Newspaper of The New York Herald, 13 Temmuz 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 13 Temmuz 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 10,161. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 1864. INVASION Ttlegraphic and Railroad Commurwa tion with Washington Cut OUT Rumored Attack on the North era Defences of Washing ton by 15,000 Rebels. Fighting at Silver Spring, Near Washington. Reported Cavalry Fight at Westminster. Our Force* In Possession of Frederick. Martiniba rjf Reoccupted by Hunter's Troops. KiBircd Kf crossing tf (ho Potomac by the Rebels. Lugo Droves of Horses and Cattle Carried Off. 7fc? Northern Central Railroad Fred frcin Rfbeis. The Bush Rivar Bridge S i7dd by the Gunboat Fuchsia. Major General Franklin Botrayed | by a Woman. Veeessity for Heavy Rein forcements. CETERA L ORDER OF GOV. SEYIOUR. Tko National Guard Ordered to be Beady for Immediate Service. ttirty Days Men Called Oat by the Guvernor of New Jersey. ie MEETING IN PHILADELPHIA. UFAITURE Or TK00P8 FKOfl HEW YORK. Aetivity In the Nary Depart ment, 6*. *?? ft*. THE HERALD DESPATCHES. OEKEEAL VHTEK'S HOTFHETTf. II ??lllvtB la Commaad mt JI?r Mkarg and Otaeral H.wt at R?r* ytt'i Fvrrjr? Activity of ?? lr.opi, *??. *c. KB. THBODOBl 0. WIWOS'l DISPATCH. bi^Diinv, l>v?itnii!n op Whikrn Vmoisu, > dmuaauuio, Md. , July 11.IW4 j ? hu been received from General BalUvM'a I, which baa occupied Martlniburg without opp*. ? , ud rMtnred railroad communication with ibis L Railroad and telegraphic oommnnlcatloo* ar. now i Matiu WbMling and Merttaaburrf. Albion P. How* baa aaaumed cotnmaad at ir'a Parry, IBja relieving General tftgel. taral Hunter'* f<-roe* are vary active. The public not be loo Ma pal tent for the development of bia Hie rereea have aot been, nor are they ar* fhrea here for Ue belief I bat lie ?T all tb* rebel fore** operating In Maryland, en i laUe raid, la thirty thnaaead. Gllleaple, of the Fifteenth New Tork car airy, bang ber* yesterday for abaoUag lieutenant ,?hav*r, of kit company. DELTOIA ll? SiL THOSE SilLSOiS. I*. D?B. Raadetph K.lai'e DMpatak. PuiUMLnDi, July 11?3 r. M Metngeeo* hwItK at the dapot of tb* Philadelphia, i aad ItaHl? t* Railroad indicate, rebel depfa i upon that line. Ik* railroad wtree have owtead king, aad II IB feared twe train. that *i*rt*d for tb* i kare aM Ikltaa Into the bund* of tbe rrbele. At kMt aeeounta a party w*r* prowling m tb* vloli.ltjrof ?Mr* d* Graoa; Out o* demon* t re lion* bad been made m the town. Taaurday a party of tbe enemy mm* mm m?vtng towda that point and tb* MSrawd aooth, and It w>a reported that tbe rebel* had Oaatroyed the Qanpowder rlvef bridge; but I am In Haaaad It la perfectly ea[*. Several gunboat* ware ex pooled yaotaiday to protect Havre de Grace and patrol Oartver. Two kendred aad fifty troop* wke left ber* on an extra Irala have returned, and are now on duly b tbe Ity. |ka number being .mail. It waa not deemed advl able tar tkem to endeavor to force their way thrnn*b. Tke main difficulty upon Ike rblludnlpltla and Baltl ?are Railroad, and* from the so?.i?Wi*nna bridge. I* at Magarlln n"|? taventeen mnee north of Baltimore and Maa*?M below Havre de Grace. TIB CAPTTRES TEA nil. ?v. Ckariei H. H***an'a D**pat*h. PiuuiDBiruu, July 13, lMt. rr?rr ram uuilitt I art I tad m Baltimore about alx y**terday morning, M r??(e from tka army of tke Potomac to Haw York, vMk dMpatokM, and a lung I let of oaenaltlM for tb* ?aaatn. la Baltimore there appaarad to be much fever M excitement In relallot) to th? mevemeata of Ike rebel*, gf which bat little wee apperMtfv kaowa. Aotlva mill Bwy movement* were gotng on in order to give any *f kbaM marauding banda a warm aaoeptlm *konld th*y ap pooecb too near the c?y. At kalf put eight o'olock tbe WBla tor i'MMolgbia Mi Major ttoaeraJ i raokJ I, together with * largo number of olficere, soldiers and Udies, wua among Ilia passengers. Tbe early morning vraiu from Philadelphia bad come through all safe, and uo apprehensions wero eutertalne'l as to tbo safely of the line. At forty minutes past nine the exiueiia train to Sew York started with a similar assortment of passen. gers, your onrrPHpoudeol among the number. We reached tJunpowder river all safe, au<l Immediately after paeslox the lo.u' trestle b-idgo speed *?? Increased. I bo train was iu cli?r?? of Ashcr Pancost, engi'.eer. ami r. 'Briton, conductor. About two miles from tho bridge, st Ma tiolla jtatlor, two or thre.? pistol ahot* were Ivcard, wueu the train suddenly atoppod, aud a cry was raised, ''re ittiicif ikk ox est"' Bui a few seconds oiai*ed before tuey entered the cars, carry mt; piatols lb their humls. The llrst question apfced was " Are liiera any ladles iu tins car?'1 Oil being an swered iu the aliirmative. tliey ordered every lady to sit down. 1 bis wus immediately tnl!owed by another order to ?'Clear nut." It w is leivln>: the cars tbat purses and watches wore taken irom the penaeugersk Ibe re qiivfct to hand tUem over was enforced by a cocked p:Htol h-ild at tbe hea;'s 01 tbo viuumiixd p?s.