Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 8, 1864, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 8, 1864 Page 6
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MOV EKE, BOOMS, <??>.? W liMfTs _ A"~ HANDSOMELY tTRNISIPD HuUSt, TWO i? Ktlj o( Lai d ?'li. tine shad*. -hr, bbeiy^Jlmvere, y_rl? Mood garden. rlgM mile* frum t.ll? Hell, acresaiDla by tidMunbotl rftilrOtfti t<id Vior <* '*r* ,, . JOHN TOTTd BROWN, >8 B**v*t atrc?t._ aT WTW BRIGHTON. ?TO RENT. IN HAMILTON A P." wvera 1.0* oohuhoa* ?? at modern axmiietMM: pa' iculai .> adapted, ? . winter to merchants doing business lu lac city. App > | wOicell.No 132 Broad*- y Abscond floor to let-consisting or five Itn.cue. IB a lir-1 la*S Pru* O .?"? j ? _ , a>l M?4Nte<B 1 I '? 'Vy-KHTK -I' I. ?" !?'">? 1 fan. Jy need appiy Apply t.. W T Jhr j Tl. rty ecor-d .uwc !>#!?#? " *" L" ? "a r K HVN 8TOVF HOUSE WELL FURNISHED 4 m?riv J?venth treat, between the Sixth and to V to -"ib October*.- Inugor Fn. per 3m^*m* ? > T^u,y n,nlh A~~ ? TCKI.Y Fl HNI8HKD FRONT ROOM ON MR3T floor to fl to two ecu Ic'iirn without board ierim" 110 per week Inquire at 52 tJi*tU avenue. A GENTLEMAN AND HIP W1FKOR SINGLE GEN A Ueureu can obta ti very rt atrwbi* *n<1 handsomely fur nished Auartmen # ?? wmnd Poor front. In * '.ret c aaa *.!uJe 6\ilnton p ace c uh.b street). near Fifth AVen?e and Brevoort Hon*o. A ?o a Room tor a m*1* '?j'-4 - I'a!l payment taken In wuMclessons Unexceptionable reterem e required ? AHANDBOMFI.Y FURNISBED PARLOR FLOOR IO let, to u gentleman ami wtte or a party of Mntletnen, i* a fir *4 ilaA? house, wl ever, conven ence for hou?. keeping no hoarders or chi'.dreu in the house. App > . one b'ock from Broadway, at 313 *"i Fourth street rtiiroiiru SHOP AND Fl XTI RK.- TO LET OR KOK 'B ?i "? InqumeAttbfahee. rhird .venue, he-wecn Twentl .txtbuid Tw?y-veotn alreeU rt, LKT-ON STATES ISLAND: NHAT AND 1 C "ufortableH tu per feet.older About, '? of a; mile from K chmond, aud ten minute* wn k .r<?m (f ITorct a railroad station. Fine garden and shade trees: looat on churches aud aehoo a; rem o.,l* **" Immediate po??*a eten a'ace to at.d from depot twice daily. Top rue* wii a deC,BU?nl residence, iia-y of acorn** to thermy this place otter* great attractions. Apply to A. JOLRNfcAY, No 8 Pine aireet. p;SK ROOM TO LKT-rSriTABLB FOR A RF.ALFd? late broker. Vl*0 a Lott. eol able for storaie. Ac Tnquire n the plumbing eatAbiiahment. Sixth avenue, be tween Porir Out and Forty aecond "trreta. Furnished house to let-no. v seventh street. lor one tear, to a private twelve Koorne, bath, gat and water utth.nil provemente, in complete order, and rich y lurn.JLcd throughout App'r on the preniiae* from 1. M. to d t. m Furnished ho08V W.UB,2L1SS9IJPL15 and Furniture for aale.?No. ?t* Butt I ifty-thlrd street, between Seenn.l and T: trd avenues; modturn sued three ?lory brown atone from b ts<'m? nt and cellar, wi n a.i the Diodern Improvements: will be let low to a good tenant; pos ne tton lutmedmiely. For no mission apply to httUAss, 17 Maiden lane, up ittatrt. Furnished housX to let?a three story and basemeut House lilted up with all the modern kuirroveinems; j>arlor?, hall .ind basemont painted in trcs co. Apply on the piemlaes. 234 East Tl.lriieth ?treel.. or ??^or Bcr Forty-fourth street lad Fifth aveuue. fi in 10 to8 * M. IrtURNISHED HOUSES TO LF.T?AT TAREYTOWN. ' for the fummer xnonthvor b> the year, with abundance of frun vvgetnb es, Ac.: located a short distance from cars and ateamnoals; prce from 81D) to $3'i0 per mon h for the amnuu-r. w ib immediate po? es ton Two to let, unfur ?.abed, at Irv.niitou. lor three month*. ? , 8 RMBERSON, 421 Eighth avenue. Furnishbd house to rent, on w est tiury sixt . street; aver pretty three story high stoop h owu st,,ne. in perfect order aud bandaomely furiuahed, to let for lhe baiauce of the year at a low rent ,t aS. R. EDWARDS, 277 West Twenty-third ?trecL_ F URN I SHED HOUSE TO RENT -A BLOWN STONE li gb -loop three story House, handsomely fortiis.u-d. so rent until 1st of May. lOO Ea-t Nmeleeuth street. The fnm . con-ist ug of three adults, will, if des red, take part ,1 i ? rint out n board. P ? session can be given immedi ately. Onn bit sden trom 11 till 2. FURNISHED ROOMS TO RENT?TO GENTLEMEN only, without boar i?an entire Parlor Suit on first floor. Terms moderate or the summer s ason. Hreakrust ir dc vired Apply at 19 Brevoortplace C'lentb street), near Broad way. FTRNISHED ROOM AND BEDROOM TO LET?WITIT every convenience for housekeeping Oal. at or address 118 East Thirty-eighth street, third floor, back room. F ICRNIFHKD.?AN ELDERLY WIDOW. WITHOUT tf family lisstnu email Parlors en urst flour, with con venience foroooklug. or. l.elcg an experienced nurse won d Acoommudale a adr who wo ild require nursing Gall at 319 We t Twenty fourth street, between Eighth and N lntb avenues. H~ OUSE TO LET?WEST SIDE. DOWN TOWN; RENT tsnp; Furniture for sale. ?8.0 Also ona on Grand atreet l^D. Furniture, $1 0 m? co^t S?.00 Also aix miorna. Tenth street, $20, Furniture. $250. ADAMS A CO., 953 Broadway. ART OF A HOUSE TO LET.-ENGLISH BASEMENT, Ba,k Parlor , uh veranda, and a null Passage Roam, with ciAtianarv waahstaods hot and culd water ; I runt meat, and tt ree Kooir.a in upper stury. with all the modern ImpiovemenU C tnton stiett, between Tlilid aud Fourth place*, first door from Third place, east slvle, Brooklyn STEAM POWER TO LF.T ?ROOMS. WITH STB AM power, well lighted. the power steady. lo rent iu Buildings 63 and '5 Elitabeth street, corner of Ilestei Ap plv to in# engineer on the premises or to TUOM Ab MOR TON. 98 Msiden liiue.jip stairs. STEAM POWER. NEAR BROADWAY?NOS 58 AND 55 Prince -treet.?To let. large Rooms, with extra ''*ht. rower. Hteam. Iluistwax and Healing I* pea. A fuent In same building, AtlalOO feet, 1 ahted with akxlighis. Apply to E. 0. MOORE, on the pretnisea. C^RE^TfTTeflr-THE NEW STORE, JUST COM ft paled, corner New Chamber* sad Halavia street a. ex 4euding through to RwoveveU itreet. over il) ? leet in ieDgin. Inquire of II. O. BILEV,j>n the opposite corner. Stable to let-a pine stable to let. WITH room for three horse* and three coinage* up to 1 t or November, in the n of I" rsl aveuue an . Tenth atreet. Addrevs box S 197 Po*t odioe. rpo LET-AT BERGEN POINT, A TWO RTOIIY J House pleasantlv a tuated near tue water, reut aO'H.' ?mil May 1.1895 Apply at !u 8oulU atreeL TO LFT? A FURNISHED BACK PARLOR, WITHOUT board to oi,e or two aln .'le gentlemen only. In a private faml y ha the modern improvements, and will be et lor $? per srrok. Re'erence exoham-ed For partiru.ara in outre at 94 >t est Tweuty sereoth street, between Uixth and Beventh avenues. _ 0 LKT-TWO FURNISHED ROOMS IN A PRIVATE, f ont V without Hoard near cart and stagea. at 455 e t Twenty second street. f]Ml T IO LET?FURNISHED HOUSE AT SING SING WELL * shaded, gO"d garden tine ne* of iludmn r.vur*hI ha lei ai lew price U appl ed fi r *oon to I b, 21? From street, w H WILLIAMS 192 Chambers street fro LET-BETWEEN KIVF.RDALE AND YONKRR?. I twofurnl he > Cott*re?. lor three moutl ? or .nn; #/. Apply to I A LLDLOW Jr. Yonkere. tr at L'idl,u * Hx pros flii* Barclay street pier, N. Y. TO LM-RENT $15'). ?A BOUSE. WITHiN AN ho r a ride of city; pleasantly situa'.en; laigc lot with ?;entx of ehade trades. lntulrc at 98 Broadway, r-cxtn 6 beta Ml I I and IS fro LET?THE BASEMENTS AND l-.XTENSlON J Room of muse No 01 Duwalag sUeeL Inquire at f,I 1 in ' gltgiireet. TO LET? BFRT SITUATlOMt AND CHEAPEST KENT it n?ark"t J2 Columbia ?trett H? ?ok He 4 '? over looking I," hay; n wly papere . aud patoteu ; I",' mi ."t. 