Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 8, 1864, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 8, 1864 Page 7
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8AI.M AT Ul'CTlOir. A DCT70N SALE- >K HANDSOME HOBEvHOLD FUR -/? u tore bv E. ROTH, Auctioneer, tb a* (Fril.x I Inly h. at 11 a'otn?K precise1?, at the th ->ry res-dene list Cliutott plant*. highlit street, oetwccu i ilth aud Sixth ITRI1H PARLOR AMI DRAWING ROOM PURNITI'RR Three beautiful ? -lid iw ,-wo-id and black walnut Parlor 8 ills. covered lu rich ImmIi aat u brocatel and reps; Turk! ta Knky Chair and Loungei to match; m?rwc,od Centre and Iter T.i oiea. Ktageiot, Corner and Book Stand* Si day Bronze Clock rich China and Parian Vaa>a Parlor Ornaments. Hegani Bmcatel and Lace Curtaloa. a dun eol ltciioi. i.f Oil Paiii'mg-, Engravings, large Minora and Chandeliers. IUUMHCEKT it S' WOOD PIANOFORTE, STOOL AND OOVKK; COST *700, ? u elegant laatru rut, with round corners beautifully latrve J legs and e-i?c u-iiball mo lem improvements over nli uug bras lull Im* 1 late. Preoch action fud seven ootave; and mm ,nv Bedsteads Surestis, Waalitiauie,, Chair*. Rn-. . Mirrota C.ooka, Talilee. lied Lounge, Bluing and Ha .Matirea-w*. Bode, Blankets TeaTab'es, Extension Table tl a China and Silver Ware, Table Cut* lory, Ao, Sale pn* .ve Deposits re ,u!red N B. ? Pardee wi n ng t<> attend the sole will take Sixth avenue cars or stages, leaving at Eighth street, near the bouse. A LB HUT O. HA v WOOD. AUCT10NE.ER.?M AGNIFI Jt\ 0 nt Ho '*ei iei| Furniture, Pianoforte, Psint'ogs, Btatuar, and works ?i art at pub ic auction, thla day (Fri day, July 8), ut the Are story brown atone reeidenee, 44 West Sixieenth ati et. between Fifth aud Sixth avenuea, sale commencing nt I clock. Superb Drawing Room Fur niture, eovered wll French hrocatal. Curtains to match; Btugeres, Staiuan lanle Tops Bookcase, Centre Tahlee, RncoigniireaCalii ' velvetCar|M*ti, Mirrors, Paintings by ancient and moder artiste elegant r-sewood Pt.motoric, Sluol and Cover; H ,-zrClo-k. Ve ; Curtains, Bureau lied nl'-ads Wardrobe* Sheet*. Blankets, Hair Mattresses Buf fet, Bx'etiHion Tub , Kefua, Chairs, China Olass and Silver Ware; ago Base neiit and Kitchen Furniture. Parties Wishing to attend this ash will take the Fifth or Sixth arc auo cars nr stages from Astor, St. Nicho'as or Metropolitan Motel, leaving at sixteenth street, h few doors from the liouse. A J. BLKECKhR. SON A CO., WILL 8ELL AT ji . anetlon. on T mrsday, Julv 21. at 12 o'clock, at the Exohange Salesroom 11 Broadway, a most desirable Plot of Urotind, with nitprovementa thereon. In the centre of the village of Fa hush, opposite the Dutch Ketorined church consisting ol about two acres fronting on Fiatbnsh railroad and Baa' Urna 1 way, being one of lb* most Desir able corners, eit e for a pr.vnte residence or for business fiurpoaes in the v. .go The Improvements consist of a urge Dwelling lion e with bam and wagon house, line garden 'roll an.! ur-uxmentnl trees, Ac. Its accessibility to New- York (it be oil 3J4 miles from Fulton ferry), tun ty aeTdm renders tli a an nppo tun ty seldom to be met with One liatf of the pur - utse money can remain on bond and mortgage ;or three or live years, Posses-Ian given tmmedi Btely if di-sired. For -nspe, Ac., apply at the ollloe, 77 Cedar street, or on the pieinlsea. A J I, SMITH AUCTIONEER, WILL 8KLL THIS J\ ? dav, at II -.?' ' ic<, at 17 Btnyvcsant plane (Ninth street), between S* ?? I and Third avenues one Plane of eolemliil tone an 1 nnh cost $830: tliree Parlor Suits rore Wood an mah igooy ad uom 8u t*. Rockers, Looking Olausi'H. mahoganv I maple Chairs. Tables. Brusse ? and Ingrain Carpets an 1 that belongs to a llrst cli.i house. DW. IVES A CO., AUCTION RBR8-FURNITURE ? sausrooms TJh ' roadway ?Will sell, at aucitno on Thiirsdav. July II .o'clo k, the Fixtures of George v, Fox'a estab'iahment insisting in pait of three la-seand Ornaraema Show -#?- '.Va'-. r bes. mirror rtoori: ten Ci-un . tera. hmck walnut ind raahoganv top; Hho * cave-. De k-. Shades, .Ve., Ac. 1 h'-> wi re niHile to order under Mr. Kox'e personal supurvlsuin. Now on exhibition. E DWAUD 8OH1.NCIC. AUCTIONEER. SECOND II > !> HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Mill tultS. OaKPETS. Ac By EDWARD s HHNOK, this dnv. 8lh !n?t? at 10Vi O'clock, at his sale-r-ioin. 4) Liberty street, uu assortment of Fecund hand Furniture Mirrors. Ac., consisting In part of ore Sl'PERB FRENCH r'LATE PIER MIRROR, WITH s 1 n CORNICES. Slab aod Bracket* c u cte; elegant Velvet Parlor Carpets. Bi uaael ami Ingrain In., blaek walnut and mahogany Bed Steads, marble to i-eaus and Washstauds. black walnut BtitreiH Dining and 1 nntro Tables, Hall Staiuls, Mattresses, Bo'stnrs and Pil ????<, He Idiug. Sufas and Chairs, Ri.ckers, Curtains and other furniture. To be poaltlveiy sold with out reserve. Edward scufnck, auctioneer. Law 'j ADDLE 1IOR8E. By EDWARD sen ? NCK, thla day, 8th mat., at 1 o'clock, ht his s* esroom. 8'1 icrt.v atreet, one elegant long tailed brown Mare, 15h in high. 8 years old. warranted perfectly sound, kind ami gen a Due ludy'n saddle lior-e. and goo 1 in harneis To be 1 entirely sold. Can be seen on applies tlon to the auctioneer ELEGANT SPA' OF BAY CARRIAGE HORSES, ?re lb hands, lorn; lavs. 5 and 6 vears o d, warranted per fectly kind aud gent e and a very rcl ablo family team; sold only aa the owner has left the clt : cost in March 'ast $1,250 Can be seen at private stable 123 West Twenty-sixth street. Aiso, An elegant news ;iiare body shiftlug leather top Wagon, built by I'h irles Be-rd-lev, in his b-st manner, to order; cost $4 0. To be positively sold to settle a dispute. Edward schenok. auctioneer. Bust WOOD MELODBON. EDWARD 8CH' MlK. will include in Ida sale this day, one elegant rosewood Melodfon. made b, George A. Prince $ Co., In perfect order and but little used EDWaRD PETTINGER, AUCTIONEER, 50 WALL street, sells Thursday, Julv 7, at ltlfi o'clock, contents of Printing offlee, No. 3 Frankfort atreet, conalsting of a large assortment 01 Type, Chases. Galleys, Composing i ts, Cttsci, Imposing Stones, one Hoe's Btlcks Double Stan ; Folio post, DRUM CYLINDER PRESS. New Sbafitng, 1'uH-va. Belling, complete. One-eighth medium DEGENKR PRESS; lot of blank Cards, E.nvriopes, glass Showcase, office Fur niture. Bntidrie*, Ac Catalogues ready. FCOl.TOV, AUCTIONEER.?GENTEEL HOUSEHOLD ? Furniture. Carpet*, Oilcloths French Plate Mirror , Parlor Furniture. C- rta na Chandeliers. Rasement Furni ture. Ac . tli a dav (Frl-iav.) Julv S, at luf, o'clock, at 76 West Thirty thir l street, near Sixth avenue, the entire Furniture ef the house embracing in part mahogany and roaewood Furniture. French Plate and other Mirror-, Curt .in* and Cornice*. Velvet, Bruaael'a and other Carpets. Oilcloths Bookcases, Drt-ss Bureaus mshogauy French Bedsteads, Hair Mattresses Kea her Beds, Chandeliers, Srfas. Centre Tali es. E tension do.. Stores, Ch tia and Glss-ware, Kitchen Furnlt mint be ore Ac. N. H -The sale will be poal ive and goods ? removed during Friday and Saturday. FURNITURE, CAi'l'ETS AND OILCLOTHS AT ARC tion tuU day. At < ?