Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 8, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 8, 1864 Page 4
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NEW YORK HERALD. IAIM GORDON BKXiim AND PROV.UKTOR. ?fioa M. W. CORN KB or rot TO* 4KB NAM AC BOS. ? XXIX ??? ??? AMI SKNENTA THIP EVENING. ? IBLCS GARDEN. Motto. _ WALLACE'S THKATRR. Broadway.-Tat WlN*l*C ?fit. OLYMPIC THBATRS. ? Ki?OW?m OrstlA? auuiiKA NEW BOWERT THEATRE Bowrrr ?TflCNONBsntT An:> Light Oclt-Ulli'l A*. V ? ItlO UdOM?RaNDNLVOUS. rBARNUM 8 NCSEl'M. Brimd way.?Two Oust*. Two amp*. AntiROS. ??** )? It. iiim I'aui.inb Ccshman ^A! aL txouri. bk.uM AO Ka TH ?At U A At., Ssilll 7.4 BRTANTB MINSTRELS. Mceh*aio* Hall. (73 BrntA CJ.?BTBIOriAH ScNGk. 1>AM'*S. Bl LLAAUCKS. Ac.? 'IAC a R trmr t WOOI) 8 MINSTREL HALL. 514 Broadway.? EfBioriAN ?onus Hanoi s. Ac.?Uo* t on Wkarn. CAMPBELL MINSTRELS. R wrv.-Vj ?m?u Ma. anon or Ethiopia* Odditis* IRVING BAM, plooo.?OrBBSOrf I0OK. MR W TORN WrSKVM Of AN A TO NT . BIS Broodwoy. Nnkiomtjas and UctttiU from 9 k. U. Mil 10 P. M BOOLRT'S OPERA HOUSE. Brooklyn.-Ethiopian ?ores. HANret. Bcbi.n<qcu. Ac. Nrw Tork, Friday, July g, 1864. THE HITOATION. Th?-re 1* about aa wurb excitement a* uncertalc'.y Bout tbe rebel raid Into Maryland and Pennbylvanl*. Ibports are variable at to tbe number of rebal troop* ?he bare crossed tba Potomac. They are m.ik'ug ?sir appe-trance tn an many p!ace? tbat tbe greatest c proralia ia tbe ima'l town* of tba border ooun Tbey wera undoubtedly in soma force wltniu e of Frederick yesterdav, on tbe Hagerstown pike, 5|).i siuforcorooot* wore arriving to protect tbe place. >ere skirmishing took place tbe day previous at Began'it Mountain, eight miles from Frederick, v. tub Ntultod In the l.'nion troops falling back and en facing tbotn with artillery. It I* also true tbat tbe gbemy occupied Hayierstown and tliddletown for a time, bad did considerable plundering in botb places, and actually advanced as far into 1 ennsylvanla as Greeuras lle While In Harper's Ferry they di-stpnyed all the rail road property there, Including the telegraph nod ticket afieee They also burned a larae quantity of forage. The I nice forces are still able to bold Maryland Heghts, however, and keep the enemy in check until Get. oral llcntrr'g arrival, which cannot be long delayed, for be is now probably at or near Cumber* and. Gene rals f gei and Stahl ware relieved of eons mend yesrrday ar.d ordered te report to blm. Frederick city was safe at midnight, Gsn. Wallace keeping the enemy In check. A despatch from Sandy Bo k last rugbt says the rebels aro again burning pro party Ic that place. Larce fires are new burning. Tbe bridge over the Rbfnsndoab is also tn flames, tbe con rat'.ca cabling a glare of light over tbe couAtry for Mlie?. Toe terroi exhibited by tbe people Is eald te be dis graceful. No organized opposition of citizens is thought AT. 1 hey we ail fleeing with their property. Sauvt qui pet<' is tbe general cry. There is no positive news of General Grant's more, ?sects. Or the morning of the 7th heavy firing was going M iu the vicinity of Petersburg. General Grant state* |tbo War Itetwrtment that a large force of the enemy |e left bis Immediate front. A force of robclctvs'ry, with norses and other plunder I 't.ti in Mar t land, are reported te have passed Fairfax flrt House on Wcd- esduy night, going in tbe direction Jibe Rappahannock. We glvr f 'mo highly Interesting accounts te day of 1 ate i walry nperat ens of Generals Wilson and Kant/, stedd.ttos to tbe very tun history of the expedition yt :cn we already published. tiur corrr p ndents with General fbermac send copious lo> ? ate: et r luting tbe slate of st'atrs tn bis department op to the Tin i'lsiwit. cm tbe 3d J< bnaton bad evacuated K< nesiiaw ti 'tiiaio, and is supposed, but not certainly ki. mii to lr ivo cri-sscd <he t haitsh'-ocbee. General Elier mi"! meantiu.e Is ad\a. cl g on Atl -tta by the sever al good roads open to blai. *e pubi tb an excellent map to-day <.r the position ol Ms 'orces In fr nt of Konesbaw. tbe defence of the enemy and the roads leading to At tan in. A very daring and hazardous expedition, which proved qv :e successful, was undertaken by Captain Cusbing. cf tbe I n.led States \'avy, lu the victulty of Wiimlugton, If C o- the kith ull.,to a cutler wltb only elxtcer. ?Ben He ran airtiTO, enei-rau-d bis men by day, and U? e n recubuoissain e of the suburbs of Wi! ?!> ti n He captured a curler with a valuable mall tot - vim! i ri'-uuert, and r?o tbe of tbe rebsl gut boats in getting hark wlttch he tild safely, after an Ab- etre o> tl.rtr days iibtl two ulsbts. Tb# dsialls of (hi t?nid raid, a - given b? our correspondent in ancth r go' :mn. rexd almost tike a rvmsncs. XI8CELLANE0UB NEWS Tut- C aruVei Of (ommerre a pointed a committee yes terday torec m-.-tcod ai-iluo the fh?nii>er should 1*1. v to re* j 1 t'aptete Wm?Uiw and tbt crew of the X' areargf lor their Immnriul vlcory over the Alabi;na Fbr ccminlitee appointed to raise fund* to ray tb* Inter fl nr. the MaW del.t in co u ret-ufied thai tbey < oUd not Xr money tn ugh s* pay t>oih principal and interest : t thai v. ild be noly aha.ird to pay tbe Interest is 1.-. and tbe principal in currency - 1 be P * U <r .uiermer. heid a arenat meeting yester . J tbe I res Ideas of the Ruerd in the chair. No bussacs I j.' bllc importance ??*? 'ranncted A preamble and tar <w of resolutions teaching the de?ta of the late i'reii |*t . of tbe II ar<}uf Aldernv n, tnn tats Mr. John f laney. kern adopted, and tue U?erd adjourned tut lbutsda; next fct t *o o'clock. 1 e Tammany llall Geurrai rnmmlttee mM last oven Xf Wn. M live d In Um cbair Only routine business Ira* trau it ted Tbe Committee on Add res reported progress and promised to press,,t suitable vddma and ?arolutions at the tiexi meet.' g. Tli* deiegitloas ?aported the namre of tbe i.coo. ibe ward c t mil fleet 'itie < mnntlt': tbeo >id/-> need to tbe first Monday gr August. In tbe I bited Mate* Circuit < ourt yesterday, before Jcdge Ne'f ? n, ttie Iusi-iet Alt rney entered e flip I do gree of dbiributton of the proceeds of tbe pri/e schooner Lynchburg and cargo, captured in May, HUM, off i ape Benry, Virgtuia, by the Foiled Mates : tenner gusker ] Blly. The ves?el end part o' tbe naff" were oobdsinned |B the t nit <1 Mates I tstrli t (diirt fa Oclut>er, l-fll, ibe fs* due of the c?rgo barm.' he"i acqutMed 7bei -a lies bain pending on appeal si oe that time, Theamv it (Or dlstrib .1 >o !