thrl,'4''Bt twice will be pat I Runner* and agents need Boleall. Ap ply at 134 Canal street, betweeu Bowery and Ihryst eats. Drafted.?OENTLEMK*DRAFTKD or enrolled can be furntslied with substitutes Fartie* will plea** bring their nonce of draft or enrolmen '? R?f 6' j,"? Xrmy highest character given Apply at the Bonn it, I ay, A y and Navy Agency. Ill Nassau street, up stairs . TMtiVTRn MFN AND THOSE ENROLLED AND Li ID able to future'drafts In this or anyotl'*r State,^can bo SB'ssaxwss ^rrrt?.r/e ??% ci^tatu COMBS, 60 Lispenard street, ne*?*J4roadway. GPOMPANY EK1UTY FOURTH N. O. S N. Y ? Every ra-mWr of thin company wtltf ?,nP^rJ at * * *? I irv ihiu i rpitiEv^ ovenintf, July H, at 8 o clocks to niftKO pre* liars'lous for a campaign or loo day*, pursuant to ihe fresO dent's call. This order I* pereicptory No excuse will be 1 tkken A feff^i5rrBKADT; Captain O Company. I J. B. Btunr, Orderly Sergeant. H' pADQUARTER8, THIRTEENTH NEW YORK MA ritie and Heavy Artillery ?(loot men wanted, to join I this sp'endld regiment, now doing g?,,(1 '.'I7 I mu ten Nnrfo k The highest bounty paid by aoplvlng t? wen ten aat. BARKIE and PAUL, corner of Hudson and Duuue streets. ? H~ O FOR TUB NAVY AND PRIZE MONET-TEN MEN wanted to-dav $408 cash bounty; $3 IW> hate been made bv one man, prl/e money. Parties bringing men treated liberally. Cull at tho Bounty 1 ay Army and Navy Agency, III Nassuu streat. up stairs. TMI'ORTANT TO DRAFTF.n OR ENROLLED ClENTLB P'tnen.-Hub, tUutS.furnished at abortnotlera .by leaving or no orders to 422 Broome street, New lorlt.wn re they will t* vure to get aliens at reasonab.e rates. Exemp tion certificate* procured. T WILL SECURE THE POSITION OF TBAM8TF.R OR 1 sergeant in a regiment, and gWe throa hundred dollar* to a man to go In my place. Address H. O. M., Bruoklrn Pod olllce. . KRCUANT8'. HANKERS' AND GENERAL VObUN teerand Buhatltute Association, olice 428 Broadway. New York ?I (H0 volunteers wanted Immediately $145 paid to anv one bringing a recruit. Highest bounties palid! to ?? cruits on examination. No d^ ay'' i'. Money paid right down. Apply at tbe office, No. 4Z8 Broad way. N. Y. Military-a gentleman wishing to bend a a tubslitute Will pay ?475 to an aben or veteran, for either army or raw. Auplv at 7fi Mlddagh street, Brookljn, between 6 and 9 o'clock In the evening* - | 1LITIA.?A RESPEOTABLR YOUNG MAN, OF AM pie milltarv experience, offers Ills services to rcpresenl any partv uratile to respond to the present ? ! itreaa for two dave, atat ng compensattou, Natioual Uuatd, box I26|llerald office. Notice.?gentlemen who are drafted or wish to procure substitutes fan always fttid the same by calling at Stoesse, s Hotel, No. 5 Morris street. Now York. XT0TICE ?TOUNO MEN DESIROUS OF JOINING A N ilr-t clas* soenal corps for the coming three otonlhe I campaign can do so by applying at 104 Third avenue. 1 ar | ticulars given on application. Recruits and substitutks wanted.