Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 9, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 9, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 10,157. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, JULY 9, 1864. PRICE THREE CENTS. THE ALABAMA. Important Dfttails of the Fight Between the Kt>arearge and the Privateer.^ Otr Special Despatches from the Deck of the Kearsargt. Authentic Chart ef the Scene of Action* Surrender ef Captain Semmei and Uia Crew te the Ctmmaader ef tin Kiarsarge* lew So Lowered His Flag, Tore Oat lte In itio it lake It a Flag of Trace, aid Trailed It 0?cr the Stern. The HeM Message and Messenger to Captain Window. Ibameful Breach of Faith Sub kequuutiy. frisonera Taken Awif by the Snglish Yacht. CAPTAIN SEMMES' REPORT. Suicides and Mnrder on Board the Alabama. Tlett te. the Wounded lp the Preach Hospital. Correct List of the Officer* of Both Vessel*. HUB OP THE WOUNDED UNION BBAUR. lewretary Welles' Letter of Tbanki to Captain Win slow. British Sympathy for the Rebel Commander. ?hums' Profession of Religion When Preparing for Action. graafian Rejoicing Over England's Sfaval Defeat. lew Privateers Preparing la Eng land and France, At. 4s.. da. THE HERALD DESPATCHES. Out Cherbourg Corraap*w4?maa. ?? Boa an Varrsn statss >coor or Wm KaaasaRua,1 Rami: 01 C!ta>iB<ivao, June 21, 1864 J Maili tf lit >'t(a fie w? a (Ju Kmrtarge and Aluhamo? flu 9+rtndtr tl the Ai-ibima?J^sAmrabU Cvnduri tf BbpM* Semmet end Hit Officer*?1 At Snfluk Ymkl ffiuttktmnd? Paeta^dty Conauclof Some tf tkt Alabmmm't qffi ill ft Ojflcrroand ifm R.teued by tAt Ketrtargt? |B? Armament* tf (A* /Vo I? tdt? The 0<mages la U? /Coarser**?Further i'arttculart tflke Action?Tkc Orm tf Uu Alabama? Errtne-tii RcptrU?Tht Officer! mnd 1 Ckvwef flU Ktartargt?Tk* Alabama?TKt A tart* rye? , IB* AVrling w I'trie, Jc.. dc. t bore been spending the day en board the victor jbo* vnaoei, making an etaiutaailun of ber, and listening an tb* description of lb* recent battle by ber ctnioonder bad be gallant oflicere. fliia vlalt ha*, or course, ewobled ?W to add aany interesrtiug particulars to tboaa ft van In ?f latter of yesterday; and, Bret, 1 desire to Impress ?gea I be American public a fact which none ot U>* Eng. hah er French Journals. In any of the account* which I yet eeeu, have oven alluded to?a [act which place* i anbeoHueat ausouct >/ Captain Semmea and several of I oflVer* in a light not particularly favorable to thotr 1*1 a* houorable wen. Now* *r tbo pebutbvd account* which I have jrot seen atate that tb* Aivbvni* surrendered, while some of the eympwiblxiug Kftgliau journal* picture ber ae going down WtSb 'hor colore fly lug. Now the reel ft' mailt and dil $m*U / turrndr-rd, and Capl. h* in met and hie e.Hcers, Who were takou from tbe water,should bate surrendered gheaweivee ll*'wl*eto Oapttia Wingl rw as prls.'aers ol run srnntpnsa Tfes Alabama silein|it*d to reach tbl* port by aetftng ?air but, Uniting that tbs Kcarsarg* wan p>piJiy over Mtlng bar, ah,< fired twole? g ice m token of surroueer, SOd at l? e raw* time (eh* baring no wnlte flag on b>>?rd) ?w re bo I flag which had been Bring at ber tBlaenmast, Wee bei'ied dowi and th < red "I n en" being turn from M, leaving nothing but clvu* white. It wee b'JOg over tb* etern an that it could be distinctly eeou from the Coaroarge. Tiny then lowered tlm stern boat, ?ad soon efto. wei d' tur Hosier's iu?to <wino alongside. lie en me *wa rt'ik, nail was in Ota SiTIri sleeve*, without any ?word, In .king a* though ho hid been band at work Vpoe ??eing aased who aud what be wan be gave bis 'ISSN a* tulhata, hla net lonelily that of ae B0|llt bmaa, ?ad la "oa'tlori an llSster's mule ?? tbo Alabama, lie ?leuJ that Uc bad orders to airrwidbr the Alabimt, Wbtci- be declared t? be In a sink r ? <*md t'oe Toe men, feaaaid were being drowned, and a* an a* t of humanity ha begged to be pertained to return with bie head aod p^k ap tb* mea. lb s waa grtaied by Captain Wlaalow, who of oouree expected that Fulbatn w u:d re (MB who tb* wen wbam be might ear*. Instead of doing ttto. bfOrever, after picking op several men, be surted Bf the Hngllah ya.