* f7,012. Hie capturing VM*4l b - .ithe ga>. pertti'.ipant in the pr ceeds. Tbe to ard "I C'unclltpeu be d a abort scssl ,n tres'er. ?*r aft'-1 tt. A reso ult u via* adopted that tb Xwond A vet) a Heliroid cotn'i* y be d rooted t'11 ty their flgecka In ft -rr strct, b<o ween < butbntn aod Me rof gtraata In thetr lormer p eltlons, ai d Ibtl if tbe term* ?f tbe pesoluisi were not c mpth' i wltb the "-trcBt Cow Btsaioner woe ttistrurted to tai e?lhe work done at the fgpenae v.r tbecmipa y. a reaotut on (rem the cider Be , ronnrtniog the elect on o' Kernerd Keany es te latint Ktigin<er of tne t ire He par metii, wus con- rred ? Tbe preamble end resoiuttona p>sse<t by that Board ?n.iiemorat'.ve of tbe late Jottn ( incy were racelved kt .nanimnutiy adopted '?locks were dall end lowor yetitrdey Tbe re was awis exrltemr at In tbe gold market, and the price was kt> up .0 the (oreoaon from 2?j td 87J, Wtlbou* allf _fcairieihls reass for ?<> auddee aa Is eras as i* the raw of ; re ' funi being Metfoed ll went down is the afte: ns?a to '?. # Go>vruuiout ik tntto* were mot u tir>>u| t on Wednesday, and ibuso descriptions whitli ere unit on the market Buffeted a doiUaa uf biff to one eud a half par cent Tbe big aaeanoe hi (Old nnaettled commercial affairs a i'n yrctrrdar and rendered pricea more than rear no carl 'In. lui|>ortad good* ware aoUrely uouiloal. Tha few sales were at vary Irregular prices and cbtefly on private tenia. Domestic produce was about aa unaatt'.ed as foreign, and prices equally uncertain. Cotton waa etc ted and higher. Petroleum nrna altogether higher, but entirely nominal. Ou 'Change the excitement ran bigh.aad In lb# leading staples of flour, grain, pork, lard, be., a hoavy day's business was o.osumro ita>i at a cubatiotlal rise in prioes. Grata Irelgbte to Great Britain war# quite active at rates which Indicate no c-tenilal olitnge. Whir-Ivy triIrrcvu'ar In prlre*, with a libera! uusinoe*. The ?r<>ery market was more or less utied, and a general marking np of prices was the ra re* utl. A flew Phaae In tlto ftirnggie for Rlrh ?unad?Thi Rebel Advance Down the hhenandoah Valley. Our army still maintains at Petersburg the position it has held tor several days past, and our operations go forward slowly, as they necessarily must At present the most im portant topic is the rebel raid. Rebel cavalry, infantry and artillery tire on the Uppsr Potomac ones more, and rebel cavalry and mounted infantry were levying money contributions iu Hagcrslown yesterday, and driving off cattle near Shnrp.^burg. What is the real significance of this whole movement! We perceive that Generals Slgel a d Slahel have been relieved of their com mand* and ordered to report to General Hun ter. Dors this imply that Hunter has reached Cumberland ? Geueral Grant, with a large army in posi tion south of Richmond, is no greater trouble to General Lee than he would be north of that city, except under one condition. Under that one condition his position south of Richmond compels Lee to come out and fight him, or absolutely destroys Lee if ho does not so come out and fight. That one important con dition is, therefore, a very necessary part of the plan for the destruction of Lee's army, and that condition is that Lee's communications should be cut. With his communications with supplies cut off, General Lee. staying in Rich mond, must starve, and Grant can destroy him by standing still. Much has been done to carry out. this part of the plan. Hunter and Sheridan j destroyed the Virginia Central road; Graut is on the We! >lou road, and Wilson has cut the road to Danville. These were the lines of supply for Lee's array: but their destruction has put hint upon his resources. We now find that he has opened a now line down the Shenandoah valley. In that valley the harvest is ripe, and Lee has sent a column to gather it. This is the whole and simple significance of the present movement down the valley. Such a movement ought not to excite any surprise. It would, indeed, be a very surprising thing if such a movement wore not made. Lee is in Richmond with sixty thousand men and nothing to eat. He cannot expect a cracker by his ordinary lines, and a rich valley is open to blin. Can we oonceivs that he would be possessed of such stupidity as not to forage there? But the movement only tells us what despn rate straits he Is reduced to; for there is withal great hazard in it. When the Consul Nero marched to the Mctaurus he left Hannibal in Ignorance of his departure, and Hannibal remained in ignoranee until Hasdrubal was beafen and Nero bad returned to camp. But in an age of railroads and telegraphs the movement could not have boen crowned with success. Hannibal would have crushed the shell in his front and perhaps taken part in the main battle; and the present position is analogous to that. General Grant nuw knows that a considerable part of Lee's army is In tbe valley. Though two-thirds of Loo's army could doubtless hold hie mere lines as well as tbe whole army, yet two-thirds would be a very Inadequate force in view of any suddenly developed change in Grant's operations. Thus Lee hazards Richmond, his army and his cause to forage in the Shenan doah valley. Wc must judge by this of the imperative necessity Le is under to get supplies. If it be true, as one account states, that the rebel forte on the Upper Potomac numbers thirty thousand, we have no doubt that Gene ral Grant will come through Petersburg and Richmond on the roar of the raiders; for he is not the man to be held at bay by the force that in that event would be left on his Iront. But there Is no probability that the rebel force that came down the valley is so large. It doubtless makes a great appearance through the guerilla auxiliaries that it lias gathered ou its way; but