'ica nibiC. Ai)A V*S 4 wU ? TO LF T?TO A VERY SV ALL FAMILY. SMALL Fr.Di and 15. i ? I'm or. xn'h prt?,leaa m kitcbum n Nilteenil. ?t"e?t In ore at 155 W'*t S'-v-i.'r' iit i ? ireet bet* ecu Seventh anil Eight:, avenues. Rnd $10 per uiuntlr fro LET-TWO NEW HOUSES. BEAUTIFULLY SITU. J alrJ huh gr und, i ?? 4 ' w, a! mod'-rn prov lip-ula H ? '? ,anoc!;'-r hid and .-old water was itub* Ac . m a: ? si iu insvl'le, corner f Eleventh aveau euu 1 11 ? *: reel. Bent $5t)J ? a n Imp ne at 43 West 1 htrty-alntli ? rwt. or oa the premlxea. ____________ rro LET?9)30 om.y-a cottage house barm 1 a d Ua.rage Houws. In the vl.inge of Slratfur.l Con nr. it' t .!<? iidnutea walk fr in the New York and New Haven D r., '. -L K. FOND - xtli ayenne. Brlnetn Ttlrty.fouit.. aad Thiriy-lifth -trtei*. ISO LKt-Kl RMSHKD TWO PARLORS. OS 8 CfiND fleor and iwt Ha*'ineut; auFauie lor !ioioe?eepii?g: rent $7 per week. Call .? t or aldre a lit West Thirty in.rJ eireet. _________ rro LET-FURNISHED. WITHOUT B'lA^D LARGK i lilt |i1?*-an' Ho.irua, a a pb- - ?r.t neuuh -h id fie w.ln-iia wag item * alter Bo iu !?rr?: ui ?intake a fa milt to board. Inquire at 2 4 libit -nevt rr??LKf-A LAR I. i ACK UA< LORON KIl' Til >OR, A t rinahed. i . m-u. .vltbo: ? Bo *rd '-it with i ethei ^,. i !oi - of a hun.e-. i a prlia e la nllf i ? In it iw ii <nute? ???!? <?' -tti and Wan atre, t femes. In rt; at IS out M o ? ' B" "x'T* LI for re the p fpo H HALE?A BASE VENT rorv; e.-u s mall Store t )t Ac ired, lnqu re on H >T?TO A * I'LL FAMILY-NO CUILDREN de r? K m i *. on ? "OaA floor. e>utahie fot In ra' 239 We it Twellth *lrcel, Of A B. 81KA1T0N f| fr i ? vt' ut ? nit *j miii rufi% fro? HlT' f roiwi ruo 'tir, vk U0*?l'P#i !???? t>f>. iimiiiO ^urtiii | o < prl>dr.. wit'' 1 1- ? J>il?r45 . , 1*1 A i,nr.ap kin %t- ) Ir.d mii ro ?r. *n < u**p orr. w i i*?rt)M?m M ft logh ? >7 ob 4 r?i f'jftc *v lnrMBM rXM AlMlH, , ui ol A itl.ue. 4 i a n m *it It SA TtF, - l rUf f. i n'-lgi bor d" e!l Ul BAI.ES OF BFAIi ESTATE. AOOKNiiK HOL'SE AND LOT ON THIRD ATb^UN ?or -ale - Mud bt aolt before lb" 1 St of AHyust I la tbe boat oo Th.'rd avenue R nt* for about per an num It tn new an 1 b.te nil the latcat Imp ovrmcnu. It baa eleven -etutraie una in?trea C.nne ami ee- >?. Price f ? 00 A pp v in J AM Kb FKTTRKTCH. 217 East Thirtieth afreet, or 413 Third avenue. 4 GOOD CHANCE FOR A Bl'HINKKS MAN ?i 00 J\ will buy a l.rge tract or Pnm Timber, in Hurlinvion conuty, N. J. oca. toe depot, of whieh al>on4 I fiO1 cnrda are . ut for eoatitgg. with Team. Shed Halid'a.* and fonla hi 'ne?. In full operation ami payir? over I <> percent ahove all excetisos. For uartb-iilara a.'dreaa B. C . box l.'O Herald oRlce. \ FARM FOR SALK?IN > P.'.V I KKH8Y ; 1113 AORt? fi Of clove Land. till n-ile* from York, a ?o a Orocery Su re. No 2FJ Weal Fourth street N. Y Km (ur Oculars inquire st IVeat Fourth treet, uoruar of Bank, tn grocery store \G?Kil> BUSINESS LOCATION FOR SALK?AT f'ralgvll a de|jot, on the Newborn branch of the Krle Kailroitd. C'.natslli.g of Store and Dwelling Coal Houae, Marn, S eda Ac., and a half a re of Land: bni dings new Apply to or address J E IIAK1NU, Cralgv.Ha, Orange county. N Y. A 8PI.KNDID OPPORTUNITY FOR AN INVEST inent ?A four Mnr> House, In Thirty fifth street tn perfect or.lot , lor sale rhevp as Ihe owner is leaving the city, must he sold Immediately: rent* *7ifl. t'ri e $t'. AP'o tivo in Thirty-llrat, two in Thirty second. an I . tin in Thirtieth street Apply to IV M I'K PTRKTCM 1ST Fa t Thirty second street, between Second and Third avenues. A GOOD INVESTMENT. ?COR HtLf, 210 ACRF8 OF good Land, I ??ted trr.rredlifely noon ihe ens. bnn't of tiie Hudson near Cornwall landlnr: has two nice dwelling li.insea outhul .,1' ia Ac., a never falling soring of excellent water upp lea the linm-a I am, "tab e. An : o iir Mi a. r< s tloal la, 1 tie timber. aJiundan e oi f. it vege'ih r?, re.; three quarries of the linest uran P' are on the yn cnuse.s, Immediate po session will he given price aw. views e el. lent S. KM BR Kb ON 42} K I.'t. a i mie. 4 N ELEGANT POOR STORY BROWN STONE FRONT f\ House for sale, on Thirty-seventh street, between Fifth and S nth avenues; all In i rovemeut- and in *? lendid order. Apply to JOSEPH MASON, No. 3}? Fine street, rooms 10 and 11. KARGAINS.?A V INK, IMPROVED F A if M. ]00 ACERB, good buildings fruit, Ac , $.\0dU; 73 aeres, new l ouse, ham. fruit, ato. it and eropa $1,70(1 fid arres. house, 12 rooms, good baru, orelimd. tc. $4,Odd. SO m lee In New 'er per Waaied, a small Firm In exchange for a atoek of crockery. J. S FERGUSON. 37 Nassau St.. third liner COUNTRY RESIDENCES FOR SALS?ON THE RANKS k?r. H-*'? sP"y??n I'u.VTil, Riverdale, Vnn K?r?. IiaRtlngrt Dobb s Fnrrr, Irvmgt'n. TArrviown Soar and .Sing King. Mrst ol-t*? residcnre*. all modern ^rlZrWT-rr firT,0,d-'- :*'d Karnens an ! liwn>, n?.?J1 i! i llo c? frillta, shrubbery, ornamental and 8 f con-ervaiores, snper p?, imhponds ji outbuildings to correspond. PocserMon Im mediately. Term* to mitt. 8. KMBKRciQN. 4.1 Eighth avenue FACTORY WANTBD ? WANTED TO PURCHASE A L 6??,'J. b?m factory, suitable for mauu'artur'lna riKrC -wlh "b0".t ,e" acrftr ?r,"nd 1,1 ? ntatiufarttirlng district, where operative* ran be bad, and ea*. of a <-es? Motive power (water preferred) must be e rial to "> horsca* 1.1 n v.-''"ht with or without tnao.hln.pv Addreaa boi ^ _ n#t wrfh full particulars aod terms. AND HOTEL FOR SAI.R?IN A PLEASANT I vii.ago. on Long Is and. 40 mile* fnm the eiu ft acres, very productive well enoed beautifully situate !? 27 acrca grain. 10 acres corn balance in fine meadow. Hotel ! eo?gm.s1> c?od bllsl?R?>i- nod, With farm, very JhMLmW *>* Wilh;A' ?? L'-ARMS FOR SALE?WITH IMMEDIATE I'OSSES ,ln?. e Wllh st.ock' cronR- ir - located within two to t!.r'<e miles or car# and steamboats, at Tarrytown, on the Hud soil One n I acres, price SI.o><0; one (14 acrea. price *7 WW 76 acres, price S-I.UOO; one 80 acrea. pric- *12 not): one 91 acres, price $9 0?: one 100 acre, pr ce Jig OOtl; ono Ji" acres, price fls taxi: one 230 acres, price $2',OOtl. \ : are well watered: abundance of choice fruit. Some of them nave good improvement ; others have old *tvie. tumble down bill drugs, which could be re; aired. Rome of the n nn?J!!Lie ?*w . Hudson, and va uable for building purposes. Terms to suit purchasers ?? KMBBKSOW. 421 E ehth avenue. PA \!S}folc^?Rnd70IjE -Ar? .1AMA,VA L0NG ISLAND ? v "?tel and 70 nerc of Land: price ?12 ism A F-Hfm 2r if: hcres 0"u**?nd outbuilding#. 1 f.'.ioo OEO 8KIL)M()RKr",c v""e Rn,! "l"b"!' ? 22 1) 0 _ >MSU- onlUMORE, 16 Nassau street. Honrs, 10 to I. FAf rcL(^,cSrV,'J -ON' THB ROAD. tU o . aa4 / rom Jamaica depot; *5 acres tnostlv cult vnteir MASUN nI' tp P" ? S6.:W). AtPly-to JOSkPH AiAbOW, Nu. 51* Pine atrcct, rooms 10 and if ? LURMS TO EXCHANGE Ftlfl GREENBACKS?fine appimo "plOR SALE-A TWO STORY HOTSE. 25 BY S5 A NO - - * --- gj35T!W??i.7g "axxtf* NEIL on the premise#, or JOHN CONWAY, 15 Park placei L^OR SALE-A FINE THREE STORY DWELLING p. il.n *n?, Garden, with n tine Orchard ot Fruit Trees, b n' T h.C. ? ?n t"! *veB?e. 'f ar Kroadwav, Breot ?rrssx?