*> Htid-on sticet At 10)4 o'clock. -Par lor and Bedroom Furniture, Hruwls and Ingrain "Carpels, With the Beds,AC.. of a large house, together with II no, Crorkerv tad Kitchen Utensils Deposits required. W. A. CAKTKH Auctioneer. Stme No. Si! Court andt street Henry h lkuds, auctioneer. A VALL'AHLK PRIVATE STOt K OF CHOICE ODD WIN S OF I HP niClIKST GRADES. HENRY H. LEEDS A MINER will set at ni t on. on Frirtav .I t v 8. at I'! o'clock, at our sales oora. No. 03 Liberty rest, a ! i'\v doors west of bresd'tay. a m>st valuable prf vat" stuck of choice oM Wines of the highest grades very old, some of whlon d .te before the Revo tin vn, 177A I'hey wereeil selected Pt tl o prevni owner, who now tesidei In Europe. They hu\e been etored m this city for many yeats past, and now to he so d without reserve The - have a'l bejo re . o. e,l to our store for sale No other w ine* admit, ted. They consist tn part of evtrmrdlnery flue Mo '.Pirns, atieh AS John Pinton. .1 MeKvers' Madeira. Farquar. Blood good, an] others, date! I77J. Ac.; verv grades, Ac. B oodpoo.t Yacht Brandt-, Ac Samples ready ou morn.op of sale. Hf.nry d. miner, auctioneer-salesroom, *7 N ???! Street eppoalte the Post odloe.?MINER A ROMRKv I l.LH wl I sell, at a'ictlon. on Saturday, July P, at 10'. o' lork, at the-r salesroom, .37 Nesaait street, it gene rsl Assortment of lions-holt Knrnitme. removed for con vemenei o s ile, consisting of Velvet Bcsse's an-1 lugrain C.rpe's rose*oo I and shoganv Bedsteads Ilalr and Buaw Mattresses. Keat'er Reds, Holster* nd Pillows: ma lt 'Rsny >ofss. I'hnirs Mirrors. Kngrarlngs Painting* ma fco tuir end black wi nut Desks: alio, Sharp's Bdliatd Tnh e. with f-'alia an! Cue compete; also, one rosewood 6 oc'ave Piauo'crte. mater L. Ollb-?rt. New York; one rose wood 7 octal e Pianoforte, finished back, molean attaebment, made by J Gilbert t Co. of Button, also, rosewood 7 >c. tare upright boudoir Pianof irie of ver brllhaut tone made bv Del i r, l'arl ?? Also at I* o'clock, in front of our store. 37 Nassau street a gr-ty Mara, 1 '> hands high, e rears O'd, perfect!- sound and kind; also a hay H-ree Wagon and IIaru? vs. also, .VI Sewing Machines aud Needles also. > prl vale Library of Books HENRY D. MINER. AUCTIONEER?SALESROOM :I7 Nassau street, opposite the Post ofllce. IMPORTANT PEREMPTORY SALE OF HIOQ GRADE COGNAC BRANDIES MINER A BOMEKVILLR win selI at auction on Wednes day, JuU 14. at II o'c.eck. at the salesroom. 37 Nassau an eat. an Invoice of tine o.d French Brandies, imported from the house of Perigord, 01 Paris, by A Rn pie , Esq.. late of Broadway, whose well established inputntlnn is a sums ent guarantee of the purene-s and ccnulneuess of the art cte The stock consl-ts of threa casks and about 1.L00 boitles, and is po-ltivclv guaranteed as per temple The a'tentlon of the trade as well as private buyer- is particu larly requested to th.a sale, a- It eompriaes the (meat lot of Brandies .irered at public sale In this city tor many years. Tne above Is all In store and ready for Immediate delivery, and will be positively said without reserve, in lots to suit pttrehascrs E. HALEE7, AUCTIONEER-BY J. E. HALSET A CG. esrooro. Title dav (Friday), July 8, at I0H o'clock, at the aa: P5 Beekmatt end 83 Ann streets, HARDWARE. CUTLERY, AC., Comprising Japanned Lamps, Enamelled Maslln Kettle*. Cast Steel Files. Grain Cradles. Scythea, G mlet Pointed Screws, Ac. Also SOU fine Gum I-oks. line double and single Oiio*. Alto Invoice damaged Packet Cutlery, Sclss >rs, Ac. Also, for account of whom it may concern. 6,000 LBS. STEEL WIRE. A'torwd sires, slightly damaged. Catalogues ready early morning of sale. JB HALSET. AUCTIONEER.?BY J. E. HAL8EY . A CO, Monday, July 11. at 10 o'clock, on the premises, 4r.i Grand street, A GENERAL ASSORTMENT OF HARDWARE, CUT lrry. IIOUBUFURNISHING GOODS, STOVES, RANGES, TINNERS' TOOLS, AC. Also HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE oomp'ttedln above building (4111 Grand street), with the Una Future u Kitchen Utensils, Ar A1 m LEASE or ABOVE PREMISES, being the entire stack of a party declining business, and to be -old without re er>-e. Cats ogues mar he had of the auctioneers. T MQBt ARTY, AUrTIONF.BE, WILL SELL THIS DAY ?J ? at In', o'clock ni ITS Chatham Square. Furniture. Carpete Mirrors, Mattressr*. Feather BMi, Oil Paint nga. Lamps, Beer Pump, Ar. A so a large assortment of Dre-e Goods? Shawls blurts. Straw llau. Glassware, an<1 other Goo,is M DOHOHTY, AUCTIONEER.?PEREMPTORY SALE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, OARrBTS, ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTES, AC. M. DOUGHTY will tell on Friday, Julv 8. at 10)4 o'clock, at ea'etroom 70 Nassau street, couststlog In part of rnaewood. walnut And mahogany Ear tor Suits covered In reps, haircloth and hrncale 1e; marble top Centre Tables, F itension Dining do.; TApestry aid In grain e.irpeta. Curtains Dressing Bureaus, Washatand*, Bedsteads, llalr Mattreases. Ac.; also one Wilder'* Patent < Tire Proof Sate: also two rosewood Pianofortes of modern q|Tle; the ?*hole to be peremptorily enld. G A J. BOG ART. AUCTIONEER, WILL SRLL. ON kj, Saturday, July B, el lOJio'ctoak. at the auetton rooms. Me. I North William Greet, Household Furniture, consist ing of Jofas, Tables, Chairs, Carpete. Parlor Still Boot wee. Mirrors. mahogany Bedsteads, Mattreases, Redd ag. Kitchen Furniture; al-o n lot of Goods to pay storage and ?tpemsea; bosae Seep and Futures, An. HERMAN A CO, AUOTIONBRRS, BELL, THIS (Friday >, July 8, at I0K o-cloek. at Mo. lit Bowery. at public auotlon. M bb s. old Heurhon and Rye Whiskey, U b l?. Marshal's and 2? bbls copper dlttilled Whl-key, K) bids Crew's and 18 bbls. evtra line old Bourbea Whiskey fso 110 caeo* and hasketa Cbamungna, and a large lot of randies. Gin, Port and Sherry Wines, with a large assert. * - e. Waft ?teat of otbor Liquor*. Also one Horse, Wafoa and Hs.r, Sale P 'Sdlve, r r cash W^HILLIAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER?OPFICR "w0 4 Kaat ltro*dwa??sells this day. at lOUo'clnqk y,, c^n tentao; the Oyster end Drinking Saloon, MS E' -j Hon eta MAI.KS AT AUCTION. w V?M. WITTERS, AUCTIONKKR WILL hi LL THIS ?U , at 2 o'clock, at i ???i ?itewt a large en "atity of Household Furniture. Ac . from ihe l*te firu n Winn er ?nil Greene atreels consisting -*??'?<?'* damaged \elvet Carpets. Heir M. enamelled Suite Par ?r do. Curtains, D.ulna *u l i'ua Teh'-. me whole making a good toMirtuieat for ft.utl ee and other* Alan a Singer Sewing Machine. Also gj Mueuulto Nets. Frainaa Ac Also !W(l yards of 4 i Oilcloths, stoves, loo Boxes, with a larga lot of otner article*. WM. WITTERS. AUCTIONEER.-HOKHB, WAOON and Harness at auntion thi- dtv, at ' o'clock, at 454 Canal Street; una faat and stylish Marc. Hi, hands high; one eat of Harness, nearly new ; one Light Wagon, 11 aulteu, Stable Furniture, Ac. UIST AN l> rOUNI). Found-in fourth avrnck, a wATori?thb owner can have it by app jrlog at 10 Thompson street, geacrio ng the watcn and paying for this advertisement. Found?in a fourth avenub car, a silver Watch. The owner can have the same by calling en the Superintendent, at the OlUoe, corner of Thirty second street and Fourth avenue. POUND?IN A FOURTH AVENUK1 CAR, IA PANAMA hat. The owner can have the eauie by calling at the Su perintendent a oUioe. corner Fourth aveuue aud Thirty second street. Found-two mareh. oamb on my plack on Jul r 5. one small and one large Mare. The nwuer can have the mine by applying at tho Jews Cemetery, Cypre?a Hiila, L. I., and pacing erpeuaes J. DbLANKY, Superintendent, HORSK LOST ?STRAYED FROM YOSKBRS. ON TUB morning of the 6th of Jul , a bright bv Horse, long tai . about Hi hands high with one white hind foot, and I" good ornditiou; when last se.en teas at Klug'sbridce, going towards Fordhatn Hill. Wliuov? will return him to the subscribers at Yonkers, or at ih, .iingsbridge llotelwlll be liberally rewarded. SPaULDINO A LAWRENCE. Horse lost?strayed from hunter's point, on the morning of tho tth of July, a Bar Unit, four years old, long tail. 13 hands high, with one white off hind root end two ring l>one? on fore feet. Whoever will re turn her to the subscriber, at Hunter's Point warehouse, will be liberally rewarded. JOSEPH HARTROP. LEFT-IN A FOURTH AVBNUB CAR, ON WKDNES day. Juiy6 a small Parcel of Furs. The finder will be liberally rewarded by bringing the earns to |L. Toplltz, 83 Broadway. IOST?ON SATURDAY KVBNINO JULY 2, IN A J Forty-second street car or Wall eireet ferry stage or in the g'reet. one email, blue enamelled Locket containing a geutleinan's picture; and one large Double Locket enclosing a picture of the ssme gentleman and three ladies: outside of the locket luit als "J. E. A.;" both lockets attached to one ch.iin, a neck chain. On leaving the propertv at the Herald oil o?' a large reward will be paid, for they are family pic tures. dear to the loser. T OST-ON WEDNESDAY. IN A STAOB. A BUNDLE IJ of Ulothea, tied up in a pillow case. The Under will b? an tably rewarded by loafing the same at the Union Place Hotel. JOHN BROPHY. 