Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 12, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 12, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 10,160. NEW YORK HERALD. YORK, TUESDAY, JULY 12, 1864. PRICE THRKK CENTS. INVASION. Operations of the Rebels in Maryland. Railroads and Telegraphs Out and Bridges and Man sions Burned. Two Railroad traMs Cap tured and Destroyed. GEV. FBA8KLHV TlgEI PRISONER. Skirmishing in the Vicinity of Balti more and Washington. w -vv'w-wwv The Rebels in Foree at Sil ver Spring. Til Invading Army Reported Ferly Sf? Tbeusand strong. UhloD a?inforcemont8 Harrying- to the Scene of Aotion, Mm kl.i M? THE HERALD DESPATCHES. 0*l< RMdolph'i Deipalokei. Yoau, Pa., July 10? P. M. A Waahlngtrn official despatch of thle more log, aa MMiln I be success or rebel troops on the Monocacy, kae NUtloMd the most totooos excitement and con Vernation ami I ho pooplo of Ibis a act loo. Tbe town ti tall of minora, and tliece of the moat aetonndlng aatnro. Farmers are abandoning thair bom. a, and lioaiog With their uock and noat pre kius property. Tho banks sf tble piaco removed tbeir fnnda and valuable papers kat nlgbt to Cotnmbts , l banco to Philadelphia. Tbora has keea a conalderabU emigration during tbo day of citizens fa Harrlabarg and Columbia. Tho Northern Central Railroad la roanlng no more trelaa to Baltimore, they laving been stopped at tve point. 411 tbe rolling stock aaa of tue road are being ma north to Harrlabarg and Banbury. It la net, kowever, known positively that tbe road baa been sot. Ike telegraph operator at Cockeyavllle reported tble saoralag aa nnrouflrmed statement thai a bridge bad keen blown op ea the railroad, a abart distance below, by fee rebels Nothing baa been heard from Cockeye ville Mace alse A. M. The lines are net worklag below Haaover Junction. (Memaatoattoa la stUI ope* between Coambersburg aaa leiljrtw Ike latest arrivals from lie aurroundlag districts cen tres tbe occupation of Westmim tor by the rebels. The poet coaunaadaat has J oat received orders to send tat more aoouta and to press horses If a eafflclent num ber are set voiantariiy given. PmLADBLPniA , July 11?9 P. M. Ike train over the rood from Baltimore reached here fesaa Ulimiagion at six P. II. 1 am Informed by aa Most from below, that two trains, which left Baltimore pt? saoramg, were po?l ively captured by rebels and destroyed , at Magnolia station, seveateea miles south of Havre de Grace. The statica bsose and all the railread property were ale* dectrojed. A ilremaa on eae of tbe tmlaa was killed by a rebel battel earrvaa or ma eamouia. 1 aaa alae laformed th u General * raakl a aad eae ether asaeral, wheee name my informaat had aot learned, ware metered. I bete offlocrs are said to have been a* rmds earthward oa Important military duty. aoiBRav or taa rasaai??ns. Same of the peeseagers were roi bed, while ethers ?saped with their valuabl.a by accreting them before *e rebels get up to tbem. a saw nom Oh turn, to si < r Altaeof steamers is te be immediately act afloat be ftweee Havre de tirtce and Haiti more. A special train, Mb the prejectera of tble Important movement, leit Mm this even lag at six ovle:k. Commuaicatluna by this rote are expected le be opewed to a (aw da ye. aaarmt'cnoa or Sam ik* ox rtut y arm a* onrraaL rj moan. fclgbtoee brldgee ere kaewa to have beoa horned on Bm Nortbera Ceatral Railroad. The eaemyple busily aagaged la demol tatting the Haee northward, and at Vast aaaaoata was said to he at Meek too. BBM. BdXBMntVS. Tke eaemy la appareatty maasiag Its whole three la Be.theaei.ra Marylaad. Wiiat bia deelgns may be oaa eaty at preseat be aurmwed. auMoaoniniN. A large foree ef Union troops have eroeeed the bisque i river at Havre de Graoe, aae will novo cot to tbo \ at the earliest moment. Ike eaemy has abandoned Frederick, bat still holds the hps ef the anountaiss on b* lino of retreat THE PRESS DESPATCHES. utoktakt rsos wikhimton. rmlahlng Wear Reekvlllo, Ma.? The aoto la Puree Near Silver Hprlag W . P. Blair's Reeldcaeo Haperted ?miaed-Raperte Relative to tbo la< vetdlag rorco, Ar? dfcr. RAUtvoar, Jaoe 11, 1114. Ike aews from Waeliiagtea to esaiting. fke akirmiabtng ea the Moekvlile read that com. meae ?d at ?a early hour this lorenooa oeatmued ky the advanee ef the r<'bei foroe to a point aboot roar ?Pee west of Teaallytowo. There tbelr progress ea that ?sad use ate piped, aod they disappeared la tome ether tkocttoo. b Bobseqeeatly wo beard of thcae'skirmiehtag, between Stores aad twelve o'elork, ?o aad arorad the saventh Shsot laraplke, near tue Clag?et farm .n?i I he rce dance mt frueele t. Blair, Esq. It is reported to day that the *aMs hove burned tho restdcera of Mr Blitr There were <?ly eight beadred mfvntry In the fer.e ?at eacttoped at Rooavlite hit night, tho gt penis ?trtehea remgeoa err stag to-day from the vtctatty ?