Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 11, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 11, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD, WHOLE NO. 10,159. NEW YORK, MONDAY, JULY 11, 1864. PRICE THREE CENTS. INVASION, Reported Recapture of Martins burg by Gen. Hunter's Forces. Om Thousand Rebels Takes Prison ers by Gen. Sullivan. All the Supplies Captured by the Raiders Retaken. The Plunder Gathered is Maryland and Stered at Bfartissharg Use Reeevered. Ilditlonal Intelligence from Baltimore, Washington, Chambersbnrg, Harris* bnrg and Philadelphia. The Excitement Along the Border-. UBTIAl LAW DECLARED BT GEE. COUCH. PROCLAMATION OF GOVERNOR CURTIN. loproaehn Use Philadelphia!!! for Their Zmkewarmness. THE FIGHTIVG OH THE I0H0CACY PARTIAL LIST OF CASUALTIES. Amiai of the Citizeae to De fend Baltimore^ foe.. foa a?p?rted R??]rtBN mt Hartlubarf, V?., by General Hunter. Biltimom, July 10?8 P. M. Melllgenee hu reached here tint a portion of General force, under General Soil Ivan, hu recaptured aburg, and taken about one thousand prisoners ? all the (tores captured there, and much plunder ocl 1 by the rebel* at that point. Haaawncao, July 10?10:80 P. M. A reliable deepaloh recetred here eetlmatee the Mreogth of the enemy et forty tboaaand; moot or which ??w la now la Maryland. B b reported that General A. P. Rill la ta oommand or n* rebel foroee.and that hie old oorpa crossed into Mary* Bad at Edward's Ferry to-day. fin advance of General Hunter's force hu arrived at ?ad occupies Martlnaburg. BALTIMORE. Vk? 6?a?r?I Prcti D*ip?l?h?i. Biumona, July 10?? A. M. The exclUmeei la intense lb la morning. The Union eltlsena bar* bwn arriving nil night, and at gfe o'clock thla morning the alarm holla wore ruag. Partlea beaded by a drum and Wo are moving through ?a town to man the defensive worka. Our eltiMna are turning out with aplrlt, and manlfoat a OahermlnatKm to do tbetr utmoat to defend the olty. The enemy are now reported to he at Ellleotfa Mllla. Oooeral Wallace la falling back toward* the olty. tto telegraph, however, la still working to Marriotts vflte, which la beyond Silicon's Mills; so that the report Of the rebels being there la premature. Their scouts, however, are believed to have been within flfteeo miles M the city. We are atlll not without good hope of being able to pre* VHt the eatranoe of the rebels la to this olty. The aeoeos too lata who have property and stocks of i on band here are by no means pleased at the ptos is! of exchanging their goods for rebel money. They ?eh prafbr greenbacks, notwlthatandlag their ajmpa y with the South. Bii/rmous, July 10?1# A. M. We rebel cavalry are reported to be at Retateratown, miles north of Baltimore, and are supposed to be for the Northern Central Railroad, to endeavor to A our communication In that direct loo. A train which started out on the Baltimore and Ohio has returned with a number of wounded en There la much excitement here, resulting from the de feat of Wallace and the reported approach of Eweit'a ?srpa and two dtvMoas of Hlll'a oorpe, acme of them by way of Ooekeyavllle, on the Northern Central Railroad. Meagre! Lock wood la making svsry preparation for n vigorous defence. Our streets are swarming with peopla. Union cltnens are coming forward wen, and if they are well handled wU help much In the work ef holding the elty. Bsi.ttmorb, Jnly Id?11:1S A. K The party ef rebels at Re later* town are said to be a I body. Tbey are steal lag cattle sod horses. Report i they have struck the Northern Central Railroad and I a bridge. We oaaaot learn as yet whether this ?apart be tone, ?sorrel WaMsee, et last advises, was twenty-six miles Worn this elty, fallleg beck, with n fores ef fresh troops severing his rear. The enemy were not supposed to ha fallowing him; et least they wars net to be seen on ?treed e?er which he Is retreating. His artillery la tap art sd safe. Bsltiwobb, Jnly 10?11 JO A. I. The Northern Central Railroad la reported at beedquar ?an as sat, the rails being torn op, bat at what praalaa petal la not known. The telegraph la atlll working want to MarrMtavtlle. the A surf saw end OMppsr newspaper oSeea have run their aattonal flags, resolved to put a good race en ?Inge and shew their colore to the loot, If the wort! ?sold eeaa The I ? mi see Telegraph Line has also pel eat *?oid story* Our only rani danger at present seems to he Item ?avelry making a daah Into town. They wll meal with ? warm reception, however; aid If they should get In their May will probably be but brief. The etreete .the very air, It may be said?are teeming wtth rumen, feat succeeding oaeh ether. 1 send yen amy what seems moat authentic end trustworthy, eo far at ana be gathered la the excitement. Bsunscsm, July 10?li lt t. M. 1 The eeetoe ?f the ellr * baeemiev wore eulat. the armed citizens fear Log all gone to the fortifications on the outskirts. The latest reports from Wallace sxprosa the opinion that toe malu body of tho rebels are making towards Washington. II la reported that llangr Gllraor's cavalry were at Westmlnater laat night. Be la said to bare taken bla supper tbere whilst bla men were employed etc allay horses, ho. BaLTiMoas, July 10?1 P. M. An ambulance bas Just arrived here with wounded officers. Captain Adam klkln, Acting Adjutant General of General Rtckatt'a staff, and Captain Payne, One Hun dred and Sixth New York (the former badly woandad, and the latter severely |in the hip), are among tba number. The fighting In repreeented as baying been of tba moat desperate character. The new recruits did wstl. Our veteran troops engaged especially distinguished themselves end fought with desperate determination, only