if brought to battle it will cer tainly not concentrate over ten thousand oien. It i? most important that it should be brought to battle; for otherwise it will have accom plished its objoct. It is a very Important matter to prevent the supplies thai this column will gather from reaching Lee. If the column gets -iifciy back to Richmond with all it came for it will delay the full of that city for weeks, perhaps months. Our most carne-it hope is that General Hunter may prevent such a result. In this raid wo see another evidence of the bad management of the War Department. Central Giant's right flank should have been covered with seventy thousand men, and there ought to litre been that many also in the column under Butler. Senator Wilsoa stated recently that we had in our armies seven hun dred thousand men. There was no scarcity of uicu. therefore, but'only a want of ability and will to use tbem. J! rtiai. Law ln Kf.ntvvkt.?1'iesideut Lin coln bM declared the State of Kentucky under martial law. What does this mean'.' We hud supposed that Kentucky wn? true to the Unioa. Copperheads say that this is a political move ment. and that It is to he extended to other Hates if the Jeff. Davis element ahull become predominant in the democratic party, arid the party ahull second the late flat-footed Jeff. Davis resolutions of the late Kentucky Demo ( th( .e Convention. If tills copper) sad theory of Old A he's designs lu this mutter he true, we would warn him that the employment of his military power to control the political clec tio-is of the country is a dangcrou* amusement. Cu-ar triqd it and lost Ids lite: Napoleon and Cromwell tried it otul succeeded; and we may say the Mine thus far of Napoleon the Third; hut what the end of bis career will he remains to be disclosed. Abraham Lincoln, however, h i< gun of umrb smaller calibre and shorter ratine than any of lbe>-e. and we therefore admon sh him that, should be attempt the des pot's policy of putting' tbo ballot box behind the cartridge box, it will be the most serious and the most damaging to bis prospects qi \ re bf all the blunders of his jpiunderlqg administration. Rpa? and Pxno.?It was announced iomi tiut# since that the Spanish govern ment would ignore the proceed lugs of Admiral Pinzoah who had seized the Chinoha Islands, av?d that there was henee no fear of a wur between the two Powers Spain and Pern. By tho latest advices from Kurope we see that this matter now wears a totally diiferent aspect. In the Spanish Con gress the ministers stated positively that the squadron in the Pacific would be reinforced, and the Cbincha Islands held until the satisfaction demanded by Spain from the Peru vian government be aooorded. It will be remembered that a Spanish subject was killed in Pern, and that his government de manded the surrender or punishment of the assassins. Until this Is accorded Spain will bold the Cbincha Islands, as a guarantee not only that the murderers of the Spaniard be punished, but until the Peruvian government has proved its noncomplicity In the attempt to take the life of Sonor Mozarredo, ex-Spanish Commissioner to Peru, this latter occurrence h&viug taken place lately, at a time wb en the people were incensed by the seizure of the Chincha Islands and the subsequent course of the Spanish representative. The people of Peru will doubtless resent and resist all that Spain may do in the prose cution of her scheme to subvert the republics of Central and South America, this being on her part but that portion of the programme which Franco and Spain are desirous of carry ing out on this continent. Spain, when she first heard of the determined attitude assumed by the Peruvians, was inclined to back out of that affair of the islands. Now she adopts a different policy, and will carry out her fili bustering proceeding with boldness and vigor. Who can doubt that In this change of policy the prime mover is Napoleon the Third. He has doubtless urged Spain to prosecute her schemes by promise* of aid, autl we shall ere long eee these allies grouping with tho strong hand all the lesser republics, unless theso band together and fight their oommon enemies with bravery and determination. That they will do so is evinced by the patriotic con duct of the Peruvians up to the present time. They are aware that a similar fAte to that of Mexico awaits them unless they successfully resist Spain and France, and they will surely make every effort to defeat these hated PowcrB. Ahht Correspondents.?Another piece of salutary military ju?tice has just been meted out in the Army of the Potomac, by the arrest of the correspondents there of the New York Tribune and Times for the untruthfulness or inaccuracy of their letters. Reckless assertion and crazy theory are the staple from which the army letters of both those papers are made up. Neither the correspondents of the Time* nor those of the Tribune can ever confine themselves to the true business of army correspondents? which is the simple and distinct statement of facts. Ordinarily these impudent theories and wild misstatements injure only the papers that publish them; but when it is possible that they may also prejudice in the eyes of the people the gallant, commander* of the various parts of oar army It is just that punishment should be inflicted npon their authors, as has been properly done in the present instance. No one will sympathize much with these delin quents: for even that small portion of the public that reads the Tribune and Times can not regret the loss of letters that are stigma tized aa false upon such good authority; nod the soldiers do not read those papers. Neither of them circulates In the army to any extent at all. The only papers that the soldiers buy are the Ilr rai.d, one Philadelphia paper?taken by the rennsylvatiians for local news?and one Washington paper. The reason that a Wash ington paper circulates in the army is that, owing to the proximity of that city, Its papers reach the army within one day of publication. Wht Mr. Chase Rkstoned the Treasury.? A copperhead contemporary says that Mr. Chase resigned the Treasury to escape tie sinking