>( ?Awards' Perry report them crowing north at that p?iat pootorday aod today la large m<mb. r>? ?ema sajiag twolro theaaaad strew* aad ethere thirty thousand Bnahiartdgo Is believed toko to eommaed of their ad waaeo'-to this diieciKa, aad Unboaeu >?utmand? tbor eaveiry new haagmg aaonad ear fortifloati >ns. All was flat ta front ef our nlolral liaea umm what is kaowa aa the "River road"? thai M, tbejroad akirting the tbna peahe aad Ohio Canal a*H>ve?eorgetcwn- up to aeon to d?r The earners aed porpaeee ef tbe rebel invading fo^e are eeaf..alagly eealieinig The oplalea enifrtainnd t y maay arouad as a that tbe rebel foroe is not o wewht el to oadertafce a earieue attach npoa tn? rortitaa. ef haablagiea, aad that It tt net the.r purpoea te we brre Joet received the following freia a ?seres ef prea! mdeMiaiee aad reHabHtty-eee who kaa ea repeated area time had the caritmt aad meat easiaadi tafbrmatb a a| rebel mevameala B Thgmia, THE REBEL INVASION. The Rebel Operations in Eastern Maryland? The Lines of Communication with Baltimore and Washington. ? C'I'~ n dtoy_. V ^Jv^EDBO?Dl? <M CJ// ^ ^ ? BROADItOP CITY tft,o #i , . |%/>> jj / ^4. ^rVA-rTEH'FPriNSRU'RP^ JL mPy.^?ro^^,iP^~^ //I ONVtL L E ftp ~ ONNEl <W?N -^.V Nr- vAUl"! "%?>"?* 7 ' ilpiri > V j -jfclpWBOUBS^ -1 i ? 'OC'?. ^ cevv*v l" * ?W . \ \J n. ?or i? /CHAMBERSEURG A ??? row, . lc CPNNEl LS0UR^"-r% y F/,vrT.E\<iu.i . .! ? , '. v v /> 1 /.*\ /ar >>t ,*. / V-' -r i nm-U::C ^ jrwSfR p.v VQRK 'WAV I { / \ H/irrCEWhBURG //%GREEN CAir,LEJ \7jP wife Vv/t Vl'.i ' j<jl'_jL? Si/i; i" ) '?H/Cjatfva * r^F k-rfc :^^.-/KCrp?? Xs /7I f I g rrr \\^ j \L X-v" ^W?tL";'rov'N \ " f% pfxZ t'uYMfoW ^ lH j ^/K/ WCSTMtWiTCRI aacnus30*0 / // /mARI **ttU8<afc , /A|ai v ??<&'' / X -XL,; ,<&?'? ' s\ H t,RPEPS PERRV sk I'CL HC' ^//??fVS \ //' ). ri WiNGHLMt R ??--* V$ta v ' * ,, ch+HLt: ^c.y.j-:.*' / . 4'.-^ ; .MiuttrowM V^KPSBlifiC V FPr.c?LRec?< \ - j _ . if ~ \ BALT^OPE# >w: c^AffA s fWftr.M ^r\ 6^? V(i / \ ' ^ .f J // ^ sCiWlW4.#. <V.ILU! ? ? ii -h vrv V"-Y" ? / HULA/ MOU'oEf\ ?.' 5WU.LF f\\ y itMO ' " "T' ?.- v *1 A Tb? information rwittd fram 16 to quarter la m follows:? Tbe rebel army of ?n asion marched down tbe valley i forty -Ove tbouMiud strong, Including oigbl thousand cavalry, ander tbo eommand oC Major Gdneral Jubal Karly and Brlfradier General* Brackinrnlge, Ransom, Imbodou and McCsuslsnd. Loogstreet wna at Gordons villoon TueeUs^last, with additional forcoo to Join the rebel army or i^TMica ; and tbo purpose of tbat army wii as attempt at tbo capture of Washington by a surprise. 1be Virginia Central Railroad Is repaired and running from Richmond to Staunton. Dosby bas two liuudrod and forty-two men In bis Ootn mand, and aspects to bavs his force Increaaed. In tbo fight at A Idle Mosl>y captured eighty-one eavalrymen, killed twenty , oaptured a uiejor and a twelve-pounder cannon. Ktotlieloo's command, one company, la operat ing near Kalrtas Court House and near the Occoquao. * Lp to a quarter past two o'clock tlie stats o( aflalrs in tbo v totally of Rabbitt's Brsuch I'orl OOco continued to be about the same as during tno morning, lberabae been no general engagement; but cavalry skirmishing s going oo nt Intsrvals. Tbe enemy baa not made bis ap pearance anywhere within range of our guns, nud so f?r bas sbown no disposit ion to do so. No casualties bavo been reported on our side in tbe fight tbls morning between U>well and tbo rebel cavalry. Three rebel stragglers wers captured and brought In fram the front this morning, but they refured to give tbo d?m of their regiment* or tell by whom they were commanded. They are inclined to brag and place their numbers at very high flgnrer. Some rebel stragglers wars picked up yesterday and brought to tbo Provost Marshal's oflice laat night. They admitted that they ha Vosgod to tbo invading force, and that tbo infantry oon slated of Breckinridge's and Early's divisions, and tbst ibi cavalry waa undsr Ransom, fbey witiid give no Id ler mat mo as to the movement* ef the Invadsrs, and, when questioned at to their numberajdillfered widely in their stalemonte. i Tbo rebeis are in force al River taring. This