giving way when they were outflanked by superior numbers. Theeoemy were severely punished, having a larga lumber of killed and wounded. Alexander's Baltimore battery Is reported to have done greet execution with grape, canister end shell. The enemy were, however, far better supplied with artillery and cavalry, and outnumbered oar forooi two to one. It ie thought that the reason the enemy here not thns far appeared following In our rear la because of tbeir having been so severely punished and have eo many wounded on their bande. The rebel cavalry that passed through Westminster end Reisterstown last nlgbt are reported to have burned the Union bridge, on the Western Maryland Railroad. A party of cavalry passed through Cockeysville this morning, making, as was supposed, for the Philadelphia Railroad, at some point east of Baltimore, In expectation of being able to out off our communications In tbet di rection; but precautionary measures have been taken which U la hoped will guard against such a disaster. Bslthsoki, July 10?5 P. M. The Northern Central Railroad has been cut near Cook eysvllls, and a bridge is reported now burning?supposed to be the bridge at the Ashland Works. A rebel eavalry force, estimated at fifteen hundred strong?probably exaggerated?crossed the Northern Central Railroad, above Cockeysville, this forenoon, and are going towards tbe Philadelphia Railroad. They ex pected to reach there before night and cut that road or destroy one of the bridges; but It Is hoped that the force now guarding the road In that direction will be streng enough to drive the raiders off. Tbere ere many wild rumors agatn afloat this after noon; but the confidence In the ability of our forcea to hold tbe city ie gaining nod tbare la less excitement. Among the rumors Just started is that a portion of the rebel fores which engaged Gen. Wallace yesterday have atruck tbe Washington road Bear lAurel Factory , but this, I think, la ineerreoi. At all events the telegraph llns to Washington la as yet uninterrupted, aud It la be lieved our troops are In such a position by this time to effectually protaot our communications with Washington. As a matter of precaution the valuables, reoorda, Ac., of oar banks and other Institutions have been plaoed on board a steamer in the harbor fbr safety. Bxumoaa, July 10?C P. X. General Slgel'a wagon train arrived here to-day In charge of a larga detachment of Infantry and eavalry. One of tbe officers who was in'the fight says that In all his experience In this war he haa never seen morn des perate flgbting, and ha thinks the rebel loss fully as great as ours. Alexander's battery Is all safe. Our loss In prisoners is about one thousand. There his been no esti mate yet of tbe killed and wounded. Bxltmov, July 10?7 P. M. It Is reported that the advance of a rebel cavalry force Is within seven miles of the city, on the York road. Bsltwou, July 10?Evening. The reports from the line of the Northern Central Rail road are somswbat ooafuaad end probably exaggerated. The enemy are reported to hove (truck tbe rood first at Oeckeyevllle and Texas, where they tore up the track. They also burned tbe bridges at Ashland, and, a report ?ays, tba Ashland Iron Works, n very sxtenstvs astab llshmeot Tbs bridge at Gunpowder creek la also burned; aa Is also tbe bridge at Hanover Junction. Tbe trains and en gines wars all sent down tho load, and It is believed that all have thus far escaped. Tbe report seems to be well founded that a portion of this force was within seven miles of thli city this even ing, on the York road; bat It is not believed that they will attempt to enter the elty, nor that they are by any mesne in sufficient force to do eo should they feel dis posed to make the effort. As the hours pass by, snd each of the many appreben* ?ions proves to be unfounded, the confidence of ear cltl sens becomes more firmly established, and nt tbla pre sent writing very iUUe apprehension Is entertained for tbe safety of this city. It ia believed that tba foroe wblcb was moving In the direction of tbe Philadelphia Railroad baa retreated. It eertslnly has not yet struck thai road; and If the rebels venture Dear either of tbe bridges on tbla aide of tbe Susquehanna they will catch a Tartar, such la known to be the nature of the defences adopted. Operation* of Iht Rebel* on the Rail roads. BiLTiMO**, July 10?Stoning. Rebel cavalry, some one thousand two hundrad strong, dlatlact from the party pureeing Wellaoe, entered Green Spring Valley and pet their flondisb paaaion* Into ezecn tton by destroying the bridge* on tb* Northern Central Railroad. Smoke from the burning bridge* Dear tb* Relay Bouie on that road we* discernible a few mile* distant from the city. It I* thought tbl* party bad de etgns upon tbe Gunpowder river bridge, on the Balti more and Wilmington Railroad. At least (bar* are ex pressed for It* safety. Tbe party who war* pursuing Wallace made a diversion towards Washington, bat later la tbe day, bearing that Bonier was getting uncomfortably close, made backward track*; but my Informant was aot certain whether they war* moving toward* Baltimore or Frederick. They bar* at least bean baited In their mad onreer, and tbe vengeance they have so excited will shortly be meted out to them. Tbe President waa not uamlnsrul of the ordeal the people wore passing through, and be thoughtfully sent a message to be of good cheer, as tbe government were making preparation* to give the rebels a cordial re ception. The Information received here la not of n vary reliable oharacter. Much of It la bogus, and soma of It very highly oolorcd, to suit the purpoeee of eerUIn parties. A report was received