-<eugera. lbs prisoners were ll?eu placed uti ic a strong guard, aud Tin c>M ?tr OS H&>> alter the bsrgage aud ei press oars had been emptied. Bieamwas then got up, th? engine reversed , and tbe train of bla/inir cars run down to Gunpowder bridge. A c ilumn of dense blank *tuoke w..s toon seen rising in tike dirccliou of tue bridge, and when the rol><;l? who hid beeu in charge of ihe train reiurr.od tbey suid the lir.dge was burning flnoly, aud would b<* totully consumed. TUS KIOST TIUI.N WAS BCSSI-SO when we wee stopped, aDd It is a som^wh .t singular circnras'.rnco that neither the engineer nor conductor In charge oi the expre-M tram could see the srnoko in time to et"p and reverse the trnin. It appears to have been a piece of gross oareleasiioaa ou their part, knowing, ua t> ey m st have don?, that tb? rel?el? were scattered all over tbe country. Muny ol the passengers did not hesi tate to so usu them of boineihiug even more humous ttian carelessness. major owtwt nuwiti* was a passenger on board the lirst tram. lie was dro sed in ciu/.eu'a olothoH, and wben the rebels entered the car uod asked bim who be waif he replied 'NibodjT of any account." Tbe gu.rd passed on a fow rants, wueu a Baltiinoro lady (of whom there were quite a number on txxrti) to d him ihe General's rank und u 'ine. Ihe guard rsfiruol and dniaaded lii.-i poperA, whi h -vero of course btudci over, aud the General wan taken I rum tbe car. Tii a rv Hiii. foriti consisted of about two hundred and flftjr men. They were uuder the to-niuimu Maior Harry 4,i?mor, and cou aisttd oi twenty -uvn men uelonUnu t.> the First regiment Mm y laud cavaliy. and thu ba.aoce belonging to tne Second Maryland, M-jJr Gilmor?s res.menU Ibey were lino, hearty locking men. aiid the majority litd evi-tentiy been in the service a considerable tau-'th of time. A1 oat a score o, them were dressed in c i ^u.j' cMhii-.r, atid, jui^.u,; lro;a their fur compl.-.xi<.n?, n*d but recently j >iuci the com uiuud. From Iheir c-'nver?at.>u 1 tea: cu that the mijoi.ty were residents of Maryland. M -J"r Glltttor, 1 wa3 io lorm.d, lived about five mt!es 'mtn Musnolw. 'Ilio men were all Quelv mounted, ar.d *a..l ttify had h^l ihri>e ro mount- within the ta"t week, lnoy wore armed with platols,, cat bices and sabrea. ibey oou versed very tree.y aoout their ^ruapects, saying they wero "Iu a tight plate ' and h .d but Ittl.e hope of getting out. but in tended to muki a da'h cd njliimore and Washington be fote many bouxF. lhey ftated Uut General Hradley Johnson had a lone of teu i houVitrQ men enoami?od about teven miles away, and pointed in a noi thwesterly direction 1HK t.?T<T PHlSOTKWi were r mirkiibly well tre.ted by the rebels, and It was sonie .vl' ?i am Ji.nv when the tram was stopped to see tbe rebel bor'-emen vide up to the car w.udows, ahoie they were grated some *hat as follow^:? "Why, Turn, is thatyouj" -Uow are you, Uarry?" "Jh.c mo In-ide-' frroatl white hands were gr.wped by tho brown bard ones of the troupefi and warmly shaken, ilauy of thom dis mounted, and, on entering thenar, were Tory aflartlon. ately kit:ei by their lady friends. It appcar?l to bo quite a joyful meeting. THS OTIIISR PlUSOSMtS were treate.1 very well, with the exception of being obliged to give up whatever any o( their cipt rs fancied he would liko to posaert. <iro gonileman, a doctor, I be lleve, was compelled to draw off his boon and oxebance them lor a pair of dusty conhlde riding boots, or rather lee*'1 E*< M the/ m'l's n,lnu* ,t>6 80le*' A r*^?l fancied my bat. aod took It, with the remark, "tieio, I want that hat," at the earno time giving me his tobacco sinned and rusty lookin,: tell in ex< bango. Mt Mversack followed next. It conta.ned, pmong other thlni*, a num ber of despatches snd a loug list of ca-ua.tws. ihe blanket loi.owed abertly aitetwards, and iocu I, together with tbe majority of tbe prleoners, had no article of value left. Tbe man who appropriated tbe haversack very kindly allowed me to retain two photographs and a t-s th brush LiWeuettrs wero in every lustaoco returned to the owners, as were alio soy other small ar titles of no value to the rebels. As lar as lay In Ibelr power, everything was doue to make our situation plea .ant. Krosb water was brought up in abundance. Tb? rebels had recently keen through several stores and sutlers' wagons. aq0 were well sop pl.ed with kOgars and lobecco. which tbey dispensed very liberally among the prisoners. Those who were hungry were supplied wiih as much hard tac* as they could eat , and a small snoply or good brandy aud whiskey was equally shared, and leaded to promote a feeling of giod lelluwsbip. nucsirwjrr u*coi.* *?t> uwtsat. M'cuBiLas. During the four hours we remained in their custody tbo rebels several tnnes aeacrled that their only ob.ecl iu | contlouing tbe war was to win their ? 'liberty and inde pendence, and onlv wanted to be let alone." Arming tbe j negroes was a subject of much cewplamU lUoy aaid it j was all "Old Abe's doinf. and If ever tbey caught bim 1 tbey intended tying him to a tree and makiag him kiss s nigger " fiecersl MoQelUn was spoken of with ranch respect, sad they ssid -he was the only Union general worthy of tbe position." ma an nana About two o'clock Major OUmor seat word for all tbe eitiiene aad son -commissioned officers and privates to *> sent op to his headquarters, which had been estabitebed is a famibouee in the vicinity. Ob arriving there ws found that one of the prisoners, George (i. Thompson, a sailer, who bad Jest been discharged from tbe United States stnmsr Aga | warn, bad met an old sblpmats acting as a corporal is the rebel cavalry. Mike was a genuine sailor, and promissd to do all in ha power te get as many of us off as possible. Re told us to keep eloes together, sad he wonld see the Ma.lor In relstion to our releass. After tbs Upee of about ten miautes Miks oame out with s besrn mg face, snd said It was qp right. Tbs Major had given b m orders to escort us for about one mile op the track ms thee leave us to And our way to Havre ds Gracs. ins COMSMIOXSI) <m< SR9 vers, h wersr. kept "to be ms le Into esrslrymen;" st Irut sossld the Ma >or. Bsfors 1 Isft many of them were mounted on barebacked steed* aad furnish* with a rope halter. Among tbem were Paym*s t?r Henna and Assistant Knglscer Clark Kieber, of the Lmtedautes steamer Agawam; Lieutenant Kat?n, j of tbe army ; Unrseon Rloolgood, of tbe navy, and Lieu- I tenant lUnniag.of the Uartno crps. In all I judged there were at, ut thirty oil .sre retained, and the rebcU said that oe ore they hid gme many miles tbe whole party should re well mounted. Tt le h.rdlv probable tbiltbelnaidivily willbs of loo? duratl ?, and bs.ors this sceount Is re-.d tbey may be m roft for their hom.