ship; Greeley says that be resigned on account of a family quarrel in the Cabiuet that would be discreditable to a tea party of foolish old women. Thus it appears that, failing to retain Mr. Cisco in the Sub Treasury of New York. Mr. Chase wanted Maunnel B. Field appointed in his place: that Old Abe wanted somebody else: that Cba?e then desired a ooafidential talk with the Fresidcnt on the subject, which Old Abe denied or dodged, and that conse quently Mr. Chase retired In disgust. All this we believe to be true: but It i* only bali the story. From the first Bull run to tbd day of his resignation Mr. Chase was the Marplot and the Mephialophcles of the Cabinet. He kept its metnhejs, including Old Abo, continually in hot water, and was so far the master of the situation that down to the late Baltimore Convention he was the ter ror of Seward and Tburlow Weed, and tbe master of Old Abe himself. But our long-for bearing end amiable President, having secured the Baltimore nomination, was no longer afraid, but turned the tables upon Mr. Chase, and has thus paid him off in his own paper for that Tomeroy circular. This we believe to be true as Gospel. What next ? Between Chase and Seward, the former has left tbe Cabinet and tbe administra tion party in such a stew that his successor. Mr. Feneenden. demanded, with his appointment, a complete Cabinet reconstruction, and atill de mands it. backed by the ruling majority of the Senate. Why la not this demand respected, founded a* it is upon good and substantial reasons ? Is our unfortunate, temporizing Pre sident now afraid of Seward and Weed, and the Blairs and Bates, and Stanton and Welles, ae be was. till relieved at Baltimore, of Mr. Chane* Can Massu Greeley enlighten us npon this branch of the subject? tfre want to know. WMr?RN Jot'RNil.lSM AND Wnr?KT.?Ths Louisville Journal, an Impudent one horse Kentucky concern, conducted by a walking whihkey bottle, aays that one or our corres pondents deprived It of Ita maps and despatches from Sherman's army. The Journal la unable to pay even board wages to ita oorrespondenta, and relies upon us for the news. Our oorrea pondont purchased the maps and Intelligence referred to rrom one ef the starving reporters of the Journal, in order to aave him from putting an end to bit miserable existence, since he could live ne longer on the bottle of Bourbon a week with which the Journal supplied him. The Western editors are all whlakey bottles, their reporters are bottles of whiskey, and their papers hare all the fames of that berer^ without any ei |ta strength.' So muob ^ ib# slanders of t||f -1n^naL / Ttfx New Grand Skrio-Comio 8pbctaoular Drama in Mexico.?Manager Napoleon la at present engaged in the production of hla latest and most attractive play. There are various titles to this work, which some consider a drama, others a rollicking farce. Until we see more of the perforaauoe we reserve our opinion. The first act has just con eluded, and, to judge from present appear ances, not nnsnccessfully. The leading actor, one MaximHlan, from Austria, is too little known to fame for us to feel certain that he wilt play his part throughout as well aa in the first not, and ao we must wait until we shall have seen more ef this artist before coming to any eoaolusion as to bis merits. We are in clined, however, to think that be can be no great shakes, as ha it playing so heavy an en gagement for so smsll a salary. He merely gets his wardrobe and board?no share in the receipts?and thus cannet be considered1 a first class star. Napoleon, as author and manager of this grand serio-comic drama, is entitled to great prai?e for its brilliant production. He has hired an immense tronpe, and shows no lack of generosity in his expenditure of the fundi he borrowed to bring eat the piece; The first act being concluded so satisfactorily, we naturally await the rising of the curtain on the second with some curiosity, the more so as it is whispered about that rival managers, natives of the country, are endeavoring to dam age Napoleon's prospects by bruiting it about that he will never pay the rent of bis theatre, and will run away with all the receipt*. This, bow ever, must be base slander, as It is well known that Manager Nap. is most scrupulous In all his dealings. Vide Nico and Savoy, where he carried through a most brilliant and successful engagement, paying all concernod most liber ally. Is now engaged in a much more Important and expenrttvo affair, and thoro Is no certaiuty as to what Its results will be. The new serio-comic drama will attract a vast audience, and we fear that towards the clcse of the performance there may be some disturb ance, us it is well known that the troublesome, meddling Yankees have determined to kick up a row in Nap.'s new Mexican thentro, and that he may not succeed in keeping them out. Thk Ftatk of Eukopk.?The religious and political revolution which occurred in Europe during the fifteenth century arrayed the north of Europe against the south. England then Hided wilh Germany and Northern Europe. Tho Frenob Revolution, however, destroyed this religious feeling, and since then no active hostilities between the Catholics and the Pro testants have prevailed. Then the first Napo leon tried to array Western Europe against Eistsrn Europe. England prevented this by Still allying herself with Germany. The result was Waterloo and St. Helena. Now Eugland and France are contending for the lead of Western Europe, England having been forced to desert Germany and change her position. In other words, the contest is now between constitutional monarchies and despotio mon archies. inetcad of being a religious contest, as ef old. If England sends bor fleets to assist Denmark she will forestall Napoleon and as sume a splendid role among European nations, carrying the sympathies of Italy with her. Students of history will observe the remarkable aspect of this question at present and watch its denouement with interest and anxiety. Disor.u'kitt, M?\(AXAGrMi:vT o* rnr Mipsis srrrr.