-hioh c?tca?h ami government bounties paid as soon at pars ed by the docior $M0 liand money p.tld to those bringing recruits, by CApUl* COM US, W Llapcnard street. RECRUTTS AND SUBSTITUTES WANTr'.n. bounty psi I in cash a* soon as passed b> the doctot Brokers liberally dealt with. p [)_ daY, room No. 3, 18 Pine street-^ Rfcruits wanted?for company h. eighty fourthreglrnsnt N. O 8. N Y. Apply at ths.rraory corner of Fourth street and Broadwav.Tfeggigg'*. C1CBRTITUTBS PROMPTLY FURNISHRO I' OK THE S cftv and countv of Now York. Merchants nnd others wishtnff sub-titutes can procure thorn at a ^SYL^0,ir* uotice, bv app*Vlng "u J WARRBN FL1NN. No2 Warren street, near Broadway, before 10 A. IL _________ Substitutes furnished?at no. lis Nassau street, room No^2 . OVMTITUTK8 WaNTE?-aT NO is BOWBBT. FOR O drafted men Will pay the highest price. Gall Irame diately at 16 llowcry. . c^I'BUTITUTF.S AT 17 BROADWAY, NI'.Att HATTERI, St'KSTITI'TBs! AT 17 BROADW AY, NKlfl HA rTKJTV. SUBBTITOTBS, AT 17 BROADWAY, NEAR MATTERY, furntslied for any district, bv honorable and reliable parties. Apply from 7 A M till ('? P. M. Ml BSTITUTB WANTED.?ADDRESS BOX 140 UKRALD O oflhe. iTuBSTlTt lE WANT" n -1 WILL GIVE A MAN. NOT S liable 10 the draft. $301 as so .n as nceepled a? my ?"'b st tote for three years. Apply In person at tho store 44 Nassau stieet. (VCBST1TDTKS.?BROKERS HAVING MEN O not d spose f before calling st the United Sia es Substitute Agency. 420 Broadway, where the very highest prices sre paid, cash In hand. Teu roen'.waiitdO to-dsy. to URSTITUTE WANTED?AN ALIF.N OK PERSON ^ nut n il cct to draft, a liberal price wld be p* d Appl> betuepn o A. Vl. and3 V M. to Mr. Bates. 343 Broad-ay SUBSTITUTES PURNI8HED-1N ANY NUMBER. BY hi norahle and re'.able pa.ttea, s?d at a i rice, At.ply at 23 Ohamh. rs street, room No ?. tilrd horn. N B.?A number of good men (al en ) now on nana. . SURSTITCTB^ Kl'HNTSHRD BANXF*Rf< MFR chant ? d all other, who wish to old the ?<D ernmen In (I'lnc ud the arm in advance of a a draft lr #>? at the Untied Stul# Subitituw Agency. 247 Broadunj( room No 26. CM BST1TI TKS NOW ON HAND AND MORR W ANTED, o h .lOHNSON A COLMAN, II Grand street, near the , ferry WI liamsburg, New York rrwo GftOD MEN CAN GF.T A HIGH FIGURE TO GO 1 as sui'Mitutea for draft* V "',h").u 5 ?,r.r,v.'!? navi hy applying In the saloon Ii2 West atreet, la.oiiiu li use. ' rPHF, OUICE FOR SI BST11UTE8 IN THE NAvY OR I aru.v I- at a." West street, eorner n! A t any. The high est bom IB- paid Call and see for voureelves. Also, wanted ?,CU for wb. ng. I'.ieichant and , Agenla YTOLCNTEKKfl AND Bt'HSTITl'TRH KURNI8HKP AT V ahorl uoti #? nn l <?n un?at raaionablo term*. h>emptlni; from past and future drafts. 1 I?. D. DAY room No. 3, 18 I'ltte street OLUNTKKRS AND SUBSTITUTES?IRISH. OKR. . man and Englishmen wanted. 'VP*'\ *J') krn,?x?r.I ?