1 OST-A FINISHED P1RCB OF EMBROIDERY FOR lJ a Pillow The under will receive a suitable reward on delivering the same at 28 Canal street, corner of Rutgers, In the store. Lost?ok Wednesday evening, july ?. be twe"n ten ami halt past ten o'clock. ? Cameo Brooch, either In Hope Chapel or In Broadway, on the eaat aide of the way, between Hope Chanel and Fourteenth street. The finder, <ro returning It to 76 Bait Twenty-math street, will receive a auitahle reward. LOST?JULY 6, IK A FOURTH AVENUE ST AO E. A Carpet Hag, containing two Shirts. Skirt, amall Dregs, one piece Steel an l Bank Book of Botvery Savings Bank The finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving the same at 336 East Shirty second street. T OST.? STRAYED FRO* 177 WILLIAM STREET, A 1J small black and tan Terrier Dog. Ten dollars reward will be paid for his return to the snbsortber and no ques tions asked. J. H. WESTER FIELD. 170 William St. Lost.?$5 reward for the return to 209 East Tenth street of a large Black and Taa Dog. An* swers to the name of Jim IOST.-LEKT IN THE LADIES' SITTING ROOM OF J Luff's Hotel, Harlem lane, on the 6th Inst., a large heavy Chinchilla Beaver Overcoat. The finder will be liberally rewarded on leaving It with K. L. Carpenter, at the Park Barracks. L08T?$20 REWARD-A YOUNG MALE GREY* hound. tan colored and white; answers to the name of Mac; strayed from home night before last. Any one re turn ng him to No. 1 West ThlrtY-fourth street will receive the above reward. I OST?IN JERSEY CITY. ON JUNE 37. A BANK J Hook of the Manhattan Bank. The Under will be re warded by leaving it at the Hank, corner of Broadway and Bleecker street, or at Diedrich Budetmann's, 133 Mont gomery street, Jersey City. I OST?ON TUKBDAY AFTERNOON, IN THE TENTH IJ avenue, a Pocketbook. containing a large amount of Mosey, also other Va uables The Under will please leave It at 13 Pike streei. where he will be rewarded. No queetlone a-ked 1 I OST?FROM WHITMAN'S BOAT YARD, FOOT OF J Fourth street, Hohoken. a light three seat. 17 foot, clinker built Rn v Boat; outatde white, with red stripe; In side shellac polish. The finder will be rewarded bv rn - turning It as above, or oalling at No. 1 William street, N. Y IOST OR STOLEN?FRO* A COUNTRY BRAT AT J New Br ? ilon, Sia'en Island, e pure white Esquimaux Dog. answers to the name ol "Jip." A liberal reward will be paid for him ut the olllce of T. A Co's. 49 Exchange place, or at the butcher's. New Brighton, S. I. Notice to pawnbrokers and others. Stoleu. a lot of table silver, spoons, forks, Ac. $26 re ward for their recovery. Apply at 1C1 Chambers street. S~TRAYRD FROM 69 8BNENTH AVENUE. ON 8ATUR dav. a small vellow Slut, with while streak on neck and breast. $6 will be paid to whoever will return her. REWARDS. /*,*_> REWARD -LOST. JULY 6, IN GOING FROM M 00 Exchange place, through Broad and Nassau streets to 31 Pirn street, or through P ne street arid Broadway to Ru dolph's, a Diamond and Pearl Stud, with blue enamelled setting, valued as the gift of a debase 1 "a rent. The Under wil recelre the sb ve reward anil the thanks of the owner by leuvtng It at the ulllce of J. H. Taylor, 34 Pine streei. Igr- REWARD.? LOST OR STOLEN, ON THE 41 II <gl>/ of Ju v. from the Sir.ens House, Hunter's Point, L. 1 . a Ma te e Kitten, about three months old, with double feet aud s wh.lte spot oil his bellv, and a few white halts on tin- breast. Whoever wll return htm or give Informal on where ho can be found will receive the above reward C.11A REWARD.-STRAYED AWAY FROM BOMB. UP L> " ab \n ten days ato, a small Boy, about 11 rears o d, an Italian, plays the harp The above reward will be given for in,- iiiinrmation that wl l lead to Ills re overy at No. IS Howard street. lit in RE WARD.?DROWNED, FROM ON BOARD V?'" light r Ada. June 28, Henry Krohn; about six feet; aged 26; brown hair, smoothly shaved face; had on a eai co jumper, white ilannel nndcrsh rt. woogen pants and woollen sticking* marked "H. K.' If his body rsn be found the stmve reward will be paid by bis bereaved wi :ow Anna Krohn, 189 Cherry street. Bin RF.WARI)-LOST ON TUESDAY AFTERNOON, iplll In Cherry street, a Silver Hunting Case Watch, No. 28,711. Tbe Under w ill receive the above reward by leaving d at 46 Ko'o.nsou street. No questions asked. (T?Oft SEW i RD ?LOST, AT FORT HAMILTON. NEW gpghU York harbor, On the Mb Inst., asmal s Iver English lever Hunting Watch; maker's name, Alexander Strait on. London. wi I return the same to F. Stewart, at his store st Fort Hamilton, wi.l receive the above reward and the thanks of the owner. '! (t>l)/l REWARD-LOST. A OENTLBMAN'S WATCH, ?gj'i gold face, black numbers, Meeiy Bros, mskeis, ruby cylinder escapement. No. 3,075. Return II to United Sins* Hospital, Fiit first street, corner of Lexington ave nue Above reward paid and no questions asked. REWARD-BRROOKLYN, JULY 5, 1860 dfltv/ Stolen, from the vest Docket of tbe subscriber. In front of the Cit> , llsl. New York, on the evening of tbe 4th of July, an English gold patent lover Watch, with the name scratched on it In one or snore places. "8. Drover.'' W hoever will return said watch to Hoyt, Badger A Dillon, o uner of Pearl and Fulton streets, or vo 8. Graver, st the Wnll House, Brooklvn. E. D , will reoolvo ths above reward and no questions asked. dpr/V REWARD.-NO QUESTIONS ASKED.?TAKEN ?CiiVv from the vest pocket of the subscriber, on Wednee dav morning, in a Twenty third street slags, down trip, a goM Hunting Watch, made bv F Molyneus, Geneva. Who ever wlil return the same to Mr. Moon-, cashier Continental Bank Note Company, 144 Usoenwlcb street, shall receive the shove amount. . SI KH REWARD.?LOST. ON WEDNESDAY EYEN ing. a Gold Lover enamelled dial Watch, with chain attached, valuable to the owner from association* connected with It. The face bore the name of the maker*, Samuel Hammond A Co, Now Turk,(No. 1,676. By return ing lhe -am# to tbe office of W. C. Plckerskill A Co., 47 Wall street. The finder will receive the above reward and no questions asked. $1,000 n,WLOB* OX STOLEN. From 239 Broadway, New Tork, July fi, 1S$4, tbe following United Stales Coupon Bonds or Stoeea ? 5 5 2fi U. S. 6 per cent coupon boads. Nee. 109 to 111 Inclu sive $I.i0.i each. 20 5 20 U. 8. 6 per cent eoepon bends, Hoe. 66,983 to 66,004 meluale, $l.u0u eaeh. 12 3-20 U S. 6 per cent coupon bonds, Noa. 66.726 to 66,737 inclusive. ||.0M each 10 6 2U U. 8 6 per cent aoupon bonds, Noe. 71,663 to 71,674 Inclnetve Ai.OO' each. 4 6 percent U. S. coupon bonds, due 1874, Noe. 2,282 te 2,283 leclustve, $1,is? each, dated August 11, 1888 2 5 p?r cent U S eettpon bonds due 1874, Noe 8,186 and Kit?. $1,00 eech, dated August II. 1868. 1 8 per cent V B coupon bond, due 1874. Bo. 3*809, for $l,(>?. deled August 12, 1888. 1 8j>er sent U. ? coupon bond, due 1874, Re. 6,834, fer fl.itn, dated Aegust 17. 188tv 1 6 percent U. 8 coupon w>ud, doe 1874, No. 13,108. for fil.UOi, dated February 4,1889. 1 ?per centt 8. eoupon boad. due 1874, Bo. 16.918, for $1 t?0. dated February 18, 1889. 6 New Yerk Sold era' Bountv Fund Stack, Noa. 44, 48, 46. 116.11$ and If. for $8,ofif>eaob. 32 ?hares Broadway Bank Stock, for $26_each. Whoever will return the above botds and decks to tbe Broadway Bank, or te John 8 Young, Chief of tha New York Detective Feree. Si? Mulherrr street, will receive tbe above reward and no queetlone a-ted. All persons are hereby centime I against buying or negotiating any ef tha shove bond* or stoexa. as tbe payment of them baa been Mopped. ?ILUAJUM. SHARP'S "WORLD PARED PATRKT COR HI NATION Gtmhion He bu recently made additional Impror* m?ota upon hi* palent cuahton, and hf all of th* nam com petent ndge* who liar* had th* pl***nre of teetlng thai* accuracy and elMltcitr, wra pronoun cad uniurpanaad. Theaa ounblon* are anljr *< ^nr a^pDad to old tabl?? at_ thejnauu faatory. **. 