&' .tss tssfzsssi "?r a? c?,.'uflSf "L " "SlJSto! For sale-an entire rl'ick of land on the west aide of Eighth areiitie from 144th to I45t> aircct me oniy blcck of land upon a I00f?et street no? offered for aale. Apply to JOHN M CLAVE, 44 street FORSALE-THB BEST FIRFT CUM TENEMENT House and Lot in the Twentv first war i. It must be JAJIkW^TTIthTCH^'^^asf Tlj'lrlicth s^rcct.1116 ?WDer' FOR SALE-A COTTAGE HOUSE AND LOT, IN Aande'bilt ayenue. near Park nrenue Brooklyn rndU?il' 5^ ,0t I"' hoiid neighborhood f i J 1 desuable property; price ?.H,nfo; no h.rtmib anoe. Market if Y 'n<lUirP0f 8NEl?iC0R,.55 Washington FpOR SALE-A 00VN'TRY RF.SIDENCE. WITH SIY. teen Iota of grouii.J, well filled wt , choice fru t of ill ainda; h inae two .tor es. Oiled In w ith t rick, eleven o >m?. ; aia' .e. small grapery, crour.d a I planted 30 minute# from Brooklyn ferry by car to do r. Particulsrs Trlce8K"wy' * ? V B' box 141 "eral i olUce pon S M.E?A HOUSE AND FOUR LOTS OF I AND wnv ?nd R ?Vrg".vl Hlooai,n- '*'?? ?? ' between Itro.d' M *C LA V E 44J '1 r. e or ' 1 ' ^ A"',J' F?fln SAe,",~A T'.'" ,.'"v -ANI? "-.SF VEST AND ,1. " bed l.i ,ir brl-k H use, m Bergen -ire. ? u rth si .e, aeioii d h? a ? cast o; Firth avenue Brook yu: will be , *?. ? rn ' or $2 ???? If.t.y rem* n. The property ,Tl0nes "'*n owt-r poW m IOH V K ???rvf"-fi,,d "x,ull-'> m t-1" liouae. Apply street an 1 hi\tb uyon' e ?**!??? corner lott.-aecond WO* ? A^KrA DELIGHTFUL COUNTRY RE8I ? ?r, ,?u t .'"nB V an V ?wo mites east n| Patcho e; a argedo li.e two story ho.i e. with cupola. 15 acres of land c tnmiti ing a fine view of the South hay; gn it, nganu hatblng. a large variety of fruit tie", * ',r par ticuiais apj'ly to P. SMITH, 14 D? Be oi-eat.aet Brooklyn. l^or sai.i:?a four stc-rv high stocp brown ? toot 01. n ,?.e u-catetl in the line#; pat of Lei. Ingloti nr. ? splendidly flutahed and in c pe;-oider C Alii !-K HcKTINE. Third avenue and 2r?;h ^ircet ?LtOR 8.ALE?A SPLENDID PIECE OF PROPERTY I cons.-tin; of asp. udil Siote, with a nr? stixlr of 5?vir M'l'fV *' >ni "8 with Cue garden and a tar it., of fruit ?; uated in the b'it.|tiess p?-t ol a tounsu. ?n; ? i age In New ,'eraer thirty miles from the city s i i ou .<? . uiit i ii.nes* -f the owner an : his wish to retire a ki.e i fur a bt's nesa man til make a formne For part cu ara cpj te ol 0 MALCOLM, 6u9Oreenwith ctreet. Ii1"", stf.E at TON KERB?a house and lot I pleasant y situated ot. South Rnadwa ten minutes' wslsfrom the depot end steambi^t landings. : h ,i,tc..n' fj0n8 "f. '*"d' -w,lh ?<'?''?* ?f shade and frit i trees a g 01 a, rlit of ,,ste. on the premise.; |#r'l i 'u'i,V!i ili if."h'?l The bouse contains seve ? en rooma. i? ,r ,d 'l? manner, wth gas and tva er P ce ir . v ynr/ Artlcmar_ anph la A. B HOYT. at ihe Ol'ce :tv"I-.:-:; ? ??? sk F . "ii -.": ?2tXS?XJ. UjCiitj?, h tin* or ler, n sion imnnediatriiy. 8. '. IKkl.AND, No 5Ji Pine street room 11. L1 >R SALE-A FIRST CL.A?S FARM IN WESTOIIKS l "r county, of 60s re#. n?.ir depot. In high stale of l a o? large an i tun nr. h rd. good bouSe and out !.? , ,'K, * 'P """?' "'voider; wi i b< sul ! at n great bar g* u, n.t at ck, crops Ac. F' IRELAND 'N?'P'ue street, rooms i i ,nd U. JC'JR RAM:? A BROWN STONE FRONT CORNER Her '" T.. "#" " l"!h P- hasemcot and cellar t ... id, ,B a i4"' u '' "d,'rn Iniptoyem'-nts and in I ullic... Address House lor da.e, bo* 12 i Herald L'oi: SALE- ERT LOW FOR OAF.H. OR F.XCR ANGT ? tor., ins or ? ?...%! place in Hie city, h be . , . r,, Vol. I."is on htaten Islstij; ? .t, ;B ?ru s to a>dg Address .J. fc. Rciden, i i ?''rm or a sural place in the cltr, a bcu ,.if?'ret I Hon e and ihr.e I,"is on htaten l?-? ? 1 a.veil Imme | aty-y; ter-r s | aNorih h ?or**, 8tn:??n iHltufi, FT0?, !MT17*rWO ?"AUTIFUL YILLA sTtSb, OF 1 ?n the aeahorn, outh sic of Stnteu I <-- "1*. \P*1; from i indertmt and I ? i. v 'J a,11 dejot Land fronts on th? w..ter i i ei o if- 'i. B yaeht'nf at the door Pre* fI 5iO ,, *' t,? *am ?? A. JUL UN BAY. No. rj | l4u,':(f*l'E?iT roUOHKBEPSfk, .1, the oil J's d. ',f* a rrres of cbnjeg |,nd. *' ,jf J'"uuhk"cp?|t. in hon els larre'2^ strTrieVhi't* 1 f^; V'.r,d '.oto,' "tf ?in'i"v '^ill fla/",.!n, front 7'. b li , , ? ? ? ?'.# an e?tr .slve ro w ot the H nl-oa river, ? a I uand (Fc #?? I.' tt arcnetv* ',; ;>? - r ? vii WsIt 1 ? pfor s ALE?A V| ;;v l'KLITT LITTLE COTTAGE ON i t ?6 e h r-r ? ?.yn. jj 1 . ,. ft't Mie tisoi ted alone i?:.'?r,si* of j no ? " V ' a :'P vine , .ty; pi a/en en front ?la Wl ? t J. |>\\ ' rfr' 4f%i ?" * pureba ar. ' 1 "Dd. 2,i W#'t Twenty third etrepl. r,*,'r/'7 "*? 'i'ti'"'' ,hTrJRV,,lf''H STOOP RR0WN B, ?riS'vs. .in,,' s. t , tivam. A*?>Z"ih ?tr,nl- MtWe^l A*. "r.SV Lii\ y M.. J|?,V1, ? ,',erh* o'.m* u.n il Mul"1"1f rSor," '; awl H'Ai Fnn: ' uabiiii *;*-Aior atwinpield ouek\. cciiv 1" 'ft AtpUt Mrs M. A. f-HAW 4 ? h SALES or SBJIb ESTATE. r)R salk-in third avknuf, corner or four. uwuih aticei a v? ii?! ie H uok Hiore well rented. Ap ply to E. H. LUDLUVt -V CO.. f?o. It Fiut street. FIOR SALS il'Kli fx f- 0 OK lUSiWI I -IK FUR nit r\ ?Apiece of ^au ! phi n us abut five aire' ?ttil I a mile and *qu.iri"" 'r.?tu Hie railroad <lei 01 ami sloop laud tig at lireSDWh C 'All. A lien broo . e. o ?>?'? ' ie end 01 li t pii' i-ec. App>y to JOHN 0. LANIxAU, 2>t Fulton sir St barter's Shop. T/or sai.e ok to tarrttown near the drivw. a new two si nr. basement and uiic brickjllo an III rooms; l"i & >84 j feel; good well of ?*4er; gnoil neigh h i bond A" Price $V4)0. Apply to JOHN A. KKNYUN. M Nannau aired. Furnishkd country sracto rent, roa salk or exi lian.e foi ? uy piopei ly. immediately. located nt Weal Farms, litre ? mi'ra ru n Harlem brt Ige nutl one fWi o TremOnl depot; elevnn nice Ian 1, splendid garden, line in ur v. n.enl . pay and water, abundance of chade ami fruit. Inquire of W A DOUBTERS, No 8 Pine Mreet, ha eineot. FURNISHED iiousk for rale - an i.nglijui bnaen "ill Hi use 18 9x55, lot 190 left. In Th ily eighth hi eft, liet .ni n Fifth an.I 8 xih avenues, netelv and ri.ilil I'urnl-hcd and deejiaied. Price $111,000. Address tux 1,961 Pont office. PETROLEUM LANDS.? DJSSTRABLB Olf. TP.KRITO I r? for alC," situated in the heart of the inost |>IOdti live oil terr.iorr In Penn-vivania. Also OH Well. For particu lars addre-H Hrld c- I'.trvey, Herald office. QUTU AVENUE PROPERTY FOR HALE -IN THE O immediate vic.n ty of Murray lilll. Storm and Dwellli.a, a got <1 opportunity for investment. Apr'y to JuSRi'H .mason, No 6^ flea at reel; rooms 10 sou ii. OTATKN ISLAND?TWO COMFORTABLE HOOFS O foi sale, with Iota of ground Attached thereio. a to lie o.i the hill between the Orel lauding and New Hri.litoii A Rf.leno d view of the harbor ami bay of Hew Yum. Friers ?? :<<" nud$ r.(*v Apply to A. P, MAl'UE. No. 9 chambers ?tre"t. New York. VALUAHLU BUSINESS FROFERTY FOR SALE BY ORDER OK RXECUIOR. Not B'S and 535 Canal kli-et, north aid", between Oi ern m hand Wash ngton at reels. Viol SI 5 feet by about SOfeet deep Prrome -treet? ''he two story mi I attic br i k llonae 6" Broome street, ip'rili side, only 197.8 f eet cast of Hud son street. l ot ?? 5 feet front 84.31< feel deep Prion and further particular* at the of 8 H. LUDLOW A CO., \irANT8I)-TO PURCHASE, A HOUSF.. IN A GOOD Yv location; a fir?t claa tenement preferred. lo. atlon ahont Fifth th street an I Third and Sixth avenuea. Address C. W , box ITU lierald, giving localiou gad lowe d cash pi Ice NTrANTEU?A FARM OR COUNTRY PLACE. WIIHTN .me hour of New Yoik. value from $3 POu to $fi ? bu m exchange lor a three storv, high StOOD ll|i"ie 1" B'. .o ,i? ow tier- rft'r full particulars. Address \V illsou, boi 1.8 Hei ald WANTED TO PURCHASB-FOR CASH. A THREE | -tnry brick House on Second avenue, between Fourth and Eighth streets or adjoining the avenue; terms mode rate. Addregs Civls, box 937 Post office. Of OH WILL BP Y FOUR VERY DBSIRaBLK ?/"xY.MJ Building Lnt?, ?ituat"d on Kroadwa , Hlcks vlilo. Long Island. only two minute*'walk front the depot. To a person of moderate mean* tins la un lndnecmeut thai la seldom offered Tnev are a decided hargain ai the pries named. Apply Immediately to Mr. PAVTKN. 