Newspaper of The New York Herald, 10 Temmuz 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 10 Temmuz 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE! NO. 10,158. - -v' NEW YORK, SUNDAY, JULY 10, 1864, PRICE FOUR CENTS. INVASION Highly Important News Battle and Defeat of the Union Forces at Monocacy, Md. den. Tyler and CoL Seward Taken Prisoners. THE UNION LOSS HEAVY. ?en. Wallace's Official Re port of the Fight. The Rebels Advancing on Baltimore in Large Force. Proclamation of tho Governor of Maryland and Mayor of Baltimore. The Citizens Called to Arms to Repel the Invaders. The Defences of the City and of Washington Strengthened. Frederick Occupied by tho Enemy, h?. Ae.. Sa. THE FIQHT ON THE MONOCACY. tMMtaf y It* a ton to Major Oeuer?i Die. Waihmiotcm, July 9, 1864. Ityor General Dix:? An official despatch from Major General Wallace, jn?t received, states that a battle hook place between tbe forces under bis oom ?and and the rebel forces, at Monocacy, to* iay, commencing at nine o'clock A. M. and ?ontinuiDf until five P. M.; that our forces were at length overpowered by tbe superior ?umbers of tbe enemy and were forced to retreat In disorder. He reports that Colonel Seward, of tbe New fork heavy artillery, was wounded and taken prisoner, and that Brigadier General Tyler was Hso tsken prisoner; that the enemy's forces aainbered at least twenty thousand, and tbat tor troo4>J bvuttved well, but suffered severe loss. He la retreating to Baltimore. EDWIN M. STANTON, Secretary of War. Additional Particular, of tlte Battle. Batxiaoar, July 10?1 A. M. Later accounts from Iks front represent tbat eur forces ?are fallen back from tbe lion oca cy to tbo vicinity of Our forces burned tbe turnpike bridge over tbe Uone eey. The particulars of the fight srs not yet received. IUltimoss, July 10?2 A. If. the olty Is fall of rumors to night of diststur to our (breee unasr General Wallace at Frederick. Am as tbs truth can bs got at, tbe enemy appeared ? largo force in front of Frederick Wet .ventng, and ?enura'. \\ all.ioe, not deeming himself strong enough te raaist ibem, fell back to the Monocacy bridge. At the bridge be was attacked this morning by tbe febels in sverwhalming numbers, asd (oread to fail back sa the re enforcements, which were forthwith sent to ha relief. Tbe rcbeli were eo strong tbet it la reported tbat our threes are still falling back, aud tbat tbe rebels bars destroyed tbe bridge at Monocacy. Vraelamailen by the Osrernor ? t Mary, land and Oagnr sf Baltimore. Haiti noni, July ??Midnight, the following proclamation baa been Issued.? ?mass or FULTiMoaa:? Ws have been unwilling lo create unnecessary alarm S? ag tut loo in thin community by aoy appeal fbr yottr bamedlate amintanca la resisting tbs threatened Invasion that might be deemod premature, but we bars no laager snob an apprehension, and foal no hesitation In declaring tbat, la our opinion, tbe danger which now threatens tbe city Is immineut, and If you would srart II every teyal man must at onoo prepare to meet It. n? >???<*? bytbaieatacsouDU approaching Me eity. (fee, all tbe msn who oaa be r,HNd, are wanted to eecupy tbe for MS knit wng. Md te pre THE INVASION OF MARYLAND. Scone of the Battle on the Monocacy, Md.?The Rebel Advance on BaltfmorOi Ffr wsfifrtTO' J//1, w<0</ s 1 #VY* X/ T *^c*/ ,r#^*Tf*J|\ /VwtSBe* # JV If ' ?**T3l tfUSBURG f,?iaptHtj / <r ^ PEH?gl%fl^ IhAjaci baisBt'RQ MrSwK/^ V ** SEE \?k.,^V4^X ) JERMUulAN ?i KT -v? v*0BK , V X lOPJCfTB*# 1 fF X~ V OlJCLADrSLTBIIS ^v / ^W .z.-.rz^a J* . .. } > ask' /ti%. "S "f.CHANTt-L'Y """S^ ^ ; v \ - V /j /// \ ~vicwi v .? x~~d) // V jiuVy ,?3 1&-l ? y^fK b i v *"" ?