Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 11, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 11, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Sv?i>iy, July tO, 1804. A aorommi te en faat among tha liusww-* m?a or Hew York to simplify their tranasetiona by trading on the aUtd?rd oi l and silver?tbat t?. to bny and (Ml thrlr goods it<Min elyOTur cam?. to roouve netbtng as money btrt what oeme* from the mint In return for their wares, and la umkI all their <Td nary obligations, even to the pay* tag ol thotr ciorks and ?arrant*, with tt* (tuie deacrtptlon or currency. !t may bo considered by tome that it .a yet Ut) early to luaugurato aucn a pottoy, bat wo think ttiai uote will deny, if we our: no In onr present en ore?, that the day Is not far dm lant when ^fOatnsiaii^es will arise that will farco ua to adojit aouei similar to tlie eae pro posed. The p'an won id bo by to means new, aitbouih I: wo .id l>e novel to the preSi nt generation, and when once earntnisml it could. bo made to operate as < aaily liere as n deer -,n Caivterniu, Oregon aud la ibe Territories of Uu i'w Wu?U It was done in thia country durum the prcgreasof ibe lievi luliwnary war, when the continental currmry d -predated m three years to the standard of raga aud it was done lb Prance iu the tune of Wie llrat Bev ijti n, v mi the usa-gnats of ih>t country muik U> a worth'?'-? tydd-r. !? would a Wo hire been done ia Kng UuuUki.d the inrst klftfUiijus eiloru been eotuloyed by ti e ( >c umen:, regard Usj en ooriirtqueneee. between 1-11 ar-s 1?M, t? save the lW"k of Fngland notes from the paper mills. Tiie follow frig tsble shown the depreciation Of the con ti una :ur ency liuru the iliroo years from the com mencement of l'Tf to the close of 1779. and the decline of Treasury notes from 1862 to the present day:? Ynh*-of h<^>n ]Yahuof QCur ??tnudai OotUir Dollar. ITT? 1TT8 1T79 Jkeofh. I ? i? Janu 9 30'4 IS1 iS62 95 1803.1864 Iobinary ,43 ' i >? iu'^? March 91 !a 2T ,10 38 April :itv .'-8 ! 9 '?< May. ?1 une - isllr,, J 7'j | 114 o7 July i W, '25 1 1 2# 1 7 '* 180 ,2-;S lfH?;1 1 n 21 6S T.3|, i i , 1.12'; 15V; Vi sfj' ?- ? ? 'J>e 63 61 S 33' bep ewiber October i ikO ,i| 4,'j 73 |W>, Xovero em,, Ueeenih;'T.. Owing to the movement.' of jrper.Jafors In gold the d? prec atlob'>' otfr present yap^r money has not been as regul r as whs'Vtiat of the cr'ntinebtat currency, but its decline st-Oro* otYife as Certain, unless i-uiuethlog IS done td' Check Its d smaatd ootiree. The plan which wns ad- ; ted by sb p66epers during the devolution ?? to thske curt tfett bills at the currency rates and receipt tbiiin rtr a c rtMn amount in gold, as the following, copiod frotu 'sink's Tistory, sbows:? t aiithin A. M'I.eax, Bought of W N'tcriots. 1 f*vtr b?'tf. . $tOO bJU y?r to oa?w, at Sn? ? 752 0 yiuds . i-iui. ? a; f!50 905 '?fti turn- in rorn, at fICO 4.'9' 4 tv PdlT? cbiefr ?l SlOO i.: 400 b J I- dn ?|is.ui>? binding, at ?4 32 1 bk' 1U U sidv.. 10 Twal... : *3,1.4 If |<aiu iu t ,.?1S 10*. Received uoyRictit in lull, tor Yfm. Nichols, jA*rAKv ft, nm. ,iova Jones. tt will be advn "by the above thai less than one huu. Srod doners in com paid a bill or $3,144, which had bcoa tnado out at oarreiK-y prices. How to avoid drifting fato tbe?nmo immtliaiing condition is now the study of *11 the true p.trtot-?Dot tho alarmists, as tbey have boon termed?of the conn try. IT the government h po*.irje*R toaihird roller the traces imopto will he justi Had in retort ,ag to such flneurml measures us lay witbm ?heir deiett, and the one jsvp'oefd will probably be the Moat beaettowl that could be adopted. i A oaereepbiident Muds us the lollowltig suggestion*?. 1 la the ptvamt dis urreoable Crist* of the monetary ?kairewt uv'tmnuv would it not ire a matter of scan J policy lor tba banging e .mpauies lu Ljo various Rule* of the vO'on fo luTTow the examp'ft of the barking iitid I nnuy of the cortiruercM firms In I'CglnBd daring the war be'" en ootoilry aimI Krftui r r 1 reni"Biber j when bun . t ket,-, ih silver uuU cuppyr coins, e^ual to pennv no r tv '( penny pieces. worn co:ntnoti over the whu*e of hug bind, three euillliua ami etablean pou e were the do. uuiijalious o. ibe bank tokens, and, taking tne siK'er at the then standard price, these tokens ?ei? taTr Itie t?soe or such tokens by responsible tSrms would rot only tv the means ot releasing the general trade el the cpruury from iu trammels, but, I atn lu c'tcetf to thing. it Would lei Fuse much or the small coin wtttcb m being boarded by sordid aud unpatriotic mon. Ib'twhuii is most wauled tii.uer tlia pruunt circum elances o: the country is to strcngtUea the faith uf the p' .lp'o id the UUtionaJ Integrity and fts contioued sul vency uuder all di.'Ilciilties. A greit mistake bus been tn ido by iniiiidatiUg the country w.tti paper money, which wants the basis or security. What I here suggest may be o: service to the tmdiDg community. It appears to be an exceedingly diftlcalt task to bring tbe money market Into sound working < rder. The Iwlt of Ml knowledge m relation to tbe fntsra flosrchil murk ?Wbtsof ?b<; government; the large amount of capita' that ha? bean drawn fbom this city to foster speculation tn the pi eductions of the West: tbe scarcity of gre?n bai-ies. and lha kaowo tcdtMn slated wantaor ffc ? country which are likely to demand immediate attention, all com tao to onoeiUe the tnint l ami to create a stringency, which every one is auvnas shall be only tempomry. Wtou Mr I ,-<tfteod"ti ab?t! dec do apoo his fnturo plans one grrut coiuso of the pr?sebt da irrtu g?mont in nvucti ?y at-.iri will ??i removed. ami th? mv-le.t will be ablo itsi 11 to fi- the other impediments to a tree uee of the un mpK>v-d ratdtai. Uiaiiiiv - m rcc?r 1 to the intentions of Secretary Fes <1 u hi reiitha to tbe currency difler materially, and souk a e as uj pooito ae the antipodes. It la asserted by taaiiy lust he will commence curtailing the currency, and will no: .top until be bring* it down to meet tbe provi- ] ?too mi tfij second <o lion of toe new loan act, which do ck.ras Uei the total amount of raited Stole* notes t*su?d ' or Lo t a i i.LWtl anal: ne\er exoe.'d tour hundred mlilkios of delta. ?. M lie out tbia policy be must talte nearly three bund vd tailliont troaa tbe vol bids ot our reooy now attest. Ou tbe other hand, it ia auu i that tbe n> rw title* of tM government demand that the legal leader printing machine* ?tioll t* mow Itatoly sot in notion, and that they must nut stop until tlicy have turned iff aixtv million* or more ?o" stio vuriftt*- d<wcrip!ions of c Ternm'Tit paper, from the enralie.-t deuoaiinatiods if the fractional currency to the reven ntd three-tenth* Interest bearing legal holes which the DeW law authorizes. This amount Is now due tbe so'tfferi, and It win t>? Impossible for the Trea.wy i eparitueul to procure so largo a earn In time to meet lbs want* of the tfoops kfihont adding to the pr?