-bt Deerbonrd, end, es couutertng ono dtf bar boats, put hp wen end himself lab ? ber, turning ftMown boat adrift. They ware all taken ,-t board tbe Ms Us a rorbi. the rtfloer* who were ptcknd np hy the bftvts of tbe ?aaraorge ooaflrmed la all particulars t ha above ata>#d Man uf lue turreoder, and evpr*s**d their oproioa I hat ?boe<4? .sutnw ??? tb* uAwra saved la tbe txwtaoi tfcw THE NAVAL BATTLE OFF CHERBOURG. Scene of the engagement Between the Rebel Steamer Alabama and the United States Steamer Kearsarge. KBARSAOI ^jj \rAUA ^ U \ / ENGL / S H! C N\A AT N E I AtABAMAMJMKHF/iff yu AM &&MOMS Of ******* zi&m. j0ft*y: i\\ ????, ?? I I \ ?? ^.-r y j j \ ^ MSOUE'ST tscsr eatsy gJLSA r w A r ?" -tS QUERQOEVILt E BENNEV1LLE COVPl ?qucbor?v]lle fia , SCALE OF A/7/ ?3' s^L CHE-BOURO-^n^. /V , -W^ **'/?' * ? CO ACOLS Cngltth yadbt Drerbouod (the number mai bow to her# kMi thirteen officers nod twenty-seven bob) wodM bo delivered up to Oaputa Wtnatow. Captain Wtnatow him aolf had no idoa bat that thai woo Id ba the oaao, or ho wooM have brought tho yacht to. He oould not believe that Captain homines, with wboaa ho bad beon long and Intimately personally acquainted, and whom he had al ways considered aa particularly a lea aad seasltive upon tocbnleal point* or honor, would act ao dishonorable a part: neither ^did ba beltera, with all hia kaowledg* of tbe perfidy af Englishman, that tba maatar of tba yacht would dream of doing otharwlaa than aurroodar to htm hla legitimate prlaonera. Tba* ba auftarad tbe yacht to aocape. It la possible that Captain Samaaa will deny that ha autborltad aaurroader, ao ibis la tba only excuse ba aal clve for hla tbua break tag all tbo rules or clflll/od warfare; but all tba ofltcera and man taken distinctly agreo that tba Alabama waa surrendered. Hero I* another sample of tbe bad faith af tba Alabama's offleara. Tba rollnwmg oaroRT or ?H. aronDaao, ktpio m *??#*> va*b, made to Capum Wias'ew, will explain what I mean ? GaptaM Jon* Winnow, eommandlag Called Stale* BI"U,| Ol-O'ir Ke >r*a g* ? Fib?1 reikis tfu.iy report that arter the artioo of ye* tar day, a boat feom tbe Alabama, fllled with woun'ed m n. #n lco'nau,tngO?e< raixuffi era. mane aloQgnde, and e'ter tbe wonode* mm *.?r? rocaleod on tvard lite oilier* aitad i?rnii"M<<n to re cue Sums men n no were attll float lap. I gafdtbom this oermf 'ton and tbay abieed off A'ter pick tig up one or tw? tbejr hauled alongside of the Knglltb ateatn y <clit UOatboOBd, leu tug enme of tlmtr ni' u in tbe water, and turning tbe b* it adrift Tbe ya bt ?oon after Sal,ad aoaj Willi the*# ufl'cars on b ard. I ae cure the*# nfflcira of abandoning thair meu tu drown aad bebevitg to * di.luwnrabio manner emta rwnoviaw or ran xaamaana Tbera caa be no doubt af tbe foot thai Semmea sod hi* oncers should be legitimately the prlaonera of Captain Wtr.alow, wbo baa olrarly let forth all tut above facta to a raiwirt to tba Secretary of tba Navy. Three officers and all men ware pinked np by a French pilot '.ioat aad brocgM on oboro. (aplalu tVinMnw alae eonalders Uiaoo moo as legitimately at bla disposal, and baa