her* this evening thnl General Wallace had reeebed Rlllcctt's Mills, and was wending hi* footstep* this way. A train was despatched to m?ot G*n. Wallace, and it la probable that this last story Is cor A boy who reached her* this afternoon Ibom Frederick, says that Gessral Lee Is commasdlog the Invaders in parson, and ha stales that the rebels boast that they will gat back ssfaiy, from lbs feet that Old Lse oom manda them. Tb* elty la vary quiet this evening. The patrol, both mounted and on foot, ere about the only travelers on the streets. Passes are required of those wishing to leave the elty. All amusement* hers have soma Is s stand still. The theatres will be closed to morrow. Seceah hangs Its head and prseervan a dignified a lianas The tamper ad the public mlad Is such that asy msnl restatteea of sympathy with tb* rebels would load Is s serious outbreak. WASHINGTON. Oat Iptilal DHpatakes. WeamiMVMr, Jely lh?10 2d P. M. Netwttbetaadlag the proximity sf the rebels, the sew* from Mary lead oontlnaas to b* sf the most usrellsbls oharacter, a* on* asamlog to know anything of aRtrs outside the defences. It Is generally eseotded Is military strata* that the rebel fere* amounts t* at Issst twenty dv* thsnsaad, the greater part ef which Is atHI operating la the vicinity of the Honorary inn nam. oouuainw* an a* soacan. Early la In command sf the main ferae, composed sf twoii'a sorts. Breehtandge's trsen. and the hitherto eat. organized force* that bar* operated In the 8hen?n<lo*h valley. Washington awn baltixom hath. No fear* are entertained for the safety of Washington or Baltimore. Veteran troop* are continually arriving and golug to the front. The admirable disposition* made by General Augur, commanding tbta department, ba* allayed the excitement to a very great extent, and the public mind la to-nigbt iees alarmed than it ba* been to the lam thirty-six hour*. which* the assies cKoesBn?their run or arrow From the latest Information it appear* that Breckin ridge crossed above Harper'* Ferry, and operated, at leisure, west of South Mountain, with a view of drawing our foroes In that direction, to enable Early wltb the main body to oroea at Edward's ferry, ao as to tlanlc and capture our command advancing upon Breckinridge. Failing In tbta, the wbole rebel force united this aide of Frederick, and commenced operations towards the line* of commit nlcatioa to and from Baltimore. TBS WORKS PR0PB8I.T BBCl'ESD. Those works, however, are ao protected as to prevent any damage being done them. None of the bridges can be destroyed without an attack by the entire force, ujusr wor disti rbbd bt the said. The Congressional Committee, wbtcb baa Just returned from Ctty Point, reports everything there to be In a moat satisfactory condition, General .Grant aotorteining no tear as to results in thia quarter. One week is given as the longest period required to utterly defeat and expel from Maryland tba rebel forces threatening the capital. Washington, July 10, 1804. Nothing has been beard of the enemy in Fairfax aire* yeaterday, our cavalry coming In to-day from Lceabnrg without seeing any rebels. A few guerilla* are reported to be prowling about Fairfax station; but no further annoyance has been given our lines or the people In the vicinity. Many or the loyal residents remain upon their farms without molestation. The General Press Despatches. Washington, July 10, 1804. The reports which have been received elate that up to this forenoon the rebels had made no movement In dicative of the purpose of following General Wallace In the direction of Baltimore. Information has reached here that a satisfactory body of our veterans are already In a position from which they een reach either Washington or Baltimore before the rebels can appear in force In front of either city. The very large brigade of men employed In the Quarter master's Department here and In this vicinity mustered this morning at their rendezvous, and will meat for drill this afternoon. Tbey are ready for instant service if It is necessary to call tbem out. A despatch received at headquarters at a late hour last night from Edward's Ferry slatss that the rebels have not crossed tbar* as reported, neither have tbey mads their appearance In the vicinity. The rebels have Dot as yet made their appearance anywhere within tb* Department of Washington. Godo rml Augur and his staff officers are busily engaged to day making ample preparations to receive tbcm should tbey show themselves within this department. Washington, July 10,1884. Although there M naturally much solicitude every where felt for the safety of Washington, In view of the Intelligence which has from time to time boon reoelved to-day, and which baa caused come excitement In our community, otill there are no indications whatever of a panic among onr citizens. The military measures which have been taken tend to give aeauronce of the aecurtty of this capital from rebel Invasion. It Is coofldsntly asserted that several rebel scouts have been seen la Washington today: bnt this maybe mere suspicion. A rebel scout war, however, captured to-day not far from Washington, and has been brought bitber. The mail carrier who runs between this place and Rockvllle, about fourteen miles distant, hastily returned from Rockville this afternoon, bringing a report that re bel troops ere tn that Immediate neighborhood. He says ho saw them but bad no Idea of tbelr numbers. CHAMBERSBURG. Mr. Prmsiete C. Loapi D*ip*ickH> Chasbkhsihro, Pa., July 8?Evening. The rebel invasion of Maryland baa caused the greatest consternation among the inhabitants of the Cumberland ?alley, and people are leaving for Cbtmbersbnrg, Carlisle and