-?eni sir*,. Henry In monetary affairs, add perhaps producing another ptnlc Ih* Iste fecretary has left bis enccos. eor no euviable task to perform, and If Mr Fes^eideh enn get through with it without disturbing fnabcfai affairs'(o any serious extent be will receive tut coogrntulitlons of many who are now tromblieg to fear for their safety. Tl Ir reported that Secretary Fesseoden wBi be in this City to morfow (Monday), and will eedenver t* make s ml orrahpement with the banks 'or a tempomry h.a*. The t U'owlng were tbe quotations of rutreal and nk. ot laiieoos shares at tbe close or each of the poet four weeks ? Jnnr 19. Jam Si. /nly % JwffS American gold Alton H lei re -!?ut#R. R . ?leveiat ? * vitteburg U 'iiWU a tW'.Uu,,,...... Chicago k 1 ock "land Chicago k .N rthweetern... Chicago k Alton........... CuiaveriaUo noai Canton . ninp n y THil k Sfudann ^anai Hat lew Kaltr wd... SiAigaek itbern gfflweeOf I'. He Obioti Maripos i Mining Now York < antral...,, Pari So Mail. . . .... Heuarytvatiii C'?M ......... liltahuraAAyri M ague..... Qoi'k litnr \iloingj. Readme MSifroid It "Mo * M line* -,'i 11.* wi:ig art ttte quo ?ti"os of govdranletit stm rlllea ? /i/n?lS. Jufyi. Jui\9. RegiatemA ft** ot tmn.v,,t.i|ft4 |?W lof lot U.?pe: t Hi: *e?' liC 1?M 1M ?]ve4^?trt -io*,. iojl| lot 104 U>4 Ftvdtertft r. kl?er?d ....I'iSN J0' t| iWI'i IC'fV 4M yiarMfti 'iiei ut-m ?.?? P4'< kavfo ai4Ak?e? re tatuot HMXT 1M 14? fiapvtOtNk* v Merday <* foMewa -y ?l !?vaa' 4? *i ....... ti!/? F'WUj beriwna f'S. 67 Btiijeer' < M? '?, CaU rrjia 7'*. H?HlaTT4.,?: 8T 10s Vivg IBM SM .0. i . .1. 6f OTT COnilBftCUIi KEPfint. \ r baiiua<a?, Jixir k. 10*4. Asiaw ? BeeMfiia. a? ? M*. T*e market was firm with a good demand hales at $12 60 a $12 Tt for pots, and $16 60 for puart* ftasaiwrrrrs.-- Itecelpta, 16,191 bbls flour, 393bbls. and TfJ bags c >rn meal, 1,100 busln la wheat, sad H. J60 do ?a?s Tbe Sour aurfcet was test active, sod 26c. lower lko %, 212 ?in 271 '?fa ? no 09 112 114 11! 111* )47'< 134 137 113V 64 u>? 61 U3K lis 00 ?ft _ 00 73 Uti M 49 a.* a 37 37 23'iij 240 230 247 112 'i 114 ?; 1141$ 114V 110 111 if 112 116* 142M 140 a 139 12' 3A* 239 2*6 UMfi is iv ink 131 laftie 'Urn* 137* 13.. OS 02 Kk "T? till/ S3 09 66 64' ?H 43*4 L.l ^ 133* 131 136 V .-:o ? 2>Q 210 213 276 213 11214 114 111* 1U 73 'i ?4,\i 76/a 74* 141 1.17* 137 soH ? SO 03 ? mate Western. ?na Canadian brands Sates 2*>,030 10 000 extra State, del.rrr.ble IB all this month and Augurt at ?r> 50 and 1 .OC0 choice do. for August, *13. alao l.-W I tuUiero and 1 .000 t .nadian on the ?p<,t Kye Iflour *n euro meat were quiet and uuchuugui liusuoW. U-efl-sSUt. a?d Wester- Dour ?1? M ? ? ^ Kxtra slats. 11 Mall 00 Comtnoaf to mcMium extra Western Id ^o a 1- N Kxtra round b?oo 20 a 13 00 Western trade brauds DOS 14 15 ?;? if2!* a 11 60 a H 00 Common smnnern . s?1]jito t xtra asd farev or flQ ft u ,,0 Common Canadian ? r>5 a vi t0 ( boles to extra do , 0 a j, qo Rye flour, superfine 7ft a 8 M> lent "teal, bbia.. Si 7ft a 04 Ml Core meal, puncheons ,,n, ?s were ?Tlie wiieal nwlwl >?* lest active, and press were id. a 3o o.t, aaa^? J30,00u bu.- bels at .71 ^.2 (10 t%)\\rnc , ?' riiiL' f2 cs a $2 00 lor Milvvu ?keo duo, ^ tor otn'ber Wtwank.-e. 52 reS Westers. 32 70 .*2 72 for tlV continued scarce and was ilrmly held a I ? J? ? ?? Corn rii'.ed stetdy. wub aalua at 50,ooo busbcls at. <1 gft for sound unit vrostern mixed. Oats t^ro selnre au<1 lirni in price, with sales at 99c. a fal. B tivo. and prices wholly nominal h Betas ax w is Ann, witU sales at 80c. snd fiiO. (Vtrr.iv.?The market w s quite active, ?nd considerably lugber. s.leeot 980 bates. Wo quo^. I'plan^. Florida. ifMulr. A.O.rf T Ordinary.. 1W 15* *5? ^'r9 Middling 1? 1? 163 iw Good middling ?*S VI? 1' ("HtcoKV ?300 cisks (lermnn granulated sold from 15c bmH oa t), und tor the best brands 25c ; chicory root was selling at 7 i,C. a 8c. ? , Co.i.-No foreign oiler tag; hard verv firmn We quote Lackawanna and S.Teuton at til 50, Ht 1st n atl $11I. Cocoa.?Sales have been made of i0 bags Guayaquil ^b^icllva and exited with an advance to price*. The sales were ^OOO IbOtotroit at It- a. t 54,h<\. 1W0.0IXI no Porta." 52c . and 50,000 do.>> it 58c. ; Halltjnore quiet at 52>JO. . Com: ?The market was more scute, and pricesd m upwards. The sales Include 1,400 bses Inguayra m b. od oil p. t., and 300 a 600 bags lii" St ..S tjC. a 54c., J paid, at a 175 faxes uo at 5l>?c., c:ab. _?i?i Tar Pttir.s ?*b TIvkS.?The market continues quiet. ?' tarlc acid ?' 60. cream tarter ?Tf<c., sorts g" 571 ? . aiilornla mustard noed, 21c.; s ?' ,8 J caustic sod.t, 14 i;c , and 1,100 kegs hi carbonate soda, #3&sn n^sre without deeded change Ebgag-ments to l.tycrpool, per American. mcludo in^OO busht i < r at 3 ;d.. and I2.0O') do. wheat at 4d , iKoCO^ih. r u lt? 90 i ?Ji? oil cako at about lua.; uoutr u. * hen a s!,-ar at ?is.. 350 tons Isrd stnd 56 bo .psads tsl f?w at 15*.. 10 {ens oil caVe at ?usv, and ? jr r ? 14.a 0buflh' lf whost at 5d., 400 boxes hr\ : c^a 'fi i idi.b ih.ur lit a. 3d. lo iAWdor, per neotral, !,<?? bins, flour at K 3d., and ti,?0? btunuls -host u. ed, and per steamer. V.-OO bales c.tcb at ^Sjlo uer iieii*rtl.l?) pnerra oil tt W*. In Frist 1, 0 ? Ur,lT*T .<id 1., Antwerp, 14.000 lbs copper i? Kh>? not ashes at 2ii 'id-, and 100 balaa bops St l>ac. To HambdTu'. 800 ithds. and Mess* rtwrioredfr. nl lYSfldyWlld i?B?t. Ctvlt,w hnU n i\ voO. a BrAteb hark fPm bb ?*??. N. P., ?? Hufrnt : .an Austrian btig. K.oOO busbo.a ?,he>t, l.bts, petroleum, and a rrttlab briK. -, i m i onden 2.W0 bbts" petrolenm, 5- ; a l'.rittsb bri;, lons'''cottar" burg. 2JiOO b?lc retrolrum, 6* ; * I'll,?b oao muq liam. 3.000 bbis 1lQur, is.; ? British wVle Mar-cine-,. 1,500 bbis. petroleum. 6s.; au ?? S f,?nlS t., Rorfleiox. 30O00 heavy pUMS staves, ?*p*SIT _2,C00 qtls. fleorprs Bank dry cod sold at $7 2o; smoke* worj vary scarce, and wanted at o0c for ' loo and bnach* currants. 19*C. ^la^_C^ nuts at *70. .rid r?t island T'lneapn o?. ?-??**: Ey auC tiou 80100 bo'.es Msntoo lemons at $1-a SIS oO. , (,C-.wY ilAOs wore Orm but qwot, ?t 28c. , Gi nny Ct dn was Arm and higher at 17^c. B18C., I ?"?t, Shipping was selling at $110 a $1 ?, and for "n^-Wwr^ewmbU sales of dressed American ?t -'.'^V^r^oar'ui 'hs.'. '24r.; 9.CW; city slaughter, V. lbs 18' o a 15 VC. d.Ot'O dry Bue*? Ayres IB ^ Kto tiruude. Wlbs., and 2' hMrr,r7nar!udPag''258 for SXpcH, Bt 60;^ngal $l00a ?2 Manila 45 a $160. 30 rnas Guatemala *2 ^ ? 5? ?<>. ciiti i.ikHO do. on private terms. ^pr;y?Ve terms; also, 200 tons American raits at $ieo, **1^*9 was drmer; ssVd of 400 tons Spanish, German ^"^^^^"le^.^dyancod 2C. per lh and ?.r-rSiX'S"'?-w? r>. i s l.tus straiaed oommoo and No^at J4J a ,s? lots So'. 1 to Prtmep^ ^^"held nttlw" sn^r'ow tJ^holm at $20 . $22; c.iy Pitch si * ^rwiVfixh was higher. Whale was also higher, aErlwr-viaass ail 3?. Pkovmoxs.? RcoeipU, ?63 bb'h pork end ajTti do. lard. The pork market was moderately active,aod pricoi wf-ra well sustained: wale* 8,500 bl>K at $42 lornid mess, S4'J a $48 75 for new do., $.84 a $37 for old and dcw prima mod fll a $12 Tor prims mess: also 2.00 Ob's. n*w nice, buyer all this mocth. at$ !9, and l.htj do. :or August at $52. same option Bee'" vie (pilot and firm, witb sales of 6001) bis. at fin a $14 for country uv-ss, $0 a $10 rer roue us prime. $20 a $25 for rrpa g#d mesa, and $21 a $30 for extra lucaa. Prime eem tvvi was quiet, but Hrm. Beef bums were inao ive. Hacuti * dee were dull and nominal. "tf Cut meats wore ib fair request, with sales of 200 packages *al 15>4c. a lite. for 'boulders and ts ^c. a IDs. tor hams of 3. (Mrs The lard market wuk active and Arm. witb sa'es i bMa. nnd tierces at 20>?c. a 21c lor fair to good, flutter was uetitre and Urm at d3c a 3t?c. lor whto, and 87c. la 44c. for rtsie. Clitem waa quiet at 18c. a 23c. lor com mon to prima. i KTsoia- m ? Eecotptx, 3,720 bbfe. The market wan noiuealiy quiet lo-duy, but holders were very urm, and the tew galea were at lull or ices, scarcely anything waa dime to otther crude or -eileod, ere a by the speculators, who have bought so freely ol late. They are, nenrtho loss, making desperate aborts ta keep prices op, and wham ver they du buy it it at pricea hiaber thaa any one else will pay The t ale* da not oxceed 3,000 bbis. <4 ail at Mo e 4Tr. lor crude. oa mm spot 60a for August, Ode. a 02lie. (or bonded aod $1 for free, oa the etml, and $1 10lor next munth. beoclee waa aeauaai at 4-C a 44o. i;wWe notice sale* of 100 bags Ftttna at 13\c. a 13i*c. .1 At*.?We note sake of 794 bigs Asbtoo's and 900 do ?lw'.ray's, bMb ?a private terms. .