(f 4* X/ F^w\ mrP II la not Important bow yon should corns, but It Is most Important that you should corns st ones. Corns Id your Leagues, or corns in your mllllis compa nies ; but ooms In crowds and osme quickly. Brigadier General Lockwood has volunteered te take charge of all the civil forces thus reined, and has bssa assigned to that command. The loyal men of every ward wltl assemble at tbolr usual places of ward meeting, and will report forthwith to General lockwood, at bis headquarters, Ne. M North street. A. w. Bradford, Governor er Maryland. JOHN LF.fc CHAPMAN, Mayor of Bsttlmore. THE HERALD DESPATCHES. Mr. DsB, aatadolpla Kelm's Despatch. HasttSHi an, Pa., July A?I P. M The news of to day from the scene of the rebel opera tions in Marylend Is moagre and indefinite. A deserter from the Elerenth ?irgtnla iBrecktaridge'a commend), brought here, etetae that tba whole foroe waa together at Bageritewn, and had ther# separated. He aettmaiee tbetr number at twelve tboueand, made up prtoclpally of the various email commands for seme time operating in Northern Virginia. He Utlnka no portion of Lee's army has been tout to oo operate. He also elate* the object of tna raid, as far as be waa able to loern, te bo tbe ?ecursmeut of bureee and provisions particularly, and la gessral to do all tbe damage and accmpliah an mucb an possible. He doee net think they will hatard' an attack upon our regular poets, unless invited to do so by their eitreme weeklies*. The aflair Is looked upon by him *e a raid brought about by the desperation end destitution of tbo rebel foroeu of Nortboru Virginia. However, this should not check the measures on foot for tbo deairuotlon of the enemy. Tbe eevelry supposed to beve been menacing Cham beribarg war* a few of Jenkins' and Imboden'e men en gaged in robbing the border Inhabitants. Tbey were not within sliteee miles of the town, ai d not mora than a ruor* are known te have crossed late Pennsylvania. Th* inhabitants that congregated in anticipation of of tooelv* military operations in tbe valley are commencing to return to tbetr homes. A later deapeieh, received a abort time since, elates that the rebel* passed through Frederick today, and are moving towards Baltimore. This lacks con I) r m a i loo, and li htaUU doubMqt BuuBoeiu. however, the mevcaecet to be cornet, there li do probability of eoooeoe In that direction. Oar reason for thinking so wo on not per Bitted to moke pablie, It beiag sufficient to know thot auoh ie the foot. Recruiting In thia 8Ute for the abort term of eervlce la going on briskly. There eilala o mlannderotondiiig be tween Govarnor Curtln and Mayor Henry In regard to the legitimacy or certain of the Qorernor'a acta In the present raising of men. Troops abould be furnished immediately, and controvert lee settled afterward. We are uncertain whether the force under Breckin ridge dees not indicate a deeper purpose on the part of the rebel commander at Richmond, and It is as well to he propared. The Wsshlagtoa Despatch. Waannraioa, July 9, 1191. The city has been filled with exciting rumor* to-day concerning the rebel Invasion, although very little defi nite information could be obtained. Heavy firing oould be distinctly beard on the heights, north of this elty, from tea this forenoon anttl Ave o'clock in the afternoon, In tho direction of Edwerda' ferry. No large force or rebels ere koewn te have op proaobed nearer then that p >?t, although a few eavalry were captured by our troops last evening a few north of Georgetown. Tho defeuees of the city are being Materially strength ened, end an adequate torse Is