Harrlabarg la considerable numbers, no one of which places Is considered a very secure retreat at present. The first force of tbe rebels that entered Ragerstown, It is reported, took from tbe citizens valoe to tbe amount of twenty thousand dollars. at rnsruiFnsTow* a squad went to a livery stable and commanded tbe keeper to lead out bis borsea, a portion of which, It Is said, be bad removed from tbe stables. Re refused to oomply with their demand, venturing a few comments upon the rebels generally, and upon tbelr lawless incur ?loos Into our territory particularly, when, without mors ado, the assassins shot him dead In his tracks. ANOTBSK MA IT) IWTO BAO Bit STOWS, At eight o'clock A. M. to day another column of rebels entered Bsgerstown, commanded by tbe notorious Imbo don, end tbe work of plllsgingsnd ransacking commenced anew. They also burned the depot and freight bo usee or tbe Baltimore and Oblo Railroad to tbe ground. Zeller k Co.'? warehouse next fell in tbelr way, which they threatened te burn; but Imbodeo at last consented to let the warehouse stand on tbe payment of Ofteen hue dred dollars from tbe eltlsens of Ragerstown. Refugees sey tbe last body of rebels, under Imboden, were In con siderable force, and since only a portion of them entered tbe Iowa no eetlmste of tbelr numbers can be nude. HIS command occupied Ragerstown (oar hours, and then left, following tbo bbarpaburg road. sxcrrSMiKT is auasaaascaa aso vinsrrr. The occupation of Hegerstowa by Imboden crested a perfect furor of sxolteraeot at Chambersbnrg, Oreeo castle and Csrllela. People peeked np their valnablee and bid them away In some place of safety. Merchants and shopkeepers of all kinds packed tbe moat valuable of tbelr goods, ready te leave at a moment's warning, it bavtog been arranged that tbe bells should be rung as soon as the enemy should be found advancing In this di rection. The storoa ere all eloaed, and tbe window blinds oo tbo majority of privals houses sre firmly secured, while tbe lad lea end children remain out of sight. The men assemble around tbo telegraph offices sad principal hotels, sad la group* and squads disease the ell absorbing topic. WHO COMMA*!)* Till BSSSLS?'TUBS OSJKCT. Some of tbe prisoners we have captured avsr that General Beauregard Is In command at Petersburg, wblls Is lu command of tbe Maryland expedition, and tbat tbo present demonstration in tbo volley la only a feint to draw lbs milttls to this point, wblls tbe real movement of the rebels will be on Wsshlsgtia and Raltlmore Tbe rebels have taken s large number of horses sod wsg<?s from tbo farmers In the valley, and with them tb y are trans porting tbelr plunder errors the river Our ? mule report loeg trains moving beyond Felling Water, neer Opequon ereek. However, tble Is o ily e ouu r started by our soon Is, end may not be true. Tbe dlreu on taken by Imboden would Indicate that tbe rebels intend trees tag the Potomac at a point scorer Sbrpberdetowo .ir Rarper's Ferry. CSAWseei aw, Pa , July 10, 1*84. Reports were circulated all ever tbe valley at an early boar to-day tbat the rebels were creasing tbe Potomac at several potato la considerable force. The report was not official. Mill It wan pretty generally credited. They are also reported at MlUerstowa, twenty mllee southeast of Chambersbnrg. General law. Wallace had an engagement with tbe enemy yesterday, and hie (Wallace's) tares, tea thouesad asreag, was defeated, and Gavsraer Car tin's message sd mils that b# M la full retreat towards Baltimore. Ha details of tbe engagement have bees received at this petal. A reb^force la at Oockeysvllle, seme fourteen mllee above Bfflttanore, and they have eat tbe telegraph lies tee a considerable dials see, besides committing other depre dettoee. An order he* bora prose alga ted by General Couch de claring martial law m all the tow so la tbta vtataWy. Hereafter so oMlaeas will ha allowed to leave wltheet oaaeea from their reeoeellvu eravcet marshals. Til* Prf|? D?*p*Mhi CfUMBRBSHUMO, July 10, 1884. General Couch's cavalry ad vauc*, supported by Infantry and artillery, entered iJagerstown yesterday afternoon and oaptured fllteeu or twenty rebel stragglers, who had been engaged la burning and plundering the day before. Quite it number.of buildings had been laid in ashes, Including not only public but private property. The rebels were, if anything, more severe upon the seces slenists than upon the Unionists, raising contributions everywhere. McCaueUnd's rebel brigade, In oonse quence of this movement or General Ceucb, retired n confusion along the Wiliiamspart and Sharyebiirg roads. Heavy firing was beard bere laet night In the di rection of Harper a Ferry, Indicating that a brisk engage ment was golug on between Skgel's forces and a portion of the rebel raiders, The impression prevails that Sigel pas whipped them, because there was no other Union forces In the direction of Harper's Perry, and the sound of cannonading was northwestward, growing In volume and loudness towards Falling Waters and Willlamsport. The rebels would not have retreated in tbe direction of these places unless driven under a severe fire. HABBlbBUllG. Address of Governor Cartnln to tit* People ot Penney! vsnia. Kxacmvs Cham nan, I Habwsbuso, July 10, lnoc. J To Hon. Alkxaxpsk IIkmrv, Mayor of Philadelphia, and to tbe People of Ponmylvunla:? I refer to my recont proclnnation* calling for troops on requisition of tho President. You are not responding fioely. Tbe enemies of oar government are active In de terring you, and efforts have been made to dissuade yeu from the belief that any considerable rebel loroe is in your vicinity, and many of our most loyal and patriotic