95 Division ?'.reet. or to D RHIKDON. 133 Cherry idrcet. New York. | i"?l -FDR SALR, A FARM, OF fd> ACRES 0-L.''"m". ($1 5'K1), with nice pool dwelling; healihv and pleasant for summer: one hundred m lea from Now York. Apply to J. J. Bl'RNIER, room It, No. 5 Deokman street. CI rjm -FOR hale, a farm of eighty two dP-lst-J'?" *? acres; three milea from a depot; 116 ntilea from New Y'ork < Itv; good house and barn: 3.'> nerea under good cultivation * plenty of fruit; balance woodland; worth all the money asked for the p ace. CHARLES E. MILLS, 34 Cedar street: <H9 nnn -FARM OF SEVEN ACRES, STOCK AND i 'IP ?J "? Crops; 20 miles in .ferae*; large house, 3P"4B. bain 2Hx tC; large ipianiity of I'ruK, Ac ; one Horse, two Cows, lluggv Wagon. Ac. WELLING A DRt'RY, 14 Cbambers street. FOR SALE. A RARE OHANPI-: -f.YitOO WILIi BUT A NEW, valuab'e an I practicable Patent, w'-lch is sure to suc ceed: only a ainall uutlav required. Addreaa ffm. Klocn ue. 39U Grand street. A CORNER BAKERY AND CONFBCTIONBRY FOR sale?Doing a successful business of $i.V) per day; handsomel fitted ud; plate glass windows, marble counier* and floors; long lease, Ac. Apply to A. P. M. KOOMK, 122 Bowery. A GROCERY FOR SAI.E -THE STOCK. FIXTURES, Ac., of a corner grocarr and liquor store, can be bought for $400. on account of sickness. Low rent for Store and Room lor famtlr. RICHARDSON A PLATT, 180 Broadway. A RESTAURANT AND BARROOM FOR 8ALR cheap?be t stand down town; Ircated near tbe Bio kern' Exchange; a corner Bnkerv. doing a vers goo-l business: also a f.a er Bier and Billiard Ha oon: also Liquor R1 ores, Groceries, Ac. W. H. MITCHELL, 77 Cedar at. A LIQUOR STOKE FOR BALK CIIK.AP-AT HUNT er s Point, on the road to Calvarr Cemetery; also a Gr cer- and Ll nior Store up down, doing a good busiueaa; also a Plumbing and Gas Kitting Buslneai; also a Eager HU.r Balcon and Restaurant W. II MITCHELL, 77 Cedar at. Aonon CITY BUSINESS FOR SALB?WITH IIORSR and Wagnt). Parties wanting a neat outdoor buaiue?s, jmys well, mav a,1 ircss. with real name, for three days C. Williams, box 122 Herald ofltce. CtANAPA LUMBER YARD, LUMBER DISTRICT, AL / bauy N. Y ?The subscribers are now receiving large lots of Pine and Hardwood Lumber, which they are pre pared lo sell to the trade at market prices Five per cent off for ca-b. JONP.B A CO /"30RNER OF CHERRY AND OL1VBR STREETS.-THE s> sio'c of Hie late Aiex Densmore to be sold, with the Stuck and Fixtures w.ih a long Lea e. on account of the death of the proprietor. A so. Seamen'* Boarding Hou-e. with Furniture, to be sold with a long Lenre, No. 81 Oliver street laic the p opertr of Alex. DenBmore. Apply on ibe premises immediately. /"AONFECTIONERY. SODA WATER AND IOE CREVM " ?> Saloon for sale?aituited In a very desirable location in Third avenue. Terms reasonable. Address T. P., box 7.981 Post ollice. or call at No. 8 Pine street. Druggists.?onb ok the largest and it and. soniest Drug Storra in Brooklyn for aa'e, at valuat on, I.arge and valuab e stock Full particulars given by sailing on II ALE. fit Ann street, N. Y. 1) RUOGISTS.-AN OLD ESTABLISHED WHOLESALE Drug Store fur -ale. for $50.1100, or valuation, situated 1J Drug store ror -ai-. ior v.. ? in a country city, and now doing a large and profitable be sine?a. For* apply to HALE, 61 Aun i-treet, T\RUGflI8TS.?A VALUABLE AND HANDSOMELY J f fit lei up Drug Store, In one of the best lo-atons In New Y'ork, for sale for $8.w0 ca?h. Satisfactory reasons given ror selling. Apply to HALK, fl Ann street. N. Y. Drug store FOR sai.e-at jvoo cash, desi rabiy locale.I, in nf of the ; ?? t avenues In New Y'ork City. Apply to HALK. til Ann street. N. Y'. Drug store for sale?in one of the best locutions nf the c.ty: cheap Lenxe fir a ntimbe oi yarn; sold on account nf death of the proprietor. Address o, 1\.. box lo- Herald o'.Ece. Dltt I? HTilHE FOR SALE ?IN A GOOD LOCATION, ilea; a very good biisiuean. App y :o K. II C1IF.KE voYf. 117 Prince street. RUG STORE FOR HALE?KOENTO'S LAIR STAND 4 .J t hth avenue not \ et -o d. as the buyer con d not rai?e the cash; Iraw-r- nn I bottles near r full of bljli pr ed dm s ?? i ?>? I at half price; owner . as o trai el. B biOR SALE?A PACKING AND CURIN : ESTABLISH ' ?.-ca' Mriclis Houses, Meat Hhop Fixtures, Steam Bo ?r, I.amffanks Picas. A . Ac., trareiiier wi>h Lea?e of preml se*. Si'? 833 an l TV West h ghteenih *tre"t. Ai ply to RO1' 1'. I'. UEl'l Y, Receiver, 116 Greenwich street. For sale-tub old established drug and Botan r MedMae Store, with an oniee wmIm attached, h or pai t cu.arx apply ou the promises, 116 Fourth ire t, Biook.yn. E D. rioit SALB?TWO COPPER SOD A FOUNTAINS 1 81 D P one month only. Apply to JAMES GUNNING, No. U Broad street. IjiOR SALE-TUB LKASE FURNITURE AND STOCK r "f a first ci*?u Betel, attested on Broedwa; and kept on the Euro can plau, doing a good ban ners and foil of ho*r ler* will be ?o'd at a ver* reauonahle prtC' to a cash cualo ucr only. Apply to D. SANFUKD. Si Liberty sweet For sale-a small fireproof safe -if ex eel em construction and warranted lo be n good condi tion Apply at 373 Broadway, ?e-ond loor. [DOR 8ALU?THE PEWS AND CUSHIONS OF A .T church in the npi er part i f ? ,e city. Ap ly to S 11Y' ATT. Es |., 12 and It Col cge p'.a e. F'OR SALE?A I.Alt IE L IT OF NEW IMPORTED Frem h Tents: will be sold for cm ttun halt ibetrac tnal ?orui. Apply to E A. Dft.KI.N8GN. 124 William ? irect. L1GR SALE-i'IIEAI' ONE op THE BEST PAYING I llo;r n ;i-l B.r r ? ml .p lor it, ". th 25rO')rn?, well fur xt?' el and in '>rat rate order, the barroom .? littc I up In [ ud ?-! Ie. T I i a chan'-e sc d m o h roil in this citv. Ap > y to WILLI AM ABBOIT a ictlonetr No 4 E at rev. b'OB pale-'.'- ELEGANT F('"K STORY BROWN n -tone llonse for -als tn West Forty-t xth street, seventh tome from the l'ilth avrnue. Afipl st the heuso. 1.1'IR HALF.?THE LEASE -T ' K A8H F'lMI UK 1 of a first c ??s corner L < uor 8 ore. now d lug a good ?us nets; -stlalaciory reasoua for s'-inos. AdJre s Cash, tox I Hers d oil re. DIOR BALB?TUB WINDOW kiiadE AND PATER y Ha' ng Store" I"- M rt *tt Brooklyn Ag 1 ?hence for ar n<nstr ou? man. w.i , a unsll capital; reason 'or aslllog. other buainnas is New York. |,top S tLM-TllF. HAP AND RPSTAURANT of the I' Amerl an Hotel. Brjaiwa. and Eighth s'rest. Apply n the rr slau ran I L'OR RALB? VERY CHEaF, A SURVEYOR'S THAN I i; one of Gurlcj a make so ts" r eti ,-r for an ea ilne*ror auivcyor. Inquire of F. v aNDi.RYGORT, S>JS f'earl slra?t. I/OR RALE-TUT' I'I'YMT II AND FI v I'U RES Oi' gaeelBliBSW MB t, , lm\ l.Y.A Herald o 1 n, a few doora fra s re pilrcd. Ad<ii? iYOR HALli?A .4 INCH CALCitiC ENGINE. .'?> it'/. :>f u-e. ?q- ? -- . ... ? t it si a liar pile A 'drrti or ns I at the I '?y B ok office. 2 Nases'i street, N. V. 'OR SALE?TF-Y SECOND H/NI> SAFES, NEARLY new. Apply t"/IOY r BR >8 ,nnd /i Sprtute 'tfr.q. ViR SALE?A CORNER LIOU'l* IN IllK Sc.eiith aivn ie. hs ula une y fi'fw.l tip and doing a gov I i luces, tin'Is ? rare < b in<e id jnasc money Inquire of IHN MrfHINAUGH, TJ Foni.h avennr "oroer Tcillh ai ?(>n SALE?A SLOOP, ABGI'T NINE TONS IN COM p sie ? ider. good lul l ?nin?r r'-glnr: s goau o>-er at or will it ide I >r a cat boat. Ine s.cvp o> ? be seen ai foot of Canal xirri'i, No lit ilver 'Of! SALE?ONE ?)F TITf< BEST LIQtFOH Fl'i"F? IN th? "ixlii eard with or tin-st'j k A p / at if i.iam aei Ort'S. Re. I *U?tBroadway. FOR SALS. F*Oft q \ LF,?A BL'SIN K8S, WHICH CAN HB K8TAB batfrl In any c ty o* la ge town Wes', South W IWl It *i eiecsed bt letters patent. hai lipun in ? ccessfu o|* rat uu iu New York for three years. w ere It can be aecn, ai ..mount of reference obtained n its fevor: It re quire* b it II tie can lei to rarrv It on; ? attended w Ik i o le of (ho e nuutde expenses and perplexities of ordinary busi ness it ih elrb'Hy cash a-.d connected with the more wen thy cl,i-? 