-s In the North. i ofrt< wan ??< ?t st<. | Among those who manua l to escape were the follow lug offlcere:? lieutenant Colonel Smith, Kighth fonceett out Volunteers ; OepHln, Forty ? event h New Tork Volusteers, Lieutenant H?nry C. N'-'eon, Qnsrtsr Master Seoond Delaware Volunteers . Chief Fngtneer Thompson, l ulled Statee Nary; CepUia Scbermerhora, Marine corpe, and Kdward -Scattcrgoo.1, Chief l.ngteeer of tbe United States steamer Maralaniee. now msT ascaran. s'everst of tbem wees in eltisen's drees, snd tbus passed the gnsrd Ons or two of tbem were Mesons, and wore s small Msssntn Mneatpls. Ma (or OUmor is also s member snd l?ver of tbe Order, and n -an ted tbem their freedom lor that reason. One Instance of cooi. auuaatv Is. however, worthy of particular notice.* I lentetiaat Ceteaei Hasitk. v( Ike UaMk rertgaesl CooBeellcet Volsk- i tears, after looking around for mu time, noticed thai the guards were not very Uriel In the perf rmanceof | their duty. .Seizing i be opportunity, fee plaoed bio beads behind bis back, ana strolled leisurely and unconcernedly t<> Major Ciimor'a quarters. In the same cool manner he entered the room, and after cbattlug with the Major for a few moments, and Sliding that be bad determined to keep all wearers of sboolder straps, tbe Colonel strolled out, and, looking up the track, noticed that there also the guards were a little negligent. Still keeping Uia bauds behind his back, and apparent! v buried in deep thought, be strolled up the track and past ibe guards After walking slowly along for about a quarter of a tulle he slipped Into tbe woods, aad thus eOeoted bis escape. TUB WALE TO BUSH RJVXH, adl<tanoeof about nine miles, w.ia commenced about three o'clock. Toe released prisoners straggled alcng the track in small squads. Tne beat was almost overpower ing, and frequent holts had to bo made. Mark Tap ley's example was luiUted to the liie; for every, body was jolly. The horrors of Libby bad beau escapcd at the expense of their money and other valua- - bio*. Some few ot the parly still retained possession of I their vaiises, which they lugged along with most praise j worty industry. But one lady? Mrs. Laflln, of New ( York? kept up with the party, and her feats as a pedes- i Irian surpassed many of those ot the sterner sex. A little girl, about ton ye us of ago, named Arabella Sear, w*3 also oue of tbe p ?rty , and got over tbe ground finely. We passed tbo bri !ge shortly after five o'clock, and remind there until ;ui engine, with two cars attached, arrived from Philadelphia, loaded wltb marines and two brass howitzers, from the Philadelphia Navy Yard. a wc.onx o:>? asos wu made by tbcra down towards Magnolia, wbere they saw the cars still burning; bnt no reba.s were found. Lieutenant Hnyooon, in charge of the marines, then brought Bis command bock to Perryvllle. Tne re leased priBoncrs climbed up ou tbe engine, tbo roof of the car, on tbe co?l, aad ia fact wherever standing room was to bo had. I got a good place <>n the coal. We mude good time to Havre de lirace, and after waiting for a short time were cropped over to tbe Philadelphia side uf the Susquehanna river. om to rmr.ADKtniiA. We had t he pleasure or sitting in the cars for six bours before starting for PhlladelpbU. This delay was oc casioned by tho necessity of sending a oar dtxvn towards Jilupn lu for tlio other la.lics, who had been unablo to walk. At last they arrived, aud Juei at midnight the tram stated lor Philadelphia. Our troubles, however , were not over. Alter i.oiug along for some twenty miles tlie f|Mirks fn m the engine set the roar car ou Ore. Ihoso ?h > bud beci sleeping wok'j up with a start, and wanted to knew whether the rebels bad again attacked us. hor a lew m nutes everything was In commotion) but the Are was easily eMlb?u.*hi 1, mid the remainder of our uip to l'Ui>adt lptii,i w. s barren of any exciting events. SKSEL HYM VITEBSK?. Magnolia we uotlccd that a latyo number o; citizens from i Lie surrounding farmhouses we. e laughii.g, ch.itiiug a:.d iiatercizing vrllh the rebel troop era. Their conduct may have be'u dictated by policy, Had 1 uM he sorry to impale it to auy otuer motive. On the authui ty, bo* ever, or Mr. If. A. lirecnlleM, a?03t of the buitimcre and Philadelphia Kallroad, it is stated that they associated on so frionuly a footing tfith our captor*, "not that they loved the Onion leas, bid. the coufedeiacy more." Among these sympathy ers were a noted lawyer, several medical men and other residents of the place. Those persons are, 1 ?u lu.orincJ, ad resident* or that p*rt of tbe country, aad the.i behavior towards ike rebels was certainly very leprebensible. asorr ?jok humor In conclusion, I am but performing an act of simple justice by stating that Major Harry I i timer waa not cog nisant ot tbe couducl of his men. He strictly prohibited all steal. ng from prisoners; but the event proved that the lawless troo|>era under bis oommaod could not be re strained iroin Ulcblug a purse or a watch when a lair op portunity presented itself. TBE JORTBKB* CE1TRAI. KMLK01D. Mr. DeB. Rsadelpb Kelna'i Otipatebes. Yuia. Pa., July 10, 18&i. Tbe ten minutes to three morning train on iheNoith ?ra teatral Railroad, upon which f determined