citizens have been thus deceived. Similar efforts were too snocesafully made last year at tbe momeat when Lee's army wus actually on your borders. Despatches have been this morning received establishing tbe ract that Genoral Wallace, with ten thousand men, was yesterday com pelled to fall back from Frederick. Ho Is believed to be in retreat towards Raltlmore. Tbe communication be tween this point and Baltimore was cut this morniDg by the rebels below Cockeysvlile. Tbe eutborltlea or tbe United States at Washington are so Impressed with tbe necessity o f immediate effort that tboy have this morn ing, by telegraph, authorized men to be mustered Is by companies, which they bad yesterday peremptorily re fused. It Is my duty to state to you the faot tbat your coun try requires your immediate service, and tbe safety of your own soil and of our good neighbors In Maryland may depend on your promptness. Recollect tbat tbe mode of enllstiag men is at tbe discretion of the government, and It is tbe duty of all to obey its requi-itlons. It would be disgraceful in you to waste time lu objecting to matters of form and detail, or to profess tbat you would go If called In some dlffereot way. Thoee'who want an excuso for skulking may do so; but all who desire to do their duty to tbelr country will acorn such subterfuges. Turn, therefore, a deal ear to all misohlevous suggestions from any quarter. Do not lend yourself to a betrayal of yoar country. Corns for ward like men to aid bor. The rebel forces will be easily defeated and driven awity if yon do your duty. And I pray God ao to enlighten you that tbe honor of tbe Com monwealth may be maintained. A. G. CURTIN, Governor. ' PHILADELPHIA, Tike Mastering lis og Mllltlo. PHH.ADEi.rsiA, July 10?Moon. Tbe War Department bas ordered General Couch to matter In by companies, with tbe express understanding tbat tbe term of tbe one Hundred days men M to be reckoned from tbe regimental muster. By order of tbe Governor. R. BIDDLK ROBF.RTS, Colonel and A. A. G. READING. War Ntdiag In Reading, Pa. Readiko, Pa., July 10, ISM. An lnn?DH meeting was held here this afternoon, and the organization of a full regiment la going on rapidly, with no doubt of success. Another meeting Is assembled In Pennsylvania square. Great enthusiasm prevails. Public opinion is overwhelming in favor of n sweeping conscription of every man, between eigbteen nod forty years of age, to put down the rebellion at once. THE BATTLE OF MOIVOCACY. Mr. H. Davidson''a Despatch. Baltimore, July 10, 19M. General Wallace had a most desperate fight at Mono, cacy yesterday. It oceans that a heavy force or Infantry appeared la bis front at the junction about noon, and engaged his ad. vanoe with determined vigor. Our men met and fought tbem In the same manner, and repulsed tbe first on slaught; but, the enemy being Immediately reinforced on both wings, we were obliged to fall bsclc. In ths confusion II Is impoesibl# to obtain n full list of casualties, although many of lbs wounded have arrived here in boapltal. Among tbe losses In killed, wounded and missing tbe following officers are reported:? Brigadier General Daniel lyier, missing. [Thin, doubtless, should be General F. B. Tyler, who commanded a brigade under General Wallace, and who was at Frederick Junction on Thursday last. General Daniel Tyler was relieved of his command In ths Depart ment on April 2,1864, and has since resigned the ser vice.?En. Her alp ] Lieutenant Cnlonel ikowerd, 9th Now York heavy artll tery, wounded and prisoner, ore nrnmtnn arc mm? wtw Tone. Captain Paine, commanding, wounded. Captain Chamberlain, wounded and prisoner. Lieutenant U. U Powell, killed. C?otain Hooker, killed. Lleuteoant Kiogstoe, killed. own hi udrep arp nm nsst n* yore. Colonel Kmereen, slightly wounded. Lieutenant Colonel Fay, wounded in leg. aiOBTT ervRjrrii ser.vstlvania. l ieutenant Colonel fltabel, mtsaiog. Adjutant A. M. Martin, mortally wounded and prisoner. Lieutenant John Hpangler, killed. Lieutenant Hoock. killed Lieutenant Dietrich, killed. Captain Myers, missing. Lieutsnani W F. Baker, missing. Colossi Trass, of ths Fourteenth New Jersey, com manded this brigade. Lieutenant Colonel Hall, In command of the Fourteenth New Jersey, is woenned. Captain I eonard. Assistant Adjutant General to OOKNMl Truss, has a shall wound In tbe bead. Captain Ianlus. aid, shot In arm. t .M|i??ni a eau iiipj win , vuirt ill ?( su . Captain G. J. uaks, aid, shot In the head. Captain A K. King Assistant Adjutant (.anerai to GsaenU Rtckette, said to bs mortally wounded In ths slds. Captain D. K Bnrnham. or dance officer to General Rick etta, slightly wounded. Among other reporu is ons that La# Is la command In p?i con?lbs statement of a dying prisoner. Every poeslble preparation la being made hare for a vlgorosa dslsace of the eity . The Press Despatch. pALTiHons, Jniy 16?T P. M. Tbe troepa engaged in the fight at Monocacy bridge yesterday formed m line of battle on Um left of the rail road, and on thin side of tbe river. On the right two Ohio regiments were thrown oat as skirmishers. Ths latter were attacked at half past seven la the morning by cavalry from the. Bagsrstown pike, when they fell hack screen tbe rtver, In good order and with slight loss, Ighttsg alt the way. After eroaslag they suoesedad In cheeking ths ndrnaas of the enemy, and held him here s (org time. Asset ten A. M. e desperate attack was tn*da by dismounted cavalry, which was re pults<l, Eld net Withstand lag they repeat ad ly tried to dislodge ear man from the pee It toe they ceo Id sot socooed. Their leas here was very heavy, our man bav lag the advantage of using rides, while they bad "?ly turbines. After