>o iiiL.en waul Broker? an I otnert paid SrJa .or Irlngtng men. P CAPTAIN COMBS, 60 Ll.penard st. V vv r ANTED?IRISHMKN. BNGLIS'IMF.N. SCOTCH, ?i German.. I rem t. ami no-n nf a null'oalltlea. to en list as rnlitDteera. The highest bounty ea.n tn hand on , a?lng the do. lor. Rsl.ef t.Cketv to fa nllle . Agentc ...11 ,-rr,. ve -b ' ..ighe.t premium. A; plv at the Mer- li ms. Hanker- and General Volunteer and Suba'ltute Association, oHice 433 Broadway, N. Y. ___________ 117ANTED?FOR BLOCKADE. SHIPS. FIFTT TOUNO W i, en. The highest bounties paid. Also for the army and -hurt vWialln^ voya-'es |o the South So*. Aril,l^ ^? lh* "suis. JAMES A CO., 87 West street, comer of a bany, up stairs. vx TASTED IMMEDIATELY-A FEW TOUNG MEN \\ or ieler mil rer|<erlabl tv. tn go a* siih?titutes r. ron* hundred daysln one or our mtPtia regimeiits. libera'11'mtv. A iW ?"'??? ?? Bureau of Surgical Ex nmlaai on. No 9 C am'iera street._ in MF.N WANTED?TO KILL A TOWNSHIP Ql "T8. 1*1 the hii! .est bonntv, eash la hand- Apply to W M. JAY, Marshal. 31 Newark atieet. eorner Washington street, Bmkn, N J. HW\ DAYS' REGIMENTS ?FIVE WELL DRILLED 1()() ?ohlier. o er th-lr servl e* as suhst t lies. I tb# Seventh regiment National Guard. App y at Bureau or Suryical Exam nation. No. 9 Chambers street. 1 rtA MRN WANTED?FOR THE ARMY OR NAVY. 100 H h cash b-umles p?" t O I English. Irish, or e ?? .? ii?m arecntcil FiDV men wsnte l In d?;. ??nil ??rl e mouev ha- l.ceu ma lt by ent man Apply at fhsVoaniy Pay. 'rmy and Navy Agency, 111 Nassa ? sireet. u,? tulrk <a1fUI Til IIM HAND MONEY PAID AGENTS OR $100 Runner, for volunteers for tbl-clty Ten men w . ue I ? > day; the ilghe.i hount- e?., down as som as I bv the doctor. Apply at 433 Headway. O I 'ft BOUNTY -WANTED. FOR T1IK ."V'?U truer of York ?tr? r-- -t\l\ CYSft W ILL EE PAID TO VOLUNTEERS TO i SoUU 1.11 ae in try ..u?u r?... .,o,n a it doing 'a riSAtt duwr. where no "ghtlnc inarching or other hard w.nk l? ro tuirei. Relief lor laml.ies. Ai?iiyall4 Sixth K d-l\t\CASH TN II \VD F-nrt SCBiriTrTF.S, CH.jfCR j SdUU or mrn..nn? Vm uinabto to he Vr*fied'ifre Dii'ttisli'' ! wllli ciihstttnler ' A|nlv to C M. I M iin aN, vomer of Bowery and Cana. meet, nnaervitf yen s Bank. j r, rt\f\ i'ASI! DOWN TO TOI.tTNTF.BRR AND FUD 1 rn'lO s i! '? ?Choice of service. Apply at the ..Hi:* o*f the Ksateri. Hrt c! YTh t-hall stre-i, near South ferry. ' up otic l.lght ol stairs Ask for 31'ENt LR. 4R-A-WH CAN FUBKlEH TEN 8 U B R TI TUT BR fr.-thU If t . rvi-ors. at , 170 t iiSthani, Mlfplug office, t'lo.n A. . , 1 Sf |0() Ro1 VTY ' OAND MONhV I'AIOJO ANY s* I MItnte. 'furnished 1*u ? , colored m ? J'l*'*?' , Broadway, room 25. snd at >0.7 ExcnsuaC l .a v, v? ?tv I Citv. MILITARY AID NAVAL. eo/m CASH BOUNTY-POR ARMY OK NAVY ? OOUo WuM. good inea. for anv branch of lb* or mv or now. The best ffiance ever offered. - Coll to del 04 the he. 1 Street House. MM Peart alreet. $900 CASn WILL BK PAID TO TWO OOOD HKN, "itb choice of ortillory, cav-dre. tofaatry or now. Good treatment and r- le? sent to families. Apply ot the Pranklln House, 57 Co'tlondt Oti eot. CM l\l\l\ CASH DOWN WILL BE PAlfl POK TWO JI>J..UUU go.Hi guMtltutos this dar. A.ply before It A. M. to J WARREN FLINN. No. 2 Worrrt treet, rear Hioodwov 01 AHA CASH. AS SOON AS ACCEPTED, WILL. Jpi.UUU be DID.I for two substitute-. aliens or vete rans for part e* enrolled; or$3.?u fof ooe aubct lute. Ap ply to I,. J Mulford, jeweller, XU Maiden lane, up etone, neor Broadway. __ cm nnn cash down for two ?obstitutbb 5M.UUU Also highe.t bount e for volunteer* and so! d ere for t' n Inriild cornet Relief tl.