demanded from M. Buaflls, tbe Rrtillian Cctoaul, wbo la also acting tu tbe capacity of ageat lor tba "confederacy" aero, that tbay Wiall ba surrendered to btm. In caie they are not ?orreaUAred Captain Wlnalow Intends ordering en board tbe ttva ofltcera wbo wars picked up t?y the b eta el the tfeoraarge, aad who, I incorrectly stated la my latter of yesterday, bay* been dirchnrgod by i\?pUin Wmelow upon parole. Seventy men aad officer* In all wore re* aned from the water by tbe boat* of the K raroarge, and Uiree boat* abaadoued li? the officer* of v'be Alabama Wlieo they took relay* e* beord tbe Ptnwitelr yacht, and ?aw* ???? immediately Mktm hv the Jbmraarmv Of the sixty wren left at* *m offlMn. The men ud U>? surgeon were discharged upon their parole eel u take erroe eg stoat the United States'or to uj nuur assist her enemies during the wnr, nnlcre regularly ezrhanged but tbe other Tour?Third Lieutenant H. Wilson, Third En gineer Puodt,Chief Engineer Freeman and tbe boatswain? Captain Wlnalow retains an prisoners, but permits them to remalh on shore upon their word of honor that they will not leave the towe, end that they will repr-rt thnrn eeiree <oca In twenty tour hours. Now, In erne uf the rei.sai of the others, who were pi tad up by the French beet, to toiueou board the Kearaarge sad surrender them salves prisoners. Captain Wlnsiow intends irtle.-iog tkjse four offi< ers on board and keeping ttuiu in couiteeiueiii. <r. course It is entirely optimal with ?b-*e whe'ber tkey leave or nothing binds th ? ? bnt their |>*.</?#. ? aeuantrrt or t?s rksnne. The armament* of the grv.t*?-.lrs rewe'g are u fnl lows:?Itie heara.rg* (not Kearaafcr, as her nnme u* neusily written,) carries two c.a**n inch 1 ahtgfMS. ecnrmotia (>ios, carry log each s shell weigh.og ? is hen dred end fhlriy ?sreti pounds. Tbeee genu, wnicb dio tbe miwt elect its and mlrwtlsi wore tie tight with the Alebauta, are p>gb*d etu usblpe. one lore and tb? oluer aft of Uie engine and a-? worked ihi pivots. He a?iea tlieee are four ibirtr-two peccdars ' nd one r'd" g n. s thirty.pnodsr pivot gut> on tbe toracnle, but wM< It win not ihl.i v t on. Tbe Alabama t arried two | vol guns, mis . n etgki l.rh V.?s:i?h gnn.etrrvh k * s'rtv e nbt pound shot, ?ndtb> oitierareielOa.i l*, <n ca eying one bunure cud ;ee po .tid.-, and mix thirty two p .aider* The o -re:? In weikb! nf metal, it wiil has- n, waa. tberar re, sixty-two p indi iu favor or tb? Kear?ir?fe. Filfv five of (be itnuece Jb'ili were th-own from tbe two i ah gre'i gir * ?> * ??* during 'l.c b ti e, and, at I he'-re *?it"d one betake I a-d set 1 four shots were 0rs I b* b?-r to a I. rml it e tha. dotibie tbat number were S-ed (root the M'ib.ima. Tbe majority of III* charges nred oh tath ?i>! ? v ere of .beds. v*:r u< n r. * ? /it * In company w Ik First ).? . ? i,tr ' opsv " Tb irlon, one of ike icr sail, ty oi... ?.a ?u 11# navy, an. whine a.ill iu tbia broncho bid Kf>M i I ? e t cess was d'lt, I tttve cat It ecu over the <?' ku r.iut i round me hall of the i-eaniaig?, lsap<-ettog the >i?: tag* d?ng to bar Is tbe rweM cmoCmt. dotvte of the I ren n and Fug li?h ttaper*, and particularly .lobe Lt,ie?i:vr. whoftu yacht, the iteoih mul. piaycl the part of teotrr rod id to the rebel pirule. dsa^ibo thit aa sent is. Hub is by no the cuae. Ibe t\eirse ?e doitid. If sue t b te. leave I'hvrbtmrg tnoir.iw, and. node.- ordio. ',v ? 