fighting antII three o'clock p. M. s heavy body ef the enemy (fear regimentn) ware dieeevrred t# be moving apoa ear left flank, her lag sresss'l the rivar some distance below; and la annas Snance onr troops had to abandon their poottlea sad fail hack The taemy followed for a boa I three mi lea. bet wit bout Indicting mach damage^ Oar leas la the aetloa is said to ha sboat see thonsaad la hilled, woeaded sad prisoners. Gcaeral Tyler was to command of sums of the buadrsd days men. sad Me as was sent a red * set knows. i The enemy levied i iu od MlddUtown of twenty thousand dollars. The wumen, It is reverted, were In sulted, their clothes wore stolen, end numerous outrages were oommltted. The rebels ere supposed to be'Ewsll's corps. They ere reported to be now marching on Washington. They set Ore to the Frederick depot and a barn adjacent The battery on our side having unfavorable ground to masteuvre upon was not as eilectlve as It otherwise would have been. Balttmous, July 10, 1814. (feme four hundred wounded have arrived here during the day,and are now well provided for at the hospi tals lieutenant Colonel Hall, or the Fourteenth New Jersey regiment, Is roported killed. Another report says be is only wounded in the arm. Capt. Adam R King, Acting Assistant Adjutant Oeneral on General Rtokuti's staff, Is wounded In the right side and abdomen. Captain Harris, Adjutant Buckalew and Captains Craig, Hawk and Janeway, all o( the Fourteenth Hew Jersey, are woanded. ChpUlo Cruser, of ths same regtmont, la wounded and a prisoner. Captain H. Stuns and Captain Coatne, of the aama regh moat, are killed. Lieutenants Green, Bartrnff and Craig, of the same regiment, are wounded, and tho latter la a prisoner. Captain J. C. Patterson, of the same regiment, la wounded. Colonel lAft, er the Ninth New York artillery, la killed. The Fourteent h Hew Jersey regiment suOered severely. Thev were on tho loft of the line when the enemy ap peared on tbelr llank. Bslttxout:, July 10?Midnight. There Is no doubt that the rorce engaged by (ioueral Wallace yesterday was commanded by Early, and thai his entire anrps was present to the number of not leas than twenty thousand. The battle fought had this result. If no other, that It compalled tho enemy to dovelope his strength, and gave us Information In that respect vitally Important. The elty Is now entirely qnlet, and the streets are al most deserted, except by the armed guards and po lice. We have no further reports aa to the movements of tbe enemy's cavalry; but It la believed tbat they are depredating along tbe lino of the North ern Central Railroad, and moot likely moving off toward their mala body, which appears to bo ooooentratlog in Montgomery. It Is supposed that are at least two rebel army corps now operating in the present movement. Safety of Coloael Seward. Warhinctos, Jnly 10,1864. The Seoretary of State has received the following despatch from General Wallace:? Elucott's, July 10,1864. Hon. William H. Siward, Secretary of State ? I have tbe pleasure of contradicting my statement of last night. Colonel Seward Is not a prisoner, and 1 am now told Is nnhurt. lie bibavod with rare gallantry. LIW WALLACE, Major General Commanding. THE VERY LATEST. BaLTiwona, Jnly 11?3 A. M. Scouts bavo Jast reported that the enemy are approach ing the Gunpowder Bridge, on tbe Philadelphia Railroad. If they succeed this will be my last despatch (or soma time; but 1 do not tbink they will succeed. THE CALL FOR MILITIA. TIM flfix-ilxth and Twenty-eighth Iltgtmenti Ordered Co March. There he* been considerable excitement among the military of Brooklyn since Saturday, each organization expecting to be called upon to march to Maryland to repel the Invasion of that State by the rebels. A meet ing of the brigade commanders and colonels of the differ ent regiments wero held at General Dnryea's headquar ters on Saturday ,'at which It was decided to ceil oat the Nineteenth, Eighty ninth and Ninety-third, with a regi ment of General Uyd*r,'e brigade. } In ease the full quota of eighteen hundred and 11.ty could not be raised, then some of tbe oily regiments wers to be called upon. It ap pears now that some of the city regiment* are required, and the following orders nave been laaued In relation to tbe Klfty-alxth regiment of Brooklyn, Col. J, Q. Adams. Similar orders have also been laaued to Colonel H. A. Itokee, of the Twenty-eighth reg.meut. The regiments designated will be ready to march within the present week. Those oompanlee whlrluare not foil it is expected will be filled from tbe other militia regiments:? division ORPIN. * racial. onr.*iu>?so. 81. HtanqruRTses, Bnonwn Division, f " 1. [, July 9. 1**4. , In porsnanca of orders of tbe Coramsnderjn 'biof, the commandant* of the Fifth, Seventh and Eleventh brigades will respectively designate oae regiment from each bri. gado ror servloe fbr one hundred days, in compllanca with tbe requisition of tbe President of tbe tintted States on this State. Tbe commandants of such brigades will ,promulgate ihis'order and tbe designation made nnder it Immediately, bat apnn toe understanding that orders will be hereafter issued for the assembly of the regb moots. B. B. DDKYEa. Major General. Wm. H. Baausx, Mi\jor and Acting Aid. BRIOADI OBDKR. ?racial, oaonn*?no. 23. HaaDqoaRTRBS, Etavanm Haitians, N. G. S N T ,| Brooklyn, July'fi, 18<M. Tha above division special ordsr No. 31 Is hereby pro mulgated, and lbs Kil ty-sixth regiment, National Guard, Coloucl Adams, la designated for the service ut one hun dred days referred to in said divtalen order. By order et J ESSE C. KMITH, Brigadier Goneral Commanding. Bbxj. UaRktu., Brigade Major, A. A. G. REOIMINTAI, ORDER.