-V>A?? 200 boxes Cast Mo sold at 24c. bcosa? lb# uiork' t we* less active, but firm, will] sal?s of 59 hog- beads Pubs mosovadn si 13,'^c ,t>tt onah, 1a bond, and 1,009 boxes Havana at 2t,'?c. y.vuucd was less acttve, but tlrtn. .-n'Wrrn*.?H?e cargo of the bark I/srus. 6.406 baps aitratr soda, jn?t arrrvod irsm Kpngue, baa been sold in heed at T.'^e , -Mb. h*a?nw?.?.?'ales of 40,000 Tba. wblto at lftfke. a 19c. In-Pig was tmseiwnd, and prices were frregulhr, hut high, wtiti sales of 600 slab" Mulacca at Old., aod cauli saws at <Ho lor Stra ta. Idagifah was nnmihhl at 06,-, stid Banci at 7.V Plates were Arm, with small sales <>; f C. rbarcesi at $28 a $80, aod I. 0. cuke at $&4. vriKMr ? Receipt#, 1,045 bb.s. Hie market ?af tib eeMled and drpiewreg, with talcs of 3,000 bills, at $1 70 a fl 72 for fcfite, sod 91 73 a fl 75 fOrfWtatero, cleslog at tbe inside price<. W"<w.?fmincstrr remitrs very firm, and prices tend up.-, ard. H.e ? "H'W'-^nprise 300 000 lbs. floece at $1 aj ? - - ? ? fj <r>. wfb ib aii pur-wit of choice et $1 19, lochidio i 150 coo lbs line new clip Ohie, delivered there, at ?1 02>(, 20,000 l' S. pulled it V5c. a rl 00, an 1 lt.OOO lbs rsiiPinrta, Irma feceng hands, at 50c. a 73c. In forMlfh tae movement vast lu.hi. With as lew of 600 belts Cepe, lioiu second bands, at .Me. a 6/>e., good lute being held, rt'uu first bund- et 70c.. 5.000 lbs. Santa Ke at 55?.. and JOohalec fpd: itcdlteri anean and 06 bales llestlza oh private tenia. Dinner of ilic Alumni of SC. Jonn'f College* f>be of |V,e most Interesting sorts) reuniting that has taken place in tl g c.ty fur a long time occurred at pel rn i,ids's, In fiflb avcoue, on Tbursday ewnlng, lbs or irinhVilng the flr?t celebration of tbe Alumni Arso cintlon of Ft, .Itdin's Roman tatholic College, Some sixty old graduates ol' that well known juatltutieo of ieafbicg* together with a number of goutlemen dbUoguisbi 0 ia the church, In the *Isw, In ii"<diciue,and, infacf, In wl| the professions, formed tbo happy yhrry Tb4 dlbhef u*k piwe in one oi tbe splendid dining rooms, and arOuun a i ,b " cxiehjlac ma metis I wag in of tbe mom. " " TtoWB'ir lie.monicn made -mynf B!i filial displays, and the viands and wines wore wm-h as might uonpi the must epicurean appetite gut tha material part of Uie feast was tbe tenet worthy of autie* Alter the cloth was remove* ?'Nth least of rsaavn aud tbo How of sum ' < owmenoed. end woo kept b. uelU ibe iiuera-hwi Ur advan'-wi Into Friday in vwieg t?i tbe gw-Ai pr >?? et imporiani nwws we regret not hat mg a pes* te give a full ruperl nf the pro reading.', and beve uely mum in rueetlun tbe ism Mmt speeches wore luetle by iihwop IWIIwy. of Newarkt *lr O f Tneiwid, I'rerwdeot hf Itkh AsmuatUin, Mr I*. A. Rer*' gnus, tsK'reteryteiluuul MoMaliun, oi i>eeeral Dis's staff. Mr. Jan>?e A. Monasters, 1st Ji>; cpb Kerrlgsa, Mr. John f.rey. Kev. Rorere. yunn. nf New Verk, Keegea. of Ur'sAlyu M^Ulty..<it Mewark . Prane. <>( itetoa Hab Slot lege Italy, of ?t. .rohn'a fVillege Messrs. .f. R Husard, Ibnruwa II. Uinnery, Iho doro Blums, Peter (itilen, ?? Kieher, end several it hers. Among those present were Iilebup K'ltecrans, of f dncinnan . Mr. .1. Knentee y Muolx, of Mexico, and Mr. (ieorge kenney, of Haiirax, Ron of tbe Proeldeul of tbe Legislative Couseil of Nova beetle. OUR IRON-CLADS. The Early History of Proposed ; Iron-Olads. Mr. Welles Refases to Order One in Time to Meet the Merrimac. Sketch of Mr. Burr's Iron Clad Ram. Bis Plans Lest or Stolen?The Vessels Built by the Bebels and Euglisb. How Iron-Clad Inventors Are Used at Washington. Ccrioun Developments in Relation to Our Naval Affairs, ft*., Ac.. As As early as 1549 Mr. William Burr, or thi? city, pre paredlhe plans of an iron clad ram ami unboa. I he ram was fubmorged, and calculated lo give au enemy 'a vessel a glrkiUK blow when striking uar. Tlio invenior, f, e|j; t tba; it was a difficult mutter -o persuade the Navy Department to build a vessel on his plans, besiiatod some time before presenting them. Finally, however ,i)0 lind two Interviews with Mr Toucey.then Secretary of the Navy one in 1867 and one in 13G0. This official *-? very ranch pleased wilh the plans and models, ns explained by Mr. flurr, but promised nothing doCuito in rela'ion to ihem. Immediately afler Mr. Gideon Welles was appointed Sec rotary of tlio Navy he wis waited upon,and the plena J and models fully explained to him; and the threatening j siena of the tiraea indicating that ho might be desirous or adding such a vessel to the navy, which in herself would defy all the vessels tho rebels might construct, Mr. Welles w:.s urged to prepare for the storm which was rapldlv risiog; and he was shown clearly that a g.eal necessity demanded that something should l.e dore Immediately. It was shown to bim that if he would load off the government would reap groat ( benefits, but tbat to delay would enable these invaluable advantages to,.'all into foroign hands, or perhaps into the bands or tho rebels. Mr. Welles dozed over the matter, and could not see how the government could adopt such a vossel and expend so much money in timos like those. Mr. Burr was so sanguine of the Immense power thfs class of vossel would havo over those In use la the navy that ho offered to give Mr. Welles satisfactory hands that a vessel should bo completed la four months, and further stipulated to go Into action at tbat time with two of the enemy's vessels, nnd if he did not sink them both in lees than two hours, In spile of any resistance they could offer, bo would forfeit the cost of the vossel. At the close of this interview Mr. Welles remarked that ho did not profess to bo an expert in such mutters, and desired Mr. Burr to show his plans and models in tho other bureaus. The conversation took place a few days after Mr. Welles entered apon bis duties, and long before the rebels made tho slightest attempt to convert tho Morri mac into an lfeo*olii,j?r| in fast, beforo she was raised from the Klieaboth river. It will bo readilv seen how great an opportunity was allowed to pa?a by unheeded. These plans wcro preecnted to and urged ui?o the Soc retary no less than four different times during the early months of Mr. Wollas' sccrotaryship; yet In every in staneo he failed to givo the subject hie attention. It ho bad built a vessel or this class she would havo been com pleted some six or eight mouth" previous to the advent or tho Merrimac, so that in the event of her making her appesran e in