to leave Harrisburg for Baltimore, was annulled, In consequence oi fre*h and more serious intelligence from tbe lower end of the road. My daylight, however, tbe condition cf things commenced to brigbten, and at seven o'clock in tbe morning it wu concluded to permit the regular train for tb it hour to run at any rate as far as YYmt. Accord ingly yo;.r correspondent embarked, desirous of gettiug as c.ose to ibe scone of operations as possible TOUR IN A MI'S*. Upon reaching this place it was found that everything was In a superlatively confused state. A number of stock trains that had started for Baltimore bad been turned hick at Hanover Junction, and wtre making express time for tbe unrlh l.arge numbers of eoginesand empty oars, also, were m rmUt at the same velocity tor a place of greater safety than was supposed to exist south of this. IMS HJtlDlJB MSill OCX CVS VI U.S. Learning that later despatches from tbe south con firmed tbe blowing up of the bridge below Cockeysvillo, and that the mischief was to play generally somewhere between here and Baltimore, our train was allowed to proceed no further. Accordingly we dtsem barked, expecting something to turn up. A scout soon came le with a report that the enemy were moving to wards Baltimore, and a large party towards tbe Pbll .del pbia road, and York waa out of tbe question. This, how ever, did not calm Ibe I ears of tbe Inhabitants, end occa sionally one more imaginative than tbe rest would sup pose tbe rebels were coaei0jr, and mention it as a fact. Tb is would immediately create a consternation, and tbe alarmed parties Immediately sooght their homes and ta stltuted a vigorous packing. By noon the excitement bad reached such a pitch that the superintendent of tbe Wrigbtsville branch road was obliged to run trelus hourly Is order to carry e M tbe most of tbe sxcitablss. Columbia, Pa., July 1ft? P. M. sacs aoAtx. ! rsmained la York aatil four P. M.. aad, finding thai tbe enemy had turned his attest too eastward, left for Wrightsvills aad Ibis piaoe, whence 1 take cars for Philadelphia, In hopes of thus reaching my destination. The length of lbs branch road is twelve 1 miles, snd It has transported about a thousand perswae during tbe day. Upon arriving at m wrsaa nuv, by which the passengers now have to cross tbe Bo*que henna , In place of tbe bridge which waa destroyed dur Ing tbe Invasion of Isst summer, we found several bun dred horses belonging to farmers Impatiently waiting in the beads of their owners for transportation across. I observed also s particularly large number of persons of African descent making their wey acroes tbe rlvor. This evening 1 learn that a few rebel scouts wsrs dis covered a short dietaace south of York. There are enough troops. in tbe town to handle a respectable force. PuiLapst^nu, July 11 ? 4 P. M. later intelligence from beh w states that tbe rebel force is vastly larger than al first supposed , and it * said that other bodies srs cresting from the south sloe of the Potemac. affairs iscvsn cnotsvsvn iji. The destruction on tbe Northern Ceutral Is becoming mere extensive every hour. Cockeysvillo seems to i>e tbe main point. Bridges and tlee are being burned I nth north and south. The operator at Ptikicn station b <s be?n obliged to abandon his |>oet. The latest accounts represent three hundred rebel cavalry within twelve miles of Hanovsr Junction. TiUKiBarn wiass err. morning tbe People's Independent Telegraph line, I which follows the turnpike north of the railroad, waa cut, and also lbs railroad lines. The force engaged lo these depredations ta estimated at three thousand. The latest information confirms the supposition that tbo enemy has ooaptstely sbaadoned Western Maryland, sad ft eoooentratlag his entire feree for a dash either upon Baltimore or the reads betweea that city aad Wash togtoa. liriBI m AID IR0FW9 BILTIH0B1. Mr. ?. ? nailer's Deepslsh, ft mo*, MA , Jaly 13 -a 20 A. B. the wall? ai H iHw ?Ml mw?0?Q1 ItlTMlOB VII KUpiXHad tO baVO CUlm lOatOd Oik 8 IB<l?y evening, ud the Monday morning paper* expressed the ?pinion that no attack on tbe city could be surceaeuil, ntd that dodo was intended. The general conviction was that i bo raldnra, having exoeeded their own exooftattonn tn securing booty Aid transporting It to tbe rear, would b? orient with their acbtevemeats In tbta direction sod bend their energies to encoring sa le y. It wua known th'it tquadn "i rebel cavalry were scouring tbe country in tbe direction of the Northern Central Railroad, and that small parties were hovering within a few miles of that city but all (ear ot a rebel army of any oonslderablo con sequence was allayed in the breasts of tbe most timid. MOklUl AT MOO If. Bnt tbe morning's uews assumed a eembre cbarsoter by noon. H became positively known fl^t tbe Northero < entral Railroad bad been cut in several places witblu fifteen or twenty mi lee of the city. Telegraphlo commit mention was destroyed also by tbe sime route. The enemy were asoortained to greatly outnumber tbe com bined I'oroM under Cenenl Wallace. General Rlcketts' division was in line of battle near KUlcnt's Mil's, but considered unable to stem tbe attack thai was mo. mentarily expected, General Wallace bad returned to big headquarters In tbe city, and was oxhuustlog wry available method of reliance. Tbe rebel force in tbe vicinity appeared to have inoreased in numbers and audacity. I'KHI RVCTIOV OF OOVk'R.VOR flRAPFORD'ti IIOVSR. Tlic elegant family mansion or Qoveroor UrudTord, within Ibree miles of tbe city, was lirrd, and both tbe building and ila conienta entirely consumed, by a small detachment of rebel cavalry. Tbe members of the family were