-?Our private advices from the Lower Mississippi represent affairs there to be in a most unsatisfactory 6tate. We may consider the whole western bank of the river aa gone ? lapsed into rebel hands once more?lost to us by ths inconceivable mismnnag inent of the administration. New Orleans is all that is left to us: and the reason is apparent enough. Wo have lost all that country just as an amy is cut to pieces when, having won a battle, it loses ail organisation, and gives il-elf up to a wild riot of plunder, while its enemy rallies and returns to the fight. No soooer was this Mis sissippi country in our possession than it was fairly deluged with plunderers, under the desig nation of treasury agents, nrvy agents, army agents, and all other sorts of agents. Hordes of these men were everywhere, and they bad no thought hiit to make money. Bribery was as common as the sir. and a universal demorali zation ruled, and ruined vis*. Great disasters will yet eomo to us from this very quarter, if the President does not change his policy in re lation to it. But to change his policy he must change his Cabinet. News from Mtw Orleans suit Memphis. Cairo, III., July 7, 1804, The steamers Empress and Lnisthu, from New Or leans on (he .lOtb ultimo, and tba Cllv of Alloa, from Vcrapbts yesterday, bare arrived here, but tbey bring no nawa. The steamers from New Or'rmt report all quiet along the river. A nv derate amount of cottoa war offering In New Orleane, and holders were asking ft 6ft tor middling. Hut Tew aalos were made or the 30tb. The sale! the day previ"iia amounted to 200 bales, ai $t Ift a |t tii.V Tor good ordinary, end <1 C7 for ordinary. There waa nothing doing la groceries. For all kinds of Wesiern produce end provisions there waa an active inquiry, and holders were asking higher rates. Flour, $6 a ?S f>0 for ordinary lo go-id. The Mrtaphi- cottoa market waa dull and prices nomi nal. Police Intelligence. BDRO! ART AND ROBBKRT. On the nl?ht of llie 4th ititt. the premlaee o' Me ear a J. Ourn?? .t S?n?. Ho 707 Broadway, were forrdhlv entered and rnbhed of a allver pitcher, which, when it ???** pur chased. some eleven years ago. was rotund at fWM and gu d ij'\er and bro n?e medals. Whl- li had heau presented to tne firm hr various -ocleles f'harlee Uoodwaior. tlir perter of tti# e-?.?bUvhment. telnir maiiectod of tha crime, was arrested by olhcer Hooka's or. of tlm Ft-teenth r.-a lIucI, Ilia lionsa was searched, and concealed un der tl-e bed t'-a ollirer found aoma chloride of al'ver tilver oaper and other phwegrophlo n.sleclala, ring taken frnna I.I- cm which the prisoner ennfessed having taken frr tn hi-cm p'eyers Hnthlng thowever, eonld i-e tcmnd ef tbo ste'nn pitcher and madsla. end OOOdwetOT stoutly d-ntes kin-wing anything concerning them. The accused waa held 4j Jus tine Dodga for eiamioat on on a cbargn of lareeuy. hbavt ROHBwar from a BTVAMamr?yirrmdN TUOUAAVD UOLt.AKS ITOMS? *KRB.,ON HO?#l now. Mr. J. W. Oleeeon arrived In this Py last Wednaedav from Havana, on twsrd the steamship < mean Queen, with two trunk*, one at which. aa he eiatms, conta.ned Vfieen thon."*iid|do11?r* o Units I Stales l>ond* and go hi. The ship timoj s?<urad at pier No 8 North river, Mr. O me n went ashore In aearrli of a ha- k man to lake i> a >*gga?t lo tha Dnpnnt House noroe- of Mitdaon and laljhfl s'reeta. whera he la -tnptdng. A man named I'svld l*>h.,^?u waa engaged, and, receiving tho check* from Mr. tlMmaoa, prweedad lo and. receiving tho cbeck* irom Mr iQAoaoa, proceeded lo the Ocean Quean for hi* baggage Tbe.V.nks were onlemd up from the lower li -Id of the ?t Ip S'ad wlrle Jebntna w is helo-v, Lawrence Moian ?n Irish labe-rer. thlrtv eight y? ara of are. a* I* eharged. eel red tha IroA fr m lha upper deck and fled with It. Oil.ear Menifee p.* Twrr.t , alith pre .(net, auhse|tientiy recclred inr-tr-^tian whtoh led him to auapeet Koran of tl.e theft, and, aerurd nglr nriestad lilin. He wna questioned e -ncerntnr, -he theft, hut p'eaded hla entire Igoorano* "f the matter gftpr * prief m-a-deration, h-iwever, the prisoner WSfl^md to knowing where the lrunk_ waa. jjnd n |We*ae ^ % wl P ,? s to jo with theodlcnr They a- -?< rdlo want to a In eln Weahng t-.n street, whera tbeatok^i trunk of Mr. l.i?a? -a waOTi-'ind ewnee*led under a bed iB * rear room. The trunk wa* taken lo the Twentr-a- precinct i slice station and aear-k piada for the owner r order to learn the contents of It; bat Mr. Oleaeen wee not st hla hotel Judging from lb* ap n-nce of the I'unk it had net benn broken open, and It laved that 1 g at IH contains the stolen money. After tbelsroent ahaved off hla whlakera and other wise dl-gtiiaed hlc .gaif so that he could not be eaally ree.gnl/ad; but Oaplalr xbome has a wltnaaa who ?ill awear positively to seeing (ae prisoner take tbo trunk frorr. the Ooean Peragnal laulllgtaHi O. Ksosom, oonimai army oorpa, under Hon reroo??L . Brigadier OenerarT K 6. Rsnaom, Ooromaodlng a dlvl Ion in lb* Seventeenth ?aa, m at twosent la tbo olty, having boon wooodw h one af Um reeeot SghU by being abut In tbo log. do ot er. to rejoin bla oommood la % torn dova. and OrVI leori oHff?#adoVfMK MILITA.KV AFFAIRS. Tl>? Call Vr Militia, nsonuNTf to leatk?tof^rrr akoho rira lo cal HI LIT AST. Tha PreeldeatV demand on Governor Beymoor for twolve thousand mb'lMa. to serve oee hundred dare, ban again net our loeal military aoraewkat In commotion. Major General flandfttv' nailed a raeetlag of regimental and division ootamsndi'iM at hit office yaatwday morolog, but no definite taatruatlcw hiving been received, either front Albany or Writhing!1*', the meeting watt adjourned over to tbla morning. All the Brooklyn mid New* ??* reglmente are on the qui vivf, momentarily erpeotlftt an order lor Initant aa parture. Inspector fleoer.M M.'lW, of Governor Seym'ur'e otair, la la town atteudlog kMhe matter or forwarding Iroone. I.aet owning the Bigbty Po ufjb rovlmen! National Guard, nntler oommand of' Col-vita l Cookllnr, received marching orders. Tl,?y will pmbHbvv leave te.morr"?r. Tbe Tenth Veteran Reserve corpe1 hu also receval or. der* to move, and are expected to iVaye for Washington to day. R?eomiMne?m*ni ot Vol uvtacrlng?A Word to Caplftlli^g. Tt.t Supervisors' County Volunteer /\>mmlttee for nally reooiumtneed operations yesterday at its old and romtnodlsus "keadimartera" in tbs P;trk, oorrar of Broadway and Chamber* street. A* the CVy Iltll cl-ok lold tot hour or ten tfts eQioient chufrrosn the vulun. tearing committee, Super vino.