morning the rebel cavalry commeured to show themselves la tbe neighborhood of Silver Spring (Blair's pUcs), mst over tbs District linejln Montgomery county, on the feveoib street roaa, jnst beyond tho l.nca of fortifications. and up ts the' laat accounts kept the posltlou. During tbe morning there bas been some firing between pickets Tws t'sKmiste were wounded. I It V* elated by i>erB >ns cominc from tbM direction (and tfcere aro a great many lamilKs moving in} that tbe rebol-nictets are stationed in Rlmr'a, t'lmVs and llrowu'e woods, mill some aie confident Wat tbe mala body of tbe rebels are st this plec.e I'reparatkioa have been made to receive them in n becoming style. the rebel force at 3il*er aprfcig Is said to be about lb (dew ?Mwf, so far as it has bees developed. Yesterday afternoon a force of I lie rebels mads tbelr appearanee on tbe tow petti of Urn canal, near Muddy Branch, where there was a eamp ef a squadron of the Kigbth Illinois cavalry and toir eompaotee of the second Massachusetts csvalty (' aliforina), uaiier tbe sommand ef Major t'bompsou, ef the cei osd Msssscbnsatla, when our who bad orders ts fhll hack, started towards the city, U?> amp equipage belog placed os a sanal boat. Ihey aa<t not retreeted far, however, before atotbsr band of rebels was seec approaching frem ths direction of Rockv i >. anil seme sln te were fired between ee>:h party , but ro one was iniure.1, as far as kaown. When some three mites frsm Mnddv Branca oor forces ecaajed to make a stand, and unite a little skirmish en eosri. >o a tbe rebels hi ought 10 beer on them <>ns nf their four guns, and a round shot went directly through the boat, causing it to s.nk. In this Itltls sflhir ws had thrsn persons wounded, bnt all slightly. nur mas b-nrsver, procured another boat, lo whiob thsy tranefsrred t he bagsage ami pushed en down te ( sorgstows, where they arrived tills mornlsg Ths rebels, who st timee ?howed censldersble fores, seemed H direct their elisntion io the eeaal, wmch they damaged considerably, felting treee into II, blentug up culverts. *S. Our meiaroport tbe country fell ?* rsbsls, and thai yteterdey these wers ssvsral skirmishes, m wbieh portions of their regiments were engaged, to one ,.f whiob Captain V. rrie.of com.MM.y M K ?hth Illinois cavalry, was hi Hs?l- _ W aemvfifo*, July II, 1M4 rba mfsrmatisn received te-nigbt is in tbe envoi that a very targe force sf rebels Is within the. city , not fhr fr-m Tenaltytewn. There has been ne gene rsl esgmif >nest, but ? ool.nuous etirmtshmg ail day. *nr?? tb" "Msaities refor?ed sre tbe following: < .?ptam V ? rium, Cs. K, ?th Mew York cavalry, woundsd m the right fbe?. tawb liana, ?th Hew Yorh mvaler right h p. lohn G .v rdcr, r?. . . ?lh New Mnrh eavolry * cond I.itul. S.LI New Yorh cavalry, coscm sa;n <4 shell. Graham V. Nootl, fth Mlchlgad odvalry, In IhS kn.>e. Frederick H Rob'rTP ?*>.?, 1st OWrectl* it eavstrf , tali arm. pater Berry, 1st OtMMimt cavalry, seek. Johu Vandaveer, 6th New York cavalry, is be eg hi tbe nee Hundred end Vtfty drat ?*i>o elghl or ?en wore wntinixid. ?%nr ef tbe With New York oav.iry word left tn Reek vine, wennded. Theie rectus is bo m. donht tbnt tbe rebels are threst eniag flsebisgMm; tat tbs pfdp^tmm. to* Its deface ars sf suiha cbsraelsr as to glvs saanrasee of safely. Many yereees dnrlac ?bd danwere abroad is oueot of saws bnt an astrsrremary eWWeent prevails. 4 didf imM tl MM) MnitrnKf M ii?W( donees, together with citizens in tbo C' adjoining Washington, have oome Into ibM city for safety. Iklrmlih at Towmbiowii. BiLTmou, July 11 ? Midnight. All la quiet la tbe city, though we have repot to ef our cnralry iklralilkioi with tbr raidera al TORim?*B| bo van mllea out ta tbe York road.^ CAPTURE OP THE fRAIM. Capture af k Paaaenger Trala from Bal timore? Magnolia Station Barntd,&c. I'tnt.Aot i.nMUk, Joiy II, ISM. A passenger trplD was captured by tbe rebel* al Vag: no) la at eight o'clock tbla rooming. It was bound from Baltimore to Pbilsdeiphla. Magnolia station waa toon burned. SKETCH or MAGNQt.lA AND YICJN1TY. Magnolia la a post ofllre of Hariord rout ty? Mary !*>.