treated polite ly, but notified to leavo tho Louse, aa its de-truc lion was determined en in retaliation for the burnlug of Govor:ior Letubvr's bouse by our troops. Tbe citlzocs of the neighborhood were mainly arrested prior to the de function of tbe Governor'^, but were liberated on the departure of tbe company. horuk stk.uliu? amiti or tbi triiv. Many valuable horses were atolen within lour miles < f the city , and much other property destroyed or carried awn/. The detachment that operated along the Northern Central on Sunday night poasetl ahead to the Philadelphia Railroad Monday morning, and succeeded in capturing tho twenty minutes to ten train from Baltluuja*, at Gun powder bridge. Tbe moat extravagant storlwprovalled concerning the Irentnent of the captured poaMcrgeis. It 13 probable all were deliberately robtwd or every valu aole, and that m;?oy of ibcm will lie retained a<i prlsoa ers of war, if their c.iptrrs can prevent a rescue, in* rRisoSBRS ? THE TSLSGRAFB. The apent of toe express company, on the train with bin safe, and Mr. Ilannsm, correspondent of tho IIeraio, on bl< w y to New York, with dofj atclios, hove neither been beard from since, and n:e supjiOK d to b" among tl e priKners. [it Mill be seen by another despatch that Mr. Haiiuam is cow e.tfe.? Ki>. llciuio.] Tin' teiecrai'liic com munication wa? soon broken by this route also, and Bal timore and Washington are eomp'etely Ipolmcil Irom the North. It i* also represented tliat one thou^>nd troop-, su.n;*?ert to be one hundred days trier, ou their way to Washington, were canturcd on a train goinq southward, a few minutes beiore the ai rival of the pasi<eiiker trau from Baltimore. m* CAROIIID TRit.T*. The rebels moved down on Ibe north sl<ie of Ounpsw der river, and were thus enabled to de.-troy the trains simultaneously. Ibe captured traits weie tlre<i, and the wooden portiucs wholly consumed. The uewa of tne c ipture of these trains, cud tbe doptructiou of tho rail r ad telegraph lines, carried coiikternatlou wherever It ?]a?ead. th* Bxciramt m im cm. Ibe people began to reel that Baltimore will practically invested, and to tt >clc- In numbers to tbe remaining avo uuea leading from the city. The ono to Washington promised few beu&St*, and was lightly patronized , but tbe evening boat lor l'blludelpbia waa bet at by one eager, excited, Irlghtoned throng of all sexs? and ages, who seemed posaesfed of tbe single Instinct of acl'-. innerva tion. Women rushed frantically on board, leaving hus band anu children on the dock, aud men were carried on lbs boat while wives and children wore screaming t.ud Imploring to be taken on board. The tumult naffled all description and all regulation. The provost guard were unable lo preserve tbe sembianco of order, but managed to prevent tbe departure of any ono without a provost marshal's pats. Trunks wore abandoned on the dock by dozens. Their owners preferred loemg their trunks to Icslng aa exit from tbe city. ixruin soirac* op trourlb. Tbe ruah on board tbe boat of several unknown and auapicloiM looking parties caused some anxiety lor tbe safety of the vessel. It was thought a plot might exist to seize bar when under weigh to aselsl the rebs in cross ing the Susquehanna, fully one-half of those having passes were not allowed to depart. I was fortunate lu averting tbe least detention ao<l have just arrived at this place by way of Chesapeake City. BAVSS ?? a RACK. Fears were entertained that the rebec, emboldened by their succeeee*. would push ahead to Havre de Qrsce aud capture or destroy a vaat amount of property. I leari on arriving here that their I ears are unfounded. Tbe lat ter place is safe and strongly dereudod. Tbe rebel force destroying the railway la not estimated above ive tboa sand, and la probably much less. amWBNK-ATJOW WITH WASHIROTOH? THS HEX BIS. At three o'clock P. M. yesterday railroad and telegraphic communication with Washington waa uninterrupted, though tbe rebels were reported threatening both of tbe two points between Relay House and the capital. Tbe entire rebel force ta now conaidered about twenty tboa sand. Reports freely that Lee commands In person, but can be traced to do reliable authority. There la so excitement In Waahington. Mr. W. Davidson's Dsspateh. Baltimore, July IS, 18C4. OUMMl'KM'ATVH Win WAPIIINflToN CPt OTT. No rebels have been aeen here to day in our front. Our communications with Washington are cut off, aud we are afflicted with all aorta of rumors? the oasprlng of diseaaed imaginations. Nothing poeitlve is known of tbe state of affairs there. Tbe rued and wires are cut south of Aa ua polls .lo net ton II la rumored that a traia of cars waa captnred ; bat f am unable to verify It. ABJtarr o a aujm<s? mas. MtOo* Howard and Captain George Hudaoa arretted two men last algal at tbe Eutaw Houae as Sootbern sptee. They gave their aamee aa Crump and Brlabaoe. Tbey bad plenty of greenbacks, aad were lying off out aide of c bans peg ae aocktaile when arrested. Major Howard ea- j roried them to Wasblagtoa direct. j AFFAIRS IT PEEETTILLEe Mr. DtB. Raadolph Kelm'a Despatch. r*RRTTiua. Md.. July 13? P. M. Superintendent Parker, of the Philadelphia and Balti more Railroad, reached here at noea to-day, upon a special train, aad baa Veil for , tbe breek In tbe road at MagnoHa. A construction trala waa sent forward tbis m rnlag, and aoothor left tbia afternoon. It Is expected, un aa tba enemy make further interference, that ooin mtioir.ailon by rail will be reopened to-morrow eveoing, cr certainly on tbe day following. Ibe boat lino from tble point to Baltimore baa not yet b en Anally e'tabliabed. though during the day a large t. umber of passengers