- Biuut. with oont off and lieevea roiled up, personally supervlned tbe firing of one hundred gone from two braes twelve poendere in honor o: the eccarlon, whifs the bond from Goisrnor'A Tatand performed several national airs, thus matertefly'r.iwrsting to inaugurals thin anspioloas event. Large erowds were h^rT?!!*''led, onil ere the sates war comr>i?te*i recruits Mahi o , 1 here is nothing Hice moving at the right lime and ro the rizkt way. In this committee the pul>l?c has full cftofidonca. V1* "raigutrnrwarir. practical eonres of tbe WMmMI itenpor* I fu" ooamendatlou tint on It of the ? ???? artminhtraiiow at W*nhiot<tna The rcsrmittee, in sntlr.lpatton or a new call from ihe Fto-l now a**'n oo,nwienced ?a wo'lc, and w'ff. we bei.-\e. bens eu.jcjysfu! as in nnv of Its onxt n fans. h.l*T,r rTnnle^Tlr'^4Ct' n"-ht h" *"*? The "">7 mast be sept roll Volunteers are tetter than cor>*irli-t" ? hi* ! w? ?'vn ra'el"e -he reimlsjtfi number by volnntfr lug, a rtnVt roust be soforeed. It hobnobs ?> erf i e- .u. then. In oar city to makj s r?cru.Mng nerceant of himself and nnw.ure at least n.ta vo nnreer. Men or wm?n who desire, from tut trim :e motives; to be represented |a the Union env c.n . r.w ri i an by ftnrflns 11 o.n.hle man win is wilting lo shoulder his in u. It at- and nil who desire the bnumv of three 111' rer0'v# lh9 "xre br ''a"""-' "0 the ii If 'hero t>e no delay In this matter L*f el, .7'? '*rr!<",1;y *"d 10 ?<** r*'th. I?t 'herrese sneak ana. as it aiinutd, enconraee this immyaoi ru"ve r'J w TJ" Tr<1'r(>r ie our ent,ro loot? " 111 be in the 0?if1 before th? 1mt o' Scntftrnb^r# ,v,r hspilallsts. Ton are the ones wbo Should toko the most interest lo this nflMr. Your pro tjerty as well ns rights are nt stake On vnu depends t !tn?*r1ii1r l'ur*' nr,"e y?ur houses and the who's hiriK ?? end you *s weu u our common couctrv are overwhelmed in ruin. ' Our Comptroller hns nrpea'ed to vno for the nneessary riTCS-a.nD?a'W 10 you C0'"8 'orward and subscribe rortho six per rent authorized bv the Ron d . T Su pervisors. Y?m have 8.) far hiifindifremrtiy. Not half a mil'ion of the two million antbi H-zed is yet mfr!?'.. ^ls an-J tbe cmaiuRiee must rouse Its tvorlt. This la not as it should bo This la itie fi ir.ii "D"r*ts ,for Hie army, In-tnad or mannruvring L . tvery perron who con rpure five thou, ?and diil ars should Immcdlatdlv march up lo f'omt> trailer Firm nan e office and put down bis name. That would procure a nertifioute of loyaltv, of Imnnr, of nairi Ollsm a thousmid fo'd hm orlor B"d lilclier and riohler than ni. the certificates of membership of loy iI lemurs that rotild he printed. And B >w Is the time todla lav this patriotism. Yon can gr0p thla crmmlttre In funos Will* ou do It* ?*n rai8# ?"r fU1, <lUn,& f0r lhe Sfiny. Inrrease or cite ftale Mlllttn Pore* by Draft. Aistvr, July T, ltCt The Governor has nrdersd the mlllth force or th.e 3tato to bo Increared to reve.nty five thouaard men hy a draft, pursuant to the lew for organizing the National Guard. The enrolment for tht? purpose is oorapKWed. Thr Veteran flturvtl. MSDICAL OPINION RELATfYP TO TIIK AftrT.TTT OP TIIK CO:cr<t TO UNDSKTAKK FIEt P BEHVfCR. HBAOCiraHTW, I- I'.H EKSIH lteOIMRMT \'. K. C. 1 _ . Wiimi Horsg. Vn., Jane 13. IW1 f Colonel Jas. n. Far, Provost Marshal General: Coi/ikm.?I liuvn the honr.r to herewith at close a conv t>f tbv report of the Medictl Beard that examine 1 thin command on the 11th lost. I am, very rcavaclfully your obedient servant, ^ 7' C M A3. F. JOHN'?OV, C.ionet, Eighteenth leglaisal Veterno Reserve Corps. HEAn.r?siEr.e. U*inn> Stat ai Fonma> jur) ?trsD a />?? ,. W? iw florsp, A a., .lucn 12, | Tc R. S. Orr. (arltlD and A.. A. Vfi ? Sir?In pursuance of =;g>ch.l Orders V? psrSffTHPb Tour, Headquarter* of the United Sttin rorcor tVlnis I.oute. Juuo II, ISril, tbo riuier:. ... d picdlca! offices assembled st the camp o' the K'i .h' cr.tti n -im-n A>te' ran Kasorvo corps, beg leave t,- snhmtl ih.< follow np as Jhe.r report relative to tho oramlnatirn cr the uiee v the ub?ve nv htioofHi Wo tnnde ? rsretu examir'Mnn of all tho roeo con cootrd t.lth tho regiment, end find that In conrev:. m o irf debility, resulting from til va-.g and wound* contn.- el In the e?rv ce, that fovr-fifths of the entire i e.-ime. t .me cntir?*tr Sf?r -?ro or futtrti? flntr r ' #h n? *?y b ,'?( httr. ui'Ou to cortbrm since having been attached to this rntstr.aod. lo our optuion it is dotrimantal lo the |rt?r? .( of ti e service so demand s<> much duty t . be jerofram! bv a crps reduci d phi i ?!!*,?, Ik< utse o< werr.ds a 1 d;**>a-f and therobr rendered unabis to withatund the en ? ;ura Inntdeet to the fieM. *! ,ur" In eoB'ct|'.ienco of their nxne*'.|Vo d*b11Py Hi t are roudnred uuuhle to march, it 'j or. v ni king tbent r--qi:iie me<li ial-itter.lioo auii, troehmen' .. , s over h-r.v-. log ambulances aud |,.isivtats. |)e ce we would I Wjsl resf .ctf 'lly rec irtiiutul tint t'my lin eot to n t?i.:t ' where their duties w p hi Red thev wi'i b* en h'e t jo procure a diet n Jai trd to tUeir p! olral deWiUy and Infirmities. Submitting our report wo remain, vcrv rranectf ii!v W. c. RWXER, &rg?m. Vroi.,1 lurei; V. r' Y;?2Ji?i7i ' ! ti:c. New Vork Volt JA-J. FttRriF't, A'tiog tssiet r,t t<urut .1. I >- a C. E. MARTIN, Acting \ rigisnt Surgeon. Rokebi I.. Our., f snd A, A A. (i. The Arrest of benrrnl Ol*. TKB DISTRICT AirtklMT DIltRCIIlD TO gs ORCg IRE LAW3 OF TUB SPATT. At.MAXT, ,lu|7 7, 1?;4. In th-' case of Ceut-ral D.x Covcrn ic Seymour .a-trucls tha Pirtiiot Atlorroy lo ne the laws of thi *tate irrespective of the allege! order or tha Presldanl t.i Centra! Dig to lealRtlbe procesr, of the court*. News from r*ialtrorniis. Fax Frasi ro. July 8, T ifi4. The re'Sbralton yesterday was the roost general aud enthusiastle ovrr kr wn In this .stata. Dr. Bellows delivered in orotion hern, recriztr.g the ro- st hearty an plattre to [.as; :gnr dnnt-unclsg the monarchical schemes in Mexico sua rt. 