<!, and n station of tbe PtiiUdelphia, Wilmlugton aod Haiti aaore Railroad. It Is situated at a point oear tbe bead of tbe bay into which tbe Gunpowder river empties it eeir, and ta at tbe north end or tbe well known Gunpow der bridge. It is ninojeeu mt'.ea from tbe city of Balti more auri seventeen in ilea from Havre do Grace. Har ford county ia particularly ricb In agricultural- products and live stock, and contains ? scattered population of about twenty.flra thousand persons of all ages, am a foraging country It would b exceedingly valuable to the eneny If lelt to operate to u uurestraineu, in aAditiou to the amount of destruction tbey could inRict oa us dcring tlialr stay. Fears are entertained tbat the train from this city for I Baltimore bae alto been cupturod. Major General Rrauhltn Captaicd. pHtLAiitiPHii, Jnne II ? 4 20 P. M. A despatch from a c .ndo' tor isUtea bin train was cap ! tnred at Mngno.ia. Major General KrankVia war capture! and made prison er, with all otter ers and soldiere on i oar. I. All tbe pattengers were robbed of the r wat fcce, mo ney, *c 1 be train waa burnod. Ibe follow log ban tieen received by H. F. Keci.ey, Snpenntee.lent of tbe Hal tin. ore and Ohio ftaiiroaU ? I was ounductor ot Ko. 17 train ibe r<-bei* attacked ! the train at Magnolia, 'Ibcy went through tbe train alter ; we bad stopped, capturing all Hie oil;, erft and aolilier* n# It. AmoM them was tla.or ttOneral I rankltn. I bey | "want through'' most ot tt>o patter *er?"p<.:ke. a, captor- , tog watches and money, l Lev un'i-adod the liagi' igo and set Ore to my train, burning throe first <*la?a passotiger oars, one secmd ctaes car and baggage ar. tbo en gioe M. flay , also. one fre gbt car and ami a horlhuru Central engine, tbat wore ?n tbe sid'.ng. .1. It. MUSWOWKR. I I'mi-Anxinm, July II, 1M4. In tbe attack on tbe tram tbm morning at Magnolia , station, Abraham Ward, the Amman, waa the only per son killed. rebels captured some of the passengers, bnt Mont of them escaped to Baltimore. The force of tbe enemy was es'miaied at four hundred. Tbe train waa burned. Hotb r (inductors escaped. Another Hallroad Train (aptorrd, l iiHAin u i?( July >1? A I*. M. It in now' aecertamod tbat two trains were destroyed a poo tbe Philadelphia. Wilmington and Baltimore Rail road. Ihe engineers of both escaped, one of them, how ever, being >rat robbed of bis nn.n- y and all bis rlotbing, except hie shirt and pants. The fireman waa shot dead. . ho mail on the early tram was taken from the car before the passengers ai d div nled among the snptors. Nothing ban brnu be.ird yet of tbe sipreee rar, but of course tbe thieves did not overtake it. No apprehensions were felt la regard to the regular traia which loft Philadelphia this morurag, and tbe extra train wblcb left at a later hour, as tbey cannot go farther than thin side of the du-quehatina. Tbe Onapowdtr Hridge Probably Not Bnrnetl* Ha van no Hsa.s, Md., July 1|? 0 P. M. Abont two huodred tavairy , under command of Harry Gilmnr, appeared at Magoo! a station, eighteen m'ea nooth of this point en tbe I'bi.Aoelphia, Wiiiwtngiun an<l Baltimore Railroad, and .pi ired ibe hail nasi e >.hi ? M. passenger train iron. Baltimore, by fineg a v -ley Into It, eaiiviiR the tri^n to - top. iho ton e'elorh f|>r?ss train from iUMImorw ?i-?i ? i ared the ae,u?i 'ato. OnadiKtor J Brysoii , of tno eitirees Iran, wts rrHnl ti." h"i watch and money, as nlso was the . < iu'.... tor of *the t rat Ira n. Tbe robeln (red the trams, and .s'so the freight ip mo at Mnganlia, which were i'ona<intPd. Ono ?f thi trains wan Bred, the serine reversal and starts tow <rdn liunpow der bridge for the purpose of setting 'ire to ibat sir ictnre. h le very pfebublf tbat no damage refilled to ih< br.d..e, from the faet of tb? heavy grikial state ted there to pro tent It. no passengers wore not, \? Mf as tnaraat^ Bio lee ted, only la a few eaao?. the rrbobi started in a touUvrly direction towards Oeaarnl CadwaHnder'a seaMeo<-e,a iesr mi'es ?i an, ior the per pose of dentroyiog it. Thin no donbt has . o> a a?c?mpl 'Ohnd. ras?ei j*rs are arriving here laVveey kind of vsb <-'e and amny en borsnbscb. * bnttery end a naif o< atnn xnos. from tbe Pliiiadet pbm Nary Tasg, arrived here re- l iy, and oae sertio* proceeded to nnar Mngnota, whom < to rebeh ware dta eovered m force, causing tbe oeetwa k inturn. What the futnre > a tent loos of th robots la Ihig netgh hovbood are, ? of ctarno ows^eelore, bat tha general bapreaaum * thai tiny daajga ta sataaat aabar anaer el darks gae cmiHfi or THE TELECRin. Til* Telegraph Wlni ?t Port Deposit Cat. PiruiDiLFBii, Jnly 11, 1?M. Ibe telegraph wires tknl cross lbs Sasquebanaa river M Port Deposit, Maryland, have been cul. The other wires uiaog Ibc railroad are still all right. Wit KM IS PORT DBrOBIT? Port Deposit is a posl village of Cecil county, Maryland, rlsty-eigbt miles northeast of Annapolis, aad seventy