passed over the road south In ex lectotioo of reaching tbe c ty. Kcars wore entertained Uiis afternoon that the enemy inieuded moving north of tbe Susquehanna by means of a li Idge ah >ut twelve miles noilh of here it body of troop* has been deepatcbed to protect or destroy It. ^veral limes we have bad rumora that tbe eaemy waa advancing la considerable force upon Havre De Uraco. Ibe half-paat two P M. train from Philadelphia Will be transported by b?at to Baltimore, laere seems to be a deficiency la this kind of roiling stock below the break. Tbe captare of General Franklin Is questioned. Heme , thing official has probably been already beard tn regard to tbe matter. Troops are being pushed forward aa rapidly aa poeal bie. A large number have already arrived aero. The original eetimale, that tbe body of rebels who cot tbe Baltimore rued numbered five thousand, baa dwin dled down ennaiderably within tbe last twelve hours Now it Is posltive.y known there were but ose hundred and Any is tbe psrty commanded by Harry Bllmor. The half-paat ten P. M. trala of this evening from PtwsitH* la njittM 10 raa tkrossh to Bsiiiaaors, The dainag* done tbe road ?ia muob i?m tha" t( Cril Supposed. AFFAIRS AT HiCFIHTOWl. Mr. Prmsieta C, lioni'* Duparih. HiMiKR-TOWV, July 12, 1HH. Bkportso ravai.RY rii Hr at wk-imiv-tkk. Feveral refugees hnr? o ra? into thla place to day 'rn,n Mlddleb'irg, tJimmnnvllle and other towns In that vkiu iijr. Tbey retort b?avy and rapid flrlntr 'or several boors yesterday aMernoou inm^ifi ero In tbo nelitlilor bood of Westminster, and we bavs an inillroot ruport if a ['?vote cavalry engnpem nt ai that pise. We have beard noibtotf from Washington since yester day. Hunter s oomm ud ts ?m band. ?uenxm:Hii. Colonel Fulllvan la In command at Martinsbnr?. so ri-hhij* wsht ok eociH *ouirr.Ai.v At the pr???etit writing there le no rt-fvel loroe weat ef I South Mountain, aad poople are rclurnlug to their home#. AFFAIRS IT CU\nCEKSBlR?. Mr. Vraacli C. liung't l>eep?tcl?. ( HAMBkKJMU KO, l'S., July ? ? P. M. <TM?MHK.\CT. BKSIOKKD. Since the sm ill torco under linooden lelt Hagerstown nothing detinue has been hoard ooncernltii; tbo rebels ?t thld point?. >0 ote could say whether there was a rebel In tbe StnPbt Maryland or not, and to-day (Saturday) the contldcuce of the ??mc wwitiitta begioa to revive. A tew stoiea lo (Jburnberaburg and (Carlisle were unlocked; but no window sbultore were o;>ened. A lew ot l be many borttee that bad been bidden In tbo woods wero brought Into town, and eveu the soldiers bogitu to as smne a jaunty and cureless ttwaj^er, winch i>l uuly abowed that we were in no itumodiiio danger ot beliig gobbled by ibe .lobnuies. what are rtiR worts doing? With the scores of scouts have bann sent out from H.igerstown *,,(1 ils viciulty to watch the movements of tbe cuemy II la really astonishing how very little is known of blm. A reliable genilora?n from 1 lasers town wilt tell you that the rebels th.t visited thai |il?ce eould be nmnented by thousands, as far *a the eye could uLs. orn the road leading ! from lY'lIli..mi?port w is tilled witn thorn. Another I gentlemen says ba saw tbutn also, an I there wero not to escocit two or three hundred all told, tlio moot of them b.'ing Jlosby's guerillas, with a low dtisgglsrs irorn Imboden's coinnund. In short, no oue known, and, to Judge from prisent appear. me '8, no one la likely to surer tain, whether the etiemy id in i?rcc in tbo valloy or not III It KNKMY. The rebel foro, whether it be greit or small, Is so scattered over the ccuiitry it U a difficult m liter to m ko at) tBl-Dpato of ibeir streu^th. Kefu&eeS from t&ti&rps burg and other town:; nlons !?'? river say they are i t great lorco, and thai the small bodies or cavalry sj?okea ot" are nieruly Iho advance of a heavy tnlauti/ fi-rc^. This tuay bo true, and it may not, as w? have u" tuenns of deciding tho question. I ho refugees ami scouts ily tbe moment the rcbol cavalry appears, and what (ollows tbe cavalry Is involved in mystery. Ibe fact is. ;is has al roidy been stated, the Marylaudero and the dwoilnrs in tbe "Province ol" ijhadlielloJ" aio frightened airnosl out of their senses. A SCOVIUTO KXr*r>ITJ n. The following Instance will illustrate the cvh)1 and col lected maimer in winch tho ^co.its employed by the military authorities recunnoitro ti)e enomy? Two squid/ of scouts ware sent out from Gresncast'o towards Hageistown, on *e; arate roads, to watch tbe I .novements Oi the euemy. About lour miles from tbe latter place they rtmn together, *nd each squad was de ceived in regard to the character of the other ? n.icb be lieved the other to bo the advance nt" an immnn?? army. Accordingly, with commendable Valor, toey blazed away, and, with loud yells ot mutual detlancc, tbey "turned Mil" and dafbed back to rtreencaftle with aa much haste as though the ivieid and goblin throng that ouco fol lowed lam O'Sbanter were after tnem. At lireencastie their elonguted visages, coupled with their re|K>rts of ibe proximity of tbo lebel army, sent nervous ladios Into hysterical paroxysms, ami a st itn|icdo into tbe wot ds of the inbabltanta of the town, negroes included, aeetned in eviUble. Fortuuatoly squad number two soon arrived, and an explanation followed, aud quiet aud order were again restored. (1BMERAL tOf< ? has promulgated an order declaring martiil law Id all the towns in this vicinity , and citizens cannot leave without obtaining pas?es ir< m their respective provost marshals. Cijiciuwto, Pa , July 10, l^M At an early beur this morulug I hamberKburg and the adjneent country wero greatly alarmed by tha report that I.irga bodtea of rebels were cr< sslng tl?e Potomac at pn.nts above and below Uarper s Kerry, and. although the repor* <ld ml emanate Trom an official source, H gained almost universal credence. ihs cali. to ahms. A ?