'icing over tho ptobulie death of slavery. The uteamor Ocldenf lty ratl.vd to dsy, with two hun dred psasoagera and $1,165,000 iu bullion. Mining 'tovks arr sudor. Go'-Jd k Curry sold at 11.670 f>?r fuul lo dir. The NovftJfi ( on^tlfuliona! Cuuvontiou H now to 8?~*k>n. Arrived, ships Alabstus, Liverpool, fhiby, Hong Kcny Arrival of thr Asia at UosTun. ?*To?, Julv 7, Ikdd. Tbo xfsamshtp As s retched ber Jock at six P. M. *1 j? newspaper dmiateh bap of the Nreoctated Cross was for warded by Adams i:ip/e??, and tbs malls by this S76U tng'a train to N'aw York. B,#,k 'ffiwego Canal. At can'T, July 7. Isffd. A culvert on tha T'ho 'g Aevel of the Oswego Canal baa gave out. It cannrt be ie paired under two or litres daya TTmuble Among the M?rmoaa?An ? _ Klrter /jvprllsd, Am. ? *?? ('Yktti of a-lghani Youog al Great N*ll lake Mty)bss a l< /r,g story sb&ut the ?ipuSh>o of n Murm n elder from th /> mmpany of the "ssmts.'' 1 he alder In qneail'-n Is, Walter M. Clbtou, formsrly known a? t apinin fit vop ft scms that bs arrived In h'tah, ou hl? way to Itn IfeV.y Islands, In ?be fall of icr,#. n# was out of funds, but. managed to secure Ibsss by lecturing upon "Oco.-i.-ilas 'An cone of time he sought baptism, sad waa soon Elder T!ih ua He weul down to the I'ucICo ooest, lecured rg Bao FrsnolsoO, and w is accused of being a Mormon, hsu denied II. Finally he reached the *and wlch Islands, ?ad hood ma<le his prnssncs felt aniosg tna ".vs.. asm. nan ?W)U inwi? n|k prBWUlf i?ll ?VUOB?r VO? natlren. and was rapidly making a "good thing' out of the-gi, when a commutes from Utah wool on to luves^lgate his act*. They found him living in clover, pnxsgwslng acrsa of l*nd by thousands, his sheep bvsfo# sar/.n figures, and h ? horses snd eatlls, geese snd turkeys lu droves. But, more Ihsn all this he dispensed i'dn m sfflras and titles. Hs had hosts of Kamehsrncba's snbYcfs an apoatlse, high priests, "sev enties," oWers and ev<ryth'Aig else; and svon tha women reoelved from bit band tbs honors of prtestassre an<l other titto* that bis onnnlag could anggstt to touch tbetr vaoarotton, whils ha touched thalr property. Our Mor mon delegation visited hits and remonstrated with hua; hut be oouldn't nee It, and suggested to tbem lb* pro. prists of s speedy depsrturs. A few hints of Lynch law by Us sswly louverted sstlvss i scnsisrntsd their ds pnrkurs Tbs Votes tbaa console* tbs brethren ? It Is nut tbs first time in ths history sf this movemsnt < kyt known of dark days In distant missions bnt ws nosd ast the mints Vbat thoss days havs yn'^,' past fo'sver. It la wltk tnucn satisfaction that wa ?sa Wva lufjnlly covsr tfcelr trncka: bnt Is 4? . ...v. r.on*snosor vllleny wonld find Ibsr J.'ndaVd JMT. to tbslr Isgitimats plaop fiulolty h ^ w. eamsdof. and all rniolss Ufit HP ? atsi. tiiws fa3 *1 wASHHaroa. t?AsaiJ?aiu*, Jul? *r the roticr or m w*w ebceetaet o? ?? THBaSIHT. *, Much anxiety to evinced to loons tbe policy that will M adopted by Mr Feererder tc bto m<tn?r-m?nt of lb* P?* Ho fiaancea. Although b? elTbrts to bring ofder cat rt atiaoa will command the aontdecea and benrty annr-visi tha people, the leak before btm I* peculiarly diffleutt. m. Chase, wbll? eipreeslrg opposition to Inflation and eugraenWtloc of tbc currency beyond four buodre-1 a> ll .oa, ?aa compelled to keep the note printing pr?esd gotng to their utaaoat capacity, uatll the amount of ieta rest bearing and 1100-lnieresl bearing ourrency hag reached the enormous sum of sawaa hundred todlhona. ^ It la uadaratood that, aa a matter of juatlce to hi mat*, Mr. F??a?enden wtll Immediately announce to the crnstr? tbeex.Cl oendllloa of tha public flnanrea on tte kOta to June l&at, lucludmg all eutstandlng Indebtedness. It B aald to ba bis deaira to relieve the atrlngaaoy of *** money market In order to facilitate Investmente la ?mmant bonds, and aa tbara Is now dot to the armf about sixty m I'.loca It la b^leved that the printing tf this amount of Treasury n?te* without de'ay will etfh* till* object, from the embarrassed condition In wfeiafc the publlo finance* bare been transmitted to hia charge, Kr. Kessenden finds it lmpotslbr? to cntrr upon u ?o? traction of tba currenry for uncy m' ntbs. it ia eMb mated that It will require the leans of two b iadred ma lleus more currency to attract contereloo. >*? Ml bond* not when contraction Is undertaken tt wl ?a done gradually, and so as aot too suddenly to distort trade to commercial centrea; end these m vemento towards contraction will hot be conflifed to it few, bnf made known to all at the same lima. As loam-, or tba laoomc Crnm tba naw revenue las* I cannot for a lone r?ricd be retted upon, it will r.qntog meanwhile lis i*=uc at least of fifteen tptntoDS or Tree ni-y notes per week to meet the current -Ismands or IM government Tbe aunpres-lOT of the f*ct* contained ITkf. Chseato last letter to tbefommHtcn of Ways and Means until M very day or bis resignation is seriously commented nuoa, 83 areminjr to atrlke a h.ow at the public oredH m orOm that the retiring Secretary mtgbt carry wltli lilm tte# cocfli-enco of the country; bub the appointment of Mr. Feearntluo ba* prevented the teprecia'.loa of gcwtmtaeag ?Murines and restored eoifldecee in them. The errors of the presrlcets f.emlntwratlon of tbe 4^ partmcnt will, aa far ** pnrstWe, be avwtded, particular* tbe auddea uusetlltai of valuer, s.*b as recurrud in Apt# last, wtien Mr. Chase, altar Infl.Mtoa bad raacSed m highest point, concluded to reverse tba wheels, and,under the no rer to soli gold, aatfdenly o aWacted the otii-reaay ty throwing upon the ma^et w Itrge amount of gel^ which produced a pmle; ??!'?> * r?tr fMeT ?Per%t(,r*' an ? Instsrd of electing n heaitigy r taction, sent np the prtoea or all tbe neewsar:* of life as well aa of gold, an* tbe nroi.w*i? for a lew, kitted tbe gcaaw which laid tt* golden egg," and deetro.zed ail Immediate prospect of oMatatug ruone rfrotn mat acxtroe. end caused, between Apr.: and July, at adrance In add from oe? hundred n=d sis'y.flve to two hundred and elghty (lv and a dec ine or ten r*r cent in g<->vernmea4 b.?N, at tt? same time- OWlvlog ncsrulalora Iw operate in prjvwlona Instead of fan.