3. SHARP. US Pulton atmet, near Broadway. THR STANDARD AMRRICAN BILLURD TABLR Bad Combination Ciudllon*. The** labia* and cuahlona ara aold dui? at oar factory; w* do not aupptj thara toothar mann'aatnrara in ihi* ail*, either far *al* or toil** on Old, mtehloa* raplaoad a* our Combination ( nraloa*. and ^itaardcd by u*. arc mid Tor what the* bring aod may ba u*ed by maker* of rh?ap tables who ***k a reputation *p *.,thing oo?..? from Rh'slVn'a'cuLLER DIR. Comer Croab* and Spring ?trr4u. w ^?l. ORIPPITH OPPRRR POR SALB ?x riNI ??u.rv ol Tabl*A with hi* Improved (V ,mbinat en Cushion*. and \h* aaina elil* of *?*hlon* now rJ4rte br Pha laai CqUataiar CaU and eiamine, or aand t ^ order* by Mil to If.Tl ORIPPITH. t*# Pouon *tn>V.. ? 1'HK, TilH F. I^llBIOl PLEA-.; ith GROUND j iioi nau. Friday, 'til. t. ai I o'clock P. M , M uch for fl.fiufi ml'ebiwte. best three la ft?* u hamasa. J Lovelt Dam ?? b. g Shark .1. McMun name* a. in Go* .en Maid. wl.l .cave 'i'birlj lotirtb airret forrv ever live >i In ilea, nd James slip every half liour The las', bust in tune to reach the court* will le.iv datum dip at 2 i*. M , connecting wltb the ir. o from Hunter a P tat ai I'-? P. M. JOSEPH CKOi ll f,It'>.?, r. rINT 1IKUK/.E PA ItK PUILADEL1H1I A. ?TROT ting.?a premium of $300 will tie given lor hursea that have o d (rutin.I hotter ihan I til nu'.e heats, hem three in live In hame a, three or more 10 fill: two to mart', entrance 10 |*>r cent; entree to cloge on Monday, llth Dal., at 1 P.M., addressed to the eecre ary; the race to cane off on rueailay, IKth mat. 8. KILI'ATHICK secretary. Ill South Fourth street. If three or more horaea atari the second beet will save hie ruireuce money. SPOATlVOa " Dogs for sale-one Newfoundland and sr. Bernard Hog. Hull Terriera, one Rs.|Wintaux Dog. Newfoundland Pupa, a pair of amall Dalian Hreyliouoda. Hlac i and fan Turners Scotch and Haye Terr era?all of the I .o reel breed and good raltera, lair trial given il Rouse veil atreet. JOHN OKAY. RANCIS HUTLKR. NO. S PBOK 8LIP HAS A LI. TH K ch.dee hneda for aale and stock. H'ltlei a Infallible Mange Core an I Flea Kltermlnalor, 73 cents per bottle. Brider's new Work, $1. Doga boarded, trained, Ac Medi cines for all diseases. FTOR 8ALF.-1 Wfliti BROKEN POINTER DOOS; 1 St. Bernard and Newfoundland Pup 3 months old. of mammoth ai/e. from the Urges*. atock In the country; 1 very small 11 wc* and Tan Slut. 3 poinds weight, 1 very small Poodle Dog Gardner's man e core. Gardner's remedy lor k lling lleas and roaches and all other iuaccta. H. F 11A RDM Bit, 13 Laurens street, uuar Canal atreet. THE OWNER OF THE YACHT LAURA WILL SAIL her against any boat iu the world of her cla?a, for from $300 to $5,uno. Application may he inailn to Mnsara. Braed ley A Lennoi, the builders of the boat, at the toot of Gourt atreet, Brooklyn. HORSES, CARRIAGES, AC. A YOUNG HAMILTON IAN KOR SALE ?HE 18 15 hand* and oue inch high, black leg* mane aud tall, aound and kind in every particular: aix yean old tin* spring; can trot in three minutes to a wagon. Apply at 173 Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn. A NICK BAT HORSK, 15* HANDS HIGH. SHORT tail, sound, kind and gentle; good saddle hone, price $90, worth $126. 27 Wooeter street, near Grand. BROWN HORSB FOR SALE-NINE TEARS OLD, sound and kind. 15 hands high: can draw S,UtN) pounds Price $ 5 Also a Hay Horae, Hi press Wagon and Harness. Apply at 115 Bast Twenty-seventh street. A BARGAIN? A 80RHKL HOR8R, 16 HANDS. 6 TEARS old, sound aud kind good traveller; a splendid aatd'e or busineaa lior-e: price $126. Also a bleok Mare, cheap; sold for want of use. Apply at 46d Pearl street, near Chat ham. Avert stylish blaok horse for sale Flve years old, aound an I kind, and a good traveller; iuat from the country. Fold on nnoount of ?he owner hav ing no uae for him. Apply at 33 Great dunoa street. AN ASSORTMENT OF FINE CARRIAGES, SUITABLE for ctty. park aud country driving; fouje^nd sis aeat Phaetons, with extension aud half tops; Roccaways, Brett-. Coupe Rockawsr* Light Wagon#. Ac MOTT A CO., Manufacturers, 16 West Fourth street A NUMBER OF BU8INK8S WAGONS FIT FOR ANY business purpose, euoli as grocers, butchers, plumbers, depot and eipre-s; vou w II And thi- place as favorable ae any. You csn Rod Stewart's wagon tertory, Fifty-third atreet, between Broadway and Eighth avenue. AN ELEGANT WAGON AND SPLENDID SEVEN vear old Horae for-ale. at^private etsble, 30 Bast Fif teenth atieet, corner of Broadway. A LARGE LOT OF NEW AND SECOND HAND Kockawavs. four and aix seat Phnetnns, Br*ttl, many deacr ptions of Wagons, Harness. Saddles. Kridlea. Ac. ; also a line pair of gray Ponies, live years obi, price $250; also a roan Mare, caa trot In 2:46, price $225. Apply at 1,401 Broadway, near Porty-tirat street. A NEARLY NEW LTOHT PHAETON, WITH POLK and shafts, for sale; back seat hangs low, forward wheel* turn under, and in every respect a convenient and genteel carriage. Apply at private atable 49 East Thirty third street, neer Fourth avenue. A-FOR Sale, a frrsh milch cow, WARRANT ed to give27 quart* per day: also to make 12 pounds of butter per week. Apply at 161 East Twenty-Hfth street AOOOD SECOND HAND TOP WAGON. CITY MADE, in perfect order, for sale cheap. Also one set of light and one aet of heavy double, and one set of aingle Harness for eale oheap. Apply at 33 Great Jonea street. BAY HORSE8 AND PARK PHAETON FOR SALE-A pair of long U led dark bays, perfectly matched. 16 hand* high. Trustee stook, brother and sister; ean trot In 3l4, or road twelve miles ner hour. The t'haeton is Brew ster build, eighteen months old. and lu perfect order, and but little i ' " - - ? has been hut little used; the harness is In good order Mey be seeu et Dilk s stables 191 Mercer street. BUGGIES, nt pHAETONS nod CARTS. . - styles. Also Rockaways and Depot Ho-wn slrtel C3ARRI AGES-FOR SALE, A NICB. LIGHT TWO J teat Phaeton, top on hark aeat; one Top Buggy, but very l.itla used; two light Road Wacoaa, all in nice ordsr, at STIVERS', late Stivers A Smith's. No?. 94 to 102 East Thirty-first street. For sale-an elegant bat mare, three quarters bred, 15* hands high. 5* years old, sound and kind; a atyl sh driver and ean trot In three minutea; is also a fine ladv'a or gentteinaa's saddle horse. Apply at LENT A OO.'S. Palace Garden livery stables, 79 West Fourteenth street, between Siith and Seventh avenues. For sale?a fink large coupe horse, is hsnds high, Ave years old. very *tyli?h, and perfectly sound end kind. Can be seen at No. 2 Snilfen court, Th rty slxth street, between Lexington and Third avenue,s after 3 o'clock P. M. For salk-the celebrated facing and Trotting Horse Green Mountain Bay; has paced .a 35 and trotted in three mlnntea; Is 16 hands high, seven years obi; a good family horse, and warranted aound. Apptv to -REDfir"- " . ? FREDERIC W. FORD. 117 Nassau street. First DtalrlcV Court, for further particulars J30R SALE?A PAIR OF FINH HORSES, SUITABLE , for carriage or light truck. Will be sold singly or 'to i at 194 gather. Inquire et 194 Fulton street, Brooklyn. For salr?capturkd at nbwbf.rn, n c.. a tbnroughhred four years old last May Stall.on. of gf eat lieauly, with nan points promising speed, H hand* 1 inch high; well broke to both saddle and harness; wnrre nted i and, kind a?l geni!e_ J,rlc*_$325. Can ls> seen ?,i I >5 Ninth atreet. Anp'y to B. 8. BROWN, baker, corner .'Niutti street and Third avenue. For sale?a pair or bright bay horri ,g, 15 hands high, very stylish, and perfectly soim | and kind. Can he seen at the Mansion ataoles. cot-net ? eventh areuue and Forty second sired. For sale-a beautiful brown m.u ie 14k hands high, five vears old long tall. scuLil.d ,nd kind, warrantel; would make a superior gentlemen n or ladv s saddle horse; has been used for same. Apply* at OH East Broadway. ETOR 8ALB-A PAIR OF CHBBTNUT *A' RES, 14* hands hgh; sold by order of arimlmctry. e r. Inquire In East Twen-.y-seeond altest, ilrat prtrata Jta ,ie west of Third avenue, north aide. L'OR SALE-A BROWN MaRP. SIX TT gARS OLD. r IS1, hanite high, sound and kind, and H hue driver, quite fast <ame from the Slate of Maine at .t spring; the owner having; more Lories than ho wanla la the reason for selling. Can l?a seen at Brown's atable. ooruy r of Stala and Boerum streets, Brooklyn. 