01 peup'e. Any pereou looking for kuanwai upon wli c ? to liMaitn in h' y cltv but New York, cannot tlnd any th i.g whio , fo- the capital nveeted. bealus 10 ooin|>.ire ? no it. Address, with real signature, K. 8., boa 180 Her ald otice F UIK SACK?A CORNER LIQUOR STORE. LEASE. Hto.'i and f store* will be sold cheap. Inquire at W Broome sire For sai.e?jtoci?propeller (seventeen inch ex sqnnre). as quod as In the harbor. Canal Boat, with h use. goud fur a feed barge; price $g00. House, Bern and 23< seres of Lsnd, on Rtaien Islnnrt. (be minutes walk from lerry; prloe $2.ftU). Inquire at 728 Washington street. fMR 8ALK CHEAP?ONE EIGHT HORSE UPRIGHT hu iu". one tbree horse Horizontal Engine; Lathes. I'ulle s Shafting and all kinds of Machinery, 'nqulre of W. II SMITH. ffi Pearl street. FVlit WALK CHEAP-LEASE, FIXTURES AND GOOD will of a first e ass Grocery Store doing a cash business in the Twenty liiat war.I For particulars Inquire at 107 East Tbnty tlfth street. HOfU FOR SALE OH BAP-OB F.ASY TERMS. trnong the best and uto i desirable 1. cations in the city ; handsomely furnished: favorable lease, In good order and (loiuit a lull money making business. 80UTHWICK A WOOD, 18 Pine street. HAT STORK ON BROADWAY FOR 8ALK-THRRK rears' Lease, Stock and Futures of a -mall ltai Store db'ng a good business, and one of the best stands in the cits. Will be sold low if applied for soon. Price small. Ad ('.ii"-s Robertson, Herald oilloe. PHACll BOTTOM BLATE&-A CARGO (TO ARRIVE) ron .'ting of .25 squares, of the liretqualitv and most desiran e sues of ih. se verv auperior Slates. For sale by ALLAN IIA Y, 33 Hroad street, PATENT FOR AGRICULTURISTS JUST OBTAINED.? state or .-on dry rights lor sale. One of the most simple and .sei oi machines ever Invented. Address Inventor, box 120 Herald otllce. rpo PHOtOORAPHBRS IN THE COUNTRY.?THE i un lersigned will rettnee lis rates for the sale In the country of ills own process of albuminizing photographic paper, the tamo as he sold to the firm of Wilcox. Rogers A Giaves lor $ tilt). Vo.i can albuminize a ream of paper wlih 2'degga. 1'rlee for the secret and mystery, $8.00 sent iu let ter, In government money. The Instructions will be sent upon re -iptnf the money. Call on or address John P. La tour, 178 Prince street, New York. TO HE WOLD CIIEAP-A NEAT TWO I10K8B STEAM Engine, made of the best materials sad new. Apply at 80 Maiden lane. TO l'AINT AND COLOR MANUFACTURERS AND others ?A gentleman retiring from this business wishes to dispose of the whole of Ins valuable Recipes. Address for three lays Paints, care of Mr. Miller, 4223$ Broadway. TO MERCHANTS.?FOR 8ALB, TWO SWIVEL Looms, In good order suitable for weaving all kinds of laces, trimmings, tapes or ties, in ailk or cotton. Apply at H'J Ninth avenue, in the segar store. 4 it HOK8E POWER ENGINE, BOILER. MA "x'T chiuery, Ac., and a five siory brick Building, all In nice order, for sale ?Price $18 0 0. About one half can re main on bond and mortgage. Apply to C. DOK1NG, No. 58 Bowery, room No. H. BOAKblHG AND LODGING, I T THE FRANKFORT HOUSE ONE BLOCK EAST ur??t ?> ?e y i,al1' corner of Frankfort and William uerann' 3*2 D? ?? f"ru'fh*A. light Room*. A room to one open aitrsht! Vt' > ; * 10 W per ,Teek HouBe AT J74j 176 A7JD 178 BLEECKER STREET, SIX t\ blocks west of Br-artway?Pleasant, cool Room* with wnJvt' Hrtui m" dinner 121^ and ?. Also at CUT wood Hotel Flnr groves, splendid aea bathing, fishing, Ac. A H ANDSOMELY FURNISHED PARLOR ON FIRST l.oor. nnd splendid Suits of Rooms on second and ilnofa w?r* n wlth "r8t ci*'?, n?ar?l- Also two or three elm! i 'arllo, spending the summer in the city tanuot hurt a cooler or moie pleasant location Apply at 22 ?Rr plaaa ?trMt- between Fifth avenue and I'niver A lJmN31nEMAN WIFE CAN OBTAIN A NICE locnlh ltr?eP i uble' *l 48 We,t 8,1 A h.^SJ},, ^>MILV' ."VINO IN A FIRST CLASS ???. house, will let one or two Furnished Rooms, with ex gp?fi"m Btoad^'/ " WCM KleTent'1 Mreet' tt few A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR TWO GENTLEMEN. can secure a neat, quiet home, with a srna'l American tamlly on moderate terms The house contain* the lm i "*???.? Appiy at 77 Thirty-first street, between Lexington and Fourth avenues. At ]?2 west thirty eighth stbbbt.-an ? A'"erloan "''J.0* la?'-T- w'th one little daughter, haying ?'Our stor.v home fully furnished. Including a great yariety aM ,?t5 ?i,nft i ^ abundance of linen and aoiid o7?r!x^n^1, e^ciJx'.Iv^ lnq"ire "ab?^ A Ff???,?J' PLEASANT ROOMS TO LET. WITH XX Board, to gentlemen, or gentlemen and wires, at a wt?f Fonrilrsi air eel refer#nce" ?,veB and "'mired. Id A T 18 AND *) WASHINGTON PLACE, NEAR BROAD. f*. ?'ay.?'? a t'>?t c ats house, several Parlors, Rooms and Ball Bedrooms to let. with Board, at moderate prices French spoken. Roforonceo exchanged. yriteo A PRIVATE PAMILT, AT NO. 48 WEST TWELFTH date a'oen.w ??en ,",h,and jlxlb avBU""~< can acoommo w?ih tS!Tii?2J,I,?*nd Wlfe aod eeeeral alngle gentlemen, with Furnished Rooms sod first class Board. Reference tequlred. Servants and children not token. A PLEASANT, COOL AND NEATLY FURNISHED front Room, on the second flour of house 045 Broome street, convenient to Sixth and Eighth Avenue railroads to on premises? 0r 'W? *ent 6m'n; rcnl ?? Per week- Inquire AT 23S FOURTH STREET-TWO FURNISHED ROOMS to let, in u private family, suitable either for man and wi.e or one or two s ng.e gentlemen, with or without partial hoard. Loi atioa very pleasant. ^ A R()0M. AND A PLEASANT SINGLE BOO* iir 2 '* ? lu." l,r.lTa"i family. With or without Board. Hoi.,a new Location for bu-iness men excellent. Re tcrences exchanged. Apply at 184,Bleecker street. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET AN ENTIRE 8B cond Floor. liincWomelv furnished, to a fsmilv with private table; ai*o several fine Rooms! on third ili." to gentlemen, with or without Breakfast; references required avvmueV ' Si,teenth slreet' bctirMn Fifth andSixth I t N AMK.tlCAN WIDOW LADY. BATONS A BROWN I ffr, h with all the modern Improvements, would iPi arewn. v fni uithort Room?, with Hoard, terms mod*, rate Call at 133 West Thirty third street. A FAMILY, OCCUPYING A HOUSE PLEASANTLY uV -it ..lied, would letalront Room, furnished, 011 second 1? sent em?u or a gentleman and hi* wile; room con. 'f ?' aud void water Ac. Refernn-s required Apply at _*1 Lexington avenue, third house above Thlrlv eiguih street. '' V FINELY FURNISHED SUIT OF ROOMS DL ri'etlv over the parlor*, front, and suit above that wituaoo l Board, ip ftr t class browtf stone lioue i*:, West Thirty i !gliih xireet. Other pleasant Rooms res>on*ble A T WEST FOURTEENTH STREEf-A LARCH tanJaomely firninhod xcscond stor? Room, with lunula pant, e,. to ;e. with Hoard. Also several peasant I Si " Ho in*, suitable lor goat lemon. A ~V U I.\-1 MASA IARCK NICELY FITl ill hot From Room, |>0 fourth lloor, to let to one or t wo vo"" -eni'cmen. Houn I- in o grqjd uelghb ,, hoo l Applv ot Li! Went l wentv fourth street. AT 174. 