eight mile* fr-mi Washington. It Is situated on tbe east eslsof tbo Susquehanna river, st Iho lower (alls, and is distant about Ilia miles above Havre ds Gracs and I'erry viile? the two latter place bekoji at the moutb of the river. Ibo village eontains a bank, ebereb and over a ilot.sand inhabitants. Tbe telegraph lines that erofiaed the river at tbis point were Independent of tbe railroad linca. ran aM.t.rniA, July 11 , 1MI4. TheVeak la the telegraph wires is understood to he at Magnolia, nineteen miles this side of Baltimore, asdtl soventctn from Havre do Grate. Between tbe Hush and Gunpowder riverf cemmunlca tioo Is also Cutoff. Phii.admpi.ia, July 11, 1*04. Tbe rebels got possession of tbe wires at tl .goolia and iutrrcepted a largo number ef despatches, among them me from Secretary Haaton to Oeneral Cbdwalla der. V n have no communication with Washington, and there 1; the yie.-Ues' excitement bere. Telegraph to Coniiuanlcatlon between Philadelphia and Baltimore. Piih.adk puu, July 11 ? 11 P. M. There is one wire working through to Baltimore, ami oco to the War Iiepartment, but they are on the turn |i ke, ao<l ui) be destroyed at any moment. 01 II MftBOm Iff ACTION* The Usnpswder Klver Bridge Rare. pHlLAOKLmiM, .lalyll? 11 p. M. Information has Just been received by 1'residsiit li.lton that the Gunpowder Bridie ban not besn uo Strayed, i be r- lie is were attacked by a gunboat as they were about to set tire to it, and were arivoa off. An ?u g uo *?.- recaptured, and ? now on its way to Havre de Grace, it is Huppogfd the rebels are retreating. The K'hi'la Driven off at Baals River. Pun aBKLFau, .>al> 11? 10 P. M. A tram Trom bere this morning went ae far as Perry mausville nad Mien returned. The twelve o'clock tr.tia wect only to W.lmiugtoa. Ibere were no signs of tbe rebels at tho former place, lbe retura ef the tie ns was iwureijr pre< autiouarj. unr nun boots have eemuenceit Irlog oa tbe rebels at Guth IIHI, on tbe Bush river, tbe river nearest to Dal < tlmore. 4 li e second train was about passing orw Gsnpowder br ii,-e, wlieu It backed est and waa captured. LAI KR. Our t?iil?.?ta drove tbe rebels ?f at Bnsb river snd recaptured one ot our eugwes. ' lli ore are yet some doubts ef tke eattre destruction of Gunpowder bridge. there is u pomubflity ef iel*grapblc communication be ing roopcoed t'?ni(bi with Baltimore. llt.STRM TIOll OF PROPKRTV. The ltei ll\rrn Veatral Railroad * at. Hississvsn, Ps. , Jely 11, 1M4. 11ms Philadelphia. BMltimnre and Wilmington Hailryad stlil rem* sed misti tbN morning, A tcMgrvhi Tr in gleareck.ea tbe Northern Central Rail road, ilia muranu, rials thai a b-dy of mounted rebel m.'auliy and cav.tlry , between tweiveaud hfteen buuored strong, ars destroying tbe road i tieen miles south o< tlyt place, and march ug-mribward. Ib? reUeA appear to have retired iitn^ tiKr from West* srn Marfiahd, aim ars coheemrat i.g lb it forces towards tho ? rii" a?iern part o< thai i- uts. liotnum Bradford's Itesldeaeo Beratd hp the Hotels. Bumioifn, July ?, U?4 Ibe rsn'ii lAVhtry b iraed tkn resident* or lioveraor H:*<!i?rd I .'S uiorn nr It is Ml? tour mile out 'fnm Ihw . ?? flu 'ho ''buries st" 't ri a>l a s'lusd of leu ret* is sot jt on tire. Titer eawe te the re?w1oo'e Mi-i-rcd ov, tM'i ir s lantily, perai'tliog to tats only a !<??? >alMk|i4, ana then set It <m fire, v urn es nod every tti.i<+ >n W wsro < ><?tr<>ye<!. fhe ix.vef net was la the < itjr at the t*nv sal Here fore ?ki B'4 eaptaroii, Ae rei-e'e ars now dja atitl on the Ih-anle pins Ha I road. Mi-it.? I'ere tke telegraph wires gave ?*t rwhabljr evr'ng m s h?*vv pressnro by Iks rebuts. IUm?ri> jo'y 11, 18^4, Tbsie tn iiotb'Bi reliable rrseemmg tbe auivetnsata of the fMmy. ?iov*rn?r itradfsed'n maesxin waa set ?a fire IklH morn lug st eight e rlecb, ssd a etui bursiag. Rebel eympe. tbi.sis ars believed to be at tbe bettom ef aiKt ef ike Mstttef. Pudseee is be'sg irsaeacleQ as asual. ek. ?\ttsea soldiers are a* dstv at Iks fsrtUkalieag BiLTiMom. July 11 ? 