1 F>OR SALE-TWO BAY COLORED HlW ;SES. 8 AND 4 ' years old matched, sound and genii* , for harues* or saddle Apply to .1. KLEIN. Broadway -J? ,'rden. corner of Myrtle avenue and Broadway. Brooklyn* f . y F30R SALE?A SEVEN YEAR OL5 I Ky MARK WITH 1 toal or would exchange for a good J workhorse. To be aeen between the boar* of s and 13 atqg A.M. Inquire For sale?a fine pair ?r Vermont black Horse-, about 13 band* high, sin an(, M,an ;Mr( old, beautiful sty la sound and gentln: oeg lrol |n 3 SO together. Can be seen on Thursday and Trie J _ tt tb. ?r|yate atable 490 Sixth even ue. KjTOR SALE-A FINE 80RRSS , HORSE ABOUT ?? P bends hlith, 6 years old. of, kh ,tyl* and action, w ranted] sinblefl Bevrerv. For balb-agentleman* < complete turnout. consisting at a very hand toy n# |0ngUlled brown Mare, i# hands high, perfectly ao. ?d: h);d goo<| in .male or double harne-s and undar the mddln: can trot in three mlnutee or hetUr. Also.* ate n*h shifting top light Road Barnasa. both f r>* class city makers end but Wagon and B arness. both f , r.t class city t little oca ; together with 4t*e g.t- Robee, Whip, Ae Seld only for want of use. Appiyy at MrGnvern'a stable, I give Une Cnear Mansion Mouse). Brooklyn, of eddreas H. W? box 1,138 B. f. Poaiefflce, 18 HORBB. APPLT at tbo stable# 91 Porayd b (treel. Fm OR . ONB A HANDSOME BLACK; would ?uII a etrrtftn* th? other would >alt ti> preea or.nartmao Iheye r* I3H band- high and 6 year* old. Also a nlse, 5 year old nr Dr, for saddle or light buonaaa; warranted aound aiwMUr ,d. Inquire at WJ Weal Peurth ?t. L?OR BALB-A ST*$ .JgH, SOUND HORBB. THAT CAN P ,ro4 l?.W?nl?i* ?? end thirty aeven second* hews* broken and ha* been driven onlv by hi* preeent owner. Tb* time wMI be cbe* n. For full particulars addreee J. W. W . bee 1.899 rumim iphle Poet olfice.. IDOR BALB-A > BAUTIFUL BAT LADT'B SADDLE ^ . Fnn*. * fcerar 15 henda high; gentle, etylieh. eound b-"?. 1 rtrtden almoet exeluelvely bv e ladv. ^ V J1*!! >hla in Knot Thirty third (treel, firm door soot of Mad loom eg ,?iie. Price $150. |3?B BALE?? AT HORBB, 1$ HANDH AND 3 INCHES high. v*ry ? lyiieh. tound end kin J in all harness Can i ten at |ng Twcnty-eeooad ?t., N. T. FO* . i-TWO NIC! BAT HORSES. WITH double nt no* ? sad Truck suitable for cartlne floor. P double W tin* a sad Truck, suitable for carting go. Mor?ee v *|| matched aud young. Will he cold oheap, aa the owaee has no further nee for them. Can be sen tm ?. ... ...ww .? ,v, v.. ww seen for two days kT ridey and Saturday) at 70 Water atreet, near Tulioa faery .Brooklyn. E)R BAf ,B?A men BROWN ft A DOLE MARE. 18 sr5 hl?h- ? ycere, eld. kind e*d enumtj one sorrel ??? ? 1 **ri old. 17 'aandi high, kind and aoun-1 In nil ? Can be *een,at |i and 34 Falbin atreet. Brooklyn C. A O. S. CAHLL. 'OR SALE-A VERT STYLISH BRIGHT BAY * woree. 13'. h .*d* h igh, long ta 1. six years old, aouod and kfnd la aingle, ..d double barnsaa or umler thr sa ldl#: * Wrfert pintu y. of a horee, and sold only for want of ".**? . he ae 11, .i Tborne's atkble. 61 Wee West Thlrty-Drst Pft/ufe-to n.Asv*. CBS, A FULL ASSORT p . ?enl of, Carrdat:ea. consisting of Bretis, Park Phietons Jwoekawa*'. top ana no top Hugvies, Koad ami RiP'esa W?. jon* Haqmeas. baddies and Bridle#, by D. W. 1VB8 A CO, Ci BALB-A OOUPR ROCKAWA*. WITH POLB ind Shaft* In good order. Apply at Banaml* eiab e?, a street, a.-ar Court, Brooklyn For balb cheap-an elegant pair of bl?ck Hawk Hares. 14* hands high, aound and k'n t. ee,n trot In 116. Sight and nine years oTd. Per pariicn'ar* mil oa tbaowner. T. B. HI*:KB. neer Mllhurh, N. J.. ?'K, at fey lor'aeerriage repwltory, WOe^ff street. N. t. ih'Ksrk, CA.titnuK*, Mi FV>R: RaLK-Ti;;.- LIVKRy oTaULFS M AMD 70 BASK bti m near F?? WVUBH two JHaT WyllAkB ho. tS,,w P ""d "" ,op Wr,.?f?to? awar rl.e n U^'JT a ?t* *e*t Reck 1 IP 1 ? -1kt> . ou 11 i ?Irect F'?Lr*-A ' ,N'K COa(!H- KOOKAWAI, BUT LI T nearlvJ\u'!!\ ' thoroughly re,,?,r?1 .ud peinte 1 And AUu a *' Jl OBBAP?P h \I *?r OK tr.SK a ham) theoouutr* i i ! ot "oree? yu-t from I aces aSd an iu weU made king ;,ar. iinr?(.r i o oi-o r i !,irr,' p"r ??rth?r information in lldc-urod ' X "tract. irlio Will slow kUem F'Tef/ufli'b'Sftf A K,N,; l,ARK kOKRBli HORSE, I mtuii.l and ku. i i*1 " *r<?t?f or doctor; warranted I F"!;u' 1 VKBV STYLIS? rrown i for warn of uw '^niiS It 75'*"d { F'yeaMoig iiiun ^' "T^ ??0D "AKT UOR8?. fault: ha a hei-nu ?.'!i 1, , *ud ""freula.1 to be with.ul HUH, li.ll Iflca U-???a to a brCKlkl-t ndkl.V nil* aaar lJ . | t F0 Bn.^AI'BMC",F^''~S P "8 AL. RI'KOANT ??' T 'ffiT &T? j iice AiLuaa, t><? cedar etieci. oppo^to the I*o?i F?Bu^v1^S"KiP-A 'fl'KNDIIt "BW LIGHT TOP In in ret1 tf ^ " V'kaskR'H ' ' ?f xih' '* ,?sl iou etreete FRASBK'B. corner 01 Roade and Hud H?ffi5 ?^A?R WA NTKIJ-M i sT rr .SOUND, Wisia^^??sr4' UcUr.. K, C . i?j t"? Ki'Vii """ TTORSEH FOR RAI.K?A OKNTLKMAN WISHES TO k ./rp ",p,,r"( apt riled chosniul aorrol Mam* ft and A >?ara oi l; nan trot in 3tq' 10pole; warran'rd sound inrweLhiSri'i.M^ lW", he*ly Vwt ir"UTy;ar.?0H, an Itveighlng I JJOIbx.; alto n splendid Pointer Dog well broken Can be seen at lftff MyrtlS evenne.Vonk "n ??*,"?? PRIME TIMOTHY. DELIVER I P*b,JVKZtl7$TS-rZ.!XLrn 1 rSK'MS ??# SfJSSSWi'Jil been used only four timea. Prl-o JIM Cell ai I'JO West forty Hi ai slieet, near Kigbth aveuue. CKVBRAL sboono hand coaches two ^a^!ineC.J;A,.0ueJ',,,t,"x"8at R;"-kaway. ,,ne Hrett, one PfaaelOD, two top Waitous. two light curtain Coaohra on* vrith perch, nearly newr. Will sell clu? n> one Cabt ioiet. - MOTT tk CO., 1H Weiit Fourth street. T?orT^?0N ro? ?alh-oke suitable for city or toed, iu good orler; sold for want of use. Apply at ivw Heury a.reel, iu the atahle. between 9 AM. and 3 p H ty-ANTED-A GOOD FAMILY HORSK, SOUND AND dl.?. ?lii r? dll,eC- Prle,> not to "*oeed $150 Ad dress, with partlru ar-. J. v. R? hoi A06 Post odlee $90 Waion. WLZTr qi3i:horMrncOO^'6lter.treer tW? m"ntl"- Io. COPARTNERSHIP. A N OPPORTUNITY TO INVEST JI.MO IN AN EN ain i?i?'rSr',e whlch 1,18,1'? an Im-ome or mora than Jib, l per annum; will require no tline or attention from ths party iBTditlng. Address WarnlngMn sUt'on 'j! A "?tahJL1?!8. ,***-. HAVING a CAPITAL OP J.1,01)0 M, i?n. ^"u 'nvB?l It in s manufacturing or commlaslnp ShiIVoi' !.oopmunlcations strlotly coiiilaeatal. Address with full particulars, box IDA Herald offlce. Address, A T??*N?I ^^A.N? WITfiI r'fTHKN HUNDRED DoIT 1^ '?ri, wishes to enter into a parttipraiiiD with noma nn. offi^.'ne" ilreAdr ??Ub.Ue7?!itt-MB0um.rn0enJ. A ttgClA.N?! ?. ,*AKE monry.-l. vkr. ??, ftr-CKE, the renowoed Grmnaat. having a troupe of tlrat ria s arttata and being about to visit Canada, Havana anlnmr ?? d??lrei to flnd ? gontleioao wltli monev to take Twelfth s'reet g*m9' Addreaa L. Vtrreoke, No. 57 East A N extraordinary chance to maici money JoThi'? ?? partner In a cash enterprise: no patent n,n?ie * sure tbiog; a fortune is oertaiu. ..oly Ji,0)0 re room No 6 41 MO Brnidway. A partner wanted-with about $>w\ in an I^ki ? j'fir .*^?^d dining room: one competent to act as. hV.-,Uk porinaneot and good position; location, near the Astor House. Address Parmer, Herald 0IH0#. D?PARTNER8HIP NOTICE?THE FIRM OK BENK R^ntlrd "S,n ,W.M d^ ''T the death of Mr. James Benkard on the 21?t dav of April Htat Th# tinsinsss of the will be contiausd by the oorrtvtag partner under the ?ame Arm name of Beofeard A Huttoe. Jotr I. 1864. BENJAMIN H. HUTTON. pjOPARTNERSHIP NOTICB.?? BROAD STKBRT. h^?s nflt S.H KlngAan<l A Ambrose C Klngsland, Jr . hare this Jay. by mutual consent, retired from the Jrm o? ninie^ r - .8u'to" * C?h TPe remaining partners, k ??n" o' Aoibie?e <? Etngslaud and Cornsllua-. Ei.2 . will conilnua under the tlrm of D. A A, Kings land A Sutton from thifldfete. Jul.* I. ISfll. D. A A. RINGS LAND, SUTTON A CO. " "n^er"1?De<i have this day lormed a copartnerah.p under the name and utyle of A. U. Kmgsiand A boos. The business will be carried on ?