178 AND I7? BLEECKER STREET?SIX bio. k, west of Broadvv a . p ea#?nt. cool Rooms with e* cedent Bn..r,l torn $? t 410 pe" weg , accord ly. Hreoltfoat u t,, 3. dinner 13'/ and ? o slook. A LAEOE ROOM?WITH PANTRY. TO LET TO x gent eman. In the dettrahlo location No. 18 West Fourth ,tr^- >"? W). n-a, Br >a I way aud <be pi inc., a hotel, A LARGE FRONT FISRNISHBD ROOM TO LET?TO A gentleman and wtie ?r single gentlemen; also other I r "fn *""'1 Room, to .et, at tot F. rsyth street, near Grand. | \N BLEliWI , IT OF ROOMS TO LET-ON SECOND ! J\ floor, handsomely furnished, with hrxt class Board to 5Ill lr.fcrIe,'*r* 7*. ,.a * aal lun'lY. n?rlhet?t corner of changed n"? *u'1 street. Reference* et A fkw~7jkntlemen can be" accommodated A with Board, at 4PA Canal street APARTMENTS ON SECOND FLOOR To r.FT-WTrn A .u w.ihii'it Board Anptj- at ?1 Fa t Twohl eth street, belwi >n Broadway and Fourth aven ie. A PRIVATE FAMILY, OCCUPYING A FIRST CLASS nT.ri !"' r"i?'-iiel Booiui. ?'ith or wdhviut " mion ifa'e Bale nent, for an :Dce. Call at 99 Agfm: and w:i b DSSiBE board ETa private ratnllv, ,v ,?r-' hern are few or u . boarders L><i- ai on s-inre rut' .?tu street an d the west -uje ii i-fa ? e I t tarin"'"'fllch mnl be m>de:ate. X, box UOARD ?SUITS i ?r H ANDSOMELY FURNISHED t o i s, t'O'iiin-ir>? tiling in tir*t and second "oq'<- also Booms ior s ngle gs,.iifm-o. 7o and 79 West Thirst eighth I, ??????? riOARD.-ROOMS Vfllll OR WITlIOUT *BOa RD. for .aml!i#* <>r iiiglo fi'otJ^.nen, trnnsi?)Dt or oqima* Mnj Apply at HO t n % ?w place. IJOARD.?TO LET WITH BOARD. AT 187 lSCOND JJ avaqiie, between Rig'th tni N-nth sirce - ai <? ?? BOARr> WANTF.r )-PV A \OV*Q U\UY, WHO IS absent luring t!.? Hny: pri?at? fAmllv nr?f?rr#d ar | ? are bun#*',uhftr bwardera. AJhe.M MIir I ? r.. r ., aiAitOM U, HlbiO liOUit*, TYOAi D WANTED- F"R \ GERMAN LAIIV WHO 19 ?teaks En 'eh ar. 1 French; is vrei: ?er Ol h I t,'r . n ,om'' l !,la I" fstnii.e, and ? In il-; If im-sl ... where n irtieilnn vvdt be taken 111 mi ^ i ient. Ad M)?r a i l^nitorf, 4(H Sixth aven " j TiOAKD WAWTEh-Af A FARM IIUURR, VOR a f IP iaiy. na?alu?r. 9 ?e*r?; In:im, 20 mnnihA ami n r** I Jlrnlt^Moml tMor'iJXg1\irmX A*1"" A' W- M0^ OOA RD WANTED?BY A VOUNg"^ VTEEM a n in I I p^rt^-ass-ixsa ? tv v-i" Vu'?".?zrk 1 ?r" ? ORoo vi rv _noAnr> winted. by two yoITng find tfe ,f rs af .".^:rf" W'"" 'W ?<? " ' n 1 ' nj a lio iid t 'run, a i> ... , , (. Horsld ufllce, Kisting tetm* and lufaUtia. " lyiloohLYN BOARD?Willi ONE OR TWO HAND. llBOORLVV BOARD. ? A (II! VTLKMAN AND WIPE, 1 !" i''r ?-?? w i i i,en Furnl hi I Apart , ? .. .2 ?" " '? ??"1 10 >" 'viih all Ui? uio BOARDING AND LODGIWU. Brooklyn hoard-a man and w ire or two or threr single gentlemen, can obi* ti good Board and ploHKunl R um-nv apply nj *1 71 dtslo street: locauou dea.rsulH. live minutes' walk Iroui Bo In or Wall street for ry; (tinner at 6 o'clock Kefereuces e>chauged. Hoard is south Brooklyn -gentlemen and families can bo ?oi omuiodated ? h p essaut Rooms aud the roint'nrino! u go d bo na. Apply ?t thecoroerof lllnieu and i'anoil sireoia, or to A. K. B., ManbalUU Life office, 31 Nassau street, N. V. (1 LINTON STREET, BROOKLYN.-TO LKT, WITH J Hoard, lu a private family, two Homos h. lib." lor single gentlemen ; price per wee* $7; reference# Hiohauged. Call ou or edJres- W , 62 Walker stieel, New York. DELIGHTFUL. COOL, AIRY ROOMS, WITH OR without Ho ar>l. ai 2i West VVuslilagtoo p.ace near the Park. Term*. 1>3, $8 and $10 per week, with Board. TjtLKO ANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS ON T 1NTT Fj third street a few doors leorn the Filth avenue Hotel. A Parlor and large He Iromn. uuusuall des ruble and eom forlible, will be let without meals or with Breakfast ou y. Apply at 17 West Twenty-third street. FtLF.UA.NTLY FURNISHED ROOMS. IN SUiTO. ON J second an I third oors. (runt, to let. with Hoard, a' I S M mil so u avenue, near Tli rty nr-t -tied. House lirst vines l.ocatc n very couvenleut. Unexceptionable references re quired. HflttST CLASS ACCOMMODATIONS FOR FAMILIES and single gent emen at 12 Clinton street, corner of University place; trans ent $1 si and $- per da.. CliAH. LKFLKIt, Proprietor. BBURNISHED ROOMS TO LET? WITH OR WITHOUT Boar1, or gentlemen can he a. commodated w lb good Hoard and p easant Rooms at 28 RtvlngtnB street. LM'RNISHED ROOMS TO LET?AT 427 GRAND F streei. Furnished rooms to let?to a lady or lady and genileiuan, Board for the lad onlv. Apply at 174)g Tbotnpaon street, near Hlcecker. to Mrs. Davla Fyurnished rooms to let-witu or without Hoard. Terms moderate. No. 11 Abingdon square, Eighth avenue side. IDURNISUBD ROOMS TO LET-TO LADICS AND r gnntleruen, with Huard for the ladies only Also tran sient parlies accommodated with Rooms. Apply at 12If Crosby street, near Grand. Furnished rooms to let-in a private fsmllv; nice house and neighbor hood front and back Parlors, neatly furnished, large und airy, sinclv or logeih-r, with gaslight, attendance, Ac, Inquire at 132 Monroe street. Furnished booms.-to let to okntlbmen, wiiho.H Board, two Furnished Rooms, pleasantly lorated on secoud and third floors: gas bath, Ac ; family sniah. Apply at 74 Bast Twenty-second street. HOBOKEN.-WANTED BY TWO SINGLE GENTLE men. a double bedded Room or two sing e Rooms, with or without Board. Addresa, stating terms, J. K. M., hoi 3,162 Post ofllce. New York. IARUB AIRY ROOMS AND BEDROOMS TO LBT J With good Board, gas, baths and Croton, at No. 45 Grove street. LAROB AND WBLL PURNISITBD ROOMS. WITH Board, may be obtained for ladles and gent emen. on reai liable terms, at Eighty first street, Yorkville, first house west of Third avenua. NO. 30 UNION SQUARE.?FURNISHED ROOM8 TO rent, with Board, for families and single gentlemen. PERMANENT BOARD WANTED FOR A LADY AND her child of 2){ years. In a plain family, w Itli the com forts of a home, h -taeen Second and Sivib Avenues, and Fourth and Twentieth streets. Terms must be moderate. Address Home, box 176 Herald office for three day#. Rooms to let-furnished or unfurnished. with or without Hoard, In a br?t claas bouse. Splendid location Apply at 3d St. Mark's place, The house, no. 17 wavkrlby place, having changed bands, is now rnady to "Oar iir-t cluss Hoard, superior accommodations, large, airv rooms, single or en suite, handsomely furnished. References given and re quired. TWO GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED WITH a turn sued Room and Board with a private family . In the most pleasant part of .terser Oily, ten minute-walk from Chambers street ferrv. Appiy at 247 South First -Ireet, Jersey City, or 336 Washington street, N. Y. TO LET-AT 1,147 AND 1 146 BROADWAY. IN THE vicinity of the up town hotels, neat y furnished Rooms, either single or in suits, with or w thoul Hoard. Also a few unfurnished Rooms First claas reference glveu end required. 