believed is bo on hand for nay emergency that may arise. In Fslrias rebel cavalry ie very active, end reported to be under the comtnaad of Mosby. This farce has several pieces of srtlilory, end day before yesterday, la a skirmish with a detachment of our eavalry, killed a number and took several prisoners. Our scouts, how ever, stale there is so ledleetlon of any advaaeo aI the male body of tho eeeasy In Una direction. Veteran troops are arriving rapidly, and it la reported that the militia of the District ere to be tailed out. The guerillas have also benema emboldened and are dally giving aseeyaaoa Yesterday n picnic party were dietarbed by e email gaag at Fails' eburob, the goarttiaa joining la tho taitlvltiee. After qolelleg the alarm, they oowcluded the v tan by devouring all the rofroahmeats and hastily decamping. Eight aeen ware bron?it la from Maryland today, charged with beiag bushwhackers, and lodged In prteon to await trial by eourt martial. THE PRESS DESPATCHES. The Corps of Dwell, Breckinridge and Hit odes ea this Side of the Potoannc. PmaMhfB*, July 9, 1944. The MhM hah a spiilal fkwoaiah mm uarrMura stating that tbe corps of I well, Breckinridge tad Rbodaa art til OB this aid# of Hs Potomac. Ikt Daltiitor* Telegrams. BaLTiMOt*, Jul/ 10-?3 A. >. The Qmraor baa issued a proclamation sailing on He oltlaeoa to tarn sal to fore* and resist Ha Invasion ef the State. The liquor stores la this oily were all oloeed at eight e'elock tonight. The etreeta ars thronged with people discussing the state of affaire. Troops are being rapidly eent forward, aad horaes aeited aad cavalry mounted and drapatobad to the front. The President and Superintendent of the Baltimore end Ohio Railroad are doing all la their power to aid the air thoritisa ta forwarding troope to fkl scene of eetiei. H mimosa, July 9?S .30 P. H Oar ie.ees hare evacuated Frederick and fallen back la '.ills directtoo, aad now eooupy n position south ef Uae Heoeeaoy. The rebeli occupy Predariok, but Is what torn la not positively kuows. Reports any 12.000, end that they era under the command ef OeiMral Breoklnridge. There are reporta, eeemlagly well founded, that an other rebel force baa ereeaed tne Potomac near Kdwnrd'a Ferry, and haa moved la tbe direction of Urbeoae?In wbat lore# It not known. This Is asppoeed to be an effort to flank us. We ere hourly gaining strength by reinforcements, end will doubtless frustrate this rebsl movement. BALrmoM. July ??0 P. ? ft may, without exaggeration, be sakl to day that we are baring aemetblng of an excitement. All day the ?treeta hare been teeming with rnmorn from the front. Id the city active arrangements ere heieg made la antlcl patlou of an emergency, which It is confidently believed Is only barely poealbie?not probable. The '? Loyal leaguers" ere being armed aad the defensive works strengthened. Tbe government, needing more borate Immediately, ere oonOeoaling ell able-bodied buraefleeh, aad especially the fast, blxodeJ borsae of the "01010701." Peases ere required to leave tbe city, and a vlgil-nt watch is being instituted en He movements of suaieoted part lee, who ere supposed to be seeking opportunities to communicate with tbe enemy. At the laet accounts ws still held our own st tbo )!