Hampton Roads she would havo met an an tacoaut superior to her in every respect. lusteud of having struck the enemy a fatal blow, we lost two line vessels, scores of valuablo lives, and suffered the dis grace of having our Heel held at bay for months, and being subjected te a host of great inconveniences. The vessel which wes then offered to the government was to bo built or Iron, wood backing excepted. The armor was live inches In thickness, and would show about the same height above the water as that of tho Monitor pattern since built. The solid wrought Iron beak would have weighed about fifteen tons, secured nrd supported on heavy tubes by sn ingenious system of powerful cellular work, so constructed and connected with hesvy bulkheads ar.d "trong gusset* that the whole would be connected wt'b powerful stringers running the whole length of the ship. Tho rum or bctk, when the vessel was on an even keel, was submerged about four feet; bnt by means of water ballast it could be depressed to about seveu feet below the water line, or elevated nearly to the surface. Her-speed was guaranteed to be eleven toot*, -"be was to havo carried several heavy guns tn a casemate, covered with live inches of iron, standing at an angle of forty degrees. A turret was pin-ed on tte casemate, only a =u.n? ient portion appear tnifwbove to allow the two guns t<> he fired. In f ct, she would have been not unlike the I?nn ferhorg la manv respcCle. Mr. Webb's draughtsman saw and examined the plans of Mr. Burr some nme mouths before the Dun derberg was commenced. After somS conversation Admiral Davis requested (hat Mr. Burr sboold leave his plans and in>dels with birr, premising to return them at anv time when they should be asked for. This was reluctantly compiled with, as the gentleman stated lo the Admiral that he had co copy of them. It was not losg before the plans, be., woro soot for by their owner, who received word from Admiral Da vis tbat they war* lost and coo Id not be found, but If efier another search they should still he among tho miss ing th? government would pay for them. Subsequently be wrote the lollowing explanatory note:? WcsBisoros, August 18.1M3. Sin?1 find, upon inquiry, tbsi I spuka too hastily la Offering to supply you wltn a copy of your lost drawings. It being the rule of the Department ts rcg* d any psi-ers tent to It as hi own property. Very respectfully. Ac.. P. H. DAVIS, fleer Admiral and Chief of Bureau. Neither the promised pay nor the pbins bava yet been received, nor will they cvor be. These drawings wore the resell of months of labor and study, and, lustoad of acting as a government should have done, ourft have acted in a very curious manner. The outlines of these plans are ta be seen in vessels new building in Kn< rope for the rebels, and In the new tron-i lad* bottdtng id (Jtxvrlrstoa harbor. Perhaps aome rebel stole thcac pitas from our Navy Department while tho Seurctary waa taking a nap. Tba suteasaot Tress such high official an tl*irtty to ttsa effect that all plans, drawings and models presented ta I be Navy Department for Its constdaratian become, by vlrtaa of such presentation, the property sf tba I*partma?l. dinemnea a new and oar recadantcd method of delog buWooan. The pecnlinr manner la which i ninim m condic led at Washington la without parallel, wnd it la tune that a changa waa made In all probability tba plans of Mr. Burr, which ware presented to Mr. Tooccy in 1WT, were known ol by Ma lory and Jeff. Ddftla, the fbrmer hotrg Chairman or tba N'nvftl Commit tte at <b*t time, and poaaibly may have been adopted to some attest In the construction of the Mammae, t Mr. Wallas showed bis band a yaar ago in the following bote to Mr. Burr, tba Monitor interest had by ibal tinao Completed their arrangements, and p'tsasasd otWaW control over hitb, ao ha pened the following ? Matt DarAarstst, June J6. lb*?The cwnmlsaloti tff which waa reierred tne drsw^ thus and apeditimaioun df panr pinna fef ait ahmYthd jUiio ram report,?"In lb a ui'iikoa of tba nompeenkm ft veascl of this kind is not salted In the pieeenl w*ntd ol ibc Wary.'' Ttrr Veapeetfulry, WDMJN WKLUtg, Baeretary of tba M?TJ. ol course a vesaai of t?? clam was not wlnted?hot ak jouj au tba pnMio eeoald aafinr tba butldlnf of iftft Mini tor ratio. ?Thou, ?a ask, arby did not Mr. Iftetfaa "rftftifb, or manual Admiral David, tba commission br aotne budp niau lb return, tba drawings. If thd tririn #ara known, srn should ?od Mat tbaae plana Webb too vuiunbMi to give up, nwd wsre we tb hvA nrohhd we should Hod traer* of them m U' teasftf now huddmg lur thu rutted States nary There are otfter* whom we m*ba name who have bean treated equally a* badly ee Mr.-Bdrri bat hews of tnem can ttwkn ul Bavd prnmisl tbb plana of au i raw-clad ram at ft date prior to tun rn* bed she Whfjr Department poMesaed any amount of ordiatry Intelligence they would bar# Ito proved tba opportunity offered ttfem to have boon pro pored for the Merrlmne, and at oocn established them ?elves aa masters of all the navigable waters ef tba (Jniled Slates It Is curious thai ihey must procure foreign braina lo farniah in with a elf la of vernal wfctcb. I though costing we well on to acvccty million doUere, hm accomplished but little if anylhtug for us. The manner in which Mr. Uurr hss boon treated tends to dolor good mco from bringing forward their plans and models. I lie hsiry> Tux Chsbakoo Daui s*.?General Order No. 38 says:? "Second Assistant Engineer S. Wilkius Crcgg, the olfl cer who inspected the boilers of the Chenango, is dla missed irom the-ervioe, and wlll from this date (June 27,1864) ceste m- be considered uS an offloeref the savy." Iasco?side-wheel, 9 guns.?Tbe lasco, Commauder A. J. Drake, arrived at the Brooklyn Nary Yard on the Mb lust., Irom New lor,Ion, where ths has been employed to recruiting, fchc will proceed South soon. Owasixi?screw, 6 guna.?The United fllstM gunboat Owasoo has arrived at the l'snsacola Nary Yard for re pairs, altor a criiee or nearly eight months, during which time she has been under constant pteam.and noopjiortu niiy oiler d tor the oil.tors ana men to step foot on ' terra flrtna'' excopi those who took charge of the prizes she captured, she leit New Orloine in October, 1163, with the expedition under fleueral Banks for tba recovery of t tho Texas coast and Kie Grande. While off tbu Rio brand, she captured, tn company with the United Mates steamers Mcooepaheia nnd Virginia, tho brig Dashing Wave with sixty thousand do'lnrs in sovereignsm b ard; the barks Science and Volant, with over six hundred bales cotton, end the schooner Matamoros, with on assorted cargo. Subsequently, while blockading off Galveston, sha destroyed two scbooners with theif carg'es, whose captains attempted to ran tho blockade, and who were obliged to hen eh then to save capture. In April last, while blockading off Yotasro, she captured threo Une sh schooners, laden with aminunlttc.n and bb sort, d cargoes for the rebel government. She Is now undergoing sneh re: airs ?s can b? made at Ucnsarola; but needs u thorough < verhihlinr, snch only as she can obtain at one of the Northern porta. The f liowlrg l? a 'i?t of tho officers of the Owasco:? l.irctrvi.nt Cmr mnmlrr? E. IV flenrr, commanding. AUihy AiuutnU *u>pecn?J. J, Mmth. yti finy Anis.ont rn>m<uLr-r+ W..It. tiuieiQau A<-(\np Min.cti?T. is. Bears. Executive otllcer; T. D. Bahb /.clinj Anno a??T. H. Baker, W. L. Titcomb, A. P. Cibbo. &tifrirr<t<? Aeflngrhlb", F. P. Barlow; Acting Third As T. I], i n and .irwref Frcles. Actihg Ma.ter'f JioL-ll.ll. Fldr.dgo. t'aima&ter's Cirri;?VVf B. D. lihiiuan. I PrN-'Acors Navy Yakd.?The following vessels are In fv>rt <or coal and repairs, all frijm the Mobile squadron:?M United St les sto mors Richraoijd. commodore Jenkins; lac-Mwanna, f'aptain M.ucbaurt; Galena, Lieuicuanl ? otr.tnar.rter Wcllo.