'rc si stances. ranch the I'elleal ."tales Iu tbe ord , try time V pa??w(e. 1 weuty rip hi shot ami she!' S'ttck and loft m rka upen her. Of these fniirteeo struck her hi 'I, Jd the "there cut In among her rigging, 'dne went utmugh lite auiokenack. >ne traced ibe ho,over the eop'-.c, toverai waul turongb fd-e baimnock ueU'brfS oi.e carried clearly away a crane us vd fur railigg ab??lie, staudtop nsar tne alter Iteblgreo gnu. and twnelrucfc and efdintcrcd iho wrod work with wltioti tie eh the litiog "n bsr side to protect bsr b <|lers wsre enva-rd, Tbcae chains eikad a ivo.Vu of atsiiit thirty reet e'ong tbe sides of the sbip, at d ere simply covered with ptai-k log. It waa this piinkiitg wbV*h Ihrel or four of Ihn Alabama's eftole sfr'tck; b il of ?*?or?e it ta ? ni?ra plena of carpeeter w irk to nut II on eg.vln. The nea's?t to e-rl oeely damaging . not wse that of a shell ?> i?!'-.!? en tered her stern coat. .ra> ur it># bud) far ? teeesn m in feet in Iti passage. TV* wu ? hundred pounder perone al'* ebelt, which lodged In the ?tam post, going almost tbrooiib it, but not exploding, tbe fan being driven clear into ine abell.and, aa la supposed, saving been wet bp tbe -.hell having atruck tbe water, reaching tbe veasel upoo arwo-he. Had thi* shell exj oded it might have reused aertoue damage to tbe ICa.iraarge. Aa It la, tier commander doee not oven tb'.ak of beviog a new atere poet put M at pretest, bat will put to sea ie a few daye and b re the alern poet changed at bis leisure. The tmokeotark, which te uraeldereMv shattered, la In pro se** of repair, and tbe rut rigging baa already been all put In order. The Kear??rfe 'a, to fact, tr, a condlllou sow In wnteh she c nid either ream out to aea or tight another battle, wiilcii latter Ler commander, oft'core aau rraw ere desirous or doiaj ee qnkkly ae paeelble, and j only rogrdt that Uia Florida a-.d itappabannoek bad not beets p.e,-,?ir.t tvasatr' tbe Alabama, so that abe could have rid the eeaa of then, ail at the .<?ma time. v. n?na ran a-Th* t >* ft*, * re tbe deuile ef the battle which I gave you to my lettn of >e?ierday there is little to add. The d atacce f: tu the re r.we-er, which ie---" out the sea from toe m m > <a ;?ort 4 Gbeibourg. at - uicb the fijit toon place, ??d winch in various y.'alien 4 aocouau bu.i been ems*.'**? elated to ba from nine to ill teen aiiae, was really a'-tout lx mile*. rwa am en Tba folic wthg la a correct statement of tba commerce mac' and u .Street persste .f the f(k>, ae kluly fur aiabeii o ' by ' ui- cur - i;tb. of tbe Kearaarge.? A- twe- ty mtnatv a t ten A. H. we diScoverMl tbe ? a bams ctatoj out "f ;ha western p*ee*<e. We steam Su tVad, ?tending off ebor* m order to be tare end get ou f tba territorial waters. At ten mtnuica to e> iven, being then dMant two league" from lead, at tared cur eour>e and aptiroacbed the i b una. At tin ? tu autee before e'"v#u th? A! burn tost n,fi) tb? action with * .urb- rd br> ><1sMe, at a thousand yorda ra.iga, and t-red three broad*Mo*. ?i iwp m a-ti'ia i *t eir-.ia *e returnad ccr fire -tnd r,"ui fati v into action wh,cb co-iiie :e<i until no .a, ebon, > '??*?v "* ? ,m* <f ?l i^. in tan < newy, together wii! ? t:-n o{ bra, our S't-waa u ' bbeld. tt ie.i inn.tee ???( tv.? ;?-e a V at ifi a? officer Moo,-aideand sirreu letrd *,e A a',?unit, w-IU tbe tl -i-i istHi t that sh vr ra ;diy Bin. ay, *00 a rotine*'. 'cat ii-f w? sfji I'us i, t.oh and send cutler, ire rco >ib?r boatr befng dl-a' iud At tweaiy f"ur mitn.'.c. ttfnlrt tho A'.bami wut down, fbashi.wt. as l stned In my lt!?? r- ?,te tUy, "> :gbl lu s elecl'i. SWh fellewlng'he other at mi.eodatH I* ?i>-eof from ll'-e to "irht a ret j-a--N -? i?n in this maim" k' ?t the starboard side, from which eecb v?