*. ?racial, oar.ass?so. 30. Heaaqr arras, F?rr*aixra kbuimsst. N. 0.8 N. T., 1, July 10, 1HA4. Tha fbregolng orders are bersby promulgated for tha information of this commaod:? Commandants of companies will Immediately take rich Maps aa are necessary to recruit their cmn|>aoles to the maximum standard of one hundred man ea<*>, or aa near aa possible. Each company will be required to fill alt vaeaaeiee of eommtsaiooed or aoncom missioned officers without dtlijr Each and ovary officer la hereby aotiffad to be present at tbe regular monthly meeting, at headquarters, to-mor row (Monday) arenlog, at eight o clock By order* from beadqu irters every member of tbe regtmeat will bo required u> report in person for doty or procure an acoeptable substitute. By order of Colonel J. o ADAMS, Commanding Fifty alxth regiment, N- O., P. N. T. Edwin Lldlam, Adjutant. FOURTH REGIMENT, osnas so. ?. Bianqrasraa Forstn Ksoimsnt S. 0. 8. If. T. I Naw Yoaa, July 10. 1844. J hi obedience to tbe foregoing Division Order No. 24, U>l* command I* bereby ordered to|aae*roble in cttiien'a dresa at the Armory, corner of Elm id.I White streets, on Monday, tbe 11th lottant, at two o'olnck I*. M., pre paratory for Immediate departare for duty In the forttfi. cations of Washington olty. The rebel* threaten the uatlonal capital, and It is Gut only tbe duty of every patriot to hurry In tbe rescue, bat the major general commanding the division assures your colonel that he has the power, and will oblige every man, under these orders, to accompany tbe room and. By order of Coonel DANIEL W. rELM.ft, f. Maui.vTapr, Quarterntaaler and Acting Adjutant. The Park TesteNay-Tke Flowers. Tbe neual number of visitors to tbe Perk teemed to be somewhat Increased yesterday, aa every walk, every arbor, tbe Grotto, tbe Mall aad tbe Drive, were eaok tad ell more or lew crowded. A lengthy stroll through the Ramble showed plainly that II was a favorite rooort of thousands, and tbe region around tbe Bell Tower and Reservoire was quite sa well patronised. Tbe Dove Cote le ? greet attrac tion, and tbe persons who visited that spat were yaater day greeted with a new feature?two fancy fountains in tbe Conservatory Pond. The Terrace baa recently been ornamented with four handsome vaeee, which will eo- n be filled with flowers. Several Canary oagea have been knag np In tbe porch of the Quins, and tbe visitors to that building are welcomed with the moste of the birds, Tbe following le aa additional list of tbe plants sow flowering sa lb* Part:? ACeeuius par* Iflora. ..Small flow'd edible Backey*. ? } Blue tassel flower. A Ithae reeee Heifyhock. Aeoieplae IncarnaU Swamp milkweed. Aaeieptee perpermseeua Purple milkweed. Aacieptaa tubsruee Butterfly weed.plearlay root Hruneiln vulgar- Self heal or beai-ail. t>mi *nuia grand iflora largeCaalerhwry bed Oaetaaee vseon Chestnut. Ontalpe bigeouioiilen Indiaa bean. Dsphalaalhiis . < < uieolalla ... Hut won bnah. Ckmnrinm lolybes l bleary. Ooreepeta b loot or Parti colored Ooreopelf. Corn us sirirta miff ('oreel. row. Delplnnlem ajoria Ajax larkspur j Hide MarOee tnraeem. I Dtnscerea villosa Wild yam root. Pioopyroo Virginiui Common perstmmoo. Kcblutn vuigmre Bin* we?yl. FranculaUaroliniaoa Alder Hucktboni. UailiarJia pic la Feinted (laniard In. Hydrangea arboreecenn WUd Hydrangea. Hydrangea eltlaalnie ..... Fall Hyd ranges. Hydrangea fiortenala Warden Hydrangea. Hydrangea Japonlea Japanese Hydrangea. Hydrangea nlvee Snowy leaved Hydrangea lnni>atiiiua fulva Spotted touch m? not. luuia lielenium. Common Elecampane. Ipomaea purpurea Purple morning glory. Loaaa later ma Lciaa. Lynlraachia cilUua Ciiiat# leaved looeeetrlfa Metilnloa alba. White meltlot. Meiilotus afl)cin?lla AeilnW mullloi. Fentaiemuu barbatun....? ? ..Peerd tongue. Phlox divert ata. Spreading pbloa. PotenMlU formoaa. ivanti'ul claque foil. Kliua glabra Smooth auaoac. Hhua Lvphina Slagborn sumac. Solannm < arollirerue florae nettle. Boianum imlcaniare. Bitter eweet. Nplrtea calloaa Calloen epnrea. Spina L'lmaria Mnnd<>w sweet. Tecoma rad lean* Trumiwi creeper. Typha mguatlfolla Narrow laaved cattail. Verbaacum Tbapaua. Mullein. Yucca Hlamenloea. A lam a needle ?EW8 FROM WA8HIN0TON. Washixotob, July 10, 1M4. TBI PKITATKR* FLORIDA OFF CAPI I1USHY. It la reported tbet the privateer Florida baa I wen beard from twenty miles offCaiie Henry. TBI CA06M OF BX-SEUBBTAKY CHARB's DI8FLAGK MBNT. Washington circles havo been much entertained lately by the perusal or newspaper aeoounts purporting to givw the reasons for tbe withdrawal of Mr. C'hase irom tbo charge of the financial concerns or the nntlon. Tho TVibtine'i whimpering explanations reoelvad aa among the moat amusing of all, and yet It contains a grain of truth by the assertion, In effect, that Lincoln snubbed Chase sod refused htm an Interview on the sublet of the appointment oT Mr. Maunsel B. Field as his successor to tbe Treasury Department. It Is well known here thai the relations between the President and Mr. Chase havo not been of the moat amicable character alnca the Poms roy develop moots; and, with the usual cunning of thn Western politician. Old Abo undertook to outwit his finast ctnl manager, and ho baa aucoaedad. Tho Impression that Mr. Chnsa held over tho President in Urrortm threats of resignation In case bis recommendations In tbo matter of appoint* moots were not accepted and carried out, In not an srro. neous dm; but when bo made tbeae threats Chase had no Idea that Lincoln would evar have the boldness to accept his resignation. iJnooln held the question In abeyaaeo until he found a suitable successor for Cbaao, and when he away wont tbo premlor of tbo finances, and la went