1148 P.M. A toil 7 of two hundred end flfty rebeia, under General Gillmor, encamped laat nlgbt on the farm of Joshua Price, about thirteen miles east from tbla city on the Hartford pihe. They left about dre o'clock, going eaatwnrd In tho direction of Gunpowder bridge. It wao part of this fore* probably which burned Mr. Day's barn, which was on their route. A gentleman who was present at the time Governor Bradford's bouse was burned sayn he was arrested and detained by lbs rebels untU after they bad flred the building. ?? squad which performed tbo act bad a written order, in these worda? "The bouse of Governor Bradford to be burned in retaliation of the burning of Governor l^tcher's bonre by the federal troops. By ot ter of Bradley T. Johnson, commending." All the furniture and private papers were burned. Baittmoss, Ju|y 11?11 P- M A reepectablecltiann, residing near KlDgaville, reperts that a party of tfty rebel cavalry passed hie bouse Mil* moruiop, maleing for Iho railroad. They cut the telegraph on the turnpike ea they passed. While going by Iho house of Mr Pay, an enthusla?tlo Tnioo citizen, residing near K.ngsviUe, they noticed the Ameri can Oag Dying, and i-ome of them stopped to burn bis barn. Mr Day made no resistance until they attempted to tear diwa the fl'g, when he tired upou the rebels and Villcd one of ttiein. Mr. l>ay has not since been seen, and his fate is at yet unknown. The rebelh are now ope: atlng on the Philadelphia Rail road, and it ie espected that the wires will feon be cut. Great-excitement prevails bere. The citisene are arm ing and going out mounted to light tb* rebel eavelry. Urn. Catl vr allude t*e Mansion Destroyed.>Ki.ruu, July 11,18M. Itie manFion of General CadwaiUidtr , at Meguol.a,ws? burned by ibe rebels this morning. IFFtiM m BUfMIOfcfi. Ha i tiM' >ks, July 11?11 30 P. M. TI.e excitement in Baltimore has been increased by the rebel operation* around tb'- city to day. The tralu which wns cap'urod this morning was the regular half pan nine o'clock, i-a-songer train from Haittmore The peseengeis wcro turned out and robbed, and their trunks were | plundered. I Ibe destruction of Governor Bradford's bouse, #ve miles from the eity, on the charier street road, was omiplete. Ihey plundered tho bouse of all vul tables, and weald not even allow Mre%Brad(ord to save her owe c'otbing, aud carried o3 ail the valuable papers and deeds of the Governor. The/ read to Mrs. Bradford an order from General Bradley T. Johrton to destroy the bouse to retaliation ferttiedeetructiooof Governor l#ieher's house by Genersi Hunter. We liave a' counts of the stealing of torses and the plunder of stores all through Baltimore couuty. Ibe turnpike bridge over tii? Gunpowder bee also been destroyed. tears are entertained that ? Bomber of the mills, fsc lories and foundries arousd the city will be destroyed Am lar as known the whole eavaliy force in Baltimore i ounty ha* done this mischief does not exceed e:i,ht hundred, under the command of the notoriooe ' narrv t'.ilmor. The defences of the city ere being strengthened and manned, and the citizens are arming and manning the mtreuchmenla In large numbere. ^The bwM erd i-u ran.e companies h ive all deposited their valuables oa board of a eteainer ? bartered for the p..rpeee end re.idy to leave at a moment e notice. Arrnngemente have also been made to remove the archives of the Slate from An napolis Iho city Is ull of rumors of attache on our pickets It la reported that Elllcntfa Mills la la the poeeewi in of the rebels. We cannot lad out wbethsr the r?|iort la true at yet. III: PORT* FKUtt liMISBllfi. Hassiss i o, Pa. , July 11, I'M- j Hen.Hi arlrrs here are ao leager In cotnmu' icati ? , with the a a Ikon lies at Weabiugtoo. The Department several days else# telegraphed to General h ievest lug him will' ample fower to meet such a .*w>tlngen?y. Il ? 'indsrskoodl that at U-asi eight brtdgss bave bee* destroyed ok Ibe northern Oeatral Ks.iroad, between Menctou and I'ocbeysv illo. A rebel deaertei , representing hisnaelf ta be n native in Itan, states that the rebel lores invading the North H very Urge. Thero ?rs three brigades of eavaliy, east Nrecktnr idea's, Mhedet' and another'* drtrteloen of In fantry. i mhc movents were kept a profound recrat from tlie . Ulcers. Thegaucral .npresalon w?a, however, U?et the ebtjert w*a M>4?T)Mre Haitian >r ? and Wsselngtes. Xti* deserter belonged to lbs fornt t..?t <lr?ive 0' ater from '.) nctiburr, a tar aia r Isrt, reinforcements arrived from Ktchwiend and marched northward. (i<neral K'liy Ktagrnpbi from t umhof land, Mi., to night, that there is no truth m the report that John Mor gan and lir.bedeii ' are following Hunter 'a forces. Hon ter'a three ectijrtcs Marticiburg, an?l another body of our treope holds llag<#M*wn. Tho rebels still occupy tenth Mountain passes, whi'e Ibe mam body demonstrate en Washington and Ifcltt more Trem potato between the Moneeaoy and inltimors. fcFFilftN IKift ?K Ilsvan naGaaoa, July 11, WM. fte steam fsnvbaal M^tviaa# m safn and As mwn | and ferry ere w?ll dafeaded by the proseaco of tho guin boat Currituck, wh< so gun* tominnd t be approoi.haa. A large detachment of troops and marietta iroai tho Ibife U< Ipnia Navy Yard are her , witu other fcrcee, aad tbo country I* acoured by ?coul*. There la do truth hi the report of the burn ag ef tha t'onomingo bridge, sine ten miles north , spanning Ibe Husquehanna river. lb* ta'-g '?