-; Mctacomet, Licutcuaut Commander .louet; lonamore^ Lieutenant Commander Lie Witt; Ken nebec, Lieutenant Ccmmandor McCauu. The health of tho squadron is remarkably good. ; g A 6BIIIES OV BU?8L*HIK??WWO AllRBStED? STOI.KN GOODS HBOOVKBKD. A ;c?- days sgo Captain fiwtf sod officer Tllley, of tbe lUird precinct, received information Ihst c qoaniity ot silt velvet ribbons, stolen from Mr. Daniel T. Wil Hams, whose store, No. 80 Warroa streot, was forcibly entered on tbe 1Mb cf December last and robbjwl or a largo amount of goods, were in a down town auctioh bouse, aud ubont to be offered for.salo. L'n being ehowti tbe ribbon* Mr. Wil'dapis idontilled them. On making inquiries Captain Greer learned that tbe goods, in fjoes tlou bad bet-n left there to sell by Meyer Froehlich.of Newark, N. .1. Aceordinsly omeer* Til ley arul Jacobs, of tbe luird precinct, proceeded to Newark^ and airesicd Mr. Frotbjicb, wno, '9 -aul be purcbBsed tbe property in uood faith from John Hired, of >5 KldriJw street, this city. and p iid all they were worth. Uir?li, being arrested by the above naracil officers, said be bought Ibe goods et r,oyliler. a Prussian, kedoitig a lager her s loon on the the city. Koebler was thou taken into cfirtndv. a"d failed to pccouat for his posstfssiqn of Hie stolen property. K' Obler and Hlrsh were yesterday arraigned lice Hogan and committed to ti.o Tombs to for the burrlarv Ibe offloere bare lnioreahtlon that tbe prisoner Koehler has boon engaged iu ibe commission uf burglaries nod other ciimee lor tuuujt years past, but, as far as known, b? has been ar rowed only once before. Mr. i-roehltch g*vS bonds to appear as a witness, and efforts will be made to induce District Attorney Hail to use iliieh as a wit near aguinst Koehler, who is retarded as the real hurglar Cantata Greer uud oilicer TUiey iiuve lioi*B or boieg able toVhow that Ktchier broke into the;?terc o? Mr. -James , Wardlnw, 41 Mlirny street, on llio..d o _,.vpr|l, and eiole liftoen bondr<*d dollars worth of silks, jjisplclon also rests upon Koebler iu relation to tne robbery of llc-srs. Gralinn &' store, No. kO Welker streei,?m the tidtli of May. This firm was robbed of twelve hun drednoliani worm o. dre<? silks Most or tbe gmids stolen from Mr Williams soda portion oitboio taken from Mr. Wurdlow's sioro have been recovered. the ollieerft are also actively engmp d In search ng or more or the tnisaing property, end wita a lair proepectoi so* cess. SHOCKING DEPRAVITY OP A FATHER HE niRES OUT 1113 OWN DATTOIUER *011 11AMJ PURPOSES. A shocking case of depravity, M? whieh h man is charged with hiring out hfs own daughter for the pur poses of prostitution, was under oxamina'lon before Jos. ties l odge, et the Jefferson Market Police Court, ycetcr i day aiteruooe. It appears that on tbe 10th of April last Kicb.ird StevaDS, iortn*rly a driver ou one of the Brook lyn railroads, united < n Laura Barmore, but better known a*"f!ig Laura," keeping an infamous dew at No 11 Greene -trcet and pro.fsed to let bis daughter A A, an uns-pbt-itoated girl of Oft en years, enter Ber piece for tiio purposes of prostitution, for tbe tri lling ensideratlou of five dollars per week. Stevens "u ib it occasion told Laura that be could g< t ten Jul lata a week If be would lot hH (liu^bt't enter art in lamou* ho .ro in Howard street but hu | referred to hare her live uiih Laura for ball that sum. A ti*/gsu? was .?truck between Ntcvens and 1 aura, and sump days $ub ce-'lenftv Movosis delivered over his daughter to luinrS, suit rcceivid bis lirst weeks ps.v. Blwco that Mrso ki.-veiu hi* called on Lauia every low days, ai.U soino (H the depraved women in the house have soqn Laura I...V him munev. Tf.e facts of tb? care b->c buns kndWB i<> Captain lie Camp, of the Kigtotn precinct. i n .-.itur-lay nlten ioc bo directed tergeuit Wade .uid o . eer imvis to artcet fx>? n Stevens and I.aOrS, and likewise to tbe aul irom lJturu ( b mite. Wbmi In too stitlrtu bouse Ada con leased to lapwln Lo Uu.;. that alio tod hud Hbclt lnt?roourpo with men lor money si tbu an(icU*ttoB of her rather and aire at Laura's solicitation. Captain L? amp made au affidavit in which tie . hurge* Kiehsrd ?tkvcHs and Laura Bar mo. e with wickedly expiring together to nb inct tl? daughter of tbe said Steveus.of tbe age ot fi'ieen vtnr?, (rem tbe bouse where she *tben real d ng, m South Brooklyn, L. I.' thatow the lfHh day of . April, 18W, the said Stwysnt called ut Mm house of L.urw | and made an agreetneni with India thai, in consldes-iuow oi i v?dullers paid to him by Lnurn, bo i~ipvci s) would bring to lki ira e boiire hts daugh* ^ da lor tne pfirpb-e i of prostitution, elevens asd Jaui ? were held by tlis i muvlstralo fur eTfimiiiation. Laura has been . troqueiMiy srrestco mr 1af*cny in years past, and is well known to most of tbo down town f otice. A NOTORIOUS CQAKACmM ARRE9PED ON A EENCt WaKRANt. Charles Patterson, an Irish laborer, aboat twenty-two years cf age, who is well aad uetavorabiy known to tb^ police on tbe can n:4eot the city, was arreeled os ft-L day tught by Nergssnt M< Given, of U.e Seveniceolh t*<^ cinct, OB a ieceb warrant issued by I litrtel AMerticy ' Uu.l. l'aitorhoo tenodcr iedtcUnent fbr having ks^kod down and forcibly relieved Mr. MarUn Haiiani, of ub4 llandred ard Twenty ninth street, of bis watch and m i ney ou the r tght of ibe OTth of December fsst. The tub, bery Scourieil mar the oerweruf I isiith SSTMt and ihVtd evince, sail alter u long chaae the |K)bca aecared Patter one and an accompfcs, tiio inner of whom U s been ism vic.pwt of robbery u?d arntntieed to tho tHate Pr'son Tof tea years aud si* months, ratter win ?aa ml. s?*d en bail but lorlclfed bis bonds. ?nd kept out of thd , any til Ki '.day night. Beoiuk gergeant McGlv. n Ira i r'onrth iivenne, Patterson fled, and alter runnji gseveral bio Ms d.>4ged late an ovstcf aslnen corter oi Twalfth street and liruidwap, where he secretn.1 hnn?oif lu a viotiialmg s.all in t(ie hope of elHdtog bis purseer. In tb.s, however, be wrs misuk.-n, as the.'erg"Ant foJowad I'ntterens into the bcuse and atrcwed biro. Tto prisoner was lakes to the lotahs aad loohod op tor trim. I Trial Trip of tbe Olera CUtsltM. Ttio Clara Clarita went on an cngmesr a trial irtp on fetnrday, leaving the Nyvglty irua Werha aA halt-pest ten A. M and returning during the afluraooo, Bha was built by I.awreoco k I'oulla, ami is sf tks fsiltwisg di mens ions ?length, 12(1 Iwt, beam, 22 feet; depth, 10 feel, and is schcooei rigged,,. Mr,.Mckassow, ?ks csM brated enefneer, put an etiglns In her which droso tbe vestal a mite aad a qilawr|m tan Hfturs, which was con sidered set only unpleasant but unfare^SJ pbevntild pet set out of her own wtf. Cotiterplehtif the engine taken out and seal to BwSais et Itetroit, ami the NOve'ty Iron (Works P?