-y #l:5F.s, and ad4w log from fifty to ona hundred per reel tc tbe price ed all articles of food aad cli>t!ilc*r. Tbe?e ret tilts are olt?4 as Ibu o mscqusitcas of the svatesaed auddea Inflation aaf contructlou tKAierlc. pursued, and a* a rarsot. for ,* avoid anon In tt.e Pitura manarcrrsotof the lT*ar.ry debt. tite irFRoriaATiost or th^ latb cownisa. It Is roucblv ualeulated that t\w*re^, during Us lafia acs3'.on, apcroprt'ited over one ttouuraad millions t>f del tare, Including the bouutwa to new trccpa to bipald fraa - the Income tax. ItECRtriTIMG IK THE HtWt. BTlTKf. - It la said by rr.einb-rs cf Congrer. that regul-.Mona arw to l*i ndopted by which no 8U'? -bhH have au undue m prhr advantage over ano'Berln r?-~romng in rahjt^tate^ aa authorized by the act further lo provide torcr-Hlng ?? ? the national forces, and that the Ptr.i.iagent* will all taW an equal start upon that bustoe^a. GKMlKiL BtlNTZtl ItS'l C010(1 WD. Cbvtngtoo, Ky., and tbe country *r>und It tk>b l radius of ten ralics,H added to th> Northern I>eparb nient, under tbe command of r.nca'a! Selntrelman. COLOVEI, I>E BrBST'S MtOKOTt'JK COKriKMP. Tne confirm -tloa ef Colou^l l'-e Kuasy a* brUadlcr (?a ral having been omiued !?? lbs socio, the I le-ldent hat reRppclnted him Brigadier Geroral, to dale from May, , 1863 OKnERAT. Hllt-OI.T IS COMMASb AT FOIST LOOIOtlT. - Cencral Parties baa been aaripefd to the command m the do;>ot for rcbr! prironers at Point I?okoot M'tttl ! the pi iKonors have bo--n cent to Elmtra, and the retnato ,'er bi o hotug trajef* red In *|u U> of two and ti.ra^ hundred aa expeditiously .as possible. lYtt-aera are al? pe.iv aenl tu lb" snr.e point trom Fort iralawara. ^ a a tag OF Till' RK3BI. 0*SKIIAI. i n?'< kfrwm. a A large collection c-f valuable furr.itnre, btl".*ing to* General I.eo, baa been eoudeuine l t.w'n f ?be r' nfVof.ll^. art. nil if t? b? aoM I" \:exan?t. S? on the ItthJ A'l'of lite nrliclee *ro ..f inernu t *iBg?ot ds"*r^.iUs^ including ??everal -are raln'io,-y. f nam-!? ?t rstos runosrus rs r*flri.n T*avt>??. Ti e following is a complete let of ?*? Uniotnpf tow In Gssi o Thunder, PmhiiWAd ?Churc fe , tvashington, H.C.; George Snyder, readletaw, cenaty , W-st Viretiiia; Albert Hart, Penoey vard*, .trmeyl awl * ton lennaylraoia, John J. fulbartona, rv-Wsyla-J# a? Wro. W. Mci'henney, New Jerney H". K l>ay ?, Mnitew a# O-ii' !" ', CineiL-ail, Ohio; Mr. Mt..-s1iua U wajriga., f ??. qVlr- c'.-ntv'.-V.,.; T F. Wolf, c*' lain of ihwb*k# ft*. ... Utti-c r'vrr, f uno.; Geo. Tf H"wt:?ad( ohytsf .a 4 *??? " *"***?? "-e*.* - ,11 Am:-!. .-- Brown, A Ycun.;, John V\ J8M?y | Wfac Vonaken, ail ?all?rs of itoBtaer Emliy. of Sjt.. TW?| Franc -? Low*, coputn of the Julia Paker. 1*4 , Ma.; |?runimond lb'gara. nv.ta of the Julia Kakvr, *!? b, Mn| ,iuhn M. Muway. mat# ot ihvoark Lcr jex. o. xw , ynrfcg W. llcKaa??r, eltixea, Peaoayiy?nJa, aoA H..M I raoeMg norrerfr.nocna of the N>w Tara IF ? .4. TnK C' STRACT TOR SliTIi NK.?? , The contract for anp>ylng ataim.rry 'r# he, i? Dtoartn.ant and tbe I ecston, I^ad, tnd ** n __ n?r j?, ? for the onaulna fi- oal yw.. .\ Ua* b?(W awarded lb Phillip t Saiomon.a, of thi* city. THU POSTAh MONaV < *D?? WI RAIT. I>r. C. F. Maodonali lt*? boon Appuin-od fupe-intendaat o," tba new money erder ayr-auiof of rout Glfioe Da partmant. and llr ia F. Witk!is to t.jw prtoctpal clar# ship. CERTIFICATE* FOE RyTRTSEST At nm MCRTrtTl. The certifleatcoto be leaned to i?e.wr n#| ;?aioe or g*? Hem en, who fmaisb rkpt a^uieli * t ?culls un ler Ihd recent p'an anceunoed by tbe l*f. m Manhal GeneraE, are being eant to the provoat maasf itia Thay are baa#> *"inniy avecnlad, and will horr.ajr ,r i>e a aouroa of prMb to all who ptaae** tbea. The rf. Qrrm. P.?Tba gunboat <>w ,?0, Act lap; Volunlror I. lorn truant Ccmmaud'.ng Robert' yBrr, ut'led for Charleetea bar, via Fortress Monroe^TT om tbe Brooklyn Navy Tar* y eater day. Tat vow Farra at P> *s ?*otm JTatt Y4?o.?Five m caaeeof fevar amoagYi ? workmen of the rortamo?Ml yard bed been reporfel up to Monday noon. Buatneee IB the yard ta praottc\'<y nutpcnded, allbougb no ofBoM order bad on Tueeday erternoon been received to etanB the yard. On Tur?df ,y morning the workmen in tbe dtf* ferenl departwenda/neld aaoetlnc* or roneultatlno, and nearly all agreed, t* rollnqnlrh work fnr a few daya, until too infeoted article? from the ablp, depualtod In veriena parte of ttao yewdj we're removed, and the where they bad been, do posited properly denoted On Tiie*d*y afternoon no anar jbtnery wae musing In any pert of tm yard, and, eay^ an occasional atroKa of noma loua baam m?r. or tfea bio w of a eolltary ara, ail waa an ^irat an Hn Habbatb. If w leaenree are promptly takro to cleanae em partly tbe ?iy iptcioua placet. v>r? -an neon be reeumewi oiberwtne lWmay ueeae until aheft<*te ?< Oetober. Coroner ^ Inqweate. A tltrf-K 811'/, UPltNKD TO DPSTB. Coroner Wildoy held AB inque.t, e< SIS Ninth etreet, em ike body of Mary K. ' jorry, * little girl three yearo of aa*i who died from tbe e ,f bnrne. Tho teallmeny shewed thai Mra. Oerrv ? -?t i? market lasting de???ed and I we other ohtldma, l rntpeol'.va!? eiiteen months an,I flee yaara, a one in (),? rotre. On har return, fifteen mlnumj nubMnaently -JjJ found the alothen of her dau?bier Men he m5uI' efie war ae terrlblr burned hefure thu re rttirtd m>1V!2? ^'i#d that death ensued soon afterwai It. Thj !fcla?r eObttdren *ern alto aityhlly burned. It mmm A ?,otllM wfc,l# i""*'"! w,lh lh* "r* *"? nricm OF AN ClfkNOWS *tM. An unknown man. ebotil forty ynare of ag.a waa found I If Ine laaentible on tha eldewalk corner of arenun n and Flft',1 a treat by tha Blavantb precinct poline, who conveyed j.e_ u, ,w? ....ton house. A doetor waa at ouce nailed, but ?afara be arrived death oaaued. Coroner Wllday haldoj aefnte ha a Oeai geB. Bouton made a purl mortnm "I-ia BBg^HwaiS'kra BaHte Centriaaianal kaailaatlon. Portia an, duly 7,IMA Tha First district KcpttMloan Ccnreotloo today - anted Johe Lvnah. bd.. Of Portland, fpt imMfHd

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