< no oecy. It Is understood tbst Here has been some OgbLog, sad our pooplo fool confident that Geo. Wallace ana u? brave troops now concentrating against lb* enemy will render a good aooouot ef themselves. Th? Mebsl Mosby's Oparatloai la Vlr glala. Wirinroro*. July f, 1R04. A latter rrom Annandale, Ta., six or eigbt miles west of Alexandria, says a scout of ooe hundred and fifty men from the Sscend Masaat busetts and Thirteenth New Turk cavalry, sader command of Major Forbee, went op In tbe vicinity of A Id is, where they met Mosby with a large force and a piece ef artillery and riflemen. Mosby charged oa them and killed ten or fifteen, and captured nearly tbe whole party, bortes and accoutrements. receipt or the newt Colouel loweii started off at midnight with two hundred men from the Second aad Thirteenth regiments, end Captain McPherson, of tbe Elkteeuih New York ceveiry, Joined b m at Fairfax, when they proceeded to Aldle, where tbey found twenty fire wounded men end eleven dead Tba detd they burlad. They tcourad tba country about that region, and found H wae of bo nea to pursue Moeby, aa ba hud twelve hours the start of Ibtm towards UpparvllSt, whore ba had takes bis booty. Our party returned lut evening with tha wounded mea of the Thirteenth New Turk cavalry aad Heoood Maarachueetta cavalry. Captain tttone, of tba Second Massachusetts cavalry, of Nawburyport, Is lylog dsngsr ously wouaded st Centre* I lie. Thirty rebel* were si Fairfax Court Route yesterday. Haws from las Francisco. San Fax*cisoo, July I, 1804. Tba Pacific mall steamer 81. Louis arrived bare last evening from Panama. Tba Nevada Conatltotlnnel Convention have adopted articles disfranchising "dMloysl" cnitens, and decided not tc alest State officers at tbe lime of submitting ibe constitution to ibe people for ralifioatiom. Arrived sbtp R 8. Ely, from New York. , Freeh Vegetable* gar tha Army. TO TBI SOirUH or TUB UHALO. As the soldiers ail read tbo Haan.D, I would ask through Its widely circulated columns that you call at tention to tbe fact that tba army can have fresh veg* tables by asking for thean. There nave bean several thou sand dollars contributed for onions and other antt-eccrbu tu-a, by friends at home, la relieve the filtering soldier, white there are lytng in store, waiting requiettlcoi, large quantities o' desiccated vegetables 1'ncle "am, from tne start, know ihih w?s stiet nis army needed,and, with ? liberal boart, is reidy to Ul*i en#e the food. Only *?k .or it Uy c.tiimg attention to this fact you will an.ceod m bringing much oomlorl to tba, and relieve lbs murkgatwi burden of liis friends at bums. M1LAA THE NEW TAX LAW. Alpk&bttloal Tablt of All tlio ? Taxes Imposed by the Now Internal Revenue Law. Urge Increase in the Taiei on Spirits, Teb&teo, Beer, Incomes, Mannfactures, Iron, Steel, Leather, Oils, *%. as We give below a eorr.ct and reliable table of lb* tax* mow Imposed by tbs lutaroal Revenue law, embody inj all Ibe amendments made by the Senate and by Ite ooa faraaca committee of both houses af Congress. 1 he K.w Tax Law. Advertisements tu. nriod in newspapers, mega lines invlcvs or any other publication, on gross receipts for 3 per ct Do., all receipts iwr, to the amount of $600.. hxempt Do., tu nowspapa. 1 wb au nvarage oirimlauou doe. o l exceed il,4<X> copies. Alndavira in atiiui Fxctnpt. igcnla, insurnuce ("?e '?lusurnnce Agents"). Agreelimhis, for eucli sb e< ? t or ploee of pupor on wbleti written, stamp doty ? conU, if reoir.ont* for the biro, uso or rent ot any land, tenement or portion thereof (aco "Lo-ra"). Alcohol, made or m inuOrctiircd of spirits or matnriaU upon wbicti itu dnuos Imposed by this ci ahull huve b ?n paid, ta not to uo considered a manufacture. Alu, per timolol 81 g?>llottw, fractional parts of u barr,'l to pay proportionately (ave "AlaH Liquors") Ambroty ;w?, attns as "Hiotograpba." Anlra-,1 . lis, ; or gallon. 