-km* lor families. Ap ply at P.veraou liouae, 79 Uortlo ndt .treet. <21 nnn WILL BK PAID fob TWO OOOD VOLUjr. ipli" tiers; choice of regiment; 23 men for the navy. Apply at 111 College p'ace, near Xiudeou Blver Rad road Depot, second llo..r, from room. CM nnn nAS" down.-#i noo cash. ipl.tMfVI T\o men wanted, for any bianch of the *er vlce: $1 DOt) east. down. Information given at the Army and Navy Cla IU ODIce. <13 Kulion street. I nnn recruits wanted?job td armt, .UUU AT 17 BROADWAI. $10 1 caah In hand pa d each an. 1.000 Veteran* wanie I for the army, AT 17 BROADWAY. $100 oath In band nald eaoh man. 1.000 Seamen wanted for the nary, AT 17 BROADWAY. $100 caab in hnnd paid eaeh man. 1.1 On Landemon wunto.t In the nary, at 1/ BROADWAY. $400 cash In hnnd paid each man. 1,000 Firemen wanted for the?navy, AT 17 BROADWAY. $400 caah In hand mild each num. l.i 00 Coalpasser* wanted for ihg navy, AT 17 BROADWAY. $400 cash in hand paid each man. Men coming In thin office to eultat can rely upon obtaining the most honorable treatment?upon receiving the money offered In full, without delay, with nit humbug or Imnoelttuo. Come and -ec for yourselves. Office open from 7 A. M. to P. M. <21 1AA OA(H PREMIUM FoR M VOLUNTEERS dp 1.1UU for a country quota;cho.ce of artlller.. cavalry or Infantry, doing garrison. provost gna.d or He'd duty. Re lief for famitleH. Aeuly at PRESOOTT'S, 148 Chamber, street, below Hudson Railroad depot. <21 ORIl ? HfOHBST BOffNTI PAID. FOURSKA ?Dl.ZUV/. men wsuled for tli* ('n ted States ghnboat De; firemen, coal passers, sn.l landsmen. We nay the rersou bringing a rouruit to the rend tzvoue, 43 Peek slip, 73 dhi nrre cash?for threb good men to go ?pi.^ | fj either a* volunteers or subst lutes Choice of henvr artillery tor garrison dutv, cavalry, infantrv or tho signs! corps. Also flrir seamen, ordinary seamen, Bremen, con! p iKsers, cook*, stewards and a purser's clerk, for one of the fastest steamers In the American nary. Excellent chance to mase prize money. Fiftv dollars paid to any por. son bringing an neeepta'do man to this olllce. Apply to Captain KINO, 93 West street, corner Cedar, up stairs. 5 Ann MEN WANTED IMMEDIATELY FOB THE Armv and Navy, who will receive too highest cash bount ea paid. Now Is your timn, bovs. before the bounty I* stopped. For Information ea I at GEORGE H. SMITH'S Law ofllce, Nn. 4 New Chambers street, corner of Chatham, rooms 3 and 0. N. 8.? Substitutes furnished to any part of the Slate. G. H. SMITH. 