110 LET-FURNISHED ROOMS, TO GENTLEMEN L only, at 80 West Houston street. u TO LET?AT 42 LEXINOTON AVENUE. BETWEEN Twenty fourth and Twenty-II th streets, two arge well Furnished Rooms, with or without Board, In a private family, where there are no children. TO LET?A NEAT, FURNISHED ROOM. SUITABLB for one or two gentlemen, at 41 West Fourth street; neighborhood rospertsblet rnnven ently located to Broad way and adjoining Washington square. TO LET?RLP.OANTLT FURNISHED ROOMS TO GEN tlemeu. with or without breakfast; bouse flr t e'ass; situation unexceptionable; references given and required; terma moderate Apply et 67 West Eleventh street, one door east of Fifth avenue. llO LET?16 BOND STRBBT, LA RGB AND SMALL L Rooms, handsomely furnished, wdn or without Board. P TOWN BOARD.?NO 63 WEST FORTY FIRST kj street.?Rooms on second lluor, front and back, to let. In gentlemen and w fe. or a partv of gentlemen. Most ex ce Tent tab e. Close to ears and stages on Broadway. While warble stoop. Terms reasonable. WANTED-BT A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, ? PAR lor on first floor, or Front Room on second with full Board for lady and Breakfast in room for gentleman; a house with few or no boarders preferred; location between Fourth tnd Fourteenth streets and Third end Sixth avenue* If suitable would remain until May next. Payment In ad vance, us desired. Address Tor two days, staling location aad terms, A. Edwards, HeMId office. fTTANTBD-BY A YOUNG MAN. A ROOM, WITH YT Breakfast and Httpjier; not furthar uu town than Bleerker itrscl: a pr.vale American family preferred , terms moderate. Address P., box 2 367 Post ofllce. WANTED IMMEDIATELY-BOARD, IN BROOKLYN or New Yorx, for e lady. Id a plain private family. A n ce, comfortable room required. Addresa X. T. A. Herald office, stating location and terms. WANTED-HOARD IN BROOKLYN. FOR A FAMILY of four persons: Rooms must be furnished. Address, staling terma, which must be moderate, 8. G. C., llernld ollice, Immediately. WANTED-BOARD. BY A SINGLE LADY, IN A It private family where few hoarders ere kept. Address C. W., box 128 Herald o : ce, stating terms and local.on. O'J UNION BQOARE.?LARGE AND .SMALL ROOMS OtJ fronting Union square pun, ele anily furnished, will lie let to gentlemen oniy. without Board; location unsur passed in the city. 108 U BLEKOKER STREET. ONLY TWO BLOCKS Ax/O from Rroadw.iy, Pecos Homo on the European plan Furnished Rooms singly and In sun- for gentlemen and families. Uesireb e accommodations lor irun-ient and permanent ?uo*U at moderate pi ices. /? 4 Q BROADWAY?SEW ELL IIOURE.?PERM AN ENT U LO and trans ent Hoard for lain lie- or sing e gentle men Well furnished, airy rooms, at moderate prices. The best location ou broad tray. Dinner at (1 u c ock. COl'YTRY HO A III). 4 PLEASANT ROOM AND BEDROOM MAY BE t\ procured in the house of a private family orcuuvlng a picturesque cottage at Clifton Stolen Island, 1)4 mile from Y underbill's Landing; ample grounds: ire?h mil* and veg etables; references Address box 1,7113 New Yor* Post office. BOARD WANTED?ON TUB HUDSON, BET WE UN Sing Sing and Hudson, for u gentleman and wife; one Room; nut over two tulles from depot. Address Mr. W. J. Rus-eil, box 1.32k New York Post oilier slating terms, Ac. Board wanted-in a private family, on the North river near the cltv, far two ladles; two Rooms: Iocs' on must i?e near the water. Address, stating terms, Hu Ison. Ile:ald ofllce. /"1ROFT HOI 8E. WEST POINT, OR GARRISON NT A Hon. Hudson Itiver Ita Irnil Bnautlfu '|v loralol In the ll'gh in1s wit i linn river views; unik and vegetable* from (arm oonner cd tth the home. 11* hour from city ; terms mo l'iaio. In iul:-eet 102 Pear! stre-t. J. 11. CLAY, Proprietor. 30UNTRY BOARD-ON THE WKRTF.I'.N SHORE OF J the Hudson ' "" ? ? n _n I mounts n 3oc ock dally. fffiOUNTRY BOARD-ON THE WESTERN 8TT0RR OF \J the Hudson river 2o relies from the city I srg- Rooms and mounts u air. Address No 6 Fifth ansuno. from 10 to 3 o o ock dally. /10UNTRV HOARD?ON HARLEM RAU ROAD. HALF au ho ,r from hie* York and leu minute* walk from Third av' iius ?i - aud steant''on1. f r stng'e ent emen, or gent eruan an I wife : terms model ate. Address E. A. It , stntlou H, New Yoik. rYOUVl RY nOARD ?SI X OR EIGHT PERSONS C\N \jl obtain go "I aegom i..)rliiliii< at a (sr.) house, woll Shaded an t pleasantly s p.** 1 thbtv tnl'es 1 ? v Erie Rail r -ad. For pa tic; ars'iuq -ire .f 11. T. Wi.Nihil, 4SI Siltli avenue fioCNm iioard-foR a gemi.kl coi plu may " ' he hud In a iirletlv rival- I trolly a' <'lnon, ft'a'on Is'end. wp.i.u l.'i minute* of Walt el ice t. Address box 3;5<M Post office, N. Y. riOUNTRY HOARD.?FIRST CLt^s Ai'i OMMODA " J fr n*r?-j iad n n ort^ hour of the cltr vi* Morrla md Kntci K?ulr? *d; uk miIoii p hrmthiu and accpfttlMf ut ai fliotir*', In?inn!iat' ai p u.?nt, i * f ho f'????! Mveraf miry Ko 'Oi?. For partico art addrasaj. (?., hot I* Y Tout oftiot. r ''vvtrt n ?at?i> os tttf: Hrn?io!f -titrFsK or * 1 four Umif "? ?!an b# RitOnimoiiifil ^ th t r#i clani co* tj'r B ar4 at i'Od^hkcnpi^ for tha ^'iminrr or thvaiiirh th* h duairr l. a> a mod#?rat? vria*. I'lntia and in?. od hi ? ?m aiim! For relV'inuoonJnadif? ?f H. \V. Lo .d I .'8 Boutli street, or ad-lr'?*<? W, i! W.f Tonghke^p-fe, (WSTRY BOAP*D WAKTHD-FOR AS KljOKftLY yj ladjr und lad of t??i yeari. About fort? mtlrs fiom be ?i v of a? tt-n Terma not teexr?- *r? '^e?k for ' A'O. Addre?* SI. bo* 4 (Mtl ?4?tv Yoj r* P < ft 0/1 ITNTRY BOARD WANTPD?FOR A Of VTf.FMW and wife: good plain boird eemfoptab'e ro/> n-, i'>w or no other boerd*r* iiroferred. Addro-a, tnih n* i itatiro. .1 boa Post odlce No\? York. the fiorsTRY BOAFD WA^TKD? WfTillS ON'B IfOUU d t J lide of th? cltv, on th? 8ound or iiudHoii river, or on l^'end. lor a grnt'dinen, wife rhtld and nun?. A ldr?*?. ^ith i?ri)>a aud pirticniAil. ii. IT, Uo jitii 1'ohi o.l re, .Snw York /lOFNTBY board WABITBD?BBAR NRW YOHa city, for a gentlemaii wife and eiater. Htate tci ms un l e<idre?v i in moo lately w. s . Herald ofhee. /AOFNTRV BOARD!XI -JIO. 1', CKNTRB BfRKFT. V Newark. N f Room* f?imlahed and tinfornlahed Ha?h in 'he ho'n?. Boating and tlMhmg in lan minutt'fl' walk. Add real ? i i , ai above pKRBOBB MAY OBTAIN COlBfHY BOARD tX A j| fat in h oiw near Hin'c H nf, in a I eaHhy plraaunt Iom Hon ?a*r of and \vlth ?very aroofiiinodetioii, n? a l dr?*viOf' J. H . b * 'l*!V Sln^ king Font o.l.rc. Ifrins $liT. pOO dB fTIf BD.tflD FOR FOFR A DF f/PR, C AN 11 had in n J i * i.? ? fnniil/. without clil?dfen at Bvr COUNTRY BOAR O. |iH)"R ROOMS STILL TO LFT-AT KHh.EZY LAWS, r ?iH?r Lien Cox Loug A, p.y to H1CHABD COX, Esq., ISO Broadway. M'M.HGK KESOC ? M. ALLEGHANY HOUSE, LONG J1RU U. N. J?THIS hotel, having changuu hands. bat thoroughly rmio. voted. i now open for Ike reception ?' ran lent Ami per* manem hoarders. Terms. $2 per day; $1 -r week Ko mi can be engaged tor the season. LIPPINUOIT A WOOL i, Proprietors. BI-.LXONT nALL 8. boole\'? Mountain N Will be opened for visitor* ue I. I v. CROW ELL. / tA ISKILL MOUNTAIN HOI HP. I IS FAVORITK w ttiiiimer re ort is uow open for tin tlnn of .me ts. ? tailors aiiI find an authorized age; ti badge, at the IVaaill steamboat landing and Cat* ation, Hudson llivr Katiroitd, to assist visitors, provt ?< ureyaMes, talte care ot baggage, Ac. n.\TH HOUSB. SCHOOLI Y'B M> \IN SPRINGS, N J . t-now open to visitors fur t -on Reached b. Morris and Essex Railroad, fool ot ' .? street, Ne?v York, ut A M. and 4 P. M. K. If. (Jul. ? CI, Proprietor. nlJQI'KNOT SPRINGS HOTRL-F fx MILKS MtOM ?'ortjervls, Orange county. N. ? i mro: inatfoa mav be o dallied at lite olllco of Hie House New York. H LlVKC 'Mi Proprietor. 10 <1 BRANCH. N. J.-KKMt HOTEL AND J French Restaurant is now opeu I ' *i coiuuioitatinix ol i>e ni.oeni and transient bor.r ? Kretnb Ke.tau ran and Coufeetione'-y bate been ad e tone , where on i * s n prlvule dloners can be t 1 ng the arrival ot sac., trsiu. 1'. 1 ' Proprietor. | aKR DUNMORE II0U8K, SALI VERMONT.? ?z T la lino Flute) at Ihia be.uin r rctrea', will be o n If r rompany on the o 'ocular giving tit I a ten urs be bad ?t the -venue Hotel, at the a'a e llou-e and at '55 Pearl sli T A it MOUSE, ISI.IP, LONC. i* ' SITUATED li ne t: Gieal Smith Bay an I eesn ble Rooms for families aud gentlemen Curs leave i ''dot tri lady. A. i.KNWKKT. Af'l'TFOAN LAKH H0U8B-I \VTLY SITU. 1? 