< e! ws< lighting, bea, itjg 'pun trie starboard il le of lbs Otb<>r. Put n* tiie bat'ln tbey went uruine 'lie circle seven times. ti?c onrrtMit. nowwver. setuio th- tu i olb to t'ie wretwtrd and nearer the 'horn. After tbe Alabama tun rd to g ' In shore, an.l in? Keirs.tfn p-trsued her, t- s dlitann- froia the j!? e .tf eommOBCb : lb.; tl?ht via ooieiderabiy iactdaeed, and iiui Qgbi eud.-d and ipo a is buna Went dt-vii about imir mi,as iroet sberu it ?.rl<l ii ti-v coeiirt adsd The free Ob trou olso trbcuteUour went oat w'h the Alabama, end, after ee<nn? bor safe net ol ib- terrltorls' waters, returned wttbin the breakwater. tm'- wutisimii o.v tit* sunsasoe. A* 1 Informed yen, but three men were wouoded On board it,ii Keansrtie ? .1 un W. iH'ini sejr tbe uuerter aut,nor, btd bis arm as shattered that It waa aaanutawd inai kietow tbe abeuWer. William Gowtn (or Owlnn), the lag. Jamaa Macbeth. an man, was wounded la tba leg. Natlbsr of tba latter seriously. rea ?rar-T4TOM or rai nawr. Fifteen thousand people are aal<1 to bare wltnraaed tba flgbt from tba breakwater and the surrounding ami aeacaa. m?*t* oif ma iuiki. Aa near aa can be ascertained, tbe Alabama lost over thirty men killed and wounded Her crew was one bun trad and fifty ro*a end officers. Slxtv seven of these were eared by the Rearsarge, forty we-a token on b"ard tbe yacht Detrbouad. and nine wera brought Into < her bourg in a French pilot boat, leaving thirty-four unao eoanted (or. na in aw or rut rtsar* A large mojoriiy of lb? Alabama's orew wera English and Irish, there bo ng hut ten iiatire b >rn Aroerieso* ?u her crow list. Most ol tlie oflloers were Amcrlceos. Tbe crew ere generally One lonk'.og, stois men and there ia no doubt tbat aorne well traio?>dtO\oallaBt gunners, wbo worked ber guus during ibe engagement. had been seal orer trotn tbe reserve coriw in I-n, lend. lhey were pr >l>ably brought by n i ngilrti yncbt sod put on board tbe Alabama lust outside the territorial waters Tbe priaonera br'igbt on board tho Kenre.?rge were verr much surprised to learn that tho guns ol the latter bsd not been worked by Kogliah gunnera. rut naum aiioeaiis mars or rat ?:otrr Tba Kugltsh atttl I ren -,b papers in tho | miliero Interest are enoravorior to croete the impre'o tbat tbe less <T tbe sl-.l.sme ? as oaused b> areaiiy superior advent igca Iin sire end cs ibia ?>' gaus ? u tk? ps.-i of her adversary. This, however. Is not tbe tart, 1L# 'ootiaeeo.' thesis bams was a little greater thin lb*' n( the Kearrarge, | and, aa I bare above stated, lb* . afibre oi tbe latter ess | ui all but sir.ty two iwMiudg inofe tbao the bower 'be I Kearssrtre' area her sot e ? gtratly, P ?# true, to her lw > beavy I ia'.'graue, otp principally to her w .1 ? er.or eom-rn trati.ui or lira, and b> i t re tu<o i,n Ireiumg and dis rij 'itie. S'eiriy all her crew sro Au n can '?ifn, end ma y of them are rti sj bit, si- m lt>? h:l!? of Han mi tre. l'lte veaae.s wre, h werfr, lo all resiw.'u Ti*rv enuelly ma bed aid it w ?n ,ini>o ' tot fac In n<-. <1 hkttorv the lk,b; !>??? .*?? tho iieir sirge and tba Alabama la lb* first ?e< wMcb baaavertaUea place aov wiere, or at any lime between two sMarie team rebels ol noil sve and Hl'Cftlb. Her ttbe Keaie*re'-'s) aae notch t e'irr ?"iiutr< d than that of the Atsbima H or officers and in-n, from tii# ibwtiiur'tp-down ?< ?# >? ,h'Mar'H-e u !?'i-rt' < d lor ? ir.v r Tb"J facts and ber tw < Pablnrm'S, ami it may bu ai l, I hope uM trreva rcnt'Slly, the farvr pf p 'tflty who Laloa pirates, a!! cota biaed. gave m the victory. it u rep rt? d in its m of I ha paper* the' the Alabama w?? disabled by a butetrtk ng and breaking iter screw. Tbte tb? oTSi ere of tbe rio.i'sarje state t? act lb" fa d, butibatsbn went down sh,u|!r bscsuee tbe wst-r ren wttb tco groat tup'-llty Into the bulea at of# by tbelr aliot and ahull It Is ?;?