>>?? south of thto point le badly damaged but it )? not thought that the railroad la injured to any great extent. Ceneral cilmor avowed h a u teotioa of (olag lale Baltimore ntealtnily tr-nighl. Artillery firing ha* b-o-u beard ?lfloe eight P. M ta a southwest direction, perh .; s .a Hetu U rWer. WHAT THE REBEI.H l?ll> II HICERmWI. : ' ?s?isHta<i, Jaly II, ISfVt A gentleman. who le'l IhnrNtftwi at flvo o clock on Friday afternoon, st-it r 'hi' Hugeratowa w.wj not buruod, as waa reported or .'U|i|>o"l. Ti-i nbeh, m tho morn ing, net Ore to tl<e railioid enrme bou>>e, which wan destroyed. They nlo sot Hi * to Tbareton'a warehouse, eontu mug hay ami grain; liu' tbe Are wis oxtiugolHhed, and the rcbrle acre d iliai it bIioii d not be burned If tho buy and (ram wore -aWei . and burnod. I hie wne ilouo, and nil tho h y unit (jrnin wit b'irned at *:omo dm. tauce frem th? bui'dtug the , roil sin ko gave riac to tho supi>o*it ion that ti e iovn waa on tiro Ho private bouse was injured. 1be plunder was n o tly l-odr, si oes and cloth. ng, taken from the store*. Hie I ?? ? n council bad paid a s*l> ? sidy or $20 000 nd$i(U0 .w.rtt. of clothing, on oondk tlou that tbe tow.i moili . <>? ii? iflred, McCausUutd i brigade of reb I itintry ?>a<i p-s-ession of tho town. Th-ir force wa- cst-m ? t?*-i bv t / us at from uao thou sand to fifteen hurn'r 'd m-r. Uit'mdvn's cavalry wax oa the outskirts, the forte not known 4' out t wo b undre?4 came into tho tuwn. While the rebel* were in Qager-'town McCattsluid mado a speech, and said tliif Humer had destroyed every bouse and hut In V>r, in tor a di tancaof throo hundre<| miles. This fslsehoo I w i- tl.e ex.'.u.a for hia severity with lla e- -down. -'orr-.e ??;' the rei ol r.ffi cm I'l;r?*tlon with Mm townspeople said their ,111 \vtt-: B-lt1 nore, wliich being raptui'tU, Wssbiogt u ni m ft'i exciietikm i\ piuhaiu: Winswtii.*, liel., July 11? A U. Oo Sunday afterm m ttn ?u'.itement Id Wilmington was irtenso The people fume.: out -a ma- tt. The hells were rung and ti e "Stir -paneled fl inner" run out, a- d bv niKbt over six hui'drsi' men liad sileo la behind tho drum and fife. .Vt Newcastle the purple ocrt ar.iimod by trloernpft, and in un hour afterward t-ixty tuen wero eniolledantl ?it hundred doll r cip'iih. ied t > tho ita se. l.ittlu l:einwnro la in motion, and appreciates tko lit* impending danyer. THE KEIU'OKtEIIEm, Gtncral Ord In I nunniind at RalHwore. It a Li mow., July 11?11:30 P. M (?eneral Oi4 has bee? appointed to the cuinnuwd of the Eigbtb array enrrs uil (-'eneral Wallace communis tho I ei arnnent. liy this arran?;<tmeii! ?>ueral Ord ban com mand ol all the troops for the defence of tbe city. A gentleman just irotn KlHcott's Mills reports all quiet there r>nd for a diaiati<-e or ten miles beyond. Our picktM bud a skirmish tieyond Wlisvlllo this morning with a squad of rebel cavalry, killmg tbe lieutenant lo com mand and oapturnif; two. The balance escaped. l)r. Moore, of Havre do 'trace, with a loyal party, started out thta morn in;' and captured tweotr Uve of tlw bridge burners. The Call for Plvr Tliouiand MauachB* actta Volamrrri, &e. Boiton, July II, KM. Tbe lste call fur five thousand Mag>-?cbuselta volnnteera la being reaponded to with patr otii alacrity. The Otd Sixth? tli > pioneer regiment of tba war? to ex pected to be ready for muster ng in on Wednesday, and other regl uenls will sp-cdily fo'low. The atoamer uudisb, un reliirn ng fr m her trip to Hingham last night, wis taken possession of by tbo government, loaded with ammunition, and immediately started fur the Potomac. Tbe steamer Ru-sia wan alco taken potisesaion of by IM government Uhi ni/ht , 'oaded with ammunition, and lefl early thia uiorulng. 1re?|i? Ka Ueiife for the Front* Phimiim.i'iiu, July 11-10 P. M. Seven companies of tbe Korty third aad Korty-flfUb negro regiments fi-om Camp William, fa. , have maroned to tho liaiumore depot, and will proceed to Perryvillo. Tbey will not get oil till midnight. Tho Monitor Tuatla Ordered to WMh< in?toM. Pwtt.Ani.i est*, uly 11.1M4. Tbo new light draught Monitor ruuxis, built at Cheater, dime tip to the city IhM Biornmr. and leaves for Waeblog I n ih s a'ternoi-n. Mae drawa only seven feet of wator, with bar armament, *e., on board, and raakee as good lime aa has ever been dooo by any Monitor. Mhe ear rie* in bor tt rrct one uleieo-.ncb gun and oaa ana huo dred and fifty n under rnle. Taoopa Paiatag Ttirou^ti Philadelphia. 