1 ated. four in ilea east of Peeks v open far the sen mi For further particulars a if. A. Burdick, Pen skill, Westchester county, Ne.v M1 roi'NTAlN HOUSE. SOUTH n> N I -OPEN . I no . r the reception of ,"r-t i I : trains leave Barclay street, by Moirm Kai road, a n os liour.y. S A \ IsFERItO. National hotel, long bra n. i. ia open 'org r-t* ordttin European pi ? i $1 per day. R ataurstit o on atnll hours; orders er bill of fure; prlr s altnrhed. Here you get wmi i.t and only pav for what you get. PETER .'roprlciors. NfOSTRAND HOUSE-SANDR' P nC LONO ISLAND, _ on Long Island Sound, i 1^4 '? sail per steamer Atrmv mi l) raving Peck slip at I ' . returning at 9 A. M a fnrn'sh. d Cottage or five m ? et Hops "very Banr itav night, P. B- A08TRAND. ORIENT POINT house. ORIBb I NT L. I.?THIS li us?'is now otien. It is pies . ' s tnated on Hie extreme end of the north point of l-'and. fronting liot the oiind and Gardiner s bax <? bathing, llshtng, dr v 'i 'and " tiling: cars from dam-* *hp to Grcenport, tbence by stage to the house. M. B PARSONS t CO., Proprietors. > AO!FIO HOTEL, ROOKAWAV. l. l?is now open for the accommodation o Roa 15 I C. W. SMITH v I a. XLLEN. Proprietors. RIVERSIDE HOUSE, RED HAVE, MONMOUTH con'-1 New Jersey, s now nrm Ad'r ss C. G. Jt W. A. FRENCH, Proprietors. SURF HOTEL, SURF HOTEL. SURF HOTEL. FIRE ISo.Wl), l? now open with extorsive impr v net ti. Oars leave dally dames slip at 8 A. M. and 3:3 D 8 H. SAM MIS, Prorrietor. SHREWSBURY, HIGHLANDS E W JERSEY.? >rh. nek's Pavilion having 'er- ved a nth->r ddtlion of fine dining room and large !>? dm n,. Is now open inr the reception of vtsltois. also a line Cot: o;c of seven rooms to tot, without qoard, for $15 per mm A. K. FIELD, Proprietor. HOTKL.S. American hotel, broao'.vt and eiohth streei New York?On the Europe npan. Roouia cb suite and singly. Open el) night. Atlantic hotel. ciiath?m square-new house, 100 11 ceiv furnished rooms: P* ne'e patent Burin., leather beds; by the day, wee', jr month. Open day end B B ROPER. WHITNEY HOUSE?BROADWAY ORNBR OF Twel th street. On the lliir'i" o'in. Meal* fur niehcd l>y the week If desired. Tati.e te it i P. M. Open e:l nuiit. RPBCIAL HOTK )<>. ASSIGNFE'8 FINAL NOTICE.-A L PERSONS HAV. lug cei hi against John Mc\.-1 m uerdient, of tbie city, are required to produco tnem, properly ver fir I. to the undersigned, at No 55 Maiden lanr on or letore the 10th day ol July eeat Dated New York lune IS>4 GEORGE L AII a V. Assignee. All creditors of Willi im ferine, siiip hullder of Brooklyn, are re i icsm 1 to file with use steteoient of their claims against htm NOTES A TRACK, 50 Wall street. New York^ Harlem lodoe, no. ?57, f. and a. m.-mem. bcrsof llnrlein Lodge and the fiale ,uty In general are invited to assemble nt the hut ?? ootn n rtheast corner of Third avenue ind 127th sireet, o > July H, at 4t< P. M . to attend the funeral of on I t- vv ro;her James B. Reynolds. TtlOS. E. ? H.tW.fS, Master. Roin. ouiLVT," Secretary. V[OTICE ?AT A SPECIAL MEETING OR THF. NEW J.1 York Caulkers'As sociation h- i a ovanlc Hall 68 Eaat Broadway, on Wednesday eventn.. Inly 6, 1361, it was unanimously Resolved, That we demand fl 50 per day on and after Monday, July 11, until further notice BENJAMIN WINNB, President. Ezra Bcruxax, Recording Secretary. Notice to the boss blukstonr flaggfcrs.? a special meet ng will be held In I ntm Had, corner of Sixteenth Street and Eighth avenue tins i Frl 'ayl even ng. at eight o'cl ck. All the bosses ere requested to allond or send a committee so that all things can 1 e v tlsfaclorlly ar ranged on all sides. By order of J. J. BBR.'EN, Chairman Joseph Morrison. Secretary. PHILA DEI.PH I A, JULY 1, 1864. Mr. IIPoll CnrFET.? Dr.m Sir;? Our great Central Fair Is at an end. It has been * derided success throughout It is doe to vou piteticnlarl to say tna! the contract with you for supplying the restsorsni de partment wltu oysters, waa filled to Urn t?r not onlv lu quantity and quality, but with that promt t ess so ncne^sa rv for snores* to meet a demand which reached es high as 50JM0 per day. Yours very truly, GEORGE LEWIS, Chairmen. PERSONAIi. ANY INFORMATION IN REGARD TO THE LA8T domicile of Jacob Gost'toak.. e form ner. who. II is staled, died in the Slate of New Yors ah.i it the year 1841, and who ivaa a gentleman of a laree est-1 ? will he libera ly compensated. Address on the sob e ? m. F. Pnrrell, Judge of the Orphans' Court. Washington City. D. C., who Is author 7ed fully to manage the estate. Any information as to the whereabouts of Patrick Ward, tvho enl sled n the Mount".1 III 'es, oompunv C. n Msy, 1-1, and afterwards went to lex**, will he tl snkfody received by his er. Miles War I. No. Ml High strcei, Glasgow. Scot.and. California uepera pit-use copy. A WEALTHY family, without children of Ibmr n ?n, wish to adopt a mala ehi d irom three to five month* old pretiv, with brown e ?s. Address, where to lie seen. B Robert*, station A, Bpi nig street, for three day s. PAIR OF BEAUTIFUL TWINS TO BE ADOPTED out to goud home-. In |Uiro at 741 Clrt eawich ttrecl. ADOPTION-TWO BEAUTIFUL NEW BORN IN funis, male and female, to he adopted "Ut t goo I hows C.ill nt No. 6 Amity piece, between Flsecker ami Aimti sirei-ta. Will the party that ha- the boy out nursing please call? BIO POCKETBOOK. BUT NO MONEY IN IT.-IF THE g utlemsnly pickp cke.t ?ho eztrsetsa so neatly a Urge Po kelbook from the inside poek't ol a pa?senger rl ling In onnuf the Fourth avenue and Broaduai siages, on Wed. nesdav morning, Julv 6, W 11 return It to 39 Burling slip I o wi I rece va $:> reward, and have no question ssksd It .-en lain* a few papers of no value to any one hut tne owner. Good boy. The nevt time tlile aoeomp ishp I ban I ami lin ?-? operator makes a des ent nicely Mvered up b* a isl icarl dn-ler pfihnp* he may find more mon y In the next p. ek.-t honk than that 'Paddy allot at" In this nstance, sod ll .-n he will he able to t ike a *mash and smekr a rega'U. The oi rat'on wag beautiful?mi Ticleut to shame u gold operator lu Wtil street BIG f'OUKETBOOK, BUT NOT A BIO THING. A B Cam )-TON TO EAGLE-AT MY DFBTINATION ALL well. AMPO BELT'O.? CALL AT TnF. HOUSE AH SOON convenient. Let nothing atop yon seeing me u e>i i mere. _____________ campo belli >. /AOUNTRV TOWN.?GEO. P. GAGU.-IN MY BHTIMA ; " tton ihe "u ldren would he better takm enrc "f hi heir i mother than by their loster-tNter. Yours, CHARLIE. OVAMR.?MANY THANK* FOR YOI KI OVI.NO LET | Pi ter bu' I inn cr -ailv d "appointed > >n can at i re enl I s'"< no war for ua to meet. For one I m ust disobey yi r I orders. And suoll write to morrow; so lookout foralrtt r, EVANS, New v : k, Wf.lee- ilr>.. L OR ADOPTION?A FINN BOY ONE MONTH OLl?, U or good parentage, Mi respect"'> f Jm-i'where ,i c, l be iieil cured lor. < all at IU > I. mon ainnue, Wtlilgnish.u . rOMCPR L. CAMPBELL L.ATF OF NORTH C\IL). el llna ?F ? "? <1 'res< miir brother JehuO, A. (' ! lie ?i Jeiikiiituwn, Montgomery cMlny, I'.t. N P. BOYD, A PRINTER 11V THAD1 i d lu call anil see his mother at the Ni ? MM.-YLNCKANCE. # r a VW YORK.?THE RE 18 A LETTER FOR YOl'. P ? -I WILL PAY THE MONEY FOR pspsr*. Ilare ho, n out of io vn Address Peck. ii? rai l otic*, naming time anil place io. an iiier--ow. Y, can rely en FAIR PLAY I) K TURNING I ROM CENTRA!* PAR*, WKDNBSU Y. J b L glit wayon. M. C 8. Mad son , -are Post oi.h C ROUTING CLUBS WILL FIND BOMETHINo ?i ll merest to Ilmmsehe* b ft hire sing thro Igb lbs, I cms > z 1,108 New York I'osi otbc* \" c B -nr Wt FRIEND?I'l FA IR SEND TUB \ . amount I stai'd a >,iv noie, Oblige, Kottrs. anft Kllrnbetftil ay Who are supposed to h' Ii uo In New i I, ; clly. Attr one ,n >,ving of c.i it els ?? ytliiiig e ii.i-ernlng tin i ,< II '-snicr an g i in an tivi'u -on I a i, easing J sues i nt a I iltgd i i.irtera, Tnird tl) u trili arnn corps

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