> i*.or ted tn?t If s ha he I not been clieab'.ril just es ho w it aba would Liken tbe Keir earae by boarding. If tbi* v. ere ?? aba certainly gave no evidence m t, end all tiiosa '?Ha" prove not hog in the ?natter If sbo had not etrock ber colors wlieo "he did, ( apt. W Btkvw uvea that be would baro boirdrd her wthin ten minutes All the atortea about Capt. Wmrl >w bev'lng sens a cbuileoge and arranged tnc eonfiltlens of tho tight wIth Semtnrs ere without foundall u. Tho tnly thing In tbe form o' a cba, snge vatnc irum Capt Seminen. and sat in .u' siaiK u wbat I g ire you yeaierdiy. JCMaatawa. bowavar, tba as>ra?r? wee wticbiag tba ?urates, or which mmi SemTee *u then commander, Itliikrilur, li baa bum ?eh undereto >1 lliat whenever tb- Ki* nil ge met Vniino.-. thaie would beaflkht. on* of tbe I'tria iHiri-aK ?t4ina thit t'a t. Wi* : w not he in u ma are hr there 'u-u v Tbey arc not related t> a eli otbsr, but bare long been .aruai a?.( intimate friand* each bmioj a high eiilnluri of Uu) otb r'i per ?'nal courage, determination, tic Hi end personal honor. 0?pl. m ravl >w is ditrffi' banted u on tint l itter joint by lb'< ii.ehnijorabla cuUi^e pmsu- J by .-amines ,u escaping after euri"uderiug. OF TUR S'llRSAR'ia. Tim following it a I let of the otOoera of tb# Eearserge ?? UuiSata?Joun A TYiuslow. /.?? utewaMi 'Vie nan er? l'icon S. Thornton. .Surgeon?John M Browne F'ly Mailer?J. A luaiit smith *?p?(t?rr??fhief, William II Cuahuan ^ond Aa-iet ant, Win H. Badlara Ihi d a aiiunte, Fred. L. Milter, Sidney l. Smith aud lienrv Mc? oeueil. Aauifj jtiut,; i?James K Wheeler, Ebeneaer U lilod. dan! mil imvid H dumoar Mitlampmnn?Kdwa <1 K. Preble. Qumnir?F. A (iratum Jtoattudin?James Watlcm t/nser't Mate?< bai lea tl DmtforlU and Kara Bartletl. /*ay?witf?r'j (, lerk - lluDiol R -Urgent. Oup'aia'i C'ter/.?rielb K. Murtwei! S? won't SLeward?O'eorge i. Tune. .Paymaster'? XtewaU -M. Altera Yeumu,m?C. B. DeWitt. C.AFTHI* WIVILOW IS a native of Nortli Carolina, and la a brave, determined, euergettc ofllcer. He baa burn placed la contra ud of the Ki'urnargn since she cainn ou to the coat I of Europe. The Pint Lieutenant, Mr. Thornton, arho formerly oc cupied toe same poaltlou on tlia United Staiea tlagabip Hat tRrd, has aiao jomcd.lirr lo Kuroiie, l'bo Keara?rue won built in Portsmouth, H H., and this Is brr flr?t crul?e. the has been away t venty nmeaa uUiH. Moit of bur oflice. s are New tnglanci m?i?, and a bout i ortf of her ore* are iroin N?w !tamp?iiire. Sttti derives her name frout a lofty New il'impshlro mnuotalu. She wan at Flushing, in Moll mil, on the Sunday a week belore the tight, and, receiving news that the Alabama had aijjvtd, immediately got underway and came of thM p'.rt. Tint aLAuaM i inn mmsrona. re sailed frotn England, where sun was bv.ilt, srmeg manned, a yoar ug? last tieptember, and nee ever ali.oo been ip-oadine deaU action oyer tbn water* el tbe (lobe. She nan cAnluted and rsiieomed ie all slxtv seven vessels, forty-live vf tttese *be bus ao lually destroyod, taAloc from tbeiu their olirouvmelets end valuabie and portable, tapuin Setnmee kept ail '.Iicmi cbmuometera in bis cabin, end tebsn he came Into Cherbourg made an at? plicatkin to he permitted tosell then, but was Informed that, elnce the Congress of I'arie, Kronen lew prohibited the aele of any articles In the torin or maritimd prizes In French porta. At midoight the day pre ceding the battle Captain Seinmee put these chroeome tern ou board tbe Poor bound. During the day he had pieced In possession of If. Hod tils, tbe