to an astonished Senate a namo aa bin suooeanor. None were more surprised at the ocourrenco than Mr. Chase himself and his rrienda. Hla son-in-law, one of tho Senators Irom Rhoda Island, was both astonished and mortified. Bat there was no help for U. Old Abe bed put bis broad loot down, and a now man for tho Treasury was proposed, and o new man waa found In tbo person of Mr. Fessenden. It wss a regular coup d'etat? the first striking and only decisive end resolute aetloo tbe President has taken m regard to tho members of bis Cabinet since hte Inauguration. If Mr. Cbaao bod eon fined himself to bis legitimate duty of sustaining tho national orodit by tho introduction of wise and prudential financial measures, Instead of embroiling hHnsolf la schemes of personal ambit loo, neither himself nor pos terity would hove had tho mortification of lamenting tbo sad spectacle of tbo retirement ef tbo financial chief of : tho nation wben tbo notion waa In tho throes of a lorribio and profoundly critical rev u la ion. TfIB NINETEENTH OS ft 1*8. Major General Joseph Jouas Ksynoldo baa boon aoolgood to tho command of tho Nineteenth army corps, aa re organized. Thla appointment affects In no way tho posi tion of General Banks as commander of the Gulf Department. MOUNTED INFANTRY FOR 8PRCIAL BEBVICB. A regiment or mounted infantry waa organised hero to day from among tho government teomstero, and placed under tbe command of Colonel 3. Oweus, formerly of tbo cavalry oorpe. TAX ?OLLBCTTVO IN EASTERN VIRGINIA. The tax collectors are atlll engaged In Eastern Vir ginia, and notwithstanding Its reoeut abandonment by our foroaa and tbe operations of tbe guerillas, are pro gressing very satleraetorliy. In tbe district comprising Jefferson, Hampshire, Loudon, Falrrsx aad Alexandria counties, ovar Ihlrty-Dlns thousand dollars were collected during the last quarter. A SPECIAL RUSSIAN TAX ON StUPPING. The Russian Minister ban officially communicated to tho State Department n decree of bis government requiring all merchant vessels, as well masted and seagoing ?learners aa coasters, and without masta, arriving at tbo port of Cruoatadl, to pay to tno benefit of tho muoloipal revenues a special lax for their clearing and (be removal of tholr filth. ?OAR* or NAVAL OmCKRfl. Commodore Frederick Knglo, William W. IIcKno, William M. (.undf and A. A. Hare ara la session la thia city to determine upon tba fllnees for protaolion of ioiuo tweoty-etgbl officers wbo bar* been restored by Execu tive authority from tba "retired Hat" to tba "active aer vlce." Tbeae officers bare Orat to undergo an examina tion before a medical board at 1'hlUdelpbla aa to tbalr physical ability to do duty to advanced grades. and then the board la aeeeloa bare will determine aa to ibeir pro faaaional abilltiea to aerra la like manner. It la under stood tbat tba latter tribunal iocllaea against going Into the consideration of merits or demerits wblcb existed prior to the data of Um "retiring" of asid officers, but it Is believed that tba Navy Department does oat take tbia view. VOLUNTtRB orricmu TRANSFERRED to tor rrou LAR ARMY. Captains Lee and Moore, volunteer*, of the Quarter master s Department, bava been transferred to tba rag? lar army. Caputs Lea baa beea depot quartermaster at Alexandria during the last year. TBI WORE OP THI LAST CON0RBBR. Congress at tba lets session passed two hundred aad thirteen acta nod sixty jotut resolutions af n private ohu. meter. DRATH or CAPTAIN A. M. WRIOHT. OapUla A. Manning Wrigbt, of the Hfly-aarsatb New Tork Volunteers, dle<l m tbia city on Saturday week, file foot was shot off at the ankle at the famous charge of the Second corps, on the morn log of tba 17 th of Jane, f'aptaln Wrigbt makes tba seventh commanding offioev the regiment baa lost In battle since It cams oat la July, 1N1, and It now counU eighty men tor duty. THE INTERNAL REVENUE BLARES. Blank forme and regulations for all branches af UM Internal Revenue act ara In onursa of preparation. MISSINO NATAL BNOINRBR. Much anxiety la fbit at tba Navy Department reaper I log 1 bird AMlaUnt Engineer R. a Hloe, aa nolbtag ban been beard of him si ace laet October. RTATIONERT CONTRACT. The stationery eootract for the supply of the Treesnry Department aad Its various bureaus for tba easalng fiscal yaar baa again bean awarded to Pbllp k Be la moos, af lb la eity. ENTERTAINMENT RT EX-SBC* IT ART OR A IB. Ex-Secretary Cbaae received aad eater la leed at hie residence laet night the various darks aad em ploy ea af the Treasury Department Be la aa the ova of leavlag tbia city far Ohio. MURDER IT OffEElLLAR. Dr. Warren Watson, of Charles ooualy, ad., waa mur dared by guerillas a few day# vtaoe, In Westmoreland eounty, Vs., where be bad gone to atteod to hia plan la lion. The Union cilixen# of that eeotl a bnva applied to tbo military aatborltlao for proteotioo. fire am Ike Rertk River- DMtvaetiea at tlta lUaaibeal John Potter, dbe. Tka steamboat John Totter, lying at plar No. 1, North river, and plying between tbia ally aad Perth Amboy, lo oeaaeclloa with tho Case dsn and Philadelphia Railroad waa totally daotrayed this morning hotweon twolvo aad two o'elook, to. gather with tho whole af bar sorgo. Pier No. 1 IB also eooatdorably damaged. Meat of tho articles aa the plar ara either destroyed or damaged to a great ex tent. Tba boats aleogRido piers 9 aad ? managed lo gat out with bat alight lose. At ana lima the Oeean Queen aad ?notbat steamship lying at the upper elds of plar 8. warn la grant danger, hot by the eterlloae of tho Bremen sad tho falling of tho weeded baddies ol tho minmm of star 1, they wart saved.

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