( in a jaw of engUisn. ikkMch j cylinder? and ? mrh-V itVcTe, and a holler H? fuel by 10 , (Set hp h foot, whaib gives a power wiff ererk fhe spe dot the irsegi uptnaklsaMiweivn ksniapeetsnwy tn a.fditiorj to there powerful eusiooe tyeMSescd's eons bhied etcetn epiw-attis tRishhsu atigchef',,which,t* cuip sidered a gross imprmwwiloot in the odd hi stcsm nod an tconomy of lurl The < Isra Harlla wo*kod haaaiwiiily, soil tbe Novelty Irck Worite, utudiJ- ths -d?ii?rtetei?4??. e of IIr V* F. ffrewM ntid Mr, wllin '?andetbtlt.of ths I'aotflo Mall Sine nigh (p Compefry, hke Rntffted M iBft orcdit of le.tonag thm haauWal wait to h stale tt sOlcldncy and go,aheaditiTeues. ,, i i ' J 'fb^iMe^'S irtqtseat. t, -mi PtATn ntow ItTDi' ruopit -d-pryner Batine^ypsMr 8sy,"hd1d dh IhuVAfi' dl 2hi <ye*t ywcnty-roitMh sir?et on the hndy of Pdrah Mnirroll, ,a (ittlu gifl, nearly Atom* years bf 1(1, drblwe detih was ths result of being hi then bv a large dog belonging lo Messrs kteiniei liars WW * sih W?0 W#M TtewtiV f-airth sifckl. on IhoT.d of May. At t'he ums ut tnw .teesrrwnaa Ibers were w?'fMi|drMos thai tLo dog was f ^iid. hHt Up1 idaacMWl lot KM HAS he X crest i.e wis rilled. Some jettf or liva^ega MhAte. mi,a girl esliihteeif' dflWHMekdme efMwees ?? hydro phobia, which lncreaae.1 in violence alrrmet every noor. Hb? I-tigered In gnat agonv till Saturday evening end ex pired lhu testimony taken before tbe Ooroner showed that the dog bad bitten several persons previously, and the Jury in their verdict censured Meesm. Harrison k. Bon for permitting the dengeroea animal ?? run at large after MiPg swart Of fels vicious disposition HEWS FROM THE RIO ORANOE. Our BrovrntTUte borreipsndtnci, Bkownswu K, Texas, June 26, 1861. The fate# ae-n io have decreed that this historical locality shall re main id the possession of the "Yankees," notwithstanding the numerous assertions from our "scoeeh" neighbors at Mutamoroe, who have for the past three months been am using themselves with betting small sums that the rebel Colonel Kord would occupy this city wutun tea, tilteeu or twenty days, thruateniyg the 1 ? \ ankeea" with named ia to ei tern, mat ion in the event of their capture. The ultimate limit has pas?ed, and our rebel friends (f) seem as far Irons the possession of this g' odly city B8 over. It Is possible that while put* suing their investigations they may have discovered thit tn order to take Brownsville It will be necessary to fight a?d conquer the Identical army, under tho same salUnt leader, th?t drove them out of Missouri and whipped thetn at Prah-fe Grove and Van Buren tn the full or lsd2. will!, tbhi information they hare undoubtedly thought better of it. Upon this crlterb n only can we accoijnt for their 'hesitation. \Ve are hopeful, however, tliat tbekr may sufficiently overcome their llmidltf W ttjera to get their courage up to the "sticking roiht"'nodm*ke an attempt to reoccupy Brownsville and tho lino of Uih Ttlo Grande." As in the campaigns in Mia-ourj and Arkansas we went to them, courtesy demands thai thev return tho compliment and ocme to as. They have said they would come. We have no faith in their pRiAiscs but will ? 'wait a little longer." P T,st8' , OfcRKRAt. HXRROX. Th? i^* n,^nnM,M GdneTal Herron lias not heeni idle The immense trade carried ou through Mexico by the rn!t .dP^,? lc!:1Sfn > tl'e '*'cuH!'twu Ui<?.I?oGr.nde by the ei hunt 11 ' ?a8^y 0,0 lin,ir,"K vigllancq and . r ? Ky ?f lhj 2?"eral commaudlrg. been Bfiird"U8 1 '*">"? ve daily leaving iu i! ?wL w a Verjr ,ar&? jo touir e?ur I1 Rvery OuTv a d'v "T ?f f"01?, djs'sicr to their vestures. Gu y a day or two since Information was received at Matamoros that two large cotton trnlrs belonging to the it'a .WorttL "1,lart?r hf tt million of dollars |? . specie, had l*?eti burned ootween san Antonio and IV I Ira* N.rgrss, on ns wav to the latter place, to be cros-ed ^ v IC0' 1 Llfs" together with the frequent disappearance or triius on the road from I'edras Negri,b I to Mutamoroe; mnko the cotton trade somewhat Je-eat | tractive than lorinerlv; and wo have reason to believe i S. W> 'Wui c? have beeu lakeu as will put an end | to It atna early <f <y. ?uu i TH" ""A'TH OP Ttllt ARMV. I The iu all I. of too troops stationed hero Is egceilent Pirv^,i.rnn'1?fi' '' i* .J", ?'''*??* the soldiers from sick esp .itirl discisp The Major General commanding is !J| 1,10 welfare of his command, and has issue,! a .ioarnrtlfe order for the prevention of'tbe irjtro. ductiou of foreign ei'Hlomics. Very little sickn. ssland veryfew deaihs have occurred. The Medical Dtnictor reports nine dca :> s as the total for U e moTtU uTJay' jr?0"/ (UT*Qtlv and fwef'tlly policed, under tho bus mmn ?f * even irotbtii (diicer, and every effort made to pro nioio clcauJinehg and health. kjiftcres. of b?Ipleti refuge** from't be Interior of Texas aro daily Arriving. Their condition Is destitution?ragged, half starved, dis "oTi i M8PI0? of the,r sfiff'erings w*uld ?ir. ? vt>lun";8- Thoro is another class of refugees, b ji may be denominated '? tweaks" They will net fight tor oiifio, party and only took to JlLLlItary sortrica ar.a obtairi some ptnltldn out f urUiy' w 9 there is no danger e t being shot ? ?.uCJ!^e a Kr0iil Jeat ,ot snuoynaco by iborr im, v r^?r ra,lon"> transportation to New Orloans,' New Wk, ?ko., and have beeu quietly disposed or by the n !?? n, iLnA "immandibg, and about a regiment of able bodied men nave been enrolled, aud are bema oraan irod lor suoh service as may be required. Lannch of the Dlohonge. ANOTHER Utoir DOCT) LK-K NDBB AFLOAT?DegCRIP-' TIOH OF THB VBSSrt,, STC. Tha Iron side-wheel gunboat Vfobongo was launched on Saturday, at thirty-one minutes past noon, from tho yard <rf no ticoor & Cb., at Jersey City. The Mohoago makoe the seventh vessel they have built for tho TThited Stales Navy since the W?r. and tbelr workmanship Is an surpassed by any yards In this country. The work oa these vessels has been under the superiniendeoce of |fr. George Birkbeck, Jr., who has performed bis duty in ibo most satisfactory manner to the government and the Mf"ters. SeCor. 1 he Motor go is a doublo-endcr, of the following dfraenslccs'?length on the load line, Hi feet, beam, 35 feet; depth of hold from bottom of koe< to " lower side of deck plank, amidships. 13 feet 8 Inches. She bus an Inclined engine, with cylinder flity oight Inches In diameter, and eight leet niue inches stroke of piston, with two mala boilers with \iorixontal tubes, and two other shperheatlng boilers, with horizontal Hues and tubes,. She lma overhung paddle-whoels of Iron, twenty Blx Irei eight Inches exterior diamutur, wuh psddles nine i ar!Lhle?0Clln.