6 acnta. Anodyne., ouch package of, the retail prion or value af wall h do,-a not exceed 25 cents, stamp duty 1 oont. Do., each , to ?, Re of, tlio retail prlco or value Of who & excite ta 'M> eo ts.u d ilooa not ex caed ao conta, slump duty 2 oeota. Do., at-cn | ackage of, the ratal price or value el wbicb exceeds 60 o?ula, and does not ax caad 75 cania, stamp duty 8 oeota. Do., exceeding 75 cents and not exoeedtug ft 4 cants. Do., each puokage of, the retail prion or valae of [ which exceeds $1, lor each and every 60oeota I #r fractional part thereof over ana above $1, an additional stamp duty of 2 oaota. Apothecaries, under whloh term la included every parson a t|o keeps a shop or bolidiog wbare inodiclnea era aoutpenuded or pre pared, accord lag to preeorfpthiua of physt owns, er where tnediciaee are sold. Whole sale aad ratali daulors who buve taken out a licence thare er shall not be requtrod to take out a Iteeoee aa apothecary , nor sbull apoibe oai lea, who have taken oat u ilceuee as such, be required to take out a licence aa rotaki dealers hi liquors. In oonsequsnoe ot soiling alcohol, license lex fig Do , wboaa gruan annual sales da not exceed $1,000 Exempt, Appreisraseaia of value or, on each sheet or pieo. of p?per on win en written, a stamp duty of 6 oeota. Arobitects end Civil Engineers, under wbioh la m is included every pereou whose busiueea It ie to plea, design or supcrioieud the o?n strueitoa of buildings or ships, or of roads, er bridges, or ousels, or railruads, provided that this ad sliau not Include a car pemer who m bo re on e building, for Itoenso.. $1* Assayers, assaying gold and s^tv r, or either, of a value uoi exceeding tu one ye.r $260,000, ?hall pay $10o lor etch license, and $200 when ibe value excotd- $260,000 and d<*s not exceed $i>uo,000 and $ooo when the value exceeda $,00,000. Do , any purs a or persons, or corporation whose bust ?'h It le to separate goid and ail ver irom any other net ,1s or mineral sub. stance ?i:u which such gold or stiver or both are a.lo;. I, combined or no ted, or te ascertain or ileterm ue the quaotitlae of gold er silver In any alley or Combination wlUt other male u, s, Siiull be dees ed an ussayer. Aaoignmon' en n, or l* ago, stamp duly same aa on tbs original Instrument. Do of leases, do. ito. Do. of policies of insurance, do do. Auctioneers, under which term le Included every person ?hose business It is to oiier property lor sale to the highest and best bid der, lor licsuse, whose annual ealcu do not exceed $10,000 $15 Do do , wliost ga cs exceed $10,000 $20 Auction Hales o g ods, real eaiaie, meicbaudise, aud tbiug', including all sales of stocks, bo,.da end other nucurmue.on gross amount of sales I* of 1 per Ot. Awnings, made o* cotton, Itux or hemp, or part of either, Br other material 6 per Ok Do., tn? sewing ol.tbe material whore ,i be longed to the rmpl- yor, wbeu KM chub or narer al from win. n made was Imported or has barn sutiiect to eud paid a duty, taxed ouly ?n Ibe increased vsine. Bags, mauu <i| cotton. Ilex or bemp, or pert of either, or other material $ per Ot. I o , Ibe sewiug of, aame as "Awnlnga-" Rami Iron (see 'Iron") average amount of deposits, each m nth. 1-24 Of 1 POT Ot Do, on avarage amount 01 chcumuuh, m ? month la Of i p?r of. Do. oo amount of capital of any hank association. oomjiaoy, or cor|>oruit n or par ?oo aogsgeo In tbo business of banking, be yond (be amount luve-oed lo I'uiukJ Mates bonds each month l-M oflp Ok Do. ou tbe averaxe a nmint of circulation la ane'l beyoud Ub por cent of IDs capital, and upon nny amount o: aucti circulation beyond iu>* average amount of tt>e cirvuf-itioa mat h.s been is-ued or the six m.oil.a preceding July 1. 