10 000 VOLUNTEKK8 WANTEl>. TO REPRESENT THE COUNTY OFNBW YORK inThb ARMY. COUNTY BOUNTY. THREAT HUNDRED DOLLARS. Hand m-mey ? County to new recruit* or veteran* $2 > VJna-d Suilna to now recruit* I'> Unliod Slate* to veterans If. Tin County Volunteer Committee under Instructions < t the Board of Supervisors, having filled ad quotas under ail calls np to tills time, have r< solved to recommence the busi ness of recruiting for the army, with the view of raising the quota In anticipation of a new call by the President for men. Recruits will be received a* formerly at the severs' Pro vost Marshals' odlces, at Tsinmnny Hal', and at tba County Volunteer Rooms In the Park, corner Bioadwuy and Cham bers street. The following are the various Provost Marshals' Offices:? Fourth District?Captain Joel II. Krhavdt, Nc. 101 Lllwrty street. Fifth District?Captain lienry P. West, corner Broome and Crosby streets. Rlxtb District?Captain Roster, corner Stith avenue and Thirteenth street. Seventh District?Frederics 0. Wapier, No. 63 Third avenue. Eighth District?Benjamin .F. Matiierre. No. 1.303 Broad way. Ninth District?Wpi. Dunning, corner Forty-seventh str< et anil Broadway. All recruits w'll receive In their own hands the Count* Bounty of #300 aod any | srtv bring ii.- a Keerult wi 1 twelve a County Premium of 8?0, in each for i vert man. whether now Recruit or Veteran, and a crti'icato entitling the bearer to the United States premium of $10 for a new Recruit aud $lu fur a Veteran C OODKRKT OUNTHP.R Mayor. M ATTII b W T. BlthNNAN, Comptaolter. ORISON ltLL'NT Sunerylsor. W ILLI AM M TU KF.D. Superrlaor. RLUallF. Pt'RDY. 8 i ervi or. WILLIAM It FThWART, .Supervisor. Committee on Volunteering. OKISnM BLUNT Chairman of Committee. Dated New York, July 4, 1364 NAVAL. PRIZK RIOKFY, rfcf. Apr posit of ginoiisio prize money is now real foraeamaa:ourolHela i'n ? Id t for .tuiy ? I r uled Apply at the Seamen's Bank. I'*3 Yoik street, Brooklyn; Reuben, 69 Wall street. ,.r at R oll s Pto t ctiro Rank I88 South street Captain QBOKUR TAYLOR, Ism of the Navy, Special nt. All prize money now PAVAHLF CAN he OBTAINED AT ONCE HY A 'PLYIN i IN PERSON OR HY LETTER TO WALDEN X WfLLaRP. LATE I S. NAMT. IKS YORK SriiKKT. BROOKLYN. BOl'NTIBS, BACK TAY an d all other aims ADJUSTED 1V1 ill OUT DB/.A V. A LL T1IE OFFICERB AND CREWS OF THE A CONNECTICUT \ND IlK SOTO can obtain tlielr I II/-' money in one ay. I t applying 10 WaLUKN A WILL.vRD. IHS York street, Brooklyn. * HOY -PRIZE MOSEY TO HA 11, HIS ? BOUNTY >\ MONEY TO SOLDIERS discharged ft-r wounds re- eired In battle, Ac. DP-iisrged Nju w Army Officer*. Si. or So I era, their W I >wi or H- r? PROMPTLY 1'AID their PRIZE and BOUNTY MONKYft.BA<K Pa*. Ac., by EDWARD niSSF.EL. Ai invalid Nary Banker, and late P ir?-r U. 8. Navy, k.l Broadway, corner Chamber, street, New York. ALl, PRIZE MONEYS' H LK'TKD AND ADVANl S made un eia ns at BROWN A SUP LIMNS Ml'ltary and Nava Hanking Offices ,No. 2 Park p ace, New York aud 183 Y'or* street Brooklyn All prize money now payable , CAN HE OBTAINED AT ONCE, By appp. Inn to J O. IHCKEV A CO.. No 11J Broadway, New York ALL JUST CLAIMS All A INST THE UNITED STATER government for 11 uniy. Arreara ol P*v, Pena one. Prize Money. Ac., collected and cai'md at the Ml(f f W AH It K U K.N A WUKRALL. ItkJ Broadway. near Cham bei a street. * LL PERSONS ATTACHED TO VKRSRLS O.N 1MB J\ blockade to whom prise money is due can receive the same al - oce hv app ylng bv letter t-> W \LDKN t W 1 L LAKD late of United 8 ales Navy, 188 York at. Brook I- n. \DDITION AI. PRIZE MOSEY NOW READY-CON. i si uta for 2Y i bales cott'tt: Connecticut for C, r.