> ess age was leeued by <?overnor fMrtln to day call ing the men ot Pennt-y Ivanla, of mi:ltary age, to arms. Governor Curtln stated that a rebel force was at Cockoys vllle, some twelve or fourteen miles north of Baltimore, and that tbey had destroyed the telegraph wires ul that point, thus effectually cutting o(T all direct cummuDlca- j tion between llarrisburg ana Baltimore. I thk citot s. The whole western portion of Pennsylvania, and we might say the whole of Maryland, look, russet colored with fields of waving when!. The nr'-st of tbe wheat la fully rips, and sh' old have been btrveeted ten days ago. Ibe farming community seeina |>ara!yy?d with terror. All kinds of feastnen* sre suspended, and aa fine a crop of gralo as has been grown in many years is llksly to be ruineo. Tbo farmers snd laboring mee , fearing tbe rebels Day make a descent upon thom al soy beor.dsrs not remain at their homo*, but desert them, leaving Ibe rebel invaders 10 gorge tbemrelves o? tbeir hard earned stores, while, with their horses snd cattle, tbey eeok a plsos of safsty. The movement of tbe rsbsls at Cockeys villsagalu ills the people with oonstaruatloa; for If he should suddenly move up towsrds Gettysburg thousands ?f borsss and other property of value must aecsssarlty fall into bis bands. A rltlisn has Just arrived from Gettysburg who stales that no rsbels bavs been In that vicinity. A despatch baa Juat been received at this point, via Fagerstown, stating that tbe rebels have destroys* , fifteen miles of the Northern Ceotral llatlroad, near I Coc key sv Ills. Hunter la expected at Hageralowa. The rebels bar* Ml Boons boro, going In tbs direction of Kredsriok. _ _ AFFAIM M nntAlKLPBlA. Hr. D*B. H>a?slplt Helm's Despsfek. pntutoaLrsu, July 11?0 P- *? nrs MsirruL snarr of tbs cttt baa kssn thoroughly aroused since tbe news of this morn ing. Men are pouriog Isle tbe rsnks s?d ars bslng seat to the proper points of danger. Tbe dlltkulty between the Mayor and tbe Governor, mentioned In my despatch of Saturday, baa been sst aalde, and the greateet bar mooy of action prevails. Orders have reached here authorizing tbe acceptance of oompanles, the term Of service, however, to be reckoned from tbo date of regim^ul organ listloa. Tbe < ommit tee of Defence, of the city couoclls, have been la session dur Ing tbo greater perl of ibe day. General Cadwsllader command* the military. The Mayor of the city is doing everything to facilitate his operations. Three regiments fn m the city have be?o eccepted and sre being Biled rapidly. A camber of eompao??s, batteries snd marine bavs already left be rs for points on the rellroad. The gunboat Pootiec has le'l lbs Nsvy Tard under ordeis. SBlUkL RICkETTS* KVCACDmT. Mi. X. Usvldsso's De?psleb. ilALvmoai. Md , July 11, 1*64. Owtag prshiWy to Ibe severe i ensorohlp of tbo press, by governnssnl orders, my recent despatches have not been published, and It will bo ?ecessary, therefore, lo go back ? lilt io In detail of ????! Uroady given briefly to tbe pubilo. la these r smirks I do no! wish by sny mesas tocessnrs the government offleteH. 1 sm satisBed Ihey only per farmed wbsi tbey ooacelved to be their duty Their object was undoubtedly to prevent any Improper or valuable information from being communicated to the rebel t^inmendets through the prees, but their orders wm9 ?? coaortiMlt im*?? simest all Wor?a4i?? *f ft ' what win transpiring from coming to IU eubte I ???. Ill 14 results Irum the very uirrow liters! ? >?uiit ' tii.u placed up ri military or W .r lieparluteul i>rd irs by I the ctom >rs of (bo press despstcb< ?. Are Mil a people will have exhibited sucb uulimiwil confidence | In a government as brs be?u s-hown by J ini?? of the Northern Mutes in their copiou? | supplies of men mid mo i cy t >r the prosecution of ill i war mutied t < s mo mirk of jonildtrnue in re turn' When & gov en merit is loudly calling for more | n>eu and money, should ll not ?t tat t bo vr illiotf to ea trust that pe iplo wilU a knowlcd.e el' what is going oo, slid at leist witb llio caMn o> t..e kl,led And wijUUiUiI iu us bullies!' Tun FKTRKAT 09 ?V>fRAt ??IU<U When General W tlftce fell bac* fiom Kiednrick to thie ? Me of Monocauy bridge, on the nlgbt of l be sth of July,, bo disposed bin little lorce in line o battle, tl>o railway bridge being r.u centre, '.'lend' urn's cavalry oocupf nig Use extreme leu over towards mania. nnd tbe Hevetitli Maryland, ooe liwn Ire I U /a uicn, iho extreme right oa tbe Baltimore turiipiko. th* Arrant t ro.v <;i rtsKAL tw kkith. Towards uoon no the 1 01 It I he robots, with About ?n ejus l force of infantry, ciuie du?o from the directioi of Frederick, and tiiiackod our iront unl lelt coutre. held by General Kickoitx' veterans. Previous to tnia Oolonol Clendemn degpaielted' M-.j >r Wane with three companies of the Kftrniii lluuou caviirjr down to tne ex treuio t'i^bt tn burn Rome lirhigm ai d return with an other coiii pan y air end) tbere. ?ie!o-e reach, ng hm desll natlon, however, the M t)or received i\ .?ie>.Mi;e from the Colonel advirtng blm l.? return at none 11 |hi. ptble, up * t'orco of ti e enemy bad already started in nu rear. Ibe Maior sent ffrie company to join the llrit one, and re tiirried by a etrcnuaus rouie to iti-j kilt with the otoer two. This io l two companies ol cavalry on our right and their ov it lot. this was the condition of ailalrs when the euemy mule the attack. Our men ewullud the charge until ihe.r opponents were very tear th 'in, when ib?y Ojici ed u|>on thein a moot deudly volley and checked their progr< <g. tlicacite' men i h- n conutniuced a charge, with a sploudid pro?