(> 5ft Broad street. AM BROS h O. KINOSLAND, . , GRMKOR L. KINOSLAND. Jolt 1.18M. AMBROSE a KINOSLAND, Jr. DISSOLUTION OK PARTNERSHIP.?TMB COPART nersli p whicb-bas eaieted between John Barrett and riiumaa Murpbvla now dissolved by in 11 teal consent and henceforward the bnalaesa will lie conducted by w w . , , THOMAS MUKrHY AND COk Nrw Tore. July 7. 1854. Druggists .-a yocno man c e good bkib rtence. with Jl.itiu in cash, wants an interest/or a ?ituatlou where an Iniereat may tie hid after a time in ?-me good country store. Address X. B. W.. cars of rials, bl Aon St., New York. Notick.-thk copartnership OF WARD. STKtT ART A CO. Is this day dla-otred by mutua. consnot ?lame. Fore- wlihdrawlng Irom lbs > uslnsss. Ward; Stew*, art .v O I lira will use tha name ol tit Arm in liquidation Nrw York. June 2.1 ISftt. Partner.-j o.Af.' to jzu.ota-A special part. ner wonted, in u whole.ale grocery house, of first class standing e.itahUsbed and desire '.o extend thel.- business. To one bax .og tne "aati thl- Is a goo 1 opportuuitv, safe and very prod'able First , lass references exchanged Agents ne--d not aaawer. NocouimnnLat on noticed uuless in real name and addreaa All cotirn ittlcations conUieolul Ad dr -ts S|?tlal Partner. l>oi ISO fieiald olice. Partner, with jiso, t?. take thk financial charge of a pleasant, legitimate hnnne-ia. well known ntblsc'.tv The iKiat cltv reference given and required, an l every facility for Investigation. Addro^i M. B., Ilerald olllce PARTNER WANIED?IN A STATIONERY, BOOK and newspaper busloeas. Apply at I6S Weal Thirty, sesoud street, from !? A. M. to 4 P. M. DAVID HOWH. The copartnership heretofore existing between the undersigned Is ihli day dissolved by bii tuai contaut O D. ANHLF.T. ?_. k . , , ... WILLIAM WKTHERBBB. Baled July I. 19e4. OAVIN H. WATSoN I he undersigned have this day forme I a lire i?<t eopari asrshlp. pursuant t? the statutes of the State of N?w York, under the firm name of We'berheo. Watson A Co., for the piirp's- ot fan arting a general Stock Brokeraie Business. In which O. D. Ash lev la s special or limited partner, and ha*, aa such limited pHrtner. tanl in I .e sum of Lfty thou sand dollar. (Jftu 11001 In essh WILLIAM WKTHEBBEE, ) johnn# Zfgsr' r""*'Partow Dated J^L tg?L*J' Ptrtw THB COPARTNERSHIP HRRRTOFORB EXISTING between Harmon K Wells A Jonathsn S. Chr ?ti? un der the firm of Wells A Christie, hselng been dls* > red by the death of H. K. Wells, the bu.ln"** will hereaTer be conducted by the undersigned at their old tUnd. Sft Cort landl and III Liberty etree , who will settle ell clsltne due %a? Melnet the eeld (lrm. J. 8. CHRISTIE, Nsw York, July I, ISA I. WANTED-A GOOD, ENRROBTIC PARTNER, WITH a capital of J';0? or J6 -ai, to ensage In the menu roctura of agricultural Implemeats In Baltimore; busme-s ls ejtebl'ebed: facier palteros Ac.; all It wants la oapilal. Address W. H. B., Baltimore Poet olDee. WANTED?PERSONS WITH BOME MONEY. FOiTa very profltable msnufa.during business. Information will be given at tha office St West street. IhSOn -pARTNRB WANTED. TO TAKE AN I.VTBR ?POUU. est In a oaeb buslnes. whi ,h w ll bear the ch>eeet inveet'gatlon To a reliable man willing ta attend to busl neea. liberal terms will be olTered. MILTON A CO , *W Broadway. I nnn -KARTNBRWANTRD. WITH THB ABOTM gH.yUU, amount to jota the advertiser in a well sa ubiished cloak and mantilla bnilnees, or would a all out te a ' cash customer. Address for two days Cloak*, B erald office. t%x -WOULD LI KB TO INVEST THIS Av.tJV/t/. amount la eo.ue nr .fltab.e cash jobbing nasi pees, with service#. Ad.tress Zeno, Herald office. $.5 0(10 tpJl.!itj!8r,Wa',tiLd w,th ?9000! S. xHs Y* lefl"msie, pleasant busluea that will pay lift, on the Arst year certain It Is uo humbug. ar*l snv parson meaning business sad wbn can furnish tha meoer ?' ?nc> mey apply at ??' Nassau 'treei, room No. 7. S'Jfi OftO T0 ?w.w? WANTBD-WITII A part. *^? _V\' ' ner la thebaoxiii,. bu-lness In Wall strsst. Address, with real name, bos !M Aerald office. CLOTHING. SURER PLACE ?AT JSS SIXTH AVENUE L \DIKS -_ *nc gentlemen will And the fair and houeei tealer B MlNTl. te whom they can dispose of IhtMr Ceet Oil Cloth ? ng ( arpete. Furniture and Jews rv. al i.ftv per cent more than by other deskers In the cltv. f pr>-n|,u> to pay the fol lowlns pr nee ?St1 k Ureses-, f.ora $4 to J4.V Onats Ji to J 8, Pante, JJ to J7 Also for Woe'en, lie sine and Mus lln Dreaaes the huhesteash pr'.-es wilt he paid A .wll or a hy PO?l will be pun tnallv attended to, Ue lies si tended to by Mrs. Mint/ Please reieemher the original B Mlntr and the number MX Sivth avenue, aear Klghieemh suended 'lo'*'* *rookl> " 4ud ?'""?V City punclually ATTAYJ?*--m SEVENTH AVENUE. H ROSBN BERG?I take the pleasure to announce ?o the coir W,"?'!* ,hs' * tbR highest prloa la the eilv for Cast OfT Ukitaiag. Carpet*. Purn lore. Jewelry, Ac Ladle* and gen tlemsn, I aasoreyoii that you will be dealt with to your own **"al*ction calliog on or addreuiug a note to, by post. '' RG^RS-IIKRG. Ill Seventh avenue Let Is* attended to '?v Mrs. Pgxsesberg. Orders wtll he attended lo o and out orthec'ky. ATININTION.-AT r/? NKVKN1H AVENUE. M. MARKS takes the oppcrtanllv ta aim unro te his oustomara Jh'.t ha has advanceu fortv par oeni on th* usual pruw* for CasI Off Wearing Apparel. CsrpeU Furniture Jeealry, do. as w* have a groat demand for ihe#? artlc ca for 'Jew Orleans and Callf'Tnla -larkets. I Ad ea and gentlemen Iter, lug any of the >ame to dl-poae of cannot nip b< celling on or addressing M. MARKS. HI Seventh avenue, near I'wsixts Aflh street. Indies walled upua hv Mr* Mark*. LCAHHHERO PA rs Tilri lll'.iil BHT PRIOR FOR , 1*1 laa ami Gentlemen * Cast Off Uli.thfive. Parties welted on bi sddreasing L. 'lashberg. lA Raat Txvalfth ?trccL near Broedwav I*di*? watlr. I n oa i.y Mr* 0, A31U9EMKN 19. NTthLO-B HARDEN I Lcx-ee ? ii.l Uanatfar . tt'M WIIKATLRf TDK RI'MMKR THHATKE Of Tlife CItT_ TUB ILLUMIN A TEll UA KDBN Ol'iiN RVBRY EVENING. ...... La8t MIUHT BUT ONB Of TUB DUKK 3 H9VM FRIDAY, J.ilr $, Will be performed John Brougham's crebratoi DroAOO 00 I! ue4 TUB DUKB'S MOTTO, Tlie ileui of Riiiiian'.iu 1 lave. WILLIAM WHEaIIKY, tu ht* original end highly miooeaafol "haivicr of CAPTAIN 1IBNRI Dlt LAO KIIKIIR. ?uAniued In llie prinoi|>?' ro ea by Mexaia 1, o H iroott, J, C Nutiaa K. Lamb. B T Itlnggo d. J. W U audell. S Holmes, J. Reytnoor i Willi a-?j|. ,U , Mi* >ea Mat.' Ron.' httiuve. Skorroll, Ac.. Ac. Beautiful Ko.ieier . M*iia hceiM Dreiano and Appointttieul*. Orlg i; il Mo air, Norel BlTncia. and Double Cnrpa de Ballet. Mimical Conductor ........ tlureey B. Dodworth The Management la happy to annonnre that on eiigami moot has barn elicited with the dlat tipus ied arUate. Mias LUl ILLR WKKTRHN, who will moke her f'rsi appearance in (IiIh TtteaAro -m MONDAY NP.XT. JULY II. AS OiARITA. lo tbo llnnd Rueottcnlas Drama of. THE SEA IIP ICR, which has been lomn lime In preparation. OLYMPIC THEATRE. Le*.-ee and Directions. .Mr*. .John Mood COMI'LKTR .-tOOGEBH of the Inauguration of the eeasen of RNI.IBH OPF.RA, With the following dirtlngui-hed unlet- ? MAUAMK OOMTK ROROHARD, MIC. WILLI \M CASTLH, AND Mlt a O. CAMPBELL, Together with a POWERFUL COMPANY Full ohortis and ofllolenl o. chest re. tinder the dlrm iloi* .X MR ANTHONY RUIPF. THIS F.VRN1NQ and every kvknini; this week Will he presented Wallace'* Grand Opera, In three ant*, milled MARITANA. Willi the following POWERFUL OAST. ? ?^ar r^^.rC'cS n ,5 dnw Mr. 9 ^ camnb*1! K^ Obarle* II. of Spain ? ? ^ . LazarSifo :::::::: .? ***** *???? MmhtooeM Mr*. * VTOgj Manager of Op-ri ... ........ M r B. A. ua .? | lu active prnpar*11on.^AuIi^er^ Oruj I Opera or j Door* Open at 7)?: commencing at S o'clock. ? Beat* ecured three day* in advance. } WOOD'S MINSTRELS?511 BROADWAY. | Opposite fit Nlcholae Hotel, II. orv W<*wl, Proprietor. The best ventilated Ilall in the oily. MONDAY, July 4. and every evening dur na'he weef. Hamlet Thoughtful R motions; Running the Blockade, Old Maid's Lament, Flnnluan'e Wake, Don't (let Weary, Instrumental Solos, Songs, Dunnes. Ac. by THE 8TAR TROUPE OF TUP, WORLD. Doors open at 7; commence al 8 o'e'.onk. Ticket* nr. CAMPBELL'S MINBTREL8 ? 