11 r< m the I bi'*leVti!iiH l^lqer, .tniy 11. | Karly ?ai Sit unlay ni?iran<K tin* lentil regtntenl of Vete ran Reserves, from New York, parked throunb tbia city 00 their way .south It ta ??orajo-noil of aeveo hundred uion. A duapatcli waa t-eeeived in this city yesterday no nouueing tho tac' th >t from Ui.eo tq lout th iusand W"okl (>aaui ihr-ovb la.'t nij'it or.early thl-< ntorulug A number of marines ott tt.e i.*vy yard yesterday, and a battery 01 amall ritla ^uns was got ready to he ?cnt South to day.. Movement* of vertiary Veaaendew. r Mr. >ee<erd n, the*noiv ie.-.retary of the Treaaary* waa boeiiy eng*i;~d yosierday* In matnring hie piaaa far tbe negi liation of the pif>|e)?ed loan of ITU.^'O.WK). He left tbo Astor House ? n-twrebehis been sloppiug since bia arrival in tins ? Ity, at ten o' -i-ick in the mommy, and proceeded to tho Hub Treat* try, where he met. by ?p poini-i.eot, ;a ftir^te unmber of leading barkers and eaiuialists, ind he d a |irotra> ted - onsultation. The re sutt of m i luterview . of cmiraa, his not f eeo mane nu till.- luif. it iH e-ir eeth' nnnied tbat be Whl be ah'O to t object of h.s mt?slon without aqy dlfh culty. All hh m rem- n s lnv i been eondiicled wiMfc tne ntm'ist sm:re<y, au-t no anthanttc In'orm it on coo Id be i btao e l in re atlou thereto. uotwitbatandMig that a lar/e nur.iher of persons were In anxioue pursun ef Moa ub to a l?te b"iir ti d ? wjniti. . He was aot t o a huta! fi om si x o 'Jo k ?-t eveiiing until qnl*o lite, and de flmte mtormation of hm whereaNiuts .-ooKI be aaeer tained v? soon as be arratwes h-s huK-neaa >a ibis city b- will taka bis de|iartui? tor Was'.ungtou. to put in exe cut on tho jilaoa tit* I "pun tor tbe rehsf of tbe Treasory Imssnscnlit Ninr.os <JAK|IKN. A tf?a of loa is a very nice thing thus warm weather, ami Manager wbeatley deaervea a great d-tal of credit for the magninc?ul stylo in wlacb ho produced one l*<t evening. Mies Lucille vv.-ntern nude bar tret appear aoce at thle Uisaire ?hi an Iceberg. Mr. Sbewi li baa re 1 turned a ter some months vae4(lH>a. Mr. Charla* P< ter? ( |jyed llarabis eireiiently. Ut cmirsa the sModard out melodrama wa? well revived by a vary large audieree, aid It ougbi te run saiorsl week*, If oaly for 'ta life. OLYMPIC TUP* rut. A'iber'a p< palar etmi c opera, Kra Diavolo, waa pro doeeil laKt-night to ati ei'-eitent house, uf tb*a /arlioa of Madame floret) trd ?vo have already had ocoaaica to a.amK in irworabie terms -h?< siras the music of the rwia ebartningly and plays It with a spirit and auimiti<e tbab ooutriOut' niu li to tho s icrosa of tao pie . -a Mr. ''aaila a I tav'iiu m *i call; g oil, but bis acting would ba all tha he'iar far a little m ir? di th. Campholl a Hoi>po att-rafc him but ? ant op "ortnoUT for the display of hie ha* ?fguu. but is* > catuial pieco is a< ting. AM the ether partawer? <r?dnabiy ilad. lhe up era will be eti*. ti'iued da^-sg the wees. ? rxK into a ovt t v ntitTW. M mm Helen Mestaru n?i<> bar trot app*araa?e la Mew T irk at w?e H wad way theatre la-it eveninr, la tbegrand military atie?t.',?'.le, the i ranob St?y. wbich Hsae 1 alaete b is i eudofai so oaleliraieo and |H>poiar a i-t?y lhe thea tro v?sa ".tiled freni par-ftet to ?ome, and Oie perfernsaace rertilnlv wa* most enfresif.ii, rbe a| pf?->sa waa fre quet t and well moilteil Miae Western in very prap? ??; in sppeeranc--, is -gra.-oful in bar afattiu sr. I w-in ibo beutaaf t ie .leol. eun of the upp*r tKV* by he? ?.;->)i-uus ?sd aser?"ti: ?emg. <n?e wis aafied ant be tw, o the a ts an 1 it tho ^id ?x uia play, in faat err (1st appe* ranee w?a a taerkee soaceee. Wa laak spa< <i I I man I* n in detail tbo ;-at i' -rmanije, eliloh ?aa con vend able la me pMcaafaroe, winah <Wo?? I tba entertatniaant, Mlae Waetarn gava evklaau* ef griat voraeiuuy. fto act. d with humor, aasg ery o.eely. an J daw. ad a jig er nfog da ca to g ad siyia Manngar Wood, to laaartav Mm lla ten Waaiero for his summer ? sa?s?. oaa madi am axeallent tngagemeot. wi.l will u.iuhttoaa bad hie nraua aad cool theatre erowthti n?gbily. ThaVvaaih an win b? ?<aved te-ataht * .

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