(^W,lle- fte h?s? rudder at i ??:t? end. with two pilot nouses, and the engine is so ar ranged that she caw gu eitner way w narrow rivers with. out the necessity of turning. She hue f. ur uuris oa each SMS for esrrtsgo guns, also a long port on eacb^iuc at . ^f"r wf l'Wjl ?"n" She bss two masts, and the smBdiug rigging m made of wire ropa, and the run nlng rigging of American rotted hemp. This vessel will bo of very light draught, and belongs lo low same class or gwntxwu as ibo Watereo, which 10 1119J'*?"1*. ?b?J 11 '? own Hun likely wiMBD* .?.,ber*of her type wlU??oul wnea eomptsted. A lArgo number of spectators were presenl, among whom wo noticod Rear Admiral Gregory Commodore BlugguM CapUiaCharleaa. Hoggs, of Taruia' fame, iTimmander William A. Barker, of the IrousTad Mattopato; (JW KhgTnebrs XT. VT. W W.wxf. Kindle 1 oarWn' William R Brooks. Kdward f). WauV^n ftHllnaers Ganoiogbam, -.11 ' d raptdn Eriosaop's ouqineer, i'plL'ck. The vessel moved OlY at the apiwirtert ttino, amid tho deafening cheers of the spectator*, as lier bow entered i l.u 'i.?', Jiia* ,A0D "'tkU-ck, too lovely an rh2r,il!l? ^a",Khlor Ceuge Hirkf'fck, Jr., broao too carwtenmg bmtle .iver the how, and In a sweet but fi-fn tono Mid "Trustlug yo i will he uortber star addwl t , ~^vy5l clirisWu Hob. ugo.XJih cere tn oi y'was perfitrmed nin.?t beautifully, and tho Xohoito gu,. id honor her fair patron, as no doubt she wSlftvboii "tin time cmdh lor her tn engage the enemy. Kvervii irtg pjiseed oil anoJy and to tlae sal)?!actiDu ?r offry olo. City I uTel I lKi n< F. IfJTofc GrxTiisn xsn thk Bosk Boiuxo N'rirssat ? The Mayor, btcked by hie private pockotparty, the McKeon organization, |? (till carrying on his warfare <m the City Inapector. He rooms to tblnk tint tin whole dnty rCstg that's, anfl that the nbslemonl of the fit mat bi ne bunion nuisances H Of no account, even in this hat weaUisr, Wbiiever aril results are brought upou tale rlty by these nuiaaoccs and their ehect upon the mo"1 df our mbahtiania tiayor Gtinthrr win he responsible lor. He haa tiia his power tooail together the Hoard of Hraitb and take all ueceaaary Mope any day that be cbooe.s, his refuting to do ao place* the whole responsibility at bis reet. ' PthBHrVTsTTOv to tx Ana* ? Mr. John Nnnao, the well ? known netor. who dors ?'the hoary vinaiti" business at ? MWt'l Harden, waw presented Saturday evening with b snloitdM gold watch and chain, rained at fivd hundred . dollar* The testimonial was ? gift from Mr. Kunatt's | numerous private trl-ndr, and iba prrreot.itton to<>k place in the (tajTon of Nibjo'n theatre, immediately aitef J the cfbriormatiCe, a'tnr which champagne, Hsvunas, Ac., .were Indulged In ad iAMmsi. >< Iibow.vkd ?'The body of a young ltd, imwh. knows, apparently about all years of age, watt fbuud float* log la (be bay, off Rarer file, fftaten Irlsed, en fast FT I. day. Hehedeawbea Pound blue wnoDes pants. ealfre >>cket, muaiia shirt, aed a pair of aboaa, oss at which fisd a hble orcr the treat toe, which had been mjurr1 no i bound up. Tb" body had born In the water but s lew tlaye. and hit bees seat to the Rlebaaond bounty poorhouie for n irriacot. Fho okxhwg la as the Uoro. oar's, Is RossrlTIe. Fii* w Csosnr ?wtnrr ?Aboil three e'olock fletur. .lay mprhtng a Are brake out in a bedroom ea secon I Ikor of building 21 Crosby 'treot, occiplcd by fallal pogors. The flames were extlofoldhcd before Miey aa toeded beyond the place ef origin. Leu ea raratHre nboitt fltO: fbstired for 930*. The brWldtog It daiahgod about ilk A Ctrl satsed ?s?a MoMsnd was badly b'.rnod. Hbe waa snot is the New York Mespltol by the pollen. The tire wns no doubt the work ef *?n lecrndtsry. flhr Rtrs Marshal sad utatain Itsker hate seme clue, and will probably obtats siMfleteM svtdenee to omm tM ar rest of the turpected rarty. 11 ! 1 flrrteffal tatlllfgrntr. r, Tbe fobowb g la ? list of Awitrieans registered ft Oup's Americas A??ocy, No?l? Cbarleiio.atress, Hertford aqtlnre. Unfloo, Fugignd, for week andiag *t5|b June, IssgwRny .TamesrsHnghw>. flaftferi, Fbhn.' John bheridnn, Baq, Rocbsstor, N. Y. Oee. A. KirtrtdgO, Bombay, K. F, How ditch, Doaton. R* **. liases bod rbifitly, RoSonltbarrcsK. Sherm m verf llavo?Coan., X. T. tmpkfrttwi and Wdy, Rbw torkHt T, roprc/, 1'bikilsipbia: % AlstamtNr, MoaensatiRer. R. H.N# smmsmg* ?>bMi Hebert ffboater, Wlttsbarg.Tsi.; Ce* Bsriowwaod lady, N*w Yorkd-Jahn #? JladdKmrCaiiMraia; Josepl .%.^TCT&.?it5S ? Destruction sf a Woollen Still kliTMflkf' boro by biro. v err i >VT1 ro?n.4*r.,.uny p, ism. John P. Unfit wedlirn mill, st Vsssalboro, was totally destroyed by flreea Ihvrsrtay ntgbt. with all the macbl nery nod ion thPyfAJH) jWbuf,, <*..**>'? A"** waa oo inaufflfl^b- _ Iff" IM ffRO* ^ ***** Cwtrd?flfa?. ?tllb Rbtu'iWIteaff' ^tlte "^Vohl'''raIoic ed ~ |stl. QbWfMfSf RtflAidr cbflfflf, fidTTrfidr, ? Unea* of WwywoaBalyaWbtatanaafurdr. ?ivvvnHiMMinwni ?n^RftlAOCB AND OC^TM^ J'J i Cm waa ?Tbann flti Mntiiaf brehlnr. Tnty 4, at the regidtuea qf ?1 .JV llaldwin. flm-. *J tw Kbr. Iin T.lad^ say, Mr. F. (Sichst to Miae .Statu CtTBthiss Hisn. all of tbls city. No cards. Han Kraociaon papers pln .ro copy. Dteb. AKtiBsons ?On Runday.Jnly ID,rtTBrsnva Arnint?ra, agel A7 yosra, The frienda and relatives are tar Had to attend the fu-. M, ?oral, from bar late raMaoi, No. 8 Marion sheet, IM* (Monday) afternoon, at two o'clock- The remains will b* UKe* to Chivary Cemetery far Interment. Uantrsiu?On Hap w<liy,'July ?, lmnai Cajtrell, wife, of John Can troll, la tbe 6 lot year of her ago. Tbueulatlvaa and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend tbe funeral, from the Method let Epls ?wpai church, T woadv seventh Mr oat, bobweeu Second and Third arc-Met. cm Tuesday afteruooo, at one o'clock. Cos.voa ?en .-alurday, Jsly f, Ja*b Coupon,- beloved daegbtor of John and Aun Onnaor, aged 9 years and lb mentbu. " The relatives and friends of tbe family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, this (Monday) afternoon, at one o'clock, from tha resldeuco of ber parents, No. ITS Hudson street. Her remuius will bo token to Flalbush for iniermcut. Conwav?(? Saturday ovetdnr, July 9,. Thomas Co*. WAY, aged 44 years. , lli(* friend* of the Tkraily.ars rwjIccUully hivlted to i uttood ltd fuuarat, ou Tu<**Wy adorpoo*, a? two o'clock, from bis late residence, No 369 Union strool. ilrooltlyn. Cooke?On Sunday, July 10, Wm.mam T. Cooks, only rhlld of William a?d Sarah A. Cooke, aged 1 year, t months and 4 days. pie rclattvM and,friend# or.the family ase respectfully Ipwtted tt> aUep-d the tXinoral, from the rksidmea of hi* grandfather, Timothy Hoggett, 127 Fourth street, Wil liamsburg, this (Mpn l*y) klterflo-iu, at three o'clock Don uan -i-Ou Saturday, July 9, Margaret A. DowuKO, aged 18 roars, 3 months and 25 days. The relatives and friends of tbe family are respectfully iuvlted toTtttend tbe fnmraf, wtiUh will tako place al ton o'clock, from the residence of her mothe;, Ho. Fringe stroel, ur8ti i'klrklLl Cathedral, hherf tfere will ha a toleuin Mrplleti ?*sh ftt Ike rep one of her ?>ui, and from thence to Calvary Cemetery fpr inturinont nam?OaStiWamdDif lft UMfeH}*RY, infant mq ofW J. *nfl Rrtdfewt rnifry. agia 3 months and 18 days. The friends of tbe family are invltod to attend the fb? nerai, front the residence of bis parents. 