1 AT T1IRIR NP.W HALL, 199 awn 201, I Opposllo Spring street. OPEN EVERT EVENING. . I Bri'llant success of ?. THE MASTER HAND OF THE WORLD I Pronounced by nres* and public ? UNEQUALLED AND INCOMPARABLE. NEW FEATURES, NEW MUSIC 9CEVwRT j NEW BALLADS. In abort, EVERYTHING NEW. The hall being circular. Is at all timet oool and pleaaant, tveeiving It* supply of fresh air through TWRNTTKIGHT WINDOWS, SIX FHBT BT FOUR. Tickets 2A rente. to all partajjf the boiuw. Dramatic notice -the undersigned is now. and will be, dally, from 10 A. M. to 3 P M . at his efllae. ^Broadway. cij^nfJHn^^ A" LADY WITH A GOOD VOICE AND SCHOOLING wishes an engagement for a first class concert for ne*t winter, and another in a-Cstl.olte church. Apply at S6Spring street, second door. Brooklyn academy of music.?Monday, July II, benefit of Mcsara Brldgman, Cunningham and Walker on which noes ion the entire dramatic company from Biroum's Museum. New York, will appear, together with a numerous host of volunteer*. N aTURB UNVEILOD a? nut NEW YORK MUSEUM or ^?/BEoadway. pathological WO(1DEB8 AT TUB NSW TOKK MUSEUM OF ANATOMY. 018 BROADWAY. W""??'TSS?S., mi ATTHH NBW YO?K KUHUa OF ^TO*JWdwaT. Banjo instruction.?we guarantee to make anv person a perfect performer on the Ban;* In one eourse of three rnontha' Instruction. with or wtttout a pfe *tou* knowledge of. the Instrument. Banjos furnished for practice ?" u DOBSON BRO'B. I?l Broadway. MUSICAL. ^ . A si-LBNIHD PIANO FOR $225.-0. A B. BARMORB. manufacture;*. 348 Bicker street. Bevente.m first prize modal-, warranted for five year#. w,lh01" the best piexo made, testimonial lroai most dtsltnguUt ed artiste. A MAGNIFICENT ASSORTMENT OF HOUEBHOLD A. Furniture for sale, ihe property o: a family leering tlieclty. Planofnrt , E'agvre. Bookcase. Parlor hu''*: ed with French b rocs tel. Curtains to match, Paintings, Htatuary rosewood and 'talnul Chamber Furniture. Cluing S?m China GUm and Silver Ware at a Merf fee. Inguiro atllSWjat Twenty third street, near Sixth avenue _____ T" MAGNIFICEHT ROSBWOOD PIANOFOBT3FOR A snie?Made by Broadway ma-era. In u?e but 7 jjonths. oost ffld'i for *TJ5 Including stool uud cover: Parlor Bults o .st AIM for *22.; Ktagere* Mirrors, Painting* Bronxea. Stat uary Silver Ware, toning Room ard Chamber Furniture al a.aorlflcJIn.,nire at lid West Twenty third atwet. near Sixth aveaue. a pt-DRriRONS VIOLINB. GUITARS, BANiOs, A' Fh.tea, Fife*. Drums, Hrss* Bau 1 and Herman Silver ? -miruuien's. nt.i Trimming* of ?.*ry description. Prl e l^ wni un re- pt of -<amp Silk <Ion.. Strings for boi .....v., >5c.- U??t Italian Strings, 34a.. malleo. raeathei.-sc., kkEDBKU'R BLU MB. W8 Bewery. ?a l true ?A LADT WHO IB THOROUGHLY COMPE M tent U> teach the rudimente of Muse. ^ Bk# to abtsln a tear more on moderate term*. Appij at 34 Pika atreel. Pianoforte for sale?at a orkat bargain for cash : lias hsndaoin.' rosewood ????? *"*? i??"?? Kreoch cvand action, brilliant and t'Otverful tone. A.. In iJT ert 5,"?r Price $!?'. Call at 10 Allen street, near Cana'. 117 ANTED ?A PI ANO 1 GOOD TONE AN D M AKE V\ An one wlah'.ng to d.spore of cn* for cash, addrcse I H II., Herald ottlce. \\< ASTS.D-tN A VRIv'aTR FlM.S Y. IN THF Icj VV nliv Of the cllv, a gentleman who is * prots-sor o, music, to lesch .child .he |dano; French at (1-vtjt.ip ferred Address, with full particulars Music Tsaofier, Herald ofllre. WANTED?A ~TENOR. ALTO AND RASH. FOR A minstrel troupe Sa ar; sure atidgoud mi APP'? Immediately to Frank .Maocanlls. Central Hal, lit Grand vt. WANTED?A PIANO TLAIRR; A YOI NO LAD5 prefe red. snd a coupie of young is He* to sttend In a saloon. Ai ply for twodaisat 4M Broom# sl. INITRIC^IOR. A CARD-GOLDSMITH'S INSTITUTE -PUPILS ? n K*a nrEua fl<j for butloost F*d'io#<l cb*rnet <iur lag the ..rirmef month A In*.ruction in Book keenly InCTon P"""n,blPOLI Y^ B'uOLdTm 1TH. P' n 78# Broadway, enraor of Eighth street^ T WKLL EDUi'ATF.D GERMAN LADT. JUST AB A arriv'd and having been foi seTaral .earsgovere>-se m ore of ?h# flrat loetltuiUne in St Petersburg, Huaata. de ?Ir> a a sltuatlun a. ..tverne-. with a. Sha speaks Freocu J and fl.ier.llv ?5*? teaoh tiuiale and ho* no ohiectton -o the oountry lleai refe rancee Inaulrr of L. C Hoditian. No I Whitehall street, New York, or atlNn ? Verandah place, near Henry ?tr- et. Brooklyn. ; a ?" I S'lPTS ?T'-nSliho^TBoLs'irfSiTTRA?.' w?>*. - TNDl'CATIONALTBACHERS WANTED -FOEFEBNCH. K music and painting. Correal ondeate wanted in each ^.a^nTtowa Teacher*. $M0 to $1,800; corr^ $300 to $?kiO Address American Educational Un on, .13 Broadway. ?W*H OGDBN HOFFMAN'S FRBNtlH AND BNOLT9H M R<?rdmg and Da. School 17 Wert Tblrt^alghlh ?reOt, ^rmtpoa on^ed^rtUy ^J^a^.^P^.w,.fS\r:^Uy an-wred. ?> gfua AIKKN'B 8BM1NART FOR tOUNO LADIBB, u .??ysf.'uajCTTBa ti ?SPAEnt.->4 MEXICAN LADT, W?<Mt TBACHKRS ?WANTRD, ^OR CITT, LADT FOR rapiHe'd ne*t^Monday" W ^opa^u todj^for" ImportMjt fr^n?dn ? BRUi'hN.' Actuary. Amarican Schuol '.naltuu#, lStlOiand itrael. sear B.oadway. a , - - WANTRD-A TOU-.MO MVN. TN A BOARDING to assist I ^ the tuitloo end care of a ( nnmber of puplla A pply at No 4 H id?oo street. Hahoken. 'flATIUNIOMlEI*. A YOUNG MA'.e OF MEANS, ItUT Bt NO MfcANl A J\ mean m*? who baa lierelolur* lad a wild, hareiu a.nretu life, ha' ,ung lataij fal aa I0'0 ? Tv heroine a tleve* to the "hrlne ol asatnniunr.w ou. d^ tl k eta 1 epoaaeorre# 10? >nrr w th a vaun* lady poase-tad ^of I?aa aabe good ','mk* reUnem"Bt aud intalitganr*^ ,a Aa,oa to tualrtnie nTi Addreaa Harry Mortimer, boi 13 Abatoa I Spring-. N t ? I TVV ??? f sMTir" FAY. FAIE. BUT NOT FQRTY, ' 1 A f<r l)f * joke, though now *er'u'laly la? v^vS??5&s i 'above all thing* elea.aale ^ n^aurah # par I ofhne. far tree Week. AltM'UKMKNT*. WALLACE'S. m |||? AND EVP. RY NMHT DURIMO THE W KKK T'jm einlnaut Art. oe MISS aVOKIA JONKS, In the uew plsy (t"i which nh? bu iieea eiarnaaly ?rwurAf Lewie KUmirg's justly celebrated au 1 Lutuy a ira'tiy# L ruiia TUP WrNvfNU H'TT, The uioet popular legitimate pioduct uu. acted la Eu and f># you re. Anil Never be'orc performed m America. ILLCS I'RA TED BY HEW Sf?MI Ry. NBW COST' MPS. APPOINTMENTS. OKltJiMAL Ml'SfC. And the following brl'llant distribution ? Don Podf? Mr. CHARLES PldHKK Co' nl Bnderlc Mr, A. H DaV KNPOitT fosof ...... Mr. OBOKliK HOLLAND tlnn Alphnmi, King of Castile. Mr NORTON Captain H-haetian Nr. p\LT v.lla Nova Mr. Wlf.1,1 AHsON ?Canlaln A ve? Mr POPB Juan Mr BBOWNM Oreila Mies AVONIA fONtM Wrmnoca.-* M ?e IONK BERKS With the favorite Spanish none, Le C da?a Heel.-** . .. Mrs. Ji>HN MBPTOM Th* New (ternary I.y . laherwood A Engl** The ' oatumna Ay Ben col oo Tlintnri Yiua: Mu-w hjr Mr. Molleohour Tho Properties and Appointment .. .iir ...Mr Tlutooew THE WJNNiNU rt(Tl T will he reneateil EVERT EVBNINO DUnSO THE WP.BI Doors >pno at half put 7; Overt* w* oommonuoo at a piarter to 9: Curtoin rlaee at As conclusion. Boi book, now open. Broadway theatre. Corner of Broadway and Broorae street Mr. OEOROK WOOD Manager The manager has unfeigned eatlefart'on In annoauclog an engagement for a limited period with ibr YOONO. it K AUTI PCL, FASCINATiNO end highly aooorii|ili?hnd Artist MIS8 HKLP.N WBSTRHW, who. after ? moat highly successful tour of three yeare throughout the orinetpai oltlea of RNOLAND, IRKI.AND AND SCOTLAND, and lotterlv in Canada and all tno principal western oltiee, will make her Ural apoearance lu New Yore on MONDAT BVBNINO. July II. ISM. In her unequalled impersonation of the * FRENCH SPY. ? the edition and mnslc thereof being those need'by the eel*, brsted Madame Celeste Mtss Western wblt be supported by an efllrlent corps drametl<|ue. Full pertleufara in future announcements. NEW BOWERY theatre. So'* p?,"ILr'"tfw Mr. J. W Uncart FRIDAY EVENING. JULY d. MM ... hEiNB11^'T.0,r MR "koror davenport Aotrena, Bqenatrlenne Protean and Melodramatic ...? . *I8S KATE HAHBR. la the Drama-of THUNDERBOLT AND LIGIITFOOT; The celebrated Pantornimint ? ? M , TONY DENIER. ? Rory MoOulre. Mr. J W Smith, J00". Miaa Elttle PvTe, Mr. Dm RroMai, * "smSvTCV m-b?o?B. " ?OBte:.vr.v?v - ::z?.iBaSB RENDEZVOUS. ? sruuier BAKNUM'3 AVRRKIAN MU8RUM. VBLY i. AH r TWO DAYS OF THE AK A SON THIS DAY fPKIDAY), JULY H BENEFIT OF MI88 MAJOR PAULINE CtfMHMAN awn JHE UNION SPY A NO SCOUT, AND IOSITIVELT IIER^LAST APPKARANOk BUT Will be acted at .1 and 7\ P M ilia comedietta af THE MARRIRD RAKE. Cuabman Mr. Flighty Mr. J. M. Wart Ami the Irish farce of barney tub baron. a.... ?aIIR,J M- WAE?