1S04, additional Ut of 1-4 of If*. Bank', on ill dividends ? per at 1-tuks oot making dtrldanda,oa profits ? uar eg" Dunks, savin.*, that have oncaptlal stock,and wn.e* bueiuvi-e Is ennnned to raceivtng de pot III and l >ain>.( the au.ue 'or Uio Be .silt of tbeir (toiesiibra.aiid aitiiod do no ether oust Dees ol bmk l'u. - h all out bo llab.a to pty ior a licoreo as b .uk.-r. Baulk clink, Urn t or order for tbo payment of anv gnm ?r nioboy whatever, drawn en any banks banker or trust com ny, orloi any rum exeeedin* Ion d l.ara drawn upon any j othor pe-Ri n or poreou i c unpaama or oorpo rationi, at sight i r < n demand g cm la Banko-r, t s>ng a oipltal Dot exceeding |60,004, for lloanae noo Co , using a capital exceeding #;>0 o> 0, for eve ry additional tl.CJO la o<oe*s oi $6o,000.... $J Banker*? Kvery peraon, flrrp of company, and ovary lac .rporutcd or othor bank, having a place of bdricess where crnliis are opened by tbe deposit or ooiiot tioti of m< oey or cur rency, aubject to bo paid or remitted npoa draft, else, k or order, or where money m ad vanced or loaned -o at. cka, bouda, bullion, bills of exrhei.De r promts* ry u t?a are re ceived for discount or sale, ebail be regarled aa bankers. Do., savings bank*, except Rncb ?? hive do Qxed c*| Ital and wlvae business la o-n fined to re<eiviOi; d-peita end Pan log the same, and who do do <>tner buali e*a of banking, (or licenaa ??backer jjeo Bar Iron (ae? 'Iron"). Bsrgce, on groaa receipts per cl Barks, bulls ol. harm ler built or finished -j par rt Baryle?,sulphate oi.lOf 'ruuas Ig 8ot,U Bear, tsr barrel of 31 psll'-ns, fractional pnrta 1 of a b .rrel to pay propnrtiouately ,sro "Ua t L?,uoia''|. Beueiuo. per gallon 20 oentn. I Beotolo,par gallon 20 oents. Uicurbouale <>f soda, per (w ind 6 ml la Bllna.d tables, ke t far use. (or each tai le..,, |I0 BlllUrd rooaia.for license for earn table gio Bill ol eic.'iaii*e ( oi.?nat, draft, or order for the pay maul of any sum or mm ey (not exceeding SlliO) ' tborw eo than at sight or oo damand, aad any prnmis-ory oeie .except hang notes laaued lor olroulaiir n cod checka mads and Inlsoded to be forthwith presented, and ah all be present J to a bank or banker for payment), or any inorn< random, cbeck, receipt or other written or priniod nvi.lencd o( an amouut of moose to be paid on co rns..d or at a lime d-signaled. shall have a stamp or etaoopa a ' xed tuebeon denoting a duty, upon evrrv sum u t eiou-alln* tlod., g oents. Do. do., for every additional (1UU or Iracimaal part tbereo . In D*rass Of ftOO g Bills of ex'-baoge (foreign) fh? acceptor or acurptora of any bit, of exchange or order for the pay men'- ol aoy sum <a money drawn or purporting to have b.ui'1 drasn. la anv for eign oountry, but payahs k. ibg (.'nited bUte<, shall, before p?) log or aecdptuig lb* same, place tbtreoo t a amp ladicaltag tbe duty. Do. do . drawn lo. b t puvabie out of lh? t'nlted blab s, if draws singly <?r if drawn otherwise tbsn In set' of three or mine, tenoning to the curb in of met chants aa.l baakoig, sans as bill of atouai g>< (Inland). Do. do., If drawn its sets of three or more, roe every bill of each set, w here tbe sum made parable ahull not ex- o nl f 100 or Ite e-pilv>. leol thereof to any foreign currency t Do do., lor every lJ*1",r.ultf llf-O lr fraetlooal uirt the e f, in ox oaa o. Iioo y. 2 oeots. Bilie o( lading other than charioe party, mr anr g<a>ds, merchandise or n recta hi be eg ported I rot u a ,oit or plaoa In tbe lotted -t ,ioa to ?uy foreign p rt or plao?, a iiarnp , 4"tyof to ggota Itii a is sale by which any ship or vessel, or eu; part iborcol, slmli be eugwysd M or

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