42 l'rince street, tbis (Monday) afternoon, at half past two o'clock. Fai ijijiu.?Dip Saturday, Ai?ly 9, Oiomas U ipAVIpKR. IJ IBs remains vvJUbe talcea so Hudson for interment. Ferris.? On Saturday evening, July 9, after a short Illness, UotiMtx IXSNivii*. youngest child of fle-rge ft. aad H. J. Ferris, afed tvoar. fl nfofittfli And 17 days. The friends of the familv and tl(ot>o of his grandfather, William bee, are respectfully requested to attend the funeral, from 137 west Twelfth street, this (Monday), aftarnoou, at baif past two o'clock, without further Invi tation. ??" * Hartley ?At Tarrytown, on Saturday, July 9, of scar let fpvef, Edwaiu> Graves, yoiuigyt son of Joseph W. Mid Florinda M. Hartley, aged 2 yoars, ? months and 8 days. . . ? . . Haywo j ?On Simdsy, Jelv 10. Mrs. Elba A. Hat wonh, formerly of Stamford, Kngland. The tuoeral wilt take plndi on Tuesday aftornoon, at two o'clock,'frotti the'VattldhHceoTbcrsonin-iaT?, Mr. lhomaa Hrlmelow, 165 East Thirty second street. Kexiuk.?At Irvmgion, Near Yerk, on Saturday morn ing, July 9. at hat:' past live o'clock, of dipthurla, Carkib I.., -econd daughter of Thomas W. and Caroline ft Kem >le.Bgditdir?ers ? taohtb* and 15 day* T Tire remains will lie takon to Cycress mil Cemetery. Kino.?In Jersey t^ly, eh Saturday. July 9, after* short illno-s, Mils Aiim tf., late Mrs. Roberts. The relatives and friends are rcB|>ect!ully invited to at tond the funeral, Irom her hrte reetdence, No. 44 Newark avenue, Jersey City, this (Monday) attcmoou, at two ijiturfc?Qn 3uiid*y, jU|y 10, tmai'xa I., Infant ohiid of Tfarm>.n R and Margaret J. i.yng, aged 1 year, 7 months and 26 days. The relatives and frieddE OT fbhTsmily are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this (Monday) arternoon, at ?hall-pe?t three o'clock ,-f roan- the resmauce i f her parcels, NO. 206 Woostur street, without furtimr invitation. Mates. ? At West Farms, on Saturday, July 9, arter a short illness, JEiuJ'U Maria, only daughter of Pan lei and the late Emily Mapes, nged 6 months and 11 days. The relatives and fricqds of tbe family arsgrospacirully Invited to attend, the funeral, At the ReMvinedvutca church, West Farms, this (Monday; afternoon, at two o'cioek, without farther nqUre. ?) MaYSiS'.?Ch t^'turilay'/.tuTy 9, Jane Haynrs, a natLrO of the county Tyrono, Ireland, aged 19 years. The relatives and friends Of the fhinliy are respectfully invited to attend tbe funeral, this (Mondiy) ufternoon. at twa o'clock, from her hue residence, NO. 861 Water street. U UuilHUJI Mtrrat.?On Sunday. July 10, Ellen Turks a, voungeat daughter of John JC. and Anna Murray, aged 1 year,)* months and IS days. Ihn friends and ?c<waii)tancca pf the family are in vited to attend the funeral, from the rssPienea 'or ber |>arents, No. 495 Pearl street, tbi3 (Monday) afternoon, al two o'clock Mc-Cihim.?nn Saturday, juiy ?, iirya* mcuahill, aa the 22d vear of his age. Ill* TnoeM and those of hi* brother JnH ?M h* uncles Bryan and Terence Mct'ahill are respectfully In* v I tod to at used the funeral.'from hfe'late residence, 114 Delancoy street, tills (Monday) aitcrnoon, at two o'clock. Me**? it.?In tht? city, on Fridty? Jtdy 8, a/ter a lingering Illness, which she bore with fortltudo, Man McC affray, "gert 25 years. lot -J> oat. liem**. Mrcefc ?? SfUMday Juty 9, Jam-, aged 6 years, only daughter of Jbbu ana Margaret Moose. I l?t?e?9 y : . n / M'Krmsa.? On Saturday. July 0. Eufatiktii McKbhws, a mili-rent' the parish Tolfyoorbet, county Monngban, Ire land, and mother of Fran us McKanua, m the Tuts year of h< r ace. . the- relatives and frieeds of the family are raqnaete* to attend tha funeul, this (Monday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from the residence of her sob, Francis BcfWhna, No. 72 yViUetl street. , . M, MoYaui ? On Saturday, July V, Writuu VC., youngeM child or William and, Mary M. MoNair, aged 1 year, 4 months and 24 days. The relatives uud friend* of the family are reepectrnlly Inrlted to attend the Tiirieral, from No. 8 Bright street* Jersey City, tins (Momlay) afiernooa, at eoeo'olook. Outs-nun.?Drowned, on Saturday, July 9, William Omntkad. son or Joes r> band Jane nimsteed. The reratlves and friends of tbo family aro reapcotfalt# invited to attend the funeral, from No. 353 Third aveoss, lUm (Mot day) afternoon, M three o'clock. ' KaYkltSL?After a lingering Hlness, at bin residence, Gcnaux Kapcitr. Id tha 74tb year of his age. Relative* nn.l friends are respectfully invited to alteo* tbo tuneral, from bia late residence, IT!) H In ton atrert", ea Tuesday startling, at tea o'clock. Hie rem-uss will be taken to Newtown, L. I. Roitisojt. ?On Suud'.y. Tuiy io, of acarlatiam Ham Klifa, on'y daughter of J 1 a and Margaret Hobison, age* 1 year, e months anitTnUTyA. The friends and relatives ?rf the family are respectfully requested to attend the fiftiCTal, froth the remdenco of her parents. 42 Jackson street, this (Monday) allernooo, at two v'clot'k. - > i ... < ??> > SiiAjdo?.?Ou Suturdpy.^uly 9, Mart, wife of 1'atrlek PtamoriTafier . i n ,'lne a. Tu-a funeral will take olsoe from Trie reeidenee,-No. g Carroll atr> et, xulia Mroosiyu, this (Monday) afiwUooo, at two o'clock. Top Intuits and relatives of the family are YWSpfectMflv InViteuttf attend, i rxiiAiRcT -rm Sunday, July 10, Cavwasiw* Fwarrot, Widow of Ji hn Sharrow in tho Hlat year of her age. -u 'lho friends ami relatives are inspect'u 11/ Invited to attend the Tuneral, on Tuesday afternoon, at hsir-paat two e'clock,Trent Iwr late residence. Stafen Island RaM* road cars Ipave the foot of While hell street rA ouu. P. M. Pbfa.?On Saturday, July 9, Jiuut Sura, aged 02 jsars, a native of Kenmare, codnte Jtefry, Ireland. Ihe relatives and friends ere respecthitlf YiHted to atU'ud the fuueral, from bis late reaidecie, Na 154 Met! street. this (Monday) afternoon, at two o'clock. . Brrastfyaa.?On Saturday, .Ttny 9", .TffnN FbrriOar. flM briii??d eon of l.aweence ul JIM MierMah, agf^lO months and 12 days. I he relativon and friend* of the family are rrspeoAfaly Invited 'to attend (he funeral, from the resWeae# fT hts pareett, 174 Mi It at reel, tbts < MoaSay) altera**, M two lm .*??. ?FOiod, at tbo battle of Pleasant HiiLla_ On Aamrd <*. April ft, Mmki Thwbnos* A. SFTntwahof . Ute ?)noM inirntl and Smv-fecsad Now York Stat* fki uuiaips, auu u.c Asawuut koreutaaef MstMoora Mum Oamjwny Na 20,of this city.' ?Snuiso.?on Sunday,July 10. Avrxtit 4r*nwh, Infhnt child, oj.johh and Fanny Strong, aged 1 mouth and 14 ? , ike fuueral wM take a lacs from Na m r*s* Twenty, recocd street.Ahis (" tuoi-.Airr.?(Ji " ' *nt? Twhiaw, egi'd 3 years. The fonerel will take place iromtbe roetdoaooeibur father, 5H9 Sc.>Dd av.-nue.tbis (Monday) alternoao^jg ' t We etdedli. ftiaerei. tresaUusM?"'">* lists. UMaetysiybUi mar Third arsnuo, this (IkUMky) slteraooa, eil > TisissM.?TAMkiA Wwviut. agsd fff years. Hor Ir lends and retntlves are lavitvd to Mtond Ska Relatives and iricuds are raapesWuily Invited to i Us funeral, lb la (Usnday) atmsiog, st nine o'clock, 24 l ulioe street. Brooklyn. . , ^ si riac feather beds; by the day, week or naath. -Upewdaa asd night ...... b. hnyuagT r!. ii.ii I us Uiimi lie ?1 . - 1 wiray, Ltthtrona, m\ ? '' or*; fx&z A wasWd Mreaai Jebfleam. reem ns*WnMS. will Vn\ a fSttftt ed warehouse, M hew rtrsvt. > rh <* ????? *?D TOBACCO. ('ioVrthj^ga. sou ipatlarsustdaiM ?r AWt* ?itwmitfs^ kfilTB i depot IsrSSiS Mats Bo-vi-rv, ?agar and tobacco warehouse. fw? inouuM. wniHfHpvH Rjwniptrrf MifTfwnvrt T, *ip Btnlrn. Vyfiiili (mil f an. nRifriTn ofpmrh for ^JCtS a t'liini JsateMrv-Oaii aaheddWMs, w/^iyerr urleAw ^o.W.^O^FrililVUd.JriAlhrte '.?st. 07 ?^ swnawir?^ M>? Oil. ?sssTtifw tR ~ 7^oc? way, Mew york - gBXPRHBiiik, * -pURNRAM'S rOt^JTUM ?XPlB8ft-OPPtC> 111 JD West Klerentk atr2er< between Fifth and Hlitb sew nun ? 1'ian,,lories palnllsgS. mirrors, china. 4c , botsi and nhl|>|).-,t to a ! parts ot the world. I,ari;n w?goo? Sg| 0ii> (us I >? iiitois in rlti or cp'intry. FuigUure stored.

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