rebel ?geotk property to tbe value of 118,UOO Iraocs, consisting prhv cipilly olm nej aud watches piunderud <rom American veesuls. These were dlsiiosod of by e testament, which Captain Semraea left also In the hands of tbe agent. All popera or value were placd with the obronnmeters on iheard?tbe convenient Reerbmr.d. Thank Heaven, the career of the corsair it fully ended, although some of the French and English papers hoostingly assert that by thw litfi of August hie kmgllab friends will haw lumiahed Captain Bemmaa with another Alabama. If tbie W eo, 18 la to be hoped that the Eesraarge will aoon be able lo en ? eouuter her. WORK on TUB KIARSiBGI. On board hore, as you muy liuagioe, everybody Iw posy The captain and m ?ny of tbe olllcara are engagsfl )a wrltinc oof reports, and the men are occupied In puw tng the versel In order. All complain of being a littlw aore in tbe leys. The iaearaarge lies about a mile and a half out ir>-m tbe basin, or about half way between its heed and the breakwater. J oat abend of bar lbs ironclad frigate Couronne Is at anchor, aud aat ru of her Mie Magenta. visitors to thb winsIHO 8BV. Hhe received e good many visitors yesterday and la IV. To day the Admiral and Maritime Prefect of tbW pert, M-r.'npooy, 1a calling upon Captain Wtnslow. Hw egpresnas hun&eil highly ilellghied at tlio excellent aoaa eer in which the Keerearge fought her aatag"nlst. AS a general rule, the reeling here la oa our elds, but princi pally lor tbeee two reasons:?Firstly, we have been sun. . careful, aud Frenchmen ot ail ranks and oooditlona wor ahlp success; and, aeoundly,ell ere delighted with sad ehuokle over the (act that our noble lads of tae eiear earge have eo gmlaotly wbt. psd screw of Knghebmen. Letters of congratulation trom Americas ambassadors end consuls In Europe, end even trom private oilizaae, are being constantly received. Mauy of theae iMplain Wmelow bus re id to the crew at mutter, end tbev are received by tt>e gallant fellow* with great delight. Everybody on board, from the commander down to thw me:?seeger buy, of course feele proud of the P'M h* toon In tbe recent acti<?; and well tbey may, for tbey all tleuarvo well of their country. All are atixtoow fbr *n thcr brush with tho Florida w ho when last beard of wan at Martinique,or tho Kappahaooock, which will not probably now be iu any particular hurry t-> get mib of Hip port uf I'aUi*. Iu which direction tbe Eearaargw will rXA iu finir or live day*. I should not be doing iu-ii ie to rnviclf or theofflcerr, of the Keaiaarge didlcbae this ha-illy written account without, returning thanks in ihein, una and all, tor m .ca klndoe^a, und for having alf>r?ied me every facility poM a.biu for ubtaiMog accurate and rulltble information reie> tlve to the recent battle. To t'a dam Winslow, laeutee. ant Thornton, ur. Browne, Paymasier Smith and Chief Kugtnrer Cusbrnan, with whom I have b ou more pailiO nlariy brought In cont .ct, I -m extremely indebted for much k mines*, etteutlon end ?aelstan>:o la tbe pursuit at my id v as ligations Mav all ibaae noble and taliaul ofh cora, and Hie hue crew u tier ttielr command, be as suo ccusiul in all their fuiuro batilcs of 1 fe aa tbev b?ve be?# tn the rc ont one, In wbicb mo doughty robol rover af the t?M was so beautifully wiped out of oxiatenc*. | ( ncRnorRa June ?). 18/14. I Tisit to the Hoepital?ike IVounded M>n of lh". Ktartargo and Uto Alabama?Their Trra mtul?D'tcru lv n uf tin Fight bg a Seaman 0/ the Alabama?Farful on Board?One Man u Shot for Utter ling Bit Gam?Tha Crew Threaten to K ill Seuimet for Striking Bu Colon-? TV Carpenter, a MastaohuieUt Man, hhooit Jhmttlf? 