|iect of _;obblmK It.e whi le f?ity,i>ut hud not |iro ueoded lar belore two other colurr.iie, (wire the number! of tlie, rauie out ot the wo ile, with tbe evident la tentiou of plitving tbe ?amo gan e ou them. Of ruare* tbey wore obliged to tomtits tneir p-.eHioa, which they did in good order, und l.. id it dte oImII. n.telf for several li'urt, althougli greatly out numtiered. W he a bey nuully till back, at night, II wan witb"ut com l ion or diiouier. All honor to thin devoted little divHion, only a portlot? oi which wa.i entfhged. leteran cuvaliymen wtio wi:ne*e< d the whole action from un e.evaied |?i?iilou on the lift declare Ibat tbey never -aw a b>iter contoeU'd Uit'bi, nor one iu winch more ocol, di Haul and pemuieul courage wu^ exhibited. TIIK OASttlAI.TIM. Bftinc prohibited front obtaining at the tiospiiala a fnll , Ilit of caguuuiee iu tttm co Itwt, 1 nut l content viyse.f i with sending you me namca of u few ot the otli< ern who are reported aH among the killed, wnundc land miasm::? Caotaln A. K. King, Avfisiani Ad uiunl vieneral, Kickeftn' iilvlHion, w umied m i tally in side. ( iplain Leonard, Assbitunt Adjutant (joucral to Jersey brigade, wounded in head with ehell. raptuiu lam'.:*, wonoded in ine arm. Captain (1. J. liokeR, wteiuJed in the head. faplaio 11. R. Uuruliam, of oeceral Utcketli' st*,T, wounded. j Csutalni 1'aineand fhamber'slti , wounded, nnd ' npUlo | Ilnoker utid I. uartei tria l: m low oil and Kingston, killed, of the One Hundred aud bixth Nnw York. Liouteuaui Coiouel liail, >ourleeulb New Jersey, wounded. Colonel Ktnergi n and Llealeiiant Colonel lay, >oe Hun dred snd t tliy -ttrxt New York, wouuded. Lieiiteuaut Coiouol elahel, Eiguty ocveuth Fciiusylytuila, missing. Adjutant Martin, Kighty-icventh 1'onnsylvaiits, mor. tally wounded. Ueuieua its Sp.uigier, llaa .k and Deiterich, tighly soventh 1 cnnoylvanis, killed. Captain llyers snd Lieutenant W. F. llakor, Ijgbty seventh I'enutylvania, misalng. a uarri s slxii cam sun. Tbe Kifihth 1 1 liti- >im raptured a bttlile llai; of lb? Se?e?? t-eiiiu Virginia cavalry, aud (oiotel Clundeuui lo day pi evented it to t>sueral W ali, co. THE PRESS DESPATCHES. Reported Attack on the Northern Di? ftartt o t U'ashlii|^on, pHii.4r>Bjai4, July 12?3 P. M. Rumors prevail of an attack by arie?u ihous.ui I rnkelo on tbe uortbern rortilea'touM of Washington, but tbey cauuol be irace l to any definlla sotuce. There is much excitement :n mis otiy, snd bu.ilnee* )? to s great extent sus|>en'led. Tne Knniny h uf thin city has the following ? Kicbtiug ban bt>eu going ou near Washiugl'>n sine* morn inf. Tbe rebelK are sppr ? r.bng tbe defences on the north ern side of tbe city in strong force. Tclegrsphls ('emmuelrstlen Bat wee SS Ilattlmore and Wsshtagion Cut Off. Hai.TiMoaa. July 13, 1M4. We hsve nothing from Ws^h n^toa bat idle street ra mors. No de?patcbea? no papers? no trains. The conductor of the nine o'ctock Washington train re ported there b^d been no Igbting up to tbe time be efV At a quarter to one o'clock the telegraph was cut. Rai.tiMiiss, Juiy l*i ? A P. M. Nothing Is known here of the state of afTalra at Wsah Ington, All tbe wires are dawn. Ptm-amcLrau , July IS? 4 P. M. Tbe rebels have again cut tbe wtraa between Baltimore and Waablngtoa. ftghtlag IT?ar Sliver Kprlaf, Hd. Hsvue nsnaara, Jnly IS, IMA Ssmi official intelligence has been rec?Ked here tbaS yesterday afternoon a fight waa golag oa sevea ml lee from Washington, oa the Seventh street raad, near Silver Sprlug. Rebel Cavalry at Belatr. Havaa UK Uaad, July U-U M A.M. PsrtiM from Belalr, sixteen miiaa from here, repert can thousand rebel cavalry at that point laat evening. A farmer named Hall shot a rebel m retaltauea lor burning bis bouse and deelrejlug his farming uteaalle. Tbere is ao doubt of as immediate nscessiiy lor heavy reinforcements la Washington. The Rebala at Ceaawlaga Bridge. IIjvks pa (<aaca, Jnly 13-1 80 P. K. It la apprehended ibat there Is a rebel force In th* vicinity ol ( onewmgo bridge, ten miles north of Havre da Uraoa.oa then equebuina river. The bridge will ao doubt be fired if the labels make any demonstrttioa. Vred?rlck Reeceapled by Ossr Treepa. n?a*i.<?iit an, July 13, 1M4 Our foroea are reparted to be In posseasioa ot Pred srick. It is rumored that the rebels are recrnaslng tba rate meo river below Msryland Heights. Tba Northern Central Railroad la free from rebel* now. Bai.neoar, July 13, 1864. We bare lust received Information from K leoerick ihst yesterday tbe rebt Is were ayaiu driven out of that city, sod tbit tbe old (lag agaia wsvas ever it. About a iu* o'el. ek yesterJay morning s dii is Ion of Colaa' oavalry csme dsablng ?, srd s look plaoa In tba stream, be twaea our treepa snd lbs smsil rebel guard left tbere of only oaa hundred men. Tba rebel captain waa killed and the balsnce of tbe rebels were drives eat aad pursued ta tbe direction of Moaocacy. lb* rebala bad lemeaded a oeulribnttoa of twenty tbouaaad dollars la greenbacks. A eomraitiee of ell I zees was appointed la nagMiata with tbem for the safety of peraoae aad property, snd a pietge was finally given that, If tba maney was paid, aona would be molested either la paraoa or praperty, which pkdg* was kept sad tbe money paid dewo. rha ealy ivoperly ? destroyed waa the government stables, which were trod oa Sunday. During ibe time of tbe rebel poaseeama their feragnm pertlea eent out into the naaatry to aoeure barasa aad nettle came la with large dreveaef oaitle.pige aad sheep, C?VTHVIK? M FlfTfl PlflBe

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