-?, Oii-yhoiind an Minn e. Orsnd O-tlf, i r Ton UK Kepubl o; Fen?l""?-. En Sting:av : Ii ? a. 'or l'roth?,?, Hera. ? .1 ? ; Virgin*, for Ma, Douglas*, lly C -Ithrlet Apply to M. SNYDER, Jr 1'Na*.?*o sliest, corner of Llher'y and oo pusito the Poat office. New York. All cumiu uicauoOS by mail re--< lie prompt attention. PRIZE MONEY.?PRIZE MONEY IS NOW BEI NO mile led an I pal l at the Hive of M L TAnil yi O , Armv and Nan Claim A get a l$0 lurk street, Brooklyn, on (lit foi nwiog vvatc , - i/ ?Do Solo T oga, latirii, Connection', F-r' llcnrv. Otand tliilf. Jama. A I 'rr lh*ca ttonas Wnehawkeo, Nahant flinmerune and .vw others. Soldiers or the stxtt second seventieth ? i d Nut n'nth Now V irk regiment* can liaie -ne,r ti t) I, < utr a Iv ii.. ad, by applying to ALLEN. VAiT BURI N A LI CKY Bankers, 24.1 Broadway KKW Pl'ULU ATIOMI. CHIRNCH DANCINO OIRLS IN CHARACTER-] ' I dldeient at* lea; caaaicsl aud graceful Picture* over A*) kind ?."?*? miscellaneous PI-turn*. sent 'or Caul Phot-graphs of am of the iirlnrP-ai (leoert's, Stat an n, I),vino, Actora, Act res a i, Ac.; ean f utiiph ?.l; pr e. -, no 'ore I .V e each, hv mat* to any ad-Ire-a. An Alhttm, with one Ftrtures of your own ?cloetion. for * I W. C. WRMYSS A7J Broa lwav New York. N B.a-Fh-'tugrapha hesu'ifullv coloiel lo ? ler. Send * a n pa for it- a ogt ct of , .ct res book* I IIRL'TENANT HKNF.RAL t 8 RAVI', OKNKRALS J Shertaui. Ilea ic., 'Line-- l Warrun. Bur- . * '? F? lewlek Wr j It. Shtridan. Hooker flaw .11.? Thorn**. II pier. Birtiey. A-igur an-l all other flsDeval-' Acti"? ea? *1 ?? Ha'eman, Ma.g e Mlin' o-I, Y'estyiill goan sn-l Kaie Denln Ad i su-1 Kmc * W'ebo. l^o Itinlaon. Katn F-aher, 0 posllu-n - cacti at (i'ii Ii 8py and Rasri-, a: Mar eita Ravel a* Ore?k Hov. ^ i itiou* tv c. w f.vvsh,S/? Rrosdwav, n y. O OROPTVO IN THE DARK.?RVERTTHtNtl AS ^ , clear as thv *uu t( " -n lav. on r, i -,ig that t- t ar IILnat-atOil medical w-uk. 'Il-imsn F aill b ur. it A Bz. H Rf?W. I'D Blecrk?r *-reet. four door from ?*, loug*| ?irsei. N#w lyi k. Prt e'.'4 com*. Maile-I ft m ave*y wb- re. NfRW BDOKS, Nl W SUBJECTS TN CARTES DP VI. attc, and Hport.og Uoo,la of every il**? !('-on Trs'v e irp!*' Read for c*btiog<ie to D J. 00.MPLRT8' P.ifa ehaiing Agency, 73 Na**nn street. fTROSg PECULIAR BOOKU-PUBLIHIIED AT 10 ANN I atreet. New York h CALVIN BLANCHARD Den.I ad,'rcsa on s stamped euve ,.(>? tor vstslog ;e. Yeu can get the bouica by mall er svpress, payable on iIel,T*rj. N K> PRFJSKA. BUp.Nll.cUd VtRNiruRE F.\rRK88-0PPlv;E 113 fTr, t Fl?, eti-h *t' ? 'l, h'lween Fifth Sud sts'.h a< a. Il l-* Pisnorortoa, I'alntincr*. Statuary. Ac., boss*1, ai I i-i i a p.iria of th? world, l.arf-' wagons for irwv t i ?grn o? in iiy or couulr.. Sioiagc f- r Fuiuiiugo.

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