> AS RARNBY. It II A M., and 3 and 7L P. M. . .. M'?S MAJOl? PAULINB OURHMAN i 8lPKf?-b* THRILLING NARRATIVE of her *XiSSliQA&VS*- CONDEMNATION and RBBOUB. I and EVENING at 3 and 7H o'clock, ' 7, .?"iC^D,1 AND ELEGANT MLLB. BrfNE8TIl/lI. | ian?e? b*u"fut 8eul' LA RATIONALE, and atker ' . CLIFFORD, the celebrated Ethiopia# comedian. In h a favorite Songa and Dances. r.tMlfl0i!;?J'KWr PATE1T v**T?I'ATOR. driven Or iVir ,'n dnrlna each performance, drtv 0..S0 ilSUSi"" tbrouah tbe tectum room 30,000 FRBT OP I puUldy the MINUTE, rendering this India j COOLEST PLACE OF AMUSEMENT IN THE OITT. ? To lie aeen at all houm, the marvellous afkican mud fish Brought her# In dry SOLID CLAT. FOUR BEAUTIFUL SEALS. Joat oepiurrd, will be eihiblted sporting In their Native Element. _ I"'he na?r Mammoth Salt Water Tank The qreat Giant Olr , tbe Oolosee! Fronch Oiant. the Twg 8ni?U? A Doarfe Living, tbe Three Albino Children, Bom I , A'l"erla, Two tiring Kangaroos Living Porrupln*. | * Inlatui-e Skating Pood. Three "ab eaui of^rtag WTi I Figure#, the (Janeral Tom Thumb Bridal Group Houdln'n Automaton Writer, the Musical It Educated Seal Houte Sirunnla and other Ctirioeltle*. ' Plirennlogloal Elamination# bv Prof Llvlngaton Admission 26 oaota. Children under tan 16oeata. ?f?RYANT8> i15 lutTE^oIi a.'aiffiii MONDAT, Boiraa d'Bthlope. mtereper-ad with Jokeaand Comlcaltllaa. the BLACK chkmirt BLACKSMITH'S JUBILEE, HOPE I DON'T INTRUDE. ? QUOTE RP8IOHORK A NOLOGPBDALITY POLLY ANN, MAC'S F.SSENCR ON TO RICHMOMDl STOCKS UP. ^ Nolan Seymour and Dave Reed. Poors open at 7; ourtaiu rijea at 1 o'clock Ticket# 2S eeeU A CARD?MISS MAJOR PAULINE CUBHMAJT beg# to return her sincere tbauke to tbe ladlea sod gentlemen of New York, and atraogera vlaitlng the clt? for the luttaenee patronage be>towcd upon her humbi# effort#, and the Innumerable eota of klndneea which ahe baa re eelve-l from their lianda. She aleo deatrea to announce that hor Ileeeflt and laat at pea ran--e but one w II take place ah Barnutn h Museum on rildif ?ft?rnoon and evening, Juir h, on. which orenaten. In addition to tiumeroua other noveF liee, Mna Me;or Cuabman. bealde glvlug an account of htf adventures, will bare tbe honor of appearing ,ta Mra. Trie for tbe^ IIrat time In Now York, In a petite faro- ea tilljd "The Mairled Rake; or A let-aon tor Lovers." ems talned and aaaDted hv Mr. J M. War.l the popular Irleb comedian a# Flighty, alao aa Harn-y the Baron. T cketa may be idttained from Mlaa Major Cuabman In l^raon ; elan at theoflloo of the Mueeum. Broadway academy of mtsic. Late HOPE CHAPEL. 720 Broadway. Crowded houaca to wlttieaa the great Maglclenn* . L LA UF.LLK HAI-ADO In her wonderful Tricks and Tranaformallona. Kren eveoin#. at S o'clock. Sat-ir lay afternoon at t. Admlnslou. Tjc. Reserved aeal , S c. IRVING HALL -FALLON's ST1RF.OPTICON. Thle 'FRIDAY ) Kv> u'ng. at S o'eloek. Ac on it rvi ehaiige >f urottraitiuie, VIEWS IN ENGLAND. IRELAND FRANCE. UKRMANY. ROME, AMERICA. The moat beautiful Statuary. _ Mo ,ult>ht Effect, and Local Vlearm PORTRAITS OF 0*K OPNRRALS. E .cb view covering a surface of 8?J aquare feet Admiavlon 23 cents. AAA -AMERICAN THEATRE, 414. broadwaT, IB NOW CLOSED, after one of the npiat auc-.aseful year# in the Tanoala of ainnaetnent*. The uianatietnent feela It h dnty to eipreea hie gratitude for the r?m?rkahl>. au reea and patronage that thla fav.rttn place of aiiiiiaement baa received FOR Tllg PAST FIVE YEARS It la a aatufa. t on to tie ab.e couacientiouafv to add that thlaeatabllshment haa re.-e ved a patronag. which baa not been aurpaaaad or equalled by that of any place of amuea mcnt in tno world Thn manafr idedgc hfmaelf that no tlfort on hie pelt ?ball be wanttn* tn merit a ixintmuanoe or tba taut. the theatre will remain clo ed fur a period of ? waeka, during which aeterel aiteuaive alieratlona will be made. Reiuodd ed, paliited. upbola'errd and Jeeurated. AND WILL REOPEN oo or about the ltth day of Atignat, IS?4, During the re.-eaa tba company will proceed -o Beaton, aaA open at THB BOSTON Ml'SBL M for a abort fa&mer *?? on. When thejr wlli again reiuro to toe -oene of their former trlumpba R W. BCTLKK, Manager. IMMPNfB ATTRACTIONS FOB THE FOURTH OF Ju y, and the fo'lowiog week, et tbe old original ORIENTAL MUfilC I1ALU PM Broad war?S#2?above Bleecker. Tbe fairy waiter- of thla aetabiUhmrnt wl'.l be arrayed In new and brilliant ceetumea tor the occasion. I lu.trat ng thn dreae ?t thre# irnpurtaal period# In Americsin blalory. vTs ? 177d. 1S12, l?*H These ladles thirty-all la number are deeld -alp the mnnt beeutlfiil epeelmrne of fem nine oeelineee in the metropolleu eed aseaugere vlaitlng New Terk upon the anniversary of ourglorioua Indapeaden<'a would do well 'o vlait thla BOWgR OF DBUORT, for tie magnUlcenM and varied beautlee caaaot be Imagined, tneeb leas described. Fine Co 'ecBon of Pamtlngn, Grand Illuminated Dacoratuiaa, Bxtenaive Bhuoting Gallery, Sui error Wlaee. liuiiov- and hagara. Most cnptivaling l.atly Walters lu the world. AdniAslon free FRANK BURNS. MKLODECN Wl BRO VDWAT. 3K. MNLilDBOR. UNPAR.tLLRI.KD ATTKACrtONS THIS EVENING. Besides UiA wonderful uoteitainmebi of Negro Meloillee, Songs Plantation S- cnet. Dances. Rur aa-pte (hpeyae. Do - eta (Joarrna Comle IMeh and Yankee Honge. GP-es, An., tba proprietor has ad led to hi# of attractions OLOO'S E' YFTIAN FaNK IMPORTED FY HIM AT A COST t ? F $13 U), rendering tbia tbe e?ole-l place In the country, aa they keep a c ,rrent of coo! air continually |as mg through 'b?' pl?aet and the- are oteeated hy ra? of tha Egvpllan Oeianasta. who alone la ? apanl# of ke#| log the motion. Aleo, Mine Geaera, Anna firvl oo. tae . KENTUCKY GIANTESS, who aa? on erhihillon at Peteiahurg. aud aec.iped l?-teg ths laal l-ati.ic, will appear and give her esrsh n of Sotiihem chivalry, as she bae travcllad lha whole country gurtag thle rebellion. In vartoua ooatumea and oharartera A ltnleal -o 'res. admission free. Wanted. I(W young ladlea to terse re reabineata. and Ml In ths ballet euros, roetumea furnDhed. GEO S HKYDON. Director. TO THB DRAMATTi PROFESSION OF AMIRICA.? Lulier and Geat'emrn?In view of tbe rreavnt imw cial coadltion ef the couotrv. u e-ll m tbe srhtlrerv one atructlon p'acrdhv tr.anageta upou the engeaeiueas- entered llt'o with artlete le every department ef tbe dram*, a unite 01 action la eonsidrsed litdiapenrab'e for your prefeaelooal Vrotr- noil You ? t toviiad to meet al '!??? Asior Neu-a. on lendav, July II, at 3 o'clooa P. M . le a-'opt meaetiree f*r the fui tharaoca of this most desirable abject. By order ef TH? UOMMPTER. BARNUM ? MUSEUM. NOTICE A FIRST RATE LEADING ACTOR REQUIRED FOR THE FALL SEASON, COMMENCING EARLY IN SEP TKMBFR MI8F ANNIE WAITB, THE POPULAR YOUNG TEA gedieene. and Mr. IF. H. LEAK, are prepared to a ego bate With manager* of theatres for .tar eegagamenle. Their repertoire of plays le very large. Inolullni several new pieces, neier prmluenl In Ibis reugtrv. Address J Conner A ifo., 26 Went llou?lon street, N Y _____ TiriLLARD'l HOWARD ATHRM.EUM, BOEYON -THR YY subscriber ta prepared to arrange with nor* ff the ensuiag season and can be aces fee \w* weeks at Jaaea OeMBug k Oa'g Ik Wsd Hou-tne Mr set HRI^RY WILL A ED. UAN.IO AkD Jia DANCINvt TAUGHT. BY THE RE. P now ned JOHN FOG AN "raanufkaturer eed teacher of tie beeP?, No BDeeeed ere-^ie t?e?? wodergte. B*u loe 9t MyeBcr ta%e foe aei*.

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