1 Treatment of Men on the .'.iat.ama, etc., Jc. TblB morning 1 paid a \ inn to the Marino Hoap'.WI, to I which the W'-unrted rnsu of in - ku*rKiirge ?ud Alabama ' were taken immediately upon the reiuru of tb? funncr from the scene or action. Th? United htalee contuiar ageot hero, M. Mala, to whom I have been indebted wbtlo here for many acta oi coarieey and macb vaiuabta aM in my aoarrb for fofnrnjalioa, bad (Iran ma a letter to II. Dufour. the chief surge-in of tbe boapiui, wbo re celved win very kindly aud a'forded me every facility to ace aud converse * lib the wounded men. Twelve of -boee from tbe Alabama and three from tbe Kearaarge are lyiug, with wounda of greater or leaa grave ty, in theaame ward. 1 first peeved to tbe hedatdee of the men of tbe Kear aarge. The Qr?t one I law waa Willlnm Go wen, a native af the city if hew York, where be baa a mother aud two a la tere. Gowan has a compound fracture of the left leg, lb b ;iug broken bulb nb >ve aud below tbe knee. H may be ne.weary to amputate u, although the anrgeon, wbo ? bestowing the greainst care aud attention upon ail tbaae wounded area, la of the opidk>d bow Uut It anil eel be Decenary. John w. Pampaay, quarter gnnner In the K*/r*arge, now in the hospital. bad bin rlgbt arm blown off, ao that It was necessary that It abould be Immediately emptw t tied near tba shoulder. Tbe amputation wan akijfoliy iwrfurtced by Surgeon drown of tbe Kearaarge, and Hentpany la now doing well. He m a native ef Boeu-n( and told methat tbia wis bia twenty-eighth birthday. Tbe other one of the crew of the Kearvuuge in tba boe pltal la a young Bcotcbtn <n, named James Macbeth, wbo btii a ah bt wound In the b-g. All three of tbeae men were stationed at tbe after Pehlgrea gun, and their wound* were nil causnd by the nam* aball, 00* of tba bt-.ndred-poundera from the KuglPth gun of the Alabama. vna >rv osthi SLastaa In tbe hospital eppe <r to he none of tnetn very aerlcnsly worn-Jed. There are two or three frnclaree of tbb legs and a. ram One man had an eye put out and ble face al) bia ke e I and bru!*ed by a aboil which juit grazed bl n. "averal of them are wounded with splinters. "no man bus a terrible cut on the face, wbli h be aay* waa reused by hie being struck with tbe arm of a man wbo waa killed elorgeid.' of him, an.1 blown ell to pieces. Tbe arm, after h? ng dete< bed from tbe rest of tbe body, flew agitosi bid face. I found but two American born among tbe twelve w ui ded men of the Aiabinee; one of these, whose icg was cut oT by a shell bolow the k-me, gave me bin name and b1 lb-line with great re'iclaoce. Ilia name w K bert Wright, a native of Boston, Massachusetts, when be has br-there ead elvtera llvinr. He ta a very teteilk gent man, and gave meconsiderable Informaitoa. Ha, and tn-> t of tho men with whom I eonvarovd, attrihwi* the d-s r-ic'inn of the Alberts te? tba trarner ,e foraa if the two elsven-lncb Pahlgren g-ine In tl^e ke-rsarge. Wright said ?One of th"?e eleven-inah betls want -ito our Cull 'u-.kera. arottter cut off -mr rudder, ao that during the latter |i*rt of the ectl"u we at /ate I with I think st* or sat an w?; e kllicd on board. Tbe third shot killed two tu ru. ma suti ov tut *L?a??t was sn awful one?bl d ectunlly running, aa-t pined or r- i'i and b'tio lying all around tbe deck tin* man waa kill 1 by a piece of shall going into bia temple and taking a vay bis left eya aud pert of tba akeli, au urn bra! 10 ran out. Tbe last man killed on th- Alabama waa ea the tb boom, fattening the j-b to ns ike salt. He weflN*forward COTTVn KD UI HFT* rifft

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